Piotr Kropotkin


Piotr Kropotkin (1842-1921) was a geographer and an anarchist who advocated a social organization based on voluntary associations between producers.


(1879) La décomposition des états [Français]

(1880) Sur les élections [Français]

(1881) L'ordre [Français]
(1881) On Order [English]

(1887) Are Prisons Necessary? [English]

(1896) Anarchism. Its Philosophy and Ideal [English]

(1897) The State. Its Historic Role [English]

(1899) Une vision du futur [Français]

(1899-1913) On Economics. Selected Passages from his Writings [English]

(1902) About individualism [English]

(1901) Communism and Anarchy [English]
(1903) Communisme et Anarchie [Français]

(1905) Anarchism [English]

(1913) Sur les monopoles [Français]
(1913) Sui monopoli [Italiano]

(1913) L'impôt [Français]


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