Karl Marx


Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a philosopher, political economist, historian, sociologist, who focused his research on the capitalistic mode of production and predicted the emergence, out of it, of a socialist form of social organization.


(1844) The Competition among the Capitalists [English]
(1844) La concorrenza tra i capitalisti [Italiano]

(1844-1891) Against the state [English]
(1844-1891) Contro lo stato [Italiano]

(1848) On Free Trade [English]

(1848-1875) On Taxation [English]

(1852) The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte - Extract [English]

(1867) State debt, capital and big industry [English]
(1867) Debito statale, capitale e grande industria [Italiano]

(1863-1883) The Role of Credit in Capitalist Production [English]
(1863-1883) Il ruolo del credito nella produzione capitalistica [Italiano]


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