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List in chronological order.


(1765) Anders Chydenius, The National Gain [English]

(1848) John Stuart Mill, Of the Stationary State [English]

(1848) John Stuart Mill, Objections to state interference [English]

(1863) Nikolay Chernyshevsky, What Is To Be Done? [English]

(1880) Henry George, On Capital [English]

(1902) Henri Poincaré, La science et l'hypothèse - extrait [Français]

(1925) Mary Parker Follett, The law of the situation [English]

(1925) H. L. Mencken, More of the Same [English]
(1925) H. L. Mencken, Di più dello stesso [Italiano]

(1927) Julien Benda, La Trahison des clercs. Vue d’ensemble. Pronostics [Français]

(1931) Eugène Lanti, Manifesto de la Sennaciistoj [Esperanto]
(1931) Eugène Lanti, Manifeste des Anationalistes [Français]

(1932) Walter Bradford Cannon, Homeostasis [English]

(1933) H. G. Wells, The Open Conspiracy [English]

(1934) Arnold Toynbee, The Challenge Hypothesis [English]

(1939) Hyacinthe Dubreuil, A Chance for Everybody A liberal basis for the organization of work [English]

(1942) Robert K. Merton, The Normative Structure of Science [English]

(1949) Warren Weaver, Recent Contributions to the Matematical Theory of Communication [English]

(1956) W. Ross Ashby, Cybernetics & Requisite Variety [English]

(1956) Leon Festinger, An Introduction to the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance [English]

(1956) Kenneth E. Boulding, General Systems Theory. The Skeleton of a Science [English]

(1958) C. Northcote Parkinson, Parkinson's Law (extract) [English]

(1959) Charles P. Snow, Intellectuals as Natural Luddites [English]
(1959) Charles P. Snow, Gli intellettuali come luddisti per natura [Italiano]

(1960) W. Ross Ashby, Feedback, Adaptation and Stability [English]

(1965) P. T. Bauer, The Vicious Circle of Poverty: Reality or Myth? [English]

(1966) Kenneth E. Boulding, The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth [English]

(1968) Ludwig von Bertalanffy, General System Theory [English]

(1968) Hasan Ozbekhan, Toward a General Theory of Planning [English]

(1969) Arthur Koestler, Some General Properties of Self-regulating Open Hierarchic Order [English]

(1970) Kenneth E. Boulding, Nondialectical Patterns in History [English]

(1971) Saul D. Alinsky, The qualities of an organizer [English]

(1971) Ivan Illich, On Deschooling [English]

(1972) Eric Jantsch, Forecasting [English]

(1972) Erwin Laszlo, The Rise of the Systems Sciences [English]

(1973) Ivan Illich, Conviviality - extract [English]

(1977) Leopold Kohr, Optimum Size [English]

(1978) James Grier Miller, Living Systems. The Basic Concepts [English]

(1998) Kevin Kelly, Ten Rules for the Networking Economy [English]

(2001) Thomas Greco Jr., Money. Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender [English]

(2004) Paul B. Hartzog, 21st Century Governance as a Complex Adaptive System [English]

(2011) Chris Zumbrunn, On Democracy [English]

(2012) Jeffrey Tucker, The Fundamental Right of Secession [English]

(2012) Richard Moore, A model of self-governance (A presentation) [English]

(2003) Adam Knott, Notes on Bitcoin [English]

(2007) William Gillis, The Freed Market [English]
(2007) William Gillis, Il mercato liberato [Italiano]

(2013) Jason Potts and Trent MacDonald, The Future of Cities as Non-Territorial Public Goods Clubs [English]

(2014) Max Borders, The New Frontier [English]


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