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An Anthology of

Wisdom & Common Sense

On the personal and social changes required to achieve
freedom, peace, justice, enlightenment, progress & prosperity in our time

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(1973 - 2012)



GABB, SEAN, The Case for Private Police, 1991, 2pp, in PEACE PLANS 1052-61, sheets 815/16.

GAETA: In the Statute of Gaeta, M. Pardessus finds a chapter on foreign consuls, which he dates back to the thirteenth century, where it is laid down that foreign consuls had sole jurisdiction over their nationals in all civil cases, and that their competence in such cases could not be transferred to any other authority.3  - ( 3 Pardessus, op. cit., vol.v, p.230. - LIU, Extraterritoriality, page 30. )

GALAMBOS, Prof., Democracy with a Small "d", THE REGISTER, 12.1.62, plan 240, p. 69/70, in ON PANARCHY III, in PEACE PLANS 507. - It was published anonymously and I may only quite wrongly ascribe it to him. - J.Z., 6.11.11.

GALL, JOHN, Systemantics, N.Y., Quadrangle, 1977, 111pp, $ 6.95, reviewed by Jag C. Wood in reason, 11/78. Wildwood House, London edition, 1975. - John Gall, Systemantics -[English] June 2009. - He described the panarchistic or exterritorial and voluntary alternatives very shortly in his own unique terms. - J.Z., 19.9.11. He stands up for two new freedoms on p. 81: 1. Free Choice of Territory (Distributional Freedom) and 2. Free Choice of Government (Principle of Hegemonic Indeterminacy). The first he interprets as freedom of movement and settlement anywhere in the world, while remaining a citizen of the government he prefers, to which he pays taxes and for whose offices he votes. "However, as the term Free Choice of Government implies, he may at any time change his citizenship and his allegiance from his present government to another government that offers more attractive tax rates, better pensions, more interesting public officials, or simply an invigorating change of pace." - He suggests in a footnote that "common courtesy would seem to require two weeks' advance notice; ..." -- Systemantics, panarchistic extract, 9, ON PANARCHY I, in PEACE PLANS 505.

GALTUNG, JOHN: At present, the most prominent proponent of non-territorial federalism in multi-ethnic or multi-national societies with ethnically mixed territories is the Norwegian Professor of Peace Studies and Director of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace and Development, Johan Galtung. - See: NON-TERRITORIAL FEDERALISM.

GAMBLING: As long as we are still stuck together in territorial States, everyone, who gambles, bets or buys lottery tickets should be disfranchised because, apparently, they remain unaware that on average they lose more than they win and that if they do win then this depends upon luck rather than merit. Thus their comprehension, foresight and rationality is too small to risk entrusting them with a vote. - J.Z., 10.3.99. - Nor would I mind if that restriction were extended e.g. to overweight people, like myself, especially seeing that I vote informal anyhow. Moreover, there is the same good case to disfranchise all heavy drinkers and smokers and users of other narcotic drugs, except in a few cases, for medical purposes. - J.Z., 7.7.00. – Naturally, the best method would be to allow anyone to vote, if at all, then only in his own kind of panarchy. – J.Z., 25.12.08. - BETTING, LOTTERIES, FRANCHISE & VOTING

GAMBLING: Gambling is illegal in 49 of the 50 States of the USA, yet it flourishes under criminal control as America's largest industry; more is made out of it each year than from General Motors, US Steel, Standard Oil, General Electric and Ford put together.” - THE ECONOMIST, quoted by Henry Meulen, in INDIVIDUALIST, 10/77. – I wish that for some of the much more important liberties the territorially legalized prohibitions could be as easily and widely ignored. – Probably this is achievable only under individual and group secessionism and personal laws associations for the secessionists, claiming as many of their genuine liberties as they want to, exterritorially, for their own affairs. – J.Z., 24.11.10. –  The underground gambling dens have, apparently, great funds available to bribe the supposed enforcers of the anti-gambling laws. Panarchists could only offer exemption from compulsory taxation and obstructive laws and regulations once they are established. They cannot blossom as underground societies and communities to any large extent. They need maximum publicity to fully succeed. So far they can only offer their dream-world or “meta-utopia” as a philosophical ideal – or in form of governments in exile as allies of the better democratic governments against despotic, tyrannical or totalitarian regimes. However, large profits could be made through rightful liberation and privatization schemes, which could also anticipate these expropriations of politicians and bureaucrats via corresponding issues of liberation bonds. See e.g. PEACE PLANS 19c. – Even the secessionist Western Australian farmer Len Casley was offered ca. 200 million in investment dollars IF he succeeded in getting full official recognition for his secession.  He did not. – J.Z., 15.12.11. - PROHIBITION, LAW, RESTRICTIONS, INDUSTRY, PLANNING

GANN, P., Issues in extraterritoriality - Foreword, Law and Contemporary Problems 50/3 (1987) pp.1-10

GARNER, RICHARD A., If Hobbes Is Right, Then he Is Wrong: Why Social Order Can Arise Without a State amongst Hobbesian People. - Richard A. Garner - If Hobbes is Right, Then he is Wrong: Why Social Order Can Arise Without a State Amongst Hobbesian People - AGAINST POLITICS, April, 2002.

GARNETT, L. M. J., Turkey of the Ottomans, 1911. Sir I. Pitman & Sons, Ltd. In Public Library of NSW. Page 156: Description of the capitulations in the Turkey of the Ottoman Empire.

GASKIN, ROBERT E., Jr., The Voluntary Society, A Challenge to Conservatives, 9pp, in PEACE PLANS 1132, 23ff.

GATT: All the negotiators of governmental Free Trade efforts seem to have forgotten the benefits each could gain from introducing Free Trade unilaterally and completely, even in the monetary and financial spheres. They never have considered all monetary and financial freedom options to make the transition almost instantly and without difficulties by fully liberating international clearing and other payment systems, free trade and free enterprise and free exchange, internally as well as externally, at least for all who do favor these options. Opposition can be minimized as long as all forms of protectionism are allowed to be continued - for their voluntary victims. [Those, who still see in it rightful economic protection rather than wrongful and anti-economic exploitation. – J.Z., 11.5.12.] Full economic freedom can provide soft options. Only the remaining economic despotism confines us to "hard options". Panarchistic one-man revolutions can make the transition peaceful, bloodless, frictionless, harmonious, with each advancing, if at all, only at the own speed and only as far as they want to go, for the time being, limited by their knowledge, convictions and prejudices. - Only collective and territorial decision-making on such questions leads to confrontations, resistance and struggles between Free Traders and Protectionists for all too many decades, with no one ever fully getting his own and, supposedly, ideal conditions for himself. - J.Z., 10.12.93 & 10.7.00, 25.12.08, 11.5.12. - FREE TRADE, GLOBALIZATION, VOLUNTARY FREE TRADE BETWEEN FREE TRADERS & PROTECTIONISM FOR PROTECTIONISTS, UNILATERAL FREE TRADE, PANARCHISM


GENERAL WILL: But the fundamental question in all this sophistry is ignored by Rousseau. It is the unreality of the notion of the general will. There is probably only one issue on which a people ever expresses unanimous or general will: the defence of their physical liberty. (*) Otherwise they divide according to their temperaments, and though these are limited in number, they are sufficiently diverse and so mutually opposed that in any geographical area they will rise to incompatible groups.” - Modern Publishers, Indore, Social Relations & Freedom. - (*) Since all "peoples" contain dissenting minorities, some representing the best kinds of human beings and human wisdom and some the worst [welcoming e.g. even totalitarian usurpers and conquerors with leftist or rightist "philosophies"], unanimous support for "defence", of all of the population in a whole territory, is another delusion or false pretence. - J.Z., 24.7.00, 11.5.12. - PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, CONSENT & DISSENT, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY

GENERALIZATIONS: General and abstract ideas are the source of the greatest errors of mankind.” - Rousseau, Émile, 1762, 4. - He demonstrated that himself by his notions on the "general will" and on direct democracy. However, many of his writings are still worth reading, although they, too, contain too many generalizations. For instance, he envisioned only ONE social contract, instead of numerous and competing ones, all only for volunteer communities, peacefully coexisting in the same territory and doing their things for and to their members. - J.Z., 2.2.02, 11.5.12. - ERRORS, MISTAKES, IDEAS, RED., PANARCHISM, SOCIAL CONTRACT

GENERALS: The generals blame the politicians, the politicians blame the generals and between them they waste our earnings, property, freedom, security, health and our very lives - and call that their contribution to our defence. - J.Z., 5.7.82 & 24.7.00. – What they do defend is only territorialism and their wrongful powers under it – and they is not worth defending but, rather, fighting against! – J.Z., 25.12.08, 11.5.12. - POLITICIANS, DEFENCE

GENERATIONS: We may consider each generation as a distinct nation, with a right, by the will of its majority, to bind themselves, but none to bind the succeeding generation, more than the inhabitants of another country.” - Thomas Jefferson, to J. W. Eppes, 1813. - Seldes. - Unless personal law, i.e., individual choice in this sphere, comes to prevail, each generation or common interest group could still be outvoted by or outvote e.g. the younger or the older generation or common interest group. - J.Z., n.d. & 24.7.00. – Exterritorial autonomy also for members of particular age groups, if they should desire it, as individuals! – J.Z.,  11.5.12. -  TIME LIMIT ON LEGISLATION, SUNSET LAWS & PANARCHISM & PERSONAL LAWS

GENIUS: Genius is the capacity to see ten things where the ordinary man sees one, and where the man of talent sees two or three, plus the ability to register that multiple perception in the material of his art.” - Ezra Pound, Jefferson &/or Mussolini. - If we understand enough about what makes a person a genius, then we could probably "make" more of them, be it by genetic manipulation, some special early education methods, by special diets or medicatiuons or by at least early on recognizing and aiding all of them and respecting their creativity sufficiently. I read about the tragic case of a WW II survivor who made a special effort to turn his daughter into a genius. In one way he succeeded. She ended up with an IQ of 200. In another way he seriously failed: That young lady hadn't learned to control her weight and was excessively fat! A little bit of common sense does not go astray even for a genius. How many famous libertarians killed themselves in this way, all too early and how many are still risking this kind of early death? - Not every genius is lucky enough to be able to work like a writer, poet, painter, musician or sculptor, in a medium that is fully at his disposal. For instance, the inventor of an ideal utopia of societal arrangements would have to possess full experimental freedom and this is denied to him by territorial States. - J.Z., 21.7.00, 11.5.12.

GENIUS: It might be more fitly described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds and keeping them therein so long as the genius remains.” - Samuel Butler, Notebooks, 1912. – Thus it becomes all the more necessary to establish an Ideas Archive and Talent and Genius Centre and the kind of panarchies in which they would be recognized and free to be active with all their creative abilities. - J.Z., 21.7.00, 25.12.08, 11.5.12.

GENIUS: Society cannot contribute anything to the breeding and growing of ingenious men. A creative genius cannot be trained. There are no schools for creativeness. A genius is precisely a man who defies all schools and rules, who deviates from the traditional roads of routine and opens up new paths through land inaccessible before. A genius is always a teacher, never a pupil; he is always self-made.” - Ludwig von Mises – But significant talents can be greatly improved by training and education and both, the genius and the talent as well as their ideas need a special free market. – J.Z., 26.12.07. – We should and could spare them the plagues and crimes of compulsory education and territorial laws and institutions and between them, geniuses and talents as well as those, who need them, should establish a special market for their ideas and talents, e.g. in form of an Ideas Archive and an associated Talent Centre, which would bring together supply and demand in this sphere in a market-like and also profitable way, independent of public opinion and territorial laws and institutions. – If they wanted to, they could and should form their own exterritorial and autonomous international community – or as many as they like. Independence for them is even more important than for ordinary people. One republic of original minds, thinkers and innovators – or many of them. They should certainly become independent of territorial voting systems – unless they engaged in the building of further mass extermination devices. – J.Z., 23.1.08, 11.5.12. - EDUCATION, TRAINING, SOCIETY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, PANARCHISM, INNOVATORS, PIONEERS, REFORMERS, TALENTS & CREATIVITY

GENOA & SEVILLE: In the act of privilege which Ferdinand III of Castile accorded in 1251 to the Genoese at Seville, it is stipulated that the latter should have consuls of their own nationality, with the right to decide without appeal, disputes between themselves. 1 The Aragonians in Seville were granted by King Alfonso I in 1282 the same rights as had been accorded previously to the Genoese in the same city. (Miltitz, ibid, vol. ii, p. 294.) -  1 Depping, op. cit., vol. ii, p. 47. – Source? Liu, Exterritoriality?


GEORGE-ISM: It is not a question of which tax does the least wrong and harm but one of the certainty that ALL taxes are as wrong and harmful as are imposed tributes - for all who do not consent to them. - Governments are very aware of this, much more so than their victims, for they do almost never submit the question of taxation, the kind of taxes and their level of taxation to a referendum. - J.Z., 8.1.98 & 15.7.00. – [I was told that Switzerland is to some extent an exception in this respect. – J.Z., 11.5.12.] Naturally, in territorial States with compulsory membership people would not voluntarily pay for all the government spending that politicians like to engage in. However, in their own volunteer communities, exterritorially quite autonomous, they would willingly pay for all those services that they really do want for themselves and get competitively supplied by those they trust. Formally, they might raise these funds as compulsory taxes. But voluntary membership and the individual secession option would, in practice, turn them into voluntary contributions. - J.Z., 15.7.00, 11.5.12. - SINGLE TAX MOVEMENT, VOLUNTARY TAXATION OR SUBSCRIPTIONS, GOVERNMENT SPENDING

GERMAN CONSTITUTION, OF THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC: 11.8.1919, Article 109: It repealed the private autonomy of the lower nobility in matters of inheritance and family law. Thus this republic destroyed these republican self-government features of the monarchy and aristocracy. - J.Z., n.d. - Instead of destroying these liberties it should have extended them to all citizens. - J.Z., 15.9.04. – In all their varieties! Then the Nazi party may have ended up as a small sect of crackpots. – J.Z., 15.12.11.

GESETZ UEBER DIE KONSULARGERICHTSBARKEIT, vom 7. 4. 1900: 19 S., 184, in ON PANARCHY XVII, in PEACE PLANS 1,051. (German law on consular jurisdiction of 1900.)

GET OUT OF THE WAY: Get out of their way and also let them get out of your way. - J.Z., 6.12.76. - Consider your exterritorial and voluntary alternatives. - J.Z., 24.7.00. - TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, INITIATIVE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM

GHETTOS: Supposed means for controlling the eruption of bloody, large scale conflicts might be: The small ghetto: to go for completely homogeneous territorial groups (culturally, racially, politically, etc.) totally segregated one from the other (final aim: to love your small cell). - The big brother: to set up, in each territory, a highly effective propaganda apparatus, capable of making servitude and conformism highly desirable even to minority and alien groups (final aim: to love your big brother). - This nightmarish future of apartheid and subjection on a world scale could perhaps reduce mass warfare to localized internal conflicts to be dealt with through more segregation and more manipulation. Otherwise, with the joint presence of territorialism and globalism, we have to accept that wars will always take place and that today's liberation struggle, intifada, guerrilla campaign, will be tomorrow's total war once a group has conquered/achieved a territorial base and a certain level of political and military force. - - According to this hypothesis and on the basis of historical records, it will be so whatever the type of political system adopted, provided that the ideology of territorialism is shared by different groups and one harbours deep-seated grievances towards the other and a strong desire for autonomy. - BELLIS, GIAN PIERO: Scenarios for the Future, 2006, - TERRITORIAL DECENTRALIZATION, GEOGRAPHICAL SECESSIONISM, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE, AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARY SEGREGATION

GIBBON, EDWARD, The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire", 1776. Chapter 38: The Laws of the Barbarians, on panarchism, personal law and choice of jurisdiction among German tribes. - Extract, under the heading: HOW BARBARIANS SOLVED THE PROBLEM OF PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, on pages 93ff, in ON PANARCHY II, in PEACE PLANS 506. On personal law practice. The relevant passages were also reproduced in Peace Plans 61-65, appendix and in the German original manuscript of the same book, microfiched in PEACE PLANS 399-401. Both editions are now digitized. The English one is online: - - “Note: These are the famous passages where Edward Gibbon refers, with a sort of admiration, to the practice of the Germans of allowing people to choose the legal system under which they wanted to live and be judged. This, according to Gibbon, contributed to the preservation of peace and to the improvement of society. And he goes on to say that, to follow the proposal of Agobard of introducing a uniform law as well as a uniform religious faith, would have been a very foolish act.” - GPdB. - - - "The rudest, or the most servile condition of human society, is regulated however by some fixed and general rules. When Tacitus surveyed the primitive simplicity of the Germans he discovered some permanent maxims, or customs, of public and private life, which were preserved by faithful tradition till the introduction of the art of writing, and of the Latin tongue. Before the election of the Merovingian kings, the most powerful tribe, or nation, of the Franks, appointed four venerable chieftains to compose the Salic laws, and their labours were examined and approved in three successive assemblies of the people. After the baptism of Clovis, he reformed several articles that appeared incompatible with Christianity: the Salic law was again amended by his sons; and at length, under the reign of Dagobert, the code was revised and promulgated in its actual form, one hundred years after the establishment of the French monarchy. Within the same period, the customs of the Ripuarians were transcribed and published; and Charlemagne himself, the legislator of his age and country, had accurately studied the two national laws, which still prevailed among the Franks (by these two laws most critics understand the Salic and the Ripuarian). The same care was extended to their vassals; and the rude institutions of the Alemanni and Bavarians were diligently compiled and ratified by the supreme authority of the Merovingian kings. The Visigoths and Burgundians, whose conquests in Gaul preceded those of the Franks, showed less impatience to attain one of the principal benefits of civilized society. Euric was the first of the Gothic princes who expressed in writing the manners and customs of his people; and the composition of the Burgundian laws was a measure of policy rather than of justice, to alleviate the yoke and regain the affection of the Gallic subjects. Thus, by a singular coincidence, the Germans framed their artless institution at a time when the elaborate system of Roman jurisprudence was finally consummated. In the Salic laws, and the Pandects of Justinian, we may compare the first rudiments, and the full maturity, of civil wisdom; and whatever prejudices may be suggested in favour of barbarism, our calmer reflection will ascribe to the Romans the superior advantages, not only of science and reason, but of humanity and justice. - Yet, the laws of the barbarians were adapted to their wants and desires, their occupation and their capacity; and they all contributed to preserve the peace, and promote the improvement of society for whose use they were originally established. The Merovingians, instead of imposing a uniform rule of conduct on their various subjects, permitted each people and each family of their empire freely to enjoy their domestic institutions (*69); nor were the Romans excluded from the common benefits of this legal toleration. (*70) The children embraced the law of their parents, the wife that of her husband, the freedman that of his patron; and in all causes where the parties were of different nations, the plaintiff or accuser was obliged to follow the tribunal of the defendant, who may always plead a judicial presumption of right or innocence. A more ample latitude was allowed, if every citizen, in the presence of the judge, might declare the law under which he desired to live, and the national society to which he chose to belong. Such an indulgence would abolish the partial distinctions of victory: and the Roman provincials might patiently acquiesce in the hardship of their condition, since it depended on themselves to assume the privilege, if they dared to assert the character, of free and warlike barbarians. (*70) - - - - - - - - - (*69) The Riparian law declares and defines this indulgence in favour of the plaintiff (tit. XXI, in tom. IV, p. 240); and the same toleration is understood or expressed in all the codes except that of the Visigoths of Spain. Tanta diversitas legum (says Agobard in the ninth century) quanta non solum is in [singulis] regionibus, aut civitatibus, sed etiam in multis domibus habetur. Nam plerumque contingit ut simul eant aut sedeant quinque hominess, et nullus eorum communem legem cum altero habeat (in tom. VI, p. 356). He foolishly proposes to introduce an uniformity of law as well as of faith." - - - - - - - - (70) 'We order that all business done amongst Romans has to be done according to the Roman Law'. Such are the words of a general constitution promulgated by Clotaire, the son of Clovis, and sole monarch of the Franks, about the year 56o. (71) This liberty of choice ..." - - - We have here a practical example of exterritorial and autonomous communities of volunteers, existing peacefully together in the same country, though their subjects are members of different tribal communities with different laws. - - Application of this experience to Australia would mean that the Labour Party, its members and voters, would be allowed to set up a separate State for themselves and that the people who are backing the Liberal Party would have an opportunity to live subject only to liberal or libertarian laws of their own choosing. (The splinter groups would naturally claim the same right.) Thus, the power struggle between the parties would be ended. The same could be achieved on the international level. Voluntarism and exterritorial self‑government permitted in East and West would give every side a chance to win rightfully and peacefully and would prove the wrong side to be wrong quickly and convincingly enough. I predict that all communist exterritorial experiments in the West would fail and that many of liberal associations would succeed, the more liberal, genuinely liberal or rather libertarian, the better. - - Would the totalitarians not permit it? - Ask yourself whether they could successfully resist revolutionaries with such an aim! - Let us learn, even from Barbarians, as much as they have to teach us. - J.Z.

GIERKE, OTTO, Natural Law & the Theory of Society, 1500-1800, first printed in English 1934, extract, 1p, on individual secessionism, 126, in ON PANARCHY XII, in PEACE PLANS 833.


GIESEKAM, MERILYN, What Price a Kingdom? Hutt River Province, FREE ENTERPRISE, Nov. 1973, page 79, in ON PANARCHY IV, in PEACE PLANS 510. On Len Casley’s secession attempt in W.A.

GIFTS, PRESENTS, FOR CHRISTMAS, BIRTHDAYS, MARRIAGES ETC., IDEAS RATHER THAN MONEY OF PHYSICAL OBJECTS: There is not other peace, freedom, justice, progress and prosperity like that which would be realized by panarchism.  See: IDEAS, LOVE, FRIENDSHIP.

GILBERT, R., The Unequal Treaties, China & the Foreigner, 1929. ANU Menzies Library, Canberra.

GINOD, ARTHUR, Dr. jur & BRAHM, HANS, Dr. jur, Die Kaufmannsgerichte. (The Merchant Courts.), Leipzig, Verlag fuer Kunst und Wissenschaft, Albert Otto Paul, 1904, 56 pp, JZL.

GIORDANO, CHRISTIAN, Prof., Rechtspluralismus: ein Instrument für den Multikulturalismus?» heisst der Aufsatz, den der Freiburger Professor Christian Giordano in der jüngsten Ausgabe der Zeitschrift der Eidgenössischen Kommission gegen Rassismus publiziert hat. - Scharia-Gerichte in der Schweiz? Freiburger Professor verlangt Sonderrecht für Muslime und andere - Vor dem Gesetz sind alle gleich. Ein Freiburger Professor stellt diesen Grundsatz jetzt in Frage. Er verlangt Sonderrechte und eigene Gerichte für Ausländer. Muslime unterstützen diesen «Rechtspluralismus», Politiker sind entsetzt. – [Probably because they know how few members are in their parties and how few people do really wish to be ruled by them, at least in the long run, if not soon, once they are free as individuals and minority groups to secede from them. – J.Z., 15.12.11.] = Further details under: ISLAMIC JURISDICTION, PERSONAL LAW, DHIMMI, MILLET SYSTEM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, JURISDICTION, SECESSIONISM.

GIRARD, Manuel élémentaire de droit romain  (6th ed., Paris, 1918). Quoted in Liu, Exterritoriality.

GLAHN, GERHARD VON, Law Among Nations, An Introduction to Public International Law, Macmillan, London, 1965, indexed and with case list, 768pp, JZL. It offers many references, e.g. on extraterritoriality, 300-302; jurisdiction on armed forced abroad: 198-199; consular agents, 399-400; Estonian free ships, while Estonia was under Soviet rule but that rule was not recognized by some countries: 111; Latvian government in exile: 377; governments in exile: 113-115; individuals as subjects of international law: 8; capitulations: 200/201; praetor peregrines: 37, condominiums, New Hebrides et al: 78. - Alas, few if any international law scholars of our times have drawn libertarian conclusions from the legal traditions they describe. - J.Z., 29.1.99.

GLOBALIZATION: Despite globalization, people are still attached to their culture, their language and a place called home. And they will sing for home, cry for home, fight for home and die for home. Which is why globalization does not, and will not, end geopolitics.” - Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.250, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4 – A home is per se independent of a national territory. One’s language and culture one can take into other countries. More and more people are emigrants or expatriates or mange to live, part-time, every year, in several countries. (Jet-setters, internationalists.) Exterritorially they can flourish anywhere – among their supporters, their clients, customers, viewers, listeners, readers and fans. In wars only very rarely did people fight for their homes, although their misleaders told them that they did. Geopolitics will be ended by the practice of individual and minority sovereignty, under personal laws, starting with their free individual and group secessionism and followed by quite voluntary associationism, not confined to any territory in the world. The Irish, for example, can be just as Irish e.g. in Australia, the USA and in Canada, to the extent that they want to be, as far as their culture is concerned. – People often do not even really know all of their neighborhood, all their neighbors, far less all of their city, all its people and those of a whole country or nations. – To that extent are nationalism, patriotism, fatherland, motherland and countrymen mere fictions. – In many to most territorial State countries several languages or at least several dialects exist – also several kinds of culture. – Their borders are mostly the products of wars or of natural barriers which were, formerly difficult to overcome. Now we tunnel under them or fly or ship over them. – But the territorial State have, in their own interest, established artificial barriers for the movement of people and goods. – By nature the whole world is one habitat, one market for all men. - J.Z., 13.9.08, 23.12.08. GEOPOLITICS, DIS., CULTURE, LANGUAGE, HOME, COSMOPOLITANISM, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM

GLOBALIZATION: Globalization has been the engine of unprecedented economic growth and we must never lose sight of that. Indeed, as Treasury Secretary Larry Summers points out, thanks in large part to increasing globalization, more than one quarter of humanity is now enjoying growth at rates in which their living standards will quadruple with a generation … While it is the engine of greater long-term prosperity for every country that plugs into the globalization system, it is also the engine of greater dislocations in the short run.” - Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.442, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4 - - The dislocations are not due to Globalization but, rather, due to the remaining territorialist restrictions, interventions and prohibitions and their consequences. In all countries central banking is still predominant and holds up world-wide progress by suppressing monetary freedom. Interventions with capital investments in foreign countries and by foreigners in the own country are still all too common. There is still no quite free capital market. Nation-wide official tribute and redistribution schemes still predominate. The number of wrongful and irrational interventionist laws is still enormous, everywhere. We are still very far from Free Trade and Free Migration. Globalization is still all too incomplete. A quite free world-wide market for all goods and services, including all kinds of governmental and societal services does not yet exist. Free enterprise and consumer sovereignty are still all too restricted and minorities in almost all countries are still suppressed, sometimes even majorities are. There is still not agreement on all individual rights and liberties, not even a sufficient interest for them. Too many individual rights and liberties are still under the chains, prohibitions, thumbs or even thumb-screws and other “tortures” of territorial governments. – J.Z., 13.9.-08, 25.11.10.

GLOBALIZATION: The world was not represented on the streets of Seattle. The truth is, most of the world's population was inside the conference room in Seattle, not outside. It was developing countries, like us, who want a fairer share of the pie, not to destroy the pie. I can't grow unless I integrate with the global economy, but the trade rules by the developed countries are unfair.” - Youssef Boutros-Ghali, Egyptian Minister of Economy – For all trade to be really free, all territorial governments must get out of its way. Without territorial governments we would not have any significant arms trade, either, apart from that with some effective self-defence weapons. Nor would we then have production centers for mass extermination devices and any official or underground trade in them. – J.Z., 1.9.08

GLORY: Every glorification of anyone who was killed in a war means three deaths in the next war.” - Kurt Tucholsky. – The territorial nationalism, which leads to mass slaughters, should become despised rather than glorified. – J.Z., 25.12.08. - HERO-CULT, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, WARS, SLAUGHTERS, MASS MURDERS

GOALS: For the purpose of this discussion, it is not necessary again to polarize the issues in terms of whether men are, by their nature, "inherently good" or "inherently bad". It is sufficient to observe only that men are, by nature, disposed to act in pursuit of goals that they have set for themselves, that they will voluntarily organize themselves in order to realize those goals, (*) and that all men disapprove of their own victimization and thus seek means of preventing it. The problem, then, is not one of choosing either "imposed order" or "disorder," but of recognizing that a system of "imposed order" fosters "disorder", and of seeking methods of social order that most people desire in order to facilitate the goal-directed activity of each person.” - B. D. Shaffer, Violence as a Product of Imposed Order, p.40. - (*) Territorial anarchist and libertarian voluntary organizations still leave much to be desired and most of the necessary jobs for our liberation undone. - J.Z., 24.7.00, 11.5.12. - MAN, PURPOSE, AIM, SELF-INTEREST, COOPERATION, VOLUNTARISM, VICTIMIZATION, ORDER, DISORDER, IMPOSED ORDER, SOCIAL ORGANIZATION, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM", GOODNESS & SIN, TOLERANCE, FREE CHOICE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, COMPETITION, TERRITORIALISM

GOALS: There is not way to achieve a unitary national Goal except by nullifying individual ones.” - Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 7/75, p.438. - COLLECTIVE & TERRITORIAL & GOVERNMENTAL ONES VS. INDIVIDUAL ONES, AIMS, PURPOSES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

GOD: Do Gods and territorial governments have ANY redeeming features? - J. Z., 21.12.93, 10.7.00, 26.12.08. – GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, Q.

GOD: God, according to the Bible, offers only charity as solution to social problems. That indicates insufficient knowledge, especially of economics. No specific solutions are offered by him or her e.g. for inflation, mass unemployment, depressions, deflations, stagflations and involuntary mass unemployment. In his “revelations” and “holy writs” he did not recommend panarchism or monetary and financial freedom anywhere. Thus God, if he existed, would, obviously, be rather as ignorant and prejudiced on these matters as is the man in the street and most politicians are. - J.Z., 21.11.98, 25.11.10, 11.5.12.

GOD: I have no fear but that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to government themselves without a master. Could the contrary of this be proved I should conclude either that there is no God, or that he is a malevolent Being.” – Thomas Jefferson, Letter to David Hartley, 1787. - - Representative government and direct democratic rule of majorities ARE NOT forms of genuine SELF-government, which would be based upon individual sovereignty and individual and free choice instead of individuals merely participating in a monopolistic, collectivistic and territorial sovereignty process, where individual votes and preferences hardly ever count on any specific political action. It is a cover-up for a lot of centralized territorial despotism, giving it a “democratic image” among the unthinking or all too prejudiced and uninformed people. – J.Z., 10.7.86, 19.9.08. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUALISM, CHOICE, MINORITY AUTONOMY, SELF-GOVERNMENT

GOD: Little that is positive is to be expected from those still believing in a benevolent God.” - J. Z., 21.7.95 & 7.7.00. – Just as little as one can expect from those still believing in territorial States – in spite of all the evidence against them. – J.Z., 26.12.08. - FAITH, BELIEF, RELIGION, STATISM

GOD: Nature is God endlessly divided.” – Friedrich Schiller, Philosophische Briefe: Theosophie des Julius. (Die Natur ist unendlich geteilter Gott.) – We have not yet learnt to cope with nature, neither at the astronomical nor at the nuclear and sub-atomic level. Once we do, we will be like gods. - If territorial governments, armed with WMDs, will give us the chance for such a development. Alas, we have not yet learnt how to cope with such criminals, either. – The panarchist approach for solving this problem is so far known and appreciated only by a few. - J.Z., 26.12.08. – The ideal human society is the one that is endlessly divided, just like human beings are, in their character, inclinations and aspirations, beliefs, ideologies and preferred methocs and institutions are endlessly divided into different societies or groups of volunteers. All of these should get the option to become exterritorially autonomous. – J.Z., 27.11.10, 11.5.12. - NATURE, THEISM & PANTHEISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, PANARCHISM

GOD: Our Gods are not worth the dozens of candles we light for them annually, nor are our governments worth the thousands of "candles" we are forced to "light" or waste for them, every year. At least to the religious Gods we submit only voluntarily. Our political gods force us to submit to them. And yet some people still worship these political gods. - J. Z., 29.6.91 & 22.7.00. – GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM

GOD: The peculiar, even unsatisfactory system whereby God never communicated directly with his chosen people but preferred to give the Israeli leaders an off-the record briefing.” – Miles Kington, 1941-, Welcome to Kington, 1989. – Any God who is, in any way, supporting the human leadership myths, especially the territorial one, is already thereby an evil God. – J.Z., 27.11.10.

GOD: The two principal mono-manias of modern man: monotheism and monogamy.” - Thomas Szasz, Heresies, 69. – He overlooked the third and worst: territorialism, the statist monopoly power over whole countries and their populations, perhaps best characterized by the nuclear mass murder devices they keep in readiness and the frequent crises they cause and then “fight”. Our faithful leaders do not whip themselves for their sins, but, rather, their subjects, e.g. with still more wrongful taxes and other interventions. – J.Z., 26.12.08. – There are several other  mono-manias, e.g. the arms and military as well as policing monopoly, the legislation and jurisdiction monopoly, the monetary despotism of central banking, the tribute raising power of all levels of governments. All fall, in my view, under the general term of “territorialism”.  – J.Z., 11.5.12. - MONOTHEISM & MONOGAMY, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, MARRIAGES, RELIGIONS

GOD: There are 7436 separate religions on this planet and each of them has radically different ideas about God's mind.” - Robert Wilson. – Does this part - of what is supposedly his creation - represent order, harmony and good sense, reason, justice and developed and enlightened minds? – J.Z., 26.12.08. – There are, probably, still more different ideologies and utopias in the political, economic and social spheres. We must, finally, become mutually tolerant with all of them, allowing individuals to make their own free and different choices in these spheres as well. In other words, we have to do away with territorial monopolism, power and coercion – unless we are willing to furthermore risk the general holocaust via ABC mass murder devices. – J.Z., 27.11.10, 11.5.12. –  RELIGIONS, PANARCHIES, TOLERANCE, CHOICE

GOD: There is only one good definition of God: the freedom that allows other freedoms to exist.” - John Fowles, The French Lieutenant's Woman. – By that definition panarchism would be “top dog”! – J.Z., 26.12.08. – FREEDOM, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, ALL PEOPLE FREE TO CREATE THEIR OWN LIVES

GOD: What one believes about God, another believes about Government.” - A Byington Sticker. - And both faiths are bound to be disappointing. - J. Z., 16.7.00. - GOVERNMENT, FAITH, BELIEF, RELIGION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOITEIN, S. D., Jewish Community Organization in the Light of the Cairo Geniza Documents, in Hebrew, ZION 26, 1961, 170-79.

GOITEIN, S. D., Jews and Arabs, Their Contacts Through the Ages, Schocken Books, N.Y., 1963, 1964, with bibliography and index, 247pp, JZL. It discusses degrees of tolerance and intolerance (65-67), private real estate transfers (181), competing law (182), boycott of bureaucrats (104), consuls (118, 119), autonomy (181, 228) and arbitration (181). They were not always as much at loggerheads as their territorial nation States are now. - J.Z., n.d.

GOITEIN, S. D., Medieval Tunisia: The Hub of the Mediterranean, in his Studies in Islamic History and Institutions, pp.308-28.

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GOITEIN, S. D., The Head of the Palestinian Academy as Head of the Jews in the Fatimid Empire: Arabic Documents on the Palestinian Gaonate, in Hebrew, ERETZ-ISRAEL 10, 1971, 100-113. (This is only one of many of GOITEIN's relevant writings listed by Mark R. Cohen in his bibliography.)

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GOITEIN, S. D., The Social Services of the Jewish Community as Reflected in the Cairo Geniza Records, JSS 26, 1964, 3-22, 67-86. - Did this author, anywhere, draw panarchistic conclusions for our times from his studies of historical precedents? - J.Z., 15.9.04.

GOITEIN, S. D.: A Mediterranean Society: The Jewish Communities of the Arab World as Portrayed in the Documents of the Cairo Geniza, Berkeley & Los Angeles, Univ. of Cal. Press, vol. 1, Economic Foundations, 1967; vol. 2, The Community, 1971; vol. 3, The Family, 1978.

GOLD: Gold is mighty in the power it gives citizens over government.” - Rickenbacher, The Case for Gold. The Case for Silver, p. 6. – The right of individuals and minorities to secede, combined with full exterritorial autonomy for their communities of volunteers, would be even more powerful. To use gold as an excusive and forced or optional exchange medium and value standard is certainly not the application of full monetary freedom. When a government turns gold coins and gold certificates into an exclusive exchange medium and value standard then it retains still all too much power over citizens. - The legal claim of holders of government notes redeemable in gold, does, indeed, restrain the government's note issue. It might even restrict it so much that not all the taxes payable could be paid in such notes. What then? Who has the power then, when a tax strike and voluntary taxation alternatives are not yet sufficiently organized? The legal claim of note holders to demand metallic gold from every note issuer is, indeed, a great power that restricts all potential issuers from issuing as much sound currency as they could, otherwise. They can then issue only as much as they can cover with their gold hoard. - That, is also a great disadvantage to all those who need enough sound exchange media to make all their desired exchanges possible and easy. In this process they might use gold as their optional value standard. Inflations can be very simply prevented by abolishing the money issue monopoly combined with legal tender power of the monopoly money. To prevent deflations it would suffice to abolish the note issue monopoly and the coinage monopoly or to free comprehensive clearing. – Most people know only of one kind of gold standard and do expect all too much form it, unware of its remaining defects, which turn it also into an exclusive and forced currency. - J.Z., 24.7.00, 11.5 12.

GOLDEN RULE: (1) Hinduism: Man gifted with intelligence … should always treat others as they themselves wish to be treated. (Compare how Indian castes do still treat each other and Indian men, too, the females! - J.Z.) - (2) Buddhism: In five ways should a clansman minister to his friends and familiars: by generosity, courtesy and benevolence, by treating them as he treats himself, and by being as good as his word. - (3) Taoism: Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain, and regard your neighbor's loss as your own loss. - (4) Confucianism: What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others. - (5) Judaism: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. - (6) Christianity: All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so unto them. - (7) Islam: No one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. - IN SEVEN WORLD FAITHS – Source not noted. - Compare the remarks under TOLERANCE. - Has any of the religions ever fully lived up to its own principles? - J.Z., 13.7.00. - In this form it is still a rule for interference in accordance with one's own prejudices. Only few want to be quite free and responsible for their own fate. Experimental freedom and the right of the individual to secede and associate in exterritorial and autonomous communities of volunteers (panarchic freedom) is obviously not clearly expressed in either of the definitions. Nor are other essential rights, like monetary and other economic rights. - J.Z., 13.11.65 & 13.7.00, 11.5.12. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOLDMAN, EMMA & PANARCHISM, My lack of faith in the majority is dictated by my faith in the potentialities of the individual. Only when the latter becomes free to choose his associates for a common purpose, can we hope for order and harmony out of this world of chaos and inequality.” – Preface to Anarchism and Other Essays. – Alas, she revealed no faith in free enterprise, Free Trade, private property rights, monetary freedom, free pricing, etc., in the market economy and in a laissez faire capitalism that would embody all economic liberties and no political powers at all. To that extent she did not believe in anarchism and in man and his nature and his potential. – J.Z., 10.1.99.


GOOD GOVERNMENT: Good government is a contradiction in terms. - J.Z., 23.4.73. - I hold now that this applies almost absolutely only to territorial governments, especially the larger and largest ones. Those which will, in future, rule only over volunteers, and which will be only exterritorially autonomous, can be "good" by the standards of their voluntary members, like any present club, insurance company or association. - J.Z., 20.7.00. - GOVERNMENT, GOOD, EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION

GOOD GOVERNMENT: Government is actually the worst failure of civilized man. There has never been a really good one, and even those that are most tolerable are arbitrary, cruel, grasping and unintelligent.” - H. L. Mencken, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – A truly civilized and enlightened person would never have introduced or tolerated territorial governments. However, even the worst kinds of governments are still good or instructive - at least for all those statists, who have chosen them quite freely for themselves and this in spite of all bad experiences with them over the course of history. But they should no longer be allowed to impose their choice of territorial government upon any dissenters. I.e., their choices are to be practised only by them and this under exterritorial autonomy and their kinds of personal laws. – J.Z., 8.1.08. DIS.

GOOD GOVERNMENT: Now, where did we ever get the idea that there is such a thing as "good government"? That is a contradiction in terms as ridiculous as "constructive rape". There is not such thing.” – Robert LeFevre, Good Government, p.14. - Well, if a raped woman falls pregnant as a result of the rape then, to that extent, the rape was productive, apart from the damage it has done to the woman, her rights, liberties, minds and feelings. Is there such a thing as a "good" rape? The absence of initial consent and aggression would remain, even if the woman should, later on in the rape, somewhat enjoy it as well. All analogies limp to some extent. I would rather say that "good government" is as ridiculous as a "good crime with many non-consenting victims. - J.Z., 24.7.00. – Rapes are certainly not producing good love relationships. – J.Z., 26.12.08. – Only a voluntary or competing government can be a good government, to the extent that any hierarchical system can be good. – 28.11.10. - TERRITORIALISM, RAPE, VIOLENCE, COMPULSION, COERCION

GOOD GOVERNMENT: There's never been a good government.” - Emma Goldman. – Perhaps one should reply that “NO Government!” is the best government possible, at least as far as territorial governments are concerned, with their inevitably many involuntary members and subjects. – Exterritorially autonomous governments of volunteers only would at least be educational for these volunteers and for outside observers. - J.Z., 5.1.08. – Some of them might be somewhat successful, in spite of their hierarchical system and their successful methods would then be copied by many others. – J.Z., 23.12.08, 28.11.10. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOOD INTENTIONS & INTOLERANCE: Social Dynamics. The social scientists have not only misrepresented human nature but they have also led people astray with regard to social dynamics. Their descriptions of and prescriptions for society are unsound because they have added to the false premises (about human nature) false inferences (about social dynamics) based mainly on intellectual preconceptions instead of factual reality. - It is a common conviction that evil (bad thoughts, deeds, attitudes) comes from: Illnesses (physical, spiritual) : consequences of traumas, suffered violence, past deprivations, etc. - Ignorance : lack of learning about how to live and how to care, appropriately and effectively; wrong information received; imitation of unsuitable models, etc. - Intolerance : hubris, bigotry, inhumanity, arising mainly from cultural upbringing and resulting in excessive self-assurance and importance being assigned to personal/group beliefs, associated with the right to impose them onto others. - This belief about the sources of evil has been also verified and highlighted repeatedly by empirical evidence and it has become widely accepted on the strength of that empirical support. - However, what social scientists still fail to accept and take on board in their research and reflections is that most evil comes from professed good intentions and righteous practices or, rather, from professed good intentions gone regularly astray and proclaimed righteous practices that invariably wreak havoc in people's lives. - - "I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the public good." (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1776) - - "If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life … for fear that I should get some of his good done to me." (Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854) - - The simple fact of proclaiming good intentions and righteous practices without actual knowledge and wisdom at the start (to assess the acceptance and appropriateness of the course of action proposed and the means employed) and knowledge and honesty at the finish (to assess if the ends have been achieved through the use of suitable means) is most likely to lead to moral and material disasters. - It might then come as a shock to many well-meaning but quite naïve individuals to learn that illnesses, ignorance and intolerance can be the result of officially planned actions, generally devised, approved, and extolled by the social scientists as beneficial to most human beings if not to the entire human race. - For example: Illnesses (spiritual, physical) can be the result of a suffocating moral upbringing or of a too aseptic environment, all provided with the best intention of protecting the child from unwanted risks of any nature; Ignorance can be the product of state mass schooling which, with the "noble" pretext of granting equality, succeeds in universally instilling conformity and eradicating creativity. Intolerance can be the outcome of the deep felt desire to spread what is firmly considered (and what might even be in some personal cases) the good and the right, in all directions and with all means, up to the point of forcing it on everybody. - - "Most of the greatest evils that man has inflicted upon man have come through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false. To know the truth is more difficult than most men suppose, and to act with ruthless determination in the belief that truth is the monopoly of their party is to invite disaster." (Bertrand Russell, Ideas that Have Harmed Mankind, 1946) - Disseminating the true religion or the modern culture, bringing so-called freedom and democracy, spreading what is reputed to be knowledge and development, all through the gentle use of bayonets (in the past) or of "intelligent" bombs (in the present), these are, for example, the missions of the ruling elites of the self-proclaimed advanced and progressive world. In the course of these missions, millions of people have been tortured and killed but, according to our rulers, these are only minor details, largely justified by the lofty ends. - The popular saying that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" has then remained a simple hunch that has never been taken seriously into account by the state rulers and the social scientists because it would highlight the fact that, relying on pretended and professed good intentions, both of these groups have built and continue to build their role (power) and status (privileges), subjugating, manipulating and dominating people. - Clearly it is not so easy to unmask the unwarranted belief that good intentions lead, automatically, to good outcomes, without appearing (or rather, without being made to appear) as insensitive and heartless individuals opposed to what is good and right and to those people who advocate the good and right for humanity. - In fact, this is precisely the strategy carried out by state rulers and social scientists against individuals who try to expose their fallacy. They are qualified as selfish and callous, devoid of any sense of compassion and care, even when the so-called compassion and care, as practiced by the state rulers and the social scientists, feeds only corruption and leads mainly to dependency. - And so, in the course of centuries, we have witnessed a perverse social dynamic through which some basic human aspirations, for example to do good and to worship a God (God as any perfect entity that some love and respect for reasons that go beyond simple rationality), have been distorted and manipulated, first by the Church priests and then by the state priests, for ends that have nothing to do either with good or with God. - - "Oh how we hate one another, for the love of God!" - (Cardinal Newman, XIX century) - - In the contemporary era the state (*) is the new Church, having replaced the power and symbols of the old Church with its own power (bureaucratic caste, intellectual clerics, etc.) and symbols (the flag, the national anthem, the pledges, the statues of national heroes, the monuments to the glory of the Fatherland, etc.). - Under the new Church the same perverse social dynamics persist, employing the same old tricks. The banality of evil keeps preying on simple minds. As a result of it, basically good or harmless people carry on perpetrating or silently witnessing wrongdoings and atrocities, either in the name and in support of "good" causes or as official agents performing their assigned tasks (magistrates, policemen, prison guards, teachers, economists, social workers, etc.). - The fact is that the practice of top-down or authority-taken decisions, advocated by the social scientists, is, in too many cases, succeeding in producing numb people with no ideas and no will of their own. - The lack of freedom in social experimenting and in taking personally responsible decisions (i.e. decisions for whose consequences, whether positive or negative, the person is responsible) is the hallmark of the contemporary bureaucratic societies dominated/regulated by so-called professionals. This arrangement represents a formidable obstacle to any learning process by individuals and to any progress in the quality of the relations amongst themselves and with the surrounding environment. - - "When responsibility coincides with liberty, when the person who takes some decisions suffers the full consequences of these decisions, then there is a feedback loop; then people benefit from their good choices and lose from their bad choices; and so they may learn from experience." - "Without responsibility, we lose track of how to behave; worse, with misplaced responsibility, where those who decide are not those who suffer the consequences of decisions, then we get on the wrong track, and we run into disasters." (François-René Rideau, 2005) - - The social scientists see society as a machine with a captain (the political and intellectual elite), a professional crew (the social experts and practitioners) and many passengers (the common people). The captain gives orders and dictates rules while the crew is paid for making sure that the passengers obey the orders and follow the rules. - For these social scientists the only acceptable view is that society (i.e. human beings) receives impulses from a centre in the form of laws or monetary incentives and only on the basis of those impulses it functions. - The idea that societies (i.e. the social exchanges amongst human beings) might be, as a whole and in their parts, self-regulating organisms whose entities are capable of self-direction and self-management through a series of continuous adjustments in response to life requirements, is something that is not acceptable to the social scientists because it would reduce and even dispose of their role. - However, this would not be a big loss because their role resembles more that of the fly on the coach-wheel (boasting inexistent abilities and influence of direction) than that of the foresighted oracle (pinpointing social problems that might arise). - If we accept the way society is deemed to function according to the social scientists, we should accept also the fact that an organism exclusively activated from the centre loses the flexible capacity to react swiftly and autonomously when a new situation arises. This means that the burden on the centre of taking decisions for everybody in every slightly novel case increases continuously until nothing is solved and nothing is done unless prompted by the centre or even performed by the centre. Clearly, this is an absolutely crazy and totally unrealistic situation. - This should be called social statics, having nothing to do with social dynamics and with the way human beings function and make society (i.e. their social intercourse) function. - The frightening truth about current reality (which everyone should be aware of) is that it is characterized by technological dynamics on the one hand, associated, or rather, conflicting with social statics on the other. In between, there are human beings that are part of both realities and so are, at the same time, empowered (by technological tools) and enslaved (by ideological rulers). - Out of this epochal contradiction, perhaps never seen in such sharp terms, come three possible scenarios for the future that could either take place at the same time but in different parts of the advanced world, or in succession one after the other, or one to the exclusion of the others. They are: decadence - collapse - - regeneration.” - Gian Piero de Bellis in "Scenarios for the Future".Scenarios for the Future - (*) The "State" is in a "state". - Following a suggestion by Henry Meulen and to avoid mixing up the territorial monster with "state" as a condition, I am inclined to always spell State with a capital S, not because I consider it to be rightful and necessary. At most it is negatively important. - J.Z., 26.8.11. - TERRITORIALISM, COMMON GOOD, PUBLIC INTEREST, COMMON INTEREST VS. INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, RATIONAL & MORAL SELF-INTEREST, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, GOOD WILL, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, DIS., HATE, INTOLERANCE. STATE, STATISM, DIRIGISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, WELFARE STATE, INDEPENDENT INDIVIDUALS VS. INDEPENDENT STATES OR NATIONS IN TERRITORIAL FORM.

GOOD INTENTIONS: There's nothing that does so much harm as good intentions.” – Dr. Milton Friedman, as interviewed in "Is America No.1?" by John Stossel. – They could not do as much harm if one could opt out from under them. – J.Z., 3.1.08. – TERRITORIALLY ENFORCED “GOOD WILL”, GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEMS, PROGRAMS & PROJECTS UPON FOLLOWERS & DISSENTERS ALIKE, NOT RESTRAINED BY GENUINE MORAL LAWS OR RESPECT FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, VS. PANARCHISM OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOOD MEN: All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.”- Edmund Burke. - NOTE: This quote is ascribed in various forms to Burke, though never found in his writings. Possibly it is a distillation of the words found in “Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents” (April 23, 1770): “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an un-pitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." – The primary positive action should consist in collecting and publishing all good ideas, talents, projects, discoveries, inventions which are significant for genuine progress in the political, economic and social spheres and then to see to it that experimental freedom among volunteers is established for them: Panarchism, with its great variety of panarchies, all under their own personal laws or full exterritorial autonomy. – Good men must act against evils – in the most rightful & efficient ways, which happen to be the voluntary and tolerant ones. – J.Z., 23.12.08. – Only intolerant actions are not to be tolerated. – J.Z., 11.5.12.

GOOD SENSE: good sense goes farther than armor…” - Rabelais, putting these words into the mouth of his hero Pantagruel, in: Putnam, Samuel, The Essential Rabelais, p.333. - Love is not necessarily disarming, but justice can be. If one offers to treat the pawns of a dictatorship, sent to fight us and die for it, much better than their dictatorship does, with genuine liberation and the prospect of earned wealth and full justice for all their rightful claims, then why should they fight us, rather than fraternize with us, desert to us, let themselves be taken prisoner, make a separate peace with us or even rise against their oppressor, our enemy? Military academies do not consider such ju-jitsu options. Nor do politicians recognize all rightful governments in exile and ally themselves with them. - J.Z., 15.7.00. - IDEAS, PROGRAMS VS. WEAPONS & MILITARY STRENGTH, DESERTION, MASS FRATERNIZATION, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, LIBERATION, REVOLUTIONARY WARFARE

GOOD SOCIETY: The Good Society has no architectural design. There are no blueprints. There is no mold in which human life is to be shaped. … The supreme architect, who begins as a visionary, becomes a fanatic, and ends a despot. For no one can be the supreme architect of society without employing a supreme despot to execute the design.” - Walter Lippman. - Quoted in Arblaster/Lukes, The Good Society. - To such hard conclusions one can only come if one ignores the exterritorial alternative for volunteer communities, applying experimental freedom in a sphere in which it was, so far, outlawed by territorial States. - J.Z., 25.7.00. – PANARCHISM

GOOD VS. BAD: Do not overlook the strength of the bad cause or the weakness of the good.” - Lord Action, Lectures on Modern History, p.37. - Among the major weaknesses of the "good" causes was always that they did not have all the good ideas, practices and institutions on their side but were sick and crippled by all too many bad ones, which they had uncritically adopted, like e.g., territorialism, monetary despotism, the leadership principle in enterprises, combined with a capitalism of the few instead of the many. Libertarians has still to work out their consistent libertarian defence, liberation and revolutionary program, remaining so far all too much under the influence of statists and territorialist notions. Moreover, they weakened themselves by internal dissent, which should have been systematically and rationally settled long ago e.g. on questions like abortion, rights, free will and anarchy vs. limited government. - J.Z., 18.7.00.

GOOD VS. BAD: The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Ascribed to Edmund Burke. - But if there were only "good" men in territorial government and they did NOTHING, then much good could triumph, privately, also over other evil men. - J.Z., 23. 11. 06, 28.11.10. – DIS., GOVERNMENT, LAW & ORDER OR TOLERANCE FOR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OR PANARCHIES OF VOLUNTEERS? EVIL, DIS.

GOOD VS. BAD: You should not say it is not good. You should say you do not like it; and then you know, you're perfectly safe.” - J. M. Whistler, 1834-1903. - A. Andrews Quotations, 109. - TOLERANCE, DISLIKE, CRITICISM, RED.

GOOD-FOR-NOTHINGS: a nation which fosters its good-for-nothings will end by becoming a good-for-nothing nation.” - Herbert Spencer, in "Reflections". - As if territorial nation-states were to be the end of the evolution of political institutions. - In territorial forms we do have only good-for-nothing nations. - J.Z., 24.7.00. - Compare his similar remark that saving the fools from the result of their follies will only fill the world with fools. - WELFARE STATE, CHARITY, PARASITISM

GOODMAN, PAUL, Making Do. A concept by Paul Goodman, somewhat related to panarchism, as quoted by Theodore Roszak, in "The Making of a Counter Culture", page 204, from Paul Goodman's "Making Do": "... for him - and not only for him - there was in our society No Exit. When he had asked his germane question, and fifteen experts on the dais did not know an answer for him, but with ingenuity he had hit on a painfully American answer, DO IT YOURSELF. If there is no community for you, young man, young man, make it yourself." - Naturally, that right should not be confined to young men only and to utopian or intentional local communities. - These and other formulations suggested to me a list of wordings that come close to panarchism/polyarchy but are not, usually, interpreted in this way but could and should be, especially when they are already relatively popular wordings. - J.Z. in a letter to GPdB & C.B., 11.11.04. - Under territorialism all too many people remain for all too long on wrong paths. Under the experimental freedom of exterritorial autonomy for volunteers fewer and few people will persist on them and this always only at their own expense and risk. - J.Z., 1.10.11. - SELF-HELP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-DETERMINATION, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, OPTING OUT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION, CHOICE VS. OBEDIENCE.

GOODNESS, COLLECTIVISM, INDIVIDUALS & PANARCHISM: Individuals underneath all, individuals; I swear nothing is good to me that ignores individuals.” – Walt Whitman. - Herbert Spencer said it more clearly: Individuals must become free to ignore the State! De Puydt went clearly beyond Spencer by demanding exterritorial autonomy and free choice among alternative communities, societies and governance systems for individuals. – J.Z., 15.12.11.

GORBACHEV: Gorbachev Lectures American Congressmen on how they should solve their own national problems. This opportunity arose when 20 US Congressmen visited the Kremlin boss and somebody raised the question of human rights in the USSR. Comrade Gorbachev told them that instead of worrying about human rights in the Soviet Union the Americans should establish separate states for Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Polish Americans and so on. From the report it seems that only the Black senator Mickey Leland dared to say that Gorbachev's teachings were "offensive". - Note in NEWS DIGEST INTERNATIONAL, Sept.-Nov. 1987, p. 35. - Gorbachev had a point. Alas, he, neither, had any clear notion of the desirability, rightfulness and practicability of exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. If these could have been freely established in the Western World, then the Soviet regime would not have lasted as long. Unfortunately, in essence, the territorialism of the "Free West" is the same as that of the totalitarian regimes, which made their battles with them unnecessarily hard and prolonged. Do not expect much enlightenment from any of the territorial politicians. – Especially while they are still “armed” with nuclear mass murder devices and do not declare and cannot declare any rightful targets for them – except such “weapons” on the other side, which might, in a free for all “exchange” of such rockets, lead to a nuclear winter – but at least to the death of hundreds of millions. – They still pose as our defenders and protectors but can’t be bothered to declare quite rightful war and peace aims. - J.Z., 29.1.99, 15.12.11.

GORDON, DAVID, Secession, State and Liberty, pb. ed. by David Gordon. - SECESSION: offers presently quite a few books on secession. Most are favouring only territorial secession but some do go beyond it. - J.Z., 27.8.11. - E.g.: Secession, State, and Liberty [Paperback], David Gordon (Editor), 4.7 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (7 customer reviews)|Like(0)$29.95 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping - 25 of 27 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars - Secession is dead only if might makes right, August 19, 2002, By Andrew S. Rogers (Stamford, Connecticut) - See all my reviews - (TOP 500 REVIEWER) - (VINE VOICE) - (REAL NAME) - As editor David Gordon notes in his introduction, secession may be the most under-theorized concept in political science. - - The last essay, Bruce Benson's look at arbitration as an alternative to state-run judicial systems in commerce and trade, provides a true-life example of a type of modern individual "secession," and recalls Mises' suggestion (quoted by several contributors) that the right to secession can ultimately be carried down to the community, home, and even individual level. Murray Rothbard reinforces this idea in "Nations by Consent: Decomposing the Nation State." - Murray Rothbard, Nations by Consent: Decomposing the Nation-State [April 2007] - A paper originally presented in 1993, with strong affinities to a vision of "panarchies." - Ref. by GPdB. - The essays in Secession, State &; Liberty argue that the political impulse to secede - to attempt to separate from central government control - is a vital part of the Lockean classical-liberal tradition, one that emerges when national governments become too big and too ambitious. Unlike revolution, secession seeks only separation from rule, preferably through non-violent means. It is based on the moral idea, articulated by Ludwig von Mises in 1919, that "no people and no part of a people shall be held against its will in a political association that it does not want." These important essays - which cover philosophy, history, economics, and law - argue that the threat of secession should be revived as a bulwark against government encroachment on individual liberty and private property rights, as a guarantor of international free trade, and as protection against attempts to curb the freedom of association. This volume is composed of these eleven essays: The Secession Tradition in America (Donald W. Livingston) - - When is Political Divorce Justified? (Steven Yates) - - The Ethics of Secession (Scott Boykin) - - Nations By Consent: Decomposing the Nation-State (Murray N. Rothbard) - - Secession: The Last, Best Bulwark of Our Liberties (Clyde N. Wilson) - - Republicanism, Federalism, and Secession in the South, 1790 to 1865 (Joseph R. Stromberg) - - Yankee Confederates: New England Secession Movements Prior to the War Between the States (Thomas DiLorenzo) - - Was the Union Army's Invasion of the Confederate States a Lawful Act? An Analysis of President Lincoln's Legal Arguments Against Secession (James Ostrowski) - - The Economic and Political Rationale for European Secessionism (Hans-Hermann Hoppe) - - Secessionist's View of Quebec's Options (Pierre Desrochers and Eric Duhaime) - - How to Secede in Business Without Really Leaving: Evidence of the Substitution of Arbitration for Litigation (Bruce L. Benson. - Obviously, most deal only with territorial secessions. - J.Z.

GORDON, REX, Utopia 239, William Heineman Ltd., Melbourne, London, Toronto 1955. Page 189/190 on voluntary autonomous associations with personal law - and the death penalty for anyone trying to impose uniform laws of his choice, laws which no one can escape. - Plan 236, page 67, extract on "optional law", in ON PANARCHY III, in PEACE PLANS 507. – One of the very few SF stories that came out for the panarchist options. – J.Z., 15.12.11. - PERSONAL LAW, OPTIONAL LAW, CHOICE OF JURISDICTION, SCIENCE FICTION

GOREN, A. A., New York Jews and the Quest for Community: The Kehilla Experiment, 1908-1922, N.Y., 1970.

GORER, GEOFFREY: The Territorial Imperative. Copy of some remarks by GEOFFREY GORER on: Ardrey on Human Nature, second part of his article "The Territorial Imperative", in ENCOUNTER, June 67, 1p, 84, in ON PANARCHY XII, in PEACE PLANS 833.

GOVERNMENT: Although the arts of governing are many, they only cause and increase disorder. Why so? Because they interfere with men's minds.” - The Texts of Taoism, II, 287. - Not only with their minds, but the open use of their minds, in free expression and communication and also with free, rational and rightful actions under full experimental freedom, requiring exterritorial autonomy for volunteers. - J.Z., 1.8.00, 27.12.08, - DISORDER, MEN, MINDS, INTERFERENCE, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: As the brilliant 19th Century French economist Frederic Bastiat, so succinctly explained it, there are only three initial versions of government: 1. Where the few get to plunder the many: so-called “right-wing” politics, - 2) Where the many get to plunder the few: so-called “left-wing” politics. – 3) Where nobody gets to plunder anybody.” - Sawyer/Wilshire, One Man Band, The best of Peter Sawyer, whistle blower, edited by Brian Wilshire, 1996, Brian Wilshire, PO Box 209, Round Corner NSW 2158, ISBN # 0 646 265117 2, p.96. – He should have added: The first two are usually territorial governments. The third type is a competing and only exterritorially autonomous government, that rules only over its own volunteers. Its governmental aspects might also become so reduced that it is nothing but a community or society of like-minded volunteers. – J.Z., 25.3.09. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY UNDER PERSONAL LAWS, FREE SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES.

GOVERNMENT & SOCIETY: Most of the ills of society - poverty, alcoholism, slaughter on the highways, race riots, student upheaval, automation, or cynicism - are not caused by the Government and cannot be cured by the Government.” - Ernest W. Lefever in C. C. West's Ethics, Violence and Revolution, page 57. - They are not "ills" of "society" but of territorial States, imposed upon society. Remove these impositions and society would be free and sound, progressive and much better informed. - Government interventionism has, indeed, caused many of these problems or enlarged and perpetuated them. The only words in the above that do make some sense to me are the following - and I had to add: "territorial", too: "Territorial government cannot be cured by territorial government". - J.Z., 2.8.00. – DIS.

GOVERNMENT & STATISM: We tend to laugh about native "rain-makers", witchdoctors etc. and believer in them - but most of us go on believing e.g. that territorial governments can provide wealth, security, justice, freedom, enlightenment and peace - although they never delivered upon their promises! - J.Z., 10.3.73, 28.12.08.

GOVERNMENT & STRIKES: Support strikes - by governments! - J.Z., 13.4.80. - Every time the teachers go on strike, I am inclined to beg them to do so permanently! - Imagine the tax department going on strike, permanently! - Better, still, the tax-payers, while also refusing to accept any government currency and arranging for the payment of those services that they do still want and also introducing full monetary and financial freedom, on top of all other economic liberties, so that, almost instantly, anybody able and willing to work productively, could find a paying job, paid in alternative currencies, based mainly upon the vast quantity of ready for sale goods and services, measured in any standard of value which they find acceptable for themselves and only redeemable in them, priced out in a sound value standard. Moreover, shouldn't all those supposed to guard mass murder or anti-people "weapons" against destruction by the people (properly organized and informed for this), also go on strike? - But all this requires much foresight and preparation, e.g., the production of numerous and correct "blueprints for liberty". - J.Z., 27.7.00, 11.5.12.

GOVERNMENT & VOTING: Are there enough mitigating circumstances for any territorial government and for any of its voters and other followers who do put them into power? - J.Z., 20.3.89, 18.7.00, 28.12.08. – Q., VOTING

GOVERNMENT & VOTING: Every territorial government inevitably betrays many of its voters. - J.Z., 1974. - Naturally, it also acts as an enemy of all those who voted against it. - J.Z. 29.11.87.

GOVERNMENT A DISEASE: Government's a disease which nobody has the right to start or spread." - L. Neil Smith, Tom Paine Maru, 191.  - Except in the very unlikely case that everybody in a territory would agree upon it. - J.Z., 7.4.91. However, different volunteer groups should be free to establish their own exterritorially autonomous protective communities in the same territory and call them governments or competing governments or panarchies. - J.Z., 12.1.93. -  On this concept, but without panarchistic proposals as an alternative, compare Prof. H. S. FERNS: The Disease of Government, 1978, 142 pages, in PEACE PLANS 375. - Obviously, dissenting individuals and minorities should be free to opt out from under dictatorships and totalitarian regimes. But the same right and liberty applies to republics and democracies as well, even the best of them. - J.Z., 15.9.04.

GOVERNMENT ACTION: Territorial government does too much! - J.Z., 7.6.73. – Almost all of it wrong, misdirected, wasteful and all too expensive. - J.Z., 2.8.00, 28.12.08.

GOVERNMENT BY AGREEMENT: JOHNSTON, JOSEPH E., Jr., The Limits of Government, Regnery, 1984. Page 158: Here he uses "contractarianism or government-by-agreement". - For more relevant quotes from him see under JOHNSTON, JOSEPH E., Jr. – NAMES, TERMS, DEFINITIONS, CONTRACTARIANISM, GOVERNMENT-BY-AGREEMENT

GOVERNMENT COMPETITION, BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS: Governments compete unfairly with private businesses in the provision of thousands of goods and services. - Thomas J. Dilorenzo, THE FREEMAN, June 89. - Especially, in the supposed “business” of government and of societal organization itself and regarding whole economic systems, territorially imposed and, usually, with uneconomic results. - J.Z., 21.7. 89, 11.5.12. What it really means is not free competition but the government exploiting its territorial monopoly and power to the disadvantage of private businessmen, whom it taxes and regulates on top of this. - On the other hand, most businessmen have only themselves to blame for not insisting upon genuinely free enterprise competition with all the "services" which the territorial government offers. - J.Z., 11.12.2003.

GOVERNMENT GAMES & PLAYS OR TRAGEDIES & COMEDIES, TERRITORIAL ONES: One should not be forced to act in or attend the government theatre or circus performances, in which governments try to play with us and the world their kinds of dramatic, comical or tragic, always expensive and often deadly plays and games, any more than one should be forced to attend or to act in any private theatrical or circus show. - J.Z., 27.2.89, 3.4.89. Freedom for all playwrights, actors and spectators in this sphere! - J.Z., 12.12.03, 15.9.04, 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENT GROWTH: If you have ever seen a four-year-old trying to lord it over a two-year-old, then you know what the basic problem of human nature is – and why government keeps growing larger and ever more intrusive.” – Thomas Sowell.  - But most kids grow up and mature somewhat, becoming more tolerant and less violent. Territorial States, when they grow up or get older, tend to become less tolerant and more violent. I do not hold this analogy between power-driven children and power-driven governments to be quite apt. - Not every boy becomes an aggressive Big Brother. - Few remain bullies all their lives. - J.Z., 25. 11. 06. - BIG GOVERNMENT, POWER, DOMINATION, VICTIMIZATION, EXPLOITATION, BULLYING, DIS.

GOVERNMENT MONOPOLY: To make governmental mistakes or to achieve desired reforms should not be the monopoly of territorial governments. - J.Z., 16.6.88, 1.4.89.

GOVERNMENT PAPER MONEY: As a forced and exclusive or monopoly currency it has mostly no fixed and stable enough value standard nor any automatic restraints for issuers and potential acceptors against its over-issues nor any clear measure that would indicate that insufficient of such money is in circulation to avoid deflationary results. Thus under such a currency inflations, deflations and stagflations are common and inevitable. To them the popular version of Gresham’s Law applies, that bad money drives out good money. In short, it is not subjected to quite free competition from other and better currencies and to free market rating against sound value standards and other currencies in its own territorial sphere of a coercive and exploitative monopoly, amounting to monetary despotism. – J.Z., 13.7.04, 22.10.07, 23.12.08. – NATIONAL CURRENCIES, CENTRAL BANKING, GOVERNMENT MONEY, MONEY MONOPOLY, LEGAL TENDER

GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATION OR MANDATE: No government should pretend and act as if it could rightfully represent, act for, regulate and tax any but its voluntary members - and obvious aggressors against them. - J.Z. 11.12.92, 4.1.93.

GOVERNMENT SERVICES ON THE MENUE OR: ON THE SHELVES, FOR SELF-SERVICE, FILLING THE OWN SHOPPING CART WITH THEM OR WITH ALTERNATIVES TO THEM: That is what panarchism with its numerous and diverse panarchies, all only for their volunteers, does offer in the sphere of political, economic and social services. If you know of better analogies, please, to provide them. – J.Z., 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENT SERVICES UNDER CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY: Panarchistically they are like free enterprise offers in the Yellow Pages telephone books, or like offers in "Classifieds" or in other Advertisements. - J.Z., n.d.

GOVERNMENT SOVEREIGNTY VS. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Government Sovereignty can only happen at the expense of the sovereignty of the people, i.e. at the expense of all but the ruling individual or minority and their favourites. - J.Z., 26.8.91.

GOVERNMENT SOVEREIGNTY VS. THE PEOPLE & INDIVIDUALS: Government sovereignty is primarily directed against the people it claims to represent and rightfully rule and serve, and secondarily against all such sovereignties in the neighbourhood of its monopolized territory. It is something like a standing declaration of war against all dissenters. - J.Z., 26.8.91, 13.1.93, 115h.12. – It has this in common with privately competing crime syndicates, who also claim for themselves an exclusive “turf”. – J.Z., 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENT, COMPETITION & IMPROVEMENTS: The one organization which is not under any competitive pressure to improve is the government." - Marc Stiegler, "ANALOG", 10/89, p186. - The incomplete and often wrongful competition among the few for the territorial power positions: arms races, police-, juridical and administrative power, competition for votes, competition among parties for the top jobs, competition among potential and present leaders of parties, cannot substitute of a comprehensive competition in every sphere in which all might participate and all might abstain - according to their own individual choices. - J.Z., 7.5.91, 13.1.93.

GOVERNMENT, FORCE, COERCION, COMPULSION, VIOLENCE: Government is Force. The point to be stressed is that the essential nature of government - its license to resort to force at some point - is not changed by merely altering the warrant under which government acts. Divine right or popular sovereignty - it makes no difference to this point." - Edmund A. Opitz, "THE FREEMAN", 6/76, p. 359. - Again, this applies only to territorial governments. They have a monopoly for the use of force, one whose licensing process is extremely questionable. Really representative and popular, even unanimously supported governments, could only be based upon individual sovereignty, i.e. individual secessionism and associationism, voluntary membership, full exterritorial autonomy and the destruction of all exclusive territorial powers. Then a variety of competitive methods and organizations would remain to really protect and defend individual rights against remaining aggressors, whose numbers and powers would be or could be greatly and fast diminished. - J.Z., 8.1.93. -  CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, VOTING, FORCE, COERCION, COMPULSION, VIOLENCE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT, GOOD GOVERNMENT? No government is right and good enough except that which is based only on voluntary membership and coordinates only their peaceful and creative activities. - J.Z., 22.6.91. - This requires exterritorial autonomy for their voluntary communities and whatever program they want to apply to themselves and their own affairs.  - J.Z., 15.9.04.

GOVERNMENT, LIMITATION, ABOLITION, DESTRUCTION, REFORM, CHANGE, DREAMS VS. NIGHTMARES: The aim ought not to be to limit, reform, fight, abolish or destroy governments but to secure for those, who know better, or who want something different for themselves, other associations, voluntary associations, that are exterritorially autonomous. That requires merely freedom to secede from the old and to join or to set up competing "governments" and societies. That would introduce freedom of action and experimentation for all who desire it, in their own spheres and for no others. The old institutions could continue to exist through and for their remaining voluntary followers. That would serve them right! As K. H. Z. Solneman = Kurt H. Zube - used to say: To each the government of his dream. I usually add: and to each the non-governmental society of his or her dreams. (GPdB later suggested replacing the last word by “choice”. I had to agree with him. – J.Z., 15.12.11.) To each even, by only his own individual choice, the realization of what he manages to like, although in the eyes of others his utopia would merely be another nightmare - for all others than its voluntary acceptors. [E.g., compulsory “free love” relationships of compulsory sexual abstinence for members.  – J.Z., 15.12.11.] We merely have to stop inventing nightmares for others and imposing these upon them. We would then no longer be forced to do so in self-defence, since we would finally be free to follow our own dreams, without being continuously disturbed by those of others. - J.Z., 5.12.92, 5.2.93. - To have to suffer oneself from one's own nightmares or "idealistic dreams" and utopias or panaceas is bad enough. To have to suffer from all those of others, to the extent that they can impose them, or try to impose their own nightmare or "ideal" upon all others, should be considered as intolerable. And yet we accept this criminal condition all too much as "politics as usual" and do not ponder whether an alternative to this kind of monopolistic, coercicve and territorial politics would be rightful, practical and desirable. - J.Z., 9.12.03, 5.9.04, 15.12.11, 11.5.12. -  ANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, REFORMS, REVOLUKTIONS, ABOLITIONISM

GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, SANITY, PANARCHISM: No territorial government is or can be close enough to sanity. - J.Z., 2.4.01. For instance, when I left Germany in 1959, then there were about 5 million police regulations in existence. Recently I read in a libertarian newsletter that the U.S. has now about 54 million laws and regulations. Through their sheer quantity they are obviously unknowable and inapplicable. But they were legally passed and "kept in force" nevertheless. Whatever order still exists in these “law and order” countries is certainly not due to this awful lawfulness. – For ca. 4,000 years territorial governments were insane enough to impose price controls, again and again, although they always failed. Nor have they learnt to end and prevent the very inflations they cause themselves and their wars and their preparations for a general nuclear holocaust. - J.Z., 24.6.01, 15.12.11. – LAWS, LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS, POLICE STATES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: A "free government" is a contradiction in terms, if applied to a territorial government, because all territorial governments are organized oppression, exploitation and deception. Only the degrees of their criminal activities differ. Some have less dissenters and more consenting victims than others. - J.Z., 24.5.91.

GOVERNMENT: A "responsible government" is a contradiction in terms: Government is organized irresponsibility. (If it is a sovereign and territorial government with compulsory membership or subordination and vast powers.) - J.Z., 28.7.84. – RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: A free territorial government is a contradiction in terms and free citizens cannot exist under territorial governments but only in volunteer-communities that are only exterritorially autonomous. - J.Z., 27.11.87 & 18.7.00. - FREE GOVERNMENT, FREE CITIZENS & TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: A good government is a bad government in a hell of a fright”. – There is ultimately only one effective safeguard against psychopathology and delinquency in office, and that is sane, effective, public resistance, backed by a disciplined individual willingness to disobey where necessary. – Page 118 of: ALEX COMFORT, “Authority and Delinquency. A study in the psychology of power”, 1950, 1970, a book largely on the delinquency of authority. – Alas, kept out of print and off the Web for all too long. - J.Z., 15.5.06. – Regrettably, even A. C. did not recognize the most rightful and effective as well as most tolerant form of resistance and disobedience, namely individual and groups secessionism, combined with declarations of independence, in the form of exterritorial autonomy under personal laws – for all communities of volunteers. Only the territorial monopolism and coercion would have to be abolished but any of its other practices could be continued as long as it finds volunteers. Thus this kind of resistance and disobedience, once it is generally comprehended, will encounter the least resistance by those afraid that they would lose their beloved laws and institutions, leaders and parties. – They could keep them for themselves and would be welcome to them, without arousing any envy among others. – J.Z., 15.9.07. - COMPETING VS. TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: A good government remains the greatest of human blessings, and no nation has ever enjoyed it.” - William Ralph Inge, The State, Visible and Invisible. Outspoken Essays, Second Series, 1922. - I would replace: "remains" by: "is imagined to be". - J.Z. – Once all their members and subjects are volunteers, as would happen under panarchism, then they would all be a good as their members and subjects want them to be. (*) The dissenters would have opted out. – J.Z., 24.12.08. – (*) By their standards and at the own risk and expense. – J.Z., 29.11.10. - GOOD GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: A government - that is, a legitimate government - is simply a voluntary association of individuals, who unite for such purposes, and only for such purposes, as suits them.” - Lysander Spooner, Vices Are Not Crimes, p.138. – VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY OR COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, CONFINED TO PERSONAL LAWS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & THEIR OWN VOLUNTEERS.

GOVERNMENT: a government that INITIATES the employment of force against men who had forced no one, the employment of armed compulsion against disarmed victims, is a nightmare infernal machine designed to annihilate morality. …” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.987. - INITIATION OF FORCE, IMMORALITY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: A government, however limited, can more easily grow into a tyranny than can a system of private protection agencies.” - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.172. - If it is still territorial then it is not really limited enough. If it has compulsory members then it is not really a free and sufficiently limited government. If it has collective sovereignty, then it is not really limited enough through individual sovereignties. If it can suppress competitors in "its" territory, then it is not sufficiently limited in its powers. If it has a monopoly for coercion, for legislation, for administration, for jurisdiction, for regulation, then it is not really rightfully limited. Only limited and sufficiently qualified use should be made of the term "limited government". - Why are private protection agencies almost always envisioned as being outside of a volunteer community than part of it, made up of members upholding the same convictions, faith or ideology and least likely to become predators against their fellow believers, unless these are, like e.g. communists and some other sectarians, really asking for it with their beliefs, by granting their “sanction of the victim”? - J.Z., 1.8.00, 28.12.08. – TYRANNY, TERRITORIALISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT? EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: a government's main objective is to gain control over the lives of others for economic exploitation.” - Aslam Effendi, REASON, 2/73. – Territorial governments constitute the forms of “modern” slave “societies”, under all kinds of false assumptions, pretences, assertions, popular errors, prejudices and myths. – J.Z., 27.12.08. – EXPLOITATION, PREJUDICES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, IDEAS ARCHIVE

GOVERNMENT: A hung government isn't as good as a hanged government. - J.Z., 18.7.95. - The more their decisions are postponed or obstructed, the better for us. Transfer all decision-making to free people. Let them vote with their own dollars, untaxed, for the things they need, want or believe in. - J.Z., 7.7.00. – If one can freely secede from a territorial government one does not have to try to get it hanged or otherwise destroyed. As a territorial government is becomes already destroyed by the first free secessionist, respected as such by the former territorial government and it becomes thereby confined to its remaining volunteers, who might be a bit slower in the uptake of their secessionist options. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - HUNG GOVERNMENT, HANGED GOVERNMENTS & INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM TOWARDS GENERAL PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: A machinery to produce man-made catastrophes on a territorial scale. - J.Z., 29.4.98. - Competing and voluntary governments and societies are quite another matter. - J.Z., 15.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” - Edward Abbey – No kind of movement has an exclusive right to a whole country, territory or continent. A patriotic exclusion or suppression of minorities does not make it rightful. No kind of government or society should have exclusive territorial powers – except the panarchistic all-over society which would see to it that no particular community, society or government retains any exclusive territorial powers that go beyond the private property rights or real estate of its own members. – J.Z., 8.8.08. – PATRIOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: A self-generating monstrosity over which the people have lost complete control.” - Milton Friedman on the U.S. government, quoted by Vince Miller, FNN, Summer 1992. – They never had complete control of it ever since governments have become territorial. By now all peaceful dissenters subjected to territorial governments have lost control over territorial governments almost completely, in spite of or because of their “right to vote”. It is rather the various individual people and their voluntary groups that are all too much controlled by territorial governments, even when they still call themselves democratic or republic governments. – J.Z., 1.1.09, 29.11.10.

GOVERNMENT: A territorial government that attempts to uphold individual rights deserves our support in this endeavor - until better institutions are established for this purpose. - J.Z., 18.5.86. - Any government that does not recognize and respect many to all individual rights does not deserve our support and obedience, on the contrary, it earns our resistance and disobedience. - J.Z., 14.7.00. - INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: A weak people make a strong government and a strong government makes a weak people.” - From the Book of Lord Shang, about 350 B.C. – Only volunteers, rather than conscripted citizens can form a strong people or community. – J.Z., 28.12.08. - VS. PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: A: We can't take the Government away from them, because they are the government. -  B: You are being cynical. We took the government from George III, and he was the government.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 4/80. - To minimize resistance and maximize the number of alliances, aim to reduce all governments to exterritorially autonomous communities. - No government will then have to fight for its very survival. It can always find sufficient fools and true believers, whom it can mislead and exploit, for a long time. Moreover, we would offer it an easy way to get rid of all its opponents, who would thus become peaceful foreigners, concerned only with their internal affairs. Our alliance against territorialist despotism could embrace all minority groups, which, between them, do probably form the vast majority in the world. Our only remaining enemy would be the thinking and institutions of territorial despotism. Even its present adherents might come to see its disadvantages and the sinecures they could obtain among unanimously consenting victims, if they gave up their territorialist aspirations. They are usually not even aware that it is neither the one and only model nor the most rightful and the most useful one. O.K., some genuine political criminals would remain, the worst abusers of the territorialist system. But they are only a few hundred people. We are thousands of millions! - And under full monetary and financial freedom, in addition to all other economic liberties, but, initially, only within a few volunteer communities, there would soon be many millions of jobs available, more interesting and better paid than most public service jobs are. - Consistent liberty ideas, consistently applied, have the answer to most of the remaining problems. Getting all of them together and optimally expressed and publicized, cheaply and permanently, should be among the first steps. - J.Z., 28.7.00. - REVOLUTION, OVERTHROW, REPLACEMENT, THE PEOPLE, DIS., SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: According to Hume, some people will always resist a new government, and these people must be forcibly suppressed. Over time, however, the government will assume an aura of legitimacy, and most people will obey as a matter of habit. It is therefore correct to say that people acquiesce to a government, but this should not be confused with consent. Consent is possible only where there is choice, and no government can permit obedience to become a matter of choice. …” - George H. Smith, Conquest & Consent, from an introduction to Oppenheimer's The State. - Anarchists and libertarians should distinguish between territorial and exterritorial governments and societies, compulsory and voluntary membership. Truths for one type are false for the other type. - J.Z., 10.7.00. – Resistance against a territorially imposed government by the dissenters of a country can be quite rightful if conducted in a way to respect the rights of the voluntary followers of such a regime. Terrorist resistance is not warranted. But tyrannicide attempts are. And the resistance must aim at exterritorial autonomy rather than another kind of territorial rule, in which it would come to suppress dissenters if it is successful with that aim. – Territorial decentralization is not rightful and good enough. - J.Z., 27.12.08. - CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: After listing the primary features of the State as "aggression"; Tucker described the second feature as territoriality; "second, the assumption of authority over a given area and all within it, exercised generally for the double purpose of more complete oppression of its subjects and extension of its boundaries." - Wendy McElroy, in TOTAL LIBERTY, Spring 99, quoting Tucker from Instead of a Book, p.22. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Aggression is simply another name for government.” - B. R., Tucker. - With regard to territorial governments one might also call their claim to territorial rule: usurpation. - J.Z., 3.8.00. - AGGRESSION

GOVERNMENT: Aggression, invasion, government, are inter-convertible terms.” - B. R. Tucker. - At least here, too, Tucker did not consider the possibilities of competing or voluntary governments, of governments, which are only exterritorially autonomous and do have only voluntary members. What is largely true for all territorial States is not necessarily or rarely if ever true for exterritorial States or societies. - J.Z., 1.2.02. – To the extent that anarchists wish to impose a life under anarchism upon statists, these anarchists are also aggressors and authoritarians. They and the limited government libertarians should become tolerant enough to let the statists rule themselves, under their own personal law or exterritorially autonomous communities. Since many to most statists do also agree with each other, that would mean as many different statist panarchies as there are different types of statists, with the exception of the territorialists among them. – J.Z., 29.11.10, 11.5.12. - AGGRESSION, INVASION, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, INTOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, WARFARE STATE, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: All forms of government are pernicious, including good governments.” - Edward Abbey, 1927-1989, A Voice Crying in the Wilderness. - I hold that this does not apply to governments that are only exterritorially autonomous and have only voluntary subjects. But neither territorial governments, nor their voters and other victims, or political scientists, are as yet prepared for this transformation. - J.Z., 29.1.02. Abbey defined society, ibid: "Society: The ideal society can be described, quite simply, as that in which no man has the power or means to coerce others." - VARIOUS FORMS, PANARCHISM, SOCIETY, DIS., TERRITORIALISM, POWER, COERCION

GOVERNMENT: All free governments are managed by the combined wisdom and folly of the people.” - James A Garfield, Letter, April 21, 1880. - It is absurd to try to combine them. Let them separate themselves and go their own ways. As it is now, the worst people and prejudices get to the forefront among men. - J.Z., 10.7.86. - - It is much easier to combine the follies than to combine the wisdom found among the people, especially if one wants to combine them only within territorial governments. – It would be just, more rational and easy to let these different people sort themselves out and separate from each other, as much as they like, each group, with various degrees of follies and wisdom within a separate voluntary community or society, all doing only their things to and for themselves. - Experimental freedom or freedom of action for ALL of them! - J.Z., 13.7.00, 29.12.08. – Imagine combined consumer choices for ordinary consumer goods and services, in which all have to be satisfied to fill their shopping cart with the same kind of goodies, decided upon via territorial “free and equal” “voting”. The equivalent absurdity is tried for territorial public services. No wonder that there exists so little consumer satisfaction with them. – J.Z., 11.5.12. - FREE GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, BURAUCRACY, POLITICIANS, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, BUDGET, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: All free governments are the creatures of volition - a breath can make them and a breath can destroy them.” - A. H. Stephens, Speech in the House of Representatives, Aug. 6, 1850. – Instead, all governments that pretend to be free ones, are forcefully held together, either by minority or majority despotism on a territorial, collectivist sovereignty, coercive and monopoly basis. A single breathing human being is not free to secede from them and to become and remain quite free of them and of other governments. Nor are dissenting minorities. Moreover, it would be quite wrong for one dissenter to be able to destroy a government that is still wanted by those consenting to it. The dissenter has only the right to secede and to join another voluntary government or competing society or to try to establish one. - J.Z., 17.10.85 &13.7.00, 29.12.08. - FREE GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: All government are engaged in a perpetual and ruthless war against man, one hidden, more or less, by their propaganda, which makes totalitarian assumptions about their territorialism, misnamed "territorial integrity". - J.Z., 18.3.87 & 16.7.00, 11.5.12. - WARS AGAINST MAN

GOVERNMENT: All government by SOME people, over and against non-consenting OTHERS, ought to be turned into competing governments of volunteers, all of which would practise only exterritorial autonomy among their own members and this at their own risk and expense. The territorial practice of governments, dominating dissenters in "the government's" territory, under the pretence of "territorial integrity", regulating and suppressing them by uniformly imposed laws, must be ended as unjust, irrational and conflict, even terrorism, civil war and war promoting. - J.Z. 8.10.99 & 8.7.00, 11.5.12. - CONSENT, PEOPLE, VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP, RULE, DISSENT, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: All government is an enemy to true individuality and community, necessarily resting on violence and therefore wrong and harmful.” - ELF, 1972. - Not true for panarchies. - J.Z. – But then these are not part of everyone’s historical knowledge and not at all part of our daily experience as yet. – J.Z., 1.1.09.

GOVERNMENT: All government is counter-productive, especially the governments of territorial States. As enterprises they are always over-sized. And they meddle with so many different tasks that they cannot function well in any of them. They are rendered harmless or much less harmful only to the extent that they are reduced to ruling over voluntary members under exterritorial autonomy. - J.Z., 13.7.00. - COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: All government services, party programs and government as a whole do offer territorial monopoly package deals at monopoly prices. Instead, all of them and much more should only be competitively supplied to voluntary customers, in every country. Only sovereign consumers can grant a genuine consent or mandate to their chosen companies, communities, organizations or self-government groups. - J.Z., 14.12.93 & 10.7.00. - PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: All government should be optional for all people, individually, only criminals with victims excepted. Only they need to be dominated when they become too much of a danger to others. Consistent anarchists and libertarians want to rule over or dominate or abolish territorial rulers and other criminals. They do not want to provide more opportunities for them, but, rather, for their victims. Moreover, they believe that they can provide much better protective services for themselves, and much more cheaply as well, than any territorial governments ever did and will ever provide. - J.Z., 17.12.93. - OPTIONAL FOR INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM, PROTECTION, CRIME

GOVERNMENT: All government, of course, is against liberty.” - H. L. Mencken. - He had only territorial governments in mind, the presently quite predominant model. Competing and voluntary governments with exterritorial autonomy only and voluntary members, giving their unanimous consent and turning their taxes into voluntary contributions by not individually seceding from them, would be quite another matter. They could be as rightful and harmless as a cricket club.” - J.Z., 30.7.00. - VS. LIBERTY& PANARCHISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: all government, popular or authoritarian, is subject to inherent limitations which it only ignores at its peril.” - Lord Hailsham, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 13.5.78. - Territorial governments are almost unlimited in the wrongs and harm they can do, while they are very much limited in the good they can do. Exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, on the other hand, are much more limited in the wrongs and harm they can do - mainly only to their own voluntary members, but form, at the same time, a framework for almost unlimited amounts of good they can do for their members and thus, indirectly, as successful examples that others are free to follow, for the rest of mankind. Proper distinctions make all the difference! - We have ignored the perils of territorialism for all too long! - J.Z., 29.7.00. - LIMITATIONS

GOVERNMENT: all governmental ideas should be consigned to the junk heap.” - Victor Milione, in Out of Step, by Frank Chodorov, in the introduction, and in criticizing this idea of Frank Chodorov. – What is true for the “ideas” of territorial monopoly governments is not true for competing and voluntary governments, confined to volunteers and exterritorial autonomy. To each his own system, institutions and laws or rules, including all the other kinds of communities and societies. Then we would see some real progress and sufficient practical refutations of the old type of flawed and wrongful territorial statism. Then the facts would tend to speak for themselves. Even otherwise relatively foolish people can recognize bargains when offered in free competition with expensive “lemons”. – J.Z., 28.12.08, 11.5.12. - TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, GOVERNMENT IDEAS ARE JUNK, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: All governments are truly representing only all those individuals, who volunteered to be ruled by them - and as long as they do remain their voluntary members, i.e., as long as they do not secede from them – when they do have recognized right to do so. – All territorial government over peaceful dissenters amounts to despotism. - J.Z., 30.8.79 & 29.7.00, 31.12.08. - REPRESENTATION, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM, COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP VS. VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP, EXPRESSED ESPECIALLY BY FREE INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: All governments do, in balance, take more from their victims than they give back to them. In that their actions are like the game of roulette. But participants in roulette gambling are volunteers, the game is usually conducted fairly, they can calculate the odds and for each cast of the ball the charge of the roulette bank is much smaller than the commission charge of any government, during its rule. Nobody is forced to attend a casino. Anybody can at any time secede from it. So all-over a gambler has some better chances within a casino than he has as subject of any territorial government. I for one would not mind if a territorial government monopolized all gambling activities and took all its revenues only from them. - J.Z., 4.9.93 & 12.7.00, 11.5.12. – In casinos and betting shops we only play with our money but in the game of politics we allow politicians to play games with our basic rights and liberties, to the extent that we still vote for one or the other candidate, party or platform by territorial majority voting. – J.Z., 1.1.09.

GOVERNMENT: All governments to be based only on individual and voluntary associationism and individual and voluntary secessionism. - J.Z., 28.2.95. - Naturally, this requires full experimental freedom in the remaining 3 spheres now preempted by territorial governments: politics, economics and social relations, and personal law for exterritorially autonomous communities and "competing governments. - J.Z., 7.7.00. - EXTERRITORIALITY, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, ASSOCIATIONISM & INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: All institutions with territorial powers do create more problems than they solve and cost much more than they are worth. Are there any exceptions to this rule? I know of none. Do you? – J.Z., 8.5.07. - POWER, TERRITORIALISM, BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, PARLIAMENTS

GOVERNMENT: All kinds of government are not suited to all climates.” - Pierre Corneille, Cinna, II, 1639. - All kinds of government are not suited to all kinds of people, either. - J.Z., 16.10.85 & 15.7.00. - But some governments are suitable for some kinds of fools, until they have learned their lessons and finally know how to do better without them. - J.Z., 12.7.86 & 15.7.00. – No territorial government is suitable for enlightened, wise and just people. - J.Z., 1.1.09. – No territorial government is suitable for all climates and all kinds of people. - J.Z., 15.12.11. – DIS.

GOVERNMENT: All territorial governments are active and vast conspiracies against the people and for the benefit of the rulers. - J.Z., 19.3.98, 15.7.00. – But it must be admitted that these conspiracies are more clever and open and also much more in accordance with the errors and prejudices of their victims, which the politicians mostly share. To that extent they are representatives of the majorities. – J.Z., 27.12.08. - RULERS VS. PEOPLE & INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, CONSPIRACIES

GOVERNMENT: All territorial governments are stupid - and territorial government is a stupid idea. - J.Z., 19.1.75 & 2.8.00. – It is also quite wrong towards all peaceful dissenters. Ultimately, it is self-defeating. A federation of panarchies will come to overthrow all territorial governments, thus liberating the diversity of their potential members, their secret allies against any territorial regime. – A territorial regime makes enemies rather than friends. – But for the time being the territorialists still have the chance to blow all of us up or to create a nuclear winter. - J.Z., 31.12.08. - STUPID, WRONG, ULTIMATELY SELF-DEFEATING. NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, MASS MURDEROUS, GENOCIDAL

GOVERNMENT: all the people cannot govern all the people except under anarchism. … - … under Anarchy all the people govern all the people only by each person being sovereign of his own conduct.” - Joe Labadie, What Is Anarchism? - Panarchist bring some practicable structure into this notion, which allows for the fact that a vast variety or archists and anarchists do exist. It would allow to all of them the government or community of their dreams, at the own risk and expense, in the only form that makes such a peaceful coexistence and competition possible between them, namely, full exterritorial autonomy for all voluntary groups which desire it for themselves, under their own constitutions, laws etc. - J.Z., 9.7.00. - PEOPLE, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, HARMONY, VIA EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS

GOVERNMENT: All utopias are to become a matter of individual choice, acceptance or rejection and boycott, among competitively and exterritorially offered governmental and societal services. The best for the best kinds of people, the worst for the worst kinds of people, to each his own, according to a major principle of justice. No one can rightly ask for more. Dissatisfaction, unrest, party strife, terrorism, oppression, revolutions, civil wars and international wars would largely be ended by this option for one-man-revolutions. Once it is sufficiently comprehended somewhere and practised, this panarchism will spread through the establishment of new panarchies by volunteers, all only exterritorially autonomous, like a chain reaction, comparable to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, but without the numerous problems that remained after that all too incomplete liberation. - J.Z., 10.7.00. - GOVERNMENTAL UTOPIAS & SOCIETAL ONES

GOVERNMENT: All-powerful government is a working synonym for tyranny.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.68. - Tyranny gets a new and harmless meaning once it is practised only under exterritorial autonomy and voluntary contributions over volunteers and in the middle of numerous other competing societies and governments that do not practise big power or tyranny over their voluntary members. Many will have to go through it as a learning stage. - J.Z., 25.7.00. – Just like infants do, with regard to their parents or guardians. Compare: “Each new generation is another invasion by barbarians.” – J.Z., 28.12.08. - TYRANNY, PANARCHISM, POWER

GOVERNMENT: Although every normal person learns by experience to avoid repeating his errors, governments continue to repeat theirs.” - Gaston Haxo, GOOD GOVERNMENT, Aug./ Sep. 1969, 9. - One of the explanations is that governments and those in government, who do make the mistakes, do not have to pay for them. - J.Z., 3.8.00. – Another is that individuals tend to learn from their mistakes. Territorial governments almost never do. Moreover, they are given the power to impose them upon whole populations and countries. – J.Z., 1.1.08.

GOVERNMENT: Although the arts of governing are many, they only cause and increase disorder. Why so? Because they interfere with men's minds.” - The Texts of Taoism, II, 287. - Not only with their minds, but the open use of their minds, in free expression and communication and also with free, rational and rightful actions under full experimental freedom, requiring exterritorial autonomy for volunteers. - J.Z., 1.8.00, 27.12.08, - DISORDER, MEN, MINDS, INTERFERENCE, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Among territorial governments the rule appears to be that nothing else happens as frequently and on so large a scale as failures, all kinds of man-made disasters. - J.Z., 10.4.77. - Well, if I were licensed to play zero sum games with you and charge you millions for their performances and if I could even "sell" you disserves as if they were benefits, a huge profits to myself, then I am not quite sure that even my own character could resist such temptations, because, as a natural result, I would not have a great respect for you, either. Perhaps that is the mood Gods often find themselves in - when they play their cruel games with us. - J.Z., 10.4.77 & 20.7.00. - ITS FAILURES, GODS

GOVERNMENT: An abstract idea, from an obsolescent philosophy, something necessary maybe 10,000 years ago, but certainly not today.” - Robert LeFevre, LIBERTAS REVIEW, Summer 79. – Territorial governments should only be a subject for history lessons. – J.Z., 1.1.09. - OUTDATED, OBSOLETE, UNNECESSARY, UNJUST

GOVERNMENT: An active government is the worst government one can have, even when its intentions seem to be benevolent. But a new and non-active government is still not good enough, because over the centuries all too much governmentalism has already accumulated and polluted and obstructed most human relationships. - We need, instead, "negatively active" governments - and other organizations, that undo, e.g. by repeals, ignoring or disobeying, resisting or boycotting government laws, orders and institutions, by tax strikes, refusals to accept government currency, rightful militias, independence declarations, new codes of individual rights, unilateral peace declarations, tyrannicide, fraternization, peace treaties over the heads of the rulers, disarmament measures of the people towards armed governments, anarchistic and libertarian revolutions, etc., gradually to fast eliminating, in numerous voluntary steps, individual and group decision-making - all the exploitative, monopolistic, coercive, centralistic, oppressive government laws, institutions, regulations and orders, while building up voluntary and exterritorially autonomous alternative institutions, for all of those societal or governmental services that still have their voluntary supporters. All old and present territorial powers, however, should be dissolved, as peacefully, rightfully and non-violently as possible, as forcefully as is justified and necessary, with a clear distinction between victimizers and victims and with only liberation (of the kind they want for themselves) for the “consenting victims”. No new territorial powers should be allowed. All old ones ought to be destroyed. Their essences, apart from their coercive, monopolistic and territorial features, could voluntarily become preserved by statists, for themselves, at their own risk and expense, until they have finally learned their citizenship lessons. - A new science of politics is required. And new text books and encyclopedias for it. - J.Z., 7.12.93 & 10.7.00, 15.12.11, 12.5.12. – ACTIVIST GOVERNMENT? PANARCHISM, TO EACH HIS OWN SYSTEM, TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY ONLY, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE, NEW POLITICAL SCIENCE REQUIRED

GOVERNMENT: an agency devised to protect our freedom, while, in fact, destroying it.” - Robert LeFevre, in: THE REGISTER, n.d. – Correct only for territorial government, a compulsory one also for involuntary subjects who are not criminals with victims. – J.Z., 28.11.10. - VS. FREEDOM, NO PROTECTOR, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: An agency of coercion that is accepted as necessary by most people within its area of influence.” - Harry Brown, You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis, p.392. - What other choices are they given, except decades of political opposition (confined to “the free vote”, one among millions), revolution, terrorism or emigration? And the last is largely blocked by immigration restrictions imposed by other territorial governments. Once individual secession and exterritorial autonomy become options for volunteers, we would soon see how much consent to territorial government really exists and how much will remain, in the long run. - J.Z., 26.7.00, 12.5.12. Most people could profit much more from full monetary and financial freedom, which was not proposed or clearly enough described by H. B., either. – J.Z., 1.1.09.

GOVERNMENT: And then, our objection lies, not against "man-made governments", not against "human governments", not against "organized governments", not against governing the aggressor "against his consent", but against AGGRESSIVE Governments. And whenever a Government governs an iota more than is absolutely necessary to restrain or repair unnecessary encroachments or aggression, it then becomes aggressive, and should itself be governed and restrained.” - Josiah Warren, True Civilization, Conclusion, p.179. - Every territorial government is already through its territorialism inherently aggressive and thus its territorial powers should be destroyed and replaced by exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, formed by individuals and groups seceding from the territorial powers. - J.Z., 28.7.00, 12.5.12. - CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, AGGRESSIVE & INVASIVE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: And whenever any number of men, calling themselves a government, do anything to another man, or to his property, which they had no right to do as individuals, they thereby declare themselves trespassers, robbers, or murderers, according to the nature of their acts.” - Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, p.6/7. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, HUMAN RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: And, finally, it does not tell us that all lawmaking governments whatsoever - whether called monarchies, aristocracies, republics, democracies, or by any other name - are all alike violations of men's natural and rightful liberty.” - Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, p.28, point 7. VS. HUMAN RIGHTS, NATURAL RIGHTS & RIGHTFUL LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Antony Fisher calls for ending all government monopoly and control.” - Antony Fisher, Must History Repeat Itself? - Churchill Press Ltd., 1974. - Review in THE FREEMAN, 6/74. - Did he explicitly call for the ending of the territorial monopoly of governments, too, or does he want to preserve it, for "limited" governments? - J.Z., 2.8.00. - MONOPOLY & CONTROL

GOVERNMENT: Any existing territorial government is a conspiracy against the people. Only governments with exclusively voluntary members only would be exceptions from this rule. And they would only be exterritorially autonomous. - J.Z., 27.6.80 & 28.7.00. - A CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE PEOPLE, PANARCHISM, PEOPLE, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Any government can call itself free, and it is to those who voluntarily support it. But when a government resorts to force and coercion - no matter how just or noble the cause - it becomes a tyranny to those compelled to support it ‘against their will.’" - Charles Shiveley, introduction to Lysander Spooner, No Treason, Works, I, p.54. - In the all too few cases where it does act effectively against private criminals with victims, it is not tyrannical but approved of by all decent citizens. Then they have only the remaining grudge that crime fighting is monopolized, as is the court system, the penal system and the legislation on crimes. Moreover, the government often protects the criminals against the wrath of their victims and taxes the victims to coddle many convicts in relative idleness and for all too long. It neither recognizes a right to indemnification, at the expense of the criminals nor a full right to selfo-defence against them. Free competition in dealing with criminals that victimized other people! - J.Z., 1.8.00, 12.5.12. – Competing crime codes, juridical and penal systems would be one of the consequences of introducing panarchism. – J.Z., 29.12.08. - FREE GOVERNMENT, COMPETING GOVERNMENT, FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE, CRIME, PREVENTION, PUNISHMENT, SELF-DEFENCE,  INDEMNIFICATION, ARMS, WEAPONS, POLICE, COURTS

GOVERNMENT: Any organism, including government, will grow until such time as it is successfully resisted or there is nothing left to feed on.” - Orson Scott Card, in DESTINIES, 8/9/79, page 280. - But if the "cells" may secede then neither revolution nor starvation will result. - J.Z., 9.7.82. - Anyhow, even the largest trees on the most fertile soil cannot grow without limits. But territorial governments try to become empires and even world governments, no matter how many millions of people they kill, mutilate, starve, oppress or impoverish in the process. - And they never seem to be able to learn from their past experiences. Nor do most of their surviving victims. - J.Z., 26.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Any territorial government is a continuous conspiracy against the people, only the degrees of propaganda, deception, extortion and coercion used by them do differ. - J.Z., 20.5.91 & 22.7.00. - Any territorial government is a more or less dangerous conspiracy against the majority or most minorities among the people in that territory. - J.Z., 23.5.91, 14.1.93, 13.7.00. - A conspiracy against the people, their voluntary associations and individuals, their liberties and their rights. - J.Z., 29.5.91 & 18.7.00. – Membership in and subordination so such conspiracies should no longer be compulsory. One should be free to opt out from under any presently coercive and monopolistic system or organization, one perceives to be wrong, harmful or evil, unless one is oneself a victimizer and has committed crimes with victims. For these one should be held responsible even against one’s own will. – J.Z., 28.12.08. - TERRITORIALISM VS. THE PEOPLE & ALL INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM, CONSPIRACY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: Any unwanted rule over free and creative people, individuals and their volunteer groups or communities, ought to be destroyed, especially in an age of ABC mass murder devices. - J.Z., 26.3.93 & 12.7.00. – Otherwise the victims of territorial despotism are likely to become further victimized, this time by foreign IBMs, as if they were collectively guilty for the crimes of their victimizers. – J.Z., 31.12.08, RULE, DOMINATION, DICTATORSHIP, DESPOTISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, TARGETS FOR “SUPER-WEAPONS”, TOTALITARIANISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATES, NATIONALISM

GOVERNMENT: Aren't ca. 4,000 years of governmental mismanagement enough? Do we need another 4,000 years of them? – J.Z., 1.8.99. - By rights all their activities and burdens should be confined to volunteers only, while all others should be freed to engage in their own community experiments. - J.Z., 10.7.00. – Q.

GOVERNMENT: As an organization, a government has no valid authority except that delegated to it by individuals; …” - Adam V. Reed, REASON, Jan. 73. - One of the premises of panarchism. - J.Z., 3.8.00. - AUTHORITY, CONSENT BY INDIVIDUALS, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: As for discussions about my own ideal form of government, they are simply idle. The ideal form of government is no government at all. The existence of government in any shape is a sign of man's imperfection.” - Professor E. A. Freeman. - Rather, the existence and popularity of territorial governments is a sign of ignorance and prejudice, which are also indicated in this remark by this professor, who thereby confesses to have no knowledge of competing, voluntaristic governments and free societies that are only exterritorially autonomous and have no compulsory membership but permit individual secessions. This form is not just a castle in the air but has many historical precedents and even many contemporary remnants. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – DIS.

GOVERNMENT: As it is impossible to get good government (it doesn’t matter what system is employed), it should be obvious that our country should have as little government as possible. There is truth in the words of Thomas Paine: “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” – Lang Hancock, in Wake Up Australia, E. J. Dwyer (Australia) Pty. Ltd, Sydney, 1970, 47. – However, even the worst exterritorial government, if it is picked only by volunteers and only for and over themselves, is still valuable as a lesson for these volunteers and also as a deterrent example for all its outside observers. Only enforcing any government system territorially upon any peaceful citizens who are opposed to it, is quite wrong. “To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice!” – should be our motto. – J.Z., 24.9.07, 29.11.10. - LIMITED OR GOOD? TERRITORIALISM, COERCION

GOVERNMENT: As long as governments and armies exist, armies and wars cannot cease.” - Tolstoi, War and Peace, p.53. - They will start to dissolve and disappear with the appearance of the first exterritorially autonomous community of volunteers that rightfully, liberatingly and in a revolutionary way defends itself against attack by the remaining territorial regimes. - J.Z., 12.7.00. - STANDING ARMIES, ARMAMENTS & WAR. DIS., MILITIAS FOR THE DEFENCE OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES ONLY

GOVERNMENT: As Mises pointed out long ago, the primary flaw of socialism is that lacking reference point in the market. It cannot make rational calculations. So we have government by lunatics. The western socialisms haven't gone all the way to lunacy, but they are approaching it.” - John Chamberlain, THE FREEMAN, 6/77. - Even democratic territorialist regimes suppress prices and free choice in economics and they do suppress consumer sovereignty regarding their offers. Individuals free to secede from any government or society would, like a fever thermometer, indicate an unhealthy condition in that State or society, one many of them made suddenly use of their individual right to secede and thus severely reduced the membership and thereby the tribute payments. That, like numerous people giving notice to the private enterprise they worked in, or customers ceasing to be customers, indicates to the management that something is wrong in their firm, compared with others. This kind of peaceful and individualistic action is a peaceful pressure upon those in authority to either change or perish (go bankrupt). As such it is very much more moral and useful than are e.g. civil wars, revolutions and terrorism in politics or class warfare, industrial warfare, strikes, occupations of enterprises, sabotage, go-slow practices, etc. in economics. Selling the shares of a firm or refusing to buy any of it, is another such sign. Individual secessionism introduces something like an equivalent to consumer sovereignty and the price system into the sphere of "governmental" “services”. - J.Z., 24.7.00, 31.12.08, 30.11.10. - TERRITORIAL VS. FREE INDIVIDUAL CHOICES, SECESSIONISM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: At the moment we have exactly the type and kind of government we deserve. We will have no better until we deserve it. Freedom is earned, not bestowed.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 78. - Do analyze that "we"! Certainly, it does not apply to all people in a territory. It did not apply to Robert LeFevre, for sure! - We ought to achieve the freedom to individually choose the government or society of our own ideals for ourselves or to set it up for ourselves and like-minded people. Only under this condition could all people get exactly the government – or the non-governmental society - they deserve, because they would have chosen it for themselves, for as long as they can stand it. - But he was right here, insofar, as very few people in the world are as yet consistent panarchists, prepared to examine and discard territorialism in all its forms and to adopt exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers in all their forms. To that extent all these people, at least the adults and somewhat rational among them, deserve the territorial governments they do get. They play numerous mind games but do not bother to play the game of considering the exterritorial alternatives. - J.Z., 29.7.00, 30.11.10. – FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, DIS., EXTERRITORIALISM, PERSONAL LAWS, FREELY COMPETING JURISDICTIONS & POLITICAL, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SYSTEMS

GOVERNMENT: At the Revolution there were many Frenchmen who saw in federalism (*) the only way to reconcile liberty and democracy, to establish government on contract, and to rescue the country from the crushing preponderance of Paris and the Parisian population.” - LORD ACTON, Lectures on the French Revolution, ed. by Figgis & Laurence, MacMillan, 1932, p.37. – (*) Not that each local governments, also considered as a small territorial federation and States, considered as larger territorial federations, would come much closer or close enough to genuine contracts of individuals with public service providers. – Good ideas are often already old and still not fully realized centuries later! - J.Z., 1.10.07. - GOVERNMENTS BASED UPON CONTRACTS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FEDERALISM

GOVERNMENT: Avoid … the tyranny of government.” - Aslam Effendi, REASON, 2/73. - Only territorialism makes them tyrannical! The democratic ones as well! - J.Z., 2.8.00. – TYRANNY, DIS., TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Because the major problem of any free government is how to protect the responsible few from the pressures of the irresponsible many. Plato knew that. So did Cicero.” – James A. Michener, Poland, a novel, Secker & Warburg, London, 1983. – A free territorial government is a contradiction in terms. As a territorial government it is not a free government or a free society but a despotism. Either it and its followers should secede and organize exterritorially under personal laws or it should let all its diverse opponents secede from itself to do their own things for or to themselves. That would keep them very busy, too busy to bother about the internal affairs of other communities and unable to organize wars, civil war or revolutions against them. – J.Z., 29.9.07. – The suppression of individual and group secessionism is still characteristic of all territorial States. Rightly objectionable is only to territorial secessionism (in defence of the rights of those in seceded territories, who would rather have liked to stay with the federation). One cannot rightly resist any exterritorial secessionism of any dissenters, who are prepared to leave quite alone the government they seceded from and all its remaining voluntary members. Under that condition, at least in the long run, despotism and terrorism would tend to become reduced to the vanishing point. – J.Z., 25.12.08, 30.11.10. - FREE GOVERNMENTS & IRRESPONSIBLE MAJORITIES, PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, WAR, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, VOLUNTARISM, TERRORISM, DESPOTISM

GOVERNMENT: But consumers won't be denied that easily. They continue to seek what they want. And producers continually look for ways to exchange with them - with or without government intervention. - This natural law of self-interest creates a moving force that works against the government's programs. And so the programs never achieve their stated objectives. - When rents are controlled in price, housing shortages develop. (*) When new industries have been "stimulated", they fall apart after the subsidies stop. These reactions are simply the marketplace fighting to continue down the path of consumer self-interest. Everything the government does is aimed against the market and the self-interest of consumers - whether or not so intended. - The government's actions bend the market out of shape. And the market seeks inexorably to bend itself back into shape. - The two great powers are like the irresistible force and the immovable object. But when they clash, something must give. - And eventually something does.” - Harry Browne, You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis, p.34. - Unfortunately, he did not clearly favor the ultimate in consumer sovereignty and free enterprise, freedom of contract, freedom of association and a free market in all spheres, namely, free choice for individuals of the kinds of governments and societies, they prefer for themselves, including all their exterritorial autonomy options and excluding only the continuance of any form of territorial despotism. - Territorial government is the ultimate denial of individual consumer and enterprise preferences. - He was, once again, running for President, for the Libertarian Party of the U.S. - One of the good features of at least some of his books is that he accompanies them by an alphabetical list of pretty good definitions. – (*) Rather due to a strike of housing producers than consumers! - J.Z., 26.7.00, 12.5.12. - VS. SELF-INTEREST, THE MARKET & CONSUMERS

GOVERNMENT: But for this right of resistance, on the part of the people, all government would become tyrannical to a degree of which few people are aware. Constitutions are utterly worthless to restrain the tyranny of governments, unless it be understood that the people will, by force, compel the government to keep within the constitutional limits. Practically speaking, no government knows any limit to its power, except the endurance of the people. But that the people are stronger than the government, and will resist in extreme cases, our governments would be little or nothing else than organized systems of plunder and oppression. All, or nearly all, the advantage there is in fixing any constitutional limits to the power of a government is simply to give notice to the government of the point at which it will meet with resistance. If the people are then as good as their word, they may keep the government within the bounds they have set for it; otherwise it will disregard them - as is proved by the example of all our American governments, in which the constitutions have all become obsolete, at the moment of their adoption, for nearly or quite all purposes except the appointment of officers, who at once become practically absolute, except so far as they are restrained by the fear of popular resistance.” - Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works, II/19. - What else can one expect when bills of rights are still defined, very incompletely and wrongly, by governments only, when territorialism persists, i.e., state membership is still compulsory and with it tax-tributes, all laws, administrations and jurisdiction are imposed, major monopolies like defence and protection are upheld, individuals may not secede and set up exterritorially autonomous communities and nearly complete and well defined individual rights codes are not upheld by well informed, trained, armed and organized citizens? - Governments are better aware than most people are what a difference is made by people in arms, knowing their rights and knowing how best and rightfully to defend them. They are even aware how influential free speech in the open air has been in the past for most democratic movements - and so they severely limit this simple liberty as well and most people never learn to appreciate it. - J.Z., 1.8.00. - TYRANNY, LIMITED BY RESISTANCE & REVOLUTION, BY THE PEOPLE, RATHER THAN CONSTITUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: But government and consequently the State, in the last instance, spell violence, mitigated in prosperous times, formidable in times of crisis.” - J. O. Y. Gasset, Concord and Liberty, p.26. – True for territorialism – towards dissenters. But in Panarchies we could have only the violence that Statists voluntarily inflict upon each other or tolerate, just like sado-masochists tolerate their own actions. No wrong would be inflicted upon them. They only would give and get what they asked for. – Thus and essentially, such communities and societies would be anarchistic, too, with no imposed rule or rulers. - J.Z., 28.12.08. – VIOLENCE, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, ANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: By far the most influential such writings throughout the 18th century were "Cato's Letters", written by two libertarian English journalists, John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon. Trenchard and Gordon not only put Locke's ideas into stirring and hard-hitting phrases; they took Locke's "if … then" proposition: that is, if the government transgresses against rights of person and property, then it is proper to rebel against it, and added in effect this insight: "The IF is always here." In other words, they pointed out that it is the essence of Power, of government, to expand beyond its laissez-faire limits, that it is always conspiring and attempting to do so, and therefore that it is the task of the people to guard eternally against this process. That they must always regard their government with hostility and deep suspicion: in short, with what is now disparagingly called, "a conspiracy theory of history."- Murray N. Rothbard, LIBERTARIAN FORUM, 8/77. - No territorial government is under full laissez-faire limits. Under full laissez faire each government would lose its territorial monopoly, its involuntary members and its coercive powers towards non-criminal dissenters. In other words, it would be reduced to just another business enterprise, competing in a free market with its services for voluntary customers. Grant any business the same territorial powers which the territorial States enjoy and it would become as dangerous. - "Resist the beginnings!" - Destroy territorial power and never let it rise again! -  J.Z., 26.7.00. - A CONSPIRACY AGAINST LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN FORM OF PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: By now mankind can save itself only if it manages to completely lose its faith in territorial, i.e., monopolistic, centralistic, uniform, coercive and compulsory government. - J.Z., 1.8.82 & 26.7.00. – So far we are still almost all organized into targets for nuclear “weapons”. – J.Z., 28.12.08. - THE FATE OF MANKIND, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

GOVERNMENT: Can government really work? - J.Z., 13.10.76. - Nowadays I would usually expressly qualify this by asking: Can territorial government really work? Meaning centralistic, coercive, monopolistic and collectivist sovereign government over all people living or working in a territory it claims as its own, no matter how limited it may OTHERWISE be? - J.Z., 2.8.00, 12.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Can one get any truth through to those in authority to replace any of the myths they already "know" to be "true"? - J.Z., 17.8.78. - Rather than having to convert them or the majority of voters, one should be free to opt out form under them. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – Can all territorial officials become sufficiently enlightened? Were they ever? An extension of the principle and practice of governments in exile to all kinds of governments and  societies of volunteers, who only strive for exterritorial autonomy for their members, would certainly help in this respect. This would tend to mobilize and direct all internal and external rightful opposition forces and largely prevent squabbles between them. On full exterritorial autonomy for all of them they could come to a just and rational as well as peace-promoting, liberating and defensive international alliance. – J.Z., 12.5.12. - TRUTHS, IDEAS, EDUCATION, PREJUDICES, ERRORS, MYTHS, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Can territorial governments do anything better and cheaper than free and educated people could do for themselves? - J.Z., 24.5.00. - TERRITORIALISM, SELF-HELP, VOLUNTARISM, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Can you imagine how free, wealthy, secure and educated we could be, if we were not "helped", “guided”, “owned”, “regulated” and “controlled” by territorial governments? - J.Z., 9.11.97, .12.5.12. - In Australia governments, at all level, withhold at least about 1 million Australian Dollars in capital assets from each Australian. And they prevent us in many other ways from becoming millionaires by honest work and productive investments, unregulated and untaxed, at least when we reach old age, after working productively for decades. Once citizens become aware in how many ways territorial governments prevent them from becoming rich by their own efforts, and by their rightful share in all governmental assets, we will get the greatest, fastest and most bloodless liberating revolution ever. - J.Z., 15.7.00. – Compare especially PEACE PLANS 19 C on this. It is online at, as part of my second CD. – J.Z., 12.5.12. - GOVERNMENT HELP, SUBSIDIES, HAND-OUTS & STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Christians argue that the State is the price we pay for Adam's fall. If men were perfect, they say, we could have anarchy. Anarchists say the opposite. If all men were virtuous, the most perfect among them might be entrusted with political power, which is the right to use violence against one's fellow man. But since no one is completely virtuous, it is folly to entrust anyone with governmental power. - Allen Thornton. – He proposed “bi-archy” as a first step towards the realization of panarchism for all communities of volunteers. – J.Z. - MAN

GOVERNMENT: Citizen controls rather than government controls. - J.Z., 4.1.97. - These controls by citizens to include but not to be confined e.g. referendum, recall, voluntary taxation, class actions against government interventionism, citizen veto, individual secessionism, alternative institutions in form of exterritorially autonomous communities, voluntary State membership, competing juridical, police, penal and administrative systems, competing constitutions for volunteer communities, ideal militias for the protection of individual rights, competitive public services, disarmament of territorial governments by the people, proclamation of rightful war and peace aims by the people, separate peace treaties between the people over the heads of the rulers, tyrannicide, prizes on the heads of tyrannical rulers. Prizes for the disarmament or handing over of an anti-people mass murder device, a fully developed libertarian revolution, liberation and defence program, monetary and financial freedom, tax strikes, refusals to accept government money, golden handshakes to retire our leaders and "helpers" (much cheaper than continuing to pay them!), lie detector test and voice stress analysis, combined with linguistic analysis of all public statements of politicians and top bureaucrats, (*) personal responsibility for all their criminal actions, a fully developed individual rights code, widely publicized, an alternative system for genuine education and enlightenment via many alternative, efficient and affordable paths and media. A complete blueprint for liberty could bring us freedom, peace, security, justice, wealth and rapid progress in our times. It even could bring great life-extension, intelligence expansion and space exploration steps within our reach. – J.Z., 4.1.97 & 15.7.00.  - (*) By now, as I have read somewhere, even external measurements on the human skull are possible, which do detect different electronic reaction in brains, in case of lies. Perhaps these should and should be continuously applied during all their speeches and interviews and public statements. Then they could not get away with as much as they still do today. – Only people free to secede from them would not need such precautions. - J.Z., 28.12.08, 12.5.12. - CONTROLS VS. CITIZEN CONTROLS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS VS. GOVERNMENT GRANTS, LICENCES & CONCESSIONS, HAND-OUTS & SUBSIDIES

GOVERNMENT: Coercion is the key ingredient of government. It is its distinguishing characteristic. It is the thing that makes government government.” - Michael E. Coughlin, DANDELION, Winter 78. - One characteristic feature of this coercion should be specially mentioned, but is usually ignored, because it is assumed that all governments must possess it: territoriality. Without all aspects of it, governments would be reduced to free societies of volunteers, doing their things to and for themselves, harmless to other people and societies. - J.Z., 28.7.00. – COERCION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Competent government isn't just difficult to achieve - it is impossible. - J.Z., 29.7.89. - I would qualify that remark now and confine it to territorial governments. Competing governments, with voluntary members only, and societies of volunteers, offering only the package deals that their members desire, would not be much different from any well organized large business enterprise, with sufficient in-built pro-freedom checks. - J.Z., 18.7.00. – INCOMPETENT, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Considering what a nuisance the Government is, the man who says we cannot get rid of it must be called a confirmed pessimist.” - A Byington sticker. – We ought to get rid only of territorially imposed governments. Even crackpot governments and societies for volunteers should be permitted – not only moral and rational ones, however diverse. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - PESSIMISM, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, LIBERTARIANISM, ARCHISM, ALL IN THEIR VARIETY FOR ALL OF THEIR VOLUNTEERS

GOVERNMENT: constitutional government a decision bottleneck.” - Steve Witham, THE CONNECTION 123, p.31. - I would rather call it a "territorial" government, whether it is a constitutional one or not. All do more or less monopolize decision-making, whether upon one individual or various committees. - Obviously, centralized decision-making power, for all people living in a territory, whether they consent to it or not, should either be abolished or severely restricted. Only self-limited decentralized, and individualized decision-making power can be rightful, fast, and efficient or will at least limit the wrongs and damages done to the smallest degrees, spreading them only among the self-responsible voluntary members. - J.Z., 18.7.00. - DECISION-MAKING & CONSTITUTIONALISM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL DECENTRALISM &VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Convinced that morality owes nothing to law, Addis reasoned that the truly good man is the individual who breaks the law rather than the subject who compulsively obeys commands which have no fundamental meaning to him. Addis viewed government as a gigantic "conspiracy of the rich to rob the poor." (*) - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.264, quoting Henry Addis. - While the poor believe that they are soaking the rich! Both wrong each other to the extent that they infringe each other's rights and liberties. If they cannot come to an agreement, let them secede from each other. Then neither can any longer blame the other for the own mistakes and errors. - J.Z., 20.6.80 & 29.7.00. – (*) To some extent the poor rob or soak the rich: “… according to FORTUNE, in 2006, the wealthiest 3% of taxpayers paid 54% of all income taxes. Democratic President John F. Kennedy reduced the highest marginal tax rate from 90% to 70% because he felt that all taxpayers, regardless of financial status, deserved to keep more of their money. The change led to increased economic activity, more jobs, and more savings.” – Kent Frederick, Chicago, in TIME, 24.11.08, p. 6. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - LAW, MORALITY, RICH & POOR

GOVERNMENT: Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for the law.” - Justice Louis D. Brandeis. - Contemptible laws do a pretty good job on their own. The trouble is that the governments tend to enforce these and break laws that are somewhat based on common law and natural law. - J.Z., 9.6.92. – While “the” law is respectable, most laws (mere legislation) are contemptible, especially as territorially imposed laws. But the same laws are tolerable as personal laws for the voluntary members of panarchies. – J.Z., 28.12.08, 12.5.12. – TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT AS A LAWBREAKER, OR CRIMINAL WITH VICTIMS

GOVERNMENT: Cut government down to nothing but what is voluntary. - J.Z., 1.12.94. - Deprive it of all territorial powers, all monopolistic constitutional, legal, policing, juridical and administrative powers. And do the cutting down by individual citizen actions, by individuals and groups of individuals being freed to secede. - J.Z., n.d. – LIMITED GOVERNMENT, CUT TAXES, CUT SPENDING? VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Despite his metaphysical disagreements with most of the major 19th century anarchist theorists, Tolstoy shared their ultimate goal of a society without government. To his critics, who asked what he would put in place of government, he simply replied that there was no need to replace it with anything; an organization, which being unnecessary has become harmful, would simply be abolished and society would continue on its own beneficial course as before. Indeed, "even if the absence of Government really meant Anarchy in the negative, disorderly sense of that word - which is far from being the case - even then no anarchical disorder would be worse than the position to which Governments have already led their peoples, and to which they are leading them.” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.375. - Without models for alternative societal organization, the strong tendency would persist to re-introduce any overthrown territorial government by another such government. Only once the radical step is taken, which abolishes compulsory and exclusive territorialism, with its uniformly imposed laws and its compulsory membership, and this by associations (governments, communities and societies), which have only voluntary members (via individual secessionism) and which are only exterritorially autonomous, would a relapse into territorial authoritarianism become rather unlikely. - J.Z., 12.7.00. – The new model of political, social and economic organization must really be seen and freely operate to become understood, attractive and spread, ultimately generally. – J.Z., 31.12.08. – PANARCHISM MUT BE PRACTICALLY DEMONSTRATED – BY VOLUNTEERS, TO BECOME INFECTIVE. - SOCIETY, ANARCHISM, DISORDER, CHAOS

GOVERNMENT: Despotic regimes are intolerable - and every government is more or less despotic - unless merely practised upon volunteers. - J.Z., 23.6.87. - DESPOTISM, VS. VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Disestablish coercive government. - J.Z. 10.3.73. - Every territorial government, to the extent that it is a territorial government, is also a despotic regime towards all but its own followers in this territory. - J.Z., 21.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Do governments EVER get a rightful and sensible message or idea? Do they ever comprehend it, if they do? If they do, do they ever act upon it? If so, then in how many cases of one thousand? - J.Z., 15.7.98 & 15.7.00. - Governments are not open to better ideas, while panarchies would be. For every good idea at least some volunteers, some experimenters, could be found – and they could then go ahead with it, at their risk, and expense. – J.Z., 29.12.08. – TERRITORIALISM, DEAF & DUMB, INACCESSIBLE TO REASON & SOUND IDEAS, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Do you know of any real excuse for the existence of any government? - J.Z., 16.10.88. - I could think of only one: Some volunteers want one type or the other of governmentalism for themselves and unanimously agreed to provide it for themselves, at their own risk and expense. That falls under the liberty of fools. All free people would grant them that right and the right to secede individually or in groups, once they have sufficiently learned their lesson. - J.Z., 18.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Don't leave anything to the government. - J.Z., 5.4.91. - Unless it is one with voluntary members only and reduced to exterritorial autonomy. For such people the fools' liberty should be granted and the right to make mistakes at the own expense and risk. - J.Z., 15.7.00, 12.5.12. - LEAVE, RESPONSIBILITY, DELEGATION, REPRESENTATION, STATISM, TRUST

GOVERNMENT: Don't think it is enough to replace one set of rulers by another; that the simple change brings freedom.” - Poul Anderson, The Stars Like Dust, p.57. - No matter which party or politician or government you vote for, always a party, politician or government gets in. What is worse is that the supposed change is no real and worthwhile change in most cases. The new government, like the old government, is a territorial government, unless you aimed to change that and undertook all the steps required to set up competing and voluntary exterritorial governments and free societies of volunteers only. Otherwise: “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” as an old French proverb says. - J.Z., 2.8.00, 30.11.10. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, CHANGE, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Don't worry about the government, it's run like nobody's business.” - Quoted by Spencer Heath McCallum, according to NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY 67, March 27, 1977. - True to some extent - but any territorial government CAN do SOME wrong and harm, at least. - J.Z., 19.4.89 & 19.7.00. – DIS.

GOVERNMENT: during the past 5,000 years of human history, formal governments have been responsible for at least 1500 wars - that is to say, an average of almost one war every three years.” - Aslam Effendi, REASON, 2/73. - This they call their necessary provision of "security". - J.Z., 2.8.00. - & WAR, THE WARFARE STATE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Each peaceful and productive individual should get only as much government as he is willing to pay for - and this only from an individually chosen and quite competitive supplier. - J.Z., 19.12.93 & 10.7.00. - TAXATION, INDIVIDUALISM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Economic history is a long record of government policies that failed because they were designed with a bold disregard for the laws of economics.” – Ludwig von Mises. – Their external policies provide also a long record of government-produced disasters, based upon a governmental disregard for individual rights and liberties, inherent in their territorial rule and claims. – J.Z., 2.1.08. – POLICIES, ECONOMICS, PLANNING, INTERVENTIONISM, PRICE CONTROLS, INFLATIONS, DEFLATIONS, STAGFLATIONS

GOVERNMENT: Economy does not stand in need of much public attention; government requires a great deal more than we might suppose it should, just to keep it in its place. It may be redundant to refer to a free economy, for can economy be anything but free…?” - Clarence B. Carson, What Is Economy? THE FREEMAN, July 76, 435. – The economy needs freedom and publicity, not controls, internally and world-wide. Territorial governments need maximum controls, via voluntary membership, individual secessionism and confinement to exterritorial autonomy, individual rights codes and the protection of these rights by ideal volunteer militias. - J.Z., 31.7.92, 28.12.08. - THE ECONOMY, FREE ECONOMY, FREE MARKET, VS. MEDDLING, INTERVENTIONISM, TAXATION, REGULATION ETC.

GOVERNMENT: Enjoyed your LIFT HER UP, TENDERLY. Was particularly interested in your final theory about the human species growing up - to leave the family (government). - From a letter to LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 77. - MAN GROWING UP

GOVERNMENT: Even a good territorial government (if such a thing can be imagined) is not as good as no territorial government at all would be. By its nature and in spite of all its pretences it is an unnecessary evil. It is a so evil and corrupting institution that nothing so sensitive and important as the administration of justice and the protection of rights and liberties should ever be entrusted to it. - J.Z., 17.5.81 & 29.7.00. – However, if the volunteers of a panarchy want to entrust their government with such tasks then they should be free to do this – at their own expense and risk. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - GOOD GOVERNMENT VS. NO TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Even if men were angels, governments would cut their wings. - J.Z., 8/73. - However, I for one am curious what would happen if "angels" were freed to secede from them and to associate freely, i.e., if the best men could freely associate and do their things for themselves. Would we consider them to be miracle workers or pragmatically try to copy their successes? And how far ahead of us would they get, in how short a time? - J.Z. 8/73 & 20.7.00. - RESTRICTIONS, REGULATIONS, CONTROLS, LAWS

GOVERNMENT: Every ‘nation’ has the government that it deserves.” - Joseph de Maistre, Letter, Aug. 27, 1811. - Territorial government are cruel and, by now, all too usual punishments for all "nations" or peoples that ignore individual rights and liberties. - J.Z., 16.10.85. - "Nothing but what is voluntary deserves the term 'national'." - A remark ascribed to Caroline Chisholm, 1808-1877, an Australian pioneer woman. (I have not yet found it in the few writings of or on her that were accessible to me.) - The moment one gets away from collective notions like territorial nations, one has to ask oneself e.g., whether the German Jews, Gypsies, those considered mentally inferior and others opposed to the Nazi's regime, DESERVED to be treated as they were and whether all women, children, old and sick people, and all secret opponents of the Nazi regime and conscripted soldiers and forced laborers DESERVED to be targeted by area-bombing. Precisely the careless and unethical use of terms like "nations" and “peoples” led to such war crimes. - J.Z., 18.7.00, 12.5.12. - NATIONS & PEOPLE, MERIT, REPRESENTATION, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT,FREEDOM, DIS., COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Every age and generation must be as free to act for itself, in all cases, as the ages and generations which preceded it. The vanity and presumption of governing beyond the grave is the most ridiculous and insolvent of all tyrannies.” - Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man, I, 1791. - It has its equivalent in the notion that a few could rightfully represent and rule all people in a country, collectively, rather than allowing dissenting individuals and minorities their own choices under exterritorial autonomy. We have largely recognized that for religious affairs and take it largely for granted for our remaining private affairs, but still uphold territorial governmental prerogatives in politics, economics and social matters, at our own great risk and expense. - J.Z., 15.7.00. - GENERATIONS & LEGISLATION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Every country has the government it deserves.” - (“Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite.”) - Joseph Marie de Maistre, letter to M. le chevalier de …, August 15, 1811. — (Letter, Aug. 27, 1811, according to another source.Lettres et Opuscules Inédits du Comte J De Maistre, 5th ed., book 1, p. 264 (1869). - Every country has the government it deserves.” - Joseph de Maistre, Lettres Opuscules, inedits, August 1811. - Seldes. (Toute nation a le gouvernement quélle merite.) – (*) That would only be true if people could individually choose a government for themselves and also freely secede from it once they have become dissatisfied with it. Nobody likes all items of the territorial package deals that they do offer. – Governments are usually territorially imposed upon a whole population, at least upon its dissenters, sometimes even upon the majority. - J.Z., 11.10.02, 24.12.08, 30.11.10. - (*) The absurdity of this and every similar saying is quickly noticed when "nation", "country" and "people" is replaced by "individual". - No people, no nation, no country, no individual - except a radical statist, habitual criminal, terrorist or religious fanatic, practicing intolerance towards non-members, does deserve a territorial government or any other to keep him or her in check. Territorial governments were never even good enough in that job, either. - The remark would only make sense once all territorial governments are replaced by exterritorial ones and exterritorial societies, all with voluntary membership only. Then even the worst governments would harm only their voluntary victims and they would be instructive learning experiences for their survivors and outside observers. - J.Z., 75, 2.8.00. – All the different individuals and their voluntary groups deserve different governments and different societies, all of them determined by their own individual choices! – J.Z., 30.12.08, 15.12.11. - PEOPLE, NATIONS, COUNTRIES, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREE CHOICE, VS. TERRITORIAL IMPOSITIONS. DIS., COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, DIS., INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” – H. L. Mencken - Ashamed of the government or ashamed of himself, that he still continues to live under it, instead of leaving it by emigration or separating himself from it via individual secession, after he has first worked for and finally gained that liberty? - J.Z., 22. 11. 06.Why should he have to live under any government that is not his own personal choice? And if it isn’t, then he has no reason to be himself ashamed of its wrongs and mistakes. – J.Z., 1.1.09.  – DECENCY, DIS., TERRITORIALISM, POWER, LAWS

GOVERNMENT: Every form of government operates on the same principle, namely, the love of power, and every government is essentially despotic.” - Helvetius in De L'Esprit, 1758, and De L'Homme, 1772, according to W. A. Dunning, A History of Political Theories from Rousseau to Spencer, p.53. - Genuine political scientists would distinguish between governments that are territorial and have compulsory membership, monopoly constitutions, laws and jurisdictions, from those governments and free societies that have only voluntary members and are only exterritorially autonomous. A productive coop, for instance, is not a criminal gang. . – Competing governments or voluntary societies providing wanted services to their members, subscribers or customers would be just competing service providers. – J.Z., 30.11.10.  - J.Z., 13.7.00. - POWER & DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Every government is by its nature an incipient tyranny.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.70. - Territorially sovereign governments over involuntary subjects - yes. - Exterritorially autonomous governments and societies over voluntary members - no! - All of political "science" has to be reviewed in this light. - J.Z., 25.7.00. – TYRANNY, POLITICAL SCIENCE, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Every government needs people. Nobody needs governments.” - Sponti - Sprueche. - (Jede Regierung braucht Menschen. Kein Mensch braucht Regierungen.) - Many people believe that they do need governments for themselves and others like themselves. Let them have them, but only among themselves and at their own risk and expense. And let all others have the kinds of free societies or communities that they do want or need for themselves. - J.Z., 13.7.00. & MAN, STATISM, NEEDS, SELF-GOVERNMENT, EXTERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Every territorial government destroys liberties, wealth and security - even while pretending or attempting to protect and increase them. - J.Z., 19.12.93, 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENT: Every territorial government does, more or less, invade individual rights and liberties of its subjects. Usually, it does so under the pretence of protecting them. – J.Z., 8.10.03. - At the very least it does so through it compulsory taxation. But these interventions are usually so numerous that merely to list them would fill a thick book. – J.Z., 24.10.07. - VS. RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, CITIZENS

GOVERNMENT: Every territorial government is a tyranny in a more or less camouflaged form. - J.Z., 30.10.85, 26.12.08. - TYRANNY

GOVERNMENT: Every territorial government is more or less at war with many of its own subjects, e.g. the conservatives, the reformists, the dissenters, non-conformists, with all those holding minority viewpoints and with no or insufficient political power or purchasing power for bribes or influential lobbies. - J.Z., 5.12.83 & 25.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Everywhere, men resign themselves to the most extreme sacrifices rather than do without government and hence security, without realizing that in so doing, they misjudge their alternatives.” - Molinari, The Production of Security, p.3. - To expect genuine security from territorial governments is also an extreme misjudgment. - J.Z., 2.8.00.

GOVERNMENT: Fear is the foundation of most governments.” - John Adams. - Especially of territorial governments. But can one say that members of panarchies, who are all volunteers, would also fear their governments or leaders? At most this would apply to their criminals with victims. – J.Z., 28.12.08, 30.11.10. - GOVERNMENT BY FEAR, DIS., TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Figgis also believed that it is the prime duty of a government to ensure as much freedom as possible in society, maintaining that it is upon liberty that all the minor ends of the State depend for their stability.” - p.17. - The basic fallacy here is that a territorial and thus fundamentally coercive, aggressive and monopolistic organization could possibly ensure freedom and even if it could, that it would want to do so, contrary to its own interests and ambitions. - J.Z., 28.2.88 & 18.7.00, 30.11.10. – TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COERCION, CENTRALIZATION, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Finally, free me from fraud, violence, misrepresentation, thievery - the destructive actions of men - the curbing of which is the sole role I would assign to government.” - Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, p.69. – He ignored that most of these threats are the result of territorial governments. Even originally limited but still territorial governments like the U.S.A. can deteriorate very much over a long period. – J.Z., 30.11.10. – It too was not established by unanimous consent. – J.Z., 12.5.12. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: For a free man there is in the whole world nowhere a refuge left, neither in the West nor in the East. Every land that has a government is an occupied country. All of us, wherever we live, are dominated subjects, even in our home country.” - LERNZIEL ANARCHIE, Nr. 3. - TERRITORIALISM & MAN

GOVERNMENT: For almost two centuries, we hotly discussed what governments should do. We almost never asked what government can do. Now, increasingly, the limits and functions of government will be the issue.” - Peter F. Drucker, The New Realities, 1989, 1990, 55. - What functions? Those still with some delusions on this subject, including the "limited government" delusion, should get and utilize experimental freedom among their volunteers. They, too, do not have the right to any more power than the power over themselves, practised exterritorially, voluntarily, among their volunteers and at their expense and risk. - J.Z., 9.2.02. – If limited governments are really the best forms of social organization, then their adherents should demonstrate this by setting them up – for their own volunteers. I am convinced that even some of their original voluntary members would, after some experience with them, secede from them and set up or join better societies. – I know of no “limited” but still territorial government in history that did not have any dissenters. – J.Z., 24.12.08. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, IMPOTENCE OF GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: For every action there is an equal and opposite government program.” - Bob Wells – “For every action there is an equal and opposite government program.” - Michael Main, Pullman, Wash., quoted in OMNI, 5/79. – Still another source ascribes this quote to David Veal! - Alas, libertarians have not yet developed counter-programs to every single and all territorial government programs and actions. They have neither developed a comprehensive resistance nor liberation and revolution program against territorial statism, one that would mobilize the very assets and manpower of statism towards its abolition: A quite rightful war and peace program against the own territorial government, not only against foreign territorial governments, is needed. Nor have all alternative and affordable media as yet been sufficiently mobilized for the enlightenment and liberation struggle. Many to most “blueprints for liberty” are still missing. E.g. an anti- deflation, anti-inflation and anti-unemployment program and economic revival proposal for the current crisis. Merely blaming government interventionism for it is not good enough. Why isn’t there for every government failure at least one libertarian solution offered? Why is this action and reaction still largely missing? – The realization of Panarchism could mobilize all the alternative projects – among their volunteers. - J.Z., 23.12.08. - FREEDOM, LIBERTY, RIGHTS, BUREAUCRACY, LICENSING, PLANNING, GOVERNMENT ACTION, MEASURES, GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS VS. FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION, LAWS, PROHIBITIONS, REGULATIONS, CONTROL, OUTLAWRY, OBSTRUCTIONISM, COMPULSORY LICENSING, FREE ENTERPRISE, COMPETITION, TERRITORIALISM, PROHIBITIONS, PRIVATE INITIATIVE, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: For forms of government let fools contest: / Whate'er is best adminster'd  is best.” - Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man, III, 1733. - But there is no such thing as a rightful, centralized, exclusive, coercive and beneficial administration. In that form administration can never be best by any objective standard. - J.Z., 16.10.85 & 12.7.86. - Only if it is reduced, e.g. by individualist secessionism and voluntary taxation, to a condition of exterritorial autonomy, will it be reduced to a form from which even fools will, in many cases and often only after a long time, learn enough to strive for or select something better for themselves. Thoughtless and helpless sheep may need a shepherd. Let them have him but do not force shepherds on others. - J.Z., 18.7.00. - VS. PANARCHISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: For government is an expedient by which men would fain succeed in letting one another alone; and, as has been said, when it is most expedient, the governed are most let alone by it. Trade and commerce, if they were not made of India-rubber, would never manage to bounce over the obstacles which legislators are continually putting in their way; and, if one were to judge these men wholly by the effects of their actions and not partly by their intentions, they would deserve to be classed and punished with those mischievous persons who put obstructions on the railroads.” - Thoreau, Civil Disobedience. - Territorial government is neither a rightful nor a useful expedient for men to leave each other alone. On the contrary, it sets them against each other, leaves them only the choice to be anvils or hammers, to be dominated or to dominate in a territory. Thus it maximizes mutual meddling, even to the degrees of civil wars and genocide attempts. - Man must be very stupid or uninformed to have put up with this form of government for so long, although for most of the written and unwritten history of mankind he was not or not as much subjected to territorial nation States as he has been during the last 200 years. - J.Z., 29.7.00. - VS. LAISSEZ FAIRE & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEER COMMUNITIES

GOVERNMENT: For in a Republic, who is "the country?" Is it the Government which is for the moment in the saddle? Why, the Government is merely a servant - merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn't. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.” - Mark Twain – Mere collectivist and territorial voting does not assure individual choices or consent. Consumer sovereignty towards all forms of governmental and societal services, systems and organizations! J.Z., 24.12.08. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREE ENTERPRISE IN THE POLITICAL, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SYSTEM SPHERES, REPUBLIC, DECISION-MAKING, RIGHT, WRONG, POLICIES, CITIZENS, VOTERS

GOVERNMENT: For in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.” - Jonathan Swift.  A majority consent is good enough only for the majority. If the consent of minorities and individuals is not also required and realized then at least degrees of slavery are practised towards them. The saying makes full sense only for individual consent, nor for the consent of whole territories or "peoples" living in them. Governments should at least be as much confined and deprived of powers over dissenters as most churches and sects are now in somewhat developed countries. - J.Z., 24.11.02. – CONSENT, VOLUNTARY STATE MEMBERSHIP OR SUBORDINATION TO A GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, MINORITY AUTONOMY VS. MAJORITY RULE

GOVERNMENT: For none upon earth can achieve his scheme; / The best as the worst are futile here.” - Victor Hugo, Early Love Revisited. - Territorial government is the main obstacle to paradise - to everyone's type of Eden. - J.Z., 6.7.82 & 26.7.00. – Early man was, probably, quite free of it and, at least to that extent did still live in a paradise or golden age. – J.Z., 1.1.09. - TERRITORIALISM.

GOVERNMENT: For the existing circumstances the relevant masters are not always responsible.” - Gerhard Uhlenbruch. - True, but present territorial governments, just like the former territorial governments and legislators were, are the main obstacles to private and cooperative reform initiatives and actions and to alternative institutions, that could freely and tolerantly experiment with potential solutions or practices already found by or known to some volunteers. - J.Z., 5.7.92 & 18.7.00. – SUBJECTS, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: forms of Prohibition are still with us, since the capacity of Government to learn from experience seems to be rather small. We still have prohibition applied to various drugs, some forms of gambling, prostitution, "hard-core" pornography, and driving without seat belts. …” Yale Jay Lubkin, OPTION, 6/77. - The learning capacity of governments and societies with voluntary membership, voluntary subscription and exterritorial autonomy only - will be very much larger. - J.Z., 25.7.00. – They would lose most of their customers if they do not learn from their experiences. – J.Z., 12.5.12. - LIMITED CAPACITY TO LEARN

GOVERNMENT: Frederic Bastiat at 45 had perceived that a government bent on managing human affairs could never bring justice and freedom to society, no matter who held the reigns.” – G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.61. – Not any territorial government, anyhow. Let competing governments and societies show what they can offer under full exterritorial autonomy, for their volunteers! – Fully free enterprise, consumer sovereignty, freedom of contract and Free Trade as well as freedom of association and freedom to dissociate oneself or secede, individually, – in this sphere as well. - J.Z., 30.11.10.

GOVERNMENT: Free newspapers, etc., rather than "free governments". And directories, like the yellow pages of telephone companies, offering all kinds of public or governmental or societal services to all those consumers who want them for themselves, often in special community package deals for like-minded people, voluntarily organized under full exterritorial autonomy. No territorial government has or can rightfully preempt any productive and honest human activity or exchange. Their territorial monopoly to commit crimes, i.e. suppress certain individual rights and liberties as a governmental "prerogative", in spheres pre-empted by them, must be ended, the sooner the better and with that a vast number of troubles, now arising from territorial organization and rule, will come to an end. Consumer sovereignty over "governmental" services as well, meaning individual sovereignty and consistent voluntaryism. In other words: To each the government or non-governmental community of his or her choice. To each his own - his or her justice and community system! - PIOT, J.Z., 17.12.93 & 10.7.00, 15,12.11. - FREEDOM & COMPETITION, FREE MARKET IN GOVERNMENT SERVICES, PANARCHISM, FREE PRESS

GOVERNMENT: Freedom exists only where the people take care of the government.” - Woodrow Wilson, Speech in New York, Sep. 4, 1912. - Yes, as they would and should, if free to do so, of territorial and any other violent but private criminals. But each has only now and then one vote among millions! - By voting collectively, over territorial affairs and by trying to run for office or participate in governments, they continue to participate in their own enslavement by territorial governments. - Naturally, voluntary and competing governments or non-governmental communities, all only under exterritorial autonomy, would be quite another matter. They would give a chance to fools to be fools among themselves, at their own expense and risk, while allowing the somewhat enlightened as well as the few wise people to do their things to and for themselves. - J.Z., 14.7.00. - PEOPLE, FREEDOM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: From the moment when forms of government are subject to experimentation, free competition, they are bound to progress and perfect themselves; that is natural law. No more hypocrisy, no more apparent profundities which contain merely a void. No more machinations passing for diplomatic subtlety. No more cowardly moves or impropriety camouflaged as State policy. No more court or military intrigues deceitfully described as being honourable or in the national interest. In short, no more lies regarding State machinery. Everything is open to scrutiny. The subjects making and comparing observations, the governors will finally see this truth of economics and politics: that in this world there is only one condition of a solid, lasting success, and that is, to govern better and more efficiently than others. From this moment on, forces formerly wasted on useless labour, on friction and resistance, will unite to bring about an unprecedented, almost incomprehensible impulse to the progress and happiness of humanity.” - P. E. de Puydt, Panarchy, in PEACE PLANS 4. – In several languages on - COMPETING, VOLUNTARY GOVERNMENTS OR PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Get government out of everything.” - Slogan quoted in MAN, Jan. 71, p. 96. - VS. ANARCHY – Just reduce their activities to their own volunteers! – J.Z., 28.12.08. – That would limit them, sufficiently, at least for all outsiders. – Those still voluntarily remaining with them, because they preferred not to secede from them, still have to learn their lessons about governments. – J.Z., n.d. - DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Given a just economy, government, or the State, would have no reason for being.” - Clarence B. Carson, in THE FREEMAN, 4/77, in describing the views of Marx. - What Marx meant by "just" was rather an egalitarian and unfree economy, as defined by him, rather than a free one. In a fully free economy each "government", "State", "nation" of "society" would be just another competing business offering some or the other kind of package deal service to voluntary subscribers. - J.Z., 26.7.00. - VS. JUST & FREE ECONOMY, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: God has left nations unto the liberty of setting up governments as best please themselves.”- Algernon Sidney, speech on the scaffold, Dec. 7, 1683.  - Why didn't he grant that liberty to individuals and all volunteer communities rather than to despots, majorities and stand-over minorities only? Was he a collectivist, too? - Do only "nations" have rights in his scheme of things, not individuals and minorities? Was the all-knowing God unaware of the exterritorial autonomy alternative for all volunteer groups? And of the history of such groups? - J.Z., 12.7.86 & 18.7.00. – GOD, Q.

GOVERNMENT: God reigns, and the government at Washington still lives.” - James A. Garfield, Speech in New York on the assassination of Lincoln, April 15, 1865. - God is dead. Governments, territorial ones, unfortunately, are still alive. - J.Z., 16.10.85, 15.12.11. - If God really reigned, why bother with any human government? What could it do, what would it be good for then? - Don't expect much sense from any politicians. But sometimes their speechwriters show some sense and make some concessions to enlightened views among citizens. - J.Z., 13.7.00. - Was there ever any extremely bad government that was stopped early on and punished, by GOD? If so, how can the death of one criminal ruler possibly make up for the deaths of thousands to millions of human beings, whose deaths he caused, while "God" looked on, complacently, like some say, the Pope did during the Holocaust against Jews, Gypsies, retarded people and opponents of the totalitarian regime, during W.W. II? - J.Z., 6.8.00. – If there were a just God, would there be any territorial government? – J.Z., 27.12.08. – GOD, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Godwin agrees with Hume, Burke and others that governments can never be made to conform with consent theory.” - George H. Smith, Conquest or Consent, THE VOLUNTARYIST, No. 91, 4/1998. - In an introduction to a new edition of Oppenheimer's The State, San Francisco, Fox & Wilkes, 1997, available from L.F.B. - What is true for territorial governments is often untrue to those which are only exterritorially autonomous and which rule only over volunteers. All libertarians and anarchists should be interested in this distinction and the opportunities opened up for them by it, in theory and in practice - but, usually, they are mostly not yet not interested either in the personal law and exterritorial autonomy traditions nor in its present and future opportunities or even in its theoretical possibilities. Their thoughts continue largely to run only along the established grooves or memes of territorialism. - J.Z., 10.7.00. – The results are not “groovy”! – J.Z., 27.12.08. - CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Good government is impossible.” - View ascribed to the Tannehills by Tibor Machan in REASON. - As far as I know, neither considered seriously the possibility of competing, voluntaristic and merely exterritorially autonomous governments and societies. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – They could be as good or as bad for them as their voluntary members want them to be. They might, e.g. enforce abortion beyond the first child, as the mainland Chinese government still does or outlaw all abortions not required to save the life of the mother. The time in which all societies will consider all unjustified abortions as child sacrifices and as part mass murders of innocents, to be stopped, seems to be still far away. In so many ways we are still barbarians. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - GOOD GOVERNMENT IS IMPOSSIBLE, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Good Government" is a contradiction in terms - at least as far as territorial governments are concerned. - J.Z., 16.10.93. - GOOD GOVERNMENT & TERRITORIALISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Govern less - or not at all! - J.Z., 30.10.73. - However, full freedom for all statist volunteers to govern themselves as much as they like and can stand. - J.Z., 2.8.00. - LESS OR NONE

GOVERNMENT: Government - an unnecessary evil! - J.Z., 7.6.73. - How many people have woken up to this truth before - and still this evil continues! - One of the reasons is that people did not distinguish between territorial and exterritorial governments and thought that territorialism was the only way to organize public affairs properly. - Forms of voluntary self-government, limited to voluntary members and their beliefs, labors and resources, are not evil but often helpful, as the history of all voluntary associations proves. Only imposed territorial regimes are wrong and harmful and as such superfluous. - J.Z., 2.8.00. - AN UNNECESSARY EVIL! – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, SECESSIONISM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government - get off our backs!” - Quoted by Weston I. Van Buren, in FREEDOM MAGAZINE, Spring, 74. - If it were physically upon our back, we would only have to shrug, like Atlas. - What is much worse, territorial government has invaded minds, even those of anarchists and libertarians. They find it hard to impossible to think, sufficiently, outside this model. - J.Z., 2.8.00.

GOVERNMENT: government … acting according to tradition rather than on clear thought.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 8/75. - Its worst tradition is territorialism. The prior and much longer lasting tradition is largely forgotten. - J.Z., 3.8.00. – TERRITORIALISM & OTHER THOUGHTLESS TRADITIONS, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRESIDENTS

GOVERNMENT: government … organized force standing against the release of creative energies.” - L. E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p.77. - Alas, even Read wanted creative energies released only to the extent that territorial but otherwise limited governments could possibly release them. That, by far, does not go far enough towards his aim. - J.Z., 29.7.00. - VS. CREATIVE ENERGIES, FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALS, TERRITORIALISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Government "uses the threat of violence either to 1) force you to stop doing something you want to do, 2) force you to do something your don't want to do, or 3) force you to give up something that's rightfully yours." - Who needs the government for this? You can walk through Central Park at night and accomplish the same thing.” - Jeff Riggenbach, in NEW LIBERTARIAN No.1, March 78, on Ringer: Looking Out For Number One. –Territorial governments are the greatest criminals with the greatest number of involuntary victims. – J.Z., 30.1.10. - VIOLENCE, FORCE, JOKES,

GOVERNMENT: Government and law are unnecessary and should be eliminated.” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.247, summing up the position of Proudhon. – But both should be allowed as self-imposed handicaps for volunteers. – Let them live their own lives in their own ways. - Panarchism rather than territorialism and its inherent authoritarian intolerance, even if it is of the anarchist or libertarian kind. - J.Z. 1.1.09, 30.11.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government appears helpless to lose weight. - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 9/76. – And this in spite of being over-powered! – Unable or unwilling to reduce its size and powers! – An addict to territorialism, its parasitism and destructive powers. - Blind to the exterritorial and voluntary alternatives, which could, rapidly, lead to the solution to all the problems it cannot cope with. - J.Z., 30.12.03. - If their “food” could secede from them … - J.Z., 15.12.11. – All governments have become “obese” with the tax-food they have become addicted to. Maybe that could even be proven by measuring the average weight of bureaucrats and politicians as well as that of hand-out and subsidy recipients, for each age group and rank. – How many people, who do work hard and productively are overweight? – J.Z., 12.5.12. - OVERWEIGHT, EXCESS POWER, TERRITORIALISM, TAXES & EXCESS TAXES COMPARED WITH EXCESS FOOD INTAKE

GOVERNMENT: Government budgets can be rightful only to the extent that they leave the budgets of dissenters alone. Rightful governments would, naturally, have only voluntary members and would permit dissenters to secede from them. - J.Z., 9.5.95 & 7.7.00. - BUDGETS & COMPULSORY TAXATION VS. VOLUNTARY TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Government by the people, of the people and for the people - some call it anarchy!” - Slogan accompanied by a black flag and: Liberty, equality, community. - Source? My notion of anarchy is rather: self-government by individuals, with other volunteers and for their benefit only. - The rest of the people to enjoy the same liberty to realize their ideals for themselves and among themselves, all on a voluntary basis. - To each his own! - J.Z., 29.7.00. - VS. ANARCHY, PANARCHISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT OR GENUINE SELF-DETERMINATION

GOVERNMENT: Government can't cure government. - J.Z., 21.9.91. – Territorial governments cannot cure themselves while they remain territorial governments. – J.Z., 30.11.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot act in the general interest. - Hayek, Denationalization of Money, p.80. – No territorial government can act in the interests of all its territorial subjects, who are too diverse for that, but an exterritorial government or community can act in the interests and within the genuine rights and liberties of all its own voluntary members, restricted only by their own prejudices, errors, myths etc. and, naturally, by the genuine rights and liberties of outsiders. – Their internal consensus is alike enough for this and is kept up by individual secessionism of its dissenters. - J.Z., 31.12.08, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PUBLIC INTEREST, GENERAL INTEREST

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot act unless it is violating boundaries, otherwise it has nothing to do.” - Robert LeFevre, "Le Don", 26.5.78. – Governments, societies and communities with voluntary members and confined to exterritorial autonomy could be kept busy enough with the affairs their volunteers would have allocated to them, for the time being. – J.Z., 28.12.08. VIOLENCE, BOUNDARY VIOLATIONS, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot protect individual rights unless it knows what these rights are.” - Victor Yarros, LIBERTY, Feb. 22, March 7 & 21, 1896. - No government has so far possessed this knowledge or seriously searched for it. And even if it had, as a territorial government it could not act upon it without itself further infringing individual rights and liberties. - J.Z., 19.4.89 & 19.7.00, 28.12.08, 12.5.12. - VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: Government consists of acts done by human beings; and if the agents, or those who choose the agents, or those to whom the agents are responsible, or the lookers-on whose opinion ought to influence and check all these, are mere masses of ignorance, stupidity, and baleful prejudice, every operation of government will go wrong.” - J. S. Mill, Representative Government, II, 1861. - Much more so than in cases where all participants are like-minded and act only voluntarily and at their own risk and expense. - J.Z., 16.10.88. - That is practicable only under full experimental freedom, which here would require full exterritorial autonomy or panarchism. - J.Z., 18.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government does not grow by seizing our freedoms, but by assuming our responsibilities.” – Michael Cloud. - I think that, as a territorial government it does all too much of both. Anyhow, freedom, responsibilities and rights cannot be clearly separated. Our rights and our freedom are our own responsibilities, too. - J.Z., 22. 11. 06. – DIS., FREEDOM, RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: Government dreams! Government is dreaming and tries even to monopolize dreaming by forcing its own few mad or too unimaginative or all too imaginative dreams upon us, while preventing most of our own beautiful dreams from becoming reality by our own free efforts. The solution, as Solneman stated, consists in allowing everyone the government, or the free society, of his own dreams. - J.Z., 4.6.82 & 27.7.00. - GOVERNMENT IS DREAMING & SPREADING DREAMS! OR, RATHER, NIGHTMARES IN PRACTICE!

GOVERNMENT: Government efficiency is a contradiction in terms. - J.Z., 1973 - At least as far as territorial governments are concerned, most of them are “over-sized, oversexed, over-paid and over here”. (*) To become efficient a government would have to be deprived of all its territorial, monopolistic, coercive, centralistic powers over involuntary members. Then just another freely competing service business would remain. We can stand that or ignore it, defect from it, boycott it and hire another and better service system. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – (*) Englishmen on Americans in England during WWII. - EFFICIENCY, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government exists for the purpose of keeping the peace, for the purpose of compelling us to settle our disputes by arbitration instead of settling them by blows, for the purpose of compelling us to supply our wants, by industry instead of supplying them by rapine.” - T. B. Macaulay, Civil Disabilities of the Jews, 1831, EDINBURGH REVIEW, Jan. 1831.) – Territorial governments exist to keep peoples at war with each other, to induce disputes (under the old maxim of "divide and rule"), to impose and maintain an all too long, uncertain and costly as well as more or less arbitrary “justice” system, to enable special interest groups, favored by the government, to loot us rather than provide us with competitively supplied services at market prices. - If he still lived, would he now uphold that opinion? - J.Z., 16.10.85, 12.7.86 & 15.7.00, 30.11.10. – DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Government grows, taxpayers groan.” - Viv Forbes, letter to THE AUSTRALIAN, reproduced in PROGRESS PARTY NEWSLETTER. - Worse still, government governs! - J.Z., 28.8.79. – And it does so territorially, with all the wrongs and damages that implies! – Make government membership and taxation voluntary! Then taxpayers can only complain about their own choices and can do something themselves to change them. - J.Z., 28.12.08. – Instead of groaning, marching, protesting, demonstrating, taxpayers should secede or resist, starting with well organized tax strikes, including the refusal to accept the government paper money, with its inherent inflation tax and confiscatory or tribute levy nature. – J.Z., 15.12.11. – They should issue their own, sound and competing market monies instead, which would solve many of the present economic problems.  – J.Z., 13.5.12. - TAXES, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, VOLUNTARY STATE OR SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Government has been a fossil; it should be a plant.” - R. W. Emerson, The Young American, 1844. – Territorial government is a plant or conspiracy plan to inculpate, oppress and exploit all of us. - J.Z., 16.10.85 & 15.7.00. – Territorial government is still a parasitic growth. It should be squeezed into a flat and dry fossil. - J.Z., 16.10.85, 12.7.86 & 15.7.00. – The notion that a State and its subjects and government do form - and can rightly form - a single entity, which none of the subjects can unilaterally, rightly and freely dissolve, as far as their own affairs is concerned, by seceding from it, is the basic and quite wrongful idea of all territorial States. – J.Z., 29.12.08. – Even as a plant, finally reduced to a rare one, it belongs into a botanical garden rather than interfering with our lives, if we prefer to manage our own affairs ourselves. – J.Z., 15.12.11. Is the State an organism or a flawed and wrongful construction? – J.Z., 13.5.12. - FOSSIL OR LIVING PLANT? TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, ENFORCED “UNITY” OR “TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY”, DIS., STATISM - DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Government has been defined … as the subjection of the 'non-invasive' individual to a will not his own.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, LIBERTY, 156/4. - All non-invasive persons to have the right to complete self-government. - J.Z., 21.11.82. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government has gone wild. [Wasn’t it always – as far as territorial governments are concerned? – J.Z., 1.1.09.] Today, in the land we like to think of as the most free on earth, government at all levels reaches into every level of our lives. It controls and it coerces, it bullies and it brags, it browbeats and it blusters. It grows and it grows, feeding without restraint on the energy, the talents, the hopes, the fears and the futures of the people. - Endless arguing about, or even rigorous voting for "better" government has not and can not alter the fact that it is the nature of government, the state itself that has shown itself in such a dark light. For it is in the nature of the state and of government, as it has developed, to do all of the things that it now is doing - regardless of which partisans, which technicians operate it at any given point.” - Karl Hess, The Lawless State, p.3. – When there are millions of different laws, regulations and interpretations of them then those in power can, act, in practice, largely as if none of them existed. [The profession of lawyers and the absence of a clear cut declaration of all first principles, in form of a comprehensive declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties, sees to it that all too many points remain in doubt for all too many decades. They preserve their “bread and butter” cases and can do so easily enough because they are strongly represented in all parliaments. – J.Z., 13.5.12.] Only their territorial power is then not in doubt. The lawless State and outlaw state of affairs is one that is all too full of territorial laws and also all too full of lawless or discretionary power. – How many laws do we break without even knowing them or having the chance to even read them once in our lives? – Even the legislators do often pass them without reading and discussing them, just following party discipline, merely upon mentioning their title, which is, often, intentionally misleading, like e.g. the “Patriot Act”. - J.Z., 1.1.09, 13.5.12. – Were there ever “tame” and quite “domesticated” governments? – J.Z., 15.12.11. - THE LAWLESS STATE, THE NATURE OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, WILD, DIS., Q.

GOVERNMENT: Government has hardened into a tyrannical monopoly, and the human race in general becomes as absolute property as beasts in the plow.” - John Dickinson: Letter to Thomas McKean, Nov. 22, 1802. - In "free America" it started as early as that! - J.Z., 15.7.00. - TYRANNY, MONOPOLISM, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government has no place in or responsibility for welfare or prosperity or religion or education.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, Nov. 70. - As exterritorial, voluntary and competing governments they would conduct any business that their voluntary customers or clients would entrust them with. Limited government is ideal only for limited government advocates. Any other kind of government or society can, likewise, be ideal, but only in the eyes of their beholders - their voluntary members. - J.Z., 3.8.00. – Territorial government has no place at all in a truly civilized society. – J.Z., 15.12.11, 13.5.12.

GOVERNMENT: government holds by definition a monopoly on the use of retaliatory force, yet its monopoly position can be maintained only by the initiation of force against any agency attempting to offer similar services. This particular argument centers around the coercive nature of government vis-à-vis would be competitors.” - Don Franzen, Reply to Peter Crosby, THE PERSONALIST. – Private security services are operating already with more manpower than the official police – but merely with protective rather than retaliative power. – J.Z., 28.11.10. - COERCION, FORCE & MONOPOLY, COMPETING GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALIS

GOVERNMENT: Government is a coercive monopoly, which has assumed power over and certain responsibilities for every human being within the geographical area which it claims as its own. - Morris and Linda Tannehill, The Market for Liberty, p.32. - Most of them respect the authority of the Pope over Catholics. Most of them also respect degrees of diplomatic immunity and remnants of personal law. And they do recognize that their sovereignty does not cover the high seas but is there confined, as it should be in "their" countries, to the own property and voluntary members. Nor is exclusive territoriality claimed absolutely for space, the universe and not even for air space or near space. If one were to extend territorial claims from the centre of the earth into space, then, due to the rotation of the earth around its own axle and around the sun, and the rotation of our galaxy, each territorial country could lay claim to much of the universe, which is obviously absurd. The absurdity of territorial borders on the surface and a bit below and above is not as obvious but just as real - and it should be judged and condemned by its results. The image of "space-ship" Earth will help towards this aim. - J.Z., 3.8.00. – Are there any rightful monopoly powers that go beyond self-ownership and other private property rights? – J.Z., 13.5.12. –p TERRITORIALISM, SPACE

GOVERNMENT: Government is a contrivance of human wisdom to provide for human wants. Men have a right that these wants should be provided for by this wisdom.” - Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790. - Territorial government is, rather, a contrivance of human foolishness to prevent the satisfaction of our wants. - J.Z., 30.10.85. - Rather: Territorial governments are contrivances of the foolish and prejudiced to prevent the satisfaction of all human wants that are rightful and rational. - J.Z., 11.10.02. - Government is rather a contrivance of human ignorance and foolishness to prevent the fulfillment of human wants by free, competing and cooperative enterprises. Men have a right to have their wants provided for, in free exchanges, by the wisdom that only such enterprises can release. - J.Z., 16.10.85, 12.7.86 & 15.7.00. - As Professor Galambos remarked: “If you want a job done and well done, hire a capitalist.” - J.Z., 13.7.00. – Or hire a competing government or voluntary society for the services that you want. – J.Z., 30.11.10. – Most of the consumer goods and services that we do need or want are, actually, not produced or provided by governments – but many unwanted services are, quite legally and “financed” by coercive taxation. – 13.5.12. - WISDOM & HUMAN WANTS & NEEDS, DIS., STATISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Government is a destroyer by nature.” - Taylor Caldwell, A Pillar of Iron, p.116. - Panarchies, by their nature, would tend to be or become creators. They would be conducting numerous free experiments with their volunteers. And some of these would be successful and would be widely imitated, so progress would be assured as it is in science and technology. – They might start with mistakes and failures but, sooner or later they will be more and more successful, by making the changes required by their remaining volunteers. Rulers of territories and their bureaucrats are not so accessible for improvement suggestions from their subjects. - J.Z., 3.8.00, 29.12.08. – They have nothing to offer than more of their dangerous or at least expensive power games. – J.Z., 30.11.10. – However, panarchies also offer scope for conservatives and traditionalists as well as atavistic experiments among their volunteers. – J.Z., 13.5.12. - A DESTROYER, PANARCHISM OR VOLUNTARISM & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.” – Robert LeFevre (1911-1986), political theorist, educator, journalist and author. - Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.” - L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach. – Territorialism can’t cure territorialism. – J.Z., 1.1.09. - Government is a disease that claims to be its own cure.” – Source? – That is particularly true for all territorial governments. – J.Z., 15.12.11. - Compare: “Government is the problem, not the solution.”

GOVERNMENT: Government is a group of people who sell retributive justice to the inhabitants of a limited geographical area at monopolistic prices.” - Robert LeFevre. - In the majority of cases it does not even deliver that. - J.Z., 19.7.00. - It also sells aggression and charges and forcefully collects from its victims a high price for this disservice. - J.Z., 20.4.89. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is a misnomer for any territorial regime. It should always be called "misgovernment". - J.Z., 6.7.73 & 2.8.00. - GOVERNMENT IS MISGOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Government is a people business.” - Kerry Chikarovski, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 8.12.98. - Government is an anti-people and territorially monopolized, centralized and coercive anti-business and anti-enterprise organization, a kind of political Mafia. - J.Z., 8/1992, 27.12.08. - Compare the old saying: Beware of the Greeks carrying gifts! – PEOPLE, WELFARE STATES, BRIBING THE PEOPLE WITH THEIR OWN MONEY, LESS THE “MIS-MANGEMENT” FEES.

GOVERNMENT: Government is a shared myth. When the myth dies, the government dies.” - Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune, Putnam, 411pp. – Totalitarian governments are so powerful that they can long survive the death of their myths. But then they have never been sufficiently confronted by panarchies (exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers), as alternatives to them. – J.Z., 24.12.08, 30.11.10. – STATISM, DIS., TERRITORIALISM, TOTALITARIANISM, MYTHS, PREJUDICES, IDEOLOGIES

GOVERNMENT: Government is a social institution for legalizing the use of initiated force in human relationships.” - Dale Green, LE FEVRE'S JOURNAL, Winter 76. - Rather: Territorial governments are ANTI-SOCIAL institutions for they legalize the use of aggressive force against peaceful and honest dissenters. - J.Z., 29.7.00. – INITIATION OF FORCE OR COERCION, COMPULSION, TERRITORIALISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Government is a suitable, justified and also self-imposed punishment only for statists. All others deserve the degrees of liberty that they want for themselves. No territorial government should be inflicted upon them. They should have, individually and in their own volunteer communities, the option of full exterritorial autonomy under personal law systems, those which they prefer for themselves, however flawed these may be in the eyes of others. – We all start off as babes. Let them learn from their own experiences. - J.Z., 3.10.88 & 18.7.00, 31.12.08. – By free individual and minority group choices we would not again arrive at territorial governments. – J.Z., 30.11.10,  15.12.11. - TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is an association of men who do violence to the rest of us.” - Leo Tolstoy. - That applies especially and by their very nature to territorial governments. The differences of exterritorially autonomous ones, of volunteers only, would make in almost all spheres, do still have to become widely enough recognized and appreciated, even among most freedom lovers and freedom writers. - J.Z., 26. 11. 06. - VIOLENCE, INTOLERANCE, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is an immoral, unnecessary, vast, wasteful, expensive, compulsory and monopolistic territorial organization for all those who do not want it for themselves and who would and could supply or hire those services which they do want for themselves at a better quality and much more cheaply, once they are freed to do so. - J.Z., 19.12.93, 10.7.00, 30.11.10, 13.5.12. - PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is an unrealistic, unworkable, utopian dream. It has been so demonstrated and proved countless times.” - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism, p.10. - Correct for territorial governments. Incorrect for exterritorial, voluntaristic and competing ones. - Actually, many forms of anarchism are also, as prescription for all of mankind, quite unrealistic and unworkable utopian dreams. - The majority of statists cannot be wished away, outlawed or simply exterminated. - Let them do their things TO THEMSELVES. - Save only your OWN lives from territorial statism. - J.Z., 1.8.00. - A UTOPIAN DREAM. PANARCHISM ALLOWS EACH TO MAKE HIS OWN CHOICES FOR HIS OWN LIFE, FROM EXTREME GOVERNMENTALISM – FOR HIMSELF - TO EXTREME INDIVIDUALISM.

GOVERNMENT: Government is crime in progress.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 12/85. – Correct for almost all territorial governments, except the very smallest. Incorrect for all freely competing governments or societies of volunteers: panarchies. – J.Z., 27.12.08. – PANARCHISM, CRIME

GOVERNMENT: Government is either a government of fools by fools or a government of fools by smart men, in the interests of the smart men. - J.Z., 5.6.92. - The ultimate purpose of "good shepherds" is obviously not the well-being of their flocks or herds. - J.Z., 22.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, PROTECTION, RULERS, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Government is like a gun. When one is handy and a man is frightened, he will reach for it. And the men in government, knowing this, make themselves willing tools of coercion and violence, contending thereby that they are preventing violence from arising.” - Robert LeFevre, The Power of Congress, p.78. – Any territorially imposed uniformity will always bring about conflicts. We need power control and government control rather than gun control. We need to control and direct our guns, starting with all our intellectual “weapons” and ammunition, against territorial government controls and powers – until we have already become free to secede from them and their powers are abolished, to that extent, except over their remaining voluntary victims. - J.Z., 1.8.00, 29.12.08. - COERCION & VIOLENCE, TERRITORIALISM, LAWS, ARMED DEFENCE OF GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, IDEAL MILITIAS, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is loaded with so many functions and functionaries and so few positive incentives and so inefficient disincentives that it cannot function as intended. Some hold that this applies even to the most limited government. For the provision of protection, defence and justice are not just simple functions that even government bureaucrats could simply solve. Many different solutions to these problems are possible and wanted by different groups of people and from all these even limited governments are least likely to pick only the consistently libertarian ones. By them adopting monopolistic, coercive, uniform and territorial solutions for all people in a territory, the limited government advocates reveal that all too much authoritarianism and statism remains in their minds. - J.Z., 4.9.87 & 19.7.00. – LIMITED GOVERNMENTS & TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is morally wrong.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.232. – Territorial government inevitably so. Exterritorially autonomous governments over volunteers – not necessarily so, since their rule, more than the rule of any territorial government, is based upon consent, individually given, by all but criminals with victims. – J.Z., 27.12.08. – MORALITY, PANARCHISM, CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Government is no more than a place for securing anonymity while one's most vicious and destructive thoughts are acted out by others, and the individual, secretly applauding, can deny responsibility.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Winter 75. - Correct for territorial governments, especially those dominated by special interest groups. In some of them majorities or even minorities, protected by governments, are quite open in their persecution of minorities and individuals. - J.Z., 28.7.00. – It should be obvious that one should be quite free from such associations and also free to join or establish alternative institutions to them. – J.Z., 1.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government is not - cannot be - defined by the "services" it provides. Historically, its unique characteristic has not been that it has made roads, delivered mail, swept streets, pushed papers or killed crooks. It's fundamental characteristic has been the means it has used to exist, not the things it has done.” - Michael E. Coughlin, DANDELION, Winter 78. – SERVICES, COERCION, COMPULSION, VIOLENCE, POWER, TERRITORIALISM, INSTEAD OF VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: government is not government unless it monopolizes its business within its boundaries.” - Stephen Tracy Byington, quoted by Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.189. - In other words, territorial governments are territorial governments but that does not make exterritorial and competing governments with voluntary members only and exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities impossible, wrong or useless. - Rather than arguing about definitions, we should consider undesirable and desirable characteristics, assuming that they can have both of them. Defining rightful and voluntary and freely competing alternatives out of existence or denying that they could exist, just because they are extremely rare now and not frequently reported by historians, is not a very scientific approach. Even the present governments permit a lot of international law to apply in their territory and gave some opportunities to private security forces and arbitration systems. Moreover, they permit a degree of independence to international corporations and churches and various other boards and authorities, although still subjecting them to more or less despotic laws and restrictions. Remnants of personal laws still exist under the dominant territorial law systems and fill thick commentary books. To the extent that any private enterprise or other private activity is still free and voluntary, it also constitutes exterritorial self-government, although only on a limited level. - J.Z., 29.7.00. - MONOPOLY & TERRITORIALISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Government is not reason, it is not eloquence - it is force! Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” Attributed to George Washington. - Frank J. Wilstach, A Dictionary of Similes, 2d ed., p.526 (1924). - This can be found with minor variations in wording and in punctuation, and with "fearful" for "troublesome," in George Seldes, The Great Quotations, p. 727 (1966). Unverified. - In his most recent book of quotations, The Great Thoughts (1985), Seldes says, p. 441, col. 2, footnote, “this paragraph although credited to the 'Farewell' [address] cannot be found in it. Lawson Hamblin, who owns a facsimile, and Horace Peck, America's foremost authority on quotations, informed me this paragraph is apocryphal." - To assume that a whole country and all its people could be governmentally run by a handful of men assembled in some form of government or the other is already very irresponsible, proof of ignorance and foolishness and lack of historical knowledge of all such attempts. Such people would be certified as insane, if the medics responsible for this would dare to do so. - J.Z., 30.7.00. - REPORT ON FREEDOM, 10/74, commented on Washington's remark: "But why get burned to find out?"

– I for one appreciate the process by which an original remark is gradually changed into the current and often much better worded proverb or “quote”, and can only hope that this will also happen to many to most of the entries in this collection. – J.Z. - POWER, DISCRETION, REASON, FORCE VS. REASON, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is not the doctor. It is the disease. We shall never rid our society of its ills until we realize that what is wrong with our system of government is not the party that happens to be in power: it is the incapacity of government as such to do many of the things that we entrust to it.” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, from the cover. – “…. government is not the doctor, but the disease.”, p.5. - He does, alas, not confine his remark to territorial governments and examines the exterritorial alternatives. Instead, he still assumes that limited governments CAN do the things that are entrusted to them. Only within exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers could they do as much or as little as they can do and at least subjectively and for a while satisfy their followers and subscribers. But even if a quite ideal government were possible, had been designed and proposed, we should never expect that all people would now or soon or ever be willing to subscribe to it. To force them under such a regime would be a despotic act with harmful consequences, which could lead to something like a religious war or crusade by the true believers in statism against such an ideal society. Why risk that, rather than satisfying oneself with any degree of libertarianism for libertarians at their particular level of enlightenment and striving also for liberty of all statists to realize among themselves and at their expense and risk any degree of statism that they do still prefer for themselves? - J.Z., 29.7.00, 13.5.12. - Freely competing or quite voluntary governments, societies and communities do not threaten anyone, because they raise and impose no territorial monopoly claims. – J.Z., 1.1.09. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, THE DISEASE

GOVERNMENT: Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.” - Ronald Reagan, quoted in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 21.1.95. - So, why did he run for President? Why did he become and remain one of the main problem makers? Why didn't he become an anarchist or at least a clear-cut libertarian or very limited government advocate? Was he under the delusion that one man in that position could do much to reverse the statist trends? - J.Z., 7.7.00. - THE PROBLEM, NOT SOLUTION, PRESIDENTS, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, LEADERSHIP, REPRESENTATIVES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: government is not within society, but outside of it.” - Rousseau, quoted in JLS, Winter 80, page 82. – Only governments with voluntary subjects only and confined to exterritorial autonomy can be classed as genuine societies rather than despotic organizations, even when formally they are democracies or republics. – J.Z., 29.11.10. - VS. SOCIETY

GOVERNMENT: Government is obsolete.” - Buckminster Fuller, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 8/77. - Fullerism may be obsolete, too, but unobjectionable as an individual or group choice and practice. - J.Z., 25.7.00. - So we should set every single of its involuntary customers free to reject it, buy another one for himself, withdraw from it, ignore it, secede from it and do his own things for and to himself, together with like-minded volunteers, without having to change his residence or job or anything else. - J.Z., 28.7.00. – Nuclear weapons were wrongful, irrational and obsolete right from the beginning, and yet our great “protectors” stockpiled them for decades and kept them in readiness. And we have organized ourselves, all too uncritically in territorial warfare States – for centuries and still, in most cases, do not contemplate replacing them by rightful and harmless institutions that we do really want for our very varied aims. – J.Z., 30.12. 08. – OBSOLESCENCE, EXTERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM & CORRESPONDING GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE VS. ALL TERRITORIAL WARFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: Government is organized crime, prejudice and foolishness. - J.Z., 13.3.95. - "Government IS organized crime." - Anonymous, The Libertarian Yearbook 72, p. 44. – TERRITORIALISM, CRIMINAL TURFS, COERCIVE MONOPOLISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is organized ignorance, prejudice and stupidity combined with wrongful, senseless, excessive, oppressive, murderous, destructive and monopolistic territorial power. - J.Z., 21.11.98 & 9.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is organized irrationality and compulsory chaos but also systematic exploitation of the many for the benefit of a few or of a few for the supposed benefit of the many, under the pretence that this would all be for their own good, in the public or national interest, for the common good. – J.Z., 6.3.07, 16.10.07. - GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIAL ONES

GOVERNMENT: Government is organized irrationality to insanity, destructive violence and even murderousness in all too many cases and for all too long and this on much too large a scale. It is also the biggest liar, confidence trickster, robber, monopolist and exploiter. So why should we put up with it any longer? - J.Z., 4.7.99 & 10.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is organized, legalized, nationalized crime.” - Mark Tier, n.d. - Territorial government, that is. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – Obviously, no one should be forced to remain subject to any crime syndicate. – J.Z., 1.12.10. - CRIME, LAWS, NATIONALIZATION, TERRITOIRALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is rather an evil desired by some than a necessary evil accepted as such by all or desired by all. Full freedom does not, so far, inspire enough people with a similar desire for the opportunities, liberties and rights that it offers and so we continue to fill the State's coffers and its offices with sacrifices of our properties, earnings, liberties, rights and lives. Ignorance is not bliss. It's a disaster and, combined with territorial statism, it establishes territory-sized disaster areas for many years, sometimes for many decades. - J.Z., 12.7.78 & 21.7.00. - EVIL, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is supposed to fight evil but "government itself proves to be evil." - Woody Welling, THE CONNECTION 116, p.72.

GOVERNMENT: Government is that mechanism whereby many citizens get part of all of their bills paid for by other people.” - JAG, Aug. 22, 72.

GOVERNMENT: Government is that system whereby some citizens try to live at everybody else's expense.” - JAG, Aug. 22, 1972.

GOVERNMENT: Government is the assumption of authority over a given area and all within it, exercised generally for the double purpose of more complete oppression of its subjects and extension of its boundaries.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, Instead of a Book, 1893. - They do grant at least diplomats and visiting leaders exterritorial autonomy. Apart from this, some remnants of personal law still do exist in some countries and thick juridical volumes on this can be found in special bookshops for legal texts. - Tucker, too, did not fully explore, discuss and explain the panarchistic alternative, although he made many relevant remarks. - J.Z., 13.7.00. - GEOGRAPHICAL, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: government is the biggest interest group of all, relentlessly grasping for more power.” - Jim Powell, LFB, August 93, page 7. – All groups have special interests but only territorial governments have power over dissenters. – J.Z., 29.11.10. - INTEREST GROUPS, VESTED INTERESTS, LOBBIES, SPECIAL INTERESTS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is the biggest thief of all.” - Anderson/ Miles, Constitution, p.27. – It is more an embezzler (indirect taxes & inflation) and a robber (direct taxation) than a thief. – J.Z., 24.12.08. - CRIME, THEFT, ROBBERY, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Government Is The Cause - Not The Solution.” - Bumper sticker mentioned in LIBERTAS REVIEW, Sum. 78.

GOVERNMENT: Government is the coercion through threat and force of the many by the few.” - Prof. Richard Taylor of the University of Rochester, New York, in Freedom, Anarchy and the Law, Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, 1973, p.94. - COERCION, THREAT, FORCE

GOVERNMENT: Government is the control of one or more persons by one or more other persons, and is fundamentally vicious, being founded on assumption and upheld by force.” - Henry Addis, quoted by Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.264.

GOVERNMENT: Government is the disease for which it claims to be the cure. - Rany Sides, in a letter, 10.9.75.

GOVERNMENT: Government is the most regular, successful and large-scale payroll and bank robber of all. Just look e.g. at your bank account for its deposit and withdrawal taxes, upon incomes remaining, after they have been taxed before, over and over, many times, by uncounted numbers of taxes. Other leeches, and parasites have nothing on them. The most famous other criminals, robbers and murderers are pikers compared with them. - Have you ever tried to estimate how much you have paid them already during your life, in direct and indirect taxes and how much your living standard was reduced as a result of their multiple interventions, monopolies, regulations, licences and controls? Even the "tax-freedom-day" determinations are not sufficiently measuring all the robberies and poverty and slavery promoting actions of governments. - J.Z., 17.7.00, 2.2.02. - TAXATION, THEFT, ROBBERY, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Government is the natural enemy of the people.” - Poul Anderson, The Avatar, 122. - VS. THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: Government is the problem and not the solution.” - Ascribed to Milton Friedman by Chuck. – “Government is the problem, not the solution.” - Bob Howard, in an AIR talk. – True for territorial governments, untrue for competing or voluntary governments and communities of volunteers, with their great extension of experimental freedom into spheres so far monopolized by territorial governments. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Government is the sole, permanent source of repression and waste.” - Wolf De Voon, De Facto Anarchy. - REPRESSION & WASTE

GOVERNMENT: Government is the worst disease. - J.Z., 14.8.74. - Admittedly, even cancer can kill tuberculosis or vice versa. But, unlike fire, it is a bad servant and a bad master. - J.Z., 18.11.78. - It is also a psycho-somatic disease. But its symptoms are real and painful. If we change our minds about territorial governments, the disease will disappear. - 30.7.00. – This kind of “we” requires a sufficiently large and enlightened minority. – J.Z., 1.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government is, abstractedly taken, an evil, an usurpation upon the private judgment and individual conscience of mankind.” - William Godwin, An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, 1793. - Only panarchistic governments or free societies would not fall under this stricture. - J.Z., 12.7.86. - A flaw in this remark by Godwin is in the last part. On the one side he speaks of the private judgment of individuals and on the other side of the conscience not of individuals but of an abstract notion, that of "mankind". Only individuals can have consciences. A combined conscience of mankind is an illusion. Too many different and more or less conscientious, and diverse moral and ethical notions are involved, which sociologists have described in some detail, and which have led many to despair and to assert that no uniform ethical system will ever be subscribed to and acted upon by all human beings. This has led many even to denying the existence of rights and liberties, morality and ethics altogether. Whatever limited common traits can be found in consciences of many people all over the world, but by far not all of them, are e.g. limited opposition to imposed privileges, racism, national borders, conscription into armies (not yet, extensively, to educational slavery and tax slavery), open despotism, imperialism, conquests, occupation forces, religious intolerance, suppression of freedom and speech. But complete codes of individual rights and liberties demand many more rights and liberties for individuals, at least the sufficiently rational ones among them. While no complete individual rights declaration, if it had already been provided and could be provided now (seeing that more individual rights and liberties might still be discovered and ought to be included in future declarations), we could and should at least agree upon the panarchistic and non-compromising "compromise" that would allow all to live under the moral, legal or customary or adopted system of their own individual free choice, while allowing none of these individuals and of their voluntary associations and competing governments, coexisting only under full exterritorial autonomy, to impose any of their constitutions, rules and judgments upon any non-members, criminals with victims excepted, i.e., those who invaded the claimed and practised rights and liberties of their members. For other international law cases various international juridical and arbitration avenues and institutions would be agreed upon. I would express Godwin's idea rather thus: Territorial government is an usurpation upon those individual rights and liberties known, wanted and practised by individuals in their free and exterritorially autonomous associations, in which they combined their individual sovereignties to whatever extent they wanted to, practising as many or as few liberties and rights among themselves and to whatever extent they can agree upon among themselves. No outside individual or government has a right to interfere with them, even in cases where their own ethical standards would be objectively superior than those of the members of the community that they might wish to interfere with, to uphold, not only in their own communities but in others as well whatever they perceive to be the ideal. People have the right to make their own mistakes at their own expense and risk. Even the most well-meaning, rational and ethical interference with the affairs of other free individuals would still be an invasion or aggression, which could and should be rightfully resisted. - There is only one thing which outsiders must insist upon, as a practice in all volunteer communities, and that is that they do remain volunteer communities, i.e., permit individual and group secessions, and that they do not interfere with the exterritorial autonomy of other free societies or competing governments. - To assure that, a sufficiently enlightened, trained and organized as well as rightfully armed volunteer militia should be established, one that would protect nothing but individual rights, to the extent that they are rights and claimed by members of voluntary communities. E.g., it would not fight for freedom from internal censorship for orthodox Catholics. - J.Z., 18.7.00, 13.5.12. - PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is, at every level, a means to gather in the labor and wealth of the people, and then instruct the people about new restrictions or monitoring of their lives.” – Jeff Baxter. - Under exterritorialism all such drawbacks, if any, would be self-chosen, self-imposed and self-financed. Only under territorialism would they be imposed upon dissenters. – J.Z., 3.1.08. – PANARCHISM, MEDDLING, INTERVENTIONISM, COMPULSION, COERCION, TAXATION & CONTROLS

GOVERNMENT: Government isn't a good way to solve problems. …. government is concerned mostly with self-perpetuation and is subject to fantastic ideas about its own capabilities.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.232. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government isn't even 1/10th as good, able, rightful and useful as it pretends to be and is popularly believed to be. - J.Z., 19.12.93 & 10.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government isn't reduced by reducing the number of MP's and Senators. Not even if they were reduced to one or two persons. - The whole idea is absurd to assume that discussions between a few people and the kinds of agreements they manage to achieve for themselves, temporarily, in form of law bills, could be a sufficient substitute for continuous free discussions and free actions among free people. - J.Z., 24.5.91 & 22.7.00. – PARLIAMENTS, REPRESENTATION, VOTING, DEMOCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Government isn’t a solution, it’s the problem.” – One of many slightly different versions by many different people. - SELF-GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government isn't the solution, it's the problem.” - David Friedman, in Manifesto, 1970, p.55. - I would just add: "territorial": Territorial government isn't the solution, it's the problem. - J.Z., 2.8.00. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: government itself cannot be instituted by a majority vote or by the decision of a leader, since the authority of a leader of a majority is the very thing being instituted. Hence the institution of government itself, together with the delegation of authority to an elected leader or to a majority, must be accomplished by the UNANIMOUS CONSENT of the parties involved. …” - Mortimer J. Adler. - Unfortunately, he did not conclude from this upon individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers. - J.Z., 15.7.00. - CONSENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

GOVERNMENT: Government itself is an awesome strategy for avoiding pain and conflict." - M. Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, 210. - I would rather say that it is a terrifying system for imposing unjustified and unnecessary pain and starting and continuing conflicts, because of its present main characteristics: territorialism, compulsory membership, sovereignty of rulers over ruled, centralization, imposed uniformity and the immense costs of this abuse. - J.Z., 8.4.89.

GOVERNMENT: Government keeps doing what it would jail me for doing.” - A Byington sticker. – Well, it does keep all of us in nation-wide prisons under its own prison rules. – It does not allow us to escape from it via individual or group secessions. - J.Z., 1.12.10. - CRIME, INDIVIDUALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government lies, through the CPI and in a thousand other ways. No government would last long if it knew and revealed all truths on public affairs.” - J.Z., 10.7.89 & 18.7.00. – Regarding its monetary and financial despotism and all of the wrongs in its defence program, it probably does not know any better. Not does it seriously want to know how to go beyond its usual errors, prejudices and wrong assumptions. – Its territorialism and monopolism precludes free experimentation among volunteers, to get at those truths, which it habitually overlooks. For instance, for 4,000 years it remained stuck in price control notions. When it comes to genuine economics it remains illiterate, with a will. – The only thing it really knows is how to gain and retain territorial power for a while. To that power every territorial government is addicted and to keep it up it is prepared to do almost anything, e.g. build and keep a stockpile of mass extermination devices. - J.Z., 1.12.10. - DISHONESTY, PUBLICITY, SECRECY

GOVERNMENT: Government malfunctions as a problem-solver for individuals because it consists of thousands of elected officials, each of whom tries to please a wide variety of groups whose aims are conflicting. …” - R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, 66. - Territorial government must fail for the same reasons that State Socialism fails. It does not release everyone's creative energies. It does not utilize free competition, free exchange, property rights, profit incentives, the price system, the market, free contracts, free initiatives and enterprises, free experimentation, but prevents, stops, regulates or discourages all of them, while imposing its own, single, territorial and all too flawed experiments, from whose failures it seems always unable to learn, no matter how often they are repeated. Governments must be reduced to nothing more than free enterprises that competitively offer special services or package deals at free market prices to sovereign consumers. This would stop most of their wrongs and abuses. - J.Z., 25.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government means a rigged, monopolistic and coercive market for certain important services, for which people are charged by general levies or tax slavery, regardless of whether they want and use some of these services or not and of the degree of their usage. Only men with power over others could get away with such a "service" and "payment" system. - J.Z., 19.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COMPULSION

GOVERNMENT: Government means allowing other people to run your life or, rather, to mismanage it - to their advantage. - J.Z., 3.10.88. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government means fraud, coercion and impoverishment.  E.g., its superannuation or pension schemes. - J.Z., 7.10.89. - With the anti-economic interventions of statism and remaining and withheld as well as mismanaged and subsidized State socialist "properties" and "disservices, they do prevent most honest people from becoming millionaires through their own honest work and savings, investment or insurance arrangements, at least in their old age, if they desire to become as rich and are free to take the necessary steps to achieve this, or through their share in the State's capital assets. - J.Z., 18.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government means organized and mutual plunder, bribery, intervention and oppression - under all kinds of camouflages, pretences and excuses, instead of profitable, free production and exchange actions of and for desired services and goods, on a free and competitive market for all goods and services. - J.Z., 11.8.87 & 19.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government methods always end in the subservience of the original object to a number of secondary and consequential desires or purposes. (*) We set out to house the poor and end by paying the builders twice the price for which they used to house the rich. Then we discover that the slums remain and that we have really impoverished society as a whole for the benefit of the lower middle class.” - Ernest Benn, Honest Doubt, p.206. - (*) That does also apply to a large extent to the dozens to hundreds of forms of hyphenated anarchisms. – See: - my still very incomplete description of the anarchist spectrum of hyphenated forms of anarchism and their very opposites. - J.Z., 12.7.00, 13.5.12. - GOVERNMENT METHODS, HOUSING POLICY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government must be classified as an unnecessary evil.” - L. K. Samuels, Who's Afraid of No Government? In his: Facets of Liberty, p.125. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government must be killed by ideas; not by force. - Carl Watner, on Spooner, REASON, 3/73. - Some regimes, like that of Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, etc., cannot be countered by sweet reasoning and better ideas alone, although these, too, should play a very large role in the struggle against any territorial dictatorship. The reasoning and better ideas should be directed to the primary victims, the subjects, soldiers and policemen of these regimes. It would not be impossible or difficult to offer them better deals than their dictators can and will offer them. Various governments in exile, representing all the diversities suppressed by a dictatorship, could and should be recognized and already be free to practise their beliefs, exterritorially, for and among all past refugees and deserters and could and should offer themselves as rightful alternatives for those still to be liberated. When such a program is consistently applied, well publicized and sufficiently understood, hardly any military campaigns will be necessary. A regime's military forces would either declare themselves neutral or rise or negotiate a separate peace or vote with their feet. Wars could then be reduced to mere police actions against a few remaining political criminals. Anarchists and libertarians are the only ones who could and should offer such a program. But, do they? - Their thinking remains largely addicted to territorialism, even to collective responsibility, as expressed in ABC mass murder devices, and so they do not arrive at a consistently libertarian defence and liberation and war prevention program. - They do not even love all libertarian ideas enough to systematically collect, archive and publish all of them, permanently and cheaply. They are better at stamp, music or coin collecting or collecting a few rare old libertarian writings in their private libraries, or adding to their movie collection on disks than putting all freedom texts on a large disk. With a single one to 3 TB HD only a single disk might be required! [A 3TB one was offered in 2012 for as little as A$173. The whole Library of Congress would fit on 15 TBs! – Is it as useful as such a special library would be? - J.Z., 13.5.12.] I have still to find people who find that idea attractive enough to be prepared to do something about it. At most they put some of their own favorite freedom texts on a disks or online. Thus they don't get the whole job done. - All freedom ideas, arguments, facts and references must become fully mobilized, rather than left more or less buried, among other things through copyrights claims, and all too muich much dispersed and widely unknown, even to members of the freedom movement. - J.Z., 3.8.00, 29.12.08, 13.5.12. - ENDED THROUGH IDEAS RATHER THAN FORCE ONLY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY ON A DISC.

GOVERNMENT: government must be restricted to those activities, which any one of its citizens might rightfully pursue; for if the individual have not the right, how shall the government obtain it save by creating some supposed right out of nothing?” - Jackson Pemberton, THE FREEMAN, June 1976, p.337. - The term "its citizen" is loaded. It implies territorialism and people as property and indicates the lack of status of people, or lack of individual sovereignty by the non-recognition and suppression of individual secessionism and of exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. -  J.Z., 24.7.00. - INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government must disappear.” - Bliss, Encyclopaedia of Social Reform, article on William Godwin. - Only territorial government must disappear. Without territorialism all governments become just some competing and voluntary associations. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Government never has and never can humanely and effectively manage men's affairs. Liberty is the view that each man is the absolute owner of his life. All social actions should be voluntary.” - Karl Hess, The Death of Politics, PLAYBOY MAGAZINE, 1969. – TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, LIBERTY VS. COMPULSION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Government never knows best. Its policy is much more likely to be based on the most popular errors, myths and prejudices. - J.Z., 22.5.83 & 25.7.00. – Territorial voting mobilizes these errors, myths and prejudices into political power. – J.Z., 1.12.10. – KNOWLEDGE, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, POLITICIANS, VOTING, REPRESENTATION, LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: Government never of itself furthered any enterprise, but by the alacrity with which it got out of its way.” - Henry David Thoreau, 1849. - PROMOTION, MEASURES, PROGRAMS, SUBSIDIES, LAISSEZ-FAIRE, FREE MARKETS, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE EXCHANGES, FREE TRADE, IN EVERY CREATIVE & PRODUCTIVE SPHERE! EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR VOLUNTEERS

GOVERNMENT: Government never stops where you want it to. You don't get to write the laws or administer them. When you give the government the power to do what you want it to do, it will expand that power into areas where you don't want it to go." - Harry Browne (1933-2006), Liberty A to Z: 872 Libertarian Soundbites You Can Use Right Now. – However, to my knowledge, he did not advocate individual and group secessionism, combined with exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers as a solution to this problem. Thereby dissenting individuals and groups could put a stop to it – as far as their own affairs are concerned. – Alas, I will, probably, see a copy of this book only once it is put online. – Many US libertarian titles do not reach the Australian second-hand book market, to whose cheap offers I am largely confined. All the libertarian A to Z books should become combined on a single disc. - J.Z., 1.12.10. - LAWS & LEGISLATION, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Government not only encourages over-centralization, it promotes gigantism and bureaucracy in business and other socio-economic structures. It also blocks competition, innovation and invention. It is the bane of the independent entrepreneurs.” - Joe Fulks, THE CONNECTION 122, p.80. - If entrepreneurs were really independent then governments would no longer be able to cause troubles for them. - J.Z., 18.7.00. – Over-centralization not only of businessmen and manufacturers! Without the statist territorial monopoly libertarian entrepreneurs as well as dissenting statist ones could freely establish exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, all only doing their own things for or to themselves, in peaceful competition with each other, in the optimal forms of decentralization as well as centralization. – Then the better communities would, gradually, drive out the inferior ones, because the inferior ones would no longer have any territorial monopoly and “legal tender” power for their political and bureaucratic machines. - J.Z., 1.12.10., 13.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Government of the people, by the people and for the people!" - Even Abraham Lincoln could not truly represent SUCH a government. All territorial government amounts to a few of the people lording it over the rest, mainly for the benefit of these few and their supporters. All this is done under the pretence that thereby all would be served as well as is possible and desirable. - J.Z., 3.7.93 & 10.7.00. – Another false assumption is involved: The population is equated with “the people”, instead of realizing that it is made up of an enormous variety of individual people and of groups of people, all of whom are denied genuine self-government and self-determination, which could only be realized via individual and group secessionism and the option of full exterritorial autonomy for all communities and societies of volunteers. Even those, who do not wish to discriminate at all between all their peaceful but otherwise very different members, are thus denied genuine self-government. – J.Z., 1.12.10. – VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government of the people, by the people, and for the people." Yeah. Trouble is, the three classes of people aren't the same.” - Poul Anderson, The Boat of a Million Years, p.336. – Let all dissenters sort themselves out – into their own kind of panarchies! – J.Z., 29.12.08, 13.5.12. - DEMOCRACY, PEOPLE, CLASSES, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government only if, when, where and for whom and by whom it is wanted and ordered and paid for and only as long for all of its members and subjects as they are, individually, willing to put up with it. - J.Z., 19.12.93 & 10.7.00, 13.5.12. - PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government or Freedom. - Karl Hess, The Lawless State, p.21. – To each the government or non-governmental society of his own free choice: Panarchism! – J.Z. - TERRITORIALISM VS. FREEDOM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Government originated in the attempt to find a form of association that defends and protects the person and property of each with the common force of all.” - J. J. Rousseau, Du contrat social, I, 1761. - All such attempts, on a uniform and territorial basis have failed and had to fail. - J.Z., 16.10.85. - Why should political scientists have given up searching for such a form of association after they discovered and developed territorial statism and learned to know its deplorable past and present? - J.Z., 18.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government ought to be as much open to improvement as anything which appertains to man, instead of which it has been monopolized from age to age, by the most ignorant and vicious of the human race. Need we any other proof of their wretched management, than the excess of debts and taxes with which every nation groans, and the quarrels into which they have precipitated the world?" - Thomas Paine, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – Does that clearly enough express that a territorial monopoly is involved and that the opposite of it would be full exterritorial autonomy for all communities of volunteers, to do their own things for or to themselves, at their own risk and expense? – J.Z., 10.1.08. - MONOPOLY, POWER, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government over all, by all, and for the sake of all.” - Theodore Parker, speech before the Anti-Slavery Society, Boston, May 13, 1854. - Governments over volunteers only, by them and for them, are the only ones which can guarantee self-government for all. - J.Z., 10.7.86. – Otherwise, it is “divine” government all over once again. – J.Z., 15.12.11.. - VS. PANARCHIES, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Government provides services? Territorial government inevitably prevents more, other, better, cheaper and really wanted services from coming into existence than it does provides itself. - J.Z., 3.6.82 & 26.7.00, 28.12.08. - SERVICES, PROGRAMS, SPENDING, PUBLIC SERVICES, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Government regularly enforces its commands by the threat of violence; and Government often commands things which it is ridiculous and outrageous to enforce by such a threat.” - A Byington sticker. – The administration of a society of community of volunteers would not have to threaten its followers. – J.Z., 29.12.08. – Except private criminals with victims. – J.Z., 2.12.10. - TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, FORCE, VIOLENCE, THREATS, COMMANDS

GOVERNMENT: Government should do less.” - Ascribed to Jerry Brown in California and Longley I. Maine, by REASON, 8/76, PAGE 17. – Should it do anything except among and for or to voluntary victims? – J.Z., 2.12.10. – LESS GOVERNMENT, NO GOVERNMENT, OR ANY GOVERNMENT BUT ONLY FOR VOLUNTEERS? – J.Z., 2.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government should not be made an end in itself; it is a means only, a means to be freely adapted to advance the best interests of the social organism. The State exists for the sake of Society, not Society for the sake of the State.” - Woodrow Wilson, The State; Elements of Historical and Practical Politics, rev. ed., chapter 16, section 1528, p. 636 (1911). - Territorial government is neither a moral or a rational means nor a moral or rational end. What's left of it, after all dissenters were free to secede from it and made use of this option is merely the result of the right of all people to make mistakes and to prove themselves wrong - at the own risk and expense. - J.Z., 25.11.02. – The State is the enemy of society rather than its agent. It is an anti-social rather than a social institution. All its “services” are inferior and also more costly than those, which volunteers could provide for themselves, not to speak of its many disservices. – J.Z., 2.12.10. - PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT VS. SOCIETY, EXPENSIVE SERVICE & DISSERVICE PROVIDER, NOT COMPETITIVE AT ALL.

GOVERNMENT: Government signifies delegation of power, that is, abdication of the initiative and sovereignty of everyone into the hands of the few.” - Malatesta, Anarchy, p.29. - POWER VS. FREE INITIATIVE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government to enforce contracts which are entered into voluntarily and to keep people from doing violence to each other.” - David Bergland, quoted in SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, Dec. 84. Which government has ever done this satisfactorily? Isn't it a utopian hope to expect that any territorial government, each with compulsory membership and collective and centralized sovereignty, could ever supply this service better than competitive or cooperative enterprises by volunteers could? Why do so many libertarian remain so optimistic towards territorial governments in their visions and dreams? What evidence have they got to offer? - And why exempt constitutions and laws from "contracts"? - J.Z., 13.7.00. – The worst breaker of contracts as an enforcer or private contracts? – J.Z., 15.12.11. – DIS., LIMITED GOVERNMENT?

GOVERNMENT: Government was always for the governors, never for the governed.” - D. W. Brogan, Proudhon, p.59. – Once they are confined to ruling only exterritorially over their volunteers, then we would soon see how few people they do really represent and satisfy, at least temporarily. – J.Z., 2.12.10. - GOVERNMENT VS. THE GOVERNED, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, CIVIL SERVANTS & RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS & PRESIDENTS VS. THE PEOPLE & INDIVIDUALS, TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Government will always misuse the machinery of the law as far as the state of public opinion permits.” - Emile Capouya. - At least - and very often it goes beyond that. A territorial government can censor the utterance of public opinion or can mislead it and it can ignore voting or outlaw it. They have often done so and will do so again. - J.Z., 12.7.92 & 18.7.00. When dissenters are free to opt out and do their own things, only then can and will public opinion change relatively fast. – J.Z., Compare how fast computer hardware and software has been changed under experimental freedom. - 30.12.08, 2.12.10. – LAWS, TERRITORIALISM & PUBLIC OPINION

GOVERNMENT: Government will be abolished when its subjects cease to grant it legitimacy.” - THE MATCH, June 75. - They are hardly ever likely to do so collectively and at the same time. Should one have to wait until a majority or strong minority tries to do so by violence, or, should one rather allow dissenting individuals to secede and set up alternative institutions, for volunteers only and limited to full exterritorial autonomy? - J.Z., 30.7.00. - LEGITIMACY, STATISM, SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS. PANARCHISM, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Government will cease when people refuse to be governed.” - Ken Knudsen, THE VOLUNTARYIST, No. 6. – Let us finally sanction that refusal by constitutionally, legally and juridically allowing individuals, minorities and even the majority to secede and do their own things, voluntarily, among themselves, under full exterritorial autonomy. – Too many cooks, here politicians and bureaucrats, do spoil the broth. – Let individuals and communities of volunteers manage their own kitchens. - J.Z., 2.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government will not and cannot provide peace, no more so than the Mafia will or can end all its crimes. But the people, without governments, could provide it themselves. - J.Z., 18.4.89. - Note that I meant only TERRITORIAL governments. - The others, as tolerant and voluntary bodies, free agreements between their free citizens, are already inherently peaceful and peace-promoting, except towards the remaining territorial regimes, which panarchies can greatly help to overthrow -bwith little if any bloodshed. - J.Z., 18.4.89 & 18.7.00. - VS. PEACE, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government will steal your freedom if it can.” - Fritz Knese, THE CONNECTION, 126, p.18. – Every territorial government will suppress as many of your genuine individual rights and liberties as it can get away with. Territorialism gives it this power. – J.Z., 28.12.08. – Addiction to power provides the incentive. – J.Z., 2.12.10. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT VS. FREEDOM, POWER ADDICTION

GOVERNMENT: Government, as it works out, is not efficient at anything and the less we have of it the better off we are going to be.” – Robert LeFevre tapes. – In other words: No government at all – would provide the best service – or, rather, would permit institutions of volunteers to provide the best of those services, which they do want for themselves. – J.Z., 2.12.10. - INEFFICIENCY. THE LESS GOVERNMENT THE BETTER

GOVERNMENT: Government, begotten of aggression and by aggression, ever continues to betray its original nature by aggression.” - Herbert Spencer, quoted by R. M. Wenley, The Anarchist Ideal, p.9. - The essence of territorial government, its "national territory" or "territorial integrity" does characterize it as a nation-wide occupation force, always active to keep dissenting minorities or even a dissenting majority down. - J.Z., 13.7.00. – AGGRESSION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government, in it’s last analysis, is organized force. – Woodrow Wilson – He, too, could think only of territorial government – and yet was considered to be a political scientist. – If it were providing really wanted services then it would not need any monopoly, force and taxation. - J.Z., 2.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government, in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one; for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without a government, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer.” - Thomas Paine – He, too, did not yet sufficiently distinguish between territorial governments with involuntary subjects and exterritorially autonomous communities and societies with voluntary members only, i.e., genuine citizens of their own and self-chosen societies or communities or competing government. The main failure of the American Revolution consisted in this that it established merely yet another territorial State. Not only the Negro slaves and the Red Indians were its victims. – J.Z., 8.8.08. – TAXATION, STATISM, SUBORDINATION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government, in its very essence, is opposed to all increase in knowledge. Its tendency is always towards permanence and against change ... [T]he progress of humanity, far from being the result of government, has been made entirely without its aid and in the face if its constant and bitter opposition.” - H. L. Mencken. – Obviously, Mencken did here consider only territorial governments. Exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers would be in a permanent creative competition with each other, just like free enterprises and sovereign customers are. – J.Z., 8.1.08. – KNOWLEDGE, CHANGE, PROGRESS NOT COMING FROM ITSELF, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government, like fire, is essential to civilization (*), but inherently dangerous. While it is true that government is necessary to provide the liberty out of which true civilization grows (**), it is also true that liberty is government's fuel. To be useful, government must be carefully contained and limited. How it is permitted to get out of control - whether by military coup, revolution, or by the incontinent political action of a democratic majority - is unimportant; for once unconfined, government always takes the same form: the rampant destroyer of the only fuel upon which it thrives - liberty!” - Lewis Stearns, quoted in Read's THE FREE MAN'S ALMANAC, for October 23. - Also in: World Research, The Role of Government. - Only society thrives on liberty, not the State - (*) Some rules and their enforcement are necessary but would better not be provided by and through a territorial government! (**) A pure self-delusion! - J.Z., 1.8.00, 13.5.12. - VS. LIBERTY

GOVERNMENT: Government, moreover, by its very nature checks the improvement of the mind and makes permanent our errors. Indeed, government and society are mutually opposed principles: the one is in perpetual stasis while the other is in constant flux. Since government even in its best state is an evil, it follows that we should have as little of it as the general peace of society will allow. In the long run, however, Godwin suggests: "With what delight must every well informed friend of mankind look forward to the auspicious period, the dissolution of political government, of that brute engine which has been the only perennial cause of the vices of mankind, and which … has mischiefs of various sorts incorporated with its substance, and not otherwise removable than by its utter annihilation.” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.206, on William Godwin. - Only the territorial form of the State has to be utterly annihilated. Its exterritorial continuance is tolerable for its voluntary members as well as for those who are otherwise organized, voluntarily and under exterritorial autonomy. – J.Z. – PANARCHISM, SOCIETY

GOVERNMENT: GOVERNMENT, OUT OF THE WAY! When government can get out of the way, it ought to.” - Mark S. Fowler, REASON, 9/81, page 16. - Yes, it ought to but usually, as a territorial government, it will not. How can we make it get out of our way or get it off our back? Certainly not through mere appeals to its more or less non-existing morality or rationality. - So consider e.g. making it lose obedience, taxes, votes, membership and property, all on a massive if not total scale and one monopoly after the other, if not all of them together. And almost all but the leading nitwits among the officials and armed forces should be offered better paid and more interesting jobs under full employment conditions brought about mainly by full monetary and financial freedom (so far still under-explored by most libertarians). - J.Z., 29.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government, strictly and scientifically speaking, is a coercive force; a man, while governed with his own consent, is not governed at all.” – Josiah Warren, True Civilization, p.28. - CONSENT VOLUNTARISM, VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS

GOVERNMENT: Government, therefore, in the present sense of the term, can never, from the very essential nature of the case, be compatible with the safety of the liberties of the people, until the sphere of its authority is reduced to the very narrowest dimensions, - never until the arbitrary institution of Government shall have shrunk into a mere commission, - a board of overseers of roads and canals, and such other unimportant interests as experience shall prove can not be so readily managed by irresponsible individual action.” – S. P. Andrews, The Science of Society, p.36. - Here his belief in the sovereign individual, in responsible individual action, in division of labor and voluntary specialization, was obviously not large enough. - I never expected him to have advocated a limited territorial government, no matter how limited otherwise. - J.Z., 29.7.00. - VS. LIBERTY & SECURITY & LIMITED GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Government, thy other name is waste. - J.Z., 20.5.74. - Not only of money and raw materials, but also of labor, talents and numerous rightful freedom opportunities and experiments. - J.Z., 2.8.00, 13.5.12. - WASTE

GOVERNMENT: Government, with the best intentions, could not satisfy everybody, even if it succeeded in satisfying some.” - Malatesta, Anarchy, p.25. - He should have clarified this: It is impossible to satisfy all people in a large territory, because they include many dissenters. But an exterritorial government, ruling only over its volunteers, could satisfy them in the same way as any particular church or sect or sports club can satisfy its members. - J.Z., 5.8.00, 13.5.12. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government: "A multiple-choice test, like: 'Do you support the overthrow of the government by force or violence? '" - THE DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, No. 6. - There are some other effective means, which ought to be tried first. - It is rather the government which puts a "multiple choice" test up for us: “Do you want us to restrict your liberties by force and violence or by mis-education and deception?” - The main flaw of territorial government is that it does not permit individuals to opt out of its rapist and unasked-for embraces. - It only leaves us an occasional choice between different masters - and there is not enough difference between these. - J.Z., 28.7.00. - FORCE & VIOLENCE

GOVERNMENT: Government: The Big Lie. It's Not the Cure. It's the Disease.” - Western N.Y. LP NEWS mentioned this as text on a poster. – Territorially enforced government over dissenters, that is. The self-government of volunteers only creates many less problems and offers much easier and faster solutions. – J.Z., 1.1.09, 2.12.10. – TERRITORIALISM, THE BIG LIE, THE DISEASE, NOT THE CURE

GOVERNMENT: government's a disease which nobody has the right to start or spread.” - Neil Smith, Tom Paine Maru, p.191. - True, mostly, for territorial governments. Untrue for exterritorial and voluntaristic ones. - Territorial governments with unanimous individual consent would be so extremely rare that they may never have existed as yet - and they could never exist for long, for people do change their minds, although not all at the same time or to the same extent. – People, who do not agree on their favorite wine, cheese, music etc., should not be expected to agree on the single package deal which a territorial government offers. Volunteer groups have the right to establish their own "governments" or free societies, under exterritorial autonomy, in the same country, under their personal laws, trying to realize their own ideas, preferences and opinions. Only such competing or voluntary governments, parallel or alternative institutions etc., can be rightful and helpful governments or societies, in the opinion of their voluntary members and subjects. Experimental freedom works in all other spheres. It would work well here, too. - J.Z., 7.4.91 & 13.7.00, 29.11.10. - A DISEASE, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Governmental errors are at least as frequent and far more consequential than the mistakes of individuals.” - Stan Lehr and Louis Rossetto, Jr., THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, Jan. 10, 1971. – Territorialism spreads them over whole populations and countries and prolongs their rule there. Panarchism confines them to volunteers and even there they will tend to become only temporarily practised. – J.Z., 29.12.08. ERRORS & CONSEQUENCES

GOVERNMENT: governments … are in their very essence a violation of justice.” - Leo Tolstoy, Civil Disobedience, p.239. - Territorial governments - yes! Exterritorial governments and societies: no! - J.Z., 3.8.00. - VS. JUSTICE, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments "…. operate  huge military killing machines." - Frederick Mann, in LONGEVITY REPORT, No. 41, Oct. 93. - Only here and towards private criminals does "gun control" make any sense. - J.Z., 10.7.00. – Their only “justification” is that other large territorial States do the same. They are all warfare States and, as such, ought to be abolished, just like slavery, serfdom, the Inquisition and various other deadly pests were. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - MILITARY FORCES, STANDING ARMIES, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM, WAR, PEACE

GOVERNMENT: Governments [derive] their just powers from the consent of the governed.” - Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence, 1776. - Since no territorial government has the consent of all those governed by it, especially not that of all dissenting creative and productive persons, no government can be said to have just powers except over those who tacitly or expressly consented to it. These powers should always be granted to all governments - but, never, any more than these. - J.Z., 16.10.85 & 12.7.86. - CONSENT & PANARCHISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Governments and Liberty are instituted among men who have learned to successfully constitute neither; misanthropes destroy both.” - Author unknown, from Luminary, ESQUIRE, quoted in GOLD STANDARD TRADER, Sep. 77. - Without the panarchistic framework for governments and free societies, neither governments, nor societies nor liberties and rights can be fully developed and practised, at least among volunteers. Territorialism, with its geographic monopoly, compulsory membership and sovereign coercion of dissenters, does perpetuate the worst features of politics and prevents voluntarism, associationism, propertarianism, free exchange, free contracts, free markets, free competition, consumer sovereignty, individual choice, freedom of action and freedom to experiment and free pricing or voluntary taxation from demonstrating what they could achieve in this sphere. Without panarchism full individual liberty, justice, peace, security, fast progress and general wealth may remain furthermore unrealized ideals and intelligence expansion, life extension and space exploration and settlement may be indefinitely postponed. - J.Z., 26.7.00. - LIBERTY

GOVERNMENT: Governments and their territorial States amount to an invasion and occupation force and rule over peaceful, free and progressive human societies. - J.Z., 29.12.97 & 15.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are better at creating than settling disputes. - J.Z., 25.10.87. - A long historical experience shows that this applies to territorial governments. - J.Z., 19.7.00. - Why it would NOT apply as much, if at all, to exterritorial governments and communities requires some thought and some reading. See e.g. PEACE PLANS 61-63, 16-18 & ON PANARCHY.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are cancerous growths. - J.Z., 16.5.73. - All territorial governments are so wrong and harmful that they have to be dissolved as such, best by individual and group secessionism, replacing them by voluntary and competing governments as well as non-governmental societies, all of them only exterritorially autonomous. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – If only all our sound cells could freely separate themselves from any cancerous growth or government growth! Alas, cancer cells are able to divert more blood streams and thus nourishment to themselves, until this parasite finally kills the body it lives of, just like a government does, with its taxes. – J.Z., 29.12.08. - A CANCEROUS GROWTH

GOVERNMENT: Governments are comparable to enormous pyramids. Under them free people have been buried, all too often with their consent. These pyramids are built up, block by block, law by law, out of forsaken individual responsibilities, rights and liberties. - J.Z., 17.9.87. – People almost crushed under that burden should become free to opt out from under it, just like they once opted out from under religious despotism, slavery and serfdom. – J.Z., 28.12.08. - THE PEOPLE UNDER TERRITORIALISM VS. INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITIES, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, OPTING OUT, WITHDRAWING FROM STATIST TERRITORIALISM TO THE VOLUNTARISM & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OF PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are enemies of the people.” - Taylor Caldwell, A Pillar of Iron, p.158. - What else can one expect from territorial governments imposing taxes and laws upon involuntary subjects? - J.Z., 3.8.00. - ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: Governments are engines for making wrong and false decisions and for maximizing their effects over whole countries and populations. - J.Z., 1.6.98. - TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COMPULSION, DECISION-MAKING, CENTRALIZATION

GOVERNMENT: Governments are in an all too good position to deny or hush-up their crimes. The very existence of territorial governments is already a colossal crime against all dissenters. - J.Z., 24.11.01. - CRIMES, SECRECY, POWER, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are in the business of providing artificial disasters for millions of people, for all too long, under the pretence of providing them with great benefits. - J.Z., 4.5.77, 20.7.00. - TURNS ITS TERRITORIES INTO ARTIFICIAL DISASTER AREAS, NOT ONLY TEMPORARILY, LIKE NATURAL CATASTROPHES DO, BUT FOR YEARS TO DECADES

GOVERNMENT: Governments are like ABC mass murder devices - accessible to fanatics and madmen who are ready to use them against their innocent victims. - J.Z., 30.4.98.  - & ABC MASS MURDER DEVICES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are like revolutions; you may put them into motion, but I defy you to control them AFTER they are in motion.” - John Randolph of Roanoke. - Then why not make them as independent and diverse as people want them to be, allowing even one-man revolutions towards the aims of individuals, by the simple process of completely removing territorialism as an aim, method and practice not only from governments but also from all revolutions, oppositions, resistance groups and terrorist groups? It worked, to the extent that it was tried, in the sphere of religion. And it still works, unconsciously, in the millions of different private things we do for ourselves in our own lives. Just abstract the principle of religious liberty and private liberty and apply it to the spheres so far preempted by territorial governments: the political, economic and social spheres. Start it as a challenging intellectual game and then proceed to build solid foundations under such castles in the air. - J.Z., 28.7.00. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, REVOLUTIONS, PANARCHISM, DOING THE OWN THING

GOVERNMENT: Governments are mainly parasites, not protectors and helpers. They hang on to you like leeches, sucking you dry and restrict your rights and liberties. - Do not subscribe to them any longer in any way and insist, instead, that they are become reduced to volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous. - J.Z., 5.8.99 & 10.7.00, 2.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are no longer the servants of the people but their masters.” - Dr. John Whiting. - Where they ever the servants of the people, anywhere, for any length of time? – Individuals can hire and fire their servants. Were governments, societies and communities ever only the individual’s employees or hired agents? - J.Z., 3.8.00, 30.12.08. - MASTER, NOT SERVANT, DIS., Q.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are organizations for the provision of insecurity, oppression and poverty - under the pretence of fighting them. - J.Z., 14.6.86. - Only exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers have some chances for genuine successes in these and other directions. - J.Z., 14.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: governments are rarely as moral as those whom they govern.” - Poul Anderson, The Anarch Lords, p.55. – Under territorialism the worst get to the top. – J.Z., 29.11.10. – MORALITY, LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are rightful only to the extent that they are based on unanimous consent, i.e. upon voluntary membership, which requires individual and group secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities, in extension of the kind of freedom and tolerance that now exists widely e.g. for churches, sports, entertainment and cultural groups, science and technology. - J.Z., 12.2.88 & 19.7.00, 14.5.12. - CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments can supply laws and orders to excess but not "law & order". - J.Z., 6.11.91. – As far as territorial States are concerned. For panarchies only those laws and as much or as little order will be administratively provided as their members want for themselves. – But they will compete with each other e.g. in keeping criminals with involuntary victims in check and hold them responsible for indemnification purposes. – However, for instance, what the ones might prosecute as polygamy the others might even try to enforce, for all who can afford it. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - LAW & ORDER

GOVERNMENT: Governments can’t even get the division of labor right. In almost every sphere where they do intervene not just one bureaucracy is involved but several of them, not just one law, regulation, licences or board but dozens and uncounted “courts of justice” decisions. And all of them can be changed upon the whim, spleen, ignorance, prejudice or corruption of some of their territorial “representatives” or appointed bureaucrats, who often write their own regulations. – J.Z., 15.12

GOVERNMENT: governments cannot acquire the information to do everything and control everything. Governments are as much susceptible to the laws and the consequences of the division of labour and the need for social cooperation as any other element in society.” -  H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, p.118. - Some division of labor among the officials of a country is not a sufficient substitute for the division of labor in a free market that is country-wide as well as world-wide. Bismarck had to confess that he had to sign about 75% of "his" written replies, prepared by his subordinates, unread by him! Centralized decision-making and experimentation is no sufficient substitute for decentralized decision-making and experimentation. - J.Z., 29.7.00. – Neither a God nor any human leader has EVERYBODY in mind. Fallible human beings like me can even forget some items in their fridge. How much is overlooked by the official misleaders of whole populations? How much can one person read, understand and then remember? – Politicians understand their opponents even less than they understand all of their own affairs. To the extent that they are e.g. overweight, smoke or drink, they do not even understand the requirements of their own health. – At most they can only somewhat represent their own interests and those of their followers. They should never be granted any powers over any peaceful dissenters. - J.Z., 29.11.10. - INFORMATION OVERLOAD, LEADERSHIP, NEWS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments come and go. The territorial State and its victims remain. - J.Z., 30.3.94 & 12.7.00. - "There is of course a difference between the State and government. Within a given territory, the State remains while governments come and go…" - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.19. - Under territorialism the victims of States or governments have at most the chance to wait for another government and contribute a tiny bit towards its appearance, if their opinions agree with those of the majority, or they can emigrate, which means exposing themselves to the territorialism of another government and State, possibly another language and culture, with some antagonism towards the immigrants or refugees. - J.Z., 12.7.00. - & STATE & THEIR VICTIMS, TERRITORIALISM, VOTING, MAJORITY RULE

GOVERNMENT: Governments commit more wrongful than rightful actions and do more harm than good to any country and its inhabitants, contrary to their claims and popular beliefs. How little they can do positively would be revealed by introducing them to fully freed competition by exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers and their alternative experiments and business enterprise offers. - J.Z., 27.6.97 & 10.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments compete unfairly with private businesses in the provision of thousands of goods and services.” - Thomas J. DiLorenzo, THE FREEMAN, June 89. - Especially the business of providing "government" services itself. - J.Z., 21.7.89, 2.12.10. - Too many businessmen still believe that territorial governments do have rightful, although limited functions and that they are able and willing to engage in them. They manage to forget or overlook how badly and insufficiently actual, as opposed to dreamed-up territorial "limited" governments, do manage these "functions" and how many and what kind of sound alternatives to them (which could also be supplied by businessmen or voluntary associations), are thereby prevented from coming into existence. They limit their horizons all too much rather than expand it. - Territorial, coercive, monopolistic and centralistic governments, too, should be competed out of existence by more rightful and useful enterprises and associations. However, all their adherents should be allowed to continue them at their own expense and risk, as long as they can stand them. This applies, in our times, to the remaining communists and nationalists, especially, seeing that they have still access to military and even mass murder devices and might, once again, be able and willing to grab for absolute territorial power. - J.Z., 18.7.00. - VS. PANARCHISM & BUSINESS

GOVERNMENT: Governments connive at many things which they ought to correct, and correct many things at which they ought to connive.” - C. C. Colton, Lacon, 1820. - Statism is still the essential flaw of this message. - J.Z., 15.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Governments create, organize and preserve - poverty, oppression and war. - J.Z., 18.1.77. – Territorial governments, that is, not the management of communities of volunteers only. – J.Z., 30.12.08. – TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM, POVERTY, OPPRESSION & WAR

GOVERNMENT: Governments do not know what they cannot do until after they cease to be governments. Each government carries the seeds of its own destruction." - Frank Herbert. – Pack Rat Planet, ASTOUNDING SF, December 1954, p.123. – Also in: Direct Descent, p.12. - Alas, while territorialism is predominant they will always only be replaced by just another territorial government. Just like it was formerly: “The King is dead! Long live the King!” - We have to plant the seeds of destruction into the popular ideas on territorial government. - J.Z., 7.2.94. - They do not even learn enough from numerous past failures of their predecessors. - Alas, with all their numerous and inherent failures (4000 years of attempts at price control!), they have not yet sufficiently destroyed the belief in territorial governmentalism or statism. - But then they were and are not exposed to competition from “competing governments” and competing free societies and communities, all only with voluntary members and confined to exterritorial autonomy. Thus the rightful and sound alternatives to them, as well as the even more absurd beliefs, laws and institutions of some prejudiced minorities, were never sufficiently demonstrated to the masses. – Man is all too adaptable, even to despotism, to life in the trenches, to taxation, to slavery, to monetary despotism and so abuses go on an on – until the more enlightened and critical individuals are finally given their chance to opt out of any or all of them. – J.Z., 5.1.08. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS VS. AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, PANARCHISTIC GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE AS THE THIN EDGE OF THE WEDGE! - KNOWLEDGE, IGNORANCE - LIMITS OF EFFECTIVENESS, LIMITED KNOWLEDGE, IGNORANCE


GOVERNMENT: Governments have almost never been as good or tolerable as they could and should be, e.g. by operating always only with, for and upon volunteers, i.e., by practising no territorial monopoly over whole populations. – J.Z., 1.11.07. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments have become much too dangerous for the safety of nations to warrant the continuance of their monopolistic, coercive and destructive powers. Primarily, they must be subjected to individual secessionism and exterritorial competition from autonomous communities of volunteers. - J.Z., 12. 2. 88. - PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments have constitutions, law, police, courts, armies, bureaucracies, stolen fortunes, the majority of statists, public opinion, popular prejudices, errors, myths and slogans on their side but not freedom, justice, rights, peace, reason, the best arguments, productivity, inventiveness, honesty and integrity and thus they must, in the long run, fail against those who use the latter. - J.Z., 5.7.87. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments have so far centrally, monopolistically, coercively, collectively and territorially mismanaged almost everything they touched in our lives, very expensively too, while outlawing competition with their "services". When will we finally begin to take our own affairs away from them in order to manage them ourselves, cooperatively, among like-minded people, or get them managed via genuine professionals, whom we have, individually, chosen for ourselves? – J.Z., 24.5.00, 2.2.02. - TERRITORIALISM, SELF-GOVERNMENT, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, VOTING, EXPERTS, PROFESSIONALS, SELF-DETERMINATION, CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Governments have so overwhelmed us with problems they have created and with obstacles to their solution by us, through free individual and cooperative and quite voluntary actions, that most people don't see a way out any longer or any sense in attempting to fight governments with the few liberties and rights remaining to us. - J.Z., 15.9.87 & 19.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments have to stop running everybody's lives and businesses.” - Bob Howard, 30.6.75. – What come-back have you got now, if they refuse to do so? – Can you dismiss them? Can you opt out from under them? Are you armed, trained and organized as well as sufficiently motivated to defend all your individual rights and liberties against them – or simply to ignore the government? – We have many different notions of what a government may or should do. Let individuals chose between competing models and let there be free enterprise for providing them: Panarchism! - J.Z., 30.12.08. - MEDDLING, INTERFERENCE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREE ENTERPRISE IN THE PROVISION OF POLITICAL, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SCHEMES & SYSTEMS OR PACKAGE DEALS

GOVERNMENT: Governments need armies to protect them from (*) their enslaved and oppressed subjects.” – Leo Tolstoy. - This situation would be quite different for panarchies: competing governments and communities without territorial powers, monopolies and involuntary subjects. - J.Z., 26. 11. 06. - (*)against, in another version! - J.Z. - ARMED FORCES, DEFENCE FORCES, WARFARE STATES, AUTHORITARIANISM & REVOLUTIONS, ARMIES, MILITARY, DEFENCE FORCES, REVOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Governments need enlightenment even more than the people do. And if government members were fully enlightened, then  they would resign and never run for office again. - J.Z., 3.7.00. – At least not in territorial States. They might make better leaders of exterritorially autonomous societies of volunteers. – To the extent that these might still need or want them. - J.Z., 30.12.08. - PEOPLE & ENLIGHTENMENT, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Governments never learn. Only people learn.” - Milton Friedman, quoted in OBSERVER, 30 March 1980. - Also quoted in THE BULLETIN, Australia, 15.8.80. – But territorially organized people do usually learn, if at all, then only as rarely and slowly as their rulers do. – Therefore we do need the option for the already enlightened – as well as those who believe to be more enlightened, to opt out - to do their things themselves for or to themselves and to compete with each other quite freely in all such endeavor and with their former government. Only then can progress be assured and relatively rapid. – J.Z., 1.1.09, 2.12.10. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PROGRESS, LEARNING, ENLIGHTENMENT

GOVERNMENT: Governments only know what they need or want, not what their subjects, taxation and other victims, need and want, because they eliminated the price preferences and competition signals of the market in all the spheres preempted by government laws and institutions. - J.Z., 23.6. 97 & 15.7.00. – Alas, Ludwig von Mises expressed this insight only against State Socialism, which he also managed to equate with all other forms of socialism. – J.Z., 2.12.10. - WELFARE STATE, NEEDS, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Governments open the doors to every abuse. - J.Z., 27.1.79. – Territorial government itself is the main abuse. – J.Z., 27.12.08. They also shut the door and their “minds” to every reform attempt that is not mismanaged by themselves. – J.Z., 15.12.11. – ABUSES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments possess no human right, not even the right to exist. At most they can somewhat represent the rights and interests of their voluntary members. - J.Z., 20.4.93. - That, too, is only possible for them once they are confined to exterritorial autonomy and voluntary membership. - They are not human but rather inhuman. They are not natural but very wrongful and harmful artificial organizations, maintained, for all too long by ignorance, prejudice, force, monopolies and fraud. - Confronted by exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, which would provide their members only with the services they want, and this at competitive prices, they would soon collapse. - J.Z., 12.7.00. – Or, at least, shrink to insignificance. – J.Z., 2.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Governments prevent all of us from growing up to the limits of our individual potential. They keep us penned in - in general nurseries, on a nation-wide scale, from birth to death - and even succeed, in most cases, in destroying awareness of this condition. - J.Z., 15.6.91.

GOVERNMENT: Governments rob rather than protect property. But some anarchist enemies of government property and of government remain blind even to that basic fact. - J.Z., 28.5.93 & 12.7.00. – Such people are tolerable only if they confine their anti-property ideas and practices to themselves. As it is, they sympathize with convicted criminals who committed offences against property, even violent offences against self-ownership! – J.Z., 29.12.08. - ANARCHISM, EGALITARIANISM & PROPERTY

GOVERNMENT: Governments should be kept small.” - Oscar W. Cooley, THE FREEMAN, March 71. - Yes, by those who want it small. But it could and should be any size for those who want it in other sizes and for those only. All should be only exterritorially autonomous and to that extent "small". Moreover, all should be "small" by being confined to volunteers, i.e., those individuals and groups only who do want them for themselves, that is, at their own risk and expense. Then that is their problem, their business and their responsibility. - A small and limited government is ideal only for advocates of limited governments. Let them have it - and let all others have theirs - or the non-governmental societies of their own dreams. To each his own! - Tolerance towards the tolerantly practised ideals of others. - Intolerance only towards the intolerant. - J.Z., 3.8.00. - SMALL, LIMITED, BIG, ACCORDING TO THE CHOICES OF INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT ACTIONS & COMMUNITIES

GOVERNMENT: Governments should be licensed or authorized by individuals, not individuals licensed by governments. In other words, territorial governments should be reduced to voluntary associations that are only exterritorially autonomous and cannot forbid their members to secede from them, and free also to establish or join other voluntary associations, for whatever rightful purpose they like. - J.Z., 22.6.88 & 19.7.00, 14.5.12. - LICENSING, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments should inspect the record and costs of government inspections. - J.Z. 23.6.91. - That may be as close to a statist demand as I have ever come! - I was just thoughtlessly playing with words. Would governments be more effective in inspecting their inspectors as their inspectors are in inspecting anything or us, as their subjects and tax and law victims? The roles ought to become reversed. Individuals should be freed to inspect and veto all government actions. They should be free to cancel them for their own lives, by withdrawing from a government or opting out from under it. Or, in case they want to remain all-over members still, although they do disagree with them on some or many points, then at least they should be free to inspect all of the numerous government service options and pick and chose those among them which they are willing to subscribe to and should become free to discontinue subscribing to any others, which they do not want for themselves. That would at least require that every citizen would be supplied with the whole government budget and given the choice to pick and choose items from it that he is willing to pay for. No others should be charged to him. – No other services should be supplied to them than those they choose for themselves. I do concede that politicians and bureaucrats would not be pleased with these official or unofficial inspectors and decision-makers. But freedom loving citizens would be. – The next step towards voluntary taxation, short of voluntary membership in a panarchy, would be for territorial taxpayers themselves to decide how much of their total tax bill they want to allocate to particular government budget items, upon the corresponding accounts. Then, when it turns out that certain budget items are sponsored by less than, say, 5 to 10 % of all taxpayers, these items should be removed from the next government budget. – For those, to whom the sudden introduction of voluntary taxation would be too radical a step, this gradualist approach might be more appealing. - J.Z., 22.7.00. - GOVERNMENT INSPECTORS, TRANSITION PERIOD TOWARDS VOLUNTARY TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Governments should no longer be financed but, rather, "un-financed", made un-financial, bankrupted, liquidated, abolished, privatized - except for their remaining voluntary victims. - J.Z., 3.8.94, 2.12.10. - FINANCE, TAXATION, BUDGET, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, PANARCHIES

GOVERNMENT: Governments, i.e., their politicians and bureaucrats, should be able to get almost anything they want and almost anything they want to do, from and to the masses of voluntary statists that fill the world today, with the individual consent of their victims. From them they can get the full mandate to rule them. More they do not have any right to. They ought to lose all territorial powers over peaceful dissenters and non-members living in the same territory, under full exterritorial autonomy and personal laws, and should have no longer any power to suppress individual and group secessionism and what they call "States within States". Precisely these competing "States", governments and societies offer the solutions to all the problems now created, maintained and increased by territorial States. - J.Z., 25.11.93 & 10.7.00, 2.12.10. - POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, PANARCHIES OR STATES WITHIN STATES, TERRITORIALISM OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS?

GOVERNMENT: Governments, like the formerly hierarchical, monopolistic and coercive priesthoods, provide rather hell than heaven on Earth. Enlightened and self-responsible individuals should become totally free to reject them for themselves and their voluntary relations, personal laws, associations and institutions. - J.Z., 19.12.93 & 10.7.00. - CHURCH HIERARCHIES

GOVERNMENT: He would also tell the no-government libertarians that freedom is possible only in a system in which government makes life and property secure.” - G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.214. - Does it? Anywhere? Any territorial government? Has it ever? Will it? Can it? - Although the objective or end is correct, making life and property secure and thereby freedom, peace and justice as well, the means chosen by Bastiat and Roche, are wrong and self-defeating, namely, a territorial government with monopoly and coercive powers, which only in their dreams ever reached the objectives they set for it. - J.Z., 24.7.92 & 18.7.00. - LIMITED VS. ANARCHISM, Q., DIS., TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Here is my first principle of foreign policy: good government at home.” - William Ewart Gladstone. - - Good government, as judged by its voluntary subjects and victims (subjective value theory!), is possible only under exterritorialist panarchism. This form will also have a strong revolutionary influence upon all despotic and militaristic governments around it and their subjects and soldiers. It would transform the world in its image, which covers the whole spectrum, since it would allow to each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice. This governmental form or self-governmental framework would be stronger than all others, practically invincible once it has become customary or traditional. It would conquer without invasion, liberate without war, educate and enlighten merely by its example and lead to strenuous efforts by people, alternative governments in exile, all minority groups and most soldiers and officers to introduce the equivalent in their countries, as the most patriotic act they could undertake. - J.Z., 11.10.02. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, FOREIGN POLICY, PANARCHISM, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, FOREIGN POLICY

GOVERNMENT: his Aunt Cordelia’s frequent assertion that governments are mental constructs.” – p. 336, Lois McMaster Bujold, A Civic Campaign, p.336. – Alas, they are real enough to turn whole countries into nation- or State-wide prisons for their whole population, going from minimum to maximum security prisons. – J.Z., 26.9.07. - GOVERNMENTS ARE MENTAL CONSTRUCTS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: His growing realization that government, no matter who ran it, no matter in whose interest it was run, could only be a harmful force let loose in human society whenever it exceeded its negative obligations to protect life and property.” - Bastiat, quoted in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.60/61. - I would add: And even there! - J.Z., n.d. – No duty goes beyond one’s abilities. Even “limited governments” are unable to optimally fulfill the few remaining duties ascribed to them, at least as long as they are still territorial governments. – J.Z., 2.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: How can one fully discuss territorial governments without fully discussing their exterritorial, voluntaristic and freely competing alternatives as well? That is like discussing war without the peace options, and crimes without the honesty options. - J.Z., 18.7.00. – Well, most of those, who consider themselves to be political scientists and who are widely believed to be such scientists, manage to do this for decades, for all their lives, in all their writings. – J.Z., 2.12.10. – TERRITORIALISM & POLITICAL SCIENCE

GOVERNMENT: How could a state be governed, or protected in its foreign relations if every individual remained free to obey or not to obey the law according to his private opinions?" - Thomas Hobbes, 1588-1679. . - Territorial States couldn't be governed in this way but panarchistic ones could be, being based upon unanimous consent and the individual secession option, all under personal laws or exterritorial autonomy. - J.Z., 9.6.92.  - The problem arises mainly for territorial States. In exterritorial ones their voluntary members have already sorted themselves out according to their knowledge, preferences and prejudices and make largely unanimous decisions or give their consent to trusted leaders. - J.Z. 7.1.93. - Their common interest lies in being left alone and leaving other such communities alone. They have already achieved their ideal for themselves and will thus be content to leave others to try to enjoy their ideals. - J.Z., 10.12.03. - Territorialism is an obstacle to genuine self-government, self-determination, self-management and peaceful foreign relations. - J.Z., 15.9.04, 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENT: How far would subjects have had to go along with their governments in order that they could rightly be held collectively responsible for the crimes of their rulers? Should voluntary membership be enough? Should their compulsory territorial subordination and taxation be enough of an excuse for them? Should only some protest on their side suffice to consider them innocent? Or would individual secession and active resistance be required to acquit them? To the extent that financial responsibilities and indemnities are involved, the time of their subjection to criminal organizations should count, I believe. They have thus their own indemnity claims. Does conscription make them guilty? Does their lack of free immigration, asylum, defection or desertion opportunities into somewhat more free countries excuse them somewhat or sufficiently? – Or that they were indoctrinated with territorial nationalism from an early age? – Should the terrorization by their regime be taken into account, the number of political prisoners or inmates of concentration camps? - Can indiscriminate bombing of their cities be excused? - J.Z., 19.7.87 & 19.7.00, 29.12.08, 29.12.08. – Q., COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY & VOLUNTARY STATE MEMBERSHIP & PANARCHISM, AIR RAIDS, OFFICIAL TERRORISM OR TOTALITARIANISM:

GOVERNMENT: How the hell will you make other people take on the problems of government?” - Kate Wilhelm, Welcome, Chaos, p.204. – Wrong question. The problems of territorial governments disappear with territorial governments. The various supposed solutions of competing and only exterritorially autonomous governments and societies will only have to be tackled by those, who volunteer for them. That will be their problem, their expense, their risk, their effort, their business, their responbility. – J.Z., 14.1.05, 14.5.12. – PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS

GOVERNMENT: However, under the reign of competition, which government would allow itself to be overtaken by the others in the race for progress? What perfection, available to one's happy neighbour, would one refuse in one's own house? Such constant competition would work wonders. In fact, the subjects would become models of perfection, too. Since they will be free to come and go, to speak or be silent, to act or to leave things alone, they would have only themselves to blame if they were not completely happy. From now on, instead of forcing attention on the opposition, they will satisfy their vanity by assuring themselves and persuading others that their own authority is the most perfect imaginable. Thus between governments and governed a friendly understanding will grow up. A mutual trust and ease of relationship, clearly understood.” - From P. E. de Puydt's Panarchy, p.17, - COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, PANARCHIES

GOVERNMENT: human freedom is best served by keeping the government small.” - Quoted by William F. Buckley, Jr., Rumbles Left And Right, p.32. - Rather: by keeping territorial government altogether away from it! - J.Z., 27.7.00. - SMALL OR LESS GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, DECENTRALIZATION, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Human government has made the earth a slaughter house of the human race for 6,000 years.” - Henry C. Wright, quoted in the book: Eunice Minette Schuster, Native American Anarchism, 1915, 1932, 1970, p.72. – Reproduced in PEACE PLANS 706. – Territorial government, which characterizes the Warfare State, is not a natural human institutions but rather an unnatural one and needs force, even wars, to be maintained. For most of the existence of mankind it did not exist. It is high time that we get rid of it again and thereby of the enslavements and human sacrifices of masses of people, associated with this kind of Moloch cult. – J.Z., 28.12.08, 1.5.12. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: Hydrogen bombs and other modern tools of war are effective only when they can be used to pressure governments. Enemy rulers have nothing to gain by destroying U.S. property and people - except as a means of pressuring the government to surrender. Otherwise, the more they destroy, the less value to them in conquering the nations.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom…, p.96/97. - Yes, but can we presume territorial governments, which are armed with ABC mass murder devices, to act always rationally? What positive things have any of the nuclear super powers achieved through their "pressure"? Have they reduced the risk of nuclear war through accidents and miscalculations? Haven't they increased mutual hatreds and justified fears through such immoral threats? They are still, as General Omar Bradley said, shortly after WW II, "nuclear giants and ethical infants". No infants or madmen or even normal men should be in possession of such portable and cheap "mass extermination camp packages", kept in readiness for instant use against an undefined "enemy". - All governments so armed consider the opposing government's subjects as mere hostages and property of the other government, no matter how loudly and often they pretend to intend to liberate them. They blame the other governments but do not favor tyrannicide. Nor do they clearly admit that they are, rather, in favor of collective responsibility of subjects for the actions of their rulers. In other words, they are prepared to kill hundreds of millions of innocent people rather than one guilty man at the top. How moral is that stand? - J.Z., 29.7.00, 2.12.10. - NUCLEAR WEAPONS, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, TYRANNICIDE, TERRITORIALISM, DEFENCE

GOVERNMENT: I always say, 'when in doubt, keep the government out.'” - Dagny Sharon. – We still have to gain that freedom of choice and action first of all. It requires voluntary membership and the right of individuals and groups to secede. – J.Z., 24.12.08. – PANARCHISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: I am confident it is possible to operate independently of the State and Federal Governments.” - Len Casley, Administrator of the secessionist Hutt River Province, W.A., n.d. - Didn't he want to be independent of local government, too? - J.Z., 3.8.00. - INDEPENDENCE FROM GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: I am opposed only to territorially enforced governments over involuntary members and against territorially enforced constitutions, laws, jurisdictions and administrations - but not opposed at all to governments or communities that are exterritorially autonomous and rule only over voluntary members, i.e., over individuals who subscribed to them. They are thus governing or managing their own affairs only and no one else's, with their ideas, opinions and actions. - J.Z., 12.1.95 & 7.7.00, 14.5.12. – With enough examples set of people thus acting justly and tolerantly in their own affairs and towards all other people, who act tolerantly towards them, the tolerant attitude and practice will, inevitably, tend to spread. But it might still have to be protected by ideal militia organizations of volunteers for the protection of individual rights and liberties against those, who do remain intolerant and aggressive. – J.Z., 28.12.08, 14.5.12. – TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, MILITIA, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE, OFFICIAL & PRIVATE TERRORISTS, FANATICS, FUNDAMENTALISTS & TRUE BELIEVERS, WHO DO NOT LEAVE DISSENTERS ALONE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.” - H. L. Mencken. - That is much more true for territorial governments with involuntary members than for those which have only voluntary members and are only exterritorially autonomous. - J.Z., 26. 11. 06.

GOVERNMENT: I do not subscribe to the doctrine that the people are the slaves and the property of their government. I believe that government (*) is for the use of the people, and not the people for the use of government.”(*) - Gerritt Smith, speech in the House of Representatives, June 27, 1854. - (*) Here I would rather put: "Voluntary associations", "volunteer communities"",  "competing governments", "exterritorially autonomous communities", "panarchies", "experimental societies" or "intentional but non-geographical communities". - People always thinking only in terms of territorial governments with compulsory membership and imposed law and a ruling minority, as well as of collectivist notions and generalizations like “the” people, for a whole population, as if it were a single person and not a great diversity of humans, do remain unaware of what free men are capable of and what they will not longer be inclined to do once they in really free and human societies. I have tried to describe that in two of my peace books, in PEACE PLANS 16-18 & 61-63 and in my ON PANARCHY compilation, which is on the road towards an encyclopedia on the peaceful coexistence that is possible and likely between societies of volunteers only, that have no geographical boundaries and are exterritorially autonomous. - J.Z., 16.10.85 & 18.7.00, 29.12.08. - VS. THE PEOPLE, ALL THE DIVERSITY OF HUMAN BEINGS, SLAVERY, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS, EXTERRITORIALITY, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: I do not think that it is possible to find a perfect moral foundation for the authority of any (*) government, be it the government of an emperor or a republic. They are all of the nature of an usurpation, though I think, when confined within certain exact limits, of a justifiable usurpation.” - Auberon Herbert, The Right and Wrong Way of Compulsion by the State, 1885. - The certain and exact limits and foundations for the authority of any government are voluntary membership and exterritorial autonomy. At present all governments exceed these limits and are thus without a genuinely rightful foundation. - J.Z., 16.10.85, 10.7.85, 14.5.12. – (*) J.Z.: territorial!)

GOVERNMENT: I do not want another government. I want none at all.” - Siegfried Schwenke an Dr. Stefan Matzenberger, 27.1.84. - That wish will tend to remain ineffective as long as it is not accompanied with the readiness to permit others the governments or free societies of their dreams or choice. - J.Z., 16.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: I have never known a government that was not the worst government that ever was.” - Ernest Benn, Happier Days, p.190. – Well, an exaggeration - in order to make an otherwise already very strong point on the tendency of territorial governments to deteriorate ever further. – J.Z., 1.1.09, 14.5.12.

GOVERNMENT: I heartily accept the motto - "That government is best which governs least"; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe - "The government is best which governs not at all"; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have. Government is at best but an expedient but most governments are usually, and all governments are sometimes inexpedient. The objections, which have been brought against a standing army, and they are many and weighty, and deserve to prevail, may also at last be brought against a standing government. The standing army is only an arm of the standing government. The government itself, which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will, is equally liable to be abused and perverted before the people can act through.” - Thoreau, Civil Disobedience. - "The people have chosen" - what a self-delusion! At most the majority have chosen it and even they have never been asked, in a referendum, do you want a territorial government or not? Or would you rather have a multitude of exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, by which everyone can have the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams? Do you want honest and non-invasive individuals and minorities to be free to opt out from any coercive, monopolistic, centralistic and territorial government that presently has compulsory membership? - Only when such questions have been put, pondered and answered can one really speak of "the" people having chosen. And only if they take the second road would all non-criminal individuals get their own choice rather than being outvoted by others. - PIOT, J.Z., 29.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, STANDING ARMIES, POWER, Q., REFERENDUM, VOTING

GOVERNMENT: I know of no problem which only a territorial government, a world government or a world federation could solve or could solve better than free people could. - J.Z., 12.1.90. - No territorial government has a rightful monopoly on finding and experimenting with solutions to problems. Actually, they are among the worst possible institutions for finding solutions and for properly realizing them. - J.Z., 16.7.00, 30.12.08, 2.12.10. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: I think governments are wrong, terribly wrong, in their manner of treating people, and I think they should stop.” - George Smith, NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY 79, June 26, 1977. - Governments should confine all their activities to all their own volunteers only. - J.Z., 25.7.00. Then they will be able to get along with their members and their members with them – and also with other such societies and communities. Only then will they leave dissenters sufficiently alone. All will then be free to do their own things for and to themselves. What more can they rightly ask for? That will finally be taken for granted and modify the all too often aggressive and intolerant human behavior, which is not inborn but merely an adaptation to territorialism and its false premises and conclusions and wrongful practices. In this respect man has been too adaptable for all too long, just like he adapted to slavery, serfdom and absolute monarchies for all too long. – J.Z., 29.12.08, 14.5.12. - VS. THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: I think, myself, that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.” - Thomas Jefferson to William Ludlow, 1824. – How much government is necessary for a person should be decided by each person for himself, as a voluntary subject and taxpayer and sovereign consumer also for competitively offered “governmental services”. – J.Z., 4.1.08.

GOVERNMENT: I’m not going to pontificate and tell you to execute your government at dawn, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea.” – John Lydon – Under such a threat they might even let you peacefully secede. – Can one otherwise induce them to get out of our way? – Among their remaining volunteers they would get sinecures. – And each party could also secede with its volunteers. – No more opposition and election campaigns and their uncertainties and costs for them! – Over their remaining or newly gained volunteers they could come to rule also as long as they want to. - J.Z., 24.12.08, 14.5.12. - RULERS, MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, DEATH PENALTY OR TYRANNICIDE FOR THE WORST CROOKS, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL CONFIDENCE TRICKSTERS? PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: I’m sick of the way the law sticks its nose into everything, now.” – Robert A. Heinlein, as quoted by Neil Schulman, in “The Robert Heinlein Interview and Other Heinleiniana”. – We should release the potential power of individual secessionism, combined with full exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers, which would permit even the weakest individual adult to punch the mightiest government on the nose, when it tries to interfere again, just like the Protestants once did to the hierarchical church system, and like freedom of speech and press does. – Free market relationships, voluntary and contractual, have merely to be introduced in the remaining ca. 10% of all human activities, which territorial governments have still monopolized, namely, that of political, economic and social systems. In most other spheres most of us are already living, acting and thinking as panarchists, so much so, that we are taking it for granted and never clearly enough express it in principles. - J.Z., 25.12.08.

GOVERNMENT: If a government does not trust its own people any longer, why doesn't it simply dissolve them and elect a new people for itself?” - Berthold Brecht. - From the panarchistic point of view this notions is not merely humorous or satirical but quite right and practical. A no longer satisfactory competing government or volunteer community might well decide to dissolve itself and to start a new initiative for a supposedly better organization, appealing for subscribers to it, from among the old members and all potential new members. - But seeing that in such "governments" or "societies" the differences between the ruled and the rulers would largely disappear, because of the degree of agreements between them, one might then as well say that in them the people would dissolve their government as - that their government would exclude the present members and be free to look for others and better ones. - Notions that are correct for dominance systems, hierarchical structures, territorial organizations, and groups with compulsory membership, do not longer apply, without severe qualifications, to their opposites. - J.Z., 11.2.87 & 18.7.00. - VS. PANARCHISM, JOKES

GOVERNMENT: If any ask me what a free government is, I answer, that, for any practical purpose, it is what the people think so, - and that they, and not I, are the natural, lawful, and competent judges of this matter.” - Edmund Burke, letter to the sheriffs of Bristol, April 3, 1777. - The Works of the Right Honorable Edmund Burke, vol. 2, p. 227 (1899). - "the people" should, here, too, be replaced by: "its voluntary followers". - J.Z.

GOVERNMENT: If enough people take immediate and positive action of this kind, it is possible that our children will not live under the totalitarian rule that now surely awaits them. Instead, they will live under a government - actually, above a government - that does very little ruling. Perhaps, with our help, government of the future truly will be government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." - William E. Simon, quoted by - R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.15. - Unfortunately, neither of these two freedom thinkers explored the exterritorial alternatives.  - Live not under but above a government, a government that is nothing but a voluntary association, a mere convenience for you, instead of a territorial power over you. - J.Z., 16.11.82 & 25.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: If everyone took the attitude of refusing to support government which offends them, which transgresses their own good sense and morality, we would have democratic life in the fullest, most participatory sense. Government which could not find the loyal support of people would fail. Government which could find the support of only some people would have to move with modified respect to those who would not support it. (*) And everyone would be absolutely responsible themselves for what government did not do and did do. (**) Perhaps it is true that government of the absolutist, winner-take-all kind we have today would fall. But in its place would rise a system of governance rooted firmly and absolutely in the will of the people (***) and not in the whims of their representatives.” - Karl Hess, Dear America, p.4. - Here Hess came close to the full concept of panarchism but was still not quite clear about it. At least that is how I read him here. - Under panarchism the "winner" of a campaign would not take all but only the loyalties, property and support of the own followers, to the extent that they are prepared to subscribe to his offers. To achieve this not a fight, contest or campaign or election would be required but merely a questionnaire and register of membership. – (*) Even with a few members it could act freely and radically, regardless of majority opinions of competing communities, all only exterritorially autonomous. - - (**) Only the government they had chosen for themselves! - - (***) Its own people only, those individuals who have voluntarily subscribed to it! - J.Z., 17.6.80 & 29.7.00. - PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY, COMPETING & EXTERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: If government is to minimize the use of force, it must not be the originator of force. Government must restrict itself to the defensive use of force.” - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, June 1976, p. 353. - It cannot do so while its basic territorial nature already constitutes an invasive use of force. Territorial governments are largely prisons, mainly for innocents. Only panarchies can be truly limited, consensual and voluntary, seeing their voluntary membership. On the other hand, they can be as "unlimited" in power over their own voluntary members as these members want them to be and as long as their volunteers are willing to put up with them, while, all the time, they would, individually, free to secede from them. - J.Z., 30.7.92 & 24.7.00, 2.12.10, 14.5.12. - FORCE

GOVERNMENT: If men accept a lawmaking government as legitimate, Spooner pointed out, then they must forego all claims to their individual rights.” - Carl Watner, REASON 3/73. - That, too, applies predominantly to territorial governments with territorial laws imposed territorially upon dissenters as well. Once governments and free societies are only exterritorially autonomous and have only voluntary members, then unwanted organizations and legislation can be left behind by the seceding individuals. Then at least those ,who do appreciate their individual rights, will wish for and get only personal laws that respect their individual rights. These will probably only relatively few compared with the avalanches of laws that we are suffering under now. - J.Z., 3.8.00. - LEGISLATION, LAWS, LEGITIMACY & INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil, or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.” - Robert LeFevre. - And if just some are evil then one can organize against them better than through a territorial government. - J.Z., 10.11.78. - GOOD, EVIL, MAN

GOVERNMENT: If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern ...[no] controls on government would be necessary...the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself." - James Madison. - Neither citizens nor rulers need be angels but both need be volunteers for the kind of government or society that they do like for themselves. That will produce sufficient self-control among citizens as well as among rulers. - J.Z.- Kant, in his Eternal Peace, 1795, argued that even a peaceful society of devils could be organized in a way that all their evil intentions would hold each other mutually in check, so that outwardly they would behave like decent citizens. - J.Z., 2.7.00. - MAN'S NATURE

GOVERNMENT: if taxation is robbery, then it becomes clear that a tax or monopoly-coercing government is a robber band, and deserves not reverence but abolition - or, if abolition cannot be achieved, at least there should be a relentless whittling down of government power and activity.” – Murray N. Rothbard, For A New Liberty, p.18. - I would like to see it whittled down, rightfully and efficiently, by individual secessionism and competition from exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities. To each his own, the old principle of justice. This “panarchism” allows each the realization of his own ideals, at the own risk and expense, and thus has the potential to become,  finally, adopted by all people who are not criminals with involuntary victims. - J.Z., 2.8.00. - TAXATION & ROBBERY

GOVERNMENT: If territorial governments could and would eliminate all crimes with involuntary victims – then they would also have eliminated themselves. – J.Z., 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENT: If their programs etc. are so good, why do the governments have to enforce them and subsidize them out of taxes? Why to they have to be run by privileged institutions or monopoly ones? Why should they be imposed rather than run only among volunteers and at their expense and risk? The makers of the best watches, fridges or cars do not have to enforce their sales. - J.Z., 5.12.83. - If any government or State is really so good, why should it have, need or be granted a territorial monopoly and tribute gathering powers? - J.Z., 1.2.02. - PROGRAMS, SERVICES, INSTITUTIONS & MEASURES & PLANS, Q.

GOVERNMENT: If you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen!” – Proverb, also somewhat applicable to the territorial “kitchens” of the modern “cannibals”, living off others. – “The heat” is often a slang expression for the State’s police power. – But exit or withdrawal from their powers is today all too often blocked. –Also the escape from tax slavery and from compulsory miseducation by the State, for all too many years. - J.Z., 31.12.08, 14.5.12. – Just like the escape of conscripts from the armed forces. – Often we are not even free to secede from a mere trade union or a compulsory insurance system. - J.Z., 3.10.10. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, EMIGRATION

GOVERNMENT: If you want to live your own life undisturbed and without disturbing the lives of others, territorial governments won't let you - except in matters that are not important to them. - J.Z., 24.5.00. - TERRITORIALISM, LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: In a free society it is not the responsibility of government to provide everything to everybody.” - FREEDOM MAGAZINE, Spring 1974. - In a free society there would be no territorial government. There would be only other and competing free societies, all only exterritorially autonomous and, obviously, all only established, run and maintained by volunteers. If even libertarians cannot distinguish between societies and territorial governments, what can one expect of the usual territorial statists? - J.Z., 2.8.00, 14.5.12. - VS. FREE SOCIETY, PANARCHISM, STATE SOCIALISM

GOVERNMENT: In all sorts of government man is made to believe himself free, and to be in chains.” - Stanislaus Leszcynski, King of Poland, Oeuvres du philosophe bienfaisant, 1763. - … while still being in chains? – J.Z. - The voluntaristic and competing governments, with voluntary members only and limited to exterritorial government, in free competition with volunteer communities, which are, likewise, reduced to exterritorial autonomy only, have not yet been given a sufficient chance. They and their future possibilities have not even been sufficiently studied yet. - J.Z., 15.7.00, 28.12.08, 14.5.12. - VS. FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: In almost all matters, the real question should be: why are we letting government handle this?” – Harry Browne - Or: Why are we letting a territorial, monopolistic and coercive government handle this? How could we handle this rightfully ourselves, by voluntary and combined private and cooperative efforts, faster, more cheaply, lastingly and effectively than any territorial government could? - Perhaps by our own and freely competing - because only exterritorial autonomous community of volunteers! - J.Z., 25. 11. 06.

GOVERNMENT: In every government on earth is some trace of human weakness, some germ of corruption and degeneracy, which cunning will discover, and wickedness insensibly open, cultivate and improve. Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone.” – Thomas Jefferson, quoted in: Robert Conquest, We & They, Civil & Despotic Cultures, Temple-Smith, London, 1980, p 164. – Territorialism is more than a trace of human weakness. It is rather an open sore or wound – and, nevertheless, still widely ignored, in spite of all the wrongs and harm it causes. – J.Z., 10.10.08.

GOVERNMENT: In fact, government is the foe to progress, it is essentially conservative and cannot be otherwise, for its attempts to crystallize the customs of this generation, by writing them into law, to be the customs of the next; but the next always rebels. If the crystallizing process has been tolerably complete, the rebellion is terrific, and we have war; if the process has been imperfect, the rebellion assumes a mild form in shape of an electoral campaign.” - D. W. Brookhouse, 1887, in Bob James, Australian Anarchism, p.4. - Crystallization is a natural process. Territorial legislation is not. - A "progressive" government can be just as oppressive, and, thinking in long historical terms, as reactionary, going back to ancient communistic tribal models of society, which Ulrich von Beckerath used to call "the inherited sin of mankind". To show more clearly the wrongful restraints imposed by territorial governments, it would probably be better to speak of the monopolization of freedom of action and freedom to experiment by territorial governments in place of the multiple free experiments that volunteers would engage in, in any country, at their own expense and risk, all at the same time. This would occur naturally and spontaneously - if individuals could freely secede and associate under exterritorial autonomy. The single and imposed territorial experiment by a government will always be undertaken upon the lowest common denominator and largely at the expense and risk of dissenters. Their wrongs and damages will be maximized, being spread over the whole country. At the same time, they will be least instructive, since the competitive example of other experiments in the same country is missing and since all of them operate under apathy or at least tacit resistance by dissenters. Few people bother to observe and ponder similar monopolistic and coercive governmental experiments in other countries and their effects. Moreover, since those running the government experiment can spread the costs and risks of them over the whole population and find it easy to blame dissenters for their own failures, they tend not to learn sufficiently from their own failures. Furthermore, since the whole population is confined to one territorial government experiment at a time, progress will also be slowed down. Few people engage sufficiently in historical studies. Thus not enough will be learned from past experiments. Instead, popular errors, myths and prejudices will see to it that via government experimentation the same wrongs and mistakes are repeated over and over again, often for decades to centuries, sometimes even for thousands of years, as with price controls. If panarchistic free experimentation were introduced instead, then progress in the spheres, now preempted by territorial governments, the political, economic and social spheres, could become as fast, peaceful and certain as it happened in the natural sciences and in technology, in the arts, in literature, in sports, in private lifestyles etc., wherever and to the extent that governments did not meddle there, too. - Thus let us reduce all governmental experiments and all societal utopia experiments merely to experiments among volunteers and, seeing, the importance and rightfulness of such experiments, let them be undertaken under full exterritorial autonomy, and, naturally, always only at the risk and expense of these volunteers. - Thus reformed and reduced, governments and societies can all be rightful, useful and instructive and the wrongs and damages will be confined to those who were prepared to risk them. - J.Z., 29.7.00, 14.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM VS. PROGRESS, PANARCHISM FOR PROGRESS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL

GOVERNMENT: In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: You must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.” - James Madison in "THE FEDERALIST". - ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – Territorial governments are hardly controllable. Only governments confined to exterritorial autonomy and volunteers will tend to control themselves and will be controlled by their voluntary members, still remaining free to secede from them if they become disappointed. – J.Z., 8.1.08. - THEIR CONTROL

GOVERNMENT: In government, as in other relationships, we have the capacity to deceive ourselves, to shape the realities by which we live, so that our prime focus is on our comfort rather than the truth…" - Government itself is an awesome strategy for avoiding pain and conflict. (*) For a considerable price, it relieves us of responsibilities, performing acts that would be as unsavory for most of us a butchering our own beef. (**) As our agent (***), the government can bomb and tax. As our agent, it can relieve us of the responsibilities once borne face to face by the community: caring for the young, the war-wounded, the aged, the handicapped. It extends our impersonal benevolence to the world's needy, relieving our collective conscience without uncomfortable first-hand involvement. It takes our power, our responsibility, our consciousness.” - M. Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, p.210. - Panarchism intends to take them back! – (*) I would rather say, for CAUSING them! – (**) We do freely delegate e.g. butchery and surgery to competing tradesmen and professionals, rather than governments.)  - (***) Hardly, when not authorized to act as such by individuals. - J.Z., 6.4.89.

GOVERNMENT: In how many different ways have territorial governments managed to kill, cripple, starve, endanger, exploit, mislead and suppress innocent people? – J.Z., 28.12.08. - GOVERNMENT SERVICES? Q.

GOVERNMENT: In order to have government, you must have the approval of the very people government is going to injure.” - Robert LeFevre, LIBERTAS REVIEW, Summer 79. - TERRITORIAL government allows such a government to act without the approval of the dissenters and victims of government. What he should have said is: In order to have a RIGHTFUL government, of masochistically inclined members, you must have their approval or voluntary membership. - He might also have said, territorialist government candidates for its offices try in advance to get the approval even of those they are afterwards going to injure. And their victims seem to be unable to learn from their past experiences with such people and their promises. - J.Z., 28.7.00. -  CONSENT, VOTING, REPRESENTATION

GOVERNMENT: In our complex world there cannot be fruitful initiative without government, but unfortunately there can be government without initiative.” - Bertrand Russell, Control and Initiative, in: Authority and the Individual, 1949. - In our complex world there cannot be enough fruitful initiatives while territorial governments are in charge. Territorial governments are characterized by lack of fruitful initiatives and by preventing fruitful initiatives by individuals and voluntary groups. Only with completely voluntary membership and confined to exterritorial autonomy, i.e., under panarchism or experimental freedom conditions even for them, could governments show the best they are capable of. I suspect that they will rarely win under fully free competition from non-governmental communities of volunteers. They will still be over-sized bureaucracies, financed by taxation of voluntary members, trying to out-compete free entrepreneurs, productive coops and other self-managed enterprises with many more and stronger individual incentives. - J.Z., 30.10.85 & 13.7.00. – VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION IN EVERY SPHERE

GOVERNMENT: In The Federalist Papers, James Madison warned, "In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself." - Madison's warnings were not heeded. The government did not, and does not, "control itself". - Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.320. - "Who guards the Guardians?" Especially while it still has coercive, monopolistic, centralistic or, in other words, territorial powers. A militia or national guard under the control of government will not keep government in check. But an ideal code of individual rights, upheld by an ideal militia could, when it is combined with voluntary State membership, voluntary taxation, monetary freedom, individual and minority secessionism and also competition from many different "panarchies". But all these are still outlawed and not even seriously considered by most political scientists, not even by most libertarians and anarchists. - J.Z., 25.7.00, 14.5.12. – Territorialist “checks and balances” and constitutionalism are just not good enough. They are good enough only for those, who have volunteered for them or signed up for them – individually! – J.Z., 27.12.08. - CONTROL, GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CONTROL ITSELF. IT MUST BE SEVERELY CONTROLLED, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: In the long run every government is the exact symbol of its people, with their wisdom and un-wisdom.” - Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, 1843, 4.4. - Governments represent rather the worst and the mediocre than the best among the people. And they tend to combine their spleens and follies and repeat their errors and mistakes and false "measures" over and over again, by more or less popular demand. They preempt most important spheres, like the political, economic and social system spheres, enforcing its single flawed experiments upon all the population while preventing multiple free experimentation among volunteers, which would help to speed up enlightenment and progress as much as is possible. - J.Z., 30.10.85 & 13.7.00, 28.12.08. - PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: in the radical view, there is absolutely no difference between people who tax, draft, and in other ways rule us, and the most blatant mugger, except of course for the legitimacy of the former.” - Walter Block, Libertarian Yearbook 1973. – Without the unanimous consent by non-criminal subjects no territorial government is legitimate. No majority can rightfully suppress any genuine rights and liberties of any minority. – J.Z., 29.11.10. - A LEGITIMIZED MUGGER

GOVERNMENT: Inflation is fraud. Taxation is theft. Conscription is violence and murder. Territorial governments, as such, are guilty of all such crimes. And not yet satisfied with them they prepare for mass murder and genocide by means of ABC devices. - J.Z., 31.7.78 & 20.7.00. - INFLATION, FRAUD, TAXATION, THEFT, CONSCRIPTION, MURDER, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Inherent in government, any government, is the tendency to rob the individual of his freedom.” - Frank Chodorov, The Income Tax …, p.121. - True for territorial governments, with compulsory membership, suppressing individual secessionism and competition from exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. But competing, voluntaristic governmenance systems, societs and communities s are possible and desirable - but, largely, an unknown ideal still and outlawed as well. - J.Z., 1.8.00, 14.5.12. - VS. INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Irrespective of their relative banefulness (for some governments are worse than others), the present power struggle between governments threatens the annihilation of mankind in a carnage that can hardly be conceived as possible in the absence of all governments whatsoever.” - Laurance Labadie, Selected Essays, p.52. - Only the absence of TERRITORIAL governments is required. - J.Z., 28.7.00. - WAR, PEACE & ANARCHY

GOVERNMENT: Is government the best means to achieve and maintain liberty or the best means to block it or to lose it? And should or can a territorial government rightfully grant any privileges? Can it secure liberties and rights? - J.Z., 22.1.02, 24.12.08. - LIBERTY, PRIVILEGES, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Is there anything in the annals of territorial governments that should induce us to entrust them with our lives, liberties, properties and earnings, or that of our children and grandchildren, friends and associates? - J.Z., 19.12.93. – TERRITORIALISM, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Is there anything useful and just that any territorial government is competent in? - J.Z., 13.5.94, 30.12.08. – INCOMPETENCE, Q.

GOVERNMENT: It becomes illegal for others to come in and offer a potentially better deal.” - Gary North, THE FREEMAN, Nov. 85. - Governments impose disserves and exclusive and over-priced services, also taxes upon all to pay for them, while outlawing self-help, consumer choice and free enterprises competing with it. - J.Z., 31.7.92 & 24.5.00. - VS. COMPETITION FOR ITS SERVICES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: It costs ten times more to govern us than it used to and we are not governed one tenth as good.” - Will Rogers, Autobiography, p.278. – Should we be surprised about this, as long as free competition is eliminated in this sphere? – J.Z., 28.12.08. – In Facebook today I found a hint that at least in the USA taxes cost territorial subjects more than their food, clothing and shelter combined. – J.Z., 14.5.12. - TAXES & TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS TO & MEMBERSHIP IN COMPETING & EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES UNDER THEIR OWN PERSONAL LAWS & JURIDICAL SYSTEMS: PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: It did not matter what the surface system of government was called in the fad notions of the time. There are those who milk, and those born to be milked; those who slaughter, and those who line up for the slaughtering.” - Mark Clifton, When They Came From Space, p.32. - Another old analogy on territorial government says that it leaves you only some choice, and really only a very limited one, between either being a hammer or an anvil. Perhaps a more realistic image is that of being used as raw iron material, between the hammer and the anvil, the power and the monopoly of a territorial government. - And statists consent to this! Forget about them, but prepare the escape route for individuals and dissenting minorities: Achieve individual and group secessionism for them and exterritorial autonomy for their volunteer communities. That program, properly understood and publicized and demonstrated, could solve most of the remaining internal and external conflicts, achieving tolerance, even harmony, peace, justice freedom and rapid progress, also a rapidly increasing prosperity for those able and willing to adopt the economic liberties which this reform would make possible. - J.Z., 28.7.00, 14.5.12. - STATISM, FORMS OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: It has been said, only partly in jest, that government is the only agency that can take a problem and turn it into a crisis.” - Ross Sutherland, GOLD COAST BULLETIN, 1979, quoted in OPTIMISM, Sydney, 5/79. – Communities of volunteers only could only harm their own members and thus not create a countrywide crisis. Let them bankrupt or harm themselves – or set shiny examples, if they can! – J.Z., 30.12.08. - PROBLEMS & CRISES, TERRITORIALISM VS. MINORITY AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL

GOVERNMENT: It is as unjust to force one's government upon another, as it is unjust to force one's religion upon another. This was done in the past; but we have won religious freedom, and must now work towards political freedom.” - Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.22. - GOVERNMENTAL INTOLERANCE IS LIKE RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, INJUSTICE, COMPULSORY SUBJECTION VS. VOLUNTARISM, FULL POLITICAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIALITY, AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” – Voltaire. – Especially, when it is still a territorial government or Warfare State and power monger. - J.Z., 26. 11. 06. - Well, while all territorial governments are wrong, my rightful criticism of them has not yet been dangerous to me or to the few other panarchists. However, once panarchism spreads rapidly we might be in great danger, too. If democratic governments were wise enough, they would themselves use panarchistic methods and institutions in their fights against dictatorships. But then in politics its practitioners, politicians, are not any more likely to comprehend rightful and rational self-interest in politics than they understand it in economics. – J.Z., 4.1.08, 23.12.08. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: it is evident that government, by excluding or even superseding individual agency, either substitutes a less qualified instrumentality for one better qualified, or at any rate substitutes its own mode of accomplishing the work, for all the variety of modes which would be tried by an number of equally qualified persons aiming at the same end; a competition by many degrees more propitious to the progress of improvement than any uniform system.” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government.” - MONOPOLIZED EXPERIMENTATION VS. FREE EXPERIMENTATION, COMPETITION & PROGRESS, TERRITORIALITY VS. PANARCHISTIC EXPERIMENTATION

GOVERNMENT: It is for the good of nations and not for the emoluments or aggrandizement of particular individuals, that government ought to be established, and that mankind are at the expense of supporting it. The defects of every government and constitution, both as to principle and form, must, on a parity of reasoning, be as open to discussion as the defects of a law, and it is a duty which every man owes to society to point them out.” - Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man, II. - For the two fundamental flaws of every present government (compulsory membership and territorial rule, law and jurisdiction) there exists no moral or rational defence. Only voluntaristic and non-territorial "governments" can be so defended. - J.Z., 16.10.85. - From this point of view, the above remark ought to be amended to something like this: "It is for the abuse of genuine nations (voluntary communities) and for the emolument or aggrandizement of particular individuals that territorial governments are established. Therefore and to that extent their followers and internal opponents as well as the rest of mankind should not support them at all but rather resist them. The defects of every government and constitution, both as to principle and form, should not only be subjected to free criticism by reasoning and quite open discussion as to their defects, but, more importantly still, to free competition from all other governments, communities and societies of volunteers, with other and potentially better ideas and practices. Man's duties include the obligation not only to think about more just, free and peaceful societies but also to individually work for them, e.g. by seceding from one perceived to be flawed, and then the seceding individual joining or establishing one that he perceives to be superior. - One analogy is consumer sovereignty, combined with free enterprise and free markets, and the division of labor under fully freed exchanges. Under these conditions goods and services will be abundantly provided and continuously improved in quality, while the cost of producing them will be minimized. - Even Thomas Paine's thinking deserves to be continuously amended, in accordance with his presumed intentions towards more liberties and rights for all men, according to their own individual choices. - J.Z., 18.7.00. - VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: It is impossible to get sensible government so long as everybody has the vote.” - Signor Admirante, quoted by Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST,  8/73, PAGE 62. - Full stop after government! - J.Z., 11/73. - With the qualification that, as usual, I mean territorial government unless I talk or write explicitly about competing, voluntaristic and only exterritorially autonomous "governments" or volunteer communities. Naturally, such competing governments would merely be voluntary associations but, different from their current crop by full exterritorial autonomy, i.e., no longer under the oppression and exploitation of any territorial government. - J.Z., 1.8.00. - VOTING, GENERAL FRANCHISE

GOVERNMENT: It is melancholy to see how little fitness for office is regarded on all sides, and how much the public employments are treated as booty to be divided among successful combatants.” - Sir James Graham, 1853, quoted in C. Bingham, Men & Affairs, p.82. - It is melancholy to see how widespread the belief still is that there are fit offices for territorial government and parties and individuals fit to fill them. - J.Z., 2.8.00. - PARTIES, POLITICIANS, INCOMPETENCE, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: It is the inherent right of the Government to lie to save itself.” – Assistant Secretary of Defence Arthur D. Sylvester, December 6, 1962. – As if any abstract like a government were a living body and had the right to life. Only its remaining voluntary members have the right to retain whatever system they prefer for themselves, at their own expense and risk. – J.Z., 25.12.08. PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, LIES, DISHONESTY, DENIALS, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: It is the nature of government not to be ruled, but to rule its subjects.” - Leo Tolstoy, On Civil Disobedience and Nonviolence, p.239. - Exterritorial, competing and voluntary governments would, like any other business enterprise, be nothing but the agents of their free customers. - J.Z., 3.8.00. – It claims sovereignty for itself and does not recognize individual sovereignty of those it subjects to itself. – J.Z., 31.12.08. - RULE, RULERS, SUBJECTS, TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVE & MONOPOLY SOVEREIGNTY VS. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & THAT OF VOLUNTARY COMMUNITIES, FULL CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & FREE ENTERPRISE VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: it should be noted that all government, regardless of what it may be seeking to accomplish, begins its operations by a boundary trespass. The concept of the power of government to tax, and to regulate, provides this essential ingredient. Therefore, the libertarian moralist sees government as an evil in itself. If it did not violate boundaries, it would not be a government. If it does violate boundaries, even though it may only be seeking funds to prevent boundary violations by others, it is essentially evil and wrong.” - Robert LeFevre, The Libertarian, p.31. - The use of the term "boundary" is unfortunate in this respect. I know, that LeFevre meant here the boundary of rights and liberties around each individual. But governments are commonly believed to protect "their citizens" within their territorial boundaries, against each other and also these boundaries and citizens against governments and people beyond these borders, frontiers or boundaries. But the very fact of setting up frontiers and claiming the inside as an exclusive turf against all comers, whether they are dissenters from the inside or “foreigners” from the outside, is already an authoritarian, even a totalitarian act. These collectivistic, coercive and compulsory territorial boundaries ought to be destroyed, not upheld like those around individuals. Only then can the rightful boundaries, those around individuals, be fully realized. Individual sovereignty vs. collective, centralized, monopolistic and coercive sovereignty. Exterritorial autonomy vs. territorial sovereignty. Voluntary membership vs. compulsory membership. Individual secessionism vs. compulsory territorial unity. Personal law vs. territorial law. Exterritorial decentralization vs. territorial unity, centralization and decentralization. All of politics ought to be re-defined and re-thought. - J.Z., 1.8.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: It takes our power, our responsibility, OUR CONSCIOUSNESS." - M. Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, 210. - Panarchists intend to take them back. - J.Z., 6.4.89. – Territorial rule leaves a general feeling of helplessness, powerlessness and irresponsibility and even disinterest in most important affairs while the individual attention is concentrated on the relative trivia of daily lives that are still under his control. - J.Z., 15.9.05, 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENT: It's amazing to me that governments around the world will try every aspect of government control before, as a final last resort after everything else fails, they will try individual liberty.” - Andre Marrou, Libertarian candidate for President '92, former Libertarian Alaska State Legislator. – None of them has ever reached the stage as yet where they will try ALL individual rights and liberties. How many more centuries will it take them, if they ever get there, on the territorial path? Thus the fastest way to realize them would be for a minority in favour of them to opt out and realize them among themselves only. Under the present statist mentality prevailing, they might get this freedom as a “fool’s liberty”. The statists would expect to become entertained by our “antics” and willing to watch us like they watch circus clowns or comedians. Who cares about their view, as long as we become free to do our things for ourselves? And if their expectations become very disappointed and they come to seriously ponder our example and to imitate it or to join us, we would certainly not complain. – Is this entirely a utopian notion? At least degrees of “free enterprise zones” were permitted, by statists, as new milking cows. Historically many liberties were initially bought. At present they could, perhaps, still be bought at bargain prices. Later, when governments are aware how profitable liberties can be, they might want to charge more – if then they have still the power to do so. Freedom ideas and examples will then effect their subjects and endanger their remaining territorial power. And their greed for taxing booming economies might then also somewhat move them in the economic freedom direction. Even Red China and Russia did. - J.Z., 29.12.08. – We should also aim to expose them to competition from other statists communities, all only with voluntary subjects. They too, do have numerous disagreements between them. Such dissenters could become our allies towards our own freedom, while they try to realize their ideals among themselves in one or the other statist way. – J.Z., 3.12.10. - CONTROLS & LIBERTY, DIS., - CONTROLS, REGULATIONS, LEGISLATION, FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, Q.

GOVERNMENT: It's not the government's function to keep people from hurting themselves.” - Quoted by Davis Harris & Ron Kimberling, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 6/72. - Why assume that any territorial government does have any function towards individuals, unless all individuals have signed over that function to it and as long as they did so? - J.Z., 16.7.00. - PROTECTIONISM

GOVERNMENT: Its inbuilt costs and inefficiencies are so great that if it were not for its territorial monopolies, and coercive powers, including its compulsory taxes, its customers would drop off like flies and look for or arrange better bargains for themselves. - J.Z., 22.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Just government - a contradiction in terms for all territorial governments. - J.Z., 23.2.85. - For, inevitably, once they have more than a few hundred members or subjects they do deny justice, rights and liberties to at least some of their dissenters. - J.Z., 16.3.85 & 13.7.00. - JUST, GOOD, SOUND, LIMITED, TERRITORIAL VS. EXTERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Laissez faire, laissez passer - for all governments and societies: Let them produce, let them exchange, but only via consumer sovereignty, voluntary membership, voluntary taxation, individual secessionism, personal law and exterritorial autonomy. That would pull the teeth and claws of this monster. - J.Z., 19.12.93 & 10.7.00. - LAISSEZ FAIRE, LAISSEZ PASSER FOR GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES, LET INDIVIDUALS PRODUCE & CONSUME SUCH SERVICES AS THEY LIKE

GOVERNMENT: Law has always been wrong. Government is the fundamental ism of the soldier, bigot, and priest.” - Wendell Phillips, quoted in - Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.163. – These are likely to play small roles only in most panarchies and, gradually, even less and less. – J.Z., 30.12.08, 3.12.10. - LAW & EXPLOITATIVE RULE

GOVERNMENT: Law represents the effort of men to organize society; government, the efforts of selfishness to overthrow liberty.” - Henry Ward Beecher, Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit. - But society is largely an "order without design", as Hayek says. Society cannot and should not be organized by territorial laws but societies of volunteers should be free to make their own rules or laws: personal law. Only then can it amount to genuine law, at least for them. - Territorial law is an attempt to disorganize free and natural societies living in a territory and trying to do their own things to and for themselves. It is a destroyer of personal law, the only law fit for human beings as diverse as they are. - J.Z., 27.6.00, 31.12.08. - I try to distinguish between “laws” (positive law or territorially imposed laws, usually wrongful and irrational), and “the law”, embodying natural law, natural rights and common law at least somewhat approaching the rules of genuine individual rights and liberties.” – J.Z., 31.12.08. - SOCIETY, LAW & LIBERTY

GOVERNMENT: Learn, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed.” - (Nescis, mi fili, quantilla sapientia regitur mundus.) - In another version: An nescis, mi fili, quantilla prudentia mundus regatur. - Pope Julius III, + 1555, to a Portugese monk who pitied him because he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. (Buechmann, Gefluegelte Worte.) Also attributed to Count Axel von Oxenstierna, Chancellor of Sweden, + 1651, when urging his son to accept an appointment to the Peace Congress in Osnabrueck, Westphalia, in 1648. - (You do not realize, my son, with how little wisdom this world is governed.) Told also in connection with Conrad von Benningen, the Dutch statesman. - It took the territorial governments and churches 30 years to end a religious war - by finally conceding religious liberty. The population of Germany was reduced in this 1618-1648 war from about 25 million to 5 million people. How many World Wars will it take to persuade YOU or your government of the benefit of freedom for tolerant actions in ALL spheres, not just the religious sphere? Governments are not more likely to resign their territorial powers than monopolistic and coercive churches were. - J.Z., n.d. - ITS LACK OF WISDOM, PANARCHISM, FOOLISHNESS

GOVERNMENT: LeFevre argues that the only good government is a dead government.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, March 78, reviewing his: Good Government, Hope or Illusion? – Here, again, he ignored the possibility of a competing or voluntary government, although he had reprinted De Puydt’s article “Panarchy” in his RAMPART JOURNAL, Fall 66. Even such radical thinkers are not always consistent. What he states here applies only to territorial governments. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Less power to the government. No power to the government. No power. - J.Z., 1974. - All as a matter of free individual choices, free contracts, free competition, free enterprise, full consumer sovereignty towards all services offered. What remains would deserves a new name. So far I stick with panarchies: As many of them as free and different people want for themselves. - J.Z., 2.8.00.

GOVERNMENT: Let the Government govern - let the private sector do.” - Peter F. Drucker. - THE INTERCOLLEGIATE REVIEW, Winter 1970/71. - That would not limit territorial government enough. Rather, let us reduce all of them to mere private or cooperative and freely competing enterprises and special interest associations, all only with voluntary membership and exterritorial autonomy. - J.Z., 29.7.00. – Most of the territorial governing is all too wrong and counterproductive. It does not really protect and defend and its justice and education system do also leaves all too much desired. In these spheres, too, free competition by volunteers would do much better. – J.Z., 15.5.12. - PRIVATE SECTOR, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, DIS., PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIAL DESPOTISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Let us admit that societies can not exist without government and state authority; that government implies force; and for that reason "participation in government is fundamentally degrading." - Auguste Comte, quoted in J. O. Y Gasset, Concord and Liberty, p.26. - Societies can and have developed better methods to provide defensive force than territorial governments have. – But do not expect them to be taught at governmental military academies. - J.Z., 30.7.00, 28.12.08. – Only genuinely free societies can offer as much liberation as individuals and groups want for themselves. Territorial governments can only offer another kind of territorial misgovernment to whole populations. Obviously this is not an attractive enough aim e.g. in Afghanistan and in Iraq. – J.Z., 3.12.10. – SOCIETY, DIS., TERRITORIALISM, WAR & PEACE AIMS, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Let us cast out all artificial systems and give freedom a chance - freedom, which is an act of faith in God and in His handiwork.” - Bastiat, on "freedom of transactions", quoted in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.231. - If only Bastiat had claimed that freedom consistently for ALL voluntary transactions! - J.Z., 18.7.00. – Often the good is the enemy of the best. An advocacy of laissez faire only in economics, not also for all kinds of “economic”, political and social systems, in all their variety, and regardless of how uneconomic or counter-economic some of them are, was not good enough to help the laissez faire philosophy to victory. Think of the human sacrifices since, all the costs and crisis causes resulting from territorial statism and still remaining largely unquestioned. Especially the effects of its monetary and financial despotism. – His faith in a God also held him and all too many others back. – However, if he had lived longer … J.Z., 29.12.08, 15.5.12. - AN ARTIFICIAL SYSTEM, PANARCHISM A NATURAL ONE, BASED UPON UNANIMOUS CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, FREE EXPERIMENTATION ETC.

GOVERNMENT: Let us go back in time to the point at which we began to allow others to operate as authorities over us, and begin to confront the proposition that others have rightful power over our lives, that others have expertise superior to anything we could ever know on our own. Let us respond to such a proposition as any 3-year old would to anything so palpably absurd: "Why?" - When we relearn to ask such questions - and to ask them of anyone who seeks to advance his or her authority over us - we shall have discovered the way to our psychological independence." - Butler D. Shaffer, Southwestern School of Law, Los Angeles: - POWER, AUTHORITY - WHY? QUESTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Let's get the dead hand of government out of our economy.” - Workers Party slogan, NATIONAL TIMES, 15.12.75. – It is acts like a spanner in the wheels, or, sometimes, like sugar mixed with petrol. – J.Z., 29.12.08. – Territorialism destroys not only economies but also political and social systems. All can develop freely only among volunteers who are exterritorially autonomous and thus can experiment freely in accordance with their convictions and beliefs. – J.Z., 3.12.10. - DEAD HAND, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Let's have any government only by individualized and mutual acceptance. - J.Z., 19.10.73. - INDIVIDUAL CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Let's shut down the government.” - John Pearce, on 2GB, 5.1.72. – Shutting down all territorial governments would be enough. Let all volunteers do their things for or to themselves. – J.Z., 3.12.10. – DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Limited government is government, which derives its power from the people - and which does not put the State ahead of the individual. Limited government is government, which does not reach out and attempt to do for you those things which you can do better for yourself.” - From a leaflet of the Chamber of Commerce of the U.S. - Compare the "subsidiarity principle". - According to the qualification in its last sentence, limited government is superfluous already now, for some people and if these were free from it - through individual secession - it would soon become superfluous for many and large minorities, possibly even for the majority. - The concept of the Chamber of Commerce still assumes territorial governments to possess some special qualities that no free association of human beings could possibly possess. - J.Z., n.d. & 26.7.00. – It also equates a territorial population with “the people”, thereby ignoring all the differences in it. One should imagine businessmen being able to make distinctions between their potential customers and trying to appeal only to some of them, to whom they do have something to offer. Why should it be different for any government, community and societal service organization? – J.Z., 3.12.10. – Which are the things, which we could not possibly do better for ourselves, among voluntary participants? – J.Z., 15.5.12. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, SUBSIDIARITY PRINCIPLE, FREE CHOICE AMONG & FREE COMPETITION WITH ALL “GOVERNMENTAL” SERVICES!

GOVERNMENT: Looting, oppressing, exploiting, usurping and imposed territorial governments should be replaced by competing governments subject to individual choice, voluntary membership and individual secessionism and voluntary taxation under full exterritorial autonomy for their members. To each the government or free society of his or her choice. Full consumer sovereignty in this respect, too. - J.Z., 19.12.93 & 10.7.00. – Maybe you will be the one who puts this idea into words that history will remember! – J.Z., 31.12.08. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Love your country but fear its government." ‑ N.E. folk wisdom. - Loving your country does not mean monopolizing it for yourself or allowing only tourists in. - J.Z., 3.2.02. – No whole territory is “owned” and managed like private real estate is. At least some of its private real estate changes hands or usage all the time. Some of the new owners come from all over the world and some of the old ones settle in other parts of the world. This whole planet is just one country for all kinds of humans. Earth is not the country of the ruling warlords, exploiters and professional liars and misleaders. It belongs to the victimized people rather than the ruling victimizers. – Maybe all of Earth or most parts of it should be run like the “open cooperatives” which the Austrian economist Theodor Hertzka was first to quite clearly and in details to recommend, in several of his books, two of them written as utopias, namely “Freeland” and “Travel to Freelan”. - J.Z., 15.5.12. – POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, MODERN BARONS, FEUDALISTS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, PATRIOTISM, COUNTRY, NATIONALISM, IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, TERRITORIALISM, HERTZKA, OPEN COOPERATIVES, NATURAL RESOURCES

GOVERNMENT: Maybe governments in exile should not become known by their names addresses and offices. Maybe they should never organize public meetings, conferences or parliamentary sessions. They might never congregate personally in any large numbers and might mainly communicate only e.g. via encrypted email messages. Their importance would consist mainly only in their quite rightful and diverse programs, all only for their present and their future volunteers. Only these diverse programs ought to be given maximum publicity. Their “leadership” would consist largely in these platforms and their practical realization in their host countries, among their own followers, or adherents to these platforms, who, in most cases, might not even know and need not know their nominal leaders but should all know their program - and their rights and liberties within it - very well. – J.Z., 17.6.03, 15.5.12. – GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE & THEIR SECURITY AGAINST AGENTS OF THE DICTATORS THEY OPPOSE

GOVERNMENT: McCarr's First Law: Whatever government does, it does more or less badly.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 7/81. – Like most others, he did not take into consideration the history and future possibilities of competing or voluntary governments, societies and communities that are all only exterritorially autonomous for their volunteers. – J.Z., 1.1.09. - PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Members and subjects of territorial governments should only be free to commit their own lives, liberty, property and incomes. They cannot rightly arrive at collective decision-making unless there is unanimity between them, which is extremely rare. A majority has no more rights to dominate minorities and individuals than an individual or minority has the right do dominate all the rest. If they acted without consent of all, i.e., if there are dissenters, and there usually are, then all their territorial and collective actions would be despotic towards these dissenters and nonconformists, in spite of all democratic and republican trappings. The dissenters must be allowed to secede and organize themselves in exterritorially autonomous communities. - J.Z., 12.2.88, 20.7.00. - VS. PANARCHIES, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM, COMPULSION VS. UNANIMOUS CONSENT OR VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Mencken's prejudice against reform though governmental intervention was likewise intensified during this time, with the enactment of Prohibition, itself sometimes considered one of the triumphs of the progressive movement. From its inception, the AMERICAN MERCURY lashed away at this reform. Since Mencken was not exactly a "teetotaler," the Noble Experiment irked him to no end. However, with a view toward governmental intervention that verged on anarchy, he saw in the evasion of the efforts to enforce the amendment "the first glimmers of revolt that one day must shake the world - a revolt … against the tyranny at the bottom of all government." - R. Dale Grinder, LIBERTARIAN ANALYSIS, I/ 3. - By all means, go to the bottom of all government tyranny - and kick it hard, even to death! The bottom or foundation of all oppressive and exploitative governments is territorialism, with it coercion, monopolism, centralism and compulsory membership, suppression of individual and group secessionism and of freely competing communities of volunteer only, who are exterritorially autonomous, i.e. quite free to do their own things among themselves. - J.Z., 31.7.00, 15.5.12. - TYRANNY, PROHIBITION & REVOLUTION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Minding the Own Business is always superior in all-over performance to all attempts to mind the business of others. In the first all producers, exchangers and consumers tend to win. In the second case the parasites and stand-over guys tend to win at the expense of the producers, traders and consumers. - J.Z., 13.7.00, 28.12.08. - THE ECONOMY, FREE MARKET, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE EXCHANGE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: misgovernment falls into 4 categories: 1. Tyranny or oppression. 2. Excessive ambition, as with Germany's twice attempted rule of Europe or Japan's bid for an empire in Asia. 3. Incompetence or decadence, as with the Roman Empire. 4. Folly or perversity.” - Historian Barbara Tuchman, quoted in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 25. 4. 95. - I would rather say that all too much misgovernment occurs by ALL territorial governments, by their very nature. - J.Z., 30.12.95 & 7.7.00. – The activities of all of them should become confined to their own volunteers. – J.Z., 30.12.08. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM & ITS INHERENT MISGOVERNMENT OF PEACEFUL OR NON-CRIMINAL DISSENTERS

GOVERNMENT: Mistrust all governments. - Jefferson mistrusted all governments…” - Libertarian Handbook 1972. - Mistrust all TERRITORIAL governments. - Consider a future without any of them, although almost all of them are presently territorial. - J.Z., 2.8.00. - Mistrust all territorial governments – enough to do away with them! Educate, organize and even arm yourself for this purpose, to the extent that this would be necessary. Confinement of all governments to their own volunteers would leave only the power addicts as genuine enemies. – J.Z., 30.12.08. – EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION, INDIVIDUALISM VS. COLLECTIVISM

GOVERNMENT: Money demanded by groups who surprisingly never plead for corresponding taxation to provide the money.” - M. B. Wellington, GOOD GOVERNMENT, 8/78. – It is an ancient proposal for parliamentary reform to at least freeze government spending at a certain level, and to demand that each new spending proposal should be accompanied by a proposal on which government spending program should be correspondingly cut. If it were possible to induce a parliament to act on such a proposal, then one could also be possible to induce it to reduce its other spending by at least double to ten times the amount of the new spending proposal. But tigers will keep their spots. One cannot sufficiently reform and change them. But one should be free to shoot, cage or escape from them, rather than remaining dominated by them. Individual secessionism and panarchism offer the most important of such alternatives. – Experimental freedom and voluntarism are already introduced in so many other spheres. Only the monopolies of territorial governments remain. – J.Z., 28.12.08. - GOVERNMENT GRANTS, PIGS AT THE PUBLIC TROUGHS

GOVERNMENT: Montaigne noted: "Men are most apt to believe what they least understand." - Over the years I have found that the corollary to Montaigne's statement is also true; i.e., that the better one understands government, the less he is inclined to believe anything that it says.” - Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.22. – The disbelievers should finally secede and form their own kind of communities and societies, under their own personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy. By competition between them and with the remaining rump governments or States, all then also confined to their own volunteers, they could soon set some shiny examples and solve most of the solvable of the remaining problems. Then progress in this sphere might become as fast as it has in e.g. electronics. – UNDERSTANDING, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, PROGRESS. MERE SKEPTICISM OR DISBELIEF IS NOT ENOUGH! FREEDOM OF ACTION! FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT – TOGETHER WITH LIKEMINDED PEOPLE!

GOVERNMENT: Most governments depreciate the currency and have passed special legislation that allows them to do so (by legalizing legal tender and the issue monopoly), while, officially, they, or their central banks act as or pretend to be guardians of "the" currency. That fact alone is enough reason to get rid of governments and their central banks, as territorial power organizations. Naturally, there are many more rights, liberties and good reasons for wishing to do so. - Nevertheless, those volunteers, who wish to continue the past wrongful and irrational governmental restrictions onlyamong themselves, including the communists of former territorial regimes, should become free to do so, but not while still militarily armed and organized and intolerant in their outlook. Trust towards authoritarian and totalitarian believers can only go so far. Leaving them enslaved by e.g. progressive taxation, forced labor and their Marxist monetary despotism does amount to self-imposed penalties which they do richly deserve - until they are finally sufficiently enlightened by their experience, if they are able at all to learn from their own mistakes. - J.Z., 9.12.93 & 10.7.00, 3.12.10, 15.5.12. - INFLATION

GOVERNMENT: Most governments, most institutions have in their own ways been monstrous.” - Poul Anderson, There Will Be Time, p.156. - There is a great difference between territorial governments, privileged institutions and corporations and voluntary and competing associations that are only exterritorially autonomous. At least whatever crimes the latter might still commit would be largely confined to their own volunteers, i.e., to voluntary victims. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Most persons seeking a free society attempt to create some centralized agency, which will have the responsibility of seeing that others do not misbehave. Or, if misbehavior ensues, they wish the centralized agency to handle the problem. They wish this agency to try, convict, compel restitution, inflict punishment or, in other words, to impose controls. - Every government that has ever existed contains at least traces of this characteristic.” - Robert LeFevre, LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 78. - Here, too, he fails to distinguish between territorial governments, with uniform laws, sovereign in power, maintaining itself over a largely involuntary membership, by lies, fraud and coercion, and, on the other hand, competing, voluntary governments and communities, with voluntary members only, no monopolies, no compulsory taxation, no monetary and financial despotism and also limited by individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for the secessionists. – (Under fully voluntary membership even there formally still despotic actions and institutions become merely wanted masochistic arrangements. – J.Z., 27.12.08.) Even for some of the best minds it seems to take years to decades for the exterritorial alternatives to sink in, if it ever does. E.g., Dr. Walter Zander was, towards the end of his life, when I managed to meet him, still convinced that Ulrich von Beckerath, an advocate of voluntary and autonomous communities, of the exterritorial kind, had failed to take into consideration the community inclination of man, by concentrating only his individualist nature! Apparently, he considered only territorial communities as communities. (This in spite of the fact that there exists a frequently repeated and prolonged history of at least degrees of Jewish self-government under their personal laws and institutions, i.e., exterritorially. This independence did not go far enough, was not everywhere and all the time practised, but it set numerous interesting examples, all too often completely overlooked by most modern historians. – J.Z., 27.12.08.) This misunderstanding was great. I can presently think only of one analogy. Both favored monetary freedom, one of whose aspects is the decentralized and competitive note issues by private or cooperative payment communities. The charge of Zander, that Beckerath had neglected the community aspect of man, would, in this sphere, have mean that he had neglected territorial, monopolistic and coercive central banking, being “merely” in favor of free competition for all voluntary and private or cooperative payment communities or banks with the central bank system! - These two knew each other for many years and had many discussions and letters exchanged. Yet this misunderstanding remained! How is this possible, between intelligent beings? – Possibly because, in most of these exchanges they discussed only monetary and financial freedom. One of his other close friends, Professor Heinrich Rittershausen, remained, to the end, I believe, merely an advocate of limited territorial governments. – Henry Meulen also never accepted the panarchistic point of view, which Ulrich von Beckerath, apparently, only presented to him in one of his last letters. Was Beckerath afraid that he might lose these friends and fellow battlers for monetary freedom, if he discussed with them another radical proposal than monetary freedom? Among modern people, interested in panarchism, this interest is usually combined with interest in monetary freedom. What mental barriers did existed then and there against panarchistic ideas, even among these outstanding independent thinkers and writers? U. v. Beckerath used to say that some people seem to have to grow new brain cells first or new linkages between them, in order to be able to comprehend new ideas. That, presumably, would take time, much time with some. But as much time even for as intelligent and informed people? - Are we so much "children of our time", whose thinking is largely determined by the majority of minds around us? - Do we have to be surrounded by literature, public opinion and experts, all spouting the same idea, before it finally sinks in? Are we herd creatures to that extent? Are even the people of THE REMNANT largely such herd creatures still? Has customary "thinking" such power over most people? - J.Z., 29.7.00. – SOCIETY, STATISM, CENTRALIZATION, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Most problems can be solved relatively fast, easily and cheaply once governments leave people alone and free to try to solve them themselves. The territorial governments of thousand of laws, thousands interventions and taxes and thousands of wrongful and misdirected subsidies do constitute the main problem. - J.Z., 28.7.95. - Actually, tens of thousands to millions of wrongful and harmful government interventions are involved, more than anyone could ever come to know completely. - J.Z., 7.7.00, 15.5.12. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” – Thomas Jefferson. - Every territorial government represents too much government and recognizes and respects too few genuine individual rights and liberties. On that foundation alone it is already all too unlimited. - Would Jefferson admit this if he were still alive and mentally active today? - J.Z., 24. 11. 06, 23.12.08, 15.5.12. - Every government that rules territorially, i.e. not only over voluntary followers and aggressors against them but also over involuntary dissenters, does, to that extent, constitute, “too much government”. – If voluntary communities want to organize and suffer much government among themselves, at their expense and risk, that is their problem. This experiment might finally teach them enough and in the meantime serves already as a deterrent example for many outsiders. – To that extent even “bad governments” are “doing good”. - J.Z., 3.1.08, 15.5.12. - HISTORY, TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, OVER-GOVERNMENT, POWER, CENTRALIZATION

GOVERNMENT: Never blame a legislative body for not doing something. When they do nothing, that doesn't hurt anybody. When they do something is when they become dangerous.” - Will Rogers, quoted in REASON, 1/79, 48. - Already so much governmentalism has been produced that everyone is wronged and hurting. Not adding to it is not enough. Repeal of all the past legalized interventionism is required. But, seeing that statists are still in the majority, the most rightful and easy way to achieve that is to establish individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, so that at least some of the first people, game and willing to do so, can opt out of statism and freely help themselves, as far as they can. – Others will follow the better examples thus set by the first pioneers, the new founding fathers. - J.Z., 27.7.00, 3.12.10, 15.5.12. - LAWS, LEGISLATION, PARLIAMENT, DO-NOTHING RATHER THAN DO TOO MUCH, SECESSION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, ENERGETIC & ACTIVE GOVERNMENTS, FREEDOM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: No business is more stupidly and wastefully run than the business of government. But then no other business can outlaw competitors and tax its customers and fix its prices monopolistically and irrationally, like e.g. the governments charges for water and sewage services. - Nor can any other business force people to pay even for things they do not want, do not obtain or do not use, and even for permission to leave their shop, as is done by the exit tax. And no other business suppresses, deceives and exploits its consumers as much as the government does. No other business conducts systematic oppression or uses its customers as sacrificial animals in war games. Nor does competitive advertising and training by business enterprises mislead or leave their customers as much in ignorance and prejudices as does government-run or controlled education and government propaganda. - J.Z., 19.8.92 & 13.7.00. - STUPID & WASTEFUL, CORPORATIONS, BUSINESS, PRIVATE ENTERPRISES

GOVERNMENT: No country today has an effective government.” - Peter Drucker. - Even the smallest territorial government is too large and diversified for that. Can even any single family have an effective "government"? Which territorial government was ever "effective". And how could it be? - J.Z., 1991 & 18.7.00. – Q.

GOVERNMENT: No government can be perfect!” - Source? - Every government that is a territorial government does thereby express and introduce all too many imperfections. - J.Z., 23.11.77 & 2.8.00. - IMPERFECT OR PERFECT? GOOD GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, IDEAL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth!” - Ronald Reagan. - What he said applies to most territorial governments. Panarchies would have opposite tendencies, for reasons I explained in two of my books: in PEACE PLANS 16-17 & 61-63, online at and/or - J.Z., 30.6.00. - EVERY-GROWING, EVER-WASTING, EVER-CORRUPT, EVER-OPPRESSIVE, EVER-EXPLOITATIVE, EVER-WARLIKE: TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POWER

GOVERNMENT: No government is better than the men who compose it.” - John F. Kennedy, campaign address, Wittenberg College Stadium, Springfield, Ohio, Oct. 17, 1960. – Every TERRITORIAL government is even worse than the men who compose it, for they fight each other on the backs and at the expense of their victims. Their power struggles tend to bring out the worst in them or corrupt them. The worst tend to triumph for all too long and all tend suppress rightful and sensible initiatives among themselves and creativity and self-help in most citizens, by what they perceive to be government prerogatives. - J.Z., 30.10.85. – Usually, their false to flawed ideas, ignorance, errors and prejudices matter much more than their characters, which tend not to be the best in the first place. – For who wants to spend his life and energy lording it over others? - J.Z., 1.1.09. - Territorial government can be even worse than the men who compose it. It corrupts even the best people, makes the worst rise to the top, prevents the release of the creative energies of the best people and tends to bring everything down to the lowest common denominator. - J.Z., 5.7.86. - It appeals to the worst ideas, prejudices, habits and customs, the worst characteristics of man. An honest, decent and wise politician is almost a contradiction in terms. - Whatever wisdom is contained in what seem to be their own remarks is mostly provided by their speech-writers. And it makes the difference between their words and their actions all the more glaring. - J.Z., 14.7.00. But, theoretically, men do not have to be angels in order to collaborate or exchange or communicate or produce effectively – through their voluntarism, their self-responsibility, their free competition and confinement to doing their own things, associated with their merely exterritorial autonomy. – Kant, in his “Eternal Peace”, pointed out that even a society of devils would be conceivable, who would keep each other sufficiently in check. Territorial governments haven’t achieved that, ever, as far as I know. – Perhaps only panarchies can bring out the best in men and will restrain the worst sufficiently. Please, check your premises and your conclusions in this respect, taking their voluntary and exterritorial features into consideration, compared with territorial States and their rulers. – J.Z., 30.12.08. – I hold that only exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers do offer the chance, in the course of their competition and development, to bring out the best in their members and in their leaders, just like in team sports, in quite free enterprise business and in other quite free competitions and in the free experiments of natural science, technology and agriculture. – J.Z., 3.1.09, 15.5.12. - MEN, CHARACTER, POWER, DIS., Q., TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS

GOVERNMENT: No government or society to have any power not individually granted to it by free individuals. - J.Z., in comment to a remark by Chodorov, in The Income Tax …, p.119.

GOVERNMENT: No government road leads to freedom. - J.Z., 26.4.74. – No territorial government road leads to freedom. – The paths of voluntary or competing governments and societies could and would, and this relatively fast. - J.Z., 27.12.08, 15.5.12. – FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL CREATIVE & SELF-RESPONSIBLE SPHERES

GOVERNMENT: No government that is wanted by some should be overthrown by people who dislike that government. The dissenters should leave it, form their own societies and leave those, who are content with the old institution in possession of it, but only under exterritorial autonomy. The value of the capital assets involved must be fairly divided. – A free capital market makes that possible. Mutual tolerance rather than mutual slaughter or oppression. Freedom of action and experimentation for all, even for statists and, naturally, all kinds of anarchists and libertarians as well. - J.Z., 8.9.89 & 19.7.00. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: No government to have any longer any exclusive and coercive territorial powers. No government to have any longer any but voluntary subjects. In other words, territorial governments and their sovereignty are to be reduced to voluntary associations under full exterritorial autonomy only. That would mean full experimental freedom and freedom of action for all, not only rulers or a ruling majority or minority. - J.Z., 7.12.91 & 13.7.00. - EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: no government, so called, can reasonably be trusted for a moment, or reasonably be supposed to have honest purposes in view, any longer than it depends wholly upon voluntary support.” - Lysander Spooner, No Treason. - VOLUNTARISM, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, TRUST

GOVERNMENT: No kind of utopia, reform, ideology or revolution should ever be given territorial government powers over dissenters and nonconformists. They should be totally confined to volunteers only, doing their own things to and for themselves, under full exterritorial autonomy, which would make even one-man revolutions possible and also make them quite peaceful. - J.Z., 19.7.87 & 19.7.00. - POWER, TERRITORIALISM, DISSENT & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: No longer is the government a servant of the people, but a dictator legislating what church-inspired morals the people must adhere to.” - Randy Fitzgerald, INDIVIDUALIST, 6/72, when discussing drug laws. - Was any territorial government ever truly the “servant” of "the people"? Wouldn't that require unanimous agreement among them at least about something? - J.Z., 16.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, Q., LIMITED GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: No man (*) good enough to govern another man without that other's consent.” - Walter Bagehot, submitted by Brian C. Coad, ANALOG 9/95, page 158. - Was Bagehot the first to make this kind of remark? – It was also ascribed e.g. to Abraham Lincoln. - (*) is? - J.Z. - MAN, GOODNESS & CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: No man can serve two masters.” - Mathew VI, 24, c. 75. - And no one should be obliged to serve even one or anyone that was not chosen by him, individually. In fact, we are supposed to serve at least 3 masters, namely, local, state and federal governments and dozens to hundreds of Quangos (Quasi-autonomous non-government organizations, established upon legalized privileges). Moreover, we have little to no choice regarding either. They, rather than we run our lives in all spheres preempted by them. Each should be quite free to either serve his own chosen master or masters - or none at all. - J.Z., 10.7.86. - All too many do - serving e.g. "God" and "the State", or some ancient prejudices, like territorialism, collective responsibility, hierarchies in business, and "strong and scientific"  "modern weapons" while trying also to serve, to a limited extent, some classical liberties. However, by their concessions to territorial statism and its errors and wrongs they have already half defeated all their other efforts. - J.Z., 18.7.00. – In the espionage sphere there are also double agents. And arms manufacturers have often supplied both sides. – J.Z., 1.1.09. – DIS.

GOVERNMENT: No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent.” - Abraham Lincoln. - But he tried, didn't he, and half a million people paid with their lives for his inconsistency. As a remark against slavery it was correct. As a defence of territorial unity and uniform government for the U.S. it was not. - J.Z., 26.7.00. - CONSENT, INDIVIDUALISM

GOVERNMENT: No matter how noble the objectives of a government, if it blurs decency and kindness, cheapens human life, and breeds ill will and suspicion - it is an evil government.” - Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind, 1954, p.147. - Are there any other than evil governments? Every territorial government is evil. No government is a necessary evil, even if it is a desired one. - J.Z., 5.7.86. - However, an evil government desired by some people for themselves, at their own risk and expense, governing them under exterritorial autonomy and personal laws, and permitting all its subjects to secede from it - once they have learned their lesson, may be required for these people because they are unable or unwilling to learn otherwise about their rights, liberties, duties and obligations, much more cheaply and fast. - J.Z., 14.7.00, 15.5.12. – Q., TERRITORIALISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: no mere form of government, no machinery of law, can give dignity to political society.” - Daniel Webster. - Only individuals can be dignified and territorial governments and States do not constitute a "society". - J.Z., 26.7.00. – Exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, no matter how mad their program and practice may be, objectively, would have at least the dignity of practising it only responsibly among themselves, not molesting or imposing it upon dissenters. – J.Z., 30.12.0-8. – PANARCHISM, DOING THE OWN THINGS – ONLY FOR OR TO ONESELF, POLITICS, LAW & DIGNITY, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: No monopoly or privilege for any State, parliament, administration, party, authority, public service or institution - except among volunteers and under exterritorial autonomy. - J.Z., 6.7.91 & 13.7.00. - MONOPOLY

GOVERNMENT: No organization has the right to speak for or to act in the name of anyone but its members. No organization may be taken as an agent for an individual without his personal knowledge or consent.” - Ayn Rand in THE AYN RAND LETTER, I/ 21, 17.7.72, page 4. - Alas, she did not apply this to governments. Otherwise, she, too would herself have arrived at the very concept and practice of voluntary or "competing” governments, only exterritorially autonomous, an idea and a practice which she believed to be absurd. - J.Z., 3.8.00. – Unfortunately, shee too had merely millions of uncritical followers and only a handful of critics, who agreed with much but not all of what she was teaching about capitalism, profit, property, free markets, laissez faire, voluntarism and human rights. Has all that rightful criticism of her teachings been sufficiently anthologized and published as yet? Every serious writer deserves to be honoured by respectful criticism and further development of his or her thoughts. The mere followers or “second-hanbders”, to use her terms, will not do this necessary job at all of sufficiently. – J.Z., 15.5.12. - VOLUNTARISM, ORGANIZATION, CONSENT, INDIVIDUALISM, PANARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: No power to the government! - J.Z., 2/75. - No territorial power to any government, society or other group! - J.Z., 27.7.00. - POWER

GOVERNMENT: No territorial government CAN be SUFFICIENTLY enlightened from the outside, by members of the public, nor does it have the brainpower, attitudes, channels, knowledge, and correct ideas, institutions and processes to achieve self-enlightenment. All such attempts hit brick or concrete walls, i.e., do not get through or are not comprehended or acted upon, for one or the other political "reason". - J.Z., 6.7.98. - Reforms ought to be discussed, developed and experimented with outside of parliaments and their “discussions” and “positive” laws, and the “wisdom” of government departments - to get a chance to become quite rightful and efficient and as such to be realized at all, initially, at least among their first believers. - J.Z., 15.7.00. – This requires a whole platform of alternative enlightenment methods and resources, some of which I described in my digitized book draft of 2010, still only called “New Draft”, not yet online but only reviewed at length by GPdB on - J.Z., 15.5.12.

GOVERNMENT: No territorial government has my consent. - J.Z., 9/72 & 2.8.00. – Each government is legitimate ONLY for those, who have give it their individual consent. – J.Z., 15.5.12. – CONSENT, LEGITIMACY, VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: No territorial government has, knows or appreciates what it takes to stand up for freedom. Quite the contrary is the case for all of them, so far. - J.Z., 13.9.89, 15.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM, LIBERATION, DEFENCE, REVOLUTION, ENLIGHTENMENT, KNOWLEDGE, IDEAS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, WAR & PEACE AIMS

GOVERNMENT: No territorial government reform goes ever far enough and lasts long enough or achieves its promises, hopes and expectations. - J.Z., 12.2.94. - Among these are e.g. its currency reforms, parliamentary reforms, attempts to reduce corruption, law reform, reform of the military-industrial complex, reform of the health system, of the protectionist system, of the agricultural program and the education system. Everywhere failures upon failures, waste upon waste, sometimes continued, as with the Australian State Railway system, monetary despotism, State education, police, jurisdiction and prison systems, for over a century. - J.Z., 10.7.00. - ITS REFORMS

GOVERNMENT: No true reform is possible that leaves government intact. (*) Appeals to a government for a redress of grievances, even when heard and acted upon, only increase the supposed legitimacy of the government's acts, and add therefore to its amassed power.” – THE MATCH, June 75. – (*) That leaves it intact as a territorial, coercive, collectivist, monopolistic power with compulsory membership or subordination! – J.Z. - REFORMS, POWER, LEGITIMACY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Nobody can say how many political stupidities were prevented through the shortage of funds.” - Talleyrand. - Nor can anyone say how many political, economic, social and military stupidities were realized because all too high taxation and public borrowing or inflationary note issues were making it possible to finance them. - J.Z., n.d. & 18.7.00. – Legal tender for its paper money was introduced in Germany with the stated intention, during the Bank Enquete of 1908, to finance the next war with its help. The result was WW I, Germany’s great inflation of 1914-1923, its Great Depression, the Nazi regime, the Holocaust and WWII. – But all too many still do not see this connection. – J.Z., 28.12.08. - SPENDING & SHORTAGE OF FUNDS, BUDGET, GOVERNMENT DEBTS, INFLATION, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Nobody really believes anymore that government delivers.” - T. Drucker. - Especially the Post Office. – SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 11/83. - The government can't deliver freedom, peace, justice, protection and defence, progress, health and wealth. Nor does and can its central bank provide a sound currency in sufficient quantity for all possible and desired free exchanges between all the people in a country and between them and the rest of the world. - J.Z., 25.7.00, 3.1.09. – But it supplies us with numerous wrongful and obstructive taxes and regulations, non-representative politicians, bureaucrats, policemen and judges and internal and external “policies” that many of us oppose. – In this way they are all very “productive”. – J.Z., 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENT: Nobody wants to serve any more. Thus government becomes so difficult.” - Wiesner. - On the contrary - too many do still want to serve - themselves, in governmental positions, under the pretence of serving the public. And too many believe that they can best be served in this way. (The tax fund recipients.) That is what makes territorial government so easy. Just look at the number of people, who are politicians or public servants and how many want to be - and look at their salaries and pension rates, and at the number of hand-out recipients. Most of the victims are still unaware that they pay more than they receive in this kind of legalized lottery or re-distributionism. In balance all lose more than they pay, for this “great” machine is rather costly – and very risky for its users. Anyhow, the whole notion of public servants and public service is wrong. Government officials never truly served or served better than e.g. capitalistic or cooperative enterprises could and would. They rather serve, primarily, their own interests, no matter what they pretend to believe in and do. If statism and the spirit of subordination, the sanction of the victims, were truly dead, the territorial States would collapse. Alas, too many still want to serve, especially as public servants, at the expense of all taxpayers and wronging, harming and endangering by their actions all citizens. Therefore, and because of the prevailing territorial statism or nationalism, ruling all of the population territorially, in spite of its numerous and known remaining problems, is still all too easy. - Governments and public servants do not really have to solve any problems. They just have to keep themselves in power and in jobs and to keep up the common faith in statism. Their payment is legally, coercively and fraudulently assured by the tribute levies called taxation. - J.Z., 5.7.92 & 18.7.00. – While territorialism with its central bank despotism exists, unemployment will be frequent and large and public service jobs will seem secure and attractive. – Even the unemployed and the inflation victims are only very rarely prepared to explore the real causes of and cures for unemployment and inflation. - J.Z., 31.12.08, 15.5.12. - RULE, TERRITORIALISM, ITS MONETARY DESPOTISM, PUBLIC SERVANT JOBS & FEAR OF UNEMPLOYMENT, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Not only is a great part of what is called government "mere imposition", but everything that governments can usefully do has been performed by the common consent of society without government. Indeed, "The instant formal government is abolished, society begins to act. A general association takes place, and common interest produces common security." - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.138, quoting Thomas Paine. - VS. SOCIETY & SECURITY, GENERAL, PUBLIC & COMMON INTEREST UNDER VOLUNTARISM & COMPETITION RATHER THAN TERRITORIAL MONOPOLISM & COERCION.

GOVERNMENT: Nothing appears more surprising to those who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few.” - David Hume, Essays Moral and Political, I, 1741. - As long as it is generally accepted that governments ought to enjoy the "benefits" of territorial integrity and involuntary State membership of all people residing in “its” territory, this "surprising" human affair will continue, basically unchallenged. - J.Z., 12.7.86. - Only under voluntary membership and exterritorial autonomy will "rule" exist only by unanimous consent and, to that extent, actually disappear. You are no longer dominated or ruled if only that is done to you and with you what you do want done to you or if you are freed to do it yourself. Members of e.g. hobby and sports groups are not ruled but cooperate in the pursuit of a common interest. Governments should be no exception from that rule. But territorialism allows them to form such exceptions - and leads to enormous man-made catastrophes. - J.Z., 18.7.00, 15.5.12. - ALWAYS A MINORITY RULE, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM & GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT OR SELF-MANAGEMENT

GOVERNMENT: Nothing human can be foreign to a true government.” - Puritanical social consciousness teaching according to George S. Smith. - Nothing inhuman is foreign to any existing, i.e. territorial, centralistic, monopolistic and coercive government. - J.Z., 8.1.91 & 22.7.00. – We have even “Welfare States” which are “armed” with mass murder devices or anti-people “weapons”. With such “defenders” and “liberators”, who needs enemies? – J.Z., 15.5.12. -  HUMANITY & INHUMANITY, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Nothing succeeds like a failed government program." - William H. Peterson, in the February, 1996, issue of THE FREEMAN (the journal of the Foundation for Economic Education). - Even when one of them is temporarily abolished, after years to decades of failures, with some new wordings or excuses it does become re-introduced and maintained again and again, over the centuries, always ignoring the inherent and inevitable and inbuilt failures as well as wrongfulness of previous such attempts. Governments certainly do not learn from the history of their many failures in legislation, defence, protection etc. - J.Z., 29.1.02. – [Do you know of any genuine and significant successes? – J.Z., 15.5.12.] For territorial governments are always ready to throw more money at failed programs, on the wrong assumption that this would cure them. – It is not their money. So why should they care and take the blame? – By the time that the failures are clearly recognized by the public, they might be long out of office, on a high pension and enjoy life as elderly and respected “statesmen”. - J.Z., 5.1.08. – PROGRAMS, REFORMS BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, SPENDING, BUDGETS, MEASURES, SUCCESS

GOVERNMENT: Nothing, not even government, keeps getting worse forever.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.113. – Well, they keep trying, hard, e.g. by passing ever more interventionist laws. Should we look forward to the day when they might put an end to themselves and, alas, also to us, by engaging in a nuclear war? – After all these centuries of their coercive establishment and maintenance they do still remain, essentially, territorial Warfare States, with all too many of them now even “armed” with ABC mass murder devices, directed against whole populations rather than other such criminal governments. Nevertheless, the religion territorial of statism is still strong and others trust their Gods too much to believe that a general nuclear holocaust can and will, finally, happen under the territorialist system of government, even if only by accident. - J.Z., 3.1.09, 15.5.12.

GOVERNMENT: Now government is a master OVER the people, an oppressor UPON the people, and a destroyer OF THE SPIRIT OF MANKIND.” – Jack Anderson & Perry Miles, A Constitution for a Moral Government, 1971, p.41. –– Their supposedly ideal and detailed constitution was also only for a supposedly limited but still territorial government. – One of the many libertarian books that are largely forgotten after being a few years out of print. – Alas, at least the larger territorial governments were always oppressive and obstructive to some extent and, at least for part of their history, they were even warfare States, even Switzerland and Sweden were, for a period. – The tiny States are too much aware of their limited strength to consider war as an option for them. – In the large ones all the powers and funds, which make wars possible and likely, are still granted to their governments. – Even advocates of “limited” governments want to maintain their “defence” powers and are thus statists and have largely forgotten about the best of the militia tradition, which, in practice, put such decisions into the minds and hands of the people. - J.Z., 1.1.09, 15.5.12. – DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, TERRITORIALISM, MILITIA, DEFENCE, PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: Now I doubt if anybody in his right mind would favor unlimited government. But when you favor government, that's what you're doing. Because government (*), by its nature, is unlimited. You favor tyranny when you favor government; though you don't know it. This is why I am constantly staggered by those who say they are libertarians and are trying to set up their own particular way of providing a "good government". It is a contradiction in terms. To say "unlimited government" is a redundancy and to say "limited government" is a contradiction. All you have to say is "government". And that takes care of the whole thing.” - Robert LeFevre, Good Government, p.19. - No, this fails to take "competing governments" (possible on the basis of voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy) into consideration. I do not know whether he wrote the above before or after he reproduced de Puydt's article on Panarchy in RAMPART JOURNAL, Fall 66. - Most fail to mention that the limited government "ideal" as well as the "ideal" of a powerful government do have, usually, territorialism in common, i.e., an essentially totalitarian foundation. Both use force, centralization and monopolism, although limited governments less so. - Even "unlimited government" is limited e.g. by the territories it can hold or conquer, the manpower and tax slaves it can conscript, the limits of its propaganda successes, mis-education and official markets, the limited successes and the numerous failures that result from its wrong ideas, methods and aims. (Wrong if territorially imposed upon dissenters who, e.g., want a Big Brother government for themselves. – J.Z., 1.1.09.) - Numerous other limits ought to be introduced or revived, like ideal and comprehensive human rights declarations, militias, monetary freedom, individual secessionism, panarchies, alternative information systems. - J.Z., 27.7.00.  – (*) territorial – J.Z. - UNLIMITED GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, MINI-ARCHIES, GOOD GOVERNMENT, DECENTRALIZATION, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Now let me give what I consider is a definition of government from the standpoint of an Anarchist. - Government is either an individual, as a king or czar; or a combination of individuals; or either a fixed class, i.e. the nobility; or a shifting mass, i.e., the majority,  - forcing the rest of their countrymen to conform to such laws as they like to make for them. Government is a forced organization of disjointed interests, therefore, there is always a tendency to disorganise. It is not a voluntary association, so I am in doubt if the word organisation is a correct name to apply.” - E. W. Brookhouse, quoted in Bob James, Australian Anarchism, p.5. - Only by speaking of "the rest of their countrymen" and "a forced organization" does he indicate that it is a territorial organization. That all the masters and their subjects happen to live in the same country or territory, perhaps, also speaking the same language, is the only feature that all have in common. But this is not a feature that holds them together by natural forces. Even the escape and free migration patterns do indicate that, not to speak of party strife, revolutions and civil wars. What a "nation" or a "people" or a "representative government" really mean, undistorted by coercion, would only be revealed once membership becomes quite voluntary and exclusive territorial sovereignty and its compulsion over all inhabitants is replaced by exterritorial autonomy for a multitude of individually and voluntarily chosen communities, beginning once all individual subjects become and remain free to secede. - J.Z., 29.7.00, 15.5.12.

GOVERNMENT: Now, sir, this is the real character of the government of the U.S., as it is of all other lawmaking governments. There is not a single human right, which the government of the U.S. recognizes as inviolable. It tramples upon any and every individual right, whenever its own will, pleasure, or discretion shall so dictate. It takes men's property, liberty, and lives whenever it can serve its own purposes by doing so. - All these things prove that the government does not exist at all for the protection of men's rights; but that it absolutely denies to the people any rights, or any liberty, whatever, except such as it shall see fit to permit them to have for the time being. It virtually declares that it does not itself exist at all for the good of the people, but that the people exist for the use of the government. - All these things prove that the government is not one voluntarily established and sustained by the people, for the protection of their natural, inherent, individual rights, but that it is merely a government of usurpers, robbers, and tyrants, who claim to own the people as their slaves, and claim the right to dispose of them, and their property, at their (the usurpers) pleasure and discretion.” - Lysander Spooner, Works I, 31. - VS. HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION, LEGISLATION, MONOPOLIES

GOVERNMENT: Now, what happens when government, as I am describing it, gets into the act with some of its legislative fiats? What happens when we are forced to do something we wouldn't do unless forced, or we are prevented by force from doing what we normally would do? - Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think psychiatry and psychology have reached a consensus in this area. That's unusual in itself, and should be noted. But the fact is that any person who is engaged in a perfectly proper pursuit and who knows within his own heart and mind that he is doing a perfectly proper thing, suddenly confronts a bully who says to him, "I'm not going to let you do what you're doing; you are going to do what I want you to do, and I am not going to let you keep the money you earned. That's my money. You are only good enough to earn it; I know how to spend it better than you do." And when this force interferes with you, you experience what is called "frustration". That's the technical term. You're mad as hell. But to express it politely, you're frustrated.” - Robert LeFevre, Good Government, p.13. – TAXATION, TERRITORIALISM, OFFICIAL BULLYING & WRONGFUL COERICION, TRIBUTE LEVIES, LEGALIZED USE OF WRONGFUL FORCE

GOVERNMENT: Obviously, we never (individually) consented to having government, not even limited government … - View for no-government, attacked by Prof. John Hospers in REASON, May 73. – CONSENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT IS ALSO TERRITORIALLY AUTHORITARIAN, EVEN TOTALITARIAN

GOVERNMENT: On seeing the brigandage of the men in office, one is tempted to regard society as a wood full of robbers, of whom the most dangerous are the archers charged with guarding the rest.” - Chamford, a friend of Mirabeau. - Even today, all too many people still mix up "society" with "territorial governments" and wrongly assume that all governments and societies have to be territorial ones. - J.Z., 26.7.00. – Here, too, society is mixed up with the territorial State. He used “wood” for “forest”. – J.Z., 15.5.12.

GOVERNMENT: on what principles government must be formed in order to resist by its own interior structure … the tendency to abuse of power. … How government, then, must be constructed in order to counteract, through its organism, this tendency on the part of those who make and execute the laws to oppress those subject to their operation …” - John C. Calhoun, A Disquisition on Government, C. G. Post edition, 10/11. – Alas, he does not discuss its confinement to volunteers only and exterritorial autonomy. Compulsory membership and territorial sovereignty do lead inevitably to abuses. – J.Z., 1.10.07. - COMMUNITIES, SOCIETIES, PRINCIPLE FOR THEIR FOUNDATION & MAINTENANCE

GOVERNMENT: One has to keep oneself and one's family, perhaps even a mistress, but one should not have to keep a territorial government, i.e. politicians and bureaucrats, too. - J.Z., 9.7.92 & 18.7.00, 3.12.10. – Especially if one does not even love it and them and has many good reasons for disliking them. – J.Z., 15.5.12. - TAXATION & SELF-SUPPORT, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS

GOVERNMENT: Only exterritorial and thus competing governments can be innocent. All others are criminal syndicates directed against all those who have not given them their individual consent. - J.Z., 26.1.02. - INNOCENTS, TERRITORIAL VS. EXTERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS & PANARCHISTIC COMMUNITIES, CRIME,

GOVERNMENT: Only individuals can rightly dispense favors. Territorial government's can't. - J.Z., 9/72 & 2.8.00. – They can only engage in wrongful favoritism. – J.Z., 15.5.12. – LOBBIES, CORRUPTION, SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS, SUBSIDIES, HANDOUTS, FAVORS, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: Only the hardened professional criminals - a fraction of the population - would personally so indulge themselves. The vast majority would refrain from immoral actions were it a you-and-me relationship. Honesty would prevail.” - NOTES FROM FEE, 3/78. – Alas, under territorialism the main criminals legalize their crimes and do received all too much of the sanction of their victims. Thus all territorial States should become transformed into as many different of communities of volunteers as are wanted by them for themselves, all only exterritorially autonomous, to render them sufficiently harmless to dissenters. – Thus the inevitable animosities of territorial governments and their internal dissenters would become utilized as their Achilles Heels, their greatest weakness. Individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for groups of volunteers would release all their inherent centrifugal forces, of libertarians of all kinds as well as those of all the diverse statist utopians. - J.Z., 3.1.09, 15.5.12. - MORALITY, HONESTY, CRIME & MAJORITY, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & CORRESPONDING GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE AS A START. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS INSTEAD OF “TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY” OVER CONSCRIPTED TAX SLAVES & SOLDIERS!

GOVERNMENT: Optional governments would give us many more options - and much more cheaply, too. – J.Z., 17.12.93. - Since they would be individually chosen by us and at our expense and risk only, they would be right, too, for us, at least for the time being, in our present state of mental development and enlightenment. - J.Z., 10.7.00, 15.5.12. - OPTIONAL, COMPETING, VOLUNTARY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Otis (James), in 1762, 1764 and 1765 says: “Most governments are, in fact, arbitrary, and consequently the curse and scandal of human nature; yet none are of right arbitrary. … There can be no prescription old enough to supercede the law of Nature … all men a right to be free. If a man has but little property to protect and defend, yet his life and liberty are things of some importance.” - LORD ACTON, Lectures on the French Revolution, ed. by Figgis & Laurence, MacMillan, 1932, p.23/24. – Among exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers their governments and laws are no longer arbitrary impositions but correspond to the wishes of their voluntary members. – J.Z., 1.10.07. - ARBITRARINESS.

GOVERNMENT: Our citizens do not know whom to believe, and many of them have concluded that all the processes of government become so compromised that honest governance has been rendered impossible.” - Sam Erwin, 1973. - Honest government is a contradiction in terms, anyhow, for territorial governments, who wrongfully pretend that they know, respect and represent the rights, liberties and interests of ALL “the” people in "their" territories. - The same leadership people often have not even learnt to get along properly with their own children, parents, wives or husbands, far less with all their other relatives and associates but, nevertheless, they do pretend that they could rightly and effectively run a whole country and all its population, made up of very diverse individuals and peoples. Among all the schools of psychologists and psychiatrists is there not even one, which has clearly recognized this kind of madness? – The German language has at least one word for it: “Groessenwahnsinn”, meaning literally: “greatness-madness” [Napoleon complex, Caesarism, governmentalism, superiority complex] but applied it only to people in mad-houses, who imagine themselves to be Napoleon or Caesar. And these famous men, too, as at least historians know, had their mental and knowledge limits, too and were, essentially, mass murderers. – Langenscheidt’s dictionary offers me: ”megalomania” or “delusions of grandeur” for the German word “Groessenwahn”. - J.Z., 28.7.00, 3.12.10, 15.5.12. - CITIZENS, INDIVIDUALS, PEOPLE, VOTERS

GOVERNMENT: Our enemies are governments that wish to territorially impose the will of a minority or majority upon the dissenting majority or minorities. Only governments that are truly based upon individual consent (for which individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy are touch-stones), can be our rightful allies and associates. To each his own kind of insurance, protection and welfare contract or package deal. Elementary justice demands that and voluntary membership and does not permit any impositions. Exterritorial autonomy makes that possible and is the foundation for lasting peace, progress and prosperity. It would introduce voluntarism and experimental freedom or freedom of action into those spheres so far quite wrongly preempted by territorial governments. - J.Z., 20.6.92 & 13.7.00, 15.5.12. - OUR ENEMIES, ESPECIALLY THE TERRITORIAL ONES, PEACE, JUSTICE, HARMONY, VOLUNTARISM, INDEPENDENCE, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, FREE EXPERIMENTATION: PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Our government should be placed under a receivership. They don't fulfill their functions as agents of the community; an agent's responsibility is to collect his principal's revenues. If the receivership collected in full the value of the community services rendered to the individual it would not be long before we could dispense with the annual farce of the Budget…” - Rae, C. Heiple II, in GOOD GOVERNMENT, Aug. 77, reprint from THE FREEMAN. - A single-tax viewpoint, that still accepts territorial government as justified - if only it applies Henry George's ideas or those of one or the other "reformed" George-ist. If this kind of land reform were tolerantly practised among its believers only, at their expense and risk, as some of them have proposed and some of them have practically demonstrated, even George's single tax ideas would be unobjectionable to libertarians. As territorial imposition they are wrong. I blame territorial governments for many other things, but not for not introducing the single tax. - J.Z., 26.7.00. - BANKRUPT & IN BREACH OF PROMISES & CONTRACTS, WITHOUT A MANDATE, HENRY GEORGE, SINGLE TAX

GOVERNMENT: Panarchism would mean that every adult and potential consumer for governmental or societal services would be given a bargain-hunting "licence" to make the best deal he wants and can get for any governmental or societal serve, all of them competitively supplied. - Full consumer sovereignty in this sphere. - J.Z., 19.12. 93 & 10.7.00. - PANARCHISM: A supermarket or laissez faire, laissez passer condition for all kind of governmental and societal public services or common interest actions – all only at the expense and risk of their voluntary supporters.  – J.Z., 15.5.12.

GOVERNMENT: People are better qualified to run their own lives than governments are. And if they're not, they soon will be if they're allowed to get some practice. In other words, individual freedom and free enterprise.”- James P. Hogan, The Mirror Maze, p.3. – Even when it comes to the practice of whole political, economic and social systems among the volunteers for them, under their own personal law system, meaning, under full exterritorial autonomy. – J.Z., 3.12.10, 15.5.12. - VS. PEOPLE, CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-HELP

GOVERNMENT: people are just plain sick to death of more government than they need and more taxes than they can afford.” - Bill Brock, Republican National Chairman, quoted in LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, 9/78. – If only that were truly the case. Then an anti-tax rebellion would be close. – At least a sound blue-print for it should be prepared. It must include refusals to accept inflated government money and the replacement of its forced and exclusive currency by the monies, clearing options and value standards of full monetary freedom. Whatever government finance these revolutionaries would want to continue among themselves they should then take into their own hands. E.g., they should then themselves pay the police and the other armed forces or whatever other officials they may still wish to hire. – “Whoever pays the piper calls the tune!” - Technically they could do this via their own diverse panarchies of volunteers and through their own forces of volunteers for the protection only of genuine individual rights and liberties. – Let them all freely secede, if they want to, and then sort themselves out and reorganize in ways they like, under full exterritorial autonomy and their under their own kind  of personal law, to do their own things for themselves, at their own risk and expense. – Free competition between their communities of volunteers would finally develop something worthwhile and would maximize producer- and consumer satisfaction. – Each would only be stuck with the system he favored, as long as he finds it still tolerable. The subjective value theory should be applied here as well. – Divorce from any State or community must become an individual and unilateral option. – Let us introduce “I divorce thee!” towards politicians, they systems, their laws, their institutions and their tribute levies! J.Z., 28.1.08. TAXES VS. THE PEOPLE, TAX STRIKE, PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, MILITIA, MONETARY & FINANCIAL REVOLUTION.

GOVERNMENT: People do not walk barefoot because there are no government shoe factories.” – Anonymous - Is territorial government really necessary? It is not necessary or justified for its non-criminal dissenters, who are, so far, not allowed to secede from it. – J.Z., 24.12.08. – Q.

GOVERNMENT: People seek government action because they don't approve of what other people choose to do with their lives. They want to overrule the decisions others have made concerning the uses of their own time and money.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom …, p.86. - They do this because they are mentally conditioned by notions like the following: “This is one country, under one government and one law. We are lucky to be so ‘unified’. Everyone ought to abide by the rules approved by the majority. All law breakers are criminals (no matter how wrongful the law is!). We made the laws and they ought to obey it. We can't have States within States. Everyone is to be "equal before THE law". Disunity is a danger to us, so is fragmentation. Schisms are dangerous. We can't tolerate enemies and resistance within ‘our borders’. Freedom of action must be limited by the State. Tolerance applies only to diverse opinions, not to diverse actions. In public affairs we can have only one territorial experiment at a time.” ETC. almost endlessly. If a full listing were made of all such "fixed ideas" or popular prejudices, it might come to hundreds if not thousands of entries, all popular and unchecked (even by political scientists) premises that uphold territorialism and statism. Most people, including the statists, are victims of these false ideas and misconceptions. Without them they might be relatively nice and civilized people. With them, they often act like barbarians. An encyclopedia of all the popular errors, myths and prejudices that are obstacles to progress in freedom, justice, peace and prosperity, together with the best refutations so far found, has still to be compiled and published. On the Internet this could be done fast, with many people participating and mutually correcting each other's remaining errors. But they would first have to realize the need for such a reference work and then to agree to collaborate with anyone to provide it. - The Age of Enlightenment has begun - but it is still very far from being finished. Especially the intentions of the first "encyclopedists" in France were not systematically continued in later encyclopedias, which rather concentrated on relatively trivial other observations and facts and are often as empty of freedom ideas and facts as are most bookshops and libraries. - There are all too many other libertarian omissions, which kept statism strong and libertarianism weak. - J.Z., 1.8.00. – I marked many intries in this compilation with “DIS.”, which might be suitable as entries in the above suggested encyclopedia of the best refutations, as popular prejudices to be optimallyl refuted in it. – J.Z., 15.5.12. - THE URGE TO TRY TO RUN THE LIVES OF OTHERS, TO DOMINATE THEM, TERRITORIAL STATISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: People sometimes inquire what form of government is most suitable for an artist to live under. To this question there is only one answer. The form of government that is most suitable to the artist is no government at all.” - Oscar Wilde. - Anarchism is not only good for artists. But those who think otherwise should be free to have the government of their dreams, with like-minded people, under full exterritorial autonomy. - J.Z., 30.6.00. - ARTISTS & ANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREE CHOICE, CONSENT, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT FOR ALL

GOVERNMENT: People's opinions about what services are necessary are often greatly unlike each other, and this is as it should be. But today, under the governmental system, even people who oppose the public schools and never make use of them are still compelled to pay for them - and this is to name only a single one of the many forms of the same injustice. The essence of the current system is standardization and uniformity. Under government, everyone in the entire country can be forced to aid in the realization of some one person's or some tiny minority's pet project. (*) In an anarchistic society of free and voluntary relationships, 'public services' would be organized anywhere that people were interested in seeing them made reality, and would be made possible by the help of like-minded persons who would support the projects if they wanted them. Similarly, people would be under no compulsion to support projects which they felt were undeserving, and if NOBODY thought some 'service' was necessary, perhaps it wasn't a service at all; very likely it would disappear until such time, if ever, that interest rekindled and people were willing to extend support.” - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism, in THE MATCH, 9-10/1973. – (*) It being a majority's project would make the coercion of the dissenting minorities not any less unjust towards the dissenters. – J.Z. - TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISTIC PUBLIC SERVICES VS. ANARCHY & PANARCHY

GOVERNMENT: Perhaps the time has come for us to recall that (*) other  beasts, which terrorized and consumed, once roamed the earth. They are no longer with us. Like the brontosaurus, they became extinct.” - Robert LeFevre, The Libertarian, p.61. – But territorial governments are still with us and rule all countries and their populations. They do cost us much more in lives and property than the beasts of prey once did. However, only territorial governments, not competing and voluntary ones, should be done away with. The exterritorial ones, for volunteers only, would be sufficienly domesticated or already turned into free and wanted societies or communies, corresponding to the wishes of their members. – J.Z., 28.12.08, 15.5.12. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT OUGHT TO BE MADE EXTINCT

GOVERNMENT: Perhaps we do have to have some government - although I'm not convinced. But to say that we must have Government is like saying we must have cancer, but we will always fight it; we will always look for the means to destroy it.” - Hugh Frazer, in LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM, 4/78. – While all territorially imposed governments must become abolished, those only exterritorially autonomous and only for volunteers, should be promoted by anarchists and libertarians - for all kinds of statists - so that all kinds of anarchists and libertarians could also and much easier get their kind of panarchies for themselves, this time as allies of all the diverse statists, except the incurable or unteachable territorial statists, which would be their common enemies. – J.Z., 4.12.10, 15.5.12. – TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT LIKE CANCER? NECESSARY OR A DISEASE WILD BEAST TO BE FOUGHT?

GOVERNMENT: Plenty of motives - but no reason! Why? - J.Z., 7.12.92. - Because they try to serve firstly themselves, with a lot of infighting, while they pretend that they really want to serve all citizens, no matter how diverse. That is simply impossible. One kind of meal cannot satisfy e.g. a meat eater and a vegetarian, one kind of drink does not satisfy the alcoholic and the teetotaler etc. Only a free market for all services can satisfy all sovereign consumers. Only panarchism can provide it in the sphere of governmental and societal services, under conditions of voluntarism and freely competing exterritorially autonomous providers of governmental and societal services. Territorial governments can do no better than they have done so far. - J.Z., 7.12.92 & 13.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS & FREE ENTERPRISE, COOPERATIVES & MUTUALISM OR SELF-HELP & FOR “GOVERNMENTAL” & SOCIETAL SERVICES.

GOVERNMENT: political institutions and formal government are a hoax. - Aslam Effendi, REASON, 2/73. - In form of territorial governments they are all too real, wrong and harmful, although based on ideas that are merely hoaxes. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – If one tries to satisfy all people in a whole population, then one can only come up with nonsense, circus performances or costly and corrupt services providers or despotism, totalitarianism and terror, so that, finally, no one dares to object in public. – At least that keeps them quiet – if not satisfied. – One should have imagined that by now at least some politicians would have discovered the advantages that exterritorial autonomy for voluntary communities offers them, namely a kind a sinecure among their followers. Or do they get all that much satisfaction out of attempting to rule over dissenters? – Then they will always only partly and temporarily succeed. – They are so concerned about their careers. So why don’t they pick up these numerous exterritorialist opportunities? Each of them could then become and remain top cock on his manure heap. – Instead of only one Prime minister at a time in a country – there could be hundreds! - J.Z., 30.12.08. POLITICS, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL SYSTEMS & FORMS OF LEADERSHIP – OVER VOLUNTEERS ONLY.

GOVERNMENT: Politically, he believed that government in general (and democracy in particular) constitutes a conspiracy of the inept against the superior individuals of the race.” - Randy Boehm, LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, 11/76. - Commenting upon Mencken. – Elites is not represented by territorial government. Rogues tend to come to the top in almost all their spheres and remain there for all too long. Elites, aristocrats, genuine leaders and reformers can come to the fore only under voluntarism. Naturally, there can also be societies of fools, following a leading fool. – J.Z., 29.12.08. – Most territorial States are conspiracies of power addicts, ignorant, prejudiced and inept people, thus representing the majority and imposing themselves territorially and “democratically” or as “republicans” upon a whole population. Their competence it confined to this kind of wrongful imposition. – J.Z., 4.12.10, 15.5.12.

GOVERNMENT: Rather than wholesale destruction of today's government, we advocate its replacement (preferably peaceful) with a natural system of order consistent with life and liberty for individuals.” - W. Robert Black, THE NEW BANNER, 18.2.72. – Only a single system, e.g. a limited but still territorial government or a “meta-utopia”, as Nozick proposed, for all the different kind of utopias that free people want for themselves? – J.Z., 31.12.08. - REPLACEMENT OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Recognize captive nations and captive minorities through recognizing ALL governments in exile that rule or aim to rule only over volunteers and this only on the basis of full exterritorial autonomy. Confronted with this program most despotic regimes could be brought rapidly to the point of collapse or to an almost bloodless overthrow. - J.Z., 1.7.92 & 18.7.00. – It has the potential to unite all the internal opposition forces against their common enemy, the territorial regime and would offer all of them the governments or societies of individual choices. – J.Z., 4.12.10. - RECOGNITION, CAPTIVE PEOPLE, CAPTIVE NATIONS, SUPPRESSED MINORITIES, PANARCHIST LIBERATION, DEFENCE, REVOLUTION & MILITARY INSURRECTION PROGRAM

GOVERNMENT: Regardless of the conceit and pretences of politicians and the statism of their willing subjects, no one, least of all a territorial government, can solve all problems for others, not even at the highest price: exorbitant taxes. - J.Z., 15.6.92. – Compare the old saying, arisen from bitter experience: “Whoever pays Danegeld will never get rid of the Dane.”- J.Z., 4.12.10. – TAXATION, TAX STRIKES, VOLUNTARY TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Robbery, fraud, lies, denials, mis-education, waste, wars, misleading propaganda, tribute levying, playing favorites, murder and corruption, are the special “business” of territorially imposed and maintained governments. - All exist and are tolerated under the pretence of serving you and maintaining "law and order" - and even civilization. While in essence Warfare States, they present themselves as peace-makers! - J.Z., 23.12.93 & 10.7.00, 4.12.10. While pretending to be Welfare States, they do reduce productivity, trade and wealth. – J.Z., 1.1.09. – TERRITORIAL STATES, WARFARE & WELFARE STATES, THEIR SPECIAL BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT MINDING “ITS OWN” BUSINESS

GOVERNMENT: Roll back government!” - Slogan of Californian libertarians, 1974. - Is it round and light enough for that? - J.Z., 3.8.00. – Or have we put already rollers under it? The first successful individual secessionist or minority group secession under personal law would already roll back a territorial government to that extent. If the opposition party were content with such a victory for its own voluntary members - then it could become an ally for the freedom lovers. Finally all would become free to do their own things for or to themselves but never to any peaceful dissenters, who just want to do their own things. – J.Z., 4.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: rooted problems do not disappear by virtue of our throwing money at them.” - Edmond David, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 1/80. - If we, individually and through volunteer groups, spent OUR OWN money upon solutions that we favor and agree upon, then SOMETHING might be achieved in this way. But having politicians and bureaucrats spend our money on what they perceive to be problems and in ways that they think would offer solutions, is the most wrongful and useless way of trying to tackle any problem. - J.Z., 29.7.00, 15.5.12. - SPENDING, PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, MONEY

GOVERNMENT: Run every government out! - J.Z., 74. - End all territorial governments. Replace all of them by all the diverse governments and non-governmental societies that diverse people wish for themselves. All of them can peacefully coexist under exterritorial autonomy and personal laws, as purely voluntary associations, from which dissenters can freely secede to do their own things for and to themselves. - J.Z., 2.8.00.

GOVERNMENT: Sane government - a contradiction in terms. - J.Z., 8.6.82. - At least for all territorial governments. - J.Z., 22.7.00. - SANE OR GOOD GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Say NO, to government money and red tape.” - JAG, 6/79. - The most comprehensive "NO!" would be expressed by individual secessionism! - J.Z., 27.7.00. - GOVERNMENT MONEY, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS, RED TAPE, BUREAUCRACY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Security, defence, peace, progress, justice, liberty, health, education, science, arts and prosperity are all much to important to be entrusted to the selfish interests and power urges of territorial politicians and bureaucrats. - J.Z., 15.2.01, 1.2.02, 15.12.11. - SECURITY, JUSTICE, LIBERTY, HEALTH, PROSPERITY, POLITICIANS, POLITICS, BUREAUCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, POWER ADDICTS, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: Since governments regulate or exploit private, productive and creative activities of "their" citizens, individual citizens should have the right to shut down, ignore, avoid or restrict government actions as far as these individuals are concerned. Moreover, they require choice in governments or among competing governments and non-governmental societies and communities, in the same territory, all operating under full exterritorial autonomy for all their volunteers. - J.Z., 6.6.94 & 10.7.00, 15.5.12. - VS. PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Since territorial governments are too stupid, disinterested, unable or unwilling to price their services properly, and not used to provide them competitively, no territorial government with compulsory membership should any longer be allowed to monopolistically offer any services or subsidies at all and to rob any people to pay for them. - J.Z., 5.11.96, 12.12.96 & 9.7.00, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. - GOVERNMENT SERVICES & COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Since the human race will not abolish governmentalism, governmentalism will abolish the human race.” - Laurance Labadie, Selected Essays, p.66. - Only territorial governmentalism needs to be abolished. At present that is not even part of the public debate as yet. - J.Z., 28.7.00. - MANKIND, WAR, NUCLEAR WAR & SURVIVAL

GOVERNMENT: slow down governmental action in the interest of the freedom and security of the individual citizen.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.68. - That, too, is necessary only for territorial governments. – Those, which are supported only by volunteers and their voluntary contributions, could speed up or slow down or stagnate as much as they like. Under fully free competition for exterritorially autonomous communities and governments, each of them would find its natural limits in the number of supporters it could retain or attract. Some would do it by speeding up their actions and offering more - at competitive prices, some by offering very little at very little cost, for those satisfied with that. - J.Z., 25.7.00. - SLOW-DOWN, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL TOLERANCE & PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE

GOVERNMENT: Smoot's Law of Government: The cost of government tends to increase from year to year, no matter which party is in power.” - Another version: The venerable U.S. Senator Reed Smoot of Utah (deceased) has formulated his indisputable law of government: "The cost of government increases year by year, no matter what party is in power." - H. L. Soper, LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM, 10/78. Also in: LIBERTARIAN DIGEST, May 1981. - It wouldn't, after a successful tax strike, if a referendum agreement were required for government spending and, least of all, if any taxpayer could veto his share in any item of any government budget, i.e., if taxation became voluntary and the supply of services competitive. This "universal" political law, in other words, applies only to territorial governments, as they are now. - J.Z., 25.7.00. - COSTS, SPENDING, TAXATION, PARTY, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Social justice," as it has been called, cannot be achieved by government because the more it attempts to do the more it spreads injustices inherent in the exercise of force.” - Clarence B. Carson, There Ought Not To Be A Law, THE FREEMAN, June 76, 353. - The wrongful force used is essentially based upon territorial power and compulsory membership or subjugation, i.e., upon imposed uniform laws etc. for all people in a territory and the suppression of individual secessionism and of exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. - J.Z., 24.7.00, 4.12.10. – Social justice is neither social nor just. – J.Z., 15.12.11. –SOCIAL JUSTICE

GOVERNMENT: Spooner asserted that no government may claim to rest on the consent of the governed unless it has first secured the individual consent of every man who is required to contribute either by taxation or personal service to its support.” - Carl Watner, in REASON, 3/73. - Since different people will consent only to different governments, this would require competing governments and competing non-governmental free societies. Furthermore, since their members live and work dispersed over one - or several - territories, i.e. among members of other competing governments or societies, their autonomy will have to be confined to exterritorial autonomy. Otherwise, they could not peacefully coexist in the same territories for their own voluntary members, each trying to offer their own the best deal the members want and which they are able to supply, just like any other insurance company or other service organization. There are now about 10 million private business enterprises in the U.S. Do you see them literally fighting each other in the streets or is their fighting largely confined to advertising attempts and lobby groups? (Without the territorial legislation monopoly they could not even successfully lobby for privileges. – J.Z., 27.12.08.) The same degree of peaceful coexistence has long and widely existed in the religious sphere and in our private life choices. In the spheres of political, economic and social systems, now preempted by territorial governments, it has still to be established. However, there it will be just as successful, and will have beneficial effects on all other spheres of living, especially once this kind of competition is much more free and unburdened than it is today. - J.Z., 3.8.00, 15.5.12. - CONSENT BY INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Spooner consistently maintained that the existence of a lawmaking government or any government, unless voluntarily organized and supported, was a violation of men's rights.” - Carl Watner, REASON, 3/73. - LEGISLATION A VIOLATION OF MEN'S RIGHTS, LAWS, PARLIAMENTARISM, REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Strike dead, strike dead all monks and priests, destroy all governments of the world, especially ours!” - A Dutch Anabaptist, 1535, quoted by Paul Avrich in The Russian Anarchists, p.123. - Even if, at that time, all governments had already been constitutional monarchies or democratic and republican ones or classical or modern liberal ones, would any of them have been worth preserving, compulsorily, on a territorial scale? An indefinite continuance on a voluntary basis, confined to exterritorial autonomy, would have been quite another matter and their competition with non-governmental societies could have led to fast and assured progress, with little bloodshed and oppression, if any. - J.Z., 28.6.92 & 18.7.00. - CHURCHES, MONKS & PRIESTS, ABOLITION OF ALL GOVERNMENTS OR THEIR REDUCTION TO THEIR VOLUNTEERS? PANARCHISM: RELIGIOUS LIBERTY TO BE EXTENDED TO POLITICAL, SOCIAL & ECONOMIC SYSTEMS, FOR THEIR BELIEVERS.

GOVERNMENT: supposed to be their capacity to govern; but the proof of the illusion is seen in the fact that all governments end badly and are replaced by other governments.” - R. V. Sampson, The Discovery of Peace, in segment on Proudhon, p.101. – Compare: “No man is good enough to govern another man without his consent.” – Ascribed to Abraham Lincoln, who set a great example for confirming this rule. – J.Z., J.Z., 29.12.08, 29.11.10. - CAPACITY TO GOVERN

GOVERNMENT: Tax burdens, wrongful subsidies, repression, wars, waste, wrongful prohibitions etc. are the essence or results of territorial governments rather than any morally and economically unobjectionable governmental or other public services that are really wanted and readily paid for by all receiving them. – And this in spite of many centuries of a supposed “political science” and other “social sciences” – J.Z., 24.2.07. - GOOD GOVERNMENTS? SERVICES? TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION, SOCIAL SCIENCES

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government - move out! - J.Z., 20.4.73 & 2.8.00. - Actually, they do so - by engaging in still another territorial invasion or annexation. Like a pestilence their territorialism ought to be destroyed - but all their victims ought to be saved, if possible. The most rightful and peaceful way would be to allow individuals and groups to secede from them - or individuals and groups simply usurping and practising that right and the right to organize themselves in exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, in a liberating and revolutionary way, as non-violently as possible. That process would be right for both sides and would offer both sides great advantages. They would have to sacrifice only their territorial intolerance and prejudices. (*) On this platform all dissenters, all minorities, all decentralization efforts, reformers and experimenters could and should come to agree - because it would give each of them their maximum chances to realize their dreams or convictions - at the own risk and expense. – “A fair go for everyone!” as Aussies say, alas so far only regarding other free activities. - J.Z., 2.8.00, 31.12.08. – (*) No more “party-crashing”, in that sphere, either. Each to be free to run the own “social party” undisturbed. As for political parties, all of them should be converted into panarchies, trying to realize their own party program among themselves, as well or as badly as they can or would, based upon their remaining errors and prejudices. – J.Z., 31.12.08, 15.5.12. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government amounts to the territory-wide organized suppression of genuine self-government for dissenting individuals and all kinds of voluntary groups, minorities or even the majority, for all who would rather be left alone and free to do their own things to and for themselves. - J.Z., 28.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM VS. SELF-GOVERNMENT OF INDIVIDUALS & MINORITIES

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government as such is a criminal, sometimes even a tyrannical regime. It is thus authorizing secession from it, resistance against it and, in some cases, tyrannicide, but not assassinations of those who are not really tyrants, because they still have at least the temporary approval of the majority. However, a regime like the Nazi regime, initially elected and then proceeding to establish concentration and even extermination camps and starting a war, must be considered das tyrannical and justifying tyrannicide. Any regime that still allows e.g. free emigration or even individual and group secessionism, under personal law, can, obviously, not be considered a tyranny. – J.Z., 28.12.09. Is the introduction of conscription a sufficient indication of tyranny? – J.Z., 15.5.12.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government has reserved everything it considers to be important, no matter how severely it may affect us, to itself, but permitted us trivial and private choices, like hair styles, wines, fashions, art and crafts objects, gardening, interior decoration etc. - J.Z., 28.7.00. - VS. INDIVIDUALISM IN ALL BUT PRIVATE & TRIVIAL MATTERS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government is a handicap we have to learn to overcome - by exploring our voluntary and exterritorial autonomy options. - J.Z., 2/75 & 2.8.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial Government is a problem maker not a problem solver. It succeeds only in selling itself as a "rain-maker" to ignorant and prejudiced people, mostly still even with religious, not only statist hang-ups. - Panarchism offers experimental freedom for all and thus rapid enlightenment and progress. - J.Z., 29.6.91 & 22.7.00, 30.12.08, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government is organized stupidity and prejudice combined with greed and coercion, centralization and monopolism, inevitably allowing the worst types to get to the top and to stay there for all too long. - J.Z., 17.12.1993 & 10.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government is organized, run and supported irrationally. Irrational people can't be expected to listen to reason and to act reasonably. - J.Z., 15.10.73 & 2.8.00. – IRRATIONALITY & ENLIGHTENMENT EFFORTS

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government is the practical realization of the Christian notion of the devil as the real prince of this world. - J.Z., 3.10.88, 1.1.09. – TERRITORIALISM, THE DEVIL & CHRISTIANITY

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government is there to misgovern. It can't help doing this because it is a territorial government. - J.Z., June 73 & 2.8.00. - GOVERNMENT IS MISGOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government means ruinous policies and practices. - J.Z., 16.10.73 & 2.8.00.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government, at its best, is no more than a mere ideal - and not the best ideal either. When realized it always deserves only the name territorial "misgovernment". - J.Z., 31.7.78 & 2.8.00, 15.12.11, 15.5.12. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government, the destroyer of money, capital, liberty, peace, good will, generosity, responsibility, justice, rights, social science and of man. - J.Z., 18.3.87 & 16.7.00. – TERRITORIAL STATISM, THE GREAT DESTROYER

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government, the greatest robber and murderer, should not be given the job to administer justice, run the police force and prisons or anything else. - J.Z., 74 & 2.8.00, 4.12.10. - JUSTICE, POLICE & PRISONS

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government, the ultimate in organized irresponsibility, rapaciousness, oppression, ignorance and stupidity, willy-nilly imposed upon everybody living in a territory and even voted for by all too many voters and defended by scholars and professional policemen and soldiers! Only once it is confined to voluntary members only (voluntary subscriptions and exterritorial autonomy), will any one of them (without their former territorial monopoly) become rightful and relatively harmless, at least for non-members. - J.Z., 19.12.93 & 10.7.00, 31.12.08, 15.5.12. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments and their politicians and bureaucrats, while still presumed to be protectors or good gods or leaders, have become the main exploiters, oppressors and killers. - J.Z., 5.4.99.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments and their supporters are capable of and sometimes motivated to commit almost ANY kind of crime. - J.Z., 19.8.01, 15.5.12. - TERRITORIALISM, CRIME, ATROCITIES, TOTALITARIANISM, TERRORISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are a prime example in the eyes of enlightened persons of the truth in Wolfgang von Goethe's remark: "There is no more terrible sight to behold than ignorance in action." - J.Z., n.d. - IGNORANCE IN ACTION

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are among the main blunders of man. - J.Z., 13.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are as outdated, wrong and harmful as monopolistic and hierarchical religions once were. - J.Z., 9.11.97.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are behind “the age of under-think and over-kill.” – J.Z., 31.12.08. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, WARFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are capable of any wrongful, irrational and absurd or contradictory actions, ever likely to commit them on a small to large scale, at any time, and again and again. Neither their victims nor the rulers themselves learn enough from these failures. - J.Z., 25.5.02, 20.8.02. – Compare the all to prolonged experience with: “The King is dead! Long live the King!” – 4.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are criminal and dangerous. They kill, oppress and rob many more victims than ordinary criminals do. - J.Z., 31.10.93 & 10.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are institutions for the prevention of self-help in all too many important spheres of our lives. For this they charge us excessively and offer no indemnification. They do not even permit us to opt out from under them and to do our own things for us or to us - once we are sufficiently dissatisfied with their performances or shenanigans. At best they allow us, not individually but only territorially and collectively, to vote for new territorial masters over our lives or to emigrate – into other countries, also territorially misgoverned. - J.Z., 24.5.00, 2.2.02, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM, VOTING

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are morally indefensible but, nevertheless, ideologically, politically, legally, juridically and militarily imposed upon all their dissenters. - J.Z., 9.5.95, 1.1.09. - Far from securing the rights and liberties of all of their subjects, they do themselves threaten all too many of them and they also provoke threats to the rights of "their" citizens by other territorial warfare States. At best they achieve temporary armistices and cold war conditions internally and externally. All too frequently they cause civil wars, violent revolutions, dictatorships, terrorism or international wars. In all of them their "defensive" violence is excessively bloody and destructive. - J.Z., 7.7.00, 1.1.09, 15.5.12. - TERRITORIALISM EXTERRITORIALITY & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are not benevolent or productive societies, no matter what they assert or deny. - J.Z., 19.12.93 & 10.7.00. - VS. SOCIETY

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are not only accident prone - apart from the wars, civil wars, revolutions, terrorism, oppression and poverty they cause - but prone to mismanage almost everything - and this at huge costs to the taxpayers and the survivors of their governmental “experiments”. - J.Z., 13.8.98, 22.12.99, 9.7.00, 4.12.10. – ACCIDENTS, MISMANAGEMENT OUT OF POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES & INEVITABLE INCOMPETENCE, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRACY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial Governments are organized and motivated to suppress or deny liberties and rights, not to establish and maintain them. - J.Z., 21.1.93 & 13.7.00, 28.12.08. - VS. LIBERTIES & RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are stupid but very powerful crime syndicates, monopolizing "their turf". - J.Z., 26.9.00. - CRIME SYNDICATES, PROTECTION RACKETS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are the grave-diggers for mankind, with ABC mass murder devices as their tools. - J.Z., 14.3.99. - The Russian dictator one shouted: We will bury you! He did not comprehend, either that, most likely, no one will be left to bury anyone. Some fat cats might survive, the Dr. Strangelove way, for some years in the safest bunkers but without the continuing productive work of mankind they are nothing and would finally perish, too. - J.Z., 14.3.99 & 15.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are the problem, not the solution. - J.Z., 25.11.93. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial Governments are unable to solve problems. They can only create them. - J.Z., n.d. – Exterritorially autonomous experimenting volunteers could and would soon find and demonstrate many solutions. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM & STATISM VS. PANARCHISM OR VOLUNTARISM OR POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are war-machines and cannot be reorganized into peace-making machines. At the very least they wage a kind of legalized war or despotism against dissenting internal minorities. The majorities and all minorities will have to organize themselves exterritorially and autonomously to become, finally, peace-makers. Any kind of territorial aggression and oppression tends to lead towards war or civil war, at least to degrees of terrorism in response. - J.Z., 18.4.89 & 19.7.00, 15.5.12. – In our times, however, this is largely true only for governments ruling over large territories. No one has to fear e.g. the Prince of Monaco. – J.Z., 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government bugs me, in thousands of ways. - J.Z., 24.5.00.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments can be trusted to increase taxes and not to reduce or even abolish them. They can be trusted to get us involved in wars, rather than to bringing about a permanent and just peace in freedom. They can be trusted to load upon us more and more laws and bureaucrats, to restrict and suppress more and more liberties, rights and self-help measures, to try to increase their powers and to try to hang on to them as long as they can. Why their subjects try to hang on to them, in spite of all the disastrous consequences of this subordination, is still not sufficiently cleared up. They are territorial statists, indeed. But why, without having any rightful and good reason for doing so? Out of prejudices, errors and myths? Then why are these allowed to prevail when there are so many contrary facts, truths and ideas? And if there are genuine tools for enlightenment, then why are they not widely enough used? Compare e.g. the microfilm, floppy disk and CD publishing options, the Ideas Archive, the Encyclopedia of the Best Refutations, Flow Chart Discussions (now in form of digitized “argument mapping” as set out by Paul Monk et al!) and all other aspects of a genuinely cultural revolution - which is quite possible and could occur, rapidly and without bloodshed, but is simply ignored as a freedom option. The realization of individual sovereignty or panarchism, of the exterritorial imperative or personal law as an option, of an ideal militia, of voluntary taxation, of a comprehensive tax strike, or of one of the several other suggested and significant steps of a social and cultural non-violent revolution, could all act like a pin-prick against the balloon of territorial statism, despotism and wars. - J.Z., 4.3.01, 2.2.02, 24.12.08. – Compare my 2010 digital book manuscript “New Draft”. – J.Z., 4.12.10. - TRUST AND TAXES, STATISM, WHY, ENLIGHTENMENT, WHY NOT?

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments cannot help disappointing many to most of their voters. - J.Z., 13.8.91 & 22.7.00. – At least in the long run. However, replacing them merely by another territorial governments is never good or rightful enough. – J.Z., 4.12.20. - TERRITORIALISM, VOTING

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments come from the past and are designed to mess up our present and to destroy our future. - Free after: "He came from the past to destroy the future." - An advertisement sentence for the film "Warlock".  - J.Z., 9.11.92.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments constitute the worst monopoly. - J.Z., 25.11.93. - Their territorialism is also an essentially totalitarian feature, even in democracies and republics. - J.Z., 10.7.00. - MONOPOLIES, TERRITORIALISM & PANARCHIES

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments disunite us, often against our will. To the extent that they do, they should lose their monopoly claim upon our taxes and obedience. We should become free, as individuals and minority groups, to associate with or set up competing governments and societies of volunteers, all only exterritorially autonomous and minding their own business, while leaving those of all others alone. They would be free to arrive at and put into practice diverse systems, institutions, processes and beliefs and this without disturbing each other or having to convert, outvote or defeat each other. - While territorial governments pretend to unite us, they really set us against each other and leave us no way out but political, revolutionary or terrorist struggle against each other, since the current means of persuading those who think differently from us are rather uncertain and all too slow in their operation. - J.Z., 2.6.94 & 20.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM & UNITY, FACTIONS, PARTY STRIFE, MUTUAL ANTAGONISM, INFIGHTING, INTOLERANCE INHERENT IN IT

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments do more wrong and harm than good. Free men don't need them. They need only voluntary and competitive protective associations. - J.Z., 18.12.01. - PANARCHIES, FREEDOM, COMPETITION

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments establish, maintain and increase oppression, disorder, insecurity, poverty and crimes all over their territories through their territorial laws and centralistic, monopolistic and coercive institutions. - J.Z., 29.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments get only the consent of the ignorant and the prejudiced.” - J.Z., 15.6.91. - TERRITORIAL & CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments have never, do not now and will never fulfill the promises upon which their very existence is based and yet continues to remain widely seemingly "justified". Nor can they possibly even approach these aims until all of them have only voluntary members, taxpayers and legal subjects. - J.Z., 15.6.91 & 13.7.00, 4.12.10. - PROMISES, CURES, SOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments mean power and control combined with ignorance, prejudice, incompetence and even criminality at the highest level and on the largest scale. - J.Z., 24.1.02, 2.2.02. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments must become totally eliminated before they get around to killing subjects not only by the millions but all of mankind in their wrongful and senseless power struggles between their power addicts. – J.Z., 15.12.11. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments plan, organize, assure and prolong disaster areas. And they cause and prolong wars, revolutions and crises as well as terrorism. - Nevertheless, they are still all too popular and not understood as basic wrongs. - J.Z., 7.1.93 & 10.7.00, 4.12.10, 15.5.12.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments produce man-made and territory-sized disaster areas. No natural catastrophe is as murderous and destructive as governments are, either alone or in combination. - J.Z., 20.7.00. For instance, economically the Great Inflation and the Great Depression cost Germany as much as WW I and these three were the result of territorial governmental interventionism. – J.Z., 31.12.08. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments should not be served and obeyed but, rather, resisted and their territorialism should be abolished. Dissenting individuals and minorities should secede from them and re-organize in exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, each offering a package deal of alternative options for doing the own things to and for themselves, together with like-minded people. Territorial government can rightly represent only those among their subjects who are volunteers and can rightly act only for them and at their expense and risk. - J.Z., 11.9.87 & 20.7.00, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. - TERRITORIAL VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments should not only be under intellectual and firearms attacks but, rather, “roasted over fires, burned to a crisp”, as far as their territorial, collectivistic, and monopolistic coercive powers are concerned. - How many millions have they murdered between them, so far? How many people do they kill right now, on the average, every day? How many do they rob and deprive of their liberties, every day? - Most ordinary criminals are innocents compared with them. – According to Prof. Rudolf Rummel’s many web-paged references, during the last century and not counting their wars, which also resulted from their territorialism, they had over 200 million victims during the last century. - Even the democracies showed their willingness and ability to commit mass murders, under the “principle of collective responsibility” of territorial subjects for the actions of their mis-rulers (in their warfare methods: indiscriminate air raids against whole cities, and in their preparations for nuclear war.) - J.Z., 2.9.93 & 12.7.00m 28.12.98, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments use and abuses all citizens and almost all citizens use and abuse governments. Territorial governments must thus be done away with. - J.Z., 27.1.79. – Governments confined to their volunteers only, i.e., as their kind of panarchies, could remain but would no longer possess any territorial monopoly, although they would be embraced by all their voluntary adherents living in a territory. To that extent their kind of patriotism or nationalism could be continued, as long as it finds adherents. – J.Z., 29.12.08, 15.5.12. - ABUSES, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments, even when trying to please everybody - will really please almost nobody but themselves. Human knowledge, beliefs, principles and inclinations diverge very widely. No single producer or enterprise could possibly satisfy all consumers, either. Territorial governments are no different in that. - J.Z., 10.12.93 & 10.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments, like their depreciated paper currencies, do have "legal tender" powers towards their citizens, i.e., a monopolistic and forced value, combined with forced acceptance, at par, by all their involuntary subjects. Their victims are not free to refuse to accept their services and disservices and their monopoly charges for them, even when they receive no services at all or only disservices. Nor do they allow their victims to agree upon and arrange for alternative services and institutions for themselves or to accept government currency only at a free market discount, if at all and a government's monopolized services only at free market prices. - J.Z., 28.3.89 & 18.7.00, 15.5.12. – PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, LAWS, LEGITIMACY, LEGAL TENDER POWER

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments, parliaments and legalized monopolies of the bureaucracies are constituted and institutionalized and also quite legal conspiracies against most of the genuine individual rights and liberties of their subjects. – They will not define, declare and protect all genuine individual rights and liberties. Their victims will have to do that themselves. That requires, first of all, that they develop sufficient interest in this job. So far it is not shown even among anarchists and libertarians, under all kinds of errors, ignorance, prejudices, false assumptions and conclusions. - J.Z., 5.4.99, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. - PARLIAMENTS, BUREAUCRACIES, TERRITORIALISM, & MONOPOLIES, HUMAN RIGHTS, AN IDEAL DECLARATION OF ALL GENUINE ONES.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial, coercive, monopolistic, centralistic government isn't reasonable, moral, peaceful, persuasive, creative, innocent, benevolent, helpful, liberating, protective, defensive etc., but, rather, violent, aggressive, exploitative, criminal, destructive and murderous on a colossal scale and at  titanic costs, not only in money, lives, wealth and liberties. - J.Z., 24.1.01, 15.5.12. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: That government is best which governs not at all; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.” - Henry David Thoreau. in Civil Disobedience, 1849. – Those, who are prepared for it and do believe that they are, should be at liberty to have - for themselves - the kind of government or free society that they do prefer for themselves, at their own expense and risk and in the only form in which such "competing governments" are practicable and rightful, as exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, living under their own personal laws, constitutions, jurisdiction, administration etc. - J.Z., 9.7.00. – The best as well as the worst governments or societies should all only rule over or organize and exploit their own willing volunteers. – J.Z., 30.12.08, 4.12.10. - MINI-GOVERNMENT, LESS GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, NO-GOVERNMENT, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, DIS., SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS

GOVERNMENT: That government is best which makes itself superfluous.” - Wilhelm von Humboldt. (Diejenige Regierung ist die beste, die sich ueberfluessig macht.) - Is any government really good at making itself superfluous, e.g. at downsizing or even abolishing itself? What historical examples can be offered for that? Temporarily I can only remember a hint given to me by Ulrich von Beckerath, of a time in China when it had only one public servant per 20,000 population. And this one was often paid by the local merchants not to meddle with economic matters. That, too, wasn't really self-restraint. The Stein-Hardenberg Reforms, at the beginning of the 19th century were an example of great and voluntary government reduction - but they did not go far enough. A degree of absolutist government continued, even after the 1848 revolutions. And some absolutism, in governmental decision-making, e.g. on war and peace and economic policies, does continue even in the democracies and republics of today, leaving them to that extent dictatorial. So, point out just one government today that is intentionally making itself superfluous, rather than bankrupt - and bankrupting its subjects! - Wilhelm von Humboldt wanted governments reduced to the functions of "night-watchmen". But instead, his Prussian State took over more and more of Germany and Austria etc., and then, twice, its government took on the world! - J.Z., 18.7.00. – Let even individuals, not to speak of minorities and even majorities, abolish territorial governments for themselves, their own affairs, by seceding from them and establishing their own personal law institutions, societies and services, all of them for volunteers only, including voluntary victims of some to most of them, as long as they are prepared to individually put up with this status. Those, who only whip themselves, like e.g. the religiously motivated flagellants did, or hurt themselves, like Fakirs on beds of nails, can be tolerated. - J.Z., 4.12.10, 15.5.12. – SUPERFLUOUS, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS? STILL UNLIMITED THROUGH THEIR TERRITORIALISM!

GOVERNMENT: That government, and that alone, is just which enforces and defends all of man's natural rights and protects him against wrongs of his fellow men.” - Galusha A. Grow, Speech in the House of Representatives, 1852. - Such a government is a mere wish or a dream, and not even a good one. - J.Z., 16.10.85. - What or who protects anyone against a powerful, aggressive and oppressive territorial government? – Territorial government haven’t even declared all genuine individual rights and liberties and published them. If they had, their victims would soon realize how superfluous these kinds of governments and institutions are for the protection of these rights and also how inefficient and wrongful. They are as unlikely to declare all these rights as e.g. trade unions are to declare all the self-management options and possibilities for peaceful and businesslike take-over bids by employees for the enterprises that they work in. - J.Z., 15.7.00, 4.12.10, 15.12.11..

GOVERNMENT: That is the best government which desires to make the people happy, and knows how to make them happy.” - T. B. Macaulay, Milford's History of Greece, 1824. - Since no government knows or can know how to make all people in “its” territory happy, since all individuals have different notions on happiness, one should either run or resist if any of them attempt this. - J.Z., 16.10.85. - Actually, no one knowa how to make all other people happy. (This applies even to gifts for family members or friends! – 4.12.10.) The closest approach to this consists in leaving them free to strive for their kind of happiness in their own way, by themselves, and together with like-minded people. This precludes any collective and territorial rule over the population of whole territories, since all of them contain many dissenters and different kinds of people. - J.Z., 15.7.00. – HAPPINESS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: That no government, so called, can reasonably be trusted, or reasonably be supposed to have honest purposes in view, any longer than it depends wholly upon voluntary support." - Lysander Spooner (1808-1887) - STATISM, TAXATION & VOLUNTARY TAXATION & WELL AS VOLUNTARY STATE MEMBERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY ONLY FOR VOLUNTARY COMMUNITIES

GOVERNMENT: That the governments existing at present ought to be abolished, so that liberty, equality, and fraternity should no longer be empty words but become living realities, and that all forms of government as yet tried have only been so many forms of oppression and ought to be replaced by a new form of grouping, will be agreed by all who have a brain and temperament ever so little revolutionary. One does not need to be much of an innovator to arrive at this conclusion. The vices of governments of today and the impossibility of reforming them are too evident to be hidden from the eyes of any reasonable observer. And as for overturning governments, it is well known that at certain epochs that can be done without much difficulty. There are times when governments crumble to pieces almost of themselves like houses of cards, before the breath of the people in revolt.” - Kropotkin, in a chapter headed: Revolutionary Government: Parliament, first section. - Rather, let them become reduced to voluntary followers doing their things to themselves, under full exterritorial autonomy. Let them stew in their own juice, as long as they can and want to. Only make sure that all dissenters can freely withdraw from them and form or join exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. Thus could be instituted "one-man revolutions", which would not upset any apple carts and threaten anyone's rights, liberties, and personal preferences, not even the right to make errors and mistakes at the own expense. This kind of revolution could be permanent, peaceful and harmonious, as much so as can be divorces, new marriages and the changing of jobs, individually, after having giving notice. - J.Z., 29.7.00, 15.5.12. - NO-GOVERNMENT, ANARCHY, REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL & MINORITY SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: That the sole object and only legitimate end of government is to protect the citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, and when the government assumes other functions it is usurpation and oppression.” - ALABAMA, DECLARATION OF RIGHTS ARTICLE I. Section 35. - Has history given us any reasons to believe that territorial governments over involuntary subjects are able and willing to pursue and achieve this objective? - J.Z., 3.7.00, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. - RIGHTS, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: That would be setting up a government of my choice. Have you ever done that? Can you think of anybody in his right mind ever having done that? Do you think anybody ever did it? People, you have been told that this happened in this country. That your forebears got together and did it. That is utter, unmitigated, uncollected garbage. It simply isn't true. It never happened. I am sorry if this is offending anybody. I don't mean to offend. I don't mean to make you angry. But it is ridiculous. I wish I had time to get into it more fully.” - Robert LeFevre, Good Government, p.14. - Then he went on with the paragraph that has been reproduced under: GOVERNMENT, ESTABLISHMENT & MAINTENANCE, VIOLENCE, RELIGION, PROMISES & THREATS, THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS, MANDATE FROM GOD OR "THE PEOPLE" OR THE MAJORITY AS HIS SUBSTITUTE. - Alas, even LeFevre was largely unaware of the long tradition of exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. That is to some extent explained by the fact that most histories and political science texts report nothing about it, being quite dominated by the territorial model. - J.Z., 27.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: That’s the government for you. The same everywhere. We put our most incompetent in the most important jobs.” – Robert Mason, Weapon, Corgi Books, 1990, 267. – The story of an AI robot, who develops a conscience and refuses to kill upon government orders and stands up for the human rights even of those, whom a government declares to be his enemies. - J.Z., 30.3.05. The question is: Does even the best of the territorial government offer any jobs that can be done, even by the most competent people? Is any individual intelligent, knowledgeable and wise enough to be a good enough substitute for all the intelligence, knowledge and wisdom so widely dispersed in any country and all over mankind and brought effectively together and is utilized only to the extent that there is a sufficiently free and published market? - 25.12.08. - PRIME MINISTERS, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PREMIERS, PRESIDENTS, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENT MONOPOLISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, LEADERSHIP, INTERVENTIONISM, REPRESENTATION, SCIENCE FICTION

GOVERNMENT: The "business" of territorial government seems to be to get between willing buyers and willing sellers - and to charge all their victims highly for this disservice. - J.Z., 12.5.94. – That applies also to alternatives to territorial governments, which quite free entrepreneurs would like to offer and sovereign consumers would like to subscribe to. – J.Z., 4.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: The "libertarians" believe government is not harmful but is in fact desirable when it is provided by what they call ‘free contracts.’" - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism, p.1. – Alas, to my knowledge, most libertarians are not as yet so far advanced. Nor do they concede to all kinds of anarchists their kind of exterritorial autonomy for their kind of self-management or independence. I wish Fred W. had supplied me with the addresses of many libertarians that actually advocate what he asserts that they do.” – J.Z., 29.12.08. – There are still so many misunderstandings between these two large groups, at least regarding their many varieties. – A libertarian spectrum, like I partly described for anarchists, in - may still have to be compiled and then further developed, like my own survey of different kinds of anarchism should be. – I have many more notes on it – but why bother with supplements, when no one responds to the original? – (Except Christian Butterbach, by putting it online.) - J.Z., 29.12.08, 4.12.10. - CONTRACTS & LIBERTARIANISM, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: The “religion” of coercive and exclusive territorial governmentalism will only become rightfully and sufficiently reduced to the practice of exterritorially autonomous communities (of a political, economic, religious or ideological nature), once individuals and groups can freely opt out of such territorial governments and start living in accordance with their own convictions, consciences and beliefs, at the own expense and risk. From religious, artistic, literary and private tolerance we ought to proceed to tolerance for all tolerant actions in the political, economic and social spheres. – (Thereby, through the first successful secessions of this kind, the former territorial government, too, becomes already transformed into an exterritorial one, ruling only over its remaining subjects, all volunteers, seeing they could also secede from it but don’t or haven’t as yet. – J.Z., 5.12.10.) In all others spheres this "panarchism" is already customary and unthinking practice, alas not yet sufficiently philosophically formulated, publicized and known as such. - J.Z., 22.11.93, & 10.7.00. - STATISM VS. TOLERANCE FOR TOLERANT ACTIONS OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The aggregate happiness of society, which is best promoted by the practice of a virtuous policy, is, or ought to be, the end of all government.” - George Washington, Political Maxims. - Which of his policies and practices was really virtuous? How many people did he make happy? Was he able to judge the "aggregate happiness of society"? Was he prepared to leave it alone or merely to liberate people and then leave them alone to make their own free choices? What can territorial government and politics contribute to happiness? - Read e.g. Pelatiah Webster and Thomas Paine on some of the actions of this "hero of the American Revolution". - J.Z., 26.7.00. – However, ending all territorial governments is really a rightful and worthwhile aim. G. W. and his successors did not and do not aim at that. – J.Z., 4.12.10, 5.5.12. – DIS.

GOVERNMENT: The aim should not be to control government but to eliminate government control - over all but its volunteers. - J.Z., 27.2.89. – CONTROL – EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIAL IMPOSITIONS OVER PEACEFUL DISSENTERS

GOVERNMENT: The anarchist defines government as invasion, nothing more or less.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, Instead of a Book, 22. - While this does apply to territorial governments, i.e., those with all too many involuntary subjects, it does not apply to exterritorially autonomous governments and societies that have only voluntary members. Tucker might have called them voluntary organizations of free societies or anarchies. - J.Z., 1.2.02. - INVASION, AGGRESSION, ANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: the anarchist libertarians hold that government is illegitimate unless it has been contracted by those whom it serves.” - Libertarian Handbook, 1973. - Why wasn't this kind of handbook continued, indefinitely, in cheap alternative media? YOU compile it, I reproduce it at my expense on my LMP microfiche and would invite you to publish it also on floppy disk, CD-ROM and on a website. - J.Z., 2.8.00. - CONTRACT, VOLUNTARISM, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The anarchist Lysander Spooner said that, contrary to Locke, government was not created to protect innocent men from criminals, but, rather, government is an organization of criminals whose purpose is to exploit innocent men.” - Theodore Cahn, Forced Integration, 26. – Voluntary governments, only exterritorially autonomous, and with personal laws, could exploit only their voluntary followers – and these do still need this kind of practical lesson and do fully deserve it. – J.Z., 27.12l.08. – PANARCHISM, CRIME

GOVERNMENT: The appropriate remedy for excessive governmental powers, for abuses of governmental powers, for ruthlessness and corruption in gaining control of governmental powers, is not to create new governmental powers but to dismantle those that now exist.” - W. Allen Wallis, THE FREEMAN, Aug. 74. - Especially all territorial powers! - J.Z.

GOVERNMENT: The art of government is the organization of idolatry. The bureaucracy consists of functionaries; the aristocracy, of idols; the democracy, of idolaters.” - George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman, p.271. – Partly quoted in: Sprading, Liberty & the Great Libertarians, p.418 and in B. R. Tucker’ catalogue, p.61. - Freely competing governments and societies (exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, formed by individual secessionists) would soon reduce that form of idolatry to proportions that are harmful only to its supporters. - J.Z., 27.7.00. - The bureaucracy's functionaries do not function. The territorial leadership is far from an intellectual aristocracy or leadership. The supposedly self-governing democratic people do not, individually, or in their minority groups, get the leaders, parties and systems they deserve, because they have freely chosen them for themselves (only for themselves and not all others in a territory) but only those which a majority or a minority can manage to territorially impose upon them. - J.Z., 2.8.00. - IDOLATRY, BUREAUCRACY & DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, HEROES, PERSONALITY CULT, POLITICIANS, RULERS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, PATRIOTISM, UNITY, AN IDOLATRY, HERO CULT, LEADERSHIP, STATISM, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, BELIEF IN MIRACLES, POLITICS, THE STATE AS GOD, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The best government is a stand-still government. - J.Z., 5.6.92. - Simply not adding further restrictive laws and institutions and not committing new crimes is not enough. Based upon its inertia and accumulated laws and institutions and bureaucracy, a government cannot "stand still", but goes on and on, until its life-lines are cut, e.g. by taxation and inflation, the public borrowing powers and the compulsory membership for its subjects, as well as its territorial rule. As exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, all statists and their governments will stumble on for a considerable time - but will also lose more and more of their "customers" or clients, who, individually, will learn something from their government experiments and those of free societies around them. - J.Z., 22.7.00. – DIS.

GOVERNMENT: The best system [of government] is to have one party govern and the other party watch.” - Thomas B. Reed, Speech in the House of Representatives, 1880. - That could be said of the one-party State as well. All the others, officially seemingly in opposition, or in the underground opposition, can freely do just one thing: sit and watch and watch - what is being done to them, at their expense. The best system of government is, rather, to have one party govern - only itself and its voters, while all other parties not only watch them but are free to do their own things to and for themselves, among their own voluntary members and voters. Everything else, especially all territorial government, is a parody on self-government, self-determination and consent or representative government. - J.Z., 16.10.85 & 18.7.00. – PARTIES, TWO PARTY SYSTEM, PANARCHISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: The biggest threat to civilization and mankind's survival, the nuclear war potential, is, naturally, government created, maintained, administered and protected. - J.Z., 17.8.74 & 21.7.00. – See PEACE PLANS No. 16/17: An ABC Against Nuclear War, on - NUCLEAR STRENGTH, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The citizens of the cosmos are a little like Thoreau. … They dislike belonging to anything they didn't join. They regard coercive government in about the same way as you regard a ceremonial mutilation - as a crude and cruel social artifact of the primitive past.” - Jack Williams, Bright New Universe, p.93. - Are there more such pearls of wisdom hidden in his SF? - J.Z.

GOVERNMENT: The coercive, monopolistic, centralistic, bureaucratic and all too expensive and futile territorial experiments which the present governments run, and from which they seem to be unable or unwilling to learn. They do prevent numerous voluntary, competitive, decentralized, autonomous, much cheaper and valuable exterritorial experiments that would enlighten more people on political, economic and social matters than government education and experiments ever would or could. - J.Z., 2.8.00. - GOVERNMENT EXPERIMENTS VS. PANARCHISTIC FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

GOVERNMENT: The combination of dreaming and ruling generates tyranny.” - Michael Oakeshott, Rationalism - Politics, London, Methuen, N.Y. Basic Books, IB 960, 1962, p.185. – Not without territorialism! – J.Z., 15.5.12. - DREAMS & TYRANNY, IDEALISM ON THE TERRITORIAL MODEL, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: The concept that has to be destroyed once and for all is that governments run economics. They mostly run them into the ground. It is people who run economics. Just as church and State are separated, we must insist that the State stays out of the economy.” - Jack Boulogue, FNN, Summer 92. – It should not be allowed to territorially impose any social or political system, either, upon involuntary victims. - Experimental freedom for all social, economic and political experiments among volunteers. Allow any government only to mess up the affairs of their remaining followers! –J.Z., 4.12.10. – DIS., ECONOMY & THE PEOPLE.

GOVERNMENT: The continuance of any territorial government or State is not worth the life even of one conscript or a single civilian war death. - J.Z., 17.5.92 & 23.7.00. - WAR & HUMAN SACRIFICES TO PRESERVE THE STATE

GOVERNMENT: The cost of government increases year by year, no matter what party is in power.” - Senator Reed Smoot of Utah, his law of government, expressed early in the 20th century. – Another version: The cost of government will continue to increase, I care not what party is in power”. - Reed Smoot, Speech in the Senate, 1925. – Another version: The costs of government increase annually, no matter what party is in power.” - "Smoot's Law". - - Zube's Law: Every territorial government is becoming larger, more wrongful, more inefficient and more costly every year. - J.Z., 7.9.85, 1.2.02. - COSTS, EXPENSES, SPENDING, BUDGET, TAXES, PARTIES

GOVERNMENT: The cutting of public expenditure to revive dynamism in the economy presents a problem akin to that of weaning already drug-dependent individuals back to health. Virtually two whole generations have now had their self-reliance sapped. They are "hooked" on "free" handouts to the long predictable point that any turning off of the tap would quite possibly lead to violent withdrawal symptoms.” - Norris McWhirter, Freedom of Choice, in K. W. Watkins, In Defence of Freedom, p.66. - Give only those a decision-making vote for whom government spending means confiscation of their earnings via taxes and inflation. - J.Z., 7.4.91. - Only tax producers should be allowed to vote, not tax consumers. - Naturally, under panarchism the two groups would sort themselves out and each would only be responsible for its own programs. - J.Z., 15.7.00. - SPENDING CUTS, PANARCHISM, VOTING

GOVERNMENT: The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern.” - Lord Acton (John E. E. Dalberg), Letter to Mary Gladston, April 24, 1881. - But every class is fit to govern itself - exterritorially, with the full consent of every individual member! - J.Z., 24.11.02. - TERRITORIAL, CLASS RULE

GOVERNMENT: The deterioration of every government  begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded. (*) - C. L. de Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws, VIII. - The deterioration of every territorial government begins with and by the realization of the first two basic, wrong and all too flawed principles upon which it was founded, namely, territorial rule and compulsory membership or supordination. - J.Z., 16.10.85 & 12.7.86. - Sometimes its other "principles" and practices were already wrong and flawed before a government or a revolution got started. (E.g.: Unity, equality, fraternity, one law for all and no or all too little recognition of all individual rights and liberties.) - Historians, political scientists, politicians and subjects think and act as if these and their other wrongful and harmful “principles” were right and beneficial and as if no rightful and beneficial alternative to them were possible. - Even when it is pointed out to them, then, like religious true believers, they tend to adhere to their flawed territorialist doctrines, despite their wrongful and harmful aspects and often even terrible consequences. – (*) Of every revolution as well, when both are based upon territorialism, already a very flawed and primary foundation for both of them. - J.Z., 18.7.00, 15.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The dilemma seems to be that government is something we can't get along without and something we can't get along with.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.59. - Apparently, he remained unaware how much collectivism or State socialism he did already include here merely by using the term "we". It certainly does not express individual consumer sovereignty and choice in such matters. - Allow those, who do know how to get along without government, to do so - at their own expense and risk. Allow also atll those statists, who merely believe that they cannot get along without it, to continue it, exclusively at their own risk and expense. "To each the government nor non-governmental society of his or her choice!" - Experimental freedom would work here, too. Compulsory collectivism must fail, here, too, at least in the long run, if not soon. - J.Z., 2.8.00, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. – “THE PEOPLE”, “WE”, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, DISSENTERS, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The discovery that man can be successfully manipulated and that governments can turn large masses this way or that as they choose, is one of the causes of our misfortunes.” - Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays - An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish. - Even that is relatively harmless or becomes reduced to harmless proportions - as long as individuals are free to secede and to associate exterritorially and autonomously. - J.Z., 6.4.89. - Moreover, freedom lovers have so far failed to fully mobilize all their knowledge, ideas and resources for a genuine enlightenment and liberation effort. - J.Z., 19.7.00, 4.12.10. - MANIPULATION, PROPAGANDA, STATISM, VOTING, MAJORITIES, POWER:

GOVERNMENT: The divine right of kings may have been a plea for feeble tyrants, but the divine right of government is the keystone of human progress and without it government sinks into police and a nation into a mob.” - Benjamin Disraelil, Lothair, preface, 1870. - An attempt to eliminate some of the mistakes of this remark: The divine right of kings and the claim for majority rule are feeble claims for tyranny, coercively upheld. In their territorial forms they are among the main obstacles to human progress. With them territorial governments tend to become police States and nations become reduced to mobs. - Reversing something that a politician said can sometimes lead to a truth. - J.Z., 16.10.85 & 13.7.00. - MAJORITARIAN DESPOTISM & DIVINE RIGHTS, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: The divine science of government is the science of social happiness, and the blessings of society depend entirely on the constitutions of government.” - John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776. - Political science, as taught today, is hardly "divine" as yet. It has managed to leave the exterritorial autonomy options almost completely beyond its horizon, for a very long period, only just coming towards an end, largely with the heop of the Internet. Happiness is not definable and attainable socially but only individually. And with his view on government and society he put the cart before the horse. Constitutional governments as well are major obstacles towards the free development of all the blessings of free human societies. Societies can do very well and can do best only without governments. Governments cannot do without societies but are coercive parasites upon them. Moreover, for all too long, governments and rulers seem to be able to complacently coexist with the unhappiness of most of their subjects, caused by governments and rulers. - As much a mythology is involved here as in the Christian one of a loving God. - The Founding Fathers were also continuing old mythologies and founded a new one. - J.Z., 30.10.85 & 13.7.00, 15.5.12. - STATISM, DIS., GOVERNMENTALISM, CONSTITUTIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The dreadful evil of all government is the evil of governing too much.” - Thomas Cooper, who died in 1839. - Naturally, this, too, applies only to territorial governments. - J.Z., 3.8.00. Each territorial government, by governing territorially, governs, to that extent, too much. If it were only governing its own volunteers, in its own affairs, then it would govern them just right, in accordance with their own preferences, with their unanimous consent – and no one else, except aggressors and private criminals with victims. Panarchism tries to raise all governments, all communities, all societies to that elevated moral status and to thereby establish peace between them and achieve voluntary exchanges between them only, ending all mutual domination attempts, inevitably associated with all territorial, monopolistic and coercive rule or claims to such rule over peaceful dissenters. Panarchism, however, does not oppose but, rather, demands rule or domination over official aggressors and private criminals with involuntary victims. On this all panarchies can also readily come to agree. All the remaining details can be peacefully and contractually settled between them. - J.Z., 1.9.08, 15.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM MEANS TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: The early American knew that freedom was nothing more than the absence of external restraint on behavior; the government could not give you freedom, it could only take it away.” – Frank Chodorov, Time for Secession - While that is the characteristic of territorial governments, it is not necessarily that of governments or societies, which are only exterritorially autonomous and have only voluntary members. It is time for more than merely territorial secessions. - Various libertarian and anarchist communities, as well as statist communities of volunteers should not only be established in North, Middle & South America, but have their voluntary members all over the world. - J.Z., 24. 11. 06, 15.5.12. - VS. FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, TERRITORIALISM, VS. GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, CHOSEN BY INDIVIDUALS FOR THEMSELVES

GOVERNMENT: The efforts of governments alone will never be enough. In the end, the people must choose and the people must help themselves.” - John F. Kennedy, at reception for Latin-American diplomats, Washington, D.C., March 13, 1961. - And they could choose and help themselves much better without any territorial government intervention. - Most of such government efforts do not achieve anything positive but are rather destructive or counter-productive. Moreover, most territorial governments do prevent essential self-help measures by individuals and volunteer groups, which they often slander as "States within States". - J.Z., 20.11.85 & 13.7.00, 4.12.10. - PEOPLE & SELF-HELP

GOVERNMENT: The end of government in moral terms is to leave adult individuals as free as possible to deploy their talents and fulfill their own destinies without preventing others from doing likewise.” - Ralph Harris, The End of Government? … p.40. - Alas, so far all territorial governments have been organized forces for territorial interventionism. They constitute the greatest threats to, rather than act as protectors of human rights. - J.Z., 25.7.92. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT & INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: The essence of a free government consists in an effectual control of rivalries.” - John Adams, Discourses on Davila, 1789, 4. - The essence of a supposedly free, but still TERRITORIAL governments, consists of an ineffectual turmoil of rivalries, in which foam and scum float to the top. It also includes many compromises, which do not and cannot fully satisfy anyone. At most it sees to it that the mediocre and the con-men and demagogues win rather than the quite brutal and vicious. But even the best of such governments does not so much enable but disable its involuntary subjects in many respects. - J.Z., 30.10.85, 20.11.85 & 13.7.00, 29.12.08, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. - FREE GOVERNMENT, DIS., RIVALRIES, FACTIONS, PARTIES, FRAGMENTATION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The evidence of history supports the conclusion that simple, small and dependent government is the only kind that can be watched and held to its social aim.” - Frank Chodorov, One is a Crowd, p.159. - Even the attempt to territorially regulate only local and limited "governmental affairs" is not a simple and correct solution. It does not establish local "independence" for individuals or rightful and sound alternatives to consistent voluntaryism. The ideas on e.g. ideal police forces, justice systems and defence methods differ far too greatly for that. Individual consent and individual secessionism or individual sovereignty cannot be achieved in this territorial way, not even by the smallest and most limited local governments, although they would, at least sometimes, be a great improvements over the present governments and one would have some choice, although only between local governments. - J.Z., 13.7.94 & 10.7.00, 4.12.10. – TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUALISM, CONSENT, LOCAL GOVERNMENT, DECENTRALIZATION

GOVERNMENT: The evils from which the peoples are suffering cannot be cured by Governments. That Governments, even if they wished to, can terminate neither armaments nor wars.” - Tolstoi, Essays & Letters, p.249. – Not by territorial governments, anyhow. – J.Z., 4.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: The existence of government, even limited government, precludes the possible existence of true capitalism.” - W. Robert Black, THE NEW BANNER, 18.2.72. - True for territorial governments, not true for governments and communities that are only exterritorially autonomous and have only voluntary members. - Some of them could be purely capitalistic, even with regard to the so-called "public services" they offer in their package deals to their members. - Ulrich von Beckerath referred once to a Frenchman, who said something like: The best thing that could be said about any government is that it acts like a competitive insurance company. - J.Z., 7.7.00. – Free enterprise and free market capitalism requires free enterprise even in the sphere of supplying "government services", competitively, subject to consumer sovereignty, in any wanted package deals or separately, i.e. the free play of supply and demand or of laissez-faire, laissez passer, even in this sphere. A territorial restriction and confinement of all such services to those of a "limited government" only, would be much too authoritarian an arrangement, even a kind of totalitarian foundation for "freedom". - J.Z., 3.8.00.  - This would require, that it is run without a territorial monopoly, i.e., without involuntary members and subjects. – J.Z., 27.12.08. - CAPITALISM, CAPITALISM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The failure of other social institutions has caused us to heap even more responsibility on government, the most unwieldy institution of all.” - M. Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, p.211. - Rather, the outlawry of exterritorial and individualistic competition with governments has pre-empted the sphere for voluntary actions in too many and very important spheres.  - J.Z., 6.4.89, 8.4.89. - J.Z., 6.4.89. - Alternative institutions did not fail but were not allowed to come into existence. Among other things, they were attacked as "States within States", as "infringements of territorial integrity", as "fragmentation", as "disunity", "anarchy" in the worse sense, and as "chaos". - J.Z., 19.7.00. - Most of our significant institutions are not social ones or free market ones but, rather, monopolistic, centralistic and coercive governmental ones and legalized as such. - J.Z., 15.9.05, 15.12.11, 15.5.12. - COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, VOLUNTARY GOVERNMENTS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The federal government knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and then say, 'If it weren't for the government, you wouldn't be able to walk.' - Harry Browne - Libertarian Party. – Territorial governments are the largest incapacitating institutions. – J.Z., 4.1.08. SERVICES, AID, HELP & SUBSIDIES, WAR AGAINST THE POOR, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: The firm basis of government is justice, not pity.” - Woodrow Wilson, Inaugural Address, March 4, 1912 (1913?) - In short: No territorial government has a firm basis. - J.Z., 30.10.85. – Only panarchies would have consent or voluntarism as a firm basis. Does any politician know what justice means? How many of them do? Governments rather rest on the shaky basis of compulsory membership, obedience and taxes, enforced by a collective sovereignty, i.e. one based on a territorial monopoly. None of these are features of a just system. - J.Z., 10.7.86 & 13.7.00. - Was he able or is anyone else, to name even a single instance for a quite just territorial government? - J.Z., 13.7.00, 27.12.08. - JUSTICE

GOVERNMENT: The first rule in a handbook of government is heroic idleness.” Alain, quoted in C. Bingham, Men & Affairs, p.9. - What is heroic about that? It is not even heroic for its victims to put up with heroic governments for so long, but rather wrong and stupid. - If only they were do-nothing governments. But they do all too much to us, including extracting tributes from us. - But if he means that governments should heroically resist all demands from “the public”, at most the majority, to do something, although it has no right to do anything not individually authorized, that therefore it has no essential positive function and should be abolished as a territorial, monopolistic, coercive, centralistic organization with compulsory membership, then I would agree with him. - J.Z., 2.8.00, 15.5.12. – DIS., TERRITORIALISM, DIS., PANARCHISM, ABOLITION

GOVERNMENT: the gang warfare that characterizes the processes of government today.” - Thomas W. Hazlett, THE FREEMAN, Nov. 77. - That gang warfare is an inevitable consequence of territorialism, with its imposed laws and compulsory membership and suppression of free competition with any government service offers. - J.Z., 24.7.00. - GANG WARFARE, TURFS, TERRITORIALISM, SPECIAL INTERESTS, LOBBIES, PARTY STRIFE, PARTY RULE

GOVERNMENT: the government - from which creative wisdom never has, does not, and never will originate.” - Leonard E. Read, Thoughts Rule the World, p.12. - Once again, this is only applicable to territorial governments, with their hierarchies, monopolies, coercion and compulsory membership. Once these are reduced to competitive voluntary associations limited by exterritorial autonomy, then they can be as creative as any group of cooperating volunteers can be. - J.Z., 26.7.00. - ALWAYS WITHOUT CREATIVE WISDOM, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The government and big business hold hands - in your pockets.” - David Lewis, leader of Canada's New Democratic Party, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 14.10.72. - Why omit the unions and professional associations with their legalized privileges? Big government, big businesses and big unions are putting their hands in your pockets and, partly, empty them - without your permission. I wish you could easily and freely chop them off. Without government-granted privileges and supports, the latter two would be relatively harmless and we ought to chop off all moral, financial, mental and labor support we grant to territorial governments, ultimately by seceding from them and running our own affairs under exterritorial autonomy together with like-minded volunteers. - J.Z., 25.7.77 & 2.8.00. - BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG BUSINESS, BIG UNIONS, TAXATION, SUBSIDIES, PROTECTIONISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The government does not speak or act for me! - J.Z., 10.2.73. - No territorial government speaks or acts for me, nor could it, except by getting out of my way and that of all somewhat freedom-loving people. - J.Z., 21.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: The government is dishonest but it is not totally dishonest.” - Peter Micklethwaite, 11.12.86. - And on some important freedom options, like monetary freedom and panarchism, it has not developed any sensible ideas or opinions at all yet - it has simply ignored them - while, due to its territorialism and the dogmas involved, not allowing volunteers to practise them. - J.Z., 18.7.00. – DISHONESTY, TERRITORIALISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: The Government is involving itself "in a kind of comradeship with despotic governments." - La Fayette, Biography, p.327. An Autobiography or a biography of someone about La Fayette? - Every government is so involved, more or less. - J.Z., 17.9.82, 15.5.12. - They even have a "gentlemen's agreement" not to promote or tolerate the advocacy and practice of tyrannicide. - J.Z., 26.7.00. – No wonder, for at present they are all territorialists and thus respect what they do wrongly call: “territorial integrity” or “national independence”. – Even Mafia groups do, to some extent, mutually recognize the turfs they claim for themselves – whenever they are not engaged in a turf war, like national governments often are. - J.Z., 27.12.08. - DESPOTISM, ALLIANCES, FOREIGN AID

GOVERNMENT: the government is monolithic and costly, without solving significant problems. …” - Richard Cummins, Proposition 14, p.119. – That is just one of many wrongful and harmful aspects of territorial governments. We need their opposites and free choice for individuals among them! – J.Z., 30.12.08. - MONOLITHIC & COSTLY BECAUSE TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: The government is not an almoner of gifts among the people but an instrumentality by which the people's affairs should be conducted upon business principles, regulated by the public needs.” - Grover Cleveland, Message to the House of Representatives, Feb. 26, 1887 - No territorial and more or less centralized government, with compulsory membership and exclusive monopolies, coercively financed and bureaucratically run can possible act like a sound and competitive business for voluntary and satisfied customers. - J.Z., 16.10.85, 10.7.86 & 13.7.00, 4.12.10. TERRITORIALISM, STATES & BUSINESSES OR FREE ENTERPRISES

GOVERNMENT: The government is not synonymous with the people of the nation; it is an artificial device, set up by the citizens (*) for certain purposes. It is endowed no sacred aura; rather, it needs to be watched, scrutinized, criticized, opposed, changed, and even overthrown and replaced when necessary.” - Howard Zinn, Disobedience and Democracy, p.118. – (*) Mind you: NOT BY INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEERS! - "The people" and "the nation" are artificial devices or organizations as well, based upon wrongful and harmful territorial notions. Only individuals and their voluntary associations are "real". - Once governments and societies are reduced to volunteer communities - that are only exterritorially autonomous - then the watching, criticizing etc. that still needs to be done, can largely be confined to their own members. - Only in a few cases, if such an organization should become aggressive, due to a new prophet or great leader, which is much less likely for such groupings than for territorial States, would such a community become a problem for outsiders and something they ought to defend themselves against. However, since under experimental freedom each promising politician would have to put up or shut up, very soon, or lose many of his voluntary followers, it becomes unlikely that they will be able to gain and retain so many “true believers” that they might become a great threat to other societies of volunteers. - The leader cannot feed his followers with words and promises. They will have to finance their promises and work to realize all of them - if they can be realized at all. For instance, the "rich", able and productive would have tended to opt out of all societies committed to soaking the rich and highly taxing the able and productive. Moreover, they would get a strong influx of poor, disabled and unproductive people. And these might soon discover, that in other volunteer communities, where they would have the opportunities of full economic liberty, they need not remain poor, and could earn considerably, in spite of some disabilities, and thus become productive and self-supporting; also that other communities offer them better insurance and credit options against the risks of living. - J.Z., 29.7.00, 15.5.12. - VS. THE PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The government is one big Group Trap. To be efficient, it depends upon millions of bureaucrats whose income and careers don't depend upon efficient action.” - Harry Brown, How I Found Freedom …., p.176. - Doesn't that already prove a large degree of inefficiency? - J.Z., 1.8.00. - He admits that a few lines below by saying: "The government is an inefficient bureaucratic mess. It isn't surprising that its programs always turn out to cost more than expected, that it almost never successfully completes a project, that bombers bomb the wrong cities in Vietnam (*), that it's usually rallying its citizens to be patriotic and sacrifice to compensate for the government's mistakes." – Panarchies are not a group trap or not for long, for one can opt out of them, once one is sufficiently enlightened to see the flaws of a panarchy that one had chosen for oneself. – J.Z., 29.12.08. – (Are there, anywhere, any whole cities, which is would be quite rightful to bomb? – J.Z., 15.5.12. - A GROUP TRAP. PANARCHIES ARE DIFFERENT.

GOVERNMENT: The government is the people, not a gang forcing hardships, injustices, social and financial bondage on the masses.” - Heaven on Earth Foundation, THE CONNECTION 119, p.113 of 29 April 84. - If that is true, then we would have had no “government” in the ideal sense but only gangs ruling over us and not the people. For our territorial governments have certainly forced hardships, injustices and social and financial bondage upon us. The people can no more sensibly govern themselves collectively than they could run a general store or bakery properly or better than their owners or cooperators could. "The people" is as misleading a term as are "the government", "the leader", "representatives" and "law and order". - Territorial governments are criminal gangs, restricting individual rights and liberties and exploiting their victims. One should not expect anything better from territorial governments, with monopoly and coercive powers, with no way out for most of their victims. - J.Z., 18.7.00, 4.12.10. – THE PEOPLE?

GOVERNMENT: The government is us; we are the government, you and I!” - Theodor Roosevelt, speech at Asheville, N.C., Sept. 1902. - If that were the case than I could secede from the similarly individualistic self-governments of others. Politicians like to pretend that they have a mandate, that when they do territorially misrule us and fill their pockets out of ours, they do so with our consent, so that we are ruling (mis-ruling) ourselves, through them. As if we were free to shop around for all kinds of government and societal services, making our own kinds of package deals. - J.Z., 16.10.85 & 18.7.00.) - Are you a tax collector, too? Have you got an effective vote on government spending, war, peace and disarmament, on measures causing economic crises, mass unemployment, inflation, deflation and stagflation? Do you pass or refuse to pass laws and regulations? - J.Z., 18.7.00, 4.12.10. – Many theses, dogmas or assumptions on territorial governments fly directly into the face of many facts and yet the latter remain largely ignored by the true believers among the territorial statists. – J.Z., 4.12.10. - DIS., TERRITORIALISM, THE PEOPLE? DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY

GOVERNMENT: the government may be said to have failed, even as an instrument for carrying on war with its neighbors.” - E. L. Godkin, Unforeseen Tendencies of Democracy, p.26. – Democracies have certainly not distinguished themselves by conducting their wars of defence in a quite moral, rational and liberating way, together with their secret allies on the other side. Often they have failed to establish even a single government in exile as an alternative to the enemy regime. Always they failed to establish several panarchistic alternatives to it. Thus, they, too, engaged in gross, unjustified bloodletting of conscripts and civilians on the other side and thus caused quite unnecessary losses on the own side. – J.Z., 29.12.08. – DEMOCRACIES, AIR RAIDS, DESERTION, MASS FRATERNIZATION, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, LIBERATION, DEFENCE, UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER DEMANDS OR QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS?

GOVERNMENT: The government no longer preserves the peace. It has abandoned the general welfare to provide for the special interests, making criminal activity our way of life both through legalized privileges and unrestrained criminality.” - Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, 3/77. - The general welfare is an illusion that cannot be achieved territorially, uniformly, for all the different peoples in a territorial population by the same methods. Special interests are not wrong and harmful - IF confined to their volunteers and their own means and risks. Only when legislators allow them to prey upon all others do they become wrongful and harmful parasites. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS NEVER HAD COMPLETE & LASTING PEACE BETWEEN THEM. Their very form of organization disturbs it, internally as well as externally! - Freedom lovers should aim at defining their freedom aims and methods quite flawlessly. - Will they be widely enough understood before they do so? - J.Z., 29.7.00, 4.12.10. - PEACE, WELFARE & CRIME, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, WAR AIMS, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: The government of man over man is slavery.” - Proudhon. – Territorial government is slavery for its dissenters. - Voluntary or competing governments, societies and communities under personal laws and exterritorial autonomy would liberate people - but still only as far as they want to be liberated and thus they would leave their volunteers nothing to complain about. – J.Z., 28.12.08, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. – PANARCHISM VS. INVOLUNTARY SLAVERY, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: The government pretends that it will deal with problems for society. That can't be done. That is an illusion. - For instance, government tries to make society safe. That is impossible. And the statistics illustrate that fact. I've been collecting data on crime for years. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports reveal that with only occasional brief interludes, the problem of crime gets worse and worse all the time.” - LeFevre, Lift Her Up, Tenderly, p.197/198. - Precisely because the job has been monopolized by territorial governments and is therefore, all too often, done in one of the worst of all possible ways. It's like entrusting crime fighting to the biggest Mafia organization. Territorial governments are actually such crime syndicates. – But they are able to and do legalize their crimes. - J.Z., 29.7.00, 30.12.08, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. - ILLUSION OF GOVERNMENT, PROBLEMS, SAFETY, SECURITY, SOCIETY

GOVERNMENT: The government should be protecting my rights - not violating them.” - From film: The Incredible Bread Machine. - Can it do so? Rightfully? - J.Z., 1.8.00. – Territorial governments are probably the least suitable organizations for doing this. They are also least likely to even understand, recognize and respect all individual rights and liberties themselves. – They do not even know all of them, after hundreds of years. See their Bills of Rights! – J.Z., 31.12.08. - PROTECTOR OF RIGHTS OR VIOLATOR? LIMITED

GOVERNMENT: The government should do something about this!" - is a popular expression. I look upon territorial government simply as a mechanism for NOT getting things done. - J.Z., 30.10.98. - I just added the "NOT" to the remark of a statist in Washington, D.C. – At the same time, I look upon panarchies as the way to get things done, the free and experimental way, by volunteers, although they will certainly not always succeed on their first tries. But then their failures will occur only at their own expense and risk. - J.Z., 3.1.09. – DIS., STATISM

GOVERNMENT: The government thus becomes little more than a perpetuator of safe, convenient, and stereotyped ideas.” - George H. Douglas, THE FREEMAN, 12/73. - I would deny that any territorial government's ideas are safe and convenient for all its citizens and for the citizens of countries around it. But they are safe and convenient in so far as they tend to be in agreement with the most popular errors, myths and prejudices. But, where do these lead to, usually? – Statist ideas, methods, systems and organizations, too, should only to be practised among their volunteers! - J.Z., 3.8.00. - STAGNATION, IDEAS, PANARCHISM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: The Government Traps ensnare many people because they never stop to recognize what a government is. It's an agency of coercion that's accepted as necessary by most people within its area of influence. It differs from the Mafia only in that the Mafia isn't usually considered necessary by the people in the communities it "serves". - Governments usually do enjoy that respect. Even those people, who want the "ins" replaced by the "outs", consider the institution itself to be necessary. (*) I don't expect to see a world in which there would be no theft, aggression or coercion. But it would be refreshing to live in one in which no agency of coercion had the acceptance of most of the people around me. Dealing with an agency of coercion would be much easier if you didn't have to cope also with "law-abiding" neighbors who act as unpaid functionaries of the State.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.100. – (*) And they consider territorialism to be necessary, so necessary that they almost never consider the exterritorial and voluntaristic alternatives to it. – J.Z. ) - COERCION, CRIME, MAFIA, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: The government will do nothing for nothing.” - From: The Wisdom of Israel, p.213. To really induce government to do nothing, which is the best that it can do, we have to make sure that we give nothing to it, neither via taxes, inflation nor loans. - J.Z., 16.4. 83. - Yes, to get some non-action or positive action out of it you may have to bribe it, on top of the taxes that you are forced to pay to it. To the extent that it taxes us, it often does nothing rightful or positive - for something. - J.Z., 21.7.00, l5.5.12. – Since government is supposedly already a trader of services, why no make this a quite competitive and free trade, one also of free enterprise in the production sphere, of free contracts, free associationism, free secessionism, free experimentation and competing personal laws systems, all under full exterritorial autonomy: panarchism? – J.Z., 1.1.089. – Q.

GOVERNMENT: The government, even the best, is nothing but a necessary evil. The worst is unbearable.” - Thomas Pain, re-translated from a German version. - Panarchies would show up territorial governments as unnecessary and wrongful evils. - J.Z., 4.7.92 & 13.7.00. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, EVIL, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The government's single aptitude - is for inaptitude! - J.Z., 12.11.79. – TERRITORIALISM, COMPULSION, MONOPOLISM

GOVERNMENT: The government’s only proper job is to protect individual rights against violence by force or fraud … to protect men from foreign invaders … to settle disputes among men according to objective laws … The greatness of the Founding Fathers was how well they understood this issue and how close some of them came to understanding it perfectly.” – Ayn Rand. - If territorial governments were able and willing to do that, then I would not mind them so much. But delusions and false premises induced even Ayn Rand to engage in much wishful thinking in that sphere. - J.Z., 23. 11. 06. – Territorial governments are, probably, the least suitable institutions to uphold all genuine individual rights and liberties. – J.Z., 4.12.10. - TO PROTECT INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS?

GOVERNMENT: The governments you have now - the governments of the nations - they are not made for use. They exist to fight other nations.” - Damon Knight, Rule Golden, p.73. - The governments we have now are almost all territorial governments. They have led us into numerous wars and other difficulties. Isn't it high time to consider, finally, the exterritorial, voluntaristic and competitive alternatives to them? - J.Z., 29.7.00. - NATIONS, WAR & TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The great and direct end of government is liberty. Secure our liberties (& privileges), and the end of government is answered. If this be not effectively done, government is an evil.” - Patrick Henry, speech against U.S. Constitution, June 25, 1788. - Rather: The great and direct end of SOCIETY is liberty. By securing our liberties, we end territorial government. Territorial government cannot achieve that. As long as governments remain territorial, governments cannot be easilyi ended but remain as great wrongs and hindrances to genuine individual rights and liberties. - J.Z., 8.6.92, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. - SOCIETY & LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM, LIBERTY & RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: the greatest political problem facing the world today is … how to curb the oppressive power of government, how to keep it within reasonable bounds…” - Henry Hazlitt, What's Past Is Prologue, FEE, 1968, 14. - Territorial powers cannot be kept within reasonable bounds! - Remove all oppressive powers of governments, starting with the territorial one! How can that be removed? By publicizing individualist and group secessionist options and the opportunities and strengths, including military and revolutionary strengths, they could provide. Start exploring and discussing these options, help to complete the ON PANARCHY encyclopedia of a new political science. - J.Z., 2.8.00. - POWER, OPPRESSION & THEIR ELIMINATION

GOVERNMENT: The important point is that all coercive action of government must be unambiguously determined by a permanent legal framework which enables the individual to plan with a degree of confidence and which reduces human uncertainty [and economic insecurity] as much as possible.” -Friedrich Hayek. - Legalizing coercive actions by governments and maintaining them permanently - still does not make them right. - However, those who do, like Hayek, prefer this kind of certainty and legality of statism for themselves, should have the panarchistic option to practise it among themselves. - J.Z., 29.6.00. - CONFIDENCE, CERTAINTY

GOVERNMENT: The justification of majority rule in politics is not to be found in its ethical superiority.” - Walter Lippmann. - True, once again, for territorial governments, which are, as such, immorally organized, financed and active but untrue for voluntary communities that are only exterritorially autonomous and tax only themselves or finance themselves in other and quite voluntary ways. - J.Z., n.d. & 18.7.00. - MAJORITY RULE & ETHICS

GOVERNMENT: The less a government costs, the more it is worth.” - NATIONAL INTEREST NEWSPAPER, Issue No. 29, page 9. – According to this rule it will be priceless once it does no longer cost a subject anything, because he is no longer a member or subject of it. – J.Z., 24.12.08. - COSTS & WORTH, TAXATION, MEDDLING, INTERFERENCE, CONTROLS, REGULATIONS, BUREAUCRACY, INTERVENTIONISM, SMALL GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: The less government the more it is worth.” - NATIONAL INTEREST, No. 20, p. 9. - No government at all - would not only cost us less but nothing and would be the most valuable one of all! - J.Z., 15.4.00, 1.2.02. – But anyhow, to each and everyone the own preference, in this sphere as well: Panarchism. – J.Z., 24.12.08. - LESS GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT OR ANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The less government we have, the better.” - Emerson. - From which it follows: No government at all would be best, at least no imposed territorial government. Then volunteers, and their communities would be free to properly organize their self-defence. - J.Z., 10.7.00. - LESS & THUS BETTER GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: The less government you have the more it is possible to live as a human being.” - Peter Robertson, 14.7.1975. , LESS GOVERNMENT, FREE LIVING

GOVERNMENT: The less the government can act the more the people act. - J.Z., 20.5.75. - VS. THE PEOPLE, GOVERNMENT ACTIONS VS. FREE ACTIONS

GOVERNMENT: The main cost [of? J.Z] government expenditure is not taxes, inflation, or interest on the national debt. The main cost is opportunity.” - P. J. O’Rourke, Eat the Rich, A Treatise on Economics, Picador, 1998, p.113. – Opportunities lost or diminished! – J.Z. - COSTS, TAXATION, REGULATIONS, LAWS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: The main problem facing Australia and Australians is government which is no longer the servant of the people but their master.” - Workers Party, An Introduction to the Workers Party, 1975. - I doubt that any territorial government ever was the servant of its individual subjects. The “people” are just another fiction of territorial governments. If territorial governments ever were mere servants, then these cases form so rare exceptions that I never heard of them or read about them or experienced them as such. Have you? - J.Z., 5.8.00, 30.12.08, 4.12.10. - MASTER, NOT SERVANT

GOVERNMENT: The majority of citizens have managed to set up a regular gang of con-men, robbers and murderers to run and mismanage the lives of all citizens in a territory - just to save themselves the bother to think and act for themselves. They are even so tolerant towards government crimes and so intolerant towards dissenters that they do not permit the dissenters to opt out and do their own things for or to themselves. - J.Z., 12.5.99, 10.7.00, 15.5.12. - STATISM, COMPLACENCY COMBINED WITH INTOLERANCE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: The maxim that government ought to train the people in the way in which they should go sounds well. But is there any reason for believing that a government is more likely to lead the people in the right way than the people to fall into the right way of themselves?” - T. B. Macaulay, Southey's Colloquies, 1830. - As territorial collectives under a single leadership the whole populations are likely to stagnate as much as territorial governments do with immoral, flawed and irrational ideas and do not learn sufficiently from their collective, centralized, territorial and monopolistic as well as enforced experiments. However, if free to split up into voluntary communities that are only exterritorially autonomous, then their diverse leaders as well as the diversity of their voluntarily sorted out subjects or followers, would be much more likely to learn much from their multitude of diverse and tolerant experiments. The speed of progress in this sphere might approach the speed of progress of science and technology under full experimental freedom. Territorialist wrong notions are still involved in Macaulay's idea of government and of the people. - J.Z., 15.7.00, 29.12.08. - VS. THE PEOPLE IN ALL THEIR DIVERSITY. GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT MEANS MUCH MORE THAN TERRITORIAL DEMOCRACY THROUGH MAJORITIES, NAMELY PANARCHISM.

GOVERNMENT: The Monopolization and Collectivization of the Security Industry: … Everywhere, the production of security began by being organized as a monopoly, and everywhere, nowadays, it tends to be organized communistically.” - Molinari, The Production of Security, p.6. - The non-monopolistic, competitive, voluntary, individualistic, free enterprise, self-help, mutual aid, insurance or societal package deal provision of security and full consumer sovereignty and free choice in these matters are outlawed and, by now, largely also effectively armed self-defence has been made illegal. - J.Z., 2.8.00, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. - SECURITY, COMMUNISM, GUN CONTROL LAWS, VICTIM DISARMAMENT, COLLECTIVISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The more distant governments are from the people, the harder they are to control.” - ANY TIME NOW, No. 10, Summer 2,000, page 4. – Generally speaking, territorial governments are out of control for individuals and small groups, who, as such, tend to become mostly outvoted or ignored by the territorial authorities. – J.Z., 27.12.08, 15.5.12. - CENTRALIZATION

GOVERNMENT: the more we run to government for help, the larger the tax bill grows.” - Robert LeFevre, Lift Her Up, Tenderly, p.169. – We should rather run or secede from all territorial governments and establish voluntaristic and not-territorial alternatives to them. – J.Z., 28.12.08. AID, ASSISTANCE, SUPPORT, SPENDING, STATISM, BUDGET, TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, STATISM, TAXATION, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The most destructive thing governments do is divide people against each other, all in competition over the reins of the state.” – Anthony Gregory - Exterritorial or competing governments and societies would let the people divide and separate themselves, as much as they like, but only exterritorially and would grant none of them the right, power or authority to lord it over non-members, or involuntary subjects, like territorial governments are inclined to do. - J.Z., 26. 11. 06. – TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The mystery of government is not how Washington works but how to make it stop.” - P. J. O'Rourke. – Let us secede from it and let it remain at the risk and expense only of those, who did not secede from it. – J.Z., 24.12.08. – WASHINGTON, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & SOVEREIGNTY.

GOVERNMENT: The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” - Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826, Letter to E. Carrington, 1788. - Provided that liberty is compromised or held down in some fundamental way from the beginning, or somewhat overwhelmed by the adherents of violence and power, led by various prejudices rather than reason. Among the worst of these concessions to the enemies of liberty are territorialism, compulsory State membership and taxes, combined with monetary despotism. (They are not natural but unnatural, artificial and imposed conditions. – J.Z., 28.12.08.) Under these conditions statism has already more than half won, especially when "freedom lovers" do not even seriously consider the freedom alternatives to these forms of authoritarianism and monopolism. - I would rather reword his remark into: "The natural progress of things is for unarmed liberty to yield and armed government to gain ground". However, much more is involved. - Moreover, governments that studied the art of politics as the art of deception, exploitation and oppression, are likely to become more powerful than people who do not bother to explore and apply all their rights and liberties, all their references, resources and ideas and proposals, do not bother to study e.g. tax strikes, refusals of government paper money and securities, voluntary taxation or contribution options and the art of libertarian liberation, defence and revolution and who do not bother to mobilize all their resources (including those of the government) by anticipatory capital issues, privatizing all capital assets now in the hands of governments - in advance. (*) - Most libertarians and anarchists do not even work towards an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties and properly explaining and defending it. - Territorial governments, naturally, do benefit from all our mistakes and omissions - and they are numerous and vast! - One might also try to express Jefferson's notion with some more detail as follows: Under a territorial monopoly, central banking and compulsory taxation, liberty is forced to yield, all too often, and government tends to grain ground. - J.Z., 16.10.85, 12.7.86, 9.7.92 & 18.7.00. - How could libertarians let that remark, and so many others, stand, for so long, un-contradicted? - J.Z., 18.7.00. – Obviously, progress in the better sense is not involved here. – (*) See my digitized PEACE PLANS issue 19 C on this, which is online as part of my CD reproduced on - J.Z., 15.12.11. - VS. LIBERTY, DIS., ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

GOVERNMENT: The necessity for external government to man is in an inverse ratio to the vigor of his self-government. Where the last is most complete, the first is least wanted. Hence, the more virtue, the more liberty.” - S. T. Coleridge, Table-Talk, June 15, 1833. - Self-government instead of territorial government! - J.Z., 16.10.85. - That is possible only under voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy! - J.Z., 15.7.00. - VS. GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: The neo-conservative came to the realization … that the world was too complicated for the government to engage in any sweeping, grand-scale programs.” - Daniel Shapiro, LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, Jan. - Feb. 1978. - It is not too complicated for free men deciding on their own affairs. And it is not too complicated for the sweeping program of another conservative libertarian, Leonard E. Read who insisted upon "releasing all creative energies", without delays! - J.Z., 29.7.00, 41.12.10. – COMPLEXITY, DIS., FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: The New Hebrides: discord born in divisive governments.” - Graham Gifford. - THE BULLETIN, 17.6.80. - The discord arose, before and after colonialism, out of different factions wanting not divided rule but exclusive territorial rule for themselves, alike over their followers and their dissenters. None were prepared to let each individual and each group go its own way, peacefully, managing their own affairs, minding their own business. That was what set them against each other - and that is what causes most of the friction in most of the other countries as well. It is like a compulsory polygamy, in which you are forced to marry not only those, whom you love, but also those whom you hate or are indifferent to. Can and will that method produce a harmonious marriage or any other peaceful and harmonious relationship or, rather, many instances and even extreme degrees of strife? Why do we believe it could and would work in politics, and for different economic and social relationships and institutions and laws? It certainly did not work in the sphere of religion or in our private activities, almost all now self-chosen and very diverse and relatively free. To the extent that we are free in any sphere, harmony results with all others, who are, likewise, free to do their own things to and for themselves. - The territorial State is a system in which you are compulsorily associated with all your enemies and not only your friends and usually outvoted or overpowered and, at best, have the opportunity to overpower others and get also the difficulties associated with that. - What kind of madness causes us to continue, unquestioningly and uncritically with such an immoral, irrational, even foolish system, murderous, oppressive, destructive and impoverishing in its results? - J.Z., 27.7.00, 1.1.09, 4.12.10, 15.5.12. - UNITY, DIVISIVENESS, SCHISMS, FACTIONS, PANARCHISM, DIS., DISCORD, PARTIES, FACTIONS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The object of the state is always the same: to limit the individual, to tame him, to subordinate him, to subjugate him.” - Max Stirner, The Ego and His Own, 1845. - THE STATE VS. THE INDIVIDUAL, EGOISM, SELFISHNESS, SELF-INTEREST, SUBORDINATION, SUBJUGATION, TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: The objective of the American Revolution was to make men free, to place men above government. (*) Today's reality is that government has become firmly entrenched as the omnipotent, omniscient, omni-benevolent guiding force in men's lives. - R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, 290. - This in spite of the fact that none of the territorial governments is or can be - except in the delusions of statists - omnipotent, omniscient and omni-benevolent. - Only exterritorially autonomous governments and societies with voluntary members could have reached the initial objective. Territorialism puts men under governments. It makes them lose their individual choice, freedom of contract, freedom to make their own mistakes, their own experiments, to spend all their own money in their own way. They are no longer individual sovereign consumers or boycotters of government services. – (*) Negroes and Red Indians did not perceive it as such. Nor did all women. – And only some human rights were later added to the Constitution, in all too flawed form. - J.Z., 25.7.00. - MAN, POWER, STATISM, CENTRALIZATION, THE SECULAR GOD SPLEEN

GOVERNMENT: The office of the government is not to confer happiness, but to give men the opportunity to work out happiness for themselves.” – William Ellery Channing. - By their very existence and activities, the territorial governments prevent that opportunity for the vast majority, unless they favor merely games, fishing, fashion, poetry, sports, arts and alike relative trivia and even for fishing you do often need a government licence. - J.Z., 22. 11. 06. - HAPPINESS, SELF-HELP, VS. COMPULSORY LICENSING & REGULATION. DOING THE OWN THINGS,

GOVERNMENT: The only good government … is a bad one in a hell of a fright.” - Joyce Cary. - Panarchies, being merely competing or voluntary governments or voluntary societies or communities, do have no good reasons to be fearful of their own volunteers or of each other and will thus tend to be quite peaceful towards each other as well as satisfactory for their voluntary members. But bad territorial governments will have good reasons to be afraid of panarchies, because the subjects of such governments would be inclined to join or establish panarchies of their own individual choices, leaving the bad government only exterritorial autonomy rule over its remaining volunteers. – On their terms it would then be a good government for them – and they would have got rid of all their opponents – in a quite peaceful and rightful way, rather than murdering or suppressing them. – Reason enough for cheering on all sides. - J.Z., 30.12.08, 5.12.10. - GOOD GOVERNMENT & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The only good government is a dead government.” - Injun Jo Prawdzik, a woman of the Ottawas. - Quoted in LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION. – A very understandable sentiment among people about whom other people have all too often said: “The only good Indian is a dead Indian!” – By now all territorial governments have turned all their subjects into country-wide “Reservation Indians”. – All surviving and all new and voluntary “Red Indians” - and other natives and drop-outs and other kinds of dissenters, including refugees and immigrants, do have the right to their own panarchies, their own independent “tribes” and way of life, institutions and personal law but no right to any exclusive territories, except, naturally, the land that they possess or acquire privately or cooperatively, which does not constitute an exclusive territory in the political sense. - J.Z., 30.12.08, 5.12.10. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY TRIBES, EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS, ALL WITHOUT A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY.

GOVERNMENT: The only good government is self-government: government of yourself, for yourself.” - David Taylor, 5.6.85. – He, too, favored voluntary associations, which will also provide protective services against remaining internal criminals with victims and defensive organizations against aggressive acts by outsiders, however little may still be required once all communities and societies are made up of volunteers only. For reasons inherent in voluntarism, combined with exterritorial autonomy for societies of volunteers, crimes with involuntary victims and aggressions will become minimized. The remaining ones will be more effectively resisted, with more “international” or “inter-societal” collaboration than ever before. – J.Z., 5.12.10. – He died in Brisbane, around 1990. - DIS., INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, SELF-DEFENCE

GOVERNMENT: The only legitimate right to govern is an express grant of power from the governed. - W. H. Harrison, Inaugural Address, March 4, 1841. - That consent ought to be obtained from every single non-criminal individual of those governed.  - In other words, dissenters ought to remain free to opt out and do their own things to and for themselves, under full exterritorial autonomy, wherever they live and work. - Alas, most politicians and political scientists stop short of that logical conclusion. - J.Z., 16.10.85, 12.7.86 & 15.7.00, 15.12.11. – CONSENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: The only two things Government has ever done well are waging war and inflating the currency.” - Steve Symns, Republican Representative for Idaho, quoted in Terry Arthur: 95% Is Crap, p.234. - I deny that territorial governments are really “good” in waging war or in causing inflation. But they are the only ones who can commit both wrongs on a large and persistent scale. They do not allow people to freely opt out of them and out of such policies and practices. - J.Z., 2.8.00. - Individual and group secessionism will come to stop both these wrongs. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - GOOD, DIS., EFFICIENT GOVERNMENT, WARFARE STATE & INFLATION, INDIVIDUAL & NON-TERRITORIAL SECESSIONISM.

GOVERNMENT: The only way to beat the government is to become the government.” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p. 170. – Rather, expose every territorial government to individual and group secessionism and free competition from exterritorially autonomous communities, societies and governments of all kinds, to the extent that they do find volunteers for themselves. – At least all out-of-office politicians and outvoted voters should be interested in that. Also those politicians in office and those voters, who are likely to lose the next election. Every dissenting minority should be interested in that political alternative and free choice for itself as well as for all others. – How long would governments with compulsory taxation be able to stand competition from societies without compulsory taxation? – Every territorial government has its own dissenters. Every territorial libertarian government would be confronted by a multitude of statist-minded people. Thus libertarians of all kinds should not attempt to establish a single territorial government but all kinds of exterritorially autonomous communities of their own kinds of volunteers only – while recognizing and respecting the remaining statist governments for their volunteers. No one should gain or retain any territorial power. – Neil’s suggestion (Not seriously meant but, rather intended to indicate the limits of the territorial option – J.Z., 16.12.11.) provokes maximum opposition and resistance. – The voluntaristic and tolerant approach minimizes it. J.Z., 27.9.07, 5.12.10, 16.12.11, 15.5.12. - DIS

GOVERNMENT: The only way to make government tolerant, and hence genuinely free, is to keep it weak.” - H. L. Mencken.- A government should be strong enough to tolerate individual secessionism and minority autonomy under personal laws. If it can't risk that then its support is not really strong. - J.Z., 1.7. 00. – To keep it weak - for all oppressive and aggressive purposes - it should be confined to volunteers and exterritorial autonomy, so that all its dissenters can easily secede from it. – J.Z., 2.1.09.

GOVERNMENT: The only way to make the government really work for the people is to get rid of it.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 10/81. - Another confused expression. Obviously, if we would get rid of it, it would no longer function or work for or against us. We should get rid of the notion that territorial governments really could and would work for “the people”, i.e. for whole territorial populations in all their diversity. Then they would tend to collapse, together with that belief, but only as territorial systems. - J.Z., 29.7.00. – Once they are confined to their voluntary victims, by abolishing their territorial monopoly (i.e. allowing individual and group secessions and competition from exterritorially autonomous communities and societies of volunteers), the remaining statist rump societies will begin to shrink towards insignificance, to being no longer a threat to others, even if they would establish a world federation of statists. They would continue to march towards bankruptcy and disappearance as a result of their own inherent flaws. – J.Z., 5.12.10, 16.12.11, 15.5.12. - VS. PEOPLE, DIS., PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The only way to reduce government interference, regulation and taxation is to reduce the size of the government.” - Workers Party advertisement THE NATIONAL TIMES, 17.11.75. – Yes, to the vanishing point – for all, who do not want to keep all or even part of it at their own expense and risk. – But their territorial powers must be totally abolished. - J.Z., 31.12.08, 16.12.11, 15.5.12. - SIZE, BIG GOVERNMENT, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The people are always governed too much.” - A. Bellegarrigue, Aut Fait! Au Fait! Interpretation de l'idee democratique. – Let all the voluntary groups among a population, which desire this, govern themselves, undisturbed, as separate and different peoples, but all without a territorial monopoly claim. Then it would be clearly shown what they are capable of, under full freedom and genuine self-government for themselves! – Then the flaws of their plans, projects and utopias, in spite of their unanimous support by their voluntary members, would become rapidly revealed – at their expense and risk only. - J.Z., 29.12.08, 5.12.10, 16.12.11, 15.5.12. - VS. THE PEOPLE, IN ALL THEIR DIVERSITY, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The people's business is not the government's business. - J.Z., 12.5.74. – Let all the diverse groups within a population mind their own business. Perhaps associated with similar groups across all borders. – J.Z., 29.12.08. - VS. THE PEOPLE, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL & GROUPS SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The point of attack in the political struggle lies, not in the legislative bodies, but in the people. Political rights do not originate in parliaments; they are, rather, forced upon parliaments from without. And even their enactment into law has for a long time been no guaranty of their security. … Governments … are always inclined to restrict or abrogate completely rights and freedoms that have been achieved, if they imagine that the people will put up no resistance.” - Rudolf Rocker, Anarcho-Syndicalism, 1938. – Alas, the Anarcho-Syndicalists, too, want to impose their system territorially upon all dissenters! – They have only the right to realize and demonstrate it peacefully and in a businesslike way, with their own properties and their own volunteers. - J.Z., 30.12.08, 5.12.10. - PEOPLE, RESISTANCE

GOVERNMENT: The power of territorial governments to grant privileges, monopolies and subsidies must be abolished. Privileges can be rightfully granted only within communities of volunteers, which are only exterritorially autonomous, not by governments with compulsory membership and tribute payments, territorially sovereign over all people living in a territory and to that extent authoritarian, despotic and even tyrannical even in the best of territorial governments. - J.Z., 17 March 88 & 20.7.00, 5.12.10, 16.12.11. - VS. PANARCHIES

GOVERNMENT: The power to decide what is law is placed by God in the man, as a man, not in the State. The combination is or should be subject to the individual, not the individual to the combination; the state to the man, not the man to the State. When the government dictates law to individuals, it arrays itself against nature; creates and fosters antagonism between individuals, and between itself and individuals; and substitutes the enactments and decisions of a soulless, irresponsible organization as rules of domestic, social and commercial life, instead of individual institutions, sympathy, reason and conscience. It dethrones God, and inaugurates the reign of a soulless, godless combination, for whose decisions and acts no individual man or woman is held responsible.” - Henry Clarke Wright, Autobiography, p.37, quoted in: Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, 48. - LAWS & INDIVIDUALISM, POWER, DECISION-MAKING, THE STATE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The present struggle seems less about abolishing big government than about who gets to use it.” – William Greider, One World Ready or Not. – The solution of the problems created by the presently all too large and powerful own local governments, State and federal governments, as well as of the problems created by European and other unification and world government attempts - consists in introducing individual and group secessionism combined with voluntary and exterritorially autonomous associationism - with their experimental freedom in all spheres, so that all proposed solutions can be tried at the same time, but all only among volunteers and at their expense and risk. Once this is done we can, perhaps, expect progress in the political, economic and social spheres, so far largely monopolized by territorial governments, to become as fast as technological progress, even as fast as progress in electronics has been during the last few decades. – J.Z., 23.12.08, 5.12.10. - BIG GOVERNMENT, WORLD STATISM, WORLD FEDERALISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. TERRITORIALISM, COMPULSION, COERCION, CENTRALIZATION, POWER & MONOPOLISM

GOVERNMENT: The principle of government, which is force, is opposed to the free exercise of our ability to think, act, and cooperate.” - THE MATCH, June 75. - ABILITY, FORCE, SELF-HELP, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: The principles of the American government, and, indeed, all government, are force, coercion, and privilege, mingled with an uncontrollable tendency toward growth, behind a façade of necessity and public interest.” - THE MATCH, June 1975. – The options for exterritorial autonomy, voluntarism and decentralization are still largely unexplored or unknown or unappreciated - when it comes to whole political, social and economic systems. This in spite of the fact that full experimental freedom or genuine self-government or self-determination or self-management, could lead to maximum satisfaction for all the diverse groups, beliefs, convictions, customs and traditions of men, who are most diverse critters, with not two of them being quite alike, not even the twins. – J.Z., 5.12.10, 15.5.12. - FORCE, NECESSITY, PUBLIC SECTOR, GROWTH, COERCION, INDIVIDUAL CHOICES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE ASSOCIATIONISM, PRIVILEGE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The problem before all territorial governments is territorial government. But that problem and its solution, exterritorial and voluntary organization, are still all too rarely seen as such. - J.Z., 9/72 & 2.8.00, 5.12.10. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The proper function of the political State is not to govern (which would necessarily violate the right of the individual to govern himself), but, rather, to keep people from trying to govern each other through the use of coercion.” - Sam Wells, Jr., in PENTHOUSE, 3/74. – The improper function of the territorial political State is to territorially, coercively, monopolistically and quite wrongly govern dissenters, who should rather be free to govern or otherwise organize themselves, under full exterritorial autonomy, in full accordance with their own beliefs, convictions or preferences. - Has territorial government ever been an efficient crime fighter - anywhere, at any time? – Has it ever decreased the all-over crime rate or rather increased it by its own actions? – Can territorial government, as such, be sufficiently limited? - J.Z., 29.7.00, 28.12.08, 5.12.10. - THE PEOPLE, COERCION, TERRITORIAL VS. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, PROTECTION, CRIME, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, Q.

GOVERNMENT: The punishment suffered by the wise who refuse to take part in government, is to live under the government of bad men.” - Plato, quoted by Leonard E. Read, in ABC of Freedom, under G is for Government. - The wise should be wise enough to achieve the individual and group secessionist option, combined with the freedom to live in their own volunteer communities, in exterritorial autonomy, under personal law, and to welcome all other individuals who see the light and secede from any wrongful or harmful regime. - They themselves might become corrupted if they joined the territorial power struggles. As Schiller said somewhere, probably in Die Jungfrau von Orleans: "Gegen Dummheit kaempfen Goetter selbst vergebens!" - (“Against stupidity even the Gods fight in vain!”) - Let the wise and the somewhat enlightened sort themselves out, running their own affairs and, at the same time, set examples for the remaining fools or only somewhat enlightened people. It is not their job to rule them, nor their duty to be ruled by them. – J.Z., 30.12.08. - PARTICIPATION OR RULE BY THE WISE? PANARCHISM: TO EACH HIS OWN PREFERRED SYSTEM!

GOVERNMENT: The question is "… how to restrain, repress and even eliminate government." - Karl Hess, The Lawless State, p.7. – That can certainly not be effectively done until all genuine individual liberties and rights are clarified and properly declared as well as effectively defended by a new kind of force of volunteers only, exclusively confined to that task – What do the armed forces of territorial governments defend instead? At most the territorialist constitutions, their all too limited bills of rights and their all too large avalanches of laws and regulation, powers, monopolies and authorities. - J.Z., 2.1.09. – So far not even the right of individuals and groups to secede and to establish personal law societies has been widely enough seen and is still far from being realized. – J.Z., 5.12.10. - AN IDEAL HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATION, INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO SECEDE & A MILITIA FOR ITS DEFENCE

GOVERNMENT: The question is no longer: Can man live without government? – but, rather, can he live much longer with it or under it? - J.Z., 11.11.74, 15.5.12. – By now over half a century has passed and all too many of the "modern" and "scientific" super-mass-murderous - "weapons" are still with us. Their targets are still as wrongfully selected and proliferation of these anti-people, anti-city and anti-country weapons goes on and too many criminal to mad territorial regimes are still with us, too. The superpowers had somehow restrained themselves for decades from using these devices. Will mini-despots and terrorists do so, too, forever? Has the accidental war risk been reduced to zero? A superpower government like the U.S.A. was so far unable even to disarm a defeated regime like that of Iraq in this respect. And nowhere, as yet, have the people themselves mobilized themselves to undertake the destruction of these devices. Nor have the armed forces done so anywhere. Possession of nuclear "weapons" is still considered to be prestigious! That is somewhat like Nazis bragging that they possessed extermination camps. In Pakistan there were even popular demonstrations in favor of such devices, apparently by people not yet aware that they are themselves targeted as well by such weapons. Quite obviously, such devices are directed against the victims of governments, rather than at governments themselves. Unilateral nuclear disarmament is still widely rejected and alternative defence methods against nuclear powers are still ignored. For my own proposals on this see PEACE PLANS 16-17 & 61-63 (*). - J.Z. 21.7.00. – (*) Now online at - SURVIVAL OF MANKIND, THE NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

GOVERNMENT: the real enemy of human freedom: the all-powerful central planners who would use government to dominate the lives of men. Bastiat built upon his faith in the freely-choosing individual as the cornerstone of a free society.” - G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.215. - Unfortunately, B. did not go far enough in this. For instance, he did not favor individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, or free choice among competing governments and non-governmental communities. - J.Z., 18.7.00. - INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, FREE CHOICE, CENTRAL PLANNING, DOMINATION, FAITH, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The reason there can be no acceptable level, even if a lower level of government could be attained and kept, is that, as the basis of all government is robbery, or compulsory taxation, any talk of "good government" is only pretense that there is such a thing as a good robbery. As with murder, the principle itself is wrong. There are not good governments.” - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism, 9. - Except those which confine all their activities to voluntary members only, under exterritorial autonomy. - J.Z., n.d. & 28.7.00. – And they are to be established still! – J.Z., 3.1.09. - It is only all too true, there are no good territorial governments. But this is the merely the result of there being no exterritorial governments that are fully autonomous and have, under individual secessionism and voluntary associationism, only voluntary members and, consequently, only voluntary contributors. To governmental services and societal services as well the subjective value theory applies. To each his own! A free market for governmental and societal services, with full consumer sovereignty for all peaceful citizens! - What they find acceptable for themselves should be tolerable for all others, not forced to accept it and free to follow their own preferences, ideas and convictions, even in the sphere of "public services", governmental services and societal services. - What more can anarchists rightfully ask for? That all others become anarchists, too, of their type? They can ask them to make this change. They can beg them to make it. But they cannot rightly demand it of them or force them to make it. - J.Z., 1.8.00. – Governments for volunteers only are good enough, at least for the time being, for these volunteers and safe enough for all those not territorially subjected to them, as we are now. – J.Z., 2.1.09. – GOOD GOVERNMENT? ANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY & COMPETING GOVERNMENTS FOR THOSE, WHO LIKE THEM. ALL OTHER OPTIONS FOR ALL OTHERS.

GOVERNMENT: The result of letting the government run everything could only lead to oppression. As Macaulay said it: "Government, as government, can bring nothing but the influence of hopes and fears to support its doctrines. It carries on controversy, not with reasons but with threats and bribes. If it employs a reason, it does so, not in virtue of any powers, which belong to it as a government. Thus, instead of a contest between argument and argument, we have a contest between argument and force. Instead of a contest in which truth from the natural constitution of the human mind, has a decided advantage over falsehood, we have a contest in which truth can be victorious only by accident." - Bruce Bartlett, THE FREEMAN, 5/75, 275/276. - OPPRESSION, FORCE, THREATS & BRIBES VS. REASON & RIGHTS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TRUTHS & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: the road to total government is paved with the good intentions of those who try to use government …” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 78. – Even good and the best intentions should be confined only to volunteers favoring any particular system or attempt to realize them among these believers. – J.Z., 1.1.09. -TOTALITARIANISM, GOOD WILL & GOOD INTENTIONS 

GOVERNMENT: The secret of decent government is that the supreme power must be limited power.” - Hayek, Wither Democracy? QUADRANT, 11/76. - He presumed that a "limited" territorial power must remain and wanted merely better constitutional restraints for it. The "limited" territorial power, which he wanted to remain, is still indecently large and does not liberate all dissenters to do their things for or to themselves. - Why should other people than the libertarians of his kind, other libertarians, all kinds of anarchists and all kinds of statists, not remain or become free to individually subscribe to different package deals of wanted services for themselves and for any kind of organizations and arrangements, among them, to supply and finance them? Power over volunteers is no longer a wrongful power. It can also be a lesson that some people still need to learn. - J.Z., 25.7.00, 16.12.11, 15.5.12. - LIMITED, WITH LIMITED POWERS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The sectaries … were concerned with the individual more than with the congregation, with conventicles, not with State churches. Their view was narrowed, but their sight was sharpened. It appeared to them that governments and institutions are made to pass away, like things of earth, whilst souls are immortal; …” - Lord Acton, Lectures on Modern History, p.25. - Governments and sects tend to shrink and pass away only once their membership is voluntary (i.e. when this voluntarism remains assured by individual secessionism) and when their powers are confined to exterritorial autonomy. (Personal laws only.) Otherwise they do become territorial powers and as such they can last for all too long and can do all too much wrong and harm. The precedent of religious liberty and tolerance remains still to be applied to our political, economic and social systems. These are still, like Catholic and later some Protestant hierarchies were, established and run territorially. - J.Z., 18.7.00, 2.1.09, 16.12.11.

GOVERNMENT: The single most exciting thing you encounter in government is competence, because it's so rare.” - Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1976). – That would also apply to “limited” governments. – Incompetence could do least wrong and harm for “competing governments” or governments and societies limited to exterritorial autonomy and voluntary membership. - J.Z., 2.1.08. - Even the most competent politician or bureaucrat can do only a limited amount of good, or would do somewhat less harm than others would - in any monopolistic, centralized, coercive and bureaucratic institutions. These competent few could usually do much better for themselves and others outside the spheres of territorial governments. But the faith in territorial and supposedly benevolent and necessary dictators or “leaders” dies only all too slowly. - J.Z., 1.7.00, 5.12.10, 15.5.12. – INCOMPETENCE, COMPETENCE, POLITICIANS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, BUREAUCRACY, STATISM, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: the subjection of the non-invasive individual to a will not his own.” - Benjamin R. Tucker. – That remark applies, obviously, on to territorial governments, not to governance systems, societies and communities of volunteers only. – J.Z., 15.5.12. - STATES, TERRITORIALISM, INTERVENTIONISM VS. NON-INTERVENTIONISM

GOVERNMENT: The supply of government exceeds the demand.” – Lewis H. Lapham II, Editor, HARPER'S MAGAZINE, and Author. - While a single territorial government, with involuntary subjects, certainly tries to offer more services (to buy votes with) at the expense of the tax payers (who have no real say on this), than there is a real demand for them ("Free" gifts, are wanted, but not readily paid for.), this is no longer true when government services are quite competitively supplied and quite freely accepted or refused by voluntary consumers and subjects of competing governments and societies. Only then will the supply of government services tend to be equal to the demand for it (The readiness to pay for it.), via free individual choice for government affiliations and, in essence, a free market pricing system for competitively offered public services to voluntary members. Probably, different kinds and quantities of services will be supplied and wanted in different "panarchies" by and for their voluntary members. Only in territorial governments will the above stated discrepancy be quite common. - On the other hand: Government and its bureaucracy waste a lot and thus the supply cannot be as great as the demand for e.g. handouts. Moreover, as someone said, we should be grateful not to get all the government services that we were forced to pay for, since many are really disservices. In short: Panarchies will offer and charge only for those services which their members want them to supply and are prepared to pay for. - The matter becomes complicated only under the territorial, centralized, compulsory monopoly system, where nobody is prepared to pay his own bills, as far as public services are concerned, and where political support has to be bought with various handouts and privileges. - J.Z., 24. 11. 06, 5.12.10. - The statists are still much more numerous than the libertarians and anarchists and thus, under democratic but still territorial majority despotism they do decide their and our own fate. However, under territorialism neither the supply of government services is subject to free enterprise competition nor is the demand for government services subject to individual consumer sovereignty. - What would happen under free choice for individuals among all kinds of governments, societies and communities offered? At least in the long run better and cheaper services would be offered and demanded. Good governments and good societies would drive out the bad ones, since the bad ones would no longer have “legal tender power” and an exclusive monopoly over their involuntary victims. Then, at last, all would be free to choose what they are willing to pay for, in these spheres as well. Thus overall consumer or membership satisfaction would be maximized and frictions and dissatisfactions minimized. – Most motives for wars, civil wars, revolutions and terrorism would tend to disappear. – Even the collective responsibility prejudice would be greatly diminished, since secessionists could not be blamed for the actions of those regimes they seceded from. - J.Z., 3.1.08, 16.12.11. – QUESTIONS, PANARCHISM, GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES, Q.

GOVERNMENT: The survival of man is no longer a figure of speech for the philosophers", he said. "It is a daily operational problem for the governments of the world." - Mr. Rusk, quoted in THE AUSTRALIAN, 2.7.65. - Not only for the governments - Mr. Rusk! Individuals may any day cease all operations supporting all territorial governments, which play at being God the Almighty - and only succeed in being powerful “devils”. Unless individuals take the problems of survival into their own hands, in every respect, and trust at most only exterritorial, tolerant and voluntary relationships, they will not survive for long. - J.Z., 1966? - Territorial governments are the main cause of wars and of ABC mass murder devices and the main obstacles to a lasting peace in freedom, justice and security for mankind and all its voluntary groupings. - See PEACE PLANS 16-18 & 61-63 on - J.Z., 26.7.00. - MAN'S SURVIVAL

GOVERNMENT: The system of government, at its basis a system for protecting the people, encroached upon them until it became their worst oppressor.” - John Gall, Systemantics, p.13. - Oh, the fallacies contained even in this short statement: 1.) The government does not really govern because only individuals can really control themselves. Admittedly, it tries, all too much, and at our risk and expense, with almost totally negative results. 2.) What it offers at most is retaliation, not protection. It cannot even fully protect its rulers. 3.) The people in the abstract do not exist. Only individual and very different people do exist. 4.) The encroachment began with the imposition of territorial rule, which is inherently totalitarian. 5.) To the extent that the majority of its subjects are still statists, they are not oppressed but only get what they want and deserve. (Apart from unearned hand-outs or subsidies out of general tax revenues. – J.Z., 5.12.10.) They do not know any better and would argue against anything better. To them it is not oppression but "guidance" and "control", "management", "leadership", “sharing” etc. And THEY do have the right to be so misled. But they and their "great leaders" should let all dissenters secede from them and compete with them - through different and sometimes better volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous and could thus undertake tolerant experiments at their own expense and risk only. – However, in defence of John Gall I must say that panarchistic ideas, with a new terminology, are also found in his interesting little volume. - J.Z., 27.7.00. - OPPRESSOR RATHER THAN PROTECTOR, PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, JOHN GALL, SYSTEMANTICS

GOVERNMENT: The task of government in this enlightened time does not extend to actually dealing with problems. Solving problems might put bureaucrats out of work. No, the task of government is to make it look as though problems have been solved, while continuing to keep the maximum number of consultants and bureaucrats employed dealing with them." - Bob Emmers, "ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER". – Could they have got away with this for so long if they were exposed, internally, to the free competition from voluntary communities, competing governments and societies, all exterritorialy autonomous, quite free to offer better, fewer or cheaper services? – J.Z., 5.1.08. - TERRITORIAL ONES, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS & THEIR VESTED INTEREST, PANARCHISM, COMPETITION, DEMONSTRATING LIBERTIES & RIGHTS IN PRACTICE, AMONG VOLUNTEERS ONLY, Q.

GOVERNMENT: The territorial government handicap is too big for most to let them grow up freely and fast and develop into free, able and responsible people. - J.Z., 2/75 & 20.7.00. - VS. PEOPLE, ADULTHOOD, MATURITY, RESPONSIBILITY, GROWING UP, PERPETUAL KINDERGARTENS

GOVERNMENT: The territorial government is the worst monopolist and it establishes and maintains all others. - J.Z., 4.10.88 & 18.7.00. - MONOPOLISM

GOVERNMENT: The territorial government lies, pretends, cheats, robs, breaks promises and treaties, dominates and fills its own pockets from those of its victims and dispenses favors to its supporters at the expense of everybody else. Its territorial claims lead to party struggles, terrorism, revolutions, civil wars and international wars. Only ignorance, errors, myths and prejudices, which they systematically spread among their victims, do keep territorial regimes alive and powerful - as well as dangerous, in spite of all their wrongful actions and failures. - J.Z., 28.11.93 & 10.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The territorial governments can't manage and are unmanageable. - J.Z., 25.8.98 & 15.7.00. – But they can be abused – and how! – at the expense and risk of all their involuntary victims. Their voluntary victims deserve to be so abused – as long as they do not secede from them or even think about their secessionists rights and liberties. – J.Z., 16.12.11.

GOVERNMENT: The territorial leadership and most voters “think” or believe on most subjects all too much alike! We should place our hopes only on dissenters becoming free to do their own things for and to themselves, setting inspiring or deterring examples to the rest. – J.Z., 28.12.08, 16.12.11. – POLITICIANS, MAJORITIES, VOTING, POPULAR ERRORS, MYTHS & PREJUDICES, PRESIDENTS, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, MINORITY AUTONOMY.

GOVERNMENT: The threat posed by humans to the natural environment is nothing compared to the threat to humans posed by global environmental policy.” – Fred L. Smith (1992) - Territorial governments constitute themselves the worst environmental threat to human beings. Here, too, they pretend to be defenders and protectors rather than aggressors. How much of your income do they waste? - How much of your property rights do they destroy via their inflations? How many lives do they take in their wars and political suppressions? How much unemployment and poverty do they cause, even if one merely considers the effect of their minimum wage policies? - J.Z., 22. 11. 06. – Not only the environmental policies of territorial governments – e.g. “carbon taxes” and “carbon prices”, set by territorial governments, do threaten us. – J.Z., 16.12.11. - GOVERNMENTAL POLICIES ON THE ENVIRONMENT - & IN ALL OTHER SPHERES.

GOVERNMENT: The total of the governmental sphere should be transformed from a seller's market to a buyer's market. - J.Z., 109.12.93. – Nor should the individual and voluntary buyers of government services, all competitively supplied, remain confined either to paying for them only in a forced and exclusive as well as mismanaged government currency (its “value standard” and its “exchange medium”), either. – Only then can government wrongs and evils become gradually eliminated by their victims, one by one, as soon as they do become sufficiently aware of them. - J.Z., 10.7.00. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN EVERY SPHERE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARY CITIZENSHIP

GOVERNMENT: The trouble was that the government didn't know what to do.” - Graham McLeod, On the Brink, MAN, May 74. - And if they did know it - they could not do it. – At least not as compulsory and territorial institutions. In the army they had an apt saying: “SNAFU!” - Situation Normal: All Fucked Up! - What else can you expect of territorial governments? They are not specialized communities of volunteers. - J.Z., 2.8.00, 16.12.11. - KNOWLEDGE, IGNORANCE, INABILITY

GOVERNMENT: The truth is that government is not really complicated when reduced to its simple components. Contrary to popular belief, one does not have to have detailed knowledge of every fact of U.S. history, every piece of legislation ever passed, or every Article of the Constitution to be knowledgeable about the workings of government and the predictable results of its actions. - All that is required to understand the effects of government on one's life is the willingness to reject beliefs that cannot stand toe to toe with facts and logic. That part is up to the reader. My job is limited to cutting through the intellectual aura surrounding government and to explaining, in simple terms, topics previously thought to be complicated.” - Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.23. - To attempt to run everyone's life,instead of merely running one's own, does, inevitably, lead to enormous complexities, costs and inefficiencies, apart from all the wrongs and damages that it causes. Subdividing this immense and impossible task into components leads to the growth of an immense and inefficient bureaucracy. Allowing, instead, each individual and all voluntary associations to try to solve their own problems, quite freely and at their own risk and expense, does mobilize the creative energies of all and dissolves an immense complex task, which no territorial government, no matter how wise and informed, could possibly solve, into detailed individual problems that free individuals can and do solve, as easily as they can wash, dress and feed themselves. – Analogy: How far would any scientist or scientific organization get if he or it tried to solve, by themselves, all scientific problems? The solution rather lies in setting all scientists free, including freedom for the financing of their efforts. – Consider other analogies: Can one teacher teach all men sufficiently? Can he learn, know and remember enough to do so? Can one doctor cure all the diseases of all men? - Obviously, no ruler has godlike powers or knowledge or abilities. - When governments are no longer allowed to invade a single individual right of anyone, THEN their remaining activities could become rather simple. Wilhelm von Humboldt, for his reduction of government activities, used the image of government as a night-watchman. - But that is an over-simplification, too. We are already served by thousands of independent security and watch services, because, quite obviously, the single governmental police force cannot protect us sufficiently. - J.Z., 25.7.00, 16.12.11. – COMPLEXITY, CENTRALIZATION, TERRITORIALISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, CHOICE, SEPARATISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL DECENTRALIZATION, PANARCHISM, Q., RULERS

GOVERNMENT: The truth is that things act in accordance with their real nature. And government, by its nature, employs coercive power, which creates adversary relationships at all levels and obtains monopoly control through the practice of ultimate violence.” – LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 1975. - We should let all associations of volunteers act in accordance with their nature, provided only that they can and will do so at their own expense and risk. Exterritorially a multitude of such diverse bodies can quite peacefully exist. In all spheres not yet monopolized by territorial governments they already do. – J.Z., 5.12.10. - NATURE & POWER, SOVEREIGNTY, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM & VIOLENCE

GOVERNMENT: The volume of what is knowable is always greater than the capacity of any individual or group of individuals to know it all. The acquisition of knowledge is a continuous but not a terminable process. We need look no further than the natural sciences to see that this is so. We make a hideous and tragic mistake when, in the contemplation of man and society, we suppose that a defined body of men and women, such as a government, has or can acquire the information necessary to plan even a city, let alone a nation or the world at large.” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, p.117. - Let us freely admit, that even on the Internet freedom ideas, opinions and observations have not yet and quite obviously and in all people's minds won the battle for freedom and they might not, for a long time, unless some significant steps have been taken, not yet seriously considered by most libertarians, to help all genuine libertarian truths to achieve a certain and fast victory, to the extent that they deserve it, at least within exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers or, in other words, in the free experiments among their voluntary supporters. A lot of internal dissent would either have to be overcome or to be expressed and practised in a decentralized way, i.e., among volunteers only. By all means, let us have panarchies e.g. for limited government advocates, abortionists, those favoring racial "purity" and those favoring full biological and racial integration, all on a voluntary basis and let their own communities allow Nazis to act like Nazis towards other Nazis and totalitarian Commies act as such towards themselves. - Different paths for every kind and degree of liberty subscribed to, and its adherents and separate paths for every believer in one or the other kind of error, flawed idea or stupidity - to defeat all of them among their followers and at their expense and risk. - J.Z., 29.7.00, 5.12.10, 16.12.11. - INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE & MAN, PANARCHISM, INTERNET, GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION, ENLIGHTENMENT

GOVERNMENT: The whole government is a zoo and circus, exhibiting those strange animals, the bureaucrats and politicians, both addicted to power and power-mad - and also their willing slaves or subjects. Nevertheless, we still shelter and feed them, those big and dangerous beasts - and how! Nation States are obviously territory-sized cages for the subjects and the security required for them, to protect them from the wrath of some of the "protected", puts even the rulers behind bars. - "Any leash has two ends." - We are not safe from them and they are not safe from us. No wonder, considering how we treat each other, instead of learning to leave each other alone.  - J.Z., 2/75 & 20.7.00, 16.12.12. - ZOO, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY OR EXPERIMENTAL PUPPETS, TERRITORIALISM, NATION STATES ARE MAN-MADE CRISIS, PROBLEM & DISASTER AREAS, EVEN MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISONS FOR THEIR NUMEROUS INNOCENT VICTIIMS.

GOVERNMENT: The whole problem, Bob, is that I am not sure there is such a thing as an ideal concept of government. Maybe the whole concept of government is a flawed one? (1) Read has said it himself any number of times: the government is only people. (2) So how can the government possibly do anything that people can't do for themselves? (3) The government doesn't produce anything itself. Whatever it gets, it gets from the people in the first place. It just doesn't make sense that Read should endorse the idea of government at all, even its ideal form. Why some of us here actually are thinking that maybe "no" government is the ultimate ideal.” - Text quoted by Carl Watner: LeFevre, p.149. A remark by F. A. Harper to Robert LeFevre. - Watner added: “However, when Baldy had requested Read to take that position in public and denounce government per se, as an obsolescent institutional device to be abandoned, Read had balked. - Baldy was convinced that the only reason for Read's reluctance to take such a position was financial. If FEE endorsed a consistent stand against government, it was likely to lose large sums of money which were being contributed to it. Few, if any, conservatives were ready to take so radical a position as to argue that government should be abandoned because it served no legitimate purpose. Rather than lose contributions, Read was compromising, as Baldy saw it.” - - (1) Certainly, that of a monopolistic, coercive and territorial one, with compulsory membership, is. Voluntaristic governments, freely competing with each other and free societies, all only exterritorially autonomous, would be quite a different “kettle of fish”. - (2) Many of them are not volunteers but dissidents or opponents! - (3) It can, upon request or contract with volunteers, do like any insurance company or professional does, namely do something for people who cannot or do not want to do it themselves. - J.Z., 15.7.00. – Panarchism offers even all kinds of conservatives the permanent realization of their ideal among themselves, as long as they do uphold it. – J.Z., 5.12.10, 16.5.12. - IDEAL GOVERNMENT, GOOD GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, CONSERVATISM, ANARCHISM, LEONARD E. READ REALLY AN ANARCHIST?

GOVERNMENT: The worst about a government is that it exempts itself from competition over a whole territory and among a whole population, both of which it claims as exclusively its own. In this it ignores e.g. individual sovereignty, consumer sovereignty, free enterprise, free competition, freedom of contract, free markets, freedom of choice, freedom to trade internally and externally, the right to one's earnings and property, all monetary, defence, protection and juridical rights of individuals, the right to free association and disassociation, freedom of action and freedom to experiment. It is more of a jailer than a liberator or protector. - J.Z., 6.1. 97 & 15.7.00, 16.12.11. – PEOPLE AS PROPERTY

GOVERNMENT: The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments. The state can be and has often been in the course of history the main source of mischief and disaster.” - Ludwig von Mises, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – At least the first part is from: Mises, Omnipotent Government, p.47. - His statement applies to territorial governments only. Territorial "good" governments inflicted and inflict their share, too. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – (Compare e.g. their more or less indiscriminate bombing “policy” and their nuclear “weapons”. – J.Z., 16.5.12.) The others, exterritorial governments and societies, both for volunteers only, have not yet been given their chance to do their voluntary and tolerant things for their believers and to their believers only. - J.Z., 26. 11. 06. - Free choice among governmental, economic and societal systems for all individuals and communities of volunteers or minority groups, as sovereign consumers and free entrepreneurs. Voluntary and competing and coexisting associationists, would tend to drive out, peacefully, the bad systems and give the greatest chances to the best systems. Under full exterritorial autonomy for all, this could be a quite rapid process, one without territorial threats and fears, as peaceful as religions can be under religious tolerance or religious freedom – and e.g. sports competitions or all others of the numerous private choices in our lives. – Experimental freedom simply works that way. And it can work for governments and societies that are only exterritorially autonomous. - J.Z., 8.1.08, 16.5.12. - STATES, TERRITORIAL ONES, INFLICT EVILS UPON MANKIND. LAWS, CRISES, MAN-MADE DISASTERS, THE MAIN PROBLEM, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM. FREE ENTERPRISE & BUSINESS COMPETITION FOR EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS PANARCHIES OF VOLUNTEERS. CONSUMER SOVEREIGHTY BECOMING ULTIMATELY DECISIVE – IN ALL SPHERES.

GOVERNMENT: The worst government is the most moral. One composed of cynics is often very tolerant and humane. But when fanatics are on top there is no limit to oppression.” - H. L. Mencken, Notebooks. – There are rightful as well as wrongful moral codes, with the latter passing themselves of as rightful ones, in spite of the many wrongs they still contain. The ideal moral code, one of all genuine individual rights and liberties, optimally stated, remains still to be compiled or published. From it diverse people could then pick and choose how many of them they want to apply fully or partly in their own voluntary communities. But all of them would have to respect them in the communities of others, to the extent that the volunteers of these other communities want them applied in their own affairs. – J.Z., 2.1.09. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAWS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, AN IDEAL DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: The worst thing that can happen to us is an active government. - J.Z., 21.2.97. - The best thing that can happen to us is an inactive government. Nor only one that remain still quite active in some “limited” spheres, but still charges us all too much for its territorial monopoly in these spheres, but one that gets completely out of our way and does no longer charge anyone compulsorily for any services or disservices that he has not desired and contracted for himself. - J.Z., 9.7.00, 5.12.10. - ACTIVE GOVERNMENT, “PRO-ACTIVE” GOVERNMENT (To use the modern fashionable but largely nonsensical or misleading term.)

GOVERNMENT: The worst threat to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, property, trade, security and peace. - J.Z., 7.4.91. – Under territorialism. Without it freedom lovers would be free to do their things among themselves and all governments would have to confine their activities to their remaining volunteers. – J.Z., 5.12.10. – TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: There are many ways to serve man - grilled, fried or cooked. - J.Z., 5.9.82. – Territorial governments are most ingenious in thus “serving” man in many ways, or getting him used up, for the aims and purposes of territorial governments, under the pretence of really serving him, as a Welfare State, which is still all too widely accepted as if it were truly serving the general welfare. – J.Z., 5.12.10, 16.12.11. -  GOVERNMENT SERVICES? STATISM, WELFARE STATE, TERRITORIALISM, HUMAN SACRIFICES, INDIVIDUALS & PEOPLES AS PROPERTY, TO BE USED AND ABUSED.

GOVERNMENT: There are no governmental and religious saviors. Those who do pretend that they are - are mainly out to help themselves to what is yours and to prevent you from helping yourself. - J.Z., 13.7.00. – At least under territorialism and Statism. – J.Z., 5.12.10. - RELIGION, SAVIORS, LEADERSHIP, RULES, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, POLITICIANS, STATISM, BURAUCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL

GOVERNMENT: There are no rightful, rational and efficient territorial governments. There are only and can be only governments more or less efficient in misgovernment. - To speak of a rightful and efficient free enterprise that is territorial, monopolistic, compulsory and coercive rather than exterritorial and voluntaristic, offering services instead of forcing them on involuntary customers, would be a contradiction in terms - but this is exactly what territorial governments do - towards their numerous but not yet numerous enough dissenters. - J.Z., 17.10.75 & 28.7.00, 5.12.10. – However, their delivery service is very fast, especially when it comes to nuclear mass murder devices to their “targets”, which have not yet been and cannot be rightfully defined. – J.Z., 15.12.11. – One could even say that all nuclear weapons, by their very nature, hit the wrong targets. – J.Z., 16.5.12. - EFFICIENT & GOOD OR INEFFICIENT & WRONG? NUCLEAR WAR THREAT & TARGETS

GOVERNMENT: There are only two kinds of government programs: those that are ineffective and those that are counter-productive.” - Thomas Sowell. – True for all territorial governments but not for all communities of volunteers, which are only exterritorially autonomous. They have enough self-corrections built-in. – J.Z., 5.12.10, 16.12.11. – PROGRAMS, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES, SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: There are only two kinds of governments; the corrupt and the ineffectual.” - Chen, ST. JOHN'S BREAD. - Why complain about these features? They are the only virtues of territorial governments. Imagine the conditions that would result if, through corruption, we could not prevent them from committing some of the greatest wrongs and damages and if they were quite efficiently applying all their restrictions, with no loopholes left at all for liberty lovers! - We don't want to get all the government we pay for with our taxes, nor do we want to get those government actions that we could prevent by bribes. - I would admit, though, that bribes to government officials in order that they do not proceed against genuine private criminals with victims, are to be condemned. - J.Z., 30.7.00, 16.12.11. - CORRUPTION & INEFFECTIVENESS, BRIBERY

GOVERNMENT: There are still some territorial governments around, which "think" that mass extermination is the solution to their problems. Rather than resigning, faced with problems they are unable to solve, they prepared themselves to scientifically and technologically murder millions to hundreds of millions of people! Alas, most people are still not mentally prepared to treat such "men" or monopolistic and powerful decision-makers like tyrants were traditionally treated by those, whom they victimized. Each nuclear "weapon" is like a cheap, small, portable scientific mass extermination camp - and look at who still keeps them in readiness and remains, nevertheless, all too widely respected and considered inviolable! - J.Z., 1997 & 15.7.00, 16.5.12. – Panarchism would remove nuclear war motives, weapons, and financial support for them - while establishing a popular interest in the destruction of these mass murder devices. Already that feature alone establishes a very strong case for panarchism. – J.Z., 5.12.10, 16.12.11. - NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, ABDICATION, ABOLITION, MASS MURDER, TERRITORIALISM, TYRANNICIDE, EXTERMINATION CAMPS, THE FINAL HOLOCAUST, STEADILY PREPARED

GOVERNMENT: There are three great lies: 1. Yes, I still love you. 2. Yes, the cheque is in the mail. 3. We are a government department and we are here to help you.” - Heard on radio, 16.12.96. – Territorial government departments are mainly there to help themselves to what is yours. - J.Z., 16.12.96. - JOKES

GOVERNMENT: There are three things which I do not want the government choosing for me: my doctor, my school, and my God.” – Doug Newman. - I do not want any territorial government to chose for me any political, economic and social system, either. That, too, should be subject to my individual sovereignty and consumer sovereignty and to fully developed free enterprise and free associationism for myself and other volunteers. – I claim freedom of contract, choice, consent, freedom of action, association and disassociation, freedom to experiment and freedom for all self-help options in this sphere as well, which is now governmentally and territorially monopolized. - J.Z., 26. 11. 06, 5.12.10. – The resulting abuses are so numerous that by now, probably, no one has ever managed to list them completely. Anyhow, a complete listing of all rightful and rational alternatives would be so much more helpful. – J.Z., 16.12.11. – IDEAS ARCHIVE

GOVERNMENT: There are very few so foolish that they had not rather govern themselves than be governed by others.” - Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, I, 1651. – However, let those few or many fools have their choice for themselves. - J.Z., 12.7.86, 5.12.10. - Actually, in territorial democracies and republics the majorities and minorities are also governed by others, more or less under the delusion that they govern themselves or that, in these forms, they do already have their one and only chance to govern themselves. - J.Z., 18.7.00, 16.12.11. – PANARCHISM, STATISM, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: There is no difficulty so hopeless it can't be made worse with assistance from the federal government.” - Congressman H. R. Gross. – It is typical for territorial governments that even Congressmen and Presidents feel often helpless towards the existing abuses. (*) – J.Z., 28.12.08. – They, too, are merely parts of a very powerful machine from which they are not free to secede in order to do the things that they are really believe in and that do not interfere with the genuine individual rights and liberties of others, who made different choices for themselves. – J.Z., 5.12.10. Not that State and Local Governments would be sufficiently better in any respect. They too, do have their territorial monopolies and do abuse them. – J.Z., 16.12.11. – (*) E.g., they do feel helpless towards economic crises, deflations, inflations, and stagflations, with their mass unemployment and numerous bankruptcies and expropriations (through much depreciated legal tender monopoly money), although legalized and wrongful governmental actions have brought them about and under full economic freedom they could be abolished within hours to days, without “sacrificing” anything more than some wrongful money, currency, tax and credit legislation. – J.Z., 16.5.12. - JOKES, GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE, SUBSIDIES, AID, PROGRAMS, FEDERALISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: There is no form of authority that ever ought to be trusted.” - Noam Chomsky, 24.1.95, when asked if there is a form of government to be trusted. - His own authority does not deserve to be trusted, either. On too many freedom subjects he still remained uninformed or prejudiced. - His limited vision was also revealed by one or two of his books that were put expensively with illustrations and sounds on multi-media CD-ROMs, rather, than getting all his writings, together with thousands of other freedom titles, in text format only, on a single CD. - A flawed anarchism isn't good enough, either! - except for its volunteers. - J.Z., 7.7.00. - TRUST

GOVERNMENT: There is no governor anywhere.” - Chuang-Tse, as quoted by Robert Anton Wilson, in NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY 65, 13 March 77, page 6. - There's no governor anywhere. - Chuan Chou, Taoist philosopher, quoted in Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus II, 110. – Nevertheless, everywhere we run into territorial governments, the new local “Gods” and their wrongful and irrational restrictions and institutions and are not free to secede from them – except in our dreams and written utopias, discussions talks etc. – These ghost-like abstractions are turned into a wrongful and messy hard reality by the believers in statism and territorialism. - J.Z., 5.12.10. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men.” - Mises, Omnipotent Government, p.47. - Possibly "competent", incorrupt and "well-meaning" territorial governments have done as much damage. - In their own eyes and those of their followers, they are all competent, straight enough and well intentioned. – Consider: Even democracies like the U.S., England and France were among the first to develop and keep in readiness nuclear "weapons", i.e., anti-people mass murder devices, targeted at the victims of dictatorial regimes! - While the Soviets, presumably, build and kept them to "liberate” the "poor" proletarians of the West from their “poor” lives. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – Both sides thought themselves to be authorized to mass murder such innocents. The Nazi regime “only” managed to laboriously mass murder innocents by the millions. The modern, scientific and “enlightened” territorial regimes are prepared to commit mass murder of innocents by the dozens to thousands of millions. And some of them do still consider themselves to be “representative” of the people and quite democratic. Habitually, like their intended victims, they prefer not to think about the “unthinkable” that they have been prepared for – by now for decades. – J.Z., 16.12.11. - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, DEMOCRACY, WELFARE STATES, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, NUCLEAR “STRENGTH”

GOVERNMENT: There is no proper relation between the individual and the government - because there ought to be no government.” - View attacked by David Kelly in THE FREEMAN, 4/74. - Both sides, as usual, did not distinguish between territorial, i.e., to that extent coercive, collectivistic, monopolistic and centralistic governments, with imposed laws and compulsory subjects from the only exterritorially autonomous competing governments or non-governmental societies that have only voluntary members. Only the latter can form right and proper relationships between all their volunteers and their chosen rulers, leaders, directors or executives. - J.Z., 3.8.00, 16.12.11. -  VS. INDIVIDUALS

GOVERNMENT: There is no right government except good government." - George Santayana. - A good territorial government is impossible. Only exterritorial governments for volunteers can be good. No government CAN be rightful that does not enjoy unanimous consent from all its subjects who are not criminals with victims. Rightfulness in government requires voluntary membership, assured through individual secessionism and openness to new members as well as exterritorial autonomy instead of territorial autonomy. - J.Z., 13.7.00. - But even bad governments of the exterritorial kind can be good for their voluntary members, because they might still need this educational experience for their own enlightenment. - J.Z., 7.1.93. - Moreover, their examples can serve as deterrent and educational examples for others on what not to do to oneself and to and with like-minded people. - J.Z., 10.12.03, 15.12.11. - DIS., TERRITORIALISM, GOOD GOVERNMENT, RIGHTFUL GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: There is no working channel to reach rulers, leaders, governments, bureaucrats, opinion-makers, with any rightful and sensible freedom ideas and to penetrate their mental defences against them. - J.Z., 9.6.98. - This applies to parties and mass media and to any government department. - J.Z., 15.7.00. – Imagine a “representative” receiving one day an email from each voter in his electorate. How many of them could he read and respond to? – And how could he sufficiently respond to numerous proposals by his opponents? As a territorialist he would mainly ignore them. – As a panarchist he might consider putting himself up as a leader for a panarchist utopia of his liking, which has already many sympathizers. That could offer him a permanent leadership position over many followers. - J.Z., 3.1.09, 5.12.10. - COMMUNICATION CHANNELS, BETTER IDEAS, RULERS, REPRESENTATION

GOVERNMENT: There is not period in life when this love for society ceases to act. It begins and ends with our being. - If we examine, with attention, into the composition and constitution of man, the diversity of talents in different men for reciprocally accommodating the wants of each other, his propensity to society, and consequently to preserve the advantages resulting from it, we shall easily discover that a great part of what is called government is mere imposition. - Government is no further necessary that to supply the few cases to which society and civilization are not conveniently competent; and instances are not wanting to show that everything which government can usefully add thereto, has been performed by the common consent of society, without government.” - Thomas Paine, in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.76. – The assumed incompetence is rather on the side of territorial governments, even of the “limited” type, than on the side of societies and communities of volunteers, free to experiment with their opinions, beliefs, ideals and preferences. – As monopolistic and territorial governments, imposed upon whole populations, even the “limited” but still territorial governments, are still all too limited in what they can rightfully and rationally do – in they absence (under territorialism) of fully free competition in the supply of their services and of full consumer sovereignty towards them and all other services exterritorially offered by other societies and communities of volunteers. – I keep trying to improve my notes and statements and do hope that others will continue this process regarding them and their own entries. - J.Z., 5.12.10, 16.12.11. - VS. SOCIETY & SECURITY

GOVERNMENT: There is not, has never been and will never be one single territorial and quite ideal government for all people. - Men's ideals are much too different for that. This target is as impossible to reach as THE ideal music, painting, sculpture, book or poem, hair style or clothing, food or drink, amusement or entertainment, game or sport. "To each his own!" - J.Z., 4.2.84 & 25.7.00. – IDEAL GOVERNMENT? DIS.

GOVERNMENT: There is nothing wrong with a person having a government if he wants one.” - LeFevre, Good Government, p.14. – Provided it is confined to its volunteers and exterritorial autonomy only. – J.Z., n.d. - VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE, ANARCHISM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: There is one bull below who holds the earth balanced on his horns and another shines brightly in the sky at night. And I can think only with horror of the mass of fools who live between these two beasts.” - Sprueche des Omar Chijam. („Ein Stier ist, der drunten auf seinem Horne die Erde haelt, / Ein anderer Stier strahlt hell dort oben am Himmelszelt, 'Und oh! an die Menge von Eseln denk' ich mit Grausen, / Die zwischen den beiden Stieren hausen!“) – German translation by Adolf Friedrich Grafen von Schack. - GOD, POLITICS & RELIGION, STATE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: There's nothing to be gained by trying to make the government more efficient, by trying to get the "bad guys" out and the "good guys" in. The government has nothing to offer you.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.101. – The recipients of legalized privileges, tax exemptions, subsidies and handouts, all at the expense not only of voluntary but also of involuntary victims, do think otherwise. - Territorial governments have all too much to offer to statists, politicians, bureaucrats, power addicts and simple-minded mere followers or favorites of “great” leaders. – J.Z., 5.12.10, 16.12.11. - EFFICIENT, GOOD GOVERNMENT, REFORMING GOVERNMENT, POLITICAL ACTION, PARTIES

GOVERNMENT: There’s never been a good government.” – Emma Goldman. - Every government is good - for its voluntary followers and members but bad for its involuntary subjects and victims. Only free choice of governments and societies will be good, for all the members of exterritorially autonomous governments and societies of volunteers, including their voluntary victims, as long as they can stand or want to retain the good or bad features of their communities, by staying in them. Most people have still to learn their lessons on "public affairs". Let them do so at their own expense and risk. That would be the “good” of even those exterritorially autonomous governments and communities of volunteers, which are, objectively seen, still full of flaws. Then they will have sufficient limits, self-cleaning and self-correction factors inbuilt and can also fail and disappear, just like any other business. - J.Z., 26. 11. 06. – A freely competing government, ruling only exterritorially over its voluntary members, would also be a good lesson, at least for its members. – J.Z., 2.1.08. - Territorial governments can never be good enough in they eyes of their dissenters. The exterritorially autonomous panarchies – of whatever type – will have only voluntary members and thus no dissenters. For their voluntary members, in their eyes, they will thus, subjectively, all be “good” governments”. – J.Z., 24.6.01, 16.5.12. Until their eyes and minds become really opened regarding their remaining flaws. Then they are free to secede from them. – J.Z., 15.12.11. - GOOD GOVERNMENT? DIS.

GOVERNMENT: these poor creatures really believed that the King's departure would be a loss for France! As though a people were not always more sure of finding a king than a king is sure of finding a people.” - Erckman/Chatrian, The Story of a Peasant, I, 298/299. - We are inclined to laugh about these poor creatures - but most people, the statists, take precisely their stand when it comes to the permanent abolition of government. They do believe that thereby they would be deserted by or deprived of their “God on Earth”. Only panarchism can provide everyone with the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams and does not force anyone to live in what they might perceive to be nightmares. - J.Z., 13.7.00, 16.12.11. - KINGS & PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: These sovereign governments have given us nothing but inconclusive wars on a larger and larger scale.” - H. G. Wells, The Rights of Man, p.103. - Like most, he had only territorial governments in mind, the current reality. He did not know that voluntary and competing governments and societies, which are only exterritorially autonomous, would be peace-promoting! - J.Z., 27.7.00. – WAR, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, PEACE

GOVERNMENT: They say we got the government we deserve. What could we possibly have done to deserve this lot?” - Heard on radio, 19.3.80. - An ancient collectivist and territorial fallacy is involved here in the use of "we". We are NOT ONE people, or ONE nation and do not all have the same principles, knowledge, beliefs, ideas and interests. All of us disagree with each other in at least some ways. And all of us could or could learn to manage our own affairs much better and much cheaper than any politicians and bureaucrats could. - Those honest and productive citizens, who are strongly opposed to any particular or even to all governments, do certainly not deserve to be ruled by them. - J.Z., 27.7.00, 16.12.11. - GOVERNMENT, THE ONE WE DESERVE? RESULT OF MERIT, CONSENT OR INDIVIDUAL CHOICE? TERRITORIALISM, PEOPLE, NATION, COLLECTIVISM, REPRESENTATION

GOVERNMENT: They're stuck with "government" in its tyrannical meaning, believing that its function is "to govern, direct, manage." Not the slightest idea of what is meant by limited government.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 3/77. - Limited government advocates are stuck with their territorialist interpretation of it, which is collectivistic and coercive, enforcing membership and universal laws and jurisdiction over a whole territory and thus does not allow individuals to secede and to establish or join exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. To that extent even their "limited" government "ideal" is still a totalitarian utopia. - J.Z., 25.7.00, 16.5.12. – Only zero-societies are really inconceivable even for hermits. For where did they get their language, their very thoughts, their remaining simple tools from? – J.Z., 1.1.09. - TYRANNICAL, LIMITED, VOLUNTARY, COMPETING, ZERO- & EXTERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS OR SOCIETIES.

GOVERNMENT: This then is the cause of the people, the good of the people, judged of by common feeling and public opinion. Mr. Burke contemptuously defines the people to be "any faction that at the time can get the power of the sword into its hands." No: that may be a description of the Government, but it is not of the people. The people is the hand, heart and head of the whole community acting to one purpose, and with a mutual and thorough consent. ...” - William Hazlitt, 1778-1830, in: What Is the People, 1818, in chapter: Truly Popular Government. - A lot of democratic illusions are embodied here. What he says about "the people" applies only to communities of volunteers, not to the whole population of large areas, called territories, going far beyond private properties and coercively embraces them and their owners. All populations contain very diverse kinds of people, with different aims, beliefs, methods, customs and ideas. Even within families and friendship circles they do disagree, extensively. Thus, in all spheres, except the three major ones preempted by governments (*), we let themselves sort themselves out voluntarily and do their things for and to themselves independently, often even individually, without permission from a territorial government or "the people". – (*) Those of political, social and economic systems. - J.Z., 29.7.00, 6.12.10, 16.5.12. - VS. THE PEOPLE, PANARCHISM, IMPOSED UNITY VS. VOLUNTARY SEPARATISM & DIVERSE AS WELL AS FREE DEVELOPMENT

GOVERNMENT: This we learn from Watergate / That almost any creep’ll / Be glad to help the Government / Overthrow the people.” – E. Y. Harburg, 1898-1981, History Lesson, 1976. - Here both, government and people are, as usual, wrongly perceived as territorial governments and as all its territorial subjects. Both these notions are mere caricatures or the opposite of genuine self-government and sovereign individuals. Only governments over volunteers can form a genuine self-government over these people and only volunteers can form communities that deserve to be called sovereign “people”. The others, to the extent that they are not volunteers, are merely the victimized sheep in the hands of all too bad shepherds. – J.Z., 9.9.07. – Apart from criminals with victims. – Only in communities of volunteers are the individual sovereignties of their voluntary members combined to the extent that they do desire this. - J.Z., 5.12.10. - VS. THE PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS OR PANARCHISM, WATERGATE, RULERS,

GOVERNMENT: Thus it is obvious that the only visible, tangible government we have is made up of these professed agents or representatives of a secret band of robbers and murderers, who, to cover up, or gloss over, their robberies and murders, have taken to themselves the title of "the people of the U.S."; and who, on the pretence of being "the people of the U.S.", assert their right to subject to their dominion, and to control and dispose of at their pleasure, all property and persons found in the U.S.” - Lysander Spooner, No Treason, VI, in Works, I, p.32. – If they are merely our benefactors – why do they suppress secession from them and competition against them? – J.Z., 6.12.10. - SECRECY, VOTING, PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Tis a political maxim that all government tends to despotism, and like the human frame brings at its birth the latent seed, which finally shall destroy the constitution. This is a melancholy truth - but such is the lot of humanity.” - Josiah Quincy, Jr., Letter to the Boston Gazette, 1767. - In this and in other respects, one should distinguish between territorial and exterritorial governments, between governments with compulsory subjects and those with voluntary members only. While even the latter are not immune to corruption and deterioration, they have, as competitive enterprises, inbuilt safeguards, which limit or end corruption and can do so again and again. - J.Z., 12.7.86. - Free choice among competing governments - and non-governmental societies, all of volunteers only, provides the "consumers" of governmental or societal services full consumer sovereignty, expressed, e.g. in individual secessionism. – Panarchism also provides all the benefits of free enterprise in this sphere. - J.Z., 18.7.00, 6.12.10. - DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: To each the government of his dreams, or the no-government, courts, police, penal system, laws, economic system, money and credit system, land reform, education, property system and lifestyle of his choice. - We do not have to agree on anything except to be tolerant towards all such voluntary experiments under exterritorial autonomy. - J.Z., 13.1.81 & 27.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: To govern means to rectify.” - Confucius, Analects, XII. - No, to mismanage, if it is attempted territorially, for a whole population, a whole country. - J.Z., 16.10.85. - Only genuine self-government or self-management, of diverse and exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, can manage as well as people can manage their own interests and their own affairs. – A forced association is not really an association or a community. It is, inevitably, at cross purposes and leads to infighting. – Imagine the simplest one: Forced marriages! – Forced labor! - J.Z., 12.7.86 & 15.7.00, 31.12.08. – No territorial government has ever as yet known, appreciated and fully recognized all individual rights and liberties. So how could it properly judge and rectify? Just look at their all too flawed and incomplete Bills of Rights. These indicate their all too limited and flawed “ideals”, at least their pretended ones. In practice they have restricted all their declared and all too limited and flawed rights and liberties by numerous laws, regulations and court decisions. – J.Z., 31.12.08, 6.12.10. - REFORMS & MISMANAGEMENT, DIS., TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: To liberate mankind of the terrible evil of armaments and wars, under which they have to suffer presently and which grows and grows, not congresses and conferences, not treaties and arbitration courts are needed but the destruction of that power which calls itself government and which causes the greatest sufferings of mankind.” - Tolstoy, in War & Peace, p.44-60. – 44-60? – Only their territorialism needs to be abolished. – J.Z., 6.12.10. - COERCION, WAR, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: To maximize government is to minimize freedom.” - Robert Dole, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 12/76. - To minimize government increases freedom but does not fully establish freedom. For that the total abolition of all its territorial, coercive, compulsory and monopolistic features is required. - The remainder would tend to be no more dangerous than e.g. a tennis or bridge club. - J.Z., 28.7.00. - BIG VS. FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, TRULY LIMITED GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: to protect its citizens from crime. If our political system fails in this, it will have failed in everything, and will no longer be entitled to our allegiance. It that event, we will have to search for a better system.” – Joseph F. Johnston, Jr., The Limits of Government, Regnery Gateway, Chicago, 1984, p.222. This is his concluding remark to chapter VI. In the following notes, under 11, he reports: See “99 of 100 Arrests in New York City for Felonies Fail to Lead to Prison”, New York Times, Jan. 4, 1981, p.1. See also James Q. Wilson, “Thinking about Crime”, The Atlantic Monthly, September 1983, p. 72. (“On the average, no more than three felonies out of a hundred result in the imprisonment of the offender.”) Well, is J. F. J. Jr. really on the look-out for a better system or is he still dreaming of an ideal and limited but still territorial government? – J.Z., 2.10.07. - PROTECTION AGAINST CRIME? DIS.

GOVERNMENT: To restore social peace and effect a rebirth of freedom, we must cease from preying on each other through government.” - Hans F. Sennholz, THE FREEMAN, 12/78. - Fundamentally and completely this is only possible if we give up the notion of territorial government altogether and confine all our common activities to those within the frameworks of exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. - J.Z., 29.7.00. - PREYING ON OTHERS, WELFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: To run one's own life quite successfully is already more of a job than most individuals can manage. To run the lives of millions of others more successfully than they could and should do themselves, is quite impossible for any one. Also for any group, including democratically elected parliaments. To attempt to do this impossible job is a sign of insanity. – At most they can somewhat satisfy their voluntary supporters, who as such deserve nothing better. - J.Z., 20.10.00, 6.12.10, 16.12.11. – VS. INDIVIDUALS, GOVERNMENTS RUNNING EVERYBODY'S LIFE, OR TRYING TO, VS. RUNNING THE OWN LIFE FREELY, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, REPRESENTATIVES, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, LEGISLATION, LAWS, ELECTIONS, CAMPAIGNS, VOTING, STATE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: To say that a bad government must be established for fear of anarchy is really saying that we should kill ourselves for fear of dying.” – Richard Henry Lee (1732-1794), Member of Continental Congress, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Senator. - Why fear a condition in which there is no government, which would obviously mean that there is neither a bad nor a good nor an indifferent government? As for the supposed chaos occurring in the absence of governments, the chaos resulting from governmental interventions is greater than that which would exist without their interventions. The greatest criminals to be feared are those with official powers behind them. Territorial States make bad governments not only possible but likely, with all the chaos their law and order policies provide. See the present war against drugs and the attempt to establish peace, justice and freedom by armed force, and through the model of a lawful and orderly "representative" democracy for all of the territory and very diverse people of Iraq and Afghanistan. - J.Z., 24. 11. 06, 6.12.10. - VS. ANARCHY? CHAOS, ORDER VS. DISORDE? STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATE, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: To work in the direction of a free society, government is not a useful device. Government, by its nature, coerces. If any agency, calling itself a government, stops coercing, at that instant it stops being a government.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Winter 75.  – 1.) No, it becomes either a competitive and voluntaristic government, with only exterritorial autonomy or a non-governmental society of this kind, one of many others. – 2.) Only when diverse societies can freely practise their believes, wherever they have members, regardless of frontiers, including voluntary governments, communities or societies for the statists, do we have an all-over free "society". Otherwise the notion of a single and uniform society is as oppressive as that of a territorial nation State or even a World State. Free societies are almost as diverse as their individual members are. And they leave Non-members and loners doing merely their own things in their own affairs quite un-coerced and unmolested. - J.Z., 28.7.00, 16.12.11. - COERCION VS FREE SOCIETY, PANARCHISM. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Tucker did not hold to the oversimplified premise that the evil States perpetrate is done consciously and willfully, for he recognized full well that the State has an inertia of its own which is to a great degree independent of the wills of its citizens. (*) And yet, he argued, it is not incorrect to view "government as a machine invented by a few designing schemers to excite discord and war, and profit by the spoils." - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.153. - The ignorant, stupid, prejudiced and gullible find themselves caught in a net of their own design and slaughtered and consumed by their "great fishermen". - This machine is not a complicated and hidden machine. Its main aspect, territorialism, and all that this implies, is rather obvious - and so much taken for granted by the vast majority of citizens, politicians and "political scientists" that only very few do ever consider its competitive and opposite options or possibilities, based on voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy and the very different consequences which this re-organization of mankind, beginning with individual secessionism, would have. This in spite of the fact that in all other spheres than the political, social and economic ones we do take "panarchism" unthinkingly for granted and practise it every day for all the satisfactions we can get out of it in our own private life decisions. - But we fail to express these individual choices and actions in principles and thus fail to apply these principles and options to these remaining three and very important spheres. We do so in spite of the vast success experienced with religious tolerance (or religious liberty - also based on voluntarism and competition between exterritorially autonomous religions associations), to the extent that it was practised anywhere or still is. – (*) And even of the wills of its legislators, politicians, bureaucrats and great leaders! - J.Z., 27.7.00, 16.12.11. - STATE, A CONSPIRACY? PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Turn territorial governments impotent, e.g. by free banking, tax strikes, voluntary taxation, refusals to accept government currency, refusals to purchase their "insecurities", especially by individual and minority group secessions, combined with free competition from exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers and by organizing yourself into ideal local militia forces of volunteers for the protection of all genuine individual rights and liberties, country-wide and world-wide federated for this purpose. – Almost all the “militias” we have had so far were far from this ideal, as far as the “Bills of Rights” of territorial governments are from complete declarations of genuine human rights. - J.Z., 28.7.91, 22.7.00, 16.12.11. – MILITIA, HUMAN RIGHTS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Twenty thousand dollars a second just to keep Washington running! That's bad enough. But when you can't start your car on a cold morning because of pollution control devices, when you can't heat your home two days a week because of fuel controls, when your kids can't get jobs because they don't have experience - and they can't get experience because of all the regulations … then it's time to yell STOP!” - L. E. Modesitt, Jr., GALAXY, 9/77. - What good will THAT shout do? - J.Z. – Prepare for your freedom of action through individual secessionism and your kind of panarchy for yourself! That would require among many other things, a monetary and financial revolution, one of the education and enlightenment system, one of the military, police system and justice system, a complete revision of what is now considered to be political and economic science, all based on wrongful, monopolistic and irrational territorialist assumptions and conclusions, practices and institutions – in short, on territorially legalized coercion. – J.Z., 28.12.08, 16.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, EXPENDITURES, WASTE, PUBLIC SERVICE, WASHINGTON

GOVERNMENT: Tyranny is the normal pattern of government.” - Adlai E. Stevenson, The Political Relevance of Moral Principle, lecture, Washington, Jan. 18, 1959. – Only under territorialism. Government over volunteers only is, by definition, no tyranny. – J.Z., 28.12.08, TYRANNY, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: Uncontrolled government becomes malignant.” - Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, Newsletter, July 4, 1973. – Short of confining governments to personal laws, exterritorial autonomy and voluntary taxation and membership only, and also by a clear and comprehensive declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties, one effectively protected by ideal local militias of volunteers, established sufficiently motivated, educated, armed and trained for this purpose only, there is no way to effectivel control territorial governments. – Many, if not all other and all of them less radical methods have already been tried and failed. – J.Z., 2.1.09, 16.5.12. – MILITIA, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: Under panarchism old and new governments can gain and maintain any kind of power over their voluntary subjects except powers, like ABC mass murder devices, that would, directly or indirectly, threaten not only their own voluntary subjects. However, their voluntary membership would mean that each of their subjects would remain free to secede from them, at least after an agreed withdrawal period or, immediately, in case of a contract broken by a government. Moreover, the individual and group secessionists are to become free to join or establish exterritorial governments, societies and communities of their own choice, wherever they want to remain, living and working, on privately or cooperatively acquired or leased properties. The territorial monopoly of the present governments are to be abolished. Members, upon leaving, are to be paid out their share in a government's capital assets, in the form of transferable securities. Government "securities", as investments in tax slaves, are to be exempted from this. But, at the same time, the secessionists are no longer obliged to pay for the public debt, of the government they seceded from, except to the extent that they themselves had voluntarily had subscribed to it. – J.Z., 12.11.93, 10.7.00, 16.12.11. - PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Unfortunately, government as an institution always tends to increase in size, power and - incompetence.” - Lang Hancock, quoted under “Sayings of the Week”, in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 20.9.78. - Incompetence can already be found in associations of merely 2 person, in voluntary marriages. It tends to greatly increase with the number of members forced to join any form of compulsory association and with the number of rules, which their feudal lords pass and try to impose upon their serfs. - J.Z., 2.8.00, 16.12.11, 16.5.12. - GROWTH & INCOMPETENCE, BIG GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, BUREAUCRACY, OVER-SIZE

GOVERNMENT: Unfortunately, there is nothing in the nature of territorial government that enables it to curb its tendency to grow at the expense of the individual. If there is to be any limitation upon government, it must be developed in such a way that it does not call for additional governmental activity; in other words, it must be expressed personally and voluntarily in the form of self-discipline. (*) What this means is self-improvement, self-responsibility, self-respect of such high order that one is not tempted to covet his neighbor's success, or even to subsidize - and thereby aggravate - his neighbor's alleged ignorance or poverty or other defect of character. - In a word, mind one's own business. Leave all creative activities - no exceptions - to men acting freely, voluntarily, privately, competitively, cooperatively.” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? 86. - Unfortunately, he did not listen to himself, sufficiently, to conclude upon individual sovereignty towards ALL services offered by any "government", i.e. complete consumer sovereignty towards and free enterprise for them, which would mean, for individuals and groups of volunteers: free choice among competing governmental, societal and economic service suppliers and suppliers of package deals. That free choice could be offered only in a free enterprise way by governments, societies and communities of volunteers, who do no longer possess a territorial monopoly but “merely” exterritorial autonomy. Moreover, their members or customers, investors and workers must be and remain volunteers only, not only upon entry but also via the continuing option of voluntary withdrawal or secession, by individual or group secessionism. His notion of a supposedly ideal and limited but still territorial government blinded him towards the voluntary, free enterprise and free trade, free contract alternatives to it. - By conceding territorialism to limited governments he made all too much a concession to them and showed too much intolerance towards those, who have other ideals in their minds for their own lives, laws, and institutions. Under full exterritorial autonomy the most diverse societies can peacefully coexist. - (*) or different and quite free individual choices. – 30.7.00, J.Z., 31.12.08, 6.12.10, 16.12.11, 16.5.12. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Unlimited government thus leads inexorably to unlimited disenchantment.” - R. Harris and A. Seldon, Not from Benevolence, p.8. – Thus seen is may be the best – although rather costly cure for those seriously stricken with statism or governmentalism. – J.Z., 1.1.09. – Also an all too slow one, requiring not only years or decades but, possibly, centuries. – The already somewhat enlightened ones must therefore become free to secede, and to do their own pioneering or experimental things and thus set attractive or deterrent examples for potential new members. – Each remaining foreign tyranny or dictatorship will have difficulties to maintain itself when its victims find out about such alternatives for them, presented to them via all kinds of governments and societies in exile, allied with us, all only for their own present volunteers (refugees & deserters) and all their future volunteers. – Such governments and societies in exile could become the most important allies of all peoples and countries, which are at least already somewhat democratic and respect some classical human rights, although they are not yet panarchies. Their recognition of such allies would help to change them into similar free societies, communities and governance systems, all only for thie volunteers and thus strengthen them even more in all their defensive efforts. Ideas know no territorial frontiers and will, finally, abolish them. With that kind of “stone”, slung at a rightful target, even a little David can slay a giant Goliath, a powerful territorial dictator or tyrant, or overthrow his regime, largely with the help of his armed forces. - J.Z., 6.12.10, 16.12.11. - UNLIMITED GOVERNMENT, DES., LIBERATION, MILITARY INSURRECITONS, REVOLUTION, DEFENCE, WAR AIMS, PEACE AIMS, GOVERNMENS IN EXILE

GOVERNMENT: Until people come to hate government coercion by their “own” territorial government as much as rule by a foreign government, they will tend to be misruled, abused and exploited by their own governments - much more than by foreign rulers. Only once territorial governments are abolished by individual secessionism - and replaced by volunteer communities under full exterritorial autonomy - will each individual be ruled or socially organized only with his freely given consent - J.Z., 26.7.86 & 18.7.00, 6.12.10, 16.5.12. – CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, LIBERATION, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Vonu - Peace: Advanced technology makes vonu attractive; contemporary weapons and coercive institutions make vonu imperative. In earlier times government provided order, if not freedom, and defence, if not peace. But now, when nuclear and bacteriological weapons can be rocketed or smuggled to any city on earth, central governments are as obsolete as moats and parapets.” - VONULIFE, March 1973. - Invulnerability to mass extermination devices can best be provided by full exterritorial autonomy for all dissenting groups. That would also deprive any dissenting group of any strong motive to try to fight any other group with such "weapons". - J.Z., 1.8.00. – No targets, no enemies, no funds, no willing labor for constructing and keeping such devices would remain! – J.Z., 6.12.10, 16.12.11. - DEFENCE, OBSOLETE, MASS EXTERMINATION DEVICES, CENTRALIZATION, PEACE, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: War government borders on the totalitarian pattern.” - Carl J. Friedrich, A New Belief in the Common Man, p.215. - Territorial governments have, even during peace time and due to their territorialism, all too much in common with totalitarian governments. - J.Z., 3.8.00. - WAR, TOTALITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: War is much too serious a thing to be left to the Government.” - Charles Sheffield, Fixed Price War, p.169 in ANALOG, 5/78. Leaving the decision up to territorial governments and maintaining territorial governments is one of the main causes of wars. - J.Z., 17.8.02. – WAR, SCIENCE FICTION

GOVERNMENT: Watch your money, your vote, your public criticism of public affairs and your obedience. Otherwise the government is quite indifferent to you. It keeps power over dissenters, innovators, minorities and individuals because it does not allow them to secede and to establish exterritorially autonomous communities for themselves. There comes a time in the affairs of almost every government when it can be toppled bloodlessly almost by the push of a finger. Freedom lovers should be prepared for such moments and organized to prevent the rise of a new territorial and oppressive governmental monopoly. - Most people have so far never considered any rightful and sound alternative to territorialism and its various other monopolies but have taken them largely for granted and accepted them at least as supposedly inevitable evils or even as best possible solutions. - J.Z., 1.12.93 & 10.7.00, 16.12.11. - VOTING, POWER, RULE, TAXES, DISOBEDIENCE, SECESSION, MINORITIES & OBEDIENCE

GOVERNMENT: We are imprisoned by image of Big Daddy.” - Robert Anton Wilson, Right Where You Are Sitting Now, p.167. - We are imprisoned not only by the images of "Big Brother" but by his constitution, his laws, his jurisdiction and administration, his coercion, monopolies and imposed uniformity, in one word, by his "territorialism".  - J.Z., 13.7.00. - BIG BROTHER, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY, UNIFORM LAW & JURISDICTION, UNITY SPLEEN IN THE FACE OF DIVERSITY, INTOLERANCE, POLITICALLY ORGANIZED

GOVERNMENT: We are reaping the fruits of four decades of Big, Unlimited Government at home and abroad; …” – Murray N. Rothbard, For A New Liberty, p.4. – Its bigness would not matter very much if it were not territorially imposed bigness. Imagine for instance, an international society of Free Traders with hundreds of millions of subscribers, living spread all of the the world, as a Free Trade panarchy, doing its things for its members, while leaving all Protectionists to their “protections”. – Or a community of hundreds of millions of people who are advocates and practitioners of tyrannicide – against genuine tyrants – predetermined as such, publicly and objectively – whenever they get the chance! – Moreover, could an international militia federation, of local militia volunteers, with all its members committed only to the protection of genuine individual rights and liberties, ever be too large? - J.Z., 29.12.08, 16.5.12. - BIG & UNLIMITED, DIS., MILITIA, Q., INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: We are simply a people who have never had a government that was not our enemy.” - R. A. Wilson, The Earth Will Shake, 171. - All territorial governments are our enemies. A territorial government that is not our enemy is an illusion or delusion. - J.Z., 6.8.92, 16.12.11. - Still too collectively spoken! For statists and the governments they prefer, and for their own affairs only and at their expense and cost, any government is a friend, although an expensive, unreliable and dominating one. “The people” as a term for a supposedly united body of people, is a myth, too, which leads to territorial despotism by all of those, who do pretend that it is really they, who do represent “the people”. – Neither anarchists nor any other ideologues or believers, movements or parties do really represent all the people, no more so than any particular member of any nuclear to extended family, can fully and lastingly represent that family or any chess club or sports club or business can represent “the” nation, or “the” people in a territory. The closest approach to any abstract concept of “the people” are the great multitude of diverse voluntary associations, which are, mostly, quite peacefully competing with each other, like businesses or sports of hobby clubs, unless they are possessed of a religious or ideological intolerant mythology. - J.Z., 22.7.00, 1.1.09, 6.12.10, 16.12.11. – GOVERNMENT, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, THE PEOPLE, NATIONAL UNITY, COUNTRIES, NATIONS

GOVERNMENT: We cannot renounce our moral independence; it is a property that we can neither sell nor give away; and consequently no government can derive its authority from an original contract.” – William Godwin, in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p. 104. - Some rightful contracts can be presumed to have been made, however informally and tacitly, by our ancestors for their mutual protection. Their essence would still apply today, not because they made them, long before us, but because or if they still embody rightful principles and guides. Whatever was wrong in them and is wrong in the "contracts" with present governments, can and should be rightfully ignored. Moreover, individuals should be free to design or select their own social contracts for themselves and like-minded people. - J.Z., 29.7.00, 6.12.10, 16.12.11, 16.5.12. - MORALITY, INDEPENDENCE, SOCIAL CONTRACT, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS POLITICAL, SOCIAL & ECONOMIC SYSTEMS! PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: We don't need government aid against society but we ought to organize societal forces rightfully and sufficiently against all territorial governments. - J.Z., 21.9.91 & 23.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM VS. SOCIETY

 GOVERNMENT: We face a double danger: (1) that the economy may collapse; (2) that the government may not.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Spring 74. - What can collapse is only the anti-economy propped up by territorial government. As long as governments are upheld by territorial statist ideas, they will not collapse but at most be replaced by other such governments, often even worse ones. It is up to us to bring the ideas of territorial statism to collapse and thereby end most of our troubles, soon. - J.Z., 28.7.00, 16.5.12. - CRISES, ECONOMY, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, COLLAPSE

GOVERNMENT: We knew it all along: Kenneth J. Arrow, a Harvard professor of economics, was awarded a Nobel Prize for his Impossibility Theorem and his Theory of General Economic Equilibrium. According to the write-up in the HARVARD CRIMSON, "Arrow's Impossibility Theorem demonstrates that IN PRINCIPLE THERE CANNOT BE A PERFECT FORM OF GOVERNMENT." - PLAYBOY, 2/73. - I am ready to bet that he, too, has only considered territorial government and not its exterritorial, competitive, decentralized, and exterritorial alternative for volunteers only. - Naturally, not even panarchies can be quite or absolutely "perfect". Nothing man-made or man-chosen can be. But they can almost perfectly correspond to the degrees of enlightenment and remaining errors, spleens, myths and prejudices of their voluntary member and thus they would be as good for them, while they remain in that frame of mind, as any governmental or societal organizations can possibly be. - J.Z., 2.8.00. – In their free competition with other panarchies, while peacefully coexisting, they would either tend to improve, relatively fast, or to fade away. Their attempts to do better than the others would be their new kind of patriotic duty. They would not merely complacently rest upon the “myth of the chosen people”. They would compete, but peacefully, like businessmen, manufacturers, tradesmen, professionals, artists, writers and sportsmen do, and like most religious people finally learned to do. – J.Z., 31.12.08, 15.12.11. TERRITORIALISM, INHERENTLY IMPERFECT, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: We rejoice to see hostile governments turning impotent." - Poul Anderson, Dialogue with Darkness, p. 69. - In some respects they have always been! Make all territorial governments completely impotent by depriving them of all territorial powers over involuntary victims. - J.Z., 6.10.01.

GOVERNMENT: We should be able to shop around for governments, public services and package deals of public services as we shop around in shopping centers for those goods and services, which take our fancy, fit into our shopping carts and are affordable for us. No shopping centre forces any goods upon us, or forces us to pay for goods we did not want and did not put into our carts, nor does it force us to pay for the goods of others which others selected for their carts. Governments engage in all such wrongs and absurdities and therefore membership in them and responsibility for their spending should be quite voluntary. - J.Z., 21.7.00. – Let us turn all governments merely into super-markets of the kind that we do prefer for ourselves. Or into competing insurance- or protection companies, all only for their own subscribers. – J.Z., 16.5.12. - PUBLIC SERVICES, PANARCHISM, FREE CHOICE OF GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES FOR INDIVIDUALS

GOVERNMENT: We suffer most when the White House busts with ideas.” - H. L. Mencken. – Thus let us confine its powers, laws and institutions to its volunteers. Then these could at most only harm themselves. All other to have their central decision-making houses, with all the colors of the spectrum. Then all parties and candidates can win their system for all their followers, always at the own risk and expense only, just like sects, churches and gurus under religious liberty. – “The people” of any territory would then become revealed as a great variety of different peoples and all could have their form of self-management or self-government. - J.Z., 23.1.08. - ENERGETIC, INNOVATIVE, REFORMIST VS. VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM & POLYARCHISM, DECISION-MAKING, CENTRALIZATION, TERRITORIALISM, ACTIVE OR PRO-ACTIVE GOVERNMENT, STATISM, GOVERNMENTS ZEALOUS FOR REFORMS

GOVERNMENT: What government is best? The one that teaches us to govern ourselves.” - Goethe, Sprueche in Prosa, Pt. iii. - (Welche Regierung die beste sei? Diejenige die uns lehrt, uns selbst zu regieren.) - Are territorial governments good at teaching such lessons while they are not good at teaching anything else or learning anything from their own mistakes, which they repeated, over and over again, over centuries, sometimes thousands of years? - Many years ago I noted down: He overlooked that governments by their very nature cannot teach that but rather prevent the acquisition of experience required for reasonable self-government of individuals. By outlawing individual secession and individual sovereignty and tolerant alternative experiments among their volunteers, under full exterritorial autonomy for them, they do keep all of us in a condition of permanent immaturity and servility – regarding the largest and most important decisions for our lives, which they have territorially monopolized for themselves. - J.Z., 18.7.00, 16.12.11. - THE BEST GOVERNMENT? SELF-GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: What is instructive to me is the nearly universal evidence that, even at this late hour, most of us are not yet ready to live without a government of force set over us. Indeed, I would have to argue that at this particular moment, most of us have exactly the kind and amount of government we deserve. And if the present gargantuan juggernaut were dismantled, another instrument, equally as coercive or worse, would rise in its place.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 75. - Collectively, yes. Individually: No! - Let individuals opt out and form their own "panarchies", according to their own degrees of enlightenment. - J.Z., n.d. & 28.7.00. Is there even one territorial subject who knows and fully agrees with all territorial government laws, decisions and actions? – J.Z., 16.12.11. - STATISM, THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE, PEOPLE VS. INDIVIDUALS, COLLECTIVISM VS INDIVIDUALISM & INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM OR CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS STATES, SOCIETIES, LAWS, SYSTEMS, Q. [All relevant questions should become separately combined in an alphabetized list. I have market many such passages simply with a “Q.”. – J.Z., 16.12.11.]

GOVERNMENT: What is misleadingly called "representative government" isn't fully representative. - At best it represents a majority and does not shut up and persecute the dissenting minorities and makes some compromises in its decisions - but it does NOT and CANNOT fulle represent all of its territorial subjects. It does not allow them genuine self-government, individual by individual. Territorialism does not permit this. It would be only possible under exterritorial autonomy for all voluntary governments and communities. - J.Z., 3.8.00, 16.5.12. – REPRESENTATION, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, COLLECTIVIST “FREE VOTING” FOR INVOLUNTARY MEMBERS & SUBJECTS.

GOVERNMENT: What we are witnessing in the world today is not a chaotic bunch of isolated events but a process, a process of moving toward the spread of governance without government.” - John Naisbitt, Global Paradox, 55. – I would rather call it the movement from territorial domination to exterritorial and genuine self-government. Alas, it is not much of a conscious and suifficiently informed movement as yet. – J.Z., 16.9.07, 16.12.11. – Maybe, once this alphabet soup is sufficiently corrected and completed, it will turn into an efficient enlightenment tool. – J.Z., 16.5.12. - EXTERRITORIAL VS. TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: What we believe to be the only necessary condition of government: that for a person or organization to be a government, it must assume the right to coerce its own clients (or subjects).” - John T. Sanders, JLS, Winter 77. - He concentrates here on only one of several features: territoriality, coercion, monopolism, involuntary membership (internal aggression) and territorial invasion (victimization of "foreigners" in "their countries). Governments with voluntary membership and no exclusive territorial powers at all have existed in the past [however incompletely realized – for what can one expect from times and people that are even more unenlightened than we are now?]. They can become established and will tend to compete with each other peacefully, and continue to exist by satisfying their voluntary members with whatever services they like among themselves. No free enterprise business coerces its customers or other enterprises, unless a State gives it the power to do so. - J.Z., 25.7.00, 16.12.11, 16.5.12.

GOVERNMENT: What we need is freedom to shop around for governments, societies, communities and all kinds of their public services. - J.Z., 1965, 16.5.12. - COMPETING GOVERNMENTS & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: What we want is NOT the overthrow of government but a situation where the government gets lost.” - Quoted in GREEN REVOLUTION, 10/78. – Governmentalism will, gradually, disappear, once all its victims are free to secede from it. – J.Z., 2.1.09. – INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: What we want is not the overthrow of the government but a situation in which it gets lost in the shuffle!” - Slogan in Laissez Faire Books Anarchist Catalog, Feb. 1976. – Also in a poster quoted in an anarchist essay. - Rather, a situation in which each peaceful individual and minority group is free to opt out from under it and to govern or manage the own affairs with the system, method, or organization and under rules preferred by him and the other secessionists, who do agree with each other and thus joined in their kind of society, community or governance system. – J.Z., 30.12.08, 16.12.11, 16.5.12. - Let each anarchist or other ideologue or dissenter drop out, himself alone, or in association with like-minded people, from any territorial government. One man-revolutions, rather than any attempt to involve all people in a territory, willy-nilly, in a revolution that will only lead to another and more or less oppressive and warlike territorial government. The Roman Catholic Church was reduced to relative harmlessness once individuals and groups realized their right to secede from it and to establish their own churches, sects or atheist, humanist, deist, rationalist or agnostic groups and beliefs. That is the way to go and clearly enough stated and consistently practised it would avoid the risk of religious or ideological war, for it would offer to each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice. (A few authoritarians, totalitarians, fanatics, fundamentalists and private criminals exepted.) - J.Z., 30.1.02, 6.12.10, 16.5.12. – OVERTHROW? ABOLITION? REVOLUTION? CIVIL WAR? INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, ONE-MAN-REVOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Whatever government is not a government of laws is a despotism, let it be called what it may.” - Daniel Webster, speech at Bangor, Me., Aug. 25, 1835. - Government by territorial law as opposed to personal law - is also a kind of despotism, no matter how "democratic" or "republican" it is. - J.Z., 16.10.85 & 18.7.00. - LAW & DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: When a government has lasted a long while it deteriorates by insensible degrees.” - C. L. De Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws, v, 1749. - Governments are off to a bad start with territorialism in the first place. Then they do either slowly and sometimes fast deteriorate further, while their structure leaves no effective cure for dissenting individuals and minorities to adopt for themselves, at their own expense and risk. Territorial government amounts to compulsory mass medication or poisoning of the worst types. - J.Z., 10.7.86 & 15.7.00, 16.12.11, 16.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM, SALAMI TACTICS [SLICE BY SLICE OUR RIGHTS & LIBERTIES ARE CUT AWAY.]

GOVERNMENT: When good government prevails men of little worth submit to men of great worth. When bad government prevails men of little power submit to men of great power.” - Mencius, Discourses, IV, c. 300 B.C. - Why should even men of little worth, who are self-supporting and not aggressive, have to submit to those of "great worth"? Why should vice-ridden people have to submit to virtuous ones? Why should fools not be free to make their own mistakes at the own risk and expense? Furthermore, the term "submit" is a wrong choice of words, because it implies voluntarism, while in reality territorial subjugation is involved. One should not discuss territorial, coercive, monopolistic and centralistic governments as if they recognized and respected individual sovereignty, individual choices, individual rights and liberties, competing governments, societies and communities, while, in reality, they suppress them - to a very large extent. - J.Z., 12.7.86 & 18.7.00. – They are not even familiar with all of them and have never fully and clearly declared them and, probably, as territorial governments, they never will do this. – J.Z., 16.12.11. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: When government is imposed upon us by some despot, some tyranny, some autocracy, the natural reaction towards that government is to think that it is bad. On the other hand, when we govern ourselves we jump to the conclusion, natural but wholly unjustified, that that government is good. Such a conclusion leaves out of account the nature, possibilities, and purpose of government. …” - Sir Ernest Benn, The State the Enemy, p.144. - Under voluntary and exterritorial autonomy, those forms of self-government, or panarchism, polyarchy, multiarchy etc., "government" can be good for us, in one way or the other, at least by teaching us what not to do in our future. Territorial governments over involuntary members offer very much less in self-learning opportunities and free enterprise, private initiative options and consumer sovereignty, freedom of contract and freedom of association and disassociation. - J.Z., 13.7.00, 6.12.10, 16.12.11. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, SELF-GOVERNMENT, DEMOCRACY, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Whenever you have an efficient government you have a dictatorship.” - Harry S. Truman, lecture, Columbia University, April 28, 1959. - Territorial dictatorships are even more inefficient than territorial democracies are. The "efficiency" of dictatorships can be noted only in a destructive and suppressive as well as mass murderous statist sense. They are not efficient as creative, liberating, just, peaceful and productive institutions. - J.Z., 20.10.85 & 13.7.00, 16.12.11. – During the previous century they did “efficiently” murder over 200 million people, apart from their mass murders in their wars. [They did not even use them as forced laborers and tax slaves! – They are not even efficient when it comes to gathering all legalized tax tributes (*), policing crime and defending a country’s population and haven’t managed to proclaim rightful war and peace aims and a comprehensive declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties. But they do manage to terrorize, mass-murder and exploit people by the millions, while “achieving” good pensions and perks for their members. - Territorial governments are also the most wrongful, irrational and inefficient defenders, acting all too aggressively against the internal victims of aggressive foreign regimes rather than merely defensively against their main war criminals. Thereby they do prolong wars and increase losses of innocent lives on their own side as well as on the side of the subjects and victims of an enemy regime. – (*) Black markets or the underground economy are growing almost everywhere. - J.Z., 28.12.08, 15.12.11, 16.12.11, 16.5.12. - EFFICIENCY & DICTATORSHIP, DIS.

GOVERNMENT: While all other sciences have advanced, that of government is at a standstill - little better understood, little better practised now than three or four thousand years ago.” - John Adams, Letter to Thomas Jefferson, July 9, 1813. - There is simply no science to primitivism, barbarism, aggressive force, ruling prejudices, ignorance and passions, least of all to territorialism, no matter how many parties, deputies and political scientists exist in the governments and universities of the world, all pretending that such a thing as political science does already exist. - J.Z., 16.10.85 & 12.7.86 & 15.7.00. - Adam's remark is still largely true almost 200 years later. - J.Z., 15.7.00. - POLITICAL SCIENCE. SOCIAL SCIENCES ARE NOT YET SCIENCES.

GOVERNMENT: While objectively no territorial government deserves our support, because that would endanger our self-support, all those who voted for a government do deserve, for themselves, the particular government they voted for, not the one they tried in vain to vote effectively against, under collectivist territorial voting or majority despotism. - Voluntary support for exterritorially autonomous governments or communities of volunteers is quite another matter. It fully expresses freedom of contract, association and cooperation. - J.Z., 23.10.95 & 7.7.00, 16.12.11. – VOTING, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Who is crazier, those who think that they can govern other men, without their individual consent, rightly and effectively, or those among the billions of their victims who, nevertheless, still believe that they can be rightly and efficiently governed? Political popery is the curse of the world and one which only exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers, i.e., the political, economic and social equivalent to religious liberty or religious tolerance, can finally bring to an end - for all of us. Secular popes for volunteers only would not longer be a threat to others. Even their internal powers would be rather limited. All their actions, however mistaken and wrong, would be instructive at least about what not to do. All the consequences of their decisions would have to be born by their supporters. They would succeed or fail like any other business, e.g. like a share company. - J.Z., 14.2.99, 28.1.02, 16.12.11. - CITIZENSHIP, AUTHORITY, OBEDIENCE, RULE, TERRITORIALISM, DECISION-MAKING, LAWS, LAWMAKERS, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION

GOVERNMENT: Who needs government any more?” - Jerome Tuccille, Libertarian Handbook 1973. - The statists do. Let them have it. They still form the majority. Unless we do let them have their dreams - but this time at their expense and risk only, under full exterritorial autonomy and self-responsibility - they are not likely to let us have ours. - J.Z., 2.8.00, 16.5.12. – PANARCHISM EVEN FOR STATISTS!

GOVERNMENT: Who, after all that has happened in our times and all throughout history, can still trust territorial government in anything of importance? - J.Z., 3.7.82. - Those brought up under governmental mis-education and misinformation, the statists, do still, alas, form the majority of the population in all countries. Many have some doubts now - but their main faith is still unshaken. E.g. they curse about politicians and call them liars etc. - but continue to vote them into office and even many libertarians still believe that other, namely libertarian politicians, but still only with territorialist programs, would bring sufficiently better or quite rightful results and this soon enough. If they were to remain libertarians as territorial politicians and as such enforced a libertarian constitution, law and practice upon a statist population, then they would either never succeed in forming a “limited” but still territorial government, or, if they did, then this would, probably, be only temporary. They would then, most likely, be overthrown again - by the remaining statists. Nevertheless, they have not yet studied and adopted their exterritorial and voluntaristic or panarchistic alternative: To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice! - J.Z., 26.7.00, 16.5.12. – TRUST, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Why do we give the government the right to run our lives without protest?” - Workers Party slogan, in NATIONAL TIMES, 11.8.75. - If we presume that someone must "run the country", why not rather assume that each rational adult be free to run his part of it? - Kauffman (?) called it "decidophobia" - fear of decision-making. (Sorry, but I can't lay my hands at present upon this title.) Statism is an older term for it, more specifically to "political" decision-making. But decidophobia can be observed in private lives, too, e.g. when having to decide upon the purchase of one type of consumer articles - when there are hundreds to thousands of different ones on offer, all falling under the same category but all are different. This form of decidophobia will not disappear once panarchies are common. It will still be difficult to decide which one will be the best of all of them for you. - J.Z., 1.8.00. – The second or third choices of a particular panarchy, for oneself, will, usually, turn out better. – J.Z., 31.12.08, 6.12.10. – PANARCHISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS SOCIAL, ECONOMIC & POLITICAL SYSTEMS, RUNNING THE COUNTRY

GOVERNMENT: Why do we reward the large scale and official criminals with victims (crime being defined as serious infringements of the rights and liberties of others), our leading officials, with positions of great power, high salaries and pensions after a short "service", while we severely penalize the relatively minor and private criminals? - J.Z., 24.5.89 & 19.7.00. - POLITICIANS, CRIMINALS

GOVERNMENT: Why don't we have libertarian anarchy? Why does government exist? The answer implicit in previous chapters is that government as a whole exists because most people believe it is necessary. Most particular government activities, beyond the most fundamental, exist because they benefit some special interest at the cost of the rest of us. Each special interest will fight, in most cases successfully, to protect its private racket. Yet the individuals who make up the special interest are on the receiving end of everyone else's racket. Most of them lose, on net, by the whole transaction. To the extent that they realize this, they will support general reductions in government power. So the fundamental task is one of education.” - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.219. - Since the benefits are concentrated and the burdens of each benefit widely diffused, even education will not have sufficient pocket-book appeal until it reaches the stage where each taxpayer can go through all budget items and eliminate individually and for himself all those government expenditure which he does not favor. The individually chosen remnant of government services, still wanted by a taxpayer, will form for most a very much reduced package deal, which, as a result, if the tax payer has only to pay his proportion of their costs, would greatly reduce his tax burden. THAT would be VERY EDUCATIONAL. Let him pick and choose as he can today - at the supermarket and between various insurance packages and holiday deals. But most of all, let him opt out of the State, as a political Protestant. - J.Z., 31.7.00, 16.12.11. - PEOPLE, STATISM, EDUCATION, BUDGET, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, STEPS TOWARDS VOLUNTARY TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: With governments you gamble your life, property and security away, like in high stake games with any dishonest gambler. - These include all your rights and liberties as well. And territorialism, compulsory State membership and imposed laws force you to engage in such gambling. - J.Z., 18.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Without good government, we should quickly dispatch one another out of this world.” - Martin Luther, Table Talk, DCCLV. - There ain't no such thing as a good government - and by now we are well on the way, with their guidance and their help and urging, their wars and ultimate scientific “weapons”. - J.Z., 12.7.86, 16.5.12. - So that was his view of the effect of Christianity after 1,500 years upon its converts! Only governments could and would prevent them from murdering each other! - Anyhow, man existed long before territorial governments were established and the mayor mutual slaughters occurred relatively recently - under these territorial warfare States. - J.Z., 15.7.00. – There are ca. 50 tribes on record that did not have any concept or practice of territorial government, until they became “civilized”. But they were, undoubtedly, tribes of humans. – Should supposedly quite civilized people be quite unable to learn from these examples set by primitives? – And from their own history, when they, too, lived without governments for most of the time that mankind existed? – J.Z., 30.12.08, 16.12.11. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, DIS., CHRISTIANITY, LOVE, VIOLENCE, MASS MURDERS, WARS, NWT, HUMAN NATURE, AGGRESSIVENESS OR TERRITORIALISM?

GOVERNMENT: Without governments people would murder each other.” - Popular opinion. - In spite of governments they still do so and often, under government controls, on a massive scale. Under governmental crime-fighting they do often get away with it, too, on their own and relatively small scale. It takes territorial governments to organize and enforce mass murder in wars, revolutions, terror regimes, "ethnic cleansing" etc. and to set people so much against each other, by depriving them, e.g., of basis economic and monetary rights, that sometimes they do each other in - on their own initiative. They would not often do so under permanent economic boom conditions and full exterritorial autonomy for all communities of volunteers that would be possible under all individual rights and liberties. - J.Z., 4.5.98 & 15.7.00, 16.5.12. - CRIME, MAN, PEOPLE, DIS. CRISES, BOOM & BUST, WARS, CIVIL WARS, MASS MURDERS, VIOLENT REVOLUTIONS, PANARCHISM, TERRORISM


GOVERNMENT: Wouldn't it be better to try to simply reduce government to an acceptable level? - For us, no level is acceptable. We refuse to pay for "services" which we hate and reject…” - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism, p.8. - While he is right, as far as he is concerned, what about others, who are limited government advocates? Aren't they entitled to their choice for themselves? Aren't the voluntary victims of unlimited governments also entitled to their choice for themselves, at their own risk and expense? Why do most anarchists find unacceptable the following formula and panarchistic framework: Any kind of anarchism for any kind of anarchists. Any kind of libertarianism for any kind of libertarian. Moreover, any kind of governmentalism for any kind of statist? The only things they would have to continue to condemn are: Compulsory membership in any association and territorial sovereignty of any group or movement. - J.Z., 1.8.00, 16.5.12. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, ACCEPTABLE LEVEL, Q.. TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL TOLERANCE FOR VOLUNTEERS DOING THEIR OWN THINGS.

GOVERNMENT: Yet from all this dismal history the governments of today have learned absolutely nothing.” - Henry Hazlitt, Can We Keep Free Enterprise? – Territorialism goes on an on, with its rulers and subjects unaware of its nature and its consequences and the rightful and rational alternatives to it. Just like any other foolishness. – J.Z., 30.12.08, 16.5.12. - NOT LEARNING FROM HISTORY.

GOVERNMENT: You are now engaged in a mighty conflict; a contest between freedom and "free-loading", between liberty and license, and between government by the people and government by the government …” - Jackson Pemberton, THE FREEMAN, Dec. 76, 714. - It is also a contest between the collectivist, territorial and compulsory concept of "the people" and the individualistic concept of people, which allows individuals to separate their rights and interests from "the people" and their ruling majority or minority. - J.Z., 24.7.00, 16.12.11. – GOVERNMENT BY GOVERNMENT INSTEAD OF GOVERNMENT BY & OVER VOLUNTEERS ONLY OR BY “THE” PEOPLE, PANARCHISM OR VOLUNTARY & NON-GEOGRAPHICAL SEPARATISM

GOVERNMENT: You can't have government doing everything.” - Bob Howard, 10/74. - You should not expect any territorial government doing anything quite right and rational! - J.Z., 3.8.00. – Territorial government believes and is widely believed to be able to do everything while, in reality, it can do almost nothing quite rightfully and rationally. – It resembles the private crime syndicates and their turf - all too much. We should not expect territorial governments and other crime syndicates to fight crime effectively and to respect property rights and to multiply general prosperity. – They are bound to do rather the opposite. - J.Z., 30.12.08, 6.12.10. – Instead, we should expect everything from free people, practicing all their rights and liberties and collaborating via a free market and associations of volunteers for all kinds of goods, labour and services. – However, statists and other interventionists should also become quite free – to do their own things for or to themselves, but only exterritorially and under personal law, not territorially to any individual or group that disagrees with them. If they only murdered, exploited or robbed each other, I for one would not care about this but would, rather, cheer. Official and private criminals with involuntary victims can prosper only under territorialism. - J.Z., 16.5.12. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, CRIME, PROSPERITY, POWER

GOVERNMENT: You have the God-given right to kick the government around - don't hesitate to do so.” - Senator Edmund S. Muskie, speech in South Bend, Indiana, September 11, 1968, as reported by the Louisville, Kentucky, Courier-Journal, September 12, 1968, p. A3. – It would be more fruitful if we became free to ignore the government, as Herbert Spencer suggested in “Social Statics”, chapter 19, 1850. – J.Z., 23.12.08. - Rather see to it that you achieve the right to secede from it. Let it go on kicking its remaining and voluntary subjects - until they have learned their lesson as well. - J.Z., 24.11.02. - PEOPLE, PROTEST, RESISTANCE, SECESSION, AUTONOMY, SELF-GOVERNMENT, COMPETING GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: You know, if government were a product, selling it would be illegal. Government is a health hazard. Governments have killed many more people than cigarettes or unbuckled seat belts ever have. Government contains impure ingredients - as anybody who's ever looked at Congress can tell you. On the basis of Bill Clinton's ... campaign promises, I think we can say government practices deceptive advertising. And the merest glance at the federal budget is enough to convict the government of perjury, extortion, and fraud.” - P. J. O'Rourke. - As a supposed service, government is a kind of product. But every territorial government claims a territorial monopoly for “selling” or, rather, imposing its costs by levying tributes from the whole population. Freedom to sell such services would require exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities and the right of individuals and groups to secede from existing governments. - J.Z., 1.7.00. - Repeal all licences for territorial governments! - J.Z., 22. 11. 06, 16.5.12. - AS HEALTH HAZARDS & KILLERS, THE MAJOR CRIME SYNDICATES, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Your government is your worst enemy. It lies to you, misleads you, threatens, misrules and exploits you in thousands of ways, most of them still ignored by you. - J.Z., 10.11.97. – Unless you are its voluntary follower and subject in everything that it does. – The territorial government is the main enemy of most people, whether they are fully aware of this or not. – J.Z., 1.1.09. – TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENTALISM? Yes, but only among governmentalists! - J.Z., 04-11.

 GOVERNMENTS & LEGAL TENDER: Governments, like their depreciating paper currencies, do now have "legal tender" powers towards their citizens. That is, individual citizens are not free to refuse to accept government services and levies and to agree among themselves upon alternative solutions or to accept them only selectively, conditionally and with a discount. - J.Z., 28.3.89, 31.3.89. Their paper constitutions and paper bills of rights are often worth no more than their paper money and are almost constantly further depreciated. - J.Z., 11.12.2003. – LEGAL TENDER POWER & BILLS OF RIGHTS

GOVERNMENTS & POLICE FORCES, COMPETING, AYN RAND’S MISUNDERSTANDING: Only when “competing” governments and “competing” police forces become or try to become territorial governments, with an “exclusive turf”, i.e., monopolists, do they fight each other. Otherwise they merely compete for more voluntary customers. – J.Z., 15.3.05.

GOVERNMENTS & STATES, REDUCTION OR TRANSFORMATION INTO RIGHTFUL FORMS, NOT ABOLITION: Governments should be reduced to voluntary self-help, mutual aid, credit and insurance companies on a cooperative or other individually agreed-upon basis, with all of them becoming only exterritorially autonomous, with e.g. personal constitutions, laws and juridical systems, in free competition with other such systems freely chosen by others for themselves. – J.Z., 28.11.93, 9.1.99, 16.5.12.

GOVERNMENTS & THEIR PROMISES: Territorial governments have never, do not now and will never ever fulfil the promises, hopes and expectations upon which their very existence is based. Nor can they possibly even approach these aims, closely enough - until all of them have only voluntary members, subjects and taxpayers. - J.Z., 15.6.91, 15.12.11, 16.5.12. – PROMISES, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENTS & VOLUNTARISM, FREE GOVERNMENTS: All governments, the worst on Earth and the most tyrannical on Earth, are free governments to that part of the people who voluntarily support them.” – Lysander Spooner, quoted by Rudolf Rocker in “Pioneers of American Freedom”.

GOVERNMENTS & VOLUNTEERS: Governments can at most satisfy voluntary members and this only while these volunteers are willing to remain associated with a particular government. - J.Z., 13.8.91.

GOVERNMENTS A NECESSARY EVIL? A government, even the best, is nothing but a necessary evil. The worst is unbearable." - Paine, retranslated from the German translation. - Panarchies would demonstrate territorial governments as unnecessary evils. - J.Z. 4.7.92. - What Paine said applies only to territorial governments. - J.Z., 10.12.03.

GOVERNMENTS ARE UTOPIAS: Territorial governments, the current, past and future ones, if this goes on, are the worst utopias. Lets reduce their murderous and destructive powers by making their membership voluntary and their powers confined to exterritorial autonomy only, among and for their own volunteers. - J.Z., 5.8.91, 7.1.93. - Territorial governments are wrongful or impossible [to realize “ideals”, coming up to their promises, hopes and expectations, like e.g. the worker’s “socialist paradise. – J.Z., 15.12.11.] utopias while exterritorial utopias are rightful and possible ones, even when their free experiments lead to disappointments, failures and losses. Participants and outsiders can still learn from them and progress to better contracts, institutions and arrangements. Like businessmen and natural scientists they will then tend to learn from their failures. They will have to bear all the costs, labor and risks involved in their self-chosen systems. Outsiders will not bail them out at the expense of involuntary taxpayers. - J.Z., 10.12.03, 15.12.11, 16.5.12.

GOVERNMENTS AS ENEMIES: Our enemies are governments that wish to impose the will of the minority or of the majority which they do somewhat represent - upon majorities or minorities. Only those governments, which are truly based on individual consent can be our rightful and useful allies. To each his own insurance, protection and welfare contract, institution, society, community or self-governance system. - J.Z., 20.6.92, 15.12.11, 16.12.11.

GOVERNMENTS AS HIRED SERVICES AGENCIES & INSURANCE COMPANIES: These hired managers, agents, administrators or employers could then also be fired by their employers, contractors, sovereign consumers or voluntary members. It would be much more a mutual convenience relationship than territorialism can provide. – J.Z., 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, RIGHTFUL ONES, THEIR RECOGNITION & TREATIES & ALLIANCES WITH THEM: The territorialist flaws of all past and present governments-in-exile are to be eliminated. Then they could win relatively fast and easily self-government for their volunteers and would tend to almost dissolve the power of their territorialist opponents. As long as they remain territorialists as well, they provoke maximum opposition against themselves. With an exterritorialist program they could unite all opposition forces against any territorialist regime. See: Plan 77, page 6, in ON PANARCHY II, in PEACE PLANS 506. – DESERTION, DEFECTORS, REFUGEES, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, LIBERATION, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, SECRET ALLIES

GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE: Exterritorially fully autonomous governments and communities in exile, for the volunteers from every oppressed or outvoted minority, recognized by free citizens anywhere, should aim to finally introduce individual sovereignty, free choice, freedom of action, experimental freedom, freedom of contract and consistent pluralism in the last spheres where they have been denied so far, i.e., in politics, economics and social relations. - 10.8.95. - That would bring about the greatest, most peaceful, liberating, just and beneficial revolution ever, expressed in one-man and small group revolutions, all doing only their own things to and for themselves. - J.Z., 7.7.00. – Once they are recognized, e.g. for refugees and deserters from territorial regimes, they could already then practise and demonstrate, among themselves, the kind of liberties and rights they aim at for their future voluntary members, presently still among the captive nations and peoples. If democratic governments remained at first cold towards this opportunity - to overcome their opponents, namely the despotic enemy regimes, then, perhaps, one can induce the despotic enemy regimes, already trying to subvert democratic governments, to adopt it. Thus the idea and practice could be spread and, much against the will of the despotic regimes, it would also be turned against them, e.g. by their internal and external opponents, with their various factions, picking up the idea and practice and uniting against the despotic regime, with only panarchism as their common platform, which includes the whole spectrum of the various panarchies preferred by their volunteers for themselves. Democracies, aiming to liberate the subjects of any despotic regime could thus minimize military and nationalistic resistance against them. For even the adherents of a present despotic regime could thus get the panarchy of their own kind - as almost a sinecure for themselves. - Thus the Anti-American Ideology (opposed to the best in Americanism) and its practice, could also and indirectly become subverted and defeated by a kind of political jiu-jitsu. Sooner or later even the dullest democratic regime would pick up this method. Even the Romans, 2000 years ago, were already clever enough to establish, recognize and collaborate at least with a single government in exile, as an attractive alternative to the regime of their current enemy. There are many ways to kill a cat – or a bear or a dragon. Ideas, suitably presented, know no borders and can become very infective. – J.Z., 28.12.08, 28.11.10, 16.12.11, 16.5.12. - GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE BY & FOR VOLUNTEERS, UNDER PERSONAL LAWS, WITH FULL EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, AS ALTERNATIVES TO EVERY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE: Governments in exile, for volunteers, under personal laws, fully organized and active for their already liberated members and presenting themselves as options for all people to be liberated in the future, are perhaps among the most important steps towards reducing all of the remaining wrongful territorial governments to close to zero, not too far in the future. - J.Z., 24.11.93 & 10.7.00. - WAR & PEACE AIMS, LIBERATION, OVERTHROW OF DICTATORSHIPS, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, REVOLUTIONS, PUTSCHES

GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE: Maybe their members should not become publicly known by their names addresses and offices. Maybe they should never organize public meetings, conferences or parliamentary sessions. They might never congregate personally in any large numbers and might mainly communicate only e.g. via encrypted email messages. Their importance would consist mainly only in their quite rightful and diverse programs, all only for their present and their future volunteers. Only these diverse programs ought to be given maximum publicity. Their “leadership” would consist largely in these platforms and their practical realization in their host countries, among their own followers, or adherents to these platforms, who, in most cases, might not even know and need not know their nominal leaders but should all know their program and their rights and liberties very well. – J.Z., 17.6.03. – Naturally, if they could already practise their system freely in the host country, for all their volunteers, full plublicity for that freedom of action and freedom of experimentation would be even better. Most would not practise a personality cult or conventional leadership, thus there would be less security threats for their kind of managers or administrators. Their correct ideas, principles and their application would count most. – J.Z., 16.5.12. -  THEIR SECURITY AGAINST AGENTS OF THE DICTATORS THEY OPPOSE. IDEAS, PLATFORMS, PRINCIPLES & PRACTICAL EXPERIMENTS AMONG VOLUNTEERS, REALIZING THEM, AS “WEAPONS”.

GOVERNMENTS VS. SECURITY, SAFETY, PEACE: Governments have become much too dangerous for the safety of nations to warrant the continuance of their monopolistic, coercive and destructive powers. For a start, they must be subjected to individual secessionism and exterritorial competition from autonomous volunteer groups. Beyond that, their external affairs interventions with dissenters and non-members must be restrained by individual rights and liberties, backed up by volunteer militias for the protection of all genuine individual rights and liberties – to the extent that they are claimed by the members of communities of volunteers. - J.Z., 12.2.88, 1.4.89, 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENTS-IN-EXILE: Governments in exile and alternative governments - for all who want them - on the basis of full exterritorial autonomy, everywhere, i.e. under personal laws. - J.Z., 10.9.88. - Is there any country whose population would not greatly benefit from such a change? - J.Z., 3.4.89, 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENTS-IN-EXILE: Lincoln's wisdom should be your guide: ‘The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend’ - but seek friendship for the idea itself, not for you personally.” - Henry M. Boettinger, Moving Mountains, p.210. - In the case of the Soviet Union, for instance, the West should have recognized at least 100 ethnic governments in exile and dozens more of an ideological or religious kind, all of them only on the basis of exterritorial autonomy for all their volunteer communities. If that had been done, this totalitarian regime would have collapsed much earlier. - J.Z., 21.7.00. - ENEMIES, WARFARE, DESERTION, PRISONERS OF WAR, PANARCHISM, WAR AIMS, GOVERNMENTS-IN EXILE, i.e., PANARCHIES, AS ALLIES AGAINST DESPOTIC REGIMES

GOVERNMENTS, ASSOCIATIONISM, INDIVIDUALISM, VOLUNTARISM: Government is necessary, not because man is naturally bad ... but because man is by nature more individualistic than social." - Thomas Hobbes, 1588-1679. - Rather: Voluntary and  exterritorial associationism, not because man is naturally good or bad but because man is by nature more social than individualistic. Precisely for that reason none of his self-responsible individualistic options should in any way be outlawed or restricted more than is already automatically the case by the existence of equal individual rights for all other rational beings. - J.Z., 7.1.93.



GOVERNMENTS, FREEDOM & SECESSION: Those who really love freedom would secede from all territorial governments, as soon as they could and begin building free and communities of volunteers, all with exterritorial autonomy or personal law. - J.Z., 14.6.91, 14.1.93, 15.12.11.

GOVERNMENTS, INDEPENDENCE: A government's independence means the dependence of its subjects. The independence of individual people requires the subjugation of governments to the laws of exterritorial, autonomous, voluntary and personal law competition. - J.Z., 12.2.87, 1.4.89.

GOVERNMENTS, MANIPULATION, PROPAGANDA: The discovery that man can be successfully manipulated and that governments can turn large masses this way or that as they choose, is one of the causes of our misfortunes." - Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays - An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish. - 1.) While it is true that governments have all too many propaganda powers and opportunities towards their citizens and at the expense of their subjects, the very fact that, occasionally, governments are voted out of office by landslide majorities, does prove that governments do not always succeed in attempts to completely manipulate the voters. 2.) Even in the presence of large manipulative powers of governments - with regard to public opinion, there will always be some independent thinkers or dissidents of another kind. Under panarchism the power of governments to manipulate the opinions of most of the people and most of the time would be rendered relatively harmless, in the long run, if and as long as dissenting individuals and minority groups remain free to secede from any government or society and to associate autonomously and exterritorially. - J.Z., 6.4.89, 8.4.89, 16.5.12. – They would all tend to guard that right most jealously, even if only thereby getting the chance to sign up more members from the other panarchies. Moreover, if the dissenting individuals made the fullest possible use of the affordable, powerful and lasting alternative media for all their positive proposals and programs then they could initiate the chain reaction of a genuinely cultural revolution, leading to a really enlightened age. - Alas, so far they are still burdened with prejudices in favour of relatively expensive and temporary mass media. - J.Z., 15.9.05. –– The intellectual rubbish should be much more comprehensively collected and refuted than even a thinker like Bertrand Russell could, on his own. He, too, retained a few of the popular errors and prejudices. – Who can claim that he or she is quite free from them, when they are not even aware of them as such? – An encyclopedia of popular errors, prejudices, myths etc., together with their best refutations, has still to become compiled and established. – Today I learned through a quick Internet search that there are over a million results if one searches for an Archive of Ideas. But according to the first 7 pages I downloaded, there are only very few entries that seem to be somewhat close to the world-wide and general Ideas Archive my father proposed since the 1930’s.  – All the activists listed there are more or less specialized and do not seem to have established a common archive as yet. Well, anarchists and libertarians cannot blame them for this, since they haven’t done this for their own ideas, either, as yet – as far as I know. Please, do prove me wrong in this. – The marketing of new ideas and talents would be so much easier if such an institution, combined with a Talent Centre, were already established. – With it and an “Encyclopedia of the Best Refutations” governmental propaganda could also become effectively countered. – Nevertheless, for decades now I have not encountered even a single person with a serious interest in promoting or establishing such services. – Compare also my “New Draft” digitized manuscript on the kind of genuinely cultural revolution we should engage in to accelerate and ensure the process of enlightenment. – A review of it by GPdB is on - J.Z., 15.12.11. - DIS.

GOVERNMENTS, REBELS & PANARCHISM: To the extent that governments are rational, they would also favour it if their opponents, rebels and resistance fighters changed their tune and demanded only this kind of autonomy. From this to a new International, made up of all kinds of suppressed minorities, would be only a short step. – J.Z., to Richard C. B. Johnsson, 14.1.05, rev. 16.5.12. – How can one get this message through to the various “freedom-fighters” in the world? A website should mention them by name and the country and government they are fighting against, in a way that search engines would pick up the pages, and steer them there and thus to a just peace program, in which all their rightful aspirations can be realized – exterritorially, for their volunteers. In this way an international federation of all minorities striving for independence, exterritorially only, might be achieved rather fast. Both, the ruling regime and the freedom fighters, if not power-mad, murderously inclined or motivated by the loot options, are likely to be war-weary by now and also ignorant of genuine solutions for their “disagreements”, as long as they have their minds set only on the territorial model. – J.Z., 17.1.05. See: International Organization.

GOVERNMENTS, RIGHTFUL ONES, SHOULD NOT BE IMPOSED, EITHER: Even rightful societal and government systems may only be defensively protected, to the extent that this would be necessary, upon those who aggressively tried to interfered with them and their voluntary members. - J.Z., 8.5.91, 13.1.93, 16.12.11. - But territorial governments are not and cannot be rightful and free governments or societies, except for their voluntary subject. - J.Z., 10.12.03.

GOVERNMENTS, SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES: Any government and any society should only survive via individual free choices of individuals, including free and individual disassociation. – J.Z., n.d., 16.12.11.

GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIAL & CONSPIRACIES: Every territorial government constitutes a wrongful and harmful conspiracy against all too many of its peaceful and productive subjects, namely, all its involuntary victims. – J.Z., 5.3.05.

GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIAL & EXTERRITORIAL: Government members should only be free to commit their own lives, liberty, property and incomes and those of their party members, voters and other voluntary followers. It will be very rare that they are unanimously supported. Otherwise, they do inevitably act despotically towards all peaceful dissenters, in spite of all their representative or democratic pretences and trappings. - J.Z. 12.2.88. – PARTIES, VOTING, ELECTIONS, MOVEMENTS

GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIAL & JUSTICE, INJUSTICE: Territorial governments have organized and practised injustice rather than justice. Full justice for all cases, according to the different perceptions among peaceful and productive people, can only be organized exterritorially, i.e. within autonomous volunteer communities. - J.Z. 24.11.92, 3.1.93.

GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIAL & THEIR PUBLIC DEBT: I haven’t signed up for any public debt. Find voluntary tax slaves to pay it. – J.Z., 8.3.05. – Did other famous libertarians than Rothbard stand up for the repudiation of these “debts”, which I consider to be merely “investments in tax slaves”? - VOLUNTARY TAXATION, GOVERNMENT DEBTS

GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIAL ONES, AS OUR MAIN ENEMIES: Our enemies are territorial governments that wish to impose the will of the minority or the majority, which they represent, upon majorities or minorities. Only those governments, which are truly based in individual consent, can be our rightful allies. To each his own insurance, protection and welfare contract. - J.Z. 20.6.92, 16.5.12. – ENEMIES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENTS, VOLUNTARY SUBJECTS: Governments are rightful only to the extent that they are based upon unanimous consent, i.e. upon voluntary membership. This requires exterritorial autonomy (if forced emigration and deportation are not to be considered as rightful and sufficient alternatives) for all volunteer groups of dissenters, even for individuals, in the same way as it is already recognized and practised for e.g. sports, entertainment, gardening, cultural and religious groups and activities. - J.Z., 12.2.88, 1.4.89.

GOVERNMENTS: All territorial governments reduce our rightful options. - J.Z. 10.10.87.

GOVERNMENTS: Governments should not be free to experiment with individuals but individuals should be free to experiment with themselves and like-minded individuals - under their own exterritorial governments, or free societies, which are truly based on individual consent. - J.Z., in pamphlet on TOLERANCE.

GOVERNMENTS: Governments should not be served and obeyed (except by volunteers), resisted or destroyed (except in their totalitarian features) but, rather, abandoned by all dissidents, whether individuals or volunteer groups, who should then be at liberty to do their own thing in the same territory, under exterritorial autonomy, without, in most cases, having to change jobs or accommodation. - J.Z., 11.9.87, 1.4.89, 16.5.12.

GOVERNMENTS: No government to have any exclusive territorial powers. No government to have any but voluntary subjects. Every government is thus to be reduced to a mere voluntary association. Experimental freedom and freedom of action and minority autonomy for all! - J.Z., 7.12.91. Only that reform or peaceful revolution would remove all artificial frontiers between human beings while restoring and maintaining all natural and organic or freely chosen ties between them. - J.Z. 13.1.93, 11.12.03, 16.12.11.

GOVERNMENTS: Once they are on a wrong track they tend to persist on it and to make matters even worse, by their "reforms". However, there were and are some exceptions. - As territorial governments they are the least suitable institutions to learn from their own wrongs and mistakes and those of others. - J.Z., 7.11.11, 16.12.11. - REFORMS, TERRITORILISM

GOVERNMENTS: The power of governments to grant privileges must be abolished in all governments with compulsory membership. Such a power can be tolerated only within volunteer communities, i.e., among those, whose sovereignty is exterritorial. - J.Z., 17.3.88, 2.4.89, 16.5.12. – PRIVILEGES, MONOPOLIES

GOVERNTHYSELF.ORG/, Panarchism is a political philosophy advocating the peaceful co-existence of all ... The word panarchy was invented and the concept proposed by a Belgian political ... – PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE


GRADUALISM, ABOLITIONISM: Panarchism, by combining gradualism with individualism, at the same time and in the same country, according to individual choice, with gradualism of one type or the other for some groups of individuals and also with abolitionism of one type or the other for other volunteer groups, would demonstrate that there are alternatives to these seemingly only two choices. Market-like and free enterprise competition among suppliers of "government" services and full consumer sovereignty towards such political offers would work in this sphere, too and end the perpetual and ancient antagonism. Moreover, the very option for individuals to secede from any, but especially from bad governments and to join other, especially better governmental or societal or public services, would assure for any peaceful individual a radical change option while, at the same time, numerous individual secessions and re-associations would assure for society, as a whole, a rapid but peaceful and gradualist (individual by individual) progress. - J.Z., 21.4.89, 3.7.89, 6.9.04, 16.12.11.

GRADUALISM: All too many of the older libertarians lacked the intellectual courage (*) to press on - to call for total victory rather than settle for partial triumph - to apply their principles to the fields of money, police, the courts, the State itself. They failed to heed the injunction of William Lloyd Garrison that "gradualism in theory is perpetuity in practice." For if the pure theory is never held aloft, how can it ever be achieved?” – Murray N. Rothbard, in the anthology: Outside Looking In, p.74. - The panarchistic approach is at the same time a radical and also a gradualist approach, because it does not realize any genuine or supposed ideal collectively and coercively for all people in a territory. Instead, it leaves them their individual choices. This means, any degree of libertarianism to any kind of libertarian group, any type of anarchism for any type of anarchist and any type of governmentalism, for any kind of statist. To each his own! – (*) and knowledge! - J.Z., 4.8.00, 16.12.11. – PANARCHISM, RADICALISM

GRADUALISM: Do justice only gradually or as soon as possible? - J.Z., n.d. – But start among those, who already do agree what justice really means, are prepared to establish it among themselves and to defend it against private and official criminals. – J.Z., 2.1.09. – JUSTICE, THE PANARCHIST WAY, OPTING OUT, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

GRADUALISM: Every moment is propitious for gaining liberty. It is gained by a wise and gradual conquest and not by the hazards of a single blow. It must be born out of the labor of all and not the action of a few.” - Augustin Thierry. - Mass action rarely ever achieved anything right and positive. Most progress is due to individuals and small groups. If you are kidnapped and get the chance to knock out your kidnapper with a single blow, do it! - Only if and when one cannot gain liberty instantly, i.e. in most cases, should one attempt to achieve it gradually, patiently, persistently step by step, but, nevertheless, as fast as possible, never leaving the end, full liberty, out of sight. Individual secessionism and panarchies may be the fastest way for most people to gain all the liberties that they want for themselves. - What Augustin Thierry said makes sense in many situations, but only in these, where more can be relatively easily gained and less lost by successive reforms than by a single bloody revolution. - The full mobilization of all pro-freedom ideas, talents and resources, could speed up the process of enlightenment enormously. Nevertheless, such options are still widely neglected. - J.Z., 4.8.00, 26.12.11. – DIS. MASS ACTIONS

GRADUALISM: For to prefer a gradual whittling away to immediate abolition of an evil and coercive institution is to ratify and sanction such an evil, and therefore to violate libertarian principles. (*) As the great abolitionist of slavery and libertarian William Lloyd Garrison explained: “Urge immediate abolition as earnestly as we may, it will, alas! be gradual abolition in the end. We have never said that slavery would be overthrown by a single blow; that it ought to be, we shall always contend.” – Murray N. Rothbard, For a New Liberty, revised edition, p.13, Collier Books, 1978, ISBN 0-02-074690-3. - (*) Individual sovereignty, expressed in individual secessionism and membership in exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers (panarchism), does combine gradualism with immediate abolitionism, in what I call an “uncompromising compromise”, since I know of no better term for it. – J.Z., 16.9.08, 16.5.12. - ABOLITIONISM, IMMEDIATE? PANARCHISM, EACH ADVANCING AT THE OWN SPEED ONLY, THUS MAXIMIZING OVER-ALL PROGRESS.

GRADUALISM: Get impatient for liberty! - J.Z., 10.8.75. – At least liberty for yourself and like-minded people. Leave all others to their self-chosen fate. – J.Z., 2.1.09. - IMPATIENCE & LIBERTY

GRADUALISM: Getting rid of what's wrong gradually is a nonsensical tactic, for gradualism has no end. Restore what's right - right now! - Leonard E. Read, How Do We Know? p.81. - There is a case for gradualism - but only among the gradualists, and at their own expense and risk. Those prepared to voluntarily suffer a wrong do, obviously, need a prolonged lesson, and panarchies could provide it for them. - Gradualism for gradualists, radicalism for radicals. To each his own. Both deserve it, as a matter of justice. - Naturally, as soon as a member of a gradualist community has become aware of a wrong, he or she should be free to secede from it. - Voluntary associationism and individual secessionism are the most rightful forms of gradualism. Instead of trying to reform or revolutionize a whole community collectively, they take the steps they want for themselves. However radical that step may be for individuals, as individuals, communities are thereby only gradually transformed. Losing more and more members, one by one, to better communities or new ones, such losses are likely to induce them to introduce at least some changes, gradually.  - J.Z., 22.7.00, 16.12.11, 16.5.12. - RADICALISM & WRONGNESS, EVIL, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GRADUALISM: Go-slow is a slogan for unionists, not for freedom lovers. - J.Z., 20.5.76. – Individual and minorities should be free to advance as slowly or as fast towards liberty as they like, free even to stagnate in their self-chosen present system or to go backwards with it or any other. – J.Z., 2.1.09. – PANARCHISM, TO EACH HIS OWN, GO-SLOW ACTIONS, UNIONS, COMPROMISES, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, ONE-MAN REVOLUTIONS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, ENLIGHTENMENT

GRADUALISM: Gradualism in theory is perpetuity in practice.” – William Lloyd Garrison. Compare the old age of transitional and educational custom duties. - J.Z., 22. 11. 06. – Protectionism is one of the best examples. – Free trade for free traders, protectionism for protectionists instead: One application of the radicalness, the compromise and the gradualism of panarchism. – J.Z., 24.12.08.

GRADUALISM: Gradualism is the worst example of compromises, compromises between right and wrong. - J.Z., 13.8.75. – Unless one means the gradualism of panarchism, which means that each individual makes his own reform or revolution, confined to his own affairs, by joining an alternative panarchy or establishing one, all kinds of panarchies only for their kind of volunteers and confined to exterritorial autonomy. – J.Z., 2.1.09, 16.5.12. – PANARCHISM, COMPROMISES & RIGHT & WRONG

GRADUALISM: Idealism can never be completely implemented overnight." - Roger Court, 20.10.76. - This popular view overlooks the possibility of individual secession and exterritorial and autonomous realization of a long prepared program, overnight – but only with in a community of volunteers. Experimental freedom and freedom of action for all - at their own risk and expense, in the few remaining spheres still preempted by governments, that of political, economic and social systems. To each his own utopia, as long as he can stand it and is willing to pay for it. And all the benefits of it, too. That would assure that the successful experiments would rapidly be copied by others. - J.Z., 12/76 & 4.8.00. - SECESSION, OVERNIGHT, STEP BY STEP, POLITICAL PROCESS, DIS.

GRADUALISM: Liberty cannot be easily won by gradualism – under territorialism - but it can be easily lost by it. - J.Z., 10.6.92. – However, panarchistically it can be won or established by its current advocates already for themselves, easier than in any other way, and this almost immediately, while generally, for a whole country’s population or for that of Earth, it could then be won gradually, step by step, by more and more volunteers joining more of the more free societies, by all doing only their own things for and to themselves, with the best options becoming, finally, almost generally adopted. Only the equivalents of monasteries and nunneries might remain for a small percentage, who will continue with that self-chosen life-style. – J.Z., 2.1.09, 16.5.12. – LIBERTY, THE PANARCHISTIC OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM WAY

GRADUALISM: Panarchism, by COMBINING gradualism with abolitionism, at the same time and in the same country, but among different people, according to individual choice, shows that there is at least one alternative to these seemingly exclusive choices for change. Business-like, voluntaristic and competitive provision of "governmental" services, combined with consumer sovereignty and monetary as well as financial freedom, as essential parts of free enterprise and freedom to exchange, in division of labor societies, work best in the "governmental sphere" as well. - J.Z., 21.4.89 & 18.7.00, 16.5.12. - ABOLITIONISM, RADICALISM VS. REFORMISM, INDIVIDUALISM VS. TERRITORIAL COLLECTIVISM, PANARCHISM

GRADUALISM: The ground of liberty is to be gained by inches, and we must be contented to secure what we can get from time to time and eternally press forward for what is yet to get. It takes time to persuade men to do even what is for their own good.” - Thomas Jefferson {1743-1826 3rd US President & Founding Father}, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – Should we refuse to take any options for larger, faster and multiple pro-freedom steps? The effective secession of one individual or one minority group from the territorial political system may be considered as being only one small step. But it is a very radical one and it can be speedily followed by millions more of such secessions, thus soon and radically transforming the political scene. Full monetary freedom might also be considered by some as a minor step only. However, even if it is realized, initially, only in a small village or town - and not suppressed before it has proven its case and has been sufficiently publicized, then it could rapidly spread all over the world, like e.g. the ball point pen, the digital watch, video tapes and discs [By now the video tapes are almost completely replaced by video discs and the tapes are sold largely only second hand and very cheaply. – J.Z., 16.5.12.] and the mobile phone, and could thus come to positively transform, rather soon, much of the economy, politics and human lives. Within at least some panarchies progress could become very rapid and radical. – J.Z., 8.1.08, 16.12.11, 16.11.11. – DIS., Q.

GRADUALISM: There are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by the gradual and silent encroachment of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpation.” – James Madison. - Exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers would tend to gradually reduce their bad features and improve their good and better ones even further, all with practically unanimous consent. - J.Z., 26. 11. 06. – But for individuals or minorities to secede from a territorial State and to establish or join an exterritorially autonomous community of volunteers, one panarchy among many others, would be a very radical and sudden step. – J.Z., 24.12.08. – Actually, it would “reduce” the remaining population to volunteers for the old government, but without a territorial monopoly, in other words, it would thereby already become also another panarchy. – J.Z., 16.5.12. -GRADUALIST ENCROACHMENT ON LIBERTIES, "SALAMI TACTICS"; SLICE BY SLICE, POWER, USURPATION, GOVERNMENTS

GRADUALISM: There is no better gradualist approach than that of individual secessionism. - J.Z., 18.6.75. - It offers simultaneously a gradual and a radical change, each selected one by one, by individuals and only for themselves. That is one of the best features of panarchism or polyarchism. - J.Z., 31.7.78 & 21.7.00, 2.1.09. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & RADICALISM, REVOLUTION & EVOLUTION, COMPROMISE VS. UNCOMPROMISING ACTIONS

GRADUALISM: To gradually spread and apply a fully consistent and radical program goes probably faster and offers more certainty for a general success, not only for the first free experimenters, than do the attempts to reach the same aim through gradualist compromises for the whole country and its population. - J.Z., 27.8.75 & 21.7.00, 6.12.10.

GRAVESON, R. H., The Conflict of Laws, 6th ed., 1969, & G. C. CHESHIRE Private International Law, 5th ed., 1957, Short extracts by J.Z. of some panarchist interest, 4pp: 1025, in PEACE PLANS 1689-1693. - The Conflict of Laws, London, Sweet & Maxwell, 1965, 5th. ed., p.25, on personal law under the Romans.

GRAY, JOHN N., F. A. Hayek on Liberty and Tradition, 1979, in JLS, IV/2, Spring 1980, 19pp, JZL. On page 133 he compares Nozick's "meta-utopian" framework favorably with Hayek's construction.

GRAYZEL, SOLOMON, A History of the Jews, From the Destruction of Judah in 586 BC to the Present Arab Israelit Conflict, New Revised Edition, A Mentor Book, New American Library, 1947, 1968, indexed, 768pp, JZL. - Page 236: On the revived exilarchate of the Jews in Babylon, after the conquest of Persia by the Mohammedans. It became something like a world government for Jews. Page 237: On the Geonim and their power over Jewish affairs. "For, although each Jewish community still ruled itself through communal heads and trustees (gabbaim) of its own choosing, the actions of these communal leaders were subject to the criticism of the Geonim." Page 238: The Geonim became arbitrators for Jews in other lands, using the talmudic literature as their guidance. Page 569: "... the Bund leadership, despite opposition from their collegues, arrived at the conclusion that Russian Jewry, like similar national groups, deserved national recognition within the Russian state." - Page 586: "This was the point of view of the Bund, best represented by Vladimir Medem (1879-1923), one of the most interesting men produced by that age. ... He concluded that for them especially socialism was more than an effort at liberation. The Jews, he thought, were already a nation in Russia and did not need the special effort of restoring Palestine. He argued, however, that the national aspect of Jewish life will take care of itself, as it does with all nations, but that the primary task was to struggle for the establishment of socialism. Other Russian Jewish socialists disagreed with Medem and adopted a more generally accepted definition of nationalism as a group bound together by history, culture and purpose. Of these, Hayhim Zhitlovsky (1865-1940) was the most influential. He, too, was a diaspora nationalist. But, though a socialist, he stressed culture as an element in Jewish survival to a far greater extent than Medem. Jewish culture had to be based, however, on the Yiddish language. Zhitlovsky thus was the founder of the socialist-Yiddish movement in Jewish life." - I guess these two were members of what Walter Zander called the "territorialist" movement among Russian Jews, in favor of Jewish autonomy within the territories they already lived in. However, on page 587 there is a paragraph headed: "Opposition on the Basis of Territorialism. -  When the Uganda offer divided the Zionists and that offer was finally rejected, Israel Zwangwill led a group out of Zionism and formed the Jewish Territorial Organization (ITO) with the object of settling Jews in any territory that might be available. Most of them believed that a Jewish nation should be revived; they did not opposed Palestine; but since the Jews of Eastern Europe were facing an emergency, there was no time for prolonged political maneuvering such as Zionist hopes involved." - Was Werner Ackermann the only Jew who strove for a cosmopolitan autonomy for Jews and other freedom lovers, with his "Cosmopolitan Union", quite discarding territorial limitations? - The index to this book lists about 30 references to Jewish autonomy, 3 on minority rights, 5 on Jews in China but none on geographical, far less individual secessionism - J.Z., 31.1.99.

GREATNESS: A man's greatness can be measured by his willingness to be kind.” - W. G. P., n.d. – “For when cruelty and lenity play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winner.” - Shakespeare, Henry V. - One day there will be celebrated, as the greatest politician ever, the one political leader who will be the first to let all dissenting individuals and minorities secede to live their own lives, self-determined, under exterritorial autonomy, and who, thereby, transformed his own territorial State into an exterritorially autonomous free society and community of volunteers as well. There are so many ambitious politicians. Why is there, so far, not even one who strives to achieve THAT kind of world-wide fame? - J.Z., 4.8.00, 16.12.11. - KINDNESS, GENTLENESS, JUSTICE, FREEDOM & PANARCHISM

GREATNESS: And the great man of the future, in distinction from the great man of the past, is he who will seek to create (*) power in the people (**), and not gain power over them. (***) The great man of the future is he who will refuse to be great at all, in the historic sense; he is the man who will literally lose himself, who will altogether diffuse himself, in the life of humanity.” - G. D. Herron, in Sprading, “Liberty and the Great Libertarians”, p.532. - Rather, he will live his own life and help as much as he can so that others can do the same. – (*) or simply release! – (**) defined as communities or societies of volunteers! – (***) He will, rather, release self-management power in individual people and their societies and communities of volunteers! - J.Z., 4.8.00.

GREATNESS: Greatness lies not in being strong but in the right use of one's strength … He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own.” - William Cullen Bryant, American Poet. - As if all too many "great" men, with enthusiastic followers, had not misled them e.g. into slaughters, misery and becoming oppressors. - See the collected sayings on "leadership". - According to Leonard E. Read, the best use of one's strength might consist in helping to release everybody's creative energies. - J.Z., 4.8.00. - ATTRACTION, STRENGTH

GREECE, ANCIENT, & PANARCHISM: In his work on The International Law and Custom of Ancient Greece and Rome, Dr. Coleman Phillipson says: "The Egyptians often allowed foreign merchants to avail themselves, of local judges of their own nationality in order to regulate questions and settle differences arising out of mercantile transactions, in accordance with their foreign laws and customs; - the Greeks especially enjoyed these privileges on Egyptian territory." 3 - -In Athens and in other Greek cities, the institution of proxenia existed, the proxenus being appointed either by the foreign government which he represented or by the State in which he resided.4  The choice was made from among the citizens of the latter State, and had to be approved by them.5 The office of the proxenus was similar to the modern consulate and is even regarded by some as its earliest prototype.6 - It is said that nearly all the Greek republics had proxenoi in Egypt.7 -Liu, Exterritoriality, 24. - - 3  Vol. i, p. 193. - - 4  Phillipson, op. cit., vol. i, p. 150. - The earliest evidence of the existence of proxenoi dates from the middle of the fifth century, ibid., p.148. - 5 Pardessus, op. cit., vol. i, p. 52; Hautefeuille, Histoire du droit maritime international (2d ed., Paris, 1869), p. 06, n. 1. - 6  Phillipson, op. cit., vol. i, p. 149; Miltitz, Manuel des consuls (London and Berlin, 1837-41), vol. i, p. 11. - 7 Hautefeuille, ibid. - - Liu, ibid, page 25: Of more interest to us is the special system of jurisdiction for foreigners, which, in ancient Greece and Rome, received its most remarkable development. On this, Dr. Phillipson says: In Greece special magistrates ξευοδικαι (a general term, for which special names were substituted in different localities), were instituted for trying questions in which foreigners were involved. Sometimes such magistrates were appointed on the initiative of the particular national government in question, sometimes provisions were arranged to that effect by means of special conventions between States. In some cases these judges exercised full judicial power in pronouncing decisions as to the matters in dispute, in others they appear to have merely investigated the points at issue, and submitted their results to the ordinary magistrates who were to deliver the final verdict.1  The writer goes on to enumerate instances of such special judges, all of which go to prove the immiscibility of the alien in the ancient world, so far as his judicial status was concerned.”

GREEN POLITICS: Green politics at its worst amounts to a sort of Zen fascism; less extreme, it denounces growth and seeks to stop the world so that we can all get off.” - Chris Patten. – If the greenies were able and willing to provide us with efficient space travel options then we might all settle somewhere else in space and leave this planet to the greenies. But some fanatic greenies, of the “Earth First!” type would rather be inclined to kill all of us off rather than give us a chance on other planets, which, in their opinion, we would only mess up. – Greenies overlook the free enterprise and panarchistic solution: Manage your own gardens and run your own parks and wildlife reserves. Many of the latter are already run profitably, for tourism, in Africa. – Alas, most “Green politics” is still territorial politics and as such quite wrongful. - J.Z., 3.12.09. - ENVIRONMENTALISM, CONSERVATIONISM, ECOLOGY FANATICS, PROPERTY RIGHTS, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GREENE, WILLIAM B.: The Sovereignty of the Individual, Boston, 1863. - (Roscher).

GREENIES, CONSERVATION & ECOLOGY: All such aspirations will also be freely practised under panarchism – but never with the power of a territorial State behind them and at the expense of involuntary taxpayers. These reformers will only be free to do their things to and for themselves – and at their own risk and expense. They will have no power to run the lives of others, make decisions for them, impose the costs of their reforms upon dissenters and regulate their actions. They should be satisfied with the situation that their notions are already popular enough to be widely practised – by and among themselves only, as long and to the extent that they are sensible or considered to be so. More they cannot rightly demand. However, they could use juridical competing avenues to defend their right to unpolluted air and water, e.g. via class actions against offenders who spread harmful biological, chemical or radioactive materials or spread harmful degrees of radiation or magnetic effects, to the extent that these damages can be scientifically proven in competing and agreed-upon court or arbitration systems. – J.Z., 25.1.05.  – Those, who ascribe all kinds of harm to the emission of carbon-dioxide should perhaps do away with their breathing? Please excuse me for continuing with mine! – J.Z., 27.1.05.

GREEVZ FISHER, J., Voluntary Taxation, 1889, 1890, 2nd. Ed., 31pp, with an 8pp letter by AUBERON HERBERT, in PP 1429, page 394.

GREGORY, DICK: Parallel Institutions, page 70 in ON PANARCHY II, in PEACE PLANS 506.

GRIFFIN J., & CALABRESE, M., Coping with extraterritoriality disputes’, JOURNAL OF WORLD TRADE LAW 22/3 (1988) pp.5-25; - Abstracts are wanted and review hints, as well as links to the full texts, if they are relevant to this collection. - Titles can be so deceptive. - J.Z., 13.10.11.

GROWTH: Let everyone grow in his own way. - J.Z., 6/73.

GROWTH: The key need in policy setting is to reverse the growth of government!” - Milton Friedman, An Economist's Protest, XVI. - That would happen automatically and as fast as possible if individuals were freed to secede and associate under exterritorial autonomy in various volunteer communities, all practising their own preferred experiments. - J.Z., 4.8.00. - OF GOVERNMENT, REVERSE THE GROWTH OF GOVERNMENT


GUARDIANSHIP: The greatest enemies of democracy, the most violent reactionaries, are those who have lost faith in the capacity of a free people to manage their own affairs and wish to set up the government as a political and social guardian, running their business and making their decisions for them.” - Maxwell Anderson, quoted in THE FREEMAN, March 1967. - The territorialist and collectivist notions here of "capacity" and of "a free people" are immature and unrealistic ones, not much better than Marx's notions on classes and proletarians and those of the blood and soil nationalists. Their collectivism overlooks the individuals who are involved and their rights and liberties, which they would like to practise in often quite different ways, not bound by "national, collectivistic and territorial decision-making, institutions, constitutions and laws". - J.Z., 18.7.00. - THE PRETENCE OF GUARDIANSHIP & REPRESENTATION, TERRITORIALISM

GUERARD, ALBERT: Beyond Hatred. The Democratic Ideal in France and America, T. Fischer Unwin, London, 1925, indexed, 298pp, JZL. - While the author remains, essentially, a territorial statist (p.79), this book contains some panarchistic or close to panarchistic ideas, e.g. on pages 88 & 93. Individual secession is mentioned on pages 59ff, 62. E.g., on page 88: "So long as monarchical sentiment remains on a purely voluntary basis, and does not interfere with the conduct of practical affairs, the princes are welcome. The more the merrier. Imagine the Irish Free State with a galaxy of kings! - -This constitutes what we call a pluralistic world: several regimes coexisting, interpenetrating, and not clashing. Such a state of affairs may seem absurd. Yet it prevails in countries submitted to a protectorate. In Morocco and in Tunis, for instance, not only two, but three or four populations live side by side with different traditions, different ideals, different faiths, different laws. The one bond of union is the practical business of the state: order and prosperity. Frenchmen, Spaniards, Italians, Anglo-Maltese, Jews, Arabs, Berbers, Moors, and Couloughlis are all interested in getting good roads, sanitation and police protection ..." - Apparently, the author was still under the delusion that territorial governments are good in providing these. - Each somewhat valuable book should be republished, permanently, in alternative media, together with a criticism of all its remaining faults from any source or at least with cross references to corrections. Otherwise, like their authors, their readers may live and die with, having accepted and remembering their remaining flaws. - To some extent their worthwhile thoughts could, naturally, be represented in an Ideas Archive, a Slogans for Liberty Encyclopaedia and their errors in an Encyclopaedia of the Best Refutations. - J.Z, 31.1.1999, 16.5.12.

GUILD AUTONOMY & EXTERRITORIALITY, WHILE THEY MONOPOLIZED PROFESSIONS & TRADES WITHIN A LOCAL AREA: Each guild had its on share of communal land and trade and regulated all its own affairs, 'providing mutual support in all circumstances and in all accidents of life', and maintaining justice, where the offender was answerable to a tribunal of guild brothers, 'men who were his equals and brethren indeed, not theorists of law nor defenders of someone else's interests.'" - C. Cahm, Kropotkin on Law, in Holterman, Law in Anarchism, 155, quoting ; Kropotkin, Mutual Aid, 176. - See: WHITEHEAD, ALFRED NORTH. - They practised, exterritorially and autonomously, professional or trade monopolies - for their recognized guild members, under personal law and jurisdiction. As monopolists they were intolerant. But they were also volunteers – who, unfortunately, did not permit competing voluntary organizations. One could not secede from them and start in business independent from their rules and restrictions - as long as they were in power in the established towns and cities. – Consequently, industrialism was largely started without them, in new cities, in which guilds were not granted any powers or privileges. – In our times, too, trade unions and unions of professionals, usually too proud and elitist to call themselves unionists, have become wrongful States with States, with wrongful and legalized monopoly powers and the usual corruption associated with such powers. – They are part of the limited kind of pluralism that can exist under territorialism. - J.Z., 23.9.04, 16.12.11, 16.5.12.

GUN CONTROL: 1935 will go down in History! For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead to the future!" - The above "quotation" has been ascribed to Adolf Hitler, but, so far, no one has been able to find further details about its source. – During WW II the Allies rained bombs upon the very people whom Hitler had trusted so little that he had disarmed and terrorized them and kept them under strict censorship! – They did not treat the suppressed German people as their secret allies and insisted upon unconditional surrender! – They did not recognize rightful governments in exile for all kinds of German people, who were never “united”, far less “united” behind a “misleader” like Hitler. - J.Z., 24.12.08.

GUN CONTROL: Fear the government that fears your gun. - Bumper sticker quoted in HARPER'S MAGAZINE, 3/90. - If you are properly motivated, armed, trained and organized, e.g. by a proper libertarian program, then you do not have to fear any territorial government but any of them will have good reasons to fear you. - J.Z., 19.7.00. – Fear the people, who have monopolized the possession of guns in their hands. – J.Z., 15.12.11.

GUN CONTROL: Guns are there to uphold something better than merely territorial laws that are wanted and passed by the few. They are one of the pre-conditions of a just state of affairs in which each, under exterritorial autonomy, can freely enjoy the own and self-chosen or self-made personal laws and institutions. - J.Z., 26.12.92 & 13.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GUN CONTROL: No kingdom can be secured otherwise than by arming the people. The possession of arms is the distinction between a freeman and a slave. He, who has nothing, and who himself belongs to another, must be defended by him, whose property he is, and needs no arms. But he, who thinks he is his own master, and has what he can call his own, ought to have arms to defend himself, and what he possesses; else he lives precariously, and at discretion." - James Burgh "Political Disquisitions: Or, an Enquiry into Public Errors, Defects, and Abuses" [London, 1774-1775] – But can one effectively reason with anti-gun legislators and their supporters – or can one only opt out from under them, seceding, and realizing and protecting this right with the aid of quite rightful militia forces? - J.Z., 5.1.07.

GUN CONTROL: No slave shall keep any arms whatever, nor pass, unless with written orders from his master or employer, or in his company, with arms from one place to another. Arms in possession of a slave contrary to this prohibition shall be forfeited to him who will seize them. – A Bill Concerning Slaves, Virginia Assembly, 1779. – I.e., in the middle of the American Revolution, supposedly for “liberty”. – Modern Americans, at least in this respect, are once against treated like slaves. Largely also via territorialism with e.g. its suppression of secessions, forfeiture laws, taxation, compulsory taxation and conscription. – The latter has been only temporarily suspended for political motives. There are, presently, not enough votes to be gained by it. - J.Z., 25.12.08. - SLAVERY

GUN CONTROL: Power mad governments want citizens to be completely disarmed (apart from those in the government's armed forces). - Freedom and peace loving citizens want territorial governments completely disarmed. - J.Z., 17.10.98. - GOVERNMENT & DISARMAMENT

GUN CONTROL: States with waiting periods do not have lower crime rates. No waiting period has ever been shown to have any effect on crime whatsoever.” - – Reason does only rarely prevail in “public affairs” determined by territorial politicians and bureaucrats, who are supported by popular errors, myths and prejudices, i.e., when one cannot opt out from under wrongful laws and institutions. – J.Z., 25.12.08. - PANARCHISM

GUN CONTROL: Territorial nations, their armed forces and even monopoly police forces are too dangerous to be armed but productive individuals should be - against official and unofficial looters, bullies and murderers. - J.Z., 19.7.92 & 18.7.00. - THE MILITARY & POLICE

GUN CONTROL: That rifle on the wall of the laborer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there!” - George Orwell, Orwell: The Authorized Biography (1940) by Michael Shelden. – However, there are groups that ought to become disarmed, if that can be done without to much bloodshed: E.g., convicted violent criminals, terrorists, standing armies, mercenaries hiring out without discrimination to the highest bidder - and all territorial governments, i.e. their monopolistic armed forces, standing armies, secret police, ordinary monopoly police forces! – J.Z., 4.1.08.

GUN CONTROL: The arms of governments should be controlled or, rather, taken away from them - by well-armed, trained, organized and motivated volunteer militias, sworn to uphold and defend nothing but individual rights and liberties, in a way fully in accordance with these rights. - No territorial government is to be left in possession of any military forces or decision-making power. That requires a new kind of military and police science, which territorial States are not likely to provide. - J.Z., 26.12.93 & 10.7.00. - GOVERNMENTS, HUMAN RIGHTS & MILITIAS

GUN CONTROL: The Department of Justice found that in 1989, there were 168,881 crimes of violence, which were not responded to by police within one hour. (10)” - Quoted by Dagny. – Now, of what use are mere facts and their publication against wrongful laws? Each individual ought to be free to repeal any such laws or all of them – simply by individual secession! – J.Z., 25.12.08. – PANARCHISM, VIOLENCE, POLICE & SELF-DEFENSE

GUN CONTROL: The main task of a rightful kind of gun control would be to keep all weapons especially ABC mass murder devices, out of the hands of politicians, bureaucrats and generals. Only secondarily would I strive to take them out of the hands of violent criminals with victims but never out of those of decent people, who need them and want them to defend themselves. - J.Z., 27.9.91 & 23.7.00.

GUN CONTROL: The time is past to debate the merits of "gun control". The last three decades of historical and legal scholarship show beyond any doubt that the Second Amendment means exactly what we've always said it does, and that weapons in private hands give rise to a safe, crime-free society. The only fit subject now is how much of the next three decades Diane Feinstein, Charles Schumer, and their ilk will spend in prison, having maimed our rights and endangered the lives and future of our children.” - L. Neil Smith. - Let's control the gun controllers and criminals with guns rather than the non-criminal gun owners. "Victim disarmament" is not the solution. - J.Z., 29.10.02. – Individual and group secessionism, combined with panarchism, would have settled this questions, too, much sooner, at least for the secessionists, under their own personal laws and in their own protective associations. – J.Z., 3.1.09.

GUNDERLOY, MIKE: ON PANARCHY, 17, 18, 36, 38, 39, 49, 71, in PEACE PLANS No. 505. -- 97, 114, in ON PANARCHY III, in PP 507. -- 11, 51, in ON PANARCHY VI, in PP 585. -- in ON PANARCHY XIV, in PP 870. -- 97 &107-108, in ON PANARCHY XV, in PP 879. -- 5/6, 20, in ON PANARCHY XVI, in PP 901.

GUNDERSON, LANCE H. & HOLLING, C. S.: They and their followers, in their numerous writings on "panarchy", in recent times, have merely adopted the word "panarchy", to describe their own general philosophizing about natural systems, ecology, development and transformation, without knowing or caring about the meaning that P. E. de Puydt had given it, back in 1860. They are by far not the only ones who have used the term to describe something very different from what de Puydt had in mind, namely to describe the application of the principles of laissez faire or free enterprise or free market economics, based upon genuine individual rights and liberties, of e.g. freedom of association and disassociation, freedom of contract, freedom to trade, freedom of enterprise, free exchange, freedom to experiment, freedom of action, free choice, consumer sovereignty, and this quite consistently to political and social relationships and associations and institutions, to legislation, constitutions and jurisdictions, in order to make a peaceful coexistence between all kinds of societies, communities and governance systems possible and assure for all of them the achievement of their own ideals, to the extent that they could be achieved by humans, if they really tried and were free to try, always at their own expense and risk, thus, overall, achieving a maximum of enlightenment, peace, justice freedom, development, progress and prosperity, for all people seriously and tolerantly and responsibly trying to live themselves in accordance with their own ideals, without trying to force them, their flaws, failures, risks and costs upon anyone else. He conceded to none of them a territorial monopoly, while respecting genuine individual property rights, not "collectivist" "rights" to whole counties, districts, "countries" or continents. Others have e.g. used the term to describe a world-wide tyrannical government, or only their student club, their computer business etc. perhaps simply because for a long time panarchy had been only a very rarely used term. In all my own statements and those that I have collected from others, I have tried to stick as close as I could to the meaning of panarchy that P. E. de Puydt had given it, one that has been strongly confirmed by the progress of religious freedom or religious tolerance and the progress in natural sciences, technology and in private life-style options. - De Puydt's panarchy amounts also to the final development of the still imperfect, incomplete and personal law tradition and practice that has existed for most of mankind's undocumented history and partly for its relatively short period of its documented history, until it was finally almost completely suppressed by statist, governmental, centralizing, nation-building and imperialistic power addicts and their followers, misled by national, racist, ethnic and religious sentiments, into all kinds of suppression, domination, mass murder, enslavement or exploitation attempts for different kinds of people or simply people with a different point of view: the terrible and terrorizing parts of human history, characterized by warfare States. Their maxim seems to be not: "Vive la difference!" but, rather: "Down with everything that is different! - Even now not all genuine individual rights and liberties are generally known and appreciated. So what could one expect from people hundreds to thousands of years ago? - Even the best kinds of democracies or republics do still have their kind of territorial majority despotism. - J.Z., 28.9.11.

GUPTA, S. N., Editor, Personal Laws, 1st. ed. Dehli, Commercial Law Publications, sole distributor: Jaycee Publ. & Distr., 1983, VIII, 255pp, bibl., subj.: personal law, India, Hindu law, Islamic law.

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GUTHRIE, JAMES, Our Sham Democracy or The Majority Vote Racket, Hobart, Tasmania, 1946, 63pp. pamphlet, advocates individual secession on p.35 & 62. - JZL. The 1978 edition, 58 pages edition was microfiched in PEACE PLANS 391.

GYPSIES: If a million gypsies in the USA can get away with largely dishonest actions and living under their own laws, why shouldn’t quite honest people be able to do so? – J.Z., 29.2.09, in comment to Peter Maas, King of the Gypsies, Viking Press, N.Y., 1974. – Actually, on p. 28 he estimates their number to between 250,000 and one million. – Page 54: “By the end of World War II somewhere between a quarter and a half million gypsies had perished in the gas chambers and other forms of genocide the Hitlerian age had devised.” - VOLUNTARY COMMUNITIES, EXTERRITORIALISM, PERSONAL LAW, PRECEDENTS.

GYPSIES: See: YOORS, JAN, The Gypsies, Simon Schuster, N.Y., 1967. JZL. - The author lived from the age of 12 for many years among the gypsies and reports on this experience. From the introduction rear cover: "... this race of strangers who have lived among us for centuries and remained apart." - PERSONAL LAW



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