John Zube

An Anthology of

Wisdom & Common Sense

On the personal and social changes required to achieve
freedom, peace, justice, enlightenment, progress & prosperity in our time

Index - I

(1973 - 2012)



ICELAND: Jesse Byock, Viking Age Iceland, Penguin Books 2001, brings some of its early tradition of exterritorial organization and competing protective systems. It should be included in a bibliography on panarchism, although the society it describes is of the Middle Age and lasted only a few hundred years and this in a remote small country, with a small population and under special geographical conditions. But human nature hasn't changed much since that time. - J.Z. in email to GPdB, 24.11.03.

IDEAL MONEY SYSTEM OR FULL MONETARY FREEDOM? The discussion on a supposedly ideal money system for all, if such a thing were really possible, is likely to be almost endless. Alternatively, discussion on monetary freedom for all does appear to be finite, since it would confine itself to elaborating the rights, liberties, tolerance and opportunities existing or to be established in this sphere, in order for individuals or their voluntary associations to use them as they please, at least among themselves. - J. Z., free after MONETARY FREEDOM NEWS LETTER & MF, No. 3/4, Feb. 89. (Because of lack of interest it came only to 5 issues, which I micro-fiched and later digitized. –– In the sphere of money, full monetary freedom is one application of panarchism and its variety, tolerance and voluntarism. – J.Z., 8.1.09.

IDEALISM & MAJORITARIANISM: Panarchism does not force you to wait, hopefully or desperately, until the majority finally would become sufficiently enlightened to adopt your ideas. Instead, it would permit you to practise them now, tolerantly, together with like-minded people, however few they may still be, and thereby it allows you to contribute to achieving the enlightenment of the majority as fast as this can be done. - J.Z., 04-11, 18.5.12 - DEMOCRACY, VOTING, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, MINORITY AUTONOMY, GENUINE SELF-DETERMINATION OR SELF-GOVERNMENT OR SELF-MANAGEMENT.

IDEALISM MIXED WITH TERRITORIALISM: Die Idealisten sind ein Teil jener Kraft, 'die stets das Gute will, and stets das Boese schafft.'" - Lohberger. (The idealists are part of that power which has always good intentions and always does evil.) - It is a rather totalitarian approach when “idealists”, with all too little knowledge and experience, attempt to force their ideas, systems and institutions upon all others living in the same territories or even in the whole world. If they merely tried to demonstrate them, at their own expense and risk, in their own volunteer societies, under exterritorial autonomy, then and only then, would they show sufficient self-criticism, understanding and wisdom, combined with good will towards others. Their territorial, i.e., essentially totalitarian, methods, do create evil because they are evil and prevent much good from coming into existence and being peacefully continued among volunteers. - J.Z. 15.1.93, 10.12.03. – REFORMERS, REVOLUTIONARIES, FREEDOM FIGHTERS, PEACE AIMS, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE

IDEALISM, TOLERANTLY & RIGHTFULLY PRACTISED: Panarchies offer many options to individuals, minorities and majorities for government and non-government services. They permit the realization of all practicable ideals among their supporters, through exterritorial autonomy. - J.Z., 15.2.89, 3.4.89.

IDEALISM: Do not consider Collectivists as "sincere but deluded idealists". The proposal to enslave some men for the sake of others is not an ideal; brutality is not "idealistic," no matter what its purpose. Do not ever say that the desire to "do good" by force is a good motive. Neither power-lust nor stupidity are good motives.” - Ayn Rand, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – However, on a voluntary basis all kinds of collectivism, communism, socialism, syndicalism etc. should be tolerated, as corresponding to the present state of enlightenment or ignorance and prejudices of their members. Their free experiments would then mainly serve to help enlighten the experimenters and also as deterrent examples for outside observers. – J.Z, 10.1.08, 8.12.10, 18.5.12. – To all kinds of idealists and utopians their own kind of idealism and utopism, always at the own risk and expense – and for their own advantage or profit if their ideas and actions are mainly rightful and sound. –J.Z.,  18.5.12. - COLLECTIVIST & COMMUNIST, DO-GOODING, GOOD INTENTIONS, GOOD WILL, TERRITORIALISM, UTOPISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, ALWAYS ONLY AMONG VOLUNTEERS.

IDEALISM: Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality the cost becomes prohibitive.” - William F Buckley, Jr. – If the realization is confined to volunteers then the costs and risks involved fall only upon these volunteers – which would not burden all those, who did not volunteer to participate and can expect an interesting spectacle, at least. – Only imposing any idealism territorially upon whole populations makes all these experiments too costly and risky. - J.Z., 7.8.08, 18.5.12. – PANARCHISM, REALITY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM.

IDEALISM: Idealism is the despot of thought, just as politics is the despot of will.” - Mikhail Bakunin. - However, that applies only to territorialist idealism and politics. - J.Z., 30.6.00. – Despotic or even totalitarian idealism should be distinguished from the idealism practised only among volunteers. – J.Z., 8.1.09. – It does not even deserve the term “idealism” when its realization attempts are as despotically and wrongfully applied the populations of whole territories instead of only among the voluntary supporters. – Good intentions are not an excuse or justification for wrongful actions. – J.Z., 18.5.12. - POLITICS, BOTH ARE ENEMIES OF THOUGHT, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE VS. PANARCHISM & ITS VOLUNTARISM & TOLERANCE

IDEALISM: that peculiar disease of intellectuals, that infatuation with ideas at the expense of experience that compels experience to conform to bookish preconceptions.” - Archibald MacLeish. - Alas, they are not yet infatuated with ideas on individual rights and liberties, e.g., with individual sovereignty, individual secessionism, exterritorial autonomy, voluntarism, monetary freedom, self-management and voluntary taxation options, libertarian revolutions, sound liberation and defence options, ideal militias, etc. - One should distinguish infatuation with wrongful, false and flawed ideas from addiction to rightful and truthful as well as profitable ideas. - J.Z., 25.10.02, 18,5.12. - EXPERIENCE, INTELLECTUALS, INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

IDEALISTS: Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from mistaken conviction.” - Patrick Pearse. - Thus we need full experimental freedom, not only for them but for those, who, under territorialism, are the victims of the “idealists”, who may be well-intentioned but are, all too often, under-informed and prejudiced and do, habitually, ignore the individual rights and liberties of their victims. - J.Z., 1.12.02, 22.12.11. - REFORMERS, TRUE BELIEVERS, FANATICS, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

IDEALISTS: Oh you cursed idealists. Of your theories (hypotheses) nothing is real than the blood that you spill for them. - (“O ihr verwuenschten Idealisten! An euren Theorien ist nichts reell als das Blut, das ihr dafuer vergiesst!”) - Hamerling, Danton und Robespierre. - One should distinguish between tolerant idealists - striving for autonomy for themselves as well as for all other volunteers - and intolerant idealists fighting to establish or maintain territorial empires, ruling over involuntary victims. - J.Z., 22.7.86, 25.10.02, 8.1.09, 812.10. - FANATICS, RADICALS, REVOLUTIONARIES, VIOLENCE, INTOLERANCE, TOLERANCE, TOTALITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM

IDEALS: An ideal cannot wait for its realization to prove its validity.” (*) - George Santayana: The Life of Reason, I, 1905. - What is true for the unjustified delays for reforms, under exclusive territorial politics, which thus lead to terrorism, revolutions, dictatorships and wars, is not true for the exterritorial and voluntaristic alternatives. - Panarchism offers opportunities to all kinds of idealists, once its experimental freedom is generally realized, to immediately do their things for or to themselves, quite independently of the prejudices, wisdom and practices of other volunteer communities and their leaders. - J.Z., 17.10.85, 10.76.86, 24.10.02, 8.12.10. – Proving any ideal before all enlightenment opportunities, methods and resources are fully realized, is difficult and time-consuming, sometimes even dangerous. Optimal ways for enlightenment should be combined with freedom for experiments among volunteers. – J.Z., 8.12.10. – (*) The full proof of it has always to wait for its realization. A mere theoretical proof is not enough. But it does not have to be realized in a whole country and its whole population. A full realization of it among a minority of its supporters is already enough. That would also give it its best chance for its realization. – J.Z., 18.12.11. – Anyhow, “ideals” can wait, since they are not entities. Only idealists can get too impatient and thus too intolerant when they try to impose the realization of their ideal upon dissenters. – J.Z., 22.12.11. - POLITICS, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIALITY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOTING, FANATICISM, TOTALIRARIANISM, TERRORISM

IDEALS: Man can remain connected with men only through the same ideal.” – (Der Mensch kann mit dem Menschen nur durch das gleiche Ideal Verbindung halten.) - Saint-Exupéry. - Trade, free pricing, contracts, markets, transport options, information channels, family ties etc. can also hold men together, even those who are ideologically opposed to free trade, free pricing and free contracts.– Perhaps he should have said: very closely connected? Compulsory connection tends rather to disconnect or antagonize people. It can even lead to despotism, totalitarianism and civil wars. – - J.Z., 25.10.02, 8.12.10. 22.12.11.  – People can also become and remain connected through flawed and false “ideals”, which as such are far from being ideal, and this for all too long, especially under territorialism, its monopolism, collectivism and coercion. Intolerant religions and other flawed ideologies and mythologies have provided us with all too many examples for that. The right of individuals and dissenting minorities to secede and to do their own things, under full exterritorial autonomy or personal law, must finally become recognized and realized. – J.Z., 18.5.12. - PANARCHIES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTEER COMMUNITIES, DIS., TOLERANCE, FREE EXCHANGE, MARKETS, TERRITORIALISM OR COMPULSORY UNITY ATTEMPTS.

IDEALS: No doubt we will never quite attain anybody's political ideal, but only when we have something inspiring to aim at do we make any real progress.” - Geoffrey Sampson, An End To Allegiance, p.16. - We, all of us, will never agree upon any single ideal. We do have different ones, often very different ones. However, this does not mean that those who do agree, among themselves, could not or should not try to realize their ideals among themselves, as far as this is possible for human beings, but always only at the own expense and risk. – J.Z., 24.3.99, 8.12.10. – We don’t agree e.g. on the ideal food, drink, clothing, housing, sports etc., either but this does not matter as long as each can make his preferred choices for himself. – Why assume that this would be different to do for political ideals – if one is not a territorialist? - J.Z., 22.12.11, 18.5.12. -  PANARCHISM

IDEALS: Our ultimate allegiance is always to the ideal.” - Laski, Authority In The Modern State, p.53. - It should be our own ideal, or one that we voluntarily adopted, not one that others have chosen and imposed upon us. – J.Z., 19.3.99. – Are smokers, drinkers, drug addicts, collectors, religious people, sportsmen and collectors really attached to an ideal? Possibly more than 90% of all short and dogmatic general statements are at least flawed if not false. – J.Z., 22.12.11. - LOYALTY & ALLEGIANCE, CONTRACTS VS. TRADITIONS, PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, DIS.

IDEAS & CHRISTMAS GIFTS: Provide and spread better ideas, rightful, peace, justice and freedom-promoting ones, rather than any other kinds of gifts for x-mas – or at any day of the year! - J.Z., 04-11. - However, I find this difficult to impossible to do - even within my own family! - J.Z., 24.9.11. – People interested in or even hungry for new and better ideas and talents are likely to encounter them only once a proper world-wide market for ideas and talents becomes established. All the already existing marketing opportunities do not as yet market them sufficiently. Millions of separate, websites, periodicals and free speech options, to the extent that they are open to new ideas and talents, are not enough to make all ideas and talents sufficiently known and appreciated or criticized. – Full experimental freedom among volunteers is also required for them. They should not be subjected to territorial laws unless their practice does really infringe or threaten any genuine individual rights and liberties. - J.Z., 20.12.11, 18.5.12.

IDEAS & TRUTH: In the sphere of ideas it is often surprising how close we can come to truths without fully seeing, comprehending and being able to apply them. - J.Z. 1.1.93. - I have listed hundreds of statements that come close to panarchism - without most of their authors, publishers, editors and readers becoming aware of all the freedom and panarchistic implications of their statements. - J.Z. 3.1.93.  - It is almost as if they were conceived and expressed or even broadcast on a special wave-length which neither the brains of their originators nor those of their listeners and readers are unable to receive or fully comprehend. They are not fully “tuned-in or, as Ulrich von Beckerath used to say: They have first to grow new brain cells” for this purpose. Or they have to make new connections between their existing ones. – Anyhow, to become fully understood and accepted, one will, mostly, have to cut a path for them through a jungle of popular errors, myth and prejudices, which are much easier to spread and to multiply. – Especially when it comes to alternative political, economic and social system or reforms of them, the free and experimental realization attempts among their first few supporters is generally suppressed by the statist territorial establishments. - J.Z., 20.12.11, 18.5.12. – IDEAS ARCHIVE, TERRITORIALISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, DEMAND FOR & SUPPLY OF NEW IDEAS. MARKETING & COMPREHENSION OF NEW IDEAS.

IDEAS ARCHIVE:  The mental maelstrom. Never before have so many people in so many countries – even educated and supposedly sophisticated people – been so intellectually helpless, drowning, as it were, in a maelstrom of conflicting, confusing and cacophonous ideas. Colliding visions rock our mental universe. - - Every day brings some new fad, scientific finding, religion, movement, or manifesto. Nature worship, ESP, holistic medicine, sociobiology, anarchism, structuralism, neo-Marxism, the new physics Eastern mysticism, technophilia, technophobia, and a thousand other currents and crosscurrents sweep across the screen of consciousness, each with its scientific priesthood or ten-minute guru.” - Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, Pan Books & Collins, 1980/81, p. 269. - Feedback hasn’t been sufficiently organized, e.g. for the numerous alternative health proposals, crisis cure suggestions, religious spleens, popular prejudices etc., which could be only encyclopedically answered, e.g. in WIKIPEDIA fashion, by thousands to millions of interested people and via e.g. electronic argument mapping, comprehensive indexing, abstracting, review collections, cross referencing, collections of definitions and other special reference works and guides, old and new types, all of which could now be offered very cheaply electronically, if not online then on disks. A further requirement to achieve sufficient enlightenment is freedom of action for volunteers, experimental freedom, for exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, for all their supposed or real ideals of political, economic and social systems. Without this experimental freedom we are stuck with the usual failures, threats and incompetence of territorial States, governments, constitutions, laws and jurisdictions, their politicians and bureaucrats, with their vested interests and power urges. – The information explosion’s assertions, findings, discoveries, proposals etc. have to become properly sorted out and confronted by facts and criticism to become confirmed or refuted or developed into something really rightful and useful. This has not yet been achieved. Only some steps in this direction have been taken, not yet enough and sufficiently good and comprehensive ones. - J.Z., 24.9.07, 22.12.11, 18.5.12. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INFORMATION EXPLOSION, FUTURE SHOCK, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, “NEW DRAFT” DIGITIZED BOOK MANUSCRIPT BY J.Z.

IDEAS ARCHIVE: Collective judgement of new ideas is so often wrong that it is arguable that progress depends on individuals being free to back their own judgement despite collective disapproval.” - W. A. Lewis. – A proper market for all ideas and talents is still missing. It would bring supply and demand in this sphere effectively together, especially if full experimental freedom is also realized for volunteers. – J.Z., 18.5.12. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, PUBLIC OPINION, EXPERT OPINION, INNOVATIONS, PROGRESS, MINORITIES, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITIES, DECISION-MAKING, PROGRESS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM

IDEAS ARCHIVE: Ideas are important. Principles are important. Words are important. Your word is the most important of all. Your word is who you are.” - Tom Clancy, Clear and Present Danger, p.610. - - Not only the clear and present dangers ought to be clearly described, but also all the solutions to them that have so far been proposed and all their pro and con. Politicians and their advisors will mostly not develop or find them, understand and far less apply them. They are all too full of errors and prejudices for that and all too addicted to their wrongful and useless power games. All ideas must become permanently and together exhibited and made accessible to all. All must also become free not only to discuss them, confirming or refuting them, but also free try to apply them in their circles of volunteers, if they come to believe that any particular ones might be the best ones. – J.Z., n.d.& 18.5.12 - WORDS, PRINCIPLES & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM

IDEAS ARCHIVE: Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?” - Joseph Stalin. - Mobilize all freedom ideas via an ideas archive and e.g. CD publishing! - J.Z., 13.5.01, 29.1.02. – In the political, social and economic spheres do work towards full exterritorial autonomy or experimental freedom for them, among volunteers only: Panarchies und Panarchism. – J.Z., 3.1.09. - CENSORSHIP, GUN CONTROL, TALENT CENTRE

IDEAS ARCHIVE: Ideas won't keep. Something must be done about them.” - Alfred North Whitehead. - Ideas do not deteriorate over time. At worst, they are by-passed by still better ones. But if they are any good then they should be spread and put into operation as soon as possible. This requires a special market for ideas and talents, an ideas archive and a talent registry. That covers at least part of the persuasion side. On the practical side, all innovators and supporters of innovations should have full experimental freedom, at their own cost and risk, to try to demonstrate the validity of their ideas. - J.Z., 5.7.00. – At least put them in a proper market for ideas and talents. – J.Z., 26.4.06. Otherwise good ideas may be kept, somewhere, generally unknown and unused, for decades to centuries. – J.Z., 11.9.07. - IDEAS ARCHIVE OR IDEAS MARKET

IDEAS ARCHIVE: Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden pathway always throw stones on those who are showing a new road.” - Voltaire.  - So we need e.g. nurseries for new ideas, archives for ideas, registries of talents and innovators and development coops for them, as well as venture capital. Only the one aspect, that of venture capital, has been well developed in recent years, at least for electronic innovations. There has even been an excessive and speculative rush of capital into such innovations, comparable to the South Sea bubble, the tulip speculation and the Australian nickel boom a few years back. - J.Z., 1.7.00. – Under full experimental freedom for both, the innovators and the conservatives, the antagonism among them would be greatly diminished. – J.Z., 9.1.09. – In recent times there are also some online options, of which the best seems to be Kickstart, according to Jeanna Wortham, Kickstart a capital idea to raise cash for ideas, from THE NEW YORK TIMES, in the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 1.5.12, p.8 of the Business Day section, which are at least sometimes was able to raise millions for new inventions within days. Social science ideas are another matter. For them to reach interested people is much more difficult, especially while freedom for volunteers to experiment with them under exterritorial autonomy is still missing. Primarily they need a market for new ideas whose details are well assorted and sufficiently published on the Internet. They are among our greatest treasures and yet we have often neglected them for decades to centuries. The least we, especially their advocates, could and should do for them is to make all of them easily, cheaply and permanently accessible – until they find sufficient supporters for their realization among volunteers. – So far the news and the advertising industries have greatly neglected them. Only small parts of them are published, mostly only temporarily or on obscure websites. - J.Z., 19.5.12.  INNOVATORS

IDEAS ARCHIVE: paper seems to have been invented by the Chinese in the second century, and learned about from the Chinese by the Arabs about seven hundred years later. Europeans first made paper only in the twelfth century in Europe.” - Ingo Swann, Star Fire, Sphere Book Edition 1978, p. 97/98. – How many good ideas and inventions are there today, still not realized, although they were known to some already for years or decades, if not even for centuries? E.g. Free Trade ideas are already ancient – and still not fully realized today. Anarchists and libertarians especially should be fully aware of that and also of the reasons why their ideas are not yet recognized. Missing are especially an ideas archive and experimental freedom for all innovators, always at their own risk and expense only. – J.Z., 10.9.08, 22.12.11.

IDEAS ARCHIVE: See PEACE PLANS 20 & 183, and Kurt Zube’s second book on this subject, so far in German only; also the sets of the old issues of his periodical “Ideas Archive”, that have been microfiched. The first 2 book titles are available via email in English from me, also in a printed edition and on microfiche. The second, in English and German, is available on microfiche and via e-mail. The third only via e-mail. The periodical of that name, published by Kurt H. Zube, in German, is so far only on available on microfiche. However, it offered no wide enough collection of freedom ideas, especially anarchist and libertarian ones, as it should have. One can hardly notice that it was published and edited by an individualist anarchist. On the other hand, if he had used it to propagandize only or mainly only his own ideals, and those of others, which he appreciated, then this attempt to establish a general Ideas Archive would have been even more difficult and it would have failed sooner. - J.Z., 19.10.11, 20.12.11. – While there exists as yet, to my knowledge, no general Ideas Archive, the number of search results one gets on these words is astonishing: over half a million to over a million hints to diverse, separate and specialist attempts to somewhat deal with the flood of ideas. Their “marketing” of ideas reminds me rather of salesmen going door-knocking or telephone marketing for a particular batch of limited offers. They haven’t even reached the choices which small general stores offer, far less those of super-markets or of a world market and haven’t provided as yet a common market or at least a common directory comparable to the Yellow Pages telephone directory. – The promotion of panarchist ideas also suffers under the absence of a world-wide Ideas Archive. It would, naturally, also have to list and criticize flawed ideas and refuted false ones. – J.Z., 21.12.11. - PEACE PLANS 20 & 183.

IDEAS ARCHIVE: strike back … with ideas.” - L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach, p.256. – Mobilize all of the best and the best refutations of the rest – e.g. through an ideas archive and talent centre, a proper and world-wide market for them. – J.Z., 4.1.09. - Recognize all kinds of governments in exile rather than start a military invasion. The diverse opposition forces under a despotic regime, together with its military forces, will then often do the rest without any outside military interference or liberation effort being required. On a common platform like panarchies for all communities of volunteers, these opposition forces can effectively unite against a territorial despotism. – J.Z., 9.1.09. - STRENGTH, DEFENCE, AGGRESSION, AIR RAIDS? BOMBING? DESTRUCTION? TYRANNICIDE, LIBERTARIAN REVOLUTION PROGRAM, PANARCHISTIC GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE, PANARCHISM


 IDEAS ARCHIVE: The "free" market is not a free market without full monetary and financial freedom. Nor is it a free market without an Ideas Archive and Talent Centre and without free competition for exterritorially autonomous governmental and societal services, i.e., while there is compulsory consumption for territorially and monopolistically enforced governmental disservices, “financed” by compulsory tribute payments. In a free market all forms of self-management would also be freely practised among volunteers, towards ending the organized antagonism and industrial warfare of the employer-employee relationship and achieving productive capital for all. As freedom lovers and people, who have long and largely in vain tried to “sell” freedom ideas, freedom institutions, freedom principles, practices and talents, libertarians should be aware of this much more than others are - but they still aren't, they still do not fully envision a free market that is quite free and under the rule of "laissez-faire, laissez passer" in every creative sphere. Most do still have their hang-ups with e.g., "limited governments", with monopolies for defence, protection and jurisdiction, with the employer-employee relationship, with "owning" embryos like slaves and they still assume and believe that a "free market for ideas and talents" does already exist and that, e.g., printing and Internet services are cheap and powerful enough for all such purposes, so that they closed their minds to alternative, powerful and lasting media like microfiche, floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, especially for the permanent, complete and cheap publishing of all their own literature on such media. As all too limited marketeers for their literature they have still not supplied libertarian large encyclopedias, abstracts, bibliographies, review collections and alphabetical indexes and comprehensive library and information services and are still playing around only with a fraction of all freedom ideas and opportunities. - J.Z., 28.11.02, 8.12.10, 22.12.11, 19.5.12. -  MONETARY FREEDOM, INFLATION, DEFLATION, DEPRESSIONS, MONETARY DESPOTISM, MARKET, FREE MARKET, LIBERTARIANISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

IDEAS ARCHIVE: The ideas which now pass for brilliant innovations and advances are in fact mere revivals of ancient errors, and a further proof of the dictum that those who are ignorant of the past are condemned to repeat it.” - Henry Hazlitt – If we had already a comprehensive archive of ideas the endless repetition of old errors and mistakes could be ended much easier. – Under voluntarism, personal laws and exterritorial autonomy the repetition of old mistakes would also be confined to these volunteers, acting out their own errors and mistakes only among themselves, while teaching all outside observers what not to do. Even in territorial democracies the worst tend to get to the top and to stay there for all too long. – J.Z., 23.1.08. - IDEOLOGY, IDEALS, UTOPIAS, REFORMERS, INNOVATIONS, REFORMS, HISTORY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, POPULAR ERRORS, MYTHS, PREJUDICES, FALSE ASSUMPTIONS & CONCLUSIONS

IDEAS ARCHIVE: There is a snail-paced gait for the advance of new ideas on the general mind," he observed to Joel Barlow, "under which we must acquiesce. … If too hard pushed, they balk." – Source? - A proper market for all ideas would soon reach all those interested in them. And full experimental freedom for volunteer communities would eliminate unjustified and unnecessary delays at least for them and would not “threaten” those, who do fear new ideas and experiments in their own lives. Handbooks like a refutation encyclopedias, a handbooks of optimal reply wordings, one of definitions, one of slogans for liberty, complete alphabetized indexes to relevant literature, complete abstracts and review compilations, complete libraries and publishing services, cheap and permanent, for all freedom writings, could greatly speed up the process of enlightenment. We have still not provided these and other basic aids for ourselves - and most people, even libertarians, do not even see the need for them! - J.Z., 2.5.00, 19.5.12. - NEW IDEAS, TIME & PATIENCE, SPEEDING UP HE ENLIGHTENMENT PROCESS, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, “NEW DRAFT”, a digitized book manuscript of 2010 by J.Z.

IDEAS ARCHIVE: There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” - Machiavelli. - Quoted by Frank Herbert, Eye, p.99. - Especially when the alternative and affordable media for them are not sufficiently used, and there is no proper market for ideas and no experimental freedom for their practice among the first volunteers. - J.Z., 17.3. 99. – Their introduction among volunteers only should be made free and easy. The inertia of established ideas, laws and institutions is enormous. Especially under territorialism and when there exists as yet no Ideas Archive and Experimental Freedom or Panarchism and no Encyclopedia of the best refutations of popular errors, myths and prejudices. - J.Z., 22.1.02, 4.1.09, 9.1.09. - INNOVATION, STARTING SOMETHING NEW, REFORM, NEW ORDER, PANARCHISM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, MICROFILM PUBLISHING, CD-BOOK PUBLISHING, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM - J.Z., 9.1.09.

IDEAS ARCHIVE: They say it took almost a millennium for the wheelbarrow – a Chinese invention – to reach Europe. And another Chinese invention, the screw, took 1400 years to make it to the west. Technology spread slowly, once. Not these days.” – Thomas Larsson, The Race to the Top, The Real Story of Globalization, Cato Institute, 2001, p.119 – Not as slowly but still too slowly. Where are the hard disks of 1 to 3 TB that offer the full texts of over a million books, freedom books for instance, if as many were ever written? Such powerful HDs are now offered at very affordable prices – but not so filled by freedom lovers using cheap scanners and scanning programs. Automatic ones like those used by Google are expensisve but can scan in a book in a few minutes. How many libertarians would it need to acquire and use one such machine? - Full economic liberty has still not been realized, nor has the sound issue and reflux technique of free banking become theoretically recognized and practically realized. Many freedom ideas are still not generally known among anarchists and libertarians, not to speak of the others. Only some technical advances have spread fast. Others are only very slowly advanced. Governments, as usual, are the main obstacles. Even a libertarians projects list, ideas archive and encyclopedia, bibliography and abstracts and review collection does not yet exist, far less a comprehensive electronic freedom library. We rather speak glibly of “the free market for ideas and talents”, as if it already existed. – J.Z., 28.9.07. – Individualist secessionism has by now been advocated for at least 200 years and is still not realized even in the most advanced countries. – Nuclear “weapons” are still not destroyed after over half a century! - J.Z., 5.1.09. – Q., DIGITIZED FREEDOM LIBRARY ON A SINGLE DISC.

IDEAS ARCHIVE: Turn the testing and realization of your ideas, as far as possible, from your problem into their self-interested problem.” - Suggested by Ralph Williams in his story The Test, in ASTOUNDING SF, 10/53, p.99. - In a general, not a specific way, this is done by a special market for ideas, which would bring the supply and demand for ideas, as well as talents, systematically together. Public bets and prize competitions for ideas and talents would also help, not only venture capital companies. Each of the alternatively ruling two largest parties should also be supplied with optimal ideas for themselves and optimal refutations of the remaining errors of their opponents. The leading opinion makers in each country should also be systematically approached with positive ideas that could promote their careers and with effective criticism for their remaining errors, which weaken their effectiveness. Turn ideas into appealing and satisfying drugs or curing fevers, as far as this is humanly possible. Special Olympics for ideas and ideas carriers might also help. So would comprehensive, cheap and permanent publishing, combined with bibliographies, abstracts, reviews and indexes guiding to the best ideas. - Make your problem their problem, your incentive their incentive, to the fullest extent that this can be rightfully and tolerantly done. - Individual secessionism and panarchies would be large steps in this direction, so would the monetary freedom revolution and voluntary taxation that would follow from this basic reform. - J.Z., 20.10.02. - PERSUASION, PROPAGANDA, CONVERSION

IDEAS ARCHIVE: Wrong ideas or theories or models in our minds do misdirect us, not the observable and recorded facts of reality. - J.Z., 6.9.95. - Thus an Ideas Archive and panarchistic freedom to experiment could become all-important for our future. - J.Z., 20.10.02. - EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, MICROFICHE, CD-PROJECT

IDEAS, PEACE, LOVE: If you do not care about peace, justice and freedom-promoting ideas then you neither appreciate and respect yourself nor love your family and friends - sufficiently. - J.Z. – LACK OF INTEREST IN E.G. PANARCHISM, MONETARY FREEDOM & IN PLAFORMS ON HOW END & PREVENT THE NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, LOVE, INTEREST IN THE OWN AFFAIRS OF THE LARGER LARGEST ORDER.

IDEAS, POLITICS, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM: If you get the ideas right the politics will take care of itself. – Jim Peron, at ISIL conference 23.7.04. – This is also a panarchist thought, however, note, that he is a classical liberal only, not a panarchist, and that he still believes in party politics. – J.Z., 6.5.05. – For a while he was running libertarian book shops in different locations. – A libertarian bookshop, library and mail-porder house that could offer almost all libertarian titles cheaply on duplicates of a large CD or HD has, apparently, still to be established. Why hasn’t it been established as yet? – J.Z., 20.12.11. On www.panarchy I listed at least all those libertarian titles I found that are already offered in digitized form. That list ought to be completed by other libertarians. And all that output could by now become offered on a single powerful disc, only book-sized and at an affordable price for freedom lovers in developed countries. An automatic search engine could be part of such a disc. – A google search for Jim Peron & books brought me just 1.5 million search results. According to the first page, most seem to deal with the libertarian author Jim Peron, that I have in mind and met at the ISIL conference in Rotarua, N.Z., in 2004. – I do not have his present email address and website on hand. He may be involved in Laissez Faire Books. - J.Z., 19.5.12.

IDEAS: All good things which exist are the fruits of originality.” - John Stuart Mill. – Alas, all the evils of wrongful and harmful ideas are also original, e.g. those of Karl Marx and his predecessors and followers. And they need to become thoroughly refuted or one has to become free to opt out from under their territorial and coercive application. – Once the false ideas are only applied among volunteers then they become harmless for the others. - J.Z., 9.1.09, 22.12.11. - INNOVATION, ORIGINALITY, INVENTIONS, DISCOVERIES, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR PANARCHISM FOR DISSENTERS.

IDEAS: Although there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come, there is nothing as feeble as an idea whose time has passed.” – (*) G. Harry Stine, ANALOG Mid Dec. 94. - Or as an idea whose time has not yet come! - J.Z., 19.10.02. – Territorialism amounts to an idea whose time has long passed but it is still far from feeble, because all too many feeble minds still uphold it and abide by it. – J.Z., 9.1.09. – (*) Or whose time has not yet come in the ordinary and all too slow process of general enlightenment, unsupported e.g. by general experimental freedom, an Ideas Archive and full experimental freedom in all spheres among volunteers, under full exterritorial autonomy. – J.Z., 18.12.11.

IDEAS: I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. - I'm frightened of old ones.” - John Cage – Ideas tolerantly practised among volunteers should not frighten anyone. But ideas that are territorially imposed upon whole populations amount already to wrongful authoritarianism and can lead to dictatorships, tyrannies and totalitarian terror regimes. – Even territorial “democracies” have already stockpiled mass murder devices. - J.Z., 7.8.08, 19.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM VS. TOLERANCE OF VOLUNTARY EXPERIMENTS, PANARCHISM

IDEAS: Ideas and actions are individually conceived, approved or disapproved. Our connections to them should not be collectively decided but rather  individually. We should not be conscripted into any scheme or forced to pay tributes to it. Exterritorial autonomy under personal laws makes that and all kinds of ideal societies (ideal for their voluntary members) possible and practicable. (If their members are prepared for the great sacrifices in obedience, money and labor which they may require, e.g. the communist, gift exchange, no profit and no interest and no money utopians.) This freedom would correspond to the experimental freedom practised by scientists and technicians, in our personal lives and for our religious and artistic and crafts involvements. – The best ideas, means and methods would spread through their demonstration by the most successful societies and communities of volunteers. - J.Z., 27.4.95, 20.10.02, 19.5.12. - ACTIONS, INDIVIDUALISM PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION

IDEAS: Ideas shape the course of history.” - John Maynard Keynes. - His, unfortunately, did so and still do. Just ponder what the central banks are doing to you with their coercive and monopolized paper currency, in execution of Keynes' ideas, even decades after he had been scientifically refuted, e.g. by Hayek, Hutt and others. - J.Z., 2.7.00, 22.12.11. – In the early 70’s ordinary letter postage was 7 cents – now it is 60 cents. Keynesian inflations still go on everywhere, due to the legalized money-issue monopoly of the central bank and legal tender power for its money, i.e. the suppression of competition by much better free market monies. Ideas can be influential only if their supporters are quite free to express them and to spread them in a way that they can afford and, moreover, if they are also free to practise them among themselves. - Ideas that are wrong and that are imposed upon dissenters are among our worst problems under territorialism. Under voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy they would be problems only for their supporters. Even correct and provable ideas should not be imposed upon dissenters because that would provoke resistance. Volunteers could do pretty well for themselves and this very soon - under freedom of expression, affordable publicity for them and full freedom to experiment with their rightful and correct ideas. Those, who envied them their successes could, individually, join them or copy them in their own communities, with like-minded people. - J.Z., 5.7.00. 8.1.09, 19.5.12. – HISTORY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

IDEAS: If you happen to be one of the fretful minority who can do creative work, never force an idea; you'll abort it if you do. Be patient and you'll give birth to it when the time is ripe. Learn to wait.” - Robert Heinlein - - And learn to study, immediately, all the related precedents, facts and hints that you can find. But do not be patient about the introduction of full experimental freedom, under full exterritorial autonomy. So that a.s.a.p. you can come to freely experiment in your sphere of intended social science innovations just as much as others do already, in technology, the arts, business, hobbies, entertainments and amusements, religions. Innovations in political, economic and social systems should no longer be tolerated as monopolies of territorial States. – Even under full experimental freedom you may still have to undertake thousands of experiments before you will succeed. - J.Z., 23.1.08. - CREATIVITY, INNOVATIONS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM

IDEAS: Just because something is better for individuals, or races, doesn't mean they'll automatically go for it.” - Gordon R. Dickson, One Ounce of Emotion, IF SF, Oct. 65, 110. - Just let the already somewhat enlightened individuals be free to go for it, at their own risk and expense, setting examples for others to follow, if and when they want to. - J.Z., 9.2.02. – Even unenlightened people have the right to practise their preferred experiments at their own expense and risk. – J.Z., 22.12.11. - CHOICE, MEN, PANARCHISM, MICROFILM, CD-ROMs, MONETARY FREEDOM, IDEAL MILITIAS, ANARCHISM, SELF-MANAGEMENT, COOPS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, MINORITY AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, MAN, PROGRESS, MAJORITIES, DEMOCRACY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, DIS.

IDEAS: Like all fanatics, he really believed that once someone had been told the truth, they would see the light.” - Paul J. McAuley, Eternal Light, p.227. - Truths must not only be stated once but numerous times and in optimal forms and must systematically and continuously confront all the remaining errors, lies, myths and prejudices. Moreover, we need full experimental freedom for the minorities that are already convinced by them. - J.Z., 21.10.02. - FANATICS

IDEAS: Millions would rather die for flawed ideas than thoroughly criticize them and consider the sound alternative ones. - J.Z., 26.11.90. - This makes it all the more important to open avenue for freedom for volunteers to experiment, at their expense and risk, with the ideas they prefer for themselves, so that they have no longer to fight for their realization, mostly in vain, with bullets or votes. By such free experimentation they will prove or disprove their ideas for themselves and for others and they could do so quite peacefully and soon. Enlightenment would spread as it has from free experiments in the sciences and in technology. - J.Z., 20.10.02.

IDEAS: Most people tend to settle for a few and simple or over-simplified ideas or generalizations, most of them severely flawed, instead of looking for more and better ones. - J.Z., 13.6.01, 30.1.02. – If they lived surrounded by the free experiments of diverse panarchies, run by people who think very different from themselves, they might be shaken out of their apathy and try to do something better among themselves. – For instance, they would daily be confronted with perhaps a few up to dozens of different means of payment, mostly quote sound ones, instead of a single forced, exclusive and usually deteriorating currency. – Thus they would have to begin to think and to decide about good and bad currencies. - J.Z., 4.1.09, 19.5.12. - PEOPLE, LIMITED HORIZONS, POINT OF VIEW, WORLD VIEW, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, CHOICE OF GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES, PROGRESS, VS. TERRITORIALISM & ITS RELATIVE STAGNATION

IDEAS: My freedom is more important than your great idea.” – Anonymous. - No one should be subjected to the supposedly great ideas of others. - J.Z., 24. 11. 06. – But everyone should be free to act on his ideas, at the own expense and risk, alone or together with others, who think or believe like him. – J.Z., 4.1.09, 19.5.12. IDEAS, GREAT ONES, IMPOSED REFORMS OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM UNDER EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY: PANARCHISM?

IDEAS: Naturally, no one of any sense would hold that the ideas most commonly held, or those at any given moment constituting the highest fashion, are likely to be the right ones. Historically speaking, innumerable instances could be cited to show that in the long run it has always been the critic of such ideas who has had more of the truth in him than his opponents …” - Robert Conquest, We & They, Civil & Despotic Cultures, Temple-Smith, London, 1980, p 201. – Alas, many of the critics hold just as bad or even worse views. Experimental freedom for all to practise their own views – among themselves, at the own risk and expense only, is also required. Thereby many fruitless arguments can be avoided. – J.Z., 10.10.08, 22.12.11. - “EVERYBODY KNOWS!” COMMON SENSE, PUBLIC OPINION, MAJORITIES, DIS., RED., POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM

IDEAS: One spark can consume a hundred miles of prairies.’(*) - Proverb cited by Maoists after Chiang Kai-shek had mounted against them the Fifth Extermination Campaign in the thirties.” - William F. Buckley, Jr., Inveighing We Will Go, Putnams, 1969-72, p.91. - Violence breeds violence. Would the Red Chinese have become the murderers of dozens of millions if they hadn't been confronted by such extermination campaigns but, instead, by an offer of exterritorial autonomy for themselves, anywhere, under personal laws? Violence breeds violence, especially among those with a strong faith, not yet refuted by their own practical experiences with it. - A Russian old proverb says the same more positively: “A single candle can be used to light a million others." - J.Z., 28.4.00. – (*) “… can start the burning off of a hundred square miles … :” would be a more correct expression. When it comes to attempts to state a truth, rather than a line of poetry, one should try to be more exact in one’s wording. – J.Z., 22.12.11. - IDEAS AS SPARKS, PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM

IDEAS: Our life is what our thoughts make it.” - Marcus Aurelius. – If only we were already free enough to live in accordance with our thoughts and ideas, alone or in association with like-minded people. – J.Z., 9.1.09, 22.12.11. – Even when it comes to whole alternative political, economic and social systems,  practised only under personal law by volunteers in their diverse societies, communities and governance systems. THOUGHTS, LIVES, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, EXTERRIRIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

IDEAS: There are some ideas so complex and so important that they both require and repay time spent in developing and understanding them.” - - Newt Gingrich, Window of Opportunity, A Blueprint for the Future, p.116. - Sometimes even 2,000 years, with present methods, do not seem to have been sufficient to clarify, refute or strengthen them sufficiently. Compare e.g. the various notions on love, free will, self-government, legitimacy, democracy, republicanism, exterritoriality, monetary freedom, free trade, secessionism, consent, voluntarism, abortion and euthanasia. - J.Z., 23.1.02. – Under panarchism the various dissenting and antagonistic groups could sort themselves out, peacefully, with each doing the own things quite freely – among volunteers only. – J.Z., 9.1.09. – PANARCHISM, FREEDOM FOR DIVERSITY, EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, UNDERSTANDING, KNOWLEDGE, COMPLEXITY, IMPORTANCE, EXTERRITORIAL TOLERANCE VS. TERRITORIAL INTOLERANCE, STUDY, IDEAS ARCHIVE

IDEAS: Too many people can all too much become addicted to false ideas. Nevertheless, they should have the freedom to apply them among themselves, at their own risk and expense. However, never should any territorial power be conceded to them to apply these ideas upon dissenting others, who are not aggressors or private criminals with involuntary victims. – J.Z., 9.1.09, 22.12.11, 19.5.12. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY: PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHY

IDEAS: We suffer most when the White House busts with ideas.” - H. L. Mencken. – Because most of the “ideas” of territorial centralists are wrongful and irrational or at least flawed. – J.Z., 9.1.09. – Did the White House ever have any rightful, truthful, useful and productive ideas? Did most of its main residents ever have any or many sound and original ideas? – J.Z., 22.12.11. - PROGRAMS, MEASURES OF GOVERNMENTS, PRESIDENTS & THEIR ADVISORS

IDEAS: Where there is no vision, the people perish.” - The Bible, Proverbs 29:18. - By now the people should be able to add to the vision and practice of religious liberty and tolerance, the panarchistic liberty, voluntarism and tolerance in the political, economic and social spheres. Without that vision being widely enough spread and applied, we might, indeed, still perish. – J.Z., 13.10.02. - Alas, we still suffer under all too many wrongful and irrational visions, ideals and popular errors and myths, pure products of an under-informed imagination – territorially imposed upon us. – J.Z., 9.1.09, 19.5.12. - VISIONS, PEOPLE, PROGRAMS

IDEOLOGICAL FREEDOM LIKE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: The same freedom for ideologues of all kinds, which exists already for religious cultists. - J.Z., 14.8.87. – In other words: No territorial monopoly, power and coercion for anyone, or any group, however constitutionally, legally and juridically “justified”. – J.Z., 19.5.12.EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIALISM

IDEOLOGICAL INTOLERANCE & TERRITORIALISM: The doctrinaire desire to preserve the ideological system leads to the attacking of dissenters as traitors. History shows us thus of almost all ideological movements. Christianity, Islam, Marxism, Objectivism - all have attacked dissenters as traitors, and all have fragmented into sub-systems as a result. Now there are nearly as many kinds of 'libertarianisms' as there are 'libertarians' (like Baptists in this country, you'd need a computer to catalogue every strain and species of Baptist belief ) within what we may vaguely call the 'movement'. In fact, the whole movement might be characterized as a movement comprised of nothing but 'dissenters'. Can such a diverse, disorganized, motley movement make any practical difference, politically? ..." - Jim Downard, page 5 in a contribution in THE CONNECTION, no.? date? page 33.- Especially, when territorial rule of one ideology is the aim. Otherwise, there are so many dissenting groups that one has hardly any time and energy even to merely call all of them traitors, nor any special interest to do so. - J.Z. 27.7.92. – When it comes to Socialism, of which there are about 600 varieties, then most libertarians understand and rightly condemn only the State-socialist kind, unaware of the rest and that among them are forms of socialism that are voluntaristic and propertarian, e.g. “voluntary socialism” and “cooperative socialism”, that do favour propertarian incentives for all members of a productive enterprise. To my knowledge, libertarians have never bothered to fully list, and shortly describe all their different sects. – J.Z., 19.5.12. - That our past was full of intolerance is nothing new. What is now significant is that there exist already millions of voluntary associations, acting largely autonomously in all except the politically pre-empted territorial spheres, and most of them, most of the time, coexist peacefully and tolerantly, as long as some voluntary members remain in them, largely because they are, to a limited extent, exterritorially autonomous for their own inner affairs. What is needed is the extension of this tolerance into the political (including the economic and social systems) sphere and the completion of the exterritorial autonomy of volunteer groups, to the extent that this is desired by their members. When groups or gangs try to conquer a turf or maintain their conquest of it and continue to think only in territorial terms of “them or us”, then intolerance is only to be expected. With exterritorial autonomy tolerance once grew significantly in the religious sphere and later for private lifestyles. It can similarly grow for political, economic and social systems, all only on the basis of full exterritorial autonomy for their volunteers. Once the other people learn to know it, see it in operation and become aware that they, too, could continue or begin with their own preferences, undisturbed, as long as they still have any members remaining and that, potentially, by setting better examples, they can grow and grow, until their movement or federation includes all their potential voluntary supporters in the world, then the complaints about treason will become less and less numerous and frequent. Loyalty to self and like-minded people will come to replace loyalty to others in a territory, with those parts of the whole population with whom one does not have enough in common. People will learn to appreciate living together or relating to or exchanging largely only with likeminded people and dealing with others (not members of their communities) freely, to mutual satisfaction, in free exchanges (restricted only and at their expense and risk by e.g. protectionists) while constitutionally, legally, juridically, financially etc. living largely apart from these others, although the others might be their very neighbors, friends, business associates or family members. - Individual choices and personal law will be decisive, not location and territorial law. - J.Z., 8.1.93, 10.12.03, 20.12.11, 19.5.12.

IDEOLOGIES: I have no interest in political ideologies. (*) They are nothing but medieval religion and superstition, hiding behind different slogans. Their purpose is the same: to control the minds of people through dogmatism and manipulation. Neither system respects truth, freedom, or any form of independent thinking, or tolerates opposing opinions.” - James P. Hogan, Endgame Enigma, 212. – (*) I would say: territorial ideologies. – Panarchistic ones are still all too rare, even among anarcho-capitalists, who also imagine that all ought to subscribe to their ideology and do not clearly advocate freedom for their opponents to practise their ideology exterritorially among themselves, in order to reduce or abolish their antagonism and teach them the lessons they still do need. Capitalism and any other ism only among volunteers! - J.Z., 19.5.12.

IDEOLOGIES: Ideologies are ideas in arms.” – (Ideologien sind Ideen in Waffen.) - Source unknown. - Often they are merely the faiths of fools and fanatics, driven by all too limited, primitive, false or contradictory notions, by a lack rather than an abundance of ideas. If they were made aware of the whole range of ideas that are offered, then they would tend to become, sooner or later, tolerant towards tolerant actions of others. - J.Z., 5.7.92. The extent of the possibilities of mutual tolerance is still insufficiently discussed, far less is it put into practice, in extension of freedom to experiment, freedom of contract, freedom to associate and freedom of action, when it comes to anything that territorial governments have so far wrongfully, coercively but also constitutionally , legally and juridically monopolized. – J.Z., 9.12.10, 19.5.12. – Anyhow, it makes no sense to speak of ideas in arms rather than of armed and intolerant ideologists. Only they can bear arms and will abuse them, all too often. – J.Z., 23.12.11. - IDEAS ARCHIVE, TOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM

IDEOLOGIES: Ideologists, all of you. All of the world's troubles have been caused by noble and righteous (*) ideas of how other people ought to live. I look after my own interests, and I allow the world to look after its in whatever way it chooses. That's my only ideology, and it serves me well. . - James P. Hogan, The Code of the Lifemaker, p.150. – (*) ignoble and wrongful! - J.Z. - INTOLERANCE, TOLERANCE, SELF-INTEREST, SELF-RELIANCE, PANARCHISM, MINDING THE OWN BUSINESS, NON-INTERFERENCE

IDEOLOGIES: in quarrel over philosophies whose very defence by force indicated their weakness, we succeeded eventually in destroying both our race and the living richness of our planetary home."- - Edmund Cooper, Jupiter Laughs, Coronet Books, 1981, p.186. - The territorial model leaves us no alternative but force, including votes - as bayonet substitutes, to achieve the realization of our own dreams. Exterritorially, all could peacefully pursue their own dreams, utopias or ideals, without disturbing or suppressing dissenters. - J.Z., 21.4.00, 19.5.12. – The attempts to realize the practice of one’s own dreams, alone or in association with like-minded others, should be as free as the dreams themselves, although, naturally, always only at the own expense and risk. – J.Z., 23.12.11. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAWS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, FORCE, WARS, CIVIL WARS & REVOLUTIONS

IDEOLOGIES: in the future, when intellectual dictatorships as well as material dictatorships has been abolished.” - Max Nettlau, A Short History of Anarchism, p.201. - Intellectual as well as material dictatorships do dominate the wills of dissenters only when they are territorially, that is, uniformly, imposed upon all people living in a territory. Most anarchists try that as well as do all the archists. Peaceful coexistence is not possible on the territorial model but only to the extent that people leave each other exterritorially alone, with each remaining free to do his things for or to himself only. – While an old German proverb says: “Die Gedanken sind frei” (Thoughts are free.), this is not really true under the influence of government education, propaganda, religion, custom and tradition and an avalanche of popular errors, myths and prejudices, which keep most minds away from sound freedom, peace and justice ideas. They have even acquired a strong bias against many of them, as any libertarian can confirm from his own experience. - J.Z., 19.3.99, 9.12.10. - DICTATORSHIPS, TOLERANCE AND PANARCHISM, DIS., TERRITORIALISM, DIS.

IDEOLOGIES: Long live freedom and damn the ideologies.” - Robinson Jeffers, quoted by Poul Anderson in Past Times, p.141. - No, let them have their kind of freedom, too. Let each ideologue suffer under the own ideology, but no one else. Don't allow any ideologue to make others, who do not share his ideology, suffer under it, - J.Z., 18.8.85, 9.1.09. Let each suffer only under his own choices - unless he tried to impose his own choice upon others. Not ideologies themselves are bad but their TERRITORIAL imposition IS. When one can think only in territorial terms, then it seems that one would either have to do without one's ideology or would have to impose it upon all others. But that is a false dilemma, because it does not take all the facts and options into consideration. Alas, most historians did not record the limited precedents for this liberty, either, not to speak of political “scientists”. - J.Z., 13.8.85, 12.1.93, 19.5.12. – DIS., PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE VS. TERRITORIALISM, IDEOLOGIES, INTOLERANCE

IDEOLOGIES: the effrontery to attempt to impose the ideology on everyone within their power.” - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, Aug. 77, p. 479. – TERRITORIALISM, CAESARISM, SUPERIORITY COMPLEX, INTOLERANCE, DOMINATION

IDEOLOGIES: The fact that political ideologies are tangible realities is not a proof of their vitally necessary character. The bubonic plague was an extraordinarily powerful social reality, but no one would have regarded it as vitally necessary.” - Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism. – However, it is vitally necessary to let them be freely practised among their volunteers, in order to make them relatively peaceful and tolerant towards the lives, rights, liberties, associations and actions of non-members. Their weaknesses will be fast revealed under free competition. Then, seeing the successes of free men, possibly even next door, many of their adherents will lose their delusions and potentially dangerous movements might then not come to grow to dangerous proportions with imperialist ambitions. – J.Z., 9.12.10, 19.5.12. – That is always their tendency when they are combined with territorialism. – J.Z., 23.12.11.

IDEOLOGIES: The Terrors of Ideological Policies.” - Book title by Marian J. Morton, 1972. - It is rather the terror of ideologies that are territorially applied! - J.Z., 22.11.90, 23.10.02. - TERRORISM, POLICIES, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, DIS.

IDEOLOGUES: I curse those, who turn errors into a fantasy world of their own and yet continuously demand that human beings should be useful.” - Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”, J.Z. tr. of: “Ich verwuensche die, die aus dem Irrtum eine eigne Welt machen, und doch unablaessig fordern, dass der Mensch nuetzlich sein muesse.” – Let everyone try to be useful by his own standards and also only towards volunteers. – J.Z., 9.12.10. - SOME INTELLECTUALS & MOST UTOPIANS, UTILITARIANS

IDEOLOGUES: Ideologues collect not experiences but prejudices.” – (Ideologen sammeln keine Erfahrungen, sondern Vorurteile.) - Ron Kritzfeld. – Let them practise these prejudices – but only among themselves! That may be the fastest cure for them in most cases. – J.Z., 9.12.10. - EXPERIENCE & PREJUDICES

IDEOLOGUES: The greatest horrors of life are not due to the ambition of the Napoleons or the vengeance of the Agamemmnons, but to the doctrinaire philosophers ... The cold-blooded calculations of Karl Marx led to the judicial and business-like operations of the Checka.” - Aleister Crowley. – Only in combination with territorialism. Without it Marxism would have been as harmless to others as are the tolerant practices of monks and nuns. – J.Z., 9.12. 10. – Typically, Marx and Engels condemned utopian colonies for volunteers, trying to practise “socialism” or “communism”. Most of them gave up their “sharing” rather soon, unless it was supported by their religion. Even when their members were not prosecuted at all, they did usually fail. A list of them should be compiled, including the length of their practice, before their true believers ceased to be true believers, because of the experiences they acquired in their utopias. – J.Z., 19.5.12. - TRUE BELIEVERS, FANATICS, TERRITORIALISM, TOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE

IDEOLOGUES: The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic.” – H. L. Mencken, 1880-1956, Minority Report, 1956. – Everyone has the right to make mistakes – at the own expense and risk, to make a fool of himself and expose himself to ridicule. For many that is the only and the fastest way to a degree of enlightenment. – J.Z., 9.12.10. – Let all ideologues do their own things – but only to themselves or, if they made the right choice, for themselves, but even then only at their own risk and expense. Experimental freedom for all. This means that no one is to be involuntarily subjected to the experiments of others, even if these do have the majority of the population behind them. That would exclude, among many other things, compulsory taxation and territorial laws for whole populations. – J.Z., 23.12.11. - STATISTS, GOVERNMENTALISTS & FORCE, COERCIVE UTOPIANS, TERRITORIALISM

IDEOLOGY: Ideology, a vaccination that immunizes against thinking.” – (Impfstoff, der gegen das Denken immunisiert.) - Ron Kritzfeld. – Not a quite effective immunisation – if these vaccinated ideologues are surrounded by people, who are quite free to successfully practise among themselves much more truthful ideas. Many more fled from communist regimes than to communist regimes and this in spite of having to pass armed borders. Under exterritorial autonomy there will be no such dangers to be overcome. In the panarchist future, once one is fed up with the practices of the ideology of one’s “club”, one will then simply secede from it and join another that appears to be more or quite attractive. No drop of blood but merely a drop of ink needs to be spilled when one signs up for another association, as de Puydt pointed out. – J.Z., 9.12.10, 24.12.11.

IDEOLOGY: the trouble was … frozen ideology.” - William F. Buckley, The Unmaking of a Mayor, Viking Press, 1966, p.50. - Under territorialism it harms everybody. Under the voluntarism of exterritorial autonomy only those, who choose it for themselves, are harmed by it but not wronged, because it was their own choice. - J.Z., 27.4.00, 9.12.10.

IDEOLOGY: Unjust laws have to be fought ideologically; they cannot be fought or corrected by means of mere disobedience and futile martyrdom.” - Ayn Rand. – I for one prefer the ideology of individual and group secessionism and of exterritorial autonomy for secessionists. – J.Z., 23.1.08, 23.12.11. – Why should one have to fight an unjust law or a territorial whole system of them, built up into a wrongful State, rather than becoming free to opt out from under them, thus casting a genuinely free “vote”, whereby one rejects the authority of this State for oneself and the own affairs, unless one has been a criminal with involuntary victims. – J.Z., 4.1.09. Victims ought to become free to secede from victimizers, especially the territorial and governmental ones. – J.Z., 23.12.11. – FIGHTING, ARGUING AGITATING & TRYIN TO REPEAL UNJUST LAWS, SECESSION

IGNORANCE: A good deal of our ignorance is inevitable, seeing the sheer quantity of the total accumulated knowledge of man and our limited life spans and learning periods as well as our limited memories. But much of it is also but self-chosen, a self-inflicted wound or infection that keeps us far below our potential. Those who come to choose as much knowledge as possible for themselves will not want to rule the world but just the chance to rule themselves and their affairs. Microfiche, floppy disk and CD-publishing and reading are also handy and economical ways to achieve this but were greatly neglected so far. - J.Z., 25.2.86, 24.10.02, 9.12.10, 23.12.11, 19.5.12. – SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-MANAGEMENT, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

IGNORANCE: America will be to the world a signal for arousing men to burst the chains under which … ignorance and superstition has persuaded them to bind themselves and to assume the blessings and security of self-government.” - Thomas Jefferson. - Territorial government, of whatever form, makes exactly any genuine and complete self-government impossible. At most it allows territorial majorities to rule themselves and, alas, also all the dissenters in "national" territories. - J.Z., 22.10.02, 9.12.10, 23.12.11. – The U.S.A. has so deteriorated from its already flawed beginnings that it has long ceased to represent an attractive example for the whole world. It has even built up and maintained a stockpile of mass murder devices and other “democratic” governments had nothing better in mind than to follow its bad example in this, without ever clearly defining the “enemy”, quite rightful war and peace aims and rightful targets for these “weapons”. – It is still not treating the captive nations, movements, forced laborers and conscripts as well as refugees and deserters from dictatorships as their secret or even open allies and offer them a much better deal than they can expect from their despotic rulers, via their own and panarchistically diverse governments and societies in exile and have remained dumb and underinformed enough to imagine that territorial democracies are a sufficiently attractive ideal for very diverse populations in other countries, while for a long time now they have no longer been widely regarded as ideal even in the USA. - J.Z., 19.5.12. - BONDAGE, CHAINS, INDEPENDENCE, AMERICANISM, TERRITORIALISM, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-RULE, INDIVIDUALISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

IGNORANCE: Governments are so ignorant of real causes and cures that they are only able to tinker around with appearances and symptoms, like establishing new committees and offices, titles, decorations and uniforms, or robbing Peter to pay Paul, instead of tackling the freedom and justice reforms required: the abolition of all wrongful and self-defeating but legalized interventionist measures. - J.Z., 27.8.02. – They should allow all dissenters to do their own things for or to themselves. Thereby, they themselves would become reduced to communities of volunteers doing their own things and thus becoming harmless at least for the others. – Turn territorialism into exterritorialism! – J.Z., 9.12.10, 23.12.11. - CAUSES, CURES, PROGRAMS, GOVERNMENTS, POLITICIANS, PLATFORMS, PARTIES

IGNORANCE: Ignorance among the subjects is the strength of the State. - J.Z., 4.1.85, 27.9.89. - That is much more true for the territorial State than for exterritorially autonomous communities and societies of volunteers. They do, by their very nature, as free experiments, provide internal and external enlightenment pressures. - J.Z., 25.10.02. - SUBJECTS, STATES, STRENGTH, POWER, PANARCHISM

IGNORANCE: Ignorance nourishes illusions which, be they positive or negative, constitute a deadly danger in politics.” – (Unwissenheit naehrt Illusionen, die - seien sie positiv oder negativ - politisch eine toedliche Gefahr sind.) – Arthur Koestler. – The ignorance of the effects of territorialism, its monetary and financial despotism and of collective responsibility actions are, possibly, the largest examples. – J.Z., 10.1.09, 19.5.12.

IGNORANCE: In the common people there is no wisdom, no penetration, no power of judgment.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero, Pro Planchio. - Thus full freedom to act, tolerantly, is much more important for the few thinkers and innovators than it is for the masses of the people. Not that these masses do not need or have no right to freedom as well. It's just that they are likely to make much less positive use of it, on their own initiative, as soon as possible. But they would still be able to choose leaders for themselves that are able to deliver more than mere promises. They should become free to choose for themselves participation in the obviously more successful experiments, all of them freely and competitively practised and published or observable. - J.Z., 25.11.02, 9.12.10, 23.12.11. - PEOPLE, MASSES, WISDOM, JUDGMENT, DEMOCRACY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, MINORITIES, MAJORITY

IGNORANCE: Irrational criticism of truths and uncritical acceptance of prejudices, errors and myths are our major problems. - J.Z., 11.7.95. - This evil could be greatly reduced a) by an encyclopaedia of the best refutations of popular errors, myths and prejudices which are obstacles to progress, in combination with b) an ideas archive and c) panarchistic freedom for volunteers to experiment under their own personal law even in the political, economic and social spheres, i.e., under full exterritorial autonomy. - J.Z., 20.10.02, 23.12.11. - PREJUDICES, CRITICISM, PROOFS BY FREE EXPERIMENTATION AMONG VOLUNTEERS

IGNORANCE: Men err as often because they are ignorant. Generally, their incurable foolishness consists that they deem themselves wise.” - (Die Menschen irren deswegen sooft, weil sie unwissend sind; und ueberhaupt besteht ihre unheilbare Narrheit darin, dass sie sich weise duenken.) - Helvétius, De lésprit, 2, 21. - Allow even those deemed ignorant to try to set as good examples as they can to those deemed wise. - No one has the right to rule others (in their affairs) without the consent of the others. - J.Z., 22.7.86. – Let them make the own mistakes and suffer the consequence. At most offer them advice or information sources or make public your bets on the outsome of their experiments. – J.Z., 23.12.11. -  PANARCHISM, BETS, ENLIGHTENMENT, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

IGNORANCE: Men have shouted peace and preached the brotherhood of man and there has been no peace and only lip service to brotherhood. You would have us hold conferences? I ask you, my friend, what is the history of conference?” - Clifford D. Simak, Ring Around the Sun, p.163. - I would expect more from tolerance towards tolerant dissenters (doing their things to or for themselves) than from love or brotherly feelings towards them or conferences with them. - J.Z., 30.10.02. – Online conferences on any remaining problem could be permanent, until the problem is solved. Nor would they have to exclude anyone. On a disc their complete record could be cheaply saved, duplicated and sold and would also be searcheable. – Digitized argument mappingas developed by Paul Monk et al  could also prove to be much more productive, if carried on until positive results are achieved and agreed-upon. -  J.Z., 23.12.11, 19.5.12. - IGNORANCE OF & INDIFFERENCE TO PEACE & ITS REQUIREMENTS, PEACE, LOVE OF PEACE, IDEAS, PEACE PLANS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, CONFERENCES, PEACE MOVEMENT, PEACE CONFERENCES, SUMMIT CONFERENCES, IDEAS ARCHIVE

IGNORANCE: Most spheres of human activisties - as far as mass media and mass consciousness are concerned, are intellectual deserts: Territorial rulers rule in ignorance and with numerous errors and prejudice and are submitted to and approved by the majority of the ignorant and prejudiced (as far as social sciences are involved and even there we do encounter “the barbarism of the specialist”. Protectionism, unionism, monetary despotism, militarism, territorial laws, drug laws, are infamous instances. Even religious wars and censorship are still occurring in too many countries of the world. - J.Z., 17.9.82, 23.12.11, 19.5.12. - Nowhere has man as yet been set quite free. - J.Z., 24.10.02. – The exterritorial autonomy option for individuals and minorities is required to prove and spread ideas, knowledge and experiences as fast and as easily as possible. Mere freedom of expression and information are not enough, not even in digital form, especially when this enlightenment potential is not yet systematically enough utilized. Many important reference works, required for easier enlightenment efforts, are still not compiled and offered online or on discs. – J.Z., 9.12.10, 23.12.11, 19.5.12. - IDEAS, ENLIGHTENMENT, PREJUDICES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

IGNORANCE: Nothing is more terrible than active ignorance.” (Es ist nichts schrecklicher als eine taetige Unwissenheit.) - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”. – Also in Goethe's World View Presented in His Reflections and Maxims, ed. Frederick Ungar, pp. 58-59 (1963). Another translation: “Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.” - Another: There is nothing more frightening that ignorance in action.” –– Just watch the daily shows produced by all territorial governments! – J.Z., 5.1.09. – However, the example of the first or the first few panarchies, free to engage in their experiments and successful in them, could soon come to act as light towers for the world. Especially those, which eliminated inflation and involuntary unemployment and poverty for their members. – J.Z., 9.12.10. - ACTION, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, RULERS, GOVERNMENTS, POLITICAL ACTIVISTS, TERRITORIALISM

IGNORANCE: One part of knowledge consists in being ignorant of such things as are not worthy to be known.” - Crates. - To arrive at true knowledge we have first to discard much of what falsely passes as knowledge. - J.Z., 25.11.02. – All too many know e.g. football, soccer, tennis, golf or cricket scores much better than they know the scores for political, economic and social systems. That would change once they are free to pick and choose among the latter for themselves. – J.Z., 9.12.10. – How many would e.g. be foolish enough to vote in their community of volunteers for wrongful and high taxes upon their productive activities and their spending? – J.Z., 23.12.11. - KNOWLEDGE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

IGNORANCE: Our ignorance deserves our utmost respect.” - William Tedford, Time Quest, Book II: Hydrabyss Red, p. 155. - If we respect it then we will not carelessly act as if we were omniscient, neither in our own affairs nor in those of others. - J.Z., 22.6.93, 23.10.02. – Territorialists act under the pretence or delusion of possessing sufficient knowledge. All of our history proves that they don’t. – J.Z., 9.12.10. - RED., TERRITORIALISM

IGNORANCE: The real human problem is that the ignorant do not know they are ignorant.” - Christopher Hills, The Golden Egg, VIII. - Lack of this awareness holds back also many anarchists and libertarians and makes many of their writings insufficiently appealing. The half-blind cannot lead the blind well enough. - Much worse is the fact that those, who are not ignorant, are firstly, not sufficiently in touch with each other and secondly not making sufficient use of affordable and powerful alternative media and thirdly not free to apply their knowledge in tolerant experiments among themselves. - J.Z., 21.10.02. - KNOWLEDGE

IGNORANCE: understanding comes first, mountains, rivers, seas are no longer the barriers that separate mankind, just the minds of mankind itself. The intolerance of ignorance not WANTING to know - that is the last real frontier left on earth.” - Alistair MacLean, The Last Frontier, p.203. - Not all have to become thought leaders and public opinion makers. But however many or few of them there are, their strengths and interests ought to be come fully mobilized. Then more and more of public opinion and of individuals will merely follow them and their first successful experiments undertaken with their new thoughts, ideas, methods and institutions. - J.Z., 21.10.02, 23.12.11. – Make the better offer as easily accessible as light through a light switch and a quality product through a lower prices. – One does not have to understand all that is behind such offers. Even a computer idiot like me can extensively use a computer, without being a computer expert. – Mostly, the ignorant and the enlightened can get along peacefully with each other, as long as they do not try to dominate each other. - J.Z., 9.12.10. - PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, TO ITS LIMITS, NO TOLERNACE FOR THE INTOLERANT, MINDS, BARRIERS, FRONTIERS, UNDERSTANDING

IGNORANCE: We are constitutionally ignorant about what other people want and do. That stark fact must humble anyone or any group who thinks that an entire economy can sensibly be centrally organized to serve the ends of a heterogeneous population.” - Richard B. McKenzie, Bound to Be Free, Hoover Institute Press, 1982, p.56. – Just think of the numerous disagreements that occur already even within the nuclear families and in friendship circles. – J.Z., 6.10.07. – Most constitutionalists are, unfortunately, still merely territorialists. Otherwise they could so much more good, by themselves setting better examples, while also letting other volunteers set their examples. – J.Z., 9.12.10. - DIVERSITY OF HUMAN BEINGS, ECONOMY, CENTRALIZATION, PLANNING, TERRITORIALISM, CONSTITUTIONALISM

IGNORING THE GOVERNMENT: If we all ignore the government, it’ll go away.” – Quoted by: Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do ‘til the Revolution, Breakout Productions, Port Townsend, Washington, 1999, rev. ed., ISBN 1-89.3626-13-X, p. 17. - Under today’s conditions, if some try to follow this advice, then our territorial governments will use or grab even more powers against us. - The same error is involved as in conscientious objection and in tax strikes, namely the assumption that even all policemen and soldiers and all the taxpayers will follow this advice. – Alas, even a small but well organized minority with a vested interest can, under today’s conditions, still enforce military and tax slavery. The majority of the victims ought to become sufficiently enlightened, armed, trained, organized and well motivated. – then they can protect or regain and maintain their individual rights and liberties, mostly even without any fighting. – See MILITIA. – Territorial governments will not go away if we merely look the other way and continue to ignore alternative, rightful and sound institutions, methods and principles and practices. - J.Z., 26.9.070, 9.10.07. – How do you ignore e.g. the government’s tax laws, conscription, inflated paper money, police and military power? – Who has as yet produced a comprehensive libertarian revolution and liberation program? – J.Z., 5.1.09. – DIS.

IGNORING THE LAWS: The pioneer Americans knew that they were free. (*) They had learned it the hard way – from stern experience. So when the British government tried to regiment them and obstruct their efforts, they simply ignored it. When the King laid down silly restrictions and controls on trade, the colonists went right on trading. When the weaving of cloth was prohibited in order to protect weavers in England, the women of America kept right on working in their homes.” - Henry Grady Weaver, The Mainspring of Human Progress, revised edition, FEE, 1953, p. 178. - (*) Ought to be free or had the right to be free, by their own individual choice. – J.Z., 13.9.08. – Only so much can be done in black market activities. Freedom for all tolerant actions and associations. The remaining royalists should have been allowed to do their things to themselves. Also all the other schools of thought on the republican side. Territorialism held almost all minds in its fetters and still does. – J.Z., 9.12.10. – AMERICAN REVOLUTION, DISOBEDIENCE, BLACK MARKET ACTIVITIES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, FREE EXPERIMENTATION FOR VOLUNTEERS IN ALL SPHERES.

IGNORING THE STATE, THE RIGHT TO, See: SPENCER, HERBERT, Social Statics, ch. 19, original edition and its reprints. - Herbert Spencer,  The right to ignore the state (1851) [English] - Herbert Spencer,  The Great Political Superstition (1884) [English]

IGNORING THE STATE: Ignore territorial politicians, politics and constitutions, laws and rules, their whole territorial States and liberate yourself by individual secessionism from their intended and unintended consequences. "Politicians can forgive almost anything in the way of abuse; they can forgive subversion, revolution, being contradicted, exposed as liars, even ridiculed, but they can never forgive being ignored." - Auberon Waugh, OBSERVER, 11 Oct. 1981, How Wodehouse Had the Last Laugh. - Ignoring them, i.e. individually and by volunteer groups seceding from them and autonomously and voluntarily doing our own things among themselves and proclaiming this policy as clearly, appealingly and publicly as possible, may be our best weapon against them and for our own liberation. Ignore them as far as you are already free to do so now. And work to liberate yourself so that, finally, you do become free to ignore them completely. This would altogether cost you less in energy, money and labor than trying to change them or put up with them. - J.Z., 27.6.92, 14.1.93, 19.5.12.

IGNORING THE STATE: Ignoring laws and governments may not become a wide-spread practice due to theoretical studies of the rights and wrongs of it but, rather, because of the practical impossibilities to know and apply the avalanches of laws that have been let loose upon us. Even merely reading them, once only, would take up already more than our lifespan. - J.Z., 10.7.86, 23.12.11. - Thus in practice, even politicians and bureaucrats themselves, not only their victims, do already habitually ignore many laws and regulations. Otherwise not enough could be done at all. Compare the work-to-rule "strikes" of workers, which demonstrate that only by ignoring many of the imposed rules can high productivity be maintained. - J.Z., 25.10.02, 23.12.11. - IGNORING LAWS & GOVERNMENTS, PANARCHISM

IGNORING THE STATE: Ignoring the State is what most North Americans already do now - by not voting or running for office. If they were given the vote to opt out of taxes and regulations and oppressive laws, they would, most likely, soon go the whole way. It could start with the secessions of a few dissidents and their cutting of a few chains and and their connections with a few territorial monopoly institutions. Then they would soon expand their secessionism towards most of them and more and more would join them or do their own things for and to themselves. To each his own ideal or utopia! No more involuntary victims to the dreams and powers of others. - J.Z., 29.11.92, 23.10.02, 23.12.11. – This process would be much easier, more assured and faster if the victims of territorialism had already organized themselves into rightful militias for the protection of their genuine individual rights and liberties – which are still to be fully compiled, discussed and published. Presently insufficient interest is shown for either job. – J.Z., 19.5.12. - LAWS, CONSTITUTIONS, JURISDICTIONS, THE WISHES OF MAJORITIES, RULERS, GOVERNMENTS, PANARCHISM, SECESSION, TAXATION, FORCED & EXCLUSIVE CURRENCIES, MONETARY DESPOTISM

IGNORING THE STATE: Pay no attention to Caesar. Caesar doesn't have the slightest idea what's really going on.” - Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle, p.66. – He wrongfully collects all too much in taxes, nevertheless and puts innocent immigrants (illegals) into concentration camps! – J.Z., 10.1.09, 19.5.12. – To everyone their own choices! – J.Z., 9.12.10. - LEADERSHIP, RULERS, GOVERNMENT, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, KNOWLEDGE, IGNORANCE, PANARCHISM, POLITICIANS, FREE CHOICE, VOLUNTARISM

IGNORING THE STATE: The American method, from the beginning of things, has been to ignore the obnoxious law, not to repeal it. Our statute books are cluttered with enactments which prove the truth of this assertion ... the appeals require action by legislatures, and legislatures are notoriously timid, particularly when they are beset by fanatics. There are many men in legislatures and elsewhere who will see a law ignored with a wholly clear conscience but wouldn't have the courage to vote for its repeal.” - H. L. Mencken, 1925. – There are numerous “folk crimes”, of which smuggling, speeding, tax evasion, informal voting, illegal immigration and littering are perhaps the best known examples. – J.Z., 10.1.09. – However, this all too limited and illegal form of ignoring laws does not yet lead to full freedom, no more so than e.g. the conscientious objection by a few against serving in the armed forces leads automatically to peace. – J.Z., 9.12.10. - IGNORING LAWS & REPEALING LAWS

ILLEGAL: Illegal is purely a matter of geography.” - From film: Dear Brigitte. – Not purely! Even mass murderous regimes prosecute private murderers who compete with them. – J.Z., 10.1.09. To that extent their laws can still be rightful.  – Most wrongs are territorially imposed upon all too many. Volunteers, living under freely chosen personal laws and exterritorial autonomy, do not wrong each other, although they might harm each other by applying flawed ideas among themselves. Let all peaceful people have their individual or group choice of personal laws, under full exterritorial autonomy for themselves, as the main pre-condition for world-wide peaceful coexistence among the most diverse people and ideologies. We experienced the rightful and peace-promoting effect of tolerance already widely and for centuries in the spheres of religion and just have to learn to apply it in the sphere of political, economic and social systems territorially upheld by various secular ideologies. – J.Z., 9.12.10, 23.12.11, 19.5.12.

IMAGINATION: Always remember what separates man from animal - imagination. Make the most of it.” - John Laws, John Law's Book of Uncommon Sense, Pan, 1995, p.55. - To make the most of creativity and ideas we should establish a proper market for them, e.g. in form of an Ideas Archive and Talent Registry and also panarchies, polyarchies etc. to apply diverse ideas and talents among volunteers. They could assure that the supply of and the demand for them come always together, as soon as possible. - J.Z., 18.4.00, 19.5.12. - MAN & ANIMALS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

IMAGINATION: Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.” - John Dewey – We should aim at the same freedom to experiment, among volunteers, in the social sciences. – Freedom of expression and information are not enough, in these sciences, either. - J.Z., 9.12.10. - INNOVATION, PROGRESS, IDEAS, FREDOM TO EXPERIMENT

IMAGINATION: for what two ever thought alike, on a subject of the imagination?” - Fenimore Cooper, The Pioneers, p. XXV, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 7th printing, 1966. - Nevertheless, even in metaphysics, and ethics, customs and justice systems there is room for large churches and sects and numerous diverse panarchies and polyarchies. – Only different territorial utopias do not fit, at the same time, into the same territory for all of its population.To realize all of them at the same time, but always only among their adherents, the population must be free to sort itself out, according to individual preferences, into their own experimental or utopian societies, communities and governance systems under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. Then they can peacefully coexist while all the diverse groups would do their own different things only among their members. – J.Z., 28.9.07, 23.12.11. – Alas, the freedom, peace, prosperity, security, and progress options of panarchism or polyarchism do not, at present, fit into the majority of all too pre-programmed and conditioned minds. The proper tools, methods and institutions for genuine and easy self-education have still either to be produced or to be made sufficiently known or utilized. – J.Z., 9.10.07, 23.12.11. - DISAGREEMENTS, FUTURISM, REFORMERS, IDEALISTS, UTOPIANS

IMAGINATION: Imagination is the first faculty wanting in those who do harm to their kind.” - Mrs. Margarete Oliphant – They may not lack in imagination but certainly in tolerance, morality or ethics and knowledge of individual rights and liberties, while being abundantly supplied with prejudices, errors, myths, hatreds, maliciousness and fanaticism. To the extent that they do hold whole populations or collectives of mostly innocent people responsible for the actions of a few among them, their notion of guilt is purely the product of their over-active imagination. – J.Z., 10.1.09, 19.5.12. – INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, PREJUDICES

IMAGINATION: Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” – (Einbildungskraft ist die einzige Waffe im Krieg gegen die Wirklichkeit.) - de Gaultier. - Imagination and better ideas are the best weapons against imposed, wrongful and harmful conditions. We must realize that we do not have to put up with the present realities, which are merely the consequences of ignorance, prejudices and stupid or self-interested interventionsm. Let us secede from these "realities" and set up really free, competitive, voluntary and exterritorially autonomous communities, whose competition would soon diminish the power and spread of the present territorial "realities". - J.Z., 25.10.02. – “Realpolitik” is also a figment of the imagination. Its enforcement produces only messes and very wrongful ones, too. – J.Z., 23.12.11. – TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM, REALITY, PANARCHISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT

IMAGINATION: In an open system we compete with our imagination, not with a lock and key”, Negroponte observed. “The result is not only a larger number of successful companies, but a wider variety of choice for the consumer and an ever more nimble commercial sector, one capable of rapid change and growth.” Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.225, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4 – Sometimes I wonder how many varieties e.g. of food and clothing are really needed, for those, to whom these things are not of great importance, but more leisure time to do the things they want to do is important. That requires short working time options for such people, enough for a simple self-support while their leisure time is used for whatever seems right and sensible for them to do. “Freedom is leisure!” was a remark by G. B. Shaw. – It also requires the freedom to experiment in all spheres, not only e.g. in the spheres of hobbies, crafts, entertainment, eating, drinking, fashion and sports. – J.Z., 9.12.10, 23.12.11. – LAWS, FRONTIERS, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, PROHIBITIONS

IMAGINATION: It is the spirit of the age to believe that any fact, however suspect, is superior to any imaginative exercise, no matter how true.” - Gore Vidal, ENCOUNTER, Dec. 1967.  – A fact is a fact. Only wrongful observations, descriptions and interpretations of facts are suspect. – However, I do admit that one can get almost endless descriptions of e.g. povery, inflation, unemployment, war and despotism without any clear comprehension of their main causes and cures. -  J.Z., 23.12.11. – FACTS, REALITY, WHAT IS SEEN AND WHAT IS NOT SEEN.

IMAGINATION: Reality - what a poor substitute for imagination.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. - Reality should not be ignored but present conditions do not form all possible and desirable realities. We are not inevitably and quite helplessly stuck in them. Thus we should think beyond present conditions towards future realities and ponder the realistic ways, tools and conditions for getting there. - J.Z., 26.10.02. – From territorial oppressions to exterritorial autonomy, by individual and group choices! – J.Z., 9.12.10.

IMAGINATION: Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” – John Lennon. – With enough imagination we could establish a peaceful and just world fast, one without involuntary poverty, inflation, deflation or stagflation. But how many bother to apply their imagination sufficiently in such spheres? – J.Z., 17.9.08. – Nor does territorialism encourage such thoughts in most people. - J.Z., 4.1.09. - REALITY, CHANGING THE WORLD, FREEING MAN, PEACE, PROSPERITY

IMAGINATION: The human race is governed by its imagination.” - Napoleon Bonaparte. - If we make use only of the imagination of public opinion, political leaders and opinion makers, government teachers, statists intellectuals, territorial voting campaigns, discussions in parliaments, or among bureaucrats and diplomats, instead of gathering all the best thoughts, ideas and talents of the world in special markets, encyclopedias and registries - that bring all this demand and supply together, we will be governed by imagined goods and services monopolistically and territorially imposed and will quite rightly feel threatened by them, misled and misruled, exploited and deceived, deprived of our rights and liberties - to the advantage of a few powerful monopolistic decision-makers, taking and disposing of a large part of our earnings against our will and spending them at their discretion, under all kinds of false pretences, like consent and representation. - J.Z., 30.4.00, 23.11.11, 19.5.12. – Only full experimental freedom, in all  spheres now monopolized by territorial governments, will give the best ideas, talents and sufficiently informed people their best chances. – J.Z., 9.12.10. - IDEAS ARCHIVE, AS PART OF A COMPREHENSIVE & GENUINE CULTURAL REVOLUTION, PUBLIC OPINION, ENLIGHTENMENT

IMAGINATION: When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.” - Albert Einstein. – As a result some of his thoughts or conclusions are, probably, mere fantasy. – Have all of his critics been as well published as he was? - J.Z., - 10.1.08. - Even A. E. did not have enough imagination to adopt non-territorial models of societies and to distinguish clearly all the different concepts of time. Thus he arrived at wrong conclusions. Alas, the manuscript of Ulrich von Beckerath’s criticism of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was burnt in an air raid (Only hints to its contents can be found in the letters of U. v. Bth.) and regarding personal law associations he was too prejudiced to make further enlightening correspondence with him possible. The “barbarism of the specialists” was also demonstrated by him in his advocacy of nuclear “weapons”. – In this respect he had too much imagination. He imagined them to be rightful and efficient weapons, although they amount only to cheaper and even more indiscriminate mass extermination camp packages than the extermination camps of the Nazis were. The limited imagination of the survivors of these camps and their descendants did also lead them in the direction of “nuclear defence”, “nuclear strength” and “nuclear deterrence”, i.e. of mass murder preparations, rather than in the direction of exterritorial autonomy and voluntarism for all, which would eliminate nuclear targets, motives and powers and would finally bring peace to the supposedly “Holy Land”, all too exclusively and thus wrongly claimed by different factions. - J.Z., 23.1.08, 9.12.10, 23.12.11. - FANTASY, INTUITION, THOUGHT, KNOWLEDGE & CREATIVITY, INTELLIGENCE & THE ABILITY TO LEARN, ISRAEL, DEFENCE, STRENGTH, NWT, DETERRENCE, TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

IMAGINATION: Your greatness lies in imagination.” – Michael Crighton, Sphere, page 335. – Your greatest weaknesses lie also in merely imagined realities or supposed ideals, to be territorially enforced. – Even genuine ideals should not be territorially enforced upon dissenters, except in self-defence against their remaining crimes and aggressions. These would be minimized once all dissenters are free to do their own things among themselves and for or to themselves only. Territorialism is based on delusions. – J.Z., 9.12.10. – GREATNESS, POWER

IMAGINATIVE POLITICAL & SOCIETAL ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS: We must create sanctuaries for social imagination." - Alvin Toffler, Future Shock, 1970. (Quoted by M. Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, p. 331.) – Did he ever and quite clearly express himself on the personal law and exterritorial autonomy possibilities for communities, societies and also governance systems all only consisting of volunteers? – All too general statements do not indicate all required details sufficiently. – J.Z., 27.11.11.

IMMIGRANTS: Immigrants used to come to America seeking freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom from government. Now they come looking for free health care, free education, and a free lunch.” – Harry Browne. - However, even statist immigrants do have the right to self-government among themselves - but not the right to determine the fate of others (who do love rights and liberties more than these immigrants - and natives – do), by means of the "free" and equal votes – over the affairs of others. - J.Z., 26. 11. 06, 4.1.09. – Let them come and form their own communities, at their own expense and risk. Let them have their own insurance, banking and welfare institutions and this in the varieties they desire for themselves, just like their own religions, customs, drafts, hobbies, arts and literature. Then the antagonism against new immigrants will rapidly disappear. Some immigrant communities might also come to set shiny freedom examples to the Welfare State advocates among the multitudes of previous immigrants and their descendants. – J.Z., 2.1.08. Even H. B. was, obviously, prejudiced against them and ignored the fate and right of asylum seekers as well as of those, who merely wished for chances to work under better chances to improve their economic condition. - J.Z., 23.12.11. – Immigrants, too, have more and more become statists rather than pioneers and self-made men. However, let them suffer under their own choices, at their own expense and risk. – J.Z., 24.12.11.

IMMIGRATION BARRIERS: Immigration barriers do possibly lead to the killing of even more people than do emigration barriers. - J.Z., 30.10.93, 21.10.02. - That guilt aspect of "the" Holocaust and of many other mass murders, has so far been insufficiently examined. Likewise, the all too general subscription to the wrongfulness of territorial rule and of "collective responsibility" “judgments”.  - Presently, these "chickens came home to roost" in form of acts of terrorism. - However, compared with the scale of government conducted wars and civil wars, terrorism by terror gangs, and individual psychopaths with guns, or explosives, the number of deadly car accidents and of killings in abortions, all private terrorist acts lead only to a relatively small numbers of victims. Governments and abortionists as well as car drivers are much more "productive" mass murderers. Official and unofficial mass murders and the collective responsibility mentality would be greatly reduced through individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. - J.Z., 21.10.02, 23.12.11.

IMMIGRATION BARRIERS: Immigration barriers make war not love. - J.Z., 9.12.74. - Thus they are especially absurd between States with supposedly predominantly Christian populations. These are under their religious commandment to love their neighbours and even their enemies. - At least they should be just and tolerant enough towards them to let them come, work and settle as peaceful immigrants and live in their own kinds of communities of volunteers, without any territorial monopoly claim. - However, as long as they believe, due to their adherence to monetary and financial despotism, that there can be only a limited number of jobs, they will come to fear for their own, especially in times of high unemployment, whose real causes and cure they do not bother to examine. So they turn illegal immigrants into their scapegoats. - J.Z., 26.10.02, 9.12.10, 23.12.11. - WAR, PEACE, LOVE

IMMIGRATION BARRIERS: Just because governments do not know how to end unemployment, depressions, stagflations and inflation, they think that they ought to set up immigration barriers and concentration camps for illegal immigrants and deport them when they think that they are "only" refugees from still worse economic policies of other governments rather than politically persecuted refugees seeking asylum. And even then they are expected to wait their term - and all are expected to submit to their imprisonment in idleness, often in remote areas. It is really an intellectual bankruptcy declaration of governments and for their policies. Instead, they ought to allow these immigrants to opt out of all the laws and institutions that cause unemployment and other economic difficulties, so that they could help themselves via their own monetary and financial arrangements and organizations. They should be granted full exterritorial autonomy for this purpose and then at least some of their experiments would be successful and set shiny examples to the natives and previous immigrants. The problems, which governments cannot solve - with their ignorance, prejudices and coercive and wrongful measures - could be easily solved by free men - but not by wrongfully imprisoned ones and other "measures" like the usual ones of territorial governments. - J.Z., 19.8.02, 14.9.02, 23.12.11. - UNEMPLOYMENT & INFLATION, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEER COMMUNITIES

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, BASED ON TERRITORIALISM: Territorial communities fear being taken over by numerous immigrants with their foreign beliefs, customs and institutions, possibly also by members of another "race". Such people, under panarchism, can constitute themselves as exclusively as they want to be, by voluntary segregation in their private lives and thus would no longer have to fear the foreigners. Nor would the immigrants have to integrate with the beliefs, customs and institutions of the country to which they migrated. They can retain their own there and would thus, at least within their own communities, not be considered as second-class citizens. Frictions with all but fanatic territorialists would be minimized. - J.Z., 16.9.04.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: A country that knows how to mobilise the resources not only of its own millions of unemployed but also of millions of immigrant refugees, displaced persons and economic migrants, could soon become the most influential country in the world. Obviously, our politicians and bureaucrats do not know how to achieve this. So they should do the next best thing and get out of the way of all those who believe that they have the answers and who are willing to try them out at their own risk and expense. Under such experimental freedom, in the political, economic and social sphere either new answers would be developed or old and truthful answers would be proven and publicised. - J.Z., 15. & 16. 9. 01. – Such solutions do already exist in literature but they are widely ignored and also outlawed. – J.Z., 9.10.10.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: All borders should be dissolved by individual secessionism and by voluntary associations with full exterritorial autonomy, as they were for religious borders wherever religious liberty was introduced. - J.Z., 15. & 16. 9.01. – SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: As many migrants as want to come and as are individually welcomed, or by independent voluntary communities, and contracted with. But we should realize that they do, usually, come from countries so badly misgoverned that these people often risk their lives and their limited possessions, to pay "people smugglers" to get them here, in spite of all the artificial barriers set up against them, and that they would arrive here, i.e., in still another country that is also so badly governed and with so little freedom that commonly most additional people are considered to be burdens rather than assets to the economy. Since one cannot suddenly change the views of the masses, either of the new or of the old immigrants or that of the natives, the solution would lie in allowing all of them to form exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities within which, at their own expense and risk, they could freely practise all the self-help measures they can think of or that others may successfully suggest to them. In this way real solutions would either be rapidly developed or proven. - J.Z., 15.9.01. - They would have the right to be exclusive and discriminating as they like - within their own volunteer communities. Only compulsory discrimination and compulsory integration in whole territories are wrong. - J.Z., 3.12.02.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Borders are acts of aggression against individual rights and liberties and as such quite indefensible. They are acts of aggression against the majority of mankind and they can lead to invasions and military occupations and dictatorships. - J.Z., 15.9.01, 3.12.02. - All national, ethnical, racial or religious territorial land monopoly claims are wrong, an assault on the individual rights and liberties of most of the people on Earth. - J.Z., 3.12.02.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Borders are among the many wrongs and evils that make for wars, civil wars, revolutions, oppression, exploitation and terrorism. Maintaining them is part and parcel of all major crimes on the national and international scale. - J.Z., 15.9.01. – BORDERS, FRONTIERS

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Borders have two sides, like any leash has two ends. They coercively restrict not only the outsiders but also the insiders. They create nation-wide prisons, mostly for innocents. - J.Z., 15.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Borders make only sense around individuals, houses, business enterprises and gardens. - J.Z., 15.9.01, 19.5.12.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: By all means, deny immigrants citizenship or membership or subject status in YOUR OWN VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY. But you have no right to deny them their own voluntary community anywhere on earth, under full exterritorial autonomy, while you claim this right for yourself. No one can rightly claim any exclusive territory for his own favourite political, economic or social system. - J.Z., 15. & 16. 9.01. – FREE MIGRATION, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: By rights no country belongs exclusively to its present inhabitants. Earlier immigrants have no greater claims to rights and liberties than have later ones. All have only the right to their own individual liberties and to the private or cooperative properties that they rightfully acquired. No one has the right to deny rights to other peaceful or non-criminal others. Those who do are criminals, whether they do so privately and illegally or officially and legally. - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Deport governments rather than peaceful migrants, settlers and workers. And if you fear them and their ideas and customs or traditions as voters, who might outvote you, then confine them to their own and only exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, with no membership and voting rights in your own. - J.Z., 19.11.93, 21.10.02. - DEPORTATIONS

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Do you believe that our bureaucrats and politicians love your freedom more than do refugees from the bureaucrats and politicians in other countries? I count economic migrants to be refugees as well - from other statists rulers. If we rid ourselves of the rule by territorial politicians and bureaucrats and their systems, i.e., introduced e.g. all economic liberties, then migrants would soon be welcomed even by those who now see only unwelcome competitors in them. - J.Z., 13. & 15. 9.01. - Let the first who do appreciate economic liberties practise them freely among themselves. From such successful experiments economic liberties would rapidly spread by voluntary adoption or growth of the economically free volunteer communities. - J.Z., 3.12.02.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Does even one of the government-run and government-financed universities run a course teaching all about free migration, free trade, monetary freedom and competing governments, or competing societies, i.e. such as permit individual secessions and represent only exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities? - J.Z., 15. & 16. 9.01. – EDUCATION, UNIVERSITIES, FREEDOM

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Earth is just a tiny speck of matter in the universe and we are the still much tinier microbes living on it. We have still not even learned yet that most animals, plants, insects and microbes, although not intelligent, manage to get by without artificial borders. Only we do still stick to this ancient, costly, wrongful, uneconomic and traditional ritual, one that holds us back and endangers us in many ways. - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01. Borders indicate the grant or toleration of wrongful powers to a few people. – J.Z., 19.5.12.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Even the ancestors of most of the present natives were immigrants in the distant past. When and where immigrants arrived should not matter at all. What matters is that they should have the freedom to become self-supporting and to rule themselves, rather than others. All associations with them should be voluntary and contractual. We have no right to legislatively determine their fate nor do they have the right to vote upon our fate. As traders, contractors, proprietors, co-workers and co-professionals all should be welcomed - at least by all who do like them enough to want to deal with them. All people should be free to voluntarily integrate or voluntarily segretate themselves as much as they like from them, but without setting up territorial borders. Barriers and exclusion rules for private or cooperative or partnership property is quite another matter. - J.Z., 23.10.02, 23.12.11.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Free migration to a country indicates a free people. Immigration barriers indicate people who have let themselves become incarcerated - with bureaucrats and politicians as their warders. - J.Z., 13. & 15.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Freedom for friendship, business partnerships, employing and being employed, cooperation, mutual aid, self-help, credit, insurance and charity, for and with all immigrants, especially full monetary and financial freedom for them and us, and the replacement of all coercive and territorial communities by volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous. Then all could be as free or as restricted as they want to be and the supposed "problem" of legal or illegal immigrants would have disappeared. It would no more exist than would exist a "problem" in their and our choices of religion, art, amusements, literature, travel, clothing, foods, drinks, sports, interior decoration and plants for our gardens. - J.Z., 13. & 15. 9.01, 195.12.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Freedom for individuals, in order to be realized, ultimately, everywhere, requires not only freedom of religion, expression and information, assembly and association, freedom in production and exchange, but also freedom to emigrate and immigrate, freedom to revolt against oppression, freedom in foreign trade and for foreign investments and an unlimited right to asylum for innocent refugees and deserters. It does not require hand-outs at the expense of tax payers but freedom to negotiate e.g. residence and jobs anywhere under mutually agreeable conditions. Also freedom to join or set up communities of one's own choice and to secede from them if they do no longer satisfy. - J.Z., 13. & 15.9.01, 19.5.12.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Freedom should have not legally set limits, neither for immigrants nor for natives. A politicised, bureaucratised, collectivised, territorialized, centralised and nationalised freedom is no longer FREEDOM, but, rather, licence for the few at the expense of the many. - J.Z., 13. & 15. 9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: From the perspective of space political borders are invisible. They have carved their bloody markers only in our minds and in our most wrongful and stupid actions. - J.Z., 15.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Frontiers are manifestations of racial, religious, ethnic, political and economic hatreds based on ignorance and prejudices. They reduce all of us to the status of domesticated, exploited and fenced-in and exploited animals, i.e., turn us into the property and victims of our politicians and bureaucrats. - J.Z., 15. & 16. 9.01, 3.12.02.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Full freedom for all immigrants as well as for all natives - at least to the degree that individuals of either group desire it for themselves. Then, who would continue to feel threatened by immigrants or other parties - seeing that he could have the government or non-governmental society of his dreams for himself and all like-minded people? - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: If governments could solve problems rather than merely create them, prolong them and make them worse, then there would be no refugees and no illegal immigrants. To entrust the solution of any problem, created by governments, to any government, which cannot even cope with its existing unemployment problem, is absurd. All governments are failures in this respect and thus should allow any kind of self-responsible self-help experiments, even if they infringed dozens of territorial laws and regulations, as they inevitably would have to, in order to become able to do the economically right things quite undisturbed for themselves and their trading partners. For their remaining volunteers governments could retain all these restrictions. But they should no longer impose them territorially upon dissidents. Under full freedom for self-help measures unemployment would rapidly disappear and more immigrants would be welcomed rather than hated, kept out or incarcerated as innocent people, whose only "crime" was that their migration was not authorised by our politicians and bureaucrats. - J.Z., 15. & 16. 9.01, 3.12.02.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Immigrants are not the problem. Bureaucrats and politicians - and their laws and regulations and institutions are. Allow all people everywhere to secede and flee from the bureaucrats and politicians, not only externally, into and from other countries, but also internally, within "our own" country, by seceding and serving themselves, in their own volunteer communities, according to their own beliefs and systems, better than territorial politicians and bureaucrats ever could or would. They are bound to make mistakes, too. But they would learn from them, rather fast, because all their mistakes would be at the own expense and risk. - J.Z., 13. & 15.9.01, 23.12.11.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Immigrants have rights, too, e.g. the right to flee and seek asylum anywhere. The right to live by their own work, skills, knowledge and investments and the right to live autonomously and exterritorially, under their own personal laws in any country and on any continent of their own free choice. It is wrong to monopolise segments of "spaceship Earth" to people of certain ideologies, religions, skin colours, cultures, ideologies or constitutions and bodies of law. Territorial monopoly claims are attacks and usurpations against the rights of man. Unless we can still find descendants of the first man, wherever man first developed on Earth, we are all descendants of immigrants at best and merely of conquerors at worst. -  J.Z., 9.1.87, 24.10.02. FREE IMMIGRATION

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Immigration barriers are based on nothing but popular errors, myths, prejudices and false premises and as such they do not deserve any respect. However, exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities should be free to close their membership lists for the kind of people that they dislike. - J.Z., 13. & 15.9.01, 9.12.10. – That would not prevent new immigrants from establishing their own societies and communities on a contractual and propertarian basis. – J.Z., 24.12.11.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Immigration restrictions show that territorial governments are more disunited than people, as individuals, are or want to be. - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Immigration, like tourism and trade and production, is, by its very nature self-regulating. Migrants will not tend to migrate from under-populated countries into "over-populated" countries. However, they will follow the freedom trail from oppressive to less oppressive countries or governments. Alas, no one offers them, so far, the no-government option or the exterritorial self-government options, including that of exterritorially autonomous free societies. - J.Z., 2.12.02.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Individualise immigration, depoliticise and de-bureaucratise it. Voluntary associations could cope with a large immigration influx - if they are not bound by anti-economic laws and institutions. - J.Z., 13. & 15.91.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Individuals should remain free to disassociate themselves from new immigrants, if they want to, but neither they nor their representatives are morally authorised to keep immigrants out of any country or continent. - J.Z., 15.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Insurmountable barriers rather only for politicians and bureaucrats unwanted by individuals and their voluntary communities. No barriers for any non-criminal immigrants. Let each community of volunteers choose freely how many new members it would accept from immigrants and what kinds of applicants it would reject. - J.Z., 13. & 15.9.01. – Immigration barriers into countries are no more rightful, rational or necessary than immigration barriers against rural people wishing to settle in cities or towns. They are particularly absurd for “nations” of immigrants, early and later ones. – J.Z., 23.12.11.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: It is all lastly a question of money, i.e., of the degree of the monetary demand for more labour. When we artificially and legally reduce it, by the money issue monopoly of central banking, then we come to fear the competition from additional labourers and try to keep them out. When we abolish monetary despotism and introduce monetary freedom, then we want many more workers and customers and would welcome swarms of immigrants with open arms. Those few, who would rather maintain their irrational and prejudiced hatreds against them, would remain free to refuse to deal with them - at their own risk and expense, diminishing their own work and sales opportunities. That kind of self-inflicted penalty they would justly deserve. - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: More immigrants and less politicians and bureaucrats. To the extent that some people still believe that they need politicians and bureaucrats, they should be allowed to have them, at their expense and risk, in their own voluntary communities, also under full exterritorial autonomy. Refugees as well as natives and earlier immigrants should also be free to set up their own "panarchies" or competing governments and societies, all with voluntary members only. - J.Z., 13. & 15.9.01. – The very first Aboriginal immigrants to Australia set up their own communities. So did the “white” immigrants much later. Why shouldn’t the current immigrants not be free to do the same? As long as neither tries to lay down the law for all the others. – J.Z., 10.1.09, 9.12.10, 23.12.11. - PANARCHISM.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: More people are not a burden but an asset, a rich natural resource - if only they are not incarcerated or otherwise fettered, i.e., if the country to which the migrants want to go has not already restricted the own liberties too much. Such restrictions can either be ignored or repealed at the stroke of a pen or upon a single voting in parliament - or one can allow citizens and immigrants to opt out of them and to establish their own liberated communities of volunteers, with their own full employment programs or experiments. Territorial governments with their institutions are, obviously, helpless in the face of mass unemployment and they ought to step aside enough to allow volunteers to try to do better. - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01. – Illegal immigrants and asylum seekers do have the natural right to ignore immigration restrictions and all other restrictions or prohibitions upon genuine individual rights and liberties, just like the present residents and Aborigines, when it comes to their own affairs. – They, too, do not have the right to lay down a territorial law for others, who happen to disagree with them. - J.Z., 9.12.10.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Multiculturalism isn't enough. Rightful and needful are also: a) multi-politics, b) multi-economics and c) multi-social-arrangements, all within volunteer communities that are exterritorially autonomous. - J.Z., 14.9.01. – MULTICULTURALISM ONLY OR PANARCHISM?

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Neither the earliest nor the early nor the present legal immigrants do have the right to exclusively own any country or continent and to exclude, restrict or deport later "illegal" immigrants. - J.Z., 6.3.97, 21.10.02. – TERRITORIALISM, BORDERS, FRONTIERS, MONOPOLISM

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: No kinds of people, except criminals with victims, are to be confined or restricted to their country only. For all others the world should be their oyster. All they would have to do is to respect the private property and other individual rights of others. Rights of territorial nations are a disastrous fiction. - J.Z., 13.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Open the barriers around countries and those in your mind, which keep immigrants out and degrees of despotism in. Either open your mind to more or all the freedom options for yourself, and utilise them in your own volunteer communities or allow at least all other people, including all immigrants, to do so for themselves. - J.Z., 13. & 15. 9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Recognize full exterritorial autonomy for all immigrants and volunteer communities for them, if and to the extent that they desire them for themselves and recognize the same liberty for all natives and earlier immigrants. Then most of the presently remaining problems would disappear rather soon under this kind of experimental freedom and freedom of action. - A man free to help himself will not, as a rule, be dependent upon help from others for very long. If such help is granted at all then it should not be given at the expense of tax slaves but by free men volunteering for this job, or by businessmen. - J.Z., 13. & 15.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Refugees should not be integrated, selected or interned but set free. - Refugees should not be deterred, kept out or captured like criminals, when they arrive unofficially, as "illegal immigrants" and then all too slowly and bureaucratically and individually investigated, selected and then "nationalised or "integrated", or, alternatively, incarcerated and finally deported, but, rather, set free. If they do come from a despotic regime that should be reason enough to grant them asylum. They should also be free to select the degrees of liberty that they want for themselves, in their own volunteer communities, under full exterritorial autonomy. If, later, they are proven to have been criminals with victims themselves, then they should be liable to public prosecution. - J.Z., 14.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Refugees should not be legally and bureaucratically deterred, selected, integrated, interned or deported, but, instead, FULLY LIBERATED, far beyond the few liberties we are now allowed to enjoy - by our occupying force of "aliens", namely "our" politicians and bureaucrats. - If the latter were really "mine", we would part company pretty fast. - J.Z., 13. & 14.9.01, 9.12.10.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Refugees, illegal immigrants and economic migrants should not be subjected to other fetters and chains, than the ones they broke and fled from, but, rather, none at all should be forced upon them. They should also remain free to choose less than full liberty conditions for themselves, at their own risk and expense, and to discard these restrictions, too, once they become ready for this. "To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice!" - J.Z., 13. & 14.9.01, 23.12.11. - PANARCHISM

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Refugees: Let's all turn into refugees from all oppressive and exploitative government actions and make common cause with all immigrants. - J.Z., - 13.9.01. That is, those in Australia, who desire more liberty for themselves, should strive for the freedom to establish it for themselves and for all the new immigrants who would like to join them in their efforts. - J.Z., 14.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Refugees: There is no territorial political or bureaucratic solution to the refugee problem. Actually, TERRITORIALISM is its CAUSE. But full freedom has the answer to this problem as well and would, ultimately, establish optimum population levels everywhere, in peacefully competing volunteer communities, freed from all imposed political, economic, social and bureaucratic fetters. That degree of liberation has to be initiated somewhere. From there it could spread rapidly over the rest of the world. - J.Z., 13. & 14.9.01. Passports were generally introduced only in 1914, when prior and still all too limited economic liberties, never full laissez faire economics, had already been all too much replaced by “protectionist” and statist socialism and its incompetence. – J.Z., 9.12.10.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Release the creative energies of all present and former immigrants and abolish all the destructive, oppressive and exploitative powers and institutions of territorial politicians and bureaucrats. - J.Z., 14.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Removal of ALL territorial restrictions solves the refugee "problem". - J.Z., 13.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Repeal all immigration restrictions but also all automatic welfare claim rights for immigrants. Rather free them from all taxes towards the welfare of the "natives" or prior immigrants, while permitting them to establish the own welfare, insurance, credit and banking organizations and conceding to them their own personal laws in their exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. Then they will soon no longer be considered as a burden and a threat but will become enabled to set attractive examples to be followed - and also some deterrent examples at their own expense and risk. - J.Z., 7.9.94, 19.10.02.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Should planet Earth be subdivided by artificial, territorial, political, economic and social frontiers or rather be considered as the common habitat of free people who live and work in diverse voluntary communities, none of them tied to any particular territory? - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Should planet Earth be subdivided into exclusive turfs for political gangsters and con-men? - J.Z., 16.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: The borders, which you believe to make you secure and better off - do actually make you more insecure and less well off. Only due to delusions and for the benefit of territorial rulers are they coercively maintained. - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: The frontiers of peace-time are no more rightful and sensible than are the frontiers of war-time. - J.Z., 15.9.01. – Actually, the wrongful frontiers of peace times prepare the wrongful frontiers of war times. – J.Z., 9.12.10.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: The maintenance of borders maintains the targets for ABC mass murder devices and promotes the wrongful notion of "collective responsibility" which leads to these anti-people "weapons". - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, TERRITORIALISM

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: The only rightful frontiers exist around individuals and their properties. And only individuals can rightly open up their "borders" or close them down. – All territorial rights and “territorial integrity” are based on false assumptions, pretences and conclusions. - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01, 9.12.10.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: The self-delusion of most immigrants to Australia, whether the legal or the illegal ones, is that they would have come to a free country, instead of coming merely to one that is somewhat more free than the open despotism they fled from. I hold that we owe them and ourselves the chance to set up exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities. Then, after a few years, the mere rumps remaining, of the present States, would indicate how small their supposed "mandate" actually was. All dissenters having seceded from them, they, too, would be reduced to mere exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities. Only as such would they have the right to continue to exist, as long as they can find volunteers for themselves. - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: To allow people to live only in nation-wide territorial concentration camps or to move only from one such prison to another, selected, by bureaucrats, for "good behaviour", means neither freedom for the natives nor for the immigrants. - J.Z., 13. & 15.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: Under full political freedom, i.e., as members of exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, refugees would not constitute a political problem, either, but, rather, an asset, namely allies in the struggle for peace, freedom and justice in the world. - J.Z., 14.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: We are not obliged to support refugees or migrants but we are obliged to allow them to support themselves and to remove all territorial barriers and other restrictions upon them that would prevent them from doing so. - J.Z., 15.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: We do not have 800,000 unemployed in Australia because we have only ca. 100,000 or even less immigrants to Australia p.a. Nor do we have a large degree of youth unemployment, from 20 to 40% in some areas, due to immigration. Most immigrants are adults. Nor do their young children throw ours out of jobs. All such notion are based on primitive and false nations, e.g. that there is only a limited number of jobs available at any one time, which ought to be "fairly shared" - first of all among the locally born or already naturalized citizens. At the same time, the really limiting factors: monopolies, despotic laws and regulations, red tape, taxation and, most of all, a monopoly means of exchange, especially for wage and salary payments, the suppression of free choice of value standards by legal tender laws, i.e., the suppression of monetary freedom and of freedom to clear all one's debts, using sound value standards, is ignored, although such despotic measures are the major factor in preventing all desired and possible exchanges from taking place, under sound value standard reckoning. The further increase in our living standard would require the full employment of all our unemployed and under-employed and that of all the immigrants we could manage to get. - J. Z., 20.3.97, 10.1.09. Any leader who does not know how to achieve that, - although the solutions are published, should simply get out of the way and let all those go ahead, who able and willing to demonstrate the solutions – among their volunteers. Also those, who only believe that they have the real solutions, should be given experimental freedom among their volunteers. All present territorial constitutions, laws, jurisdictions, institutions and systems – should be confined to their volunteers. Experimental freedom for all, naturally always at the own risk and expense. Then the real solutions will get their chance to become demonstrated among volunteers – and spread from their successful experiments. The mere quackery of governments in this sphere has gone on for all too long and is also responsible for the current economic crisis. – J.Z., 10.1.09. – UNEMPLOYMENT& FEAR OF UNEMPLOYMENT, CRISES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM, FREE MIGRATION

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: We do not have to fear free, peaceful and productive competitors coming to our shores but only enslaved, aggressive and destructive invaders. Refugees and immigrants need only to be freed, i.e. respected especially in all their economic rights and liberties, in order to become rapidly self-supporting, not kept out, hunted down, incarcerated and fed at public expense as if they were invaders, criminals and looters. - J.Z., 15.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: We fear immigrants as if they were invaders, conquerors and oppressors or even cannibals, rather than additional producers of an abundance of goods and services, that would help us to become less poor or more wealthy. - J.Z., 15. & 16. 9.01, 23.12.11.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: We need what Leonard E. Read called: "the release of all creative energies", not the incarceration of the creative energies of millions of refugees and displaced persons, nor the involuntary unemployment or under-employment of hundreds of millions of people in the world, all due to interventionist, monopolistic and territorial laws and regulations. - J.Z., 15. & 16.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: We should not deny any genuine individual rights and liberty either to ourselves or to any immigrant - unless we do so only within a community of volunteers, one that is only exterritorially autonomous, i.e. cannot put immigration barriers around a whole country or continent. - J.Z., 14. & 15.9.01.

IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS: While private and cooperative property can be acquired quite rightfully, territorial, collectivist and exclusive "property" claims of "nations" or States in whole countries or continents are all quite wrong and a threat to peace, freedom, justice, security, progress and wealth for all. - J.Z., 13. & 15. 9.01.

IMMIGRATION: Barun Mitra, Population: The Ultimate Resource, edited by Barun Mitra, President of the Liberty Institute, New Delhi, 2000. - Reference by Ken Schoolland. – FREE MIGRATION IS JUST ONE ASPECT OF PANARCHISM. – J.Z., 20.12.11. - POPULATION, MALTHUSIANISM

IMMIGRATION: Block, Walter, A libertarian case for free immigration [January 2003] Published in the JOURNAL OF LIBERTARIAN STUDIES, Summer 1998. - Link on - Freedom of internal "migration", into full exterritorial autonomy, is another essential part of panarchism. - J.Z., 20.8.11. – However, panarchists would be exterritorialy autonomous not only in their former country but also in any other one in the world, even on new planets found and settled and on artificial space habitats, but there only with permission of the owner, who, as owner, just like the owner of a hotel or motel or a proprietary community, would set the house rules. – J.Z., 27.11.11, 20.12.11. -  Walter Block's essay, A Libertarian Case for Free Immigration, is the best defense of open immigration that I have seen anywhere. - Reference by Ken Schoolland.

IMMIGRATION: Boudreaux, Donald, “Absorbing Immigrants,” Ideas on Liberty, Foundation for Economic Education, June 2002, p.54. - - Reference by Ken Schoolland.

IMMIGRATION: From the first page of today's Google search for "open immigration", with about 10,800 results, which I consider to be one of the best signs of the times, I do get e.g. the following positive results: In Defense of Open Immigration - In Defense of Open Immigration by Anthony Gregory, Posted January 21, 2005. Immigration is one of the most difficult and divisive issues for freedom lovers. ... - - Freakonomics » The Case for Open Immigration: A Q&A With ... - Oct 17, 2007 ... The Case for Open Immigration: A Q & A With Philippe Legrain .... Q: What are the biggest barriers to enacting open immigration policies in rich ... - - - Free migration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Free migration or open immigration is the position that people should be able to migrate to whatever country they choose, free of substantial barriers. Although ... - - Open Immigration - HBL - The Harry Binswanger List - This is a defense of phasing-in open immigration into the United States. Entry into the U.S. should ultimately be free for any foreigner, with the exception of ... - - Coming to America: The Benefits of Open Immigration | The ... 2 days ago ... Mr. Lehman is Adjunct Professor of Economics and Western Civilization, Adult and Professional Studies Division, Indiana Wesleyan University, ... - - Why Open Immigration Is Good For America - Vijay Govindarajan ..  Mar 26, 2010 ... An open immigration policy is a prerequisite to this country's continued vitality. Let us hope that the current trend to restrict immigration is just a ... - - ILW.COM - immigration news: Open Immigration - This is a defense of phasing-in open immigration into the United States. Entry into the U.S. should ultimately be free for any foreigner, with the exception of ...,0329-Binswanger.shtm - - For Open Immigration - May 16, 2007 ... Restricting immigration violates individual rights The founding principle of the United States is that “all men” are endowed with certain ... - - There are already so many ethical and sane voices on the subject on the first ten pages of this search, that I will not attempt to list them all. Do your own search. Mine did my day for me. - Under a search for "free migration" I got even 12,700 Google results, but under "abolition of immigration restrictions" only 7. - J.Z., 3.9.11.

IMMIGRATION: HARRIS, NIGEL, Thinking the Unthinkable. The immigration myth exposed, I. B.Tauris publishers, London, 2002. - Contents: Introduction: the horrors. 1. Movement. 2. Wrestling with the Hydra. 3. Why Control Immigration? Reactions and Arguments. 4. Why Countries Need Immigration. 5. The System Collapses. 6. The Right to Work, the Freedom to Move and the Eradication of World Poverty.  - Appendices: I. Inventing Xenophobia: A British Cautionary Tale. - II. American Immigration. - III. Destroying the Right to Asylum: The Boatpeople. - IV. The Ultimate in Government Foolishness: Singapore. - V. Average Fees Paid for Clandestine Travel and Entry. - VI. Who Says Silicon Valley is American? - Comment: A strong indictment of the criminal idiocy of the Western States with regard to freedom of movement, by a Professor Emeritus of University College, London. - To be read: 6. The Right to Work, the Freedom to Move and the Eradication of World Poverty. - GPdB, in his Polyarchy Sources.

IMMIGRATION: HORNBERGER, JACOB G., Locking Out the Immigrant. The Case for Free Trade and Open Immigration. Future of Freedom Foundation, Fairfax, Virginia, 1995. - Reference by Ken Schoolland.

IMMIGRATION: Immigration within the Right Framework. An Answer to a Leaked News Network Memo Circulated on Libertarian Mailing Lists. - by John Zube - A libertarian full of territorial convictions is a total imposture. - Gian Piero de Bellis. - Dear Fellow Freedom-Seekers: I was very disappointed by you just passing on this message without a libertarian comment and criticism, especially of the last part. As far as the usual electioneering circus is concerned: Almost all politicians will try to change the official outcome of elections, legally if they can, illegally if they cannot do it legally and if they can hope to get away with it. Frequently they succeed in that, if in nothing else. - They do it by numerous permitted tricks and also by votes of the dead or disallowing votes of living people, sometimes by wholesale destroying election urns and replacing them by their own, as e.g. the Nazi storm-troopers did, to give them a "landslide" victory. - (Actually, the votes cast for different parties were still more numerous! Thus President Hindenburg had to treasonably transfer power to Hitler!) - We should not expect better from any politicians, libertarian ones excepted - although dishonesty, alas, occurs even among libertarians - and should no longer consider such "news" to be genuine "news" worth reporting by libertarians. - Watching these circus clowns and their public performances is no more useful than the court-watching was, when all power was in the hands of absolute kings. - We have to get out from under their tutelage, their monopoly decision-making, their coercion, their frauds, and become quite independent from them. That we ought to discuss, down to the smallest detail! - You jumped, by your silence, on the popular bandwagon of blaming illegal immigrants for the existing unemployment. I find THIS scandalous, for libertarians! - If immigration causes unemployment, why were there not 50 million unemployed in the US in the 19th century, as a result of the immigration of 50 million people? - Immigration rates are not directly related to unemployment rates, anywhere and at any time. - Actually, the Mexicans are Americans, too, as are all Middle and South Americans, as well as the Canadians. Why should they not be free to move in "their" continent, as much as e.g. the Red Indian immigrants did, long ago, plus some early Chinese, Negro and Viking immigrants? - I concede the same right to any human, anywhere, on any supposedly "public" property. They ought to be free to make private job contracts and establish private property rights anywhere on this spaceship Earth and in the universe. - How come that libertarians, like you, don't even bother to download and study the numerous articles against immigration barriers - that can already be found on the Internet and the few other titles for free migration? - I did do so, so could you. - In an early PEACE PLANS issue (No. 14, of April 71, pages 17-30, with all PEACE PLANS issues 1-20 (of a total of 1779) being available from me digitized, as email attachments. - J.Z., 3/9/11) I wrote a long contribution on free migration, because then writings on this subject were very rare. Now they are not yet abundant but already numerous and worth studying. - Do you think that you are excused because some of the libertarian great minds (who did much that is very good in other spheres) still hold some popular prejudices on immigration, as I found out to my disappointment, 14 years ago? Naming names does not help my objective. One should rather blame causes than persons. - We have not yet perfected our enlightenment tools and the machinery for freedom sufficiently, so that even great scholars (also in other spheres) remain stuck to some popular fallacies. - We have still not made all libertarian writings easily enough, permanently and cheaply available and have not yet compiled sufficient of the necessary reference works. Between us we could, easily, cheaply and fast! - The 12 million Mexican immigrants are, like all earlier and all legal immigrants, assets rather than burdens. - For those few, of any colour, white to black, who are burdens, do rather blame e.g. the taxation and hand-out system, not the recipients, and many other factors, mainly, I believe, monetary despotism. - The "Protestant work ethic" is actually stronger among these, mostly Catholic, Mexican immigrants than it is among most Protestant "whites", not to speak of other shades of skin colour or ethnic origin. They are prepared to accept, at least initially, lowly jobs for little pay, jobs that the longer established "natives" are refusing to accept. (Just like the immigrant Jews did, e.g. in Germany. But already in the second generation many of their children got a university education and often excelled with it. That helped to turn the inferior intellectuals among the German natives against them! Especially due to the wide-spread notions of collective responsibility and as a result of the effects of monetary despotism. When everybody can easily get a job and is paid according to his productivity then aliens, foreigners, ethnics etc. will no longer be treated as scapegoats.) - These Mexicans even create their own jobs, as I noticed in LA in 1990, where they e.g. sold oranges, from traffic islands, to drivers waiting for the light to change. - One of my favorite car stickers, alas, no longer produced, was: "Good people come in all colors!" So, I finally printed out my own and stuck it to my car. The original one, at a petrol station run by Lebanese, led to an invitation to their family, with which I - and my kids - had a very good discussion, tasting Lebanese bread and tea. - Yes, degrees of racism exist also in this "unified" Australian "nation" with people from 140 different ethnic groups. Compulsory integration or subsidized multiculturism do not reduce it. Full exterritorial autonomy for all voluntary communities, plus full monetary freedom could. - As melting pots territorial "nations" work too slowly and can lead to concentration camps like the present Australian ones for illegal immigrants. Do you want them in the US as well? - Most libertarians are at least free traders. As free traders they see the benefit of trading with 12 million people across a frontier. They should come to see the benefit of trading with the same people, once they have crossed the frontier. Then the trade is even more beneficial to both sides, since in Northern America they are, mostly, under better management and use better tools and equipment and at least some of the transport costs for their exchanges can be saved there. As free traders they are already in favor of free competition not only with these 12 million Mexican illegal immigrants but with all of the over 6 billion people in the world. 12 million more, next door, hardly make a difference. If competition by others made US people unemployed, then all US workers should be unemployed. - Immigrants should not be blamed for mass unemployment. Libertarians should recognize the real causes of it. Among the more obvious and already widely known ones are e.g. minimum wages, compulsory licensing, zoning and building restrictions, compulsory taxes, avalanches of laws and regulations. But all these are almost minor - when compared with the money issue monopoly of the FED and its coercive powers: Legal Tender, i.e. compulsory acceptance and compulsory value for its paper dollars. - If e.g. local shopping centers were free to issue their own notes, redeemable in their ready-for-sale goods and services, then they could issue, at any time, their anticipated sales totals for the next few weeks, many billions, in their own sound currencies, using better and agreed-upon value standards, paying their expenses largely with them and making short term loans to employers for wage and salary payments. - (Under special precautions, which should also be applied even when using government paper money, they can also be used to pay and repay long-term loans. People would have to save goods and services warrants etc. and invest them properly and use new issues of them for the repayment of these loans.) - Sound currencies are not impossible. They are merely outlawed. Thus we all suffer from monetary despotism, well, except the monopolists of the FED. But every leash has two ends. With all the powers of the FED, it cannot cure the FED's inherent problems. (Its greatest problem is that, as a central bank, it does, inevitably, cause monetary and financial problems, including major crises, with mass unemployment, inflations and deflations not only imposed "credit restrictions". - J.Z., 3.9.11.) - Competitively issued and streaming back exchange media, subject to free market rating and voluntary acceptance or refusal, cannot lead to an inflation of prices and wages expressed in sound value standards. At most they could be over-issued and thus become themselves depreciated. But to do so would be against the rational self-interest interests of both, issuers and acceptors. - What monopoly exchange media provided by governments are really, to a large extent: MEDIA TO PREVENT EXCHANGES. And their paper dollar standard is not a sound value standard. It is a rubber-band standard, one that sooner or later breaks. - Like any monopoly, the money issue monopoly PREVENTS rightful and desirable exchanges. Thus government money issues should somewhat be renamed. They do not deserve the name "exchange media". - (Who can propose a more accurate term for them? Monopoly money is correct but not yet hard-hitting enough. Monetary despotism describes the whole system, but not yet its exchange medium. Forced and exclusive currency is accurate as far as it goes but does not describe sufficiently its value standard monopoly and coercion and its inflationary consequences. Someone called them "requisitioning certificates" with some tax foundation. Think about the best possible term for it and try to popularize it.) - We need complete monetary and financial independence from the "services" and disservices of Central Banks. Who does still believe that they are effectively guarding any currency? (However, remaining believers in it should remain free to suffer under it, as long as they can stand it.) - Americans, in the past, at least sometimes, simply assumed such independence, illegally, but quite successfully, e.g. during the monetary crises of 1893 and 1907, in which they issued their own "clearing house certificates" as alternative currencies. - We need a monetary and financial revolution today, too, but one that is much better prepared and goes much further than all previous ones. It could also be effective very fast - and remain effective to prevent all monetary and financial crises, permanently. - Presently there are some monetary freedom experiments, but mostly badly informed and thus badly organized ones. Most of their organizers are simply unaware of the rare literature on the subject. That situation can be remedied, e.g. with CD-ROMs. - With sound, competing alternative exchange media and clearing avenues all possible and desired exchanges could take place unhindered by the money monopoly and the value standard monopoly. - - This brings me to the real motive for writing this letter: [placed by the webmaster on a separate page; this information can be read now or if you prefer not to interrupt the course of this essay, when you have finished reading it] - This information will not make us powerful but could make us influential enough to achieve full exterritorial autonomy for ourselves - as well as for others, even our enemies. To that extent they could very well become our allies and only territorial despotisms, including some democratic and republican ones, would remain our common enemies. - At the same time, we could come to offer these enemies solutions to their remaining problems, which they, on their own, might never stumble upon. Once they are reduced to volunteer communities, they could become our allies as well. Turning most of our enemies into allies or at least neutrals, could be our most profitable job. - Already, at least most of the "democratic" territorial States are more peaceful than are the openly despotic territorial States. (See the extensive researches of Prof. Rudy Rummel, who would also like to see his numerous webpages offered on a single CD.) But their very existence as territorial States does still breed revolutionaries and terrorists and does not make them safe enough from attacks by totalitarian or tyrannical regimes. Nor does it allow them to defeat such regimes fast and easily, with a minimum of bloodshed, judging by much of the historical experience. - While we do not need a single policeman (territorial powerful State) for the world, an international federation of ideal local militias for the protection of individual rights and liberties could come to serve very well in that function. - Then any excuse for territorial politicians, offering their flawed services in this sphere, would come to disappear. - But, to give even the devil his due: US air and rocket power, during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, was not as indiscriminate and severely abused and misdirected as it was e.g. in WW II and in the Korean War and in the War in Vietnam. - At least an attempt was made to distinguish between palaces, military installations and cottages. Thus these wars came closer than the wars of the French Revolution came to its slogan: War to the palaces, peace to the huts. - Indeed, there are alternatives to warlike interventions - but we should not expect them from territorial regimes. - Even most libertarians have so far failed to seriously consider them and try to develop or publish them. - In my two libertarian peace books, also reproduced on this CD [described on the separate page], I have combined such views as far as I could. Libertarians have largely ignored these libertarian books. To that extent and by largely eliminating the libertarian policy alternatives from their considerations (except isolationism or non-intervention), they have surrendered the field to the territorial statists and their governments and thus should not blame them if territorial warfare States continue to do their things. - If you can point out to me a sufficiently comprehensive libertarian revolution, liberation or defence program, please, do! - Will it take many CD-ROMs to reproduce all libertarian writings? Will a few hundred be already enough? Even less DVDs would be needed. – [A single book-sized external HDD of 1 to 3 TBs, all cheaply offered now, could, probably, offer all libertarian writings together with a search engine. Such a library should be on the desk of every serious freedom, justice and peace lover!] Can we afford to ignore these options any longer? Are we so very successful without them? - PIOT, John Zube. - Panarchy In Our Time: To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams! - Home page/Page d'accueil/Eingangsseite - Copyright © 1998-2004 Christian Butterbach. All rights reserved. (??? – J.Z.) Slightly revised now: J.Z., 3.9.11, 20. & 24.12.11, 20.5.12.

IMMIGRATION: Libertarian Stuff [September 2001] Papers by David Friedman on welfare, immigration, law, virtue and more. - GPdB reference. - - There are by now probably many other new articles and even books for free migration. I would like to see them combined, either on a website or on a disc. They should include also a list of all the popular objections and the best refutations of them so far found – thus offering a ready reference work that could and should be referred to whenever the popular prejudices and errors on the subject are uttered once again,  anywhere. – J.Z, 27.11.11.

IMMIGRATION: PHILIPSON, GRAEME & ZUBE, JOHN, in PEACE PLANS articles on the subject. A Letter from: John Zube - to: Graeme Philipson - Subject: Your article for free migration in today's THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 22.8.00. … Dear Mr. Philipson, I want to thank you for today's article - taking a radical stand for free migration. It made my day. Such stands are still all too rare and I collect and microfiche all that I can find. Sooner or later I do hope to be able to fill one or even several LMP microfiche with them. - I have not yet done a web search on this subject, having my hands full with other projects. - If you could steer me to some articles that have so far escaped my notice, I would be grateful. - The following is a list of some of the relevant titles in my series, only from the main list to PEACE PLANS 1507: 1. Henderson, Gerard, Keep Your Tired & Poor, TSMH, 29.11.94, 1p, in PP 276. - 2. Healey, Patrick J. &. Ng Poon Chew, A Statement for Non-Exclusion, San Francisco, Nov. 1905, 255pp, in PP 1231. - 3. Sharp, Michael & Catalano, Anita, Migrants, the facts behind the faces. Australians at work: why high migration is good for us, 2pp, TSMH, 11.10.93, in PP 1366. - 4. Immigrants in Search of Freedom, 1693-1983, German American Tricentennial, The Tricentennial Committee, 1983, 96pp. It contains a number of libertarian essays, apparently from THE FREEMAN, in PP 1143 and deals with immigration & prosperity. - 5. Stott, Diane, Migrants and Jobs: It's a Balance Act, 1p, in PP 1378/81: 466. (80,000 immigrants per year can hardly cause 1-1.5 million unemployed in Australia, I added to this. - J.Z.) - 6. BANDOW, DOUG, A Case for Immigration, 1p, in PP 278. - 7. BANNERMAN, DAVID S., No need for migrant control, 1p letter, 1996, in PP 1393: 124. - Judging by Japanese figures, "Australia could support 2.4 billion people." (Government "actions" have managed to impoverish many of its present 18 million and rendered up to 1 1/2 million people unemployed or under-employed, with unemployment among youths going up to 40%. - J.Z.) - 8. KENNEDY, JOHN, The Noble Wetback, 1p, in PP 1432/39: 1267. - 9. WETERING, VICTOR VAN, Let There Be Immigrants, 1p, in PP 1336-39: 319. Originally broadcast on RADIO LIBERTY's "SoapBox". - 10. CHATSFIELD, ADAM, Open the Door! The Case for Abolishing All Immigration Controls, in PP 1052-1061, 2pp, from LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, Political Notes No. 61, 1991. - 11. WOLLSTEIN, JARRET B., Immigration & Totalitarianism, 1984, 11pp, SIL White Paper # 5, in PP 975. - 12. There are proposals for free migration in PEACE PLANS: 418/19, page 282; PEACE PLANS 696, 729, 882, 957, 1111, 1139, 1143, 1171. - I seek many more such texts. - - Major resistance to free migration comes from: a) the fear of unemployment, - b) fear of coming under the influence of other races, religions, cultures and nations, - c) fear that an existing housing shortage might become worse, and d) fear of "overpopulation. - - To reduce these fears to a minimum", advocates of free migration ought also to become advocates of a) a full employment program, which ought to be based, apart from general economic freedom, mainly based upon full monetary and financial freedom, - b) the replacement of territorial States by exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, with their own personal law constitutions, and institutions. (They would permit voluntary integration and voluntary segregation but make enforced integration and segregation impossible.) - c) the removal of all governmental obstructions to competitive house building - at least for all members of volunteer communities who do know how to do without them. Among other things, they would rightfully and tolerantly practise alternative land tenure system among themselves. - d) Here, too, much more enlightenment is required. For 200 years the "overpopulation" notions had all too much publicity, just like the immigration restrictions, and the case against it had all too little. I would like to see a comprehensive handbook that would compile the best refutations of all the popular errors, myths and prejudices on this subject. Flow-chart discussions on this subject would also help. - What has my series done towards the solution of these 4 points, so far? - a) It has probably reproduced more monetary freedom titles, more cheaply and more permanently than anyone else has so far. - b) Apart from a few special monographs on the history of extraterritoriality, e.g. in China, LMP is compiling materials towards an encyclopaedia on "panarchism", under the title: "On Panarchy", of which the first 19 volumes are out, on 19 microfiche. [It came to 24 such “volumes”.] After a few more volumes this collections is to be pulled together by an alphabetical index. [That is still not done!] - c) Here as in other spheres, PEACE PLANS advocates free market solutions, a complete separation of the economy from the State. Buckminster Fuller pointed out that there are no technical obstacles to prefabricate housing as cheaply as cars and there is no short supply of cars in the world. The legislated anti-economic obstacles are numerous. Among the primary ones is a depreciating government paper currency, which, combined with fear of further government intervention in this sphere, retards private investments in building housing for others. Who wants his long-term housing loans “repaid” in depreciated currency?- d) On "overpopulation", as on free migration, my series tries to reproduce as many texts as it can get. Among the classical ones are: David Friedman: Laissez Faire in Population, in PP 494 & Rousas J. Rushdoony, The Myth of Over-Population, 1969, 1974, 56pp, in PP 1351. I am still seeking William Godwin's 1826 (?) essay on this (By now it should be fully online. - J.Z., 3.9.11.) but have reproduced e.g. Henry George's Progress & Poverty, with a large segment against overpopulation notions. Lowell Ponte, Up the Dead & Sterile, 1970, 2pp, in PP 1457/62, page: 285, criticizing Ehrlich's notions. Murray N. Rothbard, Defusing the Baby Bomb, 4pp, in PP 1457/62, page 345. - Tom Saving, The Economics of Population, 1p, in PP 1469, page 57. - Frank Bubb, The Great Population Miscarriage, 3pp, in PP 1409/10: 118. - Many more such articles are wanted, too, for inclusion in my series. [It ended with PEACE PLANS 1779 in 2002, PCs and the Internet having further diminished interest in the microfilm publishing and reading options. – J.Z., 20.5.12.] - - All errors are interconnected and so are all truths. When one just advocates one radial point, one tends to rouse several kinds of uninformed and misinformed resistance, based on popular prejudices. Freedom solutions ought to be advocated on all fronts, as inter-connected and mutually supportative. One of LMP's projects is an encyclopaedia of the best refutations so far found against all popular errors, myths and prejudices, which are obstacles to progress, freedom justice, peace, prosperity. - No matter how wrong opponents of free migration are, they should not be forced to e.g. pay taxes to subsidize immigration, which they do oppose. The use of tax funds for such purposes is misguided, too, unless VOLUNTARY TAXATION is involved or the taxation or membership fees of a community of volunteers. - The same applies to "free" medical care and other social services for immigrants. Let them have no claim to either of them - but, at the same time, allow all of them to establish their own insurance, credit, welfare and mutual aid services, quite independently, at their own risk and expense. - Nationalism by itself is not harmful, wrongful, provocative or threatening, only its territorial expression is. The same applies to religious and racial and cultural differences. Let people sort themselves out in any way they like, however ignorant and prejudiced they may still be. In the long run such diversities will either disappear or become tacitly accepted and considered as relatively trivial private matters. - In so many ways we live already as "panarchists", in our private lives, in sports, entertainment, the arts, in literature, gardening, interior decoration, clothing, food, drinking, in technology and in science activities, mostly without being aware of the principle involved. We just take such diverse and voluntary actions for granted. Only in 3 major spheres have governments, as constituted today, territorially suppressed voluntary diversity and experimentation, namely in the spheres of political, economic and social systems. - Under full monetary freedom (panarchism in currencies) all the ready for sale consumer goods and services, in a somewhat developed country like Australia, could be competitively and cooperatively "monetized", by their owners or providers, and their associations, into means of exchange, optional, market rated and refusable, for the payment of wages and salaries. With such means of payments Australia could pay wages for additional productive work for millions of new immigrants coming in within a short period. I estimate that immediately ca. A $ 20 - 24 billion could be mobilized in such wage-payment means, granted to employers in very short-term credits. Obviously, they would be fast spent by new immigrants and employees - for the goods and services they represent - and these goods could rapidly re-ordered, and more services could be supplied, as required. Additional production of more consumer goods and more consuer services would, obviously, also need more labor. Inflation requires a money issue monopoly and legal tender power, which such private competing currencies would not posses. A small precedent was provided in Australia by "shop currencies" granted in consumer credits. This system could be rapidly expanded. Even mere gift certificates have already wide acceptance among large chain stores. - As for the availability of productive capital, in the short run: Only relatively few firms are working so far in 3 shifts a day and few firms work at full capacity during their one shift. Further: If Australia offered free choice in value standards and freedom from compulsory taxes (at least within volunteer communities), then it might not only become a refuge for millions of refugees but also for refuge capital from the rest of the world, capital that might be invested in new factories and machines, new housing, new infra-structure. And internal savings and investments could be greatly increased, too, if individual and group secessionists can opt out from under the light-finger brigade of politicians and bureaucrats, keeping their money, spending it themselves and making making their own independent investment contracts, with sound and competing private currencies and value-preserving clauses. - PIOT (Panarchy In Our Times or: To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams - largely promoted through full use of affordable and efficient alternative self-publishing media like microfiche, floppies and text-only CD-ROMs.). – Somewhat revised: J.Z., 24.12.11, 20.5.12.

IMMIGRATION: SCHOOLLAND, KEN, Immigration: Controversies, Libertarian Principles & Modern Abolition - [September 2004] - A penetrating intervention, from Chris Butterbach's Web site, on immigration, dismantling myths and deceptions. - GPdB reference on - Further references, supplied by him: An excellent presentation of various arguments can be found in Journal of Libertarian Studies, 13:2 (Summer 1998). Hans-Hermann Hoppe presents his case with The Case for Free Trade and Restricted Immigration. Walter Block's essay, A Libertarian Case for Free Immigration, is the best defense of open immigration that I have seen anywhere. Also excellent is: Hornberger, Jacob G., Locking Out the Immigrant, The Case for Free Trade and Open Immigration, Future of Freedom Foundation, Fairfax, Virginia, 1995.


IMMIGRATION: SCHOOLLAND, KEN: Immigration: An Abolitionist Cause, - Ken Schoolland is a member of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Individual Liberty. Email:

IMMIGRATION: SIMON, JULIAN, Are There Grounds for Limiting Immigration?" JOURNAL OF LIBERTARIAN STUDIES, 13:2, Summer 1998.

IMMIGRATION: SIMON, JULIAN, Immigration: The Demographic and Economic Facts, The Cato Institute, Washington, D.C., 1995. - Reference by Ken Schoolland.

IMMIGRATION: The Independent Institute" - Subject: The Lighthouse: 29 November 2011. 4) Carden Replies to Critics of Immigration - Last week's Lighthouse referenced a pro-immigration op-ed by Independent Institute economists Benjamin Powell and Art Carden that ran in the Birmingham News. In his latest piece at, Carden responds to comments he and Powell received about the op-ed and gives thanks to America's immigrants. Below are two of his eight replies. READ MORE - Send These, the Homeless, Tempest-Tost to Me: I'm Thankful for Immigration, by Art Carden (, 11/24/11) - Why Is Immigration Illegal Anyway?, by Benjamin Powell and Art Carden (Birmingham News, 11/20/11) - TERRITORIALISM

IMMORALITY: The essence of immorality is the tendency to make an exception of myself.” - Jane Addams. – Sent by C.B. – Whom does one victimize if one chooses to live under self-chosen personal laws, together with like-minded people, rather than bow to territorially imposed laws and institutions? – J.Z., 27.12.07. – DIS., Q. – PERSONAL LAW, IMMORALITY?

IMMUNITIES OF FOREIGN SOVEREIGNS, DIPLOMATIC AGENTS, MILITARY FORCES AND PUBLIC VESSELS: See: Hall, A Treatise on International Law (7th ed., Oxford, 1917), pages 179-209, also Phillimore, Commentaries upon International Law, 3rd. ed., London, 1879-89, vol. I, pp 574-481, vol. ii, pp 139-141. (A footnote in Liu’s book, page 18.)

IMPERIALISM & ITS OPPOSITION: They spread right through the empire, and they don't recognize the empire." - A. E. von Vogt, "The Weapons Shops of Isher", p. 22 (27?) Alternative and voluntaristic societies for every wanted service, openly or underground, when needed, and as well defended, by consistent and rightful freedom methods, as can be. Empires and national territories to be considered by innovators and pioneers as mere soil or manure for sound seeds to grow in. Organic growth of independent underground self-help efforts rather than violent revolutionary and terrorist take-over attempts.  Every opportunity should be utilized to practise alternatives openly and freely for the solution of real problems, which the empires and national governments are obviously helpless to solve. More private teaching and learning and protection and adjudication systems. More private rather than public stock exchanges. More private monetary freedom experiments, even if initially as no more than private entertainment games, but so informative that, upon a suitable occasion arising: namely galloping inflation and massive unemployment rates, everyone knows how the monetary freedom techniques for a monetary revolution could be applied. There is much scope even for still quite legal self-help options, e.g. in the teaching and learning, information gathering, duplication and communication sphere. All the opportunities, tools, methods and techniques for self-liberation, legal and illegal ones, have not even been fully listed. Andre Spies once intended to do so. I have provided a short list of about 1000 libertarian projects in PEACE PLANS 20. Many more such options exist and should be recorded, fully described and become retrievable upon demand in several forms. Let us take all of the thousands or more roads towards full liberty, justice, peace and prosperity, longevity and the stars. Even my LMP pilot scheme might be considered as a panarchistic experiment. - J.Z. 13.1.93. (Likewise, my CD-ROM project. - J.Z., 16.9.04.) - Why is it that ordinary smugglers and drug smugglers and tax evaders are much more ingenious and successful in the pursuit of their own free choices, in the face of strong suppression attempts by territorial governments, than libertarians and anarchists have so far been in their attempts to practise their beliefs under current repressive conditions? It is certainly harder to make money by trying to sell anarchist and libertarian ideas than to sell e.g. smuggled cigarettes, alcohol or other drugs, or to sell tax evasion or tax avoidance schemes. But anarchists and libertarians have so far largely failed to utilize e.g. the huge savings possible for them if they used all suitable, affordable and lasting alternative media for their information gathering and distribution. For instance, by converting from print on paper to microfiche, I was enabled to increase my annual page output - mind you, not my readership - 189 times. The freedom radicals were and are very slow in adopting micrographics or floppy disks or CD-ROMs for their literature, although there are no government prohibitions against these affordable, powerful and lasting media. [Apart from copyrights restrictions. But even the no longer or not copyrighted texts have all been permanently and cheaply offered as they could and should be in alternative media. A few years ago I made a survey of those which are already offered digitized. It is online at . One should have imagined that the educational anarchists and libertarians would have jumped for these cheap and potentially very powerful opportunities. Alas they did not or not yet or not yet sufficiently. - J.Z., 11.12.03, 20.5.12. – ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, PARALLEL GOVERNMENTS, BLACK MARKETS, UNDERGROUND ECONOMY

IMPERIALISM, TERRITORIALISM, TURFS OF CRIMINALS & GANGS, GANGSTERS: The difference between gangsterism and imperialism is mainly in scale. The attacks of Hitler on Poland or Stalin on Finland, Alexander's plundering of Asia, Titus' sacking of Jerusalem or the banditry of the Vandals, the Vikings, the Normans, the Huns, the privateers of Queen Elizabeth, etc., etc. - it is only the size of these sanguinary excursions and the loot that distinguishes them from common hold-ups. Take off their gilded armor, fancy tunics, pretentious crowns and ludicrous rationalizations and before you stands a motley lot of bandits with tribal support. - Undraped of the purple, and the marshal's shako, what we commonly teach and tell as history is only a series of criminal cases in which the victim is lampooned and the gunman glorified. True history is yet to be written.” - D. Runes, "A Dictionary of Thought." – It is one of the best quotation books that I ever encountered. Alas, when over 20 years ago I finally made it once to the USA, he was already deceased. Another, from the top of my list is: George Seldes: The Great Quotations. – The best of all the quotations on social science subjects has still to be combined in one digitized reference work. – In most quotation books these pearls are largely covered by mud. – J.Z., 27.11.11. For my SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, online, 38 MBs and my recent 4.9 MBs supplement to them, I extracted the in my opinion best ones that I could find. Such a collection, should probably be renamed: “Slogans, Quotes and Notes for Liberty”, judging by the kind of my entries in it. – J.Z., 20.5.12.

IMPOSSIBILITIES: To believe a business impossible is the way to make it so.” - Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia. - To the timid and hesitating everything is impossible because it seems so.” - Scott, Rob Roy, ch. 16. – Under full experimental freedom some people will come to do what others had wrongly thought to be impossible. – That is one of the greatest values of panarchism. – J.Z., 10.1.9. – IMPOSSIBLE, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, DIS.

IMPOSSIBLE: If a man does not know what is impossible, he will do it.” - Michael Todd, 1909-1958, - Lore and Maurice Cowan, compilers, The Wit of the Jews, Leslie Frewin, London, 1970, p.103. – If a man does not know what is supposedly impossible, he may try it and he may succeed. – A good reason for full experimental freedom, as long as the genuine rights and liberties of others are not infringed or threatened thereby. At present, in Switzerland, an experiment is undertaken to repeat the process of the first Big Bang, by which, supposedly, the universe was somehow creating itself. That is a much more risky experiment than was the first nuclear reactor pile near Chicago. Extremely unscientific in its attitude and extremely costly, at the expense of involuntary taxpayers. The risks for everyone would not be reduced if the experiment were to be conducted only on the Moon, on Mars or even in another galaxy. – The experimenters are not suicidal but just too curious and unwise enough to believe that nothing can or will go wrong. – If someone were to shoot them or to sabotage this experiment, he would have my applause! – Nuclear scientists have already saddled us with enough problems and no genuine solutions! - J.Z., 15.1.09. - KNOWLEDGE, IGNORANCE, DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TOO, SHOULD HAVE ITS LIMITS! NUCLEAR SCIENTISTS

IMPROVEMENTS: Man wants to improve his lot. This is the first law of his nature." - G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastioat, A Man Alone: Bastiat, continued: "There are only two ways in which each of us can improve our lot: at our own expense; or at the expense of others. The first method constitutes justice; the second, injustice. While we all oppose injustice in the abstract, how many men follow Bastiat's advice? " - Even Bastiat seemed unaware that man would have the best chance for self-improvement if he could withdraw from all past and present reforms and do his things to and for himself, under full individual sovereignty or under the exterritorial autonomy of likeminded volunteers and their societies, States or communities. - Would he have arrived at that conclusion if he had lived longer? Then he might have come across e.g. Fichte's 1793 book on the right of individuals to secede from the State or he might have discovered panarchism or the exterritorialist tradition independently. - J.Z., 25.10.52. - MAN, PROGRESS, INJUSTICE, JUSTICE, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

INCONSISTENCIES, IRRATIONALITIES, SANCTION OF THE VICTIM, STATISM, VOLUNTARY SLAVERY: So eigensinning widersprechend ist der Mensch: Zu seinem Vorteil will er keine Noetigung, zu seinem Schaden leidet er jeden Zwang." - Goethe. (As obstinately contradictory is man: He will suffer no force that would be practised to his advantage, while to his disadvantage he suffers any coercion.) – (*) Ayn Rand defined it as "the sanction of the victim", E. de la Boetie as "voluntary slavery". - The advantage is usually something new, while the disadvantage is something that has become customary.  However, since that does not apply to all people, let the consistent ones opt out and let only the uninformed, disinterested and inconsistent ones suffer under their errors, mistakes and chosen wrongs. - J.Z. 4.7.92, 13.1.93. - Compare how slow the libertarian and anarchist movements are in adopting alternative publishing and reading media like microfilm, floppy disks and CDs. They rather struggle hard to produce or buy a number of titles in print on paper or to produce and maintain an expensive and large website in multi-media format, to go with popular fashions. -  So far all too few are prepared to scan their favourite titles and put them online or, together with many others, onto a disc, which could come to contain a whole library, finally a specialized freedom library. They have not even bothered as yet to produce a common listing of all such offers. I got no response at all from the ISIL conference in Rotorua, in August 04, to the beginnings of such a list, which I distributed there as widely as I could, nor to the few remaining copies of my first CD that I handed out there.  Spontaneous cooperation, towards major libertarian projects is still all too rare while relatively trivial concerns predominate. (Alas, on Facebook pages as well.) - The partyarchs were in the majority in that freedom conference, too. - J.Z., 21.9.04. – (*) That sums up territorialism to a large extent. It remains largely blind to the rightfulness and rationality as well as the progress potential of the experimental freedom of exterritorialism for volunteers. – “None is so blind as he, who will not see.”  - Also by Goethe? I am not sure. – J.Z., 27.11.11, 20.5.12.

INDEMNIFICATION: He must make full restitution for his wrong, add one-fifth to it and give it to the person that he has wronged.” - Bible, Numbers 4:7. - Adding 1/5ths is not enough to make up for all the troubles caused and all the crimes no conviction was obtained for. Thus Frederick the Great suggested adding e.g. 300%. - Part of that should be used for the indemnification of all crime victims. - J.Z., n.d. - Generally speaking: All kinds of crimes acts, court systems and penal systems should be freely practised – but all among their volunteers only, with agreements between their various communities on which law is to be applied in their “international” cases. – J.Z., 4.1.09. - PUNISHMENT, CRIME, RESTITUTION, COMPETITIVELY & DIVERSELY SOLVED VIA PANARCHISM.

INDEPENDENCE DAY: The following is the message I sent today, 4th of July [02], to an American friend: Happy "False of July"! [Here he inserted an upended US flag.] - Are you also mourning, like me, the loss of revolutionary spirit? The revolutionaries of 1776 would be distressed to see today's situation! Let us look for the new revolutionaries for tomorrow and may each freedom lover sign its own New Declaration of Independence! - Chris. - [BUTTERBACH, CHRISTIAN] - He sent this under the subject: 'dying embers'. - J.Z.] – Not only one new declaration of independence is needed but thousands of them, one each for each group of volunteers trying to realize their own kind of community, society or governance system among themselves, while claiming no territorial monopoly for it. – J.Z., 21.12.11. - DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, INDIVIDUAL & MINORITY INDEPENDENCE VS., THE MAJORITY DESPOTISM OF TERRITORIALISM, DIS.

INDEPENDENCE DECLARATIONS, INDIVIDUAL RATHER THAN TERRITORIALLY NATIONAL ONES: Rather than still more national independence declarations merely for territorial "nations", we need individual and minority group independence declarations that do not, at the same time, usurp a monopoly over what they claim to be their national territories. Individual, minority group and majority group independence can rightly be claimed only for exterritorially autonomous relationships. We should no longer be constitutionally and legally tied to the land, and a territorial law, not of our own and individual choice, like serfs were under feudalism, victims of a few feudal lords. True independence for all can only be achieved exterritorially, via voluntaristic autonomy, for individuals, minorities and the majorities. And this independence can go much further than our country-wide feudal lords can imagine or are prepared to allow us. Moreover, it is the basis for peaceful relations and trade between our diverse groupings. - J.Z., 5.8.92, 14.1.93, 16.9.04, 24.12.11.

INDEPENDENCE FOR EVERYBODY, NOT JUST FOR GOVERNMENTS: That requires individual secessionism, competing governments and societies, non-territorially organized and subject to individual choice. - J.Z., 26 July 89, 10 Oct. 89, 21.12.11.


INDEPENDENCE, INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, MINORITIES, PANARCHISM: Immediate and full independence for all indigenous people, or natives or ethnic minorities and all other minorities as well and the majorities, anywhere within and beyond the present territorial borders, based upon individual secessionism and voluntary associationism under full exterritorial autonomy.  No one, not even natives tribes, has the right to claim exclusive possession of any district, country or continent, of any territory. Secure possession of any rightfully and peacefully acquired real estate or land, under individual or cooperative title, is quite another matter. A multitude of such peaceful changes of title take place every day and territorial government authorities should not be the only ones entitled to permit and to register them. – J.Z., 29.4.88, 9.1.99.

INDEPENDENCE, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIALITY: Independence from territorial politicians and bureaucrats for all dissenting and peaceful individuals and minorities, on the basis of exterritorial autonomy and personal laws. - J.Z., 21.1.04, 24.3.04. (After 10,000 or 100,000 such statement attempts, perhaps, a really striking and popular formulation will finally be found or formulated. One should keep trying for it. - J.Z., 24.3.04.)

INDEPENDENCE: Each generation … has a right to choose for itself the form of government it believes most promotive of its own happiness.” - Thomas Jefferson. - Not only each generation but every individual, every minority, every majority, - everywhere and all the time! - J.Z., 14.10.02. – DIS., SELF-GOVERNMENT, CHOICE, VOTING, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CONSENT, PANARCHISM

INDEPENDENCE: For man to grow up, fully, into a mature human being, he must become master of his own fate, exterritorially autonomous or independent from any collectivist, territorial and hierarchical system, even though such a system might still be preferred by the majority of his countrymen. - J.Z., 25.8.98, 21.10.02. - PANARCHISM, MAN, MATURITY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSION

INDEPENDENCE: Freedom is the absolute right of all adult men and women to seek permission for their action only from their own conscience and reason, and to be determined in their actions only by their own will, and consequently to be responsible only to themselves, and then to the society to which they belong, but only insofar as they have made a free decision to belong to it.” - Mikhail A. Bakunin, Gesammelte Werke, II, p.9. - SELF-MANAGEMENT, SELF-EMPLOYMENT, CONSCIENCE, REASON, SELF-CONTROL, LICENSES, PERMISSIONS, DEPENDENCY

INDEPENDENCE: Incidentally we shall not make much progress perhaps in better international conduct until we have banished the word ‘independence’ from our political vocabulary.” - Norman Angell, Human Nature and the Peace Problem, 1925, p.19. – Alternatively, we should extend and also confine it to exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers only, all under their own personal laws. – J.Z., 8.10.08. – PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, DIS.

INDEPENDENCE: Independence - The ideal of the elite of those small nationalities whose natural and legitimate propensity to oppress still weaker groups is thwarted by the rulers of the Empire in which they are incorporated.” - Max Nomad, A Skeptic's Political Dictionary, 1953, 56. – Territorial centralists, of necessity are to some extent more tolerant than are territorial decentralists. – J.Z., 10.1.09. - NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, IMPERIALISM, CENTRALIZATION, DECENTRALIZATION

INDEPENDENCE: Independence for everybody, not just for governments. - J.Z., 26.7.89. - Independence only for exterritorially autonomous communities and societies - but not for any territorial government for that would mean dependence for all people in their country-wide territorial prisons or slave pens. - J.Z., 25.10.02. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, NOT JUST INDEPENDENCE FOR TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

INDEPENDENCE: Most people consider independence a desirable goal – but desire and good intention are not enough to achieve it.” - Brian C. Coad, Everybody’s Hamlet, ANALOG, July 92, p. 189. – How many have so far considered the personal law or exterritorial autonomy options? Even old apes and bulls do, probably, practise individual secessionism more than humans do, so far. Even birds, insects and plants do to recognize any artificial territorial border – but the supposedly rational animals, human beings, do, to their own great disadvantage. They do even imagine that they are good for them, e.g. the protectionists and opponents of free migration do. – J.Z., 10/07, 20.5.12. - TERRITORIALISM

INDEPENDENCE: National independence does not make ME independent. - J.Z., 2.10.91. - Nor does it make anyone else independent. - J.Z., 26.10.02. – Except the ruling power addicts, who are, largely, independente of the preferences and votes of individuals and of minority groups. They also manage to fool, mislead and exploit the majority of the fools, apatheric and prejudiced people who do still vote for them and who consider that vote to be a great freedom and right. – J.Z., 20.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM, VOTING, DEMOCRACY

INDEPENDENCE: There are twenty-seven specific complaints against the British Crown set forth in the Declaration of Independence. To modern ears they still sound reasonable ... in large part, because so many of them can be levelled against the federal government of the United States.” - P. J. O'Rourke.- Its mistake was to assume that independence for individuals could be attained and maintained through a territorial State or State Federation. - J.Z., 3.7.00. – AMERICAN REVOLUTION

INDEPENDENCE: To be independent is the business of a few only; it is the privilege of the strong.” - F. W. Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1886. - But the others should at least be free to individualy and not merely territorically and collectively choose their own masters or leaders, if they really cannot achieve, between them, the forms of self-government and self-management they might be capable of and might wish for themselves. After all, the masters are only single persons, too and their physical and mental strength does have limits as well. As a result of this kind of consumer sovereignty, they might grow towards fully self-responsible individual human beings and free producers and traders, at least over several generations. Voluntary taxation and the individual secession option as well as the successes of competing communities would greatly reduce the influence of power addicts, prophets and "great leaders" and their personality cults. - J.Z., 10.7.86, 25.10.02, 20.5.12. - PANARCHISM

INDEPENDENCE: True advocates of independence would not aim at participation in the messes of territorial politics but rather at opting out from under it and replacing territorial States by exterritorially autonomous communities, as fast as possible or as free individuals desire them for themselves. - J.Z., 22.6.92, 14.1.93, 23.10.02. - PANARCHISM

INDEPENDENCE: True individual and minority independence, sovereignty or autonomy would not aim at in any way participating in the inevitable mess of territorial politics but, rather, at opting out from under it and into exterritorial autonomy for volunteers. - J.Z., 27.6.92, 14.1.93.

INDEPENDENCE: We should be as independent of territorial borders, as are the birds, insects, plants, the wind and the clouds. - J.Z., 21, 1.99. – BORDERS, FRONTIERS, TERRITORIALISM

INDEPENDENCE: When I signed the Declaration of Independence I had in view not only our independence from England but the toleration of all sects." - Charles Carroll, letter to G. W. Parke Custis. - What would have happened if the "Founding Fathers" had extended that idea to political parties and ideological movements? Their Constitution, their laws, their militia, their Supreme Courts, were not sufficient barriers against territorial governmentalism and bureaucracy, some of them of the worst type. - J.Z., 15.10.11. - TERRITORIALISM, IDEOLOGIES, CONVICTIONS, TOLERANCE

INDEPENDENT INSTITUTE, THE: - Upon a 14.1.05 search for competing jurisdictions it could supply me with 22 references. - J.Z. - E.g.: [PDF] Constitutional Causes for Technological Leadership: Why Europe? - File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML - ... complex system of competing but also co-operating states bound together in the ... Given the large number of jurisdictions that had to participate in this endeavor ...  - A Google search for “competing jurisdictions” today brought me 39.400 results. With the quotation marks removed, I got even over 20 million results. Such ideas are, apparently, as an old saying has it, “in the air”. – J.Z., 20.5.12.

INDEPENDENTS: An independent is the guy who wants to take the politics out of politics.” - Adlai Stevenson, The Art of Politics, The Stevenson Wit, 1966. - But territorial politics and interventionism remain politics and interventionism, even under independent representatives. - J.Z., 20.11.85. - Even the independents do continue the wrongs and injuries of territorial politics. They do not repeal all territorial legislation. They do not allow individuals to secede and join or establish exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. They are part and parcel of territorial politics, even of party politics in their coalitions with them. To that extent they are still part of the problem, not of the solution. - J.Z., 24.10.02, 20.5.12. – There is no art in territorial politics. As long as it remains territorial one cannot remove its thereby inherently despotic character. – J.Z., 9.1.09, 23.12.11. - POLITICS, PARTIES, POWER POLITICS, TERRITORIALISM

INDEX, PRELIMINARY, to ON PANARCHY Nos. I - XII: Mainly by names and including some of the PEACE PLANS writings on panarchy, individual secessionism and sovereignty and exterritorial & autonomous associations of volunteers outside the subseries ON PANARCHY, 1-24, in ON PANARCHY XIII, in PP 869. - - A Short and Incomplete Index to the discussion in ON PANARCHY, pp.2-79, in PEACE PLANS No. 505. - - Especially pages 47, 49, 51, 54, 60. - The contents lists of ON PANARCHY Nos. 1-24 have been integrated in this A-Z listing! - J.Z., 16.9.04. – Imagine we would already have compiled an alphabetical index to all libertarian texts and this index and all of these texts would be offered digitized on one or several large discs, cheaply duplicated and sold! – J.Z., n.d.

INDIA: India is a geographical term. It is no more a united nation than the Equator.” - Winston Churchill, Speech, Royal Albert Hall, 18 May 1931. - India is not alone in this. Every "nation" has its more or less suppressed minorities and dissenters. "Nothing but what is voluntary deserves the name "national." - C. Chisholm. – Any really distinct nationality, religion, ideology, race, philosophy, ideology is inherently no more geographical than e.g. is any mathematical formula and any law of physics, chemistry or biology. – Genuine and individual representatives of many to most of them can now be found in most States. So why should their members or subsribers organize exclusively or mainly territorially or be forced to do so? And why should we allow any local and temporary majority to dominate the rest? – J.Z., 11.1.09, 23.12.11. Man is an inhabitant of this planet and not of any particular country. Nor should he be subjected to any political territorial State, unless he has committed genuine crimes with victims, i.e. crimes against basis individual rights and liberties. But the worst offenders in this respect are the territorial States themselves. – J.Z., 15.1.09. – DIS., PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSIONHUMAN BEINGS, COMMUNITIES, SOCITIES, ORGANIZATIONS, NATIONS, NATIONALISM, UNITY, PEOPLES, STATES, VOLUNTARISM

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S NEWS EMERGENCY BULLETIN # 7, February 1985, 4pp: JZL. - I believe I fiched it somewhere but did not index it. I noted then: Instead of asking merely for an end to particular injustices and persecutions of indigenous people and for "care" and "change" with regard to them, they should aim at full exterritorial autonomy, under personal laws and institutions, FOR ALL MINORITY GROUPS established by INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONS and VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONISM. Those who would come to subscribe to this might come to form the majority in the world. - J.Z., 4.2. 1993.

INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, NON-GEOGRAPHICAL: All schools of "progress", "reform" and "revolution" must become free to secede from the "traditionalists" and all "traditionalists" and "reactionaries" must also become free to secede from the "liberals" and "progressives" and "reformers" and "revolutionaries". - J.Z., 2 Oct. 89, 10 Oct. 89, 21.12.11. – Territorially this would be close to impossible. Exterritorially, under personal law, it has many precedents, is quite rightful and would have many advantages, perhaps the greatest would be the avoidance of nuclear war and also the prevention of most other wars. See e.g. my two peacebooks on this at - J.Z., 20.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL & NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY: National sovereignty is a mortal foe to individual sovereignty. - J.Z. 1.1.93.  - Let's turn individual sovereignty into a moral foe for territorial national sovereignty but at the same time into an ally for all forms of exterritorial nationalism, racism and ideological commitments. "Nothing but what is voluntary deserves the term 'national' !" – Caroline Chisholm, 1808-1877. – I still seek the text in which she made this remark. It may contain other pearls. - J.Z., 6.9.04, 20.5.12, . - VOLUNTARISM

INDIVIDUAL & NON-GEOGRAPHICAL SECESSIONISM VS. GEOGRAPHICAL SECESSIONISM: Only individual and non-geographical secessionism could minimize discontent, dissent, destruction and bloodshed. - J.Z. 4 Sep. 89, 10.10.89.   - National territorial unification attempts as well as national territorial secession attempts tend to maximize bloodshed and destruction. - J.Z., 16.9.04, 21.12.11. – TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES

INDIVIDUAL CHOICE MAXIMISED: All socializing, in the political and economic spheres as well as e.g., in the religious, sports and entertainment spheres, should be based upon individual free choices, not coercion, on individual sovereignty, not national sovereignty, on exterritorial autonomy, not on territorial rule. - J.Z., 27.2.89, 3.4.89.

INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, SELF-REALISATION, SELF-MANAGEMENT, SELF-HELP, INDIVIDUALISM: Choices are to be individual, not collective, except among volunteers. - J.Z., 15.4.92. – Who would be foolish enough to subject the contents of e.g. his shopping cart to majority voting and thus, ultimately to territorial politicians and bureaucrats? And yet we do leave all too many important decisions on Our lives in THEIR hands? And this without sound or sufficient reasons for doing so. The results were and are all too often catastrophic. Are there any other professions which are as incompetent, ignorant, power hungry, corrupt and prejudiced as territorial politicians and bureaucrats are and who break as many promises, lie as often and produce so many failures and do repeat them over and over again? Aren’t they victimizers rather than saviors, no more divine or divinely inspired than you and me? Aren’t they, judging by the results of all their efforts, the worst criminals in the world? According to Pitirim Sorokin, their rate of criminality, even when it comes to ordinary crimes, outlawed in their crimes acts, is the highest among all the professionals. Thus they are precisely the kind of people, who should be least of all entrusted with any territorial powers. And yet they are still and everywhere in charge of our “fate” and do make a mess of it – and present use with a huge bill in taxes, blood, limbs, health and destruction, not to speak of many important individual righs and liberties they suppress or restrict. – J.Z., 20.5.12. – TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS

INDIVIDUAL CHOICE: For each individual his own chosen place, liberty, society, community, creative activity and communication option, in this world and in all others, now and forever. - J.Z., 14.2.98. - FREE CHOICE, CHOICE OF GOVERNMENTS, PANARCHISM, FATE, DECISION-MAKING, FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION

INDIVIDUAL CHOICE: Laws and rules by individual choice - not by impositions upon any peaceful citizen in any territory. - J.Z., 6 Sep. 89.

INDIVIDUAL CHOICE: Whatever the issue, let freedom offer us a hundred choices, instead of having (*) government force one answer on everyone.” – Harry Browne – (*) one territorial – J.Z. - GOVERNMENT COMPULSION, TERRITORIALISM, CENTRALIZED & MONOPOLIZED DECISION-MAKING, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

INDIVIDUAL GROWTH: Individual growth, to the limits of the own potential, requires individual sovereignty, not territorial submission to politicians and their systems and prejudices. - J.Z., 25.8.98. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, MAN, MATURITY, FREEDOM

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY FIRST: The only road that leads to the solution of the nationality question in our homeland must be sought in the absolute safe-guarding of individual freedom." - Baro Josef Oetvoes, "Osszes Munkai". - 1.) Which individual rights declaration is to be applied? 2.) Who is able and willing to do the protecting, as long as volunteer militias for the protection of individual rights are outlawed? 3.) The usually excluded alternative to or consistent application of this principle is: individual secessionism, combined with exterritorial autonomy for all who desire it, protected by ideal volunteer militias. - J.Z., 6.4.89, 8.4.89, 12.12.03.  - What constitutes ideal militias and their best policies is a large topic on its own. It has been somewhat tackled in my first peace book, accessible under  - As a contribution towards an ideal draft of genuine individual rights and liberties, I produced a digitized anthology of over 130 private human rights drafts. It is online as part of a CD reproduced by C.B. on  – J.Z., 21.12.11, 20.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, ARBITRATION & PANARCHIES: Panarchies are the only political organizations respecting individual sovereignty and self-government of individuals.  If they wanted to, those people, who are not perceived or proven to be threats to others, could opt out from all panarchies, too, if they so desired.  But if they would not want to live like Robinson Crusoe in a wilderness, then they would have to agree with their neighbours and contractors upon some form of juridical settlement in case of disputes. If they wanted to be judge, jury and executioner or revenger in all their conflicts with others - then the others, especially their neighbors, might come to consider and treat them like beasts of prey. - J.Z., n.d. & 21.12.11.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY: by J. Zube, April 1971, plan 233, pages 38 - 64, in ON PANARCHY III, in PEACE PLANS 507.

INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY: The point is: You are not responsible for what your great-grandparents did to mine, and I am not responsible for what my great-grandparents did to yours. … a whole group does not incur guilt for every misdeed by any of its members, and … no one incurs either guilt or entitlement by being born into any group.” - Stanley Schmidt, editorial, ANALOG, Oct. 1999. - Was he anywhere consistent enough to demand the abolition of imposed borders between territorial nation States and free competition for their exterritorial and voluntaristic alternatives? - J.Z., 25.1.02. – Or to demand even the unilateral destruction of all nuclear “weapons”? – How many, if any, of all those targeted by nuclear “weapons” are really so guilty that they deserve to be exterminated? - We are not responsible to keep up some artificial borders which some ancestors put up, usually coercively. We are not morally bound by them. Property rights exist only for voluntary associations, not for whole national collectives, which are only abstract notions and do not represent genuine entities, fully based upon genuine individual rights and consent. – Conquests and political deals of ancestors are not morally binding upon us. Individual rights and liberties vs. collectivist, nationalist, ethnic claims to whole territories. Where are the genuine title deeds for them, by real owners? - J.Z., 4.1.09, 12.1.09. – BORDERS, FRONTIERS, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, INDEMNIFICATION FOR SLAVERY OF ANCESTORS ETC? NATIONS, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY: Unless a man has talents to make something of himself, freedom is an irksome burden. Of what avail is freedom to choose if the self be ineffectual? We join a mass movement to escape individual responsibility, or, in the words of the ardent young Nazi, ‘to be free from freedom.’" - Eric Hoffer. - Unless we allow the sheep to live under their self-chosen shepherd, they will tend to put us under his "protection". Panarchies even for followers and their leaders! - J.Z., 29.11.02, 10.12.10. - SUBORDINATION, FOLLOWERS, LEADERSHIP, FREEDOM, STATISM, INCOMPETENCE, INABILITY, DECIDOPHOBIA

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES: Generally speaking, genuine individual rights and liberties, as opposed to the various and wrongful Welfare State claims against others, as well as genuine minority rights, do confine the rights, liberties, choices, laws, institutions and jurisdictions of all minorities and majorities to their own affairs, eliminating any territorial tyrannies, despotisms, authoritarianism and majority or minority rule over peaceful dissenters. Then the majority as well as any minority would only have the right to rule over its own affairs, not over the population of whole territories, either directly or indirectly. All would be free to do their own things - provided they can do this at their own expense and risk. Can anyone rightly ask for more? Should anyone ask for less? - J.Z., 17. & 19.8.11. - RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, VOLUNTARISM, CHOICE

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & PANARCHISM: Draft of a New Declaration of those Human Rights and Natural Rights of Rational Beings which were so far discovered, by E. M. L., later E. M. Z., then E. M. S.; U. v. Beckerath & J.Z., in PEACE PLANS 4 & in ON PANARCHY II, in PEACE PLANS 506. Ca. 130 more private drafts were at first only published on microfiche, in PEACE PLANS Nos. 589/590 & later digitized. – HUMAN RIGHTS

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, INCLUDING INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VS. RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE, DEMOCRACIES, MINORITIES, INDIVIDUALS, MAJORITY DESPOTISM: Since "the people" are a democratic, utopian fiction and since masses of people or even majorities, if at all, act only all too belatedly, ineffectively, confusedly, destructively and bloodily against oppression, thus merely preparing the groundwork for more oppressions, it is high time to recognize, at least in principle and publicly, wherever and whenever possible, as a rightful, radical, practicable, peace- and freedom promoting, principled and tolerant alternative, the right of individuals and minority groups to withdraw or refuse their consent and, instead, to operate autonomously, exterritorially and voluntarily, at their own expense and risk, in their own associations. - J.Z., 14.7.89, 10.10.89.

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, INTERNATIONAL LAW AND PANARCHISTIC CHOICES OF INDIVIDUALS: In the same way as individuals now may intentionally and habitually make maximum, medium or minimum use of e.g. freedom of speech, expression and information, by and for themselves, or even none at all, without thereby denying or destroying the validity of such individual rights and the freedom and justice options and spheres they indicate, so may diverse panarchies restrict or expand in different ways the use of individual rights of their voluntary members, in their internal relations, without thereby destroying or denying the validity of these rights for their international relations. The international relations of exterritorially autonomous panarchies are to be determined by an "international law" that is based on the most advanced human rights declaration that can so far be compiled, developed or discovered. - J.Z., 15.1.93, 21.12.11.

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS: The rights of the individual should be the primary object of all governments.” – Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814), American playwright, poet, historian. – Perhaps they should be – but have they ever been the main objective of territorial governments? Governments have not even produced a comprehensive declaration of all these rights and liberties, while they have produced an abundance of laws restricting or denying them. – J.Z., 3.1.08. – Moreover, the volunteers of panarchies may have other primary objectives for themselves. Only towards outsiders would they have to respect these rights and liberties. Then they could get along peacefully with all others. – J.Z., 4.1.09, 23.12.11. – GOVERNMENTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM


INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & TERRITORIAL POLITICIANS: One should become free, as an individual, to switch off politicians, not only on the radio and TV, as far as the own individual affairs are concerned, but regarding all their activities, taxing, spending and regulating. Then the politicians and statists could go on spouting about their only product: hot air and air vibrations, but they could do wrong and harm only to their remaining and consenting victims. – J.Z., 26.11.93, 10.1.99, 24.12.11.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & VOLUNTARISM PROMOTE UNANIMOUS DECISION-MAKING: Individual secessionism can sometimes and rapidly become an almost immediate response, at least the response of a strong minority or even a majority.  But this supposed threat of fragmentation, or supposed lack of unity and strength, should not lead us into suppressing or discouraging dissent in any way, precisely to avoid revolutionary bloodshed, international wars, civil wars, the great revolutions, the great movements, and the terrorism of a few all based based upon great discontents caused mainly by coercively upheld territorial regimes. The discontented should become free to leave any association if they do no longer like it and cannot sufficiently influence the others to adopt those changes, which the dissenters desire. Instead of all people in a territory advancing at the same time, by the same degree, society would then advance by numerous, minimal and incremental steps, all taken by free and single individuals and their voluntary groups and communities. – Progress in every sphere could then become much more assured and faster. "Perhaps the best characterization of the great majority of Frenchmen during the revolutionary excitement of February 1848 is that they were not overthrowing the government, but allowing it to fall. Louis Philippe put in a brave public appearance or two in the vicinity of the Tuileries, but it was obvious that he rallied no support from any segment of society. The crowds around the Tuileries grew so immense and impassioned that many had their lives crushed from them in the terrible suffocating mob. Within a few hours, a broken Louis Philippe slipped out of Paris, never to return." - G. C. Roche III, Bastiat, 76. -  Individual secessions can be quite formless and illegal but, nevertheless, can be very effective and be it only as a very strong public opinion pressure. - J.Z. 7.1.93, 20.5.12. - How long would an employer last, in a time of full employment, who treated his employees to intolerably that each of all of them would give notice as soon as he had another and much better job prospect? The same would in future apply to intolerable governments. Their followership would shrink to zero.  That would be the most effective vote against them. - J.Z., 16.9.04, 21.12.11. – CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, ASSOCIATIONISM

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: A number of philosophers have considered the question and concluded that you have the right to secede. - But these philosophers have so far remained largely ignored. Now our very survival may depend on us no longer ignoring their diverse and completely voluntary and  exterritorial autonomy alternatives to uniformly imposed territorial politics, for whole populations, as is usual today. - J.Z., 2.6.84, 15.11.02, 20.5.12. - SURVIVAL, WAR, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT & PHILOSOPHY, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: All dissenters must have the right to dissociate themselves or secede. Compulsory schooling makes e.g. for school-boy arsonists who do not have to bear the exclusive blame for their actions, namely the burning of school buildings. Since there is no forced attendance to library services, libraries are only rarely burnt down. - J.Z., 2.6.84, 20.5.12. - DISSENTERS, DISASSOCIATION, COMPULSORY SCHOOLING

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: All people are different. They can have harmony between them only when they sufficiently agree or at least agree to leave each other alone. This requires many things, chief among them the right of individuals to associate freely and to secede. – J.Z., n.d. – HARMONY, VOLUNTARISM, FREE ASSOCIATIONISM

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: All those abhorring forced labour do favour free choice of jobs. (Well, apart from their unjustifiable concessions to compulsory licensing and regulations. - J.Z., 2.6.84.) But subjection to a State can be as bad or even worse than the worst imposed job. What is right in the first case is right also in the second case. Secede! - J.Z., n.d., 15.11.02. – Under full monetary and clearing freedom, combined with free choice of value standards, the exchange of productive labor and services for competitively issued exchange media, suitable to pay wages, salaries, fees and due debts and to buy wanted consumer goods and services with (typified goods warrants and service vouchers in money denominations and using a sound value standard) e.g. shop currencies or money tokens or clearing certificates, which are redeemable only in wanted or needed consumer goods and services with, by using them as purchasing media for them, and which are aso refusable, discountable and expressed in a sound value standard, will be relatively easy. Only their issues will have to accept them at any time from anyone and that at their full nominal value and for all that they have to offer in exchange, Jobs will be easy to get and thus self-support will be relatively easy. Sound monies will be chasing productive labor rather than labor chasing unsound monopoly money, not always successfully or, in inflations, continuously depreciated currency. – No monopolists and coercers should be allowed to step between willing buyers and willing sellers. A quite free market can also supply sound free market money in the quantities and qualities needed. When this monetary freedom is used then inflations, deflations and stagflations become impossible. The supply of money will become as reliable as that of toothbrushes, ball point pens and that of a great variety of wanted other consumer goods and services. The good monies will drive out the bad ones and this will occur quite automatically, fast and naturally in the absence of a money issue monopoly and of legal tender power for a monopoly money or exclusive and forced currency. Full monetary freedom is just one important aspect of panarchism of polyarchism. The positive economic changes resulting from full monetary freedom will be immense. It means not only free banks for note issues but also many other kinds of privatel or cooperatively issued notes, clearing certificates and coins, or check accounts, all only optional currencies and payment options. Essentially free market currencies will be merely clearing certificates and genuine “exchange media” and as such free of the usual monetary abuses which are due to monetary despotism. – Full monetary freedom could be introduced within a day but it will be easier to introduce it first only among volunteers, under experimental freedom. From the first successes oft such experiments they will soon spread country-wide and then world-wide. – But the situation might also be right for a large-scale and sudden monetary revolution, in which not a drop of blood need be spilled and no property needs to be destroyed. Then exchange media and value standards will come to fulfil their functions as their names promise. The monies of monetary despotism never could do this job sufficiently or fully. They were and are as weak and faulty as are the promises of politicians. - J.Z., 20.5.12. – FULL EMPLOYMENT, JOBS, FORCED LABOR? TAX SLAVERY, FREE CHOICE OF JOBS, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM AS PART OF INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Allegiance is a voluntary act and may thus be one-sidedly broken off. – J.Z. - ALLEGIANCE, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Anyone in a free group can decide to give up his own idea and go along with the majority. If he does not want to do this, he can get out of the group. This is a use of freedom, an exercise of self-controlling responsibility." - Rose Wilder Lane: The Discovery of Freedom, p.180.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: But if we are to avoid the destructive and dehumanizing consequences of collectivist behavior, we must turn to that one person who has always been the source of the creative energies upon which mankind has relied: the individual. You will find him or her outside the citadel of the state, not attacking it, but quietly walking away from it.” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 25. – SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: By now only widely practised secession by individuals and minorities can ensure the survival not only of particular individuals but of the human race. - J.Z., n.d. & 15.11.02. – SURVIVAL, NWT

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: By seceding you do not attack but, on the contrary, defend your own rights. To force you to remain in the old association would be wrong. - But some contractual obligations undertaken in the old association may remain for a while. - J.Z., 2.6.84. – You should also get your share in the territorial governments remaining capital assets but have no moral obligation to pay any share in the public debts it has signed for, for these are wrongful investments in tax slaves. – J.Z., 20.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Can there be anything more peaceful than secession from all aggressors and all inherently aggressive, monopolistic, authoritarian and oppressive territorial institutions? - J.Z., n.d. & 15.11.02,, 20.5.12. – PEACE, Q.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Cooperation and other forms of voluntary associations are rightful, - but so is, undoubtedly, non-cooperation and non-intervention. The right to secede does sharply limit the right and opportunity to manage or intervene with the affairs of non-consenting others, i.e., dissenters and objectors. At most you may regulate the affairs you have in common with your own members - and they must all be volunteers. - J.Z., n.d. & 15.11.02. - NON-COOPERATION & COOPERATION

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Don't go to wars with the rascals and fools. Secede from them! - J.Z., 77. - WARS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, NEUTRALITY, PEACE

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: end the war before it starts. I ask you, my friend, what is the history of conference?” - Clifford D. Simak, Ring Around the Sun, p.201. - The war of territorial rule against individual sovereignty and voluntary experiments must finally be ended, as a precondition for world peace. - J.Z., 23. & 30.10.02. – Has any conference between government representatives ever seriously considered this solution? – J.Z., 23.12.11. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIALITY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TERRITORIALITY, STATES, COERCIVE COLLECTIVISM, DECISION-MAKING, SOVEREIGNTY, WAR

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Even if you think that you are married to the State - by rights you may divorce it one-sidedly. Any divorce is right if undertaken voluntarily, at least by one participant. - This assumes marriage to be a relationship between sufficiently rational beings. Trying to divorce oneself, one-sidedly from the obligations towards one's own children would be quite another matter. Guardianship obligations would come in here. But children may well be authorised to divorce themselves from the guardianship by their parents and to have still some maintenance claims against them. People don’t own each other. The State does not own us. State governments try to treat us as children who have no right to reject its paternalism or other forms of territorial authoritarianism. - J.Z., 2.6.84, 20.5.12. – Under full monetary freedom there would be jobs for minimal self-support of all healthy children except babies and infants, with a few hours of work a day or even per week. Stable value and long term personal loans would also be available to make them more productive by education and training and thus enable them to repay these loans, thus increasing independence from parents and guardians. – Credit unions between pupils, students on the one side and those depositors, who have finished their trade, education and profession and are in correspondingly better paid jobs, could also come to play a considerable role. – J.Z., 11.1.09, 23.12.11. – DIVORCE, EDUCATION & UPBRINGING LOANS ON AS STABLE VALUE BASIS

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: For the wise investor is the investor who is departing these United States, living abroad and shedding US nationality. Officially, Internal Revenue Code section 877 says that if US citizens renounce their citizenship to avoid income taxes, and the IRS can prove it, their tax liability remains. But for those who know, there are legal ways to thwart the IRS. (See THE DE'ORSEY NEWSLETTER of July last year on how to become an ex-American citizen. Single copies available for $ 16 or Swiss fr. 30 each.) - Arthur Hailey, The Money-Changers, p.90. - OR RENUNCIATION OF CITIZENSHIP

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Forced State membership is like a forced marriage (A kind of continuous rape and even “gang bang”!) and it may at any time be rightfully and one-sidedly dissolved. - None of the enforced associates has any indemnification claim against you - unless you freely signed a contract with them. - J.Z., 2.6.84, 10.12.10. – People are not property! - MARRIAGE & DIVORCE

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Free enterprise means that you may not only set up or join but also leave any enterprise (even that of some enterprising politicians and bureaucrats). - As long as you pay your contracted debts. (A continuing obligation as a tax slave can well be imagined by some but can hardly be enforced as a moral obligation. Repudiate government debts as investments in tax slaves!) - J.Z., 2.6.84, 18.12.11. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, FREE ENTERPRISE, GOVERNMENT DEBTS, REPUDIATION

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Freedom includes the freedom to join and leave groups at will.” - Richard B. McKenzie, Bound to Be Free, Hoover Institute Press, 1982, p. 70. – Indeed, include territorial States in the term “groups”. – Unfortunately, R. B. M. did not yet clearly draw this conclusion in this book. - J.Z., 6.10.07.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Give yourself a chance: Secede! Since you cannot safely and effectively do so right now, as a single individual, prepare the ground for individual secessionism. Spread its ideas, institutions, principles and knowledge of its historical precedents. – J.Z., 29.12.04, 9.1.05. Make all the related ideas, knowledge, references and experiences easily and cheaply accessible. Turn them into a new and alternative, rightful and attractive science of politics, away from the dismal science or territorial politics or territorial despotism. – J.Z., 21.12.11.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: If a man never consented or agreed to support a government, he breaks no faith in refusing to support it." - Lysander Spooner, No Treason, p.4. – Even if he once did so, he is under no obligation to remain subjected to it and to support it for the rest of his life. – People do have the right to change their mind. Sometimes a notice period might be required but certainly not in all cases. - J.Z., 10.12.10. 20.5.12. - SOVEREIGNTY, LOYALTY, TREASON, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: If you do not choose to associate with us on those terms, there must be two separate associations. You must associate for the accomplishment of your purposes; we for the accomplishment of ours. In this case, the minority assume no authority over the majority; they simply refuse to surrender their own liberties into the hands of the majority. They propose a union; but decline submission. The majority are still [also? – J.Z.] at liberty to refuse the connection, and to seek their own happiness in their own way, except that they cannot be gratified in their desire to become absolute masters of the minority." – Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works, p.219. – He should have more clearly said that the majority may also exclude dissenting minorities from further membership but it cannot rightly either exterminate, imprison or deport peaceful dissenters – for these do have the right to manage their own affairs. If they had been public servants, then they would, naturally, lose these jobs. If they had been government contractors, then as exterritorially autonomous people they might be able to offer the same services more cheaply and thus the rump government might retain their services. – J.Z., 20.5.12. – VS. MAJORITY, TERRITORIALISM, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: If you want to, you should be free to opt out of “your” nation State and to join one or the other non-territorial State or free society or any world federation - or abstain from all of them - for as long as you like. - J.Z., n.d. & 14.11.02. – However, others may demand a declaration on the kind of juridical system you would recognize in case conflicts arise. If you should refuse to engage any kind of judicial or arbitration system then your neighbours might treat you as a dangerous animal to close to their homes. Then they might fear any kind of arbitrary actions by you and agains them. We should all come to some kind of civilized relationships. I would no like a Stirner follower near me, who still believes that right is might. -  J.Z., 20.5.12. - OPTING OUT OR WITHDRAWING FROM THE STATE

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Let rioters secede - before they riot! - J.Z., 76. – Rioting indicates a condition of helplessness and irresponsibility caused by territorial governments. People free to help themselves will not riot. – J.Z., 10.12.10.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Let's split and grow like cells. - J.Z., 30.12.73. - I doubt that there is a true and organic or biological analogy to secession, for highly developed animals, not e.g. amoebaes - apart from the fact that we are all individual and sociable or political animals. For most the notion that they could possibly separate themselves from the State, without migrating away from "its" territory and territorial legislation, is still so strange a notion as for a chess player the notion that the pawns in a chess game could be given free will, i.e., the option to secede or, possibly, join the opposition or establish another society on the same board, or the opportunity to declare themselves neutral towards the two contestants. After seeing how citizens have usually been treated, for centuries, nay, thousands of years, as no more than pawns on the “chess boards” of territorial governments, isn't it high time for them to begin to think and act for themselves, to secede from the games which their kings, queens and other rulers play and, possibly, of those of some hidden puppeteers or master minds behind the scenes? Unlimited obedience to criminal orders by territorial governments is rather a crime than a duty. - A quite unusual mixture of different and exterritorially separate kinds of politics is bound to follow, once people are finally free to follow their own paths, rules and self-chosen experiments, exterritorially quite autonomous, together with like-minded people. - Most motives, opportunities, resources and manpower to resist and terrorize or oppress other people will then disappear. - J.Z., 2.6.84, 15.11.02, 10.12.10, 23.12.11. - SECESSION ANALOGIES

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Life is nothing but a series of choices. You may opt for or against any of them (which is non-aggressive.) Disassociation, like walking away, is by definition non-aggressive. - J.Z., n.d. & 10.12.10. - OPTING OUT

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Make the Revolution a parent of settlement, and not a nursery of future revolutions.” - Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790. - Turn all revolutions into one-man or voluntaristic revolutions, which require the recognition of individual secessionism and of exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers. We have already done this e.g. in the sphere of religion and private lifestyles. We have still to realize this in the political, economic and social spheres that are now preempted by territorial governmental, legislative and juridical domination. - J.Z., 13.10.02, 23.12.11, 20.5.12. - REVOLUTION, THE LAST ONE & EXTERRITORIAL TOLERANCE & AUTONOMY, ONE-MAN REVOLUTIONS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: No compromises or deals any longer, no gradualistic, collectivistic, monopolistic reforms by territorial governments only, but all kinds of solution attempts, all tolerantly practised at the same time and in the same country - but only among their voluntary supporters. - J.Z., 23. & 30.10.02, 20.5.12. - PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Nobody but Nazis and other totalitarians doubts the right to secede from a regime like that of the Nazis or Soviets, i.e. everybody recognises it in such extreme instances. One might even consider it a duty to resist them if one can, or at least to flee and desert from them and to become independent from them by individual or group secession. However, without full appreciation of the basic individual right to secede, it is considered unjustified, unnecessary, useless, impossible, impractical or irrelevant in democracies and republics. And yet it can be one of the most effective defence, liberation, resistance and revolutionary actions - in combination with a number of other and related measures. It is also one that would prevent most terrorist acts. - J.Z., n.d., 2/6/84, 15.11.02. - NAZIS, SOVIETS, TOTALITARIANS, DICTATORSHIPS

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: One needs government approval even to dump any old and useless government equipment. But one should not need any approval to dump the territorial whole government - as far as oneself is concerned. - J.Z., 3.7.77. - LICENSING, PERMITS, APPROVALS, AUTHORITY, BUREAUCRACY

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: One of the surest ways to help the system fall is for all the good people to leave it.” - Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do ‘til the Revolution, Breakout Productions, Port Townsend, Washington, 1999, rev. ed., ISBN 1-89.3626-13-X, p.100. – As if we were already quite free to do so. – J.Z., 5.1.09. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHY

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Only initiated coercion is wrong. Secession is neither a coercive nor a meddling or interventionist act. But forcing someone to remain in an association against his will does constitute initiated coercion and meddling. – J.Z., n.d. & 20.5.12. - COERCION

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Plainly, the central idea of secession is the essence of anarchy." - Abraham Lincoln in his 1st inaugural address. - Quoted in the article: "Secession, the Essence of Anarchy..." by J. R. Stromberg. LIBERTARIAN FORUM, June 76. - Naturally, Lincoln meant this in the popular sense, equating anarchy with chaos. - J.Z.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Quit the club and find a better one." - Harry Browne: How I Found Freedom, p.75.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Right to repudiate. ... one of the fundamental rights of every American citizen - a right so sacred and so vastly esteemed that its innovation would mean revolution... (is) the right to bolt the caucus, to repudiate the platform, to repeal the laws, ... what is authority, what are facts against that divine privilege? There is no privilege, indeed, which gives the American people keener or more permanent delight....” - H. L. Mencken, 1910. - That is, probably, as close as Mencken and most Americans have come to individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteers. Obviously, it was not close enough. If one is free to secede and to associate exterritorially then one does not need any other revolution. – J. Z., 23.3.99.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Secede from party politics, bureaucracy, war mongers, tax collectors, oppressive laws, kidnappers working for the schools and armies. Run your own life, as a sovereign individual. - J.Z., 1973.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Secede from the establishment - instead of merely cursing it. - J.Z. - & PROTESTS

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Secession is a non-violent form of resistance and, as such, undoubtedly moral. - J.Z. - NON-VIOLENCE

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Secession is just the form of dissolution of a special contract. All contracts may be rightfully dissolved - at least after giving due notice. The social contract, rightfully defined, is a possible exception but there is no firm evidence that territorial States or governments can play the rightful role of individuals and societies in this. - J.Z., 2/6/84. - There is no justification or need to exempt from this rule the contract with governments - which was rarely ever formally concluded anyhow. (With the possible exemption of naturalisation ceremonies. - I tend to answer those who look down upon naturalised "New Australians" by stating that the scoffer would merely be an Australian by the accident of birth on location, while I would be one by free individual choice. I do not mention, at these occasions, that this choice is, so far, not as free as I would like it to be.) – J.Z., 2.6.84, 20.5.12. - CONTRACT DISSOLUTION

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Secession is required for freedom of action in the political, social and economic spheres. - When politicians speak of their freedom of action and of keeping their options open, they actually want to restrict your freedom of action and your options - but they never say so. - J.Z., 2.5. 84, 20.5.12. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Slavery and any aspect of it are wrong. You may give notice to your slave master or, better still, just break away from him or escape instantly, without doing him any wrong. If you were no volunteer for his organization then you are entitled to sue him – before a genuine court of justice. - J.Z., n.d. & 23.12.11, 20.5.12. - SLAVERY

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Spooner concluded that 'the whole Revolution turned upon, asserted, and, in theory established, the right of each and every man, at his discretion to release himself from the support of the government under which he had lived.'" - Charles Shively, comments to and quoting Spooner's works, introduction, p.5 to No Treason I.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: State membership ought to be a mutual, not a single convenience relationship. The right to individually secede would ensure that. – J.Z. (The terms “single convenience relationship” and “mutual convenience relationship” were coined by Don Werkheiser in order to achieve independence from ancient and often misunderstood or abused terms. – J.Z.) & MUTUAL CONVENIENCE RELATIONSHIPS VS. SINGLE CONVENIENCE RELATIONSHIPS, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: State membership should be as voluntary as tenancy or employment contract. You should be free to contract with another “landlord”, or employer, partner or cooperator - even in the same block or street. - J.Z., n.d. & 20.5.12. - TENANCY

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: The ability to play a system against itself until it breaks down and disintegrates.” - Colin Kapp, Patterns of Chaos, p.99. – “Release all creative energies”, as Leonard E. Read suggested, or “all centrifugal forces”, as Ulrich von Beckerath suggested. That merely requires permitting or enforcing individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. - Imagine what this could achieve now, for instance, in the Balkans and in Africa, but everywhere else as well. Let everyone fill his “shopping cart” with all those public and private goods and services only that he wants and is willing to pay for. Uniformity is not the ideal of most sovereign consumers, freed to make their individual choices. – J.Z., 9.4.99. It would leave each system, from which all its dissenters have withdrawn, to its own devices and institutions and then they could only blame themselves, if these remain flawed, not the dissenters, who had left them to do their own things. If the former leader would be left by all his former followers, whom could he blame then except himself? Apparently, his power of attraction was not strong enough then. He lost his fans or voluntary victims. The secessionists do not play the system by the territorialist rules – and shake it in a revolutionary way – but merely leave its remaining volunteers, perhaps only its former leader, alone, not longer wishing to be their involuntary victims. – People are to become quite free to join – and to split up in these spheres as well. They do it already in so many others. - J.Z., 12.1.09, 10.12.10, 20.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: The concept and practice of tolerance demands the recognition of individual secession and of exterritorial autonomy for volunteers. - J.Z. – TOLERANCE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: The recognition of the right to secede would prevent treason against oneself. - J.Z. – What would be left of treason that is to be condemned? Acts against genuine individual rights and liberties that members of the own and members of other communities do claim for themselves. Any serious infringement of such rights or any support for those, who do commit these serious offences. – But actions, which merely deny and infringe territorial powers, are no longer to be considered as treasonous or subversive and to be punished as if they were real crimes with victims. Rights and liberties are not to be sacrificed to the supposed defender of rights, to any institution that actually suppresses many individual rights and liberties against the will of many of its territorial subjects. – J.Z., 11.1.09, 10.12.10, 205.12.  – TREASON, SUBVERSION

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: The right of revolution is an inherent one. When people are oppressed by their government, it is a natural right they enjoy to relieve themselves of the oppression, if they are strong enough, whether by withdrawal from it, or by overthrowing it and substituting a government more acceptable." - Ulysses S. Grant, Personal Memoirs, quoted in G. Seldes, The Great Quotations. - It is not only a collectivist right of "the people" but an individualist right of all individual people. Moreover, they may not substitute or impose just another territorial government but they are to become free only to establish an exterritorially autonomous one, for their volunteers, or some non-governmental free society or community, also thus limited. No one to retain any territorial power any longer over whole populations. - J.Z., 14.11.02, 23.12.11, 20.5.12. - REVOLUTION, OPPRESSION, RIGHTS, PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: the right of secession is paramount and indisputable." - Paul Berman: Quotations from the Anarchists, introduction, p.9.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: The right of secession would seem a better safeguard for liberty, especially if every individual person were to possess it on his own behalf. If one does not grant this right, then one would seem to have removed a key safeguard for liberty ..." - William Stoddard, REASON, 3/74. - SAFEGUARDS & LIBERTY

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: The Right to Quit” - chapter heading by Leonard E. Read in: Having My Way, p.152. - THE RIGHT TO QUIT

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: The right to secede - and to associate individually in new, autonomous and exterritorial communities - is nothing but an important application of laissez-faire principles. - J.Z. - LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, FREE TRADE, FREE EXCHANGE, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-DETERMINATION, INDEPENDENCE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: The right to secede follows directly from the definition of rights as concepts that harmonise arbitrary actions with each other according to a general law of equal freedom for all sufficiently rational beings. - J.Z., n.d., 15.11.02. - AS A RIGHT, KANT, CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE, RIGHT, HUMAN RIGHTS

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: The State is just an agency. If the State is recognized as nothing but a particular agency - which makes some preposterous claims towards becoming an all-powerful monopolist - then the right not to hire it or to withdraw from it, to cease patronising it, becomes obvious. – J.Z., n.d - THE STATE, TERRITORIALISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, VOLUNTARISM INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: The State is just another association. All its exclusive and monopolistic claims for territorial and uniform rule are without any moral foundation. - Territorial States have become very counter-productive for any rightful objective and they prevent individuals from transferring their allegiance to other organizations, which they have come to prefer for themselves. (Apart from the remaining emigration options, limited through immigration restrictions. – J.Z., 10.12.10.) - J.Z. 2.6.84, 14.11.02. – Full consumer sovereignty and free enterprise, freedom of contract and association in this sphere as well. – J.Z., 20.5.12. - MORALITY, STATE, ASSOCIATIONS, TERRITORIALISM, ALLEGIANCE, SUBSCRIPTIONS

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: The State is supposed to be your public servant. Therefore you should be free not only to hire him but also to fire him. - And this liberty should not depend on X other people agreeing with you. Naturally, the public servant or State fired by you might still continue to give desired services to others who remain satisfied with it. - J.Z., 3.6.84, 23.12.11. - PUBLIC SERVANTS & THE STATE, PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: They alone will be able to furnish what Calhoun required, namely “the means of resisting successfully this tendency on the part of the rulers to oppression and abuse. Power can only be resisted by power – and tendency by power.” - John C. Calhoun, A Disquisition on Government, C. G. Post edition, p.3. - Individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and voluntary association with alternative personal law communities, societies and governance systems, excluding only all territorial ones, would provide individuals with the counter-acting individual and group power over their own lives and affairs. – Alas, Calhoun did not discuss this possibility but had only territorial governments in mind. – J.Z., 1.10.07, 23.12.11, 20.5.12. - FREELY COMPETING ALTERNATIVE COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, ALL ONLY EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Those who anticipated that you would continue to be their milking cow, or tax slave, do have no right to reduce you and to keep you in this position. (One may only be deprived of one's unearned, i.e., not contracted-for income, income not due to inheritance or gifts but e.g., gained through extortion, coercion and legal monopolies.) No one is entitled to the continuance of an exploitative situation. Tax slavery may be unilaterally ended by the victim at any time. - J.Z., 2.6.84, 15.11.02, 10.12.10. - MILKING COWS, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, PARASITISM, EXPLOITATION

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: To leave a church was once considered as impossible or difficult or undesirable as is now seceding from a State. – J.Z., n.d. - CHURCHES, RELIGIOUS LIBERTY

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Turn all relationships from compulsory zero-sum games into voluntary win-win games, naturally based on subjective values. Some people are masochistically inclined and provide the sanction of the victims to their “great” leaders or gurus, even if this costs them their lives. - J.Z., n.d. & 15.11.02, 23.12.11. – Let them go ahead and good riddance. Only their children might be still worth saving – in accordance with their own choices. – Full asylum rights for them! - J.Z., 12.1.09. - PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Unlike Stephens who took the federal Union as a joint-stock operation, Thoreau took all States as artificial and asserted his right to secede." -  Stromberg, LIBERTARIAN FORUM, June 76, p. 6.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: We have to advance from collectivistic and geographical secessionism to exterritorial and individualistic secessionism and associationism. - J.Z., 13.1.93. - In over 150 years no one has as yet been able to refute Herbert Spencer's arguments for the right of individuals to ignore the State and I do not believe that anybody will ever be able to do that. - J.Z., 10.12.03. – INDIVIDUAL & EXTERRITORIAL VS. STATIST & TERRITORIAL SECESSIONISM

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: What kind of political power is required to prevent nuclear war? Apart from secession there are, naturally, others: Decision-making power on war, peace, armament and disarmament - by free people, rather than by governments, right to participate in disarmament measures, right to negotiate over the heads of governments for a separate and just peace, the right to grant or withhold one's contributions, i.e. voluntary taxation, the right to associate in exterritorial and autonomous communities. But all the other powers, rights and liberties of individuals that are involved here can, lastly, only be gained or maintained by individual secessionism. - J.Z., n.d. & 3/5/84. - POWER

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: What other rights are involved in the right of individuals to secede from a State and any other coercive organizations, like an army or a trade union or State church? - The right to own oneself, the right to decide one's own affairs, the right to associate and dissociate, the right to privacy, the right to trade freely, the right to be left alone, the right to issue one's own money, the right to live in accordance with one's beliefs, the right to one's property, the right learn and to practise any profession, the right to experiment, the right to resist, the right to survive - by one's own efforts, the right to vote, the right to divorce oneself from others. - J.Z., n.d. - AS A RIGHT

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: When you seceded, you can, naturally and rightly, claim at least the certified capital value of your share in the nationally held property. Nobody could rightly withhold it from you any longer. This could, in many countries, become a strong incentive for individual secession. (Compare PEACE PLANS 19C.) - NATIONAL WEALTH, PRIVATISATION, DENATIONALISATION, EXPROPRIATING POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS, INDEMNIFICATION OF TAX & OTHER STATE VICTIMS

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: While there should be no escape from international policy (*), state policies and planning may differ, and individuals could be encouraged to choose those, which are most compatible with their ideas. In this way, social experiments would become possible without forced oppression of dissidents within the state. This would also allow the oppressed the possibility of non-violent change. It would require redefining ‘nationality’ and ‘citizenship’, and rethinking ownership of land, natural resources and resolution of conflicts.” - Rosalie Bertell, No Immediate Danger. Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth, The Women’s Press, 1985, p 370. - - (*) International policy should also be exterritorially competitive and thereby rather peaceful. There could well be several world federations, each for a diverse group of voluntary communities. Scientists and artists as well as writers, and technicians, for instance, when free to do so, formed their own informal or formal world federations. – J.Z., 29.9.07. - MINORITY GROUP SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Why have you got the right to secede from the State, whether you know this right or not? - It has no less and no more moral foundation than any other right has. I happen to hold that rights are more than mere one-sided claims, God-given or government granted privileges, mere contracts or power relationships but, rather, the specified embodiment of equal freedom spheres for rational beings and as such they are as real and practicable as an equilibrium is or 2 x 2 = 4. - J.Z., 2/6/84. - AS A RIGHT

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: With individual secessionism and the exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities resulting from it you would have the most decisive vote on your own life. - J.Z., 19.12.93, 21.10.02, 12.1.09. - VOTING, PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Workers! Opt out of the State Socialist Mess! - J.Z.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Would you want to see every historical secession squashed? - A question put just to loosen up brain cells for the question of individual secession. Can we really afford to continue to ignore the historical precedents not only for geographical but also for individual secessions - as samples of what human beings are capable of, what relationships are practicable between them, even if they did not always live up to the highest and most clearly expressed ideals of individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy under personal law? We might accept as a part-excuse for them that they were far from perfect in other respects, too. Just consider the various religious spleens and scientific myths they were still suffering under at the same time. Thus we should not expect them to have fulfilled, already then, all our purist hopes and expectations for individual secessionism. - J.Z., 2.6.84. - HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE, Q.

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: You are not obliged to lead and you are not obliged to follow. Secede! - J.Z. - LEADERSHIP

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: You have the right to refuse disservices and to break off relations with such a supplier. - The greatest and most costly disservices are offered by territorial governments. We have the right to practise consumer sovereignty towards them as well. - J.Z., n.d. & 14.11.02. – States and societies are to become reduced to freely competing societies, enterprises, corporations, service companies, insurance services etc. – J.Z., 11.1.09. - DISSERVICES, REFUSALS, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, CONSUMER BOYCOTTS

INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: You may freely choose a job or give notice when dissatisfied. Moreover, you neither have to be a State member, employee, contributor, investor nor a State subject. You have the right to withdraw from either of these positions. - J.Z., n.d. & 14.11.02, 19.1.09, 20.5.12. - EMPLOYMENT, GIVING NOTICE

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM: Perhaps no right is more "fair, just and necessary" for our times and its problems than that of individual sovereignty and secession. It is a right that implies exterritorial autonomy, too and experimental freedom or freedom of action, for all volunteers. - J.Z., 4 Sep. 89, 10.10.89. - See: BECKERATH, ULRICH VONOn Panarchy.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM: You must be an individual country by yourself." - Harry Schultz, 10/87. - I feel certain that H.S. would not want to outlaw voluntary federations of SUCH “countries”. They would also constitute "panarchies". - J.Z., 16.9.04. – None of them have to become realized only in one of the former national or governmental territories. Some might be spread over a whole continent or even world-wide – with all their dispersed voluntary members. – J.Z., 21.12.11. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM OR COMPLETE CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, COMBINED WITH COMPLETE FREE ENTERPRISE IN EVERY SPHERE.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY MUTUALISM & PANARCHISM: Individual sovereignty is John the Baptist, without whose coming the mutualist idea remains void.” – Wm. B. Green. - Individual sovereignty, expressed in individual secessionism and associationism, is the foundation stone or basic principle of the diverse panarchies of panarchism. - J.Z., 16.9.04, 21.12.11.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY VS. COLLECTIVIST "REPRESENTATIVE" & TERRITORIAL SOVEREIGNTY: Individual sovereignty, individual secessionism or disassociationism and associationism vs. territorial, monopolistic, compulsory, and centralized and collectivist sovereignty. Only thus can the remaining and solvable human problems be solved as fast as possible. For it would mean introducing experimental freedom into spheres where it had been so far systematically excluded. – J.Z., 9.1.05.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CAPTAIN OF THE OWN SHIP OR DESTINY, MASTER OF THE OWN FATE, SELF-DETERMINATION, AUTONOMY, SELF-GOVERNMENT: ... the right of every human born (when still unborn, then to be given his natural chance to become a born human being! - J.Z.) to be, within the limitations of nature, captain of his own destiny, and to surrender that captaincy to no authority in this world, and especially to no authority beyond this world." - Marie Jakober, The Mind Gods, 48. - ABORTION

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, GOD & THE STATE, SELF-GOVERNMENT: I'm not interested in the sovereignty of a God or of a State but in my own individual sovereignty and exterritorial autonomy – as well as that of all others, confined to personal laws, to voluntary associations, contracts and free exchanges. - J.Z., 13.6.01, 21.12.11. – It authorizes freedom of action and experimentation in every sphere, although always only at the own risk and expense. – J.Z., 21.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSION & PANARCHISM: From individual sovereignty follow, at least for me, quite logically and inseparately: 1. individual secessionism, 2. voluntary associationism, 3. minority autonomy, 4. exterritoriality or non-territoriality for voluntary associations, 5. free competition between a great variety of different governmental and non-governmental societies, 6. freedom of action and experimental freedom in all spheres - at the expense and risk of the voluntary participants, 7. the possibility of peaceful coexistence of the most diverse forms of human association in the same territory, 8. the abolition of all coercive and artificial monopolies, 9. ultimate decentralization and centralization options, by individual choice, 10. the abolition of all compulsory membership rules, even for States, armed forces and trade and professional unions, 11. the abolition of the (standing armies and the decision-making monopoly on war and peace, armament and disarmament .....???)  12. the settlement of "international" disputes between exterritorial, autonomous protective associations of volunteers on the basis of natural law, individual rights and international law rules and institutions based upon them, 13. the confinement of all protection efforts to those rights and liberties only that are actually claimed by the voluntary members of an exterritorial and autonomous protective community (or Panarchy, or Competing Government, or Polyarchy or  Multi-Government, etc. ), with the option to claim more or all of them always remaining, 14. the realization there is no single and uniform kind of society that is suitable for all human beings, 15. that the greatest possible variety and autonomy of human societies and actions, in all creative spheres, is not only rightful but necessary for the full development of individuals and societies to their maximum potential, 16. that the release of all creative energies and the reduction or even abolition of most destructive human activities requires this reorganization. - - What is still a riddle to me is: Why do not most others, especially anarchists and libertarians, who should be, essentially, individualists and voluntarists and thorough enough anti-statists, see these and related connections? Why do they get side-tracked by notions of small, decentralized, independent territories, in which territorial coercion and monopolies are not challenged, or of one supposedly ideal form of society for all, by notions of imposed equality, rather than chosen inequality, by their antagonism to private property, even if only among volunteers, while other volunteers could make other arrangements among themselves, by their illusions of the “limited” State as protector of persons and property, by ideas of still territorial, exclusively sovereign, centralized or decentralized, but coercively upheld governments, that would have compulsory membership and exclusive jurisdiction, policing and defence powers in "their" territories but are, nevertheless, supposed to be so limited that they would be ideal and acceptable to all? What would it take to defeat such remaining statist notions of territorial uniformity, equality, law and order? - When will the advocates of spontaneous order, a superior and perhaps the only kind of true order that is possible, expressed by Adam Smith as “the invisible hand", Proudhon's statement that "Liberty is the mother, not the daughter of order", and Hayek's notions of “spontaneous order” in essential human relationships, that cannot be successfully replaced by a planned or designed order systems, finally extend their notions to the worst threat to mankind, the organization of territorial, exclusive and coercive governments? Smith favoured at least much laissez faire in economics. Proudhon was at least in general terms for dissolving States by contracts. But Hayekians are still addicted to the exclusive and territorial State model for politics, defence, courts and police and merely want to reform its constitution. And most of the anarchists and libertarians just want more of the same - but on a smaller scale and under other labels. - PIOT, John Zube, 10 October 1989. - Re point 11: These notes were split in two and part of point 11 got lost in the process. Off the cuff, I neither remember nor can I reconstruct the missing part among 16 points but sooner or later I will probably be able to reconstruct it or to find the original and complete statement. - J.Z., 6.9.04. – Anyhow, this lists of mine is, most likely, incomplete, too and will have to be corrected and expanded by others. – J.Z., 21.12.11, 21.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: A bureaucracy has no more right to own and direct your life than a monarch or a tyrant has - even if this bureaucracy had the approval of the majority. - J.Z., n.d. & 23.12.11. – MAJORITY, CONSENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, TERRITORIALISM, ITS POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: A Free Man is a Sovereign.” - W. G. Sumner: What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, p.25. - Nevertheless, he did not clearly come out for exterritorial autonomy and personal laws for volunteer communities or at least for individual secessionism. Even great scholars and thinkers do not always draw the right and complete conclusions from their own statements. - J.Z., 18.11.02, 21.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: A society will remain as free or as enslaved as the conscious dispositions of individuals determine it shall be. Just as the roots of oppression are found in passivity, the foundations of our liberty reside in highly energized and focused minds that insist upon their independence. There are no shortcuts, no structures or doctrines that can be erected, no hallowed documents to be revered, to save us the effort of continually challenging those who would presume to exercise authority over our lives.” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 17: The Delusion of Limited Government, which is online at – Like Ayn Rand, he got most of the principles right but not their practical application to the various political, economic and social systems. Rather he condemns all institutions and organizations, even the voluntary one and merely exterritorially autonomous ones, if I understand him right. – J.Z., 19.2.05, 4.1.09. – In this he upholds the old saying that no institution can help being an institution. I assert instead that voluntary associations tend to be greatlyl superior to compulsory association and as voluntary association also rightful, even though their members might make mistakes at their own expense and risk. – J.Z., 21.5.12. - FREE SOCIETIES

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Absolute liberty is absence of restraint; responsibility is restraint; therefore, the ideally free individual is responsible to himself.” - Henry Brooks Adams, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – He is also responsible for his actions towards others. – J.Z., 21.5.12. - INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, ABSOLUTE LIBERTY, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: All places that the eye of Heaven visits, / Are to a wise man ports and happy havens: - / Think not the king did banish thee: / But thou the king. – Richard II. (Shakespeare?) Quoted in: Fenimore Cooper, The Pioneers, p. 16, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 7th printing, 1966. – Let us banish or outlaw all territorial government out of all our affairs. – J.Z., 21.5.12. -  EACH A KING, COSMOPOLITANISM, EMIGRATION, DEPORTATION, BANISHMENT. HOME IS WHERE ONE IS AS FREE AS ONE WANTS TO BE.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Anarchism, as Tucker conceived it, arose out of the contradiction that exists between the sovereign individual and the sovereign State. One or the other must emerge supreme, and in Tucker's opinion, this must be the individual.” - William O. Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.152.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Anarchism, the great leaven of thought, is today permeating every phase of human endeavor. Science, art, literature, the drama, the effort for economic betterment, in fact every individual and social opposition to the existing disorder of things, is illuminated by the spiritual light of Anarchism. It is the philosophy of the sovereignty of the individual. It is the theory of social harmony. It is the great, surging, living truth that is reconstructing the world, and that will usher in the Dawn.” - Emma Goldman, “Anarchism What It Really Stands For”, in: Alix Kates Shulman, ed. of Red Emma Speaks, in conclusion, on p.71. – Sovereign individuals might choose not to live as anarchists and even – or especially - as anarchists they should allow other sovereign individuals to make other choices for their lives than any kind of anarchism or libertarianism. – J.Z., 23.12.11. - ANARCHISM, HARMONY INDIVIDUALISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: And now, if these principles, as I have tried to set them before you, are true; if men have no rightful claim to possess any sovereignty over the bodies and minds of each other; if that sovereignty only belongs to the man's own self; ...” - Auberon HERBERT, Mack edition, p. 150.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: As it must not, so genius can not be lawless; for it is even this that constitutes its genius - the power of acting creatively under laws of its own origination.” - Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), Lectures and Notes on Shakespeare and Other Dramatists (published 1853). - Under territorialism neither the genius nor the fool, neither the rich nor the poor have the liberty to live under laws and institutions of their own individual choosing. - J.Z., 13.10.02. - Under exterritorialism both do. - J.Z., 26.11.02. - GENIUS, PERSONAL LAW, MAKING & LIVING ONESELF BY THE OWN RULES, LAWLESSNESS, SELF-MANAGEMENT, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, INDEPENDENCE

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Barring force and fraud, autonomy need never be abridged in society, if autonomy is understood in the sense of individual sovereignty.” - Roy Childs, Anarchism and Justice, INDIVIDUALIST, 10/71. - AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Being your own man is the most serious crime of all, today." - Paul Herr. - SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUALISM, INDEPENDENCE

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: By natural law you are the master of your own fate. - What an absurd and disgusting thought that politicians and bureaucrats, as they are, could and should be masters of your fate! - J.Z., 2.6.84. - VS. COLLECTIVIST, TERRITORIAL & COMPULSORY STATE SOVEREIGNTY, MASTER OF THE OWN FATE, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Caesar does not rightly own you, your property or your allegiance - unless you yourself, voluntarily and temporarily give them to him. – Rather: Unless you give yourself and it to him, as long as you can stand or want his rule over you. - J.Z. 2.6.84, 12.1.09. - SELF-OWNERSHIP, CAESAR, GOVERNMENT, NATION

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Caesar, by natural law, does not own anyone but himself. - J.Z. - SELF-OWNERSHIP, CAESAR, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, GOVERNMENT, STATES

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Consumption should be voluntary - also for State services. – J.Z., n.d. - PUBLIC SERVICES, STATES & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: denationalization of Sovereign Individuals."… - James Dale Davidson & William Rees-MOGG, The Sovereign Individual, MacMillan, & Simon & Schuster, 1997, 276. – If they were already recognized and treated as sovereign individuals then they would not need any denationalization. And as fully sovereign individuals they could not have become nationalized. People have the right to be treated and to act as sovereign individuals in all their own affairs and choices for themselves. – J.Z., 12.1.09. – DENATIONALIZATION, SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUALS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Does there exist a nobler inspiration than the desire to be free? It is by his freedom that a man knows himself, by his sovereignty over his own life. To violate freedom, to flout that sovereignty, is to deny man the right to live his life, to take responsibility for himself with dignity.” - Elie Wiesel, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. - FREEDOM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Doing one's own thing is morally never wrong. - But doing wrongs to others as if they and their property were your own, that is the greatest crime, on any scale, from individual robberies and murders to compulsory taxes and official mass murders. - J.Z., n.d., 15.11.02. - DOING THE OWN THING

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Edith was a little country bounded on the North, South, East and West by Edith.” - Martha Ostenso, b. 1900, quoted in A. Andrews Quotations. - But did little Edith, then or even 60 years later, comprehend all that is involved in individual sovereignty? Or did she confine her sovereignty mainly to the trivia of individual daily lives? - J.Z., 18.11.02. – (Compare the level of most entries on Facebook! – J.Z., 21.5.12.) Doesn’t our upbringing, schooling and training all too often squash or suppress this natural individual sovereignty shown already in many infants and children? – J.Z., 12.1.09.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Even children should have the right to vote e.g. on the destruction of all nuclear “weapons”. After all, their survival is also involved. - J.Z., n.d. - Would they really make, mostly, worse decisions than our top political decision-makers have made so far? - J.Z., 15.11.02. - DECISION-MAKING, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, VOTING, CHILDREN, VOTING, CHILDREN

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Even terrorists have some rightful claims and they should thus be given the secessionist and exterritorial option to realize them. Who knows? - that approach might even pacify many of them! - J.Z., 2.6.84. – But that right does not grant them immunity or any moral excuse for the terrorist actions they have committed or might still undertake. On the other hand, it should be taken into consideration that the official terrorist actions undertaken by territorial governments, also upon the “principle” of collective responsibility, had, usually, even much worse mass murderous results. When private and relatively small-scale terrorists are held responsible for their terrorist actions, then so should be the officials for their terrorist actions. – Who is to throw the first stone? Who is entirely innocent of territorialist and collective responsibility notions and actions? - J.Z., 12.1.09, 21.5.12. – TERRORISTS & TERRITORIALIST TERRORIST ACTIONS, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Every individual is by rights a sovereign “nation” by himself and under no obligation to federate or to remain in a federation, least of all a territorial one. - J.Z., n.d., 15.11.02. – Exterritorially organized nations of volunteers do agree with individual sovereignty and its diverse individual choices. – J.Z., 12.1.09. - VS. TERRITORIAL NATIONS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Every Man a King.” - Title of Huey Long's biography, 1933. - Kings make war against each other, using up their subjects in the process, because they do not recognize their kinghood or individual sovereignty. Thus this phrasing is not sufficiently enlightening. - Everyone a king, but only a king without subjects! A king without owning an exclusive territory and all its population. Or a king - but only over voluntary followers. - J.Z., 18.11.02. – PANARCHISM, MONARCHISM, QUEENS, KINGS, RULERS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Every man is free to do that which he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other man.” - Herbert Spencer, Principles of Ethics, Part IV, Justice. - He was, as a young man, writing in 1850, in SOCIAL STATICS, one of the few consistent political thinkers, arriving from this principle to conclude upon "the right to ignore the State." Later he seems to have renounced this idea, without sufficiently, if at all, explaining why he did so. - J.Z., 18.11.02. Perhaps he found it merely wise to keep his more radikal ideas to himself and did not reproduce this chapter again in later issues of “Social Statics”. – J.Z., 21.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: EVERY person being entitled to SOVEREIGNTY within his own sphere, there can be, consistently, no limits or exceptions to the title to protection in the legitimate exercise of this sacred right, whether on this side or the other side of the Atlantic, and whether 'in a state of war' or not: and, as soon as we take position for this universal right for all the world, we shall have all the world FOR us and WITH us and no enemies to contend with. Did military men ever think of this? Did governments ever think of it?” - J. Warren, True Civilization, p.16. (21.) – Subscription to panarchist ideas and associations can turn almost everybody into allies in this common cause. – J.Z., 21.5.12. - LIBERATION, DEFENCE, PEACE, MINORITY AUTONOMY FOR ALL, ALLIES, ENEMIES, STRENGTH

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Everyone must feel that he is the supreme arbiter of his own (destiny), that no power on earth shall rise over him, that he is and always shall be sovereign of himself and all relating to his individuality. Then only shall all men realize security of person and property.” - Josiah Warren, quoted on p.102 of William Bailie's biography of J. W. - AS OPPOSED TO NATIONAL & TERRITORIAL SOVEREIGNTY

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he; and therefore, truly, sir, I think it is clear that every man that is to live under a government ought first by his own consent to put himself under that government; and I do think that the poorest man in England is not at all bound in a strict sense to that government that he hath not had a voice to put himself under; …” - Rainborough: October 1647. - Quoted in: R. F. D. Ball, The People Shall Judge, vol. 1, part 1, p.41. - Was he thinking of exterritorial autonomy for individuals and their voluntary associations or only of “the” collective, “free” and “equal” vote, one among millions? – J.Z., 13.9.07. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY AMONG THE LEVELERS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Freedom for the individual from every coercion by the State. Every human being is free by nature and no one has the right to impose a law upon him but himself.” – (Freiheit von jedem staatlichen Zwang fuer das Individuum. Jeder Mensch ist von Natur frei, und niemand hat das Recht, ihm ein Gesetz aufzuerlegen, als er selbst.) - J. G. Fichte, Beitrag zur Berichtigung der Urteile des Publikums ueber die Franzoesische Revolution, 1793, Roederberg Ausgabe, S.246. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, LAWS, COERCION, STATE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, FREEDOM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Freedom means: Do your own thing, in your own time, in your own place, at your own risk and expense, in whatever country you please. - J.Z., n.d., & 16.11.02. - INDEPENDENCE, INDIVIDUALISM, FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Freedom! A fine word when rightly understood. What freedom would you have? What is the freedom of the most free? To act rightly!” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), Egmont (1775-1787). - FREEDOM OF ACTION, RIGHT ACTION, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Government service shall be exactly, and only, what the people want and are willing to voluntarily pay for.” – Jack Anderson and Perry Miles, A Constitution for a Moral Government, p.47. - In this wording 'the people ' should be replaced by: "individuals". J.Z. – “THE PEOPLE”, GOVERNMENT, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, COMPETITION, PANARCHISM, PEOPLE

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Governments - supposedly our servants, are in reality armed against us, their nominal masters. E.g. when they wrongfully involve us in their arguments and struggles with the masters and "servants" of other territorial nation States. Instead of being hired and fired by us, they tax us and regulate us. And all too many of us call this a solution and the only and best possible one! As Ulrich von Beckerath used to say, particularly with regard to the threat of the nuclear holocaust, in which they have involved us, in which each "nuclear power" holds all the subjects of the other nuclear power as hostages, even a dog would tend to run away if it were as badly treated. But we continue to cheer for our masters or vote them into office or tolerate them in office. - J.Z., 2.6.84, 12.1.09. - VS. TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS. INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM FROM NUCLEAR POWERS AS A DUTY.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: He then makes a distinction between individual freedom and individual licence: "What, then, constitutes the boundaries of one's own dominions? ... The limitation is this: every individual is the rightful Sovereign over his own conduct in all things, whenever, and just so far as, the consequences of his conduct can be assumed by himself ... 'THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE INDIVIDUAL IS TO BE EXERCISED AT HIS OWN COST...” – Jerome Tuccille: Radical Libertarianism, p. 29, quoting S. P. Andrews, The Science of Society.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: He's free because he recognizes his most priceless asset, the same asset that YOU possess - sovereignty. - Every person is the sovereign ruler of his own life. But few people ever recognize that fact. Those who do will make it their business to find freedom. Those who don't will invariably resign themselves to whatever 'society' makes available to them.” – Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.167. – He may have been able to reduce his direct tax burden. But did he get away from all indirect taxes? – J.Z., 10.12.10. – What fraction of all rights and liberties did he find and describe? – J.Z., 21.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: How is it then that so many thinkers have believed that duty can arise only from promise or consent? It is certainly true that we can hardly BLAME a man for acting in a way, which he believes to be right. We cannot condemn him for not acting in accordance with a rule that he does not recognise, for not following a law of right conduct, which he does not accept. - David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.41.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: I am an individual and there is no authority higher than I.” - An anarchist in Rostov, Oct. 1917, quoted by Avrich, The Russian Anarchists, p.154. - AUTHORITY, INDIVIDUALISM, ANARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: I consider myself a sort of sovereign state. I don’t recognize other governments within my borders.” - F. Paul Wilson, The Tomb, 1984, 1985, New English Library, p.93. – “Autonomy had been his driving motive – to reduce to the barest minimum all external restraints upon his life. But honor … honor was an internal restraint. He hadn’t recognized the role it had played all along in guiding him.” – Ibid, p.101. - SELF-RESPONSIBILITY & HONOR, DIGNITY - [For me neither honor nor dignity are attractive concepts, since for all too long and all too much and all too many they haved stood for many wrong attitudes and actions. They have tolerated slavery and the subjection of women and in too many minds they still do the latter. – J.Z., 21.5.12.]

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: I have always given it as my decided opinion that ... everyone had a right to form and adopt whatever government they like best to live under themselves; ...” - George Washington, August 25, 1796, quoted by Roger McBride in A New Dawn, p.58. - All too soon and by all too many this becomes misinterpreted as a right only of the collective "everyone", i.e., "the” people. - And then we tend to stick with such wrong ideas for decades to centuries, no matter how much they cost us, as unchecked premises, even if they cost us most of our earnings, our liberties, our health or our lives! - J.Z., 18.11.02. . – Was George Washington really a panarchist? Did he ever act as one? – J.Z., 10.10.08. – Neither did Lincoln uphold that right. Power tends to make people power-mad. – J.Z., 5.1.09. - PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: If each individual in society respects his own person and minds his own business then individual sovereignty is established, there is no more room for government, every rule is destroyed and man is equal to man.” - A. Bellegarrigue, Manifesto. ANOTHER VERSION: If each member of society affirms himself and only himself, and individual sovereignty is established, there is no more room for government, all supremacy is destroyed; man is equal to man...” - A. Bellagarrigue, quoted in THE MATCH, 9/75. - Equal in rights and liberties, not in abilities, interests, wealth etc. – J.Z., 12.1.09.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: If every nation is entitled to choose the political system under which it wishes to live, this is true all the more of every individual person. A country whose citizens are deprived of this minimal right is not free even if there were not a single citizen who would want to exercise that right.” - Sakharov in an open letter to the Congress of the United States, Moscow, September 14th, 1973, quoted from NEWS DIGEST INTERNATIONAL, March 74. – Did he clearly draw the panarchist conclusion of exterritorial autonomy and personal laws for volunteers – anywhere in his writings or lectures? – J.Z., 15.1.09. – Probably, he had only free migration in mind. – J.Z., 10.12.10. - PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Imposed friends are no friends. You have the right to pick and choose them yourself - provided they are agreeable. (*) With major allegiances, expressed in patriotism and international treaties it is the same. (The same applies to internal and external enemies - which will be reduced to a minimum once individual secessionism is widely practised.) - J.Z., 2.6.84. – (*) In this respect e.g. Facebook is much more panarchistic than is any existing State. – J.Z., 23.12.11. – However, under the cover of “friendship” all kinds of trivial concerns are brought to one’s attention there, robbing one’s time, even if one merely glances a them and skims over them. – J.Z., 21.5.12. –p FRIENDS, ENEMIES, ASSOCIATES

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: In his private affairs, the now sovereign individual would have to abide by the dictum of the market place: produce or you will not eat, for no law will help you. In his public behavior he must be decent or suffer the sentence of social ostracism, with no recourse to legal exoneration. From a law-abiding citizen he would be transmuted into a self-respecting man.” - Frank Chodorov: Out of Step, p.45. – Some people get by even as beggars, thieves, inheritors or prize winners etc. As long as they got their spending money honestly they can rightly spend it to survive. The territorial laws help the official robbers and spenders all too much all too wrongly in many to most cases. They should only be able to spend the proceeds of voluntary taxation or voluntary contribution schemes. – Naturally, without production only few of the present population could survive. - J.Z., 23.12.11.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: In the same way each declared for himself, that his own will, pleasure, and discretion were the only authorities he had any occasion to consult, in determining whether he would any longer support the government under which he had always lived. And if this action of each individual were valid and rightful when he had so many other individuals to keep him company, it would have been, in the view of natural justice and right, equally valid and rightful, if he had taken the same step alone. He had the same natural right to take up arms alone to defend his own property against a single tax-gatherer, that he had to take up arms in company with three millions of others, to defend the property of all against an army of tax-gatherers.” - Lysander Spooner, No Treason, I, Works I, page 13. – PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Individual sovereignty, as opposed to national sovereignty, or centralized, coercive and territorial sovereignty, does not require the obedience of others but, instead, the same freedom of action for them, as for oneself, and obedience only to a self-given law, one which presupposes the individual sovereignty of others. – J.Z., 25. 12. 84.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Individuality is the keynote of Warren's philosophy: Everyone should be a law unto himself, but always exercising his liberty with due regard to the equal rights of others ...” - William Bailie, Josiah Warren, p.99.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Interference with individual sovereignty and minority autonomy is treason against man and mankind. - J.Z., 1984, 1986, 25.10.02. - PANARCHISM, MINORITY AUTONOMY, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Is man a sovereign individual who owns his person, his mind, his life, his work and its products - or is he the property of the tribe (the state, the society, the collective)? - Ayn Rand, Capitalism the Unknown Ideal, Signet edition, 18. - Nevertheless, she argued vehemently against "competing governments" (*), completely misunderstanding what was meant by that term, and stood up only for monopolistic and authoritarian because territorial governments, which she dared, like so many others, to call "limited" governments. - Roy Childs and myself have written on her false premises and conclusions in this respect. Childs supposedly renounced this criticism of A. R. I have not seen such a withdrawal by him in writing. Have you? – (*) In: “The Virtue of Selfishness”. - J.Z., 18.11.02. – SELF-OWNERSHIP OR PEOPLE AS PROPERTY? – Q.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: It amounts to subversion of one's own life if one lets others decide how one is to live. - J.Z. - INDIVIDUALISM, LIFE, MAN, RIGHTS, DECISION-MAKING, SUBVERSION

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: It is certainly true that we can hardly blame a man for acting in a way which he believes to be right. We cannot condemn him for not acting in accordance with a rule that he does not recognise, for not following a law of right conduct which he does not accept.” - David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.41. - PANARCHISM, DUTY

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Just contemplate how much exterritorial self-determination and voluntary and cooperative actions and contracts do already determine our private lives and actions and associations and then consider how much they could, likewise, come to do for us in our public lives and affiliations. - J.Z., 17.7.01, 31.10.02, 23.12.11. - PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORAIL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Let each man have the wit to go his own way.” - Sextus Aurelius Propertius, Elegies, II, xxv, 38. – And if he hasn’t – let him choose his own leader or or misleader, system or community for himself! – J.Z., 12.1.09, 23.12.11. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, DIS.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Let terrorists rule themselves - but no one else. If anything, that could pacify them. Naturally, we would also have to destroy their - and our belief in "collective responsibility". - J.Z., 15.11.02. – TERRORISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Like William Godwin, Warren held that the only possible road to human freedom lies down the path of individual sovereignty. As he viewed the problem, "the great mistake of all society is the compromise or surrender of the sovereignty of the individual.' Unless sovereignty can be reconstituted without this surrender of individual sovereignty, freedom must forever remain unknown to mankind.” - William O. Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, 68/9 - FREEDOM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Men like Andrews steadfastly held to the individual's right to freedom from coercion, and their communitarian experiments were strictly voluntaristic. One might refer to a man like Andrews as a left-wing anarchist but would have to call him a right-wing socialist, using 'right-wing' to mean respect for the rights of the individual. Warren had called his philosophy 'Individual Sovereignty’, and Andrews made this phrase his motto.” - William Chadwick, THE FREEMAN, March 1976.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Most significantly, Virginia, New York and Rhode Island declared that 'the powers of government' may be 'resumed' or 'reassumed' by the people when perverted or abused - in the text of their ratification of the constitution.' - Tansill, Documents, pp. 1027,1034-5, & 1052. Quoted in THE LIBERTARIAN FORUM, June 76, p.5. - Not only "the people" should be able to enjoy this freedom or right but ever single adult and rational member. - J.Z., 14.11.02, 23.12.11. – DIS.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: My life, liberty and property are mine. I have never ceded to any 'sovereign' power whatever a right to dispose of either without my consent." - Paraphrasing the First Continental Congress of 1774, as reported in THE FREEMAN, April 72, p. 237. - LIBERTY, LIFE, SELF-OWNERSHIP, PROPERTY & CONSENT

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: National life is a mythical concept. Only your own life - and that of other individuals - is real and worth living - if you claim it and use it fully - and they do theirs. - J.Z., n.d., & 23.12.11. - VS. NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL TERRITORIALISM & ITS ENFORCED & THUS MERELY PRETENDED UNITY

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Nobody owns you but yourself. Any other claim against you amounts to an imposed slavery - unless you consented, quite voluntarily, freely and individually. - J.Z., n.d. & 23.12.11. - SELF-OWNERSHIP

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Obedience towards tyranny is not obligatory, not even towards a majority-supported tyranny. - J.Z. – Rather resistance and “treason” against tyrannies is obligatory for moral beings. – J.Z., 12.1.09. – DISOBEDIENCE, RESISTANCE, REVOLUTION

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Once individual secession has replaced national sovereignty, the danger of nuclear war will have passed because this would imply the abolition of all life and death powers over non-aggressive others. - J.Z., under: Individual Sovereignty in: An ABC Against Nuclear War, PEACE PLANS 16-17. (Now on - Seen merely technically, it would abolish all targets for the use of nuclear weapons and motives for stockpiling them, except for outright terrorists and extortionists, as enemies of almost all mankind and how long would they last with as many enemies? – J.Z., 21.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Over his own body and mind the individual is sovereign." - J. S. Mill. - Should be, is more correct. - J.Z., 23.8.95. - Not yet, but under panarchism it would be! - J.Z., 20.10.02.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Parrington calls Thoreau's position 'individual compact; which 'implied ... individual nullification’ or full anarchism.” - J. R. Stromberg in LIBERTARIAN FORUM, 6/76, on Parrington: Main Currents, II, p.402/3.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Patriotism to one's self precludes any other form of rational patriotism.” - W. Robert Black, THE NEW BANNER, 18.12.72. - PATRIOTISM, SELF-INTEREST

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair." - George Washington. – As a territorialist he was no longer the resort of the wise and the honest - if he ever fully was. - J.Z., n.d., & 10.12.10.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Real life means independence, freedom, self-responsibility, not submission to any organization, not even to the State.” - LIFE

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Really, I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live as the greatest he; and therefore truly, Sir, I think it is clear, that every man that is to live under a government ought first, by his own consent, to put himself under that government, and I do believe that the poorest man in England is not at all bound to that government that he has not had a voice to put himself under. - Captain Rainborough in the Putney Debates of the New Model Army, quoted by Firth. Alas, most have interpreted this only as the right to vote for one or the other party candidate or independent "representative. J. Z., 6.1.93. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, HUMAN RIGHTS, VOTING, REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, VOTING

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control, // These three alone lead to sovereign power.” - Alfred Lord Tennyson - So far it has only misled some people into territorial power over other people. As long as the territorial power opportunity exists, and it is hardly ever doubted or criticized, the worst kinds of people will tend to get to the top of this power pyramid - and stay there for all too long, no matter how much this suppresses the individual sovereignty of all those under them. - J.Z., 18.11.02, 23.12.11. – It leads to sovereign power only when one has also in mind all of one’s exterritorial, individual choices, personal law and voluntaristic options, individual rights and liberties. How many consumers have seriously considered all of them? – J.Z., 10.10.08, 21.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Society rests on a voluntary and not on a coercive compact, at least with regard to political, social and economic associations, systems and institutions. The social contract of mutual support in emergencies is morally obligatory but not coercive. – Defensive force is only justified against aggressors and criminals with victims. - J.Z., 3.6.84, 12.1.09. - SOCIETY

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Society, States, communities, institutions and laws by contracts between individuals. - J.Z., 14.11.02, 10.12.10, 23,12.11. - SELF-OWNERSHIP, CONTRACTS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Sovereignty exists only in the individual. What the group has - the State, the Church - is not sovereignty, it is power. The members have lost their sovereignty and become parts instead of wholes. All are less. Power takes.” - David Reissig, 1988. - Volunteer communities, only exterritorially autonomous, subject to individual secessionism, are another matter. They do not destroy but uphold individual sovereignty and are based on it. - J.Z., 24.11.96, 20.10.02. – PANARCHISM, STATES, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Sovereignty of every individual over his or her own...” – Josiah Warren, True Civilization, p.13. – Another version: “Sovereignty of the individual at his own cost.” - Josiah Warren

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: sovereignty of the individual is what really counts, not sovereignty of any State. A state is an environment or place, therefore cannot possess sovereignty. When sovereignty is granted to a State politically, in the name of the people, it is usually usurped by some individual.” (*) - G. C. Szmak in The Four Blind Spots. (*) An essentially insane power-addict and most people are insane enough to obey him, no matter how much it costs them! - J.Z., 18.11.02. – LEADERSHIP, RULERS, STATISM, GOVERNMENTS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Taxation is theft - and nobody owes allegiance to thieves. - J.Z. - TAXATION, ALLEGIANCE, TERRITORIALISM, STATES

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: That each and every individual has the unquestionable and unabridgeable right of free and voluntary association with other equally sovereign individuals for economic, political, social and all other purposes...” - Emma Goldman in her "A New Declaration of Independence", MOTHER EARTH, vol. IV, 1909/10 – But she came out against property rights! Everything good comes rarely together. – If she had consistently applied what she stated above, then she would have favored voluntary associations of people opposed to their own property rights and also for those, which respected and upheld them. Instead, to my knowledge, she largely remained a territorialist – and, economically, a communist. – However, in the above statement she was clearly a panarchist, tolerant towards all other voluntary choices made by others, quite different from those, she would have made, together with like-minded volunteers. - J.Z., 5.1.09, 23.12.11. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The American citizen must be made aware that today a relatively small group of people is proclaiming its purposes to be the will of the People. That elitist approach to government must be repudiated. There is no such thing as the People; it is a collectivist myth. There are only individual citizens with individual wills and individual purposes. There is only one social system that reflects this sovereignty of the individual: the free-market, or capitalist, system, which means the sovereignty of the individual 'vote' in the marketplace and the sovereignty of the individual vote in the political realm.” - Simon: A Time for Truth, p.221. – All kinds of statist and communist communities can also be based upon individual choices, supporting various socialist schemes as volunteers. Even the free market, the capitalist system, free trade etc. should not be forced upon dissenters. Their opponents should remain free to do their own things to themselves and to suffer the consequences. – J.Z., 10.12.10. – THE PEOPLE? COLLECTIVISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATE SOCIALISTS, DIS.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution did not establish the sovereignty of 'society', but the sovereignty of the individual. Neither did it require that the individual serve the State, the king, the nobility, the society, the rich, the poor, the public interest, the fatherland, or humanity. As long as the individual did not initiate force against others, he was to be free to live his own life without fear in accordance with his own convictions. It was individualism that was the basis of the most free and progressive nation on earth.” - The Incredible Bread Machine, Susan Love Brown et al, 1974-82, p. 134. – As if this Bill of Rights – or that of any other territorial government – had been a sufficiently complete one. – J.Z., 23.12.11. – How many others managed to read this interpretation into the USA Bill of Rights amendments? – J.Z., 21.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The building block of a free society must be the individual, not as a personality, but as an entity respected for its own sake. The individual must have rights to move and shape, within limits, his world. As John Stuart Mill, the nineteenth-century political economist, noted: “The only freedom which deserves the name, is that of pursuing our own good in our own way.” Freedom implies the power to imagine a “less unsatisfactory” world, to use a phrase of Ludwig von Mises, and to change the present state of things (*). Freedom implies purposeful action grounded in power, albeit limited power.” (**) - Richard B. McKenzie, Bound to Be Free, Hoover Institute Press, 1982, p.48. - - (*) Only for oneself and among like-minded volunteers, under personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy. - - (**) Alas, neither J. S. Mill nor L. v. Mises, nor Richard B. McKenzie went beyond such generalities and their notions of “limited” but still territorial governments to the possibilities of exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, peacefully coexisting and competing in the same territories or, somewhat associated, leagued or federated, world-wide. They did not stand up fully, consistently, for individual sovereignty, choice, rights and liberties, including full freedom of action and experimentation, starting with individual and group secessionism and practised by the various groups of secessionists under full exterritorial autonomy. If they have held that view then they failed to clearly enough express it, in spite of their numerous other and correct pro-freedom statements. – Their power over themselves should be unlimited. Their power over others, who are not criminals with victims or other aggressors, should be zero. - J.Z., 6.10.07, 23.12.11. - INDIVIDUALISM & A FREE SOCIETY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The coincidence or harmony of Nations will necessarily arise from that of INDIVIDUALS.” - Josiah Warren, True Civilization, point 427. - PEACE, HARMONY, NATIONALISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The freedom concept applies to any organization. None can rightly claim compulsory membership. – J.Z., n.d. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, TERRITORIALISM, FREEDOM, VOLUNTARY STATE MEMBERSHIP

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The government and its Constitution are not sovereign. 'The only real "sovereignty", or right of "sovereignty", in this or any other country, is that right of sovereignty which each and every human being has over his or her own person and property so long as he or she obeys the one law of justice towards the person and property of every other human being.'" - Carl Watner, in Holterman, Law in Anarchism, 133, quoting: Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, p. 86.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The individual is morally 'sovereign of the domain of his own life, liberty and property, and is sovereign of no other domain. To interfere forcibly with another's use, disposal or destruction of his own property is to initiate force against him and to violate his rights.” - Duncan Yuille in leaflet Human Rights.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The libertarian insistence that each man is a sovereign land of liberty, with his primary allegiance to himself, is rejected by patriots who sing of freedom but also shout of banners and boundaries.” - Karl Hess: Death of Politics, p.2. - Late in life he made a rather panarchistic half-page statement, which was published in the Libertarian Party's newsletter. I microfiched it somewhere and probably reproduced it in my ON PANARCHY sub-series. - J.Z., 18.11.02. – KARL HESS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The moment you abate anything from the full rights of men to each govern himself, and suffer any artificial positive limitation upon those rights, from that moment the whole organization of government becomes a consideration of convenience.” - Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790. - So, even in this later book some of his original radicalism still shows through! - J.Z., 25.10.02. – PANARCHISM, PRAGMATISM, HUMAN RIGHTS, UTILITARIANISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The only ethical authority is your own authority over yourself. - Michael Shanklin, on Facebook, 21.5.12.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The only part of the conduct of anyone for which he is amenable to society is that which concerns others. In the part which merely concerns himself (*) his independence is, of right, absolute. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.” - J. S. Mill, On Liberty, ch. I, 1859, quoted in: Bruce L. Richmond, The Pattern of Freedom, Ljus English Library, vol. 12, Stockholm, 1943, p.142. - John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, ed. David Spitz, chapter 1, p.11 (1975). - (*) and like-minded volunteers! – J.Z. - INDEPENDENCE, INDIVIDUALISM


INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The only real 'sovereignty' or right of 'sovereignty' in this or any other country, is that right of sovereignty which each and every human being has over his or her own person and property, so long as he or she obeys the one law of justice towards the person and property of every other human being. This is the only NATURAL right of sovereignty that was ever known among men. All other so-called rights of sovereignty are simply the usurpations of impostors, conspirators, robbers, tyrants, and murderers.” – Lysander Spooner: A Letter to Grover Cleveland, p.86, Works I.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: the principles of individual sovereignty were incompatible with the idea of a State.” - Libertarian Handbook 1973, p.43. – It is only incompatible with the idea and practice of a territorial State. - Why not compile libertarian annuals electronically, inviting the widest possible participation from libertarians all over the world? – Offering them online, or as paid for email attachments or CD’s would be possible, cheap and almost risk-free. – After 10 or 20 years they could be combined into a kind of libertarian encyclopedia. - J.Z., 12.1.09.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The revolution was this idea: 'Each person is a sovereign individual with certain inalienable ... rights ...” - Vincent A. Drosdik III, quoted in THE FREEMAN, 7/73, on the revolution of 1776. - In spite of also publishing panarchistic ideas in general form, FEE and it’s "THE FREEMAN" mainly confined themselves to advocating "limited" territorial government, which, by its very nature, does NOT recognize individual sovereignty, although it sometimes concedes some rights, even some economic rights, to individuals. - J.Z., 18.11.02, 23.12.11. - REVOLUTION

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The right of self-sovereignty in every individual is my constitution. ...” – Josiah Warren, True Civilization, p.54. - CONSTITUTIONALISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The SOVEREIGNTY OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL in his or her own sphere, places all mankind upon the only possible plane of political Equality. All being sovereigns, none can be less, none more. This is beautifully illustrated at every assembly of kinds and emperors. Each one is admitted by all the others to be SUPREME within his own sphere of jurisdiction.” - Josiah Warren, True Civilization, p.147, point 428.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The State didn't father or mother you – and even your parents do not own you. - J.Z., n.d. & 15.11.02. - PARENTS & PATERNALISM, TERRITORIAL STATISM & GOVERNMENTS, SELF-OWNERSHIP

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The tyrant has 'nothing more than the power you confer upon him to destroy you.'" - Albert the Unknown in THE LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, 28/12/75. - Albert there questions the statement but I would add: The proper and effective secession of a single individual is still the beginning of the end of all tyrannies. - J.Z., 76, 23.12.11. - SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS, TYRANNY, LEADERSHIPS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The Universe has as many different centers as there are living beings in it. Each of us is a center of the Universe, and that Universe is shattered when they hiss at you: “You are under arrest.” - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1856, Collins/Fontana, 1974, page 3. – Or: You are under our territorial laws, constitutions, jurisdictions and other institutions. – J.Z., 9.10.07.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: The vote in the political realm means, in practice, a renunciation of individual sovereignty. - J.Z., n.d. - In other words, it disenfranchises rather than liberates the individual. It deprives him of the decisive vote on his own affairs. - J.Z., 18.11.02. - VOTING

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: There is nothing wrong with voluntary separation or separatism, nor with voluntary integration. But everything is wrong with coercive separation and coercive integration. - J.Z. - SEPARATION, SEPARATISM, INTEGRATION, UNITY, COERCION, VOLUNTARISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: To Each, His Own ... My faith in the proposition that each man should do precisely as he pleases with all, which is exclusively his own, lies at the foundation of the sense of justice there is in me. I extend the principle to communities of men as well as to individuals. I so extend it because it is politically wise, as well as naturally just: politically wise in saving us from broils about matters which do not concern us.” - Abraham Lincoln, Speech at Peoria, Ill, 16.10.1854. - And then he wasted half a million lives to retain power in the face of wide-spread secessionism. He did not, when he ruled, permit even geographical secessions. Far less did he permit individual secessionism. Even his inflated paper money was forced upon people, considered as his property or mere subjects, not only his "federation" and its taxes and its war. - J.Z., 18.11.02, 23.12.11. – Alas, he seems to have only territorial communities in mind. – J.Z., 10.10.08.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Warren had called his philosophy 'Individual Sovereignty', and Andrews made this phrase his motto." - William Chadwick. THE FREEMAN, 3/76.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: We cannot all be masters.” - William Shakespeare, Othello, I, I, 43 - We can and should all be masters of ourselves - and of no one else! - J.Z., 12.10.02. - While, obviously, we cannot be masters over all others or even many others, we should all be free to master ourselves and our own affairs in complete freedom, tolerance and justice. - J.Z., 26.11.02. , INDIVIDUALISM, MASTERS, SUBORDINATES, SLAVES, SELF-MANAGEMENT, COOPERATIVES, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, DIS.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: We hold that each individual has the right to exercise sole dominion over his own life, and has the right to live his life in whatever manner he chooses, so long as he does not forcibly interfere with the equal rights of others to live their lives in whatever manner they choose.” - Statement of Principles, Platform of the Libertarian Party, 1972.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Who has first claim on your life, if not you yourself? – J.Z. - SELF-OWNERSHIP, Q.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and a tyrant, and I declare him my enemy." - (Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Confessions of a Revolutionary, 1849)

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: With his usual independence, Spooner does not use the term, 'individual sovereignty' - which his late friend Josiah Warren had introduced. Warren's term had been popularized among Americans by Stephen Pearl Andrews, and in England by John Stuart Mill (who did not fully understand Warren's ideas) (Stephen Pearl Andreas, Science of Society, Charles Shively, ed. - M. & S. Press, Weston, Mass, 1970 ). This idea is at the core of all anti-statist thought - the idea that people are born free, each independent, each the sovereign master over his or her life and work.” - Shively's Introduction to A Letter to Grover Cleveland, p.8, Spooner, Works I.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Would you describe yourself, ... as a sovereign individual of fully intact sapient? - L. Neil Smith, Converse and Conflict, p.78.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You are an individual. The majority does not own you. - J.Z., SELF-OWNERSHIP, MAJORITY

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You are not a national resource but your own man - or woman. - J.Z. – However, in practice, in territorial States, when there are all too many laws, politicians, bureaucrats and offices, they will meddle with your life, since they can hardly sit around all day only twiddling with their thumbs. – 46 million bureaucrats in China alone and its proportion of bureaucrats to population is still rather low, compared with that in some Western “democracies”! – Already out of self-justification attempts for their positions and salaries, if not because of their addiction to power, they will meddle, more and more, as long as we let them. – Also they will coercively charge us for their wrongful interferences and deny us the liberty to opt out from under their rule. - J.Z., 12.1.09, 21.5.12. - SELF-OWNERSHIP, NATIONAL RESOURCE, BUREAUCRACY

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You are the ruler of your world and no one ... can stop you from living as you want ... unless you disregard your own sovereignty.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.167. – As if living your own life, together with like-minded people, were already quite optional in every respect. How could a freedom lover remain so blind towards the large degrees of its absence? – J.Z., 23.12.11.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You can beat 'em if you don't join 'em." - Prof. Galambos. - Or if you leave them. – J.Z. – VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You have the right to act (*) - not only to react upon the impulses given to you by others. - (*) alone or in association with like-minded people. - J.Z., 2.6.84. – FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE ASSOCIATIONISM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT VERSUS TERRITORIALISM & IMPOSED CONSTITUTIONS, LAWS & JURISDICTIONS & OTHER IMPOSED RULES & INSTITUTIONS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You have the right to be charitable but you are not obliged to work for the benefit of others. You may opt out of any coercive charity system, like that practised by Welfare States. – J.Z., n.d. & 23.12.11. - WELFARE STATE, SELF-OWNERSHIP & CHARITY

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You have the right to live according to your own beliefs - as long as you don't meddle with other people living according to their beliefs. – J.Z., n.d. - MEDDLING, MAJORITIES, TERRITORIALISM, BELIEFS

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You have the right to vote - on all your life's issues – yourself, quite exclusively. - J.Z., n.d. & 21.5.12. - SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT, VOTING, CHOICE, FREEDOM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You live in a world of your own, bounded by your own knowledge and experience. It's a wonderful world - full of the power to do things to bring freedom and happiness. Recognize your sovereign authority. You won't ever be the totalitarian ruler of someone else's life. But you do rule your own.” - Harry Browne: How I Found Freedom, p.141, 161? – Certainly an ideal to be striven for – but, alas, not one already achieved. – J.Z., 23.12.11.

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You may share your life - but you are not obliged to share it with every-one laying claim to it, not even with the majority. Choose your own friends! - J.Z. – And associates – in every sphere, as soon as you can freely do so and do seriously work towards that kind of D-Day. – J.Z., 23.12.11. - SHARING

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You may trade freely anything with anyone. (*) You are under no moral or contractual obligation to trade certain services only with a particular government. - J.Z., n.d. - (*) I don’t favour "Free Trade" e.g. in mass extermination devices but consider their production and stockpiling to be mass murder preparations and conspiracies. - J.Z., 15.11.02, 23.12.11. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSION, FREE TRADE & BOYCOTT

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: You must be an individual country by yourself.” - Harry Schultz, 10/87. – Perhaps we should make a list of all those who, in recent years, have made such utterances, try to find out their email address and then email them, a few at a time, to avoid spam barriers, whether they would subscribe to an attached panarchistic manifesto. Years ago I attended once a meeting in Sydney, where Harry Schultz spoke. Upon my question he declared himself in favor of full monetary freedom. – A close net between panarchists and potential panarchists has still to be woven. So far the “tyranny of distance” still prevails, even among them. – Maybe someone will get around to utilize this slogans collection in this way and we end up with a panarchist directory and effective network, within which a considerable division of labor would become possible. – Those already in favor of financial freedom are usually pretty good prospects. – Not to speak of those also in favor of full monetary freedom. - J.Z., 12.1.09. – Urgently needed are e.g. a directory of and for libertarians with special interests and a common online-list of libertarian projects. – Only with such aids can sufficient collaboration and division of labor be achieved among them. - J.Z., 23.12.11, 23.12.11. - INDIVIDUALISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Your decisions on your own affairs ought not to depend upon the opinions of others, no matter how large their number. - J.Z. - INTERNAL AFFAIRS, MAJORITIES, STATES, DECISION

INDIVIDUAL VS. NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY: National sovereignty is a mortal foe to individual sovereignty. - J.Z. 1.1.93. - Individual sovereignty is a mortal foe of territorially enforced national, racial, religious or ideological sovereignty. - J.Z., 9.12.03. - But individual sovereignty is also the best ally for all rightful, because exterritorial national, racial, religious and ideological aspirations and their movements. - J.Z., 16.9.04.

INDIVIDUAL VS. TERRITORIAL SOVEREIGNTY: Territorial sovereignty and individual sovereignty are irreconcilable. - J.Z., 27.3.89. - Only territorial sovereignty and extraterritorial sovereignty or territorial enclaves are reconcilable. - J.Z., 6.9.04. – Even exterritorial enclaves are still part of or mere exemptions within territorial countries, backed by a foreing territorial power. They, too, ought to become private or cooperative proprietory communities or intentional communities of volunteers, under exterritorial autonomy and personal law, with their personal law confined to their voluntary members, wherever on Earth they might temporarily or permanently reside and work. – J.Z., 21.12.11. – EXTERRITORIALITY & EXTRATERRITORIALISM

INDIVIDUALISM & TOLERANCE: Be yourself and allow others to be themselves: "In spite of that I am the Illuminated, if you disagree with me - follow your own convictions, not mine!" - Buddha

INDIVIDUALISM & TOLERANCE: No matter what anybody else thinks and acts like - think and act for yourself!" - D.Z., 1975. - and let them do the same! – J.Z.

INDIVIDUALISM & TOLERANCE: Tolerance is inherently individualistic, intolerance is inherently collectivistic. - J.Z., pamphlet on Tolerance.

INDIVIDUALISM OF FOLLIN & THE HERD INSTINCT: Individualism, what M. Follin describes as the great lesson of Individualism, under Natural Order does not seek to wrench from the heard those who have the herd instinct. It only desires to free from the pressure and the imitative ways of the gregarious herd those who have the mentality of men. Let each individual fulfill the duty of being himself. In this way each will find in his life a hundred opportunities of being superior to everyone. - S. Hutchinson Harris, The Doctrine of Personal Right, 373. Both seem to have overlooked here the division of labor and free exchange benefits of voluntary and exterritorially autonomous associationism. All efforts at complete self-sufficiency or economic autarchy would tend to limit our development potential all too much. Panarchies would offer a wide scope to individualists aspirations. And obviously peaceful secessionists from all of them, merely doing their own retreatists and more or less primitive things, would tend to be left alone by them. – J.Z., n.d.

INDIVIDUALISM VS. COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM: The republic must become the symbol of the true community of the people (J.Z.: of true communities of people), in which every movement really comes from the people and rests on the freedom of man (J.Z.: of individual men!). To the royal dictum: 'I am the state!' the republican enfranchisement must reply: 'We are the community!' (J.Z.: I am a sovereign, too. We are all sovereigns. I am MY State or MY society and only our voluntary associations should be recognized.) Man must come to feel that he is no longer bound by the decisions of a higher power, that his fate from now on rests in his own hands and in his cooperation with his fellows. (J.Z.: Here he sounds almost like an individualist and voluntarist. However, he relapses soon, by going on to speak only about 'the' people and 'the' community.) The republic could bring to the people something genuinely new only by replacing the ancient principle of guardianship with the creative activity of freedom, intellectual coercion by education for intellectual independence, the mechanical operation of a directing power by organic evolution. (J.Z.: Still no recognition of individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and voluntary and exterritorially autonomous associationism here, although it seems to me to be implied in the following remark.) - The revolution did, indeed, free the people from the yoke of royal power, but in doing so it merely plunged them into deeper bondage to the national state. (J.Z.: Which could be organized exterritorially, for volunteers only.) And this chain proved more effective than the straitjacket of the absolute monarchy because it was anchored, not to the person of the ruler, but to the abstract idea of the 'common will', which sought to fit all efforts of the people to a definite norm. Thus, they landed happily (J.Z.: ???) back in the old absolutism that they thought they had overthrown. As the galley-slave dragged the ball at his leg, so the new citizen dragged through life the abstract idea of the nation (J.Z.: the territorial nation!), which had been set up as the reservoir of the 'common will' and, doing this, forgot the art of standing on his own feet, which the revolution had scarcely restored to him. ..." Rocker, Nationalism & Culture, 431. - There will be no free creativity and intellectual independence and self-direction, until they rest not on a single community of all the people but on full freedom for individual persons, their sovereignty, their secessions and their voluntary associations and trades. In all too many of his wordings he makes all too many compromises with the ideas and practices of territorial, monopolistic and coercive States. Once a collectivist always a collectivist? Opposition to individual property rights does not help in this respect, either, I suppose. - J.Z. 13.1.93.

INDIVIDUALISM, LIBERTARIANISM & PANARCHISM: As for myself, and for likeminded volunteers, I am a particular kind of individualistic, contractarian, propertarian, voluntaryist and capitalistic or free enterprise, or laissez faire or free market anarchist. But as for my relations with all others and for the rapid realization of my own ideal by largely non-violent means, I am a panarchist, or minority autonomist or exterritorialist or pluralist or extremely tolerant person (towards all tolerant actions). I want full exterritorial autonomy for all the tolerant and self-concerned actions of my enemies. - J.Z., 28.4.89, 4.7.89.

INDIVIDUALISM, PANARCHY & POLITICS: Individual political, economic and social choices under aterritorial autonomy, just like in religious and ordinary consumer choices, rather than merely territorial political, party, constitutional, legislative, juridical and administrative “choices” in collectivist bodies with compulsory membership or subjugation and just one vote among millions, most of whom think otherwise. – J.Z., 29.12.04. – VOTING, REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, CHOICE

INDIVIDUALISM: A basic axiom of civil society, we have assumed, is that individuals should be permitted to pursue their own goals." - JOHNSTON, JOSEPH E., Jr., The Limits of Government, Regnery, 1984, page 277. - No territorialist limit to that maxim! Numerous diverse societies and a-territorial States could peacefully coexist in this general societal framework. - National goals mean despotism for dissenting individuals. - J.Z., in letter to GPdB & C.B., 11.11.04. - [That does, naturally, imply that all those people, who are merely peacefully and responsibly pursuing their own goals, at the own risk and expense, should not be interfered with by other individuals or groups with different ideas, ideals and opinions. - J.Z., 1.10.11, 21.12.11.] - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREINGTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

INDIVIDUALISM: All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportuntiy for development accorded to the individual.” - Albert Einstein, public statement in England, Sep. 15, 1933. - What opportunity do those armed with ABC mass murder devices provide for individuals in the targeted areas? - J.Z., 24.10.02. – What opportunities for new political, economic and social experiments among volunteers do territorial States provide? – J.Z., 12.1.09. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, DIS., WAR AIMS, Q.

INDIVIDUALISM: Bastiat built upon his 'faith in the free-choosing individual as the cornerstone of a free society'." - Roche III, Bastiat, 215. - Alas, his "laissez-faire, laissez-passer" was only applied to the sphere of economics, not to politics and social arrangements. He remained an advocate of limited and territorial governments and that made them unlimited in a very important sphere. = Are there any clearly panarchistic utterances by him? - J.Z., 16.9.04.

INDIVIDUALISM: Follow your own book, path, ideal or dream. - J.Z., 10.3.99. - And let all others follow theirs. - J.Z., 21.10.02. - FREEDOM, BOOKS, IDEALS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, INDIVIDUAL SECESSION, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM OF CHOICE & EXPERIMENTATION

INDIVIDUALISM: In 1899 M. Follin contributed an article to the Journal des Economistes criticising the definitions of Littré, Larousse and Trousset. In 1901 he founded L'Individualiste, and when in 1908 he was invited to express his opinion on Yves Guyot's definition “Individualism is the political doctrine that regards the individual as the end and the State as the means”, he elaborated the following sevenfold definition: 1.) “Individualism is a philosophic doctrine according to which the relations between the individual and the external world form the ultimate term of all human consciousness, knowledge and conduct. – 2.) It is an ethical doctrine according to which the aspiration towards universal harmony is the end of human conduct, and the freedom of the individual conscience is the means. – 3.) It is a social doctrine according to which the satisfaction of individual needs is the end of men's living in society, and the free grouping of individual affinities and interests is the means. – 4.) It is an economic doctrine according to which the satisfaction of individual needs is the end of human production, and the free exchange of individual products and services is the means. – 5.) It is a legal doctrine (doctrine juridique) according to which the demarcation of individual responsibilities is the end, and freedom of contract the means. – 6.) It is a political doctrine according to which individual liberty and security are the end, and the nation or State the means. – 7.) Lastly, it is an aesthetic doctrine according to which the idealised representation of individual perceptions of reality is the end of Art and of Literature, and the combinations of forms, colours, sounds and words are the means. - - To emphasize the distinction between Individualism and Anarchism, M. Follin adds: “It is a discipline which acknowledges the benefits of authority, but only so far as the latter is exercised by the worthiest individuals, and freely accepted by those concerned”. – As quoted in pages 316ff, of: S. Hutchinson Harris, The Doctrine of Personal Right, Barcelona, 18935, 593 pp, indexed, reproduced in PEACE PLANS No. 483. – FOLLIN

INDIVIDUALISM: In a government bottomed on the will of all, the ... liberty of every individual citizen becomes interesting to all.” - Thomas Jefferson. – It could represent the will of all in a population if all had only the same will. As it is, any territorial government inevitably acts against the will of all too many just and peaceful people, who do, rather, wish to do their own things. – The liberty of all should be of interest to all people but is, usually, of least interest to most territorial politicians. – J.Z., 1.1.09, 23.12.11. - GENERAL WILL, GOVERNMENT, LIBERTY, CONSENT, PEOPLE, CONSENT, COMMON INTEREST, PUBLIC INTEREST, DIS.

INDIVIDUALISM: In politics - we were sure of that - individualism is a negative point of view: cut government to the bone. But, what is the allowable minimum?” - Frank Chodorov, One Is A Crowd, 2. - To the bone? No! To the individual! - J.Z., 8.7.94. - Rather cut it down to the individual, his individual sovereignty and his voluntary associations, which, for independence from territorial States, requires full exterritorial autonomy. - Did Chodorov in his writings go as far, anywhere, or was he always still stuck to the concept of limited but still territorial and thus unlimited governments? - J.Z., 26.10.02.

INDIVIDUALISM: Individualists of the world unite." - From some book that appeared in September 94. - Panarchism would "unite" individualists and collectivists in a tolerant framework for all their diverse and independent efforts. It could turn them from enemies into good neighbours, with each doing his things to and for himself, together with like-minded people. - In spite of all their internal differences, different ideas and beliefs and different actions, they would all subscribe to individual secessionism, voluntary membership, exterritorial autonomy and respect for the individual rights claimed by members in the other volunteer communities. - J.Z., 21.10.02. - UNITY, PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUALISM: Individuality is the aim of political liberty. By leaving the citizen as much freedom of action and of being as comports with order and the rights of others, the institutions render him truly a freeman.  He is left to pursue his means of happiness in his own manner.” - James Fenimore Cooper. - The territorialists have quite a number of unchecked premises on this subject. Their ideals can only be realized exterritorially and competitively by communities of volunteers operating under personal laws. - J.Z., 21.8.02. - Territorial politics cannot achieve that. Exterritorial politics could. - J.Z., 27.11.02. - INDEPENDENCE, FREEMEN, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, LIBERTY, POLITICS, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM

INDIVIDUALISM: Individuals alone are all ones, different and unique. But en mass all their differences cancel each other out. Their total becomes zero in character and preferences. - Individuals are all different, in a territorial political mass their differences cancel out and reduces them to zeros. Only in the voluntary associations of panarchism do they become free individuals and, largely, like-minded one, who tend to cooperate and whose ideas and actions do not amount to nothing in balance. - J.Z., 28.10.98, 20.10.02, 23.12.11. - TERRITORIALISM, MASS MEN, MUTLTITUDES, MOBS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

INDIVIDUALISM: It is not in Popular Front visions of a faceless, soulless, lockstep equality that any of us will discover what it means to be truly liberated. Those who "cannot acknowledge any human identity smaller than 'the proletariat', will be unable to comprehend that the essence of our humanity is to be found in our commonly-held needs for forms of social corporation that respect the essential dignity and autonomy of each of us.” - Butler D. Shaffer, Calculated Chaos, p.220. – So much is implied or can be read into such statements but not enough of it is explicitly in favour of voluntary or competing governments and societies. – J.Z., 11.12.10. - PROLETARIAT

INDIVIDUALISM: It would scarcely be too much to claim that the main merit of individualism that he [Adam Smith] and his contemporaries advocated is that it is a system under which bad men can do least harm.” – Friedrich Hayek, Individualism and Economic Order, University of Chicago Press, 1948, 11-12. – Adam Smith was just one of the few early advocates of economic liberty and it took generations to at least partly and temporarily realize some of their limited freedom dreams, not shared by the majority of the people in his time or even now. He and his supporters mostly did not consistently apply freedom principles in the political and social sphere as well nor were they tolerant enough towards those, who would not subscribe to freedom principles for their own associations and affairs. – J.Z., 6.10.07, 23.12.11. - PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM

INDIVIDUALISM: Let a man in a garret but burn with enough intensity and he will set fire to the world.” - Saint-Exupéry, Wind, Sand, and Stars, 1939, 9.1, tr. Lewis Galantière. - The aim should not be to set fire to the world or to a nation but, rather, to individual minds - acting voluntarily and creatively together with likeminded people in order to realize whatever ideals they have among themselves, at their own expense and risk. That would greatly help to improve the whole world, by the failed experiments as well as by the successful ones. One should neither carelessly shout: "Fire!" nor write about it – carelessly. After all, there were more harmful prophets than enlightened beneficient ones and even the best of them led, sometimes against their intentions, to all too many atrocities. - J.Z., 23.10.02, 22.5.12. – Our duty is not to set the world on fire, e.g. with an all-out nuclear war, but, rather, to do our bits to finally establish a peaceful, just, free and rapidly progressing mankind. – J.Z., 12.1.09. - ENTHUSIASM, INDIVIDUALS, CONVICTION, DIS.

INDIVIDUALISM: Let him who would move the world, first move himself.” – Socrates. - The wrong assumption in all such remarks is that individuals are already free to do so? Well, can they secede from the State? Are they free to offer their own banknotes or clearing certificates to a free market and to all the potential voluntary acceptors for their notes? – Are they free to refuse paying tribute in form of taxes? - J.Z., 26. 11. 06, 11.12.10. - INITIATIVE, SMALL BEGINNINGS, DIS., Q.

INDIVIDUALISM: Life is a do-it yourself project.” - Denis Waitley. – Well, nature, your parents, your environment, do also play a role and territorial governments still play all too large and wrongful roles in our lives. – Rather, our own lives should, as far as is possible for us and desired by us, become our “do it yourself” projects. – An essential pre-condition for this would be the realization of all individual rights and liberties, especially of freedom to experiment in any sphere, always only at the own risk and expense. - J.Z., 12.1.09, 23.12.11. - NON-CONFORMISM, LIFE. SELF-HELP, SELF-MADE MEN, LIFE, SELF-REALIZATION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SELF-DETERMINATION, PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUALISM: No individual or group of individuals can decide what is the good life on others' behalf; we are all entitled to go to Hell in our own fashion.” - Geoffrey Sampson, An End to Allegiance, 227. - DECISIONS, FREE CHOICE, DECISION-MAKING, SELF-DETERMINATION, FREEDOM OF CHOICE

INDIVIDUALISM: Only when the human spirit is allowed to invent and create, only when individuals are given a personal stake in deciding economic policies and benefiting from their success ... can societies remain economically alive, dynamic, progressive, and free.” - Ronald Reagan. - Within territorial States this is possible only to a very limited extent. The most important enterprises remain monopolised and consequently mismanaged in them. - J.Z., 1.7.00. – The “stake” that an individual has in a territorial State is all too small compared with that of the territorial States and its rulers and that of the majority of its subjects. The right and opportunities for individuals to opt out, secede of withdraw from it or to resist it are all too small. – J.Z., 22.5.12. - INCENTIVES, PROFITS, PROPERTY RIGHTS, ECONOMIC FREEDOM, SELF-DETERMINATION

INDIVIDUALISM: People are not the property or playthings of territorial governments. Individuals should become free to hire or fire governments, as far as their own individual "public" affairs are concerned. Only that option would turn the remaining governments into servants rather than masters. - Individual secessionism, if no longer outlawed, would even turn the remaining States into mere voluntary associations of like-minded people, without any territorial monopoly. – Initially already with the first individual to secede. From that moment on the rest of the population of a territory can all be considered as volunteers, until they, too decide to secede from its government. - J.Z., 29.8.04, 21.12.11. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CHOICE, CONSENT, PUBLIC SERVANTS TO BECOME REAL SERVANTS OR HIRED AGENTS.

INDIVIDUALISM: The essential principle of Anarchy is individual autonomy.” - Emma Goldman, speech to International Anarchist Congress, 1907. – That autonomy is impossible without exterritorial autonomy or individual sovereignty, practised e.g. by individual secessionism and voluntry associationism only. – J.Z., 12.1.09. – Are there as yet sufficienlty complete digitized records of all anarchist congresses? – I am not game to browse through the following results for such records: When searching for digitized records of all anarchist congresses, without quotation marks, I got 33.5 million results, while anarchist congress brought me 2.8 million results.– I attended some of them myself - of which only very incomplete records were kept. And this at a time when at least on microfilm and on audio-tape their texts and talks could have been very cheaply recorded and duplicated. – Neither the writers or speakers and disputants seemed to bother about that aspect. Nor have they as yet arranged for permament conferences online, until agreements are achieved. - J.Z., 22.5.12. - ANARCHISM, AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, DIS., ANARCHIST CONFERENCES

INDIVIDUALISM: The individual, stated Socrates, must refuse to be coerced by any illegitimate authority or to do or to think anything his mind condemns as wrong. ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’.“ - L. S. Stavrianos, The Promise of the Coming Dark Age, 1976, p.21. – All territorial authorities are illegitimate, contrary to individual rights and liberties, natural rights and natural law. – J.Z., 16.9.07. - AUTHORITY OR AUTHORITIES ONLY THAT ARE FREELY CHOSEN BY INDIVIDUALS, I.E., PANARCHIES OR POLYARCHIES

INDIVIDUALISM: The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” - Ayn Rand. - And those who deny the right of individuals and minorities to secede from governments, even from “limited” governments, and to set up competing governments, governance systems and societies, like Ayn Rand did, cannot claim to be consistent defenders of individual rights and of the rights of minorities. - J.Z., 11.2.02, 23.12.11. – MINORITIES & INDIVIDUALS, THEIR RIGHTS, PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUALISM: The State cannot rightly do what an individual cannot rightly do, e.g. force others to join his club. Others have no right to intervene in your life. You have no right to intervene in theirs. This implies voluntary membership in all associations. – J.Z., n.d. & 12.1.09, 23.12.11. – STATISM, INTERVENTIONISM, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM

INDIVIDUALISM: The strongest man is he who stands alone.” – Henrik Ibsen. – Rather, the man who is independent enough so that he cooperates with other independent individuals only voluntarily and for their common purposes, rather than under orders, commands, laws etc. – Only then can his own creative, productive, propertarian and exchange potential become fully realized, as fully as he wants it to be. - J.Z., 19.9.07. - STRENGTH & INDEPENDENCE, DIS.

INDIVIDUALISM: The United States has the power to destroy the world, but not the power to save it alone.” - Margaret Mead. - It is not power of anyone over anyone that can save the world. J.Z., 8.7.91. - The first individuals freely, consciously and quite publicly seceding from any State might set off a chain reaction of similar secessions and of establishing exterritorially autonomous volunteer communties - and thus a few individuals might come to save the world. The endless and world-wide repetition of numerous territorially imposed wrongs and absurdities will not save us. - J.Z., 12.7.92. - POWER, DECISION ON WAR & PEACE BY A FEW INDIVIDUALS? SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, TERRITORIALISM

INDIVIDUALISM: There is another form under which civilization can be generalized ... a progress towards that constitution of man and society required for the complete manifestation of everyone's individuality.” - Herbert Spencer, Social Statics, p.481-83. – To my knowledge he stated nowhere that this would require personal laws or full exterritorial autonomy for societies and communities of volunteers, although he was one of the first explicit advocates of individual secessionism or ignoring the State. – J.Z., 11.12.10. - PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUALISM: There is one person a rugged individualist cannot stand, and that is another rugged individualist.” - Woody Welling, THE CONNECTION 124, p.80. - Provide the individual choice or exterritorial autonomy option to both of them and they could become the best of friends or neutral or polite or respectful towards each other. Territorialism and its threats and fears sets them against each other - when they hold different ideals – because it provides no rightful and peaceful coexistence option for them. An analogous example is the kind of industrial warfare and class warfare practice, which is inherent in the employer-employee relationship. Genuine self-management, in whatever form it might take among voluntarily associated producers and exchangers, would end that kind of anti-industrial warfare or uncivilized “civil war”. - J.Z., 25.10.02, 23.12.11, 22.5.12. – PERSONALITY CLASHES

INDIVIDUALISM: There will never be a really free and enlightened state until the State comes to recognize the individual as a higher and independent power, from which all its own power and authority are derived, and treats him accordingly.” - Henry David Thoreau, An Essay on Civil Disobedience, 1849. - A government thinking and acting in terms of territorial rule isn't an enlightened or free government. - An enlightened government would have only voluntary members, i.e., it would let individuals secede from it and would allow exterritorially autonomous competitors in form of volunteer communities. - J.Z., 30.6.00. - There will never be a really free and enlightened territorial State. - As a territorial regime over millions of people - or even over a few hundred only, not all of them volunteers, a State cannot respect the rights of individuals but makes decisions and acts against the rights and liberties of dissenting individuals and minorities. - J.Z., 24.10.02, 23.12.11. – In other words, even if the State were willing to do so, as a territorial State it would not be able to do so. – J.Z., 12.1.09. - STATE, ENLIGHTENMENT

INDIVIDUALISM: This is living!" "I gotta be me!" "Ain't we got fun!" It's all there in the Declaration of Independence. We are the only nation in the world based on happiness. Search as you will the Magna Charta, the Communist Manifesto, the Ten Commandments, the Analects of Confucius, Plato's Republic, the New Testament or the UN Charter, and find me any happiness at all.” - P. J. O'Rourke. - The "founding fathers" spoke of the right to pursue one's happiness, not a right to achieve happiness. All their declarations of rights and liberties were still too flawed and incomplete and not immediately extended e.g. to slaves, Red Indians, women and children. Their still all too imperfect and also territorialist system led to the present conditions, even to “armament” with mass extermination devices. Thus we should have something much better in mind than merely harking back to their limited freedom thinking and actions of over two centuries ago. - J.Z., 15.1.09, 11.12.10, 23.12.11, 22.5.12. - INDEPENDENCE, HAPPINESS, CONSTITUTIONALISM, BILL OF RIGHTS, TERRITORIALISM

INDIVIDUALISM: Tolerance is inherently individualistic, intolerance is inherently collectivistic. - J.Z., in pamphlet on TOLERANCE. - COLLECTIVISM, INTOLERANCE, COMPULSION & COERCION, VS. CHOICE, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY.

INDIVIDUALISM: Totalitarianism is collectivism. Collectivism means the subjugation of the individual to a group - whether to a race, class or state does not matter. Collectivism holds that man must be chained to collective action and collective thought for the sake of what is called "the common good". - Throughout history no tyrant ever rose to power except on the claim of representing "the common good". Horrors which no man would dare to consider for his own selfish sake are perpetrated with a clear conscience by "altruists" who justify themselves by - the common good.” - Ayn Rand, The Only Path to Tomorrow, READER'S DIGEST, January 1944. – Exterritorial totalitarianism over volunteers only, would hardly be totalitarianism any longer. To make it full totalitarianism it requires territorialism and compulsory membership or subordination. – Collectivism of volunteers only also deserves a better term, e.g. voluntary or cooperative socialism. – And it is not imposed upon individuals but, rather, expresses a form of cooperative individualism that does express and extend property rights and individual incentives to everyone in a productive enterprise. - J.Z., 12.1.09. - COLLECTIVISM, DICTATORSHIP, DESPOTISM, TYRANNY, TOTALITARIANISM, ALTRUISM, COMMON GOOD, PUBLIC INTEREST, NATIONAL INTEREST

INDIVIDUALISM: we are individuals. We aren't the servants of any state. On the contrary, the state serves us. And poorly, too. I think we should give it notice.” - P. J. O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, Picador, 1992, vii. – Does, should or can the territorial State serve us? All of us, not only the Statists? – J.Z., 12.1.09. - THE STATE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

INDIVIDUALISM: We are keeping our options open." – “We have come to embrace the concept that freedom is only for the politician who administers our affairs for government rather than for the individual citizen.” - Oscar W. Cooley & Paul Poirot, The Freedom to Move, 1951, p. 22. – The first statement is a typical remark for ruling power addicts without sufficient knowledge and ideas to do anything rightful, rational and useful in any particular public affairs. They are certainly not prepared to get out of the way and determined to remain powerful territorial obstructionists, under all kinds of false pretences. – J.Z., 12.1.09. - FREEDOM, POLITICIANS, STATISM, FREE MIGRATION, IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, DIS., TERRITORIALISM

INDIVIDUALISM: What is an individual', asked Coningsby of the Stranger, 'against a vast public opinion?' - 'Divine', said the stranger.” - Benjamin Disraeli. - Well, the opinions of every individual as compared with public opinion, is certainly not divine, nor are all the opinions even of the best individuals, but they can have a much more moral, reasonable and rational point of view and if all these individuals get their hearing, too, or can and do record them accessibly … - J.Z., 27.10.02. – If they apply their own views, however wrong and irrational they may be, only to their own affairs then they do act within their rights and no one else is wronged. - J.Z., 12.1.09. – If the somewhat or fully enlightened people try to realized their ideas only among themselves, who has the right to stop them from doing this, seeing that their experiments among their volunteers, would, quite obviously, be really in the common interest or interest of the public, although not in the interest of the presente powerholders, who pose as public servants and representatives. – J.Z., 22.5.12. - VS. PUBLIC OPINION

INDIVIDUALISM: What you learn is everybody comes from a foreign country. Communicating heart to heart, mouth to soul, with anyone is like climbing Mount Ararat.” - Sol Stein, The Touch of Treason, Charter Books, N.Y., 1985, p.65. - Thus we should grant each other "diplomatic immunity" for all self-concerned or contractual actions, rather than imposing our laws and systems upon them. - J.Z., 21.4.00. - FOREIGNERS, WE ARE ALL STRANGERS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL.

INDIVIDUALISM: What's good for one is good for all.” - Piers Anthony, Viscous Circle, p.183. - Although this is widely true, it certainly does not apply e.g. to medicines and panarchistic choices. - J.Z., 12.6.92. - GOOD, GOODNESS, VALUES, SERVICES, DIS.

INDIVIDUALISM: Whoso would be a man must be a non-conformist.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson. - Conformism to rights, liberties, reason and responsibilities is one thing. Conformism to status, corruption, wrongful obedience, customs and traditions is another. - J.Z., 26.11.02, 23.12.11. – Does one become immediately non-human if one becomes a conformist in one or several respects? Aren’t we all at least trying to somewhat conform e.g. to the terms and expressions of our mother tongue? – J.Z., 12.1.09. HUMAN NATURE, MATURITY, MAN, NON-CONFORMISM, DIS.

INDIVIDUALISTS: Do not make the mistake of the ignorant, who think that an individualist is a man who says: “I’ll do as I please at everybody else’s expense.” An individualist is a man who recognizes the inalienable individual rights of man – his own and those of others. - - An individualist is a man who says: “I will not run anyone’s life – nor let anyone run mine. I will not rule nor be ruled. I will not be a master nor a slave. I will not sacrifice myself to anyone – nor sacrifice anyone to myself.” – A collectivist is a man who says: “Let’s get together, boys – and then anything goes!” - Ayn Rand, Textbook of Americanism, in: “The Ayn Rand Column”, revised edition, 1998, p 84/85, Second Renaissance Books, New Milford, Connecticut, – Exterritorially the anarchists, libertarians, individualists could also do their own thing among themselves, just like the various collectivists and statists could. Ayn Rand never realized that and in that she was not alone, either. – J.Z., 11.12.10. - EGOISM, SELFISHNESS, INDIVDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS, VS. SACRIFICES, COLLECTIVISTS, DIS., AMERICANISM, COLLECTIVISM

INDIVIDUALISTS: Individualists unite!” – Trevor Sutherland, Hamilton County TN LP Chairman. - But only to more effectively protect your individual rights and liberties, also more effectively than this has been done and can be done by a libertarian party with territorialist ambitions. - J.Z., 25. 11. 06. – UNITY, MILITIA FOR THE PROTECTION OF GENUINE INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS

INDIVIDUALIZATION, STATE & LAW: Kropotkin vehemently attacks the State law only insofar as it is given by the state. The state, for him, is the main obstacle to attaining 'individualisation'  (fr. individuation), because the state possesses power and uses it ..." - C. Bax in Holterman, Law in Anarchism, 164. - Individuals can get their preferred ways of life, whether archistic or anarchistic, only within voluntaristic, exterritorial and autonomous panarchies, if they do not want to try to go it alone in every respect. - J.Z., 1.7.92, 15.1.93. - Once all formerly public services are quite competitively supplied then even individuals could live autonomously, interlinked with others only by individual contracts, i.e., contracted for free enterprise and free market services. - At present the percentage of single person households and of single parents is increasing. Even in public dancing the number of single dancers is increasing. In many private choices individualism is on the march. But even these individuals engage at least in temporary associations, men being also social animals. - J.Z., 16.9.04, 21.12.11.

INDIVIDUALIZATION: Only the individualization or voluntarization of societies and States is rightful and peace, progress and prosperity promoting. - J.Z., 25.8.94. - That requires the kind of decentralization that becomes possible only through individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities and their experiments. It would make any form of voluntary segregation and integration possible, any democratic, authoritarian or other ideal - among its true believers. It would provide the ideal framework even for limited government libertarians, anarcho-capitalists and other forms of libertarianism and anarchism. - J.Z., 25.8.94, 20.10.02. - VOLUNTARIZATION & EXTERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

INDIVIDUALS & THEIR COMMUNITY, RESPONSIBILITY: It is patently a denial of liberty to withhold from the individual the opportunity of becoming a responsible member of the community." - Prince Philip, A Place for the Individual, Royal Society of the Arts Lecture, 1976. - Rather than speaking of "the" community, he should have spoken of "a community of his own choice". - J.Z. 6.4.89. -  The choice of a community of common convictions, means and aims, institutions and laws is almost as personal and should be as free a choice as that of friends, life partners, jobs, lifestyles, sports, arts and crafts, reading matter, hobbies, holidays, consumer goods and entertainment. - J.Z., 8.4.89.

INDIVIDUALS: Any man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one.” - Henry David Thoreau. – Alas, only rarely an effective majority. Mostly this “majority” has been suppressed or even annihilated by the majorities or the other powers then in existence. – If this opinion were true, then genuine individual rights and liberties would already have prevailed in every country long ago. – With such notions many people console themselves about their present helpless situations, instead of struggling to become sufficiently free to get, finally, a good chance to make a positive contribution not only in theory but also in practice. - J.Z., 13.1.09. - IDEAS, MAJORITY, MINORITY, DIS., EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

INDIVIDUALS: Any single individual had a whole universe of possibilities in him.” - Gordon R. Dickson, Mission to Universe, p.217. – Still has. But, under territorialism, how many can and do bother to develop them as much as they could and should be able to, as quite free, somewhat rational and moral beings? – J.Z., 13.1.09, 23.12.11. – Only few explore and exhaust all their possibilities or even many of them. They are rather drifters, floating in a stream or mostly only subject to external influences, mostly under the influences of many of the errors and prejudices of public opinion, e.g. when it comes to territorialism and nuclear “weapons”, monetary and financial despotism and collective responsibility notions. – To that extent they are not matured individuals but, rather, self-mutilated cripples. - J.Z., 5.1.09, 23.12.11. - OPTIONS, POSSIBILITIES, CHOICES, FREEDOM

INDIVIDUALS: As one advances in life, one realizes more and more that the majority of men - and of women - are incapable of any other effort than that strictly imposed on them as a reaction to external compulsion. And for that reason, the few individuals we have come across, who are capable of a spontaneous and joyous effort, stand out isolated, monumentalized, so to speak, in our experience. These are the select men, the nobles, the only ones who are active and not merely reactive, for whom life is a perpetual striving, an incessant course of training.” - José Ortega y Gasset, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03/ - Incessant training is not good enough when there exists not a sufficient outlet for their creative energies, neither in form of e.g. a general ideas archive and talent centre, to better publish what they have to offer and what others seek in ideas and talents, and no freedom to experiment or freedom of action exists for like-minded people, e.g. in form of panarchies or polyarchies to practise their ideas, beliefs and convictions among themselves. – Otherwise the lives of all too many are spent in all too prolonged and useless striving and some of the best ideas may still die with the people who had them. – J.Z., 10.1.08, 22.5.12. - INNOVATORS, CREATORS, DISCOVERERS, IDEA CARRIERS, IDEAS ARCHIVE & TALENT CENTRE, PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUALS: every other individual in the world who is in any way different from him or her MUST be free if we are to survive.” - Arthur C. Clarke, The Garden of Rama, p.108. – That is, possibly, as close as he ever came to panarchism. – J.Z., 12.1.09. – Only as free or unfree as they want to be! – 11.12.10. - FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUALS: First, each individual has the capability of choosing the goals he wants to pursue and the means of pursuing them, subject to the laws of nature. – Second, it is preferable for each person to choose and pursue his own goals rather than have the choice of goals forced upon him, so long as his pursuits of such goals does not injure others. - These two axioms can be expressed in a general way by the assertion that society should be based on consent wherever possible rather than on compulsion. People who are free have the responsibility for choosing and pursuing their own goals. … It is presumed that an individual is more likely than another person to know his own interest. Except in the case of children and insane persons, therefore, each individual should, whenever possible, be left to determine his own interests rather than have the government (or anyone else) determine it. Thus, such phrases as “the public interest” should be regarded with the utmost suspicion. Interests are individual, not public.” - Joseph F. Johnston, Jr., The Limits of Government, Regnery Gateway, Chicago, 1984, p.16. - – Panarchism or polyarchism “merely” introduces individual secessionism and personal law associations of volunteers into that situation and do thereby, largely, dissolve the existing difficulties, which are inevitable associated with territorial politics. We should have learnt that simple lesson long ago but did not. Thousands of millions died, prematurely, as a result and existed, while still living, more or less in misery. – A few minutes of thought, spent every day upon the exterritorialist alternative would soon have produced its inherent natural “miracles”, by finally sufficiently releasing creative human energies in the three major spheres monopolized by territorial governments, those of political, economic and social systems. Alas, even libertarian conservatives, like this author, did not yet draw this conclusion. - J.Z., 2.10.07, 11.12.10, 22.5.12. - CHOICE, CONSENT, SELF-INTEREST, DECISION-MAKING, PUBLIC INTEREST & GOVERNMENT, SOCIETY, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, GOALS, AIMS, FREEDOM, RESPONSIBILITY, VS. FORCE, COMPULSION OR COERCION

INDIVIDUALS: For every man has a mob-self and an individual self, in varying proportions. Some men are almost all mob-self.” - D. H. Lawrence, Obscenity and Pornography. - Is this all or mainly an inherited character trait or mainly or largely the result of false conditioning? - J.Z., 4.4.89, 23.12.11. - We should become more conscious of the many important spheres in which territorial States have eliminated individual responsibility and decision-making and the opportunities for developing judgment, maturity and competence and replaced them by centralized, monopolistic, coercive, political, bureaucratic and even military decision-making. - J.Z., 26.10.02, 23.12.11. - MASS MEN, SELVES, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, LAWS

INDIVIDUALS: If the essential attribute of a democracy is its power to accept or reject the government, there must be genuine possibility of an alternative government.” - J. D. Mabbott, The State and The Citizen, p.175. - Rather, power for INDIVIDUALS to accept or reject or establish a government for THEMSELVES, without thereby losing any individual human rights except those, which they themselves want to renounce for the time being. - J.Z., 23.3.99. - GOVERNMENTS, CHOICE IN GOVERNMENT, FULL VOTES FOR INDIVIDUALS

INDIVIDUALS: Individuals are more important than groups. If we have not learned (learnt? – J.Z.) that, we have learned nothing.” - Martin Woodhouse, Rock Baby, Pan Books, London, 1970, p. 116. – Territorial compulsory groups, including involuntary subjects, should be distinguished from voluntary groups, which are tolerant enough to do their own things only for or to themselves. – J.Z., 24.9.07. - GROUPS, INDIVIDUALISM, TERRITORIAL GROUPS & PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM

INDIVIDUALS: Individuals, peaceful and productive ones, are morally much more important and valuable than are any, even the best territorial governments. - J.Z., 13.4.92. - Are there any quite peaceful and productive or genuinely protective rather than wrongfully interventionist territorial governments or rulers? - J.Z., 26.10.02, 11.12.10, 23.12.11. - VS. GOVERNMENTS, Q.

INDIVIDUALS: It is because nations tend to stupidity and baseness that mankind moves so slowly; it is because individuals have a capacity for better things that it moves at all.” - George Gissing, "Spring". The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft, 1903. - It is wrong to assume that "nations" exist and that the coercion, collectivism, and monopolism and majority despotism of territorialism have no negative effects. - J.Z., 23.10.02. – Let all groups of volunteers do all their things for or to themselves. Then the social sciences will tend to advance as fast as the natural sciences and technology, arts, entertainment, sports etc. – J.Z., 11.12.10. - PROGRESS

INDIVIDUALS: It's the fault of those physicists and that synchronicity theory, every particle being connected with every other; you can't fart without changing the balance in the universe.” - Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle, p 53. - Perceptively, even from 100 m away? - When you go swimming in an ocean, do you cause a world-wide tsunami, which floods all the coastlines? - Does your opinion automatically change world opinion? - J.Z., 27.10.02. – We should organize ourselves in a way that even significant changes by individuals and small groups can relatively easily be practised and spread from them to the rest of the world, by voluntary acceptance, potentially to all the other individuals and groups. – Panarchism does not try to achieve more, but also not any less. – J.Z., 11.12.10, 22.5.12. - DIS.

INDIVIDUALS: Just remember that you are a free individual, no matter what the government thinks.” - Fritz Knese, THE CONNECTION 115, p.107. - The government knows that you are not yet a free individual, no matter what you believe your actual status to be and it will do its worst to keep you unfree while pretending that your are free, e.g. through the democratic and collectivist territorial vote and your right to utter some complaints. Wishful thinking, false confidence and self-deception, combined with some more or less trivial liberties, are no substitute for real and full liberty. The man who imagines himself to be free will be kept unfree and his delusions will remain government supported. - F. K. should have stated: "ought to be" instead of "are". - J.Z., 26.10.02, 23.12.11. - FREEDOM, GOVERNMENTS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXTERITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS

INDIVIDUALS: Let a man proclaim a new principle. Public sentiment will surely be on the other side.” - Thomas B. Reed. - That would not matter at all, if only this man and his voluntary followers are granted experimental freedom or freedom of action, while the rest, the dissenting public, remains free, to go on as before, undisturbed by these innovators and reformers. To each his own, that is justice and has always been. To coercively mix opposites is a horrendous mistake, worse than compulsory marriages, enforced sexual intercourse, the prescription of one sport for all, one kind of meal for all, one kind of clothing for all, one kind of recreation for all. In most spheres of living we have already come away from this kind of nonsense, intolerance and wrongful interventionism. Why are we foolish enough to retain it for politics and for economic and social systems, without any good moral or rational motive for doings so? We do not even discuss this wrong, this great mistake, in these three remaining spheres, no matter how much we daily suffer for this omission. – J.Z., 3.4.99. – TERRITORIALISM, THE PUBLIC, PUBLIC OPINION, PRINCIPLES, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTRE

INDIVIDUALS: Minorities have the rights of individuals and they cannot enjoy them in systems, which are territorially dominated by individuals, small groups, particular minorities or majorities. - J.Z., n.d., reworded 2.6.84, 22.5.12. - MINORITIES

INDIVIDUALS: My personal feeling is that this is how any further improvement of the world will be done: by individuals making quality decisions and that's all.” - Robert M. Prisig: Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance, p.352. - But first we would have to set individuals free to do so, regardless of governments, majority and expert opinions and their kind of territorial legislation. - J.Z., 27.10.02, 22.5.12. – Quality decisions would have to include enough and suitable associations with others. We can’t all be effective “007’s”, saving the world on our own. Many projects are too big for one. Voluntary associations, full exterritorial autonomy or personal law, voluntary collaborations and exchanges are required, whole and diverse and quite independente movements are required – although individuals may start them off. – J.Z., 13.1.09, 22.5.12. - DECISION-MAKING, MONOPOLIES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, COLLABORATION BY DIVISION OF LABOR

INDIVIDUALS: One man plus the truth is an army". - Source? - Rather: One man plus truths can become an army. - J.Z., 5.2.92. - Compare the remark by Machiavelli: “All armed prophets won. All unarmed prophets lost.” - One individual, consistently and clearly standing for all individual rights and liberties, could get enough individuals as his allies. - J.Z., 26.10.02. – But only when he mobilizes enough of his freedom of expression and information opportunities and realizes, for himself and others,  and enough freedom to experiment under full exterritorial autonomy. – J.Z., 13.1.09, 12.12.10, 23.12.11, 22.5.12. - TRUTH, INFLUENCE, GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, SUPER-COMPUTER PROJECT, ENCYCLPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS ETC. , DIS.

INDIVIDUALS: The individual and his rights and liberties are mostly ignored or suppressed and exploited in territorial “representative” or direct democracies and in republics as well, although not as much as in open dictatorships and tyrannies. – J.Z., 21.1.04, 26.10.07, 23.12.11. – TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENT

INDIVIDUALS: The individual's chief advantage over the group of men lies in his mental mobility. With him perception is followed almost instantaneously by action. But with the group there are countless steps between. There must be a constant striking of averages, a constant effort to reconcile irreconcilable propositions, a perpetual waste of time. At definite, workable idea seldom survives this process unscathed. It grows barnacled with ifs and buts ...” - H. L. Mencken, 1909. – Unless the group is one of like-minded volunteers and also an exterritorially autonomous one. – There are numerous jobs that are too large for individuals to finish on their own, not only in technology, production, exchange, building, transport, and the natural sciences but also in the social sciences. – Almost everywhere collaborating teams are needed, always of volunteers only. None of them can rightly claim a territorial monopoly for anything. - J.Z., 11.12.10. - GROUPS, COMMITTEES, COMPROMISES, DIS.

INDIVIDUALS: The strongest man in the world is he, who stands most alone.” - Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People, act 5. - That ignores the advantages of voluntary co-operation, specialization, division of labor and free exchange. It just stresses the value of a large degree of individual independence. – J.Z., 1.4.99. – Panarchism offers it with personal laws, individual sovereignty, consumer sovereignty in all spheres, voluntarism, exterritorial autonomy and individual secessionism. – J.Z., 13.1.09. 22.5.12. - ALONE, STRENGTH, DIS.

INDIVIDUALS: The things that are wrong with the country today are the sum total of all the things that are wrong with us as individuals.” - Charles W. Tobey. - Are all individuals really to blame for the existence of territorial States, countries and nations and the decisions and actions of their rulers or are many of them rather victims of them and their institutions and laws and regulations, of the official myths and false pretences? Are they free to secede and to try to do better for themselves at the own expense and risk? Institutions, especially coercive, monopolistic, territorial, centralistic ones, do not only reduce men to less of their potential growth but also destroy them in all too many cases. The crimes of the victimizers should not be blamed upon the victims. The only crimes of the victims here consist in ignoring the criminality of all territorial institutions and not caring enough about finding, publicizing and realizing sound alternatives to them. - J.Z., 12.7.92, 25.10.02, 23.12.11, 22.5.12. - INSTITUTIONS, COUNTRIES, STATES, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, FREE CHOICE, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL VS. COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

INDIVIDUALS: The world is being run by the collective judgments and actions of individuals.” - John Naisbitt, Global Paradox, p.50. – This could happen only in their own voluntary communities, exterritorially quite autonomous. – How could he ignore the realities of territorialism to that extent? - J.Z., 16.9.07, 22.5.12. - THEIR CHOICES, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, DIS.

INDIVIDUALS: The world today is about the individual, not the state. It is about self-organization, just as business has experienced the shift to self-management.” - John Naisbitt, Global Paradox, p.50. – The shift in that direction has only just begun – when it comes to governments and enterprises. In both the hierarchical system is still predominant but at least we do already have the option of millions of employers to choose from and also the option, to buy their private enterprises, on terms, which would be advantageous for both, employers and employees and lead to various self-management systems in that sphere. For the “enterprises” of territorial government individual and group secessionism is required and full exterritorial autonomy for the secessionists, having sorted themselves out into the kind of societies, communities and governance systems that they do prefer for themselves. – J.Z., n.d. & 22.5.12. -  VS. THE TERRITORIAL STATE

INDIVIDUALS: The world's progress always has been started by individuals, not by groups. And these individuals have always been non-conformists - people who had a vision of something better than the status quo and had intestinal fortitude enough to fight for it - people who bearded Procrustes in his den and die in battle with him, instead of letting themselves be cut down to his size. Progress is never made by those who merely follow the crowd, but by those who dare to show the crowd a better way.” - Kenneth W. Sollet, quoted in NOTES FROM FEE, Jan. 78. - The last option is often outlawed by censorship and almost always by the suppression of exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers. Most fighting could be avoided once individuals may freely opt out - to do their own things to and for themselves, together with like-minded people. – J.Z., n.d. & 23.12.11. - PROGRESS, INITIATIVE, COURAGE, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, NON-CONFORMISM

INDIVIDUALS: There are many worlds in one. We share in all these worlds as we allow for the flowering of individual perception and consciousness. The many worlds of our existence are all virtually undiscovered. Everyone is a world in himself.” - Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, 9/76. - So let all individuals finally make a world or a community or establish institutions, together with likeminded people, which do corresponds to their convictions and their beliefs. Neither any democratic or republican or limited government nor an form of anarchy will satisfy everybody. To each his own - as long as he can stand it! - Exterritorial autonomy has "space" for an unlimited number of societies, dream-worlds and utopias. - J.Z., 27.10.02, 23.12.11. - PANARCHISM

INDIVIDUALS: We are living in a world and in a time when powerful leaders with millions of fanatical followers are committed to the forcible regimentation of their fellow men, according to formulas which have no initial authority but that of their own private dogmatism. They not only refuse to recognize the right of private thought and personal conscience to be considered in the management of public affairs, but they have abolished the concept of the individual as a private personality and have reduced him to the level of the bee in the hive. To restore the individual to his former dignity as a human being is the urgent need of the day.” - Martin ten Hoor, quoted in THE FREEMAN, under Ideas on Liberty. Date? – (All issues are now online!] What is typical for territorial leadership is often quite atypical for exterritorially autonomous leadership over volunteers only. Individuals should be able to become their own kind of leaders, independent of any territorial leaders, laws, constitutions and jurisdictions. Under panarchism or polyarchism they would be so independent, since then they would be under personal laws only, together with all the volunteers they might be able to gather around them in their own societies, communities or competing (voluntary) governance systems. – The conscription into territorial States and tax slavery and subordination under millions of imposed laws and regulations must be ended. – It does also produce targets and motives for nuclear mass murder devices and thus threatens the survival of man. - J.Z., 13.1.09,  22.5.12. - VS. TERRITORIAL LEADERSHIP, FANATICISM, REGIMENTATION, DOGMATISM, IDEOLOGIES, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

INDIVIDUALS: whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.” - The Koran, Surah V, 32. - Over history and even in our times many lives have been saved, perhaps even by you. But none of these life-saving acts has so far assured the survival of mankind. For this much more than the occasional saving and heroic acts is required. We might even have to change our beliefs, principles and institutions and should no longer make collectivist and territorial efforts to save and conserve them in spite of the threats they pose to our lives, liberties, rights, prosperity and progress. - J.Z., 21.10.02. – Saving the life of a tyrant may lead to the end of mankind. – J.Z., 13.1.09. – It should be noted that this approval is not confined to Muslims only. All the tolerant statements of Islam should become sufficiently combined and published. – J.Z., 23.12.11. – The intolerante ones should, finally, become eliminated from this and all other religions. – J.Z., 22.5.12. - ISLAM, KORAN, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, TYRANNICIDEM, SAVING LIVES, TOLERANCE

INEQUALITIES, HUMAN NATURE, INDIVIDUALISM: Die Menschen sind verschieden!" (All men are different!) - Heinrich Nienkamp in "Fuersten ohne Krone,” a book microfiched in my LMP PEACE PLANS series. Thus no single organization can fit or suit all of them. Even an ideal volunteer militia, one that does nothing but realize and protect individual rights, would not please the advocates of total non-violence or total non-resistance. - J.Z., 8.10.92.

INEQUALITY & TOLERANCE: If men would recognize the imperative need of others to be themselves, to be different, most of the ills of the world would vanish. - Free after IPA FACTS, 12/68.

INEQUALITY OF POWER: Some groups which seek change may only want to redistribute power while maintaining inequality of power (groups such as new political parties, upstart business empires, professional groups seeking a rise in status)." - Brian Martin, Changing the Cogs, 11. - Inequality of power is not inherently wrong and harmful, as long as everybody has power only over his own affairs or is a member of an exterritorially autonomous volunteer group for which unequal power sharing is one of its articles of faith and customs. - J.Z., 4.12.82, 12.1.93. - EQUALITY, INEQUALITY, POWER, VOLUNTARISM

INEQUALITY THROUGH SELF-CHOSEN DEGREES OF FREEDOM & SUBMISSION: Not equal liberty but a different degree of freedom or un-freedom for each - according to his own knowledge, prejudices and desires, as long as he wants it or can stand it, at the own expense and risk - is what panarchism aims at. - J.Z., 26.6.88, 3.4.89.

INEQUALITY: Every man is odd.” - Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida, iv, c. 1601. - Thus let all of them have their odd political, economic and social system preferences. Do not impose any. - J.Z., 10.7.86. - INDIVIDUALISM, MAN, RIGHTS, LIBERTY, PANARCHISM, AUTONOMY, SELF-GOVERNMENT

INFLATION, GRESHAM'S LAW & PANARCHISM: Wrongful territorial power over involuntary victims leads to its inflation, i.e., ultimately, to its depreciation or self-destruction – but at what price to its victims! Wrongful monopoly issue power for money, combined with legal tender power for it, leads also to inflation and, ultimately, to its utter depreciation, with e.g. 100 billion dollar notes which have hardly any purchasing power left except as conversation pieces for collectors. The compulsion and monopolism in both spheres has to be ended. Then Gresham’s law will apply in both: the good communities and good monies will drive out the bad ones, via individual refusals to to continue to accept the bad ones. – J.Z., 22.5.12. - GRESHAM'S LAW, LEGAL TENDER, PANARCHISM.

INFLUENCE: Facts and correct ideas will influence behavior, at least of some people, only if they are free to find them, and their search is sufficiently facilitated - by a free market for facts, opinions, ideas and opportunities - and if they are freed to act upon them. Submitting them to territorial rulers would just waste time, energy and good paper. Such rulers prefer to continue as top dogs ruling over ignorant and prejudiced masses in their territorial prisons and slaughterhouses. - J.Z., 25.8.93, 22.10.02, 14.1.09, 23.12.11. - POWER, PANARCHISM, SECESSION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, RULERS

INFONAUTICS CORPORATION: Online Service, offers a number of short references from encyclopedias, papers and magazines but no in depth and principled information in the snippets. What I found interesting is that it mentions the length in Kbs., the relevancy in percentages, listing on the home page only the 100 % relevant items and even the reading level is mentioned. - A precedent for arranging ON PANARCHY? - J.Z.

INFORMALITY: A tolerant informality and absence of imposed order leads, in the long run, to a high degree of natural order and even harmony. - J.Z., 11/73, 26.10.02, 14.1.09. - ORDER, NATURAL ORDER, FREEDOM, TOLERANCE, DIVERSITY, COEXISTENCE, PANARCHISM, PEACE, SECURITY

INFORMATION PAPER: No. 42, in PEACE PLANS No. 505. - 43, TC 153, 93-94, in ON PANARCHY XVI, in PP 901. – No.27, 72, ON PANARCHY I, in PP 505. See: CHAITLIN. - He died years ago. - J.Z., 6.11.11.

INFORMATION: Information is the glue of society “ – (Information ist der Kitt der Gesellschaft.) - Wiener. - Information is the record of society and science. It not only holds us together but also pulls us apart, into separate intentional communities. Alas, many of our divisions are based upon incomplete, flawed, false or misunderstood information as well as upon insufficiently spread correct information. - J.Z., 5.7.12, 13.12.10, 22.5.12. – There is also much contradictory information offered, e.g. not only by the many different political parties but, according to the latest count, over 30 000 religious groups, which rather splits up society and can even cause civil wars - when such groups are not tolerant but make exclusive territorial claims or even aim at world domination. Add to these the numerous special interest and lobby groups, all seeking privileges for themselves. – Let people sort themselves out - according to the different degrees of information they possess or believe to possess - and according to the differences in their faiths, ideologies and convictions, in their own communities of volunteers, all without any territorial monopoly but under full exterritorial autonomy. Only then can they come to live in peace with each other, in spite of their great diversity. Shared views and tolerance for the different views and actions in other communities would hold them sufficiently together and minimize frictions. - J.Z., 14.1.09, 23.12.11. – Nationalistic, ideological and religious territorial communities were so far held together more by their errors and prejudices than by their knowledge and and sound ideas. – J.Z., 13.12.10 – SOCIETY, DIVERSITY, TOLERANCE FOR TOLERANT EXPERIMENTS & COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS DOING THEIR OWN THINGS: PANARCHIES IN A GENERAL CONDITON OF PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION AS THE “GLUE” FOR A GENUINELY FREE SOCIETY

INITIATIVE, CONTINUOUS, BY ANYONE WHO WANTS TO ENGAGE IN IT: Freedom is the opportunity for continuous initiative." - Graham Wallas. - According to panarchism, this kind of freedom cannot be sufficiently realized within exclusive, territorial and compulsory membership collectives but only by individual volunteers and their groupings. - J.Z., 6.4.89, 8.4.89. – Rightful and required are not merely coercive, centralistic, monopolistic, collectivistic - because territorial – “freedom and initiative” but full exterritorial autonomy for all voluntary communities and their experiments. - J.Z., 6.4.89, 26.10.02. – CHOICE, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM, ENTERPRISE, CREATIVITY, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM EXPERIMENTATION, INNOVATION INITIATIVE

INITIATIVES & REFERENDUM: Democratic initiatives must not kill off private initiatives - but rather liberate them.- J.Z., 4.8.92. - Except within volunteer communities a referendum should not be authorized to infringe individual rights but only to protect them. - For that reason referendum decisions should be frequently made on the height and kind of taxes and on the continuance or liquidation of existing bureaucratic organizations. Each presently assumed or usurped or legalized power of a president or federal government should be subject to referendum repeal and every new bill to a veto by a referendum. Moreover, the people should not only be "armed" with voting rights for all referendum proposals but also armed and militarily organized and trained, in autonomous volunteer militias for the protection of all genuine individual rights and liberties, quite independent from any government. - Add to this individual secessionism and the transformation of territorial governments into diverse volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous and we would come close to genuinely democratic self-governments and free societies, all as free or unfree as their members want to be. - J.Z., 24.10.02, 23.12.11. - DIRECT DEMOCRACY, SELF-GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM

INJUSTICE: One ought not to return injustice, nor do evil to anybody in the world, no matter what one may have suffered from them.” - Sokrates, in Plato's Crito, 4th c. B.C., tr. Lane Cooper. - However, insistence upon a deterrence, reform, indemnification and a penalty for aggressive actions do hardly constitute an injustice and an evil, when compared with the original aggressive or criminal action. Since ideas on crime and punishment vary greatly, we should let the various systems, that are resulting from free choices among them, compete quite freely - among those who subscribe to them and against those who interfered with the systems of others. - J.Z., 24.10.02, 23.12.11.

INJUSTICE: The strictest law sometimes becomes the severest injustice.” - Terence. – Would that also be the case if all “positive” laws were kept within the framework of genuine individual rights and liberties (except within communities of volunteers, who do not wish to fully apply all of these rights and liberties among themselves.)?– J.Z., 14.1.09. - LAWS

INJUSTICE: To a person who consents no injustice is done.” – “Volenti non fit iniuria.” - Anonymous Latin Legal maxim. – Statists do each other no wrong if they apply their statism only to themselves. – J.Z., 14.12.10. - RIGHTS, CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE, FREE EXPERIMENTATION, RIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES, PANARCHISM

INJUSTICE: Whoever does injustice does injustice to himself, for to that extent he makes himself bad.” - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, IX, c. 170. – I would rather say that he has no good reason to complain. Panarchists might do that among themselves. Flagellants e.g. might whip themselves in public. I would not mind if they whipped themselves to death. Good riddance! Territorial States all too often allow the unjust to profit at the expense of the just. – All government taxation and most government spending demonstrates that. - J.Z., 10.7.86, 25.10.02, 14.1.08. - PANARCHISM

INNER SPACE OR FRONTIER: EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY: Exterritorial autonomy for volunteers is sociologically, political and economically a kind of non-geographical inner space or frontier that is still largely unexplored and unutilised. - J.Z., 20.12.87, 2.4.89.

INNER SPACE, PREGNANT NOTIONS, PRIVACY: This concept was so far largely only applied to the inner life of individuals. It should be expanded to the "inner life" or "internal affairs" of territorial States and should introduce the same kind of individual liberty there, even individual sovereignty and consumer sovereignty, combined with competing free enterprises for “public services” and whole package deals of them, initiated by individual secessions, offering the option of going from "freedom of thought" to "freedom of action" among like-minded volunteers and within the sphere of one's individual rights and liberties, i.e., while respecting the same rights and liberties in others, in their competing free-enterprise and consumer-sovereignty societies, at least to the extent that they are claimed by them. - Self-government, self-responsibility, self-rule, self-determination, individual choice, privacy, area already terms that are pregnant with notions of panarchistic of exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, even while, in most cases, these "pregnancies" led to merely to spontaneous abortions or intentional ones. - J.Z., 8.9.04. Due to the multitude of popular errors, myths and prejudices a multitude of failures of such freely established and competing groups has to be expected. But each group is free to learn from its mistakes and those of others and the failures are not to be born by the whole population via compulsory taxation but only by the experimenters who were in favor of flawed experiments. That would serve them right and teach them necessary lessons at their expense and risk. No more flawed systems territorially imposed upon whole populations, contrary to the convictions or beliefs of many dissenting groups. Moreover, none of them would be needlessly prolonged or repeated again and again by centralized and coercive authorities – since the victims would be free to opt out from under them. – J.Z., 23.5.12.

INNOVATION: government bureaucracies will tolerate creativity or innovation only within bureaucratically established guidelines.” - Dr. Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Prescription, 18 – These guidelines are usually laid down by ignorant, foolish and prejudice leaders, who have subscribed to numerouos popular errors still maintained in what passes now as “social sciences”. – The majority of territorial legislators, regulators and leading administrators are lawyers rather than genuine economists and the legislation which they uphold and pass is, usually, all too flawed. - J.Z., 23.5.12. - CREATIVITY, GOVERNMENTS & BUREAUCRACY, TERRITORIALISM

INNOVATION: Incessant change, everlasting innovation, seem to be dictated by the true interests of mankind. But government is the perpetual enemy of change.” - William Godwin (1756-1836), An Inquiry Concerning Political Justice and Its Influence on General Virtue and Happiness (1793), Bk. III, ch. 7 - Correct for territorial governments, incorrect for exterritorial ones. - J.Z., 11.10.02. – The voluntary members of panarchies may change their societies as fast, as much or as little as they want to. – J.Z., 14.1.09. – However, even the territorial governments do find their past legislation so insufficient and flawed that they are almost continuously tinker around with it and change it, although not in its fundamental (and wrong) principles and practices, to bring it in accordance with genuine individual rights and liberties (which rarely seems to be their real aim), but, rather, to make it stronger against them. – J.Z., 23.5.12. – PANARCHISM, GOVERNMENT, CHANGE

INNOVATION: There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” - Niccolo Machiavelli (“The Prince”, 1513) - REFORM IDEAS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR VOLUNTEERS, SUCCESS

INNOVATION: We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” - Thomas Paine, "Common Sense," conclusion, The Complete Writings of Thomas Paine, ed. Philip S. Foner, vol. 1, p. 45 (1945). Originally published in 1776. - President Ronald Reagan quoted these words in a televised presidential campaign debate with Walter F. Mondale, October 7, 1984. - Yes, but not upon the wrongful, rotten, collectivist, monopolistic, centralist and war promoting foundations of territorial States. - J.Z., 27.11.02, 23.12.11, 23.5.12. - REFORMS, REVOLUTION, A NEW BEGINNING

INNOVATIONS & REFORMS: Innovations, particularly in the political, economic and social spheres, should not have to depend upon the initiative, permission or consent of politicians, bureaucrats or the majority of voters but, instead, merely upon the support of like-minded volunteers, experimenting freely in their own exterritorially autonomous communities, at their own expense and risk. - J.Z. 25.4.92, 13.1.93, 23.5.12. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

INNOVATIONS, CONSERVATISM, PROGRESS, VOLUNTARY STAGNATION, FREEDOM FOR ALL FREE CHOICES OF INDIVIDUALS: Panarchistic innovations, status quo preservations and reactionary efforts, all by volunteers and on the basis of exterritorial autonomy, are all to be likewise tolerated. To preserve what is still wanted, to go back to what is still in demand, to advance towards what at least some already aspire to, to achieve satisfactory societal arrangements for all the different individuals and groups in society, in the same territory, to achieve progress, justice, peace, freedom and prosperity for all, to the extent that they desire them, all as a matter of individual rights and duties to respect the different use which others make of these rights. - J.Z. 20.6.93, 6.1.93.

INNOVATIONS: Great innovations should not be forced (*) on slender majorities.” - Thomas Jefferson, Letter to General Kosciusko, 1808. - Even great innovations should not be forced upon anyone who is not a criminal or other aggressor, regardless of the percentage of the majority. - J.Z., 7.10,85, 25.10.02, 114.1.09. – Instead, all innovators and dissenters, whether they constitute the majority or any of the minorities, should get their experimental freedom or freedom of action chance, organized in exterritorially autonomous communities or other experimental and self-managing groups. Free enterprise or laissez faire also for such competing governments and free societies, all of them likewise limited by individual secessionism and respect for the genuine individual rights and liberties which outsiders claim for their own voluntary relationships. - J.Z., 10.7.86, 24.10.02, 14.1.09, 23.12.11. – (*) or legislatively based on? J.Z. - FORCE, COERCION, COMPULSION, INTOLERANCE VS. TOLERANT PANARCHISM

INNOVATIONS: The next 20 years will see as much innovation as the last 500.” – View ascribed to Ian Pearson, Telecom Futurist, by Patrick Gray in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 15.2.05, Next, p.4. – Will that also happen in the so-called “social sciences” without full experimental freedom being introduced in them, for communities of dissenting volunteers? – J.Z., 5.1.09. - FUTURIST PREDICTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, PROGRESS

INNOVATIONS: Who would want to live in a world that does not permit, encourage or even welcome innovations, at least within groups of volunteers, but which rather monopolizes opportunities for them and coercively upholds laws, systems and institutions that are already criticized and unwanted by some to many minorities? - J.Z., 5.2.88. - That is the very essence of territorialism and of its political "representation", "guidance", administration, jurisdiction and legislation, even of its constitutions. - J.Z., 26.10.02, 23.5.12.. – IDEAS, TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, LAWS

INNOVATORS: All innovators need full autonomoy - at their own expense and risk. Then all others would sooner or later, directly or indirectly benefit from this autonomy as well. The innovators would be helpful as well by demonstrating many systems as flawed or even quite false ones as well as by their successful experiments. – Territorialists tend to multiply and prolong the flawed and false systems and spread them, wrongfully, over all too many involuntary victims. - J.Z., 8.7.93, 22.10.02, 23.12.11. - REFORMERS, PANARCHISM, AUTONOMY

INNOVATORS: The man who never made an enemy never made anything.” – Paul Muni, 1895-1967, Lore and Maurice Cowan, compilers, The Wit of the Jews, Leslie Frewin, London, 1970, p.99. – I do hold that there are some productive or creative people, around, who are quite polite and non-aggressive and who have thus no real enemy in the usual sense, made by themselves, or tolerated by them, except their territorial government. – J.Z., 5.1.09.

INSIGHT: Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight.” - Thomas Carlyle. - Compare the similar remark by Goethe. (Nothing is more terrible to behold than ignorance in action.”) – Central banks and territorial politics set good examples for that. – J.Z., 14.1.09. – However, we should not interfere with them as long as they harm or wrong only those adult volunteers, which are involved in them or voluntarily submit to them. – J.Z., 24.12.11, 23.5.12. - IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, ERRORS, UNDERSTANDING, ACTION, MINDLESS VIOLENCE OR ACTIVITY, THE RIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES – AT THE OWN EXPENSE & RISK.

INSTITUTION: It is largely wrong ideas and institutions that make people think and act in numerous wrongful and irrational ways. – J.Z., 20.9.05. – So far most people are insufficiently exposed to competition from rightful ideas and institutions. The latter are often even outlawed, even in democracies and in other States certain freedom and justice ideas cannot even be freely expressed. – How fast could all the rightful and necessary changes occur if quite rightful ideas and institutions became sufficiently known and appreciated and could also be quite freely experimented with – among volunteers? - J.Z., 24.10.07, 23.12.11. - IDEAS, WRONGFUL ONES, WARS, CIVIL WARS, VIOLENT REVOLUTIONS, MASS MURDERS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PROGRESS IN FULL FREEDOM

INSTITUTIONALIZATION: It is a governing principle of nature, that the agency, which can produce most good, when perverted from its proper aim, is most productive of evil. It behooves the well-intentioned, therefore, vigorously to watch the tendency of even their most highly prized institutions, since that which was established in the interests of the right, may so easily become the agent of the wrong.” - James Fenimore Cooper. - Compare: “No institutions can help being an institution.” – Territorialism cannot help being territorialism. It is provides no cure against itself. Neither does any other privileged or monopolized institutions. – J.Z., 5.1.09. – TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION

INSTITUTIONALIZATION: Territorialism institutionalizes us in nation-wide prisons. Even ordinary prisons institutionalize their convicts within about 10 years. Territorial States have subjected us to their wrongs and irrationalities for much longer. – J.Z., 14.12.10.

INSTITUTIONS: Every institution has some tendency to deteriorate. But one can counter this by instituting also a tendency to renewal or replacement by fission, schism or competition. - J.Z., 10/87. - PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIALITY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

INSTITUTIONS: First we shape our institutions and then they shape us.” - Alexis A. Gilliland, The Man Who Funded the Moon, ANALOG, 10/89, p. 140. - Since territorialism has become predominant in practice and theory, we no longer, as individuals and outvoted minorities, have much chance to shape our institutions in accordance with our rights and preferences. - J.Z., 27.10.02. – Instead, we have largely become institutionalized by territorialism and imagine ourselves to be as free as we could and should be under political institutions, even when we live in nothing better than majoritarian, supposedly representative or direct democracies. – J.Z., 14.1.09. – The Moon needs no funding, it already exists as a heavenly body, but its exploitation or colonies on it do. – J.Z., 23.5.12. - INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM

INSTITUTIONS: He felt that institutions such as schools, churches, governments and political organizations of every sort all tended to direct thought for ends other than truth, for the perpetuation of their own functions, and for the control of individuals in the serve of these functions.” - Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, 1974, p.114. - Compare Butler Shaffer: Calculated Chaos, and "No institution can help being an institution." - Perhaps one should simply say that every organization or institution has its power addicts but that voluntaristic institutions, from which individuals can freely secede, and which, moreover, are only exterritorially autonomous, do not give as many opportunities to power addicts to do wrong and harm on a large scale. – J.Z., n.d. - ORGANIZATIONS, ASSOCIATIONS, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, TERRITORIALISM, POWER URGE, LEADERSHIP, PERSONALITY CULT, HERO WORSHIP

INSTITUTIONS: If it were true that institutions did only reflect and promote all personal interests, there could be no real objection to our deciding upon alternatives to present institutional practices.”- Butler D. Shaffer, Calculated Chaos, p.305. - Panarchies are such institutions. – J.Z., 5.3.99. – However, B. D. S. was, at least in this book, very skeptical towards all institutions, private as well as official ones, coercive as well as voluntary ones and does not distinguish between those with territorial or other monopoly powers and those which are only exterritorially autonomous and have only voluntary subjects or members, at least when he wrote and defended this book. Maybe he has somewhat changed his views since then. – Otherwise I do like what I have seen of his writings. – See the entry: INSTITUTIONS: Indeed, people do seem …  - J.Z., 14.1.09. - PANARCHISM

INSTITUTIONS: In the most realistic sense of the word, institutions exist only in our heads.” - Butler D. Shaffer, Calculated Chaos, p.88. – True, but it is what is in our heads that affects our behavior. – And some mental constructs are certainly worse than others and some, like genuine individual rights and liberties, by themselves, without misinterpretations of them, are almost perfect. – Panarchies are probably as close to perfection as institutions by and for imperfect human beings can become and are also adapted to and express the great varieties among human beings. - J.Z., 14.1.09, 14.12.10. – ORGANIZATIONS, PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM & STATISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM

INSTITUTIONS: Indeed, people do seem to be experiencing a growing disenchantment with institutions. But if there is any "crisis" in this, it is only a threat to the propositions that institutions enjoyed over people. Rather than joining with the voices of social control to lament this disillusionment, however, we would be better advised to regard the situation as an opportunity for us to reassert personal control over our own lives ...” - Butler D. Shaffer, Calculated Chaos, p.305. - PANARCHISM

INSTITUTIONS: Institutionen sind Aufbewahrungsorte fuer Werte." - Marney. (Institutions are depositories for values.) More commonly they do preserve only trivial, ritual or outdated relationships. But they ought to be free to provide this service, too, for their voluntary customers. And if they freely compete with each other, i.e. preserved their values only for those who do want them, while allowing all others to pursue their happiness in their own way, then there could be so many and so different ones, that everybody's values could be preserved in this way, at the expense and risk of only those, who do want them. To the extent that the existing monopoly and coercive and territorial institutions preserve only trivia or traditional values or go even so far as to preserve traditions that are inhuman, barbaric, despotic, totalitarian or authoritarian, individuals should, naturally, become quite free to make their individual withdrawals from them and to join or establish their own preferred and competing “depositories”, associations, communities and governance systems. - J.Z. 5.7.92, 15.1.93, 16.9.04. - Not just depositories, like libraries, but action spheres and service- or disservice centres. The latter mostly only when they are territorial monopoly institutions. Under panarchism they could continuing their fad, power or monopolism only among their remaining volunteers. - J.Z., 19.10.11, 21.12.1, 23.5.12.

INSTITUTIONS: Institutions rise when truth is lulled to sleep. However, truth blows over institutions and finally blasts them away.” - Thoreau. - Retranslated from the German version: “… so entsteht eine Institution, wenn sich die Wahrheit hat einlullen lassen; doch die Wahrheit blaest ueber die Institutionen hinweg und blaest sie schliesslich fort.” – Under territorialism that might take all too long and, in the meantime, the ultimate Holocaust might occur, a general nuclear war, against territorial “targets”, selected upon the wrongful principle of collective responsibility. – J.Z., 14.12.10. - ESTABLISHMENTS, TRADITIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, TRUTHS, NWT, ANTI-PEOPLE MASS MURDER DEVICES

INSTITUTIONS: Man largely makes his institutions and is largely made by them. - J.Z., 16.9.87. - There should be no interference with this process but, rather, free choice for individuals between institutions and free competition between them. No territorial limit to freedom of association and disassociation. - J.Z., 7.12.87, 14.12.10. - PANARCHISM, MAN

INSTITUTIONS: Man we have to accept. His institutions we can change.” – (Den Menschen muessen wir hinnehmen; die Institutionen koennen wir gestalten.) - Erika Herbst: Alle suchen nach Loesungen - wir haben sie. p.115. – Compare: "… accept people as they are. You will not get any better ones." - Ascribed to Konrad Adenauer, as a remark to Staatssekretaer Globke. – Ibid. – We do not have to accept any territorial institution for ourselves, regardless of who is at the head of it. The Adenauers are only good enough for their followers. – J.Z., 14.12.10. - MAN, PANARCHISM?

INSTITUTIONS: Man's basic nature cannot be improved, not even by better institutions, but better institutions would tend to improve man's behaviour. Man can and should try to change and improve his own institutions, not those of others. Apart from self-defence and enforced indemnifications, he should not try to coercively change other people or those institutions, which they prefer for themselves. Moreover, he should give them every right and opportunity to set up their systems and institutions for themselves. - J.Z., 25.10.02, 14.12.10, trying to sum up some views by Ulrich von Beckerath, 1882-1969. – MAN, HUMAN NATURE, HUMAN BEHAVIOR

INSTITUTIONS: no institution can be placed above the man or the woman, …” - A. J. Nock, letter, April 23, 1914. – Not rightfully, anyhow, but all territorial States are at present so placed, wrongfully! – From this arises the right of individuals to secede from every compulsory organization and to establish voluntary ones without a territorial monopoly. By their very nature they are then not placed above the individual man or woman. - J.Z., 14.1.09, 23.5.12. – PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

INSTITUTIONS: PROBLEMS & CURES, INDIVIDUAL VS. COLLECTIVE DECISION-MAKING, MEDICAL CHOICES AS AN ANOLOGY: The ills of the majority and those of all minorities cannot be cured by majority voting on the suitable doctors, medicines and treatments. Individuals must become free to choose their doctors and their medicines and the providers of medical services must also become free to produce and offer their services to their voluntary and individual customers. Political, economic and social ills can be best cured in the same way. -  That would not prevent patients to band together in a common search for the best cures and to spread the costs of finding and applying them among themselves, nor should it prevent associations of medial service providers or medical associations in which patients and service providers are combined. - A single health department for a territory, financed by compulsory taxes, would not be a good substitute. However, all believers in such a system, and they are numerous, should be at liberty to continue or try them out among themselves, at their own risk and expense. - J.Z., 16.9.04. – Only some quarantine rules are justified and can thus be rightfully enforced – to protect the rights and liberties of others. – J.Z., 21.12.11.

INSTITUTIONS: Show me one instance where popular institutions have violated the rights of property, and I will show you a hundred, nay a thousand instances, where the people have been pillaged by the greedy cupidity of a privileged class.” - George Bancroft, To the Workingmen of Northampton, BOSTON COURIER, October 22, 1834. - As if privileged classes or institutions or authorities etc., were not also public and all too popular institutions, for all too long, e.g. trade unions. The best and the most competitive and free institutions were and are still largely unpopular. - J.Z., 25.11.02. – All of them should become a matter of free individual choice. – J.Z., 14.12.10. - POPULARITY, PROPERTY, PRIVILEGES, TAXATION, CORPORATIONS, CLASSES, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS

INSTITUTIONS: SPONTANEOUS ORDER: HUMAN STUDIES REVIEW [November 2001] - An essay by Albert Loan on: "Institutional bases of the spontaneous order" (Winter 1991-1992) - Link at :

INSTITUTIONS: TERRITORIAL & EXTERRITORIAL ONES: Every institution not only carries within it the seeds of its own dissolution but prepares the way for its most hated rival." - W. R. Inge (Dean of St. Pauls), Outspoken Essays, The Victorian Age, 1922. - That should be especially applied to all territorial States, as a necessary treatment or even cure, via individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. - J.Z., 20.6.92. - It would also apply to all panarchies. Even the best of them would not be perfect and should, in the long run, be largely replaced by still better ones. - J.Z., 16.9.04. – Unless they remain as leading pioneers. – J.Z., 21.12.11.

INSTITUTIONS: That institutions and conditions do not altogether "make" man's character can no longer be denied but that they do have a great influence upon our behaviour, for better or for worse, was clearly seen by Robert Owen and should also not be denied. Voluntary socialists as well as free marketeers can expect great results from forms of voluntary socialism and from a complete laissez faire or free market environment, to the extent that voluntary socialists are also propertarians and contractarians and free exchange practitioners, i.e., to the extent that they are also free marketeers and correspondingly self-responsible, businesslike, peaceful and tolerant. - J.Z., 10.4.93, 22.10.02. – When even religious nuts can become tolerant in e.g. their monasteries and nunneries, exterritorialist tolerance should also become possible for State Socialists, who are, finally, freed of their territorialist bias, ignorance and intolerance. – J.Z., 4.12.10. - MAN, CHARACTER, INHERITANCE, ENVIRONMENT, COOPERATIVE SOCIALISM, VOLUNTARY SOCIALISM, SELF-MANAGEMENT, PURCHASE OF ENTERPRISES BY THEIR EMPLOYEES, FREE MARKETS, FREE CONTRACTS, PROPERTY

INSTITUTIONS: There is no human institution, any more than any human-made machine, which is not liable to become disarranged. The more delicate the machine, the more it needs care and attention. The more important the institution, the more is watchfulness needed for the maintenance of its healthy working.” - J. Toulmin Smith, Local Self-Government & Centralization, 2. - Watchfulness is not enough. Their confinement to exterritorial autonomy and voluntary membership is required, enforced by individual secessionism. (He favoured autonomous local government and autonomous juries. I microfiched this very rare work and seek others by him.) - J.Z., 25.10.02, 23.12.11. - PANARCHISM, CORRUPTION, POWER, ABUSES, AUTHORITY, GOVERNMENT, STATE

INSURANCE COMPANIES & PANARCHISM, COMPREHENSIVE VS. SELECTED COVER OPTIONS: Insurance companies, their free competition with its other and their various covers and package deals form a pretty good analogy to the panarchism of xyz panarchies. So do private protection companies and arbitration companies. Alas, so far they are still subjected to territorial legislation, i.e. not exterritorially autonomous. Here, too, territorial legislation and controls do much wrong and harm, not only by their tax tribute levies. – J.Z., 23.5.12.


INSURANCE CONTRACTS AS PRECEDENTS FOR COMPETITIVE PANARCHISTIC PACKAGE DEALS: Individual insurance contracts, and even their absence, demonstrate relationships in several ways: 1. Voluntarism: The contracts are obviously voluntary because not all made them and those who did, have frequently chosen different companies. 2. They are exterritorial in their different package deal offers and acceptances, although, alas, still subject to government legislation, regulation, supervision and monetary and financial despotism. 3. They have a degree of internal autonomy for their affairs, even though it does not go far enough. 5. With regard to these services their clients enjoy a degree of individual sovereignty, consumer sovereignty and individual secessionism and associationism. 6. They offer different package deals of insurance services, comparable with package deals of public services offered by territorial States. 7. Their contribution schemes are precedents for voluntary taxation. 8. They are, within their legally permitted framework, in free competition with each other. 9. They are peaceful towards each other and other companies. 10. They represent freedom of contract. - - The best thing that one could say of any State is that it is some kind of popular insurance company. If only they would become opponents of monetary and financial despotism. If they understood their rightful and rational interest well enough, they would realize that this ought to be one of their primary vested interests. They might even come to issue their own insurance contribution and benefit monies and employ an honest value standard for them. (Issued to pay for their expenses and accepted by them in payment of premiums to them.) Then their customers would become much more numerous and financial and would tend to remain more financial. - J.Z. 13.10.89, 9.1.93.

INSURANCE: Compulsory insurance means compulsory losses, at least of the insurance premiums, in many cases and also due to inflation and taxation. - J.Z., n.d., 26.10.02. - Turn States and public insurance companies into private insurance companies, subject only to their own rules, as determined by their voluntary members. - J.Z., 26.10.02. – COMPULSORY INSURANCE

INSURANCE: The best that could be said about any government is that it is an insurance business. (*) As such it should have only voluntary members and should possess no territorial monopoly but, instead, it should be exposed to free competition from other protective associations that are, likewise, only exterritorially autonomous. And, obviously, secession or withdrawal from it should be free. -  (*) A thought that was repeatedly uttered by Ulrich von Beckerath, 1882-1969. - J.Z., 19.10.02. - GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM

INTEGRATION: Private and voluntary vs. public and compulsory segregation or integration. To all who agree upon them - their own ideals, practised among them and at their own risk and expense. - J.Z., 1990 & 24.10.02. – SEGREGATION & INTEGRATION, VOLUNTARY, NEVER COMPULSORY

INTELLECTUALS: Despite thousands of witnesses, the Western intellectual community did not accept the truth about Stalin's empire for decades, and was slower yet to acknowledge it about the Maoists.” - Poul Anderson, The Avatar, p.102. – Actually, no one can be an real intellectual in all spheres. To be one in one or a few spheres is about our human limit. – J.Z., 5.1.09. – Compare Ortega Y Gasset’s remark about the barbarism of the specialists. The exterritorialist and voluntary alternatives to territorial Statism should, finally, become almost general knowledge, just like religious tolerance. – J.Z., 14.12.10. - INTELLECTUALS ARE OFTEN NOT VERY INTELLECTUAL

INTELLECTUALS: The intellectual leaders of the movement for liberty have all too often confined their attention to those uses of liberty closest to their hearts, and have made little effort to comprehend those restrictions of liberty which did not directly affect them." - F. A. Hayek, The Constitution of Liberty, introduction. - Instead of "affect" he should have said: "interest". For all restrictions of liberty do directly or indirectly affect the lives of all. Thus the width and depth of the pro-liberty efforts can never be too large and its application can never become too extensive. Nevertheless, no one should be forced to take up or even study all its options. Even here, division of labour should be applied - apart from subscribing to a number of principles, like those expressed in a declaration of genuine individual rights and liberties. Generally, we can grow only gradually towards full freedom and the full maturity that it would bring. I.e., even here we must proceed only within our own knowledge and at our own speed. We should not expect all to become radical libertarians soon and all at the same time. That may be the end to be kept in mind but it is not the only means or path. Experimental freedom for all, for limited experiments and for radical experiments, even experiments with more restrictions, all among volunteers, is the moral and the most sensible way to go. - J.Z., 6.4.89, 8.4.89, 21.12.11, 23.5.12.

INTELLECTUALS: The power and salvation of a people lie in its intelligentsia, in the intellectuals who think honestly, who feel, and can work.” - Anton Chekhov, N.Y. TIMES, December 30, 1956. - Somebody wrote a book: The Treason of the Intellectuals, pointing out how many of them, and for how long they fell for the fallacies, lies and propaganda of State socialism. - Intellectuals are a threat to liberty, too, when they are permitted to decide policies for whole territories and their population. They, too, should be confined to voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy. Then all their flaws would be revealed much sooner and at less costs in lives, liberties and money. - J.Z., 26.11.02, 23.12.11. - PEOPLE, IDEOLOGIES, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

INTELLIGENCE: One defeats the fanatic precisely by not becoming a fanatic oneself, but on the contrary by using one's intelligence.” - George Orwell. – By how much and how fast would the number of fanatics, fundamentalists and terrorists become reduced - once they are freed to practise their beliefs undisturbed – among themselves, at their own risk and expense only? Repression attempts might merely act as a recruitment campaign for them. – J.Z., 4.1.08, 14.12.10. - FANATICISM, QUESTIONS

INTELLIGENCE: The critical factor for a nation is not the number of people it contains, nor even its population density: the critical factor is the amount of intelligence the people bring to bear on their institutions, especially in the way they organize agriculture and industry.” - Edmund A. Opitz, THE FREEMAN, Oct. 77. - Even very intelligent people do often lack enough judgment and knowledge to appreciate new ideas sufficiently. The few who do, or who offer them, have not yet organized a special and world-wide market for themselves. See under Ideas Archive. - J.Z., 26.10.02, 23.12.11. – Nor have they bothered to prepare and organize panarchies for themselves. – J.Z., 14.12.10. – POPULATION, MASSES, IDEAS

INTELLIGENCE: The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell – Are the intelligent really intelligent, when they merely remain doubtful and thus inactive, instead of at least tolerantly experimenting with various views and trying to learn more? – J.Z., 7.8.08. – At least they should aim at achieving that liberty. Even if they have, they do not always make full use of it – if at all. For instance: For how long have they already ignored e.g. digitized “argument mapping”, the option of cheap whole and special libraries on a single powerful disc, the potential of an Ideas Archive and a Refutations Encyclopedia of popular errors, myths and prejudices, which are obstacles to progress and the need for a correct and complete declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties, to mention just some samples? Only in recen years have at least some more intellectuals considered individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy alternatives as well as monetary freedom options. - J.Z., 23.12.11, 23.5.12. - STUPIDITY, WISDOM, DOUBT, UNCERTAINTY

INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES & PANARCHISM: John Zube, … 6.6.89, to Laird Schaub, Directory of Intentional Communities, Rt.1, Box 10, Rutledge, MO 63 563, USA. - - Dear Mr. Schaub, I would like to obtain from you a copy of your upcoming directory and your non-exclusive and revocable permission to reproduce it on microfiche. - - This medium is so far not yet widely accepted as an alternative reading and publishing medium. Consequently and for the time being, its microfiche reproduction would not noticeably cut into the sales of the paper edition. But the microfiche issue would make it lastingly available, even when the paper issue is out of print and it would help me to popularize the microfiche option. I have already reproduced a number of directories as you can see from my enclosed listing. - You could get 25 of my duplicates in exchange, either of this directory issue or of any other of my titles. You might be able to use them e.g. as press release copies, which would be cheaper for you than sending originals and which MIGHT be almost as effective for this purpose. - I found your directory involvement mentioned in one of the recent releases of Thomas Greco Jr. - - - The kind of "intentional communities" I am striving for are to replace territorial States with compulsory membership by exterritorial and country to world-wide and quite autonomous communities of volunteers under personal laws, whatever statist or non-statist constitution, ideals and institutions they might prefer among themselves. - - De Puydt called this Panarchy and gave it a very different meaning from that given to the term by Borsodi, I believe, in his 17 Problems of Living. - - I have so far compiled 12 volumes, 126 pages each, of various historical and contemporary discussions on this subjects, in a sub-series "On Panarchy", all on microfiche and there are a number of other relevant book-length titles included in my series. - Most decentralists and intentional community people have not yet studied this option. Perhaps its best analogy is religious liberty or religious tolerance. - If panarchism were realized, only private or cooperative or fraternal small real estate "territories", "open cooperatives", enterprise areas etc. would remain and the autonomy of their members would not be confined to these limited territories. - I hold that proprietary communities of a considerable size, if still under the influence of territorial thinking, collective responsibility notions and in the presence of mass extermination devices, are still tending towards larger territorial and intolerant States with compulsory membership and universal territorial laws and jurisdiction, leading to situations as in Lebanon and in Israel. - Consequently, the decentralist and alternative option should be based on individual secessionism and associationism. – Moreover, conventional intentional communities are still too much subjected to the present territorial States. They do not go far enough in the direction of: To each the government or no-government of his or her choice, are too much concerned with house and garden questions and too little with international questions and "internal" affairs of nation States. - If the intentional community concept is thus extended, a potential platform for ALL minority groups in the world might be established, i.e. one for the vast majority of the whole world population. And for the presently suppressed majorities in totalitarian countries this could be a very attractive option, too, which might end their internal strife as well and give their resistance and revolutions a better chance to succeed. - In other words, I hold that a limited conscientious objection to statism and a limited alternative service are not enough. - The future, if there is to be a future, must be based on individual sovereignty and the intentional communities and federations that would arise from it. - PIOT, - John Zube. - PEACE PLANS 868. – Slightly revised: J.Z., 21.12.11.

INTENTIONS: A good intention takes account not only of your own intention but those of others as well. It respects the equal liberty of others and abides by Kan't Categorical Imperative or the Universalizing Law. - J.Z., 14.1.97. - GOOD INTENTIONS, GOOD WILL

INTEREST: Enemies of charging interest should secede- and do their own things among themselves and to themselves - like any other sectarians and true believers. - J. Z., n.d. & 29.4.97.

INTEREST: Since there are all kinds of theories, hypotheses, and dogmas on interest, some religiously motivated rather than informed by genuine economics, all their believers should be free to apply them – among themselves but never allowed to force the practice of their beliefs or convictions on any dissenting others. It should become a matter of freedom of contract, e.g. freedom for payment and credit associations and no longer and never again one for territorial legislation and its monetary and financial despotism. – J.Z., 23.5.12.

INTERFERENCE OR INTERVENTION WITH "INTERNAL AFFAIRS" & "TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY": On our crowded planet there are no longer any internal affairs. The Communist leaders say, 'Don't interfere in our internal affairs. Let us strangle our citizens in peace and quiet.' But I tell you: Interfere more and more. Interfere as much as you can. We beg you to come and interfere." - Words of Warning to the Western World, by Solzhenitsyn, p.28. - Interference with nuclear-armed territorial powers is a rather risky enterprise. How liberating intervention could be rightly and sensibly done, reducing rather increasing the danger of war and nuclear holocaust, has been described by me in PEACE PLANS 16-18 and 61-63. The supposedly internal affairs of territorial States are the external affairs of all freedom-loving groups of volunteers. Only the internal affairs of exterritorial and autonomous communities of volunteers are their own affairs. - J.Z. 1.7.92, 15.1.93. - Panarchies can serve as rightful and peace promoting peace organizations. They can even lead to unilateral nuclear disarmament. For they do introduce another and decisive kind of game playing into all present political situations, one full of win-win options. Their intervention need never go any further than to reduce all territorial regimes to their voluntary supporters, letting them go on to suffer, exclusively by themselves, from their own remaining internal choices, wrongs and mistakes, which would probably the most effective penalty and deterrence and rehabilitation action that could be devised for them. - J.Z. - 15.1.93, 10.12.03, 21.12.11. - Whoever voted e.g. for a Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Casto or Idi Amin, etc., deserves to be ruled by such mis-leaders, as long as he is willing to put up with it. Then he should be free to secede. This would be instructive not only for the voluntary victims and the victimizers but also for all non-members who observe these games or experiments, safely, from the outside, which might be, next door. - J.Z., 16.9.04, 21.12.11, 23.5.12.

INTERFERENCE, INTERVENTION & PLURALISM: J. S. Mill insisted that the State should never interfere with an adult civilized person for his own good; the pluralists adapted this dogma and applied it to the group: the state should not interfere with the life of a group for the good of the group itself (or for the good of the individual members)." - David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.92.

INTERFERENCE: Ah! Laissez-Faire. You're like right-wing businessmen or left-wing environmentalists. You believe humans should not interfere with the System." - Michael F. Flynn, In the Country of the Blind, conclusion, ANALOG, 11/87, 159. - No, rather than trying to run any sytem monopolistically, centralistically, coercively, collectively and territorially, which is almost a prescription for failure, all should only be attempted under personal laws, exterritorial autonomy or panarchism - for and by their supporters, which means also, at their own risk and expense only. Then we could learn much - not only from a few successes but also from the many failures that would occur. We are successful with this approach in science and technology and in private lifestyle preferences as well as in religion. We could also supply it successfully in the three spheres so far preempted by territorial governments: political, economic and social systems. - J.Z., 30.10.02, 23.12.11. – The territorial system is one to be interfered with, even abolished. – J.Z., 23.5.12. -  DIS., LAISSEZ-FAIRE, UTOPIAS, ENVIRONMENT, SYSTEMS, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, FREEDOM OF ACTION FOR ALL, NOT JUST TERRITORIAL RULERS

INTERFERENCE: But interference has a higher probability of failure than doing nothing. Doing nothing at all is often the right thing.” - Tom Clancy, The Sum of all Fears, p.307. Yes, for territorial governments, after they have already really messed up a situation. – J.Z., 14.9.07. – Territorial governments have no right to interfere. Exterritorial governments, communities and societies, i.e. those ruling volunteers only, would not “interfere” with their own affairs but merely practise freedom of action among their voluntary members, in accordance with their wishes, visions or opinions. – J.Z., 14.12.10, 23.12.11. As such they would also not interfered with the affairs of other such groups. That would go against their “religion” or fundamental principles. – J.Z., 23.5.12. - MEDDLING, INTERVENTIONISM, INVASIONS BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS VS. DOING NOTHING

INTERFERENCE: the sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually and collectively, in interfering with the liberty of action of any of their number, is self-protection ..." - John S. Mill, "On Liberty", Great Books  edition, 271. – Arbitrary actions agains the individual rights and liberties of others should never be called “liberty of action”. – J.Z., 23.5.12. – DIS., SELF-PROTECTION, SELF-DEFENCE, NON-INTERVENTION, FREEDOM OF ACTION.

INTERNAL & INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: International relations, to the extent that they are based on individual rights, are to become internal relations between the diverse internal groups: "Es gibt nicht notwendig and fortdauernd unmittelbare Verhaeltnisse der Staaten, als solcher, zu einander, ueber die sie in Streit geraten koennten; es gibt in der Regel nur Beziehungen der einzelnen Mitbuerger eines Staats auf die einzelnen Mitbuerger des andern; nur in der Person eines seiner Buerger koennte ein Staat verletzt werden; aber diese Verletzung wird auf der Stelle ersetzt, und so der beleidigte Staat befriedigt. - Es gibt zwischen solchen Staaten keinen Rank, der da beleidigt, keinen Ehrgeiz, der da verletzt werden koennte; zur Einmischung in the innern Angelegenheiten eines fremden Staates ist kein Beamter bevollmaechtigt, noch kann er dazu versucht werden, indem ihm fuer seine Person nicht der geringste Vorteil aus einem solchen Einflusse entstehen koennte." - Fichte, Die Bestimmung des Menschen, 137. (“There are not necessarily and continuously direct relations between States, as such, with each other, about which they could come to argue with each other. As a rule there are only relations between the individual members of one State with the individual citizens of the other. Only in the person of one of his citizens could a State be injured. But this injury is immediately indemnifiable and so the offended State is satisfied. No rank exists between such States, no ambition, which could be hurt. No public servant is authorized to interfere with the internal affairs of a foreign State. Nor can he be induced to do so, since for his own person not the least advantage could arise out of such an intervention.")  This is a somewhat too optimistic view of the relations between territorial regimes. To a certain extent it does apply. However, when it comes to what territorial States do consider to be their vital and own internal affairs, namely their arbitrary rule over dissenting minorities, then clashes of interests, parties and even between armed forces become possible or even likely. Whatever is correct in international relations, i.e. to the extent that they are already rightful or should be made rightful, could and should be introduced as far as possible into the relations between sovereign individuals and between their exterritorially autonomous minority or majority groupings of volunteers. Internally, in the same territory, they could all peacefully coexist under their own personal constitutions, laws and freely chosen institutions. That means also a peaceful coexistence under a reformed international law for individuals and minorities, based on recognition of all genuine individual rights and liberties, to the extent that they are claimed by volunteers. Volunteer militias, suitably organized and trained, for the protection of individual rights and liberties and international agreements based upon them and panarchies for the exterritorially diverse and autonomous actions of communities of volunteers. – These, more rightly than national territories and their governments, could internationally federate, too, with similar, alike or compatible exterritorial  communities in other countries. - J.Z., 6. 4. 91, 13.1.93. – To the extent that they are and remain exterritorialists they would remain sufficiently compatible although they might not like each other at all. If they do not become allies or federated, they would have a strong tendence to be neutral towards each other, when it comes to actions, although their verbal battles might continue. – J.Z., 21.12.11, 23.5.12.

INTERNAL AFFAIRS: The cancer [of?] today’s politics rests upon the glorification of the concept of internal affairs. The world has become too small and is governed too extensively by ideologies to permit us to speak of internal affairs. When I know that a country is dominated by an ideology, which must lead to war, then I have to adapt my actions to this insight. Is it an internal affair when a country (*) suppresses its (**) minorities.” - Alexander Kerenski, June 1934, in interview with Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, Band 1, Reportagen und Gespraeche, Knaur, 1976, S. 270. – The concept of “internal affairs” can be rightfully applied only to the affairs of voluntary societies or exterritorially competing governments. The excuse of “territorial integrity” is used for suppressing rights of minorities and of individuals. – J.Z., 14.12.10. - (*) territorial government! – (**) This use of „its“ may already wrongfully concede that minorities are the property or subjects of a country’s government, rather than being independent and self-governing at least as far as their individual rights and liberties are concerned. All too often our language use is our worst enemy. – J.Z., 16.9.07. - TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY, TERRITORIAL SOVEREIGNTY, DICTATORSHIPS & TYRANNIES, RIGHTS OF MINORITIES

INTERNAL AFFAIRS: The only "internal affairs" not to be interfered with (in order not to interfere with individual rights and liberties) are those of individuals and of their voluntary communities. - - What defenders of "internal affairs" really like to defend is their own kind of interference or power games with the internal affairs of others, which are genuinely internal, i.e. among their volunteers only. - J.Z., 3.4.89, 21.12.11.  – For instance: A self-chosen censorship is not wrong for those who choose it. - J.Z., 16.9.04. - Territorial monopoly claims are not be respected and their institutions ought to be demolished, largely via individual secessionism and rightful liberation and revolution efforts by a world-wide federation of minorities that favours full exterritorial minority autonomy and of rightful militias for the protection of individual rights and liberties. Territorial governments, by their very nature, cannot be genuine liberators and protectors. - J.Z., 20.9.88, 26.10.02, 23.12.11. - PANARCHISM

INTERNAL EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY: Peace through self-control for all on an exterritorial basis, i.e. full autonomy for volunteers and their ideals or experiments. While territorial politics is the continuation of war by other means, on the same wrongful basis as war between territorial States, peace is the establishment and continuation of the politics of competing exterritorial and autonomous panarchies for all groups of volunteers. When all minorities and majorities can thus freely rule themselves and individuals can pick and choose among them, motives, powers, means, institutions and weapons and targets for mass extermination wars and conventional national wars will tend disappear or become abolished, even unilaterally. - J.Z., 14.5.92, 13.1.93, 10.12. 03, 21.12.11. - Rightful internal policies tend to lead to rightful external policies.  Internal territorial aggression and oppression leads towards imperialistic external aggression and oppression attempts, whenever territorial power holders expect to get away with this. The trend towards not only subjectively but also objectively rightful relationships between different panarchies will tend to be strong. Voluntary members will come to hire or organize better and better and probably less and less governmental services for themselves. Their differences to other panarchies and thereby their animosities will also tend to become greatly reduced with the spread of enlightenment. They will become more and more cosmopolitan and tolerant in their outlook and actions. - J.Z., 16.9.04, 21.12.11. 

INTERNAL VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES OR NETWORKS: There will be communities not of common location but of common interest.” – J. R. C. Licklider & Robert Taylor, research directors of ARPA, 1968, on internal virtual communities. – One of the many almost forgotten or completely overlooked voices for panarchistic freedom in general terms. – J.Z., 10.1.99. (Their practice led to the exterritorial and still somewhat autonomous Internet. - J.Z., 8.12.03.) - INTERNET

INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF JURISTS: The Dynamic Aspects of the Rule of Law in the Modern Age, Report on the proceedings of the South-East Asian and Pacific Conference of Jurists, Bangkok, Feb. 15-19, 1965, Geneva, Switzerland, n.d., 191pp. The best they could come up with is recommending the UN Human Rights and their protection (apparently still unaware of the flaws in that Declaration) and the nearest they came to panarchism, although they must have learned SOMETHING about its legal precedents, is a remark on page 130: "... the indispensable condition for real and lasting reform consonant with the Rule of Law is that the power structure in the nation must be reformed in such a manner that the proper allocation of power is given to each of the various sectors of society. Unless the structure of power is reformed in this manner, any form of remedial force - whether it be technological measures to increase production or cultural programmes or foreign aid or any other - will only aggravate the situation ..." - Nevertheless, they did not demand exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities. Their minds are blocked by the predominant legal precedents and model: territorial law and territorial States. - Their lack of economic knowledge was shortly indicated on the next page: "Planning is well-nigh universally accepted as necessary for the development of emerging nations." - With such friends, who needs enemies? Individual secessionists would TAKE power over their own affairs, not waiting until such legal "non-minds" would be prepared to give it to them. - J.Z., 26.1.99, 16.9.04.

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: Some of our governments don't know it yet, but competition between governments is here to stay and it is no longer mining companies who are on trial, it is governments who are on trial today, as the pace of international bidding for investment and development dollars intensifies.” - Ron Manners, The Mining Industry - A Global Community, From An Australian Point of View, p.24. – In the future, mining companies and other corporations and associations of them could become exterritorially autonomous, e.g. form their own world-wide free trade communities. – J.Z., 14.1.09. – PANARCHISM, FREE TRADE, INTERNATIONAL FINANCE, CORPORATIONS VS. GOVERNMENTS

INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS OR MULTINATIONALS:  E.g. Frey points out that they are also important virtual governments without territory. The more traditional one still own plants in specific countries but the growing number of knowledge firms do not. At most they have local offices or representatives.  Their budgets often exceed those of many political governments and they influence the lives of their employees and investors as strongly as territorial States do. They also negotiate on an equal footing with national governments. Alas, all too often they extract privileges at the expense of taxpayers and consumers.  Frey also points out that many of the opponents of globalization are motivated by the fear that territorial national governments lost power relative to multinationals: “I do not believe that the power of territorial states is vanishing; rather, relative power is shifting to nonterritorial governments.”  Frey, ibid (?), page 4. – BAILOUTS, LEGALIZED MONOPOLIES, PRIVILEGES, SUBSIDIES & CANCELLATION OF DEBTS OF LARGE CORPORATIONS.

INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS: Full exterritorial autonomy for multi-nationals - but also for all minorities and individuals desiring it. - J.Z., 20.4.89. - MULTI-NATIONALS, PANARCHISM

INTERNATIONAL EQUAL RIGHTS TREATIES FOR ALL MINORITIES: Instead of fighting the unequal and privilege characteristics of the exterritorial status treaties imposed by foreigners upon China and, at the same time, striving for an equal recognition of independent and exterritorial status for all Chinese wanting it, anywhere, in all foreign countries, they threw overboard, out of ill-conceived and insufficiently discussed nationalistic and territorial notions, the exterritorial autonomy which at least some minority groups had already achieved among Chinese and also for some Chinese among them, the protégée citizens), in the "foreign concessions". The result was a long-lasting civil war and despotism, one of the most murderous in history, persisting into our times. What we need are more "foreign concessions", everywhere, not only in China, and for all kinds of Chinese and all kinds of other cultures and aspirations, everywhere! - J.Z. 19.4.89, 4.7.89. – EXTRATERRITORIALITY, FOREIGN CONCESSIONS, FOREIGN ENCLAVES, CHINA, EQUAL TREATIES VS. UNEQUAL & IMPOSED TREATIES.



INTERNATIONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & PANARCHISM: While international law - sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly, intervenes with local territorial law, it does not purely represent exterritorial law but rather territorial world-law attempts. Panarchistic international law would only seek to protected wanted and claimed individual rights and liberties everywhere, mainly by upholding the right to secede and to organize exterritorially, for minorities and individuals. As mere agreements between territorial regimes it often tries to uphold wrongs, e.g. exclusive territorial claims, misnamed "territorial integrity" and "self-government" and considers the oppression of minorities an "internal affair". Under exterritorialism or panarchism no "internal affairs" monopoly is granted to any territorial regime towards dissenting individuals and minorities. - J.Z., n.d.

INTERNATIONAL LAW: An international law, which is based only upon genuine individual rights and liberties will end wars. An international law that is based on ignorance and oppression, on territorialism, conquests and sovereignty for dictatorships, and upon decision-making privileges for governments, will assure the continuance of wars. - J.Z., 19.7.87, 26.10.02, 23.12.11.

INTERNATIONAL LAW: LAW OF NATIONS (?): 1930, a private draft by some professor, like the code of INTERNOSCIA, JEROME. Hint by Suzan Witt or Robert Swann? See also the draft by INTERNOSCIA, JEROME: A New Code of International Law. Reproduced on my libertarian microfiche. - J.Z.

INTERNATIONAL MINORITY MOVEMENT & PANARCHISM: A NEW INTERNATIONAL FOR ALL WHO DO FAVOUR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL DISSENTING MINORITY GROUPS: From PEACE PLANS 671: Draft for an article on minority autonomy for all and a corresponding compact between members of all minority groups: ALL VOLUNTARY MEMBERS OF ALL MINORITY GROUPS DO HEREBY AGREE UPON AND DECLARE THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLES: 1.) For a time it had been assumed that freedom for a majority to make decisions for all and that the opportunity for a minority to try to peacefully persuade the majority would be enough to safeguard the rights and realize the interests and aims of minority groups. By now numerous disappointments not only with totalitarian regimes and dictatorships but also with majoritarian, direct, representative and constitutional democracies and with governmental declarations of human rights and governmental juridical avenues, have taught at least some minorities that nothing less than full independence can realize their rights and safeguard their interests. - 2.) Members of minority groups are becoming aware how many different minorities there are, how numerous their membership is and that, in total, they do often amount to the majority. However, once they are sufficiently enlightend, then they will not take this as a justification for any attempt to dominate over any local and temporary majority that exists or may arise. Their aim is independence in the form of genuine self-determination or self-governmentfor themselves and for all others, utilizing the exterritorial autonomy options, not just another system of territorial domination. - 3.) Members of minority groups are realizing that even majoritarian democracies are usually dominated by minorities , "in the name of the people" but without a proper mandate. They are not based on full and free consent. What they call consensus is largely based upon myths, errors and pretences, when they claim to be representative. - For instance, if 2/3 of all people are registered voters and 2/3 of them do actually vote and the elected combine 2/3 of all votes upon themselves and make their decisions with a 2/3 majority then not 2/3 of all people are represented in these decisions but only - 2/3 x 2/3 x 2/3 x 2/3 = 16/81 or ca. 1/5.  Then 4/5 of the population are not represented in these 2/3 majority decisions! - (Obviously, here a very favorable case is assumed. Mostly far less than 2/3 are involved.) - 4.) Members of minorities have become aware that their basic rights must not be left at the discretion of any "representatives" or "majorities", far less dependent upon the good will, knowledge and ability and moral sense of any rulers. -  5.) Therefore, all their internal affairs, i.e. the affairs of their voluntary members, are no longer to be regulated by any central legislature, government, administration and jurisdiction that is external to them, i.e. constituted largely by others, not even by one that is supported by the vast majority of people - who are not voluntary members of the minority groups. - 6.) On the contrary, all minority groups, which are made up only of volunteers, have the right to organize themselves independently, fully autonomously, non-territorially and under their own personal laws, governmental or societal institutions and jurisdiction. They may also establish their own defensive services and alter and improve these - as they like. – (Under that condition and soon few such efforts will be needed any longer and they could be supplied by the best forms of militias of volunteers. – J.Z., 21.12.11.) - 7.) Among the own voluntary members, each autonomous and non-territorial minority group association may apply any cultural, religious, educational, ideological, technical, political, economic, social system, even ethnic and racial segregation or integration that its members can agree upon. - It may also engage with them in new and old experiments, at the own risk and expense, in accordance with the wishes and aims of its voluntary members. - 8.) For the realization of their non-territorial autonomy, the voluntary members of all minority groups insist upon the recognition of the right of all their adult and rational members to secede, as individuals and by one-sided declarations, not only from any national army or trade union or school system but from a whole territorial and national State system altogether, regardless of its welfarist or national pretences, whether the State concerned is a totalitarian or a democratic one, without thereby renouncing or losing any basic natural right and, also, upon the right of all individuals, who have so seceded, to associate voluntarily, autonomously and non-territorially, so that they would neither have to change their residences nor their jobs, subjecting themselves for all their own affairs only to personal laws of their making or choosing. - 9.) The members of all minority groups recognize that the right of individuals to secede applies not only to territorial states but also to their own communities, which are to be and to remain communities of volunteers only Thus any minority group member who has any reason or motive for a change of mind, may withdraw from his minority group and either return to his old previous association, society, community or governance system or join any other exterritorially autonomous minority group or may attempt to establish one of his own.  - Their withdrawal may be made dependent, though, upon an agreed upon withdrawal period - unless the secessionists had been criminally offended against by members of that majority group. - 10.) The voluntary members of all minority groups agree to promote, by word and deed, the kind of individual secessionism and voluntary and non-territorial associationism and minority autonomy that is here stated for all, even for those who are ideologically, religiously, socially, racially or otherwise their opposites or are otherwise of little interest to them or are considered as "aliens". - 11.) For their mutual support of the rights, aims and free and independent practices of all minority groups, for their self-constitution, self-legislation, self-government, self-administration and self-adjudication and to establish and strengthen their defences against any usurpations and aggressions by majorities and minorities, they do agree to support a defensive federation of all minority groups. -  12.) This federation of minority groups is to appeal, in all cases of clashes with the present and in future, for a while, still remaining territorial state systems, to the involuntary solders, taxpayers and other victims and subjects of these oppressive and even aggressive regimes, to make common cause with the federation of autonomous minority groups and to declare their own independence, either by secession or by fleeing and calling upon the hospitality, support, friendship and alliance or neutrality status which the federation of minority groups can offer them. - 13.) By permitting all kinds of economic experiments among their voluntary members, these autonomous and non-territorially organized minority group members will tend to become comparatively wealthy - especially and in accordance with the extent to which they do realize the principles of monetary and financial freedom among themselves. Other minority groups would tend to follow the successful examples of these pioneer groups and would be similarly successful. Nevertheless, in their successes as well as in their failures, these minority groups are to be and remain "open" to new members, provided only that they do subscribe to and abide by the rulings of the minority group concerned. They are thus to realize not only the right of individuals to withdraw from them but also the right to join them - when individuals do agree with them. - - This does, naturally, apply only to peaceful and non-aggressive individuals. Others might be refused membership or might be excommunicated. (After all, they can then establish their own communites.) - Solutions could then soon be expected to become publicly and freely demonstrated to problems like inflation, unemployment, sales difficulties, housing shortages and excessive taxation. - Autonomous Minority Groups (AMGs) with such solutions would grow and multiply at the expense of those, which do not offer them. - 14.) The defence of AMGs against remaining aggressive territorial governments would largely rely upon offering good and well-paid jobs and partnership opportunities and competitively supplied housing to all deserters and refugees from these States and upon alliances with governments in exile that would represent volunteers among these deserters and refugees and would act as representatives for those still held captive by these aggressive governments. - 15.) The International Federation of Autonomous Minority Groups is aware that the recognition of the autonomy of all minority groups, on a non-territorial and personal law basis, will remove not only one of the objective preconditions for nuclear war, namely nuclear targets, but also numerous other factors making for nuclear war. (Many of these are listed in PEACE PLANS No. 16-17, now online under www.panarchism/info) It will, therefore, have a strong appeal for all lovers of peace, freedom and security, all over the world. - It will also give them the opportunity to try to practise their particular peace projects within the AGM framework. - TO EACH THE GOVERNMENT OR NO-GOVERNMENT OF HIS OR HER CHOICE, ON A NON-TERRITORIAL BASIS, COMPARABLE TO THE ACHIEVEMENT OF FREEDOM AND TOLERANCE IN THE RELIGIOUS SPHERE. FULL TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE AND A DEFENSIVE FEDERATION OF ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE AGAINST ALL INTOLERANT ONES, COSMOPOLITAN UNION. DEMOCRACTM, VOTING, TERRITORIALISM, FEDERALISM - (This is only the somewhat revised transcript of the first scribbled notes and will have to be revised several times. Still to be compared and integrated with previous drafts in the file: International Federation of Minority Groups. J.Z. 11.3.86. – Slightly revised: 9.12.04 & 21.12.11.)

INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATIONS: We sent ambassadors, the Americans said, not to kings but to peoples.” – Alexander Herzen, My Past and Thoughts, 1974 edition, pp 478-81, during a banquet on 21. Feb. 1854. – “Peoples” must be properly defined – as communities of volunteers only. – J.Z., 14.12.10. - WITH PEOPLES RATHER THAN GOVERNMENTS, DIPLOMACY, AMBASSADORS, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES, SUMMIT CONFERENCES, WAR AIMS

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS & PANARCHISM, LIBERATION & DEFENCE EFFORTS: Conscription does not make sense among volunteers, nor do taxes for armaments and military conflicts. There will be volunteers and voluntary contributions for certain defensive efforts, against the few temporarily remaining and relatively small aggressive powers, but no more. - Panarchists have friends, neutrals and allies everywhere - and very few fanatic enemies - because panarchism favours exterritorial autonomy even for fanatic dissenters and all their followers, as long as they do apply their fanaticism only among themselves. Panarchism opposes collective responsibility and all "weapons" which apply this "principle" quite wrongly, as e.g. nuclear devices and all other indiscriminate mass extermination devices inevitably do. - Panarchists feel and act as allies of all minorities, everywhere, that strive for autonomy - no more. Thus their potential for solidarity with others exceeds that of all other ideological movements. - The various minorities between them do, probably, constitute the largest majority. Panarchism can mobilize their combined strength. It could thus come to exceed that of the present great powers but not in aggressive and destructive potential but only in defensive and liberating power. - Panarchists can act as spokesmen for all rightful aspirations and can thus make friends and allies everywhere. - Only panarchists can realize fully liberating liberation efforts, i.e. efforts that do not go beyond the degree of liberation that various people want for themselves. They would let each group of volunteers advance at its own speed towards its own ideals, alone or in free association with others. - They appeal to all to dissociate themselves from dictatorial regimes and those armed with anti-people or mass murder devices. They rather attack mass murderers individually than the cities and countries they live in. In accordance with their principles they say: rather a Hitler, Stalin or Mao dead than millions of their victims. – Moreover, among panarchists there are some who know how to cope with a sudden influx of millions of refugees and deserters, how turn them into prosperous producers and exchangers within days. Neither unemployment nor inflation are riddles to them but immediately solvable problems. - To them even bombing the palace of a terrorist ruler is not yet discriminating enough, because too many innocents might be hurt and a valuable building might be destroyed. If a person is a genuine enemy of mankind, then technology and good will among resistance and liberation activists should suffice to eliminate him with bulls-eye hits, if all other efforts have failed or cannot be applied to get him to confront a world arbitration court, abdicate or confine his efforts to his voluntary victims only. However, their guilt could and should first be clearly established in public hearings, in freedom, in other countries. Their right to rule over VOLUNTARY supporters should never be denied. - Only the “right” of ANYONE to rule over whole large territories and their populations and "the right" to keep mass extermination devices in readiness, should be denied to them. - Panarchists would only fight tyrants and despots, and violent fanatic movements, and this in a truly defensive, liberating and revolutionary way. They would spare and liberate the victims of the fanatic movements, as soon as possible, with rightful and with as non-violent means as are possible and practicable but would not confine themselves exclusively towards the latter. They realize that it is the tyrants, despots and fanatics who ought to be non-violent. - Even in their tyrannicide actions - after public sanctioning of them and putting a price on the heads of convicted tyrants and seeing to it that their own popular rulers are still better protected against assassination attempts, than they are now, they would, like Thomas Moorus proposed, long ago, double the price for those who captured one of the tyrants alive and brought him before an international court. - They would even grant convicted despots an amnesty - if they surrendered and destroyed or handed over a mass extermination device to be disarmed. - - Panarchists are at any time prepared to trade freely with others, allow their free migration and settlement, recognize their autonomy aspirations (determined by their individual voluntary members) and to fraternize with the conscripts and tax victims and victims of oppressive regimes and with those who live in nuclear weapons targets on the other side. - Such policies can, potentially, give them the strongest defensive position and an enormous strength for liberation purposes, revolutions and military insurrections against despotic regimes. - J.Z., n.d. & 6.11.11, 21.12.11, 23.5.12. - STRENGTH.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Peace, commerce, and honest relations with all nations; entangling alliances with none." - Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address. – I would like to see an international federation of all minority groups, one which would systematically work towards full exterritorial autonomy for all of their groups of volunteers, communities, societies or governance systems, and also for full exterritorial autonomy for the majorities of the remaining rump “States”, after the introduction of individual and minority group secessionism, merely denying them and all others any territorial monopoly. – J.Z., 14.1.09, 23.12.11. – This does not amount to “entanglements” but to a maximum of voluntary disentanglement, individual by individual. – J.Z., 23.5.12. - INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ALL MINORITIES, PANARCHISM

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: There are not necessarily and continuously direct relations of States, as such, with each other, about which they might come to struggle. As a rule there are only the relations of single members of a State with single members of another. Only in the person of one of his citizens can a State be hurt. But this kind of injury can be immediately indemnified and the offended State can thus be satisfied.” – ( Es gibt nicht notwending und fortdauernd unmittelbare Verhaeltnisse der Staaten, als solcher, zu einander, ueber die sie in Streit geraten koennten; es gibt in der Regel nur Beziehungen der einzelnen Mitbuerger eines Staates auf die einzelnen Mitbuerger des anderen; nur in der Person eines seiner Buerger koennte ein Staat verletzt werden; aber diese Verletzung wird auf der Stelle ersetzt, und so der beleidigte Staat befriedigt.” - J. G. Fichte, Die Bestimmung des Menschen, p.134. -- International relations are to be as far as possible turned into international relations between free, i.e., individually sovereign, individuals and their exterritorially autonomous voluntary protective communties, operating under the limitations enforced by rightful international laws, highly developed individual rights declarations (whose rights may be claimed but need not be claimed by these volunteers) and by ideal volunteer militias for the protection of individual rights and of panarchistic organizations, which, by their nature, do not have any involuntary victims. - J.Z., 6.4.91, 13.1.93, 23.10.02, 14.12.10, 23.12.11. - PANARCHISM

INTERNATIONAL STATE SOCIALISTS & TERRORISTS: If offered their own panarchies they would tend to claim exterritorial autonomy for themselves, i.e. freedom to act independently from territorial laws. They are also made up, mostly, of volunteers. But while they remaint territorialists they do not grant their own dissenters individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy nor are they tolerant towards dissenting outsiders and all kinds of other statists and non-statists. They, too, have territorial, despotic, imperialistic and world-conquest ambitions and try to realize them by practising, as conquerors, subversives or as "freedom fighters" or terrorists, the “principle” of collective responsibility to innocents, even infants. Under panarchism the former terrorists could practise their ideals, no matter how foolish they might be, at their own risk and expense among themselves, without having to try to coerce numerous dissenters into submission via terrorism. They would not even have to engage in political campaigns but could just put their own utopias into operation – but only at the own risk and expense.  In other words, as territorialist terrorists they could become a dying breed or type and this rather rapidly. We had the experience of the sudden fall of the Berlin Wall and of the Iron Curtain. Territorialism might come to disappear as suddenly and unexpectedly – if sufficient preparatory enlightenment steps are taken. – J.Z., 5.3.93, 14.1.99, 21.12.11.

INTERNATIONAL WARS: Ole Olson describes the international situation as a case of the irresistible evil force colliding with the immovably stupid object.” - Poul Anderson, Wildcat, in Conquests, 54/55. – Each panarchy is likely to have either allies or even members in territories that were formerly, unter territorialism, described as enemy countries. And the former territorial enemies will have their allies and members in the own country, all of them only doing their own things, among their volunteers and, thereby, largely extinguishing animosities. – J.Z., 14.1.09, 23.12.11. - WARS OR CLASHES UNDER TERRITORIALISM VS. PEACE THROUGH EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS OR PANARCHIES



INTERNATIONALISM: True internationalism, he insisted, rests on self-determinatiion: 'each individual, each association, commune, or province, each region and nation, has the absolute right to determine its own fate, to associate with others or not, to ally itself with whomever it will, or break any alliance, without regard to so-called historical claims or the convenience of its neighbour.' Only in this way would nations cease to be the products of conquest and historical and geographical distortion. In the long run, however, Bakunin believed that the national question is secondary to the social revolution and the social revolution should become a world revolution.” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.34. - By accepting the notion of provinces, regions and nations he opposes the self-determination of individuals in these territories. They become victims of territorial majorities. Did he anywhere contemplate full exterritorial autonomy for volunteers and the absence of any territorial organization? - J.Z., 22.10.02. - SELF-DETERMINATION, INDEPENDENCE, TERRIOTORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

INTERNET & NON-TERRITORIAL FREEDOM: HALLIDAY, ROY: Non-Territorial Freedom. Here, under the following three headings he offers 36 relevant articles: Cyberspace and the Internet - 20 articles. - Extraterritoriality - 2 articles by Richard C. B. Johnsson. - Panarchy, Polyarchy, or Multiple Governments - 14 articles by Le Grand E. Day, Max Nettlau, Gian Piero de Bellis, Bruno S. Frey & J.Z. - When I downloaded it, this page was last updated on July 11, 2011. He sums up the articles very shortly and refers to their URL location on various libertarian sites. A good links list on the subject. - J.Z.

INTERNET & PANARCHISM: The Internet operates largely already exterritorially, although many territorial governments attempt to restrict its exterritorial liberties. Participation is voluntary. Connection to it is financed by voluntary contributions. (Apart from the remaining monopolistically owned telephone lines and band-widths “properties”.) One only puts in the information one wants to put in and extracts only that one is interested in, to the extent that this finding and extraction is already made easy enough.  Most “censorship” that is still involved is largely self-imposed by one’s own interests and convictions. But its virtual reality and voluntarism is not yet a sufficient substitute for freedom of action and exterritorially autonomous communities. It has greatly speeded up and facilitated and cheapened communication and some exchanges of goods or services. But it is not yet a substitute for freedom of action outside its electronic sphere and channels. – J.Z., 27.1.05.

INTERNET: Freedom of information is not enough without freedom to experiment. Can freedom to experiment be sufficiently spread via the Internet? Or is it there neglected almost as as much as it is in the mass media, together with many other significant freedom and rights ideas and practices? I get disgusted when I see how many people use their computers and the Internet e.g., only to design and send each other e.g. greeting cards rather than to develop and convey important ideas. - J.Z., 14.2.99, 21.10.02. – Over the last few years references to panarchism, polyarchism and monetary freedom have multiplied greatly. – So much so than an individual can no longer explore all these search results by himself. International collaboration is required to properly evaluate all these hints and to optimally combine the correct ones, e.g. in a free banking encyclopedia and one on panarchism. -  J.Z., 23.12.11. - PANARCHISM, FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

INTERNOSCIA, JEROME: New Code of International Law, 1910, 1003pp, in English, French and Italian, PEACE PLANS 85-95. - This may be still the best private draft on minority rights in international laws. Ulrich von Beckerath suggested that it should always be consulted first. Whenever one would want to deviate from it one should state one's reasons for this quite clearly and publicly. - J.Z. - See: BECKERATH, ULRICH VON: On Panarchy.

INTERVENTION, LIBERATION, SELF-HELP, SOLIDARITY: Hereditary bondsmen! know ye not, Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow!" - Lord Byron, Childe Harold. - It appears to be an almost generally accepted rule that important factors and reverse options ought to be left out of definitions, principles and attempts to explain realities and possibilities. Here: As if the victim of a murderous attack or robbery had no moral claim at all upon assistance by others. One may, indeed, insist that self-help is at least seriously attempted but can hardly argue that it would always suffice to defend our common enemy: territorial despotism, in all its diverse appearances and under all its names. - J.Z., 5.4.89, 8.4.89. The grannies of this world should not always have to fight off, on their own, all muggers and burglars. However, they should be allowed efficient means for self-defence and should be trained in using them. (The beginnings of this might consist e.g. in an annual tax deduction of $ 500 for those aquiring a handgun and $ 1000 for those showing a trustworthy proficiency certificate for its use. However, interest in individual secessionism and advocacy of seceding from the inefficient "protection" offered by the State to crime victims or potential crime victims, would, in the long run, lead to much more protection for all present victims than arming all of them. After all, the greatest criminals are the territorial governments, who rob and enslave people quite legally, under the pretence of protecting and helping them.) Allow the grannies to join alternative protective associations and societies! - J.Z., 6.9.04. 

INTERVENTION: An “intervention” only among volunteers is not an intervention but an invited reform that they do want. And an intervention against a coercive intervention isn't an intervention, either but, rather, a defensive action. - J.Z., 8.6.92, 15.1.09, 23.5.12. - AGGRESSION, DEFENCE, SELF-DEFENCE, RESISTANCE, REVOLUTION, GUN CONTROL

INTERVENTION: Whenever, wherever and however territorial government interferes – much waste results. Under laissez faire economics, i.e., free pricing, free work, profit incentives for all and the great varieties of free contracts, savings, efficiencies and relative abundance result, almost automatically, as by the efforts of an "invisible hand" or by a force towards "natural harmony". Each gets non-authoritarian feedback on his actions in order to correct or optimize them. - J.Z., 11.6.99, 21.10.02. – The same applies to non-territorial or laissez faire societies and communities, all competing with each other and doing merely those things which their voluntary members want done among themselves. Their failures will teach as much as their successes and they will have no involuntary victims. – J.Z., 14.12.10. INTERFERENCE, WASTE, GOVERNMENT

INTERVENTIONISM: I only hope our meddling fools down in Washington will conquer the itch for sticking their nose (*) in other people's business, and keep quiet. If they do, it will be a miracle, but miracles sometimes happen.” - Albert Jay Nock, Journal of Forgotten Days, May 1934 - October 1935, Regnery, 1948, p.122. - Among the things that they could and should have done is discuss and publish rightful war and peace aims, recognize all governments in exile that do recognize these aims, and do want to rule only over volunteers and do this already, as far as is rightful and possible. Furthermore, the borders should have been opened for all refugees and deserters. They could and should have developed and published programs for rightful warfare and resistance and liberation actions, for rightful military insurrections and revolutions, how they could be best organized and financed. They could have popularized again the old theory of tyrannicide. With such steps and much less blood, property and earnings sacrifices than were used e.g. in WW II by the U.S. government, they could have achieved much more, much sooner and much more lastingly. However and quite naturally, as territorial governments, they did not do any of this. – (*) Have all these fools only one nose between them? – J.Z., 28.4.00, 3.5.00, 23.12.11. - MEDDLING, ISOLATIONISM, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM

INTERVENTIONISM: No free State can reasonably tolerate, aside of itself, any constitutions whose rulers derive advantages from subjugating peoples in their neighbourhood and who, thereby, perpetually threaten the existence [rights and liberties – J.Z.] of their neighbours. Care for their own security forces all free States to transform all those around them likewise into free States and so, in their own interest, to spread the empire of culture over the savages, that of freedom over the enslaved peoples. Soon after, the peoples formed and liberated by them will get into the same situation with their still barbaric and enslaved neighbours, in which the previously free States were shortly before with them. They will then be forced to do the same for these, what had just been done to them. Consequently, once some truly free States developed, inevitably the territory of culture and freedom, and with it that of general peace, will gradually embrance the whole planet. - Thus follows, necessarily, from the establishment of a rightful constitution in the interior and from the assurance of peace between individuals, rightful external relations between the peoples and general peace between States.” – (“Kein freier Staat kann Verfassungen, deren Oberherren Vorteile davon haben, wenn sie benachbarte Voelker unterjochen, und die daher durch ihre blosses Dasein die Ruhe der Nachbarn unaufhoerlich bedrohen, vernuenftigerweise neben sich dulden.; die Sorge fuer ihre eigene Sicherheit noetigt alle freie Staaten, alles um sich herum gleichfalls in freie Staaten umzuschaffen, und so um ihres eignen Wohls willen das Reich der Cultur ueber die Wilden, das der Freiheit ueber die Sklavenvoelker rund um sich her zu verbreiten. Bald werden die, durch sie gebildeten oder befreiten Voelker, mit ihren noch barbarischen oder sklavischen Nachbarn in dieselbe Lage geraten, in welcher die frueher freien vor Kurzem noch mit ihnen selbst waren, und genoetigt sein, dasselbe fuer diese zu tun, was so eben fuer sie geschah: und so wird denn, nachdem nur einige wahrhaft freie Staaten entstanden, notwendig das Gebiet der Cultur, und der Freiheit, und mit ihm des allgmeinen Friedens, allmaehlich den ganzen Erdball umschlingen. - So erfolgt notwendig aus der Errichtung einer rechtlichen Verfassung im Innern, und aus der Befestigung des Friedens zwischen den Einzelnen Rechtlichkeit im aeusseren Verhaeltnisse der Voelker gegen einander, und allgemeiner Friede der Staaten. …”) – J. G. Fichte, Die Bestimmung des Menschen, p.138. - Interventions by exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, striving to provide the neighbouring captive peoples, nations and minorities with the same exterritorial autonomy, are much more justified, efficient and less bloody. Already their mere examples could set off liberating revolutions and military insurrections in despotically ruled countries. Territorial States are not and cannot be fully free States. They will always have more or less suppressed or outvoted individuals and minorities. Their dictatorship over dissenters, however democratic in forms, varies only by degrees. - J.Z., 4.6.91, 24.10.02. – However, within the inherent limitations of their remaining territorialism, at least majoritarian democracies have spread more and more over the last few decades. Totalitarian regimes have become rare and the number of open dictatorships is being diminished. Their total disappearance can already be envisioned merely from current trends, independent of possible panarchistic developments, which could greatly accelerate this process and drive it much further towards liberty, justice, peace, prosperity, enlightenment and progress in all spheres. – J.Z., 23.5.12. - ROGUE STATES, DICTATORSHIPS, DESPOTISM, TOTALITARIANISM, DEMOCRACIES, RIGHTS, PEACE, JUSTICE, CONSTITUTIONS, FREEDOM, CRIMINAL REGIMES, DIS., TERRITORIALISM, LIBERATION

INTERVENTIONISM: Promotion of individual secession and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities isn't "intervention" in the affairs of those who do agree among themselves. For them it means rather liberation, so that in future they can run their own affairs as they please, independent of majorities and experts and rulers with whom they disagree. It amounts rather to intervention with coercive interventionism to achieve the abolition of this kind of wrongful interventionism via liberating interventionism. - J.Z., 21.11.93. - Like any use of force it is not inherently bad. It simply depends for what purpose it is used - to defend rights and liberties or to offend against them. - J.Z., 21.10.02. - SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

INTERVENTIONISM: With the best intentions coercive interventions achieve, as a rule, the opposite of the intended result. They enchain rather than liberate creative energies and do not sufficiently restrict or prevent crimes with victims. Drug and gun laws are typical examples. So are monopoly police and defence forces and governmental armaments, public health measures and governmental insurance schemes, banking institutions arbitration system etc. Have territorial governments any successes to present or only failures? I do not know of any successes. Do you? - J.Z., 24.10.02. – Q., STATISM, BUREAUCRACY, LEGISLATION, PROTECTIONISM, REGULATIONS, LAWS, GOVERNMENTS, STATE, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS

INTOLERANCE, EVIL: we cannot deny that SOME ways of life are, on balance, evil. The worst and most dangerous are those which cannot tolerate anything different from themselves." - Poul Anderson, "Past Times", 140. - They do not wish to tolerate differences, nor do they know or care to learn how they could have their own cake while leaving the cakes of others alone. - J.Z. 12.1.93, 23.5.12. – EGALITARIANISM, COMPULSORY EQUALIZERS OR UNIFYERS, TERRITORIALISM INSTEAD OF EXTERRITORIAL COEXISTENCE & TOLERANCE


INTOLERANCE: All conventional (i.e., intolerant, territorial, coercive, centralizing and monopolistic) revolutionaries tend to dig their own graves. - J.Z., 8.3.85. - "The revolution swallows its own children." Even if their movement survives and wins, it will lose its impetus in the long run and lead only, after numerous sacrifices, to almost total failure. Just like most peaceful and gradualist territorial reform movements. There is no just and sound territorial substitute for genuine self-government of individuals under personal laws and exterritorial autonomy for their volunteer communities or societies. Under territorialism mutual intolerance goes on for centuries and demands its daily victims. - J.Z., 25.10.02. - REVOLUTIONARIES, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

INTOLERANCE: Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.” - Thomas A. Kempis. - BLAME, ANGER

INTOLERANCE: But the Denebs had one great shortcoming - they could not abide the notion of sharing the cosmos with a life form equal to themselves - or higher.” - Eric Frank Russell, Sentinel's from Space, p.225. – TOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, RACISM, RELIGIOUSLY

INTOLERANCE: Cuius regio eius religio.” - He who controls the territory controls the religion of its inhabitants. – At least that “principle” is no longer as widely practised as it was once. However, when it comes to political, economic and social systems - then it is still dominant, oppressively, exploitatively, destructively and murderously so. – J.Z., 23.12.11. - TERRITORIALISM

INTOLERANCE: Either intolerant dogmatism or man will have to die. - J.Z., 16.3.76. - SURVIVAL, TOLERANCE, DOGMATISM, NUCLEAR WAR, TERRITORIALISM

INTOLERANCE: Everyone also knows what ought to be done. Everyone reviles everyone who does not agree with him, and everyone differs, or agrees only in contempt for everyone else. As far as I can see, everyone is right.” - Henry Adams – Everyone is right only in their intolerance towards the intolerant others, and in their tolerance for tolerant others, while everyone is wrong in their intolerance towards tolerant others and in not being satisfied with tolerance for their own and self-responsible actions. Intolerance only for intolerant people and their actions. Tolerance for all who are tolerant. – Under exterritorial autonomy and personal laws that is quite possible and practicable, as evidenced by history and even some historical remnants of exterritoriality and personal laws. – J.Z., 8.8.08.

INTOLERANCE: I don't like making the rest of the world live in my dreams but I certainly don't want to live in yours.” - Ursula Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven, p.125. – DREAMS, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE

INTOLERANCE: intolerance is the first sign of an inadequate education. An ill-educated person behaves with arrogant impatience, whereas truly profound education breeds humility.” - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, August 14, p.473. – As territorialists we are all under-educated when it comes to the potental for all kinds of free and tolerant actions. – J.Z., 14.12.10. - EDUCATION

INTOLERANCE: Intolerant, i.e. territorial politics is as wrong, if not worse than were and are (still in some countries) intolerant religions. - J.Z., 25.8.98, 24.12.11. - Politics will be generally as intolerant as religions were - as long as as it remains territorial, as territorial as intolerant religions were and in some places still are. - J.Z., 25.8.98, 21.10.02. - POLITICS & RELIGIONS, TERRITORIALISM

INTOLERANCE: It is terrible in this world that we try with the same eagerness to make ourselves happy and to prevent others from being happy.” - Rivarol, in: Franzoesische Moralisten, S.324. - HAPPINESS, INTERFERENCE & ANIMOSITIES

INTOLERANCE: Kill them all. God will easily recognize His own.” - Amalric, to Simon de Montfort, at the massacre at Beziers, 1209. - GENOCIDE, RELIGIOUS FANATICISM, MASS MURDER, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

INTOLERANCE: Many people seem to act under the "principle": Any excuse to make an enemy, even out of a friend or ally. - J.Z., 28.7.96. - POLITICS AS USUAL, TERRITORIALISM, ENEMIES, FRIENDS, ALLIES, WEAPONS, WARFARE, FOREIGN POLICY, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, AIR RAIDS, NUCLEAR "DEFENCE"

INTOLERANCE: Nothing dies so hard, or rallies so often, as intolerance.” - Henry Ward Beecher. - Before consistent tolerance, for all tolerant people, even in the spheres of actions now pre-empted by governments, it would tend to melt away and stay away forever. - J.Z., 14.10.02. - PANARCHISM

INTOLERANCE: Stone all of those ready to initiate the stoning of others. – J.Z., 31.3.86.

INTOLERANCE: Taxation is an extreme feature of intolerance. - J.Z., 29.12.76, 26.10.02.

INTOLERANCE: Territorial archists, authoritarians, dogmatists, egalitarians and intolerant anarchists are a problem, not the solution. They will definitely not lead us towards free, voluntaristic, competitive, peaceful, secure, progressive and prosperous societies - but will contribute to the continuance of the present messes. - J.Z., 18.1.95, 19.10.02.

INTOLERANCE: The burning of widows is your custom. Prepare the funeral pire. But my nation also has a custom. When men burn women alive, we hang them and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs." – Sir Charles Napier, c. 1844; Sir William Napier, “History of General Sir Charles Napier’s Administration of Scinde”, 1851, p.35. – Instead, the widows, before they were burnt by their countrymen, should be offered the option of joining any community of their choice that does not burn widows. The widows are not like other criminals with victims. They have done nothing wrong and do have the right to live, if they want to. Under full monetary freedom there would also, almost always, be some productive work for them. – Otherwise, the previously saved widows might take care of them. – Napier, with the best intentions, still threatened to impose his kind of law. – Here, too, it should have been the involuntary victim’s choice. – J.Z., 5.1.09, 23.5.12. - INTOLERANT RELIGIONS, BURNING OF WIDOWS, RESISTANCE AGAINST INTOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

INTOLERANCE: The devil loves nothing better than the intolerance of reformers, and dreads nothing so much as their charity and patience.” - James Russell Lowell. - They do not have to be charitable and patient when they enjoy full exterritorial autonomy for their reforms among volunteers. - J.Z., 25.11.02.

INTOLERANCE: The end of thought - ideas in uniform.” - Roger McDonald, "1915", p.220. – Ideas can neither think nor wear uniforms. However, all too many people don’t think enough on all too many important subjects and let them selves be uniformed and forced to fight uniformed people on the other side. – J.Z., 23.12.11.

INTOLERANCE: The essential point is that such intolerance to minorities is a mere reflection of the State monopoly ... The evil thing about it is that it is always an attack on innocent people, who happened (normally through no-fault of their own) to have darker skins or longer noses, to speak a different language, or to practice a different religion from the majority.” - J. D. Mabbott, The State And The Citizen, p.168. - STATES, MINORITIES AND TERRITORIALISM

INTOLERANCE: The fact that most people are still intolerant is no reason to assume that they must or ought to be or will be intolerant, forever. On the contrary, it makes the conversion to tolerance towards tolerant actions, exterritorially and autonomously organized and practised among volunteers, all the more important and acute. The very survival of man may depend upon it while mass extermination devices are already in all too many hands. - J.Z. 7.6.92, 13.1.93, 22.12.11. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

INTOLERANCE: The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic.” – H. L. Mencken. – Whoever is sufficiently confident that his reforms are superior would want to introduce them only tolerantly, among his volunteers, not coercively and territorially for a whole population at once. – He would demonstrate his so far only imagined improvements in tolerant experiments and so would do the least damage, if any at all. Alternatively, if he really has something good to offer, then by free experimentation among volunteers he could still gain, finally, the support of most of the population of a country. Thus he would also provoke the least animosity and resistance. – He would also require a much shorter enlightenment period to gain sufficient voluntary supporters to practise his reforms among them, than he would need for trying to win majority support for his proposed reforms. – The experimental or laboratory or voluntary method works best not only in private lives, in science, technology and the arts but also for political, economic and social systems and their reforms. – Territorial and collectivist prejudices have made us largely blind to this fact. - J.Z., 4.1.08. - IGNORANCE, FOOLISHNESS, COMPULSION & TERRITORIALISM OF REFORMERS

INTOLERANCE: The real crime … is acting on a belief that certainty entitles you to imposed your views on others." - L. Neil Smith, A Matter of Certainty, Brad Linaweaver & Edward E. Kramer, eds., Free Space, Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York,, 1998, p.282. - FOR TOLERANT ACTIONS, TERRITORIALISM, DEMANDING FREEDOM OF ACTION NOT ONLY IN THE OWN SPHERE BUT IN THAT OF OTHERS AS WELL

INTOLERANCE: The uncompromising attitude is more indicative of an inner uncertainty than a deep conviction. The implacable stand is directed more against the doubt within than the assailant without.” - Eric Hoffer - FANATICISM, FUNDAMENTALISM, CONVICTIONS & DOUBTS

INTOLERANCE: The worst examples of intolerance are wars, civil wars, violent revolutions, ABC mass murder devices and terrorist acts. - J.Z., in pamphlet: TOLERANCE. - Too many even of the democratic territorial governments are all too well prepared-for a general nuclear holocaust, with its kind of quite wrongful mass extermination devices, misinterpreted as “defensive strength”. – J.Z., n.d. & 19.12.11. - WAR, CIVIL WAR, REVOLUTIONS, NUCLEAR WEAPONS, WMD, MASS MURDER DEVICES

INTOLERANCE: These neo-puritans refuse to acknowledge any moral code or belief system but their own.” - Joe Fulks, THE CONNECION 138, p.26. - They are right to do so - but only for the relations among themselves, in their own volunteer communities, in which they should be exterritorially autonomous. In their relations to members of other communities they will have to pay attention to their traditions, customs, contracts and ethical or moral codes, if they do not want to be treated as meddlers or even aggressors. - J.Z., 20.10.02, 23.12.11. – DIS., FANATICS, IDEOLOGUES, TRUE BELIEVERS, STIRNERIANS, EGOISM, UTILITARIANS, MORALISITS, HUMAN RIGHTS, PANARCHISM

INTOLERANCE: They seem not to care how many people they trample on to bring about their golden utopia.” - Jim Stumm, THE CONNECTION 133, p.69. - UTOPIANS, IDEOLOGUES, TRUE BELIEVERS, STATISTS, TERRITORIALISTS

INTOLERANCE: Those who are convinced they have a monopoly on The Truth always feel that they are only saving the world when they slaughter the heretics.” - Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. - ZEALOTS, FANATICS, REFORMERS, REVOLUTIONARIES, HERETICS

INTOLERANCE: Trouble is, society won't function without some measure of intolerance and compulsion.” - Poul Anderson, The Best of Poul Anderson, p.174. - Towards end of part 4 of the story: The Fatal Fulfillment. - The only justifiable intolerant and coercive measures are those directed against intolerant people and enforcers of wrongs. - J.Z., 26.1.00, 20.10.02, 23.12.11. - COMPULSION

INTOLERANCE: Unity and self-sacrifice, of themselves, even when fostered by the most noble means, produce a facility for hating. Even when men league themselves mightily together to promote tolerance and peace on earth, they are likely to be violently intolerant toward those not of a like mind.” - Eric Hoffer. – Only if they persist with territorial ideas, premises, actions and institutions. In religion, personal life styles, the organization of production and exchange, in arts, fashions, hobbies, technology and science we have, largely, come away from this. The natural unity among volunteers and the enforced unity or uniformity among populations of whole territories should be distinguished. – J.Z., 23.1.08, 23.12.11. – UNITY, ENFORCED UNIFORMITY, TERRITORIALISM

INTOLERANCE: we have outlawed intolerance.” – (… wir haben die Intoleranz fuer vogelfrei erklaert.”) - Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, Bd. 4, S.23. – Not yet sufficiently, until we have introduced tolerance also in the political, econmic and social spheres as well, for all kinds of exterritorially autonomous experiments of volunteers. - Tolerance merely for freedom of expression and information, styles and fashions etc. is by far not enough. - J.Z., 27.10.02, 14.12.10. – Territorialism still institutionalizes large degrees of intolerance. – J.Z., 23.12.11.

INTOLERANCE: We only got one life and most of us use it like a knife to cut up others with." - From film: The Wild and the Willing, 1962.

INTOLERANCE: What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists is not that they are extreme but that they are intolerant.” - Robert F. Kennedy, The Pursuit of Justice. - As a territorialist, he too was extremely intolerant. - J.Z., 27.10.02. – That was, probably, best demonstrated by his nuclear strength policy and practice. – J.Z., 23.12.11. - EXTREMISM, RADICALISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBIITY, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

INTOLERANCE: When you and ours have it in our power to do for you and yours what you and yours have done for us and ours, then we and ours will do for you and yours what you and yours have done for us and ours.” - Old English toast. - That can be conceived either as an expression of gratefulness, mutuality, or free exchange, as well as a threat of revenge for wrongs done to oneself. Drinking and drunk people are not likely to ponder much about this difference. It can be a toast for one nation only or for a peaceful competition between numerous competing governments and free societies or communities. - Intolerance should not be generalized, e.g. territorially practised by States of the present kind, but rather be abolished and replaced by tolerance, for tolerant actions and experiments, made possible through exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, under personal laws - with all of them originally established via individual secessionism. - J.Z., 12.7.86, 25.10.02, 23.12.11. - PANARCHISM, POWER, DIS.

INTOLERANT ANARCHISTS: Anarchist movement people are largely people who tell each other that they are not "true blue" or "true black" anarchists. Only the members of the own small anarchist sect would be true anarchists, or so they believe. - J.Z., 10.2.94. - Being as intolerant as they are towards other anarchists and towards libertarians, they are even more intolerant towards the vast majority of people who are still statists. Since most of the anarchists and libertarians are still territorialists, they do thus ignore the fastest road for everyone to the government or non-governmental society of their dreams or individual choice. - J.Z., 21.10.02, 23.12.11.

INVASION: The muddled thinking of the Allied Governments in WW II is e.g. shown by them calling the D-Day operation an "invasion". It was certainly not an invasion for their Free French and Free Poland allied forces and would not have been one for those Germans, who would have liked to be their allies for a free Germany. Liberation and Deliverance should be distinguished from invasions and other aggressions. - J.Z., 24.2.88, 23.5.12.

INVENTIVENESS: Reforms, initiative, creativeness, honesty, freedom of contract and self-obligation should not be outlawed, restricted or regulated in the spheres of alternative money issues, reflux, acceptance, market rating, refusals, usage and value standards, finance, clearing, insurance and guarantees, either. Uniformity or “one size fits all” is no more apt in the monetary sphere than it is in other spheres. We need no more a single standardized and uniform means of exchange and value standard for all than we need a single and standardized kind of tooth brush, tennis racket, head cover or pair of shoes. On the contrary, the supply of needed and wanted exchange media and value standards as well as the refusal of unnecessary and unwanted exchange media and value standards, should be as free as possible. Money is much too important to be left to the ignorance, prejudices and vested interests of politicians, bureaucrats and their "expert" advisors. History has supplied more than enough proofs for that. Neither money, nor peace nor the provision of capital, of roads, research, education, health services, postal services, defence forces, liberation or revolution or the defeat of terrorism can be confidently left to the all too limited knowledge and abilities of territorial governments, their ignorance, errors and prejudices. Indeed, there is nothing that territorial governments have proven to be quite able and efficient to supply as rightfully, cheaply and well as possible. - J.Z., 27.8.02, 23.5.12. – “Everything the government does costs at least twice as much.”

IRAQ & PANARCHISM: The anti-panarchistic program in Iraq: Instead of liberating all the dissenting minorities in Iraq, providing freedom of action and freedom to experiment for them and reducing the territorialist Iraqis to an a-territorial community of volunteer within the former territorial Iraq, but also allowing it to try to gain more followers from all over the world, the allied forces, upon commands of their governments, try to establish there, by force, a territorial democracy for which its diverse groups and public opinion are certainly not prepared. They try to do this in a country in which even tribalism is still more popular, although or because it had been suppressed for many decades. Thus an open or underground civil war continues there, directed not only against the allied forces and their puppet regime but also setting the various dissenting minorities in Iraq against each other because each fears the domination by any of the other minorities or a local majority and sees no other defence against such a domination than territorial domination by itself. The allied governments, that deposed the dictator Saddam Hussein, are certainly not attempting to introduce panarchism there and are not even discussing such an option among themselves. This in spite of the fact that only full exterritorial autonomy for all the factions has a chance to provide peace, freedom, justice, security, progress, prosperity and enlightenment there, as everywhere else, as fast and as certainly as possible. – Under it all the fanatics, of one kind or the other do still have the right to rule over themselves - and should get it realized at their own risk and expense. The supposed consensus about a united Iraq would then soon be revealed as a delusion and a very dangerous one at that. - Mutual antagonism would soon tend to disappear - when all are left free or even encouraged to pursue their own ideals among themselves. The various followers of Mohammed might be reminded that he was tolerant towards Jews and Christians - as long as they paid their head tax. Only that fiscal condition need to be repealed now and tolerance should be extended to all the Islamic sects - and to all other religious and ideological groups, as long as none of them is "crusading" against any of the others. - If the allied forces then did nothing but enforce this kind of peace, until similarly motivated peace-keeping forces of Iraqis would take over, the current antagonism against the "invasion" and "occupation" of territorial Iraq would soon tend to disappear and the withdrawal of foreign troops could become accelerated without loss of face, without having been shown to have been totally in vain. - But all the territorial governments involved and all the resistance movements in Iraq as well as all the critics of foreign intervention in Iraq are still very far from considering such just liberating war and peace aims. Without a conventional military intervention they could have been even more successful. That would only have required the recognition of all kinds of governments in exile, manned by Iraqis, which had no other aim than full a-territorial autonomy for their present and future voluntary members. On that basis all the dissenting forces in Iraq could have become temporarily quite united in all their efforts to overthrow Saddam Hussein's despotic regime and to replace it by genuine self-governments, tolerant, voluntary, none claiming a territorial monopoly and rule over others and thus peacefully coexisting. - With amnesty granted for all ordinary people for the crimes they were involved in, formerly, under territorialism, even most members of the armed forces would have deserted the Saddam Hussein regime and fraternized with such liberation forces. - Moreover, under full experimental freedom at least one community would soon have applied the necessary monetary and financial liberation steps that would have done away with unemployment and inflation for them. Their example would soon have been followed by most others. - Furthermore, all Iraqis could have become shareholders in all remaining government assets. - - No liberation attempt is genuine when it does not attempt to liberate all the diverse and antagonistic minorities in a country, not only towards full freedom of expression and information but also towards full freedom of action - as far as their own affairs are concerned. - "Holy wars" undertaken in attempts to dominate the affairs of other communities of volunteers should be declared as the unholy and tyrannical attempts that they are, of religious fanatics trying to dominate the lives of all who do not agree with them. - Genuine holy or liberation wars or attempts would aim only at genuine self-government for communities of volunteers and thus they could become reduced to genuine police actions against a minority of intolerant fanatics, whose number or influence would rapidly be diminished under full an-territorial tolerance for all tolerant people. - Those few men in power in and around Iraq, who toyed with the thoughts of acquiring mass murder devices, were merely following the wrongful but still all too common and popular territorial notions into their ultimate immoral consequences of genocide with these anti-people "weapons". - The monopolization of war and peace decision-making in the hands of a few must be ended. All such mass murder devices must be destroyed - by the people themselves, or under their close inspection, i.e. by those, who are, at least indirectly, targeted by them (through the same kind of “weapons” by the enemy regime). - The territorial centralization and monopolization of military decision-making, in combination with territorial powers and collective responsibility notions and supported by monetary and financial despotism, has lead and still leads to all too many and all too bloody wars, civil wars, revolutions and military insurrections, in which, usually, many more innocents are killed then guilty ones. - Territorialism brings about infighting and external wars. Exterritorialism, combined with voluntarism, avoids them by assuring to each his own. - Even the best, the most democratic and republican territorial governments have still all too many territorial and to that extent totalitarian features, as long as their territorialism persists. Already Kant pointed out that a government in which ultimately only one man decides on war and peace is still a despotism. This despotism persists today even in the supposedly "free" countries. - Why should we thus repeat the worst mistakes and wrongs of our statist enemies, whom we greatly and constantly blame for lesser wrongs and mistakes? - Forcefully introducing e.g. a libertarian limited government in Iraq (still unlimited with regard to its territorial monopoly) would, most likely, provoke even more resistance than to attempt to introduce merely a conventional democratic or republican territorial government for all Iraqis. - The territorial spleen must become renounced by and for all, once peace, justice, security, prosperity and progress are seriously aimed at. Let all the diverse movements act in their own ways - but only at their own expense and risk. Their experiments must all become confined to volunteers, i.e. voluntary victims or self-liberators. - Military actions should become reduced to rightful police actions and bloody and collectivist revolutions to quite peaceful one-man revolutions, practised by mere registration changes on the membership lists. - Libertarians stated rightfully that military invasion was not the most rightful and rational procedure. Alas, most of the libertarian critics fail to utter their alternative liberation program for people subjugated by a dictatorship, in Iraq or anywhere else, where people are suppressed and, especially, where they are often murdered en masse. Should these people simply be left to their government-imposed fates? Is isolationism the rightful response? It, too, is still a part of territorialism. Have libertarians no to advise to these victims and to their non-governmental sympathizers around the world? - Is there no case for libertarian interventionism anywhere and no libertarian liberation program for people in other countries? Democratic governments have often at least tried to intervene against aggressors and mass murderers - however clumsily and self-defeatingly, in many trouble spots of the world, last in Afghanistan and Iran. Should libertarians show less good intentions than these governments and no knowledge and ability to bring about just solutions with a minimum of bloodshed and destruction and with less waste of money? - If the international governmental intervention in Iraq had been directed only against ascertained WMDs, then the governments attempting to move that threat should have first and unilaterally destroyed their own WMDs in order to demonstrate their higher moral position. Alas, they subscribe "nuclear strength" positions and illusions themselves. Who can trust any government prepared to sacrifice tens of thousands to millions of relatively innocent people with one "weapons" strike, which would, mostly, leave the enemy government intact? - Under what conditions could Western forces in Iraq leave without leaving behind another chaos of mutual domination and prosecution attempts? - How could freedom lovers win the sympathy and support of most Iraqis, without any attempts to purchase their gratitude? - Firstly, they should recognize that any territorial State there could hold together a "unified" Iraq only by force. - Each of the contending groups there wants self-rule rather than being ruled by any other group or combination of groups. So far, under the territorial system, it can achieve this only by becoming the dominant group. So this territorial struggle goes on and on, leaving sometimes one and then another group on top. Just as with party struggles in democracies, but much more ruthlessly. - So far no government or libertarian movement has offered them the alternative of a-territorial self-rule under personal laws. Complete autonomy for all the diverse minorities but also complete autonomy for the majority over its own affairs, its own members should be the primary aim. - Only because this non-territorial self-rule is withheld from them do they turn against each other, with each trying to gain the top dog position. - Even if this endless fighting with bullets would be replaced by an endless fighting with ballots, the situation would only become less bloody, while democracy persists, but not sufficiently more just, tolerant and freedom-promoting. Under as strong antagonism between the diverse groups another dictatorship would be likely to arise again, soon and to stay in power for all too long. - Libertarians and finally also democratic governments should recognize the rightful self-government aspirations of all the diverse groups, especially in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. It does not matter whether they are tribal or modern groups, monarchic, aristocratic or democratic ones, religious, atheistic or ideological, of whatever shade, as long and to the extent that they only want to rule themselves they should be recognized. The nationalists and even the world federalists should also be given their chance - among their volunteers and only at their risk and expense. - Centralism for the centralists, decentralism for the decentralists. - Racism for the racists, traditions for the traditionalists, cosmopolitanism for the cosmopolitans, conservatism for the conservatives, reactionary institutions and actions - for reactionaries only. - No ethnic group to become ruled by any other. - Only on the basis of a-territorial autonomy does this become possible. It is impossible on a territorial basis without imposing a territorial apartheid - without relocating most people within their own territorial "prisons".  How, in practice, can one come to recognize an-territorial (exterritorial) autonomy for all the diverse groups, all with voluntary membership only? - While a dictatorship still exists - by recognizing all governments-in-exile, which are quite rightful because they aspire to rule only over volunteers and do already practise their autonomy but only among the refugees and deserters they have already gathered to them. - When the dictatorship has finally been overthrown then, by allowing all individuals and voluntary communities to secede from the temporary rule of the occupation force and also from the alternative regime that it would favor, however democratic that might be. They might declare themselves as subjects or associates or allies of any of the governments-in-exile that had previously been established in a foreign country. – Once freedom of expression is assured, subscription lists for all the different communities should be publicly laid out, like subscription lists to new capital subscriptions. – That would be the only kind of “free election” that is needed. It would be interesting to find out how many would then subscribe to the new democratic regime proposed by the Western Allies for Iraq (for its volunteers) and how many would still want the system of the Saddam Hussein regime - for themselves. - Let all try to become as happy as they can be, in their own ways, with their own methods, institutions, faith, ideology or preferences, all freely chosen and applied by individuals only to themselves and like-minded people, in their own communities or societies or voluntary or competing governance systems, all of them without any territorial powers and monopolies. – Then most people, after becoming fully aware of that option, could not care less what others are doing for or to themselves, just like most of them do not care at present what other countries, peoples or States do now, internally. Instead, they would become very much involved in their own kind of public affairs, almost as much as they are now involved in their own private affairs or with their favorite sports team. - However absurd, wrong and flawed the competing government or competing society, chosen by the secessionists for themselves, might appear to outsiders and critics, or may objectively be, for the voluntary members it would be the rightful and just one, one that would set them as free as they want to be, no more, no less - at least for the time being. Later, after more experience with their supposed ideal, they should be free to change it, secede from it and also be to join another or try to establish another. - What we consider to be already as self-evidently true in somewhat free societies, namely free choice in private matters, should simply be extended to "public service" agencies and all their "services" and charges. - Fully free competition between all the different systems practised among their volunteers, however much they would disallow competition, as e.g. protectionists and State socialists or State capitalists would. - A free market for all State and societal services, institutions and experiments, all only among volunteers! Anarchism or Laissez Faire for all of them - however much they would oppose anarchism or laissez faire economics and act contrary to them - internally and among themselves only. - A free market even for all international federations, even for conservative and reactionary ones. - Freedom for all reformers and revolutionaries - to do their own things for or to themselves, as long as they can stand them. - No form of monetary despotism or of monetary freedom would be forced upon anyone. Thus inflations, deflations, stagflations and mass unemployment could soon be overcome, first only by a few then by all who would imitate their successful actions. - Autonomy for all fools - to harm themselves as much as they like.  - An obvious limit to this, already almost generally recognized, would be child sacrifices. Also refusals of parents to permit life-saving blood transfusions to their children. – J.Z., n.d. & 22.12.11.

IRAQ: At 12:41 AM 20/12/2004, Jim [Peron] wrote: Rep. Ron Paul, MD: A recent study by the Pentagon¹s Defense Science Task Force on Strategic Communications concluded that in the struggle for hearts and minds in Iraq, “American efforts have not only failed, they may also have achieved the opposite of what they intended.” This Pentagon report flatly states that our war in Iraq actually has elevated support for radical Islamists. It goes on to conclude that our active intervention in the Middle East as a whole has greatly diminished our reputation in the region, and strengthened support for radical groups. This is similar to what the CIA predicted in an October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate, before the invasion took place. - - Then, earlier this month we learned that the CIA station chief in Baghdad sent a cable back to the US warning that the situation in Iraq is deteriorating, and not expected to improve any time soon. Other CIA experts also warn that the security situation in Iraq is likely to get even worse in the future. These reports are utterly ignored by the administration. - - These recent reports are not the product of some radical antiwar organization. They represent the US government¹s own assessment of our “progress” in Iraq after two and a half years and the loss of thousands of lives. We are alienating the Islamic world in our oxymoronic quest to impose democracy in Iraq. - - This demonstrates once again the folly of nation building, which is something candidate Bush wisely rejected before the 2000 election. The worsening situation in Iraq also reminds us that going to war without a congressional declaration, as the Constitution requires, leads us into protracted quagmires over and over again. - - The reality is that current-day Iraq contains three distinct groups of people who have been at odds with each other for generations. Pundits and politicians tell us that a civil war will erupt if the US military departs. Yet our insistence that Iraq remain one indivisible nation actually creates the conditions for civil war. Instead of an artificial, forced, nationalist unity between the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds, we should allow each group to seek self-government and choose voluntarily whether they wish to associate with a central government. We cannot impose democracy in Iraq any more than we can erase hundreds of years of Iraqi history. - - Even opponents of the war now argue that we must occupy Iraq indefinitely until a democratic government takes hold, no matter what the costs. No attempt is made by either side to explain exactly why it is the duty of American soldiers to die for the benefit of Iraq or any other foreign country. No reason is given why American taxpayers must pay billions of dollars to build infrastructure in Iraq. We are expected to accept the interventionist approach without question, as though no other options exist. This blanket acceptance of foreign meddling and foreign aid may be the current Republican policy, but it is not a conservative policy by any means. - - Non-interventionism was the foreign policy ideal of the Founding Fathers, an ideal that is ignored by both political parties today. Those who support political and military intervention in Iraq and elsewhere should have the integrity to admit that their views conflict with the principles of our nation’s founding. It¹s easy to repeat the tired cliché that “times have changed since the Constitution was written” ­ in fact, that’s an argument the left has used for decades to justify an unconstitutional welfare state. Yet if we accept this argument, what other principles from the founding era should we discard? Should we reject federalism? Habeas corpus? How about the Second Amendment? The principle of limited government enshrined in the Constitution ­ limited government in both domestic and foreign affairs ­ has not changed over time. What has changed is our willingness to ignore that principle. - December 14, 2004. - Dr. Ron Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas. - ILV_Discuss mailing list - - -</a - - - J.Z. to freestudentsnetwork,20.11.04, an offshoot of the ISIL conference at Rotarua, N.Z., in 2004, started by Jim Peron: - Dear Freedom Lovers, Ron Paul is good, as usual, in criticizing what governments are doing. - Beyond that he comes here out in favour of self-government for each of the diverse groups (passages underlined by me), however, without relating this to the need for a-territorial, exterritorial or non-territorial autonomy for them, wherever people with diverse tribal, ethnic, religious, racial, ideological, social or political origins, inclinations or commitments are now, largely, mixed with each other in the same territories. - - I believe that he is also wrong in distinguishing only 3 groups there. A closer look would, probably, discover dozens if not hundreds. - - Beyond his limited advocacy of voluntary diversity he favours non-intervention. - - That is quite right, as far as government action is concerned. But for "intervention", merely by means of the private development and spread of better ideas it is wrong. - There and in this way, we should try to "intervene", with better ideas, as much as we can! - Perhaps beginning with the advocacy of religious freedom, which we, in Western civilization countries, take already too much for granted. - - A "Common Sense" book like that of Thomas Paine on national territorial independence, but now extended to voluntary and exterritorial independence, remains, apparently, still either to be written or widely enough published. - Perhaps, one of you will write this book - and become one of the new "Founding Fathers". - My own writings on this subject - and the other ones that I know of - were certainly not popular enough. - Since neither the US government, nor its allies, nor the Middle East governments, nor the critics of either, nor the fighting factions in the Middle East, have so far come up with better ideas to solve their problems (which are, to a considerable degree our problems as well, especially the problems of the tiny libertarian minorities), he should loudly proclaim the need for INTERVENTION - BY MEANS OF BETTER IDEAS, PLATFORMS, PROGRAMS, FOR QUITE RIGHTFUL AND RATIONAL ACTIONS, in all of the trouble spots of the world. - These do not need external intervention with arms, much manpower and large budgets or blood sacrifices of official and underground soldiers and numerous unintended ones of civilians but instead and merely, some intellectual efforts, time and energy and concentration and then almost cost-free distribution e.g. via emails, websites, floppies and CDs. - This kind of "intervention" could come to turn numerous supposed "freedom fighters" in the world into genuine freedom fighters. Actually, with such a platform, common to all of them: Full autonomy, on a personal law basis, for all majorities and for all minorities, there would not be much for them to fight any longer, neither against their present governments or "foreign invaders" or among themselves. - Catholics and Protestants as well as members of other religions, do not fight each other on our streets or against our governments, because the freedom they do want for themselves, as members of such groups, they do already enjoy. - It would be the same with full freedom for all in the political, economic and social spheres. - Well, there might be some disappointed totalitarians and authoritarians, from then on confined to being merely shepherds over their remaining flocks of voluntary victims, for they would then be forced to deliver more than mere empty promises and slogans - to hold them. - In the Middle East (and in still too many other places) not even religious liberty or religious tolerance is sufficiently advocated and upheld. - [In Israel it is established. However, there, too, the "principles" and practices of "nuclear strength", "collective responsibility" and territorialism are still all too much applied, with the usual results. - J.Z., 26.9.11.] - Far less is its full equivalent understood and realized in the political, economic and social spheres. In these spheres "Foreign Aid" is there, probably, needed more than any material aid. - The inevitable results are continuing religiously and otherwise motivated territorial repressions, mass unemployment, inflation, stagflation, sales difficulties, "protectionism", monopolism, wide-spread poverty, terrorism, suicide bombers, indiscriminate shelling, all setting the scene for revenge-motivated "freedom fighters", with their own terrorist acts, civil wars, bloody revolutions, military insurrections, and for dictatorships and national war clashes. - Under full exterritorial freedom of action or free experimentation for all voluntary groups (initiated by individual secessionism and voluntary communities under personal laws), those free experiments among volunteers, which successfully did away with e.g. involuntary unemployment and inflation, would soon see their solutions spread all over the country and, finally, the world. - Then and thus political, economic, social, religious, racial, ethnic, ideological and, especially, monetary and financial despotism, could be brought down as fast as the Berlin Wall - via such freedom of action. - Nation-building attempts, on the territorial model, are not only follies but crimes against the numerous dissenters in each "nation" or "people". - Every day many people are still sacrificed as human sacrifices, on the "altars" of territorial nationalism, and religious monopoly claims, on their slaughtering or battlefields for human beings. - All those artificial "unified" nation constructs and their borders, to the extent that they are imposed upon dissenters, should be torn down. - [This requires that they are first of all intellectually demolished. - J.Z., 26.9.11.] - This can be done, step by step, quite peacefully, by allowing all individual dissenters or their voluntary associations to secede or withdraw from the local territorial impositions, based upon territorially imposed constitutions, laws, regulations, organizations and jurisdictions - to do their own things, within their own voluntary communities, all things they want but to do, either to or for themselves only and all only at their own risk and expense, under their own and diverse constitutions, laws and jurisdictions. - All the opposition forces would be united - in their tolerance for autonomous diversity for all of their members and in their opposition to all who continued to attempt to dominate them territorially. - To the extent that this would be recognized, published and applied, it would bring peace, justice and freedom, as much internally, for each of the diverse and only exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, as their members want for themselves and, having achieved that, it would also bring peace between them, internationally. - [Just one other territorial State, however “democratic” cannot settle all the problems involved but will support and continue all kinds of wrongful strife. - J.Z., 26.9.11.] Freedom includes the choice of being unfree, as much as one likes and as long as one can stand it. It permits even voluntary slavery. But in this case it can be renounced by any slave and this with immediate effect and without "indemnification" for the slave holder. – It would be as or even more successful in its peace, justice and freedom promoting effects as was the consistent introduction of religious freedom or religious tolerance e.g., among the "Christians", who, for all too long and all too atrociously, did fight each other, i.e., those whom their supposedly common religious dogmas said that they should love rather than kill. - They did not even clarify that their supposed primary command was not: Thou shalt not "kill", but: "Thou shalt not murder!'- Nor did they clearly eliminate all "collective responsibility" notions from the "morality" of their religions. - Why would they be even more successful? Before there would be concrete proofs for successes and for failures among the new and voluntary communities. They could be demonstrated as fast and as detailed as they are e.g. on profit and loss accounts. Their diverse mythologies could be ignored. One would merely judge them by their fruits. The proof would be in the pudding, not postponed into a future promised paradise on Earth or even into a supposed Heaven or Hell. - Ron Paul's suggestion of deconstructing or tearing down "built" and "uniform" or "united" "nations" or confining them to volunteers only, is the first from the general libertarian movement and from prominent libertarians that has come to my attention. [See under PAUL, RON.] - So far there were only all too few and all too obscure "voices in the wilderness", calling for such a general change of "policies". - Alas, even he did not as yet develop it sufficiently, i.e., did not come out, quite clearly, for individual sovereignty, individual secessionism or individual consumer sovereignty - towards all kinds of governments, no-governmental societies and communities as well as public services and community package deals or insurance or protection contracts, nor dids he stress the exterritorial autonomy or personal law liberty that would be required. - Neither does he demand this kind of freedom for diversity and for individual choices and individual veto and decision-making power not only in e.g. Iraq and Afghanistan but in all other countries as well, including his own. - Freedom to fill your shopping cart with as many or as few and as different governmental and societal services as you want for yourself. - Only then could former antagonists remain quite peacefully living and working in he same territories, side by side with all the various voluntary community members, who do their own things only to and for themselves, rather than trying to impose them upon dissenters. - [Most large cities do already practise at least a large degree of tolerant, voluntary and cosmopolitan behaviour among the most diverse people. – Most employers do no longer ask for your religion or care about it. - J.Z., 26.9.11, 22.12.11, 24.5.12. - In countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Ireland, etc., the need for this kind of solution is more urgent and obvious than in the already somewhat free countries. In the religious sphere and at least in our remaining private choices we do already, every day, enjoy numerous private and, essentially, also panarchistic decisions and choices and diverse actions, quite independent of those choices, which others or the majority make for themselves. - Territorialist prejudices, shared by all the territorial governments in the world - and by most of their opponents, parties and movements, and by most of their victims, individual citizens or, rather, mere subjects and voting cattle - drives them into terrorist and guerilla forces and into the arms of new aspiring dictators and into "democratic" or "republican" submission to numerous wrongful laws and regulations and "authorities". - To my knowledge there are so far only three websites in which the panarchist alternative is seriously considered:" - - - During the Rotarua conference I distributed, free of charge, a still very primitive CD compilation of panarchist and monetary freedom files and about 100 floppies listing at least a fraction of the libertarian books that are now offered either online, on CDs or via e-mail and asking for more such entries and information. - I also suggested that these disks be freely duplicated by anyone interested. - The response to me, so far, was exactly zero, which did not impress me greatly. - What chance do freedom lovers have when they continue to ignore some of the most important libertarian ideas and projects to spread libertarian enlightenment and confine themselves, largely, to arguing "old hat" questions among themselves, repeating the same arguments over and over again, as I have seen them doing for all too many decades and now, for many month, also in this student group? - The exterritorial and personal law tradition of mankind is ancient, probably as ancient as mankind, as Richard C. B. Johnsson argued in his recent and excellent review of Liu’s classical book on the subject. Nevertheless, it remains largely ignored, even by those who consider themselves to be "radical" libertarians. - [This situation is improving but still, only all too slowly! - J.Z., 26.9.11.] - This in spite of the fact that it is merely the opposite of territorialism, i.e., the other side of the "coin". - People as much inclined towards being contrary, on many public opinion subjects, and as argumentative among themselves, as libertarians are, should have long ago picked up and developed that simple and obvious alternative to the usual territorial governmental "policies" and "programs" "politics as usual", even if it had been merely for the obvious motives of active "debaters", trying to score a point against their opponents, however far-fetched it might be. - Alas, here, too, they gave an all too typical instant of what Ayn Rand called: "the sanction of the victims". - The best "foreign aid" that we could supply would be better ideas, combined with free trade, free enterprise and free investment opportunities, including all those provided by full monetary and financial freedom, within foreign countries and within our own, even if, initially, confined only to volunteers and expanded only as these volunteers become more numerous. - Government efforts have even failed to provide their troops with sufficiently effective body armour and good vehicles and spare parts for them, - not only with a quite rightful war and peace aims program. - But then, the libertarians, so far, haven't supplied or sufficiently published such programs, either. - Maybe we will get, with Ron Paul, the beginnings of such an effort? - PIOT, John Zube - (Panarchy In Our Time or: To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice!) – Somewhat revised: 24.5.12. -  PRIVATE & ENLIGHTENMENT INTERVENTIONS VS. GOVERNMENTAL MILITARY INTERVENTIONS, PAUL, RON, WAR AIMS, INTERVENTION, MILITARY, OR ENLIGHTENMENT EFFORTS? NATION-BUILDING, EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION.

IRAQ: Extract from letter, J.Z. to Allan Gyngell, Lowy Institute, 9 7 04 - He was then the executive director of the Lowy Institute, 2 Jansz Crs. Griffith, ACT. I got no reply. - - I read with interest the article on you and the new Lowy Institute in SMH Spectrum, Weekend Edition, June 19-20 04. … New and better external and internal policies are certainly needed - for the present ones do not work well enough - anywhere and between any countries and their governments. … I have been exploring alternative policies in the direction of freedom, justice and therefore peace, for more than half a century. … From my point of view the liberation program for Iraq would have been very different. The external enemies of Saddam Hussein would have allied themselves, primarily, with all the enemies of SH in Iraq itself and all those Iraqis, who managed to escaped him, by recognizing the full exterritorial autonomy of all of their diverse autonomous communities of volunteers - and their personal laws - also as future main public institutions in Iraq, leaving it to them to arrange, if they want to, any kind of federation or even several ones, under the constitutions they prefer for themselves, continuing some of their old Iraq traditions - or changing them, as they like. Any enforced unity of all these divergent forces will only lead, sooner or later, to a new territorial despotism. The mere overthrow of SH, obviously, did not bring peace, freedom, justice and general satisfaction to this country and the territorial model is not attractive enough to many of the existing diverse groups. They are not patient, rational and just people, prepared to work for an election victory of their own group in, perhaps, 10 to 30 years, but rather resort to open warfare or terrorist resistance, to get their chance, in turn, to dominate those, who disagree with them, then as their involuntary subjects. - - If this political and exterritorial autonomy solution - for volunteers of all its diverse minorities - were combined with the solution of the economic and social minority problems, for instance, by freedom for experimental groups that want to practise degrees of monetary freedom and of financial freedom among themselves, then mass unemployment, inflations, stagflations, credit restrictions and economic crises would soon become a mere historical experience. - Moreover, then the anti-industrial warfare, based on the organized antagonism of the employer-employee relationship, would also soon come to an end, to be replaced by the great diversity of alternative cooperative, partnership, common ownership and contractual alternatives that have already been proposed or experimented with.  In labour legislations and labour relations these are mostly ignored, left quite out of the discussions and negotiations. A kind of industrial warfare is the counter-productive result here, too. - A strong enlightenment campaign would also be needed to root out the deeply ingrained prejudice in favour of collective responsibility "thinking" and "actions", among all Iraqis and all foreign governments and people involved there. - The exterritorial, monetary and financial freedom, voluntaristic competition and individual responsibility alternatives are all too often left out, completely, of the public discussions on foreign policy crisis areas. - That is a neglect that we can no longer afford, especially seeing how close terrorist groups and regimes are to acquiring WMDs of various types and that even "democratic" regimes stock such anti-people mass murder devices in readiness, as if the people everywhere were collectively responsible for the crimes of their rulers. - There are also ways and means to rapidly share among all inhabitants, as private or cooperative propertarians, the natural riches of a country, now monopolized by a government or a few corporations privileged by it. That, too, could promote peace and satisfaction in countries like Iraq and most others and lead to the reduction of international clashes. - In this respect the model of "open cooperatives", first proposed by P. Buchez and then further developed by Hertzka and Beckerath, might become helpful. - The results of territorial political, social and economic intolerance are not different from and as predictable as e.g. the results of religious intolerance were and are everywhere, where it was or is still practised. - A related panarchistic - polyarchistic website is that of Gian Piero de Bellis:, where you can find e.g. the classical title of P. E. de Puydt, who coined the term panarchy, in the original French, as well as in English, German, Italian and Spanish translations.  Gradually, so far all too slowly, this old idea, backed by a very long personal law tradition, does make its way. - Regarding alternatives to international law, as practised today, Jerome Internoscia's  1910 monumental work: A New Code of International Law, in 3 languages, side by side, reproduced by me on about 10 Microfiche, might still be helpful, with the added provision that any deviation from its propositions should be thoroughly and publicly justified. - Since his is a leftist think-tank, I should not have been surprised by not getting a reply. - Not all think-tanks are open to suggestions by outsiders with a different ideology. They, too, do represent, all too often, "closed minds". - J.Z., 26.9.11.

IRAQ: Iraq is a manufactured state, which only came into existence in 1920, as a British mandate, although Iraqi (or Mesopotamian) society itself has existed since the beginnings of civilization. - Before 1920, the people had been members of three Ottoman Empire provinces. No doubt they would have identified themselves first as Muslims and then as subjects of the distant Sultan. Real authority in most matters was exercised by "more or less self-sufficient communities ruled by their own forces, authorities and hierarchies, with the Ottoman state as a remote imposition with a predominantly fiscal concern," according to the British scholar Sami Zubaida, writing in the May 2000 issue of The International Journal of Middle East Studies. The state collected taxes, not always successfully, and imposed military conscription, "a particularly detested and resisted practice." After World War I destroyed the Ottoman state, the fractious communities of what became Iraq were pulled together by a British-imposed monarchy. It controlled resources and their allocation, state employment and education, which provided the qualifications for employment and imposed a standardization of language. Out of this emerged a "national" intelligentsia and political class. However, the fundamental components of Iraq remained communal or clan, regional and religious. Clan or family was the one solid and secure relationship people possessed. Family gave protection against rivals and the arbitrary power of the state. Careers, state commissions, business investments, contracts and jobs came mainly through through family members well placed in society or in government. Wealth and possessions were also held by the family group. This encouraged consanguineous marriage among cousins and related families. It intensified the bonds of family and the webs of advantage, and kept clan wealth concentrated. On the other hand, secular political forces affecting the new Iraqi state included Arab nationalism - the idea of an independent Arab state made up of all the Arabs. This idea was launched in Lebanese Christian circles in the 1920s and inspired the Ba'ath parties of both Syria and Iraq." - U.S. plans ignore Iraq's clans. William Pfaff - INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, The IHT Online, 15.2.03. - Territorial nationalism and statism certainly was not and is not a solution for all the people in that territory. - J.Z., 13.10.11.

IRAQ: PEACE, JUSTICE & FREEDOM IN IRAQ? HOW? WHAT ARE THE PRECONDITIONS FOR THIS? JUST & TRULY LIBERATING WAR & PEACE AIMS IN IRAQ: What should prevail in Iraq? - The attempt to achieve territorial unity and domination of all groups by one, in the worst case by one minority, in the best case by a majority, thus leading to permanent struggle between the varied and antagonistic groups, in party campaigns to civil wars and at best to compromises which do not and cannot satisfy all people in Iraq? - Or should the attempt be made to achieve justice, liberty and self-determination for all the groups and thereby maximum satisfaction, tolerance coexistence and peace, between them? - This could only be done on an an-territorial (a-territorial or exterritorial) basis, under personal laws, applied only within such communities of volunteers. Only this arrangement would fall under the already ancient principle of justice: To each his own! To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice! - Not territorial borderlines and imposed "unity" are rightful and necessary boundaries but the rights and liberties of individuals and their free associations are. - Only this arrangement would make further struggles against groups of people with other beliefs or convictions quite superfluous. It would also unite the large majority, made up of many minorities, against the remaining political and other predatory individuals and groups, monopolists, aggressors, oppressors, criminals with victims, terrorists and other people, who try to re-establish territorial rule - with them at the top. – Only in this way could all the diverse people of Iraq turn it into a model country, satisfying all their aspirations for themselves and and provide a model for all other people in other countries, one for a free, just and therefore peaceful and and rapidly progressing world, but one in which individuals and their groups would advance only at their own and preferred speed. - No territorialist attempt, however democratic or republican, could possibly achieve the same there, elsewhere, now and in the future. All territorial solution attempts are merely recipes for future dictatorships and civil wars. At most the temporarily ruling group would be somewhat satisfied - but it would never sit quite safely in the saddle for long. It would have to fight, continuously, to maintain its position. It would become more or less a police state, an authoritarian regime, if not an outright dictatorship or tyranny. - Even Saddam Hussein's movement, which did not start out as an attempt to establish a dictatorship, should become tolerated as a voluntary community, i.e., one that is only a-territorially autonomous, under its own personal laws. - The prosecution of its murderers should be left to that and the other voluntary communities. But the primary job should not be revenge, because previously all groups were more or less guilty of subscribing to territorialism and of the suppression methods that all such attempts inevitably lead to. - The primary job is to lay the foundations for a lasting peace, based upon individual choice, rights and liberties, including the option to establish or join a community that is quite in accordance with one's own ideals and the right of individuals to freely leave any of them (without having to emigrate and, mostly, also without having to change one’s residence or job), especially those, which were never quite suitable for the individual concerned or which are no longer, according to his present views. - Political, economic, social, ideological and religious groups should no longer be granted any territorial monopoly, no more so than coin-, stamp- or butterfly collectors, musicians, painters, actors or sports clubs. - However, all the groups should be invited, not forced, to join one, or one of several, Iraq-wide leagues or federations, or even one or several world-wide ones, if that is what they do prefer for themselves. - None of these associations, freely competing with each other, should be confined to those voluntary members only who do happen to live in Iraq. They should be free to try to sign up Iraqis from all over the world. - Thus there would be no limit set to rightful unity aspirations - except that all of them would have to be pursued on a voluntary basis only, always requiring individual consent, at all times, not only initially. - Nor should there be any imposed international treaties that grant monopolies or privileges to anyone. Taxpayers in other countries should not be forced into financing any investments in Iraq or to grant any subsidies. - As for oil and other natural resources, formerly owned by the government or, under privileged contracts with it, they should all by privatized into equal individual and transferable shares for all Iraqis, with foreign investors only granted shares in the actual capital investments they had already made but with no exclusive claims to natural resources not yet dug up, processed and ready to be sold. - Under Free Trade all the people of the world would have access to these resources, at market prices and the people in Iraq could and should all benefit from such sales, in accordance with their old and new shares in them. Via Free Trade and Free Enterprise the rest of the people in the world would indirectly benefit from these resources as well. When foreigners want to buy oil from Iraq they will have to pay for it anyhow, either to the Iraq government, or its people, or a foreign contractor. - What is most obviously necessary in Iraq is religious liberty, not only for the various Islamic sects and xyz Christians and Jewish faiths and communities but for all others as well. For there even the Islamic sects are still at each other's throats. That is a problem that has already been overcome, for a long time, in most of the more advanced countries with a Western civilization. I do not know whether anyone there, who is not a follower of one kind or the other, of Mohammed, is fully tolerated in his religious activities. Are there e.g. Christian churches and is their church attendance not interfered with? I read that most Jewish people were expelled, because they were held collectively responsible for actions of the State Israel. - To enlightened people it seems obvious that religious and other personal preferences should have never be granted a territorial monopoly. Wherever even religious tolerance has not yet been introduced there it should be and should be protected, even if that would require an international interventionist effort. – [Would almost all the churches and sects of famous and less known religions support such a liberation effort?] This liberation should not be attempted by territorial governments but by private institutions, much more suitable for this purpose. In that instance, while religious liberty remains suppressed in Iraq, many of its potential customers for its oil might boycott it. For at least on this subject there exists already a large degree of international consensus. Foreign Aid and international investments might also be refused in such cases. Diplomats, business travellers and tourists from Iraq might only be allowed in if they publicly declared themselves in favour of at least religious liberty. International business contracts with Iraqis should contain a clause in favour of religious liberty as a basic requirement. Otherwise, they would amount to contracts with criminals (with victims). Even if these offenders would not be active prosecutors of religious nonconformists or atheists but merely accessories to the facts. - I have seen many writings on Iraq but none of them demanded religious freedom or religious tolerance as a primary requirement for peace and freedom in this area. It seems to be a taboo topic. - The tribalist traditions and ideas of many Iraqis were also largely ignored. It was merely assumed that tribalism is outdated and should play no role in a modern Iraq at all. The recognition of tribal interests and commitments was considered to be quite unnecessary. But, many Iraqis would, probably, given the choice, want to continue or re-establish their tribal preferences. However, it is also clear that no tribes, especially those with nomadic traditions, should be granted any territorial monopoly, either, no more so than any religion or sect or any ideological movement. - Essential for peace, justice and freedom in Iraq would not only be fully religious freedom, also for non-believers, combined with and also full tribal autonomy - for voluntary tribal members. - But the same kind of tolerance and liberty is required in the political, economic and social spheres for the different systems that their minority groups do prefer for themselves and which they do not get under territorial majority despotism, at best voted for only by their majority group. This freedom should also be established for the different ethnic and racial groups. - Democratic elections favouring also some minorities and conventional freedom of expression information would not be sufficient substitutes for this freedom of action and experimentation or comprehensive a-territorial autonomy for all minorities, organized in voluntary communities, all subject to individual secessionism, i.e., permanently based on individual consent and confined to personal laws, constitutions and institutions. - Not only one path towards fully liberty - or any self-responsible pursuit of any other ideal - should be opened up but all of them. All should be allowed to set their own aims, select their own means, methods and institutions to try to realize their own ideals among themselves, in free contracts and communities with like-minded people. - Customs and traditions are to prevail still - but only among their believers, as long as they do, individually, put up with them or do prefer them. - The more they believe in their systems the more they should be convinced that in free competition with other systems their own would prove to be the best and gain adherents by persuasion and example rather than by force. It does not matter how self-deluded the members and leaders of voluntary communities are, as long as they act only at their own expense and risk, their actions should be tolerated by all others. Only in that way would these present reformers, revolutionaries, zealots, resistance fighters, authoritarians and terrorists tend to become, in most instances, quite peaceful and tolerable for the members of other voluntary communities. - Freedom does not consist in conforming to the commands of a single territorial government but in freedom to go and act in one's own way without hindering others who prefer to go and act in their own and, possibly, very different ways. No territorial monopoly or privilege for anyone, even if it is enshrined in a religious dogma, a constitution, laws or a juridical monopoly. - Even the best systems would then "win" only for their voluntary adherents. But these communities, societies and governance systems of volunteers would, gradually, become more widely accepted. - Even the worst ones could still be continued - but only among their followers. That is as it should be, by rights. - All the individually and quite freely chosen "roads" would, ultimately, lead most people towards a cosmopolitan "Rome", towards the maximum of liberty, justice, peace, security and order that human beings are capable of, even though, or because, this maximum, for their internal or voluntary relationships, would never be forced upon them. It would become a matter of individual choice for all people. They would all tend to advance towards it at their own individual speed or that of their fellow-believers. - Just like e.g. the choices of different foods, environments and services should not be confined e.g. to the menue of one restaurant or chain of restaurants. We do take a very extensive consumer sovereignty already for granted in streets lined with shops, in supermarkets and shopping centres, in our involvements with sports, entertainments, studies, travel and reading options, in the arts, in hobbies and crafts. If, e.g., there were communities that still considered duels between their members as honourable and ethical activities, they should be allowed to engage in them, not only in other kinds of less risky rituals or reforms. - A simple, already proverbial and common sense maxim states the essential point for Iraq in ordinary terms: "All kinds of people can get along with each other by the mutual agreement to leave each other alone." (*) - Saddam Hussein's regime did not have this agreement with all dissenters. The democratic regime that the Allies try to establish in Iraq does not even try to leave the various groups alone, either, all free to try to do their own things to or for themselves. Instead, they try to impose a majority-democratic system upon the whole country and all its diverse peoples, regardless of their diverse individual and group preferences. That might suit those, who have local majorities on their side, but it will increase the fear and resistance of all those, who have good reasons to believe that their own aspirations would be outvoted. In different areas of Iraq that would be different minorities. - - (*) This is my version of a remark by Mark Clifton & Alex Apostolides, in their story: "What Thin Partitions", page 126, in "Science Fiction Stories", ed. by Tom Boardman, Jr., Octopus Press. The story is copyrighted by Streets & Smith Publications, which formerly published "ASTOUNDING" and "ANALOG". I have come to believe that such a commonsense maxim, based upon very long and often repeated experience, could work very well between different communities of volunteers as well, the more so the more a-territorial their voluntary communities are. - However, in this respect all too many people are still intolerant, even if merely in their "democratic" or "republican" behaviour, even when they advocate merely "limited" territorial governments. - So far I have tried in vain to instill this insight and behaviour into my grandchildren, who all to often fight or annoy each other, even regarding quite trivial (from my point of view) matters, rather than leaving each other alone, keeping their distance or each taking up some other activity, apart from the other. (By now they have grown up in this respect, too, although they still do not always treat each other politely. – I exclude here, naturally, the twin grandchildren born only in June 11. - J.Z., 24.5.12.) Adults, in their despotism, revolutions, civil wars and wars act no better than these children. Can they be taught to act as mature adults, doing their own things only to and for themselves? Or to cooperate, voluntarily, whenever this is in their common interest? All too often, either with the worst or with the best intentions they act as interventionists, never morally and rationally answering the questions: "Am I my brother's keeper?" - Am I his leader, whether he wants me as such or not? Should I respect my human brothers and sisters and their own preferences for their lives or should I lay down the rules for them and enforce them? - - No peaceful person, in any sphere of activities - where and when he does not endanger or threaten or burden dissenters - should be subjected to the orders, laws, jurisdiction, constitutions and regulations of others, who disagree with his preferences and actions. None of them to remain under threat of suppression and penalties or of being outvoted. All to become free to do their own things to or for themselves, not only as they already wish to do in their private affairs but as well in all their voluntary and a-territorial public affairs. That kind of voluntary separatism would be as peace-promoting as it is in the private spheres, where unwanted "meddlers" are never welcomed. - Slightly revised: J.Z., 26.9.11, 30.9.11, 22.12.11, 24.5.12.

IRAQ: See: PAUL, RON: Speaking out for 3 independent communities in Iraq.

IRAQ: Squaring the Democratic Circle: Constitutional Options for Post-War Iraq, by Patrick Basham, May 5, 2003. - - More than 75 percent of Iraq's 24 million people belong to one of 150 tribes whose decision-making is dominated by tribal elders. …. - The Pluralist Model. Heavily influenced by the early American experience with liberal democracy, the federation is centered on regional governments constitutionally autonomous in matters unrelated to national defense, foreign policy, and the judicial system. - The Swiss Model. Under this constitutional arrangement, a confederation of semi-autonomous regional governments dominates policymaking with some limited powers reserved to the federal government. A small federal cabinet, containing an elected representative of each major ethnic and religious group, is responsible for national affairs. The position of president rotates annually around the cabinet. All constitutional changes are subject to a referendum. - Alas, he only describes much of the problem but not the ultimate and non-territorial solution: Panarchism. - J.Z., 20.8.11.

IRAQ: The case of Iraq cries out for a panarchistic solution to its political strife - through its great diversity. As a territorial State it is a quite artificial creation largely forced upon it and the USA intervention in recent years tried to continue that imposition, this time in favor of a territorial democracy, which does not correspond to the ideals of most of the diverse population, which has so far not shown any great tolerance between the various groups. By religion most are Muslims and two sects represent most of them, the Sunni and the Shia. They outnumber each other in different areas and try to dominate each other territorially. Christians form a minority of only about 3 % and this minority is split e.g. into Nestorians, Chaldeans, Syrian Orthodox, Catholics, Armenian Gregorians, Greek Orthodox, various Protestants, Yezedis and Sabians. Jews once numbered 118,000 but migration to Israel, more or less voluntary, reduced their number to 15,000. – Kurds constitute one of the ethnic minorities but in parts of Iraq they form the majority and ethnically they are tied to Kurds in Syria, Turkey an Iran, but politically, by State borders, they are separated from them. The Arabs are Kurds, Turks and Persians, with a small number of Indians. Non-Muslims, apart from Christians and Jews are Assyrians, Yezidis, Sabians (Mandaeans), Chaldaeans, and Armenians. – To force them all into a single territorial State is a wrongful and irrational attempt, even if that attempt is a democratic or republican one. Most of the diverse groups would rather prefer to rule themselves. Alas, the exterritorial autonomy options for their communities of volunteers has not yet been the subject of a sufficient public debate, least of all in the USA and in the UK and in Australia, in their governmental and parliamentary circles and in the mass media and in the political science departments at universities. Shall the war and civil war going on there be continued for years without publicly discussing the panarchist alternative for Iraq? – How many people have so far been killed as a result of the territorialist artificial construction attempt in 1919, under a British mandate? - J.Z., 23.3.09. – Q.

IRAQ: Why do they rather talk and write about a war against Iraq, the bombing of Bagdad, of fighting a whole people or nation, rather than internationally outlawing a ruler like Saddam Hussein and putting a large enough price on his head, perhaps doubling the price if he is delivered alive to an international court of justice? Would they rather see millions of his subjects killed, as conscripted soldiers or non-combatants, than him and a few of his henchmen? Would the promised prize have to be as large as the estimated costs of such a war, namely ca. US $ 200 billion? - J.Z., 30.8.02, 30.10.02. – They did impose that price – but did not offer individual choices for political, economic and social systems to all the diverse peoples in Iraq, with results to be expected. – J.Z., 14.12.10. - WAR, TYRANNY, MASS EXTERMINATION DEVICES, DICTATORSHIPS


IRELAND, ANARCHY, PANARCHY, CIVIL ORDER: Without civil order there can be no civil liberty. This they know full well in those parts of Northern Ireland terrorized by private armies and their protection rackets. Anarchy is the enemy of freedom." - John Biggs-Davidson, Address to Loughton Conservatives, March 14, 1976. - Each of them, like every territorial government, is trying to impose its order, instead of being satisfied with full autonomy but only for itself and for all others who want their kind of autonomy for themselves. Genuine anarchy or self-government or self-management is the ultimate of freedom of choice - for all individuals, not just for some territorial rulers, or for statists only or anarchists only. I can be introduced only as an exterritorial option. The competition by different groups for exclusive rule over the same territory, i.e., multiple territorial governmentalism, not anarchism, is causing most civil disorders. Even all too many of the diverse anarchists attempt to intolerantly introduce their favourite form of anarchism exclusively over whole territories, although only over smaller and "decentralized" local territories. Seeing that they still form only various tiny minority groups, while most other groups, the various statists, are much larger, this means that their "anarchistic" attempts to realize anarchy for all is even more despotic - because it tries to impose their ideals upon a much larger number of people. To that extent these "anarchists" try to dominate non-anarchists, instead of letting them do their things to and for themselves. - As for the first sentence of JBD: Without civil liberty there can be no civil order. - J.Z., 12.11.82, 8.4.89, 26.10.02. – TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM FOR VOLUNTEERS OR PANARCHISM

 a.) Each of them, like a government, is trying to impose its order instead of being satisfied with autonomy only for itself, combined with full but separate autonomy for others. - b) Anarchy, voluntaristically and individualistically understood, is the ultimate of freedom of choice for all individuals, not just for some rulers. - J.Z. 12.11.82. - Provided it is introduced and maintained as just one of many options under exterritorial autonomy for all kinds of communities of volunteers. - J.Z., 8.4.89, 22.12.11. - c) The dual to multiple archy attempts for the same territory are causing most of the civil disorders. Even attempts to introduce and maintain a single territorial anarchy would be intolerant and disorder producing, seeing that most people are so far still varieties of territorial statists and likely to remain so for a while, if not forever. - d) To some extent, the contrary of JBD's first sentence is true: Without civil liberty there can be no civil order. This civil liberty must include exterritorial autonomy and individual secessionism or voluntaryism. - e) If this kind of civil liberty is introduced, it is peace-, order-, freedom-, justice-, prosperity- and security-promoting. Its refusal amounts to a permanent declaration of war. It must be offered as the basis for separate peace treaties with dissenting and resisting individuals, minorities and majorities. - f) No State is worth defending as a territorial, coercive and exclusive organization with involuntary members, but each State or society deserves defence - however little it may then still require, when it is exterritorial, non-coercive towards non-members in the same territory, composed merely of volunteers, who remain free to secede from it. - In short, the conventional thinking on order, citizen, liberty, peace, state and anarchy is utopian and promotes rather oppression, war, despotism and chaos than freedom, peace, justice and order. - J.Z., 8.4.89, 16.9.04, 24.5.12.  – DIS., PANARCHISM

IRELAND, PANARCHISM, PEACE & IDEAS ARCHIVE: My mind is open for the right mechanism to achieve it.” – John Major on peace in Ireland. – But it is still closed to the panarchistic institutions, I suppose. I wait for him to order e.g. my ON PANARCHY sub-series or at least start an archive of peace proposals for Ireland and other strife torn countries, one which would not refuse to register and open to discussion ANY peace proposal seriously meant and backed by facts, arguments, traditions, ethics and some literature. – Don’t expect me to send him such material at my expense. You send it at your expense. I believe that politician can read but do not read enough on those problems they either pretend to be able to solve or for which they assert that they genuinely “search” for solutions. – There simply is no open and useful channels for rightful and sound ideas to reach  the top territorial decision-makers. Most of the public and even of the libertarian public policy or think tanks and websites are still largely closed to some of the more radical pro-freedom ideas or they do accept them only from their own members or supporters. That is just not good enough. “Release all creative energies!” – as Leonard E. Read suggested – and supply the proper channels and institutions or markets for them. Do not presume that they do already exist. Even the markets for coins and postage stamps are better organized so far. -  J.Z., 22.9.95, 7.1.99, 8.12.03, 24.5.12.

IRVIN, STEWART, Consular Privileges & Immunities, Columbia University, 1926. Reproduction by AMS Pr.: $ 18.50. ????

ISLAM & INTOLERANCE OF AT LEAST SOME OF ITS SECTS: EXTRATERRITORIALITY IN THE MOHAMMEDAN STATES, PRIOR TO 1453. - The Testament of Mohammed and the Capitulation of Omar furnish the customary basis of Mussulman practice with regard to jurisdiction over foreigners. The explanation for the position held by the Mussulman on this subject, as has been intimated above, has to be sought in his religious beliefs. According to the Koran, which is at once a gospel, a code and a constitution, all those who were not followers of the Mohammedan religion were to be treated as enemies and to be slaughtered without mercy.2 But the exigencies of commerce demanded and effected a mitigation of this rule. "The innate and invincible aversion of the Mohammedans," says Pradier-Fodére,3 "to do business outside their country; their inexperience in navigation, which forced them to recruit their crews only from among foreign seamen; the need, which the political chiefs of Islamism felt, of utilizing their extended coast, their fine harbors, the rich products of their fertile soil, and of reaping the numerous advantages of maritime commerce, were early destined to inspire the Sultans with a favorable disposition towards the - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - (1) Miltitz, Manuel des consuls, vol. i, pp. 42-48, 168, n. 6; vol. ii. pt. i. p. 16; Ancien Diplomate, Le Regime des Capitulations, pp. 38-39; Depping, Histoire du commerce (Paris, 1830), vol. ii, p. 210. Cf, Foucher, Assises de Royamne de Jérusalem, 1 vol. in 2 (Rennes, 1839-41); Beugnot, Assises de Jérusalem, 2 vols. (Paris, 1841-43). - - - (2) Koran, sura xlvii, verse 4, "When ye encounter the infidels, strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them, and of the rest make fast and fetters." - - J.Z. note: Stressed by me, in red. Is that still, today in their “holy” book? Such a passage is certainly easy to remember for fanatics! It may be, according to Gibbon, merely the false interpretation of a secretary, which Mohammed later dismissed as quite unreliable. – The above is also the version in the translation by J. M. Rodwell, in the Everyman’s Library edition, 1978. But the footnote states: “The Meccans and other unbelievers in Muhammad’s time. The Hanefites suppose this law to apply only to the battle of Bedr. The Shiites take it as of universal obligation.” - The first note to this Sura XLVII, subheaded: “In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful” says: “This Sura was revealed at a period after the victory at Bedr. When there was still some hesitation on the part of Muhammad’s followers to take decided steps for securing their position. See 37.” - In “The Meaning of the Glorius Koran", an explanatory translation by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall, A Mentor Book, New American Library, 15th edition, no date, page 361, this passage is translated as follows: “Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve, then it is smiting of the necks until, when ye have routed them, then making fast of bonds; and afterward either grace or ransom till the war lay down its burden. That (is the ordinance). And if Allah willed He could have punished them (without you) but (thus it is ordained) that He may try some of you by means of others. And those who are slain in the way of Allay. He rendereth not their action vain.” – This religious “ethic” is as bad as that of Jews and Christians failing to generally renounce the preaching and practice of “collective responsibility” in their “Holy” scriptures. How many more hundreds of millions will have to become slaughtered before the clerics finally manage to completely renounce wrongful doctrines, interpretations and practices? - - I think that there is a good case for Christians, Jews, other faiths and atheists etc. to demand both from Islamic officials and churches and sects a complete and public renunciation of this doctrine. - Just various interpretations, somewhat moderating this dogma for some, are, obviously, not good enough, at least not for those inclined towards “holy wars” and terrorism – and for their still all too numerous victims. - J.Z., 5.1.2005 - - Likewise, naturally, Muslims should demand from Christians and Jews a clear renunciation of all collective responsibility notions and practices as incompatible with a “divinely inspired” ethics. – J.Z., 20.12.11. - (3) "La Question des Capitulations," Revue de droit international et de législation comparée (hereafter referred to as R. D. I.), vol. i, p. 119. Cf. Feraud-Giraud, De la Jurisdiction française daus les Echelles du Levant, vol. i, pp.33-35. - An extract, p.335, from Shi Shun Liu's book, Extraterritoriality: IN THE LEVANT PRIOR TO 1453: III. - ALL "HOLY BOOKS" TO BECOME PURIFIED OF ATROCIOUS DOCTRINES, BEFORE THEY LEAD TO STILL MORE ATROCITIES. – J.Z., n.d. -  MUHAMMAD, MUSLIMS, KORAN, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, INTOLERANCE & TOLERANCE, RELIGIONS, CAPITULATIONS, EXTERRITORIALITY, IRAQ, MILLET SYSTEM, DJEMMIS, DHIMMIS, JEWISH AUTONOMY.

ISLAM &TOLERANCE & INTOLERANCE: While most Islamic people have already become reformed and sufficiently tolerant (apart from the territorialism they share with other people), there are still too many intolerant and fanatic sects among them, who picked some of the worst passages of the Koran to “justify” their aggressive actions. They are the enemies not only of the peaceful Islamic people but also of all other people in the world. They have still to learn the basic lesson of religious tolerance, for all kinds of believers and non-believers, then, furthermore, like almost all other people, the lessons of tolerance in the political, economic and social spheres. It would greatly help in their conversion to tolerance if the already religiously tolerant people went ahead and introduced full tolerance in the other spheres among themselves and if, at the same time, they proclaimed corresponding peace aims e.g. for Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, as well as Israel and Palestine, i.e. the reduction of all territorial powers there to exterritorial ones over voluntary members, or, in other words, granting all minorities and majorities there nothing more but also nothing less than full exterritorial autonomy for all their followers. Then each of their groups would become primarily concerned with minding their own business, as well as they can, rather than wasting their lives and property in blaming, resisting and fighting other groups. They ought to remain intolerant only towards imposed territorial “solutions”, even if these are “democratic” ones. – J.Z., 9.1.05.

ISLAM & TOLERANCE:  Say: O ye unbelievers! // I worship not what ye worship, // And ye are not worshippers of what I worship; // And I am not a worshipper of what ye have worshipped, // And ye are not worshippers of what I worship. // To you your religion; and to me my religion.”-  From Quran, Sura cix. – KORAN, MUSLIMS, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE


ISLAM: The Crusaders found Christians everywhere they went – for the simple reason that Christians had been there all along. For a thousand years Christians had been living peacefully among the Moslems, along with Armenians, Albanians, Greeks, Copts, Marenites, Druses, Jews, Parsis, Hindus, to mention a few. “Let there be no violence in religion,” Mohammed had cautioned” … fight for the religion of God against those who fight against you; but transgress not by attacking them first.” - It was the Europeans who had the habit of starting wars; it was the Europeans who massacred heretics, down to the last infant. They killed the Albigenses, the Waldenses, the Socinians, the Huguenots, the Convenanters, and many others. Five hundred years after the Crusades, both Protestants and Catholics were alternately seeking refuge in the American wilderness to save their lives from European fanaticism.” - Henry Grady Weaver, The Mainspring of Human Progress, revised edition, FEE, 1953, p. 114/15. – MOHAMMED, RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE, CHRISTIANITY, FANATICISM, GENOCIDE, INTOLERANCE, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY THOUGHTS & ACTIONS

ISLAMIC JURISDICTION, SHARIA COURTS, PERSONAL LAW, MUSLIMS, TOLERANCE & ITS LIMITS: Christian Butterbach emailed me on 30.12.08: Lieber John, - lies das bitte! Es würde mich freuen, wenn Du kommentieren würdest. Zumal Stefan Metzeler, den Du ja kennst, an der Diskussion teilgenommen hat. Suche nach seinem Namen in den Kommentaren. - - Solche Diskussionen gehen an der Nase von unseren anderen Panarchisten vorbei, weil sie, verdammtnochmal, kein Deutsch können! Außer R. …" - PIOT, Chris. - - - 28. Dezember 2008, NZZ am Sonntag. - Scharia-Gerichte in der Schweiz? - Freiburger Professor verlangt Sonderrecht für Muslime und andere. Vor dem Gesetz sind alle gleich. Ein Freiburger Professor stellt diesen Grundsatz jetzt in Frage. Er verlangt Sonderrechte und eigene Gerichte für Ausländer. Muslime unterstützen diesen «Rechtspluralismus», Politiker sind entsetzt. - Pascal Hollenstein. - «Rechtspluralismus: ein Instrument für den Multikulturalismus?» heisst der Aufsatz, den der Freiburger Professor Christian Giordano in der jüngsten Ausgabe der Zeitschrift der Eidgenössischen Kommission gegen Rassismus publiziert hat. Der Text birgt Sprengstoff. Was der Sozialanthropologe fordert, ist nicht weniger als der Bruch mit der bestehenden Rechtsordnung in den modernen westlichen Staaten. Nicht mehr alle sollen vor dem Gesetz gleich sein: Je nach Herkunft, Ethnie oder Religion soll künftig anderes Recht gelten und von anderen Gerichten beurteilt werden. - - Ein Jahr ist es her, dass in England der Erzbischof von Canterbury ähnliche Gedanken äusserte und für britische Muslime die Einrichtung von Scharia-Gerichten verlangte. Das Oberhaupt der anglikanischen Kirche erntete Zustimmung bei Muslimen – und wütende Proteste aus der Mehrheit der Bevölkerung. - - Kulturelle Distanz. - - «Ich bin mir bewusst, dass ich provoziere», sagt Christian Giordano über seinen Artikel. Allerdings sei die Zeit reif für eine Debatte auch in der Schweiz. Die Einwanderung von Menschen aus weit entfernten Kulturkreisen verlange danach. Wer glaube, man könne diese Menschen vollständig in die Schweizer Rechtsordnung integrieren, der irre: «Die kulturelle Distanz ist zu gross. Und sosehr sich diese Migranten auch assimilieren, es bleibt immer eine Differenz bestehen. Auch zu unserem Rechtssystem.» Giordano sagt, dass es bereits heute eine eigene Gerichtsbarkeit von Immigranten gebe – allerdings im Verborgenen. Als Prozess-Gutachter wisse er, dass im Zusammenhang mit der albanischen Blutrache quasioffizielle Vermittler tätig seien. Diese seien vergleichbar mit einem Friedensrichter. Giordano vermutet zudem, dass in der Schweiz Scharia-Gerichte bestünden, die allerdings jeder Kontrolle entzogen seien. - - Dieses Schattendasein müsse beendet werden, fordert er: Der Staat müsse Scharia- und andere religiöse Gerichte für Immigranten in der Schweiz anerkennen. Dabei denkt er vor allem an Prozesse in Zivilsachen, aber auch bei Delikten bis zur Körperverletzung. Bei Rekursen gegen Urteile von Scharia-Gerichten würde nach den Vorstellungen Giordanos in letzter Instanz das Bundesgericht zuständig bleiben – nach normalem Schweizer Recht. Urteile, die nach Scharia zu Körperstrafen führen würden, will Giordano zudem nicht akzeptieren. «Das müsste man in Bussen umwandeln. Die Menschenrechte müssen natürlich auch vor einem Schweizer Scharia-Gericht vollumfänglich gewahrt bleiben», sagt er. Nicht sicher ist er sich deshalb, ob man das Scharia-Recht auch für Vielehen in Anspruch nehmen könnte. Dies sei «eine heikle Frage, die gründlich abgeklärt werden muss». - Muslime unterstützen. - - Unterstützung bei seinen Plänen erhält Giordano vom Präsidenten der Koordination Islamischer Organisationen Schweiz, Farhad Afshar. Der aus Iran stammende Soziologe sagt, im islamischen Raum sei es seit Jahrhunderten gebräuchlich, dass Muslime, Christen und Juden unterschiedlichem Recht unterstünden. «Die staatliche Ordnung bricht also nicht zusammen, wenn unterschiedliche Rechtssysteme parallel bestehen», sagt Afshar. Auf lange Frist werde die Schweiz an Sonderrechten und -gerichten für gewisse Bevölkerungsgruppen ohnehin nicht vorbeikommen, ist Afshar überzeugt. Er ist deshalb für die baldige Übernahme des Scharia-Rechts «mit gewissen Anpassungen an die Schweiz». - - Weniger eilig hat es Hisham Maizar, der Präsident der Föderation Islamischer Dachverbände in der Schweiz. Die Anerkennung gewisser Teile der Scharia sei ein vernünftiger Weg. Für «politisch nicht opportun» hält Maizar dagegen eine Diskussion zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt: «Wir haben schon die Debatten um Terrorismus, Schwimmunterricht, die Minarette – da können wir nicht noch einen Streitpunkt gebrauchen», sagt Maizar. - - Christian Giordano gibt sich dieweil zuversichtlich, was seine Idee betrifft: «Das wird zu Auseinandersetzungen führen, zu Debatten. Am Ende wird man aber einsehen, dass sich das Konzept eines einheitlichen Rechts für alle in einer Migrationsgesellschaft wie der Schweiz überlebt hat. Genauso wie der Nationalstaat selber.» - - Leser-Kommentare: 80 Beiträge. - - - Underlinings by me! - I find it very interesting that all of these 80 comments condemn this proposal. Those, who made them, are born or indoctrinated territorial statists and unifiers, to whom personal law and juridical system tolerance, not to speak of "States within States", societies and communities that are exterritorially autonomous, consistent exterritorialism, voluntarism, full contractual freedom and freedom of association as well as individual and group secessionism and experimental freedom for political, economic and social systems, all only for volunteers, are abhorrent. - This instance seems to show, at least to me, how large the enlightenment job is that is still ahead of us. - However, I too do find the almost complete facial cover-ups intolerable in any private and public dealings, except e.g. in fancy dress parties and among actors. Just like I would suspect all such cover-ups e.g. among males, when trying to enter a bank or when any male customers so covered-up do enter stores, which do have cash on hand. On the street I would also suspect any male, who is so covered up to be at least a potential mugger. - There are also all too many female criminals. The sex should make no difference in this respect. They might all be thieves, although most of them are merely stupidly following an imposed religious custom. Calling for one's security guards or the police seems advisable in many cases. ID cards may be demanded and often even body searches might then be imposed. I would refuse to deal with any of such covered-up people in person. Exchange is not free when one of the customers is not identifiable and one's face is a primary identification. Sending them goods or information for pre-paid orders, without knowing them, is another matter. If they tried to pay me with a cheque, I would most likely refuse it or act upon it only once it is cashed. Even if, in person, they paid me with cash for something, I would still suspect that it might be forged money. - That they do maintain a cruel justice system among themselves, I would not mind, as long as I am not forced to support the resulting cripples, widows and orphans. - That would be their responsibility, too. But I would be inclined to help any innocent refugees from their systems. - Prussia had once a maxim and practice that any slave setting foot on it would be automatically free. Anyone, who has not committed a crime with an involuntary victim, and who claims asylum in my kind of panarchy or polyarchy, would be admitted, at least provisionally, until his innocence is confirmed and then for sure. "Evidence" of supposed crimes of the asylum-seekers, submitted merely by a totalitarian regime or an authoritarian and intolerant sect, without sufficient other evidence, would not be accepted as sufficient by the kind of society that I would prefer for myself and for all others, who would choose it. - The expression "Sonderrechte", which can also be translated with "privileges", is misleading. Personal laws and separate communities of volunteers are meant, societies, which claim no territorial privileges at the expense of others but only the right to do their own things among themselves, at their own risk and expense and this without claiming a territorial monopoly for themselves and their preferences. – They are not “Vorrechte” or privileges. As long as they tolerate others doing their things, do not suppress secession and do not act intolerantly against critics, who are not members of their communities and who may criticize their "God", their prophet, their "holy book", their doctrines and customs, and who even dare to ridicule, slander or insult them. All that runs still under freedom of expression. - J.Z., 20.9.11. - ISLAM, MUSLIMS, PERSONAL LAW, COMPETING JURISDICTIONS, SCHARIA, FACIAL COVER-UPS, MILLET SYSTEM, DHIMMI, DHIMMITUDE, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, PLURALISM IN LAW, MULTI-CULTURALISM, SEPARATISM, VOLUNTARY SEGREGATION VS. COMPULSORY INTEGRATION & UNIFORMITY


ISMS & PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT: No ism is to prevail except by the individual consent of all its victims, i.e., only by unanimous consent. It must also be completely at the expense and risk of these volunteers. Experimental freedom and freedom of action for all - under these conditions. They require full exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities. Let a thousand flowers bloom - or perish, all on their own merits or weaknesses. - J.Z., 1.3.00, 26.6.01.

ISMS OR IDEOLOGIES: The various forms of socialism and capitalism are only various forms of religions or ideologies and their followers and organizations do not deserve any more privileges than any church does. But they are also entitled to no less rights and liberties than any church or sect has in a relatively free society, or any atheistic, humanistic and rationalistic association. – J.Z., 1986, 2004, 22.12.11.

ISMS: Nice people prefer all kinds of isms - but only for themselves. - J.Z., 18.1.95. - TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, IDEOLOGIES, NICE PEOPLE

ISMS: ONLY FOR THEIR ADHERENTS: Panarchism means that each “ism” will be realized by its adherents – but only for them, wherever they may live and work. - J.Z., 04-11.

ISMS: To each the ism of his choice - and its practice, at the own expense and risk. - J.Z., 13.9.91. - TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, IDEOLOGIES, HARMONY, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, TO EACH HIS OWN

ISOLATIONISM, RETREATISM OR AUTONOMY? Wenn der Gedanke, nicht mehr zu waehlen oder nicht mehr den Finger auf dieselbe Wunde zu legen, Ergebnis solcher Ueberlegungen ist und nicht Bequemlichkeit, dann kann ich das akzeptieren. Aber in dieser Gesellschaft leben (*), bewusst leben, sich aber geistig ausklinken, abheben im Sinne von 'macht doch euren Scheiss alleine', das geht nicht, meine ich." - Das Konstantin Wecker Buch, 155, Gespraech mit Bernd Schroeder. -  (*) Ist das wirklich eine Gesellschaft? Verdient dieses Leben den Namen Leben? - J.Z. 14.1.93. - (If the decision not to vote any longer or not to put one's finger upon the same sore, is the result of such considerations, and not merely one's own comfort, then I can accept that. But to live in this society (*), but to mentally switch oneself off, distancing oneself in the sense of 'make your own shit by yourself', that, I hold, is not permissible." - (*) Is this really a society? Does this life merit the term life?) - - - Each should be at liberty to produce for himself and like-minded people his kind of solution or further problem. No one should be forced to participate. Only this kind of policy or programme has the chance to succeed and should be tolerated. - J.Z., 14.1.93.

ISOLATIONISM: hoping your are both well, and that you can successfully isolate yourselves from what is going on in the world of war and politics.” - Letters From Albert Jay Nock, 1924-45, to Mr. & Mrs. Edmund C. Evans & Ellen Windsor, Caxton, 1949, p.125. - Under territorialism this is difficult to impossible in many cases. Under exterritorialism, based upon individual secessionism, it would be a common way of life. Better still, few military, economic, social and political problems would remain after it is freely practiced long enough. - J.Z., 4.5.00, 23.12.11. - NEUTRALITY, RETREATISM

ISOLATIONISM: One of the great anomalies of our time is the urgency, on the one hand, for political One-World-ism, and, on the other, for economic isolationism.” - Frank Chodorov, One Is A Crowd, p.129/130. - The common feature of both is territorial statism. - J.Z., 26.10.02. - INTERNATIONALISM & PROTECTIONISM, FREE TRADE, GOVERNMENTALISM, STATISM

ISRAEL & PALESTINE: Exterritorially, there is enough room in Israel/Palestine for Zionists, other Jews of all kinds and also for Palestinians, i.e., all kinds of other Arabs and of Muslims of all kinds - as well as for all kinds of other people, all living autonomously under personal laws, in communities based upon individual consent, and thus at peace with each other. Only their territorial monopoly claims sets them at war with each other. Their exterritorialist traditions ought to become revived and extended to the utmost. - J.Z. 26.4.88, 12.12.03. - Furthermore, their "moralistic" religions should quite openly reject the immoral principle and practice of "collective responsibility". - J.Z., 6.9.04. See: COSMOPOLITAN CITIES.


ISRAEL, PALESTINE & PANARCHISM: One or several exterritorial Israels, autonomous and under personal laws, for all voluntary Zionists and one or several such Palestines for all voluntary groupings of Arabs and Muslims. That is the basis for a lasting peace in the area and that could become a model for a peaceful world. Territorial centralists, power addicts, governmentalists, monopolists, authoritarians and terrorists on all sides will not think of such options. They will have to become sufficiently enlightened and otherwise forcefully restrained from continuing or enlarging our troubles. - J.Z., 28.3.89, 31.3.89, 22.12.11.

ISRAEL, PEACE IN -: Peace in the Middle East through Rejuvenation of Old Jewish and Arabian Traditions, plan 202, pages 25 - 29, in ON PANARCHY III, in PP 507. – This whole subseries has been digitized by me. – J.Z.

ISRAEL, ZIONISM, JUDAISM, JEWISH PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM: WHAT IS THE NETUREI KARTA? Neturei Karta opposed the establishment of and retain all opposition to the existence of the so-called "State of Israel"! - Neturei-Karta is the Aramaic term for "Guardians of the City. The name Neturei-Karta originates from an incident in which R. Yehudah Ha-Nassi (Rabbi Judah the Prince) sent R. Hiyya and R. Ashi on a pastoral tour of inspection. In one town they asked to see the "guardians of the city" and the city guard was paraded before them. They said that these were not the guardians of the city but its destroyers, which prompted the citizens to ask who, then, could be considered the guardians. The rabbis answered, "The scribes and the scholars," referring them to Tehillim (Psalms) Chap. 127. (Jerusalem Talmud, Tractate Hagiga. 76c). - - The name was given to a group of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem who refused (and still refuse) to recognize the existence or authority of the so-called "State of Israel" and made (and still make) a point of publicly demonstrating their position, the position of the Torah and authentic unadulterated Judaism. - - The group was founded in Jerusalem, Palestine in 1938, splitting off from Agudas Yisroel. Agudas Yisroel was established in 1912 for the purpose of fighting Zionism. Gradually lured by money and honor they sold out to the "Golden-Calf" (see Exodus, XXXII) of Zionism. Those who wanted to maintain their faith and continue the struggle against Zionism, dissociated themselves from Agudas Yisroel and associated parties. - - Over the years, a number of Neturei Karta activists and followers settled outside of Palestine. Some of the reasons that these individuals abandoned the country in which they and their families had lived for many generations (having lived there many years prior to the establishment of the illegitimate so-called "State of Israel") include; ideological refusal to live under the illegitimate heretical "Israeli" regime, them being exiled by the Zionist government for their insistence of remaining independent of the illegitimate heretical regime or them being unable to live a normal family life due to them and their families being persistently harassed, repeatedly incarcerated and many times even physically tortured by the Zionist police and agents. This dispersion resulted in the emergence of various Neturei Karta establishments on the broader international scene. These establishments include synagogues, educational institutions, publishing houses and organizations. The establishments in New York include three synagogues in Brooklyn (Boro Park and Williamsburg), three upstate, and organizations include the Friends of Jerusalem in NY, NY. - - Neturei Karta is not - as is often alleged - a small sect or an extremist group of "ultra-orthodox" Jews. The Neturei Karta have added nothing to nor have they taken anything away from the written and oral law of the Torah as it is expressed in the Halacha and the Shulchan Aruch. The Neturei Karta are fighting the changes and inroads made by political Zionism during the past one-hundred odd years. Guided by the rabbis of our time and under the inspiring leadership of the late Reb Amram Blau, the Neturei Karta refuse to recognize the right of anyone to establish a "Jewish" state during the present period of exile. - - There are those who wish to play down the Neturei Karta and its' Torah-true beliefs. This has been attempted many a time by stating that the Neturei Karta is a minority group and that compared to other Jewish groups the Neturei Karta aren't even noticeable in terms of number. - - The name Neturei Karta is a name usually given to those people who regularly pray in the Neturei Karta synagogues (Torah Ve'Yirah Jerusalem, Torah U'Tefillah London, Torah U'Tefillah NY, Beis Yehudi Upstate NY, etc.), study in or send their children to educational institutions run by Neturei Karta, or actively participate in activities, assemblies or demonstrations called by the Neturei Karta. Although it is true that the number of families which could be classified as Neturei Karta members or activists per-se is relatively small (several thousand), the number of Orthodox Jews who believe in the anti-Zionist ideology which Neturei Karta is known for, number in the hundreds of thousands. - - Neturei Karta oppose the so-called "State of Israel" not because it operates secularly, but because the entire concept of a sovereign Jewish state is contrary to Jewish Law. - - All the great rabbis who, in accordance with Jewish Law opposed Zionism at its inception, did not do so merely due to consideration of the secular lifestyles of the then Zionist leaders or even for their opposition to Torah heritage and rejection of its values and practices, but due to the fact that the entire concept of a Jewish state is in direct conflict with a number of Judaism's fundamentals. - - Condemnation of and segregation from anything connected to or affiliated with the so-called modern day "State of Israel" is based on the Talmud, the key fundamental doctrine of the Oral Tradition handed down by G-d to Moses on Mt. Sinai. The Talmud in Tractate Kesubos (p. 111a), teaches that Jews shall not use human force to bring about the establishment of a Jewish state before the coming of the universally accepted Moshiach (Messiah from the House of David). Furthermore it states that we are forbidden to rebel against the nations and that we should remain loyal citizens and we shall not attempt to leave the exile which G-d sent us into, ahead of time. - - Jews are not allowed to dominate, kill, harm or demean another people and are not allowed to have anything to do with the Zionist enterprise, their political meddling and their wars. - - Neturei Karta forbid any participation with the so-called "State of Israel" or any of its subsidiaries. Neturei Karta followers do not participate in "Israeli" elections nor do they accept any aid from "Bituach Le'Umi" (Social Security), and the educational institutions of the Neturei Karta reject any form of financial support from the so-called "Va'ad HaYeshivos" (equiv. to Department of Education). - - The Zionist state employs a set of chief rabbis and uses religious parties to ornament their state with a clerical image. They study the Torah with commentaries altered to clothe the words with nationalistic nuances. Our rabbis have countless times proclaimed that it matters little which individuals or parties govern in the Zionist state because the very establishment and existence of the state itself is to be condemned and to be deplored. - - The true Jews remain faithful to Jewish belief and are not contaminated with Zionism. - - The true Jews are against dispossessing the Arabs of their land and homes. According to the Torah, the land should be returned to them. - - Neturei Karta deplore the systematic uprooting of ancient Jewish communities by the Zionists, the shedding of Jewish and non-Jewish blood for the sake of Zionist sovereignty and the Neturei Karta favor a peaceful transition from the present Zionist rule to a non-Zionist entity. - - According to Judaic Law the Torah has the last word. There is no such thing as a majority of Jews who happen to be Jewish by birth who can alter Torah Law in any way. In fact even the greatest rabbi or as Maimonides writes, "even the greatest prophet" [referring actually to an authentic prophet], has no right to distort or amend even one letter of the Torah. - - Rabbi Blau stated shortly before his death that the acceptance by the United Nations of the Zionist state as a member state constituted a grave injustice to the Jewish people. Neturei Karta hope that this great error will be corrected at the earliest opportunity. The Neturei Karta regret that the Zionist state has usurped the holy name of Israel and that the Zionists so often pretend to speak in the name of the Jewish people and assume the right to act on our behalf. Only those rabbis, who have not been affected or influenced by the poison of Zionism, can be considered the spiritual leaders of today's Jewry. - - The world must know that the Zionists have illegitimately seized the name Israel and have no right to speak in the name of the Jewish people!  - Anthem of Neturei Karta - Great Gulf between Zionism and Judaism - Judaism is not Zionism - Judaism versus Zionism - Our Mission - What is the Neturei Karta? - Why Orthodox Jews are Opposed to Zionist State - Zionism is not the Answer - In Support of the Palestinian People - The Palestinian Issue - Questions and Answers - The Question of Palestine - Key to Peace - Why We Are Opposed to Zionism- Home - New  - Copyright 2003, Neturei Karta International - Lastly, the correct ideas will win, unless "our" governmental nuclear power addicts manage to wipe us out, first. In Israel these addicts are also Jewish people, but, curiously, "armed" with portable mass extermination packages, which they manage to consider to be rightful and "weapons". Oh, the contortions some human brains are capable of! - I wonder whether one could get these people to advocate the panarchist options. Obviously, they are already for religious freedom. Would they be able and willing to advocate the same kind of tolerance for political, economic and social systems, all without a territorial monopoly claim and practice? - I was unable to load their books and publications file. They do offer their material in several languages. - I read about them before, but never in such details. - They are certainly not advocates of territorialism. - J.Z., 26.9.11.

ISRAEL: [Israelis and Palestinians] have to divide the house into two. Amos Oz, quoted in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, Aug. 6-7, 11, p.7. - I am often surprised how little thought some - all too many! - people put into their dogmatic statements. He failed to distinguish between a house and a territory. A country is not a house occupied by just two different families, but rather like a city with thousands of different affinity groups, all largely intermixed and yet, mostly, peacefully coexisting, except in economic crisis times, when envy and hate of "aliens", foreigners, different religions and races flourish. He treated it as if it were a common toolbox or closet. If his assumption were true, then e.g each large city should be divided into hundreds or even thousands of ethnic, religious and ideologically different sections. Even territorialism is not as intolerant in many to most cases. City- and country people, while respecting private and e.g. corporation property rights, could have hundreds to thousands of diverse communities, none of them with a territorial monopoly but all of them exterritorially fully autonomous in all their own affairs, including legislation and jurisdiction and their particular experiments, ways of life of demonstrations of their beliefs or convictions. - Troubles arise, mostly, only when one forces different groups to live under the same government, laws and jurisdiction, the same bureaucratic institutions, decided upon either by a influential majority or by majority voting and its "representation."- J.Z., 24.11.11. - DIS., PALESTINIANS, ARABS, MUSLIMS, MIDDLE EAST

ISRAEL: As a territorial State, just like any other territorial State, it is a liability rather than an achievement for Jewish people. As an exterritorially autonomous community of Jews, also respecting the exterritorial autonomy of the communities and societies of volunteers of other peoples in the Middle East, it could have become an attractive and peace- as well as freedom promoting model there and also for the rest of the world. – J.Z., 24.12.11.

ISRAEL: Because I like Jewish people more than most other people, I dislike to see them organized in another territorial State, which tends, like all other such States, to draw out the worst in all of us and to give the least scope for creative endeavors in all the spheres which it monopolizes. - J.Z., 30.6.87, 24.5.12.

ISRAEL: Exterritorially there is enough "space" in Israel etc., for Zionists and other Jews of all kinds, as well as for Arabs of all kinds, Christians of all kinds and Ideologues of all kinds, all living autonomously under personal laws, in volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous. Only as territorialists do they clash. - J.Z., 26.4.88, 26.10.02. – PANARCHISM

ISRAEL: Let the Jews secede from Arab domination and the Arabs from Jewish domination - in a return to the rightful traditions of both - and there will be peace in and around Israel or Palestine. - J.Z., 26.5.74. - To be completely realized this requires full exterritorial autonomy under personal laws - for all their volunteer communities as well as for all other volunteer communities. - J.Z., 26.10.02, 3.11.02. - SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

ISRAEL: One or several exterritorially autonomous and personal law Israels for all voluntary Zionists and other Jewish groups and one or several Arab and Palestinian volunteer communities, with the same independence, for all kinds of Palestinians and other Arab groups. - J.Z., 28.3.89. - None of them to be confined to any national or State borders. - J.Z., 26.10.02. - PANARCHISM

ISRAEL: The establishment of a territorial Israel was not the solution of the Jewish problem or of the problem posed by Antisemitism - in the face of Antisemitism or, rather, of the problems posed by Christians and other non-jewish believers and of other kinds of ethnic and national traditions but, by its very attempt to impose an exclusive Jewish State, a territorial one, with exclusively Jewish laws, administrations and jurisdition, a perpetuation of the problem. So much so, that one of my early correspondents, Emmanuel Levin (who also claimed that he invented the phrase: “Make love, not war!”), called them the Jewish Nazis. The various Jewish people there assembled may be more democratic, more individualistic, less racist and authoritarian than the Nazis were, but they do still have all too many features and practices in common with them. That may also be one of the reasons why most of the Jewish people in the world felt under no obligation to migrate to and settle in Israel. The statist "solution" of "blood and soil" notions is not a quite rightful solution for any people, anywhere. It represents an outdated philosophy that we will either have to give up or that will destroy us. How many or how few hydrogen bombs could destroy all of Israel? It has set itself up as a target for its territorialist opposition and has ignored the degrees of peaceful and tolerant as well as exterritorial traditions that exist in Jewish and Arab history in favour of the religion of territorial nationalism and statism. So have their Arab and Muslim opponents - and the Christians. All express their "love" for their "enemies" with mass murder devices or terrorism upon the "principle" of collective responsibility for innocents. With the removal of territorialism their targets will become dissolved. With exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities their enemies will disappear or, rather, become habitually ignorable or tolerable. When will the first Jews and Arabs set up their first organizations aiming at full exterritorial autonomy for all of them and also for all other minorities in the world and all suppressed majorities? - J.Z., 22.12.92, 23.10.02, 24.5.12. – DIS.

ISRAEL: When Abraham the Wanderer marched out from Ur of the Chaldees he came, as the Bedouin came now, with a private God and a private promise and a private tribal life of flocks and herds and familial alliances. The promise was simple and final: ‘For all the land that thou seest I will give to thee and thy children forever.’ The promise made no sense to the petty kings of Canaan because they did not acknowledge the God who made it. And twentieth-century Israel, who claimed the same inheritance under the same covenant, was challenged on exactly the same grounds.” – Morris West, The Tower of Babel, p.224, 1968, 1971. - GOD, BIBLE, ZIONISM, RELIGION, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM



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