John Zube

Tolerance and Capitalism




A short clear statement on the beauty and necessity of tolerance, that those in favour of capitalism, intended as free entrepreneurship and free exchanges, should always keep in mind and practice.



Capitalism by itself, fully and consistently applied, as free enterprise, free trade, free competition, a free market, extending to anarcho-capitalism or market anarchism and including monetary freedom, is the most tolerant, moral, productive and efficient economic and political system. But, seeing that it is objectively the best system, most of its advocates wrongly want to realize it in the usual intolerant way: for believers and dissenters alike. (Sometimes, they are even intolerant of some of the aspects of capitalism.)

As a result, the efforts of capitalists are vehemently and hatefully resisted, due to prejudices, errors, stupidity and also contrary convictions. Not only that, they are stopped in their tracks or even driven back or defeated by the majority: numerous minorities believing in all kinds of other systems. These others are, naturally, at least as intolerant as most philosophical capitalists still are in their practical proposals (like: introduction of capitalism through the establishment of limited governments for all alike, whether they want this form of government or not.).

One cannot blame the collectivists very much for being intolerant. Intolerance is consistent with many of their social theories. But one can blame the capitalists for being intolerant: for only tolerance is consistent with their individualistic system.

The capitalists, at least, ought to realize that the fastest way to introduce free market capitalism consists in introducing it in a tolerant and competitive way only - without threatening or destroying the way of life chosen by others.

The most practical way is to rely mainly on the attractiveness of realisations among volunteers only.
Free trade enclaves and duty free shops, internationally federated. Among these the capitalistic principles could be fully and consistently applied. Here they would find no internal resistance. Moreover, through such practical demonstrations, the capitalistic principles and institutions could spread in the shortest possible time until they are finally accepted, voluntarily, by most other people also. There is no other more rightful, more efficient or faster way to gain adherents for the gospel of capitalism.

Just apply the principle of religious tolerance and the religion of reason will come out the winner. At least you will have it, almost as soon as you want to, for yourselves.

Be tolerant or perish! Nuclear weapons will see to that.


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