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iLAND NATION: Welcome to The iLand Nation - - VIRTUAL 'NATIONS': This write-up is pure gold. This is exactly what I've been working on over the past year... Although my version is slightly different (more service oriented), this is the closest I've seen to my vision of the future. Very exciting! - Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof – Facebook, 22.1.14.

ISLEY, PAMELA LILLIAN: Pamela Lillian Isley, listed by Joe Kopsick

IVANOV, ANTON: Anton Ivanov - Yaroslavl - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick over a year ago



JACOBSON, PHILLIP: PANARCHISM: The stated objectives of 'anarchists' and advocates of 'limited government' would both be achieved if the whole market in a given territory adopted liberal secession policies (balanced against reasonable extraterritoriality doctrines).” - Phillip Jacobson, THE CONNECTION 100. - SECESSIONISM

JACOBSSON, CARL: He has a Facebook page “Supporters of Libertarian Extraterritorial Secession”, with 7 members so far: Carl Jakobsson - School of Business, Economics and Law - John Zube - German Leaving Certificate, back in 1951. – Stephen Mac Duffy - Yeehaw Junction, Florida - Darcy Neal Donnelly - Libertarian Driver / Candidate at Ontarion Libertarian Party / Libertarian Party of Canada - Christian Rode - Autodidaktische Studien – (That describes me as well. – JZ.) - John Kersey - Prince-Abbot at Abbey-Principality of San Luigi - Niclas Wennerdal - Birger Sjöberggymnasiet - This is a group for those who support the right to secede from one's government while still living in its territory, as long as one respects other people's rights to life, liberty and property. - Secession movements have almost always been territorial secession movements, that is, they have consisted of people who wish that they and their state, county or city should secede from the government they belong to. - An extraterritorial secession is different in that people secede from their government, but others who live in the same state, county or city will still remain citizens of their government. - The goal of this secession would be to establish an extraterritorial governance, where the law would follow the person instead of the territory. This type of governance has been the norm in western civilization until the rise of the nation state and its use vanished almost entirely in the 20th century. If successful, it would mean that several thousands of people can secede from their government, without moving to the same area. - As most people believe that one has a right of self-determination, the idea of letting people form their own voluntary governments should have some grounds for support. And as this kind of secession does not entail that one force others to follow certain rules (whether they be conservative, liberal or socialist) or "force" them into freedom, it can only be opposed by those who wants to coerce others into submission to their own favorite rules and laws. - This group seeks to promote the awareness of this type of secession, its advantages over territorial secession and to convince others of the right of secession. - On extraterritoriality in general: - - - On libertarian secession: - On panarchism, the political system where each may choose what sort of society she or he wants to belong to: - - "Freedom" by Thorsten Becker - 7 members · Message · Invite by Email - Carl Jakobsson : I just discovered Wirtland, a virtual nation that claims its own sovereignty, and at the moment it looks promising.– Mentioned and described in WIKIPEDIA, as a micronation. - - Wirtland (micronation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - - Wirtland (Turkish: Hayalistan; Bulgarian: Виртландия; Russian: Виртландия) is an internet-based micronation founded in 2008. - Taylor Somers -

JAMES, BOB: When I contacted him, because of some remark on Facebook, he replied that he was already familiar with - I asked for his email and got it today. Rob James - rjames @ - He also mentioned that he loves

JINGO, JIMMY: He liked my Facebook remark.

JOHNSON, DWIGHT: djohnson149 @ - - Panarchy South Jersey- Rules — Max Borders’ and mine - Dwight Johnson gives speech at Libertopia - Dwight Johnson - Christians and the State - What universal government school was meant to accomplish - Monopoly Government Schools

JOHNSSON, RICHARD C. B.: richardcbjohnsson @ - - Extraterritoriality: What is it? Why deny it? – GPdB - Non-Territorial Governance – Johnsson - JOHNSSON, RICHARD C. B.: Freedomain Radio Message Board - Quote :
“More or less, I think people here are confusing a government (a governing body) with a state (an entity with the monopoly on the initiation of the use of force).  Although all states are government, not all governments are states and THAT is something people need to comprehend.” - Indeed, I believe this is spot on. I'd say panarchists and anarchists both see the territorial monopolist government (i.e. the State) as the root to most social evils, but while the anarchists concludes that we need to get rid of all forms of government, panarchists conclude that we need to get rid of the territorial monopolies. - Non-monopolist governance has existed everywhere and long before the current territorial monopolist governments were instituted as the standard. If you didn't know this and want to learn more, check out the link under ‘Panarchy’ at my website,, for references. - Government without monopoly is a central feature of panarchy. If you can select and change government without moving, to some regard it's voluntary. There’s nothing really contradictory with voluntary government in that regard. But this isn’t merely a play with words. The FACT is that governments have been around for ages without being territorial monopolist governments, like all our States today.

JORDAN, TYLER: He liked my Facebook remark, 7.6.14: Only individual secessionism and personal law options for individuals can provide individuals with a rightful and significant vote. All territorial voting is full of false pretences of consent, representations and mandates. - Tyler Jordan - 10 mutual friends – jordan @



KAEMPE, JOAKIM: Individual secession and extraterritoriality - Autores: Joakim Kämpe - Localización: Procesos de mercado: revista europea de economía política, ISSN 1697-6797, Vol. 10, Nº. 1, 2013 , págs. 195-239 - Idioma: ingles

KAMAL, NAHEED: Naheed Kamal Liked my FB remark: It and all other governments should become confined to their voluntary victims under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. That would automatically happen once individual and group secessionism is finally legalised or recognised as an individual right and liberty.

KANWAR, RAHUL: The Argument for Panarchism, March 2, 2014, online at the conscious resistance website, The Argument for Panarchism | The Conscious Resistance - Secondly, there are several misconceptions about various anarchistic philosophies that must be cleared in order to prove the case for panarchism, and a philosopher by the name of Kevin Carson has already covered this topic in depth. – - With insufficient depth, by sticking to his definition of statism being inevitably territorial and interventionist, ignoring the possibilities of voluntary statism, in the same way that most people ignore the possibilities of voluntary or cooperative socialism.– One comment, name accidentally deleted by me, JZ, 21.1.14, was: This is really good. I kind of wished they had bothered to include a portion for how anarchists and statists can get along under panarchy …

K. D.: Gene, Larry, I'm so glad that I found this post and the comments left by you two.- I'm a panarchist, as well, and searched long and hard for a philosophy that fit my stance. It took awhile but I eventually came across the same Wiki article that Gene did and was ecstatic to find that others thought as I did. - I still become excited when I see others, such as you two, due to the fact that we seem far and few between. A search on the Internet turns up very little. A Microsoft Word spellcheck doesn't even recognize the word panarchist and thinks I am trying to write the word "anarchist". - Still, I say "seem" far and few between because I think there are a lot more people out there that think as we do, without even knowing it. I see evidence of this by experiencing the exact same thing that Larry has experienced: I found that people are generally in agreement when the concept of one perspective being forced over another is removed from the conversation and replaced with the acceptance of any perspective simply existing at the same time, without forcing any on either. - Although, I have come across a lot of people that are hostile to this idea and only want their way and their way only to be forced on everyone. Usually, I am able to expose that desire as being fascist and against freedom, even from the likes of anarchists and libertarians. No one has successfully been able to counter this fact ... probably because it is a fact. - I think panarchism is already currently embodied in the U.S. without many of us realizing it. Think about the phrase "It's a free country" that people sometimes blurt out under scrutiny of any personal preference (although that phrase is dying away). That phrase indicates that any preference is possible and should be accepted with all others. Think about the federalist system we have in place that allows state governments to run their own way (though federal power has reached massive levels), potentially allowing multiple styles of government to exist simultaneously. - Running on one of those concepts, I have a new blog that you can find by clicking my user name called "It's a Free Country". I just started it and I'm still feeling it out but I can already tell I plan to lean it toward panarchism (rare to see a blog that is). I’m currently mixing in my own libertarian preference, but I might one day go as far as to wipe that away and make it a completely panarchist blog. As I said, however, I'm still feeling it out. - Anyway, it’s nice to meet you guys and I hope to see you and hear from you again. – TO GENE CALLAHAN

KAHM, JUSTIN: Justin Kahm, listed by Joe Kopsick.

KARIM, NZAMUL: He liked my statement on Facebook, 31.5.14: John Zube : So far there is not a single territorial State in existence, which recognizes all individual rights and liberties. And I do not expect to ever see such a State come into existence. I would expect it only from the voluntaristic and personal law alternatives, under full exterritorial autonomy for them.

KEENE, SEAN: Sean Keene, listed by Joe Kopsick.

KEITH, BRIAN: On 17 March 01 I wrote to him regarding his article IN DEFENCE OF ANARCHO-CAPITALISM, which has as special interest for me, since I class it as "panarchistic".  I do intend to reproduce it in my PEACE PLANS series, expecially in its sub-series ON PANARCHY, of which 19 volumes on 19 microfiche are out so far. At leas then his email address was brian @

KENWELL, JARED: Jared Kenwell - He liked my following Facebook statement, 12.3.14: John Zube Voting would be justified only in communities of volunteers and there it would be least needed because of their basic agreements.

KERSEY, JOHN: John Kersey - Prince-Abbot at Abbey-Principality of San Luigi – Mentioned on JACOBSSON, CARL: Facebook page “Supporters of Libertarian Extraterritorial Secession”. – Microsoft Word tells me that it is unable to open that Facebook page. – JZ, 10.12.13.

KEYS, DONALD: looking @ - Wollongong NSW 2500 Australia - Linkedin: - Facebook: - My Art Website:

KING, WILL: Wants to copy & print de Puydt’s essay in English translation. Inv– JZ, 10.12.13.

KINTON, LUKE: Luke Kinton - Madison, Alabama - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick over a year ago - JZ, 10.12.13.

KLASSEN, MARC: Marc Klassen - Have you ever noticed how statists are constantly "reforming" their own handiwork? Education reform. Health-care reform. Welfare reform. Tax reform. The very fact that they're always busy "reforming" is an implicit admission that they didn't get it right the first 50 times. – Lawrence W. Reed, economist, in The Freeman - John Zube Each should be free to reform only the own handiwork and sell it only to voluntary customers. Let other people do their own things and reform them as they like and whenever they wish to. Territorially imposed reforms are wrongful as such. – M. K. liked that, on Facebook, 23.3.14.

KLING, ARNOLD: Exit, Voice, and Freedom: An Example, Arnold Kling | EconLog ... -‎ - Aug 13, 2009 - From Ayn Rand's “The Nature of Government,” in The Virtue of Selfishness, ... of freedom, is a weird absurdity called “competing governments. - Here's the deal: Suppose that a new non-territorial state is created. Call it Liberista! To become a citizen of Liberista!, you just pay an annual fee. You pay no taxes to the state. As a citizen of Liberista!, you can live anywhere that Liberista! has an embassy compound. Liberista! leases compounds in countries all over the world. Liberista! embassy compounds are as ubiquitous as Hiltons, but many of them have space for large sections of single-family homes, office parks, and so on.


KNOTT, ADAM: adamknott @ - “Panarchy: The Libertarian Ideal, publ. by him in: Panarchy - Essays in the new political philosophy, 2008. He also published: Principles of Panarchism, The philosophy of political coexistence, 2009, consisting of edited material form some of my panarchistic writings. - - JZ. - adamKNOTT @ - GPdB - Adam Knott writes about praxeology at his website and posts praxeology-related articles on the Mises community forum. In normative advocacy Knott is a panarchist. Panarchism is a political philosophy founded in 1860 by Paul Emile De Puydt holding that membership in a political union should be a matter of individual choice and need not be based on geography or territory. Send him mail. Adam Knott – Writing on Panarchy and Praxeology - Adam Knott's panarchy booklets on LuLu

KNUTSON, ADAM: liked my Facebook 8.12.14. remark.

KOERBER, BRUCE: He liked my Facebook comment.

KOHRING, CHRISTOPH: Christoph Kohring – NDS (Suisse) likes panarchy according to a Facebook search. He liked the following remark of mine on Facebook: Everything voluntary. To each the own system, under personal law, starting with individual secessionism, based upon full individual sovereignty or self-ownership. - JZ

KONIECZKO, RICHARD: globefront @

KOPSICK, JOE: Creator of the Facebook page: Panarchist International, A group dedicated to the discussion of panarchy / polyarchy / personarchy, Functional Overlapping Competing Jurisdiction, FREEDOM, EVIL, ETHICS / national personal autonomy / national personal sovereignty, and other civic systems which aim to maximize the protection of the rights of the people - especially minorities of all varieties (including individuals) - to decide how and by whom they shall be governed, in a situation in which there exist perfectly and completely competitive markets for goods and services which are typically provided by government. An Open group, 65 members · Invite by Email (Anyone can see the group and what it posts.) – I added his membership list at the end, including pictures. – J.Z. - Joe Kopsick

KRITARCHIST: On -do-you-think-of-the-political-theory-of-panarchy - - comment-876093 - What is different about panarchy? - Panarchy is about the right of every individual to decide for themselves which governments will represent them, and which will not. It is, in essence, about personal secession. It starts with the individual human being, and recognizes a human right that governments today, universally, do not recognize: the right to "exit in place", to renounce ones membership in any organization in human society, including government at every level, and not have to relocate to do it. - By extension, it also recognizes the right of every human being to choose to live under any form of government known to man. No person can dictate to another what form of government (including no form of government) they may be a part of, or where they can belong to it. As a result, governments become non-territorial, in the sense that, while identifying for themselves a geographical scope within which they wish to work, they do not claim in any way a monopoly of government over that territory, but share it with others. An easy way to envision this is to compare it to the situation with churches today. While a particular Presbyterian church may service the Presbyterians within a certain geographical area, the Baptists in that same area are served by the local Baptist church, and so on. No church claims to serve (and demand income from) all the residents of a particular geographical area. Yet this is exactly how governments now operate. - Other than the argument for panarchy that arises from the consideration of human rights, there is also a practical argument. Governments today operate in certain ways, but not all people are satisfied with the results. (Do I have a gift for understatement, or what?) The logical correction to this situation would be to allow experimentation, utilizing the genius of people to discover and create new and better ways. The claim of monopoly by governments everywhere stifles this natural gift of creativity. So long as that creativity does not include the use of coercion on others, it can be very useful. Imagine trying to cure cancer by repeating the same experiment over and over, hoping for a different and useful outcome. Clearly, to find the cure for cancer, scientists need the ability to try new things. The same goes for finding better ways for human beings to live together in peace.

KTXY: ktxy - Facebook, 9.3.14. Replies to Jeremy Thaxter - I think it is key that the questions raised here: - Questions about Polycentric law and Panarchy : Anarcho_Capitalism - - I have been talking in another sub and trying to put across the ideas of polycentric law and panarchy. I am doing a really bad job of it so...

KUEHNE, DIRK W.: Dirk W. Kühne = d.w.kuehne @ - U.T.

KUMAR, SASY: Liked my FB remark.

KUNZE, STEFAN: SOCIAL CONTRACT: Rousseau never talked about an implicit or even signed social contract! He actually said: 1. No one is bound to a contract he hasn’t signed. 2.) No one can respresentatively sign a contract! 3. A Social Contract must not be enforced without consent. These terms however cannot be fulfilled by a State, not even a monarchy, rather exclusively by anarchocapitalism. Statists who want to legitimize a social contract should be prepared to cie Rousseau properly, assuming they are able to even read at all. - Stefan Blankertz was tagged in Stefan Kunze's photo. – Facebook, 23.3.14. – I had commented: John Zube The anarcho-capitalists are not the only ones who are consistently voluntarists. Panarchists and polyarchists, meta-utopians and advocates of competing governance systems advocate voluntarism and tolerance not only for anarcho-capitalists but also for all kinds of statists willing to confine their statism to their volunteers, under personal law and to tolerate any non-statist society or community for its volunteers, however rare such statists still are at present. Consistent voluntarists are rare, too. Anarcho capitalism have no monopoly on tolerance, freedom of association, freedom of contract and freedom of experimentation. - Stefan Kunze liked that. - VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM ETC.



LeBLANC, MATT: He liked my Facebook remark, 26.12.14: While antisemitism and anti-Zionism is usually very under-informed and primitive and primitive and all too often atrocious, too, one should thoughtfully consider that the Nazis, too, were territorial statists and nationalists. The same is true for most other people in the world so far. This combination is the predominant religion of our time. Nazis, Stalinists and Maoists have demonstrated how far they can mislead mankind, how murderous and destructive they can be. Zionists have not yet sufficiently realised that, either. There was a strong Jewish opposition against oppressive Zarism in Russia. They called themselves Territorialists, because they wanted autonomy for Jews within the territory of Russia, not through emigration into another country. They had as precedents some instances of limited exterritorial autonomy or personal law of Jewish history in mind. The Zionists with their Holy Land territorialism were more popular and are still all too much stuck in this statist ideology and religion - apart from some hardcore Judaists, who hold that Israel does not represent the teachings of the Jewish religion. If Jews had managed to develop the best of their autonomy traditions into exterritorially autonomous Jewish personal law communities or networks in all countries then, I hold, they would have done the best possible thing to eliminated antisemitism. For who can seriously blame people who do nothing but their own things among themselves? Moreover, with the liberties and rights thus developed and practised among themselves, they would have made very rapid progress and set attractive examples to all other minorities in the world and even to the majorities in every country, who could then do their own things among themselves, undisturbed by dissenting minorities. – JZ.

LaBOISSONNIERE, VERACE VICTOR: 17 mutual friends, liked: Henry Moore: Secession right on down to the individual level, Facebook, 19.2.14,

LATCHFORD, KEVIN: Kevin Latchford - Associate Producer at Jesulu Productions - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick over a year ago

LAWRENCE, TIMOTHY: 9/33 Rokeby Terrace, Taringa, Queensland, 4068 - timothy.lawrence @ -

LEE, DON: Don Lee - Works at Consumers - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick over a year ago - John Zube : Each should only be ruled, if at all, by the party and government and legal system of his own, free and individual choice. Voting on the affairs of peaceful others, living in the same country or territory, was always wrong. - - Facebook, 27.2.14. – Don Lee liked that.

LEFTYJEW: leftyjew - Profile - - Dec 28, 2011 - ... a shelter for holiness in the world, and another mandate that's at least ... noam chomsky, panarchism, philosophy, pluralism, postal service, ...

LEMENNICIER, BERTRAND: Bertrand Lemennicier - bertrand.lemennicier @ - GPdB

LEON, SY: POLITICAL BENEFITS: Perhaps the “benefits” offered by the politician are of value to some people. Fine; then let them negotiate with the politician, let them trade away their freedom, but leave the rest of us out of it. Our freedom is not theirs to bargain with.” – Sy Leon, None of the Above, p.112. - None of the Above: Why Non-Voters Are America's Political Majority, Paperback – January 1, 1996 – TOLERANCE, PUBLIC SERVICES, FEES FOR SERVICES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

LEONE, REESHA: Will they learn about this, if at all, like the price controllers, only after 4,000 years of failures. For whatever reasons we have individually, we should all become free to secede from all territorial governments. - John Zube - Yesterday at 19:22 · Liked: - Reesha Leone – Facebook, 4.4.14. - Couldn't agree more with your sentiment. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of work to get off the grid. But that should be everyone's goal if they have any love of freedom. - Facebook, 4.4.14. - Agreed, JZ, 4.4.14. - John Zube Consider the possibility of several world organisations, all of them only for their volunteers with none of them entitled to a world-wide monopoly for its system. Islam, the Catholic Church and Judaism are already spread world-wide and do coexist peacefully. So do scientists and technicians, sportsmen, tourists and nature lovers. Only any world-wide monopoly is to be feared. – She liked that on Facebook. - John Zube Work towards the vote expressed by individual secessionism combined with your individual choice of a personal law society for yourself. Google offered me recently 227 MILLION research results for "personal law". - She liked that on Facebook, 1.3.14. – Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back. – Carl Sagan,, - Quoted by Reesha Leone shared Esai Morales's photo. – Facebook, 4.3.14. - John Zube Especially under territorial statism. It would be different for communities of volunteers from which individuals could freely secede and with which better societies and governance systems, all under personal law exterritorial autonomy, could freely compete. How often is a majority quite right. Usually it can be right, by its own standards, only on its own affairs. – R. L. liked that. …- John Zube It is also due to a lack of personal law options. Territorially we are all more or less put into a territorial prison with many people, whom we dislike. If we and they had our own and independent governance systems, communities and societies then we would be much more inclined to leave each other alone and not to blame them for the results of our own mistakes and choices in our own systems. An encyclopaedia of the best refutations is still as amiss as archive of the best ideas. Sufficient enlightenment certainly has not yet come through schools, universities and mass media. But it could come to be offered now, in optimal forms, quite affordably and almost omnipresent. - Reesha Leone I agree a thousand percent with what you just said.

LEUNG, STANLEY T. & PALCHAK, JOHN K.: No State Required? A Critical Review of the Polycentric Legal Order, GONZALA LAW REVIEW, VOL.38.2, pp.289-333, 2002/3, online.

LIBERARE HASS WUT: Liberare Hass Wut - University of Buenos Aires. Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick over a year ago.

LIBERTARIAN INVESTMENTS: Panarchy is the Way to Win ... - Apr 19, 2012 - This is where panarchy comes in. Michael Rozeff has written extensively on the subject. It basically means that you should be free to choose ...

LINEBERRY-JENNINGS, MAVERICK: Maverick Lineberry-Jennings - Added by Joe Kopsick to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL about 2 months ago. - John Zube : Rather, a free market for all the isms and their establishments, all always only for their volunteers and without a territorial monopoly. Too many anarchists have forgotten that voluntarism is the primary thing. For those people wishing to live under a government or State, without trying to force it upon dissenters, it is the right institution for their stage of development. They are then not ruled against their will by people they dislike. Naturally, they should be free to secede from any such association. – On Facebook. L. J. M. did like that remark.

LINNAVUORI, MATTI: Matti Linnanvuori - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick about 6 months ago

LOGAN, AMY K.: Liked my remark on Facebook: John Zube : At least by now we should all have come to recognize not only territorial secessionism but also individual and group secessionism, combined with the personal law options, in realization of free markets, free choice, free competition, freedom of association, contract, experimentation, exchange, full monetary & financial freedom and genuine SELF-governance and SELF-responsibility and free competition in every sphere, especially all those now monopolized by territorial and statist governments. Collectivist & monopolistic, coercive "self-government" and "sovereignty" are not good enough substitutes for individual sovereignty or self-ownership and freedom of action for all peaceful and tolerant people. - Amy K Logan - 357 mutual friends – 10.7.14. It was made in response to her remark: When Thomas Jefferson saw the constitution fail in his own lifetime. He became increasingly worried about the future of the United States. He then came up with a solution that was never implemented. ....Divide the entire country into 100-person units with full self-governing powers.... - -- - She also liked

LONG, RODERICK: - longrob @ - GPdB - Roderick Tracy Long, Cornell University - Invited by Joe Kopsick over a year ago - to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL - Roderick T. Long, "The Nature of Law", Formulations, published by Free Nation Foundation, Spring 1994.

LOTTIERI, CARLO: Carlo Lottieri - lottieri @ - GPdB

LUTTER, MARK: Mark Lutter- Perhaps panarchy is a term we'd like to use. It's name is already meta and it's historical use is fairly similar to what we believe. - - Facebook, 7.8.14. - Max Borders SFL Austin 2012 - - Max Borders - Facebook, 8.8.14.

LYSANDER, FREDERICK: Frederick Lysander, listed by Joe Kopsick - SECESSIONISM: I am glad that Secession is a popular issue once again. Secession is nothing more than the right to self-determination. Nobody should be forced to pledge allegiance or pay monetary tributes to a government that they do not support, nor should one be forced to face a choice between supporting said government and having to move thousands of miles away. Those who would deny a right to self-determination are essentially advocates of concentrating unlimited power in the hands of a few people. Remember: the answer to 1984 is 1776! - Phred Lysander - Consider individual, personal law or exterritorial autonomy secessionism - also for societies, governance systems and communities or societies of volunteers. Even the largest political parties do have numerous factions. It would be a win-win situation for all, as far as the own affairs are concerned. That kind of secessionism does not attempt to legally overpower local dissenters, like all territorial secessions do. The opponents would then clearly stand for wishing to rule peaceful others against their will. All the pretences of "representing" them and asserting that they would have given their full consent by voting, would tend to disappear. Genuine self-government or self-determination for all, free enterprise, freedom of contract and freedom of association and experimentation in all spheres now wrongfully monopolized by territorial governments! - John Zube – Facebook, 14.11.12, 18.2.14. -INDIVIDUAL VS. TERRITORIAL

LYSPOONER, CHRIS: The notion you can form a state to protect individualism is the idea of naive men or the conspiracy of evil ones. The only way to retain protection of individuals is to retain a free market of governance. - Chris Lyspooner – Facebook, 23.7.14.



MAC DUFFY, STEPHEN: Stephen Mac Duffy - Yeehaw Junction, Florida – In: JACOBSSON, CARL: Facebook page “Supporters of Libertarian Extraterritorial Secession”

MACDONALD, TRENT: Occupation: Graduate student, PhD Economics, RMIT University; and research fellow, Institute of Public Affairs -Website: - Blog: - Twitter: - Email1: trentjmacdonald @ - Email2: trent.macdonald @ - I haven't done too much writing on the topic yet, but you can find a short piece of mine (with Jason Potts) on 'The Future of Cities as Non-Territorial Public Goods Clubs' here: - He also wrote a draft, 13 pags, “The Unbundled State.” 258 KBs in PDF. - Ask him for it. – JZ, 31.12.13. - (2013) Trent MacDonald, The Unbundled State – G. P. de Bellis: I recommend this essay to everybody. It presents in a very clear way the case for a non-territorial state. It could be read in conjunction with this other essay: (2013) Jason Potts and Trent MacDonald, The Future of Cities as Non-Territorial Public Goods Clubs

MacSNOB, WILHELM: Wilhelm MacSnob – He liked my following entries on Facebook, 15.9.14: Consistent voluntarism, competition, freedom of experimentation, contract, association, voluntarism, choice, decentralisation, personal law options, secessionism, freedom for alternatives, laissez-faire for like-minded people, individual rights and liberties, panarchies, polyarchies etc. in every sphere now monopolised by territorial governments in form of federations, States or local governments. & To each the corporation of the own individual and free choice, as a customer, investor, entrepreneur, member or subject. Neither the statist nor the private corporations to be granted any territorial monopoly. Free competition between all of them, in all spheres.

MAKOVI, MICHAEL: Michael Makovi, listed by Joe Kopsick.

MALECKI, MIKOLAJ: Mikołaj Małecki, Why not make also "State" something that is voluntarily selected and undergoes market competition? … the "state" as it exists now. It is a monopolist because it exists as just one and no one can establish their own organization of this rank. - The problem with "state" is that it violates all three basic rights: - the right of contracts - because no one has signed any contract with this state voluntarily, nor has signed any statement for adhering the law - the right of property - because it takes money from you without specifying for what purpose or reversely claimed goods this is - the right of information - because it can always change the law without informing you, without requesting you to agree for the contract again (any change of the terms and conditions in case of a contract signed with any company requires that a customer agree on that or select to not extend the contract) - In a voluntary world, there still can be a state and it can still get tax money - the only difference is that: - it cannot increase taxes, or change any other part of the law without requesting to sign an annex or a new contract, including possibility to not extend the contract - you must read the whole law, make sure that you understand it, sign the contract, and only then in case of law violation has the state any bases to penalize you. – Facebook, 30.8.14.

MANN, SIMON: modo_888_ @ – he enquired and was sent my panarchist bibliography in 2005. Then an undergraduate student.

MANNING, SUSAN S.: The United States in a Transition to Panarchy - America's federal structure doesn't reflect its traditions of decentralism, free ... See more - Joe Kopsick Here's how to do it, go to this site and click "vote for this hub" - - Politics and Social Issues - - Joe Kopsick Susan S Manning thanks for your support when this first came out, hope you don't mind me adding you to this group. - Susan S Manning You're welcome, and I don't mind at all! - Susan S Manning Just to let you know, I clicked on the link twice and it showed a different hub each time. Yours is to the left, though.

MARBURGER, DENNIS: Dennis Marburger – He liked my remark on Facebook: John Zube : Lasting peaceful coexistence is not possible between people who have territorial monopoly claims for the same territory. Under personal law and voluntarism it would be the normal and natural outcome. – 30.4.14. - 341 mutual friends

MARIE, VALENTIN: Valentin Marie - valbox @ - GPdB - MARIE, VALENTIN: Valentin Marie, garello.pierre @ - Gian Piero de Bellis - update - December 2014

MARKET ANARCHY "WITHOUT ADJECTIVES": Market Anarchy "Without Adjectives" (M.A.W.A.) is a strain of Anarchism without Adjectives (which promotes co-existence of different anarchist schools [collectivist, communalist, syndicalist, mutualist, individualist]) that supports a competitive market for governance with deference to each respective anarchist school rather than a synthesis thereof. - M.A.W.A. is informed by insurrectionary anarchist Errico Malatesta's having said "Imposed communism would be... tyranny... And free and voluntary communism is ironical if one [lacks] the right... to live in a different regime... collectivist, mutualist, individualist... as one wishes, always on condition that there is no oppression or exploitation of others". - M.A.W.A. is also informed by anarcho-syndicalist Rudolf Rocker's understanding of the various anarchist schools of thought as "only different methods of economy". - Additionally, M.A.W.A. contends that each of these economic formulations of anarchism is a model for the organization not only of political institutions / associations, but also communities, and enterprises / firms. - Read more at: - I only just found out about it and tried to join it on the spot. It has 151 members and many to most of them should, probably, be on the panarchist directory as well. But do not expect me, on my own, to approach all of them about that. Many were added to by Joe Kopsick. – It would be nice if the diversity of statists would form the same kind of tolerant association, with none of them claiming a territorial monopoly for his or her statist or limited government? Who will start this kind of network? – All three should sufficiently refer to each other. - JZ, 11.12.13.

MARKS, BENJAMIN: Benjamin Marks, bm @ - Gian Piero de Bellis - update - December 2014

MARSTALL, ANTHONY: John Zube : You should also push for the freedom for all individuals and groups of volunteers to try to realize their ideals among themselves, under personal law or full exterritorial autonomy. Imagine how popular the first libertarian society would become, which would have abolished compulsory taxation for its members! No ideal is good enough to be forced upon all people in the world, except the rightfulness of defence against all attacks against individual rights and liberties if one does claim them in full or in part. Each should become free to practise them to the degrees they want to. No one should be forced to subscribe to and practise all of them in their group of volunteers. To each his own. Suum cuique. - If I remember a bit of my Latin class correctly. Anthony Mastall, on Facebook, 18.2.14, liked that.

MARTIN, EMMANUEL: Emmanuel Martin, martin.cphr @ - Gian Piero de Bellis - update - December 2014

MASON, SUSAN H.: Susanwinner NLrbe Mason - 292 mutual friends – liked: John Zube Under territorialism we are almost always ruled by the worst types. See Hayek, The Road to Serfdom, which has a chapter on why the worst get to the top. High time to explore the voluntary, personal law and exterritorial autonomy alternatives. - Facebook, 5.3.14.

McKIBBIN, MATT: on Facebook, likes Iland Nation. – Liked: John Zube We need individual secessionism from their laws, taxes, institutions, paper work, licensing, bureaucracy to become free to solve our remaining problems as far as possible and as fast as possible together with like-minded volunteers. These parasites should become confined to their remaining voluntary victims. I doubt that they will be able to keep many supporters under fully free competition against them, in every sphere. Imagine the attractions of societies of volunteers without compulsory taxation. – Facebook 24.3.14. - Matt McKibbin

MCMANIGAL, KENT: dullhawk @ - PAN column, called One-sizefits-all system is immoral - Kent McManigal - Read all my writings at – JZ

McNEIL, MAGGIE: Dec 3 - Twitter - Dec 3, 2014 - I believe in Robert Nozick's meta-utopia. @ Maggie_McNeill com/Anarchy-State-Utopia-Robert-Nozick/dp/0465051006 ...

MELLIN, ANNA: on Facebook, likes iLand Nation.

MENDE, PATRICK: Patrick Mende - Wisconsin - Invited by Joe Kopsick to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL over a year ago

MIATTO, STEFANO: Stefano Miatto - Austrian School of Economics - Likes Panarchy – Facebook, 24.12.14.

MICRONATIONS ON THE WEB: Davros, on Secessioin, offers the following hint, o4 Feb., 2003: micro nations interesting topic - here is a web page of some individual Micronations that have created their own web sites - … - People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. – Going to that site, which I could not copy and paste, I get a list from of links to Micronations on the Web, of 117 of them by my count. – I did not realize that there were as many by now. I saved the list and it comes to 2.3 MBs. – JZ, 15.1.15. .

MISCHKE, UWE: Uwe Mischke, Homberger Ring 54, D- 07646 Stadtroda, Germany. - Webpage:

MITCHIE, THOMAS J.: John Zube To each movement its own personal law system for its volunteers. That would put an end to most violent revolutions and despotic systems. A good start for that would be recognition of all governments and societies in exile, all only for their volunteers. Revolutions with territorial objectives will mostly be all too violent and destructive and this without a quite satisfactory and long term solution, even if they win. They breed dissenters, too and also new revolutionaries. – He liked that, on Facebook, 21.2.14, and added: Thomas J. Michie VII I think you make a excellent point in saying, "Revolutions with territorial objectives will mostly be all too violent and destructive..."

MOLINARI, PYOTR: Pyotr Molinari - School of Hard Knocks, The University of Life - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick about 4 months ago.

MOLYNEUX, STEFAN: host @ - GPdB - Stefan Molyneux. "The Stateless Society (, October 24, 2005)"

MONTONI, MARC: Marc Montoni: Secession: Millions Like It–Let’s Go Find Them! - 52 Replies - Posted to Free Virginia website. - Wednesday, January 02, 2013. - In the thirty years I’ve been involved in the LP, I have heard literally hundreds of “Libertarians” swear that there was “no constituency” for our “more radical” positions. - By the time these nervous nellies got finished listing all the things we shouldn’t talk about, there would be nothing left for us to say at all. - At one time or another, I’ve heard people who describe themselves as Libertarians say we should never, ever discuss: •Abolishing public schools (or even school choice as an interim measure!) - •Abolishing the Income Tax - •Privatizing all public roads & other transportation infrastructure - •Repealing drug prohibition - •Repealing the prohibition on prostitution - •Abolishing marriage licensure - … and on an on. - - Some Libertarians seem to be utterly terrified of anyone finding out about real libertarian solutions. - But why are we so afraid of our own shadow? What about being in politics makes us so hysterically worried that the general public will discover what we really want? - In many ways, the public is already light-years ahead of where we think they are. Carla Howell proved that a few years ago with the 2002 ballot initiative to repeal the Massachusetts state income tax . - Despite being out-spent and out-volunteered by a factor of hundreds to one — the main opposition consisted of government employees terrified the measure meant the cooking of their stolen golden goose — the initiative won 40% of the vote. - Forty percent! - Forty percent despite the fact that the campaign was hobbled by the fact that a large fraction of the half-million million government employees (250,000 local government, another 250,000 state government) actively campaigned against it, often while on taxpayer time (teachers, for instance, plastered public schools with posters urging a “no” vote; and sent children home every week with anti-repeal flyers). - Despite the Herculean efforts of the tax-funded opposition, 40% of Massachusetts voters pulled the “Yes” lever. - Had there been an equal amount of money & volunteers available to the repeal effort, there is a very real possibility that the measure would have passed. - Another issue some Libertarians have screamed for their colleagues to avoid mentioning is repealing drug prohibition. I know of people who were sitting officers of the LP, or already-endorsed candidates for public office, who were loudly and rudely dressed-down in front of *LIBERTARIAN* audiences for mentioning the repeal of marijuana prohibition . JUST marijuana — they mentioned no other drugs. - Yet here it is 2012, and a bunch of cracks in the wall of prohibition have suddenly appeared in Colorado and Washington. Certainly Libertarians were involved in the process — except for the nay-sayers in the back of the room at local LP meetings, screeching about how we should not talk about this issue because will promote the continuation of our image as “the Party of dope”. - Yes, I have directly heard a half-dozen Libertarians use exactly that phrase and admonition within the last five years. I can probably find a few emails in my email archive with that phrase in it. - Now let’s talk about one of those unspeakables in our idea set: Secession. - There were so many “Libertarians” who wet their pants over that long-standing libertarian priciple being in our platform, that in 2008 it was removed and replaced by a nebulous, “self determination” plank that doesn’t even mention the right to secede. But is secession one of those third rails we should never talk about? - Hardly. - In an article on, Kirkland Sale reviews some recent polling data at  Public Policy Polling . - Among the more interesting finds: Secession is viewed positively/sympathetically by major fractions of various demographic groups. Here are a few examples: By race: 46% (14 million) of Hispanics; 31% (49 million) of whites. - By ideology: 50% of conservatives (41 million); 19% (14 million) of liberals. - By sex: 35% of women and only 29% of men. - As Kirkpatrick Sale’s correspondent, Bill Regnery, said: “We should discard the notion that women cannot be recruited.” - By age: 50% of 18-29 year olds. - The point is this: Secession is not an idea that only extremist outliers like libertarians have entertained. As the above survey results show, there is a substantial cohort of Americans out there who not only feel secession is appropriate in some cases, but who are right now in favor of it. = Do we jump out in front of this parade, or tiptoe into the line behind everyone else once it becomes popular, as some “Libertarians” would have us believe? - henever there is a market for an idea we long since staked out as our own, we don’t need to hide from it and worry about whether Americans will find the idea palatable. All we have to do is speak to them like they are adults and like we believe they are capable of discussing “radical” ideas with a level head. - But we have to speak to them! We can’t speak to them if we’re cowering behind them in the parade. - Let’s speak loudly and clearly about the kind of free society we seek. In doing so, we will find these people. Once we find them, they can be invited to join our coalition! - There is NO limit to how large the Libertarian movement (and Party) can grow. As shown above, on just one issue, there are 50 to 60 million people who are receptive to the “extremist” idea of secession. There are millions more (with some amount of overlap) on every other issue in our toolbox. - Don’t be afraid to seek them out! - Thank you for reading! - Marc Montoni is a frequent writer and commenter here. – INDEPENDENT POLITICAL REPORT, online.

MOORE, CAROL: SECESSIONISM: No government is beautiful. Legalize secession.” - Carol Moore slogan in e-mail of 13.8.02. - GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM

MOORE, HENRY: Henry Moore : Secession right on down to the individual level. – Facebook, 18.2.14. - contacts @ - Gian Piero de Bellis - update - December 2014

MOREHOUSE, ISAAC M.: Everything Is Modular … Is Governance Next? It's a mashup world. The modular thinking underlying this ever-changing reconfiguration of genres, media, and franchises could also shake up the top-down world of governance. – FEE, IN Brief, 12/6/2013. - Everything Is Modular...Is Governance Next? - Google offers over 50,000 search results him. Some of the first: Isaac M. Morehouse | Facebook -‎ - Isaac M. Morehouse is on Facebook. {I get broken link notice. – JZ} Join Facebook to connect with Isaac M. Morehouse and others you may know. Facebook gives people the ... Email or Phone, Password. Keep me logged in .... Website. ... Isaac M. Morehouse (isaacmorehouse) on Twitter‎ - The latest from Isaac M. Morehouse ( @ isaacmorehouse). [Isaac M. Morehouse @ isaacmorehouse - not valid email address. – JZ, 18.12.13. - Founder & CEO of Praxis. Mount Pleasant, SC. - Author: Isaac-M-Morehouse - Ludwig von Mises - Institute -‎ - About Isaac M. Morehouse. -. Isaac Morehouse works for the Institute for Humane Studies where he helps raise support for the Institute's programs. Send him ... - Isaac M. Morehouse - Mises Daily Archive - Ludwig von Mises Institute -‎ - Cached - - Isaac M. Morehouse. Isaac Morehouse works for the Institute for Humane Studies where he helps raise support for the Institute's programs. – Obviously, one of the many of whose work I was so far completely ignorant. – JZ, 17.12.13.

MORRISON, MICHAEL: He liked my Facebook remark.

MULLEN, SEAN: Liked: I rather hold with private and competing social insurance companies and favor the abolition of all territorial States. The remaining States should also be merely personal law societies confined to their volunteers. - John Zube – on Facebook

MURPHY, ROBERT: Robert Murphy - New York University - Invited by Joe Kopsick over a year ago to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL – No email address available, alas, to me. – JZ, 10.12.13. - PRIVATE LAW: Can free enterprise be the sole provider of law and justice? Robert Murphy, author of Chaos Theory, writes that the idea is often dismissed out of hand. - The Possibility of Private Law -, on Facebook, 12.2.12. - PRIVATE LAW: Without question, the legal system is the one facet of society that supposedly requires State provision. Even such champions of laissez-faire as Milton Friedman and Ludwig von Mises believed a government must exist to protect private property and define the “rules of the game.” However, their arguments focused on the necessity of law itself. They simply assumed that the market is incapable of defining and protecting property rights. They were wrong. I argue that the elimination of the State will not lead to lawless chaos. Voluntary institutions will emerge to effectively and peacefully resolve the disputes arising in everyday life.” - Robert P. Murphy, Chaos Theory: Private Law - Chaos Theory - By Quotes - Monday, August 20th, 2012, Facebook, 21.8.12. - COURTS, JUSTICE SYSTEM, PERSONAL LAW, JURISDICTION

MWINSUUBO, NARIGAMABA: He liked my Facebook statement: RELIGIONS: The most important moral lesson, which all religions - that have become tolerant in the sphere of religions – ought to teach, but still do not teach, is that the same kind of mutual tolerance can and should be applied to the great variety of political, economic and social systems that are aspired to by at least some volunteers for each of their diverse movements. All of them could and should be freely established and maintained by their volunteers, as long as they have any, all among themselves only and at their own risk and expense. That would be possible under personal law or full exterritorial autonomy, in the frameworks called e.g. panarchism, polyarchism and consistent voluntarism and this in all spheres now wrongfully monopolized and coercively maintained by territorial States. None of dozens of preachers, whom I encountered in my long life and tried to convey this moral, rational and realistic message to, was able to grasp it and to accept it. The reason for this continued intolerant belief and behavior among them is, probably, that all of them, in spite of their many seeming religious differences, did and do subscribe to the same popular errors, prejudices, false assumptions and conclusions in these other three spheres. This demonstrated to me that their MAIN religion is not the one they believe to have and do preach but, rather, that of territorial statism. – JZ, 10.12.14. - BELIEFS, TOLERANCE, PREACHERS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARYISM

MYERS, BO: I favor frictionless and peaceful secession as a rightful alternative to all the conflicts inevitably associated with any territorial monopoly system, combined with all the personal law choices that volunteers would prefer for themselves. - John Zube – Facebook, 7.4.14. – B. M. liked that. It was a comment to his photo with the heading: “Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine.” – We should let the machine go on destroying itself – as long as we are free to remove ourselves from its gears and wheels. - I was glad to find recently that is viewed by now almost 2,000 times daily. A whole alternative political science is involved - or the better half of politics, so far all too much ignored or restricted, just like women were for all to long in history, and it will take some time before it is widely enough understood to become realized.JZ, 8.4.14.



NATHAN, MAUREEN: I favor full tolerance in every sphere for all who, themselves, are sufficiently tolerant towards others. Tolerance towards those, who are intolerant towards tolerant actions, would be self-defeating. People who know and appreciate all individual rights and liberties would, inevitably, be tolerant people of this kind. Alas, a complete declaration of all these rights and liberties is till amiss or not sufficiently published. A militia to protect all these rights and liberties, to the extent that volunteers wish them protected among themselves, does, unfortunately, not yet exist either. - John Zube - Maureen Elaine Nathan : to the point as usual John. – Facebook, 30.1.14. – I knew her from the Workers Party years – but was not aware that she is one of the as radical ones. – But then, on very general principles many libertarians, including Ayn Rand, are also panarchists or polyarchists but do not take the personal law or exterritorial autonomy stand for volunteers.

NEF, ROBERT: robertnef @ - U.T.

NEILSON, JENNIFER: John Zube: Grant territorial governments your little finger and they will soon have the whole hand, the arm and yourself as their helpless subject to be abused, taxed and regulated as they like, starting with "limited" governments and proceeding to territorial ones. The root concession consists in territorial statism, which turns even "limited" governments into all too unlimited ones. – J. N. liked that on Facebook, 18.2.14.

NELSON, JAMAIE: He liked my comment.

NIMNI, EPHRAIM: Co-editor: The Challenge of Non-Territorial Autonomy: Theory and Practice, 285 pages, $ 86, Paperback, 2013, Nationalisms Across the Globe - Edited by Ephraim Nimni, Alexander Osipov, & David J. Smith. A collection of readings on non-territorial autonomy:

NINO, JOSE ALBERTO: POLITICS: I hate it when people say that politics is the art of the possible. Markets are the art of the possible. When people finally realize that, we can actually be able to build viable market-based parallel institutions to outpace the State. – Jose Alberto Nino - on Facebook, 29.2.12. - John Zube : Look up panarchy & polyarchy. - MARKETS, PARALLEL INSTITUTIONS

NOMAD, GLENN: 403 mutual friends on Facebook. liked: John Zube Under territorialism we are almost always ruled by the worst types. See Hayek, The Road to Serfdom, which has a chapter on why the worst get to the top. High time to explore the voluntary, personal law and exterritorial autonomy alternatives. - Facebook, 5.3.14. – Somehow I messed up his name in copying it into this list.

NONYA, CATHY: Cathy Nonya 269 mutual friends – liked: John Zube Replace all territorial laws by individually chosen personal law systems. Nothing less will end the wrongs and irrationalities of territorial statism. – Facebook, 29.4.14.

NOVAK, JULIE LIBERTY: Julie Liberty Novak liked: John Zube Each should be free to run his own budget, with his or her own means. Individual sovereignty, savings and spending programs under full monetary and financial freedom, freedom of association, contract, competition, laissez faire, free enterprise & consumer sovereignty in every sphere, under voluntarism and expansion of the old personal law tradition. – Facebook, 6.5.14.

NOZICK, ROBERT: He used the term “meta utopia” for panarchy.



O'DOHERTY, BRYAN: The Political Paradigm of an Integral Society.

O’ROURKE, CHRIS: Chris O'Rourke: I find myself very attracted to panarchy.

OSIPOV, ALEXANDER: Co-editor: The Challenge of Non-Territorial Autonomy: Theory and Practice, 285 pages, $ 86, Paperback, 2013, Nationalisms Across the Globe - Edited by Ephraim Nimni, Alexander Osipov, & David J. Smith. A collection of readings on non-territorial autonomy:



PALCHAK, JOHN K., & LEUNG, STANLEY T.: No State Required? A Critical Review of the Polycentric Legal Order, GONZALA LAW REVIEW, VOL.38.2, pp.289-333, 2002/3, online.

PALMENTERA, TONY: Pan directory entry: PANARCHISM: They use our differences to divide us. What would happen if we unite around our love of peace, abundance, and freedom? - The Advocates for Self-Government - Peace, freedom, and abundance. It works if we try it. - Tokyo Tom shared a photo to the group The Collaborative Center Community/#CCC. - Facebook, 25 August at 13:13 - Via Sandra Dressler - John Zube: Since there are thousands of different ideas on how to achieve peace, abundance and full freedom, that would mean letting the supporters of all such ideas do their different things - among themselves, in full freedom of experimentation, contract and association in these spheres as well, naturally, always only at the own risk and expense. Is that so difficult to understand? Should e.g. all housewives "unite", to provide uniform meals for all they do love or should all of them remain free to do the best they can, in this respect, too? Peace, freedom, justice and abundance are the result of letting all people do their own things - and learn from their experience. - Liked by Tokyo Tom & Tony Palmentera - Cyndi Feigenbaum – T. P. also liked my FB statement.

PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL: Joined over a year ago - - by JoeKopsick4Congress 48 views - To read along, go to:­are-economics.html - There are also 3 You Tube videos on panarchism online by him. - Joe Kopsick's Personal Facebook Page - - Market Anarchy “Without Adjectives” - - Panarchist International - - Panarchist Party U.S.A. -

PANARCHY.ORG – source material

PARKER, LUKE: on Facebook, likes iLand Nation.

PATER FAMILIAS: Under the individual secession and personal law options each present territorial government would sooner rather than later collapse like a house of cards and could be continued only for its remaining voluntary victims, as long as they wish to put up with it, while surrounded by much more free and prosperous societies and communities or governance systems of volunteers, which at least introduced some significant other individual rights and liberties as well for their members. It is high time for this kind of fundamental game change. Mankind has lived under personal law, unwritten, for most of its existence. Do explore the panarchist, polyarchic & competing government options for yourself and your offspring, if you want a future for yourself and for them. Otherwise the territorial Warfare States will sooner or later murder most if not all of us. - John Zube - Pater Familias liked that. - Facebook, 15.4.14.

PATRISSIMO: An Introduction To Non-Territorial Secession | Let A Thousand ...‎ - Jul 3, 2009 - Ron Paul: "Secession is a deeply American Principle". In "history of the revolutionary war". European Endgame: The Crackup or Tighter Union. = Patrick Friedman?

PAUL, RON, Dr.: At least once he has made a statement in favour of panarchism. I do not have it readily on hand. It is somewhere online. – One reference I found quickly: 20/12/2004: Jim Peron forwarded: Ignoring Reality in Iraq by Rep. Ron Paul, MD. It is reproduced in DIS NOTES P 1 under PANARCHISM: AT 12:41 AM 20/12/2004, … - Somewhere else, on a Ron Paul fan-site there is an even better statement on the panarchist alternative. – With Google, searching for Ron Paul on panarchism, I just got 66,300 search results! How many of his millions of followers in the world has he already influenced in this direction? If one could get their addresses, this directory would “explode” in volume. - JZ, 9.12.13. – There are too many search results for me to browse through them on my own. That job ought to be divided among many, to dig out the names of those, who showed sympathy or approval with what he said about panarchism. – JZ, 10.12.13. – Ron Paul on Self-Government or Tip-Toeing Into Panarchism ...‎ Apr 4, 2012 - My thanks to fellow-panarchist Christian Butterbach for a short video of Ron Paul in which he endorses as an ultimate goal libertarian ... – Introduced by ROZEFF, MICHAEL S. - John Zube: Secession should be individual, voluntary, comprehensive, exterritorial and continuously optional for all. Otherwise the statist messes and atrocities will be continued and even increased. - & - “Unable to post comment. Try again.”

PAUW, PIET DE: Piet De Pauw, Piet.DePauw @ - Gian Piero de Bellis - update - December 2014

PEACOTT, JOE: “anchorage anarchy”, a semi-annual publication of Bad Press, an anti-government anarchist project, edited by J. P. Subscriptions annually for $ 1 per issue. Bad Press, PO Box 230332, Anchorage, AK 99523-0332, USA, - bad_press @ - From the Dec. 13 issue, p.7: “Although I favor individualist arrangements over collectivist ones, I believe that people should be free to partner with others I any sort of social (*) or economic activity they choose, as long as no coercion is involved. And the only way to rid the world of coercion is to eliminate the state and other (**) authoritarian institutions. Anarchists, whether socialist or individualist, need to be promoting this message.” – (*) political – (**) territorial – It is territorialism, which makes any institution authoritarian and thus wrongful towards its peaceful dissenters. If territorialism is confined, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy to voluntary victims only, then it is tolerable to them, for the time being and should also be tolerable or all outsiders, including different authoritarians, who also practise their ideology tolerantly together with their faithful. - JZ, 15.1.13. - SECESSIONISM: Today we should remember that virtually everything government does is a ‘mandate.’ The issue is not whether Congress can compel commerce by forcing you to buy insurance, or simply compel you to pay a tax if you don’t. The issue is that this compulsion implies the use of government force against those who refuse. The fundamental hallmark of a free society should be the rejection of force. In a free society, therefore, individuals could opt out of “Obamacare” without paying a government tribute." - Ron Paul, quoted by Kaye Beach on Facebook, 29.6.12.

PERALES, ALEX: - Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - State Secession? No, Individual Secession. - In wake of all the commotion about having individual states secede from the union to stop the great evils of the Federal Government, I think many are completely missing the point and the history that goes along with it. - I disagree with those that call sympathizers of state secession foolish or traitors. It should be obvious that secession is as American as apple pie is. It should be obvious that the Founding Fathers of this country seceded from a tyrannical monarchy. In a sense those who want to rip off the hands of the Federal Government are in original terms true Patriots. - This is where my sympathy for "pro-secessionists" stops. - It is not because I believe we shouldn't rip off the hands of the Federal Government. It is not because I believe the Federal Government isn't doing its "job". It is most certainly not because I believe we don't need a Federal Government to live our lives. - You surely shouldn't be surprised when I say my sympathy stops because those who favor secession merely want to replace one form of government with another. Sure, the intentions are all well and good but what has history shown us? - The Founding Fathers wanted to replace a tyrannical Monarchy with a "limited government" in order to safeguard the liberties of the citizens in the new territories. This was done with The Articles of Confederation and then ultimately the Constitution. These intentions were all well and good as well, but one very important problem was never really curtailed from the beginning. This is the issuance of power by one class of individuals (politicians, presidents, judges) over another class of individuals (not politicians, presidents, judges). - The Constitution didn't limit any powers a Federal Government could have over us it CREATED the powers it could have over individuals without the consent of individuals. These powers, however limited their intentions, have ultimately led us to where we are now and our disgust of the Federal Government. - Ending the rant about the Federal Government our own American history has shown the path the secessionists are eventually to follow. For if they were to successfully secede from the Union and create a new "limited government" history will repeat itself. - The process of creating a new government will not fix problems. It's a common saying that government doesn't fix problems it creates them. You can't expect any government to fix social issues, the economy, or anything else for that matter. - Thus the individuals of the states are foolish to believe they have any chance of being more free just by giving a new form of government power. They are foolish to believe creating a separate class, however limited they may wish to believe, to have power over them will not become as tyrannical as the very government they're trying to escape from. - What is my advice to those that promote state secession? Abandon that cause for it is truly futile. Instead promote a different type of secession. A secession that the Federal Government will have much more trouble stopping than it would with state secession. A secession that creates no classes based on power. - Promote secession from all forms of government for individual secession from the State is the only way to obtain a truly free and just world. - Posted by Alex Perales

PERPETUA, LUX: Lux Perpetua - Works at Piratenpartei Österreichs - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick about 2 months ago – Microsoft Word can’t open that URL. – JZ, 10.12.13. – On Facebook, 27.1.14 he pointed out that Google offers the whole issue of Revue trimestrielle, in which P. E. de Puydt’s article on Panarchy first appeared, in French, on pages 221-245. On you can find it in several translations. My thanks go to Lux Perpetua for digging it up. - Lux Perpetua - It is one which has influenced my political, economic and social thinking for more than half a century. It clearly laid the foundation for a better kind of politics, the better half of it, based upon voluntarism, individual rights and liberties, the nature of man, rather than on the "politics" of the power addicts, and the power-mad as well and that of the "thousand ready slaves for every tyrant". I find it great that Google has got around to reproduce the whole issue, in which this brilliant dialogue form of exposition is on pages 221 to 245, in the original French language version. My download took only 1.1 Mbs. - It may revolutionize your thinking as well. – JZ, 27.1.14. - Revue trimestrielle - – He quoted me on Facebook.

PERRON, TED: Ted Perron - Loyola University New Orleans - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick over a year ago. - – Microsoft Word can’t open that URL. – JZ, 10.12.13.

PHYLLIPS, ROBBIE: Robbie Phillips - Arizona - - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick over a year ago. - Robbie Phillips, listed by Joe Kopsick

PIGNI, ALESSANDRA: Alessandra Pigni, alexapigni @ - Gian Piero de Bellis - update - December 2014

PLASSERAUD, Y. M.: yplasseraud @

POINTEAU, ARTHUR: arthur.pointeau @ - Showed interest in panarchism on Facebook

PORTER, COLIN FLYNN: Colin Flynn Porter - I flatten out the wrinkles so you can't think. at Medical Mechanica - Added to PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL by Joe Kopsick over a year ago.

PORTER, HAL: He liked my Facebook, 3.1.15. remark.

POTATO3030: List of micronations by government - edited by Potato3030 6 hours ago. – MicorWiki- Micronation Wiki - It comes to 3.4 MBs. – JZ, 21.1.15.

POTTS, JASON: Jason Potts and Trent MacDonald, The Future of Cities as Non-Territorial Public Goods Clubs – Bellis,

PRESTON, KEITH: PANSECESSIONISM, XYX STATEMENTS ONLINE, on Facebook, anarchist, who as an intermediate stage advocates territorial secessionism but also exterritorial secessionism: Forums of the Libertarian Left • View topic - On Keith ... - - On Keith Preston and Pan-Secessionism. Discuss the politics, economics, sociology, and institutions of a free society. Post a reply. - - The Revolution Within Anarchism: Goodbye, Ultra-Leftism; Hello ... - - Goodbye, Ultra-Leftism; Hello, Pan-Secessionism. ... However, the idea of secession has its roots in American history, culture and tradition. Therefore, ... All Nations Party: Pan-Secessionism as an alternative to bloc ... - - Best WILD guide (I'm not involved with the making of this guide in any way): Mzzkc's Comprehensive WILD Guide - John Zube to Keith Preston - I confirm your request without being certain that we have enough highest priorities in common. Mine are individual rights and liberties, a new declaration, much more complete and clear than any governmental one and a militia for it protection, as steps towards peace, also monetary freedom and panarchism See e.g. - and - Keith Preston : Sounds about right to me. – Facebook, 1.1.14. – Preston to JZ, 31.12.13: I have been familiar with your work for many years, and I welcome the opportunity to communicate with you directly. I read your comments on my FB wall, and I am in complete agreement. - I've been an anarchist my entire adult life, and I hold to a pan-anarchist philosophy that recognizes all of the many strands of anarchist, libertarian, decentralist, anti-statist, and anti-authoritarian thought. I call my point of view "anarcho-pluralism." I'm interested in promoting these kinds of ideas in a way that transcends ordinary boundaries of political ideology, economic philosophy, religion, culture, ethnicity, geography, etc. I also have a strategic outlook that I call "pan-secessionism," the idea of smaller political and institutional entities breaking away from larger ones, for the sake of achieving decentralization and self-determination. I've also developed a kind of "anarchist populism" for the purpose of organizing the masses towards these goals. - My associates and I have a website called AttacktheSystem.Com, and I've published two books on these subjects, and a third book where I provide a new, extensive introduction to Emma Goldman's classic "Anarchism and Other Essays". - T. Keith Preston, kppgarv @ - Keith Preston - As a pan-anarchist and decentralist, I have no problem with predominately leftist communities having socialist local political institutions. When Norman Mailer ran for mayor of NYC in '69 with his "power to the neighborhoods" program, he remarked that if Harlem wanted to put up a statue of MLK, and Staten Island wanted to put up a statue of John Birch, both would be acceptable in the system he was proposing. – Facebook, 12.4.14.

PROTASIEWICZ, GABRIEL: Gabriel Protasiewicz - mikegosot @ - 111 friends – His Facebook page starts with a panarchist motto: “I’m a panarchist because communism, free-market, syndicalism, fascism, classical liberalism, communalism, miniarchism, mutualism, transhumanism, or any other economic or political system should be nothing more than a choice.” - Already almost 2000 per day look up - To each the governance system or the non-governmental society of his or her choice. Nobody could rightly ask for more and nobody should be satisfied with anything less. – JZ, Facebook entry on 6.4.14. to a comment by G.P on 2.4.14. - Liked my note on Facebook 5.5.14: How much more in statists & territorial crimes and aggressions do you want or need to convince you to seriously consider that we do need the voluntary, just, peace-, freedom-, enlightenment-, progress- & prosperity-promoting alternatives to them - if mankind is to continue for much longer?

PUSTER, EDITH: <edith.puster @> psycho_trope_ic: psycho_trope_ic - Facebook, 9.3.14. - Replies to Jeremy Thaxter - I think it is key that the questions raised here: Questions about Polycentric law and Panarchy : Anarcho_Capitalism - - I have been talking in another sub and trying to put across the ideas of polycentric law and panarchy. I am doing a really bad job of it so...

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