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Don’t expect me to complete this rough list on my own and to turn it into a proper directory or even data bank. But anyone is invited to tackle this job and to help create an as large network of such people as possible. The medium allows to include all kinds of RELEVANT self-advertising.

I am still seeking more addresses, websites, blogs, hopefully also email addresses of people, who are so consistent advocates of voluntarism, self-responsibility, self-determination, self-governance, self-interest, individualism, anarchism, libertarianism, tolerance, free competition and laissez faire in every sphere, self-ownership, individual sovereignty, individual rights and liberties, especially freedom of association, contract, competition and experimentation - that they do advocate personal law associations, exterritorially autonomous communities, societies and governance systems of volunteers, providing also competition and free enterprise and consumer sovereignty in the sphere of protection, jurisdiction and defence, often e.g. called panarchies, polyarchies, competing governance systems. Hopefully, in the not so far future they will become known as the foundation fathers and mothers of free, just, peaceful and tolerant societies and communities, all no longer stuck with their thinking, laws, policies and institutions in territorial monopoly constitutions, States, bureaucracies, laws, jurisdictions, all too often amounting to territorial monopoly and Warfare States, which have never managed to solve the remaining economic, social and political problems, but rather continue to cause and maintain them - by maintaining or repeating the same old errors, mistakes and wrongs - over and over again.
Who will offer more such hints and more details, as well as corrections?
Until someone comes forward, for this job, for the time being write to me: John Zube,

Notice: If you do not want to appear in this list or if you do not want your e-mail address to be circulated please send a a message to the webmaster (gpdebellis at [@]



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