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DANGER: - Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have.” - Harry Emerson Fosdick – There may be no greater man-made danger, insecurity and risk than those provided by territorial statism, in spite of it asserting to be able to provide security and promising it and offering its kind of “security” and “safety”, “protection” and “defence” as well as welfare (at this at huge cost and risk, usually not mentioned in its promises). – JZ, 5.1.08, 24.7.13. – How “safe” and “secure” are we when our “democratic” governments possess ABC mass murder devices or allies armed with them? – JZ, 6.1.08. - SAFETY, SECURITY, DEFENCE, PROTECTION, RISKS & LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM, NWT, DETERRENCE, WAR, PEACE

DANGER: Responsibility and danger do not tend to free or stimulate the average person's mind- rather the contrary; but wherever they do liberate an individual's judgment and confidence we can be sure that we are in the presence of exceptional ability.” - Carl von Clausewitz - JUDGMENT, RESPONSIBILITY, CONFIDENCE, ABILITIES

DANGEROUS CHARACTER: It is sobering to reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence.” - Charles A. Beard - OR RADICAL OR EXTREMIST: BEHAVING LIKE THE FOUNDING FATHERS

DARK AGES: Perhaps in time the so-called Dark Ages will be thought of as including our own. – Georg Christoph Lichtenberg in 

DARWINISM, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST? If we do not like the survival of the fittest, we have only one possible alternative, and that is, the survival of the unfittest. The former is the law of civilization; the latter is the law of anti-civilization. - William Graham Sumner - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – It is not a question of survival. It is, rather, like with sports, earnings, or profits, where not only the world record holders, the highest earners and wealth accumulators do survive. All who are fit enough do survive also, although less known and less prosperous. Over-indulgence may also lead to a lesser life-span for the wealthy. – JZ, 26.3.12. 

DATA: No amount of data will convince an unwilling mind.” – John W. Campbell in: The John W. Campbell Letters, vol. 1, 1985 Eds.: Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., et al., AC Projects Inc., ISBN 0-931150-16-7, p. 390. – Example: According to L. Neil Smith there are now ca. 20 000 to 25 000 gun control laws in the U.S. – Will they reach the million mark? Price controls were tried, in vain, for over 4000 years. – Territorialism has practised its terrible wrongs and failures again and again for maybe 6000 years – and most people are still territorialists. - JZ, 28.9.07. – But then all the ideas, facts, references and refutations were never as yet sufficiently combined and made readily accessible. – And freedom to experiment was largely suppressed by territorialism. - JZ, 28.11.08. - IDEAS ARCHIVE, PREJUDICES, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, FACTS, MIND, UNWILLINGNESS TO LEARN OR UNDERSTAND OR ACCEPT AN IDEA OR A FACT, , RED., PANARCHISM, ENLIGHTENMENT, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, ARGUMENT MAPPING, , TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

DEATH & AGING: Objectively the involuntary aging and finally death of each human being should be considered as the primary enemies of man. They are enemies of every human being. But do we generally treat them as such? We spend much more (involuntarily) on increasing the death rate or shortening the average life spans through “modern” and “scientific” warfare, which is systematically murdering soldiers and non-combatants, by the millions, on behalf of territorial rulers, more and more automating mutual slaughters, under all kinds of prejudices, delusions and coercion, against “enemies” and for war aims quite insufficiently defined and justified. – JZ, 11.7.96, 21.9.08. - ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS, PREJUDICES, WARFARE STATES, ARMAMENTS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, WAR AIMS, ENEMIES, MORTALITY, LONGEVITY, LIFE EXTENSION

DEATH DUTIES: Estate taxes consume the very capital which gives employment and productivity to workers.” - Hans F. Sennholz. - No amount of available capital does provide employment to all workers and great productivity to all the remaining workers for instance during a great depression or stagflation. At least then not only capital is required but sufficient sound currency. Then capital often is not maintained or increased but suffers losses, since the products can no longer be easily sold, not employees be easily paid. Too many of their potential customers are unfinancial, i.e. unable to pay for what they want and need. They need purchasing power and the "capitalists" are not free to provide it in sound currencies, competitively supplied and largely based on their ready for sale goods, services and labor. That monetary factor is all too often overlooked by the economists of the Austrian School of Economics. - JZ, 19.8.02. - ESTATE TAXES, INHERITANCE TAX

DEATH DUTIES: Repeal the Grave Robber Tax.” - Heading in FREEDOM NEWS DAILY, 24.2.01.

DEATH DUTIES: What do you mean? Are you trying to tell me there’s a charge for dying?” – “That’s right, Mr. Courtney. Death duties. Two and one half per cent.” – “That’s blatant robbery and extortion”, … - Wilbur Smith, Assegai, MacMillan, 2009, p. 258. – It began as low long ago and has gone much higher in many countries, as usual, without unanimous consent by all tax victims. – Such taxes, too, can be rightful only among volunteers. – JZ, 9.3.12. – TAXATION INSTEAD OF PRICING OR SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR WANTED & ORDERED SERVICES, FEUDALISM, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, LEGISLATION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS

DEATH PENALTY: A dead body revenges no injuries.” - William Blake, Proverbs of Hell. – One killer less is a positive step. One tyrant less is a large positive step. But in neither case are the victims or the survivors indemnified for their losses. Tyrants would, anyhow, be unable to indemnify their victims. But they might promote enlightenment if they were exhibited, like wild animals, in a Zoo. – There they should be rigged, with an explosive, in a way that any attempt to “rescue” them would kill them. - JZ, 1.12.08. - As for ordinary murderers: Forced labor for the rest of their lives, for the benefit of the families of their victims, would make some sense. – JZ, 7.2.13. - , CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. EXECUTING CRIMINALS, TYRANNICIDE, INDEMNIFICATION

DEATH: Aging and death are our two greatest enemies. Nevertheless, mostly we do manage to ignore them – until it is too late for us and others to do something about them. – JZ, 12.7.96, 24.9.08. - AGING

DEATH: Death is not fair to anyone.” – From film: The Next Karate Kid. – Except to aggressors, in self-defence. – JZ, 7.2.13.

DEATH: Death is our greatest enemy. Just think of how many of the libertarian great ones died during your own life-span and how great it would be if they and all the prior ones were still alive and active! And how much more you could and they do to obtain full liberty if all of us had a really long life-span, going into the hundreds of years. – But as it is, we have at least to utilize all the means available to accelerate the process of libertarian enlightenment. – Just imagine e.g. all libertarian writings combined on a single HD! – And life extension research properly financed, privately! - JZ, 11.10.07. – DEATH THE GREATEST ENEMY, LONGEVITY, LIFE EXTENSION

DEATH: Death is the most terrible thing and thus most people should fight it and combine their efforts to abolish it, or postpone it, as far as possible, but only to the extent that life in sufficient strength and health can be maintained. - JZ, 26.3.99.

DEATH: Death should, ultimately, become a rare and almost always voluntary choice. – JZ, 14.7.96. – LONGEVITY, LIFE-EXTENSION, AGING, REJUVENATION, SUICIDE, EUTHANASIA, IMMORTALITY RESEARCH

DEATH: Death to death itself!” – QUANTUM, 20.7.97. – Has all longevity information been combined as yet and thoroughly examined and tested from every angle? – JZ, 13.11.10.

DEATH: Death-ism” is even worse than statism and territorialism in its effects. – I heard or read this term first via Ben Best. – JZ, 11.1.95, 24.9.08.

DEATH: How many people die unnecessarily every day because the freedom information required to prevent their murder (or their oppression or involuntary poverty) is not yet readily and cheaply made accessible to all, in any medium, not even in any of the very affordable media like microfiche, floppy disks & CDs? - JZ, n.d. & 29.4.00. - MURDER & DESTRUCTION & FREEDOM INFORMATION ON ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, POVERTY, OPPRESSION, INFORMATION REVOLUTION, PEACE, WAR, COLLETIVE RESPONSIBILITY MURDERS, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION

DEATH: Is death worth dying for? – JZ, 11.1.95. – Only for those, who expect to get into heaven. – JZ, 7.2.13.

DEATH: It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” – Emiliano Zapata, Mexican revolutionary. - Why choose either? The surviving slave might get another chance at liberty. The struggle for liberty requires patience and persistence. We have been at it for centuries and won't achieve on one Sunday afternoon. – Compare: “Live and fight another day!” Even some inmates and slave workers of the Nazi extermination camps rose in the end and got away: Sobibor, Treblinka, Bialystok. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. - DEATH BEFORE SLAVERY?

DEATH: Man against death! The ultimate war.” – From 1981 film “Killjoy”, with Kim Basinger & Robert Culp.

DEATH: Most human cells seem to be able to duplicate themselves no more than ca. 52 times. – Which human cells multiply themselves much more often? The ones producing sperm or eggs, the cells in the lining of the mouth, perhaps skin cells as well? Possibly stem cells, too. Can cancer cells go beyond that limit? We should find out all the details about such cells and how they manage their tricks. – Are all the anti-aging research options and possibilities already sufficiently explored? – JZ, 9.8.96, 21.9.08. – Is there an archive of all on-going research and of all research suggestions? E.g.: Why do eyebrows go grey and white much slower than top head hair? – JZ, 27.11.08. - AGING

DEATH: That we have to die is our most bitter complaint.” - Vauvenargues, Unterdrückte Maximen, 187. - – Why should we be worse off than e.g. amoebae, which do not die but split into new amoebae? Does that make them “God’s” more favored children? – JZ, 7.2.13.

DEATH: The difference between death and taxes is death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets." - Will Rogers – Under compulsory taxation little is spent by governments on life extension research. How much more would be spent on it under the voluntary taxation or contribution schemes of communities and societies of volunteers, who would really find their lives worth living and living longer? – JZ, 7.2.13. - TAXES, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, CONGRESS, JOKES

DEATH: The own death stops hurting after it happens – but the death of a beloved one hurts on and on until the own life ends as well. – JZ, 19.8.97. – Nevertheless, even that great threat and hurt has not yet motivated enough people to promote life extension research. – JZ, 24.9.08.

DEATH: There is nothing worse than death.” – Tolstoi, Oct. 17th, 1860.

DEATH: We have had an atrocious “Manhattan Project” to develop the first nuclear mass murder devices. We have not yet had a private “Manhattan Project” to rid us of all these weapons and their factories or potential factories. Not have we got as yet a State-less “Manhattan Project” against the greatest mass murderer of all time, namely – death. – JZ, 9.12.94, 24.9.08.

DEATH: Who would despair of his fate if there were no end to life? Death makes misfortune complete.” - Vauvenargues, Unterdrueckte Maximen, 187.

DEBT: An ingenious substitute for the chain and whip of the slave-driver. – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary. – Through free clearing or monetary freedom most debts could be settled relatively easily. Only under monetary despotism do they often become a very severe burden. – If everybody were free to pay his debts via clearing with whatever useful goods, labor or services he has do offer, this kind of complaints would largely cease. - JZ, 13.11.10.

DEBT: DEBT FOUNDATION: Private banknotes issued in the discount of sound commercial bills or equivalent short term claims to payment for already produced and sold goods, on their way to the consumers, are based upon a private debt foundation or clearing option, while soundly issued state paper money with tax foundation has a public debt foundation – which is also a clearing foundation in the sphere of government spending and coercively collected “revenues” or tributes, called taxes. – JZ, 6.2.79, 6.10.08. – TAX FOUNDATION, CLEARING FOUNDATION, PRIVATE & PUBLIC DEBT FOUNDATION, SHOP CURRENCIES, FREE MARKET MONIES, READINESS TO ACCEPT FOUNDATION, ISSUERS MUST ACCEPT THE OWN CURRENCIES AT PAR WITH THEIR NOMINAL VALUE, AS THEIR OWN IOUs.

DEBT: DEBT-FREE CURRENCY? This term does not make any sense to me as a supposed ideal or reform, unless it meant the cessation of “asset currencies”, like State paper money, issued merely upon one or the other long-term government security as its supposed cover and guarantee and then being given a monopoly and legal tender power (compulsory acceptance and forced value). State paper money with tax foundation, i.e. anticipating the compulsory tax revenues for about the next three months, has also a debt foundation, which, apart from the wrongfulness and anti-economics of all compulsory taxes, can have a very sound foundation as an exchange medium, especially if utilized a sound value standard. The term also does not make sense for a sound and competitive issue of banknotes based upon the “Real Bills Doctrine” and also using a sound value standard. In both cases, in principle, only clearing is involved. Likewise, it is senseless for the money competitively issued by insurance companies to settle their claims and accepted in payment of their premiums. Essentially such notes are “clearing certificates”. Nor does the term make sense of clearing certificates that are openly named as such, and which, essentially, merely settle mutual debts and as such are quite rightful. Shop foundation money, in form of goods and service vouchers, in monetary denominations, whose issuers oblige themselves, as debtors, to accept the at their nominal value, expressed in some sound value standard, are also based upon this self-imposed and accepted debt and can be quite sound in their voluntary issue, voluntary acceptance and voluntary reflux. The same is true e.g. for railway-, bus- , telephone, electricity and gas-money. They are as rightful as tickets and oblige only their issuers and please only their voluntary acceptors. Even gold deposit certificates, redeemable upon demand by the note holders, are essentially claims against a debtor who has so obliged himself. – A sufficient, short-term and strong enough debt-foundation is the best kind of foundation that any competitively issued optional currency (using a sound value standard, competitively issued, voluntarily accepted, market rated and refusable) can possibly have. Whoever condemns it does not really know it and thus the people, who do use the term “debt-free currency” usually do not seem to know at all what they are talking about. - JZ, n.d. & 16.9.07. - MONEY REFORM, MONETARY FREEDOM,

DEBT: Hit by the debt boomerang. – Peter Hartcher, the political editor of THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD,, Aug. 6-7, 2011, News Review, p.9. – As long as debts are to be repaid only in the monopoly money of someone else, today usually that of the government’s central bank, then, unless this money is inflated and, to some extent even then, because it will then be abundant only in certain channels and not in others, the repayment of debts will often be difficult and, sometimes, even for honest and efficient people, impossible, leading to bankruptcy and much unemployment. But once one is free to repay one’s debt either with one’s own IOU’s or clearing certificates, accepted by oneself in all payments for all of one’s goods, labor and services, as well as debts owed to oneself, and also free to use exchange media and clearing certificates as well as clearing accounts competitively provided by others, the repayment of debts as well as the taking up of new credits does become much easier and also much more certain for the creditors. With his own exchange media the former debtor might even become to some extent a creditor. Only he will always have to accept his own exchange media or clearing certificates at par with their nominal value, measured in a sound value standard. In general local circulation – and naturally in other areas and countries, they may be freely refused or discounted, as “foreign exchange”, traded only at its market rate. The more such exchange media are thus discounted, the faster they will stream back to the issuer to be redeemed in whatever goods, services or labor he has to offer. – JZ, 9.9.11, 26.2.12. - ABILITY & INABILITY TO PAY, INDEBTEDNESS, DEBT BURDEN, HUGE DEBTS MEANS OF PAYMENT OPTIONS, FREE BANKING, MONETARY FREEDOM, MONOPOLY MONEY, CREDIT.

DEBT: McLeod's observation that banking and brokerage are nothing but merchandizing of debt, and that the trade in debts is the biggest business there is. … McLeod's simple and accurate definition ought to dispel some of the glamour that has hung around mere paper-business and genteel pawn-brokerage these many years, and bring people back to the notion that the only real wealth in the world is commodities, and that all debts can be paid only in commodities or services.” - ALBERT JAY NOCK, A Journal of These Days, June 1932 - December 1933, William Morrow, 1934, 118. - Obviously, he added the services only as an after-thought. And he liked to use the somewhat negative term "debt", without clarifying that each debt does also imply a credit and that bankers and brokers deal thus with credits also, not only with debts. Moreover, he failed to mention that, ideally, sound debts and credits would represent real goods, services and assets, if not present then expected future ones, not imaginary or fiat ones. As a Georgist he did some economic thinking - but by far not enough. - JZ, 4.5.00. , BANKING & BROKERAGE

DEBT: PUBLIC DEBTS, GOVERNMENT DEBTS, SOVEREIGN DEBTS: Debts cannot be sovereign. Sovereigns can have debts and only fools buy their debt certificates voluntarily, seeing the inflation risk involved and also people not caring about property rights, seeing the extra taxation that is involved. For me governmental debt certificates are investments in tax slaves, continuing slavery in this form, nation-wide or State-wide. – JZ, 9.12.11 on: The Risk of Sovereign Debt -

DEBT: There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” John Adams – Facebook, 7.1.13, quoted by John Hospers, quoting: John Hospers shared ForAmerica's photo. – Alas even he made no distinctions between public debts and private debts here, and between debts under monetary and financial despotism and debts under monetary and financial freedom. This, from such generalizations only false conclusions can be drawn. – JZ, 7.1.13.

DECENTRALIZATION: According to an Optus advertisement there were already 228 countries by 1995. Thus at least territorial decentralization is advancing. Mankind might not be able to survive for long 228 territorial States but it could survive and even prosper under 2280 or even 22,800 communities, societies or competing rump-states governments or nations that are all only exterritorially autonomous for their own volunteers, wherever these may live or concentrate on this planet. – JZ, 2.3.95, 24.9.08. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, EXTERRITORIALISM, WAR, TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIALISM

DECENTRALIZATION: All decentralist arguments for local governments apply even more so to panarchies that do not exceed their optimum size. – JZ, 9.11.04. - Local territorial governments or voluntary governments and societies? Territorial decentralization or exterritorial decentralization? Compulsory decentralization or centralization or only voluntary decentralization or centralization? Voluntary integration or segregation or compulsory integration or segregation? - Q., PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL – BUT WITHOUT ANY TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY, VOLUNTARISM

DECENTRALIZATION: Class-interest led him almost always to the side of the smaller political unit against encroachment by the larger, because the greater the power of local self-government, as a rule, the better for the producer and the worse for the exploiter. (*) Thus he was quite regularly for State rights against the Union, for country rights against the State, for township rights or village rights against the county, and for private rights against all. But in this he was far from doctrinaire; when the producer's interest lay in the other direction, he promptly changed sides.” - A. J. Nock, Jefferson, Harcourt, 1926, 199. -  (*) In my time, in the Southern Highlands of N.S.W., particularly in Moss Vale, I have seen Moss Vale businessmen occupying, for many years, most of the local council positions and using them to exclude potential competitors, e.g. by imposing uneconomic conditions for granting them operating permits! Bowral, another town nearby, had initially less consumers, but more sensible businessmen, so its business enterprises multiplied and developed fine - taking many consumer away from the Moss Vale enterprises, since these small towns are separated, by car, bus or train, only by a few minutes. Belatedly, they saw their mistake and eased or promoted some development of Moss Vale. Now Bowral has e.g. 3 super-markets, Moss Vale just one. The third small town in the district, Mittagong, seems to have acted, for many years, like Moss Vale did, with the same results. Government powers can be harmful at every level, even despotic, even in "democratic" countries. Instances in local history abound! - But then Australia doesn't even have a governmental Bill of Rights, far less a rightful Militia of volunteers to uphold them. - JZ, 2.5.00. – By now Bowral has 4, Moss Vale 2 and Mittagong 2. – Even territorialists can, sometimes, learn something from their mistakes. However, usually, it takes them all too long. - JZ, 13.11.10. CENTRALIZATION

DECENTRALIZATION: Just give decentralization an even chance, e.g. by abolishing central banks and other monopolies, QUANGOs and, most importantly, exclusive Territorialism, with its uniformly imposed constitutions, laws, bureaucracies and jurisdiction. - JZ, 25.4.97.

DECENTRALIZATION: None of you … should be wasting time fighting each other. You should be busy hunting up your own kind of people and working with them toward your own separate future. – Gordon R. Dickson, Necromancer, 1963, Sphere Books edition of 1989, p.183.Under full exterritorial autonomy on Earth and, finally, also on other planets etc., not only on diverse planets in the universe, one each for each ideology, in the far future. – JZ, 9.4.12. - VOLUNTARISM, SEPARATISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE UNDER INSTITUTIONS SUITABLE FOR I

DECENTRALIZATION: Our world is becoming rapidly decentralized, as horizontal networks are replacing vertically-structured systems of power. Alternative schools, health-care, and systems of dispute resolution; the Internet and other decentralized forms of communicating information and ideas; the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the breakup of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia; secession movements throughout the world; smaller business firms along with the decentralization of management; Internet-based retailing and payment systems; “on-demand” publishing; on-and-on go the examples of decentralized systems of individual interconnectedness.” - Butler Shaffer, in speech: “The Failure of Governments to Limit State Power”, as reviewed in FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS. 12/07, p.15. – “He has a continuing EBook at – “The Wizards of Ozymanidas: Reflections on the Decline and Fall.” – Decentralization must come to include full exterritorial autonomy for communities, societies, even governments of volunteers only, all peacefully competing with each other to retain their members & to gain more members: The panarchies of panarchism. – JZ, 10.9.08.

DECENTRALIZATION: the term ‘decentralization’ has also become a buzzword in management, and large companies are racing to break their departments down into smaller, more autonomous ‘profit centres’. A typical case was the reorganization of Esmark, Inc. a huge company with operations in the food, chemical, oil and insurance industries. - - ‘In the past’, declared Esmark’s chairman, Robert Reneker, ‘we had an unwieldy business …  The only way we could develop coordinated effort was to divide it into bite-size bits.’ The result: an Esmark cut into 1000 different ‘profit centres’, each one largely responsible for its own operations - - ‘The net effect’, said Business Week, ‘is to lift the routine decision-making from Reneker’s shoulders. Decentralization is evident everywhere but in Esmark’s financial controls. - - What is important is not Esmark – which has probably reorganized itself more than once since – but the general tendency it illustrates. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of companies are also in the process of continual reorganization, decentralizing, sometimes overshooting and swinging back, but gradually, over time, reducing centralized control over their day-to-day operations. … Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, Pan Books & Collins, 1980/81, p. 269. - VS. CENTRALIZATION OF ENTERPRISES, BATA SYSTEM, HIERARCHIES, AUTHORITARIANISM, TOP DOWN VS. BOTTOMS UP MANAGEMENT, WORKPLACE AUTONOMY, TEAM WORK, COOPERATIVE GROUP WORK, PROFIT CENTRES, AUTONOMOUS WORK GROUPS, OVER-SIZED ORGANIZATIONS, OPTIMAL SIZE

DECENTRALIZATION: The time has come when mankind must fragment so that his factions facets may develop fully and unaffected by other facets nearby. – I think that he should have written “its” factions and “not wrongfully affected by … “ – Gordon R. Dickson, Necromancer, 1963, Sphere Books edition of 1989, p.182. - Alas, like most other decentralists, he did not consider the exterritorial and voluntary as well as individualistic alternatives to territorial decentralism. – JZ, 11.4.12. - EXTERRITORIAL VS. TERRITORIAL SECESSIONISM & AUTONOMY

DECENTRALIZATION: We had, in other words, thoroughly internalized the mindset that our world could be rendered orderly only through pyramidically structured institutions, which would bring about such ends through the imposition of laws, regulations, and other directives that flowed, vertically, from leaders to followers. This model has been thoroughly discredited by work in such fields as the study of "chaos," economics, biology, information systems, and managerial theory, the implications of which have slowly been working their way into human consciousness.” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 18. – Hierarchies are least efficient when combined with territorial monopolies. – If confined to exterritorial autonomy and such as well as non-hierarchical competition by many others, in the same area, then they are no longer wrong, because confined to their volunteers and can harm only them. – 13.11.10. - COMPULSION, GROWTH, POWER, CONTROLS, SELF-GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, HIERARCHY, TERRITORIALISM, STATES

DECENTRALIZATION: Whenever possible, we must develop governmental services and programs at the least centralized and most human level possible. Instead of controlling people through big government, we must make government small enough that people can control it.” - Newt Gingrich, Window of Opportunity, A Blueprint for the Future, p.145. - That can only be achieved by individual self-government and volunteer communities, requiring the individual secessionist option or panarchism, comprehensive voluntarism or consistent consent and representation arrangements, rather than the present farcical substitutes for them. - JZ, 23.1.02. - LOCAL GOVERNMENT, SMALL GOVERNMENT, BIG GOVERNMENT, VOLUNTARY GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM

DECENTRALIZATION: Which is better, to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away, or by three thousand tyrants not a mile away? - Mather Byles - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - & TYRANNY, LOCAL GOVERNMENT

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: He is free who knows how to keep in his own hands the power to decide, at each step the course of his life, and who lives in a society which does not block the exercise of that power. – Salvador de Madariaga, in - Also quoted in Sy Leon, None of the Above, p.32.  – He should also have the freedom to choose such a society or community for himself! – JZ, 24.9.08. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW, POWER, FREEDOM, SOCIETY, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALISM, CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: I say we should make those choices ourselves, rather than having them made for us by people back on Earth.– Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars, Harper Collins Publishers, 1996, p.112. - By OTHER people – JZ, 6.3.112. - SELF-DETERMINATION, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: If individuals are to be deprived of the right to make their own choices, whether in matters of economics or anything else, what is the alternative? Who will then be designated to make these choices? The history of human affairs gives little comfort to those who believe that kings, priests, legislators or party leaders are wise enough to decide what is best for the subjects. A heavy burden therefore rests upon those who would argue that any area of human conduct should be removed from the control of those who are most directly affected.” – Joseph F. Johnston, Jr., The Limits of Government, Regnery Gateway, Chicago, 1984, p.129. – Let all of them have their way – as long as we can have it our way! - Allow both or multiple options to happen - but each only for volunteers and exterritorially! – JZ, 2.10.07. - INDIVIDUALIZED OR COLLECTIVIZED, CENTRALIZED & MONOPOLIZED DECISION-MAKING? FREE CHOICE OR CONTROLS?

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." - Thomas Sowell – The “limited” government advocates and Constitutionalists, still put decisions on war and peace, armament and disarmament and international treaties into the hands of a few government officials! – JZ, 2.1.08. - CONSTITUTIONALISM, POWER, ORGANIZED & CENTRALIZED IRRESPONSIBILITYLEADERSHIP, CENTRALIZATION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: Let important decisions be up to us, individually, as sovereign individuals, free to secede from any of the so far territorially imposed States, whose decisions are made centrally, monopolistically and coercively, by politicians and bureaucrats, without our individual consent or authorization. They do least of all know and appreciate our rights and liberties, our needs, wants and aims and what we are willing to work and pay or fight for. They do also least care about us – except as their voting cattle, their tax slaves and their supposed beneficiaries, seemingly justifying their existence. Let us have full self-determination rather than any vote in determining the fate of others through the election of political quacks and their laws and policies. They never got them right. All politicians and bureaucrats should become confined to their voluntary victims - in exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers (panarchies). That means that all of us should become free to secede from them and run our own affairs either alone, in market-relationships only, or together with like-minded other volunteers in our own personal law communities. Thus doing our own things only for or to ourselves. – JZ, 1.8.99, 24.9.08. – DECISION-MAKING ON THE OWN AFFAIRS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: One decision for all the population in a country is usually wrong or unsuitable for many to most of its people. Every consumer knows that for his shopping, his recreation, his sports and many other private activities. Alas, he is not allowed to shop around for political, economic and social systems among diverse and exterritorially autonomous societies and communities free to offer them to him, quite competitively. – JZ, 24.5.02, 24.3.09. – UNITY, UNIFORMITY, ONE LAW FOR ALL, TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITIES, DEMOCRACY, GOVERNMENTS, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREE ENTERPRISE, A FREE MARKET FOR ALL SERVICES, EVEN FOR WANTED DISSERVICES OR ACTIVITIES THAT ARE OBJECTIVELY HARMFUL FOR ONESELF &, NEVERTHELESS, WIDELY ENGAGED IN

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: Professor Frank H. Knight [an economist] has often posed the question: When should an individual rationally stop considering the pros and cons of an issue and reach a decision?” - James M. Buchanan and Gordon Tullock, The Calculus of Consent, University of Michigan Press, 1962, p. 97. - DECISION-MAKING, DEBATE, DISCUSSION, TALKING, ACTION:

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: reduce the decision burden as the overloaded centre – the nation state. Decision division is essential. - But moving decisions up the scale is only half the task. It is also clearly necessary to move a vast amount of decision-making downwards from the centre.” (*) - Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, Pan Books & Collins, 1980/81, p.442. - (*) Or to create new and smaller – or new and even larger centers - but all only applicable to their own volunteers, beginning with competing but only exterritorially autonomous world federations, down to the smallest federations and groups, none of them necessarily tied to any territory or embracing only their own volunteers in any territory. – JZ, 24.9.07. , DECENTRALIZATION, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best. – Thomas Sowell – Even those who made the best decisions on their own affairs do not have the right to impose these decisions upon the affairs of others. All people have the right to make mistakes - at their own expense and risk. - JZ, 22.8.02. - Let all people make their own choices for their own "fate", even in the sphere of political, economic and social systems, principles and institutions. From then on they can only complain about their own choices - but will also be free to change them once they have seen the light. - JZ, 23.11.06. - Each man for himself – and this together with like-minded people, not with all kinds of other people, who happen to live in the same territory. – JZ, 2.1.08. - Let each decide for himself in all of his own affairs, alone or in association with like-minded people only, even if they have to form exterritorially autonomous communities for themselves to achieve that. - No more territorially imposed decision-making for whole populations. The whole of history is full of the messes made by that system, wherever and to the extent that it was applied. – JZ, 23.1.08. - As far as possible, let each decide for himself or herself. Under voluntary membership, voluntary taxation, personal law and full exterritorial autonomy or consumer sovereignty when it comes to public service offers and free competition to supply them, that is possible to a very large extent, as history has often enough shown. Naturally, such a free society would not offer as many and as large opportunities to power addicts – but mankind does not exist for their benefit. – JZ, 4.4.12. – DECISION-MAKING, EACH FOR HIMSELF, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, FREE ENTERPRISE COMPETITION FOR ALL PUBLIC SERVICES, FREE CHOICE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VS. TERRITORIAL RULE & ORGANIZATION, PRIVATE JUDGMENT, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, UTILITARIANISM, RIGHTS

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: There is no rightful and sensible way to make decisions for others, without their individual consent, in the vast majority of all cases of adult people. – It is, naturally, different for babies, infants, mental cases etc. - JZ, 15.6.92, 12.2.13. - TERRITORIALISM, POLITICS, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALLISM, RIGHTS, REASON

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: We ought to go after the monopoly decision-makers and the opinion-makers, depriving the first of their power and systematically trying to enlighten the others, with the best information tools and methods that can be compiled, concentrating on their special interests and particular errors, prejudices and myths, familiarizing them with all opposite views, seemingly only in an attempt to become more influential, but in reality, in order to use them as tools to spread more truths than they did before. - Attempts to positively influence the masses are much to slow and expensive and constitute usually a waste of efforts and funds - at least until suitable tools and methods to accelerate the process of enlightenment are developed and applied. See under: GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION. - JZ, 23. 5. 01, 29.1.02. - DECISION-MAKERS, OPINION MAKERS, PUBLIC OPINION, PUBLICISTS, FAMOUS SPEAKERS, WRITERS & "EXPERTS", ENLIGHTENMENT

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: When important issues affecting the life of an individual are decided by somebody else, it makes no difference to the individual whether that somebody else is a king, a dictator, or society at large. – James Taggart (1992)

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: Who gets to make decisions about the lives and other property interests of people? Will individuals do this for themselves, or will others exercise such authority over them? In other words, … this is a course in the social application of metaphysics." - Robert LeFevre. - PROPERTY, CONTROLS, SELF-OWNERSHIP

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES: You must decide, from now on, what’s in your best interest.” – L. Neil Smith, A Matter of Certainty in: Brad Linaweaver & Edward E. Kramer, eds., Free Space, Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York,, 1998, , p. 271. , INDIVIDUALISM IN EVERY SPHERE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP IN ALL STATES, SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES, ALL ONLY EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: $360M lost to Taliban, criminals in Afghanistan - CBS News - - WASHINGTON - The U.S. military estimates that $360 million spent on combat support and reconstruction contracts in Afghanistan has ended up in the hands of people the American-led coalition has battled for nearly a decade: the Taliban, criminals and local power brokers with ties to both, The Associated Press has learned. - War, too, is much too important to entrust to any politician and bureaucrat. So far they have never even managed to declare quite rightful war and peace aims. – JZ, 23.8.11, on Facebook

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: a mind on whose decisions all fate may turn has to function efficiently, - Poul Anderson, Conflict, 241. - No mind can do so efficiently. Anyone proves his mindlessness if he even tries to do so. - One would need an SF imagination to imagine extreme cases where the survival of all peoples would depend upon the rational decision of just one person. Alas, we have allowed a condition to become established in which even one irrational mind, armed with ABC mass murder devices, could come to threaten the survival of all - and we have yet to rebel against this condition. - JZ, 6.10.01. – Nothing can make territorial monopolies rightful and efficient. – JZ, 13.11.10. - LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: And definitely take back from them, for instance, the right to take (make? – JZ) decision on major national issues such as defence of the country, military build-up and declaration of war. Going one step further, forbid them to be involved in international conflicts, …” Kevork Ajemian, The Fallacy of Modern Politics, Books International, PO Box 6096, McLean, Virginia 22106, 1986, Tel. (703) 821-8900, p.189. - POLITICIANS

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: As everyone concedes today, Congress has become a figurehead body in deciding the paramount issue of peace or war. Under our Constitution only Congress can declare war; but we recognize, in the missile age, in which obliteration from launching bases on the other side of the world is less than thirty minutes away, that there is not time for Congress to meet, to debate, to declare war. There is only time to react. And so, we say, the President will decide; the red telephone on his desk will be always at the ready; he will order the buttons of holocaust pushed. This is the theory, a theory that is a delusion; for in practice the President, no more than Congress, can really decide – there is not time.” - Fred J. Cook, The Warfare State, Jonathan Cape, 1962, p.30. - - With this decision taken out of the hands to the top politicians, their cabinets and out of the hands of parliaments, congresses, etc. and placed into the hands of the people, the targets of mass murder devices, these devices would be destroyed by the people, even unilaterally, before it ever came to a nuclear war. But left in the hands of a few, not always the most rational, moral, learned and wise people, often power-mad or fanatic ones, fundamentalists of one kind or the other, under the influence of sleeplessness, exhaustion and drugs - anything can happen then. – JZ, 6.10.07. – TERRITORIALISM, NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Avoid making irrevocable decisions when tired or hungry.” - Robert Heinlein. – While our rulers are unlikely to ever make war and peace decisions that affect all of mankind, while they are hungry, they are likely to often make them while overly tired or drugged. – And they are much more dangerous to mankind than are over-tired or drugged airline pilots. - JZ, 23.1.08.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Be a lot fewer dust-ups if the guys't started 'em hadda go an' get shot at.” - L. Neil Smith, The Nagasaki Vector, p.82. - DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Both, the monopolization of war making decisions as well as the monopolization of peace-making decisions will assure many abuses of this territorial power. Each person ought to decide for himself who his enemies, his friends and his associates are. Prescribed enemies are no enemies. Prescribed friends are no friends. Prescribed allies are no allies. Even neutrality should be a matter of personal choice. Enforced collectivist decision-making pushes whole collectives, territorial collectives with numerous dissenters, into the same man-made disasters, rather than confining them only to their volunteers. – JZ, 26.4.06, 30.10.07. – TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS, WAR & PEACE, INTERNATIONAL TREATIES & ALLIANCES, ENEMIES, PANARCHISM, ALLIANCES

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: But how could any man, any group, make such decisions for the country – for the whole human race?” – John K. Gibbons, Voice of the People, p.114 in ANALOG, Nov. 96. - It’s all part and parcel of the territorialist and statist faith or religion. – JZ, 25.9.07.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Criminal, stupid and mass murderous decisions on war and peace and international relations are all made via more or less constitutional or legalized powers and authorities at the highest territorial levels. We, as ordinary people, subjects and victims of their decisions, policies, powers and actions, are given no say in these matters, nor freedom to opt out from under them, choose sides or remain neutral. We have only the “freedom” or “choice” to become the victims of these constitutional or legalized criminal and even mass murderous powers, their decisions, “activities”, “measures”, “aims” and mass-murder “weapons”. And we have all too uncritically and obediently put up with this kind of extreme power abuse for all too many centuries. – JZ, 17.12.98, 24.9.08. – WAR AIMS, CENTRALIZATION, TERRITORIALISM, OBEDIENCE, GOVERNMENT, PEOPLE, DEMOCRACY, DESPOTISM, PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, POWER, MONOPOLIES, POLITICIANS, RULERS, STATISM, CONSTITUTIONALISM, WAR, PEACE, FOREIGN POLICIES, NEGOTIATIONS, TREATIES, VOTING, POLITICS AS USUAL, DIPLOMACY

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Decision-making must be transferred, from words on a page back to people on the spot. This requires legal frameworks that are open, not open-and-shut.” - Philip K. Howard, The Death of Common Sense, How the Law Is Suffocating America, Warner books, 1994, p.186.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Did HE invade or did he order his soldiers and officers to invade? How can it still happen, that in a supposed democracy or republic a single person can still make as important decisions as those on war and peace - for all his subjects? Have libertarians sufficiently criticized THAT monopoly and power? – JZ, 23.8.11, to Pat Hines. – Quite wrongful territorialist premises collectivist notions, including collective responsibility ones, are all too often still simply taken for granted. – JZ, 23.8.11, on Facebook.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Executives or rulers are all too often executioners, at least for dissenters, if not, via ABC mass murder devices, even for their own followers. Their power addiction or even power-madness, combined with the system of territorial warfare States often does not seem to leave them any peaceful and rightful choices. – JZ, 8.12.02, 20.10.07. - EXECUTIVES, EXECUTIONERS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, TERRITORIALISM, PRESIDENTS, RULERS, LEADERSHIP, FOREIGN POLICY

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Fancy people entrusting their very survival to professional liars like politicians. - JZ, 30.4.98. – WAR & PEACE DECISION-MAKING

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Here’s your enemy for this week, the government says. And some gullible Americans click their heels and salute – often without knowing who or even where the enemy of the week is.” – Charley Reese (1998) – DECISION-MAKING ON WAR & PEACE, ENEMIES, OBEDIENCE, PATRIOTISM, POLITICIANS, FEAR, DIVIDE & RULE, POLITICS, PERSONAL RATHER THAN CAUSAL THINKING, PATRIOTISM TOWARDS DESPOTIC DECISION-MAKING

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: If they could even run a war properly! The machine's like an old, rusty spring, and all the wrong people are in charge - a bunch of doddering fools! Everything they touch withers and dies, and they touch everything. They don't understand a single thing they're doing, they don't understand this century! They look upon this amazing country as though it were their personal fief: if they feel like it, they'll make peace; if they feel like it, they'll make war - just as they behaved toward Turkey in the last century. And they imagine they'll always be able to get away with it. Why, not one of the grand-dukes even knows what the world "productive forces" mean! The people at court are supplied with whatever they need, and that's as far as their interests extend. - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, August 1914, 657. – ANOTHER WRONGFUL GOVERNMENT MONOPOLY, VS. A RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE, OF MINORITIES & INDIVIDUALS (BINDING ONLY UPON THEMSELVES), STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: If you really believe that some men are enemies because of a declaration by people who claim to have authority over you, …” - Alex Comfort, The Power House, p.263. - BY GOVERNMENTS, ENEMIES

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Individualized decision-making alone can finally abolish wars, bloody revolutions and civil wars, terrorism, despotism, poverty, inflations, unemployment, monopolies and exploitation by taxes. – JZ, 15.1.97. – INDIVIDUALISM, FREE CHOICE, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIAL COLLECTIVISM OF THE DEMOCRATIC OR DESPOTIC TYPE, VOLUNTARY STATE OR SOCIETY OR COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Make your own international friends and allies or enemies. Don’t rely on your territorial government to provide you with the right decisions regarding them. – JZ, 18.9.96, 24.9.08.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Man lives by his decisions.” – Alfred Bester, Starburst, p.106. – And all too often dies prematurely through the wrongful decisions made by others for him. – JZ, 19.3.99. – At least he should always live and die by his own decisions rather than be the decisions of others that are imposed upon him. – JZ, 24.9.08. – MAN, FREEDOM, CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY VS. TERRITORIAL SUBORDINATION, OBEDIENCE & LOYALTY, STATISM, PANARCHISM

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Older men declare war, but it is youth that must fight and die.” - Herbert Hoover, Quoted in: - NATIONAL INTEREST NEWSPAPER, issue 26, p.7. - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – Must youths really fight for the aims of the older men, or should they, rather, fraternize with the youths on the other side? Ulrich von Beckerath often remarked, in essence, that the worst thing about wars is not that men are fighting but that men are fighting for the wrongful aims of other men rather than for the own individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 3.2.02, 24.8.13.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Politicians hide themselves away. They only started the war. Why should they go out into a fight? They leave that all to the poor.” - Black Sabbath, War Pigs, From the album 'Paranoid', 1970. – Or to the misled. Territorial rulers treat their subjects – and the subjects of the governments they oppose – as sacrificial lambs or human sacrifices for the external policies they pursue. And the victims on both sides let themselves be moved to the mutual slaughter fields (A literal translation of the German term “Schlachtfeld” for “battle field.) and feel all too often still very patriotic about that, although no clear and quite just war and peace aims have been proclaimed. – They should rather fraternize, rebel and conclude a peace treaty between themselves, over the heads of their rulers. – But such actions have to be prepared in enough minds, many years before it comes to a war. – Then a war could even be altogether avoided. - JZ, 4.1.08.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Rascals, do you want to live for ever?” – Frederick II, attributed, as a remark to the hesitant guards at the battle of Kolin on 18 June 1757; MacDonagh, 1999, p. 255. One fleeing grenadier reputedly replied: “Fritz, for eight pence, we’ve had enough for today!” - “Fritz, for thirteen Pfennige we have done enough for today.” – is another version. – JZ – People were so starved for money that they were prepared to risk their lives for as small monetary returns! – JZ, 28.11.08. - JOKES

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Simply speaking, the destiny of mankind is in the hands of a few individuals …” - Kevork Ajemian, The Fallacy of Modern Politics, Books International, PO Box 6096, McLean, Virginia 22106, 1986, Tel. (703) 821-8900, p.169. – And only few people in all of mankind do fundamentally question THIS territorial and terrorist arrangement. – To that extent almost all people are to blame for this situation. - JZ, 7.10.07. – CENTRALIZATION

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Such a monopoly for territorial governments is certainly not a libertarian tradition and practice. It is closely related to the legislative, juridical, defence and policing monopolies and that for international negotiations and treaties claimed by territorial statists and will end with them. – JZ, 21.11.98, 24.9.08.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Test the nature of our feeling by what was after all perhaps the most dramatized situation in the whole drama: the fact that in the Western world a single man, or a little junta of military chiefs, could by a word send nations into war, millions to their death; and – worse still in a sense – that those millions would accept the fact of thus being made helpless pawns, and with appalling docility, without question, kill and be killed for reasons they did not even know. It must be made impossible ever again for half a dozen Generals or Cabinet Ministers thus to play with nations and men and women as with pawns. … - Commands for youths to die in wars of unknown purpose do not strike us as monstrous when the commands are given by our own Governments – Governments which notoriously we do not trouble to control.” –Norman Angell, Human Nature and the Peace Problem, 1925, P.64. - - UNQUESTIONING OBEDIENCE, SUBMISSIVENESS, STATISM, LOYALTY, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, HEROISM, DOCILITY, WAR & PEACE

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: That a whole nation should resolve upon robbery and therefore make war upon a neighboring country is impossible, because in a State, in which all are equal, the loot would not become the property of a few but would have to be divided equally among all. This share of the individual would never be worth the labors of the war. Only wherever the advantage is all on the side of a few oppressors and the disadvantages, the efforts, the costs, are born by the numerous army of the slaves, is a war of robbery possible and comprehensible. Not from other (free) States would the former have to fear a war but merely from savages or barbarians, who, unable to enrich themselves through labour are induced to commit robberies, or from enslaved people who are driven by their masters into a conquest from which they themselves would never profit anything. …” J. G. Fichte, Die Bestimmung des Menschen, p.137/138. – DECISION MAKING BY THE PEOPLE (COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS) RATHER THAN BY GOVERNMENTS, PANARCHISM

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: The constitution supposes, what the History of all Governments demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch of power most interested in war, and most prone to it. It has accordingly with studied care, vested the question of war in the Legislature. But the Doctrines lately advanced strike at the root of all these provisions, and will deposit the peace of the Country in that Department which the Constitution distrusts as most ready without cause to renounce it. For if the opinion of the President not the facts and proofs themselves are to sway the judgment of Congress, in declaring war, and if the President in the recess of Congress create a foreign mission, appoint the minister, and negotiate a War Treaty, without the possibility of a check even from the Senate, until the measures present alternatives overruling the freedom of its judgment; if again a Treaty when made obliges the Legislature to declare war contrary to its judgment, and in pursuance of the same doctrine, a law declaring war, imposes a like moral obligation, to grant the requisite supplies until it be formally repealed with the consent of the President and Senate, it is evident that the people are cheated out of the best ingredients in their Government, the safeguards of peace which is the greatest of their blessings.” - James Madison, letter to Thomas Jefferson, April 2, 1798. - The Writings of James Madison, ed. Gaillard Hunt, vol. 6, pp. 312-13 (1906).

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: The constitution vests the power of declaring war in Congress; therefore no offensive expedition of importance can be undertaken until after they shall have deliberated upon the subject and authorized such a measure.” – George Washington. - Neither kings nor presidents nor parliaments can quite rightfully decide such questions for all the people in a country. To consider only these two options is a case of posing false alternatives. Who could have forced the original and relatively free militias to fight against their will? That was not even possible among the tribes of Red Indians. - JZ, 25. 11. 06.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: The executive has no right, in any case, to decide the question, whether there is or is not cause for declaring war." - James Madison – Granting this power to parliament is not a sufficiently democratic solution, either. – JZ, 11.2.12. – MILITIA, HUMAN RIGHTS

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: the man who puts all the guns and all the decision-making power into the hands of the central government and then says, 'Limit yourself'; it is he who is truly the impractical utopian." - Murray N. Rothbard – quoted by Pete Voluntaryist Eyre on Facebook, 7.3.12. – LIMITED GOVERNMENT

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: The power to declare war, including the power of judging the causes of war, is fully and exclusively vested in the legislature … the executive has no right, in any case, to decide the question, whether there is or is not cause for declaring war.” – James Madison (1751-1836), 4th U.S. President. - It is also vested quite wrongly and dangerously in a parliament or president. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. - TO BE THE MONOPOLY OF A FEW OR THE RIGHT OF EVERY ADULT, SINCE EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE FOR HIM?

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: The royal or imperial privilege to decide exclusively on war and peace should not have been continued by republics and democracies, at the expense and risk of their subjects. Likewise, international negotiations, conferences, treaties and alliances should not be so monopolized because, like all other monopolies and powers this leads inevitably to many abuses. How many more historical instances do we need for this, before ending this ancient and quite wrongful custom and power? - It is closely connected to the very institution of territorial States and democratic and republican ideas and practices. The usual “thinking” and writing on individual rights and liberties has not yet been extended to this sphere, foreign affairs and foreign politics, the war and peace making powers and monopolies. Already Kant pointed out that that decisions on war and peace by governments, rather than by the people, indicates a kind of despotism. – However, to consider all of the population living in a territory, to be its one and only “people”, a real entity, sufficiently uniform and effectively united, and then granting some limited self-government or voting powers only to the majority of those people, forming a temporary majority, ignores all the individual rights and liberties, different ideas, beliefs, convictions, opinions, prejudices and inclinations of all those not belonging to this majority. It does not mean self-government, choice or consent for them. Not only democratic and republic but also individualistic ideas, including individual sovereignty and individual secessionism, have to be introduced in this sphere, to really achieve self-government, self-determination, genuine independence and self-management, consent, choice and genuine representation. Genuine representation can be realized only by voluntary associations, communities and competing governments, none of them with any exclusive territorial privileges. What has been misnamed “political science” has not yet sufficiently explored this alternative. Nor have the economists and advocates of various economic and social systems, based upon various hypotheses, theories and dogmas, religious, philosophical and ideological beliefs, sufficiently considered, the possibility of various systems and communities peacefully coexisting in the same territories but with all of them only for their voluntary members. (Against them, if they are ignorant, prejudiced or foolish enough.) Now, under threat of WMDs, from various criminal government and terrorist groups, it is high time that we dissolve the territorial targets for them and also the wrongs towards minorities that are inevitably associated with territorial rule and that lead to terrorist notions and attempts. The very existence of territorial States also leads too many people into quite wrongful collective responsibility ideas, opinions and actions and perpetuates problems and discontent that could soon be solved and turned into satisfaction via freedom to experiment among volunteers. – Let each person fill his “shopping cart” only with as many and those governmental goods and services, which he or she want for themselves and are willing and able to pay for. That would maximize consumer sovereignty and consumer satisfaction in this sphere as well and prevent clashes between them. Imagine the political battles that would result if all of us were only allowed to purchase centrally determined and allocated rations in fixed quantities. We would get street fights between vegetarians and meat eaters, consumer of white or brown bred, those of factory-like produced eggs and those who want only organically produced ones, etc. etc. – JZ, 9.7.04, 26.10.07, 7.2.13. – MONOPOLIZED, CENTRALIZED, DESPOTIC DECISION-MAKING, ON WAR & PEACE, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, TERRORISM, FREE CHOICE AMONG GOVERNMENTS &SOCIETIES, PANARCHISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, CENTRALIZATION, Q.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Then, Kipling’s call “to take up the white man’s burden” fell upon the receptive ears of Bill McKinley, who came down from a sleepless night of consulting the Almighty to tell the press: ‘God told me to take the Philippines’.” – Patrick J. Buchanan, A New Nationalism, quoted in: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, The Environmentalist Threat, in Llewellyn H. Rockwell, ed., The Economics of Liberty, Mises Institute, 1990, p. 364. – The current President Bush also seems to have his “divine inspirations”, according to some reports. – JZ, 9.10.07. – LEADERSHIP, PRESIDENTS

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: They make all wars but very few [OF THEM! – JZ.] ever die in one.” - H. L. Mencken, Minority Report, 173. – Guess who will survive – in the safest bunkers! – JZ, 7.2.13. - POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP – FROM FAR BEHIND

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Trusting the state to decide life and death is foolish. Asking it to do so is wrong. - Robert Higgs - on Facebook, 26.2.12. – Alas, he made that remark only in the context of the death penalty. – JZ, 26.2.12.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: What he said … We’re going to war. – What he meant … You’re going to war. – Text from a comic quoted by Mark Tier – on Facebook, 29 October 2011. - John Zube : The decision-making monopoly on war and peace, armament and disarmament, as well as on international treaties - is all too rarely questioned and criticized but, instead, together with all other territorial wrongs, rather taken for granted. How many or how few are interested in and sufficiently informed on genuine individual rights and liberties? The condition of national and international affairs corresponds to that lack of knowledge and interest. - 30 October 2011.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: When one person can initiate war, by its definition, a republic no longer exists. - Ron Paul (1999)  - Quoted by - Anja Hartleb, Facebook, 1.3.12. – Immanuel Kant said the same, in other words, in “Eternal Peace”, back in 1795. – JZ, 1.3.12.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: Why continue the monopolization of such decision-making in the hands of a few men in the world? – That is, certainly, one of the many wrongful factors that are making for wars and turn States into Warfare States. - JZ, 27.8.08.

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: You can’t stop me! I spend 30 000 men a months.” – Napoleon I., speaking to the Austrian foreign minister, Prince Metternich, 1810. - POWER-MADNESS, LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALIST MENTALITY, RULERS, EMPERORS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: You will be home before the leaves have fallen from the trees.” – Kaiser Wilhelm II to troops leaving for the front, Aug. 1914. - Barbara Tuchman, The Guns of August, 1962, Ch. 9. – What was the percentage of volunteers for this “pleasant autumnal walk-about” into cannon-fire? – As if all would come home from a war and also unharmed! - JZ, 23.9.07. - POLITICIANS, STATISM, OBEDIENCE, PROMISES & WARS, LIES OF LEADERS

DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE: you will live, smiling and loquacious, until a dutiful idiot drops a hydrogen bomb in your backyard.” - Morris West, The Tower of Babel, p.149. - NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, ATOMIC WEAPONS, ABC MASS MURDER DEVICES, LIFE, SURVIVAL, MANKIND, SOLDIERS, OBEDIENCE

DEFECTORS: Defectors from the present territorial and authoritarian institutions are usually their least defective subjects. - They should always be welcomed with open arms and permitted full exterritorial autonomy under their own personal laws if that is their wish. Such institutions, made well known as potential governments in exile for those who had not yet escaped a despotic government may be the best “weapon” of free or somewhat free societies, all of volunteers only and all confined to personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy. – Ideas know no frontiers and can influence even darkened and misled minds after a while or greatly reduce their numbers. - JZ, 23.7.95, 24.9.08. – DESERTERS, REFUGEES, PANARCHISM, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, ASYLUM, IMMIGRANTS, FREE CHOICE AMONG GOVERNMENTS, COMMUNITIES & SOCIETIES - FOR ALL ADULT INDIVIDUALS, FREE MIGRATION

DEFENCE: A “defence” in which 80 to 90% of those killed or wounded are non-combatants – civilians, old people, women, children and unarmed men, is really a form of aggression. – JZ, 4.7.08. – AGGRESSION, NONCOMBATANTS, AIR RAIDS, “COLLATERAL DAMAGE”, INDISCRIMINATE WARFARE, BOMBING, NWT

DEFENCE: A bureaucratized, i.e., militaristic, hierarchical, authoritarian, statists and territorialist “defence” is not the best kind of defence. Often it results in more aggressive than defensive acts. Anyhow, it is largely used merely to defend territorial domination, which offends against the rights of individuals and minorities, sometimes even against the rights of the majority. – Almost never is it in favor of quite just war and peace aims and confined only to methods and weapons that respect individual rights and liberties. - Alas, what would constitute a libertarian and panarchistic defence and what would be justified in libertarian and panarchistic liberation efforts has not yet been sufficiently discussed or publicized, although this should have been one of our highest priorities, seeing the messes produced by territorial statist policies and practices in this sphere. - JZ, 10.7.99, 24.9.08. – WAR, PEACE, DEFENCE, WAR AIMS, LIBERATION, FOREIGN POLICY, AIR RAIDS ON CITIES, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, LIBERTARIANISM, REVOLUTIONS, WARFARE, INTERVENTIONISM

DEFENCE: A defence by territorial governments amounts all too often to aggression under the pretence of defence. – JZ, 19.11.95. – Where is the sense e.g. in bombing innocent non-combatants rather than executing a tyrant that has forced them and his conscripted soldiers into a war? - JZ, 24.9.08. – TYRANNICIDE, AIR RAIDS AGAINST CITIES, I.E. CIVILIANS, NWT.

DEFENCE: A House armed services committee asked the Department of Defense for a copy of the standard forms used at the Pentagon. The received 11,116 forms. - Dr. Laurence J. Peter, Why Things Go Wrong or The Peter Principle Revisited, George Allen & Unwin, 1911, 122. – In other words, the Pentagon is at any time ready to win any paper war, decided by the largest number of forms, questionnaires, papers and documents, used as weapons. But it could not even supply e.g. enough quality flak-jackets for its soldiers and spare parts for its trucks in Iraq and least of all could it supply quite rightful war aims and warfare methods, liberating one rather than territorially imposed ones & this for a country where infighting between the factions has been going on for decades, if not centuries and the territorialist democratic ideal is not appreciated for whatever limited benefits it offers. – JZ, 9.10.07. – DEFENCE OF THE STATE - BY PAPERWORK, JOKES

DEFENCE: A libertarian, genuine and panarchistic defence, that is at the same time tolerant and liberating towards all movements, faiths and beliefs on both sides, all practised among volunteers only and at their expense and risk and thereby removes almost all motives and possibilities for the further conduct of wars, civil wars, revolutions and terrorism. – JZ, 16.3.98. – PANARCHISM, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION, CIVIL WAR, TERRORISM, MILITIA, WARFARE, WAR & PEACE AIMS

DEFENCE: A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against its government.” – Edward Abbey, naturalist and author (1927-1989). - But not everybody, who declares himself a patriot, is a rightful defender of rights and liberties. Not even the government supporters of the "Patriot Act" are such defenders. On the contrary. - JZ, 25. 11. 06. – DEFENCE AGAINST THE OWN GOVERNMENT, PATRIOTISM, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, RIGHTS, JUSTICE

DEFENCE: Almost no territorial government is worth defending, excepting only a somewhat democratic government against a totalitarian one. And even then the defence should not be one merely of that territorial democratic government but merely of those few and limited individual rights that it already stands for and also of all the others and unlimited rights and liberties as well, to the extent that individuals want to practise them among themselves, in their self-chosen communities of like-minded other volunteers. No territorial states, governments, nations, communities or societies are worth defending as such. Thus the first defensive act should consist in a panarchist transformation and decentralization, corresponding to individual preferences, rather than calling for “national unity” and a united national defence effort. A united defence effort between very diverse panarchies, aiming to similarly transform the enemy regime, would be quite another matter. – JZ, 7.10.95, 24.9.08, 27.11.08.

DEFENCE: Britain should get rid of the nukes - and also adopt the Swiss defense system, in which every citizen of Britain has a rifle and is trained to use it. - I would rather see Britain an indigestible lump in the communist empire than a cloud of nuclear vapour, John once told me. It's not an unreasonable position.” - Baen/Pournelle, in introduction to John Brunner, Talion, in FAR FRONTIERS, Spring 85. - Why not see to it that Soviet subjects are ready and willing to fight their rulers, acting as our own allies against them? Why should we not offer them a separate peace treaty, containing only quite rightful and very attractive war and peace aims and realize and demonstrate these. on our side already - or ourselves, and for deserters and refugees? - JZ, n.d. & 12.5.00, 29.11.08. - THE WEAKNESS OF NUCLEAR STRENGTH, MILITIA, DESERTION, MILITARY JIU JITSU, SWISS DEFENCE, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, WAR AIMS

DEFENCE: Defend America against the government.” – Anonymous – THE OWN GOVERNMENT IS OFTEN THE MAIN ENEMY

DEFENCE: Excellent military weapons and training, discipline, "morale", knowledge of strategies and tactics, are not good enough substitutes for rightful war and peace aims, rightful warfare, revolutionary warfare and liberation methods. For they can serve e.g. a Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin or Mao or other despots or terrorists as well. Even democracies, republics or so-called "free societies", operate largely in a moral vacuum and can provoke, start, prolong military conflicts and make them much more bloody and destructive than is morally justifiable and necessary. - JZ, 19.8.00. Alas, libertarian defence aims, methods and institutions do constitute a new kind of science for which all too few libertarians have so far demonstrated any serious interest. - JZ, 1.2.02. See PEACE PLANS 16-19 & 61-63.

DEFENCE: good for nothing except rehearsing apocalypse." - Peter Conrad, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 22.7.00. - NUCLEAR WAR STRATEGIES, NUCLEAR STRENGTH, NUCLEAR “WEAPONS”

DEFENCE: Government defence might costs us more than a surrender to some enemy government would. – JZ, 3.6.96. – The way it is conducted now by territorial governments costs the own citizens often more than an outright surrender to an enemy regime would have cost them. We should rather try to defend ourselves, i.e., our individual rights and liberties by attempting to dissolve the own and the foreign territorial regime into mere communities of volunteers, all of them under personal laws only and full exterritorial autonomy, i.e. in a form that makes peaceful coexistence between them possible, likely, easy and profitable and thus end or prevent a war. – JZ, 18.4.98, 24.9.08. – With the wisdom of hind-sight, consider whether WW I was really worth fighting – for any of the participants. If the other side had easily won, would the average persons of the defeated States by now really be worse off? And that war led to the rise of the Soviet regime, xyz inflations, the Great Depression, the Nazi Regime, the Holocaust and WW II! – JZ, 2.12.08. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIAL WARFARE STATES

DEFENCE: he who resists another's attempt to control is not an aggressor, an invader, a governor, but simply a defender, a protector.” - Tucker, Instead of a Book, p.23. – It is now online. - AGGRESSION, CONTROL, PROTECTION, RESISTANCE

DEFENCE: I recently saw “Kokoda, The Stairway to Hell”, as part of a collection of 10 Documentaries. (*) The first Australian troops sent there, to a narrow track over mountains in Papua New Guinea, to resist the much more numerous Japanese forces, which were well trained and equipped, were themselves quite insufficiently trained, armed, clothed, and very poorly camouflaged and supplied from the air. The air supplies were not even parachuted down but just kicked or thrown off the planes, often in the wrong places, benefitting the Japanese rather than the Australian troops even injuring some of the latter. The helmets were of the wrong kind for jungle warfare and did not even have netting to affix camouflage. Was any Australian bureaucrat ever held responsible for these failures? – JZ, 12.10.12. - (*) RAAM Multimedia, distributed exclusively by Payless Entertainment Limited. - BY GOVERNMENTS

DEFENCE: How much do we spend now, in the average, upon militarily killing a conscript of an enemy government or capturing him and keeping him captive as a POW? How much less would it cost us to set him free, by welcoming him and rewarding him as a deserter or finally liberated person, or releasing him from a P.O.W. camp to become self-maintaining through honest labor or by giving him a gold handshake for his life support, for a period or the rest of the war? How much cheaper would it be for us to pay him for the weapons he brings with him as a deserter than trying to militarily destroy them and him, while they are still on the other side of the frontline? And if we could not turn deserters or POWs into freed allies, members of their self-chosen government in exile (one of several peacefully competing ones, all without any territorial monopoly claim), through quite just war and peace aims, on our side (much more attractive to them than are the war and peace aims of their despotic governments for them, and convincingly publicized as well as demonstrated already now, as far as possible), then at least we should be able to turn them into neutrals, temporarily settling in a neutral country, chosen by them, where, under sufficient economic freedom, they could soon earn their living expenses and save something for their future. And how much or how little would it cost us, apart from the re-thinking and enlightening propaganda required, to induce them to rise effectively against their despotic government, acting thus as our allies, without having first deserted to us or been captured by us and then set free on our side, being treated as an ally or a neutral in a neutral country? The unnecessarily murderous and destructive military “defence” activity should be looked at anew from a moral and also business and economic angle. We could offer most of our merely imagined or artificially produced “enemies” and also ourselves a much better deal than fighting them and them fighting us. - Really patriotic enemy soldiers and officers would not even have to be bribed into becoming our allies - as long as we have declared and honestly stick to quite rightful war and peace aims and quite rightful defence and liberation methods and treat them as they deserve to be. Having been born and brought up on the other side of a territorial border does not turn them automatically into our enemies, even when their despotic government says that they are or ought to be. Their self-selected panarchy or government in exile should be much more attractive to them than is their territorial dictatorship. Under all economic liberties and rights their deserters, defectors and refugees could, on our side or in neutral countries, earn almost immediately much more than they could ever earn before under their territorial despotism at home. So why should they or why would they continue to fight us - if we offer them such alternatives and the best patriotic reasons and motives to come over to us, or to their rightful government in exile? – Provided we do this in a very convincing way, which is possible. Then they could soon become, after their territorial and despotic and all too warlike regime is overthrown, as free and prosperous in their newly liberated home countries as they can be on our side. And they would not have further risked their lives and limbs to uphold a despotic regime. – JZ, 15.1.04, 31.10.07. - DESERTION, LIBERATION, PRISONERS OF WAR, FRATERNIZATION, TURNING ENEMY SOLDIERS INTO ALLIES OR NEUTRALS, RIGHTFUL & PEACEFULLY COMPETING GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS AGAINST DICTATORSHIPS, QUITE RIGHTFUL & PEACE-PROMOTING DEFENCE, LIBERATION & WARFARE

DEFENCE: If the troops defend freedom, why don’t they attack politicians? - Don Lee shared Adam Kokesh's photo. Facebook, 25.5.12.  – POLITICIANS, DEFENCE, Q.

DEFENCE: If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.” - Thomas Sowell. - Yes, but there are civilized and libertarian methods for defence and quite uncivilized and barbaric methods of "defence". Libertarians should give up on all of the latter and inform themselves on all of the former. - JZ, 22.8.02.

DEFENCE: If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.” - Thomas Sowell. - Yes, but there are civilized and libertarian methods for defence and quite uncivilized and barbaric methods of "defence". Libertarians should give up on all of the latter and inform themselves on all of the former. - JZ, 22.8.02.

DEFENCE: It was Army Day, April 8, 1939. Twenty-two thousand people watched tanks and troops with new M-1 rifles parade down Fifth Ave. in New York, … The United Pacifist Committee, let by Reverend Muste, led a tiny counter-demonstration. Fifty-two people walked on the side-walk holding signs and passing our handbills. MASS MURDER IS NO DEFENCE OF LIBERTY, one sign said.” - Nicholson Baker, Human Smoke, the Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization, Simon & Schuster, 2008, p.118. - MASS MURDER, LIBERTY, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, AIR RAIDS

DEFENCE: Mankind has no defence for himself.”- Frank Herbert, Eye, 74, - Itself? Governments do not defend mankind but only themselves, their powers and abuses. - JZ, 17.3.99. – Mankind needs a defence against territorial governments. It should reduce all governments and all non-governmental societies to their own voluntary followers, under their own personal law or exterritorial autonomy – wherever they might live and work. – JZ, 2.11.08, 7.2.13. –PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIAL WARFARE STATES, MANKIND, HUMANITY, MILITIA FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

DEFENCE: Mass murder or ABC anti-people or genocide "weapons" are either glorified or wrongly defined as "strength" and "weapons" and "defensive" or "preventative means" while e.g. tyrannicide, liberation attempts, fraternization, desertion, revolutions and military insurrections are maligned or suppressed or prevented, as if they could only be used against the own side. - JZ, 5.2.02, 7.2.02. – Nuclear weapons are territorialist weapons. Exterritorialism would obviously make them wrong, superfluous and all too dangerous in the eyes of most people. - JZ, 14.11.10. - MASS MURDER, INDISCRIMINATE WARFARE, GENOCIDE, NUCLEAR STRENGTH, TYRANNICIDE, RESISTANCE, REVOLUTION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, DESERTION, MASS FRATERNIZATION, DECISION

DEFENCE: Optimal nonviolence efforts together with optimal and rightful use of force - in the defence of basic rights and liberties. An attempt to turn total wars into mere rightful police actions against the real war criminals. - JZ, 6.9.87, 26.1.02. - FORCE, NON-VIOLENCE, WAR CRIMINALS, RIGHTFUL DEFENCE OF RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MILLITIA

DEFENCE: The best defence is war prevention, i.e., not "counter-force" or "non-violent defence" but the dissolution of all coercive and aggressive institutions. - JZ, 6.9.87. - PANARCHISM, WAR AIMS, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, LIBERTARIAN REVOLUTIONS & MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, DESERTION, TYRANNICIDE, LIBERATION, QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, STRICTLY ADHERED TO

DEFENCE: The best defence isn't a good offence; it's not to offend in the first place.” - BRETT P. BELLMORE, 8734 Burt Rd., Capac, MI 48014, (810) 724-5924 H, (810) 798-3922-265 W., in ANALOG, March 99, 139. - WAR AIMS, JUST ONES, PEACE DECLARATIONS, MILITIA, PANARCHISM

DEFENCE: The British Soldier can stand up to anything except the British War Office.” – George Bernard Shaw. – The ultimate decisions on war and peace ought to be in the hands of people in arms, who are enlightened about all their individual rights and liberties and thus motivated to defend them and also trained and organized properly for this purpose. Their natural allies are the suppressed peoples or an enemy regime. They should be treated as allies or at least as neutrals, thus isolating the enemy regime and its relatively few supporters, its true believers and power addicts. – JZ, 14.11.10, 7.2.13. - DEFENCE BY THE STATE, OBEDIENCE, DISOBEDIENCE, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, UNILATERAL PEACE OFFERS TO THOSE, WHO DESERVE THEM, DESERTION, PRISONERS OF WAR TREATMENT, WAR & PEACE AIMS. (To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice!)

DEFENCE: The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.” - James Madison – What would be the primary preconditions and measures for libertarian defence, liberation attempts and the initiation of military insurrections and popular revolutions against foreign dictatorships? Territorial defence efforts do largely practise themselves the kind of aggression that is inherent in territorialism. – JZ, 8.8.08. – Especially when it is expressed in indiscriminate bombing of cities that are under an enemy regime’s taxes, inflation, forced labor and conscription and when even quite basic rights and liberties of this regime’s subjects are suppressed. – Our nuclear weapons and conventional air raids do then tend to turn involuntary subjects of a despotic enemy regime into patriotic defenders of it! – We ought to treat them, instead, as our secret allies, to be liberated. - JZ, 27.11.08.


DEFENCE: There is such a thing as a nation being so right that it does not need to convince others by force that it is right.” - Woodrow Wilson, Speech at Philadelphia, May 10, 1915. - Alas, this was not right for "his" nation, nor is it for any "nation" today. But for a truly libertarians society, which would grant the statists, among themselves, their kind of "freedom" as well, at their expense and risk, it would be true. - Isn't it high time to clearly work out all the details of such a program and to publish and discuss it sufficiently? - JZ, 12.5.00. - LIBERATION WARS, JUST WAR AIMS, PANARCHISM

DEFENCE: Think and act with and not against the people on the other side – together against your common real enemies, the exploiting, oppressive, murderous, dishonest and misleading territorial governments on all sides, all of them manned by power addicts and ready to commit order mass murders and human sacrifices on a massive scale - just in order to gain or retain territorial power. Your territorial rulers never even bothered to declare quite rightful war and peace aims and expect you to fight, die, get crippled or work and pay for their wrongful ones. – JZ, 11.6.09, 10.3.12. – LIBERATION, AGGRESSION, INTERVENTIONISM, ENEMIES, TERRITORIALISM, CAPTIVE NATIONS, INVASIONS, OCCUPATIONS, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, FRATERNIZATION, DESERTION, ANNEXATIONS, DISOBEDIENCE RATHER THAN OBEDIENCE, GOVERNMENTS, REVOLUTION, PEACE, WAR- & PEACE AIMS, RIGHTFUL ONES, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE, CAPTIVE NATIONS, SUPPRESSED MINORITIES & MAJORITIES

DEFENCE: This matter of national defence would take on an entirely different aspect if peoples could be brought to understand that the only government they need to defend themselves against is their own government, and that the only way to defend themselves against it is by continual distrust and vigilance. It is a rather bitter reflection on human imbecility that the world could be reduced to permanent peace tomorrow, if by some magic its peoples could be made to transfer to their own governments all the fear, hatred, and incessant suspicion which they bestow on other governments. It is their own governments, which have the power to hurt and despoil and destroy them. Other governments have no such power: and if all the peoples once perceived this, there would be no wars and no need of further defence against war.” – Source? - Not the ONLY government but the FIRST! - All territorial governments deserve suspicion, fear and hatred - and transformation into exterritorially and therefore peacefully competing ones. Therefore the people, individuals, groups, minorities, should transfer to their own governments or free societies! - JZ, 4.5.00. - WAR, PEACE, SUSPICION, FEAR, HATRED, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS

DEFENCE: We need, ultimately, the abolition all violent and aggressive or suppressive institutions and methods without destroying at the same time all forceful and defensive options. To a large extent this can be achieved via individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. Then barely any forceful or non-violent defence will be required any longer - since violence would then occur only on the individual and small group level and even there it would be greatly reduced. - JZ, 9/87 & 26.1.02, 1.12.08. - VIOLENCE, PANARCHISM, REVOLUTIONARY WARFARE, LIBERATION WAR, WAR AIMS, DESERTION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, TYRANNICIDE, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, MASS FRATERNIZATION


DEFICIT FUNDING: Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell the government what they want and their kids pay for it.” – Richard Lamm, former Governor of Colorado - PUBLIC DEBT, GOVERNMENT DEBTS, LOANS TO GOVERNMENTS, DEFICIT SPENDING, INFLATION

DEFICIT FUNDING: The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but a swindling futurity on a large scale. –Thomas Jefferson

DEFINITIONS: Definitions are the guardians of rationality, the first line of defense against the chaos of mental disintegration.” - Ayn Rand. - Nevertheless, we have not yet bothered to carefully collect and examine all the different definitions for the same terms - and offering them in a large encyclopedia, e.g. on one or several CD-ROMs. - Thus numerous people remain victims of their all too many flawed to false definitions, without easy access to proofs how insufficient their interpretations are. False ideas and opinion lead to false actions. - JZ, 1.11.02. – IDEAS, ERRORS, PREJUDICES, FALSE PREMISES & ASSUMPTIONS, FLAWED HYPOTHESES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

DEFINITIONS: Definitions shouldn’t be adopted for life but checked against all relevant facts and other definitions from time to time. For this purpose it would greatly help if all the different definitions of the same term were published together, easily and cheaply accessible, with all their qualifications, pro and con as well as amendments. – Already the then obvious variety of interpretations, understandings or misunderstandings exhibited in these definitions and their comments would make many of the “true believers” in a single definition less certain that their choice was the right one. And all others could then much more easily hold other and better definitions or even refutations against them. All reference works that offer only one or a few definition of important terms are still all too misleading. - The Age of Enlightenment and of Encyclopedias – has barely begun! JZ, 21.9.98, 24.9.08.

DEFINITIONS: How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg.” - Abraham Lincoln - LANGUAGE & WORD ABUSE

DEFINITIONS: The definition dominates over that what is defined.” - (Die Definition dominiert ueber das Definitiere.) – Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, Band 1, Reportagen und Gespraeche, Knaur, 1976, S. 29. – Prejudices and errors still dominate all too often over truths. Territorial politics allows them to do so. Panarchism and polyarchism would confine them to their volunteers and would also demonstrate the truths and realities much more effectively than can be done by mere verbal attempts or interpretations. – JZ, 15.9.07. – A huge encyclopedia should bring all the false and correct definitions of any significant term, with their entire pro and con and the definitions distinguished by a number or other code.  – Not only “money” is not yet properly defined but even terms like “aggression”, “peoples”, “nations”, “societies” and “enemy”. Nor has an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties been compiled or published so far. – JZ, 28.11.08, 7.2.13. – FALSE DEFINITIONS, ERRORS, PREJUDICES, IDEAS, CONCEPTS, WORDS, LANGUAGE, , PREJUDICES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF REFUTATIONS

DEFLATION: Any supplier of an exchange medium that is an exclusive currency or monopoly money can cause a deflation, which, in turn, causes sales difficulties for goods and services, also for labor, i.e. involuntary unemployment, regardless of contrary assertions of e.g. gold bugs, who believe that any quantity of money is large enough, due to rapid price adaption of the whole price level, to turn over all goods, services and labor without causing any difficulties. These objectors overlook at least that while fallen prices do encourage buying, falling prices deter buyers. In consequence, the monopoly money, then already in short supply, is hoarded to a still larger extent than before. Thus deflationary effects do occur in the absence of free competition of free market monies (private currencies) in the money supply. The result is then mass unemployment and sales difficulties and many bankruptcies.  At least a limited deflationary spiral begins and lasts for all too long. It can be quickly ended only through full monetary freedom. – The prices for labor and skills are only rarely rapidly adjusted to a rapidly changed money supply – if the supply is a forced and exclusive currency, a monopoly money. - JZ, 8.9.11, 25.2.12, 7.2.13. – UNEMPLOYMENT, SALES DIFFICULTIES, FALLING PRICES, FALLEN PRICES, MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM.

DEFLATION: Where Haiti’s money has gone - - Let people issue and accept their own kind of money, clearing certificates or clearing accounts and charity as well as foreign aid would soon become largely superfluous. – JZ, 24.8.11, on Facebook. – A country or a panarchy, which introduced full monetary and financial freedom, would soon be offered masses of refuge capital from all over the world, also, e.g., in form of numerous diverse and containerized production units. It could thus really jump fast ahead in its economic development. – It should pay for all its imports, as Professor Edgard Milhaud suggested already in the 1930’s, with international clearing certificates, which are redeemable only in its ready for sale consumer goods and services, by their providers, and at their face value. That would automatically assure its balance of trade and payments. – Any country, no matter how small, even any village that adopted full monetary and financial freedom if, where and when this freedom would not be interfered with, would soon set a shiny and attractive example for the rest of the world, even if its only significant resource is its people, their knowledge, talents and willingness to work. – It would outshine all other “economic wonders”. - JZ, 12.10.12. - UNDER MONETARY DESPOTISM VS. COMPETITIVE SUPPLY OF SOUND EXCHANGE MEDIA UNDER MONETARY FREEDOM, DEVELOPMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT, INFLATION

DEFLATION: Who will invest any longer, privately, when xyz firms have already gone belly up, recently, sales difficulties are common and so are emergency sales at losses? Then even mere turn-over credits (payable in exclusive and forced currency) do become greatly reduced, because of the sales difficulties involved for consumer goods and services. Goods warrants and service vouchers, freely issued, e.g. by shops and shop associations, freely rated or refused, by potential acceptors but also fully accepted, at their nominal value, by their issuers, in payment for their goods and services, could soon end sales difficulties for consumer goods and services and, with them, unemployment. Thus would also ended the difficulty in getting further capital investment credits. Both, inflations and deflations, do largely destroy the capital market. We can no longer afford a uniform and monopolized as well as coercive and thus inevitably mismanaged means of exchange and its imposed “value standard”. The economic, political, social and even military “price” we have to pay for them, is much too high, the consequences are much too severe: inflation, deflation, stagflation, all with their degrees of mass unemployment and business failures and thus bringing also the threat of revolutions, civil war and terrorism and the growth of dictatorships. – JZ, 13.10. 05, 24.10.07. - SALES DIFFICULTIES & INVESTMENTS, TURNOVER CREDITS, GOODS-WARRANTS & SERVICE VOUCHERS IN MONETARY DENOMINATIONS, FREELY ISSUED & ACCEPTED, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING, ECONOMIC CRISES, DEPRESSIONS, RECESSIONS

DEFLATION: Who will invest any longer, privately, when xyz firms have already gone belly up, recently, sales difficulties are common and so are emergency sales at losses? Then even mere turn-over credits (payable in exclusive and forced currency) do become greatly reduced, because of the sales difficulties involved for consumer goods and services. Goods warrants and service vouchers, freely issued, e.g. by shops and shop associations, freely rated or refused, by potential acceptors but also fully accepted, at their nominal value, by their issuers, in payment for their goods and services, could soon end sales difficulties for consumer goods and services and, with them, unemployment. Thus would also ended the difficulty in getting further capital investment credits. Both, inflations and deflations, do largely destroy the capital market. We can no longer afford a uniform and monopolized as well as coercive and thus inevitably mismanaged means of exchange and its imposed “value standard”. The economic, political, social and even military “price” we have to pay for them, is much too high, the consequences are much too severe: inflation, deflation, stagflation, all with their degrees of mass unemployment and business failures and thus bringing also the threat of revolutions, civil war and terrorism and the growth of dictatorships. – JZ, 13.10. 05, 24.10.07. - SALES DIFFICULTIES & INVESTMENTS, TURNOVER CREDITS, GOODS-WARRANTS & SERVICE VOUCHERS IN MONETARY DENOMINATIONS, FREELY ISSUED & ACCEPTED, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING, ECONOMIC CRISES, DEPRESSIONS, RECESSIONS

DEFLATION: Why is it so difficult for some to realize that deflation and unemployment do go hand in hand? – JZ, 25.8.11, on Facebook. – Some libertarians even deny the possibility of deflation or currency shortages, assuming an immediate and sufficient price and wage adaptation would always occur and simply deny historical experience to the contrary. Ideas and opinions in denial of facts! – One can even generalize and say that post people are much more influenced by flawed to false ideas and opinions on political,, economic and social system matters than they are by the correct ones. (A simple explanation for this might be, that there are so many more of these errors, prejudices etc. than truths.) It is, therefore, largely luck that “we”, or, rather, our power-addicted and monopoly decision-makers have not yet exterminated mankind with their ABC mass murder devices, for which there are no rightful targets on Earth. - JZ, 10.10.12. – & UNEMPLOYMENT, NWT, MASS EXTERMINATION DEVICES, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, POWER ADDICTS, EXPERTS

DEGENERATION: In history the way of annihilation is invariably prepared by inward degeneration, by decrease of life. Only then can a shock from outside put an end to the whole.” - Jakob Burckhardt. – Nuclear weapons exterminate the guilty together with the innocent and moral people. And merely a moral stand towards them is unlikely to be sufficient, although it would be a start to recognize, e.g., the quite wrongful territorial and collective responsibility notions that are behind them. – Degeneration is much too general a term. – It also presumes a much better or even paradisiacal condition before it. - JZ, 23.1.08. – The useless shock that we might experience, for a short time, is general nuclear holocaust, which we were too degenerate to prevent. – So far decades of the nuclear war threat have not yet led to sufficient thinking and actions against it, with “actions” consisting at first only of the steps required to gain full freedom of action regarding such threats, instead of leaving them to the ignorance, prejudices and vested interest of territorial governments. – It is easy to feel powerless under the existing conditions and to fail to ponder how one could become powerful enough to undertake some effective self-help steps, together with the other victims, almost all of them too much “controlled” people, controlled by a handful of people who are all too much uncontrolled in their power over others. - JZ, 27.12.07. - HISTORY, LIFE, IDEAS THREATS, SHOCKS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, LIBERTY, KNOWLEDGE, CONTROL, LIBERATION, SELF-HELP, SELF-THINKING & FREEDOM OF ACTION FIRST

DELAY & JUSTICE: Delay in justice is injustice. - Walter Landor - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

DELAY: Delay is the deadliest form of denial.” – Charles Sheffield, Between the Strokes of Night, ANALOG, 3/85, p.49. - DENIAL, OBSTRUCTIONISM, BUREAUCRACY, COMPULSORY LICENSING, PERMIT SYSTEM, GUN CONTROL LAWS

DELAY: & MORALITY: To ask for postponement of the case, till a more convenient season, is to call for a suspension of the moral law, and to assume that it is right to do wrong, under present circumstances. - William Lloyd Garrison - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

DELAY: Where duty is plain, delay is both foolish and hazardous; where it is not, delay may be both wisdom and safety. - Tyron Edwards - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - & DUTY


DELEGATION: Delegate nothing to territorial governments any longer! – JZ, 9.11.97. – By the way in which territorial governments suppressed rather than protected many genuine individual rights and liberties, failed even to declare them as such and failed to sufficiently protect rather than extensively infringe the rest, they have broken any rightful “social contract” and should no longer be obeyed but seceded from and it this is made too difficult, resisted and overthrown as territorial regimes, leaving them only for their remaining voluntary and statist victims, in all their varieties. – JZ, 7.2.13. -  TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, DECISION-MAKING, REPRESENTATION

DELEGATION: The people cannot delegate to government the power to do anything which would be unlawful for them to do themselves.” – John Locke, "A Treatise Concerning Civil Government". – They have, all too much, delegated many of their rights, liberties and responsibilities to their rulers, but have done so only collectively, not contractually, rightfully, individually, as a matter free choices. – JZ, 28.11.08. – DELEGATION OF POWERS, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, GOVERNMENTS, REPRESENTATION, DEPUTIES, VOTING, POWER, SELF-HELP

DELEGATION: You cannot paint "Mona Lisa" by assigning one dab each to a thousand painters.” - William F. Buckley, Jr. – Individual rights and liberties can be rightly and rationally practised only by individuals, not by compulsory collectives. – JZ, 28.11.08. - VOTING

DELUSIONS: One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that the evils in this world are to be cured by legislation.” - Thomas Brackett Reed – By territorial legislation and powers. – JZ, 14.11.10. - PREJUDICES, LEGISLATION, LAWS, LEGISLATION, PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS

DEMAGOGUE: Demagogue: One who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots." - H. L. Mencken\

DEMAND & SUPPLY: Some agency must determine what should be produced. If it is not the consumers by means of demand and supply on the market, it must be the government by compulsion.” - Ludwig von Mises, Planned Chaos, p.34. – Not only the demand and supply of ordinary consumer goods should be “regulated” by the free play of supply and demand, by free enterprise and consumer sovereignty, all under full monetary and financial freedom, but also the supply of all governmental and non-governmental systems, constitutions, bodies of law and juridical as well as police and defence institutions. All of the territorially imposed ones are all too wrongful and inefficient. – JZ, 14.11.10. - CONSUMERS AND THE GOVERNMENT, PLANNING, COMMAND ECONOMY VS. FREE MARKET, FREE EXCHANGE, FREE CONTRACTS, FREE CHOICE, MONETARY DEMAND IN FORM OF FREE MARKET MONIES

DEMAND FOR MONEY: The demand for money or clearing certificates as a means of exchange, for multilateral and largely anonymous settlement of mutual debts - or the clearing or mutual cancellation of debts - is still considerable, as long as perfect and comprehensive clearing systems are not introduced. As long as there are debts that can be paid, must be paid and are being paid with some kind of money or clearing certificate there is a corresponding value given to that money or clearing certificate, even if it is made of paper or plastic or cheap metals and not at all covered by and redeemable in gold or silver coins by the issuers. Sound issues of such monies, corresponding to the demand for such notes, ultimately the demand in form of their reflux to the issuer, to purchase with them the goods or services he has to offer, or pay the debts that are due to him, can give his notes so much value that in local circulation they do pass at par with their nominal value which might be expressed in gold weight units. Thus they can facilitate turnovers between some others than their issuers as well. As long as such money is accepted by the local issuers as if it were a corresponding gold coin, it will tend to pass at par with its nominal value - in the local community - provided only the issuer offers goods and services that are daily required. He would then be able to monetize his goods and service supply capacity to the extent that the local community wants to make use of it immediately or very soon, without his goods warrants or purchasing certificates being refused or discounted. Such alternative and optional exchange media, issued in free competition, can saturate the market for exchange media but cannot inflate any prices, wages, salaries, rents, fees etc., set in stable value units, since they can be refused or discounted and cannot forced into circulation like monopoly money can be with its monopoly and legal tender power (forced acceptance and forced value). Slight over-issues and discounts might occur or discounts due to distrust or suspicion but they are fast self-correcting by such notes being presented to their issuers for goods and services, and, then and there, being accepted at 100%, for goods that the note holder one might not need immediately but which will keep, until some time later he does use them. If the note holder got the notes at a discount then he will thus get these goods or services at a bargain price. The ones, who had received them at their full nominal value and then passed them on to others, at a discount, will only have themselves to blame. They, too, could have used them at par against their issuer. Thus the distrusted notes and their discount will, usually, disappear rapidly. As a rule the stores have a much larger supply capacity for goods and services than the volume of the notes that they can easily issue at par. In emergencies, when there are runs on the stores, for hoarding purposes, the retail stores that have sold out can be restocked overnight. Or, precisely then, those intending to hoard goods may not have sufficient shop currency money in their hands for this purpose. They might then have to use whatever other kinds of money they are holding in reserve. The additional shop currency would have to be issued first. I wonder in which form this could or should then happen. - Seeing the limited circulation sphere and total circulation of such competing private shopping monies, they do also constitute very little temptation to any forgers or robbers. As Professor Heinrich Rittershausen once remarked, already in the 30’s, the paper money of a central banking system might one day be overthrown by perfect forgeries automatically mass produced. – JZ, 4.10.98, 28.9.08, 7.2.13. - DEMAND WITH MONEY, MONETARY DEMAND, RUNS WITH SHOP CURRENCIES? FORGERIES

DEMAND: choice happens to be one of the most potent stimulants of demand. - Paul Zane Pilzer, Unlimited Wealth, updated edition, Crown Publishers, New York, 1994, p.65. – Yes, but only if one includes free choice for the issue and acceptance of freely competing alternative sound exchange media and clearing avenues, which is outlawed under the monopolistic and coercive rule of centralized note-issue banking, with its currency of value standard monopolism expressed in legal tender laws, enforcing compulsory acceptance and a forced and fictitious value for its monopoly money. Pilzer merely recommended shopping malls, supermarkets and shopping centers for more choice for consumers. He should have recommended that these suppliers become also free to issue their own shop currencies, all using sound value standards in their notes and accounts, also in their pricing and with all consumers, employees and others becoming also free to accept, refuse or discount such currencies - under complete free market conditions. Under these conditions the good monies, remaining at par with their nominal value standard, would tend to drive out the unsound monies. Gresham’s Law, in the popular version, applies only to the inferior legal tender monopoly money – JZ, 14.3.12.  - FREE CHOICE & THE SUPPLY OF SOUND EXCHANGE MEDIA OR CLEARING AVENUES, MONETARY DEMAND

DEMOCRACY: 2 wolves and a sheep voting on: ‘what's for dinner?’" - SYDNEY ANARCHIST QUARTERLY, Autumn 95. - VOTING & MAJORITIES

DEMOCRACY: A country that goes out of its way to imprison the innocent has no business preaching democracy to the world.” – Paul Craig Roberts  - ITS WAR ON "CRIMES" WITHOUT VICTIMS

DEMOCRACY: A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through his sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back again into bondage.” - Professor Alexander Fraser Tytler, The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic, penned over 200 years ago while the US was still a British Colony. - ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. - VOTING, DICTATORSHIP, WELFARE STATE. – “TYLER” in another source.

DEMOCRACY: A democracy is a government that must respond to the majority of the people, but the majority never rise above the level of adolescence in their mental processes. - George H. Douglas - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - & MAJORITY RULE, PEOPLE

DEMOCRACY: A democracy is a place where numerous elections are held, at great cost, without issues, and with interchangeable candidates.” – Gore Vidal. The most important issues are avoided in most election campaigns. – JZ, 5.1.08. - POLITICIANS, MINISTERS, PARTY POLITICS, ELECTIONS

DEMOCRACY: A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, when fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” – Thomas Jefferson, quoted on Facebook, 29.5.12. Also in - One of my sons said, while he was still quite young: “Why should the 51 rule the 49 or the 49 the 51, rather than the 51 the 51 and the 49 the 49?” – JZ, 9.10.07. , MAJORITARIANISM, VOTING, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, MINORITY AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM

DEMOCRACY: A democracy is run by politicians who have mastered the art of manipulating the mob, of soothing it with mellifluous words while swindling it under the table. - George H. Douglas - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – & POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION

DEMOCRACY: A democratic despotism is like a theocracy: it assumes its own correctness.” - Walter Bagehot - in  It used to be: “The king can do no wrong.” Now it is: The masses, or the people, or the parliament can do no wrong. What is the difference between such dogmas, if any? – JZ, 5.1.08. - MAJORITY DESPOTISM, MAJORITARIANISM, THEOCRACIES, Q., RELIGION, DOGMATISM & DESPOTISM

DEMOCRACY: A genuine democrat, who is ready to share with you everything that you possess.” – Keith Laumer, of “Diplomat der Galaxis”, S. 90 (Galactic Diplomat), retranslated from the German edition by JZ - SHARING, EGALITARIANISM, PROPERTY RIGHTS

DEMOCRACY: A mob is democracy in its purest form.” - Attributed to Christopher Sim, The Delladondan Annals. Quoted in: Jack McDevitt, A Talent for War, 150. - Do mobs really represent ALL people in a country or even the majority? - JZ, 26.1.02. – At least in some referendum voting the majority have shown their better side. – JZ, 28.11.08. – MOBS, MAJORITY, REFERENDUM

DEMOCRACY: a weapon of demagoguery and a perennial fraud.” – Robert Welsh, quoted in: Fred J. Cook, The Warfare State, Jonathan Cape, 1962, p.274.

DEMOCRACY: All territorial democracies are "guided democracies" and, as such, misguided. - JZ, 25.8.93. – “GUIDED” DEMOCRACIES, TERRITORIALISM

DEMOCRACY: An institution in which the whole is equal to the scum of the parts."- Keith Preston. - MOBS, MASSES, MAJORITIES

DEMOCRACY: Apparently, a democracy is a place where numerous elections are held at great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates.” - Gore Vidal – JOKES, POLITICIANS, ELECTIONS, VOTING

DEMOCRACY: Are democracies any better than dictatorships in their decision-making monopolies about war and peace, armament and disarmament, their territorial rule, legislation and jurisdiction and policing and their compulsory taxation? If so, then by degrees only. By these features they are also authoritarian, if not already totalitarian regimes. - JZ, 7.9.98, 12.5.00. - DEMOCRACIES VS. DICTATORSHIPS, TERRITORIALISM, MARJRITY DESPOTISM, VOTING

DEMOCRACY: As a fact, popular government almost amounts to freedom, while the rule of the few approaches closely to a monarch's caprice.” - Tacitus, Complete Works, edited by Moses Hadas, p.220. - FREEDOM, POPULAR GOVERNMENT, ABSOLUTE POWER

DEMOCRACY: As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.” - The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume II, (August 1, 1858?), p. 532. – Even this democratic master would not allow the people themselves to decide on war and peace and refused to let individuals and groups of volunteers, even slaves, to secede from his rule and the rule of any State government. – Did he object to military servitude, tax slavery and monetary despotism and centralized powers in the hands of the US presidents? – Even long before the Civil War he was an advocate of central banking, from which it is but a small step to an exclusive and forced currency, which he abused during the Civil War to finance the struggle for the supremacy of his own federal government, at the price of about half a million American lives. – JZ, 4.1.08. - SLAVERY & MASTERS, TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM, SLAVERY

DEMOCRACY: At the source of the democratic idea, there is not the desire to “obey only oneself”, as Rousseau put it, but rather the desire to obey only because it is just.” - Jacques Maritain, Man & The State, ed. by Richard O’Sullivan, London, Hollis & Carter, 1954, p. 116. – Isn’t full minority autonomy, if that is the wish of a minority, a basic requirement of justice? That would come closer to the ideal of Rousseau than a supposedly just system that is uniformly and territorially imposed upon all. That it is not quite just and perfect is largely proven by the fact that it is constantly changed by new legislation with majority or political or vested-interest support. – JZ, 29.9.07. - OBEDIENCE, SELF-GOVERNMENT & JUSTICE

DEMOCRACY: But democracy is not the answer. It would divide the population into two groups (one that rules and one that is ruled) – a move that would clash with Somalian tradition.” – Spencer H. MacCallum, in review of his talk on the Somali way, in FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, 12/07, p.10.

DEMOCRACY: De-romantizing democracy is frowned upon today, but I believe that it must be done. Democracy might be the most appropriate means of choosing government officials, but that does not imply that democracy equals freedom. Freedom requires more than the right to vote; it requires that each person be as unrestrained as possible from the arbitrary will of others - regardless of whether the others are conquering tyrants, hereditary oligarchs, black-robed judges, or a majority of neighbors or countrymen.” - March 04, - VOTING & FREEDOM

DEMOCRACY: Democracies and republics require voluntary rather than compulsory and territorial membership and subjects. Territorial sovereignty cannot achieve that. Only exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities can introduce voluntarism in the remaining monopolized spheres, which are now mismanaged by territorial governments. Self-government under territorialism is a fraud or farce. - JZ, 30.7.98, 12.5.00. - DEMOCRACIES & REPUBLICS, PANARCHISM & VOLUNTARISM, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

DEMOCRACY: Democracies have been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general have been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their death.” – James Madison

DEMOCRACY: Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their death. – James Madisonin 

DEMOCRACY: Democracies have so far retained or established still all too many despotic features, e.g. territorial monopolies, the decision-making power on war and peace, armament and disarmament, international treaties, taxation and other expropriation powers, the imposition of territorial laws and jurisdictions, compulsory “free” education, the control of the capital market and of international trade, postal and central bank monopolies, currency policies that assure inflations, deflations, stagflations, mass unemployment, sales difficulties, numerous bankruptcies and reduced productivity. Due to their ignorance, prejudices and disabilities in these spheres, they have even introduced and maintained immigration restrictions and have prevented sound and efficient social insurance options by their own territorially imposed national schemes. Some of them are even “armed” with nuclear mass murder devices. While Professor R. Rummel was able to prove that they do reduce the incidence of wars, they have certainly not yet abolished them or reduced them to quite rightful police actions. They haven’t even managed to declare rightful war aims only and to stick to them. Furthermore, in their present territorial forms they can still lead to dictatorships, tyrannies and totalitarian regimes. It is high time to expose them to free competition by alternative institutions set up and maintained by volunteers, to demonstrate by their actions, personal law and institutions how far and how fast genuine self-government, self-determination and free voting by sovereign individuals can go, under consistent voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy for communities, societies and governance system of volunteers. All genuine achievements of democracies could still be exterritorially continued by those, who do appreciate them and they could also come to be much better defended against their remaining enemies, this time properly defined. - JZ, n.d.

DEMOCRACY: Democracy - rule by the people - sounds like a fine thing; we should try it sometime in America.” - Edward Abbey, 1927-1989, A Voice Crying in the Wilderness. - JOKES

DEMOCRACY: Democracy (noun) the freedom to elect our own dictators.” Gennady Shenker

DEMOCRACY: Democracy becomes a government of bullies tempered by editors. – Ralph Waldo Emerson in - BULLIES, EDITORS

DEMOCRACY: Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions it only guarantees equality of opportunity.” – Irving Kristol. - It does not even do that, as long as it still denies or suppresses most important rights, like e.g. the right to trade freely, even across borders, the right to work untaxed and unregulated, the right to exchange freely with all rightful monetary, clearing and credit options, the right to bear arms, the right to secede from a government and to try supposedly better arrangements together with other volunteers, under full exterritorial autonomy or freedom to experiment. The whole democratic or republican baggage is still full of mythology, errors, ignorance, popular prejudices, fallacies and flawed principles. - It urgently needs dry cleaning or washing, for it is dirty and stinks, at least in the opinion of the numerous dissenters. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. - EQUALITY, OPPORTUNITIES, DECISIONMAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE, MONETARY DESPOTISM

DEMOCRACY: Democracy has proved only that the best way to gain power over people is to assure the people that they are ruling themselves. Once they believe that, they make wonderfully submissive slaves. – Joseph Sobran in The Myth of 'Limited Government'  - AS A PRETENDED INSTEAD OF GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT FOR SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUALS, STATISM, PUBLIC OPINION

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is a bulwark against tyranny – unless the demos get tyrannical.” - P. J. O’Rourke, Eat the Rich, A Treatise on Economics, Picador, 1998, p.235. - TYRANNY

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is a condition of life in which people are set to worrying whether somebody somewhere is enjoying things that they are not, and take action to see that they don't. This is what Puritanism is also. - George H. Douglas - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - MAJORITY RULE, ENVY

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is a form of religion. It is the worship of jackals by jackasses. - H. L. Mencken - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – Another version runs: Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses. – H. L. Mencken in  - POLITICIANS, VOTERS, MAJORITY

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is a government where you can say what you think even if you don’t think. - Unknown -, in  – & FREEDOM OF SPEECH & THOUGHT, JOKES

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. – H. L. Mencken, quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah, Facebook, 24.10.12. - Democracy is the pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. – H. L. Mencken in  MAJORITARIANISM, VOTING, REPRESENTATION, IGNORANCE IN POWER & ACTION

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is based on the assumption that a million men are wiser than one man. How’s that again? I missed something. - Autocracy is based on the assumption that one man is wiser than a million men. Let’s play that over again, too. Who decides?” - Robert Heinlein, in Time Enough for Love. - Wisdom comes only from genuine self-government, which means sovereign individuals and their societal choices: communities of volunteers and free contracts with all kinds of service associations. – JZ, 8.9.07. – If the decision on war and peace, armament and disarmament and international treaties would have been up to the population or voluntary members of panarchies, would they have made as wrongful and irrational decisions and this as often as their political leaders did, with their monopoly on such decision-making? – JZ, 28.11.08. – PEOPLE, Q., LEADERSHIP, WISDOM, AUTHORITY, AUTOCRACY, DICTATORSHIP, TYRANNY, DESPOTISM, PEOPLE, GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, DECISION ON WAR & PEACE

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is freedom? What Car should we vote on for everyone to drive? - Sarah Shelton shared Chris Lyspooner's photo. - James Babb likes a link. Facebook, 5.6.12. – VOTING, MAJORITY RULE, FREEDOM, CHOICE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, TERRITORIALISM. Q.

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is indispensable to Socialism.” – V. I. Lenin. - That's what he said or wrote. And then he proceeded to outlaw both, genuine democracy and genuine forms of voluntary or cooperative socialism. - JZ, 24. 11. 06. – SOCIALISM, , STATE SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is not a system of liberty, but a form of tyranny: the tyranny of the majority.” – Robert Garmong - LIBERTY & TYRANNY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDO, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is not a true alternative to totalitarianism. It still contains too many territorial features in common with those of totalitarian States. Neither of them are genuine "people's democracies". - JZ, 9.4.95, 12.5.00. - TOTALITARIANISM

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage. – H. L. Mencken in  - JOKES, PARLIAMENTS, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENT

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is the pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. – H. L. Mencken in - WISDOM, IGNORANCE, VOTING, REPRESENTATION, PARLIAMENTS – Compare the above version: is a pathetic belief …

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is the road to Socialism. – Karl Marx – His kind of socialism, namely totalitarian State socialism, can, in many cases be democratically introduced but can only be despotically practised. – He and Engels did already indicate their despotic means in the 10 points platform of the Communist Manifesto of 1848. - JZ, 28.11.08.  – Since democracy was not authoritarian enough for him, he advocated what he misnamed “dictatorship of the proletariat” but what in practice was turned into a territorial and totalitarian dictatorship over the proletariat and all other classes and movements, which did not support the statist, State-Socialist, totalitarian and communist government that he advocated. – JZ, 5.4.12. - MARX & MARXISM, STATE SOCIALISM, TOTALITARIAN COMMUNISM

DEMOCRACY: Democracy is three wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.” - D'Arcy J.M. Cain,, 10/15/1997. – Panarchism offers “dinners” according to the menus of thousands of different “restaurants” or panarchies, all run under free enterprise principles by volunteers, using free pricing & free competition to satisfy their customers as much as they can, and without preventing anyone from shopping for their foods anywhere and preparing the own meals for themselves at home. – JZ, 28.11.08. - PANARCHISM, MAJORITY RULE, VOTING, SELF-HELP, COMPETITION, FREE ENTERPRISE

DEMOCRACY: Democracy makes actions by rulers legal; it does not make these actions just. A group has no right to initiate the use of force against anyone they can outnumber.” - Ken Schoolland, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, Leap Publishing, Cape Town, with Commentaries by Ken Schoolland and Janette Eldridge, 1981 ff, 2004 ed., p. 234. , MAJORITARIANISM & JUSTICE

DEMOCRACY: Democracy means government by the uneducated, while aristocracy means government by the badly educated. - G. K. Chesterton - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - & EDUCATION

DEMOCRACY: Democracy means wrongly trying to rule the others rather than merely one self. It is thus a kind of civil war that uses votes and laws rather than weapons, “ballots instead of bullets”. Since it cannot satisfy all dissenting minorities and since the temporarily ruling party or coalition is actually also only a minority, pretending to represent all, the resulting dissatisfactions do often lead to terrorism, violent revolutions and dictatorships and also to the economic crises which their imposed and legalized centralization causes, especially their monetary and financial despotism, the degrees of involuntary unemployment and of depreciations and taxation of properties and earnings involved. Even under territorial democracies the worst tend to get to the top. Thus a Weimar republic can lead to a Hitler regime and the first democratic Russian Revolution to a Lenin and then Stalin regime. Under territorialism the remaining real power rests with the government rather than with the people, enlightened about all their genuine individual rights and liberties and armed, trained and organized to defend them. – The majority of the unarmed, ignorant and prejudiced voters remain more or less helpless and ridiculous or tragic victims, deceived, exploited and abused, by their own supposed representatives, even when they have won at the polls. -  JZ, 11.4.12. – VOTING, CRISES, UNEMPLOYMENT, INFLATION, MONETARY DESPOTISM, TAXATION, DICTATORSHIPS, VICTIM DISARMAMENT

DEMOCRACY: Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” - James Bovard (1994). - MAJORITY RULE, VOTING

DEMOCRACY: Democracy says it is acceptable to take money or property from a non-consenting individual because he is outnumbered.” – Unknown - REPRESENTATION, VOTING, ELECTIONS, MAJORITIES, TAXATION

DEMOCRACY: Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few. - George Bernard Shaw - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - Quoted in: - NATIONAL INTEREST NEWSPAPER, issue 26, p. 16.

DEMOCRACY: Democracy used to be a good thing, but now it has gotten into the wrong hands. - Jesse Helms - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – As territorial majority rule it was never a good system or in rightful hands. – JZ, 24.3.12, 8.1.13.

DEMOCRACY: Democracy was not the answer. The word democracy means rule by the masses, and mass rule means mob rule.” - Henry Grady Weaver, The Mainspring of Human Progress, revised edition, FEE, 1953, p. 240. - MOB RULE, MAJORITIES, PREJUDICES, PUBLIC OPINION

DEMOCRACY: Democracy, n.: A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of direct expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic ... negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it is based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Result is demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy." - U.S. Army Training Manual No. 2000-25 (1928-1932), since withdrawn.

DEMOCRACY: Democracy, says Proudhon, is nothing but a constitutional arbitrary ruler.” - Daniel Guerin, Anarchismus, Begriff und Praxis, edition Suhrkamp, 1967, p. 17. - As such it is rightful only for volunteers, i.e. under personal laws and exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 17.9.07 - A CONSTITUTIONALIZED ARBITRARY REGIME, PANARCHISM

DEMOCRACY: Democracy, the practice of self-government, is a covenant among free men to respect the rights and liberties of their fellows." - Franklin D. Roosevelt - Politicians do also say all kinds of truth, which people want to hear from them, even when they do not follow them in their practice. - JZ, 27.3.04, 7.2.13. – What politicians say and what they do is usually very different. – “Thou shalt recognize them by their fruits.” – JZ, 6.1.08. – I doubt that he even knew all individual rights and liberties. – He certainly did not show respect for all of them with his kind of anti-economic interventionism. - JZ, 28.11.08. - INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, POLITICIANS

DEMOCRACY: Democracy: In which you say what you like and do what you’re told. – Dave Barry in 

DEMOCRACY: Democracy: The state of affairs in which you consent to having your pocket picked, and elect the best man to do it. – Benjamin Lichtenberg - VOTING, TAXATION, POLITICIANS, JOKES

DEMOCRACY: Democracy's the worst form of government except for all the others.” - Winston Churchill. – Are there any genuine democracies when the power to decide upon war and peace, armament and disarmament is still concentrated in a few hands? Nor should we forget those western democracies and the “people’s democracies” which armed themselves with mass murder devices. It makes no difference to me whether I am murdered by the nuclear mass murder device of a democracy or a dictatorship. – Personal law institutions were, apparently, unknown to Churchill, too, although he was a conservative, and wrote history books and was said to have possessed an almost photographic memory. Perhaps that memory was burnt out by excess alcohol consumption? He not only subscribed to territorialism but also to collective responsibility and thus his government destroyed not only 10 German cities for every English one that the Nazi regime destroyed, as he had promised to do, but did over 300 times the air raid damage to German cities, mostly under the pretence of attacking only military targets. - Indiscriminate air raids do not win friends for democracies and make more enemies than friends. How many innocents were thus murdered, while arms production was even increased in Germany? The German furnaces and ball bearing industries, essential for technological warfare, were not destroyed in time. The “ dam busters” also demolished, indirectly, some POW camps. - Did he organize or command any of the over 40 assassination attempts against Hitler? - Without such past wrongs and mistakes being sufficiently criticized they will be all too often repeated. – JZ, 4.1.08. – Compare: Rethinking Churchill, Mises Institute, Daily Article by Ralph Raico | Posted on 11/15/2008 – QUESTIONS, AIR RAIDS, INDISCRIMINATE WAR FARE, NON-COMBATANTS

DEMOCRACY: Democracy’, rule by the people, did not always have the good press it enjoys today. It was seen as something to be avoided at all costs.” - Fay Weldon, Darcy’s Utopia, Collins, London, 1990, 86. - - Neither then nor now were the people properly defined as communities of volunteers only, doing their own things only for and to themselves. – Moreover, could the average voters, if they had a real say, really do much worse than those politicians, whom at least many of these voters have elected? Don’t most of them share the same errors, ignorance and prejudices and disinterest in what it really rightful and important? And those with other ideas, better or worse, are and were not free enough to do their own things for or to themselves, under exterritorial autonomy. Instead, all different notions are thrown into one pot, cooked together and then everybody in the country is forced to consume the resulting slop. – JZ, 18.9.07, 7.2.13. - PEOPLE & POLITICIANS, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL & MINORITY SECESSIONISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

DEMOCRACY: Democrats can never get any sleep because they are afraid somebody somewhere is making too much money. Republicans can never get any sleep because they are afraid somebody somewhere is having too much fun. Anonymous – JOKES, REPUBLICANS, DEMOCRATS & LIBERTARIANS, PROFITS & FUN

DEMOCRACY: do not confuse democracy with government by committee.” - Vannevar Bush, Modern Arms & Free Men, p.224. - GOVERNMENT & COMMITTEES

DEMOCRACY: Even democracies do not "Let 100 Flowers Bloom" but, rather, let most of them wither away. Equal taxation and equal regulation is not equal representation. - JZ, 30.7.98, 12.5.00. DEMOCRACIES & THE 100 FLOWERS, REPRESENTATION, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

DEMOCRACY: Even if the democratic assumption - the eternal verities can be discovered by counting noses…” - Poul Anderson, Conflict, p.219. - VOTING, DECISION-MAKING, TRUTHS, PROOFS

DEMOCRACY: Experience proves that the depositaries of power, who are mere delegates of the people, that is of a majority, are quite as ready, when they think they can count on popular support, as any organs of oligarchy, to assume arbitrary power and encroach unduly on the liberty of private life. The public collectively is abundantly ready to impose not only its generally narrow views of its interests, but its abstract opinions, and even its tastes, as laws binding upon individuals. And the present civilization tends so strongly to make the power of persons acting in masses the only substantial power in society, that there never was more necessity for surrounding individual independence of thought, speech and conduct, with the most powerful defences, in order to maintain that originality of mind and individuality of character which are the only source of any real progress, and of most of the qualities which make the human race much superior to any herd of animals. …” - George Joachim Goschen, Laissez-Faire and Government Interference, in: Herbert Spencer and the Limits of the State, ed. by Michael Taylor, page 90. - POWER, DELEGATES, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, PARLIAMENTS, MAJORITY, THE PUBLIC, THE PEOPLE, ARBITRARINESS, LAWS, INDIVIDUAL INDEPENDENCE, PROGRESS, LIBERTY

DEMOCRACY: For the curse of this country, as of all democracies, is precisely the fact that it treats its best men as enemies. The aim of our society, if it may be said to have an aim, is to iron them out. The ideal American, in the public sense, is a respectable vacuum.” – H. L. Mencken, Essay in Pedagogy, in Prejudices, Fifth Series, page 234. – But have the real elites so far bothered to establish e.g. an Ideas Archive and Ideas Market and done the same for all talents in the world? Have they pushed for their right as dissenters and pioneers to secede and practise their ideals among themselves, with other volunteers, under personal laws – of have they rather shared the territorialist prejudices and false premises and wrongly assumed that a free market for ideas and talents does already exist? – JZ, 9.10.07. - CITIZENS, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, TERRITORIAL RULE & SUBORDINATION

DEMOCRACY: He also stated that the solution for all the problems of democracy was more democracy.” – G. Harry Stine, Titbits, ANALOG, June 96, p.115. – Ascribing this view to Robert A. Heinlein. - Rather: More genuine self-government than majoritarian and territorial democracy can possibly offer. – JZ, 25.9.07. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, ETERRRITORIAL AUTONOMY & VOLUNTARYISM, SELF-GOVERNMENT

DEMOCRACY: How dictatorial democracies can be - can be judged e.g. by their many statist monopolies, territorial constitutions, laws, jurisdictions, police and prison systems and their military organization. They have sterilized supposedly unfit people and taken children away from their parents and prosecuted or suppressed minorities, deported people or put them into concentration camps, imposed taxes, military servitude, educational servitude, monetary despotism, compulsory licensing, protectionism, regulations etc., long before the modern totalitarians did their things to us, more comprehensively and ruthlessly. - JZ, 9.4.95, 11.5.00. - DICTATORSHIPS

DEMOCRACY: I don't know exactly what democracy is. But we need more of it.” - Anonymous Chinese student. – Every dictatorship is based upon the ignorance of its victims. – JZ, 28.11.08. – So are all territorial democracies. – JZ, 7.2.13.

DEMOCRACY: I have defined "democracy" as "the illusion that my wife and I, combined, have twice as much political influence as David Rockefeller." - Butler Shaffer, ISIL conference speech August 11-15-07: STATE & GOVERNMENTS, LIMITATION OF POWER: The Failure of Governments to Limit State Power, How a Collapsing, Top-Down Civilization Can Be Transformed Into a Free Society. - As reviewed in FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS. 12/07, p.14. – JOKES

DEMOCRACY: I have long been convinced that institutions purely democratic must, sooner or later, destroy liberty, or civilization, or both. – Thomas Babington Macaulay in 

DEMOCRACY: I personally call the type of government which can be removed without violence "democracy," and the other, "tyranny." – Karl Popper – Dissenters in democracies should also become free to opt out from under democratically run territorialism, with its inherently compulsory collectivism or even tyranny, even territorialist totalitarianism as its foundation. – JZ, 6.4.12, 7.2.13. - VS. TYRANNY, TERRITORIALISM, TOTALITARIANISM

DEMOCRACY: I wouldn't call it fascism exactly, but a political system nominally controlled by an irresponsible, dumbed-down electorate who are manipulated by dishonest, cynical, controlled mass media that dispense the propaganda of a corrupt political establishment can hardly be described as democracy either.” - Edward Zehr. - Sent by C.B. - STATISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, GOVERNMENT, POLITICIANS, PEOPLE

DEMOCRACY: It is strangely absurd to suppose that a million of human beings, collected together, are not under the same moral laws which bind each of them separately.” - Thomas Jefferson - COLLECTIVISM & MORALITY

DEMOCRACY: It makes no difference who you vote for -- the two parties are really one party representing 4 percent of the people.” - Gore Vidal - REPRESENTATIVES, PARTIES, VOTING, PEOPLE, NATIONS, POPULATIONS

DEMOCRACY: It seems unfortunate that so many Americans have lost sight of the fact that our government was designed, not as a democracy, but as a republic. It is interesting to note that the word democracy does not appear in the Declaration of Independence or in the Constitution or in the Bill of Rights; and I have been told that prior to 1913, it has never been used in any official presidential statement. Belief in the democratic process as a defence of liberty and freedom may be just as ineffective as was the faith of the French in their Maginot line.” - Henry Grady Weaver, The Mainspring of Human Progress, revised edition, FEE, 1953, p. 88. – CONSTITUTIONALISM, LIBERTY, FREEDOM

DEMOCRACY: It would be folly to argue that the people cannot make political mistakes. They can and do make grave mistakes. They know it, and they pay the penalty, but compared with the mistakes which have been made by every kind of autocracy they are unimportant.” - Calvin Coolidge, Speech in Evanston, Ill, Jan. 21, 1923. - One of their mistakes is to assume that they are a uniform people. In reality, either a majority or a minority dominates a people or a democratic country - and both can be very autocratic, too. - I would be folly to assume that in all respects democracies are quite different from dictatorships. In their foreign relations, their taxation, their uniform legislation, their territorialism, their statism, they are not. - Let each individual and each group among the people make their own mistakes, at the own risk and expense. Then we would come close to democratic or republican or libertarian self-government or to one or the other form of anarchism. - JZ, 11.5.00, 7.2.13. – PEOPLE OR VERY DIVERSE POPULATIONS? TERRITORIALISM

DEMOCRACY: Majority decisions for a party or a candidate are not majority decisions for most of the decisions, which that party or candidate make afterwards. The terms self-government, consent and representation are quite misleading here. - JZ, 25.8.98, 12.5.00. - DEMOCRACY & MAJORITIES

DEMOCRACY: More important than democracy is freedom. The aims of the French revolution were equality, fraternity and liberty. The French Revolution would not have been one if it had replaced the concept of liberty with democracy.” - Salvadore Madariaga, quoted in Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, Band 1, Reportagen und Gespraeche, Knaur, 1976, S. 274. - FREEDOM

DEMOCRACY: Most people favor “democracy” and think that it means “one man, one vote”. But what vote does the man in the street have e.g. on war and peace, armament and disarmament decisions and on international treaties and on the stockpiling of ABC mass murder devices or anti-people “weapons”? What are his voting rights regarding monetary despotism of legalized central banking and the financial despotism of e.g. compulsory taxation? All too many decisions of territorial democracies are not subject to plebiscites. Even when they are subject to direct democracy, public opinion remains all too misinformed by governmental propaganda and all the prior statist indoctrination involved in education subject to governmental controls. – JZ, n.d. & 11.4.12. – & FREE VOTING, EDUCATION, PUBLIC OPINION, DIRECT DEMOCRACY, PROPAGANDA

DEMOCRACY: On democracy versus dictatorship: "I don't find gang rape any better than individual rape." - Walter Williams - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - MAJORITARIANISM, VOTING ON THE AFFAIRS OF OTHERS

DEMOCRACY: One of the great virtues of our democratic system is that only one of the candidates gets elected.” - Bernard Meltzer. - That's already one too many! - JZ, 11.5.00. – As a “representative” for all people in “his” territory! – JZ, 29.11.08. – If each candidate were only to represent or rule his voluntary followers then it would not matter how many such free societies or communities were established for a while. In the long run their number would be self-regulated, too, by individuals joining or seceding from them and at least some such societies disappearing altogether, at least for the time being, just like failed businesses or factories. – JZ, 14.11.10. - POLITICIANS, VOTING, ELECTIONS, REPRESENTATION, TERRITORIALISM, JOKES

DEMOCRACY: Only if we were to sufficiently improve our democracies, especially if we abolished their territorialism, with its monetary and financial despotism, could we expect to reduce the number of the remaining dictatorships, relatively fast and easily. Since these regimes try to acquire nuclear weapons, this might prevent nuclear war.  As it stands, “democracies” are different from dictatorships only by considerable degrees. They do not even offer asylum to all victims of dictatorships who managed to escape from them. After the introduction of full monetary and financial freedom and their economic consequences, the now all too popular immigration restrictions of the somewhat democratic countries would soon be dropped and the asylum seekers as well as “economic immigrants” would be welcomed as helpers to further increase prosperity. – JZ, n.d. & 11.4.12. - & DICTATORSHIPS

DEMOCRACY: Our contemporaries are constantly wracked by two warring passions: they feel the need to be led and the desire to remain free. Unable to destroy either of these contrary instincts, they seek to satisfy both at once. They imagine a single, omnipotent, tutelary power, but one that is elected by the citizens. They combine centralization with popular sovereignty. This gives them some respite. They console themselves for being treated as wards by imagining that they have chosen their own protectors. Each individual allows himself to be clapped in chains because the other end of the chain is held not by a man or a class but by the people themselves. – Alexis de Tocqueville, in  – Under territorialism their choices are rather limited and many wrongful choices of democracy are among all too few of the better ones, which they can achieve under territorialism. – JZ, 30.3.12, 7.2.13. - POWER, TERRITORIALISM, ELECTED GOVERNMENTS, VOTING CENTRALIZATION, REPRESENTATION, POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY, STATISM. TERRITORIALISM

DEMOCRACY: Our democracy is but a name. We vote? What does that mean? It means that we choose between two bodies of real, though not avowed, autocrats. We choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. – Helen Keller- VOTING, ELECTIONS, PARTIES, DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS

DEMOCRACY: Our dilemma is clear. We have not found any means to make democracy a viable, exportable ideal. (*). We have confined ourselves to preaching rather than to deeds. …” - Fred J. Cook, The Warfare State, Jonathan Cape, 1962, p.353. – (*) People like Cook and the military experts and politicians he attacked, have not even seriously looked for such means. “Democracy” and its present mixed economy should at most have been offered as an exterritorialist option for volunteers, one of many such options and all of them should already have been freely demonstrated in the Western World, by exterritorially autonomous communities, including numerous governments in exile. That would have been much more useful than the continuance of the arms race and the greatest governmental military strength. The military experts, although they also teach forms of unarmed combat, seem to be unable to apply some of its lessons to military strategy and tactics, least of all those forms of unarmed combat, which turn the strength of the opponent against him. Their psychological warfare methods are a very poor substitute for such a military policy. – They still think and act in terms of territories and collective responsibility and pure strength or power. - JZ, 6.10.07. – And yet a knitting needle through the ear, nose or eye, or a well-aimed body blow, can kill the strongest and best armed man, and, especially, a tyrant and war monger. The latter are also defenceless when their own troops are induced to rise against them with a real liberation program. – JZ, 9.10.07. - QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS

DEMOCRACY: Parliaments, parties, free elections, education under governments, free mass media, government judges and "public opinion" cannot sufficiently correct the remaining wrongs and flaws of territorial democracies. On the contrary, they are part of the problem. - JZ, 22.11.99. - POLITICAL LIBERTY, TERRITORIALITY

DEMOCRACY: Popular government has not yet been proved to guarantee, always and everywhere, good government.” - Walter Lippmann, The Public Philosophy, A Mentor Book, 1955, p.14. – I hold that a “good” territorial government is actually impossible, seeing the diversity among human beings, their  beliefs, values, convictions and ideologies. – JZ, 7.2.13. - GOVERNMENT, POPULARITY

DEMOCRACY: Quite free of minority or majority despotism? Can they be established on the basis of territorialism, with its compulsory membership or subordination or only that of exterritorial autonomy for volunteers?  Isn’t it high time to settle this question on the only basis by which it can be settled, namely, by free experimentation among volunteers, after asserting their individual sovereignty via individual secessionism? – JZ, n.d. & 10.4.12. – Q., TERRITORIALISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

DEMOCRACY: Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide. – John Adams, 1814, quoted also in  - However, its inherent territorialism remains and reappears in even worse forms of government. – JZ, 27.3.12. – DICTATORSHIPS, TERRITORIALISM

DEMOCRACY: Robert Heinlein … also stated that the solution for all the problems of democracy was more democracy.” - G. Harry Stine, ANALOG, 6/96. - Ultimately this requires self-government not only for minorities but for individuals, too and not only for territories largely occupied by a minority group but also self-government for volunteer communities that are exterritorially autonomous, although they might be outnumbered almost everywhere. - Heinlein, unfortunately, was not specific about this. - JZ, 11.5.00.

DEMOCRACY: Since outright slavery has been discredited, "democracy" is the only remaining rationale for state compulsion that most people will accept. – Joseph Sobran in The Myth of 'Limited Government'  - Through territorialism alone every State is already almost an unlimited or totalitarian government, at least potentially and sooner or later.  The present USA is a prime example for this. – JZ, 6.4.12. - STATE, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

DEMOCRACY: Since there exists no agreed-upon single and, supposedly, ideal form of it, one uniform type for whole populations, the conclusion from this fact is rather obvious: Any form of democracy for its believers - but all of them only in the form of exterritorial autonomy under personal law. Those, who desire the conventional representative democracy for themselves, under whatever voting system they do prefer, are entitled to it - but not authorized to force it upon peaceful dissenters. The same is true for fans of direct democracy, for those believing in selection of office-holders by lot and for the advocates of any other “democratic” system for its believers. We do have already all kinds of organizational forms in private organizations. There is no good reason to outlaw them regarding public affairs. All their methods and institutions ought to be based upon respecting property rights and financing and balancing their own budgets too, among their volunteers. All forms of territorial despotism and imperialism ought to be finally ended, just like absolute monarchies, slavery and feudalism were. Countries, nations, peoples, States and sovereignty ought to become individualized, i.e. formed and maintained by volunteers only. All forms of democracy, too, should become spread, largely, only by the successful examples set by their volunteers, in free competition with all other forms of societies, communities and governance systems. However, these volunteers might attempt to spread them also by publicity, especially for quite rightful defence-, peace-, revolution-, military insurrection- and liberation programs, including unilateral nuclear disarmament, open arms policies for deserters and refugees, tyrannicide and the establishment of diverse governments and societies in exile, all only for their present and future volunteers and allied with the already somewhat free societies, communities and governance systems. These programs and their publicity are also important forms of freedom of expression and information. Only with such examples and ideas of diversity in freedom for all dissenters and resistance groups or freedom fighters, as part of public opinion and enlightenment efforts, can the diverse groups become sufficiently unified in their opposition to all remaining tyrannical, totalitarian, despotic and authoritarian territorial regimes - instead of continuing their territorial and civil war internal faction fighting, for which e.g. Beirut once set a terrible example. – To each group its own system, at the own expense and risk, undisturbed by other systems and their volunteers, as long as they tolerate the same freedom for all others. – All the diverse peoples ought to get only the kind of government or society they do really deserve – because they have, individually, chosen them for themselves. – JZ, n.d. & 9.4.12. - TOLERANCE FOR ALL ITS VARIETIES, TOO VOTING, REPRESENTATION, FREE COUNTRIES, FREE PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, MUTUAL TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL. NO MORE TERRITORIAL MONOPOLIES OR MINORITY- OR MAJORITY-DESPOTISM.

DEMOCRACY: Territorial democracies and republics still practise despotism towards the lives, activities and properties of their involuntary subjects, who did not vote at all or who voted against them. - JZ, 25.8.98. - Majority despotism can be even worse than the despotism by an somewhat enlightened despot. - JZ, 12.5.00. - Territorial democracies, too, have to become reduced to exterritorial ones, confined to their volunteers and their personal law system – JZ, 14.11.10.

DEMOCRACY: that democracy amounts to ‘worship of jackals by jackasses’.” – H. L. Mencken.

DEMOCRACY: The Assassination of Abdel Fatah Younes by Justin Raimondo -- - - Even conventional territorial democracy is by far not rightful and liberating enough as a war and peace aim, although it is, naturally, preferable to an open dictatorship or totalitarian regime. – JZ, 2.8.11, on Facebook - & LIBERATION

DEMOCRACY: The basic conception of Deity in modern societies stems from a simple fundamental: God is not democratic. He violates every basic tenet of Democracy. Naturally, such a concept is intolerable in a democratic society. – The basic conception of Deity holds that the Creator is an absolute tyrant, who has such powers of detection and espionage that nothing takes place without His awareness. That His decisions are absolute, unarguable, and – by definition! – always Right and Just. That He has absolute and inescapable power of Life and Death. – In other words, that God is the ultimate in absolute tyrants, with an information system that penetrates everywhere, always, and the ultimate in police power to punish and/or reward. - This is in absolute and violent conflict with the ideal of popular democracy. God is right, even if all the people vote against Him – a violation of the basic postulate of Democracy that the vote of the People determines Right and Wrong, Good and Evil.” - John W. Campbell, God Isn’t Democratic, in Collected Editorials from ANALOG, ed. by Harry Harrison, Doubleday & Co, 1966, p. 245. – If as powerful a God did exist, why do most religious believers assume that he or she has not been corrupted by this absolute power? – JZ, 7.2.13. – Q., GOD AS TYRANT, MAJORITIES, PEOPLE, GOOD & EVIL, ABSOLUTE POWER, CORRUPTION

DEMOCRACY: The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. – Winston Churchill – quoted in  - Also in: Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - & VOTING, JOKES

DEMOCRACY: The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting. -  Charles Bukowski in - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - VS. DICTATORSHIP, VOTING

DEMOCRACY: The highfaluting aims of democracy, whether real or imaginary, are always assumed to be identical with its achievements. This, of course, is sheer hallucination. Not one of those aims, not even the aim of giving every adult a vote, has been realized. It has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good. – H. L. Mencken, in  - & CHRISTIANITY

DEMOCRACY: The ideal form of government is democracy tempered with assassination.” – Voltaire, quoted in: SAVE AUSTRALIA ALLIANCE, a newspaper, issue no. 36 (12 01 06 ), p. 1. – I believe that there is no such animal as an ideal territorial government nor can it come into existence with people as different as they are. Moreover, even majoritarian democracies and “representative” ones are inherently flawed. – Assassinations should be distinguished from tyrannicide. – JZ, 21.10.07, 7.2.13, 7.2.13. – Any form of government that requires assassinations is hardly an ideal one. – JZ, 28.11.08. - GOVERNMENT & ASSASSINATION, TYRANNICIDE,

DEMOCRACY: The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections. - John Emerich Edward Dalberg Lord Acton – Quoted by Anja Hartleb on Facebook, 15.7.12

DEMOCRACY: The only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats allow the poor to be corrupt, too. – Oscar Levant. – in  - JOKES, DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS

DEMOCRACY: The problem is that democracy is not freedom. Democracy is simply majoritarianism, which is inherently incompatible with real freedom. Our founding fathers clearly understood this.” – Rep. Ron Paul in Democracy Is Not Freedom - The founding fathers were still unaware of the panarchistic rights and liberties, even of full monetary and financial freedom. - They did not even introduce free competition in the postal services! - JZ, 25. 11. 06. – If the founding fathers had clearly understood it then they would have allowed minorities to opt out and rule themselves under full exterritorial autonomy, including the slaves and the Red Indians, and oppressed women and children. – JZ, 28.11.08. – DEMOCRACY IS NOT FREEDOM, MAJORITARIANISM

DEMOCRACY: The public will does not get expressed in a democracy, since the public is not fed the issues, but only the issues dressed up in a way that the politicians choose to dress them up. - George H. Douglas - SELF-GOVERNMENT, PEOPLE, VOTING, POLITICIANS, ELECTIONS

DEMOCRACY: The second lesson of the past 100 years is that democracy alone is insufficient for a society to be truly free and prosperous. Private property rights are far and away the most important bulwark protecting freedom and ensuring prosperity. Democracy, as such, guarantees neither. While this lesson is just as true as the one about utopia [last month's editorial? -MAC], it isn't as widely understood. After all, most of us alive in the West have been bombarded with paeans to democracy. Schoolchildren are taught that Western nations are free because they are democratic. Indeed, they are taught that freedom is synonymous with democracy. Voting = freedom = voting. - - March 04, - VOTING, FREEDOM, PROSPERITY & PROPERTY RIGHTS

DEMOCRACY: The state of affairs in which you consent to having your pocket picked, and elect the best man to do it.” – Benjamin Lichtenberg. - Compare Bastiat's remark: A mutual plunder-bund. - JOKES

DEMOCRACY: The tyranny of the minority cloaked in the mask of the majority.” - Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse Dune, 355.

DEMOCRACY: The word "Democracy" cannot be found in the American Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution, or in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, or the Constitutions of any of the States.” – Unknown. - Neither the Constitution nor democracy nor republicanism constitute the highest values for all but only for their believers. - JZ, 25. 11. 06. - THE US CONSTITUTION

DEMOCRACY: This is one of the paradoxes of the democratic movement – that it loves a crowd and fears the individuals who compose it – that the religion of humanity should have no faith in human beings. – Walter Lippmann in  - & HUMANITY, LOVE OF MAN UNDER TERRITORIALISM & STATISM, VS. INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTY

DEMOCRACY: Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule - and both commonly succeed, and are right. The United States has never developed an aristocracy really disinterested or an intelligentsia really intelligent. Its history is simply a record of vacillations between two gangs of frauds.” - H. L. Mencken - PARTIES, RULE, GOVERNMENT, ARISTOCRACY, INTELLIGENTSIA

DEMOCRACY: We are given democracy – which in this situation means that the majority elect a crowd of rabble rousers to govern us all. – Dennis Guerrier & Joan Richards, State of Emergency, A Programmed Entertainment. - Penguin Books, 1969.In the parts that I managed to read I found only conventional ideas, with the exception of this single quote. Since it did not find it entertaining, either, I discontinued reading it. Yesterday, I went through 2 tables of cheap Penguins and in spite of their usual bias, I did manage to find 9 of them, the lot for $ 3 only. Among them two titles by John  Holt and one by Illich on education, also two copies of one of my favorites: David Jenkins, Job Power, as gift options for me. So even this publisher does, occasionally, deviate enough from the modern liberal and State Socialist line to publish some titles of interest for libertarians. – JZ, 26.2.12. - RABBLE ROUSERS, POLITICIANS, MAJORITARIANISM, VOTING

DEMOCRACY: we find her arguing that we cannot “cure the evils of [State] democracy with more democracy.” - Alix Kate Shulman, ed. of Red Emma Speaks, p.44. – TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITIES, VOTING

DEMOCRACY: While democracies are more peace-loving than dictatorships etc., as the researches by Prof. Rummel proved, they are not yet sufficiently peace-promoting. - JZ, 21.8.02. – WAR & PEACE

DEMOCRACY: While I do also prefer today’s still all too flawed – because territorial – democracies to the other existing forms of territorial governments, - I do deny that territorial democracies are the most moral and rational forms of associations, of self-governance, self-determination, of societies and communities. Their main defect is their territorialism, which is insufficiently neutralized through majoritarianism, i.e. their voting and representation, which gives dissenting minorities and individuals only the right to protest and agitate but not to act and experiment under full freedom of contract, exchange and association, always only at their own risk and expense in all those public affairs that are now territorially and thus monopolistically decided. The better and best forms of democracy, not to speak of anarchism and libertarianism, would require personal law or exterritorial autonomy for them, starting with individual and minority group secessions.  We should strive for full freedom for all self-government and other self-determination and self-management options. To confine our choice even to the best of the territorial democracies is just not rightful and good enough. – Under the personal law choice of full exterritorial autonomy even the various factions of statists could all come as close to their “ideals” as it is possible to come since all the dissenters would have seceded from them. Thus they could try to realize their platforms with unanimous consent, i.e. under ideal conditions for them. – I believe that at least in the long run all the statist panarchies and polyarchies would disprove their false or flawed ideas, their errors and prejudices and false assumptions and conclusions. They would have no one else to blame for their failures. They would have to suffice the consequences of their own decisions, actions and institutions – until they make use of their right to secede.  Many of those, who managed to escape the Soviet Union, did become the most active and radical anti-communists. Alas, they, too, remained territorialists, just like the vast majority of all other anti-communists. – In my eyes all territorial States are, as such, coercive communist States already, even if they are not in all other respects.  Alas, they have also many other features in common with the Soviet system and that of Mao’s Chinese communism, especially taxation and central banking. - JZ, n.d. & 10.4.12.

DEMOCRACY: While territorial democracies have recognized some individual rights and liberties, none of them has as yet recognized and is likely to recognize, soon or within years to decades, all of them, precisely because they represent majorities and their remaining errors and prejudices. Thus to introduce more and finally all of these rights and liberties, all dissenting minorities of volunteers must become free to practise them among themselves, under personal law and exterritorial autonomy. Then at least some of them will be able to set, finally, attractive and convincing examples, even though, on the road to them, they, too, are bound to make some mistakes. These should be tolerable for the territorial majorities – because these mistakes would be done at the risk and expense of these voluntary experimenters only. Through experimental freedom, presently suppressed by territorial governments in many spheres, which they have monopolized, we will finally come to widely accept the best solutions for the remaining political, economic and social problems. We would also achieve the best refutations for all the remaining flawed movements, ideologies and their “true believers”, fanatics and fundamentalists and minimize the motives for violent actions against outdated systems still preferred by majorities, which, under experimental freedom, they could also continue as long as they want to – among themselves. – JZ, 10.4.12. – & INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MAJORITIES, MINORITIES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, VOTING, CONSENT, TERRITORIALISM

DEMOCRACY: While the increase of the number of democracies and the decline of the number of dictatorships are to be welcomed, the democracies remain territorial ones and as such are not sufficiently democratic or republican, in every respect, in spite of their many false pretences and popular errors and prejudices about them, skillfully exploited by the power addicts. None of them declared and respects all genuine individual rights and liberties and they remain thus unstable and likely to deteriorate into authoritarian and, sometimes, even totalitarian regimes. – JZ, n.d. & 11.4.12. – VS. DICTATORSHIP, TERRITORIALISM, AUTHORITARIANISM & TOTALITARIANISM

DEMOCRACY: With exceptions so rare that they are regarded as miracles and freaks of nature, successful democratic politicians are insecure and intimidated men. They advance politically only as they placate, appease, bribe, seduce, bamboozle, or otherwise manage to manipulate the demanding and threatening elements in their constituencies. The decisive consideration is not whether the proposition is good but whether it is popular – … This devitalization of the governing power is the malady of democratic states. … It can be deadly to the very survival of the state as a free society, …” - Walter Lippmann, The Public Philosophy, A Mentor Book, 1955, p.28/29. – As if any territorial government powers were vital for a free society! Flexible, fast and rightful foreign policies can be practised by competing governments. Their very nature constitutes also a most important “foreign policy” towards all other societies and remaining territorial States. The very existence of panarchies will make most foreign policies, alliances and defence efforts of the present kind – superfluous! – JZ, 14.1.00, 11.9.08. - POLITICIANS, STATES, GOVERNMENTS, SOCIETIES, LEADERSHIP, POPULARITY, FOREIGN POLICY UNDER TERRITORIALISM & AFTER IT

DEMOCRACY: With regard to decisions on war and peace, armament and disarmament, international treaties, taxation and money systems, all present democracies are really dictatorships as well. - JZ, 6.11.98 & 11.5.00. - DEMOCRACIES, DICTATORSHIPS, DECISIONS ON WAR & PEACE

DEMOCRATS, DEMOCRATIC PARTY, USA: A true democrat, willing to share all you have. – Keith Laumer, Retief, story: Native Intelligence,, e-books, free online. – SHARING, WELFARE STATE, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, TAXATION, JOKES

DEMONSTRATIONS & MARCHES: Christ promised to be present when two or three are gathered together. He did not say anything about being present where thousands are intoxicating one another with herd-poison. Under the Nazis, enormous numbers of people were compelled to spend an enormous amount of time marching in serried ranks from point A to point B and back again to point A. "This keeping of the whole population on the march seemed to be a senseless waste of time and energy. Only much later", adds Hermann Rauschning, "was there revealed in it a subtle intention based on a well-judged adjustment of ends and means. Marching diverts men's thoughts. Marching kills thought. Marching makes and end of individuality. Marching is the indispensable magic stroke performed in order to accustom the people to a mechanical, quasi-ritualistic activity until it becomes a second nature." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, p.323.

DEMONSTRATIONS & MARCHES: March Permit: A March Permit is NOT a permit issued in March. Let us make this clear from the start. It is a permit, a grant, an entitlement by the SUNSHINE SUPER STATE to proceed, to set forth on foot, to go, to walk, to progress in a bipedal manner, en masse or alone. The above mentioned motions, having, as they do, an enormous potential for Mayhem and Carnage through Random and Malicious collisions, are regulated under the "RIOTOUS BEHAVIOUR" subsection of the MISERY ENFORCEMENT ACT. Unlicenced perambulations will be prosecuted. This permit is issued to… of ... date … By ORDER   CHIEF TOAD. - This permit is not Valid unless Stamped.” - Contents of a satirical leaflet against the police regulations on marches and demonstrations in Queensland, Australia. n.d. - While I do not favor marches and demonstrations, I favor their suppression or their enforcement even less. - JZ, 12.5.00.

DEMONSTRATIONS & MARCHES: Procession, n. A concourse of confirmed idiots, who have neglected to cultivate a sense of the ridiculous.” - Ambrose Bierce. - Doesn't this also apply to the modern and more political forms of processions, the marches and mass demonstrations? - JZ, n.d., 70's?

DEMONSTRATIONS & MARCHES: To my mind, the bringing of people out into the streets is not a part of the persuasive process. On the contrary, it marks the end of the persuasive process and the beginning of coercive action.” - Benjamin A. Rogge, NOTES FROM FEE, May 78. - Marches of mobs engage the legs while they disengage the brains. Just look at most of the slogans they shout or hold up on signs. Moreover, they tend to concentrate the number of brainless people and brainy people only under delusions of grandeur, in which they imagine themselves to be leaders of a popular movement or even revolution. When did you last see or hear of a demonstration against monetary despotism, i.e. central bank monopolies and legal tender powers - and for full monetary freedom and for individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy? - JZ, 12.5.00. - PROTESTS

DEMONSTRATIONS: Don't march in the streets with others who share your prejudices. Loud shouts are often the easiest to ignore. I mean, look at them out there shouting their fool heads off! You want to make common cause with them?” - Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse Dune, p.366. - Even if anarchists and libertarians do use them in a good cause - they are rather putting their causes down in this way than help to spread them. Only a few of their slogans may positively influence some minds but the effort is usually quite disproportionate to the result, even if the media report a demonstration in the way they usually do. - JZ, 7.2.02. - MARCHES, PROTESTS

DEMONSTRATIONS: If you've got the truth, you can demonstrate it. Talking doesn't prove it. Show people." - Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, p. 388. - One cannot demonstrate them, in that sense, in the political, economic and social sphere, until freedom to experiment is introduced there, too. Such demonstrations are best done by quite free experiments among volunteers, under exterritorial autonomy, rather than by marches of people who spout slogans or uphold signs stating that they do disagree. - JZ, 12.5.00. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

DEMONSTRATIONS: Persuade; argue; cherish virtuous example; bring up the young in habits of right opinion and right motive; shape your social arrangements so as to stimulate the best parts of character. By these means you will gain all the advantages that could possibly have come of heroes and legislative dragooning, as well as a great many more which neither heroes nor legislative dragooning could ever have secured.” - John Morley, On Compromise. - Persuade or demonstrate rather than enforce. - JZ, 12.6.92. - EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

DENATIONALIZATION: Antony Fisher calls for ending all government monopoly and control. (*) Accordingly, over a period of years he would 'demobilize' the British civil service, denationalize the post office, cut all tariffs and subsidies, terminate all exchange controls, end all forms of direct control over prices and incomes, roll back the welfare rolls, make unions subject to the law of contracts, adopt Milton Friedman's voucher system to reintroduce choice and competition in schooling, and reprivatize all nationalized industries.” - Antony Fisher: Must History Repeat Itself? Churchill Press, 1974, reviewed in THE FREEMAN, 6/74. - (*) Why not allow them to be continued at the risk and cost of volunteers only? Among themselves they should also be free to uphold their monopolies. - JZ, 12.5.00. - PRIVATIZATION

DENATIONALIZATION: Denationalization is a misnomer when these sales proceeds are nationalized in the process by politicians and bureaucrats, for their purposes. - JZ, 13.9.89, 12.5.00. - VS. NATIONALIZATION

DENATIONALIZATION: Denationalize people! - JZ, 24.11.94. - Denationalize territories! - Denationalize laws, constitutions, jurisdictions, police and defence forces! - JZ, 11.5.00. – PEOPLE, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY UPON INDIVIDUAL CHOICE

DENATIONALIZATION: Denationalize the constitution, parliament, the government, the central bank, defence and police forces, the court and the prison system, the roads, the state forests and mines, all government held land, not only the post office, the telephone services and the railway - and distribute the proceeds of all such asset sales among all the citizens. - JZ, 6.6.86, 12.5.00.

DENATIONALIZATION: Instead of a mixture of social, political and commercial objectives, they should be given the overriding aim of maximizing profits in a competitive setting made fully effective by removing all protective arrangements and ending directives, for example, to give preference to the products of nationalized industries.” – Dr. Rhodes Boyson, Goodbye to Nationalization. - PUBLIC SERVICES

DENATIONALIZATION: OF MONEY: I declared that the government erred in nationalizing the note issue … Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 12/77, PAGE 63. - Was it an error of the government or an intentional grab for the power that monetary despotism would convey to it? The German Bank Inquiry of 1908 contains an admission that the next war could not be financed without the Legal Tender imposition, i.e., without the government inflating its monopoly currency. - JZ, 12.5.00.

DENATIONALIZATION: One suggestions a number of people have made which I think makes a great deal of sense would be, not to auction it off, but to give it away, by giving every citizen in the country a share in it.” - Milton Friedman, From Galbraith to Economic Freedom, p.51. – Compare the general reprivatization proposal in PEACE PLANS 19 c: “Let Freedom Pay It s Way!” – JZ - PRIVATIZATION

DENATIONALIZATION: Our denationalization efforts should be all-embracing enough to set an example to be followed for anti-totalitarian revolutionaries. They should put assets and purchasing power into their hands, instead of the hands of their oppressors. Moreover, they should set an example of tolerance for individually preferred differences among freely competing political, economic and social experiments, all conducted by volunteers under full exterritorial autonomy, even state socialistic ones, among the remaining true believers, but this time at their own expense and risk only. - JZ, 16.6.86, 12.5.00.

DENATIONALIZATION: The Labour Party must be told plainly that for every industry nationalised two will be denationalised on Conservative accession to government. The one-way slide to socialism must be reversed. There should be a shadow Minister for Denationalization.” – Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, 1985, VIII.

DENATIONALIZATION: the nationalized industries should be returned to the financial disciplines of the market by outright denationalization in some cases and by imposing the commercial requirement of covering their costs on all that remain in public ownership.” - A. A. Walters, in Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, 1985, page 8.

DENATIONALIZATION: The remaining nationalized industries must lose their monopoly rights and be open to home and overseas competition. There is no solution or escape by exhorting their managers to act commercially without transforming the framework in which they operate to enforce competition.” – Dr. Rhodes Boyson, Goodbye to Nationalization. - DISENGAGEMENT, MONOPOLIES & COMPETITION, PRIVATIZATION

DENATIONALIZATION: We need a denationalization and demonopolization of the political and economic life as well as of our educational, cultural, religious and private lives, all on the basis of voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy. The result would be: "To each the government or the free society of his or her dreams." - JZ, 2.10.80.

DENATIONALIZATION: What are the people to get out of it directly, except a better private management in the future? What about all their forced investments in nationalized assets, in subsidizing their mismanagement and what about their share in all of them, as citizens? Shall they get nothing in return for their money from the remaining government assets? Shall their individual shares in these assets not be recognized at all? Will politicians and bureaucrats come to handle and waste all the sales proceeds, as usual? What a farce - and hardly anyone raises a voice of protest. Only in a few cases were voucher-shares in former government enterprises freely distributed to the citizens. See PEACE PLANS 19c on comprehensive denationalization for the benefit of all citizens and run by a libertarian party. - JZ, 6.6.86, 12.5.00. – PP 19 C was also included in a CD that was reproduced at

DENATIONALIZATION: What most needs to be denationalized, desocialized, depoliticalized, is not the veterinary industry but the government industry. Not until the government industry itself is individualized, privatized, economized, can the same be done for any other industry.” - Pyrrho, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 107, p.56. - Via individual secession, once that is introduced, each could do that for himself, when he is ready for it. - It would also be possible to make a take-over bid for all remaining government assets, by distributing in advance, before an election, promises to hand over to each voter or taxpayer their share in them, once a trustee-administrator for the voters is elected into office. That would, at the same time, offer the biggest tax refund ever. In some countries it would be a "bribe" of the voters that would prove to be irresistibly large. In Australia probably still over 1 million A $ per head of the population. But time runs out, for the ruling bureaucracy manages to sell the voter's public assets, one by one, to some private interests - and pockets the proceeds for its political ambitions. - See PEACE PLANS 19 C for details. - JZ, 12.5.00. - DENATIONALIZATION OF GOVERNMENT & THE STATE

DENIALS: A problem does not go away by being denied. - JZ, 8.4.87. - Compare the denials of government debts, tax burdens, unemployment, money shortages, inflation, oppression and exploitation via legal monopolies. – OFFICIAL DENIALS, OFF-BUDGET ITEMS

DENIALS: Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied." - Otto von Bismarck

DENIALS: Nobody believes a rumor here in Washington until it's officially denied. - Edward Cheyfitz. – OFFICIAL DENIALS, POLITICIANS, LIES, JOKES


DEPENDENCE: A man who is dependent is no longer a man but nothing than an appendage to another man.” - Kant. (Ein Mensch, der abhaengt, ist nicht mehr ein Mensch, sondern nichts als das Zubehör eines anderen Menschen.)

DEPENDENCE: But among the many who have enforced the duty of giving, I'm surprised there are none to inculcate the ignominy of receiving, to shew that by every favour we accept, we in some measure forfeit our native freedom, and that a stage of continual dependence on the generosity of others, is a life of gradual debasement.” - Oliver Goldsmith, The Citizen of the World, p.269. - CHARITY, HANDOUTS, SUBSIDIES


DEPENDENCE: dependency … either finds a man worthless, or it makes him so.” - Oliver Goldsmith, The Citizen of the World, p.270.

DEPENDENCE: Dependency tends to corrupt and absolute dependency corrupts absolutely.” - Irving Kristol.

DEPENDENCE: I do not seek to be a kept citizen. …” - Source?

DEPENDENCE: Never before was the fate of so many in the hands of so few.” - Aldous Huxley, re-translated from the German version. - Never before was the fate of so many in the hands of so many politicians and bureaucrats. - JZ, n.d. & 12.5.00. - POWER, LEADERSHIP, MAJORITIES, DECISION MAKING MONOPOLY

DEPENDENCE: no people can be truly free, whatever the name or external form of its government, whose institutions allow its welfare to depend on the contingency of the capacity and honesty, the love and concern, of any special number of individuals out of the whole body.” - J. Toulmin Smith, Local Self-Government & Centralization, p.6. - WELFARE STATE, DECISION, POWER, RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-RELIANCE, TERRITORIALISM, CENTRALIZATION, IMPOSED HIERARCHIES

DEPENDENCE: Oh, how wretched is that poor man that hangs on princes' favors! - Shakespeare & John Fletcher: Henry VIII, iii, 1613. - Replace "princes" by territorial bureaucrats' and politicians"! - JZ, n.d.

DEPENDENCE: One of the most astonishing phenomena is that one imagines one could expect independent opinions from dependent people.” - Graff. - At least some of the dependent people do have independent ideas - but they are not always free to utter them and do not always have the opportunity to express them publicly. - JZ, 12.5.00. - INDEPENDENT POINTS OF VIEW

DEPENDENCE: Power corrupts, but lack of power corrupts absolutely.” - Adlai Stevenson. - POWER & CORRUPTION

DEPENDENCE: The dependence of the human masses upon their masters must be destroyed.” - Gustav Landauer, All or Nothing, DER SOZIALIST, Oct. 12, 1995 (? - 1909?) – Only the dependence upon imposed territorial masters must be destroyed. Any truly self-chosen one could remain. It is self-limiting through individual secessionism. – JZ, 29.11.08. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE


DEPENDENCE: The self-supporting taxpayer cannot obtain an audience in a Government office. The waiting-rooms are reserved for the pauper-minded in search of some sort of assistance, because the self-supporting citizen has nothing to offer, either to the politician or the bureaucrat. - Ernest Benn, Modern Government, Trouble, p.73. - Well, he has to pay them taxes, whether he likes them or not. - JZ, 12.5.00. - TAXATION

DEPENDENCE: We are not the tame defeated dependents of "the system" unless we choose dependency.” - Ronald Higgins, PROGRESS, 5/81. - Territorial systems do not give us the chance to choose for ourselves whatever degrees of dependence or independence we want. To achieve this requires exterritorial autonomy and individual secessionism. - How often will that truth have to be repeated - and to how many people and for how long, until it finally sinks in? - JZ, 12.5.00.

DEPENDENCE: Whenever one set of people pay for what they do not use themselves, but what is used by another set of people, their payment is and must be of the nature of a favor, and does and must create a sort of dependence.” - Auberon Herbert, Mack edition, p. 55. - That favor is a rather involuntary one, through compulsory taxation! - JZ, 12.5.00. , WELFARE STATE

DEPOLITICIZE: Depoliticize and liberate the individual.” - Michael E. Holmes, REASON, May 72.

DEPOLITICIZE: In practical terms, libertarians propose to set in motion the process of de-politicizing America …” - Roy Childs, Liberty Against Power, p.8.

DEPORTATION: Deport all immigration officials! - JZ, 18.1.88. – IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, JOKES

DEPORTATION: Deport only those who restrict immigration! - JZ, 13.11.01. - IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS

DEPORTATION: Deport or incarcerate rather the Prime Minister and the Minister for Immigration than any refugee! - Full monetary and financial freedom and other economic liberties would provide job opportunities for all able and willing to work. It would also increase our standard of living. If territorial governments do not know how to achieve that, then they should resign or at least let voluntary communities set them such examples. Not only according to the models of Hong Kong, Singapore, free ports and industrial development zones – merely with some less governmental restrictions. Any economic, political and social rights and liberties ought to be permissible among volunteers, everywhere. Let all of them succeed or fail on their own merits. We are not obliged to offer welfare state services or entitled to impose our kind of democracy upon all the people in the world, but must to allow all people to apply their various self-help options. – JZ, 1.8.03, 24.10.07. - INCARCERATION OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS OR NOT RECOGNIZED REFUGEES & ASYLUM-SEEKERS

DEPOSIT INSURANCE: The FDIC guarantees over $ 682 billion in bank deposits. … there is only $ 1 of insurance for every $ 76 on deposit… It would take only 1.4% of the nation's deposits to be wiped out through banking failures and the entire FDIC fund would be penniless. …” - THE RUFF TIMES, Introductory Offer. - All the governments can guarantee is inflations, stagflations, deflations, credit restrictions, high taxes and frequent mass unemployment, wars, oppression, monopolies, civil wars, revolutions and terrorism and territorial politics and bureaucracy as usual. - JZ, 21.11.82, 12.5.00. - GOVERNMENT GUARANTIES

DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP: The benevolent despot who sees himself as a shepherd of the people still demands from others the submissiveness of sheep. - Eric Hoffer, quoted by Anja Hartleb, FACEBOOK 29.2.12. – BENEVOLENCE, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENT, RULERS, SUBMISSIVENESS, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY

DEPREDATION: Initiation of violence’ is vague or arbitrarily defined. I suggest that depredation, not violence, is the issue, and that the central issue is systematic, institutionalized depredation, not merely sporadic, individualized depredation.” - Pyrrho, THE CONNECTION 105, p.8, 24.7.82. - INITIATION OF VIOLENCE, EXPLOITATION

DEPRESSIONS: Depressions are caused by government intervention into the economy, particularly by government manipulation of credit.” - O'Neill, Ayn Rand, p.57, quote from footnote. - The intervention is a legal and long-standing one, establishing a central bank, its money issue monopoly and the legal tender privilege for it. - Credit manipulation by the government is another unasked for intervention. - JZ, 12.5.00.

DEPRESSIONS: Don't be depressed! Print your own money! - JZ, 2/75. - But do not expect any politician, bureaucrat or judge to applaud you - until you have managed to thereby eliminate mass unemployment, the whole depression and the threat of inflation, at least in your district. Then they might join your band wagon. Until then they will resist you. Thus time your monetary revolution properly, just before an election and in a way that its rapid success will become obvious and well reported before the election. Then they won't dare to suppress it, because it might lose them the election. - JZ, 12.5.00.

DEPRESSIONS: Government cannot prevent depression.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, The Admiral's Log II, p. 182. - But it sure can cause them! - JZ, 30.10.76.

DEPRESSIONS: Since there are hundreds of different depression and economic crisis theories and "cures" for them offered, they should all be free to compete tolerantly with each other. Free experimentation will settle the question which of them is or are right. - JZ, 30.3.84. - FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

DEPRESSIONS: Sometimes I think we make it too easy for our kids. The previous generation only told them about the Great Depression. We're bringing it to them live!” - Robert Orben, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 2/76. - THE GREAT DEPRESSION, JOKES

DEPRESSIONS: The elementary truth is that the Great Depression was produced by government mismanagement [of money]. It was not produced by the failure of private enterprise.” - Milton Friedman, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – And so was and is any other economic crisis that is not caused by wars, revolutions, civil wars or natural catastrophes. The most neglected factor in causing economic crises is monetary despotism. – JZ, 8.1.08. , THE GREAT DEPRESSION

DEPRESSIONS: The long depression of the 1930s, which led to the revival of Marxism (which would probably have been dead today without it ), was wholly due to the mismanagement of money by government - before as well as after the crisis of 1929.” - Hayek, Denationalization of Money, p.79. - One should add that the rise of the Nazi regime was largely due to the Great Inflation and the Great Depression, for which the Nazis managed to blame democracy rather than the real culprit, legalized monetary despotism and then used this despotism to cause another large inflation - feeding their war against the world. - JZ, 12.5.00. - CRISIS & MARXISM

DEPRESSIONS: What we now need is a Free Money Movement comparable to the Free Trade Movement of the 19th century, demonstrating not merely the harm caused by acute inflation, which could justifiably be argued to be avoidable even with present institutions, but the deeper effects of producing periods of stagnation that are indeed inherent in the present monetary arrangements. – F. A. Hayek, Denationalization of Money, p.101. - Through legal tender legislation and the central bank's monopoly for the issue of money, inflation is also an inherent option and likelihood under this monetary despotism. Only sometimes, in some countries and temporarily is active inflationism of the national currency avoided. A proper measure to determine the correct amount for circulating money is not available under legal tender. It would require a) free choice of value standards and b) free market rating of all currencies against their own standards of value. - JZ, 12.5.00. -, UNEMPLOYMENT, STAGNATION, MONETARY DESPOTISM, MONETARY FREEDOM, CRISES, MONEY MONOPOLY, DENATIONALIZATION, INFLATION, LEGAL TENDER

DEPUTIES: Deputies are not deputed by individuals. - JZ, 19.11.93. Nor for the affairs of individuals. – JZ, 2.12.08. – Territorialism enforced collectivism rather than individualism. It does not leave individuals fully free choice on their own affairs. – JZ, 29.11.08. – PANARCHISM, REPRESENTATIVES, ELECTED CANDIDATES OR POLITICIANS, PARLIAMENTS, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, VOTING

DEREGULATION: Deregulate our society. - Bob Howard, FREE ENTERPRISE, 2/76. - It isn't our society that is being regulated. Rather, a free society is not allowed to exist in the political, economic and social spheres, to the extent that they are preempted by governments and their constitutions, laws, jurisdiction and administration. Nor is it "our" State that is being regulated and restrained but, rather, our own lives. When even top freedom advocates confuse basic issues - then what can you expect from the rest of the citizens. Confucius was right: Start by properly defining and clarifying your terms. - JZ, 12.5.00. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & EXPERIMENTATION IN ALL SPHERES

DEREGULATION: Deregulate! Introduce free choice for alternatives or free contracts and free competition instead. Regulated monopolies are still monopolies and often regulated in favor of the monopolies. And regulated enterprises are no longer freely competing but privileged enterprises - or enterprises driven into bankruptcy or into petitioning for state subsidies. - JZ, 21.4.89, 12.5.00.

DEREGULATION: Every knee-jerk conservative now rides the bandwagon of deregulation, what with President Ford's recent advocacy of less government regulation in order that free enterprise might work unencumbered. But the idea is hardly new nor even very Republican. It has, in fact, been nursed and refined for years by a special breed of rightists known as libertarians.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 2/76. – Individuals should be free to deregulate their own affairs simply by opting out from any territorial system. Among like-minded volunteers and under full exterritorial autonomy they would have only personal laws and self-chosen rules, not regulations imposed upon them by territorial dominators. – JZ, 29.11.08. – PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

DEREGULATION: If evils are bred under liberty freshly acquired, the cure is not found in restraint, but in more liberty.” - Whittick, Bombs, p.99.


DEREGULATION: The wicked anarchistic policy of allowing free competition to lower prices and improve services.” - J. C. Lester. – COMPETITION IN EVERY SPHERE!

DESALINATION: There are about 7500 desalination plants throughout the world, 60 per cent of which are in the Middle East. So the technology is well used and tested. – Brian Swan, Epping, November 16, in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 17.11.03. - WATER SUPPLY

DESERTION: 16,000 German soldiers were executed for desertion from the armed forces of the Nazis. Their widows get no war widow pensions. - According to a supposedly documented radio play. - JZ, 26.4.88. - How many deserters would there have been IF the Allies would have had just war and peace aims and would have treated POW's well or even as liberated neutrals or allies? - JZ, 11.5.00. – If this is true, then the Nazi’s policy towards deserters was continued by the victorious Allies and the “democratic” new Germany! – What justice can one expect from people who believe in “defence” with ABC mass murder devices? – JZ, 29.11.08.

DESERTION: a conquering nation may seek to reduce the cost and risks of victory; that is, it may try to induce enemy forces to surrender rather than to fight to the last man, …” - Fred Charles Ikle, Every War Must End, 1971, 6. - That is even more important for the defending or liberating side. - JZ, 12.5.00.

DESERTION: All soldiers run away, madam.” - Duke of Wellington, when asked whether British soldiers ever ran away. - All conscript soldiers should run away or rise and fraternize with their supposed enemies. - JZ, 7.7.82, 29.11.08.

DESERTION: An aversion to fighting as exhibited by abandoning an army or a wife.” - Ambrose Bierce. – Are there already any or many armed forces so rightful that one should not desert from them? – JZ, 29.11.08, 14.11.10.

DESERTION: An employment program resting upon monetary and financial freedom as well as general economic freedom would be so effective, that it could, within days, without difficulties, employ millions of refugees and deserters and released POWs and all of the own soldiers, no longer required for fighting, integrating them, according to their choices and capabilities, in the process of production and exchange of an economy based on division of labor. Only when their productive capacities are thus liberated can we expect to get millions or deserters and refugees within a short period, thus greatly shortening a war, while increasing the own strength through greater division of labor. Andre Gide, during WW II, based his remaining hopes only upon deserters. Alas, on neither side were deserters and POWs fully liberated. In many cases they were massacred or mistreated as prisoners. Of 100,000 German prisoners caught at Stalingrad only 5,000 survived and most of these probably died early, too, as a result of their treatment as POWs. - JZ, 20.11.86 & 5.11.00.

DESERTION: An enemy may chance to give good counsel.” - Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, No. 600. - For instance, when he conscripts. How should one then treat these of his victims? And how should one deal with all the others whom he oppresses and exploits? Should one hold them collectively responsible for the crimes of the regime, or rather work systematically for their liberation? - JZ, 8.4.79 & 12.5.00. - CONSCRIPTION, ENEMIES, PRISONERS OF WAR, DEFECTORS, OPEN ARMS POLICY, SECRET ALLIES TURNED INTO OPEN ALLIES OR NEUTRALS

DESERTION: Deserter, n. A runaway slave.” - L.A. Rollins, REASON, 5/77.

DESERTION: Do I not destroy my enemies if I make them my friends?” - Poul Anderson, The Dark between the Stars, p.25. - DEFENCE, ENEMIES, ALLIES, FRIENDS:

DESERTION: establish the principle that deserting from the army of a country oppressed by a military dictatorship is not a crime but a duty.” - Oriana Fallaci, A Man, p.324. - NOT A CRIME BUT A DUTY, FRATERNIZATION, SEPARATE PEACE NEGOTIATIONS & PEACE TREATIES BETWEEN THE ARMED FORCES PUT BY THEIR GOVERNMENTS IN OPPOSITE POSITIONS, WITHOUT RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS

DESERTION: Even an inefficient enemy soldier could easily cause our side more in destruction of property than it would cost to bribe him to come over. - JZ, 12/75. - If he surrenders weapons, too, they should be paid for at market prices, as Ulrich von Beckerath suggested. - JZ, 12.5.00. - BRIBES, PRIZES, DISOBEDIENCE, MILITARY JIU JITSU, DEFENCE, LIBERATION, NEUTRALIZATION

DESERTION: Fight thou with shafts of silver and o'ercome, // When no force else can get the masterdom.” - Robert Herrick, Money Gets the Mastery. - I believe that it was in classical Greece that someone said, on sieges: “A gold-laden jackass can climb over every wall.” - The rightful side should be prepared to pay the soldiers and officers of an attacking dictatorship more in rewards for not fighting than the dictatorship does offer them for fighting - and it should offer them well-paying jobs as well, either as neutral workers or as allied fighters and a refuge in any part of the world. Moreover, it should offer to achieve for their home country all the liberties that the dictatorship has suppressed there. Then who would be foolish enough to go on fighting for a dictatorship? - JZ, 12.5.00. – However, to realize that project full monetary and financial freedom are required, so that fear of loss of jobs and sales would disappear. – Voluntary taxation would also demonstrate how economic this system would be. - JZ, 14.11.10. - WAR & PEACE AIMS, QUITE RIGHTFUL ONES

DESERTION: Generally in war the best policy is to take a state intact; to ruin it is inferior to this. - To capture the enemy's is better than to destroy it; to take intact a battalion, a company or a five-man squad is better than to destroy them. For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” - SUN TZU, ca. 400-320 B.C., The Art of War. – The aim should only be to subdue an aggressive enemy regime – while liberating its subjects and turning them into allies or at least neutrals. – JZ, 14.11.10.

DESERTION: Giving themselves up, preferably by the regiment, became the first objective of the Italian armed forces.” - ABC-TV, on the Sicilian Campaign. - These deserters should have been celebrated, as civilized beings, no longer willing to let themselves be used for the purposes of a totalitarian regime. If only more soldiers would act likewise in similar situations! Naturally, if their official enemy pursued quite rightful war aims only, by rightful means, this would greatly help them in their decision to desert. - The subject deserves at least one monograph. - JZ, 12.5.00.

DESERTION: I don't know of a greater advantage than to recognize an enemy's merits.” - Goethe, Sprueche in Reimen: Sprichwoertlich. (Nicht grösseren Vorteil wüsst'ich zu nennen, / Als des Feindes Verdienst erkennen.) - The real enemy is the enemy regime, as a rule, not its captive nations, which are really our secret allies and ought to be treated as such. - JZ, 12.5.00. – While the means, e.g. indiscriminate bombing, applying the wrongful “principle” of collective responsibility”, and the aims of terrorists, namely their territorial rule, should be totally condemned, their right to rule themselves, in accordance with their ideals, should be recognized and the way to achieve it, quite peacefully, should be opened for them – as well as for all other people. – Territorialism and majority rule, in combination with popular “collective responsibility” notions and the insufficient recognition and publication of all genuine individual rights and liberties, including personal law or exterritorial autonomy options, has, among other things, also “bred” or motivated some people into committing terrorist acts, when they felt they were not free to engage in genuine self-government. - JZ, 29.11.08. - PEOPLE VS. GOVERNMENTS, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS, REAL VS. IMAGINED ENEMIES, TERRORISM, TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

DESERTION: I hastened to perform my other duty: to desert. Gentlemen of the court, to serve the army of a dictatorship would truly have been treason. I chose to be a deserter then. I am proud of my choice.” - Oriana Fallaci, A Man, 58. - TREASON, DICTATORSHIPS

DESERTION: If possible, leave room for your enemy to become your friend.” - Robert Heinlein, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, IF SF, April 66, 129. - ENEMY, SECRET ALLIES, WAR AIMS, WARFARE, LIBERATION OF POW’S, ENEMIES, DESERTION, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

DESERTION: If technical military strength and manpower were just countered by equivalent efforts then the mutual slaughter would just be increased and prolonged. To achieve a rapid victory with a minimum of bloodshed, one military machine, if not both, must be deprived of the motive and will to fight, even induced to desert or to rise, or to declare itself neutral or an ally of the other side. How can this be achieved. Numerous incentives and assurances are possible here, much more if advanced directly by the people or the military of one side than by a government, best, naturally by ideal militia forces for the defence of individual rights, organized on one side, if not on both. We either study the details of this option or we will continue to become involved in minor or major wars or even in the final holocaust. Peace is too important to be left to decisions by politicians and generals, whose monopoly decision-making caused many wars in the first place. At least that exclusive decision-making power was a major factor in most wars.  - JZ, n.d. & 12.5.00.

DESERTION: If thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.” - Bible, Proverbs, 25/21 and Romans 12:20. - No matter how incapable the enemy regime is, it manages, as a rule, to feed its ruling members and top supporters well, at the expense of its victimized people. These captive nations are not our enemies and they, rather than their rulers, ought to be fed, aided, supplied with advice and credit by us, and welcomed with open arms when they defect. We should in advance proclaim rightful war and peace aims towards them, make treaties with their governments in exile and demonstrate our good intentions by realizing full freedom, under panarchism for all, on our side. Moreover, we should give and keep our words to them, directly, not through the mouths and promises of politicians and diplomats. We should publicly swear that we would rather disobey our rulers than deviate from our genuine liberation program and should educate, train and arm ourselves properly to carry it into effect, on our side as well as on their side, inviting all kinds of collaboration with our rightful aims and actions. After all the historical experiences with governments and their wars and war aims, who can still automatically accept as an enemy whosoever is pointed out by his government as such? Is "his" government "his" government, as long as it monopolizes all war and peace decision-making? - People who know and apply all economic liberties would know how to welcome and set to productive employment millions of deserters and refugees from dictatorships, instead of using the armed forces to keep them out, as potential tools of the dictatorships, or deport them back to them. Does anything else demonstrate the ignorance and incapacity of governments as well as these instances? - JZ, 12.5.00. - DEFECTORS, REFUGEES, ENEMIES, PRISONERS OF WAR, FRATERNIZATION, LIBERATION, CAPTIVE NATIONS, LIBERATION, WAR AIMS, WARFARE

DESERTION: In giving freedom to the slave we assure freedom to the free, - honorable alike in what we give and what we preserve.” - Abraham Lincoln, Message to Congress, Dec. 1, 1862. , LIBERATION, SLAVERY

DESERTION: In war everybody wants to desert. Some have the courage to do it; some don't.” - Hans Habe, Walk in Darkness, p.129.

DESERTION: It is not a fair deal to take a man from a farm or a factory, clap a tin hat on his head, and then shoot him if his nerve fails.”(*) - Ernest Thurtle, Speech, House of Commons, on bill to abolish death penalty for desertion. – (*) Or when his good moral sense overcomes his military discipline and personal fear! – JZ, 29.11.08.

DESERTION: make … soldiers march into captivity in a mood of elation instead of resentment… As far back as the first century B.C., soldiers who gave themselves up to the Chinese were rewarded by the Emperor Wu with gifts and money. - Shimon Tzabar, The White Flag Principle, 122. - These elated prisoners and elated deserters, satisfied to have escaped a warlike dictatorship, should not be treated at all as prisoners of war, i.e. as enemies, but as liberated people, either neutrals or allies, and should be freed to organize their own exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, as models for the home country to be liberated, with each of these governments in exile claiming for the future, too, only voluntary subjects or members. - JZ, 12.5.00. – According to Ulrich von Beckerath the same happened under a Chinese king Wen. But he could not supply me with a reference, since his library had been burnt in an air raid on Berlin, in Nov. 43. – A history of successful defence policies, inducing the enemy regime’s soldiers to defect or to rise, may still have to be compiled or published. - JZ, 29.11.08. - PRISONERS OF WAR, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

DESERTION: mass desertion would be absolutely impossible to cope with.” - James J. Martin, The Return to "War Crimes", RAMPART JOURNAL, 28/29. - For anyone but political, bureaucratic and military experts they would be relatively easy to arrange for, if the arrangers are free to apply their moral and common sense. - The same applies to mass fraternization, to well-organized military insurrections and revolutions. - The military bunglers among our leaders are no better than the political and bureaucratic ones. What they are good at is supplying is very expensive failures and to do so over and over again. - JZ, 12.5.00. – Under full monetary and financial freedom, armies of refugees and deserters could and would be welcomed with open arms, rapidly and productively employed and increase the own standard of living and also the own security. They could dissolve enemy regimes. Especially when they are given panarchistic choices for themselves. – JZ, 29.11.08. –  – GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE, ALL FOR THEIR KIND OF VOLUNTEERS

DESERTION: Minds are conquered not by arms but by love and magnanimity.” - Spinoza. - Add: self-interest, justice, liberty and peace. - JZ, 28.10.85. - All traditional and proverbial wisdom has to be reworded in the light of radical libertarian rightful and peace and justice promoting alternatives. - JZ, 12.5.00, 29.11.08. - RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS, WELL PUBLISHED & KEPT, LIBERATION, LIBERTARIAN DEFENCE, REVOLUTION & MILITARY INSURRECTIONS

DESERTION: My favorite line form PEANUTS is: ‘There is no problem so great that it cannot be run away from’." - DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP No. 5. - One cannot run away from IBMs with nuclear warheads. But one can get to them on the ground and destroy them there, in the own interest and that of the diverse peoples of other nations. That would best be taken on as a task for a wrongful regime’s military forces, whom a regime risks in a nuclear war and who are supposed to guard these anti-people mass murder devices against the people and the supposed enemy government. - JZ, 12.5.00. – UNILATERAL NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT BY A DICTATORSHIP’S OWN MILITARY FORCES

DESERTION: Nuclear weapons neutralise each other and as for divisions, yes, the 'communist' powers do possess a terrific number of divisions; but do they truly possess them? Remember, the only non-Hungarian men who fought for Hungary's freedom in October 1956, were Russian deserters. They had chosen freedom.” - Salvador de Madariaga, The Blowing Up of the Parthenon, 92/93. – There are still too few writings on non-statist, libertarian defence, liberation, revolution and military insurrection programs directed against all totalitarian, despotic or authoritarian regimes – and, basically, all territorial regimes are at least authoritarian regimes. – JZ, 29.11.08.

DESERTION: Of all the 36 alternatives, running away is the best.” - Chinese saying, according to Douglas Reeman, With Blood & Iron, p.51. - Without the second "the" also in A. Andrews Quotations, page 396.DESERTION: Of enemies the fewer the better.” (De los Enemigos los menos.) - Cervantes, Don Quixote, Pt. ii, ch. 14. - The art of winning wars consists in making few enemies and many friends. - JZ, 6.7.82. - That a despotic enemy regime conscripts, uniforms, arms, trains and disciplines as well as tries to indoctrinate millions against us - should wake us up to the facts of who our real enemies are and who are not our real enemies. Our politicians and generals seem to be unable to see the difference. They would negotiate rather with the oppressors than the oppressed and fight against the oppressed rather than merely against the oppressors. - JZ, 12.5.00. - ENEMIES, PEOPLE VS. GOVERNMENTS, INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY RATHER THAN COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS, RIGHTFUL WARFARE & LIBERATION EFFORTS

DESERTION: Offer better and better paying jobs to all soldiers and officers, the own nationals and the foreign ones, or at least work towards the preconditions for such offers. - JZ, 2.5.89. - How high would be the fighting spirit of a foreign conscript sent to fight against us when as soldier for his regime, or as a civilian, at home, he might earn annually only $ 100 to $ 1,000, whilst if he deserted to us he could almost immediately get a job in which he could earn $ 15,000 - $ 30,000? However, we should also remove religious, racial, trading, professional licensing and immigration barriers against his people. Otherwise hatreds could spur him into participating in a conquest effort. And we should permit all deserters, refugees and immigrants their own preferred institutions and laws, in complete exterritorial autonomy, thereby removing most motives for fighting against us. - JZ, 12.5.00.

DESERTION: Once POWs and deserters are treated decently, as human beings, neutrals or even allies, as people that have been liberated by a supposed "enemy regime", treated better than they were by their own authoritarian government, that had sent them to kill or be killed, more wars would be prevented, or would be rapidly ended with a victory over the aggressive and oppressive regime. It would be deserted by most of its armed forces and the remainder would tend to give up, dispirited. - JZ, 8.10.82, 12.5.00. - PRISONERS OF WAR

DESERTION: Open arms policies were pursued by both sides during the Vietnam War and led to about 50,000 deserters from each side during most years. If either side had truly represented liberty, justice and peace and nothing else - then deserters to this side might have multiplied and embraced most soldiers and officers from the inferior side. - JZ, 12.5.00. - OPEN ARMS POLICIES

DESERTION: Our politicians are not even trusted by ourselves and far less, and rightly so, would they be trusted by members of an enemy regime's armed forces, who would be willing to conclude a separate peace with us, ignoring their own regime and ours, if we give them reasons to trust us much more than they would trust the promises of their and our politicians. - JZ, 8.5.83, 12.5.00. – Let soldiers and civilians make their own foreign policy by desertion, defection, separate peace treaties or joining their self-chosen kind of government-in exile. – JZ, 29.11.08. - DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, REFUGEES, REVOLUTIONS, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, ASYLUM, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, IN FORM OF PANARCHIES

DESERTION: Our strategy is to destroy the enemy from within, to conquer him through himself. … when the enemy is demoralized from within …" - Adolf Hitler. - He probably thought here mainly of his "Fifth Columns", rather than deserters, which he did not welcome or only too late. - Freedom lovers would rather use techniques that would "moralize" an enemy's forces from within and offer them economic as well as patriotic incentives to rise, desert or declare themselves neutral and exterritorially independent. - JZ, 5.6.92, 12.5.00. - Very often doing just the opposite of what territorial governments habitually do - can could set one on the right track. - JZ, 12.5.00. , LIBERATION WARS, LIBERTARIAN DEFENCE, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, THE CAPTIVE NATIONS – OUR SECRET ALLIES,

DESERTION: People wondered," Uncle Ed reminisced several years ago, "why we didn't take more Japanese prisoners. At first, we tried to. But one Japanese soldier came out with his hands up and then dropped to the ground so that the guy behind him could open fire. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We didn't take prisoners after that." - Patience From "Mona Charen (TownHall)" - Dated: 3/25/2003 ( - As if safer methods for taking deserters and prisoners and distinguishing them from commandos, would not be possible! Apparently, they were not part of the training and such training was not introduced so this slaughter continued. No wonder that the “no pardon” policy also induced fanaticism and desperate resistance on the Japanese side. - JZ, 27.3.03. – The Allied soldiers went wrongly from too much trust to no trust at all! – JZ, 28.11.08, 14.11.10. - PRISONERS, NO PARDON

DESERTION: Power usurped / Is weakness when opposed; conscious of wrong / 'Tis pusillanimous and prone to fight. / But slaves that once conceive the glowing thought / Of freedom, in that hope itself possess / All that the contest calls for - spirit, strength. / The scorn of danger and united hearts, / The surest presage of the good they seek.” - Cowper. - Unless they include exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities, there will be much self-defeating infighting before and after a victory over a despotic regime. - JZ, 12.5.00. – In the absence of exterritorial autonomy for tolerant communities the totalitarian territorialists will often and for all too long be the winners. – Panarchism releases all centrifugal and decentralist forces and can thereby come to dissolve or defeat the territorialist, coercive and collectivist unity ideologies. - JZ, 29.11.08. - POWER, STRENGTH, WEAKNESS, USURPATION, CONSCRIPTION, OPPOSITION, PANARCHISM

DESERTION: Protestants were deserters and secessionists from authoritarian Catholicism. – JZ, 20.8.95. - More such desertions and secessions are required from today's territorially authoritarian and intolerant territorial systems. - JZ, 11.5.00. , REFUGEES, DISSIDENTS, REFORMATION, PROTESTANTS, CATHOLIC AUTHORITARIANISM, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TOLERANCE IN ALL SPHERES – TOWARDS ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE

DESERTION: Really welcome deserters from the other side - either as neutrals or as potential allies. Treating them and their countrymen, still at home, as well as all POWs, as enemies - is one of the greatest crimes and mistakes. - JZ, n.d. & 12.5.00. - Eugene Lyons wrote, in the fifties, an excellent book on this subject, titled somewhat like: The Captive Nations, Our Secret Allies. - Under the Soviet Regime there were over 100 of them, including the Russian people. - JZ, 12.5.00.

DESERTION: render service to an enemy, to make a friend of him.” - Len Deighton, Yesterday's Spy, 107. - If that were morally and rationally systematized, nobody could afford to abuse conscripts any longer in wars of conquest and domination. They would rather desert, thereby, at least indirectly, helping to liberate their own country. - JZ, 12.5.00. – GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, UNILATERAL PEACE OFFERS, NEGOTIATIONS OF ARMED FORCES - OVER THE HEADS OF THE RULERS, WAR AIMS, LIBERATION, PANARCHISM

DESERTION: Soldiers given only the choice of death or imprisonment, by their rulers, if they do not want to fight against us, should be given better chances by us than death or imprisonment by us, when the enemy regime has managed to conscript, train, arm, uniform and set them in march against us. Our rightful offers to them should be so attractive that they would rather come to rise against their government or desert to our side than fight us for the benefit of their oppressive regime. They should be given the option to become neutrals or active allies against their former dictatorship and our war or liberation aims must be genuine, clear and believably made, best by realizing them already fully on our side. Our warfare methods must also be rightfully discriminating, directed against he victimizers only, not against the victims. The military insurrectionists, deserters and refugees must become free to establish their own exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, anywhere, as the ally of all other free governments and societies. They must not be confined to hand-outs in concentration camps but freed to support themselves through productive labors anywhere in already liberated areas. While exclusive private clubs etc. could be continued, by those who prefer them for themselves, all territorial immigration and settlement and work barriers must be removed. - Under a complete libertarian defence and liberation and revolution program little fighting and bloodshed would occur. Opposed in this way, most dictatorships could be destroyed even before they could send their armies against us. And their ABC mass murder devices could also be destroyed by their internal opposition - once we do not longer use such "weapons" against the captive nations, our secret allies. - Tyrannicide rather than genocide by ABC mass murder "weapons"! - JZ, 4.11.85 & 12.5.00. - PRISONERS OF WAR, WAR & PEACE AIMS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

DESERTION: The ability to make the enemy desert is the biggest military power. - D.Z., 15.9.77. - The enemy soldiers, most of them merely conscripts. However, one should also make very attractive offers to his volunteers. - JZ, 17.4.11. (At 14.) - DEFENCE, DEFECTORS, MILITARY STRENGTH

DESERTION: The best soldiers are not warlike; the best fighters do not lose their temper. The greatest conquerors are those who overcome their enemies without strife.” - Lao Tzu, Lionel Giles tr., 39. - Eliminate conquest by liberation and libertarian defence and libertarian revolution and military insurrection efforts. - JZ, 12.5.00. - SOLDIERS, MILITIA, WAR AIMS, SUPPORT THE SECRET ALLIES ON THE OTHER SIDE

DESERTION: The best way to defeat an enemy is to make a friend out of him." – Source? - Often "the enemy" isn't really an enemy but already a secret friend and ally. Then his desertion or capture is not a defeat but a liberation. - JZ, 12.4.84. - ENEMIES, SECRET ALLIES, PEOPLE & INDIVIDUALS VS. GOVERNMENTS, WAR AIMS, TREATMENT OF PRISONERS OF WAR, DESERTERS, DEFECTORS & REFUGEES

DESERTION: The conscripts on the other side are not, as a rule, "the enemy" but, rather, most are potential friends and allies or at least neutrals - if they are clearly treated as such. - JZ, 6.9.88. , ENEMY, CONSCRIPTS, PRISONERS OF WAR

DESERTION: The good, if they are actually good, do not battle against the good; those who are at war are either the bad against the bad, or the bad against the good.” - St. Augustine, City of God, I.c., XV. - In both of the last 2 cases desertion or mass fraternization or military insurrections or neutrality declarations are indicated. - JZ, 12.5.00.

DESERTION: The greatest conqueror is he who overcomes the enemy without a blow.” - Chinese proverb. – VICTORY, DEFEAT, CONQUEST, ENEMY, QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS

DESERTION: the greatest perfection was to defeat an opponent with the minimum of force."- Donald Kingsbury, The Moon Goddess & the Son, ANALOG, Dec. 79, p. 26.

DESERTION: The military technology cannot be defeated with military technology except at an intolerable price in death and destruction. But the supposed "enemy" soldier and civilian can be reached and influenced as a human being and turned from a conscripted or misguided enemy soldier or citizen into at least a neutral one, if not into a friend and ally. If that way is taken then even vastly superior weaponry and manpower does not of an enemy regime does not assure its victory. Instead, it could, by a kind of military jiu jitsu, be taken from the enemy regime, liberated, neutralized or turned into an allied force. There are so many historical precedents for this that it is surprising that this possibility has not yet been fully explored and documented in literature and has not yet led to a detailed defence and liberation program of this kind and its application in practice. - JZ, 4.12.81 & 12.5.00.

DESERTION: The only defectives are those who don't defect from certain regimes, given half a chance. - JZ, 12.5.84. & DEFECTION

DESERTION: the soldier we are killing is no different to us below the dehumanizing uniform.” - Dany Celermajer, HONI SOIT, 26.7.82. - SOLDIERS, UNIFORMS, WAR

DESERTION: There is no fortress so strong that money can not take it.” - Cicero. - Quoted in: L. J. Peter, The Peter Plan, 21. - A whole fortress is more difficult to buy than the coming over of individual deserters or groups of them. Unless, one is able to offer all its occupiers much more freedom than they ever enjoyed before. Then one might not have to pay them anything else. – Compare the ancient proverb: “A gold-laden jackass can climb over every wall!” - JZ, 12.5.00. - BRIBERY, REWARDS FOR JOINING THE RIGHT SIDE

DESERTION: Those who serve the greater cause may make the cause serve them.” - T. S. Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral, 1, 1935. Dramatists and SF writers ought to explore the potential for rightful liberation wars and libertarian revolutions and military insurrections much more so than they have so far. - How can one prevent wars or turn total wars into limited and rightful police actions? How can one fight a liberation war together with the conscripted soldiers and oppressed citizens of an enemy regime on one's side? How can one turn one’s secret allies on the other side, the various captive nations and other communities, into open allies? Which steps are essential for a libertarian revolution? What are rightful war aims and how can they be most easily realized? - Rightful international interventionism, which reduces oppression, bloodshed and destruction and poverty should be as much considered and developed as are radical internal libertarian steps. - A part of the program against the remaining communist totalitarian regimes and state socialistic dictatorships should be e.g., Communism for communists - but on a voluntary basis, in their own personal law communities only, which will be only exterritorially autonomous for all their voluntary members, with freedom for individuals to secede for them - and this side by side with e.g. the same kind of communities realizing among themselves e.g. "capitalism for consenting adults". - Who would really remain a fanatic enemy when our motto is: “To each the government or free society of his or her dreams!" - and when we do already practise this principle among ourselves? - JZ, 12.5.00. - RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS, SECRET ALLIES, CAPTIVE NATIONS, LIBERATION WARS

DESERTION: Thus, those skilled in war subdue the enemy's army without battle. They capture his cities without assaulting them and overthrow his state without protracted operations. - Your aim must be to take everything intact. Thus your troops are not worn out and your gains will be complete. This is the art of offensive strategy.” - SUN TZU, ca. 400-320 B.C., The Art of War. - Better still, hand to the enemy regime's subjects what is rightfully theirs. Do not conquer or occupy or annex them as a foreign regime would, that is an enemy of its people. Treat them as liberated people, i.e., leave them largely alone, apart from trade and contracts, as soon as their oppressors have been defeated and, as far as possible, even before that. - JZ, 12.5.00, 7.2.13. - LIBERATION WAR, LIBERATING REVOLUTIONARY WARFARE, LIBERTARIAN DEFENCE, RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS, TYRANNICIDE, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS

DESERTION: To finish wars - all soldiers have to do the disappearance trick: to the enemy lines. - JZ, 2/75. - Or they ought to engage in military insurrections or mass fraternizations or make separate peace treaties with their supposed enemies. - 12.5.00.

DESERTION: Under a system of systematically encouraged desertion, practised by both sides, and if both governments were equally good or bad, then they would lose their conscripted soldiers to – a new an liberating army, directed against both despotic regimes. Then the warring governments would be reduced to use only the remaining few volunteers that they might still find. Most likely there would only be enough volunteers to arrest and punished the governments that started the war or made it possible. The deserters should either declare themselves as neutrals or as allies and should organize themselves under governments in exile or in communities in exile, practising only exterritorial autonomy. Then they might negotiate treaties with the government of the host country, insisting e.g. upon rightful war or peace aims towards their home countries. They should certainly not grant unlimited obedience to aggressive and oppressive actions by the government they deserted to. - In short, the officers and soldiers on both sides should cease to act as mere pawns in a game of "chess" between their governments. - They have the greatest interest to negotiate a separate peace between them, over the heads of their governments, and this on conditions that are quite just to both sides. - Why should they risk their lives for the benefit of the politicians and bureaucrats on either side, far less for any despotic regime they suffered under so far? - JZ, 29.5.83, 12.5.00. – GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, ALL ONLY BY & FOR VOLUNTEERS, THEIR PRESENT & THEIR FUTURE VOLUNTEERS.

DESERTION: Use the military power of the Soviets against the Soviets. Your potential allies were never more numerous. - JZ, 13.3.79. The Soviets had suppressed over 100 minority groups - and we treated them with our policies as if all of them were fanatic communists, even threatened their extermination with ABC mass murder or anti-people devices, and, to my knowledge, never promoted or engaged in a tyrannicide attempt against any of the beasts that ruled there for all too long. - Thus to the numerous peoples oppressed by this regime, we must have appeared, almost like the Hitler regime, as their enemy, too. - JZ, 12.5.00. - MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, SOVIET REGIME, USSR, COMMUNISM, DEFENCE, LIBERATION, GOVERNENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE AS ALLIES

DESERTION: We should render a service to a friend to bind him closer to us, and to an enemy in order to make a friend of him.” - Cleobulus, 6th c. B.C., quoted in Diogenes Laertius' Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, 3rd. c. A.D., tr. R. D. Hicks. - So much of "Realpolitik" - is quite contrary to the accumulated “wisdom” of man. Such ancient wisdom, unfortunately, is not yet sufficiently brought to light and made easily accessible. - Foreign Aid, for example, is given to foreign governments for them to abuse, or transfer to secret and private accounts overseas, rather than directly to the people, e.g. in form of negotiated credits, to their free enterprises, if not as gifts. With micro-credits of as little as $ 50 - 250, to ordinary but productive and ingenious people, instead of government to government grants by hundreds millions, poverty in underdeveloped countries could have been largely abolished by now. And the micro-credits could be self-administered and would be faithfully repaid, in the vast majority of cases, especially if monetary freedom were introduced as well. - The dictocratic mismanagement of "national economies" by more or less authoritarian governments is only comparable to the wrongful and useful slaughter and destruction by two authoritarian regimes, that know of nothing better to do with their soldiers and citizens than to set them against each other, to slaughter each other and destroy their possessions. - JZ, 12.5.00. - ENEMIES, PEACE TREATIES BETWEEN THE PEOPLE OVER THE HEADS OF THE RULERS, CAPTIVE NATIONS, SECRET ALLIES FOREIGN AID, FOREIGN INVESTMENTS, PEOPLE VS. GOVERNMENTS, RIGHTFUL WAR AIMS

DESERTION: When in certain military situations prisoners cannot be taken and their bodies would not be a give-away anyhow, risking the survival of a patrol, then it might sometimes serve to give them a knock-out drug that would last long enough to help the survival of the patrol, rather than killing them. Afterwards, they might become enemy soldiers again, but their animosity would be greatly reduced. They will remember who spared their lives. A leaflet left with them might even induce one or several to desert. Their weapons could be rendered unusable, hidden or buried. 'When lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winner." - Shakespeare, Henry V. - Stun guns rather than kill-guns. - JZ, 4.5.95, 1.2.02. - POWs, PRISONERS, PRISONERS OF WAR.

DESERTION: When opposing warriors join in battle, he who has pity conquers.” - Lao-Tse, in Lionel Giles' translation. – Offer genuine freedom, justice, prosperity & peace, through exterritorial autonomy and personal laws for volunteers, rather than demanding “unconditional surrender” - WAR AIMS, PARDON, TREATMENT OF PRISONERS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE:

DESERTION: When we conquer enemies by kindness and justice we are more apt to win their submission than by victory in the field. In the one case, they yield only to necessity; in the other, by their own free choice.” - Polybius, Histories, V, c. 125 B.C. - Why conquest, why submission, rather than all-out liberation efforts, allied with the best people on the other side? The choices we should offer them should go far beyond a collective choice for either their present or our own government. It should include the option for all non-criminal individuals for the governments or free societies of their dreams. - JZ, 12.5.00. - LIBERATION WARS, LIBERTARIAN DEFENCE, SECRET ALLIES, CAPTIVE NATIONS, SEPARATE PEACE, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, PRISONERS OF WAR, CONQUESTS, KINDNESS, ENEMIES, PEOPLE

DESERTION: Who is the bravest HERO? He who turns his enemy into a friend. - Abot d'R. Nathan, 23. In: Lewis Browne, editor, The Wisdom of Israel. - ENEMIES, FRIENDS, ALLIES, HEROES


DESERTS: In at least one Australian desert a pilot plant is presently being built to utilize its underlying hot granite foundation via a steam operated power-plant. Could it be that similar or somewhat deeper hot rock formations were causal in the formation and continuance of many deserts? To what extent are their surface conditions caused by sunshine and hot winds in daytime and heat radiating out on clear nights, and to what extent by excessive underground earth heat? – If the latter were largely the case, then there would be opportunities for many more such power plants, provided we can drill deeply enough, safely and cheap enough. – Actually even their surface day and night temperature variations could be utilized by suitable power-plants. Even near the Earth poles the differential between air temperatures and sub-surface water and land temperature could be utilized - according to plans already published in the 1930’s. – Naturally, all such plants would have to be competitive with other possible power sources. None of them should be subsidized out of taxes. - JZ, 30.10.07, 19.9.08. – ENERGY PRODUCTION, NON-POLLUTING

DESERVING: Under the market, let us recall, the principle of desert reigned supreme - a man's deserts being estimated by the quantity of goods and services he brought to the market.” - D. Miller, Social Justice, Oxford U.P., 1976, p. 308, quoted in: Anthony Flew, The Politics of Procrustes. - DESERT, INCENTIVES, REWARDS, PRICES, WAGES, MERIT, PROFIT, EARNINGS, MARKET

DESIRABILITY: What is desirable is not always necessary, while that which is necessary may be most undesirable. Perhaps the measure of a man is the ability to tell one from the other - and act on it.” - John Campbell, ANALOG, August 1960. - NECESSITY, MAN, JUDGMENT

DESIRES: Can anyone force you to desire what you do not want? - No one.” - Epictetus, 85-136 CE, philosopher, Greece, in The Discourses of Epictetus, II, Book V, chapter I. – Under territorialism: You may not desire it but you get it nevertheless and are forced to pay for it! Moreover, under it, you are unlikely to get what you desire for yourself. Under panarchism you get only what you desire for yourself and are willing to pay for. – JZ, 29.11.08, 7.2.13.

DESIRES: God said to King Wan: "Be not like unto them who reject this and cling to that. Be not like them who are ruled by their likes and desires!" - Shi King, Major Odes, decade I, ode 7, in The Wisdom of Confucius. - And yet there is nothing wrong or immoral or unethical if, within one's own exterritorially autonomous community, and among like-minded people only, one does exactly that and no more than that. Others, from whom such people would have seceded, might then say to themselves: "Good riddance!" For instance, let us have exterritorially autonomous communities of abortionists and drug addicts, duelists and religious fanatics, Nazis and Communists. The more they would slaughter each other, mind you, always only in their internal struggles and actions, the better the human race would become. - JZ, 12.5.00. - DISLIKES, LIKES, PASSIONS

DESIRES: You can tell the man who rings true from the man who rings false, not by his deeds alone, but also his desires. – Democritus - CHARACTER OF MAN, HUMAN NATURE, MAN

DESOCIALIZE: desocialize" … government owned and operated … enterprises.” - Dean Smith, Conservatism, 152. – Were the nationalized or statized enterprises ever genuinely “social” ones? – Or, rather, anti-social ones? – JZ, 29.11.08. – DENATIONALIZATION, PRIVATIZATION

DESPAIR: I am very much concerned. But despair - not yet because when you start to despair it is like dying a little.” - Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran, NEWSWEEK, 1.3.76.

DESPAIR: In Desmond Morris' perfect metaphor, the naked ape behaves exactly like a zoo animal: despair is the essence of the cage experience. …” - R. A. Wilson, Illuminati Papers, p.29. - I for one don't agree with his succeeding conclusions, so I left them out. - Governments do treat their territories and inhabitants of these territories as their property, but like gamblers, as property to be squandered and reduced by gambling and exploitation rather than well treated and multiplied. But then, governments, as parasites, cannot do more for the people than the people, if free, could and would do for themselves. - I have not yet seen a clear indication in Wilson's writings that compulsory membership in States and their territorial organization are among the major problem factors and that voluntary membership combined with exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities are among the major solutions required. - JZ, 12.5.00. - POWERLESSNESS, TERRITORIAL NATIONS & WORLD AS A PRISON, CAPTIVE NATIONS

DESPAIR: It is always too soon for despair! - R. C. W. Ettinger, Man into Superman, p. 222. - DOOMSDAY SAYERS, MALTHUSIANS, ECOLOGISTS, CONSERVATIONISTS, MAN-HATERS, OPTIMISM, PESSIMISM

DESPOTISM: A belief, an honest belief, that they are under the real influence of benevolence, sometimes leads men to conduct the most intrusive and tyrannical. Power is usurped for the purpose, it is supposed, of doing good. … A man fancies he knows what is best for other men. … He is thoroughly persuaded that such and such a thing is good, and being good, he will compel others to receive and adopt it. … Yet despotism never takes a worse shape than when it comes in the guise of benevolence. … Under the shadow of this fallacy, vast masses of misery have been poured out upon the world.” - Jeremy Bentham, Deontology. - Did he not realize that this is one of the major objections against his utilitarianism? - JZ, 12.5.00. - BENEVOLENCE. WELFARE STATES, HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, TOTALITARIANISM, SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, UTILITARIANISM

DESPOTISM: All despotisms, under whatever name they masquerade, are efforts to freeze history, to stop change, to solidify the human spirit.” - Charles A. Beard, quoted by Seldes. - Is that quite true for e.g. the despotism of Alexander the Great, even of Napoleon I? There were reformers even among the absolutist Czars. - JZ, 12.5.00. – Generalizations are generally flawed. – JZ, 29.11.08.

DESPOTISM: All political government must necessarily become despotic, because all government tends to become centralized in the hands of the few, who breed corruption among themselves and in a very short time disconnect themselves from the body of the people. The American republic is a good illustration.” - Lucy Parson, interview with the NEW YORK WORLD, 1886. - She, too, did not consider the option of competing governments and societies and communities, all of them only exterritorially autonomous and manned by volunteers only. - JZ, 12.5.00. – GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM

DESPOTISM: But in all despotic governments, though a particular prince may favor arts and letters, there is a natural degeneracy of mankind.” - Joseph Addison, Cato, quoted in Seldes. – MAN, DEGENERACY

DESPOTISM: Close alliances with despots are never safe for free states.” - Demosthenes. - ALLIANCES, TREATIES, DEFENCE, DICTATORSHIPS, TOTALITARIANISM

DESPOTISM: Despotism can be a development, often a late development and very often indeed the end of societies that have been highly democratic. A despotism may almost be defined as a tired democracy.” - G. K. Chesterton, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. - DEMOCRACY

DESPOTISM: Despotism is a legitimate mode of government in dealing with barbarians, provided the end be their improvement and the means justified by actually effecting that end.” - J.S. Mill, On Liberty, Introduction. - BARBARISM

DESPOTISM: Despotism is more comfortable than freedom, in the same way as vice is more comfortable than is virtue.” - Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi. - More comfortable for the despot or for his victims, for the vice addict or for the virtuous? - What percentages of the generalizations on freedom are quite correct, quite incorrect and partly correct and partly incorrect? - JZ, 12.5.00. – How comfortable is it for dissenters or opponents? I just read a report by Hamish McDonald in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 15. & 16.11.08, p.20, – on atrocities committed by the South Korean despotic regimes until the late 1980’s. – Perhaps decades will pass before we hear about similar atrocities in North Korea. – JZ, 29.11.08. –

DESPOTISM: Despotism never advertises itself as such. Invariably it is a wolf in sheep's clothing. By its own definition it will be "democratic," "progressive," "liberal," "humanitarian" and "fraternal." Those who oppose it will be reactionaries, fascists and other currently bad names. It is not by its name, therefore, that you shall know Absolutism, but by what it proposes to do. Whenever relaxation of existing limitations upon the power of government is suggested, you are upon notice that your liberty is threatened. Unless you counteract swiftly and sharply you are likely to be denatured.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.65. - Honesty in advertising is not a characteristic of dictators nor of ordinary politicians. - JZ, 21.11.82. - They are full time busy planning further legal or illegal restrictions upon your liberties. Each of these, to prevent or overcome, might need campaigns of large numbers for decades, under the territorial system. But, under individual secessionism and competition from exterritorially autonomous communities, dissent can be practised easily and any time by individuals doing their own things, in their own one-man revolutions. Manion did not consider that option but remained stuck, like so many libertarians, on the concept of a supposedly limited and ideal but still territorial government and thus a coercive, collectivistic and monopolistic one. - JZ, 12.5.00, 29.11.08. – CAMOUFLAGED DESPOTISM, LIES, MYTHS, CLICHÉS, PREJUDICES, EUPHEMISMS, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

DESPOTISM: Despotism or unlimited sovereignty is the same in a majority of a popular assembly, an aristocratic council, and oligarchical junta, and a single emperor.” - John Quincy Adams. - Unlimited individual sovereignty would abolish what he calls sovereignty, namely that of the ruler or ruling clique, a territorial and collective sovereignty, and it would be practised by individual secessionism and individual associationism in exterritorially autonomous communities. We should finally advance beyond discussing merely features of territorial political, economic and social systems - seeing that our exterritorial autonomy options are practically unlimited, peaceful, harmonious, progress, liberty and wealth-promoting. - JZ, 5.4.89 & 12.5.00. - PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, SOVEREIGNTY, MAJORITIES, DEMOCRACIES, PARLIAMENTS

DESPOTISM: Despots themselves do not deny the excellence of freedom, but they wish to keep it all to themselves.” - Alexis de Tocqueville, France Before the Revolution of 1789. - How can a despot be considered free when he is constantly under the threat of assassination attempts, conspiracies, palace revolutions, military insurrections and liberation attempts by exiles and by governments that rule less despotically? - JZ, 6.4.88, 12.5.00. – FREEDOM, POWER, ARBITRARY RULE, JOKES

DESPOTISM: If it is a despot you would dethrone, see first that his throne erected within you is destroyed.” - Kahil Gibran. - ENLIGHTENMENT, SELF-LIBERATION, STATISM. SUBMISSIVENESS, SLAVE MENTALITY

DESPOTISM: If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” – George Orwell, 1984, TOTALITARIANISM, TYRANNY

DESPOTISM: In any event, this despotic way of life - the very antithesis of freedom - rages throughout the world as a forest fire out of control, in the U.S.A. as elsewhere.” - Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, p.164. - He wanted only a territorial limited government for each "nation" and opposed, to my knowledge, like Ayn Rand, the concept of "competing governments and free societies". - JZ, 12.5.00.

DESPOTISM: It is not merely the return of mankind to the oriental despotism under which, as Hegel observed, one man alone was free and all the rest slaves, for those Asiatic kings did not interfere with the daily routine of their subjects. To the individual farmers, cattle breeders, and artisans a field of activities was left in the performance of which they were not troubled by the king and his satellites. They enjoyed some amount of autonomy within their own households and families.” - Ludwig von Mises. - ORIENTAL DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATE, STATISM

DESPOTISM: It simply is harder to be an effective despot now than in the past – one of the great gains of humanity …” - Julian L. Simon, The Great Breakthrough and Its Cause, The University of Michigan Press, 2000 – 2003, p. 184.

DESPOTISM: The concentrating [of powers] in the same hands is precisely the definition of despotic government. It will be no alleviation that these powers will be exercised by a plurality of hands, and not by a single one.” - Thomas Jefferson - BY A FEW OR BY MANY, CONCENTRATION OF POWER, TERRITORIAL POWER OVER INVOLUNTARY MEMBERS OR SUBJECTS, CENTRALIZATION, DECENTRALIZATION

DESPOTISM: The danger is not here or there, it is all around us.” - Dr J. J. Ray, 8.10.76. – Mostly it is based upon territorial laws, institutions and ideologies. – JZ, 29.11.08.

DESPOTISM: The difference between free institutions and despotic governments is simply the difference between men taking care of their own affairs, and submitting to have their affairs taken care of, for them, by others.” - J. Toulmin Smith, Local Self-Government & Centralization, p.28/29. – Alas, J. T. S., apart from autonomous juries, had only small territorial self-government in mind. – JZ, 14.11.10. - SELF-GOVERNMENT, CENTRALIZATION

DESPOTISM: The fact is that the despots - Domitian, or his counterparts today - cannot direct creativity; they can only stifle it. They are not wise enough to handle a power of coercion over others. Nor will anyone ever be!” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, July 76. - CREATIVITY, COERCION, POWER, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, BIB BROTHER

DESPOTISM: This is a moment in history when despotism is rampant the world over.” – Even when only in form of territorial and democratic majority or political party despotism. – JZ, 14.11.10. - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, Sept. 72.

DESPOTISM: Those favoring a “benevolent” despotism are willy nilly the sponsors of the Caesars, Napoleons, Stalins, Mussolinis and Hitlers - and are, obviously, unaware of the freedom alternatives. - JZ, 2.3.85. – Any form of territorialism is basically despotic and can easily lead to full scale despotism or even totalitarianism. – JZ, 14.11.10. - BENEVOLENT DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM

DESPOTISM: Under despotism all kinds wrongs, mistakes, tragic, absurd and funny things happen that would not occur under full freedom. What should mainly concern us is only what will happen under freedom - when it is known and used, fully or at least partly. – JZ 10.6.03. – We do not know as yet from experience what degrees of progress full freedom would make possible. – JZ, 21.10.07. Nor what problems it would solve by the way. – JZ, 3.11.07. – FREEDOM, LIBERTY, RIGHTS, PANARCHISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE


DESPOTISM: You can't hold a man down without staying down with him.” - Booker T. Washington, N.Y. TIMES MAGAZINE, Feb. 20, 1955. - Seldes.

DESPOTISM: You can't pacify despots, you can only disarm them. A crocodile is harmless only when its teeth are out.” - Dagobert D. Runes, Handbook of Reason, p.12. – Even when it has no longer teeth, I would not like to be struck by its claws or hit by its horny tail and its de-toothed mouth with its strong jaws could still grab me, draw me under and drown me. – We would largely disarm despots by confining them to their volunteers and exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 14.11.10. – APPEASEMENT

DESTATIZE POLITICS: Destatize politics. Make it a completely voluntary affair. - JZ, 2/75. - Today I would rather say: Exterritorialize politics. Without territorial monopolies it is relatively harmless or harmful only to its voluntary followers. - JZ, 12.5.00. – EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISTIC TOLERANCE VS. TERRITORIAL INTOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAWS

DESTINY: A man takes charge of his own destiny, or he is as good as dead.” - Michael F. Flynn, On the Wings of a Butterfly, ANALOG 3/89, 62. – As if all people did already know, appreciate and were free to practise all their individual rights and liberties! – 29.11.08. – Men will become really alive only once they do, finally, become aware of all their genuine individual rights and liberties and begin to realize and utilize them. – JZ, 14.11.10. - MAN, SELF-RELIANCE, INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT

DESTINY: A tyrant's authority for crime (and fool's excuse for failure.)” – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary. - It is neither a genuine authority nor a sufficient excuse. – JZ, 28.11.08. – FATE

DESTINY: Destiny - is what you make it.” - James P. Hogan, The Proteus Operation, p.401. – How free are we to do so – in the spheres still monopolized by territorial governments? – At least we should mentally prepare ourselves for the abolition of this monopolistic coercion. - JZ, 29.11.08. – FATE, PREDETERMINISM

DESTINY: Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” - William Jennings Bryan. - Your destiny will, usually, not fall into your lap. You have to work for it, hard, rightly and rationally. - JZ, 12.5.00. – As if full experimental freedom in all spheres did already exist for all people! – JZ, 29.11.08. - FATE, CHOICE, ACHIEVEMENT

DESTINY: Forget the bloody Others! We make our own destiny!” - Poul Anderson, The Avatar, 213. – Yes, but only once we have achieved our right and liberty to do so. – JZ, 14.11.10. - CHOICE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT, CONFORMITY, CUSTOM, TRADITION, DECISION-MAKING, SELF-RELIANCE, PANARCHISM, FATE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

DESTINY: Human beings today are not in control of their destiny. They have their destiny usurped by a gang of plunderers and thieves, sometimes under the guise of "democracy", other times under the guise of "socialism", and still other times under the guise of  "divine right". Whatever the name, the result is the same: a small group of tyrants have usurped humanity's destiny and are now quarrelling amongst themselves over who is to shovel dirt over humanity's corpse.” - Leon Kapersky, PROTOS, 11/70. (PROTOS was one of the few attempts to provide a quite libertarian newspaper. Now, online and via email attachments, almost everybody can attempt this. Perhaps there are already too many such blogs, websites and emailed newsletters for anybody to be able to peruse them all. Perhaps some consolidation should take place? – At least e.g. for a common slogans, ideas, abstracts, refutations and reviews collection, new publications hints, address, projects, URL hints, a list of libertarian writings already offered electronically, local meeting calendars. – JZ, 29.11.08. – TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM FOR VOLUNTEERS

DESTINY: Let any man weld his own destiny.” - Radio commentator to Melville's writings, 28.6.77. – Compare: Let everyone be the Smith of his own fate!” - MAN, FREEDOM, SELF-DETERMINATION, FATE, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, IN ALL SPHERES FOR ALL NON-AGGRESSIVE & NON-CRIMINAL PEOPLE

DESTINY: the Manifest Destiny of Intelligent Life, that it shall be self-determined and free from either coercion of its own kind, or from any other kind of life, in this and in all other galaxies of the universe.” - From the finish of Barry Longyear: Manifest Destiny.

DESTINY: There is no predetermination of fate. Destiny is choice. - Some choices are better than others. - Yes.” - Damien Broderick, The Judas Mandala, 72. - One’s own destiny should be, as far as humanly possible, the result of one’s own free choices. – JZ, 9.10.07. - FATE, DETERMINISM, PREDETERMINISM, CHOICE, FREE WILL, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

DESTROYERS: Nothing can make it moral to destroy the best.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.80. – Often the best people and ideas are simply ignored rather than destroyed. That can be almost as effective, as long as there does not exist full experimental freedom for them and their supporters. – JZ, 29.11.08. – A world-wide Ideas Archive and Talent Centre, starting with one for libertarians, would also be able to help them greatly. – JZ, 14.11.10. – IDEAS ARCHIVE, DESTRUCTION OF THE BEST

DESTROYERS: Some men who can't achieve constructively, creatively, resort even to "achieve" or make a name for themselves. Perhaps this applies to most of our leaders. - JZ, 6.7.92, 14.11.10. - This does also apply to those who put their virus inventions onto the Internet, to disturb or destroy the creative activities of others. By now there were 50,000 such attempts! - JZ, 12.5.00. - LEADERS WHO ARE AND WANT TO BE DESTROYERS, LEADERSHIP, VANDALISM

DESTROYERS: Stop supporting your own destroyers.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.990. – Easier said then done regarding taxes, compulsory State membership or subordination, the flood of laws & regulations, when one is not free to secede. – JZ, 29.11.08. - STATISTS, GOVERNMENTS, STATES

DESTRUCTION: Creative expression can flower and life find its fulfillment only when destructive actions are not overpowering. Bringing destructive actions under some measure of control is, therefore, always the first order of business for improving the social environment. Is it not self-evident that all would perish if all were killers - or thieves, or parasites, or liars, or dictators?” - Leonard E. Read, The Coming Aristocracy, p.110/111. - DESTRUCTIVENESS, CONTROL OF CREATIVITY

DESTRUCTION: Destructiveness is the outcome of unlived lives.” - Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom, 1941. - Seldes. – People free to act productively, creatively, in accordance with their beliefs and convictions are certainly less likely to act murderously and destructively. What will be the all-over effect of panarchism, when it is realized, not only on the usual aggressions but also on crimes with victims? – JZ, 29.11.08.


DESTRUCTION: You can’t make omelets without breaking eggs.” – People are not eggs to be broken, cooked and eaten. – JZ, 27.1.06. – EGGS, OMELETS, FORCE, COERCION, COMPULSION, VIOLENCE, REVOLUTION

DESTRUCTURALISTS: You have heard of the Destructuralist Movement? I had indeed. They believed that there should be no social structure beyond the extended family. Even tribes were too much for them. “Destructuralists tried to burn the Dallas Civic Centre.” – “That was us”, the girl said simply. – No wonder they had left Texas. “People were outraged.” - “People are addicted to social structure. …” - Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka, War Day. It lasted thirty-six minutes – and devastated the world, p.147. – In their primitive notions and over-simplification attempts some people even fail to distinguish between voluntary and involuntary relationships. If divorce is free and economically feasible for both, then marriage is the smallest voluntary association. Likewise: any other voluntary exchange between two people. The extended family has blood or marriage linkages but already includes much antagonism, which is much less to be found in voluntary associations, friendship circles or associations of people with alike interests and aims. To generalize: All voluntary structures, merely doing their own things for or to themselves are right, peaceful and to that extent tolerable. But all structures imposed upon peaceful dissenters are wrong and intolerable. Most wars, civil wars and bloody revolutions were caused and carried out by imposed rather than self-chosen structures. Naturally, stupid, ignorant, prejudiced intolerant, aggressive and violent people will commit inexcusable crimes within their own structure and against the people in structures of others, regardless of the merits or demerits of these structures. But structured, especially territorially structured aggression against and suppression of other kinds of peaceful people should no longer be tolerated. Structures that do competitively deal with aggressors and other criminals with involuntary victims are rightful and useful. – JZ, 13.9.07. - OPPONENTS OF ALL ORGANIZATION OR SOCIAL STRUCTURE, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION, FROM THE SMALLEST COMPETING STRUCTURE, A MARRIAGE, TO THE LARGEST ONES, ALL ONLY FOR VOLUNTEERS, ALL ONLY EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS

DETAILS: Difficult things of the world // Can only be tackled when they are easy. // Big things of the world // Can only be achieved by attending to their small beginnings. // Thus, the Sage never has to grapple with big things, // Yet he alone is capable of achieving them.” – Lao Tzu, Tao The Ching, No.63, p.91 in the tr. of John C. H. Wu. - BEGINNINGS, GRADUALISM, BIG JOBS OR TASKS, DIVISION OF LABOR, DIFFICULTIES, PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS

DETAILS: grinding down the mental powers by an infinity of detail is what now principally dwarfs…” - Gladstone's view, according to C. Bingham, Men & Affairs, p.81. - Only with a reasonable over-view can one find and understand significant details. Compare all the details published on inflations and depressions, without any comprehension of what mainly causes them. - JZ, 13.5.00. – On the other hand, the study of all the details involved is important for any signification reform or liberation. A few new slogans are certainly not enough. Nor is a prayer, a x-mas wishing list or a mere New Year resolution. – “It is easy to resolve to give up smoking”, someone said, “I have done it a thousand times!” – We have still no collection of blueprints for liberty, not even an ideal declaration of all individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 29.11.08. – One of the sayings that Ulrich von Beckerath repeated frequently towards all social reformers, whom he did not wish to remain stuck in mere generalities, was: “Detaillieren heist interessieren!”(“Providing details means to arouse interest.” – in my rough translation.) He did not give me the origin of this quote. It may have been coined by himself. The same idea is also expressed in the suggestions: Provide blue-prints for liberty! – JZ, 14.11.10. - CONCRETE-BOUND, ABSTRACTS, GENERALIZATION, THINKING OF THE REQUIRED DETAILS

DETAILS: Reforms arise essentially by the study of the details of any problem.” - Stephan, General Postmaster of Germany, in his time. - The future freedom possibilities should be studied in detail, rather than the detailed messes of the present reality. Blueprints for liberty! Political and other crime reporters see much - but not the basic causes of these evils and their cures. - JZ, 13.5.00. - REFORMS

DÉTENTE: If murderers, who live by violence, offer us détente, should we be happy to go along with them? Willy Brandt once said, "I would even be willing to have détente with Stalin." (At a time when Stalin was executing 40,000 a month?) How short-sighted! Look into the future!” - Solzhenitsyn, in READER'S DIGEST, 11/75. - The French Revolution slogan: "Peace to the cottages, war to the palaces!" - has still not been properly developed and applied in our times into rightful and rational liberation policies and steps. - To negotiate with or treat an empire that ruled over 100 captive nations, including the Russian one, as if it were a single and the only body in existence there and a rightful partner for negotiations and treaties, was simply absurd. But what else do you expect of our likewise territorialist politicians with quite insufficient knowledge of and appreciation of genuine individual rights and liberties? - The non-aggression pact between Hitler and Stalin was just an extreme case. Fundamentally most agreements between territorial governments are of the same kind, different only by degrees. - JZ, 13.5.00. – Any genuine détente requires an end to the suppression of any peaceful minorities and majorities. – JZ, 14.11.10.

DÉTENTE: In international affairs we talk of ‘détente’ when we really mean ‘appeasement’: incidentally, to give Chamberlain his due, he used the term "appeasement" in the 30's and did not try to cloak his craven appeasement with high-flown intellectual jargon.” - Stephen Haseler, QUADRANT, 7/77. - Still, he came home deluded into believing: "Peace in our time!" - Most of what politicians say on their politics is hogwash, designed to deceive the own and other people. - JZ, 13.5.00, - A program of panarchies for all tolerant communities of volunteers can hardly be called a program of appeasement for dictators and authoritarians. Luckily for them and unluckily for us, they were never as yet confronted by such a program sufficiently publicized and discussed. – JZ, 29.11.08. – APPEASEMENT, PANARCHISM, TOTALITARIANISM, DICTATORSHIPS

DÉTENTE: In the time of détente, American technology and wheat continue flowing to the Soviet Union, and its satellites, much of it on credit. Moscow now owes Western banks more than $ 40 billion.” - Philip C. Clarke: Soviet Threat. - Aiding an oppressive regime with technology or even supplying it with weapons and war materials, should be distinguished from aiding its oppressed and starving people with wheat. The latter can promote the overthrow of the regime, especially when accompanied by sufficient publicity. Shortwave can't be jammed. - JZ, 13.5.00. – Trade and credit offers to the victimizers should be distinguished from trade and credit offers to their victims. – This could start by fully recognizing these victims as our secret allies and offering them a quite just separate peace and recognition already now by recognizing their various governments in exile as exterritorially fully autonomous and as models for the various peoples still to be liberated. - JZ, 29.11.08. TRADING WITH THE ENEMY, FOREIGN AID TO DICTATORSHIPS?

DÉTENTE: It might be said of east-west détente that never has so much been written about so little.” - Winston S. Churchill, THE ECONOMIST, Jan. 8, 1977. - Nevertheless, it was significant for the non-militaristic thinking even of leading politicians in the West that they did not try to exploit the several government crises in Russia after the downfall of the communist regime. Territorialism was not questioned or attacked before or afterwards by either side. Neither was the nuclear deterrence theory, still based on wrongful territorialist and collective responsibility assumptions. - JZ, 13.5.00. 29.11.08. – Compare: PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, WAR & PEACE AIMS, NEGOTING WITH THE SECRET ALLIES, THE CAPTIVE NATIONS.

DÉTENTE: Their policies were checked against a moral compass. They never said, ‘Let slavery reign next door, and we will enter into détente with this slavery so long as it doesn't come over to us.’" - Charles Heath, The Golden Egg, 112.

DÉTENTE: We are slaves there from birth. We are born slaves. I'm not young anymore, and I myself was born a slave; this is even more true for those who are younger. We are slaves, but we are striving for freedom. You, however, were born free. If so, then why do you help our slave owners?” - Sozhenitsyn, in address in N.Y., NEWS DIGEST INTERNATIONAL, Dec. 75. - Politicians are so accustomed to overlooking the rights and interests of their own people and those of a despotic enemy regime that even in dealings with an enemy governments they do rather deal with it, as if it were quite a legitimate one, than with the people suppressed by such a regimes. People-to-people negotiations, agreements and treaties would be quite another matter and ideal agreements of this kind could be unilaterally offered and guaranteed under the assumption that they would find wide-spread tacit consent among the various peoples of the other side, our secret allies. But that is not part of territorialist political, military, revolution and liberation science as taught at our universities. But it is a science that should be developed and promoted by anarchist and libertarian publishers. - JZ, 13.5.00, 29.11.08.

DETERMINATION: Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men of talent. Genius will not … the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. - The slogan 'press on' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” - Calvin Coolidge, 30th president of the U.S. - READER'S DIGEST, 11/84. - General Nivelle, “the blood drinker”, as his troops nicknamed him, sent them 40 times in vain against the German trenches, sometimes pushing them ahead with the own artillery fire advancing BEHIND them. He and they persisted, for as long. Then the survivors rebelled. But they were neither rational nor persistent in their rebellion, and so it failed. - Much more than mere persistence is required. Weren't Stalin, Hitler and Mao persistent, too? - Aren't all politicians persistently make fools of themselves - and of us? - JZ, 13.5.00 – One has to press on with a quite rightful program, quite rightful and sufficient means as well. Otherwise wrongful and useless blood-letting and destruction will only be increased. – JZ, 29.11.08. - PERSISTENCE, TALENTS, GENIUS, INDIVIDUALS, PROGRAM, BLUEPRINT FOR LIBERTY, AN IDEAL DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS,

DETERMINATION: Obstinacy that is approved by us.” - Ambrose Bierce. - Not only partisans or guerillas ought to know when and where to attack and when and where to retreat. Determination should never result in suicidal thick-headedness. Persistent rational efforts are often more valuable than temporary and blood-shedding enthusiasm. - The IRA, in their hundreds of years of violent struggles or protest, were certainly determined - but do they have a rightful and rational war and peace aim? Do the Palestinians? Does anyone today? - JZ, 13.5.00.

DETERMINATION: The magnitude of his determination lent an assurance which was almost frightening.” - Poul Anderson, The Long Way Home, ASTOUNDING, Dec. 55, 106. - It is rather advisable to combine a rightful aim with one's determination. Caesar, Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Hitler & Mao were determined men, too. I have seen as yet little determination to provide everyone interested with all the useful ideas, references, tools, weapons, ammunition and machinery for the liberty struggle. - JZ, 13.5.00, 29.11.08. - CONFIDENCE, ASSURANCE, FAITH IN FREEDOM, FAITH IN FREEDOM, BLUEPRINTS FOR LIBERTY, LIBERTY LIBRARY, ENCYCLOPEDIA, LIBERTARIAN REVOLUTION PROGRAM, RIGHTFUL LIBERTARIAN WAR & PEACE AIMS

DETERMINATION: There is no servitude for those who have are ready to risk death.” - Proudhon, 1846, quoted in LERNZIEL ANARCHIE, Nr. 4. - Freedom requires the determination to think for it and to act rightfully and rationally, at suitable opportunities, much more so than the determination to die for it. - JZ, 13.5.00. – Courage alone just is not enough. Think of all the millions who were prepared to die for all too flawed aims. – JZ, 29.11.08, 7.2.13. - Death rather than servitude? Rather: A serious enough interest in all the details of a liberation effort. – The communist revolutionaries and the military men were and are better prepared, informed and trained for their objectives than we are, for our objectives. – They also showed more interest in the details of their campaigns. - JZ, 29.11.08.

DETERMINISM: I act as if I had free choice. Even if my actions in reality are determined, I'd still act as if I had a choice. And I bet you do too. That exhausts my interest in determinism.” - Jim Stumm, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, 8/11/75. – Did he ever absolutely refuse to pay any taxes? Would he still be alive then? – JZ, 29.11.08. - FREE WILL, WILL, FATE, PREDETERMINATION

DETERMINISM: It is merely the logical possibility of spontaneity that I wish to establish here. The importance of the subject is evident if we consider our conviction that by thinking carefully over our problems we can affect future events. If all our actions are automatically caused, all our anxious considerations become useless. It is replied that under the Determinist theory, our anxious consideration is also caused, and cannot be avoided. I rejoin that there is a world of difference in our approach to an inevitable event, and to one which we think we can alter; and I SUBMIT THAT NO DETERMINIST REALLY BELIEVES THAT HIS WILL IS WHOLLY DETERMINED BY CAUSES THAT CANNOT BE ALTERED BY HIS PERSONAL WILL. THAT WAY MADNESS LIES.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 10/77. - The last lines capitalized by me. - JZ - SPONTANEITY & FREE WILL

DETERMINISM: Only two possibilities exist: either one must believe in determinism and regard free will as a subjective illusion, or one must become a mystic and regard the discovery of natural laws as a meaningless intellectual game. - Max Born - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - FREE WILL & NATURAL LAW

DETERRENCE: allegedly sane leaders, who spoke calmly of incinerating some tens of millions of women and children, if national policy so demanded.” - Poul Anderson, Past Times, 43. –  NUCLEAR, NUCLEAR STRENGTH, INSANITY OF LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM, DEFENCE, MAD

DETERRENCE: Bureaucratized annihilation preparations that can be set off by some maniacs, drunks, addicts or depressed button pushers, by accident, computer failure or miscalculation, or by the spleens of the territorial imperative, statist nationalism and the delusion of collective responsibility. - The balance of terror isn't sufficiently balanced, seeing the risks involved. Mutual Assured Destruction: MAD, is a mad policy. I keep in mind the caricature of two bow and arrow men, standing close to each other and aiming at each other, with both saying to themselves: "The tighter I draw my bow, the safer, I think, I am!" - JZ, 28.9.85. - NUCLEAR

DETERRENCE: Do not depend only on theory if your life is at stake.” - Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse Dune, 183. – NUCLEAR DETERRENCE THEORY & THE RIGHT TO LIFE

DETERRENCE: for once rise above the moronic military idiocy that guides your reasoning…” - A. E. von Vogt, The Wizard of Linn, p.49. – The way my own program against nuclear war remains ignored among the at least 300 books on the subject, does not give me much hope. See: - Should you find a better book on the subject, please, do inform me about it! – JZ, 29.11.08. - NUCLEAR DETERRENT, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

DETERRENCE: He said his belief in deterrent posture had eroded to zero. "I thought I was doing my part for my country. I thought I was contributing to a permanent state of peace. I no longer feel that way. I wish I hadn't done it. The whole thing was wrong. Rationalize how you will, the bombs were designed to kill many, many people." - John McPhee: The Curve of Binding Energy, p.87. – As if mass murder preparations could be sanctioned by being made an official policy. And the very people targeted by it finance this criminal scheme with their involuntary taxes. – JZ, 29.11.08. - NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

DETERRENCE: If you still believe in deterrence and so on, then you get caught in the arms race.” - Kenneth Boulding, 1982 interview , SOCIAL ALTERNATIVES, Oct. 82, p. 17. - The vast majority of all arms races ended in war. – JZ - NUCLEAR

DETERRENCE: In a crisis in which our deterrence is incapable of deterring, we might in effect have to accept a Soviet victory since annihilation would be the only alternative.” - Newt Gingrich, Window of Opportunity, A Blueprint for the Future, p.245. – THEORY, NUCLEAR

DETERRENCE: In fact, I can't believe that any weapon will fail to be used to the limits of its capacity. Whenever the urgency is great enough - which is to say, any time your side is losing … chemical weapons … in WW II … were not in the hands of field commanders who were actually getting licked.” - Frederick Pohl, On predicting the future: The Wizard Wars, DESTINIES, 2/4, 116/7. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

DETERRENCE: keeping the populations on both sides furthermore in the role of unprotected hostages. - Johannes Mario Simmel, “Doch mit den Clowns kamen die Traenen”, Roman, Knaur, Vollstaendige Taschenbuchausgabe 1990. ISBN 3-426-02957-X, p.327. – JZ, rough translation of: “die Bevoelkerung beider Seiten in der Rolle schutzloser Geiseln zu halten.” –  NUCLEAR, HOSTAGES, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, POPULATIONS AS NUCLEAR TARGETS

DETERRENCE: Peace through fear is possible, although precarious and limited. … Deterrence between blocs has prevented some wars in the fifties and sixties.” - Conclusion by Erich Weede, Weltpolitik und Kriegsursachen im 20. Jahrhundert, Munich, Oldenbourg, 1975, quoted in PEACE RESEARCH, April 76.

DETERRENCE: Reliance on nuclear deterrence makes for nuclear war. - JZ, 22.7.75. - NUCLEAR

DETERRENCE: The atomic stalemate threatens to blow itself up.” - Leo Szilard, The Voice of the Dolphins, p.41.

DETERRENCE: The bad means are part of the bad end. - JZ, 12/75. , NUCLEAR STRENGTH POLICY, MEANS & ENDS, NUCLEAR DETERRENCE?

DETERRENCE: The deterrence does not cover the case of lunatics and dictators in the mood of Hitler when he found himself in his final dugout.” - Winston Churchill, 1955.

DETERRENCE: The more each tries to deter the other the more he will prepare for nuclear war - and the closer to nuclear war will all these contestants bring us. - JZ, 22.7.75, 29.11.08. – UNILATERAL NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, NUCLEAR DETERRENCE? ACCIDENTAL NUCLEAR WAR

DETERRENCE: The nuclear deterrence system is a hostage system on a vast scale - played, largely, with the consent of the victims. - But we should also remember, that these hostages have not been asked to formally and individually give their consent to such a treatment by governments. - JZ, 27.4.80, 13.5.00. - NUCLEAR “WEAPONS” CONSIDERED AS WEAPONS & RIGHTFUL PROPERTY & WHOLE NATIONS CONSIDERED AS PROPERTY & HOSTAGES

DETERRENCE: The presence of a tool implies that it will be used. You can try your best to keep it in the hands of what you think of as responsible people, but it'll never work.” - John Varley, Bagatelle, GALAXY, 10/76. - Not in the real long run. One more of the major mistakes involved is that these mass murder devices or anti-people "weapons" are still considered as valuable tools or weapons. But genuine weapons can be directed against real enemies without destroying their victims as well. ABC mass murder devices rest upon the wrong assumption that all suppressed people are and can be rightly and should be held collectively responsible for the wrong actions of their oppressors. The Soviets, obviously, could not "liberate the proletarians" in the West with them, nor could the West liberated the victims of totalitarianism with them. Both did thus incite unjustified and unnecessary fears and animosities on the other side. These "powerful weapons" weakened rather than strengthened their positions. - JZ, 13.5.00, 7.2.13.

DETERRENCE: The sponsor of such worship is the church of the blind gods, whose worship has spread with the virulence of a plague. Faith in the bomb has absorbed other faiths, silenced them, inducted them, shamed them with its success in the world, its adherents under every sun, its command over the best and brightest; finally, with its ineffable slogans: "War is peace", "Duplicity is truth", "Secrecy is candor", "Terror is peace", "Law is order." - Daniel Berrigan, quoted in THE AUSTRALIAN, 7.8.79.

DETERRENCE: Threats do not frighten the determined… nor do the desperate shrink before a display of overwhelming force.” - Aldous Huxley, Ends and Means, Chatto & Windus, London, 1948. - Do governments act morally and rationally in all other spheres? - JZ, 13.5.00.

DETERRENCE: Wars seldom happen the way they are planned. At least half the participants must find that their plans have gone wrong, since they lose; at least some of the other half win only because of factors that have nothing to do with plans. Wars are contests between bad guessers. Thucydides said more than two thousand years ago, "Many schemes which were ill-advised have succeeded through the still greater folly which possessed the enemy, and yet more, which seemed to be wisely contrived, have ended in foul disaster." And, in an all-out nuclear exchange, "foul disaster" is all either side can expect.” Frederick Pohl, On Predicting the Future, DESTINIES, 2/4, 131.

DETERRENCE: We are all hostages given by the nuclear powers to each other - and hostages have often been slaughtered before. - JZ, 22.12.73. - NUCLEAR

DETERRENCE: We run carelessly to the precipice, after we have put something before us to prevent us seeing it.” - Pascal, Pensées. – THEORY, MAD: MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION, NUCLEAR STRENGTH, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

DETERRENCE: What if in some future confrontation nobody backs down?” - Frederick Pohl, On Predicting the Future, DESTINIES, 2/4, p.131. – Q.

DETERRENCE: When has man ever invented a more efficient way of slaughtering people that he hasn't used?” - Laurance Labadie, Selected Essays, S. 64. – As long as they are considered as “weapons”, rightful and efficient ones, they will sooner or later be used, unless e.g. the targets for them are eliminated, as they would be through the general practice of panarchism. – JZ, 29.11.08.

DETERRENCE: You may reasonably expect a man to walk a tightrope safely for 10 minutes; it would be unreasonable to (*) do so without accident for 200 years.” - Bertrand Russell. - (*) expect that many tightrope walkers could - JZ) - BALANCE OF POWER, NUCLEAR WEAPONS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, DETERRENCE THEORY OR HYPOTHESIS

DEVALUATION: A devaluation below the market rate is an anticipation and determination of a coming up inflation. The dumping price of the own currency can only be maintained through note printing until the additional notes have finally raised the internal price level so much that the exchange rate is no longer artificially kept low for foreigners. That takes about 2 years if reported experience with it is any guide. – JZ, 5.2.83. - The effect on the goods side of this devaluation of the own currency is that less is imported, because it appears more expensive to the buyers and more is exported, because it appears more cheap to the foreign buyers, so that altogether the offer of goods is reduced in the country whose currency was developed. And this reduced goods offer is at the same time confronted by an increased note circulation, increased to permit this kind of dumping of the own currency. Thus internal prices are monetarily inflated and also increased by a relative goods shortage (through less imports and more exports). - JZ, 13.5.00.

DEVALUATION: Devaluation by a government has to be kept secret, and politicians therefore must look us straight in the eye and, with full knowledge of what they are doing, tell a direct, total lie. – We can see then, the triple evil of government fixed exchange rates and their consequent devaluations and/or revaluations. – 1.) They rob some people of their money and property, and arbitrarily redistribute this to others. – 2.) They prevent the smooth operation of the market and help create such little irrelevancies as inflation, unemployment, prices and wage rises, shortages, economic distortions. – 3.) They place politicians in such a position that they have no choice but to deliberately deceive and mislead the people they were elected to serve. … The only way out of this dilemma is to have a free floating exchange rate. If the government doesn’t fix it then it would not have to lie about changing it. Devaluation, therefore, provides us with yet another example of the stupidity, immorality and complete futility of attempts by governments to improve on the functioning of a genuine free market.” – John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.74.

DEVALUATION: For this is what "devaluation" means. It is a confession of bankruptcy. To announce that IOU's hitherto guaranteed to be worth $ 4.03 are in fact worth only $ 2.80 is to tell your creditors that their old claims on you are now worth no more than 70 cents in the dollar.” - Henry Hazlitt, What You Should Know About Inflation, p.24. - This applies only if the new fixed exchange rate is artificially set below the market rate. If before it had been wrongly fixed above the market rate then the foreign creditors cannot rightly demand that it should not be lowered to the market rate. But they should blame themselves for having negotiated in terms of an artificially over-valued currency. - And why should they have trusted any government issued and manipulated currency and its paper "standard" in the first place?  - JZ, 13.5.00.

DEVALUATION: Governments, politicians and bureaucrats devaluate not only their forced and exclusive paper currencies but everything else that they do also touch, manage or regulate. And everything they do, as David Friedman said, costs at least twice as much.”- JZ, 29.9.84 & 13.5.00. - CURRENCIES & GOVERNMENTS

DEVALUATION: If a devaluation of 10% is morally right and commercially beneficial, must not then a devaluation by 20%, 50%, 90% or 99.999% be even more right and beneficial? – Anything but the free market rate – the “authorities” seem to think. – And their victims remain mainly ignorant on the subject and thus do not protest. – The maximum of trade, equally beneficial to all sides, between countries takes place naturally only at the free market rates between their currencies. – Precisely that rate is usually intentionally interfered with by “devaluations” or “increasing the gold price” for the national currency. - JZ, 8.3.83, 5.1 0.08. - PRICE FIXING FOR FOREIGN EXCHANGE, EXCHANGE RATE CONTROL

DEVALUATION: If consistently more dollars are offered than are demanded on the market, at the old rate of exchange, for the same quantity of foreign exchange, or gold, then the central bank will either run out of its paper dollars for these exchanges or it will have to print more. The latter is the more likely case and leads, because of legal tender, and the issue monopoly to inflation. - JZ

DEVALUATION: If the coercive devaluation of the dollar is right, why not also reduce the standards of length, weight and volume and force everybody to accept the reduced standards as if they were the same? - JZ, n.d., early 70's most likely.

DEVALUATION: If the exchange rate for a government currency is fixed above its market value then and thereby imports are encouraged and exports discouraged. But such a situation cannot be long maintained. Then a devaluation of that artificial value of a paper currency down to its market value, would be beneficial and best followed by leaving it at its market level. If, instead, a government's monopoly currency is fixed, in its exchange rates to other currencies, below its market value, then the demand for this currency, by foreign importers, to whom our exports have been made thus artificially cheap, will be so increased that the government will either run out of its paper money, to keep up this artificial rate, or will have to print more "money". Guess what they usually do! Due to the exclusive and forced nature of their money (legal tender & the issue monopoly), that means an artificial inflation of the internal price level, until the degree of the devaluation is reached, if not exceeded, once again. For the all too common inflation of government monopoly monies is a day by day devaluation of the currency, in very small increments, happening as well under free as under fixed exchange rates. Devaluations are large and sudden depreciations of the paper monetary standard, in terms of foreign currencies or rare metal values, made possible for governments through their fixed exchange rates or ties to a supposedly stable (but also inflated) foreign currency. - JZ, 13.5.00.

DEVALUATION: Is it really a national gain for the American people to sell their own goods for less and buy foreign goods for more?” - Henry Hazlitt, The Future of Money, from: Champions of Freedom, p.15.

DEVALUATION: Rather devaluate politicians than the currency. - JZ, 1966. - Better still, let the politician's currency find its own value, if any, after compulsory taxation, payable in their currency, has been abolished and free competition has been set up in the supply of alternative exchange media, clearing avenues and value standards. - JZ, 13.5.00. – Just like the value of politicians and their platforms or “programs” should be determined by voluntary membership or subordination to their rule, confined to exterritorial autonomy and personal laws and limited by individual and group secessionism. – JZ, 2.12.08. CURRENCIES & POLITICIANS

DEVALUATION: Repudiation of the government’s promise to redeem its money substitutes at the stated rate of exchange, causing a new rate for convertibility.” – Harry Browne: You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis, p. 391, Glossary. (*) – Artificially reducing the value of the value standard and thereby depreciating all of a government’s currency, which makes imports more expensive and exports cheaper for foreigners and within 2 or 3 years increasing internal prices correspondingly. Setting it below the market value of a currency does increase the demand by foreigners for it and forces the central bank to issue more of its legal tender money, thus backing the devaluation depreciation of its currency by the usual inflation: note-printing of a forced and exclusive currency. – Since so few people think about money and currency at all, most governments still get away with this. How often, if ever, have you, for instance, read the legal tender inscription on your paper money notes and really pondered it and the monopoly issuer, in relation to inflation, deflation, stagflation and monetary crises? – Even open slavery and serfdom were taken for granted for all too many centuries, just like the modern tributes, called taxation, are and the decision-making power of governments on war and peace, armament and disarmament, even while there are stockpiles of WMD’s. - JZ, 28.11.08. – (*)- He wrote as if governments at that time were still redeeming their notes with gold or silver. What was often involved was the foreign exchange rate, under conditions in which all governments had inflated their currencies - but at different degrees, so a formerly fixed exchange rate against foreign currencies could not longer be kept without causing disturbances. - JZ, 13.5.00. - MONETARY DESPOTISM VS. MONETARY FREEDOM

DEVALUATION: The belief that devaluation is a blessing, because it temporarily enables us to sell more and forces us to buy less, stems from the old mercantilist fallacy that looked at international trade only from the standpoint of the sellers. It was one of the primary achievements of the classical economists to explode this fallacy.” – Henry Hazlitt, The Future of Money, in Champions of Freedom, the Ludwig von Mises Lecture Series, vol. 1, Hillsdale College Press, 1974, p.15.

DEVALUATION: The Devaluation Against Gold Is The Inflation. “The Devaluation Against Gold Is The Inflation“ | Lars Schall - - It is just one result of inflation, like price, wage, rent and interest increases and not the primary form, the increase of the circulation of legal tender paper money beyond the point at which it would be accepted at par with a sound value standard. If the foreign exchange rate against gold is devalued below the market rate for its paper against gold, then this increased paper price can only be paid with additionally printed legal tender paper money, the primary inflation. Often the devaluation against gold, if it is officially undertaken, takes place AFTER the paper money inflation, through excessive issue of legal tender money, has already occurred." – JZ, 15.6.11, on Facebook. – In the latter case, the old fixed exchange rate is, obviously no longer tenable against currencies that had been less inflated. – JZ, 11.10.12, 8.1.13. - & INFLATION

DEVALUATION: The official devaluation of a national currency below its international market rate is an anticipation of and determination on a central bank’s coming up inflation. This dumping price for the own currency can only be maintained through the additional printing of its notes, for otherwise, at this artificial cheapness of it, there would not be enough of it to supply them at this fictitious exchange rate. This additional note printing will then go on until the higher prices for the imported goods and the inflated prices for the internally produced goods finally produce a market rate for foreign exchange that is then corresponding to the real purchasing power relationship between the two national currencies involved. That usually takes about two years, if past experience with such devaluations are any guide. The intention of these devaluations is to temporarily promote exports and reduce imports, because it artificially cheapens the prices of exports for foreigners while it increases the prices of imports for the own subjects. Since only few understand what is happening and those who wrongfully benefit from it will shut up about this, usually no protest is raised against such measures and the officials involved may even praise themselves for their “resolute action” to “save” the currency, while they are actually inflating it. This kind of “devaluation” is very different from one that brings an artificially overvalued national currency closer to its lower market rate or even quite down to its market rate. That kind of devaluation would only partly or fully abolish the harm done to an international exchange rate for the own currency that was intentionally and wrongly fixed above its free market rate. – JZ, 5.2.83, 5.10.08.

DEVALUATION: The only way out of this dilemma is to have a free floating exchange rate. (*) If the government doesn't fix it then they would not have to lie about changing it. Devaluation, therefore, provides us with yet another in example of the stupidity, immorality and complete futility of attempts by governments to improve on the functioning of a genuine free market.”- John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.74. - (*) Better, still, denationalize the currencies - then relatively stable international exchange rates would be one of many benefits. - JZ, 13.5.00. - FIXED VS. FREELY FLOATING EXCHANGE RATES, LEGAL TENDER, MONEY ISSUE MONOPOLY, CENTRAL BANKING, MONETARY DESPOTISM, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS

DEVALUATION: There can be devaluations to the free market rate, closer to the free market rate and below the free market rate. Their results differ greatly. Only devaluations of over-valued currencies down to their market rate are rightful and useful. Those which bring the fixed exchange rate closer to the freely floating rate are an improvement. But those which reduce it to below the free exchange rate are wrongful and harmful. – JZ, 16.9.00, 7.10.08.

DEVALUATION: To rouse public option against it, it should be described e.g. as a devaluation of wages and salaries, of rents, of profits and of all other incomes, of the external and finally also internal purchasing power of the national currency. Thus expressed people might come to care much more about it than about the mere word they hear or read and do not comprehend in its implications. Few have any clear idea what a devaluation or increase in the gold price of a currency really means for them and the country. Thus the governmental conspirators and export industries, pushing for devaluations, do get away with it, all too often. What it amounts to is just another form of inflating the currency. For a fictitious exchange rate, set below the market rate of a currency, cannot be kept up without increasing the volume of the own currency correspondingly. In ordinary inflations the increase in the volume of forced currency comes first. In devaluations it follows. – JZ, 20.8.07, 31.10.07.

DEVALUATION: We had no option but to protect the stability of our currency by the action we took.” – A governmental comment on its 10 % devaluation, reported on radio news, 8.3.83. (*) – With such remarks they attempt to “justify” either an official recognition that a corresponding reduction of the value of the currency entrusted to them has already taken place or will take place in about the next 2 years, when all prices expressed in it ( vial legal tender laws ) will have correspondingly risen, starting with the prices of imports. – Are there any limits to the dishonesty of politicians? - JZ, 8.3.83, 5.10.08. - (*) What probably happened was that fixed exchange rate against foreign currencies could no longer be maintained after the own currency had been significantly inflated. - To call this "protecting the stability of our currency" is the usual political lie. - Just look how all governments, supposed and declared "protectors of their currency" have inflated them, instead, some several times and to an extraordinary degree. How anyone can still have any confidence in the own government managing its exclusive and forced currency is a riddle too me. Too much sanction of the victims! Too much slave mentality. Too much statism. To little knowledge of, interest in and reasoning on the own affairs when they go beyond jobs, household and private affairs. Even the somewhat enlightened libertarians are still stuck upon the classical gold standard currencies as the supposedly only solution, rather than opting for freedom in the choice of value standards, combined with freedom for note issues and freedom for all clearing and credit arrangements. – JZ, 13.5.00.

DEVELOPMENT: Africa does need development assistance, just as it needs debt relief from its crushing international debt burden. But aid and debt relief can only go so far. We are asking for the opportunity to compete, to sell our goods in western markets. In short, we want to trade our way out of poverty.” - President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda; Stephen Byers, “The IMF and World Bank Orthodoxy is increasing Global Poverty” in the Guardian, 19 May 03. – “Byers, ministerial head of the UK delegation to the World Trade Organization (WTO) conference in Seattle, claims that an increase of just 1% of Africa’s share of world exports would generate around £ 43 million – five times the amount of aid Africa receives.” – M .J. Cohen and John Major, History in Quotations, Cassell, 2004, 2006. ISBN 0-304-35387-6. - These people, too, still showed no awareness of the possibilities of full monetary and financial freedom. Under that freedom the repayment of any debts would be much easier than it is now. – JZ, 23.9.07. – People in less developed countries would then be free to pay for imports with assignments or clearing certificate based upon their own goods and services and thus could achieve their sales. – JZ, 9.10.07. - FOREIGN AID, FREE TRADE, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, PRIVATE INVESTMENTS

DEVELOPMENT: All development was so far nothing but a stumbling from one error into another. - Ibsen. - That describes well enough most of the government planned, tax financed and coercively and bureaucratically carried out central planning and direction of the economy, including the work of most of their central banks. - JZ, 13.5.00. - PROGRESS, PREJUDICES, ERRORS, PLANNING GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS, FOREIGN AID, ECONOMIC POLICIES, PROTECTIONISM, MONOPOLISM


DEVELOPMENT: Genuine and maximum development exists only where everybody is free to attempt to improve his own conditions or those of his fellow men, on a voluntary and self-responsible basis. - JZ, n.d. & 13.5.00.

DEVELOPMENT: I cannot make a tree, but I can interfere with its development.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.23. - And if I planted many fruit or timber trees on my own property then I would certainly take better care or them than most politicians or bureaucrats would. - Nevertheless, they cut themselves into my earnings and property. - JZ, 13.5.00.

DEVELOPMENT: Most countries need e.g. free trade, free enterprise, free migration, voluntary taxation and monetary and financial freedom much more than they need foreign aid to their bureaucrats and politicians. Under such conditions they would get much more in sound investments than they get now in unsound government to government aid. Moreover, then they would have freed their internal exchanges and could build up capital themselves, rather rapidly. - JZ, 5.8.92, 13.5.00. - FOREIGN AID TO UNDERDEVELOPED COUNTRIES

DEVELOPMENT: Nothing can properly develop under constant coercive intervention by legislators, bureaucrats and judges, especially under monetary and financial despotism and imposed protectionism, except incompetence, fraud, corruption, submissiveness, resignation, apathy and monopolistic exploitation. - JZ, 11.10.85, 12.5.00.

DEVELOPMENT: The Australian Government has "no role whatever to play in the development of the country." - Lang Hancock, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 14.4.77. - GOVERNMENT

DEVELOPMENT: Without full monetary and financial freedom no development in any country will go fast and far enough, with a minimum of friction. – JZ, 7.2.13. – FREE BANING, MONETARY FREEDOM, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, FINANCIAL FREEDOM

DEVIL: The Devil … is a convenient myth invented by the real malefactors of the world.” - R. A. Wilson, Masks of the Illuminati, p.8. , RELIGION, CHURCHES

DICTATORSHIP: A ‘good dictatorship’ is a contradiction in terms.” - Ayn Rand, Textbook of Americanism, in: “The Ayn Rand Column”, revised edition, 1998, p 94, Second Renaissance Books, New Milford, Connecticut, – One that is unanimously supported by volunteers and does not claim a territorial monopoly will supply its supporters with a good lesson, which, apparently, they still need. Outsiders will also get a good deterrent example – without risk and costs to them, apart from losing these people to a large extent as trading partners. – JZ, 15.11.10. –

DICTATORSHIP: A dictator must be overthrown, a great war machine brought to a halt by any possible means. – A. E. van Vogt, The Pawns of Null-A, Sphere SF, 1970, p.189. – Only aggressive wars must be prevented or stopped. – Compare: DECISION-MAKING MONOPLY, TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION, PUBLIC DEBT, MONETARY DESPOTISM, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, CONSCRIPTION, MILITIA, AGGRESSIVE WARS

DICTATORSHIP: all dictatorships of the right fall sooner or later but the dictatorship of the left never falls.” - Oriana Fallaci, A Man, p.299. - Not quite true. But it seems that the dictatorships of the left do last longer, perhaps because they appeal to more widespread popular prejudices and larger segments of the population. - JZ, 14.5.00. - LEFT & RIGHT,

DICTATORSHIP: All men are victims and losers under a dictatorship; nobody wins except the ruling clique.” - Ayn Rand, The Fascist New Frontier, in: “The Ayn Rand Column”, revised edition, 1998, p 106, Second Renaissance Books, New Milford, Connecticut, – And even the dictator lives constantly in fear of being executed or replaced by another power-monger. – JZ, 17.9.07.

DICTATORSHIP: By persons afflicted with "the most dangerous kind of madness", those so blind to their own imperfections that they naively believe they can manage your life better than you can. Choose any dictocrat who has ever lived and ask yourself, is he or you the more competent to guide your life? The answer in every instance comes loud and clear: It's you by a mile! Dictocrats are victims of conceit …” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.24.

DICTATORSHIP: Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers from which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.” - Winston S. Churchill, While England Slept, 1936. – “Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers, they dare not dismount and the tigers are getting hungry.” - Winston S. Churchill, House of Commons, 1941. - Real tigers would not let themselves be ridden and would love to feed on "fat cats". - In spite of all his historical knowledge and this word-play, did Churchill ever came out clearly for tyrannicide as an institution and a practical policy, or did he rather demand unconditional surrender from Hitlers conscripts and other victims and tried to bomb the civilians into submission, although they had no right and opportunity to decide upon war and peace and no power at all to recall Hitler? Apparently, he, too, believed in collective guilt or ownership of people by governments. Until the end, and in spite of several assassination attempts by Germans, Hitler remained the safest man in Germany! Who is to blame for that? - JZ, 14.5.00. - TYRANNICIDE

DICTATORSHIP: Dictatorship can arise only when power or powerful positions are there for the grabbing. - JZ, 27.10.95, 11.5.00. – Under territorialism this is often the case. – JZ, 15.11.10.

DICTATORSHIP: Dictatorship is a form of government where everything that isn't forbidden is obligatory.” - Anonymous, quoted in: C. Bingham, Men & Affairs, p.253.

DICTATORSHIP: Dictatorship is a great adventure - which crumbles in misery and blood.” - Charles De Gaulle, N.Y. TIMES, June 1, 1958. - Seldes. - Adventure for whom? Hardly for its victims. - A great spleen or self-deception, or what Germans call "Grössenwahn" comes closer to the mark. - JZ, 14.5.00.

DICTATORSHIP: Dictatorships only thrive in misery.” - Hans Habe, Off Limits, p.390.

DICTATORSHIP: Dictatorships usually present a formidable exterior. They seem, on the outside, to be hard, glittering, and irresistible. Within, they are full of rottenness.” - John Foster Dulles. - Quoted in The Free Man's Almanac, compiled by Leonard E. Read, Dec. 4.

DICTATORSHIP: do not believe that humanity can be saved by coercion and oppression. … foresee that dictatorships must result in endless conflicts, wars and revolutions.” – Ludwig von Mises, Omnipotent Government, 284. - Still, one should consider the possibilities of relatively harmless dictatorships that are practised, under exterritorial autonomy, only over voluntary members. Monasteries, nunneries, and certain sects supply some good examples. Even some universities and corporations do. The urges for domination and submissiveness can thus be channeled to operate only among those who deserve their consequences. To the extent that democracies and republics are still territorial and with decision-making, especially on everything related to war and peace still monopolized in the hands of governments, however elected, they are still dictatorships, although not, generally and clearly recognized as such. - JZ, 14.5.00.

DICTATORSHIP: Every dictator is a mystic, and every mystic is a potential dictator. A mystic craves obedience from men, not their agreement. He wants them to surrender their consciousness to his assertions, his edicts, his wishes, his whims - as his consciousness is surrendered to theirs. He wants to deal with men by means of faith and force - he finds no satisfaction in their consent, if he must earn it by means of fact and reason. Reason is the enemy he dreads. … His lust is to command, not to convince. …” Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.970. - MYSTICISM & REASON, AGREEMENT VS. OBEDIENCE

DICTATORSHIP: I was sent to Iraq to remove a dictator. I won’t tolerate one here. - Ulrich F. Biele shared David Rolfe's photo. Facebook, 12.4.12. - John Zube Even with the best intentions - it is territorialism that expresses all the dictatorial aspects, not any person. Exterritorial autonomy for all the diverse factions in Iraq - and in the USA, for instance, could settle their internal and international differences in a rightful and peaceful way. No form of territorialism is a solution to the problems which territorialism itself creates. – Alas, it is not yet up to any individual to tolerate any kind of dictatorship or any degree of freedom and rights within communities of volunteers, under personal law, which they may freely join, establish or secede from. – JZ, 8.1.13. - & TERRITORIALISM

DICTATORSHIP: I wish to be free from dictators - all of them - be they of the one-man variety or an agglomeration hiding behind an act of Congress or an administrative ruling that restrains creative actions.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, May 73.

DICTATORSHIP: If you think of yourself as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will crate a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual.” - Frank Herbert, The Dosadi Experiment, GALAXY, 6/77, p.85.

DICTATORSHIP: Most people give lip-service to denunciations of dictatorship. But very few take a clear-cut stand and recognized dictatorship for what it is, an absolute evil, in any form, by anyone, for anyone, anywhere, at any time and for any purpose whatsoever. - - A great many people now enter into an obscene kind of bargaining about differences between “a good dictatorship: and a “bad dictatorship”, about motives, causes or reasons that make dictatorship proper. For the question: “Do you want dictatorship?” the Collectivists have substituted the question: “What kind of dictatorship you want?” They can afford to let you argue from then on; they have won their point.” - Ayn Rand, Textbook of Americanism, in: “The Ayn Rand Column”, revised edition, 1998, p 93, Second Renaissance Books, New Milford, Connecticut, – TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENT

DICTATORSHIP: No dictatorship ever stayed benevolent for long, for the obvious reason: the most ruthless addicts of power fight their way to the top.” - Robert Conquest, We & They, Civil & Despotic Cultures, Temple-Smith, London, 1980, p 211. – If they were confined to their volunteers and exterritorial autonomy only, then they would have to put up or shut up. Especially when all their members would be surrounded by more successful because more free members of other societies, communities and voluntary governments. But within territorial borders, as monopoly governments, with their subjects largely involuntary victims, disarmed and not militarily organized, they can run their own zoos, slaughterhouses, and prisons, on a country-wide scale, for all too long, based upon successful but misleading propaganda, as numerous examples have shown. – JZ, 15.11.10. - RULERS, GOVERNMENT, POLITICIANS, BENEVOLENT POWER ADDICTS?

DICTATORSHIP: No important political or organizational problem is ever decided by our soviets and other mass organizations without directives from our Party. In this sense we may say that the dictatorship of the proletariat is, substantially, the dictatorship of the party, as the force which effectively guides.” - Joseph Stalin, quoted by Edgar Snow, SATURDAY EVENING POST, March 24, 1945. - Seldes. - Out of the horse's mouth! – JZ - DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT OR DICTATORSHIP OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OR ITS TOP MEN OVER THE PROLETARIAT – AND ALL OTHERS, REDUCING THEM TO PROLETARIANS, EVEN SLAVE LABORERS, EXCEPT “THE NEW CLASS”? ONE-PARTY DICTATORSHIP

DICTATORSHIP: Nobody's going to dictate how I'm going to live! - Popular saying, unobjectionable if the others are conceded the same right or liberty. Otherwise, it would be the maxim of a robber, barbarian or murderer. – JZ, n.d. - VS. SELF-DETERMINATION

DICTATORSHIP: Sometimes they seem to be so firm in the saddle but in the course of history all have sooner or later been ended, not always by death at a ripe old age. On this Machiavelli said very well: "No one has ever killed his successor!" - But unless tyrannicide, the right to resist and the right to engage in revolutions and military insurrections against oppressive regimes become widely recognized and the best techniques for such efforts become widely publicized as well, territorial dictatorial regimes have it all too much their own way for all too long. - JZ, 14.5.00. - REVOLUTION & TYRANNICIDE

DICTATORSHIP: The dictators of the world have always operated in countries where there was a strong respect for government. The prevailing awe of the state has produced an endless number of tyrants, wars, and low standards of living.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.97. - STATISM

DICTATORSHIP: The dictatorship of the proletariat paved the way not for a socialist society but for the most primitive type of bureaucratic state capitalism and a reversion to political absolutism which was long ago abolished in most countries by bourgeois revolutions.” - Rudolf Rocker, on the Russian Revolution. – DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT, IN PRACTICE OVER THE PROLETARIAT

DICTATORSHIP: The old belief that dictatorship is only a necessary transition and that the abolition of private capital in industry and agriculture would automatically bring about the liberation of humanity from all reactionary ties of the past, has been so thoroughly discredited, that in the face of reality it has lost all meaning. No power is willing to abdicate voluntarily, and the greater its strength, the less it is inclined to do so. In this respect Proudhon again hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that every provisional government wants to become permanent. …” - Rudolf Rocker, Nationalism & Culture, p.546. - One should give even the devil his due. Historically, there were a few instances of abdication. Because they are so rare a complete list of them, if it were attempted by someone, would not be very long and it would prove the exceptional nature of these actions. - JZ, 14.5.00. - SOCIALISM & CAPITALISM, PROPERTY & LIBERATION

DICTATORSHIP: The only reason that the entire world today is not a complete dictatorship is the saving fact that students are only in school five or six hours a day, and thus in their free time, when they are released from these scholastic cages, a number of them are capable of developing some degree of independence and self-esteem, which means, some degree of mental maturity. And it is these few individuals who are responsible for maintaining those vestiges of freedom that remain in the world. …” - Thomas Johnson, REASON, April/May 71, reproduced in FREE ENTERPRISE, April 1975. - EDUCATION UNDER GOVERNMENT CONTROL

DICTATORSHIP: There are today, 33 years after a war for freedom or something - more military dictatorships in the world than ever before, nearly all ruled by colonels or generals who never fought any but their own people, nearly all established with the help of democracies.” - FREEDOM, U.K., June 10, 1978. (The anarchist fortnightly.) - By now their number may have been reduced, although there are now many more recognized "nation states" than ever before, but are any of these "nations" genuinely free or are significant individual rights legally or illegally suppressed in all of them? - JZ, 14.5.00.

DICTATORSHIP: They (the Marxists) say that such a yoke, the dictatorship of the State, is the inevitable but transitional remedy for achieving the maximum liberation of the people… We answer that any dictatorship can have only one aim: self-perpetuation.” - Mikhail A. Bakunin, Gesammelte Werke, Golos Trude edition, I, 255, quoted by Pyziur, in Seldes, The Great Quotations.

DICTATORSHIP: We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish a dictatorship… The object of power is power.” - George Orwell, 1984, quoted in Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.44. - POWER, REVOLUTION, ABDICATION

DICTATORSHIP: You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police. Yet in their heart there is unspoken – unspeakable! – fear. They are afraid of words and thoughts! Words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home, all the more powerful because they are forbidden. These terrify them. A little mouse – a little tiny mouse! – of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic. – Winston Churchill - in  - Thus, terrorized themselves by this fear, they resort to even more terrorism against their subjects and this tends to bring about, ultimately, their own downfall. – JZ, 30.3.12. - IDEAS, INFORMATION, NEWS

DICTOCRATS: Dictocrat" brings out the common strain that you will find in Communists, Socialists, Anarchists-of-the-deed, Social Democrats, Majority Rule fanatics, Planners, Collectivists, and what-not, including all the many varieties of Progressive or Liberal (modern sense) who need forgiveness, for they know not what they do.” - John Chamberlain, THE FREEMAN, 5/74. – As territorial States, ruling thus over many involuntary subjects, even democratic States are, largely, dictocratic. – JZ, 15.11.10.

DICTOCRATS: No dictocrats among those who are hatching!” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, Sep. 74. - That might apply to adults who are mentally growing and learning - but has Read over observed infants and children in action? - JZ, 14.5.00. - He used the term also in his book: Having My Way, FEE, p.11.

DICTOCRATS: Rather good, I though. "Dictocrat" covers a multitude of characters who try to get their way by force, including the force of seizing other people's money to pay for their experiments…” - John Chamberlain, THE FREEMAN, 5/74. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, TAXATION

DICTOCRATS: Recall that no one knows how to make an ordinary wooden pencil let alone an automobile or a jet plane. But, then, no one understands as cell, a molecule, an atom. You name it! Yet the dictocrats do not know that they know not. In their behavior they attempt to go beyond their finite minds, regardless of how brilliant they may appear. It is this coercive intrusion, this unreasonable force, that threatens man's survival.” - Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air, p.37. - KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, LEADERSHIP, GOVERNMENT, STATES, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

DICTOCRATS: The Dictocrats, Our Unelected Rulers. - Title of an essay or book by Omar V. Garrison, author of "Spy Government". - BUREAUCRACY, PUBLIC SERVANTS, MINISTERS

DIETS: If one were to buy and read all books on diet and health, one would have neither money nor time left to enjoy breaking their various rules. - JZ, 18.10.86. - JOKES

DIETS: Many people fuel their cars on super-grade petrol and oil - and themselves on substandard foods (junk foods and excessively processed foods). - JZ, 28.5.80, 14.5.00. - HEALTH

DIETS: Most people treat their fuel heaters, petrol and electrical engines more sensible than their own and only bodies, although these have to last them much longer and do not come with any guaranties. They would not overload their heaters or engines with fuel or electric power and yet, see what they do to their own heat and motion engines or power plants: their bodies, as if these could not be damaged or would be indestructible and immortal already. - JZ, 24.2.95, 11.5.00. – OBESITY, DIETS, NATURAL VS. UNNATURAL LIVING

DIFFERENCE: exceptional individuals, instead of being deterred, should be encouraged in acting differently from the mass.” - J. S. Mill, quoted in Sprading, p.140. – However, even ordinary people should have free choice in following their diverse gurus, prophets or “great” leaders under full experimental freedom, i.e. exterritorial autonomy. Let them, too, live their way and learn. At least some good ideas, however little their steps, can come from almost anyone. – JZ, 15.11.10. - ACT DIFFERENTLY, ECCENTRICITY, NONCONFORMITY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, CREATIVITY, IDEAS, DIVERSITY, CHOICE

DIFFERENCE: If men would recognize the imperative need of others to be themselves, to be different, perhaps many of the ills of the world would vanish. - We make a terrible mistake when we think that what is good or right for us is necessarily good or right for the man next door. How presumptuous of anyone to imagine that he has the right to interfere with his neighbour, to tell others how to live their lives! If we are asked for advice, we can give it. Otherwise we should leave well enough alone. - Respect for others, tolerance of their ideas and foibles, compassion in their misfortunes, are the marks of the truly civilised human being. - The reforming zeal is good, but with too many of us it takes the form of wanting to reform others, to persuade them to accept our own standards and ideas. - The first step towards improving things, towards making a better world, is to make oneself better. That is surely task enough in itself.” - IPA FACTS, 12/68. - Aren't opposition and abolition of repressive institutions and laws also required? - JZ, 14.5.00. - RIGHT & NEED TO BE DIFFERENT, INDIVIDUALISM, TOLERANCE, CIVILIZATION

DIFFERENCE: Indifference is isolation. In difference is texture and wonder.” - Edwin Schlossberg, ANALOG, July 84, page 84. This is correct only as far as it goes. - There is an indifference towards social problems that is accompanied by a great interest and involvement in pleasure activities, among many if not most people. And how many libertarians share indifference towards human rights, aborted unborn children and the nuclear threat? - JZ, 7.4.91. - VARIETY, INDIFFERENCE, TOLERANCE, CHOICE

DIFFERENCE: Individual differences are to be celebrated, … not lamented. They're what make trade and every other achievement possible for intelligent beings." - L. Neil Smith, Taflak Lysandra, p. 129. - DISTINCTIONS, VARIETIES, INEQUALITY

DIFFERENCE: Mass society has no form apart from the individual, and it follows from this that social progress can only take place to the extent that the individual differentiates himself from the mass.” – Rather, to the extent that the individual becomes free to engage in different kinds of actions and institutions, including whole societies, communities etc. of volunteers, exterritorially autonomous. This full freedom (including the choice of being less free) is, alas not yet in individual option – JZ, 15.11.10. - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.17. - DIFFERENTIATION, INDIVIDUALIZATION, PROGRESS, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, 

DIFFERENCE: the greater the minds the greater the difference.” - Quoted by L. E. Read in NOTES FROM FEE, 11/76. - OF OPINIONS

DIFFERENCE: the Leonard Read who insists that we all have a vested interest in the uncompelled differences of human beings …” - John Chamberlain, THE FREEMAN, 6/79. , DIVERSITY, TOLERANCE, CHOICE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, THE MARKET, LAISSEZ FAIRE

DIFFERENCE: The Role of Differences: Each of us is unique and the whole case for liberty hinges on our differences. - Leonard E. Read, Comes the Dawn, summing up ch. V. – Vive la difference - & full freedom for all differences, including those of one’s enemies, as long as their antagonism confines itself to mere words or contrary examples set among themselves – No compulsory political marriages, country-wide, not even temporarily! – JZ, 15.11.10. - DIFFERENTIATION, UNIQUENESS, INDIVIDUALITY, INEQUALITY, CHOICE, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT, COMPETITION, LAISSEZ FAIRE

DIFFERENCE: To give any fair play to the nature of each, it is essential that different persons should be allowed to lead different lives. In proportion as this latitude has been exercised in any age, has that age been noteworthy to posterity. … Individuality is the same thing with development, … it is only the cultivation of individuality which produces, or can produce, well-developed human beings, ...” - John Stuart Mill, quoted in S. Hutchinson Harris, The Doctrine of Personal Right, p.115. – That should even apply to the individual’s choice among political, economic and social systems, all confined to their volunteers and exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 15.11.10. - MAN'S NATURE, FAIRNESS, FREEDOM, LIVING, INDIVIDUALISM

DIFFERENCE: unrestrained difference offers the nearest and truest approach to true unity which this world allows.” –. Auberon Herbert, Mack edition, p.256. - Let all individuals sort themselves out, according to their own convictions, ideals, interests and abilities, in their own preferred "States" and free societies, all only exterritorially autonomous and ruling only over their voluntary members. - Is that idea really so difficult to grasp when one contemplates our endlessly diverse daily actions? - J. Z., 14.5.00. – In this way the degree of freely chosen unity or uniformity, expressed in globalism, will spread most freely via individual and sovereign consumers and entrepreneurs. Compare: “Unity in diversity.” – While no change or progress would be territorially FORCED on anyone. – In their private lives and voluntary associations all who desire this, at their own risk and expense, could still practise their degrees of traditions, customs, ignorance, prejudice and stupidity as much and as long as they like, but without the authority or power to hold up the progress or other stagnant people and their associations. – JZ, 15.11.10.DIVERSITY, UNITY, UNIFORMITY, PANARCHISM

DIFFICULTIES: A difficulty is there to be overcome.” - Lord Lyndhurst. - Difficulties are there to be overcome. - JZ, 13.11.77. (I added then: There are many similar wordings.)

DIFFICULTIES: Inter-individual-difficulties do sometimes lead to murder but rarely ever to war - unless these individuals are given national decision-making powers. There are more difficulties between the concepts of nations than between the real individual members of these nations. Allow individuals to define their own enemies and the collective enemy notions and nations will tend to disappear, together with the notions on "collective responsibility". - JZ, 3.8.92, 11.5.00. – INTERNATIONAL DIFFICULTIES

DIFFICULTIES: It is the resistance that puts us on our mettle: it is the conquest of the reluctant stuff that educates the worker. I wish you enough difficulties to keep you well and make you strong and skillful.” - Henry Van Dyke, quoted by Leonard E. Read in NOTES FROM FEE, 9/71. - Discussions between diverse or even opposite views are usually more interesting ones - and all sides can learn more from them - if they want to. - But remember, for certain ideas and talents the difficulties can be too much. Thus they need the support of special markets, like an Ideas Archive and a Talent Registry. - JZ, 14.5.00. - GROWTH, RESISTANCE, STRENGTH

DIFFICULTIES: Most people can only see difficulties and not possibilities and opportunities. - JZ, 23.11.75. - For me a supposed difficulty in the social sciences is always an incentive to consider possible solutions, like other people are fascinated by riddles or puzzles. I have not yet found a problem, when dealing with rational beings, for which freedom is not a better solution or road to a solution than coercion. If the solution has not already been discovered or sufficiently published then freedom is still best by releasing all creative energies and thus the solution is likely to be discovered as soon as possible. - JZ, 14.5.00. - OBJECTIONS, DOUBTS & POSSIBILITIES, CURES, SOLUTIONS, ANSWERS

DIFFUSION OF POWER: as political freedom consists in the diffusion of political power, so economic freedom consists in the diffusion of economic power.” - Lord Hailsham, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 13.5.78. - Diffusion and self-government down to the smallest level, that of individuals, means individual sovereignty and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, beginning with individual secessionism. - JZ, 14.5.00. - DECENTRALIZATION, INDIVIDUALISM PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-MANAGEMENT, POLITICS, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIALITY

DIGI-CASH: The speediest and easiest and cheapest transfer of the money of monetary despotism does not abolish monetary despotism or greatly improve upon it. Only the free and unlimited, private and competitive, fast and cheap, local, national and international clearing that it makes possible (once it is legalized or contrary laws can be safely ignored), for the offsetting of mutual debts expressed in all kinds of competing currencies and value standards, only this would be a great improvement over a situation where competing exchange media and value standards could only be bodily transferred in whatever form they have been expressed. The mere electronic transfer of monopoly money and forced currency and mismanaged paper value standards is not a great improvement. - JZ, 30.1.02.

DIGNITY: A given dignity is rather undignified. - JZ, 1973. – As opposed to an earned one. – JZ, 7.2.13. – SELF-APPRECIATION, SELF-RESPECT

DIGNITY: Act well because of the own dignity that is owed to a man, every man.” - Kurt Lasswitz, Traumkristall, p.173, in my own rough translation. - JZ, 14.5.00.

DIGNITY: dignity … consists in absolute self-determination and self-sufficiency.” - J. G. Fichte, The Science of Ethics, p.149. – Absolute self-sufficiency??? – JZ – , SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-SUFFICIENCY

DIGNITY: Dignity does not consist of possessing honors, but in deserving them.” – Aristotle - HONORS, MERIT

DIGNITY: Dignity is a coat which best covered up stupidity.” - FLIEGENDE BLAETTER. - STUPIDIY

DIGNITY: I did not really understand what I meant by Liberty, until I heard it called by the new name of Human Dignity. It was a new name to me; though it was part of a creed nearly two thousand years old.” - G. K. Chesterton, Autobiography. – Dignity never meant much to me – unless it is based upon liberty, the more of it, the better. – I have very little respect for the dignity of someone who is all too unfree and does not even care about any genuine and important individual rights and liberties and, to that extent, resembles an animal. - JZ, 15.11.10. - FREEDOM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-RESPECT, SELF-RELIANCE, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION

DIGNITY: If man is to achieve anything like dignity, it can happen only if superior men are given absolute freedom to think what they want to think and say what they want to say. – H. L. Mencken in  – Even a man like Mencken ignored freedom to act and experiment at the own risk and expense, not only for an elite but also for people with below average intelligence and knowledge. They, too, as somewhat rational beings, have much more right to this free and self-responsible behavior than animals have. – Panarchies for all who are willing to tolerate in others the beliefs and practices of their panarchies among themselves. – JZ, 27.3.12. - FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, & FOR TOLERANT ACTIONS & EXPERIMENTS, PANARCHISM

DIGNITY: The dignity of man is in free choice.Max Frisch in  – Lies or is expressed in free choice? – JZ - & FREE CHOICE

DIGNITY: The dignity of man is to be measured by how much truth he can stand.” - Charles Tschopp. – If one steps on his prejudices he tends to lose it just as much as when one steps on his toes. – JZ, 29.11.08.

DIGNITY: The dignity of man is untouchable and, moreover, difficult to define.” - Werner Mitsch. – I am only interested in people who have more to offer than their personal dignity. – JZ, 29.11.08.

DIGNITY: The free market (or free enterprise) system (*) has, … a strong philosophical foundation (**); it protects freedom by elevating the dignity of the individual to social prominence (***). - Richard B. McKenzie, Bound to Be Free, Hoover Institute Press, 1982, p. 54. -  (*) What real say do individuals have towards e.g. compulsory taxation, inflated currencies of monetary despotism, governmental education, gun control laws, decisions on war and peace and international treaties, even in the best of the present democracies? – (**) Alas, it does not go far enough towards individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and their organizational consequences. -  (***) How much dignity can one have in a society or State from which one many not freely withdraw from, without having to change one’s residence or job, e.g. by emigration? How much dignity has man who remains subjected to the votes of millions of others or is allowed to help outvote them, with the own vote? – JZ, 2.11.07. - The individual human rights recognized by territorial governments are very limited, incomplete and restricted, already in their original form and much more so in their practical application or via ignoring them altogether or suppressing them with ”positive” laws or juridical decisions. - JZ, 6.10.07. – DIGNITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL WITHOUT INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, NOT ONLY THOSE SOMEWHAT CONCEDED BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS?

DIGNITY: The proper direction of man’s thought is not toward the creation of new laws for government, but toward the acceptance of every person’s moral dignity.” – Edmund Yates. - Neither manhood nor dignity are good substitutes for basic rights and liberties. The latter cannot be created, established and protected by laws. Like slaves, conscripts, taxpayers and the pupils of compulsory schooling we are not free to practise all of our genuine individual rights and liberties, including secession from all wrongful because territorial impositions!- JZ, 26. 11. 06, 15.11.10. - MANHOOD, LEGISLATION

DIGNITY: To behave with dignity is nothing less than to allow others freely to be themselves.” - Sol Chaneles.  TOLERANCE, FREEDOM, NEUTRALITY, ALOOFNESS

DIPLOMACY: Ambassadors used to care about the fate of free traders in foreign countries. Now they seem to care more about convicted criminals in foreign jails. - JZ, 4.2.77, 14.5.00.

DIPLOMACY: An Ambassador is a man of virtue sent to lie abroad for his country, a news writer is a man of no virtue who lies at home for himself.” – Sir Henry Wotton, quoted by: Michael Z. Williamson, Freehold, 362. - AMBASSADORS, JOURNALISTS, NEWS WRITERS

DIPLOMACY: Bourne thought of it as "disguised war, in which States seek to gain by barter and intrigue, by the cleverness of wits, the objectives which they would have to gain more clumsily by means of war." Man's chief enemy, on this view, is the state, and hence the duty of every right thinking man to withdraw his allegiance from it.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.565, on Randolph Bourne. – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, OPTING OUIT, ASSERTING ONE’S INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

DIPLOMACY: Compromise is the cornerstone of diplomacy.” - W.G.P. - That's why present diplomacy is wrong! - JZ, 2.1.76. - I have never as yet heard or read about any diplomat who had a sufficient understanding and appreciation of individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 14.5.00. – I doubt that panarchies will still require diplomats. By their very nature they do largely eliminate conflicts of interests, while territorial States multiply them, so much so that many of them are warfare States. – JZ, 29.11.08. – One can spread a lie or a truth much more easily, faster and cheaper with a FAX or an email. The best diplomacy would be to compile and declare a comprehensive declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties, to practise it oneself, with like-minded volunteers to the extent that one wants to and to declare that this declaration and practice would constitute one’s rightful war- and peace-aims for all societies, communities and governance systems of volunteers. Which would require e.g. the full recognition of the exterritorial autonomy or personal law of all kinds of governments-in-exile and societies-in-exile, for their present and future volunteers and the practice of of panarchism in the population of the country one lives and also world-wide, to the extent that this is already possible. – An international federation of all kinds of Panarchies and of all local militias for the protection of individual rights and liberties, would have its own kind of “diplomacy”, one that would be enlightening, defensive, revolutionary and liberating where necessary against oppressive and aggressive regimes. – The warfare of such militias would reduce the use of force to something hardly more than a quite rightful policing action. – I wrote two libertarian peace books on these possibilities. Alas, they still belong to the most unread books on Earth. They are both on -JZ, 7.2.13. - , COMPROMISE VS. PRINCIPLES & ETHICS & INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MILITIA & ITS DEFENCE, LIBERATIOIN & WARFARE, NUCLEAR WAR PREVENTION, PANARCHISM, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

DIPLOMACY: Diplomacy at best merely prevented some of the excesses of territorial politics. – JZ, 15.11.10.

DIPLOMACY: Diplomacy consists in petting a dog until its muffler is ready.” - Knebel.

DIPLOMACY: diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means.” - Poul Anderson, A Knight of Ghosts & Shadows, p.101. – “All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means.” - Chou En-Lai: to Edgar Snow, SATURDAY EVENING POWER, March 27, 1954. Compare Clausewitz's definition of politics as the continuation of war by other means. Snow attributed the remark to Lenin, Chou's teacher. – PROPAGANDA, PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE.

DIPLOMACY: Diplomacy is a game of chess in which the peoples are checkmated.” - Karl Kraus.

DIPLOMACY: Diplomacy is a game of make-believe with malice afore-thought.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought.

DIPLOMACY: Diplomacy is the art of saying: "Nice doggie!", whilst you find a rock.” - Attributed to Talleyrand.

DIPLOMACY: Diplomacy is war with peaceful means.” - Werner Mitsch. - Alas, diplomats know very few of the rightful and possible means that would contribute to prevent armed clashes, nor do they care to find out about them. The are part of the war-preparing and war-making territorial systems. - JZ, 14.5.00.

DIPLOMACY: Diplomacy, as currently practised, is not dedicated to reducing tensions, but to keeping the trade in arms flourishing.” - Samuel Pisar, Of Blood and Hope, p.266.

DIPLOMACY: Diplomats "circle the globe making deals with foreign dictators, using our taxes, as leverage in their negotiations."- Libertarian Party advertisement, in REASON, 9/74. - FOREIGN AID, NEGOTIATIONS, TREATIES, DECISIONS, DICTATORSHIP

DIPLOMACY: Diplomats are associates of the greatest crime syndicates and protection rackets of them all, the territorial warfare States. – JZ, 29.11.08.

DIPLOMACY: Diplomats, too, are mostly only interested in advancing and preserving their own skin, under the usual patriotic lies and false pretences. Most faith in politicians and other public servants is quite misplaced. As was the faith in priests, aristocrats, kings and emperors. – JZ, 15.3.06, 30.10.07. - DIPLOMATS, POLITICIANS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, LEADERSHIP, REPRESENTATIVES:

DIPLOMACY: Diplomats, too, are mostly only interested in advancing and preserving their own skin, under the usual patriotic lies and false pretences. Most faith in politicians and other public servants is quite misplaced. As was the faith in priests, aristocrats, kings and emperors. – JZ, 15.3.06, 30.10.07. - POLITICIANS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, LEADERSHIP, REPRESENTATIVES, TERRITORIALISM

DIPLOMACY: DIPLOMATS: Babies in silk hats playing with dynamite.” - A. Woollcott, 1887-1943. - A. Andrews Quotations, 131.

DIPLOMACY: Governmental diplomacy is just one aspect of the territorial Warfare State. - A people's diplomacy would involve exterritorially autonomous governments in exile, representing their present or future voluntary members, the declaration of rightful war and peace aims, the decision on war, peace, armament and disarmament and international treaties by the people themselves, the destruction of all ABC anti-people and mass murder "weapons", volunteer militias for the protection of individual rights, especially monetary freedom and individual secessionism, free trade even unilateral and, at least, between pro free trade panarchies, free migration and the freeing and using of all information and communication channels, separate peace treaties, over the heads of the rulers, unilateral peace declarations, mass fraternization, tyrannicide, the encouragement of revolutions and military insurrections against dictatorships, open arms policies for refugees and deserters and freedom for all political, economic and social experiments undertaken by volunteers and at their expense and risk. - JZ, 1.7.92 & 14.5.00.

DIPLOMACY: Grey held the view that events make diplomacy, instead of diplomacy making events.” - C. Bingham, in: Men & Affairs, 85.

DIPLOMACY: Have all the diplomats of the world ever managed to arrive at quite rightful war and peace aims or agreed on a complete declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties? – JZ, 29.11.08.

DIPLOMACY: Have diplomats averted more wars than they caused? - JZ, 14.5.00.

DIPLOMACY: I think the only real diplomacy ever performed by a diplomat is in deceiving their own people after their dumbness has got them into a war.” - Will Rogers, Autobiography, 258/59.

DIPLOMACY: I understand that it costs $ 80,000 per year to keep one foreign diplomat living in all our various luxurious embassies around the world. I believe we should close down all foreign embassies and just install a Telex to transfer any information Australia would like other countries to have.” - Marion Connors, in WEST AUSTRALIAN, ca. 1978.

DIPLOMACY: If these useless and parasitic bastards can be exempted from custom duties and searches, why cannot honest, decent and productive people also be exempted from them? - JZ, 26.4.79. – DIPLOMATS, FREE TRADE FOR FREE TRADERS, PROTECTIONISM ONLY FOR PROTECTIONISTS - & AT THEIR EXPENSE.

DIPLOMACY: Indeed, one might ask: what would diplomacy be without an element of fraud?” - Maurice Cranston, Political Dialogues, p.11.

DIPLOMACY: International diplomacy has never done anything which Hitler disliked.” - Maxim Litvinov.

DIPLOMACY: is servilely copied from the usages of kings who plotted with each other against the liberties of the people. It serves no purpose except to reward politicians and occasionally to demoralize a poet. To abolish it would save expense, corruption and national dignity.” - Henry George, Social Problems: The Functions of Government. - Viv Forbes suggested many years ago to replace embassies by telex machines. Now we have fax, e-mail and websites, telephones and satellite communications, which per word or page exchanged are certainly cheaper. - JZ, 14.5.00.

DIPLOMACY: It is fortunate that diplomats generally have long noses, since usually they cannot see beyond them.” - Attributed to Paul Claudel, while Ambassador of the French Republic at Washington, but denied by him in a letter to the compiler. - Who among the diplomats would not deny such a remark? - JZ, 14.5.00. – They are all stuck with the political blindness of territorialists. – JZ, 29.11.08.

DIPLOMACY: Let everybody's luggage have diplomatic immunity when crossing a frontier! - JZ, 2/75. - DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY & FREE TRADE

DIPLOMACY: Let everyone have diplomatic immunity, for all productive and creative actions, e.g. for the smuggling of goods. It would give all of us the benefits of Free Trade. - JZ, 1975 & 14.5.00. - DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY & FREE TRADE

DIPLOMACY: Lie and deny.” (Mentir et dementir.), Baron Jacques Baeyens, TIME, 1954. – Are diplomats more than servants to territorial power mongers and power addicts? – JZ, 29.11.08.

DIPLOMACY: Lying in State.” - Oliver Herford, 1863-1935. - A. Andrews, Quotations, p.130. - LIES, PROMISES, TREATIES, PACTS, ALLIANCES, CONFERENCES – LIEING? OFFICIAL LIARS?

DIPLOMACY: Men freely producing and exchanging are the real ambassadors of good will - at home and abroad.” - Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air. - FREE TRADE

DIPLOMACY: No one, not even the most malevolent democrat, has any idea how much nullity and charlatanism there is in diplomacy.” - Otto von Bismarck-Schoenhausen.

DIPLOMACY: The diplomats are representatives of governments and not of the people. They admire the idols of sovereignty and of nationalism and mutually assure their holiness.” - Heinrich Nienkamp, Fuersten ohne Krone, 343. - DIPLOMATS

DIPLOMACY: The patriotic art of lying for one's country.” - Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary, p. 72, (1948). Originally published in 1906 as The Cynic's Word Book. – As if such lies were of lasting value and could establish real trust between nations and governments. This kind of diplomacy leads, in the long run, more to wars than to peace. Diplomats act mostly in ignorant of or have prejudices against quite rightful war and peace aims. All-over they are part of the problem rather than the solution. Between panarchies they would be as useless as are armies. – JZ, 28.11.08, 7.2.13.

DIPLOMACY: we are coming to realize the need to substitute personal for governmental diplomacy, …” Richard C. Cornuelle, Demanaging America, p.121. – Once we have free individual choices among all political, economic and social systems on a personal law or exterritorial autonomy basis then there will be little need left for any diplomats. It will, largely, become an outdated profession. – However, they might still be considered useful by some as directors of ceremonies. - JZ, 15.11.10. - NEGOTIATIONS, CONFERENCES, TREATIES, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY

DIPLOMACY: We would need very little diplomacy, military and police strength, secret service agents and no party politics at all - if only we left each other exterritorially alone. - JZ, 24.10.93. - VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, MINORITIES

DIPLOMACY: Who am I to replace international diplomatic intercourse by the international intercourse of work and social achievement?” - Wilhelm Reich, Listen, Little Man, p.122.

DIRECT ACTION: Direct action, if not at the own expense and risk, as in panarchistic experiments, amounts to looting, oppression and even destruction of others. It does not lead to self-liberation but, rather, to civil war and dictatorship. - JZ, 20.6.92.

DIRECT ACTION: It is so easy to be an enthusiastic activist and so hard to find any sense in ‘direct actions’.” - Robert Musil, in my own rough translation of: "Es ist so leicht Tatkraft zu haben und so schwer, einen Tatsinn zu finden." - Compare also Goethe's remark: "No sight is more terrible to behold than ignorance in action!"

DIRECT ACTION: The dictatorships of our time are the greatest examples of direct actionists that the world has ever seen.” - M. M. Coady. - DICTATORSHIPS

DIRECT DEMOCRACY: The ideal to be aimed at in matters of government is not "direct legislation or direct government or simplified government, but no more (*) government." - D. W. Brogan, Proudhon, p.59. – (*) territorially imposed – JZ, 15.11.10.) - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, ANARCHISM, DEMOCRACY, PARTICIPATION, REFERENDUM, PLEBISCITE

DIRECT DEMOCRACY: town-meeting system instead of representation.” - Richard Cummings, Proposition 14, p. 94. - At least for all those who want it for themselves, on the basis of exterritorial autonomy. - That could start by people becoming free to opt out from particular laws, even those passed by a local majority in a referendum. - JZ, n.d., & 14.5.00.  TOWN MEETINGS, REFERENDUM, INITIATIVE, RECALL

DIRIGISM: Were we directed from Washington when to sow and when to reap, we should soon want bread.” - Thomas Jefferson. - That applied even to Jefferson himself, who could not manage to run his own farm profitably, while he was busy in Washington with politics, according to Nock's biography of Jefferson, which I have recently read. - JZ, 14.5.00. - GOVERNMENT, CENTRAL PLANNING, INTERVENTIONISM

DIRTY: Dirty minds do all too often consider morally clean actions as dirty, e.g. 1.) those who nicknamed the policeman hero in a film (Clint Eastwood): "Dirty Harry", 2.) those who consider sex between consenting adults as dirty, 3.) those who consider capitalist acts between consenting adults as evil and exploitative and 4.) those who consider money-making as dirty, rather than money-faking or money-taking. - JZ, 5.10.89 & 14.5.00. - CENSORSHIP, OBSCENITY, PORNOGRAPHY & VICE, ANTI-PROFIT & ANTI-INTEREST NOTIONS,

DISABILITIES: With some ingenuity, industry and persistence even disabilities can, at least sometimes, be turned to the development of special knowledge and abilities. – JZ, 9.9.07. – Those, who merely sit back and enjoy any hand-outs or compensation received, do not make this extra effort and do drop out of this self-improvement race. – One advantage of people with “disabilities”: There are less distractions by many of the ordinary choices of healthy “lives”. The disabled can make much more of the abilities that they have left than able people are willing to make of the same abilities, especially their mental abilities. – JZ, 18.10.07.

DISAGREEMENTS: Agree to disagree. Separate your interests and activities and tolerate each other. If people don't even agree on facts, how can you expect them to agree on opinions and ideas and then build a whole territorially monopolistic social, economic and political system on this expectation? - Exterritorial autonomy for volunteers rather than territorially enforced "unity"! - JZ, 20.1.75, 14.5.00, 15.11.10. - AGREE TO DISAGREE, TOLERANCE, DIVERSITY, FREEDOM OF ACTION & FOR EXPERIMENTS, PANARCHISM

DISAGREEMENTS: If we recognize the inborn individuality of men's minds, we will draw a second conclusion: every philosopher will disagree with every other philosopher. Possibly we should put it positively: agreement between philosophers, when it exists, will be only in spots.” - R. J. Williams, You Are Extraordinary, p.213. – Full agreement on everything is relatively rare. – Let us adopt a framework for peaceful coexistence and mutual tolerance and free experimentation, one which is quite suitable for the diversity of human beings, and their beliefs, convictions and ideologies. One that offers experimental freedom, personal law and exterritorial autonomy to all of them, who do not act aggressively towards outsiders. If they agree on dueling on points of honor, let them have their duels. And say to yourself: good riddance! - JZ, 7.2.13.

DISAGREEMENTS: Is this to say that I have completely overcome the instinctive rebellion at disagreement? Hardly! Instinctively, I still react more favorably to flattery than to criticism. But when a modicum of rationality is applied, I discover that flattery induces a false sense of wisdom, whereas disagreement shows me that I am not far from the starting line; further, it serves as something to brace against, permitting propulsion forward.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.92. - Experimental freedom for all instead of uniform territorial impositions. – JZ, 8.4.12.– CRITICISM, TOLERANCE FOR DIVERSE ACTIONS & VIEWS

DISAGREEMENTS: Life requires dispute. You've been made to know - by me! - that your reality differs from all others; thus, you know you're alive.” - Frank Herbert, Children of Dune, ANALOG 3/76, 89. - LIFE, DISPUTE, CONSENSUS, DIVERSITY, ARGUMENTS, INDIVIDUALISM, WORLD VIEWS, MATTERS OF OPINION, POINTS OF VIEW

DISAGREEMENTS: The right to agree with others is not a problem in any society; it is the right to disagree that is crucial. It is the institution of private property that protects and implements the right to disagree… and thus keeps the road open to man's most valuable attribute (valuable personally, socially and objectively): the creative mind.” - Mrs. Young, in manuscript on Ayn Rand, p.50. – We need full freedom for disagreements also outside the privacy and private property sphere, i.e. within the so-called public sphere. It does not have to be territorially regulated for whole populations, by constitutions, laws, jurisdictions, administrations, regulations and a single policing force. Exterritorial and peaceful diversity is possible in that sphere as well. – It has even a very long but largely forgotten tradition. – JZ, 8.2.13. - PROPERTY RIGHTS

DISAGREEMENTS: There is a Russian proverb: "The yes-man is your enemy, but your friend will argue with you."- Solzhenitsyn, quoted in READER'S DIGEST, Nov. 75. – One can also argue with enemies in a peace-promoting way, e.g. by fully recognizing their right to practise all the rights and liberties they do appreciate – among themselves and at their own risk and expense, to the extent that they wish to, quite undisturbed by us, under mutual tolerance if not respect. – JZ, 8.2.13. – FRIENDSHIP, TOLERANCE, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT & SELF-DETERMINATION, INDIVIDUAL BY INDIVIDUAL, FREE CHOICE FOR ALL, ZERO AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE

DISAGREEMENTS: There is no more reason to be distraught by disagreement than by gravitation. Or, put it another way: if one favors self-improvement, he should see that this is impossible without differences of opinion.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.90. - Let each advance at his own speed by his own free actions and experiments, at the own risk and expense. - Read wanted to confine all freedom of action within the framework of a single, monopolistic and territorial but limited government, the supposedly top freedom ideal. Panarchism, on the other hand, makes not only this ideal possible - for all those who have it, but any other ideal for those in favor or possessed by it, always only at the own risk and expense. Seeing the present popular notions on libertarianism and anarchism, which option does have a wider appeal and which one would be easier to realize for all: Libertarianism, Anarchism or Panarchism? - JZ, 14.5.00. , SELF-IMPROVEMENT, PROGRESS, TOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, LIMITED TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS?

DISAGREEMENTS: This is not to urge that we condone error but only to suggest the absurdity of getting emotional about what seem to be errors by others. Indeed, there is no more reason to resent a difference of opinion than to fly into a rage at a sunset. Each is a fact of life, something to grow by. - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.91. - Some people learn easily by observing the mistakes of others. Others do it the hard way, learning only from their own mistakes, if at all. - JZ, 14.5.00. - ERRORS, MISTAKES, DIFFERENCES & TOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT ACTIONS

DISAPPOINTMENT: We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” - Martin Luther King. - Instead of "hope" I would rather put: imagination, creativity, enthusiasm, will power, determination, tenacity, persistence, confidence, optimism & readiness to try again. - JZ, n.d. & 14.5.00. - HOPE, FRUSTRATION, ANGER, PERSISTENCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL TOLERANT EXPERIMENTS AMONG VOLUNTEERS

DISARMAMENT CONFERENCES: They are the fire alarm exercises of arsonists. - Osborne. (Abrüstungskonferenzen sind die Feuerwehrübungen der Brandstifter.) – JOKES, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS

DISARMAMENT OF GOVERNMENTS: Is disarming Africans a ‘greater good’? - - Disarming all territorial governments would be a greater good. – JZ, 26.11.12, Facebook.

DISARMAMENT CONFERENCES: They are the fire alarm exercises of arsonists. - Osborne. (Abrüstungskonferenzen sind die Feuerwehrübungen der Brandstifter.) – JOKES, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS

DISARMAMENT: Agreement between nations to scuttle all weapons that are obsolete. - Leonard Louis Levinson. - If he does not expect that to happen by a referendum, but by territorial governments, then he should not abuse the term "nation" in this connection. - He should also answer the question whether any nation that is held together in a territory only by coercion, is really a nation. How many territorial nations would remain unchanged if every individual and every dissenting community were free to secede from it and adopt exterritorial autonomy for themselves? - In the social sciences, from the lowest to the highest levels of theorizers and practitioners, most minds are still dominated by primitive and false notions, prejudices, errors, myths and false premises - and no systematic attempt is made to collect and refute all of them and to publish the proceeds. - JZ, 14.5.00. - DISARMAMENT BY GOVERNMENTS, ABC MASS MURDER DEVICES, NUCLEAR BY GOVERNMENTS?

DISARMAMENT: All kinds of guns, arms, weapons and war materials in the hands of any territorial government are threats to internal and international peace. Thus all governments must become exterritorial ones for their volunteers or become disarmed – by the free peoples armed, organized and trained to uphold their individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 8.2.13. – PEOPLE IN ARMS TO PROTECT THEIR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES: MILITIAS OF VOLUNTEERS VS. WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM, STANDING ARMIES

DISARMAMENT: And if a single army in the world remains that refuses to disarm or be disarmed and if it strives to become the decisive power in the world? What then? - JZ, 25.9.83. - One has to think very much beyond this primitive proposal. Just ask yourself, how effective have State police forces been in disarming criminals they haven't caught yet and how efficient have governments been in disarming the military forces of other governments? - What is impossible for territorial governments could be relatively easy for volunteer communities and their militias or protective associations. - That applies even to the prevention of violent crimes. See e.g. my short article on this in PEACE PLANS 15 on crime reduction through libertarianism. - JZ, 14.5.00.

DISARMAMENT: Certainly, the military economy is a cost-plus economy, it's an economy of waste, and this impacts on the whole area around it. I'd be very surprised if it wasn't true in the Soviet Union as well. It's been a tremendous handicap to them - in addition to their other handicaps, like collectivized agriculture - and ideologies are handicap enough. … Two very interesting episodes occurred in the U.S. One was the great disarmament in 1945 - which somehow isn't in the popular imagination - when we transferred 30% of the economy from the war industry to the civilian industry in one year without unemployment ever going above about 3%. And we had another episode in the early sixties before Vietnam, called the MacNamara stinginess…” - Kenneth Boulding, SOCIAL ALTERNATIVES, Oct. 82, p. 17. - Under full monetary and financial freedom it would not have taken a year nor would even 3% involuntary unemployment have occurred then. - JZ, 14.5.00, 15.11.10. - UNEMPLOYMENT

DISARMAMENT: disarm governments … - SLL Leaflet: Government Has Made an Offer you Cannot Refuse. – Starting with your own government. Beginning with its ABC mass-murder or anti-peoples "weapons", which they reserve to themselves, while they deny us, as far as they can, firearms for self-defence. - JZ, 21.11.82, 14.5.00. - DISARMAMENT OF GOVERNMENTS, NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, EVEN UNILATERALLY!

DISARMAMENT: Disarmament of territorial governments by armed people rather than disarmament of the people by armed governments. For territorial governments are the most dangerous and murderous of all the armed criminals with victims. – JZ, 13.1.07, 25.10.07. – DISARMAMENT OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS BY THE PEOPLE, NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT BY THE POTENTIAL VICTIMS

DISARMAMENT: Disarmament should not be a government monopoly either. - JZ, 5/73, 14.5.00. DISARMAMENT BY GOVERNMENTS OR PEOPLES?

DISARMAMENT: Far from producing a depression, the end of military buying by the U.S. government might touch off a boom of incredible duration, once the transition to a true peace basis has been made. Indeed, while the U.S. and Soviet Russia have been putting their money into armaments, Western Europe has been booming precisely because it has not been diverting (*) its income into bigger and better missiles.” - John Chamberlain, THE FREEMAN, Sep. 60. - DEPRESSIONS – (*) as much of … - JZ:

DISARMAMENT: Governments constitute the worst war-promoting machines - and thus disarmament measures ought to be applied primarily to them. - JZ, 9.10.83. - And not by governments, either! - By who else? - High time that you start thinking about this, rather than continue to assume that in this particular sphere governments, while inefficient in every other sphere, would and could be efficient. - JZ, 14.5.00. – Compare: Disarmament should not be a government monopoly either. - JZ, 5/73, 14.5.00.

DISARMAMENT: Governments hesitate to disarm, even in the present situation. That happens not only because of fears for "national security" which they do not know how to achieve and secure any better, but also out of their fear of mass unemployment, made up of soldiers and workers in the arms industry, which they do not know how to employ with their "employment programs". How could one reduce this apprehension of politicians, anxious to preserve their jobs? Let us assume that every soldier costs the government altogether in training, facilities, food, clothing, services, arms spending, wages, etc., ca. $ 50,000 p.a., payable out of tax funds. Then, without incurring any extra burden, it could make the following offer to every employer: For each dismissed soldier and armament worker, which you employ, you can deduct $ 50,000 from your annual tax debt. That could be done for a year or even several years. The all-over tax burden of the economy would be reduced by the amount of savings in the arms race. Employers would rush to employ more people in peaceful activities under this condition. And a change-over from war-production to real goods and services could be achieved very fast in any high technology society, especially if full monetary and financial freedom were introduced at the same time. Some government contractors would lose a high and easy living. But who cares? They made their financial killing, over and over again, - and facilitated killings of human beings. - JZ, 20.9.90 & 14.5.00.

DISARMAMENT: Governments won't disarm themselves. The People must do it for them. - JZ, 9.7.84. - And they ought to organized, educate, arm and train themselves for this purpose and for whatever other protection of their individual rights and liberties they do need, in ideal local volunteer militias that are nationally and internationally federated. Otherwise, in the next major war, they will be murdered not only by the dozens but by the hundreds of millions - by their great "defending territorial State machines" and their "super-weapons". - JZ, 14.5.00. - DISARMAMENT BY THE PEOPLE

DISARMAMENT: If territorial governments were moral institutions then they would not have built and kept ABC mass murder or anti-people weapons in the first place, or if they had built them and then pondered the ethics of their actions thoroughly, they would have destroyed them, even unilaterally - and would have prepared alternative defences against dictatorships and their "weapons", including libertarian resistance, tyrannicide, revolution, military insurrection and liberation programs. How great should a monetary reward be made for someone who either destroys a nuclear weapons or safely delivers it for destruction? It might kill 500,000 to 5 million people in a city, if used. Are these potential targets prepared to contribute at least $ 1 each towards such prizes? - The nuclear "weapons" of the own government are just as much a threat to the own people as are those of an enemy regime, for they invite retaliation - in kind. - But from territorial warfare States one should not expect such disarmament actions or any other moral and rational decisions and actions on war and peace. - Of all the IBMs and their nuclear weapons payloads, that were so far dismantled, their nuclear material cores have still been preserved and are stored, maybe to be so misused again, later, or now, in "peaceful" and "harmless" nuclear reactors. - Are they safe in the hands of any territorial government? Maybe that of Lichtenstein or Monaco. But from there high-jackers or known terrorist groups could easily acquire them. - JZ, 14.5.00. - DISARMAMENT BY GOVERNMENTS, ABC MASS MURDER DEVICES, NUCLEAR WEAPONS

DISARMAMENT: In a non-governmental, in a world where the political State had been replaced by voluntary associations in which people produced and exchanged necessary goods and services, it would be impossible to induce enough people to invest their savings in such mammoth military establishments as now obtain. - I believe there is no assurance whatever in evading the increase of more and more military expenditure by the hope that government rulers are going to agree to the diminution of military might. In fact they mutually support each other by their mutual threats. The hope that governments will agree to reduce military might finds lodgment in minds that misapprehend the nature of government. But such minds are virtually universal simply because they have been taught in government-controlled schools throughout the world. What would surprise me is that anyone so "educated" had managed to think his way out of the universally-induced superstition that governments are in any way other than unmitigated evils.” - Laurance Labadie, Selected Essays, p.60. - In the meantime, they got rid of some of their obsolete equipment - and called this a disarmament agreement - while they continue to disarm the people and monopolize all military decision-making. From warfare States one should not expect anything else. - JZ, 14.5.00. - GOVERNMENTS VS. FREE SOCIETIES, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLY DECISION-MAKING VS. INDIVIDUAL AND VOLUNTARY GROUP DECISION-MAKING, MILITIAS, WAR AIMS, TAXATION, DEFENCE, ANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, STATES

DISARMAMENT: It is understandable that wolves are demanding the disarmament of the sheep - for their wool offers a degree of resistance to the bite of wolves.” - Chesterton, - retranslated from the German. - How often do mass media point out the absurdity of governments with modern armies and even ABC mass murder devices, and also huge police forces, insisting that all citizens ought to be disarmed, - with the excuse that governments are unable to cope with armed criminals? - JZ, 14.5.00. – Governments are unable to disarm armed criminals – but able and willing to disarm the victims of criminals. – JZ, 29.11.89.

DISARMAMENT: Let us first consider the word disarmament. It is a word of promise, holding within itself its entire argument: take away the tools of war and war will cease. Unhappily, it is not the tools, but their users, who make war. ("Guns don't kill people - people kill people.") - Reginald Bretnor, ANALOG, 7/81, 5. - WAR, GUNS

DISARMAMENT: Nations do not seek armaments as they seek wealth or food or health. They consider armaments as a burden and a nuisance; which they accept merely as a necessary evil. It follows that the only way to disarm would be to remove the cause which makes the evil and nuisance of armaments necessary.” - Salvador de Madariaga: The Blowing Up of the Parthenon, p.71. - Deprive all States of their territorial powers and with them their armies - and arms in government hands will disappear. - JZ, 1.7.96. - Where, outside the PEACE PLANS series, can you find this radical alternative discussed at length? - JZ, 14.5.00.

DISARMAMENT: The citizens who want to disarm governments - to prevent wars and to free themselves - must be rightfully armed, organized and trained and must come to agreements with similarly prepared citizens beyond their borders. - JZ, 13.1.81, 14.5.00. –

DISARMAMENT: The governments, obviously, cannot do it. They have reasons to distrust each other. Their continued power in the military sphere is the cause of the arms race. Thus they are unable to stop it except by abdication or a vast voluntary renunciation of power. I do not expect to see either. But we could work towards reducing the government powers, in this field at least, to a harmless degree, e.g. to competing municipal police forces, all on a subscription basis. You can do this in a democratic and legal way, once the aim is clear and you can support the anti-totalitarian and anti-authoritarian forces in other countries where the people have the same aim. - JZ, n.d., 14.5.00. - DISARMAMENT BY THE PEOPLE

DISARMAMENT: There is no more dangerous misconception than this which misconstructs the arms race as the cause rather than the symptom of the tensions and divisions which threaten nuclear war.(*) If the history of the past 50 years teaches us anything, it is that peace does not follow disarmament - disarmament follows peace.” - Bernard M. Baruch, Memorandum composed for U.S. Government officials, 6 Jan. 1961, but first made public almost three years later. Quoted by Arthur Krock, column: In the Nation, NEW YORK TIMES, 26 Dec. 1963. - Violent crimes with guns are not due to guns, either, but to minds inclined to commit violent actions. With territorial States the violence is institutionalized and unavoidable, even towards all dissenting minorities, subjected to decisions by politicians or majorities. -- (*) So much more is involved, for instance: Ignorance of alternative and inherently peaceful governmental and societal models - and disinterest in them. Monopoly decision-making. Territorialism. Protectionism. Collective responsibility notions. Taxation powers. Monetary despotism. Ignorance of significant individual rights, like individual secession and monetary freedom rights. For 500 points of this kind see my ABC Against Nuclear War (in PEACE PLANS 16-18) and also my peace program in PEACE PLANS 61-63.) - JZ, 14.5.00. - , ARMS RACE & PEACE

DISARMAMENT: We will disarm after the government disarms. - We'll disarm after the criminals disarm. - Interesting positions reported by Mike Timko, Libertarian Cartoons & Assorted Quotations, Vol. I, p. 37. - GUN CONTROL, VICTIM DISARMAMENT

DISARMAMENT: Well informed, armed, trained and motivated citizens would disarm all governments. - JZ, 9.11.97. – DISARMAMENT BY THE PEOPLE, MILITIAS, GOVERNMENTS, CITIZEN FORCES, ARMS, WEAPONS, GUN CONTROL

DISARMAMENT: When nations talk about reducing armies, every nation wants the last sword.” - Frank Jay Markey, READER'S DIGEST, 11/63. - If "nations" or, rather, territorial governments, were completely disarmed and wanted to make war against each other, if they still had taxation, inflation and public debt raising power and a governmental propaganda machines at their disposal, how long would it take, in the industrially developed countries, to produce mass murder devices in abundance? - It took the Hitler regime only a few years and even in the middle of the war, when he thought he had already won, his arms production was somewhat reduced! What say did the peoples, the nations, have under him - and what say do they have now, under any other territorial government regime, on such questions? - Peoples are not allowed to talk about disarmament, war, peace, treaties and expenditures with each other. Such negotiations and decisions are monopolized by territorial governments - with the predictable result. Separate peace treaties between armies and peoples are expressly outlawed as "high treason"! So is effective resistance against warmongering States, while territorial States, which are inherently warfare States, are constitutionally, legally and juridically legitimized. - JZ, 14.5.00. - PEACE CONFERENCES

DISARMAMENT: Whoever thinks over earnestly and objectively this question of a general disarmament, and considers it in its remotest contingencies, must come to the conviction that it is a question which cannot be solved so long as men are (*) men, and States are (*) States.” - Theobald von Bethman-Hollweg. – (*) territorial – JZ, 15.11.10.

DISASSOCIATION: Without freedom to disassociate oneself individually and to re-associated in volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous, there is insufficient freedom in the political, economic and social spheres. Each needs the freedom to practise the own ideology - upon himself and like-minded people. - JZ, 25.8.98, 12.5.00. – SECESSION, INDIVIDUAL, FRAGMENTATION, DIVISIVENESS, DESERTION, SCHISMS, ASSOCIATIONISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

DISASTERS: As opposed to natural disasters, the disasters produced by territorial governments are unnatural ones - or natural only for such governments. – JZ, 20.2.12. – TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS

DISASTERS: Canberra is the headquarters for the organization of national disasters. - JZ, 10.10.75. - Just look at what it has done to the tax burden, that of the bureaucracy and to depreciate the currency and to create mass unemployment. Central, State and Local Governments have done us much more harm and killed many more of us off, than have all the natural disasters combined. And still the bureaucrats imagine that they are the most suitable people to cope with natural disasters, too. Just look at their record of "successes" and failures - in every sphere! - JZ, 14.5.00. – The same is, naturally, due for any other capital of any territorial government, from Federations over States to local governments. – JZ, 8.2.13.

DISBELIEF: My motto is: "Lord, I disbelieve - help thou my unbelief." - E. M. Forster, "I believe", 19 personal philosophies", p.43. - JOKES

DISCIPLINE: And when the soldiers are enrolled, hired, and armed, they are subjected to a special training called discipline, introduced in recent times, since soldiers have ceased to share the plunder. Discipline consists in this, that by complex and artful methods, which have been perfected in the course of ages, people who are subjected to this training and remain under it for some time are completely deprived of man's chief attribute, rational freedom, and become submissive, machine-like instruments of murder in the hands of their organized hierarchical stratocracy. And it is in this disciplined army that the essence of the fraud dwells which gives to modern governments dominion over the people.” - Tolstoi, quoted in Sprading, p.319. - Part of this disciplining is also a conditioning to overcome the wide-spread instinctual revulsion against killing another human being. - In spite of it a large number of soldiers still fire into the air rather than upon an advancing enemy soldier. - JZ, 15.5.00. – Possibly more out of fear of exposure to enemy fire than out of aversion to killing any of them. – JZ, 15.11.10. - DRILL, OBEDIENCE, SUBORDINATION, SUBJECTION, POWER, ARMED FORCES OF GOVERNMENTS

DISCIPLINE: Contrary to socialistic tenets, the free market is the only mechanism that can sensibly, logically, intelligently discipline production and consumption. For it is only when the market is free that economic calculation is possible. Free pricing is the key. When prices are high, production is encouraged and consumption is discouraged. when prices fall, the reverse holds true. Thus, production and consumption are always moving toward equilibrium. Shortages and surpluses are not in the lexicon of free market economics.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.69. - MARKETS & PRICING

DISCIPLINE: Discipline is good, but liberty is better.” - Rousseau, The Government of Poland, 198 in the F. Watkins edition. - LIBERTY

DISCIPLINE: Discipline is the destruction of reason and of liberty in man, and cannot have any other purpose than merely the preparation for the commission of such malefactions as not one man will commit in his normal condition.” - Leo Tolstoy, The Slavery of Our Times. – MILITARY DISCIPLINE, AS OPPOSED TO SELF-DISCIPLINE IN ALL RELATIONSHIPS

DISCIPLINE: Discipline must come through liberty. … We do not consider an individual disciplined when he has been rendered as artificially silent as a mute and as immovable as a paralytic. He is an individual annihilated, not disciplined. – Maria Montessori in  – & LIBERTY, INDIVIDUALISM VS. COERCIVE COLLECTIVISM

DISCIPLINE: Discipline without moral insight is an absurdity.” - Jakob Wassermann, in: Tucholsky, Politische Texte, S.22.

DISCIPLINE: in a free market economy it's the customer who calls the tune, and employers who don't listen and conform aren't likely to stay in business very long. The employer who caters to any personal prejudices he may have as to hiring practice that conflicts sharply with customer attitudes will soon hear from his patrons. The market mechanism is a great disciplinarian, if permitted to function as such.” - W. A. Paton, THE FREEMAN, 1/75. - THE MARKET

DISCIPLINE: Military discipline makes only sense when the orders given are rightful and sensible. The unqualified demand for it does also overlook the number of battles won through intelligent disobedience. - 27.4.94.  - Soldiers have not only to learn when to obey but also when to disobey. Government forces are unlikely to be taught this discipline. See the wrongful behavior of some of the best citizen forces ever, the Ironsides of Cromwell, not in England, but in Ireland. - Naturally, religious, anti-monarchical and anti-ethnic prejudices were involved there, too. - JZ, 14.5.00. - DISCIPLINE VS. DISOBEDIENCE

DISCIPLINE: Remember that the aim of your discipline should be to produce as self-governing being; not to produce a being to be governed by others.” - Herbert Spencer, Education, p.131. - SELF-DISCIPLINE, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-CONTROL, SELF-HELP, SELF-DETERMINATION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

DISCIPLINE: The authoritarian acts as though such order could only be effected by force: imposed on recalcitrant material. The libertarian believes that it can be effected by reason, by enlightenment, by the cultivation of right habits. The authoritarian believes in discipline as a means: the libertarian in discipline as an end, as a state of mind. The authoritarian issues instructions; the libertarian encourages self-education…” - Herbert Read, Anarchy & Order, p.27. - ORDER, REASON, SELF-CONTROL, LIBERTARIANISM VS. AUTHORITARIANISM

DISCIPLINE: The discipline of free men cannot be achieved by subjecting the young for a period of years to the regimen of the slave. - Quoted by Carl J. Friedrich in: The New Belief in the Common Man, p.287. - OF FREE MEN

DISCIPLINE: The Fascist and the Nazi proclaim that they have substituted discipline for liberty. It is a specious euphemism for government by force. I prefer the dynamic to a mechanized society (*) in which we are all commanded, under penalties, what to think, how to speak, what to write, how to vote. It is a fairly save prophecy that millions who are to-day content with their bondage will weary of it and cast it off. A flowing stream is healthier than a stagnant pool.” - G. P. Gooch, Dictatorship in Theory and Practice, p.47. - VS. LIBERTY – (*) dynamic society to a mechanized State - JZ

DISCIPLINE: The Free Market Disciplines: The market severs all interests, good and bad, and reflects what we are. To thus view the market helps to discipline one's behavior. Reliance on the market also disciplines expenditures; it limits moon ventures and the like to amounts individuals will voluntarily subscribe.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, VII. - OF THE MARKET, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY

DISCIPLINE: There is a distinction to be made here between a discipline imposed on life, and the law, which is inherent in life. My own early experiences in war led me to suspect the value of discipline, even in that sphere where it is so often regarded as the first essential for success. It was not discipline, but two qualities, which I would call initiative and free association, that proved essential in the stress of action. These qualities are developed individually, and tend to be destroyed by the mechanical routine of the barrack square. As for the unconscious obedience which discipline and drill are supposed to inculcate, it breaks as easily as eggshell in the face of machine-guns and high explosives.” - Herbert Read, Anarchy & Order, p.41.

DISCIPLINE: There is no course of life so weak and sottish as that which is managed by order, method and discipline.” - Michael Montaigne, Essays, III, 1588.

DISCIPLINE: there's a difference between discipline and brutality, …” - W. R. Thompson, Second Contact, ANALOG, 4/88, 56. - VS. BRUTALITY

DISCIPLINE: Whose? An imposed one or self-discipline? Who would have to be disciplined against his will and under what circumstances? Without qualifications the call for discipline, like that for "law and order", does amount to just another call for more authoritarian usurpations, as if we hadn't already an excess of these. - JZ, 13.5.93, 14.5.00.

DISCONTENT: So long as the attitude in society is that people are responsible for themselves, but that nature inevitably will limit what we can have, there is a chance that the discontent, people feel, will be directed at nature. But when we take the attitude that government is all-powerful, that it's only because somebody didn't pass the right law that we're in a bad way, then discontent will be directed at people.” - Milton Friedman, quoted in Leonard E. Read's The Free Man's Almanach. -  GOVERNMENT & NATURE, STATISM, WELFARE STATE

DISCONTENT: there never was extensive discontent without great misgovernment.” - Lord Liverpool, 1819. – Misgovernment is an essential and inevitable part of territorial government over largely involuntary subjects. To the extent that it is territorial it may be compared with slavery and serfdom and their wrongs and inefficiencies. – JZ, 15.11.10. - GOVERNMENT

DISCORDIA: All hail Discordia! - Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus I, p.110. – When each and everyone can have his own will in his own affairs then this leads to harmony rather than discord. How often have you seen adults fighting in shopping centre about how their own shopping cart should be filled? Let them shop around for their own political, economic and social system as well, their own personal laws. Panarchism does not demand anything more. Paying one’s way, rather than having to pay the bills of others. To each his own! Everyone making his own deals and bargains. – JZ, 30.11.09. - DIVERSITY, VARIETY, NONCONFORMITY, PEACE, HARMONY, TRADE, PROPERTY, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, HARMONY

DISCOUNTING: The possibility of a disagio or discount of a freely issued and accepted privately or cooperatively issued exchange medium, be it a bank note or a clearing certificate, goods- or service warrant, a discount reckoned against its chosen value standard or a gold weigh unit on a free gold and currency market, will help to assure that in most cases, and at least locally, no discount will occur, because then it will have sufficient acceptance- or shop-foundation. Apart from its local and wide-spread par-acceptance only small and temporary local discounts will occur and they will act beneficially for both, issuers and acceptors, and assure that such discounted notes or certificate do stream rapidly back to the issuer, who has to accept them at par and who can then undertake new issues, to the extent that he finds ready acceptors. Larger discounts would stop the issuer from further committing himself further by new issues, at a too high discount. They would also arouse a bad publicity for him and this would induce many people to outright refuse to accept any of his money tokens or clearing certificates. Future issues by him might then be made more difficult or even impossible for him. Thus, as far as he can, and in his own interest, he will attempt to keep his issues at par in local circulation. - Notes that went astray, into other localities, might experience a high discount there – their kind of foreign exchange rate discount, but because of this they would tend to stream back, fast, to their issuers, to be accepted by them at par. – JZ, 11.6.07, 19.10.07, 15.11.10. – DISCOUNTING OR FREE MARKET RATING OF FREELY ISSUED & OFFERED EXCHANGE MEDIA, USING SOUND VALUE STANDARDS

DISCOURSE: Children are amused by games; the lower classes diverted by bullfights, gentlemen are entertained by noble discourse.” - James A. Michener, The Drifters, ch.VIII. - CONVERSATION, DISCUSSIONS, TALKS, EXCHANGE OF OPINIONS

DISCRETION: (Man) must consult his own reason, draw his own conclusions and consciously conform himself to his ideas of propriety. … For that purpose each man must have his sphere of discretion. No man must encroach upon my province, nor I upon his. He may advise me, moderately and without pertinaciousness, but he must not expect to dictate to me. He may censure me freely and without reserve; but he should remember that I am to act by my deliberation and not his.” – William Godwin, Justice. - "Let me make my own decisions!" - It's my life", isn't it?" - "Let me go to hell in my own way!" – “Living the own life. - "Let me make my own mistakes!" – “Free advice is worth its price!" - These are just some of the popular responses about meddling and against "backseat-driving". - JZ, 15.5.00. – Alas, the same people are often all too obedient statists and victims and remain willfully under-informed or full of prejudices, when it comes to public affairs and so their governments get away with all too much at the expense of their victims. – What would happen if the best ideas and refutations were always readily available to these victims, if their taxation were voluntary and also their State membership? – Here and now I leave that to your own imagination. - JZ, 30.11.08. – FREEDOM, CHOICE, POPULAR DEGREE OF INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY – BUT NOT YET CONSISTENTLY EXTENDED TOWARDS PANARCHISM

DISCRETION: no more discretionary powers left to officials or committees.” – Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, Goodbye to Nationalization, p.7. – All discretionary powers to be transferred to individuals and their contracts and voluntarily joined institutions, from which they must remain free to secede. – No more territorial rule! - JZ, 15.11.10. - DISCRETIONARY POWER, OFFICIALS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, SELF-CONTROL, SELF-HELP, SELF-RELIANCE, BUREAUCRACY

DISCRIMINATION: [Before the Civil Rights Act of 1964], many governments in southern states forced people to segregate by race. Civil rights advocates fought to repeal these state laws, but failed. So they appealed to the federal government, which responded with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But this federal law didn't simply repeal state laws compelling segregation. It also prohibited voluntary segregation. What had been mandatory became forbidden. Neither before nor after the Civil Rights Act were people free to make their own decisions about who they associated with.” - Harry Browne – Freedom of association or voluntarism in every respect, even under personal laws and exterritorial autonomy, is what panarchism is all about, regardless of what moral, rational or immoral or irrational notion a particular panarchy is based upon. People who share the same views do each other no wrong, even when they act like brutes, barbarians, totalitarians, racists, criminals, sado-masochists or cannibals towards each other. – Their behavior towards minors, who cannot as yet have given their informed consent, is another matter. Such victims have at least a right to asylum in civilized societies. – Brutish and even murderous parents do not have a right to their children to that extent. – In ancient Athens, I was told, everyone could make himself a guardian of a minor – but only to protect his or her rights. – True of false? I do not know, but I do approve of this in principle. - JZ, 15.11.10. - VOLUNTARY VS. COMPULSORY INTEGRATION & SEGREGATION

DISCRIMINATION: 1. All people should be equal before the law. No law should discriminate on grounds of race, religion, colour, age or sex. In other words, the law should recognize and protect the equal individual rights of all people. However, while this is simple in concept, and probably agreed by all, it gets very muddled in application. For example, there are in existence literally thousands of laws, which are discriminatory in one way or another. Means tests discriminate, as do licensing laws, tariffs, standards, wage legislation, welfare payouts and education standards, to name but a few. (*) - 2. However, private individuals and/or organizations do have the right to discriminate. This is a point that is being increasingly ignored, or denied. Implicit in the right to own property is the right to use and dispose of that property as one sees fit, provided only that one at all time respects the equal rights of others. Thus, you have the right to decide who you will allow into your house, who you will lend your car to, and who you will hire to work for you. We may disagree with your reasons for choosing who or what you choose, but we cannot morally force you to change your decision, no matter how irrational it might be.” – John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.75. – (*) People should be free to choose different law and societal systems for themselves! "The" territorial law is not the only possible or optimal and most just law. – JZ, n.d. – In every shopping people discriminate according to price, quality and personal preferences. They also discriminate between partners they wish to live with. Discrimination is a quite normal and not a wrongful action, if rationally and morally applied. – JZ, 8.2.13. – PERSONAL LAWS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM,

DISCRIMINATION: a poster appearing around New York City: DISCRIMINATION HURTS! HELP END PREJUDICE. - Look, friends, if a woman shows a lack of discrimination, we have a special and highly uncomplimentary term for her. Even a prostitute shows some discrimination; she gives her favors only to those who pay her; the women, who doesn't have even that much discrimination earns a different term. - Of course, it does hurt a man's ego to have a woman discriminate against him. So? So What? Maybe he deserves it, hugh? So it hurts; what does that prove? That it's evil, improper, unethical? In that case dentistry, which hurts, is evil, improper, and unethical, and we should all Help End Dentistry. Morphine, on the other hand, definitely does not hurt; it's an anodyne, and not only does not hurt of itself, but interferes with the hurt other things cause.” - John Campbell, ANALOG, 12/76. – , JOKES

DISCRIMINATION: Discrimination in favor of black people has been attacked in N.T. with the slogan: "Rights for Whites". - Most people fail to distinguish between compulsory integration and voluntary integration, compulsory segregation and voluntary segregation. - Some laws against racial discrimination have actually increased rather than moderated racism, at least in some people. Laws are almost never the best or final solution to any problem. Would a list of the exceptions turn out to be very long? - JZ, 15.5.00. – If people were to discriminate between conditions of full employment and those of mass unemployment, then they would find much less racial, religious and other discrimination under conditions of full employment. Thus full employment and, towards it, full monetary and financial freedom, the realization of all economic liberties, should be the aim of the opponents of racial and other discrimination in employment. However, those who discriminate by skin colors and religions are usually not informed and intelligent enough to arrive at such conclusions. These liberties will thus have to be introduced without their help. – JZ, 30.11.08. - REVERSE DISCRIMINATION

DISCRIMINATION: Discrimination is essential to living; …” - John Campbell, ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FACT & FICTION, 12/60. – Imagine no longer being able to distinguish between left and right – while driving! – Or between theft and paying one’s way. Or between healthy food and poison, between danger and security. Moral and rational discrimination is a survival requirement. - JZ, 30.11.08, 8.2.13.. -– LIFE,

DISCRIMINATION: Discrimination," in the sense of choosing favorably or unfavorably in accordance with whatever criteria a person may employ, is an integral part of freedom of choice, and hence of a free society. But of course in the free market any such discrimination is costly, and will have to be paid for by the property owner concerned. …” - Murray N. Rothbard, For A New Liberty, 2nd. ed., 1978, 206. - In first edition on page 209. – FREE CHOICE, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT

DISCRIMINATION: end all legal discrimination against the free individual and free enterprise …” - WESTERN WORLD REVIEW, Summer 73, 8. –

DISCRIMINATION: End Discrimination Against Liberty - Repeal Laws.” - Button advertised in LFB catalog, May 74. – “End discrimination against liberty.” - Robert Carnaghan, n.d. He also used to stamp his letters with: “End Government Discrimination Against Liberty.” – LIBERTY, LAWS

DISCRIMINATION: I protest against the counterfeit logic, which concludes that, because I do not want a black woman for a slave I must necessarily want her for a wife. I need not have her for either. I can just leave her alone. In some respects she certainly is not my equal; but in her natural right to eat the bread she earns with her own hands without asking leave of any one else, she is my equal, and the equal of all others.” - Abraham Lincoln, Speech on the Dred Scott decision, Springfield, Ill, June 26, 1857. – EQUALITY, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES & RACISM

DISCRIMINATION: It is important to realize that ALL human actions imply discrimination in the only sensible definition of that much abused term: picking and choosing from available alternatives the one which best serves his or her interests. There is no action taken by human beings, which fails to accord with this dictum. We discriminate when we choose a tooth paste, decide upon a means of transportation, whom to marry . Any attack upon discrimination, therefore, is an attempt to restrict the options open to all individuals.” - Walter Block, Defending the Undefendable, 35. – Try to read or speak or listen without discriminating between the different letters and words! – JZ, 30.11.08.

DISCRIMINATION: It's now illegal to discriminate on account of a disability for work etc. and I want to be an opera singer, a brain surgeon and an astronaut! - JZ, 15.10.92. – , JOKES

DISCRIMINATION: Life and survival depend upon active and individual discrimination and the ability to do so intelligently, with all one's senses intact. - JZ, 27.7.95. – LIFE, SURVIVAL

DISCRIMINATION: no discrimination in employment." - Does this mean one-legged firemen? - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.73. - Or blind pilots? – Or deaf symphony conductors? I do admit that often 6-year olds, as heads of State, could hardly do much worse. And, at least sometimes, they would listen to better informed people. - JZ, 12.5.00, 30.11.08. – LEADERSHIP, RULERS,

DISCRIMINATION: Observing differences, making a distinction, observing distinctions carefully, acute discernment.” - J.C. Lester.

DISCRIMINATION: One must be blind indeed not to recognize the difference in quality of persons. Also, he must see that such differences exist without regard to race, class, sex, or any other general classification. DISCRIMINATION with regard to such individual differences IS THE FIRST REQUIREMENT OF SURVIVAL. One should not marry a murderer or employ a thief, regardless of what other categories might fit such persons.” - Charles R. LaDow, THE FREEMAN, 9/74. - But those who do want to discriminate in their favor should also be free to do so, at their own risk. - JZ, 15.5.00.

DISCRIMINATION: Private discrimination, no matter how offensively it may be worded, is somehow self-limiting and self-penalizing. E.g. a business that proclaims in a large sign: “No dogs, pigs or colored people will be served here!” will inevitably lead to loss of customers, not only among colored people but among “white” people without a racial prejudice, who would then counter-discriminate or counter-boycott against such shops. Official discrimination by governments with a territorial monopoly is quite another matter. Such governments can exclude some people from whole countries or even continents. They act as if they were the private owners of whole countries, although they are not. They coercively discriminate although many of their subjects, many of their minorities, perhaps even the majority, would not do so, as soon as it would be up to them. Discrimination is wrong only when people are coercively deprived of their genuine individual rights and liberties. In many cases discrimination is even a survival requirement. We should be able to distinguish between healthy food and poisoned or rotten food. For our own voluntary associations and communities we should be free to discriminate against people with other views or characteristics, even if they are merely racial, religious or ideological differences, or whatever they may be, as long as we fully respect the freedom of association and enterprise of all others, who do not thus discriminate at all or who do discriminate but differently. Each should be free to suffer under his own prejudices and choices and exclude himself from the company of and business with rational, moral and tolerant people. – By all means, discriminate against some people, if you think you should, but only at your own risk and expense. Association or trade relations with very prejudiced people is not a basic right or a necessary opportunity, far less a duty. - JZ, 2.7.04, 26.10.07. 15.11.10. – IMMIGRATION BARRIERS, WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY, AFRICA TO AFRICANS ONLY ETC.

DISCRIMINATION: Racial discrimination is a less important factor in Britain than the USA, but there is plenty of discrimination against the old, by compulsory retiring ages, and against the young, by forcing children to stay on at school for longer and longer periods.” - Samuel Brittan, Capitalism and the Permissive Society. - Even discrimination in favor of a particular group, e.g. via minimum wages, does actually and unintentionally discriminate against the young - by making more of them unemployed. - JZ, 3.4.89. – , MINIMUM WAGE LAWS, COMPULSORY RETIREMENT, COMPULSORY SCHOOLING

DISCRIMINATION: reverse discrimination is discrimination still.” - Neera Badhwar, THE FREEMAN, 10/74. - Other terms for it are: special privileges or favoritism by law. - REVERSE DISCRIMINATION

DISCRIMINATION: Should our reading and shopping be quite indiscriminate? Should we not discriminate between lies and truth, facts and fiction, innocence and guilt, rightful and wrongful actions, war and peace, tolerance and intolerance? – In some people’s mind non-discrimination has become an absolute and absurd “value”. – JZ, 8.2.13.

DISCRIMINATION: Should we no longer discriminate in favor of politicians and bureaucrats and indiscriminately allow all people to make their own decisions? - JZ, 15.5.00. – The fundamental ideas upon which all coercive territorial laws and institutions are based are, usually, all too primitive, flawed or limited. – JZ, 30.11.08. - , POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT

DISCRIMINATION: the preserves of discrimination in any society are the areas that are most monopolistic in character, whereas discrimination against groups of particular color or religion is least in those areas where there is the greatest freedom of competition.” - Milton Friedman, Capitalism & Freedom, p.109. Competition is a sphere of free actions for individuals, within their property rights, not for areas or even whole territories or countries. “Free countries” “free States”, “free nations”, “free peoples” and “free society” are among the most abused terms for all countries and their populations in which territorialism is still continued. – JZ, 15.11.10, 8.2.13. - CAPITALISM, RACISM, FREE COUNTRIES, SOCIETY, COMPETITION, FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

DISCRIMINATION: The viability of any society rests on the quality of discrimination shown by its citizens.” - Charles R. LaDow, THE FREEMAN, 9/74. –

DISCRIMINATION: The word "discrimination" is ceasing to be self-evidently good (as characterising a trained and sensitive intelligence) and is well on the way to becoming self-evidently bad. In the first place, this verbal corruption was an off-shoot of race relations. What was disapproved of, properly enough, was discrimination against people through envy or malice; but very quickly, the word "discrimination" has become a synonym for "discrimination against". - A. E. Dyson, in: Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, Right Turn, Churchill Press, p.156. –

DISCRIMINATION: There is food for thought in the fact that racial discrimination has diminished earlier, faster, and more quietly in the market place than in political life.” - Stigler, The Intellectual and the Market Place, 88. – Racial discrimination is anyhow absurd because there are almost no people left of a “pure” race. Almost all of us are of “mixed blood”. Anyhow, the blood groups are all the same, in all the “races”. – JZ - RACIAL DISCRIMINATION

DISCRIMINATION: Thinking means to discriminate.” – Clarence Darrow. - Retranslated from the German version. - THOUGHT

DISCRIMINATION: We have a right in various ways to act upon our unfavourable opinion of any one, not to the oppression of his individuality, but in the exercise of ours.” - John Stuart Mill, On Liberty.

DISCRIMINATION: What proved fatal to Sparta and Athens, for all their military strength, was their segregation of conquered subjects and aliens. Our founder Romulus, on the other hand, had the wisdom - more than once - to transform whole enemy peoples into Roman citizens within the course of a single day …” - Claudius Caesar, quoted in ANALOG, 12/83. – Probably an exaggeration. But according to my old 1959 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, he offered asylum to outcasts and fugitives. – JZ, 30.11.08. - DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ALIENS & FOREIGNERS, LIBERATION WARS, JUST WAR AIMS

DISCRIMINATION: When discrimination is not allowed according to one's wisdom and conscience, both discrimination and conscience will atrophy in the same way as an unused muscle.” - The Free Man's Almanac, compiled by Leonard E. Read.


DISCRIMINATION: Would politicians like it if we did not discriminate between them at all and either did not vote for any of them, thus discriminating against all of them, or choose any of them according to the throw of a dice? - JZ, 15.5.00. – Q., PARTIES, PARY PLATFORMS, PROGRAMS

DISCUSSIONS: Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; argument an exchange of ignorance.” - Robert Quillen. - Discussions are mostly an exchange of errors and prejudices. Arguments arise when this is done passionately. But at least discussions, as opposed to debates, allow for more than one point of view to be stated. There is no "yes or no?", "black or white?" prescription for them. - JZ, 15.5.00. – ARGUMENTS, RED., ARGUMENT MAPPING, SIGN DEBATES

DISCUSSIONS: For serious discussions of any subject some social gatherings are mostly altogether useless and often serious talks are even intentionally squashed there to avoid any additional frictions. In such assemblies special interests and knowledge are also quite insufficiently sorted out. Thus even if serious discussions were attempted there, they would tend to be rather fruitless. Topics like genuine individual rights and liberties, which should interest every moral and rational being, are also largely taboo in them. “Oh, the times and their customs!” – But, if all serious meetings in a district were sufficiently announced in advance - then they could contribute much to the general enlightenment. – (*) Are discussions on the IN a sufficient substitute for such local personal meetings? – JZ, 30.10.07, 28.11.08. – (*) IF they are optimally conducted. – Michael Doyle & David Straus, How to Make Meetongs Work, The New Interaction Method, Playboy Paperbacks, 1976, has much to offer. So has digital argument mapping, as proposed by Paul Monk et al online. An Ideas Archive would help, an encyclopaedia of the best refutations and one of all the diverse definitions of the same terms, with all their pro and cons. Many steps need to be taken to promote enlightenment, as I attempted to show in my New Draft digitized book manuscript of 2010. The conventional methods cannot be sufficiently relied upon. – JZ, 8.2.13. - FAMILY OR OTHER SOCIAL GATHERINGS, PUBLIC MEETINGS:

DISCUSSIONS: How fertile is the smallest circle, // If it one knows how to care well for it.” – Goethe, Sprueche in Reimen. – JZ, tr. of: “Wie fruchtbar ist der kleinste Kreis, Wenn man ihn wohl zu pflegen weiss!” – Sorry, but in other places I have wrongly ascribed this view to Schiller. – JZ - OPINION EXCHANGES, CONVERSATION, CREATIVITY, IDEAS

DISCUSSIONS: Interested listeners are a stimulant. A bored audience is a turn-off and mostly even prevents one from attempting to communicate any special interest at all or at any length. Family "feasts", acquaintances, social togetherness and chance crowds prevent worthwhile discussions in all too many cases. - Thereupon someone recommended: Do not waste too much time in the company of people with whom you have all too little interests in common. That compels many of the radical libertarians to spend much time in the best company they do have available, i.e., with themselves. - JZ 2.1.88 & 15.5.00.

DISCUSSIONS: It is with opinions that one dares to utter as with markers in a board game. They can be beaten, but they introduce a game that will be won.” – Goethe, Sprueche in Prosa. – JZ: “Es ist mit Meinungen, die man wagt, wie mit Steinen, die man voran im Brette bewegt; sie koennen geschlagen werden, aber sie haben ein Spiel eingeleitet, das gewonnen wird.“ – LEARNING, EDUATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, OPINION EXCHANGES, INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION.

DISCUSSIONS: Men are never so likely to settle a question rightly as when they discuss it freely.” - Macaulay, Essays, Southey's Colloquies. – Without good enough reference works being available all too many questions remained unsettled for all too long and all too many still are. – JZ, 30.11.08.

DISCUSSIONS: Two monologues, that frequently interrupt each other, are called a discussion.” - Charles Tschopp. - RED., CONTROVERSIES, ARGUMENTS, DISPUTES, DEBATES

DISGOVERNANCE: A term used by Vernor Vinge in: Marooned in Real Time, ANALOG, 6/86, 146.

DISGRACE: No one can disgrace us but ourselves. - J. G. Holland - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

DISHONESTY: Bribery for official or unofficial permission to do a wrong thing is one thing. Bribery to obtain the freedom to undertake a moral action is another. The concentration of decision-making power in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats, policemen and judges, is the real and main crime involved. - JZ, 21.12.95. - CORRUPTION, BRIBERY, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, FREEDOM, CHOICE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-HELP

DISHONESTY: Disinformation eats those who create it. This may be why each Power Elite eventually loses out to a new Power Elite.” - R. A. Wilson, Right Where You Are Sitting Now, p.97. - Lying is self-defeating in most cases or: a moral case needs publicity to succeed, as Kant points out in his Eternal Peace. - JZ, n.d. – However, towards private or official criminals it is often a justified and necessary act of self-defence. – JZ, 15.11.10. - DISINFORMATION, LIES, TRUTH

DISHONESTY: Let those who judge harshly the breaker of laws and contracts reflect that while dishonest laws create privileged positions for some, the only defence of those who are enslaved by such laws may be underhand, dishonest practices. If the self-preservation instincts are not allowed free play in honest channels, they are forced into dishonest channels. A man will be honest when he sees honesty to be his best policy. Those who preach honesty as though the expediency of that course did not depend upon the conditions preach rank superstition.” - John Badcock, Slaves to Duty, 26. - DISHONESTY VS. DISHONEST LAWS, HONESTY TOWARDS HONEST PEOPLE, DISOBEDIENCE, LIES, TRUTH, BLACK MARKETS, UNDERGROUND ECONOMY

DISHONESTY: The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money. – Alexis de Tocqueville. - Taxpayers, all too often and as statists, do let themselves be bribed with the money first stolen from them! - And the official thieves and robbers dispense favors and thus buy wide-spread obedience! - How many are there left, who receive no hand-out or subsidy in any form? - JZ, 24. 11. 06. - CORRUPTION OF REPUBLICS, VOTING, DEMOCRACIES, WELFARE STATES, HANDOUTS, SUBSIDIES

DISHONESTY: The upshot of all this is that the honest live in fear of the government and the dishonest are granted reprieves from it. The disparity of such results does not instill confidence in the process.” - Larry W. Sarner, THE FREEMAN, 11/75. – DISHONESTY VS. HONESTY

DISINTEREST: Because of lack of interest, tomorrow has been cancelled.” - Anonymous, quoted in R. C. W. Ettinger, Man into Superman, 206. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, APATHY, DISINTEREST IN THE FUTURE, NWT

DISINTEREST: Nine hundred and ninety-nine women out of a thousand are more interested in the cut of a dress than in the independence of their sex; nine hundred and ninety-nine men out of a thousand are more interested in drinking a glass of beer than in questioning the tax that is laid on it; how many children are not willing to trade the liberty to play for the promise of a new cap or a new dress? This is what begets the complicated mechanism of society; this is which by multiplying the concerns of government, multiplies the strength of government and the corresponding weakness of the people.” - Voltairine de Cleyre, Anarchism & American Tradition, p.128. – But what can one expect from people who never had fully free choice and freedom of action? What would happen if taxes became voluntary and the choice of one’s government or society as well? We would finally get the chance to grow up and mature, make our own choices and decisions on all of our affairs, not only e.g. meals, hair styles, clothing, home decoration and reading matter or music. – Once all the walls come down, all the artificially imposed borders, frontiers and monopolies are gone, we would tend to explore all our options. For some this might go fast. Others will be slower. Some might continue to stagnate or even go backwards. That is their right as well. - JZ, 30.11.08. - PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, APATHY, INDIFFERENCE, FREEDOM, GOVERNMENT & PEOPLE PANARCHISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, SECESSIONISM

DISINTEREST: She was asked what she thought of Red China and she said: It's all right as long as it doesn't clash with the tablecloth."- From joke collection, Safian I, 58. – JOKES, WOMEN, DISINTEREST IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS

DISINTEREST: The lowest level in hell is reserved for those who don't give a damn.” - Dante, as quoted by Ron Berman, 28.7.75. - How much less disinterest would how many more people become if they had not been brought up and forced to live in a perpetual Kindergarten, in which the most important decisions for their lives are not up to them but to politicians and bureaucrats? We do not know as yet the man of freedom and his potential. What we do know is the man who has been conditioned, even selected, over many generations, by slavery, serfdom and statism. - JZ - 15.5.00. – Would not the lowest level of hell be the coolest one, assuming gravity conditions? – JZ, 30.11.08.

DISINTEREST: The more there is to talk about the less most people talk about it. - JZ, 14.5.78. – Instances: Monetary freedom, panarchism, an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties, ideas archive, a complete electronic freedom library, prevention of nuclear war. – JZ, 30.11.08. - APATHY, IGNORANCE.

DISLOYALTY: The penalty for disloyalty is Death.” - The Occult Technology of Power. - The award for disloyalty is life! - JZ, 23.12.75. – Loyalty to nuclear powers, those armed with mass murder devices? – JZ, 30.11.08. - DISOBEDIENCE, TREASON, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, OBEDIENCE, LOYALTY

DISMANTLING GOVERNMENT: But if the glorious public sector, if expanded government has brought us to this pretty pass, perhaps the answer is to roll government back, to return to the truly revolutionary path of dismantling the Big State.” – Murray N. Rothbard, in an anthology called: Outside Looking In, p.70. – Each type of anarchism only for each type of anarchist, each type of libertarianism only for each kind of libertarian and each kind of government only for each kind of statist! – Then the remaining statists could even form, for themselves, several kinds of world States or world federations, all only applying to their own volunteers, as long as they remain voluntary members. – Rothbard remained contradictory on this subject, to my knowledge. Only some of his remarks came close to panarchism and its tolerance even for tolerant statists. - JZ, 30.11.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, DISENGAGEMENT, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

DISMANTLING GOVERNMENT: It is not big business that is the enemy. It is the State itself. - This does not mean that businessmen are all lily white an pure. They aren't. Rather, it is simply recognition of the fact that if you build an instrument (that is, the government) that can be used to make enormous sums of money, and sit it down in front of an entire population, it won't be long before there is a fight over who gets to use it. That's simply human nature - and while we might deplore the fact that it is so, it doesn't help very much. Similarly, it doesn't really help to use our energies to build a bigger and more powerful government machine, which is in effect, what most reformers are doing today. The only solution to the problem is to dismantle as much of the government machine as possible, and put it out of the reach of those people who would seek to use it to line their own pockets. It is the exploitation of the State by vested interests …” - John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p58. – Only territorial governments need to be dismantled or abolished. – JZ, 30.11.08. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, BUDGET, BUSINESSMEN, TAXATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, WELFARISM, PRIVILEGES, HANDOUTS, SUBSIDIES, LOBBIES, VESTED INTERESTS, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRACY, BIG BUSINESS, CORPORATIONS, BIG GOVERNMENT, LOCAL GOVERNMENT, DECENTRALIZATION, TERRITORIALISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, STATE, STATISM

DISMISS: Everybody should be free to dismiss a government - not for others, like the Governor General can, but for just for himself. - Secede, withdraw, opt-out, panarchize or exterritorialize yourself. Change all-round compulsion into all-round voluntarism - JZ, 20.8.78. – VOLUNTARY & COMPETING GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FULL FREEDOM OF CONTRACT

DISOBEDIENCE: A common argument is that disobedience even of bad laws is wrong because that fosters a general disrespect for all laws, including good ones, which we need. But this is like arguing that children should be made to eat rotten fruit along with the good, lest they get the idea all fruit should be thrown away. Isn't it likely that someone forced to eat the rotten fruit may because of that develop a distaste for all fruit?” - Howard Zinn, Disobedience & Democracy, p.12. - RESPECT FOR THE LAW

DISOBEDIENCE: A law is bad: the people consider it bad. Well, there is no necessity for petitions and speeches if people are really in earnest. Disobey it! Disobey it in force and that law will be heard of no more. - Direct action, after all, simply means that each of us individually must decide for himself the morality of any course of action.” - J. Blair Smith, Direct Action vs. Legislation, 1899 (?) - CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, RESISTANCE, LAWS & DIRECT ACTION

DISOBEDIENCE: A people may loathe their government, but endure it because they know those who protest it will die. But if all the people can be joined together, to act at once - or, most of them, simply to disobey with a deadly kind of peacefulness - the government can only shoot a few. Cut off from its own strong roots, the land and the folk, a government is vulnerable and less than a million armed men may be sufficient to destroy it.” - Poul Anderson, Brain Wave, p 70. – MILITIA, REVOLUTION, RESISTANCE

DISOBEDIENCE: aggressive laws create discord where there was none before and set men at each other's throats. The willful and principled disobedience to aggressive laws is thus not a step towards social chaos, but a blow for freedom and human dignity.” - Jarret B. Wollstein, The Case Against Victimless Crimes, a leaflet. – The most effective disobedience or resistance would be secession. It would make further disobedience or resistance unnecessary, as long as the secession option remains. – JZ, 15.11.10.

DISOBEDIENCE: And so the Alexanders, Carnots, Humberts, and others must not be killed, but it ought to be proved to them (*) that they are murderers; and above all, they should not be obeyed. If men do not yet act in this manner; it is only because of the hypnotic influence governments for self-preservation so diligently exercised on them. (**) Therefore we can contribute toward stopping people killing kings and each other, not by murder, - murders only strengthen this hypnotic state, - but by awakening men from it.” - Tolstoy, quoted in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.319. - The murderous assassination of a political leader, who could have been peacefully replaced by numerous dissenters, e.g. during the next election, should be distinguished from the rightful execution of a genuine tyrant - by anyone who has the opportunity to do so. To reduce abuses it might be best, if e.g. a federation of rightful local volunteer militias for the protection of human rights named all tyrants ruling at a particular time, as rightful targets, or if an international court gave them a rightful trial first, even if given in absentia. - It may often be easier for their victims to thus execute a war-mongering “great leader” than to disobey him. Such an act, if it succeeds, could save many lives. With the despot his whole regime might be overthrown. But one should never consider it as the only rightful and necessary resistance act. - If it fails, then not only the person making the attempt but many of those who sympathized with him, or are suspected to be sympathizers, may be executed. Tyrannicide on its own, without many other rightful and rational resistance and liberation actions should be risked only in extreme cases of very influential tyrants that cannot be easily replaced. Large troop units might find it easier to handle him by disobedience, arrest and bringing him to trial, together with his main followers. - (*) Not to them but to their victims and to those not yet victimized by them. – (**) Is this correctly translated? - JZ, 15.5.00, 30.11.08. -  TYRANNICIDE

DISOBEDIENCE: Anyone can be irresponsibly obedient and disobedient. Responsible obedience to reason and disobedience to unreasonable powers and orders require high moral reasoning powers and, in our time, a high degree of heroism. - JZ, 3.10.88. - RESPONSIBLE VS. IRRESPONSIBLE DISOBEDIENCE

DISOBEDIENCE: Bob Hawke, has also challenged the rule of law. He has stated that he doesn't believe 'that there is any unequivocal proposition that I can accept that all laws must always be obeyed. I think once an individual or organization accepts that proposition, then you are on the road to servile dictatorship. I think all have ultimately to have (sic) the right to ask whether the law in question is morally right or not.’ - Thus Hawke appears to envisage that an individual has a free choice re every law as to whether or not he will obey it. As he has described it ‘if you are going to deny individuals the right of conscience to say whether a law is a good one or a bad one, then you are introducing the sort of society that I don't want to be part of.’ - No doubt, Hawke's rhetoric does not extend into the trade union movement itself. …” - Gerald Henderson, QUADRANT, Sep/Oct 72, 43. Date. - In the first part he spoke of disobedience to law. In the second part only of freely criticizing a law, rather than disobeying it. - It must be understood that here bodies of laws are discussed that were not freely selected by individuals for themselves, like particular private insurance or credit contracts. (“Personal laws”) So whence do territorial laws, designed and passed by others and for the benefit of others, derive any moral force over individuals? The notion of "consent" has been shredded, perhaps best, by Herbert Spencer in his original chapter 19 in his Social Statics, on the right to ignore the State. Here is one of the very few points at which I would agree with Hawke, who, for a while, was Prime Minister of Australia. How did he deal with those who broke his commands and his favorite laws? I don't know but can guess. But I do know that for all too long, as trade union leader and as politician, he had all too much territorial power. He, too, was a hawk rather than a dove. - JZ, 15.5.00, 30.11.08. - THE RULE OF LAW

DISOBEDIENCE: Citizens and soldiers should rather disobey than follow their rulers into any unjust war. - JZ, 1.10.84, 15.5.00. - UNJUST WARS, RULERS, CITIZENS

DISOBEDIENCE: Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the State becomes lawless or, which is the same thing, corrupt. – Mohandas Gandhi - AS A DUTY

DISOBEDIENCE: Disobedience is often the highest duty for soldiers, officers, public servants and citizens. E.g. in case of quite wrongful or even criminal orders and laws. Under some conditions, those officers, who give quite wrongful orders in wartime, and who cannot be effectively contradicted or immediately replaced, whenever their criminal, mass murderous and mass destructive orders might be followed, causing unjustified and catastrophic losses to both sides, should even be executed on the spot. – Preparation for such disobedience and resistance actions should also become part of the military and police training, not only of the training of an ideal militia force for the protection of individual rights and liberties. Many more major crimes with victims are committed by obedience than by disobedience. – JZ, 10.5.07, 25.10.07, 8.2.13. - AS A DUTY FOR SOLDIERS, OFFICERS & CITIZENS

DISOBEDIENCE: disobedience might be the "essential condition" for individual liberty.” - Howard Zinn, Disobedience and Democracy, p.11. – It naturally follows from individual sovereignty, self-ownership, individual secessionism and the right to resist, associate and make one’s own contracts. – JZ, 30.11.08. - INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY.

DISOBEDIENCE: Disobedience, in the eyes of any one who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.” - Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man under Socialism. - Disobedience was man's original virtue. - Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus III, p.241. - PROGRESS

DISOBEDIENCE: Disobedience, the rarest and most courageous of the virtues, is seldom distinguished from neglect, the laziest and commonest of the vices.” - G. B. Shaw, quoted in Sprading, p.417. – From: Shaw: Man & Superman, p.278/279, under heading: “The Revolutionist's Handbook.”

DISOBEDIENCE: Do not obey any ruler or any order, which brings us closer to WW III. - JZ, 10.5.83, 15.5.00

DISOBEDIENCE: Don't obey any law which infringes your individual rights - if you can get away with this unharmed. - JZ, n.d.

DISOBEDIENCE: Erich Fromm … observes that "If the capacity for disobedience constituted the beginning of human history, obedience might cause the end of human history."- Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.587.

DISOBEDIENCE: Genesis is exactly backwards. Our troubles started from obedience, not disobedience. And humanity is not yet created.” - Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus II, p.103.

DISOBEDIENCE: Good men must not obey the laws too well.” - Emerson. – LAWS, OBEDIENCE

DISOBEDIENCE: Henry Mayer has argued recently that "We all regularly and happily break some laws and, in fact, pick and choose those we will obey.” - Gerald Henderson, QUADRANT, Sep/Oct 72. – If only this were so free and easy! – But there do exist many “offences”, without victims, which I call “folk crimes”, which many to most people habitually engage in, e.g. somewhat exceeding the speed limits and cheating on taxes. – The lower the penalties are and the lower the risk of being caught, the more frequently they do occur. But this behavior has not yet become a principled one, in favor of personal laws, individual secessionism, exterritorial autonomy and experimental freedom. - JZ, 30.11.08. – PERSONAL LAW, LAW BREAKING, FOLK CRIMES

DISOBEDIENCE: Human history begins with man’s act of disobedience, which is at the very same time the beginning of his freedom and development of his reason.  – Erich Fromm in  - FREEDOM & REASON

DISOBEDIENCE: I do not obey; I do not obey, I think!” - End of a poem of Ernest Crosby, that quotes a captain repeatedly saying: "I do not think, I obey!" - Source: Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.54. – THOUGHT, THINK

DISOBEDIENCE: I have not been tamed. I have only been enslaved.” - Jack Vance, The Brave Free Men, 74. - SLAVERY, STATISM, TAMING OF MAN

DISOBEDIENCE: I tell you there is something splendid in the man who will not always obey. Why, if we had done as the kings told us 500 years ago, we should have all been slaves. If we had done as the priests told us, we should all have been idiots. If we had done as the doctors have told us, we would all have been dead. We have been saved by disobedience. We have been saved by that splendid thing called independence, and I want to see more of it, I want to see children raised so that they will have it.” - Robert G. Ingersoll. - "We have been saved by disobedience." - is also quoted in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p. 275.

DISOBEDIENCE: Ideally, government ceases to function because no one any longer obeys; old authority is displaced by revolutionary organization without the massive confrontations of conventional warfare or the force majeure of the coup d'état.” - John Shy, A People Numerous and Armed, p.199. – If the myth of “the” people, for a territorial population were not excessively upheld, then a federation of minorities, all conceding exterritorial autonomy to the volunteers of the other minority groups as well, and if they did also concede to each other all those genuine individual rights and liberties, which their members want to claim and practise for themselves, among themselves only, then they could easily overcome most forms of territorial authoritarianism, despotism and totalitarianism. – But territorialist thinking, statist prejudices, notions of “unity is strength” and “one law for all”, are obstacles to their self-liberation attempts. – JZ, 30.11.08, 8.2.13. – PREJUDICES, , TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, STATISM

DISOBEDIENCE: If I have a profound conscientious conviction that I ought to act in a way that is condemned by governmental authority, I ought to follow my conviction.” - Bertrand Russell, Authority and the Individual, p.85. - CONVICTION & CONSCIENCE

DISOBEDIENCE: Ignore alien orders.” - ST. JOHN'S BREAD, n.d. - For most ordinary citizens all governments, including the "own" one, are aliens! - JZ, 16.5.00. - IGNORING ORDERS & LAWS, OTHER THAN PERSONAL LAWS, FREELY CHOSEN FOR ONESELF

DISOBEDIENCE: In any civilized society, it is every citizen's responsibility to obey just laws. But at the same time, it is every citizen's responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” - Martin Luther King Jr. – The free panarchist would simply opt out and from then on obey only the personal law of the society or community that he has chosen for himself. – JZ, 15.11.10. - LAWS, CIVILIZATION

DISOBEDIENCE: In the same spirit the West German military code has a clause stating that if a soldier fails to carry out an order that "violates human dignity," he does not become guilty of insubordination. - SOLDATENGESETZ, March 19, 1956, 11, 1.” - Fred Charles Ickle, Every War Must End, p.141 - As if it were not already undignified to have to accept every enemy whom a government declares to be an enemy and undignified to be oneself put into a uniform so that, thereupon, others on the other side, can identify oneself as an "enemy". - Likewise, it is rather undignified to automatically have to consider anyone whom an enemy regime put into its uniform and sends against oneself and one’s comrades, as an enemy rather than as a potential friend and ally - and to have oneself, as well as that uniformed "enemy", no say in the matter at all, with strong penalties upon desertion, fraternization, treason, private peace negotiations and separate peace treaties between these "enemies". - JZ, 16.5.00.

DISOBEDIENCE: Man's history (*) began with an act of disobedience and it is not improbable that it will find its end with an act of obedience. The ability to disobey is not only the precondition for freedom - freedom is also the precondition for disobedience. Indeed, freedom and the ability to disobey cannot be separated from each other. Therefore, no social, political or religious system can speak the truth which proclaims freedom and condemns disobedience.” - Erich Fromm. - (*) As if biblical myths described genuine history! - JZ - FREEDOM

DISOBEDIENCE: Mankind suffers from too much obedience and can be saved only by sufficient disobedience. - JZ, 16.6.88.

DISOBEDIENCE: Many other ALP members are even more specific, e.g. the Tasmanian Labor Youth Conference recently passed the motion "that any law which overrides the basic rights of any individual should not have to be obeyed and persons should not have to accept a penalty for breaching an immoral law."- MERCURY, 13.6.1972. - Gerald Henderson, QUADRANT, Sep/Oct 72. - That was uttered as an aspect of the opposition especially against conscription and the laws on conscientious objection. I haven't heard Labor Party members making similar pronouncements on the State socialist laws, which they have passed or intend to pass. - JZ, 15.5.00. - LAWS & CONSCIENCE

DISOBEDIENCE: Massive disobedience to wrongful orders must come in time and not all too late! – JZ, 14.3.06. – In other words, it must be sufficiently prepared for and not left to develop gradually, until already the greatest wrongs have already been committed on a vast scale. Perhaps it could be best prepared and organized by voluntary militias for the defence of individual rights and liberties. That territorial governments cannot be relied upon to provide this protection and defence, internally and internationally, has all too often been proven. One of the books on this that came my way lately is Samantha Power: A Problem From Hell, America and the Age of Genocide, 2002, 620 pages, Flamingo/HarperCollinsPublishers. Alas, it, too, is written from the statist and territorialist point of view and thus does not offer any quite rightful and effective solutions. – One cannot effectively defeat the wrongs irrationalities of territorialism with the means of territorialism. - JZ, 19.10.07.

DISOBEDIENCE: Obedience to the moral law often means disobedience to government laws. - JZ, 11.2.73. - LAWS, MORAL LAW, OBEDIENCE

DISOBEDIENCE: Oh, the government will mutter; no doubt of that. And grumble, too. But if we beat this thing, public opinion will crucify anyone who tries to punish us.” - F. M. Busby, The Breeds of Man, 65. – Imagine a monetary revolution would do away with mass unemployment and inflation within hours to a few days. With sufficient prior enlightenment efforts this could be achieved. - Would governments then still be able and willing to suppress this kind of revolution? – In this respect each new economic crises offers a new opportunity – for which we should sufficiently prepare ourselves. – JZ, 30.11.08. – MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM REVOLUTION

DISOBEDIENCE: one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. …” - Martin Luther King. - Rather than boycotting a bus service that discriminated against negroes, he should have supported a competing bus service that would not have discriminated against negroes or whites or others, or, if he wanted to, also one that would have discriminated against whites. But that might have so provoked white racists that he would better have armed and trained his followers very well. - With his leanings to the left he rather thought of strike or boycott actions rather than of entrepreneurial and competitive market service solutions. - He was one of those who favored compulsory integration over voluntary integration and voluntary segregation. - JZ, 15.5.00.

DISOBEDIENCE: Only he can command who has the courage and initiative to disobey.” - William McDougall, 1871-1938. , LEADERSHIP, OBEDIENCE, COMMAND

DISOBEDIENCE: Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” - John Bradshaw, Suppositional epitaph, Randall's Life of Jefferson. - I would replace the term "God" by “the moral law and reason.” - JZ – TYRANNY, DESPOTISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, OBEDIENCE, MORAL LAW, REASON, GOD

DISOBEDIENCE: Responsible disobedience is almost always preferable to irresponsible obedience. - JZ, 27.4.88. - But it is rarely easier. - JZ, 16.5.00. - RESPONSIBILITY

DISOBEDIENCE: So when you teach the people to obey authority, you ought to add that it is possible to disobey it with an equally good conscience. If you did so, you would find, on the one hand, that the rulers would grow rather more respectful towards the governed: on the other, that the latter would become more sensible to the notions of liberty and justice.” - Pierre Trudeau, 1958, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 1/82.

DISOBEDIENCE: Soldiers and officers need to learn much more to rightfully disobey than to wrongfully obey. Only rightful orders deserve obedience. Wrongful orders deserve disobedience. Wrongful orders, e.g. orders to commit atrocities, tend to prolong rather than shorten wars. Orders to exterminated people by the hundred-thousands or even millions, via ABC mass murder devices, can never be justified. - JZ, 7.9.98, 12.5.00. - NWT

DISOBEDIENCE: Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come.” - Carl Sandburg, The People, 1936. – WAR, CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION

DISOBEDIENCE: That it is no resisting of Magistracy, to side with the just principles and Law of Nature and Nations …” - The English Soldier's Standard, 1649, quoted in: A. L. Morton, Freedom in Arms. - RESISTANCE, PRINCIPLES, AUTHORITY, SOLDIERS

DISOBEDIENCE: The best things in history are accomplished by people who get tired of being shoved around.” - Robert Heinlein, Have Space Suit - Will Travel, p.251.

DISOBEDIENCE: the danger is really not too much disobedience but rather too little.” - Quoted in: Milford Q. Sibley, The Obligation to Disobey, p.84.

DISOBEDIENCE: The kind of pacifism I mean is already working in other areas of life. It's only here in the question of war that there has been a failure of thought. Beat a child? No! But jump into a plane and destroy a city of a million human beings … Yes, Sir!” - Robert Pickus, coordinator of Turn to Peace, in 1961. VS. OBEDIENCE, WRONGFUL ORDERS, PACIFISM, NUCLEAR STRENGTH, AIR RAIDS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, WMD’s

DISOBEDIENCE: The silver lining to the cloud of servitude.” - Ambrose Bierce.

DISOBEDIENCE: There is honor and fame and the highest ethics in disobeying nuclear mass extermination orders. Such people deserve immunity from prosecution and asylum anywhere. And each who does so deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. Let's subscribe towards these prizes, as a kind of life insurance. - JZ, 6.6.92. - NUCLEAR MASS MURDER DEVICES

DISOBEDIENCE: There was a limit to just how much stupidity in high places men ought to endure.” - Steven Coonts, Flight of the Intruder, p.334.

DISOBEDIENCE: There were necessarily more crimes in the name of obedience than disobedience - because most orders were wrong and disobedience was rare. - JZ, 3/73. – CRIMES, ATROCITIES, GENOCIDE, MASSACRES, MASS MURDERS, WARS, BATTLES

DISOBEDIENCE: To urge the right of citizens to disobey unjust laws, and the duty of citizens to disobey dangerous laws, is of the very essence of democracy, which assumes that government and its laws are not sacred, but are instruments, serving certain ends: life, liberty, happiness. The instruments are dispensable. The ends are not.” - Howard Zinn, Disobedience and Democracy, p.120. - I would have rather changed the first part to: "To urge the duty of citizens to disobey unjust laws, and the right of citizens to disobey dangerous laws …" - JZ, 15.5.00. - DEMOCRACY

DISOBEDIENCE: We can serve society best by disobeying and disestablishing the territorial State. - JZ, 24.1.95. - STATE, SOCIETY & TERRITORIALISM

DISOBEDIENCE: We should refuse to invest our private interests in a public policy. …” - Herbert Read, The Politics of the Unpolitical, p.11.

DISOBEDIENCE: We will not obey your evil laws. - Martin Luther King, Jr. – Quoted by Anja Hartleb on Facebook. – Their lawfulness is no protection against wrongful and irrational actions. – JZ, 8.1.13. - TOWARDS WRONGFUL LAWS, LAWFULNESS

DISOBEDIENCE: What hope is there if our children are not starting to defy us and the system we tolerated? - JZ, 24.8.87.

DISOBEDIENCE: When just one man says: No, I won't, Rome begins to fear. - From film: Spartacus.

DISOBEDIENCE: Why have you halted?" roared the commander of a division at Chicamanga, who had ordered a charge; "Move forward, Sir, at once!"- "General", said the commander of the delinquent brigade, "I am persuaded that any further display of valor by my troops will bring them into collision with the enemy." - Ambrose Bierce. - We will have peace, almost as soon as the CONTRARY behavior excites our laughter. - JZ, 25.3.84. – Most contacts with the supposed and officially declared enemy should end in mass fraternization. The soldiers on both sides should be mentally sufficiently prepared for this, by quite rightful war- and peace aims being declared and published in times and also sufficiently discussed beforehand, including the transformation of armies of conscripts into self-managed militia of volunteers for the protection of individual rights and liberties. – Then it might even become impossible to march or railroad soldiers to the frontlines. After all, they are many and they are armed and they do value their own lives more than those of the “leaders” or misleaders. – JZ, 30.11.08. - JOKES, PEACE, MILITARY DISOBEDIENCE, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, MASS FRATERNIZATION, DESERTION, ENEMIES OR SECRET ALLIES? PEACE TREATIES BETWEEN ARMIES, OVER THE HEADS OF THEIR RULERS, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES

DISORDER: Disorder in public affairs is only a development stage towards natural order. Provided this development is not coercively interfered with. Usually, it is already the result of prior wrongful and coercive interferences. – However, in my house disorder happens quite naturally. - JZ, 11/73, 9.2.13.

DISORDER: The cure for evil and disorder is more liberty, not suppression.” - Alexander Berkman - EVILS, WRONGS, ORDER, LIBERTY

DISPLEASURE: The Gastininer (died 1888) made it a rule for himself never to express his displeasure with anyone on the same day that he was offended by that person. On the morning he would say to the man: "I was displeased with you yesterday." - For trivial offences a sound rule, for major crimes with victims an unsound one. - One should control one's anger - if there is time for this - but use it, immediately, if that is necessary for the defence against a major offence. - JZ, 16.5.00. - DELAY ANY SHOW OF DISPLEASURE REGARDING TRIVIAL OFFENCES, NAGGING, CRITICISM, ANGER, SELF-CONTROL, RESPONSE TO CRITICISM OR INSULTS

DISPUTES: The method of dialectics is to confront ideas with opposing ideas in order that the pro and the con of the dispute will lead to true ideas. But the dispute must not be treated as a trial of strength. It must be a means of elucidation. In a Socratic dialogue the disputants are arguing co-operatively in order to acquire more wisdom than either of them had when he began. …” - Walter Lippmann, The Public Philosophy, A Mentor Book, 1955, p.97. - DIALECTICS, ELECTRONIC “ARGUMENT MAPPING” AS DEVELOPED BY PAUL MONK ET AL, COURT HEARINGS, DEBATES, DISCUSSIONS, CONTROVERSIES, IDEAS, IDEAS ARCHIVE

DISSATISFACTION: Remove all just causes for dissatisfaction, and the dissatisfaction will soon cease; …” - Mr. Merrick, 27. 1. 1845, quoted in Lysander Spooner, Works I, p. 41, on Post Office. - JUSTICE

DISSATISFACTION: Those who are quite satisfied sit still and do nothing, those who are not quite satisfied are the sole benefactors of the world.” - Landor's Imaginary Conversations, II, 2nd. series, Barrow & Newton, B. 2, quoted in: J. Toulmin Smith, Local Self-Government & Centralization, p.3.

DISSENT: Allow all dissenters to stew in their own juice – or to cook their own stews and to consume them – all actions at their own risk and expense. - JZ, 5.4.95, 30.11.08. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

DISSENT: But the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of opinion is, that it is robbing the human race, posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity to exchange error for truth; if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.” - J. S. Mill, quoted in Sprading, p.119. – Dissent can be fully expressed only when there is also freedom of action – at the own expense and risk. – JZ, 30.11.08. - FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, CENSORSHIP

DISSENT: Dissent is the wide-spread reality and consent the fraudulent fiction - except in individualized contracts and utterances. - JZ, 1.10.88. Only panarchism would peacefully separate dissenters from consenters and result in at least two new volunteer communities, both exterritorially autonomous and both ruled by unanimous consent on all major principles, practices and institutions. - Nevertheless, this right and liberty has so far been largely omitted from public discussion and from political science as taught in the universities and explained in political literature. - JZ, 16.5.00. - CONSENT & PANARCHISM

DISSENT: Dissent should not be expressed and promoted territorially, either. It should aim at experimental freedom for all, always at the own risk and expense. – JZ, 9.2.13. - TO THE WRONGS OF TERRITORIALISM

DISSENT: I let dissenters go their way and I do not swerve from mine.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p. 948. – Alas, her ideal was a single limited but still territorial government for all the people in a territory, as if all of them would voluntarily subscribe to or consent to libertarianism. – JZ, 30.11.08. – Let everyone go his own way, his own self-chosen path – as long as he respects the individual rights and liberties of others. Nobody can rightly ask for more and nobody should be satisfied with less. – JZ, 9.2.13.

DISSENT: Let no man posture as an advocate of freedom if he claims the right to establish his version of a good society where individual dissenters are to be suppressed by means of physical force.” - Ayn Rand, For the New Intellectual, 56/57. – Any government upholding a territorial monopoly will have to use physical force to uphold it. Her opposition to “competing governments”, and competing communities societies of volunteers, in “The Virtue of Selfishness” was ill informed and irrational. – Only criminals with victims and other aggressors need to be suppressed, if necessary with physical force, which, in this case, when limited to the support of genuine individual rights and liberties, would always be rightful. - JZ, 30.11.08 – PANARCHISM, FORCE

DISSENT: Personal laws, consular jurisdiction and full exterritorial autonomy for ALL peaceful dissenters! - JZ, 12.2.88, 16.5.00. - PANARCHISM

DISSENT: We owe almost all our knowledge not to those who have agreed, but to those who have differed.” - Charles Caleb Colton, Lacon, 1825, 2, 121.

DISSENT: We already welcome dissenters - and should also let them secede to do their own thing. That does not cost us anything or endangers us - and their experience might even teach us a thing or two. - JZ, 13.8.87, 15.11.10. – TOLERANCE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM

DISSENTERS: No group has the right to impose upon its fellow citizens rules which are not approved by them - when through disregard of these rules only the lives, the health, the property, the earnings and the employment opportunities of those are affected who disagree.” - Ulrich von Beckerath, 1882-1969, 31.8.53. – He meant only territorial rules, not e.g. house rules. – JZ, 30.11.08. – U. v. Beckerath mentioned that Wilhelm Roscher, somewhere in his works, mentions or discusses de Puydt’s essay “Panarchy”, but I have never found that passage. But then my collection of Roscher’s writings is incomplete. – Does anyone have his collected works digitized? Then such a review could be easily found. – JZ, 92.13. - AUTONOMY, TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIALITY, MAJORITY, MINORITY, PANARCHISM. STATES, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM

DISSIDENTS: Full exterritorial autonomy for all dissidents everywhere - and a defensive confederation between them. - JZ, 28.6.80. - MINORITIES, AUTONOMY, EXTERRITORIALITY, INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ALL MINORITY GROUPS

DISSIDENTS: We believe that the rights of these individuals are being violated, that something in each of these persons, which does not belong to the State, is being appropriated by the State.” - Edmund A. Opitz, THE FREEMAN, Oct. 77. - SELF-OWNERSHIP, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

DISSOLUTION OF POLITICAL GOVERNMENT: With what delight must every well-informed friend of mankind look forward to the auspicious period, the dissolution of political government, of that brute engine, which has been the only perennial cause of the vices of mankind, and which has mischiefs of various sorts incorporated with its substance, and no otherwise to be removed than by its utter annihilation!” - Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p. 103, on William Godwin, probably quoting him. – Abolishing only all territorial governments over involuntary subjects would go far enough. Let the remaining statists oppress and exploit themselves as much as they like. They haven’t learnt their lessons yet. – JZ, 15.11.10. – STATE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

DISSOLUTION OF THE STATE: Not by a violent overthrow but, instead, only by the gradual dissolution of the State can freedom be achieved in the social organism of society.” – John Henry Mackay, Abrechnung, S.139. - "the social organism of society" is another delusion! - JZ, 16.5.00. – There could and should be as many diverse societies as volunteers wish and establish for themselves, all only at their own risk and expense. – JZ, 9.2.13. – SOCIETY OF DIVERSE SOCIETIES FOR VOLUNTEERS, ABOLITION, OVERTHROW, REVOLUTION, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEER VS. TERRITORIALISM

DISSOLUTION OF THE STATE: That ultimate goal is the dissolution of the State into the social organism, the privatization of the public sector.” - Rothbard, American Values, in anthology: Outside Looking In, p.74. - As if the State were not already "dissolute" enough! Rather, let it remain for all those who still want it, at their expense and risk only - but let all others freely secede from it and associate in exterritorially autonomous communities of whatever kind they wish for themselves (panarchism) and let others hire or fire freely any among dozens of diverse and specific competing services which they do want or do no longer want. - No one should be forced to hire the package deal of any panarchy and some panarchies might be reduced to offering only a single service, like any other free business enterprise. Their customers should be kings, i.e., individually sovereign. - I doubt that there is such a thing as a single social organism - or many of them. That is no more than a sometimes useful analogy. Cells from an organism cannot freely secede or harmlessly become quite autonomous within that "organism". Free individual members of territorial States could do so and could secede from exterritorially autonomous communities as well, in both cases without having to migrate into another territory. - JZ, 16.5.00. , DENATIONALIZATION, PRIVATIZATION, COMPETITION FOR PUBLIC SERVICES, ABOLITION OF THE TERRITORIAL STATE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & FREE ENTERPRISE COMPETITION IN EVERY SPHERE, ENDING ALL TERRITORIAL MONOPOLIES, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM.

DISTANCE, KEEPING ONE'S DISTANCE: Keeping one's distance is the secret of culture and without culture human society is unbearable and impossible.” - G. B. Shaw, retranslated from a German version. - Panarchism institutionalizes and individualizes this option. - JZ, 16.5.00. - The distance required is not that of another country. It may only be that of your neighbor. Neighbors could be peacefully separated with their real estate and other properties not only by fences but by diverse personal law associations. – JZ, 9.2.13. – EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, PERSONAL LAW, PRIVATE SPHERES, ALOOFNESS, PRIVACY, CULTURE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSION, WITHDRAWAL OPTIONS, PANARCHISM, APARTHEID, AUTONOMY, SELF-DETERMINATION, INDEPENDENCE

DISTANCE, TYRANNY OF DISTANCE: Tyranny of distance does, alas, still prevail, even on this planet, not to speak of space travel. Travel still costs time and money. How often can we afford to fly overseas? Our personal universe is still expanding - although not yet at the speed of light or FTL speeds. And not everyone is a member of the jet set as yet. Moreover, the very fact that we can now afford to travel somewhat, and must travel, e.g. between one’s residence and place of work, has often set us further apart than we were before, without these travel facilities, even from friends and family members. Close family members are now often spread all over a continent - if not the world. - JZ, 2.1.98, 12.5.00. – But at least the Internet overcomes some of the difficulties of distance between oneself and one’s contacts and with texts etc. that one is interested in and that one cannot find in local bookshops or libraries. – JZ, 30.11.08.

DISTRACTIONS: Only the vigilant (*) can maintain their liberties, … A society, most of whose members spend a great part of their time ... in the irrelevant other worlds of sport and soap opera, of mythology and metaphysical phantasy, will find it hard to resist the encroachments of those who would manipulate and control it.” - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, p.312. – (*) and sufficiently enlightened, trained and interested people. – JZ - VIGILANCE, APATHY, INDIFFERENCE, SPORTS, AMUSEMENTS & FREEDOM

DISTRIBUTION: A Misleading Phrase: I have entitled this chapter "The Distribution of Income", and have been using that phrase throughout; but I have done so with reluctance. The phrase is misleading. It implies to many people that income is first produced, and then "distributed" - according to some arbitrary and probably unjust arrangement.” – Henry Hazlitt, The Conquest of Poverty, p.56.

DISTRIBUTION: A society pre-occupied with a desire to distribute wealth instead of creating it, so that ultimately there will be no wealth left to distribute.” - Lang Hancock, 1975. – Apart from crimes, taxes, monopolies and legalized privileges, through free contracts and free pricing, most property or earnings are already distributed or are going to be distributed in a free, honest and efficient way, through freedom of exchange, of contract, freedom in sales and in buying property and services. An artificial and arbitrary redistribution, however legalized, is automatically wrongful and offends against the rights of property, enterprise and free exchange. What are to be ended are the crimes, taxes, monopolies and privileges, which do already re-distribute all too much quite wrongfully. – JZ, 9.2.13. – FREE MARKET EXCHANGES VS. COMPULSORY & WRONGFUL REDISTRIBUTIONISM, TAXATION, NATIONALIZATION ETC.

DISTRIBUTION: an attempt to paralyze industry by using all the powers of government to take property from the hands of those who created it and place it in the hands of those who covet it.” - William Bourke Cockran, Aug. 18th, 1896, quoted in: L. Snyder, Justice or Revolution, p.135. - WELFARE STATE, SOCIAL JUSTICE, TAXATION, TAX THE RICH, PROGRESSIVE TAXATION, EQUALIZATION, PROVIDING FOR "EQUAL OPPORTUNITY" BY LAW

DISTRIBUTION: any forcible transfer of wealth is immoral.” - Libertarian Handbook, 1973. - WEALTH, POVERTY

DISTRIBUTION: Attila the Hun was merely distributing the wealth.” - Bumper sticker of Dale Frese, mentioned in FREEDOM TODAY, 10/75. – Actually, he was destroying much more wealth than he was preserving for his own benefit. – JZ, 30.11.08.

DISTRIBUTION: But inheritance of ability is important, probably more important in its effects on the distribution of income than is the inheritance of property.” - Stigler, The Intellectual & the Market Place, p.97. – INHERITANCE, ABILITY

DISTRIBUTION: Distribution is right only when done under freedom - on a free market, based on free contracts, by individual consent. - JZ, 17.3.88.

DISTRIBUTION: Free enterprise, free contracts, free competition, free exchange, free prices, free wages, private property, free trade, in short, the free market, provide the greatest quantity and fairest distribution of wealth and income. - JZ, 14.11.92 & 16.5.00.

DISTRIBUTION: Government force and violence may "distribute", but it cannot produce.” - Mike Stanton, FREE ENTERPRISE, 6/76. - It cannot even maintain production at the free market level but can only reduce it below it. - JZ, 16.5.00.

DISTRIBUTION: I'm among those who firmly believe that both historical and current experience demonstrates that the competitive free market is the most effective and equitable instrument that mankind has discovered as a means of allocating productive resources and awarding shares in output.” - W. A. Paton, THE FREEMAN, 3/76. - MARKET

DISTRIBUTION: If all capital flowed into the mouths of the poor, civilization might have gone down to the gutter a long time ago.” - Diogenes of Panarchia, THE CONNECTION 111, 16 April 83. - Actually, since much of the real capital is indigestible and even some of it is poisonous, if ingested, the poor would thus have been wiped out! Since the formerly rich in capital, supposedly, would have got nothing of this "benefit”, only they would have survived this process, but with all capital chopped up and to be buried with the poor. - You might say that this was not the intention of this expression. But even then, the remark does not make sense: You cannot exchange a harvesting machine for processed food when all the food stocks and harvesting machines are being distributed and no new food is being produced, by hand or machine, during this "distribution" or "redistribution". Usually, we all live, largely, from the capital-intensive production of the last few weeks or month. - Moreover, most of the productive capital in the world does already work for the benefit of most of the poor, as well as it can, under limited competition and much government intervention. It assures mass production for the masses. Would it produce more, if it were managed by the poor, as they are now, with all their ignorance, errors, myths and prejudices in their heads? They do not even notice, that most of the returns from the use of productive capital does already, in form of wages, salaries and fringe benefits, end up in their hands! People, who are as ignorant - and disinterested, can bring production to a stop or greatly reduce it, but they are very unlikely to maintain and even increase it. - JZ, 16.5.00, 15.11.10, 25.7.13. - RICHES, WEALTH, CAPITAL, , PURCHASE OF ENTERPRISES BY EMPLOYEES, POVERTY, WELFARE STATE

DISTRIBUTION: In my opinion, a free market system will produce and has produced far more equitable distribution of income as well as the other objective of a welfare state far more effectively than can a welfare state…” - Milton Friedman in Australia, 1975, p. 69. - THE FREE MARKET VS. THE WELFARE STATE

DISTRIBUTION: Instead of endeavoring to redistribute the acquisitions, which have been made between the existing classes, our aim should be to increase, multiply, and extend the chances. Such is the work of civilization. Every old error or abuse, which is removed, opens new chances of development to all the new energy of society. Every improvement in education, science, art, or government expands the chances of man on earth. … if there be liberty, some will profit by the chances eagerly and some will neglect them altogether. Therefore, the greater the chances, the more unequal will be the fortune of those two sets of men. So it ought to be, in all justice and right reason … if we can expand the chances, we can count on a general and steady growth of civilization and advancement of society by and through its best members. In the prosecution of these chances, we all owe to each other good-will, mutual respect, and mutual guaranties of liberty and security. Beyond this nothing can be affirmed as a duty of one group to another in a free state.” – W. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe To Each Other, p.144/45. – Free competition between e.g. State Socialist and free market utopias would have rapidly revealed the better solutions and would confined losses to under-informed and prejudiced volunteers, whose “service” would then mainly exist in providing deterrent examples – at their risk and expense. – JZ, 30.11.08. EQUALITY, INEQUALITY, OPPORTUNITY, CHANCES, FREEDOM, PROPERTY, PANARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, FREE CHOICE BETWEEN ALL KINDS OF GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETES FOR INDIVIDUALS.

DISTRIBUTION: It is also worth noting that a modern market economy has a less unequal income distribution than in either centrally directed or unindustrialized economies.” - Stigler, The Intellectual & the Market Place, p.97. – If voluntary and cooperative or self-management socialism or capitalism, as well as the monetary and financial freedom options of a fully developed laissez faire capitalism, had been sufficiently advanced, hundred years ago or more, then the anti-capitalist and anti-property and anti-profit and pro-taxation, regulation and Welfare State mentality would have been dissolved long ago, with almost everyone having become a capitalist or specialized free exchanger and thus relatively prosperous. – But even the pro-capitalist and free enterprise people have so far not sufficiently explored these proprietary freedom alternatives, not to speak of the vast majority of all Leftists. – We would, probably, have been spared two world wars, many other wars, totalitarian regimes and many economic crises. – Many mass murders would not have occurred then, either, nor would there be the threat of a nuclear war. - JZ, JZ, 30.11.08. - DISTRIBUTION, BY MARKET OR STATE? INEQUALITY, MARKET

DISTRIBUTION: It is not by dividing and diminishing the shares of what we have, but rather by multiplying them intensively that the total wealth of the world is increased at the same time that new private shares are made possible for each individual person.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.45/46. – The wrong assumptions, false conclusions, errors, myths and prejudices, upon which governmental economic interventionism is based, are almost unbelievably primitive, flawed, false and misleading – but, under territorialism, the politicians and bureaucrats got away with them and their power and earnings are supported by them. – Really free and enlightened voters would not support any of them – but, rather, opt out from under them. - JZ, 30.11.08.

DISTRIBUTION: Let the producers and traders do the distribution - by free trade on a free market. - JZ, 9.2.75, 30.11.08. – Laissez faire, laissez passer: Let people produce and exchange! - FREE ENTERPRISE & FREE TRADE

DISTRIBUTION: Markets distribute more justly, sensibly and democratically than politicians and bureaucrats ever could. - JZ, 31.7.92. - MARKETS, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS

DISTRIBUTION: Most property is either already distributed, in private hands of private proprietors, or wrongfully in the hands of governments and mismanaged by governments. So the only rightful distribution that needs doing (apart from the abolition of all legal monopolies and the subsequent distribution by free competition), is a fair distribution of all government assets among all the citizens, e.g. by giving all of them their shares or vouchers to purchase with them any particular government property that they like. - JZ, 2/75 & 16.5.00. – See PEACE PLANS 19 c: “Let Freedom Pay Its Way”, which is online on a CD of mine reproduced at – JZ, 30.11.08, 9.2.13.

DISTRIBUTION: Nearly 90% of the wealth created is divided among those that work while only a small percentage goes to the owners.” – Frederic Bastiat. – Even 150 years later most employees are still not yet aware of the fact that they, in most cases, get the lion’s share of the earnings of enterprises and that therefore, with part of their earnings, they could purchase most of the enterprises that they work in – on terms. And, as co-owners their productivity could become so increased that actually they would acquire these capital assets with only a part of their additional earnings achieved in this way. Trade unions and social reformers have not yet sufficiently informed them on this opportunity. Neither have anarchists and libertarians. – JZ, n.d. & 9.2.13. - DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH, DISTRIBUTIONISM, SOCIALISM, PURCHASE OF ENTERPRISES, EVERYONE A CAPITALIST!

DISTRIBUTION: Poverty can be alleviated in one way only, by increased productivity. And productivity is increased only as we have more and better tools and equipment per worker.” - John C. Sparks, THE FREEMAN, 5/75. - During a depression an increased productivity would only increase the stocks of unsold goods. - Only if the millions of unemployed were employed and paid e.g. in vouchers upon the goods ready to be sold, would their additional demand assure the sale of the goods which constitute the cover for these vouchers. Coercive distribution or greater productivity are not solving the sales problem caused by monetary despotism. Only monetary freedom can achieve that. - JZ, 16.5.00.

DISTRIBUTION: Redistribution of such output as appears may be forced by government, but the size of the pie is not enlarged by increasing Paul's slice at the expense of Peter's. Production remains the key to prosperity, not government promises.” - W. A. Patton, THE FREEMAN, 3/74. – REDISTRIBUTION, DISTRIBUTIONISM, ENVY, WEALTH, RICHES, SUPPLY-SIDE ECONOMICS – COMBINED WITH MONETARY FREEDOM TO ASSURE THE SALE OF THE WANTED CONSUMER GOODS & SERVICES.

DISTRIBUTION: relief or redistribution of income, voluntary or coerced, is never the true solution of poverty, but at best a makeshift, which may mask the disease and mitigate the pain, but provides no basic cure.” - Hazlitt, The Conquest of Poverty, p.230.

DISTRIBUTION: See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime.” – Frederic Bastiat, The Law. - LAWS, WELFARE STATE, CRIME, THEFT, ROBBERY, PLUNDER, TAXATION

DISTRIBUTION: Since an individual has a right to protect his own life and property, he may delegate this right to another entity. Since he has not right to the lives and properties of everyone else, he cannot morally distribute other people's wealth any more than he can dictate other people's religions and beliefs, regardless of majority vote.” - Mike Oliver, Libertarian Handbook 1973. - PROPERTY

DISTRIBUTION: The "soak-the-rich" philosophy used to be very popular among politicians and economically ignorant liberals. But Henry Hazlitt did some calculating a few years back and came up with some interesting - and embarrassing - figures. Hazlitt noted that if the government had confiscated 10% of the income of every person in the country who earned over $ 50,000 in 1968, it would have netted an additional $24 billion in tax revenues. Had that additional booty been distributed among the approximately 200 million people then living in the U.S. (assuming no administrative costs whatsoever), each person would have received the grand sum of $ 120!” - Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.130. –  – Assuming these figures to be correct (which I doubt, or can we assume that with the best tax advice and exemptions they would pay only as little in the average, while those with the lower incomes are, mostly, taxed at higher rates than 10%?) I If they had taxed these higher income at 100%, then, just once, these higher incomes would no longer be earned in the future and the poor people would have gained all of $ 1200 each, just once. Even they do often spend much more on their hobbies or entertainment each year. With that action they would have killed off the golden geese. For no one would go on working hard or investing and running a business, often with long hours of work, if all returns from it would have been taken away. - According to other figures, the people with the higher incomes do already pay most of the total burden of direct tax burden. – And when it comes to the total returns from all enterprises, then the employees do already get the lion’s share of them, and, using part of this intelligently, they could have bought up most of the enterprises they work in, on terms. Then they would no longer be so interested in attempting to tax the rich, which would then and largely mean: themselves. – JZ, 30.11.08, 15.11.10. - TAX-THE-RICH, SOAK THE RICH, ENVY, EGALITARIANISM, DISTRIBUTIONISM, COMMUNISM, STATE SOCIALISM, TAXATION, PURCHASE OF ENTERPRISES BY THEIR EMPLOYEES.

DISTRIBUTION: The economic problem of society is thus not merely a problem of how to allocate "given" resources …. It is rather a problem of how to secure the best use of resources known to any of the members of society, for ends whose relative importance only these individuals know. Or, to put it briefly, it is a problem of the utilization of knowledge which is not given to anyone in its totality.” - Hayek, Individualism & Economic Order, quoted in: THE FREEMAN, Nov. 77, 678. – But at least now we could and should make any fragment to the existing knowledge on all public affairs accessible, fast and easily, to any interested individual. At a stage when e.g. a book-sized external HD of 1 TB could offer the page equivalent of 3 million books, covering certain subjects. – Whom else but themselves can freedom, peace and justice lovers blame when as much of their kind of information is not yet offered in this form? - JZ, 30.11.08. - DISTRIBUTION OF KNOWLEDGE

DISTRIBUTION: The economy of a community is not improved by the distribution of what has already been produced (*) but by an increase of the abundance of things men live by; we live on current, not past, production. Any measure, therefore, which discourages, restricts or interferes with production must lower the general economy, and taxation-for-social purposes is distinctly such a measure.” - Chodorov, Out of Step, p.235. – (*) and is already owned or being distributed, quite rightfully, on a free market, i.e., one not plagued by legalized robberies or monopolies! – JZ, 30.11.08. – Alas, the distribution of what has already been produced or is ready to be supplied in services, does not take place easily, certainly and fast enough under monetary despotism, which does not supply all with sufficient exchange media and clearing services, so that all are able to pay their way, to the extent that they have any wanted or needed work, services, goods or produce to offer. Too many of their offers remain then unsold and wasted. – JZ, 9.2.13.

DISTRIBUTION: The free market, with its competing free enterprises and businesses, free pricing, free contracts, is the only rightful and efficient distribution system. – JZ, 9.2.13.

DISTRIBUTION: The great political tugs and pulls of the past 35 years have concerned the distribution of the golden eggs. In the 1980's and 1990's we must focus on the health of the goose.” - Paul Tsongas, quoted in ANALOG, 10/82, 10.

DISTRIBUTION: The market place decision that this man shall earn twenty-five thousand, this one ten, and so on, is not, of course, marked by supernatural wisdom, no one claims this. But it is a million miles ahead of the alternative, which is to recast consumers into voters, who will elect a body of politicians, who will appoint bureaucrats, who will divvy up the wealth - by governmental legerdemain. This mad scheme backs away from the imperfect and lurches into the impossible! There are no perfect arrangements in human affairs, but the fairest distribution of material rewards attainable by imperfect men is to let a man's customers decide how much he should earn; this method will distribute economic goods unequally, but equitably.” - Edmund A. Opitz, in THE FREEMAN, Jun 78, 328. - DISTRIBUTION, THROUGH POLITICAL COERCION OR MARKET CHOICES? STATE SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, CENTRAL PLANNINBG & DIRECTION, WAGE- & PRICE CONTROLS

DISTRIBUTION: The only just distribution is that undertaken freely by producers & traders. - JZ, 2/75.

DISTRIBUTION: The problem is not distribution; the problem is always production.” - Gary North, THE FREEMAN, 12/73. - With regard to monetary despotism and protectionism, the problem is also, if not mainly, easy exchange or ease of sale for goods, labors and services, internally and externally, at market prices, in order to thus achieve their optimal distribution, profitable to all owners of goods, labor and services - and to all people as consumers. Governmental "redistribution" efforts can only make a just distribution difficult to impossible. - See under "monetary freedom" and "free trade". - JZ, 16.5.00, 25.7.13. – MONETARY DESPOTISM, DEFLATION, MONOPOLY MONEY, CENTRAL BANKING

DISTRIBUTION: The real problem of poverty is not a problem of "distribution" but of production. The poor are poor not because something is being withheld from them, but because, for whatever reason, they are not producing enough. The only permanent way to cure their poverty is to increase their earning power.“ - Hazlitt, The Conquest of Poverty, p.186. - Masses of unemployed would agree. They would love to produce and to produce more. What is withheld from them, often upon the demand of unionized workers, is the possibility to be paid in other than forced and exclusive State paper money or, formerly, rare metal coins. That makes their employment dependent upon a sufficient supply of such monopolized exchange media. And as monopoly goods they are often under-supplied, at least in some spheres of the economy and not only oversupplied, by inflation the monopoly money at least in some spheres of the economy, while leaving some others still under-supplied. E.g., there is often an over-supply of legal tender monopoly money in those spheres, which the Welfare State favors for its spending, its “deficit spending” via increasing the volume of its monopoly money directly, or indirectly, by increasing the volume of government debts, which are then utilized as “cover” for the issue of more monopoly money with legal tender power. - It is largely a question of sufficiently free exchange and full incentives not only of increased capital and productivity. Before and after a depression the same quantity of productive capital still exists. But during it much of it remains under-utilized or even put out of productive action. In a deflation a greater output cannot be easily sold. Under monetary despotism a deflation cannot be prevented or rapidly ended. Under monetary despotism and protectionism and heavy taxation their earning power potential may be high - but it cannot be freely and easily sold, internally or externally, e.g. for competing internal or external currencies and their incentive to make full use of their labor potential may also be greatly reduced by the tax burden. - Hayek, in the last years of his life, realized that the Nationalization of Money has something to do with mass unemployment and poverty. - Did Mises, Hazlitt and Rothbard go consistently beyond demands for a return to the classical and redemptionist gold standard while ignoring e.g. the gold-clearing or gold-accounting value standard, which does not restrict the volume of exchange media but allows it to be increased, as long as they remain at par with this value standard? Only free choice of value standards, exchange media and clearing options is quite rightful instead of monopolistic. - JZ, 16.5.00, 10.2.13, 25.7.13.

DISTRIBUTION: The redistribution of wealth from the productive citizen to the nonproductive citizen has become the principal government activity.” - Simon, A Time for Truth, p.90. – That must, inevitably, reduce the standard of living that could, otherwise, be attained. – JZ, 15.11.10. - REDISTRIBUTION, GOVERNMENTS, WELFARE STATE, TAXATION, SUBSIDIES, HAND-OUTS

DISTRIBUTION: There are no perfect arrangements in human affairs, but the fairest distribution of material rewards attainable by imperfect man is to let a man's customers decide how much he should earn; this method will distribute economic goods unequally, but nevertheless equitably.” - Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, June 76. - INEQUALITY COMBINED WITH EQUITY, ON THE MARKET

DISTRIBUTION: There is no central distribution, no person or group entitled to control all the resources, jointly deciding how they are to be doled out … There is no more a distributing or distribution of shares than there is a distributing of mates in a society in which people choose whom they shall marry.” - Nozick, p.149-50, quoted in Anthony Flew, The Politics of Procrustes, p.90. – Wrongful and irrational distributionism in its various utopias should only be allowed among volunteers. That would also and inevitably reduce the number of such volunteers. – JZ, 30.11.08, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, CONTROL, STATISM, LIBERTY, MARKET, FREEDOM, PLANNING, PROPERTY RIGHTS, WELFARE STATE, STATE SOCIALISM, RATIONING, QUOTAS, TAXATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING

DISTRIBUTION: There is no distributional process apart from the production and exchange processes of the market; hence the very concept of "distribution" becomes meaningless on the free market. Since "distribution" is simply the result of the free exchange process and since this process benefits all participants on the market and increases social utility, it follows directly that the "distributional" results of the free market also increase social utility.” - Prof. Murray N. Rothbard, Toward a Reconstruction of Utility & Welfare Economics, in: Mary Sennholz, ed., On Freedom & Free Enterprise, N.Y., 1965, p.251. – Alas, we still suffer under the coercive and legalized redistribution through taxes and monopolies, subsidies and handouts and are not yet free to opt out from under such wrongful and irrational as well as impoverishing systems. – JZ, 30.11.08. - THROUGH A FREE MARKET & SOCIAL UTILITY, FREE EXCHANGE UNDER FREE PRICING & IN THE ABSENCE OF ALL MONOPOLIES, REGULATIONS & LEGISLATIVE INTERVENTIONS

DISTRIBUTION: There is no need to justify social disbursements and deprivations in a free society, because there are none. Distribution is precluded by attribution, sometimes called ownership. Where wealth is created and freely conveyed, what one person possesses as a result of this process can be o no moral concern to others. To try to make it of concern is simply to pander to envy.” - Roger Downway, THE FREEMAN, 12/74. – ENVY, COERCIVE REDISTRIBUTIONISM, TAXATION, WELFARE STATE

DISTRIBUTION: This conflict between the ideal of freedom and the desire to "correct" the distribution of incomes, so as to make it more "just", is usually not clearly recognized. … But the ultimate result … will necessarily be, not a modification of the existing order, but its complete abandonment and its replacement by an altogether different system - the command economy.” - F. A. Hayek, The Constitution of Liberty.

DISTRIBUTION: To each according to his contribution" - as measured by sovereign consumers. - JZ, 16.5.00.

DISTRIBUTION: To each what he creates.” – Henry Hazlitt, Time Will Turn Back, p.281. – Or what he acquires in free, i.e. mutually satisfactory exchanges. – JZ, 25.7.13.

DISTRIBUTION: Under freedom there is no "something for nothing” supply, nor any "nothing for something" demand for goods and services. - Such an absurdity can only be achieved by compulsion and is usually covered up as "social justice" by statists who know of no better alternatives to overcome poverty, who do not even consider, e.g. credit, insurance, investment, mutual or fraternal aid and charity alternatives. Under full freedom the "have-nots" get the release of all their productive capacities and can soon turn themselves into "have-something" and "have-much" people. If they can't be bothered to do so, but would rather loaf, starve or steal, who is to blame? Even as much governmentally restricted and exploited as willing producers still are in Australia today, over a number of years to decades, millions of immigrants have gone from relative "rags" to relative prosperity. Their progress would have been much faster and greater still under full freedom, and could be in other parts of the world as well. - Why do the distributionists continue to ignore these and many other prosperity options? – JZ,16.5.00, 30.11.08. – Q., SUPPLY & DEMAND, WEALTH, PROSPERITY, ECONOMIC FREEDOM, PROPERTY OPPORTUNITIES, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE TRADE, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, EXPROPRIATING THE POLITICIAN & BUREAUCRATS, SOCIAL JUSTICE, TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, COMMUNISM, POVERTY

DISTRIBUTION: violent revolutions do not so much redistribute wealth as destroy it. There may be a re-division of the land, but the natural inequality of men soon re-creates an inequality of possessions and privileges, and raises to power a new minority with essentially the same instincts as in the old.” - Will & Ariel Durant, quoted in Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.123. - A rightful revolution would include a rightful, tolerant and peaceful land reform. It would not re-establish legal privileges or positions of power over others, which are bound to become abused. - JZ, 16.5.00. – Even land reforms should be introduced via experimental freedom, in all their varieties, always for volunteers only. Then, in the long run, the “open cooperative” system developed by Theodor Hertzka would, probably, become most generally used for natural resources like land, all positive development would be done step by step, via voluntary and free individual actions. – JZ, 15.11.10, 9.2.13. - REVOLUTION

DISTRIBUTION: We can take comfort from the evidence of history that the market is the most lavish distributor of good things. The familiar story is that the luxuries of the minority soon become the everyday boons of growing majorities with cars, TV sets, fridges, freezers, central heating, double glazing, telephones, pocket computers, colour photography, holidays abroad, and all the rest.” - Ralph Harris, The End of Government? 36. - POVERTY, WEALTH, LUXURIES

DISTRIBUTION: Wealth not immediately consumed but set aside as capital (machinery, factories, research laboratories) makes for a productive economy and a rise in general prosperity affecting everyone. (*) But periodically divide up the wealth and we'll all stay poor! As one discerning economist put it rather astutely, "If we turn wealth into food and feed the world's poor, what happens after lunch next Thursday, when both the food and the wealth to produce it has been eaten?" - John C. Sparks, THE FREEMAN, 4/75. - (*) Not always or not fully, under monetary despotism! - JZ, 16.5.00.

DISTRIBUTION: When property rights are clearly recognized no distribution problem remains. - As long as they are not fully recognized, not a better distribution system is required but the abolition of all monopolies and privileges and the realization of property rights and the protection of private contracts. - JZ, 12/72 & 16.5.00. - PROPERTY RIGHTS, MONOPOLIES & ECONOMIC FREEDOM, FREE TRADE, FREE EXCHANGE, NO MONOPOLIES, NO TAXES, NO LAWS OR REGULATIONS ON ECONOMIC AFFAIRS, NO TERRITORIAL RULE, LAISSEZ-FAIRE, LAISSEZ PASSER.

DISTRIBUTIONISM: Instead of being satisfied with the voluntary and competitive exchanges and thus rightful distributions of a really free market, all too many do wrongfully blame a supposedly already existing free market for the results of numerous wrongful and coercive government interventions with the free market. Then they want to cure the predictable results of this interventionism with still more wrongful and harmful further interventionism, aiming to replace the already all to chained and crippled market altogether, by their supposedly benevolent and rightful but obviously wrongful, counter-productive, monopolistic and coercive distributionism, which, in balance, does not enrich but rather impoverish the population. – JZ, 12.9.11, 23.2.12. - EGALITARIANISM, TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, ANTI-ECONOMIC COERCIVEW & LEGALIZED INTERVENTIONISM, FREE MARKET VS. “REGULATED” MARKET

DISTRIBUTIONISM: It is less important to redistribute wealth than it is to redistribute opportunity.” - Arthur H. Vandenberg, quoted in Notes, Quotes & Anecdotes, Canada. - Quoted in READER'S DIGEST, 4/63. It is less important to better distribute the existing pie than to increase the size of the pie. - JZ, n.d. - Beware, under Vandenberg's notion the egalitarians and State socialists want to re-introduce all kinds of old and new forms of coercion and expropriation. - Opportunity means only freedom, i.e., free choices and chances, not "equal opportunity" or "equalized opportunity" at the expense of others. - Moreover, the distributionists assume that property, in the private sphere and in the absence of legalized monopolies, is not or would not already be rightly distributed and in the hands of those to whom it rightfully belong. If monopolies are involved then these should be ended. Then these firms might be bought out, competed out of existence or boycotted by their former victims. - Whatever enterprises remain of them, afterwards, might also be subjected to indemnification claims, especially by class action suits. But outright confiscation might lead to civil war or terrorism and it might also wrongly grab many values that have been honestly acquired, not only those values due to a former legal monopoly. - JZ, 16.5.00, 9.2.13. - WEALTH, OPPORTUNITY, EQUALITY, MONOPOLY, COMPULSORY LICENSING, PERMIT SYSTEM

DISTRIBUTIONISM: The supposition that one or a group of men can make “just” decisions to take resources from those, who have earned them, and give them to those who have not, is absolutely presumptuous and the opposite of just. … Further, as Bertrand de Jouvenal has said, if a conflict over distribution is settled by counting heads, the levelers will always win because those whose performance is less than excellent are always more numerous. The production of the few is invariably out of proportion to their numbers.” – Joseph F. Johnston, Jr., The Limits of Government, Regnery Gateway, Chicago, 1984, p.185/86. , JUSTICE & THE WELFARE STATE

DISTRIBUTIONISM: To take something from one person and to give it to another at the point of a gun, or by force (*) is theft. The fact that the gun is held by a criminal, or by a policeman, doesn't change the morality of the situation. The fact that the Government makes the taking of something from someone legal, makes it even worse.” - Ken Day, Chairman of Progress Party of N.T., in a submission on Aboriginal Land Rights in the Northern Territory. – (*) Did he also mean fraud here?  - JZ - COERCIVE DISTRIBUTIONISM, TAXATION, EGALITARIANISM

DISTRUST: All territorial governments deserve only distrust, although to different degrees. Mostly they rob you only of part of your income and property and destroy only part of your life and productivity through taxation, laws and regulations. - JZ, 20.6.92, 16.5.00, 15.11.10. – I for one do not know of any territorial government that is sufficiently non-interventionist when it comes to many genuine individual rights and liberties. – None of them recognize, declare and respect all of them, fully. Even the contrary is the case in most territorial States. - JZ, 9.2.13. - DISTRUST TOWARDS ALL TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

DISTRUST: Distrust and disobey! - JZ, 1976, after reading the summary of a democratic regulation appeal: "Trust and obey", in Robert G. Bearce's article in THE FREEMAN, I/76, p. 32. - DISOBEDIENCE, TRUST


DISTRUST: Distrust is the essence of freedom.” - Montesquieu. – Actually, under full freedom there will be less occasions for distrust than under any kind of monopolistic and coercively imposed system. – JZ, 30.11.08. -FREEDOM

DISTRUST: Distrust is the first democratic virtue.“ - From: Aufruf der Spartakusgruppe an die Arbeiter und Soldaten Berlins, 10 November 1918. - Ritter/Miller, Die Deutsche Revolution, 1918-1919, 4. – DISTRUST OF TERRITORIALISM, POWER, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, GOVERNMENTS, LEGISLATION, BILLS OF RIGHTS OF GOVERNMENTS & HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATIONS OF THE UN

DISTRUST: Distrust of authority should be the first civic duty.” – Norman Douglas, 1968-1952, An Almanac, October 1941. – DISTRUST OF AUTHORITY A DUTY

DISTRUST: Nobody can be trusted with unlimited power. The more power a regime has, the more likely people will be killed. This is a major reason for promoting freedom.” – Rudolph Rummel – Not even a God or a Goddess, if they existed, could be trusted with it. Compare what its supposed existence and power has done through and to all too many of its believers. – The disproof of their supposed benevolence or their supposed “children” can be found in many places of their supposedly holy books and in the “interpretations” made by too many of their believers. - JZ, 9.2.13. - DISTRUST RATHER THAN TRUST IN LARGE OR UNLIMITED POWER, TERRITORIALISM, CENTRALIZATION, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE, RELIGIONS, WHOLE BOOKS, GODS

DISTRUST: What safeguards the own welfare best is distrust.” - Diodor, VI, 77. - WELFARE STATE, SOCIAL SECURITY

DISTURBANCE: Do not disturb my circles!” - Archimedes, during the destruction of Syracus, when he contemplated circles he had made in the sand. (Noli turbare circulos meos! - Zerstoere mir meine Kreise nicht!) - DON'T DISTURB, LEAVE ME ALONE, NON-INTERFERENCE, ZAP=ZERO AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE, NON-INTERVENTIONISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, FREEDOM

DIVERSIONS: There is no reason why a considerable degree of individual freedom cannot exist with respect to such matters as sexual conduct, speech, writing, and religious belief without serious impact upon the structure of political power. There are, after all, certain freedoms that are like circuses. Their very existence, so long as they are individual and enjoyed chiefly individually as by spectators, diverts men's minds from the loss of other, more fundamental, social and economic and political rights.” - Robert A. Nisbet, The New Despotism, p.34. - Compare the ancient Roman maxim: "Panem et circenses!”- Bread & circuses!" - as an advice to the rulers to keep the mob harmless for the rulers. – “Today it is largely “sports and some welfare hand-outs”, largely out of the tribute revenues, most of the masses themselves had to pay, to keep them contented enough to continue to vote for the power addicts. – JZ, 16.11.10. – As former Prime Minister of Australia, John Menzies, once said: They let themselves be bribed with their own money! – JZ, 9.2.13. - SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, AMUSEMENTS, TAXES, WELFARE STATE, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, HANDOUTS, FESTIVALS, ENTERTAINMENT, AMUSEMENTS, SPORTS

DIVERSITY: A million random human civilizations flourish in world-scapes tucked in the corner of this world-mind. Death is abolished, life is triumphant. A thousand ideologies flower, human nature adapted where necessary to make this possible. – Charles Stross, Accelerando, 2006, p.222. - VARIETY, FREEDOM & TOLERANCE FOR VOLUNTARY ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS ETC.:

DIVERSITY: A shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases. – Carl Gustav Jung, 1875-1961, Modern Man in Search of a Soul, 1933.  – Still in search of a “soul”? Then he is hardly a modern man. – JZ, 6.4.12. - VS. UNIFORMITY: CHOICE VS. COMMANDS & & ENFORCED UNIFORMITY, INDIVIDUALISM, INEQUALITY

DIVERSITY: A very important point is touched upon here. It is because Anarchists recognize the absolute necessity of allowing for this difference among human beings that they are Anarchists. The truth is that all progress is accompanied by a process of differentiation, or of the increasing difference of parts. … The point we have to notice is that the higher we get in the animal or vegetable kingdoms, the more difference we find between the tiny units or cells which compose the body or organism.” - George Barrett, MATCH, July/Aug. 75. – PROGRESS, DEVELOPMENT, EVOLUTION

DIVERSITY: All men are different. - JZ, 1976. - Only exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers would sufficiently recognize this fact and pull them only as much together as they want to be. - Territorial unity is no more than a delusion. - JZ, 16.5.00. – And a great as well as imposed wrong. – JZ, 9.2.13. - INEQUALITY, MAN, WOMEN, HUMAN NATURE, INDIVIDUALISM, TERRITORIALISM

DIVERSITY: All that has been said of the importance of individuality of character involves, as of the same unspeakable importance, diversity of education.” - John Stuart Mill. On Liberty. - It has always struck me as absurd that, with hundreds of millions of books to choose from, high school students are forced to study the same text books, instead of telling them: pick and choose your favorite author or book- and then report to us about him or it. But, I suppose, teachers found it easier to mark papers when all students had to write about the same texts. Education by now is, largely, run not for educational purposes but in the interests of territorial governments and for the profit and convenience of well-organized teachers. Hopefully, all of them will one day go on strike, permanently, or will not be hired again at all, except in some cases, individually, by consensus, one achieved not in an education department but between diverse groups of parents and students on the one side and competing education providers at the other side. – It can, mostly, be provided very cheaply, e.g. via the monitor system of Joseph Lancaster or via the Internet options. In some cases, where it is still expensive, e.g. in medical training, competing student loan services can finance them. - JZ, 17.5.00m, 25.7.13. – EDUCATION, TEACHERS, GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS

DIVERSITY: Anarchism must be made up of an infinite variety of systems and of individuals free from all fetters. It must be like an experimental field… for all types of human temperament.” - Frederico Urales, La Anarquia al alcance de todos, 1930 (?). - But are most anarchists prepared to concede the same freedom to others, seeing that consenting statists are free from fetters they do not desire for themselves? - Since the majority of people are still statists, and may remain so for decades to centuries, anarchists and libertarians are rather foolish when they deny them this freedom. - JZ, 17.5.00. – Freedom to be unfree, in accordance with one’s own individual choice, as already clearly expressed by de Puydt, in his “Panarchy”, originally in French, back in 1860, is also an important freedom not only for e.g. hen-pecked husbands, and it is also educational, at least in the long run. – JZ, 16.11.10. - VARIETY, TOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM

DIVERSITY: Anarchy is a function, not of a society's simplicity and lack of social organization, but of its complexity and multiplicity of social organization. - … The Anarchist alternative is that of fragmentation, fission rather than fusion, diversity rather than unity, a mass of societies rather than a mass society.” - Colin Ward, Anarchy in Action. - COMPLEXITY

DIVERSITY: And one reason we've come as far as we have, is that nobody has ever forced the whole race into a copy of himself - we've always had variety, always had the rebel and the heretic. We need them!” - Poul Anderson, Planet of No Return. - VARIETY, UNITY, REBELS, SCHISMS, FRAGMENTATION, DIVISIVENESS, DECENTRALIZATION, CENTRALIZATION, IMPERIALISM, AUTONOMY, EXTERRITORIALITY, NATIONALISM, ONE WORLD, WORLD STATE, WORLD FEDERATION, PROGRESS VS. ENFORCED STAGNATION THROUGH ENFORCED TERRITORIAL UNIFORMITY

DIVERSITY: Apparently paradoxically, diversity of individual purposes leads to a greater power to satisfy needs generally than does homogeneity, unanimity and control - and, also paradoxically, this is so because diversity enables men to master and dispose of more information. Only a clear analysis of the market process can resolve these apparent paradoxes.” – F. A. Hayek, The Fatal Conceit, p.95. - A consideration of individual rights can also dissolve them easily. Leonard Read expressed it simply with the advice: "Release all creative energies!" - JZ, 17.5.00. - UNITY, KNOWLEDGE & DIVISION OF LABOR, CONTROL, PLANNING, CENTRALIZATION, DECENTRALIZAITON, CHOICE VS. COMMANDS

DIVERSITY: Applying this argument to the social body or organism which we call society, it is clear that the more highly developed that organism becomes, the more different will be the units (i.e., people) and organs (i.e., institutions and clubs) which compose it.” - George Barrett, MATCH, July/August 75. - Alas, still the notion of a single and organic "society" prevails here, of which other organizations are merely the organs. - JZ, 17.5.00. – COMPLEXITY, SIMPLICITY OF PANARCHISM BASED UPON VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

DIVERSITY: As many opinions as there are heads!” - Horaz, Satires, II, 1, 27. (Quot capita, tot senses! - Soviel Koepfe, soviel Meinungsunterschiede!) - Isn't it high time to apply this observation finally to governments as well? – JZ, 24.2.99. - How absurd to try to express or overcome them territorially, by means of territorial politics, constitutions, laws and jurisdictions! - JZ, 16.5.00. – Actually, all too many people managed to have even contradictory ideas in their heads, without being clearly aware of this and solving this contradiction. So there are more different opinion packages than there are people. – JZ, 9.2.13. - OPINIONS, DISAGREEMENT, KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, FREE CHOICE IN GOVERNMENTS, EVERYWHERE, PANARCHISM

DIVERSITY: Brethren, if it be genuine piety you are aiming at, let us not feign uniformity when variety is, evidently, the design and end of Providence. None of us feels and thinks exactly alike with his fellow-man; then wherefore impose upon one another by deceiving words? … God has not stamped on every man a peculiar countenance for nothing: why, then, should we, in the most solemn concerns of life, render ourselves unknown to one another, by disguise?” - Moses Mendelson, 1729-1786. - Territorial nationalism is one of the official cover-ups of many differences within so-called "nations" and "peoples", to hide the official suppressions and exploitations, as well as the international abuses that are involved. - JZ, 17.5.00. – Flawed and false opinions and ideas should not be blamed on Providence, either. At least we are, largely, self-responsible for our ideas and opinions or should try to be, instead of uncritically adopting all too many merely because they are all too popular. – JZ, 9.2.13. - VARIETY, UNIFORMITY, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

DIVERSITY: But it is part of the glory of Europe that we are not egalitarians. We believe that our very diversity is a tremendous source of strength, so long as we remain united in essentials.” - Otto von Habsburg, The Social Order of Tomorrow, p.6. - I would add: "like upholding individual rights.” - JZ, 30.6.92. - At least to the extent that they are claimed by members of voluntary and exterritorially autonomous communities. For instance: If some are opposed to freedom of press within their circles and prefer some kind of Pope as a censor, then freedom of press and the products of it should not be forced upon them. - JZ, 17.5.00. - VS. ENFORCED TERRITORIAL UNITY OR STATES

DIVERSITY: Civilization is a progress from an indefinite, incoherent homogeneity toward a definite, coherent heterogeneity.” - Herbert Spencer, 1820-1903. , CIVILIZATION, HOMOGENEITY, HETEROGENEITY, UNITY, UNIFORMITY

DIVERSITY: Civilization is the encouragement of differences. … Force, violence, pressure, or compulsion with a view to conformity, is both (*) uncivilized and undemocratic.” - Mohandas Gandhi. – CIVILIZATION – (*) are all? – JZ

DIVERSITY: Civilized society is a society that tolerates all sorts of divergences, to the point of eccentricity and to the point, even, of doubtful sanity.” - Robert Frost, interviews, Sep. 29, 59, 208.

DIVERSITY: Commandment Number One of any truly civilized society is this: Let people be different.” - David Grayson. , CIVILIZATION, PEOPLE

DIVERSITY: Different kinds of people thrive in different kinds of society.” - Stanley Schmidt, editorial, ANALOG, Jan. 92, 8. - PANARCHISM

DIVERSITY: Different people, different ways.” - Quoted by F. M. Busby in: The Proud Enemy, p.97. - PANARCHISM

DIVERSITY: Diversity is not disorder. Debate is not strife. And dissent is not revolution.” - - President Bush in a live broadcast to Chinese people, 2-22-02. - He should rather have declared that he would fully recognized every minority in China, including the communist one, in form of a government in exile for its present and future volunteers, for each of them and, before that, he should have shown the same kind recognition and tolerance for every minority in the USA. – With the USA setting such an example, the rest of the world is bound to follow it and this relatively soon. – The recognition of some rights and liberties is not enough. We must stand up for all of them. - JZ, 28.11.08. – All of them – among those, who already do appreciate them. As for the rest, only as many as they do already subscribe to, individually, by free individual choices. – JZ, n.d. & 9.2.13. - DISSENT, DISCUSSION, DISORDER, REVOLUTION, PANARCHISM, MINORITY AUTONOMY IN THE USA, COMMUNISM, HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATION, GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE, VOLUNTARISM

DIVERSITY: Diversity is salvation - if it is tolerated. Intolerance towards diversity is damnation. - JZ, 10.5.92.

DIVERSITY: Diversity is the greatest unity. - JZ, 13.8.77. - After reading: Unity is the greatest diversity, by Starr, in ST. JOHN'S BREAD. - Unfortunately, neither term sufficiently describes present realities and future possibilities. - JZ, 17.5.00. – UNITY, UNITY IN DIVERSITY, PANARCHISM FOR THE MOST DIVERSE PANARCHIES, CIVILIZATION, VOLUNTARISM, THE GOOD SOCIETY – WITH DIVERSE SOCIETIES FOR EVERYONE.

DIVERSITY: Diversity is the propeller of evolution.” - Dr. Bronowski, Talk on Mendel, ABC, channel 2, 9.1.77.

DIVERSITY: Diversity is the source of harmony in human relationships. Because our tastes are different, we can exchange with each other in a way that is mutually beneficial. If you and I have exactly the same values, there is no way we can trade.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.81/82. - Not only our tastes but also our specializations, interests, values, productivity, capacities, organizations etc. We might have the same ethical and artistic or literary values and our products may have the same market value, but different subjective values for ourselves. Browne's case applies only when the subjective values of our product, which is equal or unequal, are the same, and if we have only one of them. But, if we do have several of them, then each one we do not need is ready to be exchanged for an equal value product of the other, which he does not need, because he has more than he wants for himself. And still their subjective value for us may be equal, as a trading item only. We have excess apples and the other has excess pears. Each one of the excess in pears and apples may be of equally low subjective value for the owner: an equally low use value and a somewhat higher but still low exchange value. But the other's excess fruit will have a higher use value for the side that hasn't got that kind of fruit in excess or at all. - Insofar Browne is right. - Oh the muddle of value theories, even more than a century after the discovery of the subjective value theory. - JZ, 16.5.00. - TRADE, EXCHANGE & HARMONY

DIVERSITY: Diversity is worth fighting for - to the extent that it implies voluntarism and individualism. - JZ, 19.2.73. - But by rightful weapons and warfare methods only, directed against the real enemies. Moreover, if consistently applied in liberation and revolutionary warfare methods and with consistent libertarian war and peace aims, little fighting might still be necessary. - My notion of such a conflict is that of turning a war, wrongful on both sides, into a rightful policing action against the real war criminals only. - JZ, 17.5.00. - WAR, FIGHTING, FREEDOM, INEQUALITY, INDIVIDUALISM, RIGHTFUL POLICING ACTIONS AGAINST WAR CRIMINALS, LIBERATION RATHER THAN UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER DEMANDS & COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY ACTIONS AGAINST THE PRIMARY VICTIMS OF WRONGFUL REGIMES.

DIVERSITY: Diversity makes for peace. Uniformity makes for war. - D.Z., 15.3.77. - For instance, if the armed forces of one regime were not compulsorily uniformed then discipline among them would become harder to enforce and when the non-uniformed forces of different regimes encountered each other then they would find it harder to see each other as enemies of their own regime and thus they would be less prepared to slaughter each other. In some cases they might even consider the mutual slaughter command to be so wrong and absurd that they would simply laugh it off, or ignore it, fraternize and engage in a party. But, for their own safety, they would better arrest and disarm some of the commissars and officers first. - JZ, 17.5.00. - PEACE & WAR


DIVERSITY: Divide and rule? Divide and become free! - JZ, 3/77. – Rather, let individuals separate or join themselves as much as they like, to whatever associations they prefer and thus let them become as free or un-free as they wish to be. – JZ, 16.11.10.

DIVERSITY: Divided we stand, united we fall” - could be the new slogan to end the nuclear age. - JZ, 6.9.73. - More precisely, exterritorially, autonomously and voluntarily divided we stand, federally sufficiently united for defensive purposes, against all territorial regimes that coercively united their subjects and prepared to force them to attack us. Our freedom in diversity will be our greatest military asset, strategy and tactics against any authoritarian, dictatorial and totalitarian regime. With it we can turn a total war conflict into a kind of military ju-jitsu in which the strength of our main opponent, a territorial government, is turned against it. - A confederation between all minority groups and in favor of exterritorial autonomy for all of them, could soon become the greatest political, military, economic and social "force" or influence for rightful and beneficial change in this world. - JZ, 17.5.00, 9.2.13. - UNITY IN DIVERSITY, NWT, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, SECRET ALLIES, WAR & PEACE AIIMS ATTRACTIVE TO THE POPULATIONS SUBJECTED TO DESPOTIC REGIMES

DIVERSITY: economic variety, i.e., the coexistence of collectively and privately conducted enterprises, will not adversely affect the economy. But economic variety is, on the contrary, the true manifestation and indispensable precondition for a free society. Regimentation ... works out inevitably to the detriment of the people…” - Augustin Souchy, quoted in LAISSEZ FAIRE REVIEW, 3-4/74.  REGIMENTATION, PLANNING, COMPETITION

DIVERSITY: Every divergence deserves to be cherished, simply because it widens the bounds of life. Let us be united by everything that divides us.” - Karel Capek, Letters from Spain. – UNITY, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

DIVERSITY: Every question, every problem doesn't have a single correct answer. One must permit diversity. A monolith is unstable. …” Frank Herbert, Children of Dune, in ANALOG 3/76, 90.

DIVERSITY: Everyone has a vested interest in the other fellow's diversity. Reverence for differences leads to reverence for life which is made up of differences.” - John Chamberlain, THE FREEMAN, 6/75. - LIFE

DIVERSITY: exceptional individuals, instead of being deterred, should be encouraged (*) in acting differently from the mass.” - B. R. Barber, Superman & Common Man, p.44, referring to op. cit., p. 124. - Should only exceptional individuals have this freedom? Or ordinary people, too, with their hobbies and all other individual preferences? Do people with different interests need encouragement or should merely all artificial barriers be removed, which prevent them from acting creatively, productively, peacefully, in diverse ways? Do not masses of volunteers, even if of inferior education and intelligence, also have the right to live in the way they prefer, as long as they do not prevent others to live in their ways? Why introduce elitist privileges here? - In their ways, in their sphere of interests, ordinary people can be innovative, too. Marvelous machines, like modern automobiles, were only possible through tens of thousands of minor innovations, often upon suggestions made by quite ordinary people regarding their work. Good suggestion box schemes have discovered and rewarded some creative abilities in most people. - The combination of a 1,000 minor innovations might lead us further ahead than a single larger innovation by a creative genius. - One does not need special encouragement for creative actions but one should certainly not impose any special, wrongful, unnecessary and harmful discouragements. - JZ, 16.5.00. – (*) They need sufficient freedom for this, ultimately full exterritorial autonomy or experimental freedom, rather than merely encouragement. – JZ, 16.11.10.

DIVERSITY: General Electric, for instance, one among countless producers, manufactures more than 200,000 different products.” - Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air, p.113. - Who can really know and manage the existing diversity? In all your life you never get to taste all kinds of apples! - JZ, 11.11.82. – Compare my file Pan Numbers, offered digitized as an email attachment, until it appears online or on a disc. – JZ, 16.11.10.

DIVERSITY: greater diversity brings greater order.” - Hayek, The Fatal Conceit, p.65. – Once individuals are quite free do choose between diverse societies and communities, all practised by volunteers only, they will tend to pick among the most successful, the most prosperous ones and these are the ones, which have the most freedom and thus the greatest natural order and harmony to offer, including the best and cheapest defence methods against the remaining criminals and aggressors. – JZ, 16.11.10, 9.2.13. - CHAOS & ORDER, HARMONY, PANARCHISM

DIVERSITY: Highly structured, authoritarian, bureaucratic organizations were able to function passably well in a simpler world. (*) But they cannot keep up with change. They cannot digest diversity, and our society is becoming almost incomprehensively diverse.” – Richard C. Cornuelle, Demanaging America, p.16. - Actually, the number of diverse tribal societies, about a 1,000 in New Guinea alone, is being reduced, through trade, travel, communication and migration, although not as fast as they could be - under full freedom. But the remaining differences are still so large that any attempt to forcefully and territorially unite different tribes and other groups leads to friction, going from terrorism to full-scale civil war. At the same time there are many more choices and specializations open to each individual, at home and worldwide. Would individual secessionism lead to more exterritorially autonomous diverse communities of volunteers than there are now territorial States with involuntary members? One thing is sure - exterritorially they could be more than one world-government, world society, or world federation, all with voluntary members only. - JZ, 16.5.00. – (*) JZ: I deny that. - CHANGE & BUREAUCRACY, COMPLEXITY VS. AUTHORITARIANISM, TRIBALISM, AFHANISTAN, IRAQ ETC.

DIVERSITY: How can one poor cortex with its ten billion cells reflect and model the human system composed of some 10\ 27 (that is, 10 followed by 27 zeroes) of complex molecules? Or our society, whose components are still billions of times more numerous? If the structures of the human psyche remained constant, it would be possible, perhaps, to create more or less satisfactory general models. But everything in nature is fluid and is in motion, and it is mathematically impossible to calculate and predict all these changes.” - N. Amosoff, Notes from the Future, p.383. – Especially when freedom and its changes are involved. – JZ, 30.11.08. PLANNING, MAN, SOCIETY, INTELLIGENCE, AWARENESS, UNDERSTANDING, JUDGMENT, MODESTY, HUMILITY, RATHER THAN IGNORANT & PREJUDICED ARROGANCE & UNINFORMED INTERVENTIONIST ACTIONS

DIVERSITY: human activity is complex, human motivation exceedingly mixed. By many writers, the multifariousness of men's thoughts, opinions, purposes and actions is insufficiently recognized. Over-simplifying the problem, they prescribe an over-simplified solution.” - Aldous Huxley, Ends and Means, p.8. - TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE, REFORMERS, CHANGES, UTOPIAS, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

DIVERSITY: I am aware of the fact. I am also aware that the world is not solidly behind anything.” - Eric Frank Russell, Dreadful Sanctuary, p.34. - WORLD, UNITY, AGREEMENT, DISAGREEMENT

DIVERSITY: I want diversity. It's the only way we'll keep from stagnating as a race.” - F. Paul Wilson, An Enemy of the State, p.185. – The single human race is made up of xyz somewhat diverse human races. Those fertile at all can interbreed with all others and, often, have done so, so that almost no people are left, which are so “pure” that their interbreeding goes back beyond records, but since they are different from others of our species, they must have interbred at one stage in the past, unless all their changes are due only to environmental differences, which seems to much to assume to be true. – Within each subspecies the differences are greater than between the averages of the different subspecies. – JZ, 9.2.13. – INEQUALITY, INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

DIVERSITY: If there is unity, it is unity through diversity.” - Carl J. Friedrich, The New Belief in the Common Man, p.158. & UNITY

DIVERSITY: If travel brings a conviction of human diversity, it brings an equally strong conviction of human unity.” - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, p.426, quoting Pilate, 1926. - Whatever unity man wants to attain is better achieved by free trade and free migration and by voluntary cooperation and volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous than by any attempt at territorial unification or federation. - JZ, 16.5.00.

DIVERSITY: In times of peace, the vitality of a free society can be measure by the extent to which diverse individual purposes are encouraged - or at least tolerated - wherever they are not a clear danger to others.” - Ralph Harris, in Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, Right Turn, p.22. - To prevent wars or end them very soon, it is even more important to assure not only the remaining private diversity in the better democracies but to go much beyond it - by permitting freedom of action and free experimentation for every minority formed into a volunteer community, on the basis of full exterritorial autonomy, and to declare this among the war and peace aims of that State, society or federation of exterritorially autonomous communities, in case it is attacked. In this way the military and political forces of the enemy regime could be dissolved or turned against it. - JZ, 16.5.00. - FREE SOCIETY, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM

DIVERSITY: Individuality … will stand its ground with increasing difficulty, unless the intelligent part of the public can be made to feel its value - to see that it is good there shall be differences.” - John Stuart Mill, On Liberty. - One of the absurdities of egalitarianism is that even the fanatic egalitarians try to distinguish themselves as individuals from all other egalitarians - except in their doctrines. - JZ, 17.5.00. & INDIVIDUALISM

DIVERSITY: infinite diversity in infinite combinations. – Kirsten Beyer, String Theory, Book 2, Fusion, Star Trek Voyager series. – Pocket Books, 2005, p.214. - Infinite diversity in infinite combination.” - Vulcan motto, in Startrek. - Uhura's Song, Pocket Books, 1985, a novel by Jane Hagan, p.144. Isn't it somewhat depressing that after hundreds of millions of people have watched this TV series and read the books, and went to Startrek conventions etc., no one seems to have drawn all rightful conclusions from such remarks? If there are such people, where are they hidden? Send me their addresses! - JZ, 17.5.00. – PANARCHISM, UNIFORMITY, EGALITARIANISM

DIVERSITY: Infinite diversity is the universal law.” - Josiah Warren.

DIVERSITY: It is by universal misunderstanding that all agree. For if, by ill luck, people understood each other, they would never agree.” - Charles Baudelaire, Intimate Journals, 1887, 99, tr. Christopher Isherwood. - Is unity based on misunderstandings preferable to diversity based upon understanding? - JZ, 17.5.00. - AGREEMENT, UNITY, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, MYOB, TO EACH HIS OWN, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

DIVERSITY: It is the diversity of its members that holds a society together, by providing a motive for communication and exchange.” - Joe Maxwell, NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY, 70, April 17, 77. - Not only that, it provides the possibility for exterritorially autonomous actions by individuals and voluntary groups. To that extent it is the essence of freedom: not national liberty but individual liberty, combined with liberty for the general society and all particular societies. - JZ, 17.5.00. - COMMUNITY

DIVERSITY: It takes all sorts to make a world.” - English proverb, traced by Smith to 1620. - VS. UNIFORMITY, UNITY, NON-CONFORMISM, INDIVIDUALISM, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, PANARCHISM

DIVERSITY: Let us not be blind to our differences - but let us also direct our attention to our common interests and the means by which these differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help to make the world safe for diversity.” - John F. Kennedy, 1963, or one of his ghost writers. - Another version: "If we can't settle our differences - at least we can make this world safe for diversity." - Obviously, you do not make the world safer for diversity by means of anti-people mass murder devices, which were doubled in the U.S. under his rule. When I heard of his assassination, my first thought was that they mixed him up with the tyrant on the Soviet throne. My second thought was, if not, then the assassin must have drawn his conclusion from Kennedy's "MAD: Mutual Assured Destruction" nuclear policy. - I have nowhere found any President or dictator, who advocated individual and group secessionism, combined with exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers, for his subject and the subjects of his opponents. - JZ, 17.5.00. – Consider also, that he, as a federal territorialist, was very much opposed to diversity that goes beyond State and local governments. – JZ, 30.11.08. - SECURITY, COMMON INTERESTS, TOLERANCE

DIVERSITY: Liberty provokes diversity and diversity preserves liberty by supplying the means of organization.” - Lord Acton, Essays, p.60, quoted in David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.33. - LIBERTY

DIVERSITY: Maine has spoken of "the almost physical loathing, which a primitive community feels for men of widely different manners from its own". - Sir Alexander G. Cardew, quoted in DANDELION, Winter 78. – For the classical Greeks all foreigners were “barbarians”. – JZ, 16.11.10. - Are modern and supposedly "civilized" people so different in many cases, considering their opinions of dissidents, radicals, extremists, idealists, utopists, nonconformists, eccentrics, opponents, people with different skin colors or cultures, of all their perceived to be "aliens" or "foreigners"? Have all the primitive tribes over all of recorded history exterminated so many "different" people as the supposedly civilized nation States have e.g. in the 19th century? - As someone once said: It will be a long, long time before one can say that it was a long, long time ago that we were barbarians. - JZ, 17. 5. 00. - BARBARISM

DIVERSITY: Make the world safe through diversity. It isn't safe with uniformity. - JZ, 3/77. - But this diversity must be established and maintained by individuals rather than politicians and bureaucrats. Otherwise, like under the left and right totalitarians, they might be left their choice of dresses, dances and folksongs - while in all other spheres they are treated as property & subjects to totalitarian regimes. - JZ, 17.5.00, 16.11.10. - UNIFORMITY, SECURITY, PEACE, & WAR, TERRITORIALISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

DIVERSITY: Man is, in part, a social being, but each person is a unique individual as well. The higher a species in the evolutionary scale, the less alike are its members and the more marked are personality traits. Such differences show up in the higher animals: dolphins, dogs, horses, cats, even in birds. Variation, however, reaches its apogee in man; and the more developed he is, the more he differs from his fellows.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.87. , MAN, DEVELOPMENT

DIVERSITY: Mankind speedily becomes unable to conceive diversity, when they for some time have been unaccustomed to see it.” - John Stuart Mill, On Liberty. Most people adapt too much to any existing conditions. – And under territorialism the minorities of dissenters are not free enough to do all of their own things. - JZ, 30.11.08. - UNDERSTANDING, MAN, HUMAN NATURE, HABITS, REALISM, STATISM, LAWS, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLIES

DIVERSITY: Most thoughtful men recognize that group diversity is part of our world; how we learn to live with and accept diversity will determine in great measure the future of civilization.” - Gittler, Understanding Minority Groups. - GROUP OR COMMUNAL DIVERSITY, MINORITY AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

DIVERSITY: No two people agree with one another about everything. The fact is that I’m often surprised that two people can ever agree on anything at all. We all seem to possess a drive – and I’m not sure that anyone has ever noticed it before – to differ with one another simply for the hell of it. And that drive appears far stronger to me than any contrary inclination towards conformity … This is a good thing. This is a very good thing. At any moment, human beings are trying every possible survival strategy in terms of geography, topography, diet, habitat, clothing, custom, and belief …” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p. 68/69. - At the same time man is also a social being with strong team-work, cooperation and mutual aid drives, with an ethics largely based, as already Adam Smith pointed out, upon sympathy for others. He is a being of multiple traits and even changing characteristics or traits during his life span. Alas, the exterritorial autonomy options for all the diverse volunteer groups remain outlawed and also insufficiently explored today, in theory. – JZ, 27.9.07. - CHARACTERS, INDIVIDUALISM, INEQUALITY, AIMS, METHODS, BELIEFS, CONVICTIONS OF MAN, HUMAN BEINGS, CONFORMISM & NON-CONFORMISM

DIVERSITY: Nothing is so attractive as the different.” - Aristotle. - In the sexual sphere the term "opposites attract" has become popular. But old couples often show great similarities in their faces. Is that due exclusively to their original choices, seeking themselves in the other sex, or through their common experiences, or somewhat, also, through the cells they exchanged during their lives, were they somewhat merging together, biologically, as, obviously, their children were? - JZ, 17.5.00. – DNA exchanges happen even among microbes. – JZ, 16.11.10.

DIVERSITY: numerous cross-divisions favor peace within a nation, by dispersing and confusing animosities.” - T. S. Eliot, Notes Towards the Definition of Culture, p.60. Quoted in David Nicholls, The Pluralist State. - That was probably meant only in accordance with the old Roman maxim: Divide et impera! (Divide and rule!), rather than as a recognition of the exterritorial autonomy of volunteer communities, even while they are living dispersed within a territorial “nation”, as a step not to confuse but to defuse animosities. - JZ, 17.5.00. - PEACE & PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE TOWARDS ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE

DIVERSITY: On dreams of a global civilization that respects human diversity and values people one by one (*), a global civil society is beginning to take shape, mostly off camera. It is the only force we can see that can break the gridlock. …” - Richard J. Barnet and John Cavanagh: Global Dreams; Imperial Corporations and the New World Order, 1994, 429-30. (*) - Hopefully, enough, to let them go, to do their own things among like-minded people, in their own voluntary communities, under personal laws and exterritorial autonomy! – JZ, 23.9.07. - A GLOBAL CIVIL SOCIETY, BASED UPON DIVERSITY & THIS UPON INDIVIDUAL CHOICES.

DIVERSITY: One man's meat is another's poison.” - Common proverb. – Choose your own meat, vegetable or poison! - Proverbial wisdom.

DIVERSITY: Our problem today is not to enforce conformity (*); it is rather that we are threatened with an excess of conformity. Our problem is to foster diversity, …” - Milton Friedman, Capitalism & Freedom, 97, under: The Role of Government in Education. - This "problem" would disappear by completely separating education - and all other important activities from territorial States with compulsory membership and uniform laws for all. – Diversity does not have to be fostered but merely to be allowed. There will always be minorities that would make use of individual and group secessionism and freedom to experiment under full exterritorial autonomy for communities, societies or “States” under full exterritorial autonomy, all with voluntary members only. - (*) Yes, in the major spheres of political, economic and social activities, this enforcement is indeed the major problem and exterritorial autonomy and its diversity, based upon individual choice, is the major solution, there, too! Education vouchers offer more educational choices to their recipients, but not to the taxpayers. And the competitive schools that are so financed might still be all too much government regulated. - JZ, 16.5.00. – Diversity in all spheres needs hardly to be officially fostered but, rather, no longer officially and territorially obstructed, like it would be, at least in some spheres, still under limited but still territorial governments. – JZ, 16.11.10. CONFORMITY, EDUCATION, CHOICE FOR INDIVIDUALS IN ALL SPHERES

DIVERSITY: Physically Americans were pioneers; in the realm of social and economic institutions, too, their tradition has been one of pioneering. From the beginning, intellectual and spiritual diversity has been as characteristic of America as radical and linguistic diversity. … From the beginning Americans have known that there were new worlds to conquer, new truths to be discovered. Every effort to confine Americanism to a single pattern, to constrain it to a single formula, is disloyalty to everything that is valid in Americanism.” - Henry Steele Commager, Freedom, Loyalty, Dissent. – Seldes, The Great Quotations, - Nevertheless, we have all too much territorial local governments, States and Federalism in the U.S.A. as well, stopping free individual and quite tolerant and voluntary experimentation with other systems. – If that were not the case, then the best of Americanism would already have conquered the world, quite peacefully, by voluntary acceptance. – JZ, 30.11.08. - AMERICANISM, PIONEERS

DIVERSITY: Progress is difference.” - Herbert Spencer, according to Auberon Herbert, State Education: A help or Hindrance? - Mack edition, p. 68. – Progress progresses by freedom for differences. – JZ, 16.11.10. - PROGRESS

DIVERSITY: Second Wave ideologues routinely lament the break-up (*) of mass society. Rather than seeing in this enriched diversity an opportunity for human development, they attack it as “fragmentation” and “Balkanization” … we can either resist the thrust towards diversity, … or we can acknowledge diversity and change those constitutions accordingly. … Given appropriate social arrangements, diversity can make for a secure and stable civilization. – The answer lies in imaginative new arrangements for accommodating and legitimating diversity – new institutions that are sensitive to the rapidly shifting needs of changing and multiplying minorities.” - Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave, Pan Books & Collins, 1980/81, p.430/431. - (*) Individual secessionism and personal law communities do not “break up” anything but wrongfully imposed bonds, chains, dependencies or exploitation. – JZ, 24.9.07. – DIVERSITY IN FREEDOM FOR ALL OR FRAGMENTATION, BALKANIZATION? PANARCHISM! VOLUNTARISM VS. IMPOSED UNITY OR MASS SOCIETIES, AUTONOMY FOR ALL MINORITIES OR COMPULSION OR COERCION FOR ALL OF THEM? DIVERSITY BY FREE CHOICE OR ENFORCED CONFORMITY TO SUPPOSED NATIONAL IDEALS?

DIVERSITY: That mankind are not infallible; that their truths, for the most part, are only half-truths; that unity of opinion, unless resulting from the fullest and freest comparison of opposite opinions, is not desirable, and diversity not an evil, but a good, until mankind are much more capable than at present of recognizing all sides of the truth, are principles applicable to men's modes of action, not less than to their opinions.” - John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, p.49/51.

DIVERSITY: The 1967 Dictionary of Occupational Titles compiled by the US Employment Service, listed 23,000 job categories, of which 6,000 were non-existent ten years before.” - The Big Picture, 22. - Window-shopping at night, at a closed bookshop in Frankfurt/M airport, at least 10 years ago, I believe to have seen a book title offering short descriptions of ca. 170,000 different jobs. If I remember right, early 50's, I thought of how desirable it would be to find or compile an encyclopedia of all the different kinds of jobs. A while later I found one had appeared and it described about 30,000 different ones. – [My bad memory had sometimes exaggerated this number into 300,000! – JZ, 16.11.10.] The natural and man-made environment are of such an astonishing variety and diversity, that under "numbers", I am collecting significant hints of that kind, towards a book. E.g., there are ca. 5,000 different kinds of apples. And a single cable firm once bothered to count how many different kind of cables it had produced - and came to ca. 200,000! -JZ) -  About 38,000 different kinds exist in the fungus family. - Jack Denton Scott, READER'S DIGEST, 4/87. - Many such instances might point out to readers their own very limited knowledge and induce, in consequence, a bit more tolerance towards non-invasive and diverse actions by others, in every sphere. - JZ, 16.5.00. – Compare my file: Pan Numbers, 11 2 12.rtf, 339 KBs.

DIVERSITY: The Federation … not only wants to preserve human diversity, it wants to see it stretched to the limit.” - F. Paul Wilson, The Healer, p.29. - Alas, as in most other SF, Wilson meant this here only for the territories of whole planets, rather than advocating exterritorial autonomy for different volunteer communities on all planets. In other words, his ideal embraces more territory and uniformity than any empire on Earth ever achieved. Dissenters had only emigration to other planets as their option, which would have separated them e.g. from many family members, friends and beloved surroundings and forced many of them to become pioneers under primitive and hostile conditions. Why have most SF writers limited their imagination in this way? Why haven't they sufficiently pondered the territorial clashes on Earth and explored the exterritorial and voluntary alternative? - JZ, 16.5.00. – SCIENCE FICTION

DIVERSITY: The free society not only tolerates individual differences, it encourages diversity on the ground that each person has his unique contribution to make to the total richness. This position runs counter to the pressure for uniformity in this age of mass man.” - Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 7/75, p.438.

DIVERSITY: The glory of the human race lies in the magnificent diversity we have in such a young species.” - From SBS TV series: Seven Wonders of the World, 12.9.95.

DIVERSITY: The grand, leading principle, towards which every argument unfolded in these pages directly converges, is the absolute and essential importance of human development in its richest diversity.” – Quoted by C. B. Macpherson, Individualism, in: The New Palgrave: The Invisible Hand, ed. By John Eatwell, Murray Milgate & Peter Newman, JU-. JU-. Norton, 1987/89, p.151/52. – UNIFORMITY, EGALITARIANISM

DIVERSITY: the great peace-making fact that freedom to differ is the keynote to social harmony …” - Josiah Warren, in a letter, according to William Bailie's biography of Warren, p.127. - PEACE, HARMONY, FREEDOM

DIVERSITY: the hallmark of freedom is diversity. … We must recognize that diversity in education, as in every other field, is one of the guaranties of freedom.” - Richard Nixon, The Challenges We Face, 1960. – If only he had extended this insight to all his internal and external policies, while confining his rule to exterritorial autonomy for his followers! Then this world would already be a much better place. But can one expect such consistency from any territorial politician? – JZ, 16.11.10.

DIVERSITY: The most remarkable thing about the human species is its infinite diversity. No man is precisely like another. No man has his duplicate. Each person is distinct from the next - and individual in his own right. This is why attempts to force men into a common mould, to impose upon them a single system of belief - political, social, religious - is to compel them to accept one particular ísm, are, in the end, doomed to failure. They run counter to the essential nature of man which consists in the assertion of his own God-given individuality.” - IPA FACTS, 12/68 - Jan. 69. - Well, at least not until he can freely clone himself. - And yet territorial States treat us as if we were alike. With soldiers they go even further and put all of them into the same kind of uniform, so that their government-selected and government-appointed enemies, can recognize them as their supposed enemies! - JZ, 16.5.00. – Then this official target practice, with live ammunition and against living human targets begins. Nevertheless, governments are so inefficient and wrongful in this sphere, that they manage to get more non-combatants killed than combatants! And the victims usually simply let that happen to themselves! – Why introduce a fictional character, like God, into such considerations? Is Nature unable to develop life over billions of years? - JZ, 30.11.08. - MAN, HUMAN NATURE, INEQUALITY, ENEMIES, UNIFORMS, WAR

DIVERSITY: The primary threat to nature and people today comes from centralising and monopolizing power and control. Not until diversity is made the logic of production will there be a chance for sustainability, justice and peace. Cultivating and conserving diversity is no luxury in our times it is a survival imperative.” – Vandana Shiva, quoted in: Geoff Davies, Economia. New economic systems to empower people and support the living world, ABC Books, Sydney, 2004, p.383. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, PANARCHISM, MONETARY FREEDOM, CENTRALIZATION, MONOPOLIES, POWER, PEACE, JUSTICE, TERRITORIALISM

DIVERSITY: The wave of the future is not the conquest of the world by a single dogmatic creed but the liberation of the diverse energies of free nations and free men. – John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963, U.S. President, Speech, University of California, 3/23/63.- He occupied a very powerful position against full diversity – always only by individual choice! - If an individualist secessionist had executed him, e.g., because he had doubled the US nuclear arsenal, then this might have led to some sensible discussions. But there existed much more justified targets for tyrannicide in other countries. At the next official election opportunity he could still have been recalled by the voters. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. Territorially enforced unity is not a characteristic for free “nations” or free “peoples”. – JZ, 6.4.12. –– VS. TERRITORIALISM IN FREEDOM, FREE CHOICE, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM UNITY, UNIFICATION, WORLD GOVERNMENT, UN

DIVERSITY: There are more attitudes towards love than there are positions for it.” - Brian Aldiss, The Male Response. - LOVE, SEX & ATTITUDES

DIVERSITY: There are more individual differences among human beings than between whole species of many other organisms.” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p. 68. – These diverse people must also become free to act differently, among themselves. – Territorial statism tries to deal with these differences despotically. Panarchism, polyarchism and experimental freedom under person laws take all these differences into account and arrange for their peaceful coexistence. – JZ, 27.9.07. – DIVERSITY AMONG HUMAN BEINGS, HUMAN NATURE, INDIVIDUALISM

DIVERSITY: There is probably only one issue on which a people ever expresses unanimous or general will: the defence of their physical liberty. Otherwise they divide according to their temperaments, and though these are limited in number, they are sufficiently diverse and so mutually opposed that in any given geographical area they will give rise to incompatible groups. - On that very account, say Rousseau and many other philosophers, a democracy is impossible. - But they are forced to this conclusion because they adhere obstinately to the arbitrary boundaries of the modern State - boundaries established by rivers, seas, mountains, and military treaties, and not by reason.” - Herbert Read, Anarchy & Order, p.131/132. - Given free individual choice, many members of "nations" would rather side with the enemy regime, others would like to remain neutral, still others might consider both warring regimes as their enemies and would rather enjoy peaceful self-government among like-minded people and under their standards and preferences. The terms "a people", a “country” and a “nation” are merely cover-name for a fiction. Nor are they as free to divide or separate themselves out, as Read presupposes. Especially not in the political, economic and social spheres that are preempted by the constitutions, laws, jurisdiction and other actions of territorially and coercively as well as monopolistically "united" States. - Much more than differences in temperaments are involved. And neither temperaments nor other distinctions between them need necessarily mean incompatibility, e.g. for peaceful exchanges and communication and collaboration, except within territorial States. - Can territorial boundaries be established by reason, as Herbert Read seems to imply? He answers this in very general and somewhat biased terms on page 132: "Suppose we were to ignore these boundaries, or abolish them. The realities are, after all, human beings with certain desires: with certain primitive needs. These human beings, according to their needs and sympathies, will spontaneously associate themselves into groups for mutual aid, will voluntarily organize and economy which ensures the satisfaction of their needs. This is the principle of mutual aid, and it has been explained and justified with much historical and scientific evidence by Kropotkin. It is this principle, which the anarchist makes the foundation of his social order…" - Kropotkin was not led by his studies to recognize the anarchism of market relationships or the possibility and rightfulness of exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, whether they are anarchistic or statist ones. Without clarity in public opinion about the possibilities of exterritorial tolerance the majority of statist territorialists will again re-established their more or less territorial despotism over all dissenters in a territory. The discussion of the panarchist alternative has barely begun in libertarian and anarchist circles. - JZ, 17.5.00, 9.2.13. - DEFENCE, AGGRESSION, UNITY

DIVERSITY: There is really not much difference between people - but whatever there is of it is very important.” - Peasant saying, quoted by J. Martin. – All people eat and drink and wear some cover clothing – but consider the variety in their choices in these spheres alone, in their reading, their knowledge, in dozens to hundreds of personal preferences. Never will all people of a population fully agree on one party rule and each party does also have its factions. – JZ, 9.2.13. - PEOPLE, INDIVIDUALLY

DIVERSITY: there's not ONE master solution but a multiplicity of small ones.” - Wilson Clark, in reviewing Richard Cornuelle: De-Managing America, LFB REVIEW, Winter 76. – Each adult individual should be free to choose for himself the one he or she likes best – also among whole political, economic and social systems. Most would certainly not choose one of those, which tends to produce one crisis or one crash after the other, and more and more largely unknowable laws, bureaucracies and regulations and more and more and ever higher taxes, and continuing inflations, even if they do not understand why they do occur so persistently under some systems and not in others. Their choice would be as simple for them as is the choice of electricity and electric light-bulb supply and light switches rather than candles for their lighting requirements. None of them would have to fully understand the technology involved. – JZ, 16.11.10. - SOLUTION, PANACEA, RULE, PROGRAM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OF VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIAL DOMINATION BY A GOVERNMENT

DIVERSITY: This the true human knows: // the strings of all the ways // make up a cable of great strength // and great purpose.” - Kerro Panille, The Collected Poems. - Quoted by Frank Herbert, The Jesus Incident, p.357. - A common national purpose I would deny, when it goes beyond e.g. the intention to preserve a language and culture, preserve the peace and security, liberty and justice, prosperity and progress. - JZ, 17.5.00. – But even for such purposes territorial and hierarchical organizations are the worst possible ones. – JZ, 30.11.08. - MANY DIFFERENT PATHS, UNITY IN DIVERSITY, STRENGTH THROUGH FREEDOM

DIVERSITY: Under the exterritorial and voluntary model our political associations and activities can be as individualized and diverse as our sports, fashion and amusement activities. Mencken has often enough compared political activities to amusing circus performances. – JZ, 16.11.10.

DIVERSITY: Unity in diversity" comes somewhat close to indicating the ideal "society" as a society of exterritorially autonomous and very diverse societies, all free also by having only voluntary members but otherwise as self-restricted as their members want to be. - JZ, 17. & 20.5.00. – Nozick called this tolerant general society a “meta-utopia”, i.e., a utopia for all kinds of utopias. – JZ, 30.8.08, PANARCHISM, UNITY, META-UTOPIA

DIVERSITY: Unity is the greatest diversity. - Starr in ST JOHN'S BREAD. - What did he mean by that? The rulers of a seemingly uniform territorial State do often not care about cultural diversity and grant freedom of movement to minorities in the empire's territory and somewhat protect one minority against the other. But they do not grant any minority, except the ruling one, full exterritorial autonomy. And only under this greatest diversity, voluntarily selected by each individual for himself, can the greatest degree of voluntary uniformity, that is practical in any community, be freely practised, within these volunteer communities. Quite likely, most of their decisions on major subjects, will be made unanimously or find unanimous consent. - JZ, 16.5.00. - VS. UNITY, , PANARCHISM, FREE CHOICE OF GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES

DIVERSITY: we frankly recognized the right to differ, the right of each one to choose his own path because we respected and cherished the will, the intelligence, the free choice of others, as much as we respect and cherish these things in ourselves, and were resolved never to trample, for the sake of any plea, for any motive, on the higher parts of human nature…” (*) - Auberon Herbert, quoted in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.415. - Frankly, we do not fully recognize this until we recognize individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities! - (*) Alas, Herbert meant that probably only for the large private sphere recognized in the better democracies, not for the political, economic and social spheres that the governments have everywhere territorially and coercively monopolized. - JZ, 16.5.00. - THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE THE OWN PATH, TO BE THE SMITH OF ONE'S OWN DESTINY, SELF-DETERMINATION IN EVERY SPHERE, FREE CHOICE

DIVERSITY: We offer diversity of choice - Communists do not.” - John F. Kennedy. - At most they offer a choice between different kinds of statist or anarchist communism. That choice may satisfy them, but hardly all other people. - JZ, 17.5.00. – However, territorial welfare statists like J.F.K. do not offer sufficient individual choices, rights and liberties, either. – JZ, 30.11.08. - CHOICE VS. COMMUNISM, , WELFARE STATE, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM.

DIVERSITY: We want a world of diversity and change where some people are free to lie under a tree and other people are free to work themselves to death.” - Milton Friedman in Australia, 1975, p.39. – CHANGE, CHOICE

DIVERSITY: Were all alike, instead of free, t'would mean the end of me and thee.” - Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 5/74. – Our very survival depends e.g. upon division of labor and large degrees of freedom of exchange and of property rights. – JZ, 9.2.13. - EQUALITY, INEQUALITY, INDIVIDUALITY, MAN, MANKIND

DIVERSITY: When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free. – Charles Evans Hughes - It is not a privilege to be free but a right for every non-aggressive and non-criminal person. – JZ, 2.4.12. - NON-CONFORMITY, RIGHT TO BE DIFFERENT, DOING THE OWN THINGS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-MANAGEMENT, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, EXTERRITORIALLY, UNDER PERSONAL LAW – ODDBALLS, INDIVIDUALISM

DIVERSITY: Without diversity there would be no choice and without choice there is no freedom.” - Prince Philip, A Place for the Individual, Royal Society of Arts Lecture, 1976. - It is almost a joke, if not a tragedy, that a modern prince has to lecture to people about individualism - and to English people at that! - JZ, 17.5.00, 30.11.08. - FREEDOM & CHOICE

DIVIDE & CONQUER: Divide and conquer is also an individualist device. - B A., BLACK & RED, 4/73. – Exploit the schism and minorities on the other side – by making common cause with them against the common enemy, a despotic regime, or even two, one on each side. – JZ, 30.11.08. - RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, FRATERNIZATION, DESERTION, SEPARATE PEACE TREATY, UNILATERAL PEACE DECLARATION, DIVISIVENESS, DESERTION, DECENTRALIZATION, SECESSION, DISOBEDIENCE, REVOLUTION, DISUNITY, FRAGMENTATION, SCHISMS, COMPETITION, CHOICE

DIVIDED AUTHORITY: divided authority is the bulwark of freedom…” - Frank Chodorov, The Income Tax …, p.86. - The utmost division is achieved through free individual and group secessionism, individual sovereignty and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. Chodorov, to my knowledge, did not go far enough in this direction. - JZ, 17.5.00. - DIVISION OF POWERS, INDIVIDUALISM, STATES, LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, DECENTRALIZATION, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIALITY FOR VOLUNTEERS.

DIVINE RIGHT: The King Can Do No Right. Divine Right doctrine manifested in modern "kings" of planned economy and welfare state variety.” - Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, summarizing chapter 6 on page VIII. – Let each be a king – but over his own affairs only. Then these “kings” would usually be so busy with their own affairs and projects – and so free to demonstrate them to others that they would no longer be inclined to attempt to force them upon others. – JZ, 30.11.08, 9.2.13. - THE KING CAN DO NO WRONG, RULERS, PERSONAL LAW, ABSOLUTISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, RIGHT, EXTERRITORIALITY & VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALITY, DOMINATION, STATE, STATISM

DIVINITY: recognize the divinity within you…” - L. J. J. Nye, Escape to Elysium, p.154. - GODLINESS, MEN INTO SUPERMEN OR GODS, CREATIVITY, MAN, GOD, AUTONOMY. Compare: “Release all creative energies!” – Leonard E. Read.

DIVISION OF LABOR: Building on Adam Smith, Bastiat stressed that free exchange permitted a division of labor, "… which makes it possible for each man, instead of struggling on his own behalf to overcome all the obstacles that stand in his way, to struggle against only one, not solely on his own account, but for the benefit of his fellow men, who in turn perform the same service for him."- G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.45. – FREE ENTERPLRISE, PLRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS, FREE EXCHANGE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, FREE PRICING, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & DISASSOCIATION

DIVISION OF LABOR: Division of labor doesn't have to and should not end at the national border. Whosoever stops it there does wrong and harm to all consumers. - JZ, 1972. - FREE TRADE VS. PROTECTIONISM, TARIFFS, CUSTOM DUTIES, FOREIGN EXCHANGE CONTROLS ETC.:

DIVISION OF LABOR: Freedom, like most other and lesser goods, can only be won and maintained by fully utilizing the process of division of labour. - JZ, 22.9.81. - FREEDOM, PROPAGANDA, MARKET

DIVISION OF LABOR: Let us take a long look back in history and quote from what is probably the first astute analysis of specialization and division of labor. Xenophon, writing in his Cyropaedia: It is impossible for a man of many trades to be proficient in all of them. In large cities, inasmuch as many people have demands to make upon each branch of industry, one trade alone, and very often even less than a whole trade, is enough to support a man. There are places even where one man earns a living by only stitching shoes, another by cutting them out, another by sewing the uppers together, while there is another who performs none of these operations but only assembles the parts. - Milton M. Shapiro. Foundations of the Market Price System - Ludwig von Mises Institute, Facebook entry of 16 8 12. – Even among libertarians division of labor is still not sufficiently organized, e.g. by a common online list of current libertarian projects. – JZ, 16.9.12. - THE AGE OF THIS INSIGHT

DIVISION OF LABOR: Nobody knows enough to build an airplane or a computer, but hundreds of people working together perform these amazing acts of creation. This is the notable human achievement which Adam Smith called "The Division of Labor". - Percy E. Gresham, THE FREEMAN, 3/77.

DIVISION OF LABOR: the division of labor is limited by the extent of the market.” - Stigler, The Intellectual and the Market Place, p.35. – The market knows no borders. Only State governments do and do enforce them, against the rights and interests of all participants in an otherwise free market. – JZ, 30.11.08. - MARKET, FREE TRADE, BORDERS, FRONTIERS, PROTECTIONISM, POPULATION

DIVISION OF LABOR: The needs of the individual are satisfied by the labours of hundreds.” - Ancient Chinese proverb. - NEEDS

DIVISION OF LABOR: unless one lives in the woods on roots, berries and wild animals, everything he requires in the way of good, clothing and shelter is the product of many hands. It follows that the more and freer the hands, the more of the necessities and pleasures of life there could be.” - Thomas Hews, Decentralize for Liberty, p.65. - FREEDOM & POPULATION

DIVISION OF POWER: Division of power goes far enough only when it finally arrives at recognizing the sovereignty of individuals rather than merely subdividing absolute “royal” powers among a few institutions, like the legislative, the executive and the judiciary branch of a territorial government. - JZ, 29.4.93, 17.5.00. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

DIVISION OF POWER: Liberty depends on the division of power.” - Lord Action, Letters to Mary Gladstone, 124. - Liberty depends on COMPLETE division of power, not just SOME! - JZ, 8.11.82. – This brings us down or forward to the sovereignty of individuals, individual secessionism and voluntary membership in all States, communities and societies. – JZ, 1.12.08.

DIVISION OF POWER: to divide up the power would merely be to divide up the corruption.” - Oscar B. Johannsen, quoted in GOOD GOVERNMENT, 4/74. - That's true for territorial governments, i.e. those short of individual self-government - and complete exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. - JZ, 1974, 17.5.00, 16.11.10. - POWER, CORRUPTION

DIVISIVENESS: Politicians interested in centralized power in their own hands do often attack what they call "divisiveness" or "factionalism". - We have to become much, much more divisive to arrive, finally, at freedom, justice, security and peace for everyone except official or private criminals with victims. - Divisiveness, or separation of interests, on a voluntary basis and for exterritorially autonomous communities is the solution, not the problem. It is like a divorce for an unworkable marriage. - JZ, 4.7.95, 12.5.00, 16.11.10. – FRAGMENTATION, SCHISMS, FACTIONALISM, UNITY, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, PARTY SPIRIT, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, , CENTRALIZATION, DECENTRALIZATION, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT OR SELF-DETERMINATION

DIVORCE: As a duly ordained minister, I believe that I should have the right to perform the Sacrament of Divorce and have it recognized by the secular authorities. After all, every ending is a beginning, and the fact that two people have decided to stop making each other miserable should be cause for religious rejoicing.” - Arthur Hlavaty, DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP 7. - Why turn it into a religious sacrament or a bureaucratic licence? A simply "I divorce thee!" should be enough but should not settle responsibilities of both for children and property rights. These are best settled by previously selected and agreed-upon marriage contracts. - JZ, 17.5.00.

DIVORCE: Divorce from a marriage by one's person's wish should be a private affair and not obstructed. Much more important and in the public as well as in the private interest, is the divorce option for individuals from the State. It is at least as important as once was, for an individual, his free divorce from the ruling, monopolistic, centralized, coercive and territorially exclusive church. The divorce option for individuals should not only be applied to all levels of governments, federal, State and local ones, but also to privileged organizations, like the QUANGOs, e.g. the Australian Broadcasting Board, any compulsory trade union or other body under special government grants and exclusions. Refuse easy divorces from marriages and some more murders will result. Refuse easy divorces from territorial States and wars will continue indefinitely, while any people are alive. - JZ, Dec. 73 & 17.5.00.

DIVORCE: Divorce is a declaration of independence with only two signers.” - Source? – Panarchism would mean unilateral divorce actions by millions of signers, followed by millions making different individual choice for their next association with any government, society or community. – JZ, 28.11.08. - MARRIAGES & DECLARATIONS OF INDEPENDENCE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & EXTERRITORIAL INDEPENDENCE FOR ALL MINORITIES DESIRING IT: PANARCHISM

DIVORCE: Divorce is one of the preconditions for better marriages or free love relationships. Individual secessionism is one of the preconditions for better governments and free societies. - JZ, 27.10.94, 11.5.00. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, MARRIAGE

DIVORCE: I don't usually agree with Al Capp, but I think he scored a bulls eye when he said: "It takes a half an hour and $ 2 to get married. It takes at least a year, $ 1,000 and two lawyers to get divorced. Any fool can plainly see it should be the other way around. - Arthur Hlavaty, DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP 7. - & MARRIAGE, JOKES

DIVORCE: The territorial State rests upon the suppression of divorce from it. - JZ, 28.12.92.

DIVORCE: The two of us signed mutual releases a year ago. They're on file, somewhere. Never processed. It was an agreement we made, so neither of us could block the other later on.” - Philip K. Dick, The Variable Man, p.298. – MARRIAGE CONTRACTS ANTICIPATING DIVORCE DESIRABILITY UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES

DO IT: If it feels good, do it."- It's another story if we amend the advice to read: "If it's right, do it."- Edmund A. Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 5/73. - The popularity of unqualified slogans like this one indicates the “quality” of our public education system. - JZ, 17.5.00.

DO NOTHING: Continuously they ask what they should do. And they need only do one thing: do nothing. They should no longer obey. But precisely this seems to be very difficult for them.” - John Henry Mackay, Abrechnung, 163. – As if territorial governments were making it easy to secede from them and to live with like-minded people under exterritorial autonomy and personal laws. How could a long-term individualist anarchist like him disregard such facts for so long? – JZ, 30.11.08. – DISOBEDIENCE.

DO NOTHING: May not Shun be instanced as having governed efficiently without exertion? What did he do? He did nothing but gravely and reverently occupy his imperial seat.” - The Wisdom of Confucius, 26, Analects, bk. xv, c.iv. - For the government to actually do "nothing", it will have to stop doing a host of things that it presently does. …” - Robert Poole, Jr., in anthology Outside Looking In, p.254. – For the subjects of a territorial government it is certainly not made easy to suddenly cease obeying it in every respect. Would a sit-down of Jews have saved them from the gas chamber mass murders or from other wrongful mass executions? - How would most people survive, if they did not work for a living? - JZ, 30.11.08, 9.2.13 - GOVERNMENT, LAISSEZ FAIRE,

DO NOTHING: The dauphin (son of Louis XV, father of Louis XVI) once asked the Physiocrat, Quesnay, "What would you do if you were King?" - "Monsieur, I would do nothing."- "Who would govern then?"- "The laws". - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 10/76. – Alas, the laws do already do too much wrong and harm. – JZ, 30.11.08. – Let all individuals live under self-chosen personal law systems. – 16.11.10. - LAWS, LAISSEZ FAIRE, GOVERNMENT, LAWS

DO NOTHING: The pure Erisians work in more mysterious ways, in accordance with the Taoist principle of wu-wei - doing nothing effectively.” - Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus II/30. - That might stop compulsory taxation, but won't introduce voluntary taxation or subscription societies. - I'd rather work as effectively as possible towards freedom, individual rights, a genuine peace, justice etc., and be it only by preparing or cheaply reproducing reference works towards these aims. Producing them only on paper would be doing it the Erisian way, i.e., ineffectively: very expensively and only temporarily, in a few languages. - JZ, 17.5.00.

DO NOTHING: While you do nothing, rest in the promptings of your human nature, and do not interfere with the minds of men; - such is the genial influence that attracts and, gathers all things round itself.” - The Texts of Taoism, II, 287. - "Who will know the good that you have to offer, unless you make it known?" - People do not usually beat a path to the location of a new idea. I noticed no rush of people wanting access to freedom texts offered to them cheaply on microfiche by LMP. Nor does there exist as yet a directory to all libertarian texts in print in all media, including the alternative ones. The Internet does not even offer this service for its own texts. Only in a proper market for ideas, which would become sufficiently publicized by its very nature, would there be nothing else required from an innovator than registering his innovation there. As a combination of all "light towers" in the sense of Leonard E. Read, it would not be overlooked, there, for a long time. But it if remains as disorderly and incomplete as the Internet still is, then it might still be somewhat "buried" there for a while, especially when its information has become much larger than that of the present Internet. But there would be special browsers bringing automatically offers and searches together, leading to automatic email notifications. A world library service, combined with a world publishing service, or corresponding network, would have its own power of attraction, especially through complete abstracting, bibliographical, reviewing and indexing services, combined with it. As it is, most large libraries are still very incomplete - and also far out of my reach. - JZ, 18.5.00. – And this in spite of the fact that a single and book-sized external HD of 1 TB, ca. A $ 200 blank [Down to A$83 by Nov. 10 and to A$ 44 by Dec. 12], could be filled with the page equivalent of ca. 3 million books, together forming a special reference library. I do not know and do not understand why freedom lovers have not yet compiled it. – JZ, 30.11.08, 9.2.13. - TAOISM, IDEAS ARCHIVE & THE INTERNET, THE POWER OF ATTRACTION

DO YOUR OWN THING: You do your thing and I'll do mine.” - Existentialist slogan. – It is also a panarchist slogan. – JZ, 30.11.08. - PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

DO-GOODERS: A man's liberties are none the less aggressed upon because those who coerce him do so in the belief that he will be benefited.” – Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), Social Statics, 1850. - GOOD INTENTIONS, BENEVOLENT DESPOTISM & LIBERTIES, WELFARE STATE

DO-GOODERS: Adam Smith had observed: "… by directing that industry in such a manner as its produce may be of the greatest value, [the individual] intends only his own gain, and he is in this, as in many other cases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intentions. Nor is it always the worse for society that it was no part of it. By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it. I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the public good. It is an affectation.” - Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, p.56. - If we leave do-gooding to the government and its bureaucracy then David Friedman's "law" applies: Everything the government does costs at least twice as much. - Most private charities do also operate very uneconomically. Here, for years, TV advertisements appeal to people to pay only $ 30 a month for the benefit of a poor child. They are, apparently, ignorant, that under full freedom and capitalism most children could earn, in a few hours of productive work much more than that. But these charities do not work towards this kind of liberation for these children. They would rather keep them out of production and keep them for many years in mis-education mills, where they learn less than they could learn e.g. under the Joseph Lancaster System within 3 weeks to 3 months. Handouts do not change the conditions that make for poverty. - JZ, 17.5.00. - VS. THE INVISIBLE HAND OR SELF-INTERESTED PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITY, WELFARE STATE, WAR AGAINST POVERTY, HANDOUTS

DO-GOODERS: But most of us are still inclined to praise the "do-gooder" who wants to use the force of government to make other people conform to his concepts of economics and morality.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, Log I, p.17.

DO-GOODERS: David Rothman, professor of history at Columbia University, observes wryly that if "the last refuge of the scoundrel" was once patriotism, it now has become "the activity of 'doing good' for others," acting in their supposed best interest. For in the process of "helping" the dependent person, increasingly his rights are violated and his dignity as an individual undermined.” - Paul Kurtz, REASON, 10/79. - WELFARE STATE, SOCIAL JUSTICE

DO-GOODERS: Do good at your own expense." - Source?

DO-GOODERS: Do good to all men, but at the end remember to collect your fee. – Wilbur Smith, Monsoon, Macmillan, 1999, p.626. – PROFIT, PRICING, EGOISM, SELF-INTEREST

DO-GOODERS: Do-gooder: An evil-doer; a malefactor of meliorations; a crusadist. One who has nothing better to do.” - L.A. Rollins, The Devil's Lexicon. – Crusader or crusating sadist? – JZ - CHARITY, ALTRUISM, WELFARE STATE, REFORMERS, POVERTY, WAR ON POVERTY, AMELIORATION ATTEMPTS, HANDOUT-MENTALITY, WAR AGAINST POVERTY

DO-GOODERS: Do-Gooders armed with the law are among the most common aggressors. - JZ, 10.5.82. - LAWS

DO-GOODERS: do-gooders with other people's money."- quoted in LIBERTARIAN OPTION, 1/75.

DO-GOODERS: Every person shall be free to do good - at his own expense.” - Milton Friedman, WELFARISM, WELFARE STATE, TRANSFER SOCIETY, CHARITY

DO-GOODERS: Good intentions should be distinguished from ‘doing good’." - JZ, 17.6.83. - All good intentions and do-gooding must be doubted if they do not involve full respect for all the rights and liberties of others. - JZ, 17.5.00. - VS. GOOD INTENTIONS

DO-GOODERS: Goodness without wisdom always accomplishes evil.” - Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, p.379.

DO-GOODERS: I believe ... that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good to another. - Thomas Jefferson - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – Do men or women in power feel this pleasure sufficiently often or are they power addicts and power-mad to a large degree? – JZ, 25.3.12. – ALTRUISM, EGOISM, RATIONAL SELFISHNESS, SELF-INTEREST, Q., POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS

DO-GOODERS: I have even been called a Fascist, because I once modestly advanced the suggestion that those great political benefactors who run on platforms of "doing good for the people" should begin, if only an a very modest scale, by doing that good with their own money.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, The Admiral's Log, II, p.96.

DO-GOODERS: I have no wish to disturb a man sleeping in a gutter. Do-gooding is like treating hemophilia - the real cure is to let hemophiliacs bleed to death … before they breed more hemophiliacs. – “You could sterilize them.” – “You would have me play God?” – Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land. - Conception control and cure attempts as self-help measures are one thing. Social efforts to keep all defective people alive and generating more defectives are another. - JZ, 26.7.92. - Close genetic analysis will perhaps soon reveal that most people bear some defective genes. Should we never try to eliminate these in all these people? - Such cures should be worth to them, and with regard to their offspring, worth more than e.g. a new car. - JZ, 17.5.00, 16.11.10.

DO-GOODERS: I propose that we add an eleventh amendment to the Bill of Rights. Every person shall be free to do good - at his own expense.” - Milton Friedman, Talk at University of Rochester & in 1975 in Australia.

DO-GOODERS: If the social doctors will mind their own business, we shall have no troubles but what belong to Nature. Those we will endure or combat as ready as we can. What we desire is that the friends of humanity should cease to add to them.” – JU-. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, p.105. - SOCIAL ENGINEERS, REFORMERS

DO-GOODERS: If you see a man approaching you with the obvious intent of doing you good, you should run for your life.” - Henry David Thoreau

DO-GOODERS: In a free society, it is hard for "good" people to do "good", but that is a small price to pay for making it hard for "evil" people to do "evil", especially since one man's good is another's evil.” - Milton Friedman, Social Responsibility of Business, N.JU-. TIMES MAGAZINE, Sep. 13, 1970. - If one wants to be charitable in a free economy, with one's own money, then that would be much easier, because one would be much more prosperous and there would be many less genuinely poor and unfortunate people left to help. And, by the "good people", any kind of welfare system could be freely tried, at the own expense and risk, under exterritorial autonomy for all such voluntary experimenters. - One man's good isn't another man's evil under free exchange, because then such exchanges do not take place voluntarily. It plays neither negative nor zero sum games but only positive sum games: both sides winning in a free and informed exchange. - JZ, 12.11.82, 4.4.89, 17.5.00.

DO-GOODERS: It is not enough to do good; one must do it in the right way.” - John Morley, On Compromise, 1874. - Are the do-gooders doing any good - except for themselves and their misinformed consciences? - JZ, 14.7.94.

DO-GOODERS: Liberals (in the sense of those who, like the nice ladies and proper gents of the reform movement in the big cities, wanted to do good for the common folk without letting the common folk do good for themselves) loved the idea of a government that would poke a few rich snoots and let a lot of sociologists and college professors assume titles of governmental grandeur - and spend the poor folk's money for the poor folks' own good.” - Karl Hess, Dear America, p.116.

DO-GOODERS: Most do-gooders don't know enough to enable them to do any good. - JZ, 22.2.81, 30.11.08.

DO-GOODERS: No more good must be attempted than the nation can bear.” – Quoted by Joseph F. Johnston, Jr., The Limits of Government, Regnery Gateway, Chicago, 1984, p.267. – Rather, no more than voluntary supporters are willing to support. – JZ, 2.10.07. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

DO-GOODERS: No people do so much harm as those who go about doing good.” - Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1843-1901 (Creighton, Life). – “There is no more terrible sight to behold than ignorance in action.” - Goethe. – Even the Nazi mass murderers “thought” that their actions would benefit the human race! – Some unborn children are aborted, supposedly for their own good! - JZ, 30.11.08.

DO-GOODERS: Perhaps, here, once again, too much "good" has been done, all "with the best intentions!" - JZ, 17.6.87.

DO-GOODERS: Rose Wilder Lane … "hated professional Do-Gooders because they usually worked with extorted 'other people's money'…” - John Chamberlain, THE FREEMAN, 11/73.

DO-GOODERS: socially minded' do-gooders - are really do-badders when their fine intentions are put into practice.” - INTERNATIONAL HARRY SCHULTZ LETTER, No. 419.

DO-GOODERS: The harm done by ordinary criminals, murderers, gangsters, and thieves is negligible in comparison with the agony inflicted upon human beings by the professional do-gooders, who attempt to set themselves up as gods on earth and who would ruthlessly force their views on all others – with the abiding assurance that the end justifies the means. – Henry Grady Weaver, author of a classic book on freedom, The Mainspring of Human Progress. - COMPARED WITH CRIMINALS

DO-GOODERS: The last thing a do-gooder wants to do is good, according to the Rev. Ted Noffs, founder of Sydney's Wayside Chapel. "You will always find do-gooders in situation where a substantial amount of money is available to assist their do-gooding activities. But let the funds dry up and the do-gooders disappear as quickly as a pool of water on a parched desert. The last thing that interests them is doing good." … "There is a great deal of difference between being a do-gooder and doing good." - SUNDAY, 22. 4.79.

DO-GOODERS: the last things, the last person do-gooders consider is the person receiving their ministrations.” - R. A. Howard, FREE ENTERPRISE, 4/75. - He named our schools as example. – JZ.

DO-GOODERS: the tempting idea that you can do good at somebody else's expense. The ideal of doing good at somebody else's expense is extremely tempting, but it is also extremely dangerous, because the only way you can do good at somebody else's expense is by taking his money away from him. And the only way you can take his money away from him is by force and violence. It may be the implicit force of the tax collector but it is force none the less.” - Milton Friedman in Australia 1975, p.19.

DO-GOODERS: The way to hell is paved with good intentions.” - 1977 Collins Desk Calendar.

DO-GOODERS: the world is full of well-meaning and sometimes gifted individuals who always seem to know the best way to manage and control other people.” - Melvin D. Barger, THE FREEMAN, 5/76, 317, reviewing: George C. Lodge's The New American Ideology. - But they do not seem to know how to set them free or even that this would be right and desirable and, usually, much more helpful. - JZ, 17.5.00.

DO-GOODERS: The world is suffering more today from the good people who want to mind other men's business than it is from the bad people who are willing to let everybody look after their own individual affairs. - Clarence Darrow, Speech to the Personal Liberty League [1908] - NOT LEAVING PEOPLE ALONE, MYOB

DO-GOODERS: Thus we see again and again that political "do-gooders" are misnamed. They may be "well-meaners", but judged by the outcome of their actions, they more often deserve to be branded as "do-badders". The fatal flaw in their method that converts good intentions into bad results is the temptation to solve every problem by spending somebody else's money. They conscript the necessary funds by imposing taxes - which blunt incentives, discourage thrift, raise costs, depress the creation of wealth - and spend the proceeds on what they are pleased to call "free" welfare and other services which deny choice, distort consumption, discourage private effort, boost bureaucracy and breed corruption.” - Ralph Harris, in Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, 1985, p.13. - Whenever they can't squeeze out any more taxes then they do even resort to inflation via the government's monopoly note printing presses, mismanaged by its central bank. That can lead to mass impoverishment, economic crises, mass unemployment, also to deflations, stagflations, violent revolutions, dictatorships and wars. - JZ, 17.5.00, 10.2.13.

DO-GOODERS: To do good is noble. To tell others to do good is also noble and a lot less trouble.” - Mark Twain. - I'd rather say: To do good is noble. To force others to do good, via taxation, is not noble and does cause a lot of trouble. - JZ, 6.4.81.

DO-GOODERS: Undoubtedly, Henry David Thoreau was on the right path when he said: "If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life." - "If I knew of a man coming to my house to do me good, I would run for my life."- Milton Friedman. - I wish we could escape the tax collectors. - JZ, 7.6.80. (Except through a very well prepared and organized tax strike or the introduction of individual and group secessionism. – JZ, 16.11.10.) They, too, do pretend that they tax us for our own good. – JZ, 1.12.08, 10.2.13

DO-GOODERS: We are here on earth to do good for others. What the others are here for, I don't know. – W. H. Auden – How much good can we do for others when we haven’t even taken care of ourselves? Let us fully free and mobilize self-interest first. Only then we will we achieve some surpluses, which we can either grant in credits or grants to the deserving. – If everybody were here only for others, then nobody would be here for himself or herself! What a low view of mankind and of its individuals! - JZ, 6.4.12.  – In my trip through the USA, over 20 years ago, I saw much dirty clothing on the streets, thrown away by street people. I suppose it was mostly donated clothing, worn once, until soiled, never washed or dry-cleaned and then thrown away. – The poorest, in this respect, for lack of cash, were, apparently, more wasteful than the donors, who did wash or dry-clean their clothing. – They could always get more secondhand clothing, washed and ironed or dry-cleaned and given to them free of charge, as a labor of “love” by others. The love with which a wife and mother looks after the clothing of the family is something quite different. – JZ, 10.2.13. - , EGOISM & RATIONAL SELFISHNESS VS.  EMOTIONAL & ANTI-ECONOMIC ALTRUISM, CHRISTIANITY, ALTRUISM

DO-GOODERS: we can do more good to unknown people if we follow the impersonal signals of the market, which enable us to serve the needs of people whom we do not know …” - F. A. Hayek, Knowledge, Evolution & Society. - THE MARKET

DO-GOODERS: Why is it silly to be a do-gooder? Is it wrong to do good? Do you want to be a do-badder – whatever the hell that is?” – James Blish, A Case of Conscience, Penguin SF, 1963, 71. – Free and inform people to enable them to help themselves that is the kind of help most needed and least given. – JZ, 10.2.13. - , FREEDOM, SELF-HELP OPTIONS

DO-GOODERS: You can't "do good" at somebody else's expense.” - Milton Friedman in Australia 1975, p.19.

DOCTORS: Doctors pour drugs of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, into human beings of which they know nothing.” - Voltaire – How many of the medicines you ever took did really come up to the promises of their manufacturers or vendors? – But modern doctors do perform minor miracles e.g. with many of their operations. – On the other hand, the common cold is still all too common. - JZ, 8.8.08. – What makes the present condition bearable is free choice of doctors. We need the equivalent of it for governments, communities and societies, JZ, 28.11.08. – We also need a digitized health information encyclopaedia of all medical information, orthodox and naturopathic, all kinds of useful herbs, pills, injections, treatments etc., together with sufficient feed-back on all of them. As tradesmen and professionals the healers are unlikely to take the initiative in this respect (*) – but their patients and all unhealthy people who found some solution to their health problems, might take the initiative and thus combine their knowledge and experience. – (*) More or less they still wish to monopolize this sphere. – J.Z., 0.2.13. - PANARCHISM, MODERN MEDICINE, PILL PUSHERS, HEALTH, SURVIVAL, CITIZENSHIP, JOKES, DIGITAL & COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH ENCYCLOPAEDIA

DOCTORS: Doctors, like many other professionals, get much of their income and influence under false pretences. But at least there is an orthodox science behind them, with many real achievements, even if the individual doctors do not know and master all of them. Furthermore, they have not yet tried or succeeded in outlawing all alternative healers or self-healing options. – JZ, 1.3.07. – To each his own and self-chosen quack or natural healer as well, not only a free choice between orthodox doctors. Alternative healers, politicians, presidents, prime ministers, bureaucrats, priests, lawyers, psychologists, economists, political scientists, official peace makers, diplomats, psychiatrists, teachers – all to be subject to individual choices: panarchism or polyarchism. – JZ, 28.11.08 - POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, PRIESTS, LAWYERS, PSYCHOLOGISTS, ECONOMISTS, POLITICAL SCIENTISTS, OFFICIAL PEACE MAKERS, DIPLOMATS, PSYCHIATRISTS, TEACHERS

DOCTORS: Don't let your doctors be employed by the State or get messed up by the bureaucracy, which goes with it. The State is not interested in quality care. It is only interested in quantity care and votes.” - Bettina Bien Greaves, THE FREEMAN, 1/78. - MEDICS, PHYSICIANS, HEALTH, NATIONAL HEALTH, INSURANCE, MEDICAL CAR, MEDI-BANK, PAY YOUR OWN BILLS, POLITICAL MEDICINE. PUBLIC HEALTH

DOCTORS: I read or heard somewhere that doctors in ancient China had the following plausible health insurance scheme for their patients. The patients paid them periodically, while they were healthy, a small sum. These payments stopped while they were sick and treated by their doctor. Thus the doctors had a direct financial incentive to make them healthy again and to see to it that they received the advice required to keep them healthy. Is this system still or again applied anywhere in the world? – With our usual scheme they have almost a direct incentive to make us sick or keep us sick as long as they can, or to book us for as many appointments as they can, for then we have to see and pay them frequently! Which seems an unreasonable way, at least from the point of view of the patients, however attractive it may be from the point of view of the doctors. - JZ, 1.12.08.

DOCTORS: Medicine, which in the face of technological advances, has been steadily deteriorating in quality and availability for the average consumer, is a good example of government regulation keeping an industry from developing with the market. It has been pointed out in numerous recent books and articles that the shortage of doctors is caused by the legal necessity for physicians to handle medical cases which might easily be taken care of by specifically trained technicians (e.g., mid-wifery and the prescription of drugs, etc.).” - Libertarian Yearbook, 1972, p.20. - SHORTAGE OF DOCTORS, HEALTH, LICENSING

DOCTRINAIRES: Almost all social, economic and political evils can be ascribed either to the territorial rule by doctrinaires or by doctrinaires aspiring to rule territorially. - Or simply: To ignorant people who rule or want to rule and to people who still foolish enough to wish themselves to be territorially ruled and who imagine others to be foolish enough to have the same desire and if not, then that they ought to be so ruled, anyhow. - JZ, 27.6.85 & 17.5.00, 16.11.10. - IDEOLOGUES, TRUE BELIEVERS, FANATICS, STATISM, INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POWER ADDICTS, POWER-MAD PEOPLE, RULERS, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, POLITICAL PARTIES

DOCTRINAIRES: Fantastic doctrines (like Christianity or Islam or Marxism) require unanimity of belief. (*) One dissenter casts doubt on the creed of millions. Thus the fear and the hate; thus the torture chamber, the iron stake, the gallows, the labor camp, the psychiatric ward. – Edward Abbey in  . - (*) They could also be tolerantly practised among their volunteers – under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. So far their imagination and that of their critics was all too often confined to territorial domination. – JZ, 1.4.12. – EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, IDEOLOGUES, TRUE BELIEVERS, FANATICS, FUNDAMENTALISTS & THEIR INTOLERANCE, TERRORISM, TOTALITARIANISM, MASS MURDERS

DOCTRINES: I suppose there are many poor twisted people in the universe, … like those … priests, with their weird doctrine they wanted to force on everybody.” - Poul Anderson, Conquests, 115. - DOCTRINAIRES, INTOLERANCE, RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE

DOCTRINES: ideologies don't stand up because every ideology becomes doctrine and every doctrine clashes with the reality of life, …” - Oriana Fallaci, A Man, 446. - REALITY, FACTS & LIFE

DOCTRINES: If you want war, nourish a doctrine. Doctrines are the most frightful tyrants to which men ever are subject, because doctrines get inside of a man's reason and betray himself against himself. Civilized men have done their fiercest fighting for doctrines.” - William Graham Sumner, War, 1903. - Seldes. - WAR, MYTHS, PREJUDICES, DOGMAS, IDEOLOGIES, BELIEFS, FAITHS, RELIGION, CONVICTIONS

DOGMAS: A dogma is a straight-jacket for the brain.” - Petan. – PREJUDICES, UNCRITICAL STATEMENTS

DOGMAS: A dogma is nothing but an express prohibition to think.” - Ludwig Feuerbach.

DOGMAS: A dogmatist is a "know-it-all" with blinkers.” - Helmar Nahr.  – INTOLERANCE, FANATICISM

DOGMAS: All the dogmatists are so little sure of themselves and their theses that they want to force the whole world to confirm something which they themselves never believe.” - Konstantin Wecker, Im Namen des Wahnsinns, p.31. – Anyone who truly believes in a dogma - and is somewhat rational and moral - would with for nothing more than the chance to apply it to himself and like-minded people, confident that from their example it would spread. – JZ, 16.11.10. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, MINORITY AUTONOMY, SECESSIONISM

DOGMAS: Dogma - in other words, revealed truth.” - Chesterton, retranslated from the German version. - Why should we trust any dogma any more than any other supposedly revealed or supposed truth? - JZ, 17.5.00.

DOGMAS: Dogmatic conviction rose to be the centre of universal interest, and remained down to Cromwell the supreme influence and motive of public policy.” - Lord Acton, Lectures on Modern History, 23. - Isn't it still? - JZ, 17.5.00.

DOGMAS: Dogmatic Ideologue: One who holds that ideologically correct means justify the ends - should the heavens fall! (See: Ethiopia, Cambodia, USSR, etc.)” - J. C. Lester. - IDEOLOGIES

DOGMAS: Every dogma is the germ for arguments and crime among men.” - Helvetius. – Most dogmas are far away from sound principles, sometimes even the opposite. – JZ, 9.2.13. - PRINCIPLES

DOGMATISM: Alas, one can be dogmatic not only at the lowest level of ignorance and stupidity but also at all the higher levels of information and intelligence. – JZ, 2.12.92. - RED.

DOGMATISM: Dogmatism does not mean the absence of thought but the end of thought.” - G. K. Chesterton, 1874-1936. - In Andrews, Quotes, 137: Dogma does not mean the absence of thought, but the end of thought. - THOUGHT

DOGMATISM: In "On Literature, Revolution, and Entropy." published in Moscow in 1924 and again in 1926, Zamyatin boldly asserted that "dogmatism is the entropy of thought" and argued the need for heresy in literature.” – Source? – THOUGHT, THINKING FOR ONESELF

DOGMATISM: The commissars were mentally blinkered by their own outworn ideology; they never dared investigate beyond its dogma.” - Poul Anderson, Planet of No Return, p.40. - BLINDNESS, WILLFUL BLINDNESS, IGNORING OTHER IDEAS

DOGMATISM: The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism.” - Sir William Osler, 1849-1919, MONTREAL MEDICAL JOURNAL 1902. - IGNORANCE & PREJUDICE,

DOGMATISM: There is less certainty about what is right for others. With an awareness of multiple realities, we lose our dogmatic attachment to a single point of view. A new sense of connection with others promotes social concern. A more benign view of the world makes others seem less threatening; enemies disappear. There is a commitment to process rather than programs. It matters a great deal how we accomplish our ends. We can now translate intention into action, vision into actuality, without intrigue or manipulation.” - M. Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, 208/209. - Are we as free already? To each the program & process of his or her choice, as long as he or she allows others the same free choice of action and experimentation, not only the freedom of thought and expression and information. - JZ, 6.4.89, 3.7.89, 17.5.00. – MULTIPLE HYPOTHESES VS. SINGLE HYPOTHESES, ONE-TRACK MINDS, PREJUDICES, POPULAR ERRORS & MYTHS, CERTAINTY

DOGMATISM: When men are most sure and arrogant they are commonly most mistaken.” - David Hume. - Quoted by Leonard E. Read in: The Love of Liberty, p.60. - What happened to Leonard E. Read's collection of quotes? Were all of them published, somewhere? Where all of them ever brought together? - JZ, 17.5.00. - CERTAINTY, MISTAKES

DOING THE OWN THINGS: I do my thing, and you do your thing, I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped. – Frederick (Fritz Salomon) Perls, 1893-1970, German-born American psychologist. - TOLERANCE, COEXISTENCE, VOLUNTARISM, IDEALISM, UTOPISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, UNIFORMITY, EGALITARIANISM

DOING THE RIGHT THING: It should be easy to do the right thing’ she thought. ‘But it so seldom is.’ - Wilbur Smith, A Time to Die, Pan books, 1980, p.40. - Individual rights and liberties have not yet been fully and clearly enough declared in any declaration that I know of - and also sufficiently discussed. When this is finally done, hopefully soon, by enough libertarians, then this situation might greatly change, considerably. Even such a basic right as free migration is still all too much in doubt or denied by most.  – JZ, 29.2.12, 8.1.13. - ETHICS, LIBERTIES, RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, MORALITY

DOING: Doing a thing for the sake of doing it is not a definition of ritual; it's a definition of science. - James Blish, They Shall Have Stars, p.166. - Not only science can be a purpose in itself for rightful actions. - JZ, 17.5.00. – There is a world of difference between rightful, rational and tolerant actions and wrongful, irrational and intolerant ones. – JZ, 16.11.10. - MORALITY, JUSTICE, PEACE, FREEDOM, ART FOR ART'S SAKE, PURPOSE IN ITSELF, ACTION, ACTIVISM, SCIENCE, TOLERANT ACTIVISM IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES OR PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM.

DOING: If we can merely determine the right thing to do, even if we don't do it, we will have made a measurable gain. We will be less likely to do the wrong thing.” - Leonard E. Read, The Romance of Reality, p.155. - ACTION, PROGRAM, AGREEMENT, BLUEPRINTS FOR LIBERTY, WAR AIMS, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION, IDEAS ARCHIVE, PROJECTS LIST, FREEDOM LIBRARY, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA

DOING: Try one's best and hope for the best; outdistance everyone you possibly can, and hope that others will outdistance you. Make hatching a game of leapfrog - the greatest game in life!”(*) - Leonard E. Read, in FEE reply envelope. - (My PEACE PLANS No. 20, proposing a kind of libertarian Ideas Archive, lists over 1000 libertarian projects. These and thousands more should all be tackled at the same time, world-wide, by ten-thousands of libertarians, in world-wide division of labor.) - JZ, 30.11.08. – How many other such projects are there? Are they anywhere as yet listed together, online? Shouldn’t they be, to achieve sufficient division of labor and participation among ourselves, with each becoming still more active in the sphere of his highest priorities, but this time with the help of some more and like-minded libertarians? – (*) However, first of all try to gain full liberty for this kind or rightful and tolerant action, starting with the right to secede from the territorial power establishment. – JZ, 16.11.10. - WHAT TO DO, WHAT IS TO BE DONE? ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, DRAFTING AN IDEAL DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, LIST OR LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS, PROGRESS, DEVELOPMENT, ENLIGHTENMENT, COMPETITION, ADVANCES, LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS LIST ONLINE

DOING: You can't do much against the mega-machine but that's no reason for not doing what you can.” - John Papworth, 8.12.86. – Let us first take stock of all the things, tools, methods and references that might be helpful. We are still far from having assembled and mobilized them all. Likewise, all talents. As yet there exists not even a single complete freedom library in the world. Although it could, probably, be assembled on a single, large and cheap external HDD! – JZ, 30.11.08. – Has anyone as yet listed ALL of the things we are still free to do towards achieving full liberty for ourselves and for all those, who wish it as well for themselves and for others only as much or as little as they want, so far? – JZ, 18.11.10. – My digitized book manuscript, “New Draft”, of the beginning of this year (1.2 MBs in RTF & 299 KBs zipped, does describe at least some of these options.) – JZ, 16.11.10. - ENLIGHTENMENT, FREEDOM OF ACTION, IDEAS ARCHIVE, FREEDOM LIBRARY, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PROJECTS LIST,

DOING: You do your thing and I'll do mine. - Doing your own thing. - Popular expressions, alas, rarely consistently applied to the political, economic and social spheres now preempted by governments. - JZ, 17.5.00. – ACTION, DOING THE OWN THINGS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TOLERANCE

DOLE BLUDGERS: Corporate "dole bludging" was becoming a national disease, the cost of which was threatening the prosperity of all Australians. The biggest culprits are the manufacturers with tariff protection, quotas, investment allowances, export incentives, research grants, local content schemes, decentralization subsidies, bounties on production and various other concessions. All of this featherbedding ends up as someone else's cost.” - Viv Forbes, THE GYMPIE TIMES, 11.11.1978. – CORPORATE DOLE BLUDGERS, SUBSIDIES, BAILOUTS, PROTECTIONISM, GOVERNMENT GUARANTEES, PRICE CONTROLS

DOLE BLUDGERS: Dole bludgers do probably, in the average, more productive work - on the side - than public servants do officially, when working full time, and, nevertheless, the dole bludgers do probably get less in return for their bludging. - JZ, 15.12.85, 17.5.00. - I do not consider paper shuffling, under hundred-thousands of laws, regulations and bureaucratic instructions, as productive work. Only in competing enterprises can SOME office work be very productive. – JZ, 17.5.00. - VS. PUBLIC SERVANTS:

DOLE BLUDGERS: The industrious people complain that they are being sponged on by people who do not want to work. The sympathetic people call the industrious flint-hearted. The phenomenon of involuntary idleness lies at the root of the contest; and neither the State nor its official economists can explain the phenomenon. It is a monetary phenomenon.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 12/75. - The unemployed themselves are, usually, even less interested in exploring cause and cure of involuntary mass unemployment than are other people. - JZ, 17.5.00. - SPONGERS, PARASITES, HAND-OUTS, UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE, WELFARE STATE

DOLE BLUDGERS: Welfare cheats differ from public servants by not pretending to give something in return for the thousands of dollars of tax money they take from taxpayers, indirectly, every year. - JZ, 15.12.85. – VS. PUBLIC SERVANTS OR BUREAUCRATS

DOLE: The dole is utterly demoralizing: its chief effect is to turn the unemployed into the unemployable.” - William Ralph Inge. - I have known a few people who were formally unemployed but very busy making a living underground, in the black market economy, untaxed. They would not have done so if the dole were repayable, with repayment to be guaranteed, e.g. by friends and family members. Some of them were unwilling to go back to a regular job, if they could avoid it. - JZ, 17.5.00. – Unemployment insurance is not a viable insurance against and insurable risk, for government interventions and violence can drive it up to 80%. Moreover, the taxes levied for it are withdrawn from productive enterprises and may cause almost as much in additional unemployment as the system tries to alleviate. Paying people for not working was always a bad and counter-productive idea and method. – JZ., 10.2.13. - UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, “UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE”

DOLLAR VOTE: Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” – Anna Lappe, quoted by Jeffrey Jones, on Facebook, 4.3.12. – This kind of voting and the right of individuals to secede and to associate with other volunteers under exterritorial autonomy, are the most important votes. Only the first of these three kinds of voting is already largely realized in the sphere of ordinary consumer goods and services. In the sphere of services, which are territorially monopolized by governments, it is still denied, although these governments pretend that they are providing a free vote and genuine representation. – JZ, 8.1.13. - VS. POLITICAL & TERRITORIAL VOTING

DOLLAR: The Almighty Dollar, that great object of universal devotion throughout our land. - Washington Irving  - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – It has been greatly depreciated under wrongful and legalized governmental management. – JZ, 25.3.12. – CENTRAL BANKING, FED, RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA, MONETARY DESPOTISM VS. MONETARY FREEDOM, CRISES, INFLATIONS, DEFLATIONS, STAGFLATIONS

DOMESTICATION: Violating the freedom of rational beings by domesticating or manipulating them is a heinous crime. What the author calls "domestication" is exploitation by shielding from challenge. The free will, individuality, and self-awareness of one group is damped by another until these essential properties atrophy: "A slave may or may not obey. But a domestic animal has got to obey. His genes won't let him do any different" (The Master Key, 1964). The thrust of domestication plainly alarms the author. He fears the emasculating consequences of some contemporary trends: loss of option, initiative, and meaningful work; collectivization and homogenization; decline of rationality, taste, and competence…” - Sandra Miesel in: Poul Anderson: The Book of P. A., p.191. – DOMESTICATION BY VIOLENCE, TERRORISM, OPPRESSIVE LAWS, TERRITORIALISM, DOMINATION VS. CREATIVITY

DOMINATION: 49 should never dominate 51. 51 should never dominate 49. But the 51 should always be free to rule themselves and enjoy the same freedom as the 49 - to rule themselves. - JZ, 22.5.77. - MAJORITY, RULE, CONSENT, VOTING, AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, SELF-GOVERNMENT

DOMINATION: All forms of domination have this in common: Everyone of them possesses more power than the given conditions require.” – Martin Buber - POWER, GOVERNMENTS, RULERS

DOMINATION: an example cannot be found where domineering in practice - man lording it over man - has resulted in success. (3) The record is failure, without exception. It has to be. A carbon copy is never as good as the imperfect original. (3) Success is composed of gains, not losses. Sputniks, moon ventures, the Gateway Arch, and the like ambitions of a few - are made possible by enormous losses on the part of millions of people. With justice or fairness as the premise, these are failures.” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.30.

DOMINATION: cherish no desire to dominate human society.” - Sydney J. Van Scyoc, Aberrant, ANALOG, June 74, 81. – TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, STATISM

DOMINATION: Does this mean that pernicious notions should go without censure? Of course not! But condemn the deed, not the doer! The formula is this: Think not of the tyrant as a fool, only of the domineering trait as foolish. It has been wisely said, "Hate not the sinner, only the sin." (JZ: Are those still stuck on this concept - wise?) Censure the doer for his deed and he'll defend the deed. But explain the harmful consequences of the deed, that is, divorce the action from the actor and, if he sees why his way is wrong, he will abandon it promptly. No one tries to do poorly.” – Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air, p.138. - Sounds good, but did it work? Did Read convert any tyrant, or even a moderate authoritarian, like a political leader in a democracy or republic? - I think he appealed much more to their victims. But then I may be wrong in this. I do doubt that one can reasonably argue with tyrants and despots - and believe that tyrannicide attempts against them are warranted. But I do agree with Read insofar that, in most cases, seeking culprits rather than looking for causes is a mistake and penalties, revenge upon or trials for real culprits are less important than speedy liberation. Thus it is more fruitful to attack all forms of despotism and despotic regimes, rather than all kinds of despots. Causal thinking is to be preferred over personal thinking. Economic and political knowledge is to be preferred over ignorance, and prejudice combined with one of thousands of conspiracy theories. - JZ, 17.5.00. – RULERS, CONTROLS, DICTATORSHIPS, REGULATIONS, LEGISLATION, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, LIBERATION, PERSUASION ATTEMPTS, EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT

DOMINATION: I do not believe that there will ever be peace or harmony in the world before the time of the domination of one over the other is passed. … I believe that the domination of the one by the other contradicts the spirit of our times, no matter whether the domination of a State, an economic system, a class or a race is involved.” - Nehru, DIE MENSCHENRECHTE, 31. Jahrgang, Nr.3. – However, did he or his successors resign or allow individuals and minorities to secede from them? – JZ, 16.11.10. - GOVERNMENT, PEACE, HARMONY, TERRITORIALISM

DOMINATION: In any human relationship where power is present, someone is dominant and someone is subordinate. The subordinate party tends to be diminished, the dominant party corrupted, and both are made less human.” – Richard C. Cornuelle, Demanaging America, p.44/45. – Domination dehumanizes. JZ, n.d. - Territorialism even leads to totalitarianism and mass murders. – JZ, 16.11.10.

DOMINATION: It is appropriate here to recall that the so-called Dark Ages began with the flight of the individuals into the protection of lords or chapters and came to an end when the individual again found it to his advantage to set forth on his own. We live at a time when everything conspires to push the individual into the fold. - Bertrand de Jouvenal – So far only a few have demanded individual and minority group secessionism combined with full exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers. – JZ, 28.11.08. – TERRITORIALISM, VS. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, PERSONAL LAWS, PROTECTION, UNIFICATION, LORDSHIPS, SOCIALIZING PEOPLE BEYOND POLITENESS, GOOD MANNERS, TOLERANCE, ENLIGHTENMENT ATTEMPTS, ENFORCED CONFORMITY, UNITY, UNIFICATION, LEGISLATION, TERRITORIALISM

DOMINATION: it might just be possible that they are advanced enough, ethical enough, sophisticated enough not to feel the need to absorb, dominate or manipulate us. … Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that we’, and Ken included all the colonists jammed into his living room, ‘can also be big enough, intelligent enough, maybe even wise enough to accept them for what they are, without trying to question or change or impose our values on them? Can’t we have learned enough from the terrible tragedies of history, from the … incident, to cohabit the universe? Mutually at peace with each other? – Anne McCaffrey, 1969, Decision at Doona, Corgi Book edition of 1991, p.168. – MUTUALISM, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, TOLERANCE, NON-INTERFERENCE, NON-INITIATION OF FORCE, INTEGRATION, CONTROL, TERRITORIALISM & CIVILIZATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, ALIENS & FOREIGNERS

DOMINATION: Let he who in freedom seeks dominance, have it. - Ben Best, IDEA CATALYST, No. 1, 1966. – But always only at the own expense and risk and without a territorial monopoly for his preferred system. – JZ, 10.2.13. - SUPREMACY, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VICTIMIZERS & THEIR VOLUNTARY VICTIMS

DOMINATION: Love thy neighbour as thyself" does not mean that you must be mild in your dominion over him; it means that you shall not have any dominion over him. He is a son of liberty no less than you, and the relationship between you and him can be built only on a system, which assumes the identity of your rights. This is the democratic principle.” - Shalom Ash, 1880 - ? - The Wisdom of Israel, p.582. – The usual territorial democracy still continues with territorial domination of peaceful but dissenting minorities and individuals by temporary majorities. Only the voluntarism, exterritorial autonomy, personal law and experimental freedom tolerance of panarchism applies the non-denomination principle in full, for all who desire it for themselves and confines domination attempts to those who favor them – at their risk and expense. – JZ, 16.11.10. - DOMINATION VS. LOVE,

DOMINATION: Man Lording Over Man: I am unaware of any evil more pronounced than man lording it over man. Not even God does this. Indeed, He has given us a freedom so radical that we may deny our Maker or otherwise make fools of ourselves. As I see it, the domineering habit is the root of all evil and unless there is some realization that it is, we will continue to ascribe non-reasons for our troubles …” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.29.

DOMINATION: No nation or class has ever forced its dominion upon another for the good of the latter, and none ever will. The desire for mastership is the most evil of all passions; and however it may mask its designs in philanthropic pretensions, the nation or class that seeks to govern others does so for its own aggrandizement.” - Louis F. Post, Land, Liberty & Justice, in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.528. - MASTERS, POWER, RULERS, COLONIALISM, DESPOTISM, WELFARISM

DOMINATION: one has to be graduated beyond the desire to make me-and mine ascendant over others.” - Mark Clifton, Eight Keys to Eden, p.169.

DOMINATION: Prevent the domination of society by any one organized idea or power.” - Max Eastman, Reflections on the Failure of Socialism, p.44. - Domination by ideals voluntarily adopted should be distinguished from ideas or dogmas or institutions that are imposed upon dissenters. I do favor different people freely pursuing their common high priority ideals, like e.g. individual rights, freedom, justice, peace, progress, science, technology, longevity, intelligence expansion, space exploration. But never should all be forced to contribute to all of these ideals via taxation and slave labor. - JZ, 17.5.00.

DOMINATION: Riddance requires no more than (1) an awareness that the domineering habit - freedom's opposite - is the root of all evil, (2) an ability to recognize domineering in ourselves and to be done with it.” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.33. – “… the domineering habit - freedom's opposite - is the root of all evil.” – Leonard E. Read, THE FREEMAN, 11/72.

DOMINATION: The Domineering Habit: What is this rascality? It is the domineering habit, the insistence that others act in accord with one's own shadowy lights. Perhaps no one has shaken this habit completely, so common is its practice.” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.28. - Also in THE FREEMAN, 11/72. – ENFORCED CONFORMITY

DOMINATION: The individual is the Anarchist's center of society. In his or her interest, social relations of domination and servility must be repudiated, for they degrade the one and deprave the other. The replacement of these relations with free ones is the essence of positive social development; the freedom of the individual is the touchstone of progress.” - Berman, Anarchist Quotations, p.5. - SERVILITY, STATISM, RULE, ANARCHISM, INDIVIDUALISM, VOLUNTARISM

DOMINATION: Vigilance is to guard against the domineering trait in self and others, that creative human energy may freely flow.” - Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p.69. – “Release all creative energies!” – Leonard E. Read

DOMINATION: What domination do you desire other than over yourself? Do you wish to tell your brother when to sleep and when to eat? If so, to what purpose?” - Robert Heinlein, Assignment in Eternity, II, p.56. – Q.

DOMINATION: When anyone attempts to run the life of another, to mold the other to his own design, to cast anyone else in his own image - regardless of intent, be it degrading or generous - the other should indeed run for his life. Why? It is this domineering trait that arouses conflict and disharmony in society and accounts for the taking of lives by the millions.” - Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, 4. – Seeing that all territorial States have this domineering habit, and that living off this planet is not yet an option, where can we run to? We have to open up internal “emigration” or, rather, secession and exterritorial autonomy or personal law or experimental freedom options for dissenting volunteers, all doing their things only to themselves. Alas, Read, to my knowledge, never discussed that option. – JZ, 30.11.08. – Even the proposed “limited” governments of most libertarians are still in this territorial domination habit, custom and tradition. – JZ, 16.11.10. – SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-RELIANCE, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

DON'TS: Don't believe everything you hear, Don't desire everything your see, Don't tell everything you know, Don't do everything you want to do.” - Old German proverb. - One cannot read, know, understand, do, consume or practise everything. The more things one tries to do, the less efficiently one does every particular thing. Germans have two terms for it: Verzettelung und Vereinsmeierei. The first means, roughly, one splits up one activities and into too many and different kinds and directions and the second, that with every associated activity in small groups one adopts, to some extent, its limited horizon, terms and priorities, which are often even relatively trivial or flawed ones. – JZ, 11.2.13.

DON'TS: Don't tread on me!” - Motto of first American revolutionaries under the emblem of a snake. - This one shows some of the difficulties in classifying slogans properly so that they are subject to rapid recall. – JZ, nd.

DOOMSDAY: I am fed up with these messengers of doom. Don't listen to those who say it can't be done. Listen to those who say it can be done.” - F. M. Esfandiary, Upwingers, 1973, p.20. – Would they pay more attention if all libertarian solutions were offered in a libertarian digital library, ideas archive, encyclopaedia, projects listing, bibliography, abstracts and review collection? – JZ, 11.2.13. – My PROPHETS, CASSANDRAS, PANIC MONGERS, Q., SUFFICIENT INTEREST IN ALL OF ONE’S OWN AFFAIRS

DOOMSDAY: Any road leads to the end of the world.” - Edward Fitzgerald, Polonius, p.86. - Too many roads presently taken could lead to Doomsday. -JZ, 1982 & 18.5.00. – Nevertheless, my 1975 book, An ABC Against Nuclear War, remains among the most unread and thus least appreciated books, even in its improved digital and free version at - It seems that most people would rather die than rethink their flawed or false premises, ideas and opinions. – JZ, 11.2.13. - END OF THE WORLD, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, APATHY, DISINTEREST, STATISM, RELIGION, LETTING GOD OR GOVERNMENT BE “GOOD” & DOING “THEIR” JOBS.

DOUBLE STANDARDS: We praise soldiers for doing by deceit and treachery what would meet with capital punishment among civilians. - D. A. Wells - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - SOLDIERS, WAR, MILITARY

DOUBLE STANDARDS: You can't have double standards!" - We all have different standards, anyhow and we can, have had and will have again different legal standards for different people in the same country, according to their own choices. - JZ, 6.7.82. - Panarchism means multiple standards - but none that are forced upon anyone, unless they are criminal aggressors. - JZ, 18.5.00. - PANARCHISM & EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW

DOUBLE-THINK: They are condemned to a condition of what George Orwell called "double think" which means the power of holding contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously and accepting both of them.” - Source? - That condition is much more common than is commonly believed. It can be demonstrated e.g. by many popular proverbs that make opposite statements. In what has wrongly been called the "social sciences", many opposite views are held, often by the same individuals and without them being aware of the contradictions, unless they are more or less accidentally brought together. (The closest work to this, which I know of, is Mark Tier & George Forrai, “Where God Speaks for Himself. The Words of God you’ll never hear in church or Sunday Schoool, 2010, inversebooksHONGKONG, - JZ, 11.2.13.) They might, e.g., hold that all unemployed are dole bludgers and, at the same time, believe that there are and can be only a limited number of jobs. Popular errors, myths and prejudices are not always or largely consistent with each other. Only the internal contradictions in a book like the Bible have been widely explored - but so far haven't been all brought together in something like a counter-bible. - Most freedom lovers aren't quite free of double-think, either but still make too many concessions to e.g. territorial statism, conventional military ideas and notions on exclusive and supposedly ideal currencies. - And how many of them are prepared to respect the right to life of the conceived but still unborn? Do they even love all freedom ideas enough to want to see them all published, at least in alternative media? - JZ, 18.5.00.

DOUBLE THINK: War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” - George Orwell, 1984. - That kind of "thinking" does, naturally, bring us war, slavery, ignorance and weakness. - JZ, 4.6.82.

DOUBT: All knowledge begins in confusion.” – Dr. JU-. G. Pearce, or just quoted by him.

DOUBT: Anyone with sense has doubts. It's being able to overcome them what brings confidence.” - From film: The Night My Number Came Up, 23.11.76, Channel 7.

DOUBT: Doubt is the offspring of knowledge: the savage never doubts at all. - Winwood Reade, The Martyrdom of Man, - KNOWLEDGE, STATIST OR AUTHORITARIAN OR VIOLENT "SOLUTIONS"

DOUBT: Doubt is the vestibule which all must pass, before they can enter into the temple of truth.” - Charles Caleb Colton, Lacon, 1825, 1.251.

DOUBT: Doubt should primarily be applied to all who apply too little doubt and thus pursue totalitarian claims and commit totalitarian actions against others. - JZ, n.d. - Doubt should also be applied to all libertarian and anarchist programs, but in a constructive criticism rather than persistent skepticism. All settled doubts should be recorded - as well as all remaining doubtful propositions. - JZ, 18.5.00.

DOUBT: How the hell can you doubt your own property rights, your own liberty - and yourself? - JZ, 20.5.76. - IGNORANCE, PREJUDICE, MYTHS

DOUBT: If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts, but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.” - Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning. – Seldes, The Great Quotations.

DOUBT: in philosophy, in politics, in theology, in history, negation is the preliminary requirement to affirmation. All progress begins by abolishing something; every reform rests upon denunciation of some abuse; each new idea is based upon the proved insufficiency of the old idea.” - Proudhon, The General Idea of the Revolution in the 19th Century. - CRITICISM, SKEPTICISM

DOUBT: It is the ability to hesitate before forming an opinion that makes the difference between a philosopher and, shall we say, a parroty mind. Snap judgments are like fishing nets cast with great flourish and prematurely hauled in. A lot of seaweed and broken shell may come up, but hardly any fish.” - Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. – “parrot mind”? – JZ

DOUBT: Man's most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe.” – Euripides - CRITICISM, JUDGMENT, RED.

DOUBT: Men become civilized, not in proportion to their willingness to believe, but in proportion to their readiness to doubt.” - JU-. L. Mencken. – quoted in Seldes.

DOUBT: Never to doubt is the pitiful privilege of the fanatic.” - C. van Uden, in READER'S DIGEST, 2/86.

DOUBT: The believer is happy, the doubter wise.” - Greek Proverb. – At least the doubter may be on the road to wisdom. – JZ, 6.1.08. - VS. BELIEF

DOUBT: The first step towards philosophy is incredulity.” - Denis Diderot, 1713-1784. - PHILOSOPHY, INCREDULITY, BELIEF, DISBELIEF, REASON, FAITH

DOUBT: The pragmatist knows that doubt is an art which has to be acquired with difficulty.” - Charles Sanders Pierce, Collected Papers

DOUBT: The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell, Autobiography, 1969.

DOUBT: The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people are full of doubt.” - James P. Hogan, Endgame Enigma, p.381. - WISDOM, UNCERTAINTY, FOOLS, CERTAINTY

DOUBT: There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both was save us from thinking” - Alfred Korzybsky. - BELIEF, FAITH, SKEPTICISM, NIHILISM

DOUBT: To believe with certainty, we must begin with doubting.” - Stanislaus I of Poland, Maxims, c. 18th c., 61. - CERTAINTY, KNOWLEDGE, IDEAS

DOUBT: To doubt everything and to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity of reflection.” - Jules Henri Poincaré, ANALOG, 5/92, 142. – “There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt everything; both ways save us from thinking.” - Alfred Korzybski. - RED

DOUBT: We know accurately only when we know little; with knowledge doubt enters.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. – Seldes, The Great Quotations - KNOWLEDGE

DOUBT: Weary the path that does not challenge. Doubt is an incentive to truth and patient inquiry leadeth the way.” - Hesea Ballou. – quoted in Seldes.

DOUBT: When in doubt, don't.” - JU-.G.P. - Yes, if it is only a trivial matter. But then it would not matter much, either, if you did, e.g., if you could thereby do someone, whom you respect, a favor. But if an important chance is involved, e.g. for freedom, peace and justice, then dare! - JZ, 1.1.77. - At most you would lose your life and property - but consider the prizes involved! If a job is really worthwhile then certainty of success is not required. You place your bets and work on the project, not only for hours, but for years, and take your chances. - JZ, 18.5.00.

DOUBT: Yea, brethren and sistren, now abideth doubt, hope and charity; these three, and the greatest of these is doubt. For doubt puffeth not itself up into pomposity; doubt suffereth long, and is kind. With doubt all things are possible.” - Robert Anton Wilson, in NEW LIBERTARIAN, I, March 1978.

DOUBT: Your doubt may be a good quality if you train it.” - Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet, 1903.

DOWNSIZING: At our nation’s birth, 95 percent of the population was one way or another engaged in agriculture. Today, only 2 percent Americans farm. In anybody’s book, that’s some heavyweight downsizing. Was it bad for our country?” - Walter E. Williams, More Liberty Means Less Government. Our Founders Knew This Well, Hoover Institution Press, 1999, – p.234/35. – AGRICULTURE, , PROGRESS, Q.

DOWNSIZING: Years ago heavy construction – building railroads, roads, dams, and tunnels – involved teams of men laying track and wielding sledgehammers, picks, and axes. Today, there are highly paid guys pushing buttons and pulling levers on huge pieces of construction equipment. They do in a day what hundreds of men couldn’t do yesterday. Construction downsizing destroyed thousands of jobs. What should Congress have done to save those jobs?” - Walter E. Williams, More Liberty Means Less Government. Our Founders Knew This Well, Hoover Institution Press, 1999, – p.235. - ROAD CONSTRUCTION, , Q., SAVING JOBS, MACHINES, AUTOMATION, PRODUCTIVITY, WAGE LEVELS, EARNINGS

DOWNTURNS OF ECONOMIES? Downturns of whole natural economies and the world economy are inevitable only under monetary and financial despotism added to by xyz prohibitions and regulations and bureaucracies, which prevent natural and free adaptations to changed conditions. "Free" enterprise, "free" trade and "free" markets that are, in reality, in bonds or even chains, cannot act freely and efficiently enough.Facebook, 4.10.12, 8.1.13. –  CRISES

DRAFT DODGER: An impious miscreant who jumps out of the way of the juggernaut.” - L. A. Rollins, The Devil's Lexicon. – CONSCRIPTION, CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS

DRAFT: An ill wind from which many a young man has caught his death.” - L.A. Rollins, The Devil's Lexicon. - CONSCRIPTION

DRAFT: the draft system is damaging the defence system by clogging the ranks with unmotivated soldiers.” - Mattias Svensson, quoted in FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, June/July 1996. – CONSCRIPTION, SELECTIVELY IMPOSED MILITARY SERVITUDE      

DRAFT: Up the "dodgers" who dodge the draft to preserve liberty!” - Source? - CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION, DRAFT DODGERS

DREAMS: All men dream, but unequally. Those that dream at night in the dusty recesses of their minds awake the next day to find that their dreams were just vanity. But those who dream during the day with their eyes wide open are dangerous men; they act out their dreams to make them reality.” – T. E. Lawrence, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. – They are not dangerous but peaceful and freedom as well as peace, progress, prosperity and justice promising when they realize their dreams only for their kind of volunteers. – JZ, 16.11.10, 11.2.13. – IMAGINATION, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM

DREAMS: All sensible dreams are to be acted upon. - JZ, 18.7.77. – At least by one, if not many of these dreamers. – JZ, 11.2.13. - DREAMERS, DREAMING

DREAMS: Build Your 2012 Dream Ticket - - Even the best territorial leader can only fulfill the dreams of his voluntary followers and subjects. Dissention on monetary and financial freedom is VERY large and Ron Paul, with the best of will, cannot represent all the dissenters and their dreams in this sphere and others. He should clearly declare that he would let them follow their own dreams, at their own risk and expense and that he would intend to lead only his voluntary followers. In general terms, he has already declared for panarchism. He should make it his main platform plank. In this way, he could even gain most of his opponents as his allies.  – JZ, 18.10.11, Facebook. – LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM

DREAMS: Carry out your dreams - but at your own expense and risk. - JZ, 10.9.82. – Do so in every sphere. – JZ, 16.11.10. - Upon reading in THE READER'S DIGEST Sep. 66: "It is wonderful to see someone carry out his dream. … So few of us take a chance."

DREAMS: don't make me live up to your dreams, just mine.” - Alan Brennert, All the Charms of Sycorax. - LIVING UP TO DREAMS

DREAMS: Dreams are unhampered by factors like time, gravity, or other restraints. Engineers like to say that dreams do not build bridges, but that no bridge is built without one.” - Henry M. Boettinger, Moving Mountains, p.66. – IDEAS, CREATIVITY, INNOVATION

DREAMS: Each dream can be turned into a creation by those who are strong enough to believe in them.” - G. B. Shaw, retranslated from a German version. - Some only in form of novels, plays, poetry, fantasies or SF. Anyhow, that is no excuse for trying to realize authoritarian or even totalitarian territorialist dreams over the lives of others, which would be nightmares for them. – To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dream or choice. - JZ, 17.6.93, 19.5.00. - CREATIVITY, REALIZATION, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM

DREAMS: Follow your own dreams, rather than those of any politician or bureaucrat. - JZ, 26.11.93 & 19.5.00.

DREAMS: for our civilization is no more than the sum of all the dreams that earlier ages have brought to fulfillment. And so it must always be, for if men cease to dream, if they turn their backs upon the wonder of the universe, the story of our race will be coming to an end.” - Arthur C. Clarke, Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds! Harper/Collins, 2000, p.42/43. - IDEAS, IMAGINATION, INVENTIONS, DISCOVERIES & CIVILIZATION

DREAMS: Only in their dreams can men be truly free. It was always thus and always thus will be.” - Keats. - To be free from natural forces isn't freedom and dreaming of ending the domination of man over man, of ending war, injustice, oppression, poverty, is a worthwhile occupation and the precondition for achieving such aims. - JZ, 19.5.00.

DREAMS: Reality, apart from raw nature, consists of realized dreams and, alas, also out of realized nightmares. - JZ, 19.9.94. – Nightmares which power addicts were able to impose upon dissenters due to territorialism, which is still all too little doubted and criticized. – JZ, 16.11.10. - REALITY, IDEAS & UTOPIAS

DREAMS: The dreamers are almost never the doers. But directly or indirectly they inspire the doers, the policy makers and all the others who will cajole and argue and maneuver and finally design and build.” - Rick Cook, ANALOG, Feb. 88, 120.

DREAMS: The dreams of the world have two enemies: the world and the dreamers.” - Hans Kasper. But at least some dreams are more than mere dreams. – They guide towards genuine possibilities. – JZ, 1.12.08. - UTOPIANS, IDEAS, WISHFUL THINKING

DREAMS: The world becomes a dream, the dream becomes a world.” - Novalis. - IDEAS

DREAMS: The world must be reorganized in a way to allow the realization, as far as possible, of all dreams about just, free, tolerant and peaceful alternatives, all only among volunteers, no matter how impracticable they appear to others. - JZ, 2.12.74, 30.7.78, 1.12.08. – PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAWS

DREAMS: We care who forces our dreams onto us.” - Frank Herbert, The Lazarus Effect. - We will resist when someone tries to force his dream world upon us! - JZ, n.d. & 19.5.00. – When they are forced upon us then they are obviously not our dreams. – People, including me, are often all too careless in some of their statements. – JZ, 1.12.08.

DREAMS: We have had all too many "practical" men. What we need is more, not less dreamers. Especially dreamers dreaming dreams for themselves only and for like-minded people, not maniacs who, like some of the "practical" men, dream dreams of domination and then act to prevent the alternative free the lives of dissenters. - JZ, 17.7.89, 16.11.10. - VS. PRACTICAL MEN

DREAMS: We libertarians are dream merchants. … We do not worship dreams. We work for our dreams. We do not serve dreams. Dreams serve us. – But only if we work to make them real … We most love our dreams. Then we must live our dreams. – As Rudyard Kipling said, “If you can dream, and not make dreams your master …” - Michael Cloud, Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion, The Advocates for Self-Government, 2004, - - p.192. - But if it is only a territorial dream, of a single libertarian government for all, then it is just not good enough and the attempt might be self-defeating. One dream for all is not good enough – and should not be realized for all. We ought to take the different dreams of non-libertarians into consideration and allow them their own dreams and their attempts to realize them for themselves. Only then will we get a good chance to realize our dream for ourselves. To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams. – as K. H. Z. (Solneman) suggested in his Manifesto for Freedom and Peace, 1977. – Alas, this kind of tolerance is still in short supply among libertarians and anarchists. - JZ, 30.9.07. - LIBERTARIAN DREAMS

DREAMS: When you cease to dream, you cease to live.” - Malcolm Forbes. - IDEAS, IMAGINATION, FUTURISM, UTOPIANISM, LONG TERM VIEWS, THINKING AHEAD

DRESSING UP: Only God helps the badly dressed.” - Spanish proverb. - Compare the German: “Kleider machen Leute”. (“Clothing makes the man.”) – People who do not care about their appearances are not respected by most people. To them they seem to lack self-respect and thus would not merit respect. Salesmen and saleswomen, lecturers, teachers, speakers and politicians and other public figures do not appear negligently dressed but, rather, try to impress at first sight, e.g., rather conservatively and well dressed, like e.g. business people. Ideas are still widely judged by the clothing of those who advocate them, absurd as this seems at first. – JZ, 23.1.08. – How do you judge those people who “judge” other people merely by the way they dress? – JZ, 29.11.08. - CLOTHING, APPEARANCES & SUCCESS

DRILL: Yet the meaning of such drilling is very clear and simple. It is preparing for murder. It means the stupefying of men in order to convert them into instruments for murdering.” - Tolstoy, in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p. 319. – DISCIPLINE, MILITARY CONDITIONING OR TRAINING

DRINKING: Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at the tax collector - and miss. - Robert Heinlein - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – Without wide-spread alcoholism among its victims the Soviet Regime would not have lasted as long as it did. – JZ, 24.3.12. - JOKES, ALCOHOL & TAXATION

DRINKING: Christianity and heavy drinking - the two great stultifiers.” - Nietzsche, The Antichrist, 57. - ALCOHOL & CHRISTIANITY

DRIVER’S LICENCES: Why does the government, rather than insurance companies or driving schools, issue driver certifications?” – Claire Wolfe, Don’t Shoot the Bastards (YET), 101 More Ways To Salvage Freedom, p.1. - Q.

DRONES: 168 children killed in drone strikes in Pakistan since start of campaign - - Was the result of air strikes from piloted planes any better? – JZ, 13.8.11, on Facebook.  – I believe that fire, rockets and bombs from drones can be directed more accurately and from a lesser distance than they can be from most piloted aircraft. – Am I wrong in this generalization? Naturally, like all other tools, even the guns or policemen, they can be misused. – Were they ever effectively used to execute a genuine tyrant? – JZ, 12.10.12. - BOMBING, AIR RAIDS, INDISCRIMINATE KILLING OF INNOCENTS

DRONES: Accurate drones might be good tyrannicide weapons. Naturally, like all weapons, they can also be abused. – JZ, on Facebook. - OPPOSITION TO THEM

DRONES: We are fast becoming a nation of drones.” - Tom Lewis, when Premier of NSW, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 4 /10/75. – Don’t the leading politicians set top examples for such behavior? – JZ, 1.12.08. - WELFARE STATES

DROPOUTS: why should hard working people be forced to subsidize the idle existence of "drop-outs"? - George Hardy, The Doom of the Welfare Society, p.12. – And why should they be compelled to support territorial politicians and bureaucrats and their policies and spending programs, without being allowed to secede from them and do their own things, together with like-minded people? – JZ, 25.7.13. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, Q., WELFARE STATES

DROPPING OUT: Former "Seasteaders" Come Ashore To Start Libertarian Utopias In Honduran Jungle - - Can one drop out of e.g. the nuclear war threat in this way? Were the people in any spot on Earth QUITE safe e.g. from the Nazi and the Soviet regime? – JZ, 7.12.11. - VIA OCEAN FREEDOM OR UTOPIAN COLONIES OR NEW COUNTRIES ON LAND? NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, NEW LIBERTARIAN CITIES? TERRITORIALISM, WORLD WARS

DROPPING OUT: Social Security is a gigantic fraud from which taxpayers cannot legally "drop out". - Schiff, The Greatest Con, from its cover. – SOCIAL SECURITY

DRUG LAWS: A drug is neither moral nor immoral - it’s a chemical compound. The compound itself is not a menace to society until a human being treats it as if consumption bestowed a temporary license to act like an asshole.” - Frank Zappa

DRUG LAWS: A fool who, after plain warning, persists in dosing himself with dangerous drugs should be free to do so, for his death is a benefit to the race in general. In the same way he should be free to resort to quacks when he is ill.” - R. Dale Grinder, LIBERTARIAN ANALYSIS, I/3, in article on Mencken. - DRUG ABUSE, WAR ON DRUGS, DRUG PROHIBITIONS

DRUG LAWS: A lot of drugs are used by people who think that if you tinker with an empty head you can get it going.” - Frank Clark, quoted in READER'S DIGEST, 3/82. - JOKES

DRUG LAWS: accept anything with forbearance except culpable ignorance and the spectacle of an able mind going to waste.” - James P. Hogan, The Mirror Maze, 119. - ALCOHOL, DIVERSIONS, KICKS, SPORTS, IGNORANCE, TOLERANCE

DRUG LAWS: Addiction to territorial governments is the worst addiction. It sickens, debilitates and kills more people than any other drug. - JZ, 29.9.93. - STATISM, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM

DRUG LAWS: All the drug offenders, who did not have involuntary victims, are at least morally quite innocent (*) and do, probably, constitute a very large fraction of all imprisoned upon all kinds of drug-related offences. But many other wrongful laws are much more important to me. – JZ, 4.10.12, comment to: The Justice System's Imprisonment of Innocent Citizens - - (*) According to Kant one can also offend against the moral and rational duties one has towards oneself, as a moral and rational being. – JZ, 11.2.13. - & IMPRISONMENT

DRUG LAWS: All the narcotic drugs combined are not as dangerous to the survival of man as are the addictions to powers, including the power over military forces, and especially ABC mass murder devices. A mental addiction to territorial, military and ABC mass murder devices is the worst addiction of all times. It has driven territorial statism to the pinnacle of murderousness, destructiveness and absurdity. - JZ, 10.7.88, 10.5.00. - POWER & NUCLEAR WEAPONS

DRUG LAWS: Almost all of the 2 billion now spent for heroin, is the cost for the law not the habit.” - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom.

DRUG LAWS: Although drugs are immoral and must be kept from the young, thousands of schools pressure parents to give the drug Ritalin to any lively child who may, sensibly, show signs of boredom in his classroom. Ritalin renders the child docile if not comatose. Side effects? "Stunted growth, facial tics, agitation and aggression, insomnia, appetite loss, headaches, stomach pains and seizures." Marijuana would be far less harmful. - Gore Vidal, The War At Home, November 1998. – OFFICIAL DRUG ABUSE, IN SCHOOLS: RITALIN USE IN SCHOOLS, OFFICIALLY PRACTISED, AS SUPPOSEDLY CORRECT TREATMENT FOR WHAT HAS BEEN WRONGULLY CLASSED AS ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER.

DRUG LAWS: Although I am a strong political conservative, I now believe that the costs of our fruitless struggle against illegal drugs are not worth the modest benefits likely to be achieved." - Prof. Ernest van den Haag? (The name was cut off here and my memory is flawed. – JZ.)

DRUG LAWS: And it is nice to be reminded that the great Mises explicitly attacked prohibitions on the sale of opium and morphine, although he viewed them as "dangerous, habit-forming drugs," on the grounds that "if one abolishes man's freedom to determine his own consumption, one takes all freedoms away." (“Human Action”, p.728-729). - Ralph Raico, in THE FREEMAN, 4/75, on a book by Szasz. – Not all rights and liberties are thereby taken away but at least some of them are infringed. They still exist, morally, but can no longer be freely practiced. – JZ, 11.2.13.

DRUG LAWS: And on the seventh day, god stepped back and said and said, "This is my creation, perfect in every way... oh, dammit I left all this pot all over the place. Now they'll think I want them to smoke it... Now I have to create Republicans.” - Bill Hicks, Comedian. – How many Republicans are not addicted to e.g. alcohol and tobacco or both of them? – Each of these two addictions does, probably, more harm than “grass”. – JZ, 11.2.13. - GOD, POT, MARIJUANA, JOKES

DRUG LAWS: Annual global deaths: Alcohol: 1.8 million, Cigarettes: 4.9 million, Pharmaceuticals: 3.5 million, Cannabis: 0 =Zero! - Bretigne Shaffer shared THC Finder's photo. - Wall Photos - Global Deaths - by: THC Finder – Facebook, 14.3.12. – Are those high on cannabis really safe drivers and pilots and have no more accidents than those not under this influence? I very much doubt that. – JZ, 12.4.12. – I am getting more and more but so far only anecdotic evidence that long-term pot use does lead to personality disorders, and psychotic episodes. – JZ, 11.3.13. – According to some reports, the mind-affecting chemicals in cannabis have been greatly increased in quantity and have thus become more influential and dangerous in the long run. – JZ, 25.7.13.

DRUG LAWS: Anti-drug laws breed drug abuse. - JZ, 13.9.88.

DRUG LAWS: Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power. – P. J. O’Rourke, quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah sharing Linda Kay Jorgensen's photo. – Facebook, 11.2.13.

DRUG LAWS: because of the addition of an average 10 years to the development time of new drugs, and the known benefits of such drugs once they got on the market, it can be calculated accurately that 4.7 million Americans died prematurely during these forty years due to the delays in availability of new life-saving drugs! …, the average time to develop a drug and get approval is now over 14 years.” – Mary Ruwart, in speech “The Menace of Global Drug Regulations”, according to the review in FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, 12/07, p.12. – Her pamphlet “Death by Regulation: The Price We Pay for the FDA” is on the ISIL website under “Intellectual Resources”.  - MEDICAL DRUGS, FDA: FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION, DRUG PUSHERS

DRUG LAWS: Bureaucrats make more money by seeming to enforce drug laws than by ignoring or abolishing them. The drug lords can earn more the more severe the repression attempts against the drug trade are. Usually only the "small fry" get sometimes caught, convicted and punished. But even for their positions, with their high earnings chances, there are more volunteers than vacancies. So they fight even for these openings. - JZ, 21.11.96.

DRUG LAWS: C. S. Lewis … described science fiction as the only genuine consciousness-expanding drug.” – Harry Harrison in NEW SCIENTIST. – Quoted in Stephen Baxter, Vacuum Diagrams, p. III. - S. B. is supposedly the best SF author in Britain. But that quote was the only one I found worth noting in this book of 460 pages! Obviously, I wasted too much time in reading it. – No refunds for lost time! – I have only myself to blame for making a bad choice and continuing with it. – JZ, 25.3.09. – At least I make this kind of mistake less often now and rather give away books only partly read after having bought them, carelessly, for only 10 to 50 cents. – JZ, 16.11.10.

DRUG LAWS: Controls on the use and sale of drugs lead to skyrocketing prices, increasing crime, black markets and a proliferation of pushers.” - Roy Childs, Liberty Against Power, p.5.

DRUG LAWS: Dangerous drugs should be tackled at their source, the source of the demand for them, i.e., the willingness of their consumers to buy them, even at a high price and risk. That is largely an educational, psychological and economic problem. - JZ, 2.11.95. - Under full political, economic and social freedom, including that for exterritorially autonomous experiments, most people would have better things to do than to chemically dowse their brains and partly incapacity their bodies. - JZ, 11.5.00, 11.2.13.

DRUG LAWS: DEA: Drug Enforcement Agency: Drug Law Enforcement Agency would make some sense but Drug Enforcement Agency seems to mean an agency to enforce the production and distribution of drugs - and this is exactly what it "achieves" by turning the production of very cheap drugs, a low profit business, into a very profitable business for the supply for very expensive drugs. - JZ, 13.3.95, 11.5.00.

DRUG LAWS: DEA: Drug Enforcement Agency: Indeed, it enforces, by its very existence, an expanded drug production and distribution because it make them much more profitable. This name is equivalent to calling the police and legislature and the police: crime enforcement agencies. Indeed, the one passes numerous laws that are inherently criminal and the others enforce these laws. One can almost come to believe that when they do attempt to fight privately committed crimes with victims, then they are, largely, motivated by wanting to eliminate this competition or by to provide a cover-up for their own criminal activities by this attempt. If all the crimes committed by politicians and policemen were fully uncovered, how would their rate of criminality compare with that of ordinary citizens? Pitirim Sorokin has made some such comparisons and the politicians showed up badly in this, as the worst kind of professionals - when it comes to ordinary crimes with victims, quite apart from the crimes they do commit, on a much larger scale, as active territorialists. That quote should be inserted here. - JZ, 6.1.00 & 11.5.00, 11.2.13. – Unfortunately, presently I cannot lay my hands on this quote, although GPdB had provided me with it, some time ago. – JZ, 16.11.10, 25.7.13.

DRUG LAWS: Decriminalization would take the profit out of drugs and greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the drug-related violence that is currently plaguing our streets." - Kurt L. Schmoke, Baltimore Mayor

DRUG LAWS: Did he really think society was threatened by the bird-brained twerps sitting around puffing pot and sniffing coke?” - Christopher Egerton-Thomas, A Taste of Conspiracy, p.72.

DRUG LAWS: Did you consider the simple argument that a rational adult should have the right to decide what goes or does not go into his mind or body?” - Peter Corrie, Secretary, The Progress Party of NSW.

DRUG LAWS: Do not suppose that abuses are eliminated by destroying the object, which is abused. Men can go wrong with wine and women. Shall we then prohibit and abolish women? – Martin Luther - ALCOHOL, TOBACCO & GUN ABUSE, JOKES

DRUGS LAWS: Don't do drugs because if you do drugs you'll go to prison, and drugs are really expensive in prison. – John Hardwick - JOKES

DRUG LAWS: Dr. Mary Ruwart … said that when she was in the industry, the joke went around that ‘we were so busy fulfilling the regulations that were increasing every year, that we had no time to find new drugs ... As a result many new drugs that could help at least some people are rejected and kept off the market. … Between 1948 and 1961, it took an average of 4 ½ years for a drug to go from the laboratory through testing to the market. Since the Kefauver-Harris bill, the times have been steadily increasing, and since the FDA has no incentive to speed things up, and indeed has only negative incentives, the average time to develop a drug and get approval is now over 14 years.” – Mary Ruwart, in speech “The Menace of Global Drug Regulations”, according to the review in FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, 12/07, p.12. – Individuals should be free to come forward to test new drugs on their own responsibility. – JZ, 10.9.08.

DRUG LAWS: Drug abuse conference: People sitting around in smoke-filled rooms discussing the evils of marijuana.” - Thomas Szasz, Heresies, 101. – Many of them are, probably, downing also some alcoholic drinks. – JZ, 11.2.13. – Healthwise, the other recreational drugs do much less harm in total than do either tobacco or alcohol, far less both of these together. – JZ, 25.7.13.

DRUG LAWS: Drug abuse is Bad. The Drug War is Worse. – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, quoted on Facebook, 16.2.12.

DRUG LAWS: Drug laws and prohibition are the health of crime, corruption and the State. - JZ, 16.12.92, 20.5.00.

DRUG LAWS: Drug laws create drug smuggling, drug pushing, police corruption, a waste of taxpayer's money and a multitude of other and also violent crimes with victims, while boosting drug production and drug consumption. - JZ, 1.12.81. – The help even to finance wars and other wrongful government interventions. – JZ, 11.2.13.

DRUG LAWS: Drug laws kill 10-14 times as many people as the drugs themselves.” - Dr. Mary Ruwart, Healing Our World In An Age Of Aggression, a large-sized paperback, 456 pages. – At least one shorter version is online, I believe. – JZ, 16.11.10.

DRUG LAWS: Drug laws mean that power addicts try to stamp out other addictions, except the conventional ones, to alcohol and tobacco. – Probably we would all be better off by curing power addicts through turning them onto drugs? - JZ, 4.1.08. - POWER ADDICTS, Q.

DRUG LAWS: Drug legislation - Mainline to Disaster.” - Title of an article by Robert Patton in THE FREEMAN, Jan. 73.

DRUG LAWS: Drug misuse is not a disease, it is a decision, like the decision to step out in front of a moving car. You would call that not a disease but an error of judgment.” – Philip K. Dick. - Drugs don't mind if laws are passed against them. Only drug producers, drug traders and drug users do. Why should the non-users be burdened with most of the costs and risks of the war against drugs? Self-inflicted harm should not be punished. But pushing drugs onto or into people, especially minors or victims of prostitution-slavery rings, that should be severely punished. However, mostly, apart from sexual slavery, this is done only as a result of making drug production and drug trade profitable, via anti-drug laws. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. - WAR AGAINST DRUGS

DRUG LAWS: Drug prohibition creates many drug related crimes that would not occur without this prohibition. - JZ, 14.9.88. - CRIME

DRUG LAWS: Drug pushers is a wrong term in most cases for the suppliers of some eagerly wanted or needed drugs, for bored or addicted people, willing to pay highly for them and even to commit crimes to be able to afford them. Such a pusher does not have to push most of his customers into buying what he has to offer. A baker is not a bread-pusher, and a milk man is not a milk pusher, either. Foreigners would not mass produce narcotic drugs and smuggle them into the U.S. if there were not millions or ready, willing and financial buyers for them there. The drug trade would dry up if the demand for drugs were dried up, e.g. by sufficient rationality and enlightenment. - JZ, 20.6.00, 31.1.02.

DRUG LAWS: Drug regulation has stifled the research on lifesaving medicines.” - Richard Cornuelle, Healing America, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1983, p. 85.

DRUG LAWS: Drugs are for Mugs. Dopers are No Hopers.” - Badge inscription, mentioned in SUN HERALD, 2.9.29.

DRUG LAWS: Drugs do create problems - but so does their prohibition. - JZ, 10.4.89. - Drugs cause problems mainly only to the using individuals but drug prohibition greatly damages any community in which it is practised. - JZ, 20.5.00. - PROHIBITION

DRUG LAWS: Drugs have been turned from an individual to a social problem through legal, juridical and police intervention. - JZ, 1.10.88. - LAWS

DRUG LAWS: Every dollar spent to punish a drug user or seller is a dollar that cannot be spent collecting restitution from a robber. Every hour spent investigating a drug user or seller is an hour that could have been used to find a missing child. Every trial held to prosecute a drug user or seller is court time that could be used to prosecute a rapist in a case that might otherwise have been plea bargained.” - Randy E. Barnett, "Curing the Drug-Law Addiction." - LAW & CRIME

DRUG LAWS: Experience invariably {shows} that laws, however barbarous they may be, have never served to suppress vice or to discourage delinquency. The more severe the penalties imposed on the consumers and traffickers of cocaine, the greater will be the attraction of forbidden fruits and the fascination of the risks incurred by the consumer, and the greater will be the profits made by the speculators, avid for money. - It is useless, therefore, to hope for anything from the law. We must suggest another solution. Make the use and sale of cocaine free from restrictions and open kiosks where it would be sold at cost price or even under cost. And then launch a great propaganda campaign.” - Errico Malatesta, UMANITA NOVA, August 10, 1922. - LAWS

DRUG LAWS: Faith can sustain people through enormous deprivation and pain, as the Jewish community has proven for three thousand years. Rich cocaine addicts prove every day that a secular youth with a great future but no beliefs can self-destruct in the midst of plenty.” - Newt Gingrich, Window of Opportunity, A Blueprint for the Future, p.127. - KICKS RATHER THAN VALUES & RATIONAL AIMS, FAITH, CONVICTIONS & DRUGS, EDUCATION, MORALITY, ETHICS, SELF-APPRECIATION, FREEDOM

DRUG LAWS: Five years of Prohibition have had, at least, this one benign effect: they have completely disposed of all the favorite arguments of the Prohibitionists. None of the great boons and usufructs that were to follow the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment has come to pass. There is not less drunkenness in the Republic, but more. There is not less crime, but more. There is not less insanity, but more. The cost of government is not smaller, but vastly greater. Respect for law has not increased, but diminished.” - JU-. L. Mencken, "THE AMERICAN MERCURY" - PROHIBITION

DRUG LAWS: Forbidden wares sell twice as dear.” - Sir John Denham, Natura Naturata, I. 16. - But untaxed goods and services, although forbidden, are often cheaper. - JZ, 6.7.82. - PROHIBITION, LAWS, SMUGGLING, BLACK MARKET

DRUG LAWS: force is no answer, love and persuasion may be.” - McBride, A New Dawn, p.81.

DRUG LAWS: Formerly, had Americans demanded that farmers in a foreign country grow or not grow certain crops, it would have been called colonialism and would have been vigorously opposed by patriots abroad and liberals at home. Now when they demand just this, it is called narcotics control, and is enthusiastically supported by patriots abroad and both liberals and conservatives at home.” – Thomas Szasz, Heresies, p.104.

DRUG LAWS: Giving oneself addictive drugs is a crime. Accepting addictive drugs from a "maintenance program" is a treatment.” - Thomas Szasz, A Dissenting Dictionary.

DRUG LAWS: he was wondering what society would have been like if we'd socialized cannabis instead of dangerous drugs like alcohol and religion.” - John Brunner, The Stone That Never Came Down, p.27. - MARIJUANA, CANNABIS, TOBACCO, ALCOHOL & RELIGION

DRUG LAWS: I don't smoke, drink or use other narcotic drugs (apart from coffee, tea and cacao). I would not produce them or trade in them - but I do not mind it if others do, as long as they do not bother me with them. For instance, smokers, drunks and drugged people are not welcome in my home and I don't like to encounter them as drivers or pilots, either. - JZ, 17.7.84, 10.5.00

DRUG LAWS: I favor free trade in drugs for the same reason the Founding Fathers favored free trade in ideas: in a free society it is none of the government’s business what ideas a man puts into his mind; likewise, it should be none of its business what drugs he puts into his body.” – Thomas Szasz - Merely opting out, illegally, via individual drug use, is not a very sensible form of individual secessionism. - JZ 26. 11. 06. - However, if in a drugged condition, e.g. as a driver or pilot, he does endanger the lives of others, then such actions should be severely penalized. – JZ, 1.12.08. – IDEAS, CENSORSHIP, FREE TRADE IN DRUGS, LIKE FREE TRADE IN IDEAS

DRUG LAWS: I have never seen people on pot get in a fight, because it is fucking impossible.” - Bill Hicks, Comedian. – If it really made people non-violent then it would have pacified the Vietnam War, where it was, reportedly, used extensively on both sides. – But, as far as I know, alcohol consumption, beyond moderate doses, makes people more argumentative and violent, while smoking makes people put up, all too much, with war-time conditions, rather than attempting to end them. – Perhaps for each of the old and new drugs an index should be published, indicating the violence, irrationality and complacency related to the quantities of them consumed in a certain period. - JZ, 4.1.08, 11.2.13. - POT, MARIHUANA & VIOLENCE,

DRUG LAWS: I regard tolerance with respect to drugs as wholly analogous to tolerance with respect to religion. To be sure, a Christian advocating religious tolerance at the height of the Inquisition would himself have been accused of heresy. Today, however, no one would misinterpret his position as an endorsement or advocacy of a non-Christian religion or of atheism. … we are now at the height of an anti-narcotic inquisition.” - Ludwig von Mises, quoted in: Freedom to Choose, published by World Research, p.9. - RELIGION & TOLERANCE

DRUG LAWS: I would decriminalize marijuana, but you step out of your house high and you bother somebody else in any way, shape or form, I’m going to slap a fine on you that’s going to curl your hair!” - Bill O’Reilly - Quoted in the 10/9/2000 edition of THE NEW YORK OBSERVER.

DRUG LAWS: I’m in favor of legalizing drugs. According to my value system, if people want to kill themselves, they have every right to do so. Most of the harm that comes from drugs is because they are illegal.” – Milton Friedman. - Statism is the worst addiction. Power is a close second runner up. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. – Would any penal laws help against power addiction? – JZ, 28.11.08. – Yes, any law that finally legalized the right to secede and to live under personal law or exterritorial autonomy – together with like-minded volunteers. – JZ, 11.2.13. - WAR AGAINST DRUGS

DRUG LAWS: If [drugs] didn’t exist, our government would have to invent them, the better to enact laws aimed at keeping the citizens "sinless and obedient." – Gore Vidal – Or, “sinful” and obedient. – JZ - WAR ON DRUGS

DRUG LAWS: If a signer wants to pollute his body with chemicals in order to visit an artificial Nirvana, that's his business. The drugs are available at competitive prices, so he doesn't have to steal to feed his habit; and he either learns how to handle his craving or he takes a cure, or he winds up dead from an overdose.” - F. Paul Wilson, The Healer, Dell Publishing, 1972, 1976, p.96.

DRUG LAWS: If the government can't keep drugs away from inmates who are locked in steel cages, surrounded by barbed wire, watched by armed guards, drug-tested, strip-searched, X-rayed, and videotaped – how can it possibly stop the flow of drugs to an entire nation?” – Ron Crickenberger -The futility of the present drug war reminds me of the ancient saying that “a gold-laden jackass can climb over every wall”. It referred to the long and wide-spread practice of overcoming any defensive efforts by bribery of officers of the defenders of a walled city. – JZ, 6.4.12. - ABSURDITY, FUTILE, TAKING PRISONS AS EXAMPLES, IT DOES NOT EVEN KEEP DRUGS OUT OF PRISONS

DRUG LAWS: If you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel. – Milton Friedman, quoted by Terry Mcintyre and 5 other people shared Ima Hemp's photo. – Facebook, 3.4.12. – WAR ON DRUGS, PROHIBITION

DRUG LAWS: In 1996 drugs accounted for 90% of all crimes committed in L.A”. - LAPD-TV, 3.4.97. - CRIMES

DRUG LAWS: In a laissez-faire society, there could exist no public institution with the power to forcefully protect people from themselves. From other people (criminals), yes. From one's own self, no. Marijuana is a plant, a crop. People who smoke it do not do so under the compulsion either of physiological addiction or of institutionalized power. They do so voluntarily. They find a person who has volunteered to grow it. They agree on a price. One sells; the other buys. One acquires new capital; the other acquires an euphoric experience that, he decides, was worth allocating some of his own resources to obtain.” - Karl Hess, Death of Politics, p.10. – Here he avoided his opinion on the use of e.g. heroin, which is addictive. – JZ

DRUG LAWS: Incidentally, it is easy to imagine that, if drugs were left to economics and culture instead of politics, medical researchers would shortly discover a way to provide the salable and wanted effects of drugs without the incapacitation of addiction.” - Karl Hess, Death of Politics, p.11.

DRUG LAWS: Is marijuana addictive? Yes, in the sense that most of the really pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating.” - Richard Neville, POT, MARIJUANA

DRUG LAWS: It is much more likely that authoritarians will use drugs to control individuals than individuals will use drugs to free their minds.” - Fritz Knese, THE CONNECTION 135, p. 46. - Coffee and tea are among the exceptions. - JZ

DRUG LAWS: It is possible to stop most drug addiction in the United States within a very short time. Simply make all drugs available and sell them at cost. Label each drug with a precise description of what effect - good or bad - the drug will have on the taker. This will require heroic honesty. Don't say that marijuana is addictive or dangerous when it is neither, as millions of people know - unlike "speed," which kills most unpleasantly, or heroin, which can be addictive and difficult to kick. Along with exhortation and warning, it might be good for our citizens to recall (or learn for the first time) that the United States was the creation of men who believed that each person has the right to do what he wants with his own life as long as he does not interfere with his neighbors' pursuit of happiness (that his neighbor's idea of happiness is persecuting others does confuse matters a bit).” - Gore Vidal, 1970. – If G. V. were sufficiently consistent then even he would be a panarchist. – I do not know whether he is still alive and active. - JZ, 16.11.10.

DRUG LAWS: Leary's "Two Commandments for the Neurological Age," 1966, were, first, "Thou shalt not alter the consciousness of thy neighbor without his or her consent," and the second, which is like unto this, is "Thou shalt not prevent thy neighbor from altering his or her own consciousness." (Dr. Leary has recently added a Third Commandment, 1975, which says, "Thou shalt make no more commandments." - Robert Anton Wilson, The Illuminati Papers, p.41.

DRUG LAWS: Legal, juridical and police prosecution make drug production and distribution very profitable and thus the drug problem is worsened. - JZ, 14.9.88.

DRUG LAWS: Legalization or decriminalization of responsible drug use (not of offences committed while under the influence) would at least eliminate most crimes committed to obtain drugs and those committed by illegal drug dealers, fighting among themselves for their share in the very profitable trade with prohibited drugs and trying to spread drug addiction further. - JZ, 28.3.89, 10.5.00.

DRUG LAWS: Legalization: If the objection be raised that this scheme is immoral, it can only be answered that it is more moral than the present setup, which spreads addiction, motivates crime, and fills the bank accounts of the criminal syndicates.” - Jeffrey Hart, quoted in INDIVIDUALIST, 6/72.

DRUG LAWS: Many of the experiences I've had with drugs have been pleasurable, but they don't expand your mind. They make you useless. I doubt very seriously whether even Carlos Castaneda wrote his books while he was high. He probably wrote them after the businessman's lunch at Schraft's.” - Karl Hess, PLAYBOY, 7/76.

DRUG LAWS: Many people believe that white sugar is more dangerous than marijuana: Certainly problems directly related to being overweight have killed more people than problems directly related to marijuana use.” - World Research, Freedom to Choose.

DRUG LAWS: More people are killed by the war on drugs than are killed from drugs. - Jake Witmer shared WeedMaps's photo. – Facebook, 27.7.12. - This is true. ... It's not even close. - After More Than 50,000 Prohibition-Related Deaths in 5 Years, Candidates Say Reducing Violence More Important Than Simply Seizing Drugs, Making Arrests... - However, I doubt that the deaths due to alcohol and tobacco consumption are here ascribed to drug deaths. – JZ, 27.7.12. - PROHIBITION

DRUG LAWS: More people are turned into drug addicts by doctors than by all the pushers combined.” - John Webster, 17.12.72.

DRUG LAWS: Most of the misery related to drugs is due to the laws trying to suppress them. - JZ, 20.5.81.

DRUG LAWS: My final point about alcohol, about drugs, about Pornography ... What business is it of yours what I do, read, buy, see or take into my body as long as I don't harm another human being whilst on this planet? And for those of you having a little moral dilemma on how to answer this, I'll answer for you. NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS! Take that to the bank, cash it and take it on a vacation outta my fucking life.” - Bill Hicks, Comedian – PRIVACY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

DRUG LAWS: Narcotics prohibition actually creates crime, just as alcohol prohibition created (*) the gangster problem. If narcotics were legal, they would be a relatively inexpensive habit like cigarettes. Making them illegal pushes the price up so high that the only way to sustain a habit is to rob the people in your neighborhood. … whenever police crack down on drugs, the price goes up - leading to an increase in crime.” - Ed Clark. – (*) multiplied! – JZ, n.d. – While they could be cheaply produced and distributed, in most cases, they might also become very highly text and would then spread via black market activities, associated with many real crimes. – JZ, 22.2.13. - CRIME

DRUG LAWS: No dope-pusher can be as dangerous as is a President who pushes the narcotics of federal funding and controls, promising that all we need is for government to spend more of our money for us and impose federal controls to make us feel better.” - J. Kesner Kahn, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 12/77. – How much of the government’s revenue comes out of the addiction to tobacco and alcohol? Does it have a strong vested interest in the continuance of these addictions? On the other hand, they do cost a lot in the governmental health budged. – JZ, 16.11.10. - NARCOTICS ADDICTION, GETTING HIGH, GOVERNMENT SPENDING & CONTROLS, TAXATION

DRUG LAWS: No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the sources of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed, and love of power. – P. J. O’Rourke. – in  – Even here, territorial power is meant, rather than the self-governance power of exterritorial autonomy for volunteers. Such volunteers can harm and wrong only themselves and can only blame themselves for the consequences. Each of them would remain free to secede once he has learnt his lesson. – JZ, 30.3.12. - ALCOHOL, STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE & POWER

DRUG LAWS: No one ever died from smoking marijuana, but millions of people have died by believing politicians." - Harry Browne – What about car accidents caused by drivers who are high on pot? – JZ, 8.1.13. - POLITICIANS

DRUG LAWS: No, Sigrid said. I don't want to hide behind any damned chemistry.” - Poul Anderson, After Doomsday.

DRUG LAWS: Nobody has the right to use force, fraud or coercion to drug me and nobody has the right to use force, fraud and coercion to keep drugs from me. - JZ, 20.6.75.

DRUG LAWS: Nothing is quite harmless under all circumstances. 50 Aspros can kill you. Already a bit of dirt in a wound can become a killer. Shall we outlaw dirt and with it agriculture? Some things are simply more dangerous than others. - JZ, 30.6.92, 20.5.00. – DANGER, RISKS, DANGEROUS DRUGS

DRUG LAWS: Now what I contend is that my body is my own, at least I have always so regarded it. If I do harm through my experimenting with it, it is I who suffers, not the state." - Mark Twain

DRUG LAWS: Opium and morphine are certainly dangerous, habit-forming drugs. But once the principle is admitted that it is the duty of government to protect the individual against his own foolishness, no serious objections can be advanced against further encroachments. A good case could be made out in favor of the prohibition of alcohol and nicotine. And why limit the government's benevolent providence to the protection of the individual's body only? Is not the harm man can inflict on his mind and soul even more disastrous than any bodily evils? Why not prevent him from reading bad books and seeing bad plays, from looking at bad paintings and statures and from hearing bad music? The mischief done by bad ideologies, surely, is much more pernicious both for the individual and for the whole society, than that done by narcotic drugs. - Thomas Szasz, Ceremonial Chemistry, p.202, quoted in: Freedom to Choose, published by World Research.

DRUG LAWS: Opium and morphine are certainly dangerous, habit-forming drugs. But once the principle is admitted that it is the duty of the government to protect the individual against his own foolishness, no serious objections can be advanced against further encroachments … Is not the harm a man can inflict on his mind and soul even more disastrous than any bodily evils? Why not prevent him from reading bad books and bad plays, from looking at bad paintings and statues and from hearing bad music? The mischief done by bad ideologies, surely, is much more pernicious both for the individual and for the whole society, than that done by narcotic drugs.” – Von Mises, Human Action. – Territorialism may be the worst addiction, the one with the most involuntary victims. – JZ, 16.11.10. - THEIR CONSEQUENCES FOR GENERAL DESPOTISM, FLAWED IDEOLOGIES ARE MUCH WORSE ADDICTIONS, STATISM INCLUDED, CENSORSHIP

DRUG LAWS: our last three presidents have acknowledged using illegal drugs, and it is just incomprehensible to me how they can morally justify arresting other people for doing the same thing they did. Do they think that they would have been better off if they had been arrested and incarcerated for their youthful drug use? Do they think the country would have been better off if they had been arrested and incarcerated? If not, how do they justify punishing others? - David Boaz – PRESIDENTS, Q.

DRUG LAWS: Outlawry and prosecution makes the drug trade a very profitable activity for all who are not law-abiding and do not care about the fate of the addicts. Enormous profits could not be obtained from producing and distributing drugs if they could be competitively supplied, without risking any penalties. Then the armies and gangs of drug producers and drug pushers would almost disappear. - JZ, 17.7.84 & 10.5.00.

DRUG LAWS: Penalties against drug use should not be more damaging to an individual than use of the drug itself. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against possession of marijuana in private for personal use.” - President Jimmy Carter, August 2, 1977. – Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging than the drug itself. – Jimmy Carter - Add to this the wrongness and absurdity of prohibiting marijuana even for medical use. – JZ, 4.1.08. - At least the latter prohibition is being gradually abolished in the U.S.A. See e.g. the article in TIME, Nov. 22, 2010.

DRUG LAWS: Probably nothing else has promoted the production and spread of prohibited drugs as much as their prohibition, which made producing and distributing them, under black market conditions, a very profitable business and also tended to make many of these drugs for pleasure more dangerous and addictive. – It also increased the number of violent crimes and the corruption rate among officials. - JZ, 4.1.08. - PROHIBITION

DRUG LAWS: Reality is for people who can't handle drugs." - Some people, though, apparently, can't handle either.” - P. P. JU-, THE CONNECTION 150, p.25.

DRUG LAWS: Researchers like Isodor Chein, Charles Winick and Norman Zinberg have shown convincingly that it is not drugs that addict people, but people who addict themselves. - FREEDOM TODAY, August 1976. - ADDICTION

DRUG LAWS: SF reading is a better and more mind-blowing experience than drugs are and it is not a threat to health, either, if not done to excess. - JZ, 1.7.77 & 20.5.00.

DRUG LAWS: So I asked him which part of the reality of ending drug prohibition is it that worries him - is it the end of the drive-by shootings, the end of the gang warfare, or will he miss having schoolchildren terrorized out on the playground?” - Jo Jorgensen, 1996 Libertarian candidate for Vice-President of the US, in a radio interview.

DRUG LAWS: So long as your citizens wish to destroy their brains, someone will make this possible.” - Tom Clancy, Clear and Present Danger, p.667. - TOBACCO & ALCOHOL

DRUG LAWS: Suppose that the US really is trying to get rid of drugs in Colombia. Does Colombia then have the right to fumigate tobacco farms in Kentucky? They are producing a lethal substance far more dangerous than cocaine. More Colombians die from tobacco-related illnesses than Americans die from cocaine. Of course, Colombia has no right to do that.” - Noam Chomsky, Noam Chomsky on the Drug-Terror Link, By Philip Smith, DRCNet, February 14, 2002 - & TOBACCO ADDICTION, SMOKING

DRUG LAWS: Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal - Drug warriors often contend that drug use would skyrocket if we were to legalize or decriminalize drugs in the United States. Fortunately, we have a real-world example of the actual effects of ending the violent, expensive War on Drugs and replacing it with a system of treatment for problem users and addicts. - Ten years ago, Portugal decriminalized all drugs. One decade after this unprecedented experiment, drug abuse is down by half: Health experts in Portugal said Friday that Portugal’s decision 10 years ago to decriminalise drug use and treat addicts rather than punishing them is an experiment that has worked. - "There is no doubt that the phenomenon of addiction is in decline in Portugal," said Joao Goulao, President of the Institute of Drugs and Drugs Addiction, a press conference to mark the 10th anniversary of the law. - The number of addicts considered "problematic" — those who repeatedly use "hard" drugs and intravenous users — had fallen by half since the early 1990s, when the figure was estimated at around 100,000 people, Goulao said. - Other factors had also played their part however, Goulao, a medical doctor added. - "This development can not only be attributed to decriminalisation but to a confluence of treatment and risk reduction policies." - Many of these innovative treatment procedures would not have emerged if addicts had continued to be arrested and locked up rather than treated by medical experts and psychologists. Currently 40,000 people in Portugal are being treated for drug abuse. This is a far cheaper, far more humane way to tackle the problem. Rather than locking up 100,000 criminals, the Portuguese are working to cure 40,000 patients and fine-tuning a whole new canon of drug treatment knowledge at the same time. - None of this is possible when waging a war. - E. D. Kain, FORBES, 7/5/11, quoted on Facebook, 12.2.12.

DRUG LAWS: the "war on drugs" is a war against self-ownership.” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 62.

DRUG LAWS: The “war on drugs” restricts supply and raises prices. When we bust up one drug operation, another one emerges virtually overnight to take its place. When drug warriors make a big drug bust, law abiding citizens shouldn’t be that jubilant. Instead, we should expect higher prices, more ruthless participants, more crime, corruption, and greater social costs.” - Walter E. Williams, More Liberty Means Less Government. Our Founders Knew This Well, Hoover Institution Press, 1999, – p.262. – Even in its prohibition is territorialism not only not very effective but, at least sometimes, counter-productive. – JZ, 16.11.10.

DRUG LAWS: The addiction to political leadership, to power and to be led by the nose, through one's territorial statism, is the worst drug addiction of all. - JZ, 5.12.83, 19.5.00.

DRUG LAWS: The anti-drug laws and anti-drug activities are what is visible of the conspiracy of drug lords, minor drug pushers and corrupt politicians, policemen, military officers and their willing dupes against the general public. What is to widely ignored is that in consequence of the "war against drugs", and the high prices of and profits from drugs which result from it, there are many more innocent people victimized by drug users, drug pushers and drug law enforcement agents than there are direct victims among the users of drugs. To these losses among drug users and innocent people must be added the losses among minor drug pushers and drug law enforcement agents and the losses of the taxpayers. - JZ, 21.12.92, 20.5.00.

DRUG LAWS: The anti-drug laws and their inevitable consequences do, probably, kill, indirectly and directly, more people, largely not drug users, than the addicts killed by their use of narcotic drugs. - JZ, 22.10.95, 11.5.00. - DRUG LAWS & WARS AGAINST DRUGS

DRUG LAWS: The best cure for drunkenness is, when sober, to look at a drunken man.” - Chinese proverb. – Alas, Western people do so, often, but, rather laugh than weep! – JZ, 1.11.08. - DRUNKENNESS, ALCOHOL

DRUG LAWS: The crime is becoming mindless, not what you do once you are mindless.” - Joe Christopher, THE CONNECTION 138, p.18. - When there are no other victims than the user then no crime is committed. There is no such thing as a victim-less crime. No one commits a crime against himself, no matter how stupid and irrational his act, when committed only against himself and privately. However, if someone drugged appears in public, armed e.g. with a gun or a car, endangers others, then this endangerment of others is to be considered as a criminal offence. - And when somebody drinks so much alcohol that, in an uncontrolled rage, he beats up his wife or children, then he should also be punished for putting himself into this condition. - JZ, 20.5.00.

DRUG LAWS: The drug lords give a prayer of thanks every day to the anti-drug laws. And so do corrupt politicians, policemen and military officers. - JZ, 21.12.92.

DRUG LAWS: the drug problem … I remember one narcotics cop telling me to think of it as evolution in action.” - Larry Niven, A Hole in Space, p.89.

DRUG LAWS: The drug users and the abstainers ought to secede from each other. - JZ, 20.8.86. - PANARCHISM

DRUG LAWS: The greatest danger is from legal drugs.” – Terry McNally, at the Conference on World Affairs, Boulder CO, 4/6/04 - ALCOHOL, TOBACCO & MANY OTHERS

DRUG LAWS: The illegal drug trade is the financial engine that fuels many terrorist organizations around the world, including Osama bin Laden.” – Dennis Hastert, House Speaker. – Older means, like bank robberies, extortion and kidnapping or hostage taking are also still largely applied. Territorial despotism does, among other things, motivate and terrorism while its monetary despotism makes bank robberies more profitable because of the large and compulsory circulation sphere of legal tender money. – JZ, 1.2.08. - TERRORISM

DRUG LAWS:The laws against drugs have had worse effects than the drugs themselves. – JZ, 11.2.13.

DRUG LAWS: The legal anti-drug campaigns are mainly responsible for most drug use and abuse, most drug-related deaths and health problems and most drug-related crimes. But the campaigners either still do not know what they are doing to us or act, unknowingly, as agents for the large drug dealers, who thereby increase their profits. - JZ, 3.7.99 & 11.5.00.

DRUG LAWS: the moral right of the individual to indulge in the use of mind-expanding and narcotic drugs. From a strictly libertarian standpoint, such use is philosophically permissible under the credo, "each individual should be free to do whatever he wants as long as he does not infringe upon the rights of another individual."- Randy Fitzgerald, INDIVIDUALIST, 6/72. - I have yet to see any proof that the supposedly mind-expanding drugs have really expanded the minds of anyone. Where are the intellectual fruits of such expansion? - JZ, 20.5.00. – I do, however, appreciate the stimulating effects of coffee and tea. – JZ 1.11.08.

DRUG LAWS: The most dangerous drug is power.” - Tibor Machan, LA DAILY JOURNAL, March 4, 1989 & Liberty & Culture, p. 68. – And it remains legalized, even over whole large territories and their populations. – JZ, 11.2.13. – POWER, TERRITORIALISM

DRUG LAWS: The only truly dangerous drug is power.” - John Andrews, 1990, Colorado Republican. – Some other drugs are not exactly harmless, either. But political power over them makes matters worse. – JZ, 1.12.08. - POWER

DRUG LAWS: The paradox of the war on drugs is that the harder governments push the fight, the higher drug prices become to compensate for the greater risks. This is why larger drug gangs often benefit from a tougher war on drugs, especially if the war mainly targets small-fry dealers and not the major drug gangs. Moreover, to the extent that a more aggressive war on drugs leads dealers to respond with higher levels of violence and corruption, an increase in enforcement can exacerbate the costs imposed on society." - Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy – Quoted by: Victoria L. Henderson via Ramón Parellada – Facebook 7.1.13. -

DRUG LAWS: The plain inconvenient truth is that a century ago, when today’s illegal drugs were as easily and cheaply available as aspirin, there wasn’t any drug problem.” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p. 182. – Not in Western countries. But many of them had and still have problems with tobacco and alcohol addiction. And in China opium use constituted a problem, after the English government became the greatest opium drug producer in India and export-pusher for it into China. A raised standard of living, of education and more meaningful lives may be the best defence against drug abuse. – JZ, 27.9.07. – DRUGS A PROBLEM?

DRUG LAWS: The position Szasz sets forth on the issue of drugs is, in may opinion, the genuine libertarian one: "anything that's peaceful." People have a right to trade in any commodity, he maintains, including drugs, so long as no one else's rights are thereby infringed. Why this - otherwise known as the simple system of natural liberty - should ever have become a problem us the main subject of Szasz's rich book.” - Ralph Raico, in review of Thomas Szasz, Ceremonial Chemistry, Doubleday, 1974.

DRUG LAWS: The prohibition of alcohol and other drugs promotes rather than reduces their use. Problems can't be legislated away. People who do want drugs so much that they are prepared to pay almost any price for them - will get them, if not in pure form then in worse concoctions than would be offered to them in a free market for drugs. The demand for drugs must be fought where it originated, in the minds of people or rather their lack of developed minds. That battle, too, cannot be won by legislation. People must come to value clear minds and free activities more than drugged minds and drugged activities. - If they would rather kill themselves, we should let them and say: good riddance! - That, naturally, applies only to adults. - JZ, 10.5.00. - PROHIBITION

DRUG LAWS: The prosecution of drug production and distribution and use does more wrong and harm than would free enterprise and choice in that sphere. - JZ, 10.5.00.

DRUG LAWS: The Real Marijuana Issue: The debate about whether or not marihuana is harmful goes on, but these scientific arguments, while important, aren't the real issue. After many years of observing politics, I have concluded that science can't help us settle questions of public policy. Such questions involve ultimate values which each of us arrives at intuitively, without much help from reason and science. In the case of Marijuana, the ultimate-value question is: Which is more important, the Government's right to regulate what citizens do to their minds and bodies, or the freedom of the individual to lead his own life in his own way? If one really believes in individual freedom, the question of marijuana's harmfulness is secondary, and we see that it is just as wrong to outlaw pot as it would be to make criminals of people who drink liquor or smoke tobacco.” - George Berry, Kansas City, Missouri, in PLAYBOY, letter, Sep. 1974.

DRUG LAWS: the regulations are killing innovation. The high cost of development leaves little money left for research.” - Mary Ruwart, in speech “The Menace of Global Drug Regulations”, according to the review in FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, 12/07, p.12. – DRUG REGULATION

DRUG LAWS: The so-called drug war has been with us for perhaps 75 years. The "war" targets drug growers, sellers, buyers and users. Its chief weapon is the criminal law, vigorously enforced by vast numbers of state and federal agents, police and prosecutors. It has been a very successful war - gradually destroying our courts, our cities, our budgets, our morals, and other countries. It has failed in one respect only: it has had no inhibiting effect upon the traffic in drugs. Indeed, that traffic, as a direct result of our criminal laws, has increased. It is time to consider some form of legalization." - Martin L. Haines, retired Judge and past president of the New Jersey Bar Association, in a 6/21/93 NJ LAW JOURNAL article titled "Drug War: America's War of Self-Deception". - WAR AGAINST DRUGS

DRUG LAWS: The term "drug related crime" should be replaced by "prohibition related crime". - JZ, n.d. & 20.5.00.

DRUG LAWS: The U.S. experience shows that the growth of drug usage accelerates whenever prohibitions are strengthened.” - Viv Forbes, quoted in N.T. NEWS. - PROHIBITION

DRUG LAWS: The vice squad is, in effect, the most efficient drug pusher - by driving drug prices up and thus making drugs a more and more profitable business. - JZ, 29.6.91. – VICE SQUADS, INDIRECTLY THE MOST SUCCESSFUL DRUG PUSHERS.

DRUG LAWS: The War on Drugs is a price support system for terrorists and drug pushers. It turns ordinary, cheap plants like marijuana and poppies into fantastically lucrative black market products. Without the War on Drugs, the financial engine that fuels terrorist organizations would sputter to a halt.” – Ron Crickenberger, Libertarian Party Political Director 2.4.02. - WAR ON DRUGS

DRUG LAWS: The Workers Party considers present drug laws to be immoral, irrational and stupid, because they are arbitrary, inconsistent and easily broken.” - Discussion Paper of JU-.P., 1975, on drugs.

DRUG LAWS: The worst kind of drug addiction is that to governments. - JZ, 6.6.81. – And there by politicians to territorial power. – JZ, 1.12.08. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POWER ADDICTION, GOVERNMENT:

DRUG LAWS: There are no violent gangs fighting over aspirin territories. There are no violent gangs fighting over whisky territories or computer territories or anything else that's legal. There are only criminal gangs fighting over territories covering drugs, gambling, prostitution, and other victimless crimes. (*) Making a non-violent activity a crime creates a black market, which attracts criminals and gangs, which turns what was once a relatively harmless activity affecting a small group of people into a widespread epidemic of drug use and gang warfare.” - Harry Brown, Libertarian Party. – (*) The making and keeping of sex-slaves, sometimes with the help of drugs, is certainly a crime. – JZ, 11.2.13.

DRUG LAWS: There is no drug problem, concludes Childs, except that created by the law. The only way to solve the problem is to abolish the drug laws. - From and advertisement by Audio Forum, LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, 11/76. - We should admit that drug-, alcohol- and tobacco-addictions do create some problems for their users and their dependents. – But these and other problems become multiplied by prohibition and anti-drug laws and official “actions”. - JZ, 1.12.08. - DRUG LAWS, WAR AGAINST DRUGS

DRUG LAWS: They rather sit in the pub and prefer the alcoholic solution to any fundamental analysis of problems. - Silvio Gesell. – ALCOHOL & OTHER DRUGS

DRUG LAWS: Those who prosecute an evil are often worse.” - Joachim Guenther. - PROSECUTION, EVIL

DRUG LAWS: Too many politicians and policemen and in some countries generals do not want the drug prohibitions to end - because this would cut one of their main sources of illegal incomes. So, while they seem to engage in the war against drugs, they are in reality its supporters. That should not surprise those who know that politicians benefit from the troubles, for which their actions are mainly responsible, policemen benefit from the existence of crime and generals benefit from wars. Neither wants those problems to cease, which seem to make them necessary. - JZ, 30.11.92, 20.5.00. - POLITICIANS & POLICEMEN

DRUG LAWS: Tough sentences for all those who pass tough anti-drug laws and try to enforce them and thus cause most of the problems associated with drug use. - JZ, 7.11.90.

DRUG LAWS: Trying to wage war on 23 million Americans who are obviously very committed to certain recreational activities is not going to be any more successful than Prohibition was." - US District Judge James C. Paine, addressing the Federal Bar Association in Miami, November, 1991

DRUG LAWS: Under this law (Controlled Substances Act) a bureaucrat-usually not elected-decides whether or not a substance is dangerous and how dangerous that substance is. There's no more messing around with legislatures, presidents, or other bothersome formalities. When MDMA (ecstasy) was made illegal in 1986, no elected official voted on that. It was done "in house." People are now in jail because they did something that an administrator declared was wrong.” - Peter McWilliams, "A Closer Look at the Consensual Crimes".

DRUG LAWS: War on Drugs: A war to make the world safe for alcoholism.” - R. A. Rollins, Lucifer's Lexicon, p.128. – Alcohol is not a safe drug, but some other drugs are even worse. – JZ, 1.2.08. - WAR ON DRUGS & ALCOHOLISM

DRUG LAWS: We are addicted to false and even deadly ideas much more so than we are to drugs. But outlawing ideas will not help us, either. - JZ, 25.11.93. - ADDICTION TO FALSE OR EVEN DEADLY IDEAS:

DRUG LAWS: We won't dispassionately investigate or rationally debate which drugs do what damage and whether or how much of that damage is the result of criminalization. We'd rather work ourselves into a screaming fit of Puritanism and then go home and take a pill." - P. J. O'Rourke - JOKES

DRUG LAWS: What is the solution to the drug problem? You might as well ask: What is the solution to the knife and the poison problem? If you see a problem in drugs being fraudulently imposed on people, to "hook" them, please consider that only our attempts to outlaw drugs render drug pushing very profitable. Indirectly, we have put a high premium on drug pushing. The legalization of the production of and trade in drugs would eliminate most of the present profits and thus would do away with most drug pushing and most drug related crimes. - JZ, n.d.

DRUG LAWS: what might be called Hedge's Law. That law, as formulated (but not named) by Professors Lester Grinspoon and James Bakelar of the Harvard Medical School, holds that "raising the subject of illicit drugs sometimes seems to produce an anxiety and abdication of intelligence in those who do not use them that is more disturbing than any effect of the drugs themselves on those who do."- JR, September, 1978. – Jeff Riggenbach, in LIBERTARIAN REVIEW?

DRUG LAWS: What we'd do is advocate that all narcotics be made legal. Let anybody who wants to blow his brain do it. Small loss anyhow. They'd be available in any drugstore, at cost.” - Mack Reynolds, Trample An Empire Down, p.82. - NARCOTICS & THE LAW

DRUG LAWS: When a person is stoned out of his mind, you can't stone him back into it. - JZ, 22.10.83. - FORCE AGAINST DRUGS

DRUG LAWS: When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators." – Source? - P. J. O'Rourke? JOKES: Afterwards the policemen and judges join them. By now it would be unprofitable for the official anti-drug campaigners to legalize all drugs. They work hand in hand with the drug laws in a way profitable to both of them. – Their prohibition of drugs has greatly boosted the drug trade. Usually only minor offenders against such laws are caught and convicted. – JZ, 26.12.07. – Since the anti-drug war makes the drug trade much more profitable, the corruption of officials involved will mostly be undertaken with the intention to have them continue or even increase the anti-drug efforts, to keep up these profits and even increase them. – JZ, 28.11.08.

DRUG LAWS: When the lawsuits against tobacco companies were in full swing, wits joked that after the trial lawyers and health fanatics finish suing cigarette makers for "forcing" smokers to puff away for years on end, maybe they'd turn their attention to hot dog vendors for hooking pudgy Americans on tasty calories. Now it doesn't seem so funny.” - J. D. Tuccille, Big Fat Deal, Free Market Net - OBESITY, JOKES, SMOKING, TOBACCO

DRUG LAWS: When we turn to the government to stop someone from ruining his life with drugs, we convert a personal tragedy into a national disaster.” - Harry Brown, Libertarian Party.

DRUG LAWS: When you outlaw a product or service, it does not remove that product or service from commerce, it merely raises the price.” - Richard B. Boddie, 1994.  PROHIBITION, OUTLAWRY, LAWS, BLACK MARKET

DRUG LAWS: Who encourages drug trafficking most? Governments do, by driving up the prices for drugs through prohibitionist measures. - JZ, 25.11.94.

DRUG LAWS:  Why Can’t We ‘Put Into Our Body Whatever We Want?’ - Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul decried the "war on drugs" Thursday night, telling supporters in Washington state that people should be able to make their own decisions on such matters.  – Facebook, 20.2.12. -

DRUG LAWS: Why would government want to keep alcohol legal but marijuana illegal?” - Ken Schoolland, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, Leap Publishing, Cape Town, with Comments by Ken Schoolland and Janette Eldridge, 1981 ff, 2004 ed., p. 214. - - ALCOHOL

DRUG LAWS: You have to be drugged to believe in the benefits provided by narcotic drugs. - JZ, 11.2.73.

DRUG LAWS: You pick your own poison.” - American proverb. , TOLERANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION

DRUG LAWS: Your problem is not the availability of drugs, but the acceptance of them.” - Rob Chilson & William F. Wu, High Power, ANALOG, 9/87, 177.

DRUG TESTS: No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the sources of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed, and love of power.” - P. J. O'Rourke (1992) – DRUG TESTS OR TESTS FOR STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE & POWER ADDICTION?

DRUNKENNESS: Tell them of all the things men do that they would blush at sober, and that drunkenness is nothing but a state of self-induced insanity. For imagine the drunken man's behavior extended over several days: would you hesitate to think him out of his mind? As it is, the difference is simply one of duration, not of degree. … Drunkenness inflames and lays bare every vice, removing the reserve that acts as a check on impulses to wrong behavior.” - Seneca, Letters, 83, page 143. - ALCOHOL, INTOXICATION, DRUGS, UNDER THE INFLUENCE

DUELS: Re-introduce duels - but only between rulers. Even expand them to war games, with their voluntary followers, but only on waste areas or otherwise evacuated military reservations. The survivors will tend to become more peaceful. - JZ, 15.6.92. - RULERS, WAR GAMES

DUMPING: Charity is a form of dumping (*) in that the donor disposes of his property at less than his 'cost of production'. Should charity be prohibited?” - Curtiss, The Tariff Idea, p.59. – (*) Or of foreign aid! – JZ ) CHARITY, FREE TRADE VS. PROTECTIONISM, SUBSIDIES

DUMPING: Dump the government - at any price you can get for it! - JZ 10.11.78. - I liked the story, reported perhaps in Herodotus, how veterans of Alexander the Great, when his successor kept them endlessly fighting in foreign lands, finally got sick of this, negotiated with the enemy a free passage home and a price for their general - and sold him the general under that condition, and then went home, unmolested. For most sensible things there is a precedent. - JZ, 11.5.00.

DUMPING: I, for one, want to be flooded with cheap goods from everywhere. - JZ, 3/73. - As long as I can pick and choose among them. - JZ, 11.5.00.

DUMPING: If the theory of dumping were right, then newlyweds should refuse to accept any wedding gifts - which amount to 100% dumping of goods at zero prices, since this would deprive the couple of corresponding labor opportunities - by giving them a negative balance of trade. - JZ, 13.6.86. - THE BALANCE OF TRADE, JOKES

DUMPING: Some people act is if dumping goods on a neighboring country, at bargain prices, would be as bad as dumping your own unwanted garbage upon your neighbor's yard without his consent. - JZ, 7.12.93.

DUMPING: The "dumping"of cheap or subsidized foreign goods is, according to establishment thinking, causing misery and unemployment on a wide scale. But if someone wants to give us fish for nothing, who wins and who loses? We win! If foreigners dumped everything on our shores, we wouldn't need to work at all! And if they dump cheap goods, we don't have to give up so much of the things we make, so we're better off. If import controls of any kind are laid down, we just have to pay more, that's all. If we're worried about unemployed fishermen, perhaps we can take the foreign fish and give some of the benefits to the fishermen; but whatever we do we must take the fish, or we suffer. Too many vested interests, that's the trouble.” - Terry Arthur, 95% Is Crap, p.215. –

DUMPING: The only kind of dumping I dislike is that equivalent of the dumping of garbage by neighbors on my property. Otherwise, I like it when foreigners or neighbors dump on me some goods or services that I do want. - JZ, 30.1.95.

DUMPING: When cheap foreign goods flood our markets - Come into our ports without end - The best way to punish the aliens - Is to buy all the goods they can send.” - Wilford I. King, PROGRESS, June 1969. - PROTECTIONISM, TARIFFS

DUPLICATION OF STATE FUNCTIONS: Eliminate all Federal departments which duplicate State functions.” - Progress Party Queensland. - Then eliminate all State departments, which duplicate local government functions. Then eliminate all local government functions, which duplicate the functions of freely competing private or cooperative enterprises. - JZ, 11.5.00. - CENTRALIZATION, DECENTRALIZATION, FEDERALISM

DUTY: A Debtor's Duty: Let me state my conclusion at the outset and then try to explain it. I may do whatever suits my personal fancy so long as no offense is done to what I owe others.” - Leonard E. Read, Talking to Myself, p.100. – FREEDOM – Offense or offence? – How far apart will the American English be from the UK English in another 200 or 2000 years? – JZ, 1.12.08.

DUTY: A duty is a duty to self if the agent is himself its object, e.g. the duty not to commit suicide and the duty to perfect my moral and natural personality.” - Jeffrie G. Murphy, Kant: The Philosophy of Right, p.51.

DUTY: A sense of duty is useful in work, but offensive in personal relations. People wish to be liked, not to be endured with patient resignation.” - Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness, 1930, p.10.

DUTY: All true men are soldiers in the same army, to do battle against the same enemy - the empire of darkness and wrong.” - Carlyle. - IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, INJUSTICE, PEACE, FREEDOM

DUTY: Another variation of the Group Trap is the assumption that you're responsible for people who are starving in other parts of the world. You could work for the rest of your life to change that - but your effort would never make a noticeable dent in the problem. - You're in the Group Trap, too, any time you assume that someone can speak on behalf of anyone but himself. When someone tells you that you owe something to your country, to what is he referring? Your "country" consists of more than 200 million individuals with different attitudes, desires, activities, and principles. Do you owe it to every one of them to do as each of them wants you to do? What you "owe to your country" is really what someone wants you to do to please him, but for which he's unwilling to make it worth your while.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.74. - It is not a trap to consider freedom solutions to wide-spread and major problems, that would help to release everybody's creative energies, and to try to publish them effectively, cheaply and permanently, e.g. on efficient and affordable alternative media like microfiche, floppy disks and CD-s or online. That much you owe to yourself as a reasonable and moral being. "You can lead the horse to the water, but you can't make it drink!" - JZ, 11.5.00. - CHARITY, GROUP TRAP, CARING FOR OTHERS, FOREIGN AID

DUTY: Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” - Horace Mann, Commencement Address, Antioch College, 1859, concluding sentence. - PURPOSE, LIFE, HUMANITY, SOCIAL REFORM, MANKIND, SOCIETY, PROGRESS

DUTY: Can it be said today that we know our Duty, or that our Rulers know their bounds?” - William D. Burt, THE FREEMAN, 4/75.

DUTY: Darrow considered positive law as being far from sacred. "To violate law is often the highest, most sacred duty than can devolve upon the citizen," he wrote. The fact is, Darrow argued, "The world worships and venerates many of its dead because they violated law. Every new religion, every social advancement has been carried out in violation of human law.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.356, on Clarence Darrow. – DUTY VS. THE LAW

DUTY: Do not confuse "duty" with what other people expect of you; they are utterly different. Duty is a debt you owe to yourself to fulfill obligations you have assumed voluntarily. Paying that debt can entail anything from years of patient work to instant willingness to die. Difficult it may be, but the reward is self-respect. - But there is no reward at all for doing what other people expect of you, and to do so is not merely difficult, but impossible. It is easier to deal with a footpad than it is with the leech, who wants "just a few minutes of your time, please - this won't take long." Time is your total capital, and the minutes of your life are painfully few. If you allow yourself to fall into the vice of agreeing to such requests, they quickly snowball to the point where these parasites will use up 100 % of your time - and squawk for more! - So learn to say No - and to be rude about it when necessary. Otherwise you will not have time to carry out your duty, or to do your own work, and certainly no time for love and happiness. The termites will nibble away your life and leave none of it for you.  - (This rule does not mean that you must not do a favor for a friend, or even a stranger. But let the choice be yours. Don't do it because it is "expected" of you.)” - Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love, p.353. – ADVERTISING, SALES MEN, MARKET SURVEYS, TIME AS PERSONAL PROPERTY, LIFE, LIVING, BUREAUCRACY, CENSUS, COMPULSORY VOTING, FILLING OUT OF FORMS

DUTY: Do not cry that it is our duty to serve you. We do not recognize such a duty.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.937.

DUTY: Do what thou oughtst, and come what come can.” - George Herbert, Jacula Prudentum, No. 813.

DUTY: Do your duty, and leave the rest to the gods.” - Corneille, Horace, 1640, 2.8.

DUTY: Duties require, mostly, merely respect for the individual rights and liberties of others. - JZ, 20.9.74, 11.2.13. - RIGHTS

DUTY: Duty can only be defined as that action which will cause more good to exist in the universe than any possible alternative.” - G. E. Moore: Principia Ethica, v, 1903. - That advice does not even tell you whether e.g. utilitarianism or individual rights are to be your guides. - JZ, 11.5.00. – PRINCIPLES, MORALITY, ETHICS

DUTY: Each man shall do, towards every other, all that justice requires him to do; as for example, that he shall pay his debts, that he shall return borrowed or stolen property to its owner, and that he shall make reparation for any injury he may have done to the person or property of another. Each man stall abstain from doing to another, anything which justice forbids him to do, as, for example, that he shall abstain from committing theft, robbery, arson, murder, or any other crime against the person or property of another.” – Lysander Spooner, 1808-1887. - JUSTICE

DUTY: Each man should learn his duties for himself, …” - Baal Shem-Tov, in: The Wisdom of Israel, a quotations book. – In this way we might never arrive at a complete declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 11.2.13.

DUTY: Every man and woman in society has one big duty. That is, to take care of his or her own self. Thus is a social duty. For, fortunately, the matter stands so that the duty of making the best of one's self individually is not a separate thing from the duty of filling one's place in society, but the two are one, and the latter is accomplished when the former is done. The common notion, however, seems to be that one has a duty to society, as a special and separate thing, and that this duty consists in considering and deciding what other people ought to do.”- William Graham Sumner, On minding one's own business. - Also in: JU-. W. G. S.: What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton Printers, 1954, p.98. – DUTY OF SUPPORTING ONESELF & SOCIETY

DUTY: Every one of these rights entails a duty, true, - but he duty is only that of forbearance - that is of refraining from violating the other person's right.” - D. M. Kulkarni, THE INDIAN LIBERTARIAN, May 1975. - RIGHTS

DUTY: Firmness in adherence to truth and duty is sometimes mistaken for obstinacy by those who do not comprehend its nature and motive. -Tyron Edwards  - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - FIRMNESS & OBSTINACY

DUTY: For, fortunately, the matter stands so that the duty of making the best of one's self individually is not a separate thing from the duty of filling one's place in society, but the two are one, and the latter is accomplished when the former is done.” - William Graham Sumner, What Social Classes Owe To Each Other, p.98. - EGOISM, SELFISHNESS, BUSINESS, LOOKING OUT FOR No. 1, INDIVIDUALS & SOCIETY

DUTY: Free will is not the liberty to do whatever one likes, but the power of doing whatever one sees ought to be done, even in the face of otherwise overwhelming impulse. There lies freedom, indeed.” - George MacDonald. - OUGHT, FREEDOM

DUTY: Hear the call of duty and see it clear. - JZ, 2/75. - Clear of all presumed and imposed duties but full of the duties a free and rational being owes himself and others. - JZ, 29.6.84.

DUTY: I always feel that one thing wrong with our present-day society is that the old world ‘duty’ has been dropped from most people's vocabulary.” - Source? - How many millions of people were murdered in the last century because the concept of "duty" was wrongly defined and then this "duty" was made obligatory, under severe penalties? No wonder an immense aversion against this ill-defined concept resulted and was emotionally expanded to include all other definitions of duty. - JZ, 10.5.00.

DUTY: I am taught to bow to authority and know not why. Persons thus trammeled, are not, strictly speaking, capable of a single virtue. The first duty of man is, to take none of the principles of conduct upon trust; to do nothing without a clear and individual conviction that it is right to be done.” - William Godwin, p.97. - RIGHTS, LAW, AUTHORITY, OBEDIENCE, CONDUCT, CONVICTION

DUTY: I do not demand that you give up all the pleasures and obligations of your private and professional lives - but that you also recognize and fulfill your duties as a moral and rational human being. - JZ, 28.4.83.

DUTY: I don't have to do anything for anyone, and don't you forget it. "I don't owe nothing to nobody" as our friend Spiridon would say.” - Solzhenitsyn, First Circle, p.36. - Ignorance of real duties does not abolish them but it may well be so extensive that it incapacitates the individual concerned from fulfilling any real duties and responsibilities. - JZ, 29.6.84.

DUTY: I ought, therefore I can.” - Immanuel Kant, in Gollancz edition, From Darkness to Light. – Seldes, The Great Quotations.

DUTY: I owe you nothing more than noninterference; …” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? - The implied Social Contract implies something more: If you see an old lady being mugged and are not helpless yourself, non-interference will not be all that will be expected from you. - Naturally, it would be best if she and you were armed and trained in the use of arms and self-defence. - JZ, 20.5.00. – Should you not interfere if you see a child attempting to commit suicide? – JZ, 1.12.08.

DUTY: I would submit to a severe discipline, and to go without many things cheerfully, for the good and happiness of the human race in the future. Each one of us should do something, however small, towards that great end.” - Richard Jefferies. – For me merely the “good and happiness of the human race” is not a sufficiently good final aim for it. Kant’s view of this – a free, just, peaceful and rational society, comes much closer, I believe. Our ultimate purpose we might then be able to determine ourselves. – JZ, 11.2.13. – JUSTICE, PEACE, FREEDOM, HUMAN RIGHTS, FREE SOCIETY

DUTY: I, who recognize no political duty, am free to form an opinion as to whether the great political machine over me - the British Empire, to wit - is worth preserving. There's a gain in being able to take that standpoint; on the other hand, men become voluntarily slaves to the State by harboring ideas of political duty.” - John Badcock, Slaves to Duty.

DUTY: If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it; he is obligated to do so. – Thomas Jefferson - OF DISOBEDIENCE AGAINST UNJUST LAWS

DUTY: If a man knows any evidence in favour of the defendant, he is not at liberty to keep silent regarding it, for thus he may become responsible for the man's death. If a man sees another in mortal danger by falling into a river, through an attack by robbers, or some other evil, he is in duty bound not to stand idly by, but must come to the rescue. Moreover, if he sees one man pursuing another man to kill or to ravish, he is in duty bound to try and prevent the crime, if need be by taking the life of the pursuer.” - Sifre Kedoshim Perek, 4. – (IN?) How does he know that the pursued is not a ravisher, robber or murderer himself? Sometimes arrests, if possible, make sense and then a settlement of the guilt involved on either side, before some sensible juridical association. - JZ, 11.5.00.

DUTY: In practice it is seldom very hard to do one's duty when one knows what it is, but it is sometimes exceedingly difficult to find this out.” - Samuel Butler, 1902, First Principles, Note-Books, 1912.

DUTY: It is easier to do one’s duty to others than to one’s self. If you do your duty to others, you are considered reliable. If you do your duty to yourself, you are considered selfish.” – Thomas Szasz, quoted in: Michael Z. Williamson, Freehold, 564. – Changing one’s own behavior is also more difficult than simply doing a job for others. – Duties towards others are almost drummed into us from early on. Duties towards oneself, as a reasonable being, one has usually to discover for oneself. - JZ, 8.9.07. - DUTY TOWARDS OTHERS & DUTY TOWARDS ONESELF, RATIONAL & MORAL SELFISHNESS

DUTY: It is not a man's duty, as a matter of course, to devote himself to the eradication of any, even the most enormous wrong; he may still properly have other concerns to engage him; but it is his duty, at least, to wash his hands of it, and, if he gives it no thought longer, not to give it practically his support. If I devote myself to other pursuits and contemplations, I must first see, at least, that I do not pursue them sitting upon another man's shoulders. I must get off him first, that he may pursue his contemplations too.” - Thoreau, On Civil Disobedience, quoted in “Against the Grain”, p.113/114.

DUTY: it is the duty of All-of-us (that is, the State) to establish justice for all, from the least to the greatest, and in all matters. …” - William G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, p.140. – The territorial State is, by its very nature, unable to achieve that aim. – JZ, 1.12.08. - SOCIAL CONTRACT, JUSTICE,

DUTY: It is the duty of each and every one to maintain his individuality. "This above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." - Robert G. Ingersoll, quoted in Sprading, p.276, Quoting Shakespeare, I believe, Polonius to his son, in Hamlet. – DUTY TOWARDS ONESELF, INDIVIDUALITY

DUTY: It is the duty of every one who regards a doctrine as true and important, to do what he can towards diffusing it, leaving the result to be what it may.” - Herbert Spencer, The Man vs. the State, Postscript.

DUTY: It is usual nowadays to ignore what should be done in favour of what pleases us.” - Plautus. - PLEASURE, SELF-CONTROL, ENTERTAINMENT, AMUSEMENTS, DISTRACTIONS, UTILITARIANISM VS. MORALITY

DUTY: Justice is the sum of all moral duty.” - Godwin, quoted in Sprading, p.102. - JUSTICE, MORALITY

DUTY: Let us have faith that Right makes Might, and in that faith let us to the end dare to do our duty as we understood it. - Lincoln. - Did Lincoln do his duty towards his voters and other subjects? Was his understanding of duty comprehensive enough? Did all his subjects do their duties? In fulfillment of which duties could the mutual slaughter of the Civil War have been avoided? - Are phrases like his above a sufficient excuse? - JZ, 20.5.00.

DUTY: Liberty is difficult to achieve, difficult to maintain, and difficult to recover, but the pursuit of it is the first responsibility of an informed American citizen.” - Perry E. Gresham, THE FREEMAN, 6/73. - It is easy if you fully use liberty's special techniques. To learn to know and to handle them is perhaps the first duty. - JZ, 29.6.84. - RESPONSIBILITY, LIBERTY

DUTY: Like Dr. Johnson, they recognized the duty to "inform" (themselves), and think justly.” - Charles R. LaDow, THE FREEMAN, 11/73. - ENLIGHTENMENT, JUSTICE, INFORMATION

DUTY: men become voluntary slaves to the State by harboring ideas of political duty.” - John Badcock, Slaves to Duty, LIBERTARIAN ANALYSIS, 9/71. - POLITICAL, STATISM, OBEDIENCE & THE STATE

DUTY: Men who their duties know, but know their rights, and knowing, dare maintain.” - William Jones, An Ode in Imitation of Alcaeus, 1781. - Men who know their rights do thereby also know their duties - namely, to respect the rights of others. - JZ, 5.7.86. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

DUTY: Must? … Am I not my own person with rights to make my own choices? What do you think you've re-awakened here, a damned Face Dancer capable only of obeying orders? - Frank Herbert, Heretics of Dune, p.280. - MUST, CHOICE, LIBERTY, SELF-DETERMINATION, CHOICE, CONTROL, OBEDIENCE, SELF-OWNERSHIP

DUTY: My first duty is to myself. My second duty is to my family. My third duty is to my country.” - Dr. David Cunningham. - The third applies only if it is a self-chosen country, with a self-chosen government or a self-chosen free community, from which one could divorce oneself, if one wanted to. - JZ, 29.6.84. – PANARCHISM, PATRIOTISM

DUTY: Neither the few nor the many have a right to act merely by their will, in any matter connected with duty, trust, engagement or obligation.” - Edmund Burke. - RIGHTS, MAJORITY, MINORITY, ARBITRARINESS, CONTRACTS

DUTY: no man can have a right to impose an unchosen obligation, an unrewarded duty or an involuntary servitude on another man. There can be no such thing as 'the right to enslave'.” - Nathaniel Branden, OBJECTIVIST NEWSLETTER, Sep. 62. - Quoting Rand?

DUTY: No man has any duty towards his fellow men except to refrain from the initiation of violence. Nothing is due a man in strict justice but what is his own.” - Rutherford, Institutes of Natural Law, 1/388. - THE NON-INITIATION OF FORCE, JUSTICE, ZERO AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE: ZAP

DUTY: No man has the slightest right to define another man's duty.” - Eric Frank Russell, The Great Explosion, p.140.

DUTY: No man is obliged to do as much as he can do. A man is to have part of his life to himself.” - Samuel Johnson, in Boswell's Life of …, 1766. – EGOISM, ALTRUISM, SELFISHNESS, LIVING THE OWN LIFE

DUTY: Nobody is bound by any obligation unless it has first been freely accepted.” - Ugo Betti, The Fugitive, 1953, 3, tr. G. JU-. McWilliam.

DUTY: Nobody is obliged beyond his capacity.” - Celsus the Younger, ca. 100 A.D. (Ultra posse nemo obligatur. - Ueber das Koennen wird niemand verpflichted.)

DUTY: Now, then, what is it that you as one of these millions owe me and all the others? Exactly what I owe you, whoever you may be: the opportunity, without let or hindrance, to go as far creatively as your aspirations and talents will permit! This is what I owe you - no more no less.” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? 79.

DUTY: One may, with Ulrich von Beckerath, even speak of a duty to utilize the own monetary issue-, clearing- and credit capacities rather than parasitically using those provided by others for their purposes. - JZ, 16.10.96. - MONETARY FREEDOM

DUTY: One of anarchism's most pronounced characteristics is its insistence that the slave is not only entitled to rise up against his master and overthrow him if he can but that he actually has a duty to do so.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.8. – DUTY TO REVOLT, RESIST, REBEL

DUTY: One of the many duties: to be honest towards oneself. Then to be true to oneself. Then to make the best of oneself, instead of just "living", gratifying one's senses, like a plant or an animal. - JZ, 29.6.84, 20.5.00. – DUTY TOWARDS ONESELF

DUTY: One ought to distinguish supposed “duties” for men as involuntary members of territorial, coercive, oppressive and monopolistic States and duties of men as voluntary members of exterritorially autonomous, voluntaristic and competitive States or free societies, that they have freely chosen for themselves and while they remain freely stay in or to secede from them. – Under this condition a person will adopt extra duties only in accordance with his own convictions. But this condition also imposes the general duty not to meddle with the affairs of other communities of volunteers. - JZ, 14.5.00, 1.12.08. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, MINORITY AUTONOMY

DUTY: One trouble with the world is that so many people who stand up vigorously for their rights fall down miserably on their duties.” - Grit, quoted in THE READER'S DIGEST, June 1966. – RIGHTS,

DUTY: Our duties towards ourselves and towards our social environment coincide. Indeed, there is only one duty, namely to grow mature.” - Fritz Kunkel, In Search of Maturity, New York, 1943, p.191, quoted by Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? – PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, MATURIY

DUTY: Political Hocus-Pocus: The first duty of a citizen is to see through the deceptive jargon of would-be-rulers.” - Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air. - Especially on presumed "duties" of citizens and "rights" of rulers. - JZ, 29.6.84. - RIGHTS, POLITICS, POLITICIANS, RULERS, CITIZENS

DUTY: Power cancels out moral rights and obligations. The slave has no moral duty to his master. He has every moral right to dodge and escape the whip if he can, any way he can…” - John Hall, Instead of Education, 109. - POWER, CONTRACT & OBLIGATION

DUTY: Property has no intrinsic duties of charity. It is the poor who have duties, not the rich; and it is the first duty of the industrious poor not to be poor.” - George Jacob Holyoake, in 19th CENTURY OPINION, 229. - PROPERTY, CHARITY, POVERTY & WEALTH

DUTY: Respect for the freedom of someone else constitutes the highest moral duty of men. The only virtue is to love this freedom and serve it. This is the basis of all morality, and there is no other basis.” - Michael Bakunin, A Member of the International Answers Mazzini, 1871. - FREEDOM & RIGHTS, VIRTUE & MORALITY

DUTY: The ancient maxim makes the sum of a man's legal duty to his fellow men to be simply this: "To live honestly, to hurt no one, to give to every one his due."- Spooner, Natural Law. – TO EACH HIS OWN, THE OLD ROMAN CONCEPT OF JUSTICE.

DUTY: The discharge of this obligation is, in fact, nothing more than enlightened self-interest, precisely as is the payment of any debt.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 9/76.

DUTY: The duty towards oneself consists in respecting the dignity of mankind in one's own person.” - Kant. – DUTY TOWARDS ONESELF

DUTY: The first duty of men is, to take none of the principles of conduct upon trust; to do nothing without a clear and individual conviction that it is right to be done.” - William Godwin, (1756-1836), An Inquiry Concerning Political Justice and Its Influence on General Virtue and Happiness, (1793), Ch. 3. - RIGHTS, OBLIGATION, PRINCIPLES

DUTY: the free and responsible individual recognizes his duties and obligations in all relationships he has voluntarily entered. He recognizes that he benefits from cooperation with other individuals, that he shares in the knowledge of others, that he consumes the production of others, and that he enjoys the company of others.” - JU-. JU-. Person, THE FREEMAN, 2/75. – OBLIGATIONS, CONTRACTS

DUTY: The free man exercises his freedom by creating duties for himself…” - Ortega JU- Gasset, quoted by Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.115.

DUTY: The only obligation, which I have a right to assume, is to do at any time what I think is right. - Henry David Thoreau - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – RIGHTS, RIGHTFUL ACTIONS, RESPECTING THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS.

DUTY: The path of duty lies in what is near and men seek for it in what is remote.” - Mencius, bk. iv, pt. I, c.xi.

DUTY: The preservation of health is a duty. Few seem conscious that there is such a thing as physical morality.” - Herbert Spencer. - But it is only a duty one owes to oneself, not to others - unless they are minor family dependents. - JZ, 29.6.84. – DUTY TOWARDS ONESELF, HEALTH

DUTY: The Right I owe you is precisely the right you owe me: to be free of interference in all peaceful and creative activities.” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? – RIGHTS, INTERFERENCE, INTERVENTIONS, AGGRESSION, CRIME

DUTY: The Sense of Duty Done: I honor any man who in the conscious discharge of his duty dares to stand alone; the world, with ignorant, intolerant judgment, may condemn; the countenance of relatives may be averted, and the hearts of friends grow cold; but the sense of duty done shall be sweeter than the applause of the world, the countenances of relatives or the heart of friends.” - Charles Sumner, quoted in THE FREEMAN, 12/73. - THE SENSE OF DUTY DONE

DUTY: The sum of he matter is that unless women repudiates her womanliness, her duty to her husband, to her children, to society, to the law, and to everyone but herself, she cannot emancipate herself. But her duty to herself is no duty at all, since a debt is canceled when the debtor and creditor are the same person. Its payment is simply a fulfillment of the individual will, upon which all duty is a restriction, founded on the conception of the will as naturally malign and devilish. Therefore, woman has to repudiate duty altogether. In that repudiation lies her freedom; for it is false to say that woman is now directly the slave of man: she is the immediate slave of duty; and as man's path to freedom is strewn with the wreckage of the duties and ideals he has trampled on, so must hers be. She may indeed mask her iconoclasm by proving in rationalist fashion, as man has often done for the sake of a quiet life, that all these discarded idealist conceptions will be fortified instead of shattered by her emancipation.” - G. B. Shaw, quoted in Sprading, p.421. - Throwing the child out with the bathwater - just like Stirner did. - JZ - WOMEN'S LIBERATION

DUTY: The two highest achievement of the human mind are the two concepts of "loyalty" and "duty". Whenever these twin concepts fall into disrepute - get out of there fast! You may possibly save yourself, but it is too late to save that society. It is doomed.” - Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love, p.247. – For me the concepts of individual rights and individual liberties are more important. I am loyal only to them and consider it my duty to uphold them as far as I can. – JZ, 1.12.08. LOYALTY, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES

DUTY: The whole duty of man as a social unit is to fulfill his contract to the letter; as, likewise, his whole duty as a political subject is to obey the laws to the letter and nothing else.” - Badcock, Slaves to Duty. - Is there a duty to continue to fulfill wrongful contracts and to obey wrongful laws? One would rather speak of a duty to break contracts and to disobey in these cases. - Laws too numerous to be known to anyone can hardly be fully obeyed. - JZ, 20.5.00.

DUTY: Then why don't they stop fighting?" - "They can't", Wentworth said. "They're ordinary human beings, and ordinary human beings never do what they should. They're gamblers, gambling with human lives. Only a mighty smart gambler knows enough to stop when he should. Ordinary gamblers go right ahead risking all their resources - risking ruin, even - when they haven't a chance to win." - Kenneth Roberts, Oliver Wiswell, p.394. – Man will either grow up sufficiently and fast enough or he will wipe himself out with modern “weapons”. – The rights, duties and liberties of man with regard to territorial governments and nuclear “weapons” have still to become fully and optimally formulated or published. – I consider this to be one of the primary duties and also one of the most neglected ones. - JZ, 1.12.08. – WAR, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

DUTY: There are no acts of treachery more deeply concealed than those which lie under the pretence of duty, or under some profession of necessity.” - Cicero, In Verrem, No. I, ch. 15, sec. 39.  TREASON, NECESSITY

DUTY: There is a matter of transcendental importance that I believe is everybody's business: the structuring of a good society! Were we to concentrate on this aspect of our own business as much as we are inclined to meddle in what is surely none of our business, as good society would be a viable prospect. Why all of this emphasis on the good society? It is the environment prerequisite to individual fulfillment. And that is your business - and mine! - The need for a good society is and always has been low on the list of popular human cravings and aspirations. Yet, there is no other subject since the dawn of history about which more has been written. Here is a matter that is everybody's business, but relatively few recognize their responsibility.” - Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, p.25. - Read, too, failed to extend the concept of a good society to societies that are voluntaristic and exterritorially autonomous. He remained to the end a territorialist, although in favor of mini-government or limited government on the territorial model and favoring monetary freedom rather than monetary despotism. - JZ, 20.5.00. – DUTY TO SOCIETY OR TO WORK FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A JUST, FREE & PEACEFUL SOCIETY, MYOB

DUTY: There is no growth except in the fulfillment of obligation.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras, 1942, p.20, tr. Lewis-Galantière. - OBLIGATION

DUTY: Thus a duty to honour a contract is perfect.” - Jeffrie G. Murphy, Kant: The Philosophy of Right, p.51. - Not when fulfillment becomes impossible. - Nor when the contract amounted to self-enslavement. See Rousseau’s “Social Contract” on this. - JZ

DUTY: Thus he must not only be self-responsible but, at the same time, understand that he owes to others no infringements on their rights.” - Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, p.2. – I would rather say that he owes to others respect for their rights. At least all those genuine rights that they claim for their community of volunteers and respect for what they consider to be their internal civil rights, customs or traditions, even when he disagrees with them. As long as they are not imposed upon others these claimed and declared “rights” should be tolerated by outsiders. – JZ, 1.12.08. - RIGHTS

DUTY: To live honestly is to hurt no one and to give every one his due.” - Lysander Spooner, Natural Law, Sec. I. – But e.g. taxes force us to help finance many wrongs committed by our territorial government and they wrong and harm us, directly, in the first place. – JZ, 1.12.08. - HONESTY

DUTY: True guilt is guilt at the obligation one owes to oneself to be oneself.” - R. D. Laing, Self and Others. - SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, OBLIGATION

DUTY: We each owe to the other mutual redress of grievances.” - JU-. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe to Each Other, p.140.

DUTY: We were called upon to do more in the world than weep about the state of affairs. With that stance, there is no impulse to resist the Armageddon.” - Madaly Murray O'Hair, quoted in OMNI 12/81.

DUTY: What's a man's first duty? The answer's brief: To be himself.” - Henrik Ibsen, Peer Gynt, Act 4, Scene 1. - And if he is a born tyrant or other pathological criminal? - JZ – INDIVIDUALISM, REALIZING ALL OF ONE’S CREATIVE POTENTIAL,

DUTY: When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.” - G. B. Shaw, character Apollodorus in “Caesar and Cleopatra”, 1906, Act 3. - Hyman, Quotes, 364. - But there are also duties for rational men! - JZ, 29.6.84. - “AN ORDER IS AN ORDER!”, OBEDIENCE IMAGINED VS. REAL DUTY

DUTY: Whosoever quite suddenly wants to act and be treated as a moral being, has still indemnification obligations arising out of his former immoral actions. - JZ, 30.6.84.



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