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GALT'S PLEDGE: I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. - SACRIFICES, MEANS & ENDS, MAN AS PURPOSE IN ITSELF, EGOISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION, CHARITY, DO-GOODERS, WELFARE STATE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GAMBLING: As long as we are still stuck together in territorial States, everyone, who gambles, bets or buys lottery tickets should be disfranchised because, apparently, they remain unaware that on average they lose more than they win and that if they do win then this depends upon luck rather than merit. Thus their comprehension, foresight and rationality is too small to risk entrusting them with a vote on the affairs of others. - JZ, 10.3.99. - Nor would I mind if that restriction were extended e.g. to overweight people, like myself, especially seeing that I vote informal anyhow. Moreover, there is the same good case to disfranchise all heavy drinkers and smokers and users of other narcotic drugs, except in a few cases, for medical purposes. - JZ, 7.7.00. – Naturally, the best method would be to allow anyone to vote, if at all, then only in his own kind of panarchy, i.e. among like-minded volunteers. – JZ, 25.12.08, 15.8.13. - BETTING, LOTTERIES, FRANCHISE & VOTING

GAMBLING: Gambling is illegal in 49 of the 50 States of the USA, yet it flourishes under criminal control as America's largest industry; more is made out of it each year than from General Motors, US Steel, Standard Oil, General Electric and Ford put together.” - THE ECONOMIST, quoted by Henry Meulen, in INDIVIDUALIST, 10/77. – I wish that for some of the much more important liberties the territorially legalized prohibitions could be as easily and widely ignored. – Probably this is achievable only under individual and group secessionism and personal laws associations for the secessionists, claiming as many of their genuine liberties as they want to, exterritorially, for their own affairs. – JZ, 24.11.10. – However, this liberty and right, too, should first be sanctioned by a comprehensive declaration of individual rights and liberties and then protected by an ideal militia force of volunteers, which would have no other purpose. It would not protect those rights, which societies of volunteers would not claim for themselves. It would recognize their right to do this - to themselves. – JZ, 15.8.13. - PROHIBITION, LAW, RESTRICTIONS, INDUSTRY, PLANNING, NONINTERVENTION WITH THE AFFAIRS OF VOLUNTARY VICTIMS, MILITIA, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PROTECTION

GAMBLING: If the gambling can lead gamblers to Russian Roulette then one should totally abstain from this activity, if one can. - JZ, 16.7.79 & 24.7.00.

GAMBLING: It is a deplorable situation when people can only have hope of becoming rich not as a result of ability, effort and thought but only as a result of games of chance! - JZ, 9.5.79. - BETTING, CHANCE, GAMES OF CHANCE, CASINOS, RICHES, HOPE, INCENTIVES, PROFIT, LOTTERY, ROULETTE, CARD GAMES ETC.

GAMES: Games that did not involve bodily exercise, those substitutes of the half-witted for research and mental effort, had gone entirely out of life, but many active games were played for the sake of fun and bodily vigour.” - H. G. Wells, Men Like Goods, p.197 of first paperback issue, 1922, 1970, 126. – RIDDLES, TIME-WASTING GAMES OF THE BORED

GAMES: Games: Diversion for people who can neither read nor think.” - George  Bernard Shaw. - Another version, in: A. Andrews Quotations, p.439: “Games are for people who can neither read nor think.” - SPORTS, GAMBLING

GAMMON'S LAW: In words that are more in Parkinson's style: in a bureaucratic system, useless work drives out useful work. - Dr. Max Gammon, quoted in PROGRESS, 4/78. - BUREAUCRACY, SPENDING, PUBLIC SERVICES, GOVERNMENT SERVICES


GANDHI: Gandhi's suggestion to German Jews in 1938 to commit suicide collectively." - Nimbark Ashakant, in Gandhism Re-Examined, SOCIAL RESEARCH, Spring 1964, p. 94ff: - This suggestion alone should have thoroughly discredited Gandhi among all who desire freedom, peace, justice and security. - JZ, n.d. & 24.7.00. – If it had been carried out, it would have suited the Nazis just fine! And mankind would have lost many of mankind’s most talented people without the Nazis dirtying their own hands. – Gandhi’s economic views were similar: E.g.: A return to primitive weaving tools instead of using automatic and very productive machines to produce clothing as easily and cheaply as possible! - JZ, 25.12.08, 15.8.13. - ANTISEMITISM, JEWS, SUICIDE, NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE

GANGS: He is disturbed at the tendency of political and economic groups to perpetuate themselves: "Once the law ceases to protect the rights of the individual from the gang - any gang - freedom is lost." - The term "gang" applies alike to official boards and to the pickets at Grunwick.” - Henry Meulen, quoting Prince Philip, in THE INDIVIDUALIST, 6/78. - LOBBIES, PRESSURE GROUPS, VESTED INTERESTS, UNIONS & PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS, PARTIES, MOVEMENTS VS. INDIVIDUALISM

GARBAGE: Is anything else as wasteful and costly as government "waste management" is? - JZ, 26.7.94. - UNDER GOVERNMENT CONTROL

GARBAGE: The New York City government, surely America's sloppiest institution, is mainly responsible for keeping New York clean. Steve Savas, when he was first deputy city administrator, found it cost the city three times as much to collect a ton of garbage as it costs the private carters who collect garbage for a fee from the city's restaurants and hotels.” - Cornuelle, Demanaging America, p.61. – Compare David Friedman’s statement that whatever the government does – costs at least twice as much. – JZ, 24.3.13. - REMOVAL, PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE

GARDENING: Do our gardening efforts enslave us more than they liberate us and keep us fit? Do others get more joy out of them than we do? They can enjoy the sights of our gardens free of charge and efforts while they cost us much in money and labor. We can, indeed, do our own things in them, but at what price? Are our gardens the only sphere that we should use for our creative activities or are there much better and more urgent jobs, for people with some concern for the future of their children and grandchildren? Alas, even here we are not quite free, e.g., to simply let it grow wild. The fire hazard is, in some cases, a real risk. And social pressures are large. - JZ, 14.9.97. - SELF-ENSLAVEMENT, ALTRUISM

GARDENING: I live surrounded by so many beautiful gardens and houses, laboriously kept up by my neighbors, which I can all enjoy freely, at least from the outside, looking in, during an exercise walk, that I do not have to spend much time and effort upon my own garden and house. – “Whoever wants to read and write has to let the grass grow long.” – said someone once. I follow his advice to some extent but do not let it grow so much that mowing does become a hard job. In this climate very long and dry grass is also a great fire hazard. - JZ, 24.11.06. - HOUSE MAINTENANCE, FOR THE SAKE OF BEAUTY

GARDENING: Why allow anyone or anything to become your master, least of all plants from which you can harvest nothing but, temporarily, a beautiful sight? - JZ, 1.10.01. - Otherwise, it gives you only some healthy exercise or some foods or flowers. - JZ, 31.1.02, 24.11.10. - GARDENING IS SELF-IMPOSED SLAVERY

GAS WARFARE: The governor of Utah, Scott M. Matheson, protested the storing of nerve gas – enough to kill the entire population of the world forty-two times – at the Tooele Army Depot only thirty miles from Salt Lake City. The gas is stored in concrete “igloos” along an earthquake fault line. The Defense Department agreed to neutralize the gas in 1972, but apparently no action has been taken and plans to ship tons more continue. Weteye nerve gas is so deadly that one shell can destroy life for thousands of square miles. It is invisible, odorless, and tasteless, and kills in fourteen seconds. There is no known antidote.” - Dr. Laurence J. Peter, Why Things Go Wrong or The Peter Principle Revisited, George Allen & Unwin, 1911, 143. – A “weapon” of one of our great “protectors”! With such “friends”, who needs enemies?” – By now we have tolerated such situations for decades - just like mankind tolerated slavery, taxation and territorial States for thousands of years! – Should we really be proud to belong to the human race? Can we truly say that we love our lives, those of our close family members and friends, when we tolerate such conditions and rarely, if every, think about them? - JZ, 2512.08. – They never defined “enemies” properly nor did they ever declare only quite rightful war- and peace aims. But still they expect us to fight and die for them, upon command. – JZ, 24.11.10. – Territorial governments are short of rightful war and peace aims, targets, weapons and warfare methods but over-supplied with the wrong ones. – Their defence is all too wrongful and aggressive, e.g. via conscription and indiscriminate bombing of cities. They cannot even define the enemy and aggression properly and thus do not primarily target a tyrant but, rather, his victims. – Even with steerable drones their military experts hit the wrong targets and thus make more real enemies than they eliminate! - JZ, 15.8.13. - NERVE GAS, MASS MURDER “WEAPONS”, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MASS MURDER DEVICES, CHEMICAL WARFARE, POISON GAS, WARFARE STATES, AIR RAIDS

GATT: All the negotiators of governmental Free Trade efforts seem to have forgotten the benefits each could gain from introducing Free Trade unilaterally and completely, even in the monetary and financial spheres. They have never considered all monetary and financial freedom options to make the transition almost instantly and without difficulties - by fully liberating international clearing and other payment systems, free trade and free enterprise and free exchange, internally as well as externally, at least for all who do favor these options. Opposition can be minimized as long as all forms of protectionism are allowed to be continued - for their voluntary victims. Full economic freedom can provide soft options. Only the remaining territorial and anti-economic despotism confines us to "hard options". Panarchistic one-man revolutions can make the transition peaceful, bloodless, frictionless, harmonious, with each advancing, if at all, only at the own speed and only as far as they want to go, for the time being, limited by their knowledge, convictions and prejudices. - Only collective and territorial decision-making on such questions leads to confrontations, resistance and struggles between Free Traders and Protectionists for all too many decades, with no one ever fully getting his ideal conditions for himself. - JZ, 10.12.93 & 10.7.00, 25.12.08. - FREE TRADE, GLOBALIZATION, VOLUNTARY FREE TRADE BETWEEN FREE TRADERS & PROTECTIONISM FOR PROTECTIONISTS, UNILATERAL FREE TRADE, PANARCHISM, RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, FRATERNIZATION, UNILATERAL & SEPARATE PEACE TREATY OFFERS

GATT: The final treaty is to have ca. 450 pages. Free Trade, especially unilateral free trade, would not need one page. - JZ, 12.12.93 & 10.7.00.

GENERAL INTEREST: A government which acts genuinely in the interests of the general public runs a risk of being thought by each section to be perversely ignoring the interest of that section. This is a difficulty which, in a democracy, tends to be increased by every increase in the degree of government control.” - Bertrand Russell, Authority and the Individual, p.53. - PUBLIC INTEREST, COMMON INTEREST & DEMOCRACY

GENERAL WELFARE CLAUSE: Aided by a little sophistry on the words ‘general welfare,’ [they claim] a right to do not only the acts to effect that which are specifically enumerated and permitted, but whatsoever they shall think or pretend will be for the general welfare.” - Thomas Jefferson to W. Giles, 1825. - THE U.S. CONSTITUTION

GENERAL WELFARE CLAUSE: With respect to the words "general welfare," I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators.” – James Madison - GENERAL WELFARE CLAUSE IN THE CONSTITUTION

GENERAL WILL: But the fundamental question in all this sophistry is ignored by Rousseau. It is the unreality of the notion of the general will. There is probably only one issue on which a people ever expresses unanimous or general will: the defence of their physical liberty. (*) Otherwise they divide according to their temperaments, and though these are limited in number, they are sufficiently diverse and so mutually opposed that in any geographical area they will rise to incompatible groups.” - Modern Publishers, Indore, Social Relations & Freedom. - (*) Since all "peoples" contain dissenting minorities, some representing the best kinds of human beings and human wisdom and some the worst, welcoming even totalitarian usurpers and conquerors with leftist or rightist "philosophies", unanimous support for "defence", of all of the population in a whole territory, is another delusion. - JZ, 24.7.00. – ONLY Panarchism can be a common and quite rightful war and peace aim. – JZ, 15.8.13. - PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, CONSENT & DISSENT, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, WAR- & PEACE AIMS

GENERALIZATIONS: All abstractions invested with collective consciousness or collective authority, set above the individual, and exacting duty from him on pretense of acting or thinking with greater validity than he, are man-eating idols, red with human sacrifices.” - G. B. Shaw, Idols and Collectives. - So why did he support State Socialism for so long? - JZ - ABSTRACTIONS, GOD, GOVERNMENT & THE STATE, THE NATION, MANKIND, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, HUMAN SACRIFICES TO THE MODERN MOLOCH, THE TERRITORIAL STATE, WARFARE STATE

GENERALIZATIONS: All generalizations are dangerous, even this one.” - Alexander Dumas, 1824-1895, in A. Andrews Quotations, 185.

GENERALIZATIONS: All generalizations are false, including this one.” - Alexander Chase, Perspectives, 1966. - I believe that this remark is MUCH older. - JZ

GENERALIZATIONS: All generalizations are false. There are absolutely no absolutes. You can be sure that nothing is certain. It’s really bad, even evil, to make or pronounce moral judgments.” – - Does that also apply to this statement as well? - JZ, 25. 11. 06. – ABSOLUTES, TRUTH & ITS DISTORTIONS, LIES, FALSE DEFINITIONS, POPULAR ERRORS, MYTHS & PREJUDICES

GENERALIZATIONS: All generalizations ignore either diverse cases, individuals or particular facts, liberties or rights. - JZ, 24.7.00, 15.8.13.

GENERALIZATIONS: Any unjustified generalization is a crime against humanity, perhaps even this one. - JZ, 19.7.73. – COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, NATIONALISM, RACISM, ENEMY DEFINITIONS

GENERALIZATIONS: Do not despise generalization. It is the foundation upon which every house of thoughts is build. It is up to you to insert stairs, rooms, windows and doors.” - Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, 1951, Bd. 3. - In another translation: “Do not despise generalizations. They are the foundations upon which every thoughtful construction is built. It is up to you to add stairs, rooms, windows and doors to them.” – (“Verachtet mir die Verallgemeinerung nicht! Sie ist der Grundstein, auf dem jedes Haus des „Gedankens gebaut wird. An euch ist es, Treppen, Zimmer, Fenster und Tueren zu setzen.“) - Hans Habe, 1951, in: Leben fuer den Journalismus, Band 3. - All words are generalizations. The more generalized or abstract they are, the less concrete meaning they manage to convey, until they reach almost complete senselessness. - JZ, 1.2.02. - ABSTRACT VS. CONCRETE THINKING

GENERALIZATIONS: Fraud lurks in generalities.” - (“Fraus lated in generalibus.”) - Legal Maxim. – ELECTION SLOGANS & PROMISES, PARTY PLATFORM, UNITY & UNIFORMITY SPLEENS

GENERALIZATIONS: General and abstract ideas are the source of the greatest errors of mankind.” - Rousseau, Émile, 1762, 4. - He demonstrated that himself by his notions on the "general will" and on direct democracy. But otherwise much of his writings are still worth reading, although they, too, contain too many generalizations. For instance, he envisioned only ONE social contract, instead of numerous and competing ones, all only for volunteer communities, peacefully coexisting in the same territory and doing their things for and to their members. - JZ, 2.2.02. – So he advanced his own generalizations, like “social contract” and “general will”, both still largely misunderstood or misinterpreted today. – JZ, 25.12.08. - ERRORS, MISTAKES, IDEAS, RED., PANARCHISM, SOCIAL CONTRACT

GENERALIZATIONS: General notions are generally wrong.” - Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, quoted in C. Bingham, Men & Affairs, p.203. - Generalizations are generally wrong. - JZ & D.Z., 26.8.78. - How many versions of this existed already before? - JZ, 2.8.00.

GENERALIZATIONS: Generalizations have a role to play when they inspire the imagination rather than exceed its capacity. - JZ, n.d. (Allgemeines da, wo es die Phantasie anregt und nicht ueberfordert.) - Compare Goethe in: “In meinem Beruf als Schriftsteller.”)

GENERALIZATIONS: Generalizations have only minimal to zero specific truth contents, - JZ, 30.12.90. - As Ulrich von Beckerath pointed out repeatedly: By more and more excluding specific contents they become less and less embracing and more and more meaningless. - JZ, 16.7.00. – Even liberty, freedom and rights are too large generalizations – without the specifics of a comprehensive declaration of individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 15.8.13. – HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, THE STATE, THE NATION, THE PEOPLE, THE GOVERNMENT, DEMOCRACY, PUBLIC INTEREST, GENERAL INTEREST, THE SOCIAL CONTRACT VS. PRIVATE CONTRACTS OF INDIVIDUALS

GENERALIZATIONS: It is in the nature of the mind of man, to the extreme prejudice of knowledge, to delight in the spacious liberty of generalities.” - Francis Bacon, The Advancement of Learning, II, 1605. – RED.

GENERALIZATIONS: It is the unfortunate obsession of our age to wish to give pure abstractions a life of their own, to imagine a city apart from the people who live in it, mankind independently of the individual men who constitute it, a whole aside from its constituent parts, collective life without the individual units that comprise it.” - Bastiat, in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.245. – FALSE ONES, INDIVIDUALISM VS. COLLECTIVISM, TERRITORIALISM, CITY, COUNTRY, NATION

GENERALIZATIONS: It’s possible. … But remember, extraordinary claims require - … extraordinary evidence. - Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee, Rama Revealed, Bantam Books, 1995, p.196. ISBN 0-553-56947-3 - EXTREME ASSERTIONS

GENERALIZATIONS: Make a generalization sufficiently broad, and it is apt to be true – but uninformative.” – John W. Campbell, Jr., in Editorial, Astounding Science Fiction, June 52, p.7.

GENERALIZATIONS: Men are more apt to be mistaken in their generalizations than in their particular observations.” - Niccolo Machiavelli, Discorsi, I, 1531. - RED., GENERALIZATIONS, VS. OBSERVATIONS, FACTS, JUDGMENTS, KNOWLEDGE

GENERALIZATIONS: Men who love wisdom should acquaint themselves with a great many particulars.” - Heraclitus. - Compare: “Truth lies in the details.” – “To bring details means to interest people.” - (“Detaillieren heisst interessieren.” – One of the favorite quotes of Ulrich von Beckerath.  JZ.) PARTICULARS, STUDY THE DETAILS, THE FACTS, THE TECHNIQUES

GENERALIZATIONS: No generalization is wholly true, including this one.” - Disraeli.

GENERALIZATIONS: Reality and the truth only rarely correspond to sweeping generalizations. - JZ, 26.8.94. - TRUTH, REALITY, FACTS, IDEAS

GENERALIZATIONS: The cause of all evils for human beings is that they are not able to apply general terms to particular instances.” - Arrian. - (“Haec enim causa est hominibus omnium malorum, quod anticipationes generales rebus-singularibus accomodare non possunt.” – “Denn das ist fuer die Menschen die Ursache des Uebels, dass sie nicht imstande sind, die allgemeinen Begriffe auf die einzelnen Faelle anzuwenden.”) - PARTICULAR CASES

GENERALIZATIONS: They say that small things amuse small minds but large generalizations become so senseless, mere words to play with, that they do also amuse and mislead small minds. - JZ, 12.5.95. - ABSTRACT NOTIONS

GENERALS: A Private knows intrinsically what a General must learn through experience. That is because a Private thinks with caution since he will be killed. A General can be daring when only the Private will die for his mistakes.” - James Webb, Fields of Fire, p.399. - DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, SOLDIERS & OFFICERS

GENERALS: Generally one cannot trust the Generals. – JZ, 14.8.06. – MILITARISM, OFFICERS

GENERALS: Generals are generally those officers, who should be executed by "their" men and victims - as mass murderers. - JZ, 31.7.93.

GENERALS: Hein Herbers of Kassel showed that a general is not really a soldier any more. The "TAGEBUCH" called this position once very well: ‘director of slaughter’." - Kurt Tucholsky, Politische Texte, p.54. - The German name for "battle" is: "Schlacht", meaning: "slaughter". - JZ, 16.7.00.

GENERALS: I have had my span of life. All I want now is heaven.” - Marshall Ferdinand Fox. - After he took most of the natural life span from how many 1000 people? - JZ, n.d. - Do not forgive them - for they do not know what they are doing and are doing it nevertheless! - JZ, 24.7.00.

GENERALS: Some of the German generals began to feel more enthusiastic about Plan Yellow, the invasion of the Low Countries and France. Hitler was paying them monthly bonus checks – those who were compliant – out of a special Chancellery account. The army was corrupted, General Halder said later, by the distribution of “closed envelopes with extraordinary remunerations.” In fact, Halder himself took Chancellery money. Hitler bribed his way westward.” - Nicholson Baker, Human Smoke, the Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization, Simon & Schuster, 2008, p. 174. – The soldiers received no bribes – just orders. Millions of them died in the subsequent battles. How many of the generals died in them? (What percentage of them was killed in action? And what percentage of the political decision-makers, who decided upon war? – JZ, 15.8.13.) – And yet, even now, the decision-making monopoly on war and peace, armament and disarmament, is rarely questioned! – The territorial Warfare State goes on and on! As a result of the largely unquestioned and un-criticised continuance of territorialism. - JZ, 14.9.08, 15.8.13. – GERMAN GENERALS, BRIBED BY HITLER INTO BEGINNING THE WAR IN THE WEST TERRITORIAL WARFARE STATES OR PANARCHIES OF VOLUNTEERS?

GENERALS: The all too limited ethics and rationality of generals is indicated by their support for "modern", "scientific", "cheap", "defensive", "effective", "powerful" as well as "peace-promoting" ABC mass murder devices. None of them has organized a military insurrection against the production, storage and use of any of these devices. Nor do they seem to have been bothered by the fact that the percentage of non-combatant or civilian war deaths has been rising for decades. - JZ, 24.7.00. – In other words, the “military experts” do not hit the military targets often enough, but, rather, innocent civilians, all too often. That goes on, even with computer-steerable drones! – Are their computer pilots blood-thirty or do the think, that they weapons are mere toys in a game? – JZ, 15.8.13.

GENERALS: The bureaucrats waste our earnings, the generals also our lives. - JZ, 5.7.82, 15.8.13. - BUREAUCRATS

GENERALS: The generals blame the politicians, the politicians blame the generals and between them they waste our earnings, property, freedom, security, health and our very lives - and call that their contribution to our defence. - JZ, 5.7.82 & 24.7.00. – What they defend is only territorialism – and that is not worth defending but, rather, fighting against! – JZ, 25.12.08. - POLITICIANS, DEFENCE,  TERRITORIALISM, WAR AIMS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

GENERALS: The generals say that they are sorry for sacrificing our lives - but they still waste them. - JZ, 5.7.82. - They play their war games with our lives, property, freedom rights, without our consent and without even bothering whether they do so for rightful or wrongful war and peace aims. - JZ, 34.7.00.

GENERALS: The stars on the general's shoulders merely signify that the man might have been a useful member of society.” - Frank Chodorov, Fugitive Essays, 390.

GENERATIONS: Every new generation is a fresh invasion of savages.” - Hervey Allen. – In some versions the term “savages” is replaced by “barbarians”. – JZ. - CHILDREN, EDUCATION, SAVAGES, BARBARIANS, INVASION

GENERATIONS: We may consider each generation as a distinct nation, with a right, by the will of its majority, to bind themselves, but none to bind the succeeding generation, more than the inhabitants of another country.” - Thomas Jefferson, To J. W. Eppes, 1813. - Seldes. - Unless personal law, i.e., individual choice in this sphere, comes to prevail, each generation or common interest group could still be wrongfully outvoted by or outvote e.g. the younger or the older generation or one or several common interest group. - JZ, n.d. & 24.7.00. - TIME LIMIT ON LEGISLATION, SUNSET LAWS & PANARCHISM & PERSONAL LAWS, DISSENTERS, MINORITY RIGHTS, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, VOTING, DEMOCRACY

GENEROSITY: Generosity ought to be confined to the own means and to donations. - JZ, 10.10.85. - CHARITY, PHILANTHROPY, WELFARISM, DO-GOODISM, BENEVOLENCE, CHARITY

GENEROSITY: It is easy to be generous with other people's property.” - Latin proverb. - WELFARE STATE, MODERN LIBERALISM, GOVERNMENT SPENDING

GENEROSITY: Logic and morality notwithstanding, Franklin Roosevelt was determined to be a generous man - with other people's money. …” – Robert Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.116. - WELFARE STATE, BENEVOLENCE, CHARITY, TAXATION

GENEROSITY: Too many have dispensed with generosity in order to practice charity.” - Albert Camus – Isn’t that largely a distinction without a difference? I see the main difference between the legally enforced charity of a Welfare State and the voluntary charity in compulsion vs. voluntarism. Both seem only required as a consequences of an unfree economy. The relative wealth produced for and by everybody under a free economy could have a desired safety net largely competitively provided by insurance and credit arrangements, supplemented by help from family members and friends. Little if any need for general charity or generosity would be left. None for “Welfare” out of tax funds, or tribute payments, for which politicians wish to be praised and voted for. – JZ, 8.8.08, 24.11.10.

GENEROSITY: You need not always be generous - but always be just.” - Claudius. - JUSTICE

GENETIC MODIFICATION: A genetic modification that saves in pesticide expenditures by making a plant so poisonous to an insect that a single insect bite may kill the insect, does not assure that the consumption of such foods, for many years, by humans, will be quite harmless to them – JZ, 7/04. – I would rather like to take my chances only with those poisons that nature has implanted in the plants we cultivate and that we have become accustomed to - for a long time. – JZ, 23.10.07. - OF PLANTS

GENETIC MODIFICATION: To use it to increase the resistance of plants to pesticides will lead to the use of even more pesticides, because then they do not harm the plants as well, not only the pests. To use it to make plants too poisonous themselves, for pests to attack them, does neither render them nor the pesticides used harmless for humans. We are already struggling to survive healthily within a flood of externally applied and artificially produced chemicals. Now we are becoming attacked by poisons intentionally and genetically inbuilt in our food supplies, and without always warning us about this. To use genetic manipulation to speed up growth and nutrition, as well as resistance to heat, cold, humidity and dryness is another matter, if it can be done without harmful effects upon the consumer of such produce. Even then, this manipulation should be clearly stated upon the product. To monopolize the production and trade in certain genetically monopolized produce and seeds is as wrong as to monopolize e.g. the trade in milk, eggs, wheat, rice or any other produce, or product. - JZ, 10.6.00, 1.2.02. - GENETIC MODIFICATIONS OF PLANTS

GENETIC MODIFICATION: While such "foods" are fast enough acting against insect pests, no short-term effects show up among human who consume them. But humans are exposed to them for much longer periods than insects and birds are and do consume them in much larger quantities. The long term effects of these genetic modifications upon humans are still unknown. Nevertheless, such foods are allowed to be produced and to be offered unmarked as such, without any warning, in great quantities, as if it were quite certain that their long-term effects are altogether harmless. Thus it becomes difficult to organize an efficient consumer boycott against these "improved" foods among all those concerned about their possible long-term dangers to themselves and their children and grandchildren. Once again the government is operating more on the wrong than on the right side. It protects these potential poisoners rather than their victims. - JZ, 1.8.99 & 10.7.00, 25.12.08. - OF FOOD PRODUCE THAT DETER OR KILL INSECT PESTS,

GENIUS: A genius freely shares his insights. A mere talent, not having as many riches to offer, wants to sell them by the line. - JZ, 26.7.92. - COPYRIGHTS

GENIUS: A society without men of genius is doomed.” - Comment by Giorghieku, on "The 25th Hour" - The mere existence of men of genius is hardly enough when most of them are largely ignored or even suppressed, all the time or for most of their life-span. - JZ, 24.7.00, 25.12.08. – It is rather territorial statism that keeps men of genius down and prevents free, just and wealthy societies from arising and progressing. Territorial States merely use and abuse men genius to build e.g. mass extermination devices and gadgets for further controlling and exploiting the population. Without territorial monopolism each man of genius might be able to start a new society or a new industry. A free and rational society would even give the least talent its best chance. – JZ, 24.11.10, 15.8.13.

GENIUS: Adversity reveals genius; prosperity conceals it.” - L. J. Peter, The Peter Plan, p.58. - Both adversity and prosperity can either destroy a born genius, neutralize him or her or prevent them from fully developing. Both can promote the activities of some men of genius but neither can assure them. To that extent the old saying: "Necessity is the mother of invention!" is wrong. - JZ, 24.7.00, 15.8.13.

GENIUS: Every man of genius is considerably helped by being dead.” - Robert Lynd – At least, thereby, he largely avoids further personal attacks. – If all the men of genius and talents and carriers of ideas combined their strengths to properly market their ideas and talents, by a special institution that would bring supply and demand in this field together, world-wide, then they could often be successful already during their lifetime. – JZ, 23.1.08. - The marketing of great ideas & talents needs a special market. – Their history applies abundant proof for that. - JZ, 23.12.08. - INNOVATORS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT & GENIUS CENTRE

GENIUS: Everyone is a genius at least once a year. The real geniuses simply have their bright ideas closer together.” - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, 1764-99, Aphorisms.

GENIUS: everyone is a potential genius.” - Fritz Zwicky, quoted by Robert Jungk, The Everyman Project, p.19. - IDEAS, INVENTORS, CREATIVITY, INNOVATION

GENIUS: Everyone is born with genius, but most people only keep it a few minutes.” - Edgard Varese. & TALENT, RED.

GENIUS: Genius can almost be defined as the ability to become poor.” - Whipple. - Translated from a German version. - I do not find people very ingenious who fail to see that a proper market is required for ideas and talented people. So far we had only false pretences for such markets, which wise men would not have recognized as a free market for ideas and talents. With a proper market for them, bringing all supplies of this kind and the existing and future demands for them together, they could rapidly become the most influential force in the world for rightful and rational progress in every sphere. It takes a special kind of blindness, ignorance and stupidity to continue to overlook this option. - JZ, 18.7.00. – POVERTY, IDEAS ARCHIVE & TALENT CENTRE

GENIUS: Genius can only breathe freely in the atmosphere of freedom.” - Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.139, on John Stuart Mill. – Even the so far most free societies have not yet recognized all their men and women of genius, far less all those of other countries. – Here our greatest treasures still remain to be discovered, dug up and utilized. – JZ, 25.12.08. – IDEAS ARCHIVE & TALENT CENTRE

GENIUS: Genius does what it must, talent does what it can.” - Edward Bulwer-Lytton. – Neither of them is, as a rule, free and prosperous enough to do what they can do and want to do. They tend to be the greatest benefactors of mankind and yet, at least whilst they are still alive and struggling, the least recognized people. – JZ, 15.8.13. - TALENTS

GENIUS: Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.’ - Certainly. But how excellent must the idea be in order to make as much industry worthwhile?” - Charles Tschopp. - Again, the need for an ideas archive and talent registry, both providing a special free market, is overlooked. - JZ, 18.7.00. - INDUSTRIOUSNESS

GENIUS: Genius is a high aim and the will to obtain the means to reach it.” - Nietzsche. - (“Genie ist, ein hohes Ziel und die Mittel dazu zu wollen.”) - N., too, failed to see the need and potentials of a genuine free market for ideas and talents, as the best means to achieve any worthwhile aim. - JZ, 18.7.00, 15.8.13.

GENIUS: Genius is a promontory jutting out into the future.” - Victor Hugo. - INNOVATORS, THINKERS, CREATORS

GENIUS: Genius is industry.” - Goethe. (“Genie ist Fleiss.”) - The greatest industry is mostly in vain if it is not properly marketed and without an ideas archive and registry of talents neither will be nor can be properly marketed or reach their potential markets, in all too many cases. - JZ, 18.7.00. - INDUSTRIOUSNESS

GENIUS: Genius is nothing but a significant talent for patience.” - Buffon. - The greatest patience will not help sufficiently, in most cases. if it is not aided by a special free market for ideas and talents. - JZ, 18.7.00.

GENIUS: Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.” – Thomas Alva Edison, 1847 – 1931, ca. 1903, quoted in Harper’s Monthly Magazine, 1932. - EFFORT, PERSISTENCE, TALENTS

GENIUS: Genius is the capacity to conceive the inconceivable, …” - Robert Anton Wilson, “The Illuminati Papers”, p.63. – RED., CREATIVITY, IDEAS

GENIUS: Genius is the capacity to see ten things where the ordinary man sees one, and where the man of talent sees two or three, plus the ability to register that multiple perception in the material of his art.” - Ezra Pound, Jefferson &/or Mussolini. - If we understand enough about what makes a person a genius then we could probably "make" more of them, be it by genetic manipulation, some special early education methods or by at least early on recognizing and aiding all of them and respecting their creativity sufficiently. I read about the tragic case of a WW II survivor, who made a special effort to turn his daughter into a genius. In one way he succeeded. She ended up with an IQ of 200. In another way he seriously failed: That young lady hadn't learned to control her weight and was excessively fat! A little bit of common sense does not go astray even for a genius. How many famous libertarians killed themselves in this way, all too early and how many are still trying to do so? - Not every genius is lucky enough to be able to work like a writer, poet, painter, musician or sculptor, in a medium that is fully at his disposal. For instance, the inventor of an ideal utopia of societal arrangements would have to possess full experimental freedom and this is denied to him by territorial States. - JZ, 21.7.00.

GENIUS: Genius means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an un-habitual way.” - William James.

GENIUS: In every man of genius a new strange force is brought into the world.” - Havelock Ellis. – Alas, like most natural energies, most of these remain still unused or under-utilized. – JZ, 25.12.08. - CREATIVITY

GENIUS: It might be more fitly described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds and keeping them therein so long as the genius remains.” - Samuel Butler, Notebooks, 1912. - All the more necessary it becomes thus to establish an Ideas Archive and Talent and Genius Centre. – Also the kind of panarchies in which they would be recognized and free to be active in their particular strengths. - JZ, 21.7.00, 25.12.08, 15.8.13.

GENIUS: Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius.” - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Valley of Fear. - Only the talented can recognize genius. It takes talent to recognize genius. - JZ, 27.8.85 & 20.6.92. - TALENT

GENIUS: Society cannot contribute anything to the breeding and growing of ingenious men. A creative genius cannot be trained. There are no schools for creativeness. A genius is precisely a man who defies all schools and rules, who deviates from the traditional roads of routine and opens up new paths through land inaccessible before. A genius is always a teacher, never a pupil; he is always self-made.” - Ludwig von Mises – But significant talents can be greatly improved by training and education and both, the genius and the talent as well as their ideas need a special market. – JZ, 26.12.07. – We should and could spare them the plague and crime of compulsory education and of territorial laws and institutions and between them, geniuses and talents should establish a special market for their ideas and talents, e.g. in form of an Ideas Archive and Talent Centre associated that would bring together supply and demand in this sphere in a market-like and also profitable way, independent of public opinion and territorial laws and institutions. – If they wanted to, they could and should form their own exterritorial and autonomous international community – or as many as they like. Independence for them is even more important than for ordinary people. One republic or international society of original minds, thinkers and innovators – or many of them. They should certainly become independent of territorial voting systems – unless they engaged in the building of further mass extermination devices. – JZ, 23.1.08, 15.8.13. - EDUCATION, TRAINING, SOCIETY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, PANARCHISM, INNOVATORS, PIONEERS, REFORMERS, TALENTS & CREATIVITY

GENIUS: The essential definition of a genius, I think, is that he is a man who not only knows the laws of things, but experiences them in himself with self-evident certainty. This experience of pure being transcends even love.” - Oswald Schwartz, The Psychology of Sex. - The conception and initial development of a new idea in one's mind can lead to temporary or even prolonged ecstasy. - JZ, 21.7.00, 15.8.13.

GENIUS: The most gifted members of the human species are at their creative best when they cannot have their own way.” - Eric Hoffer, The Ordeal of Change, 1963. - While degrees of resistance may strengthen the creative thinking and determination of many innovators, overwhelming resistance has crushed many or wasted their time and energies to a large extent. Once perfect markets for ideas and talents are established, they will also multiply criticism and by it talents can let themselves be challenged as much as they like - but no more. - JZ, 21.7.00. – Hoffer here stated merely one of the popular errors and myths on the subject. – How often did people with genius get their chance to be as creative as they could be? –  How many or, rather, how few of them did get that chance? - JZ, 25.12.08. – Q.

GENIUS: There is a certain characteristic common to all those whom we call geniuses. Each of them has a consciousness of being a man apart.” - Miguel de Unamuno, Essays and Soliloquies, 1924. – But that feeling they have also in common with many foolish, ignorant and fanatic people. – JZ, 25.12.08.

GENIUS: To believe in your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men – that is genius.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. - THINKING YOUR OWN THOUGHTS, TRUSTING YOUR OWN MIND, RESPECTING ALL FACTS & SOUND IDEAS & RECOGNIZING THEM AS SUCH, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, JUDGMENT

GENIUS: We define genius as the capacity for productive reaction against one's training.” - Bernard Berenson, The Decline of Art. – Rather, going beyond one’s training, education and experience. – JZ, 24.12.08.

GENIUS: When a true genius appears in this world you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.” - Jonathan Swift, quoted by L. J. Peter in The Peter Plan, p.66.- IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENTS, IDEAS ARCHIVE & TALENT CENTRE

GENTLEMAN: It is almost a definition of a gentleman to say the he is one who never inflicts pain.” - Cardinal John Newman. – If this were quite true then no surgeon or dentist or sports trainer could be a gentleman. – He should have added: “unnecessarily, upon any rational being or dumb animal. – One cannot help stepping on some insects or worms or fighting some microbes or virus attacks. - JZ, 25.12.08.

GENTLENESS: Gentleness brings victory to him who attacks, and safety to him who defends.” - Lao Tzu in Lionel Giles translation. – Much more so than is realized by most of today’s military men and their “military science”. – To many of them do still subscribe to e.g. ABC mass murder devices and warfare in accordance with the “principle” of collective responsibility. – JZ, 25.12.08. – Shakespeare, Henry V., “For when lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winner.” - WAR AIMS, WARFARE, MILITIA, DEFENCE, DESERTION, PRISONER OF WAR TREATMENT, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, TYRANNICIDE RATHER THAN MASS MURDER, KINDNESS, NON-COMBATANTS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

GENTLENESS: Gentleness is far more successful in all its enterprises than violence; indeed, violence generally frustrates its own purposes, while gentleness scarcely ever fails.” – John Locke – The gentle treatment does not always work towards violent criminals, fanatics, tyrants, etc. – But to the extent that it can be effective it should be fully utilized. - JZ, 25.12.08. - NONVIOLENCE VS. VIOLENCE & CRUELTY, MASS MURDER, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, TOLERANCE

GENTLENESS: Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength. – Sitting Bull, quoted by Keith Parsons shared Flo Green's photo. - Facebook, 22.9.12. – Compare Shakespeare on lenity vs. cruelty, in his “Henry V.” – JZ - & STRENGTH

GENTLENESS: rigidity and strength are the way to death; pliability and gentleness the way to life.” - Lao-Tse, 76, in Medhurst 158. - Compare Shakespeare's Henry V: “For when lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winner.” - Love does not conquer all but full justice and liberty - could and should! - JZ, 24.7.00. - STRENGTH, WAR AIMS, TOLERANCE, NUCLEAR STRENGTH & DETERRENCE, DESERTION, MILITARY JU-JITSU, MILDNESS, NONVIOLENCE, MASS FRATERNIZATION, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES

GENTLENESS: Three things prize above all: gentleness, frugality, and humility. For the gentle can be bold, the frugal can be liberal, and the humble can become leaders of men.” - Lao Tzu.

GEOPOLITICS: geopolitics doesn’t matter.” - Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.23. Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4 – Positively it does not. Negatively it does, very much, with its wrongfulness and irrationality. – JZ, 13.6.08, 13.9.08. – TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM

GEORGE-ISM: But for the Single Tax, George-ism is all right! Every member of a community benefits in his production and consumption from the existence of other members in the community and has to that extent an "unearned" income. Not only the land-owners benefit from the existence of the community but every laborer and every businessman. And the land-owners contributes as well to the wealth of the community, either by investments on real estate or by preserving land for investments of still higher values. To say that only "the community" produces "unearned" values and that only land-owners benefit from them, ignores the facts. To tax the land-owners especially or exclusively does wrongly discriminate against them. Charging him for competitively supplied public services would be quite another matter. - JZ,  8.5.01, 1.2.02. – Taxation is not a solution in any sphere. – JZ, 23.12.08. - SINGLE TAX

GEORGE-ISM: George-ists hold that the Single Tax would do away with slums. But buildings age and so do cars and their owners get more careless - regardless, to a large extent, of costs involved (in the average), till the rundowns can be scrapped or acquired relatively cheaply for renewal. If there were no tax on new clothing, would no one resort to second-hand clothing? Should used clothing be heavily taxed, too, to keep it out of the hands of the poor? If new books were not taxed, would there be no market for used ones? The Single Tax is just one factor. It cannot explain or cure everything. And as a tax it is even an artificially imposed factor - unless it is collected as a service charge in a Proprietary Community. - JZ, 4.12.90. - SLUMS, SLUM CLEARING & THE SINGLE TAX

GEORGE-ISM: I like tigers, I dislike weasels. If you're going to be a predator, do it with style. Thus I like Marxist socialists who say just about this plainly: "Let's gang up and steal everything from everybody." But I dislike Georgist socialists who spout endless, slippery double-talk to avoid saying plainly, "Let's gang up and steal all immobile assets." - Pyrrho, THE CONNECTION 110, page 40, 6 March 83. - However, they want to do this only gradually and under all kinds of excuses, as supposedly the "rightful" taxing away of some (not all!) of the value of unimproved land. That is their particular land-reform spleen. Some of them, at least, have tried to practise this only tolerantly, upon bought land, and among the believers. To that extent their efforts are unobjectionable to libertarians. Apart from this hang-up, they are, generally, in favor of economic freedom, especially free trade. That should be recognized. - JZ, 16.7.00 - & MARXISM

GEORGE-ISM: If Georgists are so hot for freedom, how come they don't work to reduce all other taxes before applying their universal, total land-tax?” - Pyrrho, THE CONNECTION 98, p.39 of 13.9.81. – At least they criticize all other taxes! – JZ, 25.12.08. - TAXATION

GEORGE-ISM: If the boundary of the geoist community can be an individual - i.e. by allowing the "right of secession" - then no geoist community can collect a rent-tax on land unless it is given voluntarily.” - Filthy Pierre, THE CONNECTION 101, p.19, of 24 Jan. 82. - SECESSION, VOLUNTARISM, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, SINGLE TAX & GEOISM

GEORGE-ISM: In the U.S. today Georgism (or geoism) is a solution in search of a problem. Our real problem is that State and Federal Governments own 42% of land in U.S. (per NOMOS, May 85, page 38). Geoists would increase the problem by giving State control of the 58% that remains in freehold. (*) Of course, you claim collecting "rent" does not imply ownership, and "community organization" that collects it isn't the State, but that's bullshit.” - Jim Stumm, THE CONNECTION 131, p.6. - However, George-ism can be rightfully applied among volunteers, at their own expense and risk, on their properties, e.g. in form of "proprietary communities". Some other forms of George-ism have already been tolerantly practised and radical libertarians would welcome rather than object to such free experimentation in this sphere. -  (*) This "freehold" is already subject to local rates and x other government restrictions, impositions and burdens! - JZ, 18.7.00.

GEORGE-ISM: It is not a question of which tax does the least wrong and harm but one of the certainty that ALL taxes are as wrong and harmful as are imposed tributes - for all who do not consent to them. - Governments are very aware of this, much more so than their victims, for they do almost never submit the question of taxation, the kind of taxes and their level of taxation to a referendum. - JZ, 8.1.98 & 15.7.00, 15.8.13. - Naturally, in territorial States with compulsory membership people would not voluntarily pay for all the government spending that politicians like to engage in. However, in their own volunteer communities, exterritorially quite autonomous, they would willingly pay for all those services that they really do want for themselves and get competitively supplied by those they trust. Formally, they might raise these funds as compulsory taxes. But voluntary membership and the individual secession options would, in practice, turn them into voluntary contributions. - JZ, 15.7.00. - SINGLE TAX MOVEMENT

GEORGE-ISM: The single major wrong with George-ism is its "single tax". - JZ, 10.5.01. (Most George-ists do not share George-ism’s racism and belief in immigration restrictions. - JZ, 29.1.02.) – HENRY GEORGE& HIS SINGLE TAX, LAND REFORM

GEORGE-ISM: While I do not believe George-ists to be correct on all their points, at least they took themselves serious enough to organize some tolerant experiments with their single tax system and kept careful records of them, which fill many volumes. – JZ. – RIGHT TO ERR & MAKE MISTAKES, HENRY GEORGE

GERMAN CULTURE: Where would "German culture" be without its e.g. Greek, Roman, Italian, French, English, Irish, Scottish, Swiss, Netherland, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Jewish, and, yes, even Indian and Chinese contributions? What is good about it is, mostly, not unique but, rather, cosmopolitan. - JZ, 8.1.98, 15.8.13. - ANY NATIONAL CULTURE, COSMOPOLITANISM, INTERNATIONALISM

GERMAN FREEDOM WRITINGS: Although some Germans have made, are making and will make significant contributions to this kind of literature, all of their output is only a fraction of the whole and, by itself, insufficiently inspiring if one confines one's attention to it. Although German anarchists and libertarians have long been internationalists, on principle, most of them were insufficiently familiar with anarchistic and libertarian writings in other languages, which were also insufficiently accessible to them in the other languages or in German translations. Largely confined to their own freedom writings they have not been able to develop their freedom philosophy sufficiently, in many cases. - JZ, 3.12.91 & 23.7.00.

GERMAN UNIFICATION: Freedom of contract is needed for Eastern Germans, not merely Western type of territorially unified representative democratic government. - JZ, 23.5.91. - The illusions of freedom and rights are no substitute for genuine individual rights and liberties. Territorial unity is no guaranty for individual rights and liberties but rather a threat to them. - JZ, 22.7.00. - EASTERN EUROPE, PANARCHISM OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALLY ENFORCED ”NATIONS”

GERMAN WORLD CONQUEST SCHEMERS: Otto von Bismarck, 1863: “We will dominate the world.” – Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1914: “God has made us for civilizing the world. Woe and death to all who resist my will!” – Adolf Hitler: “My motto is: Destroy by all and any means. National Socialism will reshape the world.” – The Nazis also had a slogan: “Today we rule Germany – tomorrow the world.” – Politicians and military men do not and cannot represent the whole population, neither in Germany nor in any other country. - JZ, 12.10.12. – DOMINATION, CONQUESTS, IMPERIALISM, POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM, PRESIDENTS, RULERS

GERMANS & LOVE OF FREEDOM, RESEARCH OF THE JOHN STUART MILL INSTITUTE: Wall Photos - Wie halten es die Deutschen mit der Freiheit? Eine Untersuchung des John-Stuart-Mill-Institutes: - Who is to be blamed when totalitarian propaganda was and is still more effective than freedom and rights propaganda or enlightenment, although we have now more affordable and powerful options for it than ever before! E.g., a complete freedom library could fit onto a single large external HD, which has become very affordable hardware, too. And once burned, at least in some formats, these texts are safe from online attacks, as far as I know. Am I wrong in this? – JZ, 25.11.11, on Facebook. – NATIONALISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

GERMANY: Germans who were 21 by 1945, were born in 1924. They, as well as all those who were born after 1924 must be presumed innocent of all crimes committed by the Nazi Regime and its supporters, since they were not even grown up yet. Only in a few cases, like some juveniles today, were they, too, genuine violent criminals. Thus almost the only people, who might be guilty of some of the crimes committed under that regime, were born before 1924 and would by now, be already at least 77 years old. Presumably more than half of them are already dead by now. While I sympathize with none of the murderous activists among them, our attention and resources should rather be directed to prevent the occurrence or continuance of similar crimes in ALL countries. Some major steps in this direction would be the public recognition of the wrongfulness of almost all collective responsibility ideas and practices and the replacement of all territorial regimes by governments and communities of volunteers under exterritorial autonomy only. The development and publication of as perfect a declaration of individual rights and liberties as could and should by now be provided and the organization of ideal volunteer militias for the protection of these rights and liberties. The introduction of full monetary and financial freedom, combined with laissez faire economics, at least among all those who already recognize their rightfulness and utility, could do, likewise, much to help prevent or end dictatorships. The optimal use of alternative, affordable and efficient alternative media to speed up the process of enlightenment could also make a significant contribution. - JZ, 12.7.00. - WAR GUILT ASSUMPTION, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, WAR CRIMES, NAZI REGIME, HITLER REGIME, TOTALITARIANISM, ENLIGHTENMENT, FULL EMPLOYMENT, MONETARY FREEDOM

GERMANY: Germany is "a beautiful country to live out of." - Karl Marx. – NATIONALISM, CHAUVINISM, TERRITORIALISM

GERMANY'S ECONOMIC WONDER: Germany's economic wonder wasn't so wonderful and wasn't so free as most people believe. It wasn't wonderful enough because it wasn't free enough! - JZ, 23.10.76. - Moreover, the "wonders" or economic freedom are not wonderful but automatic consequences of individual rights and liberties, especially economic ones. - JZ, 24.7.00. – Even their fractional practice can already produce much prosperity. – JZ, 15.8.13.

GESELL, SILVIO: We have had many depreciating national monopoly money currencies for decades and they haven’t done us any good. – JZ, 12.6.96. – But he was right insofar, as the money of monetary despotism, the governments’ forced and exclusive currencies, can and will often be hoarded to excess. He based his proposal on that and not on the fact that people, under this despotism and monopoly, are then obviously not free to replace the missing and sound exchange media and value standards by their own free and sound issues and value standard choices. Gesell assumed that it would suffice to get the hoarded monopoly money moving again, by inflicting a small but frequent and periodical fine on hoarding it. Thus he assumed, wrongly, that if the government’s exclusive and force paper money circulated faster, then it would and could serve well enough, although it would still remain a monopoly money with legal tender power. I do not know whether he proposed to inflict a penalty even on the hoarding of gold and silver coins. Some of his supporters wanted to impose it also on deposits and cashless payments. - However, in spite of many flaws in their ideas and proposals, Gesellians, too, should also have been freed to try all their varied proposals at their own risk and expense among themselves. – JZ, 6.10.08. - HIS DEMURRAGE MONEY OR STAMP SCRIP


GET OUT OF THE WAY: Establish a basic standard of life and labour … Once that is done, set the people free - get out of the way, and let them all make the best of themselves, and win whatever prizes they can for their families and for their country. …” - Churchill in House of Commons, 28 October 1947. - Quoted as motto for the anthology: Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, 1985. - The first sentence hardly indicates sufficient knowledge and appreciation of economic individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 24.7.00. - SET THE PEOPLE FREE, SET INDIVIDUAL FREE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, MARKET ECONOMIC WITH OR WITHOUT "WELFARE NET"?

GET OUT OF THE WAY: Get out of their way and also let them get out of your way. - JZ, 6.12.76. - Consider your exterritorial and voluntaristic alternatives. - JZ, 24.7.00. - TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, INITIATIVE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, PANARCHISM

GIFT-SHOPS: Why are gift-shops so numerous and prosperous in Australia? To me it seems that most people have already all the necessities and basic luxuries. Thus for presents the buyers have to turn to beautiful things, superfluous ones and expensive trinkets and luxuries. Widespread wealth is also indicated by many food shops selling luxury foods and by the fact that so many still useful items ends up in the garbage so that locally we have a huge hall in Moss Vale filled with such recycled items, including thousands of books. – Who would throw books into the garbage, rather than donating them to any of many charity shops? Apparently, many people do. – The percentage of people going out for their meals instead of preparing them themselves – much more cheaply - at home, is also ever rising. - JZ, 21.12.03, 19.9.08. - STANDARD OF LIVING, PRESENTS, AFFLUENCE, WASTE

GIFTS: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. Especially government Greeks.” - Michael F. Flynn, The Washer at the Ford, ANALOG, 6/89, p.50. - GOVERNMENTS, GREEKS, WELFARE STATE

GIFTS: Nothing costs so much as what is given us.” - Fuller, 1732. - Hyman, Quotes, 273. - HAND-OUTS, CHARITY, SUBSIDIES, FREE OF CHARGE, WELFARE STATE

GIFTS: Of governments bearing gifts beware. They are likely to tax you at least to twice the amount of their "gifts" and their commissions are immense, too. - JZ, 26.12.76 & 20.7.00. - Compare the old saying: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. –David Friedman’s remarked also on this. - TAXATION, SPENDING, HANDOUTS, SUBSIDIES, WELFARE STATE

GIGANTISM: Chaos reigns everywhere both in Communist and Capitalist Worlds on all fronts, social, economic and political, since both these parts of the World have as their goal, gigantism in every department of life.” - D. M. Kulkarni, INDIAN LIBERTARIAN, 5/75. – Both, communism and capitalism can be voluntary and decentralized, too. They are not necessarily mixed with territorialism. – JZ, 5.12.08. - CHAOS, CENTRALIZATION, POWER, GREATNESS, SIZE, BIGNESS, OVERSIZE, COLLECTIVISM, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, HUMAN SCALE, DECENTRALIZATION

GIVING VS. EARNING: No one should ever give (*) the people what they want. What if the president of a college would say: "Give the students what they want"? He would be laughed out of existence.” - Morris Ernst, speech, St. Louis, 16 July 1964. - "Allowing" other people to acquire what they want, at their own expense, labor and risk, is quote another matter. - JZ, 3.7.82 & 24.7.00. - WELFARE STATE, HAND-OUTS, CHARITY, BUYING OR PAYING FOR WHAT ONE WANTS, ALTRUISM VS. EGOISM & SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GLOBAL VILLAGE: What sin is there in living the life you would have lived before communication within the global village became too good?” - Bob Shaw, Ground Zero Man, p.160. – Is it “too good”? Did it not become good already in some countries? - People sufficiently freed, informed and with a self-responsible attitude can become well off almost anywhere, without any other foreign aid and investments and without the information revolution. Americans, once, in this way, reached the top of the ladder in living standards. Since then territorial statism and interventionism has taken over there, too. - JZ, 24.5.00, 25.11.10. - RESPONSIBILITY, CRISES, APATHY, INDIFFERENCE, COMMUNICATION

GLOBAL WARMING: Almost nothing is so fast forgotten as are past prices and temperatures. Miranda Devine, in THE TELEGRAPH.COMAU, January 16, 2013, p.13, countered this by a 1-page survey of the past, from 1826, almost to 2013, just leaving out the later entries because they are all too repetitive. Hot days are far from being unique and extraordinary for our days times and have certainly nothing to do with the supposedly existing and “proven” “global warming”, which is also wrongly ascribed to human CO2 production, in a quite unscientific way, ignoring facts and relying, instead, on computer programs and their “findings”. GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out – still happens and supports a lot of more wrongful government interventions and taxes. – JZ, 14.2.13.

GLOBALIZATION: are the problems of the global economy the result of how it works, or of the fact that it is prevented from working? … They were classical problems of government failure. They were not essentially problems of market failure.” - Margaret Thatcher, Statecraft, 2002, HarperCollins, p.463. –

GLOBALIZATION: As Warren Bennis, in his book “Organizing Genius”, puts it: “None of us is as smart as all of us.” - Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.86, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4

GLOBALIZATION: Despite globalization, people are still attached to their culture, their language and a place called home. And they will sing for home, cry for home, fight for home and die for home. Which is why globalization does not, and will not, end geopolitics.” - Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.250, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4 – A home is per se independent of a national territory. One’s language and culture one can take into other countries. More and more people are emigrants or expatriates or manage to live, part-time, every year, in several countries. (Jet-setters, internationalists.) Exterritorially they can flourish anywhere – among their supporters, their clients, customers, viewers, listeners, readers and fans. In wars only very rarely did people fight for their homes, although their misleaders told them that they did. Geopolitics will be ended by the practice of individual and minority sovereignty, under personal laws, starting with their free individual and group secessionism and followed by quite voluntary associationism, not confined to any territory in the world. The Irish (also a wrongful generalization! –JZ, 15.8.13.), for example, can be just as Irish e.g. in Australia, the USA and in Canada, to the extent that they want to be, as far as their culture is concerned. – People often do not even really know all of their neighborhood, all their neighbors, far less all of their city, all its people and those of a whole “country” or “nation”. – To that extent are nationalism, patriotism, fatherland, motherland and countrymen mere fictions. – In many to most territorial State countries several languages or at least several dialects exist – also several kinds of culture. – Their borders are mostly the products of wars or of natural barriers which were, formerly difficult to overcome. Now we tunnel under them or fly or ship over them. – But the territorial State have, in their own interest, established artificial barriers for the movement of people and goods. – By nature the whole world is one habitat, one market for all men. - JZ, 13.9.08, 23.12.08. GEOPOLITICS, , CULTURE, LANGUAGE, HOME, COSMOPOLITANISM, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM

GLOBALIZATION: Globalization has been the engine of unprecedented economic growth and we must never lose sight of that. Indeed, as Treasury Secretary Larry Summers points out, thanks in large part to increasing globalization more than one quarter of humanity is not enjoying growth at rates in which their living standards will quadruple within a generation … While it is the engine of greater long-term prosperity for every country that plugs into the globalization system, it is also the engine of greater dislocations in the short run.” - Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.442, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4 - The dislocations are not due to Globalization but, rather, due to the remaining territorialist restrictions, interventions and prohibitions and their consequences. In all countries central banking is still predominant and holds up world-wide progress by suppressing monetary freedom. Interventions with capital investments in foreign countries and by foreigners in the own are still all too common. There is still no quite free capital market. Nation-wide official tribute- and redistribution schemes still predominate. The number of wrongful and irrational interventionist laws is still enormous, everywhere. We are still very far from Free Trade and Free Migration. Globalization is still all too incomplete. A quite free worldwide market for all goods and services, including all kinds of governmental and societal services does not yet exist. Free enterprise and consumer sovereignty are still all too restricted and minorities in almost all countries are still suppressed, sometimes even majorities are. There is still not agreement on all individual rights and liberties, not even a sufficient interest for them. Too many individual rights and liberties are still under the chains, prohibitions, thumbs or even thumbscrews and other “tortures” of territorial governments. – JZ, 13.9.08, 25.11.10.

GLOBALIZATION: Globalization is a process of meshing all the markets of the world into one single, seamless market. And a prerequisite of freedom of trade between countries is freedom of trade within countries.” – Thomas Larsson, The Race to the Top, The Real Story of Globalization, Cato Institute, 2001, p.129.

GLOBALIZATION: Globalization would mean, among other things, free migration for the poor and their unrestricted access to the cheapest goods in the world, i.e., nothing they would have a good reason to complain about. - JZ, 27.9.00. It would free the better-off people in the world to bid for the goods produced by and the services offered by the poor, driving up their returns and incomes, not only with monopoly monies but with the sound monies of monetary freedom, abundantly supplied. The enemies of globalization are simply protectionists in new camouflage clothing. The only rightful complaint they could make would be that Free Trade, free migration, free investments, world-wide, should not be managed, controlled or restricted in any way by any government or governmental body or other legally privileged group. Free Traders were always opposed to such intervention. To oppose the mere public discussion of an extension of Free Trade, by anyone, via mass demonstrations is an absurdity, a sign of superstitious and ignorant barbarism. Sensible demonstrators would rather demand: Free Trade, Free Migration, Free Investments and Monetary and Financial Freedom NOW, instead of being postponed or remaining all too restricted for another few years or decades! All who joined the anti-globalization movement do thereby merely revealed their ignorance, prejudices and immorality or lack of knowledge of individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 17.9.00, 31.1.02, 15.8.13.

GLOBALIZATION: I believe that this new system of globalization – in which walls between countries, markets and disciplines are increasingly being blown away – constitutes a fundamentally new state of affair.” - Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p. 23, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4 – It just means the rediscovery of e.g. Free Trade, Free Migration and Free Investments and of international natural laws, a “loss” of imposed chains. – JZ, 13.9.08.

GLOBALIZATION: I believe the poor are poor not because of too much globalization but because of too little.” – Kofi Annan, Sec. Gen. of the U.N.

GLOBALIZATION: If we want to fight global inequality, we should lower these [trade] barriers, and allow agriculture to do for Africa what textiles and micro-chips have done for Asia.” – British foreign secretary Jack Straw, “Globalization is Good for Us”, in Donnellen, 2002, p. 17. - FREE TRADE, TRADE BARRIERS & THE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA,

GLOBALIZATION: My country is the world. My countrymen are all mankind.” – Today, tens of millions of people all around the world are trying to test this sentiment expressed by citizen Paine in the 18th century”, says the Travel Industry World Yearbook.” - John Naisbitt, Global Paradox, p.156. - OR FREE TRADE, FREE MIGRATION? IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, ECONOMIC REFUGEES, PASSPORT & VISA RESTRICTIONS, COMPULSORY LICENSING SCHEMES, DEPORTATIONS, FREE INVESTMENTS, FREE ENTERPRISE, VS. TERRITORIAL NATIONALISM

GLOBALIZATION: The era of great globalisation began after WWII. In the Pacific the allied victory led to the emergence of a free and democratic Japan. This was followed by the rise of Asia’s ‘tiger’ economies and its success is now inspiring leaders from Belgrade to Bogota to do the same for their people. (*) The ‘tiger’ economies were Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, and their dramatic success should teach us that we should never write off a country as hopeless. None of these societies had a natural resource to speak of. Two are British colonies, the other two were part of split nations that were more or less at war with their neighbours for decades. They also endured decades of autocratic rule. - Rupert Murdoch, in a speech, undated, beginnings, taken from a transcript, p.2. - (*) Rather, to meddle less and get out of their way! – JZ 8.4.12. – While some territorial regimes are more free than others and thus more successful, none of them are quite free. – JZ, 10.1.13. - POSITIVE SIGNS OF THE TIMES, JAPAN, TIGER ECONOMIES OF HONG KONG, SINGAPORE, SOUTH KOREA & TAIWAN

GLOBALIZATION: The fortissimo hosannas of those, who regarded the global market as a benign universal deity – immortal, invisible, omniscient, omnipotent.” - FRANCIS WHEEN, How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World, A Short History of Modern Delusions, Harper Perennial, London, 2004, p.234. – Most of the advocates imagined that they could achieve it e.g. without fully free trade, full monetary and financial freedom and free choice of governments and societies, while most of its enemies wrongly assumed that it was ever and anywhere already fully realized and ascribed the remaining flaws to it rather than to the numerous wrongful government interventions with it. However, volunteers should be free to try to make a good living without it or without many significant parts of it. – JZ, 16.2.12, 19.2.12, 15.8.13. – Wheen added his own “mumbo-jumbo” views as truths, to those, which he managed to refute. No single author can compile a sufficiently comprehensive encyclopedia of refutations of popular errors, myths and prejudices, simply because he still shares all too many of them. – JZ, 12.4.12. – Please, do point out mine – to me, but with facts and good arguments, not just unproven assertions and assumptions or conclusions. – JZ, 15.8.13. - WORLD MARKET, FREE TRADE, COSMOPOLITANISM, INTERNATIONALISM, GLOBALISM

GLOBALIZATION: The main losers in today’s very unequal world are not those who are too (? – JZ) exposed to globalization, but those who have been left out.” – Kofi Annan, sec. gen. of the UN., in his address to the UNCTAD delegates. Governments [of rich countries’ all favor free trade in principle, but too often they lack the political strength to confront those within their own countries who have come to rely on protectionist arrangements.” - Thomas Larsson, The Race to the Top, The Real Story of Globalization, Cato Institute, 2001, p.128.

GLOBALIZATION: The problem today is that there is not too much globalization, but too little.” – Martin Wolf, Why Globalization Works, mentioned in LFB review, Fall 2004.

GLOBALIZATION: The world was not represented on the streets of Seattle. The truth is, most of the world's population was inside the conference room in Seattle, not outside. It was developing countries, like us, who want a fairer share of the pie, not to destroy the pie. I can't grow unless I integrate with the global economy, but the trade rules by the developed countries are unfair.” - Youssef Boutros-Ghali, Egyptian Minister of Economy – For all trade to be really free all territorial governments must get out of its way. Without territorial governments we would not have any significant arms trade, either, apart from that with some effective self-defence weapons. Nor would we then have production centers form mass extermination devices and any official or underground trade in them. – JZ, 1.9.08.

GLOBALIZATION: To paraphrase German political theorist Carl Schmitt, the Cold War was a world of “friends” and “enemies”. The globalization world, by contrast, tends to turn friends and enemies into ‘competitors’.” - Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.12, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4 – COMPETITION

GLOBALIZATION: What an extraordinary episode in the economic progress of man that age was which came to an end in August 1914! The inhabitant of London could order by telephone, sipping his morning tea in bed, the various products of the whole earth, in such quantity as he might see fit, and reasonably expect their early delivery on his doorstep; he could at the same moment and by the same means adventure his wealth in the natural resources and new enterprises of any quarter of the world, and share without exertion or even trouble, in their prospective fruits and advantages, or he could decide to couple the security of his fortunes with the good faith of the townspeople of any substantial municipality in any continent that fancy or information might recommend. – He could secure forthwith, if he wished it, cheap and comfortable means of transit to any country and climate without passport or other formality, could dispatch his servant to the neighbouring office of a bank for such supply of the precious metals as might seem convenient, and could then proceed abroad to foreign quarters, without knowledge of their religion, language, or customs, bearing coined wealth upon his person, and would consider himself greatly aggrieved and much surprised at the least interference. But, most important of all, he regarded this state of affairs as normal, certain and permanent, except in the direction of further improvement, and any deviation from it as aberrant, scandalous and avoidable. – John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace, written immediately after WWI. – Keynes looked back at a lost world in which the internationalization of social and economic life ‘was almost complete’. - Francis Wheen, How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World, Harper Perennials, 2004, p.254. - PROGRESS, FREE TRADE, DEVELOPMENT, PASSPORTS, FREE MIGRATION, FREE INVESTMENTS

GLOBALIZATION: Whatever you’ve got, no matter how big or small – sell it, trade it, barter it, leverage it, rent it, but do something with it to turn a profit, improve your standard of living and get into the game. – Thomas L. Friedman, NEW YORK TIMES COLUMNIST, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, 1999. – Economically use every remaining liberty and right – and expand their number and extent! – JZ, 16.8.13. - PROFIT, TRADE, CAPITALISM, FREE TRADE, FREE EXCHANGE

GLOBALIZATION: When our economies are entwined we will not fight.” – Unknown. - Quoted in: Ken Schoolland, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, Leap Publishing, Cape Town, with Commentaries by Ken Schoolland and Janette Eldrige, 1981ff, 2004 ed., p. 24. - FREE TRADE

GLORY OF WAR: Every glorification of anyone who was killed in a war means three deaths in the next war.” - Kurt Tucholsky. – The territorial nationalism, which leads to mass slaughters, should become despised rather than glorified. – JZ, 25.12.08. - HERO-CULT, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, WARS, SLAUGHTERS, MASS MURDERS, GLORY

GLORY OF WAR: If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood / Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs / My friend, you would not tell with such high zest / To children ardent for some desperate glory / The old Lie: Dulce et decocum est / Pro patria mori.” – Wilfred Owen, “Dulce et decorum est”, 1917, poem, written after a gas attack. - DIS

GLORY OF WAR: they had learned that there is no room for glory in the grave. – Wilbur Smith, When the Lion Feeds, Pan Books Ltd., London, 1966-1973, p.87. – SOLDIERING, MILITARY SERVITUDE

GLORY OF WAR: We had to jump from corpse to corpse. If we stepped in the mud on either side, we’d get stuck. We had to use the dead face-down because if we stepped on their stomachs our feet would sink in. It was disgusting. It was terrible. We were surrounded by death.” – Marcel Batreau, survivor of Verdun, interviewed for the BBC television program “The People’s Century”, 1995. –

GOALS: For the purpose of this discussion, it is not necessary again to polarize the issues in terms of whether men are, by their nature, "inherently good" or "inherently bad". It is sufficient to observe only that men are, by nature, disposed to act in pursuit of goals that they have set for themselves, that they will voluntarily organize themselves in order to realize those goals, (*) and that all men disapprove of their own victimization and thus seek means of preventing it. The problem, then, is not one of choosing either "imposed order" or "disorder," but of recognizing that a system of "imposed order" fosters "disorder", and of seeking methods of social order that most people desire in order to facilitate the goal-directed activity of each person.” - B. D. Shaffer, Violence as a Product of Imposed Order, p.40. - (*) Territorial anarchist and libertarian voluntary organization still leaves much to be desired and most of the necessary jobs for our liberation undone. - JZ, 24.7.00. - MAN, PURPOSE, AIM, SELF-INTEREST, COOPERATION, VOLUNTARISM, VICTIMIZATION, ORDER, DISORDER, IMPOSED ORDER, SOCIAL ORGANIZATION, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM", GOODNESS & SIN, TOLERANCE, FREE CHOICE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, COMPETITION, TERRITORIALISM

GOALS: The American surgeon, Dr. Charles A Mayo, 1865-1939, along with his brothers, established the Mayo Clinic in 1889. It gained international fame. Wrote this genius: "Worry affects the circulation, the heart, the glands, the whole nervous system. I have never known a man who died from overwork, but many who died from doubt." - True, many die from doubt, defeated by years of hopelessness, having no goals to encourage life's advancement. "Doubt is brother devil to despair." It is clear that we should steer clear of doubt. How? Have faith in intellectual, moral and spiritual growth. "Faith is the subtle chain that binds us to the infinite." - Leonard E. Read, How Do We Know? p.88. - WORK, STRESS, FAITH, DOUBT, HOPE, WRONG, KNOWLEDGE, IDEAS ARCHIVE, PROGRAMS

GOALS: There is not way to achieve a unitary national Goal except by nullifying individual ones.” - Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 7/75, p.438. - COLLECTIVE & TERRITORIAL & GOVERNMENTAL ONES VS. INDIVIDUAL ONES, AIMS, PURPOSES, NATIONAL AIMS & PURPOSES?

GOALS: We will either find a way, or make one.” - Hannibal. - He did it the hard way, instead of building better ships. - JZ, 29.1.02. - WAY, SOLUTIONS, AIMS, MEANS, ENDS

GOD COMPLEX: Government, when it is examined, turns out to be nothing more nor less than a group of fallible men with the political force to act as though they were infallible." - Robert LeFevre, in his essay, Aggression is Wrong – SUPERIORITY COMPLEX OF GOVERNMENTS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, TERRITORIALISM

GOD COMPLEX: The God complex, … forcing human lives into a mold whether they want to be fitted into it or not. – Harry Harrison, Planet of the Damned, 1967ff, Orbit 1991 edition, p.27. - PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, LEAVE ALONE, GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, SUPERIORITY COMPLEX

GOD PARTICLE, NUCLEAR PHYSICS: CERN LHC – We have discovered what nothingness is made of. – Higgs Boson – It’s quite something! – Facebook, 6.7.12. - John Zube : So they have something to say about nothing. How much does each of their words cost the involuntary tax-payers? And if they really fooled around with a "god particle" and things went wrong, then our universe might collapse or become transformed into another one - and they would be the greatest mass murderers of human history. However, there would be no survivors to complain. One can be too uncritically curious as a scientist and thus create non-weapons like nuclear bombs and rockets, which, although they are mass murder-devices and anti-people "weapons", are still stockpiled in readiness by our supposed "protectors". Would it be a consolation for us, dissolved into particles or energies, when as a result a new universe would be started? – GOD COMPLEX, SUPERIORITY COMPLEX, NATURAL SCIENTISTS & MORALITY, NWT, MASS MURDER DEVICES

GOD: A “jealous” God (Exodus 20:5, Deut. 5:9) is not a benevolent God. Nor is a benevolent and just God likely to avenge wrong deeds upon the children of up to the fourth generation. (Ibid.) – How could people come to worship and pray to such a God or Gods? – Isn’t it high time to remove all the unholy parts out of the supposedly holy scriptures? – They sanctioned the greatest crimes of human beings against other human beings for all too long. – After thousands of years of extreme abuses the true believers ought to finally decide whether there are, e.g., for or against tyrannicide, for or against collective responsibility. - JZ, 7.1.05, 24.10.07. - CHRISTIANITY, JUDAISM, BIBLE, HOLY SCRIPTURES & THEIR IMMORAL PRECEDENTS

GOD: A cruel joker rather than a divine father. – Compare e.g. the prostate troubles and birthing complications he, she or it “created”. - JZ, 12.7.12.

GOD: A false friend, an unjust judge, a braggart, hypocrite, and tyrant, sincere in hatred, jealous, vain and revengeful, false in promise, honest in curse, suspicious, ignorant, infamous and hideous--such is the God of the Pentateuch. - Robert Ingersoll - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

GOD: A false notion, definition, explanation and excuse.” - JZ, 15.4.99.

GOD: A fat prelate in Rome, London, New York, or Sydney, his belly lined with good food, claims greater knowledge of God than was possessed by Pasteur, by Newton, by Gowland Hopkins, by Einstein or by Rutherford.” - Sir Mark Oliphant, 12.10.63.

GOD: A God all mercy is a God unjust.” - Edward Young, Night Thoughts, 1742-46, 4.233. - Moreover, by showing mercy for criminals he neglects, like our laws, to show it for the crime victims. - JZ, 13.7.00. - INJUSTICE & MERCY

GOD: A God that permits nuclear war devices, i.e., anti-people mass murder "weapons" and any government that builds them or buys them or keeps them in readiness for use at any time or which allies itself with such governments, does deserve neither our loyalty nor obedience nor taxes or other sacrifices e.g., of our time, in worship or to honor it. - JZ, 7.4.93, 12.7.00, 15.8.13. - On the contrary, we should attempt to resist all such regimes and their faiths and ideologies by all rightful and suitable means. - JZ, 12.7.00. - GOVERNMENT & MASS MURDER DEVICES

GOD: A God that requires worship is thereby characterized as imperfect. - JZ, 20.9.94. – To believe that he needs to be worshipped amounts to blasphemy in at least some of the terms and concepts of the believers. – JZ, 26.12.08. – WORSHIP, A BLASPHEMY FOR A SUPPOSEDLY PERFECT BEING DOES NOTHER NEED NOR WANTS IT.

GOD: A God that wants to be revered and worshipped isn't all that majestic and super-human. - JZ, 23.5.96. - WORSHIP

GOD: A God who has not given us sufficient reasoning powers to deny his existence - would not be worth worshipping. - JZ 5.3.95. – WORSHIP FOR OR FAITH IN AN IMPERFECT BEING?

GOD: A God, who created all too many diseases, still incurable, and of humans, who are made sick or even killed by them, is certainly not a friend of mankind, a being to be worshipped or a good father for his “children”. He, she or it might rather be considered as our enemy number one. – JZ, 16.4.13. - Or as the worst torturer ever. – JZ, 28.4.13.

GOD: A jealous lover of human liberty, deeming it the absolute condition of all that we admire and respect in humanity, I reverse the phrase of Voltaire and say, IF GOD REALLY EXISTED, IT WOULD BE NECESSARY TO ABOLISH HIM.” - Bakunin, God and the State, 1871. – Victor Koman, a libertarian, some years ago, wrote a science fiction novel on the abolition of God. – Is all libertarian SF by now listed together, somewhere? – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOD: A man without God is like a fish without a bicycle.” - Found in the men's room, on the wall, of Larry Blake's Pub, in Berkeley, 1977. - Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger, p.98.

GOD: A mystery in explanation of a mystery is not a rational solution.” - C. Haldeman-Julius, Q & A., 11th series, p. 84. - CREATION

GOD: A sacrifice to this nuts and bolts god would not be a sacrifice but more of a business deal, where you would get value in return. - D. Z., 10.4.77, on the Super-Computer "God". – SUPER-COMPUTER PROJECT, PEACE PLANS 20, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE

GOD: A vengeful, pitiless, and almighty fiend, / Whose mercy is a nickname for the rage / Of tameless tigers hungering for blood.” - P. B. Shelley, Queen Mab, IV, 1813.

GOD: A: What are you doing? B: Still building God! - JZ, 22.1.88. - See my essay on this in PEACE PLANS 20. My efforts towards an Ideas Archive, Panarchism, an ideal Human Rights Declaration, Libertarian Microfiche Publishing, a genuinely Cultural Revolution, a Libertarian Encyclopedia, Libertarian Library, Libertarian Information Service, Libertarian Bibliography, Abstracts & Review Collection as well as an integrated Alphabetical Index, libertarian text-only CD-ROM publishing, Flow Chart Discussions, an Encyclopedia of the Best Refutations of Popular Myths, Errors and Prejudices (), the Slogans for Liberty Encyclopedia, a Handbook on the most suitable wordings for making any good case (RED.), an Encyclopedia of the multiple definitions for every significant word, an encyclopedic compilation of thought-provoking questions (Q.) - are all related to the project of combining all essential human wisdom and to make it readily accessible, under the assumption that sufficient knowledge will prove to be sufficiently influential. - JZ, 19.7.00. – NEW DRAFT

GOD: According to literal Christianity, Jesus was God and the son of Mary; the Holy Ghost was God and the husband or at least the impregnator of Mary. Therefore, God is his own father. But God is also the father of all humanity, including Mary, so God is the father of his mother, and thus his own grandfather. …” - Robert Anton Wilson, DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, No.13. - JOKES

GOD: According to that Holy Book, Jehovah was a believer in witchcraft, and said to his chosen people: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." (Ex. 22:18) - This one commandment - this simple line - demonstrates that Jehovah was not only not God, but that he was a poor, ignorant, superstitious savage. This one line proves beyond all possible doubt that the Old Testament was written by men, by barbarians.” - Robert Ingersoll, Superstition. - WITCHCRAFT & THE BIBLE

GOD: After all, is our idea of God anything more than personified incomprehensibility?” - G. C. Lichtenberg, Reflections, 1799. - Could an all-wise and all powerful being think of nothing better to do? - JZ, 12.7.86.

GOD: All gods hitherto have been sanctified, re-baptized devils. “- F. W. Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1886. - THE DEVIL

GOD: All Gods were immortal.” - Stanislaw J. Lec. – But most of them seem to have either died nevertheless or were simply forgotten. – Mencken wrote an interesting article about the numerous and, largely, forgotten gods of the past. – But e.g. Hindus still seem to believe in many different gods. – JZ, 4.1.08.

GOD: All religions are ancient monuments to superstition, ignorance, ferocity; and modern religions are only ancient follies rejuvenated.” - Baron D'Holbach, “Le bon sens, ou Idees naturelles opposees aux idees surnaturelles”, 1772, p.120. - RELIGIONS

GOD: All statements that contain the world God are false. … Only statements that do not contain the word God can be true. … If this statement applies to itself, … it cannot be true, because it contains the world God. But if it is not true … At this point, Devadasa broke his begging-bowl upon Somasiri’s head, and should therefore  be honoured as the true founder of Zen. - Arthur C. Clarke, The Foundations of Paradise, Victor Gollancz Ltd, London, 1979, first VGSF edition, 1989, second, 1992, ISBN 0 575 04590 6, page 113.

GOD: All the gods … are a very, very long way from here.” – Robert J. Sawyer, Starplex, p.215.

GOD: All you gods? What have you done to us?’ – Isaac Asimov & Robert Silverberg, Nightfall. Pan Books, London, Sydney & Auckland, 1990, 1991, p. 224. – All ye faithful! – What have you done to us? – JZ, 14.10.04.

GOD: All your Western theologies, the whole mythology of them are based on the concept of God as a senile delinquent.” - Tennessee Williams, The Night of the Iguana, 1961.

GOD: Almost everyone who has read history in a more than casual manner knows that when the great figure of God appears in a controversy, the shooting cannot be far off.” - Stewart H. Holbrook, - RELIGION & WAR

GOD: Almost two thousand years, and no new god!” - Friedrich Nietzsche. – The territorial State is the new god and it requires more blood sacrifices than any of the previous ones. – JZ, 4.1.08.

GOD: An apology for the Devil: It must be remembered that we have only heard one side of the case. God has written all the books.” – Samuel Butler, 1835-1902, Notebook, 1912. - SATAN, DEVIL, FALLEN ANGEL

GOD: An atheist is one who is quite sure there is no Higher Intelligence; if there is any doubt on the matter, you are not an atheist but an agnostic. God, by definition, is the only being who can be quite sure there is no higher intelligence than Hirself. Therefore, God is the only real atheist. Others must be theists or agnostics.” - Robert Anton Wilson, in DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, No 13.

GOD: An honest God is the noblest work of Man.” - William Green Ingersoll, 1833-1900, Gods, Part 1. (See also 250:16.) – Alas, he seems to keep all his knowledge and wisdom a secret, especially from those, who do believe in him. – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOD: And at last sentience will create God.” – Poul Anderson, The Day of their Return, p. 8, Corgi Books, 1978. – Rather, as many self-governing “Gods” as there are sentients. - JZ, 27.3.03. – For what would reasonable beings need a God? – JZ, 25.9.07.

GOD: And God created man in his own image - male and female he created them. - Genesis, I, 27. - "God must therefore be either sexless or an hermaphrodite as Honore de Balzac suggested in Seraphita.” - Ralph Borsodi, Education & Living, note, page 329.

GOD: And I am amused by the puzzled look on the faces of those who ask: "Do you believe in God?" when the response is: "What do you mean?" - I have yet to meet any "believer" who does know what, in reality, the word "God" denotes.” - Judith M. James, Mangerton, NSW, in THE BULLETIN, 1.4.80.

GOD: And I knew the Martians were right, and papa too, for he had said the same thing. If there was a God, Who made everything and was in charge of it, that was what He must be like. A God of destruction and devouring. A God of Death. That was all that went on everywhere. That God ruled everywhere I had yet set foot.” - Colin Greenland, Harm’s Way, HarperCollins Publishers, 1993, p. 212.

GOD: Any God worth believing in could make up a better plan than the mess the world was in now. - Orson Scott Card, of Shadow of the Giant, p.38 - - 2005.

GOD: Anyone who can worship a trinity and insist that his religion is a monotheism can believe anything - thus give him time to rationalize it.” - Robert Heinlein, Job, p.240.

GOD: Anyone who wants to be worshipped - and that by the usual religious crowds, must be out of his mind. - J.Z, 7.7.00. – WORSHIP

GOD: Are the pious still men and women or merely serfs of an absentee landlord? – JZ, 19.5.08. – Q., JOKES

GOD: Are we cheating God by living forever? - Wil McCarthy, The Collapsium, Gollancz, London, 2001, p.213. - At least 90 to 99% of all religious notions are nonsensical. – If he, she, it existed, we could and would compete. As, supposedly, his or her children, we would be immortal anyhow. - JZ, n.d. & 29.2.12. And this not only with our supposed “souls”. JZ,  12.1.13. – HIS CHILDREN & IMMORTALITY RELIGION, FAITH, BELIEFS, CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, GOD & IMMORTALITY

GOD: Aren't you too intelligent to believe in God? - Free after Ayn Rand, as quoted by Bill Buckley: "You are too intelligent to believe in God." - BELIEF & INTELLIGENCE

GOD: As a man is, so is God.” – Baruch Spinoza, Tractatus Theologico-politicus, 1670, Ch. 2. – “Spinoza … noting that the image of God changes with the different character of each of God’s prophets.” - MAN

GOD: As far as I can see, all the gods ever did for man was spoil his fun and stifle his dreams.” - Marie Jakober, The Mind Gods, p.96.

GOD: As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods; They kill us for their sport.” - Shakespeare, King Lear, IV, 1606. – The “Gods” that play with us are, perhaps, the not yet grown up boys of the adult Gods! And these boys are badly educated, trained and disciplined. A perfect education and family system seems to be missing in “Heaven”, too. – JZ, 26.12.08. - MAN

GOD: As for God - suffice it to say that absolute power corrupts absolutely.” - The Last International, quoted in THE DANDELION, Spring 1979.

GOD: As for the gods, they too, are fellow-creatures: they too need enlightenment.” – David Lake, “Creator”, p. 69 in “Envisaged World”, ed. by Paul Collins, Void Publications, Melbourne, 1978.

GOD: Asked about mercy, God said: What's that?” - Zarlenga, The Orator, p.55. – MERCY

GOD: Asked if he was angry, God said: Wouldn't you be if something you made didn't work?” - Zarlenga, The Orator, p.55.

GOD: Assuredly men are not gods, and the last thing a god or God could fairly be compared with is a sensible man. - Rebecca West, The New Meaning of Treason, p.44. - MAN

GOD: Asteroid on track for close encounter. –, 8.11.11., News, p.5. – According to another report, some time ago, there are even about 10 whole suns whizzing around the universe at super-speeds. Historically, Earth and the Moon were hit numerous times. “God” if he exists, is playing a deadly game of “marbles” with “heavenly” bodies and the supposedly “created” life-forms on them, “his children”, for the believers – and, nevertheless, they still some consider him, it or her to be benevolent rather than a powerful being that gambles with the lives of other entities, supposed to be “his” offspring. – JZ, 8.12.11, 26.2.12, 15.3.12.

GOD: Become a god - by making your very own. - JZ, 17.5.92. - Some thoughts on this can be found in PEACE PLANS 20. - SUPER-COMPUTER PROJECT

GOD: Behold my infallible creation. Also, your main light source gives you cancer. - Quintin Greenaway Hint by Dan Voluntarist Lyons - on Facebook, 18.5.12, reproducing Quintin Greenaway's photos

GOD: Belief in God is apparently a psychological artifact of mammalian reproduction. - Arthur C. Clarke, The Foundations of Paradise, Victor Gollancz Ltd, London, 1979, first VGSF edition, 1989, second, 1992, ISBN 0 575 04590 6, page 164.

GOD: Belief in gods and belief in ghosts is identical. God is taken as a more respectable word than ghost, but it means no more.” - E. Haldeman-Julius. – Why not include devils as well? Aren’t Christians already speaking about “the holy ghost” and the “devil?” And who, according to them, spends time in such bad company and has tolerated it for as long? Guilt by association? No justice for the unjust? Obviously, a “gentlemen’s agreement” on division of power is also involved. And we are the footballs or puppets they play with! – Or the toys of really divine children of a God who remains altogether neutral, just like Nature does. - JZ, 26.12.08. - GHOSTS, DEMONS, DEVILS, SATAN

GOD: But Bleys knew there was no God – except the one that the human race had invented to fill the great hunger in them all for guidance.” – Gordon R. Dickson, Young Bleys, p.114.

GOD: But he is not the kindly old Father the sisters told me of in school, nor the just Lord our priest called on.” - Poul Anderson, The Avatar, p.248.

GOD: But if the belief in the goodness of God is natural to uninformed Orientals, as it was natural to the singularly ignorant Greeks, it is certainly NOT natural to the enlightened races of the West today, for all their science is simply a great amassing of proofs that God, if He exists, is neither good nor bad, but simply indifferent - an infinite Force carrying on the operation of unintelligible processes without the slightest regard, either one way or the other, for the comfort, safety and happiness of man.” - H. L. Mencken, Prejudices, 4th series, 72. - SCIENCE

GOD: But light takes not millions, but billions of years to cross even the part of creation we can observe with our telescopes. So, if God obeys the laws He apparently established, at any given time He can have control over only an infinitesimal fraction of the universe. All hell might (literally?) be breaking loose ten light-years away, which is a mere stone’s throw in interstellar space, and the bad news would take at least ten years to reach Him. And then it would be another ten years, at least, before He could get there to do anything about it. – You may answer that this is terribly naïve – that God is already “everywhere”. Perhaps so, but that really comes to the same thing as saying that His thoughts and His influence can travel at an infinite velocity. And in this case, the Einstein speed limit is not absolute; it can be broken. … But, perhaps, on the other hand, God Himself is limited by the same laws that govern the movements of electrons and protons, stars and space-ships. And that may be the cause of all our troubles. He’s coming just as quickly as He can, but there’s nothing that even He can do about that maddening 186 000 miles a second. It’s anybody’s guess whether He’ll be here in time.” - Arthur C. Clarke, Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds! Harper/Collins, 2000, p.277/78. - LIMITED ALSO BY THE SPEED OF LIGHT, EINSTEIN?

GOD: Can God write a check for a sum so large that he can't cover it? - I can. If God can't, what does that say about his omnipotence?” - Dani Zweig - From Monica Cellio homepage. –OMNIPOTENCE, ALMIGHTY GOD,

GOD: Can he or she commit suicide? Isn’t it about time to do so, as the greatest failure ever? – JZ, 28.4.13.

GOD: Can one make one's peace with a God of war? Can anyone who deems himself rational worship HIM? - JZ, 25.11.80. - WAR & PEACE, WORSHIP

GOD: Christians say Man was created in the image of God and that Man is evil. How can this be? - Zarlenga, The Orator, 42. - THE PERFECT BEING OR THE ULTIMATE EVIL? MAN, HUMAN NATURE, A CHILD OF A GOD?

GOD: Claire: How do you know you’re … God? - Earl Of Guerney: Simple. When I pray to Him I find I’m talking to myself.” – Peter Barnes, 1931, The Ruling Class, 1969.

GOD: Coming back from the post office, I walked by the car of an elderly couple with a sticker prominently displayed: “Don’t worry. God’s in control.” – I pointed to the sticker and said to them: “That is precisely why I am worried. She hasn’t abolished war yet.” - JZ, 3.5.05. - WAR & PEACE

GOD: Communion with a "god" falls under popular false assumptions and pretences. Such religious spleens have held us back for thousands of years. The best all religious have produced, after all too much religious intolerance, is religious liberty or tolerance in many but not yet all countries. But they haven't even learned from the success of this example, wherever it exists, to apply the principles and practices of freedom of association, contract and autonomy, in short, of voluntarism and basic rights and liberties, which are involved, to political, economic and social communities, societies and governance systems, although they pretend that they are at the top of all teachings on ethics and morality. - John Zube - Facebook, 24.9.12. - GODS & PRAYERS

GOD: Creations may act independently of their creators.” - Frank Herbert, The Priests of PSI, A Collection of Stories, p.174. - CREATION, WORLD, UNIVERSE, MAN, CHILDREN'S RIGHTS

GOD: Creative people believe in other creative people, the more creative they are, the more they believe in them - yet they don't believe in any strange or supernatural God! - They merely believe in individual and natural creation. And they know how limited even the greatest creative genius still is. They do not know any super-genius. Why should they believe that any does exist? Maybe as an astronaut with some bio-engineering and planet-forming knowledge but not otherwise. - JZ, 7.4.77 & 4.8.00.

GOD: Death, destruction, pain, confusion … these are the trademarks of a god’s work. No sense, no reason, no logic.” – Peter Crowther, The Killing of Davis-Davis, in: Brad Linaweaver & Edward E. Kramer, eds., Free Space, Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York,, 1998, p. 192. - CREATION

GOD: Demand more wisdom and compassion from your God than he has shown you so far. - JZ, 5.3.97 & 15.7.00.

GOD: Dialogue: God: Who has made you man? - Man: Who has made you God?” - Remy de Gourmont.

GOD: Did the devil really create the world when God wasn't looking? - Dr. Lawrence J. Peter, commenting upon a remark by Ronald Knox: "It is so stupid of modern civilization to have given up believing in the devil when he is the only explanation of it." - THE DEVIL, SATAN & CREATION

GOD: Do Gods and territorial governments have ANY redeeming features? - JZ, 21.12.93, 10.7.00, 26.12.08. – GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, POWER

GOD: Do I believe in God? No more so than I believe in ghosts. Ever wondered why in no supposed ghost appearances the ghosts show themselves naked? Did anyone ever depict God naked? Why should he wear clothing? Why should clothing be continued in a ghost-like form? Would ghosts need its protection or are they shameful? Your imagination plays tricks upon you in both cases. We should neither worship nor fear creatures of our imagination. - JZ, 23.8.95 & 7.7.00.

GOD: do not play at being gods … “ - Poul Anderson, The Avatar, p,207. - … with the lives liberties and rights of others. - JZ, 24.7.01. - PLAYING GOD

GOD: Do you have to believe in the God of your neighbors? Can’t you create one of your own? Man must place himself above God. God is not the father: God is the child.” - Fay Weldon, Darcy’s Utopia, Collins, London, 1990, 226.

GOD: Does God keep his promises any better than the average politician does? - JZ, 23.8.95. - POLITICIANS & THEIR PROMISES OR PRETENCES, Q.

GOD: Does God love such "creatures" as we are? Why should he or she or it? How does "he" express his love? Has he provided heaven on Earth or full liberties for us? Has he provided, definitely, at least some particular liberties or has he left everything to chance with the worst kinds of people in charge? Should he love all of us because some of us have faith in him and pray to him and worship him? Is he intent to wipe all others out, as did the God of the Old Testament? How many evils has he stopped, or failed to introduce in the first place? Can you name one? - JZ, 3.7.00 & 5.7.00. – LOVE, Q.

GOD: Don’t wonder at those who are good without God. Pity those who need God to be good. - Mark Tier likes a photo. - Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society Inc. - Good people without God are the real good people! - J.S. – JZ, 17.9.12.

GOD: Each step in our progress represents one more victory in which we annihilate the Deity.” - Proudhon, Economic Contradictions, Stewart Edwards edition, p.221. - PROGRESS

GOD: Earth, this is God! I want all of you people to clear out before the end of the month. I have a client who's is interested in the property.” - Quoted in ARENA, 1.5.80, p.7.

GOD: Either God, according to our ideas of benevolence, would remove evil out of the world, and cannot or he can, and will not. If he has the will and not the power, this argues weakness: if he has the power and not the will, this seems to be malevolence.” - Godwin, On Man.

GOD: Even God cannot change the past. - Agathon, c. 446-401 BC, Greek poet and playwright. – Can he or she commit suicide? Isn’t it about time to do so, as the greatest failure ever? – JZ, 28.4.13. – Q., OMNIPOTENT? ALMIGHTY?

GOD: Even God has become female. God is not longer the bearded patriarch in the sky. He has had a sex change and turned into Mother Nature.” – Fay Weldon, on the “feminization” of society. - From THE TIMES, Quotes of the Week, p. 28, August 29, 1998.

GOD: Even the seemingly immortal gods survive only as long as they are required by mortal men.” - Frank Herbert & Bill Ransom, The Jesus Incident, p.279.

GOD: Every faith in something divine, which is more than belief in the concept of a moral world order, is a horror to me and unworthy of a reasonable being.” - Johann Gottlieb Fichte. - FAITH, DIVINITY, BELIEFS, RELIGION

GOD: Every man recognizes within himself a free and rational spirit, independent of his body. This spirit is what we call God.” - Lyof N. Tolstoi, The Gospel in Brief, 1880. - Why go beyond reason? - JZ, 12.7.86. - Why consider consciousness, rationality, individualism, free will, good will, morality, ethics, thought, wisdom, sound ideas and freedom options as well as individual rights and liberties to be insufficient? Why introduce mythology into our affairs and thereby confuse rather than clarify them? - JZ, 14.7.00.

GOD: Everything that we think God has in his mind necessarily proceeds from our own mind; it is what we imagine to be in God's mind, and it is really difficult for human intelligence to guess at a divine intelligence. What we usually end up with by this sort of reasoning is to make God the color-sergeant of our army and to make Him as chauvinistic as ourselves.” - Lin Yutang.

GOD: Faith in god is for all those who don't have faith in themselves and who, all too often, have good reasons for not having it. - JZ, 26.2.75.

GOD: Faith in immortality, like belief in Satan, leaves unanswered the ancient question: is God unable to prevent suffering and thus not omnipotent? or is he able but not willing to prevent it and thus not merciful? And is he just?” - Walter Kaufmann.

GOD: for God’s sake, be careful.” … “If it’s all the same to you, … I’ll be careful for our sakes. I think God can watch out for Himself.” - Peter David, in Babylon 5, Third Space, part of the series Babylon 5 created by J. Michael Straczynski, 1998, Boxtree, p.44. - CAREFUL, DANGER, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOD: for if man is in the image of God, is not God an image of man?” – Alex Irvine, Reformation, in Lou Anders, editor, Life Without a Net, p.158. – The only quote I found worth quoting in these 321 pages! What a waste of time, once again. – JZ, 25.3.09. – MAN

GOD: For most statists God is the ultimate despot: One who can give all and one who can take all. One who knows all and can do all. No wonder they worship such a "being" and want him on their side. - JZ, 30.10.85 & 12.7.00. - STATISM, POWER, AUTHORITARIANISM, DESPOTISM, TOTALITARIANISM

GOD: For my part I say that the first duty of the thinking free man is ceaselessly to banish the idea of God from his mind and consciousness. For God, if he exists, is essentially hostile to our nature and we in no way depend upon his authority. We acquire knowledge in spite of him, well-being in spite of him, and social existence in spite of him. Each step in our progress represents one more victory in which we annihilate the Deity.” - Proudhon, in S. Edwards edition, p.221.

GOD: For the sceptic there remains only one consolation: if there should be such a thing as superhuman law, it is administered with subhuman efficiency.” - Eric Ambler.

GOD: Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee / And I’ll forgive Thy great big one on me.” – Robert Frost, 1874-1963, Cluster of Faith, 1962.

GOD: Free choice of Gods - or of no God at all - in one's own life. - JZ, 2.2.90.

GOD: Freedom and God are INCOMPATIBLE.” - Dangerous Buttons, No. 174. - Compare Bakunin's: “Neither God Nor Master!” - However, there are some Christian libertarians and anarchists who, bar for their religious spleens, are respectably for liberty. - JZ, 13.7.00. - FREEDOM

GOD: God - a god that gives punishments or rewards in the afterlife, so that you remove yourself from everyday life or abdicate the use of human reason.” - Madalyn Murray O'Hair, in OMNI, 12/81.

GOD: God - but a word invoked to explain the world.” - Prat de Lamartine.

GOD: God - she is black and evil. - JZ, 4/82.

GOD: Godthe fact that He's nearly always guilty of criminal negligence.” - Frank Yerby, The Old Gods Laugh, p.197.

GOD: God ain't dead, he's just resigned!” - L. Neil Smith, The Nagasaki Vector, p.20.

GOD: God ain’t got no religion, now, does he? - Bryce Courtenay, Tommo & Hawk, p. 22 of the 1997 Viking edition. – God himself has no religion – or has he? – JZ, 4.5.12, free after the above remark. – Is God religious? To which church or sect or religion does he belong? – JZ, 5.9.12. - RELIGION

GOD: God and all of His words were no more than human creation.” - Frank Herbert, Heretics of Dune, p.228. - CREATION, FAITH, BELIEF, RELIGION, HOLY BOOKS, BIBLE, ALMIGHTY

GOD: God and Country are an unbeatable team; they break all records for oppression and bloodshed." - Luis Bunuel - Sid Non-Vicious LeRoux – Facebook, 13.7.12. – NATIONALISM, RELIGION, WAR, CIVIL WAR, REVOLUTIONS

GOD: God and Moses considered slavery to be a perfectly natural condition for some people.” - JAG, Jan. 15, 1977. - SLAVERY

GOD: God and Nature are two great entities that are completely equal to each other.” - Schiller, Philosophische Briefe: Theosophie des Julius. - (“Gott und Natur sind zwei Groessen, die sich vollkommen gleich sind.”) – NATURE

GOD: God as a mass murderer…” - Robert Anton Wilson, Right Where You Are Sitting Now, p.154. - Better: God IS a mass murderer. - JZ, 13.7.00.

GOD: GOD AS FIEND: On religion, however, I agree with you. Except, there's no need for an omnipotent God to wow us with a spectacular show (miracles) to prove he's there. He could simply reach into our minds and give a little twist and leave us certain of his existence, or at least as certain as we are that the sun will rise tomorrow. Why doesn't he do that? Because, believers say, he wants us to have free will. Why? With another little twist he could make us perfectly happy without free will, or anyway, without the ability to doubt his existence. Besides, we can hardly doubt existence of an objective, external reality, except in a little theoretical corner of our minds, and that doesn't feel like it impedes our freedom. Almighty God could make us at least that certain of his existence. But he doesn't. Instead, in effect, he hides from us (so to speak). And then threatens us with eternal hellfire if we don't find him (believe in him). This and other such crimes has earned him the title: God of Love. God is like a sadistic lunatic who says: "I want you to find me, because if you don't, I'll catch you, tie you up, & roast you over this fire for all eternity." Then he runs off & hides (which, being perfect, he does very well). Thus he demonstrates his love for us, his unlimited, infinite love at that. What would (his? – or “divine” - JZ) hate be like? With friends like this, who needs enemies?  - If we mention this, or other such problems with the God-concept (e.g. "acts of God," disasters not caused by humans), to a believer, he will almost certainly take a flying leap into his last line of defense, as Peterman does [THE CONNECTION] 126:56 … “If we had God's infinite wisdom, we could probably understand…" - In other words, this patent absurdity we're discussing is a divine mystery. We've just got to have faith that it all does make sense on some celestial plane: the ineffable wisdom of God is far beyond the feeble power of mere mortals to comprehend. - What we have here in this doctrine is a wonderful all-purpose whitewash, a convenient cover-up that believers can use to brush away any argument they can't answer. But notice that it's merely an improvable assertion. We have no evidence, or any reason to believe, that this postulated all-wise God actually exists. We have only the words of the preachers, who are fallible humans themselves, and the words of so-called sacred books, which contradict each other, and no evidence that any of them are Word of God, as some humans claim. You'd think an Almighty God would run a tighter ship than this, and not leave things in such a muddle. For myself, I don't need showy miracles to prove God's existence (though I'd consider any kind of evidence he cares to lay on me). A persuasive little voice inside my head would be sufficient for me. You'd think an Omnipotent Deity could manage that. - Peterman, 126:56, DODAH DEITY: It isn't a question of miracles, but rather why did this postulated creator set up an unjust & imperfect system in the first place, and then come around whining and pestering us about it as if it was our fault instead of his? If he has infinite love for humans, why did he create a universe in which (at he could foresee) innocent humans would suffer in natural catastrophes? Why give us a desire for justice, then set it up so that virtue is not always rewarded, vice not always punished. - You mention evolution requires a painful weeding out. Then why would a God of love choose evolution as his mechanism of creation? Why not instead create all species, especially humans, in final form, as creationists say he did? - I suppose you'll reply that humans can't know the mind of God; it's a mystery. But we have to judge God's activities, and everything, from our finite human perspective, because it's the only perspective we have. The only alternative is not to judge at all, but merely to believe what other humans, preachers, tell us. Why should I believe them, rather than think for myself? And which of them are inspired by God (as you will say some are, I suppose) from the charlatans? - You refer to wanting to make God happy. If God is perfect, how can he be unhappy? Isn't a perfect being necessarily always perfectly happy? And if this high and mighty transcendent deity is so much more superior to humans, than humans are to a patch of moss, then how could any activity of humans affect him adversely? Do humans care what moss thinks, or whether it worships us, or if it behaves morally? You're saying, in effect, God is like an inventor who designs a device (human being), wanting it to perform a certain task. Being omniscient, he knows, when he first thinks of it, that it's not going to perform as he wants it to. Still, he builds it anyway. Then he's unhappy when, sure enough, it doesn't perform as he wants. That doesn't make sense. Also, if there is any fault, it lies with (the) inventor & not (the) inventee. If God could foresee that humans wouldn't behave as he wished, and would thereby make him unhappy, why wouldn't God change the design before he created us? Why not make us perfectly moral, obedient to his wishes, worshipful, etc., if that's what he wants, and make us blissfully happy to be serving him so? An omnipotent deity would do no less. Yea, I know, “… it's a mystery that our feeble human intelligence, etc.” Them old mysteries just keep on coming.” - REMARKS BY JIM STUMM in "THE CONNECTION", No. 127, p.68 & 69. - Libertarians and anarchists, too, are not so bad, either, in keeping some ancient mysteries, prejudices and errors alive, although these remaining flaws of their minds are actively fighting the ultimate aims of these "freedom lovers". - JZ, 18.7.00. - Note that it may be worthwhile to separate some of these statements. I have not yet bothered to do so for this compilation. For better legibility I have spelt out his abbreviations. I think it is a fine example of his critical mind. But a speech rather than a slogan. For this inclusion here, do blame me! - JZ, 18.7.00, 26.12.08.

GOD: God being everything, the real world and man are nothing. God being truth, justice, and infinite life, man is falsehood, inequality, and death. God being master, man is the slave.” - Michael Bakunin, God and the State, 1871.

GOD: God created or tolerated hell on Earth in millions of ways. That does not make him a loving father but a spiteful demon. The devil worshippers are more consistent - but, they, too, are not creative enough in most important matters. - JZ, 30.10.85

GOD: God does not matter - except to the clergy.” - P. J. Chapman Cohen, Must We Have a Religion? - Even though God does not exist, the God concept does matter because it keeps all too many people from thinking and acting for themselves. - JZ, 15.7.00, 26.12.08. - THE CLERGY, PREACHERS, CHURCHES, SECTS, PRIESTS

GOD: God doesn't look so good if absolute power corrupts absolutely.” - W. McFarlane, Country of the Mind, ANALOG, 5/75.

GOD: God gets only the women that men do not want.” - Author unidentified. - WOMEN, THE MOST FAITHFUL BELIEVERS IN HIM

GOD: God gives meaning only to the meaningless. - JZ, 30.10.85. - THE MEANING OF LIFE

GOD: God gives nothing for nothing.” - Lore and Maurice Cowan, compilers, The Wit of the Jews, Leslie Frewin, London, 1970, p.117. - What did he ask for the creation? Eternal worship? – Is he, she or it just another trader? - JZ, 13.9.08.

GOD: God got lost long ago!” – Colin Forbes, Cover Story, page 61.

GOD: God has never bothered me. Humans have. Thus I rather resist human foibles than pray to God. - JZ, 23.4.80.

GOD: God has no religion. – Mahatma Gandhi, quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah shared What is normalcy in an abnormal society?'s photo. – Facebook, 6.3.13. - RELIGION

GOD: God has seceded from the church.” (“God has broken with the church.”) – Erich Kaestner. ("Der liebe Gott ist aus der Kirche ausgetreten.") - 7 Bände von Erich Kästner erschienen Montag, d. 23.2.1959, to his 60th birthday. - THE CHURCH

GOD: God Himself cannot alter the laws of a priori truth.” - Hasdai Ben Abraham Crescas (1340-1410), The Light of the Lord (or Adonai) (c. 1400) – TRUTHS, LAWS OF NATURE

GOD: God himself has gone senile or crazy.” - Poul Anderson, After Doomsday, p.44.

GOD: God Himself has no right to be a tyrant.” - William Godwin (1756-1836), Sketches of History (1784). - TYRANNY, RIGHTS

GOD: God Himself is always pictured as enrobed, in a cloud of glory…” - James B. Jordan, The Israelite Militia in the Old Testament. - Why, does he suffer from shame? - JZ, 12.6.96. - Does he suffer from cold or from sun-burn? - JZ, 7.7.00. – Anyhow, what is “glorious” about clouds except their variety? – JZ, 26.12.08. – Is Jesus ever depicted quite naked? If he was not meant to have offspring and if he was the son of God, why was he given sexual organs? Or were they missing in his case? – JZ, 26.12.08. - NUDITY

GOD: God is a character, a real and consistent being, or He is nothing. If God did a miracle He would deny His own Nature and the universe would simply blow up, vanish, become nothing.” - Joyce Cary, 1888-1957.

GOD: God is a comic playing to an audience that's afraid to laugh.” – Voltaire

GOD: God is a Crazy Woman.” - R. A. Wilson, Cosmic Trigger, p.60. - And she is black, a Lesbian and is mostly under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. - JZ, 7.8.85, 4.8.00, 26.12.08.

GOD: God is a hopelessly lost cause - and so are most of those who believe to be his creatures. - JZ, 8.10.94. – A sorry lot – but also a dangerous crowd, to the extent that they are not humble, peaceful and tolerant but, rather, aggressive and intolerant towards all enlightened people. – Who is to be blamed for such believers, followers and interpreters? - JZ, 26.12.08. - HIS BELIEVERS, THE FAITHFUL, THE TRUE BELIEVERS, THE FANATICS, THE FUNDAMENTALISTS

GOD: God is a human product.” – Sun Tzu, quoted by Michael Z. Williamson, Freehold, p.304. – As a product of the human imagination he is also conceived in a great variety of aims and means. – JZ, 25.11.10.

GOD: God is a word to express, not our ideas, but the lack of them.” - Attributed to John Stuart Mill.

GOD: God is an elderly, or, at any rate, middle-aged male, a stern fellow, patriarchal rather than paternal and a great believer in rules and regulations.” – P. J. O’Rourke, Parliament of Whores, 1991. – Just like the human laws and regulations, his do also come in a great number and variety, confirming the law of diminishing returns and that no rule or law fits all cases. To each the “God” of his or her choice! – JZ, 25.11.10.

GOD: God Is An Executioner.” – Book title by Tom Barling, Corgi Books, 1987. – He grants us, as a rule, only an all too short stay of execution, if he allows us to be born at all! – JZ, 25.12.08. – One can also call him a torturer. – JZ, 28.4.13.

GOD: God is believed in because no one can see Him.” - Japanese proverb. - Some people believe what they cannot see and comprehend rather than what they could see and comprehend, if only they opened their eyes and thought about it. - JZ, 14.7.00, 25.11.10.

GOD: God is coming. I'm going to build him. You may subscribe. - JZ, 4.7.77, in notes to the Super Computer project, published in PEACE PLANS 20.

GOD: God is dead! But don't worry, Mary is pregnant again.” - From an Australian fanzine: GEGENSCHEIN.

GOD: God is dead! Long live God! (The Super-Computer!) - JZ, 7.4.77.

GOD: God is good, because he doesn't send an earthquake two or three times a week. There is rare benevolence in the fact that terrific droughts, scorching wide areas of the country, do not occur every year.” - E. Haldeman Julius, The Bunk Box, p.20.

GOD: God is good, God is powerful, God is gay.” - Adrienne Fein. - Arthur D. Hlavaty added: And of course She's Black. Still some Christians do believe in a God who loves men more than women.” - THE DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, No. 3.

GOD: God is indeed a jealous God - / He cannot bear to see / That we had rather not with Him / But with each other play.” - Emily Dickinson, Poems, ca. 1862-86.

GOD: God is insane and always has been.” - Dean R. Koontz, A Darkness in my Soul, Daw Books, N.Y., 1972, p.67.

GOD: God is intellectually superfluous … emotionally dispensable … and morally intolerable.”- Antony Flew: God and Philosophy, Delta pb, 1973.

GOD: God Is Life.” - Christian graffiti seen in Brisbane, 5.6.93. - Life is God - is a version that I would prefer. - JZ, 1989, 5.6.93. – How many “Christians” have killed each other, in wars, civil wars and revolutions? – JZ, 26.12.08. – The same slogan was also sprayed on the wall of Roma Station, Brisbane, 29.11.89. - Rather: Man's Life should be our God, rather than any imagined God. - JZ, 16.7.00. – Alas, too much of our lives is a kind of hell, too. – Think of the blind, the deaf, those suffering from cancers or other painful diseases. – The supposedly divine products need a lot of medicine and medical treatments against other divine products and divinely caused accidents. - JZ, 26.12.08. - LIFE

GOD: God is Love.” - Mary Baker G. Eddy, Science of Health, I, 1908 (Cf. I John IV, 16, ante, c. 115.) - If that is the case then he is certainly not omnipresent or all-powerful and omniscient. - JZ, 12.7.86. – For love isn’t. – JZ, 15.8.13. - LOVE

GOD: God is merely a thought-up term in an attempt to explain the world to us.” - Lamartine, Nouvelles Harmonies poetiques et religieuses.

GOD: God is moving to another Universe, because too many Christians moved into his neighborhood.” - Zarlenga, The Orator, p.55. – CHRISTIANITY

GOD: God is no theologian or preacher.” - E. M. Cioran, Paris. ("Gott ist kein Theologe.")

GOD: God is not a cosmic bell-boy for whom we can press a button to get things.” - H. E. Fosdick, born 1878. - My version of this would rather be: If God existed then he certainly would not be a cosmic bell-boy for whom we press a button to get things done. - JZ, 1978. - The only push-button “god” ready for service would be a perfected super computer. - JZ, 27.2.85. - PRAYER

GOD: God is not a noun; God is a verb.” - Bucky Fuller, quoted by Robert Anton Wilson, Right Where You Are Sitting Now. - Help yourself and exchange with other people who help themselves. Then you don't need God's help. The release of one being's creative energies once or during one’s lifetime is not enough. All creative energies ought to be released, as Leonard E. Read suggested. Then, through free exchanges on a free market all the resources, talents, ideas, knowledge, products and produce of all human beings are at your disposal - to the extent that you have anything worthwhile to offer them in exchange. - JZ, 26.7.92 & 23.7.00. – SELF-HELP, FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, FREE EXCHANGE, FREE MARKET, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION

GOD: God is not all that exists; he is all that does not exist.” - Remy de Gourmont.

GOD: God is not dead but alive and working on a much less ambitious project.” – Anonymous graffito quoted in GUARDIAN, 26 Nov. 75. –CREATOR, MANKIND, HUMANITY

GOD: God is not only true, but Truth itself.” - Pope Leo XIII, Aeterni patris, Aug. 4, 1879. - If that is the truth then he isn't all-powerful yet. - JZ, 12.7.86. - Then he could not lie or commit a crime. But the Bible "proves", to its believers, that, for motives, unknown to us, he did both, all too often. - JZ, 14.7.00. - TRUTH

GOD: God is not worried about His enemies, I feel, but some of His defenders are frightening to behold.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought.

GOD: God is out, visiting and supervising and controlling, perhaps even "creating", in some other time zone, dimension or universe - and he may not come back to our own ones at all. All his wives, and other lovers, children, grandchildren etc., other family members, friends and business associates, sponsors and investors, his agents, angels and devils, as well as all his equipment and his heavenly hordes of followers went with him. Anyhow, at least by now we should hardly need him any more to avoid most of our already somewhat recognized errors, mistakes and myths. His "guidance" was never very clear and detailed, anyhow. Give me any good technical manual instead. - JZ, 18.7.00. – BIBLE, HOLY WRITS

GOD: God is prominent in His absence.” - Harry Harrison, 1977, in introducing Clifford D. Simak, Ring Around the Sun, p.7.

GOD: God is silent, now if only we can get Man to shut up.” - Woody Allen, 1935- , Remembering Needleman, 1976. – Perhaps one should add to his remark: “about him”? – JZ, 16.8.04.

GOD: God is so perfect that He doesn't need to exist.” - Peter Devries, in one of his comic novels, quoted in THE CONNECTION 125, p.52. - Nothing obliges him to exist, as a person of flesh and blood or as some ghost, in some ghostly rather than material clothing, or as a head surrounded by cloud, or seated on some "divine" throne. - JZ, 18.7.00. - PERFECTION VS. EXISTENCE

GOD: God is stupidity and cowardice; God is hypocrisy and falsehood; God is tyranny and poverty; God is evil. For as long as men bow before altars, mankind will remain damned, the slave of kings and priests … Get thee hence, O God.” - P. J. Proudhon, System of Economic Contradictions, 1846.

GOD: God is the asylum of ignorance.” - Spinoza.

GOD: God is the immemorial refuge of the incompetent, the helpless, the miserable. They find not only sanctuary in His arms, but also a kind of superiority, soothing to their macerated egos; He will set them above their betters.” - H. L. Mencken, Minority Report, 1956, 35. - Rather: They imagine that they find …. - JZ, 30.10.85. - RELIGION, FAITH, BELIEF, PRIESTS, PREACHERS, CLERGY, CHURCHMEN

GOD: God is the only enemy.” - Woody Allen, in play: Death. - I would rather say that death is the only serious enemy for all of us, still. - All others, with sufficient reasoning and rational preparations, could be relatively easily deterred, defeated without much struggle, turned into neutrals or even allies. - And even Death could be defeated, perhaps even in our own time, if only we fully mobilized all our knowledge, ideas, energies and talents in a "life and death" struggle against it. - JZ, 19.7.00. - DEATH, AGING & ENEMIES

GOD: God is the ultimate cover story. Like all such inventions, it covers the truth but does not really explain anything - except for the gullible. - JZ, 30.10.85 & 13.7.00. - A COVER STORY

GOD: God is truth" does not make any sense to me but: "Truth is my God" is a statement with which I can sympathize. - JZ, 26.7.87. - TRUTH

GOD: God is tyranny and poverty. God is evil.” - Proudhon, Economic Contradictions, Stewart Edwards edition, 223.

GOD: God is usually on the side of the big squadrons and against the small ones.” - Roger de Bussy-Rabutin, Letter to the Comte de Limoges. - RELIGION, DIVINITY, SELF-HELP, STRENGTH

GOD: God loves the persecuted and hates the persecutors.” - Pesikta Rabbati, 193b. - From: The Wisdom of Israel. - Unless he does the persecuting himself! - JZ, 4.9.97. - Why does he not express his love by intervening? What would we think of a father who lets his children be persecuted and does nothing to prevent or stop it? - JZ, 21.7.00, - He may love them – but he does not liberate them! – JZ, 26.12.08. - PERSECUTION

GOD: God loves the poor and helps the rich.” - Lore and Maurice Cowan, compilers, The Wit of the Jews, Leslie Frewin, London, 1970, p.116.

GOD: God loves you - He just doesn't want to get involved.” - Graffiti, quoted in RED & BLACK, 5, p.38. – An eternal bachelor. No commitment for him. He likes to have his fun with you – and then leaves you to your troubles. – JZ, 26.12.08. - LOVE

GOD: God made man merely to hear some praise of what he'd done on those five days.” - C. Morley, 1890-1957. - Does such a God really deserve to be worshipped? - JZ, 7.5.78.

GOD: God may be all-powerful and all-knowing but he is certainly not all-helpful and all-communicative. - JZ, 25.12.92. - Often one gets the impression that he or she is either dead or deaf or blind or illiterate or too dumb to understand the mess he or she has made and how to get away from it. - Governments seem to try to imitate his unsatisfactory behaviour. - JZ, 25.12.92 & 13.7.00.

GOD: God must be in heaven only, for we do not experience him in his hellish creation. - JZ, 30.10.85. - Like many another artist, he seems much more concerned with beauty than with morality and reason or peaceful and prosperous relationships. - JZ, 13.7.00.

GOD: God must have loved rats, mice, fleas and lice, also dangerous bacteria and viruses – because he made so many of them. E.g. 2000 types of colds and 100 forms of arthritis and x forms of cancer. – Think also of the short life spans that he imposed on most living beings. Is there benevolence in “his” nature or “creation” or, rather, all too much cruelty and animosity? - JZ, 30.9. & 2.10.12.

GOD: God must love you", gushed a lady to Mark Twain. "I hope so" answered Twain and added, after she was gone: "I guess she had not heard of our strained relations."

GOD: God never told anyone to be stupid.” - Lore and Maurice Cowan, compilers, The Wit of the Jews, Leslie Frewin, London, 1970, p.116. – STUPIDITY

GOD: God never was. - JZ, 28.4.92.

GOD: God seems to "love" some of his children to death. Perhaps to promote hatred and fear of him? Ignoring him is the best we can do, short of killing him. - JZ, 24.3.97 & 15.7.00. - If we could kill him, as a wrong idea in the minds of all too many people, the world would soon become a much better place. - JZ, 15.7.00.

GOD: God seems to be in the twilight of his career and there are very few people who, today, would publicly invoke his wrath (least of all the clergy).” - David Kirsch Carr, The Child-Bomb, L.A. TACTICAL NOTES, No. 23, 1998. – One cannot offend or insult a non-existing being. – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOD: God seems to have more important things to do than to make frequent appearances on earth. And in his absence, there seem to be several million different interpretations of His laws.” – Robert Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.49.

GOD: God split himself into a myriad parts that he might have friends. This may not be true, but it sounds good - and is no sillier than any other theology.” - Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love, p.347. - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

GOD: God took only 7 days to create the world - but then died or was paralyzed from overwork - for obviously, he was unable to do a stroke of work since and hasn't been seen or heard of since "creation”, apart from the delusions, hallucinations and day dreams of some mentally defective people. - JZ, 8.8.93 & 12.7.00, 26.12.08.

GOD: God uses the good ones. The bad ones use God.” - From film: Fools Paradise. – PREACHERS & THEIR FAITHFUL

GOD: God was created before Heaven and earth existed. – Arena at Toura, quoted in Christian Jacq, The Living Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, Simon & Schuster, 1999, p.163. – BY WHOM or what? – I found only two passages worth quoting in its 173 pages! – JZ

GOD: God was here but he left early.” - Title of a book by Irwin Shaw, Pan Books, London & Sydney, 1977.

GOD: God was only 10 when she tragically died - apparently not yet very experienced in the creation job. - JZ, 1.6.94. 

GOD: God who could make good children as easily as bad, yet preferred to make bad ones; who could have made everyone happy, yet never made a single happy one; who made them prize their bitter life, yet stingily cut it short; who gave his angels eternal happiness unearned, yet required his other children to earn it; who gave his angels painless lives, yet cursed his other children with biting miseries and maladies of mind and body; who mouths justice and invented hell; mouths mercy and invented hell; mouths Golden Rules, and forgiveness multiplied by seventy times seven, and invented hell; who mouths morals to other people and has none himself; who frowns upon crimes, yet commits them all; who created man without invitation, then tries to shuffle the responsibility for man's acts upon man, instead of honorably placing it where it belongs, upon himself; and finally, with altogether divine obtuseness, invites this poor, abused slave to worship him! - Mark Twain - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

GOD: God, according to the Bible, offers only charity as solution to social problems. That indicates insufficient knowledge, especially of economics. No specific solutions are offered by him or her e.g. for inflation, mass unemployment, depressions, deflations, stagflations and involuntary mass unemployment. In his “revelations” and “holy writs” he did not recommend panarchism or monetary and financial freedom anywhere. Thus God, if he existed, would, obviously, be rather as ignorant and prejudiced on these matters as is the man in the street. - JZ, 21.11.98, 25.11.10.

GOD: God, because of his many imperfections, has created this possibly worst of all possible worlds and human beings as perhaps the worst among all somewhat rational and moral beings. – JZ, 29.9.03, 25.10.07. - EARTH

GOD: God, if He be good, is not the author of all things, but of a few things only, and not of most things that occur to man.” - Plato, The Republic, ca. 370 B.C. - GOD ISN'T SO GOOD

GOD: God, if there is a God, is mankind's enemy.” - Proudhon, 1846.

GOD: God, much more so than Socialism and the Vietnam War, has been written and talked about to death, by adherents as well as opponents. Involvement with these avalanches of pro and con literature can only lead to mental suffocation and boredom and thus most people with sense leave both kinds of outpourings simply alone. - JZ, 2.7.87.

GOD: God, so he thought, represented man's own powers transferred from man, the owner of these powers, to a being outside of him, so that man is in touch with his own powers only by his worship of God; the stronger and richer God is, the weaker and poorer becomes man.” - Erich Fromm, Beyond the Chains of Illusion, 1963, .46, on Feuerbach.

GOD: God, to whom, if he existed, I felt I should have nothing very polite to say.” – John Mortimer, 1923, - Clinging to the Wreckage, 1982.

GOD: God, who has a nasty habit of not returning his calls.” - Spider Robinson, The Immediate Family, ANALOG 1/93, 194. – PRAYER

GOD: God’s work is in all too many ways shoddy and nasty, e.g. the prostate and dangerous microbes. Not that the work of “his children” is any better. E.g., the thermostat of my first Fisher & Peykel fridge would not remain set and when I bought a replacement, same brand, a high singing resonance in it can only be temporarily stopped by opening and shutting the freezer compartment door. So do not expect too much from both of these makers or any others. – Everywhere there is too much incompetence, at the highest as well as at the lowest level. - JZ, 16.8.13.

GOD: Gods are a mass of leeches or other parasites at best and wild lions at their worst. – JZ, 3.2.03. – Why would anyone want to worship them? – Why would they want to be loved and preyed to or celebrated by us? – Most of their omniscient “economics” is confined to mere charity advice! – And their “holy” writings are still steeped in “collective responsibility” notions and crimes. - JZ, 21.10.07. – Q.

GOD: Gott sieht zu und schweigt. (*) - Johannes Mario Simmel, “Doch mit den Clowns kamen die Traenen”, Roman, Knaur, Vollstaendige Taschenbuchausgabe 1990. ISBN 3-426-02957-X, p.256. – If he, she or it exists at all, which I would deny. –JZ, 2.3.12. - (*) “God observes but remains silent.” – One should also add: God knows but remains inactive in the face of xyz wrongs, evils and irrationalities in supposedly his creation, his masterpiece! – JZ, 12.1.13. – GOD AS A MERE OBSERVER. OBSERVING & KEEPING SILENT

GOD: Harry Emerson Fosdick … “He said that the one abiding problem of religion is whether God is as good as Jesus.” (Charles Angoff) - “Of course God isn’t as good as Jesus. That’s why people believe in Jesus. They got to believe in somebody who is better than God. No sensible person can believe in anyone as cruel as God.” - H. L. Mencken, in Charles Angoff, H. L. Mencken, a portrait from memory, p.45/46. – JESUS CHRIST, CHRISTIANITY

GOD: Has God really nothing better to offer in the sphere of morality and ethics than the "Ten Commandments"? Do they sanction e.g. polygamy and polyandry? What economic and political and social rights are contained in them? - JZ, 23.8.95, 7.7.00. - THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, MORALITY, ETHICS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, FIRST PRINCIPLES

GOD: Has it ever occurred to you that God might be a committee?” - Robert Heinlein, Expanded Universe, p.379.

GOD: He got the whole world in his hand…" - And he is squeezing it too hard! - JZ, 18.9.88.

GOD: He is the biggest underachiever of all time.” - “Something good happens, its his will. Something bad happens: ‘He moves in mysterious ways’.“ – From film: End of Days with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

GOD: he needed to believe in a god because it gave him someone to be angry at for everything.” - Barry B. Longyear, Sea of Glass, p.213.

GOD: He unleashed upon the world a race of unthinking, bloodthirsty wolves who care not one whit about the tribe's survival, only their own. That's hardly a perfect God, is it?” - Robert Ludlum, The Bourne Conspiracy, p.692. - POLITICIANS

GOD: Heavenly justice, when it is produced at all, means, usually, justice all too long delayed and thus denied. - JZ, 13. 8. 89. - One should imagine that an all-powerful being could provide if not instant justice, e.g. by a flash of lightening, then at least very rapid justice. As it is, God's mill of justice seems to be even slower and more uncertain in its results than are the governmental mills of justice. – Often it is even postponed until the day of the supposed final reckoning, when one is finally deported - either into heaven or into an eternal hell. – And with such far-away threats they want to induce just behavior among human beings now? Both are threats! [Even the real threat of an all-out nuclear war, which might extinguish mankind, has so far not achieved sufficient enlightenment and changes of behavior and of territorial politics as usual. – JZ, 19.8.13.] What is one to do in heaven? Sex is apparently out. So are games and gambling. So is productive work. Art? Dancing? Reading? Singing or listening to singing? Many, like me, would “die” of boredom! – The Muslims at least promise sex in heaven. - JZ, 18.7.00, 26.12.08. - JUSTICE, HEAVEN & HELL

GOD: Heinlein wrote somewhere: “I am God and you are God, but then, who isn’t?” It makes as much sense to say: “I am the devil or a fallen angel and so are you, but then, who isn’t?” – JZ, 21.10.07. - THE DEVIL

GOD: Herein we see God's great mercy … for the slaughter was in all 5,517, but ten of the enemy's side were slain to one of ours. - Nehemiah Wallington. - What a merciful god! - And one so concerned with trivia that he minds who wins in one of tens of thousands of battles on one minor planet among millions in the universe! - Apparently, we, or some, are "god's chosen people", as warriors! Sometimes I got simply sick of hearing preachers spout their wrongful absurdities. At least when they preach only on the radio I can simply switch them off and usually do so quite fast. I still find it almost impossible to carefully read a page in which either God, the Bible or Christianity are mentioned several times - within an article favorable to either of them. But when I was young, then I used to read much of the Bible, in order to mark some of its absurdities. - JZ, 9.10.02, 19.8.13. - HIS “MERCY” – This true believer, obviously, saw God still as a War God, taking sides. The other side probably imagined that their War God was punishing them for one sin or the other. – Supposedly almighty beings, rather than engaging in duels themselves, sinking so low that they use their mere subjects to battle each other, just like the princes, kings and emperors did and territorial governments still do. - JZ, 26.12.08, 24.3.13. – WARS, BATTLES, SLAUGHTERS OF MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN, MASS MURDERS, INDISCRIMINATE WARFARE, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, GENOCIDE, MERCY IN MASS MURDERS CALLED WARS?

GOD: Homer and Hesiod attributed to the gods everything that is a shame and a reproach among men.” - Xenophanes, Fragment 11. – That is much more realistic than blind faith in and worship of God as merciful, all-powerful, all-knowing and loving his “children”. – JZ, 19.8.13. - RESPONSIBILITY, DIVINE, COLLECTIVE OR SELF-RESPONSIBILITY?

GOD: House of God" is a common name for a church. That is obviously a misnomer, if one assumes, as true, two of the supposed characteristics of "God", namely his "omnipresence" and "omnipotence". - JZ, 20.10.98. - If he is omnipresent then, obviously, he does not need any house or houses or churches or temples on this or any other planet or anywhere else. And if he is omnipotent then any for him little thing, like a hurricane or extremely hot or cold weather will not matter at all. He will not die from exposure to his elements. Only his supposedly beloved children die en masse in the "natural catastrophes" which are all supposedly ordained by this loving "father". - JZ, 20.10.98 & 9.7.00. - CHURCHES, RELIGION, NATURAL CATASTROPHES

GOD: How many different diseases and pests has the “benevolent” “creator” produced for mankind, our crops and our animals? Shall we worship him, her or it for this work? – JZ, 6.3.13, 16.4.13.

GOD: How many Gods fit on top of a needle? Can I blow them away from it? How much do they weigh? What skin color do they have? What is the color of their eyes, if any? What fashions do they wear? What hair style? What language do they speak? What do they breathe, if they breathe at all, in space? Is their hair, if any, black, brown or fair? How long are their beards or mustaches? Can they write or only dictate? Have they written any good books lately? - JZ, 23.8.95 & 7.7.00. – If God is depicted at all, he is usually in some sort of clothing. Why? Has he got a bias against nudity? – JZ, 19.8.13.

GOD: How many hundreds of millions of elderly men experience day and night one of the many imperfections of what is supposedly the perfect creation of a perfect being, God, simply through their swollen prostates? Prayers certainly do not supply relief and the best human cures seem to be still unknown. – JZ, 2.4.09. – CREATOR, CREATION, IMPERFECTION OF THIS SUPPOSEDLY CREATED WORLD, PROSTRATE TROUBLES FOR MEN

GOD: How many or how few individual rights and liberties has God quite clearly revealed and which ones are still missing in his holy books and revelations? Should we respect him for such omissions any more than any territorial State legislator? – JZ, 19.8.13. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES NOT FULLY DECLARED BY ANY GOD OR ANY GOVERNMENT

GOD: How odd of God to choose the Jews.” – William Norman Ewer, 1885-1976, Week-End Book, 1924. – And then to instill antisemitism in so many “pious” “Christians” and “Muslims”. – JZ, 25.12.08. – Does he or she enjoy the comedies, dramas and tragic events of human lives? – JZ, 28.4.13. - JEWS, ANTISEMITISM

GOD: I am an enemy of the “princes” on Earth and those supposed to be in “heaven” and ruling us. They act all too much like criminals and terrorists, with all too many involuntary victims. I certainly would not worship them but, rather, resist them, as much as I can, or rather, as little as I can, and this upon the moral principle of individual responsibility and based on recognizing more individual rights, liberties and duties than territorial governments and “Gods” are inclined to recognize. Are any of these rights clearly enough expressed in the holy books of the major religions? Or are these “moral guides” mainly only full of ancient errors, myths, prejudices and false assumptions? Are all the reported actions of their supposed gods of a quality that all of us should imitate them in every respect, as far as we can? If not, why are less than moral and divine actions and commands of their ancient gods still left as parts of their “holy” books and their “moral” religions? – JZ, 22.7.06, 30.10.07. - IN HEAVEN & ON EARTH, GOVERNMENTS, LEADERSHIP, BIBLE & OTHER “HOLY” BOOKS, SCRIPTURES

GOD: I am God and you are God, but then, who isn’t?” – Robert Heinlein, somewhere, probably in “Job, A Comedy of Justice”- Or in: “Stranger in a Strange Land.” - It makes as much sense to say: I am the devil or a fallen angel and so are you, but then, who isn’t? – JZ, 21.10.07. – Should one worship either of them, or man? Are they so flawed that they need to be worshiped? – JZ, 23.12.08. - DEVIL, SATAN, THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD

GOD: I asked him if he thought that any of the Earth men really believed in this God they talk about. Know what he said? What'd he say? - They will - once they've made Him.” - James P. Hogan, The Gentle Giants of Ganymede, p.138.

GOD: I believe in God - for I am aiming at building him, as an information utility, one rationally responding to all "sacrifices and prayers". - JZ, 25.4.88 & 19.7.00. – SUPER-COMPUTER-PROJECT

GOD: I believe that God desires primarily the formation of communities devoted to him." - Source? - Would you be such a vain person? Would an all-wise being want to be worshipped? Does an omnipotent being need worship by inferior beings? - JZ, 29.1.93 & 13.7.00. - WORSHIP, CHURCHES

GOD: I can't go do God for advice. He asks ME.” - John K. Gibbons, ANALOG 4/96, 135. – PRAYER

GOD: I can’t conceive even at this moment of a God who listens to our prayers. I would be inclined, based on the evidence, to believe in a God who didn’t really give a shit about us at all.” – Gentry Lee, Bright Messenger, hardback edition, Bantam Books, 1995, p. 253. - PRAYERS

GOD: I can’t help thinking that the Big Boss up there doesn’t give a shit. – Bryce Courtenay, Smoky Joe’s Café, Penguin Books, 2001, p.228.

GOD: I cannot conceive otherwise than that He, the Infinite Father, expects or requires no worship or praise from us, but that He is even infinitely above it.” - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Articles Of Belief And Acts Of Religion, Nov. 20, 1728). – Very diplomatically worded! – JZ - WORSHIP, PRAISE, RELIGION, CHURCH SERVICES, DIVINITY, ALMIGHTY

GOD: I cannot imagine a God of the universe made happy by my getting down on my knees and calling Him "great." - Susan B. Anthony - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. Who among humans would be proud of the admiration and even worship by inferior human beings? – JA, 18.8.13. - & WORSHIP

GOD: I couldn't "find" the Old Testament God.” - Robert Anton Wilson, p.165. - And I found all too much of the evil God of the Old Testament in his atrocious actions and in those of people, who are supposed to be his divine creations. - JZ, 12.12.84, 19.8.13.

GOD: I do believe in God. I just don't like what he is doing to us.” - From film: Sinai Commandos.

GOD: I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use. – Galileo Galilei, quoted by Brad Spangler on Facebook, 1.6.12.

GOD: I don't believe in God because I don't believe in Mother Goose.” - Clarence Darrow.

GOD: I don't know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn't.” - Jules Renard.

GOD: I don't mean to be sarcastic, God, but sometimes it looks as if You're keeping all the love, harmony, and beauty to Yourself. What we have in abundance is hate and discord and horror. … Please, forgive me, God, but I can't help asking: Where are You when we need You?” - Robert Anton Wilson, The Earth Will Shake, p.174/175.

GOD: I don't understand. A god, the god - what's the difference? If you can believe in one god, you can believe in any number of them, as far as I can see. The trick is to believe in as many as one, and I can't even get that far.” - Robert Silverberg, The Face of the Waters, p.358. – EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, DOUBT, ATHEISM, RELIGION

GOD: I don’t know if God wears a beard. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Him. Frankly, I hope to delay that happy occasion for as long as possible.” – John de Chancie, Paradox Alley, page 1, first sentence. – I did not find another sentence in the whole book worth marking! – Too many of this kind of largely thoughtless books are still published and, unfortunately, also read by people like me. – JZ, 12.9.07. – BOOKS & READING

GOD: I don’t know why it is that the religious never ascribe common sense to God.” – W. Somerset Maugham, 1874-1965, A Writer’s Notebook, 1949, written in 1941. - COMMON SENSE

GOD: I had come to believe that there is no God; if there is, men do not know anything about him. Therefore, all religions were phony – which made all preachers and priests, in our eyes, fakers, …” - Eldridge Cleaver, Soul on Ice, Panther edition 1970, p.18. - RELIGION & PREACHERS

GOD: I hate your gods and how they humiliate you without over telling you a single thing worth knowing.” - Orson Scott Card, Xenocide, 218/219. - Do governments ever tell us anything worthwhile knowing and not known to us before? Don't they humiliate us, too, even worse, every day? - JZ, 15.7.00. - GOVERNMENT

GOD: I have a better God, a God who never says, submit, submit, submit, a God who is the bravest and boldest within mankind. A God who says, resist, resist, resist.” - R. A. Wilson, The Earth Will Shake, p.166. - RESISTANCE, DISOBEDIENCE, SUBMISSION, OBEDIENCE

GOD: I have no fear but that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to government themselves without a master. Could the contrary of this be proved I should conclude either that there is no God, or that he is a malevolent Being.” – Thomas Jefferson, Letter to David Hartley, 1787. - Representative government and direct democratic rule of majorities ARE NOT forms of genuine SELF-government, which would be based upon individual sovereignty and individual and free choice instead of individuals merely participating in a monopolistic, collectivistic and territorial sovereignty process, where individual votes and preferences hardly ever count on any specific political action. It is a cover-up for a lot of centralized territorial despotism, giving it a “democratic image” among the unthinking or all too prejudiced and under-informed people. – JZ, 10.7.86, 19.9.08. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUALISM, CHOICE, MINORITY AUTONOMY, SELF-GOVERNMENT

GOD: I have no need of that hypotheses.” – Ascribed to Descartes in: - Arthur C. Clarke & Michael Kube-McDowell, The Trigger, Harper/Collins Publishers, 1999, p. 392.

GOD: I have once read that there would be nothing worse for peoples than a government lasting for too long. Now, God is supposed to be an eternal! That says all.” - Quoted by Nicolas Chamfort, in Aphorisms, 226/227. - Hitler did not rule long and yet he did much more harm than e.g. Queen Victoria. Nevertheless, there is some truth in what he quotes. A longer period in power certainly gives more time for corruption and the corrupting period includes also the period of striving for power, which, in Hitler's case, began at least in 1923, if not earlier. – GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION, GOD CORRUPTION BY PROLONGED ABSOLUTE POWER

GOD: I have with me two gods, Persuasion and Compulsion.” - Themistocles. - From Plutarch, Lives, Themistocles, 21. - Both, obviously, are far from perfect as well. - JZ, 24.11.02.

GOD: I know vengeance is yours - but when are you going to start?” - From film: "Chasing Secrets", 1998. - VENGEANCE, JUSTICE

GOD: I live in this world, and only in this world, and there aren't any gods here. What might be happening in the higher levels, if there are any, doesn't concern me.” - Robert Silverberg, The Face of the Waters, p.363. - HEAVEN & EARTH, ATHEISM

GOD: I make peace and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” - Isaiah, XLV, 7, c. 700 B.C. - He may think that he has all of eternity to rehabilitate himself. - JZ, 12.7.86. - But should we give him this chance - or worship this kind of self-confessed criminal? - JZ, 14.7.00. – Sometimes, criminals with victims do give themselves away! – JZ, 26.12.08. – BIBLE, CHRISTIANITY, PEACE, EVIL, WRONGS & WAR, THE EVIL GOD, BY HIS OWN ADMISSION IN THE BIBLE

GOD: I sometimes think that God, in creating man, somewhat overestimated His ability.” - Oscar Wilde, in OMNI, Feb. 79, 42. – MAN, HUMAN NATURE, GOD’S CHILD?

GOD: I think Desmond Morris was probably right, when he hypothesized that God is a surrogate for the big bad bull ape leader of our ancestral baboon troop.” - Joe Fulks, THE CONNECTION 116, p.14.

GOD: I value freedom so highly that if God were to give me freedom then I think I would not need his assistance any longer and if he were to withhold it from me or restrict it, then he would, thereby, declare himself to be my enemy. - JZ, 13.6.81. – How do we consider and respond to human beings, who cause catastrophes? Do we pray to them or worship them? – JZ, 19.9.13. - FREEDOM, CHOICE AMONG ALL RIGHTFUL ACTIONS

GOD: I wonder… why the so-called acts of God are always catastrophes. - Poul Anderson, The Moonrakers, IF SF, Jan. 66, 11. – NATURAL CATASTROPHES

GOD: I would grant credit to such a childish God only if he came accompanied by his parents and grand-parents as guarantors. - JZ, 23.8.95. - This is just a slight change of a humorous refusal, seen in many shops, regarding credit to customers. - JZ

GOD: I'd rather be ruled by myself than by some devil or god. - JZ, 5.7.82.

GOD: I'll believe in God, the "loving father", when he comes to give me pocket money or sends me a cashable cheque. - J.Z, 23.8.95, 27.11.10.

GOD: I'm an honest-to-God agnostic who believes that if the Almighty really is alive and well, he should be ashamed of himself.” - Alan Williams, Holy of Holies, p.96. – He is or, rather, was a deist, who believed that God did the opposite of a top job. - JZ, 26.12.08. – Did “God” pass any examination for competence and responsibility in his job? – JZ, 19.8.13.

GOD: I'm glad there is no God because I would not have enough curses for him.” - Eric Clark, The Sleeper, p.205.

GOD: I've steered clear of God. He was an incredible sadist.” - John Collier. - A SADIST

GOD: I've told you a dozen times, not only I ain't no Overlord but I don't want to be and won't be. I don't like to play God - I simply have not got what it takes.” - E. E. SMITH, Skylark DuQuesne, IF SF, June 65, 10. - Nobody has! - JZ - OVERLORDS, POLITICIANS, POWER

GOD: I’m open to God, I really am. I would love to have him talk to me and show me where I should be headed. But I’m sick of waiting. … God never talks to me! … God is all-powerful! If he doesn’t talk to me, it’s either because he hates me and thinks I am unworthy, or he doesn’t exist, and you and all the Christians are lying.” - Greg Bear, Slant, p.251/52.

GOD: If "God" existed or were a creator rather than a persistent destroyer and killer, then who or what created this "God"? - If we assume his "self-creation" - then why not assume the self-creation of the universe, too, or, like for a "God", its eternal existence? Is the hypothesis of his existence any more useful (to anyone but the clergy) than that of Santa Clause? - JZ, 13.12.94. - THE CREATOR, Natural development or evolution are much more believable and also provable. – JZ, 19.8.13. – Q.,

GOD: If "power corrupts" and "absolute power corrupts absolutely" - then how corrupt must any "God" be? - JZ, 9.8.95. - If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then how corrupt must God be by now? – JZ, 9.4.08, 19.9.08. – CORRUPTION, POWER, ALMIGHTY GOD

GOD: If a God needs worship then at least to that extent he is inferior to us. – JZ, 8.11.03.

GOD: If a misanthrope had determined to make mankind unhappy, is there anything better that he could have invented then the belief in an incomprehensible being, one on whom men have never been able to agree and to which they ascribe more importance than to their own lives? Or is it possible to separate from the notion of divinity the greatest importance and the deepest incomprehensibility?” - Diderot, Gespraech mit der Marschallin von D.

GOD: If cattle and horses, or lions, had hands, or were able to draw with their feet and produce the works which men do, horses would draw the forms of gods like horses, and cattle like cattle, and they would make the gods' bodies the same shape as their own.” - Xenophanes, Fragment 15. – What good does the human shape do to a God? – JZ, 19.8.13. - MAN

GOD: If Christians believe that God has a perfect plan, why do they want to change it by praying all the time?  - Chris Lyspooner on Facebook, 27.4.12. – Any prayer for something does always assume that the prayer knows better than a supposedly existing and all-knowing, omnipresent and omnipotent God - what is good for the praying person. Thus it is really a “blasphemy”! – JZ, 4.5.12. - CHRISTIANITY, WORSHIP, FAITH, BELIEF, BLASPHEMY, SLANDERING GOD BY PRAYING! Q. - & PRAYER

GOD: If find the question of God completely irrelevant. It has absolutely no bearing on any matter of any concern to me in my life.” - Gerry Reith, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 107, p.58.

GOD: If god desires that we know, love and fear him, why does he not show himself? … If he is omniscient, why bother him with private affairs and prayers? If he is omnipresent, why build him churches? If he is omnipotent, how can he permit that we blaspheme? If he is just, why the supposition that man, whom he created full of faults, shall be punished? If he does good only by the grace of god, why should we be rewarded? If god is inconceivable, why should we occupy ourselves with him?” - Johann Most, The God Pestilence.

GOD: If God did exist, I'd never get along with him.” - Thersites, THE CONNECTION 135, p.9.

GOD: If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” - Voltaire, 1694-1778. - Necessary for whom? Why? - JZ, 27.2.85, 4.8.00.

GOD: If God exists then he must be largely irrational or malicious. - JZ, 22.9.91.

GOD: If God exists, one student wrote, what has that to do with me? He cannot influence me, and I cannot influence Him: ‘I figure I can be indifferent to an indifferent God’." - Buckley, Up from Liberalism, p.107.

GOD: If God had not rested on Sunday, he could have completed the world.” - Gabriel Garcia Marquez, quoted in ANALOG, 5/91, 125. – CREATION

GOD: If God is a sexless being - then how much does he know about love? If he isn't - then what does he do with his sex drive?” - JZ, 30.1.87. - SEX & LOVE, Q.

GOD: If God is all, how can I be evil?” - Charles Manson. – (He was one of the private sadistic mass murderers. The official ones murdered many more: Over 200 million during the last century, according to the website of Prof. R. Hummel. – JZ) - MAN & EVIL, GOD’S CHILDREN, OMNIPRESENT, OMNIPOTENCE,  DEMOCIDE

GOD: If God is not in us then he has never existed.” - Voltaire, Poeme sur la Loi Naturelle. - Either something divine is within us, too, or nothing divine ever existed. - We, too, constitute a living force of nature. We, too, are an active part of the universe. - We, too, are creators - and destroyers, potentially creators of something valuable and destroyers of destructive forces. - JZ, 14.7.00. – MAN, HUMAN BEINGS

GOD: If God is omnipotent he could abolish himself. As we don't know his will, a world without God is thus possible. Moreover, in the universe all possibilities are realized, thus the strictest orthodoxy leads to atheism.” - Alexander Moszkowski, Die Inseln der Weisheit, S. 121. - If God is all-powerful then he could commit suicide. Once he has done away with himself - and during an eternity he must have done so, if only out of boredom - he could not create himself again, because then he would not exist and nothing comes of nothing. Thus god, if he ever existed, must be dead or less than omnipotent. - Already men with limited knowledge are driven to madness when living in total isolation for a long time. How could an all-knowing being have remained sane while living in isolation for eternity? - JZ, 27.2.85. – Or with as imperfect beings as humans as his only company? [Or as mere all too flawed toys in his hands? – JZ, 19.8.13.] That would be like us, as hermits, having only the company of insects, lice, fleas etc. The more they are apart from human company, the more irrational hermits tend to become. – There is enough evidence for this e.g. from people kept in prisons in solitary confinement. - JZ, 26.12.08, 19.8.13.

GOD: If God is outside the truth, I stay with the truth.” - Saying by an unnamed philosopher, quoted on Prime TV, 10. 5. 1994. - THE TRUTH

GOD: if God made lice, which feed only on human blood, at the creation, they would have detracted somewhat from the pleasures of the Garden of Eden.” – Michael Andrews, The Life that Lives on Man, p.124. - LICE

GOD: If God made us in his image, then why aren’t we invisible, too? - Efstratios Filippidis - Subscribe · 16 October 2011. - Very good question, one I never heard or read before, … - We ought to systematically collect and publish all such questions and responses, to promote more self-thinking. Libertarian jokes might be collected and published separately, as another enlightenment tool. – JZ, 18.10.11. Wall photo by Efstratios Filippidis, pointed out by Mark Tier on Facebook, 18.10.12.  – Jim Peron replied, ibid: We are, but being Gods, we can see the invisible. – That deprives the term “invisibility” of almost all meaning. Or should we assume that all animals are Gods, too, because they can see us? – JZ, 19.8.13. - Q.:A COLLECTION OF THOUGHT-PROVOKING LIBERTARIAN QUESTIONS

GOD: If gods do evil then they are not gods.” - Euripides (485-406 B.C.) - Quoted in Edith Hamilton, The Greek Way of Life. – Another version: “If the gods do evil then they are not gods.” EVIL

GOD: If he (god) is wise, why did he not compose a coherent account of what he wanted mankind to do? No, the Bible is not such an account; nobody can agree on what it says. The very god who, according to those who believe in him, made every last electron spin in its orbit everywhere throughout the universe, still cannot write a clear, unmistakable volume of instructions to human beings who are supposed to follow his wishes. Instead, he allegedly gives us the Bible or Koran, or some other jumble of ridiculous and ancient superstitions. …” - Fred Woodworth, There is no God. - Moreover, he did not even arrange for the simultaneous appearance of "his" scriptures in all languages, all over the world nor did he give his full message to all the illiterates everywhere, at the same time. Some did not encounter "His" work until hundreds or even thousands of years had passed. Some may not even have seen it NOW! Certainly, he was not an efficient or even omnipotent publisher. And if man has appeared on Earth already Millions of years ago, then why was his "instruction book" published so late in man's development? – JZ, n.d. & 19.8.13. - BIBLE, HOLY BOOKS

GOD: If I owe Smith ten dollars, and God forgives me, that doesn't pay Smith.” - R. G. Ingersoll. – FORGIVENESS BY GOD?

GOD: If it turns out that there is a God, I don’t think that he’s evil. But the worst that you can say about him is that basically he’s an underachiever.” - Woody Allen, born 1935, “Love and Death”, 1975 film. – Thus he or she might also be considered as an “under-dog! – JZ, 28.4.13.

GOD: If only God would give me some clear sign: Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank.” – Woody Allen, born 1935, Selections from the Allen Notebooks, in New Yorker, 5 Nov. 1973.

GOD: If only we could shake loose those thousands of millions of minds still stuck in a belief in a God or several ones - from this blind faith, preventing sufficient observations, responsibility and thinking, then we might really get somewhere, fast. They are not necessarily the worst minds but certainly the most misled ones. – The rest have mainly only managed to transfer this belief in an invisible God to a visible central and territorial and, supposedly, all-powerful and benevolent government “great leaders”. It is likely that with the fall of the faith in God the faith in States, their governments, laws, leaders politicians and bureaucrats will also collapse. - JZ, 26.12.08, 19.8.13. – RELIGION, FAITH, BELIEF, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS

GOD: If "power corrupts" and "absolute power corrupts absolutely" - then how corrupt must any "God" be? - JZ, 9.8.95. - If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then how corrupt must God be by now? – JZ, 9.4.08, 19.9.08. - CORRUPTION

GOD: If the average man is made in God's image, then a man such as Beethoven or Aristotle is plainly superior to God, and so God may be jealous of him, and eager to see his superiority perish with his bodily frame. All animal breeders know how difficult it is to maintain a fine strain. The universe seems to be in a conspiracy to encourage the endless reproduction of peasants and Socialists, but a subtle and mysterious opposition stands eternally against the reproduction of philosophers.” - H. L. Mencken.GENIUS & AVERAGE MEN

GOD: If the monstrous God of the Bible existed then he would have murdered me long ago. - JZ, 2.3.95.

GOD: If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst forth at once in the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One.” - Gita 11, 12 - Are supernovas the births or the deaths of Gods? - JZ, 11.10.02. – Perhaps each of them means his murder of billions of “His children”? – Even some of his human creatures do, sometimes, murder their children. Should we worship such a creator and murderer? - 27.11.10, 19.8.13. – Q.

GOD: If the triangles made a god, they would give him three sides.” - Montesquieu

GOD: If there are gods in this world, they are not here.” – From the video disk: “Spartacus” with Goran VISNJIC.

GOD: If there is a “divine” “creator” and a “loving father” of us all, what is the “divine purpose” of cancer? Did he have to created thousands of causes and many different kinds of it? Did he also have to create up to 200 different kinds of arthritis for us and ca. 2000 different kinds of colds? – JZ, 1.11.12. – Q.

GOD: If there is a god then he is the worst State socialist. He tries to run everything. - JZ, 21.9.74, 28.4.13. – STATE SOCIALISM

GOD: If there is a God then he likes atheists more than the faithful, for he gave then a higher intelligence and more judgment. – JZ, 5.9.12.

GOD: If there is a God, I think he’s pretty lousy at his job.” - Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Hegemon, 2001-2006, p.184. 

GOD: If there is a higher being, then it is mad. – Rough translation by JZ of: “Und wenn es ein hoeheres Wesen gibt, dann ist es meschugge.” - Johannes Mario Simmel, “Doch mit den Clowns kamen die Traenen”, Roman, Knaur, Vollstaendige Taschenbuchausgabe 1990. ISBN 3-426-02957-X, p.428

GOD: If there really were a “creator” then he, she or it, being, supposedly, all-knowing and all-powerful, would have done a much better job, e.g. with the “waterworks”, especially those of old people. – JZ, 20.6.12. – And why would he have created an appendix and xyz health problems for his children? And why did he establish or cause or tolerate xyz religions, churches and sects? Or people so flawed that they fall for them? – JZ, 5.9.12, 19.8.13. – Q.

GOD: if there should be such a thing as a superhuman Law, it is administered with sub-human inefficiency.” – Eric Ambler: The Mask of Dimitrius, p.13 in: Eric Ambler, complete and unabridged, 6 novels, a Heineman/Octopus, 1978 edition of his stories. –- SCRIPTURES, HOLY BOOKS, RELIGION, RELIGIOUS MORALITY

GOD: If there was an omnipotent god, why did he make life so full of pain?” – Peter F. Hamilton, The Reality Dysfunction, Pan Books, 1997, p.552. – Was he a sadist? – JZ, 27.11.10. – Q.

GOD: If you imagine an extra cause, and stop there, what are you but an atheist at one remove?” - Henry George Atkinson, in a letter to Harriet Martineau, on the "Laws of Men's Nature & Development", p.171. – One cannot ascribe an imperfect creation to a perfect being, just like one cannot conclude from the present territorial States and their state of affairs upon perfect founders and leaders of them. - JZ, 26.12.08. – ATHEISM, NEITHER A PERFECT GOD NOR A PERFECT CREATION

GOD: If you talk to God, you are praying. If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.” - Thomas Szasz.

GOD: If you're going to sin, sin against God, not the bureaucracy. God will forgive you but the bureaucracy won't. –Hyman G. Rickover- SINS & BUREAUCRACY

GOD: Imagine the Creator as a low comedian, and at once the world becomes explicable. – H. L. Mencken in - A COMEDIAN?

GOD: In the arguments over the validity of the Theory of Quantum Mechanics, Dr. Albert Einstein uttered his now oft-quoted line, "God does not play dice with the Universe", but rarely quoted is Dr. Neils Bohr's response, "Albert, stop telling God what to do." – What, no freedom of speech, not even for Albert Einstein? Anyhow, A. E. had not asserted that he had been directly in touch with a or the God. Moreover, I recently saw an astronomical picture of three galaxies - a very long way from us, (650 million light years) that for a long time have been colliding with each other, because of their huge size seemingly very slowly. If a God existed, who had created the universe and is in control of it, could one not say that he is playing dice with all the creatures on the perhaps millions of habitable planets in these galaxies? And if he is not a causal and guiding force then why bother about him? – JZ, 5.1.08. – See: THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 28.12.07, p.3: – According to one astronomical report, there are at least 10 suns in the universe which do crisp-cross it at super speeds, regardless of what damage they do to any solar system which they do cross. Are they part of a “divine” ball game of young “gods”? – JZ, 19.8.13.

GOD: In the beginning there was the computer …” - From Siegfried Schwenke's collection of quotes. - THE COMPUTER

GOD: Intelligence, he said, naming his God.” - R. A. Wilson, Cosmic Trigger, p.120, on Timothy Leary.

GOD: Is God a good composer, singer, dancer, poet, writer, dramatist, speaker, moralist, judge, inventor, discoverer or scientist? If so, show me some evidence. - Why is he usually hiding, apart from a few supposed "revelations"? What has he got to hide? Has he green hair, blue or yellow blood? Does he breathe fire like the dragons of legends? Has he a bass or tenor voice - or has she a fine soprano? - JZ, 23.8.95 & 7.7.00.

GOD: Is god willing to prevent evil but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence comes evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him god?” - Epicurus.

GOD: Is it not appalling, … that some have the sheer gall to claim that God saved their family from death but chose to send hundreds of others to their demise even though He could have helped them too? Doesn't this upset even those who believe in God?” - Tibor Machan, Liberty & Culture, p.266. - Especially since they do also believe him to be a benevolent God and father of all humans as his children. - If they were consistent, then they would accuse him, as they did the Moloch Cult of the Carthegenians, of child sacrifices. - Alas, child sacrifices continue in our "civilized" times via conscription into armies, government schools and abortion and indiscriminate air raids, including those by “guided” drones. - JZ, 13.7.00, 27.11.10,  19.8.13. – How many are dying every day – under his supposedly benevolent rule? We have also to bury them ourselves, without his help. Adding up all the deaths of his children to those of old people, he must be the greatest mass murderer of all. – JZ, 28.4.13, 19.8.13.

GOD: Is man only a blunder of God? Or God only a blunder of man?” - Friedrich W. Nietzsche, The Twilight of the Idols, 1889. – MAN, Q.

GOD: Is the dwelling place of God anywhere but in the earth and sea, the air and sky, and virtue? Why seek we further for deities? Whatever you see, whatever you touch, that is Jupiter.” - Lucan, The Civil War, IX, 578. - GOD EQUALS NATURE

GOD: Is there a god? How would we know? No one has any proof of a god, not in the scientific sense. All the major religions of the ancients were built upon revelations or interpretations of purely human or natural occurrences as the hand of a god and not upon verified facts.” - L. E. Modesitt, Gravity Dreams, Orbit, London, 1999, p.403.

GOD: Isn't it strange … that most of the worst crimes in history have been committed by men with God's name upon their lips?” - Wilbur Smith, A Falcon Flies, p.66. - RELIGION, CRIME

GOD: it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” – Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1787, Query 17. - Joyce Appleby and Terence Ball, eds., Jefferson: Political Writings, 1999, p. 394. & RELIGIONS, RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE

GOD: It is a curious thing that God learned Greek when he wished to turn author - and that he did not learn it better.” - Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900. - THE BIBLE

GOD: It is easier to suppose that the universe has existed from all eternity than to conceive a Being beyond its limits capable of creating it.” - P. B. Shelley, Queen Mab, notes, 1813. - CREATION

GOD: It is impossible to imagine the universe run by a wise, just and omnipotent God, but it is quite easy to imagine it run by a board of gods. If such a board actually exists, it operates precisely like the board of a corporation that is losing money. -  H. L. Mencken, 1880-1956, Minority Report, 1956. - - OR A COMMITTEE OR BOARD OF GODS? - Q.

GOD: It is not settled whether or not God is a Christian. - Gerard Henderson, The Sydney Morning Herald, 15.4.03, - – Most likely, Christ was the illegitimate son of a member of the royal court. Maria’s marriage to Joseph was a cover-up attempt at a time when illegitimate children were very much frowned upon. Maria probably told J.C. of his origin and he, as another cover-up and as a propaganda coup, to get listeners, called himself the “son of God”. – Every political leader, who pretends to be able to run a whole country, with a population in millions or even hundreds of million, engages in the same kind of false pretence, plays at being a kind of god – and finds enough fools, among the territorial statists, to believe in him, at least for a while. – JZ, 23.12.08. – Neither has it been decided whether he or she is a Catholic, Protestan, Methodist, Bahai or Muslim, to mention only a few options in this sphere. – JZ, 19.8.13. -RELIGION, CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, FAITH, STATISM, ISLAM

GOD: It is only the savage, whether of the African bush or of the American gospel tent, who pretends to know the will and intent of God exactly and completely.” - H. L. Mencken. Compare the remark ascribed to Jesus Christ: “No one knows the father but the son!” Often even the son does not really know or only believes that he knows his real father – and his mother does not give her game away. – JZ, 26.12.08. - RELIGION

GOD: It is proverbially affirmed that power has a tendency to corrupt the best disposition. Then what would not omnipotence effect?” - Godwin, On Man. - POWER, OMNIPOTENCE & CORRUPTION, JOKES

GOD: It is said that God is always on the side of the largest battalions.” - Voltaire, letter to M. le Riche, Feb. 6, 1770. - And he is supposed to be the God of Love, of Justice, and a father to all human beings! A God involving himself in wars! - Naturally, Voltaire said that "tongue in cheek", as an indirect denial of the existence of the Christian kind of God. - JZ, 13.7.00.

GOD: It may be important to point out that the word God has been employed in the foregoing to indicate an anthropomorphic interventionist focal point of cosmic meddling.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 75.

GOD: It may be that our role on this planet is not to worship God - but to create him.” - Arthur C. Clarke. - MAN

GOD: It never ceased to amaze him how people could believe in a provident God when so many children in this world suffered from the day they were born. – F. Paul Wilson, The Touch, New English Library edition, 1986, p.112. – Or they were even stillborn! – Could they have been guilty of anything?– Aren’t these cases a sufficient proof that if there is a God, then he is an unjust one? And if we are all his children, then why does he permit parents, with the help of medical persons, to abort their unborn? – JZ, 19.8.13. - & CHILDREN’S DISEASES, STILLBORN CHILDREN, CHILDREN BORN CRIPPLED OR MURDERED IN ABORTIONS, BY THEIR OWN PARENTS & OFTEN WITH MEDICAL HELP.

GOD: It takes a long while for a naturally trustful person to reconcile himself to the idea that after all God will not help him.” - H. L. Mencken, Minority Report, 1956. - I would say "fact" rather than "idea". - JZ, 30.10.85. - FAITH, TRUST, RELIGION, PRAYER

GOD: It was Potter, in fact, who gave Tucker his first instruction in religion during his youth, teaching him that the idea of God as power is one of the most pernicious thoughts ever to enter the mind of man.” - William O. Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.60, on Reverend William J. Potter:

GOD: It's more correct to say ‘truth is God’ than to say ‘God is truth’." - Gandhi. - TRUTH

GOD: It's true there are no atheists in foxholes - at least damned few. An individual too smart to swallow an omniscient, omnipotent Santa Claus is usually hard to talk into going somewhere to be shot at by an enemy somebody else made for him.” - Captain-Inspector Nathaniel H. Blackburn, quoted in: - L. Neil Smith, The Wardove, p.129. - SOLDIERS & ENEMIES

GOD: it’s instructive to notices that we are all atheists with respect to Zeus and the thousands of other dead gods whom now nobody worships.” – Jan Meacham, THE BULLETIN & NEWSWEEK, April 17, 07. – Even if a single God existed, he would, probably, be rational and moral enough to be an atheist, i.e., know his own limits. – His or her “creation” is certainly not a good instance of perfection. From an imperfect creation one can only conclude upon an imperfect creator. – While I write this, I hear thunder – but no lightening bolt strikes me! - JZ, 23.12.08, 19.8.13. - ATHEISM

GOD: Jefferson advised his nephew to ‘question with boldness even the existence of a god; because, if there be one, he must approve the homage of reason rather than of blindfolded fear’; - Sorry, but I failed to note down the source. – JZ, 15.3.12. - REASON, DOUBT, QUESTIONS, FEAR

GOD: Jesus Christ said several times: Nobody knows his father but his son. And J. C. was atrociously murdered before he revealed this unique knowledge. His supposedly all-knowing and all-powerful father let this atrocity happen to his only son! Or did he wish to preserve some secret, even at the price of the life of his son? Did he act like some territorial governments do, for “security reasons”? What should we think of such a father and of such a father figure for millions of his other “children”, who were also atrociously murdered and the hundreds of millions who were murdered, even before they were born? It I much easier to imagine a devil in charge of this world than a loving father. – JZ, 29.10.08, 23.12.08.

GOD: Julian Benda's vision of mankind as a single crowd against God as an enemy is a grand one (did not Milton first have a glimpse of it?). …” - Edward Hyams, Killing No Murder, chapter 7. - AN ENEMY OF MAN

GOD: Just are the ways of God, / And justifiable to men; / Unless there be who think not God at all.” - Milton, Samson Agonistes, 1671, 293. - Rather: Unjust are the ways of God, unjustifiable to men, if there were any God at all or the one reported in the Bible or any other “scriptures”. – Who certified the statements of any part of the Bible, as truthful ones? Would they count as reliable evidence in any court of justice? JZ, n.d. & 19.8.13.- MAN, JUSTICE & INJUSTICE

GOD: Just as even God cannot cause that two times two should not make four, so He cannot cause that which is intrinsically evil be not evil.” - Entreves, Natural Law and Reason, quoted in the introduction as a quote from Entreves. - EVIL

GOD: Justice is the supreme God, it is the living God.” - Proudhon, in 1868 edition of Justice, I, p.326, 43. – If so, then, obviouisly, is not very much alive as yet! – JZ, 26.12.08, 19.8.13. - JUSTICE

GOD: Know ye not ye are Gods?” - Fafnir, in ST. JOHN'S MESSENGER. – If this is true, then why are we still unable to stop the numerous injustices committed by all territorial governments? – After all, these rulers are relatively few in numbers while we exist in a few billions. – JZ, 19.8.13.

GOD: Let no one continue to say that the ways of God are impenetrable! For we have penetrated them, and we have seen proof of God's impotence, if not his ill will, written in letters of blood. My reason, so long kept under, is rising little by little to reach the infinite. In time I shall become less and less a perpetrator of misfortune, and through enlightenment of my understanding and the perfecting of my liberty, I shall purify myself, idealize my being and become the lord of creation and the equal …” - Proudhon, in S. Edwards edition, p.221.

GOD: Let us thank God that there is no God.” - Author unidentified. – He would be much harder to overthrow than any authoritarian territorial government. – JZ, 19.8.13.

GOD: Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.” - Walt Whitman, Song of Myself, sec. 48. - I would rather say: Let your soul stand curious and meditating before a million universes. - JZ

GOD: Little that is positive is to be expected from those still believing in a benevolent God.” - JZ, 21.7.95 & 7.7.00. – Just as little as one can expect from those still believing in territorial States – in spite of all the evidence against them. – JZ, 26.12.08. - FAITH, BELIEF, RELIGION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOD: Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones. – Marcus Aurelius – RELIGION, ETHICS, MORALITY

GOD: Love me!’ - A God who thus talks to men has become mad of jealousy.” - Nietzsche, Unschuld des Werdens, 2, 943, in his remaining papers. – WORSHIP, JEALOUSY

GOD: love of God (in a word, absolute perfection) …” - quoted by Tolstoy in The Forged Coupon, introduction, p.50. - The unattainability and incomprehensibility of perfection is rather taken by believers as an excuse a) to put up with all too many of their own imperfections, b) not to strive for scientific and moral insights, for justice, rights and liberties, for economic liberation, c) for passivity and mere readiness to let God be a good man and not to complain if he shows that he isn't. Genuine love of perfection would lead to a perpetual striving towards perfection. - The believers rather pray and worship than do something positive. Or they think that charity and forgiveness are enough? - JZ, 14.7.00. – Charity is the all too limited and flawed “economics” of the religious people and obedience to territorial rulers is their all too limited and flawed politics. – JZ, 19.8.13. – PERFECTION, CHARITY, OBEDIENCE TO AUTHORITY, RELIGIONS

GOD: Man cannot make a worm, yet he will make gods by the dozen.” - Michel de Montaigne, Essays, II, 1580.

GOD: Man diminished rather than raised himself by his notions of God, in the same way as a very superior father is as a rule very depressing and disabling for his children. - We have to emancipate ourselves from all Gods and all territorial governments. - JZ, 14.7.00. – PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOD: Man has created God, not God man. The priest is the personification of falsehood.” - Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882), Quoted in Noyes, Views of Religion. - PRIESTS, CHURCHES, RELIGION

GOD: Man is certainly stark mad; he cannot make a flea, and yet he will be making gods by dozens.” - Montaigne, Apology for Raimond de Sebonde, Essays, 1580-188, tr. Charles Cotton & W. C. Hazlit. – Another version: Man is certainly stark mad: he cannot make a worm, and yet he makes gods by the dozen. - Michel Eyquem de Montaigne - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

GOD: Man is not out of order with God. It is their God that is out of order with Man.” - Zarlenga, The Orator, p.42. - MAN

GOD: Man is the only animal that believes God sits up nights thinking about him.” - Mark Twain – And to grant him an audience at any time via prayers. So many prayers are uttered at the same time by so many millions, that God, inevitably, has, probably, turned deaf to all of them long ago, on all wave-lengths. The single prayer becomes quite indistinguishable among all that noise, even for him or her or it. – Assuming, naturally, that he, she or it exists, which I deny and not lightening has struck me yet. - JZ, 8.8.08. – PRAYERS

GOD: man is the only creature with the one true god: hundreds of them.” - Mark Twain. - TRUE & ONE & ONLY ONE

GOD: Man may be just another discarded experiment, like the dinosaur, set aside to gather dust and die.” - Poul Anderson, Dialogue with Darkness, p. 97. - CREATION & MAN

GOD: Man to become God - over his own affairs. - At the same time, he should become quite powerless over the affairs of others, apart from his competitive dollar offers for their goods and services. - JZ, 1.5.93. - MAN, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDEPENDENCE, SELF-MANAGEMENT, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUALISM, PANARCHISM, JUSTICE, FREEDOM

GOD: Man's responsibility increases as that of the gods decreases.” - André Gide, Journals, Sep. 27, 1940, tr. Justin O'Brien. - Man's responsibility increases as that of the gods and territorial governments decreases. – JZ, 26.12.08. - MAN & RESPONSIBILITY, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUALISM, RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, STATISM

GOD: Many a sober Christian would rather admit that a wafer is God than that God is a cruel and capricious tyrant.” - Edward Gibbon, 1737-1794. – If God is everywhere, why don’t they eat shit, too? They certainly do, all too humbly and gratefully, take a lot of shit from this supposedly almighty master. – JZ, 26.12.08. - CHRISTIANS

GOD: Mark Tier & George Forrai, When God Speaks for Himself. The Words of God You’ll Never Hear in Church or Sunday School, Inversebooks, Hong Kong, 2010, 320pp. When God Speaks for Himself - And also against himself! This is the best atheist book that I have read. It cleverly uses the Bible itself, supposedly God's word, to argue against itself, its supposed message of non-violence, love, tolerance and peace - but it contains also reports on numerous atrocities and brutalities inflicted upon innocents, supposedly upon divine commend, upon principle of "collective responsibility", even when the victims are obviously innocent babies. It clearly exposes many of its internal contradictions. People are often indiscriminately slaughtered. In some instances private properties were willfully destroyed, even fruit trees chopped down. Some of the actions, supposedly done upon divine command, could give some people nightmares. – JZ, 3.1.11, on Facebook, ed. 12.10.12. & BIBLE, CHRISTIANITY

GOD: men create gods to enforce their definitions of good and evil.” - Frank Herbert, The Priests of PSI, A Collection of Stories, p.174.

GOD: Millions have died for HIM, but only a few lived for Him.” - D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought. - How can one DIE or LIVE for a being that is already perfect without any human sacrifices? And could any human sacrifices, worship or prayers make an imperfect God perfect or would they rather make or reveal a supposedly perfect God as imperfect? - JZ, 23.7.00. – RELIGION, Q., PERFECTION & IMPERFECTIONS, HUMAN SACRIFICES, WORSHIP, PRAYERS

GOD: Ministers ask: Is it possible for God to forgive man? And when I think of what has been suffered - of the centuries of agonies and tears, I ask: Is it possible for man to forgive God?” - Robert Ingersoll, The Foundations of Faith. - MAN AS SINNERS? SHOULD MAN FORGIVE GOD?

GOD: Monotheism has at least the advantage of leaving us only one target to be abolished, just like a singly tyrant or despot constitutes only an individual as a target or single murderers are easier to cope with than large numbers of them.  On the other hand, the beliefs in a single, almighty, omnipresent and either benevolent or malicious God makes us less self-reliant, self-responsible and even feeling quite helpless. – JZ, 27.12.11, 16.2.12. -  MONOTHEISM, POLYTHEISM, ATHEISM

GOD: Most men rarely (if ever) manage to dream up a god superior to themselves. Most gods have the manners and morals of a spoiled child.” - Lazarus Long. (Robert Heinlein’s fictional hero.)Another version, somewhere in his writings: starts with: Men rarely …

GOD: Most or your errors - this my brother actively encourages - arise from believing that your God is solitary and all powerful. In fact my brother and I, too, of course - is no more than a corporal in the T.O. (Technical Order) of the Commander in Chief. And, I must add, the Great One, the Final Power, may be a mere private to some higher Power I cannot comprehend.” - The Devil, in Robert Heinlein, Job, p.338/339. – “To this Entity your lord god Jehovah is equivalent to a child building sand castles at the beach, then destroying them in childish tantrums.” - Ibid, page 356. - DEVIL, SATAN & THE GOD OF GODS

GOD: my assumption that a council (of gods) exists is tantamount to an a priori assumption that its acts are ignorant and foolish, for no act of any conceivable council can be otherwise.” - H. L. Mencken, Prejudices, 4th series, 63. - A COUNCIL OF GODS OR A COMMITTEE OR BOARD

GOD: My God is Bigger Than Your God.” - L. A. Rollins, Lucifer's Lexicon. - THE ESSENCE OF EVERY RELIGION

GOD: My people pray to a God who does not answer, who leaves it up to us how to behave.” – Words put into the mouth of a Jew, David, in the film “Spartacus” with Goran VISNJIC. – A free man is his own master, a creator and even a God, at least to a limited extent, within the sphere of his capacities and his liberties and rights. He does not or should not depend upon the whims of any other God. – JZ, 26.10.07.

GOD: Nature is God endlessly divided.” – Friedrich Schiller, Philosophische Briefe: Theosophie des Julius. (Die Natur ist unendlich geteilter Gott.) – We have not yet learnt to cope with nature, neither on the astronomical nor on the sub-atomic level. Once we do, we will be like gods. - If territorial governments, armed with WMDs, will give us the chance for such a development. Alas, we have not yet learnt how to cope with such criminals, either. – The panarchist approach for solving this problem is so far known and appreciated only by a few. - JZ, 26.12.08. – The ideal human society is the one that is endlessly divided, just like human beings in their character, inclinations and aspirations are endlessly divided into different societies of volunteers. All of these should become exterritorially autonomous, i.e. have only personal law & competing institutions, freely chosen by individuals for themselves and none should have a territorial monopoly over a whole populations, which is always more or less diverse. – JZ, 27.11.10, 19.8.13. - NATURE, THEISM & PANTHEISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW,  VOLUNTARISM

GOD: Never forget that there were always good and noble people without your God and always bad people with your God.” - Heinrich Nienkamp, Fuersten ohne Krone, p.83. - GOOD & BAD

GOD: Never forgive "The Lord" - if he exists! - JZ, 4.4.89. – I find it much easier to forgive any landlord or territorial government for any real or imagined offences against me that The Lord of Heaven. – JZ, 27.11.10, 19.8.13. – I do not care whether any of the supposed gods forgives me but am certainly not prepared to forgive them for all they have done or tolerated for mankind – if they really existed as omnipresent, omniscient and almighty beings. –  Seeing that by now only a few “gods” remain as believed-in beings, one can imagine that they were also involved in almost perpetual warfare between themselves, as power-addicts, and that the few remaining ones are, like the territorial governments on Earth, are the victors of all these wrongful struggles. - JZ, 19.8.13.

GOD: No religion has ever given a picture of deity which men could have imitated without the grossest immorality.” - George Santayana, The Life of Reason: Reason in Art, 1905-06, p.9. – The Ten Commandments, just like the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10.12.48, are just mockeries compared with a comprehensive and clear declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 26.12.08, 19.8.13. - IMMORALITY, MORALITY, ETHICS, GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOD: not all gods respect those who offer worship.” - L. E. Modesitt, Gravity Dreams, Orbit, London, 1999, p.240. – Why should they respect those who would rather pray or beg for what they want, even on their knees, rather than stand up for their rights and liberties and help themselves, as far as is humanly possible? – JZ, 7.10.07. – WORSHIP, Q., SELF-HELP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, BEGGARS, PARASITES

GOD: Not even God could ordain a contradiction.” - William F. Buckley, Jr., Who's On First? P.33.

GOD: Not even the gods fight against necessity.” - The Seven Sages, Ib. 77. “IF” ? - NECESSITY

GOD: Not gods above men but God in man." - Source? - A just and rational God, concerned with and sufficiently informed on human affairs and problems, and ready to inspire us with better ideas and solutions, is certainly not to be found in many men or women, if in any at all. – So, if we were the creatures of God, he must also be imperfect, just like men and women. – JZ, 27.11.10.

GOD: Not only is there no God, but you can't even get a plumber on weekends.” - Woody Allen, quoted by Robert Anton Wilson, NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY, 39. - Wilson added: "The answer to that, of course, is to become your own god and your own plumber." – Another version: Not only is there no God, but try getting a plumber on weekends. - Woody Allen - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

GOD: Not Thy will, O Lord, but Ours, be done!” - H. L. Mencken, Prejudices, 4th series, 204. – PRAYER, THE COMMON BLASPHEMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOD: Now as always, the Lord answered only with silence.” – Peter F. Hamilton, The Reality Dysfunction, Pan Books, 1997, p.242. - PRAYERS

GOD: Now as of old the gods give men all good things, excepting only those that are baneful and injurious and useless. These, now as of old, are not gifts of the gods: men stumble into them themselves because of their own blindness and folly.” – Democritus. – Blame yourself, your own ideas and practices instead of any God, demon or conspiracy. – JZ, n.d. - FAITH, RELIGION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY,

GOD: Ocean, n.: A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man - who has no gills.” - Source? Quoted in The Full Words of the Sentient. – Perhaps the dolphins or whales are really God’s children? At least they don’t talk and write so much nonsense. – JZ, 26.12.08. - MAN AS GOD'S CHILD?

GOD: Of course, being chosen by Yahweh is no great shakes. Do you know your book well enough to know how many times He crossed 'em up?” - Robert Heinlein, Job, 345. - BIBLE

GOD: Of course, if the gods are all-knowing, what difference can praying make? They already know what we want, and will, presumably, decide to grant it or not on the merits of the case. And if they are all-powerful, what use can they have for sacrifices?” - Filthy Pierre, THE CONNECTION 101, p.7 of 24 Jan. 1982. - PRAYER

GOD: Oh, God in heaven, shall we praise you? You seem to think that everything here is as heavenly as there.” - Will Schirp, Gezirp, p.91. - (“O Gott im Himmel! Wir sollen dich loben! Du meinst: hier ists so himmlich wie droben?“) - HEAVEN, EARTH, PRAISE & WORSHIP

GOD: Oh, my God! There is no God, nor ever was nor ever will be! Far less could he ever be mine - unless I myself managed to turn myself into a God or super computer system built into a superman body. Rather unlikely for my generation. - JZ, 9.3.93 & 12.7.00.

GOD: Old name for nature and nature's laws: There is a lawfulness, order and sense in the universe though it is not fully recognized nor understood nor ever will be. Most abstract and most rational forms of this concept are reason and justice. All are children of god, meaning that under liberty, by means of reason and rational institutions, man has a chance to become gradually more and more god-like, i.e. more and more able to let his mind dominate over matter, space and time. - JZ, n.d.

GOD: On being asked if he believed in God: “We’ve never been intimate.” – Noël Coward, 1899-1973, in an interview with David Frost in 1969.

GOD: one comes inevitably to the conclusion that the inept management of the universe must be ascribed to clashes of ego, i.e., to petty spites and revenges, among the gods, for any one of them alone, since we must assume him to be infinitely wise and powerful, could run it perfectly.” - H. L. Mencken, Prejudices, 4th series, 64. - COMMITTEE OF GODS

GOD: One good thing about religion is that it is reliable. You can figure to get the same results whether you pray to Jehovah, Jesus, St. Paul, Buddha, Mohammed or Vishnu.” - From a joke collection called: "Heavenly Humor", p.74. - PRAYER, RELIGION, ZERO RESULTS

GOD: One may say with one's lips: "I believe that God is one, and also three;" - but no one can believe it, because the words have no sense. - Leo Tolstoy - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

GOD: One, with God, is always a majority, but many a martyr has been burned at the stake while the votes were being counted.” - Speaker Thomas B. Reed, 1839-1902.

GOD: Only God (or another tree) can make a tree. - Jack Douglas - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – Thus, should I worship all trees? – JZ, 24.3.12. – Q.

GOD: Only in ignorance and non-appreciation of many, most or even all individual rights and liberties have turned all too many people to the fiction that an almighty and loving God or an all powerful devil is in charge of this world and of all human beings on it and stayed with it. Essentially it is still the ancient demon cult in various versions. By now territorial statism is the religion with the largest number of adherents and the fewest number of critical dissidents. – It considers the territorial State to be almighty or at least to be the least evil, assuming that it could be tamed to become a really limited (but still territorial!) government. - JZ, 1.2.13, 14.2.13. -  DEVIL, RELIGION, SATAN, DEMON CULTUS, FAITH, BELIEF, HOLY SPIRIT, THE ALMIGHTY, CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM & 10,000 TO 30,000 OTHER CHURCHES, SECTS AND RELIGIOUS TO SEMI-RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS. STATISM

GOD: Only one thing is impossible for God: to find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.” – Mark Twain, 1835-1910, Mark Twain in Eruption, 1940. - COPYRIGHTS

GOD: Or He may not care, … Assuming He does exist, have we any strong empirical grounds for thinking we're His particular favorites?” - Poul Anderson, Dialogue with Darkness, p.97. - MAN

GOD: Our beloved God seceded from the church.” – (“Der liebe Gott ist aus der Kirche ausgetreten.“) – Erich Kästner. – CHURCH, RELIGIONS

GOD: Our Gods are not worth the dozens of candles we light for them annually, nor are our governments worth the thousands of "candles" we are forced to "light" or waste for them, every year. At least to the religious Gods we submit only voluntarily. Our political gods force us to submit to them. And yet some people still worship these political gods. - JZ, 29.6.91 & 22.7.00. - GOVERNMENTS

GOD: Our gods should mature as we mature.” - Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse Dune, 209. – Perhaps they do, but, very, very slowly! And they have a long way to go. It does not matter to them, for they are supposed to live forever. But we are day-flies, under their fly-squatters! – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOD: Our monistic God, the all-embracing essence of the world, the nature-god of Spinoza and Goethe, is identical with eternal, all-inspiring energy, and one, in eternal and infinite substance, with space-filling matter.” - Ernst Haeckel, Der Kampf um den Entwicklungsgedanken, III, 1905. - Does matter really fill space or does it, rather, leave it largely empty? And is matter really matter or substance, rather than energy, too? - JZ, 14.7.00.

GOD: Out of nothing God could create a rock so heavy that even he could no longer lift it. … But would he still be almighty then? – JZ, 2.3.12. - My rough translation of: “Aus dem Nichts heraus koennte Gott einen so schweren Felsen erschaffen, dass er ihn selbst nicht mehr zu heben vermoechte! … Aber wo waere er dann noch allmaechtig?” - Johannes Mario Simmel, “Doch mit den Clowns kamen die Traenen”, Roman, Knaur, Vollstaendige Taschenbuchausgabe 1990. ISBN 3-426-02957-X, p.187. - ALMIGHTY?

GOD: Pantheism is really atheism under a fancier name, as all critics of pantheism agree. But the highest form of the ism, such as Vedenta, are all pantheistic on the very logical grounds that God must include EVERYTHING, or else God is limited, and a limited God is not God at all. Since the highest form of theism is pantheism, the highest form of theism is atheism.” - Robert Anton Wilson, in DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, No. 13. – RELIGION:

GOD: Perhaps the greatest "sin" of man was to invent and worship any God. - JZ, 13.7.00. - SINS & MEN

GOD: personified incomprehensibility. - G. C. Lichtenberg - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

GOD: Peter, for God's sake!" - "Judy, let God take care of Himself for the moment. Right now I'm trying to take care of Peter and Judy." - Frank Yerby, The Old Gods Laugh, p.174.

GOD: Play out the game, act well your part, and if the gods have blundered, we will not.” - Emerson, Journals, 1856. - MAN

GOD: Please do not forget that not a God has created men but that men have “created” a supposed God for themselves.  – My rough translation of the following passage. – JZ, 2.3.12. – “Wir wollen doch bitte nicht vergessen, dass nicht Gott die Menschen geschaffen hat, sondern dass die Menschen sich einen Gott geschaffen haben.”  - Johannes Mario Simmel, “Doch mit den Clowns kamen die Traenen”, Roman, Knaur, Vollstaendige Taschenbuchausgabe 1990. ISBN 3-426-02957-X, p.187. - & CREATION

GOD: Professor Huxley introduced me to the fact that theology is a study with no answers because it has no subject matter. – No subject matter? That’s right, no subject matter whatever – just colored water with artificial sweetening. “Theo” = “God” and “-logy” = word(s), i.e., any word ending in “-ology” means “talk about” or “discussion of” or “words concerning” or “study of” a subject named in the first part of the word, whether it is “hippology”, or “astrology”, or “proctology”, or “eschatology”, or “scatology”, or something else. But to discuss any subject, it is first necessary to agree on what it is you are discussing. “Hippology” presents no problem; everybody has seen a horse. “Proctology” – everybody has seen an arsehole … or, or, if you have been so carefully brought up that you’ve never seen one, go down to your city hall; you will find the place full of them. But the subject tagged by the spell-symbol “theology” is a horse of another color. – “God”, or “god”, or “gods” – have you ever seen “God”? If so, where and when, how tall was She and what did She weigh? What was Her skin color? Did She have a belly button and, if so, why? Did She have breasts? For what purpose? How about organs of reproduction and of excretion – did She or didn’t She? – If you think I am making fun of the idea of a God fashioned in Man’s image or vice versa, you have much to go on.” - Robert Heinlein, To Sail Beyond the Sunset, p.206. - THEOLOGY, RELIGION

GOD: Q.: Do you believe in God? A.: I will - once we have made him. - JZ, 9.6.92, free after James P. Hogan, The Gentle Giants of Ganymede, p.138: "They will - once they've made Him."

GOD: Question with boldness even the existence of a God, because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blind faith.” – Another version runs: Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.” - Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826. - BOLDLY QUESTION HIS EXISTENCE, REASON, FAITH, FEAR

GOD: Ralph G. Ingersoll, asked how he would improve the world if he were God, said: "Why, I'd make good health catching instead of sickness." - DISEASE & HEALTH

GOD: Really, nothing at all can go wrong, because I know that I am God in disguise. (*) That's a very difficult thing to say in Western culture, but it's very easy to say it in India, because there everybody knows it's true. Jesus knew this but couldn't possibly say it in his culture without being accused of blasphemy, which was what happened, and they killed him for it. Christians never understood him. They said, "Sure, Jesus is God - but nobody else is." and that strangled his teachings at birth.” - Alan Watts in PLAYBOY interview with Arthur C. Clark. - (*) The belief that "nothing can go wrong" is the worst aspect of Christianity. It prevents self-help thinking and actions. - JZ, 27.2.85.

GOD: Religious wars are basically people killing each other over who has the better imaginary friend. – Napoleon Bonaparte, quoted by Redmond Weissenberger, sharing Toxic Fairy wall photo, on Facebook, 18.5.12. – RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE

GOD: rocking on his heels and muttering incantations to Marduk, the most powerful of all the two thousands and ten gods of Mesopotania. – Wilbur Smith, Warlock, Pan Books, 2002, p.341. - GODS

GOD: Seeing the size and age of the universe and the number of its habitable planets, how often, on how many planets and for how many millions of years has Jesus been crucified, again and again, supposedly for our sins, by his supposedly loving father? - Question suggested by a wording of Godwin, On Man: How often will this cruel confidence trick be repeated? - JZ, 15.2.02. - CHRIST, JESUS, CHRISTIANITY

GOD: Shall it be in the revealed religions, that we shall draw up our idea of virtue? Alas! do they not all appear to be in accord in announcing a despotic, jealous, vindictive, and selfish God, who knows no law, who follows his caprice in everything, who loves or who hates, who chooses or reproves, according to his whim; who acts irrationally, who delights in carnage, rapine, and crime; who plays with his feeble subjects, who overloads them with puerile laws, who lays continual snares for them, who rigorously prohibits them from consulting their reason? What would become of morality, if men proposed to themselves such Gods as models? - Paul Henry d'Holbach - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - MORALITY & RELIGION

GOD: she concluded that "Atheism in its negation of gods is at the same time the strongest affirmation of man, and through man, the eternal yea to life, purpose and beauty." - Emma Goldman, quoted by Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible. - ATHEISM & MAN

GOD: Should we be obedient to “God’s words”, in scriptures and revelations, when HE hasn’t even declared all individual rights and liberties, no more so than any of the all too flawed territorial governments have – or even less so? – Their “scriptures are, rather, unholy ones, in their omissions of all too many individual human rights and liberties. Some private people’s drafts of them are much more complete and clearly stated. - JZ, 19.8.13. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES & TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS & THEIR BILLS OF RIGHTS, HOLY SCRIPTURES, BIBLE, KORAN

GOD: Should we believe in and even worship an “almighty” and supposedly benevolent “God”, who, as the supposedly general creator, also created cancer and uncounted other diseases and who tolerated war and tyranny among his supposed children? – JZ, 24.3.12. – Q.

GOD: Since more than half the people on the Earth aren’t Jews or Christians or Muslims, I’d say that there aren’t any compelling arguments for your kind of god. Otherwise, everybody on Earth would have been converted. I say again, if your God wanted to convince us, he could have done a much better job.” - Carl Sagan, Contact, 173.

GOD: Sir, I had no need for that hypothesis.” - (“Sir, I do not require this hypothesis.” - In another translation.) - P. S. Laplace: On being asked by Napoleon I what room there was for God in the cosmology of his "Mecanique celeste", I, 1799.

GOD: So perhaps the superior form of life on each world really was created by God. – What about the inferior forms of life?” – David Garnett, Stargonauts, Orbit Book, 1994, p.143. – MAN, Q.

GOD: Sometimes I want to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world when He could do something about it, but I’m afraid He might just ask me the same question.” - With our supposedly "free" vote, we are only allowed to vote for one or the other territorial and incurable trouble-maker, all pretending to represent us and our rights and liberties. They are almost all power addicts or whole parties of them. They do not allow us to make some of the most important decisions on our own affairs, after having finally gained the freedom, against all their legalized opposition, to drop out of their messes. – JZ, 1.11.11, on Facebook.  JZ, revised, 12.1.13. – VOTING, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & SECESSIONISM VS. TERRITORIALISM.

GOD: Ten thousand years from now it will still be easier to find God than a reliable plumber.” – Patrick Tilley, Star Wartz, Orbit Book, 1995. p. 85. - I did not find it difficult to find a good enough plumber but impossible to find a helpful “God”. - Who did ever find a God that was a reliable creator, guide, father, ethicist or helper in natural or technical crises? (Or in government-made economic ones? – JZ, 27.11.10.) Have those, who pretend to be close to him, ever revealed any special knowledge, wisdom or morality or just the average popular prejudices? Are their “holy books” any reliable and consistent guides for human beings or all too often the contrary? – That was the only passage I found worth marking in this book of 409 pages. I would not have bought it for more than the 50 cents of its second-hand price, ever hopeful to find some pearls in imaginative fiction but all too often quite disappointed. – Since he is the author of “The Amtrak Wars”, I determined never to read that book. - JZ, 28.9.07. – PLUMBERS, CLERGY, CHURCHES, RELIGIONS, BIBLE, HOLY BOOKS

GOD: Thank God … thank who? - Brian Daley, RON, based on a screenplay by Steven Lisberger, story by Steven Lisberger & Bonnie MacBird, A Futuristic Adventure Motion Picture from Walt Disney Productions, page 145. – Worship God? Why? – JZ, 25.12.08. - THANK GOD? WORSHIP GOD?

GOD: Thank God I'm an atheist, Joe Malik said fervently.” … - Robert Anton Wilson, Schroedinger's Cat II, p.185. – ATHEISM

GOD: Thanks to God, I am still an atheist.” – Luis Buñuel, 1900-1983, LE MONDE, 16 December 1959. - ATHEISM

GOD: The “God” who created x forms of colds, arthritis and cancer as well as numerous other diseases, for man, his plants and animals, is hardly a benevolent God to “his children”. – JZ, 18.4.13.

GOD: The assertion that "God made Man in His own image", is ticking like a time bomb in the foundations of Christianity. As the hierarchy of the universe is slowly disclosed to us, we will have to face this chilling fact: if there are any gods whose chief concern is Man, they cannot be very important gods.” - Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future, p.111. – Moreover, this dogma assumes that he represents a mixture of all human races and types, including born idiots and incapacitated babies. The latter two would explain a lot about “his creation”. – JZ, 26.12.08. - CHRISTIANITY

GOD: The assumed instinctive belief in God has been used by many persons as an argument for His existence. But this is a rash argument, as we should thus be compelled to believe in the existence of many cruel and malignant spirits, only a little more powerful than man; for the belief in them is far more general than in a beneficent Deity.” - Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man, XXI, 1871. – So much has been written and said on the subject that I am not game and have not the time and energy to look up other remarks on “God” on the Internet. However, anybody is invited to supplement my collection with his findings. – Other topics are more important to me and my time is running out, supposedly also “thanks” to God! – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOD: The belief in god is the most evil belief of all.” - André Spies, 23.11.86. – BELIEF, FAITH, RELIGION, EVIL

GOD: The believer must confront himself and ask: Do I really believe God has a penis? If the answer is no, the ridiculous habit of referring to the Divinity as "He" should be dropped forthwith.” - Robert Anton Wilson, THE REALIST, 1959, quoted in NEW LIBERTARIAN 9, April - June 81, p. 8.

GOD: The Bible tells us to be like God, and then on page after page it describes God as a mass murderer. This may be the single most important key to the political behavior of Western Civilization.” - Robert Anton Wilson, Right Where You Are Sitting Now, p.26. - in - It is not only Western civilization that has been mass murderous and still is. Nor would I call any mass murderous institutions "civilized". - JZ, 23.7.00. - Not that the territorial intolerance of Eastern Civilizations is better in this respect. – JZ, 1.4.12. - BIBLE, CHRISTIANITY, INTOLERANCE, WESTERN CIVILIZATION, TERRITORIALISM, HOLY WRITS

GOD: The Catharian heresy, that Jehovah of the Old Testament is in reality Satan masquerading as God, has this pregnant suggestion: if the Father of Evil ever does destroy us, we may be sure that he will come, not proclaiming himself evil, but proclaiming himself good, the very Voice of God.” - Norman Angell, Human Nature and the Peace Problem, 1925, p.134.

GOD: The chief proof of God's love then turns out to be the hope he offers that some of his children may escape the evils of his handiwork. - Herbert Muller - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

GOD: The Christian god can be easily pictured as virtually the same as the many ancient gods of past civilizations. The Christian god is a three headed monster; cruel, vengeful and capricious.” - Thomas Jefferson, letter to his nephew, Peter Carr. – Another version: The Christian God is a being of terrific character - cruel, vindictive, capricious, and unjust.” - Thomas Jefferson, The Jefferson Bible. – COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, WARS, MASS MURDERS CHRISTIANITY & OTHER RELIGIONS

GOD: The Church of God the Utterly Indifferent.” - Damien Broderick, The Judas Mandala, p.65. – “The Church of God the Utterly Indifferent.” - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., The Sirens of Titan, p.128.

GOD: The Devil would be the best way out as an excuse for God … But even so, one can hold God responsible for the existence of the Devil.” - Sigmund Freud. - THE DEVIL

GOD: The existence of a world without God seems to me less absurd than the presence of a God, existing in all his perfection, creating an imperfect man in order to make him run the risk of Hell.” - Armand Salacrou, Certitudes et incertitudes, theatre play, 1943, 6.

GOD: The fear of gods and devils is never anything but a pitiable degradation of the human mind.” - E. Haldeman-Julius. - FEAR, RELIGION & DEVILS

GOD: The finest woman that ever lived”, papa would state, his poor face so sour and grim. “They say she is with God.” He banged his fist on the arm of his chair. “Then I say God is a thief and a bully – and no gentleman …” – Colin Greenland, Harm’s Way, HarperCollins Publishers, 1993, p. 38 - DEATH

GOD: The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully." - Richard Dawkins. Quoted by Philip Benais on Facebook, 23.3.12.

GOD: The God who gave us flowers and trees, / Also provided the allergies.” – E. Y. Harburg, 1898-1981, A Nose is a Nose is a Nose, 1965.

GOD: The Gods aren’t listening anymore. - … if they ever were.” - Isaac Asimov & Robert Silverberg, Nightfall. Pan Books, London, Sydney & Auckland, 1990, 1991, p.263.

GOD: The gods can either take away evil from the world and will not, or, being willing to do so cannot; or they neither can nor will, or lastly, they are able and willing. - If they have the will to remove evil and cannot, then they are not omnipotent. If they can but will not, then they are not benevolent. If they are neither able nor willing, they are neither omnipotent nor benevolent. - Lastly, if they are both able and willing to annihilate evil, why does it exist?” – Another version: The gods can either take away evil from the world and will not, or, being willing to do so cannot; or they neither can nor will, or lastly, they are both able and willing. If they have the will to remove evil and cannot, then they are not omnipotent. If they can, but will not, then they are not benevolent. If they are neither able nor willing, then they are neither omnipotent nor benevolent. Lastly, if they are both able and willing to annihilate evil, how does it exist?” – Epicurus (341-270 B.C.), Aphorisms. - EVIL

GOD: The gods have no time to attend to small matters.” - Ovid, Tristia, II, c. 10. - MAN & PRAYER

GOD: The gods of earth are dead. We’re just going to have to make up some new ones. - Sean Williams & Shane Dix, Orphans of Earth, Ace Books, New York, 2003, p.90.  Why? Do we really need them? Any of them? Did we ever? Would they or could they possibly be better than all the previous ones? Aren’t all the errors and spleens of world government embodied in this notion? – JZ, 18.4.13. – CREATOR, THE ALMIGHTY, DIVINITIES, RELIGIONS

GOD: The gods play games with men as balls.” - Plautus, Captivi, c. 200 B.C. - MEN

GOD: the Gods take no thought for our happiness, but only for our punishment.” - Tacitus, Complete Works, edited by Moses Hadas, 421.

GOD: the gods that graced six thousand years of human history: omnipotent, capricious, bloodthirsty. And thickheaded.” - Joe Haldeman, Worlds Enough and Time, p.330. - LEADERS, POLITICIANS, HISTORY OF HIS CHILDREN, SUPPOSED TO BE UNDER HIS CONTROL OR POWER

GOD: The greatest game of all: the building of a god and playing around with it.” - JZ, 7.4.77, in notes on the Super Computer project described in PEACE PLANS 20.

GOD: The hypothesis you refer to as God, though not disprovable by logic alone, is unnecessary for the following reason. – If you assume that the universe can be quote explained unquote as the creation of an entity known as God, he must obviously be of a higher degree of organization than his product. Thus you have more than doubled the size of the original problem, and have taken the first step on a diverging infinite regress. William of Ockham pointed out as recently as your fourteenth century that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily. I cannot therefore understand why this debate continues. - Arthur C. Clarke, The Foundations of Paradise, Victor Gollancz Ltd, London, 1979, first VGSF edition, 1989, second, 1992, ISBN 0 575 04590 6, page 87.

GOD: The idea of a God is only good as a target towards which man should or could strive to develop himself, even if that should take him millions of years. Modern computer technology might speed up this process. We could, perhaps, build ourselves one or several advisory Gods, Gods that would really respond to our commands or prayers or simple questions. - JZ, 13.7.00, 26.12.08. – At least all slogans, quotes, aphorisms, definitions, refutations, ideas and arguments for liberty could easily become combined in a computer and on a disk. – What prevents us from mobilizing these “weapons” or this ammunition for our struggles? – JZ, 26.12.08, 27.11.10.

GOD: The idea of a Supreme Being who creates a world in which one creature is designed to eat another in order to subsist, and then passes a law saying "Thou shalt not kill," is so monstrously, immeasurably, bottomlessly absurd that I am at a loss to understand how mankind has entertained or given it house room all this long. - Peter De Vries - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – Most of his “higher” creatures live by killing each other or acting as parasites upon the others. – Can one b proud of such a creation and should one worship its creator? – JZ, 19.8.13. – KILLING, PARASITISM

GOD: The idea that a good God would send people to a burning Hell is utterly damnable to me. The ravings of insanity! Superstition gone to seed! I don't want to have anything to do with such a God. No avenging Jewish God, no satanic devil, no fiery hell is of any interest to me. - Luther Burbank - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – That is worse than any of the hellish penalties ever invented and applied by the worst human beings. In this negative way or atrocity the “father” exceeds his “children” all too much. – JZ, 19.8.13. - HELL

GOD: The intellectual sphere, which is everywhere the centre, and which has no circumference and which we call God.” - Rabelais, Works, book ii, ch.47. Those, whose mind is largely or mainly concerned with “God” haven’t got enough room left in their minds for rational, ethical and creative thinking. They have thus handicapped or crippled their minds. – JZ, 19.8.13.

GOD: The Jehovah or Yahweh of the Old Testament seems to me to be a sadistic, bloodthirsty, genocidal villain. I cannot understand how He can be identified with the gentle Christ of the New Testament. Even through mystic Trinity.” - Robert Heinlein, Job, p.123.

GOD: The law of nature, again, is unchangeable – even in the sense that it cannot be changed by God … Just as even God … cannot cause that two times two should not make four, so He cannot cause that that which is intrinsically evil be not evil.” – Grotius, The Law of War And Peace, F. Kelsey transl., 1925, p.40 - THE LAW OF NATURE

GOD: The Lord is my Shepherd; the Butcher employs him." - A graffiti, reported by David Bimler as having been written on the walls of Massey University in N.Z. Source: Peter Graham, DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, No.7.

GOD: The man who believes that God is personally interested in him and will save him from harm is in a far more perilous situation than the man who knows better; …” - H. L. Mencken, Prejudices, 4th series, 238.

GOD: The Martyrdom of Man" shocked me on first reading; but I went back to it again and again, and could not see any way of evading the logic, especially in regard to the fact that an omnipotent God must be a scoundrel of the deepest dye, while on the other hand a benevolent but inefficient God was rather a disappointing object of worship.” - E. S. P. Haynes, The Lawyer, p.227, on Winwood Reade's book.

GOD: The moral disposition of a god is an image of the moral sense of those who worship him - their beau-ideal of what a king should be. …” - Winwood Reade, The Martyrdom of Man, p.141. – What does the martyrdom of one man, even if he was a Jesus Christ, matter, compared with the martyrdom of many millions, over thousands of years? – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOD: The more you glorify God the more you belittle Man. - JZ, 20.7.82. - MAN

GOD: The most preposterous notion that Homo Sapiens has ever dreamt up is that the Lord God of Creation, Shaper and Ruler of the Universes, wants the saccharine adoration of His creatures, can be swayed by their prayers, and becomes petulant if He does not receive this flattery. Yet this absurd fantasy, without a shred of evidence to bolster it, pays all the expenses of the oldest, largest, and least productive industry in all history.” - Robert Heinlein, via his character Lazarus Long. - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - & WORSHIP, RELIGIONS, CHURCHES, PRIESTS, PREACHERS

GOD: The most serious parody I have ever heard was this: In the beginning was nonsense, and the nonsense was with God, and the nonsense was God.” - F. W. Nietzsche, Human All-too Human, II, 1878. - ALL NONSENSE

GOD: The mysterious rationale … somebody pronounced the mass killing of people they had never seen before 'just', after consulting an all-merciful, all-powerful God who had botched the job by creating imperfect men, and then had to have his only son tortured to death to remedy it. It was just as well that humans made better parents.” - James P. Hogan, The Mirror Maze, p.361/362. – I do prefer the love of children for their parents, that of parents to their children and that of life-long partners for each other to the love of humans for a “god” and of any “god” for humans. – JZ, 19.8.13. - MASS MURDER, HUMAN BEINGS ARE, USUALLY, MORE ETHICAL OR MORAL THAN THE GOD OF THE BIBLE

GOD: The name of God is Truth.” - Hindu proverb. - It would make much more sense to make truths our Gods. - A politician, too, might be named Truth. But this does not mean that he would always speak and write truthfully or act in accordance with truths, rights and liberties. The more politicians or Gods claim to have truths on their side, and insist that we trust them, the more they should be suspected, disbelieved and criticized rather than mindlessly obeyed, admired or worshipped. - JZ, 14.7.00, 19.8.13. - TRUTH

GOD: The nice thing about citing God as an authority is that you can prove anything your set out to prove. It's just a matter of selecting the proper postulates, then insisting that your postulates are "inspired". Then no one can possibly prove that you are wrong.” - Robert Heinlein, If This Goes On, in: Revolt in 2,000, p.114.

GOD: The non-explanation of the unexplained and unexplainable. – JZ, 13.8.04.

GOD: The notion of all or much of mankind, sacrificing all or much of their lives to one or several Gods is as absurd as one God sacrificing himself or letting himself be sacrificed for all of mankind. - JZ, 14.4.95.

GOD: The notion of God is overwhelming our own inner life through the idea of unlimited powers. He amounts to the capitulation of human reason before the world.” - Christian Morgenstern, Stufen: Weltbild: Episode, Tagebuch eines Mystikers. (Gott ist die Ueberwaeltigung unseres Inneren durch die Unendlichkeit. Die Kapitulation des menschlichen Begriffsremoegens vor der Welt.) - The notion of God makes us feel small and insignificant and keeps us from growing and developing as far as we could and should. - Like government, God is a disabler rather than an enabler. - If we believe in him, should we be grateful that he turned his children into atoms on a dust-mote within the universe? If we get anywhere, we certainly would do so only by our own efforts not through the support of this kind of "loving father". - JZ, 14.7.00. – God, the all too cruel and mass-murderous “father”. – JZ, 19.8.13. - MAN

GOD: The notion that "God is NOT" - is a much more reasonable hypothesis than "God Is". - JZ, 5.3.95.

GOD: The only excuse for god is that he doesn't exist.” - Stendhal, 1783-1842. - Also attributed to Nietzsche.

GOD: The ontological proof attempts to establish the existence of God simply from the fact that we can conceive of an idea of God. Kant replies, “To attempt to extract from a purely arbitrary idea, the existence of an object corresponding to it, is a quite unnatural procedure and a mere innovation of scholastic subtlety. – The cosmological proof takes as its point of departure the fact that something exists, and purports to prove from this that an absolutely necessary, perfect being exists. As a proof, it presupposes the ontological proof. If the latter is invalid, so to is the former; while if the ontological proof is valid, the cosmological proof is superfluous.” - Philip Ward, A Dictionary of Common Fallacies, p.112/13. – While Ward goes on to summarize also Kant’s disproof of the teleological proof, it is not as short and clear in his statement and is thus left out here. – JZ, 9.9.08. - RELIGION, ONTOLOGICAL PROOF, COSMOLOGICAL PROOF,

GOD: The order and design we discern in the universe are said to be proofs of the existence of a creator and designer, namely God. Now, even if this were a proof of the existence of a designer, it would not be evidence of that omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent father in heaven that people call 'God'. It would be evidence only of a being with enough capacity to design and create the universe, not necessarily omnipotent, not necessarily omniscient, and certainly not necessarily benevolent.” - Maurice Cranston, Political Dialogues, p.72, ascribing this view to Hume. –

GOD: The peculiar, even unsatisfactory system whereby God never communicated directly with his chosen people but preferred to give the Israeli leaders an off-the record briefing.” – Miles Kington, 1941-, Welcome to Kington, 1989. – Any God, who is, in any way supporting the human leadership myths, especially the territorial one, is already thereby an evil God. – JZ, 27.11.10. – LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, POWER POLITICS

GOD: The pig is taught by sermons and epistles / To think the god of swine has snout and bristles.” - Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary, 1906. - JOKES

GOD: The powerful have invoked God at their side in this war, so that we will accept their power and our weakness as something that has been established by divine plan. But there is no god behind this war other than the god of money, nor any right other than the desire for death and destruction. Today there is a "NO" which shall weaken the powerful and strengthen the weak: the "NO" to war.” - Subcommandante Marcos - Source: No to war, 2/16/03. – Sent by C.B. - As if the expression or the shouting of mere wishes or opinions would achieve anything positive. – JZ, 30.12.07. – Short versions of word-magic are no more effective than prayers are or other wishful thinking and expressions. – JZ, 23.12.08. - WAR, POWER, & MONEY, MINDLESS POLITICAL SLOGANS, WISHFUL THINKING OR SHOUTING, SENSELESS PROTESTS

GOD: The prospect of action heartened him. Since I can't trust the Almighty not to soldier on the job, let me start my share now. - Poul Anderson, A Knight of Ghosts & Shadows, p.81. - ACTION & SELF-HELP

GOD: The question I get asked by religious people all the time is, without God, what’s to stop me from raping all I want? And my answer is: I do rape all I want. And the amount I want is zero. And I do murder all I want, and the amount I want is zero The fact that these people think that if they didn’t have this person watching over them that they would go on killing, raping rampages is the most self-damning thing I can imagine. – Penn Jillette, quoted by Scott Bieser and Marshall Beerwinkle sharing The Skeptical Libertarian's photo. - Facebook, 24.1.13. – Only inherently immoral people do need a God and the threat of eternal hellfire to keep them straight. – 19.8.13. - FAITH, RELIGION, ETHICS, HELL, FEAR, MORALITY, ETHICS, GOODNESS

GOD: the question why the gods seemed to make such a mess of human affairs, or why they should interest themselves in us mortals at all.” - L. Sprague De Camp, The Queen of Zamba, ASTOUNDING SF, Sep. 1949, p.96.

GOD: The rash assertion that “God made man in His own image” is ticking like a time bomb at the foundation of many faiths, and as the hierarchy of the universe is disclosed to us, we may have to recognize this chilling truth: if there are any gods whose chief concern is man, they cannot be very important gods.” - Arthur C. Clarke, Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds! Harper/Collins, 2000.

GOD: The real cause of personal existence is not the favor of the Almighty, but the sexual love of one's earthly parents.” - Ernst Heinrich Haeckel. - CREATOR, CREATION, LOVE

GOD: The real God, according to our good Christians, is kind and loving, just and fair. But what has he proven to be in reality? A God of tyranny, of war and bloodshed, of crime and injustice. The same is the case with the State, whether of the Republican, Democratic, or Socialist color. Always and everywhere it has and must stand for supremacy, hence for slavery, submission and dependency.” - Emma Goldman, “Socialism: Caught in the Political Trap”, in Alix Kates Shulman, ed. of Red Emma Speaks, p.102/03. - STATE, TERRITORIALISM, TYRANNY, DEMOCRACY, VOTING, MAJORITIES, AUTHORITARIANISM, UNITY, CENTRALIZATION, WELFARE STATE, RELIGION, CHRISTIANITY

GOD: the really nice thing about human beings is the notion we do have that things ought to be somehow fair – though nowhere in nature do we have evidence that God understands the concept at all. Justice simply does not seem to be built into the system. All I can conclude is that the human race, at its best, is really very much pleasanter and kinder than this God it invents to hold its hand. The closer men get to God the nastier they get: the more judgmental, the more punitive, the more murderous in their determination to have got God right, and everyone else to have got God wrong. … God needs his nourishment, his daily fix of souls as by the million every day we drop off the perch, …” - Fay Weldon, Darcy’s Utopia, Collins, London, 1990, p.70. - HIS CREATION, FAIRNESS, JUSTICE & HUMAN BEINGS

GOD: the Sleeping God. A. E. van Vogt, The Pawns of Null-A, Sphere SF, 1970, p.34.

GOD: The superman hero of the most popular fiction stories. - JZ, 30.10.85.

GOD: the theologians had to introduce Satan, or there wouldn’t be any story value in the Bible.” – John W. Campbell in: The John W. Campbell Letters, vol. 1, 1985 Eds.: Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., et al., AC Projects Inc., ISBN 0-931150-16-7, p. 374. - SATAN, DEVIL, BIBLE & THE THEOLOGIANS

GOD: the theory that the universe is run by a single God must be abandoned, and in place of it we must set up the theory that it is actually run by a board of gods, all of equal puissance and authority. Once this concept is grasped all the difficulties that have vexed theologians vanish, and human experience instantly lights up the whole dark scene. We observe in everyday life what happens if authority is divided, and great decisions are reached by consultation and compromise. We know that the effects at times, particularly when one of the consultants runs away with the others, are very good, but we also know that they are usually extremely bad. Such a mixture, precisely, is on display in the cosmos. It presents a series of brilliant successes in the midst of an infinity of failures.” - H. L. Mencken, Prejudices, 4th series, 62. - A BOARD OF GODS, A COMMITTEE OR COMMISSION, ANOTHER TOP BUREAUCRACY? COMPROMISES

GOD: The trouble with the word God, … is that it never meant the same thing to any two people – especially if they were philosophers. That’s why it slowly dropped out of use during the Third Millennium except as an expletive – in some cultures, too obscene for polite use. – Instead, it was replaced by a whole constellation of specialized words. This at least stopped people arguing at cross-purposes, which caused ninety per cent of the trouble in the past. – The Personal God, sometimes called God One, became Alpha It was the hypothetical entity supposed to watch over the affairs of everyday life- every individual, every animal! – and to reward good and punish evil, usually in a vaguely described existence after death. You worshipped Alpha, prayed to it, carried out elaborate religious ceremonies, and built huge churches in its honour … - Then there was the God who created the universe and might or might not have had anything to do with it since then. That was Omega. By the time they’d finished dissecting God, the philosophers had used up all the other twenty or so letters of the ancient Greeek alphabet, but Alpha and Omega will do very nicely for this morning. I’d guess that not more than ten billion man-years were ever spent discussing them.” - Arthur C. Clarke, The Songs of Distant Earth, p.187.Grafton Books, London, 1986, 1987, ISBN 0-586-06623-3 – These were, alas, the only passages I found worthwhile to extract. But it provided me with some relaxation reading. – JZ, 16.8.13.

GOD: The two principal mono-manias of modern man: monotheism and monogamy.” - Thomas Szasz, Heresies, 69. – He overlooked the third and worst: territorialism, the statist monopoly power over whole countries and their populations, perhaps best characterized by the nuclear mass murder devices they keep in readiness and the frequent crises they cause and then “fight”. Our faithful leaders do not whip themselves for their sins, but, rather, their subjects, e.g. with still more wrongful taxes and other interventions. – JZ, 26.12.08. - MONOTHEISM & MONOGAMY, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, MARRIAGES, RELIGIONS, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIPS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY

GOD: The universe displays no proof of an all-directing mind.” - Auguste Comte (1798-1857). - CREATOR, MIND

GOD: The vicar was delighted to see Old Ned working up a sweat in his front garden. He leaned over the fence and gushed: “Your garden is looking lovely. Isn’t it wonderful what man and God can do when they work in harmony?” – “Maybe”, said Ned, wiping his brow. “But you should have seen this yard when God had it on his own.” - George Coote, The Joke Book, Gap Publishing, Norman Park, Queensland, 1996, p.220.

GOD: There are 7436 separate religions on this planet and each of them has radically different ideas about God's mind.” - Robert Wilson. – Does this part of what is supposedly his creation represent order, harmony and good sense, reason, justice and developed and enlightened minds? – JZ, 26.12.08. – There are, probably, many more somewhat different ideologies in the political, economic and social spheres. We must, finally, become mutually tolerant with all of them, allowing individuals to make their own free and different choices in these spheres as well. – Unless we are willing to furthermore risk the general holocaust via ABC mass murder devices. – JZ, 27.11.10. – RELIGIONS, PANARCHIES, TOLERANCE, CHOICE, NWT

GOD: There can be but little liberty on Earth while men worship a tyrant in Heaven. – Robert G. Ingersoll, Prose-Poems and Selections, 1884. Quoted also byMichael Parag sharing Anti-Theists. Pro Active Atheists. Opposing Religion.'s photo – on Facebook, 7.3.12. – Can tyranny be divine? – JZ, 24.3.13.

GOD: There is a crack in everything God has made.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson, (1803-1882), Essays: First Series (1841). - CREATION, IMPERFECTION

GOD: There is an old, old story about a theologian who was asked to reconcile the doctrine of Divine mercy with the doctrine of infant damnation. "The Almighty", he explained, "finds it necessary to do things in His official public capacity which in His private and personal capacity, He deplores."- Robert Heinlein, Methusalah's Children, in: The Past Through Tomorrow, p.702 - HIS MERCY & LOVE FOR HIS CHILDREN, LACK OF INTEGRITY, HUMAN SACRIFICES STILL A PART OF THEIR “DIVINE” RULE

GOD: There is no crime without a criminal.” - From Italian film: A Rumor of Death. - There is no war without THE MAJOR WAR CRIMINAL! - assuming that an all-powerful and "loving" father-God exists. - JZ, 7.7.00. - CREATION & CRIME, WAR & OTHER MASS MURDERS

GOD: There is no crime without a culprit.” - From film: A Rumor of Death, Italy, 1992. – Not: “Cherchez la femme!” but: “Search for the God behind the crime!” – Aren’t some of those accused of senseless crimes stating their “reason”: “God told me to do this”? – He or She certainly did not prevent them, although, as almighty, all knowing and omnipresent beings they could have. - JZ, 26.12.08. - CRIME

GOD: There is no God. But remember that there still is humanity.” - Michael C. Coney, in IF, Jan./ Feb., 1971. – MAN, MANKIND

GOD: There is no God. You are responsible for your own actions. – JZ, Jan. 05. - DETERMINISM & SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOD: There is only one good definition of God: the freedom that allows other freedoms to exist.” - John Fowles, The French Lieutenant's Woman. – By that definition panarchism would be “top dog”! – JZ, 26.12.08. – FREEDOM, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, ALL PEOPLE FREE TO CREATE THEIR OWN LIVES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOD: There may be a God who will make us happy in another world. If he does, it will be more than he has accomplished in this.” - Ingersoll, Interviews, p.7. - EARTH & HEAVEN, HELL, CHAOS, POWER ABUSE, WAR, ATROCITIES, NWT, WARFARE STATES

GOD: There must be a God - since there must be a culprit for this all too mass murderous enterprise. - JZ, 2.12.94. - Devil-worship makes much more sense on this Earth than does worship of a supposedly loving father of all his human children. - JZ, 2.12.94 & 7.7.00. - CREATION

GOD: There shall be no god but man.” - L. Neil Smith, Tom Paine Maru, 154. - GOD & MAN, MAN VS. GOD

GOD: There’s the old saying that: “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It’s a false statement. Power has almost no correlation with corruption – they are completely independent variables. If it were true, then it would necessarily follow that God Almighty was the ultimate in corruption. – The true statement is “Immunity corrupts; absolute immunity corrupts absolutely.” – J. W. Campbell, Breakthrough in Psychology! - in Collected Editorials from ANALOG, ed. by Harry Harrison, Doubleday & Co, 1966, p.33. – Here he seems to overlook that power and especially absolute power, does also provide immunity, even absolute immunity, and that, therefore, the corruption effect does occur and may be presumed to exist even in a God, if one existed. That the creation is not perfect and that, from it, one can, therefore, not conclude upon a perfect creator, seems also obvious. – JZ, 12.9.08, 19.8.13. - CORRUPTION, POWER & IMMUNITY, GOD,

GOD: This Universe never did make sense; I suspect that it was built on government contract.” – Robert A. Heinlein, The Number of the Beast, New English Library, 1981, p.14. –CREATION? GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS

GOD: Thou art God … You are God and I am God. But then, who isn't?” - Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land.

GOD: Thou art God. It's not a message of cheer and hope, … It's a defiance - and an unafraid unabashed assumption of personal responsibility.” - Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, p.386. - MAN THE CREATOR, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOD: Thou shalt have one God only; who // Would be at the expense of two? // Thou shalt not kill; but need'st not strive // Officiously to keep alive. // Thou shalt not steal; an empty feat, // When it's so lucrative to cheat. // Thou shalt not covet; but tradition // Approves all forms of competition.” - Arthur Hugh Clough (1819-1861), The Last Decalogue (1861) - Last part underlined by me. - JZ – PANARCHISM, KILLING, MURDER, COMPETITION & TRADITION

GOD: Throughout history, people kept inventing gods because they couldn’t conceive of or imagine that creation and existence were an accident of or occurred as a result of purely natural processes.” - L. E. Modesitt, Gravity Dreams, Orbit, London, 1999, p.242. - As Mencken pointed out in one of his brilliant essays, many more “Gods” are largely forgotten by now than are still remembered and worshipped. And the supposedly greatest or almighty one does not seem powerful enough to make his presence convincingly known to all. – And his supposedly holy scriptures are all too incomplete, contradictory and immoral in many of their passages, obviously the work of all too imperfect men. - JZ, 7.10.07.

GOD: Thus God leads, as he wills it, into errors and upon the right path.” - Koran, Sure 74, 34. - In short, he is not a reliable guide. - JZ, 8.12.85. - In other words, we should rather explore, utilize, develop and change ourselves and the world without his guidance. - JZ, 14.7.00. – We would expect a better service from a map or street directory or, by now, a satellite guidance system. – JZ, 27.11.10.

GOD: To be a monotheist seems to me to be a form of intellectual arrogance too great even for me (which is saying something). It presupposes a far greater understanding of Ultimate Reality than can be gained by finite beings. (Unless one assumes that the One God has chosen to give us an Absolute Revelation which we are not to question, but that strikes me as unlikely.)” - A. Hlavaty, DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, Nor. 13.

GOD: To hate man and worship God seems to be the sum of all creeds.” - Robert C. Ingersoll, Some Mistakes of Moses, 1879. - MAN, SAVIORS & SINNERS, RELIGION

GOD: To search for God and to find the Devil - that is what happened to me.” - August Strindberg, Inferno, 1897. – If one could trust the reports of the believers on apparitions, then Satan is more omnipresent than God. Thus he is often called “the Prince of this world”. – JZ, 26.12.08. - THE DEVIL, SATAN

GOD: To think that a god would need our defence is itself "blasphemous". - JZ, 29.5.91. - BLASPHEMY

GOD: Tyranny is as bad in God's name as it is in man's name.” – Charles T. Sprading, Freedom and its Fundamentals, p.58. , GOD & TYRANNY

GOD: Was I meant to be nothing but God? I had tried the God business and found it too limited. It was a job for a simple-minded egomaniac.” - Robert Sheckley, Dimension of Miracles. p.53.

GOD: We are most unfair to God: we do not allow Him to sin.” - F. W. Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1886. - The whole of the Bible is proof that we allowed our God to sin against us - all too often and all too much. And is our own present experience so different? - I would rather not believe in any god than in such a monster. - He would be the ultimate evil, the ultimate criminal, the ultimate gambler with the lives, liberty, health, security, peace and property of others. - To believe in such a monstrosity would be even worse than believing that concentration camps and extermination camps would be methods to improve and humanize us. - JZ, 14.7.00, 19.8.13. – SINS

GOD: We are the Fourth Creation, born to challenge the gods.” - Jack Williamson, Stepson, ANALOG, Jan. 77, p.167.

GOD: We assert that even God cannot do everything; for he cannot, even if he wanted to, decide upon death for himself, although he granted it to man, as his best gift after so much suffering during his life.” - Plinius, Historia naturae, 2, 7. – All tolerated for or even inflicted by “god” upon “his children”. – JZ, 19.8.13.

GOD: We cannot, we ought not to make the least concession to theology, because in that mystic and rigorously consistent alphabet, he who begins with A must fatally arrive at Z, and he who wants to adore God must renounce his liberty and his human dignity. - God exists; hence man is a slave. - Man is intelligent, just, free; hence God does not exist. - We defy anyone to avoid this circle; and now let all choose.” - Michael Bakunin, Federalism, Socialism, and Anti-Theologism, 1867.

GOD: We do not know what God is … because He is infinite and therefore objectively unknowable. God Himself does not know what He is because He is not anything. Therefore, nothing can be predicated of God literally or affirmatively. Literally God is not, because He transcends being.” - John Scotus Erigena (810-877), Patrologia Latina (tr. G. B. Burch).

GOD: We have no big father in the sky, at least none that is willing to talk with us on any consistent basis.” - Greg Bear, Slant, p.157.

GOD: We have prayed for too long to a God to help us who has only hurt us and caused us pain. We have prayed for too long to a God to save us who has destroyed us. The idea of God is the negation of liberty. The illusion of God has killed our Being. We sacrifice ourselves to what has killed us. We love our enemies and hate our friends.” - Zarlenga, The Orator, p.99. - VS. MAN & LIBERTY

GOD: We must be greater than God, for we have to undo His injustice.” - Jules Renard. - HIS INJUSTICE & MAN'S JUSTICE

GOD: We should not expect too much of our philosophy; we are gods but we should not forget that we are LITTLE gods.” - R. J. Williams, You Are Extraordinary, p.218.

GOD: we should not see ourselves as God’s children, but as God’s parents. We are not the created, but the creators.” - Fay Weldon, Darcy’s Utopia, Collins, London, 1990, 33. 212/213. – After all, as Mencken might have said, in his essay about the forgotten gods: By now we have created – and then abandoned – thousands of them already. – JZ, 3.9.06.

GOD: We talk, but God does what He pleases.” - Spanish proverb. - PRAYER, WORSHIP

GOD: We thus arrive at the paradoxical conception of God as a gaseous vertebrate.” - Ernest Haeckel, The Riddle of the Universe, XV, 1899. - And if some believe to see him in their dreams, do they see him naked or dressed up, like some other ghosts, in material clothing? Why should clothing possess an eternal life or soul, too? The believers never ask themselves sufficient questions. - JZ, 14.7.00.

GOD: We will not, therefore, lose our time praying to our imaginary God for things which our own exertions alone can procure.” - Francisco Ferrer, The Origins and Ideals of the Modern School, 1913.

GOD: Well, … a decent man always has things to quarrel about with God, but I suppose there’s not much sense in quarrelling with anyone who’s so angry all the time with human beings, who just isn’t decent.” - H. L. Mencken, in Charles Angoff, H. L. Mencken, a portrait from memory, p.45.

GOD: What I don't understand is why You spend so much time torturing Your enemies in Hell. That's what they tell me. You spend infinities of centuries at infinities of varieties of pain. I can't believe it anymore. It makes You sound crazier than …” - Robert Anton Wilson, The Earth Will Shake, p.175. - Hitler watched with pleasure at least a film of the hanging of the conspirators of the attempt on his life, on 20th of July, 1944. But even he did not spend days to months on this, far less an eternity. So what does this make God, in comparison to Hitler? The Allies also watched documentary films of the results of their attacks on civilians in cities. Always under the assumption of the collective responsibilities of these victims for the actions of the Hitler regime, as taught, all too often, in the Bible. –I was one of these bomb victims – but certainly felt no responsibility for the actions of the Hitler regime, either then, while I was still under 12 years, being born June 1933, or now. – And such attacks – and many others – on innocents, certainly did not turn me into a believer in a benevolent God. - JZ, 26.12.08.- HELL, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, AIR RAIDS, HITLER

GOD: What if there is a god? … He hasn’t shown much interest in us, … - Why would a God care? Would anything that mighty worry about our opinion?” - L. E. Modesitt, Gravity Dreams, Orbit, London, 1999, p.243. - If he existed, then why should he? – JZ, 8.10.07.

GOD: What is it: is man only a blunder of God, or God only a blunder of man?  - Friedrich Nietzsche - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

GOD: what kind of god would stoop so low as to even be associated with this hell?” - Greg Bear, Slant, 468.

GOD: What kind of mind wants to be worshipped? - JZ, 21.9.91. - WORSHIP & MIND

GOD: What mean and cruel things men do for the love of God.” - W. Somerset Maugham, A Writer's Notebook, 1945. - MEN, LOVE & CRUELTY

GOD: What one believes about God, another believes about Government.” - A Byington Sticker. - And both faiths are bound to be disappointing. - JZ, 16.7.00. - GOVERNMENT, FAITH, BELIEF, RELIGION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOD: What or who is God? When you want something really bad and you wish for it, God is the guy that ignores you.” – From the film: The Island. – PRAYER

GOD: What thinking man is there who still requires the hypothesis of a God?” - Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900. – THOUGHT, THINK, MAN

GOD: What was the cause of God's creating the universe? He is good, and whoever is good can never be grudging with anything good; so he made it as good a world as it was in his power to make it." - Plato - Quoted from Seneca, Letters, 65, page 120. - Couldn't almost everyone think of a better design - on some points at least? - JZ, 29.7.00. - Plato's remark seems to mean that God’s power was and is rather limited. - JZ, 23.1.02. -

GOD: When there’s a war, … it’s always fought in the name of God.” … And every army always claimed that God was with them. How could God be on both sides? – He can. God doesn’t choose sides. God has no favorites. – Not even those who pray, those who go to church? Not even priests? Not even missionaries? Then why bother? – God is everywhere. God is with everyone. God is with the people of this planet. God is with you.” – David Garnett, Stargonauts, Orbit, 1994, 142. - And he seems to make almost everybody miserable, most of the time, if he gives them any time at all! – I would rather do without such a God, - if he existed at all. - JZ, 24.9.07. – Moreover, we would kill him, too, with every soldier and civilian we kill in war and eat him with everything we eat and drink and finally turn into excreta. – JZ, 25.12.08. - WAR & ARMIES, FIGHTING

GOD: Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and tortuous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we call it the word of a demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalise mankind.” - Thomas Paine. - THE BIBLE

GOD: Where self exists, God is not; Where God exists there is no self. – Sikh morning prayer. – So why should any self care about any God? - JZ, 30.9.12.

GOD: Which is it; is man one of God's blunders, or is God one of man's?” - Friedrich W. Nietzsche. (“Wie? Ist der Mensch nur ein Fehlgriff Gottes? Oder Gott ein Fehlgriff der Menschen? in: Goetzendaemmerung, Sprueche und Pfeile.) - Another version: “What is it: is man only a blunder of God, or God only a blunder of man? From: The Twilight of the Idols, 1889. – Which is it? Is man only a mistake of God? Or is God only a mistake of man? - Joseph McCabe, Twilight of the Idols. – Compare the similar remark by Nietzsche, above – Since the same title is quoted, probably, someone just mixed up McCabe with Nietzsche. – JZ, 26.12.08. - MAN, QUESTIONS

GOD: While we live we are still more the arbiters of our own fate than any god.” - Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Gods of Mars.

GOD: Whoever talks to me of God has designs on my liberty or on my purse.” - Proudhon, System of Economic Contradictions, p.284. - The same could and should be said on government. - JZ, 12.7.00. – GOVERNMENT, LIBERTY, TAXATION, EXTRACTING CONTRIBUTIONS WITH THE THREAT OF ETERNAL HELLFIRE

GOD: Why assume so glibly that the God who presumably created the universe is still running it? It is certainly perfectly conceivable that He may have finished it and then turned it over to lesser gods to operate. In the same way many human institutions are turned over to grossly inferior men. This is true, for example, of most universities, and of all great newspapers.” - H. L. Mencken. – Just think of what happened when the Founding Fathers turned over the U.S.A. Constitution to politicians and bureaucrats. – JZ, 27.11.10.

GOD: Why did it take 10 billion years to create mankind, instead of six days? … Because God is really a committee.” - Jerry Olton & Lee Goodloe, Contact, ANALOG, Nov. 91, page 24. – COMMITTEES, Q., CREATIONISM, EVOLUTION

GOD: Why get down on your knees to any God?” I asked. – That’s a hell of a question for one religious man to ask another,” he said. “You know all gods want men to be afraid of them, to be implored by them. That’s the whole game. If you’re on the same footing as God, He’s no God, but a lodge brother, and no lodge brother can perform miracles, except maybe a complicated handshake.” - H. L. Mencken, in Charles Angoff, H. L. Mencken, a portrait from memory, p.138. – WORSHIP, PRAYER

GOD: Why God never received a PhD: 1. He had only one major publication.  2. It was in Hebrew.  3. It had no references.  4. I wasn’t published in a referenced journal.  5. Some even doubt he wrote it by himself.  6. It may be true that he created the world, but what has he done since then?  7. His cooperative efforts have been quite limited.  8. The scientific community has had a hard time replicating his results.  9.  He never applied to the ethics board for permission to use human subjects.  10. When one experiment went awry he tried to cover it by drowning his subjects.  11. When subjects did not behave as predicted, he deleted them from the sample.  12. He rarely came to class, just told students to read the book.  13. Some say he had his son teach the class. 14. He expelled his first two students for learning.  15. Although there were only ten requirements, most of his students failed the test. 16. His office hours were infrequent and usually held on a mountain top.  17. No record of making war with colleagues.  (?) - Photograph reproduced by Anja Hartleb.  Some lines are barely legible.  No.17 is my best interpretation of smudged images of words. – Source not given. - JZ, 16.3.12. – BIBLE

GOD: Why in God's name should a God be praised if he is only performing his Godly function?” - Robert Sheckley, Dimension of Miracles, p.52. - PRAISE, WORSHIP

GOD: Why should not God have come to the earth as an earth-worm? There are a great many more worms than men, and they do a great deal more good.” - T. H. White, The Book of Merlyn, p.30.

GOD: With all due deference to all the semi-philosophers and to all the so-called religious thinkers, we say: THE EXISTENCE OF GOD IMPLIES THE ABDICATION OF HUMAN REASON AND JUSTICE; IT IS THE NEGATION OF HUMAN LIBERTY, AND IT NECESSARILY ENDS IN BOTH THEORETICAL AND ABSOLUTE SLAVERY.” - Michael Bakunin, Federalism, Socialism, and Anti-Theologism, 1867.

GOD: Would a perfect God produce something as imperfect as human beings are? – JZ, 17.9.07. – However, he, too, might have been afraid of competition. – JZ, 9.10.07. - HUMAN BEINGS AS HIS CHILDREN, CHRISTIANITY

GOD: Wouldn't it be interesting if somebody found hard scientific evidence that God exists - and that He is a product of evolution?” - Stanley Schmidt, Editorial, ANALOG, 1/83. – Then we could also assume that he or she is not a finished product but still in an earlier stage of evolution and thus still an imperfect being! – JZ, 26.12.08. - EVOLUTION

GOD: Yes, it strikes me as quite a bit more reasonable than a Christian God who's simultaneously one person and threes, who's called merciful but left us to handle creations of his like cancer and stroke.” - Poul Anderson, Fire Time, p.148.

GOD: You are mistaken if you think I do not believe in God…. I seek God in man, in human freedom, and now I seek God in revolution.” - Mikhail A. Bakunin. - Quoted by Eugene Pyziur, The Doctrine of Anarchism of Michael A. Bakunin, 1955, p.50. - My “God” is a free and peaceful because just society, one freely progressing, e.g., via life extension, space travel and intelligence expansion toward divine powers over the own life for all individuals wanting them. - JZ, 27.11.02. - RELIGION, FAITH, MAN, BELIEF, VALUES, FREEDOM, REVOLUTION, LIBERATION

GOD: You can always depend … that God is in nobody’s pocket. – Bryce Courtnay, The Power of One, Mandarin, 1989, p.382.

GOD: You can’t just say there is a God because well, the world is beautiful. You have to account for bone cancer in children. You have to account for the fact that almost all animals in the wild live under stress with not enough to eat and will die violent and bloody deaths. There is not any way that you can just choose the nice bits and say that means there is a God and ignore the true fact of what nature is. – Stephen Fry, quoted in Facebook, 15.7.12 by Jim Carigan shared Religion Poisons Everything's photo. - THE BENEVOLENT CREATOR OF EVERYTHING?

GOD: You have pointed at a physical thing, the physical world; you have asserted that this physical thing has to have a "creator". (Who told you that? What's his mailing address? Who told him?) But to assert that something physical was created out of nothing - not even empty space - by a Thingamajig you can't point to, is not to make a philosophical statement or any sort of statement, it is mere noise, amphigory, sound and fury signifying nothing.” - Heinlein, To Sail Beyond the Sunset, p.207. , CREATOR

GOD: You have ultimate power, God, but you refuse to take ultimate responsibility.” – Robert Silverberg, “Dying Inside”, page 787 of his “Edge of Light”. - POWER & RESPONSIBILITY

GOD: You know, God made the world in 6 days. Have you ever wondered what he has been doing since?” - From film: Boardwalk. – Has he developed into a moral, rational and efficient supervisor of his creation? – JZ, 27.11.10.

GOD: Your religion says we were created in God’s image. Well, that’s ridiculous, of course – God would have no need for a belly button.” Robert J. Sawyer, Hobson’s Choice, in ANALOG, Jan. 95, p. 292. And what need does an omnipresent God have for skin, legs, arms, ears, eyes and an all-powerful one for hands, muscles, food, digestion and sleep? And what good would hair do him and taste buds or sexual organs? And why should such a perfect being only produce children which are as imperfect as we are? That religions maintained themselves for thousands of years in the face of such and so many other questions does demonstrate very well how unreasonable they are. – JZ, 19.9.07. – MAN, RELIGIONS, Q.

GOLD STANDARDS: [The] abandonment of the gold standard made it possible for the welfare statists to use the banking system as a means to an unlimited expansion of credit....” (*) In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holdings illegal, as was done in the case of gold ... The financial policy of the welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves .... [This] is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the 'hidden' confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights." - Alan Greenspan [long-term Fed Chairman and former objectivist libertarian], in 1966. – (*) To call either the over-issue of a forced and exclusive currency or the multiplication of clearing transactions an “expansion of credit” or the “creation of credit” or “money-creation” is misleading to absurd. – Only the gold-weight accounting or gold-weight clearing standard is a sound enough gold standard, infinitely flexible when it comes to the number and amount of free transactions that it can mediate, all at gold weigh value units, quite independent of anyone’s stock of gold coins or bullion. – There is no quantity of wanted and available goods and services that could not be freely cleared against each other or paid for by the monies or clearing certificates or accounts of monetary freedom, when despotic monetary laws, ignorance and prejudices do not prevent these free exchanges. – With him, monetary ignorance and prejudices were in charge, too, of the USA central bank, its Federal Reserve System. Towards the end of the monetary despotism under his “leadership”, he seemed to be unable to think of anything else than manipulating the official interest rate. – But then: Is any other central bank really run any better? Can this system run any economy well enough or does it, inevitably, impose a stranglehold, regardless of its leadership? - JZ, 5.1.08. 23.12.08.. - GOLD STANDARD OF THE REDEMPTIONIST TYPE, CENTRAL BANKING,

GOLD STANDARDS: A mere scrap of printed paper or an electronic accounting unit can be given the value of a gram or of an ounce of gold without it being redeemable in metallic gold - otherwise than merely on a free gold market. Normally it will then only be “redeemed” by its issuer in wanted goods, services, or debt payment receipts up to the value of the gold weight unit used in the scrap of paper or the book account. But the goods and services thus sold and bought and the debts thus paid will also have to be expressed in gold weight units (*) and at least in these transactions equivalent gold coins will not be treated any better than will be these paper scraps or accounts. The purchasing power of the gold weight units will still be determined on a free gold market against all other currencies and by other conditions of really free markets. Numerous diverse exchange media and clearing certificates can all effectively use the same gold weight unit as their value standard, without promising redemption in such metallic value standard units. Theoretically and practically a few gold coins in actual circulation could thus serve, together with daily reports from the free gold markets, for all kinds of gold value clearing currencies, to help turnover a million-fold their own value, and this without causing inflations, deflations or stagflations and always reckoning all these turnovers in gold weight units. In the absence of gold cover and redemption notions, laws, customs and practices and without inflations, deflations and stagflations caused by central banks and by the conflicts between territorial warfare States, wild fluctuations in the purchasing power of gold will also be absent. But neither gold clauses nor gold prices nor gold wages, gold coin circulation, the possession of gold and free gold markets must remain or become legally suppressed. In extreme cases a single and well publicized free gold market would still suffice for most purposes. But, ideally, there should be several quite free gold markets and markets for all kinds of currencies, all publicly reporting their various gold weigh value or discounts against their nominal gold weight value. – (*) Other payment communities should remain free to adopt among themselves other value standards which they do prefer. Free choice of value standards is also an economic human right! - JZ, 11.6.07, 27.11.10, 24.3.13. – Mises himself has experienced such gold weight value reckoning but has he ever really appreciated it in his writings? – JZ, 19.10.07. – GOLD STANDARD CURRENCY & RECKONING, PRICING & CLEARING WITHOUT PHYSICAL GOLD REDEMPTION BY THE ISSUER OF NOTES OR CLEARING CERTIFICATES, GOLD VALUE CLEARING STANDARD, GOLD ACCOUNTING STANDARD, THE SOUND & IN SOME WAYS SUPERIOR ALTERNATIVE TO THE CLASSICAL GOLD STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: A Movement Toward Gold: Let us see what would happen if this were done. As the rate of inflation increased, or became more uncertain, Americans would tend increasingly to make long-term contracts payable in gold. This is because sellers and lenders would become increasingly reluctant to make long-term contracts payable in paper dollars, or in irredeemable money-units of any other kind. - This would apply particularly to international contracts. The buyer or debtor would either have to keep a certain amount of gold in reserve, or make a forward contract to buy gold, or depend on buying gold in the open spot market with his paper money on the date that his contract fell due. In time, if inflation continued, even current transactions would increasingly be made in gold. Thus there would grow up, side by side with fiat paper money, a private domestic and international gold standard. Each country that permitted this would then be on a dual monetary system, with a daily changing market relation between the two monies. And there would be a private gold system ready to take over completely … - Henry Hazlitt, THE FREEMAN, 11/75, 670. - No notion of mere but sufficient gold value reckoning or clearing is to be found here. Still thinking in terms of pure metallic redemptionism. – But he thought of it in another passage, that I came across again, today, among these quotes. – Adam Smith, too, thought and wrote mainly as a gold bug but, at least in one widely forgotten passage, he also comprehended tax foundation as a kind of acceptance or readiness to accept foundation that could give a money merely made out of paper and not redeemable in gold a gold weight value. - JZ - GOLD STANDARD, GOLD CLAUSES, VALUE STANDARDS, FREE CHOICE AMONG VALUE STANDARDS, GOLD WEIGHT VALUE CLEARING STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: A proposal such as that of Milhaud, to abolish gold only as a means of payment to which a creditor is entitled, but to retain it as the standard of value and as a means of payment always permissible to a debtor.” - Ulrich von Beckerath, 1882-1969, Die Durchfuehrung der Vorschlaege von Milhaud, p.59. In German and in English, together with the two other monetary freedom books that he wrote, on – GOLD VALUE RECKONING OR CLEARING

GOLD STANDARDS: Abandoning the gold standard was a fatal error we're now all paying for - - Free choice among all value standards for all - is a much better alternative and more consistently libertarian alternative. The times of EXCLUSIVE rare metal currencies were times of an almost permanent deflation, in which primitive barter was still extensive. None of these rare metal currencies succeeded in introducing free and easy monetary exchanges all over the world. The numerous economic crises resulting from this kind of money monopoly or exclusive currency were a major factor in the rise of State Socialism, just as central banking and its monopoly and power is still one of its main pillars EVERYWHERE! Gold coins and gold certificates as OPTIONAL exchange media and value standards are quite another matter. As such they cannot do any wrong or any harm to their voluntary users. – JZ, 16.8.11, on Facebook. -  It was not abandoned by all but, rather, governmentally outlawed. It and all other value standard options should no longer be subject to any government legislation and regulation, since these have failed, atrociously, again and again, in most countries, for many centuries. The options for exchange media, clearing and credit should also become quite free of governmental intervention. Free market monies are currencies are sufficiently self-regulating. – JZ, 17.8.11, on Facebook. – ONE OF ALL THE VARIOUS GOLD STANDARDS ONLY- OR FREE CHOICE AMONG ALL VALUE STANDARDS?

GOLD STANDARDS: Acceptance like gold coins can be as good or even better for the whole national economy and even the world economy. – JZ: 11.6.07. – It makes people as traders independent of the quantity of coined gold available at any time and place for monetary purposes. Almost any quantity of gold measured on a free gold market is good enough - if it is used as a value standard only or predominantly. (*) As such it can measure e.g. a million-fold its own value in other goods, in services and in labor, while a gold coin, used as means of payment, cannot, at the same time and place, lead to the turnover of a million-fold its own value in goods, services and labor. As an exchange medium it can mediate only a limited number of transactions in a short period. – (*) Naturally, paying in gold coins or receiving them in payment should not be prohibited, either. - JZ, 20.10.07, 24.12.08. - GOLD CLEARING STANDARD OR GOLD ACCOUNTING STANDARD VS. CLASSICAL GOLD REDEMPTION STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: Allow … citizens to buy, sell, and make contracts in gold. This would be immediately followed by free gold markets, which would daily measure the real depreciation of each paper currency (if any has taken place. Competing and optional private paper monies are as such inflation-proof. Even if in general circulation they could, temporarily, get a small discount, the issuers would still have to accept them at par and stable value reckoning of all prices, wages and other contracts could go on undisturbed. – JZ, 19.8.13.). Gold would immediately become a de facto world currency, whether "monetized" or not. The metal itself would not necessarily change hands with each transaction, but gold would become the unit of account in which prices would be stated. - Henry Hazlitt, THE FREEMAN, 1/74. - Not only prices ought to be stated in this way but wages, salaries, pensions and other payments as well, at least as an option. And all other kinds of exchange media could be measured in the gold account standard or any other acceptable one. Moreover, all payments due, a debtor should be free to make in alternative media, acceptable to his creditor, but only at their gold account value in a free market (or at their other value standard if another one has been agreed upon). – Boldface added by me because HERE H. H. went beyond the usual and all too limited stand and demand of "gold bugs". – Alas, most of the others have not yet followed him in this respect. - JZ, 24.7.00, 26.12.08. – GOLD WEIGHT VALUE CLEARING, ACCOUNTING & RECKONING, IN A CLEAR DISTINCTION BETWEEN MEANS OF PAYMENT OR CLEARING & THE VALUE STANDARD USED.

GOLD STANDARDS: Any kind of gold standard for those who want it for themselves. Any other kind of value standard for those who do prefer it. Free choice of value standards for all and also free choice of exchange media, clearing and credit avenues. - JZ, 21.9.00. - VALUE STANDARD, FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS, MONETARY FREEDOM

GOLD STANDARDS: Any sound value standard, freely chosen, would be better than the governments forced and exclusive value standard. But a competitive supply of exchange media and of clearing certificates and accounts would be needed as well. Half a solution is never a full solution. – JZ, 15.12.11, on: Is Gold the Answer to Europe's Crisis? - -  GOVERNMENTAL VALUE STANDARDS & FREE CHOICE AMONG VALUE STANDARDS

GOLD STANDARDS: As a currency basis it may lack one or two of the perfections that theorists dream of, but it weighs more and can be kept longer than a politician's pledge.” - Hazlitt, Inflation, 27. – But even gold coins and honest gold deposit certificates, good as they are as value standards, are insufficient as exclusive means of payment. They must become mere optional means of payment. And they should also be exposed to free competition from other value standards that some people want to adopt for their transactions. Let the quite free market decide about exchange media and value standards, without preconceived notions and corresponding well-meant but wrongful and harmful laws on the subject. – Full monetary and financial freedom! - JZ, 26.12.08, 19.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: As an optional and predominant value standard it is useful and valuable, perhaps even our best option, but certainly not as an exclusive one and also not as an exclusive exchange medium or banknote redemption medium. As an exclusive currency the gold standard is wrongful and harmful. Gold-bugs are insufficiently aware of this difference and of the freedom and right to issue optional and market rated exchange media, of the safety of such issues against over- and under-issues and of the full freedom option for value standards to indicate the value of exchange media, and to express the value of goods and service in their prices and the purchasing power of wages and salaries. – Even most gold standard adherents have become used to think and write mainly only in terms of an exclusive and forced currency, namely the one they do prefer. - JZ, 3.9.00, 4.10.08. – One should imagine that at least the numerous examples of capital certificates, which mostly keep their market value, although almost none of them are fully or partly covered by gold or promise redemption upon demand in gold, should have give them the idea that not all paper certificates need to be covered by partly or fully and redeemable in gold, in order to have a market value, often even a rising one. – JZ, 19. 8.13. - CLEARING, FREE CHOICE OF EXCHANGE MEDIA & VALUE STANDARDS

GOLD STANDARDS: Ask for gold value wages instead of wages paid in almost continuously deteriorated paper money. - JZ, 15.10.74, 27.11.10. - Or choose for that purpose any other value standard and also any other exchange medium or clearing certificates, which you trust more than the exclusive and mismanaged and forced paper standard offered by the government. Indeed, a monetary revolution might be required. But it could and should be quite rightful and efficient, without bloodshed or destruction (only a wrongfully legalized monopoly and coercion would be abolished by it) and it would be immediately beneficent. - JZ, 24.7.00, 26.12.08, 19.8.13. - WAGE PAYMENTS

GOLD STANDARDS: Auri sacra fames.”? The cursed hunger for gold? This does not occur among those debtors, who are able to pay in gold. But it happens among debtors who can be forced, by their creditors, supported by laws and jurisdiction, to pay in gold and this although they do not possess any or not enough and cannot obtain it easily enough. Thus, as a rule, what is really cursed or objected to is this right of creditors to demand metallic gold. If a debtor is free to pay his debts with his own exchange media or clearing certificates, based upon his goods, services or labor, or other means of payment or clearing, at their value on a free gold market, the full value of his debt, merely measured, but not payable, in metallic gold, then both, debtors and creditors can be easily and monetarily satisfied. Both will be better off under independence from the stock of gold coins and of their circulation, as far as their payments and debt collections are involved, under full monetary freedom, including clearing freedom and free choice of value standards. Then money-famines, monetary crises and mass-unemployment would no longer occur. Everybody would be able to pay - up to the limit of his ability and readiness to provide equivalent and ready for sale goods or services that are wanted by local people. (*) Even under a free gold market, free gold coin circulation and free private gold coin coinage, there would never be enough gold coins to allow all transactions of thousands of millions of people to flow only through the bottleneck that these coins provide as an exclusive means of payment, one could be demanded at any time by any creditor. Used, however, only as a sound enough and optional value standard, they can easily mediate any number of transactions without causing any friction. – JZ, 3, 23.10.07. - (*) That same ability still exists and could stop, almost instantly, the current crisis, inflation, mass unemployment and stagflaton. Naturally, it could not stop capital losses resulting from mal-investments, largely induced by government-regulations, just like it could not stop enormous losses in earnings and capital due to compulsory taxation. – and monetary and financial despotism in general. – Many people have to change jobs when many firms go broke, but there is no reason at all why they should be unemployed or unemployable in other jobs, almost instantly, with, perhaps, reduced earnings, at least temporarily. We should free the monetary demand for productive labor, expressed in sound and competitively issued alternative exchange media and clearing certificates. Monopoly money is not good enough. Its uniformity is not a sufficient plus factor. Its monopoly and coercion (legal tender: compulsory acceptance and forced value) are very wrong and it has unintended wrongful and harmful consequences, sometimes on a massive scale. - JZ, 23.12.08, 27.11.10, 19.8.13. - THE AUTHORITY TO DEMAND METALLIC GOLD RATHER THAN PAYMENT IN GOLD-WEIGHT VALUES, MONETARY DESPOTISM, MONETARY FREEDOM & CRISES, GOLD STANDARD WITHOUT GOLD REDEMPTIONISM, GOLD CLEARING & GOLD ACCOUNTING STANDARD, INDEPENDENT OF THE QUANTITY OF GOLD AVAILABLE FOR CURRENCY PURPOSES, ABILITY TO PAY WITH COMPETING & OPTIONAL FREE MARKET MONIES, CLEARING CERTIFICATES & ACCOUNT CREDITS, USING OPTIONAL VALUE STANDARDS, ESPECIALLY THE GOLD WEIGHT VALUE STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: Banknotes that are issued as redeemable gold deposit slips can be honestly and permanently issued only up to the amounts of gold available for their redemption. But notes not making such a cover and redemption promise but being, instead, competitively issued and freely accepted, market rated, i.e., discountable and refusable, can be freely issued at par with their nominal value standard, and will be accepted as such, in most cases, in their issue, locally, most of the time, and always by those issuers, who have daily wanted consumer goods or services for sale, to the extent of their readiness to sell them right now or in the near future and have thus organized themselves to issue such shop-foundation currency between them. These notes and all these goods and services could also be priced out in gold weight units, even when none of these issuers and their acceptors would possess a single gold coin. No difficulty would arise precisely because gold metal redemption is not promised and thus cannot be demanded. Then, in the absence of legal tender laws and of an issue monopoly, good money would drive out bad money. However, a few gold coins circulating and being no better and no worse accepted than such notes, would make the system better understood and functioning. - The wealth, which is offered in form of wanted consumer goods and services, ready for sale e.g. in the shopping centres, in form of wanted consumer goods, together with all the other local service and labor capacity and willingness, which constitute the real turn-over working capital of any country (apart from the also necessary medium- and long-term capital investments required), could then be largely mobilized (up to the point, at which the first discount and acceptance refusals appear) for the creation, issue and acceptance and final use of them (after their reflux to the issuers and their subsequent destruction or cancellation) to purchase with them the wanted and needed goods and services of others and, also and mainly, as exchange media to pay wages and salaries with, for all kinds or productive labor. (Including, naturally the own wages and salaries of the issuers.) Like tickets they should be cancelled or destroyed after their return and replace by as much shop foundation money as is at any time required. Their main use at their issue would be in form of short term loans for wage- and salary payment requirements of local and productive firms, in form of short-term turnover loans to these employers. With them these issuers would discount the short- term credit certificates, which they have e.g. received from wholesalers, for already produced and sold goods and services. (Essentially the same process that was involved in the REAL BILLS DOCTRINE, properly understood and applied.) Such notes would constitute a huge and immediate demand for labor, making full employment possible, in any of the productive occupations. Then people could even get two jobs - if they wanted or needed them and could stand them for a while and even housewives, children and old people or handicapped ones could get at least part-time jobs, if they wanted them, paid according to their productivity. Then there would be jobs for any number of immigrants, refugees and deserters, without depriving anybody of any job. Most sales problems for wanted consumer goods and services would then be solved. No one would any longer be dependent upon the monopoly money and the manipulated value standard of the government’s central bank and the monetary policies of that government or its central bank. - Under that condition of free exchange, with all the other present barriers to it also being removed, savings and investments would tend to be much higher than they are now. Thus economic development would go ahead faster and more certainly and regularity. Inflation, deflation and stagflation and the usual economic crises, with their mass unemployment and impoverishment could be altogether avoided. - Such exchange media could be soundly issued and kept sound far beyond the value of all the gold and silver stocks in the world, even while all goods and services and all goods- and service vouchers are priced in gold or silver weight units, precisely because no gold or silver redemption is promised in them. Those wanting such metals would be referred to their special free markets, which provide the greatest possible and safest redemption fund of them all. Free coinage would see to it that at least some sound gold and silver coins are circulation but without any coercive privileges for them. Issuers of private notes would accept them just like they would accept their own notes and no one, unless he has contractually obliged himself to do so, would be obliged to deliver gold- or silver coins. (Such obligations would, in principle be a speculative undertaking, a dealing in futures, with all their uncertainties, for which a withdrawal premium should be agreed upon by sensible participants.) On the other hand: anybody can always oblige himself and his fellow issuers to supply the goods and services that he has obliged himself to deliver for his own kind of notes, purchasing certificates, clearing certificates, goods- or service vouchers. (Apart, naturally, from the risk involved in natural or man-made catastrophes, for which sufficient sound insurance arrangements should be made and against which sufficiently sound technical precaution should also be taken. Flimsy dwellings in tornado zones or in earthquake areas or on tsunami-threatened shores do not make sense nor do low-built houses in flood zones or buildings in avalanche channels. They remind me of ant colonies sometimes occurring on my drive way.) – JZ, 17.9.08, 28.11.10. - GOLD OR GOODS & SERVICE COVER & REDEMPTION? READINESS TO ACCEPT FOUNDATION, SHOP-FOUNDATION

GOLD STANDARDS: Because gold is honest money, it is disliked by dishonest men." - Ron Paul – quoted by Nizam Ahmad – Facebook 3.4.13. - John Zube : Many other kinds of money can be quite honest and even stand at par with their nominal e.g. gold weight value and this without being redeemable in gold metal by the issuer. But they do need a sound and sufficient readiness to accept foundation by the issuers, who do have to offer mainly wanted consumer goods or services for them. (Shop foundation money by local shop associations as issuers.) Honest governmental monopoly monies have been rare but did happen, even in form of paper monies, as long as they were not legal tender and monopoly money but accepted, at their nominal gold weight or silver weight value in the payment of taxes and other dues. "Ticket" - money, accepted in payment of railway-, bus- tramway fares, or telephone charges have also a sound foundation. So have petrol-, electricity and gas monies. They may also use a rare metal weight as a value standard but offer redemption only in whatever good or service they offer, which might be e.g. an insurance service. It is a fixed idea that only one form of gold standard, namely the redemptionist one, is an honest currency. A free market in this sphere, full monetary freedom, would offer many other sound options - always only in the payment communities of volunteers, with free exchange rates, expressed, possibly in the same value standards, between them.

GOLD STANDARDS: Central Banks to Retain Gold to Manage Debt in Crisis, Morgan Stanley Says - - Sound private paper monies, even tax foundation monies, can be issued that use gold weight values as their VALUE STANDARD. Moreover, they CAN be kept at par with their nominal value by being widely enough and readily accepted e.g. for wanted consumer goods and services, that are also marked out in gold weight prices or for due or nearly due other debt payments to the issuer. Naturally, those who do offer such goods and services. and their associations, would also be the most suitable issuers for such paper money - "as good as gold" and, in some respects, even better, because as much of it can be safely issued, as sound exchange media, as is needed, independent of the available gold stock. They CAN be issued AND MAINTAINED at par with their nominal value. - Why has redemptionism in a single commodity blinded most libertarians to redemptionism in millions of different, wanted or needed and readily available commodities, produce and services, which, in total, are worth much more, even when expressed in gold weight values, than all the gold available after thousands of years of producing and accumulating it? There were historical instances for such currencies. They should no longer be ignored. My free banking bibliography and my free banking A to Z, which is online on, do point out some such instances. – JZ, 25.8.12, on Facebook. – VS. “THE” GOLD STANDARD AS AN EXCLUSIVE ONE IN FORM OF GOLD COINS OR 100% TO FRACTIONALLY COVERED & REDEEMABLE GOLD CERTIFICATES, Q. OR, INSTEAD, A GOLD STANDARD IN FORM OF A GOLD-WEIGHT CLEARING, ACCOUNTING, PRICING & READINESS TO ACCEPT VALUE STANDARD?

GOLD STANDARDS: CNBC Poll: Do You Support a Return to the Gold Standard? - - Do all these voters know all the forms of the gold standard, the flawed ones and the flawless ones, or did they ignorantly support just the one they know of, which is one of the most flawed and limited ones? – JZ, 1.9.11, on Facebook, revised: 19.8.13. - “THE” GOLD STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: DE GAULLE predicted the US monetary crisis in 1965 - - There is not enough gold in the world to mediate, as exclusive means of payment, all our present transactions. It could serve, for all of them, only as an optional standard of value. – JZ, 26.9.11, on Facebook. - ANY EXCLUSIVE GOLD STANDARD AS THE SOLUTION?

GOLD STANDARDS: Don’t blame the Depression on the gold standard – but don’t expect it back either | City A.M. - - TWO of America’s Republican candidates – Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul – have dared to toy with the idea of bringing back the gold standard. Their remarks have in turn triggered a fusillade of indignant replies, from pundits and professional economists alike, … on Facebook. - Free banking expert George Selgin on the gold standard. George is unparalleled in his knowledge and understanding of alternatives to central bank models of monetary policy and banking. - Jason Clemens, On Facebook, 2.3.12. – I am not convinced that G. S. has considered already all of the monetary freedom alternatives, e.g. those of the Swiss, Jewish and German School of Monetary Freedom, from the 1930’s onwards, which are well represented on - JZ, 19.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: Dubai's gold coin aspires to be the next krugerrand - - Are sound gold coins so bad that they require legal tender power? Is it not enough when they are no longer prohibited as optional value standards and as optional means of exchange? – JZ, 19.8.11, on Facebook. Revised: 19.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: Even if the classical and redemptionist gold standard were the most just, practicable and rational value standard that could be imagined, should its realization be enforced as an exclusive standard of value and means of payment? - JZ, 20.9.00, 30.1.02.

GOLD STANDARDS: Forcing all people to use only a 100% gold dollar or gold dollar certificate is like forcing everyone to wear gold framed spectacles - whether they need spectacles or not. - JZ, 7.7.79. - GOLD STANDARD, EXCLUSIVE, AS EXCHANGE MEDIUM & VALUE STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: Freedom Gives Birth to Gold Standard: When trade and production expanded during the 18th & 19th centuries, the gold standard re-emerged.” - Hans Sennholz, Inflation or Gold Standard? P.35. – The avoidance of inflation and of deflation as well as stagflation needs only the abolition of the money issue monopoly, of legal tender and the introduction of free choice of value standards and among exchange media and clearing options. Then alternative sound monies and value standards will be free to drive out the unsound ones. – JZ, 26.12.08. – Actually, most countries, for much of the 18th and 19th century were, I believe, still on the silver standard. The gold standard, as an exclusive currency, existed widely only for a few decades. I may be wrong on this and would like to see a tabulation of the extent to which either standard, e.g. copper, silver and gold were historically predominant or exclusive in the world and in many to most major trading countries. – JZ, 28.11.10, 19.8.13. - GOLD STANDARD OR MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM? COPPER- & SILVER VALUE STANDARDS WERE ALSO WIDE-SPREAD &, PROBABLY, FOR MUCH LONGER THAN GOLD COINS WERE.

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold and silver coins being proposed as South Carolina tender - - Not even gold or silver should be legal tender - but merely an optional value standard or means of payment. Only inferior value standards and inferior means of exchange need legal tender to be accepted." – JZ, 15.5.11, on Facebook. – Monopoly and legal tender power are the characteristics of bad monies that drive out the good monies according to Gresham’s Law. – JZ, 11.10.12, 19.8.13. - SILVER & LEGAL TENDER

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold as a single commodity, a rather rare one, should not be expected to be present, directly in coin form or indirectly in deposit slips to mediate the millions of exchanges of millions of different commodities and services that are daily exchanged in unknown quantities. It is after all just one commodity among millions of others, not to speak the millions of other services that are being exchanged. Seeing that it is so relatively rare, it is even more absurd to assume that it could thus serve as well as an exclusive exchange medium than to assume that any other and particular commodity or service could serve us well as an exchange medium for the exchange of all other commodities and services. At the same time, when it does not have to be present and change hands, and is being used merely as a value standard, not as an exclusive exchange medium, it could be used by consenting exchangers, in all their transactions, without thereby introducing any difficulties or stoppages in exchanges, just like the adopted weight and length measures are sufficient for all exchanges and do not cause any shortages or difficulties in the sphere of weight or length measuring. Each weight or length measure could serve for dozens to thousands of various transactions every day. I never heard of a shortage of such measures. - Only when it comes to the traditional gold standard concept do we act and think as if the physical value measuring unit had also to change hands in every transaction, or at least the title or certificate to it. That is as silly as to think it necessary for each exchange that the weight or length measure should also change hands in every transaction, instead of being merely used in its function by both parties. - As concepts and for all transactions the value standard unit should be clearly distinguished from the exchange or clearing medium or “value carrier”. - Used merely as a value standard, whose value or purchasing power people carry with them in their minds, a single gold coin could, theoretically, serve well enough for millions of transactions every day, whose total value would exceed the purchasing power of that single gold coins even many millions of times and this with the price level remaining as stable as it can be under the usual demand and supply changes. However, if we then suddenly introduced the demand, in all these millions of transactions, that all payments, not only the measuring of the value of all exchanges, would have to be done in gold coins, or 100 % covered gold deposit slips, then the sellers and other creditors would always have the right to demand gold coins or gold certificates from their buyers or debtors of other debts, while the debtors would be obliged to pay in them, then great difficulties would arise for both sides and most of the previously freely undertaken exchanges could then no longer take place. – That honest debtors would always be sufficiently supplied with gold coins or gold certificates is nothing but a false assumption or fiction. Properly issued exchange media, especially those issued under competitive conditions, could and would be issued to keep them at least locally at par with their nominal value standard, most of the time or close enough to it, without the issuer possessing the equivalent number of the value standard units, e.g. in form or rare metal bits, coins or bullion. At other places, in other countries, though, they might get their particular “foreign exchange rate”. The very fact that under free market rating the optional exchange media could suffer a discount and that their acceptance could be refused by all but their issuers, would also serve to bring them back, fast, to their issuers, reduce their total circulation and restore their par-value also in general local circulation. For exchange media of an issuer, which stand at a discount, would soon be presented to that issuer at 100 % of their nominal value and accepted as such and with these discounted notes their discount in the local circulation would fast disappear. Just like national currencies that are undervalued overseas, would tend to stream back fast, and increase the export from the country whose notes were undervalued overseas. (Unless governments interfere - with their xyz wrongful and counter-economic foreign exchange “policies”.) The existing discount would also deprive the issuer of the motive to issue still more of them, for that could finally put him out of business as a potential note issuer, if he could really issue far more of his notes than he could accept and redeem in his goods or services immediately or very soon. He would also encounter more and more total refusals to accept his notes at all. Paradoxically as it sounds, the very possibility of a discount and its occasional occurrence, at least to a small degree, in local circulation, would prevent it or minimize it in most cases, most of the time. The sounder money issues would tend to drive out the unsound or less sound ones – in the absence of legal tender! Expressed in gold weigh value units, all the ready for sale consumer goods and services, that are in daily demand, even those of the near future, could thus become monetized by their owners and providers - in form of sound goods- and service vouchers, in the usual money denominations - and thus assure the sales of their issuers. As long as they are accepted at par the issues are still sound. When the first discount occurs, further issues should be stopped, for a while, until the par value of the notes remaining in circulation is restored. Since their acceptance, in the absence of legal tender and of an issuing monopoly, is voluntary, further issues will be stopped, either by the issuers or by their potential acceptors. – JZ, 2.12.07, 17.9.08, 19.8.13. – The competitive supply of sound exchange media would also exert an enormous monetary demand for productive labor, paid in such exchange media. In a relatively free market the supply of wanted consumer goods and the consumer service supply capacity is enormous and can be utilized by the competitive note issues of these suppliers. Think e.g. of how many notes Woolworth, Coles and Walton could locally issue and get accepted at their par value, perhaps expressed in gold weight units. – Since thus consumer goods and services could become almost automatically sold, through the reflux of such shop currencies to the shops, the monetary demand for productive labor would be enormous. Central banking, with its monopoly and its coercion and fraud, prevents the monetary demand for labor in form of sound free market monies, using also a sound value standard, to expand to its limits. – which have never as yet been reached. – JZ, 27.11.10, 19.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: GOLD CLEARING STANDARD: People in some countries, such as India, distrust transactions in paper currency and will only accept gold equivalents as determined on the free market.” - PROGRESS, May 74. - Distrust transactions in exclusive and forced paper currency and only accept gold equivalents as determined on the free market! - How wide-spread is that practice in India? I was only aware of extensive gold and silver hoarding, especially in form of jewelry. Optional, i.e. competitive, refusable and discountable free market moneys, even if merely printed on paper, would only rarely deviate from their par value with a sound value standard, although and because only the issuer would have to accept them at par with their nominal value in all payments due to him. They could not affect the prices of all other goods and services expressed also in sound value standards or of one kind or the other and paid in one kind or the other of exchange media or clearing options. Too many people think only superficially, here about the fact that paper and the printing presses are involved. Most do also know only of one kind of gold standard, the gold cover and redemption one, fractional or 100% - and neither of them is the optional gold standard, which is the gold-weight-clearing or gold-weight accounting standard. - JZ, 24.7.00, 20.8.13..

GOLD STANDARDS: GOLD CLEARING STANDARD: The least discussed of all gold standards is still the gold-weight-value clearing or accounting standard, which does not promise gold cover and gold redemption by the issuer but merely the pricing of all goods and services and of all notes and clearing certificates in that form of gold standard. As long as any paper currency is accepted by its issuers at par with its nominal value expressed in gold weight units, i.e., just like a gold coin of the equivalent denomination or value, and provided the acceptor has daily wanted and needed consumer goods and services to offer, at market prices, expressed in gold weight units, then such a paper money is not only as good as gold coins are for shopping purposes, but even more portable and convenient than gold coins are, not to speak of gold bullion, at least within the circulation sphere of that currency. This is, admittedly, much smaller than that of gold coins, which tends to be world-wide, legally or illegally.  (When did you last try to pay for your shopping with gold coins or redeemable gold certificates? Which shopkeeper is prepared to weigh and test gold coins for their fineness?) Such gold standard accounting or clearing money is achievable and will quite naturally happen - if only governments do not get in its way or popular errors and prejudices. In the past even governments have sometimes used this form of gold standard. Private gold-weight value reckoning was quite common towards the end of the great German inflation form 1914 to 1923. According to Ulrich von Beckerath, 1982-1969, the bookshops accepted it first. - Nevertheless, in most discussions about the gold standard this form of it is simply forgotten, even in otherwise scholarly books. - Under free choice of value standards, considered as an individual human right and also as an important economic right, anyone should be quite free to apply it in his payment sphere. It would make its users independent of the quantity of gold coins circulating in his payment sphere. Then many more sound exchange media could be issued than could be redeemed in gold and this could be done without depreciating them. The gold weight valuations of distant gold markets can be communicated almost anywhere at electronic speed. Local exchange offices and banks will also be able to evaluate local competing currencies in terms of their gold weight values on a free gold market. Only those local currencies standing at par with their nominal gold weight value, at such local evaluation centers, will then locally circulate widely, and this although only their issuers will be obliged to accept them at par for whatever they have to offer, also expressed in gold weight unit prices. - It would be helpful if all forms of the gold standard were clearly tabulated together with all their inherent limitations and all their pros and cons. – JZ, 4.10.98, 26.9.08, 20.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: GOLD CLEARING STANDARD: The value of a certain weight of gold, e.g. a gram or an ounce of it, need not be expressed in a corresponding gold coin. It is sufficient to express the value of goods, services and labor or debt certificates in gold weight units, likewise the value of exchange media and clearing certificates in them, with the value of these weight units against all kinds of currencies determined on a free gold market – to establish also this kind of an optionally functioning gold standard, one much more safe against the crises, which under the gold cover and redemption gold standard can originatein the requirement for issuers to redeem their banknotes in gold, or of other debtors to pay their debts in gold coins, thus giving creditors the right to demand such payments, rather than payment via clearing or notes - with gold value accounting. Gold value clearing or gold value accounting and gold value pricing, gold value wages and debt certificates with gold clauses – they could all be still effectively used, even when there is a scarcity of gold coins, so that only a fraction of all contracts would have to be and could be settled by payment in gold coins. - When and where were gold coins ever abundant enough to mediate all possible and desired exchanges? As exclusive medium of exchange gold coins are defective and insufficient and very dependent on the quantity of them that can be supplied at any particular time, location and in any economic situation. However, as permissible and freely competing value standards they are close enough to perfect and are as such they are independent of the quantity of them that is at any time and place available for payment purposes. As merely permissible, instead of obligatory means of exchange, they would also be harmless and even useful. Used merely as a value standard they can serve dozens to hundreds of diverse and competing means of payment, including all clearing options and the growth or the reduction of their supply does not disable them from being very useful in this way. Millions of contract can, theoretically, be mediated using the value of gold coins merely as an accounting unit, i.e., without any gold coins actually changing hands in these millions of transactions. Thus trade can becoming very free and extensive and quite independent of the quantity of gold coins available as means of payment, and this while using them freely and, perhaps, almost exclusively, as value standards, apart from allowing those, able and willing to pay in gold coins to do so. But no one would be legally or juridically obliged to do so. He might merely have bound himself to do this and then he will often regret this contracted promise. - To use an analogy, which makes this distinction clearer, because it is less controversial and prejudiced: There is a great difference between being able to and being merely wanting to pay in diamonds to someone willing to accept such a payment. The mere option to do so creates no difficulties for its participants. Difficulties arise only when a creditor is allowed to demand payment in diamonds from his debtors, most of whom do not possess any diamonds. The latter demand will inevitably create great difficulties and even impossibilities for many debt settlements. Thus the right to demand metallic gold from issuers or debtors should be abolished and be replaced by the right to demand only being paid in gold weight values, payable in any useful means of exchange or clearing certificate, at is market value reckoned in gold weight units. Thus both creditors and debtors can become independent of the quantity of gold coins in circulation and available to them. Payment crises are avoided while stable value reckoning, in terms of gold weight units would go on. – But how does one get this message across to “gold-bugs” who know and appreciate only exclusive currencies in form of gold coins and redeemable gold certificates? It would, probably, need prolonged practice of full monetary freedom to convert them to this freedom as well. – And other value standard than gold, silver or platinum weight units should certainly not be outlawed, either. – Only forced values and forced acceptance should be outlawed – except towards the issuers, who must always accept their own IOUs, clearing certificates, notes etc. at par and in the  cases where payment in gold coins or gold certificates is contracted for. (Then the exception might be a the local juridical or legal decision to consider all such promises as dealings in futures, i.e. as contracts from which one should be free to withdraw, upon payment of a contract fine or withdrawal premium. Such legislation or jurisdiction takes the facts of recurrent payment crises or currency shortages into consideration, which occur relatively frequently for exclusive exchange media, which cannot be simply multiplied by sound issuers, who can back them up with their wanted consumer goods and services, to the amounts required, just like the producers of tickets can supply them corresponding to their readiness to supply the wanted performances. - JZ, 11.6.07, 20.10.07.

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold coins could become effectively reduced to mere value standards I most transactions and also exposed to free competition from other value standards and payment avenues. The quantity of gold coins available to anyone could then become quite irrelevant to his ability to pay his debts at par with their agreed-upon gold weight value - but with other means of exchange or clearing than rare metal coins. – Should that alternative not be at least seriously considered? Should we not examine whether there are some sound historical precedents for it? Or should we blindly and uncritically adhere to the dogmas of some adherents of the old and main gold standard, often called the classical one and ignore all others, even those that are quite sound and not fraudulent at all? – How many different kinds of “gold standards” are there? Which of them are sound and honest? Which of them are unsound and dishonest? Which of them would provide the least difficulties in all transactions conducted with them? – Can free gold markets sufficiently replace obligatory redemption in gold coins, by the issuers of banknotes? – Since at present we are no longer legally forced to pay in metallic gold, we should at least ponder all the options before we march back, uncritically and in step, to such a condition again, as if it were an unbeatable ideal. - JZ, 28.10.07. - GOLD CLAUSES, GOLD VALUE CLAUSES IN ALL CONTRACTS, INCLUDING PRIVATE NOTE ISSUES & GOLD VALUE PRICING IN SHOPS, IN WAGES, RENTS & PENSIONS ETC. - GOLD-VALUE CLEARING & ACCOUNTING & DENOMINATIONS OF BANK NOTES

GOLD STANDARDS: GOLD COINS: Gold coins in the classical but faulty gold standard of a prescribed gold cover for and redemption of its notes in coins, upon demand, merely combines the physical gold weight value standard all too firmly with the means of payment or clearing function. Without this combination gold coins, too, are merely means of payment or clearing certificates, but expensive ones, as expensive as the gold weight used in them. Printed banknotes or clearing certificates, or credits in account books or computers as means of payment would be much cheaper could be rightfully issued by all who do have something of value to offer in exchange, preferably something like daily needed consumer goods or services. These issues could also use gold weight units but merely as value standards, in which they denominate their notes and accounts and prices their services. They would not have to possess any gold coins but would be prepared to accept full weight gold coins, if they are offered them in payment.  That readiness to accept their own IOUs, clearing certificates, goods warrants or service vouchers, in monetary denominations, would make their markers, tokens or acceptance promises valuable to others, enough to induce them to accept them, at least up to certain and individually self-determined limits, at their nominal value or at a relatively small discount, rather than induce them to refuse these tokens outright. - These acceptance promises do not have to be coined out of gold they can be merely printed on cheap paper, like tickets. They could even be hand-written IOUs on paper scraps. - Freedom of choice for value standards, as well as freedom to issue, accept, refuse or discount all kinds of exchange media, would settle, by free competition, which kinds of value standards and exchange media or clearing certificates are really the best ones or good enough for daily use. They would not have to be of a quality that would allow them to circulate for a long time, The might be issued only for a limited period, like railway or bus tickets and might always be cancelled or destroyed as soon as they are returned to the issuer and replace by other such ticket money, as required. Naturally the issuer should not be allowed to refuse to accept their own notes or certificates at par with their nominal value for all that they have ready for sale. That would be obviously fraud. They must accept them at par, at least within their clearly stated time limit. - Under monetary freedom conditions the good kinds of exchange media and the best kinds of value standards will tend to drive out the inferior ones. But even inferior ones will still have a limited role to play. E.g. the issuer might only be able to get them accepted at a considerable discount. But precisely this discount would assure that no great circulation of them could be built up. Only relatively few would be offered with a considerable discount and accepted and they would not stay long in general circulation but would rapidly return to the issuer, to be redeemed, at par, in his goods, services or labor. – JZ, 11.6.07. – If you can express such truths better and more concisely than I can, please do so. On my own I will keep trying to express myself more clearly and convincingly, since at least to me this topic is very important. – JZ, 19.10.07, 20.8.13. - GOLD STANDARDS, MONETARY FREEDOM

GOLD STANDARDS: GOLD COINS: I consider them to be overly expensive and insufficient as means of exchange and clearing certificates. But, on the other hand, they do provide excellent value standards if they are used mainly for this purpose and only as occasional means of payment when a debtor is sufficiently provided with them. – JZ, 25.2.07, 25.10.07. – Creditors should at most only be legally or contractually entitled to demand gold value clearing or accounting from their debtors, not payment in gold coins. Only then is the debtor free to pay his debts with what he can, usually offer, namely his goods and services, in corresponding IOUs or clearing certificates, goods warrants or service vouchers. – JZ, 5.11.07, 20.8.13. - GOLD CURRENCY, GOLD CERTIFICATES

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold cover and redemption upon demand are as necessary and justified as are the crucifix, the Bible and prayer for the Jesus freak – but superfluous, objectively, to preserve the gold weight value of privately or cooperatively and competitively issued banknotes that do have a sufficient “reflux” or  “readiness to accept” foundation, whereby they are readily accepted for wanted goods or services and other debt payments due to their issuer and his associates, and this at their nominal gold weight value, if this has been agreed-upon by the issuers of such notes and their voluntary acceptors. – The gold-redemption notes can be issued honestly only to the extent that there are gold coins available for their redemption, i.e. a single commodity among millions of different ones, not to speak of the diversity of services. Banknotes, clearing certificates or accounts merely reckoning in gold weight units as their value standard, - can be redeemed at that value in millions of diverse and wanted goods and services. They are the opposites of exclusive currencies or monopoly monies and yet quite sound. Their quantity and their turnovers and values will be determined by the suppliers of goods and services, together with their voluntary consumers or customers, in quite free supply and demand or free pricing, free contract and free exchange conditions. If more goods are produced and more services are offered and both are wanted, then correspondingly more notes can be safely issued, as long as their market rate, reckoned e.g. in gold weight units, remains at par with this nominal value. These notes or clearing certificates or clearing accounts ought to represent the wanted goods and services, at stable gold-weight value prices, not the availability of a single scarce commodity, like gold. Gold is still pretty good when used only as a value standard but not when the attempt is made to use it also as an exclusive currency and to force all people who wish to engage in monetary exchanges to do so. Let them produce or choose their own exchange media, clearing options and value standards. Expose gold coins not only as exchange media but also as value standards to free competition from other exchange media, clearing options and value standards. - Assuming gold to be the best possible value standard and exchange medium and comparing it with cars, those brands, which represent the highest quality in cars: How many families would enjoy a car if they were only allowed to buy and use cars of the highest quality? Would as many goods be transported on our highways if only trucks of the highest quality could be used for them? However, full freedom for gold bugs to use only gold in all their transactions. But also freedom for all others to use their own, optional, discountable and refusable alternative and much cheaper exchange media and clearing options as well as other value standards, which they do prefer for themselves. Freedom for honest exchanges is the aim, not the enforcement of a single option, be it fiat money or gold coins or gold certificates. That should be obvious to libertarians, but is it? One can be so in love with one option only that one ignores or discounts all others. Let people make their own monetary and clearing choices. End only every kind of monetary despotism, especially the issue monopoly and the legal tender power of central banks. Confine their activities to their voluntary followers and victims. – JZ, 19.11.11, 12.1.12. – There should be no legal, juridical or religious obligation for all people in a territory to have for all their exchange relationships, their exchange media and value standards only a monogamous choice, namely gold coins and gold certificates as their exclusive exchange media and value standard. All kinds of other marriage options or supply and demand options should be open to free people in their trading actions, which are as free as free and voluntary exchanges ought to be. No prescribed monogamy with the classical gold standard, a gold cover and gold redemption one! In marriages between human beings monogamy does not always lead to lifelong happy relationships. Neither do compulsory monogamic marriages to the classical redemptions gold standard. – JZ, 20.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold enslaves the State to fiscal responsibility, but the modern State wants essentially a free state and a slave people. Gold is a roadblock to this goal.” - Rushdoony, Overpopulation, p.29. – Free gold value reckoning, accounting and clearing could achieve the same. Only legal tender and the issue monopoly of the central bank and its exclusive value standard must fall. As optional value standards and optional means of payment, government paper money could be continued on the basis of tax foundation, as long as we are still prepared to put up with compulsory taxation and any territorial State. – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold functions well as money.” - Percy L. Greaves, Jr. - But not so well as exclusive exchange medium, even while it may become or remain the most popular value standard. - JZ, 24.7.00. – The times of exclusive rare metal currencies were also times of slavery, serfdom and all too much confinement of trade to barter. Clearing was neither then nor now sufficiently developed and it needs only a sound value standard but not any cover and redemption stock of gold or silver. Nor do any exchange media, which are based upon a sound value standard and do have sufficient readiness-to-acceptfoundation, in form of wanted consumer goods and services, to give them a purchasing power on a free market that is, in most instances, especially close to their issuers, a par value with their nominal gold weight value. By free market rating and voluntary acceptance or refusals the quantity of such exchange media would be automatically sufficiently regulated. They do not require metallic redemption but par acceptance by the issuers, as if they were gold or silver coins. Those who do want gold or silver could then buy them on the free metal markets. Some sound gold and silver coins, privately issued, would then also circulate but we would no longer be dependent upon their quantity and getting enough of them into our hands for all our payments. – JZ, 26.1.08. –

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold is a living god.” - Percy Bysshe Shelley, Queen Mab, V. - I hope that he did not suggest that we worship it, pray to it and sacrifice to it! - JZ, 24.7.00. – Or that we engage in a monogamous marriage or love-relationship with it, declining all other possibilities. – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold is better than coercive paper money. - JZ, 12.10.74. - Gold is better than paper and paper gold. - JZ, 12.10.74. – Not always. I can hardly believe that I asserted this. It applies only to most governmental paper monies and governmental “paper gold” certificates. - Some kinds of paper money, using gold merely as a value standard, not an exclusive one and not as an exclusive means of payment, are actually superior and definitely cheaper and easier to adjust to the required quantities, also easier and safer to carry, than are gold coins and gold certificates. I knew that then as well as now. They can nowadays also be checked easier, for forgeries, automatically and computerized, than the weight and fineness of gold coins can be determined for single coins and in large quantities. Already many years ago I saw a gadget operating in a Sydney bank, I think it was the main office of the present Westpac Bank in Sydney, which rapidly flashed through a whole stack of banknotes, to discover forgeries and stopped whenever it found one. – I wish that flawed monetary and financial theories and practices were as easy to discover and sort out. For this information we have to patiently collect, study, ponder, compare, correct, refute and publish it. Likewise all the sound information in this sphere, in something like a handbook on free banking or monetary freedom. – Ultimately, it could all fit onto a single and cheap disk. – Such information should certainly not be copyrighted but published as widely and cheaply as possible. Then it might even reach journalists and politicians and the many professors still wedded to statist theories in this sphere. - JZ, 26.12.08. Two long beginnings, both still imperfect and incomplete, of a free banking A to Z and a monetary freedom bibliography are now at -But market rated and competitively issued paper monies, redeemable in goods and services or in the payment of some other and short term debts (representing the sale of goods on their way to the consumers), with all of these and wages and salaries etc. priced out in gold weight units, are much superior to a circulation that is confined to gold coins and 100% gold metal cover and redemptionism by the issuer upon demand by the gold certificate holder. Paper means of exchange - or electronic ones - reckoning in gold weight units, without, necessarily, physically owning or moving any gold coins, using them merely as value standards, can easily be adapted to the quantity of exchange media that are locally required at any particular time and do not confine exchanges to those that can be mediated by the presence and transfer of physical gold or claims to it. Even the most ideal single product cannot be sufficient, physically, as an exclusive exchange medium, to mediate all the transactions in millions of different products and services. But as a preferred value standard it can help to measure any number of transactions regardless of the quantities and locations in which it is available. Exchange media valued in gold weight units can, anyhow, be exchanged for metallic gold at any time, all over the world, in any free gold market. Such universal gold convertibility, whenever it is really needed or wanted, makes redemptionism only by an issuer of gold certificates a rather limited if not even insignificant and, anyhow, an insufficient option. It would also reveal gold cover and gold redemptionism by the note issuers as superfluous. - However, all issuers of competing exchange media that reckon in gold weight values must always be prepared to accept them in all payments against themselves at their full nominal gold weight value, thus redeeming them, mostly, in their goods and services, priced out also in gold weight values. This kind of competitive supply of exchange media would provide just enough exchange media to turn over all wanted consumer goods and services ready for sale. – (It would not assure the sale of e.g. my speculatively produced small batches of PEACE PLANS issues on microfiche when the readiness to accept such redemption certificates and the goods they promised is as low as it was and still is. – JZ, 28.11.10.) The capital market is to be served by its kind of capital certificate issues, different from currencies. - JZ, 24.7.00, 26.12.08, 20.8.13. – GOLD VALUE RECKONING & CLEARING VS. FORCED & EXCLUSIVE PAPER MONEY & ALSO VS. FORCED & EXCLUSIVE GOLD COINS & GOLD REDEMPTION CERTIFICATES.

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold is desirable and useful as a standard of value but only occasionally needed or wanted as a means of payment. No one should have a legal or juridical claim to be paid not only in the value of a quantity of gold weight units but in actual metallic gold, e.g. gold coins. – At most this should be conceded in private contracts, preferable with the precautions taken in most other dealings in futures. For such a delivery duty for such a rare metal could reduce all enterprise, labor, production and trade to the quantity of metallic gold available for this purpose. The legal, sudden and exclusive introduction of such payments or payments in certificates 100% covered and redeemable in gold, and the suppression of all other payment and clearing alternatives, would lead to the sudden introduction of the greatest deflation ever. - JZ, 30.3.83 & 24.7.00. – All clearing transactions and clearing media, by their very nature, do not need any gold cover or redemption, although they could use a gold weight unit as probably still the best kind of value standard. But even that one should not be a forced and exclusive one but be widely adopted only upon its own merits, by all those, who are not fanatic enemies of gold because of some or the other popular myths and prejudices about it. These opponents and others should be free to adopt other value standards and exchange media for their transactions. And the gold bugs, irredeemably wedded to metallic gold redemptionism, should be free to continue with that marriage until death does them part, but not free to impose their preferences upon dissenters. – JZ, 26.12.08, 28.11.10.

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold is mighty in the power it gives citizens over government.” - Rickenbacher, The Case for Gold. The Case for Silver, p. 6. – The right of individuals and minorities to secede, combined with full exterritorial autonomy for their communities of volunteers, would be even more powerful. When a government turns gold coins and gold certificates into an exclusive exchange medium and value standard, then it retains all too much power over citizens. - The legal claim of holders of government notes redeemable in gold, does, indeed, restrain the government's note issue. It might even restrict it so much that not all the taxes payable could be paid in such notes. What then? Who has the power then, when a tax strike and voluntary taxation alternatives are not yet sufficiently organized? The legal claim of note holders to demand metallic gold from every note issuer is, indeed, a great power that restricts all potential issuers from issuing as much sound currency as they could, otherwise. They can then issue only as much as they can cover with their gold hoard. - That, is a great disadvantage to all those who need enough sound exchange media or clearing options to make all their desired exchanges possible and easy. - JZ, 24.7.00, 20.8.13..

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold metal payments, covers and redemptions and, as well, free gold value reckoning and clearing, as OPTIONS in all contracts and not as legal privileges or obligations. - JZ, 14.3.88 & 19.7.00. - GOLD CLEARING OR ACCOUNTING STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: GOLD RECKONING: And the first step libertarians should insist on is to get our government and the courts not only to permit, but to enforce voluntary private contracts providing for payment in gold or in terms of gold value.” - Henry Hazlitt, THE FREEMAN, Nov. 1975. – Bold print added by me. Here H. H. went significantly beyond the usual “gold bugs”, always insisting on at least fractional gold cover or even 100% cover and redemption. How come that most of the gold advocates overlooked this qualification by this deservedly famous libertarian writer? – JZ, 26.12.08. - GOLD CLEARING OR ACCOUNTING STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold redemption by the issuers, any time and at face value, for 100% covered gold certificates, covered by gold weight units or coins, does, for its proper functioning, as far and as long as it goes, depends on the practice, in normal times, of 10 to 30 times as many non-cash transactions, being carried out by short term credits and clearing than are made possible by the fraction of cash transactions carried out with gold coins and gold certificates. The number of gold certificates that are presented for redemption in normal times is rather insignificant. They and gold coins are largely used as value standards only, for many more and larger non-cash transactions. But here the redemptionism brings the risk that, during a limited crisis, more and more certificate holders and claimants for non-cash payments may suddenly insist on being paid in gold or gold certificate cash only, as long as they are legally, contractually or juridically entitled to do so. Then, even when all gold deposit certificates are redeemed, it turns out that the available gold coins are insufficient to settle all the short term credit and clearing transactions, usually 10 - 30 times as large as the cash transactions and the gold coin stock. Moreover, in such situations, much of the gold coin stock tends to become at least temporarily hoarded, i.e. unavailable for circulatory or turnover purposes or for the payment of debts. Thus, while the need for cash payments has then, at least temporarily, been multiplied, the already relatively small cash stocks still circulating rather than being hoarded, have been further diminished. That leads to the kind of currency famine, money shortage or credit shortage that the gold bugs tend to ignore. According to them merely confidence is required and deflationary phenomena will not occur, although gold is just one among millions of goods and services and as such cannot mediate by itself the turnover of all the millions of other goods and services as an exclusive currency. They also believe that prices and wages would be immediately adjusted to the diminished supply of the only exchange media then considered acceptable or legally and juricically allowed, namely coins and 100% gold certificates. That is a self-delusion that does not square with the experienced facts. Prices and more so wages, salaries and rents are rather sticky. Debts are not reduced when the purchasing power of gold coins becomes larger – and the turnover of debtors becomes smaller. Unionists, for instance, might go on strike for weeks to months rather than put up with a nominal wage reduction to e.g. one half, although their purchasing power, (assuming prices to have become likewise reduced), would remain the same. And shop owners are not readily reducing their prices fully in accordance with a temporary money shortage, either, especially seeing that many of their bills remain unreduced, at least for a considerable time. - In such times at least, and in normal times as well, to prevent such crises from occurring generally or confining them to limited contractual payment circles, traders must be free and knowledgeable about using gold weight units, and their equivalent certificates, mainly only as accounting and clearing standards, i.e. as value standards rather than as exclusive exchange media and as exclusive value standards. In that case no shortage of gold coins would matter for them, for they could not demand metallic gold as a means of payment nor would they be obliged to supply it. Any small quantity of gold coins or of sound gold certificates could then still serve as value standards for millions of transactions, all reckoning and pricing in gold weight units but not using them physically in each of them – unless they have them to spare for this purpose. Instead, trading would go on, undisturbed, with a great variety of private exchange media and clearing certificates and clearing channels, all reckoning in gold weight units and representing the consumer goods and services that people are able and willing to exchange, all priced out in gold weight units, too. These private exchange media would not be legal tender in general circulation, but only towards the issuers. They would be optional and market rated against the gold weight standards and driven out of circulation if they could not be traded at par or close enough to par in general circulation. Only the issuers would at any time have to accept their own notes and certificates etc. at par in all payments due to them. - As long as only 100 % metallic gold redemptionism by the issuer is believed in, alternative exchange media and gold weight unit clearing and accounting are not practicable, although theoretically possible. Precedents for such payments using gold weight clearing and accounting methods but, as a rule or mostly, not payment in gold coins, do exist but are, alas, ignored in most text books. The redemptionist model is so much easier to understand and explain. - An exclusive right to demand government legal tender currency, combined with the obligation for all debtors to deliver it, has a similar effect upon the exchange media market to the gold redemption obligation - but it uses a far less reliable value standard – and an all too much manipulated and monopolized exchange medium. The fact that it was never possible to cover or pay all non-cash transactions with the available gold cash and certificates led to the assumption that money would require "confidence" to be sound and that lack of confidence could destroy it. For soundly based money, not distorted through a metallic redemption obligation by the issuers, lack of confidence would not be harmful. The holders of "ticket money" or "shop foundation money", for instance, would merely rush to the shops and service providers for the redemption of these tickets and vouchers into the services and goods they want. They could, in normal times (not after earthquakes, destructive storms or floods or great fires, revolutions or in war time) at any time get this kind of "redemption" from the abundance of goods and services offered there (in the relatively free and developed countries) and would, thereby, lose their distrusted tickets and certificates, by paying with them for what they want, at their issuers sales premises and with use and departure of this distrusted free market money, they would also lose their lack of confidence and thus, for them and the rest of these note holders their confidence would be restored. - Under monetary freedom the potential issuers could not over-issue notes beyond their readiness to supply ready for sale goods and services. At most some queues would temporarily develop and some shelves might be emptied - but they could be restocked over-night. Most of the consumer products have been produced recently and their output could be rapidly increased, while, under full freedom, everyone could earn only as much in ticket money or shop foundation money etc. as his additional input is worth on a free market. And the shop owners would not be likely to partly give away their goods and services with their certificates, by issuing them with any large discount, if any at all. - No monopolized and forced exchange medium and value standard can be a sound enough substitute for freely supplied and accepted exchange media and freely provided and accepted value standards. Not even a 100% gold coin and 100% gold coin covered gold certificate currency could do that. The Legal Tender laws, compulsorily mixing the exchange media nature and the paper and fiat value standard nature of forced and exclusive paper money, would endanger exchanges as well as sound value reckoning, lead to exchange media shortages or inflations (deflations, inflations, stagflations) and unjustified and unnecessary purchasing power fluctuations, in terms of legal tender paper money, of the gold weigh value unit. But the public, and even the supposed monetary experts have not yet sufficiently learned from the experiences with exclusive and forced rare metal value exchange media and value standards over hundreds to thousands of years and of the limited examples of sound and freely issued and accepted competing exchange media and value standards. - JZ, 15.7.00. – The free market works fine, in this sphere, too, if only it is allowed to freely operate. By all means, let the gold bugs confine their deals to gold coins and 100 % gold-covered and redeemable gold deposit certificates. But that is not reason to confine all others to such exchanges only. Once the gold bugs, freely competing with the gold-value clearing systems, and note-issuing banks issuing notes, which merely reckon in gold weight value units, see how much cheaper and how safely the latter can operate, on a quite voluntary basis and under quite free market rating, publicity and competition in the supply of exchange media and in the choice of value standards, they might, gradually, adopt that system, too. The readiness-to-accept foundation for the own notes, redeemable only in the own ready for sale goods and services, can, in total, be much larger than all the gold stocks in the world, certainly much larger than the largest gold hoards in banks, including the central banks. What is the daily, weekly, monthly and annual turnover of all goods and services – not to speak of that of capital goods, compared with all the gold stocks? I have no figures on that but only my opinion. Statistics on that could be very informative. Gold is, after all, just one commodity. And by now much of it is used industrially, for dental treatments,  and just for jewelry purposes. – JZ, 26.12.08. – It would help to enlighten public opinion on this subject - if the stock- and money-market reports would also have an entry on a) the weight of all the currently available gold stock – assuming it would be fully coined out and available on the market, per head of the current population and b) the total value of all currently produced and ready for sale goods, services and labor, expressed in their gold weight value, this also per head of the population. – These two figures would tend to indicate the insufficiency of the gold stock, although it has been largely accumulating over thousands of years, to turn over all the goods, services and labor, in form of gold coins or gold deposit certificates as exclusive means of payment. Naturally, used merely as a value standard, it would suffice to mediate any number of exchanges. – JZ, 28.11.10, 20.8.13. - GOLD REDEMPTIONISM BY THE ISSUERS VS. GOLD ACCOUNTING & CLEARING UNDER FREEDOM OF NOTE ISSUE & INA FREE GOLD MARKET

GOLD STANDARDS: GOLD REDEMPTIONISM, EXCLUSIVE CURRENCIES, THE RIGHT OF CREDITORS TO DEMAND GOLD OR AN EXCLUSIVE CURRENCY & THE LEGAL OBLIGATION OF DEBTORS TO SUPPLY THEM: Not Gold is "bad" but the legal obligation of the debtor to deliver gold rather than delivering to one’s creditor personal notes or notes of one’s payment association in monetary denominations or clearing certificates or account credits as claims upon one’s own goods and services, expressed in gold weight values. The latter promise a debtor will almost always be able to fulfill. But few debtors have access to enough gold coins to pay all their debts with them or can do so with 100% covered gold certificates. The presumed right of creditors to demand payment in gold coins or bullion, regardless of how well a debtor is supplied with them, or in gold certificates, regardless of how well the market is supplied with them, is one of the most restrictive economic legislative interventions, often with catastrophic consequences. That should be evident to anyone who has ever considered the millions of diverse goods and services that are in existence, in abundance, and compared their value with the total quantity of a rare metal like gold, which was accumulated over thousands of years. Indeed, it is a very long-lasting and almost imperishable product, but simply just one among millions. Tolstoy's writings supposedly do contain somewhere a story on how a popular chief in Africa fully enslaved his tribe. First, as a token of appreciation, he asked to be regularly paid in the flowers of a rare orchid. That soon became a customary tax for which the subjects had to go further into the jungle. Finally these flowers became so rare and inaccessible a "currency" for the payment of their tribute to their beloved chief, that they sold their children, their wives and themselves into slavery to be able to raise this currency for this taxation. – Legend, fairy tale or fact? I do not know. But, certainly, an exclusive and forced currency is a very powerful means to enslave people. – Marx and Engels saw that clearly and that is why they advocated it in their Communist Manifesto. India has been rich in gold and silver for a long time. But there these metals remained largely hoarded, mostly as personal jewelry or luxury items rather than coined into circulation. Thus these metal did not even provide as many services as media of exchange as they were capable of providing, if widely used for monetary purposes only. But, even that would not have been enough to facilitate all possible and desired transactions in millions of different goods and services. Gold bugs tend to overlook that. No creditor should have a legal and juridical presumption in his favor to be paid in any exclusive and forced currency, not even when it consists out of gold or silver coins. A debtor should always be free to clear his debts with the goods and services that he is able and willing to provide, at their market values, which could be but need not be expressed in gold weight values, best and freely transferred in goods and service certificates, redeemable at their nominal value (e.g. gold or silver weight units) in wanted consumer goods and services, with such exchange media or clearing certificates freely traded and valued on a free market for exchange media, and, especially also on free gold- and silver markets. – Their convertibility into rare metals could be confined to the free metal markets. – Under fully free competition such exchange media would tend to be come dominant – but not exclusive. They are cheaper than gold coins and gold deposit certificates and can yet be as good as gold and, in some ways, even better. - JZ, 9.7.00, 26.12.08. – At most, when an issuer’s means of payment are in short supply, the issuer should be able to demand in all payments due to him, a small penalty or impose a discount on other means of payment than his own, when debts are paid to him in other currencies. That happened, sometimes, with governmental paper money, largely to help making tax foundation money issues more acceptable in government spending and also to speed up the reflux of these tax foundation monies in payments of due taxes. The tax extortion can exert such a strong demand for tax foundation money that its value can be kept at par with its nominal gold weight value, even if it is not covered by and redeemable in gold coins. As long as such note issues are covered by and redeemable in gold coins they could also be used for hoarding and thus fail, at least temporarily, to fulfill their function by being used to pay due tax or tribute levies with them. If other means of payment are only accepted at a discount in tax payments then hoards of such government money will be reduced. It would also be reduced if there is no gold cover or reserve and no redemption obligation for tax foundation money in gold coins. They need only be readily accepted by tax departments, in due taxes, as if they were gold coins. – JZ, 20.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: GOLD RESERVES OF THE CENTRAL BANK: The more inflated the paper money of the government’s central bank becomes, the higher the nominal “gold reserves” of it becomes, if they are still expressed in terms of the government’s depreciated and forced currency. – JZ, 12.2.80. – Compare the following report from THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 12.2.80: “Gold boosts reserves – The Reserve Bank’s gold and foreign exchange assets rocketed form $ 4,671,2 million to record of $ 6,195.4 million in the week ended February 6 as the foreshadowed $ 1.5 billion gold revaluation took place. – The value of the central bank’s holdings of 7.9 million ounces of gold was increased from $ 3,325 million to $ 4,840 million on January 31 in line with the leap in gold on the London bullion market last month. – The upsurge lifted the average price for January to $Us 675.31 an ounce form $468.39 in December. Friday’s level was $692 on ounce. – The latest Reserve Bank return also shows a $ 301.7 million decline to $ 5,630.3 million in holdings of Australian government securities.” – Apparently, the Reserve Bank considers even its investment in tax slaves (Governmental debt certificates.) as a reserve and guaranty for its forced and exclusive currency! To my knowledge it never writes about sound tax foundation money or the free banking options. Or how much less worth its paper money has become, as a result of its “currency” policy, in its internal and overseas purchasing power. Any central bank amounts to a legalized inflation machine under all kinds of false pretences. It is also supported by most mass media reports, in spite of its inherent wrongs and flaws. – JZ, 4.10.08, 23.12.08. – CENTRAL BANKING, GOLD RESERVES OF THE CENTRAL BANK, MASS MEDIA, CURRENCY POLICIES, GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD COVER, RARE METAL REDEMPTIONISM

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold weight units are only good as OPTIONAL, not as EXCLUSIVE value standards. They are not good enough as EXCLUSIVE exchange media. – JZ, 29.4.12.

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold weight units to indicate the exchange value of private means of exchange, but for clearing and accounting purposes only. - Gold redemption transferred from the issuer to the free market. (However, those who think that they are better off with redeemable gold certificates and gold coins as exclusive exchange media, should be free to try to do so in their own payment communities. And those who hate or dislike gold both as a means of exchange and as a value standard should also be free to try to do better for themselves and among themselves without it.) - A right but not an obligation to actually pay in gold weight units. - Accompanied by a free gold market, free gold coinage and some circulation of gold coins, all well publicized. - Prices of all exchange media and other standards against gold weight units determined and publicized on the stock exchange. In short, all exchange media and value standards to be subject to a free market rate against each other, most importantly against gold weight units. - Gold weight unit clearing standard: gold weight value accounting, clearing, pricing, wages and salaries, combined with free gold markets and private gold coinage, could offer all of the advantages of the old type of gold redemption or gold convertibility of notes by the issuers and this without the disadvantages, costs and risks of the metallic redemptionist free banking model. Is that not at least a possibility worth discussing or should it be always rejected, dogmatically, out of hand? – JZ, 28.10.07, 20.8.13..

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold weight value accounting, clearing, pricing, wages and salaries, combined with free gold markets and private gold coinage, could offer all of the advantages of the old type of gold redemption or gold convertibility of notes by the issuers and this without the disadvantages, costs and risks of the redemptionist free banking model. Is that not at least a possibility worth discussing or should it be always rejected, dogmatically, out of hand? – JZ, 28.10.07.

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold-clearing standard: would note holders and other creditors be better off if they received “merely” gold weight values”, properly conveyed in other exchange media, that are optional and market rated in gold, than if they persisted in being paid in metallic gold only or in gold certificates so redeemable by their issuers? At least some questions almost answer themselves, in theories and in free practice. – JZ, 28.10.07, 20.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold-coins and silver coins as exclusive means of payment? Or as exclusive and compulsory redemption goods? - Since not everybody is always sufficiently supplied with ready cash, in this metallic form, for all his purchase and debt payment requirements, sufficient alternative and quite sound exchange media must be made available to overcome any shortages of the above sound but rather expensive and rare exchange media. The supply of such exchange media must also be much more elastic than any exchange media can be that are merely minted out of two rare metals. And this in spite of the fact that much of the gold and silver production has been accumulated for thousands of years and that the current production of these rare metals is relatively high. It would actually be surprising if all other kinds of commodities in millions of varieties and a great variety of quantities could be quite freely exchanged by using for all their exchanges, as exchange media, only two commodities, namely silver and gold, to the extent that they are coined out into silver and gold coins. Were there ever sufficient gold and silver coins in the world, even under free coinage, to buy with them all the wanted goods and services then offered for sale in the world, if they were priced in gold or silver weight units? Should we simply assume that this has been or could ever be the case? And this without any thus enforced deflation of all prices, wages, rents etc.? The total output of goods and services, per head of the population, has increased much faster than the accumulation of gold and silver stocks. If that were not the case, then one would have to ask why, for many centuries so many were still transactions conducted by barter? Why did the prices paid in gold or silver coins often compare merely to emergency sales prices rather than free market prices? Why then were clearing transactions invented and non-cash-payments? - By now it should be possible to find and publish statistics on the total gold and silver stock accumulated, and their present market value. Also about the rise of the gold or silver weight value of all the goods, services and labor offered for sale. Let us assume further that all the accumulated rare metal stocks held somewhere or offered on the rare metal markets, would be coined out: How would then their total value compare with the total value of all goods, services and labor daily bought or offered for sale and, including also all the capital goods, occasionally bought for cash (counting only their daily average turnover), compared with the amounts and values of these two rare metals? I would expect these two figures to be very far apart. Such a survey might be the best reply to the “gold bugs” and “silver bugs”, who, naturally, should be quite free to confine themselves to such exchanges only as can be brought about by rare metal coins. – Using gold- or silver weight units as optional value standards only would be quite another matter. – As such they could, easily, mediate any number and amounts of exchanges. – But that would be no good reason, either, to grant them a monopoly for this purpose. – Naturally, the advocates of the classical gold standard should be quite free to use only it – in their own panarchy or panarchies. - JZ, 27.9.08, 27.11.10. – GOLD STANDARD, SILVER STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold: Independent Money - - While as an OPTIONAL means of payment and as an OPTIONAL standard of value it would increase our independence, as an EXCLUSIVE exchange medium and as an EXLUSIVE value standard, it would CATASTROPLHICALLY increase out dependence upon it. I do not understand why so many libertarians still fail to see this great difference. In the first form it would be part of full monetary and financial freedom, in the second form it would be just another kind of monetary despotism, an exclusive and enforced currency, one under which mankind has already suffered much too long. – JZ, 28.7.11, on Facebook, revised: 20.8.13. - We should not be made DEPENDENT upon ANY EXCLUSIVE exchange medium or value standard. Any form of gold standard only for its volunteers! – JZ, 1.8.11, on Facebook. - GOLD CURRENCY AS AN EXCLUSIVE OR OPTIONAL CURRENCY?

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold: Independent Money - - Why can so many libertarians, all supposedly for FREEDOM, think only of ONE alternative and this, as history has proven (*), is not being the best possible one? – JZ, 30.7.11, on Facebook. Revised: 20.8.13. – Isn’t it high time that libertarians compile a comprehensive digital freedom library, abstracts and review collection, definitions collection, refutations encyclopaedia, libertarian argument maps and a libertarian ideas archive, thus making all of libertarian ideas and writings accessible, instead of merely riding their particular hobby horse ideas or a small number of them? – (*) Just remember how extensive even primitive barter transactions were still under exclusive rare metal currencies and their usual money shortages to currency famines! – Traces of this practice continued even in my lifetime still, in parts of Germany, under other exclusive and forced currencies, e.g. for agricultural laborers being partly paid in produce! – Even the best kind of money should not be a monopoly money.  Any enforced quantity limitation of exchange media is nonsensical, since they are all essentially clearing certificates or accounts, which need only a freely chosen sound value standards to mediate an unlimited number and value of exchanges that are physically possible and needed or demanded. Barter exchanges do also occur during inflations – and not only to avoid taxation! – All optional exchange media, and value standards are limited and subject to producer or distributor responsibility and self-interest and the sovereignty of the earners and consumers, their users. Only their issuers would always have to accept their kinds of IOUs at face-value. Without legal tender and a monopoly, the competitively issued exchange media and clearing account credits are as self-limiting as e.g. shares, mortgages and bonds are, which no one is legally bound to buy. - JZ, 11.10.12.  – How often do some basic truths to be expressed in various wordings before they finally do become part of public opinion? – JZ, 12.1.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: Gold: It can be legally forbidden as a commodity and for use in gold clauses, or become optional in form of gold coins as means of payment and as value standards or it can be enforced as a value standard and as means of payment in form of gold coins. As optional means of payment and value standard, gold coins, gold deposit certificates and gold redemption notes can, if adopted as such, do no wrong or harm to their acceptors, beyond the risk involved in dealing with any single commodity for both purposes. In some ways this risk is relatively small, since gold stocks have accumulated for thousands of years and are large compared with the yearly production of it. On the other hand, the degrees of monetary despotism practised at any particular time can greatly change the prices for gold weight units, when expressed in monopolized and forced paper money currencies, usually indicating a depreciation of the paper monies rather than an appreciation of the value of gold weight units. - There should be freedom in private payment communities to use any of the diverse forms of “the” gold standard, which they believe to be superior. I hold with the Swiss, Jewish and German monetary freedom school, that was started in the 1930’s, that a gold-weight clearing standard would be best, would imply the least risk and interfere the least with free exchanges mediated by other exchange media than gold coins or redeemable gold certificates. Gold coins and gold certificates would then be free to be issued and to circulate where they can but would not constitute the only options and make other traders and exchangers dependent upon them. A gold-weight clearing or accounting value standard would merely need at least one free gold market and full publicity on its transactions to be able to function, as it did, for instance, towards the end of the Great Inflation in Germany, from 1914-1923. - In practice it is very important, as perhaps Ulrich von Beckerath has first pointed out, whether a debtor is obliged to pay in gold weight units even when all he can offer is only the payment in gold weight unit clearing certificates or his shop currency or token money. The legal right or juridical right of creditors to demand payment in gold coins, whenever their debtors cannot supply them but can readily only offer assignments to his own goods and services, (at the gold weight value of the debt) perhaps at a discount of his notes or clearing certificates, against gold weigh units, in any payment or debt settlement form, which is agreeable to both of them, and would not wrong either of them, could result in bankruptcy for both, the creditor and the debtor, if this “right” or claim is insisted upon. – Naturally, a debtor who is well supplied with gold coins, could and should pay with them, if that is part of the contract he made. Already in the Middle Ages such a “right” for creditors to demand rare metal coins and “obligation” for debtors to deliver them (then mainly silver coins), was sometimes denied because at that time the shortage of sound currency was severely felt and often the mere clearing - at rare metal values - was, therefore, highly developed already. - It would help if all the possible variations of “the” gold standard were fully tabulated and expressed - with all their pro and con added in comments. Without such a survey, widely published, the current confusion in most heads on this subject might be continued for further decades if not even centuries. - The justified distrust against the despotic money issues of central banks over the last 100 years had lead to an exaggerated and prejudiced response in favor of exclusive and redeemable gold coin or gold certificate currencies or their silver equivalents, the classical and redemptionists rare metal value standard, which ignores the fact that even the forced and monopolistic paper currencies of governments have, in “normal” times permitted much larger exchanges for more people than the rare metal currencies did. On the other hand, in crisis times, it was the money of monetary despotism which did even more damage than the exclusive rare metal currencies did in the past. The latter, instead of causing any inflations or very severe deflations, caused mostly only moderate deflations but these were strong enough to promote e.g. the rise of state socialism and totalitarianism because free enterprise and capitalism (which did not exist in the money issue sphere, to the extent possible and required) were wrongly blamed for the results of the exclusive rare metal currencies and, later, the exclusive and forced paper currencies imposed by governments. – In short, full freedom of contract in this sphere as well. No governmental interventions or monopolies! – JZ, 28.9.00, 6.10.08, 27.11.10. – Let free money issues and various value standards compete for their potential users. Do not force any of them upon any people. Allow them to make their own choices. Allow all exchange media and value standards to be freely and publicly rated against each other. Make their acceptance, issue and use voluntary, i.e. refusable – for all but the issuers, who would always have to accept their own note issues etc. at par with their nominal values in payment for the goods, services, labor and debt payment receipts they have to offer. Let the good monies drive out the bad and inferior ones, which happens inevitably when none are monopolized, privileged or forced into circulation at their nominal value. – JZ, 23.12.08, 20.8.13. – FREE MARKET MONIES, OPTIONAL, FREELY MARKET RATED & REFUSABLE, GRESHAM’S LAW

GOLD STANDARDS: Government can't print gold.” - Paul Stevens, THE FREEMAN, 1/75. - Indeed, but they have, sometimes, quite honestly, printed and issued, to voluntary acceptors, e.g. tax foundation money, reckoning in gold weight units, on the basis of soon due taxes, set in gold weight value units, and accepted these paper currencies at their nominal gold weight unit value, thereby preserving the value of these currencies in a free currency market at face value with their nominal gold weight value, although they were not legal tender in general circulation or were a monopoly money, i.e., no one but the issuer and his associates, by contract, was obliged to accept them at all or at par with their nominal gold weight value. - Any judgment of historical monetary experiences should include ALL relevant historical monetary experiences instead of excluding some of the most important ones. However wrongful and counter-productive all imposed taxes are, there can be no doubt that they can exert a very strong demand for means of payment to pay them with. And if a government does issue, for this purpose, a sufficient number of sound exchange media, then such issues will at least not disturb other circulation spheres. - JZ, 24.7.00. – Moreover, we should remember that governments have often stopped their gold redemption, outlawed the possession of gold, gold clauses and trading in gold or arbitrarily devalued and revalued their paper money in terms of gold weight units. They should be deprived of all powers in this sphere. Then better and cheaper methods than the primitive gold redemption standard will spread by free competition. – JZ, 26.12.08, 20.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: Harmless and beneficial as gold is, it is today in most countries more effectively outlawed than hard drugs are. All this is done in order to keep the government's inflated paper currency in circulation and prevent you from drawing comparisons of it with gold. - You have the natural right to own and trade in gold, to prefer it to the government's paper money. - To deprive you of it, to punish gold dealings and gold prices and gold investments, outlaw wages and pensions being fixed in gold weights, instead of in continuously deteriorating paper dollars, is a kind of monetary despotism. - Demand of your union bosses that they determine your wages and salaries in gold weight units - or secede from your unions and form alternative ones which would contract such safeguards against inflation. Personally, I insist upon full freedom to own gold, trade in it, and price all contracts in gold weigh values. Everyone who tries to hinder me in this - does tries to defraud me. - JZ, n.d., 60's or 70's, 20.8.13. – However, I should not be confined to payments in gold coins or 100% covered and redeemable gold certificates, either. Any other means of payment or clearing, which is soundly measured in gold weight units or other value standards acceptable to me and my trading partners, should be allowed to me and to them. – Here, too, the free market works much better than any government regulation. Market rated and optional value standards cannot be willfully and fraudulently inflated or deflated, like an exclusive and forced currency with legal tender power can be and almost perpetually is. – JZ, 26.12.08. - GOLD ACCOUNTING & GOLD CLEARING, FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS, & OF EXCHANGE & CLEARING MEDIA. NO ISSUE MONOPOLY, NO LEGAL TENDER & THUS NO INFLATION, DEFLATION OR STAGFLATION. NO FORCED & EXCLUSIVE GOVERNMENT PAPER MONEY

GOLD STANDARDS: How do we know there's any gold left in Fort Knox? - MAD, July 1974. - Even if there were none there or in any other government or private gold hoard, would we be forced to cease producing and exchanging or should we be free to make any arrangements suitable for this, which we find acceptable for ourselves? - JZ, 24.7.00. – Free choice of value standards and free choice, issue, refusal and rating for all alternative exchange media and clearing certificates or clearing accounts. – JZ, 26.12.08. – MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING, FREE MARKET EXCHANGE MEDIA & VALUE STANDARDS

GOLD STANDARDS: I want gold or gold values in payments, not governmental paper money, which is monopolized, coercive and fraudulent, while slowly or rapidly deteriorating through over-issues, made possible by Legal Tender and the issue monopoly. - JZ, 12.10.74 & 20.7.00. - OR GOLD VALUE PAYMENTS

GOLD STANDARDS: If one considers gold certificates as shop currency for those few shops selling nothing but gold for them, then there is, obviously, no reason why these shop currencies of all such shops should or could serve instead of the shop currencies of all other kinds of shops selling millions of different goods, produce and services. - JZ, 25.11.86 & 19.7.00. Nor is there any reason why shop association members, prepared to accept their own goods and service warrants, in money denominations and prepared to redeem them at their nominal gold weight value in their goods and services ready for sale and also priced out in gold weight units, should also offer to redeem them in gold coins, although they are not traders in gold. What they have to supply and what their customers want are competitively and soundly priced good and services. These they would honestly supply in the redemption of their own notes. More they need not do to give their own notes or clearinghouse certificates at least locally a par value with gold coins. And in this way neither they nor employers nor employees need suffer from any shortage of any sound exchange media nor fear any inflationary over-supply of them. – JZ, 26.12.08. - GOLD CERTIFICATES, CLASSICAL GOLD STANDARD, GOLD REDEMPTIONISM, EXCLUSIVE & FORCED GOLD WEIGHT CURRENCY OR GOLD CLEARING OR GOLD ACCOUNTING CURRENCIES WITH SHOP FOUNDATION? FREE GOLD MARKETS AS COVER & REDEMPTION FUNDS

GOLD STANDARDS: If the economy crashes you can use gold to buy what you need because paper will be worthless. - Quoted in INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, July 74. - Hands up, all people, who have enough gold on hand to purchase with it all their survival needs for the next 30 days at least! - And what are all the others to do, to survive? Rob you of your gold or work as your slaves? - Slavery and feudalistic serfdom flourished when only rare metals were available as general means of payment, i.e., when the general ability to pay was reduced to their availability and most people were very short supplied with them. - JZ, 24.7.00. – All too many people were then, all too often, still reduced to barter transactions. – JZ, 26.12.08. - CRISES

GOLD STANDARDS: If you were free to reckon in gold, in all your dealings, they you could not be victimized by paper money inflations, caused by governments with their central bank monopoly of issue and their legal tender despotism. - Then you would either totally refuse the government's paper money tokens or accept them only at their market-assessed gold weight value. - JZ, 12.10.74, 31.3.78 & 20.7.00. - GOLD CLEARING & GOLD ACCOUNTING

GOLD STANDARDS: In Defense of the Gold Standard - - Any sound value standard does not need a "defence" but merely the freedom to use it, just like the meter, the liter or the KWH. Any "value standard" that needs defending is not a good value standard but one to be avoided as much as possible. – JZ, 9.11.11, on Facebook. - & OTHER EXCLUSIVE VALUE STANDARDS VS. FREE CHOICE AMONG VALUE STANDARDS

GOLD STANDARDS: In fact, the gold standard needs neither rulers nor regulations, no legislation or government control, merely the individual freedom to own gold. Of course, this freedom of gold ownership embodies the freedom not only to buy and sell gold for use in industrial production, but also to employ it in exchange. - Restoration of monetary freedom means return to the gold standard and private coinage. (*) From colonial times down to the middle of the nineteenth century Americans used gold coins struck by private mints. … “ – Dr. Hans Sennholz, Inflation or Gold Standard? - (*) As if anything were wrong with adopting, among volunteers, e.g. a silver weight unit as a value standard or even as an exclusive means of payment. - At least here he did not discuss alternatives to gold or silver coins and redeemable gold or silver certificates as exchange media and clearly distinguished the use of gold weight units merely as optional or official value standards from their use also as exclusive exchange media, together with 100% covered and redeemable gold certificates. This metallic redemption notion has become a fixed idea with all too many and they do not realize that it amounts to a forced and exclusive currency creating an enormous dependency upon it. – Usually not even the gold-weight unit value clearing standard is seriously considered by them, although it would make us quite independent from the quantity of available gold, even while we still used it as a value standard for all our exchanges, but are actually making most of our payments without gold coins – simply through free clearing – in gold weight value standard units, or through paying with notes – goods- and service vouchers, in money denominations, redeemable by their issuers only in goods, services, labor or other debt payment receipts. – JZ, 4.10.08, 23.12.08.

GOLD STANDARDS: In gold we trust: not in legal tender paper money! - JZ, 1974, 6.12.08. - However, I would trust private gold coins, and gold weight units merely for value standard accounting and gold value clearing certificate currencies even more! - JZ, 24.7.00. They can be multiplied without losing their value, to the requirements of trading, as long as they are issued and accepted at par. A discount is a signal for the stopping of further issues and will also stop further ready acceptances. – Free pricing – and free competition, free enterprise and consumer sovereignty in this sphere, too! – JZ, 26.12.08, 20.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: In Gold we trust. - 2.10.74. - JZ - However, I never owned more than 2 or 3 ounces of it and these only temporarily! - Would you outlaw all other value standards and exchange media that are trusted by some other people? - JZ, 24.7.00.

GOLD STANDARDS: In recent decades most governments have worked fervently in the opposite direction: to sabotage and destroy the gold standard. They have, in fact, been so successful that the gold standard is practically extinct. Governments have seized complete control over the monetary systems (1), and government paper money has become the fiat standard money. It is true, governments still hold large quantities of gold and make calculations in gold. But they neither publicly redeem their paper notes in gold, nor tolerate the monetary use of gold by their citizens.”- Hans Sennholz, Inflation or Gold Standard? 40. - In many cases they outlaw not only the use of gold coins as exchange media but also as value standards, in which form gold weigh units can serve best and this independent of their quantity in circulation, especially the quantity available to the issuers of sound alternative exchange media (that reckon in gold weight values and are redeemable in goods and services priced out in gold weigh values) and the quantity of gold coins and gold certificates available to all debtors, as long as they are legally forced to pay their debts in gold coins or gold certificates. - (1) One cannot do this via an issue monopoly and legal tender (forced acceptance and forced value), as numerous instances have shown. Only deflations, inflations and stagflations will result this way. A sufficient and easy and cheap supply of exchange media and sound value standard reckoning cannot be achieved in this way. On the contrary. - JZ, 24.7.00, 20.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: In the end, a society that prefers social peace over conflict, individual freedom over government coercion, wealth over poverty, has not alternative but to use honest money, which is gold. (*) - Returning to the gold standard, it is true, would precipitate a serious economic readjustment, commonly called a recession. But this is not the fault of gold.” (**) - Hans Sennholz, THE FREEMAN, 2/75. - The God of the gold bugs is not the only honest and benevolent God. Under full monetary freedom many other honest and sound exchange media and value standards could and should be used - as many as a free market finds acceptable and useful, i.e., as different individuals find acceptable and useful for their purposes. Free men would not be compulsorily wedded to the classical gold standard and the limited visions of its advocates. - (*) Honest and optional exchange media can be issued in many forms quite different from gold coins and gold certificates that are 100% redeemable in gold coins. Gold bugs may be unaware of this but this does not alter the fact. - (**) Indeed, it is not the fault of "gold" but of those who do insist upon gold as an exclusive exchange medium and as an exclusive value standard. As optional exchange medium and as optional value standard gold or, rather, human insistence upon payment in gold, can no longer do much harm but would rather be beneficial, like all other free choices. Then and in this form it could not even cause a short and sharp recession and other sound currencies could be expanded to the limits required by free exchanges - without losing their value. - JZ, 24.7.00. - HONESTY

GOLD STANDARDS: Israel's Financial Expert: When Gold is Money- The Complete Set of Arguments for a Gold Standard - As long as gold is upheld as an EXCLUSIVE currency, people will still be controlled by the result of that kind of monopoly. Only as an OPTIONAL value standard can it do no wrong or harm. As an obligatory means of payment it is VERY wrong and harmful.  – JZ, 3.10.11 on Facebook. – Israel, too, never had a real expert as a finance minister or minister of trade or commerce or transport. All such territorial governmental power positions are part of territorial State Socialism and as such wrong and uneconomic, except for their volunteers, who still have to learn their basic economic lessons but should do this at their own expense and risk. – JZ, 8.10.12. - ONE FORM OF IT ONLY, PROPOSED AS AN EXCLUSIVE & IDEAL CURRENCY

GOLD STANDARDS: It is much more important to price wages, salaries, goods, services and credit contracts in gold weight units – as soon as this kind of value reckoning is permitted and used - rather than to pay all of them in gold certificates or gold coins, provided only that all bank notes, clearing certificates etc., all competitively issued and only voluntarily accepted (when not issued by the seller himself) if at all, at their gold weight value as expressed in a free gold market. – Gold weight-unit-value accounting and gold value clearing can turn over any amount of goods, services and debt payments without moving a single gold coin or having it change hands or changing the value (purchasing power) of an actual gold weight unit on a free market. (At most emergency sales prices for goods, services and labor can thus be avoided.) Gold weight value clearing or accounting can very effectively replace or supplement gold deposit certificates redeemable in gold coins and most of the gold coin circulation. Neither a lasting shortage nor a surplus of such exchange media can develop. But it would be useful to have just a few gold coins circulating, without anyone being dependent upon their circulation, just to demonstrate that gold clearing certificates can be as good as gold, at par with gold coins and even better in some respects. They would be easier and safer to carry and convey for large sums. Private clearing certificates and banknotes as well as shop currencies and other ticket monies can be also be easily checked for their acceptance foundation, in shops or automatically, in banks, by small computerized gadgets, much easier than gold coins can be checked for weight and degree of purity. That local shop currencies would be accepted as if they were gold coins, by a few gold coins circulating at par with them, would do the shop currencies certainly not do any harm but point out that they are soundly issued and accepted, i.e. that they have sufficient shop foundation. – JZ, 5.10.06, 25.10.07, 23.12.08, 27.11.10, 208.13. - GOLD PRICING, GOLD VALUE ACCOUNTING & GOLD VALUE CLEARING, SOME GOLD COIN CIRCULATION WOULD HELP

GOLD STANDARDS: It is significant that the government did not establish the standard by any conscious and deliberate act. In fact, the gold standard needs neither rules not regulations, no legislation or government control, merely the individual freedom to own gold. Of course, this freedom of gold ownership embodies the freedom not only to buy and sell gold for use in industrial production, but also to employ it in exchange. - Restoration of monetary freedom means return to the gold standard and private coinage. …” - Hans Sennholz, Inflation of Gold Standard? p.36. – Allow all other kinds of exchange media, clearing certificates and value standards! Then quite free competition will determine whether e.g. the gold redemption or the gold value clearing standard is better, safer and can mediate more free exchanges. Neither gold coins nor gold deposit slips should be made exclusive and forced exchange media and value standards. Freedom in this sphere means much more and is much more safe and efficient and corresponding to the needs of all people who have honest payments to make than confining them to that possibility alone! – JZ, n.d. -  GOLD STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: Lackluster economy could lead to next gold rush - Josh Boak - With the nation smothered in debt, crippled by unemployment and financed by dollar bills backed by nothing more than the faith of the public, some conservatives are calling for a return to the gold standard. - Read more: - - Not even the best but still exclusive value standard or the best kind of monopoly money or the best kind of a regulated and partly compulsory financial system do offer the ultimate solution. Nothing can replace full freedom - in these spheres, either!JZ, 18.10.11, on Facebook. – Is one of them, the 100% gold covered and redeemable gold standard, the best solution for all currency systems? Or do most people simply not know of a better gold standard or better other value standard, one of their own free choice? – JZ, 24.3.13. – MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING

GOLD STANDARDS: Let … citizens own gold if they so choose!” - John Chamberlain, THE FREEMAN, 4/74. – Let them also coin gold coins, pay with them, produce gold certificates, either 100% or only fractionally covered and redeemable in them, as long as no one is deceived in this respect and clear clauses describe the situation and state that, e.g., in emergencies redemption can be postponed, done in rations, as coins become available or can be done in the short-term financial papers which the bank had acquired for its notes. All voluntary arrangements without any deception and fraud involved to be legitimate. Also transactions, notes, certificates and clearing actions which do not promise delivery of metallic gold at all but which use gold coins merely as value standards, not at means of payment at all, - unless such coins are readily available for this purpose and also wanted as means of payment. – No legal tender: compulsory acceptance and a forced value even for pure and full weight gold coins. – Even these ought to be optional as means of payment and not obligatory as value standards. Full freedom in this sphere, not only fractions of it! -JZ, 26.12.08.

GOLD STANDARDS: Maybe there is enough gold in the world by now to satisfy at least the cash payment requirements of the relatively few gold bugs with gold coins for cash payments and for gold deposit certificates covered by and redeemable in gold. But I still would not understand why they would also wish to have their mere clearing accounts also covered by and redeemable in gold. Can’t they be trusted to pay their debts ultimately with the wanted goods, services and labor they are able and willing to supply? For this they would not need a gold cover and redemption fund but merely their readiness to apply a gold weight value accounting or clearing standard and thus they could save themselves the costs of a corresponding gold stock. Naturally, they could do the same for their banknotes. Maybe they will, finally, when they experience the free competition from other note issuers and clearing centers, which can operate much more cheaply without a stock of gold coins for redemption purposes, while still using gold weight units as mere value standards for their notes and accounts. – JZ, 28.11.10. – All aspects of a forced and exclusive currency ought to be avoided, at least in territorial States. In voluntary payment communities or personal law communities of volunteers, under exterritorial autonomy, i.e. making no claim to a territorial monopoly, even this kind of flawed, because exclusive means of exchange and value standard, should be permissible – for its voluntary victims, still blind to the sounder alternatives to it – JZ, 20.8.13. - GOLD BUGS, CLASSICAL GOLD STANDARD, REDEMPTIONISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, PRIVATE PAYMENT COMMUNITIES, PERSONAL LAW, FULL MONETARY FREEDOM FOR ALL, WHO DESIRE IT, MONETARY DESPOTISM OR EXCLUSIVE CURRENCIES & MEANS OF EXCHANGE ONLY FOR THOSE FREELY CONTRACTING THEM FOR THEIR OWN AFFAIRS.

GOLD STANDARDS: Monetary freedom only for the classical gold standard as an exclusive value standard and also as an exclusive means of exchange in form of gold coins and gold certificates 100% redeemable in gold coins – and thus also an exclusive and forced currency? Or should such a currency also lose its exclusive and forced character, thus becoming just one of many monetary freedom options that volunteers adopt in their own payment communities and associations? – JZ, 6.9.00, 27.11.10. Naturally, all “hard money” advocates should be free to confine all their exchanges and credits to those they can pay and repay in gold coins or gold certificates, all 100% or fractionally covered with and redeemable at any time in gold coins, or, if they want to, only fractionally so covered and redeemable, as long as this is not done fraudulently but clearly declared and accepted. With all the necessary qualifications for such a promise, that, obviously, cannot be immediately fulfilled for all its notes. (E.g. the “option clause” notes of the old Scottish banks of issue.) But they should not be authorized to force all others to engage only in such metallic-redemptionist transactions. They would have their own panarchies. The others would have theirs. To each his own system. – Monetary and financial tolerance. - JZ, 7.10.08, 20.8.13. – Q., PANARCHISM, FREE CHOICE IN CURRENCIES, FREE ISSUES, FREE REFUSALS, FREE MARKET RATING FOR THEM, UNDER FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS, TRUSTING MARKET RELATIONSHIPS & FREE PRICING IN THAT SPHERE AS WELL, FULL MONETARY FREEDOM

GOLD STANDARDS: Most of those, who say or write that they love THE gold standard are still not aware that there are several kinds of gold standard and that the redemptionist and exclusive one, which they do prefer, is far from being the best and quite trouble-free one. Gold coins are certainly not good enough as exclusive exchange media for all desired exchanges. There were never enough gold coins, not even enough silver coins, to mediate all desired exchanges, not even at emergency sales prices. Under these exclusive rare metal currencies history was mostly full of sales difficulties and of unemployment, sometimes to extreme degrees. Primitive barter was still used in much of the world and at least part payment of wages in goods was still wide-spread even in countries considered to have been developed. In Germany, for instance, agricultural workers were still partly paid in potatoes or grains, because the monopolized money was in short supply. Or the wages were correspondingly depressed and much unemployment remained. Illegal emergency money issues do also characterize this whole period. – As far as gold as a value standard, not as an exclusive exchange medium, is concerned, the gold-weight accounting or gold weight unit clearing standard is not only good enough but superior to the 100% covered and redeemable gold standard of gold certificates - because it has no gold-supply difficulties. Many more of such notes can be soundly issued and accepted - and remain at par with their nominal value - than could be issued in notes redeemable in gold by their issuers. Thus many more transactions, including sales of labor, could be achieved with them, than with redeemable gold certificates. Let free competition decide between these two forms of gold standard and all other gold standards, also between gold coins as exchange media and all other kinds of exchange media and clearing certificates. Essentially, gold coins are merely clearing certificates too, although very expensive ones, with an inherent commodity value. Sound clearing certificates or accounts could and should be supplied as cheaply as possible, in the quantities needed for all exchanges to take place unhindered by a monopolistic supply of exchange media. Competition in paper and ink production and in printing can make them very cheap. Capital certificates, too, are not valueless because produced they are produced in form of rare metal sheets. Or should we assume that e.g. birth, marriage,  divorce and death certificates, other contracts and books are only valuable when they are embossed on thin rare metal sheets? The rightful claims they provide are decisive, not their material. The stock of gold cannot be indefinitely expanded, proportional to the ever increasing production and offer of millions of other goods and services and their total value. If their value could only be expressed and paid in gold then not as much could be produced, offered and sold. Imagine mankind expanded into the universe and occupied, populated and developed millions of other planets but none would have any gold and we would still use gold as exclusive means of exchange. Our gold coins might then be so small that we would need a microscope to see them, special tools to handle them and could accidentally breathe them in or blow them away. The wear and tear on as tiny gold coins would also be horrendous. Shop-foundation money, competitively issued and using a sound value standard, could be indefinitely expanded in volume, corresponding to the growth of goods and services offered, just like tickets could be increased in accordance with the growth of the numbers of performances and their seats. We need free enterprise and consumer sovereignty also for the supply and use of value standards and of exchange media and of clearing options. Without a monopoly and legal tender power none of them could cause problems to the whole economy, like deflations, inflations or stagflations. At most some careless issuers and their acceptors would suffer. Only forced and exclusive currencies should be avoided or even outlawed. Free competition and publicity would see to it that the sound value standards, exchange media and clearing options would come to prevail, or are accepted most widely, almost automatically. – JZ, 21.1.11, 19.11.11, 13.4.12, 12.1.13, 20.8.13. – FREE MARKET MONEY

GOLD STANDARDS: Most popular questions asked during the talk. Gold investment, the role of government, inflation, EPF, personal responsibility, mathematical economist and General Election, of course. I have recommended gold to protect your savings since it was below $300 (RM930) an ounce. - Medecci Lineil - John Zube : Freedom for the use of ALL value standards and all kinds of value-preserving clauses, also for all kinds of exchange media, clearing and credit transactions in all kinds of voluntary payment communities, quite independent of the territorial legislation of monetary despotism - exemplified by all central banks, with their forced and exclusive currencies or monopoly monies, always and inevitably mismanaged by them, as long as they are the predominant or exclusive issuers. They have nothing better to offer for their notes and coins than their tax-foundation and they mismanage even that, ignoring the best historical examples for such currencies, which are, essentially, clearing certificate currencies, with which governments can effectively anticipate their tax revenue for about the next 3 months. The tax authorities should be the only ones, which would always have to accept such notes and this at par with their nominal value. They do not require any "reserves" or compulsory redemption in them. Their readiness to accept foundation is enough, just like it would be for shop currencies, issued by local shop associations. – Facebook, 21.2.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: One has to consider whether the classical gold standard (coins, 100% covered gold certificates and redemption obligation for the issuer) is rightful and necessary as a forced and exclusive currency or whether it is merely one of many rightful and useful options, one likely to be freely used by those who do believe in it and are willing to pay for the high costs involved and also the deflation risk that is involved. Then one ought to consider whether one would have to use gold weight units, if at all, for both purposes, namely, as exchange media and as value standards or whether one could use them only as exchange media or only as value standards. People should be free to confine themselves to either of these options, if they prefer to do so. Those intending to use only gold weigh units for their trading might, with some advantages, substitute 100% covered gold certificates for the coins. Those who want to use gold weigh units only for gold weight accounting and clearing would have to consider whether this would require for them any kind of gold cover, reserve or redemption obligation or whether it would oblige them only to deliver gold weight values instead, expressed in any other kind of exchange medium, but coming up to the value of a gold weight unit in a free gold market, i.e. circulating at least locally at par with gold coins. In the latter case, they would be free to pay and receive payments in all kinds of exchange media acceptable to their creditors and to themselves, all valued in gold weight units, as determined in a free gold market and a free market for all kinds of exchange media. They would price their goods and services, including labor, as well as their credit contracts etc. in gold weight units but would not insist on payment in metallic gold nor oblige themselves to pay with metallic gold but only in the gold weight accounting and clearing units, using all kinds of other value "carriers" to convey the value of as many units of the gold weight standard unit, as has been agreed upon. Metallic gold payments or 100% gold covered gold certificates can be rightful and useful, if agreed upon and to the extent that they can be freely arranged for. But they should never be made legally and juridically obligatory - except in the enforcement or private contracts of this kind. (Even then they might become restricted as risky trades in futures, so that upon paying a contract fine or withdrawal premium, one could avoid this gold payment obligation.  They should remain subjected, in a free market for exchange media and value standards to fully free competition and producer and consumer sovereignty, to daily evaluations on a free gold market and free currency market. I would predict that in free competition, if it were confined to the gold payment and gold redemption option on the one side and the gold clearing and accounting option on the other side, the gold clearing and accounting option would tend to prevail. However, even better, i.e. less fluctuating value standards might be discovered and agreed upon. Who would have the right to prohibit them for voluntary users? And who would have the right to force a metallic gold payment or gold redemption certificate upon anyone who happens to have an almost religious aversion against gold? - JZ, 6.3.87 & 19.7.00. - GOLD STANDARD, CLASSICAL, CONVERTIBILITY ON A FREE GOLD MARKET VS. REDEMPTIONISM BY THE ISSUERS

GOLD STANDARDS: One single commodity cannot, by direct exchanges for or with, provide for the frictionless exchange of all other commodities, far less for all of the exchanges of all the numerous services and labors as well. - The very notion that it could is ridiculous. Indeed, gold coins, under full freedom for their use, can be a relatively popular barter commodity, and they are a step towards sound and sufficient exchange media and clearing avenues. Moreover, they can be adopted by many or all as a useful and perhaps least fluctuating value standard or value measure. But even for this purpose they should not be granted a legal monopoly status. Free choice of value standards should prevail as well as free choice among all kinds of exchange media, or value carriers, all freely produced and offered, all freely refusable and discountable – by all but their issuers. In short, IOUs and other promises of goods and services, of a certain and stated value, agreed upon, do not have to consist of gold- or silver coins or of certificates, which are redeemable in them. Their material might be close to worthless but not what is promised in them or with them. Monopolism and coercion are not good enough, not even when expressed in physically present gold weight units, which tend to have an inherent value and to keep it. Allow people to "sin" with other exchange media and value standards! - JZ, 12.86 & 19.7.00, 21.6.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: paper money leads to war and gold money leads to peace.” - Howard Katz, OUTLOOK, Jan. 1973, 11. - Was there always peace under the old gold standard? - Is every country with a paper money always at war? - Even the best case should not be defended with the wrong arguments, generalizations and exaggerations, far less a flawed case. - Many other factors play a significant role in war and peace. - JZ, 24.7.00. – “The terrible over-simplifiers!” There exists at least one other and better gold standard than the gold redemption standard. Why aren’t all of them fully and clearly expressed and discussed with all their pro and con? Why the pretence that only the gold redemption standard, the classical gold standard, is possible, good, honest, rightful, efficient and cheap enough and that it can provide not only a sound value standard but also sufficient exchange media? It certainly cannot cover and replace all clearing transactions. And if clearing is possible and it is, then, certainly, it does not require gold cover and gold redemption, but at most an optional and agreed-upon value standard, which could be the value of an ounce or a gram of gold, then sound exchange media (which are, by their very nature also clearing certificates, even when in form or rare metal coins) and clearing certificates, which are, obviously, nothing else and without gold cover and redemption, are possible and their volume or circulation can be adjusted to the needs of trade – by the traders and their associations, without interfering with or reducing the chosen value standard. – JZ, 26.12.08, 21.8.13. - WAR & PEACE,

GOLD STANDARDS: Permit people to deal in gold - don't force them! - JZ, 16.10.74.

GOLD STANDARDS: Rare metal markets, especially gold markets: Rare metal ownership and transactions to be freed from all legal restrictions, taxes, duties and territorial jurisdictions. To be subjected only to the rules and publicity of fully freed markets and traders. Freedom for the use of gold- and silver coins and for corresponding redeemable certificates but no monopoly for them to be used as exclusive exchange media or value standards or covers or reserves - except among exterritorially autonomous groups of volunteers, who do not know or do not want to apply anything better and less costly. JZ, 31.12.92, 3.10.08. - IN THE OLD FORM?

GOLD STANDARDS: Refuse the government's paper. Deal in gold or silver! - JZ, 12.10.74. - Or in any other exchange medium and value standard that takes your fancy and is acceptable to your trading partners. - JZ, 24.7.00.

GOLD STANDARDS: Repeal Gold Prohibition.” - National Committee to Legalize Gold, U.S., 1974.

GOLD STANDARDS: replace fiat money with gold-backed hard currency.” - Quoted in INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, July 74. - And with exchange media and value standards, which are, at least subjectively, valued as good as gold coins on a free market for alternative currencies, e.g. local shop currencies which are at least locally as readily accepted in the local shops, supermarkets and department stores as are e.g. gold- or silver coins – and must be so accepted by them, if they are the associated issuers of them! - JZ, 24.7.00, 21.8.13. - GOLD STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: Resist wage reductions through inflation. Insist wage payment expressed e.g. in gold weight units (or other value standards that you find acceptable) but payable in all kinds of exchange media, at their rate against the chosen value standard. Then inflated paper monies would not be accepted at their nominal value but only at their current discount against the chosen value standard. You could no longer have to go on strike to raise your wages again to their former purchasing power, if paid merely nominally - in inflated paper money. - JZ, 7.8.75, 20.7.00, 26.12.08, 21.8.13. - GOLD VALUE RECKONING IN WAGE LEVEL DETERMINATION, AS ONE OPTION ONLY, WAGES & INFLATION, FREEDOM IN THE CHOICE OF EXCHANGE MEDIA & VALUE STANDARDS

GOLD STANDARDS: Restore the right of American citizens to buy gold on whatever terms they choose.” - John Chamberlain, THE FREEMAN, 4/74. - The right of employees and other recipients of payments to have the value of their payments determined e.g. in gold weight units, payable in all kinds of exchange media that are acceptable to them, but only at their market rate, would be much more helpful. - Indian citizens have long purchased and hoarded gold and silver, mainly as jewelry. Monetarily such hoarding and use has not done them any good. - JZ, 24.7.00. It only preserved but did not increase their existing wealth. – If they could keep it safe from taxers and other thieves. - JZ, 26.12.08, 20.8.13. – If all of this hoarded rare metal had been turned into rare metal coins and used as such, then they could have exchanged more labor, goods and services, achieved a higher standard of living, more savings and more productive investments and thus a still greater prosperity. Hoarding it meant less in wages and salaries was offered in form of wages and salaries and less goods and, labor and services were bought with them and thus the standard of living was correspondingly lower. With free clearing, and competitive free market monies freely issued and accepted, but not forced upon anyone but the issuer at their nominal value, all being denominated in sound value standards, just like the consumer goods, labor and services, many more exchanges of them could take place and poverty could be rapidly diminished. – JZ, 21.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels - - Will you remain willfully blind to ALL OTHER forms of the gold standard, including the best one, the gold-weight-value CLEARING or ACCOUNTING gold standard? It permits all kinds of alternative exchange media, using this or alternative and self-chosen value standards and is independent of the quantity of gold coins available for payments and redemption. It would demonstrates that gold-weight value standard reckoning CAN be continued for ANY volume of free and wanted monetary or clearing exchanges, without the traders possessing or having to pay ANY or being entitled to demand gold coins gold coins in payment and thus without any inflationary or deflationary effects of many more exchange media being issued and accepted, clearing certificates, account credits, token monies, paper monies, plastic coins etc. being used, all using THIS value standard merely as a competing one sound value standard.  Prices expressed in such a value standard cannot be inflated by more such exchange media being issued, all with a sound value standard and accepted at least locally at par with their nominal value standard, e.g. as if they were gold- or silver coins. A free gold market can supply all the gold that is really wanted or needed by some in the form of metallic gold. - JZ, 18.7.12, on Facebook, revised 21.8.13. – With the one exception: Enough gold coins or gold certificates to mediate easily all wanted or needed exchanges! – JZ, 11.10.12. – The value of just one commodity, if all of it is expressed in rare metal coins, can never equal the value of all commodities, all services and all labor that are offered on a free market. If the attempt is made to enforce rare metal gold coins or 100% covered and redeemable gold certificates as the only means of exchange that is permitted, then an immense currency famine would result and “the cursed hunger for gold”. The true market value of all labors, services and goods can only be measured under fully free competition in the supply of exchange media and in the choice value standards.  (Financial freedom is also required, e.g. no taxation on as good a value standard as a gold weight unit and transactions in it. And no coercive tribute levies on any production and exchange.) - That rightful free monetary competition and free choice of value standards freedom is not impossible but merely outlawed. Under an exclusive and forced currency the value of gold hoarding, as one of the options to avoid losses through inflation, can also become overvalued when expressed in terms of the exclusive and forced paper dollar. I do not know, whether gold is, presently, still under-valued or over-valued due to this factor. Probably nobody knows and can find out under monetary despotism. -  JZ, 19.7.11, on Facebook. Rev., 12.1.13, 21.8.13.  - ONLY ONE OF THEM OR FULL MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

GOLD STANDARDS: Return to freedom means return to the gold standard, which removes government from money and thus makes money free and sound.” - Hans Sennholz, Inflation or Gold Standard? 33. - Not while any gold coin and gold certificate currency remains an exclusive and forced currency by law and jurisdiction. - JZ, 24.7.00. - GOLD STANDARD,

GOLD STANDARDS: Right to own gold.” - Henry Hazlitt, THE FREEMAN, 7/74. - It should be accompanied by the right to produce and trade in agreed-upon gold-weight values, not only in metallic gold, when these gold weight values payable in any acceptable and competitive exchange medium. - JZ, 24.7.00, 21.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: Romney and Bachmann Lap the Field - - Going back merely to an exclusive rare metal currency with redeemable rare metal certificates does by far not go far enough towards really free note-issuing banks. Even those not possessing any rare metals could issue sound competing currencies with self-chosen sound value standards, including gold-accounting or gold clearing standards, which use a rare metal merely as their value standard and as an optional means of payment, not as a redemption good. Convertibility into rare metals could be transferred to free gold markets, which, between them, can offer much more in rare metals than any bank or all banks, between them, could. Under exclusive rare metal currencies barter and economic crises were never quite extinguished. – JZ, 15.6.11, on Facebook. Rev.: 11.10.11. “THE” GOLD STANDARD, WITH GOLD COINS & GOLD CERTIFICATES, COVERED & REDEEMABLE

GOLD STANDARDS: Ron Paul Wins 2011 Values Voter Straw Poll, Herman Cain Takes Second Place - - Should the rest not also become free to select their kind of gold-standard for themselves or any other value standard as well as any kind of exchange medium or clearing system that they do prefer among themselves? – JZ, 9.10.11, Facebook. Revised:  21.8.13. - VOTING, RON PAUL & FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS

GOLD STANDARDS: Should the ability to pay one's debts and the ability to clear one's debts be tied to the possession of gold or silver? That prejudice has misled men for thousands of years. It's high time to end it and all other forms of monetary despotism through the introduction of full monetary freedom, including the freedom to issue optional and market rated exchange media and agreements upon alternative value standards for one's dealings. - JZ, 20.9.00, 30.1.02, 21.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: Swiss Parliament to discuss gold franc - - They should discuss it only as ONE of the Gold Standard options and certainly not the best one! Free choice of value standards is also a human right, which no Parliament has the right to interfere with. – JZ, 12.7.11. - GOLD FRANCS, SWITZERLAND:

GOLD STANDARDS: That is gold which is worth gold.” - George Herbert, Jacula Prudentum. - Gold as an optional exchange medium should be distinguished from gold as a compulsory exchange medium. Furtherm gold as an optional value standard should be distinguished from gold as an exclusive value standard. - JZ, 24.7.00. – A truckload of inflated paper money may still be worth a few gold coins, but it is hardly representing a gold standard currency, whose paper money, although it is not redeemable by the issuer in gold coins upon demand, is rated, on a free gold market, in its nominal value at par with the value of the of the corresponding number gold weight units in form of coins or bullion. – JZ, 2.1.09, 21.8.13. - GOLD STANDARD, GOLD ACCOUNTING OR GOLD CLEARING STANDARD OR GOLD RECKONING

GOLD STANDARDS: The “gold bugs”, bugging us about their gold standard, are right at least about some points: a) Gold weight units are pretty stable value units. b) They have been used as such for a long time. c) The “gold bugs” do also have the right to use gold coins as their exclusive value standard and as redemption goods for their gold certificates and for their kind of banknotes, and also, otherwise, as THEIR exclusive means of payment in their private, nation-wide or international payment circles and communities. – However, they are wrong in assuming that gold coins (apart from the silver coin options) are the ONLY sound and rightful value standard and that gold coins and gold certificates could always be supplied in sufficient quantities to satisfy any demand for means of exchange, regardless of the increase in volume of production and exchanges. They are also wrong in denying that gold coins and gold certificates, when they are, by law, the only permitted exchange media and value standards, can lead to money shortages and deflationary conditions. They simply assumed that whenever, especially in war-times and during revolutions, or during economic crises, gold coins are largely hoarded, corresponding price reductions would always and fast enough occur and would prevent any troubles in the exchange process. Here they failed to overlook, e.g. that whilst FALLEN prices do encourage buying, FALLING prices do discourage it. They also overlooked the disastrous results, especially in crisis times, war times, revolutionary and civil war periods, when their “ideal” value standards, redemption goods and means of payment are largely hoarded. Some gold bugs would even deny contractual freedom to those gold bugs satisfied with a fractional gold cover and thus less than a 100% redemption option. All of them deny freedom of choice, contract and association as well as enterprise and consumer sovereignty, when it comes to choosing alternative value standards and alternative means of exchange. They often consider such alternatives, even if they are inherently sound, to be merely “fiat” money or even fraudulent money, because, based upon their flawed premises, they do not understand these free market monies and currency alternatives. They also seem to altogether overlook the xyz clearing options, with which, ultimately, all exchanges could be settled, in the extreme and hypothetical case, without the use of a single gold coin changing hands, even while gold weight units MIGHT be widely or exclusively used as the agreed-upon value standard for all, many or most clearing transactions. Credits with gold clauses or sales of consumer goods and services, priced out in gold weight units, do not have to be paid in gold coins or gold certificates, unless this is especially contracted for. [Even then, the impossibility for many debtors to fulfill the debt contract in that form should make them juridically invalid. They could be rightfully forced to pay only the full and agreed-upon gold weight VALUE in any other means of exchange or clearing that is available to the debtor, at their market rating, coming up to the full value of the gold weight value agreed-upon.] Exchanges and credit and debt arrangements can be settled with other value standards and other means of exchange, at their market rate, reckoned in gold weight units. Then they would be used only as contracted value standards, not as exclusive ones, as optional means of exchange, not as compulsory and exclusive ones. - It is high time that some libertarian people assembled the first digitized “argument map”, as recommended by Paul Monk et al online, on the first of the many controversies remaining among them, or several ones, as required for sub-subjects. [Argument mapping is a written discussion option for all kinds of controversial and complicated subjects, one that could e.g. clearly and graphically indicate all the plus and minus points of the various gold standards and gold value means of payment or clearing options -in comparison with all others.] I predict, following the arguments of Ulrich von Beckerath, that among the gold standard currencies the gold-clearing currency would turn out to be the proven superior one. Even that would not necessarily make it the best possible value standard or best possible exchange medium, but it would offer great advantages, a great degree of security of transactions against “monetary policies” of governments, which should be ended, anyhow, for all but their voluntary victims. It would establish much trust and confidence in exchanges. However, even if it were truly the best possible option, it should never be legally turned into the only permitted option. Free choice in value standards, exchange media and in clearing and credit options are basic monetary and financial rights that should not be infringed. – JZ, 20.6.12, 5.9.12, 21.8.13. – FREE BANKING, MONETARY FREEDOM, CLASSICAL GOLD STANDARD, THE GOLD STANDARD, GOLD REDEMPTIONISM, GOLD CLAUSES, GOLD CLEARING, GOLD BUGS, FREE MARKET MONIES, CLEARING & FREE MARKET VALUE STANDARDS, FREELY CHOSEN OR CONTRACTED FOR, GOLD-CLEARING OR GOLD-FOR ACCOUNT STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: The conventional and “classical” gold standard is actually based on all-over distrust and asserts that nobody’s exchange media could be trusted unless he is able and willing to cover and redeem them 100% in gold coins. And yet we accept at face-value hundreds of different kinds of e.g. tickets, knowing full well that they are not covered by and redeemable in gold coins but only in the promised services or performances. Or do you distrust your bus-, train and airline tickets, too? The same applies to other kinds of paper promises, i.e. goods warrants and service vouchers, purchasing certificates in money denominations. Especially if they are issued by well-known firms like Walmart or Woolworth, likely to be still in business long after we are dead. Only what is promised in them (goods or services, up to a certain value) needs to be available, not a gold treasure for cover or a gold coin redemption possibility or obligation. What else can we do, even with gold coins, except using them as jewelry or otherwise as a value storage medium, than using them as purchasing power for our daily needs in the shops? For the latter purpose paper slips can be just as good, and partly even better, if they reckon in gold weight units and are accepted at such values in shops, which have priced out their goods and services in such value standard units. But the old model persists in the minds long after the reality has disappeared and when it is even outlawed. Most people still think largely in terms of money as cash only in form of rare metal coins. It has become one the wide-spread popular ideas even in the heads of scholars. If deprived of them, they only dream of getting them back also as an exclusive means of payment, not only as an exclusive value standard. – In reality, for free exchanges to occur as extensively as possible, they should neither be prescribed as exclusive exchange media nor into exclusive value standards. – Only their prohibition as exchange media and value standards, for those, who want to and can use them such, should be discontinued. – JZ, 4.10.98, 27.11.10. - TRUST, COVER, REDEMPTIONISM, DIS, GOLD BUGS

GOLD STANDARDS: the country that has left the gold standard far behind it, will discover that it must go over to the gun standard, and then we will have 1984.” - John Chamberlain, THE FREEMAN, 9/75, 574. - The "gun standard" has been introduced long ago, with "legal tender" and the money issue monopoly. - JZ, 24.7.00. - GOLD STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: The current fluctuations of the gold price, in terms of inflated paper currencies, are due to a) there not being a large, open and free gold market. b) Willful government manipulation of gold, like stockpiling and sudden sales. c) The variations in foreign exchange controls. d) Devaluations and revaluations of paper currencies. e) Other manipulations of paper currencies. f) Larger or small panic buying of gold to get out of paper currencies in the usual inflation crises caused by the central banking or monetary despotism of territorial statism. g) The various speeds at which inflations of forced and exclusive national currencies are continued. - All in all the "gold price" fluctuations are more paper than gold price fluctuations. - JZ, 10.3.75, 26.12.08, 28.11.10. - FLUCTUATIONS OF THE GOLD PRICE IN TERMS OF PAPER CURRENCIES

GOLD STANDARDS: The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit. – Ralph Waldo Emerson, quoted in  – Those with their eyes and minds only on gold or silver money as an alternative - do habitually overlook the much more rightful, economical and rational options full monetary and clearing freedom, including free choice of value standards, rather than an exclusive rare metal currency combined with redeemable notes for them. They still do so, in spite of the very long history with the latter, which was always characterized by a shortage of means of payment, i.e. by a deflationary condition, in which barter exchanges were still extensive and this in spite of the low emergency sales prices and wages, which such exclusive currencies and their deflations do produce.  Free exchanges of anything should never be tied to any monopoly or privilege. Imagine e.g. freedom of expression and information being tied to a monopoly practised by relatively few writers, editors and publishers, however good the latter may be. Ultimately, all free exchanges COULD be mediated by quite free and developed clearing and this without any gold- or silver-coins changing hands or being promised. – Naturally, all adherents of rare metal currencies should also be free to issue and use them among themselves. - JZ, 27.3.12. – ABILITY TO PAY, FULL MONETARY FREEDOM, INCLUDING FREE CLEARING & FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS GOLD BUGS, MONETARY DESPOTISM, EXCLUSIVE CURRENCIES

GOLD STANDARDS: The Federalist Papers for a Gold Standard Is First Book Issued by The New York Sun - June 27, 2011. - - It is wrong to speak and write about THE gold standard when there are several ones, sound and unsound ones, flawed and flawless ones. What is popularly known as THE gold standard, the metal redemptionist one, is a limited and all too flawed one when compared e.g. with the gold-weight-unit-clearing or accounting gold standard, which can turn over unlimited quantities of wanted goods, services and labor without leading to inflation. – JZ, 28.6.11, on Facebook. Revised: 21.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: The first objective must be the freedom to trade and hold gold. Everyone must be free to buy and sell, to lend and to borrow, to import and export any quantity of gold, to hold it at home or abroad, whether minted or un-minted. There must be no government interference with the gold market, no regulation or controls, no taxation or dictation that would sabotage the gold markets. Dozens of nations in all continents actually enjoy this rudimentary freedom. Americans lost it "temporarily" in 1933 when the Roosevelt Administration seized all private gold holding.” – Dr. Hans Sennholz, Inflation or Gold Standard? 62. - Did that or any other administration really get all of them? Or did it only, quite wrongly, aim at that? - JZ, 24.7.00. – As long as there is a free gold market, its news of exchange rates could serve as a gold-weight value standard for a whole country, even while not a single gold coin would actually remain and circulate in it. Think of the analogy of the original kilogram and meter standard. It can be used worldwide, with cheap substitutes for it, although the originals are located only in one country. The substitute measures for it, in cheap editions, do come close enough to the originals. – JZ, 21.8.13. - FREE GOLD MARKET, GOLD CLEARING STANDARD IS POSSIBLE EVEN WHEN THERE ARE NO GOLD COINS REMAINING AND CIRCULATING IN A COUNTRY.

GOLD STANDARDS: The gold in a central vault might be most secure from petty robbery, but it is most vulnerable to grand, political larceny.” - Joe Cobb, REASON, 9/81, 37. - I wish that all governments had stopped all their gold purchases and gradually and steadily dissolved all their gold hoards. Better still, they should have given each of their citizen their certified share in that gold, to use or spend as they wish. - JZ, 24.7.00, 21.8.13. - GOLD RESERVES OF CENTRAL BANKS

GOLD STANDARDS: The gold standard, in its optimal or self-chosen forms, or even sounder and better alternatives to it, if possible or desired, all of them also freely chosen and only for those, who do want them for their exchanges. The traditional and metallic redemptionist gold standard also only for its volunteers! Gold weight value reckoning and accounting, anywhere and by anyone who chooses this value standard for his transactions, is rightful and useful and without the inherent quantity limitation and redemption risks for any soundly issued exchange media and clearing certificates or clearing accounts, book accounts or digital ones, using that value standard and possessing a sound reflux: shop foundation or other short-term debt or clearing foundation. These alternatives to the traditional redemptionist gold standard notes are wrongful and dangerous only in the eyes of those who do not know and thus do not understand their theory and their historical practice and have their minds fixed only on the 100 % gold covered and redeemable gold standard certificates and thus consider only these to be rightful and harmless. - Gold weight value reckoning and clearing as a value standard makes their users independent of the quantity of gold available for gold redemption purposes, something which the “classical gold standard”, with its redemption obligation does not, quite intentionally, but it would not make the gold-clearing or gold-accounting value standard independent of the evaluations or market rating of currencies on the free gold market and of voluntary acceptances. Ultimately, the free gold market constitutes the greatest possible redemption fund and it will convert sound exchange media at their par value – apart from the transaction costs – and indicate and publicize the depreciation of unsound exchange media or those temporarily below par with their nominal value in at least some locations, e.g. the foreign exchange market. Only the issuers would still have to accept their own money at par. Their discount in general circulation would soon stop further issues via wide-spread refusals to accept them and the discounted exchange media would soon disappear through payments at par to their issuers. Thus the very possibility of a discount - and of refusals to accept them - would usually keep them at par with their nominal value, at last near their issuing centers and limited in the amount of their issues. (In other places they might get a “foreign exchange” discount, in a floating free exchange rare, which would help to make them stream back rather fast to their issuers.) Much more could be safely issued of gold-weight clearing or gold weight accounting money, in form of turn-over credits, than could be issued of exchange media redeemable in gold by their issuers. This could be done without depreciating them and increasing prices, wages, salaries, rents etc. when expressed in gold weight units. Since then no gold hoard is required for redemption purposes, the credits granted could also be provided at a lower interest rate. Only the quantities of ready for sale goods, services and labor in connection with their usual average turnover speed, would set a quantity limit for their issues. As many could be issued as there exists in the short-term demand for them, by those offering their own goods, services and labor in exchange for their own notes – or that of their shop association bank. Their larger quantity and temporary circulation, until they have streamed back to the issuers for their real backing in goods, services or labor, would not necessarily lead to their depreciation. Their optional acceptance and their discount possibility as well as the self-interest of the issuer, combined with the practice of note-exchanges between the issuers, would be the very factors that would tend to keep them, most of the time, at par with their nominal gold weight value, at least as a local currency. One should consider that the demand for such a currency, in form of wanted or needed consumer goods and services and of labor, all offered ready for sale, is much greater than that constituted by the gold redemption funds of the classical gold standard note issuing banks, in form of gold coins ready for redemption. The demand for something by e.g. collectors for unusually shaped gold nuggets, can give them even a higher value than their value as weights of pure gold. The demand for the tribute payment called taxes, in for of government paper money, can give such paper money, relatively cheaply printed, a value equal to their nominal gold weight value, even if they are not redeemable in gold coins. The demand for means of payment for all the goods, services and labor offered for sale would be even larger than the demand for the government’s tax-foundation money, issued by the government in its spending and then used to pay these tax-tributes with them, a “fiduciary” issue, more properly called tax foundation money, which can also be valued in gold weight units, and can be optional in general circulation, which constitutes its sound “tax foundation”, and as such makes its cover by and redemption in gold coins superfluous. Apart from the wrongness of taxation. By turning it into a nation-wide monopoly money and giving it legal tender power, i.e. compulsory acceptance at a forced and fictitious value, the possibility and the likelihood of its inflation is assured. It can be quite sound without gold cover and gold redemption, apart from the wrongness of taxation itself. The wrongful and coercive demand for a government’s monopoly money through its compulsory taxation could be effectively and quite rightfully replaced by the various voluntary contributions and subscriptions to various wanted insurance services and to those services which the voluntary members of diverse panarchies are prepared to pay to their panarchies for the package deal services they have individually subscribed to or are automatically entitled to as financial and voluntary members of their particular panarchy. (Which could be e.g. any kind of anarchist, libertarian, monarchic, democratic, republican, statist or even a State socialist one, or a totalitarian one, if all of these groups only rule, charge and exploit their voluntary victims, their voluntary members and subjects.) In these cases the voluntary taxes or contributions are comparable todays numerous private subscriptions to competing protection or insurance companies and their protection- or insurance-currency could be monetarily as effective as is a soundly issued tax foundation money. Protection and insurance companies with their own monies could pay with them their protection expenses and pay out their indemnities and receive their note issues back in reflux in their subscriptions to them or premium payments due to them from their voluntary member and subscribers. Here, too, these certificates would be essentially clearing certificates or tax- or contribution-anticipation certificates, which could also be valued in gold weight units but without the insured having to pay gold coins or having the right to receive gold coins in payment or the protection companies having to be paid in gold coins and having to pay their expenses in them. Free exchange and sound value reckoning should not be limited by the availability of sufficient gold coins. – JZ, 4.10.98, 26.9.08. – If you can state all that more clearly and shortly, please, try to do so. – One or the other might, finally, succeed in doing this, not only to his own and temporary satisfaction. - JZ, 26.9.08.

GOLD STANDARDS: THE GOLD STANDARD: Capital securities can be kept at par with their nominal market value by limiting their issue and investing the funds paid for them so productively that regularly a minimum of dividends or interest can be paid for them. Obviously, they do not have to be 100% covered by gold coins or be redeemable in them upon demand, to be appreciated as valuable securities. Even in case of bankruptcies, i.e. their inability to further pay their way, the real capital they do represent can be shared among their shareholders. And under new ownership and management they can become valuable again. That applies not only to gold mines. For soundly issued and maintained competing currencies any forms of gold cover and gold redemption obligation are similarly unnecessary. They constitute even an extra expense that would make them less competitive. Admittedly, such banknotes are better than inflated governmental paper money and precisely for that reason they have been outlawed by the government’s note issue monopoly and legal tender power for such bad money, almost always sooner or later depreciated by over-issues and this for all too long periods. Expressing the value of one’s notes in gold weigh units and accepting them at par with these values, as if they were gold coins, for one’s goods and services also priced out in gold weight units – can be a very good and cheap substitute for the possession of gold coins. It can provide one with the ability to pay to the extent that one is able to supply the currently wanted goods and services for them, quite independent of the fact of whether oneself or one’s customers possess any gold coins or how many. Only the honest redemption in wanted goods and services, reckoned and priced in gold weight values, is required for such shop currency. – JZ, 4.10.08, 28.9.08. – GOLD-VALUE CLEARING & ACCOUNTING VS. GOLD VALUE COVER & REDEMPTION

GOLD STANDARDS: The Great Gold Argument (Fortune, 1931) - Fortune Features - - There are several others. The best does not redeem its notes in gold at all but uses a gold weight unit merely as its value standard. Under perfect clearing no exchange media would be needed at all, no more so than for barter exchanges. Redemption in rare metals is not necessary to keep banknotes at par with their nominal gold weight value - but their acceptance by enough local suppliers for wanted goods and services, also priced in gold weight values, would keep them at par with their nominal gold weight value, even if there are no gold coins in such a note-issuing bank, e.g. of local shop keepers - and none in the pockets of their local suppliers or customers at all. A local currency readily accepted as if it were a gold coin is as good as a gold coin for the consumer's purposes and it can be issued to the limits of the ready for sale capacity and the consumption capacity for goods and services. It does not limit exchanges to those for which its exchange media or accounts are covered by and redeemable in gold coins. It has been called the gold-weight-unit-value clearing or gold accounting currency. Until a better value standard than a gold weight unit is found, freedom of note issue, combined with freedom in the choice of value standards, is likely to turn such currency into the predominant free market money. – JZ, 28.8.11, on Facebook – I keep trying the to find the optimal expressions for these facts and may bore you with such attempts. I may never succeed in finding them but people like to correct and contradict and my formulas might induce somebody else to produce the best possible wording. – JZ, 21.8.13. - “THE” GOLD STANDARD”

GOLD STANDARDS: The more inflated the paper money is, the higher are the "gold reserves" of the central bank, when measured in this depreciated paper money. - JZ, 12.2. 80. - GOLD RESERVES & INFLATION

GOLD STANDARDS: The most "real" money is that which is accepted in exchange by the most people. (1) … Gold at present is just another commodity with the "redeeming" feature that it may be the first choice (but not the only choice) for a monetary system if the statist currencies all go down the drain. But you could have as readily used electronic calculators as the commodity-money base and if you had, your calculation would have produced quite a different result. …” - Albert the Unknown, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, 8/11/1975. - (1) Rather, by most people locally. World-wide other "real" monies might be accepted by much larger populations. - Electronic Calculators would have the advantage that as many of them could be produced as would be wanted as exchange media. But that number would be limited, for who would want to possess more than, say, 10 of them, in workable condition? Moreover, their value is NOT standardized by the market, as is a gold weight unit. They do come in a full diversity of types, quality and price range. If they were considered for adoption, by one or the other private payment community, as their value standard, then the most sensible choice would probably be to select the cheapest of the long lasting units as a standard. - JZ, 24.7.00, 21.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: The principal argument for restoring the circulation of gold coin, " Sproul declares, "seems to be distrust of the money managers and of the fiscal policies of government." – Henry Hazlitt, Inflation, p.29.

GOLD STANDARDS: The right so supply gold – if one possesses it – should be clearly distinguished from the authority of creditors to demand it from those debtors, who do not posses gold but plenty of goods, service and labor capacity that can be and are measured in gold weight values and can be so expressed in their prices. These debtors should be entitled to pay with assignments upon what they can supply, reckoned in gold weight units and in market-rated and marketable certificates (goods warrants and service vouchers or “ticket money” in monetary denominations), thus subject to a discount corresponding to any inconvenience of this means of payment. In discounted goods-, service- and labor-warrants the creditor would thus still get the full gold weight value but just not in gold metal. To understand the distinction, just imagine yourself being suddenly forced to pay all you debts in gold coins. To get at least some gold coins, possibly not enough, you might have to sell your goods, services, labor and other possessions at emergency sales prices. If, instead, you were allowed to pay with assignments, in monetary denominations, in your own IOUs, clearing certificates, goods warrants or service vouchers, upon whatever you do already offer to the market, in wanted goods, services or labor, then your situation would be greatly improved, unless you are the owner of a productive gold mine and also free to refine and coin your output. – JZ, 11.6.07, 27.11.10, 21.8.13. - GOLD VALUE RECKONING, RIGHT TO OWN & SUPPLY GOLD THAT ONE POSSESSES BUT NO RIGHT OF CREDITORS TO DEMAND GOLD PAYMENT FROM CREDITORS WHO DO NOT POSSESS GOLD BUT ONLY OTHER MEANS OF PAYMENT OR CLEARING

GOLD STANDARDS: The right to hoard gold is a "wrong" to the Australian government.” - Warren Beeby, London finance writer of THE AUSTRALIAN, 16.10.75. - Some time later mere gold ownership was legalized - and trade in Gold was taxed but private gold coins remained outlawed and government paper money remained exclusive and forced currency. There are several different kinds of gold standards and of suppression of the monetary use of gold and of other possible and desired value standards and means of payment. - JZ, 24.7.00, 26.12.08, 21.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: The sum of all the gold on Earth, including even that of buried and forgotten treasures, that buried with the teeth of people, that which is industrially used or as jewelry, constitutes a rather limited quantity, in spite of ongoing gold-mining, in relation to the growing population and its growing volume of production and exchanges. Thus weight units of it constitute one of the best - if not the best - kinds of practical and easy value standards that are available to us to measure the value of our many millions of different kinds of transactions occurring every day and also the value of the exchange media, clearing certificates and accounts that we are using to pay for our requirements and to pay all our debts. At the same time, even if all of it could and would be coined out and widely distributed, it would not be enough to serve the exchange media needs of all people as an exclusive exchange medium. (Anyhow, why should we grant it this privilege? Those, who favor it, could and should do so only among themselves and at their own cost and risk.) Those using it in coin form directly or indirectly through gold deposit slips as an exclusive exchange medium, would, thereby, limit most of their exchange options to those which can be paid in this way. - What tiny fraction of all of our exchanges are today paid in this way, even where and when such exchanges are quite free under the existing laws or take place anyhow, in the underground economy? While gold, used as an exchange medium should certainly never be prohibited, just like its use as a value standard should never be outlawed, we should not expect it to serve us well enough as an exclusive exchange medium, certainly not as well as it could serve as an exclusive value standard. However, even to prescribe it as an exclusive value standard, not only as an exclusive exchange medium, would also be tyrannical and harmful, at least from the standpoint of the subjective value theory. For there are people around who have an almost religious dislike of it. To them it is dirty or taboo. – Rational critics have seen its value as an optional value standard and its costs and risks as an exclusive exchange medium. - JZ, 2.12.07, 17.9.08, 23.12.08, 21.8.13. - GOLD WEIGHT UNIT AS VALUE STANDARD FOR NOTES, CLEARING & ACCOUNTING BUT NOT FOR REDEMPTION PURPOSES. CONVERTIBILITY TRANSFERRED TO FREE GOLD MARKETS

GOLD STANDARDS: The value of a certain weight of gold, e.g. a gram or an ounce of it, need not be expressed in a corresponding gold coin. It is sufficient to express the value of goods, services and labor or debt certificates in gold weight units, likewise the value of exchange media and clearing certificates in them, with the value of these weight units against all kinds of currencies determined on a free gold market – to establish also a well functioning gold standard, one much more safe against the crises originating in the requirement for issuers to redeem their banknotes in gold, and of other debtors to pay their debts in gold coins, giving creditors the right to demand such payments, rather than payment via clearing or notes with gold value accounting. Gold value clearing or gold value accounting and gold value pricing, gold value wages and debt certificates with gold clauses – they could all be still effectively used when there is a scarcity of gold coins, so that only a fraction of all contracts could be settled by payment in gold coins. - When and where were gold coins ever abundant enough to mediate all possible and desired exchanges? As exclusive medium of exchange gold coins are defective and insufficient and very dependent on the quantity of them that can be supplied. As permissible value standards they are close enough to perfect and are independent of their quantity. As merely permissible means of exchange they would also be harmless and even useful. Used merely as a value standard they can serve dozens to hundreds of diverse and competing means of payment and the growth or the reduction of their supply or circulation (e.g. through wide-spread hoarding) does not disable them from being very useful in this way. Millions of contract can, theoretically, be mediated using the value of gold coins merely as an accounting unit, i.e., without any gold coins actually changing hands in these millions of transactions, i.e., trade can thus becoming very free and extensive and quite independent of the quantity of gold coins available as means of payment, and this while using them freely or even almost exclusively as value standards (in free competition with other value standards preferred by some for their exchanges), apart from allowing those, able and willing to pay in gold coins to do so but obliging no one to do so. - To use an analogy, which makes this distinction clearer, because it is less controversial and prejudiced: There is a great difference between being able and willing to pay in diamonds, someone willing to accept such a payment (such a procedure creates no difficulties for its participants), and a creditor being allowed to demand payment in diamonds from his creditor, most of whom do not possess any or not enough to cover their debt and not able to earn enough of them soon enough. The latter demand will inevitably create great difficulties and even some impossibilities for settlements. (Then it is even harming the creditors, because then they do not get paid or not paid in full – in a paymen method intended to protect their rights.) The right to demand metallic gold from issuers or debtors should be abolished and be replaced by the right to demand only being paid in gold weight values, payable in any useful means of exchange or clearing certificate, at is market value reckoned in gold weight units. Thus both creditors and debtors can become independent of the quantity of gold coins in circulation and available to them. Payment crises are avoided while stable value reckoning, in terms of gold weight units would go on. – But how does one get this message across to “gold-bugs” who know and appreciate only exclusive currencies in form of gold coins and redeemable gold certificates? It would, probably, need prolonged practice of full monetary freedom to convert them to this freedom as well. – Other agreed-upon value standard than gold, silver or platinum weight units should certainly not be outlawed, either. – Only forced values and forced acceptance should be outlawed – except for the issuers of such notes, who must always accept their own IOUs, clearing certificates, notes etc. at par with their nominal value. Acceptance only at less than their nominal value by them would be fraud. - JZ, 11.6.07, 20.10.07, 21.8.13. – GOLD CLEARING STANDARD

GOLD STANDARDS: TOO LATE TO JUMP ON THE GOLDWAGON? - By Egon von Greyerz - - It is never too late to apply ANY sound value standard or any sound other measure from one day to the other. It has happened x times before. But it is always too late for attempts to rescue, bail out or revalue any monopoly money with compulsory value and compulsory acceptance that has already been inflated to a considerable extent. This wrong must simple be ended, de-legalized or ignored in a monetary revolution. Not only all kinds of gold standards but also all other agreed-upon or self-chosen value standards, also all kinds of alternative exchange media, clearing certificates and clearing accounts must become legalized, freely issued, accepted, discounted or refused. (Only the issuers must always accept their own notes etc. at par with their nominal value.) No territorial government should any longer have any legal, constitutional or juridical powers in this sphere. Their record is all too bleak for that. – JZ, 19.8.11, on Facebook. Rev., 21.8.13

GOLD STANDARDS: Trust the government to outlaw gold and to enforce the circulation of its almost continuously inflated and thus deteriorating paper money at its face value. - JZ, n.d. & 24.7.00, 21.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: Used mainly only as jewelry it does not promote extra free exchanges and the growth of capital and wealth. Sound currencies, under monetary freedom, could also be produced via print on mere paper and still use a gold-weight unit as their value standard. In that way enough sound currency could be produced that is redeemable in ready for sale goods and services that are wanted or needed and priced out in gold-weight units by those, who do offer these goods and services. When such paper currencies are thus based on goods and services and accepted for them as if they were corresponding gold coins, then they could be thus kept at par with their nominal gold weight value, at least in their local issue and acceptance area. Being optional, refusable and discountable, they could not be inflated. When they can be freely issued, then any deflation or shortage of means of exchange can also be avoided. The mini-loans should have been granted in such currencies, not in monopoly money. – JZ, 12.12.11, 21.8.13, on: Macquarie Research: Indians Carry Gold Worth Over $950B - Gold Matters - - GOLD JEWELERY & GOLD STANDARD CURRENCIES, INDIA, POVERTY, MINI-LOANS & FREE EXCHANGE WITH SOUND VALUE STANDARDS

GOLD STANDARDS: Walter Williams on the 2012 Election and Sound Money - Casey Research - There are other sound free market restraints in this sphere - as long as they are not outlawed. - They are even more rightful and efficient than the redemptionist gold standard as the only legalized option. - Do explore what a really free market would mean in this sphere and really free note-issuing and clearing banking, with free choice of value standards and free choice of exchange media and clearing exchange accounts. – JZ, 26.9.11, on Facebook, rev. 9.10.12, 21.8.13. - ONLY, ONE OF THEM, “THE” GOLD STANDARD - OR FREE MARKET MONIES & FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS FREE BANKING, FULL MONETARY FREEDOM

GOLD STANDARDS: We are not "allowed to make" our "financial position secure by saving gold." - Aslam Effendi, REASON, 2/73. - If gold possession and trading are, once again, severely outlawed - then we might, thereby, make our financial position very insecure, as insecure as any government can make it. - Full monetary and financial freedom means very much more than the option to produce, acquire, hold and spend gold. - JZ, 24.7.00. – Under any form of central banking and its monetary despotism our financial position is not secure merely by being able to store and hide our saving in form of metallic gold. Our job- and sales potential would still be greatly reduced if we were only allowed to sell our goods and services as well as labor for the perhaps and temporarily all too short supply for the government’s monopoly money or if we are only paid for them in the central bank’s rapidly inflated money. Governments did not even shrink from confiscating such hoards if they could and for additionally penalizing people from having hoarded rare metals, wrongly declaring such possessions to be criminal with their legislation, pretending to be rightful laws. – JZ, 21.8.13.

GOLD STANDARDS: While open gold-weight unit pricing might not yet be legally and juridically possible, it might be possible to declare publicly that those paying either in gold coins or in exchange media or clearing certificates standing at par with a certain gold weight unit, would be granted a discount of xyz percent on the prices marked in the inflated legal tender currency, with the discount corresponding to the remaining value of the legal tender money on a free gold market. Legal tender money would then, indirectly, be accepted only at its value discounted against a gold weight unit, in accordance with the inflation of the legal tender paper money of the government. However, if this is or were still a legal option and it would become widely practised, then governments would soon outlaw it and come to strictly insist, perhaps through still another despotic monetary law, upon the legal tender power of their paper money. That would make stable gold weight value reckoning possible, but, probably only for a short time. Trade unions are unlikely to demand the settling of wages and salaries in gold weight units because that would largely eliminate them from their frequent role-playing as wage and salary negotiators - to now and then adapt working incomes to the inflation that has already taken place. – JZ, 19.11.98, 29.9.08, 21.8.13. - GOLD WEIGHT UNIT VALUE PRICING

GOLD STANDARDS: While preventing the collapse of genuinely 100 % gold covered gold certificates and providing them, as well as the gold coins they do represent, a status as monopoly money or exclusive currency, as the only permitted sound value standards and exchange media, they cannot prevent but tend to rather cause the occasional collapse of the credit and clearing options as long as creditors can then legally and juridically insist on being paid in gold or gold certificates, and debtors are obliged to deliver them upon demand, in all transactions, and this although short term credit and clearing transactions tend to exceed cash payments 10 to 30 times and thus cannot all be paid, instead, in gold coins or gold certificates upon demand. Thus this right and obligation must be abolished as a general rule for all trades and must become confined to private contracts only. - A risky dealing in futures is involved for all under the obligation to deliver gold or gold certificates without possessing them already. The other markets in futures have reduced the speculative risk in such transactions by introducing special clauses, including the payment of withdrawal premiums, if a futures contract deal cannot be fulfilled. The safety clause in dealings with gold or gold certificates would consist in having to pay the gold weight values involved in other exchange media that are available or can be issued by the debtors and are acceptable to the creditors but only at their free market rate against gold. The creditors are not helped either, if their debtors cannot pay. If their debtors cannot pay otherwise, with other exchange media or clearing certificates, the full value of their debt, both sides cannot be fully satisfied. As far as I know, value preserving clauses for medium- and long-term capital certificates, expressing the value of their capital and their interest in rare metal values or other value standards, satisfie both sides, were once common on a free capital market. Once there are several to many and all of them freely competing and sound alternative currencies then payment in other means of payment or in one or the other form of clearing will always suggest itself - once gold coins and gold deposit slips are in short supply. Then the credit and clearing transactions are no longer endangered by all too wide and sudden insistence upon cash (metal or certificate) payments. Thus trade and production could go on undisturbed and could even be expanded without any other volume and time limits than those of the ability to trade and produce, especially consumer goods, while continuing to account and clear their values in gold weight units. All kinds of exchange media and credit and clearing avenues could use such and also other reckoning units as value standards (free choice, freedom of exchange and freedom of contract in this sphere as well!) and they would all be free market rated, with the metallic redemption or convertibility option, at the free market rate, usually at par or close to par, being transferred to the free gold market, which is world-wide and can mobilize much more gold than any single issuer could. - JZ, 15.7.00, 21.8.13. - GOLD REDEMPTIONISM, GOLD BUGS, 100 % COVERED GOLD CERTIFICATE CURRENCY, GOLD FOR ACCOUNT & GOLD CLEARING

GOLD STANDARDS: Whoever thinks only in terms of legal tender or of certificates redeemable in rare metal dos not really understand money and the clearing process behind it. – JZ, 20.9.00. Already Karl Marx pointed that out in one of his lucid moments: “… observers who studied the phenomena of money circulation exclusively on the examples of the circulation of legal tender paper money, had to overlook the inherent laws of monetary circulation.” – “Zur Kritik der Politischen Oekonomie”, (“Critique of Political Economy”), S.129 of the Dietz, Berlin, 1951 edition. – LEGAL TENDER, MONEY ISSUE MONOPOLY

GOLD STANDARDS: Why does the government outlaw gold and enforce the circulation of its paper currency? - JZ, 12.10.74. – It fears the competition from sound other exchange media, competitively issued and other value standards, competitively chosen. – JZ, 26.12.08. – Obviously, its exchange media and “value standards” cannot stand free competition. – JZ, 21.8.13. - LEGAL TENDER PAPER MONEY

GOLD STANDARDS: Why is it a crime … to own Gold? - National Committee to Legalize Gold, U.S., 1974.

GOLD STANDARDS: Why should bread and butter exchanges be tied to the possession of gold? – JZ, 11.10.04. – Q.

GOLD STANDARDS: Would note holders and other creditors be better off if they received “merely” gold weight values”, properly conveyed in other exchange media, that are optional and market rated in gold, than if they persisted in being paid in metallic gold only or in gold certificates so redeemable by their issuers? At least some questions answer themselves, in theories and in free practice. – JZ, 28.10.07. GOLD-CLEARING STANDARD:

GOLD STANDARDS: Would you outlaw non-coercive paper money, competitively issued, reckoning in gold weight units, that is maintaining its par value with gold on the free gold market and did so without being covered by gold in the possession of the issuer and without his redemption obligation? - JZ, Nov. 83 & 24.7.00. – Q., RETURN TO GOLD? TO GOLD REDEMPTIONISM ONLY OR TO GOLD WEIGHT VALUE RECKONING, WITHOUT METALLIC REDEMPTIONISM BUT FREE GOLD MARKET CONVERTIBILITY?

GOLD STANDARDS: Years ago George Bernard Shaw is alleged to have observed that the voter must choose between the stability of gold and the integrity and intelligence of the Members of Parliament. "With all due respect to these gentlemen," counseled Shaw, "I advise the voter to vote for gold." - From: The Incredible Bread Machine, p.59.

GOLD STANDARDS: You have the natural right to own and trade in gold - to prefer it to the government's paper money. To deprive you of it, to punish gold dealings and gold prices, outlaw wages and pensions fixed in gold weight units instead of deteriorating paper dollars, is monetary despotism. - Demand of your union bosses that they determine your wages and salaries in gold weight values. - Insist on full freedom to own gold, trade in it and price all contracts in gold weight values. - Everyone who tries to hinder you in this is trying to cheat you. - JZ, n.d. - GOLD STANDARD, GOLD COINS, GOLD MARKET, GOLD CLEARING, GOLD ACCOUNTING

GOLD STANDARDS: You have to choose between trusting to the natural stability of gold, and the honesty and intelligence of members of the government. And with due respect for these gentlemen, I would advise you…. to vote for gold.” - George Bernhard Shaw, An intelligent woman's guide to Socialism. - I left out here: "as long as the capitalistic system lasts". - JZ – The State socialist system is rather one of central banking and its monetary and financial despotism. In which it fails just as much as in the sphere or production and trade. – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOLDEN AGE: The golden age is before us, not behind us.” – Source? - FUTURE, PROGRESS

GOLDEN AGE: The time before … was no golden age. It wasn't a time of freedom and enlightenment.” - Mick Farren, Protectorate, p.37. - HISTORY, FREEDOM & ENLIGHTENMENT

GOLDEN AGE: When you think of the good old days, think one word: dentistry.” – P. J. O’Rourke - GOOD OLD TIMES & PROGRESS

GOLDEN MEAN: there is no "golden mean" between these two, any more than between certain other extremes: wrong and right, hate and love, hell and heaven. What's right is not to be found with a tape measure along that line.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.80. - However, the idea of equal freedom and equal rights is still a useful "measuring" concept in determining justice between two contending parties. - JZ, 24.7.00.

GOLDEN RULE: (1) Hinduism: Man gifted with intelligence … should always treat others as they themselves wish to be treated. (Compare how Indian castes do still treat each other and Indian men the females! - JZ) - (2) Buddhism: In five ways should a clansman minister to his friends and familiars: by generosity, courtesy and benevolence, by treating them as he treats himself, and by being as good as his word. - (3) Taoism: Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain, and regard your neighbor's loss as your own loss. - (4) Confucianism: What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others. - (5) Judaism: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. - (6) Christianity: All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so unto them. - (7) Islam: No one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. - IN SEVEN WORLD FAITHS – Source not noted. - Compare the remarks under TOLERANCE. - Has any of the religions ever fully lived up to its own principles? - JZ, 13.7.00. - In this form it is still, in some respects,a rule for interference in accordance with one's own prejudices. Only few want to be free and responsible for their own fate. Experimental freedom and the right of the individual to secede and associate in exterritorial and autonomous communities of volunteers (panarchic freedom), as well as many other individual rights and liberties, are, obviously, not clearly expressed in either of the definitions. Harmful is especially the omission of some rights and liberties, like the monetary and other economic rights. - JZ, 13.11.65 & 13.7.00,  21.8.13. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOLDEN RULE: All things whatsoever that thou wouldst not wish to be done to thee, do thou also not to another.” - The Didache, or Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, c. 135.

GOLDEN RULE: All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them; for this is the law and the prophets.” - Mathew, VII, 12, c. 75.

GOLDEN RULE: As ye will that men do to you, and do ye to them in like manner.” - John Wyclif, Tr. of Luke VI, 31, 1389.

GOLDEN RULE: As ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” - Luke VI, 31, c. 75.

GOLDEN RULE: Be you to others kind and true, / As you'd have others be to you; / And neither do nor say to men / Whate'er you would not take again.” - Isaac Watts, Divine Songs for Children, pref., 1715.

GOLDEN RULE: David Brooks recently brought to notice some surprising and striking similarities among the major religions and philosophies when it comes to the Golden Rule. Since this Rule, most often described by Henry George as the doctrine of equal rights, forms the basis of his philosophy, these similarities are set out below. - CHRISTIANITY: “All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” - Matthew 7:12. - HINDUISM: “This is the sum of duty. Do naught unto others which would cause you pain if done to you.” - Mahabharata 5:1517. - CONFUCIANISM: “Surely it is the maxim of loving-kindness: Do not unto others that you would not have them do unto you.” - Analects 15:23. - ISLAM: “No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself.” - Sunnah. - BUDDHISM: Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.” - Udana Varga 5:18. - JUDAISM: What is hateful to you, do not to your fellowmen. That is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary.” - Talmud, Shabbat, 31:a. - TAOISM: “Regard your neighbour's gain as your own gain, and your neighbour's loss as your loss.” - T'ai Shag Kan Ying P'ien. - ZORASTRIANISM: “That nature alone is good which refrains from doing unto another whatsoever is not good for itself.” - Dadistan-i-dinik, 94:5. – Taken from GOOD GOVERNMENT, August 08, p. 10. - TOLERANCE, ETHICS, MORALITY, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE, RELIGION

GOLDEN RULE: Desire nothing for yourself which you do not desire for others.” - Baruch Spinoza, Ethica, IV, 1677. – Some desire sado-masochistic sex-relationships for themselves! – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOLDEN RULE: Do as ye wald be done to.” - David Fergusson: Scottish Proverbs, 1641. – That might include revenge or retaliation actions and finally continuing blood feuds and atrocities, like they are still common, e.g. in the Balkans. – JZ, 26.12.08, 21.8.13.

GOLDEN RULE: Do as you would be done by, is the surest method of pleasing.” - Lord Chesterfield, Letter to his son, Oct. 16, 1747. – Brawl, when in the company of brawlers? Or merely defend yourself or escape when you can? – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOLDEN RULE: Do not do to others what would anger you if done to you by others.” - Ascribed to Isocrates, c. 375 B.C. – ANGER, TOLERANCE, EQUAL FREEDOM, EQUAL RIGHTS

GOLDEN RULE: Do not do unto others as you would that they should do unto you. Their tastes may not be the same.” - George Bernhard Shaw, Maxims for Revolutionists, 1903.

GOLDEN RULE: Do not do unto others that which you would not have them do unto you is a venerable guideline as to how each individual should behave toward any other individual. The practice of mutuality and reciprocity is perhaps as close as any of us can come to the attainment of justice.” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.94.

GOLDEN RULE: Do other men, for they would do you.” - Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit, XI, 1844. - Some would, some would not. - JZ, 14.7.00. – An advice for self-defence or for mutual aggression? Ethical rules should be expressed much more clearly. – JZ, 24.3.13.

GOLDEN RULE: Do others or they will do you.” - American proverb. (Cf. Dickens, ante, 1844.) - As if all men were violent criminals, all the time, towards each other. The "first strike" is not necessarily a defensive action. Often it initiates aggression towards others who might not be as aggressive. Anyhow, if that rule were generally followed, men would certainly wipe each other out. - JZ, 14.7.00. – ZAP: Zero Aggression Principle

GOLDEN RULE: Do to others as you say you do.” - Dagobert D. Runes, A Book of Contemplation, p.53. – TOLERANCE

GOLDEN RULE: Do unto others as they would do unto you if they had the chance.” - Author unidentified. – Should we continue our mutual Plunder-Bunds? – JZ, 21.8.13.

GOLDEN RULE: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you in like case.” - P. A. Kropotkin, La morale anarchiste, 1891.

GOLDEN RULE: Do unto the other feller the way he'd like to do unto you an' do it fust.” - Edward Noyes Westcott, David Hrum, 1898, p.20. – First or fast? - JZ

GOLDEN RULE: Do unto yourself as your neighbors do unto themselves and look pleasant.” - George Ade, The Lingering Thirst, Hand-made Fables, 1920.

GOLDEN RULE: He has observ'd the golden rule, / Till he's become the golden fool.” - William Blake: Epigram, c. 1808. - Tolerance makes sense only towards the tolerant, not towards the intolerant. - JZ, 14.7.00. - TOLERANCE

GOLDEN RULE: I must always act in such a way that I can at the same time will that the maxim by which I act should become a universal law.” - Immanuel Kant, Grundlegung zur Metaphysik der Sitten, I, 1785.

GOLDEN RULE: If a man ways doubt whether what he is going to do to another man be agreeable to the law of nature, then let him suppose himself to be in that other man's room.” - John Wise, A Vindication of the Government of New England Churches, II, 1717. - Nowadays we would probably rather say: "… in the shoes of the other man" or: "in the position of the other man" or "in the space (or place) of the other man". - JZ, 14.7.00.

GOLDEN RULE: If the prisoner should ask the judge whether he would be content to be hanged, were he in his case, he would answer no. Then, says the prisoner, do as you would be done by.” - John Selden, Table-Talk, 1689. - The criminal should have asked himself and the one he victimized, before he victimized him, such questions. It is a bit late to ask them one he has victimized somebody and has been convicted of this crime. Having been intolerant he cannot expect tolerance for his actions. - Still, all too many anarchists and libertarians consider convicted violent criminals to be victims of the State, rather than victimizers of innocents. – The victimizers, once imprisoned, often consider not their crime with victim but their imprisonment to be the crime. - JZ 14.7.00, 21.8.13.

GOLDEN RULE: Like liberty, gold never stays where it is undervalued.” - J. S. Morrill, Speech in the Senate, Jan. 28, 1878. - LIBERTY & GOLD

GOLDEN RULE: My duty towards my neighbor is to love him as myself, and to do all men as I would they should do unto me.” - The Book of Common Prayer (Catechism), 1662. - Should be rather: "do to all men" or "to do to all men" than "to do all men" - but, the last version, is the one I found printed in a dictionary of quotations. - JZ

GOLDEN RULE: No man doth think others will be better to him than he is to them.” - Benjamin Whichcote, Moral and Religious Aphorisms, 1753.

GOLDEN RULE: Our conscience teaches us it is right, our reason teaches us it is useful, that men should live according to the Golden Rule.” - W. Winwood Reade, The Martyrdom of Man, III, 1872. – I would prefer a detailed declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 24.3.13.

GOLDEN RULE: Reason shows me that if my happiness is desirable and a good, the equal happiness of any other person must be equally desirable.” - Henry Sidgwick, The Methods of Ethics, III, 1874.

GOLDEN RULE: Should that most unshaken rule of morality, and foundation of all social virtue, "that one should do as he would be done unto," be proposed to one who never heard of it before, but yet is of capacity to understand its meaning, might he not without any absurdity ask a reason why?” - John Locke: Essay Concerning Human Understanding, I, 1690. - For answers to this question look up Immanuel Kant. - JZ

GOLDEN RULE: The duty of man … is plain and simple, and consists of but two points: his duty to God, which every man must feel, and with respect to his neighbor, to do as he would be done by.” - Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man, I, 1791. - How come I never felt my "duty to God"? - JZ, 14.7.00.

GOLDEN RULE: The evil which you do not wish done to you, you ought to refrain from doing to another, so far as may be done without injury to some third person.” - Henry More, Encheiridion ethicum, IV, 1667. – I would like to see a comprehensive electronic “argument mapping” about or including all these statements. – Here at least many heads are better than one, if all the arguments and counter-arguments are properly included. A single person cannot think of all the corrections required and all the counter-arguments to all of these statements. – But in an alphabetical arrangement like this one they could be gradually and completely added as well, if it is put online with an entry option. - JZ, 26.12.08.

GOLDEN RULE: The Golden Rule is that there are not golden rules.” - George Bernard Shaw. - I hold that the old versions can and should be refined into a genuine "Golden Rule", a sound and clear enough principle for much to most of human behavior towards other humans or rational beings. - JZ, 16.7.00. – TOLERANCE

GOLDEN RULE: The Golden Rule joined that class of indisputably good axioms which everybody agrees with and nobody follows.” - John Leitch, Man to Man, p.150. – Well, all people do not attempt to rob or murder each other every day. – JZ, 26.3.08.

GOLDEN RULE: The question was once put to Aristotle how we ought to behave to our friends; and his answer was: "As we should wish them to behave to us."- Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the Philosophers, c. 150 B.C.

GOLDEN RULE: This is the sum of all true righteousness: deal with others as thou wouldst thyself be dealt by. Do nothing to thy neighbor which thou wouldst not have him do to thee hereafter.” - The Mahabharata, c. 150 B.C.

GOLDEN RULE: To do as one would be done by, and to love one's neighbor as one's self, constitute the ideal perfection of utilitarian morality.” - J. S. Mill, Utilitarianism, II, 1863.

GOLDEN RULE: To do as you would be done by, is the plain, sure, and undisputed rule of morality and justice.” - Lord Chesterfield, Letter to his son, Sept. 27, 1748.

GOLDEN RULE: We ought to act that part towards another which we would judge to be right in him to act toward us, if we were in his circumstances and he in ours.” - Thomas Reid, Essays on the Active Powers, V, 1788. - CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE, TOLERANCE

GOLDEN RULE: What thou avoidest suffering thyself seek not to impose on others.” - Epictetus, Encheiridion, c. 100.

GOLDEN RULE: What thou thyself hatest, do to no man.” - Tobit IV, 14, c. 180 B.C.

GOLDEN RULE: What you do not want others to do to you, do not do to others.” - Confucius, The Doctrine of the Mean, XIII, c. 500 B.C.

GOLDEN RULE: Whatever the Christians do not wish to be done to them they do not do to another. - St. Aristides, Apology for the Christian Faith, XV, c. 160. – They did not want to be burnt – but they still burnt women they called “witches”. – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOLDEN RULE: Whatsoever thou wouldst that men should not do to thee, do not do that to them. This is the whole Law. The rest is only explanation.” - Hillel Ha-Babli: The Sabbath, XXXI, c. 30 B.C.

GOLDEN RULE: Whatsoever ye do not wish should be done unto you, do not do to others.” - Acts XV, 29. (This passage does not appear in the accepted canon of the New Testament, but it is to be found in a MS. supposed to date from c. 125, and is quoted in one of the Dooms of King Alfred of England, c. 875.)

GOLDEN RULE: Whatsoever you require that others should do to you, that do ye to them.” - Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, I, 1651. – Young men and even some older men, like to be seduced … - Some might not even object to being raped by a woman. And some do like sado-masochistic actions. Some like being whipped. Does that authorize them to whip others? Should the free and informed consent of others and their preferences of sex partners not matter at all? – Then that might even “justify” rape. - JZ, 26.12.8.

GOLDWATER ANARCHIST: I am an Adam Smith liberal, or, in contemporary American terminology, a Goldwater conservative. Only I carry my devotion to laissez fare further than Goldwater does - how far will become clear in the following chapters. Sometimes I call myself a Goldwater anarchist.” - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, XI.

GOLF & OTHER SPORTS: Golf is a nice walk spoiled.” - G. B. Shaw. – Spoilt? - It is also the spoiling of a nice landscape for the benefit of these game addicts. Naturally, as long as this is done only on their own private properties this is rightful, as are their own private gardening efforts. But as soon as general taxpayers are forced to pay part of the bills, this becomes another exercise in wrongfully exploiting other people, who may not share one's hobby, for the benefit of one's hobby.  - JZ, 18.7.00.

GOOD & BAD: The concepts of good and bad seem to have been so badly messed up and misinterpreted that their best meaning seems to have gone for good. - JZ, 8.12.85 & 13.7.00. - MORALITY, ETHICS, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOOD & EVIL: If good seeks to produce or supplement itself by evil, it thereby ceases to be good.” - Julius Mueller, German theologian, before 1907. - MEANS & ENDS, COMPROMISES

GOOD & EVIL: Nothing is good or evil without limits, although it is sometimes difficult to see the limits. - JZ, 25.9.90. Some deeds, intended to be good, have unforeseen and unintended evil consequences, while some actions, malevolent in their intentions, can have some beneficial consequences for some. As has been said: What does not kill us makes us stronger. Crippling injuries aside, there is something true about this. Take for instance our immune system, which needs to be trained to become strongly protective. Somebody said on freedom that it becomes appreciated only once it is suppressed. - JZ, 16.7.00. - THEIR LIMITS

GOOD & EVIL: The word good has many meanings. For example, if a man were to shoot his grandmother at a range of five hundred yards, I should call him a good shot, but not necessarily a good man.” - G. K. Chesterton.

GOOD ADVICE: Good advices is worth, subjectively and on the supposedly already “free” information market only whatever people are willing to pay for it and that is, as e.g. the Internet demonstrates, next to nothing, in most cases, especially whenever it comes e.g. to truthful and important advice in the social sciences, contrary to the popular statist and prejudiced views, e.g. on how to overthrow or defeat despotic regimes, abolish compulsory taxation, territorial monopolies, end and prevent inflation and mass unemployment, prevent violent revolutions, wrongful wars, especially nuclear war, end terrorism, an economic crisis and poverty in quite rightful and efficient ways. No matter how cheaply such advice is offered, there, or otherwise, it is not yet sufficiently in demand and preserved and published by the existing media. It does not become sufficiently effective under current conditions, even regardless of how much it could increase the general standard of living and our individual rights and liberties, and how much it would increase our individual and group choices and how many lives it could save, extend and make more healthy and pleasant. In other words, an effective free market for good ideas, and also for genuine talents has still to be established, one that would bring fully together all already existing supply and demand in this sphere, world-wide, and would thus give all positive ideas and talents their best chance. – Libertarians, in their decades of battles with “public opinion”, should have become aware of that and tackled their publicity and enlightenment problem with all the electronic media now at their disposal. But, have they? - JZ, n.d. & 21.10.07, 25.12.08. - IDEAS ARCHIVE & THE SUPPOSEDLY FREE MARKET FOR IDEAS, NEW DRAFT

GOOD ADVICE: Who cannot give good counsel? 'Tis cheap, it costs them nothing.” - Robert Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy, II, 2, 3. - If politicians were able and willing to give good council then this would make them superfluous. Thus do not expect this service from them. - JZ, 13.10.02. - Actually, really good advice is rather rare - and rarely appreciated. Compare the struggle anarchists and libertarians have to spread some basic freedom ideas. - JZ, 27.11.0. – The world is still flooded by popular errors, myths and prejudices and a comprehensive encyclopedia of their best refutations remains to be compiled still. – JZ, 23.12.08. – DIS NOTES, LIBERTARIAN REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA

GOOD GOVERNMENT: Good government is a contradiction in terms. - JZ, 23.4.73. - I hold now that this applies almost absolutely only to territorial governments, especially the larger and largest ones. Those which will, in future, rule only over volunteers, and which will be only exterritorially autonomous, can be "good" by the standards of their voluntary members, like any present club, insurance company or association. - JZ, 20.7.00. - GOVERNMENT, GOOD, EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION

GOOD GOVERNMENT: Good management of a predatory organization does not assuage predation, it tends to justify it.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Winter 76. – , TERRITORIALISM

GOOD GOVERNMENT: Government is actually the worst failure of civilized man. There has never been a really good one, and even those that are most tolerable are arbitrary, cruel, grasping and unintelligent.” - H. L. Mencken, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – A truly civilized man would never have introduced or tolerated territorial governments. However, even the worst kinds of governments are still good or instructive - at least for those statists who have chosen them quite freely for themselves, in spite of all bad experiences with them over the course of history. But they should no longer be allowed to impose their choice of territorial government upon any dissenters. I.e., their choices are to be practised only by them and this under exterritorial autonomy and their kinds of personal laws. – JZ, 8.1.08. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

GOOD GOVERNMENT: Now, where did we ever get the idea that there is such a thing as "good government"? That is a contradiction in terms as ridiculous as "constructive rape". There is not such thing.” – Robert LeFevre, Good Government, p.14. - Well, if a raped woman falls pregnant as a result of the rape then, to that extent, the rape was productive, apart from the damage it has done to the woman, her rights, liberties, minds and feelings. Is there such a thing as a "good" rape? The absence of initial consent and aggression would remain, even if the woman should, later on in the rape, somewhat enjoy it as well. All analogies limp to some extent. I would rather say that "good government" is as ridiculous as a "good crime with many non-consenting victims. - JZ, 24.7.00. – Rapes are certainly not producing good love relationships. – JZ, 26.12.08. – Only a voluntary or competing government can be a good government, to the extent that any hierarchical system can be good. – 28.11.10. - TERRITORIALISM, RAPE, VIOLENCE, COMPULSION, COERCION

GOOD GOVERNMENT: There's never been a good government.” - Emma Goldman. – Perhaps one should reply that “NO Government!” is the best government possible, at least as far as territorial governments are concerned, with inevitably many involuntary members and subjects. – Exterritorially autonomous governments of volunteers only would at least be educational for these volunteers and for outside observers. - JZ, 5.1.08. – Some of them might be somewhat successful, in spite of their hierarchical system and their successful methods would then be copied by many others. – JZ, 23.12.08, 28.11.10. – Not every kind of legislation has been totally counter-productive and even criminal. But it would be wrong to impose even the best law territorially upon peaceful dissenters, who would rather wish to do their own things among themselves. – JZ, 21.8.13. - PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOOD INTENTIONS: Autocrats and dictators always claim good intentions. It is the deeds where the evil generally lies.” - Lauchlan Chipman, Liberty, Justice & Private Enterprise. - Compare: “The means predetermine the end.” - VS. DEEDS, ACTIONS, RESULTS, WRONGS, DAMAGES, HARM, MEANS & ENDS, GOOD WILL, IGNORANCE IN ACTION, PREJUDICES, POPULAR ERRORS, VOTING, WELFARE STATE

GOOD INTENTIONS: but at least, for the first time in history, we have not only good intentions, but some idea of how to implement them.” - Poul Anderson, Planet of No Return, p.41. - PROGRAM, GOOD WILL, IMPLEMENTATION, PLATFORM, ACTIONS, STEPS TOWARDS LIBERTY

GOOD INTENTIONS: Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficial … the greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.” – Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, 1928 – Compare the ancient saying: “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!” - BENEVOLENCE, GOOD WILL, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, WELFARE STATES, DEMOCRACY, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, BUREAUCRACY, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, RULERS

GOOD INTENTIONS: Good intentions are useless unless accompanied by good ideas and followed by good actions. - JZ, 30.7.01, 29.1.02. - Almost no intention is good that limits the liberties and rights of peaceful and rational citizens. Someone might use force to prevent a suicide. But persons making such attempts are rarely quite rational in that condition but, rather, "out of their minds" and so even forceful prevention of such an act does them no wrong as rational beings. - JZ, 29.1.02. - GOOD WILL, GOOD ACTIONS, JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, MORALITY, REASON, SENSE

GOOD INTENTIONS: Good intentions do not mean anything in terms of effects.” - Walter Williams, 4/90. - If they are uninformed good intentions! - JZ, 4/90. - Especially when they resort to wrongful means in order to achieve rightful ends. - JZ, 16.7.00. - For a good definition of genuinely good will, leading to the Categorical Imperative, look up Kant. - GOOD WILL

GOOD INTENTIONS: Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the People against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who MEAN to govern well, but THEY MEAN TO GOVERN. They promise to be good masters, but THEY MEAN TO BE MASTERS." - DANIEL WEBSTER U.S. Senator New York (circa 1850). - - OF POWER ADDICTS, REFORMERS, FUNDAMENTALISTS, FANATICS, AUTHORITARIANS, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISTS, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, LEADERSHIP, GOOD WILL, BENEVOLENCE, PATERNALISM, WELFARE STATE, TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

GOOD INTENTIONS: I don’t care what your intentions were – look what you did!” – John W. Campbell in: The John W. Campbell Letters, vol. 1, 1985. Edited by Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., et al., AC Projects Inc., ISBN 0-931150-16-7, p. 509. – However, see Kant’s remarks on genuine good will. Accidents will naturally also happen to those with the best intentions. If no accident is involved and the results are bad then the intentions were not good enough but, rather, based on ignorance, errors, prejudices and carelessness. – JZ, 28.9.07. - GOOD INTENTIONS ARE NOT A SUFFICIENT EXCUSE

GOOD INTENTIONS: I sometimes think "good intentions" should be declared a capital crime.” - Robert Heinlein, Time for the Stars, p.52. - Yes, whenever they are used as an excuse for the infringement of individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 25.3.94. – The only part-excuse for them is that an ideal declaration of all individual rights and liberties has still not been produced or sufficiently published. – JZ, 26.12.08. - AT THE EXPENSE OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOOD INTENTIONS: I think most human misery is due to well-meaning fanatics like him." - Poul Anderson, Guardians of Time, p. 37. - FANATICISM, WELL-MEANING, DO-GOODERS

GOOD INTENTIONS: It is always with the best intentions that the worst work is done.” – Oscar Wilde. - DO-GOODING, ALTRUISM

GOOD INTENTIONS: Most of the major ills of the world have been caused by well-meaning people who ignored the principle of individual freedom, except as applied to themselves, and who were obsessed with fanatical zeal to improve the lot of mankind-in-the-mass through some pet formula of their own.” – Henry Grady Weaver, author of a classic book on freedom, The Mainspring of Human Progress. - Well-meaning but ignorant and prejudice reformers have caused all kinds of troubles. They should be confined to experiments among volunteers or exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. – JZ, n.d. - GOOD WILL IN THE NON-KANTIAN SENSE. WELL-MEANING PEOPLE, WELFARE STATE, MODERN LIBERALISM, COERCIVE IDEALISTS & IDEOLOGUES: STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, INTERVENTIONISM, PLANNING, TAXATION, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, WELFARE STATE, WRONGFUL LEGISLATION IN ANNUAL AVALANCHES VS. GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ALL FORMS OF COERCIVE SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM OR OTHER TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTALISM

GOOD INTENTIONS: The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. – Daniel Webster – However, as a territorial constitution it turned out, inevitably, to be a very wrongful and inefficient tool. Competing constitutions for communities of volunteers only, all without a territorial monopoly, would do much better, ethically and economically, in most case and in all cases at least in the very long run, when the necessary lessons are, finally learnt. – JZ, 27.4.13, 21.8.13. – WELFARE STATES, TAX SLAVERY, BUREAUCRACY, CONTROLS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COLLECTIVISM, COMPULSION INSTEAD OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES.

GOOD INTENTIONS: The intention makes the crime.” – Aristotle. - As if good intentions could excuse criminal means, creating further innocent victims. – The search for simple and short as well as seemingly obvious answers provides often many more wrong and flawed answers than correct ones. - JZ, 23.1.08, 21.8.13. - ENDS & MEANS, CRIMES


GOOD INTENTIONS: Why can't the system be changed from within? Why not enter the political arena with the expressed intent of changing it? Simply because good intentions are not enough. You can be chock full of good intentions, but you will not stop an avalanche by standing in its way. The avalanche will continue on its path, taking you along with it. The best you can do is to get out of its way and to advise others to do the same, while hoping that eventually it will lose momentum.” - Sy Leon, None of the Above, p.228.

GOOD MEN: All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.”- Edmund Burke. - NOTE: This quote is ascribed in various forms to Burke, though never found in his writings. Possibly it is a distillation of the words found in “Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents” (April 23, 1770): “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an un-pitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." – The primary positive action should consist in collecting and publishing all good ideas, talents, projects, discoveries, inventions which are significant for genuine progress in the political, economic and social spheres and then to see to it that experimental freedom among volunteers is established for them: Panarchism, with its great variety of panarchies, all under their own personal laws or full exterritorial autonomy. – GOOD MEN MUST ACT AGAINST EVILS – IN THE MOST RIGHTFUL & EFFICIENT WAYS, WHICH HAPPEN TO BE THE VOLUNTARY & TOLERANT ONES. – JZ, 23.12.08.

GOOD MONEY: Good money can come only from self-interest, not from benevolence.” – F. A. Hayek, Denationalization of Money, p.100. – I do not have any direct self-interest in free banking, do not want to become such a banker, but still, am benevolent enough to work towards its introduction. At least my younger friends, my children and grandchildren would benefit from it and its many positive effects. – JZ, 26.12.08.

GOOD SENSE: good sense goes farther than armor…” - Rabelais, putting these words into the mouth of his hero Pantagruel, in: Putnam, Samuel, The Essential Rabelais, p.333. - Love is not necessarily disarming, but justice can be. If one offers to treat the pawns of a dictatorship, sent to fight us and die for it, much better than their dictatorship does, with genuine liberation and the prospect of earned wealth and full justice for all their rightful claims, then why should they fight us, rather than fraternize with us, desert to us, let themselves be taken prisoner, make a separate peace with us or even rise against their oppressor, our enemy? Military academies do not consider such jiu-jitsu options. Nor do politicians recognize all rightful governments in exile and ally themselves with them. - JZ, 15.7.00. - IDEAS, PROGRAMS VS. WEAPONS & MILITARY STRENGTH, DESERTION, MASS FRATERNIZATION, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, LIBERATION, REVOLUTIONARY WARFARE

GOOD SOCIETY: The Good Society has no architectural design. There are no blueprints. There is no mold in which human life is to be shaped. … The supreme architect, who begins as a visionary, becomes a fanatic, and ends a despot. For no one can be the supreme architect of society without employing a supreme despot to execute the design.” - Walter Lippman. - Quoted in Arblaster/Lukes, The Good Society. - To such hard conclusions one can only come if one ignores the exterritorial alternative for volunteer communities, applying experimental freedom in a sphere in which it was so far outlawed by territorial States. - JZ, 25.7.00. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT IN EVERY SPHERE, SECEDSSIONISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

GOOD VS. BAD: Do not overlook the strength of the bad cause or the weakness of the good.” - Lord Action, Lectures on Modern History, p.37. - Among the major weaknesses of the "good" causes was always that they did not have all the good ideas, practices and institutions on their side but were sick and crippled by all too many bad ones, which they had uncritically adopted, like e.g., territorialism, monetary despotism, the leadership and hierarchical principle in enterprises, combined with a capitalism of the few instead of the many. Libertarians has still to work out their consistent libertarian defence, liberation and revolutionary program, remaining so far all too much under the influence of statists and territorialist notions. Moreover, they weakened themselves by internal dissent, which should have been systematically and rationally settled long ago e.g. on questions like abortion, rights, free will and anarchy vs. limited government. - JZ, 18.7.00. – SELF-MANAGEMENT, TERRITORIALISM, LAWS, GOOD INTENTIONS, SELF-DEFEATING ACTIONS

GOOD VS. BAD: The good counts for more than the bad.” - Sharon Presley, LAISSEZ FAIRE REVIEW, Sep/Oct. 74. - How much more? If I earn one dollar, does that make up for me stealing two dollars or ten? - Indeed, I do value one honest and thoughtful man as more valuable than 10 violent criminals. But that may still leave us exposed to violent politicians, expropriating fellow citizens and other criminals. - And they are usually better armed and trained, together with their followers, to rob us than we are to defend us. "Count" in what ways? And to whom? At what occasions? - JZ, 24.7.00. – MILITIA, SELF-DEFENCE, GUN LAWS

GOOD VS. BAD: The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Ascribed to Edmund Burke. - But if there were only "good" men in territorial government and they did NOTHING, then much good could triumph, privately, also over other evil men. - JZ, 23. 11. 06, 28.11.10. –  GOVERNMENT, LAW & ORDER OR TOLERANCE FOR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OR PANARCHIES OF VOLUNTEERS? EVIL,

GOOD VS. BAD: You should not say it is not good. You should say you do not like it; and then you know, you're perfectly safe.” - J. M. Whistler, 1834-1903. - A. Andrews Quotations, 109. - TOLERANCE, DISLIKE, CRITICISM, RED.

GOOD VS. THOUGHTFUL: Good people are a dime a dozen. Only thoughtful people are rare! - JZ, 10.8.83.

GOOD WILL: Although certain kinds of good will are undoubtedly the only kind of "good" in the world, as perhaps Kant first pointed out, the plain and common sense good will is often not enough. It must be a principled and rightful good will as well as a sufficiently informed one. - JZ, 15.3.73. - Compare Goethe's remark: There is nothing more terrible to behold than ignorance in action. - See the latest governmental measures. - JZ, 25.7.00. – IGNORANCE, LAWS, PREJUDICES, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, DEMOCRACY, PARLIAMENTARISM

GOOD WILL: Good motives do not excuse actions which will injure others.” - Fortas. - Quoted by Howard Zinn; Disobedience & Democracy, p.69. - I would exept e.g. a genuine tyrannicide from this rule. While it would destroy at least one life, the tyrant’s (are all his bystanders quite innocent?), it might save many other lives, that the tyrant would otherwise destroy. Naturally, tyrannicide on its own is rarely enough. It might lead to mass murders in retaliation, by some of his followers. But as part of a quite rightful and effective resistance program it can be rightful and useful. (*) - JZ, 25.7.00. – (*) As e.g. the timely execution of Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Castro, Mao, Idi Amin and some other tyrants of our times – would have been. – JZ, 21.8.13. - MOTIVES, TYRANNICIDE

GOOD WILL: Good will only to all men of good will. – JZ, 13.5.06. - Just like full tolerance only for similarly tolerant people. – JZ, 6.10.070.

GOOD WILL: Goodwill is earned by many acts; it can be lost by one.” - Duncan Stuart, quoted in READER'S DIGEST, 12/79.

GOOD WILL: The exercise of good will, according to Kant, is an affirmation of man's moral freedom by which he participates in the world of things as they really are, and acts in terms of his own nature. He wrote: "Everything in nature works according to laws. Only a rational being has the capacity of acting according to the conception of laws, i.e. according to principles. This capacity is will. Since reason is required for the derivation of actions from laws, will is nothing else than practical reason." - Kant's good was measured by whether he could answer yes to the question: "Can I will that my maxim become a universal law?" No rational being could will that lying or stealing or killing should be universally practised; …” - Leonard E. Read, Elements of Libertarian Leadership, p.40.

GOOD WILL: The Mystery of Social Order. Men freely producing and exchanging are the real ambassadors of good will - at home and abroad.” - Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air. - TRADE

GOOD WILL: Too many men of good will lack either good sense, good ideas, sufficient funds, or all three. - JZ, 11.10.87 & 19.7.00.

GOOD-FOR-NOTHINGS: a nation which fosters its good-for-nothings will end by becoming a good-for-nothing nation.” - Herbert Spencer, in "Reflections". - "As if territorial nation-states were to be the end of the evolution of political institutions. - In territorial forms we do have only good-for-nothing nations. - JZ, 24.7.00. - Compare his similar remark that saving the fools from the result of their follies will only fill the world with fools. - WELFARE STATE, CHARITY, PARASITISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM

GOOD: All that which is proper to the life of a rational being is the good; all that which destroys it is the evil.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.940. - Should sex be a completely rational action, too, or is it evil because it is not quite rational? - JZ, 24.7.00. - LIFE, RATIONALITY,

GOOD: Can anyone rightly say that he has been good enough as long as war and injustice, poverty and oppression prevail in the world? - JZ, 10.12.85. - Libertarians have most of the answers required, between them, to solve these problems. But, do they even bother to put all of them together, in a libertarian encyclopedia, library and complete publishing service, using affordable and efficient alternative media, after e.g. printing and other mass media as well as lectures, discussions and mouth to mouth propaganda have failed for all too long to spread freedom ideas sufficiently? - JZ, 13.7.00, 21.8.13. - DUTY & MORALITY, WARS & POVERTY, INJUSTICE & OPPRESSION, USE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, LIBRARY & PUBLISHING SERVICES

GOOD: Do what's good for you - or you are not good for anybody.” - Song text. Billy Joe? - That could be a motto for cannibals, too, for monopolists, for generals sacrificing thousands of lives to promote their career, for thieves, robbers and murderers. - Ethical recommendations should be more precise and universally applicable. - JZ, 24.7.00. –

GOOD: Good may only be determined by each individual for himself; it is a subjective value judgment, one which cannot be made by Congress or a committee. Only the individual human being, living his life from internal directions, can determine his "greatest good"; only the free actions of all persons can determine the "greatest good for the greatest number." Any hedonistic calculus presupposing a legislator competent to make this determination in an objective manner betrays the breeding ground for incipient dictatorship.” - R. K. Foley, Jr., THE FREEMAN, 11/75, 686. - INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, LAWS, COMMITTEES, PARLIAMENTS, DECISION-MAKING, HAPPINESS, ENDS, AIMS, PURPOSES, UTILITARIANISM, SUBJECTIVE VALUE THEORY

GOOD: Hess: Yes, the anarchist does believe that although human beings are of a mixed nature, on slight balance we are probably good.” - PLAYBOY, interview, 7/76. , NATURE OF MAN, MAN, ANARCHISM

GOOD: I believe the people are basically good, not evil.” - John Singleton, 20.10.76. - If they were basically evil, or most of them were, then they would have wiped themselves out long ago. - JZ, 24.7.00. – However, all too many seem to be still working towards this wrongful and irrational aim. – Naturally, always with the best intentions or at least the best excuses and false pretenses that they can find. – JZ, 21.8.13. -  PEOPLE

GOOD: I do not believe that every man is good but I do believe in goodness.” - Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, Bd. 4. - GOODNESS & MAN

GOOD: I have no problem with admitting that non-libertarian policies may be more conducive to "social well-being" … the greatest good for the greatest number. - Of course, first there's the problem of defining how that "good" is to be measured. The classic question is, how much pleasure must a sadist derive from torturing someone to outweigh the victim's pain? In practice that gets settled by the State assigning values to various people's goods. For example, the German Government in World War II decided that the good of the German people was advanced by removal of the Jews sufficiently to outweigh the loss to the Jews. The concept of inalienable rights … is directly contradictory to the concept of the greatest good for the greatest number. …” - Erwin Strauss, THE CONNECTION, No. 86, 13. – And yet even Erwin Strauss, to my knowledge, has not yet tried his hand and mind at attempting to provide, alone or with the help of many other libertarians, an ideal declaration of genuine individual rights and liberties. See my digitized anthology of PRIVATE human rights drafts, in the extended PEACE PLANS ISSUES 589/590, intended as a starting point for such an effort. Response, so far, after all too many years: ZERO! For some time now, and quite in vain, it was freely offered at - They still believe that they are radicals, self-thinkers and full of free enterprise and initiative when it comes to liberty and justice! “Thou shalt recognize them by their fruits!” – JZ, 28.11.10, 21.8.13. - UTILITARIAN, FOR THE GREATEST NUMBER, HUMAN RIGHTS, AN IDEAL DRAFT.

GOOD: It is the greatest good to the greatest number, which is the measure of right and wrong. - Jeremy Bentham, Works. – Just one of the popular errors and prejudices which is still being territorially enforced by the modern utilitarians, who do not realize how useless or harmful and even contradictory many of their actions are, not to speak of their wrongfulness and irrationality. – JZ, 15.11.10. - RIGHT & WRONG, UTILITARIANISM, MORALITY, ETHICS, UTILITARIANISM, MAJORITIES, VOTING, MAJORITARIANISM, VOTING

GOOD: Most good done in the world is not done in the name of good.” - Walter Williams, 4/90.

GOOD: most men and women are basically good, but are misled.” – Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.328. , PREJUDICES, LEADERSHIP

GOOD: Nothing can be good for a man unless it helps to make him just, self-disciplined, courageous, and independent; and nothing bad unless it has the contrary effect. – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Penguin Books, abridged edition, 1995, p.52. – BAD, RIGHT, WRONG

GOOD: The "Common Good" isn't good, it is merely common!” - Ian Angel, LA Political Notes, No. 114. – It is not only common but, mostly, also unjust, like e.g. the coercive distributionism of the “Welfare” State. – JZ, 27.12.08. COMMON GOOD

GOOD: The Good loses its quality when it ceases to be voluntary. When Force enters, Good goes out. Put in another way, an action is not essentially moral unless it is freely performed in preference to an immoral act. No morality is required to obey an Act of Parliament. Cowardice alone is necessary.” - Ernest Benn, Modern Government, p.225. - MORALITY, LAW, VOLUNTARISM, FORCE, IMMORALITY, FREEDOM, FEAR

GOOD: You cannot in fact effectively do good with other people's money.” - Milton Friedman in Australia 1975, p.65. - WELFARE STATE

GOOD: Your own good is the only good there is for yourself. - JZ, 14.6.74. - Provided that it is not at the expense of the individual rights and liberties of anybody else. - JZ, 24.7.00, 21.8.13.

GOODNESS & LIBERTY: Goodness in man can only grow in a climate of liberty." - Baldy Harper - Nizam Ahmad shared LearnLiberty's status update. - LearnLiberty – All wrongful power and victimization by it does corrupt – the power-addicts as well as their victims. – JZ, 26.4.13. – LIBERTY, STATISM, GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM, POWER

GOODNESS: A good pine tree is not one that has the beautiful branches of a willow tree. A good person is one who is good at what is essential in HUMAN life.” - Tibor R. Machan, THE MERCURY, 11/78.

GOODNESS: But goodness alone is never enough. A hard, cold wisdom is required for goodness to accomplish good. Goodness without wisdom always accomplishes evil.” - Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, p.379. - WISDOM VS. EVIL

GOODNESS: Experience has convinced me that there is a thousand times more goodness, wisdom, and love in the world than men imagine.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 5/80. - The wisdom existing could and should be revealed through an Ideas Archive and Talent Registry, perhaps offered by a Super-Computer system. - JZ, 14.5.80. Compare PEACE PLANS 20. – Also, e.g., through an ideal declaration of genuine individual rights and liberties, a complete freedom library on an external HDD. – I still miss sufficient evidence for Read’s belief, to be provided by libertarians and their rightful, dutiful, rational, systematic, comprehensive and thus cooperation. – JZ, 28.11.10. – However, it is hardly ever found at the top of territorial States. – JZ, 21.8.13.

GOODNESS: Goodness in man can grow only in a climate of liberty; …” - The Institute for Humane Studies, The Institute's Story, p.13. - Goodness in man can only grow in a climate of liberty. That was the message of Floyd Arthur Harper, or "Baldy" as we knew him.” - Charles G. Koch, introducing Harper’s, Writings, 1. – One of his messages, anyhow. – JZ - LIBERTY

GOODNESS: goodness trumps greatness any day. – Not in the history books, … - Orson Scott Card, Ender in Exile, - p.54 - 2009. – Greatness in goodness, knowledge, peacefulness, tolerance, justice, freedom, is still all too rare and may even be impossible for territorial governments, since, probably, they never rested upon unanimous consent of peaceful and tolerant people. Or does any one of them let its dissenters secede and do their own things, for or to themselves? – JZ, 18.4.13. GREATNESS, HISTORY, LOVE & BENEVOLENCE VS. TYRANNY, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM

GOODNESS: How hard is it to imagine the existence of goodness, wisdom and love when quite the opposite is being drummed into our heads day in and day out. Television, press and radio emphasize the sordid, the bizarre, the ugly. Newscasters specialize in disaster. For one of countless examples, a DC-10 crash is headlined around the world. But who sees or hears mention of the millions of miles flown daily in safety! - The preponderance of bad news has a traumatic effect on those exposed to it. Millions of people are downcast, overwhelmed by gloom, seeing nothing ahead but disaster: murder, rape, mugging, vandalism, arson, armed robbery, theft or whatever.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 5/80. – GOODNESS, NOT SO RARE, DESPITE THE NEWS, SENSATIONALISM OF THE MASS MEDIA

GOODNESS: The fundamental idea of good is that it consists in preserving life, in favoring it, in wanting to bring it to its highest value, and evil consists in destroying life, doing it injury, hindering its development. - Albert Schweitzer – I suppose that he meant only human life and the life of some higher life forms, not the life of all microbes, viruses, all insect and animal pests and all plant pests. – JZ, 25.3.12. -& LIFE

GOODNESS: This division of the good majority and the bad minority is used somewhat symbolically; it is never this clear cut. There is, admittedly, some badness in the best of us, and, we must concede some possible goodness among the most depraved. As Simone Weil wrote: "From earliest childhood to the grave there is something in the depths of every human heart, which in spite of all the experience, of crimes that have been committed, endured, observed - invincibly expects people to do good and not evil. More than any other thing, this is the sacred element in every human being." - Leonard E. Read, The Coming Aristocracy, p.105. - MAN, MORALITY, MAJORITY, MINORITY, MORAL SENSE, DECENCY, HUMAN BEINGS, HUMAN NATURE

GOODS & SERVICES TAX, GST: Let us first have the promised tax reductions and then only the GST, as a supposedly better tax, if, after the tax reduction, the economy would not already be on the road to recovery. - JZ, 5.12.92. - No kind of tax can cure an economy sickened by too much taxation and too many other anti-economic interventions with it. - JZ, 13.7.00. - TAXATION

GOODS: goods exist only to serve human satisfactions. Starting with this idea of subjective value, Menger had half his theory. The other half was to be found in the objective relationship in the economy between how much of a good could totally be utilized to satisfy all needs, and how much of the good was in existence. - An economic good was distinguished by the fact that there was a total demand for the good greater than the existing supply; whereas a non-economic good (air, for instance) exists in greater supply than the amount in demand. An economic good would thereby lead men to the function of economizing - making the best use of available but scarce resources.” - Thomas W. Hazlett, THE FREEMAN, May 77. - Economic goods are also those for which supply equals demand, e.g. just the quantity of milk and bread offered and consumed for every-day living, in free countries, at modest prices. - JZ, 24.7.00. – COMMODITIES, PRODUCTS, CONSUMER GOODS, CAPITAL GOODS, SUPPLY & DEMAND, SCARCE RESOURCES, SUBJECTIVE VALUE

GORE: The lifeblood of patriotism.” - L. A. Rollins, Lucifer's Lexicon. – WAR, BLOODSHED

GOSPEL: So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence.” - Bertrand Russell. - The Bible was never written as a book for intelligent people. - JZ, 3.7.00. - BIBLE, SCRIPTURE, THE GOOD BOOK, HOLY BIBLE & INTELLIGENCE, CHRISTIANITY, FREE TRADE, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE MIGRATION, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MORALITY, ETHICS, RELITIONS, HOLY BOOKS, SCRIPTURES

GOVERNMENT & CRIME: Dr. DiLorenzo's amazing new book -- available in hardback for $15 and paperback for $10. - - Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government - Politics and thieves, coercion and regulation, fascism and the Fed, centralization and liberty, workers and unions, trade and freedom, free- …

GOVERNMENT & ECONOMICS: The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics. - Thomas Sowell – quoted by Nizam Ahmad on Facebook, 15.10.12.

GOVERNMENT & LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM: As regards the social apparatus of repression and coercion, the government, there cannot be any question of freedom. Government is essentially the negation of liberty. It is the recourse to violence or threat of violence in order to make all people obey the orders of the government, whether they like it or not. - Ludwig von Mises. Liberty and Property. - Quoted by Nizam Ahmad - Facebook, 27.9.12.

GOVERNMENT & LIBERTY: All government, of course, is against liberty. - H. L. Mencken

GOVERNMENT & MAFIA, PROFIT, TAXES, REVENUES: The only difference between the government and the mafia is that the mafia turns a profit. - James Cox and Gennady Shenker shared Ron Hall's photo. – Facebook, 16.6.12. –Money obtained by extortion or other compulsion, like taxation, should never be called a “profit”, “revenue” or “earnings” – since it is by its nature an unearned income and as such neither a gift, an inheritance or something found. – JZ, 5.9.12. –

GOVERNMENT & MAFIA: The difference between Government and Mafia? SIZE. - Salvatore Antonaci and Asia Barberini shared Capitalism's photo. – Facebook, 5.4.12.

GOVERNMENT & MAN: Man is not the enemy of man but through the medium of a false system of government. -- Thomas Paine – Flawed laws and institutions ought to be mainly blamed rather than human nature or particular persons. Under full freedom one could avoid mis-leaders, even completely secede from them to do one’s own things undisturbed by them. – JZ, 13.4.12. - ENEMIES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION

GOVERNMENT & MURDERS: Death by Government 145 Million in the 20th century. Private Murders 8.5 millions in the 20th century. – - Alain Genestine and François-René Đng-Vũ Bân Rideau shared Police State USA: Land of the Checkpoints's photo. – Facebook, 22.7.12. – DEMOCIDE, MASS MURDERS

GOVERNMENT & SECRECY: A free and honest government is something we don't have, which is why we have government secrecy.” - Woody, THE CONNECTION 133, p.55. – Whistle-blowers are, usually, prosecuted. – JZ, 27.12.08. - HONESTY.

GOVERNMENT & SOCIETY: Most of the ills of society - poverty, alcoholism, slaughter on the highways, race riots, student upheaval, automation, or cynicism - are not caused by the Government and cannot be cured by the Government.” - Ernest W. Lefever in C. C. West's Ethics, Violence and Revolution, page 57. - They are not "ills" of "society" but of territorial States, imposed upon society. Remove these impositions and society would be free and sound, progressive and much better informed. - Government interventionism has, indeed, caused many of these problems or enlarged and perpetuated them. The only words in the above that do make some sense to me are the following - and I had to add: "territorial", too: "Territorial government cannot be cured by territorial government". - JZ, 2.8.00. – TERRITORIALISM, FREE SOCIETIES

GOVERNMENT & SOCIETY: We should not forget that government is, abstractly (*) taken, an evil, an usurpation upon the private judgment and individual conscience of mankind. - A fundamental distinction exists between society and government. Men associated at first for the sake of mutual assistance. … Society and government are different in themselves and have different origins. Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness. Society is in every state a blessing; government even in its best state but a necessary evil.” - William Godwin, An Enquiry concerning Political Justice, 1793. - (*) Another version, in Sprading, p.102, says: "abstractedly". –

GOVERNMENT & STATISM: We tend to laugh about native "rain-makers", witchdoctors etc. and believer in them - but most of us go on believing e.g. that territorial governments can provide wealth, security, justice, freedom, enlightenment and peace - although they never delivered upon their promises! - JZ, 10.3.73, 28.12.08.

GOVERNMENT & STRIKES: Support strikes - by governments! - JZ, 13.4.80. - Every time the teachers go on strike, I am inclined to beg them to do so permanently! - Imagine the tax department going on strike, permanently! - Better, still, the tax-payers, while also refusing to accept any government currency and arranging for the payment of those services that they do still want and also introducing full monetary and financial freedom, on top of all other economic liberties, so that almost instantly anybody able and willing could find a paying job, paid in alternative currencies, based mainly upon the vast quantity of ready for sale goods and services, measured in any standard of value which they find acceptable for themselves. And shouldn't all those supposed to guard mass murder or anti-people "weapons" against destruction by the people (properly organized and informed for this), also go on strike? - But all this requires much foresight and preparation, e.g., the production of numerous and correct "blueprints for liberty". - JZ, 27.7.00.

GOVERNMENT & TAXES: No government is worth what we are forced to pay for it. – JZ, 28.8.12. – FINANCIAL DESPOTISM, TRIBUTE LEVIES, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT & TERRITORIALISM: A government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims. – Ayn Rand, quoted by Nizam Ahmad shared Capitalism's photo. – VICTIM DISARMAMENT, GUN CONTROL LAWS

GOVERNMENT & THE PEOPLE, PATERNALISM: As the government got bigger, the people got smaller, and their willingness to address their own problems and solve them, or at least live with them, was being eroded in favor of paternalistic, political panaceas. This is what Bob believed he had to fight. - Carl Watner, LeFevre, p.140.

GOVERNMENT & TRUST: Have you got any good reason to trust any territorial government? - JZ, 1.11.74, 2.8.00, 28.12.08.

GOVERNMENT & VOTING: Are there enough mitigating circumstances for any territorial government and for any of its voters and other followers who do put them into power? - JZ, 20.3.89, 18.7.00, 28.12.08. – Q.

GOVERNMENT ABOLITION? Volunteers would choose not just one but thousands of different societies, communities and governance systems for themselves, as they are entitled to by individual sovereignty and genuine self-government, self-determination and quite basic and genuine individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 11.11.11, on Facebook, comment to: Abolishing The Government

GOVERNMENT ACTION: Government Do Less!” - DAILY TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE, reprinted in GOOD GOVERNMENT, April 72. – Individuals should get the choice of governments not ruling over them at all, very little, less then they do now or even more – always only at their own expense and risk, in all their own affairs, even those, which were so far and quite wrongly called “public” or “common” affairs, and were thus and quite wrongly monopolized by territorial governments. – JZ, 22.8.13. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT ACTION: Territorial government does too much! - JZ, 7.6.73. – Almost all of it wrong, misdirected, wasteful and all too expensive. - JZ, 2.8.00, 28.12.08.

GOVERNMENT BONDS: Anybody who has purchased Government bonds in Australia has been taken to the cleaners.” - Professor Milton Friedman, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 27.12.1975. - And he deserved this - because he wanted to take the future taxpayers to the cleaners. - JZ, 2.2.76. - Government "securities" are "investments" in tax slavery and as such, like all other forms of slavery, quite wrong. - JZ, 21.7.00. – If he got anything out of this “investment” then it was paid in inflated Australian dollars, while he and the other Australians were also highly taxed for pay for these “returns” as well as for all other governmental expenditures, mostly wrongfully raised and spent. The voluntary as well as the involuntary “investments” in territorial governments are, usually, the worst investments of all, considered as productive investments. However, through lobbying as well as bribes to officials, to be granted favors, exemptions from restrictions and taxes, privileges or monopolies, whatever monies are thus “invested”, do often provide enormous – and quite wrongful returns. – JZ, 22.8.13. - GOVERNMENT SECURITIES OR, RATHER, “INSECURITIES”

GOVERNMENT BONDS: Avoid the Rush! Invest in World War III Victory Bonds Now!” - A MAD sticker.

GOVERNMENT BONDS: Government bonds are certificates of guaranteed confiscation.” - Dr. Franz Pick. - Sometimes their value is confiscated away by inflation, thus turning them into "insecurities". Sometimes, governments simply repudiate them. In both cases the holders, investors in tax slaves, get only what they deserve, namely, nothing. Ideally, the taxpayers should repudiate all of them by a permanent tax strike and refusal to accept government paper money. - JZ, 27.7.00. - OTHER GOVERNMENT SECURITIES

GOVERNMENT BONDS: Government bonds are like shares in the Mafia, forfeited once the Mafia is busted. - Only bonds bought under compulsion, e.g., that of the Trustee Acts, should be recognized - but not paid for out of taxes, either, but out of the remaining capital assets of governments. - JZ, 23.3.75. – See e.g. PEACE PLANS 19 C, online at on another privatization proposal. - JZ, 22.8.13.

GOVERNMENT BONDS: Governments bonds or securities are government insecurities or guarantees of further inflation, debt repudiations and bankruptcies, which permit, in the meantime, more wrongful and wasteful government spending. Objectively and morally considered, government bonds are investments in tax slaves, even while open slavery is outlawed, except for conscripts, those compelled to attend schools and those who are involuntary subjects of and taxpayers to the territorial State. - JZ, 26.3.01, 2.2.02, 23.12.08, 25.3.13, 22.8.13. –  GOVERNMENT SECURITIES OR, RATHER, “INSECURITIES”

GOVERNMENT BONDS: investors in taxation" …” Duncan Yuille, TANSTAAFL, 3/76. - I rather call it: "investments in tax slaves", to make the immorality of this clearer. - In another passage, in the same issue, the same author wrote: "Anyone who buys a government bond is buying a share which will be repaid through the massive legalised robbery and expropriation known as taxation. The purchasers of government bonds must be regarded as participating advocates of the taxation system and also for the relentless growth of parasitic, counter-productive, wealth-consuming government. They participate as voluntary investors in that system of legalised theft which is taxation." - Thus, as e.g. Murray Rothbard proposed, let us repudiate all government securities, as investments in tax slaves. - JZ, 3.8.00.

GOVERNMENT BONDS: Save Freedom. Don't Buy Government Bonds.” - Bumper sticker sold by Doriolanus Publisher, August 1976 - REASON advertisement.

GOVERNMENT BONDS: Whoever invests in government bonds is a fool in economics - also a criminal, because thereby, quite formally, even if he remains unconscious of this, he does “invest” in tax slaves. – JZ, 26.9.11, on Facebook, to Aaron Lydement – Revised: 12.1.13. - GOVERNMENTAL SECURITIES

GOVERNMENT DEBTS: A government debt is a government claim against personal income and private property – an unpaid tax bill. –Hans F. Sennholz, Debts & Deficits. – PUBLIC DEBT, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT DOING NOTHING: The Master said, “May not Shun be instanced as having governed efficiently without exertion? What did he do? He did nothing but gravely and reverently occupy his royal seat. - Confucius, in THE WISDOM OF CONFUCIUS, translated and interpreted by James Legge, Axiom Publishing 2002, p.95. ISBN 1 86 476 171 7. – That reminds me of a remark on public servants, which stated that the shine on the back of their pants may be their greatest, their most shiny achievement. – JZ, 31.8.12. – DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO RULE OTHERS! - LAISSEZ FAIRE, NON-INTERVENTION, TAXERS, AUTHORITARIANS AND TERRITORIALISTS, AS SUCH, SHOULD DO NOTHING.

GOVERNMENT EXPANSION: Government failure is always used as an excuse for government expansion. Government thrives on crisis and incompetence. – Jim Babka of DownsizeDC.orgBIG & BIGGER GOVERNMENTS, FAILURES, INCOMPETENCE, CRISES

GOVERNMENT FOR THE THINKING MAN: The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable … –H. L. MenckenIf a man thought enough, then he would arrive at the diverse personal law, and exterritorially autonomous communities or societies as rightful and satisfactory alternatives to territorial governments for all kinds of like-minded volunteers. He would never take monopolistic and coercively imposed territorial governments for granted but strive towards the establishment of their opposites, each subject to individual choice by sovereign individuals. – JZ, 3.4.12. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES ALL UNDER PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, CHOICE

GOVERNMENT FUNDS: Government funds means government control.” - Ralph Borsodi, in: Loomis, Mildred, ed.: Moving into the Frontlines of Social Change, p.45. - Government funds mean a corresponding disfranchisement of involuntary taxpayers. - JZ, 31.1.02. – Compare: “Whoever pays the piper calls the tune.” - SUBSIDIES, CONTROL, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, BUDGETS

GOVERNMENT GROWTH: If you have ever seen a four-year-old trying to lord it over a two-year-old, then you know what the basic problem of human nature is – and why government keeps growing larger and ever more intrusive.” – Thomas Sowell.  - But most kids grow up and mature somewhat, becoming more tolerant and less violent. Territorial States, when they grow up or get older, tend to become less tolerant and more violent. Thus I do not hold this analogy between power-driven children and power-driven governments to be quite fitting. - Not every boy becomes an aggressive Big Brother. - Few remain bullies all their lives. - JZ, 25. 11. 06, 22.8.13. - BIG GOVERNMENT, POWER, DOMINATION, VICTIMIZATION, EXPLOITATION, BULLYING

GOVERNMENT IN EXILE: Exterritorially fully autonomous governments and communities in exile, for the volunteers from every oppressed or outvoted minority, recognized by free citizens anywhere, to finally introduce individual sovereignty, free choice, freedom of action, experimental freedom, freedom of contract and consistent pluralism in the last spheres where they have been denied so far, i.e., in political, economic and social relationships and institutions. - 10.8.95, 22.8.13. - That would bring about the greatest, most peaceful, liberating, just and beneficial revolution ever, expressed in one-man and small group revolutions, all doing only their own things to and for themselves. - JZ, 7.7.00. – If democratic governments remain at first cold towards this opportunity - to overcome their opponents, the despotic enemy regimes, then, perhaps, one can induce the despotic enemy regimes, already trying to subvert democratic governments, to adopt it. Thus the idea and practice could be spread and, much against the will of the despotic regimes, it would also be turned against them, e.g. by their internal opponents, with their various factions, picking up the idea and practice and uniting against the despotic regime with panarchism as their common platform. They could thus also minimize resistance against themselves. For even the adherents of a present despotic regime could thus get the panarchy of their own kind, almost as a sinecure for themselves. - Thus the Anti-American mentality (opposed to the best in Americanism) and its practice, could also and indirectly become subverted and defeated by a kind of political ju-jitsu. Sooner or later even the dullest democratic regime would pick up this methods. Even the Romans, 2000 years ago, were already clever enough to establish, recognize and collaborate at least with a single government in exile, as an attractive alternative to the regime of their current enemy. There are many ways to kill a cat – or a bear or a dragon. Ideas, suitably presented, know no borders and can be very infective. – JZ, 28.12.08, 28.11.10, 25.3.13. - GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE BY & FOR VOLUNTEERS, UNDER PERSONAL LAWS, WITH FULL EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, AS ALTERNATIVES TO EVERY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT IN EXILE: Governments in exile, for volunteers, under personal laws, fully organized and active for their already liberated members and presenting themselves as options for all people to be liberated in the future, are perhaps among the most important steps towards reducing all of the remaining wrongful territorial governments to close to zero, not too far in the future. - JZ, 24.11.93 & 10.7.00. - WAR & PEACE AIMS, LIBERATION, OVERTHROW OF DICTATORSHIPS, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, PANARCHISM, REVOLUTIONS, PUTSCHES, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, DESERTION

GOVERNMENT INTERVENTIONS: Whenever a Government assumes the power of discriminating between the different classes of the community, it becomes, in effect, the arbiter of their prosperity, and exercises a power not contemplated by any intelligent people in delegating their sovereignty to their rulers. It then becomes the great regulator of the profits of every species of industry, and reduces men from dependence on their own exertions, to a dependence on the caprices of their Government. Governments possess no delegated right to tamper with individual industry a single hair's-breadth beyond what is essential to protect the rights of person and property. — William Leggett, quoted in FFF Email Update of 8.10.12.

GOVERNMENT LAND: There seems to be an attitude that government ownership of land is good as long as you call it "open space" … All it is is socialism. – Douglas Bruce, Colorado tax-reduction activist – It is, usually, the least cared for land. – STATE SOCIALISM IN LAND, TERRITORIAL LAND MONOPOLY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT MASSACRES & GUN CONTROL: One of a Long List of Government Massacres Which Followed Gun Control Legislation: Perpetrator Date Target # Murdered Date of Source Document Government (Estimate) Gun Cont. Law – 1.) China 1948- Anti-Comm. 1935 Art. 186 & 187, P.C. 1952 20 Mil. 1966-76 Pro-Reform Group. – 2.) Guatemala 1960- Mayan 1871 Decree #36, Nov 25 1981 Indians 100,000 1964 Decree #238, Oct 27. – 3.) Uganda 1971- Christians, 1955 Firearms Ordinance 1979 Political 1970 Firearms Act Rivals 300,000. – 4.) Cambodia 1975- Educated 1956 Art. 322-329, P.C. 1979 Persons 1 Mil. – (Who is able and willing to straighten out this confused and confusing list of cases mentioned on the website of THE SENTIENT? – Without proper punctuation or other separation and details THE SENTIENT does not make his point clear. - JZ, 28.12.08. – 5.) Ottoman - 1915 - Armenians 1866 Art. 166, Penal Code Turkey 1917, 1-1.5 Mil. - 1911 Art. 166, Penal Code. 6.) Soviet Union 1929- Anti-Comm 1929 Art. 182, Penal Code 1953 Anti-Stalinists 30,000,000 to 60,000,000 people. - – 7.) Nazi Germany 1933 - Jews, 1928 Law on Firearms & Occupied 1945 Gypsies, Ammunition, April 12 Europe Catholics, 13 Mil. Weapons Law, Mar 18 anti-Nazis GUN CONTROL SOMEONE SHOULD PRESENT THESE DATES, LAWS & VICTIM FIGURES MUCH MORE CLEARLY! – I just copied them! Probably from the website of THE SENTIENT. – JZ – Hopefully, somebody will properly and completely tabulate all such references. – JZ, 28.11.10. - GUN CONTROL LAWS OR VICTIM DISARMAMENT, MASS MURDERS BY GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT MILLS: God's mills are said to be slow. Government mills are, perhaps, even slower and less certain and, sometimes go in reverse. But no backsliding government tends to approach any degree of "golden age". - JZ, 12.7.75 & 20.7.00. - VS. GOD'S MILLS, SLOWNESS, JUSTICE

GOVERNMENT PAPER MONEY: As a forced and exclusive or monopoly currency it has mostly no fixed or stable enough value standard nor any automatic restraints for issuers and potential acceptors against its over-issues nor any clear measure that would indicate that insufficient of such money is in circulation to avoid deflationary results. Thus under such a currency inflations, deflations and stagflations are common and inevitable. To them the popular version of Gresham’s Law applies, that bad money drives out good money. In short, it is not subjected to quite free competition from other and better currencies and to free market rating against sound value standards and other currencies in its own territorial sphere of a coercive and exploitative monopoly, amounting to monetary despotism. – JZ, 13.7.04, 22.10.07, 23.12.08. – INFLATIONS, DEPRECIATIONS, DEFLATIONS, MONETARY CRISES, STAGFLATIONS, FORCED & EXCLUSIVE CURRENCIES, NATIONAL CURRENCIES, CENTRAL BANKING, GOVERNMENT MONEY, MONETARY DESPOTISM, GOVERNMENTAL OR CENTRAL BANKING PAPER MONIES

GOVERNMENT PERMITS & LICENCES: We are fast approaching the stage of ultimate inversion: the stage where government is free to do as it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission. – Aynd Rand, quoted by Nizam Ahmad sharing Capitalism's photo. – Facebook, 4.10.12. – In that case they are no longer citizens but merely, at least to some extent, feudal, national or imperial government subjects, serfs or slaves. – JZ, 4.10.12. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, FREE EXCHANGE, FREEDOM TO ASSOCIATE, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTEIS

GOVERNMENT POLICIES: Economic history is a long record of government policies that failed because they were designed with a bold disregard for the laws of economics. – Ludwig von MisesGOVERNMENT PROGRAMS, REFORMS, ACTIONS, LEGISLATION, ECONOMICS, ANTI-ECONOMICS, ECONOMIC HISTORY OF STATISM & TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT POWERS: Government, like any other organism, refuses to acquiesce in its own extinction. This refusal, of course, involves the resistance to any effort to diminish its powers and prerogatives. – H. L. Mencken, in  – I deny that it is an organic growth, naturally growing and exposed to free competition from other organisms. It is an enforced system, maintained by “constitutional, legal and juridical” compulsion, centralization and monopolism. – JZ, 27.3.12, 12.1.13. – & PREROGATIVES, PRIVILEGES, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COMPULSION, COERCION, LEGISLATION, CONSTITUTIONS, JURISDICTION, STATE, TERRITORIALISM, POWER ADDICTS, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, POLITICIANS

GOVERNMENT POWERS: You can't give the government the power to do good without also giving it the power to do bad – in fact, to do anything it wants. –Harry BrownePOWER, TERRITORIALISM, AUTHORITARIANISM

GOVERNMENT PRIVATIZATION: If business operation is so desirable, why take such torturous route? Why not scrap government ownership and turn the whole operation over to private business enterprise? Why go to such elaborate lengths to try to imitate the apparent ideal (private ownership) when the ideal may be pursued directly? The call for business principles in government, therefore, makes little sense, even if that call could be successful. – Rothbard, Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market, quoted by Mises Institute. – Why not turn all territorial governments, too, into private businesses or cooperatives or self-management schemes, all only for their volunteers, all without a territorial monopoly, in a comprehensive privatization? – JZ, 26.7.12. – Q., PRIVATIZATION, DENATIONALIZATION, GOVERNMENT “REFORMS”, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT & SELF-MANAGEMENT IN ALL SPHERES

GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS: Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program. - Milton Friedman – TEMPORARY MEASURES, JOKES

GOVERNMENT REFORMS: Have you ever noticed how statists are constantly "reforming" their own handiwork? Education reform. Health-care reform. Welfare reform. Tax reform. The very fact that they're always busy "reforming" is an implicit admission that they didn't get it right the first 50 times. – Lawrence W. Reed, economist, in THE FREEMAN – What makes it worse is that they do repeat the same kind of mistakes, although often under another name or excuse, again and again. In the case of price control they did this for 4,000 years, never learning from their mistakes. Without sound economic knowledge and appreciation of all individual rights and liberties, i.e. of moral principles, they build upon sand. – JZ, 24.4.13. – IMMORALITY, IGNORANCE, FULL OF POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: Conservatives and liberals are kindred spirits as far as government spending is concerned. First, let's make sure we understand what government spending is. Since government has no resources of its own, and since there's no Tooth Fairy handing Congress the funds for the programs it enacts, we are forced to recognize that government spending is no less than the confiscation of one person's property to give it to another to whom it does not belong – in effect, legalized theft. – Walter Williams, quoted by David Singhiser via Bastiat Institute, Facebook entry, 3.3.12. – TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, BUDGET, CONSERVATIVES & MODERN LIBERALS, “ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL.” COMPULSORY EARNINGS & INCOMES TRANSFERS, GOVERNMENT BUDGEST VS. PRIVATE BUDGETS

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: End the IRS! Government spending is a tax on the people. – Ron Paul, quoted on, 24.1.12. – Rather, a tribute extorted from the people by power addicts to keep them in power under all kinds of false pretenses. – JZ, 25.3.13. – What percentage of all tax tributes levied is paid quite voluntarily, as an appreciatory tribute to a good government? More than 1 to 10% or even less? – JZ, 22.8.13. - IRS, TAXATION, BUDGET, TRIBUTE LEVIES

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: Liberals believe government should take people's earnings to give to poor people. Conservatives disagree. They think government should confiscate people's earnings and give them to farmers and insolvent banks. The compelling issue to both conservatives and liberals is not whether it is legitimate for government to confiscate one's property to give to another, the debate is over the disposition of the pillage. – Walter Williams – BUDGET, TAXATION, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, WELFARE STATE, LIBERALS, CONSERVATIVES, PLUNDERBUNDS, MUTUAL LEGALIZED ROBBERIES

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: No politician – not even St Barack Obama – can create jobs by spending more money – Telegraph Blogs - - What they are spending isn't so much "money" as their own requisitioning certificates. And once they have spent them, they do gather them in again, in their plunder or tribute-levy actions. Their kind of "money" is the worst kind of money, as an exclusive and forced currency (monopoly money with legal tender power) and has also the worst kind of value standard, as a rule, because it is not subject to free choic and competition, i.e. refusals or discounting but is monopoly money with legal tender power, i.e., compulsory acceptance and a forced and fictitious value. Imagine the same for governmental ideas, opinions, rule and institutions and you have totalitarianism. Consider the monetary and financial freedom alternatives for the rest of your lives! – JZ, 13.9.11, on Facebook, revised 22.8.13. - The spending, subsidies and bailouts of politicians should be distinguished from the productive investments of private savings to produce new services, goods and jobs as well as profits and the issues of private currencies, clearing certificates and accounts to keep all currently wanted exchanges of goods, services and labor for the goods, services and labor of others going, undisturbed and easily. – JZ, 9.10.12, 25.3.13, 22.8.13. –  MONETARY DESPOTISM & TOTALITARIANISM

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: OTHER PEOPLES MONEY! - - Let the victims of territorial politics secede and do their own things for or to themselves, at their own risk and expense, under full exterritorial autonomy. Only in this way can their consumer sovereignty in the political, economic and social sphere become sufficiently expressed and satisfied. – JZ, 7.12.11, Facebook. - GOVERNMENT TAXATION & SPENDING OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY TAXATION VS. COMPULSORY & TERRITORIALLY IMPOSED TAXATION

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: Politicians can't give us anything without depriving us of something else. Government is not a god. Every dime they spend must first be taken from someone else. –Gary AsmusOr printed, as a forced and exclusive currency, with monopoly power, combined with legal tender force, i.e. compulsory acceptance and a forced and fictitious value, which is almost constantly further depreciated. One could not do this with freely competing and optional monies privately produced, offered and accepted and using a freely chosen value standard. – JZ, 22.8.13. - POLITICIANS, TAXATION, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: See, when GOVERNMENT spends money, it creates jobs; whereas when the money is left in the hands of TAXPAYERS, God only knows what they will do with it. Bake it into pies, probably. Anything to avoid creating jobs. – Dave Barry in  TAXATION, JOBS, EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: Some people seem to think that God has handed money to the federal government, and the money will be unavailable if the government doesn’t use it — that if government doesn’t spend money on school lunches, children will starve; that if government doesn’t subsidize single mothers, they’ll die in the streets; that if government doesn’t spend money on research, progress will stop. In truth, all the money the government spends was taken from the people who earned it — who are perfectly able to spend it on anything they think is important. When we repeal the income tax, these people will have a trillion dollars a year to spend on whatever they want and need. - Harry Browne - HARRY BROWNE ON FEDERAL SPENDING, - Jim Rongstad shared Harry Browne's status update. – Facebook, 22.7.13.

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: Taxpayers have spent more than $100,000 on audits into the purchase of two billiard tables - - Dismiss the "public servant" responsible - and don't grant him or her a pension, either. Or, at least, claim this expense against it. Until then irresponsibility is, largely, their "game". - More importantly: Abolish the public feeding trays, involuntarily supported by tax-serfs. All those, who still want to be ruled by one or the other kind of politician or bureaucrats should select them for themselves and pay for them. That will teach 'em! -  JZ, 17.10.11, Facebook. - BUDGETS, AUDITS & BUREAUCRACY

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: That is not really "spending" but, rather, the issue of "requisitioning certificates", either in form of legal tender money with forced acceptance and value or the issue of government bonds, which are "investments" in tax slaves. Don't use the language of your main enemy!" – JZ, 29.12.11.

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: We have rights, as individuals, to give as much of our own money as we please to charity; but as members of Congress we have no right so to appropriate a dollar of public money. – David Crockett, Congressman 1827-35 – Public money is either a delusion or amounts to the proceeds from public robberies. – JZ, 23.4.13. - TAXATION, BUDGET, BAILOUTS, SUBSIDIES, HANDOUTS, WELFARE STATE


GOVERNMENT SPENDING: When a man spends his own money to buy something for himself, he is very careful about how much he spends and how he spends it. When a man spends his own money to buy something for someone else, he is still very careful about how much he spends, but somewhat less what he spends it on. When a man spends someone else's money to buy something for himself, he is very careful about what he buys, but doesn't care at all how much he spends. And when a man spends someone else's money on someone else, he doesn't care how much he spends or what he spends it on. And that's government for you. – Milton Friedman

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: ‎Whence does [the State] draw those resources that it is urged to dispense by way of benefits to individuals? Is it not from the individuals themselves? How, then, can these resources be increased by passing through the hands of a parasitic and voracious intermediary? – Frederic Bastiat, quoted by Fhk H Yk and Sid Non-Vicious LeRoux shared Bastiat Institute's photo. - Facebook, 20.7.12. - REDISTRIBUTIONISM, WELFARE STATE, Q.

GOVERNMENT SPENDING: Would you consider it reasonable if one of your neighbors went down to the local car dealer and signed a contract to buy a car, using your credit and name, obligating you to pay for it while he drove it around? ... Would it be more reasonable and acceptable if two people did this to you? Ten? A hundred? I can’t imagine it would, and yet that’s exactly what is happening all over the country right now. It’s just set up a little different and called something else." (07/11/13) - Consent of the governed - Source: The Price of Liberty - by Mama Liberty -  - TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, BUDGET, REDISTRIBUTIONISM

GOVERNMENT: (1) The belief that government performs socially useful functions that deserve your support. (2) The belief that you have a duty to obey laws. (3) The belief that the government can be counted upon to carry out a social reform you favor. (4) The fear that the government is so powerful that it can prevent you from being free.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom …, p.390. – TRAPS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

GOVERNMENT: (People engaged in the administration of government) are generally disposed to reward both themselves and their immediate dependents rather more than enough.” - Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiment. - To that extent all Welfare States are Welfare States for its administrators. - JZ, 4.4.89. – However, to secure their positions, get enough votes and remain in power, they are prepared to share some of the loot from their tax-tribute levies and their paper money inflations. – JZ, 22.8.13. - PUBLIC SERVANTS, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, WELFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: [Statists] believe that government should make decisions for individuals. Since individuals usually prefer to make their own decisions, coercion and compulsion become necessary correctives. – Theodore Forstmann (From remarks delivered during the 1997 Shavano Institute for National Leadership) – FORCE, COERCION, COMPULSION, EXTORTION, TAXATION, TRIBUTE LEVIES, MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM

GOVERNMENT: [The new government] is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other." - Encyclopedia Britannica (1963), s.v. Franklin, Benjamin. [From Benjamin Franklin's speech on the last day of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, read for him by James Wilson:] - CORRUPTION, DESPOTISM

GOVERNMENT: 100% government equals 100% corruption. - D.Z., 9/75. - A government you can still corrupt isn't, luckily, a 100% government. - JZ, 8.9.75. - It is often cheaper and more rightful to buy off a wrongful government action than to suffer under it. - JZ, 2.8.00, 27.12.08. - CORRUPTION, BRIBERY

GOVERNMENT: A "free government" is a contradiction in terms, if applied to a territorial government, because all territorial governments are organized oppression, exploitation and deception. Only the degrees of their criminal activities differ. Some have less dissenters and more consenting victims than others. - JZ, 24.5.91.

GOVERNMENT: A "responsible government" is a contradiction in terms: Government is organized irresponsibility. (If it is a sovereign and territorial government with compulsory membership or subordination and vast powers.) - JZ, 28.7.84. – RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: A bandit expends mental and physical energy in acquiring the means to life for himself, but he does not work productively. His relationship with society is to exchange nothing for something, and to achieve this by violence or the threat of violence. Equally, a gang working a protection racket exchange nothing for something, but if there is more than one gang the victims can regard payments to one gang as a better bargain than exactions by two gangs. Once such a relationship develops, the gang which can guarantee peace and protection in return for regular payments is on the way to becoming a government.” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, p.20. - Now, which government has ever guaranteed peace and protection and actually provided them to all its peaceful and honest subjects? Was there ever even one such territorial government, anywhere? Name it! - JZ, 29.7.00. - A PROTECTION RACKET

GOVERNMENT: A basic government rule: Don't get rid of the problem - add to it.” - Ernest Mann, I Was Robot, p.11.

GOVERNMENT: A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money.” - Attributed to Senator Everett M. Dirksen by John Kriegsman, confidant of Dirksen's and one-time Republican official in Illinois. Kriegsman reportedly heard this and similar statements as off-the-cuff remarks during campaigns and meetings in Illinois. This remark does not appear in any formal address or in Dirksen's papers. - Government money isn't real money. It's promise is a political promise by a monopolist and enforcer - and usually depreciating, slowly to fast. At most it is redeemed by being accepted in tribute payments. - JZ, 24.11.02. – What the government spends is less and less real money or stable money and more and more depreciated money, until finally it ceases to be useful as money altogether. Then the governments can think of nothing better than repeating the same process over and over again. – JZ, 23.12.08. -SPENDING & WASTE, INFLATION, DEPRECIATING OF THE GOVERNMENT’S MONEY BY “DEFICIT FINANCING” WITH ITS FORCED & EXCLUSIVE CURRENCY BEING OVER-ISSUED


GOVERNMENT: A certain Pope (no name given), Conrad von Benningen of Holland, and Pope Julius III. Each of these people supposedly declared (in more or less similar words): Thou little thinkest what a little foolery governs the whole world.” - Count Axel Oxenstierna or Oxenstiern, 1538-1654: “Go my son. You will see by what sort of men the world is governed.” Also ascribed to him, during the peace negotiations of 1648. – Another version: “You do not know, my son, with how much stupidity this world is governed!” – In order to counter territorial statism I would like to see another book bringing numerous of the top foolish statements of famous “statesmen”, together with top replies to them. – Their few wise remarks were, probably, mostly written for them by ghost-writers, for propaganda purposes only. - JZ, 23.12.08. - RULERS, LEADERSHIP, DECISION-MAKERS, FOOLISHNESS, IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY

GOVERNMENT: A chicken is the egg's way of making more eggs. Government is anarchy's way of making more anarchy.” - Robert Anton Wilson, Schroedinger's Cat III, p.82. - Can an anarchist not think of a better way to introduce anarchism than governmentalism? - Governments do only unintentionally demonstrate the benefits of anarchism. Intentionally they do promote statism all too much and even the totalitarian Soviet Regime was successful, in spite of its numerous failures, to gain the support of ca. 30% of the population and holds that support now, even after censorship has been largely abolished and many contacts with the West have been established. (*) - If capitalism for consenting adults were fully permitted within the former empire, together with all kinds of other panarchies, then enlightenment MIGHT spread fast. It might also spread fast if freedom lovers bothered to make the best use of all the affordable and efficient alternative media. - JZ, 25.7.00. – More anarchy? How much of it does already exist, except in some private relationships? Is any territory, any population on Earth still quite ungoverned? – JZ, 27.12.08. – (*) That was true only for a few months after the fall of the Soviet empire. I do not know by how much that support has fallen since then. The xyz remaining dissenting groups of this former empire are still very far from being fully liberated. – JZ, 23.8.13. - ANARCHY, ENLIGHTNEMENT, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA USE

GOVERNMENT: A country is composed of two kinds of people. One group believes that the government can support all the citizens. The other wonders whether all the citizens can support the government.” - James A. Farley, quoted in READER'S DIGEST, Nov. 1960. - STATISM, TAXATION, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: A creeping cancerous international disease which assures that Government, far from being the servant of the people, is the master of the people, self-appointed, at the people's expense.” - Author? From a letter writer in Brisbane, to QUO VADIS, Paddington, Queensland, July 1978. - STATISM

GOVERNMENT: A criminal organization all too many citizens and judges believe in. - JZ, 6.12.92 & 13.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: A five-year government study released today reveals you can make darn good money from a five-year government study.” - Bob Thaves, comic strip "Frank & Ernest". - STUDIES, CONSULTANTS, ADVISORS, JOKES, COMMITTEES, BOARDS, COMMISSIONS

GOVERNMENT: A free territorial government is a contradiction in terms and free citizens cannot exist under territorial governments but only in volunteer-communities that are only exterritorially autonomous. - JZ, 27.11.87 & 18.7.00. - FREE GOVERNMENT, FREE CITIZENS & TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: A friend of mine has gone to his everlasting rest - he finally landed that government job.” - A. L. Moragne. - That is a misleading description, too. All too many public servants are busy: dreaming up and applying not only useless but harmful rules, controls and other restrictions: unproductive to counter-productive paper- and computer-work. They keep themselves endlessly, uselessly, wrongfully and harmfully busy! To the extent that all their busybodies remain inefficient we ought to be grateful. On these David Friedman once said something like: Thank God that we do not get all the government we pay for! If they worked still harder and more efficiently, really "earning" their salaries, we would be even worse off! - Ulrich von Beckerath, in one of his monetary freedom books, pointed out that in China, once, there was only Mandarin for about 20,000 subjects. And some of the, merchants among them did band together to pay the Mandarin a pension for NOT RULING.  (At least not over them. They did thus, probably, act only like our present lobbies and pressure groups, securing legalized exemptions and privileges for themselves. – JZ, 25.3.13.) Abolish all government jobs, gradually, by allowing all people to opt out from under them, including the tax burdens, which they involve. – JZ, 2.2.02. - Pen-pushing, red tape methods and paper shuffling are not very restful and healthy, either but they can be very destructive, preventative, counter-productive, time-, money- and labor-wasting. They are busybodies, in their way, too, and kept us, unnecessarily and wrongfully busy, too, to finance their statist system and to follow their commands, or trying to resist them, rather than being free or becoming free to opt out from under them. -JZ, 23.12.08, 25.3.13. - JOBS, BUREAUCRACY, PUBLIC SERVANTS, CIVIL SERVANTS

GOVERNMENT: A gathering of looters into gangs, in order to have government perform the act of looting, coercing, or other corruptive practices, is in no way more moral than if the act was performed by a single individual.” - Mike Oliver, Libertarian Yearbook 1973.

GOVERNMENT: A glorified gang.” - L. A. Rollins, Lucifer's Lexicon.

GOVERNMENT: A good government is a bad government in a hell of a fright”. – There is ultimately only one effective safeguard against psychopathology and delinquency in office, and that is sane, effective, public resistance, backed by a disciplined individual willingness to disobey where necessary. – Page 118 of: ALEX COMFORT, “Authority and Delinquency. A study in the psychology of power”, 1950, 1970, a book largely on the delinquency of authority. – Alas, kept out of print and off the Web for all too long. - JZ, 15.5.06. (*) – Regrettably, even A. C. did not recognize the most rightful and effective as well as most tolerant form of resistance and disobedience, namely individual and groups secessionism, combined with declarations of independence, in the form of exterritorial autonomy under personal laws – for all communities of volunteers. Only the territorial monopolism and coercion would have to be abolished but any of its other practices could be continued as long as it finds volunteers. Thus this kind of resistance and disobedience, once it is generally comprehended, will encounter the least resistance by those afraid that they would lose their beloved laws and institutions, leaders and parties. – They could keep them for themselves and would be welcome to them, without arousing any envy among others. – JZ, 15.9.07. – (*) I asked for micro-fiching permission but did not even get a reply. – (Writers and publishers not prepared to offer their writings in cheaper microfilm editions or e-books, should lose the copyright to offer them in this form. I would go even one step further and decide, if I could, that then they should lose even the right to complain when someone offers their text free of charge in an alternative medium. But then I am one of the few, who wants to do away with copyrights and patents altogether, at least within exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, regardless of how much other societies, communities and governance systems burden themselves in this way or tie themselves into knots. – JZ, 22.8.13.) No territorial government is a good government, nor is any nuclear-armed government a good government. Consider also, what might happen if you really frighten any government, or some particular governments you could think of, if it were armed with nuclear weapons. Some of the worst ones are striving to get these devices, too, and even the nuclear super-powers seem unable to prevent them from getting them. - Now the U.S. dreams again of "Star War" options, very costly, which would not protect at all against smuggled-in nuclear devices, hidden in suitcases. They would rather spend billions than think about that threat and total nuclear disarmament, even unilateral disarmament and what real security steps would be required to accompany such a measure. The potential mass murderers are still on top and ready to act upon an instant's notice and the targeted victims meekly submit and do not even think about and publicly discuss rightful and rational alternatives to this situation. Is man a RATIONAL and MORAL animal? - JZ, 29.7.00, 23.8.13. – Totalitarian, tyrannical and despotic governments are also afraid of their subjects, so they suppress even freedom of speech, press, assembly and association. But that does certainly not turn them into good governments. – JZ, 25.3.13. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, BAD GOVERNMENT & FEAR, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, STAR WARS, SMUGGLED-IN NUCLEAR WEAPONS, COMPETING VS. TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: A good government remains the greatest of human blessings, and no nation has ever enjoyed it.” - William Ralph Inge, The State, Visible and Invisible. Outspoken Essays, Second Series, 1922. - I would replace: "remains" by: "is imagined to be". - JZ – Once all their members and subjects are volunteers, as would happen under panarchism, then they would all be as good as their members and subjects want them to be. (*) The dissenters would have opted out. – JZ, 24.12.08. – (*) By their standards and at the own risk and expense. – JZ, 29.11.10. – How can it “remain” without ever having existed in reality. At most it remains as a long-lasting utopia. I any territorial form it would rather be a dystopia. – JZ, 25.3.13. – TERRITORIALISM, UTOPIAS, DISTOPIAS, GOOD GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: A government - that is, a legitimate government - is simply a voluntary association of individuals, who unite for such purposes, and only for such purposes, as suits them.” - Lysander Spooner, Vices Are Not Crimes, p.138. – Such a legitimate government does not yet exist. Every existing government is territorial and as such has many involuntary subjects. Their territorial constitutions, legislation and jurisdiction do still not turn them into legitimate governments based on the voluntary consent of all of their subjects. – JZ, 25.3.13. - VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY OR COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, CONFINED TO PERSONAL LAWS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & THEIR OWN VOLUNTEERS. CONSTITUTIONS & CONSTITUTIONALISM, AS LONG AS THEY ARE TERRITORIAL ONES, ARE STILL NOT GOOD & RIGHTFUL ENOUGH.

GOVERNMENT: A government floats on slogans, breathes deeply in the smog of unstated premises, and feeds on non-rational behavior.” - Chad Oliver, Just like a Man, FANTASTIC, July 1966. – But they are slogans for territorial statism, not slogans for liberty! – JZ, 31.12.08. - SLOGANS, PREMISES, BEHAVIOR, DEFINITIONS, IDEAS, ERRORS, MISTAKES, SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY, PREJUDICES,

GOVERNMENT: A government is an agency of legitimatized coercion. I define "coercion", for the purpose of this definition, as the violation of what people in a particular society believe to be the rights of individuals with respect to other individuals.” - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.152. – Neither the territorial governments nor their subjects do so far know and appreciate all genuine individual rights and liberties, so that coercion is all too often and wrongly used against all too many of them. And their victims have not even bothered as yet to collect, define and publicly declare all their genuine individual rights and liberties. In this respect we do still largely live in the Dark Ages rather than in an enlightened one. Thus territorial government means, largely, organized and wrongful coercion, too often with widespread public approval. E.g. the modern anti-drug war, taxation, the suppression of all major forms of secession and of monetary freedom - JZ, 29.12.08, 25.3.13. - COERCION & LEGITIMACY, VOTING, PREJUDICES, POPULAR ERRORS & MYTHS, IGNORANCE, FREE BANKING, FREE EXCHANGE, FREE MIGRATION, FREE TRADE, SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY OR SELF-OWNERSHIP, CENTRAL BANKING, CENTRALIZATION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: A government is not legitimate merely because it exists. –Jeane J. KirkpatrickLEGITIMACY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: A government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims." - Ayn Rand, quoted by Nizam Ahmad, Facebook, 14.9.12.

GOVERNMENT: A government is what it acts out, not what it pretends.” - Dagobert D. Runes, A Book of Contemplation, p.24. – Also in his: Treasury of Thought, p.24. - If each territorial government were justly judged by its own actions, would not all of them have to be imprisoned or even executed? – JZ, 1.1.09. - Compare: “Thou shalt recognized them by their actions!” – As long as all individual rights are not sufficiently known, appreciated and upheld by suitable protective organizations, governments get away with all too many wrongs. – JZ, 22.8.13. - ACTIONS VS. PRETENCES & PROMISES, GOVERNMENT TO BE JUDGED BY ITS ACTIONS RATHER THAN ITS PRETENCES, REPRESENTATION, CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: a government monopoly could not be relied upon to provide a necessary service.” - Viv Forbes – Not that a legalized private monopolist would be any better. – JZ, 27.12.08. LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM, 11/78. - MONOPOLY

GOVERNMENT: A government of lawyers.” - L. A. Rollins, Lucifer's Lexicon. - GOVERNMENT OF LAWS? LAWYERS

GOVERNMENT: a government produces nothing at all…” – W. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe To Each Other, p.108. - Nothing of value, on a free market, that is. Alas, a free market for all kinds of governmental and societal services, all competitively provided, has not yet been established. Territorialism is not a service but a disservice, for all too many, as sovereign and thus voluntary consumers for all governmental services would soon be able to establish, via free individual and group secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for the various kinds of secessionists, in new associations of volunteers only, in great variety. - JZ, 2.8.00, 28.11.10. - NON-PRODUCTIVE, PANARCHISM, A FREE MARKET FOR GOVERNMENTAL, SOCIETAL & ECONOMIC SYSTEMS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE ENTERPRISE & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE NOW MONOPOLIZED BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: A government supposedly of and for the people which the people have lost all control of, and which now drains the taxpayer to finance systems of control used against the taxpayers; …” - Robert Sagehorn, in WESTERN WORLD REVIEW NEWSLETTER, No. 71. - VS. PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: a government that INITIATES the employment of force against men who had forced no one, the employment of armed compulsion against disarmed victims, is a nightmare infernal machine designed to annihilate morality. …” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.987. - INITIATION OF FORCE, IMMORALITY, TERRITORIALISM, CRIMES WITHOUT VICTIMS, PUNISHED BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, MOSTLY WITH MILLIONS OF INVOLUNTARY VICTIMS

GOVERNMENT: A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away.” - Barry Goldwater, speech, West Chester, (Westchester?) Pa., Oct. 21, 1964. - BIG GOVERNMENT, POWER, BENEFACTOR, WELFARE STATE, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: A government which attempts to do everything is aptly compared by Mr. Charles de Rémusat to a schoolmaster who does all the pupil's tasks for them; he may be very popular with the pupils, but he will teach them little.” - John Stuart Mill, On Representative Government, chapter XV. - WELFARE STATEN PATERNALISM, IRRESPONSIBILITY ON BOTH SIDES

GOVERNMENT: A government which robs Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul.” – George Bernard Shaw

GOVERNMENT: A government, however limited, can more easily grow into a tyranny than can a system of private protection agencies.” - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.172. - If it is still territorial then it is not really limited enough. If it has compulsory members then it is not really a free and sufficiently limited government. If it has only collective and territorial sovereignty, then it is not really limited enough through individual sovereignties. If it can suppress competitors in "its" territory, then it is not sufficiently limited in its powers. If it has a monopoly for coercion, for legislation, for administration, for jurisdiction, for regulation, then it is not really rightfully limited. Only limited and sufficiently qualified use should be made of the term "limited government". - Why are private protection agencies almost always envisioned as being outside of a volunteer community than part of it, made up of members upholding the same convictions, faith or ideology and least likely to become predators against their fellow believers, unless these are, like e.g. communists and some other sectarians, really asking for it with their beliefs, by granting their “sanction of the victim”? - JZ, 1.8.00, 28.12.08, 22.8.13. – TYRANNY, TERRITORIALISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT? EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: A government's "benevolence" is like that of a monstrously large octopus that lovingly embraces you as its prey, immobilizes you, drowns you and then eats up your substance. - JZ, 24.5.00. – Actually compulsory taxation eats up much of your substance already while you are still alive – through taxation, confiscations, inflation and red tape. – JZ, 22.8.13. - WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: A government's freedom of action makes me afraid for mine. - JZ, 15.11.73. - FREEDOM OF ACTION FOR IT VS. FREEDOM OF ACTION FOR INDIVIDUALS

GOVERNMENT: a government's main objective is to gain control over the lives of others for economic exploitation.” - Aslam Effendi, REASON, 2/73. – Territorial governments constitute the forms of “modern” slave “societies”, or at least feudalist regimes, under all kinds of false assumptions, pretences, assertions, popular errors, prejudices and myths. – JZ, 27.12.08. – EXPLOITATION, OFFICIAL PROTECTION RACKETS, MONOPOLISTS, EXPLOTATION VIA TAX TRIBUTES, LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS, CONTROLS, LICENSING, PREJUDICES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: A government’s independence means the dependence of its subjects. The independence of people means the subjection of governments to free competition from exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, which would start with individual secessionism. - JZ, 12.2.87 & 19.7.00. - PANARCHISM, INDEPENDENCE

GOVERNMENT: A great part of that order which reigns among mankind is not the effect of government. It has its origin in the principles of society and the natural constitution of man. It existed prior to government and would exist if the formality of government was abolished. The mutual dependence and reciprocal interest which man has in man, and all the parts of a civilized community upon each other, create that great chain of connection which holds it together.” - Thomas Paine. - SOCIETY, STATISM, MAN, SELF-INTEREST, CIVILIZATION & ORDER

GOVERNMENT: A hung government isn't as good as a hanged government. - JZ, 18.7.95. - The more their decisions are postponed or obstructed, the better for us. Transfer all decision-making to free people and their voluntary associations. Let them vote with their own dollars, untaxed, for the things they need, want or believe in. - JZ, 7.7.00. – If one can freely secede from a territorial government one does not have to try to get it hung, hanged or otherwise destroyed. As a territorial government is becomes already destroyed by the first free secessionist, respected as such by the former territorial government and it becomes thereby confined to its remaining volunteers, who might be a bit slower in the uptake of their secessionist options. – JZ, 30.12.08, 22.8.13. – PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES FOR ALL KINDS OF LIKE-MINDED VOLUNTEERS, HUNG GOVERNMENT, HANGED GOVERNMENTS & INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM TOWARDS GENERAL PANARCHISM FOR THE LIBERATION OF ALL SOCIETIES ETC. OF VOLUNTEERS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT & SELF-DETERMINATION & FREE VOTING ON THE OWN AFFAIRS ONLY

GOVERNMENT: A Jenghis Khan with telegraphs.” - Ascribed to Alexander Herzen, 1812-70, in Lyof N. Tolstoy, The Kingdom of God Is Within You, 1893. – Compare General Omar Bradley, after WW II: “Nuclear giants and ethical infants.” – However, here we should also remember that so far, many more millions have been murdered without nuclear mass murder devices than with them. – JZ, 1.1.09. – NWT, MASS MURDER PREPARATIONS & DEVICES, GENOCIDES

GOVERNMENT: A little government involvement is just as dangerous as a lot – because the first leads inevitably to the second. – Harry Browne  - At least under territorialism. – Under voluntarism the big might lead to a small one and the reverse, depending upon the satisfactions they supply to their voluntary and sovereign members and customers. – JZ, 2.4.12, 11.1.13. - Quoted by Nizam Ahmad on Facebook, 23.9.12. - Territorialism makes that possible, even easy. - JZ, 23.9.12. - Also quoted by R. Lee Wrights on Facebook, 21.3.12. – Also quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah – Facebook, 3.11.12. - John Zube : However, that is true only for territorial States. Once they are abolished, then the remaining societies and governance systems of volunteers will get only as much statism as they continue to want for themselves, at their own expense and risk - under consumer sovereignty even in this sphere. - SMALL & BIG, LIMITED, SMALL, DECENTRALIZED BUT STILL TERRITORIAL, LITTLE, LEADS TO BIG - UNDER TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: A machinery to produce man-made catastrophes on a territorial scale. - JZ, 29.4.98. - Competing and voluntaristic governments and societies are quite another matter. - JZ, 15.7.00. – They can harm and wrong at most only themselves, not whole territorial populations. – JZ, 25.3.13.

GOVERNMENT: A man unfit for anarchy, incapable of self-government, should never be endowed with power over his fellow-men. A man fit for self-government never desires to rule, and refuses to be ruled.” - William A. Whittick, Bombs, p.166. - A man ignorant of or incapable of anarchy is most unsuitable in government. And if he understood and were capable of living by the anarchist principle of non-aggression - then he would not want to be a member or subject of any ruling group. - JZ, 8.6.91, 25.3.13. - This thought is so important that many other such sayings should be compiled in the search for the most suitable and hard-hitting one. - JZ, 22.7.00. – LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS

GOVERNMENT: A man's home may be his castle, but that does not keep the government from taking it. –United States v. Hendler, 952 F2d 1364 (Fed Cir 1991) – Most homes are only partly expropriated, e.g. by the annual levy of rates upon them. – They demonstrate that governments still consider themselves to be our feudal lords. -  JZ, 22.8.13. - & PRIVATE HOMES, EXPROPRIATIONS, RATES

GOVERNMENT: A nation that expects the government to prevent churches from burning, to control the price of bread or gasoline, to secure every job, and to find some villain for every dramatic accident risks an even larger loss of life and liberty. –William A. Niskanen, For a Less Responsive Government, CATO POLICY REPORTSTATISM, TERRITORIALISM, PROTECTION

GOVERNMENT: A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” - Edward Abbey – No kind of movement has an exclusive right to a whole country, territory or continent. A patriotic exclusion or suppression of minorities does not make it rightful. No kind of government or society should have exclusive territorial powers – except the panarchistic all-over society which would see to it that no particular community, society or government on Earth retains any exclusive territorial powers that go beyond the private property rights or real estate of its own members. – JZ, 8.8.08, 22.8.13. – PATRIOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: A person may delegate only those functions to a government, which he himself may rightly perform. It is generally agreed and understood that a single individual may not plunder or otherwise infringe upon rights of others.” - Mike Oliver, Libertarian Handbook 1973. - DELEGATION FROM INDIVIDUALS, RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: A philosophy teaching that government as such is a natural enemy.” - Saint Simon, in his criticism of such contemporaries as Dunoyer. Quoted in JLS, Sum, 77, p.171. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: A power that can of itself, and by its own authority, punish disobedience, can compel obedience and submission … is a despotism. - And it is of no consequence to inquire how a government came by this power to punish, whether by prescription, by inheritance, by usurpation, or by delegation from the people.” - Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury. - DESPOTISM, SOVEREIGNTY, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, POWER

GOVERNMENT: A referee isn't free to break the rules. Why do we tolerate in this day and age a government breaking the rules?” - Roger Court, 10.10.76. - RULES, REFEREE, BREAKING THE RULES


GOVERNMENT: A self-generating monstrosity over which the people have lost complete control.” - Milton Friedman on the U.S. government, quoted by Vince Miller, FNN, Summer 1992. – They never had complete control of it ever since governments have become territorial. By now all peaceful dissenters subjected to territorial governments have lost control over territorial governments almost completely, in spite of or because of their “right to vote”. It is rather the various individual people and their voluntary groups that are all too much controlled by territorial governments, even when they still call themselves democratic or republican governments. – JZ, 1.1.09, 29.11.10.

GOVERNMENT: A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves. – Bertrand de Jouvenel - in  - TERRITORIALISM, SUBJECTS, STATISM, OBEDIENCE, SUBMISSIVENESS: PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: A state of war now exists between Americans and their government, a situation much like the one which confronted the Founding Fathers.” - Rene Baxter, FREEDOM TODAY, 9/75. - VS. SUBJECTS, WAR, CIVIL WAR, DICTATORSHIP, REVOLUTION

GOVERNMENT: a strong government, and hence a weak people.” - From the Greenback Labor Party platform of 1880, quoted in Bliss, Encyclopedia of Social Reform, p.673, of the older edition. - STRONG GOVERNMENT & WEAK PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: A survey of history indicates that war is an honored and violent attempt of an armed government to capture or retain possession of resources, people, or territory.” - Wendell Thomas, in a summary of "Toward a World Culture".  - WAR

GOVERNMENT: A territorial government is necessary to commit or motivate murder, mayhem, fraud and invasions on a large scale. - JZ, 18.2.83 & 25.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: A territorial government that attempts to uphold individual rights deserves our support in this endeavor - until better institutions are established for this purpose. - JZ, 18.5.86. - Any government that does not recognize and respect many to all individual rights does not deserve our support and obedience to that extent, on the contrary, it only deserves, insofar, our resistance and disobedience. - JZ, 14.7.00. - INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: A very powerful and destructive machine – in the hands of fools, confidence tricksters and power addicts. – JZ, 25.3.13.

GOVERNMENT: A war that nobody could win would not be started by rational beings - even if aggressive war could be considered a rational action. But who says all governments are always sufficiently rational to be able and willing to avoid wars or cut them as short as possible, by rightful defensive actions only? They never managed to do so in the past. Why should we assume that they would be able to do so in the future? - JZ, 21.4.91 & 23.7.00. – WAR, AGGRESSION, DETERRENCE, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

GOVERNMENT: A weak people make a strong government and a strong government makes a weak people.” - From the Book of Lord Shang, about 350 B.C. – Only volunteers, rather than conscripted citizens can form a strong people, society, governance systems or community. – JZ, 28.12.08, 22.8.13. - VS. PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: A: We can't take the Government away from them, because they are the government. -  B: You are being cynical. We took the government from George III, and he was the government.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 4/80. - To minimize resistance and maximize the number of alliances, aim to reduce all governments to exterritorially autonomous communities. - No government will then have to fight for its very survival. It can always find sufficient fools and true believers, whom it can mislead and exploit, for a long time still. Moreover, we would offer it an easy way to get rid of all its opponents, who would thus become peaceful foreigners, concerned only with their internal affairs. Our alliance against territorialist despotism could embrace all minority groups, which, between them, do probably form the vast majority in the world. Our only remaining enemy would be the ideologues and institutions of any territorial despotism or authoritarianism. Even its present adherents might come to see its disadvantages and the sinecures they could obtain among unanimously consenting victims, if they gave up their territorialist aspirations. They are usually not even aware that it is not the one and only model, neither the most rightful nor the most useful one. O.K., some genuine political criminals would remain, the worst abusers of the territorialist system. But they are only a few hundred people. We are thousands of millions! - And under full monetary and financial freedom, in addition to all other economic liberties, initially only within a few volunteer communities, there would soon be millions of extra and productive jobs available, more interesting and better paid than most public service jobs are. - Consistent liberty ideas, consistently applied, have the answer to most of the remaining problems. Getting all of them together and optimally expressed and publicized, cheaply and permanently, should be among the first steps. - JZ, 28.7.00. - REVOLUTION, OVERTHROW, REPLACEMENT, THE PEOPLE, , SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, UNEMPLOYMENT, EMPLOYMENT FOR FORMER BUREAUCRATS

GOVERNMENT: Abraham Lincoln's classically pragmatic remark to the effect that the function of government is to do for the people what needs to be done, but what they cannot do at all for themselves, or so well. However, sensing perhaps that the maxim of Mr. Lincoln does not tell us very much and would be equally acceptable to Mr. Norman Thomas and General Rafael Trujillo, …” - William F. Buckley, Up from Liberalism, p.162. – Compare with this statement the one by David Friedman, which states that whatever the government does costs at least twice as much as when it could be privately and competitively provided. – JZ, 22.8.13. - PEOPLE, NEEDS, DICTATORSHIP & DEMOCRACY, STATISM ONLY FOR STATISTS

GOVERNMENT: According to Hume, some people will always resist a new government, and these people must be forcibly suppressed. Over time, however, the government will assume an aura of legitimacy, and most people will obey as a matter of habit. It is therefore correct to say that people acquiesce to a government, but this should not be confused with consent. Consent is possible only where there is choice, and no government can permit obedience to become a matter of choice. …” - George H. Smith, Conquest & Consent, from an introduction to Oppenheimer's The State. - Anarchists and libertarians should distinguish between territorial and exterritorial governments and societies, compulsory and voluntary membership. Truths for one type are false for the other type. - JZ, 10.7.00. – Resistance against a territorially imposed government by the dissenters of a country can be quite rightful - if it is conducted in a way to respect the rights of the voluntary followers of such a regime. Terrorist resistance is not warranted. But tyrannicide attempts are. And the resistance must aim at exterritorial autonomy rather than another kind of territorial rule, in which it would come to suppress its dissenters if it is successful with that aim. – Territorial decentralization is not rightful and good enough. - JZ, 27.12.08. – CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Acton insisted that liberty, or freedom …, is the highest political end, and that the important thing to discover is not what a government does but what it allows to be done.” - David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.17. - I insist that the highest political end of territorial politics is power for the rulers rather than freedom for the subjects. What the territorial government does is aggressive, oppressive, preventative and penal towards free individual actions. Nor has a territorial government any legitimate authority to permit or prohibit any free and peaceful action. Or can you tell me how any territorial government could rightly obtain any authority to allow or prohibit any rightful and free action, i.e., one, which does not victimize anybody? - JZ, 18.7.00. – LIBERTY VS. TERRITORIALISM, POWER, RULERS, FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Actually, I don't support the overthrow of the government by either force or violence, because I consider that it is already upside down.” - Adrienne Fein, in DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, No. 7. – Verbal denials of one’s situation are not good enough. For instance, the inmates of concentration camps and extermination camps and many conscripts, tax slaves, education system slaves and forced laborers would not agree with her.” – JZ, 31.12.08. –  Sovereignty only for individuals and their voluntary groups, never for governments, or, collectively, for whole populations, however diverse, and wrongfully called “the” peoples. – JZ, 22.8.13. - REVOLUTION, OVERTHROW, FORCE, VIOLENCE, ABOLITION OF GOVERNMENTS? ONL OF THEIR TERRITORIALISM!

GOVERNMENT: Administrator's Grandiosity Neurosis: desire to recreate the world in the administrator's image. For other administrators' neuroses, see chapters VI and VII.” - John Gall, Systemantics, p.27. - ADMINISTRATION, NEUROSIS

GOVERNMENT: Afrikanus Kofi Akosah shared Abolishing The Government's photo. It shows a threatening policeman saying: I’m going kick your ass and get away with it. - John Zube Just get rid of its territorial monopolies so that only the remaining statists would remain as the only and voluntary victims of statism, until they, too, have learned their lessons. All kinds of statism for all kinds of statists, not only all kinds of genuine rights and liberties for those, who do already favor them. The attempts to abolish this tyrannosaurus rex will provoke it. Exterritorial autonomy for all factions of statists will already decentralize the power of this beast to a large extent. The religious monopoly was, likewise, effectively tamed in most countries by religious liberty, including liberty for atheists, rationalists and humanists. The numerous resulting churches and sects kept each other in check. The same would happen to the statist ideologues once they can only exterritorially compete with each other for voluntary members and victims. – Facebook, 3.3.13, revised: 22.8.13. – ABOLITION, TYRANNY, POWER, TERRITORIALISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE FOR ALL, WHO ARE SUFFICIENTLY TOLERANT – ALTHOUGH THEY ARE STILL STATISTS.

GOVERNMENT: After listing the primary features of the State as "aggression"; Tucker described the second feature as territoriality; "second, the assumption of authority over a given area and all within it, exercised generally for the double purpose of more complete oppression of its subjects and extension of its boundaries." - Wendy McElroy, in TOTAL LIBERTY, Spring 99, quoting Tucker from Instead of a Book, p.22. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Aggression is simply another name for government.” - B. R., Tucker. - With regard to territorial governments one might also call their claim to territorial rule: usurpation. - JZ, 3.8.00, 29.11.10. - AGGRESSION

GOVERNMENT: Aggression, invasion, government, are inter-convertible terms.” - B. R. Tucker. - At least here, too, Tucker did not consider the possibilities of competing or voluntary governments, of governments, which are only exterritorially autonomous and do have only voluntary members. What is largely true for all territorial States is not necessarily or rarely if ever true for exterritorial States or societies. - JZ, 1.2.02, 22.8.13. – To the extent that anarchists wish to impose a life under anarchism upon statists these anarchists are also aggressors. They and the limited government libertarians should become tolerant enough to let the statists rule themselves, under their own personal law - in exterritorially autonomous communities. Since many to most statists do also not agree with each other, that would mean as many different statist panarchies as there are different types of statists, with the exception of the territorialists among them. – JZ, 29.11.10. - AGGRESSION, INVASION, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, INTOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, WARFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: Ah, you are young. Myself, I have lost faith in the likelihood of water spontaneously running uphill, teakettles boiling if set on a cake of ice, and governments being wise or benevolent.” - Poul Anderson, The Game of Empire, p.56. - GOVERNMENT MEASURES & PROGRAMS, MIRACLES, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Alan Meltzer, my cherished colleague, who teaches economics at Carnegie Mellon University, has pointed out that government grows because benefits are concentrated and costs are diffused.” - Perry E. Gresham, THE FREEMAN, 10/78, 608. - GROWTH OF GOVERNMENT, TAXATION, HANDOUTS, WELFARE STATES, BUDGET, BRIBES FOR VOTERS, PLUNDERBUND

GOVERNMENT: All eyes are opened or opening to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of God.” - Jefferson, in Sprading, p.82. – Even by now a serious interest in all genuine individual rights and liberties is still all too rare. – JZ, 29.11.10. - RIGHTS OF MAN

GOVERNMENT: All forms of government are pernicious, including good governments.” - Edward Abbey, 1927-1989, A Voice Crying in the Wilderness. - I hold that this does not apply to governments that are only exterritorially autonomous and have only voluntary subjects. But neither territorial governments, nor their voters and other victims, or political scientists, are as yet prepared for this transformation. - JZ, 29.1.02. - Abbey defined society, ibid: "Society: The ideal society can be described, quite simply, as that in which no man has the power or means to coerce others." – Its members still need all their self-defence options against criminals and other aggressors. – JZ, 25.3.13. - VARIOUS FORMS, PANARCHISM, SOCIETY, , TERRITORIALISM, POWER, COERCION

GOVERNMENT: All free governments are managed by the combined wisdom and folly of the people.” - James A Garfield, Letter, April 21, 1880. - It is absurd to try to combine them. Let them separate themselves and go their own ways. As it is now, the worst people and prejudices get to the forefront among men. - JZ, 10.7.86. - It is much easier to combine the follies than to combine the wisdom found among the people, especially if one wants to combine them only within territorial governments. – It would be just, more rational and easy to let these different people sort themselves out and separate from each other, as much as they like, each group, with various degrees of follies and wisdom within a separate voluntary community or society, all doing only their things to and for themselves. - Experimental freedom or freedom of action for ALL of them! - JZ, 13.7.00, 29.12.08. – It worked to get some sense into the heads of people dominated by their religions. It also works in the natural sciences and iin technology. But it still has to be introduced into the social sciences and their laws and institutions. – JZ, 22.8.13. - FREE GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, FREE COMMPETITION FOR SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES & GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS OF VOLUNTEERS, WITH INDIVIDUAL CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS ALL OF THEM

GOVERNMENT: All free governments are the creatures of volition - a breath can make them and a breath can destroy them.” - A. H. Stephens, Speech in the House of Representatives, Aug. 6, 1850. – Instead, all governments that pretend to be free ones, are forcefully held together, either by minority or majority despotism on a territorial, collectivist sovereignty, coercive and monopoly basis. A single breathing human being is not free to secede from them and to become and remain quite free of the own present territorial government and of other such governments. Nor are dissenting minorities. Moreover, it would be quite wrong for one dissenter to be able to destroy a government, which is still wanted by those consenting to it. The dissenter has only the right to secede and to join another voluntary government or competing society or to try to establish one. - JZ, 17.10.85 &13.7.00, 29.12.08, 22.8.13. - FREE GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: All government amounts to is taking power and money away from people and giving power to people least likely to use it rightfully and sensibly and tax funds to people who people who have not earned this money. Government is a fraudulent, crooked and thieving middleman, one whom decent and productive people could well do without. - JZ, 22.7.75 & 20.7.00, 25.3.13. - VS. PEOPLE, POWER & MONEY

GOVERNMENT: All government amounts to wrongful, messy and irrational committee work, bureaucracy and wrongful meddling with individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 31.10.08.

GOVERNMENT: All government are engaged in a perpetual and ruthless war against man, one covered more or less by their propaganda, which makes totalitarian assumptions about their territorialism, misnamed "territorial integrity". - JZ, 18.3.87 & 16.7.00. - WARS AGAINST MAN

GOVERNMENT: All government by SOME people, over and against non-consenting OTHERS ought to be turned into competing governments of volunteers, all of which would practise only exterritorial autonomy among their own members and this at their own risk and expense. The territorial practice of governments, dominating dissenters in "the government's" territory, under the pretense of "territorial integrity", regulating and suppressing them by uniformly imposed laws, must be ended as unjust and conflict promoting, leading even to terrorism, mass murders, genocides, civil war and wars, even world wars and nuclear wars. - JZ 8.10.99 & 8.7.00, 22.8.13. - CONSENT, PEOPLE, VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP, RULE, DISSENT, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: All government corresponds, in a certain degree, to what the Greeks denominated a tyranny. The difference is that, in despotic countries, mind is depressed by an uniform usurpation; while, in republics, it preserves a greater portion of its activity, and the usurpation more easily conforms itself to the fluctuations of opinion.” - William Godwin, Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, 238/39. - Also in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.102. - TYRANNY

GOVERNMENT: All government is an enemy to true individuality and community, necessarily resting on violence and therefore wrong and harmful.” - ELF, 1972. - Not true for panarchies. - JZ – But then these are not part of everyone’s historical knowledge and not at all part of our daily experience as yet. – JZ, 1.1.09.

GOVERNMENT: All government is counter-productive, especially the governments of territorial States. As enterprises they are always over-sized. And they meddle with so many different tasks that they cannot function well in any of them. They are rendered harmless or much less harmful only to the extent that they are reduced to ruling over voluntary members under exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 13.7.00. - COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: All government is evil.” - B. B. Haydon, Table Talk, 1876. - I agree with this for all TERRITORIAL governments. - JZ, 13.7.00. – I have no objections to governments, which rule only over their voluntary victims. Both, these victimizers and their victims do still need some basic lessons on governmentalism or statism. Let them learn them – at their own expense and risk! Experimental freedom, freedom of action, association and contract in every sphere! – Only territorial governments are, essentially, wrongful governments. - JZ, 25.3.13. – EVIL

GOVERNMENT: All government is ultimately and essentially absolute.” - Samuel Johnson: Taxation No Tyranny. 1775. - I would rather say: TAXATION IS TYRANNY! - What he said here, otherwise, does apply only to territorially organized governments, which conscript all inhabitants into subjection to them. Really democratic governments are self-governments based on individual consent of all who are not criminals with victims. - JZ, 12.7.86. - Territorialism is, unfortunately, not yet generally recognized as an essentially absolutist, despotic and even totalitarian feature, found even in all present democracies. - JZ, 18.7.00. - ABSOLUTISM & TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, TAXATION, TYRANNY, DEMOCRACY, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: All government moves tend to wrongly immobilize, restrict, control and exploit individuals, i.e. real and living beings, suppressing many of their natural individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 7.5.88 & 19.7.00, 22.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: All government must originate in force, and be continued by force.” - George Fitzhugh, Cannibals All, 1857, page 353, quoted in REASON, 2/74. - This, too, applies only to TERRITORIAL governments with involuntary members. - JZ – FORCE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: All government programs exist only at the expense of production, of those who produce the goods and services consumed by all in society. This means that we have an ever-greater number of consumers in society who do not produce things which are socially useful - which can be sold on a free market - but still receive incomes extracted from those who do produce.” - Roy Childs, Liberty Against Power. – PROGRAMS, MEASURES, LAWS, PLANNING, REGULATIONS, COMMISSIONS, BUREAUCRATS, PUBLIC SERVICES, WELFARE STATES, TAXATION, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, STATE SOCIALISM

GOVERNMENT: All government programs reveal only that governments do not even have a single program that deserves the name "program". They hinder, obstruct, waste and destroy and are entirely misinformed when it comes to the real cause of problems and real solutions for them. - JZ, 21.9.91, 22.8.13. – They never blame themselves, their own wrongful interventionism for any problems caused by them but rather the free market, or laissez faire capitalism, which they never fully comprehended and appreciated or tolerted. – JZ, 26.3.13, – PROGRAMS, STATISM, TERRITORIALSM

GOVERNMENT: All government services, party programs and government as a whole do offer territorial monopoly package deals at monopoly prices. Instead, all of them and much more should be only competitively supplied by competing private suppliers to their voluntary customers, in every country. Only sovereign consumers can grant a genuine consent or mandate to their chosen companies, communities, organizations or self-government groups. - JZ, 14.12.93 & 10.7.00. – PANARCHISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION AS WELL AS SECESSION IN EVERY SPHERE

GOVERNMENT: All government should be optional for all people, individually, only criminals with victims excepted. Only the criminals need to be dominated - when they become too much of a danger to others. Consistent anarchists and libertarians want to rule over or dominate or abolish territorial rulers and other criminals. They do not want to provide more opportunities for them, but, rather, freedom and protection, in a competitive way, for their victims. Moreover, they believe that they can provide much better protective services for themselves, and much more cheaply as well, than any territorial governments ever did and will ever provide. - JZ, 17.12.93, 26.3.13. - OPTIONAL FOR INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM, PROTECTION, CRIME

GOVERNMENT: all government subsists by exploitative rule over the public; … such rule is the reverse of objective necessity.” – Murray N. Rothbard, For A New Liberty, p.11. - EXPLOITATIVE RULE, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior man.” - H. L. Mencken, SMART SET, Dec. 1919. - And against ordinary men! - JZ, n.d.

GOVERNMENT: All government, of course, is against liberty. – H. L. Mencken in  – He had only territorial governments in mind, the presently quite predominant model. Competing and voluntary governments with exterritorial autonomy only and voluntary members, giving their unanimous consent and turning their taxes into voluntary contributions by not individually seceding from them, would be quite another matter. They could be as rightful and harmless as a cricket club.” - JZ, 30.7.00.  - Liberty is against all governments that are territorial monopolies imposed upon involuntary victims. – JZ, 27.3.12. – Defensively and liberatingly free men and their free, protective and defensive associations could also be stronger than any territorial government. – 26.3.13. VS. LIBERTY, LIBERTY VS. GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, DEFENCE, LIBERATION, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, ALL ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS, IDEAL MILITIAS AS PROTECTORS FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: all government, popular or authoritarian, is subject to inherent limitations which it only ignores at its peril.” - Lord Hailsham, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 13.5.78. - Territorial governments are almost unlimited in the wrongs and harm they can do but they are very much limited in the rightful, rational things or “good” they can do. Exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, on the other hand, are much more limited in the wrongs and harm they can do - mainly only to their own voluntary members, but are, at the same time, a framework for almost unlimited amounts of good they can do for and by their members and thus, at least some of them can also serve as successful examples for others, free to follow their example, individual by individual, even for the rest of mankind. Proper distinctions make all the difference! - We have ignored the wrongs and perils of territorialism for all too long! - JZ, 29.7.00, 26.3.13, 22.8.13. - LIMITATIONS

GOVERNMENT: All governmental "economic policy" can be summarized in the idea of "enriching one's self at the expense of others, which appeals greatly to bureaucrats and politicians who run the show." - Alberto Mansueli, FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, March 01, p. 16. - ECONOMIC POLICY

GOVERNMENT: all governmental ideas should be consigned to the junk heap.” - Victor Milione, in Out of Step, by Frank Chodorov, in the introduction, and in criticizing this idea of Frank Chodorov. – What is true for the “ideas” of territorial monopoly governments is not true for competing and voluntary governments, confined to volunteers and exterritorial autonomy. To each his own system, institutions and laws or rules - including all other kinds of communities and societies. Then we would see some real progress and sufficient practical refutations of the old type of flawed and wrongful statism. Then the facts would tend to speak for themselves. Even otherwise relatively foolish people can recognize bargains when offered in free competition with expensive “lemons”. – JZ, 28.12.08. - TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, GOVERNMENT IDEAS ARE JUNK

GOVERNMENT: All governments (*) are more or less combinations against the people … and as rulers have no more virtue than the ruled … the power of government can only be kept within its constituted bounds by the display of power equal to itself, the collected sentiment of the people. – Benjamin Franklin Bache in  - (*) All territorial governments!Under exterritorialism, with its voluntary membership and individual secession options, i.e. continuing individual sovereignty, that counter-force will be maximized. Under territorialism with its compulsory membership or subjugation, it is minimized, even in the best States. - JZ, 1.4.12. – VS. PEOPLE, RULERS VS. RULED, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, AUTHORITARIANISM CONSTITUTIONALISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, EXTERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, REPRESENTATION, VOTING, DEMOCRACIES, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, PUBLIC OPINION

GOVERNMENT: All governments are idiots. The bigger the government, the bigger the idiot.” - Robert Walsh, 1961, Bullets & Confetti, p.11. – It’s idiocy? – JZ. - BIG GOVERNMENT, IDIOCY, STUPIDITY

GOVERNMENT: All governments are more or less dysfunctional and even anti-functional. - JZ, 11.11.91. – Nevertheless, its tribute levies, handouts from it and legally granted privileges, combined with unenlightened as well as disinterested public opinion, popular errors and prejudices, do still uphold them everywhere. – JZ, 23.813. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: All governments are overstaffed with people who obstruct the freedom of the people. - JZ, free after Bruno H. Schubert, THE ANSWER, 4/75. - Are there actually any public servants who, as such, promote the freedom of individuals? - To a limited extent warders guarding violent criminals do so. Sometimes, some policemen and firemen do so and also some judges. But I am very doubtful about the armies of the rest. - JZ, 3.8.00. - PUBLIC SERVANTS

GOVERNMENT: All governments are pretty much alike, with a tendency on the part of the last to be the worst.” - Austen Chamberlain, House of Commons, 1919.

GOVERNMENT: All governments are thieves.” - George Morrone. – Except those with voluntary followers and subjects only. – JZ, 1.1.09, 26.3.13. - THIEVES, ROBBERS, - CRIMINALS

GOVERNMENT: All governments are truly representing only all those individuals who volunteered to be ruled by them - and as long as they do remain their voluntary members, i.e., as long as they do not secede from them – when the right to do so has, finally, been generally recognized. – All territorial government over peaceful dissenters amounts to despotism. - JZ, 30.8.79 & 29.7.00, 31.12.08, 26.3.13. - REPRESENTATION, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM, COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP VS. VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP, EXPRESSED ESPECIALLY BY FREE INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: All governments end badly and are replaced by other governments.” - R. V. Sampson, The Discovery of Peace, p.101, on Proudhon. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: All governments needed to remain under suspicion during their time of power … Trust no government! Not even mine! - Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse Dune, p.151. - Suspicion should not relax afterwards, either, since their cover-up opportunities are greatest while they are in power. – Then they might have hidden away some of their mass murder “weapons”. - JZ, 11.6.92 & 21.7.00, 28.12.08, 29.11.10. - SUSPICION

GOVERNMENT: All governments take more from their victims than they give back to them. In that it is like the game of roulette. But participants in roulette gambling are volunteers, the game is usually conducted fairly, they can calculate the odds and for each cast of the ball the charge of the roulette bank is much smaller than the commission charge of any government, during its rule. Nobody is forced to attend a casino. Anybody can stay away from it or at any time secede from it. So all-over a gambler has some better chances within a casino than he has as subject of any territorial government. I for one would not mind if a territorial government monopolized all gambling activities and took all its revenues only from them. - JZ, 4.9.93 & 12.7.00, 26.3.13. – In casinos and betting shops we only play with our money but in the game of politics we allow politicians to play games with our basic rights and liberties, and our money, even our lives, to the extent that we still vote for one or the other candidate, party or platform by territorial majority voting, instead of seceding from them, as soon as we are, finally, free to do so. – JZ, 1.1.09, 26.3.13, 23.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: All governments take you for a ride. - JZ, 9.11.97. - A very expensive one. You might end up poor, crippled or dead. - JZ, 15.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: All governments tell lies.” - John Laws on radio, 8.6.82. - LIES

GOVERNMENT: All governments to be based only on individual and voluntary associationism and individual and voluntary secessionism. - JZ, 28.2.95. - Naturally, this requires full experimental freedom in the remaining 3 spheres now preempted by territorial governments: politics, economics and social relations. This requires and personal law for exterritorially autonomous communities and "competing governance systems. - JZ, 7.7.00. 23.8.13. - EXTERRITORIALITY, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, ASSOCIATIONISM & INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: All governments view their citizens either as slaves or as enemies.” - OUTLOOK, 10/72, 7. - VS. PEOPLE, CITIZENS, INDIVIDUALS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: All governments, even the most "liberal" ones are at least to some extent "nationalizers" or state socialists. In our times, even while they pretend to "privatize" government assets, they do almost always pocket, i.e., nationalize, better, governmentalize and bureaucratize, the sales proceeds, rather than distributing them to their tax slaves. And they continue to impose national, state and local government taxes as if we were their feudal serfs. - JZ, 27.2.89 & 18.7.00. - NATIONALIZATION, PRIVATIZATION

GOVERNMENT: All governments, in the long run, can be relied upon to tax and oppress you more and more, to inflate their currencies further, waste more of your money and involve you in some of their immoral and irrational territorial conflicts. - JZ, 7.4.98 & 15.7.00, 26.3.13. - RELIANCE ON TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, STATISM, WARFARE STATES, WELFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: All institutions with territorial powers do create more problems than they solve and cost much more than they are worth. Are there any exceptions to this rule? I know of none. Do you? – JZ, 8.5.07. - POWER, TERRITORIALISM, BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, PARLIAMENTS

GOVERNMENT: All kinds of government are not suited to all climates.” - Pierre Corneille, Cinna, II, 1639. - All kinds of territorial government are not suited to all kinds of very diverse peoples in a country, either. - JZ, 16.10.85 & 15.7.00, 23.8.13. - But some governments are suitable for some kinds of fools, until they have learned their lessons and finally know how to do better without governmental “protection” and “help”. - JZ, 12.7.86 & 15.7.00, 26.3.13. – No territorial government is suitable for enlightened, wise and just people. – JZ, 1.1.09. –

GOVERNMENT: All men of common sense disregard authority.” - Lysander Spooner. – If free enough to do so! – JZ, 29.12.08. - AUTHORITY & MEN OF COMMON SENSE,

GOVERNMENT: All of our governments are flawed, most of them disastrously. It’s why history is such a bloody mess. – Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars, Harper Collins Publishers, 1996, p.81.

GOVERNMENT: All part of the usual governmental pretense that human affairs were rationally administered by experts who knew what was really going on.” - Robert Anton Wilson, Schroedinger's Cat, p.103. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, CENTRALIZATION, POWR, PRETENCES, EXPERTS, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: all such legislation implies a violation of the rights of a greater or lesser minority. This minority would disregard, trample upon, or resist, the execution of such legislation, and then throw themselves upon a jury of the whole people for justification and protection. In this way all legislation would be nullified, except the legislation of that general nature which impartially protected the rights, and subserved [served? – JZ.] the interests, of all. The only legislation that could be sustained, would probably be such as tended directly to the maintenance of justice and liberty; such, for example, as should contribute to the enforcement of contracts, the protection of property, and the prevention and punishment of acts intrinsically criminal. In short, government in practice would be brought to the necessity of a strict adherence to natural law, and natural justice, instead of being, as it now is, a great battle, in which avarice and ambition are constantly fighting for and obtaining advantages over the natural rights of mankind.” - Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works II, p.221. - OPPRESSIVE LAWS VS. RIGHTS & LIBERTY & NATURAL JUSTICE UNDER A FREE JURY SYSTEM, LAWS, LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: All territorial governments are active and vast conspiracies against the people and for the benefit of the rulers. - JZ, 19.3.98, 15.7.00. – But it must be admitted that these conspiracies are more clever and open and also much more in accordance with the errors and prejudices of their victims, which the politicians mostly share. To that extent they are representatives of the majorities. – JZ, 27.12.08. - RULERS VS. PEOPLE & INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, CONSPIRACIES

GOVERNMENT: All territorial governments are stupid - and territorial government is a stupid idea. - JZ, 19.1.75 & 2.8.00. – It is also quite wrong towards all peaceful dissenters. Ultimately, it is self-defeating. A federation of panarchies will come to overthrow all territorial governments, thus liberating the diversity of their potential members, their secret allies, under any territorial regime, against it. – A territorial regime tends to makes enemies rather than friends. – But for the time being the territorialists still have the chance to blow all of us up or to create a nuclear winter. - JZ, 31.12.08, 26.3.13. - STUPID, WRONG, ULTIMATELY SELF-DEFEATING. NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, MASS MURDEROUS, GENOCIDAL

GOVERNMENT: All territorial governments can be trusted to try to deprive us of practice of many to most of our individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 19.11.93, 10.7.00, 23.8.13. – TRUST, WHEN DISTRUST IS CALLED FOR? JUST LOOK AT HOW INCOMPLETE & FLAWED THEIR BILLS OF RIGHTS ARE! STATISM, REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: All territorial governments reduce your rightful options. - JZ, 10.10.87. – PANARCHISM, FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: All the government really does is steal a large portion of your personal income, close the doors to your business if you don't fork over a specified percentage of your profits; make the money you do retain worth less every day by printing new currency that has no value behind it; charge you for the privilege of living in your own home …; tell you what minimums you have to pay your employees and whom you must hire; dictate what you can charge for your products or services …; pass judgment on what products you can sell …; and - the real coup de grace -make it illegal for you to compete against its own poorly run monopolies. …” - Robert J. Ringer, Looking Out for Number One. - Quoted by Jeff Riggenbach in NEW LIBERTARIAN No. 1, March 1978. – Free competition against all present territorial governments under full exterritorial autonomy or personal law for volunteers in their own societies, communities and governance systems. – I.e., the abolition of their territorial monopolies, a.s.a.p. - JZ, 26.3.13.

GOVERNMENT: All the great governments of the world - those now existing as well as those that have passed away - have been of this character. They have been mere bands of robbers, who have associated for the purposes of plunder, conquest, and the enslavement of their fellow men. And their laws, as they have called them, have been only such agreements as they have found it necessary to enter into, in order to maintain their organizations, and act together in plundering and enslaving others, and in securing to each his agreed share of the spoils.” - Lysander Spooner, Natural Law. – Territorial governments have been geographically great and great in power but “greatness: has eluded them. – Which kind of coercive crime syndicate, with an exclusive turf, can be “great”? – JZ, 30.12.08. – LAW & ORDER? - THROUGH ROBBER BANDS? Q.

GOVERNMENT: all the people cannot govern all the people except under anarchism. … - … under Anarchy all the people govern all the people only by each person being sovereign of his own conduct.” - Joe Labadie, What Is Anarchism? - Panarchism bring some practicable structure into this notion, which allows for the fact that a vast variety or archists (statists) and of anarchists do exist. It would allow to all of them the government or community of their individual free choice, at the own risk and expense, in the only form that makes such a peaceful coexistence and competition possible between them, namely, full exterritorial autonomy for all voluntary groups which desire it for themselves, under their own constitutions, and personal law. - JZ, 9.7.00, 26.3.13. - PEOPLE, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, HARMONY, VIA EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT & SELF-DETERMINATION. NO DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY DESPOTISM IS A GOOD ENOUGH SUBSTITUTE FOR THIS.

GOVERNMENT: All the TERRITORIAL government can offer are unjustified restrictions, claims, confiscations and handouts. Real services, like the production of justice, freedom, security, peace and wealth are beyond their abilities. - JZ, 15.9.73. They are like a vast lottery game, in which the majority of players are going to lose and a few, undeservedly, become rich at the expense of all others. - JZ, 20.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: All their lives, all workers pour an enormous amount of energy into producing food, clothes, shelter, light, heat, transportation, all the necessities and comforts, and mountains of paper, pens, ink, stamps, filing cases, and acres of beautiful buildings, all to be used by men in Government who produce nothing whatever. - Men in public office do not use their energy productively; that is not their function. Their function is to use human energy as force to stop the uses of human energy that a majority does not approve, or at least does not defend. Men in Government must take the wealth they consume, from the wealth that productive men create.” - Rose Wilder Lane, The Discovery of Freedom, p.52. - UNPRODUCTIVE, MAINTAINED, INVOLUNTARILY, BY PRODUCERS: ALWAYS WHEN IT IS A TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, ONLY SOMETIMES & TEMPORARILY, WHEN IT IS A GOVERNMENT OF VOLUNTEERS ONLY, PEACEFULLY & EXTERRITORIALLY COMPETING WITH ALL OTHERS.

GOVERNMENT: All things that governments do can be divided into two categories - those we could do away with today and those we hope to be able to do away with tomorrow. Most of the things our government does are in the first category. - The system of institutions I would like to see achieved ultimately would be entirely private - what is sometimes called anarcho-capitalism, or libertarian anarchy. Such institutions would be, in some respects, radically different from those we now have.” - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.24. - Does he envision these as institutions for all people or merely as free experiments among anarchists and libertarians, competing with many other such experiments and also with free experiments in all forms of governmentalism, among their believers, exterritorially only, under their personal laws? - JZ, 1.8.00. – Anarcho-capitalism as such offers only itself as the only choice. Panarchism, by its nature, offers Anarcho-capitalism as well as all other choices, which volunteers desire for themselves, at their own risk and expense. While some anarcho-capitalists are also panarchists, all of them are not and in this respect they are thus as intolerant as most of their opponents are. No ism should be granted a territorial monopoly over the population. – JZ, 23.8.13. – ANARCHO-CAPITALISM, PANARCHISM & ALL OTHER ISMS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: All this is not to deny that there are some public works - such a streets and sidewalks and sewers - that can be justified by their necessity. (*) But the total of such projects can very easily be overdone. The excuse that they are needed to provide 'full employment' is never valid. Too many public projects today are social luxuries, if not sheer social waste. …” Henry Hazlitt, Instead of What? p.12. – (*) However, a monopoly for their provision and taxation for their construction and maintenance can't be justified! - JZ, 1.2.02. – Privately constructed, maintained and financed roads are possible and practicable. That has already been much discussed by today and there are many historical and current precedents. – JZ, 26.3.13. - SPENDING, PUBLIC SERVICES, PROGRAMS, PRIVATE ROADS

GOVERNMENT: All through history mankind has been bullied by scum.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.233. - BY SCUM & BULLIES, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIPS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS

GOVERNMENT: All utopias are to become a matter of individual choice, acceptance or rejection and boycott, among competitively and exterritorially offered governmental and societal services. The best for the best kinds of people, the worst for the worst kinds of people, to each his own, according to a major principle of justice. No one can rightly ask for more. Dissatisfaction, unrest, party strife, terrorism, oppression, revolutions, civil wars and international wars would largely be ended by this option for one-man-revolutions and one person free choices. Once it is sufficiently comprehended and practised somewhere, this panarchism will spread by its attractive example, leading to the establishment of new panarchies by volunteers, all only exterritorially autonomous, like a chain reaction, comparable to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, but without the numerous problems that remained after that all too incomplete liberation attempts. - JZ, 10.7.00. - GOVERNMENTAL UTOPIAS & SOCIETAL ONES, PANARCHIES, POLYARCHIES, PERSONAL LAW, COMPETITION, VOLUNTARISM & EXPERIMENTATION, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION IN EVERY SPHERE VS. TERRITORIALISM, ITS COERCION & MONOPOLISM

GOVERNMENT: All-powerful government is a working synonym for tyranny.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.68. - Tyranny gets a new and harmless meaning once it is practised only under exterritorial autonomy or personal law only for like-minded voluntary victims of it and this in the middle of numerous other competing societies and governments, which do not practise big power or tyrannical games with and over their voluntary members. Many will have to go through voluntary statism and governmentalism as a learning stage. - JZ, 25.7.00, 23.8.13. – Just like infants do, with regard to their parents or guardians. Compare: “Each new generation is another invasion by barbarians.” – JZ, 28.12.08. - TYRANNY, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: allow the harmonious development of society, a development premised upon the individual's full responsibility for his own shortcomings. Society would progress to the extent that it allowed individuals to be fully and truly themselves.” - G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.202. - SOCIETY, INDIVIDUALS, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, PANARCHISM, PROGRESS & HARMONY

GOVERNMENT: Almost all government actions are in restraint of trade and liberty in general. - JZ, 28.3.89.

GOVERNMENT: Although every normal person learns by experience to avoid repeating his errors, governments continue to repeat theirs.” - Gaston Haxo, GOOD GOVERNMENT, Aug./ Sep. 1969, 9. - One of the explanations is that governments and those in government, who do make the mistakes, do not have to pay for them. - JZ, 3.8.00. – Another is that individuals tend to learn from their mistakes. Territorial governments almost never do. Moreover, they are given the power to impose them upon whole populations and countries again and again and neither the territorial power-mongers nor their victims have so far learned sufficiently from these bad to catastrophic experiences. – JZ, 1.1.08, 23.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Although government portrays itself as the great benefactor, it is really a parasite upon the productive side of society.” - Diogenes of Panarchia, THE CONNECTION 131, p.21.

GOVERNMENT: Although she collaborated as a young woman with Alexander Berkman in his attempt on an industrialist's life, Emma Goldman became an anarchist precisely because she felt human beings are capable of leading peaceful, ordered, and productive lives when unrestricted by the violence of man-made law. Indeed, she defined anarchism as "the theory that all forms of government rest on violence, and are therefore wrong and harmful, as well as unnecessary." Towards the end of her life, she increasingly felt that the Tolstoyans who renounced all violence were right.” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.634. – Only the wrongfulness and violence of territorial impositions should be avoided. That would tend to end most other kinds of violence as well because all people would be free to live under their self-chosen systems as long as they like and are free to secede from them when they become dissatisfied with them. – JZ 23.8.13. - VIOLENCE & NONVIOLENCE

GOVERNMENT: Although the arts of governing are many, they only cause and increase disorder. Why so? Because they interfere with men's minds.” - The Texts of Taoism, II, 287. - Not only with their minds, but the open use of their minds, in free expression and communication and also with free, rational and rightful actions under full experimental freedom, requiring exterritorial autonomy for volunteers. - JZ, 1.8.00, 27.12.08, - LAW & ORDER? DISORDER, MEN, MINDS, INTERFERENCE, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Although the resources of the government are indeed limited and it cannot possibly track down every violator of every single law, the statists can accurately aim their powers at anyone who publicly defies them.” - Jasper the Jester, THE CONNECTION 124, p.85. - POWER & ITS ABUSE

GOVERNMENT: Although we may see many things put in train, during our lifetime, we cannot hope to see the work of virtue and reason finished now; we can only lay the foundation for our posterity. Government is an evil; it is only the thoughtlessness and vices of men that make it a necessary evil. When all men are good, and wise, Government will of itself decay, so long as men continue foolish and vicious, so long will Government, even such a Government as that of England, continue necessary in order to prevent the crimes of bad men.” - Shelley, An Address to the Irish People, 1812. - Precisely the thoughtlessness and vices of men makes TERRITORIAL government by men over men an unnecessary and wrongful evil, while, at the same time, rightful individual and organized defensive actions and preparations for defensive actions, by volunteers, are rightful and necessary actions. Territorial governments are least rightful and suitable for this purpose. Governments have never defeated crime but merely added to it and enlarged it. - JZ, 29.7.00. – Better men and women should always be quite free to establish better and personal law, institutions, systems and relationships among themselves. – JZ, 23.8.13. - NECESSARY EVIL OR LEAST EVIL OR UNNECESSARY EVIL AND GREATEST EVIL? TERRITORIALISM OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY? VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION

GOVERNMENT: America said you are born good and must be free. Religion and government say you are born evil and must be controlled.” - Zarlenga, The Orator, p.84. – America, as a geographical notion, is not an entity on speaking terms with us, no more than any “God” is. The term does not even distinguish between the two major North-American States and the many others, in middle America and in South America. At most he should have mentioned that what he stated would only express the best kind of “Americanism”. – JZ, 25.3.13. - GOODNESS, EVIL, CONTROLS, MAN, SIN, FREEDOM & RELIGION

GOVERNMENT: Among territorial governments the rule appears to be that nothing else happens as frequently and on so large a scale as failures, all kinds of man-made disasters. - JZ, 10.4.77. - Well, if I were licensed to play zero sum games with you and charge you millions for their performances and if I could even "sell" you disserves as if they were benefits, at a huge profits to myself, then I am not quite sure that even my own character could resist such temptations, because, as a natural result, I would not have a great respect for you, either. Perhaps that is the mood “Gods” often find themselves in - when they play their cruel games with us. - JZ, 10.4.77 & 20.7.00, 26.3.13. - ITS FAILURES, GODS, PLAYING CRUEL GAMES WITH FOOLS

GOVERNMENT: Among the latter, under pretense of governing, they have divided their nations into two classes, wolves and sheep. I do not exaggerate. This is a true picture of Europe. Cherish therefore, the spirit of our people and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors but reclaim them by enlightening them. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, judges and governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions; and experience declares that man is the only animal which devours his own kind; for I can apply no milder term to the governments of Europe, and to the general prey of the rich on the poor.” - Jefferson, to Carrington, Paris, Jan. 16, 1787, quoted in Sprading, 85. – Via e.g graduated income tax and company taxes etc. many of the poor do also prey upon the rich. – JZ, 26.3.13. - AS WOLF TOWARDS THE PEOPLE AS SHEEP, POWER ADDICTION, RULERS, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: An abstract idea, from an obsolescent philosophy, something necessary maybe 10,000 years ago, but certainly not today.” - Robert LeFevre, LIBERTAS REVIEW, Summer 79. – Territorial governments should only be a subject for history lessons. – JZ, 1.1.09. – TERRITORIALISM, OUTDATED, OBSOLETE.

GOVERNMENT: An active government is the worst government one can have, even when its intentions seem to be benevolent. But a non-active government is still not good enough, because over the centuries all too much governmentalism has already accumulated and polluted and obstructed most human relationships. - We need, instead, "negatively active" governments - and other organizations, that undo, e.g. by repeals, ignoring or disobeying or boycotting government laws, orders and institutions, by tax strikes, refusals to accept government currency, rightful militias, independence declarations, a much better and more complete declaration of of individual rights and liberties, unilateral peace declarations, tyrannicide, fraternization, peace treaties over the heads of the rulers, disarmament measures of the people towards armed governments, anarchistic and libertarian revolutions, etc., gradually to fast eliminating, in numerous voluntary steps, by individuals and groups of like-minded volunteers, all the unjustified or unwanted exploitative, monopolistic, coercive, centralistic, oppressive government laws, institutions, regulations and orders, while choosing personal law for ourselves and building up and maintaining exterritorially autonomous alternative institutions, for all of those societal or governmental services that still do have voluntary supporters. All old and present territorial powers, however, should be dissolved, as peacefully, rightfully and non-violently as possible, as forcefully as is justified and necessary, with a clear distinction between victimizers and victims and with only liberation (of the kind they want for themselves) for the “consenting victims”. No new territorial powers should be allowed. All old ones ought to be abolished or confined to their remaining voluntary victims. Their essences, apart from their coercive, monopolistic and territorial features, could, thsu be voluntarily preserved by statists, for themselves, at their own risk and expense, until they have finally learned their citizenship lessons. - A new science of politics is required. And new text-books and encyclopedias for it. - JZ, 7.12.93 & 10.7.00, 26.3.13, 23.8.13. – ACTIVIST, ENERGETIC GOVERNMENT? PANARCHISM, TO EACH HIS OWN SYSTEM, TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY ONLY, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE, WELFARE STATE, LAW REPEALS, COMPETITION VS. LEGALIZED MONOPOLISM, PRIVATIZATION, IGNORING, BOYCOTTING, RESISTING GOVERNMENTS OR SECEDING FROM THEM, LIBERTARIAN & PANARCHISTIC REVOLUTION, EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: an agency devised to protect our freedom, while, in fact, destroying it.” - Robert LeFevre, in: THE REGISTER, n.d. – Correct only for territorial government, a compulsory one also for involuntary subjects who are not criminals with victims. – JZ, 28.11.10. VS. FREEDOM, NO PROTECTOR, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: An agency of coercion that is accepted as necessary by most people within its area of influence.” - Harry Brown, You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis, p.392. - What other choices are they given, except decades of political opposition, revolution, terrorism or emigration? And the last is largely blocked by immigration restrictions - imposed by other territorial governments. Once individual secession and exterritorial autonomy become options for volunteers, we will see how much consent to territorial government really exists and how much will remain, in the long run. - JZ, 26.7.00. Most people could profit much more from full monetary and financial freedom, which was not proposed or clearly enough described by H. B., either. – JZ, 1.1.09. - CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: An agency of coercion that's accepted as necessary by most people within its area of influence.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom …, p.390. - That kind of definition would have fitted many of the monopolistic churches and does fit coercive unions and many military and police forces. - JZ, n.d. & 1.8.00. - COERCION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: An Associated Press analysis of federal payment records found that the government is still making monthly payments to relatives of Civil War veterans – 148 years after the conflict ended." - Anthony Gregory via Matt Nichols – Facebook, 22.3.13. – Only wrongful “programs” of territorial governmental do seems to approximate immortality. – JZ, 23.8.13. - GOVERNMENT SPENDING, WELFARE STATE, PROGRAMS

GOVERNMENT: An individual who is subject to government in any respect whatsoever is one who, in that respect, obeys a rule of action or carries out a decision that is not entirely or wholly of his own making.” - Mortimer J. Adler, The Common Sense of Politics, p.70. - Quoted by Childs. - VS. INDIVIDUALS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, SELF-GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: An inefficient territorial government is preferable for freedom lovers to an efficient government of this kind. But it can be a very expensive one in form of taxes. But at least it would not as efficiently suppress all too many liberties and rights. - JZ, 17.11.74, 31.7.78 & 2.8.00. – We should be grateful that we do not get all the government we pay for. - EFFICIENCY, INEFFICIENCY

GOVERNMENT: An institution that claims the exclusive authority (in a given geographical area) (*) to specify rules of conduct and which attempts to maintain such authority via the codifications and enforcement of rules of conduct through enduring organizations with standardized procedures.” - Louis A. Rollins, Reply to C. J. Wheeler, THE PERSONALIST. – (*) or within a group of volunteers! – JZ – That would start a much better game and one that is rightful rather than wrongfully collectivistic, coercive and monopolistic. – JZ, 23.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: An nescis quantilla prudentia mundus regatur. - Which is to say, all governments are ignorant fools, not to say parasites.” - Showell Styles, Vincey Joe at Quiberon, p.63/64. – Are made up of …? – JZ - IGNORANCE & FOOLISHNESS, STUPIDITY

GOVERNMENT: Anarchy is order, government is civil war.” - Anselme Bellegarrique. - ANARCHISM, CIVIL WAR, ORDER

GOVERNMENT: Anarchy is possible, because it does nothing more than release humanity from an obstacle - government - against which it has always had to fight its painful way towards progress.” - Malatesta, Anarchy, p.35. – One does not have to resist or fight a government over volunteers only. Even M. took territorialism for granted. – JZ, 23.8.13. – Coercively and territorially imposed hierarchies must be ended, if mankind is to survive and progress as far and fast as it could and should. – JZ, 23.8.13. – Territorial rulers are, as a rule, even more fallible and flawed as well as more criminal human beings than are most of their subjects. – JZ, 23.8.13. - ANARCHY & PROGRESS

GOVERNMENT: And "Buck" Weaver wrote, "In the last analysis, and stripped of all the furbelows, government is nothing more than a legal monopoly of the use of physical force - by persons upon persons." - In: Henry Grady Weaver, The Mainspring of Human Progress, FEE, 1947,1953, p.71. - FORCE & MONOPOLY

GOVERNMENT: And finally it is believed that the government will not do to you what you confidently want it to do to your neighbor.” - Robert LeFevre, Good Government, p.15. – PREJUDICES,

GOVERNMENT: And he sees Government as the enemy of increased options.” - Timothy Leary, as reported in NLW No. 69, April 10, 1977. - VS. FREEDOM OPTIONS

GOVERNMENT: And here is the message of hope in all of this. To be sure, the Government is out to get us. To be sure, it has great and powerful resources. But be of good cheer, friends, for the government is every bit as inept in doing evil as it is when it tries to do good. What they did was, they threw me in the briar patch.” - Arthur Hlavaty, 1944-1982, DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, 1977-82, 20 issues, apparently still not online according to a Google search today. - JZ, 23.8.13. - EFFICIENCY

GOVERNMENT: And in general, as Murray Rothbard pointed out in his speech to the 1975 Libertarian Party Convention, in the aftermath of Nixon, no one says that "the government is us" anymore. Americans in huge numbers have perceived that those people in government are NOT us, and that they are taking our money and wasting it according to standards of their own.” - Joan Kennedy Taylor, LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, 9/78. - VS. THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: And in those few places where men enjoy what they call liberty, it is continually in a tottering situation, and makes greater and greater strides to that gulp of despotism which at last swallows up every species of government.” - Edmund Burke, A Vindication of Natural Society, p.35. - Every kind of TERRITORIAL government. - JZ -DESPOTISM & LIBERTY, LIBERTY

GOVERNMENT: And let me remind you that this country is governed by the ignorance of the country.” - Richard Cobden, speech, Nov. 13, 1845, 170. – Territories do not live and think, are neither ignorant, stupid or wise, not are their populations, wrongly seen as collective beings. Such terms can be rightly applied only to individuals. Countries or, rather, their populations, are misgoverned under the usual popular errors, prejudices and myths. – JZ, 27.12.08. - IGNORANCE, POPULAR ERRORSS & PREJUDICES, COUNTRIES, TERRITORIALISM, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTTIONS

GOVERNMENT: and that the British Government is always morally wrong.” - A. E. Dyson, in Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, Down With the Poor, p.126. - That does not mean that other territorial governments are morally right towards the poor, British subjects or their own. - JZ, 2.8.00, 28.11.10. - MORALITY

GOVERNMENT: And the action of the official meddler (since neither of them can, in the nature of things, ever be authorized beyond question), should in fairness be considered as upon his own risk and responsibility, and that of those who voluntarily support and uphold him.” - Theo P. Perkins, in Tucker's LIBERTY, 1892. - TERRITORIALISM, MEDDLING, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, STATISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: and the government, as Super-thug, has become the henchman of every group that can claim a weakness, a failure, or a desire to consume that which it did not produce.” - John Goodson, of New Jersey Libertarian Party, n.d. or source. - WELFARE STATE, EXPLOITATION, PRESSURE GROUPS, VESTED INTERESTS

GOVERNMENT: And then, our objection lies, not against "man-made governments", not against "human governments", not against "organized governments", not against governing the aggressor "against his consent", but against AGGRESSIVE Governments. And whenever a Government governs an iota more than is absolutely necessary to restrain or repair unnecessary encroachments or aggression, it then becomes aggressive, and should itself be governed and restrained.” - Josiah Warren, True Civilization, Conclusion, p.179. - Every territorial government is already through its territorialism inherently aggressive and thus its territorial powers should be destroyed and replaced by exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, formed by individual and group secessionists from the territorial powers. - JZ, 28.7.00. - CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, AGGRESSIVE & INVASIVE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: And this is essentially what government is, according to Spooner, robbery under the guise of taxation in one form or another.” - Cal Watner, REASON, 3/73. - TAXATION IS ROBBERY

GOVERNMENT: And to say that society ought to be governed by the opinion of the wisest and best, though true, is useless. Whose opinion is to decide who are the wisest and best? – Thomas Babington Macaulay in  – Panarchism, individual sovereignty, as well as voluntarism, freedom of contract, freedom of association and individual secessionism insist that each individual and each group of volunteers decides that question for itself, i.e., that no group imposes its opinions on the population of whole territories. – JZ, 31.3.12. - WISDOM, REPRESENTATIVES, VOTING, POLITICIANS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, FOR WANTED ALTERNATIVES AMONG VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: And we imagine that all which is done in society is done by virtue of the government, and that without government there would be neither energy, intelligence, nor good will in society.” - Malatesta, Anarchy, p.26. - VS. SOCIETY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: And whenever any number of men, calling themselves a government, do anything to another man, or to his property, which they had no right to do as individuals, they thereby declare themselves trespassers, robbers, or murderers, according to the nature of their acts.” - Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, p.6/7. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, HUMAN RIGHTS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, VOTING, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, FREE CHOICE AMONG ALL SERVICES IN ALL SPHERES, COMPETITIVELY OFFERED, UNDER FULL CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY EVEN IN THE POLITICAL & SOCIAL SPHERS, NOT ONLY THE ECONOMIC ONE, PANARCHISM.

GOVERNMENT: And yet we go on talking of government as if it were a synonym for goodness, and (*) day by day do more and more governing.” - Sir Ernest Benn, The State the Enemy, p.149. – (*) Here he should, perhaps, have added: “as if it were not,” – JZ, 26.3.13. - THE STATE & ITS DEEDS, WRONGS, CRIMES, GOODNESS? ENEMY

GOVERNMENT: And, finally, it does not tell us that all lawmaking governments whatsoever - whether called monarchies, aristocracies, republics, democracies, or by any other name - are all alike violations of men's natural and rightful liberty.” - Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, p.28, point 7. VS. HUMAN RIGHTS, NATURAL RIGHTS & RIGHTFUL LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: And, unfortunately, government also exists to "improve" us from the top down instead of from the base upwards.” - LE FEVRE'S JOURNAL, Sum. 1977. – Improvements and reforms should not be ordered from the top but rather chosen from the bottom, by sovereign individuals, from freely competing offers of all kinds. – JZ, 26.3.13. - REFORMS, MAN, INDIVIDUALS, CONTROL, LAWS, HIERARCHY, BUREAUCRACY, CENTRALIZATION, POWER, RULERS, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Antony Fisher calls for ending all government monopoly and control.” - Antony Fisher, Must History Repeat Itself? - Churchill Press Ltd., 1974. - Review in THE FREEMAN, 6/74. - Did he explicitly call for the ending of the territorial monopoly of governments, too, or does he want to preserve it, for "limited" governments? - JZ, 2.8.00. - MONOPOLY & CONTROL, LIMITED GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Any change for the better must originate in the minds of voters as a more realistic appreciation of the essence of government. To know the nature of government is the first step in knowing what not to ask of it. - Backed by Force - The essential characteristic of government is organized force!- Leonard E. Read, The Coming Aristocracy, p.60. - VOTERS, CITIZENS, MINDS, IDEAS, REALISM, KNOWLEDGE, FORCE, COMPULSION, COERCION, INTERVENTIONISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM

GOVERNMENT: Any existing territorial government is a conspiracy against the people. Only governments with exclusively voluntary members would be exceptions from this rule. And they would be only exterritorially autonomous. - JZ, 27.6.80 & 28.7.00. - A CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE PEOPLE, PANARCHISM, PEOPLE, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Any government can call itself free, and it is to those who voluntarily support it. But when a government resorts to force and coercion - no matter how just or noble the cause - it becomes a tyranny to those compelled to support it ‘against their will.’" - Charles Shiveley, introduction to Lysander Spooner, No Treason, Works, I, p.54. - In the all too few cases where it does effectively act against private criminals with victims, it is not tyrannical but approved of by all decent citizens. Then they have only the remaining grudge that crime fighting is monopolized, so is the court system and the penal system. and the law on crimes and that the government often protects the criminals against the wrath of their victims and taxes the victims to coddle many convicts in relative idleness and for all too long. Free competition in dealing with criminals that victimized other people! - JZ, 1.8.00. – Competing crime codes, juridical and penal systems would be one of the consequences of introducing panarchism, with its personal law. – JZ, 29.12.08, 26.3.13. - FREE GOVERNMENT, COMPETING GOVERNMENT, FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE

GOVERNMENT: Any government is worse than none. - JZ, 15.3.98. - VS. NO-GOVERNMENT OR ANARCHY

GOVERNMENT: any government that subjugates outsiders will enslave its own citizens, sooner or later. That's history, not opinion.” - W. R. Thompson, Varmint, ANALOG, Mid-Dec. 89, p 19. - OPPRESSION, AGGRESSION, IMMIGRATION BARRIERS, FOREIGNERS, ALIEN ACTS

GOVERNMENT: Any government that's big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you've got.” - Californian Congressman John G. Schmitz, quoted in GOOD GOVERNMENT, Dec. 1972, from the AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW, Oct. 31. - In more religious times, many people got frightened by stories on people who, supposedly, had sold their soul to the devil. We (collectively, not as free individuals!) sure have “sold” our liberties and rights to territorial governments and they are real enough to do us real harm much sooner. - JZ, 1.8.00.

GOVERNMENT: Any Government thinks that soldiers and civilians are expendable for its purposes. – JZ, 29.5.05. - SOLDIERS & CIVILIANS, PEOPLE AS VICTIMS, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, UNDER TERRITORIALISM, THE MODERN FEUDALISM

GOVERNMENT: any government-supported system is by definition government controlled and therefore authoritative and subject to abuses without possibility of objection.” - Michael Z. Williamson, Freehold, p.336 - ABUSES, AUTHORITARIANISM, CORRUPTION, POWER:

GOVERNMENT: Any Government, like any family, can for a year spend a little more than it earns. But you and I know that a continuation of that habit means the poorhouse.” (*) - Franklin D. Roosevelt, governor of New York, radio speech discussing the national Democratic platform, July 30, 1932. - The Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1928-1932, p. 663 (1938). - What does a territorial government "earn"? – (*) Nowadays it rather means e.g. more welfare payments and more jobs for welfare officers. -JZ, 24.11.02. - SPENDING, HANDOUTS, SUBSIDIES, BUDGET, WELFARE STATE,

GOVERNMENT: Any organism, including government, will grow until such time as it is successfully resisted or there is nothing left to feed on.” - Orson Scott Card, in DESTINIES, 8/9/79, page 280. - But if the "cells" may secede then neither revolution nor starvation will result. - JZ, 9.7.82. - Anyhow, even the largest trees on the most fertile soil cannot grow without limits. But territorial governments try to become empires and even world governments, no matter how many millions of people they kill, mutilate, starve, oppress or impoverish in the process. - And they never seem to be able to learn from their past experiences. Nor do most of their surviving victims. - JZ, 26.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Any territorial government is a continuous conspiracy against the people. Only the degrees of propaganda, deception, extortion and coercion used by them do differ. - JZ, 20.5.91 & 22.7.00, 23.8.13. - CONSPIRACY

GOVERNMENT: Any territorial government is a more or less dangerous conspiracy against the people, their voluntary associations and individuals, their liberties and their rights. - JZ, 29.5.91 & 18.7.00. – Membership in and subordination so such conspiracies should no longer be compulsory. One should be free to opt out from under any presently coercive and monopolistic system or organization, which one perceives to be wrong, harmful or evil, unless one is oneself a victimizer and has committed crimes with victims. For these one should be held responsible even against one’s own will. – JZ, 28.12.08, 26.3.13. - Any territorial government is a more or less dangerous conspiracy against the majority or most minorities among the people in that territory. - JZ, 23.5.91, 14.1.93, 13.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM VS. THE PEOPLE & ALL INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM, CONSPIRACIES

GOVERNMENT: Any time you give power to government, it will be abused, it will be enlarged, it will be used in ways you never intended." – Harry Browne on The Drudge Report 7-31-99. - ABUSES, TERRITORIALISM, POWER:

GOVERNMENT: Any time you meet something totally stupid, the answer has got to be ‘government’." - James A. Michener, The Drifters, p.413. - STUPIDITY

GOVERNMENT: Any unwanted rule over free and creative people, individuals and their volunteer groups or communities, ought to be destroyed, especially in an age of ABC mass murder devices. - JZ, 26.3.93 & 12.7.00. – Otherwise the victims of territorial despotism are likely to become further victimized, this time by foreign IBMs, as if they were collectively guilty for the crimes of their territorial victimizers. – JZ, 31.12.08, 26.3.13, 23.8.13. - RULE, DOMINATION, DICTATORSHIP, DESPOTISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, TARGETS FOR “SUPER-WEAPONS”, TOTALITARIANISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATES, NATIONALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHIES VS. COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBITY THREATS

GOVERNMENT: Anything that is wrong for an individual is wrong for a group of individuals. Nothing - no election, no popularity contest - can change that. Nothing gives the government a right to use force or fraud.” - William Marcy (Boss) Tweed, in THE VOLUNTARYIST, 10/92. – Not against peaceful and honest citizens, anyhow. – JZ, 26.3.13. - INDIVIDUALISM, RIGHTS & WRONGS

GOVERNMENT: Anything the government takes over gets more expensive  IMMEDIATELY.” - Larry Niven, Cloak of Anarchy. - If not in direct fees or charges, then indirect ones, for all taxpayers. - JZ, 29.7.00. - COSTS, PUBLIC SERVICES, NATIONALIZATION

GOVERNMENT: Are there any rightful and good government services, that deserve the name “services” and do they deserve the “prices” in form of taxes, which are directly or indirectly charged for them? - JZ, 17.12.93 & 10.7.00, 26.3.13. - SERVICES, SPENDING, PUBLIC SERVICES, BUREAUCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Are you fed up with government lies, controls, regulation, harassment, snooping, and legalized plunder? You're not alone!” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 4/78, quoting South Carolina LP slogan.

GOVERNMENT: Are you getting your money's worth?” - W. M. Curtiss, THE FREEMAN, 12/72. – GOVERNMENT SPENDING & TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, BUDGET


GOVERNMENT: Aren't ca. 4,000 years of governmental mismanagement enough? Do we need another 4,000 years of them? – JZ, 1.8.99. - By rights all their activities and burdens should be confined to volunteers only, while all others should be freed to engage in their own community and societal as well as governance experiments. - JZ, 10.7.00, 23.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: As a classical 19th century liberal, Bastiat saw the close connection between tariffs and war. Thus there developed in him the insistent impression that one of the primary means of maintaining great and steadily expanding power over the lives of its citizens was the capacity of government to generate an atmosphere of crisis. One hundred years before conservatives and libertarians in America discovered what was being done to their society, Bastiat had already grasped the essence of what we would later call "perpetual war for perpetual peace". - G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.119. - A WAR & CRISIS MONGER, FREE TRADE, TARIFFS, PROTECTIONISM, GOVERNMENTALLY MANUFACTURED OR PRETENDED CRISES

GOVERNMENT: As a result of mere size, government becomes increasingly remote from the governed and tends, even in a democracy, to have an independent life of its own.” - Bertrand Russell, Authority and the Individual, p.30. - CENTRALIZATION, REMOTENESS, FEDERALISM, INACCESSIBILITY, INFORMATION GAP, INDEPENDENCE OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS FROM THEIR VICTIMS

GOVERNMENT: As a result of this governmental intervention, the varied talents and the uniqueness of each citizen are more or less imprisoned.” - Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p.85. - TALENTS, INDIVIDUALISM, INTERVENTION & SUPPRESSION

GOVERNMENT: As Albert Jay Nock noted so many decades back, people are losing touch with reality. They can be convinced that government can be philanthropic, even when its record is documented with the grossest swindles, inequities, and downright absurdities.” - Charles R. LaDow, THE FREEMAN, 9/74. - STATISM, REALITY

GOVERNMENT: As American mining engineer, Eugene Guccione put it when in Australia this year: 'asking (government's) help to correct a problem, any problem, is like asking an arsonist to help you put out the fire."- John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.239. – I would have said: “the” arsonist. – JZ, 26.3.13. - AID, HELP, SUPPORT, PROTECTION, SUBSIDIES, WELFARE STATE, STATISM, A PROTECTION RACKET

GOVERNMENT: As Americans we must always remember that we all have a common enemy, an enemy that is dangerous, powerful, and relentless. I refer, of course, to the federal government." - Dave Barry – Should we forget about the State Governments and Local Governments? – JZ, 26.3.13. – They, too, are at least to some extent territorial monopolists and despotism. – JZ, 23.8.13. - FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, ENEMIES

GOVERNMENT: As an organization, a government has no valid authority except that delegated to it by individuals; …” - Adam V. Reed, REASON, Jan. 73. - One of the premises of panarchism. - JZ, 3.8.00. - AUTHORITY, CONSENT BY INDIVIDUALS, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: As expenditure goes up the product goes down.” - Remark in "FOREST" meeting, London, 26.7.90. - SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: As far as the government services themselves go, they should be all put up for sale.” – John Singleton, with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.247. - As if the government were authorized to sell what does belong to us and to pocket the proceeds! - JZ, 5.6.82. – On a proposal for a comprehensive privatization of all government assets seed PEACE PLANS 19C, included on a CD reproduced at - JZ, 26.3.13. – However, no buyer of them should be allowed to continue them as legalized and coercive territorial monopolies. – JZ, 23.8.13. - SERVICES, PRIVATIZATION, SALE OR FREE DISTRIBUTION OF ASSETS?

GOVERNMENT: As for Carry (not "Carrie) Nation, it's true that she once said "Government, like dead fish, stinks worse at the head", that she addressed judges as "your dishonor" and that she showed entrepreneurial initiative in making up to $ 300 per week by selling hatchets as souvenirs. But anybody who goes around axing saloons to splinters is probably pretty nutty. In her case, there is little question. The historical tradition she represents make it very hard to convince people that because you are anti-alcohol yourself, you aren't trying to "bring back Prohibition" or "moralistically" meddle in other people's lives.” - Albert the Unknown, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, 68, p.12. - PROHIBITION, ANTI-AUTHORITARIANISM & CARRY NATION, ABSTINENCE OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO & OTHER DRUGS SHOULD BE QUITE VOLUNTARY

GOVERNMENT: As for discussions about my one ideal form of government, they are simply idle. The ideal form of government is no government at all. The existence of government in any shape is a sign of man's imperfection.” - Professor E. A. Freeman. - Rather, the existence and popularity of territorial governments is a sign of ignorance and prejudice, which are also indicated in this remark by this professor, who thereby confesses to have no knowledge of competing, voluntaristic governance systems and free societies, which are only exterritorially autonomous and have no compulsory membership but permit individual secessions. This form is not just a castle in the air but has many historical precedents and even some contemporary remnants. - JZ, 2.8.00, 23.8.13. – It requires a new and comprehensive kind of political science. – JZ, 26.3.13.

GOVERNMENT: As for the objection that we are "unrealistic", government itself is, in our view, the more unrealistic; it promises peace but delivers war. It institutionalizes robbery as its means of "protection" against the criminals who might commit robbery. Its conscription enslaves us so as to force us to defend ourselves against enslavement by foreign countries' governments. Its police surveillance, its continually augmenting pile of laws to which no one can be safe from accidental disobedience, show that in "protecting" us, government actually invades farther than the alleged criminal or anti-freedom elements from which we are ‘protected’." - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism, p.9/10. - VS. ANARCHISM, WAR & PEACE, ROBBERY & PROTECTION, CONSCRIPTION & POLICE, LAWS & CRIME, REALISM VS. UTOPIANISM,

GOVERNMENT: as Government did nothing well, it had best do nothing; …” - Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams, 1907. – ANARCHISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, DO-NOTHING GOVERNMENTS, LET FREE MARKET & INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES TO THE JOB.

GOVERNMENT: As government expands, liberty contracts. – Ronald W. Reagan, 40th U.S. President VS. - LIBERTY

GOVERNMENT: as governments age they grow ever more externally important and internally oppressive.” - Jim Baen, NEW DESTINIES, Sum. 88, p. 36. - BIG GOVERNMENT, SIZE, GROWTH

GOVERNMENT: As Harper put it to him, "We've all been wondering just how much government is needed. Some of us here are now thinking that perhaps the correct amount is no government at all." Such a radical idea shocked Bob, but it at least seemed respectable coming from a former Cornell teacher.” - Carl Watner, LeFevre, p.137. - If only Harper had lived a few more years or even decades! - JZ, 16.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: As if a world-wide phenomenon could be kept secret! But they'll hang on to their stupidity to the very end in Washington.” - Poul Anderson, Brain Wave, p.24. - Perhaps the largest example was and is that of "total war", now with ABC mass murder devices, under a policy in which lasting deterrence is presumed to exist under the "MAD" policy of "Mutual Assured Destruction", perhaps even a "doomsday bomb", although nuclear war by accident, malfunction, miscalculation or intent by some crackpot and the breaking down of "failsafe" arrangements cannot be prevented, as long as such “weapons” exist I readiness and decision-making monopolies for them. - Some, like Hitler and Idi Amin, would have liked to take the whole world down, if they would have had the means. - JZ, 2.8.00., 23.8.13. - STUPIDITY, SECRECY, NWT

GOVERNMENT: As it is impossible to get good government (it doesn’t matter what system is employed), it should be obvious that our country should have as little government as possible. There is truth in the words of Thomas Paine: “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” – Lang Hancock, in Wake Up Australia, E. J. Dwyer (Australia) Pty. Ltd, Sydney, 1970, 47. – However, even the worst exterritorial government, if it is picked only by volunteers and only for and over themselves, is still valuable as a lesson for these volunteers and also as a deterrent example for all its outside observers. Only enforcing any government system territorially upon any peaceful citizens who are opposed to it, is quite wrong. “To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice!” – should be our motto. – JZ, 24.9.07,29.11.10. - LIMITED OR GOOD? TERRITORIALISM, COERCION

GOVERNMENT: As legal investments in tax slaves they establish legal claims but no moral ones at all. - JZ, 18.6.86. - SECURITIES

GOVERNMENT: As little intercourse as possible between the Governments, as much connection as possible between the nations of the world.” - Richard Cobden, in Lewis Apjohn: Richard Cobden and the Free Traders, p.236. - He, too, had still wrong notions on "the people", an invisible abstract, in which very diverse people are wrongfully summed up. - JZ, 27.7.00. - INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, PEOPLE, NATIONS, FRONTIERS, INDIVIDUALS

GOVERNMENT: As long as governments and armies exist, armies and wars cannot cease.” - Tolstoi, War and Peace, p.53. - They will start to dissolve and disappear with the appearance of the first exterritorially autonomous community of volunteers that rightfully and liberatingly and in a revolutionary way defends itself against attack by the remaining territorial regimes. - JZ, 12.7.00. - STANDING ARMIES, ARMAMENTS & WAR. , MILITIAS FOR THE DEFENCE OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES ONLY

GOVERNMENT: As long as governments and their armed forces exist the cessation of wars and arms races is not possible.” - Tolstoi, Krieg und Frieden  (War & Peace), S.53. , DISARMAMENT & ARMED FORCES

GOVERNMENT: As Lysander Spooner asked 100 years ago, "Suppose (the U.S.) be 'the best government on earth,' does that prove its own goodness, or only the badness of all other governments?" - R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.49. - GOOD GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: As Matt Ridley (1996) puts it, “we are not so nasty that we need to be tamed by intrusive government, nor so nice that too much government does not bring out the worst in us.” – Alexander Tabarrok, Market Challenges and Government Failure, in: “The Voluntary City, Choice, Community and Civil Society, ed. by David T. Beito, Peter Gordon and Alexander Tabarrok, foreword by Paul Johnson, The Independent Institute, The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 2002, p. 413. (Ridley, M. 1996, The Origins of Virtue, Human Instincts and the Evolution of Cooperation, New York, Penguin Books.) – MAN, HUMAN NATURE, VOLUNTARISM, FREE MARKET, CONTRACTS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: As Mises pointed out long ago, the primary flaw of socialism is that lacking reference point in the market. It cannot make rational calculations. So we have government by lunatics. The western socialisms haven't gone all the way to lunacy, but they are approaching it.” - John Chamberlain, THE FREEMAN, 6/77. - Even democratic territorialist regimes suppress prices and free choice in economics and they do suppress consumer sovereignty regarding their statist offers. Individuals free to secede from any government or society would, like a fever thermometer, indicate an unhealthy condition in that State or society, whenever many of them made suddenly use of their individual right to secede and thus severely reduced the membership and thereby the tax contributions. That, like numerous people giving notice to the private enterprise they worked in, or customers ceasing to be customers, indicates to the management that something is wrong in their firm, compared with others. This kind of peaceful and individualistic action is a rightful pressure upon those in authority to either change or perish (go bankrupt). As such it is very much more moral and useful than are e.g. “free” i.e. collectivist territorial elections, civil wars, revolutions and terrorism in politics or class warfare, industrial warfare, strikes, occupations of enterprises, sabotage, go-slow practices, etc. in economics. Selling the shares of a firm or refusing to buy any of them or selling and buying them for less, is another such sign. Individual secessionism introduces something like an equivalent to consumer sovereignty and the price system into the sphere of "governmental" services. - JZ, 24.7.00, 31.12.08, 30.11.10, 26.3.13. - TERRITORIAL VS. FREE INDIVIDUAL CHOICES, SECESSIONISM & PANARCHISM, VOTING, ELECTIONS, STATE SOCIALISM, NOT VOLUNTARY OR COOPERATIVE SOCIALISM OR THAT OF OTHERS OF THE BETTER SELF-MANAGEMENT SCHEMES, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: As Professor Eckstein, in the article quoted above, concludes from his experience in advising governments: "Governments are not able to live by the rules even if they were to adopt the philosophy [of providing a stable framework].” – F. A. Hayek, Denationalization of Money, p.80, on O. Eckstein. - BREAKS RULES & LAWS, LIMITED GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: As quickly as you start spending federal money in large amounts, it looks like free money.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower, Feb. 9, 1955. - SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: As the brilliant 19th Century French economist Frederic Bastiat, so succinctly explained it, there are only three initial versions of government: 1. Where the few get to plunder the many: so-called “right-wing” politics, - 2) Where the many get to plunder the few: so-called “left-wing” politics. – 3) Where nobody gets to plunder anybody.” - Sawyer/Wilshire, One Man Band, The best of Peter Sawyer, whistle blower, edited by Brian Wilshire, 1996, Brian Wilshire, PO Box 209, Round Corner NSW 2158, ISBN # 0 646 265117 2, p.96. – He should have added: The first two are usually territorial governments. The third type is a competing and only exterritorially autonomous government, that rules only over its own volunteers. Its governmental aspects might also become so reduced that it is nothing but a community or society of like-minded volunteers. – JZ, 25.3.09. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY UNDER PERSONAL LAWS, FREE SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES.

GOVERNMENT: As the happiness of the people is the sole end of government, so the consent of the people is the only foundation of it.” - John Adams, proclamation, 1774. - Rather: The happiness of the rulers is the sole end of territorial governments and the consent of many to most of their victims is the only foundation for them. - JZ, 30.10.85. - PEOPLE, CONSENT & HAPPINESS,

GOVERNMENT: As though conduct could be made right or wrong by the votes of some men sitting in a room in Westminster.” - Herbert Spencer, Social Statics, Pt. iv, ch. 30, sec. 7. - DEMOCRACY, PARLIAMENT, LAWS, VOTING, PARTIES, POLITICS,

GOVERNMENT: As war and government prove, insanity is the most contagious of disease. – Edward Abbey in – Ignorance of or prejudices against the exterritorial autonomy alternatives are also involved. – JZ, 1.4.12, 26.3.13. - & WAR, THE INSANITY OF IT

GOVERNMENT: As we have shown, what is wrong with America is the criminal action of government against the people - action that springs from the very character of government itself so that it is not, consequently, controllable or reformable. Other nations, whose ruling States have progressed more or less than America's, suffer more or less from the same or related maladies.” - THE MATCH, June 75.  TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT IS NOT CONTROLLABLE OR REFORMABLE

GOVERNMENT: As with all schemes of this kind, the OBJECTIVE was good. But when Government plays with other people's money, the temptation to become careless or dishonest appears to be irresistible.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, Log I, p.59. – SPENDING, WELFARE STATE, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, BUDGET, FOREIGN AID

GOVERNMENT: Ask a government to solve a problem and you end up with at last two problems.” - Charles Blackwell, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 8/76. - He is one of those libertarians, who have written hundreds to thousands of libertarian articles - all widely dispersed, instead of being brought together, as collected works, already during their life span, at least on one cheap and efficient alternative medium. Without a total mobilization of all libertarian ideas, opinions, observations proposals, programs, platforms, techniques, formulations, definitions, abstracts, reviews, indexes, bibliographies, jokes, suitable questions, encyclopedias, a comprehensive digital libertarian library on a cheap external HDD and similar tools for liberty, we have largely deprived ourselves of our most important weapons, resources and wisdom. No wonder that we are achieving so little, so slowly and do often stagnate or even slide back. - JZ, 28.7.00, 26.3.13. – TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM, PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, “RELEASE ALL CREATIVE ENRGIES!” NEW DRAFT

GOVERNMENT: Ask not what the government can do for you. Ask what the government is doing to you.” - Motto of David Friedman in essay: Robin Hood Selling Out, in anthology: Facets of Liberty, ed. by L. K. Samuels. - It is also to be found in D. Friedman's The Machinery of Freedom, p.26.

GOVERNMENT: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what your country is doing to you.” – Graffito on an American university campus, quoted by: L.S. Stavrianos, The Promise of the Coming Dark Age, 1976, p. 58. - Ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your government is doing to you. – Joseph Sobran(1990) – - COUNTRY, DUTY, STATISM, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, PATRIOTISM, STATE, NATION COUNTRYREPRESENTATION, COUNTRY

GOVERNMENT: Ask not what your government can do for you; ask, rather, what you can do for yourself.” - Richard Nixon. - Especially with the tax money and liberties, which even the Nixons of this world continue to take away from you without your individual consent. - JZ, 9.7.00. – N., too, was not prepared to get out of our way. – JZ, 28.12.08. - VS. SELF-HELP

GOVERNMENT: ASSISTANCE: Government may but assist by the alacrity with which it gets out of the way.” - Source? - GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE, WELFARE STATE, SELF-HELP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: At almost every point in history Government has been found to be the greatest scandal in the world. Why? And when anything else has been extremely scandalous, this has usually been on account of its association with government. Why?” - A Byington sticker. – SCANDALS, Q.

GOVERNMENT: At least the Mafia are ONLY criminals - not hypocrites as well.” - FREE ENTERPRISE, 8/74. - And the Mafia is better at supplying people with services they do want, even while it has to do so under various legal prohibitions and prosecutions. - JZ, 3.8.00. – In some respects they are simply black market businessmen, in case governmental monopolies or penal laws for victimless crimes give them their chance for this. – Addiction to other drugs should not be the concern of the power addicts. Their anti-drug war makes them even more corrupt and oppressive than they were before and boosts the black market trade in narcotic drugs. - JZ, 27.12.08, 26.3.13. - MAFIA

GOVERNMENT: At present nothing is safe from territorial governments. - JZ, 23.5.73. - Well, private criminals are relatively safe from territorial governments and official criminals, like lawmakers, general politicians and bureaucrats, are, mostly, too, or for all too long. - JZ, 25.7.77 & 20.7.00. - VS. SAFETY, SECURITY, PROPERTY, EARNINGS, PEACE, JUSTICE, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES,

GOVERNMENT: At the moment we have exactly the type and kind of government we deserve. We will have no better until we deserve it. Freedom is earned, not bestowed.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 78. - Do analyze that "we"! Certainly, it does not apply to all people in a territory. It did not apply to Robert LeFevre, for sure! - We ought to achieve the freedom to individually choose the government or society of our own dreams for ourselves or to set it up for ourselves and like-minded people. Only under this condition could all people get exactly the government – or the non-governmental society - they deserve, because they would have chosen it for themselves, for as long as they can stand it. - But he was right here, insofar, as very few people in the world are as yet consistent panarchists, prepared to examine and discard territorialism in all its forms and to adopt exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers in all their forms. To that extent all these people, at least the adults and somewhat rational among them, deserve the territorial governments they do get. They play numerous mind games but do not bother to play the game of considering and working towards the realization of their exterritorial autonomy alternatives for volunteers. - JZ, 29.7.00, 30.11.10, 26.3.13, 23.8.13. – FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, , EXTERRITORIALISM, PERSONAL LAWS, FREELY COMPETING JURISDICTIONS & POLITICAL, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SYSTEMS

GOVERNMENT: At the Revolution there were many Frenchmen who saw in federalism (*) the only way to reconcile liberty and democracy, to establish government on contract, and to rescue the country from the crushing preponderance of Paris and the Parisian population.” - LORD ACTON, Lectures on the French Revolution, ed. by Figgis & Laurence, MacMillan, 1932, p.37. – (*) Not that each local government, also considered as a small territorial federation and States, considered as larger territorial federations than local governments, would come much closer or close enough to genuinely contracted-for institutions, i.e. between individuals with competitively produced and offered public service providers. – Good ideas are often already old and still not fully realized centuries later! - JZ, 1.10.07, 26.3.13. - GOVERNMENTS BASED UPON CONTRACTS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FEDERALISM

GOVERNMENT: At the very heart of British government there is a luxurious and voluntary exclusion of talent.” - Professor Brian Chapman. - Andrews Quotes, 79. - Unfortunately, all too many men of talents strive to become men of power, too, thus wasting their talent. If they should succeed, against all odds, in gaining a top government job, they would still waste their talents in it. - JZ, 1.8.00. –Even the best-informed and wisest man would be quite incompetent to rule the lives of millions of others, no matter how hard and long he tried. – Thus why would any sane person even try to do this or allow anyone to do this to the population, a whole country? – JZ, 28.12.08, 26.3.13, 23.8.13. – GOVERNMENT BY THE INCOMPETENTS, UNTALENTED, POWER-ADDICTS, MISLEADERS, THE IGNORANT, FOOLS, QUACKS, PREJUDICED PEOPLE, LEADERSHIP, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, PARTY LEADERS, EVEN BY RELIGIOUS NUTS: POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS

GOVERNMENT: At times it appears there is not end to the indignities the people will accept in the sacrosanct name of government.” - Jerome Tuccille, Radical Libertarianism, p.98. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

GOVERNMENT: Authoritarian government is well known to be the instrument by which man's freedom to act peacefully is most often hindered or prevented.” - John C. Sparks, THE FREEMAN, 2/74. – Mostly? More often only … ? – JZ - AUTHORITARIANISM VS. INDIVIDUALISM

GOVERNMENT: Authority has always attracted the lowest elements of the human race.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.233. - AUTHORITY & POLITICIANS, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, LEADERSHIP, PARTY BOSSES

GOVERNMENT: Avoid … the tyranny of government.” - Aslam Effendi, REASON, 2/73. - Only territorialism makes them tyrannical! The democratic ones as well! - JZ, 2.8.00. – TYRANNY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Ayn Rand's warnings about the future are no longer applicable to the future; they are applicable to the present. The future has arrived! Men do not tell their governments what to do. Government tells men what to do - and backs it up with force.” - R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.18.

GOVERNMENT: Bakunin wrote that the government of the wise, no matter how honest and learned, would turn men into a flock of sheep obeying without knowing why: the dignity of man, the essence of humanity, lies in understanding and controlling his actions.” – R. Descallar, in: Holterman, Law in Anarchism, 89. His own actions! Otherwise, a territorial political leader may claim to do exactly that R. D. said.  – JZ, 23.8.13. - MAN, DIGNITY & SELF-CONTROL, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, LEADERSHIP, OBEDIENCE

GOVERNMENT: Be it or be it not true that Man is shapen in inequity and conceived in sin, it is unquestionably true that Government is begotten of aggression and by aggression.” - Herbert Spencer. – None recognized all individual rights and liberties or is likely to do so, as a territorial government. – shaped? – Is every intended or unintended conception sinful? Is sex inevitably sinful? - JZ, 27.12.08. - AGGRESSION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Because the major problem of any free government is how to protect the responsible few from the pressures of the irresponsible many. Plato knew that. So did Cicero.” – James A. Michener, Poland, a novel, Secker & Warburg, London, 1983. – A free territorial government is a contradiction in terms. As a territorial government it is not a free government or a free society but a despotism. Either it and its followers should secede and organize exterritorially under personal laws or it should let all its diverse factions and opponents secede from itself to do their own things for or to themselves. That would keep them very busy, too busy to bother about the internal or affairs of other communities and unable to organize wars, civil war or revolutions against them. – JZ, 29.9.07. – The suppression of individual and group secessionism is still characteristic of all territorial States. Rightly they should object only to territorial secessionism (in defence of the individual rights and liberties of those in seceded territories, who would rather have liked to stay with the federation), while not resisting at all any exterritorial secessions of any dissenters, prepared to leave quite alone the government they seceded from and all its remaining voluntary members. Under that condition, at least in the long run, despotism and terrorism would tend to become reduced to the vanishing point. – JZ, 25.12.08, 30.11.10. - FREE GOVERNMENTS & IRRESPONSIBLE MAJORITIES, PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: believed that linear government was the only possible way of controlling man, … - Mark Clifton and Frank Riley, They'd Rather Be Right, ASTOUNDING SF, Nov. 1954, p.122. – Apparently, he meant with “linear”: “Having to toe the line!” - MULTI-LINEAR VS. LINEAR, EXTERRITORIAL VS. TERRITORIAL, COMPETING VS. COMPULSORY OR IMPOSED GOVERNMENT, VOLUNTARY EXPERIMENTS VS. ONE AT TIME, IN A WHOLE COUNTRY, COERCIVE EXPERIMENTATION, SELF-CONTROL VS. MONOPOLISTIC, CENTRALIZED, COMPULSORY & EXTERNALLY IMPOSED CONTROLS

GOVERNMENT: Better a government that pays lip service to democracy than one that does not even do that.” - Fay Weldon, Darcy’s Utopia, Collins, London, 1990, p.86. – But where does mere lip service to flawed ideas get us? Even the totalitarian Soviet Regime pretended that it was for peace, freedom, justice and prosperity. – JZ, 26,3.13. - DEMOCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Better government through less government.” - Slogan quoted in SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, April 78. - This would logically lead, finally, to: The best government is no government. - JZ, 8.6.82. 23.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Beware, the government is armed and dangerous!” - Source?

GOVERNMENT: Big government is for little people.” - Clarence Manion, Cause of Corrupt Government, in Essays on Liberty, II, 335. - That is precisely what the statists and Welfare State advocates believe, namely that it helps the little man. But what any government rather does, is keeping people small. They belittle and impoverish them or get their limbs or lives cut off in wars decided upon and run by them - for the purposes of governments. They keep them immature in a perpetual and nation-wide kindergarten, or even prison, without self-responsibility for some of the most important decisions and actions in their lives. Thus it would be clearer to say that territorial government produces and multiplies small, poor and irresponsible people. It is FOR them only as voting cattle to be led by the nose. - "Big government makes for little people" would be somewhat clearer, too. - JZ, 3.8.00. – However, all those small in their minds are for big and powerful governments. – JZ, 28.12.08. – They should be free to chose them – for themselves only. – JZ, 26.3.13. - PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, BIG GOVERNMENT, STRONG GOVERNMENT, POWERFUL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Big government is that great economic fiction whereby every single individual (*) is led to believe that he or she can live at the expense of every other individual.” - WORKERS PARTY, NSW BULLETIN, Oct. 76. - (*) Every single territorial statist only, presently still the vast majority. Not everyone else falls for that “big lie”. E.g. anarchists and libertarians are exceptions to this rule. - JZ, 26.7.00, 23.8.13. – Alas, these and the other dissenters are not yet panarchistically free to drop out from subordination to it. However much they may disagree among themselves, on this right and liberty they could and should come to agree. – JZ, 29.12.08, 23.8.13. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE, BIG GOVERNMENT, STATISM,

GOVERNMENT: Big government means big bureaucracy which means big taxes; there seems to be no way out of it. Once you’re involved in the system you are trapped, and you end by paying more and more taxes. – Harry Harrison, The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You, 1978, in Sphere Books edition of 1979, p.11. – Even the bureaucracy of small local governments can already be too large and expensive. Secession for individuals and dissenting minorities is not free, nor is associationism under exterritorial autonomy or personal law, in free competition with the remaining rump of statists, or freedom of experimentation among volunteers in spheres territorially monopolized by governments. – JZ, 2.10.12. – BUREAUCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLIES, SECESSIONISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, COMPULSION, STATES

GOVERNMENT: Big Government: An Unnatural Disaster.” – Heading of an article by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, in: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, ed., The Economics of Liberty, Mises Institute, 1990, p.140. – It means bigger taxes, bigger spending and still bigger and more numerous wrongful and irrational governmental interventions and thus government-caused crises of all kinds. – JZ, 25.3.13, 23.8.13. - BIG GOVERNMENT: AN UNNATURAL DISASTER

GOVERNMENT: Big Government: Like an elephant, the government eats and eats from our crops and produces huge piles of shit. - JZ, 17.12.93, 1.1.09. – LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS, WRONGFUL RESTRICTIONS & CONTROLS, CRISES

GOVERNMENT: Both, governments and “Gods” act all too slowly, mostly, when it comes to just actions, but government mills are, probably, the slowest. - JZ, 1973, 2.8.00, 16.3.13. – However, if often rushes into wrongful or irrational and anti-economic actions. – JZ, 23.8.13. - GODS, BUREAUCRACY, PUBLIC SERVANTS, CIVIL SERVICE, RED TAPE

GOVERNMENT: Bureaucrats, politicians, voters and taxpayers act under the delusion that when the government is allowed to spend something, i.e., dispose of funds gathered by compulsory taxation, that thereby something more rightful and useful will be done than would have been done if the tax slaves had remained free to spend their own earnings and savings as they please, and that government spending of the means of others would be more efficient or less wasteful than private spending of the own means for the own aims. In other words, pyramid building goes on and on, with the consent of all too many of the victims.” - JZ, 2.3.01, 2.2.02, 23.8.13. – Under territorialism or majority despotism, and to that extent, the dissenting individuals and minorities don’t get their choices through self-responsible and free actions. – JZ, 26.5.13, 23.8.13. - VOTING, SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: But again within a couple of years the government, which was to save us, is proceeding to do all the things from which we desired to be saved.” – Sir Ernest Benn, Am I A Liberal? 19.3.1929, in Deryck Abel, Ernest Benn, Counsel for Liberty, p.84/85. - AS A "SAVIOR"? PARTIES, GOVERNMENT MEASURES, PLATFORMS, PROGRAMS, ACTIONS, GOVERNMENTAL PROTECTION, STATISM, LEADERSHIP, MISLEADERSHIP, POLITICS AS USUAL, TERRITORIALISM, CHANGING THE GOVERNMENT? THROWING THE RASCALS OUT TO REPLACE THEM BY ANOTHER SET? VOTING, DEMOCRACY, REFORMS

GOVERNMENT: But at least you can protect yourself. - There's no reason for you to go under if the government does. - Whatever the issue, whatever the government's program, whatever the public acceptance, you can always accomplish more for your own life by withholding your support and using your resources on your own. - But do it quietly and anonymously. There's no reason to make a public issue of your views; that won't accomplish anything.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.188. - SELF-PROTECTION, ON THE QUIET. OTHERWISE, NO ENOUGH SELF-PROTECTION OPTIONS ARE LEFT TO US. SELF-HELP, BLACK MARKET

GOVERNMENT: But because nowadays the thoughtful and guiding forces at work in society are few, that is no reason for paralyzing them still more, and for the subjection of many individuals to the direction of a few.” - Malatesta, Anarchy, p.38. - VS. SOCIETY & INDIVIDUALS, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, CENTRALIZATION

GOVERNMENT: But consumers won't be denied that easily. They continue to seek what they want. And producers continually look for ways to exchange with them - with or without government intervention. - This natural law of self-interest creates a moving force that works against the government's programs. And so the programs never achieve their stated objectives. - When rents are controlled in price, housing shortages develop. (*) When new industries have been "stimulated", they fall apart after the subsidies stop. These reactions are simply the marketplace fighting to continue down the path of consumer self-interest. Everything the government does is aimed against the market and the self-interest of consumers - whether or not so intended. - The government's actions bend the market out of shape. And the market seeks inexorably to bend itself back into shape. - The two great powers are like the irresistible force and the immovable object. But when they clash, something must give. - And eventually something does.” - Harry Browne, You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis, p.34. - Unfortunately, he did not clearly favor the ultimate in consumer sovereignty, namely, free choice for individuals of the kinds of governments and societies, they prefer, including all their exterritorial autonomy options and excluding only the continuance of any form of territorial despotism. - Territorial government is the ultimate denial of individual consumer preferences. - He was, once again, running for President, for the Libertarian Party of the U.S. - One of the good features of at least some of his books is that he accompanies them by an alphabetical list of pretty good definitions. – (*) Rather due to a strike of housing producers than consumers! - JZ, 26.7.00. - VS. SELF-INTEREST, THE MARKET & CONSUMERS, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & FREE ENTERPRISE IN EVERY SPHERE, UNDER PERSONAL LAW, PROTECTIONISM, BAILOUTS, SUBSIDIES, HAMPERING TO RESTRICTING OR EVEN SUPPRESSING MARKET RELATIONSHIPS, FREE CONTRACTS FREE ASSOIATIONS, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-DETERMINATION, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISTM

GOVERNMENT: But ever since the 18th century revolutions, which deposed the kings, people have been fascinated by the exercise of political power. Previously, this power had been wielded by king and court, and the people could distinguish between government and themselves. After the revolution, the fiction developed among the peoples of many nations that they were the government. At best, political power is wielded by representatives of the people, who are responsible to the electorate. (*) At worst, tyrants seize power and wield it despotically in the name of "the people".  The worst despotisms in history are the modern totalitarian states, and they all adopt the label, "Peoples' Democracies". (**) Thus develops the fiction that "we are the government". If there is a huge debt, it is condoned by saying, "we owe it to ourselves" (***) and every invasion of personal rights is brushed aside as of no consequences because "we are doing it to ourselves". (****) - Admiral Ben Moreell, Log I, p.131. - - (*) Why forget about direct democracy? - - (**) Genghis Khan didn't and according to some estimates he managed to kill about 50 million people with swords, arrows, lances, fire and clubs. - - (***) Instead of saying, we and our children and grandchildren are the tax slaves who have to pay for it, with interest! - - (****) Instead of saying: Some of us are doing it to others of our fellow-men. - THE PEOPLE, DEMOCRATIC DELUSIONS, POWER, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, PARLIAMENTS

GOVERNMENT: But for this right of resistance, on the part of the people, all government would become tyrannical to a degree of which few people are aware. Constitutions are utterly worthless to restrain the tyranny of governments, unless it be understood that the people will, by force, compel the government to keep within the constitutional limits. Practically speaking, no government knows any limit to its power, except the endurance of the people. But that the people are stronger than the government, and will resist in extreme cases, our governments would be little or nothing else than organized systems of plunder and oppression. All, or nearly all, the advantage there is in fixing any constitutional limits to the power of a government is simply to give notice to the government of the point at which it will meet with resistance. If the people are then as good as their word, they may keep the government within the bounds they have set for it; otherwise it will disregard them - as is proved by the example of all our American governments, in which the constitutions have all become obsolete, at the moment of their adoption, for nearly or quite all purposes except the appointment of officers, who at once become practically absolute, except so far as they are restrained by the fear of popular resistance.” - Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works, II/19. - What else can one expect when bills of rights are still defined, very incompletely and wrongly, by governments only, when territorialism persists, i.e., state membership is still compulsory and with it taxation, all laws, administrations and jurisdiction are imposed, major monopolies like defence and protection are upheld, individuals may not secede and set up exterritorially autonomous communities and a nearly complete and well defined declaration of individual rights and liberties is not declared and is not also upheld by well informed, trained, armed and organized militia citizens? - Governments are better aware than most people are what a difference is made by people in arms, knowing their rights and knowing how best and rightfully to defend them. They are even aware how influential free speech in the open air has been in the past for most democratic movements - and so they severely limit this simple liberty as well and most people never learn to appreciate it. - JZ, 1.8.00, 26.3.143. - TYRANNY, LIMITED BY RESISTANCE & REVOLUTION, BY THE PEOPLE, RATHER THAN CONSTITUTIONS, MILITIAS OF VOLUNTERS FOR NOTHING BUT THE PROTECTION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES TO THE EXTENT THAT THEY COULD & SHOULD BE DECLARED BY NOW

GOVERNMENT: But government and consequently the State, in the last instance, spell violence, mitigated in prosperous times, formidable in times of crisis.” - J. O. Y. Gasset, Concord and Liberty, p.26. – True for territorialism – towards dissenters. But in Panarchies we could have only the violence that Statists voluntarily inflict upon each other or tolerate, just like sado-masochists tolerate their actions. No wrong would be inflicted upon them. They only would give and get what they asked for. – Thus and essentially, such communities and societies would be anarchistic, too, with no imposed rule or rulers. - JZ, 28.12.08. – VIOLENCE, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, ANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: But government enters the market place in republics just as it did during the days of monarchies; the big difference is that now its operations are concealed behind a smokescreen labeled "we are the government". When things go wrong, obviously, "we", who are the government, cannot blame ourselves. But we have to blame somebody, so we blame business!” - Admiral Ben Moreell, Log I, p.132. - DEMOCRACY, BUSINESSMEN, SECRECY,

GOVERNMENT: But government has abandoned the protection of individual rights as its main function. (*) As Frank Chodorov has noted, "It substitutes for the rights of the individual the rights of the clan, the community, the nation. But whence come the rights of these collective fictions? … the idea that a number of people, acting together, have a right which supersedes the rights of the individual is pure fantasy, and one which as experience shows, has been invented to no good purpose.” - Jim Lewis, Liberty Reclaimed, p.5. – (*) Actually, it never functioned as their protector except in the dreams of some advocates of limited governments. - JZ - VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, MAJORITY RULE, TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVIST NATIONALISM

GOVERNMENT: But government, although intended to protect and preserve society, has itself a strong tendency to disorder and abuse of its powers, as all experience and almost every page of history testify.” - John C. Calhoun, A Disquisition on Government, C. G. Post edition, p.7. - PROTECTION, POWER & ITS ABUSE

GOVERNMENT: But I thought the government ... - The government can kiss my ass. They don't know anything. And even if they did, it would be at least ten years before they did anything about it.” - Sam J. Lundwall, 2018 AD or the King Kong Blues, p.55/6. - Unless you offend e.g. against the tax department or the central bank or try to secede or ignore the government publicly and set up an exterritorialist government or society within “its” "turf", or refuse its warfare orders, your find it generally very inefficient, except that it spends, very inefficiently from the viewpoint of rightful and rational purposes, huge tax funds, that it has also all too efficiently and forcefully gathered. I can only wish the government were, in such important spheres, as ineffective as it is often supposed to be. Several decades ago someone published a list of quite a number of private and harmless activities punished by the government by so small fines that it seemed worthwhile to risk them. This listing was suppressed and most of the fines were severely jacked-up. Democratic and republican regimes, too, consider many acts as lese-majesty, as offences against their territorial sovereignty. Mere leaks of some of their many secrets are already severely punished. - JZ, 28.7.00. - STATISM & INEFFICIENCY IN SOME, MOSTLY WRONGFUL SPHERES & INEFFICIENT WHEN IT COMES TO RIGHTFUL & RATIONAL THINGS, SECRECU, WHISTLEBLOWERS

GOVERNMENT: But make not mistake, no matter which level of government gets involved, damage will be done.” - Raymond J. Keating, 4.30.01.

GOVERNMENT: But no government yet has been able to repeal natural laws, though they keep trying.” - Robert Heinlein, Farnham's Freehold, p.35. – Especially all territorial governments. – JZ, 26.3.13. - VS. NATURAL LAWS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: But the characteristic feature of ruling bodies has been an exorbitant levy of taxes as the charge for poor services rendered, accompanied by a prohibition to use any other service than that provided by the body in power.” - Henry Meulen, Free Banking, p.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: But what does "the whole social structure of the U.K." amount to? … That the original robbers and holders of these lands (in both England and Ireland), with such accomplices as they have, from time to time, included to join them, have now, for many hundreds of years, constituted a conspiracy - that is, have organized themselves into what they call a government - for the purpose of sustaining each other in the possession of all the lands they have seized; and also for the purpose of plundering and enslaving all the descendants of those from whom the lands were originally taken; and for the still further purpose of plundering and enslaving, as far as possible, all other peoples in other parts of the world. This conspiracy has existed in an organized form - that is, in the form of both State and Church, - for many hundreds of years. And it is this conspiracy, and nothing else, which you attempt to dignify by the name of "the whole social structure of the U.K.". - Lysander Spooner, No Treason, VI, 5, on the Irish Revolution. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, A LONG-LASTING CONSPIRACY

GOVERNMENT: But when you say government, you say negation of people. When you say negation of people, you say assertion of political authority. When you say assertion of political authority, you say individual dependence. When you say individual dependence, you say caste supremacy. When you say caste supremacy, you say inequality. When you say inequality, you say antagonism. When you say antagonism, you say social war. Hence, when you say government, you say social or civil war.”- A. Bellagarrigue, quoted in THE MATCH, 9/75. - PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, LEGALIZED VICTIMIZERS VS. VICTIMS

GOVERNMENT: By far the most influential such writings throughout the 18th century were "Cato's Letters", written by two libertarian English journalists, John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon. Trenchard and Gordon not only put Locke's ideas into stirring and hard-hitting phrases; they took Locke's "if … then" proposition: that is, if the government transgresses against rights of person and property, then it is proper to rebel against it, and added in effect this insight: "The IF is always here." In other words, they pointed out that it is the essence of Power, of government, to expand beyond its laissez-faire limits; that it is always conspiring and attempting to do so, and therefore that it is the task of the people to guard eternally against this process. That they must always regard their government with hostility and deep suspicion: in short, with what is now disparagingly called, "a conspiracy theory of history."- Murray N. Rothbard, LIBERTARIAN FORUM, 8/77. - No territorial government is under full laissez-faire limits. Under full laissez faire each government would lose its territorial monopoly, its involuntary members and its coercive powers towards non-criminal dissenters. In other words, it would be reduced to just another business enterprise, competing in a free market with its services for voluntary customers. Grant any business the same territorial power, which the territorial States enjoy and it would become as dangerous. - "Resist the beginnings!" - Destroy territorial power and never let it rise again! -  JZ, 26.7.00. - A CONSPIRACY AGAINST LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN FORM OF PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: By government we mean all those practices and attitudes, people and agencies, habits, statutes and interactions which move and live by the principles of regulation and obedience.” - I. R. Ybarra & Fred Woodworth, THE MATCH, June 75. - OBEDIENCE, REGULATIONS, TERRITORIALISM, INVOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP & SUBORDINATIOIN

GOVERNMENT: By now mankind can save itself only if it manages to completely lose its faith in territorial, i.e., monopolistic, centralistic, uniform, coercive and compulsory government. - JZ, 1.8.82 & 26.7.00. – So far we are still almost all organized into targets for nuclear “weapons”. – JZ, 28.12.08. - THE FATE OF MANKIND, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

GOVERNMENT: By their nature they are sluggish, slow to react to new dangers or new opportunities. Just as the frontiersman of the Old west knew that only his own vigilance, courage, strength and skill stood between his family and mortal danger, so must we recognize our individual responsibility on the cryonics frontier.” - R. C. W. Ettinger, Man into Superman, p.254. – LIFE EXTENSION, LONGEVITY, IMMORTALITY

GOVERNMENT: C. Northcote Parkinson … His next book, however, The Law and the Profits (1961), argued that government spending automatically rises to eat up all available income, and suggested that taxation be limited to twenty-percent of the national income.” - Louis Filler, A Dictionary of American Social Reform, article Parkinson’s Law (1957), Philosophical Library, New York, 1963, p.576. - TAX LIMITATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Cabinet, n. The principal persons charged with the mismanagement of a government, the charge being commonly well founded.” - Ambrose Bierce. – CABINET, JOKES, MINISTERS

GOVERNMENT: Can government really work? - JZ, 13.10.76. - Nowadays I would usually expressly qualify this by asking: Can territorial government really work? Meaning centralistic, coercive, monopolistic and collectivist sovereign government over all people in a territory it claims as its own, no matter how limited it may OTHERWISE be? - JZ, 2.8.00. – TERRITORIALISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Can one get any truth through to those in authority to replace any of the myths they already "know" to be "true"? - JZ, 17.8.78. - Rather than having to convert them or the majority of voters, one should be free to opt out from under them. - JZ, 2.8.00. - TRUTHS, IDEAS, EDUCATION, PREJUDICES, ERRORS, MYTHS, SECESSIONISM, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Can territorial governments do anything better and cheaper than free and educated people could do for themselves? - JZ, 24.5.00. - SELF-HELP, VOLUNTARISM, Q.TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Can the government lead the horse to the water - or can it only over-work it and make it thirsty? Moreover, governments do not know what water is, where it can be found and how to get there. - JZ, 6.11.91 & 23.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Can you imagine how free, wealthy, secure and educated we could be, if we were not "helped" by governments? - JZ, 9.11.97. - In Australia governments, at all level, withhold at least about 1 million Australian Dollars in capital assets from each Australian. And they prevent us in many other ways from becoming millionaires by honest work and productive investments, unregulated and untaxed, at least when we reach old age, after working productively for decades. Once citizens become aware in how many ways territorial governments prevent them from becoming rich by their own efforts, we will get the greatest, fastest and most bloodless liberating revolution ever. - JZ, 15.7.00. – GOVERNMENT HELP, SUBSIDIES, HAND-OUTS & STATISM, PEACE PLANS 19 C ON COMPLETE PRIVATIZATION OF ALL GOVERNMENTAL ASSETS

GOVERNMENT: Capital, n. The seat of misgovernment.” - Ambrose Bierce. - Therefore some Workers Party supporters in Australia suggested: Sell Canberra! - All the government buildings, land and utilities there must be worth something to the taxpayers who were forced to finance them. By why confine such privatization to governmental assets in the capital, rather than extending it over the country and giving each taxpayer - or citizen - his certified share, transformable into particularized share issues? - JZ, 3.8.00. - ITS CAPITAL CITY, PEACE PLANS 19 C – on expropriating the politicians and bureaucracy of their control over all public assets and distribution claims to them to all citizens. It is online at

GOVERNMENT: Charity" and "welfare" through territorial governments is conceptionally and financially quite wrong. All governments should have to depend, for their incomes, upon a) private charity, b) on private loans, for which only their voluntary members and subjects can be held responsible, and c) on the sale of competitive services to voluntary customers. - Only then will at least some people get the services they really want and deserve, without anyone being wronged and robbed in the process. - JZ, 25.11.93, 23.8.13. - CHARITY, PANARCHISM, TAXES & VOLUNTARY TAXATION, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: Charles Orsino found himself a member of a pirate band that called itself the North American Government.” - C. M. Kornbluth, The Syndic, p.65. – CRIME, STATISM, TAXATION, LAWS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: chop down … the size, the cost and the power of all our governments.” - Workers Party advertisement THE NATIONAL TIMES, 17.11.75. - POWER, TAXES, SIZE

GOVERNMENT: Chop off all hand-outs! - JZ, n.d., probably early 70's.

GOVERNMENT: Christians argue that the State is the price we pay for Adam's fall. If men were perfect, they say, we could have anarchy. Anarchists say the opposite. If all men were virtuous, the most perfect among them might be entrusted with political power, which is the right to use violence against one's fellow man. But since no one is completely virtuous, it is folly to entrust anyone with governmental power. - Allen Thornton. – He proposed “bi-archy” as a first step towards the realization of panarchism for all communities of volunteers. – JZ - MAN

GOVERNMENT: Citizen controls rather than government controls. - JZ, 4.1.97. - These controls by citizens to include but not to be confined e.g. referendum, recall, voluntary taxation, class actions against government interventionism, citizen veto, individual secessionism, alternative institutions in form of exterritorially autonomous communities, voluntary State membership, competing juridical, police, penal and administrative systems, competing constitutions for volunteer communities, ideal militias for the protection of individual rights, competitive public services, disarmament of territorial governments by the peoples, proclamation of rightful war and peace aims by the peoples, separate peace treaties between the peoples over the heads of the rulers, tyrannicide, prizes on the heads of tyrannical rulers. Prizes for the disarmament or handing over of any anti-people mass murder device, a fully developed libertarian revolution, liberation and defence program, monetary and financial freedom, tax strikes, refusals to accept government money, golden handshakes to retire our leaders and "helpers" (much cheaper than continuing to pay them!), lie detector test and voice stress analysis, combined with linguistic analysis of all public statements of politicians and top bureaucrats, (*) personal responsibility for all their criminal actions, an as complete and developed individual rights code as could and should be compiled and widely publicized now, an alternative system for genuine education and enlightenment via many alternative, efficient and affordable paths and media. A complete blueprint for liberty could bring us freedom, peace, security, justice, wealth and rapid progress in our times. It even could bring great life-extension, intelligence expansion and space exploration steps within our reach. – JZ, 4.1.97 & 15.7.00.  - (*) By now, as I have read somewhere, even external measurements on the human skull are possible, which do detect different electronic reaction in brains, in case of lies. Perhaps these should and should be continuously applied during all their speeches and interviews and public statements. Then they could not get away with as much as they still do today. – But people free to secede from them would not need such precautions. - JZ, 28.12.08. - CONTROLS VS. CITIZEN CONTROLS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS VS. GOVERNMENT GRANTS, LICENCES & CONCESSIONS, HAND-OUTS & SUBSIDIES, LIE DETECTORS SCANNING BRAIN ACTIVITY, NEW DRAFT

GOVERNMENT: Citizen’s forces rather than government forces. - But rightful citizen’s forces or militias mean very much more and also very much less than the arming and training of every ignorant, prejudiced and wrongfully motivated Tom, Dick and Harry, under the pretence that they could represent "the people" and could defend their rights and liberties effectively. Here, too, self-responsible professionalism and competence is required, an elite, rather than merely "people in arms". - JZ, 10.7.00. – Maybe Cromwell’s “Ironsides” came so far closest to that ideal. But in his times, too, only a fraction of all genuine individual rights and liberties was as yet known. – JZ, 27.12.08. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, FORCE, MILITARY POWER & MILITIA

GOVERNMENT: Citizens are now like minors, seduced and betrayed or even raped and murdered by the governments supposed to protect them. – At 18, and, sometimes, even younger, they are also considered to be ready to the governments’ slaughter fields and bombs and rockets can hit them at any age, even when still in their mother’s womb. – What rights arise for subjects that are not or no longer protected by territorial governments? Do they owe such governments anything? - JZ, 7.7.93, 31.12.08. - SEDUCTION & BETRAYAL, CONSCRIPTION, AIR RAIDS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, Q., OBEDIENCE, CONSENT, RESISTANCE, LOYALTY

GOVERNMENT: Citizens are now treated like minors, controlled and betrayed by "paternalistic", authoritarian centralized, monopolistic and territorial governments, mis-educated, robbed and cheated by them in almost every respect, all under the pretense that territorial governments can and do represent all citizens and have gained their sufficient consent from all individuals involved and that they do serve the citizens rather than themselves.  If only at least one message could be got through to the majority of the government's victims, namely, that governments, by various policies and practices, prevent most citizens from becoming millionaires, through their own labors and investments, at least in their old age, after a long period of productive labor and of private and competitive as well as quite free insurance for this purpose. – Also through a complete privatization as described in PEACE PLANS 19 C, online on a CD reproduced at www.butterbach.nett/lmpcd2/  Ignorant citizens remain grateful to a government that pretends that it is the government which provides them with its meager old age pension and asserts that all governmental assets are already their property, although they cannot control them and get no dividends from them but, are, rather, highly taxed to cover their mismanagement and corruption. - JZ, 7.7.93 & 10.7.00, 26.3.13, 23.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Citizens can do more positive things for themselves than governments could - if only the governments would get out of their way and out of their pockets. - JZ, 14.1.92. - VS. CITIZENS, LAISSEZ FAIRE, SELF-HELP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: City government had become a vessel that was sinking from leaks at the top.” - L. J. Peter, The Peter Plan, 6. – JOKES, CITY GOVERNMENT, LOCAL GOVERNMENT, MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT, JOKES, WHISTLEBLOWERS, CORRUPTION, PUBLICATION OF ITS SECRETS

GOVERNMENT: Coercion is the key ingredient of government. It is its distinguishing characteristic. It is the thing that makes government government.” - Michael E. Coughlin, DANDELION, Winter 78. - One characteristic feature of this coercion should be specially mentioned but is usually ignored because it is assumed that all governments must possess it: territoriality. Without all aspects of it, governments would be reduced to free societies of volunteers, doing their things to and for themselves, harmless to other people and societies. - JZ, 28.7.00. – COERCION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Competent government isn't just difficult to achieve - it is impossible. - JZ, 29.7.89. - I would qualify that remark now and confine it to territorial governments. Competing governments, with voluntary members only, and societies of volunteers, offering only the package deals that their members desire, would not be much different from any well organized large business enterprises, with sufficient in-built pro-freedom checks. - JZ, 18.7.00. – INCOMPETENT, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Concede nothing to government beyond" the role of a competing and voluntaristic association with exterritorial autonomy only. - JZ, 10/74 & 3.8.00, quoting words by Leonard E. Read in THE FREEMAN, 11/73, in one of his defences of limited government. - CONCESSIONS TO GOVERNMENT? LIMITED GOVERNMENT?

GOVERNMENT: Confiding unlimited power to government is the same as giving a casual acquaintance a signed blank cheque.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, The Admiral's Log II, p.146, 1960, The Intercollegiate Society of Individualists, Philadelphia. - UNLIMITED POWER

GOVERNMENT: Conservatives and liberals are kindred spirits as far as government spending is concerned. First, let's make sure we understand what government spending is. Since government has no resources of its own, and since there's no Tooth Fairy handing Congress the funds for the programs it enacts, we are forced to recognize that government spending is no less than the confiscation of one person's property to give it to another to whom it does not belong – in effect, legalized theft.” – Walter Williams – GOVERNMENT SPENDING, TAXATION, REDISTRIBUTIONISM

GOVERNMENT: Consider, too, the tone of political life. Walpole, for long Prime Minister, made sure of his colleagues' support by tucking L 500 in their table napkins when they came to dine. (*) Chatham did not seem extreme when he described the government's conduct as "one continued series of weakness, temerity, despotism, ignorance, futility, negligence … incapacity and corruption", relieved by "only one merit - a strict attention to your own interests." - Does that ring any contemporary bells?” - From THE AUSTRALIAN, 14.10.72. - (*) Now this situation has been somehow reversed. If you, not being an important government member, want to have a dinner with one of the influential leaders, then you might have to buy a "plate" at this dinner with a contribution of around A $ 5,000. The briber has become the bribee, selling his influence, to all who can afford it and can profit from it. - JZ, 3.8.00. – CORRUPTION, FAVORITISM, LOBBIES, SPECIAL INTERESTS

GOVERNMENT: considering government's record in the past, can one consider it one's friend?” - John Hospers, REASON, 9/72. - A FRIEND, BY ITS RECORD, OR AN ENEMY?

GOVERNMENT: Considering what a nuisance the Government is, the man who says we cannot get rid of it must be called a confirmed pessimist.” - A Byington sticker. – We ought to get rid only of territorially imposed governments. Even crackpot governments and societies should be permitted - for their volunteers – not only moral and rational ones, however diverse. – JZ, 30.12.08, 26.3.13. - PESSIMISM, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, LIBERTARIANISM, ARCHISM, ALL IN THEIR VARIETY FOR ALL OF THEIR VOLUNTEERS

GOVERNMENT: Constant emphasized that governments were the result of conquest, of elements of the past, and of stagnation; and that the opposition between peoples and governments was the significant thing.” - Leonard P. Liggio, JLS, Sum. 77, 178. – TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: constitutional government a decision bottleneck.” - Steve Witham, THE CONNECTION 123, p.31. - I would rather call it a "territorial" government, whether it is a constitutional one or not. All do more or less monopolize decision-making, whether upon one individual, a number of appointees or various committees. - Obviously, centralized decision-making power, for all people living in a territory, whether they consent to it or not, should either be abolished or severely restricted by voluntarism, based upon individual sovereignty and secessionism. Only self-limited decentralized, and individualized decision-making power can be rightful, fast, and efficient or will at least limit the wrongs and damages done to the smallest degrees, spreading them only among the self-responsible voluntary members. - JZ, 18.7.00. - DECISION-MAKING & CONSTITUTIONALISM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL DECENTRALISM &VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Convinced that morality owes nothing to law, Addis reasoned that the truly good man is the individual who breaks the law rather than the subject who compulsively obeys commands, which have no fundamental meaning to him. Addis viewed government as a gigantic "conspiracy of the rich to rob the poor." (*) - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.264, quoting Henry Ad - While the poor believe that they are soaking the rich! Both wrong each other to the extent that they infringe each other's rights and liberties. If they cannot come to an agreement, let them secede from each other. Then neither can any longer blame the other for the negative results of the own mistakes and errors. - JZ, 20.6.80 & 29.7.00, 24.8.13. – (*) To some extent the poor rob or soak the rich: “… according to FORTUNE, in 2006, the wealthiest 3% of taxpayers paid 54% of all income taxes. Democratic President John F. Kennedy reduced the highest marginal tax rate from 90% to 70% because he felt that all taxpayers, regardless of financial status, deserved to keep more of their money. The change led to increased economic activity, more jobs, and more savings.” – Kent Frederick, Chicago, in TIME, 24.11.08, p. 6. – JZ, 30.12.08. - LAW, MORALITY, RICH & POOR

GOVERNMENT: Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for the law.” - Justice Louis D. Brandeis. - Contemptible laws do a pretty good job for this, on their own. The trouble is that the governments tend to enforce these and break laws that are somewhat based on common law and natural law. - JZ, 9.6.92. – While “the” law is respectable, most laws are mere legislation and as such contemptible. As territorially imposed laws they are all contemptible. However, the same laws are tolerable as personal laws for the voluntary members of Panarchies, who have chosen them for themselves. – JZ, 28.12.08, 26.3.13. – TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT AS A LAWBREAKER, OR CRIMINAL WITH VICTIMS

GOVERNMENT: Criminal Regime, n. Regime." - L. A. Rollins, Lucifer's Lexicon. – Territorial governments legalized and established many government monopolies for many major crimes with involuntary victims. – JZ, 25.3.13. - REGIME, CRIME

GOVERNMENT: Curb government; … cut it back and cut it down. - The concern was liberty.” - Karl Hess, The Lawless State, p.7.

GOVERNMENT: Cut government down to nothing but what is voluntary. - JZ, 1.12.94. - Deprive it of all territorial powers, all monopolistic constitutional, legal, policing, juridical and administrative powers. And do the cutting down by individual citizen actions, by individuals and groups of individuals becoming free to secede. - JZ, n.d.  & 24.8.13– LIMITED GOVERNMENT, CUT TAXES, CUT SPENDING? VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Defend America against the government. – Anonymous – Not the geographical America, North America, South America and Middle America, needs defending but their various and very mixed populations. The defence is also not needed against just one territorial government there but against all of them. One would not need much, if any defence at all, against any government there or elsewhere, which is only one for its volunteers and which does not claim or defend a territorial monopoly. – JZ, 26.4.13, 24.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Democracy means government by the uneducated, while aristocracy means government by the badly educated.” - G. K. Chesterton, NEW YORK TIMES, 1 Feb. 1931. – DEMOCRACY, ARISTOCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Denials by governments are often confirmations of a truth or fact. - JZ, 9.7.00. - DENIALS

GOVERNMENT: Depend on it. When something's working nicely and everyone is happy, the Government is sure to put its nose in and muck everything up.” - From an article in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 19.7.77. - Author unknown. - MEDDLING, CONTROLS, REGULATIONS, INTERVENTIONISM, LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: Despite all the ingenuity of State-theorists we never lose our belief that government is a necessary nuisance, and, though the day when we can dispense with it may be infinitely distant, we cling to our faith in the day. Spencer gave to this persistent faith a biological flavor, and when he talked of society moving towards a complete equilibrium of interests and towards a complete individuation of its component parts, he was doing no more than project into a scientifically visioned future that State of Nature which the mediaevalists had constructed in a mythically visioned past.” - Ivor Brown, English Political Theory, Methuen, London, 1920, p.133. – envisioned? – JZ - AN EVIL, HARMONY, EQUILIBRIUM, SPENCER

GOVERNMENT: Despite his metaphysical disagreements with most of the major 19th century anarchist theorists, Tolstoy shared their ultimate goal of a society without government. To his critics who asked what he would put in place of government, he simply replied that there was no need to replace it with anything; an organization, which being unnecessary has become harmful, would simply be abolished and society would continue on its own beneficial course as before. Indeed, "even if the absence of Government really meant Anarchy in the negative, disorderly sense of that word - which is far from being the case - even then no anarchical disorder would be worse than the position to which Governments have already led their peoples, and to which they are leading them.” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.375. - Without models for alternative societal organization the strong tendency would persist to re-introduce any overthrown territorial government by another such government. Only once the radical step is taken, which abolishes compulsory and exclusive territorialism, with its uniformly imposed laws and its compulsory membership, and this by associations (communities and societies), which have only voluntary members (via individual secessionism) and which are only exterritorially autonomous, would a relapse into territorial authoritarianism become rather unlikely. - JZ, 12.7.00. – The new model of political, social and economic organization must really be seen and freely operate to become widely understood, attractive and spread, ultimately generally. – JZ, 31.12.08, 26.3.13. – PANARCHISM MUT BE PRACTICALLY DEMONSTRATED – BY VOLUNTEERS, TO BECOME INFECTIVE. - SOCIETY, ANARCHISM, DISORDER, CHAOS. EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE ENTERPRISE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & FREEDOM OF CONTRACT IN EVERY SPHERE NOW TERRITORIALLY MONOPOLIZED.

GOVERNMENT: Despotic regimes are intolerable - and every government is more or less despotic - unless it is merely practised among its volunteers. - JZ, 23.6.87, 26.3.13. - DESPOTISM, VS. VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM,

GOVERNMENT: Despotism has passed from the palaces of the kings to the circle of a committee. It is neither the royal robes nor the scepter nor the crown that makes kings hated, but ambition and tyranny. In any country, there has only been a change in dress.” - Jean Varley, Explosion, 1793, quoted by Paul Avrich, The Russian Anarchists, p.204. - DESPOTISM, DEMOCRACY & COMMITTEES, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Devaluate government programs. Revaluate and evaluate your own freedom projects. - JZ, 20.5.76, 1.2.02. - At least list all your freedom projects online, in a common libertarian projects list, to gain for all of them their potential world-wide supporters. See the beginnings of such a list in PEACE PLANS No. 20. - JZ, 1.2.02. - GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS VS. FREEDOM PROJECTS, LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS LIST

GOVERNMENT: Did any of the candidates, while promising heaven on earth if they were elected, offer any estimate of the cost to the electors? They did not. - The fact is that government's chief occupation has become the redistribution of wealth and income - which is the well-worn euphemism for taking money from those who earned it and giving some of it to others who didn't.” - Kenneth McDonald, in THE FREEMAN, 4/79. - Since the "brokerage fee", administration or transaction costs of bureaucracy is rather large, it should be mentioned, too. - Ulrich von Beckerath proposed that all new legislation should be accompanied by cost estimates and proposals on how the required means are to be obtained, e.g. by which additional taxation or by which kind of cost-cutting. One might add that the party proposing a bill should also be held financially responsible for any cost over-run of its estimate, rather than permitting it to burden the taxpayers with it. That could rapidly bankrupt all too “promising” political parties. - JZ, 29.7.00. - DISTRIBUTIONISM, REDISTRIBUTION, TRANSFER PAYMENTS, TAXATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, WELFARE STATE, ELECTIONS, PARTIES

GOVERNMENT: Did kings do as much wrong and damage with their prejudices, ignorance, whims and power-addiction as the "democratic" governments do now do, quite "lawfully" - apart from their remaining illegal actions? - JZ, 3.8.91 & 22.7.00. – Were their taxes as high burdens as those of democracies and republics? – JZ, 24.8.13. – KINGS, MONARCHIES, TAX TRIBUTES, REPUBLICANISM & DEMOCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Did the mass of men know the actual selfishness and injustice of their rulers, not a government would stand a year. The world would ferment with revolution. - Theodore Parker - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – RULERS, LEADERSHIP, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, SELF-INTEREST, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES & INJUSTICE, EVEN CRIMES OF RULERS, PUBLICITY VS. SECRECY & COVER-UPS, WHISTLE-BLOWERS

GOVERNMENT: Did You Know: Government spending, per person, adjusted to real 1992 dollars, has risen from $450 in 1913, to $11,250. Remember who pays for that ...” - Secrets of the Sentient. SPENDING, BUDGET, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Disband the controlling government departments, which invent nothing, produce nothing and cost the earth.” - Dr. H. L. Soper, 1981. - BUREAUCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Disestablish coercive government. - JZ 10.3.73. - Every territorial government, to the extent that it is a territorial government, is also a despotic regime towards all but its own followers in this territory. - JZ, 21.7.00. – Compared with its public power crimes against masses of its subjects, its restraints of private competing criminals are rather insignificant and should be replaced by those of privately and competitively provided protective, juridical and penal services. – JZ, 24.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Disparate little bits of information can be put together for particular purposes, and likewise particular skills. But to suppose that because a group of men could build and decorate St. Paul's Cathedral and another group can design and build a Rolls-Royce motor car, that some other group of men and women can order whole societies, plan them, control them, and bring them to the kingdom of heaven, is to contradict everything we know about knowledge and its acquisition. There is a sin called pride, and there is an unfashionable aphorism, that pride goeth before a fall. Circumspice!” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, p.117. - Only on the whole, free and worldwide market for all kinds of information, and talents, all sufficiently publicized or otherwise accessible, can all the best information be expected to be found to cope with all remaining and newly occurring problems. - Limiting knowledge for the common good to that which can be provided in a territory and by a few of its "chosen people", the power-addicted go-getters, the scum that rises to the top in the present territorial political process, is an absurdity. - JZ, 29.7.00, - KNOWLEDGE & SPECIALIZATION, PRIDE, PRETENCE, EXPERTS & INCOMPETENCE, SPECIALIZATION, DIVISION OF LABOR, POWER, CENTRALIZING & MONOPOLIZING EXPERIMENTATION, PLANNING, TERRITORIALISM, RULERS, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: divine right of government" - term used by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, in Illuminatus I, p.149, ascribing such belief to the Masons. - DIVINE RIGHT OF GOVERNMENT, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

GOVERNMENT: Do "not ... 'improve' government, but, quite literally, get it off the backs of the people altogether." - Karl Hess, The Lawless State. - REFORM OR ABOLITION?

GOVERNMENT: Do governments EVER get a rightful and sensible message or idea? Do they ever comprehend it, if they do? If they do, do they ever act upon it? If so, then in how many cases of one thousand? - JZ, 15.7.98 & 15.7.00. – Territorial governments are not open to better ideas, while panarchies would be. For every new or old good idea at least some volunteers, some experimenters, could be found – and they could then go ahead with it, at their risk, and expense. – JZ, 29.12.08, 26.3.13. – Q., TERRITORIALISM, DEAF & DUMB, INACCESSIBLE TO REASON & SOUND IDEAS, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: Do governments ever stop lying? Do politicians, bureaucrats, judges, policemen and other "public servants" speak the truth and nothing but the truth, in their official capacities, or would they, thereby, endanger their careers? - Just compare how "whistleblowers" and those who "leak" government secret documents are treated, if caught. - JZ, 14.10.97 & 15.7.00. – POLITICIANS, SECRECY, WHISTLEBLOWERS, PUBLICITY, LIES, FALSE PRETENSES

GOVERNMENT: Do not buy or recognize public securities. - JZ, 9.8.76. - They are investments in tax slaves. - JZ, 14.7.00. – SECURITIES, PUBLIC DEBT CERTIFICATES

GOVERNMENT: Do they deserve such names or should one always rather speak of government interferences, government coercion, government meddling, the criminalization and penalization of peaceful and innocent actions, governmental violence, governmental extortion, tributes collected by governments etc.? - JZ, 18.9.00, 30.1.02. – Q., ACTIONS, GOVERNMENT MEASURES, GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS, TAXATION, NATIONAL AIMS, LANGUAGE, TERMINOLOGY

GOVERNMENT: Do you know how governments are established? I have made a list of the things that happen. - Number one, by direct force and violence. That is basic. Governments all use force directly or indirectly, because governments employ politics and rely on a monopoly of coercion. So force is always there. Another procedure that some governments employ is that they convince a significant number of people in the territory over which they propose to rule that God has willed it. Therefore they are carrying out the orders from on high. - That's a very persuasive argument. Very few people want to defy God. And if you can, convince a significant number of people that God is behind you, you can become a God in their eyes. - Then there is another method that is used. - The argument is, that although when I'm in your government I'm going to kick in your door, steal your property, abuse your friends and relatives, and take your money, if you don't let me do it, there is a guy bigger than I am on the other side of the hills. And he'll hurt you worse. So you had better take it from me because I'm a nice fellow. This argument is called the lesser of two evils.” - Robert LeFevre, Good Government, p.15. - ESTABLISHMENT & MAINTENANCE, VIOLENCE, RELIGION, PROMISES & THREATS, THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS, MANDATE FROM GOD OR "THE PEOPLE" OR THE MAJORITY AS HIS SUBSTITUTE,

GOVERNMENT: Do you know know, my son, with how little reason the world is governed?” - Pope Julius III & Viglius Zuichemus. - (An nescis, mi fili, quantilla prodentia mundus regatur?) - I have so far always seen it ascribed to the Count of Oxenstierna, during the peace negotiations at Osnabrueck, at the end of the 30-year war, 1648. - JZ - STUPID RATHER THAN REASONABLE, REASON, RATIONALITY, MORALITY, ETHICS, STUPIDITY, FOOLISHNESS

GOVERNMENT: Do you know of any real excuse for the existence of any government? - JZ, 16.10.88. - I could think of only one: Some volunteers want one type or the other of governmentalism for themselves and unanimously agreed to provide it for themselves, at their own risk and expense. That falls under the liberty of fools. All free people would grant them that right and the right to secede individually or in groups, once they have sufficiently learned their lesson. - JZ, 18.7.00. – SECESSIONISM, FOOLISHNESS, CHOICE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, DOING THE OWN THINGS FOR OR TO ONESELF

GOVERNMENT: Do you know of any supposed "government function" which territorial governments have been able to fulfill satisfactorily? I for one cannot think of even one. - JZ, 6.7.91. - GOVERNMENT FUNCTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Do you realize that the government is selling your liberty to the ones offering it their favors? - JZ, 3/72. - GOVERNMENT IS SELLING YOUR LIBERTIES, CORRUPTION, FAVORITISM, BUYING VOTES

GOVERNMENT: Do you usually act rightfully only out of fear of being caught and convicted when doing wrong? And is the police very effective in dealing with criminals who do not seem to possess a conscience? - JZ, 29.3.89 & 18.7.00. - POLICING, SELF-POLICING, CONTROL & SELF-CONTROL, CRIMES

GOVERNMENT: Does government spending boost the economy? - "For every dollar spent by a government official, a taxpayer spends a dollar less." - John F. McCarthy, Jr., in BOOK NEWS, Fall 72. - In our governmental mis-education system even such simple facts are ignored and the voting cattle are kept so uninformed that politicians manage to brag to them how much more they are going to spend! - JZ, 4.8.00. - SPENDING & TAXATION, PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE BUDGETS & SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Does it improve things to have imperfection rule imperfection?” - Jo Labadie, What Is Anarchism? - MAN, IMPERFECT MEN


GOVERNMENT: doing the government in at every possible chance - avoid it, evade it, even lie to it, if necessary. They make a pattern of doing that to you anyway.” - Karl Hess, GREEN REVOLUTION, Sept. 78. - One has to distinguish here, too between defensive acts - hanging on to more of one's rights, liberties, life and property, and aggressive acts, harming lives, even if only of agents of the State, destroying or stealing property - and thus wronging and harming the taxpayers. There are rightful forms of resistance and revolutions and there are wrongful ones. It is high time for libertarians to finally come to an agreement on them. - JZ, 27.7.00. - LIES, TREASON, BETRAYAL, DISOBEDIENCE, CHEATING, FRAUD, RESISTANCE, LIBERATION, SOUND PROGRAM

GOVERNMENT: Don't leave anything to the government. - JZ, 5.4.91. - Unless it is one with voluntary members only and reduced to exterritorial autonomy. For such a “fools' liberty“ should be granted to all, in realization of the right to make mistakes at the own expense and risk, also as the right to benefit from one’s own correct decisions. - JZ, 15.7.00, 26.3.13. – Never mind other people considering you to be a fool if you do what you know is moral and useful for you, at your own expense and risk. – Assume, as far as you can, and as far as possible, full responsibility over your own life, your own associations, contracts, commitments, towards genuine self-government, self-determination, self-management, self-responsibility. – Leave as little as possible, if anything, in the hands of any territorial bureaucrats and politicians, all more or less addicted to power and more interested in promoting their own interests rather than yours. – Unless, naturally, you do it only among like-minded statists and this at your own expense and risk. Deterrent examples are also providing a public service. - JZ, 24.8.13. - LEAVE, RESPONSIBILITY, DELEGATION, STATISM, TRUST REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

GOVERNMENT: Don't let government grow! - JZ, 16.5.73. – Alas, what powers and freedom of action do citizens now have to prevent such growth and which rights, liberties and opportunities should they posses and systematically work for to enable them to disable wrongful and despotic governments? Wishful thinking is certainly not enough. – JZ, 28.12.08. – Q., GROWTH, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, MILITIA, PROGRAM FOR A LIBERTARIAN REVOLUTION, AN IDEAL DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, A COMPLETE FREEDOM LIBRARY ON A CD, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS LIST, DECLARATION OF ALL GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, NEW DRAFT, RESISTANCE, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION & MILITARY INSURRECTION PROGRAMS AGAINST ALL KINDS OF DESPOTISM

GOVERNMENT: Don't make a government project out of it.” - From film: Meet John Doe, 1941, with Gary Cooper. - PROJECTS

GOVERNMENT: Don't think it is enough to replace one set of rulers by another; that the simple change brings freedom.” - Poul Anderson, The Stars Like Dust, p.57. - No matter which party or politician or government you vote for, always a party, politician or government gets in. What is worse is that the supposed change is no real and worthwhile change in most cases. The new government, like the old government, is a territorial government, unless you aimed to change that and undertook all the steps required to set up competing and voluntary exterritorial governments and free societies of volunteers only. Otherwise: “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” as an old French proverb says. - JZ, 2.8.00, 30.11.10. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, CHANGE, VOTING, ELECTIONS, PARTY POLITICS

GOVERNMENT: Don't trust the government. Your money is your life.” - From an advertisement in THE FREE MARKET, 30.3.73. - TRUST, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Don't vote. The Government will get in.” - Graffiti in Oxford. - From a collection of Graffiti. - VOTING

GOVERNMENT: Don't want nothing t' do with the gov'ment…. They brung all this on us." - Poul Anderson, The Book of Poul Anderson, p.24.

GOVERNMENT: Don't worry about the government, it's run like nobody's business.” - Quoted by Spencer Heath McCallum, according to NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY 67, March 27, 1977. - True to some extent - but any territorially autonomous governance among volunteers only can do only some wrong and harm to them. – It can also, with its kind of freedom to experiment, contract and associate, much that is right  and useful and will spread widely, by voluntary acceptance, once is recognized as such. The mistakes made among volunteers will be valuable lessons for them and for many of the outside observers. - JZ, 19.4.89, 19.7.00, 26.3.13, 24.8.13. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TRYING TO SET ATTRACTIVE EXAMPLES AMONG VOLUNTEERS, PIONEERING ATTEMPTS SHOULD BE FREE

GOVERNMENT: Don’t Be Fooled! - The Government is NOT "our Servant". The Government is NOT "the country". The Government is NOT "the people". - The Government is an agency of force which taxes our incomes in exchange for regulating our lives.” - Simon Jester, # 111. - This statement was also used in a leaflet of the Australian Progress Party. –  SOCIETY, STATE, PEOPLE, POPLULATIONS

GOVERNMENT: Don’t trust the government! Ever! – James W. Huston, Fallout, Harper Collins Publishers, 2001, p.45. – Don’t trust ANY TERRITORIAL government – ever! – Power corrupts! – JZ, 26.3.13. – TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, POWER, TRUST & DISTRUST, LIMITED GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Don’t you think if government COULD fix things it would  have by now? - Douglas Darby shared Capitalism's photo. Capitalism - The Angel Clark Show – Facebook, 23.3.13. – Q., STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, POLITICIANS, GOVERNMENTALISM, BUREAUCRACY, CENTRALIZATION, PLANNING, CONTROLS, REGULATIONS, LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: Downsize governments! Down to zero! - JZ, 9.11.97. – A good rule for all territorial governments. – JZ, 26.3.13. – Start with and continue making voluntarism and personal law the foundation for all governmental systems, societies and communities, rather than territorialism, its monopolism, compulsions and collectivism. Recognize the rightfulness of individual sovereignty and individual secessionism. Downsize governments towards zero government – by confining them to voluntary victims under personal law and depriving them of all territorial monopolies. – JZ, 24.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: During the 20th century] … 170 million men, women, and children have been shot, beaten, tortured, knifed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed, or worked to death; buried alive, drowned, hung, bombed, or killed in any other of the myriad ways governments have inflicted death on unarmed, helpless citizens and foreigners. –R. J. Rummel, Death by Government - & TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCIDE, MASS MURDERS

GOVERNMENT: during the past 5,000 years of human history, formal governments have been responsible for at least 1500 wars - that is to say, an average of almost one war every three years.” - Aslam Effendi, REASON, 2/73. - This they call their necessary provision of "security". - JZ, 2.8.00. - & WAR, THE WARFARE STATE, TERRITORIALISM, SECURITY, DEFENCE

GOVERNMENT: Each governmental power tends to enlarge its domains and the number of people it can exploit.” - L. Labadie, What Is Man's Destiny? – POWER-ADDICTION & MADNESS, CONQUESTS, WARFARE STATES, TAX-SLAVERY, EXPLOITATION

GOVERNMENT: each individual of society may be capable of governing his own sphere, the agglomerate government is incapable of governing anything except through intimidation and pure luck.” - Dean R. Koontz, A Darkness in my Soul, Daw Books, N.Y., 1972, p.100. - VS. SELF-GOVERNMENT & INDIVIDUALISM

GOVERNMENT: Each peaceful and productive individual should get only as much government as he is willing to pay for - and this only from an individually chosen and quite competitive private supplier. - JZ, 19.12.93 & 10.7.00, 24.8.13. - TAXATION, INDIVIDUALISM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Economic history is a long record of government policies that failed because they were designed with a bold disregard for the laws of economics.” – Ludwig von Mises. – Their external policies provide also a long record of government-produced disasters, based upon a governmental disregard for individual rights and liberties, inherent in their territorial rule and claims. – JZ, 2.1.08. – POLICIES, ECONOMICS, PLANNING, INTERVENTIONISM, PRICE CONTROLS, INFLATIONS, DEFLATIONS, STAGFLATIONS, LAWS, LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: Economy does not stand in need of much public attention; government requires a great deal more than we might suppose it should, just to keep it in its place. It may be redundant to refer to a free economy, for can economy be anything but free…?” - Clarence B. Carson, What Is Economy? THE FREEMAN, July 76, 435. – The economy needs freedom and publicity, not external controls by third parties, internally and world-wide, unless some actions do infringe the genuine individual rights and liberties of third parties. There is e.g. nor right or liberty to pollute their environment. Territorial governments need maximum controls, as a result of their compulsory members and subjects. Panarchies of like-minded volunteers need only minimum controls as a result. Individual secessionism and confinement to exterritorial autonomy, individual, or personal law, a common comprehensive individual rights and liberties declaration and the protection of these rights liberties by ideal volunteer militias, to the extent that any community of volunteers wants these right and liberties protected, will keep them limited and controlled. However, a federation of such local militias could, potentially, become very strong in defence and also in liberation efforts. - JZ, 31.7.92, 28.12.08, 26.3.13, 24.8.13. - THE ECONOMY, FREE ECONOMY, FREE MARKET, VS. MEDDLING, INTERVENTIONISM, TAXATION, REGULATIONS, VOLUNTARISM & INDIVIDUAL CHOICES AS STRENGTHS, MILITIA

GOVERNMENT: Enabling governments disables the people. - JZ, 25.8.98. – This is true only for territorial governments. Societies, communities and governance systems of volunteers only, under exterritorial autonomy or personal law, would enable all of them to do all their own things for or to themselves. – JZ, 26.3.13, 24.8.13. - VS. THE DIVERSE PEOPLES IN EVERY POPULATION.

GOVERNMENT: Enjoyed your LIFT HER UP, TENDERLY. Was particularly interested in your final theory about the human species growing up - to leave the family (government). - From a letter to LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 77. – The whole species of mankind does not grow up at the same time and to the same degree. Only groups of like-minded people will do that and they should become correspondingly free, making their own choices for their own affairs, in all spheres, even those, which are presently still monopolized by territorial governments. – Individuals and volunteers grow up and learn. Compulsory associations deteriorate their leaders, members and subjects. - JZ, 26.3.13. -  MAN GROWING UP

GOVERNMENT: Europe's record proves that BIG AND ALL POWERFUL GOVERNMENT, whether its sanction be royal, "democratic" or revolutionary, produces general warfare instead of general welfare and promotes penury and pestilence rather than progress and prosperity.” - Clarence Manion: The Key to Peace, p.37. - BIG GOVERNMENT, WAR & WELFARE, POVERTY, PROGRESS, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: European governments and parliaments have been eager for more than sixty years to hamper the operation of the market, to interfere with business, and to cripple capitalism.” - Mises, Omnipotent Government, 1944, p.4. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, NATIONAL SOCIALISM OF ALL KINDS, IN ALL COUNTRIES, FREE MARKETS RATHER THAN “FREE” GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: Even a good territorial government (if such a thing can be imagined) is not as good as no territorial government at all would be. By its nature and in spite of all its pretenses it is an unnecessary evil. It is a so evil and corrupting institution that nothing so sensitive and important as the administration of justice and the protection of rights and liberties should ever be entrusted to it. - JZ, 17.5.81 & 29.7.00. – However, if the volunteers of a panarchy want to entrust their government with such tasks then they should be free to do this – at their own expense and risk. – JZ, 30.12.08. - GOOD GOVERNMENT VS. NO TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, WARFARE STATES, VOLUNTARISM & INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Even if men were angels, governments would cut their wings. - JZ, 8/73. - However, I for one am curious what would happen if "angels" were freed to secede from their “Gods” and to associate freely, i.e., if the best people could freely associate and do their things for themselves. Would we consider them to be miracle workers or pragmatically try to copy their successes? And how far ahead of us would they get, in how short a time? – JZ, 8/73 & 20.7.00. - RESTRICTIONS, REGULATIONS, CONTROLS, LAWS, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Even when such massed efforts as result in the passage of something like Proposition 13 in California occur, the blow against government will result only in a temporary setback for the politicians. It will take them a bit of time. But they will ultimately work their way around, repair the breach and come back more powerful and restrictive than before. Government is not and never has been intended as an instrument to serve the people. It is and always has been an instrument for serving the non-productive elitists who run it.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 1978. - Proposition 13 was not for a general tax strike and the introduction of voluntary taxation. With less than radical aims and methods only less than radical aims can be achieved and sometimes nothing more than storms in teacups. - JZ, 9.7.00. - VS. THE PEOPLE, PROPOSITION 13, MODERATE REFORMS OF TERRITORIALISM, PARLIAMENTARISM, LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: Every ‘nation’ has the government that it deserves.” - Joseph de Maistre, Letter, Aug. 27, 1811. - Territorial government are cruel and, by now, all too usual punishments for all "nations" that ignore individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 16.10.85, 24.8.13. - "Nothing but what is voluntary deserves the term 'national'." - A remark ascribed to Caroline Chisholm, an Australian pioneer woman. - The moment one gets away from collective notions like territorial nations, one has to ask oneself e.g., whether the German Jews, Gypsies, those considered mentally inferior and those opposed to the Nazi's regime, DESERVED to be treated as they were and whether all women, children, old and sick people, and all secret opponents of the Nazi regime and conscripted soldiers and forced laborers DESERVED to be targeted by area-bombing. Precisely the careless and unethical use of terms like "nations" and “peoples” led to such war crimes, in combination with the usual popular errors and prejudices about “collective responsibility”. - JZ, 18.7.00, 24.8.13. - NATIONS & PEOPLE, MERIT, REPRESENTATION, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT,FREEDOM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: Every (*) government explains its existence and justifies all its violence on the ground that if it were not there things would be worse. Having convinced the people that they are in danger, the governments dominate them. And when the peoples are dominated by governments, the latter compel them to attack each other. And in this way a belief in the governments' assurance of the danger of attacks by other nations is confirmed among the peoples.” - Leo Tolstoy, Divide and Conquer, in: Christianity and Patriotism. – (*) territorial – Territorial governments are the worst threats of all to all moral and rational people in all countries. – JZ,  24.8.13. -  TERRITORIAL WARFARE STATES, FEAR OF AGGRESSION BY THEM, ANARCHY, CHAOS, ENEMIES, CRISES, FEAR, DANGER

GOVERNMENT: Every age and generation must be as free to act for itself, in all cases, as the ages and generations, which preceded it. The vanity and presumption of governing beyond the grave is the most ridiculous and insolvent of all tyrannies.” - Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man, I, 1791. - It has its equivalent in the notion that a few could rightfully represent and rule all people in a country, collectively, rather than allowing dissenting individuals and minorities their own choices under exterritorial autonomy. We have largely recognized that for religious affairs and take it largely for granted for our remaining private affairs, in natural sciences and in technology and the arts and private lifestyles but most people still take territorial governmental prerogatives in politics, economics and social matters for granted, at great risk and expense to all. - JZ, 15.7.00, 26.3.13, 24.8.13. - GENERATIONS & LEGISLATION, TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION

GOVERNMENT: Every class is unfit to govern. - Lord Acton, quoted by Anja Hartleb - Facebook 12.3.12. – Any other class than itself. – JZ, 26.3.13. - & CLASSES, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-CONTROL, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-DETERMINATION VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Every country has the government it deserves.” - Joseph Marie de Maistre, Lettres Opuscules, inedits, August 1811. – (Letter to M. le chevalier de …, August 15, 1811. Or: 27, 1811, according another entry.). -  Lettres et Opuscules Inédits du Comte J. De Maistre, 5th ed., book 1, p. 264 (1869). – George Seldes, The Great Quotations. (Toute nation a le gouvernement que elle merite.) – A country is not a living entity. Its population is rather diverse in most cases, than uniform in appearance, ideas, opinions, convictions, beliefs and aims. This assumed collective responsibility of whole populations for the actions of their governments would only be true if dissenting individuals and minorities could already freely choose a government for themselves and also freely secede from it once they have become dissatisfied with it. Nobody likes all items of the territorial package deals that the present territorially imposed governments do offer. – Governments are usually territorially imposed upon a whole population, at least upon its dissenters, sometimes even upon the majority. - JZ, 11.10.02, 24.12.08, 30.11.10, 24.8.13. - The absurdity of this and every similar saying is quickly noticed when "nation", "country" and "people" is replaced by "individual". - No people, no nation, no country, no individual - except a radical statist - deserves territorial government and the radical statist only his kind of voluntary government over his own affairs. - The remark would only make sense once all territorial governments are replaced by exterritorial ones and exterritorial societies, all with voluntary membership only. Then even the worst governments would harm only their voluntary victims and they would provide instructive learning experiences for their survivors and outside observers. - JZ, 75, 2.8.00, 24.8.13. – All the diverse individuals and their voluntary groups deserve different governments and different societies, all of them determined by their own individual choices! – JZ, 30.12.08. - PEOPLE, NATIONS, COUNTRIES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES, VOLUNTARISM, FREE CHOICE, VS. TERRITORIAL IMPOSITIONS, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” – H. L. Mencken - Ashamed of the government or ashamed of himself, that he still continues to live under it, instead of leaving it by emigration or separating himself from it via individual secession, after he has first worked for and finally gained that liberty? - JZ, 22. 11. 06.Why should he have to live under any government that is not his own personal choice? And if it isn’t, then he has no reason to be himself ashamed of its wrongs and mistakes. – JZ, 1.1.09. – DECENCY, FREE CHOICE, ALTERNATIVES FREELY CHOSEN FOR ONESELF, IN ALL SPHERES, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, LAWS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Every form of government operates on the same principle, namely, the love of power, and every government is essentially despotic.” - Helvetius in De L'Esprit, 1758, and De L'Homme, 1772, according to W. A. Dunning, A History of Political Theories from Rousseau to Spencer, p.53. - Genuine political scientists would distinguish between governments that are territorial and have compulsory membership, monopoly constitutions, laws and jurisdictions, from those governance systems and societies and communities, which have only voluntary members and are only exterritorially autonomous. A productive coop, for instance, is not a criminal gang. - JZ, 13.7.00, 24.8.13. – Competing governments or voluntary societies providing wanted services to members, subscribers or their customers would be just competing service providers. – JZ, 30.11.10. - POWER & DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Every government handicaps the economy, i.e. the average producer and consumer. - JZ, 8.4.86. - In addition, it preempts certain services and activities by its monopolies and powers and serves and acts wrongfully, irrationally, murderously and destructively in these spheres, rather than permitting competing, better and cheaper services and activities to be voluntarily supplied to voluntary and sovereign members and customers. - JZ, 14.7.00. - A HANDICAP: TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Every government is a secret conspiracy against the people. - JZ, 27.4.89. - This conspiracy hides behind its pretenses as a protector and benefactor of the people. - JZ, 19.7.00. – Also behind the wrongful assumptions and conclusion of territorialism and “national unity” and “centralization” notions. – JZ, 27.12.08. – CONSPIRACIES, PREJUDICES, TERRITORIALISM, PROTECTION PRETENCE

GOVERNMENT: Every government is by its nature an incipient tyranny.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.70. - Territorially sovereign governments over involuntary subjects - yes. - Exterritorially autonomous governments and societies over voluntary members only - no! - All of political "science" has to be reviewed in this light. - JZ, 25.7.00, 24.8.13. – TYRANNY, POLITICAL SCIENCE,

GOVERNMENT: Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.” – I. F. Stone, American journalist, in Jerry Buck, Jr.’s documentary film, “I. F. Stone’s Weekly”, quoted in: Phillip Knightley, The First Casualty. The War Correspondent as Hero, Propagandist and Myth Maker, Quartet books, 1975, 1982, p. 341. – In societies, communities and governance systems of like-minded volunteers there is no great need for lies, in most cases, by their leaders to their followers. – JZ, 26.3.13. - LIES, PROPAGANDA, POLITICIANS, PRIME MINISTERS, PREMIERS, PRESIDENT, MINISTERS, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, PROPAGANDA

GOVERNMENT: Every government is too much government. - JZ, 5.10.92. - I meant this only for TERRITORIAL governments. - JZ, 13.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Every government needs people. Nobody needs governments.” - Sponti - Sprueche. - (Jede Regierung braucht Menschen. Kein Mensch braucht Regierungen.) - Many people believe that they do need governments for themselves and others like themselves. Let them have them, but only among themselves and at their own risk and expense. And let all others have the kinds of free societies or communities that they do want or need for themselves. - JZ, 13.7.00. & MAN, STATISM, NEEDS, SELF-GOVERNMENT, EXTERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: every government program leads to results not anticipated, if not directly opposite to what was initially claimed as justification for the legislation.” - Peter McAlpine, NLW No. 75 of 22 May 1977. - NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY - PROGRAMS, MEASURES, REGULATIONS, CONSTITUTIONS, LAWS

GOVERNMENT: Every government, but much more so a government which is entrusted with military power, is a terrible, nay even the most dangerous institution in the world.” - Tolstoy. - NWT

GOVERNMENT: Every major government is a BIG symptom right now.” - Frank Herbert, The Priests of PSI, p.29. - Local and State governments can be pests, too. A relatively small Athens, with only 20,000 free men, upheld slavery and an empire and engaged in many senseless wars and atrocities. A small town like Rome turned into an empire. - JZ, 26.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Every man needs a wife, because sooner or later something goes wrong that you just can't blame on the government.” - Kenneth Mosley, in READER'S DIGEST, 4/1980. - JOKES

GOVERNMENT: Every nation prepares through its government, to equip itself with the power to hurl death upon its fellow-nations. No people seek that power; it is government that seek it.” - Harold J. Laski, Plan or Perish, THE NATION, Dec. 15, 1945. – George Seldes, The Great Quotations. – TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, WARFARE STATES, WAR & PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: Every step of progress the world has made has been from scaffold to scaffold, and from stake to stake. It would hardly be exaggeration to say, that all the great truths relating to society and government have been first heard in the solemn protests of martyred patriotism, or the loud cries of crushed and starving labor. The law has always been wrong. Government began in tyranny and force, began in feudalism or the soldier and bigotry of the priest; and the ideas of justice and humanity have been fighting their way, like a thunder storm, against the organized selfishness of human nature…” - Wendell Phillips, in: Sprading, Liberty & the Great Libertarians, p.165. - I won't take the time to pick on all the remaining flaws in this statement, but someone should. - We would have it so much easier now to gather all truths, publicize them, and use them to realize and secure them. But, can we be bothered to do so or are we too busy with other things? - JZ, 2.8.00. - PROGRESS, TRUTHS, PROTESTS, MARTYRDOM, LAW, TYRANNY, FORCE, COERCION, FEUDALISM, BIGOTRY, JUSTICE & HUMANITY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTRE, LAWS,  PROGRESS

GOVERNMENT: Every territorial government destroys liberties, wealth and security - even while pretending to protect and increase them. - JZ, 19.12.93.

GOVERNMENT: Every territorial government does, more or less, invade individual rights and liberties of its subjects. Usually, it does so under the pretense of protecting them. – JZ, 8.10.03. - At the very least it does so through it compulsory taxation. But these interventions are usually so numerous that merely to list them would fill a thick volume. – JZ, 24.10.07. - VS. RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, CITIZENS

GOVERNMENT: Every territorial government is a tyranny in a more or less camouflaged form. - JZ, 30.10.85, 26.12.08. – TYRANNY, OFFICIAL MAFIA, MOB OR CRIME SYNDICATE, CONSTITUTIONALLY, LEGALLY & JURIDICALLY COVERING ITS CRIMES

GOVERNMENT: Every territorial government is more or less at war with many of its own subjects, e.g. the conservatives, the reformists, the dissenters, non-conformists, with all those holding minority viewpoints and no or insufficient political power or purchasing power for bribes or influential lobbies. - JZ, 5.12.83 & 25.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Every time that we try to lift a problem from our own shoulders, and shift that problem to the hands of the government, to the same extent we are sacrificing the liberties of our people. – John F. Kennedy - So what was he doing as the leader of such a State? - JZ, 24. 11. 06. – TERRITORIA.LISM, STATISM, STATE SOCIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM:

GOVERNMENT: Every time the government attempts to handle our affairs, it costs more and the results are worse than if we had handled them ourselves.” - Benjamin Constant, Cours de politique constitutionnelle, 1818-20. - MEDDLING, SPENDING & TAXES VS. SELF-HELP, COSTS, BUDGET

GOVERNMENT: Everything government does is always done wrong.” - R. A. Wilson, Cosmic Trigger, p.224.

GOVERNMENT: Everything government touches turns to crap. –Ringo StarrPop singer Ringo Starr's first and only law of politics. Quoted in PENTHOUSE, Oct. 1979, page 168 of the Australian edition. - Real crap could at least be used to fertilize cultivated fields. - The kind of crap produced by territorial governments is, instead, very counter-productive. – JZ, n.d. - If that were the case in all instances, then it could e.g. turn mere rock and sand into manure, i.e., it would be a good and cheap producer of fertilizer. Alas, all too often its fertilizer production is confined to human blood, flesh and bones, “produced” in its military and other mass murders. – JZ, 12.1.13. - UNDER TERRITORIALISM, CENTRAL BANKING, INTERVENTIONISM, TERRITORIALISM, COMPULSION, LAWS, LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS, WARS, PROTECTIONISM, TAXATION, BUREAUCRACY, PLANNING, MONETARY DESPOTISM, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, LEADERS, STATISM, ETATISM, LAW & ORDER

GOVERNMENT: Everything the government runs is bankrupt. Medicare is broke. Medicaid is broke. The post office is broke. Amtrak is broke. Social Security is a bigger ponzi scheme and a bigger fraud than anything Bernie Madoff ever dreamed of and it’s broke. The government consumes wealth. Private industry produces wealth. The government and private enterprise are the opposite. Think about it - if private enterprise fails to produce what consumers want or fails to return a profit to investors it goes out of business. The government does not understand the need to satisfy consumers or investors because it doesn’t produce anything. It just keeps consuming our tax dollars, which we, like sheep, just keep turning over to the bureaucrats to spend. When the government wants to save money it shuts down like Chicago‘s city hall did yesterday. When private enterprise wants to make more money it works overtime. When the voters conclude that the public treasury has become a public trough then they will send to DC only those who will get them as many freebies as they can and our constitutionally guaranteed values of private enterprise and private property will be gone forever. If you want more of something, make it profitable and un-tax it and it will grow and flourish. If you want less of something let the government regulate it and cap its’ costs and it will require taxpayer subsidies to stay alive. – Andrew P. Napolitano – FFF DAILY, 7.1.13. - VS. PRIVATE ENTERPRISE

GOVERNMENT: Everything the government touches turns to crap. It's called the Reverse Midas Touch.” - Paul Craig Roberts, Cato Institute.

GOVERNMENT: Everything the government touches turns to shit.” - John Lennon. - Quoted in John Singleton Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, 3.

GOVERNMENT: Everything you get from government was taken from someone else.Asia Barberini shared Government is Bad's photo. – Facebook, 9.3.12. – Should one abstain from repeating certain truths under other headings? Anyhow, the final and then continuing editing, of this ongoing compilation, always a work in progress, will not be done by me. – JZ, 12.1.13, 24.8.13. - WELFARE STATE, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, HANDOUTS DISTRIBUTIONISM, RE-DISTRIBUTION ATTEMPTS VS. THE NATURAL DISTRIBUTION THROUGH FREE MARKETS, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, FREE EXCHANGE, TAXATION = THEFT, LOOT, PLUNDER, EXTORTION, ROBBERY

GOVERNMENT: Everywhere, men resign themselves to the most extreme sacrifices rather than do without government and hence security, without realizing that in so doing, they misjudge their alternatives.” - Molinari, The Production of Security, p.3. - To expect genuine security from territorial governments is also an extreme misjudgment. - JZ, 2.8.00. – WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIAL MONOPOLISM, COLLECTIVISM, COERCION & MEDDLING, BUREAUCRACY, POLITICIANS, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Evidently the government is completely muddled, and we must look elsewhere for clear thinking. But where?” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 2/77, 2. - Libertarians have so far failed to provide e.g. a libertarian ideas archive, digital library, encyclopedia, abstracts and review collections, alphabetical index, bibliography and complete, cheap and permanent libertarian publishing service in powerful alternative media, and a libertarian information service, a common libertarian projects list, an encyclopedia of the best refutations, one of the best wordings to make their case, from insinuating to demolishing ones, a collection of all their enlightening jokes - all possible and easy to compile in alternative media, at least since the Internet was established, if only enough people participate with their PCs. - JZ, 27.7.00, 24.8.13. – As a result even a lifelong individualist anarchist and free banking advocate like Henry Meulen, remained an opponent to panarchism, upheld collective responsibility and remained confused about several aspects of full monetary freedom. – See his correspondence with Ulrich von Beckerath, on - JZ, 30.11.10. - STUPIDITY, CONFUSION, IGNORANCE, LACK OF GOOD IDEAS, EXHORTATIONS, PREJUDICES, MYTHS, ERRORS, MISTAKES, ENLIGHTENMENT, A MACHINERY FOR FREEDOM, A GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION, NEW DRAFT

GOVERNMENT: Expecting the government to fight the deficit is like expecting the Mafia to fight crime.” – Anonymous - DEFICITS, GOVERNMENT BUDGETS, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, ECONOMIZING BY GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: Expenditure rises to meet income.” C. Northcote Parkinson, quoted by Richard C. Cornuelle, Reclaiming the American Dream, p.7. – BUDGETS, TAXATION, EXPENDITURES

GOVERNMENT: Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. - Thomas Jefferson - Nizam Ahmad shared Capitalism's photo. - Facebook, 3.3.13.

GOVERNMENT: External Government and Law will give way to Internal Government & Order.” - View ascribed to Edward Carpenter by H. W. Nevinson, Essays in Freedom, p.227. – LAWS, NATURAL LAW, NATURAL HARMONY, LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: faced with a government determined to regulate and manipulate society.” – G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.62. - VS. SOCIETY, MANIPULATOR, REGULATOR

GOVERNMENT: Fact, the Dept of Energy produces no energy and the Dept of Education educates no one." - James M. Debrango, quoted by Antonio Buehler – Facebook, 9.3.12. – The departments of trade and transport restrict trade and transport, the departments of trade and transport do restrict trade and transport, the department for social security provides social insecurity, central banks provide monetary despotism with wrongful, insufficient and depreciating rather than sound currencies, warfare State provide more aggression than defence, monopoly police forces more aggression than protection, the post office offer just the usual service one can expect from monopolies, the education department prevents sufficient enlightenment, the health departments protect monopolies for medicines and services, and even helped to spread poisons like fluorides, poisonous or dangerous vaccinations, food additives, the alcohol and drug prohibitions promoted alcoholism and drug use, by making their production and distribution very profitable, the monopolistic territorial justice department makes and imposes many wrongful decisions or uphold wrongful legislation . In how many cases do governments achieve the opposite of their declared intentions or purposes? In how few, if any cases, do they actually achieve what they aim for and this at what costs, compared with the competitive supply of the same services at market prices? – JZ, 24.8.13. - ENERGY & EDUCATION, TRANSPORT, JUSTICE, POST OFFICE, HEALTH SERVICES, DRUG WARS & PROHIBITION, DEFENCE, PROTECTION, SOCIAL SECURITY, CENTRAL BANKING, MONOPOLY POLICE FORCES

GOVERNMENT: Failures only inspire a government to still larger failures, using up more money and more people. - JZ, 7.4.80. – FAILURES, TERRITORIALISM.

GOVERNMENT: Familiarity with any territorial government does also breed contempt - for every territorial government is contemptible. - JZ, 21.6.85, 30.11.10. - I was also singularly unimpressed by any M.P. that I have ever met. - JZ, 26.7.00. - CONTEMPT FOR GOVERNMENT, REPRESENTATIVES, M.P.’s

GOVERNMENT: Far from reducing complexity and confusion in a modern industrial society, government is a major cause of complexity and confusion.” - Jorge Amador & Jarret B. Wollstein. – COMPLEXITY,

GOVERNMENT: Fear is the foundation of most governments.” - John Adams. - Especially of territorial governments. But can one say that members of panarchies, who are all volunteers, would also have to fear their governments or leaders? At least they would be free to secede from them. – JZ, 28.12.08, 30.11.10, 26.3.13. - GOVERNMENT BY FEAR, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Fear, maintained by legislation and commercial groups as a main technique of persuasion, has already become our most important means of government. This is as true at the level of blood, tears and sweat as at the level of body odor and constipation. Crowds, like bullocks, are most easily directed by loud noises. … We have become too far acclimatized in the continuous noise, insecurity and movement of centralization to be fully aware of its effects, but these appear to include an observable sympathotonia, a continuous readiness for "fight or flight" in the face of traffic, machinery, political speeches, wars, slumps and threats.” - Alex Comfort, Authority & Delinquency, p.110. - FEAR, THREATS, CRISES, EMERGENCIES, ENEMIES, REAL OR IMAGINED ONES OR OFFICIALLY DELARED ONES, CENTRALIZATION, POWER, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: Feeling good about government is like looking on the bright side of any catastrophe. (*) When you quit looking on the bright side, the catastrophe is still there. - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.49. - (*) like a volcanic eruption or H-bomb explosion. - JZ, 11.6.96.

GOVERNMENT: Figgis also believed that it is the prime duty of a government to ensure as much freedom as possible in society, maintaining that it is upon liberty that all the minor ends of the State depend for their stability.” - p.17, of ??? (Probably: David Nicholls: The Pluralist State, The Macmillan Press, 1975, London.) - The basic fallacy here is that a territorial and thus fundamentally coercive, aggressive and monopolistic organization could possibly ensure freedom and even if it could, that it would want to do so, contrary to its own interests and ambitions. - JZ, 28.2.88 & 18.7.00, 30.11.10. – TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COERCION, CENTRALIZATION,

GOVERNMENT: Finally, free me from fraud, violence, misrepresentation, thievery - the destructive actions of men - the curbing of which is the sole role I would assign to government.” - Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, p.69. – He ignored that most of these threats are the result of territorial governments. Even originally limited but still territorial governments like the U.S.A. can very much deteriorate over a long period. – JZ, 30.11.10. – With its remaining slavery, and policy towards native tribes, for decades, the USA had also a bad start and the natives are still not assured their individual rights and liberties by the most powerful government of the world, neither are its other territorial subjects. – JZ, 26.3.13, 24.8.13. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Fire, water, and government know nothing of mercy. –Albanian Proverb – How could they, seeing they are made up of politicians and bureaucrats, all power-mongers and power addicts? – JZ, 4.4.12. – There would certainly more self-help opportunities, chances, mutual aid, credit and insurance in communities, societies and governance systems of volunteers. – Thus we should show no mercy towards any territorial regime or system. - JZ, 23.4.13. - MERCY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: First, as to the monopolistic growth of power, my concern rests thus: the introduction of government into any area of legitimate endeavors is never an improvement over any state of affairs.” - Larry W. Sarner, THE FREEMAN, 11/75. – As if any territorial government, even a limited one, were the proper institution to determine what is legitimate and what is not. How much of the legislation of the USA federation, its States and its local governments is now quite “legitimate” in the best sense? – JZ, 30.11.10. – And how much of it is quite wrongful and harmful? – JZ, 24.8.13. – Q., MONOPOLISM, POWER, GROWTH & COERCION, LAWS, LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: First, the government feeds no one except as it coercively takes the feed from others. And, second, this process withdraws enormous amounts of capital from productive uses, diverting it to non-production and mass idleness. It makes commoners out of potentially creative individuals.” - Leonard E. Read, Castles in the Air, p.116. - Government subordinates most creativity in the “public” spheres and all too many private spheres as well, to its own very limited creativity and experiments and its own attempts at seeking or providing real solutions are taking second place to its power struggles and games. - JZ, 11.11.82, 25.7.00, 26.3.13. – More and more, under territorial “Welfare States”, the parasites, the non-productive, come to outnumber the productive and their hand-outs tend to exceed the wages they could earn, if they were able and willing to work. – Some interesting figures on this tendency have appeared on my Facebook page and, probably, many others aw well.. – JZ, 24.8.13. - WEALTH & POVERTY, AID, HELP, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: First, you have to sell your ideas to convince people that government programs generally do the opposite of what their well-meaning proponents intend - that they aren't getting their money's worth for taxes. - Milton Friedman, PLAYBOY, 2/73. – If taxation were quite voluntary, how much more or less would people be prepared to pay for those services they want and how much for any of the services they do not want at all? – JZ, 24.8.13. - PROGRAMS, MEASURES, ACTIONS, INTERVENTIONS & TAXATION, VOLUNTARY TAXATION OR CONTRIBUTION SCHEMES

GOVERNMENT: Fitzhugh summed up the purpose of his government as being to "restrict, control, and punish man in the 'pursuit of happiness'." - George Fitzhugh, Cannibals All, 1857, p.353, quoted in REASON, 2/74. - RESTRICTIONS, CONTROLS, PUNISHMENTS & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS

GOVERNMENT: Fitzhugh's legal positivism denied that government rested, as Jefferson stated, on the consent of the governed. He said, "All governments originated in force, and have been continued by force. The very term, government, implies that it is carried on against the consent of the governed." - Page 38 of? by ? – on George Fitzhugh. Possibly in David Nicholls, The Pluralist State. Or, like the above quote, in REASON, 2/74. – However, territorial statism is still an all too popular and thoughtless attitude, combined with unwillingness to find and ponder radical, rightful and economic alternatives to it. – JZ, 24.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: For a free man there is in the whole world nowhere a refuge left, neither in the West nor in the East. Every land that has a government is an occupied country. All of us, wherever we live, are dominated subjects, even in our home country.” - LERNZIEL ANARCHIE, Nr. 3. - TERRITORIALISM & MAN

GOVERNMENT: For a government really resting on the consent of the governed, which means "the people governing themselves", if I may borrow a phrase which Mr. Bellamy has so mistakenly applied to the theory of the existing government, would be so unlike anything we call government today that it would be generally considered, by people like those now living in civilized countries, as no government at all. Obviously, the amount and degree of consent to individual acts that actually exist among us is, when considered as a basis for a strict obligation of obedience binding upon all, wholly insufficient.” - Theo P. Perkins, in Tucker's LIBERTY, 1892. - CONSENT, ANARCHISM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: For almost two centuries, we hotly discussed what governments should do. We almost never asked what government can do. Now, increasingly, the limits and functions of government will be the issue.” - Peter F. Drucker, The New Realities, 1989, 1990, 55. - What functions? Those still with some delusions on this subject, including the "limited government" delusion, should get and utilize experimental freedom among their volunteers. They, too, do not have the right to any more power than the power over themselves, practised exterritorially, voluntarily, among their volunteers, under personal law, i.e. at their expense and risk. - JZ, 9.2.02, 24.8.13. – If limited governments are really the best forms of social organization, then their adherents should demonstrate this by setting them up – for their own volunteers. I am convinced that even some of their original voluntary members would, after some experience with them, secede from them and set up or join better societies and communities. – I know of no “limited” but still territorial government in history that did not have any dissenters. – JZ, 24.12.08. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, IMPOTENCE OF GOVERNMENTS, WRONGFULNESS OF POWER OVER OTHERS

GOVERNMENT: For every action there is an equal and opposite government program.” - Bob Wells – “For every action there is an equal and opposite government program.” - Michael Main, Pullman, Wash., quoted in OMNI, 5/79. – Still another source ascribes this quote to David Veal! - Alas, libertarians have not yet developed counter-programs to every single and all territorial government programs and actions. They have neither developed a comprehensive resistance nor liberation and revolution program against territorial statism, one that would mobilized the very assets and manpower of statism towards its abolition: A quite rightful war and peace program against the own territorial government, not only against foreign territorial governments, is needed. Nor have all alternative and affordable media as yet been sufficiently mobilized for the enlightenment and liberation struggle. Many to most “blueprints for liberty” are still missing. E.g. an anti- deflation, anti-inflation and anti-unemployment program and an economic revival proposal for the current economic crisis. Merely blaming government interventionism for it is not good enough. Why isn’t there for every government failure at least one libertarian solution offered? Why is this action and reaction still largely missing? – The realization of Panarchism could realize all the alternative projects – among their volunteers. – Then their successes would soon be imitated by many others. - JZ, 23.12.08, 24.8.13. - FREEDOM, LIBERTY, RIGHTS, BUREAUCRACY, LICENSING, PLANNING, GOVERNMENT ACTION, MEASURES, GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS VS. FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION, LAWS, PROHIBITIONS, REGULATIONS, CONTROL, OUTLAWRY, OBSTRUCTIONISM, COMPULSORY LICENSING, FREE ENTERPRISE, COMPETITION, TERRITORIALISM, PROHIBITIONS, PRIVATE INITIATIVE, VOLUNTARISM, PEACE PLANS 19C: LET FREEDOM PAY ITS WAY! CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, FREE CHOICE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION IN EVERY SPHERE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: For forms of government let fools contest: / Whate'er is best adminster'd  is best.” - Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man, III, 1733. - But there is no such thing as a rightful, territorial, monopolistic, centralized, coercive and beneficial administration. In that form administration can never be best by any objective standard. - JZ, 16.10.85 & 12.7.86, 24.8.13. - Only if it is reduced, e.g. by individualist secessionism and voluntary taxation, to a condition of exterritorial autonomy will it be reduced to a form from which even fools will, in many cases and often only after a long time, learn enough to strive for or select something better for themselves. Thoughtless and helpless sheep may need a shepherd. Let them have him but do not force shepherds on others. - JZ, 18.7.00. – The very concepts of “government” and of an “administration” are already territorialist wrongful or at least flawed concepts - in most cases.  – JZ, 26.3.13, 24.8.13. - VS. PANARCHISM, SELF-MANAGEMENT IN EVERY SPHERE!

GOVERNMENT: For government is an expedient by which men would fain succeed in letting one another alone; and, as has been said, when it is most expedient, the governed are most let alone by it. Trade and commerce, if they were not made of India-rubber, would never manage to bounce over the obstacles which legislators are continually putting in their way; and, if one were to judge these men wholly by the effects of their actions and not partly by their intentions, they would deserve to be classed and punished with those mischievous persons who put obstructions on the railroads.” - Thoreau, Civil Disobedience. - Territorial government is neither a rightful nor a useful expedient for men to leave each other sufficiently alone. On the contrary, it sets them against each other, leaves them only the choice of being either anvils or hammers, to be dominated or to dominate in a territory. Thus it maximizes mutual meddling, even to the degrees of civil wars and genocide attempts. - Man must be very stupid or uninformed to have put up with this form of government for so long, although for most of the written and unwritten history of mankind he was not or not as much subjected to territorial nation States as he has been during the last 200 years. - JZ, 29.7.00, 26.3.13. - VS. LAISSEZ FAIRE & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEER COMMUNITIES VS. TERRITORIALISM, ITS PARTY POLITICS, SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS & LOBBIES, FAVORITISM, SUBSIDIES, MONOPOLISM, LEGALISM, COMPROMISES & COERCION, POPULATION POLICIES, EVEN INCLUDING COMPULSORY STERILIZATIONS, ABORTIONS, MASS MURDERS, “ETHNNIC CLEANSING”

GOVERNMENT: For in a Republic, who is "the country?" Is it the Government, which is for the moment in the saddle? Why, the Government is merely a servant- merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn't. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.” - Mark Twain – Mere collectivist and territorial voting does not assure individual choices or consent. Consumer sovereignty towards all forms of governmental and societal services, systems and organizations! - JZ, 24.12.08. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREE ENTERPRISE IN THE POLITICAL, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SYSTEM SPHERES, REPUBLIC, DECISION-MAKING, RIGHT, WRONG, POLICIES, CITIZENS, VOTING

GOVERNMENT: For in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.” - Jonathan Swift.  A majority consent is good enough only for the majority. If the consent of minorities and individuals is not also required and realized then at least degrees of slavery are practised towards them. The saying makes full sense only for individual consent, nor for the collective or majoritarian “consent” of whole territories, populations or "peoples" living in them. Governments should at least be as much confined and deprived of powers over dissenters as most churches and sects are now in the somewhat enlightened and developed countries. - JZ, 24.11.02, 24.8.13. – CONSENT, VOLUNTARY STATE MEMBERSHIP OR SUBORDINATION TO A GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, MAJORITY RULE VS. MINORITY AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: For instance, if the government talks about freedom while introducing all sort of controls and restrictions to people's movement, we know which freedom they are talking about (freedom as fetters).” - Gian Pietro de Bellis, in his 2002 book manuscript on Polyarchy, 2002. - CONTROLS, FREEDOM, RESTRICTIONS

GOVERNMENT: For nearly five years the present Ministers have harassed every trade, worried every profession, and assailed or menaced every class, institution, and species of property in the country. Occasionally they have varied this state of civil warfare by perpetrating some job, which outraged public opinion, or by stumbling into mistakes, which have been always discreditable, and sometimes ruinous. All this they call a policy, and seem quite proud of it; but the country has, I think, made up its mind to close this career of plundering and blundering.” - Benjamin Disraeli, letter to Lord Grey de Wilton, October 3, 1873. - W. F. Monypenny and George Earl Buckie, The Life of Benjamin Disraeli, vol.5, chapter 7, p.262 (1920). Lord Grey was standing for Parliament, and was a personal friend of Disraeli's, who "wrote for publication … a full-blooded letter, conceived in the hustings spirit, but it only restated, in pointed fashion, charges which Disraeli had often brought against Ministers in public speeches and … [in] the House of Commons. A vehement outcry was, however, raised against its tone and language; and even many of his own party attributed to this indiscretion Grey de Wilton's failure by a small majority" to win the seat. Disraeli "was quite impenitent" (p.262). - A footnote indicates that the "plundering and blundering" phrase had been used before by Disraeli, in Coningsby, book 2, chapter 4. – Moneypenny? Buckle? - TERRITORIAL & CIVIL WAR, PARTIES, POLICIES, POLITICS, POLITICIANS, RULERS, STATES, INTERVENTIONISM, BUREAUCRACY, DEMOCRACY, PARLIAMENTARISM,

GOVERNMENT: For none upon earth can achieve his scheme; / The best as the worst are futile here.” - Victor Hugo, Early Love Revisited. - Territorial government is the main obstacle to paradise - to everyone's different kind of Eden. - JZ, 6.7.82 & 26.7.00, 24.8.13. – Early man was, probably, quite free of it, for a long time and, at least to that extent, he did still live in a paradise or golden age. – JZ, 1.1.09. - TERRITORIALISM.

GOVERNMENT: for seldom do governments consider anything but their own political interests except when they are compelled to do otherwise by the forcefully expressed discontent of their people. This is not simply because those in places of power are more vicious or unprincipled than those other men but because the pressures and temptations of political office are much too powerful for ordinary men to withstand.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.134. - Addiction to power is worse, more incapacitating and deadly than drug addiction, for those in territorial power as well as those under it. - JZ, 27.7.00, 24.8.13. - REVOLUTION & RESISTANCE AGAINST GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: For the existing circumstances the relevant masters are not always responsible.” - Gerhard Uhlenbruch. - True, but present territorial governments, just like the former territorial governments and legislators were, are the main obstacles to private, voluntary and cooperative reform initiatives and actions and to alternative institutions, which could freely and tolerantly experiment with potential solutions or practices already found by or known to or at least proposed by some volunteers for other volunteers. - JZ, 5.7.92 & 18.7.00, 24.8.13. – SUBJECTS, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: For the radical view there is absolutely no difference between people who tax, draft, and in other ways rule us, and the most blatant mugger, except of course for the legitimacy of the former.” - Libertarian Handbook, p.85. - 1972 or 1973 edition? - TAXATION & CRIME, OFFICIAL & PRIVATE ONES

GOVERNMENT: For three long years I have been going up and down this country preaching that government … costs too much. I shall not stop that preaching.” - F. D. Roosevelt, Speech of Acceptance, July 2, 1932. - And then he went ahead and spent much, much more, while preventing self-help and producing more and more fetters and restrictions. - JZ, 20.7.86. - COSTS, WASTE, SPENDING, TAXES, PROMISES OF TERRITORIAL POLITICIANS COMPARED WITH THEIR ACTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Force, fraud and monopoly. - JZ, 13.8.93.

GOVERNMENT: Forced government integration, quotes, 'affirmative action' and welfare laws are unworkable. They tell minorities, 'You aren't good enough to make it on your own.' They damage self-respect and cost too much. They infringe on business and property rights.” - Stormy Mon, A Liberty Book, p.34. – GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS

GOVERNMENT: Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.” - Douglas Casey (1992) - GOVERNMENT TO GOVERNMENT FOREIGN AID, WELFARE FOR THE RICH, SUBSIDIES, OFFICIAL “CHARITY” ATTEMPTS AT THE EXPENSE OF TAXPAYERS

GOVERNMENT: Formerly communist totalitarian regimes were our prime enemies. Now power-mad rulers in our own countries are. - JZ, 14.6.92. – Has China now more free enterprise and industrial development zones and free ports than the USA? Which country has now the largest number and the least restricted open-air free speech centers? I know of only one in England, one in Australia and one in India. Most countries, including probably Russia, China, Japan, Pakistan, have, probably, still none of them. Sean Gabb’s latest free e-book on the history of free speech in England did not even mention this free speech option, although the one in London is world-famous. – JZ, 24.8.13. - ECOMMUNISM, TOTALITARIANISM, NAZI-REGIME, SOVIET REGIME, MAO’S CHINA, RED CHINA

GOVERNMENT: forms of Prohibition are still with us, since the capacity of Government to learn from experience seems to be rather small. We still have prohibition applied to various drugs, some forms of gambling, prostitution, "hard-core" pornography, and driving without seat belts. …” Yale Jay Lubkin, OPTION, 6/77. - The learning capacity of governments and societies with voluntary membership, voluntary subscription and exterritorial autonomy only - will be much larger. - JZ, 25.7.00. – They will have to keep their customers satisfied – or lose them. – JZ, 26.3.13. - LIMITED CAPACITY TO LEARN, VOLUNTARISM & CHOICE VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Frederic Bastiat at 45 had perceived that a government bent on managing human affairs could never bring justice and freedom to society, no matter who held the reigns.” – G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.61. – Not any territorial government, anyhow. Let competing governance systems, communities and societies of volunteers, under personal law, show what they can offer under full exterritorial autonomy, for their volunteers! – Fully free enterprise, consumer sovereignty, freedom of contract and Free Trade as well as freedom of association and freedom to dissociate oneself or secede, individually – in this sphere as well. - JZ, 30.11.10.

GOVERNMENT: Free newspapers, etc., rather than "free governments". And directories, like the yellow pages of telephone companies, offering all kinds of public or governmental or societal services to all those consumers who want them for themselves, often in special community package deals for like-minded people, voluntarily organized under full exterritorial autonomy. No territorial government has or can rightfully preempt any productive and honest human activity or exchange. Their territorial monopoly to commit crimes, i.e. suppress certain individual rights and liberties, as a governmental "prerogative", in spheres pre-empted by them, must be ended, the sooner the better and with that a vast number of troubles, now arising from territorial organization and rule, will come to an end. Consumer sovereignty over "governmental" services as well, meaning individual sovereignty and consistent voluntarism. In other words: To each the government or non-governmental community of his or her choice. To each his own - his or her justice and community system! - PIOT, JZ, 17.12.93 & 10.7.00, 26.3.13. - FREEDOM & COMPETITION, FREE MARKET IN GOVERNMENT SERVICES, PANARCHISM, FREE PRESS

GOVERNMENT: Free trade, one of the greatest blessings which a government can confer (*) on people, is in almost every country unpopular.” (**) - Thomas Babington Macaulay. - (*) Free Trade isn't a government grant. It occurs naturally as soon as the government stops meddling with its various "protectionist" policies. - JZ, 6.2. 97. - (**) It is not unpopular but practised by smugglers. However, smugglers would be the first to complain if fully Free Trade were introduced. They would not longer be able to derive considerable profits from the existence of protectionism. – The powerful drug dealers of today do, probably, secretly support the governmental anti-drug war. Without it their huge black market profits are impossible. - JZ, 9.7.00. - FREE TRADE, DRUG WAR

GOVERNMENT: Freedom exists only where the people take care of the government.” - Woodrow Wilson, Speech in New York, Sep. 4, 1912. - Yes, as they would and should, if free to do so, of territorial and any other violent but private criminals. But each has only now and then one vote among millions! - By voting collectively, over territorial affairs and by trying to run for office or participate in governments, they continue to participate in their own enslavement by territorial governments. - Naturally, voluntary and competing governments or non-governmental communities, all only under exterritorial autonomy, would be quite another thing. They would give a chance to fools to be fools among themselves, at their own expense and risk, while allowing the somewhat enlightened as well as the few wise people to do their own things to and for themselves. - JZ, 14.7.00. - PEOPLE, FREEDOM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: From the moment when forms of government are subject to experimentation, free competition, they are bound to progress and perfect themselves, that is natural law. No more hypocrisy, no more apparent profundities which contain merely a void. No more machinations passing for diplomatic subtlety. No more cowardly moves or impropriety camouflaged as State policy. No more court or military intrigues deceitfully described as being honorable or in the national interest. In short, no more lies regarding State machinery. Everything is open to scrutiny. The subjects making and comparing observations, the governors will finally see this truth of economics and politics: that in this world there is only one condition of a solid, lasting success, and that is, to govern better and more efficiently than others. From this moment on, forces formerly wasted on useless labor, on friction and resistance, will unite to bring about an unprecedented, almost incomprehensible impulse to the progress and happiness of humanity.” - P. E. de Puydt, Panarchy, in PEACE PLANS 4. – In several languages on - COMPETING, VOLUNTARY GOVERNANCE OR PANARCHIES, POLYARCHIES,

GOVERNMENT: generally left people alone, which most times is the best thing government can do.” - Poul Anderson, The Tale of the Cat, ANALOG, 2/98, 137. - LEAVE ALONE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, NON-INTERVENTION

GOVERNMENT: Get government out of everything.” - Slogan quoted in MAN, Jan. 71, p. 96. - VS. ANARCHY – Just reduce their activities to their own volunteers! – JZ, 28.12.08. – End or abolish only all territorial governments! – JZ, 24.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Get government out of our pockets and off our backs. - JZ, 7.2.93. Get the government off our backs and out of our pockets.” - Bob Howard, FREE ENTERPRISE, 2/76. - TAXATION, BUREAUCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Get rid of all governments that think and act as if just any of its plans or measures or any of its bills or any of its avalanches of bureaucracies and committees could set everything right - instead of messing it up still more. - JZ, 21.6.91.

GOVERNMENT: Giant, ineffectual super-structures.” - Richard Cummins, Proposition 14, p.119. – Or is there even one that operates without politicians and bureaucracies? – JZ, 1.1.09.

GOVERNMENT: Give government of the people, by the people and for the people BACK to the people.”- MAD sticker, 1974. – PEOPLE, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR PERSONAL LAW FOR VOLUNTEERS

GOVERNMENT: Give the government your little finger - and it takes your arm. - JZ, 17.5.89. – No large-scale territorial government is quite content until it rules the world’s population. They are all imperialistic in their ambitions, are all over-weight and still have appetite for more “food”, especially in form of tax payers. – JZ, 30.12.08. – With the exception of many asylum seekers and “economic migrants” or “illegal immigrants” for which, with their laws and policies, i.e. their prejudices and ignorance, can block but not open up additional jobs. – But the can spend many millions of putting them and keeping them in concentration camps. – JZ, 24.8.13. - GROWTH, BIG GOVERNMENT, IMPERIALIST TENDENCY, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, JOBS, FEAR OF UNEMPLOYMENT, REFUGEES, IGNORANCE OF WHAT MAKES FOR FULL EMPLOYMENT

GOVERNMENT: Give up on governments. They have long given up on you, even while they still go on pretending that they are looking after you. Give up being their tax slave and obedient subject and servant in all other ways as well. Now they are making the rules and decisions for all too many important aspects of your own lives, ignoring you self-ownership and individual sovereignty, your properties, individual human rights and liberties. You are forced to pay them and to risk your life for them. Beware of all governments bearing "gifts"! They are after all that you have still left. - JZ, 24.5.00, 2.2.02. – TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: Given a just economy, government, or the State, would have no reason for being.” - Clarence B. Carson, in THE FREEMAN, 4/77, in describing the views of Marx. - What Marx meant by "just" was, rather, just or only an egalitarian and un-free “economy”, as defined by him, rather than a free one. In a fully free market or laissez faire economy or capitalism or free enterprise system, with full freedom of association, contract, experimentation and consumer sovereignty, each "government", "State", "nation" of "society" would be just another competing business or enterprise, offering one or the other kind of package deal service to its voluntary members and subscribers. - JZ, 26.7.00, 24.8.13. - VS. JUST & FREE ECONOMY, PANARCHISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE CAPITALISM, FREE TRADE & FREE ENTERPRISE IN EVERY SPHERE.

GOVERNMENT: Given the power to tax incomes up to 100% (confiscation), the power to print and circulate unlimited quantities of unbacked fiat "legal tender" paper (inflation), the power to arrogate to itself unrestrained authority over its citizens (usurpation), the power to "interpret" the Constitution to its own advantage and to the detriment of the people (misconstruction), and the power to control the verdict of the jury (intimidation), the government has grown like a foul-smelling, murderous cancer until it now threatens to destroy our liberties so hard-won 200 years ago, and to subject us under the yoke of absolute tyranny.” - Rene Baxter, FREEDOM FIGHTER, 17, 9.1.75. – Even the worst kind of governmental fiat or legal tender money has still a small degree of tax foundation. – The only cover and redemption that is really needed is that by the “shop foundation” in form of wanted goods and services, priced, like privately issued competing banknotes or shop currencies, or clearing certificates or accounts, using a sound and self-chosen value standard. - JZ, 30.12.08, 24.8.13. – All genuine individual rights and liberties were never gained by any American and they are not part and parcel of any governmental declaration of human rights and liberties, perhaps least of all are they all part of the UN’s “universal” declaration of 10.12.1948, 24.8.13. – JZ, 26.3.13. - POWER & LAW VS. THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: Giving money and power to government is like giving whisky and car keys to teenage boys.” – P. J. O’Rourke – Parliament of Whores, XX. - GOVERNMENT SPENDING, HANDOUTS, BUDGET, TAX FUNDING, JOKE

GOVERNMENT: Giving unlimited power to government is the same as giving a casual acquaintance a signed blank check!” - Admiral Ben Moreell, The Admiral's Log II, p.146, 1960, The Intercollegiate Society of Individualists, Philadelphia. – POWER, TAXATION, GOVERNMENT BUDGETS & SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: God has left nations unto the liberty of setting up governments as best please themselves.”- Algernon Sidney, speech on the scaffold, Dec. 7, 1683.  - Why didn't he grant that liberty to individuals and all volunteer communities rather than to despots, majorities and stand-over minorities only? Was he a collectivist, too? - Do only "nations" have rights in his scheme of things, not individuals and minorities? Was the all-knowing God unaware of the exterritorial autonomy alternative for all volunteer groups? And of the history of such groups? - JZ, 12.7.86 & 18.7.00. - GOD

GOVERNMENT: God reigns, and the government at Washington still lives.” - James A. Garfield, Speech in New York on the assassination of Lincoln, April 15, 1865. - God is dead. Territorial governments, unfortunately, are still all too much alive and active. - JZ, 16.10.85, 26.3.13. - If God really reigned, why bother with any human government? What could it do, what would it be good for then? - Don't expect much sense from any politician, preacher or “God”. But sometimes their speech writers do show some sense and make some concessions to enlightened views among citizens. - JZ, 13.7.00. - Was there ever any extremely bad government that was stopped early on and punished, by GOD? If so, how can the all too belated execution of one criminal ruler possibly make up for the deaths of thousands to millions of human beings, whose deaths he caused, while "God" looked on, complacently, like some say, the Pope did during the Holocaust against Jews, Gypsies, retarded people and opponents of the totalitarian regime, during W.W. II? - JZ, 6.8.00. – If there were a just God, would there be any territorial government? – JZ, 27.12.08. – GOD, POPE, PREACHERS, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, REPRESENTATIVES

GOVERNMENT: Godwin agrees with Hume, Burke and others that governments can never be made to conform with consent theory.” - George H. Smith, Conquest or Consent, THE VOLUNTARYIST, No. 91, 4/1998. - In an introduction to a new edition of Oppenheimer's The State, San Francisco, Fox & Wilkes, 1997, available from L.F.B. - What is true for territorial governments is often untrue to those which are only exterritorially autonomous and which rule only over volunteers. All libertarians and anarchists should be interested in this distinction and the opportunities opened up for them by it, in theory and in practice. Alas, usually they are not yet interested either in the personal law and exterritorial autonomy traditions nor in its present and future opportunities or even in its theoretical possibilities. Their thoughts continue largely to run only along the established grooves or memes of territorialism. - JZ, 10.7.00. – The results are not “groovy”! – JZ, 27.12.08. - CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Good government is impossible.” - View ascribed to the Tannehills by Tibor Machan in REASON. (*) - As far as I know, neither considered seriously the possibility of competing, voluntaristic and merely exterritorially autonomous governments and societies. - JZ, 2.8.00. – They could be as good or as bad for them as their voluntary members want them to be. They might, e.g. enforce abortion beyond the first child, as the mainland Chinese government still does or outlaw all abortions not required to save the life of the mother. The time in which all societies will consider all unjustified abortions as child sacrifices and as part mass murders of innocents, to be stopped, seems to be still far away. In so many ways we are still barbarians. – JZ, 30.12.08. – However, to all kinds of barbarians their kind of barbarian governments and customs, too – but always only at their own expense and risk. – JZ, 16.3.13. – (*) The Market for Liberty, by Morris & Linda Tannehill, is now online: download 14 MBs in pdf. - URLs for various versions, offered by Slim Richey – Facebook, 29.7.13. - The book Market For Liberty is free in audio or pdf format at: Read on Youtube:, Printed version at:, or at Amazon. . . - GOOD GOVERNMENT IS IMPOSSIBLE IN TERRITORIAL FORM

GOVERNMENT: Good government is that which delivers the citizen from the risk of being done out of his life and property too arbitrarily and violently - one that relieves him sufficiently from the barbaric business of guarding them to enable him to engage in gentler, more dignified and more agreeable undertakings...” - H. L. Mencken. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Good Government" is a contradiction in terms - at least as far as territorial governments are concerned. - JZ, 16.10.93. - GOOD GOVERNMENT & TERRITORIALISM,

GOVERNMENT: Google's Facebook rival takes off - - What is most urgently needed are exterritorially autonomous governments and societies, all only with voluntary members, and all freely competing with all territorial governments. The best start of these panarchies or voluntary communities under personal laws - might be the recognition of such governments in exile, as sound and effective alternatives to ALL existing despotic or authoritarian governments. On this platform all the opposition forces could become easily united against their common territorialist enemy regimes. It should be relatively easy to establish them in somewhat democratic or republican countries. They could, by the way, solve the refugee problem, too, by at least some of them utilizing their monetary and financial freedom options to achieve full productive employment for all their members, thus setting good examples which others could easily follow." – JZ, 18.7.11, on Facebook. - & GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE, ALL ONLY UNDER PERSONAL LAW & FOR THEIR PRESENT & FUTURE VOLUNTEERS

GOVERNMENT: Gover'mint, me boy, is a case iv me makin' ye do what I want, an' if I can't do it with a song, I'll do it with a shovel.” - Peter F. Dunne, in: Sprading, Liberty & the Great Libertarians, p.523. - GOVERNMENT IS FORCE

GOVERNMENT: Govern less - or not at all! - JZ, 30.10.73. - However, full freedom for all statist volunteers to govern themselves - as much as they like and can stand. - JZ, 2.8.00. - LESS OR NONE OF ITS TERRITORIAL FORMS & POWERS

GOVERNMENT: Governing the world is like governing horses. There is the government, but the only effect of it is injury.” - The Texts of Taoism, II, 284.

GOVERNMENT: Government - a center for the reallocation of our priorities - against our will. - JZ, 22.3.81. - GOVERNMENT PRIORITIES VS. INDIVIDUAL PRIORITIES

GOVERNMENT: Government - an unnecessary evil! - JZ, 7.6.73. - How many people have woken up to this truth before - and still this evil continues! - One of the reasons is that people did not distinguish between territorial and exterritorial governments and thought that territorialism was the only way to organize public affairs properly. - Forms of voluntary self-government, limited to voluntary members and their beliefs, labors and resources, are not evil but often helpful, as the history of all voluntary associations proves. Only imposed territorial regimes are wrong and harmful and as such superfluous. - JZ, 2.8.00. - AN UNNECESSARY EVIL! – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, SECESSIONISM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government - an unnecessary evil.” - Morris & Linda Tannehill, The Market for Liberty. (*) – All territorial governments are an unnecessary evil, while exterritorial governments, for their volunteers only, are still “lessons” the remaining statists need to learn. – JZ, 26.3.13. – (*) Now online. See above.

GOVERNMENT: Government - get off our backs!” - Quoted by Weston I. Van Buren, in FREEDOM MAGAZINE, Spring, 74. - If it were physically upon our back, we would only have to shrug, like Atlas. - What is much worse, territorial government has invaded minds, even those of anarchists and libertarians. They find it hard to impossible to think, sufficiently, outside of this model, even for their, supposedly, already sufficiently limited “limited governments”, which are still territorial ones! - JZ, 2.8.00, 26.3.13, 24.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Government - organized force - can only inhibit, restrain, penalize. It has no business interfering in the creative realm.” - Leonard E. Read, Who's Listening? p.153. - Is it rightful, creative and effective in inhibiting, restraining and penalizing wrongs or as wrongful, unimaginative and ineffective in this sphere as well as it is in all other activities? - JZ, 2.8.00, 30.11.10. - FORCE, Q., INTERFERING WITH CREATIVITY

GOVERNMENT: government - which is but an association of individuals.” - Lysander Spooner, The Unconstitutionality of Slavery, p.8. - Not "is" but ought to be! A compulsory association is NOT an ASSOCIATION. It is a coercive State, union, army, church or mob. - JZ, 12.10.99. - Admittedly, all too many people, voluntarily and temporarily assembled in one massive group are, all too often, mere mobs, too. E.g., if they get into a panic, then they have often trampled people down. Possibly, State education is partly to blame for this. – Would they thus herd together, marching, shouting, demonstrating, sitting-down or getting into violent clashes, if they were intelligent and sufficiently enlightened? I mean the herds or mobs of the 99%. Their actions, those of most “freedom fighters” and those of the “protective” forced of governments have so far mostly only managed to increase the body counts. - JZ, 9.7.00, 28.11.10, 24.8.13. - VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM & INDIVIDUALISM, MASS PSYCHOLOGY

GOVERNMENT: Government – a slow acting poison. - JZ, 2/75. – I meant territorial governments. – JZ, 30.11.10.

GOVERNMENT: government … a natural enemy of intelligent life.” - Poul Anderson, Mirkheim, p.12. - VS. INTELLIGENT LIFE

GOVERNMENT: Government … a system where the incompetent frequently direct the work of the competent.” - Frank Goble, Beyond Failure, p.96. – Compare Hayek’s chapter in his The Road to Serfdom, why the worst tend to get to the top. - LEADERSHIP INCOMPETENCE VS. COMPETENCE, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, BUREAUCRATS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, POPULAR ERRORS, MYTHS & PREJUDICES, ENCYLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

GOVERNMENT: government … acting according to tradition rather than on clear thought.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 8/75. - Its worst tradition is territorialism. The prior and much longer lasting personal law tradition is largely forgotten. - JZ, 3.8.00. – By now very few people have experienced exterritorial autonomy and voluntarism in spheres, which the government has monopolized. – The predominant thought model is still territorial statism. – JZ, 28.3.10. (Even among political “scientists”! – JZ, 24.8.13.) – It leads almost to blindness towards the opposite, namely exterritorial autonomy for all kinds of societies, communities a governance systems of volunteers from all kinds of statist ones to all kinds of anarchist ones – but all of them without a territorial monopoly. – JZ, 26.3.13. - TERRITORIALISM & OTHER THOUGHTLESS TRADITIONS, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, ONE LAW FOR ALL, EQUALITY RATHER THAN FREEDOM? EGALITARIANISM, UNIFORMITY & UNITY AS WELL AS STRENGTH SPEENS IN STATISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Government … assumes the right to think and act for the … people, is out of harmony with the spirit of the time.” - G. Kennan, 1891, in: Siberia and the Exile System. - Statism was then not yet as extensive as it later became. Statism doesn't seem to find any end of things for governments to do and always ignores past and present failures of governments or simply assumes that they would and could avoid them in the future. - JZ, 13.7.00. - STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Government … corrupts everything it touches." - What must be abolished … to secure liberty? First of all, of course, the thing that invades you most, that handicaps or prevents your free activity; the thing that interferes with your liberty and compels you to live differently from what would be your choice. - That thing is government.” - Alexander Berkman, What Is Communist Anarchism? 1928. - Since his communist anarchism would not readily permit people to live e.g. under individualist anarchism or anarcho-capitalism, or, voluntarily, under any form of archism, it might as well be called communist government or communist despotism rather than communist anarchism. The only thing it does not want to be ruled out is its own preferred form, and, perhaps, some other forms of communist anarchism. All other forms it interprets as being aggressive, exploitative and oppressive and thus wants to keep them under its clumsy and sometimes murderous hands. Such communists do not believe in tolerance and do not practise it. They have to be taught it, if necessary by force of arms. If they practise it only, like monks or nuns, in their own voluntary communities and do not try to expand these by force of arms, then only are they harmless to others and thus tolerable. – Typically, he did not distinguish between territorial governments and exterritorial governments for their volunteers only. - JZ, 1.8.00, 30.11.10, 26.3.13. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, COMMUNISM, TOTALITARIAN OR QUITE VOLUNTARY?

GOVERNMENT: Government … extracts from its citizens, without serving their needs and desires.” - Richard Cummings, Proposition 14, p.89. - Even a prostitute serves them better. - JZ, 21.7.00. - They are not "its" citizens when they have not given their consent, INDIVIDUALLY. - JZ, 15.6.92. - TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: government … has become not the protector, but the violator of rights.” - Stanley Lieberman, A IS A NEWSLETTER, 3/72. - VIOLATOR OF RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: government … has been transformed from a protective watchdog, dutifully serving the people, into a huge crazed beast with a voracious and insatiable appetite for greater power and (it is? – JZ) now visibly the master of its people. - Workers Party, discussion paper, 1975: The Bureaucracy. -  UNLIMITED GOVERNMENT – FOR ITS VOLUNTARY VICTIMS!

GOVERNMENT: Government … more or less the same machine that tends to lose sight of the individual and turns into an egocentric and dangerous monster. The citizen, although secure in his assurance that he is fully protected by all sorts of social security benefits and guaranties, has become an insignificant detail in the over-all order of things.” - Kevork Ajemian, The Fallacy of Modern Politics, Books International, PO Box 6096, McLean, Virginia 22106, 1986, Tel. (703) 821-8900, p.104/105. - THE GREAT MACHINE, STATES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government … no better than a turbulent and licentious bureaucracy.” - Richard Carlyle, The Earth Belongs to the Living, p.39. – BUREAUCRACY, LEGALIZED ARBITRARINESS

GOVERNMENT: government … organized force standing against the release of creative energies.” - L. E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p.77. - Alas, even Read wanted creative energies released only to the extent that territorial but otherwise limited governments could possibly release them. That does not go far enough towards his aim. - JZ, 29.7.00, 26.3.13. - VS. CREATIVE ENERGIES, FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALS

GOVERNMENT: Government … really has no business, and is motivated mainly by political desires …” - GOOD GOVERNMENT, 12/74. - HAS NO BUSINESS, NO FUNCTION, NO RIGHTFUL PURPOSE OR ACTIVITY, POWER ADDICTION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government "departments are monuments to dead issues.” - Ted Noffs, TANSTAAFL, 3/76.

GOVERNMENT: Government "securities" are at best investment in tax slaves. Due to government taxation, inflation, deflation and stagflation, they are not even that but, rather, government "insecurities". Under tax concessions they shift tax slavery somewhat from the holders of these "insecurities" to other tax victims. - JZ, 6.2.97 & 9.7.00. - SECURITIES OR "INSECURITIES"

GOVERNMENT: Government "uses the threat of violence either to 1) force you to stop doing something you want to do, 2) force you to do something you don't want to do, or 3) force you to give up something that's rightfully yours." - Who needs the government for this? You can walk through Central Park at night and accomplish the same thing.” - Jeff Riggenbach, in NEW LIBERTARIAN No.1, March 78, on Ringer: Looking Out For Number One. –Territorial governments are the greatest criminals with the greatest number of involuntary victims. – JZ, 30.1.10. - VIOLENCE, FORCE, JOKES,

GOVERNMENT: Government “solutions” are, usually, the problem. - JZ, 31.10.73, 31.12.08. - SOLUTIONS & PROBLEMS

GOVERNMENT: Government always destroys three arrangements to make way for one. It's degenerate and entropic. I don't call the result a "higher degree of order". - Steve Witham, THE CONNECTION 121, p.112. – One could also say that for each individual right and liberty that it blocks it does introduce at least three wrongful and irrational alternatives. – Just look at the number of laws and regulations it has introduced, as well as of diverse bureaucracies. – JZ, 26.3.13. – Territorial governments are the main cause of most unnatural and man-made disorders. – JZ, 24.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Government among us is certainly not an art, but a fatality. In so far as it is not a matter of mere tradition and routine, it results from contrary purposes and parties pulling against each other in a tug-of-war, for the sake of office or some immediate reform or relief.” - George Santayana, Dialogues in Limbo, 1925, p.6. – Its territorialist “reforms” are not genuine ones nor do they provide significant relief. They may even perpetuate and increase a problem. – JZ, 26.3.13.                       

GOVERNMENT: Government and co-operation are in all things the laws of life; anarchy and competition the laws of death.” - John Ruskin, Unto This Last, 1862, 3, P.54. - Rather: Government and monopoly are in all things the laws of death while, anarchy, competition and cooperation are the laws of life. - JZ, 30.10.85. - Sometimes I am surprised how wrong the judgment of long-term observers of human beings and human affairs can be, even those by greatly respected "authorities". - JZ, 13.7.00, 24.8.13. –  COOPERATION, LIFE, ANARCHY, LAWS, COMPETITION, DEATH

GOVERNMENT: Government and law are unnecessary and should be eliminated.” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.247, summing up the position of Proudhon. – Instead, both should be allowed – but only as self-imposed handicaps for volunteers. – Let them live their own lives in their own ways, too. - Panarchism rather than territorialism and its inherent authoritarian intolerance, even if it is of the anarchist or libertarian kind. - JZ 1.1.09, 30.11.10. – Under fully free competition for all kinds of systems among volunteers, in the long run, those soundly based upon individual rights and liberties will tend to spread, most widely and with great probability or even certainty. The remaining statists and their preferences for themselves will become insignificant sectarians, just like monks and nuns with their systems in the somewhat already enlightened civilizations, those, which have at least introduce religious liberty or tolerance, although not yet its kind of liberty and tolerance for all kinds of political, economic and social systems, where, presently, they are needed most. – JZ, 24.8.13. - PROGRESS & ENLIGHTENMENT UNDER SUFFICIENT TOLERANCE & LIBERTY I.E. IN THE ABSENCE OF TERRITORIALISM



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