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GOVERNMENT: Government and restraint are almost synonyms. Government cannot force a man to sell a potato, but it can and does forbid him to do so except in compliance with the regulations governing the sale of potatoes. Almost the whole force of government is applied in restraining us. That force was originally used to restrain the evildoer, and evil, for government purposes, was limited to a short list of crimes and nuisances thought by common consent to be incompatible with the life of a well-ordered society. - The definition of evil has now been extended to include everything to which anybody objects, provided only that the anybody is the possessor of influence in the ballot box.” - Ernest Benn, Modern Government, p.152. - RESTRAINT, EVIL, THE RESTRAINT OF TRADE, PROTECTIONISM, VOTING, POWER, ELECTIONS, AUTHORITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, CENTRALIZATION, OFFICIAL BULLYING

GOVERNMENT: Government and state can never be perfect because they owe their "raison d'étre" to the imperfection of man and can attain their end, the elimination of man's innate impulse to violence, only by the recourse to violence, the very thing they are called upon to prevent.” - Ludwig von Mises. - Can they attain their end? Are all calling upon them, or upon the same kind of government? Or do at least some people wish for quite different organizations to help them with what they consider to be their main problems? - JZ, 11.2.02, 30.11.10. - STATES, VIOLENCE & THE IMPERFECTION OF MAN, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN EVERY SPHERE

GOVERNMENT: Government appears helpless to lose weight. - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 9/76. – And this in spite of being over-powered! – Unable or unwilling to reduce its size and powers! – An addict to territorialism, its parasitism and destructive powers. - Blind to the exterritorial and voluntary alternatives, which could, rapidly, lead to the solution to all the man- or government-made problems it cannot cope with and which have mostly been caused by wrongful and irrational prior government interventions. - JZ, 30.12.03, 26.3.13. – If one does not even recognize the cause then one can hardly find the cure. – JZ, 24.8.13. -  OVERWEIGHT, EXCESS POWER, BIGNESS, CENTRALIZATION, TERRITORIALISM.

GOVERNMENT: Government began in tyranny and force, began in the feudalism of the soldier and the bigotry of the priest, and the ideas of justice and humanity have been fighting their way, like a thunderstorm, against the organized selfishness of human nature. - Wendell Phillips - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – When it comes e.g. to genuine individual rights and liberties most people are by far not yet selfish enough to claim many or even all of them for themselves. If they did, they would soon discover or develop solutions to their remaining man-made and mostly government-made problems. – JZ, 26.3.13. – JUSTICE, HUMANITY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government budgets can be rightful only to the extent that they leave the incomes, properties and budgets of dissenters alone. Rightful governments would, naturally, have only voluntary members and thus voluntary contributions instead of compulsory taxation and would permit dissenters to secede from them. - JZ, 9.5.95 & 7.7.00, 26.3.13. – PRIVATE BUDGETS  VS. PUBLIC BUDGETS, VOLUNTARY TAXATION VS. COMPULSORY TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Government bureaucracies are coercively organized, imposed and financed. They perform tragicomedies on the largest scale. Their extras are conscripted and taxed rather than paid and regulated even in their private lives and transactions. But they have made the career of many a good actor, con-man or bully. - JZ, 27.2.89 & 18.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government by its nature accepts the role of a big bully who says, "I can do it, but you sniveling peons cannot!" - Lawrence Samuels in SLL leaflet: Taxation Is Legalized Theft. - A BULLY, TERRITORIALISM, IMPOSED RATHER THAN SELF-CHOSEN RULE OR SOCIETY, VOLUNTARISM OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government by itself is already a crime for which no mercy should be shown and one that is tolerated by the people only to their own shame.” - Saint Just, before the Convention. – Alas, these “revolutionaries”, too, merely replaced royal territorialism by republican territorialism and for this they were prepared to commit numerous legalized atrocities! – 30.11.10. – TERRITORIALISM, TERROR, “REVOLUTIONARIES” – “ACHIEVING” ONLY MORE OF THE SAME PROBLEMS.

GOVERNMENT: Government by the people has come to mean government by those in power. - R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.320. – RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, REPRESENTATIVES, ALL POWER ADDICTS & SOME POWER-MAD

GOVERNMENT: Government by the people, of the people and for the people - some call it anarchy!” - Slogan accompanied by a black flag and: Liberty, equality, community. - Source? My notion of anarchy is rather: self-government by individuals, with other volunteers and for their benefit only. - The rest of the people to enjoy the same liberty to try to realize their “ideals”, even statist ones, but only by and for themselves and among themselves, all on a voluntary basis, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy, i.e. without a territorial monopoly rule over dissenters, who are to become free to opt out. - To each his own! - JZ, 29.7.00, 24.8.13. - VS. ANARCHY, PANARCHISM, LIBERTARIANISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT OR GENUINE SELF-DETERMINATION UNDER PERSONAL LAW

GOVERNMENT: Government can do nothing, at least nothing right.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.37.

GOVERNMENT: Government can have no more than two legitimate purposes - the suppression of injustice against individuals within the community, and the common defence against external invasion.” - William Godwin, An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, 1793. - For both purposes no territorial government is any more suitable than the Godfather of the Mafia is or any other Emperor or Dictator. - JZ, 12.7.86 & 15.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, PROTECTION, JUSTICE, DEFENCE

GOVERNMENT: Government can no more dispense liberties, rights, justice and peace than it can dispense wealth, health and wisdom. - JZ, 12.7.92. - It possesses neither wealth, health nor wisdom. It can only rob others, engage in unsound and sickening practices and repeat the same stupid ideas and practices over and over again. - JZ, 18.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government can only produce shit - and they can't even clean it up properly. - Source? – Heard and noted, JZ, 2.2.73.

GOVERNMENT: Government can take our business away from us faster than our competition can.” - Frank O. Prior. – It may not even allow us to get into our kind of business. Instance: Central Banking vs. Free Banking. – JZ, 29.12.08. - BUSINESS & COMPETITION

GOVERNMENT: Government can't cure government. - JZ, 21.9.91. – Territorial governments cannot cure themselves while they remain territorial governments. – JZ, 30.11.10. – Territorialism IS their disease. – JZ, 27.3.13.

GOVERNMENT: Government can't give us anything without depriving us of something else.” - Henry Hazlitt, Instead of What? - Quoted in THE FREEMAN, March 76.

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot "assume responsibility", as is so often demanded by statists, it can only assume a dominating, exclusive and irresponsible position and measures. - JZ, 8.6.82. – SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-GOVERNMENT, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot act in the general interest. - Hayek, Denationalization of Money, p.80. – No territorial government can act in the interests of all its territorial subjects, who are too diverse for that, but an exterritorial autonomous or personal law government or community can act in the interests and within the genuine rights and liberties of all its own voluntary members, restricted only by their own prejudices, errors, myths etc. and, naturally, by the genuine rights and liberties of outsiders. – Their internal consensus is alike enough for this and is kept up by free individual secessions of its dissenters. - JZ, 31.12.08, 24.8.13. - PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PUBLIC INTEREST, GENERAL INTEREST. SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot act unless it is violating boundaries, otherwise it has nothing to do.” - Robert LeFevre, "Le Don", 26.5.78. – Governments, societies and communities with voluntary members and confined to exterritorial autonomy, could be kept busy enough with the affairs their volunteers would have allocated to them, for the time being, to have time, energy and funds to meddle with the affairs of others. – They have nothing to fear from other panarchies except that they may set a better or more attractive example. – Then they have nothing to lose if they follow it. - JZ, 28.12.08, 24.8.13. - VIOLENCE, BOUNDARY VIOLATIONS, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM,

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot grant you a thing. It can only place limits on that which was rightfully yours to begin with. - Peter Vidrine and 3 other friends shared Liberty Veritas's photo. - Question Everything - by: Liberty Veritas – Facebook, 12.4.12. - VS. INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer.” – Ludwig von Mises – What is true for all people in a country is not true for particular men favored by governments through special privileges, not only for politicians and bureaucrats but e.g. for holders of government granted patents, licences, quotas, special permits, concessions and contracts, e.g. armament contracts. – JZ, 8.9.07. - It can make some people richer at the expense of making many other people poorer. And it reduces the total cake so that, in the average, everybody can only get less. – JZ, 24.12.08. – Most leading politicians and bureaucrats manage to improve at least their own financial position – and that of their favorites, but almost never that of the masses of the voters and taxpayers, who, usually, are just their victims. – JZ, 30.11.10. – Was there ever a correct statistic on the financial condition of officials before they got into office and then afterwards? – JZ, 27.3.13. – It does make some people richer, wrongfully, at the expense of everybody else. – JZ, 19.4.13. - However, it is good at destroying prosperity or preventing it from coming into existence. – JZ, 24.8.13. - WELFARE STATE, ECONOMIC POLICIES OF GOVERNMENTS, PROTECTIONISM, MONETARY DESPOTISM, RICHES, WEALTH & POVERTY

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot make men good; neither can it make them prosperous and happy.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.25.

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot make us equal; it can only recognize, respect, and protect us as equal before the law. – Clarence Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice.Even that is far beyond the capacity of any territorial government – JZ, 25.4.13. – They haven’t even recognized and declared all individual human rights and liberties as yet. – But they can make most of us equal victims of numerous wrongful laws. – JZ, 24.8.13. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT & EQUAL INDIVDIUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, LAWS, LEGISLATION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot prevent depressions.” – Admiral Ben Moreell, The Admiral’s Log II, p.182. – But it can sure cause them! – JZ, 30.10.76. – Inflations and stagflations, too, as well as financial crises, wars and civil wars. As we see, once again, right now. Subsequently, all governments are essentially helpless and without sound ideas to end the problems they created. Instead, they undertake only the usual wrongful and irrational steps, expensive band-aid schemes, which tend to make matters worse in the long run. – I do not know of a single government that has a peace program or even a program against terrorism, that deserves the term “program”. – Nor do they keep looking for better programs, even if they are already offered in some libraries. – All their secret services and advisory academics cannot find these solutions or recognize them as solutions, due to their territorialist premises. - JZ 23.12.08, 27.3.13. - DEPRESSIONS, CRISES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, MONETARY FREEDOM, FINANCIAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Government cannot protect individual rights unless it knows what these rights are.” - Victor Yarros, LIBERTY, Feb. 22, March 7 & 21, 1896. - No government has so far possessed this knowledge or seriously searched for it. And even if it had, as a territorial government it could not act upon it without itself further infringing upon individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 19.4.89 & 19.7.00, 28.12.08. - VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: Government charges much too much for wanted services. It even over-charges its victims for unwanted services and for supplying them with disservices. - JZ, 21.9.91 & 23.7.00. - TAXES & SERVICES

GOVERNMENT: Government consists largely of various forms of legalized theft. … As with private theft, the wealth taken is mostly a net loss, not a transfer. …. In the long run, society is probably poorer by more than the total amount stolen.” - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.209. - The whole passage is worth reading, so I repeat it here, including the above segments: This analysis of private theft is useful for understanding the nature of government. Government consists largely of various forms of legalized theft. The same economic principles apply to it as to illegal theft. There is competition both for employment (as politician, bureaucrat, and so on) and for purchasing stolen goods. This competition drives down the income of both politicians and their customers until it reaches its market level. Just as with private theft, individuals are benefited only to the extent that their particular talents are peculiarly suitable for governmental professions. As with private theft, the wealth taken is mostly a net loss, not a transfer. If a million dollars of taxpayers' money is being handed out, the people competing for it are willing to - and will - spend most of a million dollars to get it, just as a private thief will put in twenty dollars worth of labor to steal twenty-five dollars worth of loot. In addition, as with private theft, more resources are consumed by the cost of protection against government - the cost of tax lawyers, the cost of inefficient allocation of labor and capital in planning enterprises to minimize tax costs involved instead of to maximize real production, and so on. In the long run, society is probably poorer by more than the total amount stolen. (*) - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.209. - This book is excellent - but far from describing all of the machinery of freedom. Instead, it describes only one or two men's views of it and these, of necessity, must be incomplete. They cannot know and envision the whole free market, all its offers of machineries, tools, paths, projects, plans, programs and platforms that could lead all of us, in a free division of labor and free exchange process, towards as full liberty or as little liberty as we want to obtain for ourselves, individually and in groups of like-minded people. For the same reason, one freedom book or even many of them are not enough. We need all of them. We need to release and apply everybody's creative energies, including those of people long dead and those still to be born. Hopefully, we might come to discover and appreciate even more individual liberties when we come into contact with alien intelligences in space. - JZ, 1.8.00. – (*) Mainly through the obstructionism and destruction, waste of money, energy and time resulting through any coercive interventions by the government. How much is lost already e.g. through the high costs of collecting taxes, of compliance by the tax payers with tax laws, through protectionism, through compulsory licensing schemes, through monetary despotism, causing both, deflations and inflations with their mass unemployment? – JZ, 28.12.08. - GOVERNMENT IS A THIEF, ROBBER & EMBEZZLER, TAXATION, INFLATION, TRANSFER PAYMENTS, BUREAUCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Government consists of acts done by human beings; and if the agents, or those who choose the agents, or those to whom the agents are responsible, or the lookers-on whose opinion ought to influence and check all these, are mere masses of ignorance, stupidity, and baleful prejudice, every operation of government will go wrong.” - J. S. Mill, Representative Government, II, 1861. - Much more so than in cases where all participants are like-minded and act only voluntarily and at their own risk and expense. - JZ, 16.10.88. - That is practicable only under full experimental freedom, which here would require full exterritorial autonomy or panarchism. - JZ, 18.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government control gives rise to fraud, suppression of truth, intensification of the black market and artificial scarcity. Above all, it unmans the people and deprives them of initiative; it undoes the teaching of self-help…” – Gandhi - CONTROLS & THEIR RESULTS

GOVERNMENT: Government could not give to us what it did not first take away from us.” - Kenneth W. Sollitt, THE FREEMAN, 9/60, 7. - The "us" often means very different people. For the individual his individual account counts, not the all-over balance - less the cut by the bureaucracy. - JZ, 3.8.00. SPENDING & TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Government couldn't run a booze-up in a brewery.” - A meat producer to Bret Kelly, reported by Kelly in Nov. 1983.

GOVERNMENT: Government crimes stimulate and multiply private crimes as well, not only public ones. – But the total wrongs and damages from government crimes tend to be larger than those of private criminals. I can think of only one significant exception: Abortions. - JZ, 23.12.08, 28.3.13. 

GOVERNMENT: Government crooks are considered acceptable and even praised while private crooks are not.” - JZ, - 2/73. – We would be better off if there were only private crooks. We could cope much better with them than we can with territorial governments and better than territorial governments could. - JZ, 2.8.00. – CRIME, GOVERNMENTS ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTARY VICTIMS! POLITICAL LEADERSHIP, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, CORRUPTION, ABUSES


GOVERNMENT: government did not usually take capabilities into consideration in making an appointment - no more than the people did in electing government.” - Mark Clifton & Alex Apostolides, Hide! Hide! Witch! ASTOUNDING SF, Dec. 1953, 13. - APPOINTMENTS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, ELECTIONS, CAPABILITY, CIVIL SERVICE, PEOPLE, VOTING, POLITICIANS, OFFICIALS, BUREAUCRATS

GOVERNMENT: Government does inevitably do more wrong than right and more harm than good - via monopolies, centralization, territorialism, legislative interference with peaceful actions, taxation, its spending, bureaucracy, regulations, defence and policing efforts. Compare e.g. protectionism, prohibition and anti-drug wars, central banking, the war on poverty, its treaty making, war and peace aims, its warfare methods and armament, its definition of the enemy and of aggression, its foreign aid, its anti-inflation, anti-depression and anti-unemployment measures, etc. The full listing of its wrongs and mistakes, repeated over and over again, over centuries, could fill an encyclopedia and those interested should attempt to provide it. - JZ 28.3.89 & 18.7.00. - Government does more wrong than right and more harm than good. - JZ, 12.7.96.

GOVERNMENT: Government does not grow by seizing our freedoms, but by assuming our responsibilities.” – Michael Cloud. - I think that, as a territorial government it does all too much of both. Anyhow, freedom, responsibilities and rights cannot be clearly separated. Our rights and our freedom are our own responsibilities, too. - JZ, 22. 11. 06. – FREEDOM, RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: Government does not have to be slandered. It slanders itself by its actions. - JZ, 1.9.75. – Admittedly, not enough and on the other hand it runs a large and expensive propaganda machine for itself, including most schools and universities and many broadcasting stations, also the colleges for teachers as statist indoctrinators. – JZ, 27.12.08. – SLANDER, - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government does not know best. Government knows and practises mainly only the flawed or even the worst ideas and opinions and does so over and over again, always forgetting about the previously produced wrongs and damages. - JZ, 29.6.00, 1.2.02. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government does not solve problems; it subsidises them.” - Ronald Reagan. - As someone said: “You can have as much poverty as you are willing to pay for.” - JZ, 30.6.00. - SUBSIDIES

GOVERNMENT: Government does not want anyone independent of it.” - Dr. Craig Roberts, REASON, 2/78. – No territorial government wants any of “its” population to be independent of it. – JZ, 27.12.08. – Just like slave owners did not wish to lose their slaves and feudalist lords their serfs. – JZ, 24.8.13. – Large fractions of slavery and serfdom are still all too common under all territorial statist regimes. – JZ, 24.8.13. - INDEPENDENCE, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, SLAVERY, SERFDOM, FEUDALISM, MASTERS, LORDS, RULERS

GOVERNMENT: Government does not work. - JZ, 3.8.75. - It works too well for bureaucrats and politicians. But it condemns us to all too much and prolonged as well as unpaid or underpaid hard labor. - Uprisings of tax slaves and victims of monetary despotism are overdue. By formally seceding they would provoke the least backlash. - JZ, 2.8.00. – The individual and group secession option, once it is understood, would be attractive to the numerous factions of statists as well, who, otherwise, would often only have little chances to achieve self-government in accordance with their “ideals”. – JZ, 27.3.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government does what ordinary people cannot do and get away with it: commit a variety of serious crimes: taxation, conscription, legislation.” - Bob Howard, 3/73. – CRIMES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government doesn't cure problems. It aggravates them.” - Robert LeFevre, Lift Her Up, Tenderly, p.196. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM OR VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Government doesn't produce our wealth and our prosperity. People do.” - From: Richard Grant, The Incredible Bread Machine, vers II. - WEALTH, PROSPERITY

GOVERNMENT: Government doesn't provide law; they furnish legislation in endless streams.” - Robert LeFevre. – LAWS VS. THE LAW, IN THE IDEAL SENSE

GOVERNMENT: Government dreams! Government is dreaming and tries even to monopolize dreaming by forcing its own few mad or too unimaginative or all too imaginative dreams upon us, while preventing most of our own better or even beautiful dreams from becoming reality by our own free efforts. The solution, as Solneman stated, consists in allowing everyone the government, or the free society, of his own dreams. – Or of his own free choice, as Gian Piero de Bellis corrected. - JZ, 4.6.82 & 27.7.00, 24.8.13. - GOVERNMENT IS DREAMING & SPREADING DREAMS! OR, RATHER, NIGHTMARES IN PRACTICE!

GOVERNMENT: Government efficiency is a contradiction in terms. - JZ, 1973 - At least as far as territorial governments are concerned, most of them over-sized, oversexed, over-paid and over here. To become efficient, a government would have to be deprived of all its territorial, monopolistic, coercive, centralistic powers over involuntary members. Then only just another freely competing service business would remain. We could put up with it and that or ignore it, defect from it, boycott it and hire another and better service system or establish it ourselves. - JZ, 2.8.00, 27.3.13. – EFFICIENCY, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government exist to benefit its members - politicians, bureaucrats and other people who can't get an honest job. They grow fat of you and your family.” - William Marcy (Boss) Tweed, in THE VOLUNTARYIST, 10/92. - In Australia they are called "fat cats", in Germany they were called "Bonzes" and "Goldfasanen" (because of their decorated uniforms) and in the Soviet Empire, at least by followers of Djilas: "the new class". - Has anyone as yet assembled all these disrespectful nicknames? - It would not be an unworthy task. - JZ, 10.7.00. - GOVERNMENT BENEFICIARIES

GOVERNMENT: Government exists for the purpose of keeping the peace, for the purpose of compelling us to settle our disputes by arbitration instead of settling them by blows, for the purpose of compelling us to supply our wants, by industry instead of supplying them by rapine.” - T. B. Macaulay, Civil Disabilities of the Jews, 1831, EDINBURGH REVIEW, Jan. 1831.) – Territorial governments exist to keep peoples at war with each other, to induce disputes (under the old maxim of "divide and rule"), to impose and maintain an all too long, uncertain and costly as well as more or less arbitrary “justice” system, to enable special interest groups, favored by the government, to loot us rather than provide us with competitively supplied services at market prices. - If he still lived, would he now uphold that opinion? - JZ, 16.10.85, 12.7.86 & 15.7.00, 30.11.10. –

GOVERNMENT: Government expands to absorb revenue and then some.” - Tom Wicker, quoted by Harold Faber in THE NEW YORK TIME MAGAZINE, March 17, 1968. - GROWTH, TAXATION SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Government failure is always used as an excuse for government expansion. Government thrives on crisis and incompetence.” – Jim Babka of - Compare: “Throwing more money and labor after those already lost.” - JZ - FAILURES AS MOTIVES FOR GOVERNMENT EXPANSION, TERRITORIALISM, SPENDING, SUBSIDIES

GOVERNMENT: Government favors monopoly, not property. In fact, it is the only creator of wrongful monopolies and the greatest destroyer of private property. - JZ, 7.12.91 & 23.7.00. - A MONOPOLIST VS. PROPERTY, FREE EXCHANGE, FREE ASSOCIATION, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & EXPERIMENTATION

GOVERNMENT: Government funds mean government control.” - Ralph Borsodi, in: Moving into the Frontlines of Social Change, p.45. - SUBSIDIES, SPENDING & CONTROLS

GOVERNMENT: Government grows and grows and becomes more and more expensive and wasteful and obstructive as well as destructive and murderous, at least in its potential for mass murder. Does it do anything else well enough? Does it do anything beneficial well and cheaply enough? Could it survive free competition in any of its activities? - JZ, 1.4.00 & 9.7.00. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Government grows but problems don’t shrink, in fact it seems almost that the growth of problems is proportionate to the growth of government.” - John Laws, Book of Uncommon Sense, PAN, 1995, p.208. - GROWTH GOES PARALLEL WITH THE GROWTH OF PROBLEMS

GOVERNMENT: government grows by salami tactics, slice by slice.” – Mark Tier, p. 312 in “Freedom!” - edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Mark Tier, Baen, 2006. - Slice by slice it growths – at the expense of the individual rights and liberties of its subjects. – JZ, 27.3.13. – SLOW BUT PERSISTENT INCREASE OF TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, STATE SOCIALISM, STATE POWER & STATE MONOPOLISM, SALAMI TACTICS, GROWTH, POWER, GRADUALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government grows, taxpayers groan.” - Viv Forbes, letter to THE AUSTRALIAN, reproduced in PROGRESS PARTY NEWSLETTER. - Worse still, government governs! - JZ, 28.8.79. – And it does so territorially, with all the wrongs and damages that implies! – Make government membership and taxation voluntary! Then taxpayers can only complain about their own choices and chances and can do something themselves to change and improve them. - JZ, 28.12.08, 24.8.13. – TAXES, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, VOLUNTARY STATE OR SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Government had seemed like such fun but it didn't turn out to be fun at all, but bloody and tragic.” - Daniel Patrick Moynihan, to Harvard freshmen, in 1974, quoted in LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, 1 & 2/ 1978, p.29.

GOVERNMENT: Government has a disease of the mouth which infects everything it kisses.” - PERSONAL PROTECTION DIGEST, p.83.

GOVERNMENT: Government has already inflated the Australian Dollar so much that the 1 & 2 cents coins were becoming too expensive to produce and were outlawed. When will the A $ 1 coin become inflated out of existence? - JZ, 24.7.00. - INFLATION

GOVERNMENT: Government has become the vehicle for private gain at public expense.” - From a leaflet of The Independence Institute, Oakland, Cal.

GOVERNMENT: Government has been a fossil; it should be a plant.” - R. W. Emerson, The Young American, 1844. – Territorial government is a plant or conspiracy plan to inculpate, oppress and exploit all of us. - JZ, 16.10.85 & 15.7.00. – Territorial government is still a parasitic growth. It should be squeezed into a flat and dry fossil. - JZ, 16.10.85, 12.7.86 & 15.7.00. – The notion that a State and its subjects and government do form - and can rightly form - a single entity, which none of the subjects can unilaterally, rightly and freely dissolve, as far as their own affairs is concerned, by seceding from it, is the basic and quite wrongful idea of all territorial States. – JZ, 29.12.08. - FOSSIL OR LIVING PLANT? TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, ENFORCED “UNITY” OR “TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY”

GOVERNMENT: Government has been defined … as the subjection of the 'non-invasive' individual to a will not his own.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, LIBERTY, 156/4. - All non-invasive persons to have the right to secession and complete self-government. - JZ, 21.11.82, 24.9.13. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government has gone about as far as it can go. What people have to do now is do things for themselves: the government just cannot do any more.” - G. Kenneth Patten, Economic Development Administrator New York City, n.d., - WELFARE STATE, SELF-HELP

GOVERNMENT: Government has gone wild!”- Karl Hess, The Lawless State. – Wasn’t it always – as far as territorial governments are concerned? – JZ, 1.1.09. – The whole segment follows: Government has gone wild. - Today, in the land we like to think of as the most free on earth, government at all levels reaches into every level of our lives. It controls and it coerces, it bullies and it brags, it browbeats and it blusters. It grows and it grows, feeding without restraint on the energy, the talents, the hopes, the fears and the futures of the people. - Endless arguing about, or even rigorous voting for "better" government has not and can not alter the fact that it is the nature of government, the state itself that has shown itself in such a dark light. For it is in the nature of the state and of government, as it has developed, to do all of the things that it now is doing - regardless of which partisans, which technicians operate it at any given point.” - Karl Hess, The Lawless State, p.3. – When there are millions of different laws, regulations and interpretations of them then those in power can, in practice, largely act as if none of them existed. Only their territorial power is then not in doubt. The lawless State and outlaw state of affairs is one that is all too full of territorial laws and also all too full of lawless or discretionary power. – How many laws do we break without even knowing them or having the chance to even read them once in our lives? – Even the legislators often pass them without reading and discussing them, merely upon mentioning their title, which is, often, intentionally misleading, like e.g. the “Patriot Act”. - JZ, 1.1.09. - WILD, THE LAWLESS STATE, THE NATURE OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Government has hardened into a tyrannical monopoly, and the human race in general becomes as absolute property as beasts in the plow.” - John Dickinson: Letter to Thomas McKean, Nov. 22, 1802. - In "free America" it started as early as that! - JZ, 15.7.00. - TYRANNY, MONOPOLISM, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, TERRITORIALISM, SLAVERY, SERFDOM

GOVERNMENT: Government has lost its ability to ever blindside me again. I no longer read the news and believe the written pages. I no longer assume the guilt of those I see arrested. I have learned to open my eyes and see a story other than the one that the government and the media want me to see." - Sunni Liston, Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (FEAR), ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. - NEWS, MASS MEDIA, PRESS, NEWSPAPERS

GOVERNMENT: Government has no place in or responsibility for welfare or prosperity or religion or education.” - Leonard E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, Nov. 70. - As exterritorial, voluntary and competing governments they would conduct any business that their voluntary customers or clients would entrust them with. Limited government is ideal only for limited government advocates. Any other kind of government or society can, likewise, be ideal, but only in the eyes of their beholders - their voluntary members. - JZ, 3.8.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government has so far acted all too much as a quack and the people all too much as his ever faithful, hopeful and patient patients, who get more and more sick through these treatments while, at the same time, losing more and more faith in self-help and in the effectiveness of natural living and healing and of genuine medical treatments. - JZ, 14.6.86 & 14.7.00. - AS QUACK

GOVERNMENT: Government has turned into its opposite from its excess: an agency not of peace but of anarchy; not of abundance but of poverty; not of equality but of privilege; not of open community but of enclosed and secret power struggles.” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, p.114. – Alas, here he equated government with anarchy in the usual popular misunderstanding of it as “disorder” or “chaos”, terms that he should, rather, have used instead. – JZ, 24.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: government holds by definition a monopoly on the use of retaliatory force, yet its monopoly position can be maintained only by the initiation of force against any agency attempting to offer similar services. This particular argument centers around the coercive nature of government vis-à-vis would be competitors.” - Don Franzen, Reply to Peter Crosby, THE PERSONALIST. – Private security service are operating already with more manpower than the official police – but merely with protective rather than retaliative power. – JZ, 28.11.10. - COERCION, FORCE & MONOPOLY, COMPETING GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, PRIVATE PROTETION SERVICES, GUARDS & NIGHTWATCHMEN

GOVERNMENT: Government inhibits, prohibits, obstructs, alters, and intervenes in all our efforts at economy.” - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 7/76, p.433. – It interferes not only with our economic actions and organizations. – JZ, 28.12.08. - VS. ECONOMY & INDIVIDUALISM,

GOVERNMENT: Government interference in freedom of transactions is stifling the economy. - Free after G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.40. – Territorial government interferes with much more than the economy. – JZ - VS. ECONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Government is "a group of people who sell retributive justice to the inhabitants of a limited geographical area at monopolistic prices." - Robert LeFevre, Good Government, p.14. - Unfortunately, governments do much more than this and also much less, for they do not even offer retributive justice in all cases. - JZ, 27.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government is "inherently corrupt, oppressive, and malevolent."- Clinton Rossiter, THE FREEMAN, 7/72. - Competing, exterritorial and voluntaristic governments and societies would not be of that kind, or, at least, never to that extent and as often. Its potential victims could withdraw from it in time. JZ, Aug.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government is "no central intelligence" (A. E. Vogt, The Anarchist Colossus, 151) but, rather, a central and dumb but fast growing malignancy. - JZ, 15.1.92 & 23.7.00. - Government is no central intelligence but a centralized malignancy. - JZ, 15.1.92.

GOVERNMENT: Government is a cancer in an otherwise sound economy. - JZ, 21.9.91. – Territorial government is as “effective” when it comes to political and social relations and institutions. – JZ, 30.11.10. - VS. THE ECONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Government is a coercive monopoly, which has assumed power over and certain responsibilities for every human being within the geographical area which it claims as its own. - Morris and Linda Tannehill, The Market for Liberty, p.32. - Most of them respect the authority of the Pope over Catholics. Most of them also respect degrees of diplomatic immunity and remnants of personal law. And they do recognize that their sovereignty does not cover the high seas but is there confined, as it should be in "their" countries, to the own property and voluntary members. Nor is exclusive territoriality claimed absolutely for space, the universe and not even for air space or near space. If one were to extend territorial claims from the centre of the earth into space, then, due to the rotation of the earth around its own axle and around the sun, and the rotation of our galaxy, each territorial country could lay claim to much of the universe, which is obviously absurd. The absurdity of territorial borders on the surface and a bit below and above is not as obvious but just as real - and it should be judged and condemned by its results. The image of "space-ship" Earth will help towards this aim. - JZ, 3.8.00. – TERRITORIALISM, SPACE

GOVERNMENT: Government is a contrivance of human wisdom to provide for human wants. Men have a right that these wants should be provided for by this wisdom.” - Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790. - Territorial government is, rather, a contrivance of human foolishness to prevent the satisfaction of our wants in a competitive way. - JZ, 30.10.85, 24.8.13. - Rather: Territorial governments are contrivances of the foolish and prejudiced to prevent the satisfaction of all human wants that are rightful and rational. - JZ, 11.10.02. - Government is rather a contrivance of human ignorance and foolishness to prevent the fulfillment of human wants by free, competing and cooperative enterprises. Men have a right to have their wants provided for, in free exchanges, by the wisdom that only such enterprises can release. - JZ, 16.10.85, 12.7.86 & 15.7.00. - As Professor Galambos remarked: “If you want a job done and well done, hire a capitalist.” - JZ, 13.7.00. – Or hire a competing government or voluntary society for the services that you want. – JZ, 30.11.10. - WISDOM & HUMAN WANTS & NEEDS, , STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is a crime.” - A. L Haenni, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 9/77. - Territorial government is. - Since almost all governments are at present territorial, almost all governments at present are criminal. - JZ, 28.7.00. - Two exceptions: The Vatican and the Order of the Maltese. - Furthermore, towards e.g. violent criminals their actions are not criminal. Only towards non-consenting innocents are they criminal and victimizing. - JZ, 28.7.00. - CRIME

GOVERNMENT: Government is a destroyer by nature.” - Taylor Caldwell, A Pillar of Iron, p.116. - Panarchies, by their nature, would tend to be or become creators. They would be conducting numerous free experiments with their volunteers. And some of these would be successful and would be widely imitated, so progress would be assured as it is in science and technology. – They might start with mistakes and failures but, sooner or later, they will be more and more successful, by making the necessary and justified changes demanded by their remaining volunteers. Rulers of territories and their bureaucrats are not so accessible for improvement suggestions from their subjects. - JZ, 3.8.00, 29.12.08, 24.8.13. – They have nothing to offer than more of their dangerous or at least expensive power games. – JZ, 30.11.10. - DESTROYER, PANARCHISM OR VOLUNTARISM & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is a destroyer rather than a protector of property rights. - JZ, 19.12.93. – I meant but did not always expressly state: territorial government. – JZ, 27.3.13. - TAXATION & PROPERTY

GOVERNMENT: Government is a destroyer, not a creator. It is a thief, not a producer. It misdirects rather than leads. It deceives people rather than teaches. It wastes people's money rather than spends it sensibly. It restricts rather than extends liberties. It is a war-monger rather than a peace promoter. It costs jobs rather than creates them. It knows only one thing: Namely, how to stay in power and even in this all territorial governments do fail, sooner or later. - JZ, 21.9.91 & 23.7.00, 30.11.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.” – Robert LeFevre (1911-1986), political theorist, educator, journalist and author. - Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.” - L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach. – Territorialism can’t cure territorialism. – JZ, 1.1.09. - Compare: “Government is the problem, not the solution.”- STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is a group of people who sell retributive justice to the inhabitants of a limited geographical area at monopolistic prices.” - Robert LeFevre. - In the majority of cases it does not even deliver that. - JZ, 19.7.00. - It also sells aggression and charges and forcefully collects from its victims a high price for this disservice. - JZ, 20.4.89. – TERRITORIALISM, DEFENCE, AGGRESSION, STANDING ARMIES, MILITIA, WAR- & PEACE AIMS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY

GOVERNMENT: government is a hallucination in the minds of governors.” - Wilson/Shea, Illuminatus I, 189. - AND of many of the governed. - JZ, 1.4.78, 27.3.13. - A HALLUCINATION, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: government is a hallucination, or a self-fulfilling prophecy." - Source?  - Wilson/Shea, in Illuminatus I? - A HALLUCINATION OR A SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY - If enough people provide more input to this collection then such omissions would soon become rectified. For e.g. some double entries I have already done the necessary correction job myself. Such a collection is not just a memory tool for myself but one for mankind. It can be indefinitely multiplied, improved and supplemented, also offered in wanted special selections. It is absurd to have such quotes spread over 15,000 quotation books and 500 million other books and records. All fragments of wisdom on a subject should be pulled together and published together. Electronic technology does make that possible now. Book technology did not. See under SLOGANS FOR LIBERTY. – JZ, 29.12.08, 28.11.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government is a health hazard. Governments have killed many more people than cigarettes or unbuckled seat belts ever have.” - P. J. O'Rourke.

GOVERNMENT: Government is a misnomer for a territorial regime. It should always be called "misgovernment". - JZ, 6.7.73 & 2.8.00. - GOVERNMENT IS MISGOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Government is a partially illicit business which survives by deluding its customers with propaganda and tradition.” - Bob Caylor, THE DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, No. 6.

GOVERNMENT: Government is a people business.” - Kerry Chikarovski, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 8.12.98. - Government is an anti-people and territorially monopolized, centralized and coercive anti-business and anti-enterprise organization, a kind of political Mafia. - JZ, 8/1992, 27.12.08. - Compare the old saying: Beware of the Greeks carrying gifts! – PEOPLE, WELFARE STATES, BRIBING THE PEOPLE WITH THEIR OWN MONEY, LESS THE “MIS-MANGEMENT” FEES.

GOVERNMENT: government is a shared myth. When the myth dies, the government dies.” - Frank Herbert, The Emperor of Dune, Putnam, 411p, quoted in REASON, 12/81. - "Government is a shared myth. When the Myth dies, the government dies.” –- The end of the many myths surrounding territorial governments will not mean the death of those governments and societies, which are only exterritorially autonomous and have only voluntary members. - JZ, 27.7.00. – Due to their power and the organized terror produced by totalitarian territorial regimes, they have often survived their myths for all too long. That applied e.g. to the myths of Hitlerism and of Stalinism. – Resistance to them has not yet become a well-known science and technique, not even among people living under democratic territorial governments, threatened by totalitarian regimes. - JZ, 28.11.10. - Totalitarian governments are so powerful that they can long survive the death of their myths. But then they have never been sufficiently confronted by panarchies (exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers), as alternatives to them. – JZ, 24.12.08, 30.11.10. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TOTALITARIANISM, MYTHS, PREJUDICES, IDEOLOGIES BASED ON A MYTH, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, LIBERATION, DEFENCE, REVOLUTION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, PANARCHISM, TERROR OF TOTALITARIAN REGIMES

GOVERNMENT: Government is a sign of the (*) divine grace, (**) of the mercy of God, who has no pleasure (***) in murdering, killing, and strangling. If God left all things to go which way they would, as among the Turks (****) and other nations, without good government, we should quickly dispatch one another out of this world.” - Martin Luther, Table Talk, DCCLV. - (*) Rather, a sign of the lack of divine grace. - (**) of the shortage of the mercy of God. - (***) At least in the Old Testament he seems not only to enjoy such crimes being committed but orders them committed. - (****) Has he permitted genuine anarchy among the Turks? - JZ, 16.10.85 & 15.7.00. - How can such nonsense be spouted and remain quoted un-contradicted for hundreds of years? - JZ, 15.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government is a social institution for legalizing the use of initiated force in human relationships.” - Dale Green, LE FEVRE'S JOURNAL, Winter 76. - Rather: Territorial governments are ANTI-SOCIAL institutions for they legalize the use of aggressive force against peaceful and honest dissenters. - JZ, 29.7.00. – INITIATION OF FORCE OR COERCION, COMPULSION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is a suitable and self-imposed punishment only for statists. All others deserve the degrees of liberty that they want for themselves. No territorial government should be inflicted upon them. They should have, individually and in their own volunteer communities, the option of full exterritorial autonomy under personal law systems, those they do prefer for themselves, however flawed these may be in the eyes of others. – We all start off as babes. Let them learn from their own experiences. - JZ, 3.10.88 & 18.7.00, 31.12.08. – By free individual and minority group choices we would not again arrive at territorial governments. – JZ, 30.11.10. - TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees; and both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people.” - Henry Clay, Speech at Lexington, Ky., May 16, 1829. - Note that these trustees never pay dividends to their shareholders for the vast public assets that they have taken under their wings and administer largely for their own benefits, apart from their games of playing favorites or bribing voters with handouts to induce them to vote for them. They levy tributes from their subjects even to finance mismanagement, waste and disservices, all in the name of the people. – In all too many cases, it is even the head of a warfare State and of other mass murder activities. - JZ, 16.10.85 & 15.7.00, 25.8.13. –  REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, IN THE NAME OF BUT, RATHER, AGAINST THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: Government is a very expensive circus. - JZ, 14.6.92. - AN EXPENSIVE CIRCUS


GOVERNMENT: Government is about coercion. Limiting government is the single most important instrument for guaranteeing liberty. We're working on a third generation which has little in the way of education about what our Constitution means and why it was written. Thus, we've fallen easy prey to charlatans, quacks, and hustlers. – Dr. Walter Williams – COERCION, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION, CONSTITUTIONALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ENLIGHTENMENT, POLITICIANS, RULERS, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Government is actually the worst failure of civilized man. (*) There has never been a really good one, and even those that are most tolerable are arbitrary, cruel, grasping and unintelligent.” - H. L. Mencken quoted in - quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah on Facebook, 23.10.12. – (*) “men” in another version: quoted by & Nizam Ahmad shared Christopher Cantwell's photo. – Facebook, 16.11.12. - The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments. - Ludwig von Mises - Capitalism – Ibid. - All branches of our government today are controlled by individuals who use their power to undermine liberty and enhance the welfare/warfare state -- and frequently their own wealth and power," - Ron Paul, ibid. – TERRITORIALISM, GOOD GOVERNMENT? MAN, FAILURES & CIVILIZATION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is all too often considered to be an enabling agency while, in reality, it is much more extensively a disabling agency. - JZ 7.4.93. 12.7.00. - It restrains more productive and creative energies than it releases. - JZ, 12.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government is also that system based on force which breeds force in retaliation whenever and wherever it goes into operation.” - JAG, Aug. 22, 1972. - FORCE, RETALIATION

GOVERNMENT: Government is an "intelligence inhibitor". - JZ, 23.4.77, quoting a term used by Poul Anderson in Brain Wave. It is also an obstacle to new, rightful, labor and money saving ideas and experiments. - JZ, 2.8.00. - INTELLIGENCE

GOVERNMENT: Government is an anti-wealth and anti-freedom machine working against everybody's long term interests. Even slavery was not in the long-term interest of the slave masters. - Dictatorship deprives the dictator of much personal freedom, too. - JZ, 20.11.78 & 30.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government is an association of men who do violence to the rest of us.” - Leo [Lyof N.] Tolstoy, The Kingdom of God Is Within you, 1893. - Quoted by Tomas Runnelskova on Facebook, 6.3.12. – That applies especially and by their very nature to territorial governments. The differences, which exterritorially autonomous communities, societies and governance systems, all of and over volunteers only, would make – and this almost all spheres - do still have to become widely enough recognized and appreciated, even among most freedom lovers and freedom writers. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. - T.’s statement is true only for territorial monopoly associations with compulsory membership or subjugation, not for societies, communities or governance systems of volunteers, which only do their own things at the own expense and risk under full exterritorial autonomy and personal laws. – JZ, 22.3.12. – TERRITORIALISM, VIOLENCE, INTOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: Government is an evil, an usurpation upon the private judgment and individual conscience of mankind.” - William Godwin, in the beginning of his Enquiry into Political Justice.

GOVERNMENT: Government is an evil; it is only the thoughtlessness and vices of men that make it a necessary evil. When all men are good and wise, government will of itself decay.” - Percy Bysshe Shelley. - What will the thoughtless and vicious people do when they are in government? Become virtuous and wise? - JZ, 30.6.00.– Q.

GOVERNMENT: Government is an immoral, unnecessary, vast, wasteful, expensive, compulsory, monopolistic and territorial organization for all those who do not want it for themselves and who would and could supply or hire those services which they do want for themselves at a better quality and much more cheaply, if free to do so and if they could be freely offered. Free enterprise for alternatives to the present governments and full consumer sovereignty towards them! - JZ, 19.12.93, 10.7.00, 30.11.10, 25.8.13. - PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is an institution of the intolerant, by the intolerant and for the intolerant - who want everyone to conform to the same idea.” - Diogenes of Panarchia, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, 4.1.81. - That applies also to the aims of most anarchists, who become so fanatic in the pursuit of their supposedly secondary objectives that they turn themselves into "authoritarian anarchists". By these “anarchists” the German popular saying is applied: "And if you do not want to be my brother then I will bash your head in!" - (“Und willst Du nicht mein Bruder sein, dann schlag ich Dir den Schaedel ein!”) Compare their treatment of e.g. priests, monks and nuns during the Spanish Civil War or the treatment of all people with spectacles, or even merely a primary school education, in Cambodia under their Red Guards, in their “back to nature” attempt. Indeed, they turned people into fertilizer, in their killing fields. - JZ, 26.4.81 & 29.7.00. - & INTOLERANCE TOWARDS PEACEFUL DIVERSITY, UNIFORMITY OR EQUALITY DRIVE, STATISM, IMPERIALISM EXTERNALLY & INTERNALLY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is an organization that vigorously asserts and plausibly maintains a monopoly on the use of force within a certain geographical area. The only basic tool available to government is force, ultimately applied by an officer with a gun. Since noble goals cannot be achieved by ignoble means (because the end is predetermined by the means), government cannot accomplish any charitable goals supposedly based on love and/or compassion. …” - JAG, 15.2.75. – To the enlightened every territorial government is as implausible as possible. However, the unenlightened should be free to have them for themselves, at their own risk and expense, under their kind of personal law choice. – JZ, 25.8.13. – FORCE, COMPULSION, COERCION, AGGRESSION, MONOPOLY

GOVERNMENT: Government is an unrealistic, unworkable, utopian dream. It has been so demonstrated and proved countless times.” - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism, p.10. - Correct for territorial governments. Incorrect for exterritorial, voluntaristic and competing ones. - Actually, many forms of anarchism are also, as prescription for all of mankind, quite unrealistic and unworkable utopian dreams. - The majority of statists cannot be wished away, outlawed or simply exterminated. - Let them do their things TO THEMSELVES. - Save only your OWN lives from territorial statism. Panarchism allows each to make his own choices for his own life, from extreme governmentalism – for himself - to extreme individualism. - JZ, 1.8.00. - A UTOPIAN DREAM OR, RATHER, A DISTOPIA

GOVERNMENT: Government is at best but an expedient; but most governments are usually, and all governments are sometimes, inexpedient. The objections, which have been brought against a standing army, and they are many and weighty, and deserve to prevail, may also at last be brought against a standing government. The standing army is only an arm of the standing government.” - Henry David Thoreau , Civil Disobedience, 1849. – EXPEDIENCY, TERRITORIALISM, STANDING ARMY

GOVERNMENT: Government is authority and authority feeds, grows and shits on everyone.” - Brick Pillow, THE CONNECTION 149, p.6 - AUTHORITY

GOVERNMENT: Government is big and strong on repression and destruction but small and weak regarding all creative activities. - JZ, Nov. 83.

GOVERNMENT: Government is both evil and unnecessary.” - Quoted in TIME, 28.2.83. - EVIL & UNNECESSARY

GOVERNMENT: Government is crime in progress.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 12/85. – Correct for almost all territorial governments, except the very smallest. Incorrect for all freely competing governments or societies of volunteers: panarchies. – JZ, 27.12.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, CRIME

GOVERNMENT: Government is either a government of fools by fools or a government of fools by smart men, in the interests of the smart men. - JZ, 5.6.92. - The ultimate purpose of "good shepherds" is obviously not the lasting well-being of their flocks or herds. - JZ, 22.7.00. They are fed and protected against other predators only until they are ready to be slaughtered by their owners. - JZ, 25.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, PROTECTION, RULERS, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIONM, DEMOCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Government is emphatically a machine: to the discontented a "taxing machine," to the contented a "machine for securing property." - Thomas Carlyle, 1795-1881, Signs of the Times, 1829. - I would add: "without productive work". - JZ, n.d. - Usually, government does not protect but rather takes all too much property and earnings and secures this loot for itself and its followers, or even finances further disservices with it. - To the contented a machine to wrongfully obtain the property of others and to provide them willy nilly with disservices and their expense. - JZ, 16.10.85, 12.7.86, 25.8.13. - It is not a productive but rather an obstructive, destructive and murderous machine. - JZ, 15.7.00. – At best it could be considered an insurance company. But as such it is run, as a rule, almost always as wrongfully, wastefully and irrationally as possible and, nevertheless, forces this “protection” upon all too many involuntary victims, not allowing them to secede and their own things. – JZ, 30.11.10. - TAXATION, EXPLOITATION

GOVERNMENT: Government is essentially a hysterical reaction to existing conditions. Whereas ordinary people will normally rank interpersonal violence as a last resort of social breakdown or crisis, government operates with violence as its immediate priority: determined courses of action are decreed, not voluntarily decided upon, ordered, not freely accepted.” - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism, p.12. , PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, VIOLENCE AS A HYSTERICAL & TERRITORIALIST REACTION, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is established for the protection of the weak against the strong. This is the principal, if not the sole, motive for the establishment of all legitimate government.” - Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, in Works II, 215. - In other words, if it disarms the weak then it is not legitimate! Read Robert LeFevre, “What Protection?” - JZ, 1.8.00. – VICTIM DISARMAMENT, ABUSES OF POLICE POWERS, GUN CONTROL LAWS, MINIMUM PROTECTION & DEFENCE AT MAXIMUM COSTS

GOVERNMENT: Government is for politicians, not for the people or for the rights of individuals. - JZ, 28.2.02 & 19.8.02. - After reading: David Humphries, in SMH, 19.2.02: "Fewer voters believe government is 'for the people'." - POLITICIANS VS. THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: Government is for slaves - free men govern themselves.” - Albert Parson, 1886. - SLAVES & FREE MEN

GOVERNMENT:Government is force, and politics is the process of deciding who gets to use it on whom. This is not the best way to solve problems. – Richard Grant, The Incredible Bread Machine, 1999. – FORCE, STATISM, TERRIOTORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, "See, if it weren't for the government, you wouldn't be able to walk." - Harry Browne - Doug Wickersham: and the crutch that they give you will be about 24 inches long! – Facebook, 26.2.12. – Government is good at one thing. It knows how to cripple you, hand you a crutch, and then tell you that you couldn't walk without government.” - Harry Browne, 1996 Libertarian candidate for President of the US, in his acceptance speech at the nominating convention, July 1996.  WELFARE STATE, PROTECTION BY THE GOVERNMENT, JOKES

GOVERNMENT: Government is growing as it fails, and, to a chilling degree, it is growing because it fails.” - Richard Cornuelle, Healing America, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1983, p. 18. – Only the panarchistic alternative is still missing in this book. In its survey of voluntary alternatives already practised or proposed, it is one of the best I know of. – JZ, 12.9.08. - GROWTH & FAILURES

GOVERNMENT: Government is humbug. There is no government. Behind the noisy, smoke-belching, larger-than-life illusion of government are ordinary human beings. It isn't accurate to say government "is composed of" people; government IS simply people. They may be good people but they are very bad wizards. Mortals have no magic.” - Roger McBride, A New Dawn for America. The Libertarian Challenge, p.2. - POLITICIANS, LEADERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, REPRESENTATIVES

GOVERNMENT: Government is ignorance in action - and coercive action at that. - JZ, 16.7.74. - Compare Goethe's: "There is no worse sight to behold than ignorance in action." - ACTION IN IGNORANCE

GOVERNMENT: government is increasingly devouring the economy.” - Irwin A. Schiff, The Biggest Con, p.145. – It is even to a large extent preventing economy from being realized and producing prosperity. Then the already all to restricted economy, with its production already greatly diminished thereby, is heavily taxed or subsidized in its inefficiencies, at the expense of the tax slaves and consumers. – JZ, 25.8.13. -  TAXATION, SPENDING, BORROWING, INFLATION

GOVERNMENT: government is invariably a government of men - men looking for something.” - George H. Douglas, THE FREEMAN, 12/73. – Mainly looking out for their own interests – under the pretense that they look out for the common interests. – JZ, 30.12.08. - POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, REPRESENTATIVES, GENERAL INTEREST, PUBLIC INTEREST, SELF-INTEREST OF THE POLITICIANS

GOVERNMENT: Government is like a baby: an alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other. - President Ronald Reagan, joke during 1965 campaign for governor.- Ronald Reagan, governor of California, - The Reagan Wit, ed. Bill Adler, p. 30 (1981). Another version: "Sometimes, I think that government is like that old definition of a baby: 'An enormous appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.” - INSATIABLE & IRRESPONSIBLE, SPENDING, JOKES

GOVERNMENT: Government is like a child molester who offers candy before his evil act.” - U.S. Congressman James Utt, quoted in Curt Gentry: The Last Days of the Late Great State of California, p.232. - BENEFITS & OTHER MEASURES

GOVERNMENT: Government is like a gun. When one is handy and a man is frightened, he will reach for it. And the men in government, knowing this, make themselves willing tools of coercion and violence, contending thereby that they are preventing violence from arising.” - Robert LeFevre, The Power of Congress, p.78. – Any territorially imposed uniformity will always bring about conflicts. We need control of power and government control rather than gun control. We need to control and direct our guns, starting with all our intellectual “weapons” and ammunition, against territorial government controls and powers – until we have become free to secede from them and their powers are abolished, to that extent, except over their remaining voluntary victims. - JZ, 1.8.00, 29.12.08, 27.3.13. - COERCION & VIOLENCE, TERRITORIALISM, LAWS, ARMED DEFENCE OF GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, IDEAL MILITIAS, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is like a massive war.” - John Hyde, former MP, later running a classical liberal think tank in W.A. - A WAR MACHINE, A WARFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: government is little more, and has never been more, than a gang of professional criminals. … government has been the most tangible cause of most of man’s inhumanity to man, …” – Roy A. Childs, Jr., Liberty Against Power, Fox & Wilkes, San Francisco, 1994, p.155 – INHUMANITY, BRUTALITY, ABUSE, EXPLOITATION, THEFT OR ROBBERY BY LEGALIZED TRIBUTES, TYRANNY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is loaded with so many functions and functionaries and so few positive incentives and so efficient disincentives that it cannot function as intended. Some hold that this applies even to the most limited government. For the provision of protection, defence and justice are not just simple functions that even government bureaucrats could simply solve. Many different solutions to these problems are possible and wanted by different groups of people and from all these even limited governments are least likely to pick only the consistently libertarian ones. By them adopting monopolistic, coercive, uniform and territorial solutions for all people in a territory, the limited government advocates reveal that all too much authoritarianism and statism remains in their minds. - JZ, 4.9.87 & 19.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government is mainly an expensive organization, one that deals with wrongdoers and taxes those people who behave decently. Government does very little for decent people apart from the fact that it bothers them.” - Howe. - Translated from a German version.

GOVERNMENT: Government is mainly parasitic on the people. Ours will be as small as possible, and we won’t situate it on the heights.” – Larry Niven, Convergent Series, story: Transfer of Power. - PEOPLE, PARASITISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is morally wrong.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.232. – Territorial government as such is inevitably wrong. Exterritorially autonomous governments over volunteers are not necessarily so, since their rule, much more than the rule of any territorial government, is based upon consent, individually given, by all but criminals with victims. Their ideas, ideals, systems and methods may be wrong, objectively, not subjectively, but they do have the right to try to practise them among themselves, at their own risk and expense, until, one by one, they have learnt their lesson and secede. – JZ, 27.12.08, 25.8.13. – MORALITY, PANARCHISM, CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREDOM

GOVERNMENT: Government is neither a producer nor is a rightful distributor. – JZ, 1.1.09, 30.11.10. – But volunteers have the right to do their own things among themselves. If they act foolishly, against their own best interests they would at least give others something to laugh about or set a deterrent example. – JZ, 27.3.13, 25.8.13. - TERRITORIALISM, WISDOM, WANT, NEED, WELFARE STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is no more than a place for securing anonymity while one's most vicious and destructive thoughts are acted out by others, and the individual, secretly applauding, can deny responsibility.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Winter 75. - Correct for territorial governments, especially those dominated by special interest groups. In some of them majorities or even minorities, protected by governments, are quite open in their persecution of minorities and individuals. - JZ, 28.7.00. – It should be obvious that one should be quite free from such territorial associations and also free to join or establish alternative institutions to them. – JZ, 1.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government is not - cannot be - defined by the "services" it provides. Historically, its unique characteristic has not been that it has made roads, delivered mail, swept streets, pushed papers or killed crooks. It's fundamental characteristic has been the means it has used to exist, not the things it has done.” - Michael E. Coughlin, DANDELION, Winter 78. – Many of the things they have done, e.g. as Warfare States or as authoritarian to totalitarian regimes, are also characteristic for them. Their basic wrong is the compulsory membership and subjugation to their territorial regime, which does not permit individuals and minorities to secede and live under personal law, not even while their armed forces and other “public servants” are under special and their rulers are more or less lawless in many of their executive actions and decisions, e.g. their decision-making monopoly on war and peace, armament and disarmament, international negotiations and treaties. – JZ, 25.8.13. - SERVICES, COERCION, TAXATION, COMPULSION, VIOLENCE, POWER, TERRITORIALISM, INSTEAD OF VOLUNTARISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

GOVERNMENT: Government is not a necessary evil, only the assertion that it is, is evil.” - David Taylor, 5.6.85.

GOVERNMENT: Government is not capable, by nature, of being productive and constructive. In its capacity as government, it acts to restrain and restrict.” - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 4/73. – Anybody – except itself. – JZ, 25.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: government is not government unless it monopolizes its business within its boundaries.” - Stephen Tracy Byington, quoted by Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.189. - In other words, territorial governments are territorial governments but that does not make exterritorial and competing governments with voluntary members only and exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities impossible, wrong, useless or undesirable. - Rather than arguing about definitions, we should consider undesirable and desirable characteristics, assuming that they can have both of them. Defining rightful and voluntary and freely competing alternatives out of existence or denying that they could exist, just because they are extremely rare now and not frequently reported by historians, is not a very scientific approach. Even the present governments permit a lot of international law to apply in their territory and gave some opportunities to private security forces and arbitration systems. Moreover, they permit a degree of independence to international corporations and churches and various other boards and authorities, although still subjecting them to more or less despotic laws and restrictions. Remnants of personal laws still exist under the dominant territorial law systems and fill thick commentary books. To the extent that any private enterprise or other private activity is still free and voluntary, it also constitutes exterritorial self-government, although only an a limited level. - JZ, 29.7.00. - MONOPOLY & TERRITORITORIALISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Government is not reason, it is not eloquence - it is force! Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” Attributed to George Washington. - But to assume that a whole country and all its people could be governmentally run by a handful of men, assembled in some form of government organization or the other, is already very irresponsible, proof of ignorance and foolishness and lack of historical knowledge of all such attempts. Such people would be certified as insane, if the medics responsible for this would dare to do so. - JZ, 30.7.00, 25.8.13. - REPORT ON FREEDOM, 10/74, commented on Washington's remark: "But why get burned to find out?" - Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” - Attributed to George Washington. - Frank J. Wilstach, A Dictionary of Similes, 2d ed., p. 526 (1924). This remark can be found with minor variations in wording and in punctuation, and with "fearful" for "troublesome," in George Seldes, The Great Quotations, p.727 (1966). Unverified. - In his most recent book of quotations, The Great Thoughts (1985), Seldes says, p. 441, col. 2, footnote, “this paragraph although credited to the 'Farewell' [address] cannot be found in it. Lawson Hamblin, who owns a facsimile, and Horace Peck, America's foremost authority on quotations, informed me this paragraph is apocryphal." – I for one appreciate the process by which an original remark is gradually changed into the current and often much better worded proverb or “quote”, and can only hope that this will also happen to many to most of the entries in this collection. – JZ, n.d. - POWER, DISCRETION, REASON, FORCE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: government is not the doctor, but the disease.” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, p.5. – A longer version: Government is not the doctor. It is the disease. We shall never rid our society of its ills until we realize that what is wrong with our system of government is not the party that happens to be in power: it is the incapacity of government as such to do many of the things that we entrust to it.” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, from the cover. - He does not, alas, confine his remark to territorial governments and examines the exterritorial alternatives. Instead, he still assumes that limited but still territorial governments CAN do the things that are entrusted to them. Only within exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers could they do as much or as little as they can do and at least subjectively and for a while satisfy their followers and subscribers. But even if a quite ideal government were possible, had been designed and proposed, we should never expect that all people would now or soon or ever be willing to subscribe to it. To force them under such a regime would be a despotic act with harmful consequences, which could lead to something like a religious war or crusade by the true believers in statism against such an ideal society. Why risk that, rather than satisfying oneself with any degree of libertarianism for libertarians at their particular level of enlightenment and striving also for liberty of all statists to realize among themselves and at their expense and risk any degree of statism that they prefer for themselves? - JZ, 29.7.00. – However, freely competing or quite voluntary governments, societies and communities do not threaten anyone, because they raise and impose no territorial monopoly claims. – JZ, 1.1.09. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, THE DISEASE - Government is not the doctor, it is the disease. - Milton Friedman, quoted by Nizam Ahmad, Facebook, 15.10.12. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.” - Ronald Reagan, quoted in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 21.1.95. – Another version: Government is not the solution, but rather the cause of our problems. - So, why did he run for President? Why did he become and remain one of the main problem makers? Why didn't he become an anarchist or at least a clear-cut libertarian or very limited government advocate? Was he under the delusion that one man in that position could do much to reverse the statist trends? - JZ, 7.7.00. – While this is true for territorial governments, it is not necessarily true for exterritorial governments over their own kind of volunteers only. Between them and their exclusively voluntary citizens, they might be able to solve some solvable problems that do have a high priority for them. – JZ, 3.4.12. - THE PROBLEM, NOT SOLUTION, PRESIDENTS, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, LEADERSHIP, REPRESENTATIVES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: government is not within society, but outside of it.” - Rousseau, JLS, Winter 80, page 82. – Only governments with voluntary subjects only and confined to exterritorial autonomy can be classed as genuine societies rather than despotic organizations, even when formally they are democracies or republics. – JZ, 29.11.10. - VS. SOCIETY

GOVERNMENT: Government is obsolete.” - Bucky Fuller, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 8/77. - So we should set every single of its involuntary customers free to reject it, hire another one for himself, withdraw from it, ignore it, secede from it and do his own things for and to himself, together with like-minded volunteers, without having to change his residence or job or anything else. - JZ, 28.7.00. – Nuclear weapons were wrongful, irrational and obsolete right from the beginning, and yet our great “protectors” stockpiled them for decades and kept them in readiness and still do. And we have organized ourselves, all too uncritically in territorial Warfare States – for centuries and still, in most cases, do not contemplate replacing them by rightful and harmless institutions that we do really want for our very varied aims. – JZ, 30.12. 08. – STATES, OBSOLESCENCE, EXTERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM & CORRESPONDING GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE VS. ALL TERRITORIAL WARFARE

GOVERNMENT: Government is only so much sand in the gears.” - Morris and Linda Tannehill, The Market for Liberty, p.87.

GOVERNMENT: Government is organized crime, prejudice and foolishness. - JZ, 13.3.95. - "Government IS organized crime." - Anonymous, The Libertarian Yearbook 72, p. 44. – TERRITORIALISM, CRIMINAL TURFS, COERCIVE MONOPOLISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is organized ignorance, prejudice and stupidity combined with wrongful, senseless, excessive, oppressive, murderous, destructive and monopolistic territorial power. - JZ, 21.11.98 & 9.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is organized irrationality and compulsory chaos but also systematic exploitation of the many for the benefit of a few or of a few for the supposed benefit of the many, under the pretense that this would all be for their own good, in the public or national interest, for the common good. – JZ, 6.3.07, 16.10.07. - GOVERNMENTS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is organized irrationality to insanity, destructive violence and even murderousness in all too many cases and for all too long and this on much too large a scale. It is also the biggest liar, confidence trickster, robber, monopolist and exploiter. So why should we put up with it any longer? - JZ, 4.7.99 & 10.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is organized, legalized, nationalized crime.” - Mark Tier, n.d. - Territorial government, that is. - JZ, 2.8.00. – Obviously, no one should be forced to remain subject to any crime syndicate. – JZ, 1.12.10. - CRIME, LAWS, NATIONALIZATION, TERRITOIRALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is rather an evil desired by some than a necessary evil accepted as such by all or desired by all. Full freedom does not, so far, inspire enough people with a similar desire for the opportunities, liberties and rights that it offers and so we continue to fill the State's coffers and its offices with sacrifices of our properties, earnings, liberties, rights and lives. Ignorance is not bliss. It's a disaster and, combined with territorial statism, it establishes territory-sized disaster areas for many years, sometimes for many decades. - JZ, 12.7.78 & 21.7.00. – By now wrongful territorial monopolism, collectivism and compulsion has even persisted for centuries. – JZ, 25.8.13. -  EVIL, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is supposed to fight evil but "government itself proves to be evil." - Woody Welling, THE CONNECTION 116, p.72.

GOVERNMENT: Government is that mechanism whereby many citizens get part of all of their bills paid for by other people.” - JAG, Aug. 22, 72.

GOVERNMENT: Government is that system whereby some citizens try to live at everybody else's expense.” - JAG, Aug. 22, 1972.

GOVERNMENT: Government is the assumption of authority over a given area and all within it, exercised generally for the double purpose of more complete oppression of its subjects and extension of its boundaries.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, Instead of a Book, 1893. - They do grant at least diplomats and visiting leaders exterritorial autonomy. Apart from this, some remnants of personal law still do exist in some countries and thick juridical volumes on this can be found in special bookshops for legal texts. - Tucker, too, did not fully explore, discuss and explain the panarchistic alternative, although he made many relevant remarks. - JZ, 13.7.00. - GEOGRAPHICAL, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: government is the biggest interest group of all, relentlessly grasping for more power.” - Jim Powell, LFB, August 93, page 7. – All groups have special interests but only territorial governments have power over dissenters. – JZ, 29.11.10. - INTEREST GROUPS, VESTED INTERESTS, LOBBIES, SPECIAL INTERESTS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government is the biggest thief of all.” - Anderson/ Miles, Constitution, p.27. – It is more an embezzler (indirect taxes and inflation) and a robber (direct taxation) than a thief. – JZ, 24.12.08. - CRIME, THEFT, ROBBERY, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Government Is The Cause - Not The Solution.” - Bumper sticker mentioned in LIBERTAS REVIEW, Sum. 78.

GOVERNMENT: Government is the coercion through threat and force of the many by the few.” - Prof. Richard Taylor of the University of Rochester, New York, in Freedom, Anarchy and the Law, Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, 1973, p.94. - COERCION, THREAT, FORCE

GOVERNMENT: Government is the control of one or more persons by one or more other persons, and is fundamentally vicious, being founded on assumption and upheld by force.” - Henry Addis, quoted by Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.264.

GOVERNMENT: Government is the disease for which it claims to be the cure. - Rany Sides, in a letter, 10.9.75.

GOVERNMENT: government is the main drag on the economy.” - James R. Elwood, FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, ISIL, No. 57, Aug.- Oct. 99, p. 23. - THE ECONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Government is the main source of organized rape all over the world.” - Walter Williams, 4/90.

GOVERNMENT: Government is the most regular, successful and large-scale payroll and bank robber of all. Just look e.g. at your bank account for its deposit and withdrawal taxes, upon incomes remaining, after they have been taxed before, over and over, many times, by uncounted numbers of taxes. Other leeches, and parasites have nothing on them. The most famous other criminals, robbers and murderers are pikers compared with them. - Have you ever tried to estimate how much you have paid them already during your life, in direct and indirect taxes and how much your living standard was reduced as a result of their multiple interventions, monopolies, regulations, licences and controls? Even the "tax-freedom-day" determinations are not sufficiently measuring all the robberies and poverty and slavery promoting actions of governments. - JZ, 17.7.00, 2.2.02. - TAXATION, THEFT, ROBBERY

GOVERNMENT: Government is the natural enemy of the people.” - Poul Anderson, The Avatar, 122. - VS. THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: Government is the only agency that can take a useful commodity like paper, slap some ink on it, and make it totally worthless.” - Ludwig von Mises, quoted in Charles Curley, The Coming Profit in Gold, p.12. - It is also the only agency that can give its paper money legal tender power and a money issue monopoly, the two main legal preconditions for any inflation of paper money. Also for any deflation and stagflation and any lasting economic crisis. These two factors lead to the popular version of Gresham's Law, operating only under this monetary despotism. Under monetary freedom it is reversed and good money drives out the bad. – Sometimes governments have driven stagflation so far that gold has fallen very much in its price, reckoned in depreciated and yet deflated paper money, while unemployment has been maintained at high levels in many countries for years. - Sound, competing alternative monies are still outlawed, not only in the form or rare metal coins and certificates. - JZ, 2.8.00. – Full monetary and financial freedom could almost instantly end the current economic crisis as well. – Alas, it is hardly part of the public discussion. - JZ, 27.12.08. INFLATION, MONEY, LEGAL TENDER & THE MONEY ISSUE MONOPOLY

GOVERNMENT: Government is the political representative of a natural equilibrium, of custom, of inertia; it is by no means a representative of reason.” - George Santayana, The life of Reason: Reason in Society, 1905/06, 3. - It rather represents ignorance and prejudice. - JZ, 14.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government is the problem and not the solution.” - Ascribed to Milton Friedman by Chuck. – “Government is the problem, not the solution.” - Bob Howard, in an AIR talk. – True for territorial governments, untrue for competing or voluntary governments and communities of volunteers, with their great extension of experimental freedom into spheres so far monopolized by territorial governments. – JZ, 30.12.08. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Government is the sole, permanent source of repression and waste.” - Wolf De Voon, De Facto Anarchy. - REPRESSION & WASTE

GOVERNMENT: Government is the worst disease. - JZ, 14.8.74. - Admittedly, even cancer can kill tuberculosis or vice versa. But, unlike fire, it is a bad servant and a bad master. - JZ, 18.11.78. - It is also a psycho-somatic disease. But its symptoms are real and painful. If we change our minds about territorial governments, the disease will, finally, come to disappear. - 30.7.00, 25.8.13. – This kind of “we” requires a sufficiently large and enlightened minority. – JZ, 1.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government is the worst provider of services, including regulation, and the free market is the best. The article’s premise that government has good intentions is belied by experience. Government always favors itself and special interests, and regulation should be left to the market.David E. Shellenberger  Facebook entry, 22.2.12. – PUBLIC SERVICES, PROTECTION, DEFENCE, MONOPOLIES, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: Government is too much taken up with action to have time to think.” - Paul Janet, quoted in C. Bingham, Men & Affairs, p.9. – It is mostly engaged in wrongful actions, although some of them are well meant. They are al finance by tax slavery. – JZ, 25.8.13. - UNTHINKING, THOUGHTLESS, TOO BUSY TO THINK

GOVERNMENT: Government is wasteful of the nation's resources, immune to common sense and subject to pressure from every half-organized banquet of assholes.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.232.

GOVERNMENT: Government is, abstractedly taken, an evil, an usurpation upon the private judgment and individual conscience of mankind.” - William Godwin, An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, 1793. - Only panarchistic governments or free societies would not fall under this stricture. - JZ, 12.7.86. - A flaw in this remark by Godwin lies in the last part. On the one side he speaks of the private judgment of individuals and on the other side of the conscience not of individuals but of an abstract notion, that of "mankind". Only individuals can have consciences. A combined conscience of mankind is an illusion. Too many different and more or less conscientious, and diverse moral and ethical notions are involved, which sociologists have described in some detail, and which have led many to despair and to assert that no uniform ethical system will ever be subscribed to and acted upon by all human beings. This has led many even to denying the existence of rights and liberties, morality and ethics altogether. Whatever limited common traits can be found in consciences of many people all over the world, but by far not all of them, are e.g. limited opposition to imposed privileges, racism, national borders, conscription into armies (not yet, extensively, to educational slavery and tax slavery), open despotism, imperialism, conquests, occupation forces, religious intolerance, suppression of freedom and speech. But complete codes of individual rights and liberties demand many more rights and liberties for individual, at least the sufficiently rational ones among them. While achieving no complete and perfect individual rights declaration, if it could be provided now (seeing that more individual rights and liberties might still be discovered and ought to be included in future declarations), we could and should at least agree upon an as complete and clear one as would be possible now, with a systematic effort by freedom lovers, and also upon the panarchistic and non-compromising "compromise" that would allow all to live under the moral, legal, customary or newly adopted system of their own individual free choice, while allowing none of these individuals and of their voluntary associations and competing governments, coexisting only under full exterritorial autonomy, to impose any of their constitutions, rules and judgments upon any non-members (criminals with victims excepted, i.e., those who invaded the claimed and practised rights and liberties of their members). For other international law cases various international juridical and arbitration avenues and institutions could be agreed upon. I would express Godwin's idea rather thus: Territorial government is an usurpation upon those individual rights and liberties known, wanted and practised by individuals in their free and exterritorially autonomous associations, in which they combined their individual sovereignties to whatever extent they wanted to, practising as many or as few liberties and rights among themselves and to whatever extent they can agree upon among themselves. No outside individual or government has a right to interfere with them, even in cases where their own ethical standards would be objectively superior than those of the members of the community that they might wish to interfere with. While they do have the right to uphold whatever they perceive to be the ideal, in their own communities, they do not have the right to insist upon their application in others as well and to enforce their own rules there. At most they can widely publish and recommend their own rules or systems and try to set a shiny example with them, for others to follow or copy it freely, once they are convinced. People have the right to make their own mistakes at their own expense and risk. Even the most well-meaning, rational and ethical interference with the affairs of other free individuals would still be an invasion or aggression, which could and should be rightfully resisted. - There is only one thing which outsiders must insist upon, as a practice in all volunteer communities, and that is that they do remain volunteer communities, i.e., permit individual and group secessions, and that they do not interfere with the exterritorial autonomy of other free societies or competing governments. - To assure that, an sufficiently enlightened, trained and organized as well as rightfully armed volunteer militia should be established that would protect nothing but individual rights, to the extent that they are rights and claimed by members of voluntary communities. E.g., it would not fight for freedom from internal censorship for orthodox Catholics. - JZ, 18.7.00, 27.3.13. – PANARCHISM, PUBLIC OPINION, CONSCIENCE, MILITIA, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: Government is, at every level, a means to gather in the labor and wealth of the people, and then instruct the people about new restrictions or monitoring of their lives.” – Jeff Baxter. - Under exterritorialism all such drawbacks, if any, would be self-chosen, self-imposed and self-financed. Only under territorialism would they be imposed upon dissenters. – JZ, 3.1.08. – PANARCHISM, MEDDLING, INTERVENTIONISM, COMPULSION, COERCION, TAXATION & CONTROLS

GOVERNMENT: Government is, at every level, a means to gather in the labor and wealth of the people, and then instruct the people about new restrictions or monitoring of their lives. – Jeff BaxterOn every level it operates under false pretences, errors, prejudices, false assumptions and conclusions but primarily in its own interests, at the expense and risk of its victims, of whom all too many are being deluded into believing that thus they would get more than they are forced to pay in tax tributes. (“Soak the rich!”) – Just because some get more in governmental “benefits” than they paid for, does not mean that all subjects, in balance, get more than they were forced to pay in direct or indirect taxes. In fact, in balance, all of them get less and be it only to pay that part of the taxes, which is needed to support the politicians and bureaucrats and the inherent operating costs of their “programs”, “actions”, “assistance”, “methods” and “institutions”. – JZ, 26.4.13. -STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, BUREAUCRATY, PUBLIC SERVANTS, POLITICIANS, EXPLOITATION & SERVITUDE VIA TAXATION & GOVERNMENTAL “WELFARE”, SUBSIDIES, “ASSISTANCE”, “SERVICES”.

GOVERNMENT: Government isn't “groovy”. - JZ, 14.8.74.

GOVERNMENT: Government isn't a good way to solve problems. ... government is concerned mostly with self-perpetuation and is subject to fantastic ideas about its own capabilities.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.232. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government isn't even 1/10th as good, able, rightful and useful as it pretends to be and is popularly believed to be. - JZ, 19.12.93 & 10.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government isn't reduced by reducing the number of MP's and Senators. Not even if they were reduced to one or two persons. - The whole idea is absurd to assume that discussions between a few people and the kinds of agreements they manage to achieve for themselves, temporarily, in form of law bills, could be a sufficient substitute for continuous free discussions and free actions among free people. - JZ, 24.5.91 & 22.7.00. – PARLIAMENTS, REPRESENTATION, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: Government isn't the solution, it's the problem.” - David Friedman, in Manifesto, 1970, p.55. - I would just add: "territorial": Territorial government isn't the solution, it's the problem. - JZ, 2.8.00. - Government isn’t a solution, it’s the problem.” – One of many slightly different versions by many different people. - SELF-GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: government itself cannot be instituted by a majority vote or by the decision of a leader, since the authority of a leader of a majority is the very thing being instituted. Hence the institution of government itself, together with the delegation of authority to an elected leader or to a majority, must be accomplished by the UNANIMOUS CONSENT of the parties involved. …” - Mortimer J. Adler. - Unfortunately, he did not conclude from this upon individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers. - JZ, 15.7.00. - CONSENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Government keeps all of us on a long leash – the official channels, not tolerating any innovation or experiment in any of the many spheres, which it has legally monopolized, without granting us, if at all, an official permit, which is only rarely granted. For this kind of “freedom”, its delays, restrictions and annoyances, we still have to pay high tributes to it, even when we are making losses rather than profits, for we are not only caught in the network of income taxes but of uncounted other taxes. – A free government is a contradiction in terms – unless all its subjects are volunteers and free to secede from it. - JZ, 25.3.13. – COMPULSORY LICENSING, PERMITS, PERMISSIONS, REGULATIONS, BUREAUCRACY, SUBORDINATION, GOVERNMENT, “FREE GOVERNMENTS”?

GOVERNMENT: Government keeps doing what it would jail me for doing.” - A Byington sticker. – Well, it does keep all of us in a nation-wide prison under its own prison rules. – It does not allow us to escape from it via individual or group secessions. - JZ, 1.12.10. - CRIME, INDIVIDUALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government knows how to do one thing: break your leg, give you a crutch and then tell you how you couldn't be walking without the Government.” - Harry Browne. - JOKES

GOVERNMENT: Government lies, through the CPI and in a thousand other ways. No government would last long if it knew and revealed all truths on public affairs.” - JZ, 10.7.89 & 18.7.00. – E.g.: regarding its monetary and financial despotism and all of the wrongs in its defence and other programs. Nor does it seriously want to know how to go beyond its usual errors, prejudices and wrong assumptions. – Its territorialism and monopolism prevents free experimentation among volunteers, to get at those truths, which it habitually overlooks. For instance, for 4,000 years it remained stuck in price control notions and practices. When it comes to genuine economics it remains illiterate, with a will. – The only thing it really knows is how to gain and retain territorial power for a while. To that power every territorial government is addicted and to keep it up it is prepared to do almost anything, e.g. build and keep a stockpile of mass extermination devices, although they are, obviously, mass murder devices which would destroy territorial powers together with much of the population, at least that of whole cities. - JZ, 1.12.10, 3.4.13, 25.8.13. - DISHONESTY, PUBLICITY, SECRECY

GOVERNMENT: Government makes medicine more expensive and less accessible under the pretense of cheapening it and making it more accessible. - JZ, 30.12.97. - How much less would untaxed and unregulated doctors and hospitals cost us? How much more do we have to pay for patented medicines? How much more could we spend upon our health, if we were not taxed and subjected to numerous anti-economic laws? Only catastrophic health risks would have to be covered by voluntary insurance arrangements, also by companies not taxed and regulated. And their premiums could even be lower for this than they are now. - JZ, 30.12.97 & 15.7.00, 27.12.08. – HEALTH, DOCTORS, MEDICINES, FDA, MEDICAL PATENTS, HEALTH INSURANCE, CATASTROPHIC HEALTH INSURANCE

GOVERNMENT: Government malfunctions as a problem-solver for individuals because it consists of thousands of elected officials, each of whom tries to please a wide variety of groups whose aims are conflicting. …” - R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, 66. - Territorial government must fail for the same reasons that State Socialism fails. It does not release everyone's creative energies. It does not utilize free competition, free exchange, property rights, profit incentives, the price system, the market, free contracts, free initiatives and enterprises, free experimentation, but prevents, stops, regulates or discourages all of them, while imposing its own, single, territorial and all too flawed and anti-economic experiments, from whose failures it seems always unable to learn, no matter how often they are repeated. Governments must be reduced to nothing more than free enterprises that do competitively offer special services or package deals at free market prices to sovereign consumers. (They could not afford to offer them for long at prices below the market prices. – JZ, 25.8.13.) This would stop most of their wrongs and abuses. - JZ, 25.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, DIVERSITY OF PEOPLES & THEIR INTERESTS, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: Government means a rigged, monopolistic and coercive market for certain important services, for which people are charged by general levies or tax slavery, regardless of whether they want and use some of these services or not and of the degree of their usage. Only men with power over others could get away with such a "service" and "payment" system. - JZ, 19.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COMPULSION, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Government means allowing other people to run your life or, rather, to mismanage it - to their advantage. - JZ, 3.10.88. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government means fraud, coercion and impoverishment.  E.g., its superannuation or pension schemes. - JZ, 7.10.89. - With the anti-economic interventions of statism and remaining and withheld as well as mismanaged and subsidized State socialist "properties" and "disservices, they do prevent most honest people from becoming millionaires through their own honest work and savings, at least in their old age, if they desire to become as rich and are free to take the necessary steps to achieve this, e.g. through sound old age insurance schemes, or through their individual share in the State's capital assets. - JZ, 18.7.00, 25.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Government means organized and mutual plunder, bribery, intervention and oppression - under all kinds of camouflages, pretenses and excuses, instead of profitable, free production and exchange actions for desired services and goods, on a free and competitive market for all goods and services. - JZ, 11.8.87 & 19.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government methods always end in the subservience of the original object to a number of secondary and consequential desires or purposes. (*) We set out to house the poor and end by paying the builders twice the price for which they used to house the rich. Then we discover that the slums remain and that we have really impoverished society as a whole for the benefit of the lower middle class.” - Ernest Benn, Honest Doubt, p.206. - (*) That does also apply to a large extent to the dozens to hundreds of forms of hyphenated anarchisms. – See: - my still very incomplete description of the anarchist spectrum - JZ, 12.7.00. – On the same site later version 2 and 3 appeared but I got no input from other anarchists and so I did not even bother to add my own supplementary notes. – But at least, under freedom in this sphere, all these various forms of anarchism would only exist for their voluntary members, just like all kinds of freely competing governments would exist only for their volunteers under panarchism or polyarchism etc. – Benn, too, ignored the personal law or exterritorial autonomy alternatives for volunteers. - JZ, 3.4.13. - GOVERNMENT METHODS, HOUSING POLICY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government money amounts to tribute or requisitioning certificates. These "banknotes" have no other inherent value and whatever artificial and enforced value, which they given by government fiat, is systematically and persistently depreciated. And this is offered as a public service, by a government institution supposed to guard and protect the value of a currency – which, in fact, in common practice, it does almost continuously inflate, even while it gives it a deflationary scarcity value by outlawry of all competition with it. Sound exchange media and clearing certificates and sound value standards are not impossible, they are merely outlawed. - Let good free market monies drive out the bad! - JZ, 26.3.01, 2.2.02, 3.4.13. - PAPER MONEY, CENTRAL BANKING, LEGAL TENDER, MONEY MONOPOLY, TAX FOUNDATION, INFLATION, MANIPULATED PAPER VALUE STANDARD, TAXATION, TAX FOUNDATION, TRIBUTES, MONETARY DESPOTISM VS. MONETARY FREEDOM, OPTIONAL MONEY, MARKET RATED, VS. FORCED, EXCLUSIVE & DEPRECIATED GOVERNMENT MONEY

GOVERNMENT: government money flows easily.” - Isaac Asimov, Breeds there a Man? - ASTOUNDING, 12/51. - And it always flows from the highest level to the lowest level, from the earners to the wastrels. - Moreover, the compulsory departure of it from the tax-payer's pockets or accounts is hardly an easy, free and voluntary "flow" of funds. It is easy for the spenders and the hand-out recipients but hard for the tax slaves. - JZ, 19.4.82 & 27.7.00, 3.4.13. - SPENDING, WELFARE STATE, BUDGET, GOVERNMENT FINANCE, SOCIALISM, BUREAUCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Government Money? Federal Funds? There Is No Such Thing. It's All Taxpayer's Money.” - Small red sticker, n.d., written by Albert McDonald - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, April 1976. Another version: Government money? There is no such thing, only taxpayer's money.” - Sticker, mentioned in LIBERTARIAN OPTION, 9/75. - Inflation is also a form of taxation. And taxpayers are not free to issue their own monies and pay taxes with them or to refuse paying taxes. What is here called “taxpayer’s money” is his by rightful acquisition but his property right is denied in it, to the extent that he is taxed. Taxpayers, including people who are not directly taxed, but indirectly taxed in xyz ways, should also be free to offer their own kind of monies, competitively, for acceptance, refusals or acceptance at some discount rate against their chosen value standard. Only the issuers should always be obliged to accept their own notes at par, i.e. at their nominal value, even if in general circulation they do suffer a discount. All the monies so far issued by governments, apart from sound tax foundation monies, should be altogether refused. (Taxation, too, should be abolished.) All kinds of other government monopoly monies should be replaced by various sound private and cooperative currencies - all using a sound value standard, and readiness to accept foundation. With sound tax foundation money the due taxes for the next 30-90 days can be anticipated and these notes can be used for all government spending. (While taxation is being continued.) In private circulation they should not have legal tender power. Then the optional and free-market-rated tax foundation money could not lead to a general inflation of all prices, expressed in freely chosen value sound value standards, while the tax offices would always have to accept them and this at their nominal value, too, regardless of how much it is already discounted against any stable value standard. This would provide the government with a disincentive against over-issues. - JZ, 3.8.00. - Even inflation does, after all, amount to a kind of tax. – JZ, 28.12.08. - The “money” of monetary despotism is also a compulsory and legalized fiction, since it taxes its victims in another way, by its exclusive and forced currency nature, by being a currency which is almost continuously inflated while also keeping the market under-supplied with sound exchange media and sound value standards. - JZ, 1.2.02, 3.4.13. – Essentially, the government’s forced and exclusive currency is good only for tax payments and to cheat creditors with it during inflations and to drive debtors into bankruptcy during deflations. – Modern governments have not even managed to give their paper money a sound tax foundation, using a sound value standard and doing away with legal tender, the issue monopoly and the inflation tax involved in forced and exclusive currencies. And with their “guaranteed” currencies they produce one economic crisis after the other. – JZ, 23.12.08. – MONEY, MONETARY DESPOTISM, INFLATION, DEFLATION, STAGFLATION, CRISES, TAX FOUNDATION MONEYGOVERNMENT MONEY? GOVERNMENT FUNDS? GOVERNMENT SPENDING? FEDERAL FUNDS?

GOVERNMENT: Government must be classified as an unnecessary evil.” - L. K. Samuels, Who's Afraid of No Government? In his: Facets of Liberty, p.125. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government must be killed by ideas; not by force. - Carl Watner, on Spooner, REASON, 3/73. - Some regimes, like that of Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, etc., cannot be countered by sweet reasoning and better ideas alone, although these, too, should play a very large role in the propaganda and enlightenment struggle against any territorial dictatorship. The reasoning and better ideas should be directed to the primary victims, the subjects, soldiers and policemen of these regimes, not to their victimizers. It would not be impossible or difficult to offer them better deals than their dictators can and will offer them. Various governments in exile, representing all the diverse groups suppressed by a dictatorship, could and should be recognized and already be free to practice their beliefs, exterritorially, for and among all past refugees and deserters and could and should offer themselves as rightful alternatives for those still to be liberated, as a matter of free individual choice for them, as soon as possible. When such a program is consistently applied, well publicized and sufficiently understood, hardly any military campaigns will be necessary. A regime's military forces would either declare themselves neutral or rise or negotiate a separate peace or vote with their feet. Wars could then be reduced to mere police actions against a few remaining political criminals. Anarchists and libertarians are the only ones who could and should offer such a program. But, do they? - Their thinking remains largely addicted to territorialism, even to collective responsibility, as expressed in ABC mass murder devices, and so they do not arrive at a consistently libertarian defence and liberation and war-prevention program. - They do not even love all libertarian ideas enough to systematically collect all of them, offering them in a digital encyclopedia on list or online, in a comprehensive digitized libertarian library, abstracts and review collections and an alphabetized index and a common projects list to attract more or even enough participants to all of them. They are better at stamp or coin collecting or collecting a few rare old libertarian writings in their private libraries, or adding to their movie or music collection on disks - than putting all freedom texts e.g. on a large disk. For this, probably, only a single one to three TB HDD might be required and that would be merely book-sized! It could also have an inbuilt search engine. I have still to find people who find that idea attractive enough to be prepared to do something about it. At most they put some of their own favorite freedom texts on a disk. Thus they don't get the whole job done. - All freedom ideas must become fully mobilized, rather than left more or less buried, among other things through copyrights claims, and very much dispersed and widely unknown, even to long-term members of the freedom movement. - JZ, 3.8.00, 29.12.08, 3.4.13, 25.8.13. - ENDED THROUGH IDEAS RATHER THAN FORCE ONLY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY ON A DISC.

GOVERNMENT: government must be restricted to those activities which any one of its citizens might rightfully pursue; for if the individual have not the right, how shall the government obtain it save by creating some supposed right out of nothing?” - Jackson Pemberton, THE FREEMAN, June 1976, p.337. - The term "its citizen" is loaded. It implies territorialism and people as property and indicates the lack of status of people, or lack of individual sovereignty by the non-recognition and suppression of individual secessionism and of exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. -  JZ, 24.7.00. - INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY VS. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Government must disappear.” - Bliss, Encyclopaedia of Social Reform, article on William Godwin. - Only territorial government must disappear. Without territorialism all governments become just some competing and voluntary associations. - JZ, 2.8.00. –

GOVERNMENT: Government never admits to error. The best it ever does is to put up new error as compensation for the old.” - Ernest Benn, This Soft Age, p.121. - Not quite correct. Some communists, in leading positions, have even confessed, all too belatedly, to some of the crimes of Stalin's regime. They are not so ready to come forward about their own remaining wrongs and mistakes, errors and false assumptions. - JZ, 12.7.00, 25.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Government never has and never can humanely and effectively manage men's affairs. Liberty is the view that each man is the absolute owner of his life. All social actions should be voluntary.” - Karl Hess, The Death of Politics, PLAYBOY MAGAZINE, 1969. – TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, LIBERTY VS. COMPULSION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Government never knows best. Its policy is much more likely to be based on the most popular errors, myths and prejudices. - JZ, 22.5.83 & 25.7.00. – Territorial voting mobilizes these errors, myths and prejudices into political power. – JZ, 1.12.10. – STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, TERRITORIALISM, KNOWLEDGE, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, VOTING, REPRESENTATION, LEGISLATION


GOVERNMENT: Government never stops where you want it to. You don't get to write the laws or administer them. When you give the government the power to do what you want it to do, it will expand that power into areas where you don't want it to go." - Harry Browne (1933-2006), Liberty A to Z: 872 Libertarian Soundbites You Can Use Right Now. – However, to my knowledge, he did not advocate individual and group secessionism, combined with exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers as a solution to this problem. Thus dissenting individuals and groups could put a stop to governmentalism – as far as their own affairs are concerned. – Alas, I will, probably, see a copy of this book only once it is put online. – Many US libertarian titles do not reach the Australian second-hand book market, to whose cheap offers I am largely confined. – All the libertarian A to Z books should become combined on a single disc and also offered alphabetically integrated. - JZ, 1.12.10, 3.4.13. - LAWS & LEGISLATION,

GOVERNMENT: Government not only encourages over-centralization, it promotes gigantism and bureaucracy in business and other socio-economic structures. It also blocks competition, innovation and invention. It is the bane of the independent entrepreneurs.” (*) - Joe Fulks, THE CONNECTION 122, p.80. - If entrepreneurs were really independent, then governments would no longer be able to cause troubles for them. - JZ, 18.7.00. – Then libertarian entrepreneurs as well as dissenting statist ones could freely establish exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, all only doing their own things for or to themselves, in peaceful competition with each other, in the optimal form of decentralization. – Under that liberty the better communities would, gradually, drive out the inferior ones, because the inferior ones would no longer have any territorial monopoly and legal tender power. - JZ, 1.12.10. – (*) Not only of businessmen and manufacturers! - TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Government of the people, by the people and for the people!" - Even Abraham Lincoln could not truly represent SUCH a government. All territorial government amounts to a few of the people lording it over the rest, mainly for the benefit of these few and their supporters. All this is done under the pretense that thereby all would be served as well as is possible and desirable. - JZ, 3.7.93 & 10.7.00. – Another false assumption is involved: The population is equated with “the people”, instead of realizing that it is made up of an enormous variety of individual people and of groups of people, all of whom are denied genuine self-government and self-determination, which could only be realized via individual and group secessionism and the option of full exterritorial autonomy for all communities and societies of volunteers. Even those, who do not wish to discriminate at all between all their peaceful but otherwise very different members, are thus denied genuine self-government. – JZ, 1.12.10. – VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government of the people, by the people, and for the people." Yeah. Trouble is, the three classes of people aren't the same.” - Poul Anderson, The Boat of a Million Years, p.336. – Let all dissenters sort themselves out – in their own Panarchies, polyarchies, competing governments and societies! – JZ, 29.12.08, 3.4.13. - DEMOCRACY, PEOPLE, CLASSES, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government officials commit many more and much larger crimes against individual rights and liberties and do much more harm than do all the private criminals with victims combined. The difference is merely that they do mostly legalize their own crimes before they commit them. However, too many of them do not even stay within the constitutional, legal and juridical limits set for them in their kinds of warfare against innocents or criminals without victims. Nor are they efficient in their attempts to prevent or indemnify private crimes with victims. At most they imprison the offenders, if they manage to identify, capture and convict them, to serve in expensive prisons, with most of these costs being imposed upon the general tax payers, including the victims of crimes. – The few successful prison systems of the past remain largely ignored by the modern “expert” penologists, who advise the governments. – See e.g. Herbert Spencer’ essay: “Prison Ethics”. - JZ, 1.7.03, 26.10.07. - OFFICIALS, RULERS, STATES, TERRITORIAL STATES & CRIMES

GOVERNMENT: Government only if, when, where and for whom and by whom it is wanted and ordered and paid for and only as long for all of its members and subjects as they are willing to put up with them. All dissenters should become free to seceded from them at any time. - JZ, 19.12.93 & 10.7.00, 25.81.3. - PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Government or Freedom. - Karl Hess, The Lawless State, p.21. – To each the government or non-governmental society of his own free choice: Panarchism! – JZ - TERRITORIALISM VS. FREEDOM, 

GOVERNMENT: Government originated in the attempt to find a form of association that defends and protects the person and property of each with the common force of all.” - J. J. Rousseau, Du contrat social, I, 1761. - All such attempts have failed and had to fail, because all were attempted on a uniform, compulsory and territorial basis, in all spheres, which these governments had legally monopolized for themselves. - JZ, 16.10.85, 3.4.13, 25.8.13. - Why did most political “scientists” give up searching for such a just form of association after they discovered and developed territorial statism and learned to know its deplorable past and present? - JZ, 18.7.00,3.4.13, 25.8.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government ought to be as much open to improvement as anything which appertains to man, instead of which it has been monopolized from age to age, by the most ignorant and vicious of the human race. Need we any other proof of their wretched management, than the excess of debts and taxes with which every nation groans, and the quarrels into which they have precipitated the world?" - Thomas Paine, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – Does that clearly enough express that a territorial monopoly is involved and that the opposite of it would be full exterritorial autonomy for all communities of volunteers, to do their own things for or to themselves, at their own risk and expense? – JZ, 10.1.08. - MONOPOLY, POWER, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, , WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, TERRITORIALISM, PRIME MINISTERS,

GOVERNMENT: Government over all, by all, and for the sake of all.” - Theodore Parker, speech before the Anti-Slavery Society, Boston, May 13, 1854. - Governments over volunteers only, by them and for them, are the only ones, which can guarantee self-government for all. - JZ, 10.7.86. - VS. PANARCHIES,

GOVERNMENT: Government people who can't make a living anywhere else. Manifestly, they don't UNDERSTAND what they are doing and they are always being replaced. Thank God.” – “You mean - like a Home for the Mentally Infirm?” - Richard Condon, Money Is Love, p.165, Weidenfels & Nicolson, $ 9.05, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 27.12. 1975. - No thanks from me for merely replacing one territorial government by another territorial government, as a result of “free” elections, which do not permit individuals to make their choices for their own lives themselves, independent of the votes of all others. – JZ, 2.8.00, 25.8.13, PUBLIC SERVANTS, POLITICIANS, LEADERS, VOTING, ELECTIONS, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: Government policy! … Bureaucratic flunkies making meaningless notions, more like! Regulations, directives, statutes, mandatory guidelines - it's getting impossible to do business!” - Ian Stewart, Curlews Choice, ANALOG 2/90, 160. – POLICIES, LAWS, MEASURES, PROGRAMS

GOVERNMENT: government primarily … that thing which eats out their substance …” - Jefferson's phrase from the Declaration of independence. - Lowell Ponte, Libertarian Handbook 1973. – To what extent did Jefferson counter that trend, with more than words, while he was in government? - JZ, 28.12.08. – TAXATION, TAX SLAVERY

GOVERNMENT: Government produces only one thing: Confusion.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 7/79. – Add: secrecy, denials, lies, prejudices and ignorance. Especially in its "education" system on political, economic, social and moral questions. - JZ, 26.7.00. Add e.g. fear, disgust and terror, sometimes laughter, because it its actions or statements are so ridiculous. – JZ, 25.8.13. – In this respect the territorial leaders are the most confused, ignorant, prejudiced, foolish and criminal ones. They do not even realize that their territorialism, with its centralized interventionism, causes most of the problems, which they then try to “abolish”, ignorantly, and prejudiced, by further wrongful and irrational interventions. For instance: Their monetary and financial despotism causes economic crises – which they try to solve not by monetary and financial freedom but by further measures of monetary and financial despotism, just like in the current economic crises. Do not forgive them, for they do not care or even know what they have done to us and what they are still doing to us. Opt out from under them. They are the social contract breakers. We do not owe them anything. But they do owe us a lot. E.g. our certified individual shares in the remaining real assets still under territorial government controls. We do not owe the public debts they tried to impose upon us. They are bankrupt. Let them go bankrupt – and never employ them in any position where they can do any harm. They might be good enough still to be street-sweepers or night-watchmen. But no one owes them any salaries or pensions. On the contrary: Class actions by their millions of victims – all those who seceded from them, ought to go after all the riches they accumulated while they were in office. – JZ, 27.12.08, 34.13, 25.8.13. – CONFUSION, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: Government proposes, bureaucracy disposes. And the bureaucracy must dispose of government proposals by dumping them on us." - P. J. O'Rourke. - ITS BUREAUCRACY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, LAWS, ADMINISTRATIONS

GOVERNMENT: Government provides services? Territorial government inevitably prevents more, other, better, cheaper and really wanted services from coming into existence than it does provides itself. - JZ, 3.6.82 & 26.7.00, 28.12.08. – It also forces all too many disservices and their direct and indirect costs upon us, not those of their wars. – JZ, 25.8.13. - SERVICES, PROGRAMS, SPENDING, PUBLIC SERVICES,

GOVERNMENT: Government rapes and robs us - under the pretense of protecting our virtue and property. - JZ, 3.6.96.

GOVERNMENT: Government regularly enforces its commands by the threat of violence [8]; and Government often commands things which it is ridiculous and outrageous to enforce by such a threat.” - A Byington sticker. – The administration of a society of community of volunteers would not have to threaten its followers. – JZ, 29.12.08. – [8] Except toward numerous private criminals with victims. – JZ, 2.12.10, 3.4.13. - TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, FORCE, VIOLENCE, THREATS, COMMANDS

GOVERNMENT: Government restricts liberty through so many laws, rules and regulations, offices and officials and officers and on so many levels and in so many spheres that no one can become aware of and has the energy, time and means to fight, resist or even know of all these restrictions, the officials themselves included. Sometimes they do not know their own laws or, under one or the other excuse, refuse to enforce them. - JZ, 14.11.93 & 10.7.00, 31.12.08. - RESTRICTIONISM, LAWS, LAW ENFORCEMENT, KNOWLEDGE OF LAWS

GOVERNMENT: Government serves itself rather than us. - JZ, 24.10.93.

GOVERNMENT: Government service shall be exactly, and only, what the people want and are willing to voluntarily pay for.” - Anderson / Miles, Constitution, p.47. - In this remark "the people" should be replaced by: "individuals". - JZ, n.d. - SERVICES & VOLUNTARY TAXATION, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: Government services and government failures to supply promised services are at present inextricably intermixed with more or less obvious disservices by governments and all are imposed and all are monopolistically, excessively and coercively charged for. This is done with a mixture of partiality and indiscriminate impartiality, in which as much is taken from everybody, mostly quite legally, as the government can get away with. - JZ, 6.7.91 & 22.7.00, .4.3.13. - SERVICES, PUBLIC SERVICES

GOVERNMENT: Government services often face no real competition, so it is difficult to determine when expenditures are unreasonable and wasteful. What is a reasonable price to pay for a police station or an aircraft carrier? No one knows.” - Jarret B. Wollstein, In Pursuit of Liberty, an ISIL leaflet. – Especially when some of the policemen do even cooperate with the criminals or when most of them do enforce wrongful laws. – JZ, 34.13. - JPUBLIC SERVICES & COMPETITION

GOVERNMENT: Government services usually provide the least satisfaction and this at the highest price, including your taxes. - JZ, 4.8.94. - SERVICES, PUBLIC SERVICES

GOVERNMENT: Government services will neither protect nor supply freedom nor are they freely supplied. Instead, they take much freedom away and forcefully charge you for doing this to you. - JZ, 1.9.74, 4.3.13. - SERVICES & FREE SERVICES VS. FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Government should be purely utilitarian, like the electric wires in a house. It is a method for attaining peace and comfort - a bad one, I think, at that; not a thing to be worshipped as God.” - Harry Hartwick, The Foreground of American Fiction, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 12/77.

GOVERNMENT: Government should do less.” - Ascribed to Jerry Brown in California and Longley I. Maine, by REASON, 8/76, PAGE 17. – Should it do anything except among and for or to voluntary victims? – JZ, 2.12.10. – LESS GOVERNMENT, NO GOVERNMENT, OR ANY GOVERNMENT BUT ONLY FOR VOLUNTEERS? – JZ, 2.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Government should not be made an end in itself; it is a means only, a means to be freely adapted to advance the best interests of the social organism. The State exists for the sake of Society, not Society for the sake of the State.” - Woodrow Wilson, The State; Elements of Historical and Practical Politics, rev. ed., chapter 16, section 1528, p. 636 (1911). - Territorial government is neither a moral or a rational means nor a moral or rational end. What's left of it, after all dissenters were free to secede from it and made use of this option is merely the result of the right of all people to make mistakes and to prove themselves wrong - at the own risk and expense. - JZ, 25.11.02. – The State is the enemy of society rather than its agent. It is an anti-social rather than a social institution. All its “services” are inferior and also more costly than those, which volunteers could provide for themselves, not to speak of its many disservices. – JZ, 2.12.10. - PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT VS. SOCIETY, EXPENSIVE SERVICE & DISSERVICE PROVIDER, NOT COMPETITIVE AT ALL.

GOVERNMENT: Government should not be the final arbiter of men's lives. - Free after G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, p.13. – ARBITER, JUDGE, JUSTICE, SELF-DETERMINATION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, COMPETING JURIDICAL SYSTEMS, LAWS & PROTECTION SERVICES

GOVERNMENT: Government should stay the hell out of people's business. –Senator Barry Goldwater – Territorial government have business to mind. They are largely impotent regarding the prevention of crimes with victims and the preservation or re-establishment of justice. What is its real business, if any, apart from all its self-delusions and false pretences? - JZ, 23. 11. 06. – It has even turned defence, justice and protection into bloody and costly messes. – JZ, 23.12.08. – All kinds of governments have only the right to rule over their kinds of volunteers. – JZ, 3.4.12. – A territorial monopoly should no longer be tolerated for any of them. – JZ, 3.4.13. They would stay out of other peoples’ businesses, if all or most of the diverse peoples in a whole population would rejected territorial governments. – The remaining governments, once all their involuntary victims had seceded from them, would be confined to ruling their remaining volunteers only and this under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 23.4.13, 25.8.13. – The territorial population has no “business” as such and does not constitute “the” people, either. Only volunteers can form genuine communities, societies and governance systems, not compulsory territorial subjects. Under absolute monarchies populations could even become inherited, like serfs were under feudalism or slaves under slavery. – JZ, 23.4.13.- VS. THE DIVERSE PEOPLES IN A COUNTRY, LIMITED GOVERNMENT - ON A TERRITORIAL BASIS? MYOB, , VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

GOVERNMENT: Government signifies delegation of power, that is, abdication of the initiative and sovereignty of everyone into the hands of the few.” - Malatesta, Anarchy, p.29. - POWER VS. FREE INITIATIVE, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

GOVERNMENT: Government spending will almost always be more wrongful, warlike, irresponsible, irrational and wasteful than private spending. - JZ, 28.12.93 & 10.7.00. - SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Government spending: Government allocation and rationing of looted funds. - JZ, 6.2.97, 9.7.00. – SPENDING,

GOVERNMENT: Government spending: If one takes leaves from trees, or pieces of scrap paper and forces people to accept them as means of payment, or if one robs something from A and gives it to B, should that be called "spending"? – John Zube Facebook, 29.10.12. – Q., WELFARE STATE, INFLATION, TAXATION, COERCIVE & WRONGFUL INCOME REDISTRIBUTION

GOVERNMENT: Government stands condemned as an elaborate process of self-deception.” - Sir Ernest Benn, in Deryck Abel, Ernest Benn, Counsel for Liberty, p.85. Also as a confidence trickster for most of the population of a country. – JZ, 25.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Government substitutes coercion for voluntary action.” - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 12/72. - COERCION VS. VOLUNTARISM, MONOPOLISM

GOVERNMENT: Government sucks. … It is not a harmless folly, but rather a dangerous fraud. Some day there will be a world without politicians.” - Jack Boulogue, FREE NETWORK NEWS, Summer 92.

GOVERNMENT: Government Systems, acting in accordance with the Law of Growth, Tend to Expand and Encroach, in encroaching upon their own citizens, they produce Tyranny, and in encroaching on other Government Systems, they engage in Warfare.” - John Gall, Systemantics, p.80. - GROWTH OF, DESPOTISM, WAR, ENCROACHMENTS, WARFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: Government takes not only money but the undisturbed practice of many individual rights and liberties away from people. It even leaves them undeclared and certainly does not teach all of them in its “educational” system. - JZ, 14.6.92, 25.8.13. -  MONEY & FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: Government teaches, exemplifies and enacts most violations of our individual rights. - J.Z., 19.11.93. - GOVERNMENTS VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: Government that oppresses is more terrible than tigers.” - Confucius, The book of Rites, II, ca. 500 B.C. - An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger. - Confucius, Analects. - Seldes. – And yet, everywhere we have put these monsters in charge of almost everything! – JZ, 30.12.08. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, NATIONALISM, OPPRESSION, TYRANNY, DICTATORSHIPS & WORSE THAN TIGERS

GOVERNMENT: Government then is solely an instrument or mechanism of appropriation, prohibition, compulsion, and extinction; in the nature of things it can be nothing else, and can operate to no other end." - Isabel Paterson, "The God of the Machine" – quoted by Eris Pandora - on Facebook, 2.3.12.

GOVERNMENT: government they associated with disasters, …" - Poul Anderson, The Book of Poul Anderson, p. 22. – DISASTERS, CATASTROPHES

GOVERNMENT: Government to enforce contracts which are entered into voluntarily and to keep people from doing violence to each other.” - David Bergland, quoted in SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, Dec. 84. - Which government has ever done this satisfactorily? Isn't it a utopian hope to expect that any territorial government, i.e. one with compulsory members and collective and centralized sovereignty, could ever supply this service better than competitive or cooperative enterprises by volunteers could? Why do so many libertarian remain so optimistic towards territorial governments in their visions and dreams? What evidence have they got to offer? - And why exempt constitutions and laws from "contracts"? - JZ, 13.7.00. – Why do they call them limited when they are still monopolizing a whole territory and its population and as important services as protection, jurisdiction and defence for them? – Territorialism is all too unlimited. - JZ, 25.8.13. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT?

GOVERNMENT: Government was always for the governors, never for the governed.” - D. W. Brogan, Proudhon, p.59. – Once they are confined to ruling only exterritorially over their volunteers, then we would soon see how few people they do really represent and satisfy - at least temporarily. – JZ, 2.12.10, 3.4.13. - GOVERNMENT VS. THE GOVERNED, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, CIVIL SERVANTS & RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS & PRESIDENTS VS. THE PEOPLE & INDIVIDUALS, TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Government was an expensive drag on the economy.” - Harry Browne, New Profits from the Monetary Crisis. – And still is! – JZ, 3.4.13. - VS. THE ECONOMY, “THE PEOPLE” OR THE POPULATION, IN ALL ITS VARIETIES

GOVERNMENT: Government was progressive when it defended a society against savages. There are no more savages, there are only workers whom the government treats like savages.” - Proudhon, Carnets, VII, 219. - Was territorial government defence ever the best defence? Was it progressive? Are there no more savages? Are workers treated like savages in a Welfare State or, rather, like a privileged class - apart from the tax, law and regulation burdens etc. laid upon them? - JZ, 12.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Government waste, spending and corruption have reduced your dollar to a shadow of its former value (*); we need to reduce the size of government the same way.” – Charles Blackwell, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 9/77. - Not the same way but to the same degree, at least, if not to nothing. - And the dollar was not reduced e.g. through waste, spending and corruption but through the possibilities for over-issues opened up through legal tender and the issue monopoly of the central bank system. With such wrongful powers ANYONE could inflate a currency. It is almost like giving someone or some institution blank cheques to every cheque account in a country. - JZ, 27.3.80 & 28.7.00. - (*) 1.7% according to a Facebook hint I noticed yesterday. – JZ, 25.8.13. -  INFLATION, WASTE, SPENDING, CORRUPTION, CENTRAL BANKING

GOVERNMENT: Government watches your steps - rather than its own. - JZ, 24.10.93. – And it has its "secrets", which it wrongfully keeps from you. These it jealously guards, as long as it can and for this it has all too many opportunities and powers. Not only documents can be made to disappear but even witnesses, who might become an embarrassment in the future and this even in so-called democracies or representative republics. - JZ, 24.10.93 & 10.7.00. - BIG BROTHER WATCHING, SECRECY

GOVERNMENT: Government will always misuse the machinery of the law as far as the state of public opinion permits.” - Emile Capouya. - At least - and very often goes beyond that. A territorial government can censor the utterance of public opinion or can mislead it and it can ignore voting or outlaw it. They have often done so and will do so again. - JZ, 12.7.92 & 18.7.00. - When dissenters are free to opt out and do their own things, only then can and will public opinion change relatively fast. – JZ. - Compare how fast computer hardware and software has been changed under experimental freedom and how far and fast mobile phones have been adopted. - 30.12.08, 2.12.10, 4.4.13. – LAWS, TERRITORIALISM & PUBLIC OPINION, ENLIGHTENMENT, NEW DRAFT

GOVERNMENT: Government will always tend to threaten the individual - no matter whether a government of the right or the left.” - Peter Cross, THE AUSTRALIAN, ascribing this view to Hobbes, Locke and Malcolm Fraser. - VS. INDIVIDUALS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government will be abolished when its subjects cease to grant it legitimacy.” - THE MATCH, June 75. - They are hardly ever likely to do so collectively and all at the same time. Should one have to wait until a majority or strong minority tries to do so by violence, or, rather, should one allow dissenting individuals to secede and set up alternative institutions, for volunteers only and limited or extended to full exterritorial autonomy? - JZ, 30.7.00. – Only the territorial monopolies have to be abolished everywhere, in every sphere, just like the religious monopolies were, in most countries. – JZ, 4.4.13. -  LEGITIMACY, STATISM, SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS. PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OR PERSONAL LAW FOR VOLUNTEERS, SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: Government will cease when people refuse to be governed.” - Ken Knudsen, THE VOLUNTARYIST, No. 6. – Let us finally sanction that refusal by constitutionally, legally and juridically allowing individuals, minorities and even the majority to secede and do their own things, voluntarily, among themselves, under full exterritorial autonomy. – Too many cooks, here politicians and bureaucrats, do spoil the broth. – Let individuals and communities of volunteers manage their own kitchens, their own lives, their own ideals and social, economic and political experiments. - JZ, 2.12.10, 4.4.13. – VOLUNTARISM UNDER PERSONAL LAW FOR ALL

GOVERNMENT: Government will not and cannot provide peace, no more so than the Mafia will or can end all its crimes. But the people, without governments, could establish peace, justice, security and defence themselves and eliminate most crimes with victims. themselves. - JZ, 18.4.89, 25.8.13. - Note that I meant only TERRITORIAL governments. - The others, as tolerant and voluntary bodies, based upon free agreements between their voluntary citizens, are already inherently peaceful and peace-promoting, except towards the remaining territorial regimes, which panarchies can greatly help to overthrow with little if any bloodshed. - JZ, 18.4.89 & 18.7.00, 25.8.13. - VS. PEACE, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, PANARCHISM, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

GOVERNMENT: Government will steal your freedom if it can.” - Fritz Knese, THE CONNECTION, 126, p.18. – Every territorial government will suppress as many of your genuine individual rights and liberties as it can get away with. Territorialism gives it this power. – JZ, 28.12.08. – Addiction to power provides the incentive. – JZ, 2.12.10. – The territorial statism of most of its victims makes it possible. – JZ, 4.4.13. – Actually, individual rights and liberties are inborn and cannot be stolen or robbed  they can only be suppressed. – JZ, 25.8.13. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT VS. FREEDOM, POWER ADDICTION

GOVERNMENT: Government works destroys or wastes part of the people's work or prevents part of their ability and willingness to work from being freely utilized by them. – Perhaps it does most harm of all by monopolizing the exchange medium and the value standard, thus preventing with its central bank’s monetary despotism. numerous free and honest exchanges To maximize free and honest exchanges,  requires full monetary and financial freedom. - JZ, 23.2.97, 4.4.13, 25.8.13. - WORKS, PUBLIC WORKS & THE PEOPLE, GOVERNMENT MONOPOLIES & PROHIBITIONS, FREE ENTERPRISE, COMPETITION, TAXATION, MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM VS. MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Government wrongs, disservices and burdens always exceed government benefits, in the over-all balance. - JZ, 19.12.93 & 10.7.00, 2.12.10. – Territorial governments do more wrong than good and this at a very high price in both cases. – JZ, 4.4.13. - WRONGS, HARMS & BENEFITS, COSTS, WELFARE STATE OR WARFARE STATE, AUTHORITARIAN DEMOCRACIES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: government, … after all, is operated by ordinary mortals like you and me, not by gods or supermen.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, The Admiral's Log II, p.182, 1960, The Intercollegiate Society of Individualists, Philadelphia. - On the contrary, they are led by the worst types. The selections and struggles they go through to get to the top, and the steps they have to take to maintain themselves there, sees to that. Moreover, only mentally defectives imagine they could rightly and usefully run the lives of millions of other people. - JZ, 2.8.00. – Politicians are out of the ordinary only through their addiction to territorial power. – JZ, 29.11.10. - LEADERS, RULERS, POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM, POWER ADDICTS

GOVERNMENT: Government, always low in services and high in costs. - JZ, 4/76, 25.8.13. - TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, SPENDING, WASTE

GOVERNMENT: Government, as it works out, is not efficient at anything and the less we have of it the better off we are going to be.” - LeFevre tapes. – In other words: No government at all – would provide the best service – or, rather, would permit institutions of volunteers to provide the best of those services, which they do want for themselves. – JZ, 2.12.10. – Voluntarism would also end all disservices and taxation to finance them. – JZ, 25.8.13. -  INEFFICIENCY. THE LESS GOVERNMENT THE BETTER, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, COMPETITIVE PROVISION OF ALL SERVCIES & FULL CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS THEM

GOVERNMENT: Government, as such, produces nothing, and all its revenues are exacted by violating the natural right of property.” - Hodgskin, 1787-1869. - VS PROPERTY

GOVERNMENT: Government, begotten of aggression and by aggression, ever continues to betray its original nature by aggression.” - Herbert Spencer, quoted by R. M. Wenley, The Anarchist Ideal, p. 9. - The essence of territorial government, its "national territory" or "territorial integrity" does characterize it as a nation-wide occupation force, always active to keep dissenting minorities or even a dissenting majority down. - JZ, 13.7.00.  – Territorialism turns many “nations” into “captive nations”, even within democracies and republics. – 4.4.13. -AGGRESSION, TERRITORIALISM, AN OCCUPATION FORCE

GOVERNMENT: government, composed of men of the same nature as those it governs, does not have, any more than they do, incontestable opinions, certain beliefs, or infallible knowledge.” - Benjamin Constant, preface to Melanges de Litterature et de Politique, 1829, in Oeuvres, ed. A. Roulin, Paris, Gallimard, 1957, 835-38. – KNOWLEDGE, FALLIBILITY, PREJUDICES, IGNORANCE, ERRORS, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Government, get out of my sunshine, the free market. Don’t put me in the shadow of your territorial power, depriving me of too many of my individual rights and liberties. – The laissez-faire answer of Diogenes towards someone, who asked: Can I do anything for you? – was: Yes, do get out of my bits of sunshine. – JZ, 3.7.12. - LAISSEZ FAIRE, LEAVE ALONE, NON-INTERVENTION, GOVERNMENT HELP, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: Government, in it's last analysis, is organized force. – Woodrow Wilson – But not every organized force is a government. E.g. a private protection company isn’t. Nor is a volunteer militia to uphold individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 19.4.13. – He, too, could think only of territorial government – and yet was considered to be a political scientist. – If it were providing really wanted services then it would not need any monopoly, force and taxation. - JZ, 2.12.10. – TERRITORIALISM, FORCE, COERCION, VIOLENCE, COMPULSION

GOVERNMENT: Government, in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one; for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without a government, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer.” - Thomas Paine – He, too, did not yet sufficiently distinguish between territorial governments with involuntary subjects and exterritorially autonomous communities and societies with voluntary members only, i.e., genuine citizens of their own and self-chosen societies or communities or competing governmental systems. The main failure of the American Revolution consisted in this that it established merely yet another territorial State. Not only e.g. the Negro slaves and the Red Indians and women were its victims, for all too long. – JZ, 8.8.08, 25.8.13. – TAXATION, STATISM, SUBORDINATION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government, in its very essence, is opposed to all increase in knowledge. Its tendency is always towards permanence and against change ... [T]he progress of humanity, far from being the result of government, has been made entirely without its aid and in the face if its constant and bitter opposition.” - H. L. Mencken. – Obviously, Mencken did here consider only territorial governments. Exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers would be in a permanent creative competition with each other, just like free enterprises and sovereign customers are. – JZ, 8.1.08. – KNOWLEDGE, CHANGE, PROGRESS NOT COMING FROM ITSELF, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, FREE COMPETITION, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS ALL PUBLIC SERVICES, VOLUNTARISM, CHOICE

GOVERNMENT: Government, like any other organism (*), refuses to acquiesce in its own extinction. This refusal, of course, involves the resistance to any effort to diminish its powers and prerogatives. There has been no organized effort to keep government down since Jefferson’s day. Ever since then the American people have been bolstering up its powers and giving it more and more jurisdiction over their affairs. They pay for that folly in increased taxes and diminished liberties. No government as such is ever in favor of the freedom of the individual. It invariably seeks to limit that freedom, if not by overt denial, then by seeking constantly to widen its own functions. – H. L. Mencken, quoted by Nizam Ahmad sharing Capitalism's photo. – Facebook, 21.3.13. - (*) I deny that it is an organism. An organism does not need a constitutions, legislation, jurisdiction, police force, standing army, taxation and bureaucracy to keep it alive. – JZ, 21.3.13.

GOVERNMENT: Government, like fire, is essential to civilization (*), but inherently dangerous. While it is true that government is necessary to provide the liberty out of which true civilization grows (**), it is also true that liberty is government's fuel. To be useful, government must be carefully contained and limited. How it is permitted to get out of control - whether by military coup, revolution, or by the incontinent political action of a democratic majority - is unimportant; for once unconfined, government always takes the same form: the rampant destroyer of the only fuel upon which it thrives - liberty!” - Lewis Stearns, quoted in Read's THE FREE MAN'S ALMANAC, for October 23. - Also in: World Research, The Role of Government. - Only society thrives on liberty, not the State – It thrives on coercion and monopolies. - (*) Some rules and their enforcement are necessary but not optimally by and through a territorial government! - (**) A pure self-delusion! - JZ, 1.8.00, 4.4.13. - VS. LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, LIMITED TO VOLUNTARY MEMBERS & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY.

GOVERNMENT: Government, moreover, by its very nature checks the improvement of the mind and makes permanent our errors. Indeed, government and society are mutually opposed principles: the one is in perpetual stasis while the other is in constant flux. Since government even in its best state is an evil, it follows that we should have as little of it as the general peace of society will allow. In the long run, however, Godwin suggests: "With what delight must every well informed friend of mankind look forward to the auspicious period, the dissolution of political government, of that brute engine which has been the only perennial cause of the vices of mankind, and which … has mischiefs of various sorts incorporated with its substance, and not otherwise removable than by its utter annihilation.” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.206, on William Godwin. - Only the territorial form of the State has to be utterly annihilated. The State’s exterritorial continuance is tolerable for its voluntary members as well as for those who are otherwise organized, voluntarily and under exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, n.d. & 25.8.13. – PANARCHISM, SOCIETY, STATE, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOISM, COERCION

GOVERNMENT: GOVERNMENT, OUT OF THE WAY! When government can get out of the way, it ought to.” - Mark S. Fowler, REASON, 9/81, page 16. - Yes, it ought to but usually, as a territorial government, it will not. How can we make it get out of our way or get it off our back? Certainly not through mere appeals to its more or less non-existing morality or rationality. - So consider e.g. making it lose obedience, taxes, votes, membership and property, all on a massive if not total scale or one monopoly after the other, if not all of them together. And almost all but the leading nitwits among the officials and armed forces should be offered better paid and more interesting jobs under full employment conditions (but with much less bribery and power abuse opportunities) brought about mainly by full monetary and financial freedom (so far still under-explored by most libertarians). - JZ, 29.7.00, 4.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: GOVERNMENT, PUBLIC ENEMY No.1: - H. G. Enterprises, adv. in LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, 12/77. – Also: Dangerous Buttons, No. 66.

GOVERNMENT: Government, strictly and scientifically speaking, is a coercive force; a man, while governed with his own consent, is not governed at all.” – Josiah Warren, True Civilization, p.28. – CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS, VS. TERRITORIALISM, ITS POWER, MONOPOLY & COERCION

GOVERNMENT: Government, therefore, in the present sense of the term, can never, from the very essential nature of the case, be compatible with the safety of the liberties of the people, until the sphere of its authority is reduced to the very narrowest dimensions, - never until the arbitrary institution of Government shall have shrunk into a mere commission, - a board of overseers of roads and canals, and such other unimportant interests as experience shall prove can not be so readily managed by irresponsible individual action.” - Andrews, The Science of Society, p.36. - Here his belief in the sovereign individual, in responsible individual action, in division of labor and voluntary specialization, was obviously not large enough. - I never expected him to have advocated a limited territorial government, no matter how limited otherwise. - JZ, 29.7.00. – Even he did wrongly believe that roads, canals and some other things should not be left to individual initiative, free enterprise competition and consumer sovereignty, the free market, its supply and demand, i.e. ignored numerous precedents. – As for canals for irrigation, I was impressed by flying over some parts of the world with much channeled irrigation, seeing whole areas littered with such private channels. Even more astonishing are whole mountain sides turned into irrigated terraces for food production. Were not also the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal built by private companies? - JZ, 25.8.13. -  VS. LIBERTY & SECURITY & LIMITED GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Government, thy other name is waste. - JZ, 20.5.74. - Not only of money and raw materials but of labor, talents and numerous rightful freedom opportunities and experiments. - JZ, 2.8.00. – How much of our lives does it waste, directly and indirectly? – JZ, 25.3.13. – WASTE

GOVERNMENT: Government, today, has grown too strong to be safe. There are no longer any citizens in the world, there are only subjects. They work day in and day out for their masters; they are bound to die for their masters at call. Out of this working and dying they tend to get less and less. On some bright tomorrow, a geological epoch or two hence, they will come to the end of their endurance, and then such newspapers as survive will have a first-page story well worth its black headlines.” - H. L. Mencken, More of the Same, in its conclusion. – Another version of the first part runs: “Government, today, is growing too strong to be safe. There are no longer any citizens in the world; there are only subjects. They work day in and day out for their masters; they are bound to die for their masters at call. Out of this working and dying they tend to get less and less.” - GOVERNMENT, HAS TURNED CITIZENS INTO SUBJECTS TAXATION, CONSCRIPTION, WARFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: Government, whether it be the rule of the mass by a few or the minority by the majority, is both tyrannical and unjust …” - Laurance Labadie, LIBERTY, Summer 1974.

GOVERNMENT: Government, which is just a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats, with its power and threat of power, creates the condition, which spawns corruption and waste. Where there is not government, one predator type individual is one among millions; where there is government, one predator-type individual can be and usually is, one OVER millions.” - Charles Blackwell, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 8/76. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Government, with the best intentions, could not satisfy everybody, even if it succeeded in satisfying some.” - Malatesta, Anarchy, p.25. - He should have clarified this: It is impossible to satisfy all people in a large territory, because they include many different kind of dissenters. But an exterritorial government, ruling only over volunteers, could satisfy them in the same way as any particular church or sect or sports club can satisfy its members. - JZ, 5.8.00. – TERRITORIALISM, DIVERSITY OF TERRITORIAL SUBJECTS, VOLUNTARISM, CENTRAL PLANNING & DIRECTION OR ALL PEOPLE JUST DOING THEIR OWN THINGS?

GOVERNMENT: Government: "A multiple-choice test, like: 'Do you support the overthrow of the government by force or violence? '" - THE DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, No. 6. - There are some other effective means, which ought to be tried first. - It is rather the government which puts a "multiple choice" test up for us: “Do you want us to restrict your liberties by force and violence or by mis-education and deception?” - The main flaw of territorial government is that it does not permit individuals to opt out of its rapist and unasked-for embraces. - It only leaves us an occasional choice between different masters - and there is not enough difference between these. - JZ, 28.7.00. – They are all power addicts with different colors, errors, lies and false pretences but tend to subscribe to the same popular errors and prejudices as do most of their voters and future territorial subjects, just expressing them more fluidly. This is their form of “leadership”. – JZ, 25.8.13. - FORCE & VIOLENCE, POLITICIANS, PUBLIC OPINON, POPULAR ERRORS, PREJUDICES & MYTHS AT TOP AND AS THE FOUNDATION. VOTING & REPRESENTATION & RULING IN ACCORDANCE WITH POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES

GOVERNMENT: Government: The Big Lie. It's Not the Cure. It's the Disease.” - Western N.Y. LP NEWS mentioned this as a poster. – Territorially enforced government over dissenters, that is. The self-government of volunteers would create many less problems and find or develop solutions much faster. – JZ, 1.1.09, 2.12.10, 25.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM, THE BIG LIE, THE DISEASE, NOT THE CURE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Government: The subjection of the noninvasive individual to an external will.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, Instead of a Book. - Also quoted, probably from another article, as: "the subjection of the non-invasive individual to a will not his own.” - VS. INDIVIDUALS

GOVERNMENT: Government? “Just get out of the way.” - Robert E. Anderson, book title mentioned in LFB catalog, Winter 05: Just get out of the Way. How Government Can Help Businesses in Poor Countries. - GOVERNMENT? JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY! FOREIGN AID, DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS BY GOVERNMENTS, LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREE MARKET RELATIONSHIPS IN ALMOST EVERYTHING

GOVERNMENT: government's a disease which nobody has the right to start or spread.” – L. Neil Smith, Tom Paine Maru, p.191. - True, mostly, for territorial governments. Untrue for exterritorial and voluntaristic ones. - Territorial governments with unanimous individual consent would be so extremely rare that they may never have existed as yet - and they could never exist for long, for people do change their minds, although not all at the same time or to the same extent. – People, who do not agree on their favorite wine, cheese, music etc., should not be expected to agree on the single package deal which a territorial government offers. Volunteer groups have the right to establish their own "governments" or free societies, under exterritorial autonomy, in the same country, under their self-chosen personal law system, trying to realize their own ideas, preferences and opinions. Only such competing or voluntary governments, parallel or alternative institutions etc. can be rightful and helpful governments or societies, in the opinion of their voluntary members and subjects. Experimental freedom works in all other spheres. It would work well here, too. - JZ, 7.4.91 & 13.7.00, 29.11.10. - A DISEASE, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Government's a disease, masquerading as its own cure.” - L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach, p.120.

GOVERNMENT: Government's morally repugnant to any decent person.” - L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach, p.198. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Government's only idea - more government!” - THE SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, Jan. 84. - Including still more laws and regulations, more taxes, inflation, government borrowing and government spending. – JZ, 1.1.09.


GOVERNMENT: Government's standard operating procedure is to use coercion first and to discuss matters afterward: …” - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism. - Since they have millions of laws and regulations, all more or less restricting liberty, to choose from, they can, mostly, say that they are intervening legally, to uphold an order that was sufficiently discussed beforehand. (*) Naturally, you can take them to court, if you can afford hundreds of thousands of dollars for good lawyers. Governments can afford to buy even better ones, at the expense of taxpayers, to uphold their interventions against you. - JZ, 28.7.00 - (*) Alas, one cannot even say that their laws and regulations were sufficiently discussed before they were passed. If they had been sufficiently discussed then they would never have been passed, seeing the many negative experiences with similar laws that were tried, for all too long, before them, if not in the “own” country then in other ones. Ignorance and prejudice, false assumptions and conclusions are the “parents” of most of the legislation that is passed – in any country. – JZ, 4.4.413.) – COERCION, LAWS, LEGISLATION, PARLIAMENTARY DISCUSSIONS

GOVERNMENT: Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” - Ronald Reagan. – He neither abdicated nor brought this monster to a stop, nor did he advocate individual and group secessionism under personal laws. – Anyhow, even with the best intentions a president etc. can only do so much as a part of a territorial system of domination. – JZ, 2.1.08, 24.12.08. - CONTROLS, REGULATIONS, SUBSIDIES, TAXATION, INTERVENTIONISM, SUBSIDIES

GOVERNMENT: Governmental and private criminals always do get in the way of peaceful and productive people. - JZ, 1.8.99. – CRIME, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governmental errors are at least as frequent and far more consequential than the mistakes of individuals.” - Stan Lehr and Louis Rossetto, Jr., THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, Jan. 10, 1971. – Territorialism spreads them over whole populations and countries and prolongs their rule there. Panarchism confines them to volunteers and even there they will tend to become only temporarily practised. – JZ, 29.12.08. ERRORS & CONSEQUENCES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: GOVERNMENTAL SOLUTIONS UNDER TERRITORIALISM: The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem. – Milton FriedmanPROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: GOVERNMENTALISM, TERRITORIALISM, CRISES: Whenever you come across a screw-up this big, you know the government is behind it." - Ann Coulter

GOVERNMENT: governments … are in their very essence a violation of justice.” - Leo Tolstoy, Civil Disobedience, p.239. - Territorial governments - yes! Exterritorial governments and societies: no! - JZ, 3.8.00. - VS. JUSTICE, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments … pretend to maintain (*) liberty of the constitution, when it is the absence of liberty to which they owe their powers.” - Leo Tolstoy, Civil Disobedience. – (*) the? – JZ ) CONSTITUTION, LIBERTY, POWER

GOVERNMENT: Governments … should be exterminated without mercy.” - Ayatollah Khomeini, according to SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, Feb. 1980. - Especially his kind of territorial and ideological, intolerantly religious and tyrannical government! - JZ, 28.7.00, 4.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Governments … those organizations … (that) claim the right to kill whoever will not do what they say.” - Poul Anderson, Mirkheim, p.214.

GOVERNMENT: Governments "… operate  huge military killing machines." - Frederick Mann, in LONGEVITY REPORT, No. 41, Oct. 93. - Only here and towards private criminals does "gun control" make any sense. - JZ, 10.7.00. – Their only “justification” is that other large territorial States do the same. They are all Warfare States and, as such, ought to be abolished, just like slavery, serfdom, the Inquisition and various other deadly pests. – JZ, 30.12.08. - MILITARY FORCES, STANDING ARMIES, WARFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: Governments "rape" dissenting citizens. Government actions towards non-consenting subjects are somewhat comparable to sexual assaults upon non-consenting minors. - JZ, 21.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments [derive] their just powers from the consent of the governed.” - Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence, 1776. - Since no territorial government has the consent of all those governed by it, especially not that of all dissenting creative and productive persons, no government can be said to have just powers except over those who tacitly or expressly consented to it. These powers should always be granted to all governments - but, never, any more than these. - JZ, 16.10.85 & 12.7.86. - CONSENT & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments act as well as they can. They still do. What little can be achieved in this way can be seen by anyone.” - Remark by Ulrich von Beckerath, 1882-1969. - TERRITOALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments always go astray and in everything endlessly more than individuals do.” - Pestalozzi, Wie Gertrud ihre Kinder lehrt. - (Die Regierungen verirren immer und in allem unendlich mehr als der Mensch.) - They have no human interests and positive characters - but do have all human vices in combination and are all too much organized, armed, trained and dangerous. - JZ, 21.7.86, 14.7.00, 2.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Governments always try to play God and imagine that they are able to do so, although they were never able to do so in the past and there is not a single good reason for assuming that they could do so now or in the future. - JZ, 23.9.91 & 23.7.00. - PLAYING GOD, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS

GOVERNMENT: Governments and Liberty are instituted among men who have learned to successfully constitute neither; misanthropes destroy both.” - Author unknown, from Luminary, ESQUIRE, quoted in GOLD STANDARD TRADER, Sep. 77. - Without the panarchistic framework for governments and free societies, neither governments, nor societies nor liberties and rights can be fully developed and practised, at least among volunteers. Territorialism, with its geographic monopoly, compulsory membership and sovereign coercion of dissenters, does perpetuate the worst features of politics and prevents voluntarism, associationism, propertarianism, free exchange, free contracts, free markets, free competition, consumer sovereignty, individual choice, freedom of action, freedom to experiment and free pricing or voluntary taxation, in short, laissez faire or free market relationships, from demonstrating what they could achieve in this sphere. Without panarchism full individual liberty, justice, peace, security, fast progress and general prosperity may remain furthermore unrealized ideals and intelligence expansion, life extension and space exploration and settlement may be indefinitely postponed. - JZ, 26.7.00. - LIBERTY

GOVERNMENT: Governments and their territorial States amount to an invasion and occupation force and rule over peaceful, free and progressive human societies. - JZ, 29.12.97 & 15.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are "safety devices that do not protect." - E. E. "Doc" Smith, Masters of the Vortex, p. 9. - Anarchist notions are like a red thread running through the better kinds of Science Fiction. Nevertheless, no one seems to have compiled, so far, a comprehensive bibliography of anarchistic and libertarian science fiction, one that would also indicate to what extent a work upholds such views, e.g. by the number of relevant quotes and remarks. - Thus "armed" the search for SF that is worth reading for freedom lovers could be shortened very much. - JZ, 29.7.00. - SECURITY & PROTECTION, LIBERTARIAN SCIENCE FICTION

GOVERNMENT: Governments are a conspiracy of the few against the many.” - Babeuf, 1760-1797. - CONSPIRACY

GOVERNMENT: Governments are a form of deception - though not necessarily for the rulers, who usually benefit from them.” - Vernor Vinge, Marooned in Real Time, ANALOG, 6/86, 146. - FRAUD, DECEPTION & CRIME

GOVERNMENT: Governments are all in a hot or cold war against their own citizens and other government gangs and their victims. In their hot wars against other criminal governments they rather spare them than their subjects. Naturally, their war propaganda does not reveal this fact. - JZ, 10.4.88 & 18.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are almost never punished for the crimes they commit but their subjects are and other victims as well, who are the subjects of the other governments. Mostly they simply have to put up with these crimes of rulers, legislators and their servants, without being protected from them or becoming indemnified for the wrongs and harm done to them by their own governments. - JZ, 19.4.87, 2.12.10, 25.8.13. – Would it be possible to add up not only the lives made unpleasant or hellish, foreshortened, sickened and crippled, impoverished or aborted upon their command, i.e. the costs in human lives and happiness, but also all the economic damages that governments inflict, which go far beyond the taxes that they charge and the properties they confiscate? – Even the territorial rulers, politicians, legislators and bureaucrats are, largely, made unhappy by this system and waste their lives, counter-productively. - JZ, 28.12.08, 4.4.13. – The real enemies of the peoples on both sides are, usually, their governments and these criminal governments are almost never held responsible. Instead, their victims are further victimized, not for any crimes they committed but for the  crimes of their governments, in wars against these criminal governments, in which the criminal territorial government themselves remain, usually not targeted at all. – JZ, 25.8.13. - Indiscriminate air raids against mere subjects are common while strikes against tyrannical or despotic governments themselves, the main culprits, remain very rare. - JZ, 25.8.13. - CRIMES, WASTE, - DESTRUCTION, HUMAN SACRIFICES & HUMAN UNHAPPINESS, TERRITORIALISM, RULERS, LAWS, REGULATIONS, BUREAUCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Governments are bankrupt.” - John Webster, then speaker in The Domain, Sunday afternoons, in Sydney, in 1960's or early 1970's. - But they do not admit this and are not driven out of business thereby. Instead, they go on and on, forcing other people to pay their debts, even if that should bankrupt the taxpayers. - If formal bankruptcies were declared for all governments then at least its involuntary creditors could get something out of their remaining assets. - But there is no legal avenue for that, for governments have monopolized bankruptcy proceedings, too. So the only way to achieve it would be an advance distribution of all its assets before an election, at least in form of promises to make corresponding contracts, by a party aiming to win through becoming this trustee for the dissolution of the business of government. While at the same time repudiating government debts and securities as investments in tax slaves, great capital values in real assets could be liberated per taxpayer or citizen or subject. - JZ, 2.8.00. – See PEACE PLANS 19 C. - BANKRUPTCY

GOVERNMENT: Governments are better at creating than settling disputes. - JZ, 25.10.87. - A long historical experience shows that this applies to territorial governments. - JZ, 19.7.00. - Why it would NOT apply as much, if at all, to exterritorial governments and communities requires some thought and some reading. See e.g. PEACE PLANS 61-63, 16-18 & ON PANARCHY. – -

GOVERNMENT: Governments are better at employing unemployed weapons and soldiers than unemployed working people. - Their programs for both leave very much to be desired. - JZ, 30.7.93 & 12.7.00. - ARMAMENTS, WEAPONS, SOLDIERS, UNEMPLOYMENT, WARFARE STATES, WAR & PEACE AIMS

GOVERNMENT: Governments are cancerous growths. - JZ, 16.5.73. - Governments are cancerous and parasitic growths on free societies, free economies and free people. - JZ, 19.8.92 & 13.7.00. All territorial governments are so wrong and harmful that they have to be dissolved as such, best by individual and group secessionism, replacing them by voluntary and competing governments as well as non-governmental societies, all of them only exterritorially autonomous. - JZ, 2.8.00. – If only all our sound cells could freely separate themselves from any cancerous growth or government growth! Alas, cancer cells are able to divert more blood streams and thus nourishment to themselves - until this parasitic growth finally kills the body it lives off, just like a government does, with its taxes. – JZ, 29.12.08, 4.4.13. - A CANCEROUS GROWTH

GOVERNMENT: Governments are certainly better than business enterprises, namely, in selling disservices under the pretense that they are services. - JZ, 12.3.88. - BUSINESS

GOVERNMENT: Governments are comparable to enormous pyramids. Under them free people have been buried, all too often even with their consent. These pyramids are built up, block by block, law by law, out of suppressed or forsaken individual responsibilities, rights and liberties. - JZ, 17.9.87, 4.4.13. – People almost crushed under that burden should become free to opt out from under it, just like they once released from under religious despotism, slavery and serfdom. – JZ, 28.12.08. Some had managed to flee from it, successfully, while others had managed to buy their way out. – JZ, 26.8.13. - THE PEOPLE UNDER TERRITORIALISM VS. INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITIES, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, OPTING OUT, WITHDRAWING FROM STATIST TERRITORIALISM TO THE VOLUNTARISM & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OF PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are de-funding, not funding us. - JZ, 19.2.90. - GOVERNMENT FUNDING, SPENDING, SUBSIDIES, AIDS & TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Governments are either not even aware of the crimes they do commit or, if they do, not likely to admit them. They rather cover them up and are in a good position to do so. - JZ, 3.7.99, 4.4.13. – They also find many excuses or false pretences for them, like “national security”, “public interest” or “general interest”. – JZ, 26.8.13.  -TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT: A CRIMINAL

GOVERNMENT: Governments are enemies of the people.” - Taylor Caldwell, A Pillar of Iron, p.158. - What else can one expect from territorial governments imposing taxes and laws upon involuntary members? - JZ, 3.8.00. - ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: Governments are engines for making wrong and false decisions and for maximizing their effects over whole countries and populations. - JZ, 1.6.98. - TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COMPULSION, DECISION-MAKING, CENTRALIZATION

GOVERNMENT: Governments are generally better at claiming abilities than at showing them. Indeed, apart perhaps from collecting taxes and fighting wars, I cannot think of anything done by a government that could not be done better by voluntary effort - assuming, that is, it should be done at all.” - Dr. Sean Gabb, in e-mail of 28.4.04. - I claim that they are also hugely inefficient in collecting tax revenues and in their defence efforts. – Don’t you remember e.g. the toilet seat contracts scandal of the war department, for toilet seats at ca. 800 dollars each? – And already in several countries a simple flat tax, relatively low, has been introduced as a replacement for xyz taxes. According to some economists, all taxes could be replaced by a relatively low flat rate tax – yielding the same revenue. There were even taxes that did cost more to raise than they returned in revenue. Economics is certainly not the strength of any territorial government. – But any compulsory taxation is not really an economical financing means. - JZ, 5.1.08. - ABILITIES, COMPETENCE, EFFICIENCY

GOVERNMENT: Governments are great in keeping part of your earnings, property and also much information from you but very bad in using them sensibly. - JZ, 31.7.93. – With all their manpower and spying activities, they seem to be quite unable to find all the information which would prove that their establishments are wrongful, irrational and uneconomic and could be very well replaced by voluntarism, laissez faire in economics, political and social relationships, by personal law or exterritorial autonomy for all kinds of governance systems, societies and communities, which would lead to a large degree of peace on earth, justice, freedom, enlightenment, prosperity and much faster progress, reduction of racism and of the remaining religious intolerance, peaceful coexistence would become the rule rather than the exception and even a large extent of harmony could be achieved between the different groups, than all free to do their own things among themselves. – JZ, 26.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are in an all too good position to deny or hush up their crimes. The very existence of territorial governments is already a colossal crime against all dissenters. - JZ, 24.11.01. - CRIMES, SECRECY, POWER, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are in the business of providing artificial disasters for millions of people, for all too long, under the pretence of providing them with great benefits. - JZ, 4.5.77, 20.7.00. - TURNS ITS TERRITORIES INTO ARTIFICIAL DISASTER AREAS, NOT ONLY TEMPORARILY, LIKE NATURAL CATASTROPHES DO, BUT FOR YEARS TO DECADES

GOVERNMENT: Governments are like ABC mass murder devices - accessible to fanatics and madmen who are ready to use them against their innocent victims.” - JZ, 30.4.98. - & ABC MASS MURDER DEVICES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are like revolutions; you may put them into motion, but I defy you to control them AFTER they are in motion.” - John Randolph of Roanoke. - Then why not make them as independent and diverse as people want them to be, allowing even one-man revolutions towards the aims of individuals, by the simple process of completely removing territorialism as an aim, method and practice not only from governments but also from all revolutions, oppositions, resistance groups and terrorist groups? It worked, to the extent that it was tried, in the sphere of religion. And it still works, unconsciously, in the millions of different private things we do for ourselves in our own lives. Just abstract the principle of religious liberty and private liberty and apply it to the spheres so far preempted by territorial governments: the political, economic and social spheres. Start it as a challenging intellectual game and then proceed to build solid foundations under such castles in the air. - JZ, 28.7.00. – REALLY LIMITED GOVERNMENTS, ALL WITHOUT A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY, REVOLUTIONS, PANARCHISM, DOING THE OWN THING, WAR- & PEACE AIMS, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, DOING THE OWN THINGS AT THE OWN RISK AND EXPENSE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Governments are made up of men with the same weaknesses as ourselves; but whereas under freedom we can stop trading with anybody who displeases us, we can alter government practice only by appeals to officials or by the time-wasting method of a general election.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 12/72, 70. – We are not yet free to vote ourselves out of territorial statism – by individual and group secessions, into personal law and alternative institutions for ourselves. We have only the option of saying: The King is dead! Long Live the King! Meaning nowadays: The old territorial monopolism has proven itself to be incompetent. Now let us establish a new territorial monopolism with other persons and under other names! – JZ, 26.8.13. – VOTING, DEMOCRACY, “SELF”-GOVERNMENT UNDER TERRITORIALISM,

GOVERNMENT: Governments are mainly parasites, not protectors and helpers. They hang on to you like leeches, sucking you dry and restrict your rights and liberties. - Do not subscribe to them any longer in any way and insist, instead, that they are become reduced to volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous. - JZ, 5.8.99 & 10.7.00, 2.12.10. – As long as “political science” does not explore this alternative and work towards its realization, it is not a genuine science yet. – JZ, 4.4.13. – POLITICAL SCIENCE

GOVERNMENT: Governments are mainly tribute collectors and coercive and monopolistic meddlers. All the rest is camouflage or false pretences. – JZ, 24.5.04, 31.10.07. - TAXES, PROMISES, FALSE PRETENCES, CAMOUFLAGE, COVER-UPS

GOVERNMENT: Governments are modern-day Robbing Hoods.” - David Taylor, 5.6.85. - ROBIN HOOD


GOVERNMENT: Governments are no longer the servants of the people but their masters.” - Dr. John Whiting. - Where they ever the servants of the people, anywhere, for any length of time? – Individuals can hire and fire their servants. Were governments, societies and communities ever only the individual’s employees or hired agents? - JZ, 3.8.00, 30.12.08. - MASTER, NOT SERVANT,

GOVERNMENT: Governments are non-market institutions, which means, among other things, that they do not receive their incomes as a result of service rendered. Rather, their incomes are totally independent. (*) Often, especially in the modern welfare state, this is not only true, but touted as an achievement to be proud of.” - Charles Curley, The Coming Profit in Gold, p.22. - In the meantime, considerable losses in gold had arrived, due to the continuance of stagflation. – (*) … of the provision of genuine services, all asked for, paid by and supplied only to those who want them. Governments even charge their victims for coercively enforced disservices, like e.g. wars, bureaucratic restraints. - JZ, 2.8.00, 26.8.13.  - TAXATION & WELFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: Governments are not much afraid of misinformed and misled voters but have good reasons to fear informed, armed, trained and organized voters. - 23.5.01. - VOTERS & GUNS, MILITIAS FOR THE PROTECTION OF GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, COMPREHENSIVE DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are not the outcome of natural rights and developments but of primitive, savage and barbaric, outdated and long refuted notions and actions, which are, however, still all too popular. - JZ, 10.4.88, 19.7.00, 26.8.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are not user-friendly, either. - JZ, 1.8.85. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are organizations for the provision of insecurity, oppression and poverty - under the pretence of fighting them. - JZ, 14.6.86. - Only exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers have good chances for genuine successes in these and other directions. - JZ, 14.7.00, 26.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are protection rackets.” - David Taylor, 5.6.85. - Many similar versions exist. I would be surprised if this one is not already listed several times under government. - JZ, 12.6.85.

GOVERNMENT: governments are rarely as moral as those whom they govern.” - Poul Anderson, The Anarch Lords, p.55. – Under territorialism the worst get to the top. – JZ, 29.11.10. – MORALITY, LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are ready to do anything - except admit that they have made a mistake.” - Walter Lippman, re-translated from a German version.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are rightful only to the extent that they are based on unanimous consent, i.e. upon voluntary membership, which requires individual and group secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities, in extension of the kind of freedom and tolerance that now exists widely e.g. for churches, sports, entertainment and cultural groups. - JZ, 12.2.88 & 19.7.00. - CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are saying, doing, writing and publishing very much - but rarely anything quite truthful, rightful and sensible. - JZ, 14.3.93 & 12.7.00, 4.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are self-serving bodies, too. The rights and liberties of their subjects, their dreams and wishes, are of secondary interest to them and they pay attention to them only to the extent that they have to - in order to gain power or maintain themselves in it. The very institution of territorial governments makes that easy for them. Via taxes they can ignore the wishes of many of their subjects and bribe enough people to retain power. - JZ, 22.6.91 & 22.7.00. – We are forced to fill their pig troughs and they do allocate their contents. – JZ, 4.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are so far the most successful cheats, kidnappers, robbers and murderers. - JZ, 10.7.99. - Nevertheless, they expect us to keep them or put them into their wrongful territorial offices and powers, again and again, as if we needed their "helpful" actions, monopolistically delivered at huge brokerage charges. - JZ, 10.7.00, 4.4.413. – TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT: A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION

GOVERNMENT: Governments are so much based upon mere faith that, like the Gods, their victims do not even insist that they deliver upon their promises and do not care that in the past they have never delivered upon them, either. - JZ, 22.7.00. – In other cases they are like indissoluble marriages between partners who have come to hate each other, without separation or divorce being a legal option. – JZ, 26.8.13. – SECESSIONISM, INDISOLUBLE MARRIAGES TO POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS, FAITH, BELIEF, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are the modern robber barons. - JZ, 15.4.98.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are too big for the small problems and too small for the great problems.” - Bell. - Translated from the German version. - PROBLEMS

GOVERNMENT: Governments are unable or unwilling to learn from their own failures or those of other governments. They rather repeat them, over and over again, but on an ever-larger and more expensive scale. - And their victims somehow manage to put up with this. - JZ, 12.2.00 & 8.7.00, 25.8.13. – FAILURES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are unable to solve problems. Territorial governments can only create them - and increase and multiply them. - JZ, n.d. & 20.7.00, 30.12.08, 26.8.13. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments are useful - to themselves and to those privileged by them, as well as to those for whom their statist faith is more important than facts, rights and liberties are. - JZ, 30.7.82 & 26.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments are whips, which masochistically inclined people use against themselves and sadistic rulers and politicians use against normal, decent and productive people. - JZ, 8.10.77 & 20.7.00. - PEOPLE & MASOCHISM, SADISM, STATISM, OBEDIENCE, SUBMISSIVENESS, THE SANCTION OF THE VICTIM, SLAVE MENTALITY

GOVERNMENT: Governments are wrongdoers on a vast scale, outright criminals in many respects, and quite incompetent as protectors, wealth- and welfare- providers. – But they are great liars. And they can and do look after for themselves. – JZ, 17.9.05, 24.10.07.

GOVERNMENT: Governments at every level, federal, state and local, have become obsessed with the fallacy that the good society can be achieved only through restrictive legislation dreamed up by economic ‘planners’.” - GOOD GOVERNMENT, Dec. 72. - LEGISLATION & PLANNING

GOVERNMENT: Governments by themselves, through their expenses, are an economic disaster for their supposed beneficiaries and by the multitudes of their wrongful and irrational actions they do cause one man-made disaster after the other, nation- or country-wide. - JZ, 21.9.92 & 23.7.00, 4.4.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments call their coercive and monopolized garbage removal system a "waste management" system, apparently unaware that all government activities amount largely to producing and "managing" waste. - JZ, 27.7.96. Territorial governments are inherently wasteful of their cannon fodder and tax slaves. They are unable to run a budged economically and a defensive war quite rightfully and efficiently. Their courts and police forces do also leave much to be desired. – JZ, 26.8.13. - GARBAGE REMOVAL, WASTE MANAGEMENT

GOVERNMENT: Governments can and do only continue to protect the "private" enterprises of the modern highwaymen and pirates, not genuinely free enterprises. - JZ, 12.2.88 & 18.7.00. - FREE ENTERPRISE & PROTECTIONISM, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, LEGALIZED CRIMES WITH VICTIMS, TAXTION, MONOPOLIES

GOVERNMENT: Governments can create unemployment, especially by their despotic monetary policies, but they cannot abolish it - except by getting out of the way. - JZ, 21.12.92 & 13.7.00. - UNEMPLOYMENT, FULL EMPLOYMENT, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Governments can neither achieve nor secure our liberties. They rather threaten and do suppress them, by all forms of territorial governments, all their measures, actions and programs, institutions, laws and jurisdiction. - JZ, 8.6.92. - TERRITORILISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments can only mismanage the economy - even with the best intentions. Only free producers, traders and consumers can, between them, run it well enough. - JZ, 14.12.92 & 13.7.00. - VS. THE ECONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Governments can supply laws and orders to excess but not rightful "law and order". - JZ, 6.11.91, 26.8.13. – As far as territorial States are concerned. For panarchies only those laws and as much or as little order will be administratively provided as their members want for themselves. – But they will compete with each other e.g. in keeping criminals with involuntary victims in check and hold them responsible for indemnification purposes. – However, for instance, what the ones might prosecute as polygamy the others might even try to enforce, for all who can afford it. – JZ, 30.12.08. - LAW & ORDER, IN ALL THEIR VARIETIES, ALWAYS ONLY FOR VOLUNTEERS

GOVERNMENT: Governments can't save us. Often they can't even save themselves. - JZ, 24.10.93. - But they can threaten and endanger us, all too much and for all too long. - Nevertheless, they managed to maintain, over-all, their false image as our great protectors. - JZ, 24.10.93. – Even when they possess stockpiles of mass extermination devices! – JZ, 30.12.08. - NO SAVIOR! NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

GOVERNMENT: governments cannot acquire the information to do everything and control everything. Governments are as much susceptible to the laws and the consequences of the division of labour and the need for social cooperation as any other element in society.” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, p.118. - Some division of labor among the officials of a country is not a sufficient substitute for the division of labor in a free market that is country-wide as well as world-wide. Bismarck had to confess that he had to sign about 75% of "his" letters, prepared by his subordinates, unread by him! Centralized decision-making and experimentation is no sufficient substitute for decentralized decision-making and experimentation by free individuals and their groups of volunteers. - JZ, 29.7.00, 4.4.13. – Neither a God nor any human leader has EVERYBODY in mind. Fallible human beings like me can even forget some items in their fridge. How much is overlooked by the official misleaders of whole populations? How much can one person read, understand and then remember? – Politicians understand their opponents even less than they understand all of their own affairs. To the extent that they are e.g. overweight, smoke or drink, they do not even understand the requirements of their own health. – At most they can only somewhat represent their own interests and those of their followers. They should never be granted any powers over any peaceful dissenters. - JZ, 29.11.10. - INFORMATION OVERLOAD, LEADERSHIP, NEWS, PRESIDENTS, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS

GOVERNMENT: Governments cannot be trusted with power and money, the conduct of the economy and, least of all, with the defence of our rights and liberties. - JZ, 31.7.93 & 12.7.00. – How much more evidence do we need for this to finally arrive at a sound judgment about them? – JZ, 2.12.10. – Q., TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS

GOVERNMENT: Governments cannot create jobs - except "jobs for the boys", at the expense of the economy. What they can do is shift over job opportunities from some groups to others while destroying many jobs in the process and making others less productive, over-regulated and burdened with tributes levied from them. - JZ, 14.12.92, 4.4.13. - VS. FULL EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT

GOVERNMENT: Governments cannot even be trusted to safeguard their own interests - far less those of their subjects or of subjects of foreign governments. - JZ, 20.7.91 & 22.7.00. – SELF-INTEREST VS. THE INTEREST OF POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, LOBBIES & SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments cannot give; they can only transfer.” - Douglas Darby, Out of the Night, p.5. - SPENDING, TRANSFER PAYMENTS, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Governments cannot produce life (except, e.g. inefficiently, in government farms and forests and in biological warfare institutes) or goods and services (except monopolistically and expensively, often subsidized by tax slaves), but, boy, oh boy, can they produce death and destruction on a vast scale. They can also prevent productive and creative activities or misdirect and exploit them! - JZ, 10.12.93 & 10.7.00, 6.8.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments change, the lies stay the same.” - From James Bond film: Golden Eye, with Pierce Brosnan. – One could, largely, say – also on territorialism: “The more things change, the more they are the same.” – Democratic and totalitarian territorial States have still too much in common, among the worst are: mass murder devices, taxes, central banks, monopolistic decision-making power, suppression of secessions. - JZ, 30.12.08, 2.12.10. - LIES, CHANGE, OFFICIAL LIES, DENIALS & FALSE PRETENSES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments come and go. The territorial State and its victims remain. - JZ, 30.3.94 & 12.7.00. - "There is of course a difference between the State and government. Within a given territory, the State remains while governments come and go…" - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.19. - Under territorialism the victims of States or governments have at most the chance to wait for another government and contribute a tiny bit towards its appearance, if their opinions agree with those of the majority, or they can emigrate, which means exposing themselves to the territorialism of another government and State, possibly another language and culture, with some antagonism towards the immigrants or refugees. - JZ, 12.7.00. - & STATE & THEIR VICTIMS, TERRITORIALISM, VOTING, MAJORITY RULE

GOVERNMENT: Governments commit more wrongful than rightful actions and do more harm than good to any country and its inhabitants, contrary to their claims and popular beliefs. How little they can do positively would be revealed by introducing them to fully freed competition by exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers and their alternative experiments and business enterprise offers. - JZ, 27.6.97 & 10.7.00. – STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments compete unfairly with private businesses in the provision of thousands of goods and services.” - Thomas J. DiLorenzo, THE FREEMAN, June 89. - Especially the business of providing "government" services itself. - JZ, 21.7.89, 2.12.10. - Too many businessmen still believe that territorial governments do have rightful, although limited functions and that they are able and willing to engage in them. They manage to forget or overlook how badly and insufficiently actual, as opposed to dreamed-up territorial "limited" governments, do manage these "functions" and how many and what kind of sound alternatives to them (which could also be supplied by businessmen or voluntary associations), are thereby prevented from coming into existence. They limit their horizons all too much rather than expand it. - Territorial, coercive, monopolistic and centralistic governments, too, should be competed out of existence by more rightful and useful enterprises and associations. However, all their adherents should be allowed to continue them at their own expense and risk, as long as they can stand them. This applies, in our times, to the remaining communists and nationalists, especially, seeing that they have still access to military and even mass murder devices and might, once again, be able and willing to grab for absolute territorial power. - JZ, 18.7.00. - VS. PANARCHISM & BUSINESS

GOVERNMENT: Governments connive at many things which they ought to correct, and correct many things at which they ought to connive.” - C. C. Colton, Lacon, 1820. - Statism is still the essential flaw of this message. - JZ, 15.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM,

GOVERNMENT: Governments consume wealth, they do not create it. Therefore the bigger the government, the greater consumption of your wealth and the greater damage to the national interest. Therefore, governments must be cut down to size so that they carry on the work of governing and nothing else.” - Lang Hancock, 1975. - He left behind a wife and a daughter, who, since his death, seemed to have nothing better to do than argue and go to court over his inheritance. In other words, even as small a family CAN be very counter-productive. However, that is their problem and their property and does not restrict the lives, property and freedom of anyone else. It is not bigness or smallness that is decisive but whether it is a voluntary or an involuntary association, a productive or a counter-productive one. - Even small families and individuals can be great wastrels. But at least they do not waste the earnings of others, forcefully taken from them. - JZ, 25.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments create, organize and preserve - poverty, oppression and war. - JZ, 18.1.77. – Territorial governments, that is, not the management of communities of volunteers only. – JZ, 30.12.08. – TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM, POVERTY, OPPRESSION & WAR

GOVERNMENT: Governments do get too much of your income before you do, e.g. via withholding taxes and too much of the remainder via indirect taxes, included in the prices of all goods and services. All, naturally, only without your individual consent. - JZ, 9.10.02, 2.12.10. – TAXATION, PROPERTY, EARNINGS, CONSENT, ROBBERIES, LEGALLY SANCTIONED, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNESHIP & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments do not know what they cannot do until after they cease to be governments. Each government carries the seeds of its own destruction." - Frank Herbert. – Another version: Governments don't know what they can't do until after they cease to be governments. Each government carries the seeds of its own destruction.” - Frank Herbert, Pack Rat Planet, ASTOUNDING SF, Dec. 1954, p.123. – Also in: Direct Descent, p.12. - Alas, while territorialism is predominant, they will always only be replaced by just another territorial government. Just like it was formerly: “The King is dead! Long live the King!” - We have to plant the seeds of destruction into the popular ideas on territorial government. - JZ, 7.2.94. - They do not even learn enough from numerous past failures of their predecessors. - Alas, with all their numerous and inherent failures (E.g. 4000 years of attempts at price control!), they have not yet sufficiently destroyed the belief in territorial governmentalism or statism and they are unlikely to ever do it themselves, by their teachings, propaganda and public statements. - But then they were and are not exposed to competition from “competing governments” and competing free societies and communities, all only with voluntary members and confined to exterritorial autonomy. Thus the rightful and sound alternatives to them, as well as the even more absurd beliefs, laws and institutions of some prejudiced minorities, were never sufficiently demonstrated to the masses. – Man is all too adaptable, even to despotism, to life in the trenches, to taxation, to slavery, serfdom, monetary and financial despotism, and so xyz legalized abuses go on an on – until the more enlightened and critical individuals are finally given their chance to opt out of any or all of them and free and efficient enough to establish attractive alternative societies, communities and governance systems, all for their volunteers only. – JZ, 5.1.08, 26.8.13. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS VS. AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, PANARCHISTIC GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE AS THE THIN EDGE OF THE WEDGE! STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, KNOWLEDGE, IGNORANCE - LIMITS OF EFFECTIVENESS, LIMITED

GOVERNMENT: Governments do not like to waste a crisis. The more economic pain government causes, the more power government can claim, and they can convince the public to surrender more of their liberties and rights in exchange for temporary security. – Peter Schiff, quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah shared Police State USA: Land of the Checkpoints's photo. – Facebook, 8.10.12. - POWER & GOVERNMENT-CAUSED CRISES

GOVERNMENT: Governments do not produce solutions to problems, only problems to solutions.” - David Taylor, 5.6.85. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Governments don't have consciences.” - Joe Haldeman, The Mazeltov Revolution, p.87 of ANALOG, 9/74. - CONSCIENCE

GOVERNMENT: Governments don't like people to make their own decisions as far as they want to and can do. So, they prevent this and make decisions for them and then pretend that this would be right and in the interests of the people - no matter how much, how often and how strongly some individuals and groups disagree with government decisions. - JZ, 24.2.00, 9.7.00. - VS. THE PEOPLE, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

GOVERNMENT: Governments don't live by bread and water but rather by cake and wine, at our expense - and supported by their lies and our unfounded faith in them. - JZ, 28.11.91 & 23.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, TAXES, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments don't respect your property or your liberty. Why should they respect your life? To them you are just a voter, taxpayer and tool for their purposes. One among thousands to millions. - JZ, 24.5.89 & 19.7.00. – CANNONFODDER & TAX SLAVES, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: Governments don't solve problems, they add to them. - JZ, 30.4.98.

GOVERNMENT: Governments everywhere have now broken faith too often.” - Henry Hazlitt, THE FREEMAN, 7/74. - BROKEN PROMISES, CONTRACTS & TREATIES

GOVERNMENT: Governments everywhere undertake to do many things that cannot be done by governments - least of all by democratic governments - and they even undertake some things that cannot be done at all, either by governmental or non-governmental means.” - W. Allen Wallis, THE FREEMAN, Aug. 74.

GOVERNMENT: Governments exist to protect the rights of minorities. The loved and the rich need no protection, - they have many friends and few enemies.” - Wendell Phillips, Speech at Boston, Dec. 21, 1860. - With a "friend" like a territorial government - start running! - JZ, 13.7.00. (The rich try to place some of their property out of reach of their governments or emigrate to countries where they are better treated. – 26.8.13.) - Territorial governments do usually exist to either suppress the rights of minorities or to give them special privileges. Sometimes they do both, to different minorities. - JZ, 16.10.85 & 10.7.86. - And they do always take care of the ruling minority, at the expense of all others. - JZ, 13.7.00. - DEMOCRACY & MINORITIES, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS

GOVERNMENT: Governments find it much easier to arm and organize themselves against the people and at the expense and risk of the people, than people find it to arm and organize and finance themselves against oppressive and exploitative governments. The first case has lead to an established science and practice. The second still stumbles around in the beginnings of a news science. - JZ, 22.4.99. - ARMED FORCES OF THE GOVERNMENT, MILITIA, PEOPLE, CITIZEN VOLUNTEERS IN ARMS TO PROTECT THEIR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES


GOVERNMENT: Governments force themselves between willing buyers and willing sellers while enforcing the sale of their monopolized services upon unwilling buyers and even charging and over-charging their involuntary victims for services or disservices, also for services they do not want or which they do not supply to them but to others. -– E.g.: Monetary and financial despotism vs. monetary and financial freedom. – JZ, 25.5.94, 10.7.00, 2.12.10, 5.4.13, 26.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Governments form the largest, most wrongful and harmful bureaucracies. - JZ, 2.8.00. - BUREAUCRACY

GOVERNMENT: Governments frown upon and penalize tyrannicide attempts but engage themselves in wrongful assassinations to maintain themselves in power, even in "democratic" States. No one who could embarrass a ruling government or retired former government member is quite safe from arranged "accidents". - JZ, 10.7.00. - TYRANNICIDE VS. ASSASSINATIONS BY GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: Governments function to make and preserve problems for all of us and they do this at our expense. Politicians, bureaucrats and other hand-out recipients are excepted from this rule. And even they are made to suffer by the consequences of territorial government. - JZ, 29.6.91.

GOVERNMENT: Governments hardly ever do anything illegal - because they find it so easy to legalize all their crimes. - JZ, 24.1.74 & 2.8.00. - ILLEGAL ACTIONS, CRIMES

GOVERNMENT: Governments have almost never been as good or tolerable as they could and should be, e.g. by operating always only with, for and upon volunteers. Instead, they practise territorial monopolies over whole populations and suppress individual and minority group secessionism and personal law or exterritorial autonomy for communities, societies and governance systems of volunteers. – JZ, 1.11.07, 5.4.13. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments have always been more or less out of control by the people – individuals and peaceful minority groups - and out of control of the numerous affairs, which they are pretending that they are the only ones who could and should manage them. They have rarely ever been in full control of things, people, countries and public affairs and events - at least in a rightful, positive and rational sense. - JZ, 21.11.98, 9.7.00, 27.12.08. - CONTROL

GOVERNMENT: Governments have become much too dangerous for the safety of nations to warrant the continuance of their monopolistic, coercive and destructive powers. Primarily, they must be subjected to individual secessionism and exterritorial competition from autonomous communities of volunteers. - JZ, 12. 2. 88. - PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments have constitutions, law, police, courts, armies, bureaucracies, stolen fortunes, the majority of statists, public opinion, popular prejudices, errors, myths and slogans on their side but not freedom, justice, rights, peace, reason, the best arguments, productivity, inventiveness, honesty and integrity and thus they must, in the long run, fail against those who use the latter. - JZ, 5.7.87. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments have messed up everything else so far. Given a chance, they would mess up first contact with aliens, too. - JZ, 5.9.92. - They even messed up and still do, contacts with most foreigners or “aliens” who are all also present passengers of spaceship Earth. - JZ, 13.7.00, 2712.08, 5.4.13. - FIRST CONTACT WITH ALIENS, IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, PROTECTIONISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments have no rights at all. Only individuals have rights." - Source? - RIGHTS & INDIVIDUALS

GOVERNMENT: Governments have so far centrally, monopolistically, coercively, collectively and territorially mismanaged almost everything they touched in our lives, very expensively too, while outlawing competition with their "services". When will we finally begin to take the management of our own affairs away from them in order to manage them ourselves, cooperatively, among like-minded people, or get them managed via genuine professionals, whom we have, individually, chosen for ourselves? – JZ, 24.5.00, 2.2.02, 5.4.13. - TERRITORIALISM, SELF-GOVERNMENT, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, VOTING, EXPERTS, PROFESSIONALS, SELF-DETERMINATION, CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Governments have so overwhelmed us with problems they have created and with obstacles to their solution by us, through free individual and cooperative and quite voluntary actions, that most people don't see a way out any longer or any sense in attempting to fight governments with the aid of only the few and all too limited liberties and rights remaining legal for us. - JZ, 15.9.87 & 19.7.00, 5.4.13. – LEGALIZED OBSTACLE TO RIGHFUL & RATIONAL SELF-HELP

GOVERNMENT: Governments have taken over the disaster business from God - to the extent that they add their own, artificial and unnatural catastrophes. - JZ, 4.5.77, 2.12.10. - DISASTER MACHINES, MAN-MADE DISASTERS, TERRITORIALLY PROVIDED FOR MILLIONS OF VICTIMS, CRISES, WARFARE STATES, REVOLUTIONS, CIVIL WARS, TERRORISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments have to stop running everybody's lives and businesses.” - Bob Howard, 30.6.75. – What come-back have you got now, if they refuse to do so? – Can you dismiss them? Can you opt out from under them? Are you armed, trained and organized as well as sufficiently motivated to defend all your individual rights and liberties against them – or simply to ignore them? – We have many different notions of what a government may or should do. Let individuals chose between competing models and let there be free enterprise for providing them: Panarchism! - JZ, 30.12.08. - MEDDLING, INTERFERENCE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREE ENTERPRISE IN THE PROVISION OF POLITICAL, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SCHEMES & SYSTEMS OR PACKAGE DEALS, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL CHOICES, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, POLYARCHISM,, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, EXPERIMENTATION IN EVERY SPHERE

GOVERNMENT: Governments invest the most in manpower, resources and funds - to achieve the least or even negative results. - JZ, 1.1.99.

GOVERNMENT: Governments lie, cheat, steal, kidnap and murder and then tell us WITHOUT them we would have CHAOS!” - Dangerous Buttons, No. 289.

GOVERNMENT: Governments like poor and helpless people rather than wealthy and independent subjects, and by xyz “policies” they produce ever more poor and helpless people, apart from some of their members and some of their favorites. - JZ, 6.10.92 & 10.7.00, 5.4.13. - Compare a remark by Robert Owen, quoted on page 253 of THE LIFE OF ROBERT OWEN, by???: "… we do not want the mass to become wealthy and independent of us. How could we govern them if they were?" - Some ancient Roman already remarked something like: Nobody can really govern those who possess more than 100,000 Sesterzes. - Ulrich von Beckerath, about 50 years ago, in Berlin, remarked that one should not even bother to try to bring to justice anybody with an annual income above DM 50,000. – (Then, in less inflated currency, a considerable amount. – JZ, 5.4.13.) Wealth and a high income mean a degree of personal independence, even from government interventionism. - Governments do not like that. They rather pretend to plunder the rich and to serve the poor - even while they, in their private interests, subsidize rich people and plunder the poor. - JZ, 10.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments look ahead as far as the next election. The big corporations can look a little farther, sometimes as far as ten years. And nobody worries about what's going to happen after that.” - GALAXY, 9/77, p.56. – At least up to “ten years” this remark is also in: Jerry Pournelle, Exiles to Glory, p.93. - CORPORATIONS, FARSIGHTEDNESS, FORESIGHT, LONG TERM THINKING SHORTSIGHTED

GOVERNMENT: Governments make all their own subjects collectively responsible for the actions of their territorial governments and all foreign subjects collectively for the actions of their territorial governments. They act as if all subjects were volunteers or had consented to all actions of their government.  - JZ, 24.7.83 & 25.7.00. – In the careless use of terms for whole populations in the mass media, as if they were genuine and single national, ideological or religious entities, the mass media support this great error. The ultimate consequence of it are prepared by nuclear strength “policies”, i.e. preparations for the indiscriminate mass murder of the population of whole cities or even countries. – JZ, 5.4.13. - COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, ENEMIES, NATIONS, COUNTRIES, GOVERNMENT ACTIONS NOT DISTINGUISHED FROM ACTIONS OF INDIVIDUALS & POPULATIONS, NWT

GOVERNMENT: Governments make everything either worse or more expensive and often both. - JZ, 23.9.78. - PUBLIC SERVICE, COSTLY & MAKING US WORSE OFF

GOVERNMENT: Governments need armies to protect them from (*) their enslaved and oppressed subjects.” – Leo Tolstoy. - This situation would be quite different for panarchies: competing governments and communities without territorial powers, monopolies and involuntary subjects. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. - (*)against, in another version! - JZ - ARMED FORCES, DEFENCE FORCES, WARFARE STATES, AUTHORITARIANISM & REVOLUTIONS, ARMIES, MILITARY, DEFENCE FORCES, REVOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Governments need enlightenment even more than the people do. And if government members were fully enlightened they would resign and never run for office again. - JZ, 3.7.00. – At least not in territorial States. They might make better leaders of exterritorially autonomous societies of volunteers. – To the extent that these might still need or want them. - JZ, 30.12.08. - PEOPLE & ENLIGHTENMENT, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Governments never learn. Only people learn.” - Milton Friedman, quoted in OBSERVER, 30 March 1980. - Also quoted in THE BULLETIN, Australia, 15.8.80. – But territorially organized people do usually learn, in all matters of the “social sciences” if at all, then mostly only as rarely and slowly as their rulers do. – Therefore we do need the option for the already enlightened – as well as those who believe to be sufficiently enlightened, to opt out - to do their things themselves for or to themselves and to compete with each other quite freely in all such endeavors and with their former government, now reduced to its remaining volunteers. Only then can progress be assured and relatively rapid. – JZ, 1.1.09, 2.12.10, 5.4.13. – People do not learn as a whole but only as the individuals making up “the” people and this also only at their own speed, if at all. – JZ, 30.12.08, 2.12.10. - PEOPLE – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PROGRESS, LEARNING, ENLIGHTENMENT, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, UNDER PERSONAL LAW, IN ALL SPHERES

GOVERNMENT: Governments only know what they need or want, not what their subjects, i.e. tax-tribute and other victims, need and want, because they eliminated the price preferences and competition signals of the market in all the spheres preempted by government laws and institutions. - JZ, 23.6. 97 & 15.7.00. – Alas, Ludwig von Mises expressed this insight only against State Socialism, which he also managed to equate (tacitly) with all other forms of socialism, of which about 600 are listed so far. – JZ, 2.12.10, 5.4.13. – Not all of the about 600 forms of socialism amount to State Socialism. – 5.4.13. - WELFARE STATE, NEEDS, TAXATION, STATE SOCIALISM DOES NOT REPRESENT ALL OF THE CA. 600 FORMS OF SOCIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments open the doors to every abuse. - JZ, 27.1.79. – Territorial government itself is the main abuse. – JZ, 27.12.08. – Do we have any evidence that any governments, communities and societies of volunteers, all without a territorial monopoly, could be or would be as abusive and exploitative and as hard to improve? – JZ, 5.4.13. - Q., ABUSES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments possess no human right, not even the right to exist. At most they can somewhat represent the rights and interests of their voluntary members. - JZ, 20.4.93. - That, too, is only possible for them once they are confined to exterritorial autonomy and voluntary membership. - They are not human but rather inhuman organizations, with wrongful and inhuman powers, laws and institutions. They are not natural but very wrongful and harmful artificial organizations, maintained, for all too long by ignorance, prejudice, force, monopolies and fraud. - Confronted by exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, which would provide their members only with the services they want, and this at competitive prices, they would soon collapse. -– Or, at least, shrink to insignificance. – JZ, 12.7.00, 2.12.10, 26.8.13. – REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, POWER ADDICTS, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES BELONG TO PERSONS NOT TO INSTITUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Governments prevent all of us from growing up to the limits of our individual potential. They keep us penned in - in general nurseries, on a nation-wide scale, from birth to death - and even succeed, in most cases, in destroying awareness of this condition. - JZ, 15.6.91. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, PUBLIC OPINION, PREJUDICES

GOVERNMENT: Governments produce nothing.” - Workers Party leaflet, Introduction to the WP, 1975. - I would add: except injustice. - JZ, n.d. - And war, tax burdens, bureaucracy, public servants, politicians, misleaders, poverty, inflation, involuntary mass unemployment, privileges, monopolies, restrictions, controls, permits, red tape, corruption, and endless misery and frustration. - JZ, 2.8.00. – UNPRODUCTIVE & COUNTERPRODUCTIVE, UNECONOMIC, WRONGFUL, IRRATIONAL BUT WITH XYZ FALSE PRETENSES

GOVERNMENT: Governments promise salvation but have only damnation to offer. - JZ, 19.8.92. – Not to speak of huge tax tributes, avalanches of legislation, which no  one has time and energy to read and endless red tape. – JZ, 5.4.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments provide more disincentives for creative and productive citizens than for criminal ones. Worse still, they have organized themselves in to the greatest criminal gangs of all each of them country-wide, State-wide or as large as the district of its local government area. - JZ, 28.12.93 & 10.7.00, 26.8.13. - ITS DISINCENTIVES FOR CRIMINALS &. PRODUCERS TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments respect the law so little that they arbitrarily change it, often several times, every year. - JZ, 3.12.94. - Something so flawed and expressing so little foresight and historical knowledge, and knowledge and appreciation of individual rights and liberties should never be territorially imposed upon a whole population. - JZ, 7.7.00, 5.4.13, 26.8.13. - POLITICIANS, LEGISLATORS, RULERS & LAW, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments robs rather than protects property. But some anarchist enemies of government and of governmental and private property, do remain blind even to that basic fact. - JZ, 28.5.93 & 12.7.00. – They hate property owners even more than they hate statists. Such people, e.g. communist anarchists, are tolerable only if they confine their anti-property ideas and practices to themselves. As it is, they sympathize with convicted criminals who committed offences against property, and even with violent offenders against self-ownership! – JZ, 29.12.08. 26.8.13. - ANARCHISM, EGALITARIANISM & PROPERTY, CRIME

GOVERNMENT: Governments should be kept small.” - Oscar W. Cooley, THE FREEMAN, March 71. - Yes, by those who want it small. But it could and should be any size for those, who do want it in other sizes and for those only. All should be only exterritorially autonomous and to that extent "small" or really limited. All should be "small" by being confined to their kind of volunteers, doing only their own things for or to themselves and this at their own risk and expense. Then that is their problem, their business, their responsibility. - A small and limited government is ideal only for advocates of limited governments. Let them have it - and let all others have theirs - or their non-governmental societies of their own dreams. To each his own! All only under their personal law and without any territorial monopoly. That constitutes the most important limitation. - Tolerance towards the tolerantly practised ideals of others. - Intolerance only towards the intolerant. - JZ, 3.8.00, 5.4.13, 26.8.13. - SMALL, LIMITED, BIG, ACCORDING TO THE CHOICES OF INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT ACTIONS & COMMUNITIES

GOVERNMENT: Governments should be licensed or authorized by individuals, not individuals licensed by governments. In other words, territorial governments should be reduced to voluntary associations, which are only exterritorially autonomous and cannot forbid their members to secede from them, and establish or join other voluntary associations, for whatever rightful purpose their like. - JZ, 22.6.88 & 19.7.00. - LICENSING, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, FREE ENTERPRISE & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY AS WELL AS EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & CONTRACT IN EVERY SPHERE!

GOVERNMENT: governments should have learnt that threats and punishments were not the way to accomplish aims.” - Mark Clifton & Alex Apostolides, Hide! Hide! Witch! - ASTOUNDING SF, Dec. 1953, 11. - PROHIBITIONS, PENALTIES, THREATS, PUNISHMENTS, LAWS, SELF-INTEREST, INCENTIVES, TRADING, EXCHANGE

GOVERNMENT: Governments should inspect the record and costs of government inspections. - JZ 23.6.91. - That may be as close to a statist demand as I have ever come! - I was just thoughtlessly playing with words. Would governments be more effective in inspecting its inspectors as its inspectors are in inspecting anything or us, as their subjects and tax and law victims? The roles ought to become reversed. Individuals should be freed to inspect and veto all government actions. They should be free to cancel them for their own lives, by withdrawing from a government or opting out from under it. Or, in case they want to remain all-over members still, although they do disagree with them on some or many points, then at least they should be free to inspect all of the numerous government service options and pick and chose those among them which they are willing to subscribe to and should become free to discontinue subscribing to any others, which they do not want for themselves. That would at least require that every citizen would be supplied with the whole government budget and given the choice to pick and choose items from it that he is willing to pay for. No others should be charged to him. – No other services should be supplied to them than those they choose for themselves. They should be offered a whole spectrum of choices, just like those offered e.g. by private insurance and protection companies or by department stores and supermarkets. Each should be free to fill his or her shopping basket only with those government services, which they want and are able and willing to pay for. I do concede that politicians and bureaucrats would not be pleased with these official or unofficial inspectors and decision-makers. But freedom loving citizens would be. – Another step towards voluntary taxation, short of voluntary membership in a panarchy, would be for territorial taxpayers themselves to decide how much of their total tax bill they want to allocate to particular government budget items, upon the corresponding accounts. Then, when it turns out that certain budget items are sponsored by less than, say, 5 to 10 % of all taxpayers, these items should be removed from the next government budget. – For those, to whom the sudden introduction of voluntary taxation would be too radical a step, this gradualist approach might be more appealing. - JZ, 22.7.00, 26.8.13. - GOVERNMENT INSPECTORS, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES, ALL COMPETITIVELY OFFERED

GOVERNMENT: Governments should live in fear of the people, and not people in fear of the government.” - August B. Black, quoted in FRAGMENTS, IV-VI/ p.98. - FEAR & THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: Governments should no longer be financed but, rather, "un-financed", made un-financial, bankrupted, liquidated, abolished, privatized - except for their remaining voluntary victims. - JZ, 3.8.94, 2.12.10. - FINANCE, TAXATION, BUDGET, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, PANARCHIES

GOVERNMENT: Governments shouldn't have any say in how we trade our own services or property - to whom, under what conditions or at what price.” - James P. Hogan, Mirror Maze, p.54. - ECONOMIC FREEDOM, TRADE, PROPERTY, LAISSEZ FAIRE, SEPARATION OF THE ECONOMY FROM THE STATE, FREE MARKETS

GOVERNMENT: Governments show thus how successfully men can be imposed on, …” - Thoreau, Civil Disobedience, in Against the Grain, 110. – IMPOSITIONS, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments sometimes do the right thing, but only after they've exhausted all the alternatives.” - Richard Needham, in FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, June 88. - JOKES

GOVERNMENT: Governments tax us heavily - for the restriction of our rights and liberties while increasing our economic, private and military insecurity. - JZ, 23.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments tend not to solve problems, only rearrange them.” - Ronald Reagan – PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS, REFORMS

GOVERNMENT: Governments tend to be ignorant and bigoted because only the ignorant believe men can be ruled and only the bigoted believe themselves capable of it.” - Sam Antic, in ST. JOHN'S BREAD. - IGNORANT & BIGOTED STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments tend to do too little too late. And when, finally, they do act, then they tend to do the wrong, stupid and harmful things on a gigantic and all too long-lasting scale, rarely learning from their own past and present mistakes or soon enough. - JZ, 10.7.99 & 10.7.00, 5.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Governments tend to forget about Bill of Rights and other constitutional or human rights clauses or interpret them quite different from or even opposite to their clear wording. - JZ, 1.3.00 & 8.7.00. - CONSTITUTIONS, BILLS OF RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATIONS

GOVERNMENT: Governments tend to fuss much about nothing and to do nothing about much. That's politics as usual. - JZ, 25.11.93. - This rule, too, applies mainly to territorial governments only. Really free men, in their societies, will have quite different experiences and make up quite different rules. - JZ, 10.7.00. - STATISM, POLITICIANS

GOVERNMENT: Governments try to sell themselves as rightful and effective helpers and protectors while in reality they are wrongful and counter-productive meddlers and interventionists. - JZ, 26.7.82 & 26.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Governments usurp the divine right of the people to be free.” - David Duffy, 18.1.77. - Rather, of individuals to be free. "The People" are just another collectivist, statist and territorialist self-delusion. - JZ, 30.7.00, 26.8.13. - USURPATION, RIGHT, PEOPLE, FREEDOM, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES:

GOVERNMENT: Governments were created under the assumption that they could and would serve man. Instead, they made men serve governments. - JZ, 13.2.73, rewording a remark in an old issue of GRAFFITI: "Governments were created to serve man; man was not created to serve governments." - VS. MAN, MASTER NOT SERVANT

GOVERNMENT: Governments which enslave individuals have no legitimacy whatsoever.” - Libertarian Party Platform. - Between "enslave" and "individuals" one should insert something like: "non-criminal". - JZ, n.d. & 26.8.93. - SLAVERY & INDIVIDUALS

GOVERNMENT: Governments which enslave individuals have no rights whatsoever.” - Libertarian Party, INVICTUS, 16.2.72. – The same applies to private criminals with victims. – The full range of individual rights and liberties are meant only for rational and moral beings. Whoever did not respect them in others cannot claim them for himself. - JZ, 31.12.08. - SLAVERY & RIGHTS OF INDIVIDUALS, CRIMINALS

GOVERNMENT: Governments will always misuse the machinery of law as far as the state of public opinion permits.” - Emile Capouya. - LAWS & PUBLIC OPINION

GOVERNMENT: Governments, already according to their activities, which always aim at coercive impositions, are always constituted out of the most impertinent, brutal and immoral human beings. Thus every government, but more so any government in charge of military power, is terrible, indeed, the most dangerous institution in the world.” - Tolstoy, War & Peace. - RULES, SCUM, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, LEADERSHIP, FUNCTIONARIES, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, POWER ADDICTS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments, because of their activities, always aiming at overpowering others, consists always out of elements opposed to anything sacred, out of the most impertinent, rawest and immoral men.” - Tolstoy. - Power not only corrupts people but attracts the most corrupt or corruptible people in the first place. - JZ, 16.7.00. - If they are, like Robespierre, not corruptible by money offers then they are by the power involved in their positions. – 2.12.10. - POWER, CORRUPTION, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, POLITICIANS

GOVERNMENT: Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class - whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires or entrenched bureaucracy.” - Frank Herbert, Children of Dune, ANALOG 2/76, 117. – For me the aristocracy of top bureaucrats was first visually presented by the luxurious office equipment that they got provided with. Another indication are their high salaries and pensions at the expense of the tax slaves. Then there is the assumption that they are, as a rule, more able and honorable than other people, while, in reality, they are often only better liars and flatterers. – JZ, 27.12.08. - ARISTOCRATIC FORMS, CLASS RULE

GOVERNMENT: Governments, in balance, have nothing to offer but "blood, sweat and tears" - if you do not count their errors, prejudices, false pretences, delusions and crimes. - JZ, 5.10.92.

GOVERNMENT: Governments, instead of upholding individual rights, human rights, natural rights and natural law - have passed "positive" laws against them and enforced these. - JZ, 1.3.00 & 9.7.00. -LAWS, RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: Governments, like most "reformers", "revolutionaries" and inventors are almost impenetrable for better ideas and advice, alternative ideas and systems - for they do believe that they already know what is required or that the problem is "insolvable" or "incurable" and that they can only try to mitigate the symptoms. Their own convictions amount to permanent denials of those of others - and also lead them to oppose freedom to experiment for dissenters. - JZ, 15.6.01, 29.1.02. - IDEAS, LEARNING, EDUCATION, OPEN-MINDEDNESS, CLOSED-MINDS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, LEADERSHIP, NATIONALISM

GOVERNMENT: Governments, like other criminals, are not entitled to truths that would benefit them in their further transgressions against you.” - JZ, 9.10.88 & 18.7.00. - LIES & TRUTH, HONESTY TOWARDS GOVERNMENTS?

GOVERNMENT: Governments, like the formerly hierarchical, monopolistic and coercive priesthoods, provide rather hell than heaven on Earth. Enlightened and self-responsible individuals should become totally free to reject them for themselves and their voluntary relations with each other, their personal laws, associations and institutions. - JZ, 19.12.93 & 10.7.00, 26.8.13. – However, the remaining statists deserve their self-chosen kind of statism for themselves, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy, always at their own expense and risk. There should be experimental freedom even for them but no longer any territorial monopolism, authoritarianism, despotism etc. - JZ, 5.4.13. - CHURCH HIERARCHIES

GOVERNMENT: Governments, no more than individual men, are infallible.” - William Godwin, Enquiry concerning Political Justice. – Governments are no more infallible than are individuals.  But their wrongful assumption that they do know better than their territorial subjects what is good for their subjects, does induce them to make many more mistakes than normal individuals would make in their own affairs. – JZ, 5.4.13. - LIKE MEN, NOT INFALLIBLE

GOVERNMENT: Governments, politicians and bureaucrats devaluate not only the currencies entrusted to them but everything else they touch with their laws, measures, policies and institutions. And, everything they do, as David Friedman said, “costs at least twice as much.” – JZ, 29.9.84. – DEVALUATIONS, LAWS, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRACY, COSTS, TAXATION, WASTE, CORRUPTION, INEFFICIENCY

GOVERNMENT: Governments, politicians, leaders and bureaucrats are always more ready to sacrifice their subjects than themselves.” - JZ, 19.12.93 & 10.7.00. - SACRIFICES

GOVERNMENT: Governments, their politicians and bureaucrats should be able to get almost anything they want and do almost anything they want to do, from and among the masses of voluntary statists that fill the world today, with the individual consent of their victims. From them they can get the full mandate to rule them. More they do not have any right to. They ought to lose all territorial powers over peaceful dissenters and non-members living in the same territory, under full exterritorial autonomy and personal laws, and should have no longer any power to suppress individual and group secessionism and what they call "States within States". Precisely these competing "States", governments and societies do offer, at least in the long run and through the experimental freedom they would practise, the solutions to all the problems now created, maintained and increased by territorial States. - JZ, 25.11.93 & 10.7.00, 2.12.10, 5.4.13, 26.8.13. - POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, PANARCHIES OR STATES WITHIN STATES, TERRITORIALISM OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, WITH THEIR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM UNDER PERSONAL LAW?

GOVERNMENT: Governments, with their plunder and spending keep most honest workers poor while allowing a few crooks and monopolists, in or out of political office, to get rich, while penalizing those limited achievements that can still be reached under all its monopolies, legislation, institutions, controls and regulations. - JZ, 26.6.89, 18.7.00, 2.12.10, 26.8.13. - POVERTY

GOVERNMENT: Great nations are never impoverished by private though they sometimes are by public, prodigality and misconduct. The whole or almost the whole revenue, is in most countries, employed in maintaining unproductive hands.” - Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations. Quoted by Laughlan Chipman, in QUADRANT, 4/76. - They are not only unproductive but counter-productive! - JZ, 19.7.00. – They do wrongly take and wrongly redistribute wealth produced by their subjects, thereby interfering with normal work incentives and care for private properties and lives. – JZ, 5.4.13, 26.8.13. - SPENDING & WASTE, POVERTY, PUBLIC SERVANTS, BUREAUCRACY, OFFICIALS, RULERS, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: Great part of that order which reigns among mankind is not the effect of government. It has its origin in the principles of society and the natural constitution of man. It existed prior to government, and would exist if the formality of government was abolished. The mutual dependence and reciprocal interest which man has upon man, and all the parts of civilised community upon each other, create that great chain of connection which holds it together." - Thomas Paine - The Rights of Man (1792) – Quoted by Nizam Ahmad- Facebook, 13.9.12. - SOCIETY, GOVERNMENT & ORDER

GOVERNMENT: Have they ever acted on what they know?” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.1001. - Did they ever know anything? - JZ, 25.7.77. Or enough? – JZ, 27.12.08. – The Stein and Hardenberg's reforms, early in the 19th century Prussia, did something worthwhile in rolling back former government interventionism. But it is rare that government officials ever know or are prepared to listen to or read something worthwhile and are able and willing to act on it. - Mises and his followers have clearly indicated that government knowledge of the economy is all too limited and by governmental territorial interventionism the existing economic knowledge is prevented from freely expressing itself and thereby guiding the economy, e.g. by free prices, free markets, free exchanges, free contracts, associations and experiments. – A territorial monopoly establishment is very far from being a free enterprise, free society, free country, free State or free government. - JZ, 2.8.00, 5.4.13, 26.8.13. – KNOWLEDGE, TERRITORIALISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Have we been misled? Yes. You have been misled into believing that the Liberals represent free enterprise and that the ALP represents the disadvantaged. Neither main party does any such thing! In fact, the politicians and the bureaucrats have been the only people to gain from Australian governments. Everyone else has been disadvantaged by governments over the years. - Not only disadvantaged, but misled into believing that Big Government is beneficial, that government controls are necessary, that government provides wealth, prosperity and happiness. - Such myths, misconceptions and deliberate falsehoods are preached by governments and their henchmen in the press, on radio and television and in our schools and universities.” - WORKERS PARTY NEWSLETTER No. 1, March 75. - POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS VS. THE PEOPLE, PEOPLES AS PROPERTY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, COLLECTIVISM, STATE SOCIALISM, TAXATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, BUDGETS, PUBLIC DEBT

GOVERNMENT: Have you considered an appeal to the government? - Huh? … What can they do?” - Poul Anderson, The Moonrakers, IF SF, Jan. 66, 10.

GOVERNMENT: having seen the real meaning of Christianity, the people would perceive that the governments, with their taxes, soldiers, prisons, gallows, and false priests, are not only not the pillars of Christianity they profess to be, but are its greatest enemies.” - Tolstoy, Letter to a Non-Commissioned Officer, chapter: For Freedom: Theirs and Ours, p.16. - CHRISTIANITY

GOVERNMENT: Hayek would like to see a "decent" government which would "restrain" but not command the private citizen; where coercion would be "permissible only to enforce general rules of individual conduct equally applicable to all." - David Hart, reviewing Hayek's Whither Democracy? – What fragment of all territorial constitutions, legislation, administration and jurisdiction could be classed with the general rules of politeness and good manners and as being fully in accordance with natural law or genuine individual human rights and liberties? – JZ, 29.11.10. – Its territorialism, with its compulsion and monopolism, turns any “limited” government already to a large extent into a totalitarian one. – JZ, 6.5.13. – Alas, Hayek never bothered to provide details of rightful general rules for individual conduct, in form of a private draft of all individual rights and liberties. Or does such a draft exist in his remaining papers? – JZ, 26.8.13. - Q., LIMITED GOVERNMENT?

GOVERNMENT: He described the U.S. government as "the best gang in the world, the most powerful and most enlightened gangster group that's controlling territory." - Someone quoting Timothy Leary.

GOVERNMENT: He did not argue that government does a poor job running the economy. He argued that government, by its very nature, cannot run the economy, not even poorly. He did not, so to speak, agree that elephants are poorer flyers than swallows. He argued that government, being an elephant, can't fly at all. … Hayek … came to the conclusion that the nature of information precludes - both in theory and practice - government from being able to manage or even to control a complex economy.” - Peter F. Drucker, The New Realities, 1989, 1990, 56. Drucker refers to Hayek's 1989 book: The Fatal Conceit. The Errors of Socialism. – A scholar like Hayek should at least have distinguished between the errors of State Socialism and e.g. Cooperative or Voluntary Socialism. – He may not even have tried to criticize the latter two types in his book. I found no references to these alternative forms of socialism in his book. – JZ, 24.12.08. – At least some kinds of cooperative and voluntary socialism are more propertarian, capitalistic and liberating than most employer-employee relationships are. – JZ, 6.4.13. – SELF-MANAGEMENT, COOPS, CAITALISM, PROPERTARIANISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, ECONOMY, , HAYEK, DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: he held that mankind possesses something of the divine and that there is no other god before it. Human government, he held, is a weak reed upon which to lean if man would stand upright in the full glory of his natural endowment. Man, on the other hand, is a product of nature, the matrix from which all social value takes form…” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.46, on Henry Clarke Wright. - GOD, MAN, MANKIND & DIVINITY

GOVERNMENT: He said it was easy to be an anarchist in New York - there are no government services.” - NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY, Nov. 13, 1977, on a visit of Rothbard to California. - "It is easy to be an anarchist in New York - there are no government services." - Murray N. Rothbard, NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY, quoted in SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 12/77. - GOVERNMENT SERVICES & ANARCHISM, JOKES

GOVERNMENT: He snorted, No wonder the boy didn't know what government was.' - 'We don't use the term,' said Tanyne. "We don't need it. There are few things here that a citizen can't handle for himself; I wish I could show you a few. If you live with us a while I will show you'." - Theodore Sturgeon, The Skills of Xanadu. - Unfortunately, it is not just a term but a forced and artificial reality, enforced territorially, over a whole population. Indeed, like many other dangers, it is invisible. But it is real, nevertheless, because it has its visible, tax-paid and armed agents. - JZ, 29.7.00, 26.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: He would also tell the no-government libertarians that freedom is possible only in a system in which government makes life and property secure.” - G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.214. - Does it? Anywhere? Any territorial government? Has it ever? Will it? Can it? - Although the objective or end is correct, making life and property secure and thereby freedom, peace and justice as well, the means chosen by Bastiat and Roche, are wrong and self-defeating, namely, a territorial government with monopoly and coercive powers, which only in their dreams ever reached the objectives they set for it. - JZ, 24.7.92 & 18.7.00. - LIMITED VS. ANARCHISM, Q., TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: heavy government expenditure and liberty are incompatible.” - Bastiat, quoted in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p. 239. - Bastiat, also in Economic Sophisms, p.152. - SPENDING VS. LIBERTY

GOVERNMENT: Hell has no fury like a government spurned. - JZ, 3.10.88. – POLITICIANS & THEIR POWER ADDICTION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Hell, the government IS organized crime.” - Fred Graham, in: The Alias Program. - ORGANIZED CRIME, THE OFFICIAL MAFIA OR CRIME SYNDICATE

GOVERNMENT: Hence, liberty for labor and security for earnings are the ends for which civil institutions exist, not means which may be employed for ulterior ends.” – W. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe To Each Other, p.31. - LABOR, WAGES, SECURITY, LIBERTY

GOVERNMENT: Hence, the less government we have, the better - the fewer laws, the less confided power. The antidote to this abuse of formal Government is the influence of private character, the growth of the Individual; the appearance of the principal to supersede the proxy; the appearance of the wise man, of whom the existing government is, it must be owned, a shabby imitation. That which all things tend to educe, which freedom, cultivation, intercourse, revolutions, go to form and deliver, is character; that is the end of nature to reach unto this coronation of her king.” - Emerson, quoted in - Sprading, Liberty & the Great Libertarians, p.150. - LESS GOVERNMENT & INDIVIDUALISM

GOVERNMENT: Here is my first principle of foreign policy: good government at home.” - William Ewart Gladstone. - Good government, as judged by its voluntary subjects and victims (subjective value theory!), is possible only under exterritorialist panarchism, with its voluntarism and free choices for individuals and minorities, not just majorities and ruling cliques. This form will also have a strong revolutionary influence upon all territorial, despotic and militaristic governments around it and their subjects and soldiers. It would transform the world in its image, which covers the whole spectrum, since it would allow to each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice. This governmental form or self-governmental framework would be stronger than all others, practically invincible once it has become customary or traditional. It would conquer without invasion, liberate without war, educate and enlighten merely by its example and lead to strenuous efforts by people, alternative governments in exile, all minority groups and most soldiers and officers to introduce the equivalent in their countries, as the most patriotic act they could undertake. - JZ, 11.10.02, 6.4.13. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, FOREIGN POLICY, PANARCHISM, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, FOREIGN POLICY, PATRIOTISM, REVOLUTION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, LITERATION, WAR & PEACE AIMS, PROGRAM

GOVERNMENT: his Aunt Cordelia’s frequent assertion that governments are mental constructs.” – p. 336, Lois McMaster Bujold, A Civic Campaign, p.336. – Alas, they are real enough to turn whole countries into nation- or State-wide prisons for their whole population, ranging from minimum- to maximum-security prisons. – JZ, 26.9.07, 6.4.13. - GOVERNMENTS ARE MENTAL CONSTRUCTS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: His growing realization that government, no matter who ran it, no matter in whose interest it was run, could only be a harmful force let loose in human society whenever it exceeded its negative obligations to protect life and property.” - Bastiat, quoted in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.60/61. - I would add: And even there! - JZ, n.d. – No duty goes beyond one’s abilities. Even “limited governments” are unable to optimally fulfill the few remaining duties ascribed to them, at least as long as they are still territorial governments and as such have all too many involuntary subjects, are all too centralized, collectivistic and monopolistic or statist. – JZ, 2.12.10, 6.4.13, 26.8.13. – LIMITED BUT STILL TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, WITH INVOLUNTARY SUBJECTS?

GOVERNMENT: His theory somewhat parallels a thesis advanced nearly a century ago by the German economist Adolf Wagner, as the "law of the increase of government activities among progressive people". Wagner's law did not attract much support at the time, nor later, but study of long-range and recent trends lends much credibility to it.” - Roger A. Freeman, introducing A. H. Meltzer's: Why Government Grows, p.3. – Are most “progressive” people genuinely progressive or rather stagnating or even regressive, reactionary and moving towards barbarism, e.g. with nuclear “weapons”? – JZ, 2.12.10. - GROWTH, POWER, STATISM, AVALANCHE OF LEGISLATION, TERRITORIALISM, IMPERIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Historian Heather Cox Richardson quotes an “unhappy Democratic senator” who, despite his unhappiness, quite accurately described the implications of the Lincoln tax increase: “The Government is everything; it has become the end; and the people, and all their property, labor, efforts, and gains … are merely the means by which the Government is to continue … and its powers progressively augmented.” - Heather Cox Richardson, The Greatest Nation on the Earth: Republican Economic Policy during the Civil War, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard UP, 1997, p. 195.” - Thomas J. Dilorenzo, The Real Lincoln, Forum, Prima Publishing, - 2002, p.255. - POWER, TAX INCREASES

GOVERNMENT: History makes it plain that unless restrained, government proliferates to a point where its cost bankrupts the people at the same time it robs them of their freedom.” - Governor Ronald Reagan. – With all the power and popularity he had, then and later, was he able to stop and reverse that trend? – JZ, 2.12.10, 26.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Honest (as Senator Bayard claimed to be) or dishonest (as Abbot argued politicians were) - all who "govern" or legislate deny others their inalienable rights to liberty and freedom. Their tyranny should not be suffered.” - Charles Shively, in introduction to Spooner, Letter to Thomas Bayard. - LEGISLATION & INALIENABLE RIGHTS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Honest government is not a thing of the past; it is a thing of the future.” - From a comic strip, several years ago. - Simon Jester, according to LIVE & LET LIVE, 15.3.84, which changed that into: "Honest government is not a thing of the past; nor is it a thing of the future. Honest government - is not.” – All territorial governments gain and maintain power through numerous lies, facilitated by wide-spread ignorance and all too many popular errors, prejudices, myths, false assumptions and false conclusions. – JZ, 6.4.13. – Governments ruling only exterritorially over volunteers will not always be honest but at least can be and in most cases will be. – JZ, 26.8.13. - HONESTY, LIES, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, ERRORS, TERRITORIALISM, STRENGTH, UNITY, NATIONALISM, PATRIOTISM

GOVERNMENT: How can anyone still trust any government possessing nuclear anti-people devices, or allied with such a power or trying to obtain such mass murder devices? - JZ, 5.6.82 & 27.7.00, 2.12.10, 6.4.13. - STATISM, TRUST, BELIEF & NUCLEAR WEAPONS, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

GOVERNMENT: How can anyone trust an inflating government to any extent? - JZ, 1.7.82. - All governments are presently legally entrusted with the currency (via their central banks) and all have inflated it and are still doing this. All territorial governments were, are and will be liars, always. So, how can we go on entrusting anything to any territorial government? It is a riddle to me how so many people manage to do that. - JZ, 26.7.00, 2.12.10. – However, the majority of ignorant, foolish and prejudiced statists should remain free to do that to themselves, as long as they are willing to put up with this. But they have no right to force their system territorially upon any peaceful dissenters, via voting, legislation and the suppression of secession by peaceful individuals and minorities, who claim no territorial monopoly but merely their preferred life under self-chosen personal law or exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 5.4.13. – Q., INFLATION, MONETARY DESPOTISM, CENTRAL BANKING

GOVERNMENT: How can one fully discuss territorial governments without fully discussing their exterritorial, voluntaristic and freely competing alternatives as well? That is like discussing war without the peace options, and crimes without the honesty options. - JZ, 18.7.00. – Well, most of those, who consider themselves to be political scientists and who are widely believed to be such scientists, managed to do this for decades, for all their lives, in all their writings. – JZ, 2.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: How can you be expected to govern a country that has two hundred and forty-six kinds of cheese? - Charles de Gaulle - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – To each only the government, community or society of his own choice and taste! That would achieve maximum satisfaction. – JZ, 24.3.12. – Somebody asserted to me that France has over 2,000 different kinds of cheese. People’s individual and group preferences come in millions of varieties and mixtures. – Thus a single territorial government can never hope to satisfy all of them – by its legislation, policy, program and administration. – JZ, 6.4.13, 26.8.13. - DIVERSITY, VARIETY, CHEESES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: How could a government be conducive to ethical conduct when its main business is stealing from some people to support the projects of others?” –Tibor Machan, Liberty & Culture, p.104. - TAXATION VS. ETHICS & MORALITY, Q.

GOVERNMENT: How could a state be governed … if every individual remained free to obey or not to obey the law according to his private opinion?” - Thomas Hobbes, 1588-1679. - Territorial States couldn't be governed in this way but panarchistic ones could be, being based upon unanimous consent and the individual secession option. all under personal laws or exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 9.6.92. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, MULTI-ARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS & SOCIETIES, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY ALTERNATIVES

GOVERNMENT: How does it become a man to behave towards the American government today? I answer, that he cannot without disgrace be associated with it.” - H. D. Thoreau, An Essay on Civil Disobedience, 1849.

GOVERNMENT: How far would subjects have had to go along with their governments in order that they could rightly be held collectively responsible for the crimes of their rulers? Should voluntary membership be enough? Should their compulsory territorial subordination and taxation be enough of an excuse for the critics and blame allocators? Should only some protest on their side suffice to consider them innocent? Or would individual secession and active resistance be required to acquit them? To the extent that financial responsibilities and indemnities are involved, the time of their subjection to criminal organizations should count, I believe. They have thus their own indemnity claims. Does conscription make them guilty? Does their lack of free immigration, asylum-chances, defection or desertion opportunities into somewhat free countries excuse them - somewhat or sufficiently? – Or that they were indoctrinated with territorial nationalism from an early age? – Should the terrorization by their regime be taken into account, the number of political prisoners or inmates of concentration camps? - Can indiscriminate bombing of their cities be excused? - JZ, 19.7.87 & 19.7.00, 29.12.08, 29.12.08. – Q., COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY & VOLUNTARY STATE MEMBERSHIP & PANARCHISM, AIR RAIDS, OFFICIAL TERRORISM OR TOTALITARIANISM

GOVERNMENT: How government can make everyone satisfied: shoot everyone who isn't satisfied. - Paulie Cannoli – Facebook, 10.11.12, over a picture of a dressed up Stalin. I am always looking for more such jokes. – Naturally, that applies only to those, who manage to survive this selective treatment and haven’t lost any of their loved ones or friends in it. - JZ, 10.11.12. Send them to - JOKES

GOVERNMENT: How long did it take to convince the government that its "agent Orange" was not a health promoting spray in its effects upon humans?” - From Film "Unnatural Causes", 1986, - 10.12.93. - Newspapers are full of cases in which it often took many decades for some governments to right some of its wrongs. - JZ, 10.7.00. - DELAYS & AGENT ORANGE, DEFOLIANT USED IN VIETNAM

GOVERNMENT: How many government programs would survive if the public could vote directly on the money to pay for each of these? - Ken Schoolland, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, p. 234, Leap Publishing, Cape Town, with Commentaries by Ken Schoolland and Janette Eldridge, 1981 ff, 2004 ed. - -  - The decision on all expenditures should be up to individuals and not to whole populations and their majority voting. – JZ, 6.4.13. - PROGRAMS & DEMOCRACY, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, MAJORITY CONSENT, REPRESENTATION, PARLIAMENTS, POLITICIANS, BUDGET, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN ALL SPHERES TO ALL KINDS OF FREELY COMPETING SERVICE OFFERS. NO MORE TERRITORIAL MONOPOLIES FOR WHOLE POPULATIONS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: How many of them are not services at all but disservices? And how competitively are its services priced? - JZ, 30.8.01. - GOVERNMENT SERVICES:

GOVERNMENT: How much of your taxes is for things you'd rather do without if the choice were entirely yours?” - W. M. Curtiss, THE FREEMAN, 12/72, 2.12.10. – TAXATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, BUDGET, Q.

GOVERNMENT: How the hell will you make other people take on the problems of government?” - Kate Wilhelm, Welcome, Chaos, p.204. – Wrong question. The problems of territorial governments disappear with territorial governments. The various supposed solutions of competing and only exterritorially autonomous governments and societies will only have to be tackled by those, who volunteer for them. That will be their problem, their expense, their risk, their effort, their business or responsibility. Competing governance, free enterprise competition and consumer sovereignty, personal law, individual and group secessionism will take care of that, in the same way as religious freedom or tolerance does in the sphere of religion and competition would do between really free insurance and protective service companies as well as juridical systems. Defence is also not served well enough by territorial monopolies for it, with standing armies, decision-making monopolies and ignorance of really defensive, liberating and revolutionary libertarian warfare, resistance, military insurrection and revolution programs. Only an ideal militia for nothing but the protection of individual rights and liberties could also serve very well in this respect. – JZ, 14,1.05, 26.8,13. – PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, TERRITORIALISM, Q & A, MILITIA, DEFENCE, STANDING ARMIES, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION & MILITARY INSURRECTION PROGRAM, DES.

GOVERNMENT: How to screw something up, in one easy lesson.” - Timothy Zahn, I Pray the Lord my Soul to Keep, ANALOG, 1/89, p.44. – Territorial governments are like a single “cure-all” by some quack for all kinds of very different diseases, in very different people. – Territorial governments have nothing but quackery to offer. - JZ, 6.4.13. - TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COERCION, COMPULSION, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, POPULAR ERRORS, QUACKERY, FORCE

GOVERNMENT: How unnecessary and unwanted many government services are is indicated by the fact that many government departments and public bodies do now advertise, have public relations units, journalists and information officers - to create at least some demand for their services, which seems to justify their existence. So many offices and services are involved that no one knows them all. - JZ, 3.6.82. - I do not mind the advertising and the service offers but I do mind the taxes and the monopolies involved. - JZ, 26.7.00. - NECESSARY SERVICES? SELF-ADVERTISING

GOVERNMENT: How would you define an elephant's trunk? A nose according to government specifications!” - Quoted to JZ, 9/74.4. – JOKES

GOVERNMENT: However wrong my parents may have been with me at times - and they were wrong - however my neighbors or the businessmen I deal with have attempted to influence me to their advantage and to my disadvantage, none has ever come close to the damage done by government. Government may attempt to influence, but it is able to do something that society, friends, businessmen, and parents could never do. Government can legally rob me, coerce me, imprison me, and in the end kill me. This is violence, the antithesis of liberty. - So I continue to define an act of violence as one, which physically violates the boundaries of property or person against the will of that person. And as for influence, however subtle or pressure-laden, I am at liberty to accept it or reject it without harm to myself.” - LE FEVRE'S JOURNAL, Sum. 1977. - SOCIETY, PARENTS, NEIGHBORS, FRIENDS & BUSINESSMEN, VIOLENCE & LIBERTY & INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

GOVERNMENT: However, under the reign of competition, which government would allow itself to be overtaken by the others in the race for progress? What perfection, available to one's happy neighbour, would one refuse in one's own house? Such constant competition would work wonders. In fact, the subjects would become models of perfection, too. Since they will be free to come and go, to speak or be silent, to act or to leave things alone, they would have only themselves to blame if they were not completely happy. From now on, instead of forcing attention on the opposition, they will satisfy their vanity by assuring themselves and persuading others that their own authority is the most perfect imaginable. Thus between governments and governed a friendly understanding will grow up. A mutual trust and ease of relationship, clearly understood.” - From P. E. de Puydt's Panarchy, essay, p.17, - COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, PANARCHIES

GOVERNMENT: human freedom is best served by keeping the government small.” - Quoted by William F. Buckley, Jr., Rumbles Left And Right, p.32. - Rather: by keeping territorial government altogether away from it! - JZ, 27.7.00. - SMALL OR LESS GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, DECENTRALIZATION, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM VS. ANY KIND OF TERRITORIAL STATISM & MONOPOLISM

GOVERNMENT: Human government has made the earth a slaughter house of the human race for 6,000 years.” - Henry C. Wright, quoted in the book: Eunice Minette Schuster, Native American Anarchism, 1915, 1932, 1970, p.72. – Reproduced in PEACE PLANS 706. – Territorial government, which characterizes the Warfare State, is not a natural human institutions but rather an unnatural one and needs force, even wars, to be maintained. For most of the existence of mankind it did not exist. It is high time that we get rid of it again and thereby of the enslavements and human sacrifices of masses of people, associated with this kind of Moloch cult. – JZ, 28.12.08, 26.8.13. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATE, HUMAN SACRIFICES

GOVERNMENT: Humanity asks its masters: Whence these pretensions of yours to reign over me and govern me?” - Proudhon, General Idea of Revolution in the 19th Century, p.128. - HUMANITY, MAN, INDIVIDUALS, PEOPLE, CITIZENS, AUTHORITY, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Hydrogen bombs and other modern tools of war are effective only when they can be used to pressure governments. Enemy rulers have nothing to gain by destroying U.S. property and people - except as a means of pressuring the government to surrender. Otherwise, the more they destroy, the less value to them in conquering the nations.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom …, p.96/97. - Yes, but can we presume territorial governments that are armed with ABC mass murder devices to act always rationally? What positive things have any of the nuclear super powers achieved through their "pressure"? Have they reduced the risk of nuclear war through accidents and miscalculations? Haven't they increased mutual hatreds and justified fears through such immoral threats? They are still, as General Omar Bradley said, shortly after WW II, "nuclear giants and ethical infants". No infants or madmen or even normal men should be in possession of such portable and cheap "mass extermination camp packages", kept in readiness for instant use against an undefined "enemy". - All governments so armed consider the opposing government's subjects as mere hostages and property of the other government, no matter how loudly and often they pretend their intention to liberate them. They blame the other governments but do not favor tyrannicide. Nor do they clearly admit that they are, rather, in favor of collective responsibility of subjects for the actions of their rulers. In other words, they are prepared to kill hundreds of millions of innocent people rather than one guilty man at the top. How moral is that stand? - JZ, 29.7.00, 2.12.10. - NUCLEAR WEAPONS, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, TYRANNICIDE, TERRITORIALISM, DEFENCE, Q,

GOVERNMENT: I always say, 'when in doubt, keep the government out.'” - Dagny Sharon. – We still have to gain that freedom of choice and action first of all. It requires voluntary membership and the right of individuals and groups to secede. – JZ, 24.12.08. – PANARCHISM, STATISM, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: I am at war with all those who govern me, with those who aspire to govern me, even with those whom I myself have just elected.” - Chamford, a friend of Mirabeau. – VOTING, REPRESENTATION, LEADERSHIP, DEMOCRACY, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, CANDIDATES

GOVERNMENT: I am confident it is possible to operate independently of the State and Federal Governments.” - Len Casley, Administrator of the secessionist Hutt River Province, W.A., n.d. - Didn't he want to be independent of local government, too? - JZ, 3.8.00. - INDEPENDENCE FROM GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: I am firmly convinced that there is not, and cannot be, a good government. They are all bad, whether they call themselves absolute monarchies or constitutional republics. Government is tyranny, because it curtails the individual's free initiative, and the sole purpose it serves is to uphold a social system which is unsuitable for the true development of the human beings.” - Ricardo Flores Magon, in REGENERACION, 25 Feb. 1911, quoted in: Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.512. - GOOD GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: I am not a friend of a very energetic government. It is always oppressive.” - Thomas Jefferson, 1787 - in - Version 2: Beware of energetic governments. They are always oppressive.” - Version 3: I am not the friend of an energetic government. It is bound to become oppressive.” - Take your pick. Probably he has used different versions in different sections of his writings. - JZ - ENERGETIC GOVERNMENT IS OPPRESSIVE, ACTIVE, LIMITED GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: I am opposed only to territorially enforced governments over involuntary members and also against territorially enforced constitutions, laws, jurisdictions and administrations - but not opposed at all to governments or communities that are only exterritorially autonomous and rule over voluntary members only, i.e., over individuals who subscribed to them, thus governing or managing their own affairs and no one else's, with their ideas, opinions, personal law, instituions and actions. - JZ, 12.1.95 & 7.7.00, 26.8.13. – With enough examples set of people acting justly and tolerantly in their own affairs and towards all other people, who act tolerantly towards them, the tolerant attitude and practice will, inevitably, tend to spread. But it might still have to be protected by ideal militia organizations of volunteers for the protection of individual rights and liberties against those, who do remain intolerant and aggressive. – JZ, 28.12.08. – TOLERANCE, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, MILITIA, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE, OFFICIAL & PRIVATE TERRORISTS, FANATICS, FUNDAMENTALISTS & TRUE BELIEVERS, WHO DO NOT LEAVE DISSENTERS ALONE, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: I am opposed to all government.” - From film: Killer Force.

GOVERNMENT: I believe - indeed, I know - that whatever is fine and beautiful in the human, expresses and asserts itself in spite of government, and not because of it.” - Emma Goldman, What I Believe, p.137. - MAN

GOVERNMENT: I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.” - H. L. Mencken. - That is much more true for territorial governments with involuntary members than for those which have only voluntary members and are only exterritorially autonomous. - JZ, 26. 11. 06.

GOVERNMENT: I believe that it is possible to have a free society. I do not believe that government is necessary. I believe it to be an obsolete, archaic tool as outmoded as the battle axe.” - Robert LeFevre, in Libertarian Handbook 1973. - OUTMODED, TERRITORIALISM VS. FREE SOCIETIES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS: PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: I believe that the great mistake which has been made by government has been in trying to do things which it cannot do.” - Milton Friedman, SATURDAY EVENING POST, May / June 1977. - Nevertheless, it keeps on and on trying, and highly charging us for its wrongful and harmful attempts. Moreover, it does supply us some services under the pretence that it would be the only organization that could supply it, although it offers them at a worse quality and at a higher price than voluntary associations have provided it in the past and could still supply it now and in the future. Governmentalism, like any other religions, is full of lies and false pretences. It is neither a God nor does it have any God on its side. Only the faithful, ignorant and prejudiced are on its side, and its priests, who exploit that faith, that ignorance and numerous statist prejudices. - JZ, 1.8.00. – Government is a serial rapist rather than a lover. – JZ, 26.8.13. - GOVERNMENT CAN'T, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, IMPOTENT WHEN IT COMES TO DOING RIGHTFUL & SENSIBLE THINGS BUT VERY POWERFUL FOR WRONGFUL, IRRATIONAL & DESTRUCTIVE OR EXPLOITATIVE ACYTIONS

GOVERNMENT: I can assure you, sir, that a very large portion of the people of this country do not believe that the government is doing "equal and exact justice to all men".  And some persons are earnestly promulgating the idea that the government is not attempting to do, and has no intention of doing, anything like "equal and exact justice to all men"; that, on the contrary, it is knowingly, deliberately, and willfully doing an incalculable amount of injustice; that it has always been doing this in the past, and that it has no intention of doing anything else in the future; that it is a mere tool in the hands of a few ambitious, rapacious, and unprincipled men; that its purpose, in doing all this injustice, is to keep - so far as they can without driving the people into rebellion - all wealth, and all political power, in as few hands as possible; and that this injustice is the direct cause of all the wide-spread poverty, ignorance, and servitude among the great body of the people.” - Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, 5/6. – All territorial governments suppress rightful and efficient self-help attempts in all too many important spheres. – JZ, 5.4.13. – In them the worst types do always tend to get to the top. – JZ, 26.8.13. - VS. JUSTICE & CAUSE OF POVERTY, IGNORANCE & SERVITUDE

GOVERNMENT: I can retain neither respect nor affection for a Government which has been moving from wrong to wrong in order to defend its immorality.” - Mahondas Ghandi. - ITS IMMORALITY

GOVERNMENT: I can spend your money better than you can.” – Bill Clinton, 42nd US President. - Such remarks, rather than his sexual habits, should have sufficed to throw him out of office, deprived of any pension claims. - He truly represented no one than himself. - Not that most of the others were or are any or sufficiently better. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. - PRETENSES, AS ASSURED BY ONE OF ITS PRESIDENTS, RULERS, LEADERSHIP, POWER ADDICTS

GOVERNMENT: I cannot leave it to the rulers to determine my life. They do not know the way to heaven better than I do and they have a lesser interest in leading me properly than I have in walking the right path.” - Thomas Jefferson, retranslated from a German version. - INDIVIDUALS, AUTONOMY, SELF-HELP VS. OBEDIENCE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT OR SELD-DETERMINATION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: I consider territorial governments to be enemies of society, while Governments for volunteers only, under personal law or full exterritorial autonomy are part of and not enemies of the general human society or of all kinds of personal law societies, communities and governance systems of other volunteers, just doing their own things for or to themselves, with their freely and individually chosen systems. Non-territorial governments are not even enemies of the various forms of anarchism and libertarianism but just "free enterprise" competitors of the more authoritarian type but still not coercive monopolists. - John Zube – Rev., 6.4.13. - TERRITORIAL ONES, ENEMIES OF SOCIETY & SOCIETIES

GOVERNMENT: I define government as an attempt to use force to impose the will of one person or a group of people on others. When an armed robber takes your watch, he is doing the same thing a government does when it collects taxes.” - Bob Shea, in Wilgus interview.

GOVERNMENT: I did not volunteer to be the subject of any territorial government. - JZ, 10.10.01. - I was only given the choice of a lesser evil among them. And even that limited choice is widely denied, e.g. to many refugees and displaced people. – Even Australia has now its concentration camps for them and compulsory deportation. - JZ, 28.1.02, 24.12.08. - CITIZENSHIP, CONSENT, VOTING, REFUGEES, CONCENTRATION CAMPS, AUSTRALIA, IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS

GOVERNMENT: I do not believe that government is a necessary evil when altruism does not exist. Rather, government is an infringement upon the individual promoted by some who often claim to be altruists. What is altruistic about coercion? Taxation is theft no matter what is done with the loot afterwards.” - Fritz Knese, THE CONNECTION 111, 16 April 83, p.34. - ALTRUISM & COERCION

GOVERNMENT: I do not know the motives of the government but I must disapprove of them.” - Julius Keil, 12.2.1849, in the 2nd, Saxonian "Kammer". - Compare the old sayings: “Thou shalt recognize them by their fruit." & "Thou shalt judge them by their actions rather than by their words." - JZ - REASONS, MOTIVES & ACTIONS

GOVERNMENT: I do not subscribe to the doctrine that the people are the slaves and the property of their government. I believe that government (*) is for the use of the people, and not the people for the use of government.”(*) - Gerritt Smith, speech in the House of Representatives, June 27, 1854. - (*) Here I would rather say: "Voluntary associations", "volunteer communities"",  "competing governments", "exterritorially autonomous communities", "panarchies", "experimental societies" or "intentional but non-geographical communities". – People, who are always thinking only in terms of territorial governments with compulsory membership and imposed law and a ruling minority, as well as of collectivist notions and generalizations and who use the term “the” people, quite wrongly, for a whole population, as if it were a single person and not a compulsory conglomerate of a great diversity of humans, do remain unaware of what free men are capable of and what they will not longer be inclined to do once they in really free and human societies. I have tried to describe that in two of my peace books, in PP 16-18 & 61-63 and in my ON PANARCHY compilation, which is on the road towards an encyclopaedia on the peaceful coexistence that is possible and likely between societies of volunteers only, that have no geographical boundaries and are exterritorially autonomous. - JZ, 16.10.85 & 18.7.00, 29.12.08, 26.8.13. – See also my Panarchy A to Z compilation on - VS. THE PEOPLE, ALL THE DIVERSITY OF HUMAN BEINGS, SLAVERY, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS, EXTERRITORIALITY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: I do not think that it is possible to find a perfect moral foundation for the authority of any (*) government, be it the government of an emperor or a republic. They are all of the nature of an usurpation, though I think, when confined within certain exact limits, of a justifiable usurpation.” - Auberon Herbert, The Right and Wrong Way of Compulsion by the State, 1885. - The certain and exact limits and foundations for the authority of any government are voluntary membership and exterritorial autonomy. At present all governments exceed these limits and are thus without a genuine foundation. - JZ, 16.10.85, 10.7.85. – Territorial governments do not recognize or declare all individual rights and liberties, far less protect them. They replaced monetary and financial freedom by their forms of monetary and financial despotism, do nor allow individual and group secessionism from them and competition against them from exterritorially autonomous alternative systems of volunteers under personal law. Their collectivist, coercive and monopolistic national sovereignty is directly opposed to individual and minority sovereignty, to full experimental freedom, freedom of contract and freedom of association. – JZ, 26.8.13. - (*) JZ: territorial!) – LIMITED GOVERNMENT? TERRITORIALISM AMOUNTS TO A BASIC DESPOTISM

GOVERNMENT: I do not want another government. I want none at all.” - Siegfried Schwenke and Dr. Stefan Matzenberger, 27.1.84. - That wish will tend to remain ineffective as long as it is not accompanied with the readiness to permit others the governments or free societies of their dreams and individual choice. - JZ, 16.7.00, 6.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: I do not want any government to attempt to do some positive good but would rather have it cease doing anything that is positively bad. - JZ, 2.4.82. - Obviously, if it neither tried to do good any longer, nor practised anything bad, it would not longer be a territorial government. – Only among voluntary members, subjects and victims should it be allowed to do either. And they should always remain free to secede from them and then to compete with them, as members of other service bodies. - JZ, 29.7.00, 26.8.13. - GOOD & EVIL

GOVERNMENT: I don't "grog" government. - JZ, 14.8.74. – Term “grog” is used in: Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land. - All libertarians under any kind of territorial government are also "strangers in a strange land". - JZ, 30.7.00, 6.8.00, 6.4.13. – Everyone should be free to chose for themselves the kind of utopia or dystopia they like and are willing to put up with, regardless of whether it is a statist or a somewhat libertarian one. – Full individual liberty and rights should always be an option for dissenting individuals and minorities, not only for sufficiently enlightened majorities. - JZ, 26.8.13. – SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL KINDS OF GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: I don't agree with your 6th Law of Anarchy (LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 63) at all. One could also say "Government, being the antithesis of anarchy, is conceptually negative. Personally, I define government as the absence of anarchy. It's just a question of semantics and it sounds as if you've fallen for the propaganda of the other side.” - Scott, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 68, p.4. to KYSOR: - VS. ANARCHY

GOVERNMENT: I don't know what this Government's going to do tomorrow, much less next week or the week after. I doubt if they do, either.” - Malcolm Fraser, on the Labor Regime, THE NATIONAL TIMES, Sep. 1, 1975. – Do not forgive them – for they do not know or do not care what they are doing to us! – JZ, 6.4.13. - CONFUSION, IGNORANCE, POLITICIANS, POLITICAL PARTIES, LEADERSHIP, PRIME MINSTERS, PRESIDENTS, REPRESENTATIVES

GOVERNMENT: I don't make jokes, I just watch the government and report the facts.” - Will Rogers.- Alas, their jokes are on us and they are laughing all the way to their banks. - JZ, 1.7.00. – I would like to see a survey of the wealth of all politicians a) before they got into office and b) afterwards. – JZ, 6.4.13. - JOKES

GOVERNMENT: I don’t want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer that to their being educated by the state.” – Max Victor Belz, Grain dealer, Grundy County, Iowa.  – Murray N. Rothbard, “EDUCATION, FREE & COMPULSORY.” - GOVERNMENTAL EDUCATION OR CONTROL OF EDUCATION BY THE GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: I don’t want your sacrifices, I shouted. You can’t do anything without killing something, can you!” - Colin Greenland, Harm’s Way, HarperCollins Publishers, 1993, p. 280. – Governments can’t do anything without killing or destroying something. – JZ, n.d. - GOVERNMENT ACTIONS, FORCE, COERCION, KILLING

GOVERNMENT: I favor a weak government - because it means less government. - JZ, 4.2.73 & 31.7.78.

GOVERNMENT: I got an idea! Why don’t we give a small group of people the right to kidnap, imprison, harass, steal from, and kill people, so that we can be protected from people who kidnap, harass, steal from and kill us? - Mark Tier shared James Cox's photo. - Facebook, 5.8.12.

GOVERNMENT: I had observed, in person, government solemnity in debate of ridiculous issues and frivolity in execution of serious duties.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.232.

GOVERNMENT: I have fallen in a big way for the downfall or abolition of all territorial governments. - JZ, 6/73, 2.8.00, 6.4.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: I have heard of government enterprises but never of genuinely enterprising governments. - JZ, 6.12.75. - I do not consider their aggressions, monopolies, prohibitions and suppressions to be enterprises in the best sense but only enterprises in the worst sense, like the “enterprises” of “enterprising” criminals with victims. – JZ, 28.12.08. - GOVERNMENT ENTERPRISES & BUSINESS VS. FREE ENTERPRISES

GOVERNMENT: I have heard of letting the world go its own way, but not of governing the world successfully.” - Chuang Tzu. (Old Taoist work.) – Obviously, most plants, animals and insects get along without a territorial government. So why should we assume that the somewhat rational or even reasonable human beings would need one? And of all the forms of governments, why should they be compulsorily subjected to the worst forms of all governments, namely the territorial ones? – JZ, 6.4.13. - VS. LAISSEZ FAIRE, Q., TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution ... or have failed their purpose ... or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is 'needed' before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should be attacked for neglecting my constituents' 'interests,' I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty, and in that cause I am doing the very best I can." - Barry Goldwater – The first part: - I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size.” - Barry Goldwater, Conscience of a Conservative, was also quoted in THE FREEMAN, 9/75, 567. - STREAMLINING, SIZE, REFORM, SMALL, LIMITED GOVERNMENT:

GOVERNMENT: I have never been robbed and oppressed as often, as regularly and as much by private criminals as I have been by my own government. - JZ, 18.12.93. - I believe that in this the experience of most honest people does not greatly differ from mine. - JZ, 10.7.00. – CRIME, TAXATION, INFLATION

GOVERNMENT: I have never known a government that was not the worst government that ever was.” - Ernest Benn, Happier Days, p.190. – Well, an exaggeration in order to make an otherwise very strong point on the tendency of territorial governments to deteriorate ever further. – JZ, 1.1.09. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: I heartily accept the motto - "That government is best which governs least"; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe - "The government is best which governs not at all"; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have. Government is at best but an expedient but most governments are usually, and all governments are sometimes inexpedient. The objections, which have been brought against a standing army, and they are many and weighty, and deserve to prevail, may also at last be brought against a standing government. The standing army is only an arm of the standing government. The government itself, which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will, is equally liable to be abused and perverted before the people can act through.” - Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience. - "The people have chosen" - what a self-delusion! At most the majority have chosen it and even they have never been asked, in a referendum, do you want a territorial government or not? Or would you rather have a multitude of exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, by which everyone can have the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice? Do you want honest and non-invasive individuals and minorities to be free to opt out from any coercive, monopolistic, centralistic and territorial government that presently has compulsory membership? - Only when such questions have been put, pondered and answered can one really speak of "the" people having chosen. And only if they take the second road would all non-criminal individuals get their own choice rather than being outvoted by others. - PIOT, JZ, 29.7.00. – through it? – JZ. - ANARCHY, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAWS, VOLUNTARISM, Q., THE PEOPLE? PANARCHISM, REFERENDUM,

GOVERNMENT: I hold that there are no proper functions of government. In that sense I am an anarchist.” - David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.24. - FUNCTIONS: NONE! ANARCHY

GOVERNMENT: I just hate the way governments are holding us back.” - JZ, 19.11.82. - Their rule is at least as wrongful and harmful as was the exclusive rule of the Catholic hierarchy over centuries. - JZ, 25.7.00. - VS. PROGRESS, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OR TOLERANCE FOR THE TOLERANT OF PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM OR COMPETING GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: I know of no problem which only a territorial government, a world government or a world federation could solve or could solve better than free people could. - JZ, 12.1.90. - No territorial government has a rightful monopoly on finding and experimenting with solutions to problems. Actually, they are among the worst possible institutions for finding solutions and for properly realizing them. - JZ, 16.7.00, 30.12.08, 2.12.10. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM, WORLD GOVERNMENT? WORLD FEDERATION?

GOVERNMENT: I learned as a boy, government is the natural enemy of the people.” - Poul Anderson, The Avatar, p.122. - PEOPLE, ENEMY

GOVERNMENT: I leave you with this warning: remember that the government is armed and dangerous and therefore has the means to change the rules of the game at any time. It does, in fact, do so continually. That puts you, me and everyone else, at a decided disadvantage, no matter now much we wish to help the cause of freedom. Government can change anything, and everything, overnight, simply by passing a new law…” - Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.346. - Well, not anything and everything, nor overnight, although they may believe that they can and their statist followers, too. However, their powers, vested interests, prejudices, ignorance and stupidity as well as their whims can do enormous wrongs and harms, legally or illegally and often all too rapidly and for all too long. - JZ, 25.7.00, 26.8.13. - ITS LAWS OR RULES OF ITS GAME, PARLIAMENTS, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: I look upon government simply as a mechanism for not getting things done. - JZ, 1974. - Or as one for getting the wrong things done and a few rightful things and wanted things at much too high a price and expenditure of labor, capital and energy. - JZ, 21.7.00, 26.8.13. – REFORMS UNDER TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: I once defined "government" as "a system of murder, rape, extortion, coercion, theft, intimidation, and terror, the absence of which, it is said, would lead to disorder. If you doubt this characterization then confront these hard facts: during the 20th century, governments managed to kill 200 million men, women, and children in wars, genocides, and other acts of formalized violence. During that same century, how many people were killed by individuals acting without political authority?" - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 25. – Territorial governments, in all too many cases, are mass-murder machines. In all cases they are robber bands through their tax tribute levies. – JZ, 6.4.13. - Q., DEMOCIDE, GENOCICE, MASS MURDERS, NUCLEAR WAR PREPARATIONS

GOVERNMENT: I once suggested that all our administrators should be given leave for two years, just to see what happens in their absence. Would any of the ordinary work of the world come to an end? Would the dairy-man no longer make butter or the market-gardener sell vegetables? Would people stop getting married and having babies?” - Acharya Vinoba, ST. JOHN'S BREAD. - We should not only give leave of absence to politicians and bureaucrats but also to all their laws and regulation and their jurisdiction and this not just for 2 years, either. But 2 years' salary, just for not obstructing and exploiting us any longer, would probably well be worth it. And by the end of this period even the dumbest of them should have found some productive job. - If not, we would still be better off locking them into their offices for 8 hours a day, and paying them their salaries, on condition that they do not do any governing and administrating! - JZ, 3.8.00. - LEAVE OF ABSENCE

GOVERNMENT: I prefer a small government which may permit some evil to a large government which promotes evil at my expense.” - Michael Lee, - SMALL VS. BIG

GOVERNMENT: I prefer a weak and colorless government, better still, an invisible government, better still, an unnoticeable one, better still, a non-existing one - in order to be free to enjoy self-government to the fullest. - JZ, 2.6.73 & 31.7.78. - WEAK, COLORLESS, INVISIBLE, UNNOTICEABLE, MINI-GOVERNMENT VS. NON-EXISTING GOVERNMENT OR ANARCHY

GOVERNMENT: I protest! What is needed to solve these problems is not strong government, but brains.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 4/77, p.20. - Strong government does not mean sensible government. - JZ, 2.6.82. - STRONG, POWERFUL

GOVERNMENT: I regard all governments, not only the Russian one, as intricate institutions, sanctified by tradition and custom, for the purpose of committing by force and with impunity the most revolting crimes.” - Tolstoi. – Even he, as an anarchist, wrongly generalized the Czarist regime as a “Russian” one, although this empire had at least 120 ethnic groups, not to speak of the diversity of all its religious and ideological groups. None of them was allowed to secede and to rule themselves exterritorially, with all their voluntary members. – JZ, 6.4.13. – RUSSIANS WRONGLY PRESENTED AS ONE NATION, ONE POPULATION, ONE PEOPLE – MANY OTHER COUNTRIES & POPULATIONS AS WELL, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY


GOVERNMENT: I say that government should be banned from essential services. If they feel that they must do something, let them make chewing gum.” - Hugh Frazer, LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM, 4/78. - That might finally lead to a scarcity of chewing gum and less pollution from their remains. - JZ, 25.7.00. - ESSENTIAL SERVICES? JOKES

GOVERNMENT: I say the mission of government, henceforth, in civilized lands, is not repression alone, and not authority alone, not even of law, nor by that favorite standard of the eminent writer, the rule of the best men, the born heroes and captains of the race (as if such ever, or one time out of a hundred, get into the big places, elective or dynastic) - but higher than the highest arbitrary rule, to train communities through all their grades, beginning with individuals and ending there again, to rule themselves.” - Walt Whitman, Democratic Vistas, 1870. - Government isn't even suitable for that task - except by getting out of the way. - JZ, 16.10.85. - For that role, too, territorial governments would be the worst teachers and examples. - JZ, 13.7.00. – Exterritorial governments under their personal law for their volunteers could at least serve as enlightening and deterrent examples. – JZ, 6.4.13. – SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-OWNERSHP, SELF-DETERMINATION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-MANAGEMENT, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, LIVING THE OWN LIFE, DOING THE OWN THING, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE, GENUINE SELF-RULE

GOVERNMENT: I see it is impossible for the King to have things done as cheap as other men.” - Samuel Pepys, Diary, 21.7.1662. - Compare the remark by David Friedman: “Everything the government does costs at least twice as much.” - SPENDING, BUDGET, PUBLIC SERVICES

GOVERNMENT: I think almost every economist would agree that government gets itself in trouble when it tries to interfere with voluntary behavior." - Milton Friedman - VS. VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: I think governments are wrong, terribly wrong, in their manner of treating people, and I think they should stop.” - George Smith, quoted in NEW LIBERTARIAN WEEKLY 79, June 26, 1977. - Governments should confine all their activities to all their own volunteers only. - JZ, 25.7.00. Then they will be able to get along with their members and their members with them – and also with other such societies and communities. Only then will they leave dissenters sufficiently alone. All will then be free to do their own things for and to themselves. What more can they rightly ask for? That will finally be taken for granted and modify the all too often aggressive and intolerant human behavior, which is not inborn but merely an adaptation to territorialism and its false premises and conclusions and wrongful practices. In this respect man has been too adaptable for all too long, just like he adapted to slavery, serfdom and monarchism for all too long. – JZ, 29.12.08. . – “Their people” should be confined to their volunteers. – JZ, 6.4.13. - VS. THE PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, NATIONALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. MONOPOLISM, COERCION, FORCE, COMPULSION, SELF-DEFENCE, MILITIA, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: I think people ought to know what is done in their names …” - Desmond Bagley, The Enemy, p.254. - SECRECY, REPRESENTATIVES, NATIONAL SECURITY, DEFENCE

GOVERNMENT: I think, myself, that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.” - Thomas Jefferson to William Ludlow, 1824. – How much government is necessary for a person should be decided by each person for himself, as a voluntary subject and taxpayer and sovereign consumer also for competitively offered “governmental services”. – JZ, 4.1.08. – VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS

GOVERNMENT: I utterly despise government.” - Clifford A. Farrington, NEW YORK TIMES, 7 Nov. 1990. – I despise only territorial governments and would not mind those, which would rule only over their remaining volunteers. – JZ, 26.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: I want a government small enough to fit inside the Constitution. – Harry Browne – I do, too, as long as it is only a government for its volunteers, i.e., has no territorial monopoly. The ones who want only such a limited government do deserve each other. - The others deserve their own free individual choices in this sphere as well, in form of any kind of society or community, which they do like, as a matter of individual sovereignty, individual secessionism, freedom of contract and freedom of association. – JZ, 24.4.13. – The diverse people in all countries should all be free to have personal law constitutions of their own preference for all their own affairs. Even the best possible constitution could not be rightly enforced upon the whole population of a country – at least not until it achieves unanimity on all public affairs, which seems rather unlikely, judging by historical experiences. – JZ, 26.8.13. - VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, TO EACH HIS OWN!

GOVERNMENT: I want freedom; I want government out of my life.” - Ed Clark. - VS. LIFE & FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: I want to be exempt from government! - JZ, free after R. A. Childs, Jr., INDIVIDUALIST, Oct. 71.

GOVERNMENT: I work for a Government I despise for ends I think criminal.” – John Maynard Keynes, 1883-1946, The Economic Consequences of the Peace, 1919. – Alas, with his later Keynesianism he gave criminal governments excuses for their criminal monetary despotism. – JZ, 9.9.07. – Nothing but still more Keynesianism, with all its wrongs and flaws, is the response of all territorial governments to the current economic crisis, also caused by the essence of Keynesianism, namely monetary and financial despotism. – Moreover, once again the “free market” is blamed, although it is largely outlawed especially in these two spheres! – JZ, 25.12.08, 6.4.13. – MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM VS. THE KEYNESIANISM OF MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM

GOVERNMENT: I, along with many other people, am tired of the CRIMINAL ACTIVITY of government, which is protected and thereby promoted by the courts, both state and federal. We are faced with "legal plunder" and moral people cannot live with that.” - Rene Baxter, FREEDOM FIGHTER, 17.9.75. – Alas, for all too long they have adapted to even that – in all countries and not sufficiently considered the rightful and liberating alternatives to territorial governments. – JZ, 26.8.13. - CRIME, TAXATION & PLUNDER

GOVERNMENT: I'd never seen a communication from government to citizen, on any matter, that didn't contain a threat.” - Mark Clifton, When They Came From Space, p.27. - At least during election campaigns you do also get plenty of leaflets full of false or misleading promises. They never tell you what the fulfillment of these promises would cost you in freedom, taxes and lost opportunities. - JZ, 28.7.00. – Or what penalties await you if you do not submit to their wrongful laws and wrongful juridical decisions and their wrongful external policies. – JZ, 28.6.13. - THREATS & PROMISES, ELECTIONS, , LEGALIZED TERRORISM, ROBBERIES, KILLINGS, OBEY OR ELSE…

GOVERNMENT: I'd rather have newspapers without government than government without newspapers.” – Thomas Jefferson. - Neither governments nor parliaments nor mass media are sufficiently suitable organs for the thorough discussion of "public affairs". - Prejudices, ignorance, errors and myths predominate in them and even in the so-called scientific journals. The same applies so far to the Internet. New avenues for sound ideas, observations and opinions ought to be established, largely using affordable and efficient alternative media, like microfiche, floppy disks and text only CDs, which, together with full experimental freedom among volunteer groups would give them their best chances. - JZ, 15.7.00. – NEW DRAFT, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS, MASS MEDIA

GOVERNMENT: I'm not accusing the Government of dishonesty, just the usual incompetence.” - Mr. A. A. Street, Liberal Opposition Spokesman on Industrial Matters, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 15.5.75. – INCOMPETENCE IGNORANCE & PREJUDICES DETERMINE THEIER ACTIONS MORE SO THAN DISHONESTY.

GOVERNMENT: I’m not going to pontificate and tell you to execute your government at dawn, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea.” – John Lydon – Under such a threat they might even let you peacefully secede. – Can one otherwise induce them to get out of our way? – Among their remaining volunteers they would get sinecures. – And each party could also secede with its volunteers. – No more opposition and election campaigns and costs for them! - JZ, 24.12.08. - RULERS, MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, DEATH PENALTY OR TYRANNICIDE FOR THE WORST CROOKS, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL CONFIDENCE TRICKSTERS? PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, EXPERIMENTATION & SECESSION IN ALL SPHERES NOW TERRITORIALLY MONOPOLIZED BY GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: I’m sick of the way the law sticks its nose into everything, now.” – Robert A. Heinlein, as quoted by Neil Schulman, in “The Robert Heinlein Interview and Other Heinleiniana”. – We should release the potential power of individual secessionism, combined with full exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers, which would permit even the weakest individual adult to punch the mightiest government on the nose, when it tries to interfere again, just like the Protestants once did to the hierarchical church system, and like freedom of speech and press do. – Free market relationships, voluntary and contractual, have merely to be introduced in the remaining ca. 10% which territorial governments have still monopolized, namely, that of political, economic and social systems. In most other spheres most of us are already living, acting and thinking as panarchists, so much so, that we are taking it for granted and never clearly enough express it in principles. - JZ, 25.12.08. – PANARCHISM IN CURRENT PRACTICES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, LIVING THE OWN LIFE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE OWN VALUES & PREFERENCES

GOVERNMENT: If "To each his own" were consistently applied - what would the government get? - JZ, 27.2.89. - What could it do? What functions would remain for it - if they are to be granted by unanimous consent of their remaining voluntary members? - JZ, 18.7.00, 2.12.10. - THE JUSTICE OF "SUUM CUIQUE!”: TO EACH HIS OWN! Q.

GOVERNMENT: If a centralized power - government - is ruling the mass of the people (no matter whether this government "represents the will of the majority of the people" or not); it is enslaving them, and a direct violation of the laws of nature.” - Adolph Fischer, on being sentenced to hang, 1886. - CENTRALIZATION, POWER, MAJORITY, PEOPLE, SLAVERY, LAWS OF NATURE

GOVERNMENT: If a government can make mistakes, it will.” - James A. Michener, The Drifters, p.414. – Which territorial government can’t and will not repeat them, over and over again? – JZ, 28.12.08, 6.4.13. - MISTAKES & MURPHY'S LAW, Q.

GOVERNMENT: If a government does not trust its own people any longer, why doesn't it simply dissolve them and elect a new people for itself?” - Berthold Brecht. - From the panarchistic point of view this notions is not merely humorous or satirical but quite right and practical. A no longer satisfactory competing government or volunteer community might well decide to dissolve itself and to start a new initiative for a supposedly better organization, appealing for subscribers to it, from among the old members and all potential new members. - But seeing that in such "governments" or "societies" the differences between the ruled and the rulers would largely disappear, because of the degree of agreements between them, one might then as well say that in them the people would dissolve their government as - that their government would exclude the present members and be free to look for others and better ones. - Notions that are correct for dominance systems, hierarchical structures, territorial organizations, and groups with compulsory membership, do no longer apply, without important qualifications, to their opposites. - JZ, 11.2.87 & 18.7.00, 6.4.13. - VS. PANARCHISM, JOKES

GOVERNMENT: If all armed criminals were captured, convicted and imprisoned then there would be no government left. - JZ, 14.2.99. – At least none over peaceful people. That over convicted criminals with victims would be really deserved punishment. Their forced labor – but also under financial incentives, should primarily by used to indemnify their victims and to cover the costs of their conviction and incarceration. – Would these convicts go on or remain on strike if their free water supply were cut off? – JZ, 27.12.08. That treatment of such people – with the exception of the political prisoners - was one of the very few useful inventions of the East German communist regime. – Another one, useful only for totalitarians and towards people not knowing anything about their monetary freedom options, was to cut off all wage, salary and pension payments in insurrectionist cities. Full monetary and financial freedom must be utilized against totalitarian regimes. – JZ, 27.12.08. – CRIME, PRISONERS, FORCED LABOR

GOVERNMENT: If all men were just, there still would be some, though not so much, need of government.” - Abraham Lincoln. - The more unjust people are, the less we can afford them in government, as a result of processes and institutions that assure that the worst get to the top. - With the worst criminals in charge crime will not be minimized. - JZ, 24.11.02. - JUSTICE, MAN, RULERS, LEADERSHIP, CRIME

GOVERNMENT: If any ask me what a free government is, I answer, that, for any practical purpose, it is what the people think so, - and that they, and not I, are the natural, lawful, and competent judges of this matter.” - Edmund Burke, letter to the sheriffs of Bristol, April 3, 1777. - The Works of the Right Honorable Edmund Burke, vol. 2, p. 227 (1899). - "the people" should, here, too, be replaced by: "its voluntary followers". – JZ

GOVERNMENT: If competition improves services, why is government a monopoly? - Brad Spangler shared his own photo. - See also --> - Facebook, 26.6.12. – Q., MONOPOLISM, COMPETITON, TERRITORIALISM, REFORMS

GOVERNMENT: If democratic government means what the 20th century has thought it to mean, then the more we search the less shall we find of honesty, and government stands condemned as an elaborate process of self-deception.” - Ernest Benn, This Soft Age, quoted in Deryck. Abel, Ernest Benn, Counsel for Liberty, p.85. - DEMOCRACY & SELF-DECEPTION

GOVERNMENT: If enough people take immediate and positive action of this kind, it is possible that our children will not live under the totalitarian rule that now surely awaits them. Instead, they will live under a government - actually, above a government - that does very little ruling. Perhaps, with our help, government of the future truly will be government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." - William E. Simon, quoted by - R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.15. - Unfortunately, neither of these two freedom thinkers explored the voluntary and exterritorial autonomy alternatives.  - Live not under but above a government, a government that is nothing but a voluntary association, a mere convenience for you, instead of a territorial power over you. - JZ, 16.11.82 & 25.7.00. – VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE VS. COMPULSORY SUBJUGATION

GOVERNMENT: If everyone took the attitude of refusing to support government, which offends them, which transgresses their own good sense and morality, we would have democratic life in the fullest, most participatory sense. Government, which could not find the loyal support of people, would fail. Government, which could find the support of only some people, would have to move with modified respect to those who would not support it. (*) And everyone would be absolutely responsible themselves for what government did not do and did do. (**) Perhaps it is true that government of the absolutist, winner-take-all kind we have today would fall. But in its place would rise a system of governance rooted firmly and absolutely in the will of the people (***) and not in the whims of their representatives.” - Karl Hess, Dear America, p.4. - Here Hess came close to the full concept of panarchism but was still not quite clear about it. At least that is how I read him here. - Under panarchism the "winner" of a campaign would not take all but only the loyalties, property and support of the own followers, to the extent that they are prepared to subscribe to his offers. To achieve this not a fight, contest or campaign or election would be required but merely a questionnaire and register of membership. – (*) Even with a few members it could act freely and radically, regardless of majority opinions of competing communities, all only exterritorially autonomous. - (**) Only the government they had chosen for themselves! - (***) Its own people only, those individuals who have quite freely and voluntarily subscribed to it! - JZ, 17.6.80 & 29.7.00, 6.4.13. - PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY, COMPETING & EXTERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: If government be restraint, it follows that the government of trade is a matter of restraint, and with the growth of the government of trade we have reached a stage when the trade itself is a simple matter compared with the observance of all the laws and rules for doing or not doing it. In former and more prosperous times the Government interest in trade took the form of restraining itself and everybody else from restraining trade. The common law held, and indeed still holds, that the restraint of trade is against public policy, and is therefore illegal.” - Ernest Benn, Modern Government, 152. - RESTRAINT, FREE TRADE VS. PROTECTIONISM

GOVERNMENT: If government did not have huge contracts to bestow in a multiplicity of fields, no one would need to pay off politicians for a piece of the action.” - Allan C. Brownfeld, THE FREEMAN, 11/73. - CORRUPTION & CONTRACTS, TAXES & GOVERNMENT SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: If government is necessary because people are evil, why do we put people in government?” - David Taylor, 5.6.85. - NECESSARY? EVIL PEOPLE, Q.

GOVERNMENT: If government is the answer, it was a stupid question. - David K Williams Jr. shared Immortal Technique's photo. Facebook, 26.3.12.

GOVERNMENT: If government is to minimize the use of force, it must not be the originator of force. Government must restrict itself to the defensive use of force.” - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, June 1976, page 353. - And it cannot do so when its basic territorial nature already constitutes an invasive use of force, an occupation force. Territorial governments are largely prisons, mainly for innocents. Only panarchies can be truly limited, consensual and voluntary, seeing their voluntary membership. On the other hand, they can be as "unlimited" in power over their own voluntary members as these members want them to be and as long as they will, individually, put up with this, seeing that they would be free to secede. - JZ, 30.7.92 & 24.7.00, 2.12.10, 26.8.13. – FORCE, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: If government knows something - it tends to deny it - and if it does not know something then it pretends that it knows. – Truths are more often ignored or denied by governments and their selected “experts” than recognized, especially when these truths are inconvenient to them. For instance, their unemployment and inflation figures as well as their consumer price index “calculations” are often and intentionally changed in their favor. – JZ, 21.10.99, 6.4.13. - SECRECY, PUBLICITY, KNOWLEDGE, LIES, PRETENCES

GOVERNMENT: If government promises could be trusted we would all live in a paradise by now. Rather than merely regret their inability and unwillingness, we should consider how much closer to our personal notions of paradise we could come without any government burdens and restrictions upon any of our peaceful and productive activities. Moreover, we should consider how much more productive we could be if all the capital assets now in the hands of governments and greatly mismanaged by them, were distributed among all citizens and all government debts repudiated as investments in tax slaves. - JZ, 22.6.91 & 22.7.00. - PROMISES VS. FREEDOM & SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, PEACE PLANS 19C.

GOVERNMENT: If governments around the world want to boost economic growth they should be doing LESS, not more. - G-20 Agree More Government Action Needed for World Recovery - - Group of 20 officials meeting in Mexico City agreed that the latest monetary easing by developed nations will buy time for the global economic recovery and that governments must do more to boost growth, Mexican central bank Deputy Governor Manuel Ramos Francia said. - Ron Manners - on Facebook. - They should do nothing territorially but remain free to try to satisfy their remaining volunteers exterritorially, i.e. under personal law, while allowing all dissenters to do their own things among themselves. I.e., full experimental freedom or free competition or laissez faire for all - but always only for volunteers and without a territorial monopoly. Then better policies could be freely applied, first only among a few pioneers and as a result of their successes, they would spread. All those still practising flawed statist policies would lose more and more members. Territorial governments have no solutions for the problems caused by territorial governments. Individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteers should replace the collectivistic, centralistic, monopolistic and coercive system of territorial governments, at all levels - still leaving all kinds of statism for all kinds of statists - but only under personal law - and all freedom, peace and justice alternatives for all kinds of alternative societies, communities and governance systems. A new kind of political science and practice would begin. Nozick called this a "meta-utopia", a framework for all kinds of utopias and ideologically motivated alternative societies, with all of them peacefully coexisting under self-chosen personal law. - John Zube – RUNNING OR BOOSTING THE ECONOMY, BAILOUTS, SUBSIDIES, TAX CONCESSIONS, PROTECTIONISM, LEGALIZED MONOPOLIES, LABOR LAWS, PRICE-, WAGE- & RENT-CONTROLS, REGULATIONS, DEVELOPMENT, LIBERATION, TAXATION, ECONOMIC GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, STARTING WITH INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: If governments knew what they were and are doing, they would be humble and repentant rather than conceited and arrogant. - JZ, 21.5.92, 26.8.13. – IGNORANT, PREJUDICED & CONCEITED

GOVERNMENT: If governments were only in our hair it wouldn't be so bad. But they are in our heads, our pockets, our cars, our houses, our land, our gardens, our clubs, our exchange and production activities, even in our beds, our sports, our travels, our entertainment and amusement activities, in other words, they are everywhere, meddling, confiscating, obstructing and misleading. - JZ, 21.9.91 & 23.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: If human beings are fundamentally good, no government is necessary; if they are fundamentally bad, any government, being composed of human beings, would be bad also.” - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism. - GOOD MEN & BAD MEN

GOVERNMENT: If I see the government standing on the edge of a precipice, I will push it.” - Mr. Killen, SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, 23.4.73.

GOVERNMENT: If it doesn't work, isn't likely to, and would be of no use anyway, then it's good for government funding.” - J. Timson, Manchester, England. – SPENDING, JOKES

GOVERNMENT: If men accept a lawmaking government as legitimate, Spooner pointed out, then they must forego all claims to their individual rights.” - Carl Watner, REASON 3/73. - That, too, applies predominantly to territorial governments with territorial laws imposed territorially upon dissenters as well. Once governments and free societies are only exterritorially autonomous and have only voluntary members, then unwanted organizations and legislation can be left behind by the freely seceding individuals and minorities. Then at least those, who do appreciate their individual rights, will select and get only rules that respect their individual rights, to the extent that they are aware of them and do claim them. These will probably only relatively few compared with the avalanches of laws that we are suffering under now. - JZ, 3.8.00, 26.8.13. - LEGISLATION, LAWS, LEGITIMACY & INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: If men are angels, they need no government. If men are not, they dare not have one. - Benjamin Richards - Facebook, 12.3.12. - MEN, HUMAN NATURE

GOVERNMENT: If men are good, government is unnecessary. If men are evil, government is so dangerous that it must not be employed.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 77. - If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil, or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.” - Robert LeFevre. - And if just some are evil then one can organize against them better than through a territorial government. - JZ, 10.11.78. - MAN, GOOD & EVIL, LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, MAN, HUMAN NATURE

GOVERNMENT: If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” - James Madison, The Federalist, ed. Benjamin F. Wright, no. 51, p. 356 (1961). – A longer version: If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern ...[no] controls on government would be necessary ... the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself- Neither citizens nor rulers need be angels but both need be volunteers for the kind of government or society that they do like for themselves. That will produce sufficient self-control among citizens as well as among rulers. - JZ- Kant, in his Eternal Peace, argued that even a peaceful society of devils could be organized in a way that all their evil intentions would hold each other mutually in check, so that outwardly they would behave like decent citizens. - JZ, 2.7.00. - Controls are usually or all too often introduced, maintained and practised by the worst, not by the best people. - JZ, 24.11.02. - MAN, ANGELS, CONTROLS, MAN'S NATURE

GOVERNMENT: If men were truly free, no government could force them to do anything they did not want to do.” - R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.47. – Convicted criminals with victims should not be so free! – JZ, 28.12.08. - Another version: “Needless to say, if you really were a free person, no one, including government representatives, could use force against you.” - R. J. Ringer, ibid, p.314. - VS. FREE MEN


GOVERNMENT: If nature doesn't then government makes sure that life is no easy game - except for the few whom it privileges at the expense and risk of all others. - JZ, 1.8.82 & 26.7.00. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT WAS NOT MEANT TO MAKE LIFE EASY, FREE & PEACEFUL

GOVERNMENT: If one rejects laissez faire on account of man’s fallibility and moral weakness one must for the same reason also reject every kind of government action. - Dustin Archer shared Stateless Sweets's photo. – Facebook, 26.11.12. - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, MAN’S NATURE

GOVERNMENT: If people are forced to pay for projects they don't want, this is usually called "extortion" - except where government finance is concerned. If I finance my own restaurant with such methods, I would soon end up in jail.” - Tibor Machan, Liberty & Culture, p.104. - FINANCE, TAXATION, TRIBUTES & EXTORTION

GOVERNMENT: If people behaved like governments, you'd call the cops.” - Kelvin Throop – Alas, they are still only government cops, who might increase your troubles. – JZ, 8.8.08, 6.4.13. – JOKES, PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in a sorry a state as are the souls of those, who live under tyranny. – Thomas Jefferson. - Their souls, ideas and thoughts may still be intact, although they are no longer free to express them and act upon them. - Even Jefferson's remarks need a correction now and than. Nobody is perfect. - JZ, 24. 11. 06. - It has been observed that even infants are often better judges on which foods are good for them than are their parents and dieticians, especially when the children are sick. Some basic senses or instincts are involved. Then, if they do have a choice, they tend to pick the foods that are best for them in their condition, at least in a significant number of cases. – JZ, 15.2.12. – Admittedly, junk foods with their special attractions and addictions are an exception to this rule. – JZ, 13.4.12. - STATISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, HEALTH, GOVERNMENTAL DECISION-MAKING, STATISM, TYRANNY, UTOPISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATE SOCIALISM

GOVERNMENT: If people were perfect, they would not provide themselves with the then obviously unnecessary burden of a government. And as they are imperfect, they can't really afford to have one - because imperfect beings must not be entrusted with government powers. - I don't remember whether I quoted this from somewhere or jotted it down, on 22.9.77. - I did put it in quotation marks but did not mention a source. - JZ, 30.7.00. - MAN, PERFECTION

GOVERNMENT: If something is quite wrong and as absurd as possible, but still assumed to be practicable, then governments are almost certain to include it among their programs under one or the other pretence. - JZ, 4.10.99 & 9.7.00, 26.8.13. - PROGRAMS

GOVERNMENT: if taxation is robbery, then it becomes clear that a tax or monopoly-coercing government is a robber band, and deserves not reverence but abolition - or, if abolition cannot be achieved, at least there should be a relentless whittling down of government power and activity.” – Murray N. Rothbard, For A New Liberty, p.18. - I would like to see it whittled down, rightfully and efficiently, by individual secessionism and competition from exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities. To each his own, the old principle of justice. This “panarchism” allows each the realization of his own dreams, at the own risk and expense and thus has the potential to be finally adopted by all people who are not criminals with involuntary victims. - JZ, 2.8.00. - TAXATION & ROBBERY, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy. To declare that in the administration of the criminal law the end justifies the means – to declare that the Government may commit crimes in order to secure the conviction of a private criminal – would bring terrible retributions.” - Justice Louis Brandeis, dissenting, Olmstead et al. v. United States, 277 U.S. 485 (1928). ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – All governments are standing invitations to choose for oneself rather one or the other kind of anarchism, libertarianism or statism, always without a territorial monopoly and always with the individual and minority secession option. Alas, most people have so far managed to ignore these “hints” or “invitations” or to seriously explore these alternatives. – JZ, 6.4.13

GOVERNMENT: If the government gives one dollar with one hand, it takes away two with the other.” - Erwin S. Strauss, The Case Against a Libertarian Political Party, p.9. - SPENDING & TAXATION, BENEVOLENCE, MALEVOLENCE

GOVERNMENT: If the government is not to be called a robber gang then the best that you could say for it would be to call it a general purpose insurance company with compulsory membership and contributions in forms of taxes. - Well, do you get your money's worth? - JZ, 26.10.79. - And can you still not think of a more just and efficient arrangement to supply wanted insurance services? - JZ, 27.7.00. – As for governmental protection: The less is said about it, the better. Some of them do even keep mass extermination devices in readiness. – JZ, 6.4.13. - AT BEST AN INSURANCE COMPANY

GOVERNMENT: If the laws of fraud were applied to the people in government, they would all be in jail.” - Ken Schoolland, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, Leap Publishing, Cape Town, with Commentaries by Ken Schoolland and Janette Eldridge, 1981 ff, 2004 ed., p. 138. - FRAUD

GOVERNMENT: If the nation is generous, government undertakes to cure all the ills of humanity; to revive trade, to make agriculture flourish, to develop manufactures, encourage arts and learning, extirpate poverty, etc., etc. All that requires to be done is to create offices, and pay functionaries. (*) - In short, the tactics consists in representing restraints as effective services; and the nation pays, not for services, but for disservices. Governments, assuming gigantic proportions, and by eating up half the revenues they exact. And the people, wondering at being obliged to work so hard, after learning of inventions which are to multiply products ad infinitum, …. continue always the same overgrown children they were before.” - Bastiat, Economic Sophisms, 2nd series, Physiology of Spoliation, p.125. – (*) A German proverb says on this: “Wem Gott ein Amt gibt, dem gibt er auch Verstand.” (My rough translation: When God gives an office to someone, then he also gives him the rationality to fill it. - Many politician do indeed imagine and sometimes even assert that they have divine providence and wisdom on their side. But their offices give them no more divine abilities and inspirations than do their prayers. The majority of their voters cannot enable and inspire them, either, since they are also all too ignorant, full of errors and prejudices. Thus almost all politicians act more or less like elephants in a China store, with quite insufficient notions about a free society, free market, free exchanges, free associations and free contracts. They are just powerful and destructive but, largely impotent to know and achieve anything rightful and positive. – JZ, 6.4.13. – SERVICES, POLITICIANS, POLITICAL PARTIES, REPRESENTATIVES, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS

GOVERNMENT: If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government’s ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees.” – Bill Clinton, 42nd US President – He should have been recalled upon that remark. – JZ, 6.4.13. - How many rights would he have further restricted – if he had stayed longer in government? He could not even control his own sexual urges but, nevertheless, he believed that he could rightly and efficiently control the lives of hundreds of millions of people and this without their individual consent! – JZ, 23.12.08. – This is a symptom for madness, in my view. – JZ, 26.8.13. - GOVERNMENT IS NOT YOUR PROTECTOR & GUARANTOR. TAKE IT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH, CLINTON

GOVERNMENT: If the power of government be very extensive, and the subjects of it have, consequently, little power over their own actions, that government is tyrannical, and oppressive; whether with respect to its form, it be a monarchy, an aristocracy, or even a republic.” - Joseph Priestly, The First Principles of Government, 1771, III, Of Civil Liberty. - Quoted in Seldes. - POWER, TYRANNY

GOVERNMENT: If the taxpayers were left in possession of their money - would they spend it as foolishly as the government does? Even if they did, wouldn't they have the right to do so? - JZ, n.d. - SPENDING, VOLUNTARY TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: If the troops defended freedom, they’d attack the government. – “Born to Liberate” – inscription on a helmet. – Facebook comment, 10.8.12, by Dustin Archer on Adam Kokesh’s photo. – Only TERRITORIAL governments have to be abolished. Exterritorial one for volunteers could be established and continued, as long as they have any, in free competition with all other kinds of communities and societies of volunteers. Make sure you pick the right enemy and also the right friends. – JZ, 10.8.12. -  ABOLITION? , DEFENCE, FREEDOM, ENEMY

GOVERNMENT: If the US remains foolish long enough, sooner or later it will go bankrupt. Countries go bankrupt by repudiating their debts, cheapening their currency, or taxing their citizens into rebellion.” - Newt Gingrich, Window of Opportunity, A Blueprint for the Future, p.196. - Nevertheless, G. did not attack government loans, monetary despotism and taxation. He just wants better management of an inherently wrongful and irrational system. - JZ, 23.1.02. - INFLATION & TAXATION, BANKRUPTCIES, DEBT REPUDIATION,

GOVERNMENT: If their programs etc. are so good, why do the governments have to enforce them and subsidize them out of taxes? Why do they have to be run by privileged institutions or monopoly ones? Why should they be imposed rather than run only among volunteers and at their expense and risk? The makers of the best watches, fridges or cars do not have to enforce their sales. - JZ, 5.12.83. - If any government or State is really so good, why should it have, need or be granted a territorial monopoly and tribute gathering powers? - JZ, 1.2.02. - PROGRAMS, SERVICES, INSTITUTIONS & MEASURES & PLANS, Q., TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: If there be criminals among us, what is there to keep them from gaining and using the power of government? Neither theory nor experience have, so far, supplied me with reassuring answers.” - Leonard E. Read, Instead of Violence, p.14. - CRIMINAL & POWER

GOVERNMENT: If there were no federal government in the U.S., the Communists would have to conquer fifty different state governments - which would be far more difficult. But what if there were no state governments? Then they'd have to conquer every town separately. - But what if there were no town governments - no governments at all? Then they'd have to make over 200 million separate conquests - and use millions of their own policemen to set up new governments. - Obviously, the answer to the threat of communism (or any other enemy) is not a stronger government to defend us but just the opposite. We'd be far safer if there were no government to conquer.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.97. - While I do agree with the conclusion in his last sentence, I strongly hold that there is a fallacy in this: Long military experience has shown that one by one, divided or individualized forces can be overcome by organized forces that at any time and place are always superior in numbers and arms, tactics and strategies than small groups, not to speak of individuals. This is usually the case even if the dispersed forces in total might have numbers and other military assets that are greater than the well organized and led attackers. It is one of the reasons why even one policeman per 1000 or several thousand people, can manage, with his fellow policemen, to overcome e.g. armed criminals. When defence is decentralized and individualized but firmly located and known, it is usually inferior. Guerillas are another matter. Because their location is not known and fixed and they do move around a lot and are able to hide in the general population, maybe 5 to 10 times their number is required to defeat them militarily. A small gang of mobile criminals is, as a rule, also stronger than an individual home defender. - A libertarian defence, liberation war, and revolutionary warfare by libertarians would require a new kind of military science, based upon recognition of individual rights and the need to protect them by volunteer forces, self-organized and mobilized, self-trained and self-armed and self-financed, to defend individual rights effectively. This could largely be done by turning the enemy's forces, especially his conscripts and rational officers and soldiers, against a regime ready to use and abuse them in a bad cause. - JZ, 30.7.00. – Brown assumed that each individual or family would defend their homes desperately, like a fortress, even against a vastly superior force. That is a flawed assumption. All too many are not even armed, have a dislike of guns or are not trained in their use or willing to use them in a hopeless case in such a situation. – One rocket, one tank or artillery shell, even one grenade or Molotov cocktail could overcome their resistance. Even a bulldozer could, unless they are organized in an ideal militia of volunteers for the protection of their rights, suitably armed and trained. - JZ, 3.12.10. - STRENGTH, DEFENCE, INDIVIDUAL VS. LOCAL, STATE & FEDERAL, MILITIA GOVERNMENT DEFENCE

GOVERNMENT: If there were no government, there'd be no nation.” (*) And if there were no nation, there'd be nothing to defend. - If this sounds too simple, think about it. No aggressor conquers a nation by overcoming every single inhabitant and occupying every part of the geographical area. I would be far too expensive to do so. (**) Instead, the aggressor applies force against the country until the government of that nation surrenders. Then the aggressor takes over the existing government machinery to enforce the occupation. If no such machinery existed, how could it enforce the occupation? (***) Hitler couldn't have conquered Europe without the help provided by the governments of the occupied nations. Would he have sent every one of his Nazis into Norway to police all the Norwegians? If he had, who would have been left at home to police the Germans? - That doesn't mean that aggression would stop if there were no governments. But the aggression would be no more formidable than the examples of crime we've already covered.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.96. – (*) If there were no territorial government then there would still be nations of volunteers. – (**) Hasn't he read any history? Many communities readily surrendered, fully terrorized, after one or several communities that did not surrender had been completely wiped out by a conqueror. – (***) Terror and hostage taking are VERY old and largely efficient practices, at least in the short run. - I can only hope that enough libertarians think more about this problem than H. B. did. - JZ, 30.7.00. - AGGRESSION & TERRITORIAL NATIONALISM & ORGANIZATION, DEFENCE, CONQUEST, WAR & PEACE, COLLABORATION, OCCUPATION, INVASION, RESISTANCE, LIBERTARIAN DEFENCE, REVOLUTION & LIBERATION EFFORTS,

GOVERNMENT: If they have political power, it's because we gave it to them. If they have guns, it's because we bought them. If you feel helpless, like a meaningless cog in a runaway machine, it's because you have come to believe The Big Lie: that the government is our master, has all the power, and is in control. That was never true; and it still isn't true today.” - Rene Baxter, FREEDOM TODAY, 9/75. - If they have political power, it's because we gave it to them. If you feel helpless, like a meaningless cog in a runaway machine, it's because you have come to believe the Big Lie: that the Government is our master, has all the power, and is in control. That never was true: and it still isn't true today.” - Ron Manners, in his first bookshop notes. Date? - POWER, GUNS, TAXATION, STATISM, CONTROLPOWER, GUNS, TAXATION, STATISM, CONTROL

GOVERNMENT: If this were my only choice, I'd rather have brothels than governments. At least you are not forced to pay for them or to attend them and use their services. - JZ, 28.3.80 & 29.7.00. - BROTHELS

GOVERNMENT: If violence is feared so should government be feared. If chaos is feared, so should government be feared. Government should be feared, not the absence of it.” - SLL leaflet: Who's Afraid of No Government? - CHAOS, VIOLENCE & FEAR

GOVERNMENT: If we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretence of caring for them, they will be happy.” - Jefferson. - WELFARE STATE, WASTE, LABOR, HAPPINESS, BUREAUCRACY

GOVERNMENT: If we can risk government, we can risk anarchy.” - Dangerous Buttons, No. 515. - RISKS & ANARCHY, LAW & ORDER, CHAOS

GOVERNMENT: If we continue the growth of government and its involvement in our lives, it will destroy us.” - Milton Friedman, LIBERTY, Nov. 79. GOVERNMENT GROWTH

GOVERNMENT: If we decide the fate of governments upon their merits - there is no case for them. - JZ, 1.9.75.

GOVERNMENT: If we didn't have the government as our main burden and problem, we could cope with most of the rest well enough. - JZ, 21.9.91.

GOVERNMENT: If we examine, with attention, into the composition and constitution of Man, the diversity of his wants, and the diversity of talents in different men for reciprocally accommodating the wants of each other, his propensity to society, and, consequently, to preserve the advantages resulting from it, we shall easily discover that a great part of what is called Government is mere imposition. ... Government is no further necessary than to supply the few cases to which society and civilization are not conveniently competent; and instances are not wanting to show that everything which Government can usefully add thereunto has been performed by the common consent of society without Government.” - Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason, quoted in Deryck Abel, Ernest Benn, Counsel for Liberty, p. 99. - He still made too many concessions to the notion of a "limited but still territorial and monopolistic government". - JZ, 22.7.00, 3.12.10. - MAN, EXCHANGE & SOCIETY

GOVERNMENT: If you bet against the government - you'll always win.” - Ascribed to Harry Brown, by Bob Cowin, 1975. - He should have been more precise here: You can bet against the government being able to achieve something positive fast, cheaply or at all and against it being able to do this without doing considerable wrong and harm in the process. But you can also bet on the government going after still more of your money and your liberties. - JZ, 30.7.00. – BETS, TAXATION, LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: If you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen!” – Proverb, also somewhat applicable to the territorial “kitchens” of the modern “cannibals”, living off others. – “The heat” is often a slang expression for the State’s police power. – But exit or withdrawal from their powers is today all too often blocked. – JZ, 31.12.08. – Just like the escape of conscripts from the armed forces. – Often we are not even free to secede from a mere trade union or a compulsory insurance system. - JZ, 3.10.10. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, EMIGRATION

GOVERNMENT: If you don't defend yourself against city hall, it will keep fighting, conquering and exploiting you. - JZ, 1.10.85. – Mostly, it does so, anyhow, via taxes, regulations and laws, unless you are armed and well organized, together with enough other city people, in something like and even better than Cromwell’s militia was. – JZ, 29.12.08, 3.12.11. - CITY-HALL

GOVERNMENT: If you don't want to fall down frothing at the mouth, don't think about anything that the government does.” - John Braine, Finger of Fire, p.68.

GOVERNMENT: If you like your liberties and rights do not hire any government agents or lawyers but, rather, study alternative institutions, organize, train and arm yourself for the use and protection of your rights and liberties. - JZ, 5.4.99. & ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, MILITIA, HUMAN RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: If you think it's your life, why let the government run it? - JZ, 5.5.75. - VS. YOUR LIFE, SELF-OWNERSHIP & SELF-MANAGEMENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

GOVERNMENT: If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait until you see our solutions. - Government solutions, an oxymoron. – Mark Hinkle - Facebook, 28.6.12.

GOVERNMENT: If you want a money-making racket, start a government. In this form fraud, stealing, robbery and even murder can become legitimate and almost unlimited. – In some ways it is like a gambling casino. The only one that gets regularly rich, at the expense of all players, are its owners. The others merely play zero sum games, with a regular tax going to the owners. – The owners also pick the games they allow and their rules. – And the gamblers, who are addicted to such games, the territorial statists, get taken in by them, and, in the average, are taken to the cleaners. - JZ, 6.3.73 & 2.8.00, 29.12.08. - A GET RICH SCHEME FOR SOME, THE RULERS & THEIR FAVORITES

GOVERNMENT: If you want to live your own life undisturbed and without disturbing the lives of others, territorial governments won't let you - except in matters that are not important to them. - JZ, 24.5.00. - TERRITORIALISM, LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: If you want to see a real monopoly that wields dangerous power, look no further than the government.” - John Stossel, Microsoft monopoly? Give me a Break! - 5.9.00. - - Government-granted and legalized monopolies, like patents and copyrights, can also be all too powerful. – JZ, 6.4.13. - POWER AND MONOPOLIES

GOVERNMENT: if you work for the government, you can lie, cheat and steal and just plain get away with it.” – LFB catalogue, Holiday 04 on the book “Constitutional Chaos, What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws”, by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano. - PUBLIC SERVANTS, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRACY, DISHONESTY, LIES

GOVERNMENT: If you would rule the world quietly, you must keep it amused.” - R. W. Emerson, 1803-1882. - Parliaments, politicians and bureaucrats do this, with some of their antics. To that extent some political humor is stabilizing. In other cases they do go beyond a joke and cease to be a laughing matter. - JZ, 25.4.78 & 2.8.00. - Libertarian humor has still to be fully mobilized against territorial statism. - JZ, 2.8.00. – Why has that not yet been done, with an email address or website acting as a collecting point and offering for sale, now and then, the latest version on a disk? – Libertarians are supposed to believe in free enterprise, private initiative, and to be good in marketing their ideas, since they are advocates of free markets. Nevertheless, they have still neglected to establish a number of special free markets, which could do them much good. – A complete libertarian encyclopedia, ideas archive, projects list or directory indicating special interests, a complete bibliography, abstracts and review collection and a complete electronic libertarian library would promote such markets. But these and many other machineries or resources for freedom remain to be established still. We have not even organized as yet a price competition for the best libertarian proposals that are, alas, so far not yet realized or even widely enough known! - JZ, 29.12.08, 6.4.13. - BY CIRCUS? LIBERTARIAN JOKES, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBRARY ON A DISC, JOKES COLLECTION, Q., NEW DRAFT

GOVERNMENT: If you would rule the world quietly, you must keep it amused. I notice too, that the ground on which eminent public servants urge the claims of popular education is fear: “This country is filling up with thousands and millions of voters, and you must educate them to keep them from our throats.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson. - If governments keep treating the people as they have in the past then they should not be surprised if many of the people come to wish they could cut the throats of their rulers. - JZ, 3.7.00. – If, however, education is tackled as a government job then, at least on many most important subjects the contrary of enlightenment is achieved. – JZ, 6.4.13. - FEAR, PEOPLE & EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT

GOVERNMENT: If you've got a problem, no matter how small, take it to Canberra. In no time at all you'll have a crisis. Asking them to solve a problem is like asking an arsonist to put out a fire.” - V. R. Forbes, in speech: The Resource Crisis, 4.4.77. - CRISES, PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Improving on Jefferson, Henry David Thoreau says: That government is best which governs not at all"; then he wisely adds: "and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have." Will they ever be prepared for it?” - Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, p.204/5. – Will libertarians use all their options for preparing them for it? See e.g. my suggestions in my NEW DRAFT book manuscript, offered free upon request as a zipped email-attachment of 306 KBs. – So far they haven’t even mobilized all their jokes, and all their writings on a single large disc. - JZ, 27.8.13. - VS. NO-GOVERNMENT OR ANARCHY- ENLIGHTENMENT BY LIBERTARIANS

GOVERNMENT: In "Patriotism and Government" (1900), Tolstoy…. insisted that the only lasting remedy is to do away with governments which are the ultimate instruments of violence: "To deliver men from the terrible and every increasing evils of armaments and wars, we want ... the destruction of those instruments of violence which are called Governments, and from which humanity's greatest evils flow." … "… those insane, unnecessary, worn-out, pernicious organizations called Governments, ... all the sufferings, violation, humiliations, and crimes they occasion, would cease." -  Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.374. – WAR, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM, DISARMAMENT OF GOVERNMENTS, STANDING ARMIES, MILITIA, NWT

GOVERNMENT: In 1948, LeFevre went into semi-retirement for one year to study economics and political philosophy. After discovering that government couldn't do anything that people couldn't do by themselves, he decided to do something …” - From the introduction to Robert LeFevre, Good Government. – Territorial governments are still overdue for retirement. – JZ, 27.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: In a change of government, the poor seldom change anything except the name of their masters.” - Phaedrus, Fabulae Aesopiae, I, c. 40. – Not that the modern and democratic one, systematically robbing the rich, supposedly for the benefit of the poor, or the poor for the benefit of legalized monopolists, is morally any better. Economically it even contributes to impoverish the poor by reducing the level of productively invested capital and thus and otherwise, especially through its monopoly money, the number of productive jobs. - JZ, 28.12.08, 3.12.10. – JOBS, CAPITAL, POVERTY, PROGRESSIVE TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, REDUCTION OF PRIVATE SAVINGS & INVESTMENTS, PEOPLE, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTION, CENTRAL BANKING, MONETARY DESPOTISM, UNEMPLOYMENT

GOVERNMENT: In a free society it is not the responsibility of government to provide everything to everybody.” - FREEDOM MAGAZINE, Spring 1974. - In a free society there would be no territorial government. There would be only other and competing free societies, communities and governance systems, all only exterritorially autonomous and, obviously, all only established, run and maintained by volunteers. If even libertarians cannot keep societies and territorial governments apart, what can one expect of the usual statists? - JZ, 2.8.00, 6.4.13. - VS. FREE SOCIETY, PANARCHISM, STATE SOCIALISM, TERRITORIALISM, LIBERTARIANS

GOVERNMENT: In a free society the State does not administer the affairs of men. It administers justice among men who conduct their own affairs.” - Walter Lippmann, An Enquiry into the Principles of a Good Society. - And a really free society, with consumer sovereignty and private enterprise for the provision of justice, would soon and once again demonstrate that governments can't even do that job, rightfully and  efficiently, assuming that the whole record of history was not yet enough for them to teach them this lesson. - JZ, 30.8.85 & 21.7.00, 3.12.10, 6.4.13. - Free societies would not have any territorial governments to pen them in. - JZ, 21.7.00. – LIMITED GOVERNMENT, JUSTICE, COURTS, JUDGES

GOVERNMENT: In a government organization people are bound together not by a common purpose, but by law, with the threat of prison behind. The enterprise is supported, not in accordance with the amount of interest taken in it, but by a general compulsion. The part played by each is dictated, and can be enforced. In a free organization it is merely suggested, and the suggestion is followed only if the individual agrees, for there can be no compulsion.” - George Barrett, quoted in THE MATCH, 9/75. – No compulsion will happen extensively within a panarchy, without consent – when membership is voluntary and secession is free and easy. – In our times especially all the somewhat enlightened people should secede from the statists and all the somewhat enlightened Muslims from those still all too intolerant. – JZ, 27.8.13. - NATION, PUBLIC SERVICES, STATISM, LIBERTARIANS, TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM, ISLAM, MUSLIMS: TO EACH THE OWN THINGS, INCLUDING SELF-CHOSEN GOVERNANCE, SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES, FULL TOLERANCE & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM TO ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE. INTOLERANCE ONLY TOWARDS THE INTOLERANT, THE VICTIMIZERS OF INNOCENTS, THE IDEOLOGICALLY OR RELIGIOUSLY MOTIVATED TOTALITARIANS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PROTECTED BY AN IDEAL MILITIA OF VOLUNTEERS. COMPULSION, COERCION, FORCE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW.

GOVERNMENT: In a grand peroration, Mr. Schiff accuses our Federal Government of compelling citizens to participate in a chain letter (social security); of illegally shifting wealth through inflation; of hiding the true extent of the National Debt; of saddling a lower standard of living on people by the destructive burdens it imposes; and of using the Federal Reserve to force what amounts to counterfeit money on the banks. The citizen is required to swear to things on his tax return that no two people can interpret the same way. We are, so Mr. Schiff suggests, contributing to our own destruction by paying taxes to a government that engages in so many unlawful and criminal activities that it makes the Mafia look lily-white by comparison. This poses a nice question for the taxpayer: If you cooperate with a thief, doesn't that make yourself the perpetrator of an unlawful act?” - John Chamberlain, introducing: Irwin A. Schiff, The Biggest Con. – The over-issue of the OWN and FORCED monopoly currency does depreciate it but does not amount to counterfeiting. – JZ, 27.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: In all history there is no war, which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people, to whom war is always pernicious even when successful. – Leo TolstoyWAR, HISTORICAL EXPLERIENCE, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POWER GAMES, IMPERIALISM

GOVERNMENT: In all sorts of government man is made to believe himself free, and to be in chains.” - Stanislaus Leszcynski, King of Poland, Oeuvres du philosophe bienfaisant, 1763. - The voluntaristic and competing governments, with voluntary members only and limited to exterritorial autonomy, in free competition with all kinds of other volunteer communities, which are, likewise, reduced to exterritorial autonomy or personal law only, have not yet been given a sufficient chance. They and their future possibilities have not even been sufficiently studied and widely enough and publicly discussed as yet. A few websites and printed texts are not yet enough for this purpose. – There do so far merely represent the points of view of a small and still un-influential minority. - JZ, 15.7.00, 28.12.08, 6.4.13, 27.8.13. - VS. FREEDOM, FREE CHOICE, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDIUAL & MINORITY GROUP AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: In all times and in all places, whatever be the name that the government takes, whatever has been its origin or its organization, its essential function is always that of oppressing and exploiting the masses, and of defending the oppressors and exploiters. Its principle characteristic and indispensable instruments are the policeman and the tax collector, the soldier and the prison. And to these are necessarily added the time-serving priest or teacher. (*) - Errico Malatesta - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. –  (*) And the armies of other “public servants” or official and legalized meddlers. – JZ, 27.8.13. - STATES, PUBLIC SERVANTS, TERRITORIALISM, OPPRESSION, EXPLOITATION, POWER, STATISM, POLITICS AS USUAL, TAX SLAVERY

GOVERNMENT: In almost all matters, the real question should be: why are we letting government handle this?Harry Browne - Or: Why are we letting a territorial, monopolistic and coercive government handle this? How could we handle this rightfully ourselves, by voluntary and combined private and cooperative efforts, faster, more cheaply, lastingly and effectively than any territorial government could? - Perhaps by our own and freely competing because only exterritorial autonomous community of volunteers! - JZ, 25. 11. 06. – Is there even one rightful, rational and positive service in which territorial governments are really competent? – Compare the remark: “Whatever the government does costs at least twice as much.” (A remark by David Friedman, quoted only from my flawed memory. – JZ.) Also ponder e.g. its “postal service” monopoly and its road building and maintenance “service” and the messes it has made out of its social insurance impositions, not to speak of its all too incomplete Bills of Rights and its tendency to act as Warfare States. – JZ, 27.4.13. - Why are we letting territorially imposed monopoly governments handle this, in spite of all our experiences with them? – JZ, 27.8.13. Q., CENTRALIZATION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, GOVERNMENTALISM

GOVERNMENT: In an age of omnivorous government, where open defiance is easily quashed, loopholes and corruption provide a few of the rare opportunities for the individual to exercise his freedom of choice in relative safety.” - Sy Leon, None of the Above, p.206. - LOOPHOLES, CORRUPTION & FREEDOM, BIG GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: In democratic regimes governments are bad managers. They serve political interests, vested interests, immediate demands and wants, and cannot be trusted with long-term problems.” - T. Machan, Liberty and Culture, p.60/61. - Even in democracies they are bad managers. But they can be trusted to create, prolong and increase long-term problems. It is solutions they find too difficult to find, even when they are already on record somewhere, develop and apply. – Their minds are all too dominated by popular errors, prejudices and myths, just like those of most of their voters. – The do not represent the most enlightened people in a country and not the most honest ones, either. - JZ, 23.7.00, 27.8.13. – DEMOCRACY, PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS, BUREAUCRACIES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: In every country, my friend, the bonzes, the Brahmans, and the priests deceive the people; …” - Oliver Goldsmith, The Citizen of the World, 27. - VS. THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: In every government on earth is some trace of human weakness, some germ of corruption and degeneracy, which cunning will discover, and wickedness insensibly open, cultivate and improve. Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone.” – Thomas Jefferson, quoted in: Robert Conquest, We & They, Civil & Despotic Cultures, Temple-Smith, London, 1980, p 164. – Territorialism is more than a trace of human weakness. It is rather an open sore or wound – and, nevertheless, still widely ignored, in spite of the wrongs and harm it causes. – JZ, 10.10.08. – A longer version of this quote: In every government on earth is some trace of human weakness, some germ of corruption and degeneracy, which cunning will discover, and wickedness insensibly open, cultivate, and improve. Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves therefore are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe their minds must be improved to a certain degree.” - Thomas Jefferson. – Here he does also uphold the territorialist myth of “the” people, although in his time there were e.g. still slaves and victimized natives, like the Red Indians, numerous other outvoted dissenting minorities and half the population was discriminated against because of its female sex. To describe such a diversity as if they were a uniform people was then and still is wrong almost everywhere. – JZ, 27.8.13. - THE PEOPLE, REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY REPUBLICS, SELF-GOVERNMENT MYTH UNDER TERRITORIALISM, ENLIGHTENMENT

GOVERNMENT: In every government, though terrors reign, / Though tyrant kings or tyrant laws restrain, / How small, of all that human hearts endure, / That part which laws or kings can cause or cure!” - Oliver Goldsmith, The Traveler, 1764. - KINGS, LAWS, FORCE

GOVERNMENT: In every State, the government is nothing but a permanent conspiracy on the part of the minority against the majority, which it enslaves and fleeces. –Michael BakuninIt is also a conspiracy of the ruling minorities against all the other minorities and the temporary majority. – JZ, 3.4.12, 12.1.13. –  STATE, CONSPIRACY, MINORITY RULE, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, PARTY RULE, POLITICIANS, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: In fact and in reality we are ungoverned and ungovernable. I defy anyone to name a single instance of government action that succeeded in achieving its intended outcome.” - Wolf de Voon, De Facto Anarchy. – Still all too many taxes ARE collected, many liberties and rights ARE all too much suppressed, legally or illegally! Is there as yet any country in which the dissenters are free to secede from its territorial rulers and to compete with them under their own personal law choices and institutions? One should never under-estimate the enemy. - JZ, 17.6.01, 3.12.10, 6.4.13, 27.8.13. - ANARCHISM, MAN, CONTROL, FREEDOM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, AVALANCHES OF LAWS, JURISTDICTION, DEFENCE & PROTECTION MONPOLIES

GOVERNMENT: In fact if debt interest is properly allowed for the total budgeted cost of the 19789/80 welfare programme, so far from representing the trumpeted decrease over 1976/77 levels at 1975 prices, represented an increase! The collectivist's definition of a public spending cut is a reduction in the size of the originally planned increase.” - Norris McWhirter, Freedom of Choice, in K. W. Watkins, In Defence of Freedom, p.60. - SPENDING & GOVERNMENT SPENDING CUTS

GOVERNMENT: In fact, Charles Kettering once said we should be grateful we don’t get as much government as we pay for.” - Richard C. Cornuelle, Reclaiming the American Dream, A Vintage Book, p.8.

GOVERNMENT: In fact, government is the foe to progress, it is essentially conservative (*) and cannot be otherwise, for its attempts to crystallize the customs of this generation, by writing them into law, to be the customs of the next; but the next always rebels. If the crystallizing process has been tolerably complete, the rebellion is terrific, and we have war; if the process has been imperfect, the rebellion assumes a mild form in shape of an electoral campaign.” - D. W. Brookhouse, 1887, in Bob James, Australian Anarchism, p.4. - Crystallization is a natural process. Territorial legislation and rule is not. - A "progressive" government can be just as oppressive, and, thinking in long historical terms, as reactionary, going back to ancient communistic tribal models of society, which Ulrich von Beckerath used to call "the inherited sin of mankind". To show more clearly the wrongful restraints imposed by territorial governments; it would probably be better to speak of the monopolization of freedom of action and freedom to experiment by territorial governments in place of the numerous and diverse free experiments that volunteers would engage in, in any country, at their own expense and risk, all at the same time, which would occur if individuals could freely secede and associate under exterritorial autonomy. The single and imposed territorial experiment by a government will always be undertaken upon the lowest common denominator and largely at the expense and risk of dissenters. Their wrongs and damages will be maximized and spread over the whole country or State or local government territory of a Federal or State Government. At the same time, they will be least instructive, since the competitive example of other experiments in the same territory is missing and since all of them operate under apathy or at least tacit resistance by dissenters. Few people bother to observe and ponder similar monopolistic and coercive governmental experiments in other countries or areas. Moreover, since those running the government experiment can spread the costs and risks of them over the whole population and find it easy to blame dissenters for their own failures, they tend not to learn sufficiently from their own failures. Furthermore, since the whole population is confined to one territorial government experiment at a time, progress will also be slowed down. Few people engage sufficiently in historical studies or in the affairs of the governments of other territories. Thus not enough will be learned from past and present different experiments. Instead, popular errors, myths and prejudices will see to it that via government experimentation the same wrongs and mistakes are repeated over and over again, often for many centuries, sometimes even for thousands of years, as with price controls. If panarchistic free experimentation were introduced, instead, then progress in the spheres now preempted by territorial governments, the political, economic and social spheres, could become as fast, peaceful and certain as it happened in science and technology, in the arts, in literature, in sports, in private lifestyles etc., wherever and to the extent that governments did not meddle there, too. - Thus let us reduce all governmental experiments and all societal utopia experiments merely to experiments among volunteers and, seeing, the importance and rightfulness of such experiments, let them be undertaken under full exterritorial autonomy, and, naturally, always only at the risk and expense of these volunteers. - Thus reformed and reduced, governments and societies can all be rightful, useful and instructive and the wrongs and damages will be confined to those who were prepared to risk them. - JZ, 29.7.00, 6.4.13. – (*) It can also be all too “progressive” in the State Socialist sense. – JZ, 27.8.13. -  TERRITORIALISM VS. PROGRESS, PANARCHISM FOR PROGRESS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, COMMUNISM

GOVERNMENT: In fact, the so-called governments, liberal and absolute, with their arsenal of laws, of decrees, of edicts, of statutes, of plebiscites, of regulations, of ordinances, have never governed anyone or anything whatsoever. Living a life quite instinctive, acting at the will of invincible necessities, under the pressure of prejudices and of circumstances that they do not understand, most frequently allowing themselves to drift with the current of the society which from time to time breaks them, they cannot of their own initiative to do anything apart from disorder.” - Proudhon, De La Justice Dans La Revolution et Dans Eglise, II, p.271. - Quoted in Sampson, R. V., The Discovery of Peace, p.101.

GOVERNMENT: In fact, there are now few, if any, areas of human activity that government is forbidden to enter.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, Log I, 3. – Territorial government is a large and all-embracing “octopus”, ever hungry for more human sacrifices. – JZ, 27.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: You must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.” - James Madison in "THE FEDERALIST". - ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – Territorial governments are hardly controllable. Only governments confined to exterritorial autonomy and volunteers will tend to control themselves and will be controlled by their voluntary members, still remaining free to secede from them if they become too disappointed. – JZ, 8.1.08, 27.8.13. - THEIR CONTROL

GOVERNMENT: In government, as in other relationships, we have the capacity to deceive ourselves, to shape the realities by which we live, so that our prime focus is on our comfort rather than the truth…" - Government itself is an awesome strategy for avoiding pain and conflict. (*) For a considerable price, it relieves us of responsibilities, performing acts that would be as unsavory for most of us a butchering our own beef. (**) As our agent (***), the government can bomb and tax. As our agent, it can relieve us of the responsibilities once borne face to face by the community: caring for the young, the war-wounded, the aged, the handicapped. It extends our impersonal benevolence to the world's needy, relieving our collective conscience without uncomfortable first-hand involvement. It takes our power, our responsibility, our consciousness.” - M. Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, p.210. - Panarchists intend to take them back! – (*) I would rather say, for CAUSING them! – (**) We do freely delegate e.g. butchery and surgery to competing professionals, rather than governments.)  - (***) Hardly, when not authorized to act as such by individuals. - JZ, 6.4.89, 27.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: In how many different ways have territorial governments managed to kill, cripple, starve, endanger, exploit, mislead, endanger, terrorize and suppress innocent people? – JZ, 28.12.08, 27.8.13. - GOVERNMENT SERVICES? Q.

GOVERNMENT: In most countries of the world we see how governments have become terminally corrupt with the vilest criminals rising to the top of the power structures.” - Vince Miller, FREEDOM NETWORK NEWS, No.49, Sep. 97, p.3. - POLITICIANS, CRIMINALS, POWER

GOVERNMENT: In order to have government, you must have the approval of the very people government is going to injure.” - Robert LeFevre, LIBERTAS REVIEW, Summer 79. - TERRITORIAL government allows such a government to act without the approval of the dissenters and victims of government. What he should have said is: In order to have a RIGHTFUL government, of masochistically inclined members, you must have their approval or voluntary membership. - He might also have said that territorialist government candidates for office do try to get in advance the approval even of those, whom they are afterwards going to injure. And their victims seem to be unable to learn from their past experiences with politicians and their promises. - JZ, 28.7.00, 6.4.13. – CONSENT, VOTING, ELECTIONS, POWER, DEMOCRACY, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY

GOVERNMENT: In order to rally people, governments need enemies. They want us to be afraid, to hate, so we will rally behind them.” - Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk – ENEMIES, FEAR

GOVERNMENT: In our complex world there cannot be fruitful initiative without government, but unfortunately there can be government without initiative.” - Bertrand Russell, Control and Initiative, in: Authority and the Individual, 1949. - In our complex world there cannot be enough fruitful initiatives while territorial governments are in charge. Territorial governments are characterized by lack of fruitful initiatives and by preventing fruitful initiatives by individuals and voluntary groups. Only with completely voluntary membership and confined to exterritorial autonomy, i.e., under panarchism or experimental freedom conditions even for them, could governments show the best they are capable of. I suspect that they will rarely win under fully free competition from non-governmental communities of volunteers. They will still be over-sized bureaucracies, financed by taxation of voluntary members, trying to out-compete free entrepreneurs, productive coops and other self-managed enterprises with many more, better and stronger individual incentives. - JZ, 30.10.85 & 13.7.00, 27.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: In our desire to have government become our benefactor and sustainer, we have allowed it to become our taskmaster and overlord. As a result, we have become little more than well-fed, well-entertained slaves to the state. Freedom, as envisioned by our forefathers, is gone. –Chuck Baldwin 2001,  - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATE VS. FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: In reality what are these Governments, without which people think they could not exist? - There may have been a time when such Governments were necessary, and when the evil of supporting a Government was less than that of being defenceless against organized neighbours; but now such Governments have become unnecessary, and are a far greater evil than all the dangers with which they frighten their subjects.” - Tolstoi, Essays & Letters, p.250. – There are better and easier defence methods than those usually employed by territorial governments. – JZ, 6.4.13. – DEFENCE, DES., MILITIA, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, MASS FRATERNIZATION, SEPARATE PEACE  TREATIES, WAR- & PEACE AIMS, LIBERATION RATHER THAN MASS SLAUGHTERS OF CONSCRIPT SOLDIERS ON THE OTHER SIDE.

GOVERNMENT: In reality, the only way men can be completely free is through an absence of government.” - Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.47. - VS. ANARCHY & FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: In rivers and bad government the lightest things swim at top.” - Poor Richard, 1754. - Not only in the worst governments but also in some of the least evil ones. - JZ, 28.7.00. - THE SCUM RISES TO THE TOP

GOVERNMENT: In short, government can't feed society, can't clothe society, can't house society, or give medical care to it, or protect it. No one in government and all of government combined can do these things. It's impossible. But the government says it can, so we shift responsibility to it and then marvel that everything gets worse.” - LeFevre, Lift Her Up, Tenderly, p.198. – INCOMPETENCE, WELFARE STATE, POVERTY, INCENTIVES REDUCED UNDER REDISTRIBUTIONISM, FOR THE POOR AS WELL AS THE RICH

GOVERNMENT: In short, government is a non-producer. Therefore, the only function it can perform in the economic field is that of a robber; it takes what it cannot produce. Under the circumstances, therefore, the government intervention in economic affairs becomes organized robbery, and even though this is done for presumably eleemosynary purposes, it causes dissatisfaction among producers and, eventually, a loss of interest in production.” - Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, p.71.

GOVERNMENT: In short, hon, to prevent theft, government practises it, legally. To inhibit murder, government practises it, legally. And people know it. They know that government injures them at every turn. …” – Robert LeFevre, Lift Her Up, Tenderly, p.196. - Alas, they know no alternative to territorial governments, doubt the possibility of them and so do not even look for them or think about their establishment and their details as well as their consequences. - JZ, 29.7.00, 27.8.13. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT & SELF-DETERMINATION, PERSONAL LAW, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, INSTEAD OF TERRITORIALISM & STATISM

GOVERNMENT: In sum, people would be better off if the government would get out of their way.” - Sam Wells Jr., OPTION, 4/77. - VS. THE PEOPLE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREE ECONOMY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: In The Federalist Papers, James Madison warned, "In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself." - Madison's warnings were not heeded. The government did not, and does not, "control itself". - Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.320. - "Who guards the Guardians?" Especially, when it has coercive, monopolistic, centralistic or, in other words, territorial powers. A militia or national guard under the control of government will not keep government in check. But an ideal code of individual rights, upheld by an ideal and self-managed and self-mobilizing militia of volunteers, combined with voluntary State membership, voluntary taxation, monetary freedom, individual and minority secessionism and also competition from "panarchies" could, between them, achieve that aim of self-control, through their inbuilt characteristics. But all these are still outlawed and not even seriously considered by most political scientists, not even by most libertarians and anarchists. - JZ, 25.7.00. – Territorialist “law & order”, “checks and balances”, legalism, juridical and policing as well as penal service monopolies and constitutionalism are just not good enough. They are good enough only for those, who have volunteered for them or signed up for them – individually! – JZ, 27.12.08, 27.8.13. - CONTROL, GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CONTROL ITSELF. IT MUST BECOME SEVERELY CONTROLLED, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION, FREE ENTERPRISE & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY - IN EVERY SPHERE

GOVERNMENT: In the job of covering a capital, there are really certain basic assumptions you have to operate on. The first is that every government is run by liars, and nothing they say should be believed.” - Quoted in THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS, originally in I. F. STONE'S WEEKLY? Here from TIME, 3.12.73. - RUN BY LIARS, GOVERNMENT STATEMENTS, DENIALS, COVER-UPS

GOVERNMENT: In the larger life of the society, the people are made to submit to the orders of those who were originally meant to serve them - the government and its agents.” - Alexander Berkman, What Is Communist Anarchism? 1928. - In the larger form of the STATE … The TERRITORIAL State is not A society or THE society but an organization against all free societies, which would compete with it under freedom to do so, i.e. personal law or exterritorial autonomy for its volunteers, all secessionists from the territorial State. Nor is it "alive", like a living individual. It is rather a dead burden or lifeless hard chain imposed upon us. - We should also note that its agents are usually mis-named "public servants" or "civil servants". - JZ, 1.8.00, 27.8.13. – Can we, as their supposed masters, fire them or secede from them? – JZ, 6.4.13. - VS. SOCIETY & THE PEOPLE, PUBLIC SERVANTS, CIVIL SERVANTS, Q., SECESSIONISM, BUREAUCRATS

GOVERNMENT: In the last analysis governments never actually pay for anything. So that government (spending) is only private spending redirected into channels the private citizen would not choose.” - John Allen May, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, 6.12.76. – SPENDING, GOVERNMENT BUDGETS

GOVERNMENT: In the long run every government is the exact symbol of its people, with their wisdom and un-wisdom.” - Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, 1843, 4.4. - Governments represent rather the worst and the mediocre than the best among the people. And they tend to combine their spleens and follies and repeat their errors and mistakes and false "measures" over and over again, more or less by popular demand. They preempt most important spheres, like the political, economic and social system spheres, enforcing their single, country-wide and all too flawed experiments upon all the population while preventing multiple free experimentation among diverse dissenting volunteers, which would help to speed up enlightenment and progress as much as is possible. - JZ, 30.10.85 & 13.7.00, 28.12.08, 6.4.13, 27.8.13. – PEOPLE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE, THE OWN & THAT OF OTHERS.

GOVERNMENT: in the radical view, there is absolutely no difference between people who tax, draft, and in other ways rule us, and the most blatant mugger, except of course for the legitimacy of the former.” - Walter Block, Libertarian Yearbook 1973. – Without the unanimous consent by non-criminal subjects no territorial government is legitimate. No majority can rightfully suppress any genuine rights and liberties of any minority or any peaceful and tolerant individual. – JZ, 29.11.10, 27.8.13. - A LEGITIMIZED MUGGER

GOVERNMENT: In the whole course of history there's been no government that could alter the laws of nature.” - E. Temple Thurston, Mr. Bottleby Does Something. – Alas, in the process of trying to whip the waves, like King Canute of the legend attempted, they also whip or terrorize, e.g. with large legalized penalties, their subjects, all too effectively for all too long, into submission to themselves. – If they merely continued to try to whip the waves into submission, then they would have been laughed out of existence long ago. Territorial governments are ignorant, foolish, prejudiced and inconsiderate enough to attempt the impossible, again and again, always at the expense of their subjects while rewarding themselves, and this very well, for their unproductive or even counter-productive activities. – Alas, their victims are also still all too ignorant, foolish, prejudiced and inconsiderate. All enlightenment tools and opportunities have not yet been sufficiently compiled, constructed and used by the libertarian movement. - JZ, 28.12.08, 27.8.13. - THE LAWS OF NATURE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MEDDLING, INTERVENTIONISM, “POSITIVE” LAWS, REGULATIONS, COERCION, COMPULSION, PROHIBITIONS, DESPOTISM, NEW DRAFT

GOVERNMENT: In vain you tell me that Artificial Government is good, but that I fall out (only) with the Abuse. The Thing! The Thing itself is the Abuse!” - Edmund Burke. - A Byington sticker. - The version in A Vindication of Natural Society, page 53, does contain the "only" which Byington omitted. - For me panarchies, with their voluntarism and non-monopolism and exterritorial autonomy only, are natural and just governments or societies - and in the past men lived much longer in them than they did under territorial nation States. - JZ, 28.7.00. - ITS ABUSES, GOOD GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, ARTIFICIAL GOVERNMENT VS. NATURAL GOVERNMENT, COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP, TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY, AUTHORITARIANISM VS. VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: In view of government's nature, what is its competence? - Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, I/77, page 30. – COMPETENCE, Q.

GOVERNMENT: In viewing the society around him, Rousseau concluded that man was neither free nor properly governed. And he was convinced that the remedy to this dilemma could not be found in organized religion, sophisticated governmental systems, or cultivation of the arts and sciences.” - Against the Grain, p.60, on Rousseau's Discourse on the Arts and Sciences.

GOVERNMENT: In what particular and in what manner would it augment the power, intelligence, spirit or solidarity, care of the general welfare, present and to come, that at any moment existed in a given society?” - Malatesta, Anarchy, p.26. – Q.

GOVERNMENT: Inability to govern is the best service any government can offer to any country. - JZ, 14.6.92.

GOVERNMENT: Indeed, as Tolstoy observed, the characteristic feature of government is that "it claims a moral right to inflict physical penalties, and by its decree to make murder a good action." - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.29. - WAR

GOVERNMENT: inefficient government has the merit that it produces anger towards its constant assaults on liberty.” - S. Shapiro, LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, 3/78, 28. - Efficient government is even more efficient in achieving THAT, for it is also more efficient in restricting genuine rights and liberties. - JZ, 27.7.00, 29.11.10. - ANGER, PROVOCATION

GOVERNMENT: Inflation is fraud. Taxation is theft. Conscription is violence and murder. Territorial governments, as such, are guilty of all such crimes. And not yet satisfied with them they prepare for mass murder and genocide by means of ABC devices. - JZ, 31.7.78 & 20.7.00. - INFLATION, FRAUD, TAXATION, THEFT, CONSCRIPTION, MURDER, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Inherent in all government operation is a grave and fatal split between service and payment. – Murray N. Rothbard, For A New Liberty, p.197. - TAXES & SPENDING, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: Inherent in government, any government, is the tendency to rob the individual of his freedom.” - Frank Chodorov, The Income Tax …, p.121. - True for territorial governments, with compulsory membership, suppressing individual secessionism and competition from exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. But competing, voluntaristic governments are possible and desirable - alhough, largely, an unknown ideal still. - JZ, 1.8.00, 27.8.13. - VS. INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, THROUGH ITS TERRITORIALISM, WITH ITS COLLECTIVIST COERCION & MONOPOLISM

GOVERNMENT: Injuries come from them that hath the upper hand.” (Injuriae potentiorum sunt.) - Bacon, Of Church Controversies. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Instead of having governments that govern best when they govern least, we have governments that govern worst when they govern most.”- A Schubert, Kimba, S.A., in GOOD GOVERNMENT, Dec. 74.

GOVERNMENT: Instrument of Force: Government is that instrument which maintains itself by and is authorized to use force. It is not only authorized to use force but it also acts exclusively by the use of force. (*) If there is not force entailed, an act ceases to be governmental, even though someone in government performs it. In short, the sine qua non of government is its reliance upon and authority to use force.” - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 5/76, 304. - Who authorized this force and who was authorized to authorize it, and by whom? - JZ, 31.7.00. – (*) Sometimes it “acts” through misleading propaganda, financed out of compulsory taxation. – JZ, 6.4.13. - FORCE, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Intelligent, practical men don't govern - they create and transform; governmental power is a dead horse.” - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, August 1914.

GOVERNMENT: Invariably, political regimes promise protection. Invariably, they are what you most need protection from!” - Pyrrho, THE CONNECTION 102, p.8, of 6 March 82. - PROTECTION

GOVERNMENT: Investments in tax slaves give a legal claim but cannot provide a moral claim. – JZ, 18.6.86. - GOVERNMENT SECURITIES

GOVERNMENT: Irrespective of their relative banefulness (for some governments are worse than others), the present power struggle between governments threatens the annihilation of mankind in a carnage that can hardly be conceived as possible in the absence of all governments whatsoever.” - Laurance Labadie, Selected Essays, p.52. - Only the absence of TERRITORIAL governments is required. - JZ, 28.7.00. - WAR, PEACE & ANARCHY, NWT

GOVERNMENT: Is distrustful toward average Americans while being easily gulled by Americans with money, influence and fame.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.232.

GOVERNMENT: Is government the best means to achieve and maintain liberty or the best means to block it or to lose it? And should or can a territorial government rightfully grant any privileges? Can it secure liberties and rights? - JZ, 22.1.02, 24.12.08. - LIBERTY, PRIVILEGES, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Is government your servant when it outlaws many voluntary purchases while it enforces many involuntary ones? - JZ, n.d., probably early 70's.

GOVERNMENT: Is government, then, useful and necessary? So is a doctor. But suppose the dear fellow claimed the right, every time he was called in to prescribe for a bellyache or a ringing in the ears, to raid the family silver, use the family tooth-brushes, and execute the droit de seigneur upon the house-maid? Is it simply a coincidence that the only necessary functionaries who actually perform any comparable brigandage are the lawyers - the very men who, under democracy, chiefly determined the form, policies and acts of the government?” - H. L. Mencken, Prejudices, 4th series, 235. - H. L. Mencken, up to “housemaid” quoted by David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom, p.151. - NECESSARY LIKE A DOCTOR? TAXATION, LEGISLATION & LAWYERS

GOVERNMENT: Is it a fact of no significance that robbing the government is everywhere regarded as a crime of less magnitude than robbing an individual, or even a corporation? … (Government) is apprehended, not as a committee of citizens chosen to carry on the communal business of the whole population, but as a separate and autonomous corporation, mainly devoted to exploiting the population for the benefit of its own members.” - H. L. Mencken, A Mencken Crestomathy, Knopf, 1949. - TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Is the government doing a good job? I say that if something is really important, keep Government out of it - for they will surely stuff it up.” - Hugh Frazer, in LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM, 4/78. – GOOD JOB - DONE BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS?

GOVERNMENT: Is the government your friend or your enemy? - JZ, 1.11.74. - ENEMY RATHER THAN FRIEND, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Is there anything in the annals of territorial governments that should induce us to entrust them with our lives, liberties, properties and earnings, or that of our children and grandchildren, friends and associates? - JZ, 19.12.93. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Is there anything useful and just that any territorial government is competent in? - JZ, 13.5.94, 30.12.08. - INCOMPETENCE

GOVERNMENT: Isn't it a little scary that your kids are learning all about government in schools owned and operated by the government?” - Libertarian sticker. - Isn't it a little scary? That your kids are learning about Government in Government Schools?” - Progress Party Stamp. - Also one of the Simon Jester slogans, I believe. - JZ  - EDUCATION, SCHOOLS, CHILDREN

GOVERNMENT: it becomes an invader of property rather than a protector of it. Rather than a protector of right it becomes itself a wrongdoer.” - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 4/76, 309. - INVADER RATHER THAN PROTECTOR, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: It becomes illegal for others to come in and offer a potentially better deal.” - Gary North, THE FREEMAN, Nov. 85. - Governments impose disserves and exclusive and over-priced services, also taxes upon all to pay for them, while outlawing self-help, consumer choice and free enterprises competing with it. - JZ, 31.7.92 & 24.5.00. - VS. COMPETITION FOR ITS SERVICES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: It can never be unpatriotic to take your country's side against your government.” It must always be unpatriotic to take your government's side against your country. - Byington sticker. - COUNTRY, PATRIOTISM

GOVERNMENT: It can't even protect its presidents, prime ministers and policemen sufficiently, far less "its" ordinary citizens, no matter how high it has raised its dues for its protection racket. Moreover, legally or illegally it commits or causes more crimes with victims than it prevents, discovers and punishes. So what obligation towards it remains for us, if any? - JZ, 3.7.99 & 10.7.00. - ITS FAILURE AS "PROTECTOR", Q.

GOVERNMENT: It confiscates a considerable amount of what can be produced to pay its own workers or to redistribute it as it sees fit. It interferes with prices so as to make it difficult to know what should be produced. It even makes it economical for some individuals to act in ways that are harmful to economy in general. Economy is well, but government is in bad shape.” - Clarence B. Carson, THE FREEMAN, 7/76. - Regarding the last sentence, I would rather say: A free economy would put us into a good shape, but a government "free" to do with the economy as it pleases, puts us into a bad shape. - JZ, 31.7.92. – Anyhow, that is only a fraction of its wrongful and harmful interferences. - VS. ECONOMY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: It costs ten times more to govern us than it used to and we are not governed one tenth as good.” - Will Rogers, Autobiography, p.278. – Should we be surprised about this, as long as free competition is eliminated in this sphere? – JZ, 28.12.08. – TAXES & TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS TO & MEMBERSHIP IN COMPETING & EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES UNDER THEIR OWN PERSONAL LAWS & JURIDICAL SYSTEMS: PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: It did not matter what the surface system of government was called in the fad notions of the time. There are those who milk, and those born to be milked; those who slaughter, and those who line up for the slaughtering.” - Mark Clifton, When They Came From Space, p.32. - Another old analogy on territorial government says that it leaves you only some choice, and really only a very limited one, between either being a hammer or an anvil. Perhaps a more realistic image is that of being used as raw iron material, between the hammer and the anvil of a territorial government. - And statists consent to this! Forget about them, but prepare the escape route for individuals and dissenting minorities: Achieve individual and group secessionism for them and exterritorial autonomy for their volunteer communities. That program, properly understood and publicized and demonstrated, could solve most of the remaining internal and external conflicts, achieve tolerance, even harmony, peace, justice freedom and rapid progress, also a rapidly increasing prosperity for those able and willing to adopt the economic liberties which make this possible. - JZ, 28.7.00. - STATISM, FORMS OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: It has been said that Democrats want to be your mother, Republicans want to be your father, but that both agree that you are to be treated as a child. To the ruling elites, their "children" are behaving as petulant teenagers who must be punished in some way for their insolence. From my perspective, it is time for the "children" to grow up and leave home!” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 50. - REPUBLICANS, DEMOCRATS, PATERNALISM, WELFARE STATE, SECESSIONISM VS. STATIST PETERNALISM & MATERNALISM

GOVERNMENT: It has been said, only partly in jest, that government is the only agency that can take a problem and turn it into a crisis.” - Ross Sutherland, GOLD COAST BULLETIN, 1979, quoted in OPTIMISM, Sydney, 5/79. – Communities of volunteers only could only harm their own members and thus not create a country-wide crisis. Let them bankrupt or harm themselves – or set shiny examples, if they can! – JZ, 30.12.08. - PROBLEMS & CRISES, TERRITORIALISM VS. MINORITY AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, PANARCHISM.

GOVERNMENT: It has been widely remarked that governments, whose energies are absorbed in countless benevolent programs, lose their ability to perform the basic services for which governments are constituted: keeping the peace, securing speedy, fair justice, and implementing defence against foreign aggression.” - Richard Wheeler, Pagans in the Pulpit, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 7/81. - Were they really ever able, anywhere, to perform such basic services properly, better than voluntary associations could have done? - JZ, 29.7.00, 3.12.10. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, Q.

GOVERNMENT: It has ever been the scheme of government to keep the people ignorant of their rights.” - Thomas Paine.– So, why didn’t at least some of the people find out all about them and put their findings together in a well published declaration of individual rights and liberties? Did they expect any territorial government to do this job for them? By now, those relatively few people interested in genuine individual rights and liberties had at least ca. 300 years for this job. Where it their close to perfect declaration? – JZ, 30.12.08. – I collected and digitized over 130 private declarations of this kind but the best ideas and wordings of them have still to be sufficiently put together and supplemented, not to speak of the hundreds of others, if not thousands, of such drafts that I never came across. Aren’t intelligent people taking their own individual rights and liberties sufficiently serious to engage in the job of, finally, drafting an ideal declaration, as comprehensive and clear as we could and should make it by now? – I consider that omission to be an even greater scandal than the neglect of all too many individual rights and liberties by territorial governments. - JZ, 30.12.08, 3.12.10, 7.4.13. - PEOPLE, RIGHTS & IGNORANCE, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES DECLARATION, LIBERTARIANS & ANARCHISTS INSUFFICIENTLY INTERESTED IN THEIR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES – TO FINALLY PUBLISH ALL OF THEM TOGETHER, BETTER THAN ANY GOVERNMENT WOULD OR COULD

GOVERNMENT: It has taken on a vast mass of new duties and responsibilities, it has spread out its powers until they penetrate to every act of the citizen, however secret; it has begun to throw around its operations the high dignity and impeccability of a State religion; its agents become a separate and superior caste, with authority to bind and loose, and their thumbs in every pot. But it still remains, as it was in the beginning, the common enemy of all well-disposed, industrious and decent men.” - H. L. Mencken, 1926, quoted in Albert J. Nock, Our Enemy the State, Free Life Editions, New York, 1973, 2. - Quoted by McBride in A New Dawn, p.8. – THE MAIN ENEMY OF MOST PEOPLE, OBJECTIVELY SEEN, NOT SUBJECTIVELY

GOVERNMENT: It is a dangerous notion that we need a government to protect us from ourselves.  – Ron Paul, quoted on Facebook, 9 .2. 12. -  PROTECTION

GOVERNMENT: It is a maxim founded on the universal experience of mankind that no nation is to be trusted farther than it is bound by its interests.” - George Washington, Letter to Henry Laurens, 1778. - Replace "nation" by "government" to make some more sense out of this remark. - JZ, 1975. – Even individuals and minorities often do not really know what it good for them. Why expect politicians and bureaucrats to know not only what is good for them but also good for the population of whole countries? – JZ, 3.12.10. - VS. NATIONS, PEOPLES, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: It is a popular delusion that the government wastes vast amounts of money through inefficiency and sloth. Enormous effort and elaborate planning are required to waste this much money. – P. J. O'Rourke - JOKES

GOVERNMENT: It is a profound hardship to have to live under the domination of a modern government, whether it is labeled "free", "Marxist" or "fascist", …” - "Viewpoint" in: GOOD GOVERNMENT, Dec. 79. - They are all territorialist ones. The exterritorial alternative to them is still almost generally ignored. - JZ, 28.7.00. – EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: It is a simpleton’s fantasy to imagine that all the immense and detailed knowledge necessary for the successful central direction of human affairs can ever be possessed by government. - Donald Boudreaux - ‪Jim Carigan Another 2000+ Libertarian Quotes – Facebook, 28.5.12. – KNOWLEDGE, IGNORANCE, CENTRALIZATION

GOVERNMENT: It is a striking paradox that the more people distrust the government, the more powers and responsibilities they heap upon it, many of the new powers being designed to counterbalance other powers that the government already has.” - W. Allen Wallis, THE FREEMAN, Aug. 74.

GOVERNMENT: It is a well known axiom that governments will break any promises that they are not inescapably compelled to keep.” - Bernard Levin, London TIMES, quoted in NATION REVIEW, May 4-10, 1973. - PROMISES, POLITICIANS, LIES

GOVERNMENT: It is apprehended, not as a committee of citizens chosen to carry on the communal business of the whole population, but as a separate and autonomous corporation, mainly devoted to exploiting the population for the benefit of its own members. Robbing it is thus an act almost devoid of infamy – an exploit rather resembling those of Robin Hood and the eminent pirates of tradition.” – H. L. Mencken, More of the Same. – Governmental property is theft. Here the old saying by Proudhon does apply. – JZ, 27.8.13. -

GOVERNMENT: It is as unjust to force one's government upon another, as it is unjust to force one's religion upon another. This was done in the past; but we have won religious freedom, and must now work towards political freedom.” - Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.22. - GOVERNMENTAL INTOLERANCE IS LIKE RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, INJUSTICE, COMPULSORY SUBJECTION VS. VOLUNTARISM, FULL POLITICAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM EXTERRITORIALITY, AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

GOVERNMENT: it is clear that governments inevitably spend the greater part of their efforts in perpetuating themselves (*) and not in serving the real needs of the people. (**) How else are we to explain the insanity of organized warfare from the beginning of the State's history? And how are we to explain the gigantic police organizations which currently exist within every advanced country and which threaten to wipe out every last vestige of the individual liberties men once enjoyed? - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.165. - The age of individual liberties and rights has barely begun, about 200 years ago, and all too many of them are still not widely recognized. There was no Golden Past or Paradise. – (*) Also in destroying themselves, at least in the long run, by wrongful and anti-economic and other irrational actions or preparing, unwittingly, and unintentionally, for their own destruction by other governments or their successors. Overkill armaments have by now existed for decades. – (**) There exist only very diverse individuals with very different needs and wants! - JZ, 29.7.00, 27.8.13. - SELF-PRESERVATION THEIR MAIN CONCERN, WARFARE & POLICE STATES, TERRITORIALISM, POWER ADDICTION, POLITICIANS, RULERS

GOVERNMENT: It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” – Voltaire. – The government is almost always wrong, at least in some respects. And it is always dangerous, even with the best will in the world, "like an elephant in a china store." - JZ, 1.5.98 & 15.7.00. - Especially, when it is still a territorial government or Warfare State and power monger and when it “finances” all its expenses by taxation and inflation. - JZ, 26. 11. 06, 27.8.13. - Well, while all territorial governments are wrong, my rightful criticism of them has not yet been dangerous to me or to the few other panarchists. However, once panarchism spreads rapidly we might be in great danger, too. If democratic governments were wise enough, they would themselves use panarchistic methods and institutions in their fights against dictatorships. But then in territorial politics its practitioners, politicians, are not any more likely to comprehend rightful and rational self-interest in politics than they understand it in economics. – JZ, 4.1.08, 23.12.08. – TERRITORIALISM, LAISSEZ-FAIRE IN ECONOMICS & IN POLITICS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE AS ALLIES, ALL ONLY FOR THEIR PRESENT & FUTURE VOLUNTEERS

GOVERNMENT: It is doubtful that Mozart or Mahler or Gaugin or Cezanne or Shelley or Keats would have won any government awards. On the contrary, incompetents with political pull would have received the subsidies, and the real artists would have to pay more taxes to support these incompetents. That's how government always operates.” - John Hospers, author of Meaning and Truth in the Art and of: Artistic Expression, also editor of 2 anthologies: Introductory Readings in Aesthetics and Artistic Expression. - ARTS SUBSIDIES, AWARDS, PRIZES

GOVERNMENT: It is error alone, which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” - Thomas Jefferson. – Have all pro-freedom truths been widely accepted as yet, after first of all effectively refuting all the errors, prejudices, myths, false assumptions and conclusions, misunderstandings and flawed definitions? Steady drips can even hollow a stone. On the beaches even rocks are worn down to sand. For every truth there exists a mass of errors etc. Thus truths becomes often buried, overlooked or disbelieved, even if they are allowed to be expressed somewhere, by some people, for a long time. Thus it might take decades to centuries before it is fully recognized. Even the Copernican system had many predecessors. American was discovered xyz times. - This is the kind of myth, which makes people believe that special markets for ideas and talents would not be necessary. – Do the libertarian and anarchist truths stand unchallenged and generally recognized as such? - JZ, 29.12.08. – A proper, comprehensive and quite free market for all truths and talents has still to be established. It is quite wrong to assume that it does already exist. – JZ, 27.8.13. - ERROR & TRUTH, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTRE

GOVERNMENT: it is evident that government, by excluding or even superseding individual agency, either substitutes a less qualified instrumentality for one better qualified, or at any rate substitutes its own mode of accomplishing the work, for all the variety of modes which would be tried by an number of equally qualified persons aiming at the same end; a competition by many degrees more propitious to the progress of improvement than any uniform system.” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government.” - MONOPOLIZED EXPERIMENTATION VS. FREE EXPERIMENTATION, COMPETITION & PROGRESS, TERRITORIALISM VS. POLYARCHIC OR PANARCHISTIC FREE EXPERIMENTATION IN ALL SPHERES

GOVERNMENT: It is foolish to say that because people are evil they need to be governed by other evil people.” - David Taylor, Brisbane, 5.6.85. – deceased ca. 1990. - EVIL

GOVERNMENT: It is for the good of nations and not for the emoluments or aggrandizement of particular individuals, that government ought to be established, and that mankind are at the expense of supporting it. The defects of every government and constitution, both as to principle and form, must, on a parity of reasoning, be as open to discussion as the defects of a law, and it is a duty which every man owes to society to point them out.” - Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man, II. - For the two fundamental flaws of every present government (compulsory membership and territorial rule, law and jurisdiction) there exists no moral or rational defence. Only voluntaristic and non-territorial "governments" can be so defended. - JZ, 16.10.85. - From this point of view the above remark ought to be amended to something like this: It is for the abuse of genuine nations (voluntary communities) and for the emolument or aggrandizement of particular individuals that territorial governments are established. Therefore and to that extent their followers and internal opponents as well as the rest of mankind should not support them at all but rather resist them. The defects of every government and constitution, both as to principle and form, should not only be subjected to free criticism by reasoning and quite open discussion as to their defects, but, more importantly still, to free competition from all other governments, communities and societies of volunteers, with other and potentially better ideas and practices. Man's duties include the obligation not only to think about more just, free and peaceful societies but also to individually work towards them, e.g. by seceding from one perceived to be flawed, and then the seceding individuals joining or establishing all those, which they perceive to be superior. - One analogy is consumer sovereignty, combined with free enterprise and free markets, and the division of labor under fully freed exchanges. Under these conditions goods and services will be abundantly provided and continuously improved in quality, while the cost of producing them will be minimized. - Even Thomas Paine's thinking deserves to be continuously amended, in accordance with his presumed intentions towards more liberties and rights for all men, according to their own individual choices. - JZ, 18.7.00, 27.8.13. - VS. PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: It is government which creates chaos and liberty which creates order.” - Michael Grossberg, NEW LIBERTARIAN 5/6, 1978-80, p. 22. - LIBERTY, ORDER & CHAOS

GOVERNMENT: It is impossible that such governments as have hitherto existed in the world, could have commenced by any other means than a total violation of every principle, sacred and moral. The obscurity, in which the origin of all the present old governments is buried, implies the iniquity and disgrace with which they began. The origin of the present governments of America and France will ever be remembered, because it is honorable to record it; but with respect to the rest, even flattery has consigned them to the tomb of time, without an inscription.” - Thomas Paine, quoted in Sprading, p.79. - IMMORAL BEGINNINGS, AGGRESSION, USURPATION, CONQUEST, SUBJUGATION, SLAVERY, WAR

GOVERNMENT: It is impossible to get sensible government so long as everybody has the vote.” - Signor Admirante, quoted by Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST,  8/73, PAGE 62. - Full stop after government! - JZ, 11/73. - With the qualification that, as usual, I mean territorial government unless I talk or write explicitly about competing, voluntaristic and only exterritorially autonomous "governments" or volunteer communities. Naturally, such competing governments would merely be voluntary associations but, different from their current crop by full exterritorial autonomy, i.e., no longer under the oppression and exploitation by any territorial government. - JZ, 1.8.00, 27.8.13. - VOTING, GENERAL FRANCHISE

GOVERNMENT: It is in the power of the Government to prevent much evil; it can do very little positive good.” - Edmund Burke, quoted by S. Hutchinson Harris, The Doctrine of Personal Right, p.450. - More like: It causes more evil than it prevents and does less good than it prevents. - JZ, 26.6.89. - It is not much good as a monopolistic and bureaucratic crime fighter, either and least effective in the sphere of crime prevention, so much so that numerous citizens, on top of the high taxes for protection which they do not receive from the government, are forced to hire expensive private security services, which often and for a long time have already outnumbered the local official police forces in manpower.  - JZ, 18.7.00, 27.8.13. - GOOD & EVIL, PROTECTION, POLICE & CRIME

GOVERNMENT: It is melancholy to see how little fitness for office is regarded on all sides, and how much the public employments are treated as booty to be divided among successful combatants.” - Sir James Graham, 1853, quoted in C. Bingham, Men & Affairs, p.82. - It is melancholy to see how widespread the belief still is that there are fit offices for territorial government and parties and individuals fit to fill them. - JZ, 2.8.00. - PARTIES, POLITICIANS, INCOMPETENCE, “JOBS FOR THE BOYS.” DEMOCRACIES, ELECTIONS, VOTING

GOVERNMENT: It is no more the function of government to impose a moral code than to impose a religious code. And for the same reason. [1947] – Robert M. MacIver (1882-1970), Scottish Sociologist – MORAL CODE, DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, BILLS OF RIGHTS, MORALITY

GOVERNMENT: It is not a government's function (or right) to hand out privileges to any special interest group, business or otherwise.” - Workers Party policy statement NSW State elections, 1976. - PRIVILEGES, HANDOUTS, SUBSIDIES, LOBBIES, SPECIAL INTERESTS

GOVERNMENT: It is not difficult to run the world. It runs by itself.“ - Nego? - (Es gehoert ganz wenig Klugheit dazu die Welt zu regieren. Sie laeuft von alleine.) - All rulers resemble King Canute, who whipped the waves in order to make them stop. At most they succeed in adding their own small waves to those of the storm. - One defender of King Canute said, he might have merely tried to give his followers a demonstration to show that even his power was limited. - JZ, n.d. & 26.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: It is not the disease, but the physician; it is the pernicious hand of government alone which can reduce a whole people to despair.” - Junius. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM & MONOPOLISM, COLLECTIVISM & COERCION, VS. VOLUNTARISM & PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: It is not the people who gain, it is the governments!” - Ishmael, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, 5.8.73. - VS. THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: It is obvious to me that Australians need saving from their governments, and that if we do save ourselves, then we'll all profit: with less regulation and less taxation we'll profit by having more freedom and more money. We Australians have tolerated the excesses of our governments for far too long. It is about time that we looked around for an alternative political philosophy - one that gives as freedom of choice instead of regulation, economic freedom instead of crippling taxation - a philosophy based on the rights of Man, not the State.” - TANSTAAFL, Feb. 1976. - SAVE YOURSELF FROM GOVERNMENT, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHT & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: It is obvious, even to a layman, that the government is crazy; and it can be disastrous for government to slide gracefully into lunacy.” - David Cort, Social Astonishments, p.24. – It can be disastrous for their subjects, too. See e.g. their current inflationist “solution” to the current economic crisis they cause and their stockpiles of nuclear “weapons”, with crazies at the buttons to start them off. – I see nothing graceful about their slide into lunacy. – JZ, 29.12.08, 3.12.10, 27.8.13. - CRAZY, LUNATIC, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, REVIVAL OF KEYNESIANISM, INFLATION, OFFICIAL INTEREST RATES TOWN TO ALMOST ZERO!

GOVERNMENT: It is one of those things not easily accounted for, that men who would scorn to do an injustice to a fellow man, in a private transaction, - who would scorn to usurp any arbitrary domination over him, or his property, - who would be in the highest degree indignant, if charged with any private injustice, - and who, at a moment's warning, would take their lives in their hands, to defend their own rights, and redress their own wrongs, - will, the moment they become members of what they call a government, assume that they are absolved from all principles and all obligations that were imperative upon them, as individuals; will assume that they are invested with a right or arbitrary and irresponsible dominion over other men, and other men's property. Yet they are doing this continually. And all the laws they make are based upon the assumption that they have now become invested with rights that are more than human, and that those, on whom their laws are to operate, have lost even their human rights. They seem to be utterly blind to the fact, that the only reason there can be for their existence as a government, is that they may protect those very "rights", which they before scrupulously respected (*) but which they now unscrupulously trample upon.” - Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, Works I, 8/9. – (*) That is very doubtful, too. They did not even know many of them. – JZ, 7.4.13. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, AN IRRESPONSIBLE & CORRUPTING FORCE & ORGANIZATION AGAINST THE RIGHTS & LIBERTIES OF INDIVIDUALS & VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS, STATISM, POWER ADDICTION, SUPERIORITY COMPLEX, IGNORANCE OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: It is part of accepted wisdom to suppose that strong, efficient and responsive government is beneficial to communities. The experience of the English is otherwise. Strong, efficient government is the enemy of liberty and is of very limited utility to any community”. - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, p.12. - VS. COMMUNITY, STRENGTH, EFFICIENCY

GOVERNMENT: It is plain, therefore, that if the people have invested the government with power to make laws that absolutely bind the people, and to punish the people for transgressing these laws, the people have surrendered their liberties unreservedly into the hands of the government.” - Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works, II, p.12. - THEIR LAWS VS. THE PEOPLE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM & THE SURRENDER OF LIBERTIES BY THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: It is safe to say that governments have committed far more crimes than they have prevented.” - R. G. Ingersoll, in essay: Crimes Against Criminals. – I for one mind the crimes against innocent people even more. – JZ, 27.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: It is the function of government to invent philosophies to explain the demands of its own convenience.” - Murray Kempton, Academic Pride, in: America Comes of Middle Age, 1963. - The worst kind of false advertising is regularly supplied by governments. - JZ, 14.7.00. - COVER-UPS, EXCUSES, PRETENCES, PROPAGANDA & LIES, ADVERTISING

GOVERNMENT: It is the highest impertinence and presumption, therefore, in kings and ministers, to pretend to watch over the economy of private people, and to restrain their expense, either by sumptuary laws, or by prohibiting the importation of foreign luxuries. They are themselves always, and without any exception, the greatest spendthrifts in the society. Let them look well after their own expenses, and they may safely trust private people with theirs. If their own extravagance does not ruin the state, that of their subjects never will.” - Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, quoted in THE FREEMAN, 6/75. – SPENDING, WASTE, EXTRAVAGANCES

GOVERNMENT: It is the inherent right of the Government to lie to save itself.” – Assistant Secretary of Defence Arthur D. Sylvester, December 6, 1962. – As if any abstract like a government were a living body and had the right to live. Only its remaining voluntary members have the right to retain whatever system they prefer for themselves, at their own expense and risk. – JZ, 25.12.08. PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, LIES, DISHONESTY, DENIALS

GOVERNMENT: It is the nature of government not to be ruled, but to rule its subjects.” - Leo Tolstoy, On Civil Disobedience and Nonviolence, p.239. - Exterritorial, competing and voluntary governments would, like any other business enterprise, be nothing but the agents of their free customers. - JZ, 3.8.00. – It claims sovereignty for itself and does not recognize individual sovereignty of those it territorially subjects to itself. – JZ, 31.12.08. - RULE, RULERS, SUBJECTS, TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVE & MONOPOLY SOVEREIGNTY VS. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & THAT OF VOLUNTARY COMMUNITIES.

GOVERNMENT: It is the nature of government to invade. It will impose itself upon the non-invasive individual as readily as it will upon the invasive one. It will seize his property through taxation, or otherwise, and use it for purposes of which the individual does not approve - for going to war, for instance, or building warships (things obnoxious to the peaceful man).” - Sprading, Liberty & the Great Libertarians, p.21. – INVASIVE GOVERNMENT: TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: It is the theory of all modern civilized governments that they protect and foster the liberty of the citizen; it is the practice of all of them to limit its exercise, and sometimes very narrowly. – H. L. Mencken in  - They are not civilized to the extent that they are still territorial!JZ, 27.3.12. - VS. LIBERTY, TERRITORIALISM VS. CIVILIZATION, POWER ADDICTION, POWER MADNESS

GOVERNMENT: It is time to get big government off your backs and out of your pocket-books.” - President Nixon, THE AUSTRALIAN, 30. 1.73. - Does "pocket books" in the U.S. refer not only to books but e.g. to wallets and cheque books, too? - JZ

GOVERNMENT: It killed 250 million people last century. Can you imagine a world without it? – - Anthony Gregory shared - GET Involved! You live here-'s photo. Facebook, 21.11.12. - THE GREATEST KILLER – A NECESSITY? TERRITORIALISM, MASS MURDERS, DEMOCIDE

GOVERNMENT: It largely amounts to misdirected and wasted energies and resources. The image of an ancient proverb applies: “The mountains are in labor - and out comes a little mouse.” - JZ, 14.7.00. – Is there really anything rightful that ought to be tackled by a government and can only be tackled by a government? – JZ, 27.8.13. – Q., TERRITORIALISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENT? TERRITORIAL LIMITED GOVERNMENTS ARE STILL TOO UNLIMITED.

GOVERNMENT: It may be laid as an universal rule that a government which attempts more than it ought will perform less.” - T. B. Macaulay, Comic Dramatists of the Restoration, 1841. – If you were to tackle half a dozen jobs at the same time, would you be likely to finish even one of them properly and fast enough? Governments try to tackle not only 6 but rather 6,000 jobs or even more. –Their bureaucracies are not amount to an efficient and market-like division of labor scheme and almost never run in a businesslike way. – JZ, 27.8.13. - BIG GOVERNMENT, INEFFICIENCY

GOVERNMENT: It may be necessary to govern one who will not govern himself, but that in no wise (*) justifies governing one who is capable of and willing to govern himself. To argue that because some need restraint, all must be restrained, is neither consistent nor logical.” - Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p. 20. – (*) in no way - might be better. – JZ - CRIME, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DISCIPLINE & SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: It may be said with strict accuracy, that the taste a man may share for absolute government bears an exact ratio to the contempt he may profess for his countrymen.” - Alexis de Tocqueville, France Before the Revolution of 1789.” - All territorial governments are full of contempt and wrongful powers - at least towards “their” dissenters, whom they do also treat as if they were their property or as if they were voluntary followers and subscribers. - JZ, 5.4.89, 3.12.10, 27.8.13. - STATISM, CONTEMPT FOR MAN, HIS RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: It must be remembered, besides, that even if a government were superior in intelligence and knowledge to any single individual in the nation, it must be inferior to all the individuals of the nation taken together. It can neither possess in itself, nor enlist in its service, more than a portion of the acquirements and capacities which the country contains, applicable to any given purpose. …” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, p.150. - LIMITED KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTISE & INTELLIGENCE, LORDING IT OVER ALL OTHERS IN ITS TERRITORY OR TURF

GOVERNMENT: It seems that our government is run by demons, most of whom appear determined to drive the rest of us to madness.” - Alexander Kent, Sloop of War, p.55. - POLITICIANS, LEADERS, RULERS, LEADERSHIP, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, THE MAIN WAR CRIMINALS

GOVERNMENT: It should also be pointed out that most acts of coercion are relatively short-lived. That is, they are brief if we do not have government around to intensify and prolong the problem.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 77. & COERCION, PROBLEMS, SOLUTIONS, CRISES

GOVERNMENT: it should be noted that all government, regardless of what it may be seeking to accomplish, begins its operations by a boundary trespass. The concept of the power of government to tax, and to regulate, provides this essential ingredient. Therefore, the libertarian moralist sees government as an evil in itself. If it did not violate boundaries, it would not be a government. If it does violate boundaries, even though it may only be seeking funds to prevent boundary violations by others, it is essentially evil and wrong.” - Robert LeFevre, The Libertarian, p.31. - The use of the term "boundary" is unfortunate in this respect. I know, that LeFevre meant here the boundary of rights and liberties around each individual. But governments are commonly believed to protect "their citizens" within their territorial boundaries, against each other and also these boundaries and citizens against governments and people beyond these borders, frontiers or boundaries. However, the very fact of setting up frontiers and claiming the inside as an exclusive turf against all comers, whether they are dissenters from the inside or “foreigners” from the outside, is already an authoritarian, even a totalitarian act. These collectivistic, coercive and compulsory territorial boundaries ought to be destroyed, not upheld like those around individuals. Only then can the rightful boundaries, those around individuals, be fully realized. Individual sovereignty vs. collective, centralized, territorial, monopolistic and coercive sovereignty. Exterritorial autonomy vs. territorial sovereignty. Voluntary membership vs. compulsory membership. Individual secessionism vs. compulsory territorial unity. Personal law vs. territorial law. Exterritorial decentralization vs. territorial unity, centralization and decentralization. All of politics ought to be re-defined and re-thought as well as reorganized. - JZ, 1.8.00, 7.4.13, 27.8.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: It should be remembered at this point that government is not physical. That is, it cannot be physically touched by human hands. Only individuals are physical in substance. Society and the State are mere theories without material form. Yet, many place their faith, respect, patriotism and obedience into a system which by conservative estimates has killed somewhere around one billion men and women in wars, prison camps, torture chambers, (by) inquisitions, starvation and imperialism from Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Attila the Hun, Napoleon, Caesar to thousand(s) of lesser known authoritarians who had the misfortune to rule in smaller, less powerful kingdoms and nations.” - SLL leaflet: Who's Afraid of Anarchy?” - STATE & SOCIETY, WARS & OTHER VIOLENCE, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS HAVE BEEN THE GREATEST MASS MURDERERS & ARE ALL TOO WELL PREPARED FOR THE GREATEST MASS MURDER EVER.

GOVERNMENT: It takes a territorial government to make enterprise unfree, labor an unending chore, capitalism unprofitable, to restrict trade to a minimum and to make the economy going backwards, reducing the standard of living for all but a few privileged people and a multitude of politicians and bureaucrats. - JZ, 30.7.82 & 26.7.00, 7.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: It wouldn't be so bad if government programs would cost only as much as they do cost us in taxes. Alas, they are wrongful, irrational and harmful, too. - JZ, 22.9.99 & 9.7.00. - GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, BUDGET, TAXATION, INTERVENTIONISM, WRONGFULNESS & HARMFULNESS

GOVERNMENT: It's always moral to support your country against your government, but never moral to support your government against your country.” – Author? - Quoted by Tom Palven in SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, Aug. 88, p.7. -  COUNTRY, PATRIOTISM, PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: It's amazing to me that governments around the world will try every aspect of government control before, as a final last resort after everything else fails, they will try individual liberty.” - Andre Marrou, Libertarian candidate for President '92, former Libertarian Alaska State Legislator. – None of them has ever reached the stage as yet where they will try ALL individual rights and liberties. How many more centuries will it take them, if they ever get there on the territorialist path? Thus the fastest way to realize these rights and liberties would be for any minorities  in favour of some of them or even all of them to opt out and realize them among themselves only. Under the present statist mentality prevailing, they might get this freedom as a “fool’s liberty”. The statists would expect us to become entertained by our “antics” and willing to watch us like they watch circus clowns or comedians. Who cares about their view, as long as we become free to do our things for ourselves? Afterwards, whenever they become disappointed in their expectations they may, gradually, come to seriously ponder our examples and to somewhat imitate them or may join us. We would certainly not complain. – Is this entirely a utopian notion? At least degrees of “free enterprise zones” were permitted, by statists, as new milking cows. Historically many liberties were initially bought. At present they could, perhaps, still be bought at bargain prices. Later, when governments are aware how profitable liberties can be, they might want to charge more – if then they still have the power to do so. Freedom ideas and examples will then affect their subjects and endanger their remaining territorial power. And their greed for the taxing of booming economies might then also move them somewhat in the economic freedom direction. Even Red China and Russia did. - JZ, 29.12.08. – We should also aim to expose them to competition from other statists communities, all only with voluntary subjects. They do have numerous disagreements between them. Such dissenters could become our allies towards our own freedom, while they try to realize their ideals among themselves in one or the other statist way. – JZ, 3.12.10. - CONTROLS & LIBERTY, CONTROLS, REGULATIONS, LEGISLATION, FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY

GOVERNMENT: It's been said that if one government told the truth for 24 hours, every government in the world would fall.” - Richard Harris, Enemies, p.249. - LIES & TRUTH

GOVERNMENT: It's nice to be wanted, but not by the U.S. government.” - Joane D. Vinge, Fireship, ANALOG 12/78, 112.

GOVERNMENT: It's not the government's function to keep people from hurting themselves.” - Quoted by Davis Harris & Ron Kimberling, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 6/72. - Why assume that any territorial government does have any function towards individuals, unless all individuals have signed over that function to it and as long as they did so? - JZ, 16.7.00. - PROTECTIONISM

GOVERNMENT: It's obvious, the government in … is working full time - not to protect rights - but to violate them.” - David Moran, THE CONNECTION 102, p.14, of 6 March 82. – TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT: A CRIMINAL, NOT A PROTECTOR

GOVERNMENT: It's rather another ironic thing that once upon a time the government was only allowed to do those things that it was permitted to do by its constitution and the people could do everything else. Now, the people can only do those things that they are permitted to do by law and the government can virtually do, well, anything it likes.” - Robert Howard, in an AIR talk. - CONSTITUTION, LAW, FREEDOM & ARBITRARY ACTIONS VS. THE PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: It's the governments that should be accountable to the people and not us to the government.” - From ID-card protestor, as reported on news, 23.9.87.  ACCOUNTABILITY, & PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: It's time to get the government off your back and out of your pocket.” - President Nixon, quoted by Lena Furuskog, 1973. - She had written and sketched a Georgist - libertarian economic primer, with her colored illustrations and was looking for a publisher. I do not know whether it ever appeared. I offered to microfiche it but she was not interested in that or doing it herself. Like so many authors she vainly expected to make much money from her book. - JZ, 3.8.00.

GOVERNMENT: It’s not a silly idea to keep the government so poor it can’t pay bribes.” - John Laws, Book of Uncommon Sense, PAN, 1995, 262. - But then it would take even more bribes! – And it could reward power addicts with powerful positions, which they could use to extract even more bribes! - JZ, 19.9.07, 25.12.08. - BRIBERY & CORRUPTION

GOVERNMENT: Its inbuilt costs and inefficiencies are so great that if it were not for its territorial monopolies, and coercive powers, including its compulsory taxes, its customers would drop off like flies and look for or arrange better bargains for themselves. - JZ, 22.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Its own … aim: To fool all of the people, all of the time.” - H. L. Soper, LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM, June 78.

GOVERNMENT: Jefferson mistrusted all governments - he knew their proclivity to tyranny - and accepted Federalism only with the proviso that the Constitution command absolute respect, and that an expansive Bill of Rights accompany it.” - Libertarian Yearbook 1973. - Well, neither Federalism nor Constitutionalism nor the Bill of Rights have preserved freedom in the U.S. sufficiently and the National Guard has been turned into an instrument of the State as well. - JZ, 31.7.00. – Too many libertarians place their trust in the all too incomplete and flawed bill of rights declarations of their governments, just like too many Christians place their trust in the all too incomplete and flawed rules of the Ten Commandments. Why, after centuries and even thousands of years of these imperfections, is there no systematic attempt to finally produce a complete and as ideal declaration of all individual rights and liberties, as good as the most moral and intelligent human beings could, by now, produce through a common effort between them? Are they convinced that we have already enough and quite clearly defined individual rights and liberties, or that their government offers in this respect are good enough? This is, I believe, one of the scandals of the libertarian movement, not yet generally recognized as such. – JZ, 28.12.08. - TYRANNY, FEDERALISM, CONSTITUTIONALISM & BILL OF RIGHTS, AN IDEAL DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: Just because a government, in its own eyes, is the country and the people, representatively, doesn't mean that we should make the same mistake. - JZ, 16.1.80. - Free after: " … a king … in his own eyes is KARHIDE…" - Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness, p.20.

GOVERNMENT: Just government - a contradiction in terms for all territorial governments. - JZ, 23.2.85. - For, inevitably, once they have more than a few hundred members or subjects they do deny justice, rights and liberties to at least some of their dissenters. - JZ, 16.3.85 & 13.7.00. - JUST, GOOD, SOUND, LIMITED, TERRITORIAL VS. EXTERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Justice being taken away, then, what are kingdoms but great robberies? … the booty is divided by the law agreed on.” - St. Augustine, The City of God, IV/4. - WELFARE STATE, GANG, ROBBERY, LOOT, JUSTICE

GOVERNMENT: Keep a government poor and weak and it's your servant; let it get rich and powerful and it's your master.” - H. Beam Piper & John J. McGuire, Lone Star Planet, p.295/296.

GOVERNMENT: Keep government as small and nondescript as possible.” - William Murchinson, DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 24.6.74.

GOVERNMENT: Keep the government off the backs of the people.” - Justice William Orville Douglas. - VS. PEOPLE, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Killer governments are let loose among us - and yet we make no attempt to hunt them down. - JZ, 26.7.87. – WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, POWER-ADDICTS AS RULERS

GOVERNMENT: Labour force, Australia, April 1977: Private: 3.277 Million, Government: 1.451 Million. Unemployed: 5.3%. For 1976 the figures were: Private: 3.316 Million, Government: 1.421 Million, Unemployed; 4.3%.” - WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN, 23.7.77.  - A mere 2-year perspective is by far not long enough. I do not have the figures for today but am sure that they are worse. - JZ, 1.8.00. - BIG GOVERNMENT, PUBLIC SERVANTS: ALMOST 1/3rd OF ALL EMPLOYEES ARE ALREADY EMPLOYED BY THE GOVERNMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT

GOVERNMENT: Laissez faire, laissez passer for all governments and societies: Let them produce, let them exchange, but only via consumer sovereignty, voluntary membership, voluntary taxation, individual secessionism, personal law and exterritorial autonomy. That would pull the teeth and claws of this monster. - JZ, 19.12.93 & 10.7.00. - LAISSEZ FAIRE, LAISSEZ PASSER FOR GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES, LET INDIVIDUALS PRODUCE & CONSUME SUCH SERVICES AS THEY LIKE

GOVERNMENT: Law has always been wrong. Government is the fundamental ism of the soldier, bigot, and priest.” - Wendell Phillips, quoted in - Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.163. – These are likely to play small roles only in most panarchies and, gradually, even less and less. – JZ, 30.12.08, 3.12.10. – Law in the meaning of “common law” made some sense. Most legislation does not. – JZ, 7.4.13. - LAW & EXPLOITATION, LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: Law represents the effort of men to organize society; government, the efforts of selfishness to overthrow liberty.” - Henry Ward Beecher, Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit. - But society is largely an "order without design", as Hayek says. Society cannot and should not be organized by territorial laws but societies of volunteers should be free to make their own rules or laws: personal law. Only then can it amount to genuine law, at least for them. - Territorial law is an attempt to disorganize free and natural societies living in a territory and trying to do their own things to and for themselves. It is a destroyer of personal law, the only law fit for human beings as diverse as they are. - JZ, 27.6.00, 31.12.08. - I try to distinguish between “laws” (“positive” law or territorially imposed legislation, usually wrongful and irrational), and “the law”, embodying natural law, natural rights and common law at least somewhat approaching the rules of genuine individual rights and liberties.” – JZ, 31.12.08, 7.4.13. - SOCIETY, LAW & LIBERTY, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Learn, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed.” - (Nescis, mi fili, quantilla sapientia regitur mundus.) - In another version: An nescis, mi fili, quantilla prudentia mundus regatur. - Pope Julius III, 1555, to a Portugese monk who pitied him because he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. (Buechmann, Gefluegelte Worte.) Also attributed to Count Axel von Oxenstierna, Chancellor of Sweden, 1651, when urging his son to accept an appointment to the Peace Congress in Osnabrueck, Westphalia, in 1648. - (You do not realize, my son, with how little wisdom this world is governed.) Told also in connection with Conrad von Benningen, the Dutch statesman. - It took the territorial governments and churches 30 years to end a religious war - by finally conceding religious liberty. The population of Germany was reduced in this war from about 25 million to 5 million people. How many World Wars will it take to persuade YOU or your government of the benefit of freedom for tolerant actions in ALL spheres, not just the religious sphere? Governments are no more likely to resign their territorial powers, fast and easily, than monopolistic and coercive churches were. - JZ, n.d. & 7.4.13. - ITS LACK OF WISDOM, PANARCHISM, FOOLISHNESS, Q.


GOVERNMENT: LeFevre argues that the only good government is a dead government.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, March 78, reviewing his: Good Government, Hope or Illusion? – Here, again, he ignored the possibility of a competing or voluntary government, although he had reprinted de Puydt’s article “Panarchy” in his RAMPART JOURNAL, Fall 66. Even such radical thinkers are not always consistent. What he states here applies only to territorial governments. – JZ, 30.12.08. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Legislates unemployment, poverty and crime.” - Irwin A. Schiff, The Biggest Con, from the cover. - LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: Less government, always less!” - JZ, after reading Karl Hess: The Lawless State. – LESS GOVERNMENT, ALWAYS LESS!

GOVERNMENT: Less power to the government. No power to the government. No power. - JZ, 1974. - All as a matter of free individual choices, free contracts, free competition, free enterprise, full consumer sovereignty towards all services offered. What remains would deserves a new name. So far I stick with panarchies: As many of them as free and different people want for themselves. - JZ, 2.8.00. – COMPETING GOVERNANCE, COMPETING SOCIETES & COMMUNITIES, ALL ONLY WITH VOLUNTARY MEMBERS & WITHOUT A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY

GOVERNMENT: Let government fall! - JZ, 6/73, after reading: "Perhaps the best characterization of the great majority of Frenchmen during the revolutionary excitement of February 1848 is that they were not overthrowing the government, but allowing it to fall." – G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.76. - ALLOW IT TO FALL!

GOVERNMENT: Let no man deceive you with vain words.” - Ephesians V, 6, c. 60. – The utterances of territorial rulers are as full of mythology and spleens as are those of priests and preachers. The first falsely promise you a paradise on earth and the second one in “heaven”. Both want to empty your pockets to promote their false visions. – JZ, 7.4.13. - POLITICIANS, RULERS, CAMPAIGN SPEECHES, PROMISES, DEMAGOGUES

GOVERNMENT: Let the Government govern - let the private sector do.” - Peter F. Drucker. - THE INTERCOLLEGIATE REVIEW, Winter 1970/71. - That would not limit territorial government enough. Rather, let us reduce all of them to mere private or cooperative and freely competing enterprises and special interest associations, all only with voluntary membership and exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 29.7.00. - PRIVATE SECTOR, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, , PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIAL DESPOTISM

GOVERNMENT: Let the people think they govern and they will be governed. – William Penn (1693) – DEMOCRACY, PEOPLE, PUBLIC OPINION

GOVERNMENT: Let us admit that societies cannot exist without government and state authority (*); that government implies force; and for that reason "participation in government is fundamentally degrading." - Auguste Comte, quoted in J. O. Y Gasset, Concord and Liberty, p.26. - Societies can and have developed better methods to provide defensive force than territorial governments have. – But do not expect them to be taught at governmental military academies. - JZ, 30.7.00, 28.12.08. – Only genuinely free societies can offer as much liberation as individuals and groups want for themselves. Territorial governments can only offer another kind of territorial misgovernment to whole populations. Obviously this is not an attractive enough aim e.g. in Afghanistan and in Iraq. – JZ, 3.12.10. – (*) Where is the evidence for this assertion? – JZ, 7.4.13. - SOCIETY, , TERRITORIALISM, WAR & PEACE AIMS, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Let us cast out all artificial systems and give freedom a chance - freedom, which is an act of faith in God and in His handiwork.” - Bastiat, on "freedom of transactions", quoted in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.231. - If only Bastiat had claimed that freedom consistently for ALL voluntary transactions! - JZ, 18.7.00. – Often the good is the enemy of the best. An advocacy of laissez faire only in economics, not also for economic, political and social systems, in all their variety, was not good enough to help the laissez faire philosophy to victory not only in economics but also in social and political matters. Think of the human sacrifices since, all the consequence of territorial statism remaining largely unquestioned as such, in spite of their direct connection to territorialism. – His faith in a God also held him and all too many others back. – However, if he had lived longer … - JZ, 29.12.08, 7.4.13. – TERRITORIAL STATISM AN ARTIFICIAL SYSTEM, PANARCHISM A NATURAL ONE, BASED UPON UNANIMOUS CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, FREE EXPERIMENTATION, FREEDOM TO ASSOCIATE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT AND FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT.

GOVERNMENT: let us define chaos of the social kind. Is it not disharmony resulting from social friction? When we trace social friction to its source, do we not find that it seminates in a feeling of unwarranted hurt or injustice? Now, when one may take by law that which another man has put his labor into, we have injustice of the keenest kind, for the denial of a man's right to possess and enjoy what he produces is akin to a denial of life, yet the confiscation of property is the first business of government. It is indeed its only business, for the government has no competence for anything else. It cannot produce a single "good" and so must resort to doing the only thing within its province: to take what the producers produce and distribute it, minus what it takes for itself. This is done by law, and the injustice is keenly felt (even though we become adjusted to it), and thus we have friction. Remove the laws by which the producer is deprived of his product and order will prevail.” - Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, p.45. - TAXATION, LAW, ORDER, FRICTION & CHAOS

GOVERNMENT: Let us go back in time to the point at which we began to allow others to operate as authorities over us, and begin to confront the proposition that others have rightful power over our lives, that others have expertise superior to anything we could ever know on our own. Let us respond to such a proposition as any 3-year old would to anything so palpably absurd: "Why?" - When we relearn to ask such questions - and to ask them of anyone who seeks to advance his or her authority over us - we shall have discovered the way to our psychological independence." - Butler D. Shaffer, Southwestern School of Law, Los Angeles: - POWER, AUTHORITY - WHY? Q.

GOVERNMENT: Let's be kind to government - as kind as it deserves it.” - John Pearce, on 2GB, radio broadcast, 5.1.72. – Or as unkind as it deserves to be treated! – To confine it to its remaining volunteers, under exterritorial autonomy is the best we could do for it and for all the factions of statists. They should all become free to do their things to themselves, as long as they wish to put up with them. None of them is entitled to anything more. None of them nor any community or society deserves a territorial monopoly. – JZ, 7.4.13. - KINDNESS TO GOVERNMENTS, ALL KINDS OF STATISM FOR ALL KINDS OF STATIST ONLY

GOVERNMENT: Let's get the dead hand of government out of our economy.” - Workers Party slogan, NATIONAL TIMES, 15.12.75. – In is acts like a spanner in the wheels, or, sometimes, like sugar mixed with petrol. – JZ, 29.12.08. – Territorialism destroys not only economies but also political and social systems. All can develop freely only among volunteers who are exterritorially autonomous and thus can experiment freely in accordance with their convictions and beliefs. – JZ, 3.12.10. - DEAD HAND, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Let's have any government only by individualized and mutual acceptance. - JZ, 19.10.73. - INDIVIDUAL CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Let's shut down the government.” - John Pearce, on 2GB, 5.1.72. – Shutting down all territorial governments would be enough. Let all volunteers do their things for or to themselves. – JZ, 3.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Libertarians believe the greatest creator of chaos and fear is the government.” - Bruce Morgan, in THE SATURDAY EVENING MERCURY, Tasmania, 5.10.74. – True for territorial governments. Those without a territorial monopoly and with voluntary members only will, sooner or later, learn their lessons from their own bitter experiences and from the successes of free societies all around them. – JZ, 7.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Liberty has never come from the government … The history of liberty is the history of the limitation of governmental power, not the increase of it.” - Woodrow Wilson. - VS. LIBERTY

GOVERNMENT: Life can be lived but not even fully governed by the individuals themselves, who try to live and control their own lives. An individual's life cannot be rightfully and sensibly governed at all, by others. It can only be misgoverned by them. - JZ, 7.11.98 & 9.7.00, 3.12.10. – Even parents are not good enough to govern the lives of their children. Thus wise parents do not even try to do this. – JZ, 27.8.13. - LIFE, TERRITORIALISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: Like Linus, neither liberal nor conservative can bear the thought of giving up the blanket - of giving up government and going it alone as residents of a planet, rather than of a country.” - Karl Hess; Death of Politics, p.14. - When I see another smoker or litterer dumping his or her stuff, I often think: What can you do with people who think the world is their ashtray or garbage can? Have we sufficiently improved from the ancients who build rising cities on successive layers of garbage? - If even as small degrees of civilized behavior are as difficult or impossible to achieve, over thousands of years, what more can we expect from such people? What can we do for us and against them? Escape into space, and after settlement there the severest immigration restrictions against "barbarians"? - That from someone who generally advocates free migration! - Mind you, such misbehavior occurs mainly in public places. But all too many neighbors still continue to throw some of their garbage over the fence into the private property of others and leave it there! - Perhaps, when space travel becomes common, such people will either be spaced or turned into fertilizer. - A small object of injustice does not mean that the injustice that lies therein cannot be very great, as Kant remarked somewhere. - JZ, 31.7.00. - STATISM, NATIONALISM, COSMOPOLITANISM, INTERNATIONALISM

GOVERNMENT: Limited government is government, which derives its power from the people - and which does not put the State ahead of the individual. Limited government is government which does not reach out and attempt to do for you those things which you can do better for yourself.” - From a leaflet of the Chamber of Commerce of the U.S. - Compare the "subsidiarity principle". - According to the qualification in its last sentence, limited government is superfluous already now, for some people and if these were free from it - through individual secession - it would soon become superfluous for many and large minorities, possibly even for the majority. - The concept of the Chamber of Commerce still assumes territorial governments to possess some special qualities that no free association of human beings, all volunteers, could possibly possess. - JZ, n.d. & 26.7.00. And yet all governments are also merely made of people and all too often, at least at the top of them, the worst ones. – It also equated a territorial population with “the people”, thereby ignoring all the differences within it, usually a variety of peoples living in the same territory. One should imagine businessmen being able to make distinctions between their potential customers and trying to appeal only to some of them, to whom they do have something to offer. Why should it be different for any government, community and societal service organization? – Can it offer full consumer satisfaction to all kinds of people? No rational businessman would attempt that or promise that or could, possibly, do that. But politicians do, to the whole population and already thereby they reveal themselves as liars and frauds. They, too, are only human beings, not gods. Anyhow, the top guys produce nothing – except tax burdens and bureaucracies and so many laws that no one has the time and energy to read them all. - JZ, 3.12.10, 27.8.13. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, COMPETITION, POLITICIANS & GOVERNMENTS, THEIR PROMISES

GOVERNMENT: Liquidate all government enterprises - by selling them to the highest bidder, including roads, fire brigades, state forests, national parks, power plants, army installations, police establishments. Use the proceeds to reduce taxes and pay off pension claims. In the end there should remain not a single government enterprise, which would have to be subsidized out of taxes. - JZ, n.d. & 26.7.00. - Now I rather favor GIVING each of its victims his or her share in a general certificate, redeemable in special shares issued for all government assets - and letting the victims secede from any government or panarchy. For e.g. territorial parliaments and government cabinets are government enterprises, too, wrongful and all too powerful ones. And their wrongful power could not be sold and "privatized". They should be able to continue and be multiplied, if that is wanted, only within volunteer communities and at their expense and risk. - All the privatization and voluntary taxation schemes have not yet been sufficiently publicized and surveyed, although there are at least dozens, if not hundreds of them, most of them usually left out of the debate, if a debate on such questions arises at all. - JZ, 26.7.00. - PRIVATIZATION, DENATIONALIZATION, SELLING OFF GOVERNMENT ASSETS, PEACE PLANS 19 C

GOVERNMENT: Listen not to government promises and excuses but watch what it is doing to you and with part of your earnings and property. - JZ, 19.12.93 & 10.7.00, 27.8.13. - PROMISES

GOVERNMENT: Look at governmental programs for the past 50 years. Every single one - except for warfare - achieved the exact opposite of its announced goal.” - Peter Drucker. – Even the victors of wars paid, usually, a huge price for their “victory”. Consistent and merely defensive, liberating and quite just revolutionary wars have been extremely rare. – A statistic on the number of failed government programs, compare with the number of successful ones, if any, would be revealing. - JZ, 7.4.13. - PROGRAMS

GOVERNMENT: Looking back on the riots and tumults in English history, Paine argued, like modern anarchists, that they had not proceeded from "the want of government, but that government was itself the generating cause; instead of consolidating society it divided it … and engendered discontents which otherwise would not have existed. - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.138. - True for territorial governments, but not for exterritorial ones. - JZ, VS. SOCIETY & DISCONTENTS

GOVERNMENT: Looking to government to solve problems of the market is like asking an arsonist to put out the fire. They could not solve the problem - their interference IS the problem.” - Viv Forbes, DAILY TELEGRAPH, 25.5.77. – Their numerous and wrongful interferences are the main problems for us. – JZ, 27.8.13. - VS. THE MARKET, INTERVENTIONISM & INTERFERENCE VS. LAISSEZ FAIRE

GOVERNMENT: Looting, oppressing, exploiting, usurping and imposed territorial governments should be replaced by competing governments subject to individual choice, voluntary membership and individual secessionism and voluntary taxation under full exterritorial autonomy for their members. To each the government or free society of his or her choice. Full consumer sovereignty in this respect, too. - JZ, 19.12.93 & 10.7.00. – Maybe you will be the one who puts this idea into the kind of words that history will remember! – JZ, 31.12.08, 7.4.13. -TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Love your country but fear its government."  N.E. folk wisdom. - Loving your country does not mean monopolizing it for yourself or allowing only tourists in. - JZ, 3.2.02. - PATRIOTISM, COUNTRY, NATIONALISM, IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Love your country but never trust its government.” - From a hand-painted road sign in central Pennsylvania, CRYONICS, Jan. 89, p.15. - LOVE OF COUNTRY, PATRIOTISM, NATIONALISM, CHAUVINISM

GOVERNMENT: Make government weak and keep it weak.” - H. L. Mencken – Best by introducing individual secessionism and free competition from personal law communities, societies and governance systems of volunteers and by spreading knowledge of and appreciation of all genuine individual rights and liberties and by establishing militias of volunteers for their protection. – JZ, 25.3.13.

GOVERNMENT: Make governments angry or tremble in fear - rather than subject honest, peaceful and tolerant individuals, to any territorial government against their will. - JZ, 19.11.93 & 10.7.00, 29.12.08. - FEAR & ANGER, INDIVIDUALS, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL & GROUPS SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Mankind’s Most Brutal Institution. Generally, what’s the most brutal institution on the face of the earth? If you said government, go to the head of the class. If anyone is in doubt of that fact, they only need to read Death by Government, recently published by Professor R. J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii’s political science department.” - Walter E. Williams, More Liberty Means Less Government. Our Founders Knew This Well, Hoover Institution Press, 1999, – p.68. - Numerous essays by Rummel on this subject can be found on the Internet. Alas, they are not yet brought together, well indexed, on a cheap CD. – JZ, 8.10.07.  TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Many everyday examples of the perversion of language are exposed by that fearless champion of double-talk, Bernard Levin, in his TIMES column where he recently (26 February, 1975) called attention to a poster he had seen protesting about rising fares with the familiar demand for 'more government aid'. Since the demand was plainly for 'more government money' and since the government has no money except what it takes from others, Mr. Levin shrewdly observed that the exhortation should in honesty read not 'Demand more government aid …' but 'Demand that other people should pay their money to keep your fares from rising.'” - Ralph Harris, in Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, "1985", p. 16. MONEY, GOVERNMENT AID, SUBSIDIES, FARE PRICES, GOVERNMENT SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Many of us are busy men. Most of us are far busier than need be in a constant effort to ward off the inroads made against us by the federal government, which presumes that it can act in our best interest when in fact it is acting in its own best interest.” - Robert LeFevre, to Congressman Alexander, on 16 June 1972, in The Power of Congress, p.41. – Many parents manage to look after their own interests and those of their children. Can we imagine any couple to be able to look after the interests of all the parents and children in a country? Nevertheless, territorial rulers do attempt to tackle such impossible tasks in many spheres. – JZ, 7.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Many people say that government is necessary because some men cannot be trusted to look after themselves, but anarchists say that government is harmful because no man can be trusted to look after anyone else. - Nicolas Walter, About Anarchism. – MAN, TRUST, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: Many people today think that the government’s job is to take care of us. But I agree with the Declaration of Independence, which says that the government’s job is to secure our rights (our inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness).” – Tom Parker. - What a wrongful appointment! The results should not have surprised us, especially more than 2 centuries later, after experiencing the practice of such job-holders for as long. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. - RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: Many social scientists believe that the government is in the hands of know-nothings, supported by an equally ignorant populace force-fed on the delicacies of television and on the other pap of our multi-media civilization.” - Silvert, Man's Power, XV. - Force-fed? - Over-eating junk food isn't force-feeding, either. - JZ, 1.8.00. – DEMOCRACY, VOTING, POLITICIANS

GOVERNMENT: Maybe they should not become known by their names addresses and offices. Maybe they should never organize public meetings, conferences or parliamentary sessions. They might never congregate personally in any large numbers and might mainly communicate only e.g. via encrypted email messages. Their importance would consist mainly only in their quite rightful and diverse programs, all only for their present and their future volunteers. Only these diverse programs ought to be given maximum publicity. Their “leadership” would consist largely in these platforms and their practical realization in their host countries, among their own followers, or adherents to these platforms, who, in most cases, might not even know and need not know their nominal leaders but should all know their program and their rights and liberties very well. – JZ, 17.6.03. – GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE & THEIR SECURITY AGAINST AGENTS OF THE DICTATORS THEY OPPOSE

GOVERNMENT: McCarr's First Law: Whatever government does, it does more or less badly.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 7/81. – Like most others, he did not take into consideration the history and future possibilities of competing or voluntary governments, societies and communities that are all only exterritorially autonomous for their volunteers. – JZ, 1.1.09. - PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Meanwhile, the federal, state and municipal payrolls become padded with thousands of non-producers. Mr. Schiff figures that only 16 out of every 100 people in the U.S. are actually busy producing things to eat, use and wear. The rest do engage themselves in some necessary services, but we have thousands of teachers who function mainly in trying to keep order in schools that are not wanted by students who might be better off in a system that would allow for teen-age apprenticeships in going trades. We have hundreds of statisticians who keep records that nobody reads, or who provide the justification for government activity that nobody wants.” - John Chamberlain, introducing: Irwin A. Schiff, The Biggest Con. - NON-PRODUCERS VS. PRODUCERS, PUBLIC SERVICE, TEACHERS

GOVERNMENT: Members and subjects of territorial governments should only be free to commit their own lives, liberty, property and incomes. They cannot rightly arrive at collective decision-making unless there is unanimity between them, which is extremely rare. A majority has no more rights to dominate minorities and individuals than an individual or minority has the right do dominate all the rest. If they acted without consent of all, i.e., if there are dissenters, and there usually are, then all their territorial and collective actions would be despotic towards these dissenters and nonconformists, in spite of all democratic and republican trappings. The dissenters must be allowed to secede and organize themselves in exterritorially autonomous communities. - JZ, 12.2.88, 20.7.00. - VS. PANARCHIES, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIALISM, UNANIMOUS CONSENT VS. LEGALIZED COMPULSION

GOVERNMENT: Men are subjected to the most terrible and worst kinds of slavery; but political science endeavors to assure them that it is all necessary and cannot be different. Government must exist for the good of the people and to execute its affairs, - to rule the people and defend it from enemies. To do this, government needs money and an army. Money should be provided by all the citizens of the government, and hence all the relations of men must be considered in their relation to the necessary conditions of governmentalism. Government, - that is, armed and aggressive men, determine how much they want from those whom they invade (as the English in their relation to the Fijians); they determine how much labor they want of the slaves; determine how many assistants they need to collect the products; organize these assistants as soldiers, as landed proprietors, and as tax-collectors. And the slaves surrender their labor and at the same time think that they surrender it, not because their masters want it so, but because for their own liberty and welfare are needed services and sacrifices to the deity called Government; and that, aside from their services to the deity, they are free. This they believe because they have been told so, formerly by religion, priests, and latterly by political science, learned people.” - Tolstoy, quoted in Sprading, 325. - GOVERNMENTALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Men build ships. Men invent ships and design ships. Government builds nothing but more government.” - Damon Knight, Rule Golden, p.75. - Public buildings, monuments and works are done expensively and often badly, at the expense of many more, better and much cheaper private buildings and constructions, which do not come into existence as a result of taxation to finance government projects. - JZ, 10.7.00. - And in the process all territorial government oppresses, destroys and prevents the release of creative energies. - JZ, 29.7.00. UNPRODUCTIVE

GOVERNMENT: Men build themselves a terrible machinery of power and then allow the first comer to usurp this power (while all chances are that the most immoral men will grasp it) and then they slavishly submit themselves and are surprised that they fare rather badly under this system.” - Tolstoi. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Men still have to be governed by deception.” - G. C. Lichtenberg, Reflections, 1799. - Rather: Men still are governed by deception. - JZ, n.d. - LIES, COVER-UPS & DECEPTION, PROPAGANDA, MYTHS, DENIALS, SECRECY,

GOVERNMENT: Mencken's prejudice against reform though governmental intervention was likewise intensified during this time, with the enactment of Prohibition, itself sometimes considered one of the triumphs of the progressive movement. From its inception, the AMERICAN MERCURY lashed away at this reform. Since Mencken was not exactly a "teetotaler," the Noble Experiment irked him to no end. However, with a view toward governmental intervention that verged on anarchy, he saw in the evasion of the efforts to enforce the amendment "the first glimmers of revolt that one day must shake the world - a revolt … against the tyranny at the bottom of all government." - R. Dale Grinder, LIBERTARIAN ANALYSIS, I/ 3. - By all means, go to the bottom of all government tyranny - and kick it hard, even to death! The bottom or foundation of all oppressive and exploitative governments is territorialism, with it coercion, monopolism, centralism and compulsory membership, suppression of individual and group secessionism and of volunteer communities that are exterritorially autonomous. - JZ, 31.7.00. - TYRANNY, PROHIBITION & REVOLUTION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Minding the Own Business is always superior in all-over performance to all attempts to mind the business of others. In the first all producers, exchangers and consumers tend to win. In the second case the parasites and stand-over guys tend to win at the expense of the producers, traders and consumers. - JZ, 13.7.00, 28.12.08. - THE ECONOMY, FREE MARKET, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE EXCHANGE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: misgovernment falls into 4 categories: 1. Tyranny or oppression. 2. Excessive ambition, as with Germany's twice attempted rule of Europe or Japan's bid for an empire in Asia. 3. Incompetence or decadence, as with the Roman Empire. 4. Folly or perversity.” - Historian Barbara Tuchman, quoted in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 25. 4. 95. - I would rather say that all too much misgovernment occurs by ALL territorial governments, by their very nature. - JZ, 30.12.95 & 7.7.00. – The activities of all of them should become confined to their own volunteers. – JZ, 30.12.08. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM & ITS INHERENT MISGOVERNMENT OF PEACEFUL OR NON-CRIMINAL DISSENTERS

GOVERNMENT: Mistrust all governments. - Jefferson mistrusted all governments…” - Libertarian Handbook 1972. - Mistrust all TERRITORIAL governments. - Consider a future without any of them, although presently almost all of them are territorial. - JZ, 2.8.00, 27.8.13. - Mistrust all territorial governments – enough to do away with them! Educate, organize and even arm yourself for this purpose, to the extent that this would be necessary. Confinement of all governments to their own volunteers would leave only the power addicts as genuine enemies. – JZ, 30.12.08. – EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION, INDIVIDUALISM VS. COLLECTIVISM

GOVERNMENT: Modern Government as a busybody in other men's matters". - Title and subtitle of a book by Sir Ernest J. P. Benn.

GOVERNMENT: Money demanded by groups who surprisingly never plead for corresponding taxation to provide the money.” - M. B. Wellington, GOOD GOVERNMENT, 8/78. – It is an ancient proposal for parliamentary reform to at least freeze government spending at a certain level, and to demand that each new spending proposal should be accompanied by a proposal on which government spending program should be correspondingly cut. If it were possible to induce a parliament to act on such a proposal then it would also be possible to induce it to reduce its other spending by at least double to ten times the amount of the new spending proposal. But tigers will keep their spots. One cannot sufficiently reform and change them. However, one should be free to shoot, cage or escape from them, rather than remain dominated by them. Individual secessionism and panarchism offer the most important of such alternatives. – Experimental freedom and voluntarism are already introduced in so many other spheres. Only the monopolies of territorial governments remain. – JZ, 28.12.08. – And those, governments wrongfully granted to some corporations. – JZ, 27.8.13. - GOVERNMENT GRANTS, PRIVILEGES & MONOPOLIES, TAXATION, BALANCED BUDGES, DEFICIT “SPENDING” BY INFLATION OR THE INCREASE OF PUBLID DEBTS

GOVERNMENT: Money, Monopoly, and Market Intervention - - The market or free enterprise capitalism or laissez-faire economics does not wrongfully and irrationally intervene but governmental territorial interventionists do wrongfully and irrationally interfere with free market relationships. The writer should have clearly written against all territorial government interventions with the market. Probably or possibly, he has in the text, but not in this title. – JZ, 26.9.11, on Facebook, rev., 9.10.12. - GOVERNMENTAL INTERVENTIONISM VS. FREE MARKET CAPITALISM, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE EXCHANGE, FREE EXPERIMENTATION, VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, INCLUDING FREE BANKING & VOLUNTARY TAXATION OR CONTRIBUTION SCHEMES

GOVERNMENT: Montaigne noted: "Men are most apt to believe what they least understand." - Over the years I have found that the corollary to Montaigne's statement is also true; i.e., that the better one understands government, the less he is inclined to believe anything that it says.” - Robert J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.22. – The disbelievers should finally secede and form their own kind of communities and societies, under their own personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy. By competition between them and with the remaining rump governments or States, all then also confined to their own volunteers, they could soon set some shiny examples and solve most of the solvable problems that remain. Then progress in this sphere might become as fast as it has in technology. –JZ, n.d. & 7.4.13. - UNDERSTANDING, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, PROGRESS. MERE SKEPTICISM OR DISBELIEF IS NOT ENOUGH! FREEDOM OF ACTION! FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT – TOGETHER WITH LIKEMINDED PEOPLE!

GOVERNMENT: More and more Americans are coming to the conclusion that the government is at best a comic nuisance and at worst an expensive and dangerous machine running out of control.” - Quote from article by George F. Will in 4/11/75 issue of NATIONAL REVIEW. - JAG, 4.7.75. - NUISANCE, EVEN DANGEROUS

GOVERNMENT: More government is the cause - not the solution.” - SLL sticker No. 205.

GOVERNMENT: More than 500 million people suffer from malnutrition. But world governments spend twice as much on armaments as on health care. … In our modern arms economy, military research consumes the creative efforts of over 500 000 scientists and engineers world-wide and gets more public funds than all social needs combined. Over half the scientists in the USA are employed by the military-industrial complex. And despite the much-publicized “energy crisis”, energy research and development in the US still gets only one-sixth as much funding as weapons research.” – Dr. Helen Caldicott, Nuclear Madness, Autumn Press, 1978, 76. - ARMAMENTS & HEALTH CARE, TERRITORIALISM, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, TAXATION, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, NATIONALISM, DEFENCE EXPENDITURES DUE TO TERRITORIALISM COMBINED WITH COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY NOTIONS & IGNORANCE OF ALL TOO MANY GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, GOVERNMENT SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Most government activities cannot be morally justified as they infringe upon the rights of individuals.” - Workers Party, platform draft, 1975. - RIGHTS, MORALITY

GOVERNMENT: most government programs since WW II have been disasters. If they achieved any results, they were often the very opposite of what they were enacted for.” - Peter F. Drucker, The New Realities, 1989, 1990, p.58. - PROGRAMS, WELFARE STATE, LAWS, LEGISLATION

GOVERNMENT: Most government secrets deserve widest publicity. I would exempt from this e.g. whatever secrets they still posses about mass murder ‘weapons’. " - JZ, 18.7.00. - SECRECY & PUBLICITY

GOVERNMENT: Most governments depreciate the currency and have passed special legislation that allows them to do so (via legalization of legal tender power and of the issue monopoly), while officially they, or their central banks act as or pretend to be guardians of "the" currency. That fact alone is enough reason to get rid of governments and their central banks, as territorial power organizations. Naturally, there are many more rights, liberties and good reasons for wishing to do so. - Nevertheless, those volunteers, who wish to continue them among themselves, including the communists of former territorial regimes, should be set at liberty to do so, among themselves, but not militarily armed and organized. Trust towards authoritarian and totalitarian believers can only go so far. Leaving them enslaved by e.g. progressive taxation, forced labor and their Marxist monetary despotism amounts to self-imposed penalties, which they do richly deserve - until they are finally sufficiently enlightened by their experience, if they are able at all to learn from their own mistakes. - JZ, 9.12.93 & 10.7.00, 3.12.10. - INFLATION

GOVERNMENT: Most governments, most institutions have in their own ways been monstrous.” - Poul Anderson, There Will Be Time, p.156. - There is a great difference between territorial governments, privileged institutions and corporations and voluntary and competing associations, which are only exterritorially autonomous. At least whatever crimes the latter might still commit would be largely confined to their own volunteers, i.e., to voluntary victims. - JZ, 2.8.00. – If they managed to destroy or waste all their wealth, they would cease to be good customers for others and insofar would, indirectly, harm others as well. But the others do not have a right to them as prosperous customers. Thus they are harmed but not wronged. – JZ, 7.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Most people believe in malarchy (mal = evil, archy = rule).” - LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, Dec. 71. - Never mind how they call it. - Author? – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Most persons seeking a free society attempt to create some centralized agency, which will have the responsibility of seeing that others do not misbehave. Or, if misbehavior ensues, they wish the centralized agency to handle the problem. They wish this agency to try, convict, compel restitution, inflict punishment or, in other words, to impose controls. - Every government that has ever existed contains at least traces of this characteristic.” - Robert LeFevre, LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 78. - Here, too, he fails to distinguish between territorial governments, with uniform laws, sovereign in power, maintaining itself over a largely involuntary membership, by lies, fraud and coercion, and, on the other hand, competing, voluntary governments and communities, with voluntary members only, no monopolies, no compulsory taxation, no monetary and financial despotism and limited by individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy. – (Under fully voluntary membership even formally still despotic actions and institutions become merely wanted masochistic arrangements. – JZ, 27.12.08.) Even with some of the best minds it seems to take years to decades for the exterritorial alternative to sink in, if it ever does. E.g., Dr. Walter Zander was, towards the end of his life, when I managed to meet him, still convinced that Ulrich von Beckerath, an advocate of voluntary and autonomous communities, of the exterritorial kind, had failed to take into consideration the community inclination of man, by concentrating only his individualist nature! Apparently, he considered only territorial communities as communities. (This in spite of the fact that there exists a frequently repeated and prolonged history of at least degrees of Jewish self-government under their personal laws and institutions, i.e., exterritorially. This independence did not go far enough, was not everywhere and all the time practised, but it set numerous interesting examples, all too often completely overlooked by most modern historians. – JZ, 27.12.08.) This misunderstanding was great. I can presently think only of one analogy. Both favored monetary freedom, one of whose aspects is the decentralized and competitive note issues by private or cooperative payment communities. The charge of Zander, that Beckerath had neglected the community aspect of man, would, in this sphere, have mean that he had neglected territorial, monopolistic and coercive central banking, being “merely” in favor of free competition for all voluntary and private or cooperative payment communities or banks with the central bank system! - These two knew each other for many years and had many discussions and letters exchanged. Yet this misunderstanding remained! How is this possible, between intelligent beings? – Possibly because, in most of these exchanges they discussed only monetary and financial freedom. One of his other close friends, Professor Heinrich Rittershausen, remained, to the end, I believe, merely an advocate of limited territorial governments. – Henry Meulen also never accepted the panarchistic point of view, which Ulrich von Beckerath, apparently, only presented to him in one of his last letters. Was Beckerath afraid that he might lose these friends and fellow battlers for monetary freedom, if he discussed with them another radical proposal than monetary freedom? Among modern people, interested in panarchism, this interest is usually combined with interest in monetary freedom. What mental barriers did existed there and then against panarchistic ideas? Beckerath used to say that some people seem to have to grow new brain cells first or new linkages between them, in order to be able to comprehend new ideas. That, presumably, would take time, much time with some. But as much time even for as intelligent and informed people? - Are we so much "children of our time", whose thinking is largely determined by the majority of minds around us? - Do we have to be surrounded by literature, public opinion and experts, all spouting the same idea, before it finally sinks in? Are we herd-creatures to that extent? Are even the people of THE REMNANT largely such herd creatures still? Has customary "thinking" such power over most people? - JZ, 29.7.00. – SOCIETY, STATISM, CENTRALIZATION, PANARCHISM, MONETARY FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Most politicians will never cut government expenses because most of the expenses can vote.” - Tom Anderson, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, Oct. 80. - GOVERNMENT SPENDING & VOTING

GOVERNMENT: Most problems can be solved relatively fast, easily and cheaply once governments leave people alone and free to try to solve them themselves. The government of a thousand laws, a thousand interventions and a thousand taxes and a thousand wrongful and misdirected subsidies is the main problem. - JZ, 28.7.95. - Actually, ten-thousands to millions of wrongful and harmful government interventions are involved, more than anyone could ever come to know completely. - JZ, 7.7.00. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Mostly one cannot persuade or even terrorize a government into attempting to do something sensible. In the rare cases, when they do, their bureaucracy and committee-compromises do usually manage to muck up their attempts. - JZ, 6.4.87 & 16.7.00. – Not even free trade was ever quite complete in England, not to speak of the monetary and financial freedom and free migration, which it also requires. – JZ, 7.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Mr. Forbes said the Progress Party aimed to educate people that the money they got from Canberra was the money they sent to Canberra less freight charges both ways.” - MARYBOROUGH CHRONICLE, June 18, 1977. - SPENDING, GOVERNMENT FUNDS, FEDERAL SUBSIDIES

GOVERNMENT: Mr. Kahn said that futurologists could not account for "bad government." - "That has nothing to do with nature's bounty", he said. - NATIONAL TIMES, 6.9.76. – Statism offers no rightful and positive incentives. – JZ, 7.4.13. - BAD GOVERNMENT & THE FUTURE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Mr. Keating … told the Labor Caucus last week: "We are in government. We don't take stick, we give it." - Says it all really.” - Pat Rogers, Young, N.S.W., quoted in THE AUSTRALIAN, 15.9.92.

GOVERNMENT: Mr. Levin hammered the wider lesson home by defining 'government money' as: "… money taken out of other people's pockets, or money which has simply been printed and which will therefore lessen the value of the money remaining in all our pockets." - Bernard Levin, TIMES, 26.2.75, quoted by Ralph Harris, in 1985, page 16. - Merely printing paper money and offering it for circulation does not inflate a currency. But when it is a monopoly money, the only one allowed for all people depending on monetary transactions and, moreover, legally given "legal tender" power, i.e., compulsory value and compulsory acceptance, THEN its over-issue will inflate it and drive up all prices, wages, contracts, to the extent that they do have to be expressed in this paper money and actually are. Sometimes this currency is forced even upon helpless creditors who had explicitly contracted payment e.g. in gold coins or gold values. - JZ, 3.8.00. GOVERNMENT MONEY, INFLATION, MONEY PRINTING

GOVERNMENT: Much less government! - THE AUSTRALIAN GP, Sep. 74. (General Practitioner) - Less – much less government, territorially but as much or as little government, even none at all, for like-minded volunteers in their societies, communities and governance systems. From all kinds of statism for statists, only applied to them, to all kinds of anarchism, only applied to all kinds of anarchists. – JZ, 7.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Must government, of necessity, be too strong for the liberties of its own people, or too weak to maintain its own existence?” - Abraham Lincoln, Message to Congress, July 4, 1861. - This also appears in a speech delivered at Washington, Nov. 10, 1864. - Territorial governments are too strong for the liberties of people and too weak to defend themselves successfully against similar powers. - JZ, 10.7.86. - Half a million Americans were largely sacrificed so that Abe could remain at the rudder. The Slaves were, belatedly, given some liberties but most important liberties were and are still withheld from them and all other Americans. - JZ, 18.7.00, 7.4.13. – TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: My ambition is to make government jobs the most insecure of them all. - JZ, 29.7.73. - At least as long as they are jobs with territorial governments rather than with exterritorial ones. - JZ, 2.8.00. – Among their voluntary victims they could last as long as they manage to retain any such victims. – JZ, 7.4.13. - JOB SECURITY

GOVERNMENT: My country, yes. My government, not.” – quoted by Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do ‘til the Revolution, Breakout Productions, Port Townsend, Washington, 1999, rev. ed., ISBN 1-89.3626-13-X, p. 17.

GOVERNMENT: My entire life has seen an unbroken series of public catastrophes, every one of which could have been prevented.” - Poul Anderson, quoting an older friend, in NEW LIBERTARIAN, May 1978. - THEIR PUBLIC CATASTROPHES

GOVERNMENT: My great objection to this government is, that it does not leave us the means of defending our rights, or waging war against tyrants.” - Patrick Henry. – MILITIA, GUN CONTROL, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: My plea is clear: less government today - even less tomorrow. - Angus Black, A New Radical's Guide to Economic Reality, p. 114. – Leave it up to individuals how much government they want to have in their own affairs. This decision should not be made territorially and collectively for whole populations, no more so than any religious, ideological or philosophical commitment. – JZ, 28.7.13. - LESS & LESS GOVERNMENT, MORE & MORE FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNY VS. COLLECTIVIST TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. MONOPOLISM

GOVERNMENT: My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” – Thomas Jefferson. - Every territorial government represents too much government and too few genuine individual rights and liberties. On that foundation alone it is already all too unlimited. - Would Jefferson admit this if he were still alive and mentally active today? - JZ, 24. 11. 06, 23.12.08. - Every government that rules territorially not only over voluntary followers and aggressors against them but, instead over involuntary and peaceful dissenters, constitutes, to that extent, “too much government”. – If communities of volunteers want to organize and suffer much government among themselves, at their expense and risk, that is their problem. Such free experiments might, finally, teach them enough and in the meantime would serve already as a deterrent example for many outsiders. – To that extent even “bad governments” are “doing good”. - JZ, 3.1.08, 7.4.13. -Every territorial government is too much government. – Governments, which are only exterritorially autonomous and this also only for their own kind of volunteers, are good governments for these volunteers, who, obviously, still have to learn some basic lessons. – JZ, 6.4.12. – PERSONAL LAW, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM HISTORY, PANARCHISM, OVER-GOVERNMENT, POWER, CENTRALIZATION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: My sole aim is to reduce government - not streamline it - not make it efficient - just reduce it. …” - Stevens D. Symms, candidate for U.S. Congress from Idaho's first district. - A IS A NEWSLETTER, May 72, p.3. - Limited government advocates shrink away from the logical end product of such a process. - JZ, 3.8.00. – REDUCTION, LESS GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Myself, I think the problem with government is that it's every bit as efficient, kind, gentle, and well-run as your typical big business.” - Randolph Fritz, – Mostly territorial governments are run much worse, unless they are governments of miniature countries and populations. But even the largest corporation is still controlled somewhat by property and profit interests, unless it has been granted some monopolies or subsidies or protection by a territorial government. Moreover, the corporations have, at least only voluntary customers, investors (apart from subsidies) and workers. - BIG BUSINESS, CORPORATIONS, STATES

GOVERNMENT: Name ten "government functions" that can't be done better by a private operation, … If something's necessary and people are willing to pay for it, someone will risk capital and effort to do it.” - Lee Correy, Manna, in ANALOG, 6/83, p.155. - GOVERNMENT FUNCTIONS VS. PRIVATE, FREE & COMPETITIVE ENTERPRISE, CAPITALISM, BUSINESSES

GOVERNMENT: neither the government nor our press could be trusted with human lives.” – Robert Heinlein, To Sail Beyond the Sunset, p.79. - MASS MEDIA, PRESS & HUMAN LIVES

GOVERNMENT: Never blame a legislative body for not doing something. When they do nothing, that doesn't hurt anybody. When they do something is when they become dangerous.” - Will Rogers, quoted in REASON, 1/79, 48. - Already so much governmentalism has been produced that almost everyone is wronged and hurting. Not adding to it is not enough. Repeal of all the past and wrongful interventionism is required. But, seeing that statists are still in the majority, the most rightful and easy way to achieve that is to establish individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, so that at least some of the first pioneers, who are somewhat enlightened, game and willing to do so, can opt out of statism and freely help themselves, as far as they can. – Others will follow the better examples thus set by the first pioneers, the new founding fathers. - JZ, 27.7.00, 3.12.10, 28.8.13. - LAWS, LEGISLATION, PARLIAMENT, DO-NOTHING RATHER THAN DO TOO MUCH, SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: Nine tenths of the activities of a modern government are harmful. Therefore, the worse they are performed, the better.” - Bertrand Russell. – Is it really a better performance when billions instead of merely millions are wasted in a bad government program? – JZ, 7.4.13. – Are the worst governmental performances in wars: indiscriminate bombing, no pardon practices, scorched earth “policy” and the use of nuclear “weapons” and other genocidal activities really better than abidance by international warfare rules? Are the worst inflations by governments better than the moderate ones? Are the larger unemployment rates they produce and the greater poverty rates really any better than the lower rates of both? – JZ, 28.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: No business is more stupidly and wastefully run than the business of government. But then no other business can outlaw competitors and tax its customers and fix its prices monopolistically and irrationally, like e.g. the governments charges for water and sewage services. - Nor can any other business force people to pay even for things they do not want, do not obtain or do not use, and even for permission to leave their shop, as is done by the exit tax. And no other business suppresses, deceives and exploits its consumers as much as the government does. No other business conducts systematic oppression or uses its customers as sacrificial animals in war games. Nor does competitive advertising and training by business enterprises mislead or leave their customers as much in ignorance and prejudices as does government-run or controlled education and government propaganda. - JZ, 19.8.92 & 13.7.00. - STUPID & WASTEFUL, CORPORATIONS, BUSINESS, PRIVATE ENTERPRISES

GOVERNMENT: No country today has an effective government.” - Peter Drucker. - Even the smallest territorial government is too large and diversified for that. Can even any single family have an effective "government"? Which territorial government was ever "effective". And how could it be? - JZ, 1991 & 18.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, BUREAUCRACY, POLITICIANS

GOVERNMENT: No God, no Government.” - Bakunin. – In another translation: Neither God nor State!” – (“Ni dieu ni maitre.”) - GOD

GOVERNMENT: No governing body can ever obtain an accurate account of reality from those over whom it holds power. From the perspective of communication analysis, government is not an instrument of law and order, but of law and disorder.” - Wilson / Shee, Illuminatus II, p.124. – Rulers are often the least informed about what is happening in “their” countries and as a result of their rules. – Even if they see the results themselves, they tend to remain ignorant about the fact that they caused them and how they did so. I doubt that there is even one among them who is enlightened about the causes of inflation, unemployment, involuntary poverty and wars. – JZ, 28.8.13. - TRUTH, REALITY, LIES, STATISTICS, LAW & DISORDER

GOVERNMENT: No government can be perfect!” - Source? - Every government that is a territorial government does thereby express and introduce all too many imperfections. - JZ, 23.11.77 & 2.8.00. – Territorialism is the modern form of absolutism in government. – JZ, 28.8.13. - IMPERFECT OR PERFECT? GOOD GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, IDEAL GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: No government can be rightly said to be "strong", "powerful" and "in control" without large qualifications. The higher their powers are and the more wrongfully they are used, the closer they are to their fall. Alas, in ignorance and prejudices, they are usually merely replaced by other territorial governments, repeating the old “game” of “The king is dead! - Long live the king!” – And in our times most of the victims of territorial governments still believe that they are already sufficiently enlightened about governance, what it can do and what it can’t do. – “Nothing is worse to behold than ignorance in action!” – Goethe. - JZ, 21.5.76 & 2.8.00, 28.8.13. - STRENGTH, POWER

GOVERNMENT: No government can be strong enough to give you everything you need unless it is strong enough to take from you everything you have.” - Dr. Kenneth Sollitt. Compare Sen. Goldwater’s remark on the same subject.

GOVERNMENT: No Government can ever give you freedom.” - Anarchist slogan on a wall, reproduced in some anarchist publication. - VS. FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: No government can know any more or do any more, in a positive sense, about any real social problem, and its solution than the kings and tyrants of old did. - JZ, 21.9.91. – At least they should have learnt from history that they and their measures are not the solution but, rather increase the problem. – JZ, 3.1.09.

GOVERNMENT: No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth!” - Ronald Reagan. - What he said applies to most territorial governments. Panarchies would have opposite tendencies, for reasons I explained in 2 of my books: in PEACE PLANS 16-17 & 61-63, online at and/or - JZ, 30.6.00. - Thus the forces of free market competition, voluntarism, consumer sovereignty, or sovereign individuals and voluntary membership in competing societies, communities and governance systems, all without a territorial monopoly, have to be released against any territorial government to counter this trend. Just like any competitive free enterprise business, governments too, ought to become dependent upon their voluntary customers and lose all their territorial powers and monopolies. – JZ, 2.4.12, 12.1.13, 7.4.13. - Under territorialism it is ever-growing, ever-wasting, ever-corrupt, ever-oppressive, ever-exploitative, ever-warlike while under free competition and consumer sovereignty and voluntary membership it will become like a business, productive or serving or go under and disappear. – JZ, 28.8.13. – PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRIOTORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREE CHOICE, SECESSONISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: No government has ever been able to supply a lot of affection, to my knowledge.” - Heard on radio, 12/5 Year? – However, shortly before elections, political leaders like to be photographed being friendly to the children of voters. – JZ, 28.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: No government has ever been, or can ever be, wherein time-servers and blockheads will not be uppermost. - John Dryden - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. -  RULERS, LEADERS, TERRITORIALISM, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS

GOVERNMENT: No government has ever earned my respect and I do doubt that any ever will - or can. - JZ, 26.5.93. - RESPECT

GOVERNMENT: No government is better than the men who compose it.” - John F. Kennedy, campaign address, Wittenberg College Stadium, Springfield, Ohio, Oct. 17, 1960. – Every TERRITORIAL government is even worse than the men who compose it, for they fight each other on the backs and at the expense of their victims. Their power-struggles do tend to bring out the worst in them or corrupts them. The worst tend to triumph for all too long and all tend to suppress individual rights and liberties and sensible self-help steps by most citizens in what they perceive to be territorial government prerogatives. - JZ, 30.10.85, 7.4.13, 28.8.13. – Usually their ignorance, errors and prejudices matter much more than their characters, which tend not to be the best in the first place. – For who wants to spend his life and energy lording it over others? - JZ, 1.1.09. - Territorial government can be even worse than the men who compose it. It corrupts even the best people, makes the worst rise to the top, prevents the release of the creative energies of the best people and tends to bring everything down to the lowest common denominators, the numerous remaining popular errors, prejudices and myths, false assumptions and conclusions. - JZ, 5.7.86, 28.8.13 – In its election campaigns and policies it appeals to the worst ideas, prejudices, habits and customs, the worst characteristics and habits of man. An honest, decent and wise politician is almost a contradiction in terms. - Whatever wisdom is contained in what seem to be their own remarks is mostly provided by their speech-writers. And it makes the difference between their words and their actions all the more glaring. - JZ, 14.7.00. – Kant, in his “Eternal Peace”, pointed out that even a Society of Devils would be conceivable, who would keep each other sufficiently in check. Territorial governments haven’t achieved that, ever, as far as I know. But, in practice, men do not have to be angels in order to collaborate or exchange or communicate or produce effectively – through their voluntarism, their self-responsibility, their free competition and confinement to doing their own things, when associated merely exterritorially and autonomous with other volunteers. – Perhaps only panarchies can bring out the best in men and will restrain the worst sufficiently. Please, check your premises and your conclusions in this respect, taking all features of voluntary associations and contracts into consideration, and comparing them with those of territorial States and their rulers. – JZ, 30.12.08, 7.4.13, 28.8.13. – I hold that only exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers do offer the chance, in the course of their competition and development, to bring out the best in their members and in their leaders, just like in team sports, in quite free enterprise businesses and in other quite free competitions and in the free experiments of natural sciences, technology and agriculture. – JZ, 3.1.09. - MEN, CHARACTER, POWER

GOVERNMENT: No government is quite safe for your life, freedom, security, health, labor, aspirations and wealth. - JZ, 5.7.87, 28.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: No government is worth what it costs. On the contrary, each territorial government has a negative value. - JZ, 13.8.94, 7.4.13. – It does not produce any economic values as a government. In its nationalized enterprises its products or services cost us at least twice as much, directly or indirectly, as their free and private production would. It reduces our net earnings and our savings and investments and prevents much economic production and many exchanges which would have been profitable to the exchangers. While it wrongfully enriches some, e.g. arms industries, it produces impoverishment in balance. – Its education, protection, juridical and defence services are woefully inadequate. – But then what can one expect from the largest compulsory and legalized monopolies? - JZ, 28.8.13. – POVERTY, TAXES, PROTECTONISM, COMPULSORY LICENSING, COSTS, PUBLIC SERVICES, MONOPOLISM, COMPULSION, EXTORTION, PROPAGANDA, BUREAUCRACY

GOVERNMENT: No government may be trusted to respect the rights of the individuals in the area it governs. There is a very serious conflict of interest between a government (interested in the growth and exercise of power, which can only be done at the expense of individual liberty) and the individual (interested in living their own lives by their own choice). - Jason Vennor, - ANALOG, May 97, letter.

GOVERNMENT: No government or society to have any power not individually granted to it by free individuals. - JZ, in comment to a remark by Chodorov, in The Income Tax …, p.119.

GOVERNMENT: No government ought to exist for the purpose of checking the prosperity of its people or to allow such a principle in its policy.” - Edmund Burke. - Has any modern government renounced taxation yet? - JZ, 25.7.00. – And yet they all pretend to fight robberies, theft and embezzlement. – JZ, 7.4.13. - PROSPERITY, RESTRAINTS, INTERVENTIONS, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: No government road leads to freedom. - JZ, 26.4.74. – No territorial government road leads to freedom. – The paths of voluntary or competing governments and societies towards freedom, peace and justice, prosperity and enlightenment could and would tend to be relatively fast ones for the best of them and, thus, with their examples set for all others, ultimately for almost all who are willing to adopt better methods, principles and systems in their societies. - JZ, 27.12.08. 7.4.13, 28.8.13. – FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES FOR ALL CREATIVE & SELF-RESPONSIBLE ACTIONS

GOVERNMENT: No government should ever be allowed to act as a territorial monopolist, owning the land and its population, like a feudal lord, for that amounts to collectivism of the worst kind and is already by this feature alone all too close to totalitarianism. It certainly amounts to a kind of feudalism, even when federations, States and local governments are also involved and a few democratic and civil rights features, which provide the delusions of self-government, while it is really absent, as long as dissenting individuals and minorities are not free to secede and organize themselves under personal law. – JZ, 22. & 24.10.12, 28.8,13. - TERRITORIALISM, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, FEUDALISM, CENTRALIZATION, POWER, SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONALISM, CENTRALIZATION, MONOPOLISM VS. INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: No government that is wanted by some should be overthrown by people, who dislike that government. The dissenters should leave it, form their own societies and leave those, who are content with the old institution in possession of it, but only under exterritorial autonomy. The value of the capital assets involved must be fairly divided. – A free capital market makes that possible. Mutual tolerance rather than mutual slaughter or oppression! Freedom of action and experimentation for all, even for kinds of statists and, naturally, also for all kinds of anarchists and libertarians. - JZ, 8.9.89 & 19.7.00, 8.4.13, 28.8.13. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, TOLERANCE VS. COERCION & ABOLITIONISM, SELF-GOVERNANCE OR SELF-DETERMINATION FOR ALL THE DIVERSE GROUPS, SCHOOLS, IDEOLOGIES & BELIEFS

GOVERNMENT: No government to have any longer any exclusive and coercive territorial powers. No government to have any longer any but voluntary subjects. In other words, territorial governments and their sovereignty are to be reduced to voluntary associations under full exterritorial autonomy only. That would mean full experimental freedom and freedom of action for all, not only for rulers or a ruling majority or minority. - JZ, 7.12.91 & 13.7.00. - EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, FULLY FREE CHOICE & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL – EXCEPT AGGRESSORS & OTHER CRIMINALS WITH INVOLUNTARY VICTIMS

GOVERNMENT: no government, so called, can reasonably be trusted for a moment, or reasonably be supposed to have honest purposes in view, any longer than it depends wholly upon voluntary support.” - Lysander Spooner, No Treason. - VOLUNTARISM, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, TRUST, PANARCHISM, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE EXCHANGE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE

GOVERNMENT: No kind of utopia, reform, ideology or revolution should ever be given territorial government powers over dissenters and nonconformists. They should be totally confined to volunteers only, doing their own things to and for themselves, under full exterritorial autonomy, which would make even one-man revolutions possible and also make them quite peaceful. - JZ, 19.7.87 & 19.7.00. - POWER, TERRITORIALISM, DISSENT & PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: No longer is the government a servant of the people, but a dictator legislating what church-inspired morals the people must adhere to.” - Randy Fitzgerald, INDIVIDUALIST, 6/72, when discussing drug laws. - Was any territorial government ever truly the “servant” of "the people"? Wouldn't that require unanimous agreement among them at least about something, if not everything? - JZ, 16.7.00, 28.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM VS. CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, CHOICE, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: No major reform is ever initiated by a public department.” - Ted Noffs, TANSTAAFL, 3/76. - VS. REFORM

GOVERNMENT: No man can serve two masters.” - Mathew VI, 24, c. 75. - And no one should be obliged to serve even one or anyone that was not chosen by him, individually. In fact, we are supposed to serve at least 3 masters, namely, local, State and federal governments and dozens to hundreds of Quangos (Quasi-Autonomous Non-Government Organizations, established upon legalized privileges). Moreover, we have little to no choice regarding either. They, rather than we run our lives in all spheres preempted by them. Each individual, not being an aggressor or other criminal with victims, should be quite free to either serve his own chosen master or masters - or none at all. - JZ, 10.7.86, 28.8.13. - All too many do - serving e.g. "God" and "the State", or some ancient prejudices, errors and myths, like territorialism, collective responsibility, hierarchies in business, and "strong and scientific"  "modern weapons" while trying also to serve, to a limited extent, some classical liberties. But by their concessions to territorial statism and its wrongs and errors, they have already half defeated all their other aspirations and efforts. - JZ, 18.7.00, 28.8.13. – In the espionage sphere there are also double agents. And arms manufacturers have often supplied both sides. – JZ, 1.1.09. – All too many people also serve two or more drug addiction masters, e.g. tobacco and alcohol. – JZ, 7.4.13. – MASTERS & SUBJECTS, LORDS & SERFS, TERRITORIAL RULERS VS. POPULATIONS, MADE UP OF DIVERSE PEOPLES, INDIVIDUALS & GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: No man ever saw the people of whom he forms a part. No man ever saw a government. I live in the midst of the Government of the U.S., but I never saw the Government of the United States.” - Woodrow Wilson, Speech, Pittsburgh, 39 Jan. 1916. - Quoted by Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p.94. (Several of his many books are now offered cheaply as e-books by Fee: Foundation for Economic Education, online, according to FEE newsletters but not yet all of them are mentioned on its website. I think FEE should offer many of his and all related titles that it can so offer, limited by copyrights legislation and claims, on a single and cheap CD. – JZ, 28.8.13.) – Government is a myth based upon an extensive mythology and an over-abundance of wrongful and irrational legislation, armed force, wrongful powers, wide-spread ignorance and submissiveness or statism and territorialism, and uncounted popular errors, prejudices, false assumptions and conclusions, nowhere as yet systematically collected and refuted. – JZ, 28.8.13. -  STATE, PEOPLE, ABSTRACT NOTIONS & IDEAS, TERRITORIALISM, GENERALIZATIONS

GOVERNMENT: No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent.” - Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). - But he tried, didn't he, and half a million people paid with their lives for his inconsistency. As a remark against slavery it was correct. As a defence of territorial unity and uniform government for the U.S. it was not. - JZ, 26.7.00. - No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent.” - Walter Bagehot (1826-1877), submitted by Brian C. Coad, ANALOG 9/95, page 158. - Was Bagehot the first to make this kind of remark? - INDIVIDUALISM, MAN, GOODNESS & CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: No matter how noble the objectives of a government, if it blurs decency and kindness, cheapens human life, and breeds ill will and suspicion - it is an evil government.” - Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind, 1954, p.147. - Are there any other than evil governments? Every territorial government as such is evil, a despotism – however well intentioned it may be. No government is a necessary evil, even if it is a desired one. - JZ, 5.7.86, 7.4.13. - However, an evil government desired by some people for themselves, at their own risk and expense, governing them under exterritorial autonomy and personal laws, and permitting all its subjects to secede from it - once they have learned their lesson, may be required for these people, if they are unable or unwilling to learn about their rights, liberties, duties and obligations otherwise, much more cheaply and fast. - JZ, 14.7.00, 7.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: No matter what the argument, the conclusion is the same: The government has no mysterious ability to do things that can't be done in the free market. It can't command resources that don't already exist. - It can only overrule the decisions of its citizens - eliminate their alternatives and replacing those alternatives with activities they desired less. It takes money from the General Market and spends it on less-valued choices, adding the cost of itself in the process, and leaving people with less than they would have if there were no government.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.90. - CHOICE, BENEFITS & THE FREE MARKET, WELFARE STATE, MONOPOLISM, COLLECTIVISM, TERRITORIALISM, TAX SLAVERY, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, GOVERNMENT “ASSISTANCE” OR COMPULSORY REDISTRIBUTIONISM

GOVERNMENT: no mere form of government, no machinery of law, can give dignity to political society.” - Daniel Webster. - Only individuals can be dignified and territorial governments and States are not individuals and do not constitute a "society". - JZ, 26.7.00. – Exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, no matter how mad their program and practice may be, objectively, would have at least the dignity of practising it only responsibly among themselves, not molesting or imposing it upon dissenters. – JZ, 30.12.0-8. – PANARCHISM, DOING THE OWN THINGS – ONLY FOR OR TO ONESELF, POLITICS, LAW & DIGNITY,

GOVERNMENT: No monopoly or privilege for any State, parliament, administration, party, authority, public service or institution - except among volunteers and under exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 6.7.91 & 13.7.00. - MONOPOLY

GOVERNMENT: No Net Gain. Nothing is added by any of these government programs to the total of goods. At best what happens is that the community gets employment or production in one direction instead of another.” - Henry Hazlitt, Instead of What? p.11. - PROGRAMS, TRANSFER SOCIETY, TAXATION, SUBSIDIES, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: No new or old type of government spending can improve our conditions. Nor can any form of compulsory taxation, apart from the relief that would be felt by much less or even none of it. - JZ, 29.11.92 & 13.7.00, 28.8.13. - SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: No organization has the right to speak for or to act in the name of anyone but its members. No organization may be taken as an agent for an individual without his personal knowledge or consent.” - Ayn Rand in THE AYN RAND LETTER, I/ 21, 17.7.72, page 4. - Alas, she did not apply this to governments. Otherwise, she, too, would herself have arrived at the very concept and practice of voluntary or "competing” governments, all only exterritorially autonomous, an idea and a practice, which she believed to be absurd. See her The Virtue of Selfishness, 14. The Nature of Government, p.112ff of the Signet Book pb, 1961 ff. Roy Childs and myself wrote and published a reply to it. - JZ, 3.8.00, 28.8.13. - VOLUNTARISM, ORGANIZATION, CONSENT, INDIVIDUALISM, PANARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: No power to the government! - JZ, 2/75. - No territorial power to any government, society or other group! - JZ, 27.7.00. - POWER

GOVERNMENT: No return to AWAs,Emerson says | WA Business News - - Each government should make decisions ONLY FOR ITS OWN VOLUNTEERS! As long as it still finds any voluntary victims. – JZ, 8.9.11, on Facebook. – ALL OF THEM ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS! VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL EXPERIMENTERS

GOVERNMENT: No single person can convince Washington of anything. It’s quicksand down there. - Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars, Harper Collins Publishers, 1996, p.523. - & INDIVIDUALS, CONVINCING, PERSUADING RULERS? POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS? HOW OFTEN IS THAT POSSIBLE?  TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: No system of government should catch us asleep.” - George H. Douglas, THE FREEMAN, 12/74. - The Gestapo used to make many of its arrests very early in the morning, when its victims were still half asleep and thus not quite ready to resist. - JZ, 1.8.00. – However, with regard to all the wrongs and irrationalities and anti-economics of most territorial governments most of their victims are asleep, even while they are awake. – JZ, 28.8.13. – ENLIGHTENMENT, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, PREJUDICES, APATHY, LACK OF INTEREST IN THE OWN AFFAIRS GOING BEYOND PRIVATE ONES

GOVERNMENT: No territorial government CAN be enlightened from the outside, by members of the public, nor does it have the brainpower, attitudes, channels, knowledge, and correct ideas and processes to achieve self-enlightenment. All such attempts hit brick- or concrete walls, i.e., do not get through or are not comprehended or acted upon, for one or the other political "reason" or “reasons of State”. - JZ, 6.7.98, 28.8.13. - Reforms ought to be discussed, developed and experimented with outside of parliaments and their “discussions” and “positive” legislation, and the “wisdom” of government departments - to get a chance to become quite rightful and efficient in principles, concepts and blueprints and then to be realized, although, initially, only among their first believers and only potentially, among all of the rest, if and when they become convinced of their rightfulness and economics as well. - JZ, 15.7.00, 7.4.13, 28.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: No territorial government has my consent. - JZ, 9/72 & 2.8.00. - CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: No territorial government has what it takes to stand up for individual liberties and rights, justice and peace. Quite the contrary is true. - JZ, 13.9.89, 7.4.13. – TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MILITIA, WAR, PEACE, JUSTICE, PROTECTION, DEFENCE

GOVERNMENT: No territorial government reform goes ever far enough and lasts long enough or achieves its promises, hopes and expectations. - JZ, 12.2.94. - Among these are e.g. its currency reforms, parliamentary reforms, attempts to reduce corruption, law reform, reform of the military-industrial complex, reform of the health system, of the protectionist system, of the agricultural program and the education system. Everywhere failures upon failures, waste upon waste, sometimes continued, as with the Australian State Railway system, monetary despotism, State education, police, jurisdiction and prison systems, for decades to over a century. - JZ, 10.7.00, 7.4.13. - ITS REFORMS

GOVERNMENT: No true reform is possible that leaves government intact. (*) Appeals to a government for a redress of grievances, even when heard and acted upon, only increase the supposed legitimacy of the government's acts, and add therefore to its amassed power.” – THE MATCH, June 75. – (*) That leaves it intact as a territorial, coercive, collectivist, monopolistic power with compulsory membership or subordination! – JZ - REFORMS, LEGITIMACY, POWER, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Nobody can say how many political stupidities were prevented through the shortage of funds.” - Talleyrand. - Nor can anyone say how many political, economic, social and military stupidities were realized because all too high taxation and public borrowing or inflationary note issues were making it possible to “finance” them thus. - JZ, n.d. & 18.7.00, 28.8.13. – Legal tender for its paper money was introduced in Germany with the stated intention, during the Bank Enquete of 1908, to finance the next war with its help. The result was WW I, Germany’s great inflation of 1914-1923, its Great Depression, the Nazi regime, the Holocaust and WWII. – But all too many still do not see this connection. – JZ, 28.12.08. - SPENDING & SHORTAGE OF FUNDS, LEGAL TENDER, INFLATION, DEFLATION, CENTRAL BANKING

GOVERNMENT: Nobody really believes anymore that government delivers.” - T. Drucker. - Especially the Post Office. – SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 11/83. - The government can't deliver freedom, peace, justice, protection and defence, progress, health and prosperity, either. Nor does and can its central bank provide a sound currency in sufficient quantity for all possible and desired free exchanges between all the people in a country and between them and the rest of the world. - JZ, 25.7.00, 3.1.09, 28.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Nobody wants to serve any more. Thus government becomes so difficult.” - Wiesner. - On the contrary - too many want to serve - themselves, in governmental positions, under the pretence of serving the public. And too many believe that they can best be served in this way. That is what makes territorial government so easy. Just look at the number of people who are politicians or public servants and how many want to be - and look at their salaries and pension rates. Anyhow, the whole notion of public servants and public service is wrong. Government officials never truly served or served better than e.g. capitalistic or cooperative enterprises could and would. They rather serve, primarily, their own interests, no matter what they pretend to believe in and do. If statism and the spirit of subordination, the sanction of the victims, were truly dead, the territorial States would collapse. Alas, too many still want to “serve”, especially as public servants, at the expense of all taxpayers and wronging, harming and endangering by their actions almost all citizens. Therefore, and because of the prevailing territorial statism or nationalism, ruling all of the population territorially, in spite of its numerous and known remaining problems, is still all too easy. - Governments and public servants do not really have to solve any problems. They just have to keep themselves in power and in jobs and to keep up the popular faith in territorial statism and the false pretence that all their actions would be for the good of the public. Their costs and spending or more or less covered by compulsory tax tributes, public debts at the expense of future tax victims and by monetary despotism. - JZ, 5.7.92 & 18.7.00, 7.4.13. – While territorialism with its central bank despotism exists, inflation will be common, deflation and unemployment will occur and both will happen together in stagflations. Under such conditions public service jobs will seem secure and attractive. – Even the unemployed and the inflation and deflation victims are only very rarely prepared to explore the real causes of and cures for unemployment, inflation and deflation. - JZ, 31.12.08, 7.4.13, 28.8.13. - RULE, TERRITORIALISM, ITS MONETARY DESPOTISM, PUBLIC SERVANT JOBS & FEAR OF UNEMPLOYMENT, STATISM, OBEDIENCE, PASSIVITY

GOVERNMENT: none point out that the only confidence ever placed in any Government arose from the knowledge that it could be trusted to remain inactive.” - Sir Ernest Benn, Modern Government, p.16. – Were we ever really given this reason for trusting any territorial government? – JZ, 7.4.13. - INACTION, CONFIDENCE, TRUST, STATISM, CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Not only is a great part of what is called government "mere imposition", but everything that governments can usefully do has been performed by the common consent of society without government. Indeed, "The instant formal government is abolished, society begins to act. A general association takes place, and common interest produces common security." - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.138, quoting Thomas Paine. - VS. SOCIETY & SECURITY, PANARCHISM, SOCIETY, VOLUNTARISM, RELEASE OF ALL CREATIVE ENERGIES VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Not only military Governments, but Governments in general, could be, I will not say useful, but at least harmless, only if they consisted of immaculate, holy people, as is theoretically the case among the Chinese. But then Governments, by the nature of their activity, which consists in committing acts of violence, are always composed of elements the most contrary to holiness - of the most audacious, unscrupulous, and perverted people.” - Tolstoi, Essays and Letters, p.250, under VI. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, RULERS, THEIR CHARACTER, RULERS, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS

GOVERNMENT: Not the word anarchy but the word government indicates the absence of order and security.” - Pelletier, LERNZIEL ANARCHIE, No.3. - VS. ANARCHY & FOR DISORDER, CHAOS & INSECURITY

GOVERNMENT: Not, however, since the days of Gladstone and Salisbury has there been a statesman with the stature or the courage to declare the impotence and uselessness of the State, except as expressing the sum of the genius and powers in its individual citizens.” - Ernest Benn, Modern Government, p.13. - Can it express that genius or does it also largely squash it? - JZ, n.d.

GOVERNMENT: Nothing appears more surprising to those who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few.” - David Hume, Essays Moral and Political, I, 1741. - As long as it is generally accepted that governments ought to enjoy the "benefits" of territorial integrity and involuntary State membership of all people residing in its territory, this "surprising" human affair will continue, basically unchallenged. - JZ, 12.7.86. - Only under voluntary membership and exterritorial autonomy will any "rule" exist only by unanimous consent and will, to that extent, actually disappear. You are no longer dominated or ruled if only that is done to you and with you what you do want done to you or wish to do yourself. Members of e.g. hobby and sports groups are not ruled but cooperate in the pursuit of a common interest. Governments should be no exception from that rule. But territorialism allows them to form such exceptions and wrongful regimes over whole populations and thus leads to enormous man-made catastrophes. - JZ, 18.7.00, 28.8.13. – In this respect we are all prisoners and hostages of our “national” territorial government and all too many of us suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome, i.e. fall in love with their captors and jailers. Some managed even to cheer when hearing that their government too, had acquired mass extermination devices! – 28.813. - ALWAYS A MINORITY RULE, OVER THE MAJORITY & ALL OTHER MINORITIES, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM & GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT OR SELF-MANAGEMENT, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS

GOVERNMENT: Nothing human can be foreign to a true government.” - Puritanical social consciousness teaching according to George S. Smith. - Nothing inhuman is foreign to any existing, i.e. territorial, centralistic, monopolistic and coercive government. - JZ, 8.1.91 & 22.7.00. - HUMANITY & INHUMANITY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.” - Milton Friedman. - PROGRAMS, TEMPORARY ONES, EMERGENCY "SOLUTIONS"

GOVERNMENT: Nothing succeeds like a failed government program." - William H. Peterson, in February, 1996 issue of THE FREEMAN (the journal of the Foundation for Economic Education). - Even when temporarily abolished, after years to decades of failures, it is then re-introduced, with some new and misleading wordings, and maintained again and again, in essence, sometimes over centuries, always ignoring the inherent and inevitable and inbuilt failures of previous attempts. Governments certainly do not learn from the history of their previous failures in legislation, defence, jurisdiction, education, protection, protectionism etc. - JZ, 29.1.02, 28.8.13. - For territorial governments are always ready to throw more money at failed programs, on the wrong assumption that this would cure them. – It is not their money. So why should they care and take the blame? – By the time that the failures are clearly recognized by the public, they might be long out of office, on a very high pension and enjoy life as elderly and respected “statesmen”. - JZ, 5.1.08. – PROGRAMS, REFORMS BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, SPENDING, BUDGETS, MEASURES, SUCCESS

GOVERNMENT: Nothing, not even government, keeps getting worse forever.” - O'Rourke, Parliament of Whores, p.113. – Well, they keep trying, hard, e.g. by passing ever more interventionist laws. Should we look forward to the day when they might put an end to themselves and, alas, also to us, by engaging in a nuclear war? – After all these centuries of their coercive establishment and maintenance they still remain, essentially, territorial Warfare States, with all too many of them now even “armed” with ABC mass murder devices, directed against other populations (at least indirectly also against their own!) rather than other such governments. Nevertheless, the religion of statism is still strong and others trust their Gods too much to believe that a general nuclear holocaust can and, finally, will happen under the territorialist system of government. - JZ, 3.1.09. – Even if only by accident. – JZ, 7.4.13, 28.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Now government is a master OVER the people, an oppressor UPON the people, and a destroyer OF THE SPIRIT OF MANKIND.” – Jack Anderson & Perry Miles, A Constitution for a Moral Government, 1971, p.41. – Their supposedly ideal and detailed constitution was also only for a supposedly limited but actually still territorial government. – One of the many libertarian books that are largely forgotten after being a few years out of print. – Alas, at least the larger territorial governments were always oppressive, exploitative and obstructive to some extent and, at least for part of their history, even Warfare States, even Switzerland and Sweden were. – The tiny States are too much aware of their limited strength to consider war as an option for them. – In the large ones all the powers, which make wars possible and even likely, are still granted to their governments and taken for granted, as supposedly necessary and rightful ones. – Even advocates of “limited” governments want to maintain their “defence” powers and are thus statists and have largely forgotten about the best of the militia tradition, which, in practice, put such decisions into the hands of the people. - JZ, 1.1.09, 28.8.13. – DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, TERRITORIALISM, MILITIA, DEFENCE, PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: Now I doubt if anybody in his right mind would favor unlimited government. But when you favor government, that's what you're doing. Because government, by its nature, is unlimited. You favor tyranny when you favor government; though you don't know it. This is why I am constantly staggered by those who say they are libertarians and are trying to set up their own particular way of providing a "good government". It is a contradiction in terms. To say "unlimited government" is a redundancy and to say "limited government" is a contradiction. All you have to say is "government". And that takes care of the whole thing.” - Robert LeFevre, Good Government, p.19. - No, this fails to take "competing governance" (possible on the basis of voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy) into consideration. Also, naturally, freely competing societies and communities of volunteers, only, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. I do not know whether he wrote the above before or after he reproduced de Puydt's article on Panarchy in RAMPART JOURNAL, Fall 66. - Most fail to mention that the limited government "ideal" as well as the "ideal" of a powerful government have usually territorialism in common, i.e., an essentially totalitarian foundation. Both use force, centralization and monopolism, although limited governments less so. - Even "unlimited government" is limited e.g. by the territories it can hold or conquer, the manpower and tax slaves it can conscript, the limits of its propaganda, mis-education and official markets, the limited successes and the numerous failures that result from its wrong ideas, methods and aims. (Wrong if territorially imposed upon dissenters who are, e.g., foolish or ignorant enough to want a Big Brother government for themselves. – JZ, 1.1.09, 28.8.13.) - Numerous other limits ought to be introduced or revived, like an ideal human rights declarations, quite rightful militias, monetary freedom, individual secessionism, panarchies, alternative information and enlightenment systems and resources. - JZ, 27.7.00.  UNLIMITED GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, MINI-ARCHIES, GOOD GOVERNMENT, DECENTRALIZATION, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, MILITIA, NEW DRAFT, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Now let me give what I consider is a definition of government from the standpoint of an Anarchist. - Government is either an individual, as a king or czar; or a combination of individuals; or either a fixed class, i.e. the nobility; or a shifting mass, i.e., the majority,  - forcing the rest of their countrymen to conform to such laws as they like to make for them. Government is a forced organization of disjointed interests, therefore, there is always a tendency to disorganise. It is not a voluntary association, so I am in doubt if the word organisation is a correct name to apply.” - E. W. Brookhouse, quoted in Bob James, Australian Anarchism, p.5. - Only by speaking of "the rest of their countrymen" and "a forced organization" does he indicate that it is a territorial monopoly organization. That all the masters and their subjects happen to live in the same country or territory, perhaps also speaking the same language, is the only feature that all have in common. But this is not a feature that holds them together by natural forces. The escape, refugee and free migration patterns do indicate that, not to speak of party strife, revolutions and civil wars. What a "nation" or a "people" or a "representative government" really mean, undistorted by coercion, would only be revealed once membership becomes quite voluntary and exclusive territorial sovereignty and its compulsion over all inhabitants is replaced by exterritorial autonomy for a multitude of individually and voluntarily chosen communities. i.e. if individuals become and remain free to secede and to their own things under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 29.7.00, 8.4.13. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, RULERS, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION, COMPETITION VS. MONOPOLY, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW

GOVERNMENT: Now, sir, this is the real character of the government of the U.S., as it is of all other lawmaking governments. There is not a single human right, which the government of the U.S. recognizes as inviolable. It tramples upon any and every individual right, whenever its own will, pleasure, or discretion shall so dictate. It takes men's property, liberty, and lives whenever it can serve its own purposes by doing so. - All these things prove that the government does not exist at all for the protection of men's rights; but that it absolutely denies to the people any rights, or any liberty, whatever, except such as it shall see fit to permit them to have for the time being. It virtually declares that it does not itself exist at all for the good of the people, but that the people exist for the use of the government. - All these things prove that the government is not one voluntarily established and sustained by the people, for the protection of their natural, inherent, individual rights, but that it is merely a government of usurpers, robbers, and tyrants, who claim to own the people as their slaves, and claim the right to dispose of them, and their property, at their (the usurpers) pleasure and discretion.” - Lysander Spooner, Works I, 31. – A good illustration for this tendency was provided by a former Australian Primie Minister: Mr. Keating … told the Labor Caucus last week: "We are in government. We don't take stick, we give it." - Says it all really.” - Pat Rogers, Young, N.S.W., quoted in THE AUSTRALIAN, 15.9.92. – Such remarks by such figures should lead to their instant dismissal. – JZ, 8.4.13. - VS. HUMAN RIGHTS, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, REPUBLICANISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, DOMINATION, AUTHORITARIANISM

GOVERNMENT: Now, what happens when government, as I am describing it, gets into the act with some of its legislative fiats? What happens when we are forced to do something we wouldn't do unless forced, or we are prevented by force from doing what we normally would do? - Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think psychiatry and psychology have reached a consensus in this area. That's unusual in itself, and should be noted. But the fact is that any person who is engaged in a perfectly proper pursuit and who knows within his own heart and mind that he is doing a perfectly proper thing, suddenly confronts a bully who says to him, "I'm not going to let you do what you're doing; you are going to do what I want you to do, and I am not going to let you keep the money you earned. That's my money. You are only good enough to earn it; I know how to spend it better than you do." And when this force interferes with you, you experience what is called "frustration". That's the technical term. You're mad as hell. But to express it politely, you're frustrated.” - Robert LeFevre, Good Government, p.13. – TAXATION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Obviously, we never (individually) consented to having government, not even limited government … - View for no-government, attacked by Prof. John Hospers in REASON, May 73. – CONSENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT IS ALSO TERRITORIALLY AUTHORITARIAN, EVEN TOTALITARIAN

GOVERNMENT: Of all debts men are least willing to pay the taxes. What a satire this is on government! Everywhere they think they get their money's worth, except for these. Hence the less government we have the better - the fewer laws and the less confided power.” - Emerson, Essays, Second Series: Politics. - TAXES & MAN, GOVERNMENT SERVICES, CHOICE, CONSUMER SATISFACTION, LESS GOVERNMENT, LESS POWER, LESS LAWS

GOVERNMENT: Of course, if individuals acted in their own name and performed coercive acts such as government agents perform, they would be treated as criminals.” - Carl Watner, in REASON 3/73, on Lysander Spooner. – CRIME, CRIME, PUNISHMENT, VICTIMIZERS, INDEMNIFICATION, COERCION AGAINST WRONG-DOERS

GOVERNMENT: Of course, only the forms of liberty are observed here now, without substance. Americans' life-energy is curtailed, regulated and confiscated by government. Most Americans in this decade have known nothing but what I must describe as submission to state servitude. They think they are free and they want to be free, but they are subtly deluded. They absent-mindedly believe in the wizards of Washington, and forget that wisdom and courage, energy and enterprise, lie within themselves.” - Roger McBride, A New Dawn, p.5. - VS. SELF-GOVERNMENT, CREATIVE ENERGY, LIFE ENERGY, TAXATION, CONTROL, REGULATIONS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Of government, that of the mob is most sanguinary, that of soldiers the most expensive, and that of civilians the most vexatious.” - C. C. Colton, Lacon. Pt.i.

GOVERNMENT: Often, the most important government action is to leave people alone.” - P. J. O’Rourke, Eat the Rich, A Treatise on Economics, Picador, 1998, p.197. – GOVERNMENT ACTION, LEAVING PEOPLE ALONE, LAISSEZ FAIRE

GOVERNMENT: Old timer: One who can remember when there was some criticism of the government for extravagance in giving away free garden seeds.” - OHIO STATE JOURNAL. - SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: on Earth I saw too much of what big, passionate convictions do to people, especially when governments have them. Then I started reading history, and found what horrors they’ve brought in the past.” - Poul Anderson, The Avatar, p.50. – CONVICTIONS, PASSIONS, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE

GOVERNMENT: On October 8, 1974, before a joint session of the Congress, President Ford called "inflation", our public enemy No. 1." Schiff's thesis is that since it's the Federal Government that causes that inflation, it's the Federal Government that is, in reality, "public enemy No. 1" - and blistering chapters add to this indictment.” - Irwin A. Schiff, The Biggest Con, from the cover. – Inflation is only one of the consequences of granting a territorial government the money issue monopoly and legal tender power for such a currency. Two of its main roots would be cut with these two wrongful but legalized powers. All of its wrongful roots or powers would be cut with the abolition of its territorialism. Confined to its voluntary victims it could wrong and harm only them and they would deserve each other – until they make use of their right to secede as individuals and to adopt some other personal law system for themselves. – JZ, 3.1.09, 8.4.13, 28.8.13. - INFLATION, ENEMIES, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1. CENTRAL BANKING, MONETARY DESPOTISM

GOVERNMENT: On seeing the brigandage of the men in office, one is tempted to regard society as a wood full of robbers, of whom the most dangerous are the archers charged with guarding the rest.” - Chamford, a friend of Mirabeau. - Even today, all too many people still mix up "society" with "territorial governments" and wrongly assume that all governments and societies have to be territorial ones. - JZ, 26.7.00. – POLITICIANS AS “PROTECTORS”, GUARANTORS & “GUARDIANS”

GOVERNMENT: On the free market one could buy every service better and cheaper than now from the government - and nobody would be forced to buy disservices. - JZ, 14.8.74. - VS. FREE MARKET, VOLUNTARY TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: on what principles government must be formed in order to resist by its own interior structure … the tendency to abuse of power. … How government, then, must be constructed in order to counteract, through its organism, this tendency on the part of those who make and execute the laws to oppress those subject to their operation …” - John C. Calhoun, A Disquisition on Government, C. G. Post edition, 10/11. – Alas, he does not discuss its confinement to volunteers only and to exterritorial autonomy or personal law. Compulsory membership and territorial sovereignty do lead inevitably to abuses. – JZ, 1.10.07, 28.8.13. - COMMUNITIES, SOCIETIES, PRINCIPLE FOR THEIR FOUNDATION & MAINTENANCE, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE IN ALL SPHERES, FREE COMPETION IN ALL SPHERES NOW MONOPOLIZED BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: Once all governments are reduced to exterritorial autonomy only, for their volunteers - in the same country but, potentially, also in the whole world, as competing service suppliers and this only for their own kind of volunteers and for those services, which these volunteers do still want of them, at their expense and risk, they will behave much better, if not immediately then at least in the long run, just like competing businesses and corporations tend to – in a fully free market, where the consumer is sovereign, especially when the free market also includes full monetary and financial freedom and competing protective and juridical services. – Consumer satisfaction in each such governance system, society or community will then also be greatly improved. A competition will result in which all competitions will try to do their best rather than their worst, as happens under compulsory territorial monopolism. - JZ, 4.4.12, 13.4.12, 25.3.13, 8.4.13. - OR PANARCHIES, POLYARCHIES ETC.:

GOVERNMENT: One can almost always believe any government statement - whenever it says something bad about another government or its internal opposition. These fellows know each other. - JZ, 4.2.83 & 13.7.00, 8.4.13. - TRUST

GOVERNMENT: One can be effective without seizing the reins.” - David Wiek ANARCHY 8. – Even if one has not a single sound idea on what to do with full freedom or with territorial power, once one has gained it? – I am not aware of any man in power or behind the throne, who does really know the solutions to the major problems of today or who would recognize them as such, if they were presented to him. - JZ, 29.12.08, 3.12.10. – Or did he mean the potential effectiveness of free experiments among volunteers? – JZ, 3.12.10.  It would be enough if the first pioneering reformers were free to apply their reforms among themselves and thus to demonstrate them to all others. – Trying to rule territorially would incapacitate even the best. – One cannot act quite rightfully and effectively as a territorialist rulers. - JZ, 8.4.13, 28.8.13. - EFFICIENCY, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, RULERS, LEADERSHIP, POWER, PERSONAL LAW, COMPETITION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION, FREE ENTERPRISE & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE!


GOVERNMENT: One could justify the subordination of a whole people (*) under a few persons, if the rulers were the best human beings. But this is not the case and cannot happen. Frequently the worst, least important, most cruel and immoral ones do and especially the most dishonest ones. And that result is no accident. - Leo Tolstoi – Rough translation of the German text by JZ. (Man koennte die Unterordnung eines ganzen Volkes unter wenige Leute noch rechtfertigen, wenn die Regierenden die besten Menschen waeren. Aber das ist nicht der Fall und kann es nie sein. Es herrschen haeufig die Schlechtesten, Unbedeutendsten, Grausamsten, Sittenlosesten und besonders die verlogensten Mensch. Und das dem so ist ist kein Zufall. – Leo Tolstoi, quoted by Carrard Auban sharing Peter Prema's photo - on Facebook, 8.3.13. – (*) It is rarely only a single people, who are thus subjugated. Mostly there are several and sometimes even many very different and antagonistic ones, who make up the population of a territory. They differ not only in their race and ethnic origin and religion but also in their ideologies and their great variety of popular errors, myths, prejudices etc. – JZ, 8.3.13. - STATES, TERRITORIALISM, RULE BY THE WORST, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, DISSENTING MINORITIES SHOULD ALL GET THE EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS. PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: One does not have to malign any government. Those in and out of office do all right in this respect by themselves, e.g. by rightfully accusing each other, filling their pockets and pulling wool over the eyes of their victims. - JZ, 30.10.85.

GOVERNMENT: One government is as bad as another, if not a little worse.” - Benjamin R. Tucker.

GOVERNMENT: One has to keep oneself and one's family, perhaps even a mistress, but one should not have to keep a territorial government, i.e. politicians and bureaucrats, too. - JZ, 9.7.92 & 18.7.00, 3.12.10. - TAXATION & SELF-SUPPORT

GOVERNMENT: One idea had remained fairly constant, however, and he heard it everywhere. That idea was that more government, tougher government, more honest government was the answer to all human problems.” - Wilson / Shea, Illuminatus II, 190. – This can be turned into a truthful observation merely by replacing "all" by "no". - JZ, 2.8.00. – No territorial government is the solution to the problems brought about by territorial governments. – JZ, 3.12.10. - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: One of the few things a government CAN do is grow, but only like a parasite,by making everybody else shrink. - JZ, 30.6.00. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE & SELF-RESPONSIBILITY VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: One of the most profoundly radical inquiries into the question why people obey authority is A Discourse of Voluntary Servitude by the 16th century political philosopher and friend of Montaigne, Etienne de la Boetie. His essay, which is as fresh and relevant today as then, has recently been issued under two different new titles by two libertarian publishers: The Will to Bondage from Ralph Myles Publisher and The Politics of Obedience from Free Life Editions. - La Boetie does not believe that mass submission to tyranny is based simply on fear. The fundamental insight and pivotal point of his essay is that every government is necessarily based on popular acceptance. Tyranny has no power but what we give it.” - LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, Catalog, Summer 1975. - That, too, is a misleading formulation. It made all too many people believe, for all too long, that tyrants like Stalin and Hitler had very extensive popular support. All evidence to the contrary, their terror, their censorship, their secret police, their concentration camps, were simply ignored in this over-simplified view. Moreover, such viewpoints and the practical peace and wartime policies that followed from them, helped greatly to prolong these regimes. - Even if there is very extensive dissent, this does not e.g. mean that the dissenters are suddenly well enough informed, organized, trained and armed for effective resistance. The science of oppression has been advanced, largely by communist totalitarians, so that a minority of about 5-7% of the population can make a successful revolution, and subjugate the rest of the population and keep it under for decades. - Libertarians have not yet succeeded to fully inform, train and arm a libertarian minority of 5-7%. That required for successful liberation efforts might even be much smaller still (*) - but has still not be attained and prepared for this task. - Terrorism by a few in government, or through armed underground movements, can be all too effective, for all too long. - Libertarians have still to fully develop their own consistent and comprehensive program against it and to discuss it sufficiently, agree upon it, publicize it and act upon it. - JZ, 1.8.00. – (*) If the main point of the libertarian revolution or liberation or defence or military insurrection, caused in the home country or in the country of an aggressive despotic regime would be: To each the government or the non-governmental society of his or her choice! And if, moreover, this were believably advocated in the most suitable terms, ideally, perhaps, by a great variety of governments and societies in exile, all only for their present and future volunteers. – JZ, 8,4.13. - VOLUNTARY SERVITUDE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, LIBERATION, RESISTANCE, MILITARY INSURRECTION & REVOLUTION PROGRAMS FOR LIBERTARIANS

GOVERNMENT: One of the things the government can't do is run anything. The only things our government runs are the post office and the railroads, and both of them are bankrupt. –Lee Iacocca– If they could only rule exterritorially and over volunteers, they would have to improve their performances if they wish to continue to exist. Otherwise, all their victims might secede from them. – JZ, 3.4.12. - Territorial governments can only run a country and its population and wealth down. – JZ, 28.8.13. - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, RUNNING THE COUNTRY?

GOVERNMENT: One tax victim to another: "I'll tell you what's wrong with this country. The government is living beyond our incomes!" - PIX PEOPLE, 18.2.75. - JOKES

GOVERNMENT: Only competitive governments of volunteers, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy, deserve any respect – because they leave dissenters free to secede and do their own things among themselves, in their own free communities, societies and governance systems, wherever they live and work.  – JZ, 25.3.13. – RESPECT & RECOGNITION

GOVERNMENT: Only exterritorial and thus competing governments can be innocent. All others are criminal syndicates directed against all those who have not given them their individual consent. - JZ, 26.1.02. - INNOCENTS, TERRITORIAL VS. EXTERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS & PANARCHISTIC COMMUNITIES, CRIME, CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Only governments wage war and only people die in them.” - NOMOS, IV/3, inside cover. - PEOPLE & WAR

GOVERNMENT: Only individuals can rightly dispense favors. Territorial government's can't. - JZ, 9/72 & 2.8.00. – FAVORS, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: Only TERRITORIAL government must be ended. A government by and for volunteers only can only wrong and harm them - with their consent - and thus they do deserve it, as long as they are willing to put up with it. To outsiders it would no longer be a threat but a helpful deterrent example, confirming their other choices for themselves. - John Zube – GOVERNMENTS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, ABOLITION?

GOVERNMENT: Only The Government Could Lose Money Selling Booze To Football Fans - "The University of Minnesota lost almost $16,000 last year on alcohol sales at home football games, despite selling more than $900,000 worth of beer and wine. ... - The booze itself cost the university about $180,000." - Judy Morris – Facebook, 22.3.13. - Generally, only the producers and distributors of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products do benefit from them. Only their users believe that they do them any good. – JZ, 28.8.13. – GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES,  CONVENTIONAL DRUGS: ALCOHOL & TOBACCO,

GOVERNMENT: Only the hardened professional criminals - a fraction of the population - would personally so indulge themselves. The vast majority would refrain from immoral actions were it a you-and-me relationship. Honesty would prevail.” - NOTES FROM FEE, 3/78. – Alas, under territorialism the main criminals legalize their crimes and do received all too much of the sanction of their victims. Thus all territorial States should become transformed into a multiple of communities of volunteers, all only exterritorially autonomous, to render them sufficiently harmless to dissenters. – The animosities of territorial governments and their internal dissenters could become utilized as their Achilles Heels. - JZ, 3.1.09. All their factions could be turned into independent governments – for their volunteers only and as such into potential allies for libertarians. – JZ, 8.4.13. - MORALITY, HONESTY, CRIME & MAJORITY, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & CORRESPONDING GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE AS A START. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS INSTEAD OF “TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY” OVER CONSCRIPTED TAX SLAVES & SOLDIERS!

GOVERNMENT: Oppressive governments and tyrannical dictators have - never - taken away your freedom of choice with the claim that you may choose something healthy, right, or wise. They always destroy your liberty on the issues important to you based on the claim that you may choose something unhealthy, wrong, or foolish.” - KAZ Vorpal. - PRETENCES & FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, “PROTECTION”, FREE CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: Optional governments would give us many more options - and much more cheaply, too. – JZ, 17.12.93. - Since they would be individually chosen by us and at our expense and risk only, they would be right, too, for us, at least for the time being, in our present state of development. - JZ, 10.7.00. - OPTIONAL, COMPETING, VOLUNTARY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Organized injustice, at least for all non-criminal dissenters. - JZ, 26.8.91 & 22.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Otis (James), in 1762, 1764 and 1765 says: “Most governments are, in fact, arbitrary, and consequently the curse and scandal of human nature; yet none are of right arbitrary. … There can be no prescription old enough to supercede the law of Nature … all men a right to be free. If a man has but little property to protect and defend, yet is life and liberty are things of some importance.” - LORD ACTON, Lectures on the French Revolution, ed. by Figgis & Laurence, MacMillan, 1932, p.23/24. – Among exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers their governments and laws are no longer arbitrary impositions but correspond to the wishes of their voluntary members. – JZ, 1.10.07. – ARBITRARINESS, PERSONAL LAW, FREELY CHOSEN FOR THEMSELVES, BY VOLUNTEERS, EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, GOVERNMENTAL OR SOCIETAL, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Our Achilles Heel is Government.” - Prof. James L. Green – Territorial government. – JZ

GOVERNMENT: Our citizens do not know whom to believe, and many of them have concluded that all the processes of government become so compromised that honest governance has been rendered impossible.” - Sam Erwin, 1973. - Honest government is a contradiction in terms, anyhow, for territorial governments, who wrongfully pretend that they know, respect and represent the rights, liberties and interests of ALL “the” people in "their" territories. - The same leadership people often have not even learned how to get along properly with their children, parents, wives or husbands, far less with all their other relatives and associates but, they do pretend that they could rightly and effectively run a whole country and all its population, made up of very diverse peoples. Among all the schools of psychologists and psychiatrists is there not even one, which has clearly recognized this kind of madness? – The German language has at leas tone word for it: “Groessenwahnsinn” or “greatness-madness” but applied it only to people in mad-houses, who imagine themselves to be Napoleon or Caesar. And these famous men, too, as at least historians know, had their mental and knowledge limits, too and were, essentially, mass murderers. – Langenscheidt’s dictionary offers me: ”megalomania” or “delusions of grandeur” for the German word “Groessenwahn”. – Superiority complex, arrogance and elitism are still all too moderate terms for this sickness and evil. - JZ, 28.7.00, 3.12.10, 28.8.13. - CITIZENS, INDIVIDUALS, PEOPLE, VOTERS

GOVERNMENT: Our country isn't ours as long as we live in fear of government.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 4/75. - FEAR

GOVERNMENT: Our current philosophy of government may be summarized six words: If it sounds good, do it. Doug NewmanThus under ever new and plausible terms and camouflage or cover-up terms, ever new official crimes and irrationalities are committed. – JZ, 13.4.12. - TERRITORIALISM & ITS FALSE PRETENCES & PROPAGANDA INSTEAD OF THOUGHT, POPULARITY INSTEAD OF PRINCIPLES, VOTE CATCHING, POLICIES, PROGRAMS, PLAUSIBILITY, PREJUDICES, LACK OF SOUND PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES AS WELL AS RIGHTFUL LAWS

GOVERNMENT: Our enemies are governments that wish to territorially impose the will of a minority or majority upon the dissenting majority or minorities. Only governments that are truly based upon individual consent (for which individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy are touch-stones) can be our rightful allies and associates. To each the own kind of insurance, protection and welfare contract, “social contract” or package deal. Elementary justice demands that and voluntary membership and does not permit any impositions upon non-criminal and non-aggressive people. Exterritorial autonomy or personal law makes that possible and is the foundation for lasting peace, progress and prosperity. It would introduce voluntarism and experimental freedom or freedom of action into those spheres so far preempted by territorial governments. - JZ, 20.6.92 & 13.7.00, 8.4.13, 28.8.13. - OUR ENEMIES, ESPECIALLY THE TERRITORIAL ONES, PEACE, JUSTICE, HARMONY, VOLUNTARISM, INDEPENDENCE, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, FREE EXPERIMENTATION: PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear – kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor – with the cry of grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it.” – General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Allied Commander, General of the U.S. Army. – Another version: Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear - kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor - with the cry of grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power (*) that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant sums demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.” - General Douglas MacArthur, 1980-1964, in 1957. – Even such a well-meaning general might have made an even worse disaster happen in the war in Korea, by using nuclear weapons. Luckily, the system was still good enough to recall him in time, at that stage. – (*) “evil”, in another version. - JZ, 30.6.00. – GOVERNMENT AS A FEAR MONGER. ITS ARTIFICIAL CREATION OF FEAR, TO ALLOW IT TO BECOME OUR BIG BROTHER

GOVERNMENT: Our government is an agency of delegated and strictly limited powers. Its founders did not look to its preservation by force; but the chain they wove to bind these States together was one of love and mutual good offices … –Jefferson DavisLove and mutual respect cannot be established constitutionally or legally for the whole population of any territory. Alas, such flawed notions do still predominate today. – JZ, 23.4.13. – TERRITORIALISM, LOVE, PUBLIC SERVICE MONOPOLIES

GOVERNMENT: Our government is at war with the people.” - Terrence D. Oaks, THE JUSTICE TIMES, Oct. 1978. – It is not “our” government until it is INDIVIDUALLY self-chosen. – JZ, 8.4.13. - VS. THE PEOPLE, VS. INDIVIDUAL FREE CHOICES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

GOVERNMENT: Our government is supposed to be of, by, and for the people, but lately (last 25-40 years, or so) it seems that the government is of, by, and for the government.” - Dianne Eastman, letter in ANALOG, 7/74. - VS. THE PEOPLE, DEMOCRACY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Our government should be placed under a receivership. They don't fulfill their functions as agents of the community; an agent's responsibility is to collect his principal's revenues. If the receivership collected in full the value of the community services rendered to the individual it would not be long before we could dispense with the annual farce of the Budget…” - Rae, C. Heiple II, in GOOD GOVERNMENT, Aug. 77, reprint from THE FREEMAN. - A single-tax viewpoint, that still accepts territorial government as justified - if only it applies Henry George's ideas or those of one or the other "reformed" Georgist. If this kind of land reform were tolerantly practised among its believers only, at their expense and risk, as some of them have proposed and some of them have practically demonstrated, even George's single tax ideas would be unobjectionable to libertarians. As territorial imposition they are wrong. I blame territorial governments for many other things, but not for not introducing the single tax. - JZ, 26.7.00. - BANKRUPT & IN BREACH OF PROMISES & CONTRACTS, WITHOUT A MANDATE, HENRY GEORGE, SINGLE TAX

GOVERNMENT: Our governments, via the legal professions, have embarked on the hopeless task of trying to bottle mankind up - of trying to fit humans into a prescribed mould.” – John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p.152. - MAN, DIRIGISM, LAWS, CONTROLS, DIRECTION, LEADERSHIP, RESTRICTIONS, FREEDOM, MANIPULATION, EDUCATION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, UNIFORMITY

GOVERNMENT: Our sovereign governments arose as war-making organizations.” - H. G. Wells, The Common Sense of War and Peace, 30. - And they still remain as such. The decision-making power regarding war and peace should no longer be centralized but completely decentralized. Furthermore, no power over ABC mass murder devices should remain in the hands of anyone. - JZ, 2.6.82 & 27.7.00. – MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE DECISIONS, WARFARE STATE, NWT

GOVERNMENT: Our State is like a marriage in which the wife spends regardless of the income of the husband.” - Erika Herbst, Alle suchen nach Loesungen - wir haben sie. S.98. - Actually, I didn't see any solutions in her book. But then I may not have read it carefully enough, since already skimming revealed to me what I considered to be many false notions. Perhaps your “ideas-finder” works better than mine. - JZ - 18.7.00, 3.12.10. - SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Our technocrats have taught people that only learned bickering over microscopic matters constitutes "expert" or "profound" political discourse. But learned bickering over trivial aspects of a pathological situation and the struggle to make that pathology more "efficient" will not help us. That is the language of centralized planners, and we don't need more of it. And we certainly don't need a more "efficient" government in THEIR sense. On the contrary, so long as our government remains in its present state, we are far better off with extreme inefficiency. Life can still be lived in the loopholes and in the crevices between the government contradictions.” - Simon, A Time for Truth, p.217. - INEFFICIENT RATHER THAN EFFICIENT GOVERNMENT, LOOPHOLES SEEN AS REMAINING FREEDOM OPTION

GOVERNMENT: Outlaw government! - Dangerous Button, No. 497. – Only territorial government has to be abolished in one way or the other. It is much too wrongful, harmful and counter-productive an institution. – JZ, 8.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Over time people learn the vicious "dog-eat-dog" nature of this arbitrary government power and do battle to become the one that Big Brother Likes Best.” - Thomas W. Hazlett, THE FREEMAN, Nov. 77. – Alas, they are still too ignorant, prejudiced, unorganized and untrained for effective resistance. – JZ, 8.4.13. – MILITIA FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LBERTIES, POWER & DOG EAT DOG COMPETITION OF STATISTS, PROGRAMS, BLUEPRINTS

GOVERNMENT: Panarchism would mean that every adult and potential consumer for governmental or societal services would be given a bargain-hunting "licence" to make the best deal he wants and can get for any governmental or societal serve, all of them competitively supplied. - Full consumer sovereignty, experimental freedom, freedom of contract and association a well as enterprise in this sphere, even for the xyz factions of statists, wanting to do their things to themselves! - JZ, 19.12. 93, & 10.7.00, 8.4.13, 28.8.13. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: Passing laws and creating bureaus cannot add one jot to human happiness; … governments habitually engage in aggression, grand larceny, cheating, lying, counterfeiting, bullying, meddling and other pursuits immediately recognized, in the private sphere, as nasty and immoral. Why don't people compare political promises with government results?” - Roger McBride, A New Dawn, p.93. - Governments can hardly "forge" their own paper money but, because of the legal tender power and the issue monopoly power they legislated for their central banks, they can easily over-issue and depreciate their currencies, thereby taxing all creditors and generally and severely disturb the whole economy. These powers do also permit them to run long lasting deflations and stagflations, all with enormous harmful political, economic, social, international and military consequences. - JZ, 2.8.00. – If all were confined to ruling over volunteers only, under personal law, they would either stick to their promises or lose members. As it is, they get away, almost habitually, with many broken promises – and can always blame their opponents. – JZ, 8.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Penthouse: If you had a magic wand for correcting what's wrong in America, what would you do? - Rothbard: I would get the government out of the lives and the properties of all American citizens. I would first repeal all the legislation that's been undertaken and all the administrative edicts of the last century or so.” - Rothbard, in PENTHOUSE interview, 10/76. – I think that they should still be left in force – for all those still foolish enough to want them. They would set a useful deterrent example for those who would choose much better and personal laws for their communities. -  JZ, 8.4.13. – COMPREHENSIVE LAW REPEAL OR ONLY REPEAL OF THE TERRITORIALISM OF THE PRESENT LEGISLATION? PERSONAL LAW VS. TERRITORIAL LAW, GOVERNANCE, SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM & FREE ENTERPRISE AS WELL AS CONSUMER SOVEREGINTY IN EVERY SPHERE!

GOVERNMENT: People - and particularly young people - are worried over the "trend of the times" in which government apparently is rushing headlong into MORE centralization, LESS individual liberty; MORE deficit spending, LESS concern for the taxpayer; MORE circumvention of constitutional government, LESS reliance on tested, workable theories or tripartite government; and MORE secrecy in executive activities, LESS faith in the people to accept responsibility.” - South Dakota Sen. Karl Mundt, quoted in Dean Smith, Conservatism, p.23. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM INSTEAD OF INDIVIDUAL & MINORITY GROUP SECESSIONISM UNTER PERSONAL LAW

GOVERNMENT: People are better qualified to run their own lives than governments are. And if they're not, they soon will be if they're allowed to get some practice. In other words, individual freedom and free enterprise.”- James P. Hogan, The Mirror Maze, p.3. – Even when it comes to the practice of whole political, economic and social systems among the volunteers for them, under their personal laws, meaning, under full exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 3.12.10. - VS. PEOPLE, CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-HELP, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE TRADE, FREE EXCHANGE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION AS WELL AS EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN EVERY SPHERE!

GOVERNMENT: people are just plain sick to death of more government than they need and more taxes than they can afford.” - Bill Brock, Republican National Chairman, quoted in LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, 9/78. – If only that were truly the case. Then an anti-tax rebellion would be close. – At least a sound blue-print for it should be prepared. It must include refusals to accept inflated government money and the replacement of its legalized forced and exclusive currency character by the monies (exchange media, including clearing certificates and accounts) and value standards of full monetary freedom. Whatever governmental services these revolutionaries would want to have continued they should then take into their own hands. E.g., they should then themselves pay the police and the other armed forces or whatever other officials they may still want to hire. – “Whoever pays the piper calls the tune!” - Technically they could do this via their own diverse panarchies of volunteers and through their own forces of volunteers for the protection only of genuine individual rights and liberties. – Let them all freely secede, if they want to, and then reorganize in ways they like, under full exterritorial autonomy and their own personal laws, to do their own things for themselves, at their own risk and expense. – Free competition between their communities of volunteers would finally develop some worthwhile “public services” or community or societal services and would maximize producer and consumer satisfaction. – Each would only be stuck with the system he favored, as long as he finds it still tolerable. The subjective value theory should be applied here as well. – Divorce from any State or community must become an individual and unilateral option. – Let us introduce “I divorce thee!” towards politicians, their systems, laws, institutions and their tribute levies! - JZ, 28.1.08, 8.4.13. - TAXES VS. THE PEOPLE, TAX STRIKE, PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, MILITIA, MONETARY & FINANCIAL REVOLUTION, VOLUNTARY & PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY ALTERNATIVEDS, ALL FREELY CHOSEN BY INDIVIDUALS

GOVERNMENT: People constantly assume that there is something metaphysical and sentimental about government.” – W. G. Sumner, What Social Classes Owe To Each Other, p.88. - STATISM, WELFARE STATE, PEOPLE, PUBLIC OPINION, NATIONALISM, LOYALTY, OBEDIENCE

GOVERNMENT: People do not walk barefoot because there are no government shoe factories.” – Anonymous - Is territorial government really necessary? It is not necessary or justified for its non-criminal dissenters, who are, so far, not allowed to secede from it. – JZ, 24.12.08. - JOKES

GOVERNMENT: People seek government action because they don't approve of what other people choose to do with their lives. They want to overrule the decisions others have made concerning the uses of their own time and money.” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom …, p.86. - They do this because they are mentally conditioned by notions like the following: “This is one country, under one government and one law. We are lucky to be so ‘unified’. Everyone ought to abide by the rules approved by the majority. All law-breakers are criminals (no matter how wrongful the law is!). We made the laws and they ought to obey it. We can't have States within States. Everyone is to be ‘equal before THE law’. Disunity is a danger to us, so is fragmentation. Schisms are dangerous. We can't tolerate enemies and resistance within ‘our borders’. Freedom of action must be limited by the State. Tolerance applies only to diverse opinions, not to diverse actions. In public affairs we can have only one territorial experiment at a time.” ETC. almost endlessly. If a full listing were made of all such "fixed ideas" or popular prejudices, it might come to hundreds if not thousands of entries, all popular and unchecked (even by political scientists) premises that uphold territorialism and statism. Most people, including the statists, are victims of these false ideas and misconceptions. Without them they might be relatively nice and civilized people. With them, they often act like barbarians. An encyclopedia of all the popular errors, myths and prejudices that are obstacles to progress in freedom, justice, peace and prosperity, together with the best refutations so far found, has still to be compiled and published. On the Internet this could be done fast, with many people participating and mutually correcting each other's remaining errors. But they would first have to realize the need for such a reference work and then to agree to collaborate with anyone to provide it. - The Age of Enlightenment has begun - but it is still very far from being finished. Especially the intentions of the first "encyclopedists" in France were not systematically continued in later encyclopedias, which rather concentrated on relatively trivial other observations and facts and are often as empty of freedom ideas and facts as are most minds, newspapers, bookshops and libraries. - There are all too many other libertarian omissions, which kept statism strong and libertarianism weak. (*) - JZ, 1.8.00, 8.4.13, 28.8.13. – (*) I combined many of them in a 2010 digitized book manuscript, still only called “New Draft” and not online but available from me upon request as an email attachment, until it appears online or on a disc. Zipped it comes only to 306 KBs.  Free upon request! – JZ, 8.4.13, - THE URGE TO TRY TO RUN THE LIVES OF OTHERS, TO DOMINATE THEM, TERRITORIAL STATISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS

GOVERNMENT: People should fear government, not the lack of it.” - Society for Libertarian Life, leaflet, Who's Afraid of Anarchy? - VS. ANARCHY & PEOPLE, PUBLIC OPINION

GOVERNMENT: people shouldn't be having to fight their own government on top of ever'thing else.” - James P. Hogan, The Mirror Maze, p.109.

GOVERNMENT: People sometimes inquire what form of government is most suitable for an artist to live under. To this question there is only one answer. The form of government that is most suitable to the artist is no government at all.” - Oscar Wilde. - Anarchism is not only good for artists. But those who think otherwise should be free to have the government of their dreams, with like-minded people, under full exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 30.6.00. - ARTISTS & ANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREE CHOICE, CONSENT, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT FOR ALL

GOVERNMENT: People want to use government to obtain benefits, which the free choice of their fellows would not give them. Honest work and trade do not pay enough to satisfy their greed. What a grand shortcut it is to get the government to send out tax collectors, enforcers, raise tariffs, institute public programs - all to benefit the activities in which one is engaged.” - Charles R. LaDow, THE FREEMAN, 10/74. – WELFARE STATE, SUBSIDIES, GOVERNMENT AID OR PRIVILEGES

GOVERNMENT: People without a government. There's a lot of shit that people don't need.” - LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, 12/75, p.31. - VS. PEOPLE

GOVERNMENT: People would survive their natural trouble all right if it weren't for the trouble they make for themselves.” - Ogden Nash. - PEOPLE, NATURE & INTERVENTIONISM, STATISM & TERRITORIALISM VS. FREE & INDIVIDUAL CHOICE OF GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES OR PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: People's opinions about what services are necessary are often greatly unlike each other, and this is as it should be. But today, under the governmental system, even people who oppose the public schools and never make use of them are still compelled to pay for them - and this is to name only a single one of the many forms of the same injustice. The essence of the current system is standardization and uniformity. Under government, everyone in the entire country can be forced to aid in the realization of some one person's or some tiny minority's pet project. (*) In an anarchistic society of free and voluntary relationships, 'public services' would be organized anywhere that people were interested in seeing them made reality, and would be made possible by the help of like-minded persons who would support the projects if they wanted them. Similarly, people would be under no compulsion to support projects which they felt were undeserving, and if NOBODY thought some 'service' was necessary, perhaps it wasn't a service at all; very likely it would disappear until such time, if ever, that interest rekindled and people were willing to extend support.” - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism, in THE MATCH, 9-10/1973. – (*) It being a majority's project would make the coercion of the dissenting minorities not any less unjust towards the dissenters. – JZ - TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISTIC PUBLIC SERVICES VS. ANARCHY & PANARCHY

GOVERNMENT: Perhaps I ought at once, for the benefit of some of my friends, who are inclined a little incautiously to glorify this world "governing", without thinking of all that is contained in it, to translate the term, which is so often on our lips, into what I hold to be its true meaning: forcing your own will and pleasure, whatever they may be, if you happen to be the stronger, on other persons.” - Auberon Herbert, in Mack, Auberon Herbert, p.191/2. – Not only on some other persons but upon whole populations of territories! This massive tyranny is almost as criminal as the governmental mass murders in peace and wars. – JZ, 28.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Perhaps the time has come for us to recall that other beasts, which terrorized and consumed, once roamed the earth. They are no longer with us. Like the brontosaurus, they became extinct.” - Robert LeFevre, The Libertarian, p.61. – Only territorial governments, not competing and voluntary ones, should be done away with. – JZ, 28.12.08. - TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT OUGHT TO BE MADE EXTINCT

GOVERNMENT: Perhaps we do have to have some government - although I'm not convinced. But to say that we must have Government is like saying we must have cancer, but we will always fight it; we will always look for the means to destroy it.” - Hugh Frazer, in LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM, 4/78. – While all territorially imposed governments must become abolished, those only exterritorially autonomous and only for volunteers, should be promoted by anarchists and libertarians for all kinds of statists, so that anarchists and libertarians could also and much easier get their kind of panarchies for themselves, this time as allies of all the diverse statists, all only peacefully and competitively doing their own things, for or to themselves. – JZ, 4.12.10, 8.4.13. – TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT LIKE CANCER? NECESSARY OR A DISEASE TO BE FOUGHT?

GOVERNMENT: Perhaps we should let the Mafia take over. At least it has experience with supplying people with services they do want and has continued to supply them even when faced by powerful territorial governments, which do not like competition on what they claim to be their turf. - JZ, 22.7.00. – Naturally, one could object that an official Mafia has already subjected all of us to its kind of protection racket. And it caters not only to some private vices but organizes public ones on a huge scale, very expensive in lives, limbs, liberties rights, work, property, energy, time and money. – JZ, 28.12.08. - MAFIA, JOKES, WARS, CIVIL WARS, REVOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Peter Drucker wrote some years ago that government has only two clearly superior abilities – waging war and inflating the currency.” - Richard Cornuelle, Healing America, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1983, p. 175. – He should have said “aggressive wars”. It is not very good at waging defensive ones. It tend to turn them also into all too many and large aggressive acts. – JZ, 12.9.08. – With the money issue monopoly of its central bank and legal tender power for this money, it can also produce deflations and stagflations. Economic crises are also caused and prolonged by its financial despotism, especially its compulsory taxatioin. – JZ, 28.8.13. - TERRITORIALISM, DEFENCE & AGGRESSION INSTEAD OF LIBERATION – AT BOTH SIDES OF A TERRITORIAL FRONTIER

GOVERNMENT: Phil Crane takes his title from Thomas Jefferson, who said "the sum of good government" consists of leaving men "to regulate their own pursuits" of industry and improvement as long as they are "not injuring one another." - John Chamberlain, The Sum of Good Government, THE FREEMAN, 8/77, reviewing a book by Philip M. Crane: The Sum of Good Government, Hill Publishers, Ottawa, 214pp.

GOVERNMENT: Pickpockets with Polish: Politicians promising us more government funds are like the fellows who will take you out for a real fancy dinner if you will let them use your credit card.” - J. Kesner Kahn, in a letter to the editor, WASHINGTON STAR NEWS, quoted in READER'S DIGEST, 8/75, page 17. - SPENDING, & PROMISES, WELFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: Plenty of motives - but no reason! Why? - JZ, 7.12.92. - Because they try to serve firstly themselves, with a lot of infighting, then they pretend that they really want to serve all citizens, no matter how diverse. That is simply impossible. One kind of meal cannot satisfy e.g. a meat eater and a vegetarian, one drink does not satisfy the alcoholic and the teetotaler etc. Only a free market for all services can satisfy all sovereign consumers. Only panarchism can provide it in the sphere of governmental and societal services, under conditions of voluntarism and exterritorial governments. Territorial governments can do no better than they have done so far. - JZ, 7.12.92 & 13.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: political institutions and formal government are a hoax. - Aslam Effendi, REASON, 2/73. - In form of territorial governments they are all too real, wrong and harmful, although based on ideas that are merely hoaxes. - JZ, 2.8.00. – If one tries to satisfy all people in a whole population one can only come up with nonsense, entertainment or terror, so that no one dares to object in public. – At least that keeps them quiet – if not satisfied. – One should have imagined that by now at least some politicians would have discovered the advantages that exterritorial autonomy for voluntary communities offers them, namely a kind a sinecure among these followers. Or do they get all that much satisfaction out of attempting to rule over dissenters? – Then they will always only partly and temporarily succeed. – They are so concerned about their careers. So why don’t they pick up these numerous exterritorialist opportunities? Each of them could then become and remain top cock on his kind of manure heap. – Instead of only one Prime minister at a time in a country – there could be hundreds! - JZ, 30.12.08. – Politicians do not even know what would be good for themselves. Far less do they know what would be good for all others in a country. – JZ, 8.4.13. - POLITICS, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL SYSTEMS & FORMS OF LEADERSHIP – OVER VOLUNTEERS ONLY.

GOVERNMENT: Politically, he believed that government in general (and democracy in particular) constitutes a conspiracy of the inept against the superior individuals of the race.” - Randy Boehm, LIBERTARIAN REVIEW, 11/76. - Commenting upon Mencken. – Elitism is not represented by territorial government. It can be genuine and come to the front only under voluntarism. Naturally, there can also be societies of fools, following a leading fool. – JZ, 29.12.08. - A conspiracy of the inept, imposing themselves territorially upon a whole population. Their competence it confined to this imposition. – JZ, 4.12.10. – LEADERSHIP, RULERS, POLITICIANS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, ELITISM, VOLUNTARISM, REPRESENTATION, TERRITORIALISM, RULE BASED UPON IGNORANCE, POPULAR PREJUDICES & POWER ADDICTION

GOVERNMENT: Politicians and bureaucrats spend other people's money and thus, inevitably, overspend. They pay more than market prices for things people want, more than market prices even for things most people do not want and more than market prices for whatever governments themselves consume or waste. - JZ, 12.5.92 & 23.7.00. - SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Politicians can't give us anything without depriving us of something else. Government is not a god. Every dime they spend must first be taken from someone else. –Gary AsmusAll goods and services offered by any territorial government do come at too high prices, paid either directly or indirectly and the costs of their payment are wrongly imposed upon others. – JZ, 3.4.12, 13.4.12. - & POLITICIANS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION, PUBLIC DEBT, INFLATION

GOVERNMENT: Politicians whose careers are built on promises of more public spending and more interference find it almost impossible to comprehend that the most helpful thing they can do might be nothing, and that the optimum amount of money for government to spend to achieve some goals might be nil.” - Anthony Lejeune, in Dr. Rhodes Boyson, editor, Right Turn, p.71. - SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Politics is the art to discover ever new reasons for new taxes.” - Helmar Nahr. - (Politik ist die Kunst, stets neue Gruende fuer neue Steuern zu entdecken.) - They are not reasons but excuses or at best false arguments. - JZ, 18.7.00. - POLITICS & TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: Potentially, a government is the most dangerous threat to man's rights; it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims. When unlimited and unrestricted by individual rights, a government is man's deadliest enemy. It is not as protection against private actions, but against governmental actions that the Bill of Rights was written. - Ayn Rand, "Man's Rights", April, 1963. Also in: The Virtue of Selfishness [1964] – TERRITORIALISM, FORCE, MONOPOLISM, PROTECTION, ENEMIES, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Powerful states can maintain themselves only by crime, little states are virtuous only by weakness.” - Mikhail A. Bakunin, Selected Works, p.211. - TERRITORIALISM & POWER ADDICTS, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, STATES, BIGNESS, POWER, EMPIRES, NATIONS, PEOPLES, WARFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: Practically all government attempts to redistribute wealth and income tend to smother productive incentives and lead toward general impoverishment. – Henry Hazzlitt, quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah sharing Capitalism's photo. – Facebook, 4.3.13. – POVERTY

GOVERNMENT: Prime Ministers, Presidents and other politicians act as if they believed they are supermen or super-women and yet they are all so fallible and flawed human beings, even beings that went through a negative selection process that allows not the best but the worst to get to the top. But there seems to be no limit to self-delusions among the politicians as well as among their voters. - JZ, 27.7.00. – POLITICIANS, VOTING, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Producers who value their freedom should resist the temptation to call for government assistance. They should ponder the words of Solzhenitszyn: "Do not call a wolf to help you against the dogs." - Progress Party paper, The Beef Squeeze. - GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE, AID, SUBSIDIES, PROTECTIONISM

GOVERNMENT: Professor Meltzer attempts to measure the growth rate of government and finds the best yardsticks to be the proportion which taxes bear to the nation's economy (gross national product), and which public employment bears to the total labor force. By those measures government has grown approximately twice as fast as the economy and the labor force since the turn of the century.” [1900] - Roger A. Freeman, introducing A. H. Meltzer, Why Government Grows, p.5. – GROWTH – Most big territorial governments – suffer from obesity and thus their subjects suffer correspondingly. – Politicians are fat cats demanding to be fed by us. – JZ, 30.12.08, 4.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Pugsley's First Law of Government: All government programs accomplish the opposite of what they are designed to achieve.” – John Pugsley

GOVERNMENT: Quite often, without our knowing about it, people who are not so fortunate as we, have a great fear of the Federal Government. It is almost as though our own government is our enemy or is foreign to our lives.” - President Carter in a message to civil servants, quoted in REASON, 5/77. - Out of the horse's mouth! – Not only the federal government, the state and local ones, too! – And wealth is not just a matter of luck or fortune. It is closely related to individual rights and liberties that are not fully recognized by any territorial government. - JZ, n.d. & 1.1.09. - GOVERNMENT, THE ENEMY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: Radiation experiments have been conducted on human guinea-pigs at Nevada and Maralinga test sites. … During the Second World, mustard gas experiments were carried out on Australian soldiers who years later were denied medical help on the grounds that the research was so secret it could not be admitted that it had taken place.” - Brian Wilshire, The Fine Print, published by Brian Wilshire, PO Box 209, Round Corner, NSW 2158, Australia, 1992, p.39. - EXPERIMENTS WITH INVOLUNTARY HUMAN GUINEA-PIGS, SECRECY

GOVERNMENT: Rather than wholesale destruction of today's government, we advocate its replacement (preferably peaceful) with a natural system of order consistent with life and liberty for individuals.” - W. Robert Black, THE NEW BANNER, 18.2.72. – Only a single system, e.g. a limited but still territorial government or a “meta-utopia”, as Nozick proposed, for all the different kind of utopias that free people want for themselves? – JZ, 31.12.08. - REPLACEMENT OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS, PANARCHIES, POLYARCHIES, PERSONAL LAW SYSTEMS, COMMUNITIES & SOCIETIES, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: Recognize captive nations and captive minorities through recognizing ALL governments in exile that rule or aim to rule only over volunteers and only on the basis of full exterritorial autonomy. Confronted with this program most despotic regimes could be brought rapidly to the point of collapse or to an almost bloodless overthrow. - JZ, 1.7.92 & 18.7.00. – It has the potential to unite all the internal opposition forces against their common enemy, the territorial regime and would offer all of them the governments, communities or societies freely chosen for themselves by all non-criminal adults. – JZ, 4.12.10, 288.13. - RECOGNITION, CAPTIVE PEOPLES, CAPTIVE NATIONS, SUPPRESSED MINORITIES, PANARCHIST LIBERATION, DEFENCE, REVOLUTION & MILITARY INSURRECTION PROGRAM, VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP IN STATES, SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES, ALL WITHOUT A TERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Regardless of the conceit and pretences of politicians and the statism of their willing subjects, no one, least of all a territorial government, can solve all problems for others, not even at the highest price: exorbitant taxes. - JZ, 15.6.92. – Compare the old saying, arisen from bitter experience: “Whoever pays Danegeld will never get rid of the Dane.”- JZ, 4.12.10. – TAXATION, TAX STRIKES, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, PRIVATIZATION

GOVERNMENT: Rejecting Saint Paul's suggestion that the Christian ought to obey the powers of God and the State with equal humility, Wright self-confidently proclaimed the institution of government a "costly farce". The American people sit spellbound at the feet of the State, he charged, bowing down in submission to its powers on the belief that the institution of government is the only possible means of maintaining law and order within society. It is on the authority of this idea that the jailer locks up the social deviate, the hangman kills his victim, and the general orders his soldiers to slaughter the enemy. The supporters of the State idea argue that since the institution of government was originally established by God as an act of generosity toward men, it is a sacred institution which men must never overthrow. But "the Being whom I worship as God never committed such a folly," Wright contended. "God never established such an institution, and then empowered men to destroy one another to preserve the institution." It is this very myth which men must somehow eliminate from their minds if they are ever to live a truly social existence.” - Henry Clarke Wright, 1789-1870, as described by Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.41. - GOD, MAN, CHRISTIANITY & THE STATE, OBEDIENCE, POWER, SUBMISSION, STATISM, LAW & ORDER, SOCIETY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Remember honey, this is dirty business. There isn't a government in the world that wouldn't do it.” - From the series: The Six Million Dollar Man, broadcast on Channel 10, Sunday 10.4.77, 7.45 pm. - A DIRTY BUSINESS

GOVERNMENT: Remember that where government is unlimited no citizen is free.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.68. – And where government is “limited” but still territorial, no citizen is free enough. – JZ, 8.4.13. - UNLIMITED GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, COERCION, TERRITORIALISM, CITIZENS, SUBJECTS, DISSENTERS, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Remember, before the government can do anything for you, it first has to do something to you.” - Submitted by Byron Prouton, 1973. - Or to someone else! - JZ, 3.8.00. – Its treatment is not as individualized. It can and does rob others for your benefit and rob you for their benefit. – JZ, 28.12.08, 28.8.13. – VS. INDIVIDUALS, TAXATION, COMPULSORY REDISTRIBUTIONISM

GOVERNMENT: remove control of the Australian economy from the clutches of the giant government octopus.” - Workers Party, Discussion Paper: The Bureaucracy, 1975. – Its territorial monopoly involves much more than interference with the economy only. – JZ, 28.12.08, 29.11.10. - VS. ECONOMY,

GOVERNMENT: Robbery, fraud, lies, denials, mis-education, waste, wars, misleading propaganda, tribute levying, playing favorites, murder and corruption, the special business of territorially imposed and maintained governments. - All under the pretence of serving you and maintaining "law and order" - and even civilization. While in essence warfare States, they present themselves as peace-makers! - JZ, 23.12.93 & 10.7.00, 4.12.10. While pretending to be Welfare States, they do reduce productivity, trade and prosperity. – JZ, 1.1.09, 28.8.13. – TERRITORIAL STATES, WARFARE & WELFARE STATES, THEIR SPECIAL BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT MINDING “ITS OWN” BUSINESS

GOVERNMENT: Roll back government!” - Slogan of Californian libertarians, 1974. - Is it round and light enough for that? - JZ, 3.8.00. – Or have we put rollers under it? The first successful individual secessionist or minority group secession under personal law would already roll back a territorial government to that extent. If the opposition party were content with such a victory for its own voluntary members then it could become an ally for the freedom lovers. Finally all would become free to do their own things for or to themselves but never to any peaceful dissenters, who just want to do their own things. – JZ, 4.12.10. – GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE FOR VOLUNTEERS UNDER SELF-CHOSEN PERSONAL LAW, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: rooted problems do not disappear by virtue of our throwing money at them.” - Edmond David, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 1/80. - If we, individually and through volunteer groups, spent OUR OWN money upon solutions that we favor and agree upon, then SOMETHING might be achieved in this way. But having politicians and bureaucrats spend our money on what they perceive to be problems and in ways that they think would offer solutions, is the most wrongful and useless as well as most expensive way of trying to tackle problems. - JZ, 29.7.00, 28.8.13. - SPENDING, PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, MONEY

GOVERNMENT: Rothbard, in his "Power and Market", is keenly aware that a government is functioning contrary to purpose when, rather than upholding the rights of its citizens, it proceeds to hold-up its citizens through taxation.” - James A. Kuffel, REASON, March 72. – All governments should have only voluntary victims. – JZ, 25.3.13. - PROTECTION & TAXATION, GOVERNMENT THE GREATEST MUGGER & HOLD-UP INSTITUTION

GOVERNMENT: Rothbard: Well, in the first place the poor are only helped by free enterprise. It is private-capital investment and private entrepreneurship that have raised the standard of living from what it was in pre-industrial times to what we have today. This has all been done through private investment, not by government. The government is a drag on the system; it is an impoverishing device and a parasitic burden on the productive system, not the opposite. government doesn't help the poor; it hurts them.” – Murray N. Rothbard, in PENTHOUSE interview, 10/76. – POVERTY WAR: WAR AGAINST THE POOR

GOVERNMENT: Royalty, or the government of man by man, is illegitimate and absurd.” - Proudhon in What Is Property? – MONARCHISM, ABSOLUTISM, POWER OVER PEACEFUL DISSENTERS

GOVERNMENT: Rulers aim to control everybody in a territory - and can't even control themselves, realizing their own limitations and utilizing whatever creative or productive talents they may possess. - JZ, 2.8.00, 4.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Rulers and ruled have largely opposite rather than common interests. - JZ, 5.9.88. VS. THE PEOPLE, PUBLIC INTEREST? NATIONAL INTEREST? COMMON INTEREST?

GOVERNMENT: Rulers are not the only madmen - just the most dangerous ones. - JZ, 21.8.01. - RULERS, MADMEN

GOVERNMENT: Rulers are, as a rule, not better men but worse men. Good men would not try to gain power over multitudes. - JZ, 12.7.00. – POLITICIANS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Run every government out! - JZ, 74. - End all territorial governments. Replace all of them by all the diverse governments and non-governmental societies which the very diverse peoples in any country wish for themselves. All of them can peacefully coexist under exterritorial autonomy and personal law, as purely voluntary associations, from which dissenters can freely secede to do still other things for and to themselves. - JZ, 2.8.00, 28.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Safety and security do not exist under or originate from territorial governments. - JZ, 13.8.91 & 22.7.00. – The larger ones are even Warfare States or nuclear powers, i.e. possess stockpiles of mass extermination devices which, when used, are even more indiscriminately murderous than the Nazi extermination camps were. – They are “weapons” against whole population and threaten even the survival of mankind. - JZ, 31.12.08, 4.12.10. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, SECURITY, SAFETY & PROTECTION

GOVERNMENT: Sane government - a contradiction in terms. - JZ, 8.6.82. - At least for all territorial governments. - JZ, 22.7.00. - SANE OR GOOD GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Say NO, to government money and red tape.” - JAG, 6/79. - The most comprehensive "NO!" would be expressed by individual secessions on a massive scale! - JZ, 27.7.00, 28.8.13. - GOVERNMENT MONEY, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS, RED TAPE, BUREAUCRACY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: Saying “we need government to protect us from the greed of Capitalism” is like saying “I am going to hire a serial killer to protect me from a bully.” – Dan Garscia, quoted by Eric Aion Kolasis Bigelow - Timeline Photos by: I AM AN Individual – Facebook, 30.7.13. – PROTECTION, CRIME, BULLIES

GOVERNMENT: Saying that we can’t survive without the government is like saying that animals can’t survive without farms. – Chris Reid, quoted by Dustin Archer Ⓥ shared Anonymous ART of Revolution's photo. - Josh Carter : sadly, the truth is that many would die in a quick transition in both situations ... the conditioning of human minds is not all that far removed from the domestication of animals ... compete with selectively-bred dependencies.... - John Zube : Excellent comparison. In spite of the prevailing statism, the introduction of full experimental freedom for volunteers, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy, would soon provide some outstanding successes by the first pioneers, who make use of this option. E.g., they could very rapidly end taxation, inflation and unemployment for themselves and form a free trade association, world-wide. Their living standard would jump ahead and they would be the most credit-worthy people on Earth. See e.g.

GOVERNMENT: Security, defence, peace, progress, justice, liberty, health and prosperity are all much too important to be entrusted to the selfish interests and power urges of territorial politicians and bureaucrats. - JZ, 15.2.01, 1.2.02. - SECURITY, JUSTICE, LIBERTY, HEALTH, PROSPERITY, POLITICIANS, POLITICS, BUREAUCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, POWER ADDICTS, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: See, when the Government spends money, it creates jobs; whereas when the money is left in the hands of Taxpayers, God only knows what they do with it. Bake it into pies, probably. Anything to avoid creating jobs." - Dave Barry - SPENDING, JOBS, EMPLOYMENT, CONSUMERS, TAXES, TAXATION, JOKES, EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT, PRIVATE VS. PUBLIC SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Self-government, self-control, briefly, govern thyself.” - Leonard E. Read, The Path of Duty, p.95. - SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-CONTROL, SELF-MANAGEMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION

GOVERNMENT: seriously doubted the …'s ability to render anything obsolete … except maybe efficiency and clear thinking.” - F. Paul Wilson, To Fill the Sea and Air, ASIMOV'S, 2/79, 30. - EFFICIENCY, ABILITY, PROGRESS

GOVERNMENT: She reasserted her belief that "The Individual is the true reality in life" and criticized government precisely because it not only seeks to widen and perpetuate power but has an inherent distrust of the individual and fear of individuality.” - Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.403, on Emma Goldman. - THE INDIVIDUAL

GOVERNMENT: Since all government is based on the twin vices of compulsory taxation and compulsory monopolization of defense services, all acts of government are coercive.” - Carl Watner, Justice, p.14. – Territorialism embraces many other forms of coercion. – JZ, 29.12.08. - COERCION, DEFENCE & TAXATION, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Since government has nothing of its own (at the outset); it is, by definition, parasitical), its entire ability to remain in power rests upon its skills in pitting one group against another. Some are helped at the expense of all.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Sum. 75. - Especially the rulers and their followers and those whose votes are bought. - JZ, 27.7.00. – However, it does not seem to take long for many politicians to accumulate a few millions, once they are in power. – JZ, 4.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Since government, even in its best state is an evil, the object principally to be aimed at is that we should have as little of it as the general peace of human society will permit.” – William Godwin, quoted in Sprading, p.102. - Territorial governments are the main disturbers of peace, internally and externally even in the best cases of large States. - JZ, 29.7.00, 1.1.09. – Yesterday I received two emails from Dr. Werner Ende, proving that the USA government is now practicing a world-wide censorship on the Internet, which makes unreadable whole websites it dislikes. – JZ, 4.12.10.

GOVERNMENT: Since governments regulate or exploit private, productive and creative activities of "their" citizens, individual citizens should have the right to shut down, ignore, avoid or restrict government actions as far as these individuals are concerned. Moreover, they require choice in governments or among competing governments and among competitive non-governmental societies and communities, in the same territory, all operating under full exterritorial autonomy for all their volunteers. - JZ, 6.6.94 & 10.7.00. - VS. PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

GOVERNMENT: Since territorial governments are too stupid, disinterested, or unable or unwilling to price their services properly, and not used to provide them competitively, no territorial government with compulsory membership should any longer be allowed to offer any services or subsidies at all and to rob any people to pay for them. - JZ, 5.11.96, 12.12.96 & 9.7.00, 4.12.10. - GOVERNMENT SERVICES & COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Since the Constitution went into effect 186 years ago (not the 199 years ago that the political propaganda merchants currently want us to believe), there has been a Pollyanna effort to convince us that governments can be instruments for outlawing war and slavery. This is like asking fire to refrain from burning. Or demanding that water will make things dry.” - LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Fall 1975. - AS SAVIOR, WAR & SLAVERY, CONSTITUTIONALISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Since the human race will not abolish governmentalism, governmentalism will abolish the human race.” - Laurance Labadie, Selected Essays, p.66. - Only territorial governmentalism needs to be abolished. At present that is not even part of the public debate as yet. - JZ, 28.7.00. - MANKIND, WAR, NUCLEAR WAR & SURVIVAL

GOVERNMENT: Since the Mafia seems to be better in supplying the people with what they want, even against the law, than the government is, in cases where it operates under the law, perhaps we should let the Mafia take over? - JZ, 2.9.93. - MAFIA

GOVERNMENT: since the right to retaliatory force logically derives from the right to property, the right to retaliatory force ultimately devolves only to the individual property-holder. Since government claims (by definition) a monopoly on the use of retaliatory force, it must be that a moral government has the consent of every person in its geographical area (*) in order to secure its monopoly position. If so much as one person objects to the government on non-coercive grounds, e.g., to its specific legal code, methods of enforcement, if so much as one person refuses to delegate his right to retaliatory force, the moral position of the government's claim to a monopoly is shattered. (**) We may safely assume that the situation in which everyone in a national area accepts a given government is a trivial case. Government, barring this one theoretical exception, is immoral by virtue of its claim to a monopoly it cannot morally claim.” - Don Franzen, Reply to Peter Crosby, THE PERSONALIST. – (*) or in its voluntary membership, by reason of the voluntary membership! - (**) It could restore it by permitting all these individuals to secede. – JZ - PROPERTY & RETALIATORY USE OF FORCE, TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY VS. VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP & UNANIMOUS CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Since you already pay separately for the things that actually protect you (locks, alarm systems, insurance, watch dogs, etc.), would protection be much more expensive if there were no government?” - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom, p.96. - DEFENCE, PROTECTION, Q.

GOVERNMENT: Sir, consider, for a moment, what an utterly false, absurd, ridiculous, and criminal government we now have. - It all rests upon the false, ridiculous and utterly groundless assumption, that fifty millions of people not only could voluntarily surrender, but actually have voluntarily surrendered, all their natural rights, as human beings, into the custody of some four hundred men, called lawmakers, judges, etc., who are to be held utterly irresponsible for the disposal they may make of them. - The irresponsibility of the senators and representatives is guaranteed to them in this wise: for any speech or debate (or vote) in either house, they (the senators and representatives) shall not be questioned (held to any legal responsibility) in any other place. - Constitution, Art. 1, sec. 6. - The juridical and executive officers are all equally guaranteed against all responsibility to the people. They are made responsible only to the senators and representatives, whose laws they are to administer and execute. So long as they sanction and execute all these laws, to the satisfaction of the lawmaker, they are safe against all responsibility. In no case can the people, whose rights they are continually denying and trampling upon, hold them to any accountability whatsoever. - Thus is will be seen that all departments of the government, legislative, judicial, and executive, are placed entirely beyond any responsibility to the people, whose agents they profess to be, and whose rights they assume to dispose of at pleasure. - Was a more absolute, irresponsible government than that ever invented?” - Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, p.12, Section VIII. – TERRITORIALISM, IRRESPONSIBLE, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, IMMUNITY, SAFE FROM THE PEOPLE, TRAMPLING ON RIGHTS & LIBERTIES OF INDIVIDUALS, &, NEVERTHELESS, NOT PERMITTING INDIVIDUALS TO SECEDE & VOLUNTEER COMMUNITIES TO COMPETE WITH IT

GOVERNMENT: slow down governmental action in the interest of the freedom and security of the individual citizen.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.68. - That, too, is necessary only for territorial governments. - Those supported only by volunteers and their voluntary contributions could speed up or slow down or stagnate as much as they like. Under fully free competition for exterritorially autonomous communities and governments, each of them would find its natural limits in the number of supporters it could retain or attract. Some would do it by speeding up their actions and offering more - at competitive prices, some by offering very little at very little cost, for those satisfied with that. - JZ, 25.7.00. - SLOW-DOWN, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL TOLERANCE & PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE

GOVERNMENT: small government is beautiful. – Carla Howell – Small government is still territorial and thus wrongful and authoritarian, depriving at least peaceful individual dissenters and minorities or many of their genuine individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 27.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Smoot's Law of Government: The cost of government tends to increase from year to year, no matter which party is in power.” - Another version: The venerable U.S. Senator Reed Smoot of Utah (deceased) has formulated his indisputable law of government: "The cost of government increases year by year, no matter what party is in power." - H. L. Soper, LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM, 10/78. Also in: LIBERTARIAN DIGEST, May 1981. - It wouldn't, a) after a successful tax strike, b) if referendum agreement were required for government spending and, c) least of all, if any taxpayer could veto his share in any item of any government budget, i.e., if taxation became voluntary and the supply of services competitive. This "universal" political law, in other words, applies only to territorial governments, as they are now. - JZ, 25.7.00. - COSTS, SPENDING, TAXATION, PARTY, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

GOVERNMENT: So far governments have never shown any sign that they can learn from history.” - John Clinton, Reducing Your Income Tax, 1978, p. 6. – Alas, most of the voters, too, seem to be unable or unwilling, too, to learn from the history of the numerous failures of territorial governments. Since neither all members of governments nor all voters are likely to become sufficiently enlightened at the same time, we have to set the few somewhat or fully enlightened individuals free to do their own things, quite independent from territorial governments and their laws, in their own personal law experiments, after seceding, individually or as a minority group, then doing the own things on their own account among themselves, setting better examples to all others, who should be free to join them or to copy their better examples. Nature works this way, too. It does not suddenly improve a whole species but produces mutations – and the favorable mutations do then spread, gradually, from these first successes. That natural development and progress is already generally recognized in every sphere but that of economic, political and social systems, which are still monopolized by territorial governments, which are, mostly, unable or unwilling to learn from their own bad experiences or those of others or their predecessors. – JZ, 8.4.13, 29.8.13. - UNABLE TO LEARN FROM HISTORY, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, TAXATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: So far many governments were infamous for book burning. Now we may have to add a new term, "book burying". - Today I read in a paper, a few days old, that the University of Western Sydney, in McArthur, has buried 10,000 books in a land fill, rather than offering them for sale to book dealers, students or outsiders or returning them to the donor. They were among 40,000 books donated to it by the Fisher Library in Sydney. This new university did not have the space and manpower to store and catalogue them, so it destroyed them. It also destroyed many scholarly journals because it lacked shelving space, rather than selling them. Typical for bureaucratic decision-making. That same university is extremely short of textbooks for its students. Naturally, it does not resort to offering them on microfiche, floppies and CD-ROMs, either. Nor have the students shown the initiative to offer them to each other cheaply in these formats, rather than spending much of their limited time and money upon photocopy machines. With such teachers and librarians, what can one expect from the students? - JZ, 13.7.00. – I doubt that anyone was held responsible for this scandal. – JZ, 27.12.08. - BOOK BURNING, BOOK BURYING, PUBLIC LIBRARIES, BUREAUCRACY

GOVERNMENT: So it is with our systems of power. They don't work and they can't work. In no real sense, can you, as the autocrat, govern men; in no real sense, can the people imitate the autocrat and govern each other. The government of men by men is an illusion, an unreality, a mere semblance, that mocks alike the autocrat and the crowd that attempts to imitate him. We think in our amazing insolence that we can deprive our fellow men of their intelligence, their will, their conscience; we think we can take their soul into our own keeping; but there is no machinery yet discovered by which we can do what seems to us so small and easy a matter. …” - Auberon Herbert, Mr. Spencer and the Great Machine, p.59. - POWER, ILLUSION & DEMOCRACY, RULERS, POLITICIANS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, VOTERS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

GOVERNMENT: So long as men think that government is the art of obtaining office and it is the business of the ruler to follow the whims and ignorant opinions of the multitude, so long will society have no use for the philosopher.” - Ernest Benn, Am I a Liberal? - Society needs philosophy, government, politicians, bureaucrats and policemen don't. - JZ, 13.6.92 & 22.7.00. - MAJORITY & WHIMS, DEMOCRACY, POLITICIANS, SOCIETY & PHILOSOPHY, STATISM, VOTING, MANDATE, COERCION, COMPULSION, FORCE

GOVERNMENT: So many people exaggerate the nature and prerogatives of government that it has become useful to formulate strictly the boundaries outside of which the intervention of authority becomes anarchical and tyrannical rather than protective and profitable.” - Note of the editor-in-chief of the JOURNAL DES ECONOMISTES, 1849. - Quoted in Molinari, The Production of Security. – LIMITED GOVERNMENT, COMMAND ECONOMY, DICTOCRACIES, AUTHORITARIANISM, LEADERSHIP, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, POWER, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: So that it becomes evident to anyone who bestows due consideration on the subject, that the government system tends constantly to make matters worse instead of mending them.” - Letters from Charles Lane, II, March 7, 1843, p.63 in Carl Watner's edition.

GOVERNMENT: So what is government? ... Very simply, it is an agency of coercion. Of course, there are other agencies of coercion - such as the Mafia. So to be more precise, government is the agency of coercion that has flags in front of its offices.” - Harry Browne - FLAG WAVING CRIMINALS, SHOUTING PATRIOTIC SLOGANS, THE OFFICIAL MAFIA, GOVERNMENTALLY ORGANIZED CRIME

GOVERNMENT: So, if we lie to the government, it’s a felony. But if they lie to us it’s politics. - Nizam Ahmad and Philippe Rouchy shared Juggernaut Tactical's photo. - Facebook, 9.11.12. – JOKES, LIES, POLICY, HONESTY, TRUTH

GOVERNMENT: Social justice," as it has been called, cannot be achieved by government because the more it attempts to do the more it spreads injustices inherent in the exercise of force.” - Clarence B. Carson, There Ought Not To Be A Law, THE FREEMAN, June 76, 353. - The wrongful force used is essentially based upon territorial power and compulsory membership or subjugation, i.e., upon imposed uniform laws etc. for all people in a territory and the suppression of individual secessionism and of exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. - JZ, 24.7.00, 4.12.10. - SOCIAL JUSTICE, TERRITORIALISM, COMPULSION, FORCE, INJUSTICE, IMPOSED UNIFORM LAWS, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES

GOVERNMENT: Society is produced by our wants and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness POSITIVELY by uniting our affections, the latter NEGATIVELY by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher. Society in every State is a blessing, but government even in its best State, is but a necessary evil; in its worst State, an intolerable one …” - Thomas Paine, 1775. - VS. SOCIETY

GOVERNMENT: Some governments are better than others, but all governments are inclined to and driven to bastardry.” - Prof. Henry Mayer, column "Speaking Freely", THE AUSTRALIAN, 4.7.72. – To my knowledge he never pondered and discussed competing governance and societies of volunteers only, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. But then – how many political scientists have, so far? – JZ, 29.8.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Some would make the government the be-all and end-all of society; others would deny all place for government.” - G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.198. - VS. ANARCHISM & SOCIETY AS WELL AS PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES & GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

GOVERNMENT: Someone must stand up to those who say, “Here’s the key, there’s the Treasury, just take as many of those hard-earned tax dollars as you want.” - Ronald Reagan - On vetoing a bill that would have extended $2 billion in federal loan guarantees to farmers, TIME 18 Mar 85. – Taxpayers, too, could and would veto most taxes and government spending, as far as they themselves are concerned, as soon as tax-paying is made voluntary and government services are offered competitively via communities of volunteers doing their own things with their own funds. – R. R., too, thought only in territorialist terms. – JZ, 4.1.08, 29.8.13. – SPENDING, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, VOLUNTARY STATE MEMBERSHIP & SUBORDINATION, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself.  Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the forms of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question." - Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, 1801. - TRUST, MAN, HUMAN NATURE, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, HUMAN NATURE, REPRESENTATIVES, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS

GOVERNMENT: Sooner or later, the people of this country are going to find out the government doesn’t give a fuck about them. Government does not care about you. All they are interested in, is keeping and expanding their own power. – George Carlin, quoted by Nizam Ahmad sharing Capitalism's photo. – Facebook, 5.3.13. – TERRITORIALISM, POWER, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES

GOVERNMENT: Spending presumes that you have something by rights which is yours to spend. If you didn't acquire it rightly then it is not yours to spend. That applies to all government "spending". It is at most "coercive redistribution" of loot to the government's servants, favorites and supporters. - JZ, 8.4.97 & 15.7.00. - SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Spooner asserted that no government may claim to rest on the consent of the governed unless it has first secured the individual consent of every man who is required to contribute either by taxation or personal service to its support.” - Carl Watner, in REASON, 3/73. - Since different people will consent only to different governments, this will require competing governments and competing non-governmental free societies. Since their members live and work dispersed over one - or several - territories, among members of other competing governments or societies, their autonomy will have to be confined to exterritorial autonomy. Territorial monopolies and their legally enforced uniformity will have to be abolished. Otherwise all these diverse groups could not peacefully coexist in the same territories, all for their own voluntary members only, each trying to offer the best deals their members want and which they are willing and able to supply, just like any other insurance company, protective or other service organization. There are now about 10 million private business enterprises in the U.S. Do you see them literally fighting each other in the streets or is their fighting largely confined to advertising attempts and lobby groups? Without the territorial legislation monopoly they could not even successfully lobby for legalized privileges. –The same degree of peaceful coexistence has long and widely existed in the religious sphere and in our private life style choices and in the natural sciences and in technology. In the spheres of political, economic and social systems, now preempted by territorial governments, it has still to be established but will be as successful there, and will have beneficial effects on all other spheres of living. - JZ, 3.8.00, 27.12.08, 29.8.13. -CONSENT BY INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Spooner consistently maintained that the existence of a lawmaking government or any government, unless voluntarily organized and supported, was a violation of men's rights.” - Carl Watner, REASON, 3/73. - LEGISLATION A VIOLATION OF MEN'S INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, LAWS, PARLIAMENTARISM, REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: Spooner rightly points out that any argument which declares that the "government" has an anthropomorphic right of self-preservation leads to the idea that rulers (that is, human beings) can "commit any crime against private persons, by which the government could be saved." (p71) Instead of asking what can save the government if it is in peril, Spooner would assume that a government in peril is probably unfit to exist.” - Charles Shively, in introduction to Spooner, Works I, 9. - EMERGENCY POWERS, RIGHTS, DEFENCE & SELF-PRESERVATION

GOVERNMENT: Start worrying when the government says: "Don't worry!" - That applies e.g. to the accidental nuclear war danger, to compulsory fluoridation and vaccination, to radiation hazards from TV's, electro-magnetic effects of power lines etc., also to many genetic modifications that e.g. increase the natural pesticide contents in foods. - JZ, 29.7.00, 29.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Statism, like theism, shows lack of knowledge and imagination. - Since the wrong and harm, which it does, are much easier to observe and measure, it is even less excusable. - JZ, 13.7.00. – States and religions, neither learnt enough from their experiences but at least most of the religious people have already learnt to leave each other sufficiently alone, with each confined to their volunteers only, wherever they live and work. Tolerance for tolerant people has to be expended into all spheres where it is still territorially outlawed and replace by the monopolism of territorial States. Mutual tolerance when it comes to political, economic and social systems is by now even more important than religious tolerance once was.  – JZ, 29.8.13. – TOLERANCE TO THE TOTERANT, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS - IN ALL SPHERES.

GOVERNMENT: Steals more from the public in a week than the Mafia does in a year.” – Irwin A. Schiff, The Biggest Con, from the cover. - THIEF & ROBBER, MAIN CRIMINAL

GOVERNMENT: Steve Cummings notes that a pimp tells his girls that he is smarter than they are and will protect them, and takes money from them on that basis, just as the government takes money from its citizens on the same pretext.” - COLORADO LIBERTY, quoted in SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 4/84. - Government exploits us like a pimp “his” prostitutes or a feudal lord “his” serfs. – JZ, 29.8.13. - PEOPLE TREATED AS PROPERTY, SERFDOM, ENSLAVEMENT, TAX SLAVERY, CONSCRIPTION, COMPULSORY SCHOOLING, INSURANCE & LICENSING

GOVERNMENT: Steve would rather die than disgovern.” - Vernor Vinge, Marooned in Real Time, Conclusion, in ANALOG, 8/86, p. 157. – DISGOVERN, ANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, POWER ADDICTION, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Still they push towards the government's troughs, in the fear that they could only be fed if they were fed from above.” - John Henry Mackay, in Abrechnung, S.136. - JOB SECURITY, WELFARE STATE, HANDOUTS, PARASITES, GOVERNMENT SPENDING

GOVERNMENT: Strike dead, strike dead all monks and priests, destroy all governments of the world, especially ours!” - A Dutch Anabaptist, 1535, quoted by Paul Avrich in The Russian Anarchists, p.123. - Even if, at that time, all governments had already been constitutional monarchies or democratic and republican ones or classical or modern liberal ones, would any of them have been worth preserving, compulsorily, on a territorial scale? An indefinite continuance on a voluntary basis, confined to exterritorial autonomy, would have been quite another matter and their competition with non-governmental societies could have led to fast and assured progress, with little bloodshed and oppression, if any. - JZ, 28.6.92 & 18.7.00. - CHURCHES, MONKS & PRIESTS, ABOLITION OF ALL GOVERNMENTS OR THEIR REDUCTION TO THEIR VOLUNTEERS? PANARCHISM: RELIGIOUS LIBERTY TO BE EXTENDED TO POLITICAL, SOCIAL & ECONOMIC SYSTEMS, FOR THEIR BELIEVERS, PROGRESS, COMPETITION OR LAISSEZ FAIRE IN ALL SPHERES, ALWAYS FOR VOLUNTEERS ONLY

GOVERNMENT: Suppose it be "the best government on earth", does that prove its own goodness, or only the badness of all other governments?” - Lysander Spooner, No Treason, VI, Works I, 12. - BEST GOVERNMENT, Q.

GOVERNMENT: supposed to be their capacity to govern; but the proof of the illusion is seen in the fact that all governments end badly and are replaced by other governments.” - R. V. Sampson, The Discovery of Peace, in segment on Proudhon, p.101. – Compare: “No man is good enough to govern another man without his consent.” – Ascribed to Abraham Lincoln, who set a great example for confirming this rule. – JZ, JZ, 29.12.08, 29.11.10. – All territorial governments are disappointing not in their promises but in their practice, at least in the long run. To replace them by another territorial government is a victory of hope over experience. – Neither the territorial rulers nor their victims seem to ever learn enough from their experiences with territorial rule. - JZ, 29.8.13. - CAPACITY TO GOVERN, VOTERS & RULERS UNABLE OR UNWILLING TO LEARN FROM THEIR EXPERIENCES WITH TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Surely, after seven thousand years of trying it, governments should have learned that threats and punishments were not the way to accomplish their aim.” - Mark Clifton & Alex Apostolides, Hide! Hide! Witch! - ASTOUNDING, May 54, page 8, British edition. - Why assume that their declared aims were their real ones or that they had benevolent abilities and intentions? They usually achieved their malevolent and self-interest-intentions all too often and for all too long, at our expense and our risk. Up to a point oppression and explotation, especially by coercive monopolism or even terrorism, is effective, especially when the victims can think of nothing better than replacing an old oppressive and territorial regime by a new territorial regime, with the tendency and power to become oppressive and exploitative itself, soon, too. - JZ, 16.7.00, 8.4.13, 29.8.13. - LAWS, COERCION, FORCE & PENALTIES, STATISM, LEGALISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Take a bite out of government.” - Steve Symms, Republican Congressman and also Libertarian Party Candidate from Idaho, quoted in Libertarian Handbook, 1973, page 12. - How? With what? Where precisely do you bite it? - JZ, 30. 7.00. – Would one bite be enough? - Is it a living entity? Have you ever met it? – Is it digestible? Can one cannibalize it? - JZ, 8.4.13, 29.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Take nothing from government; give nothing to government - the state does not exist!” - Mary Ross-Byrd, quoted by L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach, p.13. - As if the tax-“giving” were voluntary and as if you could take from or give to a non-existing body. However, refusing tax payments and hand-outs, if well enough organized, can rapidly lead the non-existence of imposed territorial State systems. This would have to include refusing to accept government paper money and using better monetary and clearing methods instead.– Alas, so far the territorial States are much more than mere mythological beasts. – Tax departments are all too real, legalized and powerful. And so are central banks. - - JZ, 23.1.02, 24.12.08, 4.12.10, 8.4.13, 29.8.13. - TAXATION, SPENDING, TAX STRIKE, MONETARY FREEDOM REVOLUTION

GOVERNMENT: Tax burdens, wrongful subsidies, repression, wars, waste, wrongful prohibitions etc. are the essence or results of territorial governments rather than any morally and economically unobjectionable governmental or other public services that are really wanted and readily paid for. – And this in spite of many centuries of a supposed “political science” and other “social sciences” – JZ, 24.2.07. – None of them has as yet offered a comprehensive declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties. But then – has any anarchist or libertarian movement bothered to tackle this task? – I encountered only an astonishing lack of interest in this project. - JZ, 8.4.13. - GOOD GOVERNMENTS? SERVICES? TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION, SOCIAL SCIENCES, WELFARE STATE, WARFARE-STATE, CENTRALIZATION, JUSTICE, EDUCATION, BILL OF RIGHTS, SUBSIDIES, MONETARY DESPOTISM, CONSCRIPTION, POLITICAL SCIENCE? LAWS, REGULATIONS, BUREAUCRACY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ANARCHISTS, LIBERTARIANS

GOVERNMENT: taxation, regulation, and harassment - the DISSERVICES of political government. - Spencer Heath MacCallum, REASON, 4/72. - DISSERVICES

GOVERNMENT: Taxes, legal tender paper money, monopolies, tariffs, and compulsory licensing are government equivalents of the old highwayman's demand: "Your money or your life!" - JZ, 6.7.91 & 22.7.00. – Someone once remarked that the forced currencies of government are comparable to requisitioning certificates. However, economies that depend upon monetary exchanges, have to make do with the monopoly money of central banks, for want of something better in the form of competitively offered free market monies using sound value standards. With these legally suppressed, it is not easy and economical to always refuse to accept the government’s monopolized and forced currency. This would only become easy the moment a well prepared monetary revolution has begun. It should be combined with a financial revolution, which would at least do away with compulsory taxation, governmental regulation of financing companies and with monopolized exchanges for capital securities. In Australia even the Labor Party, some time ago, did at least consider introducing some competing exchanges. But in the main, it, the Liberal Party and the Country Party remain ideologically wrongful statist interventionists. – JZ, 29.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government - move out! - JZ, 20.4.73 & 2.8.00. - Actually, they do so - by engaging in still another territorial invasion or annexation. Like a pestilence their territorialism ought to be destroyed - but all their victims ought to be saved, if possible. The most rightful and peaceful way would be to allow individuals and groups to secede from them - or individuals and groups simply usurping and practising that right and the right to organize themselves in exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, in a liberating and revolutionary way, as non-violently as possible. That process would be rightful for both sides and would offer both sides great advantages. They would have to sacrifice only their territorial intolerance and prejudices. (*) On this platform all dissenters, all minorities, all decentralization efforts, reformers and experimenters could and should come to agree because it would give each of them their maximum chances to realize their dreams or convictions - at the own risk and expense. – “A fair go for everyone!” as Aussies say, alas so far only regarding other free activities. - JZ, 2.8.00, 31.12.08. – (*) No more “party-crashing”, in that sphere, either. Each to be free to run the own “social party” undisturbed. As for political parties, all of them should be converted into panarchies, trying to realize their own party program among themselves, as well or as badly as they can. – JZ, 31.12.08. – This important change could be introduced by recognizing xyz non-territorial government in exiles, also societies and communities in exile, all only for their present and future volunteers and all publicized as rightful alternatives to any totalitarian, tyrannical, despotic or authoritarian territorial regime. – JZ, 28.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government – an impossible utopia, just like a single territorial enterprise attempting to run all other enterprises in a country, rightfully and efficiently, like the Soviets attempted to do in their “paradise”, with their central planning and direction. – JZ, 25.3.13. – CENTRALIZATION, TERRITORIALISM, PLANNING, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, STATE SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, TOTALITARIANISM, TYRANNIES

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government amounts to the territory-wide organized suppression of genuine self-government for dissenting individuals and all kinds of voluntary groups, minorities or even the majority, who would rather be left alone and free to do their own things to and for themselves. - JZ, 28.7.00. - TERRITORIALISM VS. SELF-GOVERNMENT OF INDIVIDUALS & MINORITIES, TOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE ENTERPRISE & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY IN ALL SPHERES NOW MONOPOLIZED BY STATES, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government can support anything only by crushing the taxpayers. - JZ, 7/76, 28.12.08. - Government securities are investments in tax slavery. Government-caused and government-run inflations, based upon legal tender for their monopoly money, might be considered as exceptions from this rule. However, inflation is also a form of indirect taxation and governments are engaging in it because parliamentary permission to do so is not required and tax payers become aware of it all too late, do engage in few protests and usually blame others rather than the government, its central bank and the particular laws which made it possible for them to inflate their monopoly money. It is certainly not an optional, sound and competitive free market money. –Any money without legal tender power, i.e., forced acceptance and forced value, and not being, by legislation, a monopoly money, could not cause a general inflation. At most it could become somewhat and temporarily depreciated itself. Sound value reckoning and pricing could go on, and competitively issued sound currencies would drive out inferior ones. The inflated government currency would then either be correspondingly discounted or refused. Governments never lack any motive, excuse or pretence for issuing more of their forced and exclusive paper currency. – Their money monopoly is almost as dangerous as their weapons monopoly is. In their consequences, the monetary crises caused by governments do even lead to wars, civil wars and revolutions. They ought to be deprived of their legalized monetary monopoly and coercion power and confined to their volunteers and their optional and market rated clearing certificates, anticipating the involuntary or voluntary subscriptions due to them from their voluntary members or subjects, in the form of a sound tax-foundation or contribution- money. Only these issuers would always have to accept their own money at par with its nominal value, which should be expressed in a sound value standard rather than in a paper standard chosen and manipulated by them. – We have let them get away with this wrong all too much and for far too long – due to our remaining slave mentality or territorial statism. - JZ, 21.7.00, 28.12.08, 4.12.10, 29.8.13. – TAXATION, INFLATION, LEGAL TENDER, CENTRAL BANKING, MONEY ISSUE MONOPOLY, TAX FOUNDATION, CONTRIBUTION-BASED MONEY, MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government has really nothing more to offer, everywhere and at any time, than "blood, sweat and tears" - apart from the illusions, false pretenses and delusions they maintain by their compulsory mis-education system. - JZ, 25.11.93 & 10.7.00, 29.8.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government has reserved to itself everything it considers to be important, no matter how severely it may affect us, but “permitted” us trivial and private choices, like hair styles, wines, fashions, art and crafts objects, gardening, interior decoration etc. and with these we all too often imagine ourselves to be free, without being aware or informed by the government about the important individual rights and liberties, which are still not sufficiently compiled and published in a declaration of all individual rights and liberties and often outlawed by much wrongful legislation and regulations and not contained in the governmental bills of rights. - JZ, 28.7.00, 29.8.13. - VS. INDIVIDUALISM IN ALL BUT PRIVATE & TRIVIAL MATTERS, TERRITORIALISM, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government is a handicap we have to learn to overcome - by exploring our alternative voluntaristic and exterritorial autonomy options, based upon all individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 2/75 & 2.8.00, 292.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

GOVERNMENT: Territorial Government is a problem maker not a problem solver. It succeeds only in selling itself as a "rain-maker" to ignorant and prejudiced people, mostly still even with religious hang-ups. - Panarchism offers experimental freedom for all and thus rapid enlightenment and progress. - JZ, 29.6.91 & 22.7.00, 30.12.08, 4.12.10. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government is organized stupidity and prejudice combined with greed and coercion, centralization and monopolism, inevitably allowing the worst types to get to the top and to stay there for all too long. - JZ, 17.12.1993 & 10.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, STATES, STATISM, RULERS, CENTALIZATION, MONOPOLIES, PREJUDICES, NATIONALISM, IGNORANCE & STUPIDITY RULE US, WITH CORRESPONDING RESULTS, ONE CRISIS AFTER THE OTHER, ONE WAR AFTER THE OTHER, VIOLENT REVOLUTIONS, CIVIL WARS, DICTATORSHIPS, TYRANNIES, TOTALITARIAN REGIMES

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government is organized, run and supported irrationally. Irrational people can't be expected to listen to reason and to act reasonably. - JZ, 15.10.73 & 2.8.00. – Thus most politicians and their voters deserve each other. However, the relatively few, who are somewhat or fully enlightened people, should no longer be subjected to the ignorant, stupid and prejudiced leaders and their majorities, but should, instead, become freed to do their own things, in accordance with their own knowledge, ideas and choices, in full experimental freedom, trying to fully and successfully manage all their own affairs and thus to also set some attractive examples to all others, who might then become inclined to follow their successful examples, once they are convinced that their methods do work. – The “one law and one State society’ for all” are, usually, not the best possible ones and all too often just the opposite. - JZ, 8.4.13, 29.8.13. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, IN EVERY SPHERE, IRRATIONALITY & ENLIGHTENMENT EFFORTS, FREE SOCIETIES AS LIGHTTOWERS FOR OTHERS, SELF-LIBERATION, PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM, ITS MONOPOLISM, COLLECTIVISM, COERCION & ENFORCED UNIFORMITY.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government is the practical realization of the Christian notion of the devil as the real prince of this world. - JZ, 3.10.88, 1.1.09. – TERRITORIALISM, THE DEVIL & CHRISTIANITY

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government is there to misgovern. It can't help doing this because it is a territorial government. - JZ, June 73 & 2.8.00. – Just like a territorial and majoritarian democracy or republic cannot help being only that. – JZ, 25.3.13. - GOVERNMENT IS MISGOVERNMENT, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, VOTING, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government means ruinous policies and practices. - JZ, 16.10.73 & 2.8.00.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government, a criminal, even a tyrant, thus authorizing secession from it, resistance against it, sometimes tyrannicide, but not assassinations of those misleaders, who are not really tyrants and can be recalled, at least by the next election, if they are not recalled by the queen or king or their local governor or governor general. – Modern constitutional monarchies, with their vetoes and recall power, form in some countries, like Australia, still an important political safety net, once the politician’s game, with us as their footballs, gets out of hand. – However, I hold that an ideal militia organization for the protection of all individual rights and liberties could be much better still. – Such a declaration has still to be compiled or plublished and such a militia has still to be planned, discussed and organized. - JZ, 28.12.09, 8.4.13. – QUEENS & KINGS IN CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHIES AS ULTIMATE CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTORS, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES & A SUITABLE MILITIA FOR THEIR PROTECTION

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government, at its best, is no more than an ideal - and not the best ideal either. When realized it almost always deserves only the name "misgovernment". - JZ, 31.7.78 & 2.8.00. – One person or a few cannot rightfully rule thousands to millions of others, without being individually chosen for this purpose by each of the subjects or members, customers or partners. – JZ, 29.8.13. – RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, MONARCHS, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, TERRITORIALISM, Human nature has set tight limits on what individuals can rightly do for or against others. otherwise leadership becomes mis-leadership or mis-rule. – JZ, 29.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government means, largely, only that small, prejudiced and power-addicted minds make numerous wrongful rules for the lives of the whole population, enforce them as far as they can, while charging all their followers as well as all their involuntary victims highly for these disservices, while suppressing secessions and alternative choices for individuals and groups. The worst always tend to get to the top under territorialism. – JZ, 28.6.12, 29.8.13. – POLITICIANS, RULERS, BUREAUCRATS, REPRESENTATIVES, MINISTERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENT, RULERS, POWER-ADDICTS, LAWS, COMPETITION, MONOPOLIES, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government, the destroyer of money, capital, liberty, peace, good will, generosity, responsibility, justice, rights, social science and of man. - JZ, 18.3.87 & 16.7.00. – TERRITORIAL STATISM, THE GREAT DESTROYER

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government, the greatest robber and murderer, should not be given the job to administer justice, run the police force and prisons or anything else. - JZ, 74 & 2.8.00, 4.12.10. - JUSTICE, POLICE & PRISONS

GOVERNMENT: Territorial government, the ultimate in organized irresponsibility, rapaciousness, oppression, ignorance and stupidity, willy-nilly imposed upon everybody living in a territory and even voted for by all too many voters and defended by scholars and professional policemen and soldiers! Only once it is confined to voluntary members only, voluntary subscriptions and exterritorial autonomy will any one of them (without their former territorial monopoly) become rightful and relatively harmless, at least for non-members. - JZ, 19.12.93 & 10.7.00, 31.12.08. – TERRITORIALISM & STATISM REDUCED BY VOLUNTARISM & PERSONAL LAW TO BEARABLE PROPORTIONS – FOR ITS REMAINING SUPPORTERS ONLY. ANY ALTERNATIVES TO THEM – FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS!

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments and their politicians and bureaucrats, while still presumed to be protectors or good gods or leaders, have become the main exploiters, oppressors and killers. - JZ, 5.4.99. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments and their supporters are capable of and sometimes motivated to commit ANY kind of crime. - JZ, 19.8.01. - TERRITORIALISM, CRIME, ATROCITIES, TOTALITARIANISM, TERRORISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are a prime example in the eyes of enlightened persons of the truth in Wolfgang von Goethe's remark: "There is no more terrible sight to behold than ignorance in action." - JZ, n.d. - IGNORANCE IN ACTION

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are among the main blunders of men. - JZ, 13.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are as outdated, wrong and harmful as monopolistic and hierarchical religions once were. - JZ, 9.11.97.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are behind “the age of under-think and over-kill.” – JZ, 31.12.08. – “Nuclear giants and ethical infants!” – General Omar Bradley

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are capable of any wrongful, irrational and absurd or contradictory actions, are ever likely to commit them on a small to large scale, at any time, and again and again. Neither their victims nor the rulers themselves learn enough from these failures. - JZ, 25.5.02, 20.8.02. – Compare the all too prolonged experience with: “The King is dead! Long live the King!” – 4.12.10, 8.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are criminal and dangerous. They kill, oppress and rob many more victims than ordinary criminals do. - JZ, 31.10.93 & 10.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are institutions for the prevention of self-help in all too many important spheres of our lives. For this they charge us excessively and offer no indemnification. They do not even permit us to opt out from under them and to do our own things for or to ourselves - whenever we are sufficiently dissatisfied with their performances or shenanigans. At best they allow us, not individually but only territorially and collectively, to vote for new territorial masters over our lives. – Or they may allow us to migrate to better countries – if their territorial governments do let us in. - JZ, 24.5.00, 2.2.02, 4.12.10, 29.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM, VOTING

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are morally indefensible but, nevertheless, ideologically, politically, legally, juridically and militarily imposed upon all their dissenters. - JZ, 9.5.95, 1.1.09. - Far from securing the rights and liberties of all of their subjects, they do themselves threaten all too many of them and they also provoke threats to the rights of "their" citizens by other territorial Warfare States. At best they achieve temporary armistices and cold war conditions internally and externally. All too frequently they start civil wars, violent revolutions, dictatorships, terrorism or international wars or economic crises which lead to these other disasters. In all of them their "defensive" violence is excessively bloody and destructive. - JZ, 7.7.00, 1.1.09, 29.8.13. - TERRITORIALISM EXTERRITORIALITY & PANARCHISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are more against the people than for the people. – JZ, 25.3.13. – Primarily they exist for the benefit of politicians and their bureaucrats. – JZ, 29.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are not benevolent or productive societies, no matter what they assert or deny. - JZ, 19.12.93 & 10.7.00. - VS. SOCIETY

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are not only accident prone - apart from the wars, civil wars, revolutions, terrorism, oppression, economic crises and impoverishment they cause - but prone to mismanage almost everything they try to manage - and this at huge costs to the taxpayers and the survivors of their governmental “experiments”. - JZ, 13.8.98, 22.12.99, 9.7.00, 4.12.10, 29.9.13. – ACCIDENTS, MISMANAGEMENT OUT OF POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES & INEVITABLE INCOMPETENCE, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRACY, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial Governments are organized and motivated to suppress or deny liberties and rights, not to establish and maintain them. - JZ, 21.1.93 & 13.7.00, 28.12.08. - VS. LIBERTIES & RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are stupid but very powerful crime syndicates, monopolizing "their turf". - JZ, 26.9.00. - CRIME SYNDICATES, PROTECTION RACKETS, TERRITORIALISM, OFFICIAL MAFIAS

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are the grave-diggers for mankind, with ABC mass murder devices as their tools. - JZ, 14.3.99. - The Russian dictator one shouted: We will bury you! He did not comprehend that most likely, no one will be left to bury anyone. Some fat cats might survive, the Dr. Strangelove way, for some years, in the safest bunkers but without the continuing productive work of mankind they are nothing and would finally perish, too. - JZ, 14.3.99 & 15.7.00. - NWT

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are the main obstacle for societies and communities of volunteers trying to achieve some progress through self-help, in a peaceful and competitive way, allowing others the same freedom of association and experimentation under personal law and full exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 7.4.12, 29.8.13. - & TERRITORIALISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PRIVATE LAW & PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATIONS

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are the problem, not the solution. - JZ, 25.11.93. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial Governments are unable to solve problems. They can only create them. - JZ, n.d. – Exterritorially autonomous experimenting volunteers could and would soon find and demonstrate many solutions. – JZ, 30.12.08. - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM UNDER PERSONAL LAW FOR VOLUNTEERS, TERRITORIALISM & STATISM VS. PANARCHISM OR VOLUNTARISM OR POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments are war machines and cannot be reorganized into peace making machines. At the very least they wage a kind of war or despotism against dissenting internal minorities. The majorities and all minorities will have to organize themselves exterritorially and autonomously to become, finally, peace-makers. Any kind of territorial aggression, oppression and exploitation leads to war, civil war or violent revolutions. - JZ, 18.4.89 & 19.7.00, 8.4.13, 29.8.13. – WARFARE STATES

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments bug me, and billions of other people - in thousands of ways. - JZ, 24.5.00, 29.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments can be trusted to increase taxes and not to reduce or even abolish them. They can be trusted to get us involved in wars, rather than bringing about a permanent and just peace in freedom. They can be trusted to load upon us more and more laws and bureaucrats, to restrict and suppress more and more liberties, rights and self-help measures, to try to increase their powers and to try to hang on to them as long as they can. Why their subjects try to hang on to them, in spite of all the disastrous consequences of this subordination, is still not sufficiently cleared up. They are territorial statists, indeed. But why, without having any rightful and good reason for doing so? Out of habit, prejudices, errors and myths? Then why are these allowed to prevail when there are contrary facts, truths and ideas? And if there are genuine tools for enlightenment, then why are they not widely enough used? Compare e.g. the microfilm, floppy disk and CD publishing options, the Ideas Archive, the Encyclopedia of the Best Refutations, Flow Chart Discussions (now in form of digital “argument mapping” as set out by Paul Monk et al online!) and all other aspects of a genuinely cultural revolution - which is quite possible and could occur, rapidly and without bloodshed, but is simply ignored as an enlightenment option. Not even the open air free speech centers have been sufficiently and systematically improved and increased in numbers. The coffee shops which served as discussion places have almost all disappeared. The realization of individual sovereignty or panarchism, of the exterritorial imperative or personal law as an option, of an ideal militia, of voluntary taxation, of a comprehensive tax strike, or of one of the several other suggested and significant steps of a social and cultural and non-violent revolution in the enlightenment process, could all act like a pin-prick against the balloon of territorial statism, despotism and wars. - JZ, 4.3.01, 2.2.02, 24.12.08. – Compare my 2010 digital book manuscript “New Draft”. – JZ, 4.12.10. (Not yet online but available from me, free of charge as an email attachment, zipped down to 306 KBs, until someone puts it online or on a disc. – JZ, 8.4.13, 29.8.13. - - TRUST & TAXES, STATISM, WHY, ENLIGHTENMENT, WHY NOT?

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments cannot help disappointing many to most of their voters. - JZ, 13.8.91 & 22.7.00. – At least in the long run. However, replacing them merely by another territorial governments is rarely, if ever, good or rightful enough. – JZ, 4.12.20, 8.3.13, 29.8.13. - TERRITORIALISM, VOTING

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments come from the past and are designed to mess up our present and to destroy our future. - Free after: "He came from the past to destroy the future." - An advertisement sentence for the film "Warlock".  - JZ, 9.11.92.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments constitute the worst monopoly. - JZ, 25.11.93. - Their territorialism is also an essentially totalitarian feature, even in democracies and republics. - JZ, 10.7.00. - MONOPOLIES, TERRITORIALISM & PANARCHIES

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments wrongfully “unite” and thereby set us into conflicts with each other, often against our will. To the extent that they do continue with this wrongful and counter-productive practice, satisfying at most a few power addicts, they should lose their monopoly claim upon our taxes and obedience. We should become free, as individuals and minority groups, to associate with or set up competing governments and societies of volunteers, all only exterritorially autonomous and minding their own business, while leaving those of all others alone. They would be free to arrive at and put into practice diverse systems, institutions, processes and beliefs and this without disturbing each other or having to convert, outvote or defeat each other. - While territorial governments pretend to unify us, they really set us against each other and leave us no way out but political, revolutionary or terrorist struggle against each other, since the current means of persuading those, who think differently from us, are rather uncertain and all too slow and uncertain in their operation. - JZ, 2.6.94 & 20.7.00, 8.4.13. - TERRITORIALISM & UNITY, FACTIONS, PARTY STRIFE, MUTUAL ANTAGONISM, INFIGHTING, INTOLERANCE INHERENT IN IT

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments do more wrong and harm than good. Free men don't need them. They need only voluntary and competitive protective associations. - JZ, 18.12.01. - PANARCHIES, FREEDOM, COMPETITION

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments establish, maintain and increase oppression, disorder, insecurity, poverty and crimes all over their territories through their territorial laws and centralistic, monopolistic and coercive institutions. - JZ, 29.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments get only the consent of the ignorant, not so bright and the prejudiced.” - JZ, 15.6.91, 29.8.13. - TERRITORIAL & CONSENT

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments have never, do not now and will never fulfill the promises upon which their very existence is based and yet continue to remain in existence, seemingly "justified" by public opinion, popular errors and prejudices. Nor can they possibly even approach their aims or “ideals” until all of them have only voluntary members, taxpayers and legal subjects. - JZ, 15.6.91 & 13.7.00, 4.12.10, 8.4.13. - PROMISES, CURES, SOLUTIONS

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments mean power and control combined with ignorance, prejudice, incompetence and even criminality at the highest level and on the largest scale. - JZ, 24.1.02, 2.2.02. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments plan, organize, assure and prolong disaster areas. And they cause and prolong wars, revolutions and crises as well as terrorism. - Nevertheless, they are still all too popular and are still not understood as basic wrongs and irrational institutions. - JZ, 7.1.93, 10.7.00, 4.12.10, 29.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments produce man-made and territory-sized disaster areas. No natural catastrophe is as murderous and destructive as governments are, either alone or in combination. - JZ, 20.7.00. For instance, economically the Great Inflation and the Great Depression cost Germany as much as WW I and all three were the result of territorial governmental interventionism and of its nature as one of the Warfare States, which have always to be afraid of each other and thus engage in arms races that almost always end in wars. – JZ, 31.12.08, 29.8.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments should not be served and obeyed but, rather, resisted and their territorialism should be abolished. Dissenting individuals and minorities should secede from them and re-organize in exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, each offering a package deal of its kinds of alternatives for its volunteers, to do their own things to and for themselves. Territorial government can rightly represent only those among their subjects, who are volunteers and can rightly act only for them and at their expense and risk. – For all others they are merely conquerors and occupiers, ruling them without their  consent. - JZ, 11.9.87 & 20.7.00, 4.12.10, 29.8.13. - TERRITORIAL VS. PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments should not only be under intellectual and firearms attacks but, rather, “roasted over fires, burned to a crisp”, as far as their territorial, collectivistic, and monopolistic coercive powers are concerned. - How many millions have they murdered between them, so far? How many people do they kill right now, on the average, every day? How many do they rob and deprive of their liberties, every day? - Most ordinary criminals are innocents compared with them. – According to Prof. Rudolf Rummel’s many web-paged references, during the last century and not counting their wars, which also resulted from their territorialism, they had over 200 million victims. - Even the democracies showed their willingness and ability to commit mass murders, under the “principle of collective responsibility” of subjects for the actions of their mis-rulers (in their warfare methods: indiscriminate air raids against whole cities, and in their preparations for nuclear war.) - JZ, 2.9.93 & 12.7.00m 28.12.98, 4.12.10. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments use and abuse all citizens and almost all citizens use and abuse governments. Territorial governments must thus be done away with. - JZ, 27.1.79. – Confined to their volunteers only, i.e., as their kind of panarchies, they could remain but would not longer possess any territorial monopoly, although they would be embraced by all their voluntary adherents living in a territory – or even spread all over the world, among other peoples enjoying their self-chosen utopias or distopias. To that extent their kind of patriotism or nationalism could be continued, as long as it finds adherents. – JZ, 29.12.08, 29.8.13. - ABUSES, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments, even when trying to please everybody - will really please nobody but themselves and a few of their voluntary victims. Human knowledge, beliefs, principles and inclinations diverge very widely. No single producer or enterprise could possibly satisfy all consumers, either. Territorial governments are not different in that respect. - JZ, 10.12.93 & 10.7.00. – Individual consumers are no more satisfied with all items of the package deal of territorially supplied public services than they are with shopping carts filled with the same government rations. None of them love all the items on government budgets, not even when they are volunteers of a competing governance system. They simply would take the best deal they can get for the time being and would always be looking for better ones or trying to establish them. – JZ, 9.4.13. – COMPETING GOVERNANCE VS. TERRITORIALISM, CONSUMER CHOICE VS. COMPULSORY TAXATION & MONOPOLY SERVICES

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments, like their depreciated paper currencies, do have "legal tender" powers towards their citizens, i.e., a monopolistic and forced value, combined with forced acceptance, at par, by all their involuntary subjects. Their victims are not free to refuse to accept their services and disservices and their monopoly charges for them, even when they receive no services at all but only disservices. Nor do they allow their victims to agree upon and arrange for alternative services and institutions for themselves or to accept government currency only at a free market discount, if at all and a government's monopolized services only at free market prices. - JZ, 28.3.89 & 18.7.00. – The population of a whole country is still treated like a conquered province, even though, by now, its government is elected – but elected only by a temporary majority, which leaves its factions and most minorities dissatisfied. – This the modern “democracies” have still in common with absolute monarchism. – JZ, 30.8.13. - PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, LAWS, LEGITIMACY, FORCED ACCEPTANCE, COMPULSORY SUBJUGATION,FORCED CURRENCIES, NO SECESSIONISM, NO COMPETITION WITH IT, NO PERSONAL LAW ALTERNATIVES ALLOWED.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial governments, parliaments and legalized monopolies of the bureaucracies are constituted and institutionalized and also quite legal conspiracies by power addicts against many of the individual rights and liberties of their subjects. - JZ, 5.4.99. – They will not define, declare and protect all genuine individual rights and liberties. Their victims will have to do that themselves. That requires, first of all, that they develop sufficient interest in this job. So far it has not shown even among anarchists and libertarians, under all kinds of errors, ignorance prejudices, false assumptions and conclusions prevailing even among them. – JZ, 4.12.10, 9.4.13, 30.8.13. - PARLIAMENTS, BUREAUCRACIES, TERRITORIALISM, & MONOPOLIES, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, AN IDEAL DECLARATION OF ALL GENUINE ONES.

GOVERNMENT: Territorial, coercive, monopolistic, centralistic government isn't reasonable, moral, peaceful, persuasive, creative, innocent, benevolent, helpful, liberating, protective, defensive etc., but, rather, violent, aggressive, exploitative, criminal, destructive and murderous on a colossal scale and at a titanic cost, not only in money, but even lives, liberties, rights and wealth. - JZ, 24.1.01, 9.4.13. - TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: Th' modhren idee iv gover'mint is "Snub th' people, buy th' people, jaw th' people.” - Mr. Dooley, quoted in Tucker Catalogue, p.114. - VS. THE PEOPLE, JOKES, POLITICIANS

GOVERNMENT: Thank God the government wastes most of the money it spends, because if it were really spending it efficiently, we wouldn't have an iota of our freedom left.” - Dr. Benjamin Rogge. - SPENDING, WASTE, INEFFICIENCY OF GOVERNMENTS

GOVERNMENT: Thank God we don't get all the government we pay for.” - Will Rogers. - TAXATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, JOKES

GOVERNMENT: That all persons vested with the Legislative or Executive powers of Government are the Trustees of the Public, and, as such, accountable for their conduct: ... the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.” - MARYLAND Declaration of Rights, Article 6. - OFFICIALS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, RIGHT TO RESIST VS. NON-VIOLENCE, NON-RESISTANCE

GOVERNMENT: That does not make much sense. If they want the good, why do they create a government which does evil?” - LeFevre, Lift Her Up, Tenderly, p.187. - EVIL VS. GOOD

GOVERNMENT: that good government can give the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and very little else.” - Ernest Benn, Honest Doubt, p.207. - Any genuine individual right and liberty exists independent of any government or government grant and can best be realized and maintained without any territorial government and must be much more effectively defended than any territorial government is able and willing to do against any territorial government or private offenders. All territorial governments are the worst enemies of individual rights and liberties. – Only some movements of religious fanatics can be as bad or even worse. - JZ, 30.3.94 & 12.7.00,29.11.10, 9.4.13. - GOOD GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, DIS

GOVERNMENT: That government is best which governs least. – Henry David Thoreau – That “government” which does not govern at all would govern least. – JZ., 9.4.13. – ANARCHISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-DETERMINATION

GOVERNMENT: That government is best which governs not at all; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.” - Henry David Thoreau, in Civil Disobedience, 1849. - Those who are prepared for it and do believe that they are, should be at liberty to have for themselves the kind of government or free society that they prefer for themselves, at their own expense and risk and in the only form in which such "competing governments" are practicable and rightful, as exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, living under their own personal law, constitution, jurisdiction, administration etc. - JZ, 9.7.00. – The best as well as the worst governments or societies should all only rule over or organize and exploit their own willing voluntary victims. – JZ, 30.12.08, 4.12.10, 9.4.13. - MINI-GOVERNMENT, LESS GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, NO-GOVERNMENT, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, , SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS

GOVERNMENT: That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves." - Thomas Jefferson  - Does the government belong to the peoples or do the various peoples in a country own “their” government? His use of the term “its” does not make that clear. – JZ, 30.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: That government is best which makes itself superfluous.” - Wilhelm von Humboldt. (Diejenige Regierung ist die beste, die sich ueberfluessig macht.) - Is any government really good at that, at downsizing or even abolishing itself? What historical examples can be offered for that? Temporarily I can only remember a hint given to me by Ulrich von Beckerath, of a time in China when it had only one public servant per 20,000 population. And this one was often paid by the local merchants not to meddle with economic matters. That, too, wasn't really self-restraint. The Stein-Hardenberg Reforms, at the beginning of the 19th century were an example of great and voluntary government reduction - but they did not go far enough. Degrees of absolutist government continued, even after the 1848 revolutions. And some absolutism, in governmental decision-making, e.g. on war and peace and economic policies, as well as in all other forms of territorialism, does continue even in the best democracies and republics of today, leaving them to that extent dictatorial. So, point out just one government today that is intentionally making itself superfluous, rather than bankrupt - and bankrupting its subjects! - Wilhelm von Humboldt wanted governments reduced to the functions of "night-watchmen". But instead, the Prussian State took over more and more of Germany and Austria etc., and then, twice, its government took on the world! - JZ, 18.7.00. – Let even individuals, not to speak of minorities and even majorities, abolish territorial governments for themselves, regarding all their own affairs, by seceding from them and establishing their own personal law institutions, societies and services, all of them for their volunteers only, including voluntary victims of some to most of them, as long as they are prepared to individually put up with this status. Those, who only whip themselves, like e.g. the religiously motivated flagellants did, or Fakirs, demonstratively “resting” on beds made up of points of nails, can be tolerated and they have only themselves to blame. - JZ, 4.12.10, 9.4.13. – SUPERFLUOUS, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS? STILL UNLIMITED THROUGH THEIR TERRITORIALISM! VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: That government, and that alone, is just which enforces and defends all of man's natural rights and protects him against wrongs of his fellow men.” - Galusha A. Grow, Speech in the House of Representatives, 1852. - Such a government is a mere wish, a dream, and not even a good one. - JZ, 16.10.85. – It has never existed and does not exist now, anywhere. – JZ, 9.4.13. – Moreover, who or what who protects anyone against a powerful, aggressive and oppressive territorial government?– Territorial government haven’t even declared all genuine individual rights and liberties and published them. If they had, their victims would soon realize how superfluous these kinds of governments and institutions are for the protection of these rights and also how inefficient and wrongful. They are as unlikely to declare all these rights as e.g. monopolistic trade unions are to publish and discuss seriously all the self-management options and possibilities for peaceful and businesslike take-over bids by employees for the enterprises that they work in. – For such changes would make them superfluous. - JZ, 15.7.00, 4.12.10, 9.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: that huge bloodless organization called a 'government', which claims the right to slay whomever resists the will of its dominators." - Poul Anderson, Explorations, p.126. - Is "whomever" grammatically correct? - I would have written: "whoever". - JZ

GOVERNMENT: That is the best government which desires to make the people happy, and knows how to make them happy.” - T. B. Macaulay, Milford's History of Greece, 1824. - Since no government knows how to make all people in “its” territory happy, since all individuals have different notions on happiness, one should either flee or resist if any of them attempt this. - JZ, 16.10.85. - Actually, no one know how to make all other people happy. (This applies even to gifts for family members or friends! – 4.12.10.) Many to most people are not even aware what would make them most happy. E.g., they do only rarely find the most suitable marriage partner for themselves. The closest approach to this consists in leaving them free to strive for their kind of happiness in their own way, by themselves, and together with like-minded people. The “pursuit” of happiness is an individual responsibility or option. This precludes any collective and territorial rule over the population of whole territories, since all of them contain many dissenters and different kinds of people. - JZ, 15.7.00, 30.9.13. – HAPPINESS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS

GOVERNMENT: That most delicious of all privileges - spending other people's money.” - John Randolph of Roanoke. - William Cabell Bruce, John Randolph of Roanoke, 1773-1833, vol. 2, chapter 7, p. 204 (1922, reprinted 1970). Randolph was a member of Congress 1799-1813, 1815-1817, and 1819-1829. – Is that their substitute for a conscience or moral sense? – JZ, 4.12.10. - GOVERNMENT SPENDING, Q.

GOVERNMENT: That no government, so called, can reasonably be trusted, or reasonably be supposed to have honest purposes in view, any longer than it depends wholly upon voluntary support." - Lysander Spooner (1808-1887) - STATISM, TAXATION & VOLUNTARY TAXATION & WELL AS VOLUNTARY STATE MEMBERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY ONLY FOR VOLUNTARY COMMUNITIES

GOVERNMENT: That the governments existing at present ought to be abolished, so that liberty, equality, and fraternity should no longer be empty words but become living realities, and that all forms of government as yet tried have only been so many forms of oppression and ought to be replaced by a new form of grouping, will be agreed by all who have a brain and temperament ever so little revolutionary. One does not need to be much of an innovator to arrive at this conclusion. The vices of governments of today and the impossibility of reforming them are too evident to be hidden from the eyes of any reasonable observer. And as for overturning governments, it is well known that at certain epochs that can be done without much difficulty. There are times when governments crumble to pieces almost of themselves like houses of cards, before the breath of the people in revolt.” - Kropotkin, in a chapter headed: Revolutionary Government: Parliament, first section. - Rather, let them become reduced to voluntary followers doing their things to themselves, under full exterritorial autonomy. Let them stew in their own juice, as long as they can and want to. Only make sure that all dissenters can freely withdraw from them and form or join exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. Thus would be instituted "one-man revolutions", which would not upset any apple carts and threaten anyone's rights, liberties, and personal preferences, not even the right to make errors and mistakes at the own expense. This kind of revolution could be permanent, peaceful and harmonious, as much so as can be divorces, new marriages and the changing of jobs, individually, after giving notice. - JZ, 29.7.00. - NO-GOVERNMENT, ANARCHY, REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COOMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL & MINORITY SECESSIONISM

GOVERNMENT: That the sole object and only legitimate end of government is to protect the citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, and when the government assumes other functions it is usurpation and oppression.” - ALABAMA, DECLARATION OF RIGHTS ARTICLE I. Section 35. - Has history given us any reasons to believe that territorial governments over involuntary subjects are able and willing to pursue this objective? - JZ, 3.7.00, 4.12.10. - RIGHTS, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS, Q.

GOVERNMENT: That would be setting up a government of my choice. Have you ever done that? Can you think of anybody in his right mind ever having done that? Do you think anybody ever did it? People, you have been told that this happened in this country. That your forebears got together and did it. That is utter, unmitigated, uncollected garbage. It simply isn't true. It never happened. I am sorry if this is offending anybody. I don't mean to offend. I don't mean to make you angry. But it is ridiculous. I wish I had time to get into it more fully.” - Robert LeFevre, Good Government, p.14. - Then he went on with the paragraph that has been reproduced under: GOVERNMENT, ESTABLISHMENT & MAINTENANCE, VIOLENCE, RELIGION, PROMISES & THREATS, THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS, MANDATE FROM GOD OR "THE PEOPLE" OR THE MAJORITY AS HIS SUBSTITUTE. - Alas, even LeFevre was largely unaware of the long tradition of exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. That is to some extent explained by the fact that most histories and political science texts report nothing about it, being quite dominated by the territorial model. - JZ, 27.7.00.

GOVERNMENT: That would require an assumption that logic functions at some level in government.” - L. Neil Smith, Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon, p.84. - LOGIC

GOVERNMENT: That's not our money. That's everyone's money for our benefit", says every irresponsible voter in support of government spending and every politician offering a subsidy. - JZ, 17.12.79. – SPENDING OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY FOR THE OWN PURPOSES, BUDGET, PUBLIC EXPENDITURES

GOVERNMENT: That’s the government for you. The same everywhere. We put our most incompetent in the most important jobs.” – Robert Mason, Weapon, Corgi Books, 1990, 267. – The story of an AI robot, who develops a conscience and refuses to kill upon government orders and stands up for the human rights even of those, whom a government declares to be his enemies. - JZ, 30.3.05, The question is: Does even the best of the territorial government offer any jobs that can be done, even by the most competent people? Is any individual intelligent, knowledgeable and wise enough to be a good enough substitute for all the intelligence, knowledge and wisdom dispersed all over mankind and brought together and utilized by participants in a really free market? - 25.12.08, 30.8.13. - PRIME MINISTERS, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PREMIERS, PRESIDENTS, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENT MONOPOLISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, INTERVENTIONISM, REPRESENTATION, Q.

GOVERNMENT: The "business" of territorial government seems to be to get between willing buyers and willing sellers - and to charge all their victims highly for this disservice. - JZ, 12.5.94. – That applies also to alternatives to territorial governments, which quite free entrepreneurs would like to offer and sovereign consumers would like to subscribe to. – JZ, 4.12.10. – VOLUNTARISM, FREE EXCHANGE OF ALL SERVICES, FREEDOM FOR THE SUPPLY OF ALL SERVIES TO VOLUNTARY CUSTOMERS

GOVERNMENT: The "goal is to end governmentality … the craving for dependence on governments in people's minds.” - Bruce Morgan, in THE SATURDAY EVENING MERCURY, Tasmania, 5.10.74. - STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

GOVERNMENT: The "libertarians" believe government is not harmful but is in fact desirable when it is provided by what they call ‘free contracts.’" - Fred Woodworth, Anarchism, p.1. – Alas, to my knowledge, most libertarians are not as yet so far advanced. Nor do they concede to all kinds of anarchists their kind of exterritorial autonomy for their kind of self-management or independence. I wish Fred W. had supplied me with the addresses of many libertarians that actually advocate what he asserts that they do.” – JZ, 29.12.08. – There are still so many misunderstandings between these two large groups, at least regarding their many varieties. – A libertarian spectrum, like I partly described for anarchists, in (Version 3, of March 2000, appeared there, too.) - may still have to be compiled and then further developed, like my above survey of different kinds of anarchism should be. – I have many more notes on it – but why bother with supplements, when not one responds to the original? – (Except Christian Butterbach, who also put it online.) - JZ, 29.12.08, 4.12.10. - CONTRACTS & LIBERTARIANISM, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, FULL FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & EXPERIMENTATION

GOVERNMENT: The "silent, powerful and ever-active conspiracy of those who govern" cannot be greatly affected by the unorganized, unintelligent suffrages of the multitude.” - W. A. Dunning, Political Theories, II/77, on De Lolme. - CONSPIRACIES, DEMOCRACY, VOTING, MAJORITY RULE, RULERS

GOVERNMENT: The “religion” of coercive and exclusive territorial governmentalism, statism, collectivism or territorialism will only become rightfully and sufficiently reduced to the tolerant ideology and practice of exterritorially autonomous communities (of a political, economic, religious or ideological nature), once individuals and groups can freely opt out of territorial governments and start living in accordance with their own convictions, consciences and beliefs, at the own expense and risk, in any country. From religious, artistic, literary and private tolerance we ought to proceed to tolerance for all tolerant actions in the political, economic and social spheres. – (Thereby, through the first successful secessions and personal law associations of this kind, the former territorial government, too, becomes already transformed into an exterritorial one, ruling only over its remaining subjects, all volunteers, seeing they could also secede from it but don’t or haven’t as yet. – JZ, 5.12.10, 30.8.13.) In all others spheres this "panarchism" is already customary and unthinking practice, e.g. in personal life styles, fashions, food and drink habits, especially in the experimental freedom of technology and natural sciences, however, it not yet sufficiently philosophically formulated, popularly worded, publicized and thus known as such. - JZ, 22.11.93, & 10.7.00, 30.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM & STATISM VS. TOLERANCE FOR TOLERANT ACTIONS OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM TO ASSOCIATE & FREEDOM OF CONTRACT IN ALL SPHERES, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The £ 6 paid to the worker is spent by his wife with great care; the other £ 6, his share of the total public expenditure, would most of it not be spent at all if the wife had her way. It is the purpose of this little book to attack this other £ 6. Some receive it directly in various subsidies, a few get a good deal more, while the great majority get as very little and have to pay for the waste and extravagance involved in all that the State undertakes.” - Sir Ernest Benn, The State the Enemy, p.16. - SPENDING, BUDGET, PUBLIC SECTOR, PUBLIC EXPENDITURES


GOVERNMENT: The actions of Government seldom produce the consequences intended and this always comes as a surprise.” - Lubkin's corollary to Murphy's Law, in THE MERCURY, II/2, page 12. - LUBKIN'S COROLLARY TO MURPHY'S LAW

GOVERNMENT: The advance planning and sense stimuli employed to capture a $10 million cigarette or soap market are nothing compared to the brainwashing and propaganda blitzes used to ensure control of the largest cash market in the world: the Executive Branch of the United States Government.” - Phyllis Schlafly (b. 1924), U.S. author, political activist. A Choice Not an Echo, ch. 1 (1964). It is also much easier to ignore most advertisements and offers of consumer goods and services than to ignore tax impositions and tax takes. – JZ, 4.1.08. - PROPAGANDA & ADVERTISEMENT & LANGUAGE ABUSE

GOVERNMENT: The age for the veneration of governments, notwithstanding all the hypnotic influence they employ to maintain their position, is more and more passing away. And it is time for people to understand that governments not only are not necessary, but are harmful and most highly immoral institutions, in which a self-respecting, honest man cannot and must not take part, and the advantages of which he cannot or should not enjoy. And as soon as people clearly understand that, they will, naturally, cease to take part in such deeds - that is, cease to give the government soldiers and money. (*)  And as soon as a majority of people ceases to do this, the fraud, which enslaves people, will be abolished. Only in this way can people be freed from slavery.” - Leo N. Tolstoy. - (*) Do they "give" them or are the mainly forced to give them? However, see the example set by the Doukhobors. – JZ - STATISM, IMMORALITY OF THE INSTITUTION, ENLIGHTENMENT, SLAVERY, LIBERATION, IMMORALITY & HARMFULNESS, UNDERSTANDING, PEOPLE,

GOVERNMENT: The aggregate happiness of society, which is best promoted by the practice of a virtuous policy, is, or ought to be, the end of all government.” - George Washington, Political Maxims. - Which of his policies and practices was really virtuous? How many people did he make happy? Was he happy and able to judge, properly, the "aggregate happiness of society"? Was he prepared to leave it alone or merely to liberate society and then leave it alone? What can territorial government and politics contribute to happiness? - Read e.g. Pelatiah Webster and Thomas Paine on some of the actions of this "hero of the American Revolution". - JZ, 26.7.00. – However, ending all territorial governments is really a rightful and worthwhile aim. G. W. and his successors did not and do not aim at that. – JZ, 4.12.10. –

GOVERNMENT: The aim should not be to control government but to eliminate government control - over all but its remaining volunteers. - JZ, 27.2.89, 30.8.13. – CONTROL – EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIAL IMPOSITIONS OVER PEACEFUL DISSENTERS

GOVERNMENT: The alternative, of course, is no government at all, with private enterprise handling defence and arbitration.” - Merilyn Giesekam, FREE ENTERPRISE, 8/74. - VS. NO-GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: The American government is no longer a defender of private property and personal liberties. It is now a usurper of property and liberty. It serves only its own interest.” - Craig Roberts, REASON, Feb. 1978, 31. – Was it ever such a protector, in every respect, for everyone? – JZ, 30.12.08. - NO PROTECTOR, Q., NOT A GOOD ENOUGH DEFENDER, EITHER, FAR LESS A LIBERATOR

GOVERNMENT: The American heritage was one of individual liberty, personal responsibility and freedom from government … Unfortunately … that heritage has been lost. Americans no longer have the freedom to direct their own lives … Today, it is the government that is free – free to do whatever it wants. There is no subject, no issue, no matter … that is not subject to legislation. – Harry Browne – Well, at least our breathing is not yet governmentally regulated, nor our coughing, sneezing and farting. – JZ, 30.8.13. - LEGISLATION, FREEDOM, AMERICANISM

GOVERNMENT: The American Revolution presented a new ideology to the people. No longer was it to be government over man. Now it was man over government. The Founding Fathers saw government as a servant of the people and not their master.” - Jim Lewis, Liberty Reclaimed, p.4. - By establishing territorialism and outlawing individual and group secessions and exterritorially autonomous communities they did preserve the worst features of autocratic regimes while overlaying them with some democratic and republican decorations. - Have you ever asked your Prime Minister to serve you anything or to serve you in any way? - If you make any written suggestion to him or any of the powerful parties you are lucky even to get any reply and if so it is the usual superficially polite and meaningless one. – Did the USA Founding fathers abolish slavery and maltreatment of Red Indians? Did they recognize and respect all individual rights and liberties? – Did any government ever do that? - JZ, 23.7.00, 4.12.10, 30.8.13. - MAN & THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION

GOVERNMENT: The American wage earner and the American housewife are a lot better economists than most economists care to admit. They know that a government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” - President Gerald R. Ford, in remarks to a joint session of Congress, August 12, 1974. - The Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Gerald R. Ford, 1974, p.6. - Representative Ford was quoted as having expressed the same idea nearly fifteen years earlier: "If the government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything you have." - John F. Parker, "If Elected, I Promise … Stories and Gems of Wisdom by and About Politicians”, p.193 (1960). No source is given. - Did President Ford reduce the Welfare State or the Warfare State or allow dissenters to opt out? - JZ, 24.11.02, 9.4.13. - ECONOMICS, POWER, TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, BIG GOVERNMENT, CENTRALIZATION, Q.

GOVERNMENT: The anarchist defines government as invasion, nothing more or less.” - Benjamin R. Tucker, Instead of a Book, p.22. - While this does apply to territorial governments, i.e., those with all too many involuntary subjects, it does not apply to exterritorially autonomous governments and societies that have only voluntary members. Tucker might have called them voluntary organizations of free societies or anarchies. - JZ, 1.2.02. – Most of the original territorial governments were not only invaders but permanent new occupiers and rulers and their subjects were often “inherited” by their heirs. – JZ, 30.8.13. - INVASION, AGGRESSION, ANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: the anarchist libertarians hold that government is illegitimate unless it has been contracted by those whom it serves.” - Libertarian Handbook, 1973. - Why wasn't this kind of handbook continued, indefinitely, in cheap alternative media? YOU compile it, I reproduce it at my expense on my LMP microfiche and would invite you to publish it also on floppy disk, CD-ROM and on a website. - JZ, 2.8.00. – Imagine how much such an annual could now come to offer on a single cheap DVD! – JZ, 9.413. - CONTRACT, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, A LIBERTARIAN ANNUAL ON A CD OR DVD. WOULD MANY LIBERTARIANS WISH TO BE WITHOUT IT? WITH IT A COMPLETE LIBERTARIAN DIGITAL LIBRARY COULD SOON BE ACHIEVED. BUT – IS ANY LIBERTARIAN INTERESTED??? – JZ, 30.8.12. -

GOVERNMENT: The anarchist Lysander Spooner said that, contrary to Locke, government was not created to protect innocent men from criminals, but, rather, government is an organization of criminals whose purpose is to exploit innocent men.” - Theodore Cahn, Forced Integration, 26. – Voluntary governments, only exterritorially autonomous, and with personal laws, could exploit only their voluntary followers – and these do still need this kind of practical lesson and do fully deserve it. – JZ, 27.12.08. – PANARCHISM, CRIME, EXPLOITATION

GOVERNMENT: The appropriate remedy for excessive governmental powers, for abuses of governmental powers, for ruthlessness and corruption in gaining control of governmental powers, is not to create new governmental powers but to dismantle those that now exist.” - W. Allen Wallis, THE FREEMAN, Aug. 74. - Especially all territorial powers! – JZ, n.d/

GOVERNMENT: The art of government consists in this, to take as much money as possible from one class of citizens and to give it to another.” - Voltaire. - Translated from a German version. - TAXES & SPENDING, TRANSFER PAYMENTS, DISTRIBUTIONISM, BUDGET, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, WELFARE STATE, TAX SLAVERY, OFFICIAL PARASITISM

GOVERNMENT: The art of government is the exclusive possession of quacks and frauds. It has been so since the earliest days, and it will probably remain so until the end of time. – H. L. MENCKEN in  – One should not omit to mention tyrants, dictators, despots, ruling religious nuts or prophets and totalitarian regimes, whose wrongs are rather openly practised and maintained via terror. – This abuse will finally end once exterritorial autonomy for volunteers or panarchism, polyarchism, starting with individual and group secessionism, becomes popular enough. - JZ, 27.3.12. – The quacks and frauds have largely only voluntary or under-informed victims. – JZ, 13.4.12. -  QUACKERY, FRAUD, TERRITORIALISM & STATISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW OR PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM ETC.

GOVERNMENT: The art of government is the organization of idolatry. The bureaucracy consists of functionaries; the aristocracy, of idols; the democracy, of idolaters.” - George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman, p.271. – Partly quoted in: Sprading, Liberty & the Great Libertarians, p.418 and in B. R. Tucker’ catalogue, p.61. - Freely competing governments and societies (exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, formed by individual secessionists) would soon reduce that form of idolatry to proportions that are harmful only to their supporters. - JZ, 27.7.00. - The bureaucracy's functionaries do not function. The territorial leadership is far from an intellectual aristocracy or leadership. The supposedly self-governing democratic people do not, individually, or in their minority groups, get the leaders, parties and systems they deserve, because they have freely chosen them for themselves (only for themselves and not all others in a territory) but only those which a majority or a minority can manage to territorially impose upon them. - JZ, 2.8.00. - IDOLATRY, BUREAUCRACY & DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, HEROES, PERSONALITY CULT, POLITICIANS, RULERS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, PATRIOTISM, UNITY, AN IDOLATRY, HERO CULT, LEADERSHIP, STATISM, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, BELIEF IN MIRACLES, POLITICS, THE STATE AS GOD, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The assets of governments … are your assets and mine.” - Roger Court, 20.10.76. - So let us at last treat them as such, express them in transferable assets and transfer them to all taxpayers or all citizens. - JZ, 3.8.00. – Only once they are privatized will they become productively enough used. – Their capital certificates or their sales proceeds belong into the safes and pockets of the people and not into those of politicians and bureaucrats! – See my digitized PEACE PLANS 19 C, on - JZ, 28.12.08, 4.12.10, 30.8.13. - GOVERNMENT ASSETS, NATIONAL PROPERTIES & RESOURCES, NATIONALIZATION, REPRIVATIZATION

GOVERNMENT: The Australian Government speaks two languages, English and Bullshit.” - Anonymous, quoted by T. Z. - POLITICIANS

GOVERNMENT: The barbarian is at the gate. The barbarian is represented, in major part, by large, growing, and hyperactive government - government that increasingly strives not to make the market more efficient but to supersede the market; not to promote creation of wealth but to redistribute wealth, not to enhance the role of individual initiative and responsibility but to make people and their organizations subservient to Big Brother.” - William R. Allen, Midnight Economist, 19. – No government can make a free market more efficient. – JZ, 4.12.10. - MODERN BARBARISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TOTALITARIANISM, DESPOTISM, TYRANNY

GOVERNMENT: The basic belief that an elected government must rule your life is a religion of the utmost insanity. – Chris Lyspooner, Facebook, 4.6.12. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The basic government structure and the nature of government operations are such that the whole of the emphasis of activity in the government service is on delay, deceit and self-preservation. - Self-preservation is the key. Efficiency rates a very poor third after self-preservation first and self-preservation second.” - Maxwell Newton, AUSTRALIAN PENTHOUSE, July 80, page 50. - DELAY, DECEIT & SELF-PRESERVATION

GOVERNMENT: The basic nature of government is to serve the privileges of the elite, and we cannot expect it to do otherwise any more than we can expect the market to provide everyone with equal wages.” - Daniel C. Burton, Libertarian Anarchism, LA Political Notes, No. 168. – Territorial rulers are anything but an intellectual and moral elite or leaders in any science. They have most in common with confidence tricksters, thieves and robbers and as murderers are much worst mass murderers than any private mass murderer. – JZ, 30.8.13. – WARFARE STTES, RULERS, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, PRIVILEGES,STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, RULERS, & THE ELITE

GOVERNMENT: the basis of government is coercion, and coercion isn't a very good way of finding out what people want.” - James P. Hogan, Mirror Maze, p.52. - This applies only to territorial governments! – JZ, 22.7.00. - COERCION & MANDATE, TERRITORIALISM, INVOLUNTARY SUBJECTS, DISSENTERS, MINORITIES, MAJORITY OR PARLIAMENTARY DESPOTISM

GOVERNMENT: The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” - Thomas Jefferson, 1787. - NO-GOVERNMENT, NEWSPAPERS, PRESS & PEOPLE, MASS MEDIA

GOVERNMENT: The belief that all government is iniquity has a very ancient pedigree.” - John Bowle, Politics & Opinion in the 19th Century, p.134. – INIQUITY, IMMORALITY, INJUSTICE, WRONGFULNESS, CRIMINALITY

GOVERNMENT: The beneficial effect of state intervention, especially in the form of legislation, is direct, immediate, and so to speak, visible, while its evil effects are gradual and indirect and lay out of sight … Hence the majority of mankind must almost of necessity look with undue favor upon governmental intervention. – A. V. Dicey GOVERNMENT INTERVENTIONISM, TERRITORIALISM, ATTEMPTS TO RUN A WHOLE COUNTRY & ITS POPULATION FROM ONE CENTRE OR A FEW, INCLUDING THE STATE- & LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, IGNORING INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PARLIAMENTARISM, LEGISLATORS, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, THE GOVERNMENT SPLEEN, SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS, IGNORANCE, ERROS & PREJUDICES IN GOVERNMENT, GOD COMPLEX, SUPERIORITY COMPLEX IN GOVERNMENTS, LEADERSHIP SPLEEN

GOVERNMENT: The best form of government, like the most perfect religion, taken literally, is a contradictory idea. The problem is to discover how we can obtain, not the best government, but the greatest freedom. The only reality of power and politics is liberty equal to, and identical with, order.” - Pierre Joseph Proudhon, Confessions of a Revolutionary, 1849. - According to two sources, about half of all writings of Proudhon have still not been published, not even in French. - Do anarchists and libertarians have any excuse to offer for this? To me they are simply not accessible. My French is not sufficient. But what was printed, to my knowledge, in French, in one French edition of his works, I have reproduced on only 6 microfiche. Not one has as yet asked for them. So great is the interest in great thinkers! – I would like to see all his writings published, also in German and in English, at least. With all translations they would now fit onto a single cheap disk! What other opportunities are the fans of Proudhon waiting for? On that disk they could even publish, provided they got permission from copyrights holders, all the books and articles ever written on Proudhon – and their own comments. - JZ, 29.12.08. – Recently, a Proudhon specialist provided me with the third confirmation of this and details on his still unpublished writings. I forwarded this information to many of my correspondents. Response, so far: ZERO! – JZ, 4.12.10. – Well, even the one-book people, e.g. the “Bible-bashers”, have, apparently, not yet read all of it, or they would have lost some of their delusions. – JZ, 9.4.13. - Through individual liberties and rights to order. “Law and order” – is the wrong road to both, law as well as order, both taken in an ideal sense. – JZ, 30.8.13. -  BEST FORM? - GOOD GOVERNMENT OR THE GREATEST FREEDOM?

GOVERNMENT: The best gang in the world, the most powerful and most enlightened gangster group that's controlling territory.” - Timothy Leary, 1977. – Most enlightened or best organized? – JZ, 9.4.13. – TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The best governed are the least governed.” - Jefferson. – They are still all too much territorially governed rather then merely self-governed or self-managing volunteers. – JZ, 10.4.13.

GOVERNMENT: The best government is a stand-still government. - JZ, 5.6.92. - Simply not adding further restrictive laws and institutions and not committing new crimes is not enough. Based upon its inertia and accumulated laws and institutions and bureaucracy, a government cannot "stand still", but goes on and on, until its life-lines are removed, e.g. taxation and inflation and borrowing powers and the compulsory membership or subordination and exploitation via tax slavery and currency depreciation for its subjects, as well as its territorial rule. As exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, all statists, governments will stumble on for a considerable time - but will also lose more and more of their "customers" or clients, who, individually, will learn something from their government experiments and those of free societies around them. - JZ, 22.7.00, 9.4.13, 30.8.13.

GOVERNMENT: The best government is the one that charges you the least blackmail for leaving you alone. - Thomas Rudmose-Brown - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – Does any territorial government leave us sufficiently alone? – JZ, 9.4.13. - TAXATION & BLACKMAIL, Q.

GOVERNMENT: The best possible government is - none! - JZ, 15.11.88. - GOOD & THE BEST

GOVERNMENT: The best system [of government] is to have one party govern and the other party watch.” - Thomas B. Reed, Speech in the House of Representatives, 1880. - That could be said of the one-party State as well. This one party is ruling all of the rest of the population, as the other party and it is helpless, without any power and reduced to merely watching what is being done to it, in silence. If there is an opposition allowed, in form of one major party only or xyz opposition parties, officially and seemingly in opposition, then they can at most merely protest, not being free to secede, or resist, then they can freely do just one thing: sit, listen and listen, and watch and watch, obey and obey – noticing what is being done to them, at their risk and expense, by those in territorial power  and preparing for the day when they get they chance to ruler over the other party and its followers. Alternatively, they have only the very dangerous, risky and severely punished “option” of resistance, rebellion and revolution or trying to flee to another country, often without little chance of being accepted there. The best party system of government, when there are only two parties, would be biarchy, under which each of the  two parties governs, but each only itself and its voters. That system can be expanded to xyz parties, all only ruling themselves and their members. Everything else, especially all territorial government, is a parody on self-government, self-determination and consent or truly representative government. - JZ, 16.10.85. & 18.7.00, 30.8.13. – PARTIES, TWO PARTY SYSTEM, BIARCHY, MULTI-ARCHY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES, ALL WITHOUT A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS

GOVERNMENT: The best thing that the new government could do would be to go on a long holiday and leave the task to economic laws.” - Bert Kelly, THE BULLETIN, 29.3.83. - After first repealing all man-made interventionist and restrictive laws! - JZ, 5.5.88. - And then it would even be worthwhile for us to pay them never to come back or never to rule us again. - JZ, 25.7.00. - VS. LAISSEZ FAIRE

GOVERNMENT: The bigger the government and its bureaucracy, the less chance there is that those at the top will obey the will of their subjects.” - Brian Wilshire, Fine Print 2, p.79. - BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG BUSINESS, CENTRALIZATION

GOVERNMENT: The bigger the government is the more it does and the more it costs. And the more it kicks us around.” - Workers Party, advertisement, THE NATIONAL TIMES, 17.11.75. - BIG GOVERNMENT, POWER VS. THE PEOPLE & INDIVIDUALS

GOVERNMENT: The biggest assumption made by people: “Our government would never do that to us.” - Afrikanus Kofi Akosah shared Tribal Unity 4 Liberation's photo. – Facebook, 13.1.13. – How many things are there which territorial government never even tried to impose? – JZ, 30.8.13. - STATISM

GOVERNMENT: The biggest danger that every individual faces in the world today is his own government.” - Doug Casey in an interview. - Do not let us forget that some other governments may be even worse and that “their own” government may still be worth defending against them – because it offers us a few more chances to become really and fully free. – JZ, 26.12.07, 30.8.13. - DANGERS, THREATS, ENEMIES

GOVERNMENT: The biggest threat to civilization and mankind's survival, the nuclear war making potential, is, naturally, government created, maintained, administered and protected. - JZ, 17.8.74 & 21.7.00, 30.8.13. – See PEACE PLANS No. 16 & 17: An ABC Against Nuclear War, on - NUCLEAR STRENGTH, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The birth of government gave an air of respectability to a system through which some men could rule other men.” - R. J. Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.42. – Can one really respect or even admire people, who want to rule the lives of others without their consent? – JZ, 9.4.13. Usually, we call them criminals with victims. - JZ, 30.8.13. – POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, POWER-MONGERS & POWER ADDICTS

GOVERNMENT: The brooding government omnipresence is an open invitation to those who wish to use one or more of government's complicated processes for unfair advantage over their neighbors. Strings are pulled, leaks of information are accomplished, investigations are launched, all to the irreparable damage of many people - but all according to law.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, 66. – LAWS, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, POLITICIANS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, “REPRESENTATION”, DEMOCRACY, LEGALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL

GOVERNMENT: The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt, the mobs should be forced to work and not depend on government for subsistence.” - Attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero, CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, April 25, 1968, vol. 114, p.10635. This passage was reprinted in U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, July 29, 1968, p. 15. Still later a contributor reported this to THE REVIEW OF THE NEWS, June 30, 1971, p.19, and he also attributed this to Cicero. No evidence has been found to confirm that Cicero said these words, and it is almost certainly spurious. – Has this error in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD – or any other – ever been corrected? – JZ, 4.12.10. - SPENDING, BUDGET, BALANCED BUDGET, BUREAUCRACY, WELFARE STATE

GOVERNMENT: The business of government is not business.” - Ascribed to Adam Dollar in THE OPTIMIST, 11 & 12/1985. - BUSINESS

GOVERNMENT: The business of the government is to see that no other organization is as strong as itself.” - W. Wilson, 1856-1924, in A. Andrews Quotations, p.435. - Until there is a permanent world government or federation there is always at least one other government or alliance of governments or alliance of movements or parties, which is stronger than any existing single government. In other words, if territorial governments are of the kind that Wilson described and hold this belief, that they will always find themselves internally and externally at war, although not necessarily in a hot war. - JZ, 30.7.00. - STRENGTH, TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY CLAIM, WARFARE STATES, BALANCE OF POWER, ARMS RACES

GOVERNMENT: The chant of our time - millions upon million of voices - what a wondrous and omniscient agency of society government is.” - Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p.92. – Whatever there is already of “love of liberty” has, alas, not yet led to an ideal declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 4.12.10. - STATISM, PUBLIC OPINION

GOVERNMENT: The character inherent in the American people has done all that has been accomplished; and it would have done somewhat more, if the government had not sometimes got in its way.” - Henry David Thoreau. – Freedom and rights are more than a matter of character only. – Moreover, there is nothing like an “average” North-American Character. All individuals deviate more or less from that abstract notion. – JZ, 1.1.09. – Territorialism is our greatest obstacle but, alas, has not yet been widely enough recognized as such. – JZ, 4.12.10. – PROGRESS, SELF-HELP, INTERVENTIONISM, LEGISLATION, PROHIBITIONS, AMERICANS?


GOVERNMENT: The Chinese were a vastly ingenious people of many skills and high intelligence, but little of this was translated into better tools and greater production. The structure of power ensured that nothing would happen to disturb a finely balanced system by which a government and its supporters lived off the people who worked and produced.” - H. S. Ferns, The Disease of Government, p.23. – Even under a totalitarian government they have “only” 46 million bureaucrats. That sounds excessive, but compare it with the percentage in “free” countries. Among 1300 million people that comes only to one bureaucrat per 28 people. I wish that we had as few! Instead of this rare we have one in 3 to one in 6. – It would be interesting to see these figures for all countries. Naturally, the degree of power given to a single bureaucrat matters as well. According to Ulrich von Beckerath, in the Chinese tradition there was only one Mandarin for every 20,000 people and manufacturers and merchants in his territory often bought him off, so that he would not rule them, thus achieving a degree of laissez faire, which, probably, helped to turn China, until about  to ca. 1750, into the leading country in the world. – Why did it lapse since then? Perhaps because it had not enough internal and external competition and trade and communications with the rest of the world and got more or less stuck with its world of ideas and its limited technology for all too long. – Even now, still under a totalitarian regime, imposing, for instance, compulsory abortion and one child families, it is much more open to other ideas and inventions in the world than it ever was before. Thus it is not quite impossible that it might be the first country to introduce panarchism, just like it introduced much, but not yet enough of economic freedom in recent years, contrary to State socialist doctrines. The best start it could make in this respect is to repeal the monetary and financial despotism, which, ideologically, goes back to the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels. With genuinely free banking and financial institutions, and without compulsory taxation and regulation of the capital market, it could show the supposedly “capitalist” countries what a free enterprise capitalism is really capable of, even if realized only in these two spheres. Its first monetary freedom experiments go back to the rule of the Mongols in China, but were suppressed by them. - JZ, 29.12.08, 9.4.13. – However, I do not know of any Chinese writings that explore the monetary and financial freedom options as much as the Swiss, Jewish and German monetary freedom school of the 30’s did. See: – JZ, 4.12.10. - VS. THE PEOPLE, CHINA

GOVERNMENT: The citizens of the cosmos are a little like Thoreau. … They dislike belonging to anything they didn't join. They regard coercive government in about the same way as you regard a ceremonial mutilation - as a crude and cruel social artifact of the primitive past.” - Jack Williams, Bright New Universe, p.93. - Are there more such pearls of wisdom hidden in his SF? - JZ

GOVERNMENT: The coercive, monopolistic, centralistic, bureaucratic and all too expensive and futile territorial experiments, which the present governments run, and from which they seem to be unable or unwilling to learn, do prevent numerous voluntary, competitive, decentralized, autonomous, much cheaper and valuable exterritorial experiments that would enlighten more people on political, economic and social matters than government education and experiments ever would or could. - JZ, 2.8.00. - GOVERNMENT EXPERIMENTS VS. PANARCHISTIC FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, ENLIGHTENMENT

GOVERNMENT: The combination of dreaming and ruling generates tyranny.” - Michael Oakeshott, Rationalism - Politics, London, Methuen, N.Y. Basic Books, IB 960, 1962, p.185. - DREAMS & TYRANNY, IDEALISM ON THE TERRITORIAL MODEL, UTOPISM

GOVERNMENT: The common denominator in all government activity is the use of force: Government either forces you to do things, forces you not to do things, or forces you to pay for things. – Doug Newman - All territorial government amounts, largely, to the wrongful use of force rather than the rightful protection of all genuine individual rights and liberties, regardless of how often they do asserts the contrary and pretend to be fully based upon consent and representation. – JZ, 6.4.12. - UNDER TERRITORIALISM INSTEAD OF VOLUNTARISM & ITS EXTERRITORIALAUTONOMY, FORCE, COERCION, COMPULSION, MONOPOLISM, TAX TRIBUTE EXTORTION, TAXATION

GOVERNMENT: The concept that has to be destroyed once and for all is that governments run economics. (*) They mostly run them (*) into the ground. It is people who run economics. (*) Just as church and State are separated, we must insist that the State stays out of the economy.” - Jack Boulogue, FNN, Summer 92. – It should not be allowed to territorially impose any social or political system, either, upon involuntary victims. - Experimental freedom for all social, economic and political experiments among volunteers. Allow any government only to mess up the affairs of its remaining followers! –JZ, 4.12.10, 30.8.13. – (*) He should have stated: “the economy”,  economics being the science and the economy should be the practice of that science. – JZ, 30.8.13. – ECONOMY, ECONOMICS & THE PEOPLE OR THE POPULATION

GOVERNMENT: The Constitution of the United States gives Congress no power to legislate in the matter of a great number of vital problems of government, such as the conduct of public utilities, of banks, of insurance, of business, of agriculture, of education, of social welfare, and of a dozen other important features. Washington must never be permitted to interfere in these avenues of our affairs.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt. - And then he came with his supposedly "new" "New Deal" of governmental interventionism. - And added the "Reforms" of the Supreme Court to make sure that his unconstitutional legislation would not be thrown out. Thou shalt recognize them by their actions or their "fruits", not by their words, declarations and promises. - JZ, 24.11.02. - CONSTITUTION USA, ROOSEVELT, POWER, LEGISLATION, WELFARE STATE, POLITICIANS, RULERS, PROMISES, POWER, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS

GOVERNMENT: The continuance of any territorial government or State is not worth the life even of one conscript or a single civilian war death. - JZ, 17.5.92 & 23.7.00. – I admitted elsewhere that democratic States are worth defending against totalitarian ones. But the best defence, in this case, too, would be to defend it not as a territorial State but as an alliance of all kinds of non-territorial societies, communities and governance systems of volunteers, including all kinds of governments and societies in exile, all only for their present and future volunteers, all as alternatives to and as natural allies against the aggressive and oppressive totalitarian regimes. All of the conscripts and even most of the voluntary soldiers of the totalitarian regime can and should be offered an attractive separate peace treaty, one that would recognize the exterritorial independence of all their dissenters, Why should they go on fighting for a totalitarian regime that would only keep them from living in the society or community or governance system of their own individual free choices and which merely uses and abuses them to keep itself in power and to make further conquests? – JZ, 9.4.13, 30.8.13. - WAR & HUMAN SACRIFICES TO PRESERVE THE STATE

GOVERNMENT: The continuing and controlling principle of European politics has thus been BIG AND ALL POWERFUL GOVERNMENT, which does not recognize and consequently need not respect any such things as an inalienable right in the individual citizen. - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.36. - BIG & POWERFUL AGAINST RIGHTS

GOVERNMENT: The control of the production of wealth is the control of human life itself.” – Hilaire Belloc. - The controls on the exchange of wealth are even worse and they amount to monetary and financial despotism. - The various anti-capitalist movements share that view with Belloc and, quite wrongly, assumed that the controlling power was the property in the means of production. - JZ, 26. 11. 06. – If the mass production for a market cannot be freely and easily sold to the market because of an insufficient supply of sound exchange media or clearing options, then the value of the productive capital is correspondingly reduced. Profit may be greatly reduced or even business losses might result. Without sufficient free exchanges productive capital and its capital certificates do have only a limited value and might even  become liabilities. – JZ, 30.8.13. - CONTROLS, PROPERTY, CAPITALISM, ANTI-CAPITALIST MENTALITY, LEFTISTS, CAPITAL UNDER-USED BECAUSE OF INSUFFICIENT SALES. AT THE SAME TIME BANKS ARE OFTEN FLOODED WITH CASH FOR WHICH THERE ARE NO PROFITABLE INVESTMENTS.

GOVERNMENT: The cost of government increases year by year, no matter what party is in power.” - Senator Reed Smoot of Utah, his law of government, expressed early in the 20th century. – Another version: The cost of government will continue to increase, I care not what party is in power”. - Reed Smoot, Speech in the Senate, 1925. – Another version: The costs of government increase annually, no matter what party is in power.” - "Smoot's Law". - Zube's Law: Every territorial government is becoming larger, more wrongful, more inefficient and more costly every year. - JZ, 7.9.85, 1.2.02. - COSTS, EXPENSES, SPENDING, BUDGET, TAXES, PARTIES

GOVERNMENT: The country is not the same as the Government.” - Ron Paul. – AS A geographical feature it cannot be the same as the government. Of the population sometimes even the majority is opposed to a government and the government is often opposed to at least one if not several peaceful minorities, which just want to do their own things undisturbed. “The people” is just as much a fiction as “the country”. Neither are rational entities or uniform beings. Under territorial government regimes all the diverse peoples in a population tend to be merely subjects, which have neither full majority nor minority sovereignty, far less individual sovereignty, which they are free to pool or not, as they like. – JZ, 30.8.13. - COUNTRY, FATHERLAND, MOTHERLAND, STATISM, POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS VS. THEIR VICTIMS, WHOLE POPULATIONS, MAJORITIES, MINORITIES, INDIVIDUALS, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: the crimes unceasingly committed by all governments and preparation for new crimes, which governments are always preparing by maintaining disciplined armies. - The age for the veneration of governments, notwithstanding all the hypnotic influence they employ to maintain their position, is more and more passing away.” - Lyoff N. Tolstoy, in: Sprading, 333. - CRIMES & STATISM, STANDING ARMIES, TERRITORIALISM, NWT, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

GOVERNMENT: The cutting of public expenditure to revive dynamism in the economy presents a problem akin to that of weaning already drug-dependent individuals back to health. Virtually two whole generations have now had their self-reliance sapped. They are "hooked" on "free" handouts to the long predictable point that any turning off of the tap would quite possibly lead to violent withdrawal symptoms.” - Norris McWhirter, Freedom of Choice, in K. W. Watkins, In Defence of Freedom, p.66. - Give only those a decision-making vote for whom government spending means confiscation of their earnings via taxes and inflation. - JZ, 7.4.91. - Only tax producers should be allowed to vote, not tax consumers. - Naturally, under panarchism the two groups would sort themselves out and each group would only be responsible for its own programs to its own members and subscribers. - JZ, 15.7.00, 30.8.13. - SPENDING CUTS, PANARCHISM, VOTING

GOVERNMENT: The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern.” - Lord Acton (John E. E. Dalberg), Letter to Mary Gladston, April 24, 1881. - But every class is fit to govern itself - exterritorially, with the full consent of every individual member! - JZ, 24.11.02. - TERRITORIAL, CLASS RULE

GOVERNMENT: The declaration, "I am a wise man and good man", might be followed by … "Therefore, I am entitled to command you and you are obligated to obey", but the relationship of the two declarations is one of mere sequence. The world "therefore", irrelevantly appearing between them, is purely decorative and expresses no rational connection at all.” - Prof. Richard Taylor, Freedom, Anarchy and the Law, p.103. – RULERS, DOMINATION, POWER ADDICTION, ARROGANCE, PEOPLES CONSIDERD & TREATIES AS MERE PROPERTY OR SUBJECTS, SERFS OR SLAVES

GOVERNMENT: The deterioration of every government (*) begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded. - C. L. de Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws, VIII. - The deterioration of every territorial government begins with and by the realization of the first two basic, wrong and all too flawed practices - upon which it was founded, namely, territorial rule and compulsory membership or subordination. - JZ, 16.10.85 & 12.7.86, 30.8.13. - Sometimes its other "principles" and practices were already wrong and flawed before a government or a revolution got started. (E.g.: Unity, equality, fraternity, one law for all and no or all too little recognition of all individual rights and liberties.) - Historians, political scientists, politicians and subjects think and act as if these and their other wrongful and harmful “principles” were right and beneficial and as if no rightful and beneficial alternative to them were possible. - Even when it is pointed out to them, then, like religious true believers, they tend to adhere to their flawed territorialist doctrines, despite their wrongful and harmful aspects and often terrible consequences. – (*) and of every revolution, when both are based upon territorialism, already a very flawed foundation. - JZ, 18.7.00. – TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The dilemma seems to be that government is something we can't get along without and something we can't get along with.” - Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.59. - Apparently, he remained unaware how much collectivism or State Socialism he did already include here merely by using the term "we". It certainly does not express individual consumer sovereignty and choice in such matters. - Allow those who do know how to get along without government to do so - at their own expense and risk, also those who merely believe that they can get along with more or all liberties, always at their own expense and risk. "To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams!" - Experimental freedom would work here, too. Compulsory territorial collectivism and statism must become abolished. - JZ, 2.8.00, 4.12.10. – “THE PEOPLE”, “WE”, STATISM TERRITORIALISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, DISSENTERS, PANARCHISM

GOVERNMENT: The direct and indirect effects of government actions, even when meant to be protective, are often deadly. Government is a deadly enemy, although it is also a merely pretending and widely believed-in friend or helper. - JZ, 18.1.88, 3.1.09, 30.8.13. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, WELFARE STATE, GOOD GOVERNMENT, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS WITH UNLIMITED TERRITORIALISM VS. LIMITED GOVERNMENTS, WHICH ARE LIMITED BY VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW & ABSENCE OF A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY

GOVERNMENT: The direct and indirect expense of government always swallows up at least half (of) the income of the multitude that live by their daily toil, though the services that they receive from it are worth hardly one sixth of this amount.” – De Molinari. - A Byington sticker. – Were their taxes already as high then and their Welfare State hand-outs as low? This should be checked against the statistics of his and our time. – JZ, 28.12.08, 30.8.13. -TAXATION, PUBLIC SERVICES, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, BUREAUCRACY, COSTS OF GOVERNMENT

GOVERNMENT: the discouraging dead weight of ignorance and incompetence installed in power.” - Chad Oliver, Rite of Passage, ASTOUNDING SF, British edition, Sep. 1954, page 100. - POWER, IGNORANCE, INCOMPETENCE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The discovery that man can be successfully manipulated and that governments can turn large masses this way or that as they choose, is one of the causes of our misfortunes.” - Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays - An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish. - Even that is relatively harmless or becomes reduced to harmless proportions - as long as individuals are free to secede and to associate exterritorially and autonomously. - JZ, 6.4.89. - Moreover, freedom lovers have so far failed to fully mobilize all their knowledge, ideas and resources for a genuine enlightenment and liberation effort. - JZ, 19.7.00, 4.12.10. - MANIPULATION, PROPAGANDA, STATISM, VOTING, MAJORITIES, POWER, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT

GOVERNMENT: The divine right of kings may have been a plea for feeble tyrants, but the divine right of government is the keystone of human progress and without it government sinks into police and a nation into a mob.” - Benjamin Disraelil, Lothair, preface, 1870. - An attempt to eliminate some of the mistakes of this remark: The divine right of kings and the claim for majority rule are feeble claims for tyranny, coercively upheld. In their territorial forms they are among the main obstacles to human progress. With them territorial governments tend to become police states and nations become reduced to mobs, with different preferences and notions and thus resisting or even fighting each other, rather than peacefully coexisting because each can do its own things among its volunteers. - Reversing something that a politician said can, sometimes, lead to a truth. - JZ, 16.10.85 & 13.7.00, 31.8.13. - MAJORITARIAN DESPOTISM & DIVINE RIGHTS,

GOVERNMENT: The divine science of government is the science of social happiness, and the blessings of society depend entirely on the constitutions of government.” - John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776. - Political science, as taught today, is hardly "divine" as yet. It has managed to leave the exterritorial autonomy options completely beyond its horizon. Happiness is not definable and attainable socially but only individually. And with his view on government and society he puts the cart before the horse. Constitutional governments as well are major obstacles towards the free development of all the blessings of free human societies. Societies can do very well and can do best only without governments. Governments cannot do without societies but are coercive parasites upon them. Moreover, for all too long, governments and rulers seem to be able to complacently coexist with the unhappiness of most of their subjects, caused by governments and rulers. - As much a mythology is involved here as in the Christian one of a loving God. - The Founding Fathers were also continuing old mythologies and founded a new one. - JZ, 30.10.85 & 13.7.00. - STATISM, , GOVERNMENTALISM, CONSTITUTIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM

GOVERNMENT: The dreadful evil of all government is the evil of governing too much.” - Thomas Cooper, who died in 1839. - Naturally, this, too, applies only to territorial governments. - JZ, 3.8.00. Each territorial government, by governing territorially, governs, to that extent, too much. If it were only governing its own volunteers, in its own affairs, then it would govern them just right, in accordance with their own preferences, with their unanimous consent – except that of aggressors and private criminals with victims. Panarchism tries to raise all governments, all communities, all societies to that elevated moral status and thereby establish peace between them and achieve voluntary exchanges between them only, ending all mutual domination attempts, inevitably associated with all territorial, monopolistic and coercive rule or claims to such rule over peaceful dissenters. Panarchism, however, does not oppose but, rather, demands rule or domination over official aggressors and and better, because competitive protection against private criminals with victims than any monopolistic government service can provide. On this all panarchies can also readily come to agree. All the remaining details can be peacefully and contractually settled between them. - JZ, 1.9.08. – TERRITORIALISM MEANS TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT, PROTECTION, POLICE, DEFENCE, MILITIA, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, IN MUTUAL TOLERANCE VS. ANY IMPOSED TERRITORIAL “UNITY” OR “UNIFICATION”

GOVERNMENT: The early American knew that freedom was nothing more than the absence of external restraint on behavior; the government could not give you freedom, it could only take it away.” – Frank Chodorov, Time for Secession - While that is the characteristic of territorial governments, it is not necessarily that of governments or societies that are only exterritorially autonomous and have only voluntary members. It is time for more than merely territorial secessionism. - Various libertarian and anarchist communities, as well as statist communities of volunteers should not only be established in North, Middle and South America, but have some of their voluntary members all over the world. - JZ, 24. 11. 06. - If they had  really recognized the nature of wrongful governments then they would have abolished, rather than institutionalized any territorial ones because they can never be based upon unanimous consent, which does not even exist in nuclear families or close friendships. – JZ, 6.4.12, 31.8.13. - VS. FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, TERRITORIALISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY - CHOSEN BY INDIVIDUALS OR MINORITY GROUPS FOR THEMSELVES



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