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P POTENCIES: P x 6 = PEACE, PROGRESS & PLENTY = PANARCHY, POLYARCHY & PERSONARCHY or: P³ = P³ or 3 P = 3 P  = PEACE, PROGRESS & PLENTY = PANARCHY, POLYARCHY & PERSONARCHY.  (This makes much more sense to me than e.g. Ayn Rand’s  “A = A.”) - Add further P’s, like pluralism, patriotism, practice, private power, popularity? – From JZ Pan AZ.

PACIFICATION: Exterritorial autonomy for all majorities and minorities will tend to pacify even your worst enemies and provide you with the benefits of experimental freedom in every sphere in which it has so far remained suppressed by territorial States. – It “eliminates” dissenters from the own community, simply by allowing them to secede and doing their own things, but only among themselves, at their own risk and expense, thus setting a deterrent, indifferent or attractive example. Thus they cease to be annoying dissenters in the own communities. Each group rules itself, freely. None rules any other group, although all will become competitively protective and defensive towards remaining criminals and aggressors, which will tend to be greatly reduced in numbers. - From JZ Pan AZ, revised: 20.11.13. - PEACE, DISSENT, RESISTANCE, TERRORISM, CIVIL WAR, WAR, ENEMIES, ALLIES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PACIFISM: I am a convinced pacifist – but not at any price. – Albert Einstein. – This “pacifist” advocated the building of nuclear “weapons” against whole cities and peoples! – JZ, 16.2.08. - So strong can be the collective responsibility prejudice even among famous scientists! - JZ, 16.1.11.

PACIFISM: I don’t think I write like a pacifist, nor am I one. I oppose murder, infanticide, and corpse mutilation not out of pacifism, but simply because such means are inconsistent with pursuing the life I think is appropriate to a human being. – Taylor Radford, THE CONNECTION, 109, 22.1.83, p. 90. – MAN, HUMAN BEINGS, MURDER, WAR, ASSAULTS, VIOLENCE, AGGRESSION, CRIMES WITH VICTIMS

PACIFISM: Neither pacifism nor non-pacifism can be elevated to the status of eternal principle. – Chad Walsh, From Utopia to Nightmare, 159. – However, the love of peace is definitely preferable, for any moral and rational being, to the love of war. - JZ, 16.1.11. - NON-VIOLENCE, PASSIVE RESISTANCE

PACIFISM: Pacifism as the will to peace becomes foolish when it rejects the sword while the enemy puts it on. – K. Peltzer, An den Rand geschrieben. JZ tr. of: “Der Pazifismus als Wille zum Frieden wird dann zur Torheit, wenn er das Schwert ablegt, waehrend sich der Feind damit guertet.” – Ulrich von Beckerath mentioned as an example German troops in Poland, at the end of WW I, who sold their weapons to Poles. Soon afterwards they were taken prisoner and prevented from going home! – If they had stayed together, armed and organized, they could have got home easily and fast. - There are all too many methods, ways and organizations that make for war rather than peace. Peace making is still not an art, far less a science. Few of the peace advocates have so far realized that exterritorial autonomy, full monetary freedom, recognition of all individual rights and liberties and a voluntary militia for their protection are among the foundation stones for a genuine and lasting peace. - JZ, 1.4.08. - NONVIOLENCE, ARMS, GUNS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PROTECTED BY A SUITABLE MILITIA OF VOLUNTEERS

PACIFISM: pacifism only works if everyone else is also a pacifist. All it takes is just one bully to spoil the party.” – Greg Rollins, The Missing Link, in ANALOG, Oct. 95, p.106 - That’s like saying that honest policing only works if everyone else is also a policeman. Since there will always be some criminals and aggressors, the peace loving people will, naturally, have to organize, train and arm themselves sufficiently to defend their rights and liberties effectively against private and official criminals and aggressors, rather than remaining passive towards them or “resisting” only passively. Maybe they will have to exterminate - or otherwise render harmless - all those, who can’t help themselves from acting criminally or aggressive. – Indeed, almost every healthy and moral person will have to be a member of an ideal militia to uphold individual rights and liberties against the others. – No territorial government will or can do this job for them. - JZ, 19.9.07. – I have even observed ducks in a pond ganging up on a duck aggressor, holding it under water, with much noise and making waves and, thereby, possibly, drowning it or at least temporarily excommunicating it. - JZ, 16.1.11. – Is this the origin of the term “giving him or her a ducking”? – JZ, 20.11.13. - JZ.NONVIOLENCE, SELF-DEFENCE.

PACIFISM: Pacifism only works with an enemy that can’t bear to do murder against the innocent. How many times are you lucky enough to get an enemy like that? - Orson Scott Card, Ender in Exile, - p.382 - 2009. - NON-VIOLENCE, NON-RESISTANCE, SATYAGRAHA, TYRANTS, DESPOTS, DICTATORS, TOTALITARIAN RULERS, AGGRESSORS, VIOLENT CRIMINALS, SELF-DEFENCE

PACIFISM: Pacifism renders one helpless against those with no desire for peace.” - L. Neil Smith, A Matter of Certainty, Brad Linaweaver & Edward E. Kramer, eds., Free Space, Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York,, 1998, p.276. - ARMS, GUNS, FORCEFUL RESISTANCE, NON-VIOLENCE

PACIFISM: Pacifists ought to be armed, organized and dangerous - to everyone and every institution preparing for an aggressive war, making it possible or engaging in it. I. e. towards everything that produces wars, especially to territorial warfare States and their rulers, but also e.g. towards their monetary and financial despotism, which by now is as dangerous to their neighbors as is their standing army, based upon conscription and the monopoly power of their rulers to decide on war and peace. That amounts to allowing a gang of robbers and murderers to settle in the neighborhood. – JZ, 17.2.06, 27.10.07, 16.1.11, 20.11.13. – MILITIA, PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ENDING THE NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, DISARMAMENT OF GOVERNMENTS BY THE PEOPLE, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS DECLARATIONS BY THE PEOPLE, LEADING TO SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES BETWEEN THEM, OVER THE HEADS OF THEIR TERRITORIAL RULERS. PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, RIGHTFUL INTERVENTIONISM, TYRANNICIDE, CRIMINALS, ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATES, SELF-DEFENCE

PACIFISM: The first essential of a peaceful mind is the ability to see good in others, and yet the average pacifist is one long personified tirade against the evil that he sees in those who fail to express agreement with his peculiar views. A vigorous fight against pacifism is the first duty of all peace lovers. - Sir Ernest Benn, This Soft Age, p.129. – Mostly they see good even in evil, like territorialism and some totalitarianism, even if it has mass-murdered already millions of people. However, even the worst systems cease to be despotic towards other than voluntary victims as soon as they are confined to personal laws under full exterritorial autonomy. Then they can even serve as enlightening – or deterrent examples. – Let all kinds of pacifists and peace lovers be free to set up their kinds of societies, ideal States and communities with their own voluntary members. If we granted even them only any territorial monopoly then we might come to see some wars among them. - JZ, 18.2.08. – They would have their advocates of violent sports, alcohol, tobacco and other drug consumption and of abortion as well as their opponents, neither of them friendly or tolerant towards the other. – JZ, 20.11.13. - PEACE, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAWS, PANARCHISM

PACIFISM: The pacifism of the 30’s, which in its ethical foundation is almost the same with the known foundation of present pacifism, has made Auschwitz possible.” – Heinz Geissler, FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU, 18.6.83. - One should not forget the immigration barriers of the supposedly “free” Western countries, which did not give all the victimized people in Nazi Germany the chance to escape their victimizers. – These barriers were due to the ignorance of governments and their subjects on how to cope with mass unemployment caused by monetary and financial despotism as well as other wrongful governmental and anti-economic interventionism, not only e.g. minimum wages. – Nor should one forget the effect of indiscriminate warfare against civilians through air raids against cities, which inflamed the immoral and irrational anti-Semitism of the Nazis, who tended to blame the Jews of the world for all their difficulties, including these air raids. – JZ, 19.4.08. - HOLOCAUST, ‘FINAL SOLUTION” RESISTANCE, TYRANNICIDE, GUN CONTROL, LIBERTARIAN REVOLUTIONS, UNEMPLOYMENT, INFLATION, MONETARY DESPOTISM

PACIFISM: Then there are the childish pacifists, who imagine, there will be no more wars because they wish for no more wars.” – John Henry Mackay, in “Abrechnung”, S.? – We still have people, who merely pray for peace rather than trying to think how to establish it, finally, based upon more than “love” for neighbors. – JZ, 20.11.13.

PACIFISM: There does not exists any more dishonest pacifism than the one which opposes wars but approves civil wars.” – Hans Habe, Leben fuer den Journalismus, 1972, Band 3, S. 260. (“Es gibt keinen verlogeneren Pazifismus als jenen, der sich dem Krieg widersetzt, aber den Buergerkrieg billigt.”) – However, there is a genuine case for forcefully overthrowing tyrants and dictators, rather than engaging in a war against their conscripts and civilian victims. – But interventionist armies from the outside are rather an obstacle than a help for such attempts – unless they come clearly in favor of panarchism, already recognized and practised in form of various alternative governments in exile, all only for volunteers and none of them with any claim to any exclusive territory for itself. – JZ, 23.3.08. - LIBERATION FRONTS, REVOLUTIONS BY „FREEDOM FIGHTERS“, COMMUNIST TYPE OF „LIBERATION“, PEACE AS SUPPORTED BY TOTALITARIANS, PANARCHISM, RIGHTFUL GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE, CLASS WARFARE, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS

PACIFISM: Yes, I’m a pacifist. I don’t believe that anything justifies taking another human life. I admire the Gandhis of this world far more than the Pattons, at least the Gandhis aren’t willing to sacrifice the lives of OTHER PEOPLE for their ideals and goals.” – Jim Downard, THE CONNECTION 109, 22.1.83, p.9. – But whether they like it or not, their mere passive “resistance” turns them often into involuntary sacrifices to those in power. Sometimes a forceful resistance would lead to less loss of blood, especially among those who have right on their side. Extreme instance: Tyrannicide. – JZ, 29.6.89. - But what shall one do with all other aggressors, those prepared to sacrifice others and who are actively engaged in such efforts? Pray for them? Try to persuade them? Try to escape from them or try to stop them, by any means, risking one’s life and taking the lives of the culprits, if that proves necessary? – JZ, 2.4.08. –  VIOLENCE, NON-VIOLENCE, NON-RESISTANCE, ZAP, DEFENCE, PROTECTION, SELF-DEFENCE, RIGHTFUL WEAPONS

PACIFISTS: Do you know the man against whom you have most reason to guard yourself? Your looking glass will give you a very fair likeness of his face.” – Richard Whately. – KNOWLEDGE, IGNORANCE, SELF-KNOWLEDGE, AWARENESS OF THE OWN IGNORANCE, AGGRESSIVENESS, ENEMIES, INTOLERANCE, PREJUDICES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

PACIFISTS: The pacifists have finally to understand that not the individual has to justify his refusal to serve militarily but the State has to justify its usurpation of coercive power to force people to kill other people.” – Uwe Timm, Gesammelte Schriften, p.70, BEFREIUNG, Dezember 1967. - CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS, CONSCRIPTION, GOVERNMENTS & WAR, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY

PACKAGE DEALS: Constitutions, social contracts and insurance contracts are mostly package deals as opposed to contracts arranging only for the supply of a single product or service, or a batch of them from self-service store shelves. Men have long been habituated to getting and paying for package deals with territorial governments. Once free to chose governmental or societal services for themselves, they will still tend to continue the custom of package deals - but they will make sure that these come much closer to the kinds of deals they really want for themselves and are able and willing to pay for. These will be supplied by the panarchies (exterritorially autonomous communities) of their choice. It is conceivable that some will try to live without any such package deal, negotiating for each separate product and service separately with any of many competing suppliers. But that might increase their transaction costs. Even ordinary shopping is already a chore. But people might, e.g. negotiate separate package deals e.g. for health, insurance, transport, protection and communication purposes. In which direction development will go in the future is hard to say for sovereign consumers of public services, precisely because their freedom, their choice, is involved. - JZ, 17.9.04. – From JZ Pan AZ. - FOR GOVERNMENTAL & SOCIETAL SERVICES & PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM

PACKAGE DEALS: If our life-styles are radically different, we must avoid making our alliance sound like a package deal.” – John T. Harlee, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, May 82. – All package deals are right for those who voluntarily subscribed to them. What right has an anarchist to object to a package deal which either another anarchist, a libertarian or a statist subscribes to for himself? – JZ, 15.2.08, 16.1.11. - POLITICAL OR PUBLIC SERVICES, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, SELF-GOVERNANCE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FULL FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION

PAIN: Absolute morality is the regulation of conduct in such a way that pain shall not be inflicted.” – Herbert Spencer, Prison Ethics. – No kind of pain, not even upon the wrong-doer, violent criminal or aggressor, in self-defence or to extract indemnification out of him? – JZ, 15.2.08. - MORALITY, HURT, HARM, WRONG, INJUSTICE, Q.

PAIN: The smallest pain in our little finger gives us more concern than the destruction of millions of our fellow beings.” – Source? – Surely, this is not true for all people and all situations. – JZ, 5.1.08. - COMPASSION & SYMPATHY

PAIN: we must take care not to remove what could be called the ‘pain function’ from life. If people are insulated from feeling the consequences of their mistakes, there is a tendency for them to keep on making them, or not to care about making them. Unless mistakes carry real consequences, or at the very least the threat of such consequences, there will be no incentive for anyone to worry about anything, She’ll be right mate.” – John Singleton with Bob Howard, Rip van Australia, p.97. - WELFARE STATE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY & PANARCHISM, FUNCTION OF PAIN


PAMPHLETS: He was one of these men who think that the world can be saved by writing a pamphlet.” - Benjamin Disraeli. - Only the optimal use of all writings has a chance to help us. Just one more publication, temporarily in print, with a limited circulation, among hundreds of millions of others, most of them out of print and translated into at least most major languages, will not make much of adifference. The same applies to single new websites, blogs, Facebook entries, texts on discs etc. – All relevant and needed information, properly sorted out and presented, should become digitally and almost instantly and everywhere accessible to those who want or need it. We are still very far from having achieved that or even seriously and cooperatively aiming at that. - JZ, 27.11.02, 16.1.11. - PERIODICALS, NEWSLETTERS, BOOKS, DECLARATIONS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, WEBSITES, INTERNET, ENLIGHTENMENT, REFERENCE WORKS, INFORMATION ACCESS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, ENCYCLOPEDIAS, DATABANKS, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, ARGUMENT MAPPING, NEW DRAFT, PUBLICITY

PAN-ANARCHISM: Pan-anarchism proclaims universal statelessness, cosmic anarchy, anarchy everywhere.” - Pan-Anarchist Manifesto, in Paul Avrich, The Anarchists in the Russian Revolution, p.50. - That is exactly what is wrong with most anarchist credos. Such an aim would be rightful only if all people, everywhere and at all times were anarchists. Towards the vast majority of people, who are archists, it is merely a provocation, if not a declaration of war. An aim like: Anarchism for anarchists and archism for archists would not similarly provoke those who disagree with the anarchists. On the contrary, it could appeal to many dissenting minority groups among them and could lead to common liberation efforts with them, even, lastly, to the liberation of establishment people from all their dissenters. - JZ 19.6.92, 6.1.93. - Traditionalist governments would usually only be all too glad to lose all their "trouble-makers" or those whom they consider to be fools or quacks or extremists. - JZ, 17.9.04. – From JZ Pan AZ. - That is exactly what is wrong with most anarchists. Such an aim is only suitable if all were anarchists. Moreover, they would have all to be anarchists of the same type. But there are dozens of different types, which raises the question: Why type should be made universal, if any? – The program merely provokes and does not satisfy the much more numerous and still more diverse statists and thus, if the attempt is made to realize it, becomes self-defeating. Anarchists have still to learn that each type of anarchism is suitable only for that type of anarchists. And thus they should demand each type of anarchism only for that type of anarchists. And in order to achieve this ideal for themselves, as fast as possible, they must come to advocate also, likewise on the basis of voluntarism, personal laws and exterritorial autonomy, each kind of statism for every kind of statists. On that basis they can make their peace with the statists and even form an alliance with them against the existing territorial monopolists and coercers. – Such an alliance would have the potential to become the most powerful or influential political force on earth. – What they do and propose at present condemns most of them to insignificance and to wasting their lives and efforts. - JZ, 19.6.92, 19.2.08. – Let e.g. abortionists abort their kind, rather than start a civil war with them. – JZ, 20.11.13. –ABORTION, PANARCHISM VS. ANARCHIST & ANY OTHER TERRITORIALISM OR EXCLUSIVE SYSTEM IMPOSED UPON ALL, AS, SUPPOSEDLY, THE ONLY JUST, RATIONAL OR PROGRESSIVE ONE. TO EACH HIS OWN, MUTUAL TOLERANCE FOR REMAINING DIFFERENCES WHICH ARE TOLERANTLY PRACTISED AMONG VOLUNTEERS ONLY.

PANACEAS: In allowing for the consideration of historical knowledge in a nation’s economic policy, Menger warns: “But if at the same time it failed to take into consideration the diverse economic, geographic, and ethnographic conditions of nations at the same stage of development, it could not be acquitted, as scarcely needs to be remarked, of the charge of ‘absolutism of solutions’.” – THE FREEMAN, May 77, p.310, Thomas W. Hazlett, on Carl Menger. – Bold print by me. – JZ. - IDEOLOGIES, SINGLE FACTOR EXPLANATION ATTEMPTS, UTOPIAS, OVER-SIMPLIFICATIONS, UNWARRANTED GENERALIZATIONS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL SUPPOSED SOLUTIONS – AMONG VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM REFERENCES: DownLoad .Doc: ● google--PAN Bibliography of 1999.doc--Combined Bibliography on Panarchism, 25.1.1999 - 3.2. 1999 - Definition ExTerritorial Secessionism - - THE EXTERRITORIAL IMPERATIVE Info on Panarchism-Exterritoriality ~ all the solutions leading to Peace and Prosperity! - - Tribe Demand Freedom - - ExtraTerritorial - - Secession - Tribe Secession - American Tribe Demand Freedom ExtraTerritorial Secession - John Zube : Thanks, Larry. Some of these references were new to me. I will look them up. My A to Z compilation on panarchism is now complete at - I would still like to see a disc - which includes all these texts. - Larry Foley – Facebook, 13.1.13. – Several of the above URL’s did not work for me. – JZ, 15.1.13. – Sorry, but I am still far from being able to offer a complete links list and, for the time being, also correct list on the subject. – JZ, 17.6.13. – This, too, is a job not just for one but for many, collaborating in WIKIPEDIA fashion. –  Most tribes and movements do still have wrongful territorial aspirations. - JZ, 20.11.13. – NEW DRAFT

PANARCHISM: 1. A-territorialism: A territory comprises a large and various set of natural and human-made resources that constitute the so-called world common heritage. This ought to be like an open resource for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations, i.e. of all people from all lands. Territorial sovereignty or territorialism is the pretence of the rightfulness of exclusive sovereignty (e.g. national state sovereignty) by some entity. A-territorialism means the non-recognition of any claim to territorial dominance by any power, institutional or not. According to aterritorialism, no so-called sovereign power can rightfully appropriate a whole continent, country or region and dictate rules that are binding for all the people living on the same territory, nor can he deny the use of or access to a land, a river, a passageway or any territorial resource, being those part of the common heritage. - At the same time, nobody should infringe the property rights of individuals or groups. The use of and access to their properties (e.g. a building, a specific tract of land, a. cultivated field, etc.) is regulated directly by the owners (individuals, communities) and the rules affect only the owners and those who have been granted use-access. These property rights and property rules are valid only in so far as they do not become impositions spreading out into the common heritage. The only general rules acceptable and desirable in a territory belonging to the common heritage are norms of expediency (e.g. driving on the left or on the right) and health regulations (e.g. standards of hygiene). The aim of those advocating a-territorialism is to achieve, in due time and through a voluntary process, the overall extinction of every territorial sovereignty and the promotion of self-rule.” – Gian Piero de Bellis, – 2005. – PANARCHY, POLYARCHY, PERSONARCHY, ATERRITORIALISM, OPEN COOPERATIVES

PANARCHISM: 1.) “The libertarians say: Let those who believe in religion have religion; let those who believe in government have government; but let those who believe in liberty have liberty, and do not compel them to accept a religion or a government they do not want.” - 2.) “Speaking generally, mankind can be divided into two groups, Authoritarians and Libertarians. The first believe in making people good, the second believe in letting people be good. The first believe in compelling others to conform to their wishes, the second think it is better to convince than to compel.” – 3.) “The Libertarians believe that if an idea is good, it is not necessary to force its acceptance, and if it is bad, it should not be imposed.” – Charles T. Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians. – Ulrich von Beckerath used the following hope-inspiring analogy on such slumbering but, potentially powerful ideas: “They might be lying there for a long time, like a heap of gunpowder in a dry spot, seemingly harmless and insignificant. But let just one spark drop into it and then no power in the world can prevent it from exploding.” The question is, can one turn some panarchistic ideas into such ready gun powder and some others into such sparks? – JZ, 14.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - Will e.g. some popular panarchist slogan, song, poem, joke or aphorism provide the spark required? – A PANARCHISTIC INFORMATION EXPLOSION? LIBERTARIANISM, COMPULSION, ANARCHISM, COMMUNISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: A constitution of the greatest human liberty, according to laws that achieve that everybody's freedom can be continued together with the freedom of everybody else (not of the greatest happiness, for this will follow automatically), is at least a necessary idea, which one should not only abide by in the first draft of a constitution but as well with all laws… the idea is quite right which puts up this maximum as a model, according to which the legal constitution of men would more and more approximate the possible greatest perfection. For which the greatest degree may be, at which mankind would have to remain, and how large a gap between the idea and its execution would necessarily remain, that cannot and shall not be determined by anyone, because we are concerned with liberty, which can exceed any indicated limits. … Such considerations, whose proper execution constitute, indeed, the particular dignity of philosophy.” - Kant, Kritik der reinen Vernunft, Kehrbach Ausgabe, S.275, 278. - CONSTITUTIONALISM, THE GREATEST LIBERTY, PERFECTION, FREEDOM, PEACEFUL & FREE COEXISTENCE, UTOPIAS, PHILOSOPHY, UTOPISM, META-UTOPIA, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN EVERY SPHERE, CONTRACTARIANISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, LIBERTY, FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, HAPPINESS

PANARCHISM: A country should not be like a football or cricket field under one rule and umpire but, rather, like a city, in which different groups of people play at the same time and on different patches, their own or leased blocks, buildings, or rooms, quite different games with each other. Indeed, in many ways they do act already do so, panarchistically, in any city - but not yet consistently and comprehensively. Most cities develop a considerable cosmopolitan tolerance for different kinds of people and their different activities. But that tolerance for tolerant actions is not yet developed to its maximum, not even there. Territorial constitutions, laws, jurisdictions, police forces, regulations and administrations do still interfere, often ignoring or exploiting and restricting property rights and personal rights. - JZ, 1.3.00, 27.6.01, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - TERRITORIALISM:

PANARCHISM: A critical mass of liberating experiments among volunteers would be made possible by it. No longer would ALL be wrongfully held back by territorial politicians and bureaucrats with their powers and special interests, ignorance and prejudices or those of the general public opinion. All could then freely experiment at their own risk and expense. Their successful methods could then be easily copied by the rest of the world. Territorial politicians and bureaucrats, with their laws, institutions and measures hold us back or lead us astray and that at huge expense, wasted labor and great risks. – JZ, 25.3.09, 20.11.13. - TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: A famous anti-apartheid campaigner used to assure us on TV that: “The only way we can survive in South Africa is together. The only way we can even be human is together. “ – Togetherness does not have to mean compulsory integration or majority rule or a single, uniform and territorial State. E.g., Free Trade unites the population of the world in another way and so do free migration and religious liberty, freedom of expression and information, the liberties of arts and literature. The “togetherness” of territorial political unity is a delusion and a threat to all dissenting minorities and sometimes even to the majority in any particular territory. Self-chosen decentralization, voluntary communities, unity in diversity, to each his own, are options that correspond much more to the genuine requirements of as diverse critters as human beings are. The calls for more or less imposed unity has led and still leads to numerous disasters, as have the calls for all too wrongly defined “equality”. The Anti-Apartheid campaigners even managed to ignore the difference between compulsory integration and compulsory segregation on the one hand and voluntary integration and voluntary segregation on the other. Those "terrible over-simplifiers" tend to throw out the baby with the bath-water. Only an advanced encyclopedia of the best refutations would give us a good chance to shut them up and expose them as the insufficiently informed heads and false leaders that they are. – JZ, 9.1.99. – From JZ Pan AZ, revised: 20.11.13. - APARTHEID IN SOUTH AFRICA, TOGETHERNESS, TOTALITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, CONTRACTARIANISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARY SEGREGATION & INTEGRATION, UNITY, UNIFORMITY, EGALITARIANISM, DECENTRALIZATION IN DIVERSITY

PANARCHISM: a fanatic's willingness to kill or be killed in the service of a cause cannot prove the rightness of that cause." - Poul Anderson, Cold Victory, The Psychotechnic League, 1982, 1983, A Tom Doherty Associates Book, ISBN 0-523-48527-1, page 111. - Indeed. But it indicates, indirectly, the rightness of letting the fanatics have their way - AMONG THEMSELVES! - JZ, 6.6.01. - From JZ, Pan AZ. – FANATICISM, TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL! TERRORISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, INTOLERANCE, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE

PANARCHISM: A forced territorial and “democratic” integration under majority or party rule does not lead to unity and harmony or minority autonomy, individual rights and liberties, either, although it is preferable to general despotism and tyranny or totalitarianism. – JZ, 20.6.02, 20.11.13. – DEMOCRACY, PARTY RULE, FORCED INTEGRATION, UNITY, HARMONY, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, STATISM

PANARCHISM: A free market for all governmental and societal services is one of the most important and yet most neglected markets. Now our very survival depends upon it. - JZ, 2.11.99, 26.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - THE FREE MARKET, NWT, SURVIVAL OF MANKIND, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: A free society would be free of compulsory membership and of confinement to any particular territory. Its networks of voluntary and contractual relationships would cross and ignore all present statist borders and constitutions, laws, authorities and other institutions as if they did no longer exist. At the same time, it would respect them for their voluntary supporters, who still want to uphold them, but for themselves only. The only rightful borders are those around individuals. They can link up their borders, if and to the extent that they want to. But they have no right to impose their borders or other chosen systems upon any dissenting non-member who did not act aggressively or criminally against them. – JZ, 25.3.96, 9.1.99. - Passports & Visas, custom duties and foreign exchange controls only for their advocates! - JZ, 8.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FREE SOCIETIES, BORDERS, FRONTIERS, INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, NETWORKS RATHER THAN TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS COMPULSION, IMPOSED UNITY OR UNIFORMITY, EGALITARIANISM, STATISM, CONSTITUTIONALISM

PANARCHISM: A full franchise includes the right to vote oneself out of any coercive political, economic and social system and into any system that corresponds to one's own individual choice or invention, and to have, moreover, all the other voting powers that one wants to have - among likeminded volunteers. – JZ, 9.3.86. - VOTING, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, FRANCHISE, DEMOCRACY

PANARCHISM: A genuinely free market in all spheres and all individual human rights and liberties – rather than any territorial government. – JZ, 3.5.02, 24.3.09. – MARKET, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: A government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. If a government (or defense agency) is to provide justice justly, its first requirement is that it act only on those who have consented to its activities.” - Paul Beaird, JLS, Fall 77, p.191. – CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, GOVERNMENT, DEFENCE

PANARCHISM: A government from which all dissenters, who are peaceful, i.e., non-invasive and non-criminal citizens, can freely secede (to do their own things for or to themselves, at their own expense and risk), is by definition not a monopolistic, territorial and coercive government (one imposing a constitution, laws, jurisdiction and police and penal system). Then it is reduced to being a voluntary association, which is only exterritorially autonomous rather than territorially sovereign. Such a competing government's flaws should not be mixed up with most of the existing governments that is with all but the Vatican and the order of the Maltese. In other words, not all the numerous flaws inherent in territorial governments, whether these are dictatorial, republican or democratic, centralized or decentralized, should be automatically ascribed to Panarchies. Panarchies would greatly differ from all those territorial States aptly described as Warfare States (beyond a minimal size and strength) and this merely by A) their voluntary nature and B) their confinement to exterritorial autonomy and C) their personal instead of territorial laws. - J. Z., 1.1.99, 16.1.11. - From JZ Pan AZ, revised: 20.11.13. - PANARCHISM & STATES

PANARCHISM: A great diversity of panarchies, all only by and for their like-minded volunteers and exterritorially fully autonomous would be a path for all to attempt to realize their own dreams, ideals, reforms, theories, hypotheses, utopias and improvements, quite independent of territorial majority approval, legal backing or permits by others, just among themselves and always only at the own risk and expense – and thus tolerable, inspiring or merely deterring for outside dissenters. These realization attempts, within these limitations, should be as free as the dreams, ideals, convictions and beliefs themselves. – JZ, 23.12.11, 14.2.12. – DREAMS, IDEALS, PANACEAS, REFORMS, PRACTICE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COERCION, UTOPIAS FOR VOLUNTEERS, FULL MINORITY AUTONOMY, CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

PANARCHISM: A man free to secede is much less likely to relapse back into barbarism or to remain a barbarian. - JZ, 27.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - SECESSION & BARBARISM, TERRORISM

PANARCHISM: A man who can freely choose his own government or free society for himself will cease being a rebel, revolutionary, resistance fighter, party man or disaffected voter, and will be unlikely to resort to terrorism, as all too many people are inclined to, towards their present territorial governments and the territorial governments of other countries. But territorial States by their very nature do not leave them this individual option, starting with individual withdrawal, opting-out or secession. This suppression leads to all kinds of wrongful and harmful resistance actions, not only rightful ones. Together with the principle and practice of collective responsibility notions and the wide-spread ignorance of or non-appreciation of individual rights and liberties, they do cause most of the problems in public affairs. They might even drive us into the general holocaust carried out with WMDs. – JZ, 13.1.04, 24.3.09, 16.1.11. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, VIOLENCE, MASS MURDERS, REVOLUTIONS, TERRITORIALISM, CIVIL WARS, REBELLIONS, DESPOTISMS, “FREEDOM FIGHTERS”, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, ECONOMIC CRISES, REVOLUTIONS, UNREST, TERRORISM, RESISTANCE

PANARCHISM: a man's worst difficulties begin when he is able to do as he likes.” - Thomas Henry Huxley. - Hardly his worst difficulties, but, great difficulties, nevertheless. But at least he will no longer have to cope with the difficulties imposed upon him by territorially ruling others and will have only himself to blame if his self-concerned actions do not have the positive results he expected from them. The very fact that he will have to mind his own business more than ever before, in self-responsibility, will leave him little time energy for as well as interest in meddling with the affairs of others. - JZ, 21.8.02. - EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, FREEDOM OF ACTION, DIFFICULTIES, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM & VOLUNTARISM IN EVERY SPHERE, PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: A necessary condition for the existence of the system of competing private protective agencies advocated by free market anarchism would be the existence of a society in which a predominant number of inhabitants highly value freedom and justice. Since this would also be a necessary condition for the existence of limited government (a necessary, but not a sufficient condition), Wheeler cannot simply dismiss anarchism on the grounds that such a society is impossible ...” - Louis A. Rollins in "THE PERSONALIST”. - Rollins has not realized that some of the private protective agencies of the future might very well be organized very much along statist lines - for their faithful members. Consequently, it is not required that "a predominant number ... highly value freedom and justice". They must merely subscribe to the few and simple tenets of panarchism. - JZ 6.4.84. - I.e., do the own things for or to themselves and give up meddling with the affairs of others who just try to do the same but in their preferred ways. - JZ, 16.1.11, 20.11.13.

PANARCHISM: A panarchist party would welcome members from all political parties and offer all of them the chance of a complete victory, as far as the affairs of their own supporters are concerned, through full exterritorial self-government for them, under their own preferred laws. What more could they rightfully and publicly ask for? They could all have their own declarations of exterritorial independence. From then on they could freely, fruitfully and peacefully compete with each other, each of them of them attempting to thus prove its own case, as far as possible, among the own volunteers - thus under optimal conditions - and learning from the own experiences and those of other voluntary communities much more than they do now when they rule or are part of the opposition under territorialism. A panarchist party could also become an effective start-up option for panarchism. No one has as yet counted how many more different start-up options exist for panarchism. Precisely because panarchists are involved and fundamental liberties, I don’t see a limit to the number of different realization approaches that could and should be tried. – A party for all parties? What a joyful occasion even for social partying! – JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09. – START-UPS, A PANARCHIST PARTY?

PANARCHISM: A panarchist party, as opposed to a libertarian party, would see to it that each party could secede and realize its own ideals for its own followers - at their own expense and risk. Thus such a party would have the potential for winning over the adherents of all present and future territorialist parties. - JZ 3.4.84.

PANARCHISM: A panarchist party? As the party for all parties? It would favor full exterritorial autonomy for all parties, for all the diverse communities made up by volunteers from among its own members. – JZ, 10.10.05, 16.10.07, 7.3.09. – POLITICAL PARTIES, A PANARCHIST PARTY?

PANARCHISM: A panarchist society would do away with enforced unity, uniform rule of governments over whole territories and all their inhabitants, among whom are always many dissatisfied and involuntary victims or people who do, largely wrongly, believe that they are being victimized. It would give full liberty of choice to the individual. A citizen would then have the right to ignore the State and to join another, or a societal or community alternative to a State, just as he can do now with regard to churches, going on living and working wherever he does now. The new associations would be on a voluntary and personal law basis, not on a territorial one. They would be exterritorial autonomous, that is, have their own legislation, a personal law system, administration and jurisdiction. They would, between all of them, represent all shades of opinion and ideologies, have all kinds of constitutions, from extremely authoritarian ones to extremely libertarian ones. However, with one significant exception: They could not concede to anyone among them a territorial monopoly. - JZ, 23.1.66, 21.9.82, 20.11.13.

PANARCHISM: A panarchistic theory and practice that offers all kinds of anarchism for all kinds of anarchists and all kinds of archies for all kinds of archists, does at least have the potential for satisfying the most diversified tastes, choices and preferences – as long as they are tolerant towards those made by others for themselves. - JZ, 3/88. – From JZ, Pan AZ. Revised: 20.11.13. - DIVERSITY

PANARCHISM: A panarchy for me and my associates, a panarchy for you and yours, a panarchy for everybody, who wants a different system for himself and like-minded people. For each the self-chosen utopia and this at his own risk and expense. Then no one can any longer blame, exploit or oppress foreigners or dissenters but only himself (wasting his time, energy and funds) and those of his voluntary victims, if he has made the wrong choices. - JZ, 22.8.99, 27.6.01, 16.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ, revised: 20.11.13.

PANARCHISM: A panarchy is one of many governments and societies, each without national territory (except for the land owned privately or cooperatively by members) and with voluntary members only, held together only by personal laws, and their common and self-chosen governmental, societal, community, administrative or protective services and by their kind of common beliefs, attitudes and customs. - JZ, 16.3.84, 6.4.84, 16.1.11.

PANARCHISM: A panarchy is one of many panarchies under the rule of panarchism - which makes these organizations possible, via the realization of individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and voluntary associationism into exterritorially autonomous communities. - JZ, 18.9.04, 20.1.11. - & PANARCHISM

PANARCHISM: A path for liberty! - But not through self-sacrifice, as in the famous war story but, rather, through true self-liberation or self-determination. - JZ 23 July 89, 10. Oct. 89. – And not just one territorial path, institution, law and juridical or other protection system for all – but as many as volunteers want to choose for themselves. – JZ, 16.4.08. – Just compare for instance, how panarchistically we do already arrange for our meals and our holidays, our entertainment, our sports involvement, our friendships and our reading. Panarchism is only not yet practised in those spheres legally and coercively monopolized by territorial governments. – Otherwise it is already widely taken for granted. – JZ, 13.3.09, 16.1.11, 20.11.13. – PERSONAL AUTONOMY, PERSON LAW & PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: A planet is too big, too many-sided for a single idea like 'glacial era' to encompass.” - Poul Anderson, A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, p.134. - And mankind is too diverse to be encompassed by a single ideology and its practical application. - JZ, 16.7.01, 9.2.02. - DIVERSITY, ENVIRONMENTS, MAN, IDEOLOGIES, TERRITORIALISM, ENFORCED UNIFORMITY

PANARCHISM: A proper concept of government is a voluntary one.” - Andrew J. Galambos. - Why, since he came to this insight, did he insist upon keeping it largely secret, by insisting upon strict copyrights for all of his utterances? This in spite of the fact that the coercive, monopolistic and centralistic governments have been on the verge of a general holocaust for decades? His successors still treat his ideas as private property to be released only for the high charges demanded for their publication in print on paper. Imagine any of the resistance fighters against Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, etc., insisting upon copyrights for the release of writings that could have helped them to overthrow these dictators! - JZ, 11.2.02. – Often “idealists” and “reformers” are their own worst enemies. – JZ, 20.11.13. - VOLUNTARISM, GOVERNMENT, COPYRIGHTS, SECRECY OR PUBLICITY FOR PRINCIPLES & IDEAS?

PANARCHISM: A pure free market society would be one in which all interpersonal relations would be voluntary.” - Sam Wells Jr., OPTION, 4/77. – VOLUNTARYISM – It includes all political, economic and social system relationships in “interpersonal relations”. – JZ, 16.4.08, 20.11.13.

PANARCHISM: A Questionnaire with Some Answers: 1.) Is the membership in any kind of anarchistic community, collective, society or cooperative ever to become compulsory? - 2.) Are non-anarchists only to be given the choice: death or adoption of anarchism for themselves? - 3.) Are anarchists prepared to tolerate statist activities among statist adults in the same way as they want their anarchistic activities among themselves tolerated by the present statists? - 4.) Are anarchists sufficiently in favor of free individual choices to permit other people to make quite different choices for themselves than anarchists would make for their own groups? - 5.) Or do most anarchists, in common with most statists and authoritarians, centralists, unity fanatics, territorialists etc., want to permit only one type of supposedly ideal society to exist in any country, province, region or district at any one time? - 6.) Should we therefore distinguish between voluntaryist anarchists and authoritarian anarchists? - 7.) If one really believes in any kind of system then one always tends to imagine that all others could or should share one's beliefs and that one day they will. But should one be prepared to wait as long as would be necessary to persuade all? - 8.) Should one, thereupon, postpone the realization of anarchy until all have become anarchists - if ever? - 9.) Or should one rather aim at alternative institutions for all who desire them, at minority autonomy, at doing one's own thing, at one's own risk and expense, while leaving all others free to do their own thing, however annoying or hateful that thing may be to oneself? - 10.) If membership in anarchistic communities and societies is not be compulsory, then what about the however limited liberties and rights which the others want to retain or realize for themselves? - 11.) Are they to be free to organize and limit them in accordance with their own choices, quite undisturbed by anarchists whom they would leave free to do their own thing? - If so, then let us state this now and quite clearly: Primarily and as realists and advocates also of the rights and liberties of others, we want only anarchism for anarchists and do FAVOR statism for statists, according to their own free choices. - "The libertarians say: Let those who believe in religion have religion; let those who believe in government, have government; but let those who believe in liberty, have liberty, and do not compel them to accept a religion or a government they do not want." - Charles T. Sprading, in his introduction to "Liberty and the Great Libertarians". - Instead of: "No nation can long endure half free and half enslaved", anarchists say: No nation can long endure when one section cannot be as free as it wants to be while the other is not allowed to be as un-free as it wants to be. - Or they say, with Caroline Chisholm: Nothing but what is voluntary deserves the name of national. (*) - Naturally, organizationally this would require some changes, preparations and precautions. - The only quite fundamental ones would be a) VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP, based on individual secessionism and b) NON-TERRITORIAL ORGANIZATION, under contracts or personal laws of one's choosing. - In other words: Minority and majority autonomy for all who desire it, based on individual sovereignty, shared and combined as much as individuals want to. - Extract from “ON PANARCHY” No. VI, published in PEACE PLANS No. 671. “Some Remarks on the Panarchist Road to Peace and Freedom”, JZ draft of 1986. Slightly revised: 10.12.04. (*) I do not have the exact wording and source of this remark by her readily on hand, although I did, finally, find it. I should have pinned it up in front of me or put it up readily accessible as a file in my documents, seeing that it is one of my favorite quotes and my memory is far form reliable. – JZ, 20.11.13. - ANARCHISM, PEACE & FREEDOM, QUESTIONS, P & A COMPILATTION, STILL VERY INCOMPLETE LIST OF QUESTIONS TO ANARCHISTS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM, NATIONALISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: A really new kind of international federation would accept as members only those who are already exterritorially organized or intend to be, as soon as they can, all those who aspire to no more than exterritorial autonomy over their own affairs, as determined by their own individual voluntary members. - JZ 2.11.83, 6.4.84. – INTERNATIONAL PANARCHISTIC FEDERATIONS, ALSO OF VOLUNTEERS ONLY, COMPETITIVELY & COOPERATIVELY IN FAVOR OF PANARCHIST INDIVIDUAL CHOICES FOR ALL, PERSONAL LAW, FULL EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & CONTRACT

PANARCHISM: A shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” – Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), Modern Man in Search of a Soul, 1933. - I knew it only in the following form: Only the wearer knows where his shoe pinches. Alas, such proverbial wisdom is not often enough consistently expanded and applied. - JZ, 23. 11. 06. – AN OLD ARGUMENT FOR FREEDOM OF CHOICE OR CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY – PANARCHISTICALLY TO BE EXTENDED INTO THE LAST SPHERES STILL TERRITORIALLY MONOPOLIZED.

PANARCHISM: A single treaty with all Australian Aboriginals? Nay! That would perpetuate the fallacy that one group could represent all Aborigines and another all the rest of the “white” Australians. Thousands of treaties, instead! With everyone who wants independence from the present exclusive, coercive, territorial and sovereign establishment. Treaties and full exterritorial autonomy not only with and for all Aboriginal groups - that do want them, but for all dissenters of all colors, faiths and ideological shadings! - JZ 20. 9. 88, 10. 10. 89, 16.4.08. – There are ca. a thousand tribes in New Guinea alone. There may have been more still in Australia and some survivors of many to most of them. – Thousands of declarations of independence and only federations of volunteers, instead of federations of territorial governments. - JZ, 16.4.08. - REPRESENTATION, TREATIES, ABORIGINALS, FEDERALISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: A social freedom with equal rights and peaceful coexistence would also be possible with human beings who, among their voluntary members prefer a communist kind of production and distribution among themselves.” - Uwe Timm, Gesammelte Schriften, 210. - POLYARCHISM, EVEN FOR COMMUNISTS

PANARCHISM: a way into the Creative Universe for all people.” – Gordon R. Dickson, The Chantry Guild, A Novel of the Dorsai, p.59. - COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT ACTIONS & ORGANIZATIONS

PANARCHISM: A) Stand up for individual secession from the State, army, union, even from an anarchist society. - B) Individual and voluntary re-association on any basis that pleases individuals, even if this happens to be on the old or some new statist basis - as long as it is not interventionist towards the internal affairs of any other voluntary association. – C) Individual voluntary association to local people's militias (and revolutionary and reformist armies, police forces for the protection of human rights), rights that are real – to the extent that they are claimed, declared and respected by members of a voluntary association, society or community. - JZ 7.7.82, 16.1.11. – Even when these are ill-conceived, or objectively wrong, external military interventions are not warranted at this stage of enlightenment or remaining popular prejudices. At this stage interventions would be considered generally justified e.g. in case of continued conventional slavery or religious child sacrifices. In other cases asylum should be granted, without qualification. An asylum right that was e.g. refused to most European Jews threatened with murder, expropriation, enslavement and extermination by the Nazis. It should not be refused, either, to Chinese women threatened by enforced abortion of second children, victims of enforced child marriages and of sexual mutilation and the remaining victims of religious prosecution. You add your own instances. – JZ, 17.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Abolition of all forms of government is the libertarian political proposal that binds together left and right wing anarchists as does the common social vision of totally free individuals integrated with small, autonomous, intentional communities.” - ELF, 1972. - But there is still the vast difference between "abolition" by destruction and abolition, step by step, through competing better alternatives that are freely chosen by individuals - whenever they are ready for them. - Moreover, there are all kinds of ideas on "smallness", degree of autonomy and type of community, with most people being able to envision only exclusive and territorial ones and unable to envision non-territorial ones. This happens in spite of the fact that much of their private lives is spent and enjoyed in non-territorial association with other likeminded people. – JZ, 9.3.86. – As long as there are still masses of statists around, it is extremely unwise to aim at the abolition their statist institutions. What one can rightfully and rationally aim at is then merely the abolition of their territorial imposition. “Let my people go!” – Or: Let us do our own things for or to ourselves, while you go on doing your things for or to yourselves. We arrived at that compromise in most private matters. Now we have to realize it in most public matters. With such a tolerance one does not arouse maximum opposition. – JZ, 18.4.08. – TOLERANCE: ALL KINDS OF ANARCHISM FOR ALL KINDS OF ANNARCHISTS & ALL KINDS OF STATISM FOR ALL KINDS OF STATISTS ONLY, I.E. NO TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY TO ANYONE.

PANARCHISM: ABORIGINES IN NSW, AUSTRALIA: A chief justice who once ran-foul of the law - In NSW's early days, two statutes ran side by side - one for the king's subjects and the other for Aborigines, writes Michael Pelly. - WHEN Bob Ballard killed Robert Barnett in the Domain in 1829 the fledgling NSW Supreme Court wanted nothing to do with it. It was a dispute between two Aborigines and the native Australian was not a subject of the king. He had never agreed to be placed under his rule. And, said the court, the crown should not intervene in disputes between Aboriginals because "the savage is governed by the laws of his tribe and by these he is content". - While that situation lasted for only another seven years, the decision was recorded in what could be this country's first law reports - the journals of our second chief justice, James Dowling. … When Dowling arrived there were only 36,000 people - half of whom were convicts. By his death at 56 - in 1844 - the population had grown five times and the ratio of convicts had fallen to 10 per cent. Transportation had ended in 1840 and in 1842 the Legislative Council was reconstituted with 36 members -24 of whom were elected. …. When it decided it had no jurisdiction over Ballard, Forbes reasoned that Aborigines “lived in the uncontrolled freedom of nature” and that authorities had no right to interfere in their disputes - even if they considered the justice meted out to be excessively violent. Ballard was released from the court but not the crown, which sent him to Van Dieman's Land, now Tasmania. … Dowling had said that until Aborigines agreed to the application of English law, they should be left alone. Both native and settler should treat the other with respect, which included not depriving the savage of any property. Seven years later the position was reversed when Forbes agreed with the third member of the court, William Burton, that anyone who lived in the colony should come under the authority of its court. The judgment reflects the terra nullius doctrine - that Australia was an empty land when the English arrived. – Dowling was determined the laws should be practical and applicable to Australia. …” - Source: THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 25.10.04, p.13. - Compare my email to Gian Piero de Bellis, 26.10.04, presently not easily accessible to me. – Here, too, the “progress” of “the” law went from exterritorialism and personal law tolerance to the intolerance of territorialism and a law imposed upon an Aboriginal population, which could not even read in the vast majority of cases, or even speak the English language. – Underlining by me. – By the way, I lived in Dowling St. for a while, before I moved to Berrima. – An odd personal connection I was unaware of until I read this article. - JZ, 24.3.09. - CONSENT, COMPETING LAWS & JURISDICTIONS, PERSONAL LAW FOR ABORIGINES

PANARCHISM: According to a radio report I heard on 26.11.93, Kurdish nationalistic organizations are also banned as “extremist groups” in Germany. That would mean that territorial nationalism, if not already practised by an existing and officially recognized government, is officially classed as “extremism”. I do agree, but do extend my classification of “extremism” to all existing territorial governments, as being authoritarian and even totalitarian in their territorial claims and practices. - Even libertarian “limited” governments would be, as territorial governments. - It is right to condemn any revolutionary, terrorist and civil or national liberation war efforts as “extremist”, if they merely want to replace the present wrongful territorial and exclusive rule by another wrongful and exclusive rule, changing merely the ruling minority or majority. – But, is exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities also an “extremist” demand? It is, in a way, since one can hardly go rightfully beyond such a radical liberty for all voluntary communities. But at the same time, such communities, would also be extremely tolerant, peaceful and progressive, as well as democratic and republican, by their very nature! – And I thought that I was almost alone in condemning territorialist ambitions as authoritarian, totalitarian and extremist! Now, to some extent, I have at least one government on my side in this! – It would be quite another matter, if the various Kurdish resistance groups agreed between themselves to demand only exterritorial autonomy, in all countries, for their own various Kurdish volunteer communities, as well as for all the other dissenting minorities in all countries, not only those in which there is a strong Kurdish minority, amounting, in some localities, to a strong Kurdish majority. – Such limited and tolerant aspirations would deserve international recognition, perhaps as alternative governments in exile. Only authoritarians and totalitarians would have to be afraid of such opposition. - Rightful and limited revolutions, even one-man revolutions, would be made easy by it. - JZ, 26.11.93, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - For all the present "freedom fighters" and not yet recognized "nations", a panarchistic platform should be prepared and circulated among these movements, or one particular one for each of these hundreds to thousands, because their horizons are often all too limited. For those with a wider outlook an international panarchistic federation should be established. - JZ, 16.1.11. – Nominally and on a miniature scale it exists already and has its Facebook pages. – Potentially, an international federation of all minority groups, favoring exterritorial autonomy for all who want it for themselves, could become the largest ever federation on Earth. – Even many factions of the ruling majorities would wish to become members. – Statism comes in numerous varieties as well. - JZ, 21.11.13. - NATIONAL LIBERATION EFFORTS, TERRORISM & EXTREMISM, KURDISH NATIONALISTS, PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ALL MINORITIES

PANARCHISM: According to panarchism the family squabbles of the human race should not be "settled" by mutual slaughter or subjugation but, instead, by separation, divorce and new dissolvable “marriages”. – JZ, 5.4.84. – All public associations to be those of volunteers only and none of them to be granted any territorial monopoly. – JZ, 16.4.08. – “NATIONS”, MARRIAGES & DIVORCE, SECESSION & VOLUNTARY SEPARATIONS VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Action is eloquence.” - William Shakespeare – Compare also the proverbs: “Actions speak for themselves” and “Actions speak louder than words”. – Realized panarchies would be the best kind or propaganda that any panarchistic system could hope to achieve. – Also the best warning against false or flawed systems. – JZ, 17.9.08. - EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, ELOQUENCE, PANARCHISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT

PANARCHISM: Albert Schatz notes with reference to Dunoyer's ideas: "It is of little importance, moreover, whether the signboard of the company charged with ordinary security be monarchy or republic, provided that it cost little and disturb no one at all, that it realize progressively this ideal in a society so perfectly developed that government disappears, leaving to the inhabitants the full enjoyment of their time, their wealth and their liberty.” - L.P. Liggio: Charles Dunoyer and French Classical Liberalism, JLS, Sum.77, p.165. – SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: All constitutionalists want to see their favorite constitution (in the way they interpret it) territorially enforced. They, too, do not respect basic rights of others but deprive them of their exercise at least to the extent that their constitution and their interpretation of it permits them to do this. - JZ 21.7.87, 10.8.87. – CONSTITUTIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, ALL CONSTITUTIONS ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS, JUST LIKE RULES OF FOOTBALL OR TENNIS CLUBS, CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: All freedom apostles – I always disliked them; // In the end all strove merely for arbitrary power for themselves. // If you want to liberate the many, then dare to serve all, // How dangerous that would be, you want to know? Attempt it!“ - Epigramme, Venedig, 1790 -  JZ tr. of: ”Alle Freiheits-Apostel, sie waren mir immer zuwider; // Willkuer suchte doch nur Jeder am Ende fuer sich. // Willst /Du Viele befreien, so wag’ es Vielen zu dienen. // Wie gefaehrlich das sey, willst du es wissen? Versuch’s!“ – The main flaw of all freedom fighters so far was that they attempted to introduce what they considered to be essential liberties and rights for a whole territory and its population and this against the will of numerous dissenting groups. If all of them tried to realize the liberties and rights they desire only for and among themselves, while advocating the same choices for all the dissenters, they could have achieved their aims much easier. Imagine attempting to cook your own favorite meal for the whole population and forcing it to pay for it and to eat it! – JZ, 7.3. 09. - LIBERATION, COURAGE, DIVERSITY, DANGER, POWER URGE, TOLERANCE, SELF-IMPROVEMENT VS. TRYING TO IMPOSE REFORMS UPON ALL OTHERS IN A COUNTRY, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE, ENFORCED PANACEAS, INTOLERANT IDEALISM, REFORMERS, REVOLUTIONARIES, FREEDOM FIGHTERS

PANARCHISM: All Governments, including the worst on earth and the most tyrannical on earth, are free Governments to that portion of the people who voluntarily support them.” - Lysander Spooner. – Now our task consists in establishing free governments or free societies for all those unwilling to support a territorial monopoly government and aiming only at personal law and institutions or full exterritorial autonomy for themselves. Only territorial monopoly governments and societies should become and remain outlawed, as threats to peace, freedom, justice and progress. – JZ, 4.1.08. - VOLUNTARISM & GOVERNMENTS, PERSONAL LAW & INDIVIDUAL CHOICE VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

PANARCHISM: All great periods of culture are periods of political decline.” – F. Nietzsche, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 3/78. – I predict that all kinds of genuine culture will flower under panarchism just like they are extinguished or tend to wither under e.g. territorial totalitarianism - even in democracies. – JZ, 5.4.08, 13.3.09. – TERRITORIALISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, TOTALITARIANISM, EVEN IN DEMOCRACIES

PANARCHISM: All individuals, all minorities and majorities have the right to live, produce and exchange anywhere on earth - where it is physically possible for them to do so, and to do so under their own personal law, under the government or no-government or mini-government of their own choice. Only when this panarchic freedom is realized can peace, justice, prosperity, competition and cooperation prevail. - JZ, 17.3.84, 6,4.84.

PANARCHISM: All men seek the society of those who think and act somewhat like themselves.” - William Cobbett, Advice to Young Men, I, 1829. - One reply to the all too many who still think that panarchies are impracticable, impossible, utopian, unrealistic, a mere dream and not for man as he is. - JZ, n.d. - Man is a social and also an anti-social animal, a political and also an anti-political animal, an economic and also an anti-economic animal. Only under panarchism can he settle himself into the kind of niche, which, at least temporarily, will fit his individual inclinations and stage of development. - JZ, 24.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. , rev. 20.11.13. - MAN, MAN'S NATURE, VOLUNTARISM, ASSICIATIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, CONTRACTARIANISM, OBJECTIONS

PANARCHISM: All of this discussion brings us back to Occam's Razor: WHY demand more than is necessary (universal agreement) for one's stated goals (justice, morality)? By so doing, one only increases needlessly the effort required to achieve them.” - Greg Goode, OPTION 6/77, p.17. – Personal law choices are easier to achieve than justice, freedom, prosperity and happiness for a whole territorial population. Under personal law or exterritorial autonomy for volunteers one has only to come to a sufficient agreement with people of one’s own kind, ideas, opinions and preferences, not with all the diverse groups within a whole territorial population. – JZ, 20.11.12.

PANARCHISM: All over tax burdens will only be significantly reduced once individuals become free to shrug them off, together with their supposed benefits. - JZ 7 Sep. 89.  - Everyone who does not vote should be considered as an autonomous, exterritorial, voluntary and individual secessionist - and should be tax-exempt from that day onwards, except for all charges for services wanted by him and used by him and billed to him, after proper auditing. - JZ, 4 Sep. 89, 10.10.89, 20.11.13. - Perhaps no right is more "fair, just and necessary" for our times and its problems than that of individual sovereignty and secession. It is a right that implies exterritorial autonomy, too and experimental freedom or freedom of action, contract and experimentation for all voluntary members of communities, societies and subjects of governance systems, all of them peacefully coexisting and competing with each other and none of them possessing or being granted a territorial monopoly. - JZ, 4 Sep. 89, 10.10.89, 20.11.13. – TAXATION, TAX RESISTANCE, SECEDING FROM THE TAXERS, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARY TAXATION & CONTRIBUTION SCHEMES

PANARCHISM: All political, economic and social models, utopias, ideals, experiments and communities, services as well as (objectively considered) disservices, are right and advisable for all their adult (and thus somewhat rational) voluntary followers but wrong for compulsory members or any conscripts into them (including minors, who are not the absolute property of their parents! - JZ, 8.9.04.), under wrongful territorialist assumptions. At least no individually and thus rightfully chosen and voluntarily maintained institution, community or experiment should be suppressed, as long as it remains tolerant towards others, outsiders, doing their own things among themselves. It should succeed or fail upon its own merits, by gaining or losing followers. Their members and outside observers are thereby giving maximum opportunities for losing their errors, false premises and prejudices and gaining insights on what it right and sensible in human relationships. - JZ, 26.4.88 & 24.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ, revised, 20.11.13.

PANARCHISM: All politicians are too ignorant and prejudiced to run a whole country successfully. So are all of their voters. But let them run their own volunteer communities - at their own expense and risk. Then innocents will not longer have to pay the bills of fools and wise people will be able to profit from their wisdom. - JZ, 21.9.01, 29.1.02. - PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIAL POLITICS, STATES, POLITICIANS, VOTERS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM OF ACTION FOR ALL SELF-RESPONSIBLE ACTIONS, POLYARCHY, MULTIARCHY, IGNORANCE, LEADERSHIP, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: All power not to the people but to the individual - over their own affairs, and to their voluntary associations, away from all territorial government and this under full exterritorial autonomy and personal laws, constitutions and jurisdictions. Nothing less will do for our times. This framework has the potential to cure most of our remaining major political, economic and social problems, by releasing all creative energies towards solving them. - JZ, 7.8.03, 15.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES – FOR VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM: All schools of "progress", "reform" and "revolution" must be free to secede from the "traditionalists" and all "traditionalists" and "reactionaries" must be free to secede from the "liberals", "progressives", "reformers" and "revolutionaries". - JZ 2 Oct. 89, 10 Oct. 89, 16.1.11. All forms of anarchism, libertarianism and statism only for their volunteers, i.e. none is to be conceded a territorial monopoly over whole populations. – JZ, 20.11.13. – PROGRESS, REFORM, REVOLUTION, TRADITIONALISTS, REACTIONARIES, SECESSIONISM COMBINED WITH PERSONAL LAW ASSOCIATIONISM


PANARCHISM: All State and community memberships are to become quite voluntary. All laws to become personal laws only. All taxes to become voluntary ones, at least through voluntary membership. All sovereignty is to be confined to exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. And this is ultimately based upon individual sovereignty, realized especially through individual secessionism. On this basis a new political science, philosophy and practice will arise, one quite in accordance with the diversity among human beings. - JZ, 1.3.95, 27.6.01, 9.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ, revised 20.11.13. - VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP IN STATES & SOCIETIES, SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, STATES, COMMUNITIES, SOCIETIES, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, NEW POLITICAL SCIENCE

PANARCHISM: All the affairs of men should be managed by individuals or voluntary associations.” - B. R. Tucker, LIBERTY, March 10, 1888. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - VOLUNTARISM, OWN AFFAIRS, ASSOCIATIONISM, SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: All the diverse panarchies have different purposes, means, rules and institutions. These need not necessarily be right and rational in the opinions of outsiders but they must be tolerant towards outsiders. – JZ 10.10.05, 3.10.07. – PURPOSES, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAWS, CONFINED TO EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY


PANARCHISM: Allow all dissenters to cook in their own juice - to cook their stews and to consume them - at their own risk and expense. - JZ, 5.4.95. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DISSENT

PANARCHISM: Allow all dissenting groups those degrees of liberties or restrictions, which they do desire for themselves, individually or collectively, as their own business, their own internal affairs. - JZ, 30.7.96 & 26.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DISSENTERS, LIBERTY, DEGREES OF LIBERTY

PANARCHISM: Allow everyone to choose his own leaders, allies, enemies, doctors and other experts, including his own government and personal law system or supposedly ideal free and just society, according to his own standards or dreams, at the own expense and risk. No territorial government is good enough to be forced upon anyone – except criminals with victims. – JZ, 19.10.98, 10.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Allow the Free Traders to secede from the Protectionists. Likewise, the self-defence people from the gun-control people. And the Anti-abortionists from the Abortionists, the propertarians from the socialists and communists, the free enterprise and free-market people from the territorial meddlers, the freedom lovers from the statists, etc. - and grant territorial privileges to no one. - JZ, 19.10.00. - VS. TERRITORIALISM, FREE TRADE VS PROTECTIONISM VIA INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

PANARCHISM: Almost all of our public institutions in the political, economic and social spheres amount to ritualized intolerance and domination. - In an age of mass-murder-devices, kept ready as a matter of policy by the most powerful territorial governments, with considerable popular support, it is high time to ritualize and institutionalize their direct opposites namely quite tolerant, voluntaristic and non-coercive institutions, each of them doing its own things for or to its own voluntary members, and subscribers only, as best as it can, while leaving all others to their own and self-chosen actions and relationships among themselves. – JZ, 9.3.86.

PANARCHISM: Alternative societies are permitted so long as the individuals who join such societies are free to leave such when they wish.” - G. David Nordley, Poles Apart, in ANALOG, Mid Dec. 1992, p.35. – A Famous SF writer. Google offers over 15,000 results on him, born 1947.  - Has no current email address by October 13 & does not want one, either, being too busy writing. – JZ, 20.11.13. - POLYARCHISM, ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Although panarchies are voluntary and exterritorial experiments and their members and outside observers will tend to learn more from these self-responsible experiments than rulers and subjects of territorial States tend to learn from their experiments, there will continue to exist, for a long time, many panarchies that will practice uninformed and prejudiced programs against and between their voluntary members, programs that do them more harm than good and that infringe many of the rights and liberties that remain unknown or unappreciated and thus unclaimed and unrealized among them. Only time will gradually tend to heal these flaws by individuals seceding from them. – JZ, 18.12.92. 4.1.93, 20.11.13. - Compare e.g., how long price-, wage- and rent-controls persisted, although they always had the predictably bad results. - JZ, 18.9.04. – From JZ Pan AZ. - REACTION & PROGRESS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: Although panarchy has so far not gained the victory over the territorial and coercive state, it is our only, last and major chance. Its lack of success so far cannot be blamed on its lack of truthfulness or practicability. It has so far no more won against the State than truths have generally won against all errors and myths. With the defeat of numerous still popular errors, prejudices and myths the truths of panarchism will inevitably win and the coercive territorial monopoly States will fall. - JZ 5.4.84. – Unless territorial governments, armed with nuclear “weapons”, manage to eliminate mankind first. – JZ, 20.11.13. - PREJUDICES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, IDEAS ARCHIVE, ENLIGHTENMENT, ARGUMENT MAPPING, EDUCATION

PANARCHISM: Amassed and readily retrievable knowledge can be fully understood and utilized only via full experimental freedom among volunteers. – JZ, 21.6.84, 20.11.13. - KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION

PANARCHISM: Among their small numbers of volunteers and exterritorially and autonomously organized, acting only among themselves, i.e. without victimizing any dissenters, who are not their members, i.e. acting undisturbed (without providing them with any "martyrs"), even Nazis might, finally get e.g., their leadership and followership urges out of their systems, their racist and conspiracy spleens, their myth of being chosen people, their power and strength notions, their discipline and subordination and obedience prejudices, their command economy notions and, thereby and gradually, almost everything that so far made them aggressive against others - and also their ways of "thinking" or rather reacting, and this in many if not in most cases, sooner or later. (Compare how totalitarian and mass murderous Chinese communism has gradually become reduced over the decades and has even adopted some economic liberties. – JZ, 20.11.13.) However, I would not trust them far enough to allow them to own and bear arms, and train and organize themselves in their use - until they have rehabilitated themselves by acting self-responsibly only, at their own risk and expense. I.e., I would put them, at most, on parole. In fully free competition, practised all around them, by other panarchists, they would soon and obviously be outdone in almost every sphere by others and would thus tend to develop rather an inferiority complex than a superiority complex. Mere persuasion will not convert these true believers. But let THEM suffer, them exclusively, under their own beliefs, that might do the trick for them and other totalitarians or "fundamentalists". - JZ, 25.5.89, 10.10.89. - How could they go on, e.g., blaming "the Jews", "the Gypsies", the "international plutocratic conspirators" etc., when there would not be a single one left among them, all having defected to free societies, and all the actions of the Nazis were internally quite free and their consequences could only be blamed on their own decisions? - JZ, 19.9.04. – From JZ Pan AZ. - EVEN FOR NAZIS & SOVIETS? ANTISEMITISM, FUNDAMENTALISTS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, LEARNNG FROM THE OWN MISTAKES, SELF-GOVERNMENT, TOLERANCE FOR TOLERANT NAZIS & OTHER TOTALITARIANS – DOING THEIR OWN THINGS ONLY TO THEMSELVES

PANARCHISM: An agreement has been signed between Chiang and Johnson governments, settling status of US forces in Taiwan, allowing extraterritorial rights.” - PEKING REVIEW: Feb. 18, 1966, p. 3-5 note. Mentioned by H. R. McArthur, as an abstract in Peace Research Abstracts Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2. - MILITARY FORCES, PERSONAL LAW, CAPITULATIONS, EXTRATERRITORIALITY, EXTERRITORIALITY

PANARCHISM: An argumentum ad hominem for world federalists and world statists, in favor of minority autonomy and voluntaryism even in this sphere: If one world government would be good, wouldn't a 1000 of them be much better still, seeing that each would then rule only over its own voluntary followers, wherever they may happen or choose to live in the world? Each would be undisturbed under its own chosen secular pope, representative or great leader, guru or prophet, who would rule in accordance with the enlightenment and the prejudices of his followers, and only over his followers, as long as they choose to remain under him. - JZ 20.9.83, 5.4.84, 16.4.08, 16.1.11. – WORLD GOVERNMENT, WORLD FEDERATION, AS MANY AS VOLUNTEERS WANT FOR THEMSELVES!

PANARCHISM: An elective despotism was not the government we fought for but one which should not only be founded on free principles (*) but in which the powers of government (**) should be so divided and balanced (***) among several bodies of magistracy as that no one could transcend their legal limits without being effectively checked and restrained by the others.” - Thomas Jefferson. - To this should be added an improved declaration of individual rights, a rightful volunteer militia for their protection, voluntary taxation, individual secessionism and the same freedom for all kinds of statists as is required for freedom lovers, to do their things for and to themselves only. Jefferson came here close to panarchism but not close enough. You have a better chance to judge your remaining options. – (*) voluntarism, exterritorial autonomy, individual secession - (**) governmentS! – (***) through confinement to exterritorial autonomy & volunteers only! - JZ, 1.2.90 & 26.1.02. - PANARCHISM RATHER THAN ELECTIVE DESPOTISM, DIVISION OF POWERS, DECENTRALIZATION, JEFFERSON

PANARCHISM: An ideal militia force of volunteers, with the only objective to uphold an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties, at least for all who subscribe to it, could be the military backing for secessionist volunteers who want to organize their own affairs panarchistically without interference by any of the remaining territorial powers. Alas, both, the ideal militia forces and the ideal individual rights declaration are so far largely only dreams in my head and in my writings. Interest in both subjects is still all too limited. Also the knowledge of precedents. – JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09. - START-UPS, MILITIA, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS DECLARATION

PANARCHISM: Anarchism and its organizations and institutions as well as statism do not have to be egalitarian, communistic, individualistic, socialistic, cooperative, mutualist, syndicalist, ecological, scientific, moralistic, religious, non-hierarchical, economic or anti-economic, capitalistic or anti-capitalistic - but they can be all these things and many more - AS LONG AS THEY ARE VOLUNTARY and dod not claim a territorial monopoly. With people and their beliefs, knowledge, prejudices, premises and convictions as diverse as they are, voluntary arrangements expressing and practising all kinds of beliefs among the members, at their expense and risk, and seeing how the diverse believers are living mixed with each other in the same territory, the voluntaristic realization of all their different ideals is not possible otherwise than by conceding - to all the diverse groups of volunteers - full exterritorial autonomy for their own and self-chosen affairs. - JZ, 20.10.95 & 24.6.01, 9.12.03, 20.11.13. – Originally from JZ, Pan AZ. - ANARCHISM & VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Anarchism is socialism minus the big stick.” - Jo Labadie, Essays, 1911, p. 60. - It is also every other ideology, religion, faith, system, utopia or establishment - minus the big stick! - JZ, 6.1.97. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – Trying to impose anarchism – which form of the many types? – upon all the people in a country would be a very authoritarian attempt and, usually, self-defeating. – Anarchists are, as a rule, far outnumbered by the various statists. – JZ, 13.3.09. - ANARCHISM, SOCIALISM, COMPULSION, COERCION, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, STATISM

PANARCHISM: Anarchism is the freedom to be a capitalist, or a socialist, just keep it to yourself, and let others live the way they want to live. – AmandaBillyRock.comquoted by Slim Richey added a new photo. – Facebook, 21.8.13. – If she is serious about this, then she is well on the road to panarchism, polyarchism, personal law or competing governance. – JZ, 21.8.13. – PANARCHIST TOLERANCE IN A ROCK SINGER

PANARCHISM: Anarchism, voluntary association … is the scientific principle of sociology applied to society and the relations of man to man. Do not compel your neighbour to do that which he does not want to do; surely he will some day be in power – in the majority – and will force you to do his bidding. It is better to let each other alone. In matters of mutual interest you will be drawn together by the magic of self-interest. Where you disagree you will be repelled by the same force. This is science. It is simple. – In fine, the Anarchist wants to develop a free society, in which each man will be at liberty to work as an individual, or to cooperate with his neighbours in voluntary groups without any employers, bosses, or rulers of any kind.” – Jay Fox, quoted in MOTHER EARTH, Nov. 1907. – That quote goes far towards panarchism but in the end it fails to envision the consequence of this freedom, when applied to people who are not anarchists and do not want to live as anarchists right now or in the near future. For them there must also be tolerated the associational freedom to live as statists – although not as territorial statists. Until anarchists have that clear in their own mind and succeed in conveying this good intention or quite just “war aim”, peace aim or liberation aim towards their opponents, they will themselves frustrate most of their own efforts. – JZ, 14.1.99. – From JZ Pan AZ. – Only panarchists, polyarchists etc. do have at least the potential to turn most people into allies or neutrals. – JZ, 20.11.13. - ANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Anarchist Abolitionism of the State: Anarchists want to abolish the State and everyone to become anarchists. Panarchists want to preserve the State but only for the statists via exterritorial autonomy for all the diverse statist volunteers. For all their diverse aims all kinds of anarchists and libertarians, as panarchists and voluntarists, do claim the same opportunity, freedom in diversity, experimental freedom, freedom of contract and association for all their tolerant and self-responsible actions in the pursuit of their own ideals and, as an open path for themselves, They want only all kinds anarchists and all kinds of libertarians to live in their preferred ways, while all other believers, reformers and revolutionaries would be likewise free to live in accordance with their beliefs - at their own expense and risk in tolerant forms of organization that do permit, encourage, protect and perpetuate such peaceful coexistence. – Try to express it better – until your formulation “goes viral”. - JZ, 20 Sep. 89, 10.10.89, 20.11.13. – ANARCHISM, LIBERTARIANISM, STATISM, ABOLITION OF THE STATE, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, TOLERANCE, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE

PANARCHISM: Anarchists to be free to do what they want with their OWN property, persons and communities. They, too, do not have the right to be aggressors or coercive "liberators" of those who disagree with them and would rather continue to do their own things to themselves, including propertarian acts. - JZ, 18.1.95, 27.6.01, 7.9.04. – From JZ Pan AZ. – ANARCHISM, ANARCHIST COMMUNISTS, MUTUAL TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE, EVEN STATISTS, COMMUNISTS & NAZIS, WHO HAVE LEARNT THAT BASIC LESSON. (How many or how few of them are there, so far, not counting e.g. monks and nuns? – JZ, 20.11.13.)

PANARCHISM: And freedom of choice sows the seeds of peace rather than conflict.” - F. A. Harper, Discrimination, Essays on Liberty, FEE, II, p.275. - Alas, he was not prepared to grant freedom of choice regarding governments, maximized by the exterritorialist option. - JZ, 27.1.02. – If he did, somewhere or at some time, please point out that passage to me. It has escaped my notice. Otherwise I am a great admirer of his writings. – JZ, 20.11.13. - FREEDOM OF CHOICE, PEACE VS. CONFLICT

PANARCHISM: And the goals of the millions are as varied as their number - no two alike. This is the way it should be, each with eyes on his or her own aspirations, not on your or my satisfactions.” - L. E. Read, NOTES FROM FEE, 1/77. - But he did not draw the conclusion from this - that, consequently, no single government, not even the best or most limited one, could possibly satisfy all of the diverse aspirations of the whole population of a territory, even when attempting to confine oneself to those which one considers to be the only rightful, rational and beneficial ones. - JZ, 7.4.84, 17.4.08. – LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, DIVERSITY, AIMS, PURPOSES, INDIVIDUALISM, FREE CHOICE

PANARCHISM: And until voluntarism is given a chance, politics will continue as usual and freedom will just be another flickering candle in the wind.” - Conclusion in SLL leaflet "Voluntarism". – VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Any citizen may affirm that such and such a thing is true or just, but his conviction binds no one other than himself.” - Proudhon, 1840, Memoir, pp. 339-40. – VOLUNTARISM, FEE CHOICE, ANARCHISM, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION

PANARCHISM: Any individually chosen domination or leadership, combined with voluntary subordination to the leadership, is not a domination, leadership or subordination in the conventional, immoral and evil sense, while all members and even a single one do remain free to opt out. Instead, it is a contracted enterprise or society, competitive, market-like, rightful for its members and educational as well - for its members and for outside observers. – JZ, 14.11.93, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DOMINATION

PANARCHISM: Anyone in a free group can decide to give up his own idea and go along with the majority. If he does not want to do this, he can get out of the group. This is a use of freedom, an exercise of self-controlling responsibility.” – Rose Wilder Lane: The Discovery of Freedom, p.180. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Anyone should become as free to individually sack, as far as his own affairs are concerned, any territorial politician or bureaucrat, as one was once free to sack any private servant or employee, or agent, no matter how much these or outsiders would like us to retain their "services" or expensive disservices. – The individual dismissal of territorial politicians and bureaucrats, by those who do not or no longer want them, is by definition fair and justified. It gives a decisive right to vote to each individual. It emancipates them. It ends their status as serfs towards the new kinds of feudal lords, “the new class”, as Djilas called it. - JZ, 30.5.93, 14.1.99, 8.9.04. - The same applies to any compulsory insurance, trade- or professional union etc. and, naturally, to all present forms of compulsory military servitude. - JZ, 18.9.04, 20.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, IGNORING LAWS, IGNORING THE STATE, THE DECISIVE VOTE

PANARCHISM: Anyone to be free to set up his own favorite system, anywhere, on his property and with his property and with voluntary helpers and at his own risk. As a self-chosen personal law system it would largely extend beyond the borders of his property but would there, too, remain binding only for himself and would there be restricted by the property and personal rights of others. His personal law choice might come to be adopted by voluntary members and their worldwide federation, all over the world. At the same time, there could be many diverse exterritorially autonomous associations of volunteers locally, nationally, continent-wide and world-wide, competing with his particular solutions, real or imagined ones. - JZ, 5.6.92, 7.1.93, 10.12.03, 8.9.04.  - (I keep trying to improve these statements, as can be seen from the added dates. - JZ, 8.9.04.) – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Anything goes - at your own expense and risk. - JZ 14.2.87. - That, does, naturally, exclude any unprovoked attacks, any initiated coercion against peaceful and rational people doing their own and quite different things quite independently. – JZ, 3.7.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - ZAP

PANARCHISM: Anything goes and is fair among those who do volunteer for it and can practise it at their own risk and expense. Territorial governments do not have the right to pre-empt any sphere for tolerant actions and experiments to themselves. Every territorial government's coercion of innocent citizens, engaged in rightful actions, without other victims than themselves, is quite wrong. – JZ, 29.5.93, 14.1.99, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - VOLUNTARISM & FAIRNESS, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Anyway, our problem is to learn to live with the mutants, to accept anyone as - Earthling -no matter how he looks, to quit thinking anything was ever settled by violence or connivance, to build a culture of individual sanity. Funny," mused Drummond, "how the impractical virtues, tolerance and sympathy and generosity, have become the fundamental necessities of simple survival. I guess it was always true, but it took the death of half the world and the end of a biological era to make us see that simple little fact." - Poul Anderson. In Sandra Miesel: The Book of P. A., p.32. -  Ulrich von Beckerath conceded in correspondence that it may have taken the killing of 4/5th of the population of Germany during the 30-year war to make the survivors finally accept religious tolerance. - JZ 7.4.84. – TOLERANCE, RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: Apart from criminals with victims, only investors in and subscribers to governments ought to be ruled by their laws. – JZ, 25.11.93. The crime must be practised by a member of a panarchy and against one of its members. Investors and panarchies would be wise to subscribe to some or the other international covenant on investments. – JZ, 25.11.93, 9.1.99.  Likewise on International Law and International Arbitration. - JZ, 8.12.03.  Ulrich von Beckerath recommended for consultation in all such cases: INTERNOSCIA, Jerome, New Code of International Law, Nouveau Code de Droit International, Nuovo Codice di Diritto Internazionale, 1910, 1003 pages, which appeared in English, French and Italian side by side on a page. Deviations from this code should require, according to B, a public justification in each case.  I reproduced it in PEACE PLANS 85–95, on 11 microfiche. -  From JZ, Pan AZ., 20.11.13. – CRIME, AGGRESSION, PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: Arbitration systems amount to competing and voluntary parallel justice systems. They are, therefore of some interest also to panarchists. They are widely chosen and practised even in territorial States, in civil law and private contract cases, not in criminal law and its jurisdiction. But even under territorial justice systems, we do have some alternatives like mediation councils, arbitration systems, authoritarian judges and two kinds of jury systems practised. The one in which juries are dominated by judges and the law and the sometimes upheld or re-discovered ancient jury system of autonomous juries, free to ignore a judges directions and even free to ignore some of the supposedly “positive” laws or simply to declare them as inapplicable in certain cases. These differences provide also at least fractions of competition in the sphere of jurisdiction. Add to this e.g. the limited remainders of jurisdiction for aristocrats and for the clergy, the special rules and courts for public servants and the special and often severe court systems of the military, in what is called military justice for its voluntary and involuntary victims (the conscripts). At least the notion of one law and jurisdiction for all in a territory is thereby already partly broken by these diverse practices. Add to this the “jurisdiction” of various semi-autonomous boards. I had to confront one of them once, when I tried to secede from my union, which had a voluntary membership clause in its constitution but in practise asserted and enforced compulsory membership instead and obedience to its strike commands. I was allowed to secede but not completely, as a unilateral act, one that would have benefited me in every respect. I was sentenced to pay the usual union fee into general revenue! For a while I did. Then I “forgot” about it and so did the bureaucracy. Without that decision some other members, dissatisfied with their “representation” by their union bosses, might have seceded as well. What union bosses are really interested in is their private taxation power over involuntary members! That power they guard jealously and try to close loopholes for people trying to escape from under their rule. They also still practise some violence against those they misname “scabs”, unaware that with regard to all those, who have given notice to an employer, i.e. are on a permanent “strike” against him, the remaining employees are “scabs” as well. – JZ, 24.3.09. - ARBITRATION COURTS, COMPETING JURIDICAL SYSTEMS, UNIONS, STRIKES, SCABS

PANARCHISM: As a panarchist I like all isms - but all only for their volunteers. Since in each country there are many different groups of volunteers, I like many and also very different e.g. Afghanistans, Iraqis, Israelis, Iranians etc., all the varieties of them, all only for their own volunteers, according to their own faiths, convictions and preferences, all only chosen by individuals and for themselves only, as long as they do still like them or are willing to put up with them. Under this condition these trouble spots would be quieted down, rapidly. Each group would be confined to its own brews and stews, its own mistakes, errors and follies, its own choices for itself and would have no one else to blame or to fear. Their not yet committed but potential customer would set out like a hungry person in the evening, wanting to dine out and seeking a dinner, attractive and affordable for him, among a number of restaurants within his reach, and, if he is not too much in a hurry, then he would be visiting a number of them, at least looking at them from the outside and viewing and judging their menus and prices, walking around, getting a constitutional while increasing his appetite. These restaurants would be in peaceful competition with each other. They would not mutually bomb their premises or poison their meals. They would not try to tax or conscript all their customers for a civil war among themselves. With them their "public services" have become civilized, progressive, peaceful and as good and cheap as possible, through free competition. Why not arrange the same consumer sovereignty, free enterprise, free competition for our political, economic and social preferences? Who else but bad service providers would be harmed thereby? And would they have any good reason to publicly complain if they cannot satisfy enough customers to stay in business? Any diner, who wants to save even more and is satisfied with his own cooking and prepared to undertake the chores involved, would prepare and eat his own meals at home. Would any of his neighbors or any of the restaurants he did not visit have any right to complain? - How many trouble spots are there in the world, in which such panarchistic service provision and choice is quite urgently needed? Is it quite superfluous even in the best of countries and the seemingly most homogeneous populations? How much more consumer and also producer satisfaction is achieved in this peaceful competition than under a condition where each gets only the prescribed, equal rations or meal in state-owned and run feeding stations or can try to make his rations more edible at home? How popular are hospital and prison meals, as a rule or the meals provided to soldiers? Exterritorially, for volunteers, under personal law, peaceful coexistence is not only possible but the rule. Only when "menus" or systems, theories and ideologies and uniform practices are territorially imposed upon dissenters does dissatisfaction and conflict become the rule rather than the exception. - Why should the politicians, members and voters of defeated parties be deprived of the "meals" they prefer for themselves and are willing and able to pay for? Why should they be deprived of self-government? Why should the 51 % rule also the 49 %, rather than the 51 % ruling the 51 % and the 49 % ruling the 49 %? Why should any peaceful aspiration, e.g. like that of the pot-users, be driven underground and threatened with long-term imprisonment or even the death penalty? Let them enjoy or harm themselves - in their way! Tolerant self-government even for all the defeated parties. Not just a subordinated role as members of a loyal and obedient opposition. Regarding the own life and properties and incomes the individual must become free to make his own decisions, in ever sphere. This requires only individual sovereignty and free choice of governments or societies, i.e., panarchism. Territorialist coercion and monopolism prolonged the Age of Darkness, of wrongful persecutions and of wars, civil wars, revolutions and terrorism into our "modern" and "scientific" age. - Exterritorialism can prevent them altogether or greatly reduce their scope and duration. - JZ, 13. & 15.10.04, 20.11.13. – Originally from JZ, Pan AZ. - VOLUNTARISM OR NON-TERRITORIALISM FOR THE WORLD'S TROUBLE SPOTS, LIKE E.G., AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, ISRAEL, PALESTINE, SUDAN, IRELAND, NORTH KOREA, CHINA, CUBA

PANARCHISM: As an individualist I have to oppose even anarchists, whose political ideal I do share, whenever they do try to impose or aim to impose their ideal upon all who doubt anarchy or who are its enemies. All such attempts are, inevitably, self-defeating, since they do provoke negative feed-back, often of a severely repressive type. Once one equates one's own political, economic and social beliefs with beliefs in religious doctrines, one becomes aware why this is the case. From then on one will tend to try to advocate anarchy rather with respect for human nature and all its present foibles, than against it. People are different. Let them make their different choices, away from anarchy, as long as they want to. – JZ, 9.3.86.

PANARCHISM: As Carl Jung and others have observed, orderly change in society occurs gradually, and only as individuals transform their lives and thinking.” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 45. - INDIVIDUALISM, VOLUNTARISM, CHANGE

PANARCHISM: As laissez faire was right and is right in religion and economics, would be right in politics and social systems too. The division between them is rather arbitrary, as P. E. de Puydt pointed out. - JZ, 23.1.64. Laissez faire, laissez passer, let people produce and let them exchange, is applicable in the political and social systems spheres as well, in their enterprises and for their voluntary consumers. They, too, need free enterprise and consumer sovereignty, even if they are no more enterprising and discriminating than statists are. – JZ, 20.11.13.

PANARCHISM: As long as most people remain blind or deaf towards or prejudiced against the tolerant, voluntaristic and exterritorial autonomy options, they will have to suffer the consequences of their remaining intolerance and their preferred territorial, coercive and monopolistic institutions and laws, regardless of whether they do really like them not, e.g. while they continue to consider them as inevitable evils. – JZ, 4.7.93, 10.1.99, 20.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES OF TERRITORIAL STATISM

PANARCHISM: As long as today's problems are stated in terms of 'mass polities' and 'mass organization,' it is clear that only States and mass parties can deal with them. But, if the solutions that can be offered by the existing States and parties are acknowledged to be either futile or wicked, or both, then we must look not only for different 'solutions' but especially for a different way of stating the problems themselves. - ' What distinguishes 'mass polities' is the fact that it reduces human beings and their occasional spontaneity to the function of undifferentiated and interchangeable particles of energy of which the only thing that matters is how quickly they can be agglomerated into large numbers and 'big battalions’.” - Andrea Caffi, quoted in MANAS, Dec. 22, 1965, p.2. - Well, at least I do see 'panarchism under every bed’ as the solution to the above dilemma.

PANARCHISM: as Lysander Spooner points out in “No Treason”, a contract surrendering the rights and basic liberties of one of the parties is absurd and invalid in terms of common law.” - Kerry Wendell Thornley, FACTSHEET 5, 1985. (*) - We have to replace this territorial model of a presumed social contract relationship, between rulers and citizen-subjects, by something much more moral and useful, to the extent that the alternatives are preferred by individuals, for themselves, in accordance with their stage of enlightenment. – JZ, 9.3.86, 18.4.08. - (*) Rousseau advanced the same argument in his "Social Contract", against slavery. - JZ, 16.1.11. – PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, FREELY CHOSEN BY INDIVIDUALS FOR THEMSELVES

PANARCHISM: As many or as few politicians, laws, and bureaucratic public services as you are willing to hire for yourself. Also only the kind of jurisdiction, police protection and defence you prefer for yourself as their customer or client. Likewise only the financial, exchange media, clearing and value standard system that is your own choice for yourself and like-minded people. Moreover, your own preferred insurance and health system. No hypothesis, theory, utopia or intentional community, ideal of others or supposed expertise to be territorially imposed upon you. You ought to be free to opt out, withdraw or secede from all of them and free to shop around for all kinds of services, free to do your own things together with other volunteers, at your own expense and risk, under personal law and full exterritorial autonomy. That is the meaning of panarchism, a freedom so far withheld from you and this at great expense and risk to you. – JZ, 1.4.04, 24.3.09. – POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, LAISSEZ FAIRE IN ALL SPHERES FOR VOLUNTEERS ONLY, WHETHER THEY ARE ANARCHISTS OR STATISTS, ALL DOING THEIR OWN THINGS FOR OR TO THEMSELVES, WHILE LEAVING ALL ONON-MEMBERS ALONE, EXCEPT FOR THE TRADES THEY STILL MANAGE TO AGREE UPON WITH MEMBERS OF OTHER COMMUNITIES.


PANARCHISM: Assume … that when conflict arises, everyone is right. Let each do, accordingly, as he wants, with his own life. … At the same time, assume that everybody’s wrong – unentitled to impose his views on anyone else. Prohibit one form of behavior – initiation of force – since that’s the only means by which a non-aggressive individual may be prevented from doing what he wants. You’ll find an armed populace will take care of any enforcement this one prohibition requires.” (*) - L. Neil Smith, A Matter of Certainty, in Brad Linaweaver & Edward E. Kramer, eds., Free Space, Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York,, 1998, p. 279. – (*) For this purpose we should rather rely on those among the population who know and appreciate individual rights and liberties and are trained, armed and organized to protect them. “The people” contains, so far, too many others and they cannot always be relied upon to properly uphold their own individual rights and liberties and those of others, simply because they do not know them sufficiently and never bothered to learn more about them. Nor is individual self-defence, rightful though it is, always quite effective enough. – JZ, 26.9.07, 20.11.13. - POLYARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, RIGHT & WRONG, CONFLICTS, TOLERANCE FOR TOLERANT ACTIONS, NON-INITIATION OF FORCE, ZAP: ZERO AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE

PANARCHISM: At 12:41 AM 20/12/2004, Jim Peron forwarded: Ignoring Reality in Iraq by Rep. Ron Paul, MD: A recent study by the Pentagon’s Defense Science Task Force on Strategic Communications concluded that in the struggle for hearts and minds in Iraq, ‘American efforts have not only failed, they may also have achieved the opposite of what they intended.’ This Pentagon report flatly states that our war in Iraq actually has elevated support for radical Islamists. It goes on to conclude that our active intervention in the Middle East as a whole has greatly diminished our reputation in the region, and strengthened support for radical groups. This is similar to what the CIA predicted in an October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate, before the invasion took place. - Then, earlier this month we learned that the CIA station chief in Baghdad sent a cable back to the US warning that the situation in Iraq is deteriorating, and not expected to improve any time soon. Other CIA experts also warn that the security situation in Iraq is likely to get even worse in the future. These reports are utterly ignored by the administration. - These recent reports are not the product of some radical antiwar organization. They represent the US government’s own assessment of our ‘progress’ in Iraq after two and a half years and the loss of thousands of lives. We are alienating the Islamic world in our oxymoronic quest to impose democracy in Iraq. - This demonstrates once again the folly of nation building, (under-linings by me: - JZ) which is something candidate Bush wisely rejected before the 2000 election. The worsening situation in Iraq also reminds us that going to war without a congressional declaration, as the Constitution requires, leads us into protracted quagmires over and over again. - The reality is that current-day Iraq contains three distinct groups of people who have been at odds with each other for generations. Pundits and politicians tell us that a civil war will erupt if the US military departs. Yet our insistence that Iraq remain one indivisible nation actually creates the conditions for civil war. Instead of an artificial, forced, nationalist unity between the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds, we should allow each group to seek self-government and choose voluntarily whether they wish to associate with a central government. We cannot impose democracy in Iraq any more than we can erase hundreds of years of Iraqi history. - Even opponents of the war now argue that we must occupy Iraq indefinitely until a democratic government takes hold, no matter what the costs. No attempt is made by either side to explain exactly why it is the duty of American soldiers to die for the benefit of Iraq or any other foreign country. No reason is given why American taxpayers must pay billions of dollars to build infrastructure in Iraq. We are expected to accept the interventionist approach without question, as though no other options exist. This blanket acceptance of foreign meddling and foreign aid may be the current Republican policy, but it is not a conservative policy by any means. - Non-interventionism was the foreign policy ideal of the Founding Fathers, an ideal that is ignored by both political parties today. Those who support political and military intervention in Iraq and elsewhere should have the integrity to admit that their views conflict with the principles of our nation’s founding. It’s easy to repeat the tired cliché that ‘times have changed since the Constitution was written’ - in fact, that’s an argument the left has used for decades to justify an unconstitutional welfare state. Yet if we accept this argument, what other principles from the founding era should we discard? Should we reject federalism? Habeas corpus? How about the Second Amendment? The principle of limited government enshrined in the Constitution - limited government in both domestic and foreign affairs - has not changed over time. What has changed is our willingness to ignore that principle. - December 14, 2004. - Dr. Ron Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas. ILV_Discuss mailing list - - Powered by - - To visit your group on the web, go to: did not get any rational response from that circle on that subject. – JZ, 13.2.08. – A sufficiently limited government would only apply to its own volunteers and criminals or aggressors against them. – JZ, 14.3.09. - RON PAUL, IRAQ, ISLAM, DEMOCRACY, WAR AIMS, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Australia contains two major and many minor “nations” or "peoples" in a single, coercive and unsatisfactory compromise constitution, one that cannot fully represent their varied interests. It is a clumsy and bureaucratic, faction-ridden and lawyer-ruled system, one that slows down or prevents progress for decades or makes it dependent upon costly and prolonged struggles. While, perhaps, better than many other territorial systems, it is simply not good, free and just enough for everybody and cannot represent and liberate everybody to the extent that they want to be liberated. It ignores the fact that only panarchies could truly represent individual choices, not collectively chosen territorial parties or deputies. Moreover, it is nonsensical to make any progress dependent upon a corresponding law being first passed or repealed. Even direct democracies do still contain outvoted minorities. Thus any referendum ought to be confined to upholding rights and liberties or extending them and to projects that are to be funded and run only by the majority that favor them. – JZ, 13.3.93, 17.4.93, 12.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - IN AUSTRALIA, DEMOCRACY, REFERENDUM, REPRESENTATION, GENUINE SELF-GOVERMENT VS. TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT.

PANARCHISM: Australia should become a federation of autonomous and exterritorial minority groups, all made up only of volunteers, none with any territorial monopoly. - JZ 17.2.84, 16.4.08. – FEDERALISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Authoritarianism is o.k. for those who desire and thus deserve it - but no one else should be subjected to it. - JZ 26.7.87. – AUTHORITARIANISM – ON A VOLUNTARY BASIS ONLY!

PANARCHISM: badgers, for example, have large territories that overlap, while mink have much smaller territories that are fiercely defended.” - Jeremy Chersas, THE AUSTRALIAN, 7.7.87. (First in NEW SCIENTIST, London.) – Even among animals territorialism isn’t universal. They live in great diversity in the same territories. – JZ, 18.4.08. - TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Be your own person and have your own community, according to your own lights and choice, to live your own way of life in every respect, always at your own risk and expense. - JZ, 27.7.86 & 24.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Because in a world like this you can't afford to be alone." - From a Prime News TV ad. - In a world like this you can't afford association with a territorial government power which has nuclear weapons or nuclear armed allies, which turn you into a nuclear target, too. You are morally obliged and it is in your rational interest to secede from all such powers and to associate with other such secessionists. In a future world, of fully realized individual rights and liberties, you could either try to make it on your own, based only on case-to-case trading relationships, or you could start or join an exterritorial “country”, community, society or personal law system of your own. The taxes, bureaucracies, economic crises, wars and revolutions, which the present territorial regimes involve you in, do also indicate that you should no longer march along with them, as their voluntary victim. - JZ, 3.2.93, 5.2.93, 16.4.08. – ALONE, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONAL UNITY, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, NATIONALISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

PANARCHISM: Before leaving the subject of communism, I feel it is my duty, as a libertarian, to point out: if people wish to enter into a communal existence voluntarily, and to form communistic societies without forcing others to join, that is certainly their right. The key word, as always, is voluntarily.” - Ringer : Restoring the American Dream, p.108. - Did he realize clearly enough that this requires not just freedom for small communist-utopian settlements but exterritorial autonomy for volunteers? - JZ, 7.4.84.

PANARCHISM: Before the rise of the modern State, the existence of a plurality of legal orders was probably too obvious to be remarked on. But even after the claim of the State for the monopoly of law-making made itself felt, the existence of non-official systems of law was recognized. But an investigation into the real nature of these legal systems, representing, so to speak, as many States within the State, is completely neglected.” - ALEXANDER PEKELIS, Law and Action: Selected Essays ed. by Milton R. Konvitz, Ithaca, N.Y., Cornell Univ. Press, 1950, p.68. - PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: Being your own man is the most serious crime of all, today.” - Paul Herr. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Blankertz defines, indeed, Anarchism as simply a framework in which all wished-for ways of life can peacefully coexist with each other.” - („Blankertz defined denn auch Anarchismus rundweg als "Modus … unter dem alle von Menschen gewuenschten Lebensformen nebeneinander bestehen koennen.") - Bernd Laska, Die Negation des irrationalen Ueber-Ichs bei La Mettrie. - Alas, most anarchists define their anarchism otherwise. While some of them would be tolerant towards all or most other forms of anarchism, few of them would concede to statists the right to live a statists among themselves. - JZ, 24.6.01. – From JZ Pan AZ. – ANARCHISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TOLERANCE FOR TOLERANT PEOPLE

PANARCHISM: Both claim the legal right to the pursuit of other people's happiness. - Elbert Hubbard, The Philistine, Vol. xxv, p. 52. - Panarchy would put the pursuit of happiness, even in social, economic and political affairs, back into the hands of individuals. - JZ 7.4.84. – INTOLERANCE, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Both, Hertzka and Dubreuil, applied panarchistic ideas to the sphere of production. Hertzka stressed the right to join other enterprises voluntarily, to break their natural monopoly. Dubreuil stressed the importance of decentralized autonomy of volunteer groups within presently hierarchically organized production systems. Both envisioned great diversity and prosperity as a result of such liberties. - JZ, n.d.

PANARCHISM: Broadly recognizing that there are MANY "right ways of life" in this pluralistic society makes you a TOLERANT.” - FREEDOM TODAY, 9/75. – TOLERANCE VS. INTOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION, DIVERSITY, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Bureaucracies are beautiful mechanisms for the evasion of responsibility and guilt.” - Warren Bennis, quoted by M. Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, p.211. - Panarchies are beautiful mechanisms for the assumption of responsibility. - JZ, 6.4.89. -  Why? They would have only voluntary subjects and their systems would be confined to exterritorial autonomy and exposed to free competition from many other panarchies. All the diverse panarchies would be given their best chance, to succeed or to fail, purely on their own merits or on their own flaws, because they would have only voluntary members, who do largely already agree with each other. - JZ, 18.9.04, 20.11.13. – Originally From JZ Pan AZ. - VS. BUREAUCRACIES

PANARCHISM: But history should have taught us that any society that thinks it has The Only Way is wrong.” - Jayce Carr, The Pacifists, in ANALOG, Oct. 12, 81, p. 55. - A society cannot think. It is merely a thought, an abstraction. Any organized society has dissenters, at every level - and it needs them, as well as secessionists, to become or remain healthy. - JZ, 17.8.02. – A separate society of like-minded volunteers for each supposed or really ideal system or panacea. – JZ,  20.11.13. – TO EACH HIS OWN, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM VS. INTOLERANCE, FUNDAMENTALISM, FANATICISM, TOTALITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: But the best solution would be a radical voluntary restructuring, for "civilization was not material technology but a thought-pattern and an understanding". - Sandra Miesel in: Poul Anderson: The Book of Poul Anderson, p.188.

PANARCHISM: By now, in most countries and most of the time, political mythology does much more wrong and harm than religious mythology ever did. Nevertheless, the principle and practice for rightfully and sufficiently "settling" of religious disputes by the realization of religious liberty or religious tolerance, is not yet accepted as THE solution in the political sphere or that of economic and social systems. These are still only territorially, i.e. coercively, monopolistic, centralistic and "politically" realized and upheld against dissent, resistance and free competition. This kind of alternative framework is, so far, not even taken into consideration in most public debates, conferences, summit meetings, academic lectures and the literature of political "science". The mass media also remain largely silent upon this freedom option. There are very few exceptions, which I try to combine in my ON PANARCHY series. - JZ, 3.3.95, 27.6.01, 9.12.03, 8.9.04. - From JZ, Pan AZ. – However, by now at least online references to panarchy and panarchism are multiplying, including the misunderstandings and misapplications of it. I still use it in the original meaning, which P. E. de Puydt gave it in his 1860 essay. - JZ, 17.1.11 - POLITICAL & RELIGIOUS MYTHOLOGY & TOLERANCE, FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: By uniting the ideas of freedom in social affairs and freedom in economic affairs, the libertarian philosophy also does something else. It almost completely (some people would say completely) eliminates the power of the third area - politics. It frees both our social and economic affairs from political manipulation, domination and control. It allows individual people to control their own social and economic affairs. - This libertarian philosophy, based as it is on voluntarism or individual freedom, can equally encompass people who wish to live as communists in voluntary communes, and people who wish to be free traders and run their own business enterprises for a profit." - John Singleton with Bob Howard, “Rip Van Australia”, p.12. - I would add, for the sake of clarification and consistent application of the principles involved, that the people in any group need not be territorially united. – A non-territorial association will serve them as well as it did and does serve churches and sects. On that basis even opposite political, social and economic system can peacefully coexist, but all only for their own volunteers. – JZ, 9.3.86, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Can advocates of nudism and of clothing get peacefully along with each other? Does the nude appearance of nudists in public constitute an aggressive action against the adherents of cover-up apparel? On some beaches this question is already peacefully settled in favor of each doing his or her own thing. Nudist clubs have established nudist extraterritorial enclaves. There is also the question of hygiene, not only on the seats of public toilets but also in buses, taxis and trains. Perhaps separate transport facilities will come to exist for them or not only the neck rests will have temporary paper covers, as they have in planes. There will be attractive and deterrent examples. Overweight people might become shamed into dieting or exercising sufficiently. Beautiful bodies will become models for those who have let themselves go. But the mere visibility of something disliked, or liked very much, does certainly not constitute aggression or initiated violence. It must become tolerated, as it is already widely, even and especially among “primitive people” - and on some beaches. However, even nudists will probably prefer to wear some protective clothing while only overcrowded buses, trams and trains are at their disposal. They, too, do not want their privacy sphere invaded by too close proximity or unintended skin contacts with strangers. Moreover, at least all babies and some older people need nappies. Indecent exposure may be in very bad taste but is certainly not a crime with victims. Only violent and aggressive actions are real obscenities. - JZ, 18.9.04. - From JZ, Pan AZ.  – We all got used to ugly faces, even our own and do not always cover them up. - JZ, 17.1.11. - NUDISM, COVER-UPS, CLOTHING & OBESITY

PANARCHISM: Capitalism, communism, fascism and any other system - but only among consenting adults. No system to be imposed except peace, justice and indemnification upon aggressors against the peaceful systems of others and ordinary criminals with involuntary victims. - JZ, 15.1.97 & 26.6.01, 4.4.08, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - CONSENT, CONTRACTS, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Carry out your dreams - make your individual choices but always at your own expense and risk! - JZ, 10.9.82, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – DREAMS, IDEALS

PANARCHISM: Catholics were once involved in despotism and a civil war against heretics or reformists and in wars against foreign non-believers. Why have these wars stopped? Because they adopted or were induced to adopt panarchism in the religious sphere. The most valuable aid to the human race, which any church could give now, would be to successfully advocate the same kind of freedom and tolerance that was so successful in the religious sphere, in the social, economic and political spheres. Instead, they tend to repeat in these spheres the old mistake of supporting one or the other universal, exclusive, territorial claim. No more territorial victimizations. - JZ, 21.9.82, 17.1.11. - RELIGIONS, RELIGIOUS EXAMPLE AS A PRECEDENT TO BE FOLLOWED FOR ECONOMIC, SOCIAL & POLITICAL RELATIONS & INSTITUTIONS. LAISSEZ-FAIRE IN SPHERES, ALWAYS ONLY FOR VOLUNTEERS, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OR PERSONAL LAW FOR ALL

PANARCHISM: Chinese political and historical consciousness may still be traumatized by the experience with what they called the "unequal treaties", which foreigners had obtained for themselves and their "foreign concessions" but for which they were not prepared to grant the corresponding concessions to Chinese living overseas. - We should counter this by proposing and practising now "equal treaties" for foreigners and dissenters in China and for Chinese, democratic ones, as well as communist, anarchist and libertarian  ones, in our countries, with each individual living only under the treaty system preferred by him, anywhere in the world. Naturally, while respecting private property rights and other individual rights and liberties of others, which they wish to practise among themselves. With this tolerance first practised towards Chinese, Chinese Minorities and other minorities, on our side, our proposals for such tolerance in Mainland China would be much more trustworthy. To some extent the regime does already permit or even initiate limited degrees of capitalism e.g. in free enterprise zones in China. That should be extended, exterritorially, into any degree of Capitalism for consenting adult capitalists in China, on an individual, minority and exterritorial and full autonomy basis, i.e. for all its volunteers only, as well as any other system for its volunteers, including any degree of State Socialism or communism among them. Nationalism and communist propaganda, existing for many decades, should see to it that at least for millions of voluntary followers the any kind of Communist or State Socialist framework would remain, which they still do desire for themselves. It would even be voluntarily and without any terror or mass murders, “purged” of all counter-revolutionaries and dissenters. These would simply opt out to do their own things for or to themselves. Trade relations between the diverse autonomous communities in China - and the rest of the world, could be fast enough established. Foreigners could under these conditions peacefully "invade" China, while Chinese could thus peacefully "invade" the rest of the world. We would then tend to adopt, much sooner than we did in the past, the best of what we have to offer to each other. I would especially look forward to translations of all the remaining treasures of Chinese literature and sciences into the major Western languages. The presently remaining totalitarian features of the Mainland China regime would soon collapse when confronted with such a program and practice. Chinese immigrants, making use of old Chinese monetary freedom traditions, could soon supply themselves with paid work, wherever they settled and their employment policies would soon be copied by their neighbours. They would bring jobs and stable currencies rather than take them away. - JZ, 5.2.93, 16.4.08, 17.1.11. – CHINA, UNEQUAL TREATIES, EXTRATERRITORIALITY, EXTERRITORIALITY, PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: Choice in governments and non-governmental social systems, all only exterritorially autonomous, is more useful and important and as rightful for individuals and their voluntary associations as is free individual choice in ear rings, necklaces, books, paintings, sculptures, shoes, hair styles, clothing, foods, drinks, sports, crafts, hobbies, entertainments, holiday trips, bicycles, cars, gardens, houses, etc. In all such private activities and choices we conduct ourselves already as exterritorially autonomous beings, although we usually do not use these terms. It is high time that we become as autonomous in the remaining spheres, which are now pre-empted by territorial governments, i.e. in our individual choices of political, economic and social systems. The territorial political vote does not give us individual consumer sovereignty but at best only the collective one that a majority or a powerful minority offers. It also keeps, at least temporarily, all dissenters from important decision-making on their own affairs, even when only their own lives, liberties and properties are at stake. – JZ, 26.10.93, 9.1.99, 18.9.04, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - INDIVIDUALISM & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY

PANARCHISM: Choice of laws rather than equality under the law. Diversity under self-chosen laws rather than territorially uniform and imposed laws. Exterritorial autonomy for all who want to realize their individual and group preferences as much as this is possible without interfering with the voluntary and exterritorially autonomous activities of others. Individual sovereignty and volunteer community autonomy rather than geographical and "representative" sovereignty imposed upon a fictitiously and compulsorily “united” "people", whole populations, usually of great varieties. - JZ, 21.10.93, 27.6.01, 17.1.11, 20.11.13. –  Originally From JZ, Pan AZ. - CHOICE OF LAWS RATHER THAN EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW

PANARCHISM: Choices, decision-making, choices, decision-making, options so extended for individuals and volunteer communities, that they become maximized, in every sphere (even in those spheres presently territorially monopolized by States, for "public services" and "common interest" institutions), but always only a voluntary and exterritorial basis, under "personal law" and also at the own expense and risk. That is the essence of panarchism or polyarchy or whatever the future and popular name of that framework may be. - JZ, 9.10.04, 17.1.11, 20.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.


PANARCHISM: Christian, Muslim, Druze, Phalangist … I wish we could just be Lebanese for a while.” - Barling caricature in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, 19.5.89. - This does not describe the situation sufficiently. Each of these - and other groups - want Lebanon united under THEIR own domination, while at the same time fearing to become dominated by one of the other groups. Their wish should be changed into something like this: I wish we could just be Christians, Muslims, Druzes, Phalangists etc. without being pushed by anyone into someone else's dream of a united territorial Lebanon. - JZ, 5.6.84. As it is, they neither want to give up the dream of territorial national unity nor their dream of their preferred diversity, although the territorial unity model does not permit them to live independently in their own community. So far they have shown no interest at all in the exterritorial solution, which would also permit them to federate as much and as widely as they like, or to keep apart as much as they like, except geographically. The territorialist model has blinded their vision and their interests. - JZ, 27.1.02. - LEBANON, UNITY SPLEEN, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Civilization is the encouragement of differences. Force, violence, pressure or compulsion with a view to conformity, is both uncivilized and undemocratic.” - Gandhi. - That is just about as close as he got to panarchism. - JZ 7.4.84. – CIVILIZATION, DIVERSITY, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: civilize man's politics ..." - Edward Hyams in introduction to Fuye/Babcan: The Apostle of Liberty: A Life of Lafayette, p.55. – Civilize man’s politics by introducing voluntarism and exterritorialism into it! - JZ, 9/82, 17.1.11. – Through personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy for voluntary societies and communities, even “competing” or "voluntary" governments, all without any territorial monopoly. – A thought hard to accept for all those who automatically define all governments as territorial monopoly institutions. They make the same mistake those commit, who can understand under socialism only the predominant territorial statists variety – and remain unaware of all other forms of socialism, about 600 of them, especially voluntary and cooperative socialism, which is largely identical with laissez-faire capitalism and introduces it, on a voluntary and quite businesslike and propertarian basis, even into single enterprises for all their employees. - JZ, 16.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Clods with ... no more tolerance than the Ku Klux Klan.” - R. A. Wilson, Schroedinger's Cat II, p.145. – Panarchism maximizes tolerance towards all people who are sufficiently tolerant towards people who are not voluntary members of the own community, however intolerant the own volunteers may be towards their own voluntary members. They may be Puritans, zealots, fanatics or fundamentalists, true believers etc. – regarding their own affairs, if they do not know or do not wish to know or practise anything better. – JZ, 17.4.08, 17.1.11, 20.11.13. - TERRITORIAL NATIONALISM, INTOLERANCE, NATION-BUILDING, POLITICIANS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, REPRESENTATIVES, LEADERS, POLITICAL SCIENTISTS

PANARCHISM: Common Law: Is it possible, that it was developed as a law to settle the affairs between members of different personal law associations, in the same way as any advanced code of individual rights is now proposed for this purpose? - JZ 30.10.82. But can it, as a uniform law for all, territorially applied, satisfy all the diverse individuals and their voluntary groups, while it remains territorially uniform and intolerant? - Genuine individual rights and liberties are merely options for individuals, containing the maximum of these rights and liberties. No individual is obliged to apply them in the own sphere to their fullest extent or even at all. Only towards others, in other communities of volunteers, does he or she have to respect them. In their own communities volunteers might agree to not practise certain individual rights and liberties. As their own choice, that should be respected by outsiders, too. - JZ, 17.1.11. – INTERNATIONAL LAW, LAW BETWEEN PANARCHIES

PANARCHISM: Competing jurisdictions are described in Berman, Law and Revolution, a title referred to in Tom W. Bell, Privately Produced Law, LEGAL NOTES No.16, Libertarian Alliance, U.K., 7 pages, an article with 41 footnotes. - COMPETING JURISDICTIONS, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW SYSTEMS

PANARCHISM: Competition, in religion, in the press and broadcasting, in currencies, in public services, in governments, in everything! - Consumer sovereignty and free enterprise for all political and public services, too. - JZ, 5.2.93. – Whole political, economic and social systems by free consumer choice and free enterprise rather than by territorially legalized impositions. – JZ, 16.4.08, 17.1.11. - TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, COMPETITION, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREE ENTERPRISE, PUBLIC SERVICES, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, MONETARY FREEDOM, MONOPOLIES

PANARCHISM: Complete or fractional Free Trade - but only for those who desire it for themselves! At the same time, any degree of "Protectionism" for those who desire it for themselves. Any ism - but all only for their volunteers. Any tax and contribution or voting or juridical or immigration and membership schemes – but all only for volunteers. And any discrimination, segregation and integration, egalitarian or elitist system - but also only for their volunteers. - JZ, 4.9.00, 27.6.01, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – Is it really so difficult for most people to understand that they can have any desired degrees of freedom among like-minded people, as long as they leave all those alone, who have different ideas, faiths and convictions? (Apart, naturally, from criminals with victims and other aggressors.) They ought to leave them alone, just like they themselves do not want anyone meddling in their own affairs. If there were already a comprehensive declaration of individual rights and liberties and they had read and understood it, such clashes would become rare. Alas, statist territorialism and legislation sets them every day very bad examples and seems to justify interventionism with the affairs of dissenting minorities. And this meddling is still all too rarely questioned or only on some points – among tens of thousands. All-over, it is taken for granted and even inspires suggestions or demand for even more interventions. – JZ, 21.11.13. - FREE TRADE, GLOBALIZATION & PROTECTIONISM, BOTH VOLUNTARY, INTERVENTIONISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, LAW & LEGISLATION AVALANCHES, GOLDEN RULE, MUTUAL TOLERANCE, ZAP

PANARCHISM: Compulsory attendance, compulsory subordination to hierarchies, compulsory association with people one dislikes, compulsory lessons, compulsory text books, selected by others, compulsory home work, compulsory examinations, monopolistic certification schemes, imposition of teachers as experts, do, inevitably, lead to some passive resistance, vandalism, bullying, fighting, gang warfare, arson and some terrorist acts - even in schools, just like in territorial states and largely for the same reasons. - JZ, 19.3.01, 24.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – “Education, free and compulsory.” – Rothbard  - According to some reports, many quite irrational mass murders are done under the influence of some drugs, not just the spleens of racism and of  religious intolerance. If that is true then at least in each case the drugs the murderer was under should also be sufficiently published. – JZ, 21.11.13. - SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, MASS MURDER, TERRORISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, DRUGS

PANARCHISM: Confederate, internationally, with all other victims, against all territorial politicians and bureaucrats and their territorial systems, laws, institutions, policies and measures, to assure to all people the kinds of non-territorial but autonomous communities of volunteers, which their members consider to be ideal for themselves and for all like-minded people. That kind of program, if it were widely adopted, could rapidly end most present oppressions, civil wars, wars, terrorism and wide-spread dissatisfaction. - JZ, 21.1.04, 24.3.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – It has even the potential to establish the most influential international federation and it would, most likely, also be federated with an international federation of all local militias for the protection of individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 21.11.13. – INTERNATIONALISM, MILITIA, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, FULLY COMPILED & DECLARED, FEDERALISM

PANARCHISM: Conserve, adjust or innovate alone or among volunteers and as far and fast as you like, but always only at your own risk and expense, not as a territorial constitution-, law-, regulation- or juridical decision maker for others but your own kind of volunteers. - JZ, 15.4.92, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, CONSTITUTIONALISM, DEMOCRACY, INTOLERANCE, MAJORITIES, MINORITIES, CONSERVATISM, REFORMS, INNOVATION, ONLY AMONG VOLUNTEERS & AT THEIR EXPENSE & RISK

PANARCHISM: Consistent anarchists and libertarians would instantly comprehend panarchy and demand it in every possible application - but then there are very few as consistent anarchists and libertarians around. Almost all of them are more or less infected by the absolutist virus or myth of the territorial State, never mind their assertions to the contrary. The real strength of statism lies in the remaining statism of anarchists and libertarians, with their still territorial forms of decentralization and of limited governments. They, too, are still too much absolutist and intolerant territorialists at heart and imagine that all ought to subscribe or submit to what they perceive to be the truth and top ideal, even while they ignore many of the remaining differences among themselves. They remained more or less intolerant sectarians or true believers. Panarchism favors for each group its own system under personal law or exterritorial autonomy, which makes peaceful coexistence possible. - JZ, 5.4.84, 17.1.11. – VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, TOLERANCE, DOING THE OWN THINGS ONLY, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, GOLDEN RULE, META-UTOPIA

PANARCHISM: Conspirators, terrorists and revolutionaries do also form panarchies - but only temporary ones. Alas, all of them are perverted by their common aim: territorial supremacy, i.e. their non-recognition of the present and any other governments or societies for their adherents. – If all these contestants had only genuine self-government in mind then they would not have to resort to force in many to most cases. - JZ 21.7.87, 10.8.87, 18.4.08, 21.11.13. - GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT OR PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE OF DIVERSE GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS VS. ALL TERRITORIAL DOMINATION ATTEMPTS.

PANARCHISM: Constitutions, laws and administrations should only apply to those who want them and to those who physically attack them. - JZ 18.12.83.

PANARCHISM: Consumer sovereignty towards territorial States and governments and all other societies and for all kinds of public services and laws and their institutions.” - JZ, 4.11.00, 2.2.02. - CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & FREE ENTERPRISE COMPETITION FOR ALL PUBLIC SERVICES

PANARCHISM: Contemplate the folly of attempting to impose your hobby on all and sundry! This would send them scurrying. Friends are won by an attracting, not an imposing behavior. Trying to cast others in one's own image not only betrays an evil intent; it can't be done.” - Leonard E. Read, Keep Freedom a Secret? Essays on Liberty, FEE, XI, 431-438. – “Vive la difference!” – FREEDOM IN DIVERSITY, HOBBIES, EXPERIMENTAL PURSUIT IDEALS, DOING THE OWN THINGS, UNDISTURBED & NOT DISTURBING OTHERS, VS. INTOLERANCE, IMPOSITIONS, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Corporations: It's not a question of attacking or defending corporations but of confining their activities to whatever they can achieve by free contracts alone. They should neither be favored nor restricted by legislation. Let them produce, let them exchange and allow everybody to freely compete with them. In short, they should be deprived of all privileges and monopolies granted them by territorial sovereign States, but should gain freedom, even the freedom of full exterritorial autonomy. - JZ 29.10.82, 7.4.84, 16.4.08, 17.1.11. – PERSONAL LAW CORPORATIONS

PANARCHISM: Create our own reality.” - Shirley MacLaine, Out on a Limb.

PANARCHISM: Criminals acted for a long time, all too “freely” or arbitrarily, on a national and international level, quite exterritorially and autonomously, infringing the rights and liberties of others, all too successfully, even when confronted with the full power of territorial States. They were and are exploiting the victims of territorial governments even further, to their own advantage. Thus it is high time for honest, decent, peaceful and tolerant people to think about acting autonomously, exterritorially themselves. That is, under personal laws, in their own kinds of voluntary communities of like-minded people, against and outside the territorial power and laws of official criminals, the coercive, monopolistic and collectivistic territorial States, and also against all private criminals with victims. Thus they could and should uphold their rights and liberties themselves, together with like-minded people of all the other panarchies and with the help of ideal militia forces for the protection of individual rights and liberties. – They could do so much better than territorial States could. That it is possible to do so was already demonstrated by the private criminals, all too active and successful against their victims, who are, supposedly, under the strong and efficient “protection” of honest people by territorial States. – But the decent citizens should only act in rightful and tolerant ways, non-violently among themselves, but still forcefully against private and official criminals. Would they be less or more successful in these rightful actions than the official and unofficial criminals have so far been in their wrongful actions? - JZ, 16.5.95, 16.2.08, 17.1.11. – I believe in self-defence, also in organized and well prepared as well as competitive defence agencies, but most of all in an ideal militia, locally organized and federated, for the protection of all individual rights and liberties and suitably armed, enlightened and trained for this purpose. – JZ, 21.11.13. - CRIMINALS, POWER OF THE STATE, POLICE, PROTECTION, LAWS, PERSONAL LAWS, SELF-HELP, SELF-DEFENCE, MILITIA FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

PANARCHISM: De Puydt did not propose one national or even universal government interfering with all affairs, being omnipresent and omniscient (comparable to the pantheist concept of God – that every part of the world is part of one omnipresent and omnipotent God or that the world is God) but proposed, instead, any chosen number of exterritorially autonomous governance systems, societies or communities, all only of their volunteers and for one and the same territory or for the whole world, as many different ones as are desired by volunteers for themselves. - JZ, n.d. & 17.1.11, 21.11.13. – VS. STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Decentralization down to the individual, in order to eliminate nuclear targets and powers and most motives for wars and to turn everyone into a potential unilateral nuclear disarmament inspectors. - JZ, 7 July 89. – DECENTRALIZATION, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, WAR, PEACE, UNILATERAL NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT – BY THE TARGETED PEOPLE THEMSELVES

PANARCHISM: decentralization, dispersal and final elimination of authority and its replacement by autonomous and independent organizational units.” - G. P. Maksimov, quoted by Paul Avrich in The Anarchists of the Russian Revolution, p.103. - Unfortunately, most anarchists envision such autonomous organizational units only territorially and only for anarchists and not for the various archists, too. Consequently, they become enemies of voluntary and tolerant archists, rather than comrades in arms. One could argue that such archists do not as yet exist and that would be largely true. (But then: how numerous are the exterritorialists among the anarchists, so far? - JZ, 18.9.04. 17.1.11. - However, it would be much easier to come to an agreement with archists on that basis than to fully convert them to choose anarchism for themselves, too. To convert all peoples to one or the other form of anarchism is like attempting to convert all of them to the faith of one church or sect. (Or to one form of music, art, entertainment, sport, relaxation, hobby or craft, gardening or diet, etc. - JZ, 17.1.11.) Religious liberty was and is much easier to attain and has a structure similar to that suggested by panarchism. - JZ 6.1.93. - Not even all anarchists have agreed on one form of anarchism. (See my anarchist spectrum on hyphenated types of anarchism, which is on - but still incomplete for lack of interest among anarchists in their own affairs! Indeed, they have become, somewhat, tolerant of other forms of anarchism - but not yet to all forms of archism that are all practised only among volunteers. As true anarchists, they should be so tolerant towards volunteers doing their own things only among themselves, even when they are still only statists, as long as they do not claim a territorial monopolly. - JZ, 7.9.04, 17.1.11, 21.11.13. - They should no longer try to "rule" those who like being ruled, by trying to impose their preferred form of anarchism territorially upon these archists, who also come in a great variety. Let each of them have its own. Their free competition with each other will keep them busy. Alas, anarchism, too, is also like a relatively new religion and thus its adherents are, usually, still all too intolerant in their enthusiasm for one particular kind of anarchism that took their fancy. Most still overlook that the essence of anarchism is voluntarism or individual choice, rather than involuntary subjection to the will of others. (Apart from the defence against and subjugation required for private or official criminals and aggressors.) - JZ, 18.9.04, 17.1.11m 22.11.13 – From JZ Pan AZ. - DECENTRALIZATION

PANARCHISM: Decentralize exterritorially instead of territorially. - The decentralist movement has still to explore the exterritorial and voluntary options. With it – it could become stronger. Perhaps it might start only with geographical secessionism, getting smaller and smaller and then proceed towards the decentralism involved in individual voluntary and diverse choices of communities under personal law or full exterritorial autonomy. The voluntary and exterritorial decentralists should, naturally, also have the right to federate as much as they like, not only in one but as many federations as they like for themselves. – None of these federations should be granted a territorial monopoly, either. – Thus we might arrive at several but still peacefully coexisting world-federations, none of them claiming a territorial monopoly but each managing only the common affairs of volunteer communities that have chosen them or of individuals that freely joined them. If they are foolish enough to retain compulsory taxation and or central banking powers among their volunteers, then they would, thereby, harm only themselves and would fall behind all those who applied, instead, some or the other system of free banking, monetary freedom, free clearing, free choice of value standards and full financial freedom. - JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09, 17.1.11, 21.11.13. – DECENTRALIZATION, START-UPS OF PANARCHISM, GEOGRAPHICAL SECESSIONISM? FEDERALISM, CENTRALIZATION ON A VOLUNTARY & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY BASIS VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Democracies decide and act territorially against involuntary members, panarchies act only exterritorially, for their volunteers. JZ, 28.3.89, 31.3.89. - Thus only panarchies do fully apply the self-government, self-determination, self-responsibility and independence for all peoples that was intended to be established by territorial democracies and republics. - JZ, 18.9.04, 17.1.11. – From JZ Pan AZ. - VS. CONVENTIONAL DEMOCRACIES

PANARCHISM: Democracy and republicanism, monarchism and despotism, capitalism and communism, fascism and conservatism, socialism and anarchism, any system for anyone, all in the same country or all over the world - but all only for their adult volunteers and at their expense and risk. No system to be territorially imposed. - JZ, 15.1.97, 26.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Democracy as genuine self-government or self-management for individuals or collectives that have only voluntary members. No longer any attempts to merely replace absolute monarchs or other absolute territorial rulers merely by sovereign territorial parliaments or territorial majorities or collectivist territorial governments. – JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09. – TERRITORIALISM, ABSOLUTISM, MONARCHISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

PANARCHISM: Desert or divorce yourself from all territorial governments and thus from most of all those additional troubles, that have been artificially and not by nature imposed upon you. To have to overcome or get along with nature is difficult enough. You should not have to overcome as well, as e.g. a citizen of the U.S.A., over 54 million laws and regulations! To abolish them, through the political process, you might have to have a life-span of millions of years and most other people would have to come to think like you, however unlikely that might be - under present conditions. Thus individual secessionism and its one-man revolutions and the resulting exterritorial volunteer communities, should be constitutionalized, legalized and juridically recognized everywhere, while no territorial power should any longer be recognized, supported and obeyed in any way (if one can risk this or can get away with this), no more so than any other criminal gangs. - While a single seceding individual cannot overthrow a territorial regime on his own, millions of cooperating secessionist could. - With their secessionism they would have undertaken the first steps towards the solution of all problems which territorial States cause and cannot solve while they remain territorial States. Experimental freedom in all the spheres in which it has so far been suppressed by territorialism (the territorial imposition of whole alternative political, economic and social systems), would soon reveal the solutions through the successful experiments among some communities of volunteers. - At the same time, whatever does not and cannot work would also be convincingly demonstrated as flawed by the other experiments, the ones that fail or that are working - but not well enough or even worse than the present territorial system. Let them share their property, labor, and incomes as much as they like! - As long as the practitioners of genuine individual human rights, especially economic rights, are also free to do their own things among and for themselves. - Property transfers on a voluntary, rightful and businesslike basis are always possible under full freedom. - JZ, 9.11.97, 8.9.04, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, LAWS

PANARCHISM: Different political, economic and social systems can and should peacefully coexist for their voluntary supporters in the same way as can e.g. the diverse sports clubs, hobby and craft groups, all peacefully doing their own things. – JZ, 12.1.99. – From JZ Pan AZ. - SPORTS CLUBS, DIVERSITY, VOLUNTARISM, MUTUAL TOLERANCE, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, PERSONAL LAW VS. TERRITORIALISM,  COMPULSORY UNITY OR UNIFORMITY OR EGALITARIANISM, DOMINATION ATTEMPTS

PANARCHISM: Dissolutionists. - Algis Budrys, A.I.D., ASTOUNDING SF, January 1954, p.112. - A possible alternative term for Panarchists, like "Disassociationist". All such terms should be collected and evaluated for their potential usefulness for panarchists. - JZ, 7.2.02, 17.1.11. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Diverse laws, constitutions, jurisdictions and other institutions for diverse peoples. Free Trade e.g. only for the Free Traders and Protectionism only for the Protectionists. No governments for the various kinds of anarchism and all kinds of governments only for all kinds of statists – but all only on the basis of exterritorial autonomy instead of a territorial and enforced monopoly. No taxes – for communities of freedom lovers, low taxes for limited government people and heavy taxes only for the adherents of Welfare States and Welfare Societies. Free banking, clearing and value standard reckoning among all the monetary freedom advocates and central banking, monopoly money and legal tender power only among those still in favor of them. Various limited governments, various anarchies or monarchies only for their believers. Praxeology only for praxeologists. Individual consent to be the basic requirement for all, rather than territorial impositions. The anti-abortion people as well as the pro-abortion people should do their own things only among their own members. (To fight a civil war about this issue would make matters even worse than they are. Most people are not yet enlightened enough to equate abortion with the murder of children. The human race would, probably, be improved if, in the extreme case, the abortionists aborted all their children.) The non-violence advocates should be free to try to effectively defend their rights and liberties only with non-violent means, while others should be free to defend their genuine rights and liberties with discriminating weapons usable against criminals and aggressors only. Religious freedom, including full freedom for non-believers, agnostics, rationalists, humanists, atheists etc. is already widely realized and can serve as a model for tolerance in all other spheres as well. Only the cases of human sacrifices, child sacrifices, the burning of widow and “honor” killings should be forcefully resisted and, to a large extent they already are. (How do you resist these murders non-violently?) Likewise, the remaining cases of sexual slavery. Also the dogma and the practice of collective responsibility of innocents for the actions of criminals, of the same country, of the same race, ideology, culture, language etc. should be resisted to the utmost, in the vast majority of all cases. The ultimate wrong and folly of collective responsibility notions and practices is expressed in indiscriminate ABC mass murder devices, all of which are to be dismembered and destroyed and, as far as possible, also their production facilities. They do express the ultimate in wrongful intolerance and even threaten mankind’s survival. – JZ, 23.3.09. - NWT

PANARCHISM: Divide and rule? (“Divide et impera!”) – Divide and, thereby, liberate! – JZ, 17.6.08. – Let people separate themselves or even help people to separate themselves from any territorial, tyrannical, despotic, authoritarian or compulsory association or rule. Thereby any wrongful empire or system can be destroyed. – JZ, 20.9.08, 7.3.09. – VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, IMPERIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL DECENTRALIZATION, SECESSIONISM, LIBERATION, LIBERATION, DESERTION, ASYLUM, GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE, UNILATERAL PEACE OFFERS, SEPARATE PEEACE OFFERS, APPEALS, ENLIGHTENMENT

PANARCHISM: Divide, survive, become free, secure and prosperous - is a more modern and truthful version of the old “divide and rule” saying of Imperial Rome. But it is still applied within the wrongful and harmful politics of territorialism. Instead of the imposed "divide" one should rather decide: Let their diverse peoples go, let them secede, withdraw, opt out, do their own things, to give everybody their best chance to survive e.g. the threats inherent in territorialism, to become free, secure and prosperous, by their own and independent efforts - or let them harm, if anyone, only themselves, by their self-chosen actions, systems, laws and institutions. - JZ, 26.6.01 & 28.6.01, 17.1.11, 22.11.13. - The own degree of exterritorial freedom will be more secure if one grants all others their degree of exterritorial freedom. - JZ, 18.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. Tolerance for all tolerant people, even for those, who are intolerant among themselves, but no tolerance to those, who are intolerant towards tolerant people, who are not members of their communities! - JZ, 17.1.11, 22.11.13. - DIVIDE & RULE

PANARCHISM: Do claim liberty through all the lands and unto all the inhabitants thereof. - Moses in film "The Ten Commandments". - Unfortunately, he did not add, like P. E. de Puydt did, that freedom includes the right not to be free but, instead, to choose a degree of voluntary servitude for oneself - as long as one is able and willing to put up with this. - JZ, 6.4.84, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Do not let territorialist parties, politicians, parliaments and their power politics, ideologies and bureaucracies or their justice system pick on your right, power and self-determination over your own lives and your own affairs. Your own individual and free choices are bound to be better, in most cases, than those they make for you, with your money and expecting your humble obedience to their legalized decrees, abuses and wasteful actions. If not, you can and are likely to learn from your mistakes and should be free to make a new start with new associates, or other voluntary communities. - JZ, 29.12.04, 13.2.08, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Do your own thing and I'll do mine.” - Quoted as an existentialist slogan. - EXISTENTIALISM, DO YOUR OWN THING

PANARCHISM: Does the behavior of street gangs and of the Mafia contradict the thesis that the exterritorial autonomy of the voluntary communities of panarchism is the basis of peace? – Firstly, even the street gangs imitate territorial States by claiming an exclusive turf for themselves. Organized crime largely profits on the black market – due to the wrongful restrictions imposed by territorial governments. – Panarchies require a minimum of intelligence, education and moral sense. Without them too many people tend to act like beasts of prey. As such they are let loose upon each other by territorial States in wars and civil wars and violent revolutions, with almost all of them aspiring only to territorial domination. – JZ, 26.4.94, 16.2.08, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Don't go to war with the rascals and fools. Secede from them! JZ 77.

PANARCHISM: Don't stay with them. Opt out! Secede! Make a better choice for yourself. Establish a better alternative. Do your own thinking and things. - JZ 18.12.83, 22.11.13. – FULL FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, CONTRACT, EXPERIMENTATION, LAISSEZ FAIR, CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIPS IN EVEYR SPHERE, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

PANARCHISM: Don't you see that's been the whole trouble? That people have power over other people, or want it, or are afraid others want it?” - Poul Anderson, The Byworlder, p.189. - Anderson did not draw the panarchist conclusion clearly enough, although he did come close, often, in his comments. - JZ, 25.1.02. - TERRITORIALISM, POWER, FEAR, PEOPLE

PANARCHISM: During my 1990 trip in the U.S.A., someone told me that Boyden Gray, a White House Counsel, then in the Old Executive Office Building, Washington, D.C., whose address one could get by calling the White House switchboard, supposedly one of the top advisors to the government, himself, or his deceased brother, Burton Gray, did some research into exterritorial autonomy. I never followed up this hint because I do not believe that the top men are sufficiently accessible to new ideas and because, apparently, this panarchist has never influenced Washington’s external and internal policies, according to what I receive of the news. But anyone interested is invited to try to follow up this lead and might at least uncover some thesis or research paper that it would be worthwhile to somewhat publish, at least on microfilm, online or on disk. I have seen quite a number of books written by lawyers on personal law from a lawyer’s point of view rather than that of an anarchist, libertarian, social reformer and peace lover. Most of them are so highly priced that they deterred me from buying them and their limited point of view deterred me as well. Most likely nothing better is behind this hint as well. YOU follow it up, if you like. - JZ, n.d. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – A short Google search today with “Boydon Gray” + Exterritoriality & “Burton Gray” + Exterritoriality, brought zero results. – Was panarchism once represented by one person connected to the White House? – JZ, 20.4.08. – Obviously, not every wanted information is already online. – JZ, 13.3.09. - Another and extended search today had also zero results, except for my above notice! - If this policy was explored at the White House, why keep this secret, while it goes on with the wrongfulness and irrationality of territorial policies? - JZ, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Each competitive and free enterprise business attempts to compete successfully with all other similar businesses but does not attempt, a rule (*), to legally or militarily destroy its competitors, i.e., they are not monopolistic and coercive or even warlike associations, companies or corporations, as territorial governments are. - JZ, 8.12.03, 7.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – (*) Admittedly, some vested interest lobbies are all too influential upon our supposed democratic representatives. – JZ, 23.11.13. - EXISTS IN BUSINESS, INDUSTRY, AGRICULTURE, SPORTS, CULTURE, ARTS, HOBBIES, CRAFTS, IN MOST EXISTING & STILL PRIVATE ACTIVITIES, WHERE IT IS TAKEN FOR GRANTED

PANARCHISM: Each form of anarchism and of other isms is “true” only for those who do believe in it. Consequently, only they should "suffer" or benefit under its practical application – by being free to choose it for themselves and to apply it only among themselves, regardless what other people in the same country or the world are doing to or for themselves. If they demanded no more than that, then they would minimize resistance against their aspirations and might even be granted, by a huge dissenting majority, the "liberty of fools" to do their own things, if they were not granted, upon principle, the right to freely experiment at their own expense and risk. - To reduce experimentation, in very significant spheres, to single territorial experiments only, one at a time, one after the other, with the experimenters often unable to remember and avoid previous mistakes (as e.g. those of price controls, rationing, regulations and of monetary despotism) and having always the opportunity to blame their mistakes upon the resistance offered by their opponents, is a very incomplete and insufficiently experimental system. Panarchism would lead to multiple free experiments at the same time in the same country, all only among their volunteers, to the full extent that this can be done at the own risk and expense. Thus the process of learning and enlightenment could be greatly speeded up. It would become much more difficult to ignore positive results from free experiments undertaken by others nearby, in the same country. In short: Allow each fool and each wise person to chose his “fate” for himself, in every sphere as far as this is humanly possible. – JZ, 15.1.94, 9.1.99, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - ANARCHISM, OTHER ISMS & FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, FREEDOM FOR SELF-RESPONSIBLE ACTIONS, TOLERANCE FOR THE TOLERANT, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR DIVERSITY

PANARCHISM: Each individual to become free to give notice to his territorial masters, even those whom he once helped to get elected. – JZ, 26.3.02. - SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOTING, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS ALL“PUBLIC SERVICES” AS WELL & FREE ENTEPRISE IN THEIR PROVISION, EVEN IF THEY ARE OF THE STATIST KIND, I.E. THE FOOL’S LIBERTY, TOO.

PANARCHISM: Each party is good enough only for its followers and supporters and should thus get any power only over them. - JZ 17.6.87, 18.4.08. - In other words, no territorial power at all over dissenters. - JZ, 17.1.11. – POLITICAL PARTIES, ALL EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM: Each to be free to adopt his own favorite economic, social and political system. - JZ 29.6.87. Tolerance for each tolerant system of volunteers. Vaccination & fluoridation only for their remaining believers. No more compulsory mass-“medication”. – JZ, 23.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Each to be free to choose sides in everything – at his own expense and risk. – JZ, 19.1.96. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Each to be the blacksmith of his own fate.” – Ancient German proverb. (“Jeder der Schmied seines eigenen Gluecks.”) – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FATE & SELF-HELP

PANARCHISM: Edith was a little country, bounded on the North, South, East and West by Edith. - Martha Ostenso, b. 1900, quoted in A. Andrews Quotations. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, EGOISM, RATIONAL SELF-INTEREST, SELFISHNESS VS. COMPULSORY OR CUSTOMARY ALTRUISM

PANARCHISM: Empires used to be (*) conquests of territory, which is finite. The new empires are those of communication and the means of satisfying the needs and desires of men. These are infinite and always changing.” – Gilbert Trigano, born 1920, developer of CLUB MED, in 1986. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – EMPIRES, IMPERIALISM - (*) established, mostly, by - JZ - Panarchism not only in the mode of travel, accommodation and relaxation or tourism. I find it interesting that judging by turnover, tourism is now the largest industry. Individual choice in it and free competition between various package deals are already taken for granted. - JZ, 17.1.11. – TOURISM, FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT, MIGRATION, IMMIGRATION, EMIGRATION, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE OF DIVERSE PERSONAL LAW SYSTEMS, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP & SUBORDINATION OF PEACEFUL DISSENTERS, EXTERRTORIAL MINORITY & MAJORITY AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: Enclaves: "... the country could easily become a collection of isolated little enclaves, with no unifying culture at all. Is e pluribus unum a desirable goal - or a danger to be guarded against?" - Stanley Schmidt, editorial, ANALOG, 5/93, p. 8. - Any culture is essentially a world culture, for all like-minded people in the world. Further, tolerance of diversity is an essential characteristics for any culture deserving that name. The rest are throwbacks into primitivism and barbarism. Enclaves would not be isolated under free trade, free communications, free migration and freedom to travel and standard hospitality, at least for paying guests. Countries were always fictions, coercively established and maintained. To each person, his individual rights and liberties, e.g. his own property, faith and system and organization, on the household level, or that of a voluntaristic enclave (with a common larger real estate property), his own regional, State- or country-wide or even world-wide organization, together with like-minded people, not automatically, constitutionally, legally and coercively bound together with whole population of territories! People are no longer to be treated as the rulers' property in territorial cattle pens, ghettos or reservations. Only self-forged, self-chose and voluntarily worn chains would remain. For these people individual secessionism would provide each of them with the key to throw them off - or to exchange them for others. - JZ, 18.3.92, 5.2.93, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. – Enclaves represent extraterritoriality rather than exterritoriality and are thus still a concession to territorialism. However, in the form of gated private communities and free enterprise and free trade zones as well as proprietary communities and company towns we have something in-between. – JZ, 13.3.09. - Compare also the historical foreign concessions in China, with their extraterritoriality. Alas, they were the result of unequal treaties instead of equal rights treaties. As the latter they could have peacefully conquered the world. As the former they were widely despised and finally abolished. - JZ, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. - ENCLAVES, EXTRATERRITORIALITY, EXTERRITORIALITY, OBJECTIONS

PANARCHISM: encouraging different folks to go their different ways and learn from each other.” - Poul Anderson, Orion Shall Rise, p.140. - DIFFERENT WAYS, LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, FREE CHOICE & EXPERIMENTATION FOR ALL

PANARCHISM: Escape into panarchism, from statist territorial nightmares into personal dream-worlds - but you will have to pay their bills and take their risks. - JZ, 14.7.98 & 26.6.01, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - ESCAPE ROUTE

PANARCHISM: Even in dancing to the same tune we have largely come away from conventional group and partnership dancing, from coordinated moves and steps of several people, to each individual doing his own thing, as pleases him or her, within the limits of their hearing, and physical abilities. Moreover, new kinds of dances arise all the time - and are not forced upon anybody. Is this situation chaotic and dangerous or does it satisfy the largest number of potential practitioners? Add to this the multiplication of types of music and of musical instruments and recordings and those of different light effects - and of different stimulants and costumes and fashions being used by the dancers. Why should we be autonomous only in these aspects of our culture and civilization? Why not go for the freedom to throw overboard the territorial political and ideological “dances” or marches that are legally forced upon us now, turning us into puppets in the hands of the big territorial game players? - JZ 4.2.92, 13.1.93, 23.11.13. - Moreover, while wearing headphones, alone, or with one's dancing partner or partners, different people could, at the same time, dance to different music on the same dancing platform. Their dances might not make much sense to mere observers, who are not listening, via head phones, to the same music as the dancers. (*) However, apart from public performances of professional dancers, dancers just like to dance for their own enjoyment, not for the benefit of any spectators. From panarchism in dancing to panarchism in the political, economic and social spheres is just a mental step. Let's step to it and dance to this music. Then we could enjoy ourselves as much as we could by being free to do our own things - while, by the way, helping to solve the problems of the world and this in a way that would not add to them. - JZ, 11.12.03. – (*) This kind of individualized dancing may not be practised as yet - but, technically it is possible and it could even become a big business for a franchise operation. Since I am not a dancer, it is not of personal interest to me. But as a panarchist I would like seeing it practised. - JZ, 17.1.11. - From JZ Pan AZ. – TOLERANCE FOR DIVERSITY, DOING THE OWN THINGS, AUTONOMOUS DANCING, EACH INDIVIDUAL OR EACH COUPLE OR EACH GROUP IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE OWN DRUMMER OR MUSIC IN THEIR HEADPHONES! DANCING TO YOUR SELF-CHOSEN MUSIC, BUT NOT IN THE STREET, UNLESS IT IS ON THE RARE OCCASIONS WHEN ALSMOST EVERYBODY DOES IT.

PANARCHISM: Even law can either be competitive or monopolistic. It can be exclusive and coercive like a forced currency (have wrongful "legal tender" power) or it can be an "optional" personal law, subject to acceptance or refusal, much like private money subject to voluntary acceptance and free market rating or refusals. – JZ, 21.11.82, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. – Naturally, each would have to accept his own notes, tokens, IOUs OR CLEARING CERTFICATES AT THEIR NOMINAL VALUE, AT LEAST IN THE PERIOD OF THEIR VALIDITY, JUST LIKE TICKETS HE ISSUED. PERSONAL LAW DIVERSITY, INDIVIDUALLY CHOSEN, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Even the IRA is split in Ireland: “… the IRA, the Provisional IRA, Continuity IRA, the Real IRA or the Irish National Liberation Army.” – Clive Egleton, One Man Running, p. 121, Coronet Books, 2001. - How many different Irish panarchies would appear once they could be freely established? Would the various IRA groups still remain terrorists, when free to live in accordance with their own ideal, apart from the fact that they could not impose it, territorially, upon the variety of other idealistic Irish communities? – JZ, 17.9.07, 23.11.13. - & IRELAND, IRA, Q.

PANARCHISM: Even the most free society should not be territorially imposed upon any peaceful dissenters. Anybody should remain free to opt out from it as well as from any territorial and despotic State and free to establish another exterritorially autonomous society or State, one more to his or her liking, provided only that it is and remains confined to its voluntary members. – JZ, 20.3.96, 9.1.99, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – COMPETING FREE SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES & GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

PANARCHISM: Every country, the whole world, and all populations, must be reorganized in a way to allow the realization of all the diverse dreams about just alternatives, just - because they are realized only among those who believe in them, at their expense and risk, no matter how impracticable or absurd they appear to local majorities or supposed or real experts. - JZ, 30.7.78, 27.6.01, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DREAMS, MAJORITY & EXPERT OPINION, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Every day billions of people suffer under territorialism with its numerous wrongful and harmful features: monetary despotism, leading to inflations, deflations, stagflations, unemployment, poverty, oppression and persecution, under conditions that kill even more people than wars do (*), wars, civil wars, revolutions, terrorism, taxation, confiscations, bureaucratic, juridical and legislative delays of progress, compulsory mis-education, conscription, impoverishing "protective" and anti-economic "policies", imposed legal monopolies and their high prices and inefficiencies, man-made housing-, energy- and fuel shortages, etc. Nevertheless, they still do not bother to sufficiently discuss alternatives to these territorial policies and institutions or allow them to be freely practised among volunteers. Most of them, most of the time and in most places they do allow only what Ayn Rand called "the sanction of the victim" for all their involuntary subjects and to a large degree even for their voluntary subject. E.g., those believing in taxation, conscription and territoirial legislation. Ayn Rand herself opposed what she misconceived as "competing governments" and thus provided her own "sanction of the victim" to territorialism. - JZ, 2.10.00 & 27.6.01, 18.9.04. – This in spite of her extensive libertarianism in other spheres, which she did very well popularize. – Thus I remained one of her many fans, but with reservations concerning her limited government and optimal and exclusive currency notions. - JZ, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. - From JZ, Pan AZ. – (*) Even if one were to count only the abortions, which among really free and prosperous as well as enlightened people would mostly not occur. – JZ, 4.4.08. – See especially Prof. Rudolf Rummel’s researches on “democide”, which, apart from war victims, cost the lives of over 200 million victims last century. – JZ, 23.11.13. – PERSONAL LAW & VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCIDE, TOTALITARIANISM, TERRORISM, APATHY, INDIFFERENCE, IMPOSED TRADITIONS, CUSTOMS, IDEOLOGIES, OFFICIAL INTOLERANCE, OBJECTIVISM, AYN RAND, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS.

PANARCHISM: Every government and every society is right - but only for those who believe in it and as long as they do. - JZ, 5.9.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES

PANARCHISM: every individual has the basic right freely to choose his way of life, without dictation from government.” - Lev. E. Dobriansky, Mental Gaps in our Thinking about Russia, Essays on Liberty, IX, p.426. - I wonder whether he has further developed this thought towards panarchism in his later writings. - Google search today for "Lev. E. Dobriansky" + voluntarism + choice + panarchism, brought no results, except my own hint! - JZ, 17.1.11. – A public listing of all who at least somewhat supported panarchist or polyarchist ideas and who are still alive and active – would be helpful to establish a network for the further spread of such ideas. – At least there are now a number of websites which are sympathetic to such ideas. – A complete list of them is still missing, too. – On panarchism I just got 8,680 Google results and on panarchy 103,000 - but not all of them deal with the panarchy that P. E. de Puydt had in mind. - JZ, 23.11.13 - WAY OF LIFE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM

PANARCHISM: Every individual who can be persuaded of the morality and benefits of panarchy is an instance that the whole world can, ultimately, be similarly persuaded. - JZ 4.4.84. – Most people take it already for granted in the many private activity spheres and when it comes to religion. Alas, there are still some countries with intolerant religious sectarians and fanatics, who “think” that it is their right and duty to murder people with other beliefs and to deprive females of many of their individual rights and liberties, in all too thoughtless misinterpretation of their “holy” book and prophet. – But for our times the “religion” of territorial statism is the most oppressive, exploitative and murderous one and this often under the pretence of protecting freedom, rights, peace and prosperity. – JZ, 23.11.13. – RELLIGIOUS FREEDOM, FANATIC SECTARIANS, INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, STATISM

PANARCHISM: Every man to his own task.” - Proverb. - The primary task of any adult person is to run his own life himself or with the help of self-chosen other volunteers or experts only, regardless of what other experts, other minority or majority group members do territorially prefer. - JZ, 23.6.01, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM,  VOLUNTARISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, FULL MINORITY AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL

PANARCHISM: Every movement, organization, party, institution etc., that has only voluntary victims is, to that extent, right, rational and ideal - at least for them. A territorially, centrally, monopolistically and collectively imposed kind of political, economic and social system is largely "sadistic". It is not and cannot be right and beneficial - for all those who did not individually consent to it. - JZ, 23.2.00, 28.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - Once all its involuntary victims and dissenters seceded from it, then only the sado-masochism of its volunteers, e.g. that of the statists, would remain. They would do each other no wrong. – JZ, 5.4.08. - I would not even mind it if they exterminated only each other. Only their children might be worth saving, not yet being conditioned by the territorialist and statist fixed ideas of their parents. - JZ, 17.1.11. - 23.11.13.  MOVEMENTS, ORGANIZATIONS, INSTITUTIONS & VOLUNTARISM, VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP, CONSENT, SADISM, MASOCHISM, STATISM

PANARCHISM: Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess which will itself need reforming.” - S. T. Coleridge, Biographia Literaria, Ch. I. - Panarchism offers a way out of this dilemma. It allows individuals to opt out of collectively realized reforms and to institute new reforms only for their own affairs. JZ 7.4.84. - Let’s rather say that general progress will never stop as long as experimental freedom exists for individuals and groups of volunteers, no matter how many wrong or flawed steps they take at first. – JZ, 13.3.09. – MOST RIGHTFUL & RATIONAL REFORMS CAN BE CARRIED OUT WITHOUT A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY. - TOLERANT REFORMS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE CHOICE AMONG ALL COMPETITIVELY OFFERED PUBLIC SERVICES & PACKAGE DEALS OF THEM

PANARCHISM: Every revolution contains in it something of evil.” - Edmund Burke, An Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs. - I would rather say: Most revolutions contain in them something evil. Intolerance towards dissenters is that evil. - JZ 7.7.82. – This intolerance is inherent in territorialism. Panarchism with its exterritorial autonomy for volunteers would revolutionize conventional revolutions as well. It could even reduce them to quite non-violent, gradualist and mostly hardly noticed one-man revolutions, comparable e.g. to people changing their jobs, their residence, their religion or the main sport, hobby or craft or art that they engage in, or making different decisions for themselves, as sovereign consumers or voluntary members in all kinds of private clubs and societies. – JZ, 17.4.08, 17.1.11. - TERRITORIALISM VS. THE FREE CHOICES OF EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS.

PANARCHISM: Every revolution so far consisted out of defensive (tolerant) and aggressive (intolerant) actions and was, therefore, more or less bloody. Only the defensive secessions or revolutions to achieve exterritorial autonomy or personal law and institutions, all different and for their volunteers only, is quite justified and only they can assure the success of a secession or revolution in many to most cases. All others tend to lose, even when they do militarily win, as Ulrich von Beckerath used to say. - JZ 1.1.83, 6.4.84, 16.4.08. – Every establishment to be continued – but only by and over its remaining volunteers, as long as they are willing to put up with it! – JZ, 13.3.09. – REVOLUTIONS WITHOUT A TOLERANT OR PANARCHISTIC PROGRAM.

PANARCHISM: Every society to its own tastes, captain. The wisdom of one society would be folly for another. Who is qualified to judge? Only the universe, which passes the judgment of survival on all peoples.” – Walter M. Miller, Jr., Blood Bank, in ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION, June 52, p.112. - VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SOCIETY, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, TASTES, TOLERANCE, JUDGING, FREE CHOICE, MARKET RELATIONSHIPS, CONTRACTS, INDIVIDUALISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, WISDOM, FOLLY, INDIVIDUALIZED JUDGEMENT

PANARCHISM: Everybody should be free to dismiss a government - not for others, like an Australian Governor-General once (*) did, but for himself only. - JZ, 20.8.78. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - (*) Governor-General Kerr, against Gough Whitlam’s Labour Party Government. - DISMISSAL OF A GOVERNMENT, VETO OF INDIVIDUALS

PANARCHISM: Everybody should have his government but no government should have everybody.” - Shoshanna Lehmann, 4.1.84. – Not all of the population of a territory, anyhow. – JZ, 16.4.08. - But everybody has been had by territorial governments, for all his life, again and again. Nevertheless, most people remained territorial statists! Who can fully understand such people? If, for one, do not. - JZ, 13.3.09, 17.1.11. – Not only diverse statist governance systems should be an option for individuals but all kinds non-governmental societies and communities of volunteers as well, all under their self-chosen personal law or exterritorial autonomy system. – About 20 years after we separated, the mother of my three sons had forgotten to mention  that aspect. – If the alternatives to territorial statism are not often enough pondered or discussed, most people tend to relapse at least partly to statism, under the usual statist public opinion pressures and language abuses. - JZ, 23.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Everyone has the equal right to different and self-chosen laws, all applying only to him and people like him, with whom he is associated for this purpose, and this for to and their affairs. - JZ, 17.3.84. – JZ, 17.3.84, 15.2.08, 23.11.13. - PERSONAL LAWS, EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW OR EQUAL RIGHTS WITHIN COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM: Everyone isn’t a democrat, republican, liberal, socialist, monarchist, anarchist, communist or libertarian – but also everyone of these and other persuasions could become a panarchist and thus enjoy, undisturbed, the government or non-governmental community, society or governmental system of his dreams or choice, for himself and like-minded people. – Who could, quite seriously, object to that? – JZ, 15.7.84, 15.2.08, 23.11.13. - All are to become free to make even the worst choices for their own lives - but also all good ones and even the best ones, in every sphere. - JZ, 17.1.11. – VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, FULL FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION FOR ALL, IN ALL SPHERES

PANARCHISM: Examine the alternatives to Panarchist Peace, Panarchist People, Panarchist Popularity, Panarchist Power, Panarchist Progress, Panarchist Prosperity or Panarchist Peace and Plenty. All choices should be yours, as a sovereign consumer or entrepreneur or co-producer. – JZ, 29.12.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – What real values, rights and liberties does territorialism have to offer compared with them? - JZ, 17.1.11. - PANARCHIST ALTERNATIVES VS. TERRITORIALISM OR COMPULSORY STATISM

PANARCHISM: Exclusive and territorial governance does not tend to release and protect the best in man but the worst! - Note to R. J. Ringer: Restoring the American Dream, p.378. - JZ, 3.6.82. – Such governments tend to constitute Warfare States rather than peaceful societies. That can be going down to the city level, as in ancient Greece or to the level of mere villages, as happened still in modern times in New Guinea. – We still get a lot of tribal infighting in Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and Asia and remnants even in Europe – wherever there exist efforts at territorial nation-State building or maintenance. A uniform territorial representative or direct democracy cannot sufficiently settle such differences, as we see now in Afghanistan and in Iraq. – JZ, 17.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Exclusive possession and domination claims cause even more problems between territorial governments and their involuntary subjects than they cause in many conventional marriages, once the honeymoon is over. – JZ, 18.9.97, 10.1.99. - Divorces from all territorial political, economic and social systems and freedom for exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers offer the answer to the prayers and dreams of all dissenters. - JZ, 18.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - JZ, 17.1.11. – MARRIAGE, DIVORCE, SEPARATION, SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

PANARCHISM: Expand your privacy sphere to include all your rightful political, economic and social choices. - JZ, 17.6.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PRIVACY, CHOICE, INDIVIDUALISM, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Experience with totalitarian ideologies must be next door or on one's own body and mind to be sufficiently noticed and to be taken serious by almost all, as a threat to all. Thus panarchist freedom is required also for totalitarian Communists and Nazis - ultimately in order to defeat them or reduce them to insignificance. However, all their actions must become confined to their volunteers and, at least for the time being, they should be disarmed, as far as possible, by rightful volunteer militias for the protection of individual rights and liberties. Once they have, quite obviously, learnt to become tolerant, too, then and only then, could this restriction upon them and other formerly intolerant believers, be removed. - Note to Dennis Wheatley: Curtain of Fear, London, 1953. - JZ, 28.12.88, 15.12.03, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - TOTALITARIANISM, DETERRENT EXAMPLES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: Experimental freedom in all spheres that do not endanger the rights, liberties, lives, property and health of others. It means free experimentation, freed from the hundreds of thousands to millions of laws and regulations that infringe basic rights and liberties. - JZ, 19.1.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - In the USA alone there are an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 anti-gun laws, all contrary to the second Amendment in the Bill of Rights of its Constitution. An awfully lawful regime - Not that there are many others, which are better. - JZ, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Exterritorial autonomy for volunteers, i.e., genuine self-government rather than territorially conducted misgovernment over dissenters. - JZ, 29.1.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – MAJORITY AUTONOMY & MINORITY AUTONOMY, BOTH UNDER PERSONAL LAW, I.E. WITHOUT A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY

PANARCHISM: Exterritorial autonomy, upon individual choice, and individual secession, would be like self-managed levitation away from the power of gravity. - JZ, 26.6.01. - At least in its direct and indirect effect upon human organizations and their relations to each other. – Everyone could escape local conditions that had become intolerable to him or her. – JZ, 5.4.08. - LEVITATION, GRAVITY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, MINORITY AUTONOMY UNDER PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: Exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers are largely but not quite new forms of free enterprises associations and communities, of genuine democratic or republican self-government, of popular sovereignty and even of individual sovereignty, of free trade, free markets, freedom of action and freedom of experimentation, freedom of contract, a form of freedom of association and of disassociation. They are rightful and required to achieve and spread progress, enlightenment, peace, freedom, justice and prosperity as fast as possible and to reduce the occurrence and consequences of catastrophic man-made mistakes and crises, by confining them to their volunteers. They make the achievement of wide-spread and lasting prosperity possible, also of much more and longer lasting peace periods. Without them the danger of nuclear war cannot be overcome. They do refine and test all our methods for achieving freedom, justice, order and harmony and this while tolerating the greatest degrees of diversity – all applied only among volunteers and exterritorially. They are optimal for experimenting with all kinds of monetary and financial freedom and for spreading the most successful systems most rapidly and thereby eliminating most of the man-made economic crises in the future. They also promise to end the prolonged territorial struggle between free trade and protectionism, gradually and one by one converting all to free trade, as a matter of individual free choice, while not forcing it upon anybody. – They are, in the political, economic and social spheres, the equivalent to what in the natural sciences and in technology is called experimental freedom and, in religion, religious liberty or tolerance and, in private life styles, the great variety of them that has been voluntarily adopted. – With these and other large precedents in mind, it is curious that it still remains as widely unknown and unappreciated as it is now. This seems to indicate that the supposedly enlightened and civilized people are still capable and willing to subscribe to major taboos or holy cows, those of territorial nationalism, even though they do greatly wrong and harm themselves thereby. - JZ, 3.10.03, 23.3.09, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Exterritorially, you could claim the whole of Australia, even the whole of the world for yourself and your community of like-minded people, namely to live and work anywhere under the system and contracts you prefer. – JZ, 13.11.93, 9.1.99, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – Naturally, this too is only an individual right and liberty while you do respect the individual rights and liberties of others, who are not members of your own community of volunteers. – JZ, 23.11.13. -CONTINENTS & THE WORLD, COOPERATION & FEDERATION, NETWORKING, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Federal, State and Local Government laws do compete with each other to some extent but all too often State and Federal laws are hierarchically imposed and their territorial spheres become more and more extended and interventionist and be it only via Federal or State subsidies, largely financed from local taxpayers as well. The individuals are left no other choice than relocation. Then they merely tend to encounter other forms of territorial despotism in other locations. Nevertheless, these three levels of laws and jurisdictions do already demonstrate, to some extent, the peaceful coexistence of different law and juridical systems. Different parties and different majorities may also predominate in many of these three levels. Some might predominate only federally or only on a State level or only at the level of local governments. This is, indeed, still a far cry from fully developed voluntarism and individual choice and exterritorial autonomy but a case of limited parallel institutions, not tied to country-wide or even continent-wide exclusive and uniform territorialism. Federalism and Statism and Local Governments would be much more bearable if they also accepted peaceful coexistence of non-territorial bodies, of minorities, and voluntary societies and communities, regardless of where their members live and work and this not only in the form of lobbies and pressure groups, helping to lay down wrongful laws for all others. Mere representation of minorities in territorial governments has been demonstrated to be mostly a quite insufficient step towards full voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy. – By the way, territorialism is not free of demarcation disputes, either, as frequent clashes between its various bureaucracies demonstrate. Once individuals are free to make their individual choices between them, it would be much more clear, in most cases, which authority is responsible for a particular case. – Their membership would be documented like it is now e.g. for insurance arrangements. - JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. - COMPETITION BETWEEN FEDERAL, STATE & LOCAL LAWS, PERSONAL LAW EXCEPTIONS FROM THEM FOR SECESSIONISTS FROM THESE CONVENTIONAL THREE LEVELS OF LAWS

PANARCHISM: Federal, State and Local governments, all without individual and group secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for these secessionists, are wrongful, fraudulent and coercive, an unripe notion and immature practice, not only for all kinds of anarchists and libertarians but also for all kinds and factions of statists. It is fraudulent with its false pretence of unity, consent, voting rights and representation for the whole population of a country. They do still maintain Warfare States and cause revolutions, civil wars and  terrorism as well as degrees of totalitarian State socialism. They uphold wrongful territorial decision-making monopolies and maximize rather than minimize dissatisfaction. – They satisfy the territorial power addicts rather than their victims, the peace-, freedom- and justice seekers. - JZ. 27. 6. 89, 23.11.13. – FEDERALISM, STATISM, LOCAL GOVERNANCE, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, DEMOCRACY, MONOPOLISM VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ESPECIALLY INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-OWNERSHIP IN ALL KINDS OF PERSONAL LAW SYSTEMS FOR VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM: Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.” - Mark Twain – Would the example of a successful panarchy really be so hard to bear, especially when one is free to join it, imitate it or to ignore it altogether and to try to set a better example? – JZ, 31.7.08, 7.3.09, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. – PERSONAL LAW, SECESSIONISM, COMPETITION, VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION & EXPERIMENTATION IN EVEY SPHERE

PANARCHISM: Follow your own dreams rather than those of any politician, prophet or "great leader". - JZ, 26.1.93, 26.6.01. - Or only the dreams of the politician, prophet, great leader or guru of your own individual choice. - JZ, 18.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – DREAMS, LEADERSHIP, FOLLOWERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNANCE, INDIVIDDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: For a thousand years, then, ancient Celtic Ireland had no State or anything like it. As the leading authority on Irish law has written: “There was no trace of State-administered justice.” (9) – How then was justice secured? The basic political unit of ancient Ireland was the tuath. All “freemen” who owned land, all professionals, and all craftsmen, were entitled to become members of a tuath. Each tuath’s members formed an annual assembly, which decided all common policies, declared war or peace on other tuatha, and elected or deposed their “kings”. An important point is that, in contrast to primitive tribes, no one was stuck or bound to a given tuath), either because of kinship or of geographical location. Individual members were free to, and often did, secede from a tuath and join a competing tuath. Often, two or more tuatha decided to merge into a single, more efficient unit. As Professor Peden states, “the tuath is thus a body of persons voluntarily united for socially beneficial purposes and the sum total of the landed properties of its members constituted its territorial dimension.” (10) In short, they did not have the modern State with its claim to sovereignty over a given (usually expanding) territorial area, divorced from the landed property rights of its subjects; on the contrary, tuatha were voluntary associations which only comprised the landed properties of its voluntary members. Historically, about 80 to 100 tuatha coexisted at any time throughout Ireland. …” - Murray N. Rothbard, For a New Liberty, revised edition, p. 231/32, Collier Books, 1978, ISBN 0-02-074690-3. - (9) Quoted in the best introduction to ancient, anarchistic Irish institutions, Joseph R. Peden, “Property Rights in Celtic Irish Law”, JOURNAL OF LIBERTARIAN STUDIES, I, Spring 77, p. 83; see also pp. 81-95. For a summary, see Peden, ”Stateless Societies: Ancient Ireland”, THE LIBERTARIAN FORUM, April 1971, pp. 3-4. - (10) Peden, “Stateless Societies”, p.4. - On page 233/34 is reported that the King was mainly only a high priest with very limited secular authority and the Brehons formed a private juridical service. – But were other societal or governmental and juridical forms free to compete with the tuatha? Their panarchism does not seem to have been complete. Nevertheless they, too, like the Cof or Sof of the Berbers, constituted an interesting precedent. - JZ, 16.9.09. - EXTERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING SOCIETIES, TUATH OF IRELAND AS PRECEDENT? JUSTICE, CELTS

PANARCHISM: For any liberty or other ideal to be realized among its believers and at their expense and risk, one should never have to need the consent of its critics but only that of like-minded volunteers. All enemies of liberty should remain free to retain their beloved restrictions – but only upon themselves. They should even be free to multiply and extend them, as much as they want to. This would be a just and self-inflicted punishment for their kind of foolishness. – JZ, 1.5.93, 14.1.99, 11.22.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FREEDOM OF ACTION, CONSENT, LICENSING, CRITICS

PANARCHISM: For any new or old group of volunteers any new lifestyle, constitutions, laws, jurisdiction, political, economic and social system that does not victimize or otherwise interfere with non-members. - JZ, 27.11.99, 23.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, TOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: For anyone comprehending the factors making for war and those making for peace (see especially PEACE PLANS 16-17 & 61-63: & ) exterritorial governments and States are no threats to each other but only to territorial States. They can and thus will come to peacefully coexist in the same countries and in the world. As for their conflicts with the remaining and authoritarian territorial States: They do have the potential, if their principles and practices are consistently applied in their resistance, liberation, revolutionary and defensive efforts, to reduce any bloodshed that might still be required, to a minimum, confined largely to war criminals and tyrants. Potentially, their “wars” could be turned into rightful and limited police actions. Existing territorial governments will have no good reason to desperately resist them. Under their usual delusions they might even come to believe that under the free competition, which panarchism would offer them, world-wide, they could gain more followers in the rest of the world than they would lose in their own present countries. (Or criminally occupied "turf". - JZ, 8.12.03.) Anyhow, a few will always be dumb or prejudiced enough to continue to follow them and over these they could rule more firmly and lastingly than they can rule presently over their many dissenters. (Like e.g. the present Popes over their Catholics. - JZ, 17.1.11.) To that extent panarchism has something to offer even to the worst kinds  of rulers. – JZ, 29.9.93, 9.1.99. - JZ, 18.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PEACE

PANARCHISM: For centuries most people could not conceive and apply religious tolerance. It took and takes them longer still to see the potential of tolerance in the political, economic and social sphere. But this tolerance is the way of the future. Without it we will, probably, have no future. – JZ, n.d., & 17.1.11. – WAR, PEACE, NWT

PANARCHISM: For freedom-lovers panarchism would mean a “lock-out” of politicians, bureaucrats and tax gatherers and also to a voluntary and permanent strike against them, by individuals as well as by many minority groups and some majorities. For the remaining statists it would mean a much more steady and contractual as well as permanent relationship with them, undisturbed by extremists and other dissenters, until they, too, finally get sick of their “minders” and “protectors”, “great leaders”, “big brothers”, prophets and gurus. – JZ, 17.7.93, 14.1.99, 23.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: For in fact we are able to bring about an ordering of the unknown only by causing it to order itself". – (Hayek?) Territorial States are, by definition, imposed systems, at least as far as their numerous and diverse dissenters are concerned, who live in the same territories and are subjected to the same constitutions, laws and jurisdictions. Thus such States are the road to chaos, to oppression, war, revolutions, terrorism and poverty. - In natural sciences, too, progress is obtained not by imposed but by freely chosen and conducted experiments. No one can rightfully and effectively control and release the creative energies of any other adult and rational individual than himself. – JZ, 7.1.99, 8.12.03, 17.1.11. - ORDER, SELF-ORDERING SYSTEMS, SELF-DETERMINATION, INDEPENDENCE, UTOPISM, FREE SOCIETIES, IDEALS, DEVELOPMENT, VS. CENTRALIZED & IMPOSED PLANNING & DIRECTION OR DICTOCRACIES

PANARCHISM: For most panarchies it would mean no more offices, officials and commanders appointed from above or self-appointed usurpers and despots, but only self-selected ones. Naturally, there would be some misleaders and false gurus among them. But they would be self-chosen and tolerated as long as one wants to put up with them. Each of its leaders would be a leader only for its voluntary members or subjects. Since statism and the subordination instinct is still strong in many to most people, most present “leaders” would not lack followers at least for some time. The main thing is that the false leaders would no longer have the power and means to exploit and suppress dissenters. They would leave alone and be left alone and would have only their followers to command. Each would tend to mind only the own business. To keep their followers happy or contented enough would be a difficult enough job. At least the leaders would no longer have many internal competitors for their power and would be independent of the opinions of the majority of people outside of the own community. Further, their own ideals, with unanimous support from their followers would get their maximum chance to become realized if they are practical and useful at all. If they are successful with the practice of their ideal than trying to spread them further, the best they could do is simply to continue with their successful practice among their volunteers and rely on the attractiveness of the example they would thus set. If they are unsuccessful, then they would have no one to blame but themselves. – JZ, 15.10.05, 24.3.09, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: For panarchies the exclusive “closed shop”, excommunication, deprivation of membership, boycott, shunning and throwing out option of the people, whom they consider to be unfit for membership in their particular panarchy, must also exist. The excluded ones have, naturally, the right to establish their own panarchies and thus have no right to complain about their loss of membership in their previous association. Any kind of exclusion causes and procedures would be allowable, also trial periods and demands for guarantors for one’s good character etc. Not being subject to territorial rule and having free choice among many panarchies and also the right to establish new ones, such exclusions would not be a disaster for the individuals concerned. But it would tend to induce them, in future, to be as much as possible at their best and most attractive behavior rather than at their worst. – No one is to have the right to be accepted and tolerated as member in any particular panarchy. - JZ, 21.3.04, 24.3.09, 23.11.13. – CLOSED SHOP PANARCHIES, EXCOMMUNICATION OF MEMBERS, SHUNNING ETC., VOLUNTARISM WORKING BOTH WAYS

PANARCHISM: for something not brute force in government.” (*) Ezra Pound, Cantos, quoted in R. A. Wilson, Illuminati Papers, p.109. - Territorial government, unless all people in a territory agree on every point, means brute force at least towards every peaceful dissenter against its decisions. - JZ, 17.11.82. – An enforced “agreement” or obedience! A genuine agreement can only be achieved upon the basis of equal liberty and rights or autonomy for all. And that can only be achieved on the basis of individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy or personal law choices for all. - JZ 17.11.82, 7.4.84. - (*) Not exactly a useful guidance advice. But then even the best poets and other writers have not yet managed to clearly and attractively describe all individual rights and liberties. – All the more reason to continue all serious attempts in that direction. - JZ, 17.4.08, 23.11.13. – BRUTALITY, FORCE, GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, DISSENTERS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

PANARCHISM: For the people, truly I desire their liberty and freedom as much as anybody whatsoever, but I must tell you that their liberty and freedom consists in having those laws by which their lives and goods may be most their own.” – Charles I of England, 1649, speech on the scaffold. – If he had really meant and practised that view panarchistically, then he could have remained a monarch of the remaining monarchists in England to a ripe old age. But he had only his own kind of constitution and laws in mind and could not clearly envision self-chosen other and personal law systems for other individuals as their rightful option. – JZ, n.d. & 23.11.13. - PERSONAL LAW, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE, LAWS, LIBERTY, FREEDOM OF CHOICE, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT, VOLUNTARISM, INDEPENDENCE, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Forced association, even with someone innocuous, is bound to provoke resentment.” - Diogenes of Panarchia, THE CONNECTION 135, p.18. – VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATION VS. COMPULSORY ASSOCIATION, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIAL STATISM

PANARCHISM: Foreign relations should be a matter only for those who have them and want them, e.g., like with overseas relatives and trading partners or confederates. Foreign relations that are not individually authorized are inherently wrong. Based upon territorial sovereignty and compulsory State membership as well as collective responsibility notions they are quite wrong. Between exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers they would develop or exist naturally, across all present borders and would always be backed by individual consent and ended by individual secessions. - JZ, 8.2.95. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FOREIGN RELATIONS, FOREIGN POLICY

PANARCHISM: Foreign relations would largely be "administered", safeguarded or "controlled" and "regulated" to the extent that this would still be required at all, by the federations of local volunteer militias that would be established and maintained to uphold nothing but individual rights and liberties – at least to the extent that they are claimed by volunteers in their own panarchies. They would be aided by federations of arbitration courts, developing a new kind of international law that is based upon the recognition of individual rights rather than of territorial laws. Also by bodies like the international postal union, and free trade associations as well as protectionist associations doing their things for or to themselves. - The foreign ministers, foreign affairs offices and diplomatic services would become largely superfluous, I believe. - JZ, 8.2.95, 27.6.01. - WAR AIMS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, HUMAN RIGHTS, INTERNATIONAL LAW, MILITIA – From JZ, Pan AZ. - Years ago, Viv Forbes, an Australian representative of FEE, publisher and speaker, suggested already: Sack all diplomats. Replace them by telex machines. By now PCs would suffice. - JZ, 18.9.04. – They were and are largely merely representatives of territorial warfare States and thus part of the problem of territorialism rather than a sufficient solution for them. – JZ, 23.11.13. – DIPLOMACY, TERRITORIAL WARFARE STATES, LOCAL MILITIAS FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, INTERNATIONALLY CONFEDERATED & FOREIGN RELATIONS

PANARCHISM: Free choice among constitutions, laws, juridical and administrative systems rather than merely the choice, of territorial monopoly majority elections and, if offered at all, free migration, between different territorial States, all of which, under territorialism, are essentially like one anvil under one hammer. – JZ, 25.3.96, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - CHOICE, FREE SOCIETIES, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

PANARCHISM: Free choice among orthodox political “doctors” and all kinds of other “healers” and their “medicines” or other “cures” for every “patient”, even when most of them are quite useless. – JZ, 20.2.08.

PANARCHISM: Free contracts, free competition, free cooperation, free markets, free enterprise, for every aim, program and organization and service, to the extent that they are desired by some, even for “government” services, but all only through and among volunteer societies, communities or competing governance systems or free experiments that are only exterritorially autonomous. – JZ, 29.12.96, 9.1.99, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Free enterprise, free markets, free contracts, free pricing, free trade, freedom to compete, freedom to ignore, freedom to associate and to disassociate oneself, freedom to abstain, refuse, remain neutral or to commit oneself, freedom to do one's own things, they are all as much needed in the sphere of political, economic and social systems as they are e.g. in our private lives, in religion, in sports, in the arts and in science and technology. That should be quite self-evident to anybody who is quite aware of the results of our free individual choices by which we are surrounded. We are complaining as a rule, and rightly so, only about those choices made by others for us, at our expense and without our individual consent. But, as long as we see nothing wrong in territorial rule and voting and representation and decision-making, we do not go to the root of the remaining major problems. - JZ, 30.7.98 & 26.6.01, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Free market prices or voluntary subscriptions to all wanted public services and no more. – JZ, 25.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Free markets, i.e. free individual contracts and full consumer sovereignty and free enterprise for all services, including the "public" ones, now territorially imposed and coercively maintained. - JZ, 21.1.04, 24.3.04, 23.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - MARKETS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES

PANARCHISM: Free secessionism, free trade, free enterprise, free banking, voluntary taxation or contribution schemes, free markets, free migration, free investments, unrestricted competition in all spheres, in their own and varied panarchies, under full exterritorial autonomy and personal laws for all kinds of freedom lovers to practise as many or as few of the genuine individual rights and liberties as they want to - among themselves. But also any degree of individually desired and chosen statism, serfdom, slavery and tyranny for the rest of the people, as long as they are able and willing to put up with it, while those, who have finally learnt their lessons, remain free enough to secede from such authoritarian or despotic regimes. – Panarchism for freedom lovers and also for statists but none for territorialists - JZ, 1.8.03, 25.10.07. For exterritorial and voluntary autonomy options cannot be territorially practised. Howevder, authoritarianism can be exterritorially practised by its voluntary victims. - JZ, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. - TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: Free societies have always been societies in which the belief in individual responsibility has been strong. They have allowed individuals to act on THEIR knowledge and beliefs and have treated the results achieved as due to them. …” - F. A. Hayek. The Moral Element in Free Enterprise, Essays on Liberty, FEE, X, p.312. - Alas, he wanted to limit this freedom to the disaster-promoting framework of a territorial government, however limited it would otherwise be. A limited government imposed upon a majority of territorial statists would be likely to lead to a revolution and dictatorship. He was, late in life, only panarchistically and exterritorially inclined regarding money, i.e., when advocating monetary freedom instead of monetary territorial despotism. - JZ 27.1.02, 23.11.13. - FREE SOCIETIES, INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY

PANARCHISM: Freedom can be turned into an addictive "drug", or an infective enthusiasm, but, probably, only once it has been freely practised among volunteers, at their expense and risk, in free competition with all other systems. - JZ, 19.11.95, 24.6.01, 18.9.04. – From JZ Pan AZ. - Another requirement might be that all genuine individual rights and liberties become finally clearly declared and also protected by ideal militia forces for their protection. - JZ, 17.1.11. - ADDICTION TO FREEDOM, ATTRACTIVENESS OF FREEDOM.

PANARCHISM: Freedom can only become full and effective once no form of government, society or system is any longer territorially forced upon any peaceful citizen. - JZ, 9.11.97, 26.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - GOVERNMENT, FREEDOM, COERCION, FREE PEOPLE, FREE INDIVIDUALS

PANARCHISM: Freedom does not mean licences "bought" from politicians and bureaucrats, on their conditions. One should remain free to individually fire and ignore the lot of them, as far as one's own affairs are concerned. One should become free to live in full peace and freedom from them, either fully on one's own or to hire one's own companions and institutions or to hire one's own alternative masters or representatives. - JZ, 21.1.04, 24.3.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Freedom for diversity, based upon individual choices and contracts, in all spheres, even those so far monopolized by territorial governments. – JZ, 25.3.09. – CONTRACTARIANISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Freedom for the capitalistic, the anarchistic, as well as for the socialistic religions and sects. - JZ, 24.3.89, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Freedom for you to do (at your own cost or within your own sphere) what I consider wrong, selfish or independent - is the vital principle of peace and all progress; for your experiments may prove that you are right.” – Josiah Warren, True Civilization, p.144. - PEACE, FREEDOM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, INDEPENDENCE & PROGRESS, TOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: Freedom is the absence of aggression and government is the absence of voluntarism. The two - freedom and government - cannot sit side by side for long. Sooner or later, one must give in to the other. The trouble is, freedom seems to always be the loser.” - SLL leaflet "Voluntarism” - It will remain the loser until it makes the fullest use of all the arsenal of “weapons” or tools for the acceleration of enlightenment which even a limited degree of freedom makes it legal and possible to construct or compile. - JZ, 7.4.84. – SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, FULL FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND CONTRACT VS. TERRITORIAL STATISM, COERCION, MONOPOLISM & COLLECTIVISM

PANARCHISM: Freedom is the only one thing that offers a possibility of such unity, because under freedom no man can place another in subjection to his views, and because unrestrained difference offers the nearest and truest approach to true unity, which this world allows. The unity of unrestrained difference is a far truer unity than the unity of compulsory sameness.” - Auberon Herbert, Lost in the Region of Phrases. – PREJUDICES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, CHOICE IN GOVERNANCE, SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES, VOLUNTARISM, VS. COMPULSION, ENFORCED UNITY & DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Freedom means the right and power to organize to say no to any meddling territorial legislators, politicians, bureaucrats and judges, i.e., the right to fully enjoy and practice all one's individual rights and liberties without permit from these monopolists, power addicts and territorial enforcers. - JZ, 21.1.04, 24.3.04, 23.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - RESISTANCE, SECESSIONISM, HUMAN RIGHTS:

PANARCHISM: Freedom must always come first; and all services, however important, must come second. All men must join the State as free men, with their own consent; all men must serve it and contribute to it as free men and with their own consent. Otherwise men would cease to be Self-owners, and the disposal of their minds, bodies, and property would no longer rest with themselves, but with others - with those who claimed to be the Government. We ask you, therefore, to help us change the present Compulsory State, with its usurped ownership of the minds, bodies, and property of men, into the Voluntary State, in which men would cooperate together for all their needs, as free men and Self-owners, not as those who have sold themselves into a bondage, from which, when once they have entered it, it is so hard to escape.” - Auberon Herbert, A Voluntaryist Appeal. – Apparently, he had only one such ideal State in mind, instead of many competing governance systems, societies and communities of volunteers, all under their preferred personal law, i.e. without a territorial monopoly. – I wish all freedom writings had been easily and cheaply accessible to him to eliminate the few remaining flaws in this excellent libertarian writer. - JZ, 23.11.13. - VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT, VOLUNTARY STATE MEMBERSHIP, SELF-OWNERSHIP, VOLUNTARY STATE OR GOVERNMENT, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, SELF-DETERMINATION VS. COMPULSORY STATE MEMBERSHIP & SUBORDNATION OR TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Freedom to experiment for all reformers, utopians, an dissenters, all volunteers, at their own expense and risk. An end to any power of man over man without individual consent. (Criminals and aggressors excepted.) The exterritorial and voluntaristic foundation for peace, justice, liberty, progress and prosperity for all, at their pace and to the extent that they are capable of it. - JZ, 28.1.02, 23.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Freedom to individually opt out from under just a single wrongful or disliked law is not enough. Nor is freedom to criticize and try to abolish a single law or even several ones, with the help of freedom of expression and, finally, after a successful and prolonged struggle, that of a majority of at last - in this respect -sufficiently enlightened voters. We must become free to opt out from under a thousand or a million laws, all presently territorially imposed and a burden much too heavy for an individual or a minority to remove for all. All that should be required of an individual should be his own and witnessed signature and his one-man revolution should thereby be complete. The great benefit of such revolutions would be that they would not interfere at all with the ongoing preferences of all others, except that they would no longer be authorized to dominate him, territorially, as long as he has not been or does not become a criminal with victims or other kind of aggressor. – JZ, 30.4.02, 17.1.11.  - SECESSIONISM, LAWS, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, OPTING OUT, JUST SOME REFORMS ARE NOT ENOUGH. THE WHOLE FOUNDATION MUST BE CHANGED – TO EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS.

PANARCHISM: Freedom to live one's own preferred lifestyle in every sphere, among likeminded people, quite independent from the preferences of others, which they realize among themselves, is already a great achievement, e.g. for anarchists. - Moreover, in such a new social situation, they do not only have verbal freedom to make more converts, and a, however small, chance to one day persuade everybody to accept anarchism for himself, but they are then quite free to demonstrate their kind of anarchism and whatever benefits they can derive from it, to their neighbors and all other observers, mostly those living close-by. Via the Internet news they might now persuade some others, living elsewhere on this planet. But free actions and their successes speak louder than words. Actions in other countries, other cultures, other language areas etc., do not have the same persuasive powers, in spite of the modern mass media, to make alternative ways of living, working, enjoying and ruling oneself, appear as interesting and persuasive as such actions are when undertaken, so to speak, next door. - Maybe then the idle curiosity of neighbors and bystanders can do some good! (Even when such actions are frowned upon or despised by others, in such situations the others have, nothing to fear from them, since they will not be territorially imposed upon them. - For themselves they would remain free to reject all practices they dislike and to use these practices among others only as their deterrent examples. – JZ, 1986, 10.12.04, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. – ANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, SECESSIONISM, PERSUASION ATTEMPTS OR PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATIONS? EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: Freedom to not only advance, in a tolerant and voluntary way but also to stagnate or even to go backwards, each at his or her costs and risk and corresponding to their level of ideas, knowledge and special interests, independent of the opinions, laws and institutions of territorial governments, and of “experts” of public opinion, of parties and majorities. – JZ, 15.3.09. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: Freedom to produce and exchange in every sphere. Perhaps the most important part of laissez faire, laissez passer, or tolerance for all rightful and self-responsible actions. – JZ, 25.3.09. - In other words, laissez-faire not only for economics but also for political and social relationships and institutions, even for personal law and self-chosen jurisdictions. - JZ, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Freedom to rule oneself - at the own expense and risk - and that of like-minded people - without help or hindrance by any territorial politician or bureaucrat, constitution, law or jurisdiction. It means individual sovereignty combined with exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, living under their own personal laws, constitutions, juridical, voting and protection systems. - JZ, 29.1.04, 24.4.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Freedom to think and to act otherwise – at the own risk and expense. – JZ, 3.10.03.

PANARCHISM: freedom, to be meaningful, must find direct expression in practice as well as in principle. Articulations of principles of liberty may provide the understanding, but these must be practised to give freedom objective existence. Freedom is a process of being and becoming, in our laws and their enforcement, in our institutions and the purposes for which they are used, in our policies and methods and daily behavior. … One must act as well as articulate …” - Ralph Nader, How Winstedites Test their Integrity, Essays on Liberty, FEE, X, p.76, from the conclusion. - PRACTICE, FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM PRINCIPLES

PANARCHISM: Freely chosen diversity instead of any imposed uniformity, in every sphere, apart from voluntarily adopted standardization options. – JZ, 24.3.09. – SELF-CHOSEN DIVERSITY VS. TERRITORIALLY IMPOSED UNIFORMITY

PANARCHISM: From individual sovereignty follow, at least to me, quite logically and inseparately: 1. individual secessionism, 2. voluntary associationism, 3. minority autonomy, 4. exterritoriality or non-territoriality for voluntary associations, 5. a free competition between a great variety of different governmental and non-governmental societies, 6. freedom of action and experimental freedom in all spheres - at the expense and risk of the voluntary participants, 7. the possibility of peaceful coexistence of the most diverse forms of human association in the same territory, 8. the abolition of all coercive and artificial monopolies, 9. ultimate decentralization and centralization options, by individual choice, 10. the abolition of all compulsory membership rules, even for States, armed forces and trade and professional unions, 11. the abolition of (the ??? – some word or words missing!) (public debt, conscription and of compulsory taxation?), 12. the settlement of "international" disputes between exterritorial, autonomous protective associations of volunteers on the basis of natural law, individual rights and international law rules and institutions based upon them, 13. the confinement of all protection efforts to those rights and liberties only that are actually claimed by the voluntary members of an exterritorial and autonomous protective community (or Panarchy, or Competing Government, or Polyarchy or Multi-Government, etc.), with the option to claim more or all of them always remaining, 14. the realization there is no single and uniform kind of society that is suitable for all human beings, 15. awareness that the greatest possible variety and autonomy of human societies and actions, in all creative spheres, is not only rightful but necessary for the full development of individuals and societies to their maximum potential, 16. the release of all creative energies and the reduction of all destructive human activities requires this reorganization. - (At point 11 a break occurred and the parts got separated, during sorting, with some words being lost. - JZ, 7.9.04.) - What is still a riddle to me is: Why do not most others, especially anarchists and libertarians, who should be, essentially, individualists and voluntaryists and thorough enough anti-statists, see these and related connections? Why do they get side-tracked by notions of small, decentralized, independent territories, in which territorial coercion and monopolies are not challenged, or of one supposedly ideal form of society for all, by notions of imposed equality, rather than chosen inequality, by their antagonism to private property, even if practised only among volunteers (capitalism among consenting adults), while other volunteers could make other arrangements among themselves, with their own property, by their illusions of the State as protector of property or of persons (in spite of taxation and other thefts of property and e.g. conscription), by ideas of still territorial and exclusively sovereignty, centralized or decentralized, but still coercively financed governments, that would have compulsory membership and exclusive jurisdiction, policing and defence powers in "their" territories but are, nevertheless, supposed to be so limited that they would be ideal and acceptable to all? What would it take to defeat such remaining statist notions of territorial uniformity, equality, law and order and “limited” but still territorial monopoly governments? - When will the advocates of spontaneous order, a superior and perhaps the only kind of true order which is possible, from Adam Smith's "invisible hand", over Proudhon's "Liberty is the mother, not the daughter of order", to Hayek's notions of spontaneous order in essential human relationships, that cannot be successfully replaced by a planned or designed order systems, finally extend their notions to the worst threat to mankind, the organization of territorial, exclusive and coercive governments? Smith favored at least much laissez faire in economics. Proudhon was at least in general terms in favor of dissolving States by contracts. But Hayekians are still addicted to the exclusive and territorial State model for politics, defence, courts and police and merely want to reform its constitution. And most of the anarchists and libertarians just want more of the same - but on a smaller scale and under other labels. - PIOT, JZ, 10.10.1989, 18.9.04, 17.1.11. 23.11.13. – From JZ Pan AZ. - CHARACTERISTICS: INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSION & PANARCHISM

PANARCHISM: From space most man-made borders are invisible, it is just one planet, one habitat for man and over thousands of years human migrants have always considered it to be such. – JZ, 18.4.08. – TERRITORIALISM, BORDERS, FRONTIERS

PANARCHISM: From the errors of others a wise man corrects his own.” - Publilius Syrus. - PANARCHIES AS DEMONSTRATIONS OF MISTAKES, ERRORS & PREJUDICES

PANARCHISM: From the point of view of an anarchist, the archy or order of a statist amounts to chaos and disorder. From the point of view of a statist or archist, the anarchy of an anarchist amounts to chaos and disorder. That leads to mutual antagonism, since each is afraid of the other, i.e. the practice of the other’s “ideal” upon himself, without his own consent. The great variety of anarchist groups, as well as the great variety of archist groups, might go on arguing endlessly and fruitlessly among themselves and also with their opponents or they might, finally, come to agree upon: 1.) Anarchies of every shade for anarchists of every shade, as well as 2.) archies of every shade for archists of every shade, all only at the own expense and risk, all in the same country and all at the same time. – As soon as they can agree upon this “compromise” or radical solution, it would permit them to peacefully coexist. Then, after some practise of this tolerant alternative, within a panarchistic framework, the definitions, principles and relevant facts would become, at least gradually, quite clear and the mutual misunderstandings and antagonisms would by and by become reduced and, finally, would disappear. They will not necessarily agree with the views and practices of their dissenting neighbors but will tolerate them as good neighbors, tolerant and peaceful ones, doing their own things only to and for themselves, at their own expense and risk. On that basis they might even become personal friends, no matter how different their political, economic and social ideals might remain. To a sufficient extent they would come to understand, appreciate or tolerate each other. – JZ, 11.12,97, 10.1.99, 23.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - ANARCHISM, ARCHISM, CHAOS, ORDER & DISORDER

PANARCHISM: Full autonomy for all volunteer communities but only on an exterritorial and personal law basis. – JZ, 17.10.93. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Full diplomatic immunity or personal laws and jurisdictions for all the members of dissenting minorities, as long as they have not committed any crimes with victims against voluntary or involuntary subjects of territorial rulers. In case of such crimes the juridical avenue between the old and the new communities should be determined by a treaty. – Diplomatic immunity is one of the small remnants of the personal law tradition and is so far extended only to a very few privileged persons, the officials of territorial States, representing them in other countries. – JZ, 6.7.04. - DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY, PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: Full exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities would permit the peaceful coexistence of alternative societal "universes", now and here on Earth, for their supporters. What more can they rightfully demand for themselves, for their public affairs? - JZ, 7.10.99, 24.6.01, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – They should not demand anything less, either. – JZ, 23.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Full freedom for an individual is indivisible - for those who do want it need every part of it to be really free and to remain free. But this does not mean that those, who do not want it, cannot put themselves under all sorts of contractual and legal penalties and restrictions against full liberty and all individual rights, thus putting themselves under the governments of their dreams without imposing these dream-worlds, their statist utopias, upon others. To that extent freedom is divisible. – JZ, 7.7.82. As dividable as is the practice of freedom of expression and information is. You have it by rights, but are not obliged to become a writer, a public speaker or a bookworm or a permanent student. – The individual usages of basic rights and liberties are optional. - JZ, 17.4.08, 23.11.13. - Their respect for these rights and liberties in others, to the extent that these others do already claim them for themselves, in their own communities, is not optional but a moral duty. - One could even say that those genuine individual rights and liberties that others have not yet recognized and realized among themselves, should, nevertheless, as a moral duty, respected in them. That might help to enlighten them. - JZ, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Fully free individuals would also be free to choose their own government, tax and juridical system, international friends and allies or enemies, their own war and peace aims, defence and liberation methods and organizations, their own international treaties, including separate peace treaties and disarmament agreements, their own foreign aid programs as well as their own preferred neutrality status, trade agreements or restrictions, their own immigration policy, either welcoming migrants with open arms or keeping them off the own properties, their own kind of world federation or world-wide decentralization system. Without his individual consent no individual can rightfully be represented in international relations, either. No more territorial, compulsory, monopolistic, centralistic, collectivistic and despotic decision-making and powers over others in any sphere. (The mere existence of mass extermination devices in the hands of territorial governments should have made that obvious, decades ago, to almost everyone, as it did to me. - JZ, 17.1.11.) Thus the threat of large-scale violence, wars organized and run by territorial governments, would largely be done away with. - At most we would still get a number of mentally disturbed individuals running amok and some fanatic sectarians using terrorist means. Most likely their numbers and motives would be greatly reduced as well. When people are quite free to do their own things for and to themselves, then they are much less likely to blame and attack others, especially not those who, quite obviously, do not have any powers over them. Panarchies lead to introspection and self-criticism and, lastly, to many more responsible people. - JZ, 15.1.97 & 26.6.01, 8.9.04, 18.9.04, 23.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - INDIVIDUALISM, FOREIGN POLICY, DECISION-MAKING, ALLIANCES, TREATIES, ALLIES, ENEMIES, NWT

PANARCHISM: Furthermore, and quite intentionally, territory is not dealt with. The demand that the concept of the State has to include the existence of a territory is to be rejected. Very many well established States of the primeval period, indeed even powerful ancient States can be shown that did not permanently own any territory.” - ("Ferner ist mit aller Absicht vom Gebiet nicht die Rede. Die Forderung, dass dem Begriff Staat auch das Vorhandensein eines Gebietes einzuverleiben sei, ist abzulehnen. Sehr viele wohlgeschaffene Urzeit-, ja noch selbst maechtige Alterstumsstaaten sind nachzuweisen, die des dauernden Landbesitzes durchaus entbehrten.") - Kurt Breysig, Die Geschichte der Menschheit, 1. Band, Berlin, 1907, Georg Bondi, S.531. - How can such insights remain so widely ignored for so long, even by historians? Not to speak of political "science", which is largely only an elaboration of territorial authoritarianism and ignores its opposite. - 17.1.11. EXTERRITORIALITY, TERRITORIALISM, STATE, PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: Geographical Secessionism? Only individual and non-geographical or exterritorialist secessionism could minimize discontent, dissent, destruction and bloodshed. – JZ, 4.9. 89, 10.10.89. – The addicts to unity and uniformity should become confined to their voluntary followers. If panarchists organized worldwide, we would end up with several of their world-wide associations, e.g. World Federalists and World Statists, both only for their volunteers, under personal law. - JZ, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. - SECESSIONISM, PEACE, WAR, PACIFICATION, COMPETING & VOLUNTARY WORLD ORGANIZATIONS

PANARCHISM: Geographically completely mingled and yet individually and in volunteer groups completely separated governments, their citizens and free societies, introduced and maintained through voluntary and individual secession and free entry. (“Geographisch miteinander verschachtelt und doch individuell und in Freiwilligengruppen ganz getrennte Regierungen, ihre Buerger und freie Gesellschaften, eingefuehrt und erhalten durch den freiwilligen und individuellen Austritt und Eintritt, verbunden mit der exterritorialen Autonomie fuer Gemeinschaften von Freiwilligen.“) - JZ, 24.9.90, 10.1.93. – From JZ Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Geopolitical, a term used by Mikolaj Kozakiewicz, Speaker of the new House of Parliament in Poland, according to THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 26.8.89. – I was unfamiliar with this term. It seems to cover what I often call "territorialism" or exclusive territorial sovereignty. Most people are still only able to perceive politics on such terms. – JZ, 10.10. 89. (My 1959-Encyclopaedia Britannica includes the term, my compact edition of the Oxford English Dictionary does not.) – EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Get all the politicians and bureaucrats and judges out of your pockets and out of your lives - unless YOU, individually, declare that you do want them to spend your money and to a large extent run your lives. - JZ, 21.1.04, 23.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Government of all men by all men, that is PANARCHY or COMMUNISM.” - Proudhon. - Note: The panarchism meant here by Proudhon and by Ralph Borsodi in his “17 Problems of Living” has nothing in common with the Panarchism discussed and recommended in the PEACE PLANS series. I follows the use of this term by P. E. de Puydt, in his 1860 French essay Panarchie. - See its reproduction in several languages on - JZ, n.d.

PANARCHISM: Governmental and economic systems should be as voluntary and without territorial privileges as churches and other clubs are now, in many countries. - JZ, 9 Feb. 89. – TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

PANARCHISM: Governmental and monetary and financial services should all be subject to free competition, i.e., free offers, free refusals and free market rating. In short, they should all be subject to the Law of Supply and Demand. None should have Legal Tender or any monopoly powers. The taint of territorialism should be removed from them. Laissez Faire, Laissez Passer (Let people produce, let people exchange.) should be realized in these important spheres as well. Otherwise all other rights and liberties will become incomplete. Under exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities both radical liberties (free enterprise and free exchange) become quite practicable. - JZ, 13. 12. 03, 8.9.04. - From JZ, Pan AZ. – Also all other supposed ideals held by most people, which can be tolerantly practised. Do tribes of cannibals do each other wrong when they only consume each other? Or tribes of murderers, rapists and robbers, who only murder, rape or rob each other? - JZ, 17.1.11. - FREE BANKING, MONETARY FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: Governments and free societies by individual choice rather than by territorial imposition upon any non-criminal dissenters. – JZ, 20.3.96. – By now there may be already thousands of definitions each for socialism, anarchism, democracy and republicanism. In the absence of many definitions from others, of panarchism, I dare to make dozens to hundreds of attempts to finally come up with the best definition that I am capable of. If that sounds boring and repetitive to you, then so be it. I will, nevertheless, continue with my efforts. – JZ, 11.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Governments compete unfairly with private businesses in the provision of thousands of goods and services.” - Thomas J. Dilorenzo, THE FREEMAN, June 89. – Let us establish, instead, fully free enterprises and cooperative and mutual aid institutions, in free competition with all present territorial government offers, in the sphere of providing “public services” and even of providing whole package deals of various political, economic and social systems, but all only for volunteers. That means also freedom for Welfare Statists and State Socialists to do their own things – but only to themselves. -JZ, 16.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Governments were so far, largely, only territorially competing and that turned them, at least most of the larger ones, into Warfare States. They ought to begin to compete, as soon as possible, only exterritorially, all only with their own volunteers, like they do in sports in international games. That could turn them into peace-lovers and peace-makers in most cases. The best precedent for this is religious tolerance or religious freedom. It was peace-promoting wherever it was introduced and retained and it is by now in many countries already taken for granted, accepted as being quite natural and just. However, ideologically motivated territorial States and their political parties are still at logger-heads with each other, without being clearly aware that it is their territorialism that is the main cause of their antagonism. Nor are they aware of the attractive and rightful alternatives for them, which exterritorial autonomy for all groups of volunteers could provide them with. Under exterritorialism any opposition party or movement could become immediately self-governing or self-managing. It would not have to engage in an expensive and laborious as well as prolonged political struggle to gain majority approval or in any violent freedom struggle. Each group adopting this limited aim and practised tolerance towards the practices of other ideals among their volunteers, would immediately reduce the number of its opponents and would, ultimately, reduce them almost to zero – apart from mere verbal critics, madmen, fanatics, fundamentalists and crackpots. The remaining violent opponents would, like ordinary violent criminals with involuntary victims, lose the support of public opinion. – JZ, 6.7.09, 9.3.12. - TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, COMPETITION, PEACE, GOVERNMENTS, STATES, MINORITIES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

PANARCHISM: Handouts in the Welfare State: Most statists handouts and subsidies will come to an end, or be continued only on a voluntary subscription basis, when those, who are now forced to pay for them, can freely opt out of these involuntary income transfers or coercive redistribution schemes. They would then establish among themselves only those alternative welfare, insurance, credit and charitable arrangements which they do really want for themselves. - JZ, 7.9. 89, 10.10.89, 17.1.11, 23.11.13. – WELFARE STATE, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: have a deep sense of TOLERANCE, to recognize that there is no "One Only Right Way” of life as the bigot propounds ... But that there are MANY ways, each right to the extent that it enables its followers to live happily without interfering with the equal rights of non-interfering others to seek happiness in their own ways.” - FREEDOM TODAY, 9/75. (Selected sentences from "Lucky You".) – TOLERANCE, DIVERSITY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: Have your own way – in everything – but only at your own expense and risk – and that of those who voluntarily joined you and remained with you – and not at the risk and expense of anyone else. – JZ, 24.10.93. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - HAVING IT THE OWN WAY

PANARCHISM: He drew a circle that shut me out. … But Love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in.” - Edwin. - Here, too, is the usual poetic lack of precision. These lines could refer to isolationist and antagonistic territorial circles and to territorial federation or integration, or to territorial exclusiveness vs. exterritorial separateness and yet peaceful living together, supported by free exchanges, although under different personal laws, not necessarily loving the others but tolerating them and thus doing them justice. - JZ, 5.6.84.

PANARCHISM: He is free who knows how to keep in his own hand the power to decide, at each step, the course of his life, and who lives in a society which does not block the exercise of that power.” - Salvador de Madariaga - In other words: No one is quite free today! - JZ, 8.4.03. - SELF-DETERMINATION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

PANARCHISM: Here were people who lived by rules that denied everything the outside society believed.” - Frank Herbert, Hellstrom's Hive, p.286. - AUTONOMY, INDEPENDENCE, VOLUNTARISM, DECENTRALIZATION, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT

PANARCHISM: his most crucial problem, a feasible but (and? - JZ) practical way of governing himself in complete freedom. He hasn’t been able to come up with the right formula that works and guarantees him real liberty in determining his destiny – his life, security, future.” - Kevork Ajemian, The Fallacy of Modern Politics, Books International, PO Box 6096, McLean, Virginia 22106, 1986, Tel. (703) 821-8900, p.182. – Territorialism, subscribed to by almost all, including K. A., has not allowed him to do this, in the only possible and already historically proven way, under exterritorial autonomy for all groups of volunteers. Territorialism is a relatively new and still very intolerant religion, faith or ideology. – JZ, 7.10.07, 17.1.11. – Exterritorialism and personal law are, rather, the rightful ancient traditions. – JZ, 10.3.09. - POLYARCHISM

PANARCHISM: His way and also a way out for everybody - who is not a criminal with victims. So that they can finally all say: “And what is best of all, I lived it my way!” – JZ, 14.7.98, 10.1.99. - All the popular sayings that have some panarchist contents have not yet been listed together, as they should be. - However, I cannot tackle all such jobs by myself. - JZ, 8.9.04, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Home rule extended even down to nuclear families and their properties. Different personal law choices extended even to different members of the same nuclear family and their properties. At least one such case was mentioned by Gibbon in his famous work on “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, in chapter 38: “The Laws of the Barbarians”. – JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09. - HOME RULE, FAMILIES, INDIVIDUALISM EVEN FOR PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, DIFFERENT ONES IN NUCLEAR FAMILIES

PANARCHISM: How can anyone still doubt the right to resist, secede and revolt - after the kind of dictatorships, tyrannies and totalitarian regimes man has experienced? - JZ 22.4.83. – Or the right to establish the opposites to the territorial Warfare States? – JZ, 17.4.08. – Or the right to establish societies without ABC mass murder devices? – JZ, 10.4.08.

PANARCHISM: How could one at the same time support full autonomy and self-responsibility for terrorists while strictly opposing and persecuting all their present and future aggressive, murderous and destructive methods against others? - A complete refusal of all their "liberation" aims will continue to breed terrorists - as would a suppression of the practice of most faiths. Supposedly, most of them do not aim at terrorism in permanence, but only practise terrorism as a means towards the achievement of their “ideal”. If that ideal could be freely practised by them, at their expense and risk, even while it would remain rejected by most people around them (in and for the lives of these other people), would terrorism then still go on, largely unchecked or even growing, or would it peter out? Is there any other way to grant them what they want, for themselves, without subjecting others to what they terrorists suppose to be an ideal form of society, than granting terrorists (as well as all their opponents) full exterritorial autonomy, if they want it? - In the non-territorial minority autonomy model for volunteers, the terrorists would not have to defeat or terrorize the majority to achieve their aims for themselves, by imposing them upon all, territorially. They could have, what they want, just like their favorite meals, clothing, sport, hobby or craft, for themselves but without any domination over others. They could get it without voting or bomb attacks or military victories. The wrongfulness of their own ideas, the flaws in their systems, their internal contradictions, could not remain lastingly unknown to them, if they could practise them freely among themselves - but only at their own risk and expense, that is, under optimal conditions, i.e. only among their more or less fanatic volunteers. Terrorism would then tend to shrivel away or become transformed - into a peaceful part of the whole minority autonomy movement. That would even apply to those kinds of terrorism, which now get statist support from totalitarian or dictatorial regimes. For these regimes could also be unsaddled via a program based upon minority autonomy for all - on a voluntary and non-geographical basis. This process may already have begun, if it does not remain confined merely to geographical secessionism and autonomy, if the latest reports from Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are any guide. - JZ, 8.10. 88, 10.10. 89. – Terrorism is a last and desperate step of those who see no other way to get their ideals realized among themselves. They, too, are victims – of notions and practices of territorialism and of collective responsibility – and also, in most cases, victims of monetary despotism. On these 3 fronts terrorism could be undermined – but territorial governments have undertaken not a single step in this direction, to my knowledge. Their own intolerant territorialism breeds the intolerance of the terrorists. – JZ, 16.4.08. – TERRORISM & TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: How many and how different governments, societies and communities? As many as are wanted by volunteers for themselves, with all of them limited to exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 17.6.03, 15.12.03, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - QUESTIONS

PANARCHISM: How many hundreds of millions of soldiers and civilians have died in wars and revolutions, all under the tacit and largely unquestioned assumption that territorial political organization is the only possible or the best possible and a rightful form, and that it would assure them security and prosperity rather than recurring wars and impoverishment? - 5.2.93, 16.4.08, 17.1.11. – TERRITORIALISM. WAR, REVOLUTION, SECURITY, PROSPERITY, IMPOVERISHMENT, QUESTIONS

PANARCHISM: However, I also believe that the majority of people obey instructions without coercion. So I would like to see a non-coercive government tried; with a provision for the use of force only in response to force being used. If this be anarchy, I'm all for it, for I believe it would, cause less harm to have anarchy than to have the present types of governments, which seem to spend most of our money on A-bombs, nerve gases and similar humanitarian devices.” - Eric Lindsay, GEGENSCHEIN 32, p.6. – EXTERRITORIAL VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIAL COMPULSION, STATISM

PANARCHISM: I always believe a man should be allowed to do one thing badly - provided he does not inflict his mistakes on others.” - From John Wayne film: Tycoon. - Many people subscribe to such generalities but few only extend them to such concrete instances as voluntary State membership and exterritorial autonomy under personal law. - JZ, 6.4.84, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: I am a refugee to this country, not because it manufactures Olympic winners or the greatest technology in the world or any other single achievement found in it, but because it is the best environment for individuals to pursue their own happiness, according to their own individual talents, abilities and choices.” - Tibor Machan, Liberty and Culture, p.288. - I wish the U.S.A. were still as close to that ideal as they once were. But even in their greatest times, they could not offer, with their territorialist system of collectivist sovereignty and compulsory membership or subordination, the kinds of liberties, rights and opportunities that would be provided by competing and exterritorially autonomous governments of volunteers or panarchies. Why stop short of full liberty - if one wants full liberty, or why not freedom for each and everyone to stop, on the road to full liberty, at least for the time being, at the level of liberty that he finds already satisfactory? - JZ, 5.9.92, 5.2.93, 17.1.11. – REFUGEES, USA, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, AMERICANISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TOLERANCE, LIBERTY, PERSONAL LAW, FULL EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, CONTRACT & SECESSION IN EVERY SPHERE

PANARCHISM: I am a revolutionary and a conservative, a liberal and a socialist, an anarchist and an authoritarian - in other words, a panarchist. - JZ, 1965. – I should have clarified this as being my advocacy for all kinds of aims and efforts of volunteers doing their own things for or to themselves, at their own risk and expense, i.e. with tolerance for the different but also tolerant efforts of others, but under that freedom I would choose for myself, on most points, the individualist anarchism of Benjamin R. Tucker. – JZ, 24.11.13.

PANARCHISM: I am an individualist anarchist – but I do not want everyone to live under such an anarchism or any other, whether he like it or not. In other words: I am a panarchist before I am an anarchist. For me the essence of anarchism, libertarianism, panarchism and rightful governmentalism is voluntarism, not equality, not the absence of any self-chosen authority. – JZ, 19.9.84, 14.2.08, 17.1.11. - ANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: I am an individualist anarchist of the anarcho-capitalist kind but for the best way to achieve this ideal for myself and for like-minded other volunteers, and for a whole world in freedom, peace and justice, I do favor panarchism, i.e. individual sovereignty and individual secessionism and voluntary associationism under personal law or full exterritorial autonomy for all, with none of the non-criminal and non-invasive people becoming confined to any place or territory. Then my statist enemies will be stuck with their self-created or self-chosen problems and can no longer blame anyone else for them than themselves. – JZ, n.d. & 9.3.12. - INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM, ANARCHO-CAPITALISM, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, TOLERANCE, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

PANARCHISM: I am free; you are free; we can have our separate trips or we can have the same trip.” - R. A. Wilson: The Illuminati Papers, p.71. - Under territorialism separate trips, that are not mere drug trips, are possible only in separate territories; in new or old separate nation-States, whether large or small. Exterritorial autonomy for voluntary communities goes beyond that. - JZ 7.4.84. – I for one would not compare the voluntary commitment to one of the other kind of society, community or system with a drug use or drug addiction. Nor has this decision-making anything to do with the trips of emigration and immigration, i.e. one’s removal from one territorial system only to enter another territorial system, supposedly somewhat better. – JZ, 17.4.08.

PANARCHISM: I am myself my own commander.” (“Egomet sum mihi imperator.”) Plautus, Mercator, I, 853. (Act v, sc.2.) - I would add: "and I allow everyone else to be his own.” - JZ, 7.7.82. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONISM IN EVERY SPHERE, TOLERANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

PANARCHISM: I am pro-freedom and not anti-anything. Others can have all the government they want. I just wish they wouldn't force it on me as I don't want it or need it. I am self-governing and will not force my ideas on them via the ballot box (or any other way)." - J. C. Hawblitzel, Canoga Park, Ca., VALLEY NEWS, March 7, 1980. Quoted in THE VOLUNTARYIST, No. 66, Feb. 1994. - Such voices in the wilderness and their addresses have still to be collected towards some kind of directory of and also federation of all panarchists. - Maybe the new panarchy, polyarchy and libertocracy websites will help to achieve that. - JZ, 28.6.01. - Will someone undertake the chore to "google-up" the contact addresses for all such "lone voices in the wilderness" towards a first small international association of panarchists, polyarchists etc.? - JZ, 8.9.04, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM, ANTAGONISM, ANIMOSITY, ENEMIES, DIRECTORY, VOTING, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

PANARCHISM: I am pro-Jewish people but anti-Zionist - to the extent that Zionism expounds and practises a territorial nationalism. I hold that no territorial nationalism, not even a Jewish one, is justified. - JZ 27.3.1989. - Full exterritorial autonomy for Arabs as well as Jews - and other people and voluntary groupings and communities – would provide the best chance to finally bring about a just and lasting peace to the Middle East. The curious thing is that this radical solution would be no more than a revival and extension of the best Arab and Jewish traditions. - JZ, 11.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – PANARCHISM IS PRO-JEWS & ANY FORM OF VOLUNTARY JUDAISM BUT AGAINST TERRITORIAL ZIONISM. ISRAEL & PALESTINE, TO EACH HIS OWN, EXTERRITORIALLY. NON-TERRITORIAL SELF-GOVERNMENT FOR ANY ARABS, MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS & ANY OTHER BELIEVERS, IN THEIR VOLUNTARY SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES OR GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS.

PANARCHISM: I am the fellow citizen of everybody who thinks that his fatherland is liberty.” - (“Ich bin der Mitbuerger eines jeden, der denkt, mein Vaterland ist die Freiheit.”) – Salvador de Madariaga. – I am neutral and tolerant towards all those voluntarily submitting to some government, as long as they do not try to subjugate any peaceful and tolerant dissenter. – JZ, 20.7.86, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - Who, at present, is not a criminal with involuntary victims or other aggressor if he has cast his territorial vote on the affairs of others? - JZ, 17.1.11, 24.11.13.) - PATRIOTISM, FATHERLAND & FREEDOM, VOTING

PANARCHISM: I believe in only one thing: liberty; but I do not believe in liberty enough to want to force it upon anyone.” - H. L. Mencken. – ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. - To that extent even Mencken was a panarchist. - JZ, 8.1.08. – If he had been familiar with the concept and with the limited historical practice of panarchism, then he would have left us some brilliant articles about it. – Probably, he would also have written some satirical articles about some panarchistic utopian attempts that were bound to fail because of their inherent flaws. – But he confined himself instead in his political statements to humor about territorial systems. - JZ, 7.3.09. - He remained merely a skeptic instead of becoming a quire rightful reformer, liberator or revolutionary. - JZ, 17.1.11, 24.11.13. - MENCKEN

PANARCHISM: I believe that every individual is naturally entitled to do as he pleases with himself and the fruits of his labor, so far as it in no way interferes with any other men's rights.” - Abraham Lincoln. – - Many such general statements exist by many different authors – without them becoming aware of all of the implications of their statements or actually doing something to help realize this ideal. – JZ, 5.1.08, 17.1.11. – Instead, Lincoln remained a territorial power addict and as such may still be responsible for the killing of more of his countrymen than any other US President. – JZ, 24.11.13. - EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW; INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, LINCOLN

PANARCHISM: I believe that all resources – including the provision of personal defense and security of property – should be allocated to the public by freely fairly, and amicably competing agorists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, mutual, co-operatives, communes, minority-unionist and members-only syndicates, and egalitarian labor-managed firms; not by monopolistic and oligopolistic States, bureaucracies, hierarchical firms, chambers of commerce, business lobbies, employers' associations, or Statist or overly conciliatory unions. - Joe Kopsick, Panarchist International, on Facebook, 8.3.13. - AGORISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, PANARCHIST INTERNATIONAL

PANARCHISM: I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure - which is: try to please everybody. - JZ, n.d. – Panarchism is the most important and widest application of the popular saying “doing the own thing.” – JZ, 24.11.13. - SUCCESS & FAILURE, TOLERANCE, PERSONAL LAWS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

PANARCHISM: I claim the whole Earth for myself and for all othersbut only exterritorially, for our diverse and voluntary as well as autonomous communities of all kinds, as long as all of them do respect this expansion of the framework for free and tolerant actions and all the individual rights and liberties involved, at least to the extent that they are recognized and claimed by members of other communities. – JZ, 18.7.98, 10.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: I could only respect a ruling politician if he were to let all his opponents secede from his regime and also freed them to form alternative governments or non-governmental societies. – JZ, 26.5.93, 17.1.11. – But that was something even an Abraham Lincoln, in spite of some phrases going in this direction, would not permit. He rather sacrificed half a million of his countrymen to preserve a compulsory “unity” and his rule over it. – JZ, 26.5.93, 14.1.99, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - RESPECT FOR POLITICIANS, LINCOLN

PANARCHISM: I do not intend to stop thinking, writing and speaking about panarchism, its introduction and its possible achievements, or exploring past experiences with it and identical or similar thoughts of others - even while I have to do this mainly by myself and for myself. One can advance an idea also by persistently arguing with oneself and with relevant observations, proposals and arguments of others, to the extent that they were and are accessible to oneself. Ideally, I would like all these entries embodied in a large databank and fast retrieval system. My own computer skills are much too limited for that. There would be few who would not greatly benefit if panarchist ideas became public opinion. However, rational self-interest in ethical solutions is still all too small. - If others do get turned off by my monologues, long compilations and my single-track mind and concerns, they do not have to read my output, write to me or visit me. - I can only hope but doubt that they can find as worthy an aim and endeavor for themselves. - JZ, 5.2.93, 24.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: I do not want to “sit” on “my” solutions to the problems of e.g. Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, etc., and for the hundreds to thousands of other minority groups in the world, nor do I want to confine such information only to a few dozen people, who showed so far some limited interest in my preferred medium, libertarian microfiche, or only to the hundreds to thousands of libertarians whom I might gradually approach via costly and time consuming letters and e-mails. But I cannot afford mass media. And I do not have exaggerated hopes for websites on the Internet, either, as a more popular medium. E.g., the number of freedom books that it offers, in full texts, is still rather limited. How many pro-freedom pages are there among its billions of pages, so far? Why haven’t freedom lovers provided many more of them there? Will they all too much ignore this option, as they did other alternative media and even their floppy disk and CD-ROM options so far? The minority rights groups, that I heard or read about, do not seem interested at all in the exterritorialist and voluntarist alternative but rather in freedom struggles for still more separate territories for separate groups and are thus part of the problem rather than the solution. The mass media are largely out of my reach and only occasionally do I waste another letter to the editor to one of them on a panarchistic topic. – JZ, n.d., 11.1.99, 18.9.04. - Responses to my literature lists for LMP: Libertarian Microfiche Publishing have been very poor, also responses to my offers of libertarian files via e-mail, floppies and CDs. (*) Most minds "march only on the popular highways". - JZ, 18.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - (*) See these and many other libertarian electronic text offers, in form of hints to their URLs, on and add those libertarian electronic texts that you find, please! – JZ, 13.3.09. All on the march towards a complete digital libertarian library, one that could be offered on a book-sized single large external HDD. - THE REPEATED TROUBLES IN THE BALKANS, THE MIDDLE EAST & IN MOST OF THE REST OF THE WORLD, ALL DUE TO TERRITORIALISM, ITS INTOLERANCE & STATISM, FALSE BUT POPULAR NOTIONS ON COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY & LACK OF INTEREST IN ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

PANARCHISM: I favor panarchies for all, not anarchy. - JZ, 75 – Until some or the other form of anarchy has become the individual and voluntary choice of all people. – JZ, 13.3.09. - I favor panarchies, all kinds, for all kinds of people, not anarchy for all. – JZ, 2/75, 21.2.08. – Something of such importance in our lives should be a matter for individual choice! Territorial governments still act as if they owned us, as if they were our feudal lords! – JZ, 13.3.09. - In practice they treat whole populations as their property. - JZ, 17.1.11. – SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONISM IN EVERY SPHERE, UNDER EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

PANARCHISM: I have no 007 or Don Quichote "solution" to offer. While individuals can be very influential under certain conditions, none of them can take the world on his shoulders or shrug it off, smash it or rebuild it or change it on his own. In the social, economic and political atmosphere of territorialism one can, directly, do usually only very little while quite alone. At least one requires, to maximize one’s effectiveness, in one’s own affairs, including those now monopolized by territorial States, not only freedom of expression and information and expression and the ordinary freedom of association but also freedom for tolerant experimentation among like-minded volunteers under full exterritorial autonomy and self-chosen personal laws. – That requires, first of all, unhindered individual and minority group secessionism. – Under it not the State but only its territorialism would be abolished. For voluntary statists, those without territorial monopoly claims, it could be indefinitely continued in all its various forms, at their risk and expense, as long as they are prepared to put up with it. - JZ 28.2.84, 4.4.84, 16.4.08. – EXTERRITORIALISM, STATISM, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, TOLERANCE EVEN FOR THE VARIOUS STATISTS DOING THEIR THINGS – ONLY TO THEMSELVES!

PANARCHISM: I have nothing against politicians - as long as they do not monopolize certain activities and do victimize only their followers. - JZ 15.7.87. – POLITICIANS, VOLUNTARY VICTIMHOOD, CONSENT OF THE VICTIMS, VOLUNTARISM & PERSONAL LAW VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: I have nothing against socialism and socialists per se. My only problem is that they want to use the brutal force government to force me and others, who simply want to be left alone, to be part of their schemes. I respect liberty so much that I am willing to grant to others the right to live their lives as they wish and ask that they permit the same to others. However, the president, Congress and the court view that vision, variously described as “natural law” or “unalienable rights” , with contempt, …” - Walter E. Williams, Do the Right Thing, Hoover Institution Press, 1995, p.46. - POLYARCHISM & STATE SOCIALISM

PANARCHISM: I only want my (*) people to have the final say as to what is to happen to them.” - Poul Anderson, Conflict, p.62. - (*) "kind of" - I would insert, for clarification, indicating voluntary groupings as constituting "people". - JZ - PEOPLE, SELF-GOVERNMENT, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: I place all my bets on panarchistic, voluntary, exterritorially autonomy or personal law relationships, constitutions and institutions. Thus ending the numerous wrongs and ills caused by territorialism, its monopolism, coercion, interventionism, intolerance and inherent aggressiveness and despotism. Whether it is supported by the majority or strong minorities, it is always directed against all too many genuine individual human rights and liberties and their peaceful, productive or enlightening utilization, i.e. opposed to natural law, natural rights and liberties, however legalized through formal and “positive” legislation, territorially imposed by politicians and their administrators, who are ignoring all too many genuine rights and liberties or are not even aware of them. They certainly never declared all of them. Territorialism does not allow peaceful individuals and minorities to opt out and do their own things among themselves, without claiming any territorial monopoly for themselves. – JZ, 11.3.13, 16.4.13. – VOLUNTARISM & PERSONAL LAW & ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PROTECTED BY THE BEST KIND OF MILITIAS VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: I prefer voluntary and exterritorial separatism under personal law at any time and anywhere to compulsory territorial togetherness and “unity”. – JZ, 26.11.12. - VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUALISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES VS. THE “UNITY” OF TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: I submit that the risks of State tyranny are far greater than the risks of worrying about one or two unreliable procedures of competing defence agencies.” - Murray Rothbard, J.L.S., Summer 77, p.49. - DEFENCE, PROTECTION AGENCIES, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: I was just watching again: "All Quiet on the Western Front", after E. M. Remarque's famous anti-war book. Emotions towards human brotherhood should not, primarily, induce us to throw away all weapons and uniforms but, rather, all the wrong, intolerant, monopolistic, territorial, coercive ideas and institutions that make us arm and organize and train and wear uniforms to fight each other instead of leaving each other alone or only peacefully communicating and trading with each other. - What we are still taught by parents, in schools, universities, by books and the mass media, sends us again and again into mutual slaughters. Work for peace by starting to think, decide and act for yourself, even in all the spheres so far monopolized by territorial governments. - JZ, 5.2.93, 8.9.04, 16.4.08, 24.11.13. - From JZ, Pan AZ. - WEAPONS & BROTHERHOOD, SELF-HELP, WAR, WEAPONS, WARS, PREJUDICES, FRATERNIZATION, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, LIBERATION, REVOLUTION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, WAR AIMS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, TERRITORIALISM, PEACE

PANARCHISM: I wish you the government of your individual choice - upon your back, i.e., at your expense and risk, while wanting for myself only the free society of my own individual choice, at my expense and risk. - On that basis we could peacefully coexist for a long time. - JZ, 2.3.96, 27.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, MUTUAL TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: I've never advocated tolerance for statists, anymore than I would advocate tolerance for murderers or thieves. Period.” - Jim Downard, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION? 106, p. 16. - What if these murderers and thieves confined their activities to their own voluntary members only, e.g. by engaging in abortion, euthanasia, duels, gladiator fights etc. and by withholding taxes for their own and unanimously desired activities among themselves? - JZ, 1/11/82, 7.4.84. – Swedes and Swiss are statists, too, but, for a long time have not been aggressive statists towards other countries. – JZ, 16.4.08. – Territorially imposed statism should be distinguished from individually chosen statism confined to exterritorial autonomy under personal law. - JZ, 17.1.11. – TOLERANT & EXTERRITORIAL OR PERSONAL LAW STATISM VS. INTOLERANT & TERRITORIAL STATISM

PANARCHISM: I’ll handle this my way!” is a common saying and amounts to a limited but essentially panarchistic declaration of independence towards unasked-for “helpers”, “advisors” and coercive meddlers – or backseat drivers. - Unfortunately, this proverbial wisdom, like many others, has not been explored and applied to its natural limits. If it were, these practitioners would arrive at the principles and practices of panarchism. – JZ, n.d. & 7.1.99. – From JZ Pan AZ. - “MY WAY”, MEDDLING, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, TERRITORIALISM, INTERFERENCE, INTERVENTIONISM, POLITICIANS

PANARCHISM: Ideologies ranging from the devouring collective all the way through to the rigidly, rabidly free – all found their scripts performed. - If necessary, the ever-elusive human nature got tinkered into compliance with the demands of belief. Populations lived joyfully under crushing control. Skeptics found their every doubt confirmed. Believers dwelled in ecstasy, bonding in rapture with their God. Sybarites lounged in pleasure palaces sustained by unflagging energies and desire. Revolutionaries got to their experiments upon themselves.”– Gregory Benford, Beyond Infinity, Orbit, 2004, p 283. - - ORBIT.UK@TIMEWARNERBOOKS.CO.UK  – The Home of SF Online. Monthly email newsletter. - IDEOLOGIES, TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

PANARCHISM: If a man is truly free, he is able to go to hell and back without raising his hand for permission; he is free to dig his own grave as well as erect his own paradise. To be free is to be able to choose voluntarily, under no threats of violence, where to work, what to eat and how to spend his time and wealth.” - Lawrence Samuels, leaflet: What Is Libertarianism? You Own Yourself. – Panarchies of volunteers are the organizational forms of freedom for people who do not want to live in isolation but in one or the other kind of society or community of volunteers, even one of statists doing their own things only to themselves, all without any exclusive territories. - JZ, 7.4.84, 16.4.08. – SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: If a man never consented or agreed to support a government, he breaks no faith in refusing to support it.” – Lysander Spooner, No Treason, I, Introduction, p.4. – LOYALTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, CONSENT, AGREEMENT, CONTRACT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-DETERMINATION, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: If each member of society affirms himself and only himself, and individual sovereignty is established, there is no more room for government, all supremacy is destroyed; man is equal to man...’ - A. Bellagarrique, THE MATCH, 9/75. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: if freedom was the ideal of the federation, that freedom must be extended to any and all who wished it ...” - Kathleen Sky: Vulcan, p.4. - Only as much freedom must be conceded to others as they wish to claim and are entitled to claim. - JZ 6.4.84. - But this amounts to more freedom than most freedom lovers today can imagine. - Under panarchy they will gradually learn how free they can be if they want to. – JZ, 6.4.84, 17.1.11. – Territorial federalism, even of the best kind, is still not liberating enough. Exterritorial associationism and federalism would be quite different and have much better results. – JZ, 24.11.13. – EXTERRITORIAL, VOLUNTARY & COMPETING FEDERALISM & INTERNATIONALISM

PANARCHISM: If individuals, minorities and local majorities were as free, as they are now regarding religion, in most countries already, to live under their own laws and governmental or societal institutions, then they would not feel oppressed and thus compelled to fight for territorial liberation and for domination by them over those who disagree with them. Exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities could realize that, as religious tolerance or religious liberty did, wherever or whenever it was realized. It is the road to peace, justice, freedom, progress and prosperity. It is the same with experimental freedom in the arts, in natural sciences, in technology, in free enterprise and in our private lives, in all our work and exchange contracts. Territorial State socialism does not work well enough, either, when it comes to provide constitutions, laws, jurisdiction, protection, defence, economic and social development. Nevertheless, even the most anti-communist and anti-socialist territorial governments do still continue this kind of territorial, coercive, centralistic, monopolistic, exploitative and oppressive State Socialism in the sphere of political, economic and social systems, where it has never worked very well and has led to numerous wars, civil wars, revolutions, rebellions, riots and terrorist acts, economic crises and extensive and lasting poverty. In Bosnia, Ireland, Israel, the Sudan and in many other places, not even full religious liberty has been realized, far less panarchistic freedom in all other spheres. We do pay a very high price for continuing to ignore the options of panarchistic freedom for all non-criminal and non-aggressive people. - JZ, 7.8.95, 24.6.01, 9.12.03, 24.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - CIVIL WAR, ETHNIC CLEANSING, LIBERATION ATTEMPTS, INDEPENDENCE FIGHTS, BOSNIA, MINORITIES, RELIGIOUS WARS, FREEDOM FIGHTERS, QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

PANARCHISM: If it is wrong to force anyone to become a member of a political party then it is also wrong for force anyone to be ruled by one or the other party or party coalition. If it were right then compulsory participation in a particular sport or in a particular club would also be rightful. – JZ, 23.1.09, 24.11.13.

PANARCHISM: If it were not for the fact that libertarianism freely concedes the right of men voluntarily to form communities or governments on the same ethical basis, libertarianism could be called anarchy.” - Stan Lehr and Louis Rossetto Jr., THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, Jan. 10, 1971. – (*) I see no difference between consistent libertarianism and consistent anarchism. Their common basis is voluntaryism, self-ownership, natural rights and liberties, individual sovereignty, free choice. Here nothing but consumer sovereignty towards so-called "government services" is involved. – JZ, 18.4.08. - And free enterprise for their provision, even if under Socialist "principles" and practices. - JZ, 17.1.11. – However, most libertarians have still only “limited” but still territorial governments in mind, for the population of whole countries. Exterritorial secessionism & associationism has still not been adopted by all Libertarian Parties, far less by all Tea Parties. – Google offered today 4009 search results on them. – At least Rosetto renounced his old and above indicated beliefs. - JZ. 24.11.13.

PANARCHISM: If one can persuade all subscribers of a little journal of the justice and utility of panarchism - one could persuade the world. – JZ, n.d. - Just one more little journal, whether in print, on microform or as an electronic newsletter, is by far not enough. Unless all its worthwhile ideas become automatically included e.g. in a libertarian encyclopedia, archive and information service, especially a libertarian and general Ideas Archive and a comprehensive electronic freedom library. - JZ, 17.1.11. – LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE REQUIRED

PANARCHISM: If our life styles are radically different, we must avoid making our alliance sound like a package deal.” - John T. Harlee, SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 5/82. – Why not a package deal in which diverse societies and communities guarantee each other’s voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy under personal laws? On that basis even world-wide federations are possible. – JZ, 17.4.08. – The main thing would be that each volunteer would only sign for the local, country-wide, continental or world-wide package deal that he prefers for himself, all offered by a wide varieties of enterprises, corporations, communities, societies, governments etc., and all without any territorial monopoly claim. These aspects require some re-thinking for most people and that takes time. But over more than half a century I haven’t encountered any fundamental and valid objection as yet. Thus I do have faith that this insight will finally spread, perhaps only slowly but perhaps even suddenly like e.g. the fall of the Soviet Empire. – Every possibility for accelerating this process should be explored and utilized. Our very survival may depend upon this. Territorialism preserves targets for WMD’s and makes their production and stockpiling possible and prevents their destruction. - JZ, 13.3.09. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL ON VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW & INDIDUAL SECESSIONISM, COMPETING WORD FEDERATIONS ETC., NEW DRAFT

PANARCHISM: If some anarchists morally objected to participating in the State at all, we might allow them to contribute 5 % above the tax they otherwise would have to pay to some from a list of specified private charities – and perhaps can ignore their complaints about having to file with the State proof that they have done this.” – Nozick. - That is a very unripe notion, not even up to the standard already set by Herbert Spencer, who clearly recognized the connection between voluntary taxation and ignoring the State. As if an anarchist would not also object to a tax increase as well as to all current taxes and to the uses governments make of tax funds. Moreover, who or what is the State to “allow” secession? Or is secession to be dependent upon permission from Nozick or other political “scientists” or philosophers? On the same page, in another context, he admitted: “When such things are done or funded through the political system, everyone is willy-nilly an accomplice.” - Nozick, The Examined Life, p. 290. – On page 291 he defends anti-discrimination laws. – And he wants “the zigzack (zigzag? - JZ) of politics” to continue, i.e., collectivistic and territorialist policies as usual. Although he showed some panarchistic insights, particularly in his “Anarchy, State and Utopia” and its chapter dealing with a “meta-utopia”, his other books are still far from panarchistic thinking, as far as I have seen or read them. – In “The Examined Life”, chapter “The Ideal and the Action”, he seems to have forgotten about his previous discussions of a “meta-utopia” as a framework for simultaneously realizing different ideals in the same country among volunteers. In “Holocaust” he fails to discuss the underlying error of “collective responsibility” and, instead, applies it himself. Moreover, his chapter on “cosmic consciousness” or “universal consciousness” is misleadingly named “Enlightenment”. However, there is at least one somewhat panarchistically sounding passage in his book: The Examined Life, on page 290: “More pointedly, I think someone who consciously objects on moral grounds to the goal of a public policy, should be allowed by the society to opt out of that policy insofar as this is possible, even though the rest would wish to include that person in their joint symbolic affirmation. A recent example in the U.S. is a war to which much of the population morally objected; a current example is the aborting of fetuses, which some portion of the population finds akin to murder. When such things are done or funded through the political system, everyone is willy-nilly an accomplice.” - Perhaps you have found other panarchistic pearls in his writings? - JZ, 4.1.90, 14.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – NOZICK, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, META-UTOPIA

PANARCHISM: If the Libertarian Party came out quite clearly in favor of individual secessionism, then I, as an individualist anarchist, would have no other quite as fundamental objection against it. – JZ, 18.4.08. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, LIBERTARIAN PARTIES, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: If there be a principle that ought not be questioned within the United States, it is that every man has the right to abolish an old government and establish a new one.” - James Madison (1751-1836) – To be correct and also a panarchist, he should have said: If there be a principle that ought not be questioned within the United States, it is that every man has the right to abolish an old government FOR HIMSELF AND HIS AFFAIRS ONLY and to establish a new one FOR HIMSELF AND LIKEMINDED PEOPLE ONLY. – JZ, 7.8.08. – PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTARY COMMUNITIES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.” - John F. Kennedy. - He didn't, for he upheld the territorial principle and doubled the nuclear arsenal of the U.S. - JZ 7.4.84. – His aim could only be reached through voluntarism, including individual secessionism, based upon individual sovereignty and exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. To my knowledge he favored neither of these but, instead, his kind of territorial domination. And so did the governments he opposed. Both were thus driven to MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) “policies”. – His famous remark on his visit to Berlin: “Auch ich bin ein Berliner!” (“I, too, am a Berliner!”) was not expressed with a panarchistic idea behind it but just the usual territorial nationalism. To be opposed to some totalitarian regimes is not enough when one does oneself employ all too many totalitarian means: territorialism, nuclear strength, monetary despotism, monopolistic decision-making on war and peace and international relations, compulsory taxation, conscription, imposed laws, trade and migration restrictions. - JZ, 17.4.08. – JOHN F. KENNEDY

PANARCHISM: If we could freely choose our own way of life, outside of the existing statist order of domination, and thus establish a rational and social existence, without coming into conflict with the chaoist order of the State, intent on destruction, then the world would merely be an interesting study object for us.” - Uwe Timm, Gesammelte Schriften, S.231. – “eigentuemlich frei”, Nr. 9, 2000. - This would go far beyond mere studies. It would include freedom of action and experimentation, quite in accordance with the own ideals. – JZ, 14.9.07. - POLYARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL ALTERNATIVE, VS. STATE & ITS TERRITORIAL DOMINATION OVER OTHERS THAN VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM: If we disagree we do not have to fight but could either ignore each other, remain neutral, apart from each other, leaving each other alone to do the own things, as long as they leave us alone, likewise. Or we continue to negotiate and barter and try to make a deal attractive enough to both sides. When we do not achieve that then this would be no cause or excuse for violence. No more so than in ignoring what one shop or one sport or hobby or branch of art or book has to offer us, when we are quite free to simply turn to another. Only territorialism forces us into battles that we have not chosen for ourselves. Each to be free to associate with whoever he likes, to do their things they like doing, for or to themselves. No one has the right to order others around, not under contract to them and to exploit any peaceful dissenters, who merely want to do their own things at their own risk and expense. – No more territorial politicians, bureaucrats, policemen, powers, laws, constitutions, institutions, laws and imposed measures, programs and policies! – To each his own and preferred type, his own choices. Free enterprise, free competition, free consumer choice, membership and subscription. - JZ, 15.10.05, 24.3.09. - FIGHTING OR BARTERING, EXCHANGING, TRADING OR TOLERATING, NEUTRALITY, TERRITORIALISM, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE OF PERSONAL LAW COMMUNITIES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM

PANARCHISM: If you can't privatize city hall, secede from it! - Michael Grossberg, reason, 12/82, p.48. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: If you do not choose to associate with us on these terms, there must be two separate associations. You must associate for the accomplishment of your purposes; we for the accomplishment of ours. In this case, the minority assume no authority over the majority; they simply refuse to surrender their own liberties into the hands of the majority. They propose a union; but decline submission. The majority are still at liberty to refuse the connection, and to seek their own happiness in their own way, except that they cannot be gratified in their desire to become absolute masters of the minority.” – Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, Works, p.219. - There are many minorities - even within the temporarily ruling majorities, usually some or the other form of coalition or compromising association. - JZ, 17.1.11

PANARCHISM: If you want a job well done and at a competitive price - don't hire a territorial politician or bureaucrat. Rather hire a capitalist or a politician and bureaucrat just for your own affairs and those of like-minded volunteers. - JZ, 29.1.04, 24.4.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS

PANARCHISM: If you wanted to, you should be free to opt out of your nation State and to join one or the other world federation - or abstain from all of them - for as long as you please. - JZ, n.d.

PANARCHISM: Il faut beaucoup de philosophie pour observer les faits qui sont trop pres de nous. - Rousseau. (It requires much philosophy to observe the facts, which are all around us.) - PRACTICAL EXAMPLES OF PANARCHISM DO ABOUND IN ALL SPHERES WHERE THEY ARE NOT TERRITORIALLY, MONOPOLISTICALLY, COERCIVELY & WRONGFULLY OUTLAWED. PRECEDENTS, EXAMPLES

PANARCHISM: If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. Men will believe what they see. Let them see.” - Henry David Thoreau - EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: Imposed equal civil rights are worse than self-chosen unequal civil rights, because most people prefer different arrangements for themselves, at least in some respects. - 27.5.92. - EQUAL RIGHTS, DISCRIMINATION, EQUALITY, VOLUNTARY SEGREGATION & INTEGRATION VS. COMPULSORY SEGREGATION & INTEGRATION, CIVIL RIGHTS OR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES? PERSONAL LAWS VS. TERRITORIAL LAWS

PANARCHISM: In 1919, Ludwig von Mises said that the idea of secession could make democracy pro-liberty. He proposed, as a restraint on civil government, that 'no people nor any part of a people shall be held in a political association it does not want.' - Absurd, everyone said, but today we see that the principle of voluntary association is tenable and just." - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., in speech, reproduced in CHALCEDON REPORT, July 1998, p.21ff. - Did Mises consider the exterritorial secession and autonomy option anywhere in his writings? – JZ, 17.9.04. –Perhaps in his remaining papers, which may not yet be published. There may be found some notes on the proposal of a former Austrian Prime Minister: “The idea of personal or non-territorial federalism had been propagated already at the beginning of the 20th century by the Austrian Social Democrat Karl Renner who tried to find a fair and democratic solution for the ethno-national diversity in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. - The idea was to represent different nations at the state level in separate autonomous national councils.” – My father was also a panarchist and lived long in Austria. He was also a life-long collector of ideas, but he never pointed out that proposal to me. Neither did Ulrich von Beckerath, nor was a local computer expert from Austria familiar with it. – Gian Piero de Bellis, in a recent email, pointed this idea out to me and, like me, wants to know further details. He attached a 4 page report, which he will try to get permission to put online on his website: : “FCT / SAI/ FES SEMINAR: “RIGHTS AND POWER SHARING MECHANISMS FOR NON TERRITORIAL MINORITY COMMUNITIES IN PROPOSED FEDERALLY RESTRUCTURED SRI LANKAN STATE”, (Colombo, 24.5.2003). - THE CONCEPT OF NON -TERRITORIAL FEDERALISM. - Welcome address by Mr. Dietmar Kneitschel, Resident Representative Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.“– Any large Austrian Library and library in Sri Lanka should have more on this proposal. – JZ, 19.2.09. - SECESSIONISM & DEMOCRACY, FEDERALISM, NON-TERRITORIAL FEDERALISM, KARL RENNER, LUDWIG VON MISES, EXTERRITORIALITY, NON-TERRITORIAL REPRESENTATION & AUTONOMY

PANARCHISM: In a community of saints the Moral Law (as defined by them – JZ) would be the only law needed to provide such a community with perfect peace, complete order and universal justice. It is only when such a community is invaded by amoral or immoral people - or when some of the saints fall from grace - that man-made regulations are required to hold the immoral or amoral elements in line.” - Clarence Manion: The Key to Peace, p.53. - Since concepts of morality differ, they can only be realized in a moral, i.e. voluntary way, among those, who do agree upon the same moral principles. Everything else would be, by itself, an immoral imposition upon all peaceful dissenters. - JZ, 21.11.82. - Between these communities they have only to agree upon non-interventionism - as long as the right to secede is upheld, and upon juridical avenues of some kind or the other for their international relations, i.e. disputes between some of their members. – JZ, 7.4.84.

PANARCHISM: In a free land you place confidence in virtue and discovery. Thousands of creatures seeking their own goals, each striving, will create a far better world than you can possibly imagine for them. Look to the means first, noble ends will follow. Free people find unexpected solutions and those who are not free find unexpected problems.” - Ken Schoolland, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, Leap Publishing, Cape Town, with Commentaries by Ken Schoolland and Janette Eldridge, 1981 ff, 2004 ed., p.248. – Each to be as free or unfree as he or she wants to be, even in the choice of governmental or societal systems. – JZ, 7.10.07. - POLYARCHISM, FREE SOCIETY VS. CENTRAL PLANNING, POLITICAL PLATFORMS, TERRITORIALISM & MERELY FREE ENTERPRISE & BUSINESS AS USUAL

PANARCHISM: In all countries people are more or less at each other's throats, constitutionally, legally, juridically, via taxation, budgets, "sanctified" or “mandated” by "free votes" that seem to authorize exclusive territorial rule by minorities or majorities, sometimes by a very small clique, that plays one group against the other, to its own advantage, according to the old Roma maxim: Divide and rule. The "dividing" does not go to the extent of recognizing exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities but only to degrees of temporary power-sharing and raising mutual fears and jealousies. Territorialism leaves only the choice between being an anvil or a hammer. It permits only zero-sum games in its sphere or compromises that cannot fully satisfy the compulsory or voluntary participants. Territorial models cannot cater sufficiently to the great diversity of capabilities, interests, beliefs, ideas and convictions found among men and their groups. It leaves them only the option: Submit to others or try to dominate them, given the chance. The essential compromise: To each his own, is fundamentally rejected by territorialism, which has institutionalized mutual intolerance. Within it you can only be top dog or bottom dog or follower or leading representative of one or the other pressure group. It is permanently a dog-eat-dog situation, not one of free enterprise and free competition between free enterprises. It is a conquest and domination situation, not a free market one. Laissez faire is suppressed by it, not only in economics but in politics and social arrangements. - JZ, 3.10.99 & 28.6.01, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: In all too general terms many have looked for or even described "panarchy": In the Journal of Libertarian Studies, Summer 77, on p.172, L. P. Liggio, on Dunoyer, I find the following remark: “Politics as a science of government has been transcended”, wrote Dunoyer; ... He did not seek the best form of government, but "the mode of existence most natural to our species, more favourable to its progress”; in place of presenting liberty 'as a dogma', he studies it 'as a result'."

PANARCHISM: In almost every field, we must focus on re-igniting the spirit of free enterprise which once made this country so dynamic. The key to a healthy, free society is the willingness of thousands of ordinary Americans to realize their dreams.” - Newt Gingrich, Window of Opportunity, A Blueprint for the Future”, p.145. - G. did not so extend his notions of free enterprise! - The Republicans, too, failed to fully recognize and list all the laws that they uphold as well, which prevent individuals and dissenting minorities from preventing their dreams for themselves, at the own expense and risk. The number of obstructive laws, regulations and imposed court decisions goes now probably into the millions. - JZ 23.1.02. - & FREE ENTERPRISE, DREAMS

PANARCHISM: In Australia, and not only in Australia, dozens or even hundreds of different governments, as well as of different non-governmental societies, could and should peacefully coexist, each for and at the expense of its voluntary followers only. – JZ, 2.11.96, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: In conflict with Dunoyer's insistence that the voluntary acceptance of truth by each person was the sole means of gaining acceptance, in which case legislation was either evil or needless, the Saint-Simonians held that on the discovery of a truth, the compulsion to observe it had to be imposed on each person. For the Saint-Simonians the position advocated by Dunoyer was anarchism ...” - L. P. Liggio, J.L.S., Sum. 77, p.171. - The truths of social relationships will be seen much sooner if individuals can choose the laws and organizational systems under which they want to live. - JZ 21.11.82, 17.1.11. – PERSONAL LAWS, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: In human relations so many non-verbal messages are involved, many of them unconscious, that conflicts can only be rarely straightened out by mere words. In these cases free disassociation and re-association are all-important and they require voluntarism, autonomy and exterritorialism, to achieve or approximate full independence for all or as soon as some, many or all are ready for it. - JZ 26.7.87, 10.8.87, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: In many defensive efforts, panarchistic anarchists could even cooperate with the best intentions and actions of the better types of democratic governments, appearing as patriots rather than as traitors or terrorists. - They could e.g. become spokesmen for very important new allies for democratic governments, namely governments in exile that represent only volunteer groups without claims to territorial rule. - They could advise them on many personal law solutions for large problems and trouble spots today, where there exists no territorial solution. - Yes, indeed, as panarchists anarchists they could become the friends and allies of many of the better governments - and could finally turn them into governments that are quite acceptable, even to them, because they are only accepted by volunteers and dissenters are free to leave them, without having to leave their homes, native land, jobs, friends and relatives. - In other words, consistent panarchists could use the opportunities provided by many of today's problems and trouble spots to act as friends and advisors to their own democratic governments rather than as their irreconcilable enemies. They can propose practicable, because panarchistic, methods to settle the present wars and civil wars in and between other countries. They can increase the defensive strength of the own. They could rally friends and allies for attacked democratic governments from the ranks of the first victims of enemy regimes, who prefer being liberated to being forced to act as executioners and oppressors for others. - They could and should help democratic governments to reduce terrorism. They can offer the only comprehensive program to overcome the threat of nuclear war or war with chemical and biological weapons. Their experimental freedom approach holds the solution, or the road to the solution, to every social, economic and political problem that can be solved. - Thus I do assert that panarchism is very practicable, indeed, and does not have to be afraid of democratic or dictatorial regimes - to the extent that panarchists are not living under dictatorial regimes. - It can peacefully and educationally transform democratic regimes into panarchistic ones (truly democratic ones, with self-rule or popular rule for all, even minority groups). - It can expect the support of all aspiring politicians and of those temporarily out of office, whilst those in office, knowing their opinion polls, would not be afraid of losing power altogether but would then come to know that they could retain it over their remaining voluntary supporters and voters, if they act no worse than they did so far. - It has the greatest potential to defeat the aggressive and oppressive regimes in other countries, with the support of democratic governments. - JZ, n.d. & 18.9.04, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENTS IN DEFENCE EFFORTS, ALLIED WITH GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE

PANARCHISM: In order to induce the self-formation of certain abstract structures of inter-personal relations, we need to secure the assistance of some very general conditions, and then allow each individual element to find its own place within the larger order. The most we can do to assist the process is to admit only such elements as obey the required rules.” – Hayek, The Fatal Conceit, p.83. – To achieve the same for competing governments the minimum requirements are: 1. Voluntary membership, 2. Individual secessionism, 3. Exterritorial autonomy, 4. Personal law. These make the peaceful coexistence of xyz different communities in the same territory and even world-wide possible, as long as these basic rules are predominantly abided by. Then it becomes also relatively easy to cope with the remaining intolerant and aggressive people. – JZ, 7.1.99. - Alas, even Hayek advocated only limited but still territorially governments and had only limited notions of monetary freedom. He thus constitutes a prominent example for the fact that the panarchist and monetary freedom alternatives have not yet been sufficiently published. If they had been, then a great scholar like Hayek would have been familiar with them. - JZ, 8.9.04, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: In our everyday lives we do already make thousands of autonomous individual choices, exterritorially, quite independent from the different voluntary, autonomous and exterritorial choices of others. Granted, these actions are under limited autonomy only but they are often to mostly those choices, which matter very much or most to the individuals involved. For them interest in political, economic and social system is secondary. They put up with impositions in this sphere only because there they have no sovereign consumer choice or free enterprise so far and the political vote is a very poor and limited substitute for free individual choice. With coercion, monopoly and compulsory membership removed, we would rapidly see 1,000 flowers bloom in these fields, too. The transition would be so individualized and thus gradual for the whole population that few would perceive it as the radical change that it would mean and lead to - except those who immediately would make radical alternative choices for their own lives. Others might perceive these changes first by finally noticing that the nuisances, which dissenters used to make of themselves, had lately quite disappeared. - JZ, 5.9.87, 5.2.93, 17.1.11. – VOTING, FREE CHOICE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS

PANARCHISM: In politics, economics and societal arrangements, as well as in religion, the arts, science, technology, sports, entertainment, crafts, hobbies, choice of profession, of doctors, psychologists, architects, builders and all other kinds of private life activities, each should be free to choose his own road or expert at his own risk and expense. - JZ, 25.8.98, 26.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: In some political societies a citizen is allowed to appeal a judge's decision to a higher judge. If this appeal procedure is in aid of safeguarding citizens' rights, then persons are well advised not to give irrevocable and unconditional power to any one judge. Better to have a variety of judges from which to choose in the first place ...” - David B. Suits, J.L.S., Sum.77 – How often do government-appointed or even elected judges base their decisions upon individual human rights and liberties rather than “positive” territorial laws and precedents based upon such laws? – JZ, 17.4.08. - JUDGES, COURTS, PERSONAL LAW, CHOICE OF JURIDICAL AVENUES, APPEALS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

PANARCHISM: In territorial States power and majority decision-making or party-politics do, in vain, try to substitute for voluntary membership and diverse ideals, practised under personal laws, individually chosen in exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, limited also by individual and group secessionism and the requirement of a very extensive unanimity among their members. – JZ, 13.3.04. - DEMOCRACY, MAJORITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, STATISM, PART-POLITICS, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW COMMUNITIES

PANARCHISM: in the ceaseless power struggle among those who have otherwise been rendered powerless…” – Stephen Donaldson, Nat Prison, ANALOG, Mid Dec. 93. – By being largely rendered powerless, (*) we tend to become power-mad – wherever and whenever we can still exercise at least some control over our lives and, in imitation of the power abuse of those above us, in our own abuse of power over those below us or weaker than us. Awareness of one’s powerlessness to realize one’s ideals under territorialism leads also to an excessive and endless pursuit of entertainment, sports, artistic endeavors, the excess use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, to speeding, when driving and to criminal lawlessness, e.g. in wife and child abuse. Juvenile delinquency, for instance, tends to reduce sharply among those no longer forced to attend school and becoming productively employed. As for the powerlessness of convicts in prisons: At least in modern prisons one kind of power and opportunity is increased rather than decreased for most prisoners, namely that for self-improvements, if they so desire. They have more time and energy left for such endeavors and it usually costs them nothing. That, otherwise, their power over their own lives has been reduced, is only a consequence of their previous criminal actions, in which they used and abused power over the lives, liberties, well-being and property of others. This is something many of them do not want to admit. For them “prison is the crime” or “getting caught”, rather than their own criminal offence. – JZ, 3.12.93, 9.1.99, 18.9.04. (XYZ Panarchies would practise XYZ prison systems and the examples set by the best ones would tend to spread rapidly. - JZ, 8.12.03.) – From JZ, Pan AZ. – (*) Even territorial leaders find themselves helpless when it comes to preventing mass unemployment, poverty, inflation, wars, revolutions, civil wars, drug addiction and terrorism. – JZ, 24.11.13. – PRISONS, STATES AS COUNTRY-WIDE PRISONS - UNDER TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES

PANARCHISM: In the infinite universe of metaphysical speculation there is room for an infinity of gods. But a man who worships one god only ... tends to be intolerant of the beliefs of others.” - Richard Lupoff: One Million Centuries, p.151. – The same could be said for those who favor only a single territorial regime for all of the population of a territory, under the wrongful assumption that it would constitute a single and more or less uniform people rather than several ones, if membership is determined by individual free choice. – JZ, 17.4.08. - GOD, GODS, RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE & RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, UNIFORMITY, STATISM, LAW & LEGISLATION SPLEENS, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, THE PEOPLE?

PANARCHISM: In the presumed contract between the individual and “his” government almost all the advantages are on the side of the territorial government and almost all the burdens on the shoulders of the subjected individual. He is confronted by a vast and very powerful monopolist, one possibly even supported by the majority of his countrymen. Only on the basis of genuine individualized contracts with any of many freely competing suppliers of political, social and economic service, systems and institutions can the individual get his money’s worth, in accordance with his own knowledge, opinions, beliefs or convictions. Only then can he act as a sovereign individual, as a sovereign consumer or even a sovereign entrepreneur, offering himself, together with at least a few other volunteers, some political, social or economic alternative. Each of us has had numerous experiences with territorialism, expressed e.g. by: “You can’t fight city hall” or: “Whoever you vote for, always a politician gets in!” – But, unfortunately, most people have still not drawn the right conclusions from their daily experience with territorialism and have begun to think and prepared themselves to act beyond its limitations and dangers, e.g. from compulsory taxation to voluntary contribution schemes, from monetary despotism to monetary freedom, from Warfare States to peaceful and harmonious societies. And this in spite of the fact that in so many other spheres, not monopolized by territorial governments, they are already practising panarchism in their numerous and very private choices, activities and associations. If most people were quite consistent and self-thinkers rather than dominated by popular errors, myths and prejudices – which are not yet systematically enough countered – the situation would be very different. – JZ, 1.4.04, 24.3.09, 17.1.11, 17.1.11. - TERRITORIALISM, SOCIAL CONTRACT, VOTING, FREEDOM OF CHOICE, INDIVIDUALISM, COLLECTIVISM, MAJORITIES, VOTING, DEMOCRACY, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT & SELF-DETERMINATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY,


PANARCHISM: In this political framework any kind of tolerant economic, social or political experiment could be undertaken, provided it can be undertaken at the expense and risk of the voluntary participants only. Consequently, economic, social and political progress could be expected to be similarly furthered as natural science and technology were by the introduction of freedom to experiment. (In PEACE PLANS No.5, I tried to show how land reformers could benefit by this experimental freedom and discussed the present wrongful and irrational land tenure by whole nations, as one that promoted wars, civil wars, bloody revolutions and dictatorships. - JZ 1966/82, 17.1.11. – TERRITORIALISM, LAND MONOPOLY, PROGRESS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN EVERY SPHERE, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Indeed, where there is a variety of judges, there might also be a selection of laws (or legal systems).”- David B. Suits, JLS, Sum. 77, p.200. - I would wish that to exemplify this freedom someone would draft or collect something like 2 to 10 dozen standard marriage contracts with approximately as many variations as variety is desired in such relationships. Prospective couples should study these in advance of their commitment and then make some choice from them for supplementary contracts to the marriage and divorce and family laws of the States they live under. Then they should push for only their self-chosen contracts to become binding for them, whenever they have made such a choice. - I have found in many conversations that such a choice would be quite popular and that most would consider it an improvement upon any state legislation upon such matters. Such a book could well become a best-seller - and if only to make young couples more aware of some of the difficulties which they might have to face in the future. - JZ, 7.4.84. – FREE CHOICE IN MARRIAGE CONTRACTS & LAWS & FAMILY LAWS, PERSONAL LAW SYSTEMS

PANARCHISM: Independence for everybody, not just for governments. That requires competing governments, non-territorially organized and subject to individual choice. - JZ, 26 July 89, 10 Oct. 89. – TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, INDEPENDENCE, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS THEM

PANARCHISM: Individual choices, within the own affairs, at the own risk and expense, should be above and beyond the choice of “the people”, the “majority” and its “representatives”. – JZ, 5.2.96. – POLITICIANS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW COMMUNITIES, SECESSIONISM, FREE CHOICES IN EVERY SPHERE, COMPETING GOVERNANCE & SOCIETIES

PANARCHISM: Individual secessionism and exterritorial minority autonomy, once recognized, will be at least the equivalent of the “sanctuaries” formerly provided for those suppressed or even prosecuted for one or the other wrongful motive. However, they will not be sanctuaries for criminals with involuntary victims. Offences of members of one panarchy against members of the same panarchy are the business of that panarchy only. – JZ, 14.1.99, 24.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - SANCTUARY, MOBS & MASSES, JURISDICTION

PANARCHISM: Individual secessionism and panarchies can burden or unburden us fully in accordance with our individual choices. – JZ, 1.4.96. –– From JZ, Pan AZ. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, LIBERATION OR LIVING UNDER SELF-CHOSEN RESTRICTIONS, VOLUNTARY VS. COMPULSORY TAXATION

PANARCHISM: Individual secessions from all territorial governments and from all panarchies, and merely exterritorial autonomy for voluntary protective associations or communities – rather than any imposed territorial rule, even one of the best or most limited kind. This choice would most advance the rightful aspirations of any democrats, republicans, libertarians and anarchists and would most restrict despots, authoritarians and totalitarians. – JZ, 18.11.93, 9.1.99, 24.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Individual sovereignty amounts to political independence and maturity, at least for all rational beings. Individual secessionism amounts to individual political divorces from the existing territorial political system. Voluntary membership in exterritorially autonomous communities amounts, as a rule, to a non-sexual and political, economic and social group “marriage”. A new kind of political partnership, associationism and disassociationism is involved, a new form of political self-management and self-determination, a new kind of “social contract” “league”, “compact” or “covenant” and constitutionalism. The old ideas, institutions, rules and methods, means and ends, excuses, motives, tools and organizations (like parties and their election campaigns) of territorial politics would no longer apply. Voting, if not reduced to market actions or mutual and voluntary aid, would be reorganized, extended and limited in many different ways, as varied ones as would please the volunteer communities involved. Almost everything except respect for the individual rights and liberties of others, living in other communities of volunteers, would become optional for individuals.  – JZ, 16.9.97, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - POLITICAL MARRIAGES & DIVORCES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Individual sovereignty or secessionism means an unlimited vote on one's own affairs. - JZ, 16.3.83. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOTING, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-RESPONSIBILTY IN EVERY SPHERE

PANARCHISM: International law, international treaties and international court decisions provide another level of territorial law, one supposedly applicable to all territorial States. Alas, they are only rarely based upon genuine individual rights and liberties. They are backed only by limited ideas, knowledge and understanding, and the decisions and actions merely of territorial government officials and are thus often ignored and broken. They have few quite rightful, voluntary, individual and armed supporters. Often they infringe rather than protect genuine individual rights and liberties, e.g. by imposing territorial divisions. Instances: Germany, Berlin, Israel, North Korea and Vietnam and thus do lay the foundations for further troubles of political territorialism, even wars, civil wars, violent revolutions and terrorism. International law systems should also be selected and subscribed to only by communities of volunteers instead of territorial power addicts. – JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09, 24.11.13. – INTERNATIONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION, PERSONAL LAW, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: International toleration of all the diverse personal law systems and institutions of volunteers doing their own things for or to themselves, rather than territorially imposed international or national unity organizations and legislation. Consequently, all people would be as much and also as little united with others as they want to be. We would have all kinds of international united organizations and federations, freely competing with each other, on the basis of mutually tolerant and non-geographical secessionism and self-government or full exterritorial autonomy for all voluntary communities, local, national and international, including non-governmental societies of all kinds. - JZ, 7.8.03, 15.12.03, 17.1.11, 24.11.13. - But we would also have all kinds of exclusive "clubs" with whatever rules they want to apply to their own affairs, however spleeny these rules may appear to others, even to "experts". - JZ, 7.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - Voluntary integration and voluntary segregation vs. compulsory territorial integration and segregation. - JZ, 17.1.11 - INTERNATIONAL UNITY WITHOUT TERRITORIAL MONOPOLIES, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW SYSTEMS, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, MUTUAL TOLERANCE IN SELF-CHOSEN DEGREES OF FULL LIBERTY

PANARCHISM: Internationally or between various panarchies all public choices would be private choices for individuals, freely selecting the kind of panarchy that would suit them most. Insofar the public spheres would become privatized – subject to consumer sovereignty and private enterprise. - But within a particular panarchy its volunteers might still have only their preferred kind of public or statist institutions and their kind of taxation or contribution scheme to support the institutions of their choice. – JZ, 10.10.05, 3.10.07, 24.11.13. - Panarchism means private choices for individuals in all spheres – apart from the public choices made by the volunteers in their particular panarchies. This would amount to voluntary statism for statists, but also libertarianism for libertarians and anarchism for anarchists, all without a territorial monopoly. Exterritorial autonomy and personal laws make that possible. There are historical and even some limited contemporary precedents! – JZ, 10.3.09, 24.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Ireland is the land of ire rather than of justice, freedom and individual rights for all of its mutually antagonistic present groupings. They may all be for peace and democracy – but only to the extent that they would be sure to come out on top and remain on top. (Or would get their chance for this at one of the next elections. - JZ, 8.12.03.) Their territorialism, their various intolerant ideologies and their remaining religious spleens keep them at loggerheads and their democratic or republican “ideals” do so as well, since they offer them only majority or minority despotism of one group or the other, between voting. This in a country once covered by numerous self-governing communities. Then, subjected to conquests, expropriation, suppression and colonial treatment for all too long, so that the present intolerant territorial model is almost the only one that all the antagonists have in mind. Panarchism would permit all the different Irish groups to live freely, independently, tolerantly, managing their own affairs, in non-geographical associations. They might even come to link up with Irishmen of their particular kind across the world. All Irishmen ought to become free to live in accordance with their own wishes, capabilities and efforts in Ireland and anywhere else. No Irishman is to be subjected to the dreams of any other Irishmen or non-Irish persons. Thus the “brawling” of "everybody" against everybody, in Ireland, as in many other parts of the world, could finally be ended. Only the dream of a united territorial Ireland, under one or the other party, faith or ideology would have to be given up, since it could not be based, with people as they are and do believe, upon unanimous consent. It is to be clearly seen as a utopia, one that has already caused a lot of trouble and threatens to cause a lot more trouble. What a waste of talents, energies and lives this utopia has caused, in Ireland and much of the rest of the world! The new – and old – utopia for Ireland would be the same tolerant kind that is suitable for most of the rest of the world. For Ireland it would mean, to all Irish people and their voluntary communities, all their own political, economic and social system choices, and this as a matter of the right of individuals to claim such liberty and of their duty to concede it to others. The principles and practices of private, diverse and free lives to be extended to the last remaining spheres, which were so far pre-empted by territorial governments or revolutionaries with territorial ambitions. All Irish governments-in-exile, once they do aim at no more and no less than this kind of tolerant and peaceful society, for all the variety of Irish people and their different beliefs and convictions, should immediately be recognized by all somewhat decent governments and treaties and alliances should be concluded with them. Better still, the similarly tolerant groupings in other countries should grant them this recognition and alliance. It could also come about as the result of an international federation in favor of full exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities. Such a platform could be much more liberating and peace promoting than any terrorist or military protective action for any of the present flawed territorial regimes or aspirations. – JZ, 29.12.97, 10.1.99, 8.12.03, 17.1.11. (I do admit that I do not know whether the ancient Ireland was territorially decentralized or exterritorially, under personal laws. Personal laws tended to precede territorial laws. - JZ, 7.9.04.) – From JZ, Pan AZ. - IRELAND

PANARCHISM: Is any proof possible that panarchy is the ideal political-economic system for all? It is so provable, as much and no more than the diversity of human beings and of their aspirations is. It is the organizational , futuristic, moral and utilitarian form which is required for beings as diverse as e.g. W. G. Sumner described in his "Folkways". - JZ, 5.4.84, 17.1.11. – HUMAN DIVERSITY

PANARCHISM: Is it possible for diverse people to live differently in numerous ways, always only at their own expense and risk? If the general and almost daily experience says yes, it is possible and peace promoting to let people do their own things, then why not let them do so in every sphere, even in those so far still monopolized by territorial governments, all of which tend to be more of less exploitative and despotic, at least by taxation and numerous wrongful laws, territorially imposed upon whole populations, which are often very diverse. This coercion has turned many to most of them into Warfare States or at least into more or less authoritarian regimes, even when they have camouflaged themselves as “democratic” Welfare States. They are still only protection rackets, as far as their involuntary victims are concerned. – Why not let all people, instead, do their own and individually self-chosen things, in self-chosen or self-established societies and communities of volunteers only, after allowing all to secede from the present territorial regimes, as long as none of the new associations is granted or claiming a territorial monopoly? Why again the wrongful and in the long run futile and self-defeating attempt to imposed one’s own kind of preferred constitution, laws, administration, system and institutions territorially upon whole populations? Let use choose and have full consumer sovereignty towards all societal and governmental services as well, all of them competitively offered in their form of "free enterprise". That is, objectively, the main requirement for peace on Earth. – Maybe I will get this optimally expressed after a thousand or even ten-thousand attempts. Is the aim not worth such a persistent and repetitive effort? More likely, finally, someone else will finally do this in a form, which almost everybody will readily accept, in which it will become proverbial and very popular wisdom. - JZ, 23.3.09, 17.1.11. – PEACE, JUSTICE, FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM, CHOICE, TO EACH HIS OWN, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & FREE ENTERPRISE IN ALL SPHERES, VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIAL MONOPOLIES & POWERS

PANARCHISM: isolate(s) the factors which tend to make the State into an engine of suppression.” – John Chamberlain, The American States, p.37.  – Panarchism isolates and removes them. – JZ, 2.1.94. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - THE STATE

PANARCHISM: It allows for the formation of virtually any completely voluntary association for the achievement of really common purposes, without requiring the subordination of any to a dictator or to a majority vote.” – Roy A. Childs, Anarchism and Justice, I-V. – From JZ, Pan AZ.  COMMON PURPOSES, ASSOCIATIONISM – Childs, in his open letter to Ayn Rand, came close to panarchism but later renounced that stand and did so without stating his reasons for his reversal in writing or orally to anyone that I ever heard of. – JZ, 4.4.08, 17.1.11. - He had that in common with Herbert Spencer. In many the radicalism of their youth becomes conservatism in their old age. Only a few, like e.g. Lysander Spooner, become more and more radical as they grow older. - JZ, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: It could solve the greatest remaining mysteries and problems. It could be used as a universal "solvent" or panacea. It is the proper model or paradigm or framework for all attempts to better the human conditions. It is a peace-maker, a cornucopia, a genuine utopia or "meta-utopia" as Nozick called it - and remains, nevertheless, like laissez faire capitalism in economics, and full monetary freedom regarding currencies, largely "an unknown ideal". (Ayn Rand: Panarchism remained an unknown or unappreciated ideal even to her!) It is a requirement for a just and progressive society, for all liberation and revolution attempts, keeping them in bounds, among volunteers. It is the equivalent to free experimentation in science, technology, the arts and in business. At the same time, territorialism and its absolute sovereignty over the people in a large territory, remains largely unknown as a wrongful and irrational condition, one insufficiently understood and analyzed although it is destructive, murderous and obstructive on a vast scale. Usually, territorial States are considered not guilty of any charges laid against them, before its own courts - in the few cases that they have been publicly accused. - Like monetary freedom in relation to the custom and long established laws of monetary despotism, panarchism is rarely considered as a rightful and efficient alternative. - It finds even fewer defenders for it than for unilateral free trade and free migration, which are also only facets of universal panarchism. To me it is rather obvious that individuals should be free to secede from e.g. the burden of 54 million laws and regulations, as exist now in the U.S.A. as well as from the "foreign policies" of "their" governments, to the extent that they do greatly disagree with them. - JZ, 28.8.95 & 24.6.01, 9.12.03, 17.1.11. – The individuals concerned are to be the judges on how strong and extensive their disagreements with a territorial government or a panarchy are to be, in order to induce them to secede from it. – JZ, 5.4.08. - From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: It fully exploits and utilizes individual freedom and choices, our greatest and most under-utilized resource. Each will only get what he has chosen for himself and is able and willing to pay for. He will not have to work as a tax slave for the benefit of others that he has not selected as his beneficiaries. Monetary and financial freedom, together with free choice of value standards will greatly increase his earnings, his job opportunities and his ability to pay, save, accumulate and productively invest capital. – JZ, 25.3.09. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSONISM

PANARCHISM: It has the potential to become self-realizing and powerfully defensive in defensive and revolutionary wars and to achieve a lasting peace and achieve it faster with a minimum of bloodshed. – JZ, n.d. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: It is as unjust to force one's government upon another, as it is unjust to force one's religion upon another.” - Charles T. Sprading, introduction to his great work Liberty and the Great Libertarians.

PANARCHISM: It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” - Voltaire, quoted in DANDELION, Winter 78. - It would be foolish to attempt this because it would unnecessarily increase the number of one's enemies. Be satisfied with becomin free to throw off your own shackles! - JZ, 25.3.80. – But the remark fits the addiction of most people to territorial statism. Even in Science Fiction the opposite of it only rarely at least hinted at. Usually, it is taken for granted, like some other popular prejudices, like notions of warring corporations and over-population and war as a frequent occurrence between whole planets. – JZ, 17.4.08, 17.1.11. - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

PANARCHISM: It is easier and more justified to blame any territorial system or establishment than free individual choice among all kinds of systems and establishments, all only for their volunteers and peacefully coexisting under personal law and exterritorial autonomy, i.e. not monopolistically, wrongly and compulsorily imposed upon whole populations. For me it is still a riddle why anybody expects to achieve general satisfaction and representation through any territorial system based upon majority voting. To introduction of panarchistic freedom for all will go in parallel with the recognition of individual rights and liberties, as the main part of the enlightenment required. As a result I would expect als a reduction of vandalism, crimes with victims and of terrorist acts. The remaining offenders will, probably, be more easily and certainly than now been captured, convicted and sentenced to live institutionalized together, until they have learned to respect individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 15.1.13, 24.11.13. Remaining victimization would largely occur only for voluntary victims, e.g. those advocating and practising equalization of incomes, protectionist laws, central banks, progressive taxation, until they are finally enlightened and fed up with them. Under fully free competition effective defence-, protection-, deterrent-, preventative-, punishment-, indemnification- and rehabilitation-measures will be applied or developed against the remaining relatively few criminals and other aggressors. – Under panarchism we will be able to come as close to “paradise”, “harmony”, freedom and justice as it is possible to come with human beings as they are and as they are likely to remain, perhaps for a long time, ages even. However, better institutions do also produce better human beings or better human behavior. - JZ, 25.6.09, 9.3.12, 24.11.13. - SYSTEMS, ESTABLISHMENTS, BLAME

PANARCHISM: It is error, which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” - Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782. - Truth can stand firmly and openly in sight of thousands who may continue to ignore or deny it. It does not automatically convince all, most people or large numbers. Certain errors, myths and prejudices have remained very popular for a long time and are likely to continue to remain popular, even once experimental freedom has been introduced. Without experimental freedom (and without an encyclopedia of the best refutations of popular errors, myths and prejudices, without an ideas archive, flow chart discussions (*), complete library and publishing services in affordable and powerful alternative media, including complete abstracts, review, indexing and bibliographical services, electronic “argument mapping” etc., truths will continue to have a hard stand. - JZ, 7.11.85, 5.7.86, 27.6.01, 17.1.11, 24.11.13. – (*) Better still, digital “argument mapping”, as recommended by Paul Monk et al online. – JZ, 20.4.08. ) - From JZ, Pan AZ. - TRUTH, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, CONVINCING OTHERS, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION

PANARCHISM: It is hardly necessary to inform clear thinkers that legal monopoly and liberty are opposites. To genuine libertarians, there is but one way to delegate social functions, and that is free competition. If any individual or group believes they can perform any social function better than is being done, they should have the right and opportunity to prove it in actual operation, on their own responsibility and that of any who voluntarily join them. To erect, through law, a monopoly of any social activity is a sure way of promoting graft and exploitation. This is the fallacy of communism, fascism and all schemes involving government monopoly.” - Laurance Labadie, THE STORM, Nos. 4 & 5, 1977. – COMPETITION VS. MONOPOLIES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: It is immaterial whether one be a communist or an individualist (or anything else. - JZ) so long as he be an anarchist. (*) Anarchy, as I see it, admits of any kind of organization, so long as membership is not compulsory ... and I presume no one will object to any number of persons going by themselves and being ruled by a despot, if they so wish, so long as they don't force others to do likewise.” - Joe Labadie, Liberty, 28.1.88, p.7; 14.4.88, p.8. – (*) Voluntarist! - JZ - From JZ Pan AZ. - ANARCHY, INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: It is important to remember, as has well been said, ‘the essential characteristic of true liberty is that under its shelter many different types of life and character and opinion and belief can develop unmolested and unobstructed.’ – Charles Evens Hughes- in  – That applies even to whole political, economic and social systems, all practised only by volunteers and under their personal law.– I do not know whether C. E. H. went as far. – JZ, 24.11.13. - LIBERTY, RIGHTS, FREEDOM, DIVERSITY

PANARCHISM: It is just as difficult and dangerous to try to free a people that wants to remain servile as it is to enslave a people that wants to remain free. – Nicolo Machiavelli, quoted by Nizam Ahmad shared Capitalism's photo. - John Zube : Panarchism: To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice. Consumer sovereignty and free enterprise, freedom of association and freedom of contract in this sphere as well. On this almost all sensible people could come to an agreement - once they seriously considered it. They cannot rightly ask for more and should never be satisfied with less. – Reject all the problems that come with territorialism, allow genuine solutions to be practiced, developed and adopted by volunteers under exterritorialism or full experimental freedom. – The difficulties, which N. M. described, exist mainly only under territorialism. It makes enslavement even of freedom lovers relatively easy. - JZ, 16.2.13. - FREEDOM, DIFFICULTIES, DIVERSITY, CONSUMER SATISFACTION, CHOICE, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: It is natural that a new concept, however valid, will be questioned. The semantic vocabulary has not yet been built up to convey the idea comprehensively. It is necessary that we search with great effort to find meanings which words, as yet, are inadequate to convey. Naturally, the tongue will stumble in trying to form concrete pictures from new abstractions. Naturally, any illustration must prove inadequate for if the reality had come into actual being it would not be a new concept.” Mark Clifton & Frank Riley, They'd Rather Be Right, part III of IV, ASTOUNDING SF, Oct. 1954, p.114. - Or it might be a forgotten reality and concept or one, which was never quite fully understood in all its implications. - JZ, 7.2.02. - POLYARCHY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEER COMMUNITIES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, RED, IDEAS ARCHIVE, QUESTIONING, DOUBTS, ARGUMENTS, CONTRADICTIONS, LANGUAGE, CONCEPTS, WORDINGS

PANARCHISM: It is not enough "to be your own man" and to "live your own life your way", in the religious and private sphere, in your job or career choice, in the super-market as customer, in the choice of your clothing, your vehicle, your recreation and amusement, your sport and fashion, your food and your drinks. You ought to have the same consumer sovereignty and exterritorial autonomy or individual sovereignty regarding political, economic and social systems and bodies of laws and jurisdiction, your preferred bureaucracy, if any, your constitution, all kinds of public services, all kinds of taxation, contribution and budgeting systems, together with like-minded people. - JZ, 28.10.94, 27.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE

PANARCHISM: It is not enough to know. One must also act. It is not enough to resolve, one has also to carry it out.” - Goethe, “Sprueche in Prosa”. – JZ tr. of: “Es ist nicht genug zu wissen, man muss auch anwenden; es ist nicht genug zu wollen, man muss auch tun.” - And for that one must be free enough to act. – JZ, 15.9.08. Also sufficiently tolerant towards the different preferences, actions and systems of others. – JZ, 7.3.09. – TOLERANCE, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE WITH DISSENTERS DOING THEIR OWN THINGS FOR OR TO THEMSELVES, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTATION, ASSOCIATION & CONTRACT IN THE SPHERES SO FAR MONOPOLISED BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

PANARCHISM: It is not really worth taking any criticism of panarchism serious when it does not even see the fundamental differences between States and Panarchies, i.e. when it ignores the differences between a) compulsory membership and subordination on the one side and voluntary membership and subordination or voluntary membership in non-hierarchical and hierarchical organizations on the other side, b) territorial organizations and exterritorial ones, c) imposed territorial constitutions, laws, courts and their voluntarily chosen alternatives, d) States that outlaw individual secession and Panarchies that are based on it and encourage it, e) organizations that concentrate, in practice, in spite of all talk of "national" sovereignty, all their sovereignty in one or a few persons and organizations based on individual sovereignty, f) organizations that permit a minority or a majority to dominate all others and organizations that organize full autonomy for all, even the smallest minorities, as well as for majorities and for any other kind of governmental or free society arrangements that find voluntary supporters, g) organizations that more or less establish a command economy, based on numerous monopolies and those that are inherently based on Free Trade and as much internal economic liberties as voluntary members understand and want for themselves, h) organizations that establish and perpetuate central banking and those that would permit any kind of free banking alternative among their supporters, i) organizations which impose taxes on unwilling taxpayers and organizations that would charge or collect levies only from their volunteers, h) organizations that more or less centralize power territorially, in federations, members States and local governments and those which maximize decentralization by extending it to exterritoriality - for sovereign individuals and their voluntary minority groupings, i) organizations that monopolize arms and military organization and training and those that try to encourage every decent citizen to arm, train and organize himself for the protection of his rights and liberties, j) organizations that produce, keep in readiness and target mass extermination devices and those which have no need for such weapons because they have no targets, motives, means, or protection for them against their destruction by the targeted victims on all sides. k) organizations that put the fate of millions into the hands of a few powerful decision-makers and supposed experts - instead of allowing each and everyone, with a minimum of rationality, to make all the fundamental choices of his own life either directly himself or get them made exclusively by those whom he personally trusts and as long as he does, l) organizations that merely offer hierarchical governments and organizational forms that would even permit all kinds of anarchic communities to be realized among those who prefer them. - These are just some of many differences that critics ought to pay attention to if they want to be able to say something worthwhile on the subject. - Beyond that, they must also be able to extrapolate upon consequences of such differences, able to recognize historical precedents for such fundamental organizational changes and become aware of at least of some of the plans for the transition period that have been so far advanced. - If they do not pay any attention to such details then they are like the many literary critics who judge a book by its cover, and a play or a film by its name. - Although I penned this critical note of critics of panarchism while having in mind the criticism of Diogenes "of Panarchia" in THE CONNECTION 92 p.44, I am convinced that it applies to most of the other criticism of panarchism that I have seen in THE CONNECTION or heard or seen otherwise. – JZ, “Further Panarchist Notes from & to “THE CONNECTION”, No. 105, of 24 July 1982: -From JZ Pan AZ. - VS. STATES

PANARCHISM: It is not true that our "nation" is endangered but that the very existence of our "nation", in exclusive, territorial and coercive form, endangers US and OTHERS. Nothing but what is voluntary deserves the name of "national", according to Mrs. Caroline Chisholm, an Australian pioneer woman. What is voluntary and tolerant, self-responsible, not interfering with the affairs of others, does rarely make enemies and it can be defended much easier and with much more justification. - JZ, 9.3.86, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: It is probably as easy, if not easier, to ascertain which law system someone has subscribed to than to determine the place of his birth or the nationality of his parents. - JZ, 18.7.01. - WHICH LAW IS TO APPLY?

PANARCHISM: It is wrongfully assumed that another and better election system for all people in a territory is necessary and could be rightfully imposed. The essential reform of voting should rather consist in allowing individuals to vote themselves out of the existing territorial institutions (as well as out of the panarchies to be established), which they do now automatically “belong” to, almost like property, or are coercively subjected to, institutions which they do dislike and, thereupon, to join others, exterritorial ones, of volunteers, who are prepared to accept them - or to establish their own. That is the vote for "one-man-revolutions". It would apply individual sovereignty and realize consumer sovereignty as well as free enterprise or experimentation sovereignty in those spheres where it is presently still suppressed. It is practicable under the ancient tradition of personal law and exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities. Compared with this fundamental "electoral reform" any change-over from e.g. "first past the post" to "proportional representation" etc., is rather trivial. - JZ, 11.12.92, 24.6.01, 9.12.03, 5.4.08, 17.1.11, 24.11.13. - Within panarchies of like-minded people there would, moreover, in most cases, be little stress in their internal decision-making e.g. via one or the other voting system. On the most essential aspects of their communities their volunteers would be rather unanimous. - JZ, 9.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - ELECTORAL REFORM, DEMOCRACY, VOTING, TERRITORIALISM, FREE CHOICE AMONG GOVERNMENTAL & SOCIETAL SYSTEM

PANARCHISM: It lets us be as free or unfree as we want to be rather than being subject to the territorial laws, institutions and systems that others voted for. It gives us consumer sovereignty in all spheres. We could even come to build up our own personal law, institutions and system – together with other but like-minded volunteers. – JZ, 25.3.09.

PANARCHISM: It means free enterprise and consumer sovereignty in every sphere rather than any territorial power for any politicians and bureaucrats. As far as all your own affairs are concerned, you would then be able to employ only those politicians and bureaucrats that you prefer for yourself – if any at all. – JZ, 25.3.09. Moreover, you could hire and fire these public servants. – JZ, 24.11.18.

PANARCHISM: It means free enterprise in the sphere of governments, combined with consumer sovereignty towards such competing service providers, for all kinds of governance, societal and community systems, all only for their volunteers and granting none of them a territorial monopoly over dissenters and members of other such associations. It would realize freedom of association and disassociation or secession, freedom of contract, freedom of action and experimentation even in this sphere, where by now it is most needed of all. In short: voluntarism and tolerance in every sphere, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 29.6. & 11.7.13.

PANARCHISM: It means obedience only to moral and legal rules that were chosen by ourselves for our own lives, personal law, together with like-minded other volunteers, rather than being forced to abide by the man-made laws, institutions and systems that a majority of others prefer for themselves and try to impose, constitutionally, legally and juridically, or even despotically, upon a whole territorial population. Like a free consumer in a supermarket you will get then get only the kind of goods and services that you want and are able and willing to pay for. Statists would get what they want in public services and publicly provided goods, laws and systems, politically determined, and all paid for out of huge taxes imposed upon all their voluntary members and no one else. – JZ, 25.3.09, 24.11.13. – PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR SOCIETIES, COMMUNITES & GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS OF VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM: It means obedience only to self-chosen rules and membership only in self-chosen institutions and systems, rather than enforced obedience to man made laws and institutions, and systems that others, usually temporary majorities, do prefer and then territorially impose upon all others, because the territorial politics as usual permits them to do this to you and this largely also at your expense and risk. You are forced to pay tributes or taxes or penalties for their kind of public services, whether you like them or dislike them, use them or not. – JZ, 25.3.09. – VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

PANARCHISM: It means societies and States and governments, constitutions, laws, etc. all becoming individually chosen or refusable institutions or institutions from which individuals may secede. The remaining and new communities would all be only exterritorially autonomous, have only personal laws and voluntary members. They would not be bound by ancient or new laws, customs, juridical decisions, traditions or by majority or minority despotism, nor limited by party strife or torn by civil wars, since all parties or movements would then be free to go their own ways. Each election would be won by every party or leader or prophet that have offered themselves as a choice, since they could use their exterritorial autonomy options together with their voluntary followers. One cannot rightly ask for more. – JZ, 1.9. 97, 10.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – Nor should one strive for less. – JZ, 24.11.13.

PANARCHISM: It means: The possibility of a separate “Declaration of Independence”for every individual and voluntary group or community! (Panarchy) - Also the practical possibility and framework to realize it, self-responsibly, on the basis of personal law, exterritorial autonomy and quite voluntary membership, which also implies freedom for voluntary disassociation or secession, or renunciation of membership, or discontinuance of subscription to previously chosen or imposed public service package deals and this even for individuals and, naturally, for groups of volunteers or dissenting minorities. - It also means, in essence, voluntary taxation and quite free, peaceful and tolerant competition in the provision of all kinds of public services and public service package deals. - There are numerous historical and contemporary precedents for this freedom option, however incomplete and temporary, nevertheless, its principles and practices are still widely unknown or unappreciated. – JZ, n.d. & 24.11.13.

PANARCHISM: It must be obvious that liberty necessarily means freedom to choose foolishly as well as wisely; freedom to choose evil (*) as well as good; freedom to enjoy the rewards of good judgment, and freedom to suffer the penalties of bad judgment. If this is not true, the word "freedom" has no meaning.” – Admiral Ben Moreell. - Limited governments, as desired by him, do not permit that freedom in the spheres of political, economic and social systems, because of their remaining territorialism. Panarchism means freedom of action, experimental freedom, full freedom of choice, all on a voluntary and secessionist basis, resulting in exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers and competing governments and societies, a competition in which the best ones will tend to win soon and widely. - But this requires a new science of politics, which has still be established and recognized. It would also give the limited government, desired by so many libertarians, the best chance to become realized, soon and easily, at least by and for themselves. If it were really as good as they believe it to be, it could then easily spread from them even to many of their much more statist or anarchist opponents. - JZ, 26. 11. 06, 17.1.11. – (*) That part ought to be qualified. It does not permit any wrongful actions towards non-consenting victims. It requires respect for the liberties and rights of others, to the extent that they have chosen them for themselves. One may abuse one’s own health and risk one’s own life or limbs – but not those of others.  The right to make mistakes at the own risk and expense covers this aspect better. – JZ, 24.11.13. - WITHOUT IT LIBERTIES & RIGHTS ARE ALL TOO INCOMPLETE. FULL FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & SECESSION, CONTRACT & EXPERIMENTATION ARE INVOLVED & INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP & SELF-RESPONSIBILITY AS WELL AS FULL SELF-GOVERNANCE

PANARCHISM: It provides a just and common sense framework for both, all kinds of governmentalists and all kinds of anarchists and libertarians. Thus it is much more useful that any framework that suits only statists or freedom lovers. Anarchists especially, as a minority greatly outnumbered for a long time, should thus take a strong interest in it rather than going on to insist upon the realization of their particular type of anarchism not only for themselves but for all other anarchists and even for all people in a territory, who are not anarchists, even while most of them are still likely to remain statists for a considerable or even a long time. - JZ, 25.6.99, 27.6.01, 8.9.04, 17.1.11, 24.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: It requires much philosophy to observe the facts which are all around us.” – (Il faut beaucoup de philosophie pour observer les faits qui sont trop pres de nous.) – Rousseau. – The degrees of panarchism that are already existing in the daily practices of our private lives have still to be recognized as applicable in our public lives as well. There, too, everything can be tolerantly practised among its volunteers. No group or party can rightly represent all other groups – except, perhaps, an ideal militia force for the protection of all individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 18.4.08.

PANARCHISM: It seems that one has to endlessly preach all aspects of panarchism, repetitively, until this ideal is finally sufficiently spread and one becomes free to practise all the related rights and liberties quite unhindered, just as is already free to in the religious sphere and as a consumer in a somewhat free market. One or the other panarchistic thought or formula (Perhaps a much better version than: "Make love, not war!"? - JZ, 8.9.04.) will finally come to influence or dominate public opinion so that panarchism will be considered as much as the self-evident solution as is, nowadays, territorial sovereignty, in spite of all the wrongs and defects of the latter. However, party strife, civil wars, revolutions or revolutionary and resistance attempts do exist everywhere and their supporters should be good prospects. For if they did adopt panarchism as their aim and panarchistic liberation methods as their action program, then they could reach their particular aim for themselves much faster and more easily. Even the military, if they scientifically explored all their defence options, should be interested in those provided by panarchism. With them they could largely dissolve enemy forces and overthrow enemy dictators, i.e., without great losses for the own side. So far their intelligence services were not enlightened or intelligent enough to unearth these options and use them for their rightful purposes. - This leads to the question: Can panarchism be used for wrongful purposes? I doubt it. At most one can only set up, with its help, wrongful systems for their true believers. And these true believers, as long as they hold to their wrong beliefs, would not be wronged by becoming free to practise their beliefs among themselves. They would even defeat their own "idealistic" reform aims by setting deterrent rather than attractive examples to all others. - Panarchism has even the potential to turn terrorists into free and self-responsible experimenters, tolerant of the free experiments of other volunteers. - They would only have to get rid of another major prejudice still, namely that of "collective responsibility". Otherwise the endless battle between terrorism and anti-terrorist measures by territorial governments will continue, at huge costs in lives, liberties and money. - Luckily, territorialism is interlinked with collective responsibility notions in the same way as panarchism is closely related to individual responsibility. -- JZ 13.1.93, 11.12.03, 8.9.04, 17.1.11, 24.11.13. – Originally from JZ, Pan AZ. - PREACHING IT & OR PRACTISING IT. ITS VALUE FOR REVOLUTIONARIES & THE MILITARY & FOR COUNTER-TERRORIST EFFORTS, Q.

PANARCHISM: It was a matter of survival. Some means of creating a stable social and economic order in the face of continuous revolutionary change had to be found.” - Poul Anderson, The Psycho-Technic League, p.94. – It offers radical one-person revolutions, as a matter of peaceful individual choices. – JZ, 24.11.13.

PANARCHISM: It would allow us to let markets and their free associations and contracts serve us better than any monopolistic and coercive territorial governments do and can. – JZ, 25.3.09.

PANARCHISM: It would mean, especially, for our times: a) No conscription into armed forces. b) No conscription into state membership. c) No dictatorship - unless it is wanted by the individuals involved. d) No economic or political monopoly or privilege any longer. Only those remain that are based on the unanimous consent of volunteers and that are practised at their expense only. e) No funds, soldiers, targets, motives and enemies for nuclear war but, rather, friends and allies everywhere - against a few remaining criminals, enemies of man. f) No majority votes - except among volunteers and applying only to them. g) No national borders and national enemies any longer. h) No nuclear targets any longer. i.) No taxation without individual consent. (Replacement of taxes by prices, fees and subscriptions.) j) Confinement of the "enemy" concept to the real enemies, e.g. despotic governments rather than their primary victims, their own subjects and victims. k) These victims, including the conscripts, can be turned into our allies against their despotic governments,  - Panarchism leads to a new kind of political and military science. - JZ, n.d., 17.1.11, 24.11.13. - From JZ, Pan AZ. – MILITIA, DEFENCE, LIBERATION, DESERTION, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE, RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS

PANARCHISM: It would realize full autonomy everywhere, on a voluntary and exterritorial basis, replacing territorial, coercive and monopolistic governments by voluntary, exterritorial and optional ones of a great variety, including the great variety of free societies and communities that would be individually chosen. Does it describe a utopia? Nothing could be further from the truth. That exterritorially autonomous actions and cooperation works best is proven thousands of times every day, every hour, although on a much smaller scale, in private decision-making spheres, some of which remained to some extent even under totalitarian regimes. Otherwise they would have collapsed almost immediately. "The only effective control is self-control", as Rose Wilder Lane pointed out, not necessarily using the same words. – JZ, n.d., 10.1.99, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: It would, largely peacefully, turn territorial, monopolistic and coercive governments into freely competing or cooperating self-help organizations or volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous rather than territorially sovereign. – JZ, 9.11.97, 10.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: It's worked so well that they don't see it any more.” - James P. Hogan, The Mirror Maze, p.99. - PANARCHY IN PRIVATE LIVES IS ALREADY TAKEN FOR GRANTED OR CONSIDERED TO BE MERELY GOOD MANNERS

PANARCHISM: It’s your life. It should be your decision.” – MacGiver in the TV series MacGiver, segment: “Lost Treasure in Atlantis.” – Apart from the technical ingenuity and self-help practices revealed by this TV hero, his depressing "message" is usually: welfarism, altruism and sacrifices as well as great risks undertaken by enterprising heroes on behalf of the “needy” and “helpless.” – JZ, 10.1.99. - That it is largely territorialism which makes them needy and helpless is not shown in this TV series, either. - JZ, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - YOUR LIFE, YOUR DECISION, POVERTY, SELF-HELP, TERRITORIALISM, LIBERATION

PANARCHISM: Its experimental freedom, based upon unanimous consent, by every experiment in the political, social and economic sphere being only undertaken among volunteers, would tend to explore as rapidly as possible all solutions offered to the remaining political, economic and social problems, trying all of them out – but all of them only among their voluntary supporters. Thousands of such experiments could take place at the same time in the world and at least some of them would be successful and nothing would obstruct the adoption of their successes by other panarchies. (No copyright or patent for successful alternative forms of societies and communities. They could be endlessly duplicated or adopted.) In each country and in the world there would be as many different experimental, competing and voluntaristic community experiments as volunteers want to set up for themselves. – I doubt that fans of nuclear weapons and reactors could prove to others that their experiments would not endanger others. - JZ, n.d., 12.1.99. – From JZ Pan AZ. - WOULD RELEASE THE REMAINING CREATIVE ENERGIES THAT TERRITORIALISM HAS KEPT SUPPRESSED FOR MOST PEOPLE, NWT

PANARCHISM: Its relatively new and practical, progressive and rightful utopianism does recognize the individual’s primary role, his rights and liberties to decide his own future, at his own risk and expense, independent of the beliefs and convictions of others, their preferred constitutions, laws and institutions. – JZ, 1.4.96, 9.1.99. - Others called it "the right of private judgment". - JZ, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: John Stuart Mill stressed the importance of individual differences and the development of one’s own personality as the reason that people need freedom. Even those of us who are content to conform, (do? - JZ) benefit from a society in which others choose new ways of living, some of which may turn out to be worth emulating.” - David Boaz, ed., The Libertarian Reader, The Free Press, 1997, p.51. - CONFORMITY & TOLERANCE FOR FREE SOCIETIES

PANARCHISM: Kadis (Muslim religious courts or judges) in Israel condemned terrorist activities as harming Arab-Jewish coexistence. – Source? - No.75, Winter-Spring 1970, p.8. - Unless there is agreement on granting each other full exterritorial autonomy, many forms of "coexistence", especially the territorial ones, resemble as somebody jokingly said, "the coexistence between a farmer and his turkeys - until Christmas." - JZ, n.d. & 13.3.09. – JOKES, COEXISTENCE UNDER TERRITORIAL DOMINATION: PREVENT WORLD WAR III

PANARCHISM: Laissez Faire not only in lifestyles, arts, literature, hobbies, recreation, sports, choice of jobs and profession, free enterprise, free trade, but also in politics, economics and social system, in the same way as it has long been realized in many countries in the sphere of religion – or of anti-religious commitments. – JZ, 20.9.97, 10.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: law is the bond of civil society,” – Cicero, quoted by Walter Lippmann, The Public Philosophy, A Mentor Book, 1955, p.123. – Laws can be a rightful and strong enough bond only when they are no more than the personal laws of communities of volunteers! Otherwise, most of them stink! We are also in the habit of ignoring thousands of laws, simply because there are so many of them that we have not even the time and energy to read them, far less remember them. Thus all of us are law-breakers, often! Most of us have also largely given up trying to oppose certain laws because the only “weapon” we are allowed against them is one vote in millions, for “representatives”, who have usually other priorities than trying to repeal those laws which we oppose. And these “representatives” themselves have usually also only one vote among hundreds – and are under party-discipline! -  JZ, 28.11.07, 11.9.08, 17.1.11. – DEMOCRACY, VOTING, TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, SOCIETY, LAWS, SOCIETY, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Laws and rules by individual choice - not by impositions upon any peaceful citizen in any territory, - JZ, 6.9.89. – PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE

PANARCHISM: learning to walk away from those systems and practices that are destroying us.” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 77. - Alas, Butler Shaffer does not yet subscribe to panarchism. – JZ, 20.2.05. – Nor has he clearly enough distinguished, to my knowledge, between organizations with voluntary members only and those with compulsory members or subjects, those with territorial monopolies and those confined to exterritorial autonomy. And this in spite of the precedent of religious liberty and that of tens of thousands of diverse voluntary private organizations, all with voluntary members and their own internal rules, which do, largely, peacefully coexist with each other, each in free pursuit of its own interests, spleens or rational endeavors. – Not all organizations and institutions or corporations are alike and similarly wrongful and inefficient. - JZ, 7.3.09. – TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, PRECEDENTS.

PANARCHISM: Leave all to THEIR folkways, beliefs, faiths, isms and convictions, which requires that dissenting individuals and minorities as well as majorities become free to opt out and free to practise their ideas among themselves - at their own risk and expense. - JZ, 18.12.95, 26.6.01. - Play a mental game and apply this revolutionary reform e.g. to the present problems in Afghanistan and Iraq. If you don't, the governments certainly will not do this for you and them. - JZ, 9.12.03, 18.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FOLKWAYS

PANARCHISM: leave them their own laws, their religions, their customs.” - Gordon R. Dickson, Enter a Pilgrim, p.19, in ANALOG, 8/74. – TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE; ANARCHY, VOLUNTARISM, MINDING THE OWN BUSINESS, TO EACH HIS OWN

PANARCHISM: Let any somewhat rational individual do what he likes and avoid what he dislikes, in all spheres, but always at his own expense and risk only and that of like-minded and associated volunteers. - JZ, 5.2.95 & 26.6.01, 24.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - LIKES & DISLIKES, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: Let all kinds of socialists and all advocates of other systems become free to experiment with them - always at the own risk and expense. That would tend to enlighten and civilize them, also to liberate them and establish peace between them. An end to mutual exploitation, taxation and domination attempts. And end to monetary and financial despotism and man-made wide-spread crises. Letting any power addict run wild over a whole territory and its population has always had terrifying results, with the worst getting to the top and staying there for all too long. - John Zube – Facebook, 17.2.13, 24.11.13.


PANARCHISM: Let each be married only to the constitution, laws, jurisdiction and other "public" institutions of his own choice and permit easy divorce in this sphere as well. - JZ, 18.10.02. - MARRIAGES & DIVORCE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Let each go his own way, without leaders, guides and experts not wanted by him. - JZ, 11.12.03. Or with the leaders and communities of his own individual choice. - JZ, 7.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - LEADERSHIP

PANARCHISM: Let he who in freedom seeks dominance, have it.” - Ben Best, IDEA CATALYST, No.1, 1966. – But only to the extent that he can find voluntary victims. Seeing that most people are still statists, that would not be very difficult. – JZ, 18.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Let him make his own bed and lie in it!” - This old proverb should be applied to exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers as well. - JZ, 28.4.95. - So often a minor freedom insight or analogy does already embody panarchism - but is not expanded to the extent it should be, to lead to the flowering of full-scale panarchism in all spheres. - JZ, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Let individuals and groups sort themselves out - and together - according to their own ideas and preferences. - JZ, 16.7.01. - INDIVIDUALISM, GROUPS, ASSOCIATIONS, COMMUNITIES, VOLUNTARISM, VOLUNTARY SEGREGATION, VOLUNTARY INTEGRATION

PANARCHISM: Let madmen do their things to themselves, while wise men gain the freedom to liberate themselves in their own particular fashion. - JZ, 9 Feb. 87, 10.10.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – SELF-GOVERNMENT FOR ALL COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS.

PANARCHISM: Let me give freedom to the rest of the Galaxy, each portion to go its own way according to its own customs and cultures. The Galaxy will become a working whole again through the free agencies of trade, tourism and communication…” – Isaac Asimov, Prelude to Foundation, p.418. –- In science fiction, alas, usually, only one kind of society is envisioned, on a whole planet, since they are presumed to exist in unlimited numbers and the transport problem is presumed to be solved in these stories. Insofar they usually do not use their imagination to solve the problems remaining on this Earth as a result of territorialism. – JZ, 20.4.08. – SCIENCE FICTION

PANARCHISM: let me make it clear that I'm talking about the leaders of the great powers as being the contenders in this process. These are the generals and admirals and politicians who effectively control the military machines of the nations. These are people who would destroy cities in order to save them, whose standard accomplishment is whose flag flies over where a city was, not what's left of the city.” - Filthy Pierre, Thoughts on "National Defence" vs. Proprietary Community Defence, THE CONNECTION, 109, of 22 Jan. 83, p.37. – Cities and proprietary communities set themselves up as targets for such "defenders". Those who are exterritorially dispersed, do not invite such attacks but deter them - and turn almost everyone into an ally against those who attempted to persist with such mass murderous madness under conditions of non-territorial autonomy for all. - JZ, n.d. - TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, LEADERSHIP, DEFENCE, AIR RAIDS, NUCLEAR WAR THREATS, POLITICIANS, GENERALS

PANARCHISM: Let people preserve what they want to preserve but also let them and others change what they want to change - in their way of life, in their associations and institutions and contracts. - JZ 18.12.83, 16.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Let States and societies exist just like any other insurance or share company, or business enterprises, or self-help or common interest associations, all with voluntary membership and contributions and decisions-making and rules affecting directly only the members and their voluntary customers. - JZ. 9/82, 6.4.84, 16.4.08.


PANARCHISM: Let the Whitlam followers have Whitlam and the Fraserites Fraser - that's enough punishment for both! - JZ, 1975. - To impose a party regime upon people who voted for another party but were outvoted, is a cruel but all too usual punishment. - JZ, 8.4.84. – PARTIES, VOTING, ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITYL DESPOTISM

PANARCHISM: Let them and us do the own things! – JZ, 23.2.09, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Let those who like a libertarian society get together and live in one. Let those who don't form states and do the best they can. If the states try to grab the other areas, the other areas will be prepared to defend themselves.” - Filthy Pierre, THE LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 65, p. 41. - He is still addicted to territorialism and, at most, wants to reduce it to the relatively small areas dominated by proprietary communities. They are in many ways an advance upon intentional communities of the most popular type, upon tribal villages and conventional local governments - but, as follows from his own proposals, would not yet eliminate but rather increase the danger of nuclear war. - JZ 7.4.84. – INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES, PROPRIETARY COMMUNITIES, TERRITORIALISM, DECENTRALIZATION, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT.

PANARCHISM: let us admit that society cannot both be contractual like a limited liability company and grow organically like any individual creature.” - Ivor Brown, English Political Theory, Methuen, London, 1920, 134, discussing Herbert Spencer, but, apparently, without comprehending his formulation of the "right to ignore the State" and of its consequences. - The concept of society as a single organism got also in the way of clear thinking on the subject. "Society" is a true society only when it consists of numerous and independent societies of volunteers, all doing their own things and none of them meddling with the affairs of other societies. - JZ, 23.1.02, 17.1.11. - & SOCIETY

PANARCHISM: Let us and them do the own things. – JZ, 23.2.09.

PANARCHISM: Let us have consumer sovereignty regarding government services. - JZ 21/11/82.

PANARCHISM: Let us have freedom of divorce for individuals from territorial governments, their exclusive and enforced territorial constitutions, laws, jurisdiction and administrations and their multitude of QUANGOs (Quasi Autonomous Non-Government Organizations). – JZ, n.d., 9.1.99. What we need are Exterritorially Fully Autonomous Non-Government Organizations of Volunteers: EFANGOVs. - JZ, 8.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DIVORCE FROM GOVERNMENTS

PANARCHISM: Let us have the same relations politically and economically as we have in music, theatre, painting, poetry etc. Each chooses or produces his own favorite types and does not interfere with the choices others make for themselves. - JZ 26.7.87.

PANARCHISM: Libertarianism for libertarians, statism for statists.” - Wayne Wallace Woodward, THE CONNECTION 129 of 28 July 85, p.54. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – All isms only for their volunteers. – JZ, 16.4.08. – A network between all those still alive and active, who have ever made any panarchistic comments, remains still to be established. Christian Butterbach, with his “little panarchy” online discussion group, had at least made a beginning. - Otherwise see: and –JZ, 13.3.09.

PANARCHISM: libertarianism must stand firm against all Senators, all Presidents, and so forth, because these officers and the legal power they embody are indispensable features of the State apparatus.” - George H. Smith, Party Dialogue, THE VOLUNTARYIST, Series No.1. - Yes, for territorial States. No for exterritorial communities with voluntary membership. - JZ, 18.10.82.

PANARCHISM: Liberty and freedom are the conditions of man within a contractual society." --Ludwig von Mises, Human Action Read more: Artwork by Natalie Fawn Danelishen of Unbound Quotes and Notes – Facebook, 27.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Like Hong Kong, Shanghai began as an enclave of market freedom – albeit market freedom imposed by military force … Both Hong Kong and Shanghai were “concession ports” granted by the Treaty of Nanjing in 1842 after the first opium war. Hong Kong belonged to Britain, but Shanghai belonged to practically everybody. A slew of foreigners threw together the Shanghai city administration, described thus in a 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica entry: “As there are now fourteen treaty powers represented at Shanghai, there are consequently fourteen district courts sitting side by side, each administering the law for its own nationality.” China was experiencing one of its 4,200 consecutive years of bad government. ... But Hong Kong and Shanghai were havens for personal and substantial liberty on a continent where everyone’s person and substance had always belonged to the emperor, the warlord, or the man with the largest hatchet. And they were havens for overseas merchants and Chinese natives alike. … Until the communist takeover in 1949, Shanghai was the more important of the two cities. … Shanghai is still the largest and richest city on the mainland – even though it isn’t really Chinese and dates back only 156 years in a country that eats eggs that old.” - P. J. O’Rourke, Eat the Rich, A Treatise on Economics, Picador, 1998, p.219 or p. 241? Different editions? – It would be great if a political humorist like P. J. O’R. could be won over to panarchism rather soon. I have seen nothing in his writings that would oppose it. – Writing about the antics of some panarchists, once panarchism is introduced, would provide him with more interesting materials to write about. – For panarchism would embrace all kinds of foolishness, too, in which fools do theirs things to each other, at their own risk and expense, thus providing extra chances for smiles or laughter for outsiders. - JZ, n.d. & 17.1.11. - COMPETING COURT SYSTEMS, PERSONAL LAWS, SHANGHAI, EXTERRITORIALITY, EXTRATERRITORIALITY, ENCLAVES, VOLUNTARISM, UNEQUAL TREATIES, THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN EQUAL TREATIES

PANARCHISM: Like in friendships and loves, as well as in professional and hobby associations, people commit themselves only to a few ideas, even to a few freedom ideas only, never minding either their remaining flaws nor all the other freedom ideas which they have not yet chosen for themselves and may continue to ignore for the rest of their lives. They busy themselves with their present associations and relations and their present (usually all too small) stock of reform or freedom ideas and texts - and ignore the armies (alas, unorganized, untrained, under-equipped and all too much out of touch) of other libertarian talents and the avalanches of libertarian ideas and writings. (Even the Internet and personal libertarian websites have not yet broken the isolation of all too many libertarians.) They do not even systematically collect all freedom ideas and texts and try to publish them cheaply and permanently in alternative media but ignore many of their alternative media options as well, although basic rights and freedom opportunities, like freedom of information and expression, are involved. They would be much less likely to continue this incomplete involvement with liberty - if the adherents of alternative ideas were free to demonstrate them in their own panarchies. Then we might get more or less objective surveys of all existing panarchistic experiments, like we do get now reports for e.g. sporting and cinema events and daily reports on the movement of the great variety of securities and business enterprises. Libertarian newsletters would not be largely filled with trivial or minor happenings and attempts. - Full liberty would be, at least initially, and perhaps for a long time, the choice of a small minority only. More people would adopt for themselves, in their own panarchies, selected batches of liberty, gradually adding to them. Full liberty is still so unpopular that it should perhaps be advocated as a fool's liberty, which it would be, in the opinions of most. Moreover, in this form full liberty would be felt as much less threatening to those who still doubt it. - JZ, 14.8.98, 26.6.01. – From JZ Pan AZ. - LIBERTARIANISM, DISINTEREST IN LIBERTARIAN IDEAS & TEXTS

PANARCHISM: Limited Government : An agency of society to invoke a common justice and to keep the peace is a social necessity. Its role is to codify the taboos - injustices - and punish any trespass on individual rights. Bear in mind that coercive force is implicit in such an agency. Ideally, it is our protector. But to expect that coercive force so delegated will be or even can be self-limiting is utterly absurd.” - L. E. Read, Notes from FEE, 9/76. - Why only one such agency in any territory or only 3 different levels of territorial rule: local, state and federal? Why shouldn't such an important service be supplied quite competitively, also, and thus in a self-limiting form? - JZ, 21.11.82. – Moreover, why should such an institution be a government? I'd rather see its functions fulfilled by local militias for the protection of human rights and by their national and international federations. Such militias can also be so organized that they become self-limiting, as has been shown in PEACE PLANS 61-63 ( & ) - JZ 7.4.84. - Read indicated here already the tendency even of limited territorial governments to become unlimited ones. Nevertheless, he did not advocate individual and group secessions from them and competition from exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers for them. All three levels of conventional territorial governments are already unlimited with regard to their territorial monopolies. – JZ, 17.4.08, 17.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Live and let live.” – David Fergusson: Scottish Proverbs, 1641. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PROVERBIAL WISDOM

PANARCHISM: Locke insists that a society is legitimately formed only by means of a contract among the members, i.e. by voluntary and explicit consent of all concerned. (II, 14,14,57,73,87,89, 95,106,112,122,171,211,243.)” - David B. Suits, JLS, Sum 77, p.203. – SOCIETY, SOCIAL CONTRACT, INDIVIDUAL CONTRACTS, CONSENT

PANARCHISM: Long live freedom and damn the ideologies.” - Poul Anderson, Past Times, p.102. - Long live the freedom for each to enjoy the practice of the ideology of his choice for himself and all like-minded people, anywhere on Earth – or in Space! – Always without any territorial monopoly! - JZ, 24.7.87, 27.3.01, 6.3.09 - FREEDOM, IDEOLOGIES

PANARCHISM: Look after your own!” – Proverbial wisdom, like MYOB. – What percentage of territorial politicians, bureaucrats and policemen is not corrupt? – JZ, 25.11.13. – SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-INTEREST

PANARCHISM: Look at the other possibilities, become free to choose them for yourself and allow others to make their own choices for themselves. Each is to advance and to continue only at the own risk and expense. In this way freedom of choice, freedom of action, freedom to experiment could be realized for all. The territorial model sets different people, with different ideas against each other. The exterritorial model sets all of them free to do their own things for and to themselves. Thereby they become pacified - and will tend to advance, in the average, fast, even though some might stagnate or even relapse for a while. Majorities and territorial governments have no right to determine the fate of non-aggressive individuals and minorities that disagree with them. - JZ, 5.8.03, 15.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FAVORS ALL RIGHTFUL & TOLERANT POSSIBILITIES, ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, ASSOCIATION, EXPERIMENTATION & CONTRACT, INDEPENDET OF ANY EXISTING TERRITORIAL LEGISLATION, SELF-GOVERNANCE

PANARCHISM: Majoritarianism, in its representative or direct democracy forms, can work well enough only when combined with individual and group secessionism. - JZ, 14.2.99. For then the majority tends to disappear in unanimity because all the dissenters have disappeared or are free to secede at any time and the new associations in the political, economic and social spheres are all made up of volunteers. - JZ, 28.2.02, 25.11.13. - Voluntary associations come close to unanimity on whatever is important to their members. – JZ, 25.11.13.DEMOCRACY, MAJORITARIANISM, REPRESENTATION, HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Majority democracy is the carrying on of civil war by other means. Typically, the election reports still speak of victories and defeats. Only exterritorial autonomy on a voluntary basis makes truly democratic self-government and individual sovereignty possible for all. - JZ, 3.1.83, 6.4.84, 25.11.13. – DEMOCRACY, MAJORITIES, VOTING, REPRESENTATION, ELECTIONS, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, CIVIL TO UNCIVILIZED WAR BY VOTING

PANARCHISM: Make State membership voluntary and reduce all territorial and collectivist sovereignty to mere exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. Then all reforms, even radical ones, will be taken care of by those most interested in them for themselves, and at their own risk and expense only. Anyone genuinely interested in tolerance, freedom, progress, independence and individual rights and liberties would not oppose that. – JZ, 30.4.93, 14.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Man as a Maker not as a Taker or Faker.” – Source? – It will “release all creative energies” (Leonard E. Read) in the political, economic and social systems spheres, with a strong tendency to liberation in all three spheres through the most successful experiments of volunteers. – JZ, 25.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Man has the right to live in the way the he willeth to live.” - L. Neil Smith, Tom Paine Maru, p.154. - MAN, WAY OF LIFE, CHOICE, LIFESTYLE, RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW VS. TERRITORIAL LAWS, MAN VS. LAWS

PANARCHISM: Man is not fit for political democracy or political democracy is not fit for man but man is fit for the democracy of the free market and the democracy of the free market is fit for man. Once territorial governments are reduced to only exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, then most of the present difficulties of democracies and republics would disappear – not to speak of those of dictatorships and totalitarian regimes. – JZ, in a note to: Carl J. Friedrich, New Belief in the Common Man, p.8. – But this does not mean that I consider the panarchistic framework, just by itself, without any other free market institutions, as a cure-all, although I do believe that all the other free market institutions could most easily and rapidly develop under it. I still consider e.g. the contributions that microfilm publishing, CD Publishing, electronic “argument mapping”, referenda for individual rights and liberties, an optimized declaration of all individual rights and liberties, free market education services, genuinely cultural revolution methods, ideas archives, directories, events calendars and various encyclopedias could make. Most of these do fall under the classical liberties like freedom of expression and information. Panarchism falls under the relatively new liberty of action and experimentation in the last spheres from which they were so far excluded by territorial States. - JZ, 30.3.96, 9.1.99, 5.4.08. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DEMOCRACY & MAN, ENLIGHTENMENT, FREE MARKETS IN EVERY SPHERE, NEW DRAFT

PANARCHISM: Man is not to be compelled to become or to remain free. He may choose to become free or unfree, whenever and as long as he likes. – JZ, 20.3.81, 15.2.08, 25.11.13. – COMPULSION, VOLUNTARISM, CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

PANARCHISM: Man's adulthood, maturity or majority will begin with the realization of panarchism. It will close the compulsory nurseries of territorial States. - JZ, 26.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - ADULTHOOD, GROWING UP, NO MORE TERRITORIAL & COLLECTIVIST NURSERIES FOR GROWNUPS

PANARCHISM: Mandate: Politicians are loath to concede, whenever they have lost their majority mandate, that they never possessed that of most minorities and that, in practice, they represent mainly special interests and privileges that conflict with the rights, liberties and interests of all others. Only Panarchies would possess a genuine mandate - from all of their voluntary members. They would not rule over any radical dissenters, since these would opt out. But they would continue to rule or control aggressors, totalitarians, criminals against their members. - JZ 15.7.89, 10.10.89. – MANDATE, CONSENT, MINORITIES, SPECIAL INTERESTS, PRIVILEGES, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, DEMOCRACY, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Mankind are greater gainers by suffering each other to live as seems good to themselves, than by compelling each to live as seems good to the rest.” - J. S. Mill. - Panarchism tries merely to apply this principle to every sphere instead of merely some limited private spheres like hair styles and clothing, eating and reading habits, travel and entertainment choices, arts and crafts etc. - JZ, 8.4.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Many people change their studies, hobbies, crafts, jobs, even professions, residences, friends and associates during their lives, even marriage partners. But with regard to the territorially imposed systems we have had at best only emigration into another such system as an option. Panarchism would open these exterritorial autonomy options as well to all adult, peaceful and productive people, whatever race, religion or ideology they belong to, world-wide and permanently. – JZ, 20.2.8. – VOLUNTARISM, DIVORCE, PANARCHY IN NUMEROUS PLRIVATE PRACTICES ALREADY TAKEN FOR GRANTED

PANARCHISM: Men being, as has been said, by nature, all free, equal, and independent, no one can be put out of this estate, and subjected to the political power of another, without his own consent."- John Locke The Second Treatise of Civil Government. 1690, - Note to all: I have never given my consent to be governed and consent cannot be gained through coercion or through mere geographic location. - Paul Zimmerman - John Zube I hope that you will draw all voluntary, contractual, secessionist, personal law, minority autonomy, exterritorial autonomy, organizational, panarchistic, polyarchic etc. consequences of this statement. – Facebook, 11.1.13. - INDEPENDENCE, EQUAL RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAWS, CONSENT VS. TERRITOIRALISM, POWER, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

PANARCHISM: Men occasionally stumble over truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” - Sir Winston Churchill. – I believe that he did this for all too many truths himself. Maybe his persistent and excess drinking and smoking was partly to blame for this. - JZ, 17.1.11. - From JZ, Pan AZ. – Most people’s minds do have already to be somewhat opened by themselves or others before they are ready to accept many to most of the panarchist messages. Only a few succeeded in developing these ideas quite by themselves. Alas, I was not one of them. – JZ, 25.11.13. - THE USUAL REACTION TO IT, PEOPLE, ENLIGHTENMENT, IDEAS, RESISTANCE TO NEW IDEAS, TRUTH


PANARCHISM: Men would not live long in society were they not the dupes of one another.” - La Rochefoucauld, Maxims, 1665. - That applies rather to territorial States than to free societies and the general society of man. Nor does it mean that there ought to be only one compulsory, coercive and monopolistic, because territorial, society or State. - JZ, 5.7.86 & 24.6.01. - Separate panarchies for all kinds of dupes as well as for all kinds of more or less wise men and women! - JZ, 18.9.04, 17.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FOOLISHNESS, STATISM, SOCIETY, STATE, PREJUDICES, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION

PANARCHISM: men's natural right to do as they please about supporting the government, ...” Lysander Spooner, No Treason VI, 40, Works I. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: might be wise to choose instead more easily discontinued arrangements for law making and law enforcement - arrangements, perhaps, along the lines suggested in this paper.” - David B. Suits, JLS, Summer 77, p.203. People should be at liberty to reject (for their own individual spheres) at least as many laws every year as modern politicians pass every year. But at this speed it would still take them decades of struggle to keep or get their heads above the flood of laws. - JZ 21.11.82, 17.1.11. - Thus they should also be free to become complete drop-outs out of laws passed by others – and also out of those which were once passed with their consent. - JZ 7.4.84. – LAWS, PERSONAL LAWS, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Minorities are in trouble because they are subject to a territorial system and aspire only to territorial autonomy or even to territorial domination over other minorities or even the majority. If they strove only to achieve exterritorial autonomy for themselves and also for all other minorities as well as for the territorial majority, then they might achieve this limited aim, which should satisfy them, quite peacefully and relatively fast. By this tolerant approach they could turn the other minorities and even the majority from enemies into allies or at least neutralize their fears and antagonism. That approach would certainly not maximize resistance against this liberation effort. Under present conditions their situation is rather hopeless, with other minorities and the majority against them, many resign themselves to this subordination but some are inclined to resort to violent resistance, even to terrorist actions, to violent revolutions and civil wars. Collective responsibility notions worsen this situation. There are numerous minorities, in almost all countries. Between them they count into the hundreds of millions. It should be possible to interest them and their federations in their exterritorial autonomy options. Naturally, we should start first with trying to convert enough libertarians and anarchists to this alternative. But there are numerous other minorities also getting disappointed with and even desperate about territorialism. They should not be neglected by us, even when they subscribe to ideologies etc. that are opposite to our own. – JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09, 25.11.13. - MINORITIES & THEIR PROBLEMS, TERRITORIALISM, INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR PANARCHIES FOR ALL MINORITIES

PANARCHISM: Minority autonomy rather than domination by majorities or minorities, a few politicians and all too many bureaucrats. - JZ, 21.1.04, 24.3.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – Extraterritoriality attaches to territorial enclaves. Diplomatic immunity and exterritoriality or personal law extends autonomy to individual persons. – JZ, 5.4.08. - MINORITY AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, POLITICIANS, EXTERRITORIALISM, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Minority rule? Yes! But only in form of the rule of everybody over himself, alone or in his kind of voluntary association. – JZ, 1.4.96, 15.4.96, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - MINORITY RULE


PANARCHISM: Most anarchists want all individuals and all groups and communities and societies to become territorially quite anarchistic, autonomous, self-directing, for the whole population. They overlook that there ought also to be freedom for volunteers to form other than anarchistic organizations and autonomous and self-directing groups. If there is to be no such freedom for them then anarchism will not be all-over prevalent as a voluntaristic reorganization of society but, instead, we would still have authoritarianism or even totalitarianism with an “anarchistic” intention and objective, but not realized in an anarchistic, voluntaristic, tolerant and non-violent way. – They also overlook that they are still a minority among many other minorities and even the majority, all of them statists. – Their own fastest road to their particular kind of anarchism lies in panarchism. - JZ, 27.7.86, 1.4.08. – ANARCHISM, TOLERANCE FOR TOLERANT NON-ANARCHISTS

PANARCHISM: Most governments are "good" only for the waging of more or less open and aggressive international or civil wars and for their prolongation against the wishes of external and internal dissenters. Only full autonomy for all dissenters can establish peace, justice and freedom for all. It would soon maximize prosperity, at least via the examples set by some dissenters. And this autonomy for all volunteers and their associates would be possible and maximized only on a non-territorial, i.e. a personal law basis. – JZ, 9.3.86. – WAR & PEACE

PANARCHISM: Most of the others came down heavily for … such principles as "The greatest good for the greatest number" or "Do as you would wish others to do." Immanuel Kant said, "We know ... by vivid and immediate feelings, that we must avoid behavior which, if adopted by all men, would render social life impossible..." – R. C. W. Ettinger, Man into Superman, p.147. - Unfortunately, the exterritorial and autonomous protective community of volunteers is one general application of Kant's categorical imperative which he had failed to see. And, seeing that even a great thinker like Kant failed to see this realization, we must not be surprised if others have no "vivid and immediate feelings" or insights about it, either. - JZ, 7.4.84, 18.1.11, 25.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Most of the troubles between the twosomes, threesomes, foursomes etc. of human sexual relationships, are due to the exclusive claims made by some or most of their participants. This trouble is analogous to the troubles arising out of the exclusive territorial claims of governments, parties and movements in all countries. In both spheres most struggle for domination or exclusive possession rather than voluntary, exterritorially autonomous and therefore peaceful coexistence. One marriage, sex- and family law for all in a territory is oppression in its special sphere just as is the uniform and equal territorial law for all in a whole country in all other spheres. No laws except those to which moral, tolerant, peaceful and rational individuals have given their individual consent! – JZ, 3.2.93 - At least not for them. All the others should be free, though, to practise among themselves all the immoral, intolerant, aggressive and irrational behavior and rules that they do prefer for themselves, e.g. brawlers, boxers, wrestlers, footballers, duelers and unarmed combat fighters of every type, who use their skills not only for defence but as a sport and for aggression against the members of their hobby club. - JZ, 18.1.11. - SEXUAL & POLITICAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAWS, MARRIAGE & DIVORCE LAWS, IMPOSED RATHER THAN CHOSEN, TERRITORIALISM, IMPOSED UNIFORMITY, CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, CHOICE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, EXPERIMENTATION

PANARCHISM: Most people are not free traders or panarchists - and yet many to most smuggle, given the chance and otherwise do their own thing - to the extent that they expect to be able to get away with it. - JZ 10.8.87. – Thus Free Trade only for Free Traders and Protectionism only for Protectionists. - JZ, n.d. - FREE TRADE & PROTECTIONISM, BOTH ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS.

PANARCHISM: Most reformers wore rubber boots and stood on glass when God sent a current of commonsense through the universe.” - Elbert Hubbard, Epigrams. - Nevertheless, every fool has the right to apply his stupidities to himself in the same way as every wise man has the right to apply his wisdom to himself, even when most other people and even most of those who are widely considered as experts, consider his thoughts and proposals to be stupid, absurd or impractical. - JZ, 7.4.84. – RIGHT TO EXPERIMENT & TO MAKE MISTAKES AT THE OWN RISK & EXPENSE

PANARCHISM: Most significantly, Virginia, New York and Rhode Island declared that 'the powers of government' may be 'resumed' or 'reassumed' by the people when perverted or abused - in the text of their ratification of the constitution.” - Tansill, Documents, pp. 1027,1034-5,8. 1052. Quoted in THE LIBERTARIAN FORUM, June 76, p.5. – Alas, “the people” remained undefined, here, too. It should have stated: Any community, society or association of volunteers only, who believe that their rights and liberties have been infringed with, excepting only aggressors and private criminals with victims. – But even the term “aggression” is, officially, still quite insufficiently defined. And governments have all too often “synthesized” “aggressive” actions. - JZ, 17.4.08. - Secession is the individual right of all sovereign individuals and also, in combination of these rights, one for groups of volunteers, not one for an undefined collective like "the people", which is usually interpreted as the whole population and then, in practice, only as the temporary majority among that population. - JZ, 18.1.11. – CONSTITUTIONALISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Most thoughtful men recognize that group diversity is part of our world; how we learn to live with and accept diversity will determine in great measure the future of civilization.” - Gittler, Understanding Minority Groups. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - RADICAL PLURALISM, NON-GEOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATIONISM, TOLERANCE, AUTONOMY, INDIVDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, GROUP AUTONOMY, EXTERRITORIALITY, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: multi-valued physics", term used by Mark Clifton & Frank Riley, They'd Rather Be Right, part III of IV, ASTOUNDING SF, Oct. 1954, p.110. - It suggests the possibility and desirability for multiple societies, or societies for people with different value systems, all of them peacefully coexisting in the same territory, each in the attempt to realize one set of diverse values, as far as it can manage - but only for its own voluntary members, so that the whole society consists of multiple diverse value systems. - JZ, 7.2.02, 18.1.11. - MULTI-VALUED PHYSICS & SOCIAL SCIENCES, VALUE RELATIVITY, SUBJECTIVE VALUE THEORY, SUBJECTIVISM, TOLERANCE, DIFFERENCES OF OPINION

PANARCHISM: Multicultural tolerance is not enough. We must also become tolerant towards multiple kinds of politics being practised, at the same time and in the same country, as well as a towards all the variety of economic, ideological and social systems, all practised peacefully, autonomously, exterritorially and tolerantly – only among volunteers. - JZ, 11 Aug. 89, 10 Oct. 89. – MULTI-POLITICS, POLYARCHY, PERSONARCHY, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, COMPETITION, FREE ENTERPRISE, VOLUNTARISM & TOLERANCE IN EVERY SPHERE, MULTICULTURALISM

PANARCHISM: Multiculturalism should be an individual option, not an imposition, upon anyone, anywhere or anytime. - JZ 11.11.92. – Voluntary integration and voluntary segregation as opposed to compulsory integration and compulsory segregation (Apartheid). - JZ, 18.1.11. - From JZ, Pan AZ. - MULTICULTURALISM.

PANARCHISM: Music production, reproduction, distribution, storage and enjoyment is largely panarchistically organized. (Apart from copyrights claims. I welcome the development of technology so that they can be more and more ignored in our times. - JZ , 18.1.11. ) As a result, different kinds of music lovers do avoid or may merely verbally criticize each other. As a rule they do not fight and their friendships and exchanges tend to be peaceful and international. - JZ 26.7.87.

PANARCHISM: Mutual convenience rather than single convenience relationships.” - Don Werkheiser – I haven’t seen his magnum opus yet, posthumously completed by his wife. Hopefully, it will appear online. – JZ, 25.11.13.

PANARCHISM: My first duty is to myself. My second duty is to my family. My third duty is to my country.” - Dr. David Cunningham. - The third applies only if one's "country" is one that contains one's self-chosen government or community, from which one could also divorce oneself, if one wants to. - JZ, 29.6.84, 28.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DUTY, COUNTRY, FAMILY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-GOVERNMENT,

PANARCHISM: My life, liberty and property are mine. I have never ceded to any 'sovereign' power whatever a right to dispose of either without my consent.” - Paraphrasing the First Continental Congress of 1774, as reported in THE FREEMAN, April 72, p. 237. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

PANARCHISM: My personal "bias" or preference is still very strong, not for new analyses, explanations, reviews, discussions and comments but for positive ideas, plans and programs for action, utopias and significant technical innovations and scientific discoveries, for tools, systems and methods, for solutions to acute and large problems, all to be applied only by and to volunteers - apart from offenders against genuine individual rights and liberties that are claimed by the victims. - JZ, 4.9.87, 1.4.89. From JZ, Pan AZ. – Moral beings would not interfere with these rights even when they are not claimed by communities or societies of volunteers. - JZ , 18.1.11.  - PROGRESS, PROGRAMS, POSITIVE PROPOSALS, BIAS & PREJUDICES, IDEAS, PROGRAMS, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE

PANARCHISM: Natural diversity and autonomy exist, largely exterritorially, not only for plants and animals but for the “political animal”, man, as well. Any imposed “monoculture”, religion, ideology, political, economic or social system upon any man and his desired and possible societies is a despotic imposition that does more harm than good. (Restraints imposed upon criminals with victims and other aggressors are another matter.) Only panarchistic freedom would allow that most diverse animal all his/her most different choices, practised self-responsibly. But it would also permit the establishment and continuance of most diverse utopian and cultivated gardens, at the cost and risk of their voluntary members and supporters. Only this kind of free choice would enable all to release all their creative energies. At the same time, it would maximize the opportunities for all to effectively resist the remaining destructive energies of criminals with involuntary victims, whether these criminals are in or out of office. Without the full freedom for the whole spectrum for rightful human activities (whether obvious and visible or when they are to us an invisible part of the whole spectrum) we will never come to know what free men are really capable of in the long run, when not subjugated, exploited, mis-educated and misdirected by politicians and bureaucrats and their own flawed ideas and opinions. Under panarchism even politicians and bureaucrats would have to be on the best behavior or would put themselves out of business. However, even the worst kind of faiths and actions could be continued at the expense and risk of their remaining believers – and also as deterrent examples for others. Freedom of expression and information is not enough. It must be supplemented by freedom of action and experimentation in order to achieve as much enlightenment as human beings are capable of. – JZ, 28.5.95, 7.1.99, 18.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - POLITICAL ECOLOGY

PANARCHISM: Neither all governments nor all Panarchies are alike. Both can have all forms for their voluntary members. But with the significant difference, that only territorial governments do impose all their forms wrongfully also upon all of their involuntary members and subjects. - J. Z., 24.2.99, 7.9.04. – From JZ Pan AZ. - GOVERNMENTS

PANARCHISM: No aspiration, movement, ideology, party or utopia is rightful unless it is based merely upon the aim of voluntary and exterritorial autonomy for itself as well as for all others who do disagree with it. – JZ, 25.3.96, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: No decisions, actions and relationships are to be monopolized. Let us make and enjoy or suffer our own friends and enemies, internationally as well as internally. Under that condition no new enemies would arise and they old ones would tend to disappear. There would be almost no bone of contention left, none strong enough to motivate us into war. However, peaceful competitions would go on, in attempts to prove which system practised by volunteers for themselves, is the better and best one. Nor could we any longer raise the funds and conscripts for military adventures. Wars, revolutions, civil wars and terrorism would run out of ready followers. The productive and creative alternative actions of their individual choices would snatch them away. Why fight someone else when you could do what you want to do? The few remaining individual aggressors and criminals would face competitively developed defence and protection measures and organizations of the vast majority. Neither official nor private crimes would any longer pay. - JZ, 5.2.93, 18.1.11. – MONOPOLIES, WAR, PEACE, MOTIVES FOR WAR, DEFENCE, PROTECTION, AGGRESSION, CRIME

PANARCHISM: No frontiers - except around individuals - and by their own choice! - JZ18.8.83.

PANARCHISM: No imposed laws, customs or traditions: "The one invariant custom was: Don't impose YOUR customs on ME." - Robert Heinlein, Glory Road, p.196. - JZ, 11.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - LAWS, CUSTOMS & TRADITIONS

PANARCHISM: No man can delegate, or give to another, any right of arbitrary domination over himself; for that would be giving himself away as a slave. And this no man can do. Any contract to do so is necessarily an absurd one, and has no validity. To call such a contract a "constitution", or by any other high-sounding name, does not alter its character as an absurd and void contract. - Lysander Spooner: A Letter to Thomas F. Bayard. - Such a contract would, obviously, be invalid if concluded by a child or a person under guardianship. But other adult and rational beings have the right to make mistakes - at their own expense - and to learn from them. So, until they declare their secession from such a constitution, they are bound by it like by any other contract. But the nature of the contract should allow them to end it one-sidedly, after giving notice and instantly in some extreme cases. – JZ, 7.4.84, 17.4.08. – I liked the case of the 10 year old girl in Yemen, married against her will, who fought for and achieved her legal divorce from this "husband". But how many are still forced into such "marriages" and do not have the courage and persistence to achieve their dissolution? - JZ, 18.1.11. - SOCIAL CONTRACT, REPRESENTATION, CONSENT, VOLUNTARISM, CONTRACTS

PANARCHISM: No more forced “marriages” with any government, army, union or school. No more compulsory associations. Each individual to become free to divorce himself from any of them, by a one-sided declaration, and also free to join or establish any alternatives that may take his fancy. Excommunication of disagreeable members should, naturally, also an option for the voluntary members of any autonomous minority group or protective association. Panarchism is nothing, but the freedom to disassociate and to associate – consistently applied in the last spheres where it is so for not realized, namely in territorial politics, economics and social relations. – JZ, 9.3.86, 25.11.13. – FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, EXPERIMENTAITION & ASSOCIATION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES & INSTITUTIONS

PANARCHISM: No one may be compelled to belong to an association.” - Article 20, par. 2 of the 1948 UN’S Universal Declaration of Human Rights. - It should have added: Including any of the existing territorial States and any of their military forces. - JZ, 18.1.11. – UN DECLRATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS

PANARCHISM: No one to have the right or any power to rule another man without the other man's consent. To do so or to try to do so is a major crime, in extreme cases a terrorist act. All such authoritarian and tyrannical people ought to become outlawed. Against them every act of self-defence is just - although sometimes not advisable. This right to self-defence should be organized in an ideal militia for the protection of individual rights and liberties, one very different from most militias of the past and present. - JZ, 21.1.04, 24.3.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - CONSENT, POWER, HUMAN RIGHTS, MILITIA, TYRANNY

PANARCHISM: No one to have the right to lay down the law for others. Everyone to have only the right to lay down or choose the law which would bind himself. - JZ 28.6.87. – LAWS, SELF-GOVERNMENT, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: No one's liberty, life and property are sufficiently assured without full monetary freedom and full panarchistic freedom, i.e. fully free choice and competition for all governmental and societal services. This is possible only on the basis of full exterritorial autonomy or experimental freedom for all communities of volunteers, living under their personal constitutions, laws and jurisdictions. - JZ, 21.1.04, 24.3.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - MONETARY FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: No question is ever settled until it is settled right.” - When people act within their own rights and liberties then, between them, even the wrong solutions they do believe in and do apply to themselves, are, for the time being, right for them, since they are freely chosen and accepted by voluntary members. Any old or new ism or “reform”, like any religious faith, is right for the believers and the believers should be free to practise it among themselves – at their own risk and expense. – JZ, 24.3.86, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: No State would permit secession?” - Precisely that is why it is needed and ought to be achieved, non-violently or forcefully. - JZ 22.4.83, 18.1.11. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM,

PANARCHISM: No taxes, no government services and no government controls over all. Instead, each contracts and pays for the services and controls he wants over himself - and against aggressors. - JZ, 19.3.88. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: No territorial community is a genuine community as long as it subjugates a single sovereign individual, who is a peaceful person, making him a compulsory member and subject to constitutions, laws, jurisdictions and institutions that he disagrees with, by not allowing him to secede and to form or join his own kind of volunteer community that is only exterritorially autonomous. Compulsory State membership and compulsory and uniform laws and jurisdiction for all people in a country, seeing the growth of territorial State power, is much more oppressive than many to most religious hierarchies have been. But then most of the religious hierarchies were ALSO territorial powers and THAT aspect rendered some of them terrible, as well. – JZ, 14.9.94, 14.1.99. – From JZ Pan AZ. - COMMUNITIES, FREE SOCIETIES, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Noble natures! The class, which is not the people. Form a nation especially for yourself and respect yourselves!” – Volney, Die Ruinen, S.71.

PANARCHISM: Nobody should be a king, president, bureaucrat or judge over anyone but himself and his own voluntary followers. – JZ, 6.8.93. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, KINGS, MONARCHS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

PANARCHISM: Not every path is for everybody. Not every path suits all times. Not every path can be used by everyone at all times.” - St. Ch. Waldecke, , Gedanken ueber Anarchie, S.13.

PANARCHISM: Not territorial unification is required for strength but mutual tolerance, on the basis of exterritorial autonomy and voluntarism for all. Then, for all really common purposes one could organize some, e.g. some common defence and arbitration services. - JZ 18.7.87. - Even in the sphere or protection and jurisdiction degrees of competition exist already today and they could and should be expanded. None of the statist defence forces has ever reached the standards of an ideal militia, one exclusively for the protection of all genuine individual rights and liberties, at least to the extent that these are already claimed by the victims for themselves. – JZ, 18.4.08. - What should be done, when neither the aggressors nor the victims have so far recognized these rights? Should an ideal militia force intervene then? - So far we have justified intervention in such cases only against child molesters. - JZ, 18.1.11. – STRENGTH, DEFENCE, MILITIA, GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE AS ALLLIES, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, LIBERATION, DESERTION, POW TREATMENT, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS AGAINST DICTATORSHIPS, TYRANNIDE

PANARCHISM: Not the aim pursued is decisive here but the means used. If any system is forced upon non-criminal dissenters, then it is a territorial government system. If no system is forced upon non-criminal dissenters to it, then it is, for these dissenters, anarchistic. As the expression of their own individual choice, it is anarchistic for its voluntary members, regardless of how absolutistic or totalitarian it appears to outsiders. The measuring stick is consent and it is tested and kept in check by voluntary membership combined with individual secessions. As long as they are free to secede from it, any system is tolerable for those who like it and should be all the more tolerable for those who dislike it and thus are not associated with it. The only exception that I can see would consist in a new prophet or "Fuehrer" arising under these conditions, however unlikely that would be, and building mass murder devices for the conquest of the world. But already the first signs of such an attempt would tend to become widely noticed and to arouse strong and, probably, sufficient, resistance against it among all those who feel threatened by it. - JZ, 6.1.97 & 26.6.01, 18.9.04, 25.11.13. – From JZ Pan AZ. - ANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. COERCION & MONOPOLY, MEANS & ENDS, CONSENT, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, NUCLEAR WEAPONS, FUEHRERS, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Not the hierarchies of some groups are to be strengthened but the autonomy and voluntarism of groups ought to be established and strengthened. This autonomy is to be exclusively based on individual choice, via the individual sovereignty of honest and non-aggressive persons. Those who disqualify themselves from these simple moral conditions have to be ruled over by others. - JZ 1.12.82, 7.4.84. – Hierarchies only for those, who do volunteer for them and do not secede from them. - JZ, 18.1.11. - HIERARCHIES, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE, NON-AGGRESSION

PANARCHISM: Nothing encourages ethical practices so well as a practical alternative to evil.” - L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach, p.245. - ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, MINORITY AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EVIL, ETHICS

PANARCHISM: Now that people are no longer effectively confined to a small geographical area, and therefore can interact easily with many more people, they often feel closer to those with whom they share interests and beliefs than to their blood relatives.” – Stanley Schmidt, p.4 of ANALOG, Dec. 1992. - POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAWS RATHER THAN TERRITORIAL OR FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS

PANARCHISM: On Earth there must be thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, who were also struggling in their minds and acts to find a way of escape for themselves and for their children from the disorders and indignities of the Age of Confusion, hundreds of thousands who wanted to put an end to wars and waste, to heal and educate and restore, to set up the banner of Utopia over the shams and divisions that waste mankind. - Tens und hundreds of thousands of men and women! And we achieve so little. Perhaps every young man and every young woman has had some dream at least of serving and bettering the world. And we are scattered and wasted, and the old things and the foul things, customs, delusions, habits, tolerated treasons, base immediacies, triumph over us!” – H. G. Wells, Men Like Goods, p.197 of first paperback issue, 1922, 1970, p.226. – Alas, his utopia was: “Earth is one city and Utopia set up therein. He knew clearly that this Revolution is life, and that all other living is a trafficking of life with death.” - Ibid. - He could conceive only of one utopia, not a permanent kind of peaceful revolution, all as a result of numerous diverse groups of volunteers all doing only their own things for or to themselves, exterritorially, voluntarily, under personal laws, thereby setting attractive or deterrent examples to others. – JZ, 13.9.07, 18.1.11. - POLYARCHISM, OPTING OUT, WITHDRAWING, SECESSIONISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, WAYS OUT, REFORM CHANCES, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

PANARCHISM: On July 31, he declared to a group of Brazilian students that there are no rules or principles governing "the means of providing progress" and that any political system is as good as any other, including socialism, as long as it represents "a free choice" of the people.” - Ayn Rand, Blind Chaos, LA TIMES, September 23, 1962, on President Kennedy. - As good or as rightful - for involuntary members and victims? The free choice of "the people", the population of whole territories, does not constitute free choice for all the individuals and all the minorities constituting (coercively, monopolistically, collectively and territorially quite superficially) "the people". – JZ, n.d. & 18.1.11, 25.11.13. - FREE CHOICE, PROGRESS, RULES, PRINCIPLES, SYSTEMS, SOCIALISM

PANARCHISM: On March 19, 1959, accompanied by Mad Bear and about a hundred other Indians, he led a kind of raid on Washington. They attempted without success to present a petition to the President, demanding, among other reforms, the recognition of the Iroquois League as an independent nation and the dismissal of the Indian Commissioner, Mr. Glenn L. Emmons, who is said at the time of his taking office to have had no previous knowledge of Indian affairs and with whom – on account of an attempt to authorize the purchase by whites of Indian community lands – the Indians had long been dissatisfied. General Holdridge, after visiting the White House, led the group to Mr. Emmon’s office, with the object of making a citizen’s arrest, but was not allowed to see him. At a meeting of the Indian Defense League, he is reported to have advise the Indians “to resist with all their power, even to gunfire, if necessary, in defence of their territory.” – Edmund Wilson, Apologies to the Iroquois, Vintage Books, A Division of Random House, New York, 1959/60, p.262. - Seeing that even the right to petition is not recognized in such cases, how can one expect the right of individuals and minorities to secede and to organize themselves under personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy, to be officially recognized? Nevertheless, this right should at every occasion be upheld by freedom loving individuals and minority groups. – The Indians were almost always defeated when they attempted to defend a “right” to a territory. If they had merely claimed exterritorial autonomy, they might have won it. But even General Holdridge was still unclear about that right. – If one is not clear about one’s rightful aims, how can one expect one’s enemies to be clear about them? - JZ, 12.9.08. – (Herbert Holdridge was a retired U.S. brigadier general, who in 1948 ran for President.) - RED INDIAN EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, IROQUOIS LEAGUE, PANARCHISM, WAR AIMS, PEACE AIMS, EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM PANARCHISM:

PANARCHISM: On the exterritorial force of culture: "Even the diversity of languages and civilizations give it no claim to permanence. Neither of these is bound up with the State or the distribution of mankind over different areas, but with the peoples, quite independently of their existence as a State. States have gone under, peoples have been scattered over the earth, yet their civilizations and their languages have persisted. Nay, more, civilization itself is not something independent. It is bound up with the language, in which all the intellectual achievements of a people, all memories of a development extending perhaps over thousands of years, are enshrined.” - Frank E. Warner, The Future of Man, p.54. – Moreover, there is probably no culture, civilization and language that has not borrowed very much form others. – And none have become complete melting pots, not even after centuries. - JZ, 16.4.08. - Not all languages have persisted and those which did, changed considerably over the centuries. - JZ, 18.1.11. – Neither society nor the population nor “the people” should be equated with the State. Compare the diversity of members even of nuclear families, not to speak of extended families. No two people, not even twins, are identical. – 25.11.13. - THE PEOPLE? TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, STATISM & GOVERNMENTALISM

PANARCHISM: On this sector, gods are strictly utilitarian. As long as they take care of their worshippers, they get their sacrifices; when they can't put out, they have to get out.” - H. Beam Piper, Temple Trouble, ASTOUNDING, October 1961, UK edition. – Statism is another religion and should also be made dependent upon voluntary contributions. – Naturally, both, the voluntary religious and the voluntary statist contributions are due to false pretenses towards their voluntary victims and false conclusions by their voluntary victims. However, they deserve each other and have the right to suffer under their chosen mistakes. Enlightenment and good advice may be offered to them but should not be forced upon them. The important thing is to achieve that the more enlightened people are free to secede from these mutual deception, shared errors, prejudices, myths and plunder-bunds. – JZ, 25.11.13. - VOLUNTARY TAXATION, AT THE RELIGIOUS LEVEL.

PANARCHISM: Once all are free to choose for themselves the kind of society they prefer, then the free, just and, therefore, peaceful societies will tend to spread, gradually but fast, individual by individual, regardless of their remaining other differences. The free market, free pricing for wanted services, freedom of contract, freedom of association and the right to secede are bound to work in this sphere as well. – JZ, 24.11.12, 25.11.13. - POLYARCHISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: One can consider "denationalization" and "reprivatization" in a narrow sense, as referring only to the transfer of particular State enterprises into private or cooperative hands or one can understand them in a general sense, which would amount to privatizing and cooperatizing and voluntarizing ALL of the governmental territorial political, economic and social systems, organizations, jurisdiction and legislation, by and for the peaceful dissenters. - As an individualist anarchist, free-market libertarian, voluntaryist, mutualist and panarchist, I do favor not only denationalization and privatization of some but of all territorial governments, all their “enterprises” and departments. (By the way, the sales proceeds belong into the pockets of all citizens, not of any politicians and bureaucrats!) Such a comprehensive denationalization would offer all kinds of voluntaristic avenues for all kinds of anarchistic, socialistic and liberal schemes and experiments, all coexisting peacefully in the same territories, supported and used only by their supporters, with failures to be born only by them and benefits to be shared only among them. – JZ, 9.3.86. – See my PEACE PLANS issue No. 19c, on - JZ, 18.1.11. - PRIVATIZATION, DENATIONALIZATION

PANARCHISM: One day we will wonder why we ever put up with territorial political hierarchies as we once did with religious ones (national churches, State religions). – JZ, 25.11.93. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, CHURCHES, SECTS, FREEDOM FOR ALL KINDS OF POLITICAL, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SYSTEMS, ALL ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS & WITHOUT A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY

PANARCHISM: One Earth organization for all of mankind may be relatively difficult to realize because most of it is owned and occupied by territorial powers and more or less contested by their various parties, factions and movements. Moreover, there are several and different utopias for this, not only that of the World Statists and that of the World Federalists, all of them territorial. Exterritorially autonomous xyz world federations are possible and desired, at least by some volunteers. A world-wide territorial monopoly is no more rightful and rational than a country-wide, State-wide or local government one. - In space, if it is ever fully and economically opened up and accessible via space travel and constructed space habitats, i.e. private property “territories”, established by corporations or cooperatives, they could be rightful and rational for their volunteers, just like huge space ships could be, once they become possible and, perhaps, it easy enough to introduce and maintain. On Earth and in spite of the hundreds of territorial monopolies claimed and coercively upheld by territorial States there are already numerous functioning and diverse national and international associations, all doing largely only their own things, even when not formally recognized as quite autonomous. They often do so even when they are outlawed. (E.g. mugglers, drug producers, traders and users and owners of outlawed guns.) Mostly they operate under a mere degree of exterritorial autonomy, being still all too much taxed, subjected to unwanted legislation, bureaucracies and regulations. Most of them are quite peacefully competing with each other for voluntary members and customers, under at least degrees of laissez faire. Associations of the outlawed drug business are exceptional, since the territorial outlawry of this business has led to huge profit opportunities for such enterprises, so that they, too, are fighting for a monopoly “turf”. – JZ, 12.8.06, 25.11.13. – While so far habitable space in the universe is still more rare and expensive for us than on Earth, the same difficulties as now prevail on Earth will continue there as well, when we have colonized other planets. People do change during their life spans, sometimes even several times and in several ways. Each generation tends to change also from the previous one, to different degrees. Binding all of them to an original territorial and planet-wide constitution would wrong all those, who wish to practise different lives for themselves. Proprietary rules might prevail, extended to whole new planets, initially opened up by a private corporation, i.e. by people who might be are more interested in getting their landlord or feudalist rent than in the political, economic or social affiliations and systems which their tenants might choose for themselves. Just like continents on Earth here exclusively and wrongfully claimed for a particular monarch or like whole countries and their populations are still territorially claimed by their present governments, as "nation States". – Claims for any group to whole planets, continents or countries ought to be resisted, first mentally, then in practice, here on Earth and later in Space. – Each breakthrough towards exterritorial autonomy for volunteers should be exploited and widened as much as possible. - JZ, 19.10.07, 6.3.09, 18.1.11, 25.11.13, 25.11.13. - FUNCTIONALISM, VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS & COMMUNITIES, SPACE, TERRITORIALISM, SCIENCE FICTION

PANARCHISM: One judge to another, on leaving court: "The opportunity to be fair and just is rewarding - but what I especially like is taking the law into my own hands." - PLAYBOY , 4/74. Panarchy realizes this ideal in a positive way. - JZ, 6.4.84. – LAW, JURISDICTION, JUDGES, PERSONAL LAW, JOKES

PANARCHISM: One man one vote” – for each of the whole adult and somewhat sane population of a territory, that’s the territorial vote. One man one vote - only within a community of volunteers – that is the exterritorial vote. – Provided, naturally, a panarchy has adopted democratic voting at all. - JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09. - VOTING, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL VS. TERRITORIAL DEMOCRACY

PANARCHISM: One must govern oneself, of course. The degree of governmental control on the individual must vary from individual to individual and in the individual from time to time. This is so evident to as comprehensive a mind such as yours that I trust you forgive me my inanities. The same control applies, naturally, to individuals considered in the mass.” – William Tenn, Betelgeuse Bridge, in Robert Heinlein, Tomorrow the Stars, p.125.

PANARCHISM: One needs government approval even to dump any old and useless government equipment. But one should not need any approval to dump the whole government - as far as oneself is concerned. - JZ, 3.7.77. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: One of the many evil effects of territorialism is, that it promotes “thinking” and “actions” upon the “principle” of “collective responsibility”. Terrorist bombings, mass murders,  assassinations, blockades, air raids, area bombings, ABC mass murder devices are involved, torture, rapes, all seemingly “justified” in the minds of the rulers, violent criminals or military men, because they are committed against the collectively defined and territorial “enemy”, no matter how little influence he, she or any particular group of dissenters had upon the aggressive and oppressive policies of “their” territorial government or revolutionary movement with territorial ambitions, which also abuse and victimize involuntary followers and dissenters, who  are via this “principle” classed as “enemies”, e.g. by race, religion, place of birth or because they are likewise tax slaves and subjected to uniform territorial laws. Only once people do enjoy voluntary associationism and individual secessionism could “collective responsibility” to some extent be rightfully applied e.g. to voluntary members of panarchies, which had committed some offences against non-members. E.g., their common “insurance company” might be held responsible to pay for damages that one of its members has caused to a member of another exterritorially autonomous “insurance company” or protective association. – JZ, 10.1.99. – Two particularly wrongful and absurd instances: The immigration application of a Jew, already put into a concentration camps by the Nazis, had to line up with all other applications for immigrations, which meant for him a waiting time for about 2 years for its consideration. At the end of it he was probably already exterminated. They were bureaucratically treated just like other immigrants. The right to instant asylum in life-threatening situations under a totalitarian regime was not recognized. Was anybody ever held responsible for such “actions”? Another case: Jews, who managed to flee to England from the Nazi's prosecutions, were at first interned, as "enemy aliens". - That happened e.g. to Dr. Walter Zander, one of the great advocates of monetary freedom. - Most borders were closed by "democratic" territorial governments against Jewish and other refugees, including political enemies of the Nazis. My father tried to get out and couldn't. He fled first to Danzig and then to Austria. Both were annexed. Other governments closed their borders, usually because they could not cope with unemployment and remained unaware and still are, that they were causing it in the first place by their central banking system, financial despotism and other economic interventions. Thus, a bit later, some of these countries were temporarily conquered by the Nazi regime. The democracies in WWII also never recognized a democratic government in exile as their allies and have still not adopted a proper defence and liberation, revolution and military insurrection program against such regimes. They did not even practise tyrannicide as was done in ancient Greece and Rome, and was recommended by Thomas More in his Utopia, chapter On Warfare. The simply considered all Germans as “enemies”. How under-informed and unjust can one be? Territorialists are not experts. They do not really know what they are doing in their ignorance, prejudices and flawed assumptions and conclusions. They cannot even define the real "enemy" properly! Only the Soviets did recognize a government in exile as their "alternative" to the Nazi regime. Naturally, this was only communist one of the Soviet type. - JZ, 18.1.11, 25.11.13. - From JZ Pan AZ. - COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY

PANARCHISM: One of the never solved enigmas of life is the number of people that bear a commission from no one, who, as a rule, are least informed on the principles of government, but who insist on exercising the power of government to make their neighbors live the lives they desire to prescribe for them.” - Oscar W. Underwood, Drifting Sands of Party Politics, p.365. - This worst feature of territorial statism is upheld even by most anarchists and libertarians. Only panarchism desires the opposite: To each his own. – No territorial system to be imposed on anyone. - JZ – (Criminals with involuntary victims and other aggressors excepted! - JZ, 18.1.11.) Well, I do favor the destruction of all ABC mass murder devices and of all the facilities for their production – and this by those so targeted or endangered. I do not even want them to radioactively poison the moon or one of the asteroids – where I might wish to settle in my very advanced old age. – They prepare such mass murder devices and stockpile them by the thousands, without even having defined their target or enemy! – That these “weapons” are quite immorally and irrationally murderous and destructive on a very large scale seems to be enough for them. – Extreme power-madness! I do not want such devices and facilities even in this solar system! – Or, if I could, I would “deport” them into the sun. – Shortly after WW. II General Omar Bradley called them: “Nuclear giants and ethical infants.” - JZ, 17.4.08. – They haven’t grown up as yet. – JZ, 25.11.13.

PANARCHISM: One should be able to shop around for government services – and desired disservices – as one can now shop around e.g. for food items, furniture, clothing, travel options and home as well as city entertainments. – JZ, 26.11.93, 9.1.99. – Addicts to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs or to power and statists institution and to collectivist property systems are actually addicted to objective disservices to themselves - as rational, healthy and moral beings. – JZ, 6.4.08. - "SHOPPING AROUND", COMPETITION, CONSUMER CHOICE & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE, BUYING GOVERNMENT SERVICES “OVER THE COUNTER”

PANARCHISM: One should not have to resist, campaign, fight and win to gain one's independence. A mere declaration and registration of one's individual secession and linking up with another kind of exterritorial government or society, should be enough. This registration might possibly be done only in competing registration offices for political membership - in order to satisfy those who fear even this kind of limited bureaucracy. One day such a declaration might be possible via a postcard, phone call or e-mail message. Steps like this might come to suffice to end mutual oppression and exploitation attempts, civil wars and revolutions as well as terrorist acts. - JZ, 30.7.96, 26.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FIGHTING FOR INDEPENDENCE

PANARCHISM: One thing is certain: Any changes that take place will have to begin with individuals.” - MANAS, Dec. 22, 1965, p.2. It is the only institutional form, or, rather, general framework for alternative institutions, which would set all creative energies of individuals free to undertake the changes they consider necessary and most important, always at their own risk and expense and without a territorial monopoly. - JZ, 21.9.82, 18.1.11. – VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, POLYARCHISM

PANARCHISM: One thing it seems safe to assume is that there would NOT be any universally binding, society-wide set of "legal" rules. In a free market, the law would NOT come in one-size-fits-all. Although the rules necessary to the maintenance of a minimal level of order, such as prohibitions against murder, assault, and theft, would be common to most systems, different communities of interest would assuredly adopt those rules and dispute-settlement procedures that would best fit their needs. For example, it seems extremely unlikely that there would be anything resembling a uniform body of contract law.- John Hasnas, The Myth of the Rule of Law – Quoted by Ludwig von Mises Institute on Facebook, 2.7.12. - PERSONAL LAW, RULE OF LAW

PANARCHISM: One uniform “solution” for all is no solution for as diverse critters as human beings are. It fits not more than one size of shoes fits all people. – JZ, 27.4.94, 16.2.08. - UNIFORMITY (ENFORCED), TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: One-party-states, too, - but ONLY for one-party-statists! - JZ, 28.5.95, 7.9.04. – From JZ Pan AZ. - By their very nature most panarchies will not have several parties but will be one-party communities or one-party SOCIETIES. – JZ, 12.2.08. - Once all members are volunteers then the party system becomes meaningless. At most only different factions will exist. If these take their differences serious then they will simply secede. - JZ, 18.1.11. - ONE-PARTY STATES & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Only in remote areas of space, which have not after colonization established contact with the Earth federation. In such isolated instances, human beings go through their automatic behavior patterns, und soon somebody who feels that one or the other system is right, bloodily enforces what he believes in - though never these days, when the methods are so well known, as bloodily as in the old times.” - Morton continued, "When we find such situations, one of my jobs has been to topple the paranoid and to establish what is today almost everywhere accepted: the individual's right to choose, periodically, which system he wishes to live under - private enterprise or community enterprise. - On Diamondia such a choice system never got started. There's never been a movement among the Diamondian people in its favour, ..." - A. E. Van Vogt: The Darkness on Diamondia, Ace Books 1972, Sidgewick & Jackson, London, 1975, July l980, pp.78/79. – One of the few SF stories in which this freedom option is at least hinted at. I do not know of any in which it is fully developed. – Do you? - JZ, 17.4.08. – I have still to see a list compiled of all SF writings which do at least to some extent, in general terms, advocate panarchism or polyarchism. Some such references could and should be extracted from this compilation. But as a separate project it will have to stand in line for me, after many others, most of which I will, probably, never get around to. Libertarians should start a common projects list online, from which everyone could pick and choose a project of interest to him, to which he might and could contribute something. If thousands do the same, and this list become close to complete, then each such project could become fast advanced, possibly even finished soon. As it is, they might remain undone, not only for years but for decades. I wonder if panarchistic thinking is more widely spread among SF writers than it is among political "scientists". - I supposed that this is the case, since it is supposed to be the literature of new ideas and innovations. But it would be nice to see it proven, in an attempt to ridicule or shame these territorialist "scientists", unable or unwilling to see "the other side of the coin". - On the other hand, to my knowledge, no SF writer has as yet fully developed panarchism or polyarchism in any of his or her stories or books. Please, let me know of any exception! - JZ, 18.1.11 – I would like to see all libertarian SF listed together online, at least with an abstract and review links and all SF that has at least one somewhat panarchistic quote in it. – JZ, 25.11.13. - SCIENCE FICTION & PANARCHISM, LIBERTARIAN PROJECTS LIST ONLINE.

PANARCHISM: Only Panarchism accounts for the fact that there are as many peoples or nations or societies as there are distinct majorities and minorities anywhere. - JZ, 21.9.82

PANARCHISM: Only panarchism assures complete and truly representative and direct-action self-help for all dissenters. – JZ, 15.7.84. – Well, at least as far as individual rights and liberties can assure that. Natural catastrophes are another matter. But under full freedom there would be at least some affordable insurance options even against them. – My friend, Ulrich von Beckerath, 1882-1969, suggested one such form in his correspondence. - JZ, 5.4.08. - SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-HELP & DIRECT ACTION

PANARCHISM: Only private and cooperative land-rights, no “public” or collectivist ones, by one or the other pressure group, no matter how many wrongs were committed against their ancestors. Is there anyone on earth, whose ancestors were always treated with justice and respect – and with ancestors who themselves always respected all the individual rights and liberties of others? Do we now know, appreciate and enjoy all individual rights and liberties? Whom shall be hold responsible for this? Such questions do almost answer themselves. – There are many better ways to achieve access to land and resources for all than conquest, confiscation, compulsory re-distribution, special taxation, special laws. And these peaceful and rightful alternatives are, largely, open to many to most minority groups already and could be increased by the introduction and use of monetary and financial freedom. Panarchism will ultimately lead to a peaceful competition between the dozens of different land reform movements as well. - JZ, 15.10.93, 14.1.99, 18.1.11. (See the articles in PEACE PLANS 5 on this. (*)- From JZ, Pan AZ. – (*) -  Panarchism sees in national territorialism the worst kind of “land monopoly”. – JZ, 25.11.13. - LAND-RIGHTS, ABORIGINES, NATIVES, RED INDIANS, LAND MONOPOLY, LAND REFORM, TERRITORIALISM, RESERVATIONS

PANARCHISM: Only the constitutional, legal, juridical and tax option to freely opt out of all costs and benefits of so far coercive territorial government schemes, will drive the true costs of all "free" schemes home to the remaining believers in them and will, finally, educate most of the remaining voluntary participants, too, to become financially mature, informed and self-responsible people, i.e. true human beings, rather than human sheep or cattle. - JZ 7.9.89, 10.10.89, 18.1.11. – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, MINORITY AUTONOMY, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, “FREE” SERVICES, TERRITORIALISM, ENLIGHTENMENT, VOLUNTARISM, STATISM, SHEEPLE, SUBJECTS, CITIZENS

PANARCHISM: Only the own law can give us the freedom that we want and we are obliged to assure to all others the right to their own legislation. - JZ 6.4.84. – Nur das eigne Gesetz kann uns die Freiheit geben die wir wollen und wir muessen auch allen anderen das Recht auf ihre eigene Gesetzgebung zugestehen. - JZ 18.12.83. ) – Regardless of the territory or country that we live or work in. – JZ, 25.11.13. – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, I.E. COUNTRY-WIDE TERRITORIAL & NATIONAL STATISM, MONOPOLISM & COERCIVE SYSTEMS, HOWEVER “DEMOCRATIC” OR “REPUBLICAN”.

PANARCHISM: Only under panarchism can you get close to justice for everyone. To each his own kind of justice. – JZ, 11.2.97. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - JUSTICE & APPROACH TOWARDS PERFECTION, IDEALS

PANARCHISM: Only you can tell and rightly decide under what circumstances, systems, institutions and relationships you belong, because they would make you feel well and give all of your individuality its best chance to fit in and develop and mature freely. – JZ, 17.2.98, 11.1.99. – An old proverb says it well, too: “Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.” – Alternatively, only through free, panarchist and thus voluntary and exterritorial autonomy choices or experimental freedom could you, too, become a pioneer or even one of the future "Founding Fathers" of a new and better society. The borderless societies will open up new "frontiers" on this old and already largely occupied planet. - JZ, 18.1.11. - From JZ, Pan AZ. - INDIVIDUALISM

PANARCHISM: Opposition to charging interest on the loan of capital. What is involved here is 1) ignorance of and prejudices on economics. 2) Ignorance of how capital grows and how productive it can be. 3) Ignorance of the basic rights and interests of debtors and creditors. 4) Insufficient appreciation of free pricing and other incentives in all spheres to increase productivity. 5) Wrong assumptions on “exploitation” and the productivity of labor. 6) Failure to see in capital “pre-done” labor, also being entitled to its just rewards, as determined by a free market. 7) Non-appreciation of the great role that high interest (as a share in increased productivity) can play in e.g. achieving old age security, prosperity and even affluence. 8) Wrongful territorialist assumptions. 9) Insufficient tolerance for the practice of different views among their believers. 10) Wrongful notions on property rights: e.g. as if the owners of capital were under a moral obligation to share it with those who have no financial capital at their disposal and this without charging interest for it, not even for the administrative costs and the risks involved and regardless of how profitable a capital loan may be for a debtor. 11) Lack of comprehension of free market relationships. 12) Intolerant utopism towards other views and practices in this sphere. 13) Ignorance of economic rights and liberties. 14) Envy. 15.) Egalitarianism. 16.) Non appreciation of tolerant self-help options for sovereign individuals. 17.) The anti-capitalist mentality or all too vague and flawed socialist notions. 18.) The indiscriminate condemnation of all debt, disregarding the benefits received through it for the debtor and not distinguishing between private debts, voluntarily contracted and public debts legally imposed by governments upon whole populations. 19.) Indiscriminately condemned are also all currencies based upon debt, without distinction of whether they are public or private debts, capital debt certificates or merely sound commercial bills to facilitate turnover-credits, production, sales and employment through a special clearing process lasting only a few weeks. - All these and, probably, many more prejudices, errors, misconceptions, misunderstandings or misinterpretations exist in spite of a large degree freedom of information and of numerous truthful facts, observations and written reports on the subjects and also of the already existing full freedom for the enemies of interest to accumulate capital themselves and make it available to each other quite free of any interest charge and be it only with the monopoly money of monetary despotism. After all, the advocates of mini-loans do use it, too, often with great success. The opponents of interest are numerous and could, if they wanted to, make all or much of their capital available to each other, interest free. At least here they would not run into legal or juridical obstacles. Thus they could provide themselves with all the benefits they hope to achieve by interest-free economic relationships. Alas, rather than resorting to such self-help attempts – which would be very enlightening for themselves, they do, rather, uphold their dogmatic notions and conclusions, based upon false premises and this even at times when, as at present, actually almost interest-free loans are already widely offered not only in consumer credits, repayable in installments, sometimes interest-free for up to three years (*), but also, as a matter of official and bank policy in the current crisis, with loans granted in depreciating paper money, which means that they are then granted even at a negative interest rate, if one measures these loans in stable value standards. – They rather want to impose all their wrongful and flawed views on all others and exploit the property or capital of others, who strongly disagree with them. All the mythology on interest ought to be explored and fully refuted by an electronic argument map. Also, I believe, in an A to Z monograph on all the diverse false views on interest, together with their best refutations. The anti-interest fanatics, dogmatists and fundamentalists would not even need panarchism to do their own things among themselves. Even under territorialism they are already free to do so! That is already their right and it would be their problem. But as territorialists they rather want to inflict their wrongful and false views and practices upon all those who, with very good reasons, do disagree with them. – JZ, n.d. & 24.3.09. - (*) I have before me an advertisement of Harvey Norman, January 2011, offering consumer credit, with monthly repayments, "40 months interest free. No Deposit. No Interest until April 2014.” - JZ, 18.1.11, 25.11.13. - INTEREST AN EVIL? USURY? INTEREST-FREE CREDITS? DEBTS, “DEBT SLAVERY”, MONETARY FREEDOM VS. MONETARY DESPOTISM

PANARCHISM: Our governments want all of us to be territorial apes - but we neither are nor need we be such apes. - JZ, 3.1.83, 6.4.84.

PANARCHISM: Panarchies are a framework for peacefully, freely and justly getting along with everybody - well, almost everybody. The remaining few troublemakers will not constitute a major problem for the world. - JZ, 8.9.97 & 26.6.01. - Panarchists would hardly tolerate nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons next door - and they would constitute the best and almost omnipresent kind of nuclear disarmament inspectors. They would also give the least rationalizations and motives to resort to such "weapons" or energy sources. - JZ, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PEACE & JUSTICE

PANARCHISM: Panarchies are no impositions upon anyone but just extremely liberal and at the same time moral and utilitarian frameworks for everyone's favorite options. They allow everyone's options to be tolerantly and freely practised, among volunteers, on the basis of exterritorial autonomy, i.e. without interference by dissenters, who would anyhow tend to be busy with doing their own things to and for themselves. - JZ, 20.6.92, 5.1.93. – From JZ Pan AZ. – The number of terms used for panarchism is ever increasing. My list of them is long but still very incomplete. I have still to extract such terms from some recent downloads. On my own I will probably never be able to compile a complete list. – JZ, 25.11.13. - OPTIONALITY, MYOB, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: Panarchies are organizations that correspond to human nature in all its diversity and would, ultimately and  effectively prevent, or resist and abolish dictatorships, tyrannies, totalitarian regimes, authoritarian democracies and terrorism. – Nevertheless, they are still very far from being popular in public opinion. - JZ, n.d. & 25.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchies are the free enterprises or various cooperatives, partnerships or self-management enterprises of various idealists regarding public affairs. Panarchism constitutes the free market framework of politics, even for ideological opponents of free enterprises and free markets. - JZ, 20.6.92, 7.9.04, 17.9.04, 25.11.13. – From JZ Pan AZ. - FREE ENTERPRISES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION IN EVERY SPHERE. TO EACH THE OWN SYSTEM – AT THE OWN RISK & EXPENSE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: Panarchies are to supply, in a competitive way, the kind of services or disservices that most people now expect from exclusive, coercive and territorial governments, with the difference, that panarchies would supply them only to and only at the expense of volunteers, their own voluntary members. Naturally, panarchies are not meant to replace all other voluntary associations but to supplement them, especially in the political, economic and social spheres. They are to do away only with the exclusive, coercive and territorial characteristics of State organizations. - JZ 17.2.88. – From JZ Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchies can be changed, established, improved and gradually destroyed or deserted by individual action, by individuals making use of their individual sovereignty through founding, joining or leaving them, or threatening to leave them until their reform proposals are given a fair hearing. In territorial States the influence of individuals, unless they manage to get hold of powerful positions, is reduced to close to zero. For panarchies gradualist changes are quite natural. For territorial States landslide changes in the voting pattern or even wars, civil wars and revolutions are required to achieve changes. As talk-shops they have largely failed and have been productive only of a superfluity of wrongful laws, regulations and offices. Thus even democracies have bred terrorists and violent revolutionaries. - JZ, 11.12.03. – From JZ Pan AZ. - VS. TERRITORIAL STATES, PARLIAMENTARISM, POLITICS

PANARCHISM: Panarchies can probably easiest be "sold" or advocated as either "experimental freedom" for innovators, or as utopian community experiments, or as liberty for fools to do their things to themselves. - JZ, 30.1.02.

PANARCHISM: Panarchies can try and succeed only to please their own customers. If they don't, they will go bankrupt and disappear - and so they should. - JZ, 14.10.02. - SUCCESS & FAILURE

PANARCHISM: Panarchies in all their varieties, all only for volunteers and none with a territorial monopoly, offers solutions to most remaining political, economic, and social problems, even military ones and even to the problems of the transition periods. – JZ, 4.4.84, 16.4.08

PANARCHISM: Panarchies maximize minority autonomy and guaranty autonomy for majorities as well. - JZ, 2.6. 89, 4.7. 89. – From JZ Pan AZ. - EXTERRITORIALISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT

PANARCHISM: Panarchies may go from single function panarchies, providing e.g. competitive police agencies, to multi-function package-deal panarchies or private welfare and insurance establishments, with limited government services somewhere in-between. For all of them their autonomous and exterritorial status and their voluntary membership, ensured not only by freedom to join or establish them but also by individual liberty to secede from them, are the basic characteristic, not the number of and the kind of functions they may want to practise among their members and for some of their outside voluntary customers and clients. - JZ, 31.10.91, 13.1.93. – From JZ Pan AZ. – PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & CONTRACT IN EVERY SPHERE, UNDER FULL EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

PANARCHISM: Panarchies mean the maximum separation of powers, via individual sovereignty, expressed in individual and group secessionism, towards all present territorial States and their territorial powers. Territorial sovereignty and powers do imply compulsory membership and subjugation, compulsory taxes and exclusive rule, unlimited sovereignty, including the power to wage aggressive wars and a monopoly for negotiating alliances and peace treaties. They have led to monetary and financial despotism, with mass unemployment, inflations and stagflations and corresponding impoverishment as a result. They have been massive obstacles to rapid growth and development. They have confined us to their own and all too limited and inefficient, also all too costly and slow (because they are territorial) political self-correction means, misnamed "democratic" or "republican". We would laugh about them if we attempted to apply such territorial, political and monopolistic methods in technology, science, the arts and in our private lifestyles. However, so far we were conditioned to believe that in politics, war and revolutions, government-made and government-maintained crises, anything goes, no matter how absurd, abusive, wrong and costly. Territorial politics and its consequences can be humanized and abolished only by taking the territorialist coercion and monopoly out of it: by introducing individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and minority autonomy, combined with a kind of international law that is based on individual sovereignty, individual rights and liberties, to the extent that free individuals want to claim them for themselves. - JZ, 11.11.91, 13.1.93, 7.9.04, 25.11.13. – From JZ Pan AZ. - SEPARATION OF POWERS, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchies of great variety exists already in the limited spheres of art, literature, poetry, music, psychology etc., with each adherent following only his own preferences, the dictates of his own conscience, the doctrines of his own school - and, nevertheless, all these schools coexist peacefully with each other. But then neither compulsory membership, monopolies, compulsory taxes or uniformly imposed laws exist for them, as they do for territorial States. - JZ, 4.4.84, 25.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchies provide an action and experimentation framework or testing ground or laboratory for all utopias and ideologies. It would make election campaigns and reform attempts, resistance and agitation, rebellion, revolution, freedom fighting and terrorism obviously unnecessary for gaining adherents and freedom of action for one's ideals. It would reduce verbal, legal, juridical and bureaucratic obstructionism to a minimum and release most creative and constructive energies in fields so far pre-empted by territorialism. It would prepare for a peaceful, tolerant and harmonious world without violent clashes, for rapid progress and enlightenment, for widespread riches and personal satisfaction. People would become free to do all their things for and to themselves, at their expense and risk, paying their own bills, instead of submitting them, indirectly, to taxpayers, who are not free to refuse to pay them. It would end the inbuilt coercive, monopolistic and hierarchical collectivism, communism and state Socialism of territorial States even of the most limited kind. People would become, finally, "the smiths of their own fate". - JZ, 4.6.93 & 26.6.01. - Amen! - JZ, 9.12.03. – A nd yet, with all its rightfulness, tolerance, rationalism, good arguments, historical precedents and remaining contemporary traces, it remains still very unpopular and is obstructed by by ignorance, lack of interest or apathy and opposed by numerous popular errors and prejudices, all not yet systematically collected, combined and confronted with their best refutations. From JZ, Pan AZ. – Edited: 25.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchies that are restricting the rights and liberties of their members, are they mere frauds or exploitation systems - or does that charge apply only to monopolistic, coercive and territorial governments? - "The theory presents no obstacle to the use of all just means for the maintenance of justice; and this is all the power that government ought ever to have. It is all the power that it can have, consistently with the rights of those on whom it is to operate. ... Indeed, this is the only government which it is practicable to establish by the consent of the governed; for an unjust government must have victims and the victims cannot be supposed to give their consent. All governments, therefore, that profess to be founded on the consent of the governed, and yet have authority to violate natural laws, are necessarily frauds.” - Lysander Spooner, The Unconstitutionality of Slavery. - But to the extent that their victims have given their consent, individually, and continue to do so, to voluntarily, by not seceding from competing governance systems, societies and communities, from which they can secede, at any time, these voluntary or competing governments, societies or communities, do represent them and are to that extent at least subjectively rightful and even objectively so, at least for them, at their stage of personal enlightenment and development. No one is obliged to always and under all circumstances fully claim and practise all his individual rights, even if this were physically possible. Imagine anyone minding his business, producing and trading, working and supervising, while driving, piloting, ... singing, dancing, reading, climbing, running, playing, talking, watching, listening, eating and drinking at the same time. There are some natural limits for everybody. We can often do several things at the same time but cannot do all things at the same time and under all circumstances. - Are we wrong in being so selective and self-limiting? - 15.1.93, 18.9.04, 19.1.11, 25.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – QUESTIONS, CONSENT, NATURAL LAWS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

PANARCHISM: Panarchies would reduce all politics to that of voluntary institutions and actions. That would automatically abolish the present victimization of millions of involuntary subjects. – Considering that even most of the temporary majorities (coalitions) are made up of minorities, the total number of the members of all minority groups, who would all greatly benefit from exterritorial and full minority autonomy, could well amount to the majority of all the subjects of the present territorial States. – JZ, 20.5.98, 9.1.99. – POLITICS, INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ALL MINORITIES – FOR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL OF THEM

PANARCHISM: Panarchies would, as a rule, offer wanted package deals of political, economic and social services to their voluntary members and taxpayers. However, some panarchies might, between them, agree to offer only a single insurance or protection service to all their members, because they do not want any other, e.g. only a militia service or an ideal jury system or an ideal arbitration system. In these cases the difference between a free enterprise or voluntary and competitive corporation service and a government service would disappear. While most people are still statists and accustomed to package deals embracing quite a number of "public services", offered by the same monopolistic dealer, I imagine that most individuals, once freed from their ties to this monopolistic and territorial dealer, will still make package deals for themselves, with their preferred provider. Only gradually will they opt out of more and more of these service deals from single suppliers and adopt more and more market relationships, i.e. free trades for various services from more specialized and competitive suppliers. In other words, their remaining and more or less limited governments will tend to become more and more limited. - Compare the prolonged existence of the Catholic Church, even in the face of competition from Protestants, atheists, agnostics, rationalists, free thinkers and humanists, not to speak of thousands of other religions and sects. It does not prosecute and exterminate heretics any more und stands up as defender even of the unborn. - Are quite individualistic and enlightened world views, philosophies and their radical practices to be expected immediately or very soon from most people? The speed of individual enlightenment will probably be maximized by panarchistic membership and experimentation, as it was by religious liberty. -JZ, 13.1.93. - But among the masses it might still proceed only rather slowly. However, package deals do have their economic attractions, like special discounts for good customers. They would appeal to gurus, prophets and other "great leaders" and their followers. - JZ, 10.12.03, 7.9.04, 18.9.04. – From JZ Pan AZ. - I would expect their voluntary taxation or contribution schemes to be most attractive to potential new members. Next to this would be the successes of those panarchies, which replaced for their members the existing monetary despotism with full monetary freedom, thus rapidly ending involuntary unemployment, deflations, inflations and stagflations and greatly increasing their productivity, jobs, sales and incomes, in stable and competitively supplied currencies and clearing options. – No present territorial government can offer them as much. – JZ, 25.11.13. - THEIR PACKAGE DEALS

PANARCHISM: Panarchies, as defined by P. E. de Puydt, in "Panarchie", REVUE TRIMESTRIELLE, Bruxelles, July 1860, are communities of volunteers that are exterritorially autonomous and live under personal laws rather than territorial constitutions, laws and jurisdictions. – From JZ Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchies, competing one, in every country, provide xyz blueprints and a general framework for a free society, one that creatively combines the principles of voluntarism, mutualism, pluralism, consent, free choice, freedom of contract, freedom of association, individual sovereignty, individual secessionism, freedom of action, freedom to experiment, freedom to dissociate, freedom to give notice, free enterprise, competition, consumer sovereignty, self-rule, self-government, self-determination, self-reliance, self-help, exterritorialism, autonomy etc. - JZ, 21.4.89, 3.7.89, 12.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchies: The realization of as many different and autonomous communities as are wanted by volunteers for themselves, all non-territorially coexisting, side by side and intermingled as their members are, in the same territory or even world-wide and yet separated from each other by personal laws, administrations and jurisdiction, as different churches are or ought to be. - JZ, from PEACE PLANS 671: ON PANARCHY

PANARCHISM: Panarchism (Polyarchy, Multiarchy, Personarchy etc.) amounts to political, economic and social or secular Protestantism and it aims to preach and practise the same kind of voluntarism and tolerance as is demonstrated by the best kinds of Protestants, all on the basis of full exterritorial autonomy for all the voluntary members of their communities. For this purpose it insists upon the rightfulness of individual sovereignty and of individual and minority group secessionism, the liberty to live under personal law and constitutions and jurisdictions, all this as a preconditions for a free, just, peaceful, prosperous and progressive world, in which all enlightened people get their chance and only the unenlightened ones have to suffer under their own flawed choices. Under this system even life expansion, intelligence expansion and space exploration will make much more rapid progress. It extends tolerance and freedom of action to their natural limits. It releases all of man's creative energies and reduces his destructive ones. It is the consistent application of free market and laissez faire ideas, of genuine self-government, self-help, self-realization, self-determination and democracy. Nothing else can make us as strong against any further authoritarianism, despotism and totalitarianism. Without it we might all come to perish in the next and universal holocaust. - JZ, 7.5.02 & 15.12.03, 19.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. PROTESTANTISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchism amd libertarianism combined are less provocative for all kinds of statists – who would then be free to do their statist things among themselves. - JZ, 10.8.87.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism aims not only at liberating only literate libertarians, to live as autonomously as they want to, without having to leave a country and having to establish a new one, but intends to provide them with that liberty precisely by offering every other dissatisfied minority or majority the same kind of free choice for their kind of non-libertarian ideal. Thus it can turn enemies into friends and allies or at least neutrals - although they will proceed on different paths for their own affairs. – JZ, 21.4.89, 3.7.89, 19.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism aims to achieve the same Protestant revolution in the political, economic and social spheres that succeeded in the religious sphere - and this without bloodshed, coercion or fraud, by quite peaceful means, via individual and group secessionism and full an-territorial autonomy for the secessionists, leaving all the associations, that they seceded from, in full control over their own affairs, but from then onwards only among their remaining volunteers and those volunteers that might come to join them from all over the world. For instance, the present USA would have many secessionists but they would be replaced by many more who would even prefer the present USA regime for themselves to the regimes they are presently suffering under. Only obviously despotic regimes would be losing more subjects than they would gain world-wide. But, after the experience with e.g. the Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler and Mao regimes, who would deny their dissenting subjects the right to secede from them? And who would deny that, in association with all the dissenters from them, the much more free States and societies could have much more easily defeated or overthrown them? In the same way as the parliamentary democracy of England, or at least some of its external forms, have spread over most of the world, so an-territorially autonomous communities of volunteers could and would spread over the whole world - but they would do so much faster and with much less struggles, from the smallest successful beginnings. There are less physical barriers now for the spread of good ideas than there were ever before. Freedom ideas could come to be offered in almost irresistible form when properly utilizing the intellectual energies of all freedom lovers. And they would be backed by successful experiments or demonstrations, provided by volunteers. Wherever free communities cannot as yet be freely established, then they could, each of them, become effectively prepared and demonstrated by an-territorially autonomous government or society in exile, set up in somewhat free countries by refugees and deserters, to realize there their own rights and interests and represent those, who would join them as soon as they become free to do so. In this way all the centrifugal forces could come to be mobilized against the remaining despotic territorial regimes. D-Day for all could arrive very fast and without much fighting on this day or in consequence of the fall of a regime. For their true believers any regime could be continued - but only at their expense and risk. Thus they would not desperately resist. Volunteers would still be free to join them from the rest of the world. But such volunteers would, probably and in most cases, be shamefully few. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - Revised: JZ, 19.1.11. – PROTESTANTISM, PANARCHIES ALSO FOR STATISTS – AT THEIR RISK & EXPENSE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism allows all individuals to do their things among like-minded volunteers, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. It thus completes freedom of choice, freedom of contract, freedom of association and freedom to experiment in the sphere of the social sciences and their laws and institutions which were so far monopolized by territorial governments under all kinds of false pretences, assumptions and conclusions, popular errors and prejudices. It would realize genuine self-governance, self-responsibility, self-determination and self-control of the own affairs, by the own standards and values, and would greatly promote enlightenment, freedom, justice, peace, protection, progress, development, prosperity, peaceful coexistence of the most diverse peoples in the same country and all over this world, even advances of mankind into space. – From the first successful examples it could very rapidly spread. – Only the power addicts would lose something, namely their wrongful territorial powers over involuntary victims. – It would give to all adults a significant choice or vote in the own affairs and end their kind of serfdom under territorial feudal lords of the modern kind, simply by peaceful secessions from them. It would also realize the right of individuals and minorities to secede from all future governance systems, societies and communities. – It would provide for each the society, community or governance system of his or here choice. Nobody could ask for more and this sphere and no body should be satisfied with less. - JZ, 22.8.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism allows each national government to rightfully and rationally reconstruct itself into a stable and lasting form, based upon individual consent. - JZ, 4.7.86 & 24.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - However, only without its present coercive, collectivist, centralistic and monopolistic territorialism, addicted to power over non-consenting victims, which has led to numerous wars, civil wars, dictatorships, revolutions and terrorist acts. - JZ , 19.1.11. - NATIONALISM, UNITY, CONSENT, WARFARE STATES

PANARCHISM: Panarchism allows individual liberation – or self-inflicted restrictions, as far as individuals want to go in either direction. – JZ, 24.3.09.,

PANARCHISM: Panarchism allows several voluntaristic communities to coexist, peacefully, in the same territory, with each operating under its own constitution, laws, jurisdiction, administration, faiths, ism, principles, membership selectivity (*) etc., or any other common traits or preferences. - JZ, 16.12.94, 27.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - (*) discrimination, JZ, 19.1.11. – PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM: Panarchism amounts to a great variety of systematized and individualized and revolutionary actions that are nonviolent and beneficial to all involved. (At least for a while, in accordance with the then existing stands of the voluntary participants. Strict territorialists would consider them to be “treasonable”. - JZ, 19.1.11, 26.11.13.) Whichever panarchy would lose, some or many of its subjects, would gain at the same time unanimous support from the remainder. - JZ 4.10.82, 6.4.84, 16.4.08. - It could also gain new members from its sympathizers all over a country, a continent or even the whole world. - JZ, 19.1.11. – Think of the support which even the Soviet and Red China’s totalitarian State Socialism got from many of the “intellectuals” in the somewhat free Western world, even decades after their atrocities had already become widely known among others for decades. – JZ, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism and libertarianism combined are less provocative for all kinds of statists, who would then free to do their statist things among themselves: Panarchy is a framework that could make libertarianism acceptable or at least tolerable to non-libertarians. - JZ 10.8.87.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism applies equality, in each panarchy only to its voluntary members, i.e. to the minimum or maximum rules they think to be required to achieve peace, justice, freedom and progress among them. – JZ, 20.3.81, 15.2.08. - EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW

PANARCHISM: Panarchism applies the subjective value theory to the form of economic, social, communal or political organization. - JZ, 16.4.08. - Each of its panarchies would be free to uphold and try to realize its own principles, methods, ideas, values, laws and institutions. - JZ, 19.1.11. – SUBJECTIVE VALUE THEORY

PANARCHISM: Panarchism applies voluntary associationism and voluntary disassociationism to all of politics, economics, social relations and their institutions, not just to parties and those associations and degrees of limited pluralism which coercive, exclusive and territorial politics has so far permitted. – JZ, 17.7.93, 10.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism as a disarming policy: Full exterritorial autonomy under personal laws - for all present revolutionaries, insurrectionists, resistance fighters, guerrillas and even to terrorists, including an amnesty for all their past crimes, if they abstain from committing any further ones, by accepting this condition soon, e.g. within a month. With a victory - for their own affairs - so close to them, one can insist upon them accepting our armistice and amnesty offer immediately and a one month period for their deliberations should be enough, particularly if all panarchistic information that so far exists in writing is made available to them. - JZ, 29.3.89, 31.3.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, EVEN UNILATERAL, WAR & PEACE:

PANARCHISM: Panarchism as unconscious but widespread practices in limited spheres, is described in ON PANARCHY I, in PEACE PLANS No. 505. – You think of your own examples! Put your thinking cap on! (So far 24 “volumes” [on microfiche] have appeared as the sub-series ON PANARCHY, in the PEACE PLANS series. – JZ, 13.2.08. – Compare: - for essays & books. Likewise: and, - By now all of these 24 ON PANARCHY volumes have been digitized and are offered by me as zipped email attachments until they appear on a disc or online. - JZ, 19.1.11. - PRIVATE PRACTICE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism brings about diverse and yet harmonious kinds of order, all established and maintained without force – by individual free choices. – JZ, 10.10.05.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism can be defined as voluntary and exterritorial utopianism based upon individual sovereignty and respect for all the genuine individual rights and liberties of others, to the extent that they do claim them for themselves. – JZ, 1.5.02. - On second thoughts, since their lives are involved, they should not be interfered with at all by outsiders, members of other communities, even if they are not aware of all their rights and liberties or, intentionally, do not claim them for themselves. One might consider them as being still infants or children in this respect, who, one day, would grow up and might wish to practise all their rights and liberties. At most one should make a complete declaration of all genuine rights and liberties accessible to them. But one should not exploit their ignorance and prejudices. – Neither should one submit to them in one’s own affairs. - JZ, 24.3.09, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism can provide a hot temperature and pressure for totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, enough to make their power evaporate. – JZ, 16.6.08. – Especially through the declaration of quite rightful war and peace aims, in collaboration with all kinds of governments and societies in exile, all only for their present and future volunteers. – JZ, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism can release, utilize and coordinate all reformist, resistance and revolutionary forces without threatening those who are conservatively inclined. - JZ 3.4.84. – PROGRESS, REFORMS, REVOLUTIONS, CHANGE, LIBERATION, CONSERVATISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchism cannot be created in a vacuum, without sufficient preparations and preconditions, so to speak, out of thin air.  But the oppressions and mistakes of territorial politics provide incentives and opportunities for those sufficiently enlightened on their panarchistic possibilities, once they are sufficiently publicized and recognized, to establish their alternative institutions and to use their alternative liberating and protective measures. But even this requires minimum numbers of convinced and enlightened members to act effectively together - for their propaganda and their liberating actions to succeed and spread, finally, in a chain reaction, once a critical mass is attained, all over the world. Once the panarchistic approach and practice is understood, even by its enemies, resistance against it will be reduced to a minimum, because they would not, in most cases (tyrants excepted, to some extent) have to fight for their lives, liberties and properties. But so far panarchism is largely only a "castle in the air" or a utopia in the minds of a few and even in these minds often still not quite clarified and still mixed up with some territorialist thoughts, ideas and prejudices. Thus self-enlightenment is the obvious first step and this requires access to all the panarchistic information, experiences and texts and discussions that do so far exist and their correction and supplementation - until, finally, we will be close to a new kind of political science that will enable the panarchists to spread their message and advance in their path in the easiest and cheapest ways (using e.g all kinds of affordable and efficient alternative media, the best defence, liberation, revolution and military insurrection programs), making the maximum number of friends and allies on the way or neutralizing former enemies. However, panarchists, too, are not prepared to love everybody or subscribe to a universal and egalitarian brotherhood. Instead, they do offer a uniquely tolerant framework and opportunity for self-liberating or self-governing actions to almost everybody, to all productive and intelligent and peaceful people, excepting only e.g. totalitarians, habitual official and unofficial criminals, fanatics, moochers and parasites. As has often been stated before (First, in a simpler version by Kurt H. Zube, in his Manifesto for Freedom and Peace. – online in English on Panarchism offers “to each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams, at the own expense and risk.” – (To each the government of his own dreams. - K.H.Z. - To each the government of his own choice. - GPdB.) - Who would object to such a dream world, if it could be realized? Panarchism is the only framework that could realize it, with human beings as they are now, in the vast majority. – JZ, 10.1.99. Slightly revised: 8.12.03, 18.9.04, 19.1.11, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - INVOLVES CLARIFICATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, THE ESTABLISHMENT OF IDEAL MILITIAS FOR THEIR DEFENCE & A NEW KIND OF INTERNATIONAL LAW & JURISDICTION BASED UPON THEM, AS WELL AS A DEGREE OF ENLIGHTENMENT THAT CAN, PERHAPS, ONLY BE ACHIEVED THROUGH THE MULTIPLE STEPS OF A GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS OF ENLIGHTENMENT

PANARCHISM: Panarchism caters to (for?) all justified (i.e. peaceful, voluntary, non-aggressive) isms, while e.g. limited government, anarchism and welfare statism uphold a territorial monopoly for their kind of faith. - JZ, 2.1.88, 1.4.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FOR ALL ISMS, EXCEPT THE INTOLERANT, TOTALITARIAN, FUNDAMENTALIST ONES, THAT ARE NOT PREPARED TO LEAVE DISSENTERS ALONE.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism combines individualism and order among the volunteers of all kinds of political, social and economic organizations and relationships – in accordance with the preferences of their voluntary members, which might be radically individualistic or statist or collectivistic, with all of them confined to exterritorial autonomy. Then no group, movement, organization, institution, society, community or government can any longer territorially lord it over a whole population, among which there are, usually, many dissenters and dissenting minorities. – Their individualism and their order and peaceful relationships with others is preserved by their voluntarism, which includes not only voluntary entry but also voluntary exit via individual and group secessionism. - JZ, 18.11.11, 24.2.12. - INDIVIDUALISM & ORDER, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchism contains the bare bones of free societies, namely exterritoriality, autonomy, voluntarism and respect for individual rights for their "international relations". The rest should all be up to their individual members, their prejudices, errors and their degrees of enlightenment. - JZ, 28.3.89, 31.3.89, 19.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FREE SOCIETIES

PANARCHISM: Panarchism creates a perpetual frontier society and this side by side with perpetuation of traditional societies and values by those, who want them for themselves, both in a quite peaceful competition with the panarchies of others for voluntary supporters, thus giving each individual the choice corresponding to his individual traits, abilities and preferences, however temporary they may be in his whole life-span and activities. – JZ, 24.2.03, 23.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism demands that we recognize e.g. a Soviet Government - but only as a representative of those individuals who really want to be represented by it. At the same time it demands that we hold all its individual members and voluntary subjects personally responsible for all that they have done to dissenters. We should start corresponding outlawry procedures and offer them amnesty, asylum and protection only once they renounce their past wrongful actions, abdicate their territorial rule over others, flee or rebel to establish a decent voluntaryist regime that concedes complete exterritorial autonomy to all dissenters. - JZ 18.12.82, 17.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism demands the right of the individual to appoint his on political agents over or for himself and to change them when it suits him. - JZ, 20.8.92, 4.1.93. - Well, one might come to resolve that, apart from extraordinary circumstances, an individual should be bound by his own choice of government for at least a year. - JZ, 9.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. SELF-GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

PANARCHISM: Panarchism does not demand one constitution for all but, instead, to each his own constitution. This principled diversity, characterized by coexistence and non-intervention, is to be the only common feature for numerous different and autonomous and exterritorial societies. It amounts to a “systematic” non-system. (Or a framework for all tolerant systems. - JZ, 19.1.11.) It's the consistent application of the idea of freedom to politics. It even includes the freedom to choose a status of voluntary servitude for oneself. - JZ 3.4.84. – CONSTITUTIONALISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT SYSTEMS

PANARCHISM: Panarchism does not offer to all territorial subjects the same assorted rations in their "shopping carts" that the serfs of all territorial governments receive in form of equal "public services" for all, at fixed monopoly prices, but, instead, its sovereign consumers or customers or members in particular panarchies would receive only those goods and services, at competitive prices, which they really do want for themselves and are willing and able to pay for, at free market prices or agreed-upon subscription prices or insurance premiums. Public affairs and public services would then have to become hawked or advertised, marketed and sold just like ordinary consumer goods or services are at present, or would have to be provided within volunteer communities as their self-help measures. The consumers of "government services" would then be sovereign rather than the governmental decision-makers, the "always honest" and "never selfish" politicians and bureaucrats. The volunteer communities of panarchism would be only an-territorially (non-territorially, exterritoriallly) autonomous and individuals would remain free to secede from them, just as they should now be free to secede from all territorial States, obviously from the worst of them but also from the best of them. Freedom of action, freedom to experiment, freedom of choice, for all, in all spheres. No monopoly to be granted any longer to any politicians and bureaucrats - except by individual consent, in corresponding voluntary communities under personal law. – JZ, n.d. & 19.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PANARCHISTIC SHOPPING CARTS & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY

PANARCHISM: Panarchism does not start with a "tabula rasa" for all and an "Eintopfgericht" or single and equal dish for all, but leaves all with their self-chosen meals from menus that embrace all options that somebody or some group is willing to offer them, in his "restaurant" or his "kitchen" or that they want to provide for themselves or their friends or associates in their own and rightfully extended "free enterprise" in this sphere. Each according to his own taste-buds, even in the political, economic and social spheres! Regardless of whether they prefer their "public service" meals raw, cooked or baked, whether they prefer vegetarian or meat dishes. This extension of choice and tolerance, from meals to public affairs, seems to most people to be such a large bite that they cannot readily chew and swallow it. It also seems to have all the wrong colors, smells, textures and tastes - compared with the foods that they are accustomed to and consider to be healthy or good enough. But, in the political, economic and social spheres as well, one dish or menu or prescribed recipe can never satisfy all the people who live in a whole country. Likewise, one fashionable theory or experiment can never satisfy all the dissenters. One temporarily dominant theory can never squash all justified criticism of it. And even the best hypothesis, theory or meal will have its critics and abstainers. Thus no governmental experiment or reform should ever be imposed upon dissenters, no more so than any religion and church should ever become or remain imposed upon dissenters and nonconformists, not even when a large majority should be in favor of such an imposition. Full tolerance and freedom of choice for individuals and their voluntary associations are as much justified in the "public spheres" as they are in religion. Compulsory membership in any tyranny or democracy, in any territorial regime or State, even in any "limited" government does amount to despotism. Despotic is also the territorial imposition of any system upon a whole country and all its people. That kind of territorial despotism has to be replaced, everywhere, by voluntary membership under personal laws, or an-territorial autonomy, i.e. by panarchies. To each the ideal of his dreams - and financed out of his pocketbook. - PIOT, John Zube, 15.10.04, 19.1.11, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - MENU CHOICE FOR FREE CUSTOMERS

PANARCHISM: Panarchism embraces all other isms, as separate panarchies, for their volunteers, each under personal law or exterritorial autonomy, as long as they do not claim a territorial monopoly and do not interfere with any other panarchies, which simply do their own things for or to their own members. – JZ, 12.6.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism even allows the practice of totalitarianism – however, among totalitarians only - but then it is no longer totalitarianism. - JZ, n.d.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism expresses a new kind of allegiance, loyalty and solidarity towards the OWN ideal and towards individual rights, voluntarism and the maximum of tolerance for tolerant actions and freely chosen constitutions, systems and societies, personal laws, selected juridical and political systems, to any service freely offered and priced and accepted by sovereign individual consumers. – JZ, 24.1.97, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - TRADITION, LOYALTY & ALLEGIANCE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism favors or tolerates all ways of living – at the own risk and expense. – JZ, 1.4.04.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism has already had some part-victories - since in religion, art, hobbies, choice of jobs, sports, amusements etc. most people do already do their own things and do so almost always peacefully and tolerantly, taking this even for granted – but without thinking about the principles involved and how these examples could be fully extended into all those spheres now still territorially monopolized by governments. - JZ 3.3.84, 6.4.84, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism includes all the rights and benefits that can be provided e.g. by full monetary and financial freedom, free enterprise, free productive coops and free trade and this without forcing them upon any dissenters. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - RIGHTS

PANARCHISM: Panarchism introduces individual secessionism, associationism, exterritorial autonomy, consent, choice, voting, sovereignty, competition - into politics. - JZ, 3.4.84, 19.1.11. – POLITICS, FINALLY BECOMING LIBERATING INSTEAD OF TERRITORIALLY ENSLAVING

PANARCHISM: Panarchism introduces voluntarism experimental freedom or laissez faire, laissez passer into politics and does so, on the basis of individual secessionism, and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities under personal laws. - JZ, 1.8.99, 27.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is a kind of uncompromising compromise. Each gets his own way in his own affairs - but he does not get his ideal practiced by others – unless others do come to individually accept it. - JZ, in Pan AZ. - COMPROMISE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is a recipe for peaceful coexistence and collaboration between all enemies of the State and also for all who want to reform or revolutionize it and, moreover, for all who want to retain it for themselves, with whatever they perceive to be its benefits, but bereft of it former territorial powers. - JZ 4.4.84, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is a revival and extension of the old tradition of consular jurisdiction and of "capitulations". - JZ 1.4.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is an idea whose time has come. There is no country where it could not and would not greatly improve existing conditions, at least in the opinions of all their voluntary members. The change would be all the greater the worse conditions are at present. - JZ 3.4.84.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is an open framework for all creative or self-responsible activities of all kinds of communities and societies of volunteers. – JZ, 4.6.94, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is based upon the difference between the collectivist, territorial and uniform and imposed laws of compulsory members and subjects in sovereign nations and the individualistic, exterritorial, diverse, and freely chosen laws in autonomous volunteer communities under personal laws. - JZ, 4.9.90, 14.1.93. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – TERRITORIALISM, TREATING PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, SUPPRESSING INDIVIDUCAL & GROUP SECESSIONS AS WELL AS PERSONAL LAW COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is essentially the theoretical and practical backing for experimental freedom, at the own expense and risk, in every sphere where it is not yet realized, i.e., especially for political, economic and social systems, now subjected to monopolistic, coercive and collectivistic rule under the territorial model. - JZ, 18.1.95, 26.6.01, 19.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - THEORY & BACKING FOR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FULL FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, CONTRACT & SECESSION

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is far from being victorious yet. It is no more than an idea whose time has come. It does constitute the main new frontier and opportunity for the human race - an escape route from the territorialist State - into an unlimited future. - JZ 4.4.84. – At least no longer coercively, wrongfully, monopolistically and collectivistically restricted by all too flawed legislation and institutions country-wide, State-wide imposed or in the sphere of local goverments, all wrongfully ruling over all too many involuntary victims. – JZ, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is for almost everybody. Potential members are e.g. all adherents of alternative societies, utopian colonies and intentional communities, all reformers, revolutionaries, terrorists, the adherent's of every ism, all zealots and fanatics - but also for all kinds of liberty lovers and conservatives. It can appeal to members of all minority groups and also to all misguided and misruled majorities, to the taxpayers, the producers, the traders, the consumers, the old and the young. It offers all their best chance to opt out of any system they dislike and to do their own thing independently, within their own autonomous and exterritorial communities of volunteers. - JZ 4.4.84. – Well, with the exception of incurable territorialist totalitarians and private criminals with victims. They will be confined to victimizing only each other or voluntary victims. – JZ, 16.4.08, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is just another term for “voluntary cooperation”, “self-government”, “self-control”, complete “freedom of contract”, “full autonomy”, consistent “pluralism”, consistent “multiculturalism”, “non-oppressive apartheid”, voluntary “segregation” combined with voluntary “integration”, “consumer sovereignty” in every sphere, “voluntaryism”, “competing governments”, consistent libertarianism and anarchism, “non-geographical autonomy”, divorce from governments, etc. All terms that have so far been coined for this kind of “utopia” have still to be combined into one listing. See list under NAMES. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - VOLUNTARY COOPERATION, NAMES, TERMS (A complete list remains to be compiled.)

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is no more illusory and utopian than peace, justice and economic freedom are. Moreover, it constitutes the ideal and easiest route towards these and other ideals. - JZ 4.4.84.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is nothing but the consistent application of a basic anarchist principle that has often been expressed and in various wordings. - Thus Enrico Malatesta says (From: Ein anarchistisches Programm, 2. Kap., Wege und Mittel): "Thus freedom for everybody, so that they can propagate their ideas and experiment with them. Freedom without any other restriction than that arising quite naturally from the equal right of everyone else to be free." - Unfortunately, such general clauses, often even contained in the bills of rights passed by governments, can be very differently interpreted and have been very differently interpreted by anarchists, libertarians and statists. - Panarchists assert that they are the only ones who have given this idea a consistently anarchistic, voluntaryist and individualistic interpretation. – JZ, in Pan AZ. VOLUNTARISM, ANARCHISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is or favors not so much a particular organization but a voluntary relationship within each of its different panarchies: exterritorially autonomous, communities of volunteers and a tolerant, international law and individual rights and liberties relationship between them. It might be administered or ruled by a chosen manager, secretary, guru, leader, monarch, even a dictator or by ad hoc committees, direct or representative democracy, or could be one or the other type of anarchy. (*) It might lead to confederations, alliances and federations of its voluntary grouping of its diverse panarchies but not necessarily into a single, exclusive and permanent world organization. These international - or inter-panarchies - federations etc. would also tend to be limited and temporary ones - via group and individual secessionism. – (*) Compare my Anarchist Spectrum, reproduced at - which is long but still far from incomplete because most anarchists simply can’t be bothered to think seriously about these differences of opinion, just like religious sectarians don’t. - JZ, 1.12/82, 7.4.84, 17.4.08, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is political ecology. In its voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy all kinds of political, economic and social "life" does peacefully coexist, compete or cooperate under optimal conditions for as diverse critters as men are. Democracy, autocracy, aristocracy, republicanism, monarchism, dictatorships etc., anarchism, socialism, communism, conservatism, radicalism etc., all can then be practised at the same time and in the same country or locally or world-wide, but only among their volunteers and at their expense and risk. That will teach them, gradually, if they are teachable at all. If not, they will have to continue to suffer under the systems of their "own" free choices, really, those of the majorities or minorities they are prepared to put up with. - JZ, 14.1.97 & 26.6.01, 9.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - ECOLOGY

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is simply a consistent application of the principle involved in religious liberty or religious tolerance to the political, economic and social spheres. If panarchistic reformers and revolutionaries were to use panarchistic principles and practices against oppressive territorial governments, starting with the worst of them, then they could replace them without the enormous bloodshed that was and is involved in religious wars, civil wars, most revolutions, “defence” and “liberation” attempts. However, as tolerant people are today still all too rare. (*) On the other hand, alternative media to cheaply spread panarchistic ideas, facts and arguments do today exist and could be effectively utilized by these few. If they established a proper ideas archive first of all, for all social reform ideas, and an encyclopedia of the best refutations for popular errors, myths and prejudices, as well as one for the best ways for putting forward any good case and an encyclopedia of the variety of definitions that do exist for every term, perhaps numbering all of them, then they might make their enlightenment efforts much easier. – JZ, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – (*) I have only just started compiling a directory to those I found. It will need input from many others. – JZ, 26.11.13. - RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, ENLIGHTENMENT, EFFECTIVE PROPAGANDA

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is simply a just, radical and consistent form of liberalism, democracy, libertarianism, anarchism, voluntaryism. - JZ, 5.4.89, 8.4.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – All their parties, factions, communities, societies, should become self-governing or self-managing under personal law or exterritorial autonomy, trying to realize their ideals each only among its volunteers. – Meta-Utopia was proposed as one of many alternative terms for it. A complete list of the alternative names or terms proposed has still to be compiled. Mine is still very incomplete. – JZ, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is the economic and political equivalent to nature’s biological development and progress via progressive mutations. It allows the process of natural selection full scope, especially that progress which is based on voluntary cooperation. - JZ 5.4.84.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is the fastest road to both, limited government and anarchism - for all those who want either. It has the potential to literally disarm the opponents. - JZ 4.4.84. For it teaches and applies the principle: To each the government or society of his or her own choice. On that basis even the most diverse panarchies can come to be at least temporarily established, by and for their volunteers and they can federate or collaborate or ignore each other as much as they like. – JZ, 16.4.08, 19.1.11, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is the ideology that favors the voluntary establishment and maintenance of panarchies of all kinds, all under self-management and confined to exterritorial autonomy, voluntary membership and individual as well as group secessionism. - JZ, n.d., – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is the only political system that fully corresponds to human nature and human diversity - but, just like the societies without any slavery, it is far from easy to introduce. It means a fundamental transition from barbarism (including basement nukes, as proposed by at least one “libertarian”) to civilization and culture, from status to contract, from dissent and opposition to genuine self-governance or self-management of all of one’s own affairs, instead of leaving some of the most important ones to one or the other type of territorial monopolists, power-mongers and power-mad people. - JZ 3.4.84, 16.4.08, 19.1.11, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is the only system which would allow all minorities to apply their own majority or unanimous decisions to their own affairs. - JZ, n.d.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is the only utopia (meta-utopia Nozick calls it) in which everybody can and will live in accordance with his own choice. It need only be and can only be imposed upon territorial States and it provides even to the statists the government of their dreams. - JZ 3.4.84, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is the political, economic and social equivalent to religious liberty and religious tolerance, as well as to private lifestyle alternatives and choices, to experimental freedom in technology, the sciences, in agriculture and horticulture. It would permit for everyone the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams, thus providing a framework for the establishment of a permanent peace in freedom and justice, of wealth for all, based upon the own rightful efforts and it would provide all its benefits as fast as is possible, at least for the first pioneers of them. – JZ, 1997, 10.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is the way out from the threat of statism, authoritarianism, majoritarianism, Welfare States, State Socialism, totalitarianism and mixed economies and territorial politics. – JZ, 3.4.84, 16.4.08, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is tolerance for actions of all tolerant people and this in the spheres of political, economic and social systems. - JZ, 30.6.00, 27.6.01. - See: SHORTEST DEFINITIONS OF PANARCHISM ... – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DEFINITION ATTEMPT, TOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism is, perhaps, the only practicable road towards full self-government or individual sovereignty or individual anarchism. - JZ, 6.4.89.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism lets you be free, as free - or even as unfree - as you want to be, as a matter of sovereign individual choice, rather than remaining subjected, to the territorial laws, systems and institutions and systems that other people prefer for themselves, being almost always outvoted by them in all too many spheres, against your own preferences. – JZ, n.d. & 25.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism makes most compromises in public affairs unnecessary. It allows each to become happy or unhappy in his or her own fashion. - JZ, 19.11.92. – COMPROMISES, PUBLIC AFFAIRS, HAPPINESS

PANARCHISM: Panarchism may be defined as a radical voluntarist stand for individual rights against collectivist and coercive and unified and territorial decision-making. It supports and is supported by individual secessionism and individual sovereignty and by exterritorial autonomy for volunteer groups. - JZ 6.10.92, 4.1.93. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means “living your own life”, “living on your own terms”, “doing it your own way”, “following your own dreams” or being “the smith of your own fate”.  Such and other bits of proverbial wisdom indicate a degree of readiness for panarchism but only in all too general form and not yet in the required details. (*) While territorial statist popular prejudices predominate, a sufficient comprehension of the rightfulness and usefulness of panarchism cannot be expected. – (*) As my friend Ulrich von Beckerath often used to say: The truth lies always in the details, not in the generalizations, which remain all too misleading and misunderstood, precisely because they do omit the details and do only wrongly assume that they would already clearly enough embrace them. Compare how so many libertarians try to express all the diversity of individual rights and liberties with a single right or in a single sentence or paragraph or only very few of them, as if this topic would not be important enough to go into its details. - JZ, n.d., 14.1.99, 19.1.11. 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DEFINITIONS OR ANALOGIES, DECLARATIONS OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, FIRST PRINCIPLES, ETHICS, MORALITY, NATURAL LAW, HUMAN RIGHTS

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means a new political science about the extent and limitations of tolerance for diversity in actions and institutions. - JZ, 26.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - POLITICAL SCIENCE & TOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means a society composed out of many autonomous and exterritorial groups of volunteers (panarchies) which, due to their organizational form, do not have any authorities that are territorially imposed, or any true compulsion against their members - because all their members joined voluntarily and remain free to secede. - JZ, 21.9.82.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means also Polyarchy, Multiarchy, Multigovernment, Personarchy, Competing Government, Voluntary Communities, Voluntary State Membership, Individual Secessionism, Personal Laws, A-territorial Autonomy, Individual Sovereignty, Non-geographical Organizations, Free Choice of Governments and Societies, One-Man-Revolutions, Free Competition in the Supply of Governmental Services and Full Consumer Sovereignty towards them or the option to boycott any or all of them. They can cater to all kinds of anarchists, individualists and libertarians as well as to all kinds of statists, collectivists, ideologues, racists and nationalists – excepting only those insisting upon and trying to retain or impose territorial and totalitarian models. It means, finally, an end to all territorial nations and State-run and country-wide land monopolies, territorial constitutions, laws and court systems and thus the establishment of peacefully coexisting and competing governance systems, societies, and communities, all of whatever ism, faith or system they may be subscribing to, as long as they confine their practice to their voluntary members. People and individuals will then no longer be property, owned, exploited and abused by territorial politicians and bureaucrats but only subject to the consequences of their own free choices, as long as they are willing to put up with them. Thus they could use or abuse themselves and would be free to use their own talents, skills, knowledge, ideas, opinions and own resources as they please, but always only at the own expense and risk. More they cannot rightly demand. Less they should never be content with. – From JZ Pan AZ. - 19.1.11, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means an end to monopolized, centralized and collectivist decision-making, to the extent that any individuals are dissatisfied with it and rather opt, individually, to establish or choose alternatives for themselves. - JZ 3.7.89, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means an end to political science as usual, a "science" that has only concentrated on territorial politics while ignoring its opposite, namely, political relationships based upon voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy. Thus it hardly deserves the name of a "science". All political science lecturers ought to resign, go back to school, and primary research, after first apologizing to their students! Political writers should likewise apologize, to their publishers and readers and should rewrite all their texts or declare that they would apply only in the sphere of territorial politics. – Naturally, they are unlikely to do so. It is much more likely that they will continue to ignore panarchism or to ridicule it, smear it or otherwise try to put it down. No wonder, their reputation is at stake and the value of their years to decades of efforts. The new model will only be slowly accepted, largely only to the extent that the leading advocates of territorialism and its institutions die out. - JZ, 26.6.01. - See: Kuhn's book on the story of scientific revolutions. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - POLITICAL SCIENCE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means exterritorial autonomy for all minorities on a voluntary basis. – JZ, n.d. – Also for the remaining majority in any territory. – JZ, 17.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means freedom for communists as well as anti-communists to live the way they want to live. Both would be free to follow their beliefs - but only at their own expense and risk, as if they were religious sectarians living under religious tolerance. Perhaps they are such sectarians and ought therefore to be given that autonomy, for this reason alone, if there were not already a thousand moral, political, economic and social other reasons in favor of it. – JZ, 9.3.86.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means full freedom for all dissenters do to their thing for and to themselves, i.e. at their own expense and risk. For this it requires exterritorial autonomy for volunteers and personal laws.  - JZ, 30.10.91, 13.1.93. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DISSENT & FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means full freedom for all self-help ventures. – JZ, 10.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - SELF-HELP

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means genuine self-government under full exterritorial autonomy for all kinds of communities, societies, governance systems and minorities, i.e. for all groups of sufficiently like-minded volunteers, all having become free to secede from their present official affiliations or subjugation or involuntary subordination. It establishes voluntarism, free competition and free cooperation and self-help options in spheres to far monopolized by territorial governments. – JZ, 8.9.09, 9.3.12. –  GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, ANTI-MONOPOLISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, VOLUNTARISM EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means Laissez Faire for the provision of all governmental and societal services, by and for all kinds of individuals, entrepreneurs and co-operators or partners. - JZ, 5.7.03, 15.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - ANARCHO-CAPITALISM, INDIVIDUALIST ANARCHISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, INDIVIDUALISM, FREE MARKETS IN EVERY SPHERE, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means no frontiers, no exclusive territories or turf and unlimited freedom opportunities for all, apart from the natural limitations set by the labor power of the participants, their means, ingenuity, persistence and, naturally, the equal rights and liberties of others. - JZ, 2.4.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. = FRONTIERS, TERRITORIES, OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means no more exclusive “holy lands” and “holy cities” for any religious, ethnic, national, ideological or other community. (Holy temples etc. would remain, in private or cooperative ownership. - JZ, 8.9.04.) Instead, it would offer full exterritorial autonomy to all communities of volunteer, of whatever kind and shade, conviction or other common feature. Only intolerant and aggressive communities would not be tolerated, to the extent that they would become intolerant and aggressive towards non-members. Individual secessionism, combined with the attractive examples set by other panarchies and greatly increased freedom of expression and information opportunities, would reduce the number and membership of internally intolerant communities, finally, to almost insignificant proportions. – JZ, 29.12.1996, 9.1.99. – All such predictions sound like utopias or castles in the air – if one has not persistently applied the changed conditions under exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities to one’s preconceived and all too popular political, economic and social errors and prejudices. A revolution in one’s head has to take place before one can fully subscribe to panarchism. – JZ, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION, NEW DRAFT

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means no more than extension of freedom to experiment, freedom to act, into all spheres - as long as the same freedoms are fully respected in others, with their different choices. Panarchists expect to achieve, through this extension of liberty (which includes even the liberty not to be free, according to individual choice), at least the same kind of advantages (quite apart from the ethical justification), that can be derived from freedom of action in the minor private spheres, where diversity of actions is already the norm, the accepted thing, where each does his own thing, not imposing it upon others and takes this kind of mutual tolerance for granted. - Moreover, panarchists are realistic enough to realize that mere words, no matter how skillfully combined and advanced, do not have a sufficient persuasive power over most other people. They have not had this power over the last few hundred years and are unlikely to gain it during the next few hundred years, namely the power to persuade all people to subscribe to one particular form of anarchism or even to any form of anarchism. E.g., most libertarians are still statists and territorialists, although they favor only what they call “limited” governments. – JZ, in Pan AZ. – There are a few honorable exceptions among the libertarians and anarcho-capitalists, who are tolerant towards the preferences of non-libertarians for their various statist ideas, as long as they do not claim a territorial monopoly for them. – JZ, 26.11.13. - EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FULL FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION & SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means politics reformed so that human beings, even individuals, mattered and could become the masters of their own fate. - JZ, 18.11.88, 3.4.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means private initiative options for you, in every sphere, rather than being the victim of central planning and direction by so-called experts, or representatives, leading you from one of their man-made disasters to another, always at your risk and expense and without giving you more than one vote among millions. – JZ, n.d. & 25.3.09, 26.11.13. – VOTING, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, PRIVATE INITIATIVE & EVERY SPHERE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means that people can hold and practice almost all kinds of beliefs - among themselves - and be nice people, nevertheless, or because of this, towards all outsiders. - JZ, 29.1.04, 24.4.04. – It also means that no one and no group has the right to claim a territorial monopoly for itself, for this mean wrongful impositions upon xyz kinds of peaceful dissenters in a territory. – JZ, 26.11.13. - From JZ, Pan AZ. - NICE PEOPLE & TOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means that there may be anywhere and at the same time as many different "governments" or non-governmental free societies, competing with each other, as can find voluntary supporters. They are then in the same position as churches are in countries with religious liberty, but, contrary to most present churches or sects, they would enjoy full exterritorial autonomy. "To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams!" (K. H. Z. Solneman's – Kurt Helmut Zube - formula, from his "Manifesto for Peace and Freedom", slightly reworded by myself.) - Only when all governments, nations, societies and communities can be a) set up, maintained and expanded quite peacefully, everywhere, - by making individual converts - and b) can be reduced, peacefully, to a harmless degree of power, or even to bankruptcy and disappearance - all this by free individual secessions and voluntary membership, i.e., when only voluntarily and unanimously supported governments and societies remain, all coexisting in the same territory, all minding their own business or doing their own things to and for themselves, only then will there no longer be a continuous and severe threat to peace, freedom and justice. - Only then will governments neither be able to arm themselves with nuclear devices or remain so armed. - Only then will they no longer be motivated to use nuclear mass murder devices against each other and their subjects. - Only then will targets for mass murder devices disappear and conscripts to man them. – Or involuntary taxpayers and targeted people to finance them. - Panarchy provides this survival chance. - Please, do check out these assertions and all related ones, from every angle. - Then, when you have finally convinced yourself, do not rest until you have done your part to realize this ideal society or peaceful framework for idealistic societies and supposedly "ideal" governments, for those willing to put up with them. - ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, AUTONOMY, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL IMPERATIVE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, PARALLEL INSTITUTIONS, PERSONAL LAW, PLURALISM, SECESSION, TERRITORIAL ORGANIZATION, VOLUNTARISM, WAR AIMS, PEACE PLAN 109 & the PEACE PLANS sub-series called ON PANARCHY. – JZ, An ABC Against Nuclear War, in PEACE PLANS Nos. 16 & 17, on - - Edited: JZ, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means the competitive supply of governmental and societal services, even when, objectively, they do amount only to government disservices, all only for voluntary subscribers, either in comprehensive alternative package deals or only in the small deviations from the existing "normal" package deals which individuals usually desire for themselves.- JZ, 30.6.89, 3.7.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - 19.1.11

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means the progress from monarchical sovereignty over “the people’s” collectivist and “representative” sovereignty to individual sovereignty, expressed especially in exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, which individuals may establish or join and also freely secede from. – JZ, 18.2.05, 15.3.05, 25.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PANARCHIES

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means voluntarism among people of your own choice, in all spheres, rather than enforced submission, actions and tributes for you and this among the people you dislike of even despise. – JZ, n.d. & 25.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means: All the choices anyone would want - for himself. - JZ 23.4.92.  - Naturally, always only at the own expense and risk. - JZ, 18.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FREE CHOICE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism means: as many competing governments and societies (panarchies) everywhere and at the same time, but without territorial sovereignty, as are desired by voluntary members, with as many or as few powers as are claimed by them for themselves and over themselves, representing thus a peaceful coexistence of all forms of governments, societies, communities and protective associations which can find some voluntary support. – Another and slightly different version: Panarchism means: As many competing governments everywhere and at the same time but each without territorial sovereignty, as are desired by voluntary members, with as many or a few powers as are desired by them and representing all forms of government or any no-government association that can find some voluntary supporters. - JZ, n.d., 19.1.11. – I will keep trying, until someone else offers the best and most popular version. – JZ, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism need not be introduced completely in a single step. It could begin e.g., as a biarchy, in countries where each of the major parties gets close to 50 % of the total votes, as a triarchy, where three and about equally strong parties now struggle for power and as a quartarchy where none of the major parties can claim to represent much more than 25% of the vote. They could either have their own kinds taxes and budgets or would, initially, each only get their percentage share of taxes and budget items. - On the other hand, panarchism still being as unknown and unpopular as it is, its introduction via individual secessionism and the recognition of the full exterritorial autonomy of volunteer communities, might proceed rather slowly anyhow, with few individuals only daring to take this step at first - and only tiny minorities organizing themselves in this new way. - JZ, 31.5.96, 26.6.01. - Dropping out of particular laws, regulations and jurisdictions should also be practised. - JZ, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - VOTING & REPRESENTATION, BIARCHY, ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS

PANARCHISM: Panarchism not anarchism, is the only rightful opposite to territorial despotism: To each the government or no-government of his own choice. No form of social organization ought to be imposed upon anybody - as far as his own internal affairs and those of like-minded people are concerned. But a peaceful behavior towards outsiders may be imposed upon any such self-government or society. And as outsiders are also to be regarded all those who do no longer wish to be subjected to a particular regime although, once before, they may have chosen it for themselves voluntarily. (This is true for masses of current voters, who now have only a small voice - towards the establishment of just another territorial regime, one likely to be just as disappointing as almost all of the previous ones. In short, the right of individuals to withdraw or secede may be imposed upon any present compulsory or territorial organization. - JZ, 5.4.84, 19.1.11m, 26.11.13. – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, NON-VIOLENCE, NON-AGGRESSION, FULL TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism offers a common platform for all - who can be liberated from the dogmas of territorial integrity, uniformity of law, equality before the law, national unity, rule of law and compulsory State membership. - JZ 3.4.84, 16.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism offers a new and easier way to realize what each considers to be the common good, namely the option to realize it exterritorially and autonomously between volunteers. - JZ, 20.12.87.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism offers a new and unlimited sphere of opportunities for all independence, self-government and self-development efforts. - JZ, 2.4.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - ITS OPPORTUNITIES

PANARCHISM: Panarchism offers a very important practical application of freedom of expression, freedom of information, consumer sovereignty, free enterprise, freedom of action, free exchange, freedom of choice, freedom to experiment, freedom to associate and freedom to disassociate, freedom of contract, freedom to negotiate, freedom to agree and freedom to dissent, of self-government, self-management, of voting, ignoring, boycotting, resisting, self-help, self-control, to everybody being prepared to also concede them to others. – JZ, n.d. - It is so all-embracing and important that it is surprising that it and all its implications has not yet been fully explored, discussed and publicized and taken fully into consideration by what is generally misnamed “political science”. – JZ, 19.10.07, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism offers experimental freedom to all, not any particular ideology or constitution for all, except that which is involved in the panarchistic framework for tolerant experimentation and exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. It has thus more to offer and does so more tolerantly, than any other ism can and does. It does not require “a new man” or a “new people” but is designed for people as diverse as they are now and as they can be if they want to be. For anarchists and libertarians it offers nothing more than a relatively easy road to their kind of anarchism or libertarianism for themselves, and minimal friction on the way to their ideal and also once they have arrived at it, with the members of other panarchies. What more could they rightly ask for? That all others follow your anarchist or libertarian dream as well, instead of their own? Well, you can ask or invite them, politely and individually, but they will have to be prepared, as they are now, for many rejections. To achieve their ideals for themselves, they will not have to force them upon others or to succeed in persuading or educating the majority first. Nor would they, once they are in charge of their own affairs, have to keep down any dissenting minorities of the remaining archists. To each only the archism or anarchism or libertarianism or other ism which he or she wants or are willing to put up with. – JZ, 15.1.95, 12.1.99, 19.1.11, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism offers to individuals free enterprise or voluntary associationism, going to full exterritorial autonomy, in the sphere of politics and economic systems, as well as of any other kind of ism. It recognizes individual sovereignty, individual secessionism, the possibility for exterritorial organization and personal law and for experimental freedom and minority autonomy in spheres in which they were so far constitutionally, legally and juridically excluded. In other words, it teaches that in "public affairs", too, each could and should be the master of his own fate. - JZ, 20.3.88. 3.4.89, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism outlaws all public organizations except those based upon the consent of their voluntary members or victims. - JZ, 16.4.08. - It does so by replacing territorialism by exterritorial autonomy for volunteers, starting with individual and group secessionism, all of the non-territorial kind. - JZ, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism permits a political 'party for all parties'! - JZ, 25.9.80, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism pleads for freedom for statists - as well as for all others - to do their own things for or to themselves. Only narrow-minded anarchists would insist that all other people must make the same choice, which these anarchists prefer. By rights, anarchists can demand no more than anarchism for anarchists - within a general voluntaryist system that would leave statists to their own choices on their own affairs. Then each could have the government or non-governmental society of his choice and to that extent they would no longer have to fear and fight each other. – JZ, 9.3.86, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism privatizes successes as well as failures. – JZ, 4.5.02, 19.1.11. – Thus it minimizes losses and maximizes the number of achievements and of participants in them. – JZ, 24.3.09, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism promotes peace, security, justice and prosperity by setting each individual free to define and choose his own friends and enemies by a process of free disassociation and association, even in the political and economic and social spheres. One can tolerate an enemy whose vote no longer determines one's own fate, one who feels no longer compelled to resort to armed resistance, revolutionary or terrorist or military actions - because he can realize his own ideals for himself and this quite easily (if they are practicable at all) and peacefully, by individual actions or voluntary actions by groups or movements. - JZ 5.12.83, 5.4.84, 19.1.11, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism replaces complete victories over all dissenters by part-victories that achieve exterritorial autonomy for all voluntary communities, those of the victors as well as those of the outnumbered or defeated in territorial elections. - JZ, 26.1.04, 24.3.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - VICTORIES, ELECTIONS, VOTING

PANARCHISM: Panarchism says in essence: Either we all pull apart - as far as we want to be apart, in all our constitutional, legal and contractual dealings - or we will all get wiped out together by our mutual mass murder preparations. - JZ 21.11.82, 5.4.84. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT: NWT

PANARCHISM: Panarchism says that we can have all the alternatives we want, for ourselves, if we are willing to pay, work and take all the risks for them. - JZ, 6.4.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism shows how you can make a revolution by yourself! - JZ, 21.9.82, in answer to a question put by Oriana Fallaci, in “A Man”, p. 310: "How can you make a revolution by yourself?” – One man revolutions are its specialty, its essence. And they do not endanger or revolutionize the lives of those, who disagree with them. – JZ, 117.4.08. - That is the best feature of these "revolutions". - JZ, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism stands for an ancient as well as modern lawful and just freedom condition, that of personal law sytems and exterritorial autonomy for all kinds of communities volunteer. "To each his own!" To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice. How many dissatisfactions could then remain for long in the political, economic and social spheres? - JZ, 30.7.98, 26.6.01, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – Q.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism teaches that panarchies form the ideal society for as diverse beings as human beings are. They would speed up the development and progress of man and his institutions to the utmost, in a peaceful and peace-promoting way. Panarchies, while permitting and institutionalizing one-man revolutions, would reduce the incidence of violent revolutions and wars to a minimum, while retaining and even increasing the capacity of peace loving people to resist and defeat violent aggressors. - Some principles of panarchists which might be considered as amounting to The Gospel of Panarchy - at least once they have been fully collected and expressed more attractively than is the case here, in a first draft: - 1.) You do not have to love your neighbor - but you do owe him justice. - 2.) People are different, prefer different things, even in the sphere of laws and social, economic and political institutions and are entitled to have them, in accordance with their own individual choices. - 3.) If you can't agree with them, do not join them or stay a member. Secede from them and do your own things. - 4.) Each has the equal right and liberty to live differently. - 5.) Each has the right to do his own things, to live within his own system, quite undisturbed by others, even by leaders, majorities and people, who are widely considered to be professionals or experts. - 6.) Let your actions be free and let them take you where your thoughts take you - as long as you respect the same right in others. - 7.) Be tolerant towards all tolerant persons, peaceful towards all peaceful persons and leave them alone - while they leave you alone. - 8.) Act only within and up to the limits set by yourself, as long as you let others set their own limits and respect the limits set by others for their own and self-concerned actions. - 9.) Agree only to disagree with dissenters and leave them alone and enlighten them or force them to leave you alone. - 10.) Agree only and insist only upon agreements among like-minded people, e.g. those, who are agreeable to you and your ideas, opinions and institutions, or whose ideas, opinions and institutions you like for yourself. Between you and them, at your and their expense and risk, anything goes. - 11.) Everyone has the right to make mistakes and to act foolishly at his own expense and risk and among like-minded people. - 12.) Everyone has the right to make experiments among like-minded people, even in the political, economic and social spheres. - 13.) Freedom of action for all who respect freedom of action in others. - 14.) Tolerance for all tolerant actions among tolerant people. - 15.) Find, grow, develop and realize yourself, your aims, your methods, your institutions and systems and principles, but only alone or among like-minded people who, with you, volunteered to do so, shutting out all politicians, bureaucrats and experts that are not wanted by you and your voluntary associates for your own internal affairs. - 16.) To each his own, no more, no less. - 17.) Each to be the master of his on fate. - - 18.) Each to be free to pick his ideology, social organization and co-operators and to experiment together with them, at their own risk and expense, in the same way that he may now pick his own friends or religious associates. - 19.) Each to be free to pick his own international allies and enemies, make treaties with them or resist their aggressive acts, as he pleases, provided only that he does so within the framework of genuine individual rights and liberties, which would reduce indiscriminate warfare and forceful revolutionary actions to rightful and limited self-defence and policing actions against aggressors. - In other words, people to be free to decide for themselves whether and to what extent they want to be at war with each other or at peace and for what rightful aims they are to struggle, if they are to struggle at all. - They may even conclude "treasonable" separate peace treaties with victims of oppression on the other side or may proclaim a unilateral peace towards them, while continuing their resistance against despotic aggressors. - More details for such a resistance can be found in Peace Plans 16-17 and 61-63, now also accessible on - Non-enumeration of similar principles, commandments or articles of faith in this first declaration does not mean that they are meant to be excluded. - On the contrary, an appeal is hereby made to help find, formulate and include, in their proper position, all other formulas and wordings and to edit and improve the present ones, for a panarchistic “gospel” or party platform or agreement between all minority groups striving for and being content with full autonomy on a non-territorial basis. - Draft only. - JZ, 10.3.1986. - Slightly edited: 10.12.04, 19.1.11, 26.11.13. - from PEACE PLANS 671: ON PANARCHY & the whole 24 volumes of the ON PANARCHY series, not also available digitized. - For its realization and maintenance panarchism would also require an ideal declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties as well as an ideal militia of volunteers for their protection. So far I have only collected and published some drafts going in that direction, e.g. in the above-mentioned 2 peace books and in my digitized anthology of over 130 private human rights drafts. Much more work has to be done on all these subjects. - JZ, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism throws a new light on almost every subject of the social sciences. - JZ, 4.4.84.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism undermines the popular notions and practices of collective responsibility at the same time as it provides some moral reasons for applying it to the voluntary members of panarchies that committed aggressive and criminal actions against non-members under one or the other intolerant dogma, totalitarian or territorial prejudice or belief, who did not secede from it, or at least protest or otherwise resist such actions. – JZ, 16.4.08, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism will also maximize publicity and minimize secrecy. Both, failures and successes will become known much earlier to permit us to mostly avoid the former and rapidly spread the latter. It is the almost self-evident result of freedom to experiment, already recognized in numerous spheres except the three still territorially monopolized by governments, namely political, economic and social systems. Seeing the numerous and prolonged and ever repeated failures of territorial systems, it is surprising that the simple exterritorial and voluntaristic alternative has not yet been widely recognized, not even by those, who consider themselves to be political scientists. – JZ, 24.3.09, 19.1.11. – TERRITORIALISM, PUBLICITY, SECRECY, SUCCESSES, FAILURES, POLITICAL SCIENCE

PANARCHISM: Panarchism with its great variety of panarchies of volunteers is the only moral and rational result of serious negotiations between warring States, factions and whole populations. - JZ, 7.4.84, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism with regard to human rights means that everybody may, for his own life, claim as many or as few of them as he likes. He cannot impose obligations on others since all are subject only to their own choices, contracts and arrangements. For their own relationships among themselves, some volunteer groups might even attempt to reject the concept of rights and their applications altogether, as long as they can manage. - That would be their problem. The only obligation such and other groups with voluntarily limited internal rights practices would have is: to respect these rights in others, those who do claim them and are correspondingly organized in their own protective associations of volunteers. Thus human rights will generally regulate only the external affairs of panarchistic societies. - In short and in the short to medium run, panarchy with regard to human rights means that you may claim all or some or none for yourself but, anyhow, you have to respect them in the members of other exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. – However, in the long run the successes of those panarchies which realized all individual rights and liberties among their members will be so large and convincing that in the long run the members of most panarchies are likely to copy them. - JZ, n.d.  & 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism works for a general human society without monopolistic and coercive territorial States - where there are as many diverse exterritorial and autonomous, political and economic and ideological protective associations and communities as individuals are able and willing to support quite voluntarily. All would operate under their own personal law and constitutions and their own competitive jurisdiction, police forces etc. General agreement between them can be confined to mutual respect for those genuine individual human rights which their members claim for their own affairs, i.e. non-interventionism and insistence on absolutely voluntary membership, apart from reasonable withdrawal periods. - JZ, 17.3.84, 5.4.84. - A common protective force for genuine individual rights and liberties will, most likely, be an international militia federation of local militias, all with members from all the diverse panarchies, all for the single purpose to uphold these rights for those, who claim them for themselves and to prevent interventionism by others outsiders, who might wish to exploit the ignorance of these rights or their lack of appreciation of them in some panarchies or even their bias against them, to their own advantage. It would consider such actions to be immoral and aggressive acts, criminal actions against innocents, or primitives, like e.g. maltreatment or abuses of babies or infants, of other people, in other communities, i.e., people still unenlightened in this sphere. - JZ, 20.1.11. – With regard to recent news reports, e.g. on Muslim sectarian terrorists: Decapitate the decapitators! I see no chance to rehabilitate them. – As still more primitive and atrocious way to murder innocents without arms, used to be: grabbing babies and infants by their feet, swinging them and smashing their heads against something hard. I would not consider such “people” to be human beings at all, who could claim any individual right or liberty. – Individual rights and liberties presuppose a minimum knowledge and practice of ethics, morality and rationality. - JZ, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism would advance us from individual free choices merely in our private lives to individual free choices in our public lives. - To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams or choice. An-territorially, non-territorially, exterritorially this would be quite possible, under personal laws and through voluntary communities, introduced via individual and group secessionism rather than violent revolutions and resistance actions going to private and official terrorist actions. - The worst of all territorial regimes, even the best of them, is that they are imposed upon dissenters. Let all dissenters do their own things for and to themselves - at their own risk and expense only. They would leave the majority alone and the majority should leave them alone. “To each his own”, the ancient principle of justice. An-territorially mutual tolerance is possible in the public sphere as well as in the private spheres. Moreover, it would work in the public sphere as well as it does in the private spheres. E.g., it works in the religious sphere. Already now we have some national and international corporations that are larger than some territorial States. Full exterritorial autonomy for their affairs as well. That could bring them on our side as well. Who could quite rightfully and rationally complain about such an arrangement? Laissez Faire in the political, economic and social sphere could satisfy almost everyone. It would bring to their logical conclusion the ideas of democracy, republicanism, self-government, self-determination, self-rule, self-help, self-reliance, mutual aid, voluntary cooperation, free peoples, free nations, free movements, experimental freedom, freedom of action, freedom of association, freedom of contract, consent, mandate, liberation, justice, etc., all based upon individual rights and liberties in their best definitions. It would provide the best framework towards peace, freedom, security, justice, progress, all advanced by volunteers only, and at their speed, not threatening anything but unjust domination over and persecution of dissenters. - A genuine political science will not exist until the an-territorial and voluntaristic alternative is as well explored as is the territorial and compulsory membership and compulsory subordination practice. - JZ, 9.10.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PRIVATE LIVES & PUBLIC LIVES

PANARCHISM: Panarchism would allow anarchists to live as anarchists, i.e. without government, although they would be surrounded by archists preferring to live under one or the other form of government. In short, it would permit tolerant anarchism and outlaw only intolerant, authoritarian or totalitarian forms of “anarchism”. Anarchism and statism would coexist but not in their presently envisioned and practised forms. Both would have no exclusive territories any longer and both would have only voluntary followers. Both would be allowed to do everything or nothing within their own sphere and nothing whatsoever of an interventionist kind in the sphere of the other. Anti-monopolism is not a bad alternative word for it. – JZ, n.d.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism would deprive minorities only of the right and opportunity to territorially rule other minorities and the majority but not of the right to finally rule themselves in accordance with their own values. Minorities ought to be the first to adopt for themselves - and to recommend to all others - the exterritorial and voluntary alternatives and to reject all territorial rule and territorial aspirations. As a rule they have already learnt to get along, for mutual profit, with numerous foreigners or “aliens”, e.g. in form of tourists and via the degrees of international free trade that do already exist. – JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09, 19.1.11. – FULL MINORITY AUTONOMY ON THE ONLY BASIS THAT THIS IS RIGHTFUL & POSSIBLE: VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIALISM FOR ALL KINDS OF PERSONAL LAW SYSTEMS

PANARCHISM: Panarchism would no longer permit anyone to dream up any territorial government or utopia of his own choice and, through it,  once he manages to realize it, give him a ready-made apparatus to impose his choice upon dissenters. But it would allow each and everybody to follow his own dream and choice - at his own risk and expense. What more could anybody rightfully ask for? – Should we ever be satisfied with anything less? - JZ 4.4.84, 20.1.11, 26.11.13. – UTOPISM, IDEOLOGIES, META –UTOPIA, TO EACH HIS OWN, LAISSEZ FAIRE & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OF VOLUNTARISM & TOLERANCE FOR THE TOLERANT IN ALL SPHERES, ZAP

PANARCHISM: Panarchism would reduce all revolutions to one-man-revolutions and would thus turn all revolutions into peaceful and rightful ones. What one man does with his life is his business and not the business of his neighbors or his country. At most he should only be able to ruin only his own life - not the life of anyone else, who disagree with him. Not even his wife and children are obliged to follow him into all his choices. (His contractual and natural obligations towards them would remain.) His revolutionary decisions would only affect his own life and not that of his neighbors, his former government, his countrymen who did not act like him and they would be under no obligation to follow him. No rightful government would have to fear any such revolution. It could go on serving its followers as best as it can and if many individuals would leave it, then it would simply tend to improve its services in order to retain the remainder of its followers and to gain new ones, perhaps also from among its former members. (People keep voting for governments that already disappointed them many times.) Insofar the secessionists really deserve “prayers” or letters of thanks. Panarchism and its individual secessionism and individual sovereignty and voluntarism would realize the essential vote, namely the right to ignore a government or to secede from it, no matter how many others had voted for it. It would provide the individual with an essential veto-right - but one confined to his own affairs. With the aid of only his one territorial vote among millions he could not prevent other people from taking for themselves what they want, often at his expense. His home (and also his life outside his home, all his voluntary relationships) would really become his castle - against the votes, laws, jurisdiction, legislation, constitutions and administrative decisions and assaults of territorialist diverse communities of his enemies. He would only be under contractual obligations. Moreover, since his own decisions would not threaten their way of life, they would, mostly, not even want to storm his “castle” or forcefully change the rules of his society or community of volunteer. The leaders in these voluntary and quite different and competing communities would all get a real mandate, unanimously, from all their voluntary members. To that extent a general harmony would come within our reach. (Naturally, it could not prevent family squabbles or disagreements among lovers or personality conflicts. But these do not threaten the survival of mankind or general peace, progress and enlightenment.) In our private relationships we are already free to disengage, to ignore, to boycott others, to live our own lives in our own ways, regardless of the preferences of our neighbors and of local or State-wide or Federal majorities and their preferences. We do have to become similarly free to disassociate ourselves from what we perceive to be man-made disasters of territorial public policies, however constitutional, legal and juridically recognized they are now by a territorial monopoly system and however orderly and legally administered. Each should become free to save himself, as far as he can, from such disasters, alone or in association with like-minded people, rather than being involuntarily drawn into them, e.g. via majority voting, taxation, centralized and monopolistic foreign policy decisions, monetary despotism or any other morally indefensible compulsions, like anti-drug wars, compulsory worships, compulsory voting, compulsory military or educational servitude. - The life, liberty, security, order and peace-promoting measures, organizations and methods of territorial governments can, obviously, no longer be relied upon. Often they cost more in lives and property than they save. Territorialist and imposed uniformity is the foundation for any tyranny, dictatorship and authoritarianism. One territorial constitution, one legislation, one jurisdiction, one administration for all people in a territory, no matter how much they may be opposed to it, means endless feuds, religious, national, ideological and racial wars, violent revolutions and resistance actions, including terrorist mass murders, in our times even total wars, with official and legalized mass murder devices, which our "wise and moral" rulers, our supposed representatives, think to be morally and rationally justified, although they are merely cheap, scientific and portable "extermination camp packages", directed collectively against all the people in whole cities or even in whole countries, even if only in retaliation for such “actions” by some power-mad people. Almost none of our democratic or republican territorial governments have as yet unilaterally renounced the building, storage and use of such “weapons” or of nuclear reactors, which permit the construction of such mass murder devices, or their alliance with all governments which thus make a general nuclear holocaust possible. - (New Zealand may have gone furthest in the direction of being a zone free of nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors. Australia has only one research reactor (and already problems with the disposal of its radioactive rubbish) and no nuclear weapons of its “own” but it is allied, through its federal government, with the greatest nuclear weapons power and has provided military communication bases for the use of these mass murder "weapons". (Moreover, its mines provide many tons of uranium ore to the world!) Each of these “weapons” would, if ever used, as two nuclear weapons already were, against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, murder many more people than the largest single private terrorist act so far committed. Even the survivors of the greatest official holocaust or genocide attempt against a single ethnic and religious community, in their territorial State, have not yet rejected these mass murder devices as totally unjustified, as quite indefensible and also quite unsuitable for any genuine defence or even as merely supposedly preventative or deterrent means. This in spite of the fact that their own victimization was also on the principle of "collective responsibility" which is really and quite horribly embodied and exemplified in each WMD. It exemplifies the supposedly divine Old Testament "justice" and revenge, which was never sufficiently and publicly rejected by any of the Christian and Jewish churches and sects, although it is quite contrary to the image of a supposedly divine and loving father.) - The wrong presupposition that territorial unity means uniformity of opinion and of uniform consent leads, inevitably, to actions of collective responsibility, under which members of the same territorial nation, race, religion or ideology are collectively held responsible for actions of their territorial government, although they had or have no personal influence upon their governments, or may even have done their utmost to criticize and oppose them. Hostage-taking and hostage-murders are still wide-spread, not wonder if one considers the example set by official government policies, which consider the populations of whole cities and countries as hostages under the threat of WMDs. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - NON-TERRITORIALISM OR CONSISTENT VOLUNTARISM & ITS CONSEQUENCES AS OPPOSED TO TERRITORIALISM & ITS INEVITABLE RESULTS, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY & MASS EXTERMINATION DEVICES

PANARCHISM: Panarchism would remain unchanged, even while the nature, size and number of particular panarchies would change. – It would constitute the over-all society without being an over-all government. – There would be no uniform rulership over all panarchies. Their common panarchism would constitute an anarchic international society. The common interest of all panarchies in the continuance of their independence would lead to many voluntary associations and judiciary and policing measures to uphold that independence, with or without arms, in many different ways, against any criminals or other aggressors. But occasions, motives, means and aims for warlike clashes would already be minimized or even abolished. – JZ, 1.10.05, 3.10.07, 19.1.11. - & CHANGE, MILITIA,  INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION, INTERNATIONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

PANARCHISM: Panarchism would spring the traps of territorial States and of the coercive, collectivist and aggressive and oppressive schemes. - JZ, 7 Sep. 89. – From JZ, Pan AZ.  – Territorial States can be compared to Zoo-cages for human beings or prisons for innocents. – JZ, 26.11.13. - VOLUNTARY SELF-GOVERNMENT FOR INDIVIDUALS & MINORITIES VS. THE WRONGFUL IMPOSITIONS OF TERRITORIALISM, ITS LAWS & INSTITUTIONS, INSTEAD OF PERSONAL LAW COMBINED WITH EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR LIKE-MINDED VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM: Panarchism would, so to speak, universalize the principle of conscientious objection and apply it not only against military servitude but also against tax slavery, compulsory education, monetary despotism, protectionism, compulsory medication or prohibition of certain drugs. It would realize freedom for dissenters and non-conformists, not only in the religious but also in the political, social and economic sphere. – JZ, 9.3.86, 18.4.08. – CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION AGAINST ANY KIND OF INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE FOR INNOCENTS

PANARCHISM: Panarchism, a social, political and economic situation characterized by a variety of omnipresent (exterritorial) and autonomous (regarding their own affairs) protective associations, all peacefully competing with each other for the allegiance of voluntary members, like most churches and sports club do now. - JZ, n.d.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism, i.e., exterritoriality and voluntarism and full autonomy for all or: competing governments and personal laws, rather than any democracy, anarchy or other ideological system imposed upon any people via majority or minority voting victories. - JZ, 21.3.96, 27.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism, represented by a multitude of very diverse Panarchies, all for volunteers only, is the natural result of the removal of compulsory membership in States, compulsory taxes to them and of the abolition of all privileges now applied to a territory, and all its population, especially the constitutional, legislative and juridical privileges. - JZ, 5.4.84, 16.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Panarchism, with its exterritorial autonomy, voluntarism, individual secessionism, personal law and maximization of individual choice would be the other and so far largely ignored side of the "coin" of politics. One side, represents territorialism, the other side exterritorialism. – JZ, n.d. & 19.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - Like most analogies this one limps. Territorialism and Exterritorialism are not linked, like both sides of a coin. The are opposite poles, far apart. Territorialism has so far repressed exterritorialism. Exterritorialism would abolish or suppress territorialism, as an immoral and irrational imposition that had done enormous wrong and harm throughout most of our recorded history. - JZ, 19.1.11.

PANARCHISM: panarchist bibliography, abstracts, review compilations and indexes: - JZ - My wish list is long. – However, I started a bibliography and included its titles in my Pan AZ compilation. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist CD: A primitive start was made with my first CD, in 2004, just combining many files on it, not even contents-listing them. – JZ, n.d. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Centre Of The World: Judging merely by the amount of information gathered (has anyone gathered, so far, more on this subject?) my address amounts, so far, to the panarchist centre of the world. - JZ 5.7.89, 10.1.93. - How could I contribute to the spread of these ideas, facts, experiences and opinions, apart from publishing them on microfiche and on the Internet and on CD-ROMs and not subjecting my parts of this collection to copyrights restrictions and by striving towards an Ideas Archive, as a world-wide market for ideas??? - JZ, 9.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. Currently Gian Piero de Bellis – – is setting up such a centre in Switzerland. – JZ, 20.4.08. Christian Butterbach, with his and Adam Knott with his do their own things in the panarchist direction. The latter even offers, cheaply, some printed brochures on the subject and the first anthology of essays on it, through on demand printing: go to the web site: and search for "panarchy". – JZ, 14.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Choice: We either stay territorially unfree, almost always in crisis situations, always more or less misled and exploited by people we disagree with or we establish exterritorial autonomy for ourselves and like-minded people, living with them in as much freedom as we want for ourselves, also in peace with other communities, which have made other choices for themselves. Then each could progress, regress or stagnate according to the own preferences and only at the own cost and risk. For any moral and rational being, fully informed on the panarchistic alternative, the choice is easy. - JZ, n.d. , 20.1.11, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Declarations: The following could all be truthful and peace-, order-, security-, freedom-, harmony- and prosperity promoting public and simultaneous declarations, in the same territory, by friends, relatives, neighbors or strangers, all converted to the minimum agreement required by panarchism: I am a sovereign individual - by my own free choice, - - I am a loyal subject of an absolute monarch - by my own free choice, - - I am a majoritarian and direct democracy practitioner - ..., - - I am a cosmopolitan or citizen of the world - ..., - - I am a European - ..., - - I am a sovereign Red Indian, not subject to any white men's constitutions or laws - ..., - - I am a sovereign Australian Aboriginal - ... - - I am a sovereign communist (of the Marxian, Leninist, Trotskyite, Stalinist or any other shade) - ... - - I am a sovereign socialist (of definition No. 347 among so far counted e.g. 988) - ... - - I am a sovereign communist anarchist - ... - - I am a sovereign individualist anarchist - ... - - I am a sovereign anarcho-capitalist - ... - - And so on and on. We have ca. 7,000 religions on earth (A recent contact asserted that there are even over 30,000! – JZ, 14.3.09.) and enough imagination to form even more different voluntary, exterritorial and autonomous groupings of a political, economic and social kind, each minding its own business and looking after the own members as best as they can, at their own expense and risk. This variety, too, will be the spice of life. What dullness to have for a day only, every few years, the choice between one to a few types of governments and then for years only one! - JZ 14.5.89, 4.7.89. - - Public declarations of what would be one's own preference, if one were given the panarchist choice, could be among the first efficient steps towards the realization of panarchism. Among the most significant public declarations of this kind would be those of soldiers and officers in already somewhat free countries and of the various governments and societies in exile, which would also be multiplied by panarchism and would, for the first time, be put on a quite rightful basis. - JZ 4.7.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - BELIEFS & PRACTICES, TOLERANTLY COEXISTING

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Encyclopedia: The beginnings of it exist in my ON PANARCHY series, so far out in 24 volumes, formerly on microfiche only, now also offered digitized by me, as email attachments, until they are offered online or on disc by someone. – JZ, n.d. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist genuine self-government instead of territorial, collectivist, monopolized and pseudo “self-government” in territorial States with compulsory membership or subjugation. – JZ, 29.12.04, 20.1.11. – from JZ, Pan az.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist International: For all peaceful minorities that aspire merely to full exterritorial autonomy for their volunteers: Some entries on this can be found under other headings. – INTERNATIONAL - From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Party: I am a member of an imagined Panarchist Party to end all parties – by conceding to all of them full exterritorial autonomy for all their voluntary members. – JZ, 75 & 15.2.08. - PARTIES, LIBERTARIAN PARTY, PARTY POLITICS & PANARCHISM. – From JZ, PAN AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Periodicals: Does any other than PEACE PLANS exist? Only an occasional article on panarchism, like in FORMULATIONS of the New Nations Foundation, does not yet turn them into panarchistic periodicals. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – For the time being, PEACE PLANS on microfiche was stopped at issue No. 1779, back in 2002. Of the sub-series, ON PANARCHY, only 24 appeared (later digitized but not yet online. – JZ, 26.11.13), apart from some special panarchist titles. – JZ, 5.4.08. – I aim at offering as many such titles as I can on a disc. – But on my own I can do only so much. – JZ, 14.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Propaganda: The truth must be repeated for ever and ever in a thousand forms.” - Hermann Hesse, War and Peace, Spring 1918, If the War Goes On. - This applies not only to ideas, thoughts and slogans but also to free alternative and creative or self-concerned actions, even to thousands of diverse panarchies, all of them experiments among volunteers in spheres so far territorially monopolized by governments. Panarchism does not demand anything more but does not require anything less, either. - JZ, 8.4.89, 20.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - EDUCATION EFFORTS, ENLIGHTENMENT

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Propaganda: Until the ideal panarchistic formulas are found or constructed, we will have to suffer and even produce much verbal diarrhea on this subject. All in a good cause. You are invited to submit your catchphrases and slogans. I feel certain that you could outdo me in many of my own - if you really tried. And if you have a better launching platform for them than I have, with my microfiche, e-mail, websites and CD-ROM, all the better for you - and for me. Ideas are inherently panarchistic in that they know no frontiers and become strong and valuable for and fully realized only among volunteers. - JZ, 13.1.93, 11.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Publishing: See e.g. and and Adam Knott with his do their own things in the panarchist direction. The latter even offers, cheaply, some printed brochures on the subject and the first anthology of essays on it, through on demand printing: go to the web site: and search for "panarchy". – JZ, 14.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Reviews and Abstracts: Still all too few! You could be among these pioneers! – JZ, 12.2.08. - To compile them all teamwork would be needed. So far no one has access to all the relevant writings or the time and energy to read all of them. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – ABSTRACTS, BIBLIOGRAPHY & REVIEW COMPILATIONS

PANARCHISM: Panarchist revolution against territorial despotism, monetary revolution against monetary despotism. - JZ, 12.12.03.

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Variety: It is important for progress in e.g. the following spheres: 1.) Alternative enlightenment and educational efforts, including optimal utilization of alternative media. - - 2.) Monetary experiments with alternative exchange media, value standards, clearing and credit systems. - - 3.) Financial freedom with various capital certificates and markets or stock exchanges for them and various voluntary taxation and contribution systems as opposed to various compulsory taxation systems. - - 4.) Alternative defence and liberation systems to the territorial statist ones. Ideal militia forces, separate peace treaties, unilateral declaration of peace, military jiu jitsu against dictatorships, using their military forces against them, declaration of quite rightful war and peace aims, appeals and declarations as weapons, e.g. improved individual rights declarations, recognition of alternative governments in exile for volunteers, tyrannicide, volunteer forces vs. conscripts, proper financing of defence, utilizing the assets of the despotic enemy regime and monetary and financial freedom methods. - - 5.) The territorialist clashes between Protectionists and Free Traders. - - 6.) The antagonism even among libertarians regarding abortion and right to life. - - 7.) The antagonism between the limited government advocates and the no-government advocates. - - 8.) The arguments upon the merits or demerits of the diverse voting systems. - - 9.) The arguments between the monopoly advocates and those favoring free competition. - - 10.) The clashes between the pro-capitalists and the anti-capitalists. - - 11.) The disagreements between nationalists and - - internationalists, centralists and decentralists. - - 12.) The clashes between all kinds of other ideologies. - - 13.) The clashes between the greenies and developers, the technologist and scientists vs. the back to nature people. - - 14.) Energy resources will be fully developed only under that freedom, not under political and bureaucratic decision-making and finance. - - 15.) Peaceful international relations, when no longer handled by territorial power-addicts and monopolistic decision-makers. - - 16.) Free migration can only be achieved in the panarchistic way. And yet isolationists, racists and religious fanatics could voluntarily segregate themselves as much as they like. But none of them could claim a territorial monopoly any longer. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DIVERSITY

PANARCHISM: Panarchist Websites: - - - Extraterritoriality: What is it? Why deny it? HALLIDAY, ROY: - He put a survey of exterritorialist links onto a webpage of his. - FREEMAN, THE, FEE, under Max Border’s editorship: - - JACOBSSON, CARL: He has a Facebook page “Supporters of Libertarian Extraterritorial Secession”, with 7 members so far: Carl Jakobsson - - On libertarian secession: DONNELLY, DARCY NEAL:” - principles, as reported on Facebook, are panarchistic and voluntaristic – but he favors a World Government of World Citizens – a competing and personal law one, among several others? - Carol Moore - I'm for all types, as long as it's voluntary...    Patri Friedman - As part of a Secession Week blogging series celebrating Independence Day, I devoted today's post to nonterritorial secession, it's a great collection of material: - He has also a Facebook page.

Alas, only a fraction of all panarchist writings are published there, so far. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - Look up the numerous hints Google offers under searches for "panarchy" and for "panarchism". The best should be listed together, abstracted, reviewed and published in full text, at least on a disc. - JZ , 20.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchistic Daily Practices: Such facts are all around us and everyone engages in them, taking them for granted: There are so many instances of panarchistic beliefs and practices outside the political, social and economic sphere and limited applications even in these all too much territorially monopolized spheres, that it takes the usual blindness towards customary sights and practices in order not to realize their panarchistic nature and implications. This part-blindness is comparable e.g. to that of censorious people who claim for themselves the very freedoms they want to deny to others and to anti-market, anti-property, anti-contract and anti-profit minded people who, nevertheless, use the economic and social freedom achievements frequently, almost every day and could not survive without them. Rousseau described this part-blindness beautifully when he said : "Il faut beaucoup de philosophie pour observer ce qu'on voit tous les jours!" - JZ, 1.4.89. (“It requires much philosophy to observe the facts which are all around us.”) Panarchism has merely to be expanded into those spheres, which are so far pre-empted by territorial governments. - JZ, 12.12.03. - This is also quoted in another version: "Il faut beaucoup de philosophie pour observer les faits qui sont trop pres de nous. - Rousseau. (“It requires much philosophy to observe the facts which are plentiful among us.”) – JZ, n.d. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - I hope to see soon a much longer list of such instances than I managed to supply so far. - JZ, 20.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchistic innovations, status quo preservations and reactionary efforts, all by volunteers and on the basis of exterritorial autonomy, are all to become likewise tolerated, comparable to the numerous things, actions and institutions that we do already tolerate and take for granted. It would preserve what is still wanted, realize again, among volunteers, what is still in demand, also advance towards what at least some already aspire to, to achieve satisfactory societal arrangements for all the different individuals and groups in society, in the same territory, to achieve progress, justice, peace, freedom and prosperity for all, to the extent that they desire them, all as a matter of individual rights and the duty to respect the different uses which others make of these rights in their own spheres. - JZ, 20.6.93, 6.1.93, 20.1.11, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchistic minded anarchists want the statists to remain free to continue their statist stupidities, idealism and utopias and, yes, even wrongs, but only among themselves, among voluntary victims. Their territorial victimization of dissenters must cease. And at least some of them ought to be disarmed until they can be trusted again - not to abuse arms. - JZ, 4.1.95, 27.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - ANARCHISM & STATISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchistic Persuasion Attempts: Members of an audience quickly form an impression of three possible relationships they can have to the presenter: He is trying to dominate them, treats them as equals, or is submissive. They rightly sense that the dominating and submissive are both actually motivated by fear, and their desire for participation in a subsequent dialogue (the clinching part of any presentation) is diminished. The dominant fears discussion; the submissive fears for his reputation. When the audience senses that they are treated as equals, all working together in the search for the right course of action, they eagerly join in discussion with good will, even if your ideas are, at least initially, repellent to them. Individuals dislike being dominated. It implies that they are not as free to choose, or as independent, as they need to believe in order to preserve their dignity as human beings. If the domination is based solely on higher status or rank, true persuasion cannot take place, even though everyone may say "aye" at the end. (JZ: One motto of Bob Cowin, is: "Communication takes place only between equals." - Source unknown to me.) The raw form of this approach was used by a high-ranking presenter who said at the end of his proposal, 'All in favour say aye; all opposed say I quit.' - Henry M. Boettinger, "Moving Mountains", p.133. - The shortest route to the right course of action may be very different for different people. Even if there is only one right course of action. Most people will pick it only after having traveled on at least one wrong route - but one chosen by themselves. And at least slightly different solutions will also tend to be optimal for different kinds of people. That applies even to seemingly simple manipulations of objects, materials and processes. - JZ 13.1.93. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchistic Precedents: I would like to see a chronological table of panarchist precedents and proposals in political and other writings. Who will help me compile it? Less worthy causes have had their historians. Even most panarchists are ill informed on these precedents and opponents imagine that, when they seemingly have effectively countered one panarchist speaker in his imperfect knowledge and exposition, they would thereby have sufficiently understood all panarchist writings and experiences. – Too many are still satisfied with merely offering their misunderstanding of the term. - JZ 4.7.89, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchistically, we could all be "saved", whether we belong to a fleeting majority conglomerate or one of the numerous minorities, because each of them would then operate at the own expense and risk. All ideas, proposals and innovations could then be tried out fast, among their supporters, and, in the long run, for the benefit of all. Imitation and improvements would be a matter of individual choice, not of political and prolonged battles, held back by the mass of the least informed and least interested. - JZ, 27.2.89, 3.4.89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – SOLUTIONS, THROUGH MULTIBLE FREE EXPERIMENTS AT THE SAME TIME & IN THE SAME COUNTRY, IN ALL SPHERES SO FAR MONPOLIZED BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

PANARCHISM: Panarchists are consistent and want to realize freedom of action in the more important spheres also. They do expect to achieve, through this extension of liberty (which includes even the liberty not to be free, according to individual choice), at least the same kind of advantages (apart from its ethical justification) that can be derived from freedom of action in the minor spheres, where diversity of actions is already the norm, where each does his own things, not imposing them upon others. - Panarchism thus means freedom to experiment, in all spheres - as long as the same freedom to act independently is fully respected in others, with their different choices. - JZ, 1986 draft. - FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION

PANARCHISM: Panarchists are engaged in an attempt to rediscover and re-establish individuals as members of free, voluntary, autonomous and exterritorial groups that, together, would form a free, just, peaceful and prosperous society. This kind of free society is now buried under the petrified and accumulated deposits of thousands of years of more or less exclusive and coercive territorial statism. They are involved in finding and applying the best method to "mine" this "natural resource" or to liberate individuals and their free associations from the present depths of territorial domination, oppression, and exploitation. - JZ, 11.9.87, 1.4.89, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchists are idealistic enough to want FIOT (Freedom In Our Time) but realistic enough to realize that mere words, no matter how skillfully combined, do not, as a rule, i.e. have a sufficient persuasive power over most other people. They have not had this power over the last few hundred years and are unlikely to gain it during the next few hundred years. They cannot persuade all people to subscribe e.g. to one particular form of anarchism, libertarianism, democracy or republicanism. - - Thus panarchists favor a kind of "uncompromising compromise" to get them out of their dilemma, an agreement or armistice with their enemies: Each gets his own way in his own affairs but does not get his ideal practiced by others, unless they happen to accept it INDIVIDUALLY. - - This kind of freedom to live one's own preferred lifestyle in every way, among likeminded people, quite independent from the preferences of others, which they could then realize, immediately, among themselves, is already an achievement, e.g. for anarchists and all others interested in realizing their own ideals a.s.a.p. - - Moreover, in such a new social relationship, they do not only have verbal freedom to make more converts, and a, however small, chance to one day persuade everybody to accept anarchism for himself, but they are free to demonstrate their kind of anarchism to their neighbors and all other observers close-by – and, e.g., via the Internet, also world-wide. - - “Actions do speak louder than words.” – Popular saying.  - Action is eloquence. – Shakespeare - Actions in other countries etc., do not have the same persuasive powers (in spite of the modern mass media), cannot make alternative ways of living, working, enjoying and ruling oneself appear as attractive as such actions are or can be when undertaken “next door” or physically “eye-balled”. - Compare how rapidly curious passers-by do accumulate when something unusual happens visible to them. Even when such actions are frowned upon or even despised by the observers, they do have, in this situation, nothing to fear from the despised actions, since there is no institutionalized attempt to impose them upon dissenters, to force them to participate or to contribute. - For themselves they remain free to reject all practices they dislike and may even use these practices as deterrent examples - among people who think like they do. - John Bright once said, in 1885: "I must follow my own judgment and conscience, and not the voice of any party leader." - I would add: "unless I am prepared to allow each to follow his own party leader, but only in all his internal affairs with him, while I freely follow my own chosen party leader or set up my own standard, which may be followed by others." - And my own leader or guru might well be an anarchist. Or a monarchist or other authoritarian. - A consistent anarchist would demand freedom for all political, economic and social sado-masochists to suffer under the leaders of their choice, as long as they can stand them. - Capitalist as well as communist relationships – but all confined to consenting adults! - Panarchy amounts to justice in political, economic and social relationships. It realizes "to each his own". And justice, according to John Bright, 1868, is "the miracle worker among men". - Consequently, we should demand: Conservatism only for conservatives, reformism only for reformers, revolutions only for revolutionaries and anarchism only for anarchists or, whatever others might consider to be merely a fool's paradise, or a castle in the air, for everybody who chooses it. - No one is to be territorially organized any longer as a threat to others, with ballots or bullets - but merely as an attractive, deterrent or indifferent example. - Draft of 1986, slightly revised: JZ, 10.12.04, 13.2.08, 26.11.13. – PANARCHY & FIOT (FREEDOM IN OUR TIME), PIOT: PANARCHISM IN OUR TIME

PANARCHISM: Panarchists like everybody to be happy in his own way, even totalitarians, aggressors, cheats and meddlers, provided only that they restrict their actions to voluntary (because they are like-minded) victims. Even sado-masochism should be permissible in the political sphere and, naturally also all more rightful, rational, dignified and promising options. - JZ, 9.9.91, 14.1.93, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchists may be the only ones who aim at a utopia or panacea that is extremely tolerant, a kind of “meta-utopia”, to use Nozick”s term, that provides a framework for all other utopias and panaceas. (Curiously enough, I have not yet found a libertarian review of Nozick's concept of "meta-utopia", although his books have often been reviewed. - JZ, 8.12.03.) The way anarchism and libertarianism are usually advanced, still on the basis of small territories, within which there are only various anarchistic communities or only limited government libertarian societies, their ideals are still fundamentally intolerant and authoritarian - because of their remaining territorial and exclusive features. They are the ideals of “true believers”, who want all the world and all human beings to be liberated only in their way. Nothing else will satisfy them. With this approach they do maximize the resistance against their ideal, rather than minimize it. Panarchism, although providing an excellent framework for all types of anarchists and libertarians (and representatives of other isms), who are prepared to act tolerantly and self-responsibly, at their own risk and expense, in the realization of their own ideal among themselves, does offer the same liberty, right and opportunities to all other dissenting groups and thus can hope to make friends and allies wholesale, rather soon, once it is sufficiently comprehended by a critical mass of people and consistently applied by them. No one has to fear any movement that does not aim to dominate, that does not claim to rule a whole territory and all its dissenters. No one has to fear anyone, who is prepared to pay his own bills and bear his self-chosen risks himself and with his associates. Territorial monopoly claims, on the other hand, do threaten all those who disagree with the claimants and thus lead to permanent strife and suspicion, to lies and deceptions, to power plays, dramas and tragedies, to zero-sum games, to party struggles and “politics as usual”, but this time rendered far more dangerous via ABC mass murder devices in the hands of madmen. Only panarchism offers a way out of the ABC nightmare situation. How helpless territorial politicians are towards it and how they are only able to prolong it, they do demonstrate every day. – JZ, 20.12.97, 10.1.99. 8.12.03. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - TOLERANT UTOPIAS & PANACEAS

PANARCHISM: Panarchists of the world - unite your diverse aspirations under the banner of panarchism, which allows to each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice. You have only your territorial chains to lose and the personal laws of your choice to gain - as long as you can stand them. - However, even the remnants of all present territorial institutions, when all dissenters have seceded from them, can be continued for their believers, then, for the first time, enjoying the benefits of unanimous consent to their kind of "ideal". - JZ, 2.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PANARCHIST DIRECTORY. ALL FORMS OF STATISM ONLY FOR THEIR KINDS OF STATISTS AS WELL. AS SUCH THEY COULD EVEN BECOME ALLIES OF PANARCHISTIC ANARCHISTS & LIBERTARIANS

PANARCHISM: Panarchists of the world - unite your efforts to realize panarchy for all - and then split up as much as you like, with each of you joining your personally preferred panarchist utopia. - JZ, 5.4.84, 20.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchists of the world unite – you have nothing to lose but your chains and remaining prejudices. – Who knows of an efficient and affordable way to sort the panarchistic wheat from the chaff? - JZ, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – A special collection of panarchist answers and refutations to the usual questions and “objections” has still to be compiled. The few existing panarchist websites do all offer some material for this. – Q & A offers might be separately listed together. – Efficient special workshops, email connected, between a sufficiently large network of people with panarchist interests, has still to be established, together with a directory to them. – I have just compiled some such addresses for a preliminary directory file since yesterday and intend to circulate it, at first only to those listed, for their input or deletions. - JZ, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchists want to dissolve territorial, monopolistic and coercive States into voluntary, exterritorial and competitive personal law associations for the protection of the individual rights and liberties of their members.– However, other libertarians, who do not believe in human rights and individual rights at all, and attack the very concept of rights, not only its statist misunderstandings and versions, e.g. the followers of Stirner, might establish their own kind of anarchistic or egoistic panarchy. – - JZ, 9.10.88, 26.11.13. - From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchists would demand more than a few misleading slogans from their leaders. – They would be a very discriminating clientele, knowing what they want and if they do not get it, they would simply leave the panarchy, which they had previously joined with too high expectations. – JZ, 23.2.08.

PANARCHISM: Panarchy - Polyarchy – Personarchy, (2005): 10. Cosmopolitanism - localism – personalism: Cosmopolitanism, localism and personalism are views and ways of life that are variously shared by all human beings. - We should accept every possible mix or lack of mix by every individual as long as it results from his/her own voluntary, i.e. not imposed, choices. - In other words, acknowledging the existence of a multiplicity and variety of communities and individuals, each free to develop specific distinctive features, means to accept and respect every possible type and style of freedom. – This includes also, for reasons of logical and factual consistency, the freedom not to be free, e.g. the freedom to be under a protective master or to live within restrictive barriers. - Love of freedom and fear of freedom must both find expression at a personal level and through political and social organizations (i.e. parallel societies even within the same territory), with nobody imposing one or the other upon dissenters but everybody accepting or realizing only for himself what he thinks most suitable and desirable. - In other words: To each the government or non-governmental society of his/her choice. - For every human being, freedom consists only in acting according to his own inclinations and desires without being forced or manipulated by anybody and without forcing or manipulating anybody. For some, freedom can be the acceptance of voluntary servitude or seclusion in the name of a faith or belief or for any personal conviction and motivation. The only aspect that is not acceptable is to forcibly subject unwilling individuals, even if this is presented under the deceitful qualifications of democracy, public interest, national sovereignty or, alas, the promotion of personal freedom and welfare. - The individuals imbued with the ideology of territorial statism believe, consciously or unconsciously, that it is acceptable and highly recommendable to force all people in a territory to be identically free or equally un-free. - This is the source of every irrational, intolerant and incapacitating behaviour. - We should allow full development to variety, optionality and discretionarity, i.e. the plurality of forms and ways of thinking and behaving according to one's own desires and choices. - This would result in the flourishing of cosmopolitanism, localism, and personalism to suit every human being. - Only then we will achieve a long overdue aspiration: - To each according to his own will - desires, From each according to his own evaluations - decisions.” – Gian Piero de Bellis, – He is one of the few who independently discovered and developed such ideas by himself, calling them Polyarchy. – I got mine only second-hand, so did my father. – JZ, 26.11.13. - PERSONALISM, OPTIONALITY, DISCRETIONARITY, INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PLURALISM, DIVERSITY, VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchy - Polyarchy – Personarchy, (2005): 2. Self-rule: A rule is generally a command by or to a person. The basic rules of social interaction are usually internalized at an early age by the human being as long as the commands are sympathetic to human nature and to the protection/promotion of the human being. - It is almost impossible for basic rules to be fairly and successfully imposed from the outside. Imposed rules are likely to generate continuous frictions leading, sooner or later, to bloody clashes. - The healthy condition (ethical and rational) is either that of self-rule (self-determination) or one leading to self-rule. - Self-rule means that it is not for a king or a majority (through an elected assembly) or anybody else to decide about social and economic issues but is up to the individuals through their free choices and continuous-voluntary adjustments to reality. The despotism of one or the despotism of many (even a large majority) can generate the identical negative results: the subjection of the individual and his moral misery and personal helplessness. - Self-rule is, in this respect, the way most conducive to true personal development (moral, mental, material) and full social acceptance (universal reciprocal respect). The concept and practice of self-rule include, clearly, also the option of appointing self-chosen rulers (as in a representative democracy) for those who prefer to be exempt from the process and effort of decision-making. The only difference with current representative democracy, albeit a substantial one, is that in the case of genuine self-rule the decisions taken by the elected representatives will affect only those who have elected them and will not concern those who have chosen other representatives for their voluntary communities or those who want to take autonomous decisions without any delegation of power. - Self-rule should then make room to all possible form of social and political representation or non-representation and people should consider legitimate and be bound only by the decisions of whatever political, social, philosophical group or other they might be members. - The aim is to stop political intolerance that imposes on everybody the will of the majority (or of a strong ruler or a strong minority) in the form of state policy. This is the same mass opium and oppression that once appeared as religious intolerance in the form of a state religion. - Presently, self-rule is allowed in some societies only regarding some very personal matters like religious practices or sexual orientations. - For the rest the tyranny of the majority dominates, that is, largely, the power of pressure groups, and vested interests prevailing over manipulated masses, isolated minority groups and dispersed individuals. - Self-rule means in essence that: - the norms affecting primarily the life of an individual (education, health, economic activities, travel, insurance, retirement, etc.) are completely subject to the choice of the individual; … the norms regulating primarily the life of the individual within a community and between communities are directly established and administered by the individual members of the community affected by those norms or by representatives voluntarily appointed and are accepted by all members …  An essential pre-condition for the compliance by the individual of communitarian norms concerning his social life is the existence of personal freedom of association to or disassociation from any community.” – Gian Piero de Bellis, - SELF-RULE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-MANAGEMENT IN EVERY SPHERE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, META-UTOPIA, NAMES, TERMS, REPRESENTATION, TOLERANCE,

PANARCHISM: Panarchy - Polyarchy – Personarchy, (2005): 3. Freedom of association - freedom of disassociation. - Freedom of association means that any reasoning individual can freely decide to which societal group/groups he/she wants to be member. - The freedom of association cannot be separated from the freedom of disassociation. That means that every person can opt out of the community he has joined whenever he wishes to do so, after having absolved any existing contractual obligation previously voluntarily accepted. - However, if the individual has been victimized by the community or essential contractual obligations towards him have been broken, the member can disassociate from the group without any delay or charge and join or establish a new community. - Everybody should also be free to live as quite autonomous human being bound only by his contractual engagements and by the respect for the rights and liberties of others. - To no one should be automatically ascribed any nationality or religion or membership in any institution (state, church, guild) or be attributed any role or status (like in a caste or class system) without his prior individual choice and consent. - The automatic ascription to a national group under national rulers is the equivalent, in our time, to the attribution of the status of servant under the feudal master for the newborns within the feudal domain. - The realization of these two freedoms (association – disassociation) would, at long last, dispose of any feudalist and absolutist remnants still operating under territorial statism. - The extensive use of the technologies of communication and transport is already making a mockery of any pretension or illusion to forcibly restrict the associations to individuals belonging to territorial groups under the control of the so-called nation state. - The necessary complement to the freedom of association – disassociation and a more dynamic implementation of it consists in the voluntary engagements – voluntary contributions to the group(s) of which one is member.” – Gian Piero de Bellis, - FEUDALISM, SERFDOM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, ASSOCIATION & DISASSOCIATION, ABSOLUTISM, STATISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchy - Polyarchy – Personarchy, (2005): 4. Voluntary engagements - voluntary contributions: Voluntary engagements and voluntary contributions mean active involvement and active support for the group or community chosen by an individual. - The implementation of these two principles should lead to the extinction of any forced demand on the part of any power, as for instance compulsory enrolment (e.g. military conscription) or compulsory exaction (e.g. fiscal impositions). - In other words, compulsory involvement and compulsory taxes are to be replaced by voluntary engagements and voluntary contributions. - Nobody should be forced to do anything or contribute to anything he/she does not approve of, beyond the respect of voluntarily agreed contracts. Even the group to whom one has associated himself cannot ask compulsorily for engagements and contributions unless those were pre-conditions for membership. In that case the individual who does not want any longer to fulfill those obligations can disassociate from the group. Voluntary engagements and voluntary contributions are the centre-pieces of communities based on individuals who decide the degree and type of power that the community can exert on them (from total voluntary submission to personal unrestricted autonomy). - The focus is then not on the group (the collective will), as in the feudal or neo-feudal (i.e. statist) society, but on the individual (the personal will). - For this reason, whatever decisions the individual takes concerning his personal and social sphere (from full autonomy = voluntary independence, to full heteronomy = voluntary submission) paramount importance has to be attributed to personal liberties (of choice) and personal responsibilities (for consequences).” – Gian Piero de Bellis, - VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION & TAXATION, CONSCRIPTION, INDEPENDENCE, CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchy - Polyarchy – Personarchy, (2005): 5. Personal liberties - personal responsibilities: The true essence and the rightful expectations of every human being are to be free from impositions and limitations unless they are voluntarily and willingly accepted. - This means also that nobody may infringe anybody's choices whenever they are compatible with anybody else's freedom. External interventions are not acceptable even if they are made (or said to be made) in the name of the so-called public interest or on behalf of the person's hypothetical well-being. Every adult human being should be the arbiter of his own interest and well-being. - The other side of personal liberty is personal responsibility for the decisions undertaken by each individual. This means that the consequences (success or failure) of the own actions or omissions fall on the individual and cannot be forcibly shared with or imposed upon somebody else. - The practice of personal liberties (of choices) and personal responsibilities (for consequences) is the only known way to initiate and achieve a sound learning process for the human beings. - There is no rational reason or historical experience that should convince any human being to abdicate his own liberties and responsibilities. As the ancients said, every human being is the maker of his own fortune (or misfortune). - Contrary to all this, territorial statism acts according to the principles of limited freedom and collective responsibility. They arose from the delegation of decisions to a few men in power, generating on one side general irresponsibility and on the other side unjustifiable collective responsibility for the actions of these few leaders. - This is the same ill-logic or sick logic implemented by terrorist groups when they strike against unarmed individuals (in New York, Madrid, Paris, Moscow, etc.). This ill-logic is also extensively practiced by many states that act as the worst terrorist groups when they drop bombs on a population (in Coventry, Dresden, Hiroshima, Grozny, and in so many other places) that happens to live on the "wrong" side of a supposed divide. - - The reality that animates personal liberties and underlies personal responsibilities can be summarized in the social and economic sphere by two basic principles of civilization: the freedom to act (enterprise) and the freedom to interact (exchange).” – Gian Piero de Bellis, - VOLUNTARISM VS. INTERVENTIONISM, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, FREE CHOICE, DELEGATION OF POWER, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, TERRORISM, INDISCRIMINATE AIR RAIDS, FULL FREEDOM OF ENTERPRISE, EXCHANGE & INTERACTION

PANARCHISM: Panarchy - Polyarchy – Personarchy, (2005): 6. Freedom to act (enterprise): Freedom to act means that there are no external interferences of any type (positive or negative) on the enterprising activities of anyone by anyone. In other words, no one can get in the way of any producer unless it is for the purpose of stopping a damage or achieving an indemnity. - Individuals (singularly or associated) are very well capable of looking or willing to learn how to look after their own interests, if institutional restrictions and manipulations do not render this ability and effort useless and vain or even outlaw such self-help endeavours. - One of the most blatant restrictions is in the form of occupational licensures introduced by the state (in direct furtherance of feudal practices) in order to perpetuate a caste or class system. These feudal remnants are kept with the deceitful excuse of protecting producers and consumers but in reality with the aim of favouring the strong (organised lobbies) and exploiting the weak (isolated citizens). - For this reason the entry into an institutional register of producers (workers, professionals) should be left to the free decision of the interested parties and should not be a pre-requisite for getting a job or practicing an activity. What is only necessary is the availability of all sorts of relevant information concerning producers and products (goods and services). - Freedom to act requires then to get rid of all state compulsory interventions that lead only to a condition of sectional favouritism and general dependency, besides damaging enterprising producers and thrifty consumers. - The necessary complementary principle to the freedom to act (enterprise) is the freedom to interact (exchange).” – Gian Piero de Bellis, - FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXCHANGE, ENTERPRISE, INITIATIVE, NONINTERFERENCE, INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-INTEREST, COMPULSORY LICENSING, FEUDALIST REMNANTS, LOBBIES, INTERVENTIONISM, FAVORITISM, DEPENDENCY, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY

PANARCHISM: Panarchy - Polyarchy – Personarchy, (2005): 7. Freedom to interact (exchange): Freedom to interact means the abolition of every state manufactured barrier (tariffs, quotas, passports, visas, censorship, etc.) to the freedom of movement by individuals and of exchanges among individuals and groups, for goods, services, and ideas. - - The freedom of exchange is achievable only through: - the full freedom of information and communication, making possible for everybody to participate unhampered in a flow of images, sounds and concepts. - the full freedom of trade and full freedom for volunteers to experiment with their own exchange media, value standard, clearing and credit system. - the full freedom of movement because the world common heritage belongs to all living beings and should not be monopolized by the nation states and divided into national or supranational territorial boxes. - The freedom to interact is compatible with the existence of secluded enclaves of people who do not want to mingle with anybody and who prefer to live in a closed society. Closed communities and communities which want to keep to traditional life styles do have the right not to be disturbed and trampled on. Nobody should interfere in the decisions voluntary assumed by the members of those communities. - What should eventually be overcome is the fixing of border by any power, affecting indistinctively large populations or concerning spaces that are common heritage of all living creatures. For this reason, closed societies and cultural or economic protectionism cannot extend to areas so big as to forcibly include people who do not share these views and practices. - Any imposition of political, economic and social apartheid (to be distinguished from voluntary separateness) is not only a crime against humanity; it is also an act totally at odd with current technology (of transport and communication) and, especially, with the natural desire of exploration and self- improvement that has always characterized the human being. In order that every individual be allowed to shape his life according to his own views we need a full range of choices with respect to all kinds of utilities, services and agencies, especially those so far monopolized by territorial states”. – Gian Piero de Bellis, - FREE EXCHANGE, FREE TRADE VS. PROTECTIONISM, MONETARY FREEDOM, FULL FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT ON EARTH, NO MORE TERRITORIAL MONPOLISM OF NATION STATES, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, ENCLAVES FOR VOLUNTEERS, GATED COMMUNITIES, BORDERS, FRONTIERS, VOLUNGTARY SEPARATENESS VS. COMPULSORY APARTHEID, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

PANARCHISM: Panarchy - Polyarchy – Personarchy, (2005): 8. Choices (utilities – services – agencies): Individuals and communities should be free to organize for themselves or to chose among freely competing providers, concerning: - utilities: gas, water, electricity, telephone, etc. - - - services: educational, medical, for retirement, etc. - - - agencies: for protection, for justice, etc. - - - Only in recent times the way has been opened for a free choice in utilities providers, with unquestionable benefits for the consumers. There is no sensible justification for not continuing the process, finally reaching all sorts of services and agencies still under state monopoly - - In societies characterized by choices, everybody should be committed to pay only for the services he wants and uses or for the package deal of services that he and the community to which he is member have contracted for. Further contributions should be made only on a voluntary basis, according to the assessments and preferences of the individual. - The sooner we realize that self-help and free choice between different providers in every field can produce better services at a better price, the sooner we will put an end to the mental and material hold that the states have exerted on the provision of (quite often appalling) services, compulsory financed by everybody irrespective of their quality and desirability. One of the central aspects of free choice is the setting and running of voluntary protective agencies for assisting in providing security and resolving controversies. - - The course of history has shown over and over again that when the individuals rely for their protection on territorial monopolistic organizations (the army, the police, the judiciary) over which they do not have any control whatsoever or a very minimal one, their security and freedom is at great risk. - - For this reason individuals and communities will replace the state monopolistic agencies with a number of different protective agencies, with very limited and circumscribed power and under the control of the individuals, in the same way as people control the performance of a utility provider and can change it if unsatisfied. - These protective agencies, to which everybody could contribute in various ways, are meant to provide help and facilitate self-help for the safeguard of life, the respect of contracts and the prevention of any infringement of personal freedom. - Apart from that, anything goes, that is variety, optionality, and discretionarity.” – Gian Piero de Bellis, - FREE CHOICES, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, & FREE ENTERPRISE IN EVERY SPHERE, FREELY COMPETING PUBLIC SERVICES, PRIVATELY ORGANIZED, PAYING ONLY ONE’S OWN WAY, VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION SCHEMES, COMPETITIVE PROTECTIVE SERVICES,

PANARCHISM: Panarchy - Polyarchy – Personarchy, (2005): 9. Variety - optionality – discretionarity: The basic principles here advocated characterizing the life of individuals and communities are those of: - variety (many different life styles and forms of social, economical and political organization). - - - optionality (existence of many actual and potential choices in all fields). - - - discretionarity (individual free-will and personal power of decision). - These principles can be fully implemented only after the abolition of all monopolistic territorial powers and in the presence of free competition and cooperation in political, social and economic communities and activities. - Competition and cooperation are the two sides of the same coin; they strengthen those who practice it (producers, performers, etc.) and benefit those who enjoy the results of it (e.g. consumers, spectators, etc.). Cooperation in total absence of competition means a rigged game and a static society; competition in total absence of cooperation means a paranoiac behaviour and a destructive society. - An essential condition for the proper interplay of competition and cooperation is the freedom of movement of individuals, ideas, goods and services. - At the same time, as already pointed out, the principles of variety - optionality - discretionarity demand that everybody accept and respect also those communities whose members voluntarily decide to live in a way that does not allow, internally, for the free movement of individuals, ideas, goods and services. - The solution, as usual, is to accommodate every possible type and style of life in every kind of political, economic and social community of volunteers (variety), enhancing the range of choices of the individuals (optionality) and accepting the autonomous decisions of each and everyone concerning their own lives (discretionarity). - - This leads to the parallel development of cosmopolitanism, localism and personalism.” – Gian Piero de Bellis, - OPTIONALITY, DISCRETIONARITY, VS. TERRITORIALISM, FREE COMPETITION & COOPERATION IN EVERY SPHERE, FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FOR INDIVIDUALS, GOODS & SERVICES, VARIETY, DIVERSITY, RESPECT FOR THE FREE CHOICES OF OTHERS, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PARALLEL DEVELOPMENT OF ALL PEACEFUL ISMS

PANARCHISM: Panarchy - Polyarchy – Personarchy, (2005): A group of individuals, deeply dissatisfied with the dominant mental attitudes and material practices based on compulsory conformity to the majority and the restriction of personal choices, have drafted a series of principles that they intend to present to everybody interested in finding a way out of the present individual subjection and apathy. - The principles are presented under the name of Panarchy – Polyarchy – Personarchy. Panarchy, Polyarchy and Personarchy indicate that, what is aimed at is - a worldwide open framework free from territorial sovereignties. - A variety of voluntary systems of personal and social organization, like parallel autonomous societies, even within the same territory. - Full freedom of association, circulation and action for each and every human being. The principles have been sketched under the following headings: 1. Aterritorialism, 2. Self-rule, 3. Freedom of association - freedom of disassociation, 4. Voluntary engagements - voluntary contributions, 5. Personal liberties - personal responsibilities, 6. Freedom to act (enterprise), 7. Freedom to interact (exchange), 8. Choices (utilities – services - agencies), 9. Variety - optionality – discretionarity, 10. Cosmopolitanism - localism – personalism.” – Gian Piero de Bellis, - Alas, I have not yet got around to extract and include here all the relevant notes of GPdB and of other recent writers on panarchism, which should be included here. I can only hope that many others will come to help to finish this job and also include sufficient cross-references, including names of authors, linked to their remarks, their URLs for the complete texts, any abstracts, reviews and comments available. - JZ, 20.1.11. – EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, IMPOSED CENTRALIZATION OF POWERS, FULL FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & ACTION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, FREE EXCHANGE, FREE CHOICES, VARIETY, DIVERSITY, OPTIONALITY, DISCRETIONARITY, COSMOPOLISM, LOCALISM, PERSONALISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchy - Polyarchy – Personarchy, (2005): In a not so distant past many considered religious freedom for the dissenters and social emancipation for the powerless as a sure way towards immorality and chaos. - Presently some or many hold the same views as regard to the freedom of the individuals from territorial state sovereignty and the attainment of universal personal empowerment. - On the contrary, we think that is not only desirable but also advisable that the principles of religious tolerance should be extended to include, especially, political tolerance. The acceptance of many different churches within the same territory should be paralleled by the acceptance of many co-existing governments and non-governmental communities, each one presiding and regulating those who have chosen them and feel represented by them. Given the fact that the basic rules of civility are universal (i.e. not based on or determined by territorial governments) and are likely to continue prevailing amongst civilized individuals, and that the eventual existence of individuals who commit crimes can still be dealt by the various communities through their various aterritorial governments and protective agencies, there seems to be no obstacle why experiments of political freedom cannot be undertaken with the same success of the ones that promoted religious freedom. The only obstacles are in the grooves of our own mind and the blinkers put around our own eyes. - For all these reasons, if you have an open mind and your mental and perceptual eyesight is strong and sharp, you should explore and contribute to the principles and practices of Panarchy – Polyarchy – Personarchy.” – Gian Piero de Bellis, - FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT IN EVERY SPHERE – AMONG VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Panarchy "sightings" (views, or insights) are so far still much rarer than UFO sightings - and thus not taken serious by most. - JZ, 2.1.88. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Panarchy exists in much of our daily lives - however, with all too many limitations upon our exterritorial autonomy and with the exception of a few very important spheres, which are still territorially monopolized. - JZ, 4.9.87, 1.4.89, 20.1.11, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – LIMITED PRACTICE NOW

PANARCHISM: Panarchy gives a new meaning to Rousseau's phrase: "Liberty is a set of laws which I have chosen for myself." - JZ 16 May 89. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – Actually, personal laws existed for much longer than territorial laws. – JZ, 20.4.08. - SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, PERSONAL LAWS, LIBERTY, SELF-GIVEN LAWS

PANARCHISM: Panarchy is a framework that could make libertarianism acceptable or at least tolerable to non-libertarians. - JZ 10.8.87. - From JZ, Pan AZ. - & LIBERTARIANISM COMBINED ARE LESS PROVOCATIVE FOR ALL KINDS OF STATISTS – WHO WOULD THEN BE FREE TO DO THEIR STATIST THINGS AMONG THEMSELVES

PANARCHISM: Panarchy is a very disarming institution - by giving everybody what he wants and is entitled to. It offers a peaceful road towards the realization of any rightful dream for any desired social organization - for all those who desire it. No one will have to fight to establish or maintain his own preferred institution. It amounts to free love and free divorce in political marriages. It also unites almost everybody against the looters, parasites and coercers and will make large and national armaments superfluous. - JZ 4.4.84. – WAR & PEACE

PANARCHISM: Panarchy is either a mostly still unknown or a very much misunderstood ideal. It is doubtful whether more than 1000 consistent panarchists exist already on Earth. But it could very well be the most important and effective idea ever on human relationships and organizations. It has the potential to “conquer” almost all minds. - JZ, 4.4.84, 16.5.08.

PANARCHISM: Panarchy is in politics what free banking is in banking. - JZ, 3.4.84. - Or monetary freedom and financial freedom are in economics, as opposed to monetary and financial despotism, which is the prevailing territorialism in this sphere. - JZ, 20.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Panarchy is no utopia but every other system, i.e. every exclusive, territorial system with compulsory membership, is! (Considering a utopia as a genuine ideal, that can be realized, as opposed to a despotically and country-wide imposed collectivist, territorial and coercive despotism, that can promise much, be upheld for all too long, but can never objectively deliver upon its promises. - Alas, this territorial and statist "utopia" is at present almost omnipresent. - JZ , 20.1.11.) Panarchism is no more utopian than any other innovations or reforms are in the beginning, i.e. is does not exist anywhere yet, in full, but it is the only practicable solution for men as diverse as they are. It is no more utopian than are the ideas of peace and freedom between human beings. Indeed, it would maximize the potential of both, help in their realization more than any other method and in their preservation once they are achieved. It is much less utopian than all the current statist attempts are e.g. in Vietnam, Israel or Australia, to achieve harmony, cooperation, uniformity and rapid advancement under central and territorial government direction and control, no matter whether it be democratic or dictatorial, based on 200 parties as in the Congo, 3 as in the USA or one as behind the Iron Curtain and the Bamboo Curtain. Under the present system not even any single party offers the reality of internal harmony. - JZ, n.d.

PANARCHISM: Panarchy is the most radical and the most tolerant political system, the only one with a chance to reconcile all ideologies, whether they take a left, right or central position. - JZ, n.d. – It is only inacceptable to incurable territorialists. – JZ, 26.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Panarchy is the only law - because panarchy is the only truth. - D.Z. 1977. – Panarchism means just a consistent application of freedom of association, which includes the freedom of individual to give notice to any kind of association. It comes as close to truths in the political, economic and social spheres for very diverse people as free people can come to religious truths under religious freedom or religious tolerance. – JZ, 16.4.08. – Since he was only about 14 then, you will have to forgive him his exaggerated formulation. – JZ, 14.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Panarchy provides for competitive law codes and administrations, competitively offered, chosen and used i.e. among volunteers only. - JZ, 21.11.82.

PANARCHISM: Panarchy wants to put an end to "united" archists and "united" anarchists and replace all their aspirations and associations by diversified and autonomous anarchists and archists, each living as far as is humanly possible, under full exterritorially autonomous, in accordance with his or her own dreams or rational and moral preferences, together with nearby and like-minded people or merely networking and cooperating over a distance with them, under personally chosen, not territorially imposed constitutions, laws and jurisdictions. - JZ, 14.8.85, 10.1.93, 26.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - UNITY & UNIFORMITY

PANARCHISM: PANARCHY, DIALECTIC, No.3, 8pp, 27-34, was reproduced in ON PANARCHY XII, in PEACE PLANS 833 on microfiche. - I would like to obtain all the other issues of this magazine published by Le Grand E. Day. - JZ, 18.9.04. - A book by Le Grand E. Day, on his kind of panarchism or multi-archism can be found on


PANARCHISM: Papers on Finno-Ugric Peoples and other Minority Issues - - ... choices freely to belong or not to belong to exterritorial autonomy. Nations perceived this law as potentially diminishing their status to that of immigrant groups, ... - Remarkably, the law on national-cultural autonomy was accepted in the year 1998, which conception promotes in line with Otto Bauer's ideas rather individual choices freely to belong or not to belong to exterritorial autonomy.

PANARCHISM: Peace, freedom, justice, wealth, progress - through the expropriation of all bureaucrats and politicians and the abolition of all their powers not based upon individual consent and voluntary taxation. - JZ, 13.3.95. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Peace, prosperity, and progress all grew from the concept of absolute individual rights, under a system of unanimous consent.” - L. Neil Smith, Tom Paine Maru, p.162. - PANARCHIES, CONSENT, RIGHTS, UNANIMITY, VOLUNTARISM, PEACE & INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, PROSPERITY, PROGRESS

PANARCHISM: Peaceful and Pluralist Practices for Personal Preferences Planet-wide. - JZ, n.d. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PEACE & INDIVIDUAL CHOICE

PANARCHISM: PEMBAUR, WALTHER: Gedanken zu einer Ethik des Minderheitenrechtes, Wilhelm Braumueller, Universitaetsverlag Wien-Leipzig, Sonderdruck aus: NATION UND STAAT, IX, 1936, Heft 10/11, 30 S., JZL. - A very limited defence of very limited minority rights written by a territorial statist, who all too often sounds just like many Nazis did, when they wanted to bring "home" their nationals spread over the world. - JZ - Home is wherever you are exterritorially free to do your own things for and to yourself. - JZ, 19.9.04. - MINORITY RIGHTS

PANARCHISM: PENNOCK, J. ROLAND & CHAPMAN, JOHN W., Editors: Voluntary Associations, NOMOS XI, Atherton Press, N.Y., 1969, 291pp, JZL. - I found this a very disappointing treatment of a very interesting subject. The essays are boring to me and skim reading did nowhere attract my attention. They try to give the impression of academic objectivity but the subjectivity of their opinions and judgments leaks through almost everywhere I tried. An ivory tower treatment with a strong statist bias against voluntary associations, especially corporations, in most cases. So many words and so many generalizations, so many prejudices and so few positive ideas and conclusions. If any panarchist, anarchist or libertarian should find anything of interest in this volume, please do point it out to me. - JZ 29.1.99. - VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS

PANARCHISM: People are different. Let them be. – JZ, 9.7.93. - In every respect, including their choices of political, economic and social systems individually adopted by them. - JZ, 18.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PEOPLE & DIVERSITY

PANARCHISM: People as much inclined towards being contrary, on many public opinion subjects, and as argumentative among themselves, as libertarians are, should have long ago picked up and developed that simple and obvious alternative to the usual territorial governmental "policies" and "programs", or "politics as usual", even if it had been merely for the obvious motives of active "debaters", trying to score a point against their opponents, however far-fetched it might be. Alas, here, too, they gave an all too typical instant of what Ayn Rand called: "The sanction of the victim". - The best "foreign aid" that we could supply would be better ideas, combined with free trade, free enterprise and free investment opportunities, including all those provided by full monetary and financial freedom, within foreign countries and within our own, even if, initially, confined only to volunteers and expanded only as these volunteers become more numerous. Government efforts in Iraq have failed to provide their troops even with sufficient body armor and good vehicles and spare parts for them, - not only with a quite rightful war and peace aims program. - But then, the libertarians, so far, haven't supplied or sufficiently published such programs, either. Maybe we will get, with Ron Paul, the beginnings of such an effort? – JZ, 04/05, in letter to young NZ libertarians, taken from Pan AZ. - RON PAUL & LIBERTARIANS

PANARCHISM: People free to secede from any territorial government or any existing panarchy, free to do their own things afterwards, to and for themselves, at their own risk and expense, will have no strong incentive to resist, rebel or rise against any government or panarchy or to commit any terrorist or warlike act against one. Thus all somewhat sensible governments, among the existing territorial ones, would we advised to let them go. - JZ, 7.7.88, 27.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - REBELLION, RESISTANCE, REVOLUTION, CIVIL WAR, CIVIL UNREST, TERRORISM

PANARCHISM: People who feel themselves in chains, with no hope of getting them off, want to put chains on everyone else.” - John Holt: Teach Your Own. – INTOLERANCE, ENVY, FEAR, EGALITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: People who see and appreciate only a small segment, like panarchistic freedom in entertainment and religion, do not see and appreciate the whole picture of it and its potential. On the contrary, our kind of "society" will tend to prejudice them against it - in many ways. – (In the same way as most people are e.g. prejudiced in favor of central banking vs. free banking and in favor of coercive protectionism vs. free trade. The Red Indians and Arabs left oil in the ground and moved only with the speed of horses.) Only a full vision of a consistent panarchy will be persuasive and effective, i.e., it will tend to become self-realizing. The written record of panarchical options has so far been much too small and out of sight to have been able to change public option in favor of panarchism. My "PEACE PLANS" series, with its limited means, attempted to change that situation, up to issue 1779 in 2002. Reprints are free and invited and more contributions to its sub-series "On Panarchy", of which the first 24 issues are now out, on 24 microfiche.) – JZ, 1986, 2004. (Later all 24 issues were digitized by me – But some panarchist material can now be found on and - . – JZ, 18.4.08. - From JZ, Pan AZ. - - - - - - - STILL OUT OF SIGHT & MIND FOR MOST PEOPLE, ALTHOUGH THEY PRACTISE IT DAILY – BUT ONLY FRACTIONALLY

PANARCHISM: People who so hate each other that they are even prepared to murder each other, as e.g. in Yugoslavia or in Rwanda, should not be forced to live together under a single territorial government, perhaps one that is run by their opponents. Neither should they be strictly and coercively segregated into separate territories that would tend to establish a state of war between them. – JZ, 3.4.97.

PANARCHISM: People, who are free to make their own individual choices in every sphere, will tend to more and more choose e.g. less taxes, politicians and bureaucrats for themselves. They will more and more do their own things successfully and become less inclined to lay down territorial laws for others. They will practically demonstrate better solutions via self-responsible actions and will favor full publicity for them. Militias of volunteers only for the realization and protection of genuine individual rights and liberties (to the extent that they are already recognized and claimed by enlightened individuals and groups), as well as the compilation, discussion, publication and finally declaration of a comprehensive and clear declaration of them, will be a great help. So will be an Ideas Archive and a Talent Centre, an Encyclopedia of the Best Refutations of Popular Errors, Myths and Prejudices. - Choice and self-responsibility will then become maximized and thereby rapid enlightenment and progress will become more assured in every sphere. Copyrights and patents will be abolished as unnatural and counter-productive monopolies while innovators and talents will be rewarded in many other ways. Full freedom will maximize producer and consumer satisfaction in every sphere. There would be no involuntary unemployment under complete freedom to exchange, including full monetary and financial freedom. Experimental freedom will include exterritorial autonomy options for volunteers in all spheres so far monopolized by territorial governments. – JZ, 28.1.11, 18.2.1, 15.1.13, 26.11.13. - INVISIBLE HAND, NATURAL HARMONY, FREE MARKETS IN EVERY SPHERE, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREE CHOICE, ENLIGHTENMENT, PEACE, PROSPERITY, HEALTH, LIFE EXTENSION, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, TOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: Personally Preferred “Paradises” for everyone, according to his own free choice! – JZ, – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Persuasion or Practical Demonstration or Both? Mere words do not convince enough people or not fast enough. They convince all the less the more radical and important a proposed change is. This is not only true in the sphere of metaphysics but also and in particular, in the sphere of the “social sciences”. Here every fact, problem, institution, principle or idea is explained in dozens if not hundreds of different ways and, accordingly, all reform proposals differ. No government has time or is interested or able to test all these proposals during the few years of its rule, one by one. It just grabs some of them out of the bag, the most popular, fashionable or deceptive ones and more or less ignores all others, if it does not actively suppress them. This is the current and non-scientific attitude in this sphere, a truly intolerant and utopian attitude. Only experimental freedom in the social, economic and political spheres, in the only form that would be possible everywhere: for exterritorial and autonomous associations of volunteers, which practise diverse personal law systems among themselves, will come to offer some sound short-term and a long-term solutions. - JZ, n.d., & 26.11.13. - VOLUNTARISM & EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Plainly, the central idea of secession is the essence of anarchy." - Abraham Lincoln on his 1st. inaugural address. Quoted in the article "Secession, the Essence of Anarchy ..." by J. R. Strombert, LIBERTARIAN FORUM, June 1976. – Panarchy and consistent, because voluntary anarchism, begins with individual sovereignty and individual secessionism and then proceeds to completely voluntary associationism under personal laws and full exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 14.3.09, 27.11.13. - SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Plan and construct your own peace, progress, justice, freedom and prosperity system, society, community, exterritorially quite autonomous, together with all like-minded people – and let all others do their own things, likewise, for or to themselves. – JZ, 29.12.04, 21.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - A-TERRITORIAL SELF-GOVERNMENT FOR ALL VOLUNTEERS, INSTEAD OF TERRITORIALIST PARTIES, POLITICIANS, THEIR LAWS, INSTITUTIONS & POLITICS & THEIR POWERS OVER YOU.

PANARCHISM: Plants, in their natural condition, live peacefully, tolerantly, competitively and panarchistically together in the same territory, in their diverse ways. So do numerous species of animals and insects, to the extent that their nature does not make them eat each other. So can and should humans. At least we have already overcome cannibalism in its primitive form. We have to learn to end cannibalizing parts of our lives, via e.g. taxation and regulations, as well. - JZ, 6.1.95, 24.6.01, 28.6.01, 21.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FLORA & FAUNA, CANNIBALISM, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE THROUGH MUTUAL TOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: Play your own games - and let others play theirs! A common sense maxim applied in spheres where its application was so far suppressed. - JZ, 18.1.95 & 26.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PLAYING GAMES

PANARCHISM: Political individual secession is even more rightful and necessary than divorce from a non-working marriage – and as much justified. – JZ, 23.10.93. – Our compulsory marriages to territorialism should be dissolved and should become dissolvable, unilaterally, by individual secessionism. – JZ, 14.3.09. - DIVORCE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, MARRIAGE

PANARCHISM: Political, social and economic alternatives will not have been fully studied until all the alternatives, that are possible under exterritorial autonomy among volunteers, are studied as well. - JZ 25 July 89. – ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, PARALLEL INSTITUTIONS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENTS, GENUINE SELF-DETERMINATION, INDIVIDUALISM, MINORITY AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM & POLITICAL SCIENCE

PANARCHISM: Politicians and bureaucrats to rule only over their own volunteers and at the expense and risk of these volunteers, as long as these voluntarily submit to this lordship, domination and exploitation. There will always be fools and this will remain their best chance to finally learn enough about their own lives, rights and liberties. - JZ, 21.1.04, 24.3.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Pound ... wants to make clear that he does not believe, like most Utopians, that reform of the world is merely a matter of getting his own politico-economic ideas generally accepted.” - R. A. Wilson, The Illuminati Papers, p.108. - If Utopians do not subscribe to the "meta-utopia" as proposed by Nozick, or the diverse panarchies as described by de Puydt, then they subscribe to war against the rest of the human race, in favor of their particular utopia, territorially realized everywhere, contrary to the will of all dissenters. - JZ 7.4.84, 17.4.08. – TERRITORIALISM, UTOPISM, INTOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: Power can be hierarchical and centralized but also democratic, majoritarian and decentralized. It can be territorial and also exterritorial, with the latter being applied with consent of the victims, only among volunteers, e.g. within the Mafia, the Catholic Church and in corporations and it can to that extent be statist or authoritarian without being territorially coercive and monopolistic. – JZ, 19.8.03, 23.3.09, 21.1.11. - POWER, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIALISM


PANARCHISM: Pray you use your freedom, // And, so far as you please, allow me mine, // To hear you only; not to be compelled // to take your moral potions.” -  Massinger, The Duke of Milan, Act IV, sc. 3.

PANARCHISM: President De Gaulle is said to have once remarked, in an attempt to excuse his failures: “Who can govern a nation that loves 400 different kinds of cheese?” – Certainly no one who likes to prescribe his own preferred taste in cheese for millions of others. He raised an important question but did not answer it, although with regard to cheese and in numerous other private ways, he was prepared to leave Frenchmen their individual and exterritorially autonomous choices. But he wanted to monopolize, like most present politicians, the “public affairs” decision, i.e. all major decisions in the political, economic and social spheres. He did not learn enough from his chosen example. His supposedly “gloriously united” and “happy” “nation was, in reality, an ingloriously forced-together combination, a disunited and unhappy “nation”, artificially made up and forcefully held together, in spite of the various tribal, religious and ideological individual preferences, which no single regime, party, parliament, no territorial rule at all could rightfully and properly represent, even with the best intentions and greatest abilities among the leaders. The French sometimes tried several territorial governments per year. None of them could provide satisfaction to all the dissenters. The model itself is unsuitable for the achievement of this aim. – JZ, 8.4.95, 9.1.99, 18.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - Later someone told me that there are now altogether over 2,000 different kinds of cheese. The highest figure for different religious faiths that I found was about 30,000. - JZ, 21.1.11. - TASTE, THE GREAT VARIETY OF PERSONAL TASTES, CHOICES AND PREFERENCES

PANARCHISM: Private payment and clearing associations, on a voluntary basis and without any privileges, are instances of exterritorial and autonomous institutions - in a limited and yet very important sphere. They would mainly need merely exemption from all government regulations, taxation and jurisdiction, i.e. exterritorial autonomy above the territorial law, not subordination under it, or protection from it, for all their own affairs. - JZ 5.1.83, 6.4.84, 16.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Privatize governments and give each former involuntary subscriber his share in the value of the remaining public assets. - JZ, 17 Sep. 89. – With public assets I mean, naturally, only real capital assets, which are, at present, formally owned, controlled and mismanaged by governments at every level, not investments, certified on government documents (public debt certificates), in tax slaves. – All public debts should be repudiated by those not willing to back them with part of their future earnings. - JZ, 14.3.09. – This ideas was described in PEACE PLANS 19 C, later digitized and put online as part of a CD at - PRIVATIZATION OF GOVERNMENTS

PANARCHISM: Privatize governments, i.e., turn them into voluntary institutions and free and competitive enterprises – based only upon exterritorial autonomy and voluntary membership. That requires that individuals are and remain free to secede from them and to conclude other societal arrangements for themselves, i.e., to live under personal rather than territorial laws and rules. – JZ, 26.2.94, 9.1.99. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – When dissenters are free to secede from a government and to live under self-chosen personal law systems, the remaining State subjects become thereby also volunteers living under personal law only, without a territorial monopoly. Let all people freely sort themselves out into the kinds of communities that they do prefer for themselves, territorial ones excepted, private or cooperative ones remaining possible. – JZ, 17.11.13. - PRIVATIZATION & VOLUNTARIZATION OF GOVERNMENTS

PANARCHISM: Privatized governments! But exterritorially and for volunteers only, not granted a territorial monopoly or franchise. – JZ, 23.3.09, 27.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Problems caused through the lack of panarchism can only be solved through panarchism. – JZ, 26.3.04. - Territorialism cannot cure the causes and effects of territorialism. - JZ, 21.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Progress, stagnation or regression: To each his own. - JZ, 15.4.92. – From JZ, Pan AZ. PANARCHISM: Proprietary communities do not grant or respect minority rights or rights of autonomous aliens. Regarding them, I have not even heard of discussions regarding the granting of diplomatic immunity and consular jurisdiction towards other nationals. Within their borders they would thus be still more intolerant than the present States are. They leave only obedience or emigration as choices. "Love it or leave it!" Admittedly, assuming they are only relatively small, emigration would be very much facilitated by their size. It would often require no more effort than a conventional move into other accommodation and or other jobs. But one could attempt to look into their future and could see them preempting the surface of the earth as much as today's 150-200 States do and as formerly the milliions of independent primitive villages and nomadic communities did. Then the remaining restraints, which they impose upon individual liberty by the suppression of personal law as a freedom alternative to territorial law, would become obvious. Wherever one moved one would be subjected to the despotism of local lords or majorities. Thus individual rights and liberties would often be negated in a renewal of feudalism or the general realization of a decentralized kind of territorialism. - JZ, 7.4.84, 21.1.11, 27.11.13. - PROPRIETARY COMMUNITIES? DECENTRALIZED TERRITORIALISM? PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTERS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Questions ... We must try to solve them each for himself instead of each for all others. - St. Ch. Waldecke, Gedanken ueber Anarchie, S.11. – PROBLEMS, SOLUTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, COMPETITION IN EVERY SPHERE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

PANARCHISM: Quit the club and find a better one.” - Harry Browne: How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, p.75. – Alas, he never managed to apply that idea to States, societies and communities, as far as I know. – JZ, 13.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Radical liberties and rights as well as restrictions of them to be entirely optional within exterritorial and autonomous communities of volunteers. For relations between them the full range of rights and liberties is to apply - unless, for particular dealings with each other, two or more panarchies can agree with each other upon the same degree of restrictions upon them. C cannot rightly or effectively force A and B to trade freely with each other. - JZ 15.1.93. – From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: Raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair." - George Washington. (His standard is no longer the resort of the wise and the honest - if it ever fully was. - JZ)

PANARCHISM: raise your own flag and defend your liberty.” - Jackson Pemberton, THE FREEMAN, 5/76. – Raising the flag is worthwhile only when, at the same time, one favors full exterritorial autonomy for other flag-wavers as well. Otherwise it just amounts to another Warfare State in action, with civil wars or bloody revolution – to achieve, temporarily, territorial domination over all peaceful dissenters. Territorial States are not worth defending as such. They often arrange for “false flag” incidents to appear as defenders. Moreover, their “defensive” actions are often more aggressive and oppressive than defensive and liberating. Only individual rights and liberties – or voluntarily adopted restrictions in volunteer communities, are worth defending. – JZ, 13.3.09, 21.1.11, 27.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Realized individual secessionism and an-territorially autonomous communities of volunteers would transform all present States into rightful ones that have only voluntary members left. As such they would have the right to exist and to continue as long as they can manage to satisfy their own volunteers without preying upon the members of other voluntary communities. To that extent panarchists would earn the gratitude of any ruling or aspiring politicians. It would give all of them their best possible chance to remain uncontested leaders of those willing to follow them, as long as they can manage to satisfy their followers. - If their present territorial leaders really believed in their cause then they would be convinced that they would at least have the potential to gain, by the conversion to panarchism and letting dissenters go their own ways, more new followers from all over the world than they would lose in secessionists. If they lost more people than they gained, they would have no more good reasons left to complain than a businessman has who lost more and more of his customers because he was unable or unwilling to satisfy them. – JZ, n.d., From JZ, Pan AZ. – Panarchism would transform territorial and centralistic, collectivistic, coercive and monopolistic sovereignty of the existing States into that of various communities of volunteers that are only exterritorially autonomous and as such do not constitute any threat to any peaceful activities and to any genuine community of volunteers intent merely on managing its own affairs. – JZ, 4.4.08. - LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, PARTIES, ADVANTAGES FOR THEM

PANARCHISM: Reduce the activities of politicians and bureaucrats to their voluntary customers, subjects and contributors. That would greatly reduce the wrong and harm they can do and would even enlighten some of their victims after a while. – JZ, 10.8.99, 14.2.08. - Perhaps even their leaders. - JZ, 21.1.11. - POLITICS

PANARCHISM: Rejoice, Rejoice, We Have No Choice” - is the heading of an SF story by Terry Carr in Isaac Asimov et al, “The Future I”, Fawcett Crest, 1981, p.185. – We can only rejoice once we get individual free choice. – JZ, 20.9.05. And this in the last spheres that are so far still monopolized by territorial states, the political, economic and social ones. - Rejoice, rejoice, we are going to have free choice, via panarchism or polyarchism. – But much enlightenment work of self and others is still needed to reach that stage. However, digitally that process can be very much accelerated. - JZ, 24.9.07. – Ideally, thousands should become involved. Even mere letter writing, through a Committee for Correspondence, promoted the French Revolution, perhaps even also the American Revolution. – The Internet has at least the potential to bring about rapid changes, as fast and unexpectedly as e.g. the fall of the Berlin Wall. – It offers parliamentary options or talk shops and permanent conference possibilities for almost all the people. But these speeches, articles, essays and books and access to them should be still much better organized. - JZ, 10.3.09. - Luckily, not all suffer from “decidophobia”, at least when it comes to what they do already consider to be their own affaris. – JZ, 27.11.13. - POLYARCHISM & FREE CHOICE, , LEADERSHIP, FOLLOWERS, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, ENLIGHTENMENT, INTERNET, THE WEB

PANARCHISM: Relations would be defined by processes of contract, sureties and insurance.” - L.P. Liggio: Charles Dunoyer and French Classical Liberalism, JLS, Sum.77, p.165. - INSURANCE, PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATIONS

PANARCHISM: Religious and ideological nuts and power addicts do not belong into any powerful territorial offices but only into the offices of their own communities of volunteers. There their voluntary victims deserve them and everything that they get from their rule. – There their victims remain free to secede from them and to try something better for themselves - outside of the community that disappointed them and that they seceded from. They would have the free market and free enterprise offers of many other panarchies to choose from – and could even try to establish their own with a handful of like-minded followers. - JZ, 5.12.04, 21.1.11, 27.11.13. - LEADERSHIP, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, NUTTERS, CRACKPOTS, “IDEALISTS”, “REFORMERS”, “REVOLUTIONARIES”, GURUS, DEMAGOGUES, FUNDAMENTALISTS, FANATICS, CHOICE, VOLUNTARISM, ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS

PANARCHISM: Replace permanent or temporary territorial supremacy by permanent autonomy for all (except criminals with victims and other aggressors) - based on individual consent or choice. – Thus a sufficient degree of unity could be achieved through diversity and tolerance. - JZ 21.7.87, 18.4.08.

PANARCHISM: Replace the fruitless and misleading discussions of right vs. left and or left vs. right, anarchism vs. libertarianism and libertarianism vs. anarchism etc., by full discussions of all voluntary options that do exclude territorialism but do include all exterritorialist autonomy options for all communities of volunteers - of whatever shade of opinion and conviction. This kind of experimental freedom or freedom of action is most important - if we want to solve most of our remaining public problems, fast and effectively. Full tolerance is required for all tolerant actions so that all voluntaristic possibilities become explored and proved or disproved fast. Otherwise it will remain “politics as usual”, i.e. we will be getting nowhere or even go backwards or stumble into the general holocaust, essentially caused by the continuance of territorial super-States with their “super” "weapons" which are no smarter than those who advocated them, built them and kept them in readiness for mass murderous actions. – JZ, 27.4.98, 9.1.99, 21.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PREFERENCES FOR WRONGFULLY CLASSIFIED & FALSE ALTERNATIVES LIKE RIGHT VS. LEFT

PANARCHISM: Replacement of territorial laws and institutions and imposed governments by personal law and self-chosen institutions and even freely and individually chosen governments or non-governmental societies, with the own choices binding only oneself, until one withdraws from such a contract and its obligations. Leaving all others to their choices. One will then affiliate and cooperate only with like-minded people, apart local trade international trade relationships. – JZ, 25.3.09, 21.1.11, 27.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Replacing territorial States with compulsory membership, i.e., domination by a few and subordination for the many, a collectivist and territorial sovereignty of abstracts like "the nation", "the people", "the country" or "the government" - by communities of volunteers, with local to country-wide or even world-wide membership, all fully autonomous and under personal laws, all as free or as unfree as they want to be, but all only an-territorially (exterritorially), i.e. without any territorial monopoly (apart from their privately or cooperatively owned real estate). – From JZ Pan AZ. – JZ, 21.1.11. - STATISM, POLYARCHIES, STATES

PANARCHISM: Restrain everybody from restraining the freedom of others. - The institutional realization of this ideal consists in panarchies based upon exterritorial autonomy for all groups of volunteer that desire it. - The principles to be abided by are the individual rights claimed by members of volunteer communities within their communities and, probably, the optimal institutions to uphold these rights would be local volunteer militias for their protection, internationally federated. - JZ, 23.2.91 & 26.6.01, 18.9.04, 21.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - FREEDOM & RESTRAINTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, MILITIAS, PANARCHIES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTEER COMMUNITIES

PANARCHISM: Rightful and efficient ways-out will be easily and as fast as possible found under free experimentation for all, in all spheres, even those now monopolized by territorial governments, combined with an efficient free market for all new ideas and talents. – JZ, 8.6.97, 10.1.99, 18.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - WAYS OUT

PANARCHISM: Rightful revolutions with panarchies as their aim could lead to an easy and almost bloodless liberation from tyrannies and would put an end to further revolutions – because then even one-man-revolution would become possible, nay, even daily practice for at least some individuals, peacefully seceding and choosing another kind of society or community for themselves. - JZ, 66/82, 21.1.11, 27.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Robert A. Heinlein … also stated that the solution for all the problems of democracy was more democracy. - G. Harry Stine, ANALOG 6/96. - That would require self-government of individuals, individual sovereignty and individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for their communities of volunteers. Most democrats and republicans do not yet envision as much liberty and are not prepared to concede it. (Not even most anarchists and libertarians do. - JZ, 18.9.04.) It would mean that the rump democracies and republics, after all dissenters had seceded from them, would also be mere volunteer communities, that are only exterritorially autonomous - i.e., ruling only by personal law over their own remaining and thus voluntary members. - JZ, n.d. & 28.6.01, 21.1.11, 27.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DEMOCRACY

PANARCHISM: Rousseau considers invalid a contract by which one sells oneself into slavery. Since selling oneself into slavery deprives one of the opportunities to exercise one's free will, it deprives all one's actions of their moral character. (JLS, Summ 77, p.189.) Consequently, there is no "contract" with any present government, no obligation towards it (for all who did not quite freely chose it for themselves) except to leave it - alone! - The obligation to dissociate oneself from criminals and criminal governments becomes clearer when one considers the criminal implications already of the mere possession and keeping in readiness of anti-people weapons like ABC mass murder devices. - JZ, 7.4.84. - JZ 23.11.82, 27.11.13. - PERSONAL LAWS, CONSENT, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

PANARCHISM: Rule over any peaceful dissenters should be out for all moral and rational beings. What remains is exterritorial and voluntary self-rule or self-management, usually in combination with like-minded other volunteers and sufficient tolerance for the different laws, activities and institutions of the panarchistic communities and societies of other volunteers. – JZ, 11.4.04, 24.3.09. – DOMINATION, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARY SELF-GOVERNMENT OR SELF-MANAGEMENT

PANARCHISM: Schisms, splits, polarizations, separatism, factionalism etc. are all desirable and progressive as a rule, at least as learning experiences, provided only all otherwise diverse groups are and remain tolerant of each other, each only doing its own things (at the own risk and expense). - JZ 18.12.83, 6.4.84, 27.11.13. - There is actually so much genuine public interest in free experimentation, naturally, among volunteers only, that one should expect some of today's politicians to demand one day, before they have fully understood the moral position of panarchism, that panarchic experiments become subsidized! - JZ 6.4.84. - Luckily, they do not need that, but just freedom for their volunteers to go ahead, under their kind of voluntary taxation or contribution scheme. – JZ, 16.4.08. - Perhaps the failure of most, if not all subsidization projects has not yet been fully written up? Perhaps not even in the case of "free and compulsory" education, Foreign Aid, Protectionism, standing armies, bureaucracies, arts- and sports subsidies. A full list would be very long. - JZ, 21.1.11. - SUBSIDIES

PANARCHISM: Secede from all nuclear power and strength “popes”. - JZ, 13.9. 89, 27.11.13. – SECESSION, PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES OF VOLUNTEERS, NWT, POWER

PANARCHISM: Secede from party politics, bureaucracy, war-mongers, tax collectors, oppressive laws, kidnappers working for the schools and the armies. Run your own life, as a sovereign individual. - JZ, 1973. - Alone or together with like-minded volunteers. - JZ, 21.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Secede from the establishment - instead of merely cursing it. – JZ, n.d.

PANARCHISM: Secessionists of the world unite, into one or several world federation that work for non-territorial autonomy for all volunteers who desire it, for all minorities that wish it for themselves and for all so far suppressed the majorities, i.e., for all “captive nations” or “captive societies”. – JZ, 9.3.1986, 18.4.08. – NEW INTERNATIONALS

PANARCHISM: see how quickly a reign over many becomes impossibly huge.” - Poul Anderson, Agent of the Terran Empire, Coronet Books, Hodder and Staughton, 1965, 1977, p.97, ISBN 0 340 21245 4. - Compare: "No man is good enough to rule another man without his consent." - Parents cannot even fully control their own children - and yet Prime Ministers, Presidents and other despots, non-elected ones, pretend to be able to control millions of people to the advantage of their territorial victims. Now and then even the child of a top political leader turns into a drug addict. According to Pitirim Sorokin, criminality is highest among political leaders. - JZ, 28.6.01. We tend to be led and misled by criminals in top positions - and yet remained all too complacent about this. - JZ 10.12.03. - Panarchies would at least represent unanimous consent and tend to remain within their optimum size. - JZ, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - CONSENT, RULE, OPTIMUM SIZE, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Seeing is believing.” – Not quite but a strong tendency in this direction exists. Territorialism prevents us from seeing all the alternatives to its current system in our very neighborhood. Truths as well as errors should be practically demonstrated – by their believers and at their expense and risk. Thus wrongful notions, beliefs and ideas can be most rapidly turned towards truthful alternatives to them. – JZ, 2.5.02, 24.3.09. - EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATIONS, FREEDOM TO ACT, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS

PANARCHISM: Seeing my panarchistic approach, I am an anarchist and an authoritarian, a utopian and a conservative, a libertarian and a socialist, a radical and a gradualist, a conservative reformer and a nonviolent and militant revolutionary, an uncompromising compromiser and an immoderate moderator as well - and there is no contradiction involved. - JZ, 24.6.77.

PANARCHISM: Seeing that there is in-fighting even among anarchists, a single and uniform anarchistic society will never suit all the different types and aspirations of anarchists, far less those of the usually much more numerous archists. Thus moral and rational anarchists would aim at letting each individual chose his “lollies”, "jollies" or medicine, his method, system and associations in this sphere as well. Allow all governments to continue or set themselves up – but only with voluntary members and without any territorial privileges. Then they, too, would tend to become merely some more exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities although their constitutions, for their own members, would remain more or less authoritarian or even totalitarian. – JZ, 20.3.96, 9.1.99. – From JZ Pan AZ. - Compare my long but still very incomplete anarchist spectrum on - JZ, 21.1.11. - ANARCHISM

PANARCHISM: Self-evidently, the "individualists" may freely associate, too. The decisive factor for an anarchist, whichever economic views he holds, is merely whether the principle of voluntaryism is maintained in such a community and whether he may withdraw from it, in case that appears advisable to him, as fast as he had once, while reserving his independence, joined it. - St. Ch. Waldecke, Gedanken ueber Anarchie, S. 14.”

PANARCHISM: Self-Ownership vs. all kinds of serfdom and feudalism - unless they are practised among volunteers only. - JZ, 6.7. 89. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, MINORITY AUTONOMY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Separatism for everyone who wants it – but only an exterritorial basis. – JZ, 25.9.93. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - SEPARATISM

PANARCHISM: She is yours. She is not a threat. But she is a challenge. She is perhaps the greatest challenge which mankind has ever been called upon to meet. She is a challenge to your willingness to admit that you might not be right, that you might not already have all the answers. She is a challenge to your willingness to learn rather than to argue.” - Mark Clifton and Frank Riley, They'd Rather Be Right, ASTOUNDING SF, Nov. 1954, p.133. - In this stories the "she" was a supercomputer, small, cheap and mass produced, that offered each buyer all the accumulated knowledge of mankind upon request, a bit like the idealized and ultimately developed Internet is supposed to become, with everybody having a cheap and easy PC access to it. - JZ, 3.2.02. – Panarchism is something like a super computer system that tests among volunteers all the ideas that mankind has -regarding political, economic and social systems and this in a tolerant and self-responsible way. The successes and failures of its individual, numerous and very diverse panarchies will be recorded by the social scientists, also largely on computers and the knowledge and experience thus gained will be forever become easily accessible to mankind. Rapid progress will thus be assured, as it was through experimental freedom in the natural sciences, in agriculture, technology, literature, music, in all the arts, in fashions, life-styles, sports, hobbies, crafts. The territorial monopolies of governments will be ended. All their forms will have to become freely and exterritorially competing enterprises of volunteers only, depending upon consumer sovereignty and choices. – JZ, 7.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Should anarchists strive for any kind of power or self-determination or self-management for their kind of their dissenters or merely for voluntary self-rule for all? - JZ, 18.1.95. – From JZ Pan AZ. – Anarchists of all kinds should become tolerant even towards statists doing their things only voluntarily and only among themselves. – JZ, 27.11.13.ANARCHISM OF THE TOLERANT KIND

PANARCHISM: Should those people, who have hardly any knowledge of or interest in freedom and individual rights, or in their past and present conditions and their future potential, have any right to vote and decide - except within their own communities of volunteer? - JZ, 9.1.96. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - Revised: 21.1.11, 27.11.13. - DEMOCRACY, VOTING, INDIFFERENCE, APATHY, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, PEOPLE

PANARCHISM: Should we give in our membership cards to this society for the maintenance of war, we’ve landed in? That's the only right thing to do, isn't it? - Moeller laughed mirthlessly. - It would be nice if we could! - Only one reason for giving up membership will be accepted: a bullet in the head, said von Barring.” - Sven Hassel: Wheels of Terror, p.173. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, WAR, STATE, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Since "the people" are a democratic utopian fiction and since masses of people or even majorities, if at all, act only all too belatedly, ineffectively, confusedly, destructively and bloodily against oppression, thus merely preparing the groundwork for more oppression, it is high time to recognize, at least in principle and publicly, wherever and whenever possible, as a rightful, radical, practicable, peace- and freedom promoting, principled and tolerant alternative, the right of individuals and minority groups to withdraw or refuse their consent and, instead, to operate autonomously, exterritorially and voluntarily, at their own expense and risk, in their own associations. - JZ 14.7.89, 10.10.89. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, MINORITY AUTONOMY, SELF-HELP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, PEOPLE, DEMOCRACY, DICTATORSHIPS, FREEDOM, PEACE, JUSTICE, TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIAL IMPERATIVE

PANARCHISM: Since a proper government may act only on those who consent to it, its proper object of action is only the life and property of those persons who subscribe to it.” - Paul Baird, JLS, Fall 77, p.191. – Thus to the advocates of all existing and proposed governments one can only say: Lay out your subscription lists - even if, initially, you could do so only in the form of private polls. - JZ, 21.11.82.

PANARCHISM: Since no man has any natural authority over his fellows, and since force alone bestows no right, all legitimate authority among men must be based on covenants.” – J. J. Rousseau, The Social Contract, Book I, Chapter 4, on Slavery. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – Alas, he never got around to develop this thought towards diverse covenants, all only for volunteers, their personal law system under exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 27.11.13. - CONSENT, CONTRACTS & COVENANTS

PANARCHISM: Since the good is the enemy of the best and the best is the enemy of the good: Let those favoring the good have it, at their expense and risk and those favoring the best have it for themselves, at their expense. Then there might be peace or at least an armistice possible between them. – JZ, 6.6.84. – The same applies, naturally, to all lesser reforms and even to steps backwards. People have the right to make mistakes - at their own expense and risk. – JZ, 15.2.08. - THE BEST VS. THE GOOD, PEACE, COEXISTENCE

PANARCHISM: Since you can’t please everybody you might as well confine yourself to pleasing yourself and those you like – to the extent that you can do so without inflicting any wrongs upon others. (Freely competing with others, e.g. by giving your consumers more choice or lower prices, does not constitute the infliction of a wrongful harm upon your competitors.) – JZ, 8.9.84, 21.1.11. - COMPETITION, HARM & WRONG

PANARCHISM: So far territorial governments, once in office and while they were in office, they all more or less imposed taxes, and laws at their discretion, somewhat democratically or “representatively” camouflaged and under all kinds of popular false pretences, errors, prejudices and delusions, regardless of how effective or ineffective, wrongful or irrational their monopolies, their services and disservices were. They gave their territorial subjects and tax slaves no individual choice in this sphere – apart from a quite insignificant collectivist vote, one among millions and some options for voicing their disagreements. (*) In short, taxpayers and citizens were more or less exploited and suppressed by territorial politicians, their elected masters and more or less feudal lords. Under panarchy individual taxpayers and citizens would choose their own kinds of governments, societies, laws and representatives as their own real servants, professionals or tradesmen or experts. They would keep the ultimate decision-making and financial control in their individual own hands. They would apply consumer sovereignty towards government services. - JZ 5.3.84, 16.4.08. – (*) At least in Switzerland some direct democracy voting occurs even on some local finance issues. – JZ, 27.11.13.

PANARCHISM: So far the ethics and practicability and profitability of panarchism for everybody, in the form of a self-chosen panarchy, all for volunteers only, with an unlimited number of models, are even less recognized than those of the free market are. All too few are aware that it constitutes simply part of a quite free market, a free market in governmental, societal and economic services and organizations as well. - JZ, 3.4.84, 16.4.08, 17.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Social Security is a gigantic fraud from which taxpayers can now legally 'drop out'.” - Schiff, The Greatest Con, cover. - Can they, indeed? - JZ – From JZ, Pan AZ. - SOCIAL SECURITY

PANARCHISM: Societies and Communities, all of volunteers only and all confined to exterritorial autonomy under personal laws, would tend to be as rightful, harmless and peaceful as e.g. most business enterprises, clubs, organizations, companies, corporations, charities and various self-help and hobby groups already are, while territorial governments, over whole countries and populations, tend to be wrongful and harmful and, at least from a certain size upwards, even warlike. – JZ, 10.3.07, 18.9.08. – TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Society by Contract.”- SLL button No. 442. - SOCIETY, CONTRACTS, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: Sociology points to the ways in which human beings can achieve secure and satisfactory attitudes, but a condition of this kind of stability is the ability of individuals and groups to create their own institutions without too much pressure from the outside. We can obviously discuss desirable patterns of industry, economics, and political life, but the forms, which actually arise out of a social conception of society, will depend on experiment, national and local temperament and conditions and the objects which particular communities have in view. (15) “ – P. 116 of: ALEX COMFORT, “Authority and Delinquency. A study in the psychology of power”, 1950, 1970, a book largely on the delinquency of authority. – Alas, kept out of print and off the Web for all too long. - JZ, 15.5.06. - (15) See G. R. Taylor, Conditions of Happiness, Bodley Head, 1949; L. Mumford, The Condition of Man, Secker & Warburg, 1944. - On the next page, 117, he brings under (2) some details: “Fundamental experiments in communal living and control of resources. These have a demonstration value out of all proportion to their size. They are often open to the criticism that they depend on the society, which they are attacking, but it is hard to see why they should not do so. A widespread growth of spontaneous experiment of this kind is likely to prove a serious competitor to the less satisfactory institutional apparatus, and influence it as much as experimental rehabilitation has influenced penology. It is only in daily practice that the day-to-day problems can be worked out.” – Essentially not only an anarchistic but a panarchistic book. Alas, while his main sex book appeared recently in a new edition, this much more important work seems to be still out of print and may not even have been translated into German. – C. B. might consider translating it into English and French, for the copyrights holder, provided he gets paid for it and gets the permission to put the English, French and the German edition online, and be it only as an advertisement for the printed editions to come. – At least it should be possible to achieve some one demand publishing arrangement for the printed book, which would relieve the publisher of the usual publishing risk. – Free online publishing tends to promote the sale of the printed issues. – Alas, it did not in case of my offset-printed home edition of my second peace book, the ABC Against Nuclear War. - JZ, 10.3.09. - Whenever the free digital edition promotes the sale of the printed edition, the free edition could be continued indefinitely. Whenever it doesn't, it could be discontinued by the publisher. Although they have this option, still all too few have taken it up. These professionals, too, often do not know their own interests sufficiently and think only in terms of monopolistic advantages. - JZ, 21.1.11. - POLYARCHISM, EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM: Socrates conflates rule of law and the institution of government. It is clear that rules delineating rights and obligations are necessary to societal life. But such rules may be accepted as a matter of custom, habit or rational insight. They do not have to be political in the narrow sense of being authorized and imposed by government. - Williamson M. Evers, JLS., Summer 75, p.185. - Law can be self-chosen (by honest men) or imposed. The chosen one will be better obeyed. Upon aggressors, whether criminal or political or military, penal, deterrent and rehabilitative laws ought to be imposed. But even they do have a choice - before they become aggressors. - JZ, 21.2.82, 7.4.84, 21.1.11. - LAW, RULES & SOCIETY, PERSONAL LAWS, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. IMPOSED TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Socrates does not specify what conditions must be present to make a regime worthy of obedience.” - Williamson M. Evers, JLS, Sum. 77, p.185. - Panarchism does! - JZ, 21.11.82. – VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW, ABSENCE OF ANY TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY & COERCION

PANARCHISM: Some politicians of our times consider it to be as a self-evident rule, that no people should be free until it is able to use its liberty. This principle is worthy of the fool in the old story, who resolved not to enter the water at all until he had learnt to swim.” – J.Z re-translation only of: „Manche Politiker unserer Zeiten pflegen es als einen sich von selbst verstehenden Satz hinzustellen, dass kein Volk frei sein duerfe, bis es faehig sei, sich seiner Freiheit zu bedienen. Dieser Grundsatz is des Toren in der alten Geschichte wuerdig, der beschloss, nicht eher ins Wasser zu gehen, als bis er schwimmen gelernt haette.” – Macaulay, Kritische und historische Essays, Milton. (*) – Panarchism gives everybody the chance to become as mature and act as maturely as he is capable of and wants to be. It does not presuppose or demand simultaneous and equal maturity or sufficient maturity for all people in a territory. But the wise and more enlightened people will be free to set examples for all prepared to follow them. The present territorial systems keep “the people” perpetually in a kind of political kindergarten, in which the most important decisions of their lives are subjected to the “wisdom” of politicians and bureaucrats, within territorial “democratic” systems in which, as Hayek and others said, the worst tend to get to the top and to stay there, for all too long. – JZ, 9.1.99. - (*) Actually, one can practise certain swimming movements on dry land and most of them almost completely, if one is supported in the middle. - JZ, 8.12.03.) – From JZ, Pan AZ. - POLITICAL MATURITY OR INDEPENDENCE

PANARCHISM: Some prescribe uniform clothing, like the Ayatolla Khomein. Most go even further and prescribe uniform laws and public and monopolistic institutions. Panarchism would end all this wrongful and prejudicial nonsense - for all who do not choose it individually and only for themselves. - JZ 5.3.84, 16.4.08, 21.1.11.

PANARCHISM: Some time in the future, there will arise a dynamic culture which has achieved a means of maintaining a dynamic stability.” - J. W. Campbell: ANALOG Science Fact, Science Fiction, September 1943, p. 98. – I think that panarchism fits the bill. Is there another system than Panarchism, one which offers that or even more? - JZ, n.d. & 17.4.08. - If so, then it could also be experimented with by volunteers - under panarchism. – JZ, 21.1.11. - Q.

PANARCHISM: Sometimes it’s impossible for everybody to win… And sometimes if everybody doesn’t win, nobody wins…” – James Gunn, “Crisis!” (SF, 1986), p.143. – When some panarchy fails, because of wrong or irrational principles and practices applied by their voluntary members to their own affairs, then this panarchy loses its struggle for survival but all other panarchies would win additional knowledge through close observance and recording of this experience and learning from it. - JZ, 9.1.99. – They might also win new members from those of the failed panarchy. - From JZ, Pan AZ. - JZ, 21.1.11, 27.11.13. - FRAMEWORK FOR WIN-WIN SOLUTIONS, IN MANY TO MOST CASES

PANARCHISM: Split territorial governments, states, nations, peoples, in a panarchistic way, i.e. allow their subjects to cut their chains to them, by individual and group secessionism and then let them sort themselves out, according to their individual preferences, in various exterritorially autonomous communities and societies of volunteers (panarchies). Thus we could achieve, soon, even extreme degrees of decentralization and also some world-wide federated societies, which would remove territorial targets for mass murder devices and motives and means and motives for producing and maintaining and using them. - JZ, 5.6.92, 7.1.93, 21.1.11. (See especially PEACE PLANS No. 16-17: An ABC Against Nuclear War: – From JZ, Pan AZ. - REMOVES NUCLEAR TARGETS

PANARCHISM: Spooner concluded that "the whole revolution turned upon, asserted, and, in theory established, the right of each and every man, at his discretion to release himself from the support of the government under which he had lived." - No Treason, I, Introduction, p.5. – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, REVOLUTIONS

PANARCHISM: Start-up option: A federation of all minorities that favor only exterritorial autonomy for all of them – and the abolition of territorial rule everywhere. – Such a federation could soon become very influential. – It would also rapidly learn from the successful experiments of its members and learn to avoid the mistakes of the unsuccessful ones. – Progress could become greatly and peacefully accelerated. - JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Start-up option: Merely extending the principles and practices of experimental freedom from the voluntary and competitive spheres where they were so far already freely practised into those where they were so far constitutionally, legally and juridically excluded through coercive territorial monopolism and centralism, which in its extremity “armed” itself with mass extermination powers not only against other territorial governments and their victims but also against the exploited and suppressed victims of the own territorial governments, thus making a farce of the pretence of territorial regimes to offer protection and security. Rightful steps would be to opt out, initially, perhaps only out of the territorial postal system, the territorial health system and the territorial old age security system, its monetary system and its financial system and finally, wholesale out of all its "services" and burdens. – JZ, 6.7.04, 24.3.09, 21.1.11. – START-UP OPTIONS

PANARCHISM: Stop believing in authority. Start believing in each other” - Josh Freeman shared Global Illumination Council's photo. - John Zube: Rather, start believing that each group of like-minded volunteers has the right to do its own things among its members, on the basis of personal law and exterritorial autonomy. People are too diverse critters to fit all into a single and mutual love or brotherhood society, community or governance system. Let them enjoy their diversity as much as possible and as long as they want to, individually, always with the right to secede once they are disappointed. We already recognize experimental freedom in so many other spheres and take it for granted. Now it is most needed for whole political, economic and social systems. – Facebook, 8.4.12. - AUTHORITY, TOLERANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, POLYARCHY, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

PANARCHISM: Streets and highways connect every place with every other, but each driver chooses where she wants to go”, she said slowly. “She can drive to a beautiful countryside or to skid row, to a university or a bar, she can follow the road over the horizon or she can drive back and forth in a run or she can part and not go anywhere. – Leslie watched the idea in her mind, turned it over, having fun. “she can choose her climate by where she drives, Fairbanks or Mexico City or Rio, she can drive safely or recklessly, she can drive a race car or a sedan or a truck, she can keep it in perfect shape or let it go to pieces. She can drive without a map and make every turn a surprise or she can plan exactly where she’s going and know just how she’s going to get there. Every road she will take is already there, before she drives on it and after she’s gone past. Every possible trip already exists, and the driver is one with them all. She just chooses, every morning, which trip she’ll take that day.” – “WOW! Perfect!” -  “Did we just learn this”, she said, “or have we always known and never asked?” Before I could guess she tested me again. “Arithmetic.” – We couldn’t make it work with everything, but we could with nearly any system or interest or vocation. Computer programming, film-making, retail sales, bowling, manufacturing, flying, gardening, engineering, art, education, sailing … behind every calling lay a metaphor with the same serene view of the way the universe works. - Richard Bach, ONE, a novel.Pan Books, 1989, p.270/71. - ANALOGY, TRANSPORT, CHOICE OF ROAD, DESTINATION, METHOD, TOURISM, FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT, FREE MIGRATION, HIGH SEAS, SHIPPING, AIR CRAFT, BIRDS, CHOICE OF JOBS, CAREERS & PROFESSIONS, SELF-EDUCATION, SELF-ENLIGHTENMENT, SETTING THE OWN AIMS & PURPOSES & STRIVING TOWARDS THEM, RATHER THAN COLLETIVIST OR NATIONAL AIMS & PURPOSES

PANARCHISM: Subject neither capitalists nor socialists to communist regimes nor communists to capitalist or socialist regimes etc. Instead, concede full exterritorial autonomy or personal law systems to all their own volunteers, everywhere, at any time - but always only at their expense and risk. – JZ, 28.3.84, 4.4.84, 16.4.08, 27.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Surely, the libertarian anarchist does not contend that there ought to be a market in force per se. What he is really saying is that there ought to be a market in defensive and retaliatory force ...” - Jeffrey Paul, J.L.S., Fall 77. - Consequently, some panarchists have not only spoken of exterritorial and autonomous associations, communities and societies or even governments of volunteers only but of exterritorial and autonomous protective associations of volunteers. Perhaps, to be still more precise and to exclude the partly defensive, and partly aggressive associations like the Mafia - one should speak of exclusively protective associations of this kind. - JZ 7 .4.84. – Even personal and property protection should be no more be territorially imposed than e.g. “economic” “protectionism” or, rather, the anti-economics of it. – JZ, 17.4.08, 21.1.11. – The Balance of Trade and Payments is automatically achieved, although not perfectly, for any short period, if it is not wrongfully and coercively (legally) interfered with. This becomes clear if one considers not only the goods and service side of international trade but also the payments side. Exports pay for imports and imports pay for exports. – JZ, 27.11.13.

PANARCHISM: Technical goals are easy to achieve, social goals are more difficult.” – Charles Sheffield, Across the Great Divide, in NEW DESTINIES, ed. by Jim Baen, Vol. III, Spring 1988, p.22: - Not really, seeing that in sports, science, the arts, literature, amusements, tourism, consumerism, gardening, home-making, etc., experimental freedom does largely prevail while for political, social and economic systems no such freedom exists exist as yet for individuals and minorities, but, instead, territorial statist monopolies or laws and regulations. In other words, these freedom options are not impossible but merely outlawed. – JZ, 13.9.07, 10.10.07. – And this even at the risk of nuclear war! – Once the former opponents of nuclear armament become aware of this alternative … - Or if one could win over some of the famous SF writers … L. Neil Smith has already made some panarchistic sounding statements in his SF novels but has not yet, to my knowledge, written a whole SF novel around this concept. - JZ, 10.3.09. – If there were already tens of thousands of explicit panarchists, then somebody would probably write a science fiction novel about it. Such novels might lead to tens of thousands of of additional panarchists. – Descriptions of extraterritorial enclaves are not a good enough substitute. Enclaves are still merely minor examples of territorialism. - JZ, 14.3.09. - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, SOCIAL GOALS,

PANARCHISM: Teetotalers, non-smokers, vegetarians and other "dropouts" are examples of an existing limited individual secessionism and I have yet to find someone who would seriously assert that their actions - if confined to this - are wrong or harmful to others. – JZ, 5.4.84, 1.2.84. – Alas, beatniks for instance, confined themselves to different hair styles, fashions and drugs, rather than tackling important alternatives. – JZ, 27.11.13. – DROP-OUTS, BEATNIKS, PROTESTING YOUTHS

PANARCHISM: Territorial "archies" have borders, which they try to preserve or expand – via defence or aggression against other territorial archies. This kind of artificial and coercive construction has institutionalized wars, civil wars, revolutions and terrorism for centuries to thousands of years, for it left no peaceful options for desired changes to all of those dissenters, who are not in position of power and influence, and have no strong enough minorities or majorities to back them up. Thus frustrated they do tend to lash out. Add to this the fact, that their co-religionists, and fellow ethnical people or ideological comrades are subjected, beyond the own territorial borders to other territorial regimes, representing those they may have come to hate, then you get all kinds of somewhat justified liberation efforts arising out of that situation. But the very mix-up of the diverse groups in almost every territory in the world would assure, that a newly liberated group, having become dominant in the territory it exclusively claims for itself, would become a new territorial oppressor. The territorial sovereignty model can never lead to complete liberation for all. It only assures large degrees of dissatisfaction and clashes of interests, again and again. It does not allow individual secessionism and its one-man revolutions. It does not permit full exterritorial minority autonomy. It forbids consumer sovereignty in spheres which it has pre-empted. Thus it cannot make all men happy and peaceful. It makes millions hateful and aggressive. The territorial model leaves them no rightful, easy, rational and attractive way out. - Some anarchists and libertarians imagine that extreme territorial decentralization would offer a final solution. But they have not properly thought this through. If tradition is any guide (See Edward Gibbon, on The Laws of the Barbarians, chapter 38 of his famous Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.), then in a family of 5 there could be 5 different law systems represented, by birth, marriage or personal choice. Should Berlin Walls be erected between them? Should one have to emigrate and resettle, leaving one’s language area and culture behind, to settle in one’s own small ideological ghetto, turning all of the inhabitable world into something like a zoo with different display cages for different kinds of human animals? If animals and plants were intelligent enough and could laugh and speak, they would ridicule humans, who could not imagine better institutions for themselves than such territorial and self-made prisons for each of their separate kinds. Animals and plants have managed to develop a very mixed-up but functioning ecology, where each of them can manage to survive (if not as an individual, then as part of a species, at least for long times - JZ, 8.12.03) wherever on Earth it is possible for them to survive, in accordance with their requirements and abilities. Why should supposedly rational and moral beings concede to themselves less liberties, less freedom of movement, settlement and action than the very plants and animals, in their wild, uncivilized, barbaric and primitive state of nature, do still enjoy all around them? Why should human beings, supposedly so intelligent, be unable to abstract the principle involved e.g. in religious liberty and its diversity and in the vast variety of other private actions now practised as self-evidently rightful, by the vast majority, and to apply this principle (requiring, obviously, voluntarism and exterritorial autonomy for associations and their decision-making and actions), to the remaining spheres - so far still pre-empted by territorial governments? – Observers of opinion exchanges among human beings will soon come to realize how much people love to contradict others. It is almost a perpetual game for them. So why is it, that they do not sufficiently question and contradict territorialism? How were we so conditioned and how can we de-condition ourselves in this respect? Have we got any good reason to suspect that we could not, that we are hopelessly territorial animals? Even Robert Ardrey, in The Territorial Imperative, had to concede the existence of contrary examples from among the great apes. But he remained committed to his thought-model of territorialism and wrongly assumed that it fully applied to humans, not only to their “nesting” and privacy behavior. – JZ, 20.3.93, 11.1.99, 21.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - DEFENCE, AGGRESSION, WAR & PEACE, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM              

PANARCHISM: Territorial coercive monopolism means no just peace and no just war but, instead, massive victimization and exploitation in peace and war. – JZ, 5.7.04, 24.3.09. – WARFARE STATES, WAR AIMS, PEACE AIMS, ARMISTICES

PANARCHISM: Territorial despotism isn’t the solution, not even in its democratic and republican forms. – JZ, 15.2.02. - EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Territorial government services are not freely priced and paid for on a free market for their services. They may not be freely refused or taxes to pay for them may not be refused. From this despotic arrangement (which combines financial with monetary despotism, also with voting powers for the ignorant and prejudiced and all too many and large monopoly powers for the few "decision-makers", our "great" leaders and "representatives" and ministers and bureaucrats), do result most of the economic wrongs and inefficiencies of territorial governments, not only of the openly State Socialist ones. Voluntary taxation, contribution, insurance and guaranty schemes would be characteristic for panarchies, competing with each other for customers. Thus they would realize free pricing in this sphere, too. Compare on this the essay by Tibor Machan "The Roots of Government Budget Crises", in Marc Brand's Liberty email of 8.12.03. Alas, Machan did not draw the panarchistic conclusion from his many correct statements in this essay. As far as I know, he remains an advocate of "limited" governments, still with exclusive territorial powers, and many involuntary members and outvoted voters, however "limited" these "limited" governments supposedly are. Judging by my letter exchange with him on CD-ROM publishing for libertarians, it seems unlikely to me that he could be converted to a more advanced view on panarchism, either, unless he manages to stumble upon it himself. Otherwise I do respect him as one of the foremost libertarians, who is, generally, favoring individual rights more so than most other libertarians do. - JZ, 8.12.03, 8.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PRICING, ACCOUNTING, BUDGETS, TAXATION, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, STATE SOCIALISM, DEFICITS, DEFICIT FINANCING, FORCED LOANS

PANARCHISM: Territorial governments are the problem, not the solution. Consider the voluntaristic and exterritorial alternative to them, a competitive one, a private enterprise or cooperative one, to achieve important objectives like freedom, justice, peace and lasting prosperity, without man-made economic crises, longevity, intelligence expansion, enlightenment, and space exploration and settlement. – JZ, 28.2.03, 23.3.09.

PANARCHISM: Territorial pluralism for a territory, under country-wide sovereignty, uniformly imposed constitutions, laws, jurisdiction, police etc. is something very different from the pluralism practised by exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, of which many could and should exist, at the same time and in the same country, corresponding to the variety of people and their various motives and bodies of knowledge or prejudices. All could have their own either statist, anarchist or libertarian personal law, institutions and methods. They would not only enjoy more or less trivial “conceded” “liberties” and claims to “rights” under a territorial over-lordship with which they might strongly disagree on fundamentals. – JZ, 61.198, 11.1.99, 27.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. – AN OLD & FOR OUR TIMES NEW KIND OF PLURALISM OR PLURALITIES VS. TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTAL MONOPOLISM

PANARCHISM: Territorial political economy and territorial politics eliminates free enterprise competition in some of the most important spheres, namely those of political, economic and social systems, all of them only for their volunteers. These students should study the history of personal law as well and of exterritorial autonomy and then ponder what they would make possible for our future. – John Zube - Commenting on: Jennifer Dirmeyer was tagged in Center for Entrepreneurship and Political Economy's photo. - Facebook, 14.11.12. - POLYARCHISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, POLITICAL ECONOMY

PANARCHISM: Territorial politics at best imposes a well-meant but quite unrealistic utopia upon all people in a territory, whether they like it or not. At worst, it establishes and maintains a nightmare that does not even satisfy those who imposed it and try to continue it. As the old saying goes: "Any leash has two ends!" Only full exterritorial autonomy, initiated by individual secessionism, allows the wise to use the best paths for themselves and thereby, gradually, point them out and demonstrate them to the masses as well, giving them a chance to follow their example, once they dare or have clearly come to see the sensible alternatives. - JZ, 25.8.98, 26.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Territorial politics forms one kind of political science and practice and exterritorial, voluntary and personal law politics another. The former is full of inherent and self-made problems. The latter is full of opportunities for genuine solutions. – JZ, 6.9.02, 23.3.09. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FULL FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

PANARCHISM: Territorial politics is self-defeating. It is like trying to fill a bottomless pit with our life’s blood, energies, earnings, rights and liberties. - JZ, 25.1.97, 13.2.08. – TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATE, WELFARE STATE, STATISM,

PANARCHISM: Territorial settlements or States or governments are settlements that do not sufficiently settle strife or prevent it by abolishing dissent, political unrest, terrorism, revolutions, civil wars and international wars, which are all based upon systems of territorial domination over dissenters. – JZ, 13.5.94, 16.2.08, 21.1.11. – WAR, PEACE, CIVIL WAR, REVOLUTIONS, RESISTANCE, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, TERRORISM, POLITICS AS USUAL, DOMINATION, STATISM, GOVEERNMENTALISM, TERRITORIALISM, OCCUPIED COUNTRIES & POPULATIONS

PANARCHISM: Territorial States are by their very nature Warfare States. Only volunteer communities with full exterritorial autonomy – and confined to it – can peacefully coexist in the long run. Intolerant ideas and fanaticism might still lead them into aggressive actions but their fundamental institution would not. Moreover, the voluntary taxation, monetary freedom and absence of territorial targets as well as of any somewhat rational motives for war (fighting for markets, when free trade is coercively suppressed, as it was for Japan before WWII, or for access to land and resources, when they are monopolized by nation States, that suppress free trade, free investments and free migration), would make wars between panarchies much more unlikely. Luckily, free trade, unilateral disarmament, monetary freedom and free migration can be introduced unilaterally, profitably and with a reduced risk. – JZ, 25.9.93, 9.1.99. See: BECKERATH, ULRICH VON: On Panarchy. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PEACE, TERRITORIAL STATISM & WAR

PANARCHISM: Territorialism: There is no territorial solution to territorial problems, in the same way as there is no cancer solution to the cancer problem. - JZ, 5.12.92. – Unless someone creates a cancer or e.g. tuberculosis microorganism that attacks and destroys only cancers. – JZ, 27.11.13. - TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: Territorialists let war, taxes, inflation, unemployment, bureaucracy, millions of laws and territorial despotism be imposed upon themselves, by the leading territorialist (mostly power-addicts, if not already power-mad), even anti-people ABC mass murder devices as "defensive weapons", and still do not see or seek individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities as rightful and sound alternatives. This selective blindness is self-defeating, may even lead to a general holocaust. - JZ, 25.6.01. – From JZ, Pan AZ, revised 27.11.13. - STATISM, SUBORDINATION, PASSIVITY, INDIFFERENCE, INDIGNATION, SHEEPISHNESS, HERD OR SLAVE MENTALITY, WAR, TAXES, INFLATION, UNEMPLOYMENT, LAWS, CITIZENSHIP, VOTERS, PEOPLE, DEMOCRACY, APATHY

PANARCHISM: Territorially "united" we will sooner or later perish under ABC mass murder devices in the hands of madmen with unjustifiable powers. Exterritorially divided and autonomous we could prevent these “weapons” from ever being used again. Their targets would be dissolved, as well as the powers, means and motives to use them. - See my two books on this, in PEACE PLANS 16-18 & 61-63. - - JZ, 12.3.99, 26.6.01, 27.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - THE NUCLEAR WAR THREAT

PANARCHISM: That as man is a rational being, who learns by choosing courses of action and experiencing their consequences, freedom of choice and action is essential to his welfare and his very existence. - That each individual should therefore have the right to order his life as he sees fit, provided that in so doing he does not infringe the right of others to do likewise. - That, consequently, no individual or group may interfere with the lives of those who are not themselves infringing the liberties of others, and that such interference, whether by the deprivation of property, restriction of freedom of movement, or by the application of force in any way whatsoever, itself constitutes a basic infringement of liberty which may justifiably be opposed by any free individual. - That all social, political and economic relationships are, therefore, to be regarded as forms of contract, not valid unless freely accepted by both parties, and always revocable in terms of the original agreement.” – Tony Prince, Nov. 1970 draft, with some changes later adopted by AIR: Alliance for Individual Rights. - T. P. was then living in Sydney. Later he moved to Taiwan and I lost contact with him. - As a committee of the whole we spent all too many weeks on trying to improve the above draft and I am still not certain that we succeeded. There were persistent objections by people with a quite different mindset, who wasted our time, with the usual popular or debaters’ objections. One guy in his eighties recommended to me then: Never submit such a proposal to a prolonged general discussion. Declare that people either accept it as it is or leave the association, but with the provision, that a small committee, to be appointed, will continue to receive further suggestions for improvements and will from time to time report on those it has received, making these suggestions also accessible to all the members. Striving for perfection in general declarations can waste too much time and energy and prevent people from engaging in somewhat more productive actions. The striving for perfection can also turn many people off, who could be very productive members of an association. – JZ, 21.3.05. - ALLIANCE FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS: AIR, VOLUNTARISM, ALLIANCE FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS: DRAFT OF FIRST PRINCIPLES

PANARCHISM: That the persons of our citizens shall be safe in freely traversing the ocean, that the transportation of our own produce, in our own vessels, to the markets of our own choice, and the return to us of the articles we want for our own use, shall be unmolested, I hold to be fundamental, and the gauntlet that must be forever hurled at him who questions it.” - Thomas Jefferson, Writings, Vol. xiv, p.301. – Not only Free Trade but also Freedom of the high seas is involved here. - Freedom of the high seas is to some extent the ocean equivalent of panarchism: Nobody to rule the waves or sections of the oceans. Each to rule only his own ship - either in an authoritarian or in a cooperative way. JZ 7.7.82, 7.4.84. - Moreover, neither Free Trade nor Protectionism should be territorially enforced. Both should be left to their own volunteers. – JZ, 17.4.08. – FREEDOM OF THE HIGH SEAS, FREE TRADE, PROTECTIONISM, EXTERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: The "Myth of the Chosen People" is associated with territorialism, imperialism, colonialism, nationalism, despotism, slavery, exploitation and mass murders. It largely motivated the ancient Egyptians, Jews, Chinese. Also the Romans, Greeks, Japanese, Arabs, Spaniards, French, English, Prussians, Germans, Nazis, Turks, the Brahmins in India, the Mongol Horde, the Soviet Empire, the New American Empire, the Inca Empire and, probably, many to most others as well. - Individual rights and liberties, including individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, are the strongest opposites to this kind of centralism, domination, exploitation and monopolism, which was often advanced as if it were the only rightful and also a civilized option. While there are still ABC mass murder devices around, we can no longer afford to live under this mythology and its institutions - if we want to survive. Under the political, economic and social equivalence to religious tolerance or religious liberty, all such devices would be destroyed by those targeted by them, taking their fate into their own hands, away from power-mad territorial governments. - JZ, 7.7.99, 15.12.03, 21.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - THE MYTH OF THE CHOSEN PEOPLE TERRITORIALISM

PANARCHISM: The advocates of GEOGRAPHICAL APARTHEID and those of COMPULSORY INTEGRATION of the most diverse and centrifugal groupings, do generally still favor constitutional and legal unification, even if only through a federal government model, while panarchists would end geographical apartheid or integration as an official and enforced policy and replace them by voluntary apartheid and voluntary integration, and other diverse personal law communities, all as a matter of individual choice. - JZ, 8.2.88, 1.4.89, 27.11.13. – From JZ Pan AZ. APARTHEID, VOLUNTARY INSTEAD OF FORCED SEGREGATION & VOLUNTARY INSTEAD OF FORCED INTEGRATION, SELF-CHOSEN DIVERSE SOCIETIES ETC., NONE WITH A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY

PANARCHISM: The aim ought not to be to limit, reform, fight, abolish or destroy governments but to secure for those, who know better, other societies or communities, all of them voluntary associations, that are exterritorially autonomous. That requires merely freedom to secede from the old and to join or to set up new competing "governments". It would introduce freedom of action and experimentation for all who desire it, in this sphere and for not for any others. The old institutions could continue to exist through, but only for their remaining voluntary followers. That would serve them right! As K. H. Z. Solneman used to say: “To each the government of his dreams.” I usually add: and to each the non-governmental society of his or her dreams. (G. P. de Bellis replace the last word with choice, which is more appropriate.) We merely have to stop inventing nightmares for others and practising these upon others. We would no longer be forced to do so in self-defence, since we would finally be free to follow our own choices, without being continuously disturbed by those of others, forcing their preferences territorially upon us. - JZ, 5.12.92, 5.2.93, 21.1.11, 27.11.13. – EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, REFORMS, REVOLUTIONS, GOVERNMENTS, FREE CHOICES VS. DESPOTIC DREAMERS

PANARCHISM: The Anarchists never have claimed that liberty will bring perfection; they simply say that its results are vastly preferable to those that follow authority." - Benjamin Tucker – Quoted by Luca Fusari, Facebook 3.3.12. - Statists will still prefer statism for themselves, at least for some time. Let them have it – but not combined with a territorial monopoly for their systems. Then each will have what he can rightfully want for himself or herself – at the own expense and risk. Without a territorial monopoly the remaining statists could then wrong and harm only themselves. – That might be punishment enough for them, and self-inflicted, too, thus really deserved. - JZ, 3.3.12. - MAKES POSSIBLE ANARCHISM FOR ANARCHISTS AND STATISM FOR STATISTS, AT THE SAME TIME & IN THE SAME COUNTRY

PANARCHISM: The apparent advantage of a single legal system for a group of persons is that for any dispute between members of that group a standard of decision already exists. But a single standard is not necessary any more than it is in the case of co-evaluations of products or services exchanged on a free market. Any standard will do, just so long as it provided a satisfactory common ground for the parties to that particular dispute. If disputants are content to resolve their controversy by appeal to, say, majority rule; or if they agree to appeal to the gods, as manifested, say, in the configuration of chicken entrails; or if they decide to stage a trial by a jury of peers; or if any other method is mutually agreeable to them, what objection could be raised, as long as the dispute is settled in a mutually agreeable fashion?” - David B. Suits : On Locke's Argument for Government, J.L.S., Sum. 77, p.201. – COMPETING JURIDICAL SYSTEMS, FREE CHOICE FOR INDIVIDUALS AMONG THEM, EXTERRITORIALISM & VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, PERSONAL LAWS

PANARCHISM: the argument for liberty is not an argument against organization, which is one of the most powerful tools human reason can employ, but an argument against all exclusive, privileged, monopolistic organization, against the use of coercion to prevent others from doing better.” - F. A. Hayek. – Quoted by: Philippe Rouchy and Sørengaard Srugis sharing Bastiat Institute's photo. – Facebook, 10.11.12. – Quoted also by Craig J. Bolton sharing Lawrence Reed's photo. It brings the cover of H.’s The Road to Serfdom. – With this statement, in all too general terms, he came close to panarchism – but never reached it, because he remained addicted to the idea of “limited” territorial governments. – JZ, 11.1.08. - That may be as close to panarchism or polyarchism as Hayek ever came – apart from his stand for monetary freedom. – JZ, 10.11.12. – At least in this remark H. spoke as a consistent voluntarist, panarchist and free market advocate in every sphere, not merely as an advocate of limited and constitutional territorial government. – But then one can find similar expressions even in the writings of Ayn Rand. – Not all great thinkers are quite consistent in all spheres. – JZ, 10.3.13. - LearnLiberty – Facebook, 1.10.13. - John Zube : If only he had applied that thought consistently - then he would have gone beyond the mini-state or limited government notion to governance, societies and communities only for their volunteers, under personal law. He also remained unfamiliar with the German, Swiss and Jewish school of monetary freedom and managed to slander Prof. Heinrich Rittershausen, one of its German members, by once referring to him as an inflationist because he had not read or understood R.'s monetary freedom writings. – However, I admire Hayek for many of his other contributions. – JZ, 22.8.13. - Was Hayek a Panarchist after all, opposed to all territorial power organizations? – Or did he not fully realize what he was talking about here? - JZ, 1.10.13. - COERCION, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COERCION, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW ASSOCIATIONS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, HAYEK, ORGANIZATION, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, MONOPOLIES, ASSOCIATIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

PANARCHISM: The Army; the Navy; the Indian Service; the medical and surgical professions; City people; artists; county families; the Scotch, and indefinite other subdivisions of society existed, which … were as strange to each other as they were to Adams.” - Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams, 1907. - PROFESSIONAL & SOCIAL DIVISIONS, PLURALISM, , ASSOCIATIONISM, DECENTRALIZATION

PANARCHISM: The basic flaw of all historical and present government "reform attempts", as well as liberation, defence and revolution attempts, which I am aware of, is that they constitute only a single territorial "solution" for the whole population of a district, country, State or federation of States and local governments. That makes them fundamentally as wrong as the existing government establishment, although their "reforms" might not be as wrongful, despotic and irrational as those of the existing establishment are. Thus they tend to promote wars, civil wars, revolutions, military insurrections and terrorism rather than peace and progress, under justice and freedom. Or they do unnecessarily prolong existing wars. By rights not only a single but different exterritorial governance or societal systems should be offered to the victims of any existing and ruling territorial government, a whole palette of alternative models of governance, communities and societies, all intended only for their own volunteers, so that none of them would become territorially imposed upon dissenters. That individual choice among a variety of political, economic and social models, all offered as supposedly ideal, at least by and for their advocates, would have much more appeal than a single alternative and territorialist government could have. (Except among the true believers in or fanatics of territorialism.) Moreover, this model should not only offer mere promises for their future to the various captive nations, ideologies, races, religious and ethnic groups, movements and minorities in a country whose population is to become liberated and whose tyrannical, despotic or authoritarian territorial government is to be overthrown, but these various alternative models should already now become practically demonstrated, in their host countries, among the various refugees and deserters, who had escaped from a despotic regime. Thus their propaganda efforts and liberation offers would become much more believable and trusted. All the alternatives offered by exterritorial governments and societies in exile would be based upon voluntary entry and also free secession from them, should individuals become disappointed with them. In that case, a despotic or authoritarian regime would have difficulties in retaining the loyalty of its soldiers, policemen, public servants and of many to most of its subjects. Why should they fight for a regime which offers them only one and a not very attractive single choice, under threat, obey or else, instead of choosing for themselves whatever alternative government in exile they prefer for their own future. And why should they hate a foreign government and its population when it is merely defensively allied with a variety of governments in exile of this kind and has, by granting them full freedom to experiment, in the host countries, with their volunteers, already demonstrated its good intentions? The whole host country and population that recognizes these governments or societies in exile, letting them do their own things now and in the future, might already be split up itself into such voluntary bodies of citizens, in a great variety. The mere existence of such optional alternatives for individuals, for their future, would tend to help dissolve any despotic or authoritarian territorial regime, quite peacefully or largely non-violently. Not much if any fighting would be required for the change-over. Even the regime’s remaining volunteers would have nothing to fear, unless they committed some atrocities themselves, They could continue their supposed ideals among themselves, safe from any conspiracies, revolutions, military insurrections and territorial votes running against them. All they would have to do is satisfy their remaining volunteers sufficiently, naturally always at the own expense not that of members of other voluntary societies and communities. As for the remaining national unity fanatics, they could be confronted with not just one but several federations of the various governments in exile. This would at the same time demonstrate to them, that the national unity they had imagined to exist was nothing but a myth upheld by a territorial power system. They could hardly remain unaware of the diversity of such voluntary federations, which would, like private enterprises, cooperatives or corporations, merely peacefully compete for more satisfied customers. The free consumer is always right at least with the various subjective value choices he makes for himself. Panarchism amounts merely to the extension of consumer sovereignty and of free enterprise into sphere from which they were so far constitutionally, legally and juridically excluded. The territorial monopoly services in these spheres were and are usually correspondingly bad or insufficient. – As my father put it, in his “Manifesto for Freedom and Peace”: “To each the government of his dreams!” - - Who could rightly appose that? Included in the alternatives would, naturally, be various anarchies for the various anarchists and various libertarian societies for the diverse libertarians, too. – Also e.g. monarchies for the remaining monarchists and any kind of republic or democracy for their supporters. – Statism could be continued but only at the expense and risk of its supporters. – Why fight and risk your life when you have freedom of choice, much larger than you ever dreamed of before? - JZ, 24.3.09, 21.1.11. – FREE COMPETITION, FREE EXPERIMENTATION IN ALL SPHERES, COMPETING FEDERATIONS, EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS MINORITIES, & GOVERNMENTS IN EXILE

PANARCHISM: The best analogy is probably that of religious tolerance as opposed to religious hierarchies. Under this religious freedom, any kind person can freely hold and practise his religious beliefs side by side with freethinkers, rationalists, agnostics, atheists and humanists, who do their own things. They may still argue with each other extensively, but by words only not with swords, bullets or bombs. In many countries they do already peacefully coexist and leave each other alone or only try to make individual converts to their cause. - The panarchist equivalent to imposed territorial uniformity in the political, economic and social sphere, is exterritorial and voluntary statism for statists, anarchism for anarchists. Even any form of statism for those who believe in it (as long as they are willing to put up with it) and any kind of non-governmental organization for those who believe in it. - As K.H.Z. Solneman put it: "To each the government of his dreams." - To which I added: "or the non-governmental society of his or her dreams." – Gian Piero de Bellis prefers that remark to end with: “choice” rather than “dreams”. - The assumption is that in this case the diverse groups would have the least reasons and motives to be antagonistic to the actions of others, who are doing merely their things, either to or for themselves and this at their own expense and risk only - because thereby the own actions would be least restricted, if at all. - Such a change does, naturally, have consequences upon the present party struggles, resistance and terrorist attempts, civil wars and international wars. All of these presuppose a uniform territorial rule for all with almost no exceptions tolerated in the political, economic and social spheres. – JZ, in Pan AZ, rev. 27.11.13. - RELIGIOUS FREEDOM

PANARCHISM: The best analogy is that of religious tolerance. Under it anyone can freely hold and practise his religious beliefs side by side with freethinkers, etc., who do their own thing. They may still argue with each other but with words only. Otherwise, they peacefully coexist and leave each other alone or merely try to make individual converts. - The panarchist equivalent to this, in the political, economic and social sphere, is statism for statists and anarchism for anarchists, any form of statism for those who believe in it (as long as they can stand it) and any kind of non-governmental organization for those who believe in it. - Consequently, the diverse groups would have the least reasons and motives to be antagonistic to the actions of others, who are doing their thing, because the own actions would be least restricted. Panarchy can become a common platform point for all kinds of parties, movements, groups, minorities and diverse ideologies. Such a change does, naturally, have consequences, e.g. upon present party struggles, resistance and terrorist attempts, civil wars and international wars. - JZ, in 1986 draft, 21.1.11. - RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: The best kind of war is to let them ruin themselves with their bad government … “ - Simon Contarini, Venetian ambassador, 1605; Green Vo. 4, 1968, p.11. - Quite rightful and rational or at least tolerant alternatives for all volunteers for them, should be offered to all victims of bad governments via exterritorialy autonomous governments and societies in exile, all of them for all their present and future volunteers only. - JZ , 21.1.11. - TOLERANCE, GOVERNMENTS, WAR, EXTERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE, ALL ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS

PANARCHISM: The body of knowledge and thought regarding the theories and practices of such voluntaristic non-territorial and autonomous communities (panarchies), considered as the rightful, peace-, freedom-, property and reform-promoting alternatives to any attempt to set up or continue coercive, exclusive, uniform, territorial, more or less centralized and supposedly ideal or best possible communities for all, whether all their territorial subjects agree or disagree. - JZ, from PEACE PLANS 671: ON PANARCHY. - Rev.: JZ , 21.1.11.

PANARCHISM: The brute fact is that the only myths that operate for us today are vague collectivist myths. The symbols to which men are responsive in concert are those, which have to do with the exercise of power, and the good that they represent is a good which flows from the corporate acts of many men. Since such political activities must deal with merged and averaged motivations, the quality of individual vision and responsibility is inevitably lost in the process. ...” - MANAS, Dec. 22, 1965, p.2. - For me the conclusion from this observation is: panarchism. - JZ, n.d.

PANARCHISM: The capacity of man for misunderstanding himself and other men appears to be almost unlimited. All the greater is the importance of personal political and economic independence, including full exterritorial autonomy, for the individual and the volunteer communities of individuals. One learns better from the own mistakes, suffered only by oneself, than from the mistakes made by others. When one is quite free to act autonomously and among like-minded people only, then one will be much less inclined to lay blame for the own mistakes upon non-members and more inclined to accept the responsibility for them oneself. - JZ, Feb. 88, 3.4.89, 7.9.04. – From JZ Pan AZ. - AS SCHOOLS OF LIVING, FULL EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR VOLUNTEERS IN ALL SPHERES NOW MONOPOLIZED BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

PANARCHISM: The central political task of the final years of this century, then, is the creation of a new model of co-existence among the various cultures, peoples, races and religious spheres within a single interconnected civilization.” – Vaclav Havel, President of the Czech Republic.  – Such remarks have been uttered at least in the hundreds, often by some quite famous people. But very few have drawn the exterritorial, voluntaristic and autonomist conclusions from such thoughts, since most have their thinking stuck in the predominant model and muck of the territorial State, of whatever size. – JZ, 7.1.99, 18.9.04. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - COEXISTENCE & TOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: The choice is yours - perpetual war among territorial warfare states, finally leading to the general holocaust extermination of man, or the establishment and perpetuation of a peaceful society through the establishment of exterritorial and autonomous volunteer groups for all the existing and future variations preferred by individuals. - JZ, 19.4.89, 4.7.89. For some details consult e.g. PEACE PLANS 16-17 & 61-63: - From JZ, Pan AZ.

PANARCHISM: The common faith, ideology, belief, dogma or practice for all dissidents, reformers, revolutionaries, true believers, dogmatists, ideologues, faithful, innovators, freedom fighters etc. - prepared to respect the individual rights and liberties of all those who disagree with them. - JZ, 18.10.02. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES FOR ALL DISSENTERS

PANARCHISM: The communist system as a whole, as well as any of its institutions, like e.g. central banking, and any non-communist system as well, should be confined to voluntary victims or followers only and that requires exterritorial autonomy or experimental freedom and personal law for all communities of volunteers and thus the abolition of all territorial ones with compulsory membership, territorial laws and jurisdictions. - JZ, 23.9.99 & 28.6.01, 10.12.03, 21.1.11. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - COMMUNISM & CENTRAL BANKING

PANARCHISM: the conception of a self-organizing structure began to dawn upon mankind, and has since become the basis for our understanding of all those complex orders which had, until then, appeared as miracles that could be brought about only by some super-human version of what man knew as his own mind.” – F. A. Hayek, The Fatal Conceit, p.47, in discussing the market. - Alas, free contracts, consumer sovereignty, free exchange, voluntary associationism, exterritorial autonomy and individual secessionism, the bundle of very basic liberties here called “panarchism”, was NOT favored by Hayek in the sphere which he wanted to be retained as the exclusive hunting preserve for what he called constitutional governments. He remained an advocate of "limited" government, although its application to a whole territory and all its population was to be unlimited. In that respect his limited governments were also totalitarian, without constitutional authority from each and everyone of their territorial subjects. Panarchistic governments or societies that are only exterritorially autonomous and subject to non-territorial individual and group secessionism, are similar to private business enterprises. They grow, stagnate or decline - subject to individual free choices. Their laws are individually accepted rules or personal laws. They have no involuntary subjects, apart from criminals that had infringed the rights and liberties of the voluntary members. They are the main kinds of organizations for our times upon which just, free, peaceful, prosperous, progressive and secure societies can be founded. They are bound to advance, for the benefit of their members, like competing free enterprises – unless they make too many mistakes and thus lose members and customers and finally disappear or shrink to harmless proportions. - JZ, n.d. & 21.1.11. - The need for some deterrent examples will, probably, always remain - for "each new generation is like a new invasion of barbarians". - JZ, 7.9.04, 18.9.04. – From JZ Pan AZ. – MARKET, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES

PANARCHISM: The conquerors endlessly battered earth's cities and gave no peace that all men could accept.” - A. E. Van Vogt & E. Mayne Hull, The Winged Man, p.80. - PEACE, WAR, CONQUEST, PEACE TREATIES, WAR AIMS, LIBERATION WAR

PANARCHISM: the current fad for 'multiculturalism', for encouraging people to cling to their foreign (*) roots instead of adapting to the culture (**) into which they choose (***) to move.” - Stanley Schmidt, editorial, ANALOG, 5/92, p.4. - (*) own! - (**) They migrated usually for other reasons. - (***) They usually choose not another culture but more political and economic freedom. Their shopping baskets should only be filled with their own choices, not with those of the local territorial nationalists. - Would he want them e.g. to throw away all their books in their mother tongue and read only writings of people of the new country? - JZ, 18.1.93, 5.2.93, 21.1.11. – MULTICULTURALISM, COMPULSORY TERRITORIAL INTEGRATION VS. VOLUNTARY INTEGRATION & VOLUNTARY SEGREGATION, INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

PANARCHISM: The degree of tolerance practiced by panarchism is very different from that practised by a uniform and territorial anarchism or limited government. A generalized limited government and an anarchy, with a territorial monopoly, are both intolerant towards rightful because voluntarY and exterritorial alternatives to their organizational forms. Only panarchism (polyarchism, multiarchism, competing governance, consistent voluntarism, freedom of association and contract, etc.) maximizes tolerance towards institutional and system alternatives. - JZ, 21.12.87, 1.4.89, 27.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - ITS TOLERANCE

PANARCHISM: The destructiveness of modern weapons ensures that men will either become panarchists or will cease to exist - for even proprietary territorial communities tend towards nuclear armaments. (Compare on this the discussion in THE CONNECTION.) - JZ 3.4.84. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, PEACE

PANARCHISM: The discussion limited to anarchism vs. limited government, or limited government versus anarchism, by-passes its own solution via panarchism, which would offer to both of these advocates what they want for themselves, and to all other advocates their separate choices, all at the same time and in the same country or even world-wide, if that is their desire. "To each his own!" - JZ, 26.2.99 & 26.1.02. - LIMITED GOVERNMENT & ANARCHISM

PANARCHISM: The disposition of mankind, whether as rulers or as fellow citizens, to impose their own opinions and inclinations as a rule of conduct on others, is so energetically supported by some of the best and by some of the worst feelings, incident to human nature, that it is hardly ever kept under restraint by anything but want of power, and, as the power is not declining but growing, unless a strong barrier of moral conviction can be raised against the mischief, we must expect in the present circumstances of the world to see it increase.” – J. S. Mill, quoted in Ernest Benn, About Russia, p.22. – Panarchism would deprive all people of the power to impose their opinions and inclinations as a rule of conduct upon others in a country, at least as far as whole political, economic and social systems are concerned. In the other spheres we have already, to a large extent, learnt to be tolerant and peacefully coexist in all our very diverse activities and personal choices. – JZ, 15.2.08, 21.1.11.

PANARCHISM: The diversity of life in the oceans constitutes a kind of panarchism - apart from the fish eats fish practices that it represents. - JZ, 4.4.84. – Likewise the ecology of e.g. jungles. – JZ, 16.4.08.

PANARCHISM: the Dutch Republic was a going concern long before its former Spanish overlords recognized it; …” - Poul Anderson, Past Times, p.147. – In all successful revolutions at least one form of alternative institutions wins. With a panarchistic platform all kinds of revolutionaries could win, much easier, too, but all only their own kind of revolution for themselves, on the basis of voluntarism, personal law and exterritorial autonomy. How revolutionary are they really, as long as they remain blind to this revolutionary alternative? A framework that would allow them to live themselves in accordance with their own ideals without having to defeat and to dominate all other people in a country, who have different ideals! Instead, they could all become allies or at least neutral towards each other, while cooperating against their common territorial enemies. – JZ, 7.3.09, 21.1.11, 27.11.13. - ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, OPTING OUT, PRECEDENTS, RECOGNITION, REVOLUTIONS

PANARCHISM: The earlier Utilitarians had been vigorous democrats, and had assumed that if man was only given the opportunity of free choice, he would know his own greatest happiness and successfully pursue it. A wild assumption, based on a purely intellectual psychology and making no allowance for the ingrained conservatism and tradition-worship of the race.” - Ivor Brown, English Political Theory, Methuen, London, 1920, 119. - That is a wrongful generalization. Man as a whole, would have changed his behavior, as he did after the introduction of religious liberty, if individuals and minorities, in accordance with their knowledge, convictions or prejudices, had been allowed to opt out and do their own things to or for themselves. Enlightenment via experiments among volunteers would have spread in the political, economic and social sphere as it had e.g. in science, technology, the arts, and even to some extent in religions. - JZ, 23. 1.02. - UTILITARIANISM, FREE CHOICE

PANARCHISM: the essence of democracy is that people shall have the right to go to hell in their own way if they want to.” - John Chamberlain, The American States, p.44. - Territorialism only allows them to do this in a collectivist and territorialist way, as if all had to use the same boat or ship. Under panarchism, rather than territorial majority or minority rule, territorialists are not at liberty to take others with them into hell, against their will. – The difference between a single “free people” and really free peoples, in all their diverse preferences for themselves, living in the same territory, is involved. - JZ, 9.1.99. - From JZ, Pan AZ. - Those, who prefer that, should also be “free” to be as unfree as they want to be. – To each his own system. – JZ, 13.3.09. – DEMOCRACY, SELF-GOVERNMENT FOR ALL THE DIVERSE GROUPS IN THEIR OWN WAYS!

PANARCHISM: The essentially anarchistic or libertarian or individual rights framework that panarchism offers to numerous diverse panarchies, that would be established under it, does not give a sufficiently detailed image of these different panarchies under panarchism and of their common traits. IN COMMON they would have: a) voluntary membership, based on individual secessionism and associationism, b) exterritorialism or non-geographical association, apart from small home, or business or industrial or garden, parks and reserves real estates, whether privately, cooperatively, fraternally or otherwise run, c) full autonomy, based on individual sovereignty, d) respect for the already discovered and recognized and claimed individual rights and liberties of members of other panarchies, as the basis for a new kind of international law, even though all people may not practise all of these rights and liberties within their own panarchies, e) personal constitutions, laws jurisdictions - that would only bind their voluntary members (apart from criminals and aggressors), f) an essentially voluntary taxation, subscription or contribution system, based on the fact of their voluntary membership, however forcefully they are levied from voluntary members, g) individual secessionism, h) voluntary membership in local militias for the protection of individual rights and liberties, internationally federated. - All these features are interlinked. - JZ, n.d. & 8.9.04, 18.9.04, 21.1.11, 27.11.13. – From JZ, Pan AZ. - PANARCHIES AS VOLUNTARY & EXTERRITORIALIST ALTERNATIVES TO ALL TERRITORIAL STATES, COMMON FEATURES

PANARCHISM: The Exit Door Leads In.” - Heading of a story by Philip K. Dick, in the anthology I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon, ed. by Mark Hurst and Paul Williams, p.134. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, OPTING OUT, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL MINORITIES AS WELL AS THE MAJORITY – & ALL ITS FACTIONS

PANARCHISM: The exterritorial imperative follows from the nuclear war potential: "It's pretty hard to fight a war when there's nothing you can aim at." - Clifford Simak: City, - ASTOUNDING SF, 1944. – England made indiscriminate attacks on German cities possible only under the false pretence that it was attacking only military targets and in the belief that all subjects of the Nazi regime were collectively responsible for its crimes, even when they were victims and members of resistance groups. It was also assumed that dissenters in Germany were free to engage in a revolution or military insurrection against the Nazi regime. But that was almost as difficult for most German non-Nazis as it was for the inmates of the concentration camps. Militarism has also a long experience with preventing or reducing the risk of military insurrections. Anyhow, Germans made dozens of tyrannicide attempts against Hitler. I do not know of a single one undertaken or promoted by the Allies. – They rather concentrated on bombing Hitler’s victims and keeping food supplies even out of the countries that had been conquered by the Nazi regime. – The total war was not a one-sided affair. On this I highly recommend a recent book: Nicholson Baker, Human Smoke, The Beginnings of World War II, The End of Civilization, Simon & Schuster, 2008, ISBN: 978=1-847-37303-8, 566 pages, indexed, A $ 35 in Australia. - JZ, 16.4.08, 21.1.11.

PANARCHISM: The field is wide open for bold and imaginative men and women to create a system that will free mankind of war, poverty and tension. To do this it will be necessary to take control of the world away from people who identify. – A. E. van Vogt, The Pawns of Null-A, Sphere SF, 1970, p.216. – Identify with past conditions, States, institutions, laws, beliefs and ideas. – I had forgotten that I had read this book, in another edition, before and extracted at least from 8 pages then. On second reading, if found it worthwhile to quote from another 12 pages of it. - JZ, 4.12.12. - CHANGE, TRADITIONS, CONSERVATISM, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE



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