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VACCINATIONS: All parents of vaccine injured or dead children have one thing in common: They were told that vaccines are completely safe! - Learn about vaccine dangers: - or - - (Hardcover and Kindle Version on Amazon) - Support us in our efforts to inform about vaccines: - For vaccine articles: = By: Markus Heinze – Nancy Fuster - Timeline Photos - VACCINES - MOMMY, HOW DO YOU KNOW? - Facebook, 1.9.13.

VACCINATIONS: Compulsory vaccination or, rather, a boycott or avoidance of the unvaccinated? While it is true that vaccinated and healthy adults should be safe from infection by unvaccinated and sick people, it has been argued that the sick and unvaccinated adults could infect e.g. babies not yet fully vaccinated and that a majority or large number of unvaccinated and infected people could infect some of the vaccinated ones, too, because no vaccination can provide a 100 % protection. Nor can it be without any side-effects for everybody. Is thus compulsory vaccination for everybody called for, as it is widely asserted? No, it is up to the vaccinated to either indicate that they are really immune or to keep themselves apart from those not vaccinated. Likewise, the unvaccinated should make an effort to keep themselves apart from the vaccinated people, babies and elderly and weak people. The people favoring vaccination have no right to force the anti-vaccination people to get vaccinated or even to wear a sign that they are not vaccinated, while the vaccinated people are entitled to indicate their supposed protection and to keep themselves apart as much as they can from those not displaying such a sign. – JZ, 23.1.97, 15.8.08.

VACCINATIONS: Harmless to beneficial effects of vaccination are supposed to be hundreds to thousands times more frequent than harmful, e.g. allergic effects of vaccination are on some. But even if this is true, then this would not make compulsory vaccination for all people right but it would merely cause most people to get themselves vaccinated, as the lesser evil. One should also consider that when millions are exposed to compulsory vaccinations, then those, who suffer from them, could be many people, even though they would constitute only a small percentage. We are risk takers in many spheres and sometimes, like mountaineers and parachutists, even risk seekers. What if those, harmed by the vaccination, would have never caught the disease anyhow, against which they were vaccinated against their will? Especially when most around them are already vaccinated and they are thus less likely to catch the disease and to spread it. One should also distinguish very dangerous natural or artificial diseases and defence options against them. In their own interest most people would then accept any effective vaccination offered. Or, if they are infected or were exposed to infection they might have to be quarantined, e.g. not let into a country or into a city or town. – All relevant statistics should also be thoroughly checked to make sure that the harm caused by vaccinations to some does not exceed the harm done to people if they remained unvaccinated. – Moreover, it should be up to the vaccination advocates to develop vaccines without side-effects and providing real protection in all cases. – A mixture of basic rights and utilitarian considerations are involved. If the danger to unvaccinated babies and insufficiently vaccinated infants and children were very great, then most adults would, probably, adopt vaccination or stay apart from babies, infants and children. - JZ, 1.10.92, 15.8.08.

VACCINATIONS: The Entire Vaccine Industry is a Fraud - Such extreme generalizations are, generally, untrue, too, however true vaccine criticism may be in particular cases. I am also opposed to indiscriminate mass vaccination campaigns. All individuals are different and some react negatively to some vaccines that do work for others. Choice and voluntarism, here, too. Preferably, naturally, well informed choice not merely the propaganda by some medical firm for its offers. – JZ on Facebook. - EXCESSIVE & HARMFUL ONES

VACCINATIONS: The medial authorities keep lying. Vaccination has been a disaster on the immune system. It causes lots of illnesses. We are actually changing our genetic code through vaccination. Vaccination is the biggest crime against humanity. – Dr. G. Lanctôt, MD, Canada - Glenn Schuyler shared Vaccination Information Network (VINE)'s photo. – Facebook, 23.8.13. - While this controversy continues, vaccination should certainly not be compulsory. – JZ, 23.8.13. - COMPULSORY

VACUUM: Nature abhors a vacuum. - Francois Rabelais. – That common experience of humans is confined to air pressure on Earth. – There is no shortage of natural vacuum in space. We should never judge nature by our limited experience with it. – JZ, 7.6.13. - NATURE, SPACE

VAGUENESS: Arrogance and Ego are the blankets that keep Fear warm and secure.” - Wall Photos - Where do you get with platitudes, if you are not a preacher or politician? – JZ, 10.11.11. – Alas, Facebook has become a new depository for them. – JZ, 18.1.13. - GENERALITIES & PLATITUDES

VAGUENESS: Details arouse interest. - Detaillieren heisst interessieren. – Ulrich von Beckerath often quoted this to me. – Generalizations are, all too often, quite uncritically tolerated or even adopted. Details convince or arouse our critical sense. - JZ, 30.4.14.

VAGUENESS: What causes the mistakes of men in most cases is that they content themselves with vague notions and do not go to the trouble to establish clear ideas about the facts.” - Friedrich der Grosse. -  (“Dasjenige, wodurch die Menschen am meisten zu Fehlern veranlasst werden, ist, dass sie sich meistens mit vagen Vortellungen begnuegen und sich nicht die Muehe geben, sich klare Ideen ueber die Dinge zu machen.“) GENERALIZATIONS, CLARITY, DETAILS, IDEAS, UNDERSTANDING -

VALUE FOR VALUE: a free society, a society, which gives them the opportunity to deal with other free men on a value-for-value basis. And when men no longer fulfill their needs and desires on a value-for-value basis, the code of ethics necessarily becomes “ever man for himself” and “anything goes”. – Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p. 118. – Compare Don Werkheiser's distinction between single convenience and mutual convenience relationships. - JZ, 1.4.11. - EXCHANGE, TRADE, FREE TRADE, ETHICS, MORALITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & CHOICE, EGOISM

VALUE STANDARDS: Freedom of contract for value standards. – Ulrich von Beckerath, Berlin Program – FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS

VALUE STANDARDS: GOLD WEIGHT CLEARING OR ACCOUNTING STANDARD: It has all the advantages of the classical gold standard and none of its drawbacks. Under it the quantity of exchange media or the turnover on the clearing accounts can be increased according to the requirements of trade, without interfering with sound value standard reckoning and inflating the exchange media or clearing certificates or accounts, wages, prices, rents, etc. To that extent this gold standard is vastly superior to the gold cover and gold redemption standard. – It clearly distinguishes between means of payment and value standard and subjects the means of payment to refusals, discounting or market rating and full publicity, precisely thereby, preserving their value and maintaining sound value reckoning. Most of the “gold-bugs” somehow still manage to overlook that. – JZ, 26.3.09. 1.4.11. – However, even it should not be turned into an exclusive value standard. Freedom in the choice of value standards should generally prevail as well. Even the objectively best value standard should not be imposed upon dissenters. – A libertarian medical doctor, Duncan Yuille, once told me that, expressed in the current market rate for silver, the consultancy fee for his medical services was about the same at the beginning of his medical career, decades ago, as towards its end. – That could be just one case of a wide experience. - JZ, 30.4.14.

VALUE STANDARDS: If you want to use e.g. a bag of beans or a Kilowatt-hour as a standard of value in all your dealings – you should be free to so use it. – JZ, 23.2.75, 16.8.08. – Your choice could easily be better than the government’s official “value standard.” – JZ, 30.4.14. - FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS

VALUE STANDARDS: It ought by now of course to be generally understood that the value of a currency redeemable in gold (or in another currency) is not derived from the value of that gold, but merely kept at the same value through the automatic regulation of its quantity.” – Hayek, Denationalization of Money, p. 82. – A currency that is not redeemable in gold coins, by its issuer upon demand by the note holder, but merely accepted as if it were a corresponding gold coin, or gold weight, for goods and services also marked out in gold coin units, is not only determined by its own quantity but also by the total quantity of goods and services, marked in gold weight prices, into which it can be readily and soon “redeemed”. So its own quantity, as well as the quantity of goods and services (its shop foundation), both expressed e.g. in gold weight units as their value standard, should not be determined by the quantity of gold coins and in gold redeemable certificates, that can be and are supplied. Such a currency would not be depreciated if kept within its “shop foundation”. Optional acceptance, market rating and sound value standard reckoning, e.g. in gold weight units, would see to that. It would also tend to be crisis-free – just like the supply of tooth brushes and combs, as long is no one is under any legal obligation to supply gold or has a legal right to demand payment in gold! - It is not the total quantity of a currency that determines its value, but its relationship to the quantity and quality and the total of all the subjective values of all the goods and services that it can be readily used to pay for, at its full nominal value, and this at prices also marked in the same value standard. (When prices, wages and other contracts are marked out in other value standards and exchange media, then gold-value clearing currencies would, naturally, if at all, only acceptable at their current market rate.) Thus, when there are more exchange opportunities into goods and services made available, at the same prices, or at a higher sum of all prices, especially for all those goods and services that are in daily demand, then, also correspondingly more exchange media can be made available, without, thereby, depreciating them. The goods and service sides of trades could then be kept automatically in balance with the supply of competitively issued and freely accepted exchange media using freely chosen value standards. The issue limits for any one of such competing currencies would is only reached when, on a free market for them, the first discounts and refusals are encountered, made by people who, usually, understand little, if anything, of the quantity theory of money. For instance, if electricity-, gas- or railway money is offered to them in larger quantities than they themselves can use in the near future, then they will already hesitate to accept it, beyond their own and foreseeable needs for them, because they will expect to have transaction costs when they try to pay others with such currencies. They can be certain only of the usability of such non-legal tender currencies to the extent of their personal use of them. Who, for instance, would readily accept a large quantity of postage stamps instead of, say, $ 100 or even $ 1,000 in cash? - In the absence of legal tender in general circulation, only the issuers of optional and market rated monies would always be obliged to accept them at par with their nominal value, at least within the period of their clearly stated validity or circulation period. (If such a period is expressed on a money token, then, afterwards, if at all, it might only be accepted at a discount or only for certain goods or services.) – With competitively issued and only voluntarily accepted gold-clearing or gold accounting certificates, an unlimited quantity of goods and services could be turned over or freely exchanged, at stable gold weight value prices, all only under the usual market price fluctuations from the goods and service side, not from the money side, even if there were hardly any gold coins in circulation. – Then no one would be dependent upon his supply with gold coins. Then no one could demand them in payment or would be obliged to offer them in redemption for his notes. The only exchanges of gold for currencies and currencies for gold would then take place on free gold markets. - At least to that extent Hayek’s statement would have to be qualified or explained, I believe. Under that condition, too, the total quantity of alternative currencies, of this kind, would be limited, automatically, even without gold redemptionism, but much more of it could be soundly issued than can be under compulsory gold redemptionism upon demand. - JZ, 16.8.08, 30.4.14. - QUANTITY THEORY, GOLD STANDARDS, GOLD REDEMPTIONISM, GOLD-VALUE CLEARING, ACCOUNTING & PRICING WITHOUT GOLD REDEMPTIONISM

VALUE STANDARDS: No governmentally imposed and exclusive value standard is as good as the best value standard chosen in a market in free competition with other value standards under free choice among value standards as well. – JZ, 8.9.12, 26.2.12.

VALUE STANDARDS: Once a stable value standard is adopted, or several different ones, in different payment communities, and freedom to issue, accept, refuse or discount alternative exchange media is introduced, what happens then to a) the inflated currency and b) the deflated currency? - a) The inflated currency will then be accepted, if at all, in general circulation, only at its remaining market value against a sound value standard. Only the issuer will still have to accept it at its nominal value, e.g. in the payment of taxes still determined in the old paper “value standard”. Thus it will largely disappear from general circulation or become reduced in volume to the amount warranted by its remaining tax foundation. b) The formerly deflated monopoly currency, now and finally exposed to free competition from other exchange media, will no longer have a rarity value which allows it to purchase goods, services and labor at emergency sales prices. It will no longer be hoarded beyond normal cash keeping. It will have only its ordinary purchasing power, dependent upon it foundation, its reflux arrangements and its evaluation in general circulation against sound value standards in which goods, services and labor are priced and in other sound alternative exchange media. In its own payment and clearing sphere it can then be issued up to the amounts required in it. Its free market rating will show whether it is still under-issued or over-issued and thus as a rule it will be issued in a way that it tends to stay at par with its nominal value, i.e., it will merely tend to fill its own niche, doing no more and no less. – JZ, 3.10.05, 25.10.07. – It would have this in common with e.g. tickets for wanted performances. – JZ, 30.4.14. - STABLE & UNSTABLE ONES, ALL FREELY CHOSEN & MARKET-RATED AGAINST OTHER VALUE STANADARDS VS. EXCLUSIVE & MONOPOLISTICALLY IMPOSED ONES

VALUE STANDARDS: The best value standard for individuals and their business partners is that which they have freely agreed upon, under free choice of value standards, all of them in free competition with each other, with their exchange rates against each other published every day. The subjective value theory applies to value standards, too. Thus at most a particular value standard may reach the largest market share. – Value standards, too, must be free-market-rated. Only the issuers themselves, and by contract their debtors, must always accept their money or clearing certificate issues at their nominal or par value of their value standard. – Others remain free to discount or refuse them and their value standard. No value standard should be legally or juridically imposed upon anyone. - JZ, 12.3. & 9.4.05. - Free market monies (exchange media and clearing certificates or accounts) versus legal tender (forced and exclusive) currencies. Only their issuers have always to accept them and this at par. – JZ, 12.3.05. - MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE BANKING

VALUE STANDARDS: The rupee becomes valued at four hundredth of a second open search on the World Feed, beating out the $ US, in 2035.” - Greg Bear, Slant, p.177. - In other words, it would then be even more depreciated than the rupee today, just like the US dollar will be then, if it remains a monopoly currency of the FED for the USA. – JZ, 1.7.13, 30.4.14. – Since the speed of computers and thus of searches keeps increasing all the time, I doubt that this would become a widely accepted value standard. – It would have similar disadvantages as accepting e.g. the value of a working hour or a kilowatt hour as a value standard. They are all too different for different people, places and times. - JZ, 30.4.14. - CURRENCY, FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS.

VALUE STANDARDS: Under freely agreed-upon value standards, whether they are e.g. gold redemption or gold clearing standards or any abstract value units or indexes, all used only by the volunteers of voluntary communities for various payment, clearing and financial systems, capital proprietors, debtors and creditors, in combination with all other aspects of monetary and clearing freedom, the inflation as well as the deflation and stagflation problems would soon be solved, involuntary unemployment would disappear and much more capital would become available under mutually satisfactory conditions than at present. The sound or sounder value standards would soon drive out most of the unsound or not so good ones. That would, naturally, require the repeal of or the ignoring of legal tender laws and central bank privileges. This kind of laissez faire free enterprise, capitalism, free market and free exchange, under consumer sovereignty, voluntarism and free competition has never anywhere existed quite undisturbed and sufficiently informed on its own potential limitations and and developed and spread accordingly. As a result it would even have become quite popular, at least gradually. – JZ, n.d., 6.10.08, 30.4.14. - FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS, INFLATION, PRICE LEVEL, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, CAPITALISM, FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE EXCHANGE, FREE TRADING, MONETARY FREEDOM, COMPETITIVE CLEARING

VALUE-FREE JUDGMENTS? As long as we are individuals we will always make subjective value judgments in all spheres, even if we vehemently deny that we are doing this. And how could a free society and a free market operate at all or well enough if we did not recognize all or at least many or enough of the genuine individual rights and liberties required for them - as basic values? – JZ, 5.11.92, 18.8.08. – SUBJECTIVE VALUE JUDGMENTS, FREE MARKETS IN EVERY SPHERE

VALUER GENERAL: He acts as an agent for the official expropriators of the value of much of our real estate assets. The market value of our property is for them at best only one factor that is somewhat taken into consideration. Even if we do not sell the property at all, we are taxed on its fictitiously but officially determined value anyhow. Another bureaucrat, legally operating by his own standards and getting away with it. Nothing but exterritorial secessionism by individuals and groups could make a clean enough break with all such legalized bureaucrats and their cohorts. – They cannot be enlightened or reformed. They constitute the ultimate in vested interests – in your own affairs, your own life and your own property. They are the modern feudal lords and treat us as their serfs and are very righteous about it. - JZ, n.d. & 15.8.08, 30.4.14. – Federal, State and Local Governments are often the largest landlords in their territory. Nevertheless, private landlords, freely competing with their limited real estates, in large numbers, remain much more unpopular than the governmental ones. – JZ, 30.4.14. - TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, OFFICIAL VS. PRIVATE LAND LORDS

VALUES: A society that does not recognize that each individual has values of his own, which he is entitled to follow, can have no respect for the dignity of the individual, and cannot really know freedom. – F. A. HAYEK – quoted by Nizam Ahmad and David E. Shellenberger like a photo. - John Zube: I prefer thinking and writing in terms of individual rights and liberties rather than "values" and "dignity". I see no reason to respect everything which diverse individuals "value", or their "dignity", while they infringe genuine individual rights and liberties of others. As long as they act only within their individual rights and liberties they are welcome to their "values" and their "dignity". – Facebook, 15.1.13. - DIGNITY & RESPECT FOR THEM VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES & RESPECT FOR THEM

VALUES: All men, whatever their beliefs, their habits, their way of life, have a sense of values.” – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, p. 426. – “A sense”, but not enough clear knowledge and understanding of values, least of all of value standards. – JZ, 10.78, 15.8.08. – And we have still failed to compile an ideal declaration of all genuine individual rights and liberties, as a world-wide value standard for rightful and peaceful interrelationships between all kinds of communities of volunteers, even those, which, internally, may not abide by all of these rights and liberties, at least not at present and in the near future. – JZ, 21.4.09. - But some of these "values" are so subjective that they are of some value only among their believers and valueless or have even a negative value on a free market, in free and enlightened societies. - JZ, 1.4.11. – E.g. the “values” of a drinker or smoker are not values for abstainers from these drugs and vice versa. – JZ, 30.4.14.

VALUES: All the work one cares to add will not turn a mud pie into an apple tart; it remains a mud pie, value zero. - By corollary, unskillful work can easily subtract value. An untalented cook can turn a wholesome dough, free green apples, valuable already, into an almost inedible mess, value zero. Conversely, a great chief can fashion of these same materials a confection of greater value than a commonplace apple tart, with no more effort than an ordinary cook uses to prepare an ordinary sweet.”  Robert Heinlein, Starship Troopers, p.81. - LABOR THEORY OF VALUE, COMMUNISM

VALUES: During a visit to my daughter and her family in Canada, the family decided to go on a fishing trip across the lake. The sight of the tiny boat proved too much for my five-year old grandson, Kevin, however, so he and I stayed behind. – As we waved the fishing party off, Kevin began to cry. I asked him why he was so upset. “Daddy can’t swim”, he sobbed, “and he’s got my new penknife in his pocket.” – A. O’Reilly, in READER’S DIGEST, 9/79. - RELATIVE VALUES, JOKES, SUBJECTIVE VALUE THEORY

VALUES: Every man is worth just as much as the things are worth about which he busies himself.” – Marcus Aurelius, quoted in “The Peter Plan” by L. J. Peter, p. 153. – Often one can come to judge people best by the books they have collected in their library, if they have any at all. – JZ, 30.4.14. - WORTH, BUSINESS, OCCUPATIONS, COMMITMENTS, PRIORITIES, TRIVIALITIES, SIGNIFICANCE, CHARACTER, INTERESTS

VALUES: Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it.” – Publius Syrus, Moral Sayings, 1st. c. B.C., 847. – FREE PRICING

VALUES: freedom is a value, and indeed, the value of all values.” – Herbert Read, Anarchy and Order, p. 164.

VALUES: From the assumption that value is entirely man-produced, it was but a short step to advocating an impersonal market economy, one based not on individuals as status-inheritors, but on individuals as value-creators.” – Silvert, Man’s Power, p.122.

VALUES: How can we render a judgment as to what private citizens really favor? Surely not by yeas or nays; most of us are too distraction-prone for mere lip service to be trusted. So, let us judge a man’s values by the way he acts: A person favors a war if he will voluntarily risk his life in waging it; and he favors and enterprise if he will voluntarily risk his capital in financing it. Popular acclaim for a war or a moon venture or whatever, which rests on risking the lives or the capital of others, is unimpressive; it’s only loose talk, detached from realism, and unworthy of serious attention. Viewed in this light, there are few, indeed, who favor putting men on the moon, their protestations to the contrary notwithstanding.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.65/66. - VOTING, LIP SERVICE VS. ACTIONS

VALUES: in a free market value will find its own level.” – Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, p.69.

VALUES: In addition to Schumpeter, the work of Raymond de Roover and Marjorie Grice Hutchinson has pioneered in rehabilitating scholastic economics. From their Work it is clear that, although there were elements of cost of production theories in scholastic economics, the dominant view (which can be traced from Aristotle to St. Augustine through to St. Thomas Aquinas) interpreted the value of a good not, as something that inhered in the thing itself but as a product of ‘common estimation’ or subjective opinion, and of the thing’s perceived scarcity. Thus the ‘just’ price was the competitive price that emerged from the interaction of subjective supply and demand. - As Diego de Covarrabias (1512-1572) put it: “The value of an article does not depend on its essential nature but on the estimation of men, even if that estimation be foolish. Thus in the Indies, wheat is dearer than in Spain because men esteem it more highly, though the nature of the wheat is the same in both places.” – Quoted from? Hutchinson-Harris, The Doctrine of Personal Right. – In the Indies, wheat, compared with rice, will have a) a scarcity value and b) will have to include, in most cases, considerable transport costs. – JZ, 30.4.14. - SUBJECTIVE VALUE THEORY, IDEAS ARCHIVE, JUST PRICE, SUPPLY & DEMAND

VALUES: individual liberty is the greatest of social values, …” - Arblaster/Lukes, The Good Society, p.18, as the consensus of some writers they quote, e.g. Kant, Wilhelm von Humboldt, Benjamin Constant, Tocqueville, Mill, Herzen and Mathew Arnold. - LIBERTY, SOCIAL VALUES

VALUES: Intellectuals have criticized everything so much that nothing is any longer generally respected. What is still worth enough for modern man that he would be prepared to commit himself and his life to it? - Jakob Bosshart, - Bausteine. (“Der Intellekt hat alles derart zerfleischt, dass man vor nichts mehr Ehrfurcht empfindet. Was ist dem modernen Menschen noch soviel wert, dass er sich und sein Leben dafuer einsetzte?“) – Not all critics deserve the term intellects. Value free thinking – is itself valueless! – But it is true that even genuine individual rights and liberties have not yet aroused sufficient interest in mankind to put all of them optimally expressed together, in an as comprehensive declaration of individual rights and liberties as could and should be compiled and published by now. To that extent most of mankind is still immoral and unethical, uncritical and quite insufficiently intellectual. Most people do not even have a clear idea of what is meant by “right” and “rights” and if they do encounter e.g. Kant’s definition, they pass it by, without comprehension or automatically class it together with the large number of flawed definitions or misunderstandings. - JZ, 16.8.08, 30.4.14. - RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS

VALUES: It is only to a living entity that things can be good or evil; life is the basic value that makes all other values possible; the value of life is not to be justified by a value beyond itself; to demand such justification ... to ask: Why should a man choose to live? … is to have dropped the meaning, context and source of one’s concepts. ‘Should’ is a concept that can have no intelligible meaning, if divorced from the concept and value of life.” – Nathaniel Branden, Who Is Ayn Rand? – Quoted in Mrs. Young’s manuscript on Ayn Rand. – LIFE

VALUES: Let each buyer or seller be guided by his own scale of values.” – Leonard E. Read, Having My Way, Buy American, p.103. – Unfortunately, he is also largely guided or misguided by his supply of governmental monopoly money, with its fictitious, coercive, monopolistic and manipulated and, mostly, depreciated paper value standard. – JZ, 15.8.08, 30.4.14. - SUBJECTIVE VALUE THEORY, CONSUMERS, PRODUCERS, PRICES, CHARGES, FEES, WAGES, PROTECTIONISM, FREE MARKET, FREE CONTRACTS, CHOICE, ALTERNATIVES, COMPETITION, MONETARY FREEDOM INSTEAD OF MONETARY DESPOTISM

VALUES: Liberty is not a value but the ground of value.” – W. H. Auden, Introduction to Henry James’s American Scene, Scribner, quoted in Herbert Read, Anarchy and Order, p.163. - LIBERTY

VALUES: Man’s chief purpose is the creation and preservation of values. That is what gives meaning to our civilization, and the participation in this is what gives significance ultimately, to the individual human life.” – Lewis Mumford – If, as Ayn Rand said, the highest value is rational man, then the purpose of rational man is the creation and preservation of rational men – not merely to live a rational life for oneself. This may then, sometimes, require self-sacrifice. – Kant speaks of man being a purpose in himself – and he meant rational and moral men, not those who do not care about morality or rationality. – JZ, n.d., 15.8.08. - MAN, PURPOSE, RATIONALITY, SURVIVAL, SELF-SACRIFICE, COLLECTIVISM, INDIVIDUALISM,

VALUES: most of these government activities can be maintained only under violence. Thus, under freedom of choice, many activities that different individuals think good, necessary, and valuable, would be dropped. But value, it has been conclusively proved, can be determined only by free market processes, not by the enforced will of one, or by any other authoritarian arrangements.” – Leonard E. Read, Instead of Violence, p.23. - But there are also many things that are, at least potentially, very valuable, although most people do not appreciate them or do not know of them at all and they have thus no market value, especially when no free market has as yet been established for them. That applies particularly to obscure or new but inherently valuable ideas and talents that most people remain today unaware of, for a long time or, possibly, forever. To these belong, obviously, many libertarian ideas and talents. Should we declare them to be valueless because they do not yet have a wide enough or popular enough reception? – JZ, 15.8.08, 30.4.14. - All territorially imposed "values" should be dropped. To each his own value system, as long as he does not interfere with the self-chosen value system of others. - JZ, 1.4.11. - BUDGET, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, WELFARE STATE, VOLUNTARISM

VALUES: Nothing is intrinsically valuable; the value of everything is attributed to it, assigned to it from outside the thing itself, by people.” – John Barth, The Floating Opera, 1956. - INTRINSIC VALUE, SUBJECTIVE VALUE THEORY, GOLD, RARE METALS

VALUES: nothing matters…” - Wrong, … We matter! All of us! Every human life, every Enterprise, whether there be one or one hundred thousand. Everything has value! Everything has meaning! The only thing of no value in this universe is that which has disregard for others!” - Peter David, Star Trek, The Next Generation, Q-Squared, p.409/10. – LIFE, INDIVIDUALISM, SKEPTICISM, PESSIMISM, INTOLERANT ACTIONS, INDIVIDUALISM,

VALUES: Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde, in A. Andrews quotations, p.367. – PRICES, MORALITY, ETHICS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VALUES: Only the existence of alternatives can make purpose … and therefore values … possible and necessary.” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, in Mrs. Young’s manuscript, p.13. – What other alternatives are there to living than death? – JZ, 15.8.08. – PURPOSE, ALTERNATIVES

VALUES: people don’t like too much of anything, no matter if it’s roast beef, lovely women, or God. … until an appetite has been built up for him again.” – Robert Sheckley, Dimension of Miracles, p.62. – There can be too much of any particular thing or service for any individual user, even money, that a person might never get around to spend and that it would be even difficult to give away, sensibly, to e.g. worthy individuals or foundations. – However, I doubt that ever too much of all the diverse things and services can be, properly ordered and classified, offered in a quite free market, for all people, and that includes even ideas, in an Ideas Archive and talents in a Talent Centre, both designed to bring supply and demand for them together. – Too much is simply too much, especially labor, for an individual. - JZ, 16.8.08. - GOD, SEX, APPETITES, LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURNS, SUBJECTIVE & MARGINAL VALUE THEORY, WEALTH.

VALUES: Social values in general are incrementally variable: neither safety, diversity, rational articulation, nor morality is categorically a "good thing" to have more of, without limits. All are subject to diminishing returns, and ultimately negative returns.” - Thomas Sowell. - Every convenience or preference has a price tag. Basic values, like individual rights and liberties, on the other hand, come as close to absolute values, for moral and rational human beings, as anything human can come. It has been well recognize that they do reach their limits in emergency situations, in which individual lives sometimes have to be sacrificed to save the lives of others. - JZ, 22.8.02. - RELATIVE RATHER THAN ABSOLUTE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, EMERGENCIES

VALUES: That something happened to you is of no importance to anyone, not even to you. The important thing about you is what you choose to make happen - your values and choices. That which happened by accident - what family you were born into, in what country, and where you went to school - is totally unimportant.” - Ayn Rand - CHOICES, ACCIDENTS, CIRCUMSTANCES, MAKE IT HAPPEN, ORIGIN, INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-HELP, FATE, SELF-EDUCATION, SELF-IMPROVEMENT, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

VALUES: The cardinal principle at the base of Ayn Rand’s ethical system is the statement … ‘It is only the concept of “Life” that makes the concept of “Value” possible. It is only to a living entity that things can be good or evil’.“ – Nathaniel Branden, Who Is Ayn Rand? - Quoted by Mrs. Young in her manuscript on A. R.

VALUES: The most essential element in the creation of value in the economic sense is neither labour nor capital but the correspondence of the application of labour with some actually felt specific desire.” – Beatrice Webb. – LABOR THEORY OF VALUE, DEMAND, NEED, DESIRE

VALUES: The principle of equal opportunity operates as a restriction on governmental power, commanding government to leave each man to pursue the values of his life as he sees fit. (*) – It is not the role of government to determine what values a man should pursue – nor to hire think-tank intellectuals to declare what values should guide a man’s life.” – Anne Wortham, THE FREEMAN, 5/75. - (*) Panarchism demands no more! – JZ, 15.8.08. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-HELP, SELF-DETERMINAION, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-CONTROL, SELF-DISCIPLINE

VALUES: The value of a good or service is what people will give for it in willing exchange.” – Carl Menger, 1870. – EXCHANGE, FREE OR WILLING EXCHANGE, VOLUNTARY EXCHANGE

VALUES: the value of an article depends upon what the consumer will pay for it voluntarily. – Curtiss, The Tariff Idea, p.31/32. – My libertarian PEACE PLANS series, mostly only on microfiche, with a few offered digitally and most of its few printed issues out of print, contain many sound ideas on how, e.g., end inflations, prevent wars, overthrow dictatorships, end unemployment and establish and maintain free, just and tolerant societies. However, these issues achieved no financial market value, no real market price. Are these ideas therefore valueless? - So many libertarian ideas have no ready market, are not yet realized and very few people are willing to pay anything for them. Are they therefore almost valueless? – For a market price to occur, the thing or the idea must be already known or be appreciated by a sufficient number of people. Otherwise, if written down or printed, it will only have e.g. the scrap value of paper and if it is on a disk or online or on microfiche, then it does not even have that value. – What is good for ordinary consumer goods and services is not necessarily true for all other values. – What values, expressed in money, are today placed on as good declarations of individual rights and liberties as were so far produced or as could and should be produced as soon as possible? A market price for an ideal declaration of this kind, or reward for those, who provide it, has certainly not yet been established. Nor a price for a proposal to end and prevent unemployment, inflation, war, violent revolutions. - JZ, 15.8.08. – FREE MARKET, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTER, SUPER-COMPUTER PROJECT

VALUES: The Value of anything is not what you paid for it, not what it cost to produce, but what you can get for it at an auction.” – William Lyn Phelps

VALUES: The value of anything to anyone is always a subjective judgment – whatever one is willing to give up or trade for something else.” – Leonard E. Read, Who’s Listening? p.50.

VALUES: They relied, as he did, on a tangle of traditions, legends, unexamined moralities, vague ethics, gut religion and confused philosophies. He himself had invoked them all and found them crumbled to powder in his hand, like cere-cloths from an ancient tomb.” – Morris West, The Navigator, p.284. - RELATIVITY OF VALUES, SUBJECTIVE VALUE THEORY

VALUES: Value for value received.” – Proverb – FREE EXCHANGE, TRADE, CLARING, FREE PRICING

VALUES: Value is forever subjective; that is an objective fact.” – Jim Downard, quoted by Taylor Radford, in THE CONNECTION 107, 23.10.82. – SUBJECTIVE VALUE THEORY, OBJECTIVITY

VALUES: Value is not a property inherent in goods, but constitutes a relationship between an appraising mind and the object appraised.” – L. M. Lachman, Methodological Individualism and the Market Economy, in “Roads to Freedom”, ed. by Erich Streissler, p.95. - SUBJECTIVE VALUE THEORY

VALUES: Value is not an attribute or physical property possessed by things themselves, irrespective to their relations to men, but solely an aspect of these relations that enables men to take account of their decisions about the use of such things, of the better opportunities others might have for their use. Increase in value appears only with, and is relevant only with regard to, human purposes. As Carl Menger made clear (1871/1881:121), value ‘is a judgment economizing men make about the importance of goods at their disposal for the maintenance of their lives and well-being.’ Economic values express changing degrees of the capacity of things to satisfy some of the multiplicity of separate, individual scales of ends.” – F. A. Hayek, The Fatal Conceit, p.95.

VALUES: Value is subjective. It exists only in the mind. Remove all human minds and all human values will vanish. To value is to favor, or negatively, to fail to favor, something. What we favor might be objective. But we can also value (favor) a concept (subjective). Our preferences (values) range across the objective and the subjective orders.” – Robert LeFevre, LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL, Spring 78, p.2.

VALUES: Value is that which one acts to gain and keep.” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.939. – According to this statement the money that one earns in order to spend it for particular things or services, would be valueless! – What she meant was probably the things that one values as a collector or exclusive owner or partner, e.g. a marriage partner. – And one’s labor is valuable for oneself only because one gives it away in exchange for money, which one keeps, mostly, only temporarily and then gives up - to buy any of the things or services one can and wants to buy with it – from a very wide choice. – JZ, 15.8.08.

VALUES: Value received for value given.” – F. Paul Wilson, The Healer, p.75. – TRADE, EXCHANGE, BUYING, SELLING, MONEY, PRICES, PAYING ONE’S WAY, FREE EXCHANGE

VALUES: Value has no meaning other than in relation to living beings. The value of a thing is always relative to a particular person, is completely personal and different in quantity for each living human – ‘market value’ is a fiction, merely a rough guess at the average personal values, all of which must be quantitatively different or trade would be impossible.” – Robert Heinlein, Starship Troopers, p.81. – I deny the validity of his conclusion, that they “must be quantitatively different or trade would be impossible.” – JZ, 30.4.14.

VALUES: values are … the exclusive property of the individual who produces them.” – Garvan F. Kuskey, THE FREEMAN, Nov.73. – So, all free speech, and all freedom of press belong only to the ones who first invented them? Is any idea only valuable as long as it is the exclusive property of its originator? - Individual man does not produce himself – at least not until he can reproduce himself as a clone. Should we therefore say that he has no value, since he has not produced himself? – JZ, 15.8.08, 30.4.14. – Are ideas and new wordings the exclusive property of their originators, although they could be shared by billions, without harming him? Should all have to pay licence fees to their originators? – JZ, 27.0.08.

VALUES: we are still only so little convinced of the complete valuelessness of most (*) values.” – J. H. M. on Stirner, in: John Henry Mackay, Max Stirner, S.149. - To each a life in accordance with the own values. No one's values to be imposed upon the lives of others. - JZ, 1.4.11. – However, everyone has the right to self-defence of the own non-aggressive, non-criminal and tolerantly practised values. – JZ, 30.4.14. – (*) popular? – JZ - VALUELESSNESS OF MOST "VALUES", TRADITIONS, CUSTOMS, GODS, HOLINESS

VALUES: We cannot say whether the emerging world will be mostly "good" or mostly "evil" because the very definitions of these terms will change, and it is not we, but our children and their children who will do the judging, according to their own values.” - Alvin Toffler – The values of different generations are hardly TOTALLY different. We have all at least some common traits and aspirations among the great variety of inborn traits and individual aspirations. – JZ, 30.4.14. - RELATIVITY OF VALUES?  SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

VALUES: We should … be able to see that our interest would be best served not by asking the state to promulgate our values but by forbidding the state to promulgate any values at all.  If the state can espouse some value that we love, it can, with equal justice, espouse others we do not love.” - Richard Mitchell. - The values common to all territorial States and governments are very different from the values of all free, moral and rational individuals. - JZ, 22.8.02. - & THE STATE, GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VALUES: What do you despise? By this are you truly known.” - Frank Herbert, Dune, Complete & unabridged edition, 220. – Most people are not truly known and appreciated or despised by most other people, not even by family members, friends and acquaintances. – JZ, 30.4.14. - MAN, HATREDS, DISLIKES, CHARACTER, HUMAN BEINGS

VALUES: When people have strong values, they can survive hard economic times.  When they have dissolute values, they can't even survive prosperity.” - Harry Henderson - - If their strong values included monetary and financial freedom and other economic liberties, and if they are free to practise them, then they would hardly experience any hard economic times. For then involuntary mass unemployment, depressions, inflations and stagflations could be overcome almost instantly. If their values included individual sovereignty, individual secessionism and exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities, then they could apply the personal law opportunity, freedom of action and experimentation freedom required to rapidly find out or simply apply the best solution of the remaining political, economic and social problems, which they know of, in all of their own affairs, all at their own expense and risk. – JZ, n.d. & 30.4.14.

VALUES: While rarely if ever called such, there is the Law of Value: “The value of any good or service is that which others will give for it in willing exchange. Defiance of this law denies that the individual has a right to the fruits of his own labor and spells the death of private ownership; it is the enslavement rather than the liberation of the human spirit. …” - Leonard E. Read, Then Truth Will Out, p.113.


VARIETY: In a world where you could spend a lifetime looking for two snowflakes alike, it amazes me that variety as a quality of life is not more appreciated.” – SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 2/78 – A poster might display images of 100 to several hundred snowflakes, all different, with the inscription: “Even we are all different. And isn’t this beautiful? – JZ, - JZ, 8.6.82. – “Vive la difference!” – “Variety is the spice of life!” - DIVERSITY, INDIVIDUALISM, INEQUALITY, VARIATION

VARIETY: Man loves variety – and yet he does not love it enough, at least not in some of the most important spheres. There he is rather a territorialist and unity or unification addict or egalitarian. – JZ, 20.8.93. - PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUALISM, DIVERSITY, DECENTRALIZATION, INDIVIDUALISM, CHOICE, EGALITARIANISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, UNITY SPLEEN, POLYARCHY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREINGTY, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-HELP, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION

VARIETY: One ought to have a system under which all varieties can be tried.” – Milton Friedman, Capitalism and Freedom, p. 154, when discussing varieties of medical practices. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, IN HEATH & ALSO IN MOST OTHER RESPECTS, ALTERNATIVES, POLYARCHISM, FREE CHOICE

VARIETY: There is a vital truth contained in ecology, according to Bookchin, and this is that “if we wish to advance the unity and stability of the natural world, if we wish to harmonize it, we must conserve and promote variety.” – Murray Bookchin, quoted in Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.554. – Here we should take into consideration that man has not only wiped out some species but also bred many new ones, e.g. in form of pets, farm animals, cultured plants, flowers and, unfortunately, also in harmful microbes and viruses, etc., intended for warfare, while territorialism and its Warfare States are still tolerated. – JZ, 15.8.08, 30.4.14. - CONSERVATION, ECOLOGY, NWT, STATISM TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES

VARIETY: There is room in human culture for variety. Michael Swanwick, Vacuum Flowers, A Legend Book, Arrow Books, England, 1987, p.322. – Even when it comes to whole political, economic and social systems, all without a territorial monopoly and only for their volunteers. – JZ, 3.12.12. - DIVERSITY, HUMAN CULTURE, NATURE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, PESONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIALISM

VARIETY: This book presents the facts of human individuality in clear non-technical language. It shows why advances in all fields, from politics to medicine, must be based on the infinite variety that exists.” - R. J. Williams, You Are Extraordinary. - DIFFERENCES, INEQUALITY VS. EQUALITY & EGALITARIANISM, INDIVIDUALITY, DIVERSITY, CHOICE, VOLUNTARISM

VARIETY: Throughout the whole of animate nature variation is one of the conditions of development.” – A.N.Z. RATIONALIST AND HUMANIST, Oct. 74. - DEVELOPMENT, PROGRESS, SPECIALIZATION

VARIETY: Variety and Progress. There has never been nor will there ever be a time when all men are equal in their capacities and conditions here on earth. The nature of the individual, as well as the nature and continuity of human society, demands these unfailing differences. Without the wide diversification of talents, taste, abilities and ambitions that now and always exist among men, Society could neither feed nor clothe itself. It is consequently a wise provision of Providence that causes the perpetuation of endless variety in the desires and capabilities of human beings.” - Clarence Manion, The Key to Peace, p.18. - There should also be an indefinite variety in human societies, communities and governance systems, with all of them based upon free individual choices. - 1.4.11. - EQUALITY, PROGRESS, SURVIVAL, PANARCHISM, POLYRCHISM

VARIETY: variety is the spice of philosophy as well as of life. No one can hope to find the one thoroughly un-muddled philosophy on which everyone will agree. Because of the inborn individuality of our minds this would be as impossible as to find a diet (or a cheese) that just suits everybody or a drug that will have precisely the same effect on everybody who takes it.” – R. J. Williams, You Are Extraordinary, p.214. – EQUALITY? INEQUALITY, INBORN & ACQUIRED

VARIETY: What would the world be without variety? Soon all would die of sameness or satiety.” – J. W. Walsh, quoted in “The Peter Plan” by L. J. Peter, p.89. – Compare my digitized and growing file: “PAN numbers” that demonstrates the great number of varieties, in all spheres, that most people are simply unaware of. – JZ, 15.8.08.

VEGETARIANISM: even vegetarians kill living things.” – Tibor Machan, Liberty and Culture, p.66. – Meat-eaters kill plants only indirectly. – And beer- whisky and wine drinkers exploit the hard work of micro-organisms! And these micro-organisms and plants are mass-murdered in the production of such drinks. – Not to speak of cheese producers and cheese eaters. – And how many insects have you already murdered in your life, just because they annoyed you? Should we try to stop all these “atrocities”? - JZ, 5.8.08. – JOKES

VEGETARIANISM: I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.” - A. Whitney Brown. - JOKES

VEGETARIANISM: Where do e.g. elephants, horses, oxen, mules, sheep, goats and rabbits get their strength from? – Certainly, they did not get it from meat eating. However, those, who can judge this from the shape of our teeth, do assure us that man has developed on a mixed diet of meat and vegetables. The animals living on greens may act as concentrators of some of the food ingredients that we do need. Is that generalization correct? – JZ, 9.10.11, 18.1.13. – MEAT EATING & STRENGTH, DIET, HEALTH, LONGEVITY, TEETH, GREENS & VEGETABLES

VENGEANCE: I realized that my vengeance would always have to be directed against ideas and things and constructions born of those ideas rather than against men; All men were pitiable in their stupid blindness to fact, but the creations of that stupidity, the ideas and ideals based on that stupidity, deserved nothing but loathing and condemnation.” – Dean R. Koontz, A Darkness in my Soul, Daw Books, N.Y., 1972, p.115. – Is self-defence unjustified? Are criminals, who infringe our rights and liberties, not responsible for what they are doing to us? Should we only pity or loath them? Should we not use justified force in our defence against them and see to it that they are convicted and condemned to prison, or appropriate fines and indemnification orders? – Are they babies, infants or young children and not responsible for their actions? Is society to be blamed for their crimes? – Are all voters to be blamed for the crimes and stupidities of politicians and bureaucrats but not these politicians and bureaucrats themselves? - JZ, 30.4.14. - STUPIDITY, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, REVENGE, RETALIATION, CRIMES, AGGRESSION, ASSAULTS, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATCS, GUILD, RESPONSIBILITY, ADULTS

VENTURE CAPITAL: Massachusetts has a bigger venture capital industry than all of Europe combined. Venture capitalists are very important people in this day and age, and not just as a source of money. The best of them provide real expertise for start-up companies. They see a lot of them and they understand the stages through which companies have to go in order to develop, and they can help carry them through, which is often as important as seed money.” - Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.369, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4. – NEW ENTERPRISES, CAPITAL INVESTMENTS, GOOD ADVICE, ESPERTISE, PROGRESS

VERBOSITY: Many words on their own do not state a single thought.“ – Ernst R. Hauschke – (“Viele Worte allein machen noch keinen einzigen Gedanken.”) – IDEAS, THOUGHTS, RED., LONG SPEECHES, VERBIAGE, VERBOSITY, THOUGHTLESSNESS, RED.

VESTED INTERESTS: As the Danish PMP Bertel Haarder told me: “Once the bureaucratic machine has been programmed to produce certain goods, it is seemingly impossible to bring it to a halt. …“ – THE BULLETIN, 22.1.77. – Legalized wrongs and special interests do have all too much longevity under statism and territorialism. – JZ, 30.4.14. - BUREAUCRACY, LEGISLATION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VESTED INTERESTS: Don’t ask the barber whether you need a haircut.” – Daniel Greenberg

VESTED INTERESTS: everything is too important ever to be entrusted to professional experts, because every organization of such professionals and every established social organization becomes a vested-interest institution more concerned with its efforts to maintain itself or advance its own interests than to achieve the purpose that society expects it to achieve.” - Carroll Quigley – At least we should be free to individually select our experts, as we do our doctors, only for ourselves and only as long as we trust them enough. Panarchism tries to realize that in every sphere. – JZ, 21.4.09. - AUTHORITIES, EXPERTS, PROFESSIONALS, POLITICIANS, LAWYERS, DOCTORS, ARCHITECTS, PLUMBERS, ELECTRICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, GENERALS, MINISTERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, RULERS, ETC., PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL CHOICES, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP IN ALL ASSOCIATIONS VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, MONOPOLISM

VESTED INTERESTS: I believe the problems of Australia are caused by the scramble for power and privilege by vested interests.” – Judith Forbes. - What kind and degree of power, privilege and vested interest would remain, after a while, under the voluntary and free experimentation of panarchies or polyarchies? – JZ, 15.8.08 – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW, META-UTOPIA VS. POWER & STATISM

VETERANS: I’ve only ever met one veteran with quite sound ideas on peace: Ulrich von Beckerath, 1882-1969. – JZ – PEACE, ABSENCE OF SOUND PEACE IDEAS AMONG SOLDIERS & CIVILIANS

VETO: There is still another reason why the weaker party, or the minority, should have a veto upon all legislation, which they disapprove. That reason is, that that is the only means by which the government can be kept within the limits of the contract, compact, or constitution, by which the whole people agree to establish government. (*) If the majority were allowed to interpret the compact for themselves, and enforce it according to their own interpretation, they would, of course, make it authorize them to do whatever they wish to do. – Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, II, p.216. - - Individual and group secessionism would be much more effective. Instead of trying to resist every oppression one by one, one could shrug off their whole burden by a single secession or alternative subscription or declaration of individual or group independence. - - (*) The whole population almost never agrees on anything! – JZ, 15.8.08, 1.4.11. - JURIES, FREE JURIES, LAWS, CONSTITUTIONS, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, DEMOCRACY, MINORITY AUTONOMY, VOTING OR SECESSIONISM & PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, SECESSION, EXPERIMENTATION, SELF-DETERMINATION, AUTONOMY, SELF-GOVERNANCE FOR ALL & NOT ONLY FOR ANY PRIVILEGED MAJORITY OR MINORITY

VICE: And those who imagine that they have nothing to do but to go on attributing the poverty of the poor to their vices, and preaching to them against their vices, will ere long wake up to find that they day for all such talk is past. And the question will then be, not what are men’s vices, but what are their rights?” – Lysander Spooner, Vices Are Not Crimes, p.146. - It is one of the vices of poor as well as rich men that they do not ask themselves this question seriously enough. – JZ, 16.8.08. - POVERTY, VICE, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, Q.

VICE: He who hates vices hates men.” – John Morley, Robespierre, Critical Miscellanies, 1871-1908. – Well, should we rather love them for their vices? Are only those with vices human and respectable? Is no vice at all to be ever condemned? What about child molesters, rapists, murderers and wife beaters, robbers and thieves, tyrants and despots, totalitarians? Are they really men and human beings? – JZ, 30.4.14.

VICE: It is the function of vice to keep virtue within reasonable bounds.” – Samuel Butler, 1902, in “Note-Books”, 1912. - Can virtue, decency, honesty, rational, rightful and responsible actions really be excessive? – JZ, 30.4.14. – VIRTUE, JOKES

VICE: People practise vices for what they perceive as their own happiness – not to violate the rights of another. In other words, in a free society people have the right to destroy their own lives but not those of others.” - Walter E. Williams, More Liberty Means Less Government. Our Founders Knew This Well, p.263, Hoover Institution Press, 1999, 

VICE: Show me a community or a country where all of the minor vices are discouraged and I will show you one bereft of major virtues.” – Heywood Broun, “Saratoga Fades”, NEW YORK WORLD TELEGRAM, Aug. 19, 1939. – DISINTEREST IN MANY IMPORTANT INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VICE: They that endeavor to abolish vice, destroy also virtue, for contraries, though they destroy one another, are yet the life of one another.” – Sir Thomas Browne, Religio Medici, 1642, 2. – For if everybody were virtuous, then where would be the special merit in being virtuous? It would just be a kind of conformism. And if everybody had one or several vices, then where would be the special demerit in having any? – JZ, 16.8.08, 1.5.14.

VICE: Thinking is man’s only basic virtue, from which all of the others proceed. And his basic vice, the source of all his evils, is that nameless act which all of you practice, but struggle never to admit: the act of blanking out, the willful suspension of one’s consciousness, the refusal to think – not blindness, but the refusal to see; not ignorance, but the refusal to know. – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.944. – However, she managed to interest millions of readers, years ago already half a million in Australia alone. – JZ, 1.5.14. - THINK, VIRTUE, VICE, DISINTEREST IN IMPORTANT RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, IN IMPORTANT PUBLIC AFFAIRS, IN ANYTHING GOING BEYOND DAILY CHORES & MINOR ANNOYANCES OR TRIVIA

VICE: Vice is waste of life. Poverty, obedience, and celibacy are the canonical vices.” – George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman, p.279. – It is not the voluntary and adhered to celibacy that is the vice but, rather, the officially demanded celibacy for priests but the secret sexual abuses, of minors, entrusted to their care, that it has often led to. – JZ, 1.5.14. - ABSTINENCE, VIRGINITY, CELIBACY

VICE: Vices are simply the errors, which a man makes in his search after his own happiness. Unlike crimes, they imply no malice toward others, and no interference with their persons or property.” – Lysander Spooner – I see the seeking of forgetfulness or happiness e.g. in a bottle or in a smoke not merely an error but a major mistake and foolishness, a kind of self-mutilation or poisoning. – JZ, 1.5.14. - & CRIMES, SMOKING, DRINKING, SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS

VICTIM DISARMAMENT: A sword is never a killer, it's a tool in the killer's hands." – ("Quemadmoeum gladis nemeinum occidit, occidentis telum est.") - Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the younger", ca. 4 BC - 65 AD. – GUN CONTROL LAWS, BLAMING A TOOL RATHER THAN ITS WRONGFUL USE

VICTIM DISARMAMENT: Disarming innocent people does not protect innocent people. - Patrick T. Peterson shared Young Americans for Liberty's photo. - Sounds about right to me. – Facebook entry, 15.6.12. - GUN LAWS, GUN CONTROL LAWS

VICTIM DISARMAMENT: For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead in the future! – Adolf Hitler. - How many Jews and others, whom the Nazis considered to be undesirables and used as their scapegoats, would have been murdered if all of them had been sufficiently armed, trained and organized for effective resistance? – JZ, 2.1.08. – Likewise, all other believers in individual rights and liberties? – Alas, an ideal militia has still to be established everywhere and likewise an ideal declaration of all individual rights and liberties has still to be compiled or published. I ascribe most of our problems to the fact that both of these institutions are still missing and that there is all too little interest, so far, to provide them. - JZ, 21.4.09, 1.5.14. –DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES  & ESTABLISHMENT OF A SUITTABLE MILITIA FOR THEIR PROTECTION

VICTIM DISARMAMENT: Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA – ordinary citizens don't need guns, as their having guns doesn't serve the State.” – Heinrich Himmler – There was no effective force in Germany to counter the totalitarian Right and the totalitarian Left. – There still isn’t. That of territorial States, however democratic or republican, is, usually, a very poor substitute, except in cases like Switzerland, with its citizen-soldiers. - JZ, 21.4.09. - GUN CONTROL.

VICTIMIZATION: You will remain victims as long as you continue to believe in and practise monetary and financial despotism rather than monetary and financial freedom and territorial impositions rather than exterritorial individual choices. – Mere fragments of all genuine individual rights and liberties are not good enough, especially when they are almost swamped by unjustified mere claims and dogmas. – JZ, 22.2.03, 21.10.07, 21.4.09. - & MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, VS. MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM RATHER THAN EXTERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, META-UTOPIA, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM OR PANARCHISM, ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, VICTIM DISARMAMENT, GUN CONTROL LAWS, SELF-DEFENCE, SECESSIONISM

VICTIMIZERS & VICTIMS: Politicians, like bombers, seldom see their victims. – Donald Boudreaux, Chairman, George Mason University Department of EconomicsTerritorialism, even in “peaceful” times, conducts a kind of indiscriminate warfare and robberies, against whole populations, while pretending that this would benefit them. – JZ, 23.4.13. – POLITICIANS, AIR RAIDS, BOMBERS, WARFARE, WRONGFUL ATTACKS AGAINST THE OWN SUBJECTS, LEGALIZED, UNDER STATISM, LEGALISM, CONSTITUTIONALISM, DEMOCRATIC OR REPUBLICAN FORMS & INSTITUTIONS, ALL UNDER THE WRONGS OF TERRITORALISM, PRETENCE OF PUBLIC INTEREST, COMMON GOOD

VICTIMLESS CRIMES: A country that goes out of its way to imprison the innocent has no business preaching democracy to the world. – Paul Craig RobertsWAR ON DRUGS, DEMOCRACY, WRONGFUL IMPRISONMENT

VICTIMLESS CRIMES: As a case in point, Tucker cited the imprisonment of Oscar Wilde as an outrageous example of the state’s violation of the doctrine of individual freedom. “A man who has done nothing in the least degree invasive of any one; a man whose entire life, so far as known or charged, has been one of strict conformity with the idea of equal liberty; a man whose sole offence is that he has done something which most of the rest of us (at least such is the presumption) prefer not to do – is condemned to spend two years in cruel imprisonment at hard labor.” By what authority, other than his own filthy mind, does the presiding judge condemn this as the “most heinous crime” ever to be heard in his court room? Is it not fair to conclude that those who dare punish other men, who have injured no one, are themselves criminals, Tucker demanded? How can we respect a government which is itself the most monstrous antisocial force known to man?” – Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.154. - VOLUNTARY HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN GROWN UPS & MATURE BEINGS, NOT SEXUAL ABUSES BY ADULTS OF INFANTS OR CHILDREN

VICTIMLESS CRIMES: If there’s been no victim then there’s been no crime.” – “Repeal all laws restricting individual liberty.” – A libertarian sticker, unsigned.

VICTIMLESS CRIMES: In the chapter entitled “the overreach of the criminal law”, MacBride, drawing explicitly on the libertarian ethical position of John Stuart Mill, states that “no consensual adult conduct should be punished as a crime.” – Citing pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, gambling, drugs and even usury laws, he points out the practical as well as ethical costs of victimless crime laws; increased law enforcement costs, decrease police efficiency in dealing with real crimes, and aggravation of the actual crime problem (especially in the case of drugs).” – From a review by Sharon Presley in a Laissez Faire Books catalog.

VICTIMLESS CRIMES: Laws against victimless “crimes” make victims out of non-criminals. – JZ, 10.7.76.

VICTIMLESS CRIMES: The term “crime” for victimless crimes is a misnomer, especially when there are really at least 2 beneficiaries involved, e.g. the prostitute and her customer, in their voluntary transaction. – JZ, 16.10.76, 16.8.08.

VICTIMLESS CRIMES: Victimless crime laws rationally command only contempt, disobedience and immediate and complete abolition.” – Jarret B. Wollstein, The Case Against Victimless Crimes, a leaflet.

VICTIMLESS CRIMES: Victimless crimes is a misnomer: What is meant are “crimeless victims”. – JZ, 7.12.76.


VICTIMS: Almost everybody is a victim, in one respect or the other, willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly. We ought, finally, to end all these human sacrifices. – JZ, 29.2.84, 16.8.08

VICTIMS: By being victims, victims are the ones responsible for victimization.” – Wm. Flygare, MINUS ONE, Spring 73. - Rather, by putting up with being victimized, by not resisting, by not fighting back, by not overpowering the victimizers, who are usually fewer in number than the victims, by not preparing for effective and rightful resistance, they allow victimization to go on, from generation to generation, century to century. Too much obedience and not enough disobedience, too much quietness and not enough protest and counter-action! – Even a mistreated dog will often bite – or at least have the sense to run away. - JZ, 16.8.08, 1.4.11. – Most people do not even consider the rightfulness of individual and group secessionism and of the personal law alternatives to territorial statism. – JZ, 1.5.14. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, OBEDIENCE RATHER THAN DISOBEDIENCE, RESISTANCE, LIBERATION

VICTIMS: Criminals have rights and loopholes, but victims don’t.” – JAG, 4.7.75. – Not always when it comes to their rights and opportunities before governmental courts of “Justice”. – But they do often have many opportunities to prevent crimes – and haven’t taken them! – JZ, 16.8.08. – CRIMES, CRIMINALS, LAWS, COURTS, JUSTICE, JURISDICTION, INTEREST IN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, SELF-DEFENCE, MILITIA

VICTIMS: I hate victims who respect their executioners.” – Jean-Paul Satre

VICTIMS: It’s time, as Reagan once put it, to insist that the victim of crime has rights at least equal to those of the criminal.” – Liberty Lobby, NEWS SERVICES, in SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, 5/81. – The author failed to add: even when the criminals are politicians or bureaucrats, “representatives” or “great leaders”. – JZ, 23.11.87, 16.8.08. - INDEMNIFICATION, CRIMES, POLITICIANS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, BUREAUCRATS, CRIMINALS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, PREMIERS, RULERS, LEADERSHIP, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM


VICTIMS: The role of the victim must always be rejected, nothing is ever achieved by the role of the victim.” – Oriana Fallaci, A Man, p.55. – PROLETARIAT, THE POOR, THE NEEDY, THE UNDERPRIVILEGED, UNDERDOGS

VICTIMS: The victims often do not know that they are victims. – JZ, 29.3.76, 16.8.08. – Free after a comment heard on the radio, 23.9.76. – For a while people do not even notice that they are victimized by inflation. And later they are only rarely aware what causes their victimization by inflation - what makes it possible (e.g. the money issue monopoly and legal tender power for its national paper money), and what would prevent this victimization. Likewise, as unemployed people, they are aware that they are victimized but they are not aware of why this was possible, why they can no longer freely exchange their able and willing labor for the money they need. – Very few are aware that they are victimized e.g. by monetary despotism or territorialism. Even after centuries of the legal sanctioning of the postal monopoly few people felt clearly enough victimized by it to demand the abolition of the postal monopoly. Likewise, not enough of the victims of copyright and of patent laws have so far demanded the abolition of these laws and pondered how writers and inventors could be rewarded otherwise and quite rightfully. – JZ, 16.8.08. - SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

VICTIMS: Today the victim is assumed to be guilty – until proven innocent.” – JZ, 4/75. – That refers largely to the treatment of witnesses by the police, in court procedures, to self-defence actions, tax evasion charges, accusations, innocent bystanders, owners of self-defence weapons. – JZ, 16.8.08.

VICTIMS: Victim Disarmament! “Never call it “gun control”, always call it “victim disarmament”. – Tim Starr, LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE, TACTICAL NOTES, No. 18. – GUN CONTROL

VICTIMS: Victims of crimes should determine the punishment.” – Suggested on TV, 17.3.94. – Perhaps only victims of the same or similar crimes? At least the deterrent effect would tend to be larger. They should also be free to extract compensation from the property or work of all convicted perpetrators of the same kind of crime, under the principle of collective responsibility. Here, for once, it could be rightfully applied. In this way criminals could also be induced to denounce other criminals, who are not yet caught and convicted, to reduce their own indemnification burden. - People desiring this reform could soon achieve that - if they established or joined corresponding panarchies. - Here and obviously, the laws of the victims and not those of the victimizers should be applied. - Some might operate on the principle of: “Death to all major criminals with victims, who are members of our society.” Others might rather say: “A life-long indemnification obligation will be enforced for all major crimes against any of our members.” – Indeed, that might lead to additional murders of victims, as the major witnesses against these criminals. But the choice of panarchy and thereby of its penal system - should be with the victims. – Moreover, what is already widely practised in shops, a signal in goods, to prevent shoplifting, might be extended to persons. An inbuilt chip, inserted somewhere in a body, might indicate its location and, perhaps, even record something about the attacker, e.g. his or her voice, if it is especially activated by the victim during his or her last moments. Or it might be inconspicuously dropped by the victim, in his or her last moments, as an alarm, location and recording device. – Miniaturization of gadgets has made very great progress. – Perhaps brain scanners will be developed that can extract some information even from the brains of dead people, still, for a while. More certainly, brain scanners could extract the required information form suspects, better than presently widely used lie detectors. – Perhaps a miniaturized body-guards can be robotized and made to fly, protecting a potential victim, by a laser or a sting and recording the attacker if their defence fails, then retreating to where it can be retrieved by a defence agency. – Technology is still far from having been fully mobilized against crime. - JZ, 15.8.08. - CRIME, PUNISHMENT, JUDGES, COURTS, CRIMINAL LAW, PROTECTION

VICTIMS: We move away from justice “by forever elaborating the rights and privileges of the accused.” – Bill Buckley, Four Reforms, 1973. - RIGHTS OF VICTIMS VS. RIGHTS OF VICTIMIZERS, CONVICTS, RIGHTFULLY ACCUSED PEOPLE, AGGRESSORS, CRIMES, INDEMNIFICATION

VICTORIES: Among the dead soldiers on the field of battle, who are the victors, and who are the vanquished?” – Dr. H. L. Soper, LIBERTARIAN DIGEST, 7/81. – WAR, DEFENCE, MILITARY STRENGTH, SOLDIERS, Q.

VICTORIES: After the end of a war, at the conclusion of a peace, it would not be improper for a people to set a day for atonement after the day of thanks so as to pray to heaven asking forgiveness for the heavy guilt which mankind is under, because it will not adapt itself to a legal constitution in its relation to other nations. Proud of its independence, each nation will rather employ the barbaric means of war by which that which is being sought, namely the right of each state, cannot be discovered. The celebration of victory, the hymns which in good Old Testament style are sung to the Lord of Hosts, contrast equally sharply with the moral idea of the father of mankind; because beside the indifference concerning the manner in which people seek their mutual right, which is lamentable enough, they rejoice over having destroyed many people and their happiness.” – Immanuel Kant, Eternal Peace. – Alas, the peoples, populations or the nations themselves have little say in the matter. Even Kant did here not sufficiently distinguish between territorial governments and their subjects. – Nor would a single legalized constitution for all the different peoples and movements in the world be sufficient to guarantee peace between them. - JZ, 24.9.08, 1.4.11. – CELEBRATIONS, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, PRIDE RATHER THAN REGRETS, OBEDIENCE RATHER THAN SECESSION, FIGHTING APPOINTED RATHER THAN SELF-CHOSEN ENEMIES, WAR- & PEACE-AIMS, FRATERNIZATION, MUTINIES & MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, SEPARATE PEACE TREATIES BETWEEN THE ARMED FORCES ABUSED BY GOVERNMENTS TO FIGHT EACH OTHER AS MILITARY SLAVES, NOT FOR THEIR OWN AIMS & PURPOSES BUT THOSE OF THEIR RULERS

VICTORIES: Another such victory and I am lost!” – Pyrrhus, c. 318-272 B.C., after he won a battle with great losses. – “Noch ein solcher Sieg und ich bin verloren!“ – “Si alteram talem victoriam reportavero, mea erit pernicies.”

VICTORIES: But the real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war.” – Emerson, Conduct of Life: Worship – WAR, PEACE

VICTORIES: But what good came of it at last?” - // Quoth little Peterskin. // “Why that I cannot tell,” said he: // But ‘t was a famous victory.” – Southey, The Battle of Blenheim, I, 63.

VICTORIES: Confining the enemy regime to its own volunteers is not an immediate and total victory but a sufficient victory and also one that finally almost guarantees a total victory, too. – JZ, 13.5.06. - The others would have their own communities of volunteers, as voted in by all those, individually, who are freed to make their individual choices for themselves. Perhaps, one day, in the far future, however unlikely that may be, all will have joined the best kind of system, convinced of its rightfulness and usefulness. – However, people are so different critters that they are choosy even regarding their tooth brushes, tooth paste and tennis rackets – and thousands of other items. Thus it is doubtful that they will ever agree on a single community organization. - JZ, 6.10.07, 11.7.07. - ENEMIES & VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM,  VOLUNTARISM, FREE CHOICES, COMPETITION, LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, CONTRACT & EXPERIMENTATION IN EVERY SPHERE

VICTORIES: Dead men have no victory.” – Euripedes, The Phoenician Women, ca. 411-409 B.C., tr. Elizabeth Wyckoff. – Did all the widows and children of the soldiers who died in the fight against the Hitler regime feel victorious? – JZ, 16.8.08.

VICTORIES: Don’t fight for victory, fight for liberty. – Free after Richard J. Maybory, The Thousand Year War, in Facets of Liberty, edited by L. K. Samuels, p.137.

VICTORIES: Even victors are by victories undone.” – John Dryden, 1631-1700. - A. Andrews Quotes, p.237. - Just count the costs in lives and destruction on the sides of the victors in WW II. The Allies committed the great wrong and made the great mistakes of fighting totalitarianism largely with totalitarian or at least authoritarian ways. E.g. also with conscription, taxation, confiscations, censorship, propaganda lies, indiscriminate warfare, mistreatment of prisoners and they considered the terrorized Germans to be genuine believers in and followers of the Hitler regime. That is almost like blaming soldiers for the actions of their generals or taxpayers for what their governments do with these funds, or citizens for the foreign policies of their rulers, although they are given no vote on such questions. – JZ, 16.8.08, 1.4.11. – WAR, WAR AIMS, WARFARE METHODS, INDISCRIMINATE WARFARE

VICTORIES: Every war, including thermonuclear war, must have a victor and a vanquished. … Real tough-mindedness consists in recognizing that thermonuclear war is not the extension of policy by other means, it is the end of everything – people, policy, institutions.” – Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler, Fail-Safe, Hutchinson of London, 1963, p.80 + 81. - It amounts to paying much too high a price for what it worth nothing! – Already in ancient history a term was coined for such “victories”: “Pyrrhic victory”. - JZ, 13.3.12. - & NUCLEAR WAR

VICTORIES: In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers.” – Neville Chamberlain, Speech at Kettering, 1938.

VICTORIES: Injustice is too high a price for victory. – JZ, 15.11.85. – RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS

VICTORIES: Intellectual and moral victories are the only ones which do not leave the victor bankrupt and desolate in spirit when the goal is won.” – George W. Russell, quoted in George Seldes, The Great Quotations, p.949.

VICTORIES: It must be a peace without victory.” – Woodrow Wilson, Address to U.S. Senate, 22.1.17. – Especially since war guilt was not all one-sided. – JZ, 16.8.08 - The territorial misleaders cannot be held sufficiently responsible for all the wrongs and harm they caused to millions and their victims should certainly not be held collectively responsible for decisions of the misleaders upon which they had no influence at all. - Territorialism was the main cause, combined with anti-economic interventions and monetary despotism and collective responsibility notions. Most people are only guilty by not yet having rejected territorialism, statism, monetary despotism and collective responsibility. - JZ, 1.4.11.

VICTORIES: Many a victory has been and will be suicidal to the victors.” – Plato, Laws, Sec.641. – The 30-year war from 1618 to 1648 reduced Germany’s population from about 25 millions to about 5 millions. The German “race”, whatever there was of it, was, as a result, largely continued by foreign soldiers. One indication of this are the many foreign family names of Germans. But these indicated only the cases where the foreign soldiers formally married German women. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER DEMANDS, TOTAL WAR

VICTORIES: Most military victories are defeats for morality, justice, freedom, civilization and culture. – JZ, 1.7.13

VICTORIES: Most territorial victories are just preparations for the next defeat. – JZ, 12.1.84, 1.4.11. – At least territorial warfare victories tend to cost much more than they are worth in their territorial gains. Only the ruling power addicts are satisfied with them – and are cheered by their clueless subjects, those who survived their struggles for an all too wrongful war- and peace aim. – JZ, 1.7.13.

VICTORIES: Nothing but a battle lost can be half as melancholy as a battle won.” – Duke of Wellington, Despatch from the field of Waterloo, 1815. – “so” melancholy in another version.

VICTORIES: Peace has her victories, // No less renown’d than war.” – John Milton, Sonnet: To the Lord General Cromwell.

VICTORIES: The glory of victory in a senseless war should never replace the dignity of peace in a sane world. – Ron Paul, quoted on Facebook, 26.2.12. - GLORY, PEACE & WAR

VICTORIES: The problems of victory are more agreeable than those of defeat, but they are no less difficult.” – Sir Winston Churchill, quoted on a desk calendar.

VICTORIES: The real secret of victory is not violence but communication.” – Tom Easton, in ANALOG 12/93, p.165. – With rightful public appeals one can more easily win than with weapons. – JZ, 16.8.08. – The aim must be to dissolve the foreign armies of aggressive governments, rather than to destroy them. They can be turned into allies against their dictatorship or at least into neutrals, like the Prussian Army through the Convention at Tauroggen. Formerly a reluctant ally of Napoleon, then temporarily neutralized, it later became one of his most determined enemies. – JZ, 16.8.08. - WARFARE, INDISCRIMINATE WARFARE, DESERTION, PRISONERS OF WAR, LIBERATION, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, MILITARY INSURRECTIONS, LIBERATION, REVOLUTIONS, COMMUNICATION.

VICTORIES: The victor belongs to the spoils.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald. – A much better moral than: “To the victor belong the spoils!” – JZ – Both victors and defeated are large-scale spoilers – of lives, rights, liberties and property. – Victors, too, are people who have lost all too much of their moral sense and they never had enough of it, so far. For how many have so far declared and subscribed to an ideal declaration of individual rights and liberties? - JZ, 27.10.08. – Did any of them ever fight for exclusively rightful war- and peace aims and this with quite rightful resistance and liberation methods? – JZ, 1.5.14.

VICTORIES: There could be no victory unless the children came to greet you. No children cheered the German troops across the steppes of Russia. No children cheered the Russian butchers in Afghanistan. No children cheered the American troops in My Lai.” – Donald Kingsbury, Courtship Rites, in ANALOG 3/82 of 29.3.82.

VICTORIES: Victory at all costs – costs a lot – sometimes even the victory. – JZ, 13.6.82. – UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER DEMANDS

VICTORIES: Victory is no longer a truth. It is only a word to describe who is left alive in the ruins.” – Lyndon B. Johnson, in speech, New York City, 6.2.1964.

VICTORIES: Victory is not enough.” – Bronislaw Malinowsky, Freedom & Civilization, p.336. – WAR & PEACE AIMS

VICTORIES: Victory is well known to be an excellent cathartic (*) for the elimination of introspection, and medal ribbon an excellent dressing for a mind that has been wounded by doubt.” – F. A. E. Crew, Must Man Wage War? Thrift Books, London, 1952, p.46 – (*) purgative

VICTORIES: victory reveals a most astonishing post-war indifference to those moral and ideal ends for which we believed we were fighting. Is it that they never were our real aims at all, or that war has wrought a change in our nature with reference to them?” - Norman Angell, Human Nature and the Peace Problem, 1925, p.59. – WAR AIMS, IDEALS, FIGHTING

VICTORIES: War engenders war, and victory defeat.” – Anatole France, Revolt of the Angels, Ch.35.

VICTORIES: We seek not the worldwide victory of one nation or system but a worldwide victory of men.” – John F. Kennedy, State of the Union Message, Jan.14, 1963. – But, in reality, under his rule the nuclear arsenal of the USA was doubled! Remember also his brinkmanship at the Cuba Crisis, morally not any better than that of Khrushchev. – With his nuclear weapons Kennedy could only threaten the victims of Communism and Khrushchev, with his, could likewise only threaten the supposedly exploited proletarian masses. They were already a minority in the USA and most of the US population were not proletarians in the sense of Marx, either. Most of the victims of Khrushchev would have loved to have the living standards of these supposed “proletarians”. But then, perhaps, Khrushchev wanted to wipe out this evidence? - JZ, 16.8.08. – Most of the existing “exploitation” is also not due to private and competitive enterprises but rather through territorial statism and collectivism, e.g. through taxation, public debt imposition and monetary and financial despotism as well as through the imposition of numerous wrongful laws and regulations. The main exploiting “class” is that of territorial politicians and bureaucrats, to whom one cannot give notice or from whose State one cannot freely secede. – JZ, 1.5.14. – NWT, PROLETARIANS? EXPLOITATION? CAPITALISM OR STATISM TO BE BLAMED? TAXATION, MONETARY DESPOTISM, LEGALIZED PRIVILEGES OR MONOPOLIES , STATE SOCIALISM, MARXISM, COMMUNISM

VICTORIES: When are the rulers of this world going to realize that nobody wins in wars and violence? There are just two losers.” – Heard on radio, 9.9.72. – Often not just 2 losers, the two rulers involved, but many more rulers, also somewhat involved – and millions of their victims, their subjects, on all sides. – JZ, 16.8.08, 1.4.11.

VICTORIES: Yet one cannot help remarking that it is customary for soldiers to boast of their victories. We have all, for our sins, heard the verbose and vainglorious orations of politicians who have happened to find themselves at the head of a nation in a moment of victory; or we have read, doubtless for want of a better book, the tedious memoirs of commanding generals who were, by chance, at the head of a victorious army; that is an army whose casualties were a few thousand fewer than the enemy’s.” (*) – Edward Hyams, Killing No Murder, p.163. - (*) At least to the extent that there are conscripts and tax payers and propaganda victims on both sides, it is hardly genuine enemies that confront each other in a war. – JZ, 16.8.08. – ENEMIES OR VICTIMS, TOO, OF STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TYRANNIES, STATE SOCIALISM, MILITARISM, NATIONALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM?

VIETNAM: During the Vietnam War era, people were led into all sorts of foolishness by simple ignorance of a part of the world strange to them. Many believe that North and South Vietnam were one country (*) divided, but such was never the case except briefly under French administration. – North Vietnam had originally been two countries, Annam and Tonkin, and their civilization derived largely from China. South Vietnam had formerly been known as Champa, and, like Cambodia, its civilization came from India. Before France moved into the situation, the two countries had been fighting for nearly two thousand years. – Champa had always been a rich agricultural region, its bountiful crops a challenge to less fertile northern countries. Both Annam and Tonkin, usually with assistance from China, had attempted to dominate Champa. The Vietnam War was simply another move in the same continuing effort. – A very good book on the history of the area is D. G. E. Hall’s A History of South-East Asia, although there are a number of other good ones.” – Louis L’Amour, Education of a Wandering Man, p.189. – This still overlooks that in the North as well as in the South there were also several ethnic and religious minorities, to which later were added various ideological minorities and those of immigrants. Territorial systems were wrong and harmful to all of them. – (*) and one people - JZ, 13.9.07. - TERRITORIALISM, WAR

VIETNAM: in Vietnam [a] whole nation was dying to be rid of one oppression, and to succumb to another. … - Oriana Fallaci, A Man, p. 152. – One of the numerous fallacies involved there was that there, too, existed only a single and this a territorial nation, instead of numerous minorities and the majority, all striving for territorial independence or domination. – The degrees of oppression differed greatly but not enough and were witnessed by numerous refugees, now spread all over the world. Three totalitarian and territorial regimes were involved on one side, not just the usual territorial nationalism. The internal faction fighting was so strong that finally even the totalitarians could win, in spite of much external assistance for the somewhat democratic and freedom-loving Southerners. The people in North Vietnam, suffering under a totalitarian regime, might, as a result, have loved freedom much more – but were given no choice at all. Wrongful and indiscriminate fighting and air raids and atrocities on both sides had their usual bad effects. A serious land and money reform was never attempted. All too much armed force was simply used against another armed force, with conscription and all too flawed governments on both sides. With a consistent liberation and open arms policy the totalitarians could have been defeated and their regimes also overthrown. Military might was used rather than much better ideas and ideals. – Obviously, while the losses on both sides were all too high, the whole population was not dying or being killed. Territorialism on all sides presented us with the usual wrongful and man-made disasters, under the pretence that both sides fought for freedom, rights, prosperity and peace. – Nevertheless, this novel is worth reading. It makes some good points. - JZ, 15.8.08.

VIETNAM: No rightful and sensible war aims were declared by either side, far less practised and the laws of a somewhat civilized and limited warfare were largely unknown or ignored by both sides, too, especially regarding non-combatants and prisoners of war. – No wonder that this war was so bloody and long and few really know what they were fighting for or against. – JZ, 23.5.73 (? Year largely illegible!) - If the aim of all the participants had been merely self-rule over their own volunteers, an armistice and then a lasting peace treaty could have been concluded very fast. - JZ, 2.4.11. - VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA

VIGILANCE: Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson. - Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” – Wendell Phillips. - No wonder that we haven't got full liberty yet, for we are asleep about 8 hours a day! - (Meant, but, probably not received as a joke.) - JZ, 25.11.06. - Moreover, mentally, most people are also asleep for all too much of the rest of the day. – I encountered almost no interest at all in - finally and quite clearly expressing all genuine individual rights and liberties! Most human beings seem to think that they have better things to do, even while they involve themselves in relative trivia and while some of their most important rights remain widely unknown or openly suppressed! That, to me, is a very depressing thought. If man does not assert and use all his individual rights and liberties, then he will certainly sooner or later end up in a general nuclear holocaust or one carried out with similarly indiscriminately murderous chemical or biological “weapons”. That attitude was clearly expressed towards me by one of my grandchildren: “I don’t read freedom books!” – JZ, 21.4.09. - By now most freedom books are also no longer of great interest to me, either, if they do not deal with what I perceive to be the highest priority subjects, namely panarchism, monetary and financial freedom and work towards peace through the recognition and realization of all genuine individual rights and liberties, starting with the compilation of the best declaration of this kind that can and should be offered at present and the organization of a suitable militia for their protection. - These high priority aims are, in my opinion, closely interconnected and would, if realized, provide the foundation for peace on Earth. - Am I wrong in this? - JZ, 2.4.11. – NWT, INTEREST IN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PEACE, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, META-UTOPIA, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS

VIGILANCE: No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.” – General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), Supreme Allied Commander, General of the U.S. Army. - Under panarchism there would be less need for vigilance - for each would have the government or non-government of his or her choice. Thus rebellions, civil wars and aggressions would become relatively rare, while internal satisfaction would be maximized for all the different believers, free to act and experiment with their ideas, ideals, methods, tools and opinions and institutions, exterritorially autonomous, quite among themselves, unopposed by outsiders. Some would vigilantly uphold all their rights and liberties even against internal slackers, loafers or offenders. Others would be rather slothful and they might sink back to subsistence economics. It would all be up to them. But great external threats and arms races would be unlikely. Whatever military services would still be provided could be provided by volunteer militias for the protection of individual rights and liberties, locally organized and nationally and internationally federated. Police service would tend to be competitive and thus effective. Most of the old views on conventional territorial politics would become obsolete. - JZ 24.11 06. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, MILITIA, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VIGILANCE: The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.” – John Philpot Curran, 1750-1817, in Speech on the Right of Election of the Lord Mayor of Dublin, July 10, 1790. – Quoted by FEE & in FREE ENTERPRISE, II/III/75 and in THE FREEMAN’S ALMANAC, for Nov. 28. - The condition upon which men establish the rule of individual rights and liberties between them is eternal vigilance, combined with sufficient preparations and training for all cases when this vigilance and rightful resistance ought to be applied. – JZ, 16.8.08. – The number of cases, in which I marked down the same slogan seems to indicate, either, the limits of my memory, the limitations of my reading, the limits of my recognition of pro-freedom slogans or that there are really only a limited number of such sayings available, so that this collection, at least for all past slogans, aphorisms, sayings, quote and notes an of this kind, could only be multiplied by a not very high x factor. – On the other hand, I have discarded also only a limited number, which, upon second reading, appeared not to be quite correct, significant or clear enough to me. – I hope the readers will make many other and better choices and comments and add them to this compilation. Human beings are, obviously, involved and their responsibilities for themselves and towards others, requiring the recognition of their own individual rights and liberties and respect for those of others, at least to the extent that others do claim them already. - JZ, 2.4.11, 1.5.14.

VIGILANCE: The practical realization of that vigilance might require local militias of volunteers for the protection of individual rights and liberties, properly organized, trained, armed and motivated for this purpose and nationally and internationally federated. – JZ, 16.8.08. – So far as important topics as panarchism (polyarchism etc.), an ideal human rights declaration, including full monetary and financial freedom, are also still all too widely neglected, in favor of e.g. sports, entertainment, fashions, food and drink choices. - JZ, 2.4.11. - MILITIAS, LIBERTY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PROTECTIVE AGENCIES, SELF-DEFENCE, AGGRESSION, CRIME

VIGILANCE: The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” – Modern common version of an old insight.

VIGILANCE: The war for freedom will never really be won because the price of our freedom is constant vigilance over ourselves and over our Government.” – Eleanor Roosevelt. - Only when too much power is granted in the first place, mainly territorial power, will one always have to be on guard against it. Not much vigilance is needed for members of e.g. a chess or bridge club, in which the leaders have no exclusive territorial powers. - JZ, 22.11.06. - Those, who do imagine that their constitution, legislation and jurisdiction do already sufficiently declare and uphold all genuine individual rights and liberties are, obviously, not vigilant enough. - JZ, 2.4.11. - POWER & TERRITORIALISM

VIGILANTES: There would be no wrongful vigilantes, in most cases, if only the official police were able and willing to do the crime-fighting job effectively, a job, which it tries to monopolize. – That task, too, has to become performed in free competition under full consumer sovereignty, free enterprise and voluntary taxation, all controlled by sovereign individuals and their freely competing and exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. – JZ, 12.3.95, 16.8.08, 2.4.11, 1.5.14. - MILITIAS, PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, CRIMES, DESPOTISMM, COMPETITON, PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATIONS

VIGILANTES: We need more, not less, vigilantes” – and they ought to be well trained, organized, armed and motivated to become self-policing as well, much more so that the State’s police forces and other armed forces are. – JZ, 21.9.87. – MILITIAS OF VOLUNTEERS FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VIOLENCE: a quote from Lenin: 'You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.' Is it necessary to point out that 'eggs' is a metaphor for 'heads'? - Wendy McElroy, Contra Gradualism, in THE VOLUNTARYIST, Dec. 97, p.3. - Trotsky was more frank when he declared that he was prepared to sacrifice up to 75% of the population for the victory of his revolution. - JZ, 22.11.02. – He did not propose a personal law option for his minority of communist revolutionaries but was prepared for the mass murder of dissenters to achieve the territorial domination of the minority of his followers over dissenters and opponents. He, too, could not be bothered to study economics, individual rights and liberties and explore rightful and peaceful reform and liberation options. – JZ, 1.5.14. - COERCION, COMPULSION, TOTALITARIANISM, UNITY, UNIFORMITY, TERRORISM, TROTSKY, TERRITORIALISM, STATES, GOVERNMENTS, POWER & ITS ABUSES.

VIOLENCE: a robber, deprived of his loot by his victim, cannot rightly complain about violence as it is not a case of aggression but one of defence against aggression. – K. Z., in open letter to Rudolf Augstein. – DEFENCE, AGGRESSION, FORCE, VIOLENCE

VIOLENCE: a serious movement cannot abandon a campaign because the government threatens to impose casualties. In particular, a nonviolent movement will be weak and historically insignificant unless the willingness of its members to die or suffer imprisonment is at least as strong as their refusal to kill or imprison others. For a nonviolent movement to retreat before the threat of violence simply confirms the prejudice, instilled by existing societies of both Left and Right, that in a showdown, violence is the only serious answer to violence.” - Dave Dellinger. – Controlled, self-managed, rational, rightful, defensive, discriminating use of force, e.g. through an ideal militia for the defence of individual human rights and liberties, should be distinguished from “violence” or aggressive use of force. – JZ, n.d. & 17.8.08. - NONVIOLENCE, SELF-DEFENCE, LIBERATION, MILITIA, REVOLUTION, RIGHTFUL USE OF FORCE

VIOLENCE: All attempts to get rid of governments by violence have hitherto, always and everywhere, resulted only in this: that in place of the deposed governments new ones established themselves, often more cruel than those they replaced.” – Leo N. Tolstoy – Was no revolution ever justified? – JZ, 17.8.08. - No mere territorial revolution was ever quite justified. - JZ, 2.4.11. - REVOLUTIONS, GOVERNMENTS, DICTATORSHIPS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VIOLENCE: Another conclusion: The cause of our ills is a reliance on the principle of violence. Violence breeds violence. The more of it we practice, the more of it will we rationalize as justified – even “needed”. Just as a poke on the jaw provokes a retaliatory poke on the jaw, so does a subsidy to one industry or to one community evoke the sentiment: “We must have a subsidy in order to get our share of what we are paying in.” Subsidies are among the numerous institutions based on violence.” – Leonard E. Read, Instead of Violence, p.22. - The mere defensive use of force, without any territorial monopoly claims and wrongful collective responsibility practices, can be quite rightful and efficient and should not be classed as unjustified violence or aggression. - Territorialism is a term that covers all unjustified forms of violence and aggression. - JZ, 2.4.11.SUBSIDIES, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, TAXATION, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COERCION, COMPULSION

VIOLENCE: Apart from outbursts of revenge or anger, violence is used only in order to compel some people, against their own will, to do the will of others.” – Tolstoi, quoted in Sprading, Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.332. – TERRITORIALISM, COERCION, FORCE, STATISM, VIOLENCE, MONOPOLISM

VIOLENCE: As usual the chief result of violence is the necessity to use more violence.” – Aldous Huxley, Ends and Means, p.35. – One might add: As usual, the chief result of using rightful force, i.e., of using it merely defensively, is the possibility to probability that one will have to use it even less in future. – JZ, n.d. & 17.8.08. – FORCE IN DEFENCE OF GENUINE RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MILITIAS, PROTECTION

VIOLENCE: But it does seem remarkable in view of the record, that anybody could doubt that the State is the source of nearly all the violence in the world. Nobody else has the resources.” – Edgar Z. Friedenberg, The Disposal of Liberty and other Industrial Wastes. – This title can be read and understood in too different ways: liberty as just another industrial waste or as the non-realization of liberty as a great waste. – Anyhow, what are wastes for some often need merely recycling to become useful resources for others. Fertile soil, for instance, is the result of an endless and natural recycling process of life forms. - JZ, 1.5.14. - STATE, TERRITORIALISM

VIOLENCE: Disbelieve in any excuse for violence.” – Tolstoi, Civil Disobedience and Non-Violence, p.189. - He was, apparently, unaware of many instances of the quite rightful use of defensive force. Have we, by now, seen many or enough of them? - JZ, 2.4.11. - MILITIA, PROTECTIVE PRIVATE AGENCIES, DEFENSIVE USE OF FORCE VS. AGGRESSION, TERRITORIALISM.

VIOLENCE: For the rule prohibiting violence against the persons or property of innocent men is absolute; it holds regardless of the subjective motives for the aggression.” – Murray N. Rothbard, The Ethics of Liberty, p.189.

VIOLENCE: Force in the defence of the voluntary practice of a system should be distinguished from force used in the aggressive impositions of any system upon dissenters. The former is rightful use of force, the latter is wrongful violence. Violence is initiated force. Forceful defence amounts to non-initiation of force. – JZ, 30.11.92, 17.8.08, 1.5.14. – TOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, RIGHTS, AGGRESSION, DEFENCE, RIGHTFUL USE OF FORCE

VIOLENCE: Force is not remedy.” – John Bright, Selected Speeches, p. X of the introduction. – Not a remedy? - Violence is not a remedy. – Defensive use of force, sometimes, is. – JZ, 17.8.08.

VIOLENCE: Government is violence.” - Tolstoi, Civil Disobedience and Non-Violence, p.129. - Under the false pretence that it would be merely protective. - JZ, 2.4.11. – TERRITORIALISM, PROTECTION THROUGH GOVERNMENTS?

VIOLENCE: I am all in favor of violence that keeps me alive.” – James H. Schmitz, Company Planet, p. 102. - ANALOG, May 71. – Should we concede that choice to a murderer, even a mass murderer? – JZ, 17.8.08.

VIOLENCE: I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate, adding [adds? - JZ] deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. (*) Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. - Martin Luther King, Jr. in  - Can one love a tyrant? Should one mourn for him or rather for his victims? Instead of love one should rather try justice in most cases. –  (*) But defensive force can and should counter aggressive force, in many cases. - JZ, 1.4.12. - DEATH, HATE, LOVE & JUSTICE

VIOLENCE: I think a comedian I saw the other night pretty well summed up the state of this society when he said, "Isn't the presence of so many police violence and gladiator shows a really good sign we're in that Burning Rome stage of society?" - - (Chris Cheyney) - "Panem et circenses." – (Bread & circuses) – If, instead of trying to drum Latin into our heads, we would have been given good translations of classical Latin writings to choose from for our reading and also would have discussed some remarks from an anthology of their proverbial wisdom, we would have ended up much better educated. – So much time of the time of the schooling "sentence" is simply wasted in these kinds of prisons for innocents. – JZ, 21.4.09, 1.5.14. - GLADIATOR SPORT, SPORT, GAMES, WELFARE STATE, SCHOOLING, LATIN LESSONS, COMPULSORY SCHOOLING

VIOLENCE: I've always been told that violence is generally the result of a series of frustrations and pressures that have no other possible outlet.” - Anne McCaffrey, Dinosaur Planet, p.143. - Rather than "possible", I would say: "known, appreciated, envisioned or demonstrated and practised alternative". - JZ, 23.1.02. – However, aren’t there enough violent sports and dangerous activities? – All human beings are certainly not inherently aggressive. If that were the case, governments would not need conscription to build up their and maintain armies. But certain institutions and wrongs can drive them to resort to violence. Otherwise, we have only the minority of violent private criminals. - JZ, 1.5.14. - KNOWLEDGE, IDEAS, VISION, TERRORISM, PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM

VIOLENCE: I’ve never seen a very violent baby. That’s the way we are born.” – A woman on 2UE 2-way talk show, 30.7.82, 10.30 pm. – AGGRESSIVENESS OF MAN? HUMAN NATURE,

VIOLENCE: If violence is removed from the mass media then the Bible ought to be outlawed, too.” – JZ, 4.6.96. – BIBLE, CHRISTIANITY, RELIGION

VIOLENCE: If your idea of the greater good has to be forced on others through violence … maybe your idea is not the greatest good. - Quoted by Rob James sharing The Non-Aggression Principle's photo. – Facebook, 11.4.13. - - UTILITARIANISM, GREATER GOOD

VIOLENCE: In Spooner’s opinion, the constitution of the United States does not require those, who live under it, to abjectly submit to the usurpation of power committed by the government or the “lawless violence” of those who hold office. Endowed with the natural right to keep and bear arms, the people may also be credited with the right to use them in the protection of their liberties. “The constitution takes it for granted,” Spooner wrote, “that as the people have the right, they will have the sense, to use arms, whenever the necessity of the case justifies it.” It makes no sense whatever to argue as some people do, he continued, that the remedy of the people in the face of injustice is to change the nature of the government through discussion and the ballot. (*) In the final analysis, discussion by itself is impotent to deter a despotic government unless it is clearly understood that actual resistance is to follow if the people’s grievances are not alleviated.” – Reichert, Partisans for Freedom. - Alas, there are so many and so diverse grievances and the government has so systematically set the people against each other, that a united resistance becomes rather unlikely. The preferable method is individual and group secessionism and panarchies for all the diverse communities of volunteers that would result. Both are still outlawed everywhere. Such a proposed change in our situation or aim, once realized, could bring about an effective and united resistance. It would tend to eliminate all infighting among the diverse dissenters and opponents of a territorial regime. It could even make the use of most rightful force against a regime unnecessary. It would then tend to simply collapse, like a pricked balloon. – That happened even to Mussolini’s regime, and to the Soviet Regime, but in both cases all too belatedly. With panarchism used against it, it could have happened years to decades earlier. - (*) Or to attempt this through government courts. – JZ, 17.8.08. - GOVERNMENT, MILITIA, SELF-DEFENCE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ARMS, WEAPONS, GUNS

VIOLENCE: It is not conclusive proof of a doctrine's correctness that its adversaries use the police, the hangman, and violent mobs to fight it. But it is a proof of the fact that those taking recourse to violent oppression are in their subconsciousness convinced of the untenability of their own doctrines.” - Ludwig von Mises. - CONVICTIONS, DOCTRINES, FANATICISM, IDEOLOGY, IDEAS, CENSORSHIP, OPPRESSION

VIOLENCE: It is not violence per se that we can prevent. But we can prevent self-righteous violence.” – LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL, Winter 76. – But should we try to prevent rightful and merely defensive use of force as well, instead of preventing merely the violence of intolerant people towards tolerant actions? – We should rather encourage the rightful use of defensive force – and make even that usage largely unnecessary by a corresponding reform of States and societies, reducing them to communities of volunteers only, all free to do their own things for or to themselves only, and thus less inclined than they are under territorialism, to impose their views or ideals upon a whole population. - JZ, 17.8.08. – PEACE, TOLERANCE, AUTONOMY, PREVENTION OF VIOLENCE VIA EXTERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL

VIOLENCE: It is organized violence on top, which creates individual violence at the bottom. It is the accumulated indignation against organized wrong, organized crime, organized injustice, which drives the political offender to act. - Emma Goldman - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. - COERCION, COMPULSION

VIOLENCE: It isn’t easy to identify the growing items of violence, which the accepted, limited violence initiated. Who can appraise the significance of immigration laws in a country sprung from immigrants? Who can assess the meaning of the protective Tariff imposed by a people who got their start by overthrowing trade tyrannies imposed on them? What will be written in the final judgment book of a nation whose citizens were “educated” by force, whose “prosperity” depended on violence? (*) - The answers to these questions are dependent on each individual’s value judgments. For my part, I have no faith whatever in any “good” that can come from these measures based on violence.” – Leonard E. Read, Instead of Violence, p. 15. - But he claimed a territorial monopoly for his ideal, an otherwise supposedly already sufficiently limited government.  - (*) What kind of prosperity is achieved through violence? And whose defence, safety and security is, supposedly, assured through mass extermination devices, directed and usable only against the helpless subjects of other authoritarian regimes, rather than against their victimizers? – What percentage of all violence is based upon the wrongful assumptions and usurpations of territorialism? - JZ, 17.8.08, 2.4.11. –  NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, Q., IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS, PROTECTIONISM, COMPULSORY EDUCATION, NUCLEAR “WEAPONS”, TAXATION, VICTIM DISARMAMENT

VIOLENCE: It was their creed to do violence to no man, it was another readily admitted part of their same creed that no one should therefore be wantonly permitted to do violence to them.” – Gordon R. Dickson, Dorsai, in ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION, Dec. 59. - VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

VIOLENCE: Keep violence in the mind where it belongs.” – Brian Aldiss, Barefoot in the Head. – However, violent thoughts do all too often predetermine violent actions. Thus violent non-solutions are to be fought even in the mind, to the extent that this would be possible. Best, naturally, would be their prevention, e.g. by making non-violent solutions widely known, appreciated and freely practised among volunteers. – JZ, 27.6.92. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, POLYARCHISM

VIOLENCE: Major changes in non-political institutions are at times carried through without violence, although this might be less the case if the legitimate violence were not a monopoly of political institutions.” – Everett Reimer, School Is Dead, p.139. - POLITICS, GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLIES, CHANGE, REVOLUTIONS, REFORMS

VIOLENCE: Man was born into barbarism when killing his fellow man was a normal condition of existence. He became endowed with a conscience. And he has now reached the day when violence toward another human being must become as abhorrent as eating another’s flesh. – Martin Luther King, Jr. in - BARBARISM & CONSCIENCE

VIOLENCE: Man’s ax got sharper, not his wit.” – Dagobert D. Runes, A Dictionary of Thought, p.98. – Libertarians have still not bothered to compile a comprehensive collection of libertarian jokes and make it available online or on a disc. – JZ, 1.7.13. - NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, JOKES, WIT, WEAPONS, HUMOUR, LAUGHTER

VIOLENCE: Most had not learned the deeper lesson of the Tyrant, that violence builds its own limit.” – Frank Herbert, Heretics of Dune, p.197. – Yes, but how soon and after what sacrifices? – JZ, 25.5.85. – Prevention is here also much better than a cure. – JZ, 1.5.14.

VIOLENCE: most of these governmental activities can be maintained only under violence.” - Leonard E. Read, Instead of Violence, p.23. - TERRITORIALISM

VIOLENCE: Most violence is done by or in the name of the people, and this by people, who don’t consider themselves to be violent people. – And the people, supposedly represented, have no say at all in the matter, since war and peace decisions, international treaties, armament, military organization and disarmament as well as experimentation with different political, economic and social systems is monopolized by territorial governments, under the pretence of a mandate, consent or representation. – JZ, 11.7.78, 17.8.08, 2.4.11. –  At most that of the territorial majority is achieved. In it popular errors, prejudices and ignorance are predominant. – JZ, 1.5.14. - DECISION ON WAR& PEACE, NONVIOLENCE, VOTING, NUCLEAR STRENGTH, TAXATION, ARMS RACES, TERRITORIALISM

VIOLENCE: No person is entitled to resort to violence to achieve his ends. Actually, the resort to violence is a confession of imbecility. He, who employs force against me, only does so because he could not persuade me to his purpose by reasonable arguments. Both in logic and epistemology there exists a bias against the resort to violence. Truth simply has a power that cannot be touched by physical force.” - Carl Watner, Justice, p.11, referring to William Godwin’s “An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice”, p.165. - But the truth-speaker or truth writer can be touched by it! – Violence and force are here mixed up. And if one wants to avoid even more violence, it would certainly not be wise to call a violent man an imbecile to his face. - JZ, 17.8.08. – MEANS & ENDS,

VIOLENCE: Not only do most people accept violence if it is perpetuated by legitimate authority, they also regard violence against certain kinds of people as inherently legitimate, no matter who commits it.” – Edgar Z. Friedenberg, NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS, Oct. 20, 1966. - TERRITORIALISM, DEFENSIVE USE OF FORCE AGAINST PRIVATE OR OFFICIAL CRIMINALS & AGGRESSORS.

VIOLENCE: Nothing that is violent is permanent.” – Proverb, 16th c. – Hyman Quotes, p.273. – How many centuries have we suffered by now under the violence of territorial States, which are all too often even Warfare States? – JZ, 1.5.14.

VIOLENCE: One can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs”, people said in defence of the excesses of the Russian revolution. The poet Panaït Istrati is reported by Victor Serge to have replied: “All right, I can see the broken eggs. Now where’s this omelet of yours?” – Prof. Rudolf Rummel’s detailed statistics online show that during the last century, even without the war dead, the human sacrifices due to the right and left “revolutionaries” came to over 200 million! They certainly knew how to murder people. But what else did they know? – JZ, 21.4.09. - EGGS, OMELETS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POWER, ABUSES, TOTALITARIANS & REVOLUTIONARIES OF THE RIGHT & LEFT, TOTALITARIANISM

VIOLENCE: One of the most vulgar errors, not at all incidentally, is the notion that violence proves seriousness. The contrary is usually true. In most cases violence proves superficiality of thought.” – Robert Conquest, We & They, Civil & Despotic Cultures, Temple-Smith, London, 1980, p.164. – ALL TOO THOUGHTLESS VIOLENCE IS ALL TOO COMMON, PRIVATELY & ON AN IMMENSE SCALE BY TOP TERRITORIAL LEADERS, IDEAS, INTOLERANCE

VIOLENCE: One who uses coercion is guilty of deliberate violence. Coercion is inhuman.” – Mohandas Gandhi - Violence, coercion, aggression, compulsion, protection, defence and force should be sufficiently distinguished, also their objectives. - JZ, 2.4.11.

VIOLENCE: People who object to weapons aren't abolishing violence, they're begging for rule by brute force, when the biggest, strongest animals among men were always automatically 'right.' Guns ended that, and social democracy is a hollow farce without an armed populace to make it work." - L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach. – Guns used in defence of the weak are great equalizers. – JZ, 1.5.14. - FORCE, COERCION, GUNS, SELF-DEFENCE, CRIMINALS, WEAPONS, GUN CONTROL, VICTIM DISARMAMENT

VIOLENCE: Please, ... Nothing violent. Means have a sorry habit of affecting ends.” – Poul Anderson, To Build a World, GALAXY, 6/65. – MEANS & ENDS

VIOLENCE: Since the power to resort to violent actions is a government monopoly, Mises defined freedom as “that state of affairs in which the individual’s discretion to choose is not constrained by government violence beyond the margin within which the praxeological law restricts it anyway.” A laissez-faire society, he believed, where coercion can be used only defensively, would provide the maximum scope of freedom for all its citizens.” – Dave Osterfield, THE FREEMAN, 4/75. – GOVERNMENT, LAISSEZ-FAIRE, COERCION, COMPULSION, DEFENCE, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLY, POLICE, SELF-DEFENCE, MISES

VIOLENCE: Somebody once wrote that violence is the last resort of the incompetent, but that's not quite right. Often it's the first. And sometimes it's tried by somebody who isn't quite as incompetent (*) as you'd like.” - Stanley Schmidt, The Sins of the Fathers, p.124 of ANALOG, 12/73. – (*) with it? – JZ. - & INCOMPETENCE, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, POLITICIANS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, MINISTERS, BUREAUCRATS, GENERALS

VIOLENCE: The American public has been conditioned to believe that if Government commits violence it is not really violence.” – Murray N. Rothbbard, quoted in PROTOS, 11/70. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, LEGITIMACY

VIOLENCE: the crimes of violence committed for selfish, personal motives are historically insignificant compared to those committed ad majorem gloriam Dei, out of a self-sacrificing devotion to the flag, a leader, a religious faith or political conviction.” - Arthur Koestler. - MAJORITY, SELFISHNESS, ATROCITIES, IDEOLOGIES, RELIGIONS, NATIONALISM, LEADERSHIP, TRUE BELIEVERS, FANATICS, FUNDAMENTALISTS, INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, CRIMES, WARS, CIVIL WARS, VIOLENT REVOLUTIONS, WARFARE STATES, STATISM, LEGALIZED COERCION, E.G. TAXATION & CONSCRIPTION AS WELL AS MONOPOLISM, ESPECIALLY MONETARY DESPOTISM

VIOLENCE: The image of the anarchist as a bomb-throwing desperado in a black coat has stuck. It is an image immortalized in literature, by Henry James in “The Princess Casamassima” (1886) and by Joseph Conrad in “The Secret Agent” (1907). It was an image forged in the desperate 1880’s and 1890’s when there was a series of political assassinations and bombings in Europe linked to the anarchist movement. – In fact, anarchists have contributed far less to the sum of human violence than nationalists, monarchists, republicans, socialists, fascists and conservatives, not to mention the Mafia, organized crime, and banditry. They have never organized the indiscriminate slaughter that is war or practised genocide as governments have. They have never coolly contemplated the complete nuclear annihilation of the earth as nuclear scientists, generals and presidents have. They have never adopted a deliberate policy of terror in power as Robespierre, Stalin or Pol Pot did. … Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.229. – This is, possibly, still the best recent survey of anarchist thought and actions. – JZ, 17.8.08. – “or” Pol Pot or “and” Pol Pot? - ANARCHISM, ANARCHISTS, MASS MURDERS, ASSASSINATIONS, TERRITORIALISM

VIOLENCE: The key was to limit the DESIRE for violence.” - Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune, p.271. – Territorial statism practises and provokes violence in all too many cases. – How much private and privately organized terrorism would exist in the absence of territorial statism? - JZ, 1.5.14. - TERRORISM, HATE, HATRED, IGNORANCE, FORCE, ANIMOSITY, PEACE, WAR AIMS, WAR, INTOLERANCE, TRUE BELIEVERS, IDEOLOGUES, FANATICISM, FUNDAMENTALISM

VIOLENCE: The main perpetrators of violence have been those who maintain authority, not those who attack it. The great bomb-throwers have not been the tragic individuals driven to desperation in southern Europe more than a half century ago, but the military machines of every state in the world throughout history. No anarchist can rival the Blitz and the Bomb, no Ravachol or Bonnot can stand beside Hitler or Stalin. …” - Nicholas Walter, in his pamphlet “About Anarchism”, quoted in DANDELION, Sum. 77. - TYRANNICIDE, TERRITORIALISM, TOTALITARIANISM, ASSASSINATIONS, BOMB-THROWING, WARS, MASS MURDERS

VIOLENCE: The major perpetrator of violence in the world today is none other than government itself.” – Jerome Tuccille, Radical Libertarianism, p.24. – They are all territorial governments, opposed to individual and group secessionism and personal law alternatives to themselves. – JZ, 1.5.14. - GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VIOLENCE: The most important element of a free society, where individual rights are held in the highest esteem, is the rejection of the initiation of violence. All initiation of force is a violation of someone else’s rights, whether initiated by an individual or the state, for the benefit of an individual or group of individuals, even if it’s supposed to be for the benefit of another individual or group of individuals. Legitimate use of violence can only be that which is required in self-defense.” – Congressman Ron Paul, (R) Texas - Even he did not distinguish here between force and violence. - JZ, 2.4.11. - INITIATION OF VIOLENCE, ZAP = ZERO AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE, INITIATION OF FORCE, SELF-DEFENCE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, STATES

VIOLENCE: The plain truth is, I’ve observed that the use of violence tends to blur whatever distinction there is between Man and the so-called lower animals; and the more habituated to violence one becomes, the less apt is he to discover any uniquely human responses that may exist.” – Taylor Radford, THE CONNECTION 109/10, 22.1.83. – Violence isn’t force, especially not defensive force: minimal destructive and killing defensive force. – JZ, 29.6.89.

VIOLENCE: The tradition of violence beyond the power of the individual to cope has become, thanks to two world wars and decades of growing totalitarianism, a dominant feature of our culture. Vietnamese babies are roasted by American flame-throwers, about which most Americans feel they can do nothing and wind up by not appearing to care. – RED & BLACK, 4/73. - As if e.g. "freedom fighters" and terrorists, systematically seeking shelter among civilian non-combatants, were not to be blamed at all. - JZ, 2.4.11.

VIOLENCE: The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate. So it goes. Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” - Martin Luther King, Jr., Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? p.62-63 (1967). - He, too, preferred the inbuilt chaos of territorial, centralist and involuntary communities and compulsory integration over voluntary integration and voluntary segregation, thus finally provoking an assassin among his opponents. He would have lived longer and would have achieved more if he had merely advocated full exterritorial autonomy for all races, ideologies, religions and convictions. Thus he could have neutralized his enemies or even turned them into allies. Voluntary integration is easier to spread and to maintain than compulsory integration. - JZ, 27.11.02.

VIOLENCE: There appears to be irrefutable evidence that the mere fact of physical overcrowding induces violence.” – Harvey Wheeler, quoted in L. J. Peter, The Peter Plan, p.176. – As if there had been no violence in Australia when it was occupied only by a few Aborigines. – Any single factor explanation attempt for violence or war does not sufficiently cover the field. – I might as well say that monopoly claims do cause all violence. - JZ, 1.7.08, 1.5.14. – OVERPOPULATION, MALTHUS, MONOPOLIES, TERRITORIALISM

VIOLENCE: There are too many products of rape in the human race rather than merely of free and natural selection. These are the worst bastards - to the extent that they have inherited this tendency towards violence and aggression. - JZ, 14.7.00, 2.2.02. - This gives another meaning to the remark by Kant that war is bad by making more bad men than it removes. - JZ, 2.2.02. - ASSAULTS, AGGRESSIVENESS, RAPE, HUMAN NATURE, MAN, WAR

VIOLENCE: There is a violence that liberates, and a violence that enslaves, there is a violence that is moral and a violence that is immoral. – Benito Mussolini, Speech, Udine, September 20, 1922. – If he really knew the difference and, nevertheless, still acted as he did, all the worse for his moral position! – Violence does already imply all too much wrongful and irrational aggressiveness. - JZ, 17.8.08. – Force is a better name for rightful, liberating and defensive violence. – JZ, 10/76.

VIOLENCE: There is no sure foundation set on blood.” – John Bright, Selected Speeches, p.15. - Tyrannicide may not be a sure or sufficient foundation and, nevertheless, it can be a quite rightful act, as part of a total liberation movement. – JZ, 18.8.08. – Who deserves the death penalty more than one who institutionalized mass murder, forced labor, tyranny an extortion? – JZ, 1.5.14.

VIOLENCE: They got Gandhi in jail in India. He preached “Liberty without violence!” – Will Rogers, Autobiography, p.226. – In other words, he was punished just as if he had used and recommended aggressive violence. – JZ, 29.7.92, 17.8.08. – In the end he was even assassinated for his preachings! – JZ, 29.4.09. -  JOKES

VIOLENCE: Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.” - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - & LIES

VIOLENCE: Violence causes violence.” – Common saying

VIOLENCE: violence in the social order is almost always the result of institutional structures of power and not the free choice of individuals like John Brown or Nat Turner.” – Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.452. – POWER, CHOICE, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENT, RESISTANCE, REVOLUTIONS, UPRISINGS

VIOLENCE: Violence is a proof of weakness.” – Alexander Dumas, The Three Musketeers, p.479.

VIOLENCE: Violence is essentially wordless, and it can begin only when thought and rational communication have broken down.” – Thomas Merton, introduction to selected texts from Mohandas K. Gandhi’s Non-Violence in Peace and War, 1948.

VIOLENCE: Violence is just where kindness is vain.” – Cornuelle, Héraclius, 1647, I. - Defensive use of force or compulsion should be distinguished from any quite wrongful use of violence. - JZ, 2.4.11.

VIOLENCE: Violence is justifiable only when it is necessary to defend oneself and [or] others from violence. It is where necessity ceases that crime begins. - Errico Malatesta - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. – Defensive use of force should be distinguished from aggressive violence. – JZ, 26.3.12. - FORCE, COERCION, AGGRESSION & DEFENCE

VIOLENCE: violence is not an action, but a reaction, which makes you lose control over your destiny.” - George T. McCallum, LIBERTARIAN OPTION, 1/75.

VIOLENCE: Violence is out – because you can’t resort to it without destroying the world. Forceful and non-nuclear means could be effectively used against all those using or threatening to use nuclear or other mass murder devices and they could not defend themselves with such devices e.g. against an attack with a revolver. – J.Z, 23.4.89. - Alas, even the nuclear war risk has now, for all too long, simply been risked. On the radio I just heard that Russian troops will stay in Georgia. That could result in Georgian nationalists wiping out Moscow, if they can - and where could that lead, when it is assumed or misinformation is leaked that this attack came from the West or from China? – JZ, 17.8.08. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, TERRORISM, WAR, TYRANNICIDE, CONVENTIONAL WAR

VIOLENCE: Violence is savagery. Civilization is reasonableness.” – Alexander Meiklejohn, quoted by Leonard E. Read, in “How Do We Know?” p.46.

VIOLENCE: Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent!” – Isaac Asimov, Foundation’s Edge, p. 294. – The first – of the truly incompetent! – JZ, 6.5.84, 17.8.08.

VIOLENCE: Violence IS the last resort of the incompetent. If they were competent, they’d solve their problem or whatever without trouble. The incompetent, after failing at rational solution, resorts to violence.” – Brian Earl Brown – Arthur D. Hlavatyk added: “The worst incompetents do not even consider rational solutions: they begin with violence. And their name is legion.” – THE DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, No.3.

VIOLENCE: Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.” – Mick Marotta, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, 21.8.72. - “Violence is the first response of the incompetent. – Pyrrho, THE CONNECTION 122, p.81.

VIOLENCE: Violence is the last resource of the incompetent. Salvor Hardin in  – Sometimes, alas, it is the first. And it can also be legislatively sanctioned violence, demonstrating once again the all too frequent incompetence of legislators. – JZ, 1.4.12. - & INCOMPETENCE

VIOLENCE: Violence is the only language understood by the minions of the Established Order, and violence is the means of eliminating order of any sort established otherwise. It will be the means by which human kind will abolish itself.” – Laurance Labadie, Selected Essays, p.64. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, ORDER, NWT, GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM

VIOLENCE: violence is the pleasure of fools and only the last resort of wise men. Wilbur Smith, Eagle in the Sky, A Mandarin paperback, 1995, p.246. – The only excuse for violence is to protect that which belongs to you. – Ibid, p. 278. - According to this statement, even in the rare cases where policemen do effectively protect property and self-ownership, they do not protect what belongs to them but to others and thus their actions would also constitute abuse of police powers. - Freedom lovers, too, should be more careful with their definitions. It is not wrong to help defend the rights and liberties of others. - JZ, 1.2.02. If you can protect the property or other rights of a stranger against violent hoodlums, that’s also a moral duty. Most gun laws neither uphold the right to self-defence nor recognize this kind of duty. – JZ, 2.3.12. - FOOLS, WISDOM, FORCE, COERCION, ABUSE, COMPULSION, SELF-DEFENCE, MILITIAPOLICE, PROPERTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DEFENCE, POLICE

VIOLENCE: Violence is the repartee of the inarticulate.” – Quoted by Morgan Polmounter, 10.10.74. Source unknown. – Compare: “Swearing is the speech of the inarticulate.” – I just made that up, but similar sayings do exist – I just can’t remember them offhand. – JZ, 17.8.08. – The source may be: “Violence is the repartee of the illiterate.” - Alan Brien, PUNCH, 7 Feb., 1973. - Violence is the repartee of the inarticulate.” – Source unknown. – SWEARING, CURSING, INSULTS

VIOLENCE: violence is the whole essence of authoritarianism, just as the repudiation of violence is the whole essence of anarchism.” – Errico Malatesta, Fede, October 28, 1923. – ANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE, SELF-DEFENCE AGAINST INTOLERANT ONES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, ASSOCIATIONISM

VIOLENCE: Violence is unjustified use of force. Force is, can or should be the justified use of violence or, rather, of force, coercion or compulsion. – JZ, 2.9.75.

VIOLENCE: Violence misdirects you. – JZ, 10.12.74. – Violence misleads you. – JZ, 17.8.08.

VIOLENCE: Violence or, rather, force, discriminatingly, defensively and justly applied to guilty persons should be treated quite different from violence indiscriminately, aggressively and unjustly applied to innocents. I pity those, who do not see or appreciate the difference. – JZ, 27.8.93.

VIOLENCE: Violence solves nothing.” – It quite depends on how you define violence. Does a rightfully acting police force use violence? Does a man defending himself against a thief or robber use violence or justified defensive force? – Violence in form of mass murder devices or indiscriminate bombing is, indeed, condemnable, but what is wrong with a forceful resistance against a tyranny? – JZ, n.d.

VIOLENCE: Violent change can have a very high opportunity cost.” – John Hyde, Western Australia

VIOLENCE: What another has taught me let me repeat: ‘A man of violence will come to a violent end’.” – Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, No.44, p.63 in the tr. of John C. H. Wu. – A man like Gandhi can also come to a violent end. How many innocents are mass murdered in every war? – JZ, 1.5.14.

VIOLENCE: What you’ll learn as you get older is that it’s almost always smarter to avoid violence than to provoke it. - Jeri Taylor, Pathways, in Startrek Voyager, Pocket Books, 1998, p.53. - & PROVOCATION

VIOLENCE: Whatever the obstacles to an arrangement that would have prevented war, the use of violence itself engenders new obstacles to the reestablishment of peace. Fighting sharpens the feelings of hostility. It creates fears that an opponent might again resort to violence, and thus adds to the skepticism about a compromise peace. As we have seen, more is expected of a settlement because both the government and the people will feel that the outcome of the war ought to justify the sacrifices incurred. In addition, various institutional forces will compound the difficulties of making peace. Wars are not like peacetime military maneuvers that can be halted when the results are in.” – F. C. Ikle, Every War Must End, p.107. - HOSTILITY, REVENGE, WARS, HATREDS, PEACE, WAR AIMS, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, WAR AIMS, PEACE PROGRAM, VICTORY, PEACE CONDITIONS, UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER DEMAND

VIOLENCE: When aggression occurs, man’s rights are violated. It naturally follows that violence for any reason other than self-defense is a violation of Natural Law.” – Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.30. – RIGHTS, AGGRESSION, NATURAL LAW, SELF-DEFENCE

VIOLENCE: Where there is only choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.” – Gandhi – Most Gandhi-Followers seem to have forgotten about this and similar remarks by him. – JZ, 17.8.08. - DEFENSIVE USE OF FORCE.

VIOLENCE: Whereas ordinary people will normally rank interpersonal violence as a last resort of social breakdown or crisis, governments operate with violence as their immediate priority all the time. Determined courses of action are decreed, not voluntarily decided upon; ordered, not freely accepted. If the principle of government were extended consistently and uniformly throughout society, true chaos would result. Every civilized relationship would give way to the gun or knife, to force instead of persuasion.” – Fred Woodworth, Anarchism. – PANARCHISM & ITS VOLUNTARISM OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR VOLUNTEERS, INSTEAD OF TERRITORIALISM, POLYARCHISM

VIOLENCE: While territorial governments have an inherent monopoly on aggressive coercion, defensive and discriminating force has not yet been sufficiently mobilized against them. – JZ 25.8.84. The ultimate aim must be to replace territorial rule of a few over the whole population by exterritorial autonomy for all the diverse groups of volunteers. – JZ, 17.8.08. –Let diverse peoples in the population end the pretence that they are just a single and uniform people by sorting themselves out in accordance with their differences, so that of them, not just the majority, do have a genuine unity, self-government and self-determination instead of the mere pretence of it. – JZ, 2.5.14. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDIUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, FORCE, POWER, ENFORCED COLLECTIVISM & MONOPOLISM & THE PRETENCE OF NATIONAL UNITY

VIOLENCE: Whoever does not distinguish between force and violence does violate the English language. – JZ, 3.12.91.

VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES: Also, there will be “virtual tribes” or “electronic tribes”. … E-mail is a tribe-maker. Electronics makes us more tribal at the same time it globalizes us. … With the new emphasis on what is tribal in a world increasingly global, the New Age mantra “Think Globally, Act Locally”, is turned on its head. It is now: Think Locally, Act Globally.” – John Naisbitt, Global Paradox, 20/21. - But for this new tools are needed, at least for freedom lovers, compiled in WIKIPEDIA fashion, e.g. an Ideas Archive as a well published market for ideas and a world market for talents, an encyclopedia of the best refutations of popular errors, myths and prejudices, a comprehensive digital world library, with comprehensive bibliographies, abstracts and review compilations, a combined index, starting, ideally, with freedom, justice and peace books, an ever-growing libertarian encyclopedia and collection of argument-maps dealing with questions of liberties, rights, peace and war, a panarchistic or polyarchic encyclopedia, and one that brings and responds to all the diverse definitions and corrects them as far as necessary, a directory indicating special interests, a common projects list, periodical meeting calendars etc. – JZ, 16.9.07, 2.4.11. - NEW DRAFT, digital book manuscript by JZ, IDEAS ARCHIVE, FREEDOM LIBRARY, DIGITALLY CONNECTED TRIBES? LOCAL & GLOBAL ACTIONS BY LIKE-MINDED VOLUNTEERS, PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES & COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA

VIRTUE: A virtuous man will teach himself to recollect the principle of universal benevolence as often as pious men repeat their prayer.” – William Godwin: An Essay Concerning Political Justice, 1793. - Quoted in Seldes. – It does not have to be extended into generalizing altruism, charity or philanthropy as a duty, ignoring all other options, especially those based on self-responsibility. – JZ, 17.8.08. – Neither benevolence nor understanding nor pity are correct responses to crimes with victims and other forms of aggression. – JZ. 2.5.14. - BENEVOLENCE, GOOD WILL, ALTRUISM, PHILANTHROPY, CHARITY, DO-GOODING, SELF-DEFENCE, MILITIA, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ZAP

VIRTUE: As long as people choose to believe that virtue lies in service first to “society” or to the “common good” or to the “fatherland” or to the “public interest”, there will continue to be dictators to see that virtue prevails.” – Susan Love Brown et al, The Incredible Bread Machine, p. 138. – Virtue in their kind of definition of patriotism and nationalism will then be made compulsory, lead to despotism, tyranny, totalitarianism, wars, civil wars, violent revolutions, mass murders, mass destruction and poverty and, finally, a general nuclear holocaust. – Most of the territorial flags are soaked in blood. - JZ, 2.5.14. - SERVILITY, OBEDIENCE, SUBORDINATION, COMMON GOOD, PUBLIC INTEREST, ETC. & DICTATORSHIPS, DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, TOTALITARIANISM, WARS, CIVIL WARS, REVOLUTIONS, MASS MURDERS

VIRTUE: As virtue is its own reward, so vice is its own punishment.” – Thomas Fuller, M.D., Gnomologia, 1732, 3829. – There is still some real virtue in the old term “virtue”. – JZ, 18.11.85. – However, like conscience,  moral sense, and any of the formal religions, it is not a sufficient substitute for a comprehensive declaration of all individual rights and liberties as an ethical guide. – JZ, 2.5.14. – DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, CONSCIENCE, MORAL SENSE, RELIGIONS


VIRTUE: Half the vices which the world condemns most loudly have seeds of good in them and require moderate use rather than total abstinence.” – Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh, 1903. – Are there such actions as moderate murders, rapes and robberies and oppressions and is there something good in them? – JZ, 2.5.14. – ALL THINGS - BUT IN MODERATION?

VIRTUE: Indeed, what moral virtue is possible if individuals are not free and responsible to choose between good and bad conduct?” – Ralph Harris in “Right Turn”, ed. by Dr. Rhodes Boyson, p.25. - MORALITY, ETHICS, VALUES, FREEDOM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

VIRTUE: It is the function of vice to keep virtue within reasonable bounds.” – Samuel Butler, Notebooks, 1912. – JOKES, VICES

VIRTUE: men should be virtuous without the fear of punishment and without the hope of reward, and that such virtue alone is of any worth.” – Winwood Reade, The Martyrdom of Man, p.165. – MORALITY, REWARDS, PUNISHMENT, SELF-RESPECT, SELF-RELIANCE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

VIRTUE: The absence of vice adds so little to the sum of one’s virtues.” – Antonio Machado, Juan de Maireno, 1943. - VICES

VIRTUE: The efficacy of personal virtues, such as “honesty is the best policy”, is no recent discovery. This knowledge is to be found among the ancients, deep-rooted in tradition. Lapses are self-corrective provided we step aside with our offensive methods and let the virtues speak for themselves in their own language: exemplary actions.” – Leonard E. Read, Let Freedom Reign, p.95. - HONESTY, FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTS, SETTING GOOD EXAMPLES OR PRECEDENTS, PEACEFULLY DEMONSTRATING BETTER SYSTEMS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

VIRTUE: The existence of virtue depends entirely upon its use.” – Cicero, De Re Publica, c.51 B.C. – Sexual virtue is often no virtue at all. – JZ, 18.11.85.

VIRTUE: The highest virtue is always against the law.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Worship”, The Conduct of Life, 1860. – LAWS – Quoted in Seldes.

VIRTUE: The love of truth for truth’s sake is the principal part of human perfection in this world, and the seed-plot of all other virtues.” – John Locke, quoted in George Seldes, The Great Quotations

VIRTUE: The only true virtue comes from choice. – You cannot have virtue if vice is outlawed.” - Ascribed to John Milton. – VICE, CHOICE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

VIRTUE: The primary and sole foundation of virtue, or of the proper conduct of life is to seek our own profit.” – Baruch Spinoza. – PROFIT, EGOISM, SELFISHNESS, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-SUPPORT ETC.

VIRTUE: The superior man thinks of virtue; the ordinary man thinks of comfort.” – The Wisdom of Confucius, Analects, bk.iv,v.xi.

VIRTUE: Thinking is man’s only basic virtue, from which all the others proceed.” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.944. - THINK, REASON, MORALITY, RATIONALITY

VIRTUE: to punish men for their virtues and reward them for their vices, that … is the collapse to full depravity.” … - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, p.946. - PUNISHMENT

VIRTUE: Virtue best flourishes in liberty. Liberty best flourishes among the virtuous. It’s not either or - but both. – JZ, 8.1.91, 9.5.91.

VIRTUE: Virtue is [the result of] insufficient temptation.” - G. B. Shaw – Should he not have distinguished between the temptations of consensual and of criminal relationships with involuntary victims, often infants or children? – JZ, 7.8.08. –TEMPTATION, MORALITY, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, SEXUAL REVOLUTION

VIRTUE: Virtue is its own punishment.” – L. Neil Smith, Brightsuit Macbear, p.46. – All too many people have only sexual “virtue” in mind, by Christian standards. – JZ, 17.8.08. – JOKES – Compare: “Righteous people terrify me. … Virtue is its own punishment.” – Aneurin Bevan, quoted by Michael Foot, Aneurin Bevan, 1897-1945. – Also quoted in the film “Bite the Bullet”, with Gene Hackman.

VIRTUE: Virtue is not a gift from the gods, but the proved knowledge of what is really good and enables men to live without constraining others, to act justly and to serve not merely themselves, but the community.” – Socrates, quoted by Rudolf Rocker, Nationalism and Culture, p. 356.

VIRTUE: Virtuousness means respectful adherence to such guide lines as integrity, humility, justice, charity.” – Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty, p.69.

VIRTUE: We still expect others to act with a virtue that we ourselves find inconvenient.” – Robert Ardrey, World’s Beginning, p.9. – DOUBLE STANDARD

VIRUSES ON COMPUTERS, INTERNET: Once computer viruses number not only 60,000 but 600,000 or 6 million or even 60 million, will we still be able to freely communicate on the Internet? - JZ, 5.4.02, 30.10.02. – My daily security download is growing and comes already to ca. half a Mb per day in the average. – JZ, 21.4.09. - By now it is mostly 1 to 2 MB per day, sometimes even more. - JZ, 2.4.11. – With my Apple computer I did not have this trouble any more. – JZ, 1.7.13. – With two exceptions: It switches itself off, occasionally and tells me, sometimes, that I cannot paste some paragraph, from e.g. a Facebook entry, into a file, because there would not be enough disc space left, even if there is plenty of it. Then I have to restart it. It also tells me, all to early, that e.g. the keyboard battery is run down, when it has still power left for many hours of operation. So even the Apple computers have inbuilt flaws or no perfect defences. – However, it comes closer to perfection than any of the other computers I used. - JZ, 2.5.14.

VISIONS: Humanity is doomed because its vision is impaired. – Marc Stiegler, Long View. A Simple Case of Suicide, ANALOG 5/83, p.155. – Its visions and visionaries remain insufficiently effective as long as there are not e.g. an ideas archive for their visions and a talent center for their talents, and a number of missing reference works and publicity and explanation options, which are all required to facilitate and speed up enlightenment efforts. I described some of these omissions or neglects in my 2010 NEW DRAFT book, still not online, not copyrighted and at present only available from me, free of charge as an email supplement upon request, with my request to put it on line or on a disc for further distribution, hopefully with some sound criticism and some further such suggestions. – - SURVIVAL, MANKIND, MORALITY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, NEW DRAFT, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTRE, A GENUINELY CULTURAL REVOLUTION, SPEEDING UP & ASSURING THE PROCESS OF ENLIGHTENMENT,  GOOD ENOUGH MARKETS FOR ALL THAT THE LOVERS OF FREEDOM, JUSTICE, PEACE & PROGRESS DO HAVE TO OFFER BETWEEN THEM. EVEN THE INTERNET, FACEBOOK ETC. DO NOT DO THIS JOB EFFECTIVELY ENOUGH.

VISIONS: Men are fired by vision and faith, … - Dr. Rhodes Boyson, in introduction to Goodbye to Nationalization, September 71. – Alas, most visions and faiths are not yet sufficiently criticized and most correct ideas are not yet sufficiently publicized and supported. – JZ, 2.5.14. – IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY, ENTHUSIASM, COMMITMENT, IDEALISM, NEW DRAFT, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTRE, & XYZ OTHER ENLIGHTENMENT TOOLS & FACILITIES ARE STILL TO BE PROVIDED.

VISIONS: Such a waste. If only you had had a stronger sense of vision, instead of filling your heads with nothing but resentment and defiance. – William Shatner, Man O’ War, Ace Books, New York, 1997, p.8. – The defences of sound ideas, principles and institutions do still leave all too much desired. – JZ, 2..5.14. – EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, PUBLICITY, NEW DRAFT, LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, USEFUL REFERENCE WORKS, SOUND PRINCIPLES, PROGRAMS, PLATFORMS, IDEAS, SHOWN IN THE USUAL OBJECTIONS, DEMONSTRATIONS, PROTESTS, MARCHES, “OCCUPATIONS”, PUBLIC MEETINGS, MERE SWEARING, CURSING, & SHOWS OF HATREDS, COMBINED WITH IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, & DOGMAS

VISIONS: The difficulty lies not in the absence of beautiful realities but in this that so few do recognize them.” – George Bernard Shaw. - Only in a JZ re-translation of the German version: “Die Schwierigkeit besteht nicht darin, dass es keine schoenen Wirklichkeiten gibt, sondern darin, dass so wenige von uns sie erkennen.” – Many more would, if they were sufficiently publicized and defended. That does not happen in mass media, parliaments, royal commissions, international conferences and through most politicians, bureaucrats and supposed experts or authorities. They still have to become properly marketed through suitable institutions and reference works, also through freedom for volunteers to experiment with them among themselves. – JZ, 2.5.14. – PUBLICITY, FREE MARKETS IN EVERY SPHERE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, ARGUMENT MAPPING, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, UNDERSTANDING, KNOWLEDGE, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, BEAUTY, GOOD, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, OPTIONS, OPPORTUNITIES, RECOGNITION, AWARENESS, TRUTH, TALENT CENTER, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, ENLIGHTENMENT

VISIONS: too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams.” - President Reagan, 1984 State of the Union Address. - Let the few, as well as the many, freely pursue their OWN dreams, at their own expense and risk. We do not need and can no longer risk a territorial and collective monopoly of dream-mongers, enforcing their dreams, large or small ones. The small dreams have their values, too, for those who subjectively appreciate them. Let free owners and decision-makers vote for their own dreams, with their own dollars, actions and free experiments, rather than with territorial political votes over the dreams, fates, property and earnings of others. - Alas, too much of the libertarian movement is too much pre-occupied with small and limited dreams only. Nature does not spread its innovations through voting, either, but through free experiments with xyz life forms. - JZ, 23.1.02, 2.5.14. – It seems that none of the US Presidents ever questioned whether any problems of the State of the Union did arise out of the very attempt to coercively uphold a single territorial union of, supposedly, a single “people”, instead of merely a federation of various societies and communities of volunteers, all of them under full exterritorial autonomy, i.e. without any territorial monopoly. “None is so blind as he who will not see!” – JZ, 10.2.08, 2.4.11. – Let all people pursue or try to realize all kinds of dreams, great or small, but always only at the own expense and risk. – JZ, 21.4.09. - BIGNESS, SMALLNESS, DREAMS, GOALS, AIMS, PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM. EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW, META-UTOPIA, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIAITON & CONTRACT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM VS. COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM, MONOPOLISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VISIONS: Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” Japanese proverb. – The most important action is experimental freedom, i.e. action among and for volunteers only. Territorialist action is almost always wrong and harmful, even self-defeating in many cases. – Territorialism has never lived up to its visions and promises and by its nature it cannot do so. - JZ, 4.1.08. - IDEAS, PLATFORMS, PROGRAMS & ACTIONS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM & PERSONAL LAW VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VISIONS: Where you want to go is more important than where you have been.” - Peter Ragnar  - – RIGHTFULL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, PURPOSE, PROGRAMS, TARGETS

VISIONS: Without vision the people perish.” – Source? – Quoted in John Hargraves, Words Win Wars, 1940, p.185. – WORDS, PROPAGANDA, ENLIGHTENMENT, WAR & PEACE AIMS, APPEALS, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOICE STRESS ANALYSIS: Voice stress analyses and all kinds of other lie detectors for all public utterances of politicians. We know, that they are largely liars. Let’s prove it! – JZ, Nov. 73, 15.8.08, 2.4.11. - However, the option to secede from them and to compete with them under full exterritorial autonomy, together with like-minded volunteers, would be still much more useful and would be more appreciated after such proofs. - JZ, 2.4.11, 2.5.14.

VOLITION: The Key Problem of man in society today”, advises Sylvester Petro, “is not individualism against collectivism … but rather of volitional activity against compelled action … man and his voluntary associations as against man and his compelled associations.” – Leonard E. Read, ABC’s of Freedom”. – VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, COMPULSION, COERCION, FORCE, VOLITIONAL ACTIVITY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM UNDER EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, META-UTOPIA, POLYARCHISM.

VOLITION: The ruling force of man’s use of his consciousness is his power of volition, what Nathaniel Branden defines as “the power to regulate the action of his own consciousness.” (*) It is the power to focus one’s mind to achieve a level of awareness – to initiate thinking and to be aware of the nature and consequences of his thinking. Entailed in this self-regulatory mental activity and fundamental in man’s intellectual independence is his free will.” – Anne Wortham, THE FREEMAN, August 75. – (*) Branden, Nathaniel, The Psychology of Self-Esteem”, Los Angeles, Nash Publishing Corporation, 1969, p.37. - SELF-ESTEEM, SELF-RELIANCE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, VOLUNTARISM, WILL, ADULTHOOD, WILL, MATURITY, MAN

VOLUNTARISM: [Paul] Beaird calls voluntarism, “the beginning principle of libertarianism”. – William M. Evers, JLS, Sum. 77, p.191. – LIBERTARIANISM, PANARCHISM, ANARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: $450m desalination plant expansion -  -Voluntarism, freedom of contract and free pricing should be applied to exchange media and value standards as well as well as to whole societies, communities and governmental institutions and services. – JZ, 2.2.11, on Facebook, revised: 18.1.13. – While economic desalination plants could overcome most water shortages, territorial governments are not known as economic institutions. Such a job should, therefore, never be entrusted to them, “financed” by taxation and government debt certificates and run by “public servants”. Again and again, governmental institutions have proven that they cannot even properly price the water they supply and regulate the flow of rivers economically. – JZ, 1.7.13. – FINANCIAL FREEDOM, PUBLIC WORKS, COMPETITIVELY & PRIVATELY PROVIDED

VOLUNTARISM: A pure free market society would be one in which all inter-personal relations would be voluntary.” – Sam Wells Jr., OPTION, 4/77. – Except, naturally, defensive actions against remaining criminals with victims, - Relationships between societies, competing governments, share companies, enterprises, customers and firms, investors and corporations, share companies and corporations, etc., would be voluntary as well, in a polite and just but businesslike and impersonal way. – JZ, 18.8.08. - FREE MARKET SOCIETY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, MARKET ORDER, MARKET ANARCHISM, SELF-DEFENCE, COMPETING PROTECTION, DEFENCE, JURISDICTION & GOVERNANCE OR SOCIETAL & COMMUNITIY SERVICES

VOLUNTARISM: A society based upon voluntarism enables each individual to decide whether his interests are furthered by joining a collective or acting independently.” – THE MATCH, Jan. 75. – Even when it comes to whole political, economic and social systems and their organization and institutions as well as personal laws. - JZ, 2.4.11. - SELF-INTEREST, INDEPENDENCE, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW

VOLUNTARISM: All attempts to coerce the living will of human beings into the service of something they do not want, must fail. – Ludwig von Mises, quoted by Joe Kopsick – Facebook, 28.1.14. - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, SECESSIONISM, FREE CHOICE, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

VOLUNTARISM: ALL customs, laws, traditions, constitutions, societies, communities and governance systems should be OPTIONAL, for INDIVIDUALS, including the individual secession option. That would REGULATE them sufficiently. The better and the best systems would then, gradually, via full consumer sovereignty and experimental freedom in this sphere, replace the bad and the inferior ones. Exterritorial autonomy for all vs. territorial domination. Voluntarism vs. compulsion - for all but criminals with victims and for other aggressors! See especially and - JZ, 8.8.11, on Facebook, to Shanu Athiparambath – FOR LAWS, CONSTITUTIONS, JURISDICTIONS, STATE MEMBERSHIP REGULATIONS, LEGISLATION, LAW & ORDER

VOLUNTARISM: Anarchism … may be described as the doctrine that all the affairs of men should be managed by individuals or voluntary associations, and that the State should be abolished.” – Benjamin R. Tucker, State Socialism and Anarchism, in “The Heretics Handbook of Quotations”, ed. by Charles Bufe, p.64. – Only the territorial State has to be abolished. For its remaining volunteers it should remain, as long as they are willing to stand it, individually. That should be sufficient punishment. – JZ, 18.8.08. – STATE, STATISM, ANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: Anarchism does not have to be communistic, socialistic, egoistic, individualistic, libertarian or capitalistic – but it does have to be voluntaristic and at least to that extent individualistic. A genuine, i.e., a voluntaristic and tolerant anarchist (tolerant towards all other tolerant people and organizations and their actions undertaken at their own risk and expense) should also recognize and respect, at least to the extent of leaving them alone, apart from verbal criticism, all those organized as statists but without compulsory membership, without a territorial monopoly claim and without habitually committing aggressive actions against non-members, blamed collectively for all kinds of supposed “sins” or “crimes”, however real or merely invented or imagined these are or were and, at most, if at all, then undertaken only by and among consenting individuals or some members of some minority groups. – JZ, 2.5.95, 2.4.11. – INDIVIDUAL VS. COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, IN THE VAST MAJORITY OF CASES. (I see an exception only e.g. for convicted criminals for crimes of, essentially, the same kind as their own. – JZ, 18.8.08.) - INDIVIDUALISM, ANARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: Anarchy, as I see it, admits of any kind of organization, so long as membership is not compulsory.” – J. Labadie, LIBERTY V, April 4, 1888. - ANARCHISM, MEMBERSHIP, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPULSION


VOLUNTARISM: And until voluntarism is given a chance, politics will continue as usual and freedom will be just another flickering candle in the wind.” – Society for Libertarian Life, leaflet: “Voluntarism: The Absence of Force.” - POLITICS, GOVERNMENTS, POLITICS, PANARCHISM, AGGRESSIVE FORCE, VIOLENCE, COERCION, WRONGFUL COMPULSION

VOLUNTARISM: Any government, however inefficient or despotic it might be, is a free government in the eyes of those who voluntarily chose to support it. Conversely, however benevolent or efficient it may be, a government, which rules over its subjects without their free consent, is a tyranny. It can thus hardly be called treason when unwilling subjects choose to severe their relationship with a government they never bound themselves to serve, as in the case of the rebellious colonists who demanded their freedom from George III.” - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.134, when discussing Lysander Spooner. – PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, SECESSIONISM, TREASON, LOYALTY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, NATIONALISM

VOLUNTARISM: At Ashley Security & Arbitration, we hold to one truth above all others: that all relationships should be voluntary, that no man should be compelled to deal with those with whom he does not wish to deal, and no man should be prohibited from dealing with those with whom he wishes to deal and who agree to deal with him. This ideal informs every action we take, and we will resist any attempt to impose a different one. - There is merit in the idea of a standard of justice. We agree there is one; indeed, AS & A has always insisted there is a standard of justice, and that it must be discovered, not invented, not legislated. But how are we to discover it? We can think of no better method than allowing the marketplace to weigh ideas and actions and allow a standard to develop. When a man shows preference for one rm over another, he takes part in developing this standard. When two rms agree to rules and procedures with each other, they take part. When a philosopher writes a treatise and throws it into the public sphere to be debated, he does likewise. By this argument we are already in the process of this discovery, and if the market has not rendered a nal judgment yet, this should make us hesitant ... no, this should make us loathe to reach a conclusion here and now. - “But even this need not be a cause of great concern. If two rms can sign a contract with each other, there is no reason why three or a dozen or all of them might not come together and do the same. AS & A does not object to the idea of a standard we might agree on tonight. But let us be humble enough to admit we might not have the nal answer. Let us allow for dissent. If the men and women who hire us do not like our arrangement, let us allow them to form their own rms, or to subscribe to different rms. By requiring rival rms solicit entry into our organization, we have introduced the element of coercion, and that, someday near or far, will be our downfall. - “Society is built on the relationships of its individuals, and introducing coercion changes the nature of those relationships. A relationship based on consent is one where both parties, to achieve their desired ends, must respect the other party. A relationship based on coercion is entirely different; it permits one to feed off another, to abuse another, to use another for his ends without thought for the good of that other. The proof of this can be seen right here, in this land of criminals, where in these last months not a single complaint of police brutality has been led anywhere. The nature of the relationship between the police and the people is one of consent, not coercion. I need hardly mention the behavior of the police on other planets. I am sure many of you were mistreated by them on your way here. - “You now propose to introduce coercion by forcibly preventing some rms from operating, and by forcing others to continue to conform to standards we develop. This will change the nature of our relationships to the ultimate detriment of all. Where before our behavior was regulated by the ability of any client to withdraw his subscription and go without, or seek a rm that suited him better, you now propose to close this escape valve. Now, the standards we develop will be done with more thought to our convenience, and less thought to the good of society, because we will have stied competition. And this is but the rst step: once coercion is introduced, what further steps are to come? - “If you have an argument to make, make it. If you think justice can be done better, then do it yourself. And be patient, because time is required to nd the right answer, and there is no remedy for that. And be willing to accept the market’s verdict, be humble enough to accept you might be wrong. But do not introduce coercion into relationships that up to now have been voluntary. If we do not yet have one overarching standard of justice for all, it is because there is no consensus yet on what that is, at least not in the ne details. Let us not risk imposing the wrong standard simply to have it done more quickly. - “Ashley Security & Arbitration will not participate in any such course of action. Neither will we submit an application and ask permission to operate. Neither will we countenance any initiation of coercion on your parts such as you have proposed today.” – Matthew Bruce Alexander, Withur We, 594/95. – One of the still all too few libertarian SF books! – JZ, 1.7.13. - COMPETITION, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, CONSENT, COERCIOIN, REGISTRATION, LICENSING, PERMITS

VOLUNTARISM: Coercion doesn’t work. Government doesn’t work. But you do, and I do, and so do millions of people who manage to get what they want without threatening to draw a gun. The only reliable and productive endeavors are what people undertake voluntarily — and to which they willingly give or trade their time and other resources. Only when we turn to free individuals and voluntary endeavors — and away from government and force — will we recover the American dream." - Harry Browne – quoted by Jim Rongstad shared Harry Browne's status update. – GOVERNMENT, VOLUNTARISM, COERCION, GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUALISM

VOLUNTARISM: Consistent anarchism and voluntarism would include voluntary governments and they are possible only on the basis of exterritorial autonomy and personal laws. – JZ, 4.4.95. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, ANARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: Don’t like gay marriages? Don’t get one. // Don’t like cigarettes? Don’t smoke one. // Don’t like abortions? Don’t have one. // Don’t like sex? Don’t do it. // Don’t like drugs? Don’t do them. // Don’t like porn? Don’t watch it. // Don’t like alcohol? Don’t drink it. // Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one. // Don’t like your rights taken away? Then don’t take away someone else’s. – Daniel Licardi, on Facebook, 13.2.12. – DON’TS, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM, CHOICE, INDIVIDUALISM, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOLUNTARISM: Each to be free to adopt his own favorite economic, social and political system and to practise it with others under full exterritorial autonomy or personal law. - JZ 29.6.8, 23.3.12.. – PANARCHISM WITH XYZ DIVERSE PANARCHIES, ALL FREELY CHOSEN BY THEIR MEMBERS, POLYARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: Everything works better among volunteers. – JZ, 7.12.91. – Except when they are organized as a committee, or parliament, supposedly authorized to decide how other people ought to act. – JZ, 18.8.08. - Or when they form a criminal gang to victimize others rather than themselves. - Then their victims are certainly not their volunteers. - If they are religious fanatics, believing e.g. in self-mutilation, then the better working exists only by the standards they have in their own minds. - How many other exceptions are there? - JZ, 2.4.11. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, COMMITTEES, PARLIAMENTARISM, DECISION-MAKING FOR OTHERS, WITHOUT INDIVIDUAL CONSENT, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, GOVERNMENTALISM

VOLUNTARISM: For some people the voluntary alternatives come always only late into their minds – if at all. They seem to be able only to think in statist terms of compulsion against those who disagree with their commands, plans or ideas and yet they class themselves as mere “idealists” and “reformers”, with sufficient understanding and intelligence. Dissenters are seen by them as saboteurs, spies, criminals, subversives, enemies, conspirators, to be defeated, subjected or exterminated. – JZ, 19.1.93, 18.8.08, 2.4.11. – COMPULSION, COERCION, FORCE, DICTATORSHIPS, TOTALITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM, INTOLERANCE, FANATICISM, STATISM

VOLUNTARISM: free and voluntary communism is ironical if one [lacks] the right … to live in a different regime … collectivist, mutualist, individualist … as one wishes, always on condition that there is no oppression or exploitation of others. – Errico Malatesta. – Motto of Joe Kopsick Market Anarchy "Without Adjectives" – 3.11.13. - COMMUNISM, ANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE, POLYARCHISM, CHOICE, PERSONAL LAWMALATESTA, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, FREE MARKET, COMPETITION, LAISSEZ FAIRE, AGREEMENTS 

VOLUNTARISM: Freedom can be created only by freedom, by a total rebellion of the people, and by a voluntary organization of the people from the bottom up.” – Bakunin, in Dolgoff, “Bakunin” p.329/332? – I interpret that as meaning individual revolutions through individual secessionism and voluntary and exterritorially autonomous reorganization. – JZ, 29.3.84 - He seemed to have had only a single alternative society in his mind, possibly even a territorial one. - His notion of a "total rebellion" and of "the people" seem to be also misconceptions. - If freedom exists already, then it is not needed to create freedom. However, some of the existing liberties can be utilized to work towards full freedom, as much freedom as individuals desire for themselves, at their stage of enlightenment. - JZ, 2.4.11. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: Fundamentally, there are only two ways of coordinating the economic activities of millions. One is central direction involving the use of coercion – the technique of the army and of the modern totalitarian state. The other is voluntary cooperation of individuals – the technique of the marketplace.” – Milton Friedman - A market place for all kinds of societies and communities of volunteers, all of them only exterritorially autonomous, has still to be established. - JZ, 2.4.11. - VOLUNTARY & MARKET-LIKE COOPERATION OF INDIVIDUALS, COMPETITION, DECENTRALIZATION VS. TERRITORIAL STATISM & TOTALITARIANISM, CENTRALIZATION, COMPULSION, MONOPOLISM, POWER

VOLUNTARISM: Government would, in effect, be merely an instrument, voluntarily subscribed to, that would prevent anyone (including governments) from taking or abridging life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. That is all.” – Karl Hess, The Lawless State, p.8/9. – A territorial monopoly for this task seems to be implied here, which assumes that governments can and will fulfill such a task. All who agreed may have done so under the delusion that such a service can only or ought to be supplied as a territorial monopoly and that it can be satisfactorily supplied in this way, an error that still prevails as a popular error and prejudice. – JZ, 18.8.08, 2.5.14. – VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: He which hath no stomach to this fight, // Let him depart, his passport shall be made // And crowns for convoy put into his purse, // We would not die in that man’s company // that fears his fellowship, to die with us.” – Shakespeare, Henry V. - CONSCRIPTION

VOLUNTARISM: I confess that many of the socialistic views that I have come across seem to be tainted with ideas of authority, if not actual compulsion. Of course authority and compulsion are out of the question. All association must be quite voluntary. I is only in voluntary associations that man is fine.” – Oscar Wilde, in “The Heretics Handbook of Quotations”, ed. by Charles Bufe. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, LEGALISM, STATISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, COMPULSION, STATE SOCIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: I favor every reasonable, just, peaceful and voluntary alternative. – JZ, 18.2.73, 18.8.08, 2.4.11. - ALTERNATIVES

VOLUNTARISM: I love seductiveness but I dislike rape. If you make me feel good, I make you feel good.” – Walter Williams, 20.4.90.

VOLUNTARISM: I object to your use of the ‘royal we’ when you speak. If you meant no offense, then say it, but I do not believe you should speak as if for an entire nation. That is a pretense we would do better to avoid.” … “I also disagree that our eld is distinct to any greater degree than any other eld. This has been the statist thinking for centuries, but if Alistair has demonstrated anything to us, it is that protection and arbitration are services and, in their essence, not different from any others. It should be supplied within a voluntary framework. All that is required is a common agreement on what constitutes a crime, something all societies from time immemorial have, to a great extent, agreed upon.” - Matthew Bruce Alexander, Withur We, p.593. – The best statement of what would constitute crime, objectively, as objectively as is possible at present, for human beings, would be an as comprehensive declaration of individual rights and liberties as could and should be compiled now. – Within communities of volunteers deviations form this code will occur, probably for a long time still. - JZ, 25.5.13. - PROTECTION, ARBITRATION JURISDICTION, CRIME, WE, COLLECTIVISM, REPRESENTATION, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOLUNTARISM: I want to urge devotion to the fundamental human liberty – the principle of voluntarism. No lasting gain has ever come from compulsion. If we seek force, we but tear apart that which unified is invincible.” – Samuel Gompers. – Coercive trade unionists did not pay sufficient attention to him. As a result total union membership seems to be declining, everywhere, in spite of all efforts to make it compulsory and compel participation in their "anti-industrial" “actions”. – JZ, 18.8.08. – I was rather pleased today, reading as a positive sign of the times, in THE AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW, 23.3.11, page 55, that union membership in the Australian workforce is now down to 20%. - JZ, 2.4.11. - UNIONS, COMPETITION, COMPULSION, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MONOPOLISM, STRIKES, COERCION

VOLUNTARISM: I, Henry Thoreau, do not wish to be regarded as member of any incorporated society which I have not joined.” – Thoreau - PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

VOLUNTARISM: I’d rather live in an involuntary but mostly capitalist society than a voluntary socialist one.” – Wayne Wallace Woodward, THE CONNECTION 110, 6.3.83, p.53. – Voluntarism is already involved in a genuinely capitalist society, i.e., one without any monopolies and coercion. And the voluntary socialists would not want him as a member anyhow. – JZ, 28.6.89, 18.8.08. – CAPITALISM, COERCION, MONOPOLIES, COMPETITION, STATE SOCIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: If an exchange between two parties is voluntary, it will not take place unless both believe they will benefit from it. Most economic (*) fallacies derive from the neglect of this simple insight, from the tendency to assume that there is a fixed pie, that one party can gain only at the expense of another.” – Milton Friedman. - Particularly the territorialist political party people are of that conviction. Under the conditions of territorial rule and for them, as political parties within it, the zero sum game is, indeed, true. They have to learn to think in other terms and establish a panarchist party to grant total victory over their own affairs to all parties, which is only possible under exterritorial autonomy and voluntarism, i.e. free choice of governments and societies for all individual citizens. - (*) as well as political and social … JZ, 26.11.06. – DEMOCRACY, TRADE & EXCHANGE, THE MYTH OF ONLY ZERO SUM GAMES BEING POSSIBLE - INSTEAD OF WIN-WIN GAMES BEING AT OUR DISPOSAL OR WITHIN RELATIVELY EASY RANGE, IF ONLY WE CHANGED OUR IDEAS A LITTLE, POLITICAL PARTIES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TO EACH THE OWN SYSTEM, PERSONAL LAW, TERRITORIAL AUTHORITY & MONOPOLY TO NO ONE & FOR NO PARTY A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY, NOT EVEN TEMPORARILY, AFTER AN ELECTION VICTORY

VOLUNTARISM: If their object had really been to abolish slavery, or maintain liberty or justice generally, they had only to say: All, whether white or black, who want the protection of this government, shall have it; and all who do not want it, will be left in peace, so long as they leave us in peace. Had they said this, slavery would necessarily have been abolished at once; the war would have been saved; and a thousand times nobler union than we have ever had would have been the result. It would have been a voluntary union of free men; such a union as will one day exist among men, the world over, if the several nations, so called, shall ever get rid of the usurpers, robbers and murderers, called governments, that now plunder, enslave, and destroy them.” – Lysander Spooner, No Treason, VI/57, Works I. – I WOULD RATHER ENTRUST THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES TO A SUITABLE MILITIA OF VOLUNTEERS, AS REPRESENTATIVES OF “THE PEOPLE” THAN TO ANY FEDERAL, STATE OR LOCAL GOVERNMENT. – JZ, 2.5.14. - UNITY, PROTECTION, SLAVERY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTY, MILITIA, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, FEDERALISM

VOLUNTARISM: If there is any principle more certain than another, I suppose it is that what a people is able to do for itself the Government should not attempt to do for it. For nothing tends so much to strengthen a people, to make them powerful, great and good, as the constant exercise of all their faculties on public objects, and the carrying out of public works and objects by voluntary contributions among themselves.” – John Bright, 1847. - Alas, he failed to define what constitutes "a people" and, probably, thought only of the whole population of a territory. - The definition of “people”, apart from individuals, should be left to like-minded volunteers and not indiscriminately applied to whole populations, each with all is varieties of dissenting minorities or even a dissenting majority, just because at present they are all wrongfully dominated by a territorial State system. - JZ, 2.4.11. -  SUBSIDIARITY PRINCIPLE VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, WELFARE STATE, PEOPLE

VOLUNTARISM: If truth must be individually accepted then so must be any political and economic system – like any religion or philosophy or ideology. – JZ, 2.11.76, 18.8.08. - TRUTH, ACTION, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM OF ACTION & EXPERIMENTATION, CONSCIENCE, INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SECESSIONISM

VOLUNTARISM: In early societies a man’s position is determined by his place in the complex traditional groups into which he has been born, and history shows men gradually emancipating themselves from this closed society, and placing themselves in associations and relationships of their own choice.” – David Nicholls, The Pluralist State, p.54 on Sir Henry Maine. - VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, FREE CHOICE & COMPETITION IN EVERY SPHERE,  INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP

VOLUNTARISM: In fact, the free market is based on a contextual theory of values. It allows for the formation of virtually any completely voluntary association for the achievement of really common purposes, without requiring the subordination of any to a dictator or a majority vote. And at last we can see a sense in which autonomy can not only be meaningful in society, but is the heart of the libertarian creed; autonomy can be meaningful if we accept and understand the necessity for a system of property titles defining the sphere of decision-making and actions proper for men. Once this is accepted, under libertarianism every man is the ultimate decision-maker, the owner of his own life and property.” – Roy Childs, Anarchism and Justice, INDIVIDUALIST, 10/71. - EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, LIBERTARIANISM, PANARCHISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, PROPERTY RIGHTS, ANARCHISM, JUSTICE, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, FREE MARKETS IN EVERY SPHERE, POLYARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: legalize the voluntary, - Kennon Gilson commented on VICE. - Facebook, 13.7.12. – VOLUNTARISM, LEGALIZATION

VOLUNTARISM: Less government and less taxation will be the inevitable result of voluntarism, secessionism, personal law options for individuals and groups of dissenters, especially xyz minority groups. – JZ, 3.4.14. - LESS GOVERNMENT, LESS TAXATION, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: Let the Whitlam followers have Whitlam and the Fraserites Fraser - that's enough punishment for both! - JZ, 75. - Free voting, free choice among governments and societies, always without any territorial monopoly. – Each party is to win – but always only the rule over its own followers. - JZ, 21.4.09. - PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PARTIES, LEADERS, LIBERAL PARTY & LABOR PARTY, PERSONAL LAW FOR ALL PARTIES, POLYARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: Life could really be wonderful if people learnt to either leave each other alone or to associate only voluntarily. – JZ, 3.2.92. – TOLERANCE, ALONE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, DOING THE OWN THINGS & LETTING OTHERS DO THEIR THINGS

VOLUNTARISM: Logan Act – Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia, “The Logan Act is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended I 1994. Violation of the … Hint by Kaye Beach via Ryan C. Underwood on Facebook, 10.6.12. - Who but voluntary citizens could authorize anyone to negotiate anything for them with anyone? All the pretenses of the territorialists, statists, nationalists and “representatives”, who at best only represent the territorial majority, are neither moral nor rational. – John Zube - 10.6.12. -  INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATIONS, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, LAWS, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, INTERNATIONAL TREATIES, NEGOTIATIONS, CONFERENCES, DIPLOMACY, TERRITORIALISM & ITS MONOPOLISM

VOLUNTARISM: Might it not be well to provide by law that, both in practice as well as in theory, all associations should be voluntaristic – free to join and free to quit?” – E. E. Finer, Anonymous Empire, London, 1958, p.126. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUALISM, CONTRACTARIANISM

VOLUNTARISM: Morality cannot exist one minute without freedom ... Only a free man can possibly be moral. Unless a good deed is voluntary, it has no moral significance" - Everett D. Martin. – Quoted by Lawrence Reed on Facebook, 12.2.12. - MORALITY, FREEDOM

VOLUNTARISM: Most anarchists are so enamored with egalitarian and communist notions that they tend to forget about the voluntaristic implications of their philosophy and imagine that everyone would have to share and practice the particular preferences of these anarchists. – Check your territorialist premises! - JZ, 30.8.93, 18.8.08. ANARCHISM, EGALITARIANISM, INTOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, ANARCHIST SPECTRUM, HYPHENATED FORMS OF ANARCHISM & THEIR OPPOSITES, TERRITORIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: much advance was made in this country – through voluntary rather than state action.” – Margaret Thatcher on ‘Victorian values’, television interview with Brian Walden, 17.1.1983. - VS. STATE ACTION, WELFARE STATE, TRANSFER SOCIETY

VOLUNTARISM: No government should have the power to regulate voluntary human activity. Only acts involving involuntary activity should be outlawed, e.g. murder, theft, rape, fraud, breach of contract, assault, etc. – All laws should have an obligatory review period of 5 years.” – From Progress Party advertisement in SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, 27.11.77.

VOLUNTARISM: no government, so called, can reasonably be trusted for a moment, or reasonably supposed to have honest purposes in view, any longer than it depends wholly on voluntary support.” – Lysander Spooner, No Treason. – VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, VOLUNTARY OBEDIENCE, PANARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: No injury can be done to one who is willing.” - (“Volenti non fit injuria.”) – Legal Maxim. – “CRIMES: WITHOUT VICTIMS, VICES, ACTIONS BETWEEN CONSENTING ADULTS

VOLUNTARISM: No peaceful, creative and adult person to be submitted to any ruler or rule against his or her will. – JZ, 14.4.93. – ANARCHISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM – COMPARE CHILDREN’S RIGHTS e.g. in PEACE PLANS 589/590.

VOLUNTARISM: Not after commonality I strive but towards uniqueness. In the association you make yourself count, in society you are used. You or the society, Self-Owner or Subject, Egoist or Proletarian!” – John Henry Mackay, Stirner, S.146. – JZ tr. of: “Nicht nach Gemeinschaftlichkeit, sondern nach Einseitigkeit trachte Ich. In dem Vereine machst Du Dich geltend; in der Gesellschaft wirst Du verwendet. Du oder die Gesellschaft, Eigner oder Lump, Egoist oder Sozialer!“ – ASSOCIATIONISTS VS. SUBJECTS, INDIVIDUALISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-RESPONSIBIITY

VOLUNTARISM: Nothing but voluntarism can make politics right. – JZ, 25.1.97. – And it requires the abolition of territorialism. – JZ, 18.8.08. – STATISM, POLITICS

VOLUNTARISM: Nothing but what is voluntary deserves the term national.” - Caroline Chisholm, an Australian pioneer.

VOLUNTARISM: people are more efficient when they undertake their work voluntarily and participate freely in the process of decision-making.” – Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p.655. – My thanks go to Bob Cowin, Wollongong, for pointing this book out to me. – JZ, 18.8.08.

VOLUNTARISM: Q.: All relationships among individuals should be (a) Legal. (b) Voluntary. (c) Sanctioned by religion. (d) Based on altruism. – A.: (b) is the only acceptable answer. If an individual has the ultimate responsibility for his own life and happiness, he logically must be free to choose with whom and in what way he will interact with others. (a) must be rejected because legal and moral are not synonymous terms. (c) & (d) must be rejected because, among other reasons, they place the end of man’s action outside of himself and in one way or another dependent upon someone or something else, a principle we cannot accept.” – Glen G. Cooper, Contemporary Realism, p.23, under point 80. – SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, RELIGION, LEGALITY, DEPENDENCY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world, while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success. – Mark Skousen, quoted by Slim Richey sharing Anarchy for Liberty's photo. Facebook, 1.9.13. – Until I read that, I was still unaware how radical M. S. is. – JZ, 1.9.13. – TAXATION, CIVILIZATION, CENTRALIZATION, TOTALITARIANISM, STATISM

VOLUNTARISM: Rights belong to individuals, not groups. Property should be owned by people, not government. All voluntary associations should be permissionable - economic and social. The government's monetary role is to maintain the integrity of the monetary unit, not participate in fraud. Government exists to protect liberty, not to redistribute wealth or to grant special privileges. The lives and actions of people are their own responsibility, not the government's." - The Ron Paul Freedom Principles - Kevin Davis – Facebook, 20.10.13. - permissible? – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PROPERTY, GOVERNMENTS, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY VS. STATISM, FREE CHOICE ALSO FOR VALUE STANDARDS, PERSONAL LAW, LIMITED GOVERNMENT NOTIONS

VOLUNTARISM: Self-evidently, the “individualists” may freely associate, too. The decisive factor for an anarchist, whichever economic views he holds, is merely whether the principle of voluntarism is maintained in such a community and whether he may withdraw from it, in case that appears advisable to him, as fast as he has once joined it, while reserving his independency.” – St. Ch. Waldecke, Gedanken ueber Anarchie, S.14. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, PERSONAL LAW

VOLUNTARISM: So long as we need to control other people, however benign our motives, we are captive to that need. In giving them freedom, we free ourselves. – Marilyn Ferguson - MARKET PLACE, FREE EXCHANGE VS. COERCION, CONTROLS, LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, FREEDOM

VOLUNTARISM: Spooner’s system of voluntary government would rest on the two ancient principles of English liberty – no taxation without representation and trial by jury. Although never developed fully, Spooner’s views on taxation are quite clear. A government, as any other institution, must depend “on purely voluntary support.” (“Letter to Cleveland”, p. 71.) Taxes would be given by the people, not taken from them; if a citizen disapproved of his government, he would simply withhold taxes.” – Charles Chively, in his introduction to Spooner, Works I, p.54. – VOLUNTARY TAXATION, GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: The ‘private sector’ of the economy is, in fact, the voluntary sector; and ... the ‘public sector’ is, in fact, the coercive sector.” – Henry Hazlitt - VS. COMPULSION, COERCION & MONOPOLIES OR PRIVILEGES, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM & ITS COERCION & MONOPOLISM, PRIVATE VS. PUBLIC SECTOR, COMPETITION, FREEDOM, CHOICE

VOLUNTARISM: The Aquarian Agrarian: What is Social Libertarianism? - - Involuntary citizens or customers are not really citizens or customers." – JZ, 7.12.11, Facebook. - CITIZENS & CUSTOMERS

VOLUNTARISM: the assumption of former state powers by voluntary associations.” – David DeLeon, The American As Anarchist, p.75. - Always only over their own voluntary members, as long as they want to remain members, i.e., do not secede from them. – While volunteers, in their societies, might concede to some of them some monopolies, no societies of volunteers and however exterritorially autonomous, would be entitled to continue any territorial domination. – It would be confined to the private or cooperative real estate of its members and, even there, only property rights would prevail, and the rules of voluntary hospitality and of the obligations for mere guests, not territorial sovereignty would prevail. – In clashes between different legal ideas and systems the prearranged treaties should be applied, which decide whether the law of the accused, the law of the accuser or e.g. paritetically organized courts should decide such cases, also which set of international laws should be applied and with what qualifications, e.g. a universal declaration of individual rights and liberties or Jerome Internoscia’s New Code of International Law, which was published in 3 languages, side by side on a page, in 1910. - JZ, 18.8.08. – ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, META-UTOPIA, INTERNATIONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VOLUNTARISM: The authority of government … can have no pure right over my person and my property but what I concede to it.” – Henry David Thoreau. - CONSENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

VOLUNTARISM: The essential notion of a capitalist society … is voluntary cooperation, voluntary exchange. The essential notion of a socialist society is force.” – Milton Friedman – Even State Socialism CAN be tolerantly practised only among its volunteers – or its voluntary victims – just like monks and nuns imposed restrictions upon themselves, but it should, certainly not be imposed upon anyone or many people, territorially, without their individual consent. – JZ, 2.5.14. - COOPERATION, EXCHANGE, CAPITALISM, VS. STATE SOCIALIST FORCE, COERCION OR COMPULSION

VOLUNTARISM: The government outlaws many voluntary activities while engaging in many coercive activities. – JZ, 3.3.75. - TERRITORIALISM, COERCION, STATISM, LAWS, LEGISLATION

VOLUNTARISM: The libertarian defense of the individual and society against the pattern-producing State is voluntarism. Capitalism is legitimate simply because it is voluntary. But voluntaryism would give its stamp of legitimacy to any other system voluntarily chosen by those it encompasses.” – Istvan Telek, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 75.

VOLUNTARISM: The most efficient means of organizing [human] activities is that of leaving such voluntary solutions full freedom to emerge." - James M Buchanan - October 3, 1919 - January 9, 2013. – Quoted by: David T. Beito shared Liberty for Kids's photo. – Facebook, 10.1.13. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: The people are not the origin of all just power.” - David Hume - But their voluntary associations are the foundation of all just power over themselves. - JZ, 11.10.02. – Neither “the” people, nor “the” government, nor “the” “God” can always be relied upon to be just to all individuals. – JZ, 21.4.09. – Probably no population is uniform enough to be called only “the people”. Almost all contain a great variety of different people by physical appearances, character traits, intelligence, education, religion, ideologies & xyz individual preferences. – JZ, 2.5.14. - PEOPLE, NATIONS, STATES, POPULATIONS, DIVERSITY, HUMAN BEINGS, MAN, PANARCHISM, POWER, SELF-GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS STATES & SOCIETIES, JUSTICE, GOD, GOVERNMENT, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, META-UTOPIA, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONS, DEMOCRACY, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE VS. MAJAORITY DESPOTISM

VOLUNTARISM: The political spectrum offers a choice among ideologies that try to sugar the water of the poisonous river. The Anarchist’s idea – and this is what sets him off the map altogether – is to drink from another source: voluntarism, rather than coercion.” – Fred Woodworth, Anarchist? What’s That? - in “The Heretics Handbook of Quotations”, ed. by Charles Bufe. – ANARCHISM, COERCION, COMPULSION

VOLUNTARISM: The primary thing about anarchism is voluntarism - in every respect, not egalitarianism, unionism, syndicalism, collectivism, communism, socialism, cooperative association, decentralization or any other ideal or supposed ideal. – JZ, Jan. & Oct. 95. - ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM, ANARCHIST SPECTRUM

VOLUNTARISM: The problem of political irrationality is the greatest social problem humanity faces. – Michael Huemer, — with Mike Huemer - quoted by John T. Kennedy, with the following comment: Pithy, but I'd rephrase this: Given human nature, the greatest social problem humanity faces is collective politics. - It is collective TERRITORIAL politics that creates our problems, for it is enforced and monopolistic. The rightful alternatives, which would create, gradually, all the required solutions, consists in the voluntary collectives that practise among themselves personal law, exterritorial autonomy, full freedom of contract, experimental freedom and freedom of association, in peaceful competition with each other, because none of them would claim a territorial monopoly for its ideas, institutions, laws, experiments, utopian efforts etc., just like religions in most countries do no longer claim a territorial monopoly. Nor do artists, writers, technicians and natural scientists and the various health and life style advocates. - John Zube - VOLUNTARY VS. COERCIVE COLLECTIVISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. TERRITORIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: The real conflict in political theory, … is not between individualism and community. It’s between voluntary association and coerced association. - Sørengaard Srugis via Reason Magazine – on Facebook, 15.10.12. - ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: The supply of government exceeds the demand. – Lewis H. Lapham II, Editor, Harper's Magazine, and Author – The law of supply and demand would only work for communities, societies and governance systems of volunteers under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 26.4.13. - STATISM, COMPUSORY MEMBERSHIP, SUBJUGATION & TAXATION, PUBLIC SERVICES, TERRITORIALISM

TAXATION: taxation is worse than thievery because the authorities themselves are in on the take." - " . . . taxation and theft are different mostly because of their semantics, but an examination of their results makes them largely equivalent. However, taxation is even worse on several counts. The amount taken through taxation is much greater. The authorities, rather than working to rectify it, encourage it. Those who benefit the most from taxation make the crime more insidious by burying it in promises to spend the proceeds helping to make things better. So if taxation is not to be called theft, let us agree that it is something worse - maybe something like slavery!" - The Problem with Trading, by Dave Scotese – Quoted by Slim Richey, Facebook, 25.4.14. -

VOLUNTARISM: There is NOTHING that the state either needs to be done or cannot be done better within the matrix of voluntary action and exchange. – Jeffrey Tucker, quoted by Slim Richey shared Being Voluntaryist's photo. – Facebook, 23.3.14. - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: There ought to be a constant endeavour to leave the more positive aspects of government in the hands of voluntary associations, the purpose of the State being merely to exact efficiency and to secure an amiable settlement of dispute, whether within or without its own borders. And with this ought to be combined the greatest possible tolerance of exceptions and the least possible insistence upon uniform systems.” – Bertrand Russell, Principles of Social Reconstruction, p.72. – Close, but not yet close enough to PANARCHISM. – JZ, 18.8.08. – Most of the notions of “limited governments” do not limit them enough, namely to their remaining voluntary victims and personal law only. Their territorial monopolies must be abolished. Only then is statism tolerable for those not submitted to it against their will and at least temporarily tolerable for the remaining statists. Once they are sufficiently enlightened they would secede from their various statist panarchies or polyarchies. – JZ, 2.5.14.

VOLUNTARISM: Total voluntarism.” – Joffre Stewart in NO GOVERNOR, Jan. 85, p.10.

VOLUNTARISM: Unity must be voluntary to release all its potential creative strength. – JZ, 25.8.98, 18.8.08.

VOLUNTARISM: Unless a good deed is voluntary, it has no moral significance.” – Everett Dean Martin, 1880-1941, Political Philosopher. - Assume that from one day to the other bad deeds would no longer be committed either by private or official criminals, so that at least outwardly a moral condition would appear. Would this have no moral significance and no moral effect at all? Would the belief persist that we are all sinners or that people are always inclined to take wrongful advantage of each other, people whose criminal urges need to be controlled by a central monopoly power, if these power holders, power addicts and often power-mad people were, somehow, miraculously, reconstituted into "angels, without criminal inclinations? " - As Kant suggested, even a society of devils could be formed in a way that devilish actions against each other would disappear. Naturally, they might still appear in the dreams of these devils. Who cares, as long as they would no longer act upon them? Moral behavior counts for something, too, not only moral inclinations, thoughts and reasoning. Without much moral reasoning, just by their good nature and common sense, there were dozens of tribes that had no government in our sense and knew no wars or slavery, no taxes and tribes, native communities where children were treated respectfully, without violence. The African bushmen respected the individual rights of women thousands of years earlier than did the supposedly more civilized peoples. It is, to a large extent, the territorial State or intolerant religious beliefs that turn us into immoral and violent human beings: - JZ, 25.11.06. - GOOD WILL, GOOD DEEDS, GOOD INTENTIONS, MORALITY, ETHICS, GOODNESS, HUMAN NATURE, STATISM, RELIGION, TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATE, CHARITY

VOLUNTARISM: V is for Voluntary. – Inscription under a picture of the two finger hand-symbol, which, at least since WW II was usually interpreted as standing for “victory!” - Cartoon reproduced in Joe Peacott’s, ANCHORAGE ANARCHY, DEC. 2011, p.7.

VOLUNTARISM: Violence and involuntary actions are inherent in all territorial statism. Nevertheless, territorialism is still not rejected by most people - for moral, rational and economic reasons - and to achieve peace and as much freedom and justice as diverse communities of volunteers wish for their own affairs. One quite free society is not the ideal for all people as they are now and in the near future. There should be as many and as diverse societies as people wish for themselves, all at their own risk and expense. – John Zube -Comment to Voluntaryist Dino : Ron Paul confirms he believes in Voluntaryism! - "Sadly, we have become accustomed to living with the illegitimate use of force by government. It is the tool for telling the people how to live, what to eat and drink, what to read and how to spend their money. - To develop a truly free society, the issue of initiating force must be understood and rejected. Granting to government even a small amount of force is a dangerous concession...The idealism of non-aggression and rejecting all offensive use of force should be tried. The idealism of government-sanctioned violence has been abused throughout history and is the primary source of poverty and war. The theory of a society being based on individual freedom has been around for a long time. It’s time to take a bold step and actually permit it by advancing this cause, rather than taking a step backwards as some would like us to do." - "The problem we have faced over the years has been that economic interventionists are swayed by envy, whereas social interventionists are swayed by intolerance of habits and lifestyles. The misunderstanding that tolerance is an endorsement of certain activities motivates many to legislate moral standards which should only be set by individuals making their own choices. Both sides use force to deal with these misplaced emotions. Both are authoritarians. Neither endorses voluntarism. Both views ought to be rejected." – Facebook, 15.11.12. - & EXTERRITORIALISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM & THEIR MONOPOLISM & COLLECTIVISM & COERCION

VOLUNTARISM: Volenti non fit injuria, is a maxim of the law. To the willing no injury is done. That is, no legal wrong.” – Lysander Spooner, Vices Are not Crimes.

VOLUNTARISM: Voluntarism implies as well and ultimately full exterritorial autonomy for communities, societies and government systems by and over volunteers only, also individual and minority secessionism and the absence of any territorial monopoly going beyond private or cooperative real estate. – JZ, 2.5.98, 18.8.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, META-UTOPIA

VOLUNTARISM: Voluntarism is much more basic to all forms of anarchism than e.g. egalitarianism. So are individualism, autonomy, anti-authoritarianism, self-determination, the love of peace, justice, liberty, individual human rights and liberties. – JZ, 23.1.97, 3.5.14. - ANARCHISM & EGALITARIANISM, COMMUNISM, SYNDICALISM, ANARCHIST SPECTRUM, HYPHENATED FORMS OF ANARCHISM & THEIR CONTRADICTIONS OR REAL PRIORITIES

VOLUNTARISM: Voluntarism is the opposite of coercion and is the only kind of inter-personal relationship which allows all the parties involved to retain their personal sovereignty (right of exclusive control or jurisdiction over their own bodies …)” - Fred Wells Jr., OPTION, 6/77, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, & SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION

VOLUNTARISM: Voluntarism works mostly well in every sphere, while compulsion, usually, does, fail to have rightful and beneficial consequences. Voluntarism has much positive feedback while compulsion has much negative feedback. Voluntarism is mostly productive, creative and constructive, while compulsion is largely destructive or obstructive. Voluntarism releases creative energies while compulsion misdirects or outlaws them. Voluntarism practises individual sovereignty and secessionism, while compulsion suppresses both. Voluntarism liberates while compulsion suppresses. Voluntarism is largely exterritorial while compulsion is territorial or the private, monopolistic and wrongful establishment of a criminal domination, exploitation or “turf”. – Many more such opposites should be listed and more convincingly expressed - JZ, 8.9.11 & 14.2.12, 3.5.14. - VS. COMPULSION, SUCCESS & FAILURES, COERCION, MONOPOLISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: Voluntarism, exterritoriality and personal law, all based on individual rights and liberties, are our only hope for the future, the only chances for the survival of man. Check it out for yourself, if you dare to think for yourself. – JZ, n.d., 3.5.14.

VOLUNTARISM: Voluntary association limits freedom (*) while it enlarges liberty. That which is limited by continuous association is the indulgence of individual appetites, passions and animal instincts – the carnal side of men. That which is expanded by continuous association is the perfection of individual skills, ambitions, and aspirations – the spiritual side of man.” – Felix Morley, State and Society, in Templeton: The Politicization of Society. - Here he either overlooks or does not clearly enough express the benefits of individualism, disassociationism, personal independence, secessionism, retreatism, isolationism, etc. at least temporarily. We are at the same time both, social and asocial animals, to some extent even anti-social ones, which is rightful only to the extent that we do not infringe the rights and liberties of others. – JZ, 4.6.92. 18.8.08. – (*) for arbitrary actions. – JZ, 3.5.14. - ASSOCIATIONISM, DISASSOCIATIONISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUALISM, ALONE

VOLUNTARISM: VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS TO REPLACE THE STATE: Liberty Forum 2012 - John Bush - Agora 21 vs UN Agenda 21 - FSP - - In this lecture, Agora 21: A Counter Economic Approach to Building a Free Society in the 21st Century, John Bush juxtaposes Agenda 21, a United Nations plan ... Brad Spangler commented, Facebook 2.3.12: MAGNIFICENT! "In this lecture, Agora 21: A Counter Economic Approach to Building a Free Society in the 21st Century, John Bush juxtaposes Agenda 21, a United Nations plan to create a totalitarian world government, with Agora 21, his plan to replace the existing coercive state with a system of mutually beneficial voluntary association. In his talk he discusses the fatal flaws of the US Constitution and the notion that a monopoly state can be compatible with individual liberty. In addition to outlining the problems we face, John offers a solution: Agorism, AKA revolutionary market anarchism. Watch the speech with an open mind and ask yourself if you [are?] living your life in a manner consistent with your inherent individual liberty." – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, AGORISM, MARKET ANARCHISM

VOLUNTARISM: Voluntary co-operation, from its simplest to its most complex forms, has the common trait that those concerned work together by consent. There is no one to force terms or to force acceptance. - Herbert Spencer - Liberty Quotations – Facebook, 16.1.14. - CONSENT, COOPERATION, COLLABORATION, TEAMWORK VS. FORCED LABOR

VOLUNTARISM: Voluntaryism/agorism/anarchism: Free to live however you like as long as you do not harm innocents. Communism/socialism/leftism: You are free to live exactly how we say without any regard for your own personal dreams, desires, or interests. - quoted by Storm Tagorist – Facebook, 19.1.14. – VS. COERCIVE & TERRITORIAL COLLECTIVISM

VOLUNTARISM: Volunteers financed out of taxes are not true volunteers.” – JZ, 10.2.91. – People should put their money or their debt for what they say they do prefer. “Pay your own way! – JZ, 3.5.14. – SELF-RESPONSIBILITY VS. SUBSIDIES, ESPECIALY THOSE BASED UPON INVOLUNTARY TAX SLAVES

VOLUNTARISM: Voting should be voluntary not compulsory, just like church membership, membership in trade unions, police or military forces should be voluntary. – JZ, 2.8.95, 18.8.08. – And the membership or subordination to any governance system, society and community. – JZ, 3.5.14.

VOLUNTARISM: We shall replace statism with voluntarism: a society wherein all man’s relationships with others are voluntary and uncoerced. Where men are free to act according to their rational self-interest, even if it means the establishment of competing agencies of defense.” – Roy A. Childs, Jr., Liberty Against Power, Fox & Wilkes, San Francisco, 1994, p.156. - VS. STATISM, COMPETING DEFENCE AGENCIES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, META-UTOPIA

VOLUNTARISM: What is mine is mine and what is yours is yours. – You go your way and I go my way. – You have your system, let me have mine. – To you your personal law system and to me mine. – I tolerate your tolerant action and preferences, so be tolerant towards mine. If we should both like something, let us enjoy it together, as friends, rather than trying to monopolize it.  – JZ, 19.4.14, 12.5.14.

VOLUNTARISM: What is more benevolent, voluntarily helping others or forcing others to help others?” - Richard Boddie's Sound Bites. – When will all the libertarian sound bites finally become also digitally combined and alphabetized? – Is there, at least, a common links list as yet to all of the libertarian quotations sites that are online? – Or is still a major search effort required to find them all? - JZ, 21.4.09. - CHARITY, FORCE, WELFARE STATE, HELPING, BENEVOLENCE, CARING, SHARING, VOLUNTARISM VS. COERCION

VOLUNTARISM: What is the basic, the essential, the crucial principle that differentiates freedom from slavery? It is the principle of voluntary action versus physical coercion or compulsion. – Ayn Rand – If such ideas are consistently practised, only then they will mostly be victorious, soon and this with a minimum of sacrifices. This applies even to national defence against despots and tyrants and their aggressions. Nevertheless, a consistent libertarian defence, revolution and liberation program has either not yet been drafted or not yet been recognized as such. - An attempt in this direction was made in my two peace books: - & - - JZ, 23. 11. 06. – Alas, Rand argued against “competing governments” with all too flawed arguments (in “The Virtue of Selfishness”), which she never withdrew and had completely misunderstood the concept and its realization, although it merely consistently applies her laissez fair stand in economics to all political, economic and social systems of volunteers. – If she had come, in time, across the essay Panarchy by P. E. de Puydt, she might have changed her opinion on this and converted the masses of her followers to panarchism. - JZ, 1.7.13, 3.5.14. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM OR COMPETING GOVERNANCE VS. COERCION & COMPULSION, FREEDOM VS. SLAVERY, MONOPOLIES OR PRIVILEGES, INDIVIDUAL FREE CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW VS. THE STATISM, COERCION, MONOPOLISM, COLLECTIVISM & COERCION OF TERRITORIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: When we act in a system of voluntary consent, we get different outcomes from those of a system based on power and domination. … Free people will not choose a government once they have tasted freedom and seen it work.” - Matthew Bruce Alexander, Withur We, p.563.

VOLUNTARISM: Whenever we depart from voluntary cooperation and try to do good by using force, the bad moral value of force triumphs over good intentions. Milton Friedman – Rather: … the immorality of force triumphs over good intentions. – JZ, 3.5.14. - VS. FORCE & IMMORALITY, EVEN WHEN BASED UPON GOOD INTENTIONS. FREE COMPETITION, FREE CHOICE FOR INDIVIDUALS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM,  COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VS. TYRANNY, DOMINATION, SUBJUGATION, STATISM, VOLUNTARY COOPERATION & COMPETITION VS. COMPULSORY, COERCIVE, MONOPOLISTIC DOMINATION OR TERRITORIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: Wir bieten Zusammenarbeit (Koperation) an. Wir bieten die nicht zwangsgepraegte Organization an. Wir bieten die freiwillig sich vereinigende Verbindung.  Wir bieten jede moegliche Methode freiwilligen gesellschaftlichen Zusammenschlusses, durch welche Maenner und Frauen zusammen zur Foerderung des Wohlergehens handeln koennen. Kurz, wir bieten freiwilligen wissenschaftlichen Sozialismus anstelle der gegenwaertigen zwangsweisen, unwissenschaftlichen Organisation, die fuer den Staat und all seine Verzweigungen characteristisch ist… - LIBERTY, 14.10. 1892. – German version from Hubert Kennedy, Lieber Tucker. John Henry Mackay an Benjamin R. Tucker, p.158. -  Here Tucker comes, perhaps, closest to panarchism. I looked up Shawn P. Wilbur’s scan of my microfiche edition. An issue of 14.10.1892 is not there but only one of 15.10.1892. There I could not find this quote in English. I could not find a 14.10.1892 issue in my paper originals, either and the quote is not in the 15.10.1892 edition. Who can supply me with the correct quote in English, from whichever issue it did appear in? – Here and now I can offer only my rough re-translation of it into my kind of English: We offer cooperation. We offer non-compulsory organization. We offer the voluntarily uniting connection. We offer every possible method of voluntary social combinations through which men and women can act together to promote their well-being. In short, we offer voluntary and scientific socialism instead of the present coercive and unscientific organization, which is characteristic for the State and all its branches. – A quick glance through the prior and subsequent issues did not show me this quote, either. Perhaps even the year is wrong. – It’s interesting that he used the term “socialism” instead of societies or associations or social science associations. – The misunderstanding of “socialism” as “State Socialism” is still common today and even voluntary socialism and cooperative socialism is usually misunderstood as an egalitarian one, which does not recognize individual property rights. – Voluntary and cooperative socialism can be even more capitalistic and in favor of property rights and incentives than the usual capitalistic enterprises are with the two classes, owners and employers vs. mere employees and this after more than a century of at least some examples of extensive employee-shareholding and even various complete self-management schemes. - JZ, 23.12.13. – One of the positive signs of the times is that recently GOOGLE offered 74 million search results for  the Self-Management Institute. – JZ, 3.5.14. - COOPERATION, ASSOCIATIONISM, TOLERANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM VS. TERRITORIAL STATISM, BENJAMIN R. TUCKER’S “LIBERTY”

VOLUNTARISM: With a clarity of vision that is extremely rare among modern day political scientists, Spooner, went right to heart of the matter when he declared that: “There is no other criterion whatever, by which to determine whether a government is a free one, or not, than the single one of its depending, or not depending, solely on voluntary support.” – Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.134. - Since even this remark can be misinterpreted, by saying subjects of a territory did not emigrate, did not rebel, did not resist, did not even publicly protest, but participated, e.g, in elections, or that at least the majority did, by voting-in a territorial and statist government, one should have added that a mandate does not exist to a sufficient extent when all (except e.g. convicted criminals) have not granted their individual consent. It would exist only, in other words, when no individuals and minority groups, although quite free to secede, have seceded. Since that right and liberty has not been recognized and realized, no genuine and territory-wide mandate, consent and representation does exist. – Neither does voluntary taxation and monetary freedom. Even Free Trade and Free Migration are still all too restricted. - Nor does the population anywhere have any direct say on war, peace, armament, disarmament and international treaties. - Not even a comprehensive Bill of Rights or Declaration of all Individual Human Rights and Liberties does exist so far or has been sufficiently published. - Judging by these factors all present States are neither democratic nor republican, but, rather, all too despotic still. - JZ, 18.8.08, 2.4.11, 3.5.14. - POLITICAL SCIENCE, GOVERNMENTS, FREE GOVERNMENTS, VOLUNTARY GOVERNANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, DEMOCRACY, CONSENT, MANDATE, REPRESENTATION, TERRITORIALISM

VOLUNTARISM: Yet on reference to the preamble of this document for our notable State of Massachusetts, I find it set down in language of the plainest character that “The body politic is formed by a voluntary association of individuals”. Doubt as we may, this sentence stands at the head of the second paragraph of a document dated no father back than the year 1780. If in so short a period as 63 years the most sacred public enactments are suffered by those who pretend to maintain them, to be reduced to waste paper; …” - Charles Lane, Letter IV, May 4, 1843, p.72 in the edition by Carl Watner: A Voluntary Political Government. – PANARCHISM, LAWS, CONSTITUTIONALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOLUNTARISM: You can only have three basic relationships with others: voluntary, coercive ones or none, i.e., a condition of neutrality. E.g. Protectionists and, generally, the territorialists and statists do prefer the coercive ones, being ignorant of or prejudiced against the individual rights, liberties and benefits of the voluntary ones. – JZ, 11/72, 18.8.08, 2.4.11, 3.5.14.

VOLUNTARISM: You mean philosophically opposed I presume. Perhaps use a word other than statism if working to demonstrate something to be voluntary - as statism is, IMO, generally assumed to be a non-voluntary system. Hence the very notion of voluntary statism sounds like a self-detonating statement (oxymoronic). - I often talk about bottom-up government versus top-down government. For example, a 'members association' is a voluntary organization that governs whatever resources it has under it's control. It however is not a monopoly on the use of force within a geographical area - a top-down government i.e. a state. Bottom-up governance organizations are fine within anarchy so long as they do not use coercion to achieve their ends." - Philo Voluntaryist Rex – Facebook, 16.10.12. - Dear PVR: I like your terminology distinguishing between bottoms-up government and top-down govt. It is not yet among the many names for the same thing in my A to Z on panarchism at but ought to be included. As for voluntary statism, voluntary government, competing government: I suppose you do not accept the popular misinterpretation for anarchy either. So why adopt the popular notion that government is always territorial and that this imposition is rightful and necessary? These hyphenated terms do at least indicate that governments today have, usually, all too many involuntary victims, who are peaceful and productive, not criminals, who on a private enterprise basis, - they consider it enterprising - compete with the government in infringing our individual rights and liberties. The term "governance" already hints at something different but is not yet clear enough, either. - I am not only philosophically opposed to territorial statism but oppose it, as far as I can, without being suicidal, on every level, in its monetary and financial despotism, its warfare statism, its suppression of individual rights and liberties etc. As for the statism of the majority of people at present, it is, obviously, voluntary since they never seriously considered anything else. - Voluntary statism indicates a consciously and individually adopted statism although it does not do this clearly enough. Voluntary statism falls also under contractarianism, associationism and voluntarism as well as exterritorial autonomy and personal law, which have a long tradition - which was, alas, never completed. - John Zube, 17.10.12, on Facebook. - VOLUNTARY STATISM, GOVERNMENTS, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, SELF-GOVERNANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, COMPETITION & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES, META-UTOPIA

VOLUNTARY AGENCIES: Thousands of voluntary agencies, tired of living on leftovers, have turned to Washington for support and have thus become, in effect, agents of the state.” - Richard Cornuelle, Healing America, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1983, p.20. – End their government subsidies but let them become exterritorially autonomous so that their members are no long tax slaves of territorial States. – JZ, 21.4.09. – PANARCHISM, CHARITIES, SUBSIDIES, TAXATION

VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS: Henry Addis, on the other hand, typical of all nineteenth century American anarchists, was basically an idealist, a voluntarist, and an individualist. “The Anarchist ideal in matters of propaganda and revolutionary methods, as well as all things else, is personal choice,” he wrote. “Everybody to determine, for himself or herself, what to do and how to do it.” So adamantly did Addis cling to the individualist ideal that he found himself, like Emerson and Thoreau, defending the notion that law and order is primarily a matter between the individual and the forces of nature he discovers in the universe. Human freedom is only possible, according to Addis, where the individual frees himself from formal political authority and joints with other free individuals in voluntary cooperation designed to achieve the liberty of every member of the group.” – Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.263. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PROTECTIVE AGENCIES, DEFENCE AGENCIES, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, LAW & ORDER, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS: In contrast to (territorial - JZ) government planning, in which a small elite directs society, the market allows many groups – each with different, limited purposes and means – to evaluate whether they succeed. Those who seek to earn profits by satisfying customers have the most direct means of evaluating how they are doing but other freely organized groups must also be financed and supported by their members. (*) Donald J. Devine, Does Freedom Work? Caroline House Books, Green Hills Publishers, 1978, p.46. - - (*) Thus their gain or loss of members is also a good indication of the success in their endeavors to satisfy them as their customers. – JZ, 26.9.07. - Did he consider, in any of his writings, full exterritorial autonomy or a free market for communities and societies of volunteers? - Or did he have only a free market for ordinary consumer goods and services in mind, not one for whole political, economic and social systems? - JZ, 2.4.11. - MOTIVATED BY PROFIT OR OTHERWISE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM VS. CENTRAL TERRITORIAL PLANNING & DIRECTION, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS: It is only in the last few years that voluntary association has begun to disclose its great powers for good; and we have no right to expect that we shall suddenly become efficient masters in the use of so new and so great an instrument. (*) Many high qualities in ourselves are required before this can be the case. You can regulate a mass of half-men, half-slaves under government systems, under enforced association, almost when you choose, and as you choose; but it is only free men, with the qualities of free men, that can take their place in voluntary associations. When once our eyes are opened to this great matter, we shall see, perhaps with some indignation, that those who are constantly striving to extend the area of government management, and to make men do by compulsory association what they could learn to do by voluntary association, are pronouncing the doom of the race, and condemning it to perpetual inefficiency.” – Auberon Herbert, in Mack edition, p.187. - (*) Especially when it comes e.g. to the use of free banking and free choice of value standards or of ideal militias of volunteers for the protection of individual rights and liberties, or how to arrange for the jurisdiction between the members of different panarchies. – JZ, 18.8.08. – The ultimate result of territorial statism and its power-madness is a general nuclear war, which might finish mankind. – JZ, 3.5.14. – POWER MADNESS, WARFARE STATES, NWT, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS: Legitimate government can be formed only by the voluntary association of all who contribute to its support. As a voluntary association, it can have for its object only those things in which the members of the association are all agreed.” - Lysander Spooner, quoted in Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, A Study in American Anarchism, p.133. – VOLUNTARY TAXATION & SUBSCRIPTIONS, PERSONAL LAW

VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS: The only efficient and just solution is to allow individuals and groups of individuals to form their own voluntary associations, providing there is no force, fraud or coercion in the market.” – PROGRESS PARTY, Australia, Platform, 4/4. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM,

VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS: The sum-total of societal wisdom is not concentrated in the minds of an elite; it is dispersed among all the individuals in society who have direct acquaintance with their own needs, desires and situation.  But this is not an argument for democracy; there is no collective wisdom, which mysteriously manifests itself in the results of an election or referendum as Rousseau thought. It is, rather, an argument for allowing individuals to use their own unique perceptions and talents, in voluntary association with each other, to work out various solutions to their own problems.” – Philip B. Demattais, What Is Libertarianism? p.6. - ASSOCIATIONISM, REFERENDUM, ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, PEOPLES, POPULATIONS, MASSES, INHABITANTS, SUFFICIENT COLLABORATION BETWEEN LIBERTARIANS ON ALL MAJOR LIBERTARIAN PROJETS, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBRARY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, REFUTATION ENCYCLOPEDIA, PROJECTS LIST ONLINE, DIRECTORY, INDICATING SPECIAL INTERESTS, NEW DRAFT, PEACE PLANS 20

VOLUNTARY COMMUNITIES: Only from voluntary associations of men who have understood their uniqueness and are conscious of it can society derive. Stirner distinguishes sharply the predetermined society, which means coercion, from the free association, which is formed by an act of choice: “The society consumes you. You consume the association. …” - Daniel Guerin, Anarchismus, Begriff und Praxis, edition Suhrkamp, 1967, p.29. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, SOCIETIES, INDIVIDUALS & THEIR UNIQUENESS, STIRNER, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, META-UTOPIA, PERSONAL LAW, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, STIRNER, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE: Looking back over the past three decades of naked bureaucratic power, one gets the disquieting impression that “voluntary compliance” has often meant what “voluntary” taxation means today: Do what the federal autocrats tell you to do, or be prepared for a long, costly and perhaps futile legal battle against the unlimited resources of the United States Government.” – O. V. Garrison, The Dictocrats, p.46. – OFFICIAL GUIDELINES, PLANS & EXHORTATIONS, REGULATIONS, OBEDIENCE UNDER THREATS & COMPULSION, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, LEGALISM, VS. PERSONAL LAW, FREE CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

VOLUNTARY COOPERATION: coercion versus voluntary cooperation. - David Boaz, ed., The Libertarian Reader, The Free Press, 1997, p.388. VS. COERCION, TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM

VOLUNTARY COOPERATION: Whenever we depart from voluntary cooperation and try to do good by using force, the bad moral value of force triumphs over good intentions.” – Milton Friedman - VS. COERCION & COMPULSION, FORCE, VIOLENCE & MONOPOLIES, PRIVILEGES, SUBSIDIES, TERRITORIALISM & STATISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: 12 % is all the Baptists want. I think that’s all the federal government should get.” – Walt Williams, 1990. – From those limited government advocates who do follow his line of reasoning in this. – Voluntary taxationists should be free to tax themselves more highly or even less, if at all. – JZ, 18.8.08. – FLAT RATE TAXATION, TAX CEILINGS

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: 3 ways Obama could bypass Congress - - The only way to keep a government treasurer in check consists in abolishing compulsory taxation, just like the only way to keep a central bank in check consists in abolishing its monopoly and legal tender power. – JZ, 1.8.11, on Facebook. - & VOLUNTARY STATE MEMBERSHIP, TO KEEP ALL GOVERNMENTS IN CHECK, CENTRAL BANKS

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: A few years go when some of us began to preach voluntary taxation, as the only effectual means of recovering the gradually disappearing independence of the individual, and of placing governments in their true position of agents, and not, as they are today, of autocrats and masters of the nation, and as the plainest and most direct means of making the recognition of the principle of individual liberty supreme in our natural life.” – Auberon Herbert, Mr. Spencer and the Great Machine, p.70, probably in the Mack edition of his essays. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICAL POWER

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: A fully developed and discussed model for voluntary taxation (fees and subscription for competitively supplied services) as well as for a rightful and nation-wide tax strike and for the abolition of all subsidies based upon taxation, must precede the abolition of compulsory taxation. – JZ, 20.4.89. Taxation has still all too much credibility and sanction by its victims, i.e. in public opinion. – JZ, 18.8.08. E.g. the belief that taxation is as natural and inevitable for us as death is. There are, possibly, more libertarians and SF fans who believe in life extension (or even some form of immortality) than believers in voluntary taxation or subscription schemes. – JZ, 3.5.14.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: A service nobody is willing to pay for (in any way) is not worth having.” – JZ, 27.5.81. –  No State has ever declared exclusively rightful war- and peace aims or all individual rights and liberties. Nevertheless, they pose as great defenders, protectors and liberators even when they are armed with mass murder devices against whole populations while rarely ever resorting to tyrannicide actions. – JZ. 3.5.14. CIVIL SERVICE, PUBLIC SERVICES, WELFARE STATE, WARFARE STATES, NWT, TYRANNICIDE, DEFENCE, LIBERATION

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Allow all taxpayers to opt out of all taxation-benefit schemes, as they may opt out of insurance-, credit- and church systems and other risky activities, like certain jobs or sports. – JZ, 19.9.88.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Angela and Bill sat in their living room with the TV on, although they weren’t paying much attention to it. An interminable ad for the Department of Defence was showing, all rousing music and jet fighters in appealingly symmetrical formation. The latest privatization legislation meant that each taxpayer would specify the precise allocation of his or her income tax between government departments, who in turn were free to spend as much of their revenue as they wished on advertising aimed at attracting more funds. Defence was doing well. Social Security was laying off staff.” – Greg Egan, Axiomatic, p.43. – But for the clause on advertising this would be a promising first step. – JZ, 12.9.07.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: establish the principle of voluntary financial contributions to government instead of taxes.” – David Wiek, ANARCHY 8.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Failure to pay one’s taxes was not to be treated as a crime. They took the position that while governments would still retain a monopoly of control over the army, the courts, and the police, in a given geographic area, no one could be forced to support such an …” - Carl Watner, A Voluntary Political Government, p.34. – Non-tax-payers, like un-financial members of private organizations, should merely lose their membership and claim to membership services. – JZ, 25.6.92. – Whatever financing and spending activities they should then arrange for among themselves would be quite up to them. – JZ, 18.8.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, META-UTOPIA

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: For example a petition circulated in London in 1647, demanding that “tithes and all other enforced maintenance may be for ever abolished and nothing in the place thereof imposed, but that all ministers may be paid only by those who voluntarily chose them and contract with them for their labors.” – By substituting “taxes” for “tithes” and “government officials” for “ministers” we realize how close these early religious dissenters were to espousing the ideas of a truly voluntary State. People such as Lane and Spencer merely carried out these arguments to their logical conclusion.” – Carl Watner, commenting on the letters of Charles Lane, in “A Voluntary Political Government”, p. 33. - CHILD-MAINTENANCE?

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Government should be allowed to price itself out of the market. – JZ, 28.5.84. - Alas, that will happen only once such a market is first established. - JZ, 2.4.11.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Has it occurred to many citizens that, for the few blessed days of federal shutdown, the world does not come to an end? That the stars remain in their courses, and everyone goes about their daily life as before? - I would like to offer a modest proposal, giving us a chance to see precisely how vital to our survival and prosperity is the Leviathan federal government, and how much we are truly willing to pay for its care and feeding. Let us try a great social experiment: for one year, one exhilarating jubilee year, we furlough, without pay, the Internal Revenue Service and the rest of the revenue-gathering functions of the Department of Treasury. - That is, for one year, suspend all federal taxes and float no public debt, either newly incurred or even for payment of existing interest or principal. And then let us see how much the American public is willing to kick into, purely voluntarily, the public till. - We make these voluntary contributions strictly anonymous, so that there will be no incentive for individuals and institutions to collect brownie-points from the feds for current voluntary giving. We allow no carryover of funds or surplus, so that any federal spending for the year - including the piteous importuning of Americans for funds - takes place strictly out of next year's revenue. - It will then be fascinating to see how much the American public is truly willing to pay, how much it thinks the federal government is really worth, how much it is really convinced by all the slick cons: by the spectre of roads falling apart, cancer cures aborted, by invocations of the "common good," the "public interest," the "national security," to say nothing of the favorite economists' ploys of "public goods" and "externalities." - It would be even more instructive to allow the various anonymous contributors to check off what specific services or agencies they wish to earmark for expenditure of their funds. It would be still more fun to see vicious and truthful competitive advertising between bureaus: "No, no, don't contribute to [what?] those lazy louts in the Department of Transportation (or whatever), give to us." For once, government propaganda might even prove to be instructive and enjoyable." – Murray Rothbard (1990) - Ludwig von Mises Institute - Facebook, 2.10.13. - It is high time to finally publish all voluntary taxation or voluntary contribution schemes for public service, together with all of their pro and con. – This could be done online or on a disc. – JZ, 2.10.13. - I've been advocating a voluntary contribution checklist for government services for years. I'm humble and proud that I discovered this independent from Rothbard. Let the voluntary market decide how much government it wants to fund! - Yamil Selman – Facebook, 2.10.13.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: I am personally convinced that a society of mutual aid, without coercive institutions, could exist and thrive. Cooperation would replace enforced taxation, for instance. To those who say that people would not cooperate in supporting government such as we now have, I say, “Exactly!” They would not.” – Karl Hess: Dear America. - COOPERATION, VOLUNTARY, MUTUAL AID

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: I submit that the vast majority, if not all, of government functions, could be performed on a fee-for-service basis, so that no tax would be necessary to subsidize that function.” - JAG, Aug. 26, 1978. - SUBSCRIPTIONS, TAXATION, SUBSIDIES, GOVERNMENT, USER PAYS, RATHER THAN RATIONED "FREE" SERVICES

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: I want the decisive individual vote on all my taxes – if any – and on how they are to be spent. I don’t trust any politician or bureaucrat with such decision-making. – JZ, 4.10.98.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: If an individual elects not to contribute to a particular service of the community, he is then, of course, not entitled to its benefits." - Jerome Tuccille, Radical Libertarianism, p.50,

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: If any man’s money can be taken by a so-called government, without his personal consent, all his other rights re taken with it, for with his money the government can, and will, hire soldiers to stand over him, compel him to submit to its arbitrary will, and kill him if he resists. – Lysander Spooner, quoted by Shelly Cox sharing Free Detroit's photo. - John Zube Nevertheless, no one seems to be interested so far in putting together and discussion all proposals on voluntary taxation online or on a disc. Most still "think" that taxation is as inevitable as death. - Facebook, 15.9.13.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: If one would appreciate the extent to which the principle of violence is in effect, let him imagine the subsidies and the “social gains” that would be paid for, and the services of the state that could be rendered, if all of these were put on a shelf, as in a grocery store, and bought only as the citizens of these United States would buy them – voluntarily. (*) With the disappearance of the myth that someone else is footing the bill, which this serve-yourself plan would assure, what a whale of a difference there would be in the scope and cost of government!” – Leonard E. Read, Instead of Violence, p. 22/23. - (*) They do this already, to some extent, through numerous and sometimes huge foundations, who, between them, dispose annually of billions. Alas, these donations are, to some extent, promoted only through tax concessions granted for such donations. – JZ, 18.8.08.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: In A Letter to Cleveland, Spooner’s argument against the tariff, begun in A New Banking System (1873), are expanded. Spooner maintained all taxes were illegal. A government should received only voluntary contributions, all else is robbery.” – From Charles Chively’s introduction, Spooner, Works I, p.5. – Nevertheless, all the arguments for and project for voluntary taxation have not yet been pulled together and discussed in an anthology. Now this could and should be done cheaply and fast online or at least on a disk. That might be much more helpful than all the complaints or jokes about taxation and all the risky and costly tax evasion schemes. The insufficient publication and discussion of the voluntary alternatives has kept taxation in the public mind as something as unavoidable as e.g. war and death are supposed to be. – JZ, 18.8.08. - It is a positive sign of the times that, in a Google search for voluntary taxation, on 8.7.10, I got over 3 million results. Today I got 10 600 000 results if I left the quotation marks out and 24,600 results if I put it in quotation marks. Alas, I haven't got the time and energy to browse through as many references. I would take a large team to find all the worthwhile sites in as many references and then to publish them together, perhaps best on a disk. - The time might be ripe for such an effort. - A growth by 7 million results in less than 9 months! - JZ, 2.4.11. – TIME FOR AN ANTHOLOGY ON VOLUNTRY TAXATION. WHO WILL COLLABORATE? WHO WILL ORGANIZE THIS COLLABORATION? – JZ, 3.5.14.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Italian ad campaign aims to shame tax dodgers - - Voluntary taxation and voluntary State membership, combined with other forms of societies, all exterritorially autonomous under personal law, would legalize this situation and confine the present Italian State to its remaining volunteers. – JZ, 16.8.11, on Facebook. – Seeing how politicians use the extorted tribute levies, still paying them, voluntarily, is a shameful act and using opportunities to refuse to do so and getting away with them is something to be proud of. I wish everybody could do that, quite legally, all the time, not only some rich people, with good and expensive accountants and lawyers. – JZ, 10.10.11. - & VOLUNTARY STATE MEMBERSHIP:

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Just because we are supposed to be somewhat represented still does not turn compulsory voting, State membership, schooling, military service, taxes, elections, etc., etc. into their voluntary alternatives, e.g. cosmopolitan ones, exterritorial autonomy ones for voluntary communities, societies or governance systems, panarchism, polyarchism, a meta-utopian framework for all of them , all peacefully coexisting and competing and thus just ones – JZ, 25.7.97, 18.8.08, 3.5.14. - REPRESENTATION, GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOTING, MILITIA, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, LAISSEZ-FAIRE, COMPETITION & EXPERIMENTATION, ASSOCIATIONISM OR CONTRACTARIANISM IN ALL SPHERES, CONSENT VS. POLITICS AS USUAL, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES, A NEW, POSITIVE, RATIONAL, LIBERATING & JUST KIND OF POLITICAL SCIENCE & ITS PRACTICE

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Let Each Support His Own, Without Forcing Others.” – R. K. Foley, Jr., in THE FREEMAN, 9/78, heading on p. 519. – Support your own favorite projects and "public institutions", societies and communities yourself, as far as you can or want to. – JZ, 18.8.08, 2.4.11. – MYOB. “TO EACH HIS OWN!”

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Let only those who vote for a politician or a party or a government pay for the salaries involved and the expenditures they favor. – JZ, 74, 18.8.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Let those who want government - pay for it. - JZ, 30.3.85. Deny all government services and subordination to those who do not pay for them. Do not force any government services and disservices upon any peaceful dissenters, who would rather do their own things. - JZ, 2.4.11.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Libertarians ought to practise some voluntary taxation among themselves, e.g. to establish a libertarian world library, at least on microfilm, CD’s, DVD’s and to expand it into a world library – probably on a single and book-sized and affordable external HDD, with which their material could be easier sold. If it could be produced in print and were affordable in this size, it would still not fit into the size of the average home. The same applies to the audio and video tape libraries and computerized information services, abstracts, indexes, bibliographies, review compilations and special handbooks etc. – Even the international libertarian and anarchist organizations have, to my knowledge, never as yet appealed to all their members to help scan-in at least their own favorite titles, which have not yet been scanned-in by anyone. The media to built up such a common freedom library are so cheap by now that there is no financial problem. Only labors of love are required. How serious are the freedom lovers with this kind of love? Can they demonstrate it better in any other way? Who will initiate this project and organize it? As for “copyrights”: The still so restricted titles - if anarchists and libertarians wish to recognize statist copyrights claims - could be included via significant quotes, good abstracts, reviews and records of their discussions. If there is such a will, there would be this way to practise it. The required contributions could mainly be offered in labors of love rather than in money. Are there enough freedom, peace and justice lovers for this on Earth? How many or how few would be required? They could become the new “Founding Fathers” – and mothers.  - JZ, 15.5.84, 18.8.08, 3.5.14.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Men are dunces', he declared, ‘for giving their support to any laws or government other than those they can give their complete support to.’ - Reichert, Partisans of Freedom, p.135, on Lysander Spooner.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: No free people ever existed, or can ever exist, without keeping "the purse strings" in their own hands. Where this is the case, they have a constitutional check upon the administration, which may thereby by brought into order without violence. But when such a power is not lodged in the people, oppression proceeds uncontrolled in its career, till the governed, transported into rage, seek redress in the midst of blood and confusion.” - John Dickinson, ISIL LIBERTY QUOTE LIBRARY 03. – Taxation through “representatives” is only a pretence of voluntary taxation. – JZ, 10.1.08. – How many more centuries of practical experience do we need with territorial representation through politicians? – JZ, 21.4.09. - VS. TAXATION THROUGH “REPRESENTATIVES”, STATISM, WARFARE STATES, WELFARE STATES, STATISM, TOTALITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM VS. PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: no freeman should be subject to any tax to which he has not given his own consent.” – John Adams, 1765. – How clearly and how revolutionary! And how much misunderstood this truth is still today! - Have the founding fathers been sufficiently honored for such comments? – JZ, 3.11.76, 18.8.08. – CONSENT, FREEMAN, INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, ANARCHISM, VOLUNTARYISM, META-UTOPIA

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: People would pay for what they desire.” – SIL slogan (Society for Individual Liberty)

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Since all the functions of government can be provided competitively and voluntarily, there remains no pretense for any form of taxation at all.” - Carl Watner, commenting on the letters of Charles Lane, in “A Voluntary Political Government”, p.37, on letters III & IV.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Spooner is here laying down a necessary condition for legitimate government: it must be voluntarily financed. He is asserting, not that no government is legitimate, but that no government that is financed by extortion is legitimate." - Fred D. Miller, in "Reason", 5/76. - TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION, CONSENT, REPRESENTATION, LEGITIMACY, STATISM, SECESSIONISM

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Spooner maintained all taxes were illegal. A government should receive only voluntary contributions; all else is robbery." – Lysander Spooner, according to Charles Shively, Spooner, Works I, 5. (A Letter to Grover Cleveland.)

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Taxes are not to be laid on the people, but by their consent in person or by deputation.” – James Otis, “The Right of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved”, 1764. – Quoted in Seldes. - By "voluntary, in person or deputation by individuals, not by compulsory territorial and statist collectives, is the interpretation of the Panarchists and Polyarchists. –- JZ, 3.11.76, 18.8.08, 3.5.14. - What if neither personal consent nor representative consent is granted by the individual taxpayer? How could one leave this question unanswered for so long? – Particularly when most taxpayers remained so ignorant that they still believe that most tax dollars going into government revenues are paid by the rich rather than by themselves. – Only under territorialism could all the wrongs and abuses of taxation and all those financed through taxation remain continued for so long. – Under panarchism/polyarchism and their voluntary membership contributions, the extortion of tribute levies would disappear and contributions would become limited by the willingness or unwillingness of voluntary members and contributors to finance the schemes of their leaders, with whom they would, by and large, agree. - JZ, 18.8.08, 3.5.14. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, CONSENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM, PAYING THE OWN WAY, IN SELF-CHOSEN COMMUNITIES, SOCIETIES & GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, ALL UNDER PERSONAL LAW

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: That no government, so called, can reasonably be trusted, or reasonably be supposed to have honest purposes in view, any longer than it depends wholly upon voluntary support.” - Lysander Spooner. – ANOTHER VERSION: That no government, so called, can reasonably be trusted for a moment, or reasonably be supposed to have honest purposes in view, any longer than it depends wholly upon voluntary support.” (p. 221) Spooner is here laying down a necessary condition for legitimate government: it must be voluntarily financed. He is asserting, not that no government is legitimate, but that no government that is financed by extortion is legitimate. Since the possibility of a legitimate government is thus left open (*), it is clearly consistent with the limited government libertarian.” – Fred D. Miller, in REASON, 5/76. - (*) Not for a territorial government, no matter how legitimate it would otherwise be! – JZ, 18.8.08. - How much more evidence for this do we need before we do seriously consider and try to realize rightful, liberating and peace-promoting alternatives, with our own kinds of communities of volunteers? – Bold print inserted by me for the 3 words omitted in the first version. - JZ, 21.4.09, 1.7.13. – PANARCHISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONS, STATES, GOVERNMENTS, COMPULSORY TAXATION, VOLUNTARISM, LEGITIMACY, TRUST, HONESTY, CONSTITUTIONALISM, LEGALISM, POLYARCHISM, PESONAL LAW COICES

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: The introduction of voluntary taxation could very well come to introduce voluntarism in every sphere. – JZ, 30.3.95, 18.8.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: The leading voluntary taxationists, such as Herbert and his associate J. Greevz Fisher, argued that no one should be forced to pay their taxes (a point that Alcott, Lane and Thoreau had already made).” - Carl Watner, commenting on the letters of Charles Lane, in “A Voluntary Political Government”, p.34.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: The only efficient and just solution is to allow individuals and groups of individuals to form their own voluntary associations, providing there is no force, fraud or coercion in the market." - PROGRESS PARTY PLATFORM

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: The Pay-What-You-Want Tax Plan”, John Zeigler, "REASON", August 73. - The pay for what you want …? - JZ

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: The public service wisdom and interest of the individual taxpayer will be truly represented only once he is free to subscribe to any freely competing providers of such services – or to none of them. – JZ, 12.1.95. – REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: The pure libertarian’s solution to this dilemma, of course, is to make taxation and government control voluntary and to recognize the right of every individual to self-rule; i.e., if anyone does not wish to subscribe to government “protection”, he should be left alone to fend for himself. Morally speaking, what right does “the majority” have to force him to come under government rule? If democratic government is truly “by consent of the governed”, then it would seem that anyone wishing not to be governed should be allowed to go his own way.” – Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.327. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, GOING & FINANCING ONE’S OWN WAY, AIMS, CHOICES, PREFERRED SERVICES & INSTITUTIONS, COMPETITION, LAISSEZ FAIRE, CHOICES, ENTERPRISE AND CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TAX ROBBERIES OR TRIBUT LEVIES, WELFARE STATES, WARFARE STATES

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: The role of political governments would shrink greatly if taxpayers rather than tax-eaters determined government revenues. – Pyrrho, THE CONNECTION 121, p.46.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: There are already xyz hints on voluntary taxation if you look for it with Google - but in a very mixed batch. I included some relevant quotations in my A to Z on free banking, at - but they are only a fraction of the total. An anthology of all these ideas and texts is still amiss, as far as I know. Properly assembled it could become a bestseller or very widely read book online or on disc. – JZ on Facebook. After all, we have been dissatisfied tax slaves already for all too long. – To the extent that we were already sovereign consumers of services offered to us, we usually got what we were willing and able to pay for. – JZ, 25.10.12, 3.5.14.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: there are things government just doesn't have to do and things that could be done on a fee-for-service basis.” - SOUTHERN LIBERTARIAN MESSENGER, Winter 75/76. - Are there any services that require any territorial government or that cannot be done cheaper and better privately and cooperatively, among volunteers? - Too many libertarians do not go far enough with their ideas and proposals. - They have set too narrow limits to their imagination. - JZ, 2.2.02. – There are numerous references to voluntary taxation online. The best statements of all of them need still to be extracted and alphabetically combined. – Everyone, on his own, should not have to laboriously search for them. To my knowledge no anthology of all voluntary taxation schemes - and how best to introduce them - does so far exist. - Don’t expect me to do all such jobs for you. - JZ, 21.4.09. - FEES FOR SERVICES, PAY AS YOU GO, SUBSCRIPTIONS TO WANTED SERVICES, VOLUNTARISM, LET BENEFICIARIES PAY, USER-PAYS-PRINCIPLE, COMPETITIVE SUPPLIES & PRICING FOR ALL PUBLIC SERVICES AS WELL, , FREE ENTERPRISE COMPETION & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNT FOR PUBLIC SERVICES AS WELL, Q.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Those in favor of taxes should only be free to tax themselves and to negotiate user-pays charges for competitively supplied services they have to offer to others. – JZ, 20.4.93. - They should not be allowed to levy monopoly charges for them, from people who do not wish to have what they do offer or not at their monopoly prices. – Under free competition for all kinds of public service genuine market prices for them would soon come to prevail. They cannot be discovered e.g. for postal services, while the postal monopoly is upheld. – JZ, 18.8.08, 3.5.14.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Threat extinction requires a radical redesign of social institutions - notably eliminating the privilege of any vendor to determine his own revenues …” - Pyrrho, THE CONNECTION 129, 28.7.85, p.55. – No forced purchases, not even for governmental “services”! – JZ, 27.6.89. – MONOPOLISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALSM, OFFICIAL EXTORTIONS OF TRIBUTE LEVIES FROM INVOLUNTARY VICTIMS OF WELFARE & WARFARE STATES

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: To those who say that people would not cooperate in supporting government such as we now have, I say, 'Exactly!' They would not." - Karl Hess, Dear America, p.268,

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: Voluntary taxation would reduce most governments to harmlessness. It could be achieved via voluntary membership in governments that are only exterritorially autonomous. – JZ, 28.12.92. – Or through an ideal and complete declaration of individual rights and liberties. Or through an ideal militia for the protection of these rights and liberties. Or through a well-organized tax strike. – JZ, 18.8.08. – Or through a combination of all these and other related steps. – JZ, 3.5.14. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PROGRAM, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION, NEW DRAFT, LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, LIBRARY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS ETC., SUPER-COMPUTER PROJECT, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY & SELF-MANAGEMENT IN EVERY SPHERE VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM, TRIBUTE LEVIES & GOVERNMENT BUDGETS

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: What do you do with or expect from people who still tolerate compulsory taxes and even further tax increases “to slow their economic actions down” and otherwise mismanage the country, while unemployment is still around 10%? – JZ, 2.12.94. - Everyone should be free to secede from wrongful, unenlightened and prejudiced associations, their laws and institutions, free to either make the own mistakes at the own expense and risk or to benefit from the own understanding and ideas as well as his own moral standards. We have already separate development, to a large extent, except e.g. regarding taxation, in our private affairs. We should extend it to all so-called "public affairs", i.e., turn them into private and individual choices as well. - JZ, 3.4.11. – PERSONAL LAW, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, EXPERIMENTATION, SECESSION OR BOYCOTT IN EVERY SPHERE, FULLY FREE PUBLIC SERVICE COMPETITON IN ALL SPHERES NOW MONOPOLIZED BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS & THEIR STATISM & AUTORITARIANISM TO TOTALITARIANISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, DEMOCRACY, TAX-SLAVERY OR TAX ROBBERY

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: When the income tax season arrives, one man has a system to save time and worry. I just put down at the bottom of the form the amount I reckon I can afford to pay the government,' he explains, 'and work back from there’.” – CORONET, quoted in READER’S DIGEST, 6/64. - That still assumes that government spending is basically rightful and rational and that people ought to contribute to it according to their ability to pay or according to the communist principle from the able to the needy. Charity is not a sound method to finance anything, as is currently demonstrated once again by the corruption revealed in Australia's large foreign aid program. - JZ, 3.4.11, 3.5.14.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: You want something – you pays your way!” - “Pay Your Way!” “User Pays!” – Proverbial wisdom. – Probably almost all languages have some such remarks. Which one is the best one? – JZ, 1.8.75.

VOLUNTARY TAXATION: You write that Nozick did not succeed in deriving the just minimal state. Then you write that if an institution does not tax, it is not a state. Since taxation itself is not just, then the “just state” is a logical impossibility. - My own definition of a ‘state’ does not necessarily include taxation. If the state were financed by user fees, for example, and it still had an enforced uniform law, why would it not be a ‘state’? The essence of a state is centralized use of ultimate force, not taxation.” - Fred Foldvary to T.-R., in THE CONNECTION 107, 23.10.82, p.6. - “Centralized use of ultimate force” is characterized by territorial sovereignty, i.e. by involuntary membership or subordination, an imposed constitution, laws, jurisdiction and other statist institutions, the suppression of at least some individual rights and liberties, especially individual and group secessionism, voluntary taxation, and monetary freedom and of the exterritorial autonomy of alternative societies of volunteers on the basis of personal laws, and of any competition in spheres which a territorial government imagines are subject to its own monopoly claims. – JZ, 29.6.89, 28.8.08. – The “single tax” sytem, too, should be confined to the followers of Henry George. At least some of them were wise and tolerant enough to practise this system tolerantly, among themselves, at their own risk and expense, to the extent that they could under present territorial legislation. – JZ, 3.5.14. - STATE, TAXES, SINGLE TAX, HENRY GEORGE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL SYSTEMS UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR FULL EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS

VOLUNTARYISM: The common sense idea that all forms of human association should be voluntary … with the assertion that any act of violence other than self-defense, whether by an individual or organization, is illegitimate and unlawful. - quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah sharing Freedom Is A State Of Mind's photo. – Facebook, 18.2.13. - SELF-OWNERSHIP, THE NON-AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREINGTY, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & CONTRACT IN EVERY SPHERE, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW

VOLUNTARYISM: The doctrine that all the affair of men should be managed by individuals or voluntary associations, and that the State should be abolished.” – Benjamin R. Tucker, 1888. – ANARCHISM, PANARCHISM

VOLUNTARYISM: Voluntaryism: a philosophy according to which all forms of human association should be voluntary. Consequently, voluntaryism opposes the initiation of aggressive force or coercion. The word “initiation” is used to make clear that voluntaryism does not oppose self-defence. – – - Peter Emborsky shared Liberty 3VOLution's photo. – Facebook, 10.6.12. – AGGRESSION, INITIATION OF FORCE, ZAP, NON-VIOLENCE

VOLUNTEERING: We all volunteered. – He meant: It comes with the territory. - Gordon Kent, Peacemaker, HarperCollinsPublishers, 2001, p.104. – Genuine voluntarism or volunteering comes with individual voluntary choices.  One cannot really be friends with millions of other people in the same country, whom one has never met and will never meet and who are all different and have different preferences, as does already show up, somewhat, in all their territorial elections and much more in their individual choices of consumer-goods and services, fashions, reading, arts appreciation, entertainments, travels, religions, ideologies, sports- or exercise preferences, hobbies and crafts, with, possibly, no two of them making all the same choices for themselves in all spheres. With the wrongfully monopolized and imposed territorial regimes comes the opposite of volunteering: Involuntary subordination of all too many, often the better and the best. But even the worst do have the right to do their things – to themselves, without the approval of a territorial government or the majority of the population. – JZ, 9.2.13, 19.2.13. – Even the volunteers are “patriotic” serfs of the serfdom of territorialism. – JZ, 1.7.13. - & TERRITORIALISM, MILITARY SERVICE OR SERVITUDE, NATIONALISM, MILITARY SERVICE OR SERVITUDE, STATISM, UNITY & UNIFORMITY SPLEENS, FLAGS AS SYMBOLS FOR SOMETHING MERELY IMAGINED RATHER THAN REAL, RELIGIONS & BELIEFS IN A GOD HAVE ALL TOO MUCH CONDITIONED US FOR STATISM, NATIONALISM & TERRITORIALISM THEIR KIND OF CENTRALIZATION OF POWER

VONU: Vonu, n. Invulnerability to coercion, a condition fully attainable only by the dead.” – L. A. Rollins, Lucifer’s Lexicon. – JOKES – How many of today’s libertarians still know what “vonu” meant to U.S. libertarians some decades ago? – JZ, 15.8.08. - RETREATISM

VOTING: 1: First of 42 different kinds. One should distinguish at least between the following 42 different kinds of voting. A complete list might be much longer: (1) Voluntary voting and compulsory voting. – JZ, n.d. – I did not try to correct the results of the automatic sorting, which is rather odd, treating all numbers as if they were letters to be sorted. – JZ, 1.7.13.

VOTING: 10: Voting only for or against the president or prime minister or ruling party of the own country, to the extent that they determine international policies that affect oneself, and voting on the leaders and leading parties of all other countries, as far as their foreign policy decisions are concerned and as these affect the own lives, liberties and rights. We have all been deprived of the latter vote under the pretence of "internal affairs", "self-rule" and "territorial integrity". – Obviously, our own individual preference has also very little influence, if any at all, on the foreign policy of our "own" territorial government. - If we were voluntary members of an exterritorially autonomous society or community then we would largely agree with is "foreign policy". It would then also tend to be a rightful and peace-promoting one. - JZ, n.d. & 3.4.11.

VOTING: 11: Voting directly on foreign policy issues, including international treaties, armament and disarmament steps, free trade or barriers to it, war and peace decisions, rightful war and peace aims, rightful defensive steps and rightful peace promoting steps, and voting in which our fates are delivered into the hands of unscrupulous diplomat s, politicians and bureaucrats, who play their power games with our lives and liberties for their own benefit. – JZ – DIRECT DEMOCRACY, REFERENDUM

VOTING: 12: Voting in a free market, with one's own dollars, on one's own affairs, and voting in the political "market", with the dollars of others, on the affairs of others. – JZ

VOTING: 13: Voting within a "limited" government system or a non-governmental system (competitive and only exterritorially autonomous) and voting within an unlimited government system that is monopolistic, imposed and territorial, with many others than voluntary members or subjects. – JZ

VOTING: 14: Voting within a system from which the individual can freely secede and voting within a system in which secession attempts by individuals and minorities are severely restricted or repressed and penalized. – JZ

VOTING: 15: Voting on all issues, all the time, no matter how disinterested and ignorant and prejudiced you are regarding them and voting only on those issues that do happen to interest you and on which you have bothered to inform yourself sufficiently. – JZ

VOTING: 16: Voting in which one has to qualify for one or several votes, not only by reaching a minimum age, what is considered to be mental competency and citizenship, leading to "one man one vote" and "first past the post" or merely proportional voting, always "win or lose" voting, vs. voting under which one has to qualify for a vote or could earn several, according to e.g. one's tax contribution, particular other service to the community or merits recognized by it, or by passing one or the other qualifying test, with a minimum of IQ, knowledge and judgment proven by a test, under all of which it would be much easier to achieve various and freely competing "win, win" arrangements. – JZ

VOTING: 17: Voting in which the only alternative is to vote with one's feet into other territories, where at least the ordinary voting system is less restricting. Alas even this limited voting "with one's feet is presently severely and even militarily reduced." – Illegal but peaceful immigrants, when caught, are still put into concentration camps, even in Australia. - JZ, rev. 3.4.11.

VOTING: 18: Voting of old people only on the affairs of old people, of young people only on the affairs of young people and of young and growing family people only on their own affairs, vs. a system in which all try to manage or mismanage other affairs than those of their own age group. – JZ

VOTING: 19: Voting in which women are free to vote on women's issues, in their own elections, parliaments and budget decisions, thus disposing over their own voluntary tax contributions and "democratic" voting in which the battle of the sexes is politically extended and worsened and most women are subjected to the decisions of men, at their own expense and risk, not only within macho families of wife beaters and abusers but also of power mad and ignorant and prejudiced men in the political arena. – JZ

VOTING: 2: Voting on issues that could be rightfully determined by voting, e.g. issues of a productive coop, partnership of share company and those which cannot be, because such decision making would infringe the rights and liberties of others, who are entitled to mind their own business and affairs themselves by their own decision-making processes. That might also be called: Voting: 3. – JZ

VOTING: 20: Voting within a system where all self-concerned religions are either fully tolerated or fully autonomous over all of their own affairs which they do consider and want to treat as their own affairs and voting within systems where even churches and sects that are self-concerned only and have only voluntary victims, are subjected to government legislation, jurisdiction, taxation and regulation and even military extermination methods in some instances. – JZ – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE

VOTING: 21: Voting system which permit members of one or the other ideology to lord it over others, disposing of their lives, liberties and property as they please and voting systems which would grant each of the followers of any ideology the chance to practise their ideology, or try to practise it, at their own expense and risk, no matter what opinions and judgments the majority of the people around them hold against them or what the supposed experts and professionals think of their ideology and its practice. – JZ

VOTING: 22: Voting in which the members of one "race" or ethnic community remain exterritorially as autonomous as they want to be and voting in a system where they are subjected to the prejudices, errors and lack of judgment or presumed superior knowledge and wisdom of those around them, who have "democratically" usurped leadership or guidance or responsibility over them. – JZ

VOTING: 23: Win or lose voting vs. win and win voting, as exemplified by free trading and free contracts and their corresponding protective and insurance and credit, contract, indemnification, adjudication and administration systems. The language of ordinary political voting is quite explicit and warlike. They do speak of winners and losers. In it politics is nothing but the continuation of war or civil war by other means. – JZ – ZERO-SUM GAMES VERS WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIPS, AS IN FREE CONTRACTS & FREE EXCHANGE, SINGLE CONVENIENCE RELATIONSHIPS VS. MULTIPLE CONVENIENCE RELATIONSHIPS

VOTING: 24: Voting for independents and voting for professional politicians, which are mere puppets or puppet masters of their political parties. – JZ – POLITICIANS, PARTIES, POLITICAL PARTY LEADERS PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS

VOTING: 25: Voting in a multi-party or non-party system vs. a system in which there exist only one or 2 or a few officially recognized parties and all become exposed to their various conspiracies, corruptions, power games and foolish or prejudiced pursuits. This in spite of the fact that every party could and should be fully autonomous, for its members and voters and that voting should merely determine who votes and belongs to one or the other party, with each remaining quite independent of all the others. In Australia e.g. the Liberals would rule the Liberals, the Labor people the ALP members and voters, the Nationals the Nationals, the Democrats the Democrats, etc., which would automatically end most party strife. – JZ – TO EACH HIS OWN

VOTING: 26: Voting within a system where in at least one election district or on one subject there is to be a vote every day, vs. a system in which abuses can be introduced or continued for the whole election period of years, without the parties or politicians or their programs being subjected to a daily and valid poll. Since these unprincipled fellows follow where the wind or the crowd leads them, let them be subjected to at least this discipline every day. – JZ – DAILY VOTING, AT LEAST IN ONE ELECTION DISTRICT & ON ONE SUBJECT

VOTING: 27: Voting in which all the oral statements of all politicians are automatically subjected to voice stress analysis, with the results immediately publicized, and their written statements to linguistic analysis and the addition of all related facts, based upon all fact finding sources and under full freedom of information and for investigative reporting, vs. voting in a system where the politicians remain free to cover up, lie, mislead, without being immediately and publicly held responsible for each of such offences or attempts. – JZ

VOTING: 28: Voting on all issues by all interested voters, daily, via TV or telephone, vs. "trust" and "confidence" votes in known political tricksters and liars, and their empty promises, only every few years, with all of the elected disappointing even many of their own followers within a very short time. In practice this could mean a report on current projects in the mass media, with every voter opting, with a self-selected share of his whole financial contribution promise, either for one or several of the reported projects, if any. – JZ

VOTING: 29: Voting for "none of the above", combined with an opting-out opportunity for all dissenters, away from the present and the future system determined by that elections and a vote in which, unless one chooses to vote informal, one is forced to vote for one or several of the bastards and in which one has just one vote among thousands or millions and is subjected to the vote of the other thousands or millions, sometimes only to the deciding votes of a few dozen others, no matter how much one is opposed to them and how wrong and blind these thousands, millions or dozens may be. – JZ

VOTING: 3: Voting within a minority or a majority group, upon all its own affairs and voting by a minority or majority on the affairs of the current majority or of xyz minorities of dissenting people. Or: (4) – J.Z, n.d. & 3.5.14.

VOTING: 30: Voting in which a substitute is chosen for each candidate, who is to automatically replace the first candidate upon the first proven evidence of corruption, broken promises or contracts, vs. voting in which a blank cheque is written for the only candidate, which he may use or abuse as he thinks fit, at least for the prescribed election period, whenever he can get away with this. – JZ, n.d. & 3.5.14.

VOTING: 31: Voting in which the candidate signed a binding contract with those who voted for him, rather than with a party or according to his conscience or lack of it, knowledge or ignorance or prejudice. Upon breach of such a contract he would automatically and immediately lose his office, perhaps upon the judgment of an arbitration court appointed by the voters themselves, vs. a system where politicians are free to follow their own nose, inclination and advantage, without the voters being empowered to hold them in any other way responsible than, after a period, to throw the rascal out, to replace him with another aspiring rascal for a similar period. – JZ

VOTING: 32: Voting directly on issues, in referendums, self-initiated, and voting only indirectly, for supposed representatives, known to be liars and cheats, who almost always break their promises, soon, and cannot be held responsible in any way, at least not until the next elections are due and even then they are usually immune to prosecution attempts. – JZ – DIRECT DEMOCRACY VOTING ON ISSUES VS. VOTING OR PARTY POLITICIANS OR INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES

VOTING: 33: Voting on issues that could and should be rightfully decided by referendums vs. attempts to decide issues directly by majority voting, which cannot, inherently, be decided rightly by any majority, no matter how large. – JZ – MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: 34: First past the vote or absolute majority voting vs. e.g. qualified and minimum (e.g. 75%) majority voting, where e.g. a 75% consensus is required at least and where, perhaps a mere 25% vote of the dissenters can throw out a new legal measure, at least its application to the affairs of the 25%. (By rights, even an individual should remain free to opt out of majority decisions, if he is not criminally responsible for wrongs committed to the majority or some members of the majority.) – JZ – SECESSIONISM, INCREASED MAJORITY REQUIREMENTS

VOTING: 35: Voting e.g. within autonomous juries, once one has joined a corresponding protective community of volunteers, and voting by juries or judges whose hands are tied by the laws or by wrongful interpretations of the rights of juries. – JZ

VOTING: 36: Voting on the own spending or voting on the spending of others. In other words: Voting in which one votes whether, how and how much one is to be taxed or is willing to contribute for the expenses of one's own and self-chosen community and how these expenses are to be distributed, to whom, when and by what amounts, with each perhaps allocating his own shares to those expenses preferred by him, and a "voting" system in which one is taxed almost without limits and against one's will for the budget allocations made by politicians and bureaucrats, and for their associated parasites, hangers-on and fan-clubs. – JZ

VOTING: 37: Voting in which the primary vote of the individual is recognized and realized: Individual secession and individual choice between societies of volunteers and the right to establish such a community, exterritorially autonomous and not tied to any territory, having, instead, only private or cooperative real estate, versus a mere territorial voting "right" in which this essential right for the own affairs is missing or expressly denied. – JZ - Revised: 3.4.11.

VOTING: 38: Voting on one's own affairs under conditions of monetary freedom and voting under the limited private affairs and freedom spheres that remain under a system of monetary despotism. – JZ

VOTING: 39: Voting under which one can choose for oneself the justice-, protection-, penal- and rehabilitative or preventative system and administrative system that one does like or still trusts enough for oneself and voting under which all these systems are more or less territorially imposed upon oneself. – JZ

VOTING: 4: Minding one's own business and deciding upon the business of others. Self-responsibility vs. "voting" by a "democratic" process, usurping the responsibility over and for others, whether these others like that or not at all, and at their expense and risk, too, rather than that of the voter, who remains anonymous and can thus engage in a secret conspiracy against all or many others. – JZ

VOTING: 40: Voting under full freedom of expression and information, for a variety of freely selected or self-selected candidates, and voting only for the prescribed candidates, selected by one, two or more party conspiracies. – JZ

VOTING: 41: Voting in which the individual votes are freely transferable to others, like e.g. the votes of shareholders, and voting in which they are not so transferable. – JZ

VOTING: 42: Voting in which the voter is unarmed, untrained and unorganized for rightful and sufficiently informed and sensible resistance and the protection of his individual rights and liberties, especially against the own politicians and bureaucrats, i.e. voting in which the unarmed and unorganized and mis-educated voter is merely a pawn or comical figure, if not the bloody victim or bulldozed corpse, in the political power games of various political mobsters. – Voting in a system were all individual rights and liberties are sufficiently known and appreciated and also defended by a suitable militia. Here we have a number, 42 so far, of the off the cuff definitions or gradually accumulated and happily remembered alternative suggestions of one individual, collected from various and often unremembered sources, uttered in the certainty that many other and perhaps much better and more rightful and efficient suggestions of this kind do exist and ought to be brought to light and thoroughly discussed. Many on this list are overlapping or even identical, apart from different wordings or merely variations upon the same principle. Never mind that at this stage. Rather add your own choices and corrections or critical remarks and provide feedback to me. Nor have I so far attempted to order these alternatives according to some ranking in importance. Every small alternative would already somehow help the others, too. Somewhere a beginning has to be made, provided someone else has not already supplied a better and longer listing of this kind. I do not know of other such efforts. For me a new beginning consists here in attempting to provide this list of at least some such alternatives, to make the discussion more interesting and fruitful. A complete archive of all libertarian ideas, plans and projects would contain much more, I do believe. The sooner it is established, the better. - JZ, n.d. – LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBRARY, BIBLIOGRAPHY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, INDEX, PROJECTS LIST ONLINE, NEW DRAFT, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, ENLIGHTENMENT, MILITIA, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: 5: Voting systems under panarchism, with its territorial autonomy for protective communities made up of volunteers only, all peacefully competing with each other vs. a single, uniform and prescribed voting system for all people who happen to live in a single territorial State system, imposed upon followers, neutrals and dissidents alike. – JZ – Under consistent voluntarism for public service providers political voting might not be necessary, beyond the choice of such a volunteer community for oneself. One might then simply vote with one’s dollars for the services that one wants, just like one does for ordinary consumer goods and services. – JZ, 3.5.14. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, META-UTOPIA, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOTING WITH ONE’S DOLLARS IN A FREE MARKET FOR EVERYTHING ONE WANTS, NEEDS & CAN AFFORD

VOTING: 6: A voting system that leads only to personal laws, for those who approved of them vs. a voting system that leads to coercive territorial laws, imposed upon all, by a temporarily ruling minority, based upon a fluctuating, always misled and exploited and often coerced majority of involuntary supporters. In other words:(7) – JZ

VOTING: 7: Voting for individually and voluntarily chosen laws and institutions rather than any territorially imposed ones. – JZ

VOTING: 8: Voting for individual rights and liberties and voting against them. – JZ

VOTING: 9: Voting that really benefits only politicians, power seeking judges and lawyers and other parasites and voting that enables and protects the "forgotten man or woman", the productive and inoffensive people, against depredations by all others. – J.Z

VOTING: A A A: All these quotes, notes and comments may be considered as votes of free thinking individuals against territorial voting systems. – JZ, 1.7.13.

VOTING: A complete vote would include full decision-making authority on one's own affairs and this would include freedom of action, But this it precisely what the collectivized, exclusive and centralized political process prevents, even in countries and which elections arecalled "free" ones. - JZ, 4.6.04, 3.5.14. - FREEDOM OF ACTION FOR INDIVIDUALS & GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS VS. TERRITORIAL & STATIST POLICIES, VOTING & ELECTIONS AS USUAL

VOTING: A congressman is more than an agent who attempts to carry out the views of his constituents. If he were no more than that, we probably could set up a nation-wide computer system so every citizen could simply register his vote on each piece of legislation." - Frank E. Evans, quoted by LeFevre, "The Power of Congress", p.17. - Such a referendum system might be introduced in one or several panarchies of volunteers, combined with initiative options for its members. - JZ, 3.4.11. - REFERENDUM, INITIATIVE, DIRECT DEMOCRACY, WITHOUT REPRESENTATIVES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, TO EACH THE OWN OR PREFERRED SYSTEM

VOTING: A consumer, on the other hand, votes all the time, in a sense. He votes for groceries or clothing or hi-fi sets or other things by buying or by refusing to buy. He's the complete master of his fate. He doesn't have to make a choice between only two products.” - Murray N. Rothbard, interview in "PENTHOUSE, international", 10/76. - CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE, TWO-PARTY SYSTEM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the Public Treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy always followed by dictatorship." - From "The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic", by Alexander Fraser Tyler - DEMOCRACY, WELFARE STATE, VOTERS, TAXATION, PUBLIC DEBTS, INFLATION, GOVERNMENT BUDGETS, ATTEMPTS TO BRIBE VOTERS WITH THEIR OWN MONEY OR WITH INFLATED MONEY

VOTING: A democracy is a place where numerous elections are held, at great cost, without issues, and with interchangeable candidates.” – Gore Vidal - DEMOCRACY, ELECTIONS, PARTIES, CANDIDATES, REPRESENTATION, VOTING FOR MERE SLOGANS & PROMISES THAN FOR GENUINE SOLUTIONS, USUALLY NOT EVEN MENTIONED DURING MOST ELECTIONS

VOTING: A farce for the deluded and self-deluded, offered as a serious play.” – Source?

VOTING: A free choice with one’s vote, "the vote", when voting is compulsory and territorial, is a contradiction in terms and not worth having. However, until individual votes cast can be publicly scrutinized, no one can be prevented from refusing to vote "effectively", simply by voting informally or canceling the ballot paper in one way or the other. At most he can be forced to attend this compulsory farce. - JZ, 27.9.87, 3.5.14. – COMPULSORY VOTING, INFORMAL VOTING

VOTING: A free society has nothing to vote on.” – Quoted somewhere, author unknown. – A free society votes only individualistically, on a free market. – But why assume that there will be only a single free society, not a variety of them, and also a variety of unfree societies, all freely chosen by individuals for themselves? In these, some forms of voting might still happen, not only in cooperatives and share companies. – JZ, 29.10.07. - FREE SOCIETIES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS

VOTING: A good driving record as a minimum requirement for voting rights. - JZ, 76.

VOTING: A local vote which would be valuable would be one on contracting-out some services or opening them up to quite free competition, a vote on the kind and height of tax rates and of tax-based subsidies from State and Federal Governments, if any at all, also on the spending of revenues, i.e. budget items, on projects to be undertaken or to be cancelled. But in all these and many other respects we remain disfranchised. What is offered to us, territorially, is no real choice. The real choices are to be made by our supposed territorial representatives. So why should one bother to participate in such "free" voting? - JZ, 27.9.87, 7.6.04, 3.4.11, 3.5.14.

VOTING: A man "free" to vote on the lives of others, but not to decide upon his own life - it being subject to the votes of others - is not a free man. - JZ, n.d.

VOTING: A man is nonetheless a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years. Neither are a people any the less slaves because permitted periodically to choose new masters. What makes them slaves is the fact that they now are, and are always hereafter to be, in the hands of men whose power over them is, and always is to be, absolute and irresponsible. (Of what appreciable value is it to any man, as an individual, that he is allowed a voice in choosing these public masters? His voice is only one of several millions.)” - Lysander Spooner, 1808-1887, "No Treason", Works I, p.24. - TERRITORIALISM, ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACIES, FRANCHISE

VOTING: A man really appreciating his rights and liberties would not give them away by participating in any territorial and collectivist voting system, under the delusion that thereby he would realize and protect his rights and liberties. – JZ – Only very rarely are individual rights and liberties major subjects in any territorial election. – JZ, 3.5.14.

VOTING: A man should own a small amount of property to qualify as a voter.” - Dean Smith, Conservatism, p.67. - A rather limited reform and one that also overlooks that even a non-working man owns at least his working power, which has, in most cases, a potential value of hundreds of-thousands of dollars. - JZ 30.11.87. - Most people satisfy themselves by merely tinkering with the customary political rituals. - JZ, 30.11.87, 28.10.08. – PROPERTY QUALIFICATION FOR THE VOTING RIGHT. WITHOUT THIS THE OWNERS ARE OFTEN OUTVOTED BY THE LOOTERS & PARASITES

VOTING: A man that'd expict to thrain lobsters to fly in a year is called a loonytic; but a man that thinks men can be turrned into angels be an iliction is called a rayformer an' remains at large.” - Finley Peter Dunne, "Casual Observations", “Mr. Dooley's Philosophy”, 1900. – “thrain” ? – JZ.

VOTING: A man who believes in politicians renders himself helpless by voting for them. If he does not believe in them, then he should become free to secede from them and their systems. – JZ, n.d. – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, STATISM, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: A people can vote themselves into slavery, though they cannot vote themselves out of it.” - Frank Chodorov, "Fugitive Essays", p.141. - Capitalism – Facebook, 28.12.13.

VOTING: A perpetuum mobile running on ignorance, prejudices, fanaticism, vested interests and apathy - by people prepared to put up with monetary and financial despotism and other forms of authoritarianism, regardless of the costs and risk that are thus caused by them. – JZ – ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, POWER ADDICTION & POWER MADNESS, POPULAR ERRORS, PREJUDICES, IGNORANCE, VESTED INTEREST, STATISM, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, HIERARCHIES, POWER GAMES

VOTING: a ritual support of a ... little brother for the Big Brother ruler." - Karl Hess, "Community Technology", p.53.

VOTING: A straw vote only shows which way the hot air blows.” - O. Henry, "New American Literature", p.170.

VOTING: A territorial and collectivist choice is not rightful and effective substitute for individual choice. – JZ, 2.3.96.

VOTING: A territorial political vote would only be worth something - if you could freely sell it! - JZ, n.d.

VOTING: A truly independent local self-government, according to the best English tradition, does no longer exist. What remains, after centuries of restrictions, usurpations and subsidies are on the one side the dependent and powerless tax and law victims and on the other side the excessively powerful and excessively large “local” governments, which are legally and juridically inextricably linked with State governments and Federal governments, at least financially. Thus any vote for it would not be a vote for local self-government but for a centralistic, oppressive and exploitative octopus, which could not, even with the best of will, return most of the funds it takes from its subjects nor could it spend, what it does not use up, in accordance with the wishes of the involuntary contributors. Package deals, to be individually acceptable, must be individually chosen. Otherwise, e.g. the "standard" housewife could make her choice and then order all other households to be supplied with the same kinds of goods, same qualities and quantities, expecting all other households to be as satisfied as she is with her own choice. On the original and close to ideal local self-government, I recommend J. Toulmin Smith: LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT & CENTRALIZATION. (My PEACE PLANS No. 22 issue.) - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting.

VOTING: A vote for one's own ball and chain.” - Graffito during Paris Student Rebellion, 1968.

VOTING: A vote for war instead of tyrannicide is a vote against tyrannicide. It would rather kill masses of innocents, including conscripts, than a single war-mongering tyrant. – JZ – Anyhow, most voters and even most “representatives” are disfranchised in this respect. – JZ, 29.10.08. - TYRANNICIDE, WAR, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

VOTING: A vote is "wasted" when someone fails to vote their conscience. – Jesse Ventura - All territorial votes are largely wasted, unless one believes in robbing others by one's vote. - JZ, 24. 11. 06. – Almost all territorial votes are wasted. – JZ, 25.4.13. - WASTED VOTES, ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, CONSCIENCE, MORALITY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: A voted-in rule over all is still a despotism over all dissenters. - JZ, 4.10.98. - TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: A voter can only achieve satisfaction with his dollars on a free market. All his votes on the political market are wasted - and also very expensive and he might even get further disserves as a result. - JZ, 14.9.91, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Abstain from beans!” - Old Greek saying, referring to the practice of voting by using differently colored beans.

VOTING: Accepting Suit's theory of democracy, one must conclude that even voting is immoral, since it gives one's consent to the rule of all by politicians who do not have the consent of all.” - George Dance, OPTION, June 77. – MAJORITY DESPOTISM OF DEMOCRACIES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VOTING: Admitting that there is no difference in the political philosophies of the contending candidates, should I not choose the "lesser of two evils?" But, which of the two qualifies? If my man prevails, then those who voted against him are loaded down with the "greater evil", while if my man loses then it is they who have chosen the "lesser evil". Voting for the "lesser of two evils" makes no sense, for it is only a matter of opinion as to which is the lesser. Usually, such a decision is based on prejudice, not on principle. Besides, why should I compromise with evil?” - Frank Chodorov, "Out of Step", p.40. – TERRITORIALISM, Q., COMPROMISES WITH EVIL?, POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES MAKE UP MAJORITIES & MAJORITY RULE

VOTING: Advocates of majority democracy argue: "Even though counting heads is not an ideal way to govern, it's better than breaking them.” - Learned Hand, "READERS' DIGEST", 1972. This is a case of at least two wrong premises: 1. There is only one alternative. 2. Territorial government is necessary and there is an ideal way to do it. - Why not just leave the heads, bodies and self-responsible actions of others alone? - JZ n.d., slightly revised 30.11.87. – LEAVE ALONE, NO MEDDLING, NO REDISTRIBUITONISM, NO TAXES & GOVERNMENT BUDGES, RESDISTRIBUTIONISM, INTERVENTIONS, COMPULSION, RESPECTING INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: All "cliffhanger" elections clearly point towards the right of individuals to secede but not to dominate others. A handful of voters should never be given the power to decide the fate of almost half the voters against their will, nor should any majority, no matter how large, have the fate of minorities in its hands. - JZ. 4.10.88, 1.4.89. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSION, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR MINORITIES, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, SCHISMS, VOLUNTARY SEPARATISM VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: All ballot papers ought to indicate group or party affiliation of candidates, not just their names and sequence. Otherwise, only the larger groups, who can afford advertisements and do hand-out how to vote tickets at every booth, do stand a chance for getting enough votes. - JZ, 19.9.81. - At least here and now this tiny reform appears to have been temporarily realized in the meantime. - JZ, 1.12.87.

VOTING: All claim victory in dead-heat poll."- THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 16.7.01, front-page headline. - While over and over engaged in such fruitless, costly and harmful exercises, at most preferable to civil wars, all of them could claim a 100% victory, not one over opponents but for self-government - under panarchism,  polyarchism, personal law, i.e., under full exterritorial autonomy. Then each would get the government or non-governmental society he dreamed of and voted for. Instead, the whole territorial mess goes on and on, until it finally ends for all of us in a general holocaust with ABC mass murder devices. - JZ, 16.7.01, 31.1.02. - PANARCHISM, POLLYARCHISM, VICTORY, ELECTIONS, LANDSLIDE VICTORY OF ONE PARTY VS. TOTAL VICTORY FOR ALL PARTIES – FOR ALL THEIR DIVERSE COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS

VOTING: All elections are rigged - against all dissenters, whom they deprive of exterritorial autonomy with the chains of their legislated and territorial uniformities. - JZ, 15.6.91. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICS & LEGISLATION AS USUAL, PARTY POLITICS, THE FORGOTTEN MEN & WOMEN

VOTING: All his life the world has treated the Insignificant Man as a nobody. His utmost share in the government of the world was to cast a vote for the man he envied least against the successful man he detested most. Nobody heeded what he had to say, and if he had said anything, nobody would have heeded him.” - H. G. Wells, "Visions". - He managed to trust territorial State Socialism and even State Socialisms realized by a world government or world federation. – JZ, 3.5.14.

VOTING: All it does is give you a pick on who will pick your pocket. - JZ n.d. - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: All majority voting is unfair to the minorities of dissenters, who are involuntary members and subjects of the same territorial State. - JZ, 3.9.88, 3.5.14.

VOTING: All political representation is a very expensive, dangerous and risky game, putting power into the wrong hands, exploiting the involuntary taxpayers and restricting many to all of their individual rights and liberties. It is clearly profitable only to the elected politicians and their favorites. – JZ, 30.3.07, 3.4.15. – POLITICIANS, STATISM, TAXATION, PRIVILEGES, REPRESENTATION, LAWS, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: All political voting under present conditions supports criminal and tyrannical territorialism. – JZ

VOTING: All territorial political choices are contrary to individual rights and liberties and thus do not get my consent. – JZ

VOTING: All territorial voting does wrongfully and irrationally restrict the choices of the public, in the USA, over 300 million people, not two of them alike, physically, mentally and in their ideals, interests and preferences. Genuine SELF-government means something VERY different! – John Zube - Facebook, 6.11.12. – SELF-GOVERNMENT, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, SECESSIONISM

VOTING: All territorial voting means slaves voting a new slave-master in or serfs voting for a new feudal lord over themselves - or confirming the present one. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: All that is left for a self-respecting man is not to vote at all.” - Alexander Herzen, "The Other Shore", p.96/7 of the London, 1956 edition. - Or, under compulsory voting, to vote informally. - However, if there were the danger of e.g. a right or left totalitarian party winning an election, then a vote for one of the alternatives to them might be part of one's duties, as long as one is not yet free to secede and establish or join a panarchy or polyarchy. - JZ, 3.4.11. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, TOTALITARIANISM

VOTING: All that is wrong. I am certainly not prepared to hand myself over to my fellow citizens unreservedly. I am not going to give them the power to kill me and rob me by majority vote. I undertake to help them and to be helped to do justice and obtain it.” – Voltaire, in R. Grimley ed., Du contrat social, 1972, p.115. - MAJORITY DECISIONS & JUSTICE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLTAIRE

VOTING: All the candidates and parties you can territorially vote for - are parasites and looters, rather than producers and exchangers. So, how can one vote for them? – JZ, n.d. – Q.

VOTING: All the candidates and their platforms deserve only contempt and not a single vote, at least until they offer themselves only as options for volunteers. That might teach them and their victims, as well as outside observers! – JZ, n.d. & 3.5.14.

VOTING: All the candidates are wrong-doers and know-nothings. So why support them? – JZ

VOTING: All the verbal dissent on informal voting papers should become permanently recorded and published, at least on one of the affordable alternative media. - JZ, 4.10.98.

VOTING: All voters should have only one vote and that a quite exclusive one, namely on all their own affairs. Under territorialism they do get a wrongful vote on the affairs of others and their vote on the own affairs gets usually completely ignored. - John Zube – Facebook, 22.4.14, comment to David Kesselring – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM VS. PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, META-UTOPIA, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETITIVE PUBLIC SERVICES, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

VOTING: All voting is a sort of gaming, like checkers or backgammon, with a slight moral tinge to it, a playing with right and wrong, with moral questions; and betting naturally accompanies it. The character of the voters is not staked. I cast my vote, perchance, as I think right; but I am not vitally concerned that right should prevail. I am willing to leave it to the majority. Its obligation, therefore, never exceeds that of expediency. Even voting FOR THE RIGHT is DOING nothing for it. It is only expressing to men feebly your desire that it should prevail. A wise man will not leave the right to the mercy of chance, or wish it to prevail through the power of the majority. There is but little virtue in the action of masses of men. When the majority shall at length vote for the abolition of slavery, it will be because they are indifferent to slavery, or because there is but little slavery left to be abolished by their vote. THEY will then be the only slaves. Only HIS vote can hasten the abolition of slavery who asserts his own freedom by his vote...” - Thoreau, "On Civil Disobedience", 1960, p.240. – MAJORITY DESPOTISM, SLAVERY

VOTING: All voting that imposes great costs and burdens upon others than the majority of voters is inherently wrong, an act of invasion, conquest, subjugation and exploitation. - JZ, 23.2.00. – TAXES, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, STATISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS

VOTING: All voting’, says Thoreau, ‘is a sort of gaming, like checkers, or backgammon, a playing with right and wrong; its obligation never exceeds that of expediency. Even voting for the right thing is doing nothing for it. A wise man will not leave the right to the mercy of chance, nor wish it to prevail through the power of the majority.’ A close examination of the machinery of politics and its achievements will bear out the logic of Thoreau.” - Emma Goldman, “Anarchism What It Really Stands For, in: Alix Kates Shulman, ed., “Red Emma Speaks, p.74. - POLITICS, RIGHT & WRONG, MAJORITIES, ANARCHISM, GOLDMAN

VOTING: Allow the presently outvoted to rule themselves. "No one is good enough to rule another one without his consent!" - JZ, n.d. - INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: Almost all of the territorial voters and their representatives don't know what they are talking about and what they are doing to themselves and to others with their votes and legislation. So, how can I vote for them or choose among them? – JZ, n.d. & 3.4.11. – LAWS, REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, PREJUDICES &  IGNORANCE AT EVERY LEVEL IN TERRITORIAL POLITICS

VOTING: Almost all other communal activities take place through a chain of delegation so long that its end is lost to the sight to the individual – only in war are his effort and his capacity appreciated; …” Alex Comfort, “Authority and Delinquency. A study in the psychology of power”, 1950, 1970, p.63, a book largely on the delinquency of authority. – Alas, kept out of print and off the Web for all too long. - JZ, 15.5.06. - POLITICS, REPRESENTATION & WAR

VOTING: Almost every vote for a party or a politician is a vote for the further disfranchisement of citizens regarding their own and most important affairs. - JZ, 15.9.87. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: Almost every vote is a wasted vote - if you want something right and reasonable. - JZ, 2.10.98.

VOTING: Almost every vote is wasted to the voter. I will not pretend to myself or to others that I give my consent to what either of them are doing to me and others. - JZ, 11.7.87.

VOTING: Almost no politicians are prepared to get out of my way, so why should I vote for any of them to stay or get into my way? - JZ, 28.8.95.

VOTING: Also on veracity, remember that politicians come last in any private opinion survey, yet such is the perversity of the voter, that come election time, people actually believe what they are told, and happily give away their precious freedoms on the strength of it.” - Dr. H. L. Soper, "LIBERTARIAN DIGEST", May 1981. - This reminds me of the saying on re-marriage, as being the victory of hope over experience. -  Territorial statism demands of people to act on the unchecked premise that someone has to "run the country" and be he or his party ever so bad. - Further, the urge to submit is in many people even stronger than the sexual urge. - JZ, 6.6.04. - At least when it comes to marriages and business contracts we are now mostly free to dissolve them, once we are all too disappointed by them. We are not free to secede from territorial States and to compete with them, exterritorially. - JZ, 3.4.11. – Politicians are clever enough to make a compliment to the voters, saying that their vote is important and thus they are foolish enough to do so, all too often and in great numbers. The memory of voters for prior disappointments with politicians is short, as it is for previous prices, before the current inflation, and so they keep voting for their dishonest, incompetent and exploitative masters. There is also the short attention span of most voters, so they fall for popular and misleading slogans.– JZ, 4.5.14. - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, OBEDIENCE, POLITICIANS, PROMISES, REPRESENTATIVES

VOTING: American youth attributes much more importance to arriving at driver's licence age than at voting age.” - Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, 1964, p.22. - The first gives a degree of real freedom, the second only an illusion. - JZ 14.4.84.

VOTING: an age when voters’ hearts counted for more than their minds. – Frances Wheen, How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World, Harper Perennial, 2004, p.194. – An institution in which the voters’ heart … ? – Emotions and personal impressions count for more than sound ideas and thoughts in most territorial elections. – JZ, 4.5.14.

VOTING: An elected official is one who gets 51 percent of the vote cast by 40 percent of the 60 percent of the voters who registered." - Dan Bennett. – MAJORITIES, DEMOCRACY, PARTICIPATION RATE

VOTING: An election is a moral horror, as bad as a battle except for the blood; a mud bath for every soul concerned in it.” - George Bernard Shaw, Back to Methuselah, 1921, p.2. – Individual rights and liberties are only rarely an election issue. Mostly they are ignored by the politicians as well as the voters. – JZ, 4.5.14.

VOTING: An election is coming. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry. –George Eliot & ELECTIONS, POLITICIANS & THEIR PROMISES, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, POWERS, REPRESENTATIVES, JOKES, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: An election year is the time politicians want to help us out of all the trouble they got us into in the first place.” - G. S. - Only one thing is sure: Those elected into territorial power will make matters even worse than they are now. - JZ, 3.4.11. - JOKES

VOTING: An elective despotism was not the government we fought for.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1781. - DEMOCRACY, DESPOTISM, ELECTIONS

VOTING: an electoral process, whose only aim is the turning of some people against others and the victory of some people over others. That is why so many of us are so ambivalent about political participation and why our social conventions decree that one does not introduce the topics of religion and politics into dinner-party conversations – out of fear that guests will be forced to turn against one another. In all probability many people do not vote because they vaguely realize something is wrong with the act itself. We all intuitively realize that the political process is a dirty business in which people must behave abominably if they are to succeed. …” - Frederick C. Thayer, An End to Hierarchy! An End to Competition! Organizing the Politics and Economics of Survival.New Viewpoints, N.Y. 1973, p.57/58. - He ignores that an all too heated discussion about religion can be avoided by agreeing in advance to approve of the practice of religious tolerance or religious freedom. That should have brought attention to the difference of territorial party politics and its intolerance and led to demands to introduce a similar tolerance in political matters. Thus this social taboo helps to prevent sufficient enlightenment from occurring. – JZ, 26.3.09. – Most people do not even consider the possibility that we could have as much tolerance and freedom when it comes to political, economic and social systems, as is already largely taken for granted in the sphere of religions. Moreover, to my knowledge no religious people are aware that the best thing they could do would be to point out to mankind the degree of freedom and tolerance they have achieved between the various religions as a guide to the same tolerance in all the spheres still monopolized by territorial governments. Precisely the opposite to the conventional and statist politics would be the thing to do, as the best, fastest, most moral and rational way to progress: Personal law, experimental freedom, freedom of association and contract in every sphere or panarchism, polyarchism or meta-utopia. Most people are more thoughtful in their sports, card and chess games, their jobs, house-work, cooking and gardening than they are on these important aspects, where the take the wrongs and irrationalities of statism and territorialism simply for granted, as natural events, like the seasons. – Personal law existed for much longer in human history than did territorial statism. – But how many do engage in such historical studies? - JZ, 4.5.14. -  ELECTIONS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POLITICS AS USUAL, TOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE, COERCION VS. VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, WRONG ASSUMPTION & CONCLUSIONS, RATHTER THAN SYSTEMATIC ENLIGHTENMENT, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: An individual favors a war only if he will volunteer to risk his own life in it. He favors going to the moon only if he would freely invest in the venture. He favors paying farmers not to farm only if he would make such payments out of his own pocket. Otherwise, pay no heed to what anyone says he favors; it is double talk!” - Leonard E. Read, "Meditations on Freedom", p.28. – TAXATION, HANDOUTS, GOVERNMENT BUDGETS, WELFARE STATE, SUBSIDIES, BAILOUTS

VOTING: An inherent weakness of a pure democracy is that half the voters are below average intelligence.” – Unknown. – This is, essentially, a flaw of territorialism, under which different kinds of people cannot freely sort themselves out into their own kinds of preferred communities. Under panarchism there would also be different kinds of democracy, not only “representative” and direct ones or the ones with different voting systems. Some for the more intelligent and some for the less educated and more prejudiced. To each his own! – JZ, 3.1.08. – DEMOCRACY, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, MAJORITY, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, FOOLISHNESS, STUPIDITY, IQ, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VOTING: An interesting variation among political revisionists has led to the creation of the League of Non-Voters. Libertarian-minded persons have united in seeking to compel the government to insert on all ballots the phrase, "None of the above is acceptable". Non-Voters point out that all voting is an appeal to rule by force with the opinions of some (usually a mere plurality) imposed upon others (often a majority). Most if not all political contests are mere exercises in selecting the "lesser of two evils." It is stressed that the lesser of two, three, or a dozen evils, is still evil. Until such time as government inserts the desired phrase on all ballots, the Non-Voters intend to boycott the polls in a peaceful protest against the kind of voting system we now have.” – Robert LeFevre, "The Libertarian", p.25.

VOTING: An option without all the rightful and useful other options! - JZ, 21.12.90, 7.6.04. - It is one of the most insignificant choices that we are still allowed to engage in, and this under the false pretence that it would be the most important vote or choice. – JZ, 4.5.14.

VOTING: An unlimited vote over the own affairs. No vote at all regarding the affairs of others! - JZ 24.6.84. – NOT A NATURAL OR HUMAN RIGHT – IN ITS TERRITORIAL FORM

VOTING: And constantly through that activity for the common good ran the threat of political action, and an insistence upon the power of little mean men at the polls to undo the actions of bigger men, who were deaf to the clamor of fanatics." - Murray Leinster, in a science fiction story, said this on meddling with free enterprise by means of the general suffrage. Much more could be said on this subject but why say it? The most moral, the most efficient productive and creative systems have, in almost all countries, been voted largely out of existence and accused of having all the faults of their opposites. - JZ, 4.6.04. - FREE ENTERPRISE, FREE TRADE, FREE MARKETS, FREE EXCHANGE, FREE TRADE, FREE MIGRATION, LAISSEZ-FAIRE CAPITALISM, FREE PRICING, PROFIT & LOSS SYSTEM, INTEREST, MONETARY FREEDOM, FREE CHOICE OF VALUE STANDARDS, SELF-DEFENCE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM. LACK OF INTEREST EVEN AMONG ANARCHISTS & LIBERTARIANS IN DECLARING & REALIZING ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES & IN ORGANIZING A SUITABLE MILITIA FOR THEIR PROTECTION

VOTING: And just as I individually have no moral right to take from my neighbor that which is rightfully his, just so do I lack a moral right to VOTE to have my government do the same thing in the name of a subsidy or any other type of material benefit to myself or others of my choosing.” – Admiral Ben Moreell, "Log I", 20.

VOTING: And the more we are able to vote economically, the more choice we have. Opposition to the political vote, therefore, is really a positive program aimed at enriching each of our lives.” - Sy Leon, "None of the Above", p.72. – The most important political vote for us would be the one in which we decide, individually, which political, economic and social system is to be applied to us. That vote is everywhere still outlawed. – JZ, 4.5.14. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: And they are betrayed by the servile hypocrisy which tells them that what is true and what is false, what is right and what is wrong, can be determined by their votes.” - Walter Lippmann, The Public Philosophy, A Mentor Book, 1955, p.19. – By the way: The number of my question marks in the margins of this book are much more numerous than the passages that I marked as good or interesting or worth a comment. – But then, who cares about my opinions? He had his audience and, I suppose, he stimulated many people to think for themselves. - JZ,

VOTING: And yet there remains a case for referendum - on particular issues, close to the basic rights and interests of all. The self-education results of such decision-making would well compare with the irresponsibility and ignorance spread by the present voting system. Moreover, a referendum could be wholly moral if the results of a yes vote were applied only to those, who said yes. - JZ, 4.6.04. – Direct democracy in panarchies, polyarchies & competing governance systems would tend to have better result but would be less necessary in such communities of volunteers only, since there a large degree of consensus does already apply. – JZ, 4.5.14. - REFERENDUM FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS BUT NOT AGAINST THEM.

VOTING: and, as he said to me years later, "Votes are very necessary, you know". - I answered him, "isn't getting the votes of ignorance by false pretences largely what's wrong with the world?" - James Crockett, "Chaos Enthroned", p.216, on E. G. Theodore, Federal Treasurer in 1931.

VOTING: And, indeed, each has a voice to accept the tyrant of his party's choice.” - A. Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary, p.221. – Instead, each should be free to adopt for himself the more or less authoritarian, tyrannical, statist, libertarian or anarchist system that he or she prefers for themselves, as long as they do not claim any territorial monopoly for it. – Always consider all the rightful, rational and peace-promoting alternatives. - JZ, 4.5.14 – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Another fundamental conflict which Bastiat saw between the protestations and the actions of the social planners centered upon viewing men as incompetent to make their own decisions, yet presuming the next moment that these same men were capable of deciding the course of society by means of universal suffrage. Either men are competent to make their own decisions or they are not, but the social planners must no longer be allowed to court political power by giving with one hand and taking away with the other.” - G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.227. - DECISION, EMANCIPATION, CITIZENS, SUBJECTS, POLITICIANS & VOTERS, INCOMPETENCE OF HUMAN BEINGS IN GENERAL IS PRESUMED BUT AT THE SAME TIME COMPETENCE IN POLITICIANS & COMPETENCE OF VOTERS IN SELECTING SUITABLE POLITICIANS, THE INHERENT CONTRADICTION OF TERRITORIAL & REPRESENTATIVE POLITICS

VOTING: Another reallocation of turfs to the political mafia does not clarify the wrongfulness and harmfulness of this procedure, neither in the minds of the victimizers nor in those of their victims. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Any and all actions, which transfer power to neighborhoods and away from larger political jurisdictions. Mark Hatfield, the exemplary Senator from Oregon, has made interesting proposals along these lines. His legislation would enable neighborhoods to be identified and then to move toward actual political identity and power, taking over more and more functions now exercised by other levels of government." - Karl Hess, "Dear America", p.270. - This still embodies the territorial fallacies. Why draw the line at neighborhoods? The smallest political unit is the individuals and there is nothing wrong with free individuals combining to larger political bodies even than the present ones are - if only membership in them remains quite voluntary. Several large and small ones could then peacefully coexist in the same territory, each with or without any election or other system - as would suit its voluntary members. - JZ, 1.12.87, 3.4.11. – DECENTRALIZATION VS. CENTRALIZATION, WITHOUT DISTINGUISHING BETWEEN THEIR TERRITORIAL & THEIR EXTERRITORIAL, THEIR COMPULSORY & THEIR VOLUNTARY FORMS, SOVEREIGN TERRITORIAL POWER, COMPULSION & COLLECTIVISM VS. SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUALS, SELF-OWNERSHIP, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE & SELF-DETERMINATION, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM

VOTING: Any election is just an advance-auction of stolen goods." – Source unknown. But compare: “Every election is a sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods.” - H. L. Mencken. - TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION

VOTING: Any election victory is your own defeat, even when it happens with the help of your own vote and, temporarily, realizes your own wishes. – JZ, n.d. – Wrongful means predetermine wrongful ends. – JZ, 4.5.14.

VOTING: Any enforced vote is no vote. - JZ 15.9.75. – COMPULSORY VOTING

VOTING: Any territorial vote is a vote for oppression, war, revolution and terrorism, as well as for man-made poverty, not only by taxation and monetary despotism, protectionism and other monopolism and wrongful interventionism. – JZ, n.d. & 4.5.14.

VOTING: Any territorial vote misleads the elected leaders as well as it does mislead the voters. – JZ, 2.3.96, 4.5.14..

VOTING: Any vote for the continuance of "politics as usual" is a wasted vote. - JZ, 1.12.87. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL

VOTING: Any voting system can lead to paradoxical results, where losers are preferred to winners and winners become losers.” - G. Niemi and William H. Riker, in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, June 76.

VOTING: Anyone who wants to vote probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Voting is the first step towards zombification – trying to get something without actually working for it. – Bill Bonner, in  - Parasitism is common among the elected as well as their voters, the rulers and the ruled. On all levels they tend to play zero sum games rather than win-win games, which are common in economic transactions on free markets. – JZ, 4.5.14.

VOTING: Are any people mature and informed enough to vote? The mere will to vote territorially testifies to immorality, prejudices, errors, immaturity and ignorance. The situation is quite different when voting and representation take place only within groups of volunteers. - JZ, 26.4.93, 3.4.11. – DEMOCRACY UNDER VOLUNTARISM & UNDER TERRITORIAL MONOPOLISM, COERCION & COLLECTIVISM

VOTING: Are elected officials better at governing or at winning elections?” - Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle, "Building a Mote in God's Eye", in: "A Step Further Out", by Jerry Pournelle, p.139. - Good and better government over their involuntary victims? Good and quite rightful government is impossible under statism and territorialism. All peaceful and productive dissenters are always wronged and harmed by it. - JZ, 21.10.89. - ELECTIONS, POLITICIANS, Q, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, REPRESENTATIVES, STATISM & TERRITORIALISM, “GOOD GOVERNMENT”? VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: Are politicians and bureaucrats good and harmless company? – Are territorial voters? Can they act ethically when making territorial and statist collectivist decisions for whole populations, instead of letting all individuals and group make their own choices for themselves as they do as free producers and free consumers when it comes to ordinary consumer goods and services? – JZ, n.d. & 4.5.15. – CONSUMER- & PRODUCER- SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION, FREE COICE & FREE PRICING, FREE MARKETS, FREE EXCHANGES, FREE EXPERIMENTATION - IN ALL SPHERES FOR ALL PEAEFUL PEOPLE, IN ALL SPHERES, WHATEVER THEIR PREFERENCES ARE FOR THEIR LIVES. TOLERANCE WHEN IT COMES VOLUNTARY & PEACEFUL ACTION IN THE POLITICAL, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SPHERES AS WELL AS IN RELIGIOUS & IN PRIVATE MATTERS.

VOTING: As a 19th. century U.S. lawyer, Lysander Spooner, pointed out, the very act of secret elections assures that no one can be held responsible for any disastrous actions that may follow from his vote, whereupon, in extreme cases, these secret voters become the equivalent to "secret bands of robbers and murderers". In political and moral philosophy the majority principle has long been demolished and it persists in practice only because most people are ignorant of and disinterested in better alternatives. – JZ, n.d., in one of several protests against compulsory voting. – TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

VOTING: As a private citizen the predatory person is only one AMONG millions. As an agent of government he becomes one OVER millions.” - Leonard E. Read, "Instead of Violence", p.14. – GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

VOTING: As Dahl has observed, democratic Government, even an ideal democratic government, has no ready way of registering the intensity of feeling about public issues. (*) "One man one vote" means equal weight for the concerned vote and the indifferent vote; for the intelligent and the foolish vote; for the vote in defense of elemental dignities of life and the vote in pursuit of added privileges for groups already favored. As David Truman has observed, however, in our democracy the potential existence of new groups, new coalitions, does put some limits on what a government will do, even if elected by a wide margin. But ...” - C. Bay & C.C. Walker, "Civil Disobedience", 21/22. - (*) Robert A. Dahl, A Preface to Democratic Theory, Chicago, Phoenix Books, 1936, 1963, especially pp.48-50, 90ff & 134/5.

VOTING: As everybody who supports the Constitution by voting (if there are any such) does so secretly (by secret ballot), and in a way to avoid all personal responsibility for the acts of his agents or representatives, it cannot legally or reasonably be said that anybody at all supports the Constitution by voting. No man can reasonably or legally be said to do such a thing as to assent to, or support, the Constitution, UNLESS HE DOES IT OPENLY, AND IN A WAY TO MAKE HIMSELF PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTS OF HIS AGENTS, SO LONG AS THEY ACT WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE POWER HE DELEGATES TO THEM.” - Lysander Spooner, "No Treason", VI, 7/8, Works 1, p.10/11. - In communities of volunteers responsibility cannot be as easily denied or avoided. - JZ, 3.4.11. - VOLUNTARISM, PUBLICITY, SECRECY, RESPONSIBILITY

VOTING: As F. A. Hayek said in: "The Road to Serfdom", chapter X: "Why the worst get on Top":    "To split or decentralize power is necessarily to reduce the absolute amount of power, and the competitive system is the only system designed to minimize by decentralization the power exercised by man over man." - Alas, he remained an adherent to "limited" rather than "competing governments" and to territorial sovereignty rather than individual sovereignty and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, just like Ayn Rand and still all too many of the followers of the present libertarian parties. - JZ, 5.6.04. – Panarchistic alternative and individual choices do constitute the most voluntary and competitive alternative to all kinds of territorialism and conventional statism and their political voting systems. Volunteers would then mainly vote themselves into the government or society of their own individual choice and achieve there almost unanimous consent on all major issues. – JZ, 28.10.08, 3.4.11. – CONSENT, CHOICE, OPTIONS, ALTERNATIVES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, POWER, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION, DECENTRALIZATION, SECESSIONISM

VOTING: As free as the man with the vote is free; free by virtue of having the vote. And never mind if he is free to do anything OTHER than go to the polls.” - William F. Buckley Jr., "Up from Liberalism", p.153.

VOTING: As, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Gustave de Molinari, Herbert Spencer, P. E. de Puydt and others taught, every individual has the right to secede from or to opt out of the State, or ignore it and would not wrong anyone by this action. I also claim this right, a right not to support the present establishment, not to be represented by those offering themselves to me as my representatives, the right, not to hire them as my agents but rather to vote for any of the alternative institution for myself, all of them under personal law, and without a territorial monopoly, i.e. all of them would operate only for and among volunteers. - JZ, 4.6.04, 4.5.14. - IGNORING THE STATE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, OPTING OUT, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: As I have often written, this voting system was admirable so long as the State confined its activities to defence and the enforcement of justice; it became the worst possible when the State began to redistribute wealth by taxation. For the middle classes the system now meant taxation without representation of power, since they were continually outvoted by the majority who paid little or no taxes. For the poorer classes it meant representation and power without taxation. Such a system was bound to lead to parasitism among the poor, and exasperation among the rest, leading to resentment against the principle of democracy ..." - Henry Meulen, "THE INDIVIDUALIST", August 1951. (*)  - To the conclusions he drew from this, he might have added that the abolition of compulsory voting would be a step in the right direction. But even Englishmen were not mad enough to have imposed compulsory voting upon themselves, like majority decisions of Australian politicians or even of Australian voters once did. - JZ, 5.6.04. – Did any territorial State ever act exclusively defensively and to uphold justice? - JZ, 3.4.11. – With compulsory voting the fiction of a mandate by the majority is upheld. If only say 30% of the registered voters bothered to vote, then this fiction would tend to collapse. Dictators tend to try to uphold this fiction by asserting that 99% or more voted for them or terrorizing the voters into doing this. – So far all States are territorial and in them the decisive vote, the secessionist one and the one for personal law alternatives, are legally suppressed. – (*) Alas, this long-term UK individualist did not subscribe to full monetary freedom and panarchism, in spite of his long-term correspondence with Ulrich von Beckerath. – Everything good comes still only all too rarely together, while popular errors, prejudices and other flaws are mostly offered in so large abundance that there is neither time, energy, recall capacity, opportunity on hand (at least not yet) to effectively and concisely respond to all of them and to reduce their utterance and the belief in them. With a suitable reference work, on of their best refutations, if it is finally compiled online or on disc, this situation could be greatly improved. People might become so afraid that they would become publicly refuted or even ridiculed with the help of such an encyclopedia, that they would often become inclined to check beforehand, whether their opinion is already refuted there or not. - JZ, 4.5.14. - COMPULSORY VOTING, Q., MANDATE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, COLLECTIVIST & COERCIVE SOVEREIGNTY VS. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, ENLIGHTENMENT, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIOS

VOTING: As if out of the addition of any number of votes any general idea could ever be produced.” - Proudhon, "Demokratie & Republik", S.13. - I find, however, that listing the many different and yet related ideas, thoughts and ways of describing the voting and rsults of the voting phenomena does stimulate my brain into trying to achieve new or better formulations. Admittedly, I have an unusual interest in such phrases - but at least a few others might be similarly stimulated into improving this part of the arsenal of freedom ideas, thoughts and expressions. - JZ 1.12.87, 3.4.11, 4.5.14.

VOTING: As long as I am not allowed to vote e.g. on war and peace, armament and disarmament, whether to destroy our nuclear weapons or not, and with whom to associate in war and peace, I will not and cannot believe that I have "the right to vote". - JZ, 5.6.04. – DECISION ON WAR & PEACE, FOREIGN POLICY, ENEMIES, ALLIES, NEUTRALITY, ARMAMENT, DISARMAMENT

VOTING: As long as I am not allowed to vote on specific issues in referendum, I will not pretend that I have "the right to vote". Voters, to be genuine voters, must also be free to vote in a referendum, which they must also be free to initiate. Once they are deprived of this franchise, then a few more steps put them in the position of subjects in totalitarian States, who may "vote" only for officially approved candidates of a single ruling party. - Here it must not be overlooked that even a referendum would be wrong to the extent that it allowed a majority to deprive minorities of their natural, human or individual rights and liberties. To allow merely officially sanctioned referendum decisions on relatively trivial issues and otherwise to allow only a vote for "representatives" and then to call this restricted process "the right to vote", is certainly an abuse of the English language. - A majority vote in a referendum or in a general election should be binding only upon that majority. The rest should be free to opt out and do their own things. Like they are already doing in so many private activities. - JZ, 5.6.04, 29.10.08, 3.4.11. - RIGHT TO VOTE? REFERENDUM, SPECIFIC ISSUES, SELF-CHOSEN PACKAGE DEALS INSTEAD OF THOSE IMPOSED BY MAJORITIES OR THEIR “REPRESENTATIVES”, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL & VOLUNTARY VS. COLLECTIVIST, ENFORCED & TERRITORIAL ACTIVITIES

VOTING: As long as I count the votes what are you going to o about it? - W. M. Tweed - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online.

VOTING: As long as there are "public moneys" to be spent, mass voting tends and this money tend to go in the wrong direction. - JZ 2.12.87, 4.5.14. – GOVERNMENT SPENDING, BUDGET, SUBSIDIES, HANDOUTS, BAILOUTS

VOTING: As long as top politicians are allowed to engage in the “game”, all too often a war game, of world politics, the voters of all the countries, whose fate they do also decide, should also get a vote on their election and on their recall. Today the people in all other countries than his own are disfranchised in this respect, not represented at all by him, not even as much or as little represented as they are by their own politicians. However, if they approved of his politics - then they should become free to join his political state or to establish an allied one, but only on the basis of exterritorial autonomy. If their own government is allying itself with the foreign policies of a foreign power, while many of their subjects disagree with this policy, then the subjects of the local "national" governments should be free to secede from their politicians, their territorial States and foreign policies and to establish their own personal law communities of volunteers, with quite different foreign policies. – JZ, 31.5.04, 29.10.07. - Should not all the peoples target by nuclear "weapons" have a say on who will have a finger on a nuclear weapons button and whether such a button, such a decision-making power and monopoly should exist at all and when, if ever, it should be used? - Nuclear weapons are certainly not tyrannicide weapons but mass murder devices. Just like e.g. the Nazi extermination camps were. These "weapons" are even more indiscriminately murderous than the Nazi death camps were. - And yet we are completely disfranchised regarding them! - JZ, 3.4.11. - FOR PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, PREMIERS WHO MAKE DECISIONS FOR ALL OR MUCH OF THE WORLD BY THEIR FOREIGN POLICIES & BRINKMANSHIP, RECALL, REPRESENTATION, FOREIGN POLICIES SHOULD NO LONGER BE A FOREIGN AFFAIR TO THE VOTERS BUT THEIR OWN DECISION-MAKING SPHERE AS WELL, NWT, DESION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT BY THE TARGETED PEOPLES THEMSELVES, SEPARATE PEACE CONFERENCES & TREATIES BETWEEN THEM, OVER THE HEADS OF THEIR RULERS, TYRANNICIDE, DECLARATION OF QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR PEACE AIMS, IF NOT BY GOVERNMENTS THEN BY THEIR SUBJECTS

VOTING: As long as you and they can shoot with votes, shooting with guns is reduced. Only to that extent is voting peaceful and preferable. However, the mere chance to vote (rather than the choice of full autonomy for individuals and minorities) will not pacify every minority group, which has no hope for winning at the ballots. Some will then rather resort to subversion, rebellion, civil war, violent revolution  and terrorism. - JZ 11.9.75, 3.8.78,  4.5.14.

VOTING: As long as you are not free to do or choose anything better for yourself - do at least no longer vote for these bastards, these power addicts, power mongers and often even power-mad people, their laws and institutions. – JZ, n.d. & 4.5.14. – POLITICIANS, DEMOCRACIES, ELECTIONS, POLITICAL PARTIES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, PANARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: As one of the May 1968 graffiti put it, "It's painful to submit to our bosses; it's even more stupid to choose them!" - Excerpts from Ken Knabb's "The Joy of Revolution." - The complete text is online at - BOSSES, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES

VOTING: As time went on, the slaves actually believed they couldn't do without their masters, until today we see them concernedly run to the polls to elect new ones every few years.” - Laurance Labadie, "Selected Essays", p.48. - STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TAX SLAVES, SUBJECTS TO MANY MORE WRONGFUL & IRRATIONAL LAWS, WHICH IMPOVERISH & MORE OR LESS REDUCE THEM TO SERFDOM, THAN THEY COULD EVER COME TO READ AT LEAST ONCE, LAWS, LEGISLATION, REPRESENTATION

VOTING: Asked if she supported women's suffrage, Emma said that the ballot would not free women anymore than it had freed men.” - Roger A. Bruns, The Damndest Radical, The Life & World of Ben Reitman …, p.102, Univ. of Illinois Press, 1987. - By now we had already many instances of leading female politicians, proving that their ideas and actions are no more right and rational than those of the male politicians. - JZ, 3.4.11. - BALLOT, SUFFRAGE, ELECTIONS, WOMEN, WOMEN'S LIBERATION, FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, EMMA GOLDMAN

VOTING: At least under territorialism and majoritarianism they only assure that the popular errors, myth, ignorance and prejudices of the majority of voters and their representatives do prevail. Enlightenment by their campaigns is rare while the systematical propaganda appeal to the lowest and most numerous common denominators is strongest. – JZ, 23.2.13. - ELECTIONS, REFERENDA, PLEBISCITES & PUBLIC OPINION, ENLIGHTENMENT, PUBLIC OPINION, PROPAGANDA, PREJUDICES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

VOTING: at least undisguised dictatorship would be more honest than our present shabby system in which we are, in effect, free to elect our dictators every few years.” - Jerome Tuccille, "Radical Libertarianism", p.112.

VOTING: At least with regard to all those, who did not vote for the party and parties in government, all governments are unlawful - because not based on consent. - JZ, 29.9.93. - CONSENT, PANARCHISM, MANDATE, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW VS. TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Back Australia: Don't vote for any of them!" - A T-shirt message, next to the picture of a garbage can full of politicians. - 1981. – But what is the meaning or interpretation of “Australia”? Whose opinion or idea is to count there for others rather than merely for himself? There is no such thing as a single national goal. All Australians have at least somewhat different ideals and priorities. – JZ, 21.4.09. – A uniform “Australian” does not exist. Even the tribes of Aborigines do differ and the individuals in each of them. No two people in the world are quite alike. – JZ, 4.5.14. – INEQUALITY, VARIETY, EGALITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, STATISM COLLECTIVISM, AUSTRALIA IS A CONTINENT & NOT A PROGRAM. ITS POPULATION IS EXTREMELY DIVERSE RATHER THAN UNIFORM, JOKES

VOTING: Bad officials are elected by good citizens who vote, but do not think." – Rick Gaber - WRONG, bad officials are voted in by morons that are either to stupid to realize the truth or to lazy to find out. - Jack Knochel - Capitalism - Facebook, 1.1.14. – The territorial voting, organization and legislation system itself is the most wrongful and stupid arrangement. – JZ, 4.5.14. - POLITICIANS, PARTIES, REPRESENTATIVES, STATISM, POLITICIANS, VOTERS, TERRITORIALISM, LEGISLATION, DEMOCRACY INSTEAD OF PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREE COMPETITION, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, EXPERIMENTATION, CHOICE, LAISSEZ FAIRE – IN EVERY SPHERE NOW MONOPOLIZED BY GOVERNMENTS

VOTING: Ballots, under the present system, are indeed a form of bullets and unnecessarily and without justification introduce force into human relationships. In any system based on territorial law and compulsory membership they are always used to suppress individual rights and liberties. (These are not even declared, far less protected by a suitable militia.)  They are thus a disservice that I am unwilling to approve and far less willing to buy. If, instead, the voted-in services were applied only to volunteers, who had opted and paid for them, then they would be harmless to society in general, while they might teach a lesson to the voluntary participants. Then they would, anyhow, as volunteers, in most instances come to unanimous decisions and, as such, would have to bear their costs and risks themselves. - JZ, 4.6.04, 3.4.11, 5.4.14. – ELECTIONS, BALLOTS, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, COMPULSION, INVOLUNTARY COLLECTIVISM VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, META-UTOPIA,

VOTING: Basically, it comes down to: Throw the bums out!” - Jim Ackenhousen, NY TIMES, 7 Nov. 90. - Just to vote in another lot of bums? - JZ, 17.6.92. – Secessionists would leave the bums in, for those, who still like them enough to put up with them. Panarchies for all the secessionists, according to their individual preferences, offers a much more tolerant and much less provocative solution. Only initially and with regard to all those spheres so far territorially monopolized by governments, will that idea be resisted by many. But these opponents will not have to actively practise the panarchist ideal themselves. They have only to tolerate its practice among those, whom they believe to be fools. - However, once secession from the remaining statists is free, also the right to associate under personal law and exterritorial autonomy, then the subsequent secessions and alternative societies will see to it that the remaining statists are also and automatically transformed into voluntary members of a statist panarchy, one with the same platform as the old territorial State had, but without its territorial monopoly, privileges and taxation powers over those, who had seceded from it. They would then only be in their own and supposedly better company, without any internal opposition. Apart, naturally, from other kinds of statists, doing their own and different statist things among themselves and at their own risk and expense. All these statist panarchies with all their diverse volunteers would have the chance to prove that their system is best. They could not blame anyone else for their remaining failures. In all other spheres than those territorially monopolized by States we have already adopted this idea of tolerance and its practice and take it so much for granted that we never doubt it any longer. – Under panarchism those perceived to be bums would be thrown out or leave by their own free choice. - JZ, 21.4.09. 3.4.11. - PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, Q., PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS ETC., RULERS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, TOLERANCE TO THE TOLERANT ONLY, INTOLERANCE ONLY TOWARDS THE INTOLERANT

VOTING: Be honest with yourself: Are you voting for what you want, or against what you don't want?" - Prof. Galambos. - One might add: Does your territorial vote give you a worthwhile chance to achieve what you really want or does your vote depend too much on the vote of others, with different ideas, under any territorial system? - JZ, 5.6.04, 3.4.11. – Q.

VOTING: Before and after a referendum vote - as long as the territorial government monopoly continues - there ought to be checks upon the legitimacy and validity of a referendum. Any referendum proposal or any referendum passed, that is found to infringe a single basic individual right should thereby become automatically invalid. - JZ 2.12.87. - REFERENDUM

VOTING: Being armed only with a voting slip is not enough to protect any individual rights or liberties. – This right is as much an indication of personal and group helplessness as is the right to petition the authorities. Different territorial power-mongers in territorial offices would also only compound rather than reduce or abolish the problems that territorial rule inevitably creates. – JZ, 23.9.07. - & GUN CONTROL LAWS, POLITICIANS, ELECTIONS & TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Believe in your own potential rather than in that of any party, politician or bureaucrat. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Besides, one has to be about half drunk to vote for most of the candidates they run nowadays.” - Will Rogers.

VOTING: Blind mice choosing the hungriest tomcat.” - Donald M. McLean in LIMIT. A Cynic's Word Book.

VOTING: boycott of the polls until every ballot contains a provision enabling voters to vote against all candidates or measures thereon.” - Proposal of the League of Non-Voters, - REASON 2/72. - That aim is still all too short from the right to secede and to join or established exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. - JZ, 3.4.11.

VOTING: Brian Moore will work for the benefit of everyone. Give him your No.1 vote on 24th September." - Only those could do that who work to the best of their abilities on a free market. They would benefit their customers directly and all others by their competitive endeavors. - JZ, 22.9.83, 30.11.87. - POLITICIANS, CANDIDATES, PROMISES, TERRITORIALISM, FREE MARKET COMPETITION, PRODUCER & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY – TO BE CONTINUED & EXPANDED INTO ALL SPHERES

VOTING: But the present-day American esteems what Mencken calls "false forms of liberty, for example, the right to choose between two mountebanks." - George H. Douglas, THE FREEMAN, 12/73.

VOTING: But under present conditions the voter often has a choice of evils.” - Bliss, Encyclopedia of Social Reform, article: Direct Legislation. - It would be more correct to say: He has ONLY a choice among evils and the difference between them is often almost invisible. - JZ n.d. & 6.6.04.

VOTING: But voting does not equal freedom. Voting is merely the act of yanking a lever (or slipping paper into a box) every few years to register one among thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions or hundreds of millions of preferences for this or that candidate. The chance that any one vote will affect the output of any election is practically zero. No voter every really chooses his or her representative - at least not in the way that each of us chooses an occupation, a house, a church, a college major, books to read, or a spouse.” - - March 04, & FREEDOM, CHOICE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, REPRESENTATION, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREE CHOICE IN EVERY SPHERE FOR EVERYONE, NO MORE COMPULSORY VICTIMIZATION OF ANYONE

VOTING: But voting has nothing to do with freedom. Clearly, in this country the vote is being used to destroy our freedoms, not to protect them - just as clearly as those seeking the vote are competing for political privileges for their groups and states, not freedom and opportunity for all.” – Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, Feb. 77, p. 74. FREEDOM

VOTING: But we voted for it," meaning that the Federal grab bag - open sesame with other people's income - has been democratically approved. Granted! But this is nonsense: the fruits of the labor of one man are not up for grabs by others, that is, not rationally. (*) This is not a votable matter, except if one's premise be a socialistic society. What's right and what's wrong are not to be determined at the shallow level of nose-counting or opinion polls. To argue otherwise is to place the same value on the views of morons as you do on your own.” – Leonard E. Read, "Let Freedom Reign", p.76. – (*) – or morally or ethically. – JZ.

VOTING: but when we realize that all government derives its "rights" from its might, and that majority rule is merely a short cut to the victory of the numerically-stronger party, we see that the ballot confers NO RIGHTS upon majorities and their representatives that are inviolable, and imposes NO DUTIES upon minorities that are binding.” - Badcock, "Slaves to Duty". – Only self-selected duties, obligations and contracts are really binding – and the natural rights and liberties, individual human rights and liberties, to the extent that others do claim their application in their own spheres. – JZ, 4.5.14. – DUTIES, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, OBLIGATIONS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES & NATURAL ONES

VOTING: But, I belong to no pressure group and am instinctively averse to accepting any advantage over my fellow man. What is more, I am not looking for a job in the bureaucracy, nor is my brother-in-law in line for such a job; nor am I anxious for a government contract and I do not own any land that might be suitable for a post-office. That is to say, I cannot profit, directly or indirectly, from the election of either candidate. I am of the great mass of unorganized citizens and, therefore, see no reason for casting my ballot for one or the other.” - Frank Chodorov, "Out of Step", p.40.

VOTING: By not even voting for the somewhat lesser evil, I am at least not giving my consent to being trapped in the ruling territorial system. - JZ, 11.7.87.

VOTING: By the universal “right” to vote every adult is permitted to periodically disfranchise himself by transferring most of his responsibilities as a free person to some politician, party functionary and bureaucrat, who cannot be held responsible by the voter for his mismanagement. - JZ, 4.9.87.

VOTING: By voting informal, I vote against a system which, under the pretence of a free vote does actually disfranchise us regarding the most important decisions of our lives - entrusting them to lying, corrupt and power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats of either party. - JZ, 11.7.87.

VOTING: By your vote you become merely a football for party politics, politicians, bureaucrats and other power mongers. Why get your kicks that way? – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Can't we trust the people to be the curb? The honest, good folk, I mean - not the common mob. Will the people vote to oppress themselves?” - Joseph G. E. Hopkins, "The Price of Liberty", p.202. - They can and they have and they are likely to - given only the present options, i.e., as long as the more and the less enlightened dissenters and non-conformists do not have full freedom to opt out and do and thus demonstrate their own things. Where would science and technology be without experiments being permitted for those, who want to risk them, at their own risk and expense? - JZ, 1.12.87.

VOTING: Candidates make a point of telling us that 'it doesn't matter who you vote for, just so you vote.' Why is it so important to a politician that you vote, even if you may not vote for him? Because by casting your ballot, you cast a vote for The System - the system, which can satisfy his urge for power and provide him his livelihood. By casting your ballot, you help perpetuate the illusion that 'the people have chosen'. The truth is that if politicians were honest, they would encourage a person to vote only if he sincerely believed in one of the candidates. - Politicians like to create the impression that a large voter turnout is a sign of a healthy political system, but this idea disintegrates rather rapidly when one is reminded that Russia has almost a 100 % turnout for its "elections". - In Australia, another democracy moving rapidly toward totalitarianism, the establishment has become so nervous over the situation that it has made it AGAINST THE LAW not to vote. What a comical and embarrassing government decree: Citizens are FORCED to vote in order to preserve their freedom!” - Robert Ringer, "Restoring the American Dream", p 62. – JZ, n.d. - COMPULSORY VOTING, POLITICIANS, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: Cast your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence." - M. Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, p.216. - Better make sure that the constitutions, the law, x regulations and numerous controlling boards and commissions can no longer block your freedom of action, your full voting rights over your own affairs and all that belongs to you. - JZ, 8.4.89. – What “influence” does the average or even outstanding person have under territorialism and statism? – JZ, 27.10.08. – Q.

VOTING: Caution, voters at work.” - Headline in THE NATIONAL TIMES, May 10-15, 1976.

VOTING: Cliff-hanger voting results are among the strongest indications for the need to split uniform territorial political communities into however many voluntary communities could and would really represent their voluntary members and voters. - JZ, 19.3.88, 7.6.04, 4.4.11.

VOTING: Compare the time, thought and effort a man spends upon buying a car or a house for himself with his interest and efforts in voting for one or the other politician. - JZ, 30.11.87. No wonder, we get so many "lemon" representatives. However, the job of being a territorial "representative" is really an impossible one. No one, not even the greatest genius and scholar, could fully represent all the diverse interests, rights and liberties of the whole population of a territory, from thousands of diverse individuals to hundreds of millions of them. We are not just a beehive under one queen and guided largely by instincts only. - JZ, 4.4.11. - TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, DIVERSITY, INDIVIDUALISM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: "Leave me alone", the non-voter could say. I don't want anything of you and only wish you would not want and extort any service or money from me, e.g. compel me to attend at election time. You don't even give me the chance to deny my consent to the modern territorial servitude imposed by the bureaucratic Welfare State, which is supported by almost all parties. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11. - LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & DISASSOCIATION, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: A rational man wants to vote only on issues not on persons - unless he remains free to give orders to those persons as his agents. But politicians are notorious for not being bound by instructions given to them by their electors. Moreover, an enlightened person would consider only those actions as rightful which are undertaken within the sphere of natural rights. Present voting does not permit us to vote on particular issues. It allows us merely to vote for politicians and parties which, judging by their records, habitually infringe our individual rights and liberties. - Allow people to vote on issues they are really interested in, activities they can engage in without infringing the rights of others, and I for one would not have to be compelled to vote, I would vote voluntarily. But the present democratic or pseudo-democratic system prevents that. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11. – Moreover, it prevents the establishment of exterritorially autonomous communities with voluntary members only, whose common interests would induce them to do their own things for or to themselves, in their own ways. – JZ, 29.10.08, 4.4.11. - ISSUES ARE NOT DECIDED UPON, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IS NOT PERMITTED, COERCION RATHER THAN VOLUNTARISM & ITS PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM OR EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: A vote meant inherently (not, presently, in the political process) a choice. To compel a choice destroys it. A compulsory vote is thus a contradiction in terms. - JZ, 5.6.04. – CHOICE, CONTRADICTION IN TERMS, CONSENT

VOTING: Compulsory voting: After describing the normal healthy voting with one's dollars in the market place, Bob Lefevre says on politics: "When we place voting into the framework of politics, however, a major change occurs. When we express a preference politically, we do so precisely because we intend to bind others to our will. Political voting is the legal method we have adopted and extolled for obtaining monopolies of power." - Even if this does not discredit territorial politics sufficiently for you, it does for me. - JZ, 5.6.04. - TERRITORIALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Among the many other unjustified limitations put on the present political vote is also its limitation by national borders. We are e.g. not allowed to cast our votes for or against those men, all over the world, who have their hands on nuclear triggers. We are not free to vote those out, who put immigration barriers or emigration restrictions up, to stop our freedom of movement. We are given no say when protectionist barriers infringe our freedom to trade. What value has "the vote" when it cannot even be used for survival and life-supporting decisions like these? To force one to vote on largely wrongful, irrational, trivial or messy and compromising package deals whilst outlawing freedom to have one's say (fully realized only under freedom of action) on essential survival questions, is absurd. - JZ, 5.6.04. – NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, BORDERS, FRONTIERS, WAR

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Any man more right than his neighbors, constitutes a majority of one." - said Henry David Thoreau. Since the numerical majority doesn't recognize this, why vote at all when you are an individualist or member of a small minority group? - When most voters believe that everybody can get rich at the expense of everybody else, when everybody has therefore his hands in everybody else's pockets, when society is nothing but a "mutual Plunderbund" (Bastiat), what chance has the individual enlightened voter or an enlightened minority - as long as his freedom of action (the one decisive vote) is suppressed and he is only granted "the right to vote" or the compulsory vote? - JZ, 5.6.04. – PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. MAJORITIES OR “REPRESENTATIVES”

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Before such voters, with their ignorance, prejudices and lack of interest, no one could represent my kind of ideals, even if these candidates themselves wanted to do so. If they did, they would not be elected. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Being opposed to power, coercion and monopolies, I feel compelled not to vote. - JZ, 5.6.04. – TERRITORIAL POLITICS AS USUAL VS. PANARCHISM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: By compulsion we get the maximum number of voters but also magnify the number of uninformed voters - quantity but not quality." - remarked Cdr. Craster Usher, R.N., ret., and quoted in AINR, 9.10.65. – DONKEY VOTE

VOTING: Compulsory voting: By making voting compulsory, politicians do ensure that the lack of trust in them does not become too obvious. They try the keep up the pretense of being true representatives of all the people, but they can do so only as members of a party considered by many merely as the lesser of two evils. But the fact that the vote, to be numerous enough, has to be compelled and that so many people have no respect for any of the politicians, shows all too clearly, to the observant, that the trust and mandate, which the politicians claim to possess, is nothing but self-deception, a fraud or confidence trick towards others. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11. – TRUST, MANDATE, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, CONFIDENCE TRICKSTERS

VOTING: Compulsory voting: By the way, "democracies" have compulsory voting also in common with totalitarian States, where such "consent" is usually registered at the 99 % level. The assertion of a 100 % consent would be too much even for these fanatics and would contradict their propaganda of the existence of internal criminal conspirators and agents of the enemies. - JZ, 5.6.04.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Candidates, parties and voters take themselves much too serious. I don't, but rather laugh about their antics - when they do not make me weep. (when they do not drive me to tears.) – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Compulsory Voting: Compulsory voting ... tends to make politicians appear more popular than they really are.” - "THE LIBERTARIAN NEWSLETTER", No.2, 1976. – COMPULSORY VOTING

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting compares to forcing people to confess on the rack. The confession does not benefit anyone but the Inquisitors and it leads to further prosecution of the victim. Allowing every victim to choose his own torturer does not help them. – JZ, 4.6.04.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting forces me either to vote for the thousands of wrongs committed by either party or to vote informal. The first is an immoral, the second a useless activity. - I vote by not voting, by not giving any of the parties or candidates my sanction and by working towards political alternatives (i.e., alternatives for volunteers only), including alternatives to the present political process and institutions. I am engaged in this kind of political activity not only now and then, as most voters, party members and politicians are, but permanently. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11. - PARTIES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TO EACH HIS OWN SYSTEM, TOLERANCE FOR ALL TOLERANT ACTIONS & COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting forces people, who otherwise would not bother to vote for any candidate or party offering themselves, to attend these ceremonies, nevertheless. It does so under the presumption that, once the ordinary and disinterested or even antagonistic voter is forced to attend this democratic ritual, then he will victimize himself by acting under one or the other or even several of ancient fallacies like: "choosing the lesser evil" or "not wasting one's vote" and, thereupon, take one or the other of the limited choices offered to him. This coercion is used to give the appearance of a mandate or legitimacy to those who are, in consequence, formally elected. Without this compulsion, they might, in extreme cases, get only e.g. 10% of the votes of those entitled to vote - and still would be elected to power by a majority of those who voted. With this compulsion, they might even be elected by a "landslide victory" and yet be considered by the vast majority of those who voted for them still as an evil, although as a lesser evil than the alternatives offered. The whole system "stinks" - if it is operated within a coercive, exclusive, territorial framework. It is rendered relatively harmless and even somewhat enlightening only when operated among volunteers only and thus other groups of volunteers remain at liberty to make other choices for themselves. - JZ, 1.12.87, 4.4.11.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting helps to prevents fully free competition and upholds territorial political power. – JZ, 4.6.04. - However, not as much as the suppression of individual and group secessions and of exterritorialy autonomous communities and societies does. - JZ, 4.4.11.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting insists upon everyone making friends or deal with the same territorial group of people only - while some people rather prefer to choose their own fellow-travelers, friends and associates in all the spheres and activities that they are interested in. – JZ, 4.6.04, 4.4.11.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting is as wrong as compulsory church attendance once was - and almost as senseless. - JZ, 24.9.83.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting is compulsory foolishness: It means pretending that people could live the lives of others for them - by voting on all too many aspects of their lives. - JZ, 5.6.04. - In the process so many laws and regulations are produced that no one has the time and energy to read them even once only. Thus all of us are turned more or less into law breakers. - At the same time, genuine individual rights and liberties remain largely unknown, unpublished and unrealized, although they are not so numerous that every adult could not learn all of them by heart. - JZ, 4.4.11. - LIVING ONE'S OWN LIFE, PANARCHISM INSTEAD OF DICTOCRACIES OF SINGLE DESPOTS OR DESPOTIC MAJORITIES, INTOLERANCE, HUMAN RIGHTS, LAWS, LEGISLATION

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting is like compulsory marriage or divorce, or, worse still, like compulsory polygamy. - JZ, 2.12.87. - Or like compulsory "gang-bangs" or "orgies". - JZ, 6.6.04. - COMPULSORY VOTING

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting is like compulsory tooth extraction. It may not immediately hurt you as much - but it costs you much more. Furthermore, it will only add to rather than end your woes.  Voting, like taxation, army, church, State and union membership should be quite voluntary. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting is like forced sexual intercourse: a rape of the voter. To allow a prophylactic, like the informal vote, does not make this rape right. – JZ, 4.6.04.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting is like the compulsory attendance at the rituals of a State Church. It is the worship ritual of the statist democratic faith, but it does not express faith in the State or at least in democracy at all. On the contrary, the more compulsion is being used, the less faith is being indicated among the people. - JZ, 18.3.99, 8.6.04. – COMPULSORY VOTING

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting is no better than compulsory church attendance. It is one of the cult acts of the predominant secular religion. – JZ, 4.6.04.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting means compulsory participation in crimes. Just like conscription. – JZ

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting means: "No matter how you vote, just vote!" and it is, as Lysander said in the DAILY CALIFORNIAN, 11/1/67: "designed to keep the intended victim snapping at the bait - political plunder." Frederic Bastiat, too, rightly characterized territorial politics as a "political plunderbund". Another called elections: "An advance auction sale of stolen goods!" – PLUNDER, WELFARE STATE, MAJORITIES

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting tends to keep parties in power which otherwise would obviously represent only a minority of the electors. This on its own would already suffice to make it wrong. - If the major parties are almost balanced, then the present political system amounts to the rule by one or the other minority - which just holds the balance. Any rule by a minority over the majority is no more right than a majority rule over the minorities (excepting only a majority rule over criminal minorities, real criminals, with victims!). Thus why should one sanction such an immoral process by voting? - Prof. Galambos said once: "You can beat'em if you don't join 'em." His suggestion should also be given a fair trial. Only minority autonomy for all voluntary communities would allow sensible voting within each group. In the collectivist voting process, the voting makes some sense only when there exists a powerful minority of totalitarians ready to grasp power, if offered power by too many people abstaining from voting. But this shows merely that no voter is morally bound to obey an election result which would infringe his rights and that the voter ought also to be armed, trained and organized for his own defence against totalitarians. – MINORITY OR MAJORITY RULE OR PANARCHISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT?

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Compulsory voting turns everyone into an accessory to the crimes committed by "his" politicians. – JZ, 4.6.04.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Counting votes is not satisfactory to me. Votes should be rather weighed or somehow otherwise measured, using the I.Q., property, income, political education, moral education, whichever way I or you prefer for our own autonomous and exterritorial political communities of volunteers. All other political associations are wrong anyhow. If 1., you force me into one territorial monopoly community, 2. one with your favorite voting system and 3. force me to vote, then you do me at least a triple wrong. My vote is, in my own estimate, at least worth 100 average others, but as you would just count it as one, why should I bother to offer it to you? - "Don't throw pearls to the swine!" - is a sound old maxim. – JZ, n.d. & 4.4.11. - COUNTING HEADS OR NOSES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, FREE CHOICE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Did the voters ever vote on compulsory voting or did their "representatives" impose it on them? Even if a referendum had introduced it, one should still ask: By what right could a majority force compulsory voting on individuals and minorities? – JZ, 4.6.04.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Empty ballot boxes are better than empty pockets and empty ballot boxes and empty pockets might lead us, sooner to a taxpayers' revolt and individual and group secessionism than some people expect. - Compare the rapid growth of Google search results upon searching for "voluntary taxation". Also the growing number of Google hints to panarchy and panarchism, personal law and secessionism. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: From the viewpoint of the voter himself the vote would be even more wasted if given to a party likely to do, in many respects, the opposite of what he wants done. - The choice of the lesser evil can hardly be called a constructive use of the vote. - At the same time as all genuine alternatives to the territorial voting process are going to waste (e.g. freedom of action for individuals and minorities), alternatives which constitute more important votes or choices, it is very misleading to raise the charge of waste only concerning the political vote, where it matters least. - What about the waste of all the taxpayers' money as a result of any election? - Not only the informal votes are presently "wasted" but all the votes cast in the cause of freedom, because they may be channeled only through a territorial, coercive, monopolistic, centralized and collectivist political party system. It is no consolation to see another foolish, prejudiced or even criminal politician elected by 100 001 instead of merely by 100.000 votes or, in case of abstention by 99.999 instead of 100.000 votes. All votes for politicians are, as a rule, quite wasted - except to promote their careers, their power and their incomes. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11. - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Give me free individual choices, then I will make my own rational choices. The lesser evil among several territorial politicians or parties does not attract me. – JZ, n.d. & 6.5.14.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: I am not an ape, one who would vote among many apes for a few apes. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: I cast my vote every day where it is relatively free and individualized: with my dollars on the market. I don't have to be compelled, registered or elected to do that. Alas, even here I am only allowed to use the governments depreciated and depreciating paper money! - JZ, 5.6.04. Moreover, I am not yet free to vote with my money in subscribing only to the public or political, economic and social system services, personal laws and institutions that I do really want for myself. – JZ, 6.5.14. - MARKET VOTE

VOTING: Compulsory voting: I don't want to vote in compulsory elections because this compulsion assures that the votes of fools and uninformed people will be still more numerous than they are already in voluntary elections and they do by far outnumber me. If I were so foolish to formally participate, I would help to make the results even worse, by strengthening a little bit its asserted legitimacy. If I shared the majority's views, I would have no influence on the results. If I were a wise man, I would be outvoted. So why vote? - JZ, 4.6.04, 4.4.11. – Everyone should have a full vote only on all of his or her OWN affairs. – JZ, 6.5.14. - FOOLS OUTNUMBER & OUTVOTE SOMEWHAT INTELLIGENT, ENLIGHTENED OR EVEN WISE PEOPLE

VOTING: Compulsory voting: I rather register my protest vote before another public, the one interested in sound ideas, principles and institutions. – JZ, n.d. & 6.5.14.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: I want all my individual rights and liberties rather than merely one vote among millions. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: I would give my vote only to those who really deserve it. None of those listed does. - JZ, 5.6.04. I never heard or read about a politician or political party interested in and working towards the realization of all individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 6.5.14.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: If I had full consumer sovereignty, even towards governments considered as agencies offering services, I would not vote for any of them or buy their services but rather prefer one or the other competitive market agency, one which would offer me exactly the help and protection or information services that I do want, and can afford, at a competitive price. They wouldn't "run the country" for me. I do not want it collectively "run" by any team of politicians and bureaucrats. Others can run their part of it at their expense and risk as they please. I just want to be free to run my own business and other affairs. - JZ, 5.6.04. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAWS, FREE CHOICE AMONG GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES FOR INDIVIDUALS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: If I would submit to compulsory voting out of fear of punishment, I will almost always vote informal because I will not voluntarily and to anyone or any group or party sign away my right to dispose of my life, my freedom and my property. – JZ, 4.6.04, 4.4.11. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POLITICS AS USUAL, POWER GAMES

VOTING: Compulsory voting: If those voting voluntarily would understand their rational self-interest, then they would welcome abstainers from elections, because they grant their own votes a relatively larger influence (however small that would still be). - If there were only 10 voters and e.g. 7 abstained, then the 3 remaining ones would be the decision makers. (Under territorialism all 10 decide for all ten. Under the exterritorialism and voluntarism of panarchism all 10 would decide only for themselves.) Thus, if they were rational, they should send letters of thanks to those, who e.g. voted “informal” or did not attend, instead of prosecuting them. But who says, that they are rational? - JZ, 5.6.04. - RATIONAL SELF-INTEREST & INDIIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

VOTING: Compulsory voting: If you gave me a real choice, I would vote for it. None of your sales offers is attractive enough for me. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: If you value your right to life, liberty, and property, then clearly there is every reason to refrain from participating in a process that is calculated to remove the life, liberty, or property from any other persons. Voting is the method for obtaining legal power to coerce others." - Robert Lefevre. - I do not choose to opt for territorial political power. Why should I? - JZ, 5.6.04. – Why should anyone have the opportunity to gain such power over other people, who do not agree with him? – JZ, 29.10.08. I am against all power over peaceful other people. So why should I vote in any statist and territorial election? – JZ, 6.5.14. – Q.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: In 1963 Miss Joan Rydon of Melbourne stirred up a democratic hornets' nest when she rounded off her discussion of compulsory voting with the remark: "In Australia where the apathetic and ill-informed are forced to the polls by law it is even more likely that the 'scum and dregs' of political life will decide who is to govern the country." - THE BULLETIN, 9.2.63 had this to say among other things, on her remark: "Most reactions to her observation were like that of Mr. C. T. Oliver, President of the Labor Party in NSW: 'What an impudent thing to say! Just what I'd expect from Melbourne University. You'll find the scum and dregs of political life around the universities these days.' - "One can appreciate his democratic fervor but he may have been less indignant if he had realized Miss Rydon's remark was based on the facts, for example, that the Labor Party was beaten in the Senate election in NSW in 1949 simply because the Liberals had a higher position on the ballot paper; that the same thing happened again for the same reason in Western Australia and Queensland in 1951 (giving the Liberals control of the Senate for the first time); and that the Liberals won the last Senate seat in Victoria in 1961 because of Communist preferences.” - "Similarly in the House of Representatives elections: in 1961 there were seven seats decided by the position of the candidates' name on the ballot paper, and four of them were won by the Government by this piece of luck. (The most famous case was that of Mr. D. J. Killen, the well-known anti-Communist of Moreton, Queensland, who got in by 110 votes because he got some of the preferences of the Communist candidate, whose name was above his on the ballet paper and he therefore won the donkey vote.” - "In other words, although the donkey vote makes almost no impression on landslide elections, it decides the closely fought ones. It can do so only because of compulsory voting. In the light of this it is surely ridiculous to regard compulsory voting as a sacred cow of democracy." – DONKEY VOTE

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Instead of forcing everyone to vote, let's rather have some discriminating literacy tests. - John Campbell, in a comment to a letter in ANALOG, Sept. 62, had this to say: "The only thing that keeps a lot of otherwise legal idiot voters from the polls is literacy. I do not say all illiterates are idiots - but I do hold that a man who won't take the trouble to learn to read has not earned the right to vote, and one who is incapable of learning would not be permitted to. I am aware that literacy tests can be perverted - but let's eliminate the perversion, not the tests." - Robert Heinlein, in his "Starship Troopers", made federal military service, against real enemies, a precondition for the right to vote and the right to be elected. - JZ, 5.6.04. – RIGHT TO VOTE? LITERACY OR OTHER TESTS?

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Is compulsory voting necessary, so that nobody can rightly complain that he had no part in electing the culprits? My main complaint is mainly that my "free choice" is confined to territorial politicians and their bureaucrats and that I have to pay for their disservices, no matter who gets in. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Is it really a "waste" of a vote when people fail to vote or vote informal? This opinion overlooks that the vote cast by an individual goes most likely to waste anyhow, among the millions of others. (If it were not, if an individual's vote would really make the difference on which party is to govern for a period, then, precisely, that individual should not have as much power over the fate of others! - JZ, 5.6.04. – WASTED VOTES?

VOTING: Compulsory voting: It amounts to compulsory worship of the territorial political "leaders"(misleaders or gods) and their political system and institutions with prescribed rites and penalties for heretics. – Most urgently needed, if mankind is to survive much longer, is the political, economic and social equivalent to religious liberty or religious tolerance. Most of the religious people are not even aware that this kind of tolerance is the best that they have to offer! - JZ, 4.6.04, 4.4.11. - RELIGIONS, TOLERANCE

VOTING: Compulsory voting: It is an evil to force anyone to choose between evils - unless as a punishment for his own irrational and irresponsible acts towards others. The lesser evil is still an evil. Thus it is wrong to force a anyone to vote for one or the other party. - JZ, 5.6.04, 6.5.14. - LESSER EVIL?

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Just because some people find singing beautiful is no reason for forcing all people to sing. – JZ, 4.6.04.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Many other voting systems make more sense to me than the one-man-one-vote system, especially when it is combined with compulsory voting. Nevertheless, I do recognize that everyone should be free to choose his own voting system within the system that he or she freely choose for themselves. Naturally, all the diverse and self-chosen systems could not be practised by all people in a whole country and this at the same time. All of them could only be practised in the same country and at the same time by their volunteers, under personal law and consistent voluntarism. All could only be practised within their own exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, of which so far not a single and quite pure example does as yet exist. - They are not impossible or wrong but merely outlawed. Probably none of the existing States could survive their free competition for long, with very many voluntary members and subjects. They would tend to become reduced to insignificant sects of "true believers". With that kind of faithful support they could continue to uphold their supposed "ideals" - among themselves and would no longer be a threat to others. - Then they would even provide a service - as deterrent examples. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11. - UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE? TO EACH COMMUNITY OF VOLUNTEERS ITS OWN VOTING SYSTEM: PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES, SOCIETIES & COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

VOTING: Compulsory voting: MYOB: “Mind Your Own Business” - All democratic voting tends to offend against this principle. Compulsory voting means that everybody is forced to mind everybody else's business and that nobody remains free and undisturbed to mind just his own. It is even more wrongful than voluntary territorial voting is - for compulsory territorial subjects. Such people will always be likely to be outvoted in their own affairs by people who, of necessity, neither know or care where their shoes pinches the dissenters. Mind your own business! This is a difficult enough maxim to follow. Think of the numerous business failures, even in normal times! Nobody, and I mean nobody, no matter how great his genius is, is qualified or truly authorized to run everybody's life and business all one’s public affairs, no more so, than one’s work, enterprise or private life. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11, 6.5.14.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: No individual has the full franchise today. No one is really free to vote, has a real choice, unless he can opt out and select an alternative government or even a non-governmental society or community for himself - regardless of what the majority wants and prefers by its votes for itself. - JZ, 5.6.04. - OPTING OUT, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

VOTING: Compulsory voting: No matter who you vote for, always a politician gets in", says one libertarian slogan with which I cannot help but agree. - JZ, 5.6.04. What makes it worse, under territorialism, that a territorial politician gets into power. What has he got to offer, that is quite rightful and rational to his subjects? His addiction to power? His pleasure to subjugate all others to his spleens, whims, ideology or choices? One "cook" for the population of a whole country can, certainly, not cater to all the different tastes and requirements. - Nor can a parliament-sized committee do so with its rules. - JZ, 4.4.11. – POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, CENTRALIZATION, COMPULSION, LEGALIED IMPOSTIONS INSTEAD OF PANARCHISM POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREE CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Non-voting is nothing immoral. People have the right to remain neutral, to live their own life, to abstain from meddling, to disagree by not participating: "This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." - said Shakespeare in "Hamlet". - JZ, 5.6.04. – However, we should certainly try to become free to mind our own business, to run our own affairs and institutions, under personal law or full exterritorial autonomy, after formal individual and group secessions from the existing States. - JZ, 4.4.11. - INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM & PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM PANARCHISM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: None of these parties and candidates knows or cares about what peace, freedom, justices, progress, prosperity etc. would really mean and require. Thus they should get no votes at all. However, if they acted only for or against their own volunteers, then I would mind them. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Nonvoting is a nonviolent non-action which violates no natural law. There are not many territorial political actions today of which one could say the same. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11. – INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, LAWS, NATURAL LAW & RIGHTS, NONVIOLENCE, ZAP

VOTING: Compulsory voting: One can make a good case for allowing only independent people to vote - and this would exclude compulsory voting: "My father", wrote Arthur Smith in a letter to "ANALOG", used to say that if a man was not his own master by the time he was 35, he had no business voting as he had proven himself unable to manage his own affairs successfully. To father it was immaterial whether a hired man made a dollar a day or $100,000 a year, he was still a hired man and socially below the man who was his own master." - JZ, 5.6.04. - Panarchism goes much further. It provides to each the independence and responsibility of his own choice, also the independency of any voting and decision-making and service system that other people do prefer for themselves. – JZ, 29.10.08, 4.4.11. – INDIVIDUAL INDEPENDENCE VS. DEPENDENCY AMONG VOTERS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-MANAGEMENT, EMPLOYEES

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Only an informal vote is a valid vote. All the formal ones do not really count, except for the elected clowns and parasites. - JZ, 5.6.04. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, RULERS, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, DEMOCRACIES

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Politicians want to go on pretending that they represent everybody in a whole country - by forcing all registered voters of a country to attend their elections, thus giving them an all too limited “free” choice. But the mere fact that in their opinion attendance has to be coerced and that in practice decisions are made only in accordance with the prejudices of most voters and their representatives, does objectively destroy this myth, no matter how long its ghosts still haunts some heads. - Representative self-government is nothing but a farce when one's vote is merely a very small fraction of the power required to put a single representative into office, a representative who, even with the best of will and greatest abilities cannot truly represent all those he is supposed to represent, a man, who has only a small fraction of the power required to bring about changes or repeal legislation, a man who, moreover, is subject to party discipline, while no party, as already its name says, can truly represent the whole. - Only individual sovereignty would allow true self-government. Those with totalitarian inclinations and territorialist prejudices wouldn't even allow a man either to vote or not to vote for the present system and any of its parties. - JZ, 5.6.04, 29.10.08, 4.4.11. REPRESENTATION, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Politics is not like football; in politics it is possible for both sides to lose." - said Prof. Galambos. - Why should one be forced to play a game in which one's partners are, largely wrongdoers or ignorant and prejudiced and thus everybody is likely to lose? - JZ, 5.6.04, 29.10.08. - TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITARIANISM, DEMOCRACY, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, STATOS, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Seeing only offers of territorial meddlers, such as political parties, candidates, statist "ideas" and "free" votes, I rather "abstain from beans". – The most decisive vote, that of individual secessionism and voluntary associationism under personal law and exterritorial autonomy, is denied to me. - JZ, n.d. & 4.4.11.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Slogans like "It's time!" prove that voting is not an intelligent decision-making process, one in which it is worthwhile to participate. It reduces every problem to the lowest common denominator in understanding or misunderstanding, ignorance and prejudices and this means, in practice, that decisions are made according to the most primitive and most common prejudices expressed in such catch phrases. - JZ, 5.6.04. – SLOGANS, POPULAR & FLAWED ONES

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The advocates of compulsory and secret voting tend to forget that "one can lead a horse to the water but one cannot make it drink". - This analogy limps, since the vote is nothing so beneficial and individualized as good drinking water and individual access to it. One has, therefore, to carry the analogy further and assume that this water is poisoned or polluted and that clever horses would smell the difference - and abstain or vote informal. - Why force conscientious objectors to vote informal? Why waste their time and your time and effort? Just because some coerced fool would then offer you his donkey vote? - JZ, 5.6.04. – There are many fools among those, who wish to cast it. – JZ, 6.5.14. - INFORMAL VOTING

VOTING: Compulsory voting: THE BULLETIN, in its 9.2.63 issue, asserted something that was new to me: "In any ease everyone knows the real reason why compulsory voting was introduced in Australia. It was because the political parties did not want to spend money or effort persuading people to go to the polls. But it is not an essential part of democracy to make life easier for the professional politicians." – They may have thought: “once we get them into the election booth their sense of self-importance will, usually, induce them to cast a valid vote, as if it mattered.” But the only ones who really need votes are the various politicians. – JZ, 29.10.08. - ORIGIN OF COMPULSORY VOTING, POLITICIANS & THEIR VOTING CATTLE

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The DIP paper "FOCUS" had this to report in its October 65 issue: "The South Australian Young Liberals are astounded at the result of a survey they conducted recently at Enfield. The purpose of the survey was to find out just how much the average person in the street knew, or cared, about politics. - "250 people were interviewed, 120 - almost 50 % - did not know what party was in power in Canberra; only 17 (7 % knew the name of their Federal Member; 30 % did not know Sir Robert Menzies was a member of the Liberal Party; fewer than 20 % knew what a Senator was, and 80 % had no idea how many seats were in the State House. - "Two thirds of those interviewed frankly admitted that they were not in the slightest bit interested in politics, and couldn't care less." - All these people had apparently not been educated, by their compulsory participation in the political process, and yet there are still true believers who want all these people to vote and want to herd them like cattle to the ballot boxes. "Stimmvieh" ("voting cattle") is the suitable derogatory remark for the voter in Germany. - JZ, 4.6.04.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The great merit of market place choosing is that no one is bound by any other person's selection. I may choose brand X, but this cannot prevent you from choosing Brand Y. ... When a vote is expressed in the market place, the only relationship that ensues is one between the purchaser and the seller. Those not voting, or those voting elsewhere, are untouched by our individual decisions. But when we vote politically, we seek a monopoly of control over others. And the largest number invariably binds the minorities. The political voting process is, basically, hostile to all minority views. It must be. Once a plurality of choice is found, it becomes binding upon all." - Robert Lefevre – MARKET VOTING VS. TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SOVEREIGNTY VS. MAJORITY DESPOTISM, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The insignificance of the political vote cannot be too much stressed when facing the large circus performances arranged around it. It's no big deal, it's much ado about nothing. It's really a non-vote, so small is the importance of the individual voter's vote. But the non-vote, understood in all its implications, in its complete rejection of the establishment, is of a high, even a revolutionary significance. - Politicians could certainly no longer assert that they have a "mandate from people" if, e.g., only e.g. 20% of those entitled to vote would bother to do so. - JZ, 5.6.04. – INSIGNIFICANCE, ELECTION CAMPAIGNS

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The law can herd me to the polling booth, by the threat of another $ 25 penalty if I do not attend this farce, one by clowns and for clowns. But it cannot make me give a valid vote to anyone of them. To that extent I do appreciate that voting is secret and, consequently, can be informal. – JZ - Currently the penalty is A $ 55. However, due to inflation, the purchasing power of these $ 55 may actually be lower than that of the previous $ 25. - JZ, 4.4.11.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The nation could cut expenses, as anyone can note, if only those expenses couldn't vote!" - Roger Devlin, quoted in THE READER'S DIGEST, May 66. - Instead of compelling people to vote many should be compulsorily excluded - if one accepts the premise of exclusive and territorial nations with compulsory membership. All people should only be free to vote among their likes, at their expense and risk, in their own volunteer communities, on their own affairs. - JZ, 5.6.04. – WELFARE STATE VS. PANARCHIES, POLYARCHIES, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEM & THE INDIVIDUAL CHOICES OF SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUALS

VOTING: Compulsory voting: the no-government concept includes as a correlative proposition the idea that people will be correspondingly free to choose - individually, or collectively - whatever economic, social, moral, etc., system they want." - Jerry Millet, Texas, in ANALOG's Brass Tacks column. Date? - Compulsory voting is one of the factors preventing this free voting. - JZ, 5.6.04. - MINORITY RULE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, IGNORING THE STATE, SECESSIONISM, NO IMPOSED GOVERNMENT, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS VS. TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The only condition which would make it obligatory for a rational man to make use of his limited right to vote (but he should also engage in all the other activities, which could prevent this from happening) does not exist now and here: the threat of a totalitarian minority, one ready to take over power at any time and which could gain it, most easily, by almost all but the members of this dangerous minority abstaining from the vote or merely voting informal. However, even if only the totalitarians voted, then this need not mean disaster, if one does not believe in the voting system as much as some do believe in the "Holy Spirit". There here is no moral obligation for the whole population to accept such an election result. The dissenters would retain the human right to secede and they would better be armed, organized and trained to be able to do so successfully. If they had granted, in time, to the totalitarians, as well, the right to secede and to rule or misrule themselves, at their own expense and risk, as much as they like, then this dilemma, of resorting to rightful force to uphold one's rights and liberties, would be unlikely to ever arise. Then and soon, the number of totalitarians, suffering alone and by themselves all the consequences of their own spleens, without being able to transfer their burdens to the shoulders of others, who disagree with them, would tend to shrink towards harmless proportions. - Thus, while I would vote to keep the minority of the 100 % totalitarians out of office, I find it futile to attempt to defeat, merely by my vote, the majority of 3 to 50 % totalitarians at the polls. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11 – TOTALITARIANISM, PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM: LET ALL PEOPLE DO THEIR OWN THINGS ONLY TO THEMSELVES

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The poll must be complete to be a fair indication of the feelings of the people", said Ron Benn, in favor of compulsory voting, as quoted in the "DAILY MIRROR", 27.11.63. - Feelings should, obviously, not decide any election. It's nonsense to strive for a complete vote whenever, anyhow, only the votes of the majority become effective. The attitude of many people towards their "representatives" is often properly expressed by their abstention from voting or by their informal votes. - JZ, 5.6.04. – REPRESENTATION, INFORMAL VOTING

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The territorial collectivist political vote allows everyone to shift the costs and consequences of their utopian dreams and projects on to the shoulders of others, who are turned into scapegoats – by calling them names like capitalists, kulaks, Jews, landlords, profiteers, speculators, conspirators, aliens etc. - The receivers of hand-outs do, largely, determine who is to pay taxes and how much. Thus irresponsibility and exploitation follow almost inevitably. Compulsory voting, combined with the territorial monopoly, helps to perpetuate this abuse by preventing self-enlightenment through full self-responsibility. - JZ, 5.6.04. – IRRESPONSIBILITY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, PARASITISM, WELFARE STATE, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The territorial political process is an unjust process. It has to produce its wrongs without my vote. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The unholy alliance of compulsory voting and 'a number in each square' produces the donkey vote ..." - Cdr. Craster Usher, R.N., ret., AINR, 9.10.55. - DONKEY VOTE

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The vote, as currently offered, is at most a civil right, but not a duty. As a right the present right to vote ought to be extended to the maximum, including the right to secede, i.e. the right to vote individually, and for oneself only, against the whole of the present establishment and to make one's vote count for oneself, and for oneself only, also the right to establish for oneself and likeminded volunteers some alternative autonomous institutions practising personal law among their members, no matter how ignorant or enlightened the present territorial majority is, and the supposed experts are, regarding the rightfulness, practicability and desirability of such actions. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CHOICE OF GOVERNMENT OR SOCIETY, PANARCHISM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: The worst compulsory vote consists in being forced to support the territorial governmental extravagances in form of taxation, central banking and war and peace decisions. The penalties for not paying are so high, at least for those caught, that not many individuals can or are willing to afford them. - The tax laws have become so complicated that even the tax gatherers themselves give false information, on taxation rulings, in about 50 % of the cases, at least according to two reports that I have seen. - JZ, 5.6.04.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: This vote is, already by its very nature, not a vote for individual liberty and rights. Thus count me out. – JZ, n.d. & 4.4.11.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Those who have to be compelled to vote are either a) so ignorant or disinterested in politics that they would make the usual election result still worse - by easily falling victims to the catchphrases of the professional demagogues, or b) of the same opinion as most of the other voters and would thus not change the result, or c) so far ahead of their contemporaries and so small in numbers that they have no chance or hardly any to affect the election results. - If the compulsion used does not force them to vote for one or the other but, instead, to vote informal, the result of the elections remains unchanged. Thus we do have another futile or harmful but anyhow quite wrongful and legalized coercion in compulsory voting. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11. - USELESSNESS OF COMPULSORY VOTING

VOTING: Compulsory voting: To call the extremely limited choice or vote, which is offered in the present territorial political process "the vote" is a misnomer because it presumes the non-existence of alternative, freer or wider choices or votes. The term "compulsory voting" is also a misnomer as long as elections are secret: It means no more than an objectively useless compulsory attendance at the polling booths, at least no more for all those, who are not conned into voting for the supposedly lesser evil or those on the top of the list, but who, instead, would rather vote informal than support any of the politicians offering themselves and the taxpayers of a territory for sale. (Alas, the alternative choice of: "None of the above!" is so far only very rarely offered on any ballot paper.) - JZ, 5.6.04.) – However short-term, nevertheless, a quite wrongful forced labor is involved. - JZ, 4.4.11, 6.5.14. - MISNOMER, INFORMAL VOTING

VOTING: Compulsory voting: To force a man, who is acting on his beliefs, by not sanctioning with his vote any of the existing parties or candidates on offer, is, legally but wrongfully tuned into an offence, one which adds insult to injury. That is what the penalty enforcing, or trying to enforce, compulsory voting, does. - How wrong this penalty is might also be perceived from the fact that every one of the about 100 arguments against compulsory voting, that I collected, regardless of whether they are right or wrong, is likely to be penalized with 10 cents, if the maximum penalty is given for failing to vote. (If my memory does not deceive me, once again, the penalty has been raised, in the meantime, to about $ 200. A mere $ 10 penalty was almost worth it.) - JZ, 4.6.04. - In the latest NSW State elections, the fine for not voting was A$ 55. - JZ, 4.4.11. - FINES FOR NON-VOTERS?

VOTING: Compulsory voting: To mix everybody's interests with the interests of everybody else through the territorial political process results only in a general mess or hotchpotch, a compromise, one in which the interests of nobody are properly taken care of. Who could paint a pretty picture when all his colors where compulsorily mixed up? Only common or separate interests can be satisfied. - JZ, 5.6.04. - FREE CHOICE, ALL TOO MIXED UP INTERESTS & COMMITMENTS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, TO EACH HIS OWN! EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM, DIVERSITY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, DIFFERENT INTERESTSM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM,

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Today's voting is just a feature of a territorial State based on coercion - and compulsory voting makes it still worse. - JZ, 4.6.04, 4.4.11. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Vote for any of them? You must be joking! – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Voters, candidates and elected take themselves too serious. I don't. - JZ, 5.6.04. – At least not in a positive way, while I do see the many wrongs and losses caused by this territorial and statist system, with its tendency to practise popular errors, myths and prejudices rather than enlightened views. Let all the dissenters do their own things for or to themselves, thus setting attractive or deterrent examples! – JZ, 29.10.08. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, TOLERANCE, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & DISASSOCIATION, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & FREE ENTERPRISE AND EXPERIMENTATION – EVEN IN THIS SPHERE!

VOTING: Compulsory voting: What value is the vote for public servants, when its natural counterpart, namely to vote against them: by recall at any time, the right to sue for disservices, done to oneself, and also done at one's own expense, and, moreover, the right to secede from them and to act with other volunteers under exterritorial autonomy - are not realized? The territorialist, collectivist, monopolistic and coercive political process turns the presumed representatives and servants into real masters. Isn't it wrong to force people to continue hiring "servants" when they would rather not hire any at all or would soon dismiss them because they are not worth a cent to them? - JZ, 5.6.04. – INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, ENTERPRISE, ASSOCIATIONISM, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & EXPERIMENTAION, IN EVERY SPHERE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SECESSIONISM & PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS

VOTING: Compulsory voting: While professional politicians have a vested interest in this kind of vote, I, for one, have none. I consider it a vote, which is not worth having. Using it is hardly ever an obligation. In most instances it is simply wrong and leads to many other wrongs. - JZ, 5.6.04, 4.4.11. - VALUELESS

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Why not also compulsory beer drinking, smoking or betting? Aren't most people in favor of these activities? – JZ, 4.6.04. – MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: Compulsory voting: Why vote for any of your victimizers? – JZ – By beginning the above statements with “compulsory voting?” I have brought the statements after these two words out of alphabetical order and introduced, probably, some repetitions. However, this way at least these attacks on compulsory voting are kept together. So I left it at this arrangement. – JZ, 21.4.09. - TERRITORIALISM, VICTIMIZATION

VOTING: Confinement of our choices to territorial and collectivist ones breeds tyrannies, dictatorships, revolutions, civil wars, national, religious, religions and other wars as well as terrorism. Thus a moral and rational being cannot favor these restrictions. - JZ, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Conscientious objection against territorial voting offers not practical way out but at least it refuses to sanction that "liberty" and supposed "right". - JZ - I would favor a vote on individual and group secessionism and on exterritorial autonomy for societies and communities of volunteers. - At least it would introduce these alternatives into the public discussion. - JZ, 4.4.11. - REFERENDUM

VOTING: consider the nature of the ballot. It is nothing but a fragment of sovereignty. It represents a small piece of the power which, in an absolutism, is vested in a single person or an oligarchy. And just as the substance of political power consists of castles and food and pleasures for the autocrat, so does the holder of this fragment of diffused sovereignty spell "good times". In short, the right of suffrage carries with it the expectation of economic welfare, and that expectation is still the motive behind the "x" set down along the candidate's name. We vote, in the main, by our belly-interest.” - Frank Chodorov, "Out of Step", p.38/39. - And the belly is rather shortsighted and does not give a hoot about principles. However, it is usually better able to distinguish rotten food from good food than the brains of most voters can distinguish between rotten and good ideas and proposals or whole platforms and it has its unique ability of instantly rejecting or rapidly bringing up rotten food, whilst we are stuck with voted in political platforms, distortions of them and lies and deceptions for years, decades and sometimes centuries. - JZ 1.12.87. - If only we, individually, could "vomit up", or otherwise excrete, all politicians and their "programs" and "policies", if we had been foolish enough to swallow them - as soon as we are quite sick of them! - JZ, 6.6.04.

VOTING: Count me out of your voting cattle and sheep. I don't like to be shorn skinned or slaughtered by you. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Decision-making: Imagine, a few well-paid people sitting down and deciding your fate, even that of your country and of this the world and, possibly, of the whole of mankind - and being elected by you to do so! I prefer other nightmares. – JZ, n.d. & 4.4.11. - TERRITORIALISM, NWT, STATISM, ELECTIONS, MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: democracy (the voting mechanism) is a very poor means for determining people’s preferences. Votes can be cast either for or against a limited number of proposals offered in referenda, but votes remain extraordinarily poor devices for registering the intensity (*) of different people’s wants and desires. – Furthermore, why would we want to rely on the cumbersome procedures of democracy to determine how many toothpicks or bow ties to produce?” - Richard B. McKenzie, Bound to Be Free, Hoover Institute Press, 1982, p.56. - (*) and great variety! – JZ

VOTING: Democracy gives every man the right to be his own oppressor.” - J. R. Lowell, 1819-1991, "Biglow Papers", set 2, no.7.

VOTING: Democracy in America is doomed when the people learn to vote themselves money from the public trough.” - Alexis de Tocqueville. – DEMOCRACY, ELECTIONS

VOTING: Democracy is only an experiment in government, and it has the obvious disadvantage of merely counting votes instead of weighing them.” - Dean W. R. Inge, 1860-1954.

VOTING: Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” - James Bovard (1994). - DEMOCRACY, MAJORITIES

VOTING: Democratic voters, whether they are aware of it or not, are as much voting against territorial governments, all their wrongs and evils, even when, formally, they voted for them, as did the voters for e.g. Lenin, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro and Idi Amin and similar beasts. They condemn themselves by their own votes, merely heaping up more and more evidence against every territorial system. - JZ, 9.11.97, 7.6.04. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, NATIONALISM, POWER ADDICTION

VOTING: Deprive every public servant of the vote - as he is merely a recipient and redistributor of favors – tax-funds. - JZ, 7/72. – PUBLIC SERVANTS

VOTING: Disfranchise net tax-recipients. - Disfranchise all who, in balance, get more tax money than they pay and we will get another kind of politician and policies. - JZ, 19.9.88. - By far not good enough as a proposal but a tiny step in the right direction. The fools too, have the right to self-government - but only among themselves and at their own expense and risk. - JZ, 8.6.04, 4.4.11.

VOTING: Disfranchise politicians and bureaucrats rather than letting them disfranchise us under the pretence of representing us via political and territorial "voting". - JZ, 25.8.98. – REPRESENTATION, STATISM, PUBLIC OPINION, TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: Distance yourself from territorial politicians and bureaucrats, rather than associate with them, even if merely by one vote informal vote among millions of formal votes. – JZ, n.d. & 4.4.11, 5.5.14.

VOTING: Do no longer vote for your tyrants!” - JZ, 18.3.02. – Try to gain the vote to opt out from under them, as individuals or as whole groups of volunteers. – JZ, 21.4.09. - FOR "DEMOCRATIC" TERRITORIAL TYRANNY? PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNDATISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS AUTHORITIES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

VOTING: Do not suffer universal suffrage any longer. - JZ, 13.4.91. – Anyhow, it was never universal for babies, infants and other obviously incompetent people. Perpetually voting incompetent people into public office amounts also to a proof of incompetence. – JZ, 6.5.14.

VOTING: Do territorial elections have any value otherwise than as circus performances by clowns for clowns? – JZ, n.d. – Q.

VOTING: Does it mend matters to say that under our system we choose the best man available, and leave the hundred questions for him to deal with? That is only our old friend, the autocrat, come back once more, with a democratic polish rubbed over his face to disguise and, as far as may be, to beautify his appearance. Our sin consists in the suppression of our own selves and our own opinions; and in one sense we fall lower than the slaves of the autocrat, for they are simply sinned against, but we take an active part in the sin against ourselves.” - Auberon Herbert, "Mr. Spencer and the Great Machine", p.63. - DEMOCRACY, AUTHORITARIANISM, TYRANNY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, SUBMISSIVENESS, “FOR EVERY TYRANT A THOUSAND READY SLAVES.”

VOTING: Does the vote really make one free? I do not believe it necessarily does, as I have said. Being able to vote is no more to have realized freedom than being able to read is to have realized wisdom.” - William F. Buckley, "Up from Liberalism", p.139.

VOTING: Don't be deceived! Don't vote at all! - D.Z. or JZ, 1973/74.

VOTING: Don't become an accessory to political crimes. Invalidate your ballot paper - after attending the farce, just to avoid the fine for not voting, or, rather, for not attending.” - JZ, 8.3.93, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Don't blame me: I voted for ‘Nobody’"! - Dangerous Button, 69.

VOTING: Don't blame me! I didn't vote.” - quoted by Nicholas von Hoffman, in "PENTHOUSE", ca. 11/1980.

VOTING: Don't blame me! I was too young to vote!” - MAD sticker, 1974.

VOTING: Don't blame me. I didn't vote for any of the bastards.” - Ross Cameron & JZ, 31.10.78.

VOTING: Don't deny the most important vote to any individual, namely, the freedom to secede from any government and to join or set up an exterritorially autonomous minority group. - JZ, 2.10.85.

VOTING: Don't leave anything to vote on!" - JZ, free after L. Neil Smith: "The Venus Belt", p. 73: "... there isn't even anything to vote on."

VOTING: Don't let all people decide all for other people. - JZ 26.6.79.

VOTING: Don't Re-elect Anybody!” - Bumper sticker by H. G. Enterprises, n.d. – Do not elect them in the first place! - JZ, 28.10.08.

VOTING: Don't surrender, don't vote!” - Sydney Graffito.

VOTING: Don't vote and the choice is theirs, vote and the choice is yours.” - The Individualist Libertarian Calendar for 1973.” - A printer's error? - That is exactly what the politicians try to make you believe! Vote and the choice is theirs. Don't vote and then the choice is still theirs but, at least, you have not given them your consent, not even the consent to the voting process. You have made at least this aspect one of your own individual choice. - JZ, 8.6.82, 1.12.87.  – “NONE OF THE ABOVE!”

VOTING: Don't vote wrongly? Everyone who uses his political or territorial vote, votes wrongly. Instead, vote upon the market and establish a free market for all public services, for all political, economic and social services, for the first place, a market upon which one can freely choose, as a sovereign consumer, also as a free entrepreneur, also vote and act as a competitor, with the own money and labor  - JZ 22.9.90, 4.4.11. – Originally, in German: Nicht falsch wählen"? Jeder der politisch (territorial) wählt, wählt falsch. Wählt auf dem Markt oder schafft einen freien Markt für Regierungsdienstleistungen - auf dem man wirklich als Konkurrent mit dem eigenen Geld und der eigenen Arbeit wählen und handeln kann. - JZ, 22.9.90. -  Don’t vote and the choice is theirs. Vote and the choice is theirs.” – anchorage anarchy # 13, Dec. 09, p.2 – Editor: Joe Peacott. - Bad Press,, Among the printed titles it offers for sale is James J. Martin’s excellent: “Men Against the State, The Exposition of Individualist Anarchism in America”, 1827-1908. - Don’t vote and the choice is theirs. Vote and the choice is theirs. - Asia Barberini and Michael Shanklin shared Statism Is Slavery's photo. – Facebook, 3.7.12. – Yes, but only under territorialism. – JZ, 3.7.12. - TERRITORIALISM– FREE CHOICES, FULLY FREE COMPETITION, EXPERIMENTATION, MEMBERSHIP,  CONSUMER & ENTERPRISE SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM,  PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

VOTING: Don't vote! - OUTLOOK, Oct. 72.

VOTING: Don't vote. The Government will get in.” - Oxford Graffiti.

VOTING: Dummies vote and dummies win. Or: Crooks vote and crooks win. Wise men almost never vote, run for office or win it. - JZ, 30.11.00. - POLITICIANS, VOTERS, ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, WISDOM, ENLIGHTENMENT, POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES, MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: During elections the voter may decides from which side his pockets will be picked.” – „Bei der Wahl darf der Waehler entscheiden, von welcher Seite ihm in die Tasche gelangt wird.“ - Helmar Nahr. (. - JZ)

VOTING: Each adult and rational person to get a complete freedom of action and veto power vote over the whole sphere of all his genuine individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 18.1.96, 4.4.11. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, INDIVIDUAL VETOS VS. TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: Each libertarian organization can be founded and sustained only by a conscious, well-informed public. Each person would be able to vote where he or she works or is active, on all issues of significant concern.” - David DeLeon, "For Democracy where we Work", in "Reinventing Anarchy", p. 320, by H. J. Ehrlich et al. - We should strive for freedom not only at the work place but also when it comes to the individual choice for any political, economic and social system. To each the own utopia - at the own risk and expense. No more territorial impositions based upon the majority decisions of other people, with whom one disagrees. - If any non-libertarian people wish to organize their own work and property, as well as their own political, economic and social system, in one or the other form of statism or socialism etc., it should be entirely up to them. - Self-chosen hells should also be optional. - JZ, 4.4.11. – META-UTOPIA, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL ALW, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL

VOTING: Each political and territorial vote is a vote against self-help for oneself as well as for all others. - JZ, 4.10.98. - It only helps the power-addicts to help themselves to the property, rights and liberties of others, as if they were entitled to them. - JZ, 7.6.04. - TERRITORIALISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-HELP, SELF-LIBERATION, TAXATION, LAWS, DECISION-MAKING MONPOLIES, STATISM

VOTING: Each should directly or indirectly tax only himself and like-minded people, for whatever he and they wants in services. - JZ 22.7.85.

VOTING: Each should have only the liberty to vote in or out his OWN office bearers or laws or constitutions etc. without any pretense that he could, with his vote, rightly represent others, who disagree with him. - JZ, 23.5.91. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: Each should only be ruled, if at all, by the party and government and legal system of his own, free and individual choice. Voting on the affairs of peaceful others, living in the same country or territory, was always wrong. – John Zube - FACEBOOK, 27.2.14. - COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM FOR ALL, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL KINDS OF VOLUNTEERS, POLITICAL PARTIES

VOTING: Each territorial election benefits me, but only by provoking more thoughts and expressions on why there should not be any territorial and collectivist voting that would, as such and quite inevitably, infringe the individual rights and liberties of any dissenters. - JZ, 11.9.99, 4.4.11. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: Each to be free to choose his own prime minister, tax system, constitution, laws, juridical-, police-, defence- and economic system and his ethnic or other associates. - JZ, 19.9.88. - VOTES, EXCLUSIVE ONES, FOR ONE'S OWN PREFERENCES. THESE INDIVIDUAL VOTES TO BE FREELY REALIZED BY EACH INDIVIDUAL, TOGETHER WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE, PERSONAL LALW, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: Each vote cast for any territorialist politician is a not only a wasted vote but a wrongful and harmful vote. It teaches neither the politicians nor the parties nor the voters enough of their fundamental rights, liberties and choices. Only individual votes that bind only the individual voter and his individually chosen representatives are really representative and educational for both the elector and the elected. Only they can lead to quite rightful and reasonable experiments and actions among volunteers and undertaken only at their expense and risk. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04. – VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

VOTING: Each voter should be free enough or become enfranchised to decide all issues concerning his own affairs for himself, by his own sovereign vote, regardless of how others vote on their affairs. – E.g.: You medical or social security system for you - mine for me! - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04, 4.4.11. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES & GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

VOTING: Each voter's choice should be only for him or her! – John Zube - Facebook, 26.10.12. - CHOICE, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

VOTING: Either the secret voting hides dishonest intentions or it is a cover for honest intentions which cannot be revealed because the voters do not live in a democracy but in a single or multiple (pluralistic) despotic State in which people can be penalized for the public declaration of rightful views and actions. Neither the dishonest intentions and actions nor the remaining despotism should be territorially sanctioned in any way, least of all by compulsory participation in such proceedings. - Let people do their own things - for or to themselves! - JZ, 1.12.87, 4.4.11. – TERRITORIALISM, TYRANNIES, COMPULSORY VOTING, MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: Elected, legalized and temporary despotism over dissenters is still despotism. Voting can be rightful only among volunteers. - JZ, n.d. & 4.4.11. - VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL & MINORITY GROUP SOVEREIGNTY, EXTERRITORIALISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION FOR ALL SELF-CONCERNED ACTIVITIES, NO MORE MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: Electing new masters does not lead to more freedom - unless freedom is already realized to the extent that all communities are reduced to only exterritorially autonomous associations of volunteers. - JZ, 16.3.95.

VOTING: Election proved unable to find out the men who might represent a nation and manage, otherwise than in a party spirit, the affairs they are compelled to legislate upon. These defects became so striking that the very principles of the representative system were criticized and their justness doubted. “- Kropotkin, in "19th Century Opinion", p.244. - Who compels anyone to legislate? - JZ, 2.12.87. - Who could, possibly and quite rightfully represent all others and make decisions on their behalf? - I deny that there is even a single such person in any country or even in the whole world. - JZ, 4.4.11. – DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, LAWS, RULERS

VOTING: Election winners: Now we know why they call politics the most promising of all careers.” - S. M. S., "READERS' DIGEST", 1972. – POLITICIANS, PROMISES, LIES

VOTING: Elections alone will never be enough to ensure good government. Russia and Pakistan are proof enough of that.” – Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, p.189, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0 00 655139 4 - Territorialism will make sure of that. As I wrote today on my local government election slip, when I voted informal, crossing out all the candidates and parties: “The lesser evil is still an evil!” – Even for these elections attendance is here compulsory but not filling it out just as the politicians want us to. – So I went for a walk, did some scribbling at the election booth and avoided the fine. To punish all the informal voters they would have to do away with the secrecy for ballots. - JZ, 13.9.09, 4.4.11. – ELECTIONS, GOOD GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, INFORMAL VOTING, VOLUNTARY GOVERNMENTS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM,

VOTING: elections amount to no more than choosing between the scum that floats to the top of the barrel and the dregs that settle to the bottom.” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p.73. - At least under territorialism. Under the voluntarism of panarchism it may have other and better results. Anyhow, then each will get what he choose for himself, as long as he is prepared to put up with it. Upon disappointments he would be free to secede and try again, in a different way. - JZ, 4.4.11. - & ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: elections are not democracy (and democracy is not freedom). - freestudentsnetwork

VOTING: elections are now no more than a plebiscite by which a whole people (*) puts itself into the power of a small gang.” - Bertrand de Jouvenal, On Power, 1993, Liberty Press, p.324. – (*) Not all are entitled or registered as voters and not all do vote and some do vote informally. - JZ, 21.6.01. - ELECTIONS, GOVERNMENTS, VOTING ONESELF INTO SLAVERY, POLITICIANS, RULERS, POWER ADDICTS & POWER-MAD PEOPLE

VOTING: Elections are often nothing but organized stupidity and, as Schiller said: "Against stupidity even the Gods fight in vain." - The present enforced territorial solidarity between the stupid and the wise doesn't teach the one nor protect the other. Only when their interests are separated and the stupid ones still have to bear the full brunt of their own mistakes, whilst the wise ones are free to set them the example of the benefits they derived from their wise decisions, is there any hope that the wise will have some positive influence upon the stupid. - JZ, 4.6.04.

VOTING: Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody, rather than for somebody.” - Franklin P. Adams, Nods and Becks, 1944. – quoted, without source, in a wipe email of 10.5.04 by Natalie Delgado

VOTING: Elections do not mean in practice: "Who should run the country?" but, rather: "Who should further mess up the country?" - JZ, 28.7.84. – TERRITORIALISM, RUNNING THE COUNTRY – INTO THE GROUND?

VOTING: Elections inevitably attract and select some of the worst, voted in by those most ignorant, deceived or prejudiced. - JZ, 27.2.89. - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Elections provide no security, no guaranty that in parliament and government will be people with special mental and scientific qualifications.” - Uwe Timm, Gesammelte Schriften, S.170. - However, they do assure that the worst get to the top (as Hayek pointed out in The Road to Serfdom), they will be filled with statists, territorialists and taxers, as well as practitioners of monetary despotism, abusing the legalized monopoly powers of central banks. - JZ, 4.4.11. - ELECTIONS & PARLIAMENTS, TERRITORIALISM, EXPERTS, PROFESSIONALS, STATISM

VOTING: Elections were being held in Russia and a peasant went to the polling booth to cast his vote. An official handed him an envelope to place in the ballot box. When the peasant began opening the sealed envelope, the Russian official cried out, "What are you doing?" - "I only wanted to see who I was voting for", said the peasant. - "Are you crazy?" roared the official. "Don't your realize this is a secret ballot?" - Arnold Fine, in "READERS' DIGEST", 9/75. - The Soviets always liked Westerners to mix up their own regime with Russia and its Russian population and pretended that all of the other over 120 captive nations in their empire (not to speak of the numerous diverse ideological and religious groups, subjected to that territorial and totalitarian regime, as if all of them were behind their slave masters (rather than under them). - JZ - "Their" people are behind their slave masters - very far behind. And so are the voters in all other countries. - JZ, 6.6.04. - This is a humorous instance, one that drives real experiences just one logical step further, of making the vote really secret. Not only who votes for whom and at whose expense, and who picks the candidates remains largely a secret but also for whom the vote goes. - JZ - JOKES, SECRET VOTING, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, THE UNITY SPLEEN, TERRITORIALISM, TOTALITARIANISM

VOTING: Elections: "... when Tweedledum & Tweedledee stage their quadrennial show and sham." - Will Durant, "The Story of Philosophy", p.46.

VOTING: Elective politics attracts the sickest and most perverted people in our society, and these are the ones we must choose from.” - Lowell Ponte. n.d. – POLITICIANS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, PREMIERS, CHANCELLORS, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP, POWER ADDICTS, CANDIDATES, REPRESENTATIVES

VOTING: Elector: One who enjoys the sacred privilege of voting for the man of another man's choice.” - Ambrose Bierce. - JOKES

VOTING: Ethical reasons and rational arguments have all too little influence upon election results. Prejudices and ignorance tend to prevail among the voters as well as among those elected by them. The process and the actions arising from it are themselves wrong, because they are based on compulsory membership and territorial coercion and enforced uniformity. - JZ, 15.11.95, 8.6.04. - ELECTION RESULTS, ETHICS, RATIONALITY, REASON, MORALITY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, INHERENT WRONG OF PRESENT ELECTIONS

VOTING: Even "free" but territorial and statist elections are always opposed to individualized selections for the selecting individuals only. - In territorial elections the contents of our "shopping baskets" are determined by the votes of others. - JZ, n.d., & 4.4.11.

VOTING: Even an honest election is dishonest in many of its representative pretensions - until "Count me out!" can be validly cast by all dissenters and secessionists, for alternative constitutions, laws, jurisdictions, police, prison systems and other institutions. -  JZ, 29.4.90, 4.4.11, 6.5.14.

VOTING: Even if I could overcome all my objections and were to cast a valid vote and even if it should happen that I would agree with so many of my fellow citizens that my single vote would tip the scale in our favor, I cannot see why my vote should be binding upon those who voted otherwise. I will not do that wrong towards them. I do not want to turn them, without justification or necessity, into enemies. I do not want to be subjected to their vote, either. - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. - Revised, 4.4.11. – ELECTIONS, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE FOR TOLERANT PEOPLE, FREEDOM TO DO THE OWN THINGS, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, OPTING OUT, WITHDRAWAL, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM

VOTING: Even libertarian candidates do mostly still favor territorial rule - by them. So, I won't vote for them, either. (Not that any were offered locally. Apart from one campaign, many years ago, on which I wasted much time and energy for very small results.) – JZ, nd. & 4.4.11. – LIBERTARIAN PARTIES, TEA PARTIES

VOTING: even Mr. and Mrs. Webb had come to admit that the democratic State is inadequate to provide for all human needs in all their varied complexity, and to declare that there has been a revolution in thought with regard to Democracy, and it has become realized that the individual citizen cannot be adequately represented for all purposes by means of a single vote as a human being. But it is a dangerous admission for them to make, for when once the omni-competence of the idol, the State, has been brought in question, we are in the fair way to voluntary association, unless life is to be an unblushing struggle to obtain the domination of compulsory co-operation in conflicting spheres.” - S. Hutchinson Harris: "The Doctrine of Personal Right", p.248/49. – PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, SECESSIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, POLYARCHISM, POLLYARCHISM

VOTING: Even supposing politicians were perfectly informed of the full effects of their taxing and spending programs, the political market would remain an inferior democratic mechanism to the economic market. No reform of the electoral system could enable national macro-policy to reflect different individual micro-preferences as effectively as the competitive market economy.” - Ralph Harris, "The End of Government ...?" p.18. - TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITARIANISM, REPRESENTATION

VOTING: Even though counting heads is not an ideal way to govern, at least it is better than breaking them." - Judge Learned Hand. Speech to US Federal Bar Association, 8 March 1932. - Voting may not break heads, directly, but it does not liberate our heads and bodies, either. - JZ, 20.6.92. - Moreover, indirectly, it does lead to the breaking of many heads, to the extent that it is imposed territorially upon all, as a collective decision-making process, regardless of the fact of how many minorities and individuals would rather govern themselves than be governed by a majority of people who do not agree with them. This common practice is a breeding ground for dictatorships, not only in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. - JZ, 7.6.04. - Moreover, as Kant pointed out, by monopolizing decisions on war an peace, even democratic or republican governments are really despotic regimes. Not only through their taxation and monetary policies and their avalanches of legislation. How many more examples do we need to demonstrate, clearly enough, to most people, that they can also be Warfare States, with a few exceptions, like Switzerland, Sweden and the miniature States? - We have democracies armed with anti-people mass murder devices, while they do, usually, abstain from serious attempts at tyrannicide. - JZ, 4.4.11. – WARFARE STATES, NWT, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VOTING: Even voting for the right is doing nothing for it. It is only expressing to men, feebly, your desire that it should prevail. A wise man will not leave the right to the mercy of chance nor wish it to prevail through the power of the majority. - Thoreau. - MILITIA, PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: Every candidate should be allowed to win or represent - but only the rule over those, who voted for him. He could do that as one of the elected leaders of an exterritorially autonomous protective association, formed by any particular group among many diverse minorities or, if he is lucky (or unlucky, seeing that living and acting for many others rather than living the own life, is a time and energy-consuming chore) by the majority in any country or even in the whole world. - Any leash has two ends, as one proverb has it. A very small example for this: A sovereign, like the constitutional English Queen, does not even have the freedom to celebrate her birthday on its real day but, instead, only on a day, often a few days removed from the real birthday, that is convenient for the public! - Moreover, how much privacy does a ruler have? How many bodyguards does he or she need? - A ruler over or manager of volunteers only would be much more loved, safer and likely to rule much longer, if he wanted to. - Thus, if our territorial rulers knew at least their own interests and rights well enough, they would become pioneers in transforming their territorial States into communities or societies of volunteers. Thereby they would lose many enemies and retain and gain many friends and allies. - JZ, 21.11.82, 4.4.11. – The rational and rightful interest of rulers, representatives and administrators requires voluntary followers instead of mere subjects. – JZ, 6.5.14. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, ELECTION IN WHICH EVERYONE WINS – HIS OR HER PERSONAL LAW SYSTEM, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, LEADERSHIP

VOTING: Every cast vote is a wasted vote. – JZ, 19.2.08. – Unless you cast a vote as a “representative” in your own interest, upon instructions by the best paying lobby. – JZ, 17.9.08. – BOUGHT VOTES, CORRUPTION, BRIBERY, PAYING FOR VOTES

VOTING: Every dollar is a ballot.” – Admiral Ben Moreell, "Log I", p.131.

VOTING: Every election fools every voter. - JZ & D.Z., 26.5.74.

VOTING: every election is a seizure of power. The balloting system has been defined as a battle between opposing forces, each armed with proposals for the public good, for a grant of power to put these proposals into practice. As far as it goes, this definition is correct; but when the successful contestant acquires the grant of power, toward what end does he use it? Not theoretically but practically. Does he not, with an eye to the next campaign, and with the citizens' money, go in for purchasing support from pressure groups? Whether it is by catering to a monopoly interest, whose campaign contribution is necessary to his purpose, or to a privilege-seeking labor group, or to a hungry army of unemployed or of veterans, the over-the-barrel method of seizing and maintaining political power is standard practice. - This is not, however, an indictment of our election system. It is rather a description of our adjustment to conquest.” – Frank Chodorov, "Fugitive Essays", p.203. - TERRITORIALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL, LOBBIES, PRESSURE GROUPS

VOTING: Every election is a sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods.” - H. L.Mencken.

VOTING: Every law ever made stands over you.” - John Pearce, 30.7.82. - Do you really want to be a "lawful" stand-over man? - JZ, 82. Or to be subjected to one? Or even to millions of them? – JZ, 28.10.08. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM VS. PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM & TOLERANCE, LEGISLATION, RULERS, GOVERNMENTALISM BY POWER ADDICTS

VOTING: Every man can at best only properly represent himself. Certain individual responsibilities should not, nay cannot even be rightly transferred to others, never mind how often and in what form the attempt is made. Each has to live his own life and fulfill his own obligations. Otherwise he is not a personality, not fully human, but merely a vegetable, puppet or robot managed by or all too much under the influence of others. When it comes to majority voting, he is under the influence of the most ignorant and prejudiced people. To formally give the consent to such an abominable condition makes matters even worse, puts people on a level of those who voluntarily (largely through force of circumstances, as a last resort to raise some cash) sold themselves into galley slavery. I believe Archenholz, in his "Travels in Italy", middle of the 18th. century, reported still some such instances. - Or should a ruler be proud to have submitted to his addiction to territorial power? - How many enemies does he thus make for himself, quite unnecessarily? - How much that is really enlightened and enlightening, just and liberating, can he possibly do in such a position? - JZ, 1.12.87.

VOTING: Every man one vote - and an exclusive one - on his own affairs. No man to have any vote on anybody else's affairs, except within communities of volunteers. If they subscribe all to this kind of decision-making. Since they are volunteers, agreeing on all main points, elections or a referendum will only be rarely needed by them. - This is my political ideal. Genuine self-government or self-management by like-minded people. - JZ 7.5.76, 2.4.89, 4.4.11. - TOLERANCE, SELF-RULE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-HELP, ASSOCIATIONISM

VOTING: Every territorial government inevitably betrays many of its voters. - JZ, 74. - Naturally, it also acts as an enemy of all those who voted against it. - JZ, 29.11.87. - Thus it becomes widely hated or despised and often insulted and breeds all kinds of "freedom fighters", resistance and terrorists. - JZ, 4.4.11. - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Every territorial vote reduces us as individuals. Only exterritorial votes and choices can liberate us to the extent that we do individually desire and that is rightful and possible for us to achieve. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6. 04.

VOTING: Every vote in territorial States does wrongfully usurp the rightful self-government powers of others while at the same time extremely and wrongfully limiting them. - JZ, 2.3.96. - MYOB, GENUINE SELF-DETERMINATION.

VOTING: Everybody gets a vote on everyone else's affairs and no one gets the decisive vote on his own affairs. - JZ, 6.11.99. – TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

VOTING: Everybody should have dozens of panarchistic or polyarchic systems to choose from whether governmental types or non-governmental ones, for himself and his own affairs. Any other vote is trivial compared with this one. - JZ, 28.5.99, 8.6.04. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: Everyone should only have the right to vote in or out his OWN representative, office bearer or law or constitution, without any pretence that he could rightly represent others, who disagree with him. - JZ, 23.5.91, 4.4.11.

VOTING: Everyone votes for a dictator.” - Ron Chusid, - THE CONNECTION 66, p.64. – Even in a democracy. Only its dictators are not quite as powerful as the Hitlers, Stalins and Maos. – Except when it comes to nuclear “weapons”, anti-people “weapons” or mass murder devices, central banking or other features of territorialism. - JZ, 28.10.08.

VOTING: Everyone, supposedly, gets an equal vote for the government type that they do want. However, through the territorial and majoritarian system often as many as 50 %, and, sometimes even more, of the population (e.g. those, who did not even bother any more to vote) do not get the government or non-governmental system that they would prefer for themselves. Moreover, the final and greatest decisions are made by ever-smaller minorities among the victors. Only a fraction of the population is entitled to vote. Only a fraction does actually vote. The candidates are usually pre-selected by others than the voters. The winners combine only a fraction of the votes upon themselves. And when they vote in the "representative" bodies, provided all of them bother to be present there, rather than e.g. being on a world trip with their current love, under one false pretence or the other, their decisions are made only by a fraction. And this on proposals usually made by only by a very exclusive group and decided upon by party discipline rather than free discussion. In numerous ways the supposedly "representative" system is very unrepresentative. Minorities and individuals? Who cares about them, in a democracy, unless they form a powerful voting block or are rich contributors to lobbies and party funds - or bribes. - JZ, 20.11.96, 8.6.04. – TERRITORIAL VOTING

VOTING: Everyone, who does not vote, should be considered as an autonomous, exterritorial, voluntary and individual secessionist. - JZ, 4.9.89.

VOTING: Except where the vote is denied, voting is perhaps one of the least effective acts of responsible citizens. But to describe America as a democracy implies that voting represents a citizen’s total responsibility.” - Richard C. Cornuelle, Reclaiming the American Dream, A Vintage Book, p.28. – DEMOCRACY

VOTING: Exterritorial self-government for all those who, today, are merely territorial politicians and voters, victimizers and victims of the territorial system. - JZ, 25.5.96, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Exterritorial voting among volunteer communities rather than territorial voting over involuntary subjects. - JZ, 2.3.96.

VOTING: Exterritorially autonomous panarchies for all communities of volunteers rather than territorial sovereignties, monopolies and coercive powers and majority despotism over dissenters, i.e. over all compulsory members. - JZ, 11.9.99.

VOTING: Factions and voting blocks prevent sensible and tolerant actions among those able and willing to agree and enforce, instead, senseless compromises. - JZ, 4.6.04.

VOTING: Fancy being one of the culprits who either tried to keep McMahon in power or put Whitlam into office. Rule thyself. Don't try to dominate others, neither directly nor by proxy. "One people, one empire and one leader" means disaster heaped upon disaster, as the Hitler Regime amply demonstrated. "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer!" was one of its main slogans. - JZ, 5.6.04. – LEADERSHIP, ONE PEOPLE? ONE NATION? ONE TERRITORY, ONE LAW FOR ALL IN IT? CENTRALIZATION & ITS TERRITORIAL COERCION, PANARCHISM OR POLYARCHISM OR PERSONAL LAW OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, I.E., THEIR OWN CHOICES FOR ALL BUT AGGRESSORS & CRIMINALS WITH VICTIMS

VOTING: Far better simply to abstain from voting, and devote all energy to spreading the light!" - John Beverly Robinson.

VOTING: Feeble minds feebly putting feeble minds into office. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Few if any political scientists would fault Barnd's formulation of two axioms of democratic theory: (1) "without proper and adequate knowledge the electorate is unable to vote or express its views intelligently," and (2) "if a people are, in the final analysis, to rule themselves, they must be adequately informed to know what they are doing.” - Paul W. Blackstock in W. J. Barnds: "The Right to Know", p.65/66. – Neither "free" and compulsory education nor the mass media nor political scientists have achieved that degree of enlightenment. On the contrary, the fact that the level of public debate is often LOWEST during election campaigns indicates how little has been achieved. Often the ignorance, errors and prejudices of swinging voters are systematically appealed to. Moreover, genuine self-rule or self-government is something very different from coercive collective and territorial rule, even if via the usual voting one does somewhat, a tiny bit, participates in the latter. - JZ 1.12.87, 4.4.11. – Individual sovereignty and secessionism, voluntary membership in an exterritorially autonomous community of volunteers do constitute the decisive voting right. It is now constitutionally, legally, juridically, traditionally and customarily denied to all, due to territorialism, statism, governmentalism and nationalism. It will remain so until both the ruled and the rulers are sufficiently enlightened. This kind of enlightenment has barely begun. – JZ, 7.5.14.

VOTING: First the so-called elections. We do not have them. We do have only the chance to make a cross next to pre-selected names. During these elections the citizen does not have the option to select a personality whom he trusts and to propose him as a candidate. He can only mark the name of a person that some party council has already previously elected.” - Erika Herbst: "Alle suchen nach Loesungen. Wir haben sie", S.12. – ("Zunaechst zu den sogenannten 'Wahlen". Wir haben gar keine Wahlen, wir haben nur Ankreuzungen. Bei den Wahlen hat der Buerger nicht die Moeglichkeit, eine Persoenlichkeit seines Vertrauens auszuwaehlen und vorzuschlagen, er darf nur jemand ankreuzen, den die Parteigremien schon vorher gewaehlt haben.")

VOTING: Foolish people have yet to discover that, no matter who you vote for, the government always gets elected!” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 31. – It assures that the wrongs and nonsense of territorial politics will go on, indefinitely, as usual. – JZ, 21.4.09. – At last as long as territorialism, statism and nationalism remain as popular as they are now, even among the more intelligent people. – JZ, 7.5.14. - Compare: “No matter who you vote for, a politician always gets in.” & GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, NATIONALISM

VOTING: for a completely honest election, I submit we need to give every voter a chance to express his true preference. Instead of being forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, as is so often the case, let the voters actually vote for the candidate of their choice, if any, or for Nobody, or, for None of the Above. If Nobody wins, then Nobody fills that office for that term. If None of the above wins, then a second election will be held, and none of the turkeys that were on the ballot the first time will be eligible to appear on the ballot the second time. Fair enough?” - JAG, 21.9.76. - No. Fairness will exist only when volunteers can follow their own voting preferences in their own exterritorial and autonomous; volunteer groups, societies, communities and competing governance systems, regardless of what other minorities or the majority may choose to do among themselves, with their kind of volunteers. - JZ, 2.12.87, 7.5.14. – VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW SEPARATISM, META-UTOPIA, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL THE DIVERSE GROUPS, NO MORE COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM, STATISM, “UNITY”, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

VOTING: For centuries the only means at the disposal of power by which it might acquire its ends was the bullet. (*) All its conquests, its means of securing the subservience and exploitation of the weak, was by the method of extermination - the bullet. But, finally, the observation that a large army could conquer a small one led to the method of enumeration to settle a dispute instead of the old one of extermination: the ballot instead of the bullet.” - Sprading, "Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.25. - There were also slavery and serfdom as alternatives to extermination. - (*) E.g. Swords, lances, arrows and cannon balls also played a role. - JZ


VOTING: Forced and unpaid labor is, supposedly, abolished in Australia. Forcing me to attend at an election booth amounts to the imposition of forced and unpaid labor, however small the job and however temporary it is. If it could be rightly done in this case, it could be rightly done in thousands of other cases, leaving me no time to live my life and work for my life. One should resist the beginnings. Church services are no longer compulsory. Why should election-services be – or taxes? – JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. – FORCE & UNPAID LABOR

VOTING: Frederic Bastiat (19th. century French statesman, economist and author of "The Law" and many other works) saw the connection between the ballot box and a plundering government: how, with the vote supplying the illusion that the voters are in reality the government, the politicians and bureaucrats are enabled to plunder their willing victims and then, in the form of gratuities consisting of the people's own tax money, further corrupt and enslave them." - Lysander in "THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN", 11.1.67.

VOTING: Free choice of "keepers" or a real choice of adult status for all adults, i.e., free choice of exterritorial autonomy for volunteers? - JZ, 25.7.91, 14.1.93. – VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, CONSISTEN FREE COMPETITION OR LAISSEZ FAIRE OR CHOICE OR FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, CONTRACT & EXPERIMENTATION IN EVERY SPHERE VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, NATIONALISM

VOTING: Free decision-making for all, not just for politicians and bureaucrats! – JZ, n.d.- DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY

VOTING: Free elections - for two minutes - and then subjugation to the masters elected by the large numbers of the most ignorant and prejudiced people - for the next two to four years! - JZ, 8.4.95.

VOTING: Free enterprise for voters or freedom of action, rather than: vote and obey! - JZ, 24.3.03. – FREE ENTERPRISE & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE VS. TERRITORIAL MONOPOLISM

VOTING: Free voting requires exterritorial voting for and within one's own volunteer community. Territorial voting denies that most important franchise of all to all of us. – JZ, n.d. & 7.5.14. – VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, NATIONALISM, COMPULSORY ASSOCIATIONS OF ALL KINDS

VOTING: Free voting under monetary despotism and compulsory taxation and imposed territorial rule, without free choice among competing governments and societies? A delusion rather than a reality! – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Free, peaceful, just and rational men cannot reach their aims through the bottleneck of the territorial political process. – JZ – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, COMPULSORY ASSOCIATIONISM WITHOUT THE INDIVIDUAL SECESSION & PERSONAL LAW OPTION

VOTING: Freedom has the case but not the votes. But this does not warrant despair. Every movement in history - good or bad - has been led by a few. Not even simple matters have ever had mass understanding.” - Leonard Read, "Meditations on Freedom", p.12. - All too many liberation steps were prevented or for all too long postponed by the imposition of territorial monopoly decision-making. - JZ, 4.4.11. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM VS. PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA

VOTING: Freedom is confused with voting.” - Robert LeFevre, LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL, Fall 77. – With territorial and statist voting while the most important voting rights remain outlawed. – JZ, 7.5.14. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, META-UTOPIA, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM & SOVEREIGNTY

VOTING: Freedom of speech and actions for territorial politicians can achieve little if any positive good. We have to rest all our hopes upon freedom of speech and action for individuals and volunteer groups. - JZ, 30.7.82, 4.4.11.

VOTING: Friedrich Hayek, in "The Road to Serfdom", dedicated a special chapter to answer the question why, in democracies, based upon voting and representation, "the worst get to the top". Even now he has not yet seen the exterritorial and voluntaristic alternative but merely tries to suggest reforms to the existing system. - JZ, 1.12.87. - HAYEK

VOTING: From my point of view, the mere act of voting is a cop-out. The voter has, in effect, admitted by manipulating his ballot machine lever, that he can do nothing himself. Therefore, he is shrugging his shoulders and asking "George" (or Pete or Joe) to take action. This is not taking action; it is refusing to act.” - Robert LeFevre, "LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL", Fall 78. - It amounts also to denying freedom of action or freedom to experiment to others, even when these actions are carried out quite tolerantly, only among volunteers and at their risk and expense. - JZ, 4.4.11. – VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, EXPERIMENTATION, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: From the same kind of thinking arose the notion to elect a significant political and economic thinker and writer as "president", although that person is deceased, basing all "presidential decisions" on his writings and interpretations of them. Ludwig von Mises was proposed for this role by some libertarians. - Well, if this proposal were realized, it could hardly be worse than some of the religious regimes that we have experienced, based on various "holy writs" or some of the ideological ones, based on "holy" writings by a Marx, Engels, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin or Mao Tse Tung. - JZ 1.12.87. – The best way to honor Mises would be to stand on his shoulders and think and act beyond his horizon. – JZ,  7.5.14. - PERSONALITY CULT, HERO WORSHIP, TURNING LEADERS INTO GODS, MISES.

VOTING: Full exterritorial autonomy for all individuals and all their individual choices, rather than any territorial impositions upon all the population, especially not upon any peacefully dissenting citizens. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04, 4.4.11, 7.5.14. – VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES FOR INDIVIDUALS, LAISSEZ FAIRE COMPETITION, FREE ENTERPRISE- & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY OPTIONS & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, NOT JUST FOR A FEW, WITH A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY, SO THAT THEY DO BECOME MISLEADERS

VOTING: Fundamental differences in basic values can seldom if ever be resolved at the ballot box; ultimately, they can only be decided, though not resolved, by conflict. (*) The religious and civil wars of history are a bloody testament to this judgment.” - Milton Friedman, in "Capitalism and Freedom", p.24. - F. is still unaware of the potential of exterritorial autonomy of volunteers - panarchism - for lastingly avoiding conflicts by permitting sufficient constitutional, legislative and juridical separation of antagonists, which gives all of them full scope for their own beliefs, practised at their own expense and risk among themselves, introducing rightful tolerance or freedom of action or experimental freedom in politics, economics and social etc. "public" affairs. - JZ 30.11.87. - (*) Or by free and peaceful competition from exterritorially organized volunteers. - JZ, 4.4.11. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM PERSONAL LAW VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VOTING: Fundamental rights may not be submitted to a vote; they depend on the outcome of no election.” – U.S. Supreme Court – West Virginia State Board of Education vs. Barnette, 1943. – But what about the votes of the legislators and judges on laws and regulations infringing individual human rights and liberties? They are not outlawed by this Supreme Court decision. – JZ, 27.7.96, 18.8.08, 7.5.14. - Is there any Bill of Rights clause in the Amendments to the USA Constitution that has not yet been infringed by many mere laws and regulations? – Or even by decrees of Presidents? To a large extent this constitution, too, has been outlawed! - Governmental jurisdiction has not prevented that development. Not has any territorial government every formally recognized and declared all genuine individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 4.4.11, 7.5.14. - PARLIAMENTARISM, STATISM, REPRESENTATION, INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM VS. TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Give a free vote to all adults, on taxes, international treaties, defence and disarmament measures and on whether there should be a war at all and if so, then for what rightful aims. Allow all to vote e.g. in a referendum on all questions and, most importantly, via individual sovereignty, secessions and personal law choices. - JZ, 2.10.85, 4.4.11, 7.5.14. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: Give people the vote - e.g., whether they want nuclear energy, nuclear arms, nuclear war - and are willing to pay for them, with their earnings, property, health, freedom and lives. - JZ 12/75. - NWT

VOTING: Give the people a toy, they will pass the time with it and allow themselves to be led, provided that the final goal is cleverly hidden from them.” - The youthful General Bonaparte, as quoted in Rocker: "Nationalism and Culture", p.250. – COMPULSORY TERRITORIAL COLLECTIVISM, STATISM, MONOPOLISM, NATIONALISM, REPRESENTATION, GOVERNANCE, MISLEADERSHIP, POWER

VOTING: Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good. - Chris Lyspooner on Facebook, 13.2.12. -  CHRISTIANITY

VOTING: Good government?” - "... it cannot be done; we have been voting for one "good government" after another, and what have we got?" - Frank Chodorov, "Fugitive Essays", p.205. – GOOD GOVERNMENT?

VOTING: Good Lord! What a lot of trouble to prove in political economy that two and two make four; and if you succeed in doing so, people cry, “It is so clear that it is boring.” Then they vote as if you had never proved anything at all.” – Bastiat, in G. C. Roche III, Frederic Bastiat, A Man Alone, p.240. – Those who managed to enlighten themselves and even those, who merely believe that they did, should be quite free to vote themselves out of the messes that others do vote themselves and all dissenters into, territorially. Individual and group secessionism on the basis of personal laws and complete voluntarism is a much better way to enlighten citizens and “representatives” than any territorial and collectivist voting and decision-making system. – J.Z, 6.12.07, 4.4.11. – INDIVIDUAL- & GROUP SECESSIONISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, META-UTOPIA, CONTRACTARIANISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, ENLIGHTENMENT, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. REPRESENTATION & MONOPOLISM

VOTING: Governments always win voters with their promises, before they are elected, and soon afterwards lose them again, by their actions. The riddle consists in this: Why do the voters, again and again vote, all too hopefully, one set of rascals out and another set in, only to be soon disappointed by them, once again? Why do they rely more on these professional rascals and liars rather than upon themselves, to improve their own conditions? One of the baits is, naturally, that with their votes they get some access to the common trough, filled with tribute levy funds that they and others were forced to pay into. Taxes and government hand-outs are taken for granted, just like death. In their schools and universities the voters have apparently learnt nothing about e.g. voluntary State membership, voluntary taxation, free banking, individual rights and liberties, privatization of all government assets, competing police forces, competing communities of volunteers under personal laws and xyz other freedom options. – JZ, 22.10.07. - GOVERNMENT PROMISES & GOVERNMENT ACTIONS, SCHOOLS, STATISM, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Governments will always stick to their own priorities, not to those of the voters. - JZ, 13.7.87. - Under territorialism they got away with this for a long time. I deny that they could furthermore get away with this under voluntarism and its personal law communities, all under full exterritorial autonomy, with unrestricted individual and group secessions. - JZ, 4.4.11. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, META-UTOPIA, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

VOTING: groups that lose too many votes eventually explode in frustration.” - Ken Schoolland, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, Leap Publishing, Cape Town, with Commentaries by Ken Schoolland and Janette Eldridge, 1981 ff, 2004 ed., p.232. – That fate is largely spared to communities of volunteers. They can only blame themselves, for their own mistakes and, due to individual secessionism, those, which produce one failure after the other, will finally run out of old and new members. – They do thus rather implode than explode. - JZ, 21.4.09. – LAISSEZ FAIRE SELF-RULE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREINGTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM, PANARCHISM GENUINE SELF-RULE & SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, COMPETING GOVERNANCE VS. TERRITORIALISM, ITS TERRORISM, STATISM & TOTALITARIANISM, DEMOCRACY & MAJORITY DESPOTISM, NATIONALISM, WARFARE STATES, WELFARE STATES, VIOLENT REVOLUTIONS & CIVIL WARS

VOTING: Have you laughed at an elected official today?” - Stamp on an envelope of THE TORCH, 10/70. - JOKES

VOTING: Have your say!" - Then they will still act as pleases them, not you. - JZ, 8.3.93, 7.6.04. & POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOOLISM, RULERS, POWER ADDICTS

VOTING: Having been bitten 30 times by the territorial election bug and 30 times disappointed by the results, we should be 30 times as shy of it. – JZ, 14.2.07, 25.10.07, 4.4.11. – ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Hawke for the 49% who voted for him, Fraser for the 38% who vote for him and None of the above for the happy 13 % who want neither of them. - JZ, 20.2.83.

VOTING: He did foresee the position of the citizen who should be one out of fifty million, a power-unit with no sense of power, an elector of superior (*) people who would treat him in turn with savage contempt as raw material for their pet theories or reform and social betterment. Like Mill, he foresaw the dangers of the integrated mob-mind, crushing with its hideous homogeneity every spontaneity or innovation: like Mill, too, he saw that democracy alone was no panacea; that the transference of legal sovereignty to the majority of the moment was no guaranty of the universal right to happiness (*); and that the value of self-government depended entirely on the nature (**) of the ‘selves’." - Ivor Brown, English Political Theory, Methuen, London, 1920, p.134/135, on Spencer and Mill, but remaining short of panarchism and even of individual secessionism. And this in spite of Herbert Spencer's lucid defence of individual secessionism in the original 1850 edition of "Social Statics", in chapter 19: "The Right to Ignore the State." - JZ, 4.4.11. – (*) ? Power addicts and power-mad people! – (**) and freedom! - JZ, 23.1.02, 7.5.14. - VOTERS, POLITICIANS, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, POWER, SELF-GOVERNMENT DELUSION, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, MAJORITY, UNITY, SPONTANEITY, INNOVATION, DISSENT, HERBERT SPENCER, TERRITORIALISM, POWER ADDICTS & POWERMAD PEOPLE: POLITICIANS

VOTING: He is armed (with the vote) and should be considered extremely dangerous.” - Gary North, THE FREEMAN, Aug. 74.

VOTING: He loves his bonds, who, when the first are broke, submits his neck unto a second yoke.” - Robert Herrick, "Hesperides", No. 42.

VOTING: He scoffed at the American system of voting, since, in his opinion, “the majority is nearly always wrong, and all that voting does is to make the wrong view legal, and thus a curse is spread upon the land. A far more intelligent idea would be to pick the candidate chosen by the least number of people. It’s the minority that is always right. (*) If I had my way, I’d have the President and Vice President and all the senators and congressmen and governors and mayors and aldermen and dog-catchers and sheriffs and judges chosen by lot. They’d surely be no worse than they are now, and they might be better. I trust mathematical probabilities more than the people.” (**) - H. L. Mencken, in Charles Angoff, H. L. Mencken, a portrait from memory, p.126. - (*) There are many minorities and they do disagree with each other. What if only the mother of a candidate voted for him, or his father, or both? – JZ, 4.12.08. – (**) At least, when they are chosen by lot, some might get into power, who do not share the popular errors and prejudices. – JZ, 7.5.14. - MINORITIES, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, PRESIDENTS, VOTING BY LOT, TERRITORIALISM, ELECTION REFORMS, POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES & POLITICIANS REPRESENTING THEM

VOTING: Hell, I never vote for anybody. I always vote against.” – W. C. Fields, 1880-1946, Robert Lewis Taylor, W. C. Fields, 1950.

VOTING: Hence the popular slogan: "Whoever you vote for, the government always gets in", or "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." - Peter Marshall: "Demanding the Impossible", p.23.

VOTING: Henceforth he declared 'Universal Suffrage is the Counter-Revolution' and insisted that the struggle should take place in the economic and not the political arena.” - Peter Marshall: "Demanding the Impossible", p.23, on William Godwin.

VOTING: How "discriminating" the voters are, is often shown by mere "write-in" candidates getting the same number of votes as those, who made an all-out effort to win votes. - JZ, n.d.

VOTING: How about a place on the ballot which states: 'I do not give my consent to be governed.'" - Woody Welling, THE CONNECTION 123, p.62. (*) - Maybe, he should have added: "in any of my peaceful and creative activities." - JZ, n.d. – (*) For all too long I tried in vain to spread some panarchistic ideas among the “Connectors”. – JZ, 7.5.14. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, THE CONNNECTION

VOTING: How could I vote for any of those without a rightful and sensible program? None of them seem to know what that means and would require - and they do not care about this, either. – Or they are aware that any quite rightful and rational program would not get the approval of the majority. - JZ, n.d. & 4.4.11.

VOTING: How could the man done the deed? // I'm sure he never willed it. // He stepped into the voting booth // And, loving freedom, killed it.” - Riqui Leon, Libertarian Yearbook, 1972, p.118. – “have” done the deed? – JZ

VOTING: How is it 'responsible' to vote for a party whose politics you don't support? If you feel dissatisfaction, REGISTER it, rather than help to keep these lunatics in business. And if a majority registered dissatisfaction, we might even see a few sensible ideas sprouting up!” - Terry Arthur, "95% Is Crap", p.235. - In some ways non-voting is comparable to atheism. It is more moral and rational than voting, in the same way as atheism is a morally and rationally superior concept. However, one should not confine oneself to relying on criticism and the negative faith or conviction involved and expect any kind of miracles from them. Neither are truly independent and creative activities. - Nothing is a good enough substitute for full freedom to experiment for all peaceful dissenters, under exterritorial autonomy for the societies and communities of volunteers that do not claim a territorial monopoly for their program. - JZ 2.12.87, 4.4.11.

VOTING: How many elections have not led to new taxes, new official frauds, more laws, regulations, punishments for “crimes” without victims, penalties and controls, more lies and wrongful and harmful actions? Lawmakers, everywhere, have turned out to be the modern vandals. All, naturally, with the best intentions, presumably in the public interest and for the common good and the general welfare and with a public mandate, supposedly supplied by majoritarian, collectivist and territorial elections. – JZ, n.d. & 26.10.07, 4.4.11. – What else should we expect from power addicts, even power-mad people, under statism and territorialism, its monopolies, compulsion and collectivism? – JZ, 7.5.14. - Q., POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, MANDATE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, NATIONALISM

VOTING: How to solve this problem of social alchemy: to elect a government of geniuses by the votes of a mass of fools?” - Errico Malatesta, quoted in ANARCHY, 39.

VOTING: However, there are some honest people, who have no desire to control others, who want to live at peace with all their neighbors, and who thus refuse to vote for ANY collectivist-statist.” - JAG, Sept.21, 1976. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, THE REMNANT, WHO NEITHER WISH TO RULE OTHERS NOR TO BE RULED BY THEM, INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION & EXPERIMENTATION, CHOICE IN EVERY SPHERE

VOTING: Hundreds of millions of voters can be wrong, often were and still are. The dissenters are not obliged to bow to them in their self-concerned actions. - JZ, 26.9.99. – PANARCHY, POLYARCHISM, TOLERANCE, SECESSIONISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT & EXTERRITORIAL MINORITY AUTONOMY, VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, COMPULSION, MONOPOLISM, NATIONALISM, UNITY SPLEEN

VOTING: I ... couldn't figure out which party to vote against.” - Robert Heinlein. "Glory Road", P.5. – It is easy to not vote, effectively, for the territorial establishment, for any of its representatives, by “voting” informally, in some way or the other, thus protesting against all the territorialist candidates, all the parties and all their platforms. – Adding one or the other anti-voting slogan might even help to penetrate or throw some doubts into some thick heads of the vote counters. -  JZ, 28.10.08, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I abstain", - Inscription on an optional lever at the automated voting machine, discussed by Nicholas von Hoffman: "One thing we could do to improve that quality would be to agitate for a lever on the ballot that would simply say, ‘I abstain.’ Abstention would be ever so much more powerful if you went down to the polling place to do it. As it is, people who vote, think: people who don't vote are merely lazy, which is why we need a formal method, stating: ‘I wouldn't vote for either of those bums’." - Nicholas von Hoffman – POLITICIANS, INFORMAL VOTING, ABSTENTION VOTE

VOTING: I advocate action. But I advocate taking action in the market place where things can be done effectively. I advocate refraining from political action totally. Political action, in fine, is the opiate of the self-righteous. They imagine that by voting they are doing something. By voting, they are in agreement that they will do nothing and are passing the buck to the politicians. In short, political action, so called, is a cop-out.” - Robert LeFevre, in his "LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL", Fall 76. Worse, it prevents most others from acting & even thinking about sensible actions. - JZ, 30.11.87. - TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, REPRESENTATION INSTEAD OF EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM & INDIVIDUAL CHOICES FOR ALL.

VOTING: I am a conscientious objector against compulsory voting for any territorial political government of the today all too common type and have on a previous occasion, regarding a State election, listed 94 reasons on 8 pages for this. The electoral authority of the State government was satisfied on this occasion and did not fine me or take me to court. - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. - I am a conscientious objector against compulsory voting. Compulsory voting does not recognize conscientious objection and is at least to that extent quite wrong. - JZ, 5.6.04. - Once, when I had forgotten about this for me altogether insignificant (in a positive sense) event, I had to pay the fine for not voting or attending this farce. - JZ, 5.4.11. CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION, TERRITORIALISM, CONSCRIPTION, SLAVE LABOR

VOTING: I am for freedom in all spheres. Are you? – JZ, 7.9.13, to people at the voting booths, handing out their party or candidate leaflets.

VOTING: I am not a betting man. Voting means that one bets, once more, all too hopefully, on one or the other politician or party, ignoring all experiences that indicate that they will, once again, be disappointing and rather represent their own interests than those of the voters, that they will not represent enlightenment but their popular prejudices, errors and myths. But hope lives forever in the human heart and thus all too many still go on to vote, "validly", contrary to all their experiences, again and again, because they do not know of any better option and neither territorial politicians nor the "free" media or the universities point the alternatives out, sufficiently: Voluntary communities, exterritorially autonomous, under personal laws, called panarchies, polyarchies or whatever else. Even the daily experience that only voting with their dollars on a somewhat free market does get them what they want and that territorial politics has no solutions but only its old and new problems to offer. They all should know by now that e.g. in religion only exterritorial tolerance, to the extent that it was finally realized, not territorial separation and domination, has led to religious peace and independence. They know how successful experimental freedom has been for science and technology. The know, how much they do prefer free choice for all their remaining private free actions. However, from such facts they seem to be unable to conclude that the same rightful and positive results could be achieved in the sphere of political, economic and social systems. Thus they have not yet turned them off the wrongful, coercive, monopolistic and collectivist territorial and statist track, no matter how much it has cost them in lives, property, rights and liberties and for how long already. The schools, most literature and most of the "experts" certainly do not help them in this respect, even when, like all of us, they are faced with ABC mass murder devices, always indiscriminately directed against territorial targets, i.e., mainly civilians, against "the people" or whole populations (as if they were collectively responsible for the crimes of their rulers), “weapons” which are now in the hands of obviously criminal governments or even of private terrorists. Isn't every government criminal, as long as it keeps such "weapons" handy, much more so than any private owner of a mere gun? (I'm not in favor of gun control - but in favor of the destruction of all mass extermination devices, in anyone's hands!) The exterritorial freedom, peace and justice options are still very widely ignored. They do not fit into the narrow framework of territorialist and statist “thinking”, “ideas”, "principles", popular prejudices and errors, actions and institutions, which have become all too traditional, habitual and customary. The political witch doctors do still rule the field and the minds, although they have only problems and burdens and no solutions to offer. - JZ, 28.3.99, 8.6.04, 5.4.11, 7.5.14. – VOTING AS AN UNSAFE BET ON POLITICIANS, PARTIES & TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, NWT, NATIONALISM, STATISM, MONOPOLISM, COLLECTIVISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, CHOICE OF PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTIONS, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, META-UTOPIA

VOTING: I am sure that MIGHT does not make RIGHT. LEGALITIES do not determine MORALITIES. And when the political right to vote is used to violate the moral right of a person to keep what he has honestly earned, the future of the nation that practices such immorality is in grave jeopardy.” - Admiral Ben Moreell, Log I, p.5. - Genuine individual human rights and liberties should stand far above mere “free and equal” "voting rights". - JZ, 5.4.11. – Alas, so far they have not even been fully declared as yet and captured public opinion. Neither has a rightful militia been established for their efficient protection. For both I blame the various anarchists and libertarians rather than territorial governments and their political parties. – JZ, 7.5.14. – ANARCHISTS, LIBERTARIANS, THEIR IMPORTANT OMISSIONS, NEW DRAFT, LIBERTARIAN ENLIGHTENMENT, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MILITIA VS. LEGALISM, STATISM, CONSTITUTIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, GOVERNMENTALISM AS USUAL

VOTING: I am voting all the time - by voicing my opinions all the time - at every opportunity I get, not only on election days and when a party meeting is convened, or when the House is in session. This individual private vote, combined with freedom of action, is the really important one and all progress depends mainly on these two liberties. The other, the territorial voting option, it a farce, if not worse. - JZ, 4.6.04, 5.4.11. - FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & FREEDOM OF ACTION: SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, META-UTOPIA; COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, REAL FREE CHOICES IN EVERY SPHERE

VOTING: I am willing to let the majority got to hell in its own way, based on its own votes but I do insist that it allows me, as an individual or minority group member, to do the same to myself or, alternatively, to reap the full, untaxed, and unregulated benefits of my own efforts, i.e. in self-chosen and un-inflated, optional private exchange media and value standards. In other words, democratic voting as practised now, does not realize but rather outlaws autonomy, independence and government by consent, not only for the most backward but also for the most progressive people. - JZ, 30.7.82, 30.11.87, 3.4.89, 12.12.03, 5.4.11. – INDIVIDIUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

VOTING: I believe in really free choices, not in pretended ones. – JZ, n.d. – FREE CHOICES IN EVERY SPHERE!

VOTING: I believe in representing myself, my own ideas and opinions or those ,which I have checked out for myself and accepted. I won't permit any politician or bureaucrat to pretend that he represents me. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: I believe only in defectors and deserters from conventional territorial politics, i.e., people who want to do their own things and only to and for themselves and among their volunteers. – JZ, n.d. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, SECESSIONISM VS, COMPULSION, COLLECTIVISM, MONOPOLISM, STATISM, NATIONALISM, PRETENDED UNITY & COMMON INTERESTS, MERE “REPRESENTATION” BY MERE POLITICIANS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: I can't represent you and you can't represent me. Give up this vain territorial struggle and let each represent himself or associate and act only with and among like-minded people and at their own expense and risk. - JZ, 4.10.98. – Elected temporary monarchs and aristocrats only for their volunteers. - JZ, 5.4.11. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONISM UNDER FULL EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY VS. STATISM, REPRESENTATION, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE & WELFARE STATES, NATIONALISM

VOTING: I declare seriously that we shall never get a sane economic system until we abolish the electoral rule of one man one vote.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, Dec. 74. - This does not apply to exterritorial and autonomous communities of volunteers. Among them, there would e.g. be voluntary groups of Free Traders, and anarcho capitalists, nationally or internationally organized and, among them, they would unanimously vote for and practise Free Trade and all other aspects of free markets. In their communities or societies they might have this voting system, any other or even none at all but merely individual sovereignty and decision-making. - However, among the exterritorial choices for volunteers there would also be Protectionism and any other kind of statism, except its territorially, monopolistically and collectively imposed forms. - Territorialism and statism can teach us only what we should not do - if we value our genuine individual rights and liberties. - JZ 1.12.87, 5.4.11, 7.4.15.

VOTING: I dislike the games which all of the territorialists and their voters want to play with my life and what is mine. They don't give me the real and free choices that I am most interested in an entitled to as individual rights and liberties, natural rights and laws. – JZ, n.d. & 7.5.14. - They do not know or respect all genuine individual rights and liberties. So why should I respect them, their collectivism, monopolism, statism, constitutionalism, legalism and territorialism? I rather object to and resist all their wrongful actions, systems, laws and institutions as far as I can, under their territorial rule, aiming at a D-Day for all of my genuine individual human rights and liberties as well as for those of all others, to the extent that they do also wish to practise them among themselves. To each his own personal law, political, economic and social system and institutions as well as all the like-minded volunteers, to do their own things among themselves, in all spheres now wrongfully monopolized and expensively and irrationally mismanaged by territorial politicians and bureaucrats - at our risk and expense. They even managed to threaten us with a general nuclear holocaust, not only with flawed and risky nuclear reactors. - JZ, 5.4.11, 7.5.14. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NWT, PROTECTION? DEFENCE? SECURITY? STRENGTH? LEGALISM, TERRITORIALISM, GENUINE LAW?

VOTING: I do have hundreds of reasons, which are, for me, good enough, why I should not vote for any territorial politician or party, including the Libertarian Party. None of them has give me any reason to vote for him or her or them, as long as they still stand for territorial statism, however otherwise limited. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04, 5.4.11. – POLITICIANS, PARTIES, LIBERTARIAN PARTY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NWT, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS, VS. SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW ALTERNATIVES

VOTING: I do not believe in make-believe "self-government" but only in real self-government, by individual selves and for these selves. – JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11. – PANARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM & ASSOCIATIONISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: I do not consent to be "raped" or robbed by anybody, any time, anywhere, in any way, under any "excuse", least of all by any territorial politician or bureaucrat, any political party and to become thus deprived of any fundamental liberties and rights, e.g. regarding my property, my income, my life and my tolerant and peaceful activities, so that they and their hangers-on can live it up and practise their addiction to power at my expense and risk. - Statism is only good enough for statists. - Territorial statism is a threat not only to the survival of many dissenting minorities but even to the survival of mankind. - JZ, 29.2.96, 7.6.04, 5.4.11. - NWT

VOTING: I do not favor any territorial, monopolistic, collective and compulsory package deal or "collective bargaining", no more so in politics than in trade union "contracts", because they suppress individual preferences and choices, voluntarism and competition - and their results are correspondingly bad. - JZ, 11.9.99, 8.6.04. - There is no more terrible sight to behold than ignorance in action. - W. v. Goethe. - TERRITORIALISM, COERCION, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM, STATISM, UNIONS

VOTING: I do not forgive you for you do not know what you are doing to yourself, to me and to all others - with your "free" vote. - JZ, 14.9.91, 5.4.11. – VOTING INFORMALLY VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: I do not like a Labor government in charge but neither do I like a Liberal government or any other government in charge over me and what is my own. So why vote for any one of them? It only encourages them. I work towards the right and opportunity for all nonconformists to opt out from being ruled by any territorial government. - JZ, 21.5.96, 7.6.04, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I do not share the beliefs of these parties, candidates and of most of their voters - and thus I do abstain. – JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11. – “Abstain from beans!” – Ancient Greek proverb on elections. – Mere “bean counters” should at most rule only over their voluntary victims. – JZ, 7.5.14. – VOLUNTARISM VS. STATISM, PERSONL LAW CHOICES VS. TERRITORIAL MISRULE, COMPULSION, COLLECTIVISM, POWERS & MONOPOLISM

VOTING: I do not want all votes inextricably mixed up with the voting preferences of others, so that no one can have what he wants (properly sorted out and freely chosen by himself, according his individual preferences involved). Then the individual votes should fully apply to the individuals involved and the groups of their choice - and to no one else. I.e., the largest number of votes should not bind the whole community but merely the largest community of like-minded people in a territory or in the world. All the voluntary members of minority groups would have to put up with their own individual choices - in their "shopping carts" or package deals of their societies of volunteers, or shut up or secede from them. Each could get what he asked for - at his own expense and risk, to the extent that it is physically and organizationally possible. - Let each fill his shopping basked with the public services he wants and let him pay for them. - Pay only for your own choices - in all spheres. - Buyer beware! All sellers of all kinds of goods and services to be under fully free competition. No more territorial monopolies and coercion! - JZ, 30.7.82, 30.11.87, 2.4.89. 10.9.04, 5.4.11. - INDIVIDUAL CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARY INSTEAD OF COMPUSORY MEMBERSHIP VS. STATISM, COMPULSION, TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVISM, WARFARE & WELFARE STATES, CONSTITUTIONALISM, LEGALISM, ENFORCED “UNITY” & “UNIFORMITY”

VOTING: I don't believe in them and their "bibles" any more than in any "god". – JZ

VOTING: I don't care who does the electing just so long as I do the nominating.” - William "Boss" Tweed - quite possibly the most corrupt America politician of the 19th century. - & NOMINATION OF CANDIDATES

VOTING: I don't know anyone worth voting FOR but see only candidates and parties worth voting AGAINST. - JZ, 4.10.98. - Not even the US Libertarian Party is a quite consistently SECESSIONIST party, whose secessionism is not confined to territorial secessionism. - JZ, 7.6.04. - LIBERTARIAN PARTY, “LIMITED” BUT STILL TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS? SECESSIONISM, EXTERRITORIALISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, POLYARCHISM, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN EVERY SPHERE

VOTING: I don't like political action, either. But I still think it's superior to passively accepting government, and I'd like to see the concept of voting accepted universally." - Paul Bilzi - What kind of voting, for what and against what and in company with whom? What kind and degree of freedom of action should we strive for? I am not sure how far he was willing to go in seeing the concept of voting accepted universally. - In searching for Paul Bilzi, + libertarian, I got today 59 hints on 4 pages, not all referring to him. - When I met him, 20 years ago, he was severely handicapped but managed to drive his van around, was in contact with many libertarians and finally found some personal satisfaction in singing. - JZ, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I don't vote because I won't let myself be bribed with my own money. - John Menzies (a former liberal Prime Minister of Australia) said many years ago, before an election, something like this: "I can understand how a poor man lets himself be bribed but only a fool would let himself be bribed with his own money." – JZ, 4.6.04. - BRIBERY, WELFARE STATES, HAND-OUTS

VOTING: I don't vote for any system, which believes in the "nuclear deterrent" and has made corresponding preparations and alliances. - JZ, 30.7.82, 30.11.87. - NWT

VOTING: I don't vote for any trivia, far less for any wrongs. – JZ, n.d. - Nor for fools and prejudiced people territorially in power over dissenters. – JZ, 29.10.08. – POLITICIANS

VOTING: I don't vote for anybody.” - Alexander Cordell, "If You Believe the Soldiers", p.187.

VOTING: I don’t vote for bad jokes, clowns, criminals or fools as my "leaders" or representatives. I never heard of, saw or read about any territorial politician whose "program" was quite rightful, rational, problem-solving and complete, fully respecting all genuine individual rights and liberties. Can you name even one? – This unfounded expectations towards territorial statist leadership and representation is just like the God-worship and prayer delusion in believing that any human being could possibly analyze and solve the multitude of remaining problems of all too many and very diverse people in a whole country to make this possible. Personal domination attempts are not even very successful in families and friendship groups. - Even once all individuals are freed to attempt to solve what they consider to be their problems, few of them will fully succeed in doing this soon. - Our knowledge, wisdom, information sources, learning and action abilities are, all too limited. There are neither gods nor governments, politicians, bureaucrats, judges, policemen, entrepreneurs and businessmen or union functionaries, who are all-knowing and all-mighty. Quite the contrary is true. But we could and should all become free to do the best we can do in our own "public" affairs and relationships, just like in our remaining private ones, alone or together with like-minded volunteers, unhindered by anyone, especially by any territorial politician and bureaucrat. Freedom of action, tolerant action, or experimental freedom for anyone, always at the own risk and expense! We should not strive for more but also not for anything less. Everyone to become free to set good examples, inviting imitation by copycats or people able and willing to learn from the experiences of others and also from bad ones, deterrent ones, which would help to prevent others from making the same mistakes. - JZ, 15.2.07, 5.4.11, 7.5.14.

VOTING: I don’t vote for the same reason I don’t rob banks or molest children: it is not the way I choose to live my life. I am not "apathetic" about not victimizing others: to the contrary, I insist upon such a trait. My entire sense of being is incompatible with coercing others. I can no more hide my ambitions over your life or property within the secret confines of a voting booth than I could confront my neighbor with a gun and demand his money. Voting is nothing more than a periodic public affirmation in the faith of systematic violence as a social system.” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 88. - VIOLENCE, COERCION, MAJORITIES, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL, NAP, ZAP, NONVIOLENCE, FREE CHOICES, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, VOLUNTARISM VS. VIOLENCE, COERCION, COMPULSION, STATISM, MONOPOLISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM

VOTING: I elect not to elect anybody over myself and over all others in a territory.” – Politically organized exclusive “turfs” are criminal monopolies, too. - JZ, 2.5.06, 30.10.07, 6.11.07. – ELECTIONS, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICAL GANGS OR PARTIES, ORGANIZED CRIME, TURF WARS

VOTING: I favor individual decisions and choices over territorially coercive and compulsory collectivist ones. - JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11, 7.5.14.

VOTING: I favor my own program for myself and no one else. (Unless he volunteers.) But I am also willing to let everyone else have his program for himself. – JZ, n.d. – PANARCHISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, POLYARARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: I favor self-rule to rule by or over others - whatever faction they may belong to. - JZ, 8.7.87. - With the exception of defence against and rule over private criminals with victims and official aggressors against genuine individual rights and liberties of myself and my voluntary associates and our allies. If criminals confined their crimes to other criminals and aggressors their aggressions to other aggressors, I would not mind but rather think: good riddance. - JZ, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I find particularly objectionable that voting is put forward as an important free choice, as an enfranchisement, while in reality it is part of a process by which most citizens are disenfranchised from deciding upon some of the most important parts of their lives, e.g., on whether the central bank should have the power to cause inflation, deflation and stagflation, how much of their income should be spent by politicians and bureaucrats rather than by themselves, who their external allies and enemies are to be, with whom and under what conditions they may peacefully trade across frontiers, whether there should be war or peace, whether "their" armed forces are to be armed with mass extermination devices or not, what would be rightful war and peace aims (should we have the misfortune to become involved in another war). On these and thousands of other questions the ordinary citizens are effectively disenfranchised by the "representative" system. Even the referendum options are in most cases severely and wrongfully limited. The most important right to vote, namely the right of individuals and groups to secede, opt out and do their own thing, peacefully, at their own expense and risk, is not conceded to them by the present systems of territorial "voting". - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. - Revised: 5.4.11. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. THE MONOPOLISM, COERCION & COLLECTIVISM OF STATISM & TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: I give my vote only to my own decisions. No one can truly represent me. – JZ, n.d. – REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM

VOTING: I go for all sharing the privileges of the government who assist in bearing its burdens. Consequently, I go for admitting all WHITES to the right of suffrage who pay taxes or bear arms, by no means excluding females.” - Abraham Lincoln, Letter, 1836. - "Whites" has been capitalized by me. If even "holy prophets" of democracy like Lincoln could commit such basic errors, what makes present democrats so certain that they are not themselves and still involved in similar blunders? The political vote is limited, regulated and hedged in - in numerous ways and confined to be practised only very shortly, with years in-between. It thus compares only very badly with e.g. the dollar vote of individuals, daily, in a free market. Worst of all, the political vote is confined to monopolistic, coercive and territorial regimes with largely involuntary membership and has confined all experimental freedom to these. Thus the practice of political freedom compares very badly with e.g. religious freedom, freedom for arts and crafts, for sports and entertainment activities, freedom for all kinds of cultural and scholarly activities. Politics as usual does persist because of the fallacy that coercion, domination and monopolism in this sphere would not only be justified but also efficient and that it could be consistently practised. - How little the principle of direction and control of others works and that we are really and basically, by our nature, self-controlling agents, is subject to a very simple experiment: "Appoint" somebody to direct or control somebody else to take off or put on a pullover or a shirt and prohibit the directed and controlled person from making a single move without a corresponding qualitative and quantitative clear command. - Better known instances are the "work to rule" strikes. If every law, regulation and order were fully enforced, the standard of living, or productivity, would slump to at least one half, if not one quarter. (Assuming, wrongfully, that all could still come to know and apply all the laws and regulations.) Here one should keep in mind that even totalitarian regimes do only persist in power only because at least to some extent its rules are ignored or broken by various black market and other unauthorized private activities. - Thus, in other words, voting provides the illusion but not the reality of control, while the real possibilities of self-control are largely suppressed, obstructed or misdirected. (Think of all the energies going into tax avoidance, searches for loopholes, bribery, applying for permissions, complying with regulations.) - JZ, 1.12.87. – DEMOCRATS, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE REQUIRES COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, SOCIETIES & COMMUNITIES, ALL ONLY FOR THEIR VOLUNTEERS & UNDER PERSONAL LAW VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COMPULSION, COLLECTIVISM, LINCOLN, RACISM, PERMITS, BUREAUCRACY, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, CENTRALIZATION,

VOTING: I got the vote and it never did me much good. Go around voting all the time and all you do is encourage the senators and governors and them boys. It’s like you gave ‘em a license for their foolishness.” – Jake Logan, Slocum’s Blood, p.138. – TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, MONOPOLISM, STATISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM & CENTRALIZATION, WRONGFUL POWERS VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: I have cast my vote often and recorded it - for a process of accelerated enlightenment, which would, among many other things, use micrographic self-publishing and personal computers extensively and which would, lastly, do away with most of the now predominant political superstitions. That is a daily, life-long and now full-time commitment with me, using up all my energies and limited resources. The limited political options, still considered primary by most others, have become almost valueless in my eyes. As stated before, I would only vote with any of the present Australian parties or independents against any totalitarian party - should the latter become a real threat. My childhood experience in Nazi - Germany and my growing up in West Berlin, surrounded by a communist totalitarian regime, would see to that. But these are not the options and dangers confronting us now and here. - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. – NEW DRAFT, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, IDEAS ARCHIVE, LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, ARGUMENT MAPPING, DEFINITIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, INCLUDING THE DIVERSITY OF THEM FOR ALL IMPORTANT TERMS, LIBERTARIAN COMPREHENSIVE PUBLISHING IN ALTERNATIVE MEDIA

VOTING: I have evidence, satisfactory to myself, that there exists, scattered throughout the country, a band of men, having a tacit understanding with each other, and calling themselves "the people of the United States," whose general purposes are to control and plunder each other, and all other persons in the country, and, so far as they can, even in neighboring countries; and to kill every man who shall attempt to defend his person and property against their schemes of plunder and domination. Who these men are, INDIVIDUALLY, I have no certain means of knowing, for they sign no papers, and give no open, authentic evidence of their INDIVIDUAL membership. They are not known individually even to each other. They are apparently as much afraid of being individually known to each other, as of being known to other persons. Hence they ORDINARILY have no mode either of exercising, or making known, their individual membership, otherwise than by giving their votes SECRETLY for certain agents to do their will.” - Lysander Spooner, "No Treason", Works I, p.34. – MYTHS OF “THE PEOPLE”, REPRESENTATION, CONSENT, MANDATE, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, SECRET VOTING, POLITICIANS, POWER-MONGERS OF STATISM, WARFARE & WELFARE STATES, CONSTITUTIONALISM, LAW, LEGALISM, CONSTITUTING THE MAIN CONSPIRACY AGAINST INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS LIBERTIES, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, PEACE, PROGRESS, ENLIGHTENMENT, PROSPERITY

VOTING: I have never believed in universal suffrage. In this country it is so easy to accumulate wealth that I would restrict the ballot to heads of families, letting man and wife fight it out as to which one was the head, and to taxpayers owning real property. If you have no children you have no interest in the future, and if you don't own real estate you have no stake in the local community." - Arthur Smith, in a letter to "ANALOG". – This proposal, with all its flaws, is, nevertheless, at least temporarily, fit - for its subscribers. I doubt that many will subscribe to it and that those who do, will stick for long to their subscription. - Free choice among all voting-, community- and societal as well as governance systems all for their volunteers only under their preferred personal law or exterritorially autonomy system. – JZ, 29.10.08, 5.4.11, 7.5.14

VOTING: I have not read the laws on compulsory voting. But if they use that term then they are misnamed, while secrecy prevails and totalitarianism is not yet introduced. For they can only enforce attendance, not the casting of a formal and valid vote. One can lead a horse to the water but one cannot make it drink. It is quite possible that these laws would not have been passed if they had been properly named: "compulsory attendance" laws. - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. - Revised: 5.4.11.

VOTING: I have often said with all our kidding and cussing our public elected officials, that they are a good deal better than we, who elected them.” - Will Rogers. - Are they, really, e.g. more productive or, rather, more counter-productive? Do they more appeal to the more enlightened people or, rather, to the majority of less enlightened people? Possibly, they do even honestly share the errors and prejudices of the latter. - JZ, 5.4.11. - POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, THEIR STATISM, MONOPOLISM, POWER, COLLECTIVISM VS. THE PEOPLE, THEIR SUBJECTS, JUSTIFIED ONLY FOR THEIR SUPPORTERS NOT FOR THEIR INVOLUNTARY VICTIMS, AS IS THE CASE UNDER TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM & ITS “REPRESENTATION”

VOTING: I have to live with my conscience - and so I can't vote for any of the above. - JZ, 4.7.87.

VOTING: I just received the following wire from my generous Daddy: "Dear Jack, Don't buy a single vote more than necessary. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide." - President John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963. - Andrews, Quotes, p.61. - In other words: there is economics even in bribery. - JZ 27.5.78. - JOKES

VOTING: I know of no territorial government that has not been, is not or will not be corrupt and oppressive, at least to some extent. Why should I be compelled to sanction this kind of corruption and oppression with my vote? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, as Lord Acton said. - JZ, , n.d. in one of several protests against compulsory voting.

VOTING: I like only real options. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: I neither consent to being mastered nor give my mandate to master others. - JZ, 11.8.87.

VOTING: I neither like being bound by the dictates of a Labor nor of a Liberal majority nor of those of any splinter group or coalition not of my own individual choice. Nor do I want to help impose, by my vote, any system, not even any freedom system, upon any dissenting others. Only those deserve liberty who do choose it for themselves. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04.

VOTING: I neither want my vote imposed upon you - nor your votes imposed upon me. I'd rather have fully free competition under exterritorial autonomy for all, in our public lives, as much as and more than it is already widely practised in our private lives and activities. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I neither want nor need a guardian from either party but, instead, freedom to experiment with my own ideas, at my own risk and expense, and to defend myself and my own affairs and self-responsible efforts against the "protectors" of all parties. - JZ, 11.7.87, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I neither want to be submitted to the votes of others nor submit others to my vote. - JZ, 30.7.82.

VOTING: I never vote — It only encourages them.” - Little old lady, quoted in "SYDNEY MORNING HERALD", 20.12.75.

VOTING: I never vote. It's such a relief not to feel responsible for what goes on in Canberra.” - From Progress Party leaflet, 1978. - I never vote. It's such a relief not to feel responsible for anything that happens in Parliament.” - said one woman to a friend, according to THE READER'S DIGEST, November 1968.

VOTING: I only vote for opting out of all territorial governments and, therefore, out of their inherent offences and crimes. - JZ, 11.9.99, 8.6.04, 28.10.08. - OPTING OUT, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POLITICIANS, “REPRESENTATIVES”, LEGISLATION, WARFARE STATE, WELFARE STATES

VOTING: I oppose all immigration barriers - and none of the territorial candidates favors free migration as I do. – JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11.

VOTING: I plainly forgot about it - because I had more important things on my mind. - JZ, 28.3.99. - VOTING ON ELECTION DAY

VOTING: I prefer full experimental freedom for all - to any of the compromises of territorial party politics. Until I get that choice, count me out of your wrongful to silly voting games. - JZ - Afterwards, I would at most and only sometimes vote within my self-chosen community of volunteers, provided that in it anything would be left to vote about. - My initial joining it would already be its most important "voting". - JZ, 5.4.11. – VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, AS THE MOST IMPORTANT “VOTING”

VOTING: I prefer my choices to theirs. This territorial voting "right" denies me that right. – JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11.

VOTING: I prefer not to elect any master over me. - JZ, 10.5.02.

VOTING: I prefer not to vote for any territorial tribute collector, politician or bureaucrat. - JZ, 11.5.02.

VOTING: I prefer personal laws to territorially imposed ones. – JZ, n.d.


VOTING: I regard it as required by first principles that the receipt of parish relief should be a preemptory disqualification for the franchise. He who cannot by his labor suffice for his own support has no claim to the privilege of helping himself to the money of others. By becoming dependent on the remaining members of the community for actual subsistence, he abdicates his claim to equal rights with them in other respects.” - Henry Hazlitt, "The Conquest of Poverty", p.203. – He should only lose the right to vote and to represent others in politics, not his individual rights and liberties, his natural rights, his natural law chances. – JZ, 7.5.14.

VOTING: I remember another phrase of Mill's: the common people 'do not need political rights in order that they may govern, but in order that they may not be misgoverned'.” - Maurice Cranston, "Political Dialogues", p.178. - Agreed, if one sees in political rights not merely the right to elect and be elected etc. but, instead, all genuine individual human rights and liberties. - The territorial legal right to vote or become elected is not a genuine individual right or liberty. - JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11. – It allows a vote against individual rights and liberties for others and through millions of laws all over the world, it does and perpetuates this suppression. It does not enlighten. Instead, it makes people more foolish, prejudiced and irresponsible. – JZ, 7.5.14. - GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS LIBERTIES, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION

VOTING: I see no reason for registering my faith in the "lesser of two evils;" if memory serves me right, the "lesser" of either party who attained office has always increased the taxes I have to pay. - All in all, I see not good reason for voting and have refrained from doing so for about a half century. During that time, my more conscientious compatriots (including, principally, the professional politicians and their ward heelers) have conveniently provided me with presidents and with governments, all of whom have run the political affairs of the country as they should be run - that is, for the benefit of the politicians. They have put the nation into two major wars and a number of minor ones. Regardless of what party was in power, the taxes have increased and so did the size of the bureaucracy.” - Frank Chodorov, "Out of Step", p.42. – Thus they were and are not more “conscientious”, moral and ethical but, rather less so than most somewhat enlightened, moral, ethical, mature and responsible people. Voting as is territorially practised today, abdicates individual responsibility and encourages, monopolistic, coercive and statist irresponsibility of power addicts and their voters in Welfare States and Warfare States. – JZ, 7.5.14. – ORGANIZED IRRESPONSIBILITY OF DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, POLITICAL REPRESENTATION, PARLIAMENTARISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM. NOWHERE & AT NO TIMES HAS THIS SYSTEM RECOGNIZED & PROTECTED ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PROMOTED PROSPERITY, PEACE, ENLIGHTENMENT, GENUINE PROGRESS, JUSTICE, ECONOMIC FREEDOM, NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, LIBERATION

VOTING: I think one of our mistakes is that we do not have enough stages in election; a hundred thousand voters are reduced by a single act to one man who goes to Parliament. This must inevitably mean a large degree of dictatorship from above. A sane democracy would, I feel, choose its representatives by a series of electoral stages, each lower stage electing the one above it.” - W. H. Auden in the Anthology: "I Believe -19 Personal Philosophies", p.15. - Whichever electoral system one favors, it truly fits, at least for a while, only those volunteer groups, which do favor it. And they should be at liberty to adopt it for themselves. Consumer sovereignty and free enterprise competition even here. - JZ, 1.12.87. – PANARCHISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, COERCIVE UTOPIANISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, VOLUNTARISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM FOR ALL

VOTING: I think that if people aren't fit to decide how to run their own lives, then they certainly aren't fit to decide how other people should run theirs.” - Daniel C. Burton, Libertarian Anarchism, LA Political Notes, No.168. - PEOPLE, DEMOCRACY, SELF-GOVERNMENT, DECISION-MAKING, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: I try to make a difference by not making a difference. In the short run my own single informal voting does certainly not make a difference but, in the long run, a majority of informal voters would form a majority against the present territorial political process and could come organize and secure its opting-out rights and liberties, as well as its voluntary association and contract rights in various exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers. - In addition, I "vote", as publicly as I can afford, for the individualistic and voluntary individual and minority secessionist "vote", at every opportunity. - JZ, 25.4.96, 7.6.04, 5.4.11. - INFORMAL VOTING, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, PANARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

VOTING: I use the term "democracy" to refer to any government with free elections, rather in the disparaging sense of government with nothing but free elections. It is doubtful whether the latter system of government is viable, outside the pages of Rousseau.” - George Dance. - I rather hold that our territorial democracies are "viable" for all too long through this limited "liberty", which is not a real achievement, either. Its "free and equal", territorial and collectivist voting practices have not sufficiently enlightened or liberated its subjects, so that a best they have become members of a Welfare State, which is a kind of Kindergarten for adults, making them more and more irresponsible, at worst a Warfare State or even a despotism, tyranny or totalitarian regime. In all territorial forms they do still suppress all too many genuine individual rights and liberties and this for all too long. - JZ, 5.4.11. -

VOTING: I vote against all candidates - for, so far, all of them want to rule territorially and collectively, rather than merely exterritorially and over volunteers only. – JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11.

VOTING: I vote against territorial political voting and in favor of the free choices under exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities. To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice. – JZ, 2.3.96. - Alas, this kind of free and equal voting is still denied to me. - JZ, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I vote also for all those genuine individual rights and liberties which none of the present territorial candidates or parties is prepared to concede to me. – JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11.

VOTING: I vote for all territorial politicians and their bureaucrats, their laws and institutions, to get out of my pockets and out of my life. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I vote for experimental freedom for all. Territorial party politics prevents that and the enlightenment, self-responsibility, peace, justice, freedom, rights, progress and prosperity that would arise from this. – PANARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM VS. STATISM, ITS MONOPOLISM, COLLECTIVISM & COMPULSION

VOTING: I vote for free market services in every sphere. Today they are preempted by territorial political institutions and their decision-making. – JZ – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, SECESSIONISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, LAISSEZ-FAIRE IN ALL SPHERES

VOTING: I vote for full freedom for all responsible people and for no licence at all for irresponsible ones. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: I vote for full freedom for all to the extent that they want it for themselves, rather than for territorial, collectivist and political decision-making. – JZ

VOTING: I vote for individual free choices in numerous spheres, choices to which all the present candidates, parties and the vast majority of voters are opposed. Thus my only valid vote is an informal vote. – JZ, n.d. & 7.5.14. – SECESSIONISM, OPTING OUT, VOLUNTARISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: I vote for individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for all dissidents! The Democrats, Republicans and Monarchists are no more prepared to concede that liberty to myself and to others than were Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao etc. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: I vote for nobody. – JZ, 24.3. 07. – Only Nobody deserves my vote. – JZ, 25.10.07.

VOTING: I vote for NOBODY. Then NOBODY will tax me, govern me and disappoint me. - JZ, 14.9.91.

VOTING: I vote for panarchistic freedom and experimentation rather than collectivistic, territorial, centralistic and coercive decision-making. – JZ – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: I vote informally for panarchism, i.e., individual choices, not for their obstacles to creative and self-responsible activities. - JZ - PANARCHISM

VOTING: I vote only for all voluntaristic and exterritorial alternatives. - JZ - PANARCHISM

VOTING: I vote only for individual and panarchistic free choices, made by volunteers, under full exterritorial autonomy for their preferred communities and associations, all limited by individual secessionism and personal laws. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04. - PANARCHISM

VOTING: I vote only for individual secession and voluntary associationism under exterritorial autonomy and personal laws. Every other voting system is tyrannical for the dissenters. – JZ - PANARCHISM


VOTING: I vote only for rightful principles, ideas and actions, not for any party, politician or bureaucrat, to act contrary to them, as they usually do, quite habitually and inevitably in our territorial prisons for all. That Australia is only a minimum security prison does not excuse its existence as a territorial prison. – JZ, n.d. – POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, VOLUNTARISM, ZAP, NAP

VOTING: I vote only for the liberty of each adult individual to shop around, with his dollars only, and at his own risk and expense alone, even for the political “goods” and “services” or non-profit self-help options that he or she wants for himself or herself, just like consumers do in a supermarket or shopping center. – JZ, 2.3.96, 18.8.08. - Even his own dollars should become either freely issued or freely chosen by himself. - JZ, 5.4.11. – CONSUMER & ENTERPRISE SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: I vote to hang all territorial politicians and bureaucrats - unless they abdicate, satisfied with a golden hand-shake. Imagine the huge savings of further expenses for them and for their measures, systems and institutions! - JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11.

VOTING: I want Aboriginals to have a full vote in their own communities of volunteers and us none in theirs. I also want to see some "off-white" communities in which aboriginals have no vote - and some mixed ones - all on a voluntary basis. - JZ, 30.7.82, 30.11.87. – VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARY SEGREGATION & VOLUNTARY INTEGRATION

VOTING: I want and I am morally entitled to many more free options or votes on my own fate than territorial political voting can offer me. - JZ, 4.10.98.

VOTING: I want elections organized in a way that all coercive-collectivist candidates lose, except the ones of volunteer communities (and they are not coercers). Voting by individual and group secessionism, ending all territorial monopolism and a continuance of conventional voting only within exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers - could achieve that. - JZ 20.5.74, 30.7.78, 5.4.11. – PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL KINDS OF SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES & GOVERNANC SYSTEMS OF VOLUNTEERS

VOTING: I want free choices, for myself and all others and an end to the territorial monopoly choices of a few for all other people in a territory. These few people do not and cannot fully represent me and all other people in a territory. - JZ, 14.9.91, 5.4.11. - PARTIES, POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP OR SUBJECTION, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, FREEDOM OF CHOICE, EXPERIMENTATION & ACTION, LAISSEZ FAIRE, COMPETITION, CHOICE IN ALL SPHERES FOR ALL. ZAP, NAP, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MILITIA FOR THEIR PROTECTION

VOTING: I want no one else to be a sovereign ruler over my life, liberty, rights, income and property. So count me out of your expensive, unproductive, counter-productive and misleading power games. - JZ, 9.9.95, 8.6.04. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES FOR ALL, LAISSEZ FAIRE, COMPETITION, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM

VOTING: I want no territorialist party or politician to stand over me. – JZ, 24.3.07, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I want only the individual, voluntary and exterritorial autonomy votes, choices, decisions and self-responsibilities which your territorial authority, majoritarianism, coercion, centralism, monopolism, collectivism, legalism and all too limited "free and equal vote" denies to me. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04, 5.4.11. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONA LAW, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR ALL

VOTING: I want the full and decisive vote on my own life and none at all on the lives of others. Nothing less will satisfy me, nor would anything more be rightful. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: I want the vote to secede from that scum! – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: I want to be free to decide my own fate, not the fate of others. Majority voting is a sham, leading only to still more troubles caused by the ignorant and prejudiced masses. They should only be free to decide their own fate, not the fates of any of the peaceful and dissenting minorities. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04. – MAJORITY DESPOTISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM & CENTRALIZATION

VOTING: I want to be free to vote myself out of subjugation to any territorial government. - JZ, 17.12.93.

VOTING: I want to be free to vote with honestly earned and honestly managed (competitively supplied and freely chosen) dollars in a non-managed and non-regulated free market, one even for all kinds of political, economic and social systems. The territorial political voting process denies me that vote and this is one of my more important reasons for not valuing the territorial political vote. - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. - Revised: 5.4.11.

VOTING: I want to be free to vote with my dollars, in every sphere, not merely at the polling booth! - JZ n.d., 7.5.14. – LAISSEZ FAIRE, CONSUMER & ENTERPRISE SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM

VOTING: I want to opt out or withdraw but am not free, by my "free vote" to vote myself out or to secede. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: I was asked today, whether I hade already voted. I replied: To have to do so once is already more than enough of an unwanted chore. Why ask such questions at all when supposedly, one is crossed of the list of voters and repeated crossing off, of the same persons, in different election offices, should be noted by the system? But then no ID is required and others might, e.g. vote somewhere else in my name and with my address, which is not a secret. Even with computerized voting, like in many USA States, all kinds of tricks have still been practised for a long time and up to the present, by some rather famous politicians and their cohorts, and do have to be expected in the future, in all territorial voting. - There would be no sense in engaging in such forgeries in societies of volunteers, from which one can freely secede. - If they would still have some voting done in them, then it is unlikely to be secret but well published voting. - JZ, 22.3.03, 5.4.11. – VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSORY DOMINATION & SUBJECTION OF INVOLUNTARY VICTIMS

VOTING: I will not vote for the other rat, either. - JZ, 16.12.78.

VOTING: I won't give my consent to being skinned alive by anyone, no matter how artfully and tenderly and under what pretence he uses to flay me. Nor do I want to skin anybody else with the help of my vote. - JZ, 11.7.87, 7.6.04.

VOTING: I won't sign a blank cheque for anyone, least of all any territorial politician. - JZ, 14.9.91, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I won't sign away my own rights, liberties, duties and responsibilities. – JZ, n.d., 7.4.15.

VOTING: I won't vote for any master - not even for the lesser evil. - JZ, 11.7.87.

VOTING: I won't vote for anyone to make my choices and decisions for me and to impose his disservices upon me, at my expense and risk. - JZ, 14.9.91. - I do prefer the no-government and no-taxes option to any of your coercive, corrupt, monopolistic and fraudulent choices and outright disservices. - JZ, 14.9.91.

VOTING: I would cast my vote only where and when it would really count. A pearl in the mud of swine doesn't. – JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11.

VOTING: I would like to see a ballot that had two candidates and then a third choice of no candidate. We should vote them all out.” - Clifford A. Farrington, NY TIMES, 7 Nov. 90. - At least as territorial rulers, i.e. over others than their own volunteers. - JZ, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I would rather “vote” for any "illegal" immigrant than for any territorial politician. - JZ, 10.10.01, 21.4.09. - POLITICIANS, IMMIGRANTS, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

VOTING: I would rather be free than be merely allowed or even compelled to vote or attend the polls. - JZ, 30.7.82. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES – NEVER DECLARED & RESPECTED BY ANY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT

VOTING: I would rather fill my shopping cart only on a free market, with the goodies and services that I really want and can afford. - JZ, 14.9.91. - When politicians promise to equally fill all shopping carts then, as a consequence, the total output of consumer goods and offer of consumer services will be greatly reduced and many people will go hungry. - JZ, 7.6.04, 5.4.11. – FREE MARKET VS. WELFARE STATE, TAXATION, HANDOUTS, PRODUCTIVITY, REDISTRITIONISM, GOVERNMENT BUDGET, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, STATE SOCIALISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM, COMMUNISM, “FROM THE ABLE TO THE NEEDY”, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, PAYING ONE’S OWN WAY

VOTING: I would rather vote only with my dollars in a free market. - JZ, 14.9.91. - Alas, the government allows me only to earn and use its depreciated, forced and monopoly paper dollars. - JZ, 7.6.04.

VOTING: I would vote only if the 51 could rule the 51 and the 49 the 49. - JZ, 30.7.82. - I'd vote only if 51% of the votes would bind only these 51% and the 49% the 49%. - JZ, 30.7.82, 2.4.89.

VOTING: I'd like to vote for Thomas Jefferson or someone like that.” - Mrs. Frances McCauley, NY TIMES, Nov. 7, 1990. - Among volunteers and exterritorially, a Jeffersonian republic would be quite possible, following his teachings as far as they have reached. - JZ, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I'd rather decide on the spending of my own money myself and I do not want to spend any money belonging by rights to others. - JZ, 14.11.92, 7.5.14. – POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, WELFARE STATES, REPRESENTATIVES, TAXATION, WARFARE STATES, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, GOVERNMENT BUDGETS, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, PROPERTY RIGHTS

VOTING: I'd rather vote myself with my own tax dollars and decide myself over my own life, rights and liberties, property and income and their uses than entrust them to any territorial politician or bureaucrat. - JZ, 2.3.96, 5.4.11.

VOTING: I'd vote for freedom every time I am given the opportunity - but it almost never happens. JZ 17.2.77. - Yet they want to compel me to vote for any of their territorialist, statist, collectivist, monopolistic and coercive parties and programs. - JZ 17.11.78, 5.4.11, 7.5.14.

VOTING: I'll not give my power of attorney and blank cheques to any politician and bureaucrat, because I believe in full autonomy, self-rule, self-government, self-management, self-reliance, self-help and self-responsibility, while they have legally restricted them as much as they could, under all kinds of false pretences. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04. – WELFARE STATES, TAXATION, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, REPRESENTATION, GOVERNMENT BUDGETS & SPENDING

VOTING: I'll only cast one vote, for myself, appointing myself to mind my own business: a vote against all meddlers with my affairs. - JZ 11/72. – GOVERNMENTALISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, WELFARE STATES, WARFARE STATES

VOTING: I'm like the rope that does not fit through the eye of a needle - and thus I do not even try. – JZ, n.d. – I do not wish to have even the tiniest vote on the affairs of all others in a territory, while having, through official free and equal voting for all, only the very tiny and inefficient votes on all public affairs concerning my own interests, rights, liberties, affairs, life and actions, largely decided by the vast number of votes of others -  beyond some relatively private and trivial matters.

VOTING: I'm not one of those slaves, who votes for one or the other master over himself and all others. - JZ, 2.3.96.

VOTING: I'm talking about my own vote for myself, of course. That's the only one I can cast and MAKE IT STICK.” - Edward Y. Breese, THE FREEMAN, 10/72. - Alas, we are not yet as free - but should be, a.s.a.p. - JZ, 5.4.11. – A full vote on the own affairs, not coercively, collectively, wrongly and monopolistically decided by the statist and territorialist votes of others. Individual sovereignty and secessionism vs. compulsory and collectivist statism and territorialism and the “free vote” of democracies. – JZ, 7.5.14. – SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILTY, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION, INCLUDING INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM & PERSONAL LAW ALTERNATIVES

VOTING: I’d rather vote for every item in my own political “shopping cart” myself, in a free super-market for all political, economic and social services, systems, laws, methods, institutions, all of them competitively offered to me and all others, and this only with my own dollars, and also only at my own risk and expense, while tolerating all the diverse choices that others make in theses spheres for themselves, than have my consumer sovereignty in these spheres interfered with by others and their votes or using my vote to interfere with their choices in these spheres. – Full exterritorial autonomy for all of us, in our own communities and societies of volunteers, would make this not only rightful but practicable. – No territorial impositions upon anyone! - JZ, 2.3.96, 18.8.08.  – VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: If a politician tries to buy votes with his own money, he is a dirty crook; but if he tries to buy votes with the people's money, he's a great liberal.” - THE FREEMAN, date? - TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATE, TAXATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, MODERN LIBERALISM

VOTING: If I can't have freedom, I am not satisfied with the "free" vote. Nor is the political vote of the present type, within the present territorial system, the best means to establish freedom. Such voting is simply not sufficiently freedom-promoting. One can almost generalize and say, that the more widely spread the suffrage became, the more accelerated the reversal to Statism became. I don't believe in voting my freedom away. If you want to stamp out freedom - vote, territorially! But I would prefer you to do so in your own volunteer community and I would recognize your right of secession to establish it. As long as we are forced to live in the same community, State or federation, the vote means that others are free to vote my freedom away and as a minority of one I cannot outvote them in this. Thus why should I participate in this racket? In most instances the "freedom" to mark a few crosses now and then on a ballot paper, for one or the other political party, or politician, all offering only to me unattractive package deals, is not worth having, by my standards. - For the single exception see under "totalitarianism". - JZ, 4.6.04. – FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, INDIVIDUAL FREE CHOICE, SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

VOTING: If it is humiliating to be ruled, how much more degrading is it to choose our own masters?” - Anti-Authoritarian Anonymous, quoted by Ernest Mann in "I Was Robot", 112. - "If it is humiliating to be ruled, how much more humiliating is choosing one's Masters?" - in "The Heretic's Handbook of Quotations" by Chaz Bufe, p.20.

VOTING: If it were an extreme case, in which I were only given the choice between a somewhat democratic government and a totalitarian government, then I would adopt a compromise and vote for the lesser evil. Luckily, in Australia, we are not right now in such a desperate position. One can still "vote" for more freedom by not participating in the political voting process and utilizing various classical individual human rights and liberties that are not yet all too restricted in this country, as best as one can. – JZ, n.d., in one of several protests against compulsory voting. Revised: 7.5.14.

VOTING: If no one voted any longer for any territorial party, politician or bureaucrat, or only a few would, what excuse would they have then to rule us any longer? – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: If nothing else helps, vote with your feet, or, if you feel strong enough, vote by secession. - JZ, 5/73. - EMIGRATION & SECESSION

VOTING: If of ten men nine are recognizable as fools, how ... in the name of wonder, will you ever get a ballot box to grind you out a wisdom from the votes of these ten men?” - Thomas Carlyle – MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: If people are as incapable, as immoral, and as ignorant as the politicians indicate, then why is the right of the same people to vote defended with such passionate insistence?” - Frederic Bastiat – And why assume that the territorial politicians are not also all too incapable, immoral and ignorant and differentiated from their voters only by their power addiction and leadership pretences? Are there really any popular errors and prejudices, which they do NOT share with their voters – JZ, 7.5.14. – Q.

VOTING: If people had all other rights but not the right to vote, what value would the vote have then? And if they had the right to vote and if it were used only to suppress all other rights, what value has the right to vote then? - JZ 17.10.85. – Q.

VOTING: If people were closely watching what the politicians are doing to us, would anyone go on voting for politicians and government programs? - JZ 5.1.77. – Perhaps, by now, all their actions and saying should be video- and audio-recorded, like those of policemen, who can no longer be sufficiently trusted, are already, in some States, video-recorded. So far only their staged appearances are recorded. I deny that they have a right to privacy and secrecy – even while they spy in many ways on us and misrule our lives. – POLITICIANS & SECRECY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, RECORDING ALL THE ACTIONS OF POLITICIANS, NOT ONLY THEIR SPECIAL EVENTS & PERFORMANCES, WITH INVITED MEDIA COVER. NO PRIVACY FOR THEM!

VOTING: If political management could achieve anything rightful and positive, at a competitive price, I might bother to cast a valid vote. However, I only know of the contrary. - JZ, 14.9.91. – POLITICS AS USUAL, POLITICIAN, BUREACRACY, PRESIDENTS, RULERS STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: If politicians are crooks, then those, who help them, by voting, are crooks, too. - JZ, 17.7.92.

VOTING: If territorial politicians could and would lead us to liberty, justice, enlightenment, peace, progress, prosperity, free trade, all individual rights and liberties, enlightenment, full employment, stable value measurements etc., then we would have had them already for a long time. Voting is an obstacle rather than a path to self-liberation. - JZ, n.d. & 7.5.14.

VOTING: If the ballot box cannot defend personal rights in England, you may be sure that voting alone will not protect personal rights in America.” - Clarence Manion, "The Key to Peace". - To be fair, he should have inserted "alone" also regarding England, behind "ballot box". – JZ – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES. VOTING IS NOT EVEN AN INDIVIDUAL RIGHT & LIBERTY – EXCEPT IN COMMUNITIES OF VOLUNTEERS & THERE IT WOULD BE LEAST NEEDED

VOTING: If the lesser mind could measure the greater as a foot-rule can measure a pyramid, there would be finality in universal suffrage. (As it is, the political problem remains unsolved.)" - G. B. Shaw, quoted in ANALOG, Dec. 84, p. 81.

VOTING: If the majority wills what is socially atavistic, then to thwart the majority may be the indicated, though concededly the undemocratic course. It is more important for a community, wherever situated geographically, to affirm and live by civilized standards than to labor at the job of swelling the voting lists.” - William F. Buckley, "Up from Liberalism", p.128. – MAJORITY DESPOTISM, POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES SHOULD COUNT LEAST OF ALL IN DECISION-MAKING EXCEPT AMONG VOLUNTEERS & AT THEIR EXPENSE & RISK ONLY

VOTING: If the territorially elected are not already scum, then they soon will be, when in power, with very few exceptions. That is unavoidable under territorial politics. Thus I only want the free vote for and within the exterritorially autonomous community of volunteers that I would chose for myself. - JZ, 2.3.96, 5.4.11. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS

VOTING: If the voters demanded that every political promise be accompanied by a specific estimate of the out-of-pocket tax cost to each voter, the nature of practical politics would quickly change.” - Joseph F. Johnston, Jr., The Limits of Government, Regnery Gateway, Chicago, 1984, p.316. - Various forms of voluntary taxation and, naturally, voluntary State membership and competition from exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers would work even better. – No fiddling around can sufficiently improve territorial regimes. - JZ, 2.10.07. – Mere reforms, while the basic wrongful statism and territorialism remains, cannot help us sufficiently.  VOTERS & POLITICAL PROMISES, REFORMS WHILE STATISM & TERRITORIALISM REMAINS & INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM & PERSONAL LAW ALTERNATIVES REMAIN SUPPRESSED?

VOTING: If there are e.g. 12 candidates to be listed in numerical order then the "none of the above" option could also be stated in the order of preference by filling in 13 for all of the 12 or listing them in the order from 13 to 24. - JZ, 14.9.91. - VOTING FOR NONE OF THE ABOVE, INFORMAL VOTING

VOTING: If there were a vote not to get a particular territorial government in but all territorially imposed governments out, then I would be interested in that vote. - JZ, 25.6.92, 5.4.11. – AGAINST STATISM & TERRITORIASM, THEIR MONOPOLIES, COMPULSION, LEGISLATION & INSTITUTIONS

VOTING: If they offered me any real and worthwhile choices, then I might be tempted. But all they offer is junk, financed from loot. – JZ, n.d. – They are all enemies of voluntarism in “their” sphere and against secessionism from them and alternative personal law institutions competing with them. They also failed to declare all individual rights and liberties and only quite rightful war and peace aims. So whey should I ever vote for any of them? – JZ, 7.5.14. – Q, POLITICIANS, RULERS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM.

VOTING: If they were able and willing to ever learn their lessons, then I might vote for them. – JZ, n.d. – Instead, they repeat all their old wrongs and mistakes over and over again. – JZ, 7.5.14. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, “REPRESENTATION”, GOVERNMENTALISM

VOTING: If those who support and advocate the political system of voting are as enamored as they claim to be about the sanctity of the vote, and if they want voting to express the will of the people, then consistency demands that they champion the economic vote above the political vote.” - Sy Leon, "None of the Above", p.66. – They should rather champion the general vote or choice for each individual human being among all kinds of systems, whether political, economic or social systems and whether one regards this as a social, political or social vote to make a free consumer sovereignty and free enterprise choice a fully free choice for all three spheres and their systems and any mixtures of them. They should all be as free choices for individuals as the choices of one’s mates, work, exchange media, value standard, clearing option, clothing, food, drink, reading, sports amusements, pets, crafts, hobbies, aims and purposes in one’s life, entertainment, travels, housing, arts preferences, languages and all the other rightful and peaceful options for human beings. They are all consumers and producers of political, social and economic services and as such should have free choices among them. – JZ, 8.5.14.

VOTING: If votes would liberate and enrich us, bring us peace and justice, they would have done so long ago. - JZ, n.d. - If territorial, statist and collectivist voting could enlighten and liberate us, make us free, just, peaceful, prosperous and healthy then it would have done so long ago. – JZ, n.d. & 8.5.14.

VOTING: If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal. – Emma Goldman - If voting could change anything, it would be illegal.” - Anarchist slogan, seen 1984. - If voting could change the system, it would be against the law.” - Wilson/Shea, "Illuminatus III", p.236. - If voting could change things, it would be illegal.” – Unknown. - If voting could change things, they'd make it illegal!” - from a tiny flyer for THE MATCH, P.O. Box 3488, Tucson Arizona 85 722. It describes itself as "the Apex of Atheistic Anarchism". - If voting made a difference, they would make it illegal. – Donal Scannell, at the Conference on World Affairs, Boulder CO, 4/6/04. – Compare the old remark: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” – The uniforms may change and the terms used, but wrongful territorial statism goes on and one under any political party system, even the “limited” governments that most of the Libertarians strive for. – JZ, 27.5.13. - If voting made a difference, they would make it illegal.” – Donal Scannell, at the Conference on World Affairs, Boulder CO, 4/6/04. - If voting meant anything, it would be banned.” - Wall graffito, Nov. 78, Kings Cross, Sydney.

VOTING: If we all stop voting, will they just go away?” – Bumper Sticker. - Under the only really significant vote, that of individual and group secessionism and of voluntary and exterritorially autonomous associationism, friends and enemies would sort each other out, with each group left at liberty to do the own things for or to the own members, thus removing almost all bones of contention between them, internally and externally. - Well, some would even complain about the bad language or bad jokes used by others and about the bad example they set, or the type of building, hair style, clothing, perfume or garden they prefer for themselves. But we are not likely to conduct civil wars about such issues, which do not infringe basic rights and liberties. - JZ, 25. 11. 06, 5.4.11. – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM,  PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE BECOMES POSSIBLE WHEN ALL ARE FREE TO DO THEIR THINGS AMONG LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE, TOLERANCE AMONG TOLERANT PEOPLE, INTOLERANCE ONLY TOWARDS THE INTOLERANT, ZAP, NAP

VOTING: If we continue to attempt voting together, territorially and collectively, we are all going to die together. - JZ, 26.9.85. - The ABC mass murder technology in the hands of official or unofficial fools and terrorists will see to that. - JZ, 8.6.04. – TERRITORIALISM & NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, MASS MURDEROUS POWERS

VOTING: If you are old enough to vote, you shouldn't have to. - W. C. Fields - Roy Halliday, Quotations with an Attitude, online. , COMPULSORY VOTING:

VOTING: If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote FOR ... but there are certain to be ones you want to vote AGAINST. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong.” - Robert Heinlein, quoted by Bob Howard in FREE ENTERPRISE, 2/76. - Just another version of the old advice to choose the lesser evil - which is still an evil. - JZ, 1.12.87. - That could only be changed by not only an abstaining option being provided but also "negative votes" against particular or all candidates and parties. - JZ 1.12.87. – But the most important vote available to all should be the individual secessionism one and the voluntary vote for one or the other governmental system or non-governmental society that one should be free to establish or to join, as long as it has no territorial power or ambition. – JZ, 28.10.08, 8.5.14.

VOTING: If you believe in voting for others, then you do thereby indicate that you don't believe in yourself and have not sufficient self-respect. – JZ, n.d. We may have become so habituated to powerlessness, just as slaves and serfs were, for long periods, that we take it for granted and are ready to concede power to others, by voting for them, regardless of how costly, oppressive and dangerous the result of these choice are. Just like infants and children trust their parents and leave all major decisions to them and tend to follow their orders. The terms “fatherland”, “motherland” and “paternalism” as well as “hero worship”, “personality cult”, “law and order” and “love of country” as well as “loyalty” are indications of this attitude, culminating in the submissiveness of statism and territorialism among the subjects of States and their governments.  – CANDIDATES, OFFICICE SEEKERS, POWER ADDICTS, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, LACK OF CONFIDENCE, INFERIORITY COMPLEX, STATISM, PERSONALITY CULT, PRESIDENTS, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: If you can only vote for it, rather than choose and pay it for yourself. t directly, you will either not get it at all or get something you did not really want or you will have to pay much more for it, in taxes. - JZ, 7.9.84.

VOTING: If you can vote away half the yearly value of property under the form of a rate, as we do in some towns at present, then under the same convenient and elastic right you can vote away the nine-tenths or the whole. "Only logic", perhaps you lightly answer - but remember, unless you change the direction of the forces, logic always tends to come out victorious in the end.” - Auberon Herbert: "Mr. Spencer & the Great Machine", p.72. – TAXATION, TAX SLAVERY

VOTING: If you favor anything wrong or nonsensical, THEN you have a good chance to get it realized through territorial political voting and all too soon, too. However, if you think otherwise … - JZ, n.d.

VOTING: If you favor territorial voting, then most of your political education is still amiss. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: if you give every man who has no property, a vote, will you not make a fine encouraging provision for corruption?” - John Adams, 1776.

VOTING: If you have been voting for politicians who promise to give you goodies at someone else's expense, then you have no right to complain when they take your money and give it to someone else, including themselves.” – Thomas Sowell (1992) - – quoted by Barb Denofa sharing Hannelore Morton's photo. – Facebook, 25.11.13. - POLITICIANS, WELFARE STATE, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENT BUDGETING, TAXATION, PROPERTY RIGHTS VS. COMMUNISM, STATE SOCIALISM, REDISTRIBUTIONISM

VOTING: If you have the right to vote, you should also have the right not to vote.” - One protester, who was jailed for not voting and not paying the fine, according to news, 10.1.79. - I would not let the government impose a still greater evil upon me, namely a prison sentence, for not voting, instead of the lesser evil, namely the likewise undeserved but quite legal fine for not voting. - Preventatively, I would rather vote informal, submitting to compulsory attendance, which would not expose me to a fine, due to the secrecy of the voting process. In short, the still lesser evil, when having only 2 or x candidates to choose from, is not to vote formally and effectively for either of them. When, afterwards, subjected to the conventional rule and broken promises of the candidate elected by others, I'll find at least myself blameless for this state of affairs. - JZ, 1.12.87. – TO EACH ONLY THE GOVERNMENT OR NON-GOVERNMENTAL SOCIETY OF HIS OR HER CHOICE! AN END TO TERRITORIAL STATISMM, WITH ALL ITS WRONGS & ABUSES!

VOTING: If you know of any political service worth a vote, taxes and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, then why don't you vote and pay for them. I won't, if I can help it. - JZ, 14.9.91, 5.4.11. - PUBLIC SERVICES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TAXES, SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY

VOTING: If you sell your vote then you get at least something out of a party or a politician. - JZ, 29.7.92. - Alas, politicians bribe you mostly with money extracted from yourself and other victims or donated in the expectation of political favors at the expense of the consumers. - JZ, 7.6.04. – BRIBERY, CORRUPTION, POWER GAMES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, INFLATIOON, PUBLIC DEBTS, ON THE BACKS OF TAX SLAVES

VOTING: If you still believe territorial parties, politicians and bureaucrats, then you will believe almost anything. - JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11.

VOTING: If you value your right to life, liberty, and property, then clearly there is every reason to refrain from participating in a process that is calculated to remove the life, liberty, or property from (*)  any other persons. Voting is the method for obtaining legal power to coerce others.” – Robert LeFevre – (*) yourself and … JZ – TAX SLAVERY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, “REPRESENTATIVES”

VOTING: If you vote for a politician, you vote your freedom and your money away. – JZ, 12.5.74.

VOTING: If you want to play political games or undertake political, social and economic experiments - do so only within volunteer communities and at the expense and risk of your members. All your territorial votes have so far prevented that freedom from coming into existence for all. – JZ, n.d. & 5.4.11. - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: If you were in prison and you had a 50% choice of lethal injection, a 45% chance of going to the electric chair and only a 5% chance of escape, are you likely to vote for lethal injection because that is your most likely outcome? If you continue to vote for the Democrats or the Republicans, you are committing political suicide." - Michael Badnarik – If you continue to vote for territorial systems you do, whether you like it or not, vote ultimately for a nuclear general holocaust. It needs and feeds on these “targets”. I stated ca. 500 points on this, mostly in alphabetical order, in my second peace book, “An ABC Against Nuclear war”, (*) Refute me, if you can. – I do not want this to happen, either. - (*) -  JZ, 21.4.09. - VOTING FOR A THIRD PARTY? LIBERTARIAN PARTY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: If you were in treacherous waters, would you select your pilot by popular vote?” - Plato.

VOTING: If you, like all others, are just one pixel in a large screen image, no sensible image or action can result. – JZ

VOTING: If your freedom was left to a vote of the whole American people you would get it two to one. But anything important is never left to a vote of the people. We only get to vote on some man; we never get to vote on what he is to do.” - Will Rogers, Autobiography, p.272. – CANDIDATES, POLITICIANS, REFERENDUM, DIRECT DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, PARLIAMENTARISM, TOO, DEPRIVES THE SUBJECTS OF GOVERNMENTS OR STATES OF MANY TO MOST OF THEIR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: If, as frequently alleged, individuals are grasping, greedy monsters in the market place, by what magic are they transformed into foresighted altruists in the privacy of the polling booth?” - M. Bruce Johnson, REASON, 7/74. – Farsighted? – JZ – Are altruists ever farsighted enough to realize that they encourage and produce passivity, parasitism and poverty, instead of hard work, self-help, initiative and enterprise? Most help should only be given in repayable loans and repayment should have to guaranteed by their close family members and or friends or other guarantors. Otherwise it largely means throwing money away. Mutual aid, insurance and credit societies and companies would make charitable, altruistic and benevolent actions rather superfluous and would increase production and savings rather than consumption and parasitism.

VOTING: Ignorance is also a problem for the more knowledgeable voter, for the very simple reason that no one on the outside of, say, Cabinet, really knows what goes on inside. All we do know is that history is full of examples of politicians lying about their actions and the reasons for them.” - John Singleton with Bob Howard, "Rip Van Australia", 1977, p.13. – SECRECY INSTEAD OF FULL PUBLICITY FOR PUBLIC SERVANTS, THEIR ACTIONS, RULES, TREATIES, POLITICIANS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, LIES, DISHONESTY

VOTING: Ignorant citizens elect ignorant leaders - its as simple as that. – George Cralin,  Moral Hazard shared Capitalism's photo, Facebook, 17.8.13.

VOTING: Imagine if they called for another vote - and not one came and cast it for any of them! – Source?

VOTING: Implicit in all political voting is the necessity to coerce some so that all are controlled. The direction taken by the control is academic.” – Robert LeFevre, in "LibertarianYearbook 1972", p.117. - It is not quite academic in the extreme case of a choice only between somewhat democratic-liberal politicians and totalitarian ones. - JZ, 1.12.87. – This rule, too, applies only to territorial politics and its voting, not to the voting for or against membership in personal law societies of volunteers and within them and to the secessionist vote involved when one ends one’s membership with them. – JZ, 8.5.14. – VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, COERCION, CONTROL

VOTING: In 1975 New York City went bankrupt. This was not the result of recession, or of the energy crisis. It was not because of any special features of New York. It was caused by the same lack of accountability that we see in almost every western democracy. The cause of New York's crisis was headlined by the New York Times - "No one has ever won an election by proposing to give the people less." In New York they all got more - more public services, more salaries, more fringe benefits and pensions, more free schools, free buses, free universities and subsidized housing.” - V. A. Forbes, "Accountability in Government". - And more in taxes, laws, inflation, unemployment, public debts and bureaucratic interventions. - JZ, 5.4.11. – DEMOCRACY, WELFARE STATES, NEW YORK, DETROIT, WRONGFUL TAXATION & GOVERNMENTAL SPENDING, FREE OF CHARGE SERVICES, SUBSIDIES, IGNORING ECONOMICS & FREE MARKET RELATIONSHIPS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, PUBLIC DEBTS, HANDOUTS, WELFARE STATES, BRIBING PEOPLE WITH THEIR OWN MONEY TO VOTE FOR “PROMISING” POLITICIANS

VOTING: In a free society, voting occurs constantly in the market place. The customer is king and votes for or against a product or service by buying or refusing to buy. Elections are not periods of time for sowing suspicion and hatred. Elections go on every day, and every hour, with each person expressing his wishes by the practical method of participating as he will or abstaining as he will. Yet his decisions are not binding on others. Freedom remains a constant, and the rewards go to the best producer and not to the best confidence man. – (*) Government, on the other hand, is invariably an instrument of monopoly and special privilege. This is, indeed, why so many people support it. Government behaves like an intoxicated millionaire, willing to throw money around in an irresponsible manner. The difficulty is that the government has no money to throw around except the ...” - "LeFevre's Journal", Winter 76. – (*) Territorial … - JZ. - ELECTIONS ON A FREE MARKET, VOTING WITH ONE’S DOLLARS, CONSUMER & ENTERPRISE SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE – UNDER PERSONAL LAW, META-UTOPIA, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM OR COMPETING GOVERNANCE VS. TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT, STATISM & GOVERNMENT SPENDING

VOTING: In a highly organized world, personal initiative connected with a group must be confined to a few unless the group is small. If you are a member of a small committee, you may reasonably hope to influence its decisions. In national politics, where you are one of some twenty million voters, your influence is infinitesimal unless you are exceptional or occupy an exceptional position. You have, it is true, a twenty-millionth share in the government of others, but only a 20-millionth share in the government of yourself. You are therefore much more conscious of being governed than of governing. The government becomes in your thoughts a remote and largely malevolent "they", not a set of men whom you, in concert with others, who share your opinions, have chosen to carry out your wishes. Your individual feeling about politics, in these circumstances, is not that intended to be brought about by democracy, but much more nearly what it would be under a dictatorship.” - Bertrand Russell: "Authority and the Individual", p.74. – Under voluntary membership and exterritorial autonomy size matters much less than under territorialism, statism, governmentalism. Even competing world governance systems are possible and are no threat to outsiders and other such systems. They could freely and peacefully compete like international corporation for market shares, as long as none of them has any governmentally granted privileges or subsidies. – JZ, 8.5.14. - VOLUNTARISM, SIZE, CENTRALIZATION, DECENTRALIZATION & PERSONAL LAW COMPETITION & VOLUNTARISM IN BOTH, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: In a truly free society the consumer would vote with his money.” - Marilyn Giesekam, FREE ENTERPRISE, 8/74. – In a truly free society, one with individual and consumer as well as entrepreneurial sovereignty, the consumers could also freely choose between governance systems and societies and communities under personal law, as exterritorially autonomous and freely competing service systems. – JZ, 2.7.13. – Moreover, the entrepreneurs could then also offer all kinds of governmental services, separately and in package deals to satisfy their voluntary customers. – JZ, 8.5.14. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, WITH “GOVERNMENTS” REDUCED TO COMPETING CORPORATIONS, ALL WITHOUT ANY PRIVILEGES, MONOPOLIES OR WRONGFUL COERCIVE POWERS

VOTING: In ancient Athens, those who admired the Stoic philosophy of individualism, took as their motto: 'Abstain from Beans'. The phrase had a precise reference. It meant: DON'T VOTE. Balloting in Athens occurred by dropping various colored beans into a receptacle." - Robert LeFevre. - STOICS ABSTAINED FROM BEANS

VOTING: In democracies you have only one vote among millions and with your website you have also only one vote among millions. But at least millions have a chance, via search engines, to find your vote or idea or plan. But do they do so very often? I have got very little response from all that has been put on my own website and those of some others, of the ideas that I favor and expressed. If your ideas are not popular, then they might as well be expressed and also largely ignored in the mass media. Alas, the Internet has not yet served as an effective market for ideas and talents. – JZ, 23.9.04, 22.10.07. - INTERNET & DEMOCRACY, IDEAS ARCHIVE & TALENT MARKET

VOTING: In democratic elections we get secret approvals to measures of envy, greed, prejudices and exploitation. - JZ, 4.7.92, 7.6.04. – In communities of volunteers, from which one can also freely secede, there would be no insistence on secrecy if they still do have a voting system at all. – JZ, 8.5.14. - DEMOCRACY & SECRECY OF VOTES

VOTING: In fact, the very nature of politics adds to the pressure for more inflation, since inflation is one of the ways by which politicians pay for the expensive vote-catching programs they use to buy votes at every election.” - Maxwell Newton, WORKERS PARTY NEWSLETTER, 6/75. - INFLATION

VOTING: In general elections, however, it's still a case of having to choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledumber - to borrow a phrase coined by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a man whose career certainly gave him a chance to make an informed judgment on the quality of American elections.” - Nicholas von Hoffman, in "PENTHOUSE", ca. 11/1980.

VOTING: In general, the electoral process, whether in a democracy or a dictatorship, performs this citizen domestication function in various ways …” - Robert Weissberg, THE VOLUNTARYIST, Dec. 97, p.1. – I made a typo at first, spelling “democracy” as “demoncracy”. Makes some sense, too. – JZ, 21.4.09. - ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, CITIZENSHIP, THE FALSE PRETENSE OF HAVING A REAL & EQUAL SAY ON PUBLIC AFFAIRS, HOWEVER INDIRECTLY

VOTING: In his "Letter on the Political Obligations of Abolitionists", Garrison maintained that the political reformation which would bring about the abolition of slavery "is to be expected solely by a change in the moral vision of the people; - not by attempting to prove that it is the duty of every abolitionist to be a voter, but that it is the duty of every voter to be an abolitionist." - Carl Watner, "Voluntaryism", p.7. – Voluntarists are not complete abolitionists. They tolerate most actions that are only practised among adult volunteers, including voluntary victims, e.g. voluntary slaves and serfs. However, they would insist that even these would have the right to secede. They would not tolerate territorial monopoly claims. – JZ, 8.5.14. - MORALITY, ETHICS, SLAVERY & STATISM, VOLUNTARY SERFDOM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: In other words, the less political voting we have, the more economic voting will be possible.” - Sy Leon, "None of the Above", p.72. – The more free and diverse voting we have by individuals for the kind of political system they do prefer for themselves, the more diversity in the choice of economic and social systems would be possible as well. The most enlightened people could have their system for themselves and the most ignorant, foolish and prejudiced ones could all have theirs, always at the own risk and expense, with freedom, tolerance and the absence of a territorial monopoly for all of them, under their diverse personal law systems. – JZ, 8.5.14. – All systems for their volunteers only! Experimental freedom among volunteers, at the own risk and expense. – VARIETY, DIVERSITY, FREE CHOICE, COMPETITION, LAISSEZ FAIRE, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTATION, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, SECESSIONISM IN EVERY SPHERE – AMONG VOLUNTEERS ONLY, VS. ANY COERCIVE, MONOPOLISTIC & COLLECTIVISTIC STATISM & TERRITORIALISM, TO EACH HIS OWN, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, POLYARCHISM,

VOTING: In our everyday, nonpolitical lives - equipped as we all are with our private property rights - we routinely make choices that count. If you choose to buy a Ford rather than a Volkswagen, you get a Ford. What you get among the available options does not depend upon how others choose. You get what you want; everyone else gets what he and she wants. Not so in elections. You get only what a majority of the voting group wants. Thus, every time a decision is made collectively rather than individually, no individual is free. Each is a slave to the majority.” - - March 04, - ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, CHOICE, MAJORITY RULE, COMPARED WITH SECESSIONISM, VOTING AS A SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL CONSUMER OR ENTREPRENEUR IN A QUITE FREE MARKET, PROPERTY, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: In politics, there are few skills more richly rewarded than the ability to misstate issues in a way that will sound plausible and attractive.” —Thomas Sowell. – Thus our task is now to state the truths on these matters in as clear and attractive form as possible. – That is the point of this collection of quotes, notes and comments, which will, hopefully, reach maturity through abundant positive and critical input from many others. – JZ, 3.7.13. – REFUTATIONS & REPLIES TO POPULAR ERRORS, PREJUDICES, MYTHS , POLITICS, ELECTIONS, LIES, PROMISES, SLOGANS, PLAUSIBILITY, POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES, DEMOCRACY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, REFUTATIONS ENCYCLOPEDIA, IDEAS ARCHIVE

VOTING: In practice, not in theory: Are your elected parties, politicians and their appointed bureaucrats, your employees or your masters? So why vote for any of them? Wouldn't you immediately dismiss any servant or employee who began to tax you and gave you orders? – JZ – PUBLIC SERVANTS? POLITICIANS

VOTING: In several respects we are all second-class citizens and disenfranchised: We do not have the right to determine or vote that our individual rights not become restricted by any "positive" legislation by our “representatives”. - We have only rarely a chance to vote on important issues by referendum. - We have no recognized individual right to vote or opt ourselves out of the establishment. - We have no right to vote in for ourselves the kind of institutions and laws which would please us and not some majority or large conglomeration of minorities. - We do not have the right to determine our tax burden and government spending ourselves, by one or the other voluntary taxation and spending scheme. - We are not free to repudiate the governments depreciated paper currency and opt for alternative and healthy exchange media and value standards, instead. - We are not set at liberty to pick our international allies and enemies ourselves. - We are not allowed to trade freely with our business partners across national borders. - We are not even free to decide what is to happen to our savings, insurance premiums and old age and invalidity funds but see them exposed to inflation, taxation, regulation and mismanagement - without sufficient voting powers to stop these abuses. - JZ, 87, 5.4.11. – POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, ELECTIONS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, INCLUDING INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, FREE MIGRATION, MINORITY RIGHTS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, SUBJECTS RATHER THAN FREE CITIZENS, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY OF THE POWER ADDICTS, INTERNATIONAL POLICIES, FREE TRADE, FREE INSURANCE ARRANGEMENTS,

VOTING: In short, he finds himself, without his consent, so situated that, if he uses the ballot, he may become a master, if he does not use it, he must become a slave. And he has no other alternative than these two. In self-defence, he attempts the former. His case is analogous to that of a man who has been forced into battle, where he must either kill others or be killed himself.” – Lysander Spooner, "No Treason", p.2. – CONSCRIPTED “CITIZENS” & SOLDIERS, ENFORCED OBEDIENCE RATHER THAN FREE INDIUAL CHOICES, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM & PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TAX-SLAVERY, MODERN SERFDOM, FEUDALISM & ALL TO ABSOLUTE “MONARCHISM” OF PRESIDENTS & PRIME MINISTERS, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, WARFARE STATES & WELFARE STATES

VOTING: In terms of actual change, as a matter of fact, there hasn't been an election in the United States since its inception that has driven the country solidly onto a course toward less government and more liberty. Each, rather, has driven the country toward more government and less liberty. Parties and promises notwithstanding, this is the way it is. To not recognize that one overpowering fact is to let the meaning of the entire political history of our time utterly escape you.” - Karl Hess, "The Lawless State", p.4. - TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, CONSTITUTIONALISM, LEGISLATION, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, POWER GOING TO GOVERNMENTS RATHER THAN THE PEOPLE, THEIR MERE SUBJECTS

VOTING: In the American political system, you're only allowed to have real ideas if it's absolutely guaranteed that you can't win an election.” - P. J. O'Rourke, in "Parliament of Whores". – Correct ideas are not outlawed but simply not popular enough when compared with the tens of thousands of popular errors, myths and prejudices that have accumulated in all too many heads and form an almost insuperable barrier to rational persuasion attempts, at least until all the best refutations of all of them are finally put together in an vast digital reference work. That kind of public discussion and record keeping would, at this stage, be much more valuable than all the parliamentary debating clubs and their decrees, mostly based upon the same popular prejudices etc. – Imagine, for instance, each party being supplied with the best refutations for the platform of its opponents! – They would then appear in all their naked stupidities and foolishness and all their great wrongs. – JZ, 21.4.09. - ELECTIONS, PARTIES, DEMOCRACY, PREJUDICES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS.

VOTING: in the hope that there is indeed strength in numbers, that a sufficiently ponderous mass of humanoid flesh is enough to tip the scales of reality against the laws of nature.” - PHILOLOGOS, Nov./Dec. 76. – MAJORITY DEPOTISM, THE UNDER-INFORMED, PREJUDICED & FOOLISH LORDING IT OVER THE SOMEWHAT ENLIGHTENED PEOPLE, WHOM THEY ALMOST NEVER ELECT, DEMOCRACY, MERELY A FORMALLY ORGANIZED MOB RULE IN MOST CASES, PUBLIC OPINION

VOTING: In the meantime, all reasonable citizens will accept the inevitable corollary that those in receipt of public relief are not entitled to a vote in public affairs.” - Ernest Benn, in Deryck Abel: Ernest Benn, Counsel for Liberty, p.76. - That reform, too, still does not go to the root of our problems, namely, territorialism, statism, compulsion, monopolism and a flood of wrongful laws, under ignorance of or non-appreciation of many individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 5.4.11, 8.5.14.

VOTING: In the political democracy only the votes cast for the majority candidate or the majority plan are effective in shaping the course of affairs. But on the market no vote is cast in vain. Every penny spent has the power to work upon the production process.” - Ludwig von Mises, "Human Action". - Actually, on the Exchanges even unsatisfied offers and unsatisfied demands are registered and sometimes published. Even they do have their influence upon the market, although they did not, immediately, lead to corresponding contracts. - They do influence contracts in the near future. - JZ, 7.6.04. - MARKET & DEMOCRACY

VOTING: In the very nature of things, the act of voting could bind nobody but the actual voters. But owing to the property qualifications required, it is probable that, during the first twenty or thirty years under the Constitution, not more than one tenth, fifteenth, or perhaps twentieth of the whole population (black and white, men, women, and minors) were permitted to vote. Consequently, so far as voting was concerned, not more than one tenth, fifteenth, or twentieth of those then existing, could have incurred any obligation to support the Constitution.” - Lysander Spooner, "No Treason", VI, 7/8, Works 1, p.6.

VOTING: In this context, it may be pointed out that only a vote for an alternative can be an 'effective negative expression'. Abstention is not effective, since it does not influence the vote results; neither is a vote for 'none of the above', as it leads not to defeat of a particular candidate, but only to a new election. ‘Abolish this office' may qualify.” - George Dance, OPTION, 6/77. - Also: Allow individual and groups secessions as well as exterritorial autonomy for societies of volunteers. - JZ, 5.4.11. – VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, VOTING REFORMS

VOTING: In times such as these, it is incumbent upon free men to re-examine their most cherished, long-established beliefs. There is only one truly moral position for an honest person to take. He must refrain from coercing his fellows. This means that he should refuse to participate in the process by means of which some men obtain power over others." - Robert LeFevre. - Unless the others are private criminals with victims or official aggressors. - JZ, 5.4.11. – POWER, DOMINATION, RULE, GOVERNANCE, VS. VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, PANARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: In what respects are all of us disenfranchised or deprived by the vote? In how many respects do we not have a free choice? Why is it wrong to speak of "the right to vote"? - Because it describes only a small fraction of all human activities where we could and perhaps should have a say: namely in the election of public officials. In the some of the most important affairs, our own, we have no vote, whilst the political vote, indirectly and with distortions through the political machine, gives us the wrongful authority to meddle with the affairs of others. The "free and equal vote" is a misnomer. By laws and regulations and constitutional clauses we are not permitted to vote in many ways and spheres: a) We are not allowed to "vote" for free prices - because they are fixed. - b) We are not allowed to vote on or agree upon certain wages for us because they are below prescribed rates. - c) We are not allowed to choose overseas suppliers for us, freely, due to protectionism. - d) We are not free to refuse the government's currency and to accept alternatives ones instead. - e) We are, as a rule and in most important matters, not allowed to vote in referendums. - f) There are restrictions on our choice of rents. - g) We have no vote on what services of the government to buy and which ones to refuse. - h) We are not even free to vote with our feet - because of passport requirements. - i) We are not free to opt out of the State, the army or a union. - j) We have no freedom of choice regarding certain services, e.g. postal, transport and medical services. - We have relegated ourselves to 10th class citizens. But count me out. I am not subjected to this mess with my consent and I do not feel free under all these and similar restrictions. - JZ, ca. 1972, slightly changed while retyping in 1987. Revised: 5.4.11. – This short list does certainly not include all the legalized restrictions imposed upon us by statism and territorialism. A complete list would, probably, fill a thick book. – JZ, 8.5.14.

VOTING: Indeed, you can outvote others. But they can also outvote you. So, why engage in such a wrongful and silly game? - JZ, n.d. – To each the self-chosen personal law system and its institution. – JZ, 8.5.14. -      SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

VOTING: Individual liberty and choices rather than collective territorial voting. To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams. No one's dream, not even the best possible one, to be centrally and collectively imposed upon all people living in a territory. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATES, WARFARE STATES, COMPULSION, MONOPOLISM, COLLECTIVISM

VOTING: Individual sovereignty, liberty, rights, tolerance, fully free market competition and consumer sovereignty and free enterprise cannot be consistently realized under any territorial government, not even the most limited one. - JZ, 11.9.99, 8.6.04, 8.5.14. – VOLUNTARISM, FREE MARKETS, COMPETITION, LAISSEZ FAIRE IN EVER SPHERE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FULL FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND CONTRACT, IMPOSSIBLE UNDER STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TOTALITARIANISM, LIMITED GOVERNMENTS

VOTING: Individual votes can rightly bind only the individual voter - and this only in the direction of his vote. - JZ, 15.12.81. – No one is morally bound to abide by the votes of others, unless he has signed a contract to this effect. Mere participation in an election is not such a contract, especially not when voting is compulsory and secession and personal law options are outlawed. – JZ, 8.5.14. – SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-MANAGEMENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, SELF-GOVERNANCE, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, COMPETITION, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & ENTERPRISE INITIATIVE & EXPERIMENTATION IN EVERY SPHERE

VOTING: Individual, voluntary and exterritorially autonomous votes, that can raise us up, towards our best dreams, as opposed to collective, compulsory, monopolistic, authoritarian and coercive territorial votes, which put all of us down into suppression, crises, exploitation, expropriation, subjugation, domination situations, often into nightmares based upon wide-spread ignorance, prejudices, stupidity, rapacity and greed for power and their wrongful rituals and power-games. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04, 1.4.11, 8.5.14. - WELFARE STATES, WARFARE STATES, FREE CHOICES IN EVERY SPHERE, VS. IMPOSED MEMBERSHIPS, BURDENS, RULES & LAWS – BUT ALWAYS ONLY AT THE OWN RISK & EXPENSE. TO EACH HIS OWN! INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES ABOVE ALL POLITICAL, TERRITORIAL & STATIST “VOTING RIGHTS”, LAWS & GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTIONS & DECISIONS BY SUPPOSED BUT NOT SELF-CHOSEN “REPRESENTATIVES”, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, LAWS

VOTING: individuals as voters demand more government services than any of them would be willing to pay for directly as consumers.” - David Boaz, ed., The Libertarian Reader, The Free Press, 1997, p.312. – He should have added that they do so as involuntary State members or State subjects and as involuntary tax payers. As voluntary members of exterritorially autonomous communities, which would make their taxes or contributions essentially voluntary, too, their ideas, attitudes and behavior would tend to change. Then they would favor the reduction of their contributions to the kind of public spending, which they do still prefer, especially when they see the successes of more economically operating other panarchies or polyarchies all around them. Anyhow, those becoming dissatisfied would be free to secede and would, thereby and indirectly, "discipline" or influence the high taxation and high public spending panarchies. – JZ, 3.10.07, 5.4.11, 5.4.11.

VOTING: Information is not subject to a vote.” - Dangerous Buttons, No. 194.

VOTING: Instead of voting any new rascals in, let us vote all the old rascals out, and their offices as well, until no one is left in any office, ready and able to lord it over us. - JZ, n.d. – Alternatively, we should confine all political rascals to their voluntary victims, under personal law or exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 8.5.14.

VOTING: Is it who votes that counts or who counts the votes?” – From an email by Terry L. Parker, of 30.10.04. – Even if all votes are honestly given and counted, why should anyone’s individual rights and liberties and his peaceful and tolerant actions, choices relationships, associations and institutions be subjected to the votes of others? – JZ, 8.5.14. – Q., INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, DEMOCRACIES, ELECTIONS


VOTING: Is voting any more successful than the wishful thinking of prayers? - JZ17.5.95. - At most you get rid of e.g. one major bastard, party rule or despotism or corruption - only to be stuck, for years, with another one. – Rather to each the party rule, ideological, religious, utopian or free enterprise, liberation, anarchist or statist system of the own free choice. - JZ, 7.6.04, 8.5.14. – PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, COMPETING GOVERNANCE VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, Q.

VOTING: It cannot be said that, by voting, a man pledges himself to support the Constitution, unless the act of voting be a perfectly voluntary one on his part. Yet the act of voting cannot properly be called a voluntary one on the part of any very large number of those who do vote. It is rather a measure of necessity imposed upon them by others, than one of their own choice. On this point I repeat what was said in a former number, viz: (No Treason, No.2, pages 5 and 6.). - In truth, in the case of individuals, their actual voting is not to be taken as proof of consent, EVEN FOR THE TIME BEING. On the contrary, it is to be considered that, without his consent having even been asked, a man finds himself environed by a government that he cannot resist; a government that forces him to pay money, render service, and forego the exercise of many of his natural rights, under peril of weighty punishments. He sees, too, that other men practise this tyranny over him by the use of the ballot. He sees further, that, if he will but use the ballot himself, he has some chance of relieving himself from this tyranny of others, by subjecting them to his own. ...” – Lysander Spooner, "No Treason", VI, 7/8, Works 1. –  PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, VOLUNTARISM VS. GOVERNMENTALISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, LAWS, CONSTITUTIONALISM, CONSENT, MANDATE, TRIBUTE LEVIES, TAXATION, NATURAL INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, TYRANNY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, BALLOT

VOTING: It certainly is not moral to commit aggression against others; yet when you vote for a candidate, you are voting to put someone in a position to rule the lives of your fellowmen-men who either do not want that candidate to rule them or do not want ANYONE to rule them. And if it is an issue you are voting for or against, you are usually voting to interfere with the lives of those who are on the opposite side of such an issue.” - Robert Ringer, "Restoring the American Dream", p.341. – NAP, ZAP, NON-VIOLENCE, VOLUNTARISM, NON –INTERFERENCE, NON-INTERVENTION, AGGRESSION, STATISM TERRITORIALISM, TO EACH THE OWN SYSTEM, LAW, INSTITUTIONS, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: It doesn’t matter if the powerful are chosen by birth, divine right, drawing straws or universal suffrage. It is the power that is abusive, no matter how it is attained.” - Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, 2/75, p.75. - Power only exterritorially, among volunteers, as a result of their own individual free choices, is quite another matter. - JZ, 5.4.11. – POWER OVER PEACEFUL OTHERS IS ALWAYS WRONG, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POWER AMONG VOLUNTEERS, VOLUNTARY SUPPORTERS OR VICTIMS ONLY

VOTING: It is a well known fact that oppositions do not win elections but that governments lose them.” - Phillip Adams, SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 26.7.75. – As long as the opposition partiess have nothing better to offer than just another statist, territorial power system they are hardly worth voting for. – JZ, 8.5.14.

VOTING: It is also true that we could vote to re-establish slavery in America. Would that make slavery 'right" or "democratic'? We could democratically vote to have a state religion and to force everyone to conform to the majority decision; but that would make a mockery of democracy and the right to vote.  We can democratically vote to print enough money to give every person a million dollars; but would such exercise of the franchise help anyone except those who wish to destroy America? - All these measures - and others of a similar nature - could be enacted legally and democratically under the concept of majority rule. But would any person be so foolish as to say that they should be enacted? Will any thinking person say that a law is "right" merely because a majority has voted for it? We must always remember that our Constitution was designed to protect the freedom of the smallest possible minority - one person - against the demands of the greatest possible majority - all other persons combined.” - Ben Moreell, "Survival of the Species", THE FREEMAN, July 1978, p. 415. - Even this constitution has not done a good job of this task Largely, because it is a territorial one and all genuine individual rights and liberties where not yet sufficiently known and appreciated either. Neither are they today. - JZ, 8.6.04, 5.4.11. – SLAVERY, STATE RELIGION BY A VOTE? DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, INFLATION, RIGHTS, MINORITIES RIGHTS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM CONSTITUTIONALISM

VOTING: It is clear to me that universal suffrage is the most extensive and at the same time the most refined manifestation of the political charlatanism of the State; a dangerous instrument without doubt, and demanding a great deal of skill and competence of those who make use of it, but becoming at the same time - that is, if those people learn to make use of it - the surest means of making the masses cooperate in the construction of their own prison.” - Michael Bakunin, The Knouto-Germanic Empire, 1871. - It allowed even a Hitler to win and to plunge Germany into a totalitarian despotism and the world into another world war, one from which we still suffer and which has set the stage for the third one. - JZ 1.12.87. – TERRITORIALISM STATISM, CHARLATANISM OF THE STATE, HITLER REGIME, NAZIS, WWII

VOTING: It is high time to recognize conscientious objection for voters as well as for conscripts and for religious dissidents. - JZ 30.11.87. - Not to speak of taxpayers, pupils and generally, of State subjects. – JZ, n.d. – CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION IS HARDLY A GOOD ENOUGH DEFENCE AGAINST COMPULSORY VOTING, FAR LESS AGAINST STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TYRANNY, TOTALITARIANISM

VOTING: It is nonsense to speak of choice when you are only allowed to choose between e.g. two parties and you disagree with 97 % of the program of the one and with 95 % of the program of the other and you are not given any chance to escape the grasping hands and the domineering boots of whoever catches most votes. – JZ, 4.6.04. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, PERSONAL LAW ALTERNATIVES ARE STILL OUTLAWED EVERYWHERE & FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, & EXPERIMENTATION MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM & OTHER INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES ARE NOWHERE FULLY DECLARED OR RECOGNIZIED. FREE CHOICE IN EVERY SPHERE FOR ALL PEACEFUL & SELF-RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUALS

VOTING: It is not a free choice, either to be referred to the possibility of starting a new party, when all the existing ones are not considered acceptable to oneself. Not only do those in power have many opportunities to discourage the growth of a new party, but the new party would also have to work within the present territorial and statist political system, would not enjoy freedom of action, either, could not autonomously rule its own voluntary members and voters only and thereby clearly demonstrate its superiority or inferiority. It would still be involved in the party system, a struggle for territorial power and domination, where the rule is that almost anything goes in the attempt to either beat or become beaten, instead of: Leave each other free and alone so that each group can freely pursue and further the happiness of its members in its own way or leave them free to do this for themselves. It is criminal to force people to participate in this present-day all too common criminal activity. - JZ, 5.6.04. - PARTY SYSTEM, INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, DOMINATION VS. GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT OF LIKE-MINDED VOLUNTEERS IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES, ALL ONLY EXTERRITORIALLY AUTONOMOUS, I.E. UNDER PERSONAL LAW OF THEIR CHOICE

VOTING: It is not in the nature of politics that the best men should be elected. The best men do not want to govern their fellowmen. – George E. MacDonald, 1824-1905, Scottish Novelist. - Those who share popular prejudices, errors and false premises with the masses are the ones most likely to become elected to public offices. – In the game of politics the worst men are most likely to win. The greatest liars, the most ignorant leaders, the greatest confidence tricksters, the most ruthless characters or simply those who share the largest number of popular errros and prejudices. - JZ, 3.1.07, 8.5.14. - LEADERSHIP, PREMIERS, MINISTERS, BEST MEN? ELECTIONS & THE BEST MEN, POWER-MONGERS, ELECTIONS, POLITICS, REPRESENTATION, CONSENT, TERRITORIALISM, BEST MEN, RULERS, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, POLITICS AS USUAL, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS OF POPULAR ERRROS & PREJUDICES


VOTING: It is quite possible that the expansion of the franchise caused a relapse into the practice of popular fallacies - after at least a considerable number of leading men were already somewhat enlightened on classical liberalism. - JZ 25.4.86. – LIBERALISM, CLASSICAL, ENLIGHTENMENT & DEMOCRACY, EXTENSION OF THE FRANCHISE, VOTING RIGHTS FOR ALMOST EVERY ADULT

VOTING: It is significant that in the most recent United States presidential election, which was a very important and close contest, ALMOST HALF OF THE ELIGIBLE VOTERS DID NOT BOTHER TO CAST A VOTE. That is both an indictment of the modern United States government and a reflection on the lousy choices offered to voters at election time. It also makes a mockery of the 'democratic process. (It is no solution, however, to compound the problem by advocating compulsory voting.) The answer, as stated above, is to reduce the power of government. So the low voting figures doesn't matter because politicians don't matter.” - John Singleton with Bob Howard, "Rip Van Australia", 1977, p.263. - Territorial politicians do not matter in a rightful and positive sense but do matter, very much, in a wrongful and irrational sense. - JZ, 5.4.11.

VOTING: It is the means of pressuring governments into handing out privileges, and determining which privileges are handed out by which government to which group. It represents a total perversion of the original idea of governments.” - John Singleton with Bob Howard, "Rip Van Australia", 1977, p.263. – handed out, by which government and to which group? – I copied the quote correctly but is it correctly expressed? - JZ. - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: It is the surprising paradox of our society that while we think people incapable of looking after even their own interests, we trust them to select politicians who will know and look after everybody's interests.” - "THE AGE", Melbourne. - Sufficient agreement on common actions can only be found among volunteers. - JZ, 5.4.11. – One can even doubt that well educated and well-read people know all of their own best interests sufficiently, especially when it comes to economics. But at least in many cases they are more likely to know them than anyone else, especially representatives merely elected by a majority for sharing its errors and prejudices. How sound or how unsound is e.g. the economic knowledge of most intellectuals? Not to speak of ordinary voters. Territorial representation and statism are not a good enough substitution for genuine self-governance, individual sovereignty and secessionism, personal law or competing governance systems, meta-utopia, panarchism or polyarchism. – JZ, 8.5.14. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, INDIVIDUALA RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, Q.

VOTING: It makes a lot of difference whether one has just one vote in a territory among millions of voters of different parties, movements, faiths and ideologies or one vote among like-minded people. Panarchism takes care of these differences, just like e.g. business partnership and productive cooperatives do, in their spheres. Conventional territorial democracies do not and cannot sufficiently represent the whole population, just like vast share companies can’t, with millions of minor share-holders, cannot quite satisfactorily represent each of them. But at least the dissatisfied shareholders can sell their shares and part company with the corporation that they had partly owned. Territorial governments do not give their subjects shares in their assets and pay them dividends but rather tax them and do not let them freely secede or set up or join a personal law society, community or competing governance systems. Nevertheless, corporations and share companies, business men and entrepreneurs are still less popular than government-leaders, other politicians and supposedly “representatives” public servants are, in all too many cases. – Genuine self-government and self-management have to become much better defined and developed. - JZ, 13.9.05, 29.10.7, 21.4.09. – A Google search for SELF-MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE has recently brought me 74 million search results. – JZ, 8.5.14. – STATISM, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITARIANISM, ELECTIONS, TERRITORIALISM, SELF-MANAGEMENT, ANTI-CAPITALIST MENTALITY, REPRESENTATION IN GOVERNMENT & COMPANIES

VOTING: It makes no difference who you vote for - the two parties are really one party representing four percent of the people." - Gore Vidal – Sent by CB 27.8.08. - PARTIES, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, PEOPLE, TWO PARTY SYSTEMS, REPRESENTATION, MINORITY RULE POSING AS MAJORITY RULE & SELF-GOVERNMENT, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, REPUBLICANISM, DEMOCRACY, USA

VOTING: It merely means that I can be forced, by the threat of a (to me) large penalty, to attend the election’s ritual performance but, seeing the practice of secret voting, I cannot be forced to supply a valid vote. Anyhow, I do believe the political vote, in a territorial State with compulsory membership, to be, in most cases, an immoral act and a non-representative one, at least as far as my own basic rights and liberties and those of are concerned. So I deface the election paper, as a rule, so that others may not make any illegal entries of their preferences on them and leave some short message on it, intended to be educational. Thus all the valid voters have only to blame themselves for the results of their votes. - JZ, 28.3.99, 8.6.04, 5.4.11. – COMPULSORY VOTING

VOTING: it not only encourages them, it feeds and sustains them." - Selections from Lysander Spooner, by Carl Watner. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: it provides little solace to know that one has the chance to vote for the people who are going to be in control of the government juggernaut that controls every facet of one's life.” - Miller Upton, THE FREEMAN, 9/74.

VOTING: It seems that the Australian voter will vote for any party prepared to give him more money and less responsibility.” - John Laws, Book of Uncommon Sense, PAN, 1995, p.125. – WELFARE STATE, RESPONSIBILITY

VOTING: It was such a disappointment that I have not voted since. When I pull a lever, I am used to hearing a mighty rush of waters. But there was just a tiny click, which, it turned out, did not count. Everyone was looking at the thousands column. No one looked at the units column, where my little click was tucked away.” - Marvin Slobodkin, Inside Dope, in THE DIAGONAL RELATIONSHIP, No.3.

VOTING: It's a lot of "Hold your noses and vote". - Merilyn Armbrewster, NY TIMES, 7 Nov. 90.

VOTING: It's a strange paradox: the more voters the candidate can speak for, the farther away from the voters he becomes.” - Ben Bova, ANALOG editorial, 4/76. - POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, RULERS & RULED, CENTRALIZATION

VOTING: It's been tried again and again in history, giving everybody a vote, and it's always failed - always, in a few generations, the worse politicians drove out the better. Because by definition, half the people have below-average intelligence; and the average is not high." - Poul Andersen, "ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION", Oct. 55: "The Long Way Home." - One might add that those below the average are deceived, anyhow, by the politicians and many of the others are taken in by the professionalism of these liars. Together these victims form the clear majority. - In this application of the popular version of Gresham’s law - in the territorial political sphere the monopolism and compulsion of territorialism takes the place of “legal tender” (with its monopolism, compulsory acceptance and forced value). Panarchism in this sphere is an equivalent to monetary freedom in the monetary sphere. But it embraces many other alternatives as well. Even central banking and legal tender money among their fanatic adherents – at the own risk and expense. – Under panarchism, inevitably, the better and best system will reduce and possibly even abolish the flawed, bad and worst systems – because they will find less and less voluntary adherents and victims. - JZ, 4.6.04, 28.10.08, 8.5.14. – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE & PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GRESHAM’S LAW – COMPULSION & MONOPOLISM DRIVE OUT THE BETTER OPTIONS. UNDER FULL FREEDOM THE BETTER OPTIONS DRIVE OUT THE INFERIOR ONES, PERHAPS NOT COMPLETELY & IMMEDIATELY BUT LARGE & SOONER OR LATER

VOTING: It's illegal to say to a voter "Here's $100, vote for me." So what do the politicians do? They offer the $100 in the form of Health Care, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Food Stamps, tobacco subsidies, grain payments, NEA payments, and jobs programs. – Don Farrar - average guy, age 51. – Politicians manage to bribe most voters with their proceeds from their tax tribute levies, filling the national pig troughs, after they have taken their cut. – JZ, 25.5.13. - & POLITICIANS, OFFICIAL BRIBERY, CORRUPTION ON THE LARGEST SCALE, VOTING, BUYING VOTES WITH HANDOUTS, SUBSIDIES, PRIVILEGES, PROTECTIONISM, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POLITICS AS USUAL, “REPRESENTATION”, LEGISLATION, POLITICIANS, ELECTIONS

VOTING: It's not a choice, not a vote, to be allowed to vote only for a candidate who is not bound by one's own instructions to him, not even by his own conscience, not even by the laws of the land and the constitution he was sworn to uphold, but, instead, is bound by party discipline, which is swayed hither and thither by unprincipled opportunism in the desperate attempts to gain or keep power. Anyone with any election experience will know how small the chances are for any independent and enlightened candidate to become elected in the expensive and time consuming rat race called an election. As someone said recently, in any rat race it is only too natural that the biggest rats will win. - JZ, 5.6.04. - PARTY DISCIPLINE, FACTION STRIFE, SPECIAL INTERESTS, POLITICIANS

VOTING: It's not much good voting on the toss of a coin", said Ron Shaw, quoted in the DAILY MIRROR, 27.11.63. – Why should the votes of informed people be mixed up with those of ignorant and prejudiced ones? Why should both groups have to live under the same territorial government rather than a self-chosen one, one that has only voluntary members? Let them separate themselves according to their interests and knowledge just like they do already in so many other spheres. Statism for the ignorant and prejudiced. Free societies for the enlightened. Always at the own expense. Their own kinds of panarchies for all. – JZ, 28.10.08, 5.4.11. – IGNORANCE, ENLIGHTENMENT, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION & DISASSOCIATION, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES

VOTING: It's terrible; a choice between which rotten bum ...” - Mr. Farrington, NY TIMES, Nov. 7, 1990. - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: It's those who do vote for the winning candidate who may deserve what they get, not the ones who don't vote for anybody.” - Murray N. Rothbard, interview in "PENTHOUSE, International", 10/76. – Or those, who voted for another candidate, or party. To each only the own choice. – JZ, 9.5.14.

VOTING: It's usually a close contest, if one considers: Who is more corrupt, incompetent and prejudiced, the voters or the elected politicians? But the voter is certainly the greater fool, for, as John Menzies, Liberal Party, former PM of Australia, once declared: He is the greatest fool, who lets himself be bribed with his own money. - JZ, 6.9.87. - Not that the modern "Liberals" often and consistently abstained from such bribery. - JZ, 7.6.04. – LABOR PARTY, LIBERAL PARTY

VOTING: it’s a way of abdicating your responsibility to take care of yourself.” – Selections from Lysander Spooner, by Carl Watner. – SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES

VOTING: It’s important to realize that whenever you give power to politicians or bureaucrats, it will be used for what they want, not for what you want. – Harry Browne, quoted by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah sharing Chris Lyspooner's photo, on Facebook, 17.10.12. - POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, PARTIES, POWER ADDICTS, SELF-INTEREST OF THE RULERS

VOTING: Join the secret band of robbers and murderers. Do it! Vote!” - Association of Voluntarists, leaflet.

VOTING: Just another employment program at the expense and risk of the tax payers and for benefit of the politicians and their favorites. Compulsory voting does also amount to forced labor, rather useless to most of its victims. All this happens under the pretence of giving us a real choice rather than power to them, while we are being denied the decisive votes of individual secessionism and of voluntary associationism, our own personal law choices, self-chosen panarchies, polyarchies or competing governance systems, all without any territorial monopoly. – Territorial elections amount to the territorial politicians’ public circus programS to keep us quiet and obedient, maintaining our statist delusions and hopes. - JZ, 6.11.07, 21.4.09, 5.4.11, 8.5.14. - & ELECTIONS, STATISM, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, BREAD & CIRCUS FOR THE PLEBS, WELFARE STATES, WARFARE STATES, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Just look at the criminals and criminal measures that voting brings forth. Participation means becoming an accessory to the facts or jumping into a manure heap. – JZ, n.d. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION, AVALANCHES OF UNREADABLE LEGISLATION, WARFARE & WELFARE STATES, WARS AGAINST DRUGS & POVERTY THAT MAKE MATTERS WORSE

VOTING: Keep things as they are. Vote for the Sado-Masochist Party.” - Graffiti from "Swiss Cottage". Also offered as: - Graffito from Nigel Rees, Graffiti Lives, O.K., Unwin Paperbacks, Sun Herald, 30.9.79.

VOTING: Kings and parliaments build their palaces and increase their powers and incomes. Compare what your get out of them, if anything, and certainly not at their expense. – JZ, n.d. – POLITICIANS, LEGISLATORS, PRESIDENTS PRIME MINISTERS, REPRESENTATIVES, LOOK AFTER THEMSELVES & DO NOT CARE ABOUT OUR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES.

VOTING: Knowing that governmental actions are the cause of most of the problems of our times and that they cannot, by their very nature, provide any or the best solutions, but rather perpetuate or increase problems, a thesis on which there exists an extensive literature and which I have tested myself in hundreds of cases, how could I, in good conscience, contribute to the problems of our times by voting for any of the problem-makers and maintainers? – JZ, n.d., in one of several protests against compulsory voting.

VOTING: Laws restricting, absolutely, the ability of rich corporations, individuals and labor unions to dump large amounts of money into political campaigns. With Milton Kotler of the Institute for Policy Studies, I have been working for some time on a plan, which would be almost a modernized poll tax, in which people wishing to vote would buy a certain amount of "electoral scrip" which they could give to the candidates of their choice. Candidates could pay for major campaign expenses such as travel and media ONLY with this scrip. Cash payments for any such thing would be a crime. This would mean that candidates, from the outset, even at primary time, would have to have the support of citizens at large and not just a few fat cats." - Karl Hess: "Dear America", p.270. - Bandaid reforms can't cure all the numerous ills of territorialism, statism and majority rule. However, all in favor of this proposal should become free to form their own panarchy in order to realize it. - JZ, 5.4.11. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM VS. STATISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, ELECTION REFORMS

VOTING: Let me get this straight. In your country people can actually VOTE themselves more freedom … and they DON’T? - Sørengaard Srugis shared Capitalism's photo. - Capitalism - The Angel Clark Show - Facebook, 18.2.13. – The majority of under-informed, disinterested and prejudiced people will never suddenly vote for all the radical individual rights and liberties required but, rather, continue to ignore them. – JZ, 9.5.14. – STATISM, MAJORITY DEPOTISM,  TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, IGNORANCE, PUBLIC OPINION, PREJUDICES, DEMOCRACY VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, LIBERATION

VOTING: Let me opt out of the messes caused by territorial politics, in which the masses of the ignorant and prejudiced vote and gain power for politicians of their own - over the lives and liberties of more enlightened dissenters and this also at the expense and risk of their involuntary victims. -  But I am quite content to let them, and them alone, suffer under the politicians of their own choice. – They deserve each other. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04, 21.4.09. – VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE FOR THE TOLERANT, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES


VOTING: Let people vote their own money only, unless they are individually authorized to vote with some specific funds of others. - JZ 21.11.82, 2.12.87. This requires voluntary communities, without any territorial powers, and each having its own budget for the voluntary contributions of its members, for its own aims and purposes, as fully in agreement with its voluntary members as is humanly possible. They would always lose some, if they can no longer satisfy them, to competing free communities that offer better, cheaper services or more wanted services. Just like ordinary businesses do lose customers. In short, introduce free market and individual rights and liberty relationships into all spheres, with any remaining restrictions confined to their voluntary subscribers. To each his own kind of community. No one to be any longer a territorial tax slave and subject against his will, unless he has committed crimes upon involuntary victims. – JZ, 21.4.09, 9.5.14. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES & COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, ALL WITH SEPARATE TAX-  OR CONTRIBUTION SYSTEMS & BUDGET-& EVEN SEPARATE & COMPETING MONIES, FORMS OF CREDIT SYSTEMS, CLEARING & VALUE STANDARDS, IF THEY WANT TO, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE WIDELY DIVERSE VIEWS ON THESE SUBJECTS. ONE SYSTEM HAS NEVER SATISFIED ALL PEACEFUL & PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE. LET THEM VOTE WITH THEIR OWN PAYMENT SYSTEMS, SAVINGS & EARNINGS FOR WHATEVER THEY WANT.

VOTING: Let taxpayers vote against taxation and soldiers and civilians against wars. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Let the 51 rule the 51 and the 49 the 49 – rather than letting the 51 rule the 49 or the 49 rule the 51 – as well as themselves. That would be truly democratic and republican self-government. – All else is merely a false pretence. – JZ, 4.10.98, 19.9.08. – A suggestion first made by one of my kids, many years ago, when he was about 9 years old. – JZ, 21.4.09. – Since then I had found many similar remarks by others. Only common sense on the subject is involved. Alas, nevertheless, it has not yet become public opinion. – JZ, 9.5.14. - PARTIES, DEMOCRACY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHY, FRANCHISE, ELECTIONS, SELF-GOVERNMENT, MAJORITY RULE VS. MINORITY AUTONOMY, REPRESENTATION

VOTING: Let the election losers rule themselves, rather than being dominated by the winners. - JZ, 4.10.98. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

VOTING: Let the voting on: "Who is to dominate whom?" be replaced by individual declarations on who wants to secede and associate and let these people go ahead at their expense and risk. - JZ, 10/72, 9.5.14. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, ASSOCIATIONISM, CONTRACTARIANISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE VS. STATISM

VOTING: Let those who vote for a politician pay for his salary and for all the expenditures that he favors. - JZ, 1974, 2.4.89. – The same rule for whole gangs or politicians or wanted leaders. To each community of volunteers its own system. – JZ, 21.4.09. - PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, VOLUNTARY SUBJECTS ONLY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM UNDER PERSONAL LAWS, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA

VOTING: let those who want to reveal themselves vote publicly ...” - Zechariah Chafee, LIBERTY, Summer 1974. - That would still leave secret voting powers to others. - JZ, 1.12.87. – Moreover, those voting publicly might be powerful terrorists or totalitarians or fundamentalists and those not joining their vote might thereby risk their lives. Coercively “unified” territorial systems rule always more or less by fear and terror and be it only by the fear the tax collection system produces. Only the voluntarism of panarchism would separate all interests sufficiently and rightfully. – JZ, 21.4.09. - VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, STATISM, SECESSIONISM INSTEAD OF COMPULSORY UNIFICATIONS, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, SECRET OR PUBLIC VOTING – DEPENDS ON THE CONDITIONS

VOTING: Let us suppose that the question at issue is whether neckties should be red or green. If that is going to be decided by a political mechanism, everybody votes. If 51% of the people vote that ties shall be red, 100 % of the people get red neckties. In the economic market each one of us goes to the shopping centre separately. If 51 % of the people vote that ties shall be red, 51 % get red neckties and 49 % get green neckties. (or whatever else he chooses. - JZ) Everybody gets what he votes for - and this is a fundamental difference between the two markets." - He points out that in some things there must be a majority vote: there is no way in which 51 % of Americans can be at war in Vietnam and 49 % not at war. (Wrong, there can be corps of volunteers, as in the Spanish Civil War. - JZ) The trouble is that we have extended the political market beyond its useful function. - Henry Meulen, The INDIVIDUALIST, 12/76, quoting somebody. – Rather, we have failed to introduce free market relationships and associations for political, economic and social systems. – Panarchism, market organizations, systems and methods in all spheres – but always for volunteers only. Others to be free to retain their non-market systems as long as they are willing to put up with them. – JZ, 21.4.09. – Henry Meulen, a life-long individualist anarchist, still did not comprehend panarchism and personal law. See his correspondence with Ulrich von Beckerath, to the extent that it was available to me, microfilmed  and digitized. It is online at - The relevant opinion exchanges are in the last few pages of my collection of their letters. – Meulen also stayed short of full monetary freedom, just like my father, although both were long acquainted with U. v. Bth. – There are still too many fixed ideas in too many otherwise bright heads. - JZ, 9.5.14.

VOTING: Let voters vote with their own dollars rather than allow politicians to vote with all too many of the dollars of all voters. - JZ, 4.10.98, 9.5.14.

VOTING: Libertarians ought to realize that people can vote themselves into tyranny. In fact they do.” - Jim Peron To: ILV Discuss ; free students network , February 04, 2005

VOTING: Liberty is not to be found in any form of government; she is in the heart of the free man; he bears her with him everywhere.” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Competing governance systems, all only for their voluntary victims and under personal law, i.e. without a territorial monopoly, are also possible but not recommended by me except as ways of least resistance for xyz different factions in all statist parties. Those for the time being satisfied with that aim could even be valuable allies of panarchists and polyarchists against the remaining territorial statists, nationalists and coercive unifiers, i.e. against territorial power addicts and their under-informed victims. – JZ, 9.5.14. GOVERNMENT, TERRITORIALISM, LIBERTY

VOTING: Liberty requires a commitment to the values of liberty. Such a commitment cannot be imposed by force. An election is no indication of such a commitment. Hitler was elected. Hell, so was Helen Clark. Voting is not a guarantee of freedom. Rand knew people must embrace the values of freedom first. She wrote an essay explaining that "It's too early" where she outlined why political action, before there is an ideological change, would be useless. This was for America. Odd that some Objectivists think it's not too early for Iraq and that spending billions of taxpayer funds, killing thousands of Americans and maiming tens of thousands of Americans along with tens of thousands of dead Iraqi's will somehow impose freedom-loving values in Iraq.” - Jim Peron To: ILV Discuss ; free students network , February 04, 2005. – The undisturbed example of panarchies or polyarchies anywhere in the world, even if, initially, only in small villages and towns, could come to suddenly spread very fast – if only it remains for a minimum period and does get sufficient correct publicity. Territorialism could come to spread as fast as the Berlin Wall and the Iron Wall fell, and this without the establishment of new kind of walls, e.g. in form of immigration restrictions, protectionism and remaining forms of central banking, always only among their remaining voluntary victims. But territorial monopolism, collectivism and statism must be ended, a.s.a.p. – JZ, 9.5.14.

VOTING: Look around you - think these apes are fit to decide public policy?” - Poul Anderson, The Long Way Home, p.65. – Let all make their own choices, at their own expense and risk. That is the best way to learn – fast. “A fool and his money will soon be parted.” – With fools it is in the wrong hands. However, I do not recommend stealing from fools. They, too, do have property rights and should remain free to spend foolishly. Haven’t all of us done that, sometimes? – JZ, 9.5,14. -POLITICIANS, RULERS, LEADERSHIP, FOOLS, PROPERTY RIGHTS, FOOLISH SPHENDING

VOTING: Lysander Spooner explained long ago that voting does not indicate a sanction of your oppressor. If you're in prison and allowed to pick your jailer, it is only rational to pick the one you would prefer, who would allow you the most freedom. It does not mean you have accepted your place in jail.” - Filthy Pierre, THE CONNECTION 64. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, STATES AS COUNTRY-WIDE PRISONS, PEOPLES AS PROPERTY VS. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES & GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, META-UTOPIA


VOTING: Majority rule is one of the most corruptive political methods that can be contrived. Yet in our schools, children are taught that politics (through voting) is the 'science of the possible'. In simple terms, this means 'anything goes'. - Robert LeFevre. -– MAJORITY RULE, DEMOCRACY, EDUCATION, SCHOOLS, POLITICS AS USUAL, STATISM TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Make the most of your own life - but don't ruin that of others by using your vote against them. -JZ, 27.2.73. – Let them live their own lives in their own preferred ways! – JZ, 21.4.09. – PANARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, POLYARCHISM, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, LAISSEZ-FAIRE, MARKET RELATIONSHIPS IN EVERY SPHERE – INSTEAD OF TERRITORIAL IMPOSITIONS, STATISM

VOTING: Man cannot become free by holding elections.” - Charles R. Wiles in HAIL, 1:6:1, June 1967.

VOTING: Man is not the master of his own fate when he has only the one-man, one-vote "choice" within a territorial and uniform law system. – JZ

VOTING: Man, as the voter, is the role in which he most abuses his freedoms and responsibilities within the system. ...” - Charles Heath, "The Golden Egg, the Goose, and Us", p.32.

VOTING: Many anarchist libertarians claim it immoral to vote or to engage in political action - the argument being that by participating in this way in State activity, the libertarian places his moral imprimatur upon the State apparatus itself. But a moral decision must be a free decision, and the State has placed individuals in society in an unfree environment, in a general matrix of coercion. The State - unfortunately - exists, and people must necessarily begin with this matrix to try to remedy their condition. As Lysander Spooner pointed out, in an environment of State coercion, voting does not imply voluntary consent. Indeed, if the State allows us a periodic choice of rulers, limited though that choice may be, it surely cannot be considered immoral to make us of the limited choice to try to reduce or get rid of State power.” – Murray N. Rothbard, "The Ethics of Liberty". - The least that one should expect of these libertarian voters is that they will speak up at every opportunity for voluntary State membership, individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers. Otherwise they would just continue to live and survive within the limits of the territorial system and do so without even publicly protesting against it. - JZ, 7.6.04, 21.4.09. – SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS OR PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM & COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS VS. TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Men honestly engaged in attempting to establish justice in the world, have no occasion thus to act in secret; or to appoint agents to do acts for which they (the principals) are not willing to be responsible.” – Lysander Spooner, "No Treason", Works I, p.29. – POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, IRRESPONSIBILITY OF SECRET VOTING. AT LEAST THE VOTERS ARE ACCESSORIES TO THE CRIMES THE POLITICANS COMMIT IN THE NAME OF “THE PEOPLE”, E.G. WHEN THEY ARM THEMSELVES WITH MASS MURER DEVICES, NEVER DECLARE QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR- & PEACE AIMS, LEGALIZE TRIBUTE LEVIES, BLOCK FREE MIGRATION, FREE TRADE, FREE BANKING

VOTING: Merely voting for liberty will not get you there - under the present territorial voting system, by which you are deprived of the vote required to opt out and do your own thing, exterritorially and autonomously. - JZ, 5.9.01. - FOR LIBERTY & TERRITORIALISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, DISFRANCHISEMENT, PANARCHISM, LIBERTARIAN PARTY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: Mill was very emphatic that the vote should be confined to taxpayers, because it was immoral, he said, that those who pay no taxes should dispose of other people's money. He was extremely critical, I remember, of American democracy precisely because it allowed such things to happen.” - Maurice Cranston, "Political Dialogues", p.177. (J. S. Mill )

VOTING: Minority voters to secede from rather than submit to majority decisions. - JZ, 25.8.98, 7.6.04. – Outvoted minorities still do, morally, not legally, o retain all their individual rights and liberties, to the extent that they do want to apply them among themselves. – JZ, 21.4.09. – Alas, they do not bother to demand and to declare them and to work also otherwise towards their realization and protection. They should be the greatest opponents of territorialism and statism and politics as usual – but they aren’t or are not as yet. – JZ, 9.5.14. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, INDIVIDIUAL RIGHTRS & LIBERTIES & A MILITIA FOR THEIR PROTECTION

VOTING: modern fairy tales usually start with: 'If elected, I will ...'" - Roger A. Freeman, "The Growth of American Government", in "Champions of Freedom", p.77. – POLITICIANS, VOTING, TERRITORIAL POLITICS, TAXATION & GOVERNMENT BUDGETS, PROMISES

VOTING: Monarchical absolutism is unspeakably clumsy, stupidly exposing itself to rebellion and uprisings. But the ballot box is the most potent factor for well-ordered oppression and exploitation. It hypnotizes its victims into the belief of political sovereignty and independence, while at the same time still firmer riveting the chains of bondage.” - Emma Goldman, MOTHER EARTH, October 1910.

VOTING: Morally only the non-voters count. - JZ, 8.6.82.

VOTING: More and more people vote, but they have less and less control over the government and their own affairs and lives.” - Clarence B. Carson, "The U.S.: The Concentration of Power", in THE FREEMAN, July 1978, p.435. - CITIZEN CONTROL OVER GOVERNMENTSM REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, POLITICIANS, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, FLOOD OF LEGISLATION

VOTING: Most are ignorant, some unintelligent, and all have the vote.” - Nadia Weiner, "LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM", Nov. 78.

VOTING: Most of all, the vote I cast for myself is one I also must extend to my fellow man. I must grant to him the same right and the privilege of self-reliance that I would claim.” - Edward Y. Breese, THE FREEMAN, 10/72. – SELF-RELIANCE, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: Most of those territorially elected do not feel themselves bound to respect as "representatives" any and all individual rights and liberties and have only vague and limited awareness of them anyhow. Their agenda is a quite a different one and their office gives them all too many opportunities to pursue their own interests at the expense of almost everyone else. Thus traces of royal absolutism still persist in modern "democratic" or "republican" territorial politics. - JZ, 8.6.04. - "By authority of the people" is as wrongful and fraudulent a claim as a "mandate" by “divine authority". - JZ, 8.6.04. - POLITICIANS & HUMAN RIGHTS, ABSOLUTISM, POWER ADDICTS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, GOD

VOTING: Most voters are prepared to use their political power to disfranchise others, i.e. to deprive others of their voting power regarding their own affairs, leaving them only the meddling political vote. - JZ, 14.6.82. And that territorial vote is, largely, made ineffective for them through majority rule. – JZ, 21.4.09. – Majority rule means rule through the least enlightened and moral people, i.e. to Welfare States and Warfare States, wars against drugs, victim disarmament, government controlled schooling, tax slavery, inflations, deflations, stagflations, non-recognition of all individual rights and liberties and prepares the ground for dictators, tyrants and totalitarian regimes. – JZ, 9.5.14.

VOTING: My only vote is for myself - to manage my own affairs, undisturbed by other fools. - JZ 11/72. - Or by those considered to be experts – by others. – JZ, 21.4.09.

VOTING: My own vote alone should decide upon my own life, as long as I have not interfered with the live of others. No one's vote should decide upon the live, rights and liberties of others, unless these others have transgressed upon basic rights and liberties. – JZ, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-HELP, VOLUNTARISM, FULL FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, EXPERIMENTATION, COMPETITION & LAISSEZ FAIRE IN EVERY SPHERE NOW MONOPOLIZED BY TERRITORIAL STATES

VOTING: My rights, liberties and self-interest demand that no one gets the power to "represent" me. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: My vote becomes worthless for myself if mixed with that of millions of others. I am not satisfied with one vote only among millions regarding my own affairs. Instead, I want the exclusive vote on my business and actions - as long as they do not interfere with the individual rights and liberteis of others and I do not want any vote on the affairs of others. Thus, how could the present vote offer me anything or even satisfy me? - JZ, 4.6.04, 9.5.14. – HOTCHPOTCH, INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, INCLUDING EXTERRITORIAL SECESSIONISM OR PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW

VOTING: My vote cannot get my point of view across to the majority. - JZ, 13.7.87. – Thus I, like all other dissenters, should be free to opt out and do my own things for or to myself, at my own risk and expense, alone as far as possible and in suitable associations with like-minded volunteers. Panarchism does not ask for more – but also not for less. – JZ, 21.4.09. – SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, VOLUNTARISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: Neither bullets nor ballots!" - Source unknown.

VOTING: Neither democracy nor any other ism imposed upon all - but, instead, panarchistic victories. They are made possible for all, based on full exterritorial autonomy for all, to finally achieve self-responsibility, self-government and the degree of liberty and rights that individuals want to practise for and among themselves. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04, .5.4.11. – EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM UNDER PERSONAL LAW OR FULL EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR ALL KINDS OF VOLUNTEERS, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SESESSIONISM

VOTING: Neither the majority nor swinging voters should have the right to rule all. - JZ, 4.10.98.

VOTING: Never has the vote been used to abolish privilege; it has always been used to demand new ones or to effect a change in beneficiaries.” - Frank Chodorov, "Out of Step", p.212. – PRIVILEGES, SUBSIDIES, PROTECTIONISM, MONOPOLISM, COMPULSION, PROHIBITIONISM, VICTIM DISARMAMENT, INSTEAD OF POLYARCHISM, PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: Nicholas von Hoffman quotes Sy Leon as saying that 'voting is like going through one of two doors. Whichever one you take, you wind up in the same room.'” – Robert Ringer, "Restoring the American Dream", p.63. – TERRITORIALISM & STATISM, POLITICS AS USUAL – OUTLAW THE MOST IMPORTANT LIBERTIES AND RIGHTS

VOTING: No choice - no vote.” - League of Non Voters, "A is A NEWSLETTER", 1/72.

VOTING: No choice or program deserving the name - no vote! – JZ – Especially while individual secessionism and personal law choices – the most important votes, are outlawed! – JZ, 9.5.14.

VOTING: No exclusive and imposed territorial government with involuntary subjects provides or protects for myself and all others the exterritorial autonomy that I desire for myself and the individual liberties and rights that that I want to practise myself, at my own risk and expense, while tolerating all similar and quite tolerant self-rule efforts of all others. - JZ, 2.3.96. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, PERSONAL LAW, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION & EXPERIMENTATION AMONG VOLUNTEERS OF ALL KINDS


VOTING: No libertarian could swallow the Social Contract defense of plundering productive members of society. (*) Nor could he condone the use of the secret ballot to shield looters and murderers by proxy from accountability for their actions.” - Fred D. Miller Jr., REASON, 5/76. - (*) It would be a different matter within a Panarchy, which would have only voluntary members, all of whom would have subscribed to a common social contract that they could and did agree upon. - JZ 1.12.87. – VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, META-UTOPIA, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, ALL KINDS OF SOCIAL CONTRACTS FOR XYZ DIFFERENT GROUPS OF LIKE-MINDED VOLUNTEERS

VOTING: No matter for whom you vote, always a politician gets in.” - By now proverbial. - One might add: "and a bureaucrat comes to rule you." - JZ, n.d.

VOTING: No matter who you vote for, always a wage freezer (Fraser, Liberals) or a tax Hawk (Hawke, Labor) gets in. That's why I would like to become enfranchised to have a vote for "none of the above!" or for "nobody", so that I either can get a real choice nor nobody to rule over me. - JZ, 28.3.83, 5.4.11. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES

VOTING: No method of voting can be better than that of open declaration.” - (Nihil ut fuerit in sufragiis voce melius.) - Cicero, De Legibus, Bk.iii, ch.15, sec.33. – Only wrongful intentions require, as a rule, that they be kept secret in order all the more easily to realize them. – If all people knew how e.g. their neighbors had voted and how bad the effect of this vote was, once it passed into law and had been realized, friendly relationships between neighbors might be at an end. They might even want to kill each other. The best of neighbors need a fence between them, a separation of property and interest spheres, not only when it comes to their blocks of land and their houses and other properties and relationships. Their affairs should not be coercively and territorially, constitutionally, legally and juridically mixed up with those of all others, against their individual and free decision-making as sovereign individuals and volunteers. - JZ, 21.4.09. – The secrecy of the present territorialist voting does already indicate that it tries to wrongfully determine the affairs of other people rather than merely the own. – JZ, 2.7.13, 9.5.14. - SECRET VOTING, VOLUNTARISM, SEPARATION OF INTERESTS & PREFERENCES, PANARCHISM, SEPARATISM, LAISSEZ FAIRE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAWS VS. TERRITORIALISM, OPENNESS RATHER THAN SECRECY, PUBLICITY, APPEALS, DECLARATIONS

VOTING: No monopolistic and coercive system, that unilaterally imposes taxes and monopoly fees for unasked for services and disservices rendered, does get my mandate and is considered by me as representing me. - JZ, 14.9.91, 7.6.04.

VOTING: No one becomes my master with my consent. - JZ, 11.5.02.

VOTING: No one gets my consent to tax me. - JZ, n.d.

VOTING: No one is forced to gamble - except around election time.” - Merilyn Fairskye, FREE ENTERPRISE, 6/76. - Australia has compulsory voting, like a few other States. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: No one to blame but ourselves. Government is a gun and ballots are bullets. So why do so many 'peace-loving' people step into the voting booth and pull the trigger?” - LIVE AND LET LIVE, No.30, Sept. 15, 1982.

VOTING: No politician is worth voting for. I vote informally against the lot. – To me all of them are only worth voting against. But we won't get rid of them until we vote their offices out as well - and the compulsory financial support for them. - JZ, 14.9.91. – The activities, powers and revenues of each of them should be confined to his volunteers. Likewise that of all political parties. Personal laws to replace territorial laws. Voluntary associations to replace territorial ones. – Powers would be correspondingly reduced to those degrees that people want or find bearable. – JZ, 21.4.09. – POLITICIANS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION & SECESSION IN EVERY SPHERE, SELF-OWNERSHIP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE BEFORE SUCH IDEAS  SPREAD WIDELY ENOUGH? WHAT CAN BE DONE TO SPREAD THEM FASTER? ENLIGHTENMENT, IDEAS ARCHIVE, NEW DRAFT

VOTING: No politician, bureaucrat or political party (including the LP) knows and appreciates all individual rights and liberties so far discovered. But they make a good living by more or less helping to suppress or furthermore ignore many of them. – JZ, n.d., & 5.4.11.

VOTING: No presently practised political voting system allows the voters to treat their politicians as their servants, fulfilling specified duties at the individual citizens' expense. Only the fiction that this does occur is held, somehow and vaguely, by most. What the system allows in practice is the use the law and of politicians and bureaucrats as oppressors and henchmen against competitors. - JZ, 5.6.04, 5.4.11. - INDIVIDUALLY HIRED SERVANTS OR PUBLIC SERVANTS, OR MISRULERS FOR THE POPULATION OF WHOLE TERRITORIES? POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATES, WARFARE STATES

VOTING: No territorial government as such gets my consent! – JZ, 2.3.96, 21.4.09. - TERRITORIALISM, ELECTIONS & CONSENT

VOTING: No territorial politician has earned or can earn my vote. - JZ, 4.10.98.

VOTING: No vote can turn a wrong into a right. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: No vote for anybody getting hand-outs. – D.Z, 1974. – Unless this is done in a community of volunteers. – JZ, 21.4.09.

VOTING: No, thanks! - option: Brisbane (AAP) - The Progress Party has called for an amendment to the Electoral Act to allow voters the choice of 'none of the above' in all federal, state and local elections. - National secretary of the party, Mr. Viv Forbes, said in Brisbane yesterday that until voters could say 'no' to all candidates, the voting apparatus was merely an illusion of free choice. - He said: 'To many people at the ballot box, the decision is as significant as the choice between arsenic and rat poison.' - 'Free people must have the right to say: no.'" - CAIRNS POST, n.d. – GENUINE INDIVIDUAL CHOICES FOR All INSTEAD OF POWER TO A FEW POLITICIANS

VOTING: No, thanks! If I consented, I'd become your accomplice. While I can't get rid of territorial tutelage and exploitation, I prefer remaining their victim, rather than becoming one of the victimizers. - JZ, 14.9.91, 2.7.13. – VOTING FORMALLY OR INFORMALLY?

VOTING: Nobody can sufficiently represent another mature and adult citizen. The power of attorney comes closest. But who would want to trust any politician to that extent? Especially when it comes to numerous diverse and very important decisions, where their interests and ours tend to be far apart. – JZ, 24.3.07, 25.10.07. - POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIONS, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: Nobody gets my consent to rule over my life, liberties, rights, property and income and I have better things to do than to try to decide upon the lives etc. of other people with my "free" vote. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Nobody has any responsibility to vote. The responsibility that everyone does have is to exercise control over his or her own life, not anyone else's. Voting gives politicians the power to take away that control. Governments don't solve problems, they create them. Voting improves nothing except politicians' egos and pocketbooks. We don't need the illusion of political reforms. What we do need is to eliminate politics from our lives as soon as possible. Voting allows us to choose the lesser of two evils. Since the lesser of two evils is still evil, refusing to vote is a responsible choice that is our right and duty to make.” - Doris Gordon, LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Winter 76. – SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-HELP, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: Nobody keeps his campaign promises. Nobody deserves to live off your taxes. Nobody can legislate your freedom. Nobody is the perfect candidate! If you think that Nobody represents your interests, vote for Nobody. If you think there's no difference between political parties, vote for Nobody. If you think Nobody should run your life, vote for Nobody. If you think, vote for Nobody.” - "The Heretic's Handbook of Quotations", by Chas Bufe, p.24. – NOBODY, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS

VOTING: Nobody makes a better president than nobody! - JZ, 8.5.83. – PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS

VOTING: Nobody should have the authority, however fractional, to vote on the affairs of others. But everybody should have the exclusive right to vote on his own affairs - i.e., he should be the one and only voter in his decisions. This includes his right to resign citizenship. Then he should be free to throw in his lot with others, who might strongly agree with him. - One has no right when one has always to abide by the decision of the majority. One has not even full voting rights when only the majority's noses count. - JZ, 5.6.04. – RIGHT, PERSONAL LAW, AUTHORITARIANISM, MAJORITIES, TERRITORIALISM VS. EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY & PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE CHOICE FOR ALL IN EVERY SPHERE, INDIDIVUAL SOVEREIGNTY

VOTING: Nobody to have a vote on depriving others of rights. Everyone to have a vote on the protection of rights. - JZ 21.1.78. - That requires a higher degree of knowledge on what are individual rights are than has so far been achieved. - See the collection of private human rights drafts in PEACE PLANS 589/90. –

VOTING: Nock actually did go to the polls once or twice to vote for the candidate of his own choice. Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi. "I knew Jeff was dead," he said, "but I voted on Artemus Ward's principle that if we can't have a live man who amounts to anything, by all means, let's have a first class corpse." - Rev. Edmund Opitz, on Nock, "INTERCOLLEGIATE REVIEW", Winter 1975. – Later, after the death of Ludwig von Mises, somebody proposed appointing him as “President”, making all presidential decisions in accordance with the written works of Mises. – JZ

VOTING: None of the above represents my rights, liberties and interests sufficiently, if at all, regardless of which party is in power. Nor does any other territorial government. So why should I vote for them? - JZ, 11.9. 99, 8.6.04. - TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: None of the above were or will be authorized by me to gamble with my life, property and earnings. - JZ, 4.10.98.

VOTING: None of the above, for they do not favor free trade, free migration, monetary and financial freedom, including voluntary taxation, voluntary State membership, individual secessionism, personal laws and the abolition of all legally, constitutionally and juridically established monopolies and thus caused or permit the continuance of numerous problems, strife and dissatisfactions. – JZ, n.d., probably 2003. – COMPULSORY TERRITORIAL VOTING IS CERTAINLY NOT PART OF FREE SPEECH OR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION

VOTING: None of the above!" for all territorial candidates. I "vote" only for each voter to gain, finally, the ultimate franchise, namely to get, but only for himself, by his vote, the kind of government or society that he dreams of, in the same way as his religious decision-making affiliates or disaffiliates him and as consumers do make their sovereign choices on a market that is at least partly free. All political "services" are to be offered and realized only for the individuals who choose them for themselves and they, as a result, ought to be the only ones to bear their burdens and risks. - JZ, 3.10.98, 7.6.04. CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN THE PROVISION OF ALL SERVICES, ALSO ENTERPRISE SOVEREIGNTY IN ALL SPHERES PRESENTLY MONOPOLIZED BY TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

VOTING: None of the package deals offered by any of the parties has my consent. Thus how could I vote for them? It's like going into a gigantic restaurant - together with 5 million other people and being served only 2 or 3 swills, made up by pouring the hundred thousands of different dishes for every imaginable taste into a few huge boilers to produce some egalitarian stew. What chance has anyone then to obtain precisely his favorite dish? - What percentage of the customers would be likely to be completely satisfied with the selection among three pots of hash only, the one containing perhaps a bit more potatoes, the other perhaps some more rice, the other perhaps some more meat? Parties can make almost any project indigestible by mixing it with numerous other projects desired by others. - JZ, 5.6.04. – In this respect at least parties with a single platform point only do make some sense. But to win, they have to make compromises with many others and their points. All could win only undere personal law or exterritorial autonomy. – JZ, 9.5.14. - A FEW PACKAGE DEALS ONLY? ONLY A FEW STEWS ON THE MENU? NO CONSUMER & ENTERPRISE SOVEREIGNTY? POLYARCHISM OR PANARCHISM: TO EACH HIS OWN PARTY, SYSTEM & LAWS!

VOTING: None of them provides me and all others with the rightful and free choices that I want and that all are entitled to as free human beings. – JZ – POLITICIANS, PARTIES, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: None of your crimes against individual rights and liberties gets my consent or approval. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04. - TERRITORIALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL, PARTIES, ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES - & A SUITABLE MILITIA FOR THEIR PROTECTION!

VOTING: Not just children, madmen, criminals and some foreigners are disfranchised but most normal adults are, in many respects, even in most of the "free and democratic" countries: None of them may vote, for instance, on what other governments claim are 'their internal affairs", even if the consequence is another World War. - Nobody is allowed to vote 'nobody for president!' if the presidential office has become too powerful or filled with too foolish or dangerous a man. - The USA president has a large influence upon world politics – but most of the world’s population have no influence at all upon his election. – Naturally, no one should be granted such powers in the first place! - Nobody is allowed to opt out of the existing territorial systems, legally, constitutionally and juridically. - All those, who are “atheists”, anarchists or libertarians - towards the now secular gods, the supposedly all-wise and all-powerful leaders and their national territorial governments, are everywhere disfranchised regarding their most important vote: their choice not to be ruled by such or any other men or women not of their own personal choosing. - Mind you, I am not against all voting as such but am in favor only of genuine and complete voting in all those respects, which concern me. - Under the present system "the vote" is for me only a very trivial thing when compared with the other freedoms that I miss: e.g. freedom of trade, freedom of action, freedom to secede, monetary and financial freedom and living under a self-chosen personal law system. - Only when it is merely practised in a panarchic way, i.e. among like-minded volunteers, would I be completely tolerant towards it, because then none of them could be forced upon me. I could then deliberate on my choice among many different groups in the same country and could choose only one close to my liking or even none at all and try to introduce one of my own. In short, only "competing governance", which would possess only exterritorial autonomy and voluntary members, could grant what I consider to be a full and unrestricted free vote or choice. Voting does not really mean voting, now, under territorialism. - JZ, 5.6.04, 29.10.08, 6.4.11, 9.4.14. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: Not one of the existing diverse voting systems, all of them merely territorial, represents my ideal. – JZ, n.d. - But all of them could and should be freely practised exterritorially - among their voluntary supporters. None should be territorially imposed upon dissenters. - JZ, 6.4.11. – All election systems only for their supporters. All the elected politician to rule only over those, who elected them. – JZ, 15.5.14.

VOTING: Not only would the politicians undertake to counteract the revolutionary non-voting movement, but many of the citizenry, having a vested interest in the proceeds of taxation, would raise a hue and cry about the "duty" of the citizen to vote, The teachers in our tax-supported schools would lecture their pupils on the lack of public spirit on the part of their parents. Propaganda would emanate from tax-exempt eleemosynary foundations, and from large manufacturers depending on government contracts. Farmers' organizations, with an eye to government largess, veterans' societies asking for handouts, and particularly the bureaucracy, would denounce non-voting as a crime against society. In fact, all the "respectables" would join in proclaiming the movement revolutionary - which indeed it would be; it would be a revolution intended to shift the incidence of power from officialdom to the people.” - Frank Chodorov, "Out of Step", 45/46. – Underlining by me. The term “the people” is still too much abused. Only communities and societies of like-minded people should be called a people. And all of them should rule, organized, control and “unite” only their own voluntary members and this only for their own affairs with ZAP OR NAP towards all others. – JZ, 9.5.14. – “THE PEOPLE” ARE AS DIVERSE AS ARE “THE POPULATIONS”, ZERO-AGGRESION PRINCIPLE, NON-AGGRESSON PRINCIPLE, TOLERANCE TO ALL TOLERANT PEOPLE, VOLUNTARISM, DOING THE OWN THINGS VS. THE TERRITORIAL & STATIST UNITY SPLEEN, COLLECTIVISM, MONOPOLISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Not to vote at all or to vote only informally is a duty. There is not duty to vote "validly". This is rather a crime than a right and a duty. – JZ

VOTING: Not with my vote, you won't! None of the above. You won't commit any crimes or follies with my backing. - JZ, 11.8.87.

VOTING: NOTA is correct as far as elections for territorial rule over a whole population is concerned. However, EACH OF THE ABOVE would be morally correct and practicable under exterritorial autonomy for their volunteers. Justice requires: For each his own political, economic and social system. – JZ, 26.10.07. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM VS. NOTA = NONE OF THE ABOVE

VOTING: NOTA: None Of The Above.” – I like that response to territorial and collectivist voting. But I also favor any voting system for any society of volunteers, i.e., as long as the elected would come to rule only over their own voluntary members and this under full exterritorial autonomy and personal laws. Then membership and voting as a voluntary member would provide a genuine individual choice and no longer a secret vote and conspiracy against all other voters but a published fact and commitment, regarding the own affairs only. – JZ, 27.3.04, 16.10.07, 6.4.11. – I favor diverse written social contracts for all the diverse communities, societies & governance systems of volunteers for our future. To each his own. One social contract only on all public affairs in all countries is a nonsensical aspiration, seeing the diversity among human beings. – JZ, 9.5.14. – PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, SELF-GOVERNANCE,  COMPETING GOVERNANCE, GENUINE REPRESENTATIO OF FREE INDIVIDUALS INSTEAD OR MORE OR LESS IMPOSED “REPRESENTATION” OF ALL TOO MANY DISSENTERS

VOTING: Nothing can so alienate a voter from the political system as backing a winning candidate. – Marc B. Cohen, in  – Because it will mostly not take long before he becomes disillusioned by his “representative” and until the next election he is still stuck with him. Under territorialism he has to put up with his wrong choice for all too long. Under exterritorialism, i.e. competing governance, personal law options, panarchism or polyarchism, with their voluntary membership, individual secessionism, individual sovereignty and exterritorial autonomy alternatives, he can quickly make another choice and, hopefully, better choice for himself. Moreover, under this freedom different systems can be freely experimented with and then judged by their successes and failures. Incompatible systems are then no longer territorially intermixed and none can clearly shine with its inherent successes or deter with its inherent failures. A lot of infighting and antagonism is also avoided. People are then free to sort themselves out into affinity groups and not forced to associate and make decisions together with their enemies. Each can take the own preferred path – at the own risk and expense, while others are free to take theirs. “To each his own!” That constitutes freedom, justice and peace and tends to achieve enlightenment, progress and prosperity, while avoiding most clashes of interests. – JZ, 30.3.12, 10.5.14. - ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, CONSUMER & PRODUCER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP OR SUBJUGATION

VOTING: On election day Vote for Nobody. NOBODY keeps his campaign promises! NOBODY can legislate freedom for you! NOBODY deserves to spend your earnings!” - Sticker.

VOTING: On most complex questions, voters are "rationally ignorant," that is, given their small role - one vote - in affecting the outcome of political decision-making on a complex economic problem, it simply does not pay to acquire the information that would make possible an informed vote. And it is precisely these complex questions - and monetary issues are complex - that political entrepreneurs, and the special interests working in cahoots with them, love to exploit.” - Patrick M. Boarman, "Money, Employment and the Political Process", p.10. - Most of the complexity involved is the product of prior legal intervention with the exercise of basic rights and liberties. Their practise being suppressed, people remain correspondingly ignorant of economic and moral harmonies based upon their free exercise. - JZ, 1.12.87. – Under full individual rights and liberties even seemingly very complicated economic matters become relatively easy to comprehend. Under thousands of wrongful but legalized interventions, which no one fully knows, outcomes are much harder or even impossible to predict, just like the actions of madmen are, except on one point, namely that they will be largely wrongful and harmful. – JZ, 10.5.14.

VOTING: On occasions, a refusal to vote may constitute the highest form of citizenship; on other, all too seldom, instances, one may actually exercise his franchise in a meaningful manner by voting for one who truly believes in liberty.” - Ridgeway K. Foley Jr., THE FREEMAN, 5/79 p.313. - I have lived in this district now for over 27 years and have not found one such person here as yet. I don't think that this was due to lack of trying. - JZ 2.12.87. - This situation has not changed, since. No wonder that governmentalism is still on the rampage. - JZ, 28.10.08, 6.4.11.

VOTING: Once again vote your rights and liberties away to some political hacks or bureaucrats? – JZ, n.d. - Q.

VOTING: Once enough voters have advanced enough in knowledge, ideas and wisdom, then it might be worthwhile to vote. For now this would be possible only within voluntary and exterritorially autonomous communities - and they are still outlawed. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Once the politicians and their voters grow up, then I might join them. – JZ, n.d. & 6.4.11.

VOTING: Once they got their minds into order, I might listen to them and even vote for them - if I am still alive by then. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Once you have given your vote you have no say on anything else.” – (Wer seine Stimme abgibt hat nichts mehr zu sagen.)- "Sponti-Special", Eichborn Verlag. – The very limited freedom of choice represented by a single vote begins and ends with the election day. – JZ, 10.5.14.

VOTING: Once you have sanctioned the act of stripping the individual of his own intelligence and will and conscience, and of the self-guidance which depends upon these things, you cannot then turn your back upon yourself, and indignantly point to the mass of unhappy individuals who are now writhing under the stripping process. You should have thought of all this before you consented to put up the ownership of the individual to public auction, before you consented to throw all these rights into the great melting pot.” - Sprading, "Liberty and the Great Libertarians”, p.407. Section on or by Auberon Herbert. - INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES UNDER STATISM & TERRITORIALISM

VOTING:One Blue Dog Democratic House Member reminded me earlier this month of the saying that 'insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.' He wondered if his fellow Members weren't more in need of advice from psychiatrists than from economists at this point." - John Fund – Under the all too limited experimental freedom of statism and territorialism – confined to a few power addicts and sometimes even power-mad people, all too little is learnt from the resulting failures and the popular errors and prejudices are enacted again and again. – We ought to strive for full experimental freedom for dissenting individuals and minorities in every sphere, always only at the own expense and risk and without any territorial monopoly. Then we could expect progress in the social science to become as fast as in the natural sciences and in technology. The remaining spleens would then tend to be practised only by insignificantly small sectarian groups. They would still be useful, as deterrent examples. – JZ, 10.5.14.

VOTING: One chink in the armor of any democracy is that when the Plebs discover that they can vote themselves Bread and Circuses, they usually do ... right up to the day there is neither bread nor circuses. At that point they often start lynching the senators, congressmen, bankers, tax-collectors, Jews, grocers, foreigners, any minority - take your choice. For they know that THEY didn't do it. The citizen is sovereign until it comes to accept blame for his sovereign acts - then he demands a scapegoat.” - Robert Heinlein, "Expanded Universe". - Like the absolutist king of old (a fraction of whose wrongful sovereignty he has "inherited" or usurped), he thinks "vox populi, vox dei" (The voice of the people is the voice of God.) and "The King can do no wrong" (The citizen, who represents the majority, can do no wrong.). - JZ, 1.12.87. – DEMOCRACY, WELFARE STATE, PEOPLE, HATREDS, PERSONAL THINKING, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, LOOKING FOR CULPRITS RATHER THAN CAUSES, MAJORITARIANISM, TERRITORIALISM, SCAPEGOATS, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS OF POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES

VOTING: One could simply fill all boxes with numbers beyond those by which the candidates are listed. That is one of the many "None of the above" options one can use. - JZ, 4.10.98. - I usually cross the lists on my papers off and add one or the other slogan that I think to be somewhat thought-provoking. - JZ, 7.6.04.

VOTING: One man one vote? Or: One man, one veto, as far as his own life is concerned! - Or, one man and a one-man revolution, whenever he wants it and of whatever kind he wants for himself! - Or: One man, and one man's personal law. Or: One man, and one man's exterritorial autonomy or individual sovereignty. - JZ, 1.2.02. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION VS. STATISM & TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, COMPULSORY CENTRALIZATION & COLLECTIVISM

VOTING: One man, one vote: A legal doctrine requiring that, from time to time, old gerrymander be replaced with new ones. The object of this is the achievement of genuine democracy.” - Poul Anderson, "There Will Be Time", p.30. – A single vote will be powerful only under full experimental freedom for or individual choice by that individual. In public affairs, too, we need full producer and consumer sovereignty and a free market competition in the supply and consumption of wanted services. – JZ, 10.5.14. – VOLUNTARISM, MARKETS, COMPETITION IN EVERY SPHERE, EVEN FOR FOOLISH & PREJUDICES EXPERIMENTS, AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALL UNDERTAKEN ONLY AT THE OWN RISK & EXPENSE

VOTING: One of the major arguments advanced in support of suffrage was that women would purify politics if granted the vote. But, wrote Goldman in her essay “Woman Suffrage”, “To assume that [woman] would succeed in purifying something which is not susceptible of purification is to credit her with supernatural powers.” – Alix Kates Shulman, ed. of Red Emma Speaks, p.10/11. – Neither women nor men will become sufficiently liberated until they cease to ignorant of, disinterested in or even prejudiced against all too many individual rights and liberties, as they are, e.g. regarding Free Trade, Monetary Freedom, Free Migration, Individual Secessionism, Voluntary Taxation & Personal Law alternatives. - POLITICS, WOMEN SUFFRAGE, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, MONETARY & FINANCIAL DESPOTISM, ENLIGHTENMENT WITHOUT AN IDEAS ARCHIVE & AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, COMBINED WITH FULL EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN EVERY SPHERE?

VOTING: One of the most important votes would be one of majorities as well as of minorities and individuals on kinds and levels of taxation and of government expenditures, as well as upon the question whether there ought to be any taxation at all upon dissenters. - JZ, 19.9.88, 3.4.89. - Still more important is the decisive vote of individuals on their own membership in one or the other voluntary and exterritorially autonomous community. An individual's vote in favor of compulsory membership in a territorial State would make him an accessory to the crimes of that territorial State. - JZ, 12.12.03. - Starting with the crime of imposing compulsory territorial membership upon dissenters. - JZ, 6.4.11.

VOTING: One of the worst aspects of compulsory voting is that it forces the discussion down to the level of the lowest common denominator. - JZ, 11/72.

VOTING: One should vote for the man who promises least as he'll be least disappointing.” - Phillip Adams, in SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 26. 7. 75, ascribing such a saying to Bernard Baruch. - JOKES

VOTING: One should weigh the votes rather than count them.” – “Non enim numero haec iudicantur, sed pondere.” – “Man soll die Stimmen waegen und nicht zaehlen.” - Cicero, de officiis, II, 22.

VOTING: One vote every four or five years in the political market is a derisory substitute for the daily vote in the competitive market where we spend our own money - and accept responsibility for our choices.” - Ralph Harris, "The End of Government ...?" p.38. - TERRITORIALISM VS. FULL CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY OR INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, FREE MARKET PRODUCTION & CONSUMPTION OR VOTING IN EVERY SPHERE, LARGELY WITH ONE’S OWN MONEY & EFFORTS

VOTING: One way to assure further great disappointments. – JZ, n.d

VOTING: One's life, liberty and property, free speech, a free press, freedom of worship and assembly, and all other fundamental rights, may not be submitted to a vote, they depend on the outcome of no election. The very purpose of the Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of the majorities.” - U.S. Supreme Court, "Board vs. Barnett". - In Australia we do not even have a bill of rights. Do we have a Supreme Court that does come out, at least very occasionally, like its U.S. counterpart, in favor of individual rights? No case comes to my mind. - JZ 30.11.87. - INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS, SUPREME COURTS

VOTING: Only among volunteers does voting make some sense but there it would hardly be required, since decisions would there be mostly arrived by unanimity, anyhow. Otherwise, they would not voluntarily stay together. Indeed, there would be some recognized leaders but they would be not anything more than recognized experts in a system based on the division of labor. - JZ, 4.6.04. – PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, CONSENT, POLYARCHISM, LEADERSHIP, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES

VOTING: Only exterritorial voting among volunteers is sufficiently rightful and educational, labor- and cost-saving and can satisfy individuals and lead ultimately to an abundant, because free and competitive supply of all wanted goods and services. Territorialists, their politicians and voters, are still so primitive and backward in their economic thinking, that they have not even adopted free market pricing for a commodity that is so precious as is water in Australia. Their "solution" is: Artificial water use restrictions and prohibitions and rationing! Territorial voting imparts only delusions of power and grandeur but leads to widespread powerlessness and impoverishment. Only the power addicts benefit from it. - JZ, 2.3.96, 8.6.04. - VOTING IN PANARCHIES, POLYARCHIES & UNDER THE EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OF PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES

VOTING: Only the free choice of: 'No territorial government and no compulsory taxes!' would get my vote. - JZ, 14.9.91, 6.4.11. – COMPETING GOVERNANCE & TAXES, VOLUNTARISM, VOLUNTARY TAXATION, AN END TO TERRITORIALISM & ITS STATISM

VOTING: Only the free vote with your OWN dollars (not those which monetary despotism produces) and in a truly free market, for all kinds of services, does really count - regarding your own affairs - and only it is right. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Only the individual and voluntary group secessionist votes do really count - for them and for a better future. Territorial States are mostly merely Warfare or Welfare States - with all their costs, risks, sacrifices and drawbacks. John Zube – Facebook, 25.2.14. - DEMOCRACY, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VOTING: Only the most stupid calves vote for their butchers.” - Nur die duemmsten Kaelber waehlen ihre Schlaechter selber.” - Miseré

VOTING: Only the victims of governmental “education” and propaganda would vote, once again, in spite of all the disappointments they had so far with the results of collectivist and territorial voting by people with all too different opinions and ideals. – JZ, 24.11.07, 21.4.09, 6.4.11. - VOTING FOR THE NUT-CASES, AMBITIOUS FOR POWER? POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, REPRESENTATIVES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VOTING: Only under full experimental freedom for all parties, for all their party members and voters, would parties finally learn enough about their own wrongs, mistakes and errors. Also which, if any, of their platform points does really work, if any. Under territorialism they can always blame others as scapegoats or impose the costs of their wrongs and mistakes upon them. Organized in their own exterritorially autonomous communities they could not persist on mere hopes, expectations and promises for long. Their actions would have to be quite clearly better or cheaper than those of others. Only then would they remain properly “in business” for long and this undisturbed by any organized internal opposition, i.e. under optimal conditions for them. If politicians were moral men and informed enough, they would work for these opportunities for themselves and their followers. But don’t hold your breath until they do. – JZ, 21.4.09.

VOTING: Only under personal laws, voluntary taxation and voluntary State membership, leaving the individual free to secede, could you buy, with your money, those experts and services your prefer for yourself, independent of the votes of others. Territorial voting blocks this freedom option for you. – JZ – PANARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, VOLUNTARISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: Only voters en masse affect elections; no individual voter can ... individual votes have no power.” - R. G. Cleveland, ANALOG, Feb. 73.

VOTING: Only voting with your dollars does really count for you. - JZ, 26.8.93. – And make sure they are really only YOUR dollars, i.e., sound and sufficiently supplied money, and not the mismanaged and depreciated monopoly paper money of the government that lords it over you. – JZ, 28.10.08. - WITH THE OWN DOLLARS, THOSE OF MONETARY FREEDOM, NOT THOSE OF MONETARY DESPOTISM OR CENTRAL BANKING

VOTING: Our current political system ensures not that the worst will get on top - though they often do - but that the best will never even apply." - Paul Jacob – OFFICE SEEKER, CANDIDATES, POLITICIANS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS

VOTING: Our democracy is but a name. We vote? What does that mean? It means that we choose between two bodies of real, though not avowed, autocrats. We choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. –Helen Keller – DEMOCRACY, LEADERSHIP, POLITICAL PARTIES, REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS

VOTING: Our democracy is but a name. We vote? What does that mean? It means that we choose between two bodies of real, though not avowed, autocrats. We choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee.” – Helen Keller - DEMOCRACY, PARTIES, POLITICIANS, TWO PARTY REGIMES, DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS ETC.

VOTING: Our voting patters are not determined by knowledge. Either our vote is bought (by a promise that appeals to a special interest) or is cast on the basis of tradition, peer group association, trust, a commonsense appraisal of what little we can understand, or the old 'he's got a nice face' routine.” - John Singleton with Bob Howard, "Rip Van Australia", 1977, p.13.

VOTING: Our voting system gives the cabin-boy a vote in the steering equal to that of the captain.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 12/76. - Under panarchism the cabin boy might rather opt to become captain of a smaller vessel and be it merely the single person in charge of a small fishing boat. - JZ, 2.12.87. – PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM, PANARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, META-UTOPIA, VOLUNTARISM, FREE ENTERPRISE- & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE

VOTING: Outlaw territorial voting. Legalize exterritorial autonomy or personal law voting. – JZ, n.d. & 10.5.14.

VOTING: Participate in this game? Too many cardsharps, marked cards, frauds, cheats and too much mere gambling in this game or pack of team of players of power games. None of them can quite rightfully represent me. Voters also associate too many unfounded hopes and expectations with their votes and their candidates. Thus not one of the candidates earns a “valid” vote from me. – JZ, 15.2.07, 25.10.07.

VOTING: Party politics and bureaucratic red tape do not solve any problems but only create them or make them worse. So, why vote for them? – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: People belong to different psycho-physiological types and are endowed with different degrees of general intelligence. The will and ability to take an effective interest in politics do not belong to all, or even a majority of, men and women. Preoccupation with general ideas, with things and people distant in space, with contingent events remote in future time, is something which it is given to only a few to feel. 'What's Hecuba to him or he to Hecuba?' The answer in most cases is: Nothing whatsoever. An improvement in the standard of living might perceptibly increase the number of those for whom Hecuba meant something. But even if all were rich, there would still be many congenitally incapable of being bothered with anything so far removed from the warm, tangible facts of everyday experience. As things are at present, millions of men and women come into the world disfranchised by nature. They have the privilege of voting on long-range, large-scale political issues; but they are congenitally incapable of taking an intelligent interest in any but short-range, small-scale problems. -  Too often the framers of democratic constitutions have acted as though man were made for democracy, not democracy for man. The vote has been a kind of bed of Procustes upon which, however long their views, however short their ability, all human beings were expected to stretch themselves. Not unnaturally, the results of this kind of democracy have proved disappointing. ..." - Aldous Huxley, in "Ends and Means", Chatto and Windos, London, 1948, p. 76. – INEQUALITY & INABILITIES OF HUMAN BEINGS, ONE SHOE, ONE SIZE, DOES NOT FIT ALL. TO EACH THE PANARCHY OR POLYARCHY OF HIS OR HER CHOICE

VOTING: People can vote themselves poor …” - P. J. O’Rourke, Eat the Rich, A Treatise on Economics, Picador, 1998, p.235. – While they would only rarely do so directly, e.g. like monks or nuns, they do often do so indirectly, due to their ignorance, stupidity of lack of interest in their own affairs, by voting for parties or politicians that pass bills, proposals, aims, platform points, measures and laws that do impoverish the majority of voters and exploit special minorities quite wrongfully. – Would there be many laws, which well-informed volunteers would want to have in their communities of volunteers? - JZ, 21.4.09. – I am aiming at the first community, which would accept a declaration of all individual rights and liberties as their personal law system. I expect it would soon become something like a light tower for the rest of the world. – JZ, 10.5.14. - POVERTY, RICHES, WEALTH, LAWS, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES.

VOTING: People lose their individuality and their power to proceed toward cherished goals as soon as they subscribe to the concepts of voting and majority rule.” - Aami Wisdore, "Free World", p.21. (An almost unknown anarchist book! – JZ.) – They do so, almost automatically, only under the statism of territorialism. Under the full experimental freedom of personal law societies, panarchies, polyarchies and competing government systems they would have many other, better, more fruitful and quite rightful choices. – JZ,  10.5.14.

VOTING: People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election. Otto von Bismarck, quoted by TheLiberty Defined – Facebook, 28.8.13. - DEMOCRACY, ELECTIONS, POLITICIANS, LIES, LIARS

VOTING: People vote for other people - not for ideas.” - Johnson, an LP candidate. - That is a good argument against a libertarian party. At least to that extent voting is useless. - JZ, 23.3.91.

VOTING: People vote themselves into trouble. - JZ 31.5.76.

VOTING: People who vote in the territorial political process do deserve whatever politician and policies they get - as a punishment for this particular crime, one of trying to impose their will, politically, upon others. If only they were the only ones to suffer under this system then this would be poetic justice. - JZ, 21.9.91.

VOTING: Perhaps the fact that we have seen millions voting themselves into complete dependence on a tyrant has made our generation understand that to choose one’s government is not necessarily to secure freedom. - Friedrich von Hayek in  – means not necessarily … or does not necessarily … ? – JZ -  Alas, even he did not distinguish between territorial elections and elections among the volunteers of panarchies that are exterritorially autonomous. – He continued to subscribe to the supposed ideal of a “limited” but still territorial government. – Everything good comes rarely together. – At least towards the end of his life he advocated monetary freedom, which is one important application of panarchism. - Voting in elections of territorial governments is not all that it is pretended to be. - JZ, 21.4.09. - DEMOCRACY, DESPOTISM, PANARCHISM FREEDOM & THE TYRANNY OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENTS

VOTING: Perhaps the voting machine could allow for a person to indicate such desires. For instance, a person could indicate that he votes for lower taxes, so he chooses so-and-so, or he votes for fewer schools, so he chooses some other so-and-so.” - Zechariah Chafee, LIBERTY, Summer 1974. – Voting for or choosing different ideas and solution attempts would all quite naturally occur in personal law societies of volunteers only, which would mean experimental freedom for all the diverse ideas, opinions and personal preferences existing in the populations of all countries. Not only their private affairs should be individually decided but public affairs as well. All this would require is full freedom of association, secession, contract and experimentation in this sphere as well. Only then will the “social sciences” become genuine sciences and advance as fast and far as natural sciences and technology did and do. – JZ, 10.5.14. – VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

VOTING: Perhaps worst of all, the present territorial voting and representation and government systems do help to preserve nuclear targets, which ought to be dissolved by political, economic and social tolerance, comparable to the replacement of religious hierarchies and intolerance by religious tolerance. Wherever "free choice of religion" was realized, religious wars disappeared. When each can have the government or the non-governmental society of his dreams then, similarly, war between territorial nation States will disappear with these States. I firmly believe that my very survival, that of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and that of most other people on earth does depend on the realization of this reform and have written two books and some articles on this subject. In this and similar respects I do want the right to vote and would make good use of it - but "the vote", as practised now, denies me these decisive votes. - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting, n.d., revised: 10.5.14. – STATISM, TERRRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATES, WARFARE STATES, NWT

VOTING: Persuasion has its limits towards prejudiced masses and elections are all based on the assumption that by mere persuasion any degree of enlightenment could be easily spread. This is a false assumption. Most people will understand something - if they are able to do so at all - only when it is put into practice before their very eyes and when they can see the results. This would require freedom of action and freedom to experiments for all minority groups, like freedom for alternative religions and life styles undertaken at the cost and risk of those advocating them. When the majority does not allow this, then it deprives all minorities of the only way, which really counts, the vote to choose one's own way of life. Stagnation and even relapses in the social, economic and political sphere are the inevitable result of treating such innovators in this way. – Compare the recurrence of territorial absolutism in the 20th century, as one of the results of the effects of democratic majoritarian voting, bringing public affairs down to the lowest common denominator of ignorance and popular prejudices. - JZ, 5.6.04. 29.10.08, 10.5.14. – PERSUASION OR BETTER EXAMPLES & FREEDOM TO IMITATE THEM? PANARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, , META-UTOPIA, POLYARCHISM VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, NATIONALISM

VOTING: Political (territorial and collectivist) voting is a dis-enlightenment process for both sides, making for irresponsible, prejudiced, ignorant and wrongful decisions among voters as well as among politicians and bureaucrats. – JZ, n.d. – Voters and those, whom they elect, do form the worst kind of committees and establish the largest degrees of irresponsibility. – JZ, 21.4.09. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, COLLECTIVISM, COMMITTEES, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: Political and territorial voting is such a small and mere fraction of one among many individual rights and liberties and so wrongly mixed up with tyranny (rule over others without their consent) in the form of statism and territoralism and nationalistic and monopolistic collectivism, that it should never be used as an authorization to restrict the other and larger fractions of that right (freedom of expression, self-rule, freedom of choice, freedom of action) or any other individual right or liberty. - JZ, 24.7.92, 10.5.14.

VOTING: Political campaigns and elections are methods of conquest and occupation, in which votes take the place of bullets and bayonets but are just as wrongly used. They could be right only for volunteer communities that are only exterritorially autonomous and thus make their own and free experiments under personal law. - JZ, 4.10.98, 10.5.14.

VOTING: Political decisions, after all, have an externality of almost 100 percent; the good result of a wise vote is divided equally among the whole population. There is, therefore, little incentive for the voter to spend much time or effort to vote wisely.” - David Friedman in "Laissez Faire In Population".

VOTING: Political elections do not choose leaders of society. Rather, they are an exercise in which groups of people choose individuals who will assist them in looting other groups of individuals, those folks who were unfortunate enough not to be able to elect their own political strongman. The process can be downright blatant, as is the case in African and Asian countries, or it can be relatively subtle as it is in the United States, where the trappings of "constitutionality" and "rule of law" hide many of the more nefarious goings on.” – William Anderson, Are Politicians Leaders? 10/19/2000 - ELECTIONS, POLITICS AS USUAL, LEADERSHIP, PLUNDER-BUNDS, MAJORITY RULE, CONSTITUTIONALITY, RULE OF LAW, DICTATORSHIPS

VOTING: Political power is not only more visible but far more concentrated than market power can ever be. The Kennedy family is a harrowing example. Joseph P. Kennedy amassed a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet he never had power of a kind to tempt anonymous assassins. Two sons have been assassinated, one at the pinnacle of political power, the other at the beginning of a great political career." - Milton Friedman – How many leaders with their finger on nuclear weapons buttons have been assassinated so far? J. F. K. doubled the nuclear arsenal of the U.S.A. To that extent his execution would have been justified, as a tyrant, who threatened the lives of dozens, if not hundreds of millions of people. Admittedly, the Soviet and the Nazi leaders would have deserved this execution much more. Does mankind have worse enemies? - JZ, 5.6.04. – What voting or decision-making rights and liberties should we have in this sphere, which are presently denied to us under the pretence that we do already have “the” free vote? Are we free to secede from the territorial political power systems and addicts and free to destroy their nuclear mass murder devices, really only “anti-people” “weapons” – However, we should also remember that the riches of the J. P. Kennedy helped to finance the election victory of J. F. Kennedy. There should be no “political market” for such wrongful powers. It would disappear if all of us gained the market freedom to opt out of it, thereby ceasing to be mere voting cattle and free to take our own lives into our own hands. - JZ, 29.10.08. - POWER, NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, TYRANNICIDE, RICH PEOPLE, POLITICAL POWER COMPARED WITH MARKET POWER, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW

VOTING: Political voting ... people ganging up on one another ..." - Spencer Heath Mac Callum, in FRAGMENTS, Oct. 98 - March 99, p.8, on Henry George's "Ode to Liberty".  – Statism and territorialism amount to wrongful interventionism under the false pretence of the possibility to represent the diverse populations of whole countries, all made up of many different kinds of people rather than one uniform “nation”, ethnic, religious or ideological group. Who could really represent e.g. all your friends and enemies, all your business associates and all the members of your extended family? Even a husband or a wife cannot, on their own, fully represent their own nuclear family. – JZ, 10.5.14. – TERRITORIAL & STATIST REPRESENTATION – AN IMPOSSIBILITY

VOTING: Political voting in territorial States is the denial of some of the most important votes, decisions and choices regarding our own lives, liberties, rights, property and income and as such is quite wrong and harmful. - JZ, 2.3.96.

VOTING: Political voting is nothing more than the assumption that might makes right. There is a presumption that any decision wanted by the majority of those expressing a preference must be desirable and the inference even goes so far as to presume that anyone who differs from a majority view is wrong or possibly immoral." – Robert LeFevre. - MIGHT DOES NOT MAKE RIGHT, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, DEMOCRACY, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, INDIVIDUAL & GROUP SECESSIONISM

VOTING: Political voting is the legal method we have adopted and extolled for obtaining monopolies of power.” – Robert LeFevre, "Libertarian Yearbook, 1972", p.116. – MONOPOLY POWERS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM

VOTING: Political voting within territorial States is like voting for an average shopping basket full of the same goods - for everybody, or like the same fashions, holidays, meals or sports for everybody. It cannot fully satisfy anybody and it clearly deepens disagreements and practises intolerance and legalized coercion. It is not a path which offers to each the government or non-governmental society of his or hear choice, via the most important vote, the one all of us are now deprived of, namely the individual vote to individually secede and to associate only voluntarily, in all spheres, under personal law or full exterritorial autonomy. - JZ, 27.2.96, 7.6.04, 10.5.14. – SHOPPING BASKETS, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE

VOTING: Politicians are so little interested in OUR security that they even suppress our right to armed self-defence - while they have many armed bodyguards. - So why should we vote for any of them? – JZ – That difference regarding gun use is one of the results of their unstated “principle”: “What is right for us is not right for you!” – Another: “If we were to allow you to be armed then you might be inclined to shoot at us!” – How different and how much better would history have run if most of the leading criminals had been gunned down at the very beginning of their power, as a response to the first or their major crimes? – JZ, 21.4.09. - GUN CONTROL LAWS, TYRANNICIDE, HISTORY, Q., SECURITY, PROTECTION, POLICE, SELF-DEFENCE, VICTIM DISARMAMENT BY GUN CONTROL LAWS, LEADERSHIP

VOTING: Politicians have been somewhat successful in clouding the issues - in lending some plausibility to the nonsense that non-voters are "un-American," or "irresponsible", or that at least non-voters deserve, by default, whomever is elected and whatever they do while in office. This last is an especially strange twist of logic; it is akin to saying that, if a mob is voting whether to shoot or to hang John Jones, and if John Jones refuses the mob's invitation to cast his vote for one or the other, and if the mob decides on hanging, John Jones (by default) thereby deserves to hang. Obviously, John Jones doesn't want to hang or be shot; he is not apathetic because he refuses to vote for one or the other. He doesn't vote because he doesn't want either of the alternatives offered to him - he dislikes both intensely - and this is a far cry from being indifferent.” - Sy Leon, "None of the Above", p.128.

VOTING: Politicians have caused most of the present troubles in Australia and in the rest of the world. So why should I vote for any of them, especially when new as well as the old candidates merely want to repeat most of the fundamental old wrongs, errors and mistakes? – JZ, 4.10.98, 19.9.08. – POLITICIANS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: Politicians have never stopped reminding you that you have the "right to vote", the right to choose your rulers. During those years they claimed that you were sovereign, that your view was "represented". By this dodge, the question of rule itself was safely confused and submerged under the question of WHO shall rule. Your supposed "right to vote" offered a very limited option to choose your rulers, and even the option to try to become a ruler; but it never offered you the choice of NOT BEING ruled.” - Roger McBride, "A New Dawn", p.95. - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from the other.” – Oscar Ameringer - & POLITICS, POOR VS. RICH, JOKES

VOTING: Popular suffrage is in itself no guaranty of freedom. People can vote themselves into slavery.” - Frank Chodorov, "The Income Tax ...", p.88.


VOTING: Prejudicial election laws make third party or independent candidacies painfully difficult.” - Richard Cummins, Proposition 14, p.105.

VOTING: Pretending that the present political vote is a rightful and sufficient action does, indeed, makes it possible to continue some of the worst crimes, with the largest number of victims, in the own country or in other countries, which thus remain “free” from any serious liberation attempt or from the liberating effects of the realization of a free and thus just, peaceful and therefore also prosperous society, at least somewhere on earth or in space, or among some freedom-loving people, associated exterritorially, perhaps only via the Internet. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Privatize and individualize decision-making by voting. This requires that individuals are allowed to secede, making their own revolution, by establishing or associating with an exterritorially autonomous community of volunteers. Compulsory membership for any association must be discontinued. It benefits only official criminals. – JZ, 26.8.93, 9.1.99. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM VS. COMPULSORY STATISM TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COLLECTIVISM, TAX SLAVERY, SUBJECTION TO WRONGFUL LAWS & INSTITUTIONS

VOTING: Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the last Presidential election: Number of States won by: Obama: 19 Romney: 29. - Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 Romney: 2,427,000 - Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million Romney: 143 million - Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2 Romney: 2.1 - Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory Romney won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizensof the country. - Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare ..." - Mark Are Reynolds - John Zube: No genuine representation can come from territorial voting. Apparently, those living of taxes were more eager to vote than those, who paid taxes. – Facebook, 26.4.13. - ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, WELFARE RECIPIENTS VS. TAXPAYERS, MAJORITY VOTE

VOTING: Progress and knowledge are not obtained by voting. Rights cannot be effectively protected by majority vote when ignorance of rights is the rule. Through the general franchise or territorial voting system - in every difficult question the opinion of the mass of ignorant people will tend to prevail. - JZ, 4.6.04. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES VS. MAJORITY DESPOTISM, STATISM, MONOPOLISM, TERRITORIALISM, POWER-ADDICTED POLITICIANS

VOTING: Pronouncing the ballot-box as pernicious as the cartridge-box, Mitchell joined Rogers in calling for reform through completely non-coercive means.” - W. O. Reichert, "Partisans of Freedom", p.40, on Steward Mitchell. – NON-VIOLENCE, ZAP, NAP VS. COERCION, FORCE, COMPULSION, MONOPOLISM, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Put succinctly, marching citizens off to vote - independent of their choice - is a form of conscription to the political status quo.” - Robert Weissberg, THE VOLUNTARYIST, Dec. 97, p.1. – COMPULSORY VOTING

VOTING: Putting aside compulsion, what might be the effect on the citizenry and the social order if an overwhelming majority should quit voting? Such abstinence would be tantamount to giving this notice to politicians: since we as individuals have decided to look after our public affairs, your services are no longer required. Having assumed social power, we would, as individuals, have to assume social responsibility. The job of looking after community affairs would devolve on all of us. We might hire an expert to tell us about the most improved fire-fighting apparatus, or a street cleaning manager, or an engineer to build us a bridge; but the final decision, particularly in the matter or raising funds to defray the costs, would rest with the town hall meeting. The hired specialists would have no authority other than that necessary for the performance of their contractual duties; coercive power, which is the essence of political authority, would be exercised, when necessary, by the committee of the whole.” - Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, p.44. - He still envisioned only one decentralized geographical community in each location, not a variety of exterritorial and autonomous ones, all only run by volunteers. JZ, 1.12.87. - We will have to advance beyond the town-hall concept and practice. It, too, is still saddled with all the wrongs and flaws of territorial collectivism and its coercion and monopolies, although on a smaller scale. Precisely because it is on this small scale, it is often even more meddlesome than are State and Federal Governments. My business is still not the business of the local government, not even a direct democratic one. And the local direct democracy is not my business. My business lies within my own individual rights and liberties and requires me only to respect the individual rights and liberties of all people in the local and other communities. - JZ, 6.6.04. – DIRECT DEMOCRACY, DECENTRALIZATION, LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT OR EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OR PERSONAL LAW  & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM FOR VOLUNTEERS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, I.E. AN END TOTERRITORIALISM?

VOTING: Rather panarchy than democracy or any other ism imposed upon all - because only panarchy can provide to each the kind of government or non-governmental society of his or her choice. - JZ, 2.3.96. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM IN ALL SPHERES

VOTING: Rather than asking for and being given a licence to vote upon the fate of others and imposing risks and costs upon them, we should altogether abandon this political vote and establish, instead of States with compulsory membership and territorial rule, protective communities that are only exterritorially autonomous and embrace only voluntary members. Then each could decide his own fate by choosing one or the other of such communities. Only he and his collaborators could then reap the direct benefits and would have to bear the risks and losses of such associations. Then it would not matter to outsiders which voting system would be internally applied in any such community and whether it would have any political voting or structure and system at all. That would all be up to its voluntary members. - JZ, 7.9.92, 4.1.93, 6.4.11. – VOLUNTARISM, FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, CONTRACTS & EXPERIMENTATION, FREE MARKETS, FREE ENTERPRISE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY OR PERSONAL LAW CHOICES IN EVERY SPHERE

VOTING: Rather than continuing to meddle in all human affairs, by direct and indirect voting, we ought to unleash human creativity again by de-voting actions, that would end all former decision-making based on political voting for all people in a territory. Exterritorially autonomous voting of whatever kind, among volunteers and for their own tolerant experiments among themselves, at their expense and risk, is quite another matter and is morally and economically unobjectionable. - JZ, 22.9.91, 13.1.93. – EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY OF VOLUNTEERS VS. MEDDLING IN THE AFFAIRS OF OTHERS

VOTING: Rather than trying to outvote others, let people "withdraw", "split" or fragment or secede away, to do their own things for and to themselves, not molesting, injuring or wronging others in any way. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, FREE EXPERIMENTATION, FREE EXCHANGE, PRODUCER & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY IN EVERY SPHERE 

VOTING: Re-elect No One. - Get your "Re-elect No One" merchandise here: - Slim Richey shared Craig Lewis's photo.

VOTING: recognize the awful waste of the use of the vote for uneconomic and therefore immoral purposes." -  Ernest Benn, "Honest Doubt", p.207. - WASTED VOTES

VOTING: representative democracy … It is crude because the ballot box does not record and is not geared for supplying individual requirements, Despite that decisive disqualification, government is still unnecessarily used for a vast range of institutions supplying personal services that individuals could provide themselves.” - Arthur Seldon, Charge, Temple Smith, London, 1977, p.12. - DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION, SELF-HELP, FREE MARKET, PERSONAL SERVICES, COMPETITIVELY SUPPLIED, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Robber gang A or B wins an election. What's the difference? You lose. - D.Z., 10.9.75. – TAXATION, WELFARE STATES, WARFARE STATES, POLITICAL GANGSTERISM

VOTING: Rulers are fools elected by masses of other fools. At least that is the case under territorialism, where free competition between all of them is excluded. They are only free to verbally battle each other, not free to demonstrate their own program in their own free experiments, all at the same time and in the same territory,  together with their volunteers. So why should any intelligent persons vote for any of them, or for their herds, called political parties, together with the under-informed, who still vote for them? – JZ, 2.7.13. – RULERS, LEADERS, PARTIES, REPRESENTATIVES, DEMOCRACY, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREE CHOICE AMONG SYSTEMS, PROGRAMS, LAWS & INSTITUTIONS

VOTING: Rulers are numbsculls. So why vote for them? – JZ, n.d. – As power-addicts they are clever enough to gain power and stay in power for all too long. Voting does not prevents that but rather assures that. – JZ, 10.5.14

VOTING: Seeing the flood of new and old, wrongful, useless or harmful legislation, only veto votes on issues would often give meaningful voting powers - in a referendum. If the referendum papers are attached to the usual voting tickets for candidates, as happens e.g. in California, then many citizens might vote informally or against all of the above candidates or for the abolition of their offices, and at the same time cast valid veto votes in many of the attached referendum options. - JZ 2.12.87. – However, not even direct democracy does liberate us sufficiently and assures always just results, unless the voted-for decision is applied only to those, who voted for it. – JZ, 10.5.14. – DIRECT DEMOCRACY, REFERENDUM, THE WINNERS SHOULD GET THEIR DECISION FOR THEMSELVES & SO SHOULD ALL THE LOSERS, ALWAYS AT THE OWN RISK AND EXPENSE

VOTING: Seeing the high costs even for retired politicians, once you vote for the bastards, you are stuck with them, for the rest of your life, at least as a taxpayer. - JZ. 9.7.78. - Commenting upon a SUNDAY TELEGRAPH clipping reporting that a two-month round-the-world-trip by the former Prime Minister Mr. Whitlam and Mrs. Whitlam is likely to cost taxpayers up to $ 43,500.

VOTING: Self-caused ignorance becomes a crime - when it leads to an underinformed formal vote on the affairs of others. - JZ 10.3.75, 10.5.14.

VOTING: Should all people vote e.g. on what is to be for supper tonight, for all? - JZ, 9.3.93.

VOTING: Should people be required to vote? - "Only one question matters here. Does mandatory voting make people more free or less free?" - Mark C. - LearnLiberty – Facebook, 10.12.12. - COMPULSORY VOTING, Q., DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, LIBERATION

VOTING: Should spectators vote on which sports team has won a game against another team? We try this absurdity in territorial politics instead of letting competing teams prove, in free and fair competition with each other, which of them is the better one. In territorial politics we are then also stupid enough to let the team, which got the most votes, rule all the spectators for a period, including those, who voted against that team. – Apply the rules of fair sports to politics. And remember that all those, who watch these trivial or largely useless games (apart from the physical exercise of the players), either in person of via TV or listen to them on the radio, are all volunteers only. We should deal with politics as we do with sports. Each does or pays attention only to the kinds of actions and events which he is interested in and ignores the rest and is not bothered by the rest at all. The tolerance and diversity as well as voluntarism of sports does provide a good precedent for panarchism or polyarchism. – Engaging in some physical exercises of one’s own choice oneself does also make much more sense than merely watching the physical exercises of others. - JZ, 2.7.13. – SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-MANAGEMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-OWNERSHIP, VOLUNTARISM & INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & FREE CHOICE IN POLITICS AS WELL AS IN SPORTS, ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, SO FAR SPORTS ARE, MOSTLY, MORE RATIONALLY & JUSTLY CONDUCTED

VOTING: Should people with the mentality of children, who, e.g., dump garbage everywhere, at home and upon the land of neighbors and in public places, have e.g. the "right" to vote on the affairs of others? Election campaigners are also among the litterbugs. And their litter did not even state anything that is right and useful. - JZ, 7.1.96, 8.6.04. - THE RIGHT TO VOTE, LITTERING, GARBAGE, PEOPLE

VOTING: Shouting the battle cry of freedom, without knowing what it meant, conscripted Frenchmen marched out to conquer all Europe (and to attack Russia) for the glory of France and the hereditary Empire of Napoleon. They went willingly, eagerly, believing they were free because they had voted for the tyrant they obeyed. ...” - Rose Wilder Lane, "The Discovery of Freedom", p.251/2. - Not only Frenchmen were conscripted into this war, e.g. against Russia. But the conscripts of some other nations first declared themselves neutral towards Napoleon I, the formal ally of their government (Convention of Tauroggen) and then some turned their guns around. Even in the middle of the Battle of Leipzig. - JZ, 6.6.04. – “Fore every tyrant a thousand ready slaves.” – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, OBEDIENCE, DISOBEDIENCE, DESERTION

VOTING: showing us ... what is the logical completion of our compulsory interferences, our restrictions of faculties, and our transfer of property by the easy - shall I say by the laughable and grotesque - process of the vote.” - Auberon Herbert: "Mr. Spencer & the Great Machine", p.72. – WELFARE STATES, WARFARE STATES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL

VOTING: Sign displayed before elections: "There are bad laws because good people didn't vote." - Translation: Until now only bad people voted.” - Jackpine Savage, THE CONNECTION 156, 27. Jan. 89, p.22. – Let all kinds of people secede and live under their own and self-chosen personal law, in panarchies of volunteers. Then further and other “voting” would largely become superfluous. Those becoming discontent would secede and form or join other panarchies, thus realizing, for themselves, a revolution, a quite peaceful one, a one-man revolution. – JZ, 21.4.09. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FULL FREEDOM TO ASSOCIATE & TO DISASSOCIATE, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS

VOTING: Simple-minded and credulous do the citizens rush to the polling booths, ascribing miracles to the State which it cannot perform. - K.Z., "LERNZIEL ANARCHIE", No.3. – STATISM, STATE

VOTING: Since politicians are to me quite obviously even greater fools than I am, by imagining that they could rightly and rationally run a whole county, State or federation, why should I vote for any of them? - JZ, 14.9.91. – POLITICIANS, GOD COMPLEX, NAPOLEON COMPLEX, SUPERIORITY COMPLEX, COMBINED WITH PERSONALITY CULT, HERO-WORSHIP, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, LEADERSHIP

VOTING: Sir Ernest had meanwhile informed THE TIMES readers that 'in an ideal state of affairs, no one would record a vote in an election until he or she had read the eleven volumes of Jeremy Bentham and the whole of the works of John Stuart Mill, Herbert Spencer, and Bastiat, as well as Morley's 'Life of Cobden'. ..." – Deryck Abel: "Ernest Benn, Counsel for Liberty, p.45.

VOTING: Sir, a secret ballot creates an irresponsible electorate. And an irresponsible electorate creates an irresponsible body of men who contend that they are the government. And that is the kind of government which you and your colleagues insist that the Constitution authorizes you to foist off on the American people.” – Robert LeFevre, in "The Power of Congress", p.42. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, DEMOCRACY, ELECTIONS

VOTING: Sir, a secret ballot makes a secret government; and a secret government is a government by conspiracy; in which the people at large can have no rights. And that is the only government we now have.” – Lysander Spooner, A Letter to Thomas Bayard, p.6, in Works I. - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: So long as we admit that the property of individuals lies at the mercy of the largest number of votes, we are intellectually and morally committed to state socialism.” – Auberon Herbert, 1897. – Quoted in: Ken Schoolland, The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible, Leap Publishing, Cape Town, with Commentaries by Ken Schoolland and Janette Eldridge, 1981ff, 2004 ed., p.126. – Admit or tolerate? – JZ - PROPERTY & STATE SOCIALISM

VOTING: So long as you approved of SOMEBODY, government itself is approved and strengthened. - "LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL", Fall 77. – That can be disastrous under territorialism with its enforced "unity". It can be relatively harmless – except for the voluntary participants – in the voluntary communities or panarchies of panarchism. Each would simply constitute an experiment in the social, economic and political spheres – at the risk and cost of the participating experimenters only. – In the Fall 1966 issue of his RAMPART JOURNAL LeFevre had reproduced the 1860 article by P. E. de Puydt: “Panarchy”, but, apparently, 11 years later he had still not fully understood it. – Such is the fate of even some of the best ideas in some of the best minds, under present conditions. – JZ, 21.4.09. – This happened in spite of the long tradition of personal law system, which is only now being largely brought to light, for those interested, by an enormous number of search results when one looks for “personal law”. – JZ, 10.5.14. – PANARCHISM, IDEAS ARCHIVE, TALENT CENTRE, PERSONAL LAW, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, META-UTOPIA, THE ALTERNATIVE TO POLITICS AS IS USUAL NOW, POLYARCHISM VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES

VOTING: So much corruption is reported quite openly in and out of the media on so many politicians that whoever votes for any of them should also be charged - as an accessory. - JZ 15.10.85. - Via the handouts of Welfare States, out of the tribute levies extorted, the majority of politicians tries to bribe the majority of voters into voting for them. Most people, sooner or later, do get one or the other Welfare State handout or gift, as a bribe - and do accept it. Its corruption becomes thus almost universal. How these handouts are financed, namely through prior robbery or through robbery via the note printing presses, is not mentioned by the politicians and, usually, overlooked by most of the recipients. - JZ, 6.4.11.

VOTING: So they say that every individual has a right to vote, and a majority of votes must control the Government that controls all citizens. Thus, the largest possible number of persons will control the Government that controls them. - Then what becomes of the exercise of freedom by the individuals in the minority? Why, they must submit to control by the majority. Everyone should be happy to sacrifice himself (the Greeks did) to the pagan god Demos, The Greatest Number. The voice of the Greatest Number is the voice of God. If anyone is not willing to obey the Greatest Number, why this is outrageous, this is anti-social; make him submit and obey. - And how can you make him submit? Why, by force, of course; the police. Oh yeah, Mr. Hitler?” - Rose Wilder Lane, "The Discovery of Freedom", p.209/10. - Force him to submit to the vote of the majority. Force him to participate in the voting. (Totalitarians do that best, achieving voter turnouts of 99.9 %.) Make the vote public - (at least to the secret police), since we are all "brothers" or “comrades”, and those selected by others will get more than 99.9 % of the votes cast. The totalitarians are also best in achieving this kind of "consent" by "the people". But, all over, the differences are just matters of degree. Voting, even when somewhat free and secret (and correspondingly irresponsible), inevitably involves degrees of totalitarianism and coercive collective decision-making, in the best of cases. It would be right and relatively harmless only within volunteer communities. To make this voluntarism complete, exterritoriality and full autonomy are required, i.e. panarchism. - Otherwise, I would only consent to using voting as a tactic against totalitarians. But these voters would better be armed, trained and organized against the totalitarians, too, otherwise, they might win at the polls but lose in reality. - JZ, 30.11.87. – MAJORITY DESPOTISM IS PRESENTED AS THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, THE WHOLE POPULATION, THE “NATION”. SUCH FICTIONS ASSURE LARGE-SCALE WRONGS & DISASTERS

VOTING: Social harmony cannot result by counting noses, but by the sovereignty of the individual.” - Jo Labadie, on anarchism. - PANARCHISM, HARMONY, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: Some day, sooner or later, they’ll learn not to blame people with funny names, funny clothes, funny customs, or a funny way of talking, but to look upon their own so-called “representatives” as the foreign despots they’ve all become.” - L. Neil Smith, Lever Action, A Mountain Media Book, 2001,, p.15. - FOREIGNERS & REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, LEADERSHIP, THE OWN GOVERNMENT SEEN AS ONE’S OWN PERMANENT ENEMY, BUT NOT BY STATISTS & TERRITORIALISTS

VOTING: Some people contend that every adult everywhere has a human right to vote. But does an illiterate who has no understanding of the issues or of democracy itself, have a human right to out-vote the intelligent, property-owning taxpayer, and by the voting process, transfer assets and rights from the 'haves' to the 'have-nots'?” - Tom Anderson, STRAIGHT TALK, Dec. 29, 1977. – RIGHT TO VOTE? INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, Q, PROPERTY, TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, COMPULSORY REDISTRIBUTIONISM

VOTING: Someone once defined a 'fool' as a person who keeps responding to the same situation in the same way. ... Perhaps the best illustration of this infirmity is found ... in the system known as voting, wherein millions of people are induced to go the polls and vote for candidates who keep promising to carry out the unfulfilled promises they made in the previous election!" (10/30/02) - A holiday for fools, by Butler Shaffer -

VOTING: Spooner eventually concluded that no one should have the right to vote or make laws. (*) - "No human being, nor any number of human beings, have any right to make laws, and to compel other human beings to obey them. To say that they have, is to say that they are masters and owners of those of whom they require such obedience." - Carl Watner, "The Literature of Voluntaryism", 10. – (*) for all, I would add, as a panarchist, i.e., for all in a territorial "community". - JZ, 2.12.87. – VOLUNTARISM, VS. COMPULSION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, COLLECTIVISM ON A COUNTRY-WIDE SCALE, NATIONALISM

VOTING: Spooner sees this as the real motive for the secret ballot: people wish to exploit others without becoming known to them and without being morally accountable for their actions. Since the tax collector represents no identifiable individuals to whom one can have any obligations, he is acting as a private individual and has no more right to one's property than any other thief.” - Fred D. Miller Jr., REASON 5/76, p.20/21.

VOTING: Spooner's objection to majority-rule democracy by the secret ballot is fundamentally a moral one. Politicians and tax collectors posture as representatives and agents of "the people". But surely those who oppose their policies should not be held responsible for their actions. For example, those who advocated the trial of President Nixon and his associates for war crimes, did not (to my knowledge) also advocate the indictment of every American citizen (including the war protestors themselves) for war crimes. If Nixon was acting as a mere agent, then the moral burden of his actions ultimately rests with those who voted for him and his policies. But, due to the secret ballot, those individuals cannot be identified. - "If, then, nobody is individually responsible for the acts of Congress, the members of Congress are nobody's agents. And if they are nobody's agents, they are themselves individually responsible for their own acts." - Fred D. Miller Jr., REASON, 5/76.

VOTING: Start voting for yourself, and among your family, friends and voluntary associates only. Cease voting for or against anyone else. - JZ, 27.10.93. - Well, aggressive criminals with victims excepted. - JZ, 7.6.04.

VOTING: State power goes to the elected government on the very the day of the election and remains there, unshakeable, for years. – (Die Staatsgewalt geht am Wahltage vom Volke aus und bleibt dann wieder jahrelang and ganz unerschuetterlich bei der Regierung.) - JZ, 9/90, 7.6.04. - POWER, STATE, DEMOCRACY, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: Stated bluntly, the degree of power a voter has in influencing representative government is minimal. The individual is all but impotent. Voters are the captives of a monolithic system. They are forced, effectively, to vote for parties – for enormous menus called manifestos, to which they may be substantially opposed, or of which they are, more likely, largely ignorant. It is impossible to be discriminating about issues. – It is scarcely any better for the politicians. As lobby fodder for the party machine and beholden to all sorts of voter interest groups, the opportunities to be a dispassionate, intelligent representative are all but non-existent.” - Simon Upton, The Withering of the State, 1987, p.106. – POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, DEMOCRACY, PARTY, SINGLE ISSUES, PARTY PLATFORMS

VOTING: Statism is the worst disease under which our society suffers and it is based on force and violence, which is only camouflaged by "free" elections. - JZ, 4.6.04. – FORCE, COMPULSION, COERCION, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Staying in power is the overriding objective of the government of the day; and gaining it, almost at any price, is the aim of the opposition. Substantive issues – the merits of which have little or nothing to do with ideology – are frequently too complex and of insufficiently broad interest to excite debate. So the electoral auction becomes centered around fuzzy considerations of “image” and “credibility” (whatever that is). It is a process, which can only be described as trading in public ignorance. It is less a cynical corruption of democracy than an inevitable response to big government and swollen statism. If the business of the state is so complex and multi-faceted as to be beyond explanation, then it is better either to invent something simple, or concentrate on scoring points about the qualities of the respective teams on a “them and us” basis. Such, indeed, was the slogan of the unsuccessful government campaign in 1972 – “man for man the better team”. - Simon Upton, The Withering of the State, 1987, p.107. – The radical alternative: Let each group of volunteers do its own things for or to itself: PANARCHISM! – JZ, 12.9.08. – POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, SECESSIONISM VS. ELECTIONS, GOVERNMENTS, POWER, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, NATIONALISM, POLITICS AS USUAL

VOTING: String up all territorial politicians rather than let them string along all voters. - JZ, 9.11.97.

VOTING: Suffrage ... as commonly interpreted, the right to vote for the man of another man's choice.” - Ambrose Bierce.

VOTING: Suffrage is equally powerless and unreliable. It can be exercised only periodically; and the tyranny must at least be borne until the time for suffrage comes.” – Lysander Spooner, "Trial by Jury", II/13.

VOTING: Suffrage, n. Expression of opinion by means of a ballot. The right of suffrage (which is held to be both a privilege and a duty) means, as commonly interpreted, the right to vote for the man of another man's choice, and is highly prized. Refusal to do so has the bad name of "incivism". The incivilian, however, cannot be properly arraigned for his crime, for there is no legitimate accuser. If the accuser is himself guilty, he has no standing in the court of opinion; if not, he profits by the crime, for A's abstention from voting gives greater weight to the vote of B.” - Ambrose Bierce, "The Enlarged Devil's Dictionary".

VOTING: Terms like "the vote", "voting", elections, democratic choices, policies and liberties, are used as if they could have only one or one of a few and also quite agreed-upon meanings and practices, also as if only these would be possible, rightful and desirable and as if all genuine individual rights and liberties did not exist or were not worth mentioning at all. But we will not understand our democratic "principles" and practices properly until we do become aware of much more of the whole spectrum of voting and other decision-making options than is discussed or meant by those interested only in "politics as usual". Thus awareness of the whole possible, rightful and desirable spectrum of "voting" should be increased, at least by mentioning and listing it, as a precondition for finally achieving a real choice for individuals and volunteer groups, real self-government, in form of individual sovereignties and, of voluntary combinations of these, leading to full minority autonomy, freedom of action and experimental freedom in the political, economic and social sphere, even though this could only be achieved via exterritorial autonomy, based on individual secessionism and voluntary associations. The frauds, farces, self-deceptions, corruptions, despotisms, expensive games and massive wrongs and mass murders involved in coercive, monopolistic, centralistic, party politics - because they are all wrongful, irrational and ultimately self-defeating statist and TERRITORIAL games, should finally be brought to their well deserved ends and they could be, through arousing sufficient or full awareness of what voting could and should mean. In a sentence: It could provide to each individual (except criminals with victims, children and the incompetents or insane) the government of non-governmental society of his or her choice. - Who could rightly ask for more? – Who should aim at less? JZ, n.d. & 7.4.11, 10.5.14.

VOTING: Territorial “free” voting maximizes disagreements, mutual suppressions and mutual exploitation. – JZ, 2.3.96, 18.8.08.

VOTING: Territorial and collectivist "choices" are a very wrongful and poor substitute for free, rightful, exterritorial and individual choices. I rather do without the former while working towards the latter. - JZ, 2.3.96.

VOTING: Territorial and collectivistic voting means to allow politicians and bureaucrats to continue to obstruct individual decision-making, free contracts and free experiments. Such obstructionism does not get my vote but only my strongest disapproval. – JZ

VOTING: Territorial monopolistic, collectivist and coercive governments, leaders, parties, their laws, budgets, taxes are the problem rather than the solution. - JZ, 11.9.99. – GOVERNMENTALISM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNMENTS, INDIVDIUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: Territorial political "representation" does not really represent. So why pretend that it does, by voting for it? – JZ - REPRESENTATION

VOTING: Territorial political choices are not free choices for all peaceful people and are thus to be mostly rejected - unless there is a threat that totalitarians or fanatics might take over through them. But territorialism by itself is already the most important totalitarian factor. What is called totalitarianism is merely a consistent application of it. - JZ, 11.9.99, 8.6.04. - CHOICE, TERRITORIALISM, TOTALITARIANISM

VOTING: Territorial political voting systematically restricts rather than expands my liberties, rights and choices. Thus I do not participate in it. – JZ

VOTING: Territorial politics does not get my consent. I prefer the rightful options, choices and votes of full exterritorial autonomy for all, in which all parties could win self-government for themselves and all their voters. To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice! Nothing less will do! - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Territorial politics offers only a "choice" between various degrees of compulsion and coercion. It suppresses, in very significant spheres, the options and competition of free markets and free consumer choices as well as free enterprise opportunities for sovereign individuals, It is, therefore, to be rejected by all sufficiently moral and rational beings. - JZ, 11.9.99, 8.6.04, 10.5.14. – I would only vote in case a totalitarian party threatens to come to territorial power through a majority voting for it. In that case my vote would at least be a tiny self-defence effort. – JZ, 2.7.13. - POLITICS, CHOICE, COMPULSION, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Territorial powers are wrong. So I can't vote for them. – JZ, n.d. - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Territorial voters and politicians can neither be sufficiently taught nor can they even be sufficiently reached with reasonable messages and ideas. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Territorial votes are even worse than prayers - because they are, as a rule, all too effectively supporting one or the other wrongful or nonsensical actions of "our" politicians. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Territorial voting and "representation" make full self-responsibility as impossible as does absolute monarchism or any other despotism. – JZ

VOTING: Territorial voting disfranchises exterritorial voting. – JZ

VOTING: Territorial voting does not confine politicians and bureaucrats to their own voluntary followers but allows them to lord it over dissenters. To that extent it is quite wrong. - JZ

VOTING: Territorial voting does not evaluate ideas, actions and persons properly but, rather, prevents their examination by the conditions of a really free market, with its experimentation, free choice for individuals and its voluntary associations. – JZ

VOTING: Territorial voting does not let us get away from the wrongful votes of others over our own affairs. – JZ, n.d. & 2.7.13.

VOTING: Territorial voting does not permit me to do all my things, at my own risk and expense, to or for myself, in anything but a very limited private sphere. At the same time, it permits me, although only to a very limited extent, with the "power" of my single vote, to impose my choices upon the public affairs of others, at their risk and expense. But the votes of many ignorant, foolish and prejudiced people can add up into a despotic force. I neither want that limitation of power over my own affairs nor any authority over the affairs of others. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Territorial voting does not provide for everyone the government or society they want, need or deserve for themselves, but at most it leads to numerous compromises which, by their very nature, cannot fully satisfy anyone. – JZ, n.d. & 10.5.14.

VOTING: Territorial voting gives the illusion but not the reality of rightful government powers. It is just another form of civil war. - JZ, 23.2.00. – All too often it even leads to armed civil wars, violent revolutions, terrorism and international wars and it will do so as long as its kind of centralized decision-making powers over many individual rights and liberties do remain. – JZ, 10.5.14. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, CENTRALIZATION, WARS, CIVIL WARS, REVOLUTIONS, TERRORISM

VOTING: Territorial voting is not a road to individual self-determination. Only the individual secessionist vote is. Only it respects individual sovereignty. That might be the reason why this most important voting right is outlawed, everywhere, even by the most "democratic" governments, supposedly all in favor of "self-government". – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Territorial voting is not an escape hole to liberty but a trap for all escape and liberation attempts. – JZ, n.d. – It and its consequences form the greatest barrier to voluntarism, competition, individual rights and liberties, natural law and justice, consumer sovereignty, laissez faire, free enterprise and experimentation, liberation, reforms and peaceful revolutions in most important spheres, largely blocking peace, justice, tolerance, progress, prosperity and enlightenment. It means the domination of the unenlightened or insufficiently enlightened over the already somewhat enlightened people. It is comparable to subjecting artistic activities, scientific and, technological innovations and reading preferences to approvals by the majority. – JZ, 10.5.14.

VOTING: Territorial voting is upheld only by the prejudices of the masses of foolish, under-informed and biased voters. Rightfully, they should only be free to thus decide over their own affairs, not over the affairs of any peaceful dissenters, intending to do only their own things to and for themselves and this at their own expense and risk. – JZ, n.d. & 10.5.14. – VS. VOLUNTARISM, INNOVATION, PROGRESS, ENLIGHTENMENT, LIBERATION, PEACEFUL REFORMS, FREE EXPERIMENTATION & COMPETITION IN ALL SPHERES, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PROGRESS, TERRITORIALISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW, DECENTRALIZATION VIA EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY FOR VOLUNTEERS, STATISM,

VOTING: Territorial voting leads to a few of the blind and prejudiced, mostly of the worst type, leading the masses of the blind and prejudiced. – JZ, 26.3.04, 26.10.07. - Thus they do also and quite wrongfully dominate those, who are already somewhat enlightened. - JZ, 7.4.11. - LEADERSHIP, IGNORANCE & PREJUDICES

VOTING: Territorial voting limits rather than liberates my voting. On the other hand, it grants me and others wrongful, even despotic powers, over others. I for one do not desire such powers over others for myself - and do not want to be thus in their power. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Territorial voting makes for irresponsible voters, politicians and bureaucrats. Thus it does not get my consent and participation. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Territorial voting offers no rightful and easy ways out of the messes that it causes. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Territorial voting releases wrongful and destructive energies and ambitions and brings the scum to the top and keeps it there, rather than releasing all creative energies and ambitions. Thus I "vote" only for exterritorial autonomy for all communities of volunteers, in whichever way I still can. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04, 7.4.11. – LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, SCUM, PRIME MINISTERS, POWER ADDICTS, PRESIDENTS, POLITICS AS USUAL

VOTING: Territorial voting restricts us to one experiment at a time in any territory, that voted in by the largest number of fools, prejudiced and vested interest people, rather than achieving experimental freedom and full exterritorial minority autonomy for all. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Territorially, uniformly and collectively "chosen" political "goodies" in all of our shopping carts, allocated to us like rations, by bureaucrats, cannot fully satisfy any individual consumers of these political "services". Even the recipients of these official hand-outs of other people's earnings are not fully satisfied. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04. – It produced not only Warfare States, with their compulsory re-distributionism, of the State Socialist kind but also Warfare States and tyrannies, which led to vast human sacrifices and mass murders and with its nuclear “weapons”, in the hands of its “representatives”, it has prepared for even larger mass murders, perhaps even the extermination of mankind. – JZ, 10.5.14. - DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM, NATIONALISM, WARFARE STATES, MASS MURDERS, TYRANNIES, NWT

VOTING: Terrorism, Stealing and Miscellaneous Bullying - we voters enjoy it! When we vote, we sanction government terrorism, tax theft and assorted underworld activities intended to force our will on all ...” - Poster on p.341 of H. J. Ehrlich et al: "Re-inventing Anarchy".

VOTING: That a condition of true representation cannot exist in the contemporary American system is assured by the use of the secret ballot. This institution is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution, nor does it seem to have occurred to the founders. Yet in our correspondence we will hear it stated that democracy is not possible without secrecy! The chief (apparently unanimous) fear of the legislators is that, were secrecy eliminated, voters could be held accountable for their choices. In response, LeFevre maintains that secret voting contributes to the atmosphere of irresponsibility which pervades our society and that if the voters cannot be held responsible for their own choices, they may well be so held for the choices of others.” - R. S. Radford & LeFevre, "The Power of Congress", p.20.

VOTING: That belief in the omnipotent vote, as we urged, was striking its roots deeper every year, it was the certain, the inevitable result of our party fighting for the possession of power. So long as the vote carried with it the unlimited, undefined power of the majority, the giving away of property must always remain as the easiest means of purchasing the owners of the vote; and that belief in the final ownership of property being vested in the voter, we could only fight, not by resisting here or there, not by denouncing this or that bit of excessive and wasteful expenditure, but by challenging the rightfulness and good sense of the whole system, by pointing to a truer, nobler, social life, and by resolutely standing on the plain broad principle of individual control over ourselves and our own property.” - Auberon Herbert: "Mr. Spencer & the Great Machine", p.71. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: That politician was right when he said that candidates have to try to survive in a political environment in which most people go to the polls and vote with totally inadequate information. - Yeah, if they had adequate information, they wouldn't go to the polls.” - REASON, Sept. 76.

VOTING: The "bomb them into freedom" crowd is crowing because they think an election in Iraq proves something. I wish it did. But as Fareed Zakaria (below) points out an election is not the same thing as a democracy. Zakaria is actually a very astute observer and I recommend his book "The Future of Freedom" which points out the tenuous connection between democracy and liberty. Zakaria points out that democracy is often the enemy of liberty. Of course the Bush-backers don't seem to really care about liberty. They think that an election proves that Team America (fuck ya) got it right. – freestudentsnetwork, Subject: … elections are not democracy (and democracy is not freedom).

VOTING: The "free choices" of democracies mean no choice for those outvoted and also too few and rare choice for the victorious voters. – JZ – FREE CHOICE IN EVERYTHING – FOR ALL PEACEFUL PEOPLE, ZAP, NAP, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, COMPETING GOVERNANCE VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: The "free vote" is a vote for subjects and masters: the serfs and slaves of territorial governments. - JZ, 7.6.04.

VOTING: The "free vote" offers only a wrong and false choice, which assures the continuance of old and new wrongs and false choices made by the "chosen people".  - JZ, 25.5.91.

VOTING: The "free votes" of territorial votes are not free votes by free people. The representatives of such votes do not really represent and their voting is quite wrongful decision-making over the lives of dissenters. It's all a great fraud - until it becomes reduced to the voluntary associationism and secessionism of exterritorially autonomous communities. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: The "free voting" grants you and others not even free emigration and immigration, voluntary taxation, monetary freedom, free trade etc., far less full exterritorial autonomy for your preferred voluntary community, or experimental freedom and personal law system. To call this THE right to vote is an abuse of the language. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: The "free" voter is thereby an un-free man. – JZ, n.d. – At least this is always the case under territorialism. In exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers it would be another matter. But precisely because of their voluntary nature, assuring agreement on major points, voting would then be much less important for decision-making, since the volunteers would disagree only on minor matters and on major matters would be unanimous. If they were not, then they would secede from such voluntary associations. – JZ, 2.7.13.

VOTING: The "One-Man-One-Vote" principle, now realized or approximated in most elections, ignores the distribution curve for intelligence and abilities. It supposes that the best will rise to the top but does not prevent that the worst actually do. Its rational core, that we have all equal rights (unless too young, mad or criminal) is not applied as people are not given the vote in form of a veto to protect their rights, but rather a vote in form of an authority to oppress even the basic rights of others, thus establishing unequal "rights" or privileges. The old Greeks recognized this when they said that votes should not be counted but weighed. It is wrong to force anyone to participate in an immoral activity. - JZ, 5.6.04. – EGALITARIANISM, COMPULSION, COERCION, SUPPRESSION & EXLOITATION OF DISSENTING INDIVIDUALS & MINORITIES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: The "one-man-one-vote" system, apart from its other defects, is only a ONE-vote-among-MANY system, on almost everything, (*) i.e. a collectivist system that is disfranchising most people from most of the most important decisions on their own affairs. It does not know, appreciate and realize all individual rights and liberties but outlaws all too many of the most important ones, e.g. by monetary and financial despotism, immigration restrictions, protectionism, compulsory schooling, monopolistic jurisdiction, policing, prison systems. It produces Welfare States and Warfare States and perpetuates by masses of wrongful legislation numerous wrongs and poverty-promoting “policies”. - JZ 14.8.77, 6.6.04. – It uphold popular errors and prejudices rather than demolishing them. It does not provide a good enough learning environment. – JZ, 10.5.14. (*) Judging by the avalanches of legislation that result from it. - JZ, 2.7.13.

VOTING: The “free” votes of any territorial voter and the decisions of any territorially elected politician or appointed bureaucrat are a very wrongful and poor substitute, in my eyes, for my own and for your choices and decisions, all made at the own expense and risk only. – JZ, 2.3.96, 10.5.14.

VOTING: The a-political libertarian, on the contrary, does not demand concurrence with his views. In consequence, the a-political libertarian will concentrate upon education, communication, example, and precept by means of which he hopes to encourage a better world for himself and others. Meanwhile, he concentrates upon himself to make certain that by no word or action is he guilty of inhibiting others by force, even the force of majority decisions made at the polls. He uses the market place, not the voting booth.” - Robert LeFevre, "The Libertarian", p.56.

VOTING: the absurdity of the suggestion that a vote at an election once every few years produces in any sense a representation of our millions of separate personalities embodied in a common Mind."- S. Hutchinson Harris: The Doctrine of Personal Right, 318, on Follin. – THE PEOPLE, NATIONALISM, STATISM, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, REPRESENTATIVES, PARLIAMENTARISM

VOTING: The anarchist does not believe in the emancipation through the election slip. (*) Proudhon is, at least in theory, a non-voter. He was of the opinion that the social revolution would be endangered if it were initiated by a political revolution. Elections appeared nonsensical to him, as a conspiracy with the corruption of government. …” - Daniel Guerin, Anarchismus, Begriff und Praxis, edition Suhrkamp, 1967, p.29. - (*) In territorial elections. Voting among volunteers, on the affairs of their own community, exterritorially quite autonomous from the votes, laws, leaders and institutions of outsiders, is quite another matter. – JZ, 17.9.07. - ANARCHISM & ELECTIONS, FRANCHISE, SUFFRAGE, REPRESENTATION, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, SELF-GOVERNANCE

VOTING: The annihilation of universal! suffrage - that is to say, that system by means of which the lowest natures prescribe themselves as a law for higher natures.” - Friedrich Nietzsche, "The Will to Power."  - Only control of the self over the self dies amount to justified power. At most it can be rightfully extended by volunteers over their kind of volunteers. - JZ, 6.6.04, 10.5.14. – POWER, SELF-GOVERNANCE, SELF-DETERMINATION, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, MINORITY AUTONOMY UNDER PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, MONOPOLISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM, NATIONALISM

VOTING: The appeals of all parties during this period have been fundamentally identical. They all amount to this: 'What are your troubles? Vote for us and we will find somebody else to pay for putting them right.' “ - Ernst Benn, House of Commons, 22.4.31, in Deryck Abel, "Ernest Benn, Counsel for Liberty”, p.158. & p.71. – TAXATION, WELFARE STATE, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, SUBSIDIES, BAILOUTS, HANDOUTS, WAR AGAINST POVERTY OR WAR AGAINST THE POOR, WELFATE STATE, SOCIAL SECURITY OR SOCIAL INSECURITY SYSTEMS

VOTING: the ballot box ... a diabolical institution that should never have been given to the rabble ...” - Petr Beckmann, "Small is Beautiful?", p.10. - (I could not even, consciously, vote for him, although he is, like myself, an anti-communist, because at the same time, he, in his personal package deal, favors e.g. "modern" and "scientific" nuclear reactors! - JZ 1.12.87. - How many of the "peaceful" nuclear reactors are abused for military purposes? How many have not yet been so abused, officially or unofficially? - Even if you lived in a "democratic" country like Israel, you could be sentenced to ca. 20 years for speaking out about this - and could be shut up afterwards. - The survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants have not yet realized that nuclear weapons are "scientific", small and portable "extermination camp" packages, i.e., mass murder devices, "anti-people-weapons" not genuine weapons and that they do also apply the wrongful principle of "collective responsibility". It would take all too few of them to wipe out the population of a small country like Israel or England. (Or all the major cities of a continent like Australia, where most of its people live! – JZ, 28.10.08.) The Mutual Assured Destruction game IS MAD! "Defence" by mass murder is hardly a defence. - But, nevertheless, there is not sufficient public discussion and far less a referendum on this question, not even in Israel. The statists are prepared to leave even the discussion of the solution of this problem to the very territorial government institutions, which caused it in the first place and perpetuated the Nuclear War Threat. That's no better than entrusting the abolition of crime to the Mafia. - JZ, 6.6.04, 10.5.14. – NUCLEAR WAR THREAT, NUCLEAR REACTORS, MASS MURDER DEVICES, ANTI-PEOPLE “WEAPONS”, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, “PEACEFUL” NUCLEAR REACTORS

VOTING: The ballot is instituted in a way that it continuously confirms the existing anonymous tyranny. This tyranny is exercised by the mass of the mediocre or even inferior subjects, who always constitute the majority, over the capable citizens and independent characters, whom the majority suspects and who are always in the minority.” – K. H. Z. Solneman (Kurt H. Zube), in "LERNZIEL ANARCHIE", No. 4,S. 30. - TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITY RULE VS. VOLUNTARISM, MINORITY AUTONOMY, SECESSIONISM

VOTING: The ballot is more economical of human life - but to use enumeration as the means of arriving at justice is a poor substitute for reason.” - Sprading, "Liberty and the Great Libertarians, p.25.

VOTING: The ballot is stronger than the bullet.” - Abraham Lincoln. – Sometimes, not always, e.g., not against every military insurrection and usurpation of power. Moreover, it can be abused as much as bullets can be. – JZ, 26.12.07, 7.4.11. – So why did he not use ballots to prevent the Civil War? – JZ, 21.4.09.

VOTING: The ballot is the "fruitful parent of ambiguities, equivocations and lies without number.” - William Godwin, "Anarchist Writings", p.115.

VOTING: the ballot-box is a crude instrument which enables a bare majority of 50.01 per cent to coerce a minority almost as large as 49.99 per cent.” - R. Harris & A. Seldon, "Not From Benevolence", p.105. - How unenlightening voting and democracy and a free press still are, is exemplified by all the prejudices, errors and myths remaining under them e.g. about voting, democracy, freedom, rights and liberties. (Even in libertarian circles!) More popular errors, myths and prejudices have been produced and spread rather than truths and insights and they make the spread of freedom ideas harder than ever before. We are largely still stuck in the muck. Luckily, we have now the technological and even economic option to combine all the rightful and useful ideas and opinions and make them much more effective - but we still lack the determination to do so, by creating a really free market for them, with all the institutions and avenues and tools and machinery that this would require. - We are still hung up on print, lectures, conferences - and even on the Internet. The Internet is great, indeed. However, we ought to be aware of the limitations of this "Big Brother" or "God" as well. - JZ, 6.6.04. - At least while it and the other digital options are used no better than they were so far. - JZ, 7.4.11. - IDEAS ARCHIVE, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS, ARGUMENT MAPPING, DIGITAL LIBERTARIAN FREEDOM LIBRARY, ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, BIBLIOGRAPHY, NEW DRAFT, ENLIGHTENMENT, PUBLIC OPINION, INTERNET

VOTING: The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” – Winston Churchill. - Would not a 5 minute conversation with W. C. also have enabled us to reveal some of his flaws and limitations? - Or a systematic browsing through his works? Perhaps we should pose 5 hypothetical questions to him, as if he were still alive and answer them out of his speeches and his works? - JZ, 24.11.06. – We should also compile some thought-provoking questions to all other politicians and to all voters. – This could be done during the next elections and the answers, if confined to yes and no could be cheaply and electronically summed up and lead to somewhat more enlightened voters. – Such questions and answers would have a greater value than the usual political territorial vote. - JZ, 21.4.09. W. C. was still a believer in collective responsibility and thus engaged in total war even against civilian subjects. To my knowledge he never advocated individual and minority secessionism or monetary and financial freedom. He never recognized or established even one German government or society in exile, although several would have been required for Germany as well. He was just another territorialist, statist, nationalist and power-addict. - JZ, 7.4.11, 10.5.14. - VOTERS & DEMOCRACY, CHURCHILL, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, INDISCRIMINATE WARFARE, GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES IN EXILE

VOTING: The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.” – Adolf Hitler – But he made sure that his “leadership” did not rest on his rhetoric alone but also on the terror practised by the Gestapo and by the known existence of concentration camps for political opponents. – JZ, 10.2.08. – Most of their extermination camps were kept by the Nazis kept out of sight of most Germans, by locating them in Poland. – If their mass-murderous horrors had been made clearly visible to all Germans, e.g. by being located in Berlin, then the Nazi regime would, probably, not have lasted as long as it did. – Even the Jews temporarily assembled in the ghetto of Warsaw needed some persuasion to finally realize what fate lay before them in these camps. Then they finally rose in desperation and at least some of them survived. – Anti-semitism and other spleens still survive in all too many heads because they are not systematically and thoroughly enough countered, e.g. by an encyclopedia of the best refutations. - JZ, 21.4.09. - VOTERS, MASSES & DEMAGOGUES, PREJUDICES, SECRECY, EXTERMINATION CAMPS, ANTISEMITISM, HOLOCAUST CONCENTRATION CAMPS

VOTING: The choice between two or more intolerant and coercive - because territorial - systems. - JZ, 19.4.89.

VOTING: The choices you offer me as a voter, presently, are neither right nor wide or good enough. - JZ, 4.10.98.

VOTING: The claim is made that voting makes it possible to avert an undesirable program or to dismiss an unsatisfactory office holder, without bloodshed. But in the process, voting insures that centralized control will replace individual control and that some program will be imposed upon all, administered and enforced by some agent who holds monopoly power." – Robert Lefevre, in "Abstain from Beans", 1972 Libertarian Yearbook, p.116. – CENTRALIZATION, MONOPOLISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM, POWER, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, BUREACRACY


VOTING: The danger is that the hopeless voter, forever victimized by his false assumption about politicians, may in the end gather such ferocious indignation that he will abolish them teetotally and at one insane swoop, and so cause government by the people, for the people and with the people to perish from this earth." - Peter Marshall: "Demanding the Impossible", p.137. - It was always much more a government of, by and for the politicians, under the pretence that they were acting for the people, just like the priests pretend to be speaking, acting and collecting for "God". - JZ, 7.6.04. - TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, POLITICIANS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, CENTRALIZATION, MONOPOLISM, COERCION, COLLECTIVISM, DEGREES OF STATE SOCIALISM

VOTING: The delegation of authority is a form of self-demeaning submission like the payment of taxes, or service in armed bodies. But of course, we are all conditioned and educated to regard voting and the delegation of power as a form of noble and humane conduct. Because when voting and the delegation of power become recognizable as forms of submission, then the anarchist principle of human freedom and human possibilities becomes clear also, and then we are ready to make those changes that we anarchists call revolution.” - Judith Malina, "Anarchists and the pro-hierarchical left", in H. J. Ehrlich et al, "Reinventing Anarchy", p.338. – ANARCHISM, REVOLUTION, HIERARCHIES, DELEGATION OF POWERS, SUBMISSION, TAXATION

VOTING: the democratic assumption - that the eternal verities can be discovered by counting enough noses…” - Poul Anderson, Among Thieves, p.49 of ASTOUNDING SF, 6/57. - Correct for territorial democracies, incorrect for the experimental freedom of exterritorially autonomous volunteer communities. - JZ, 17.8.02. – In panarchies votes would only be taken as a practical measure to settle minor differences of opinion. Major differences would be settled by the dissenters seceding. – JZ, 21.4.09. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, DISSENT, SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PEOPLE SUFFICIENTLY SORTING THEMSELVES OUT INTO AFFICINITY GROUPS, SOCIETIES, COMMUNITIES & PERSONAL LAW ASSOCIATIONS

VOTING: The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting.” – Charles Bukowski. - DICTATORSHIP & DEMOCRACY, JOKES

VOTING: The difficulty that Rousseau stresses is that those elected wise men can be expected to act more and more in accordance with their own will, and not in accordance with the general will. So Rousseau qualifies his assertion that an elective aristocracy is the best possible government by adding that it is the best government only so long as the aristocratic magistrates respect the liberty and sovereignty of the people. Unfortunately, he expects all magistrates, sooner or later, to trespass on the liberty and sovereignty of the people." - "ENCOUNTER", 12/78, p.46/47. - ELECTIONS, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, POWER ADDICTION & POWER HOLDERS DOMINATING THEIR TERRITORIAL SUBJECTS, CONCEDING NO SOVEREIGNTY OR SECESSIONISM TO THEM IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS, WHICH ARE TERRITORIALLY MONOPOLIZED & IN A FEW HANDS ONLY: THE SUPPOSED PUBLIC SERVANTS OR REPRESENTATIVES DOMINATE THE PEOPLE UNDER STATISM & TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: the disturbing fact remains that we are not insignificant and powerless nonentities.” - Kevork Ajemian, The Fallacy of Modern Politics, Books International, PO Box 6096, McLean, Virginia 22106, 1986, Tel. (703) 821-8900, p.165. – Although even the territorial democracies do, largely, treat us as such. – JZ, 21.4.09. - Politicians, with all their supposed knowledge and powers are much more fictitious or imagined beings than individual voters or non-voters are, just like the individual believers or non-believers in Gods or Devils are much more real than these imagined beings. - Out thoughts, laws and institutions actions are all too much ruled by the ghosts of our religions and by our territorial political faith, dogmas, errors, prejudices, false assumptions and false conclusions. - JZ, 7.4.11. - & VOTERS, CITIZENS, INDIVIDUALISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, POWER MONGERS VS. VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

VOTING: the dollar vote - represents the true key to economic democracy.” - Ridgway K. Foley Jr., THE FREEMAN, 1/74. – Yes, if only “the” dollar were not a monopolized, forced and depreciated or deflated currency of the government! – JZ, 28.10.08. - However, even the governmental dollars of monetary despotism gives us already a more real individual decision-making power in our own lives than does the territorial vote for politicians, their laws and institutions. That remaining freedom and self-responsibility would be multiplied under individual and group secessionism, in exterritorially autonomous societies of volunteers and under full monetary and financial freedom. - JZ, 7.4.11.

VOTING: the dollar vote seems to reflect subjective values more accurately than a political vote: even those who opt for all manner of coercive national spending orgies seem likely to be wise shoppers at the supermarket." - Ridgway K. Foley, Jr., "The Texture of Society", in THE FREEMAN, Aug. 1977, p. 503. – Alas, the dollar is a despotically mismanaged monopoly money! – JZ, 27.10.8. - DOLLAR VOTE VS. TERRITORIAL VOTING

VOTING: The election is over, and the condensation arising from the droplets exuding from so many fevered brows has mixed with the sighs of relief as the political rutting season ended. The finale to our quadrennial vaporings must affect the weather, even though the voting outcome has affected little else. - Of course, the American people have lost. But since the Libertarians have not yet come to full power, there is still hope that some measure of sanity may return as the silly season passes into what we still refer to as history. If we wished to be accurate, we could refer to the trails made at the hustings as the medical records left behind by the patients at an institution for the befuddled. - Now that national politicking is over for the time being, we may again realize that others are still human, even if they belong to an opposing political party. Such reasonableness is never encouraged during election time. I am enormously pleased with the performance of those libertarians who resisted the temptation to play the power game...” - Robert LeFevre, "LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL", Winter 76.

VOTING: The Election is the decision for the supposedly lesser evil. - Unknown. – (“Die Wahl ist eine Entscheidung fuer das vermeintlich geringere Uebel.“) – Any decision territorially imposed upon dissenters is thereby inherently evil, regardless of which party enforces it. – JZ, 10.5.14. – TERRITORIALISM, & STATISM AS INHERENT WRONGS & EVILS, LESSER EVIL?

VOTING: The Electorate is the jury writ large.” - Walter Bagehot, 1826-1877, "Parliamentary Reform." - An excessively large jury with partly too many and partly too little powers. - JZ, 11.11.81. - If unanimity were required for voters as for jurors, they would not be so harmful. But for larger numbers this can only be achieved within volunteer communities, from which dissenters can freely secede. - JZ 2. 12.87, 10.5.14.

VOTING: The emptiness of election slogans represents the empty-headedness of most voters and politicians. - JZ, 5.8.92. – TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: The English people fancy they are free; it is only during the election of members of parliament that they are so. (*) As soon as these are elected, the people are slaves; they are nothing. In the brief moments of their liberty, the use made of it fully deserves that it should be lost.” - Rousseau, quoted in Bingham, "Men & Affairs", 33. - (*) Even then they are under the rule and rules of the government last time elected. - JZ

VOTING: The enormous passion of electoral campaigns for mediocre candidates concerned with non-issues, for offices in which they will be largely powerless anyway." - Paul Goodman, "5 Years", p. 13.

VOTING: The faces of aspiring politicians are defacing our homes, newspapers, TV news, gardens and trees once again. All of them are pretending that they are our helpers or even saviors and yet they only jockey for power for themselves, to spend our money and direct and control our lives otherwise than we would. – JZ, 24.3.07, 25.10.07. – Almost exclusively only power addicts are elected under territorialism – and what can one expect of them? – JZ,  10.5.14. - ELECTION CAMPAIGNS, POLITICIANS, PROMISES, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, REPRESENTATIVES, TERRITORIALISM, DEMOCRACY, STATISM, POWER ADDICTS

VOTING: The fact that quite primitive election slogans are successful factors in election campaigns proves that the choices made are not moral and intelligent ones, neither among the voters not among the elected. Only one thing is assured through political elections in territorial States, namely: excess powers will be concentrated in the hands of incompetent, ignorant, prejudiced and conceited and impertinent people. - JZ, 23.6.87. – Moreover, they are, mostly, power-addicts. – JZ, 27.10.08.

VOTING: the fact, so disconcerting an experience in this century, that the enfranchised masses have not, surprisingly enough, been those who have most staunchly defended the institutions of freedom.” - Walter Lippmann, The Public Philosophy, A Mentor Book, 1955, p.38. – That should not surprise anyone who is aware that we have still no ideal declaration of all individual rights and liberties and still all too little interest in providing it. – JZ, 11.9.08. – Moreover, we have left even education largely in the hands of territorial governments. – JZ, 21.4.09. - Enlightenment and enlightened actions and laws are not to be expected from any territorial governments. - JZ, 7.4.11. - DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, DECLARATION OF ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: The finance plan elaborated in PEACE PLANS 19 C to finance a libertarian party into victory, amounts to a vote - to abolish the political and territorial vote. Privatize all capital assets of politicians and bureaucrats. Turn people into independent shareholders in all such assets, voting, privately, only with their property securities. They could thus become so independent, that they would not longer tolerate their taxation and any public "budget" policy with their money or any compulsory territorial association with any politicians and bureaucrats. - JZ, 28.4.89, 7.6.04. – This issue is, probably, also on - JZ, 7.4.11. -

VOTING: The franchise, as understood and practised today, keeps most voters disfranchised on most questions, even on the survival questions of our times.” - JZ 29.9.85. – NWT

VOTING: The free market is the only freedom-of-choice voting system ever invented. In a free market, a person does not have to go along with the desires of the majority. That is, he can 'vote' to buy any product HE desires, without regard to whether others want it. The free market not only gives the individual free choice, but also offers him great diversity in products and services. As soon as government intervenes and imposes regulations, price restrictions and other controls, business and people are forced to conform and the individual's choices are restricted.” – Robert Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.82. - Alas, under territorialism the free market is quite incomplete. Under panarchism, each "consumer of government services and contributor to their burdens" would have free choice of governance, societies and communities, too, i.e., individual consumer sovereignty in thes spheres as well. A free market for all governmental, societal and community services, all “public” services! Full consumer sovereignty! A comprehensive "vote"! - JZ 2.12.87 & 6.6.04. – It would also include full monetary and financial freedom and competitive protective agencies for genuine individual rights and liberties, to the extent that they are already claimed by societies of volunteers for themselves. - Its experimental freedom for all kinds of political, economic and social systems would supplement the all too limited "free enterprise", freedom of association and freedom of contract that we have now. A fully free market would also include contractual or constitutional restrictions of it - within societies of volunteers, who would be conscious and voluntary victims of such self-chosen restrictions. Most people, for instance, still to do not subscribe to "free love" or promiscuity but, rather, practise free choice of long-term individual partners for themselves. - JZ, 7.4.11. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, CONSUMER & PRODUCER SOVEREIGNTY & COMPETITION IN EVERY SPHERE, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES – TO THE EXTENT THAT VOLUNTEERS WISH TO PRACTISE THEM AMONG THEMSELVES, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF  CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION UNDER EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY

VOTING: The futile prayer of the believers in territorial politics and its priesthood and churches. - JZ, 17.5.95.

VOTING: The general franchise ensures that public discussion of public affairs revolves mostly only around the lowest common denominators. - JZ, 30.7.78.

VOTING: The general franchise suffocates public conscience, means suicide for the independence of the people, the betrayal of the revolution by itself. Such a system of voting may, occasionally and in spite of all precautions taken against it, oppose the government in power by a negative vote. However, it is incapable of producing a single idea.” - Proudhon, 1858, quoted in LERNZIEL ANARCHIE, No. 4.

VOTING: The general suffrage of the people becomes all too often and extensively their self-inflicted (as far as the majority is concerned) disfranchisement and suffering. Not only that of outvoted and thus stood-over minorities. – JZ, 27.10.08. - If only volunteers were involved, in their exterritorially autonomous communities, then this would be quite a different matter. Dissenters would then remain free secede and to act otherwise - within their own communities of this kind. - JZ, 23.5.91, 14.1.93, 10.5.14.

VOTING: The good or bad politician is not the cause of good or bad government. He reflects the thinking of his constituents. When the thinking is good enough, then good men can and will be elected to office.” - Leonard E. Read, "Who's Listening?" - I would rather say that when the thinking is good enough, they will not need a public office and policies or a single government organization for all. Then they might even be able to do without panarchies, polyarchies and competing governance. – JZ, 2.12.87, 10.5.14.

VOTING: The government needs voters to make it appear legitimate. Without them, its totalitarian nature becomes too clear.” - Girard Baker, INTEGRITY, vol. 4. No.12. - TERRITORIALISM, TOTALITARIANISM, DEMOCRACY, STATISM, POLITICIANS, POWER ADDICTS, RULERS

VOTING: The idea that you can merchandise candidates for high office like breakfast cereal - that you can gather votes like box tops - is, I think, the ultimate indignity to the democratic process.” - Adlai E. Stevenson – Sent by C. B. 27.8.08.

VOTING: The ignorant voting for the ignorant, the stupid voting for the stupid ones, the prejudiced voting for the prejudiced and all intelligent voices, ideas, principles and measures get voted down. – JZ, n.d. & 10.5.14.

VOTING: The impact of modern communications technology, then, has been to put more distance between the candidate and the voter. It's a strange paradox; the more voters the candidate can speak to, the farther away from the voters he becomes.” - "ANALOG", editorial, 4/76. - There is another technical difficulty: Even between married couples, parents and children and within relatively small groups at the workface, communication is often insufficient to prevent misunderstandings and strife. No candidate would have sufficient time to listen to and talk to all of the thousands or ten thousands of his voters nor could he possibly comprehend and represent all their diverse points of views. - The choice of one cannot rightly and properly replace the choice of thousands. - JZ, 1.12.87. – Except in his own affairs. – JZ, 28.10.08. - TERRITORIALISLISM & REPRESENTATION VS. GENUNINE SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-DETERMINATION OR SELF-RESPONSIBILITY.

VOTING: The increasing belief that everyone has a natural right to vote because VOTING IS MASS-CONTROL OF A GOVERNMENT THAT CONTROLS INDIVIDUALS, is counter-revolutionary in these States. It is a revival of the ancient Old World superstition. It threatens every American's home and liberty and life; it threatens the existence of the Republic and the survival of the Revolution.” - Page 212 of?

VOTING: The instrument and symbol of a freeman’s power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country. - Ambrose Bierce.

VOTING: The intellectual level of election slogans discredits all territorial politics. - JZ, 21.6.87, 7.6.04. – They don’t have any “intellectual” level or principles or sound knowledge behind them at all. – JZ, 10.5.14.

VOTING: The intellectual, philosophical, moral, judicious, genuine political science case against territorial voting is overwhelming but still largely unknown and unappreciated. Quite a few prejudices and fallacies are still so popular that territorial voting remains upheld by them or through them. – JZ, n.d. & 10.5.14.

VOTING: the lesser evil is still evil.” - Nicholas von Hoffman, in "PENTHOUSE", ca. 11/1980. - The lesser evil is still an evil. Each to become free to vote for his own ideal, as he sees it, to be applied only to him and like-minded people, at his own risk and expense, as long as they can stand it. - JZ, 2.3.96. – LESSER EVIL, CHOICE

VOTING: The little stickers that read "I voted" – worn so proudly by those wishing to confirm their allegiance to the system that is destroying their lives – reminds me of the "kick me" signs teenagers used to tape onto the backs of their fellow students.” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 88. – Compare what Ayn Rand said about the “sanction of the victims”. – JZ, n.d. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, NATIONALISM, THE SANCTION OF THE VICTIMS

VOTING: the long record of theory and practice which suggests that over-reliance upon electoral processes is not likely to improve things.” - Frederick C. Thayer, An End to Hierarchy! An End to Competition! Organizing the Politics and Economics of Survival. – New Viewpoints, N.Y. 1973, p.68. - ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: The majority of the voters are just dull and mentally inert people who dislike thinking and are easily deceived by the enticing promises of irresponsible pied pipers. Subconscious inferiority complexes and envy push people toward the parties of the left. They rejoice in the policies of confiscating the greater part of the income and wealth of successful businessmen without grasping the fact that these policies harm their own material interests. Disregarding all the objections raised by the economists, they firmly believe that they can get many good things for nothing.” - Ludwig von Mises, "Planning for Freedom", p.180. – PROGRESSIVE TAXATION, PROPERY RIGHTS VS. REDISTRIBUTIONISM, LEFTISM, ANTI-CAPITALIST MENTALITY

VOTING: The majority of voters has an invisible sign around their necks: "We don't want freedom"; they say this, in practice, with their votes. This automatically disfranchises all the minorities of those who do prefer at least some to large degrees of freedom to any degree of security offered by generalized official serfdom, or modern feudalism and serfdom, misnamed “Welfare States” or social services. They fail to realize that sufficient and lasting security can only be obtained through individual liberty, individual choices and constant self-help efforts. - JZ, 5.6.04, 29.10.08. - PREJUDICES AGAINST FREEDOM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATES, MODERN FEUDALISM & SERFDOM, DEGREES OF STATE SOCIALISM, REDISTRIBUTIONISM, LEFTISM

VOTING: The majority principle simple assures, in most instances, that either ignorance and prejudices, that are the most wide-spread ones, will prevail - if special interest lobbies do not. Neither alternative is attractive to me. – JZ, n.d. in one of several protests against compulsory voting. – MAJORITY DESPOTISM, VESTED INTERESTS, LOBBIES

VOTING: The masses of ignorant, dumb, prejudiced and disinterested people cannot recognize and choose knowledge, intelligence, wisdom and the best ideas through their votes. Nor can the minorities of the opposition people thus realize their sound or unsound ideas for themselves, in experimental freedom. They are confined to the territorial political process and are, to that extent, disfranchised. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: The men who have changed the universe have never accomplished it by changing officials but always by inspiring the people.” - Napoleon I, Maxims, 1804-1815. – Actually, whatever reasonable beings there are in the universe have hardly noticed the existence of mankind as yet. – There are only few positive changes that Napoleon brought about, e.g. a silver currency, a civil code, the rewards for some inventions like margarine. But do they offset the people he killed in his wars, maybe two to three million? – Were the nationalistic “ideals” he inspired people with really worthy ideals? He bragged once that he could afford to “spend” 30,000 lives in a day of battle. - JZ, 28.10.08m 9.5.14.  - LEADERSHIP, RULERS, POWER-ADDICTS, NAPOLEON I.

VOTING: The mere fact that candidates like to be listed as No.l, to catch the "donkey vote", does discredit "democratic elections". When voting is compulsory, the "donkey vote" is likely to be larger. - JZ, 1.12.87.

VOTING: The more you vote for them, the more they'll behave as they have in the past. That's because people who vote don't understand what they're doing. They think they're electing someone, choosing between the candidates, putting someone in office. In reality, each vote is an endorsement of the total bipartisan, nonpartisan setup; it is a sign of approval to continue with the general flimflam. - That's why, over the long haul, the major power groups and interests are concerned about how many people voted rather than about whom they voted for. Think of this ridiculous slogan that gets blasted and blared at us the fall of every election year: 'It doesn't matter who you vote for so long as you vote.' You'll never hear that on French or Italian or English television during their election campaigns, because it does matter, and it matters dreadfully whether or not you get a capitalist or a socialist or a communist government in office.” - Nicholas von Hoffman, in "PENTHOUSE", ca. 11/1980.

VOTING: The more your choices are determined by the votes of others, the more unfree you will be. - JZ, n.d. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: The most essential voting right is the right to opt out. - JZ, 5/73. – Precisely this right is denied under “freedom to vote” in “democracies”, not only in dictatorships. – JZ, 27.10.08. - Probably that is why it is still outlawed and not included in the “free” vote. – JZ, 28.10.08. - OPTING OUT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: The most important vote would be that expressed by voluntary membership in all States, communities and societies. It would give all people freedom of choice, consumer sovereignty, experimental freedom and freedom of action in the last three spheres still coercively monopolized by territorial governments, those of political, social and economic systems. Nevertheless, this alternative is hardly ever discussed in the mass media and universities or by political scientists, who are mainly only apologists for territorial States. – This in spite of the fact that territorialism has nowhere provided full consumer satisfaction. Quite the contrary is true. - JZ, 14.11.05, 29.10.07. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL LAW, CHOICE

VOTING: The most valuable vote is that expressed by individual secession and exterritorial and autonomous re-organization on a voluntary basis. We are all disfranchised with regard to this opting-out and voluntary association vote. I am not seriously interested in any other form of “free” and “equal” voting. It does not ensure but rather blocks progress and freedom. - JZ, 5.6.04, 7.4.11, 10.5.14. – SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW VS. STATISM, NATIONALISM, TERRITORIALISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM & “UNITY”

VOTING: The notion that a man's liberty consists in giving his vote at election-hustings, and saying, "Behold, now, I too have my twenty thousandth part of a Talker in our National Palaver." - Thomas Carlyle, "Past and Present”, book iii, ch.13. - Carlyle also asserted, somewhere, that no parliamentarian ever convinced another parliamentarian, which, if largely true, would render these discussion clubs rather useless as machineries for arriving at somewhat enlightened decisions. I can presently think only of Richard Cobden as an exception to his rule. Thus, why make such a fuss about the selection process for members of these clubs, especially, since they are not bound by instructions given to them by their voters, either, but are rather subject to party-discipline by parties that represent only a small fraction of the population? - JZ, 1.12.87. – PARTIES, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, PARLIAMENTARISM, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, ALL GENUINE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS  & LIBERTIES INSTEAD!

VOTING: The notion that productive activities ought to be politically managed by non-productive and territorial authorities, does assume that "we" do need them. Let those who think that they do need them - pay for them and obey them. Let their service institutions charge their subscribers whatever the traffic will bear, once there will be free competition in the provision of services, and individual and group choice of services instead of any governmental or government protected territorial monopoly. - JZ 30.11.87, 7.4.11. – VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTION VS. STATISM, TERRIOTORIALISM, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATION, PARLIAMENTARISM, DEMOCRACY, MAJORTY DESPOTISM

VOTING: The old political gag still holds about Mrs. Murphy and the campaign worker. "And who'll ya be votin' for this time, Mrs. Murphy?" asks the worker as he stands on a street corner, handing out leaflets for his candidate. "Oh, I nivver do it, Mr. O'Brien. I niver vote. It just encourages 'em, ya know." - Nicholas von Hoffman, in "PENTHOUSE", ca. 11/1980.

VOTING: The only "wasted" votes are the "valid" votes. - JZ, 15.3.95.

VOTING: The only fair way is: "No representation without taxation". Then the vote on welfare should be pro rata with taxes paid. - No man who lives in whole or in part on the public purse should have any vote on how public money is spent.” - Martin Gant, "The Express".

VOTING: The only freedom you have is to put the cross in that box. As soon as you do that, you’ve signed it away.” – Leonard Cruckshank, a community leader in Liverpool, THE TIMES Quotes of the Week, p.134, June 3, 2001. – FREEDOM UNDER STATISM, TERRITORIALISM & “REPRESENTATION” BY POLITICIANS

VOTING: The only greater fools than the politicians are their voters. They deserve each other but not any territorial powers. They others, all the peaceful people, who disagree with them, should no longer be subjected to them. They should become free to secede and organize themselves voluntarily for all their own affairs, under exterritorial autonomy or personal law. The involuntary tax slaves and other victims of the territorialism of politicians and voters are the kind of underdogs that are usually ignored today, while the parasites are legally favored.  – JZ, 1.10.13, 22.3.14. - TAXATION, POLITICIANS, VOTERS, FOOLISHNESS, POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES, POWER ADDICTS, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, TERRITORIALISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, DEMOCRACY VS. VOLUNTARISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: The only right, which any individual is supposed to retain, or possess, under the government, is a PURELY FICTITIOUS ONE, - ONE THAT NATURE NEVER GAVE HIM, - to wit, his right (so-called), as one of some ten millions of male adults, to give away, by his vote, not only all his own natural, inherent, inalienable, human rights, but also all the natural, inherent, inalienable, human rights of 40 millions of other human beings - that is, women and children.” - Spooner, A Letter to Grover Cleveland, in Works I/12.

VOTING: The only ultimate way to reduce the use of the vote motive for political advantage is to reduce the scope of government.” - Milton Friedman, "From Galbraith to Economic Freedom", back cover. - I would like to see it reduced by individual secessionism, combined with exterritorial autonomy for communities of volunteers. - JZ, n.d. – LIMITED GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VOTING: the only words that the great mass qua mass can speak – with a Yes or a No.” - Walter Lippmann, The Public Philosophy, A Mentor Book, 1955, p.23. – As sovereign individuals and volunteers, just like as sovereign consumers, they would have millions of different votes when it comes to their individual choice of economic, political and social systems in all their varieties, with all their details in their personal laws – under panarchism as opposed to territorialism. – JZ, 11.9.08. As it is they are only allowed different choices like those between different tennis rackets, beer brands, bread, cakes, vegetables, fruits or tooth pastes. – Important as all such minor choices are to individuals, they and the territorial vote should not be mistaken a full or sufficient liberties and rights. - JZ, 21.4.09, 7.4.11. - DEMOCRACY, VOTING, MAJORITIES, VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM

VOTING: The opposite to self-ownership and self-responsibility and to most individual rights and liberties. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: the ordinary political methods of voting and campaigning make it impossible for the real will and the real interests of the people to come forth.” - Henry Demarest Lloyd. - The political, economic and social system preferences of individuals and their groups are as diverse as their fashion, sports, amusements, travels, arts, crafts, hobbies and reading preferences. Thus "the will of the people", "the common interest" is almost always a false pretence for many to most people in a territory. - JZ, 7.4.11. - TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARSIM & EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM OF COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: The ostensible supporters of the Constitution, like the ostensible supporters of most other governments, are made up of three classes, viz.: 1) Knaves, a numerous and active class, who see in the government an instrument which they can use for their own aggrandizement or wealth. - 2) Dupes - a large class, no doubt - each of whom, because he is allowed one voice out of millions in deciding what he may do with his own person and his own property, and because he is permitted to have the same voice in robbing, enslaving, and murdering others, that others have in robbing, enslaving, and murdering himself, is stupid enough to imagine that he is a "free man", a "sovereign"; that this is " a free government"; "a government of equal rights," "the best government on earth," and such like absurdities. - 3) A class who have some appreciation of the evils of government, but either do not see how to get rid of them, or do not choose to so far sacrifice their private interests as to give themselves seriously and earnestly to the work of making a change.” - Lysander Spooner, "No Treason", VI/11,12.

VOTING: the people ... continue always the same overgrown children they were before ... When called upon to elect those, whose province it is to determine the sphere and remuneration of governmental action, whom do they choose? The agents of the government. Thus, they confer on the executive the power of fixing the limits of its own operations and exactions. They act like the Bourgeois Gentilhomme, who, in place of himself deciding on the number and cut of his coats, referred the whole thing - to his tailor.” - F. Bastiat, Economic Sophisms, p.125.

VOTING: The people who count can't be counted.” - Gary North, "Jeremiah's Job", on Albert J. Nock's Essay of that name. THE FREEMAN, 3/78. - THE REMNANT

VOTING: The period from 1960 to 2000 marks the longest ebb in turnout in US history. Turnout was nearly 65 percent of the adult population in the 1960 presidential election and stood at only 51 percent in 2000. In 2002, turnout was 39 percent in the November election and a mere 18 percent in the congressional primaries." - Thomas E. Patterson, History News Network, Where have all the voters gone? (11/18/02) - - In other States, like Australia, this trend was countered by making voting compulsory, leaving only the option of informal voting. – JZ, 21.4.09. - NON-VOTING, THE "MANDATE", CONSENT, ABSTAINING FROM BEANS, NONE OF THE ABOVE

VOTING: The Pinochet government of Chile even went so far as to make nonvoting punishable by three months in prison and a $ 150 fine.” - Robert Weissberg, THE VOLUNTARYIST, Dec. 97, p.1. - By forgetting to vote informally, I had once to pay a fine of A $ 25. But the system induced me to record my opposition to its mess and false premises and conclusions in detail, on many pages. - JZ, 22.11.02. – COMPULSORY VOTING

VOTING: The plain fact is that government is always an imposition. It represents in the last analysis a conquest, and when that conquest is made with ballots they are no more than surrogates for bullets, for as someone has truly said, voting is simply a way of determining which side is the stronger without putting it to the test of fighting.” - H. L. Mencken. – Ballots instead of bullets are still wrongfully coercive. – JZ, 10.5.14.

VOTING: The political "fixers" won't fix it for you. They will only make your own situation worse, while improving their own - at your expense and risk. So why vote for any of them, against all historical experiences? – JZ, n.d. – Unless you are a lobbyist or representative of a special interest group, seeking political favors or subsidies at the expense of all other territorial victims. – JZ, 2.7.13. – POLITICIANS, PRESIDENS, PRIME MINISTERS, REPRESENTATIVES, DEPUTIES

VOTING: The political and territorial decision-making process arrives at many more failures than successes, many more criminal than just actions. It assures wars rather than peace, revolutions, civil wars and terrorism rather than liberation and self-responsibility for all, to the extent that they desire them for themselves. It must be abolished for all but the volunteers of statist and other communities of volunteers, all of them without any territorial monopoly, i.e. exterritorially autonomous or under personal law. - JZ, n.d. & 7.4.11, 10.5.14. - TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, GOVERNMENTALISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

VOTING: The political ballot box stands for – willingness to be ruled by somebody other than yourself.Alvin Lowi, Jr.ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, CONSENT, SUBMISSIVENESS, SERVILITY, SLAVE MENTALITY

VOTING: The political mechanism enforces conformity. If 51 per cent vote for more highways, all 100 per cent will have to pay for them. If 51 per cent vote against highways, all 100 per cent must go without them. - Contrast this with the market mechanism. If 25 per cent want to buy cars, they can, each at his own expense. The other 75 per cent neither get nor pay for them. Where products are separable, the market system enables each person to get what he votes for. There can be unanimity without conformity. No one has to submit." - Milton Friedman, Politics and Violence, "NEWSWEEK", June 24, 1968. – CONFORMISM, UNIFORMITY, MARKET ENTERPRISES & CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, COMPETITION, TERRITORIALISM, VS. INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, POLITICS, VIOLENCE

VOTING: The political process allows special interest lobbies to influence or bribe the few "representatives" much easier than they could corrupt the large number of citizens, whom the M.P.'s are supposed to represent. Thus the special interests, which represent only a small fraction of the voters, are frequently enabled to counteract the interests and rights of most voters. The success of special interest lobbies (sometimes, but not necessarily falling into the category of "big business" or privileged unions), is expressed in favors and privileges for a few at the expense of the general public, particularly the public as the community of consumers, and it proves that the vote doesn't really give everyone a free choice. It demonstrates, instead, that "representatives" do not really represent. - JZ, 5.6.04. - LOBBIES, SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS

VOTING: The political process is one of restricted choices, full of coercion, fraud, corruption and monopolistic overcharging. So why should I vote for it and consider it to be a liberty and a right or an honor to do so? - JZ, 14.9.91, 4.8.92. - THE POLITICAL PROCESS, TERRITORIALISM, Q.

VOTING: The political process, including compulsory voting, excludes competition and creates power. I like, instead, free market competition (free enterprise and consumer sovereignty) for everything and dislike territorial political power over anything and anybody. – JZ, 4.6.04, 7.4.11. - COMPETITION VS. POWER

VOTING: The political territorial vote gives you a choice only if thousands to millions of others happen to share the same individual choice that you make. – Thus a genuinely free vote and choice must come to mean in practice, politically, the same kind of individual choice, towards political, economic and social systems and their services or disservices that the individual sovereign consumers enjoy on the ordinary market for consumer goods and services. – JZ, 10.7.07, 7.4.11. As sovereign consumers on the ordinary market we do almost daily reject many more goods and services than we do individually buy and pay for and remain free to ignore all the others. We do the same towards all entertainment, travel, hobby, crafts, reading, arts and sports options etc. That same freedom of individual choice, that significant “vote”, is very urgently needed in the spheres of political, economic and social systems and their institutions, constitutions, laws, jurisdictions etc. – JZ, 19.10.07. - & CHOICE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, FREE COMPETITION & CHOICE FOR ALL KINDS OF WANTED GOOD & SERVICES

VOTING: The political vote excludes most other and more important free individual choices or votes, at least when it comes to the most important public services. - JZ, 12/72, 7.4.11. – STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, MONOPOLISM, ENFORCED COLLECTIVISM, TAXATION & UNIFORMITY

VOTING: The political vote is as intolerant as a decision arrived at by civil war. Its only benefit is that it achieves domination for one or the other group without armed violence, that it allows the oppressed to protest, reduces their number somewhat, and grants them a faint hope, no more, that their time might come to oppress the others in turn. - JZ, 5.6.04. - INTOLERANCE, TERRITORIALISM, IMPOSED RATHER THAN REAL & FREELY CHOSEN UNITY

VOTING: The political vote is the least say you have on your own life. - JZ, 28.9.97.

VOTING: The political voting and decision-making, as practised now, outlaws all too many of your rightful individual choices and votes. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04.

VOTING: The politician receives his licence to steal (the vote) ...” - Donald C. Stone, "THE NEW BANNER", Sept. 25, 72.  - And like all licences, it is issued by third parties who are morally not entitled to meddle. - JZ 5/73. - Better put: The vote: the politician's licence to steal. - D.Z., 8.3.75.

VOTING: The politicians are going to resist the introduction of an I-abstain lever. A heavy I-abstain vote would be a repudiation of them as an order, a class. It would also open the way to another long-needed change that might end the monopoly of mediocrity in our politics. Under an I-abstain election system - that is, one where every election is between a Democratic nobody, a Republican nobody, and a nobody-nobody - you could require the winner to get at least 40% of the vote. Thus, when the abstentions made that mathematically impossible, another election would have to be held, with the candidate who got the lowest vote dropped out in favor of a new entry. The voting would continue until the politicians finally cried uncle and capitulated by slating a nominee that someone other than burglars, muggers, and corruptionists could conscionably vote for.” - Nicholas von Hoffman, in "PENTHOUSE", ca. 11/1980. – ARE MORE ELECTION REFORM ATTEMPTS GOOD ENOUGH OR MUST TERRITORIAL VOTING FOR WHOLE POPULATIONS BE ALTOGETHER ABOLISHED?

VOTING: The politicians won't let you vote on taxes, war and peace, monetary and financial despotism. Not to speak of individual and group secessionism and decisions on war and peace, international treaties, armament and disarmament. They allow us only the trivial choices and do restrict even these. Last year the local council even tried to prescribe to me how much firewood I could have and where and how I should stack it! - They even tried to put tax-money into a multi-million leisure center, as if we could not sensibly choose or own leisure activities with our own money. - JZ, n.d. & 7.4.11.

VOTING: The polls are places where you stand in line for a chance to decide who will spend your money.” – Anonymous. - POLITICIANS, TAXES & REPRESENTATIVES

VOTING: The poor, stupid, free American citizen! Free to starve, free to tramp the highways of this great country, he enjoys universal suffrage, and, by that right, he has forged chains about his limbs.” - Emma Goldman, "Woman Suffrage", 1910.

VOTING: The popular prejudice is that everyone not proven insane, everyone old enough and not convicted of a felony should have one vote and that every vote should have the same value. In spite of all the evidence and the reasons to the contrary, the latter beautifully listed by F. A. Hayek in "The Road to Serfdom", in the chapter titled: "Why the Worst Get on Top", it is still commonly believed that this would assure rule by the best. - JZ, 5.6.04. - ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE? DEMOCRACY, THE EQUAL RIGHT TO VOTE - TERRITORIALLY

VOTING: The popular vote is a toy of which one soon tires; but one must not say this aloud, for the people must have a religion. Sad it is. ... Sad but true." - Clémenceau, quoted by Rocker in "Nationalism and Culture", 241.

VOTING: The present "free voting" system allows me only to vote as one among millions, for or against the choices of these millions and never once and decisively on my own rights and interests, as far as they are involved in this process. - Under millions of laws and regulations and hundreds of bureaucratic offices with their special powers, my rights and liberties and those of everybody else are violated, all too often and all too extensively. Nevertheless, this all too limited right to vote, once every few years, is continually misrepresented as if it were THE right to vote, a full and unlimited right and free choice on the own affairs, interests and rights, as if it would make all of us politically independent and self-governing. There are few still greater lies. - JZ, 15.10.95, 8.6.04. - VOTING VS. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE SYSTEMS

VOTING: The present franchise amounts to asking slaves to vote for the continuation of slavery - not for its abolition. - JZ, 11/72. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, MAJORITY DESPOTISM

VOTING: The present political vote is usually no more than registering, and anonymously at that, a protest against the greatest evil or that considered to be the greatest evil. It is a rather useless protest and the anonymity involved renders it still more inefficient. It is especially inefficient as a protest compared with the usual protest reaction of consumers on the market: they complain effectively, they sue for damages, or, most simply, they give their custom to another supplier and warn their friends. - JZ, 5.6.04. - MERE PROTESTS VS. FREE CHOICE, TOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, PANARCHISM, SECESSIONISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: The Prime Minister or President can't cast my vote for war. I haven't given it to him or to anyone else for such a purpose. But, nevertheless, the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, today committed "Australia" to war, officially. Typically, he did not vote for tyrannicide and the right to armed self-defence of individual rights and liberties, against any government, his own included. - JZ, 20.3.03. – DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY ON WAR & PEACE DECISIONS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS

VOTING: the problem with elections is that you only get to press the button once every few years - & when you do, the signal you send is confused, because so many different issues are at stake." - John Elkington, THE AUSTRALIAN, 24.7.89. – It is as absurd as to decide by majority vote how the shopping, cart, basket or bag of each consumer should be filled. – JZ, 10.5.14. – CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & FREE COMPETITION IN EVERY SPHERE, LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREE ENTERPRISE IN PROVIDIND PUBLIC SERVICES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREE MARKETS GENERALIZED

VOTING: The republicans, realizing the influence Proudhon's name still wielded among the workers, tried to draw him out of his retirement by offering him candidatures in Paris, Lyons and St. Etienne. At first he was hesitant, but a few days of reflection led him to decide that the election was in fact designed by Napoleon to give new blood to the Empire, and he joined the abstentionists, declaring that the essential conflict between the authorities and the people could best be emphasized by the latter refusing to take part in a governmental maneuver. - But despite his stand for abstention, Proudhon noted with satisfaction the setback which the elections brought to the Bonapartists in Paris and the other large cities - the first major shift in public opinion since the coup d'etat. "The meaning of the vote in Paris is beyond doubt", he commented. "It is a rejection of the imperial rule; all the large towns have spoken in the same way; only the sheep of the country have bleated to the voice of the master..." - George Woodcock, "Proudhon", 203. - Almost every week one can read a report in the press about another case of some group or groups appealing to voters to boycott an election because it offers only all too limited options, especially selected and managed by those in power. - JZ 1.12.87.

VOTING: The result of cutting up voting power into little bits 'is simply that the man who can sweep the greatest number of them into a heap will govern the rest.' - J. F. Stephen, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", p.256, in: David Nicholls: The Pluralist State, 6. – LEADERSHIP, REPRESENTATION, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, POLITICIANS, DEMAGOGUES

VOTING: The results of territorial voting speak against it, everywhere. – JZ

VOTING: the right of suffrage is the indispensable and primary principle in the foundation of a constitutional government.” - John C. Calhoun, A Disquisition on Government, C. G. Post edition, p.11. – It is not the indispensable and primary principle e.g. for monarchists or anarchists. And libertarians would make their economic and social decisions rather individually in a free market than via the political process. Primary rights are individual associationism, inherently interconnected with individual secessionism. Whether and to what extent the seceded and newly associated would use any voting system among themselves would be entirely up to them. What is indispensable to somewhat democratic or republican governments of the territorial type is not indispensable to exterritorially autonomous competing governments, communities and societies. Territorial constitutions allow only one form of government in a territory (*) for their customers or clients, believers and dissidents, followers and opponents, while exterritorialist constitutions allow thousands of different communities to peacefully coexist in a former national territory or formerly territorially split up continent or even world-wide, all valid as self-governing institutions only for their volunteers. Their kinds of “chess players” or “cricket players” would have only internal competitions with each other or peaceful matches of clubs against clubs, but not street battles, international wars, revolutions, civil wars or terrorist activities of their club members against those of other “clubs”. – JZ, 1.10.07. - (*) Apart from the three tiers of territorial governments: Federal, State and Local Governments. – JZ, 11.10.07.

VOTING: The right of suffrage, therefore, and of legislators, guarantees no change of legislation - certainly no change for the better. Even if a change for the better actually comes, it comes too late, because it comes only after more or less injustice has been irreparably done.” – Lysander Spooner, "Trial by Jury", II/13.

VOTING: The right of voting for representation is the primary right by which other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery, for slavery consists in being subject to the will of another, and he that has not a vote in the election of representatives is in this case. – Thomas Paine. – He, long ago, still had his illusions on democracy and its voting process. For him they were still excusable. Are they still for us, after such a long experience with them? - Where and when were all individual rights and liberties so far discovered, and stated somewhere by someone, ever known to and appreciated by the majority of voters and thus upheld by them, through their votes? – Territorial voting is not a genuine individual rights and liberty. It cannot establish any such right or liberty, either. Even voting among volunteers can at best determine those rules, upon which most of them do agree and from such societies the dissenters are free to secede and do their own things. - JZ, 7.6.13. – INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS &LIBERTIES, VOLUNTARISM, DEMOCRACY, ELECTIONS, MAJORITIES, SECESSIONISM, DOING THE OWN THINGS, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: The right to vote for politicians is incomplete when we are not free to sue them (and those, who voted for them) whenever they wrong or hurt us. To compel voting and outlaw the holding of politicians and voters personally responsible for their actions - is wrong and does not achieve a free, consistent, peaceful, just and prosperous system, free of the crises resulting from political interventionism. - JZ, 5.6.04, 29.10.08. - If we were free to secede when we dissent, then we could avoid being wronged and harmed by the political decisions of others. Thus we would not come into the position of lateron trying to sue those, who wronged or harmed us by their territorial decision-making. - JZ, 7.4.11. - SUE POLITICIANS & VOTERS. AT LEAST LET US OPT OUT FROM UNDER THEM & BECOME SELF-RESPONSIBLE, WITH OTHER & LIKEMINDED VOLUNTEERS OR EVEN ON OUR OWN, IN A FREE MARKET: PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: The right to vote is incomplete if it does not include the right to recall before a lengthy period is up (apart from all the other factors which make the vote incomplete, like lack of recognition for the right to opt out and choose alternatives for oneself.) - JZ, 5.6.04 – RECALL, SECESSIONISM, HAVING TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT ELECTION, NO CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY TOWARDS GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES & BURDENS, STATISM TERRITORIALISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM & DEGREES OF STATE SOCIALISM

VOTING: The right to vote is neither properly expressed nor exhausted by the right to elect new politicians or parties as masters over us, every few years. - JZ, 29.10.83, 30.11.87.

VOTING: The right to vote is your right to vote for people who elaborate prohibitions for you.” - Author unknown. - Die Freiheit ist dein Recht, Leute zu waehlen, die Verbote fuer dich ausarbeiten. - Unbekannt. - TERRITORIALISM, LAWS, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, PROHIBITIONISM, STATISM

VOTING: The righteously ardent ladies governing the League of Women Voters haven't thought their way through to the fact that if it doesn't matter whom you vote for, it just plain doesn't matter. Therefore, the important decision isn't which but whether you vote. - Nonvoting by individual citizens has, thanks to years of propaganda by fink front groups like the Ad Council, gotten a bad reputation. They've sold us on the idea that nonvoting is the civic equivalent of desertion in the face of the enemy. Only cowards, cads, and curs do it. - The truth is that the United States government does it all the time at the U.N. Security Council; only there, in the rarified ambience of Le Corbusier's glass high rise, it's called abstention. We do it, The Russians do it, every nation does it; and never do you hear a word about such nonvoting being the act of an irresponsible nation that doesn't give a hoot for the well-being of the international community. To the contrary, it is regarded as a perfectly understandable political move. - Therefore, the way to escape condemnation of friends and fellow employees is to avoid expressions like "I don't vote" and "I'm not voting this year." Instead say, "I'm abstaining," and, bango! faster than an old-time pol can stuff a ballot box, the person you're talking to will inhale and respectfully exclaim, "Oh, you are?" Then you can launch into your spiel, explaining that abstention is just as much a political act as voting. A few states already recognize this fact by having a none-of-the-above category in their primaries.” - Nicholas von Hoffman, in "PENTHOUSE", ca. 11/1980.

VOTING: The rights of man are too sacred to be voted away in any contests of our political parties.” - Auberon Herbert, essays, Mack edition, p.379. – HUMAN RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

VOTING: The secret ballot is a beautiful system that permits you to claim you never voted for that guy.” - Doug Larson.

VOTING: The secret ballot makes a secret government; and a secret government is a secret band of robbers and murderers.” - Lysander Spooner, quoted by Carl Watner in REASON, 3/73.

VOTING: The short memories of American voters is what keeps our politicians in office." – Will Rogers – Also insufficient publicity regarding their promises, compared with their actions. – JZ, 21.4.090. & POLITICIANS

VOTING: The stupidity of their slogans and platforms indicates already that something must be quite wrong with this voting process. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: the suffrage of the minority is overborne by the suffrage of the majority, and is thus rendered powerless for purposes of legislation. The responsibility of officers can be made of no avail, because they are responsible only to the majority. The minority, therefore, are wholly without rights in the government, wholly at the mercy of the majority, unless, through the trial by jury, they have a veto upon such legislation as they think unjust.” – Lysander Spooner, "Trial by Jury", 11/215. - He thought not of the present crippled and managed juries but of the original and autonomous juries of free men. - JZ - Did he stand up as clearly for individual and group secessionism as he did for free juries? - Did he anywhere advocate exterritorial autonomy and personal law for volunteers? - JZ, 7.4.11. – MAJORITY DESPOTISM, FREE JURIES

VOTING: The swinging voter loosens his noose.” - Robert Cowin, 2/75. - But he does not lose it! - JZ 1.12.87.

VOTING: The tendency to turn to the government for solutions" (*)"promotes violence in at least three ways: 1. It exacerbates discontent. - 2. It directs discontent at persons, not circumstances. - 3. It concentrates great power in the hands of identifiable individuals". - Milton Friedman, Politics and Violence, "NEWSWEEK", June 24, 1968 – (*) And what else is an election? - JZ, 4.6.04. - (In the following part of this NEWSWEEK article he went on to prove these points and their relation to violence.) - TERRITORIALISM, STATISM

VOTING: The territorial and collectivist or “democratic” or majoritarian process of the masses of ignorant and prejudiced people voting territorially, has voted many of our individual rights and liberties away or outlawed them. It also endangers our survival, security, property and peace. It does not leave you a secessionist, experimental, voluntary and tolerant way out, doing your own things for yourself, as far as you can or want to, at your own expense and risk, in every sphere. - JZ, 4.3.03. – VS. PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW & PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, SECESSIONISM

VOTING: The territorial political process does not educate but misleads, again and again, until it is finally halted and replaced by exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: The territorial political process leads us to extinction rather than enlightenment, liberty, justice and progress. It must become completely replaced by individual choices and responsibilities or full experimental freedom or volunteer communities and personal laws for all. – JZ

VOTING: The territorial political system reduces my choices and diminishes my income in all too many ways to make me want to vote for it. - JZ, 14.9.91.

VOTING: The territorial political vote does not liberate but enchains. It does not enlighten but dumbs us down further. Thus only fools will play that game by its rules. – JZ

VOTING: The territorial political vote does not represent enough democracy and freedom of choice and of genuine self-government. That is why it is to be condemned. It does not provide full liberty but merely the illusion of it and thereby prevents its realization. Territorial democracies are still so inferior in realizing individual rights and liberties that it takes them years and millions of human lives to defeat totalitarian regimes. If they were consistent radical alternatives to dictatorships and totalitarian regimes then they could bring about the collapse of most such regimes fast, mostly without any military struggle or with only minimal loss of lives among volunteers for full liberty. - JZ, 7.6.04.

VOTING: The territorial political vote has empowered politicians but not ourselves to decide over our own affairs. - JZ, 30.7.98.

VOTING: The territorial political vote has largely disfranchised us regarding our own affairs and preferences. - JZ, 30.7.98.

VOTING: The territorial political vote is not an individual's choice but an individual's submission to popular opinion and prejudices and to the lies of politicians. - JZ, 26.8.93.

VOTING: The territorial political vote is one of the most limited one, as far as the own affairs are concerned and, at the same time, one of the most authoritarian ones, the most intolerant and intolerable votes, as far as the affairs of other people are concerned. – JZ, 2.3.96, 18.8.08.

VOTING: The territorial political vote is the least valuable right to vote and it does also and quite wrongfully outlaw the most important votes of sovereign individuals. - JZ, 11.9.98.

VOTING: The territorialism, monopolism, collectivism, centralism and coercion of local governments is also oppressive, exploitative, corrupt and deceptive. It goes even further into regulating the details of our daily lives than most State and Federal Governments do. In one instance it even wanted to prescribe for me the size and location of my firewood stack - far downhill from my house. Its building restrictions are despotic and it has compulsory rules even for driveways. For married couples one household dictator is already too much. Their territorial rule goes into absurd details! At least governments have no sexual attractions although the personality and leadership cult seem to have some sexual connotations as well, and in war, for military forces, some homosexual ones. - JZ, 11.9.99, 8.6.04, 8.4.11. - LOCAL GOVERNMENTS

VOTING: The territorially elected choices are rarely those choices, which free and informed individuals would have made for themselves. One voice among millions is close to a zero choice - unless it is can be freely acted upon, with the own means on a really free market. - JZ, n.d. & 8.4.11. – VOLUNTARISM LETS EVERY INDIVIDUAL FREELY CHOOSE, STATISM & TERRITORIALISM IMPOSE THE CHOICES OF MAJORITIES OR THEIR REPRESENTATIVES

VOTING: The theory of government by elected representatives is that these fellows are hired by the voting citizenry to take care of all matters relating to their common interests.” - Frank Chodorov, "Fugitive Essays", p.198. - Their interests, not mine! - JZ, n.d. - A closer look at all democracies indicates that genuine common interests of all citizens, not only pretended ones, are very rare and still rarer is general agreement on possible or desired solutions. - JZ, 6.6.04.

VOTING: the third group of non-voters - the growing number of people who have consciously, deliberately decided that the voting process is the wrong approach to making social and economic decisions.” - Harry Brown, quoted in Sy Leon: "None of the Above", p.8.

VOTING: The totalitarian fraudulent elections: The bad conscience collects autographs given in fear.” – ("Totalitaere Scheinwahlen. Das schlechte Gewissen sammelt Autogramme der Furcht.“) - Hans Kasper. -TOTALITARIANS, PSEUDO ELECTIONS

VOTING: The trouble is not so much that voting is compulsory but that subjection to its results is - as well as the “financing” of its "achievements" or wrongful interventions. - JZ 16.9.77, 2.12.87, 8.4.11. – TRIBUTE LEVIES, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, TAXATION

VOTING: The typical American reaction to voting is, "What's the use?" - Rose Wilder Lane, "The Discovery of Freedom", p.210.

VOTING: The under-informed, prejudiced, unwilling and irresponsible voting for the unable, ignorant, prejudiced, corrupt, irresponsible but all too willing power addicts. - JZ, n.d. 8 10.5.14. – POLITICIANS, VOTERS, REPRESENTATION, POWER ADDICTION

VOTING: The United States now has a lower rate of political participation than any democratic country except Botswana. (Democracy seems most robust in Sierra Leone where, in 1977, the turnout was a stunning 103%.)” - Richard Cornuelle, Healing America, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1983, p.16. - VOTER-TURNOUT, DEMOCRACY, JOKES

VOTING: The universal franchise, can be approximated in a non-despotic way only by universalizing laissez faire, laissez passer choices for individuals and volunteer groups. - JZ, 4.9.87. What is now called universal franchise is only somewhat comparable to the very limited personal "freedom" one grants to infants. On the other hands, if individual infants and children could already opt for alternative parents, who are willing to accept them, then this kind of vote for this limited relationship would, to that extent, be already panarchistic. Behind the Iron Curtain, the remaining voting rights have been compared to giving these people "free choice of colors" while eliminating from their choice all but a certain kind of red from the whole spectrum and with penalizing them if they do not make that restricted "choice" in public or in a way that can be otherwise controlled by the regime. - JZ, 4.9.87, 1.4.89. - FRANCHISE, STILL ALL TOO LIMITED & TOO EXTENSIVE

VOTING: the US authorities can let Indians vote without fear that they'll win.” - Filthy Piere, TC 115 p.52. - However, they are, probably, fearful of what might happen if they granted them individual and group secessionism and full exterritorial autonomy for the kind of societies they might then form, all over the USA and with voluntary members only, not only Red Indians. - JZ, 8.4.11. – RED INDIANS, ABORIGINALS, NATIVES

VOTING: The valid votes of others threaten my rights and liberties and those of many others. My informal voting threatens nobody's rights and liberties - but is not yet a free and powerful enough vote to set me and others free from territorial impositions, i.e., on the road to exterritorial autonomy for all voluntary communities. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: The very limited voting and choice processes in public affairs, as instituted now, territorially, cause endless strife and turn x groups against each other. Compulsory participation in that political voting means a compulsory participation in that strife. Instead, I would rather, with Leonard E. Read, see "all creative energies released" so that anyone can do "anything that's peaceful", as he also used to say. - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. – JZ, n.d. & 8.4.11. – VOLUNTARISM, INDICIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, ENTERPRISE AUTONOMY IN EVERY SPHERE, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: The victims should rather organize, train and arm themselves against all official and unofficial criminals. The present territorial vote is not a sufficient self-defence weapon against them. - JZ, 28.4.95, 7.6.04. - MILITIA

VOTING: The voice of the people is seldom their own.” - Dagobert D. Runes, "A Book of Contemplations", p.100. – PEOPLE, GOVERNMENTS, POLITICIANS, RULERS, REPRESENTATIVES, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: The volunteers of panarchies, if they use political voting at all among their members, might use dozens to thousands of different voting systems. There are at least thousands of different utopias! – JZ, 27.10.08.

VOTING: The Vote borders on being a sport. Indeed, Thoreau saw voting as 'a sort of gaming, like checkers or backgammon, with a slight moral tinge to it, a playing with right and wrong, with moral questions; and begging naturally accompanies it.'” - Robert Ringer, "Restoring the American Dream", p 57.

VOTING: the vote does not control men in office.” - Rose Wilder Lane, "The Discovery of Freedom", p.211. - On the contrary. It gives them all too much discretionary power. - JZ, 8.4.11. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, REPRESENTATION, POLITICANS, DEMOCRACY, PARLIAMENTARISM, DEMOCRACY, POWER

VOTING: The vote is already an intelligence test: The more intelligent people do not vote or vote informal and do not let themselves be voted into office, either. - JZ, 18.9.00, 30.1.02. - IQ TESTS FOR VOTERS?

VOTING: The vote is the illusion of us owning or controlling politicians. Their rule is rather the reality of them owning or controlling us. – Even the mere two people partnered in a marriage or lasting relationship do not really own and control each other. So why should we assume that by once casting one vote among many thousands or millionsof them we would be able to do this? - They deal with "the people" as their property - and do they abuse us, tax us an lie to us! And they do get away with this for all too long, until they are replaced by other politicians, which are hardly ever any better, in spite of our hopes or expectations for them. They rule and misrule us, in their interest rather than in our interest, at least under statist territorialism, where they tend to be power addicts or even power-mad rulers. - JZ, 25.4.92. 7.6.04. - POLITICIANS, POWER, LAWS, TERRITORIALISM, PEOPLE AS PROPERTY, STATISM, REPRESENTATION,

VOTING: The vote is the politician's licence to steal.” - Free after D. C. Stone in THE NEW BANNER, 25.9.72.


VOTING: the vote of Judas Iscariot is as good as that of Jesus Christ.” - Carlyle. - FREE & EQUAL VOTE

VOTING: The vote spreads political power over a wide area, but carries no guaranty of its rightful use.” - "NZ Rationalist & Humanist", Oct. 74. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POWER ADDICTION, POLITICIANS

VOTING: The vote would really be a vote only if it included a veto right of every voter concerning all decisions affecting his own natural individual rights and liberties. As this veto right is not granted to anyone, one should not speak merely of "the vote" as if it embraced every possible and desirable voting right. - JZ, 5.6.04. - VETO RIGHT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS

VOTING: The vote, as a "right" to decide upon the affairs of others, is usually just used as a declaration of a war of plunder against them. - JZ, 3/73.

VOTING: The vote, as practised today, disfranchises people (regarding most options for self-determination). - JZ, 3.12.77. – “The vote", as practised now, disfranchises us in all too many different and important ways. - JZ, 5.8.91, 7.6.04.

VOTING: The vote, first of all, means warfare among a people: a dog-eat dog conflict between the producers and the non-producers, between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots', with the political and bureaucratic elite taking its cut off the top." - Lysander in "THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN", 11.1.67. - I claim the right to remain neutral in this struggle, so long as I have no alternative free choice. - I leave e.g. the "Klassenkampf" (class warfare) to the believers in it, while working towards the peaceful and businesslike replacement of the employer-employee-relationship through all kinds of partnerships, self-management and cooperative production schemes agreed upon by their participants. - JZ, 5.6.04. - And towards the replacement of compulsory members and subjects by volunteers, all free to choose for themselves the personal law system they wish to live under. - JZ, 8.4.11. – VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM VS. TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, POLITICIANS, POWER ADDICTS

VOTING: The vote: A means for mutual enslavement. - JZ 3.12.76. - True for the territorial and collectivist vote. By a really free individual vote individuals could liberate themselves as much as they want to in their own kind of societies of volunteers, quite regardless of how others voted on their affairs, in their societies. - JZ, 8.4.11. -  INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: The vote" is part and parcel of the State socialist or State-capitalist system which is, unfortunately, still practised in all present "democratic" States. - JZ, 11.9.98, 7.6.04.

VOTING: The voter is a man who comes where he is summoned one day like a flunkey, to one who whistles for him as for a dog trained to obey, who comes on the said day only and not on any other day. He is a man who comes when authority says: "The moment is here to sanction one more time a system established by others and for others than yourself. The moment is here to choose those who will be part of this system with or without the intention of modifying it; to choose those who, for contributing to the functioning of the machine that crushes the weak, will be paid in silver, in influence, in privileges, in honors. The moment is here to put aside one more time the idea of revolt against the organization that exploits you and to obey its authority. The moment is here to vote, that is to say, to make an act which signifies: ‘I RECOGNIZE YOUR LAWS.’ - Is it not clear that the first meaning of abstaining from elections is this: ‘I DO NOT RECOGNIZE THE LAWS?’" - Paraf-Javal, The Absurdity of Politics, 1904. - Here the author does not make sufficient distinctions: One might well recognize e.g. the moral law, natural law, human rights, common law based upon them and even some positive laws which only spell out their details, while being severely opposed to most of the existing "positive" legislation. - JZ, 1.12.87.

VOTING: The voter thinks he votes for a principle or a policy; the politician knows better.” - Frank Chodorov, "Out of Step", 138.

VOTING: The voters are conceding defeat." - Lindsay in BULLETIN, 26.4.88, p.27. - That is all any territorial election victory amounts to, not only every defeat of the outvoted minorities. - JZ, 8.4.11. - TERRITORIALISM, RULERS, POLITICIANS, CONSENT, MANDATE, REPRESETATION, DEMOCRACY, MAJORITY DESPOTISM, STATISM

VOTING: The voters are not actually against those features of politicians they claim to despise. If they actually opposed avarice, fraud and deceit, they could not continuously elect avaricious, fraudulent and deceitful men.” - K. Browning, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION, 8/11/75.

VOTING: The voters still believe in miracles and formally subscribe to this belief in every election. - JZ, 17.11.78.

VOTING: The voters who wake up on election day convinced that it makes no difference which candidate they picked, because both candidates are thieves and idiots.” - Ben Bova, ANALOG editorial, 4/76.

VOTING: The voters, as well as those voted-in, are looters, at least by their intentions. And they loot not only money but rights and liberties. – JZ - TERRITORIALISM & ITS COLLECTIVISM & ENFORCED COMMUNISM

VOTING: The votes and decision-making powers involved in full monetary and financial freedom (voluntary taxation, for instance!), the right of individuals and minorities to secede and to live under their self-chosen personal law system, together with like-minded volunteers, are among the most important votes and decisions that you could ever have. Your right to vote for a candidate or party in the usual political, collectivist and territorial elections is as nothing compared with these rights and liberties. – JZ, 22.2.03, 21.10.07, 8.4.11, 11.5.14. – The same applies to your vote on international treaties, the decision on war and peace, armament and disarmament, on quite rightful war- and peace aims, that seem to be quite unknown to territorial politicians, and yet the great territorial misleaders are prepared to sacrifice millions, even dozens of millions of human lives for their aims and notions and the vast majority of their territorial statist victims still puts up with this, granting their sanction of the victim by voting for these Molochs. – Were the human sacrifices of the Inka Priests and the Moloch Cult really any worse? – JZ, 21.4.09, 8.4.11. - DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, MONETARY & FINANCIAL FREEDOM, LEADERSHIP, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, WAR, PEACE, NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, HUMAN SACRIFICES

VOTING: The voting choice of others should not determine my fate and actions neither should my vote in any way determine the choices of others, who are not like-minded volunteers. – JZ, 2.3.96, 18.8.08, 11.5.14.

VOTING: The voting is now a battleground to see which special interest will get the most.” – Joan Marie Leonard, THE FREEMAN, 2/75, p. 75.

VOTING: The voting process in politics is simply disguised coercion. Stripped of all pretense, it is the method of employing violence and coercion on others in such a devious way that men bow supinely before its dictates. Had the same choices been offered at the point of a gun, a fight to the death might have ensued." - Robert LeFevre, in Libertarian Yearbook, 1972, p.117. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM, LAW & ORDER VS. VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ESPECIALLY INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM

VOTING: the voting process, per se, is a means used by the majority to coerce the minority." - George Kysor. - It can also be used by a minority to coerce a majority. - JZ, 6.7.89. - For instance: The relatively few party leaders of the relatively few party members, by means of the voting process, come to rule the majority of the people. - JZ, 7.6.04. – Not only one but several minorities of dissenters are usually involved, including the xyz factions in every major party. – JZ, 11.5.14. - MINORITIES, MAJORITY-RULE OR MINORITY RULE BY A TINY MINORITY OF “REPRESENTATIVES”, USUALLY UNDER PARTY DISCIPLINE

VOTING: the voting public is like a field of grain swaying before each political wind.” - Image ascribed to LeFevre in "LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL", Spring 78, by John Raymond, with the addition: "reaped and/or raped came to mind."

VOTING: The Welfare State will decline when the votes of the people who think they benefit are exceeded by the votes of those who know they pay for what they do not get.” - Frequent public interest notice in Henry Meulen's The INDIVIDUALIST.

VOTING: The whims of the ignorant, not the conclusions of the thoughtful and rational, decide election outcomes.” - Maximelian Walsh, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 13.7.87.

VOTING: The world would be much better off, and so would almost all of us, if political voting were totally replaced by free and individual voting only in a quite free market for all kinds of goods, services and institutions, systems, methods, experiments, ideologies, religious, ethnic and other groups of like-minded people. – JZ

VOTING: The worst get on top: The truth of this was amply demonstrated, if not to the average newspaper reader by the daily press, then, in a scholarly form, by F. A. Hayek, in his "The Road to Serfdom", ch. X. – JZ

VOTING: Then why is it taken for granted that every person is endowed on his twenty-first birthday with a God-given right and ability to elect the men who decide questions of political philosophy and international diplomacy? - This fantastic belief is no part of the American Revolution. Thomas Paine, Madison, Monroe, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, did not entertain it for a moment. When this belief first affected American Government, it broke John Quincy Adams' heart; to him it meant the end of freedom on earth; it made him doubt the goodness of his God.” - Rose Wilder LANE, "The Discovery of Freedom", p.208. - TERRITORIALISM, COLLECTIVISM, CENTRALIZATION, DECSION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, STATISM, WRONGFUL POWERS VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: There are alternatives to the one-man-one-vote system which are preferable and which would make compulsory voting less desirable in the eyes of most. Mack Reynolds in "The Five Way Secret Agent", ANALOG, May 69, mentioned the following two. Another one can be found under Literacy Tests: "You've got to realize that when and if the Party is eliminated we in the Soviet Complex will have to establish new Institutions. Obviously, at this late date we can't go back to Czarism, or even classical capitalism. Personally, I'm not particularly happy about your American one-earned-dollar-one-vote arrangement", Rex said, "would you have an unemployed ditch digger have as much say in the running of the country as, say, a nuclear scientist?" (1) (*) - Simonov shook his head. "No, I recognize the fact that all men are not created equal in the sense that some can be and are, of more value to the community than others.” – “Why not do it this way? (2) Every voter begins with one vote. For every unit of I.Q. that he has above one hundred he is granted another vote. A man with an I.Q. of 101 would get two votes. A genius with an I.Q. of 150 would have 51 votes." "An interesting conception," the chairman nodded." – (*) I would rather give a ditch digger a vote, who has an I.Q. below 100 than any nuclear scientist! I feel much safer with the former! - M. R. does not appear to have noticed the lack of logic in his argument. The unemployed ditch digger, not earning anything, would not have any vote, under his assumed American system. - With a vote per dollar “earned”, the nuclear scientist would, usually, get many more votes than an employed ditch digger, although, at least potentially, he does much more harm to the community and to mankind. – As for voting according to intelligence: Think back how on how many “intellectuals” fell for the economic and social nonsense spouted by totalitarians – and still uphold it. “Thou shalt recognize them by their fruits!” - Anyhow, any election system is right which is voluntarily practiced, even compulsory voting - if practised only within a volunteer community. But those advocating compulsory voting are usually the worst enemies of communities of volunteers only. – Quite possibly, thousands of voting systems have already been produced and hundreds tried out. - JZ, 4.6.04, 28.10.08. – ALTERNATIVE VOTING SYSTEMS.

VOTING: There are many sayings, explanations, thoughts, slogans and aphorisms on voting and compulsory voting which, I believe, should hardly leave any doubt in the minds of most discerning readers (however, even this should not be subject to majority voting), that participation in political elections, now and here, is not, in most cases, a moral action, although it is always a legal one and that it can hardly be described as a moral obligation, however much legal compulsion exists for it. On the contrary, a strong moral case, although not a strong legal case, can be made and has often been made for "abstaining from beans". - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. – n.d. & 2.7.13.

VOTING: There are no territorial political solutions to the economic, political and social problems caused by territorial political interventionism in the first place, except by transforming all such coercive, monopolistic, collectivistic and centralistic political activities into voluntary ones, undertaken only at the expense and risk of the voluntary experimenters. That will teach 'em, at least some time later, if not soon. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04.

VOTING: There are people who believe the world is flat, and they vote, and there are people who believe in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and they vote; there is Arthur Jensen at Harvard, he votes; there are people like B. F. Skinner, who believe that all human beings are machines, and they vote. There's no piece of madness or folly that disqualifies a person from voting.” - John Holt, OUTLOOK, 1/73.

VOTING: There are people, who commit a political act by handing over their voting ticket and thereby rest their political conscience. That is dangerous. I would prefer people who do something sensible on a small scale, even if they do not vote." – „Es gibt Menschen, die einen politischen Akt mit der Abgabe des Stimmzettels vollziehen und damit ihr politisches Gewissen beruhigt haben. Das ist gefaehrlich. Mir waeren Leute, die im Kleinen etwas Sinnvolles tun, lieber, auch wenn sie nicht waehlen.“ - "Das Konstantin Wecker Buch", S.154. )

VOTING: There exists no valid justification or reason for territorial, collectivistic and political decision-making. In balance it is criminal, unjust, destructive, oppressive and obstructive - and very costly, too. It cannot even cope effectively, cheaply and fast with dictatorships and tyrannies without major bloodletting and destruction. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: There is a crucial difference between an unrestricted "right to vote" and the right, say, peaceably to conduct one's own life without outside interference. For one man's vote may affect only his own future but that of others. Through it he exercises power over the whole community, a power that ought not to be granted to those who have shown incapacity to provide for even their own elementary needs.” - Henry Hazlitt, "The Conquest of Poverty", p.203.

VOTING: There is another technical difficulty: Even between married couples, parents and children and within relatively small groups at the workplace, communication is often insufficient to prevent misunderstandings and strife. No candidate would have sufficient time to listen to and talk to all of thousands or tens of thousands of voters nor could he possibly comprehend and represent all their diverse points of view. - The choice of one representative cannot rightly and properly replace the individual choice of thousands. - JZ, 1. 12.87. - Except in his own affairs. – JZ, 28.10.08, 8.4.11. - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, FULL CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY & FREE ENTERPRISE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: There is no better vote than the "no vote", "informal vote" or "none of the above" vote - excepting only the votes for and within volunteer communities, which are exterritorially autonomous. – JZ, n.d. & 8.4.11.

VOTING: There is no cause on record in which the voters chose a government because it offered them less freedom. Where people did opt for rulers, who took away their liberties, something seemed to be drastically wrong with all alternatives, and the men who were chosen did not make clear to the voters how their freedom would be curtailed. Men do not crave slavery or concentration camps. On the contrary, such images evoke the will to fight and even to risk one's life for freedom. Nor are there two types of people: those who love freedom and those who prefer slavery. Such myths obstruct the comprehension of decidophobia.” - Walter Kaufmann, "Without Guilt & Justice", p.7.

VOTING: There is no intrinsic virtue in votes.” - Herbert Spender, "The Study of Sociology", p.277. - But there is intrinsic virtue in unrestricted choice for all creative individuals and their productive activities, in every sphere. Territorial political voting means very little individual choice combined with all too much wrongful power over the individual choices of others. - JZ, 6.6.04. – FREE CHOICES, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION, FREEDOM OF CONTRACT, ASSOCIATION, SECESSION, EXPERIMENTATION VS. STATISM, “LAW & ORDER”, COMPULSION, TERRITORIALISM, POWER

VOTING: There is not a single good reason why anybody should vote in any of today’s so-called “free elections” for territorial and, correspondingly, despotic governments. – JZ, 14.9.91. - PANARCHISM & “FREE VOTING”, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW

VOTING: There is only one truly moral position for an honest person to take. He must refrain from coercing his fellows. This means that he should refuse to participate in the process by means of which some men obtain power over others.” - Robert LeFevre, in Libertarian Yearbook, 1972, p.118. - Unless that process involves merely free choice for individuals and like-minded groups of people. - JZ, 8.4.11.

VOTING: There're some pretty silly methods for selecting those who govern.” - Mack Reynolds, “Fiesta Brava", in "ANALOG 7." - The wrongful assumption is that a) people must be governed by others than themselves and b) they must be governed territorially. - Both assumptions are false. - JZ, 8.4.11. - TERRITORIAL ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, COMPETING VS. TERRITORIAL GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM VS. COMPULSION, PERSONAL LAW VS. IMPOSED LAW

VOTING: There's only two kinds of people, those who work for a living and those who vote for a living.” - THE FREEMAN, FEE, Nov. 73, p.18.

VOTING: They can do many things to me, also at my own risk and expense, but under secret voting they cannot get my formal consent to their actions. That is the only choice they have left me in this sphere. It’s certainly not enough free choice. – JZ, 8.9.12. – COMPULSORY VOTING & INFORMAL VOTING, FREE CHOICE, CONSENT, DEMOCRACY

VOTING: They do all condemn themselves by their territorial "platforms", "programs" and "promises". – JZ, n.d. & 8.4.11. – PARTIES, CANDIDATES, INCUMBENTS, POLITICIANS

VOTING: They hand their hearts and minds over to demagogues like spoiled children. They are a dead people, but still dangerous.” - Greg Bear, Slant, p.163. - PEOPLE, STATISTS, POLITICANS & DEMAGOGUES

VOTING: They need the myth of a 'popular mandate' for propaganda purposes. The theory is that a vote for a particular politician is also a vote for each and every policy that he supports and a vote against each and every policy that he opposes. This is patent twaddle; for rarely does a voter see eye to eye with a particular politician on each and every one of myriad of issues.” - "The Charles Curley Letter", April 77. - TERRITORIALISM, REPRESENTATION, POLITICIANS, DEPUTIES, RULERS, CONSENT, MANDATE

VOTING: They provide only the false pretence of individual choice for the voter. Only in a quite free market, with free enterprise and consumer sovereignty for all kinds of services, systems and ideologies, is there really a free choice for the individual. – JZ, 23.3.07, 25.10.07. – Among the voluntary societies and communities of panarchism there would also be a real choice for individuals. – JZ, 21.4.09. – PANARCHISM, CHOICE, ELECTIONS, PARTIES, POLITICIANS, CANDIDATES, INDIVIDUALISM, COMPETITION, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, FREE ENTERPRISE, TOLERANCE, EXPERIMENTAL FREEDOM, FREEDOM OF ACTION, PERSONAL LAW, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, META-UTOPIA

VOTING: They told me if I voted for Goldwater, he would get us into a war in Vietnam. Well, I voted for Goldwater and that’s what happened.” – William F. Buckley, Jr. (Founder of NATIONAL REVIEW) – Well, G. was not elected and it was not G. or B., who got the USA into this war. – JZ, 11.5.14. - & ITS PITFALLS

VOTING: They want to be voted in for their wrongful and flawed ideas, arguments, laws, measures, offices and institutions, and paid for this disservice, too, at our expense. - JZ, 24.3.03. - POLITICIANS

VOTING: Think, speak up and act freely - rather than merely vote as one among millions. And do always cast your valid votes with your dollars in the market. - JZ, 14.2.93. – Work towards a free life under a self-chosen personal law system rather than under laws territorially imposed upon you by other voters. - JZ, 8.4.11, 11.5.14. - THINKING, SPEAKING UP & FREEDOM OF ACTION, FREEDOM OF CHOICE

VOTING: This “free” vote is just about the most insignificant vote that we could have in our lives. It is only of some very minor significance to our territorial masters, who allow us, apart from consumerism for ordinary goods and services and choice of jobs and entertainment, tourism etc., all too little decision-making about our own lives, property, earnings and spending. All major decisions are reserved to politicians and bureaucrats, already distrusted by most people but still in power over us, because most people have not yet envisioned an alternative to territorial rule. – Governmentally controlled education certainly does not teach them about this alternative, nor do the supposedly free mass media or even most of the alternative media. On the Internet such alternatives are also swamped by masses of territorialist views. – JZ, 5.12.07, 8.4.11. - COLLECTIVELY, TERRITORIALLY & POLITICALLY, PANARCHISM,  POLYARCHISM, PERSONAL LAW, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM VS. STATISM & TERRITORIALISM, COMPULSORY COLLECTIVISM, TAXATION& A FLOOD OF WRONGFUL & HARMFUL LEGISLATION

VOTING: This all too limited and wrongful vote cannot save me from any of my official territorial “saviors”. It only leads to a territorially dominated, exploitative, monopolistic, torturous and collectivist mess or even hell, imposed upon me and all other dissenters. Usually only the most popular errors, myths, fallacies, prejudices, wrong assumptions and conclusions and the most wide-spread ignorance, combined with lack of interest in most important matters, do decide these "free" elections and the votes of those thus elected. – JZ, 2.3.96, 18.8.08, 8.4.11, 11.5.14.

VOTING: This in-and-out game isn't even fun - except for its rapists. – JZ – POLITICIANS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, COMPULSORY VICTIMIZATION

VOTING: This is what liberal politics is all about. Americans are urged to vote away their decision-making power to representatives who will make decisions for them.” - SOCIAL ANARCHISM, Winter 1980. - TERRITORIALISM, GENUINE SELF-GOVERNMENT VS. FICTITIOUS REPRESENTATIOIN

VOTING: This kind of voting neither enlightens the candidates nor the voters sufficiently. – JZ - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: This pretence of individual choice is not good enough for me. – JZ, 2.3.98.

VOTING: This very personal relationship, 'value' has two factors for a human being: first, what he can do with a thing, its USE to him... and second, what he must do to get it, its COST to him. There is an old song, which asserts that 'the best things in life are free.' Not true! Utterly false! This was the tragic fallacy which brought on the decadence and collapse of the democracies of the twentieth century; those noble experiments failed because the people had been led to believe that they could simply vote for whatever they wanted ... and get it, without toil, without sweat, without tears.” - Robert Heinlein, "Starship Troopers", p.81.

VOTING: Thoreau ... in "Civil Disobedience" ... attacked voting, ... as a moral inanity.” - Charles Lane, in C. Watner, A Voluntary Political Government, Letters from C. L., p.29. - ... "It behooves us therefore as Christians, as philanthropists, aye, even as selfish beings of any sound discrimination, to turn our backs upon this forceful and representative system." (Letter VI). “Whatever be the inherent condition of man's nature (whether basically good or evil), voluntary relations among them are the most moral and the most productive of peace and prosperity. Either men are sufficiently aware of their own self-interest so as to take care of themselves and their property, or they are so far from this (being able to care for themselves and their property) that they have no business participating in the political process called government. In either case, Lane urges that there is no need for compulsory government.” (Letter IV). - Ibid.

VOTING: those in receipt of public relief are not entitled to a vote in public affairs." - Ernest Benn. - Yet they might be close to outvoting the taxpayers now. - JZ, 2.12.87.

VOTING: Those who capture the largest numbers of votes will have captured you, at least for a few years. – JZ

VOTING: Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” – Josef V. Stalin. - At least in that some USA presidents would have agreed with Stalin. - JZ, 22.11.06. – But can they afford to be as frank about such matters as Stalin was? – JZ, 21.4.09.

VOTING: those who empower an agent - vote for a government - to do their robbing, are as guilty of sin as those who steal on their own.” – Leonard E. Read, "NOTES FROM FEE", 3/79.

VOTING: Those who imagine that their decisions are mandated by the majority, do seem to have difficulties in working with fractions: When 4/5th of the population are entitled to vote, and 4/5th of these cast a valid vote and the elected are elected by 4/5th of the votes cast and then they make their decisions with 4/5th majorities (which is a rather optimistic assumption in most cases), then in reality the decisions are made by a minority: 4/5 x 4/5 x 4/5 x 4/5 = 256/625 = 41 %. - In the more likely case that the fractions are smaller, e.g. 2/3 x 2/3 x 2/3 x 2/3, then we arrive at 16/81, which comes to 0.20, 1/5 or 20 % if rounded up. This is certainly no "mandate", either, even if one had to accept the majority principle as legitimate. - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. - Revised, 8.4.11.

VOTING: thou shall not steal, even by majority vote …” – Gary North; Conspiracy. – Not even by majority vote? – JZ - MAJORITIES & THEFT

VOTING: Though sorry for politicians who play the barbaric game of logrolling, my sorrow extends even more to those citizens who elevate politicians to their domineering positions. Why are these low-caliber men in office? Simply because too many voters themselves are of this caliber - they do as well as they know how to do. The dominators in office merely echo those in the population who believe their interests are best served by living at the expense of others. Barbarism in both cases; like begetting like!” - Leonard E. Read, "Who's Listening?" p.41.

VOTING: Three or four package deals, while item by item trades are outlawed, are just not sufficient choice for me. I will therefore always tend to boycott territorial elections. - JZ, 4.6.04, 8.4.11. – BOYCOTT AGAINST THE TERRITORIAL VOTING SYSTEM, NONE OF THE ABOVE, INFORMAL VOTING, PARTY POLITICS, MADE WORSE BY COALITIONS

VOTING: through the economic vote, we are able to express our desires directly, without using an intermediary. With the political vote, however, another person claims to act in our behalf, and we are forced to pay for his services through money stolen by taxation.” - Sy Leon, "None of the above", p.70/71." - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Through the political vote I do not get the choice I want for myself, although I am forced to pay the piper who plays the unwanted tune and does even do this one only badly. - JZ, 14.9.91, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Throwing out the rascals and voting, in a fresh batch isn't the answer, either.” - Eugene Guccione, THE FREEMAN, 9/75, p.549.

VOTING: Thus begins Spooner's scathing attack on the sacredest of all sacred cows: the secret ballot. Since those who vote for higher taxes, repressive laws, and welfare-benefits never identify themselves, they are nothing but "a secret band of robbers and murderers." - Fred D. Miller, Jr., REASON, 5/76. - The murder would come in e.g., whenever someone tried to radically defend his property against confiscatory taxes. - JZ 1.12.87, 8.4.11.

VOTING: Thus the voting public is like a field of grain swaying before each political wind. And the general direction will predictably be in favor of more CONCRETE benefits handed out as political favors. This is always the prevailing political direction. Only at rare intervals does a contrary wind move in favor of ABSTRACT advantages, such as less in the way of government itself.” - Robert LeFevre, "LEFEVRE’S JOURNAL", Fall 77.

VOTING: Thus, Nock concludes, it does no good to count heads. The people whose heads are available for counting are not the ones you ought to be interested in.” - Gary North, in "THE FREEMAN, 3/78. – POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS

VOTING: To be sure, the United States is a democracy in the sense that votes are taken on just about anything (*), but it is a democracy unconstrained by set boundaries of (**) legitimate collective action. Legitimacy is now determined, not by principle but by the possession of the necessary votes. In such an environment, no one should be surprised to find politics becoming a circus of revolving majorities and special interest groups.” - Richard B. McKenzie, Bound to Be Free, Hoover Institute Press, 1982, p.8. - (*) On the income tax, on central banking and legal tender, on war and peace, armament and disarmament and international treaties? On individual and group secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteers? You make your own list on subjects still exempted from majority voting by the voting subjects. – (**) for? – JZ, 11.10.07, 8.4.11. - DEMOCRACY, LEGISLATION, LEGITIMACY VS. PRINCIPLES,

VOTING: to campaign for voting rights is to sanction an illusory process that offers no real choices at all.” - B. R. Barber, "Superman & Common Man", p.117.

VOTING: To change masters is not to be free.” – Jose Marti y Perez (1853-1895). - ELECTIONS

VOTING: To decide upon truth by the casting up of votes, Godwin wrote, is a 'flagrant insult to all reason and justice.’ " - Peter Marshall: "Demanding the Impossible", p. 22.

VOTING: To each man the decisive vote on all of his own affairs. - JZ, 19.3.88.

VOTING: To effectuate the suggested revolution all that is necessary is for citizens to stay away from the polls. Unlike other revolutions, this one calls for no organization, no violence, no war fund, no leader to sell it out. In the quiet of his conscience each citizen pledges himself, to himself, not to give support to an immoral institution, and on election day stays home, or goes fishing. That's all. I started my revolution fifty years ago and the country is none the worse for it; neither am I.” - Frank Chodorov, "Out of Step", 48. - Be in step with individual liberties and rights - rather than with politicians and bureaucrats and their laws and regulations. - JZ, 6.6.04.

VOTING: To escape the secondary, etc. preferential voting coercion, if one doesn't have any such preferences and yet is supposed to fill in all squares with numbers, all the squares for unwanted parties and candidates ought to be numbered with zeros. Only then should one fill the remaining squares with consecutive numbers from one to xyz - if one bothers to vote at all for any of them. - JZ, 19.3.87, 7.6.04. - The best territorial vote is the zero vote. Instead of hooking or crossing any party or candidate or numbering them in the order you prefer, fill all the squares with zeros! - JZ, 8.4.11. - PREFERENTIAL SYSTEM

VOTING: To expect any genuine solution to our remaining problems from territorial governments is as absurd as to expect them from any heavenly “divinities”. – JZ, 24.11.07. - & DEMOCRACY, TERRITORIALISM, RULERS, GOVERNMENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS, POLITICIANS, STATISM AS THE DOMINANT RELIGION, TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT AS THE DIVINITY, GOD, ALMIGHTY

VOTING: To force anyone to make a choice between 2 or more different ones, all of which he considers evil, although to different degrees, forces that person to opt for something that he considers evil. Consequently, such a coercion is evil at least towards such persons. - JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting. - All territorial politicians and parties are wrong, irrational or evil, as such. - JZ, 8.4.11.

VOTING: To hand out the vote indiscriminately, at the age of majority, without any proof of merit, has helped cause the farce we know to-day as 'Democracy'. It has not only laid the foundations for Statism and the absence of real democracy, it has ensured that politics has become merely a battle between political parties to promise most to the totally ignorant.” - Nadia Weiner, in "LIBERTARIAN OPTIMISM", 11/78. – DEMOCRACY, STATISM, PARTY POLITICS

VOTING: To most Americans it's a succession of battles, wars, Presidents, and Kings. To Confederates, history's Thomas Edisons mean a lot more than its Lyndon Johnsons. Inventions, ideas, philosophies, are central; invasions and elections are temporary aberrations.” - L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach, p.79. - IDEAS, ELECTIONS, PHILOSOPHIES, INVENTIONS, HISTORY

VOTING: To paraphrase a slogan that arose during the Vietnam War years, "what if they gave an election, and nobody came?" - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 63.

VOTING: To restrict free political choice to "the vote" is a crime legalized by all present constitutions and laws. - I am including here in "the vote" the right to run for elections and be elected. - JZ, 5.6.04. – CRIME, TERRITORIALISM, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

VOTING: To the extent that I have allowed Filthy to pound into my little head the concept that voting is meaningless - to the same extent I must acknowledge that NOT voting is also meaningless in the political process. It boils down to the fact that political impact of the individual voter and non-voter alike is but a drop in the ocean.” - Diogenes of Panarchia, THE CONNECTION 99 of 2.11.81, page 19.

VOTING: to vote for politicians is to renounce one's own personality.” - Albert Meltzer, A New World ..., p.60.

VOTING: To vote is to express a preference. There is nothing implicitly evil in choosing. All of us in the ordinary course of our daily lives vote for or against dozens of products and services. When we vote for (buy) any good or service, it follows that by salutary neglect we vote against the goods or services we do not choose to buy." - Robert LeFevre, in "Abstain from Beans", 1972 Libertarian Yearbook, p.116. - In other words: Not to vote is also a form of voting, a no-confidence vote against all candidates. - JZ, 4.6.04.

VOTING: to vote nowadays is to sanction the State.” - George Kysor, LIBERTARIAN CONNECTION 65.

VOTING: To what extent we are disfranchised - or deprived of the vote - in most important matters, is best demonstrated by the mere existence of a) "modern" anti-people "weapons", b) compulsory taxes and c) Legal Tender legislation. - a) threatens our lives, b) and c) our liberty, property and income. Nevertheless, we have no say on these matters, no more so than slaves and serfs had. - JZ 5.7.78. - DEMOCRACY

VOTING: Today he chooses his rulers as he buys bootleg whiskey, never knowing precisely what he is getting, only certain that it is not what it pretends to be. The Scotch may turn out to be wood alcohol or it may turn out to be gasoline, in either case it is not Scotch." - H. L. Mencken, "Prejudices", 4th Series, p.136.

VOTING: Today, voting is an American superstition. Hardly anyone ever thinks about it. Americans take it for granted that every human being has a natural right to vote. Of course this is not true. No one has a natural right to vote. Everyone is born with inalienable liberty, but nobody is born with an inalienable ballot. Voting is a legal right, ...” Rose Wilde Lane, p. 203. (Probably in her book “The Discovery of Freedom”.)

VOTING: Too many cooks spoil the broth. I rather cook for myself, although I am not a good cook. Territorial voting does likewise spoil the broth. -JZ

VOTING: Too many voters are soothed by the illusion that they can get a free ride at public expense.” - PHILOLOGOS, No. 18, Feb. 77.


VOTING: turning the officials into sacred persons, and turning the public into dead material, without will, conscience and intelligence of its own; of giving every individual, say, the one-ten-millionth voice in the affairs of all his neighbors, and no practical authority over his own affairs (*); of thus allowing men who don't own themselves to own the selves of others; of destroying differences and consecrating uniformity; of massing the good, the bad, and the indifferent all together under one system, and therefore making regulations that apply to the criminal and half-criminal, apply also to the good citizen, and thus reducing the best and ablest citizens to systems fitted to the least intelligent and the least civilized citizens, as a cavalry charge is regulated by the pace of the slowest horse; of multiplying regulations till they become as the grains of the sand of the sea, and require libraries to contain them, and a professional class to expound them, ...” - Auberon Herbert, Mack ed., p.382. – (*) Except some minor and quite private ones, with some wrongful interventions even in this sphere. – JZ, 11.5.14. - TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, LEADERSHIP, PERSONALITY CULT, HERO WORSHIP

VOTING: Two hundred years ago, Alexander Tower, a British professor who had studied the rise and fall of governments throughout recorded history, had this to say about democracy: “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves funds from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits, with the result that the democracy always collapses over loose financial policy. This is always followed by dictatorship.” - Viv Forbes, "Accountability in Government". - It hasn't happened in Switzerland as yet. - In other countries their authoritarian statism and tribute levies have been greatly increased and some have built up mass murder devices and imprisoned asylum seekers in concentration camps or built up great walls against illegal immigrants after the Iron Wall and the Berlin Wall came down. - JZ, 8.5.11.

VOTING: Two interesting ideas that are promoted in the U.S.A. (where voting is not compulsory) are the inclusion on voting ballot papers of the alternatives "none of the above" and "I vote to abolish this office". This, at least, allows voters to register a positive vote of discontent.” – John Singleton, with Bob Howard, Rip Van Australia, p. 263.

VOTING: Under territorial voting the worst get to the top and can maintain themselves there for all too long, at the expense and risk of their victims. Almost all of history amounts to a proof for this thesis. Only exterritorial voting and daily, free and comprehensive competition, established and maintained by the most apolitical and anti-political vote, that of individual secessionism and exterritorial autonomy for volunteer communities, can reduce the dangers of politics, as usual, to the minimum, almost to zero, while releasing all creative energies and all self-defence and self-protection powers. - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04. – INDIVIDUAL SOVEREGINTY & SECESSIONISM, PERSONAL LAW, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VS. STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, WELFARE STATES, WARFARE STATES

VOTING: Under the present territorialist conditions and practices you can’t vote or bribe yourself into full possession and practice of all your individual rights and liberties. They have even remained largely unknown and unappreciated. Your vote is almost always totally wasted and, unless your vote is informal or you become, finally, free to secede and join alternative institutions of your choice, it will be merely a part and parcel of a territorial system that will cost you much of your earnings, your property, your job, your health and even your life. The few rights and liberties that are still somewhat officially recognized, so far, are always under threat of becoming more restricted or even outlawed. – JZ, 4.3.03, 21.10.07, 8.4.11. – TERRITORIALISM, STATISM & COLLECTIVIST “FREE” VOTING & CONSENT VS. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES

VOTING: Under universal suffrage the elected are those who know best how to take in the masses.” - Errico Malatesta, "Anarchy", 1891.

VOTING: Universal suffrage is a means of stifling that individual initiative which we proclaim, and which we must, quote to the contrary, seek to develop with all out strength. Universal suffrage is an instrument of authority while we pursue the complete liberation of human individuality; it is an instrument of repression while we seek to inspire revolt. Far from being able to serve us, universal suffrage can only shackle us; we must combat it.” - Jean Grave, "Dying Society and Anarchy", 1893.

VOTING: Universal suffrage is a powerful means of putting human activity to sleep. It has nothing in common with popular sovereignty, except the right to be at all times sovereign over others. It has nothing in common with equality.” - Paraf-Javal, "Free Examination", 1903. – I deny the validity of his second sentence. Today’s voting helps to oppose and suppress rather than uphold many individual rights and liberties. It does not enlighten or liberate. – JZ, 11.5.14.

VOTING: Universal suffrage is the counterrevolution.” - P. J. Proudhon on revolutionary propaganda, 1848, - quoted in Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible, p. 244.

VOTING: Universal suffrage is the government of a house by its nursery.” - Bismarck, Sayings.

VOTING: Universal suffrage places a heavy handicap on sanity in government.” - Charles R. LaDow, THE FREEMAN, 3/74. - Are there many instances for sanity in territorial governments, with or without "equal voting" rights of its subjects? - JZ, 8.4.11. – SANITY, INSANITY, MAD: MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION OF NUCLEAR STRENGTH & “DETERRENCE”, POWER, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM VS. VOLUNTARISM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, ESPECIALLY INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSINISM & PERSONAL LAW CHOICES, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: Universal suffrage" Maine thought, had it existed at the time, "would certainly have prohibited the spinning-jenny and the power-loom. It would certainly have forbidden the threshing-machine." – Source?

VOTING: Until "the vote" lets me opt out, I won't vote anybody in. – JZ – INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM

VOTING: Until a voter can express his disapproval and rejection of all candidates by saying "No" to all of them, the voting apparatus is merely an illusion of a free choice system. Free people have a right to say "No.". - Sy Leon, "None of the Above", p.34.

VOTING: Until I get a real choice and real decision-making powers, I will not cast a valid vote. - JZ 16.12.78. - The so-called "valid" vote is mostly an invalid vote, an "invalid", very extensively incapacitated, so disabled that its owner cannot even practise all individual rights, liberties and self-help opportunities without coming into conflict with "the law". - JZ, 6.6.04, 11.5.14.

VOTING: Until the votes are made public you cannot really force me to vote for any of your expensive clowns, quacks and false pretenders or misleading leaders, the representatives of territorial politics as usual, of all politically and legally caused disasters, wrongs and losses. – JZ, 24.3.07, 25.10.07. – COMPULSORY VOTING & INFORMAL VOTING

VOTING: Usually a lot of voting gets done t’everybody’s ruination.” – L. Neil Smith, “Tom Paine Maru”, p.204.

VOTING: Voltairine de Cleyre, perhaps the most prominent individualist-feminist, said: "A body of voters cannot give into your charge any rights but their own. By no possible jugglery of logic can they delegate the exercise of any function, which they themselves do not control. If any individual on earth has a right to delegate his powers to whomever he chooses, then every other individual has an equal right; and if each has an equal right, then none can choose an agent for another, without that other's consent. Therefore, if the power of government resides in the whole people and out of that whole all but one elected you as their agent, you would still have no authority whatever to act for that one." - Wendy McElroy. - in? - INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY, INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: Von Hoffman goes on to say that 'such talk (about having to participate to change things) has a convincing ring until one has participated, elected his man and then found out he might just as well have supported the loser for all the difference it made.'” – Robert Ringer, "Restoring the American Dream", p.63. – (Nicholas von Hoffmann) – Territorial and statist election victories do also amount to defeats for individual rights and liberties. – JZ, 11.5.14.

VOTING: Vote A: you lose, vote B: you lose. Don't vote at all: you lose. Opt out! - JZ, 10/74. – At least think about and prepare for this D-Day liberation. – JZ, 11.5.14. -  INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, VOLUNTARISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: Vote all politicians out of office. - JZ 10.9.74. - However, our present elections are rigged in a way that, "whoever or whatever you vote for - always a politician gets in". – SECEDE & JOIN OR ESTABLISH THE PANARCHY OR POLYARCHY OR PERSONAL LAW SYSTEM OF YOUR OWN FREE CHOICE!

VOTING: Vote all the territorial offices out of office. That would be the only vote that would really count. - JZ, 7.6.04. – Apart from your secessionist vote and the vote with which you join the panarchy of your own individual choice. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, META-UTOPIA OR COMPETING GOVERNANCE MEANS VOTING NOT WITH ONE’S FEET OR WITH ONE VOTE AMONG MILLIONS, BUT WITH ONE’S MIND, ON ALL ONE’S OWN AFFAIRS! - JZ, 21.4.09.

VOTING: Vote always only with the ignorant and prejudices masses, including the politicians, bureaucrats and other "experts" - and you will never get all your individual rights and liberties realized. – JZ, n.d. Instead, you get “Welfare States” and Warfare State, with their tax tributes, xyz wrongful laws and interventions and mass murders, possibly even with the nuclear “weapons” of the MAD policy of “Mutual Assured Destruction”. – JZ, 15.4.14.

VOTING: Vote among the ignorant, prejudiced and disinterested and for the ignorant, prejudiced and disinterested? You must be joking! No thanks! – JZ

VOTING: Vote for him who demands that government give up its policies of plunder and slavery of the ... people.” - Girard Baker, "INTEGRITY", vol.4, No.2. - Since then a libertarian party has existed in the U.S. and, temporarily in some other countries, even in Australia. Its platform was also and still is not a shining example of consistency nor can all its candidates be considered as persons with integrity. They also set examples of party strife and have as yet no clear vision of the panarchist option of freedom through diversity but aim, mainly, only at a "limited" government, not at free market and voluntary institutions for every sphere of voluntary and productive, consumption or protective human activity. - JZ 1.12.87. - However, if compared with the Tea Parties then the Libertarian Parties are already parties of principle. - JZ, 8.4.11. - LIBERTARIAN PARTIES, TEA PARTIES

VOTING: Vote for law repealers rather than law makers.” - JZ, 16.1.02. - & LAW REPEALS, LAWS, PARLIAMENTS, POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES

VOTING: Vote for NOBODY. Nobody keeps his campaign promises! Nobody can legislate freedom for your! Nobody deserves to spend your earnings!” - Counter Campaign '76.

VOTING: Vote for people who are still dumb enough to believe in territorial government actions? – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Vote for people who vote my money, my rights and my live away? You must be joking! – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Vote for the man who promises least; he’ll be the least disappointing.” – Bernard Baruch, 1870-1965, Meyer Berger’s New York, 1960. - Almost every vote for a politician is a lost vote. You get a limited say once and then you do not even have that, for years and at most you remain somewhat free to protest, largely in vain, unless you get the majority on your side, a usually hopeless attempt, for all too long. - JZ, 23.11.06. - & PROMISES FROM POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, ELECTIONS, JOKES

VOTING: Vote for us and we will give you more of everything, no matter what it costs or from whom we have to take it.' And THAT is what makes Sammy steal!” – Robert Ringer, Restoring the American Dream, p.68. - POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, ELECTIONS

VOTING: Vote for: Tweedledee or Tweedledum or: Nobody, None of the Above (JAG, Sept.21, 1976.). Or, e.g: Your own individual sovereignty. - Individual secessionism. - Exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer groups - minorities, as well as majorities. - Individual rights codes (any of the options in PEACE PLANS 589/90 or combinations or improvements upon any of them). – Referenda, e.g. on Voluntary taxation, - Monetary freedom, - Free Trade, Free Migration. - The abolition of all legal and regulatory monopolies, including compulsory licensing, quotas, registrations, boards, commissions. - A rightful treaty with all captive nations over the heads of their rulers. - The unilateral destruction of all mass murder devices or anti-people weapons. - Outlawry and tyrannicide for tyrants and their most important helpers. - An alliance with all rightful governments in exile, granting them already now exterritorial autonomy for all their present and their future voluntary members. - A public declaration of rightful war and peace aims towards all governments and their subjects, embodying many of the above and related proposals. – An international federation of all minority groups that aim only at full exterritorial autonomy for their volunteers. – I have made no attempt at this stage to make such a listing complete. Many related proposals can be found in my PEACE PLANS series. With such alternatives being offered, even I would be likely to vote. However, they are not offered at present and unlikely to be offered by the present governments, parties and movements. Sufficient enlightenment must come first and to attempt to spread this during election campaigns is, as experience has often shown, a much too costly, wasteful and inefficient approach. Here, too, many alternatives ought to be systematically, scientifically, explored and recorded, with the best finally most widely used to accelerate the process of enlightenment and reduce it perhaps, on the most important questions, to a few months or years. - JZ 21.11.82, 2.12.87. – SPEEDING UP THE LIBERTARIAN ENLIGHTENMENT PROCESS, NEW DRAFT, CULTURAL REVOLUTION, IDEAS ARCHIVE, DIGITIZED LIBERTARIAN LIBRARY, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATION

VOTING: Vote in the market - where every dollar counts." - Source? Early seventies or before.

VOTING: Vote only for him, who promises to let you run your own life.” - Girard Baker, INTEGRITY, vol. 4, No. 2.

VOTING: Vote with your dollars. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Vote with your feet - or, better still, by individual secession. - JZ, 3/73. - Indeed, you are not yet free to secede as an individual or with your minority group. But at least you can and should consider this option from every angle and envision its implications. - JZ, 6.6.04.

VOTING: Vote with your mind - speak up or write - not just with your feet, marching on the street or going to the ballot box. - JZ, 10/72.

VOTING: Vote with your own dollars only and never vote away the dollars of others. - JZ, 6.1.95. - VOTING WITH DOLLARS

VOTING: Vote your life away! Vote for conscription, taxation, compulsory schooling, censorship, in short for as much government power as possible! - JZ 1972. – But confine your utopia to your own kind of volunteers. Bad examples are needed, too, as deterrents, not only good ones, to be followed. – JZ, 21.4.09.

VOTING: Vote your life, property, freedom and security away! Vote! No matter who you vote for, you will lose or threaten what is yours by rights. - JZ, 9.11.97, 7.6.04. – But do not vote on the affairs of those, who do not threaten or rob you or try to run your life. Let them do their things for or to themselves. To each his own! – JZ, 21.4.09. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, TOLERANCE FOR THE TOTERANT, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT FOR ALL, FULL FREEDOM OF CONTRACT & ASSOCIATION, E.G. IN PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES

VOTING: Vote your rights away! Vote!” - Source?

VOTING: Vote yourself out of their majority-voted decisions. - JZ 21.8.75, 10.9.04. - VOTING & INDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM:

VOTING: Vote-casting and counting is an immoral process - if applied to any individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 8.6.82, 11.5.14.

VOTING: Vote, n. The instrument and symbol of a freeman's power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country.” - Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary, p. 359 (1948). Originally published in 1906 as The Cynic's Word Book. - The Enlarged Devil's Dictionary, p.313. – MAJORITIES, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATION

VOTING: Vote, talk and protest as much as you like - those voted-in will always decide upon your own fate, and do so at your expense and risk, ignoring your wishes, your vote and also their past promises. – JZ – POLITICIANS, REPRESENTATIVES, TERRITORIALISM, POWER

VOTING: Vote! It won't do any good ... but vote!” - MAD sticker.

VOTING: Vote! It's your council!" - Don't vote! It isn't your council! And your vote will not make it yours, either. It's absurd to apply the possessive pronoun to any territorial government, i.e., any that has not only voluntary members but masses of conscripted subjects. - JZ 1974, 6.6.04. – TERRITORIALISM, STTISM, LOCAL GOVERNMENTS

VOTING: Vote! Vote your rights away - if there're any left today, and give them to the government, which makes roads as expensive as diamonds. – D.Z, 5/75, at 11. – Since he became a greenie and drop-out, many years ago, I haven’t heard any more pro-freedom remarks from him. – In this respect his change was as effective as if he had become a Nazi or a Soviet type of totalitarian. – However, to my knowledge he has never been aggressive towards anyone. - JZ, 21.4.09.

VOTING: Vote? Why? How could I? There is no honor among thieves. (Bastiat called it a mutual plunder-bund.) – JZ

VOTING: Voter: Someone who enjoys the holy principle which permits him to vote for that man whom another man has selected for him.” – Ambrose Bierce. (“Waehler: einer, der sich des geheiligten Prinzips erfreut, fuer den Mann stimmen zu duerfen, den ein anderer fuer ihn ausgewaehlt hat.) – Bierce only in JZ translation. (I lent the book to a Sydney anarchist and never got it back. Since then I only lend duplicates if the title is important to me. – JZ, 11.5.14.)

VOTING: Voters are expected to become delirious over this choice? The sacker at our neighborhood supermarket offers me a far more significant choice when he asks "plastic or paper?" - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 80. - CHOICE, PARTIES, CANDIDATES, POLITICIANS, ESTABLISHMENT PARTY, BIPARTISANSHIP

VOTING: Voters are just election fodder for politicians - who, soon afterwards, do excrete us and treat us as excrement. - JZ, 1.3.96.

VOTING: Voters are just manure for the ambitions of politicians. - JZ, 1.3.96.

VOTING: Voters are people who not only put up with being fooled by their rulers once but vote for them again and again, in spite of all the inevitable disappointments with all of them. - JZ, 22.4.93. - VOTERS, ELECTIONS & POLITICIANS, PROMISES

VOTING: Voters can't remember back over two months.” - Will Rogers, Autobiography, p.252.

VOTING: Voters do not control governments. In most respects governments do control their voters. The political vote represents only a tiny and almost insignificant fraction of all the rightful and necessary individual choices, of which we are now politically and territorially deprived. - Free voting deprives people of their votes in many respects under the pretence of fully enfranchising them. - JZ, 29.7.92, 9.1.93, 8.3.11. – GOVERNMENTS, DEMOCRACIES, POLITICIANS, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, NEVER FULLY DECLARED  BY POLITICIANS &, ALAS, NOT BY ANARCHISTS OR LIBERTARIANS, EITHER

VOTING: Voters go to the polls in an automobile, but they don't carry any more in their heads than the old timer that went there on a mule. So the old bunk that you can't fool the voter is the biggest bunk there is. He has been fooled all his life and he will always be fooled.” - Will Rogers.

VOTING: Voters who live off taxpayers are the Democrats’ ace in the hole. The Democrats created big programs and never let the recipients forget it. This gives them an initial advantage of tens of millions of votes in any presidential election.” – Joseph Sobran. - As if Republicans did not have their own voting cattle, tax slaves and otherwise victimized subjects and “beneficiaries” - Not particular parties are to be blamed but the territorial party system and its majoritarian "representation". - JZ, 23.11.06, 21.4.09. - VOTERS AS PARASITES, DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS, WELFARE STATE, DEMOCRACY, STATE SOCIALISM STEP BY STEP, TAXATION, GOVERNMENT SPENDING, HAND-OUTS, BRIBING VOTERS WITH THEIR OWN MONEY

VOTING: Voters, Spooner writes, have "no more natural right or power to make political contracts (for their posterity) than they had to make marriage or business contracts binding upon them." – Spooner quoted in Charles Chiveley, introduction to Lysander Spooner,"No Treason", II, p.4, Collected Works, Spooner, I.

VOTING: Voters, who do get their candidates elected, are usually punished for their choices by the actions of their own chosen “representatives”. The others are punished for having participated in a domination game or not having questioned, protested or resisted it enough but having given, rather, "the sanction of the victim". - JZ, 4.9.87, 11.5.14. (Ayn Rand's term.) – REPRESENTATION BY POLITICIANS, LAW MAKERS, RULERS

VOTING: Votes are for politicians, not people.” - Jack Gratus, The Redneck Rebel, Corgi Books, London, 1980, p.190. - And, at least today still only for territorial politicians, i.e. the worst of the lot. - JZ, 8.4.11.

VOTING: Votes are necessary only for politicians. Compulsory voting is the equivalent to minimum wage regulations for them. They do not earn or deserve the votes but want to be voted for, nevertheless, to get or stay in office. - JZ, 30.11.87.

VOTING: Votes enchain rather than liberate. - JZ, n.d. – They can neither prevent nor end a dictatorship. – JZ, 11.5.14.

VOTING: Votes for genuine individual rights and liberties rather than for politicians, their parties, bureaucrats, taxes and hand-outs. - JZ, 9.11.97, 7.6.04, 8.4.11.

VOTING: Votes for taxpayers only! - JZ 1974. - Votes for direct taxpayers only. - JZ4/75.

VOTING: Votes for these clowns? I never forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing, where they are going and how wrongful are their methods and weapons, their "actions" and "measures", laws, policies and institutions. – JZ, n.d. & 11.5.14.

VOTING: Votes in political voting are even less likely to be sensibly used than the votes of small shareholders in large companies. But at least the latter do only their own things with their own property, as well and as much as they can, whereas in politics votes, via any elected politicians, amount, under territorial statism, to coercive meddling with the affairs of others and this at the expense and risk of others. - JZ, 23.7.96, 7.6.04, 11.5.14.

VOTING: Votes must not be bought, they must be earned.” - M. Baume, a liberal MP, 29.11.75, imagining that politicians could "earn" votes like other people, who are productive and thus earn money. He overlooked that only the market can make the proper arrangements for that. If they provided real services, there would be consumers who would voluntarily buy them. And only their users should pay for them. - JZ 4.11.76, 29.11.87. – He was and remained a territorial politician with all too little knowledge and appreciation for all individual rights and liberties, but not worse than the rest of them. – JZ, 21.4.09. - PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, PERSONAL LAW OPTIONS, VOLUNTARISM, COMPETITION & LAISSEZ FAIRE IN EVERY SPHERE, EVEN FOR STATISTS TO DO THEIR THINGS – TO THEMSELVS ONLY

VOTING: Votes should bind only those who agree – to the extent that they do and for as long as they do. – JZ, 2.3.96.

VOTING: Votes, exclusive ones, for one's own preferences. These individual votes to be freely realized by each individual, together with like-minded people: Each to be free to choose his own prime minister, tax system, constitution, laws, juridical-, police-, defence- and economic system and his ethnic or other associates. - JZ, 19.9.88. – PANARCHISM, POLLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM, FREE CHOICE OF GOVERNMENTS & SOCIETIES, NONE OF THEM WITH A TERRITORIAL MONOPOLY

VOTING: Voting and decision on war and peace: The ultimate wrongful and absurd result of "democratic" voting: one man decides on war or peace for all! – JZ - DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, STATISM, CENTRALIZATION OF POWER, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES

VOTING: Voting and Decision on War and Peace: Those now deciding to go to war should only be free to go themselves to war - in a quite rightful case - but no one should have the right to command others to go to war or to tax, impose public debts upon people or inflate a forced currency for that purpose or for any other. - JZ, 13.3. & 22.3.03. 8.4.11. - TERRITORIALISM, DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLY, WAR & PEACE, WARFARE STATES, DECLARATION OF QUITE RIGHTFUL WAR & PEACE AIMS

VOTING: Voting and free choice are at opposite ends, no matter how often politicians try to make us believe that they offer us a real choice. – JZ

VOTING: Voting and territorial "representation": A tub without a bottom. No matter how much in taxes, property, lives and liberty you throw into it, almost never does anything positive come out of it. It provides many more disservices than services and the latter, being monopolistically provided, are over-priced and not of the highest quality. – JZ, n.d. - TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: Voting and Truth: The day after the election is the time of truth. And the days before that ...?“ – (Wahl und Wahrheit: Der Tag nach der Wahl ist der Tag der Wahrheit. Und die Tage davor ...? ) - Ron Kritzfeld.

VOTING: voting as a crime against society." - An extract and a conclusion from Frank Chodorov, "Out of Step", p.45/46.

VOTING: Voting brings the scum to the top and suffocates or enchains the enlightened, the pioneers and experimenters. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting brings us all down to the lowest common denominators. It's not a guide to enlightenment, progress, justice, freedom and peace - on the contrary! – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting can be right only for voluntary and personal law systems. - JZ, 4.10.98. – However, under such systems very little voting will still occur, in the long run, since agreement between their volunteers will be extensive. – JZ, 2.4.09. - PERSONAL LAW, PANARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: Voting CAN be rightful only among VOLUNTEERS! All other votes are despotic, regardless of how many or how few express it. - John Zube - Facebook, 25.9.12.

VOTING: Voting can lead a party politician or an independent or bureaucrat to victory (The bureaucrats are all indirect beneficiaries of the voting process and its institutions and still more irresponsible than politicians are.) but it always means defeats for yourself and for others of their victims. – JZ


VOTING: Voting could solve anything only if it were preceded by sufficient and reasonable discussion. That almost never takes place, even in small circles, during election campaigns or during parliamentary discussions. To decide, by territorial voting, the fate of non-criminal others, rather than merely the own fate, is never either right or representative. - JZ, 4.10.98, 8.4.11, 11.5.14.

VOTING: Voting disfranchises - at least the minorities, if not also the majority. All participants are deceived by political promises. - JZ, 8.6.82, 1.12.87.

VOTING: Voting does not count and weigh sound ideas, but just heads, mostly either rather empty ones or those all too full of rubbish. - JZ, n.d. & 8.4.11.

VOTING: Voting does not make politicians dependent upon me but rather independent of me, leaving me only protest votes and other ineffective protest "actions" rather than freedom of action and genuine self-determination. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting does not open a path to full liberty and genuine individual rights for anyone. – JZ, n.d. & 8.4.11.

VOTING: Voting enchains minds and bodies. Nevertheless, people continue to fall for its fallacies and praise them as ideals. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting ensures that centralized control will replace individual control and that SOME program will be imposed upon all, administered and enforced by SOME agent who holds monopoly power.” - Robert LeFevre, in Libertarian Yearbook, 1972, p.117.

VOTING: Voting for a third party: "If you were in prison and you had a 50% choice of lethal injection, a 45% chance of going to the electric chair and only a 5% chance of escape, are you likely to vote for lethal injection because that is your most likely outcome? If you continue to vote for the Democrats or the Republicans, you are committing political suicide." - Michael Badnarik

VOTING: Voting for any one of them, when almost no one among them is on the “straight and narrow path” and sufficiently informed and without the usual popular errors, myths and prejudices? – JZ, 22.3.03. - ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, REPRESENTATIVES, CANDIDATES, POLITICIANS, PARTIES, Q.

VOTING: Voting for decision-makers restricts the own decision-making options. – JZ, n.d. – DECISION-MAKING MONOPOLIES, LEADERSHIP, POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS

VOTING: Voting for masters does neither liberate us nor enlighten us or them sufficiently. - JZ, 30.7.98, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Voting for or against issues, instead of candidates or parties, makes a little bit more sense. But the issue choice of the majority should still not be forced upon dissenting minorities. The majority should then be merely able and willing to go ahead on its own – just like all peaceful dissenting minorities and individual should be free to do. - JZ, 11.7.87, 7.6.04, 11.5.14.

VOTING: Voting for others restricts voting for yourself. – JZ, n.d. – Under freedom in the supply of wanted “public” services and fully free consumer sovereignty towards them, very few would fill their “shopping carts” with the same goods and service subscriptions. – JZ, 11.5.14.

VOTING: Voting for parliamentary representatives of territorial States with compulsory membership or subordination and uniform laws imposed upon all - means the abdication of most individual rights and liberties. - JZ, 17.6.87, 11.5.15.

VOTING: Voting for political clowns shows lack of self-respect. Even the greatest territorial statesman is still full of the popular error and prejudices and wrongful ideas and practices of territorialism and statism. – JZ, n.d. – SELF-RESPECT, TERRITORIALISM, POLITICIANS, LEADERSHIP, PRESIDENTS, POPULAR ERRORS & PREJUDICES, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BEST REFUTATIONS

VOTING: Voting for territorial politicians? I vote only against all such quacks. – JZ, 24.3.07.

VOTING: Voting for territorial politics means voting for wrongful, false and misleading slogans, "principles", premises, institutions, methods and practices. - JZ, 21.9.98, 8.6.04, 28.10.08. - POLITICAL TERRITORIAL VOTING

VOTING: Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for an evil system. Each individual vote should, like a contract signature, bind only that voter or signatory to his contract with like-minded people. It should never give him or his representatives any power of attorney over dissenting signatories to other contracts, which please them. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Voting for the nut-cases ambitious for power? Only the victims of governmental “education” and propaganda would. – JZ, 24.11.07.

VOTING: Voting for those who promise you more, that you and commonsense KNOW to be lies. – From the collection of Peter Cunningham

VOTING: Voting has almost never promoted economic rights and liberties. The repeal of the Corn Laws of England was one of the few exceptions. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting imposes territorial misrule upon me - and many others. Taxation, government-caused inflation, mass unemployment, regulations, controls and compulsory licensing penalize and harm everybody. – JZ, n.d. & 11.5.14.

VOTING: Voting in a new master? No territorial government permits the release of all creative energies. They are themselves the worst crime syndicates. Just add up their total annual take and the total of those they killed, compared with the total take and murders of private criminals. - JZ, 11.9.99, 8.6.04, 8.4.11, 11.5.14. – CRIME AT THE OFFICIAL LEVEL COMPARED WITH THAT ON THE PRIVATE LEVEL

VOTING: Voting in democratic elections is based on the wrong notion that there are hundreds of thousands of matters (regulated by a corresponding number of laws, regulations and ordinances, with a multitude of pages and paragraphs, no one would have time to read - but everyone is supposed to abide by), in which no individual can be trusted to be responsible for himself, making his own correct or incorrect decisions at his own expense, while, at the same time, it is assumed that everybody could be trusted, via his voting, to be responsible for everybody else. This is one of the basic flaws of voting, which reduces it from a general human right to a mere procedure that is only of some use within communities or associations of like-minded volunteers. Today neither Local- nor State- nor Federal Governments are such bodies of volunteers. They claim compulsory membership or subordination for all people within what they consider to be "their" turfs. - By thus not recognizing full minority autonomy, on an exterritorial and voluntary basis, they act towards all potential minorities of this kind not democratically but rather despotically, in the sense of majority (or "representative") despotism. Genuine democracies would recognize not just some but all rights of individuals and minorities. – JZ, in one of several protests against compulsory voting.

VOTING: Voting indicates the self-delusions of democrats and republicans. – JZ, n.d. & 8.4.11.

VOTING: Voting is an irresponsible non-action leaving it to a few others to commit irresponsible actions. – JZ

VOTING: Voting is confined to the selection of masters from different groups of successful liars.” - JZ, 16.8.89. - PARTIES, POLITICIANS

VOTING: Voting is little more than a popularity contest, and the most popular man is not necessarily the best man, just as the most popular idea is not always the soundest idea.” - Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 1/77 p. 39. – Another version: Voting is little more than a popularity contest, and the most popular man is not necessarily the best man, nor is the most popular idea the soundest.” - Rev. Edmund Opitz, THE FREEMAN, 12/75, p. 759.

VOTING: Voting is not a good substitute for self-responsibility. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting is not an expression of power, but an admission of powerlessness. – – From advertising in ANCHORAGE ANARCHY, July  12, issue # 20, p.12, ed. By Joe Peacott, -

VOTING: Voting is not an expression of power, but an admission of powerlessness, since it cannot do otherwise than reaffirm the government's supposed legitimacy.” - THE MATCH, June 75.

VOTING: Voting is not your right - it is the sell-out by you of your rights.” - David Taylor, 5.6.85. – A Qld  libertarian, deceased.

VOTING: voting is only part of the illusion that you are the government.” - Butler Shaffer, The Wizards of Ozymandias, chapter 50. – Voluntarism, competing governance, personal law, panarchism, polyarchism, meta-utopia vs. statism, monopolism, coercive collectivism, territorialism! – JZ, 11.5.14. – GENUINE SELF-GOVERNANCE

VOTING: Voting is picking somebody to pick everyone's pocket for the benefit of a few. - JZ, 19.11.78.

VOTING: Voting is preferable to civil war. But that's all that can be rightly said in its favor. And in some situations it can even lead to civil war, by, temporarily, allowing a majority to lord it over a strong minority. - JZ, 26.8.93, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Voting is simply a way of determining which side is the stronger without putting it to the test of fighting.” - H. L. Mencken, Minority Report, 1956, p.312.

VOTING: Voting is the individual choice that gives no worthwhile individual choice but, rather, monopolizes decision-making, even on war and peace. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting is the means by which the ignorant give themselves the appearance of having reasoned political opinions. - JZ, 1.3.81. (Free after: "Swearing is the means by which the inarticulate give themselves the appearance of eloquence.")

VOTING: Voting is the method for obtaining legal power to coerce others.” – Robert LeFevre, "Libertarian Yearbook, 72", p.118. - Perhaps voters should be re-named: "legalized coercers"? A rather stark term, coined by one of the regulars of THE CONNECTION was: "Territorial gangsters". - However, this does not sufficiently describe the good intentions that are also involved, however wrongly they are steered by ignorance and prejudices. - JZ. 30.11.87.

VOTING: Voting is the opiate of the masses.” – Steven LaTulippe - It provides them with the delusion that they are already free or that voting is the only thing they need to promote peace, freedom, justice, prosperity and progress, regardless of the kind of scoundrels, parties or territorial systems that they do vote into office. - JZ, 25. 11. 06, 21.4.09, 8.4.11. - & THE MASSES

VOTING: Voting is the opium of the masses. Every four years you deaden the pain.” - Ascribed to Emma Goldman in film "Reds".

VOTING: Voting is the original sin of citizens. It's punished by ever increasing taxes and bureaucracy and avalanches of laws and regulations, by government-produced and maintained economic crises, wars, civil wars, terrorism and man-made poverty, although under full freedom all of us could soon become relatively rich by our own productive efforts - without governmental chains and extortions. Territorialism might still lead us to the general holocaust, the end of mankind and of most other life on earth. - JZ, 10.8.99, 8.6.04.

VOTING: Voting is wrong to the extent that it usurps an authority to rule others living in the same territory, whether they agree with you or not. - JZ, 26.10.93, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Voting keeps you a captive victim of territorialism and statism. – JZ, ca. 24.3.03, 15.4.14.

VOTING: Voting locks you into wrongful, territorial and collectivistic political process and does not give you the free vote to opt out from under it. – JZ

VOTING: Voting makes sense only among volunteers and can rightly bind only volunteers - and aggressors against them. - JZ, 28.4.93. - Voting makes some sense only within voluntary communities. Otherwise it is almost always wrong. And among volunteers not much voting would be required, either. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting means abdication." – “Voter c'est abdiquer!" - Elisee Reclus.

VOTING: Voting means adopting a method of resolving conflict that, like war, subjects losers to the will of the winners. (The non-political solution consists of letting people do as they wish as long as they do not physically harm others.)” - Christian Michel. - I would replace "harm" by "wrong". My competition might harm you, reducing your income, but it would not wrong you. - JZ, 30.1.02. - VOTES & WAR

VOTING: Voting means becoming an accessory or supporter or sponsor of criminals. Do not give them this sanction of the victims. – JZ

VOTING: Voting means compelling others or being compelled. I favor voluntarism in every sphere. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting means delegating your rights and your liberties away, much of your property, of your income, your health, even of your life. So, why do this to yourself - or to others? – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting means giving blank cheques to dishonest politicians and bureaucrats. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting means giving up my rights and liberties to the not so tender mercies of a politician, bureaucrat, political party or other power addict. – JZ

VOTING: Voting means granting the consent of the victims. – JZ

VOTING: Voting means in practice the disfranchisement of citizens from the most important decisions in their lives. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting means lack of self-responsibility. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting means making decisions on the lives of your neighbors and allowing them to make decisions on your own life. So why do this to them and yourself? This certainly does not mean being a good neighbor. – JZ

VOTING: Voting means participating in what Bastiat called a "plunder bund". – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting means participation in a "They win, you lose" game. – JZ, n.d. - Under the delusion that you could win it. - Even if you did, that would not make it right. - JZ, 8.4.11.


VOTING: Voting means voting for a territorial utopia, which can never be realized as a genuine ideal society. What we can thereby get are merely distopias and all kinds of wrongs and disappointments. – JZ, n.d. & 11.5.14.

VOTING: Voting must be important as the totalitarian states seem to all require 100 % turnout - perhaps abstaining could become a political activity.” - Jim Roaf in LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Sum. 77. - Important to whom? Why? For what purposes? Are all such mere claims legitimate, too? – Only voluntary and non-aggressive actions can be justified. - JZ, 1.12.87, 11.5.14.

VOTING: Voting on the legal fate of others, as opposed to genuine self-ownership, self-determination and self-government, are irreconcilably opposite approaches. Voting on the fate of others, who do not agree with oneself, characterizes territorial governments. Voting among like-minded people, voluntarily associated in exterritorially autonomous communities, characterizes panarchies and their almost unanimous decision-making. The most decisive vote against the continuance of territorial politics as usual, for oneself, is expressed by an individual secession. And the decisive vote for any particular panarchy is expressed by the act of individually joining it or helping to establish it. - JZ 25.4.92, 13.1.93, 8.4.11. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM, PERSONAL LAW SOCIETIES, GENUINE DEMOCRACY, SELF-GOVERNMENT, SELF-OWNERSHIP, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-HELP, SELF-RELIANCE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY

VOTING: Voting organizes and assures irresponsibility at top and bottom. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting ought to permit each voter to vote the old bastards out and to vote no new bastard into power, as far as the own individual affairs are concerned, involving one's own share in public affairs. If there are to be victims in the future, then they are to be only voluntary victims. - JZ, 26.3.95, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Voting provides "mandates" for wrong-doing - and turns you into an accessory to crimes. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting provides only a collectivistic and territorial self-delusion of self-determination, while preventing genuine self-determination and self-government of SELVES. - Nations are not "selves".  – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting provides the numbers for those things that do not really count or matter in a positive way. On the other hand, it supports numerous wrongs and losses. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting rather dumbs us down than enlightens us. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting seems to have degenerated lately into a choice between the dregs that settle to the bottom of a barrel and the scum that floats to the top.” - L. Neil Smith's "LEVER ACTION NEWSLETTER", No.02b.

VOTING: Voting should be limited to individuals voting or deciding on their own affairs. Beyond that, it should be allowed only within volunteer communities. – JZ, n.d. – VOLUNTARISM, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, IINDIVIDUAL SECESSIONISM, COMPETITION, LAISSEZ FAIRE, FREE CHOICES, IN EVERY SPHERE

VOTING: Voting spreads self-delusions among the voters as well as among those voted into office. It does not spread sound knowledge, ideas, principles and practices, but, rather, popular errors, prejudices and mistakes. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting supports politicians, bureaucrats and other vested interests and monopolies and not our rights, liberties, interests and security. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: voting today is the means whereby one group of voters help themselves to the property of another.” - Robert Howard and John Singleton: "Rip Van Australia", p.263.

VOTING: Voting turns all of us into captive people. - JZ, 24.3.03. And some of us into “kept” people. – JZ, 2.7.13.

VOTING: Voting upholds the pretence that real voting takes place and is allowed. - JZ, 30.7.82.

VOTING: Voting within a system of mutual oppression, domination and exploitation, however temporary and limited, is still wrong. - 2.3.96. - Already Bastiat characterized these institutions as "mutual plunder bunds". - JZ, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Voting won't solve anything rightly and lastingly. On the contrary: Territorial voting brings its own numerous problems and thus leads to resistance, from minor acts to terrorist ones and even civil wars. Based on it dictatorships and tyrannies arise and manage to last for all too long. - JZ, 4.10.98, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Voting would be justified only in communities of volunteers and there it would be least needed because of their basic agreements. - John Zube - FACEBOOK, 12.3.14. – DEMOCRACY, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY & SECESSIONISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM

VOTING: Voting, as permitted or even enforced today, does not expand but limit our individual rights, liberties and choices. We are unfree through this kind of "voting". - JZ, 2.3.96, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Voting, the be all and end all of modern democratic politicians, has become a farce, if indeed it was ever anything else. By voting, the people decide only which of the oligarchs preselected for them as viable candidates will wield the whip used to flog them and will command the legion of willing accomplices and anointed lickspittles who perpetrate the countless violations of the people's natural rights. Meanwhile, the masters soothe the masses by assuring them night and day that they -- the plundered and bullied multitudes who compose the electorate - are themselves the government. - Dr. Robert Higgs - Bastiat Institute – Facebook, 28.10.13

VOTING: Voting: A sharing-the-loot game. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Voting: A substitute for prayer.” – “Wahl = Gebetsersatz.” - Siegfried Schwenke, 5.12.86.

VOTING: Voting: The ever hopeful act of expecting the impossible from the incapable or a rightful result from wrongful actions or a beneficial result from irrational actions, or construction from a destructive device. - JZ, 7.6.04.

VOTING: Voting: The only valid vote is an invalid or informal ones. All the others do not really count. The only vote still more valuable would be an individual vote sufficient for individual or group secession and exterritorial autonomy. All the others get lost in the messes of territorial politics and its man-made and inherent disasters. - JZ, 3.3.03. - INFORMAL VOTING, TERRITORIAL POLITICS AS USUAL

VOTING: Voting? For territorial politicians? I vote only against all such quacks. – JZ, 24.3.07, 21.4.09.

VOTING: Voting? Rather full individual consumer-sovereignty towards all political, social and economic services and prices or subscriptions for them. If these services are really so important, as is usually assumed, then they should be competitively supplied rather than monopolistically. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: Warning signs, stating "Hazardous Area" were seen within the election booth area in Berrima on 4.10.98. Very suitable - no matter who you vote for or against. - JZ, 4.10.98.

VOTING: Was there ever a quite honest election? At least the slogans and promises of the candidates were dishonest, if not the vote counting as well. – JZ, n.d. – Q. – HONESTY, LIES, PROMISES

VOTING: We anarchists recognize the inherent defects of the ballot, and yet, as defective as it is, can it not be utilized by us to advance the principles of liberty?" As the years went by, however, it became progressively more evident to him that it was futile to place any hope in the machinery of representative democracy.” - W. O. Reichert, "Partisans of Freedom", p.322, on Joe Labadie, a contributor to Tucker's LIBERTY, from Jan. 1888.

VOTING: We are all now under what Burke called 'the hoofs of the swinish multitude’." - G. B. Shaw, "Man and Superman", p.23. - UNIVERSAL FRANCHISE, THE RIGHT TO VOTE, FREE & EQUAL VOTES

VOTING: We are prevented from exercising our economic vote ..., for the simple reason that free choice has been pushed aside by political decree. - In advocating a voters' boycott, we are referring to the political vote. We oppose voting, not because we want people to have less say in their own affairs, but because we want them to have more say.” - Sy Leon, "None of the Above", p.72.

VOTING: We are reduced to voting men into power over us. As far we are disfranchised! To call this the franchise or the right to vote is an inexcusable misnomer. - JZ 1/72, 3.8.78, 11.5.14.

VOTING: We are still surrounded, suppressed and enslaved by savages. But now they hide their attacks on our basic rights and liberties behind their legalized and secret votes on our rights, liberties, property and fate. - JZ, 15.8.95, 8.4.11. – FOR SAVAGES VS. SOMEWHAT ENLIGHTENED & CIVILIZED PEOPLE

VOTING: We are supposed to be ruled by our consent only. But how can we speak of consent when practically only two or three parties have any chance to win the election and when all three merely package deals containing numerous points we disagree with? You may like the external policy, or part of it, of the one, and the internal policy, or part of it, of the other. How, then, can one rationally vote for either? Only the separation of interests allows their satisfaction. The suggestion to start a new party is largely futile also. It might succeed - but most likely only in another 20 - 50 years. No, consent is supposed to exist now. The "consent" by majorities in communities held together by a type of conscription (involuntary membership in the nation) cannot satisfy the very diverse individual aspirations. Only voluntary State membership would permit that and it would require exterritorial autonomy or personal law organization. - JZ, 5.6.04, 8.4.11. – CONSENT, DEMOCRACY, PARTY SYSTEM, CHOICE, CONSUMER SOVEREIGNTY, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: We can vote for WHO we want, but not for WHAT we want. And the WHAT is what is important.” - Zechariah Chafee, LIBERTY, Summer 1974.

VOTING: We deserve what we got. Our system of "One man one vote" has put our government into the hands of the wage-earners, the least enterprising and the least successful of our people, however honest and hard-working these wage-earners may be, and however much their ranks are swelled by our foolish monetary laws which prevent the capable among them from raising themselves out of the wage-earning class. Inevitably, these workers have listened raptly to those who told them that the wage-earners alone create the wealth of the country. By their votes, the wage-earners have so taxed the successful classes that the country is not earning its living, and has to go cap-in-hand begging from the IMF.” - Henry Meulen, THE INDIVIDUALIST, 4/77, p.15.

VOTING: we do not want so-called universal suffrage, since we cannot get away from our own personal sovereignty, and cannot make ourselves accomplices in the crimes committed by our so-called representatives.” - "Manifesto of the Anarchist International", in E. V. Zenker, "Anarchism", 288-290.


VOTING: We have all been disfranchised regarding our most important vote, that of individual secession from the State and that to join or establish our own and only exterritorially autonomous communities of volunteers, whether statist, libertarian or anarchistic ones, under whatever programs we would prefer for them. – JZ, 13.3.96, 11.1.99. - INDIVIDUAL SECESSION & DISFRANCHISEMENT

VOTING: We have already achieved an 'overkill' production of laws. (*) Thus why vote for politicians to produce still more? That is as absurd as producing still more nuclear anti-people "weapons" or B or C mass murder devices. Only one "parliamentary" institution we should still vote for, namely, an institution for law REPEAL. It would have no other authority than to repeal laws and regulations and the MP who submitted most successful law repeal proposals should be honored most and become automatically president, prime minister or premier for the year. - JZ 21.11.82. – (*) and of “defensive” strength. See MAD: “Mutual Assured Destruction” as a supposedly sufficiently deterrent policy. Madmen cannot be deterred nor can accidents be avoided. – JZ, 11.5.14. – NWT, LAWS, LAW REPEALS, STATISM, TERRITORIALISM, WARFARE STATES

VOTING: We must husband the great reservoir of tolerance in our people ... not waste it trying to do by legal compulsion what we can do as well or better by voluntary means." - Milton Friedman. TOLERANCE, VOLUNTARISM, EXTERRITORIAL AUTONOMY, PANARCHISM, LAWS, COMPULSION, TERRITORIALISM

VOTING: We should begin to see that the mere fact that millions vote for something they do not understand, gives no right to impose that falsely-founded aim upon a helpless minority.” - Ernest Benn, Modern Government, p.243.

VOTING: We should not vote anyone IN but, instead, vote all the rascals OUT. - JZ, 9.12.71. – The whole territorial system should be voted out. Last century alone, even without its war dead and cripples, it has cost the lives of over 200 million people according to the extensive online statistics of Prof. Rudolf Rummel, who is, however, not yet a panarchist but still thinks that territorial democracies are good enough alternatives to territorial totalitarian States. – JZ, 21.4.09. – MASS MURDERS, DEMOCIDE, NWT

VOTING: We should only be free to decide our own fate, not that of others. That makes territorial voting and conventional democracies and republics wrong. Their voting disfranchises all of us regarding many of our own affairs. – JZ, n.d.

VOTING: We should vote to abolish voting and let each proceed at his own risk and expense in any direction he or she prefers. – JZ, n.d. & 11.5.14.

VOTING: We would be told, most emphatically, that by not voting we would be turning government over to ‘rascals’. Probably so; but do we not regularly vote ‘rascals’ out? And after we have ousted one set, are we not called upon to oust another crew at the next election? It seems that rascality is endemic in government. …” - Frank Chodorov, Out of Step, p.46. - Let us have the most decisive free individual vote, that of individual secessionism! – JZ, 17.9.08. - GOVERNMENT, POLITICIANS, ELECTIONS, REPRESENTATIVES, PARLIAMENTS, STATISM, PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE

VOTING: We'd all like t'vote fer th'best man, but he's never a candidate.” - Kin Hubbard, The Best of Kin Hubbard, part 1, p.14 (1984). The sayings of Abe Martin, Hubbard's rural sage, appeared from 1904-1930 in many newspapers. - Really good and informed men are wise enough not to go into statist and territorial politics. – Problems are not recognized or solved by voting, either. - JZ, 31.10.08, 11.5.14. – POLITICIANS, CANDIDATES, ELECTIONS, DEMOCRACY, JOKES, LEADERSHIP, RULERS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS

VOTING: We're in a position where half the people in America work for a living and the other half vote for it.” - William E. Simon.

VOTING: We've been conditioned to believe that we have total incompetence in all areas except those relating to the selection of our masters." – Robert LeFevre: in LEFEVRE'S JOURNAL, Summer 74.

VOTING: What a terrible illusion that you could, with one vote among 5-200 millions, contribute considerably towards pursuing your own interests and protect your own rights, that nationalized property in some way or the other belongs to me and gives genuine responsibilities. - Interests and rights, to be effective, must be individualized, not collectivized. - JZ, 4.6.04. – ILLUSION, DELUSION

VOTING: What are the chances that a voter with specific positions on 91 issues will be able to find a candidate that even approximates his mix?” - Bruce Earnhart, "NOMOS", 11/12/87. - POLITICIANS & REPRESENTATION, Q.

VOTING: What are these rights which - as we must assume, if the world is not to be given over to a blind, trackless, moral confusion - each possesses? Must they not be rights, in the case of each person, over his own body and mind? Is it possible to suppose, without absurdity, that a man should have no rights over his own body and mind, and yet have a 1/10 000 000-th share in unlimited rights over all other bodies and minds?” - Auberon Herbert, Mack ed., p.202.

VOTING: What choice is there between e.g. liberal socialists and socialist liberals? - JZ, 10/72

VOTING: What could be more appealing than a political agenda that promises: 'If you vote for us, we will make sure other people pay for benefits that will not cost you any contribution, work or worry.'?” - Christian Michel. - ELECTION CAMPAIGNS, POLITICS, POLITICIANS, SOMETHING FOR NOTHING, POLITICAL GAMBLING OR LOTTERY

VOTING: What do we do with people who don't vote? - Allow them not to join the government game or religion and rather freely vote on or decide their own affairs, playing their own favorite game, not that of others. - JZ 30.7.82, 30.11.87. – PANARCHISM, POLYARCHISM, COMPETING GOVERNANCE, VOLUNTARISM

VOTING: What genuine individual rights and liberties were ever gained by political voting rather than restricted or postponed by it? - JZ, 8.4.11.

VOTING: what has long been charged to voter apathy was simply an intelligent choice, a personal decision that the exercise of politics only made things worse.” - Donald M. McLean, FREEDOM TODAY, 10/75. - Certainly not in all cases, but in some or even most cases. - JZ, 1/12.87. -

VOTING: What has modern civilization, with its "rule of law", its giant industrial enterprises, its "representative democracy," brought? Nuclear missiles, already aimed and ready for the destruction of the world, and populations - literate, well-fed, and constantly voting - of a mind to accept this madness.” - Herbert Read, "Anarchy & Order", XVI. – NWT, MAD: MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION, PEOPLES, NOT TYRANTS AS TARGETS

VOTING: What if we began to understand the voting process as an integral part of a suicide mission undertaken on behalf of a system that is destroying our lives