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ABEBOOKS, The local Abbey's Bookshop, in Bowral, NSW, Australia, claimed in a notice that would offer the largest choice on the Internet.  A combined list of thousands of books by authors seems to be: - So, if you want to continue with your addiction to print on paper ... - J.Z., 15.7.04.

ABU (Association des Bibliophiles Universels), - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.


ACKERMANN, ROBERT JOHN, Nietzsche: A Frenzied Look at   Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04

ACKERMANN, WERNER, The Cosmopolitan Union, only one page, but a very important one. In German and French on  and in English and Italian on  This is probably still the shortest panarchistic platform and provides interesting details on the practicability of panarchies that are exterritorially autonomous social units and have only voluntary members.

ACTON, H. B., The Illusion of the Epoch: Marxism-Leninism as a Philosophical Creed, 1955, OLL, 1.3 MB.

ACTON INSTITUTE,   An Institute for the study of Religion and Liberty, under the name of Lord Acton. Go to  for short biographies of central characters in the history of classical liberalism. - GPdB.

ACTON, JOHN EMERICH EDWARD DALBERT, LORD - Lecture 13: The English Revolution, 1899, OLL, 36 KB.

ACTON, JOHN EMERICH EDWARD DALBERT, LORD, Lectures on Modern History, 1906, OLL, 808 KB.

ACTON, JOHN EMERICH EDWARD DALBERT, LORD, Lectures on the French Revolution, 1910, LF edition, OLL, 776 KB.

ACTON, JOHN EMERICH EDWARD DALBERT, LORD, The History of Freedom and Other Essays, 1907, OLL, 1.5 MB.


ACTON, JOHN EMERICH EDWARD DALBERT, LORD,  Review of Gustave de Molinari's Course of Political Economy (1864)

ADAMS, HENRY, Democracy,  H. Holt and Company, 1880, 374 pages.

ADAMS, JOHN, A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law, 1765, OLL, 76 KB.

ADAMS, JOHN, Novanglus, or, A History of the Dispute with America, 1774, OLL, 784 KB.

ADAMS, JOHN, Revolutionary Writings, 1763-1779, OLL, 1.7 MB.

ADAMS, JOHN, The Independence of the Judiciary, 1773, OLL, 180 KB.

ADAMS, HENRY, The Education of Henry Adams,  An Autobiography, 1907. LftF CD. Adams called himself a conservative and Christian anarchist. Good in criticism of governments but does not offer a liberation program. - J.Z.

ADAMS, SAMUEL, Rights of the Colonists at (1772)

ADLER, MORTIMER JEROME & CAIN, SEYMOUR, Ethics: the Study of Moral Values,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04. 

AFTER ALL, liberty blog mentioned by FREEMAN, LIBERTARIAN CRITTER.

AGAINST INTELLECTUAL MONOPOLY, by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine, January 2008,


AGAINST MONOPOLY, Defending the right to innovate.
See also RIGHT TO CREATE for a blog against patents monopolies,

AGAINST POLITICS,  site recommended by the Molinari Institute. It has as a subset a long list of titles on polycentric law or competion in the provision of justice services.


AHIMSAZINE, The voice of Anarcho-Pacifism.

ALBERDI, JUAN BAUTISTA, La Omnipotencia del Estado es la Negación de la Libertad Individual, 1880, in Spanish,

ALEMBERT, JEAN LE ROND D', The Analysis of the Spirit of Laws, 1777, OLL, 44 KB.

ALCHIAN, ARMEN A., The Intellectual Portrait Series: A Conversation with Armen A. Alchian, OLL.

ALEX CATALOGUE OF ELECTRONIC TEXTS, Collection of public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy. 

ALEXANDER, HARTLEY BURR, Liberty and Democracy  Marshall Jones company, 1918, 229 pages. - I do not know whether this author has given the title the treatment it deserves. Nor can I check out all interesting titles by myself. - J.Z., 25.12.05.

ALIBRIS, Computerized book dealer, offering over 40 million used and new books. May be helpful if you look for a rare title that you may and want to digitize:

ALLEN, GRANT, Personal Reminiscences of Herbert Spencer (1894)


ALSTYNE, WILLIAM VAN, The Second Amendment and the Personal Right to Arms, 14pp, © 1994 DUKE LAW J. : 43 Duke L.J. 1236-1255 (1994), in PP 1685/86: 128.

ALTHUSIUS, JOHANNES, Politica, 1614, OLL, 781 KB.

AMERICAN ATHEIST MAGAZINE, THE, The American Atheist Magazine is on the web! Check out select articles from current and back issues, as well as special web-only content. Visit


ANARCHISM, Che cos'è l'anarchismo [July 2005] Una presentazione dell'anarchia con numerose citazioni. - GPdB.


ANARCHISM.NET, since 1999, lists "Anarchism 'Must Reads" as well as anarchist webbed books, a so far only short list, that I have today included here. - It also cooperates with 3 freedom bookshops (AK Press, Laissez Faire Books & and Loompanics & wants suggestions for more books, presumably also for its "Web-Based Free Reads", just what I try to compile here. - J.Z., 12.12.05.) Listed as resource by the Molinari Institute.

ANARCHIST AGE WEEKLY REVIEW: It has recently announced that all of its 750 back issues, mostly only 4 A4 pages, partly in very small print, will be available online within a few weeks: - - P.O.B.. 20 Parkville, Vic. 3052, Australia. Tel.: (03) 8508 98 56 - 24 hr. Message Centre, Fax: (03) 9482-4371. Weekly radio program on the net. Its leftist bias is shown by the sub-line: “An Anarchist Society is a voluntary non-hierarchical society based on the creation of social and political structures which allow all people equal decision-making power and equal access to society’s wealth.” The only open-mindedness that I have ever noticed in this previously only printed and, partly, micro-fiched (by me) newsletter are the short entries on all the printed matter that they have received during the last week. Just another one of many left-anarchist and dogmatic sects - is my impression of it - for the last few decades. - I doubt that they will ever change their “party line”. - J.Z., 14.7.07.

ANARCHIST BIBLIOGRAPHIES, A Comprehensive Anarchist Bibliography 
Also: Bibliography for Anarchist FAQ


ANARCHIST ENCYCLOPAEDIA, See: ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA - A GALLERY OF ANARCHISTS & POETS, SAINTS & SINNERS, MOVEMENTS & EVENTS, A - Z, also called: THE DAILY BLEED'S ANARCHIST ENCYCLOPAEDIA, Home Page & same samples of entries, 62pp, in PP 1739: 1. - It’s A - Z list offers just links and some abstracts to more detailed pages of its own or other web pages. - Entries by personalities rather than ideas. But an excellent beginning of an anarchist online encyclopaedia.

ANARCHIST FAQ, "Monumental compendium on anarchist history, theory and practice. Many hundreds of pages. The bibliography alone is incredible." - But do compare it with the individualistic and libertarian ANARCHIST FAQ that BRYAN CAPLAN compiled, one which I do much prefer to the above of the dogmatic and even somewhat authoritarian leftist anarchists, with no real knowledge of and interest in economics. - J.Z., 17. 8. 06.


ANARCHIST LIBRARY, - "Varied assortment of odds and ends, some quite fascinating, with a fair amount of individualist and mutualist stuff."



ANARCHIST THEORY FAQ,  An interesting summary of anarchist theory by Bryan Caplan. - GPdB. - So far, I think, the only anarchist FAQ really worth reading. The other attempts are still mired in ancient dogmas and misunderstandings as well as wrong premises. - J.Z., 5.1.06.

ANARCHO-CAPITALISM, Anarcho-Capitalism: An Annotated Bibliography by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

ANARCHY ARCHIVES, An Online Research Center on the History and Theory of Anarchism, Bright but Lesser Lights. A Collection of Other Prominent Anarchists: links to 44 anarchist writers, 1999, 1p, in PP 1695: 185.

ANARLIVRES, @narlivres Site bibliographique des ouvrages anarchistes ou sur l'anarchisme en français.

ANDERSON, BENJAMIN M., Effects of the War on Money, Credit and Banking in France and the United States,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.

ANDERSON, TERRY & HILL, P, J.,  An American Experiment in Anarcho-Capitalism: The Not So Wild, Wild West (PDF file)

ANDREW, JOHN A., (John Albion), The Errors of Prohibition,  Ticknor & Fields, 1867, 148 pages.

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, 1812-1886:  Another bibliography

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, with JAMES, HENRY, SR. & GREELY, HORACE,  Love, Marriage, and Divorce  1853

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL,  Primary Synopsis of Universology (1871) [not yet complete]

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL, The Primary Synopsis of Universology and Alwato   D. Thomas, 1871, 224 pages.

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL,  Principles of Social Freedom (1871 - with Victoria Woodhull)

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL,  The Dinner Party (1852)

ANDREWS, STEPHEN PEARL,  The Science of Society (1851-52) [not yet complete]

ANGELL, NORMAN, The Great Illusion, A Study of the Relation of Military Power in Nations to the Economic and Social Advantage (1911 edition)

ANONYMOUS, A Defence and Explanation of Montesquieu's The Spirit of Laws, 1777, OLL, 124 KB.

ANONYMOUS, Democracy with a small "d", 1962.  It is also offered in Italian. (I had previously microfiched & digitized it in PEACE PLANS 15.)

ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, THE, July 02,  A list of libertarian and anti-authoritarian figures with some biographical information. - GPdB.

ANTI-STATE.COM,  Resource mentioned by Molinari Institute.

ANTIWAR.COM, (The Best in Antiwar News, Views and Events)

ANTON, KARL GOTTLOB VON, Essai sur l'historie de l'Ordre des Templiers,  De Mortier frères, 1840, 162 pages. (This book might contain interesting details on their exterritorial autonomy and on their extensive trading operations, settled by clearing rather than coin transfers. J.Z., 25.12.05).

ANY TIME NOW, A Newsletter of Social Anarchism


APPERSON, G.L., English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases  (Over 14 000 such titles remain to be perused in search for "Slogans for Liberty"! - J.Z.)  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.

APPLETON, HENRY,  Anarchism, True and False (1884)

APPLETON, HENRY,  The Boston Anarchists  (1886) From Tucker's LIBERTY.

ARENDT, HANNAH, Hannah Arendt organization,
Hannah Arendt [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]

ARGUMENT MAPPING, Search the Web under "argument mapping" + "Paul Monk" to find some new and electronic tools and their explanation, to clarify and develop e.g. libertarian ideas and teachings, much more effectively than by page by page and book by book presentations. I shortly described the paper equivalent in my two peace books. But the method has still older pioneers. With electronic programs the otherwise laborious process can be very much speeded up - and the results spread very widely. Widespread use of it could be as revolutionary for all sciences as was the invention of the printing press. - J.Z., 20. 8. 06.

ARISTOPHANES, Lysistrata, 411 BC, pro-peace comedy, in which women go on sex-strike against their warrior husbands and boyfriends.

ARISTOTLE, Constitution of Athens, 320s BC, OLL, 168 KB.

ARISTOTLE,, a collection of links to his online texts. Also online in 2 editions:

ARISTOTLE, Politics, A Treatise on Government, 350 BC, Translated by Benjamin Jowett, The Library of the Future CD. - Gutenberg Project brings another translation by William Ellis. - OLL: The Politics, vol. 1, 320s BC, 1.1 MB., vol. 2, 2.8 MB.

ARISTOTLE, Posterior Analytics, 4th C. BC, OLL, 260 KB.

ARISTOTLE, The Athenian Constitution: The Eudemian Ethics; on Virtues and Vices,  edited by RACKHAM, H., Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04. 328 B.C. Also in: The Library of the Future CD, Translated by Sir Frederic G. Kenyon. - The Athenian Constitution, by Aristotle, trans. by Frederic G. Kenyon (HTML at Internet Classics) Also: The Athenian Constitution, by Aristotle, trans. by Harris Rackham (HTML at Perseus)

ARISTOTLE, The Nicomachean Ethics, 4th C BC, OLL, 784 KB.

ARMAND, EMILE, An introduction to the life of Emile Armand followed by: Anarchist Individualism as Life and Activity, 1907,

ARMAND, EMILE, Our Demands as Individualist Anarchists, 1945, 

ARMENTANO, D. T., The Political Economy of William Graham Sumner: A Study in the History of Free-Enterprise Ideas, PhD Dissertation, 1966:

ARRESE, JULIAN, Descentralización Universal, ó, el fuero vascongado   Libreira de Victoriano Suarez, 1873, 281. - The first two words form an intriguing title, but I do not know Spanish and thus cannot decide whether it has been sufficiently dealt with. J.Z., 25.12.05.

ASHBY, W. ROSS, Cybernetics & Requisite Variety, 1956,

ASHLEY, W.H., W. J. (William James), The Progress of the German Working Classes in the Last Quarter of a Century,  Longmans, Green, 1904, 164 pages.

ASHLEY, W.J., (William James), The Tariff Problem,  P.S. King & Son, 1903, 210 pages.

ATHENA, (Switzerland)  - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

ATLANTIC MONTHLY, Review of Letters on the United States and Canada (1877) - Hints to Molinari.

ATLAS ECONOMIC EDUCATION FOUNDATION, It offers a first libertarian ideas CD: File: CD Ideas for a Free Society.


AUDEN, W.H., Culture and Leisure, 1966, 


AURELIUS, Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, editor: George Long, Gutenberg Project.

AURELIUS, Selbstbetrachtungen, by Marcus Aurelius, ed.: Alexander von Gleichen-Russwurm, Gutenberg Project.

AURELIUS, Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius, Gutenberg Project.

AURELIUS, The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, 175 AD, translated by George Long, The Library of the Future, CD.

AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS, The Foundations of Modern Austrian Economics, by various authors, 1976, OLL, 546 Kb.


AUTONARCHY, Beyond Capitalism, Socialism, Anarchism: Autonarchy, the Ultimate Democracy, 18 pp, 1996, in PP 1717: 118, author not named.

AXELROD, ROBERT, The Evolution of Cooperation, see materials at:

AYAU, MANUEL, The Intellectual Portrait Series: Una Conversacion con Manuel Ayau, 2001, OLL.

BABELOT, Multilingual Catalog of online textual resources, - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

BACKER, LOUIS de, Le droit de la femme dans l'antiquité - A. Claudin 1880172

BACKHAUS, PROF. DR. JUERGEN G., Constitutional Causes for Technological Leadership: Why Europa? Independent Institute Working Paper Nr. 39, August 01, 28 pages, -, explaining why European decentralization since the 17th century put Europe ahead. How much more would Europe have advanced under exterritorial or panarchistic decentralization? - J.Z., 24.7.07.

BACKUS, C. K. (Charles K.), The Contraction of the Currency  Honest Money League of the Northwest, 1878, 64 pp. - It might be of interest from a monetary freedom point of view. At least it should have opposed legal tender for silver coins whose silver metal market value had depreciated below their nominal legal tender value. - J.Z.

BACON, FRANCIS, Thoughts that Breathe and Words that Burn, E.Stock, 1893 206 pp.

BACON, FRANCIS, The Essays Or Counsels, Civil and Moral, and Wisdom of the Ancients Oxford Clarendon press

BACON, FRANCIS, The Works of Francis Bacon,  Printed for Baynes and son, 1824.

BACON, FRANCIS, SIR, The New Atlantis, Project Gutenberg. - In this book he was either the first or one of the first people who proposed something like an ideas archive or central information service. - J.Z., 6.12.05.

BACON, FRANCIS, SIR, Novum Organum, 1620, OLL, 676 KB.

BACON, FRANCIS, SIR, The Advancement of Learning, 1605, OLL, 1.1 MB.

BAD BROADSIDE # 8, Voting Anarchists: Oxymoron or What?

BADCOCK, JOHN, Jr., Slaves to Duty, 1894, London,

BADHWAR, NEERA K., Is Virtue only a Means to Happiness? An Analysis of Virtue and Happiness in Ayn Rand's Writings, 25pp, LIBERTY, March 98, ©, in PP 1682: 128.

BACKER, LOUIS de, Le droit de la femme dans l'antiquité 52TjpT1rA6MC A. Claudin 1880172

BAGEHOT, WALTER, Lombard Street: A Description of the Money Market, 1873, OLL. I think it is also available in plain text in the Gutenberg Project.

BAGEHOT, WALTER, The Postulates of English Political Economy, 1885, OLL, 3 MB.

BAKER, GEORGE H., Review (1887) of Gustave de Molinari's In Panama (1887)

BAKUNIN, MICHAEL, COLLECTED WORKS, on 1 CD-ROM, featuring all his known texts as images and as text files, in both the original versions and, whenever applicable, in French translation. Price: €452. Information and orders:  This hint came from website of the IISH in Amsterdam, one of the institutes that had collaborated in this CD-ROM production.  Now the anarchist international movement should provide a much cheaper edition on one CD-ROM. Then, finally, an effort to provide ALL anarchist writings cheaply and permanently, at least in this format. But will it bother? -  J.Z.

BAKUNIN, MICHAEL, Various Works See: ANARCHIST LIBRARY, MICHAEL Bakunin, 1814-1876, 1p, with links to 10 of his essays, in PP 1706: 1. - URL list on sheet 7!

BAKUNIN, MICHAEL, God and the State,

BAKUNIN, MICHAEL, Marxism, Freedom and the State, selections of B.'s critique of Marxism,

BAKUNIN, MICHAEL, What Is Authority? 1871, 1882,  ( Also there in French.

BANK OF WISDOM, Some of their titles may be of interest to libertarians. - By now it offers at least 16 CDs of non-religious enlightenment contributions - J.Z., 20. 7. 07

BANKING & INTEREST ON CURRENT DEPOSITS, New York (N.Y.). Committee of Bank Officers, Report on the Subject of Paying Interest on Current Deposits, Presented to the Banks in New-York  W.H. Arthur, 1858, 23 pages. This title may be of interest to advocates of free banking. - J.Z.

BARBEYRAC, JEAN, Discourse on the Benefits Conferred by the Laws, 1718, OLL, 124 KB.

BARBEYRAC, JEAN, Discourse on what Is Permitted by the Laws, 1718, OLL, 108 KB.

BARBEYRAC, JEAN, The Judgment of an Anonymous Writer on the Original of this Abridgment, 1718, OLL, 152 KB. (On Leibnitz & Pufendorf.)

BARBON, NICHOLAS, A Discourse of Trade, 1690, 1905 edition, OLL, 88 KB. (Obviously, without the right to secede, Free Traders cannot sufficiently establish Free Trade, lastingly, at least among themselves. - J.Z.)

BARBUSSE, HENRI, Under Fire, Gutenberg Project.

BARDALLIS, DAVID, In Praise of Apathy.

BARNARD, CHARLES, Co-operation as a Business  G. P. Putnam's sons 1881, 234 pp.

BARNETT, RANDY E.,, contains all the work of his that is available online or links to it.

BARNETT, RANDY E., “Pursuing Justice in a Free Society,” Parts One and Two

BARNETT, RANDY E.,  Was Slavery Unconstitutional Before the 13th Amendment? (PDF version)  On Spooner.

BARNETT, RANDY E.,  Randy E. Barnett - Whither Anarchy? Has Robert Nozick justified the State? (pdf) from Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1977

BARRAU, Théod.-H. (Théodore-Henri), Histoire de la révolution française (1789-1799)  L. Hachette et cie, 1881, 536 pp. Alas, the French Revolution, in spite of some inspiring examples, remains, all too much, almost a textbook example on what not to do in a libertarian revolution. - J.Z., 25.12.05.

BARRETT, GEORGE, Objections to Anarchism, 1921, a Freedom Press pamphlet, 32 pages, 

BARRY, NORMAN P., The Tradition of Spontaneous Order, 1982, OLL, 8 MB. - Also: Various Authors: Readers' Forum: Comments on the Tradition of Spontaneous Order by Norman Barry, 1982, OLL, 2.8 Mbs

BARRY, NORMAN P., What's So Good About Democracy?  Ideas on Liberty, May 2003

BARTA, SILAS, Public Goods: Not a Problem. A Study of an Extreme Case

BARZUN, JACQUES, The Intellectual Portrait Series: A Conversation with Jacques Barzun, 2000, OLL.

BARTELBY.COM,  "The pre-eminent internet publisher of literature, references and verse, providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge." - A review in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, of July 17-18, 04, said: "This is not the only literary resource you'll ever need for your studies, but it is a highly useful resource for those wanting to delve into the classics. Use the drop-down menus to navigate your way through the databases on offer. These include reference (including Columbia Encyclopedia, Oxford Shakespeare and World's Orations), verse (from Anthologies through to Yeats), fiction (Anderson to Woolf) and non-fiction (Adams to Woolman), Biographies, quotations and sample works are available on each. The site also provides a free dictionary and thesaurus." - This site may still have to be perused and its libertarian interest titles extracted - for inclusion in this list. - J.Z., 9. 8. 06.

BASTIAT. FREDERIC, Oeuvres completes de Frédéric Bastiat, 7 vols., 1854, OLL, 149 MBs! (A lot of memory for high technology. I reproduced a 6 volume edition, from the 2nd and 4th edition, 1860, 1862, on only 6 microfiche. J.Z.)
Vol. IV, Sophismes économiques et petits pamphlets I (1854)

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Sophisms économiques, I & II, 1854, OLL, 9.3 MB.

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, See: Sheldon Richman’s Bastiat bibliography

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Un mine de ressources sur Frédéric Bastiat et sur sa pensée. - GPdB.

BASTIAT, FREDERIC,  See: for some of his online texts.

BASTIAT. FREDERIC, A Petition, 1845, with a French Original,

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Capital and Interest (1849)

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Economic Sophisms, 1845, OLL, 1.9 Mb.   Economic Sophisms (1845)  Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850), Economic Sophisms (1850)  French journalist's devastating satires about efforts to have government protect powerful interest groups at the expense of everyone else.  The most famous satire is "A Petition" of candlemakers lobbying for protection against their principal competitor, the sun. [Library of Economics and Liberty]

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Essays on Political Economy

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Gratuité du credit, 1850, OLL, 8.6 MB.

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Harmonies économiques, 1850, OLL, 22.8 MB.  ``Harmonies Économiques´´, par Frédéric Bastiat, 1850 - Bastiat a parfaitement compris ce qu'est la Liberté.  Economic Harmonies (1850)

BASTIAT, FREDERIC,  ``La Loi´´, par Frédéric Bastiat, 1850. La Loi, 1850, OLL, 1.9 MB. Also at  There is also an Italian translation. Quite simply, one of the most important and inspiring books ever written about freedom. Written in 1850, It has truly withstood the test of time. It's also on:  and 

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Maudit Argent, 1849, 

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, Selected Essays on Political Economy, 1848, OLL   Selected Essays on Political Economy

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen, 1850, OLL. Also the French original: Ce qu'on voit et ce qu'on ne voit pas. What is Seen and What is Not Seen (1850) also in French at

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, The State, 1848, also in French and Italian, [1848]  L'État: 

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, What Is Free Trade? Project Gutenberg. [Subtitle: An Adaptation of Frederic Bastiat's "Sophismes Éconimiques", Designed for the American Reader]. [Tr.: Emile Walter]   Also at: What is Free Trade?

BASTIAT, FREDERIC, What is Money? (PDF file)

BATISTE, MILTON, Milton Batiste - Frank Chodorov's Love Affair With Anarchism  One is a Crowd, November 9, 2002

BATISTE, MILTON, The Left-wing Anarchism of Malatesta -, December 2, 2002

BAUER, BRUNO, Die bürgerliche Revolution in Deutschland seit dem Anfang der Deutsch-katholischen Bewegung bis zur Gegenwart, <>  G. Hempel, 1849, 590 pp. - First a radical in Stirner's Kreis der Freien, then becoming very conservative. - J.Z.

BAUER, LORD PETER THOMAS, The Intellectual Portrait Series: A Conversation with Lord Peter Thomas Bauer, 2000, OLL.

BAUERLEIN, MARK,  Deconstructing Chomsky,  Reason, April 2005.

BEAUMONT, GUSTAVE DE, Marie: ou l'Esclavage aux États-Unis, 1835, OLL, 13 MB.

BECKER, CARL LOTUS, The Declaration of Independence: A Study on the History of Political Ideas, 1922, OLL, 436 KB. (Confined to territorialist ones, I believe. - J.Z.)

BECKER, GARY S., The Intellectual Portrait Series: A Conversation with Gary S. Becker, 2003, OLL.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON & MEULEN, HENRY, Correspondence, incomplete, on Free Banking by two major writers on Free Banking, booklength:  B.'s only letter exchange conducted in English  - to my knowledge

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON & MEULEN, HENRY, Correspondence, incomplete, on Free Banking by two major writers on Free Banking, booklength:  B.'s only letter exchange conducted in English  - to my knowledge.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, A Summary of the Teachings of the German School on Money: Some Principles of Monetary Theory Represented by Rittershausen, Milhaud, Zander, and others, 7 pages, by Ulrich von Beckerath, Berlin, 1952, translated by John Zube & published as a leaflet in 1977. Peace Plans Text, file: PP41 93-98. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Ambrosius, 1959-62, 106 Kbs., 34 zipped. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an E. ARMAND, 6.5.51, ueber Geldfreiheit, 3 S., Akte: Bth 51 05 06 an Armand.rtf, nur 3 S, aber, wie viele seiner Briefe, schwerwiegend. JZem. - The freedom aspect most ignored by most Anarchists. - 114 Kbs in RTF. J.Z., 26.7.07.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Hans BAER, 135 Kbs., 51 zipped, JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an BUCKENDAHL, 1950, 87 Kbs, 26 zipped. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Burschtyn 1 2 3, in German, 1,753 Mbs, zipped 520 Kbs., Inhaltsverzeichnis 77 Kbs, 27 Kbs. zipped.  - JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Cincinnati Freie Press, in Deutsch, 7.3.51, ueber Desertationsplan, Kriegsgefangenenbehandlung, gerechte Kriegsziele, Kriegfuehrung, Gegenregierungen, Barzahlung, Separatfriedensschluesse, Haager Konvention, Voelkerrecht. - 12 Punkte in 4 Seiten. Auf die richtigen Ideen und Institutionen kommt es an. Alles andere ist zweitranging. - J.Z., 16.2.04. Akte: Bth 51 03 07 Cin Freie Presse Des

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Jochen CLAUS, on Ackermann & Panarchism, 104 Kbs. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an DROEHER, 1945, 89 Kbs., 25 zipped. JZem.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an DUEWAL, 1961-63, in German, 189 Kbs, 56 zipped, JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an EGGERS, 1951/52, 474 Kbs RTF, 58 zipped, JZem.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an FAUCONNET, 1947, 119 Kbs, 35 zipped, JZem


BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an FOERSTER, Dr. E., Wien, 28.8.33, mit Anmerkungen über das Eisenbahngeld, 18 KBs., in my first CD, folder: D FB condensed, file: FBUlrich von Beckerath Anmerkungen ueber Eisenbahngeld. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an GAHLBECK, 1959-1962, 157 Kbs, 42 zipped. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an GRUDE, 345 Kbs, 103 zipped. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Dr. Oswald HAHN, 1960, ueber Geldfreiheit, 209 Kbs RTF, Akte: Bth an Hahn, 60 6 19 & 21, JZem



BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Eva & Hans LIND, 1950-57, 355 Kbs, 99 zipped, JZem.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Walter MEYER, 1950-63, letters, in German mit 2 kurzen Beiträgen ueber Nietzsche und einen ueber Kant, 345 Kbs, 98 Kbs zipped. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an PAGEL, 1961-1963, 377 Kbs, 101 zipped

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Picard 1 to 6, in German, 1,531 Kbs, 491 zipped, JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an PIESCHOTTKA, 1946, 300 Kbs., 83 zipped. JZem.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Rentsch, 1961-63, Letters, in German, 76,5 Kbs, 24 Kbs zipped. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Dr. Fritz RUNGE, Heidelberg, 1943-1959, 7 files, total of 3.81 Mbs RTF, zipped 753 Kbs. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Schinnagel, in German, 1.03 Mbs. in Word, 304 Kbs. zipped. JZem


BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an SCHNEIDER, 1952, 116 Kbs, ueber Geldfreiheit & SPD. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Frau M. VIERKANDT, 1694 Kbs RTF, 332 Kbs zipped. In German, on monetary freedom, peace and social reform. JZem.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, an Walker, 1954, 234 Kbs, 63,5 Kbs zipped. JZ email

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Aphorisms on the Money Problem, a mere 2 pages, but pregnant with meaning, 6 Kbs, translated by John Zube. The German original was 1932 in BANKWISSENSCHAFT. It was previously filmed in PP 587/588. Whole books on money may bring less truthful statements. - J.Z., 13.7.04. JZem.

BECKERATH, ULICH VON, Aphthonius Schema & Geldfreiheit, 8 S., 128 Kbs. Akte: Bth, 64 06 01. JZem   

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Berlin Programm, 1952, 1983, 22 S. Programm der Berliner Gesellschaft von 1952 zur Bekaempfung der Ursachen der Arbeitslosigkeit. Wichtig ueber z.B. Geldfreiheit. Recently digitized together with the Protocols of this Society. English translation, 21 pages, in PEACE PLANS 41, 22 pages, 98 Kbs RTF. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Briefe, eine Zusammenstellung, 9 03, 437 Kbs, 91 zipped. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Collected Writings, mostly in German: PEACE PLANS No 429, , early ones, 55 items from the second microfiche reproducing his writings in a large batch of microfiche, 127 pages, on HD, file PEACE PLANS 429, 997 Kbs. RTF. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Contents list of my 1983 compilation of Bth papers on microfiche. Most of these texts are still only offered in German & I am working on digitizing these and additional papers. But the contents list gives at least an indication of those letters and papers that I had already microfiched then. 1098 Kbs, zipped down to 136. It is a working list, with some items copied and added together at the end for easier comparison with the additional material that I have now on hand. - J.Z., 13.7.04. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Cosmopolitan Republicanism and Tolerance versus Anarchism, 6 panarchist pages in PP 7, to get away from the difficulties with the terms anarchist and anarchism. Not everything that is important has to be presented at book-length. See PEACE PLANS 7. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Die Beseitigung faschistischer Betriebsleiter, 1945, 13 S. bedeutender Artikel ueber freiheitlichen Sozialismus oder Genossenschaftssozialismus, in verschiedenen Formaten als Email attachment von mir: 13 pages, - 318 Kbs, 34 zipped.  JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Die Durchfuehrung der Vorschlaege von Milhaud, 133 Kbs. zipped 634 Kbs. in RTF. For an edited version see: 

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, DRAFT OF CONDITIONS FOR THE NEXT PEACE TREATY WITH RUSSIA, 6 pages on panarchistic, rightful and thus peace promoting war aims. In PEACE PLANS 14, plan 234. JZem     

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Eine Neue Notverordnung, early 30's, 43 KBs, HTML, JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Einige Bemerkungen zu im Jahre 1947 veroeffentlichten Vorschlaegen zur Waehrungsreform, on basic economic rights, especially monetary ones, from PEACE PLANS 589/590 (a collection of PRIVATE human rights declarations, over 100 of them), in German & English, 105 Kbs. RTF, 19 pages. It proclaims 18 such rights, perhaps the longest such rights declaration ever. - J.Z., 14.7.04. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Einige notwendige Ergaenzungen zu den vom Weltbund der Gewerkschaften verkuendeten sieben Grundrechte der Arbeiter, 5 pp, 39 Kbs., 14 02 46 - An important list of seven human rights not yet translated into English, simply because I found it only rather recently. - J.Z., 13.7.04. In PP 590, Supplements. JZem Bth 14 02 46 Human Rights Grundrechte der Arbeiter Ergaenzungen. Also in Bth Briefe Zusammenstellung and Meyer & ueber Nietzsche & Kant.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Free Banking Books, three classical texts that were first reproduced, in several languages, in Prof. Edgard Milhaud's Annals and then reproduced in PEACE PLANS 9-11, are now accessible on : 1.) The Practical Realization of the Milhaud Proposals, 1934, 1935, 1967, 2.) Must Full Employment Cost Money? The Financing of Public Works without Recourse to the Money Market, according to Milhaud's Proposals; with some Remarks on the latter, 1935, 1967, 3.) Public Insurance and Compensation Money. The Possibility of Developing Insurance Facilities in Asia, in Colonies and New Countries, through applying the Milhaud System, together with some Reflections on this System, 1938, 1968. (The German orginal versions are also on that site. The French versions, to the extent that I have them, are so far only on microfiche. - J.Z.)

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Human especially economic rights, ignored by modern authors,  extract from a letter of Bth to Dr. Mann 29 9 57 (full text in early microfiche collection, page 4747, translated 1986 by J.Z. into English, 16 Kbs RTF, 2 pages only, but making 7 important statements. - JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Military Jiu Jitsu or How Chinese Soldiers Determined the Limits of Military Obedience, 1957, 5 pp, translation by John Zube, previously, in English, in PEACE PLANS 16-17. A significant part of a new military science, which should be of interest to libertarians who want to see all peoples liberated without aggressive acts. - Such and related ideas, mainly by Ulrich von Beckerath, are somewhat developed and described together in my two peace books. - This essay is included in:

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Monetary Rights for the Provision of Employment, with the German original of 1956, 11 Kbs., 4 pages only, but very important ones. In PP 589/590. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Muss Arbeitsbeschaffung Geld kosten? 235 Kbs. zipped, unzipped 937 Kbs. An edited version is online at - Also the English translation.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Notes on monetary freedom, written between 1946 & 1959, translated by John Zube, 17 Feb. 1995. Somewhat proof-read: 14.7.04. Only 7 pages but important ones on the Beckerath monetary freedom system. Often he managed to state a lot in a few pages. - J.Z., 14.7.04. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, PEACE PLANS No. 429, 126 S., meist Bth. Beitraege von 1923-1926, 1027 Kbs in Word, 564 zipped. Akte PEACE PLANS 429 last version. JZem.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Protokolle der "Berliner Gesellschaft von 1952 zur Bekaempfung der Ursachen der Arbeitslosigkeit", 299 S., herausgegeben, digitisiert und kommentiert von John Zube, May 2004. Sie behandeln hauptsaechlich Geldfreiheit zur Beendigung der Arbeitslosigkeit. Beckerath war Schriftfuehrer und fuegte seine Kommentare hinzu. 1694 Kbs in Word, 2047 in RTF, also available from me in 3 zipped email attachments, in RTF or Word, which come to 520 Kbs. They should be in my next CD. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Some Remarks to the Social System Explained in my Writings. 7 pages, 57 Kbs, on money, written between 1946 & 1959, translated by John Zube, File: BTHMONEY, JZem.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, The Case for Economic and Political Tolerance as the only sound policy, with notes by John Zube, a short but important pamphlet only. Fbfloppy 1, combined files. All these files, partly listed here, come to 1236 Kbs. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, to CLAUS, JOCHEN, 21.11.1951 on Human Rights, UN, panarchism, tr. by J.Z., 9 Kbs, only 3 pages, but important ones. On my first CD, folder D FB condensed, subfolder: BTHHR11. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, to MEULEN, HENRY, and on Meulen's Free Banking ideas, 9 pages, in my first CD, folder D FB condensed, subfolder Bto&onM 1934, 49 Kbs, RTF. Fundamental on monetary freedom. - JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, to Meyer, 23 12 60, English transl. by JZ. 5 important pages on panarchism & outlawry. Akte: Bth to Meyer transl, 44 Kbs. The German version: Akte: Pan Bth to Meyer 23 12 60. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, To Naumann 23.1.57, 10 important economic and monetary freedom rights points, 13 Kbs txt. 2 pages only, but important ones. JZem

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, TO Dr. WALTER ZANDER, et al, 124 Kbs, 17 pages. JZem.

BECKERATH, ULRICH VON, Versicherung und Verrechnung, 640 Kbs. RTF, 161 Kbs. zipped. See:  -Voller Titel: Oeffentliches Versicherungswesen und Verrechnungsgeld. Die Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten des Versicherungswesens in Asien und besonders Irans bei Anwendung der Grundsätze des Milhaud'schen Zahlungssystems, nebst einigen  Bemerkungen über das System, 1936.

BELL, TOM W.,  Polycentric Law - Polycentric Law in the New Millennium

BELL, TOM, W., The Jurisprudence Of Polycentric Law

BELLEGARRIGUE, ANSELME, works in French  See also Nettlau's and Woodcock's reviews.

BELLIS, GIAN PIERO de, Panarchy - Polyarchy - Personarchy, 2005,  This site brings many more texts by him or others on other files of this site. They are fully and clearly listed.

BELLIS, GIAN PIERO de, Polyarchy, Sources : Selected Texts & Documents (Contents - Comment - Reference to Quotations) A list of printed and digitized texts related to polyarchy and panarchy,with short comments by GPdB, 2007

BEN-DOR, GABRIEL & BENGIO, OFRA, Minorities and the State in the Arab World,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04. (Could be of panarchist interest. J.Z.)

BENNETT, JONATHAN, Locke, Berkeley, Hume: Central Themes,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.

BENSON, BRUCE L.,  Customary Law With Private Means of Resolving Disputes (PDF file)

BENSON, BRUCE L.,  Enforcement of Private Property Rights in Primitive Societies (PDF file)  Bruce L. Benson, Full Title: Customary Law with Private Means of Resolving Disputes and Dispensing Justice - A Description of a Modern System of Law and Order without State Coercion

BENSON, BRUCE L.,  Guns for Protection and Other Private-Sector Responses to Crime (PDF file)

BENSON, BRUCE L.,  Reciprocal Exchange as the Basis for Recognition of Law (PDF file)

BENSON, BRUCE L., The Enterprise of Law: Justice Without the State. This presentation of the well known book.

BENSON, EZRA TAFT, The Proper Role of Government, 1968, 12pp, in PP 1678: 156.

BENTHAM, JEREMY,, a collection of links to his online work.

BENTHAM, JEREMY, An Introduction to the principles of Morals and Legislation,  1789, OLL, 14.9 MB.

BENTHAM, JEREMY, Defence of Usury; Protest against Law Taxes, 1787, OLL, 264 KB.

BENTHAM, JEREMY, A Fragment on Government,

BENTHAM, JEREMY, The Rationale of Reward,

BERGER, GEORGE S., Reforming Deposit Insurance and the Regulatory System, Cato Journal, Fall 1994

BERGER, KARL, Schiller, sein Leben und seine Werke  C.H. Beck, 1906.

BERGER, RAOUL, Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment, 1977, OLL, 1.7 MB.


BERLINER GESELLSCHAFT VON 1952 ZUR BEKAEMPFUNG DER URSACHEN DER ARBEITSLOSIGKEIT, 1740 Kb in WORD, 521 Kb zipped, via email from me, until it is online or on a CD. It concentrated on monetary freedom especially on U. v. Beckerath's ideas on the subject. JZem

BERMAN, HAROLD, Law and Revolution - The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition  Some panarchist relevance, according to "Hans" of liberty ideas.

BERNERI, CAMILLO, Peter Kropotkin: His Federalist Ideas,

BERNERI, CAMILLO, The Writings of Camillo Berneri, A few works by this anarchist thinker, murdered by the Stalinists in Barcelona, 1937,   Biography of Berneri:

BEST, Dr. Oberlandesgerichtspraesident i.R., Darmstadt, Four Law Drafts, 30 pages, From Peace Plans No. 40, translated by John Zube available from John Zube as zipped email attachment, until it is online or on a CD: - Likewise his article: Waehrungsfragen from “SELBSTHILFE” 4. 8. 1934

BHAGWATI, JAGDISH, Free Trade Today,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.


BIBLIO LIBERTAIRE, A vast collection of e-texts in various languages. (textes en Francais) (English texts) (textos en Castillano y en Catalan)

BIBLIOTECA,  - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

BIBLIOTECA DEI CLASSICI ITALIANI,  - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

BIBLIOTECA ITALIANA, (Università La Sapienza -Roma) - see Scrittori d'Italia: Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

BIERCE, AMBROSE, The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce,  1909.

BIERCE, AMBROSE, The Devil's Dictionary, by Ambrose Bierce, in Gutenberg Project.

BIRCH, PAUL, A Critique of Georgism, August 29, 2002,

BJORNEBOE, JENS, A web site about the Norwegian writer

BLACK, BOB, Nightmares of Reason. Black is a left anarchist. He sent me this long book via email attachment. Even zipped it comes already to all too many Kbs. Already the title deters me. All my nightmares arise from lack of reasoning. But if you want to ask for his nightmares:

BLACK, BOB, The Abolition of Work, - Black seems to define "work" only as unpleasant chores to earn a living. - Could all work ever become mere hobby work? Think of the household chores. - J.Z. - [February 2005] I would rather like to see more anarchist explorations of the coop production and autonomous group work options. - J.Z.

BLACK, BOB, The Libertarian as Conservative

BLACK, BOB, The War on Drugs as The Health of the State,

BLACK CRAYON, THE, "The latest welcome addition to the marginalized Tuckerite community. Some great articles and links."

BLEIBTREU, KARL, Die Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig,   Thomas, 1907, 287 pp. - Does it bring details on how some German parts of the French Forces suddenly turned their guns around against the French troops? - J.Z.

BLENNERHASSETT, CHARLOTTA JULIA VON LEYDEN, Frau von Staël, ihre Freunde und ihre Bedeutung in Politik und Literatur  Gebrüder Paetel, 1887, also:  

BLIND, MATHILDE, Madame Roland,  Roberts Brothers, 1886, 318 pp.

BLOCK, WALTER,, contains all the work of his that is available online or links to it.

BLOCK, WALTER, Mises Media,

BLOCK, WALTER, A libertarian case for free immigration. Published in the Journal of Libertarian Studies, Summer 1998.

BLOCK, WALTER, The State was a Mistake, Ludwig von Mises Institute, May 25, 2004

BLUPETE'S LIBRARY,  1p, September 2,000, in PP 1702:  205.  The essays are online, too. Go to:

BOAZ, DAVID, Key concepts of Libertarianism, by David Boaz - 1999 An introduction to libertarianism.

BOAZ, DAVID, Libertarianism. A Primer, Contents List, with links, 7 pp, in PP 16 & 17, 2nd edition:  350. -  Some of Boaz's own essays or chapters in his books come close to panarchism! - J.Z.

BOEHM-BAWERK, EUGEN VON, Capital and Interest: A Critical History of Economic Theory, 1884, OLL, Econlib.  Capital and Interest

BOEHM-BAWERK, EUGEN VON,  Karl Marx and the Close of His System (1896)

BOEHM-BAWERK, EUGEN VON,  The Austrian Economists

BOEHM-BAWERK, EUGEN VON,  The Historical vs. the Deductive Method in Political Economy (1891)

BOEHM-BAWERK, EUGEN VON,  The Origin of Interest (1896)

BOEHM-BAWERK, EUGEN VON, The Positive Theory of Capital, 1884, OLL, Econlib. The Positive Theory of Capital (1888)

BOEHM-BAWERK, EUGEN VON,  The Ultimate Standard of Value (1895)

BOEHM-BAWERK, EUGEN VON,  Value, Cost, and Marginal Utility (1892 - PDF file)

BOÉTIE, ETIENNE DE LA, Politics of Obedience by Etienne de la Boetie:  (Discourse of Voluntary Servitude - title, same URL, at Molinari Institute.) Also at:  Ettienne de la Boetie (1530-1563), Discourse of Voluntary Servitude (1552/1553, published 1574)

BOÉTIE, ETIENNE DE LA, Discours de la servitude voluntaire, 16th C., OLL, 2 MB.

BOÉTIE, ETIENNE DE LA, The Politics of Obedience, 1552-53, transl. by Harry Kurz, for the edition with Rothbard's introduction, 1975,  Rothbard's introd. is also available in html.

BON, GUSTAVE LE, The Crowd, Study of Popular Mind, Gutenberg Project

BON, GUSTAVE LE, The Psychology of Revolution, Gutenberg Project.

BON, GUSTAVE LE,  Psychology of Socialism (1899) (PDF)

BONGIE, LAURENCE L., David Hume: Prophet of the Counter-Revolution, 1965, OLL, 772 KB.

BOOKCHIN, MURRAY, Listen, Marxist! (1971)

BOOKCHIN, MURRAY, To Remember Spain: The anarchist and Syndicalist Revolution of 1936, Essays by Murray Bookchin,   (I found none of his writings of interest to me. - J.Z.)

BOOKCHIN, MURRAY, What Is Social Ecology?

BOOKS-ON-LINE  - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

BOOL, HENRY, Henry Bool's Apology for His Jeffersonian Anarchism (1901),

BORGIUS, WALTER, Dr., Die Schule, ein Frevel an der Jugend, 1930, 1980, finally digitized by me, 450 KB zipped, 1124 KB in WORD. JZem. A review of this book is at 
A translation of this classical anarchist work on freedom in education and against "education" under state management and control is long overdue! - J.Z., 11.9.06.

BOSTON ANARCHIST DRINKING BRIGADE,  Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade  resource hint of Molinari Institute. Excellent individualist anarchist broadsides by Joe Peacott. - Link by

BOUCKAERT, BOUDEWIJN, editor, Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, 2000, 

BOULDING, KENNETH E., The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth, 1966, 

BOURNE, RANDOLPH, 1886-1918, Various Works

BOURNE, RANDOLPH, War is the health of the State, 1918,

BOYDT, JAMES,  From Far Right to Far Left - and Farther - with Karl Hess

BRACTON, De Legibus Et Consuetudinibus Angliae. Bracton on the Laws and Customs of England, attributed to Henry of Bratton, c. 1210-1268, here links only and a 4pp introduction, in PP 1675: 17. etc, since there are various versions offered.

BRADLEY, ROBERT, Market Socialism: A Subjectivist Evaluation (pdf)  Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol. 5, No. 1, 1981

BRALYN,  - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

BRESCIANI-TURRONI, COSTANTINO, The Economics of Inflation: A Study of Currency Depreciation in Post-War Germany Originally published in 1931 in Italian. First English edition 1937, with the second impression 1953 and the third in 1968. Auburn, Ala: Mises Institute, 2007.

BRESIGER, GREGORY,  Laissez Faire and Little Englanderism: the Rise, Fall, Rise, and Fall of the Manchester School, Journal of Libertarian Studies

BREWSTER, LEONARD,  The Impossibility of the State? (PDF file)

BRIGHT, JOHN, Speeches on Questions of Public Policy, Vol. 1. Gutenberg Project.
Also: Speeches on Questions of Public Policy,  Macmillan & co., 1868.

BRISBANE, ALBERT, A Concise Exposition of the Doctrine of Association, Or, Plan for a Re-organization of Society,   J.S. Redfield, 1844, 79 pp. - If the contents were to fulfill the promise of the title, then this might be a forerunner of de Puydt & Molinari. - Alas, my attempts to view and download this texts were in vain. - J.Z., 25.12.05.

BROADCASTS, LIBERTARIAN, RECORDED: see: Liberty InterNet Radio/TV for free playbacks and/or downloads of many of these shows and other things at - Terry Liberty Parker

BROOKS, FRANK H.,  Dyer Lum and the American Anarchist Movement

BROOKS, JOHN GRAHAM, American Syndicalism,  The Macmillan company, 1913, 264 pp.

BROUGH, WILLIAM, The Natural Law of Money, 1896, OLL, 240 KB. (A Free Banking book!) (I micro-fiched the 1894 and 168 pages edition, indexed, in PEACE PLANS 971. - J.Z.)

BROWNE, HARRY, Why Government Doesn't Work, available digitized upon payment of US 9.75. (So many advocates of competition are still afraid of it! The experience of the Mises Institute showed that the free online offer promotes the sale of the printed book! How long will it take for that experience to become widely confirmed and applied? - J.Z., 5.12.05. Which libertarian publishers are at least experimenting with this option? If their worst fears are confirmed then they could always take the text offline again. - A few fans will anyhow scan in a book and share that "pirate" scan with their friends, just as they did before with photocopies. Copyrights don’t work, either. They are a governmental institution! - J.Z., 

BROWN, PAMELA J., Constitution or Competition? Alternative Views on Monetary Reform, 1982, OLL, 7.9 MB in Fac PDF.

BRYCE, VISCOUNT JAMES, The American Commonwealth, 1888, 2 volumes. OLL, 3.5 MB.

BUCHANAN, JAMES M., The Collected Works of James M. Buchanan, 20 volumes, OLL.

BUCHANAN, JAMES M., Cost and Choice: An Inquiry in Economic Theory, 1969, OLL, 452 KB.

BUCHANAN, JAMES M., Democracy in Deficit: The Political Leadership of Lord Keynes, 1977, OLL, 776 KB.

BUCHANAN, JAMES M., Public Finance in Democratic Process: Fiscal Institutions and Individual Choice, 1967, OLL, 1.8 MB.

BUCHANAN, JAMES M., Public Principles of Public Debt: A Defence and Restatement, 1958, OLL, 740 KB. (Both ought to be repudiated, since investments in tax slaves are involved! - J.Z.)

BUCHANAN, JAMES M., The Calculus of Consent: Logical Foundations of Constitutional Democracy, 1962, OLL, 1.5 MB.

BUCHANAN, JAMES M., The Demand and Supply of Public Goods, 1967, OLL, 956 KB.

BUCHANAN, JAMES M., The Power to Tax: Analytical Foundations of a Fiscal Constitution, 1980, OLL, 924 KB.

BUCHANAN, JAMES M., The Reason of Rules: Constitutional Political Economy, 1985, OLL, 976 KB. (Does he prove that they have to be territorial ones??? - J.Z.)

BUCHANAN, JAMES M., The Intellectual Portrait Series: A Conversation with James M. Buchanan, 2001, 2 parts, OLL.

BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS, History of Civilization in England,   D. Appleton and company 1890, and:  Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green, 1866.

BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F., The Dynamic IMP  on Isabel Paterson

BUFE, CHAZ, A Future Worth Living. Thoughts on Getting There, 17 pp, © 1998, in PP 1676: 95.

BUFE, CHAZ, Listen Anarchist! (First published 1988)

BURCKHARDT, JACOB, Judgments on History and Historians, 1929, OLL, 1.3 MB.

BUREAUCRASH, - "An anti-anti-globalization (but not necessarily pro-globalization) website."

BUREAU OF PUBLIC SECRETS, Site Index, 168 pp, n.d., in PP 1612: 116. -  - Watch for what this index and these writings do NOT contain! But I do wish other freedom groups would take their own ideas as writings as serious as this site does. This particular index well reveals the leftist roots of Situationism and its limited horizon. However, it is part of the total freedom discussion. - J.Z., 26.2.00.

BURKE, EDMUND,  Burke Vol. I , Clarendon press, 1885

BURKE, EDMUND,  Burke Vol. II, Clarendon press, 1886

BURKE, EDMUND, Works at The online Library of Liberty

BURKE, EDMUND, Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America. [Subtitle: Edited with introduction and notes by Sidney Carleton Newson]. Project Gutenberg

BURKE, EDMUND, A Vindication of Natural Society, 1757, OLL, 116 KB.   Vindication of Natural Society (1756 - PDF file)

BURKE, EDMUND, Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790, OLL

BURKE, EDMUND, Further Reflections on the French Revolution, 1791-97, OLL, 632 KB.

BURKE, EDMUND, Speech on American Taxation, 1774, OLL, 272 KB.

BURKE, EDMUND, Speech on Moving Resolutions for Conciliation with the Colonies, 1775, OLL, 280 KB.

BURKE, EDMUND, Thoughts and Details on Scarcity, 1795, OLL, 98 KB.

BURKE, EDMUND, Thoughts on Present Discontents, etc., [Ed. & Intro.: Henry Morley]. Gutenberg Project.

BURKE, EDMUND, Thoughts on the Cause of Present Discontents, 1770, OLL, 416 KB.

BURKE, EDMUND, Select Works of Edmund Burke, 4 volumes, 1878 ff, OLL.

BURKE, EDMUND, Selections from the Speeches and Writings of Edmund Burke. Gutenberg Project.

BURKE, EDMUND, Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Gutenberg Project.

BURTLESS, GARY, Globaphobia: Confronting Fears about Open Trade,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.

BURTON, DANIEL C. Libertarian Anarchism: Why it is Best for Freedom, Law, the Economy, and the Environment, and Why Direct Action is the Way to Get it (pdf) Libertarian Alliance, Political Notes 168, 2001. Daniel Burton's individualist site. Good articles, lots of useful links. Libertarian Anarchism (PDF file)

BUTLER, ANN CALDWELL, Josiah Warren and the Sovereignty of the Individual, JLS, Vol. 4, No. 4, 1980 -

BUTLER, NICHOLAS MURRAY, True and False Democracy,  The Macmillan Company, 1907, 11 pages. - Is it of some libertarian interest? - J.Z.

BUTLER, SMEDLEY, Major General, 1933 speech on war as a racket. The full text, 62pp, was microfiched in PEACE PLANS 1161. It's also online at: 

BUTTERBACH.NET, tri-lingual. It brings, among many other texts, the LMP literature lists,  - my father's individualist anarchist manifesto book, my own two peace books:  &  my free banking alphabetical compilation: , a book-length correspondence between Henry Meulen & Ulrich von Beckerath, mainly on Free Banking, Werner Ackermann's COSMOPOLITAN UNION appeal, in German, English & French, my draft on the anarchist spectrum of hyphenated anarchism types and their anarchist opposites and very much more. Alas, the very diverse contents of this and related sites is not yet systematically listed by author, title, subject and length, apart from a general guide to this large website in very general terms. - There are so far three panarchist websites: Christian Butterbach's: , the one of Gian Piero de Bellis:  and my own:  (However, my own is only just large enough to include the first of my LMP literature lists - and three essays in the appendix, with the last of them being presently only reachable through the link in the previous essay, not through the home page.). The others LMP literature lists are on: . - J.Z.

BUTTS, CARTER, Against Intellectual Property, n.d., two pages of links to articles and to related topics like censorship, in PP 1674: 201.

BYLUND, PER, Competition in Private Justice - Strike-the-Root, March 5, 2004

CADET, Félix, Pierre de Boisguilbert, précurseur des économistes, 1646-1714  Librairie Guillaumin, 1870, 442 pp.

CADOUX, JOHN CECIL, The Early Christian Attitude to War, 1919, OLL, 752 KB. (However,  once it became the State religion of territorial warfare States … J.Z.)

CAFIERO, CARLO, Scritti, n.d., in Italian.

CAIRNS, JOHN ELLIOT, The Character and Logical Method of Political Economy, 1861, OLL.

CAIRNS, JOHN ELLIOT, Some Leading Principles of Political Economy Newly Expounded  Harper & Bros., 1874, 421 pp.


CALHOUN, JOHN C., Union and Liberty: The Political Philosophy of John C. Calhoun, 1811-1850, OLL, 1.4 MB.

CALHOUN, JOHN C., A Disquisition on Government, 1850, OLL, 191 KB.  Disquisition on Government (1849)

CALHOUN, JOHN C., A Discourse on the Constitution and Government of the U.S., 1850, OLL 525 KB.

CALLAHAN, GENE, Economics for Real People, 2002, 2004: 

CALLAHAN, GENE,  Private-Property Anarchists and Anarcho-Socialists: Can We Get Along?, January 22, 2003.

CALLAHAN, GENE,  We Need the State… Otherwise, Something Bad Might Happen!

CAMPAN, GAEL J.,  Does Justice Qualify As An Economic Good? (PDF file)

CANNAN, EDWIN, The Application of the Theoretical Apparatus of Supply and Demand to Units of Currency, 1921, OLL.

CANNING, PETER H., a thesis, on free banking, 70 pages. It is excellent and comes only to 155 Kbs. I do not know whether or where it is put online. But if you are interested, you can always ask the author for it, via an email attachment. Written in May 05.

CANTILLON, RICHARD, Essay on the Nature of Trade in General, 1755, OLL, 46,7 MB. On the Nature of Trade (1755)

CANTILLON, RICHARD, Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en General, 1755, OLL, 46.7 MB.


CAPLAN, BRYAN,  Anarchist Theory FAQ His anarchist or anti-left-anarchist FAQ is excellent: He has done in this respect what he could and wanted to do. It is up to others to try to complete the job. - J.Z.

CAPLAN, BRYAN, Bryan Caplan’s articles on anarchist economics

CAPLAN, BRYAN, Bryan Caplan’s articles on anarchist political theory

CAPLAN, BRYAN, From Friedman to Wittman: The Transformation of Chicago Political Economy (pdf)
Economic Journal Watch, Volume 2, Number 1, April 2005, pp 1-21

CAPLAN, BRYAN, Mises and Bastiat on How Democracy Goes Wrong Part I  The Library of Economics and Liberty, November 3, 2003
Bryan Caplan - Mises and Bastiat on How Democracy Goes Wrong Part II  The Library of Economics and Liberty, December 3, 2003

CAPLAN, BRYAN, Bryan Caplan and Ed Stringham’s Networks, Anarcho-Capitalism, and the Paradox of Cooperation (PDF file)

CAPLAN, BRYAN, The Anarcho-Statists of Spain: An Historical, Economic, and Philosophical Analysis of Spanish Anarchism

CAPLAN, BRYAN, The Economics Of Non-state Legal Systems

CAREY, GEORGE W., In Defense of the Constitution, 1989, OLL, 828 KB.

CAREY, HENRY CHARLES, Principles of Social Science,   Trubner, 1858. Also:  &  (Since I was not sure whether they are published digitally or on paper, I have deleted several such entries. Anyhow, I could hardly keep up with Google's output by listing it on my own. - Go to its site for more freedom titles - and help me getting them included in a more and more comprehensive list of pro-freedom titles. - J.Z., 9.1.05.)

CAREY, HENRY CHARLES, The Credit System in France, Great Britain, and the United States  , Carey, Lea, & Blanchard, 1838, 130 pp.


CARLYLE, EDWARD IRVING, William Cobbett,  A. Constable, 1904, 318.

CARLYLE, THOMAS, Complete Works of Thomas Carlyle,  P.F. Collier, 1901, also, ibid, under many other URLs. One has to pick and choose among his writings to find something of libertarian interest. - J.Z.

CARLYLE, THOMAS, Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches: With Elucidations,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04. 

CARLYLE, THOMAS, The French Revolution, Gutenberg Project.

CARMICHAEL, GERSHOM, The Writings of Gershom Carmichael, 19th C., OLL, 2 MB.

CARMICHAEL, GERSHOM, A Short Introduction to Logic, 1722, OLL, 116 KB.

CARMICHAEL, GERSHOM, Synopsis of Natural Theology, 1729, OLL, 296 KB.

CARMICHAEL, GERSHOM, Natural Rights: Observations upon Pufendorf's On the Duty of Man and Citizen, 1724, OLL, 1.2 MB.

CARMICHAEL, GERSHOM, Philosophical Theses, 1699, 1707: 1707, OLL: 216 KB.

CARNEIRO, ROBERT L., Herbert Spencer as an Anthropologist (PDF file)

CARNEY, TIMOTHY P., Big Government Business - The American Spectator, June 30, 2005.

CARNEY, TIMOTHY P., Government is the problem Brainwash, January 30, 2005

CARPENTER, EDWARD, Civilisation,  Swan Sonnenschein, 1889, 156 pp.

CARPENTER, EDWARD, Never Again! Project Gutenberg

CARPENTER, EDWARD, Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin & Meaning., Gutenberg Project.

CARPENTER, EDWARD, The Healing of Nations and the Hidden Sources of Their Strife, Project Gutenberg.

CARRIE, A Full-Text Electronic Library, - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

CARSON, KEVIN A., Austrian and Marxist Theories of Monopoly Capital (another version)

CARSON, KEVIN A.,  Studies in Mutualist Political Economy

CARSON, KEVIN A.,  The Marginalist Assault on Classical Political Economy

CARSON, KEVIN A., A "Political" Program For Anarchists

CASTELOT, E.,  Review of Gustave de Molinari's Fundamental Notions of Political Economy (1891) by Molinari.

CASTELOT, E.,  Review of Gustave de Molinari's Religion (1892) by Molinari.

CATALLAXIA: "Le domaine d'action de l'Institut  ne se limite pas à l'économie, mais s'étend à la redécouverte et à la reformulation des racines philosophiques, juridiques et culturelles, sur lesquelles se fonde la véritable tradition européenne et occidentale des libertés individuelles." - Christian Michel, 2000.


CATO INSTITUTE, [1996] The future of money in the information age, 14th Annual Monetary Conference, May 23, 1996

CD-ROMs, Audio Opportunity for talks: 21 hours on one CD-ROM with a special program. See under: LIBERTY HQ & LIBERTY ROUND TABLE, Virtual Con 1, Nov. 1998, in PP 1682, section 1.

CENTRE FOR INDEPENDENT STUDIES, CIS, Australia, "Policy", its quarterly magazine and its "Issue Analysis" series are both available online. It is one of Australia's classical liberal to libertarian think tanks, one which recently celebrated its 30th. birthday.

CENTER FOR THE MORAL DEFENSE OF CAPITALISM, THE, "Is an ammunition store you can draw from when debating freedom with its enemies." - Christian Michel, 2000.

CENTRE FOR CIVIC SOCIETY, An Indian liberal think tank,

CENTRE for the NEW EUROPE [May 2003]  A wealth of documents worth examining. GPdB.

CENTRO EINAUDI [April 2002]  Un istituto di pensiero liberale in Italia. - GPdB.

CERCLE FRÉDÉRIC BASTIAT: "Site consacré au plus grand économiste français. Tout y est, en français, en anglais, et même en allemand." - Christian Michel, 2000. See also: RIDEAU, F.-R.

CHACKSFIELD, ADAM, Adam Chacksfield - Polycentric Law Versus the Minimal State: The Case of Air Pollution (pdf) - Libertarian Alliance, Political Notes, 76, 199

CHAKRAVERTI, SAUVIK, Hobbes' Mistake - The Rational Case For Anarchy (May 2001)

CHAMP LIBRE, LE: "Offre le point de vue des libéraux « hard » sur l’actualité française." - Christian Michel, 2000.

CHAPPLELL, ROBERT H., Anarchy Revisited: The Public Education Dilemma (PDF file)

CHEVALIER, MICHEL, Des intérêts matériels en France,  C. Gosselin et W. Coquebert, 1838, 440 pp.

CHEVALIER, MICHEL, L'isthme de Panama,  C. Gosselin, 1844 CHEVALIER, MICHEL, 182 pp.

CHEVALIER, MICHEL, Lettres Sur L'Amérique Du Nord,  Société belge de librairie, etc., Hauman, Cattoir et ce., 1837. - Was he enough of a laissez faire advocate to bother about him? - J.Z.

CHEVALIER, MICHEL, Biography of Frédéric Passy

CHEVRILION, ANDRÉ, Sydney Smith, et la renaissance des idées libérales en Angleterre au XIXème siècle,  Hachette et cie, 1894, 418 pp.

CHILDS, ROY A.,  Big Business and the Rise of American Statism , 1971.

CHILDS, ROY, A, Objectivism and The State: An Open Letter to Ayn Rand:  - Also at: Roy A. Childs Jr. - Objectivism and the State: An Open Letter to Ayn Rand  Originally published in 1969 by ISIL - Did R.C. recant this view? If so, how and where? I wrote a similar article in my Peace Plans series. Ayn Rand was really a Panarchist and a Kantian, where it really matters, regarding political, economic and social ideas, not philosophical fine points - in some of her thinking, but without realizing this herself. - J.Z., 15.7.04.

CHILDS, ROY A., The Invisible Hand Strikes Back  (pdf) Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1977

CHINA, Treaties Between the Empire of China and Foreign Powers,  North-China Herald Office, 1902, 332 pp.

CHINA, Treaties, Conventions, Etc., Between China and Foreign States,  ...   Pub. at the Statistical Department of the Inspectorate General of Customs, 1917.

CHIPMAN, NATHANIEL, Principles of Government: a Treatise on Free Institutions  1833, 330 pp. - Free enough institutions? - J.Z.

CHODOROV, FRANK, The Dogma of Our Times

CHODOROV, FRANK, Income Tax: Root of All Evil, 1954, 

CHODOROV, FRANK, Time for Secession:

CHOMSKY, NOAM, Notes on Anarchism,  His introduction to Guerin's: Anarchism: From Theory to Practice.

CHOMSKY, NOAM, See: SPEISER, FRANK, - Lew, March 30, 2005. - I think that N.C. should have stuck to linguistics, to avoid the "barbarism of the specialists." - J.Z., 17. 9. 06.

CHU, KAM HON, Is Free Banking More Prone to Bank Failures than Regulated Banking?, the Cato Journal, vol.16, n.1

CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS, Ethical Writings (On Moral Duties, On Old Age, On Friendship, Scipio's Dream, 1st C. B.C., OLL, 804 KB.

CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS, Letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero, OLL, 34 MB.

CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS, On Friendship (De Amicitia), 44 BC, OLL, 156 KB.

CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS, On Moral Duties (De Officiis), 44 BC, OLL, 468 KB.

CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS, On Old Age (De Senectute), 44 BC, OLL, 156 KB.

CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS, The Orations, 1st C BC, in 4 vols., OLL.

CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS, The Political Works, in 2 volumes, OLL.

CITIES, Acorn’s Nutty Regime for Cities by Sol Stern - City Journal, Vol. 13, No. 2, Spring 2003

CLARKE, ANTOINE, THE MICROPOLITICS OF FREE MARKET MONEY: A PROPOSAL, Libertarian Alliance, London, Economic Notes No. 39, ISSN  0267-7164 ISBN  1 85637 081 X An occasional publication of the Libertarian Alliance, 25 Chapter Chambers, Esterbrooke Street, London SW1P 4NN. (c) 1992: Libertarian Alliance; Antoine Clarke. Also in my first CD under Folders: CIRC folders ... 58 Kbs, with bibliography. Ibid: 1994, 24 Kbs.

CLARK, JOHN, Essentials of Economic Theory - NY: Macmillan Company, 1915 CLARK JOHN BATES, The distribution of Wealth: A Theory of Wages, Interest and Profits, 1899, OLL.

CLARK JOHN BATES,  Review of Gustave de Molinari's Fundamental Notions of Political Economy (1888)

CLARK JOHN BATES, Review (1888) of Gustave de Molinari's Natural Laws of Political Economy (1887)

CLARKE, RANDOLPH, Libertarian Accounts of Free Will

CLARKSON, THOMAS, An Essay on the Slavery and Commerce of the Human Species, Particularly the African, Subtitle: Translated from a Latin Dissertation, Which Was Honoured With the First Prize in the University of Cambridge, for the Year 1785, With Additions. Gutenberg Project.

CLARKSON, THOMAS, The History of the Abolition of the African Slave Trade, 1808, 2 vols., OLL, 33.2 MB. (By 1808 it was not abolished as yet! - J.Z.)

CLASSICS ARCHIVE, THE INTERNET, - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

CLAUSEWITZ, CARL VON, On War, [Volume 1] 1946. Gutenberg Project

CLEARING HOUSES, New York Clearing House Association, Report to the New York Clearing House Association of a Committee Upon Reforms in the Banking Business  W.H. Arthur & Co., printers, 1873, 58 pp. It just might contain some worthwhile data or proposals. - J.Z.


CLEYRE, VOLTAIRINE DE, Anarchism and American Traditions, 1908, Anarchism and American Traditions 

CLEYRE, VOLTAIRINE DE, Direct Action, 1912?   Direct Action

CLEYRE, VOLTAIRINE DE,  Letter to Senator Hawley (1902)

CLEYRE, VOLTAIRINE DE,  Sex Slavery (1890)

CLEYRE, VOLTAIRINE DE,  The Dominant Idea (1910)

CLEYRE, VOLTAIRINE DE,  The Economic Tendency of Freethought (1890)

CLEYRE, VOLTAIRINE DE,  They Who Marry Do Ill (1908)

CLOUD, D. C., Monopolies and the People,  A. Broomhall, 1873, 514 pp. Libertarian enough? - J.Z.

COASE, RONALD H., The Intellectual Portrait Series: A Conversation with Ronald H. Coase, 2002, OLL.

COBBETT, WILLIAM, Paper Against Gold, Or, the Mystery of the Bank of England  John Doyle, 1846, 432 pp. - Worth reading? Too many people believe that there exists a mystery when only they are mystified. - J.Z., 25.12.05.

COBDEN, RICHARD,  Various Works, OLL

COBDEN, RICHARD, Speeches on Questions of Public Policy,  Macmillan, 1870.

COBDEN, RICHARD, 1793 and 1853, in Three Letters, OLL, part I: 244 KB, part II: 128 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, England, Ireland, and America, 1835, OLL, 268 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, How Wars Are Got Up in India. The Origin of the Burmese War, 1853, OLL, 168 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, Russia, 1836, OLL, 372 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, Speech on India, 1853, OLL, 56 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, Speech on the Whig Government, 1851, OLL, 44 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, Speeches on Peace, 1850-53, OLL, 88 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, Speeches on Questions of Public Policy. Vol. 1, Free Trade and Finance, OLL, 1.2 MB, vol. 2, War, Peace and Reform, OLL, 1.4 MB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, Speeches on Free Trade, 1841-1844, OLL, 500 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, Speeches on Free Trade, 1845-1853, OLL, 424 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, Speeches on War, 1854-63, OLL, 328 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, Speeches on Foreign Policy, 1849-64, OLL, 444 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, Speeches on Parliamentary Reform, 1848-59, OLL, 204 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, Speeches on Education, 1851-53, OLL, 116 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, The Political Writings of Richard Cobden, 2 vols. OLL, 1.8 MB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, The Three Panics: An Historical Episode, 1862, OLL, 408 KB.

COBDEN, RICHARD, What Next - And Next? 1856, OLL, 172 KB.

COHEN, BENJAMIN J., Electronic Money: New Day or False Dawn?

COKE, SIR EDWARD, Debates about the Petition of Right, 1628, OLL, 288 KB.

COKE, SIR EDWARD, Institutes of the Laws of England, 1608, OLL, 2.1 MB.

COKE, SIR EDWARD, Selected Writings of Sir Edward Coke, 3 vols., 17th C., OLL, 5.1 MB.

COLBOURN, TREVOR, The Lamp of Experience, 1965, 888 KB.

COLEMAN, WILLIAM MAGRUDER, Economics as a Foundation for a Theory of Government  Evening Post Job Printing Office, 1901, 88 pp. - Did this author give the title the treatment it deserves? And is the viewing and downloading of such Google public domain books already easy enough? - J.Z., 25.12.05.

COLEMAN, WILLIAM OLIVER, Economics and Its Enemies: Two Centuries of Anti-Economics (2002) by William Oliver Coleman. - (The title attracts me. Does the author do justice to it? I don't know yet. - J.Z., 2.1.06.)

COLLIER, JAMES & ROYCE, JOSIAH, Herbert Spencer: An Estimate and Review,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.

COMMONER, THE, The Commoner: A Web Journal For Other Values


COMMUNITY EXCHANGE SYSTEM: Community Exchange System. South African New Economics Network (SANE). A web-based currency exchange platform and network. - I believe in private and cooperative payment communities, local currencies, tax foundation money issued for rate payments etc., but the terms “community currencies” and “community exchange system” may be as much abused as the terms used in connection with the “national currencies”, which are usually monopolistic and coercive as well as collectivistic, i.e. not part and parcel of full monetary freedom. - The fact that such a system is run electronically is also not necessarily a recommendation or guaranty for its soundness. Some electronic system still promise metallic redemption! As if that were required to give an account or an exchange medium a gold weight value. - Paper is patient and so are websites and blogs. - The private  money manipulators, just like the governmental ones, play all too much with mere words to cover up basic flaws of their sytems. At least 90 %, if not 99 % of all such proposed and partly practised systems are unsound, I believe, and only among people not yet monetarily emancipated can they operate for a while, always finding new victims. - J.Z., 25.7.07.

COMPLEXITY,  Papers on complexity  [October 2002]  A series of papers on various domains treating the theme of complexity. - GPdB.

COMTE, CHARLES,  Treatise on Legislation (1826-27) [not yet complete]

COMTE, CHARLES,  Treatise on Property (1834) [not yet complete],

COMPREHENSIVE ANARCHIST BIBLIOGRAPHY, A, Nov. 03, An extensive bibliography with many useful links. - GPdB.

CONANT, CHARLES A., (Charles Arthur), The Principles of Money and Banking  Harper & brothers, 1905. &  Are his money writings good enough to bother about them? - J.Z.

CONANT, CHARLES A. (Charles Arthur) Wall Street and the Country,  G. P. Putnam's sons, 1904, 247 pp.

CONDILLAC, ETIENNE BONNOT DE CARITAT, Œuvres Complètes   1822. - Just one of several URLs to these works that are pointed out by this Google site.    

CONDORCET, JEAN-ANTOINE-NICOLAS DE DE CARITAT, Correspondance inédite de Condorcet et de Turgot 1770-1779,   Charavay frères, 1883, 326 pp. Also at:  

CONDORCET, MARIE-JEAN-ANTOINE-NICOLAS CARITAT, MARQUIS DE, On the Admission of Women to the Rights of Citizenship, 1790, OLL, 2 MB.

CONDORCET, MARIE-JEAN-ANTOINE-NICOLAS CARITAT, MARQUIS DE, Sur l'admission des femmes au droit au cité, 1790, OLL, 364 KB.

CONFUCIUS, The Analects, OLL

CONGER, WALLY,  Rediscovering Left & Right

CONGER, WALLY,  What’s Left?

CONKO & MILLER, Conko and Miller - Some Firms Seek Regulation to Squeeze Out Their Rivals - Investor's Business Daily, May 28, 2004


CONSTANT, BENJAMIN, Catalogue des ouvrages de Benjamin Constant  Also: Oeuvres politiques de Benjamin Constant, Charpentier et cie, 1874, 432 pp.

CONSTANT, BENJAMIN, De la liberté des anciens comparée à celle des modernes, 1819, in French,

CONSTANT, BENJAMIN, Liberty of Ancients Compared With that of Moderns (1819). This was a lecture given by the Swiss-French thinker Benjamin Constant in 1819. The French title is "De la Liberté des Anciens Comparée à celle des Modernes." Alternative dates for it as a printed essay are sometimes given, because Constant had previously used much of the material contained in it. Common attributions include 1812 and 1816.

CONSTANT, BENJAMIN, Principles of Politics Applicable to All Governments, 1815, OLL.

CONSTANT, BENJAMIN, ``Principes de Politique´´ par Benjamin Constant, 1810

CONSTITUTION SOCIETY, "Superlatives fail me. Their Liberty Library has a huge collection of online texts on English constitutional and common law history, as well as a lot of colonial and early U.S. stuff. Includes Coke's Institutes, Tucker's Blackstone, and a big collection of Leveler material. Also many links to other online libraries. Happy digging!"

CONWAY, DAVID, Nozick's Entitlement Theory of Justice: Three Critics Answered (pdf)  Molinary Institute, Libertarian Alliance, Philosophical Notes, 15, 1990

COOPER, CHRIS, Mere Anarchy (pdf) Libertarian Alliance, Personal Perspectives, 01, 1984


COOPERATIVES, The Big Idea: Vision for an Economy Based on Co-operatives

COOPS, Report of the Inquiry on Cooperative Enterprise in Europe, 1937 by Jacob Baker, Leland Olds, Charles E. Stuart, Robin Hood, Clifford V. Gregory, Emily Cauthorn Bates - Questia Library

COPYRIGHTS & PATENTS, Texts in opposition to them, offered online by the Molinari Institute:  See also its excellent online library.

CORNER HOUSE, THE, The Corner House, "First-rate analyses of the overwhelmingly statist regime that the neo-liberals pass off as "privatization" and "free markets."

CORNUELLE, RICHARD, The Intellectual Portrait Series: A Conversation with Richard Cornuelle, 2002, OLL.

CORONA, ROSSANA & GLADE, WILLIAM,  Bigger Economies, Smaller Governments: Privatization in Latin America,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.

COSTER, KAREN DE, (Hint by Benjamin Marks.)

COSTS, The L.S.E. Essays on Cost, by various authors, 1973, 676, OLL Kb.

COTT, T. NORMAN VAN, Voting Booths vs. the  Marketplace,  Ludwig von Mises Institute, Daily Articles, May 14, 2003

COULANGES, FUSTEL DE, The Origin of Property in Land  S. Sonnenschein & co. 1891, 153 pp.
In French:


COURT, PIETER DE LA, The True Interest and Political Maxims of the Republic of Holland, 1662, OLL, 20.1 MB.

COURTHOPE, WILLIAM JOHN, The Liberal Movement in English Literature  John Murray, 1885, 240 pp.

COX, STEPHEN,  A Woman With Impact  on Isabel Paterson.

COX, STEPHEN,  Happy Birthday, Isabel Paterson

COX, STEPHEN,  Representing Isabel Paterson

CRASS, CHRIS,  Organizing for Radical Social Change: Voltairine de Cleyre and Anarcha-Feminism

CRASS, CHRIS,  Voltairine de Cleyre, the Anarchist Tradition, and the Political Challenge


CROOK, CLIVE, Why the New Protectionism Is Both Wrongheaded And Dangerous, National Journal, January 21, 2004

CROOK, MICHAEL, A Brief History and Analysis of Scottish Free Banking, 1716-1845 [2004] 

CULVERWELL, NATHANIEL, An Elegant and Learned Discourse of the Light of Nature, 1652, OLL, 1 MB.

CUMBERLAND, RICHARD, A Treatise on the Laws of Nature, 1672, OLL, 3.5 MB.

CURL, JOHN, History of Work Cooperation in America - "John Curl's history of attempts at self-management and cooperation, from colonial times."

CURRENCY COMPETITION: SOME OPTIONS CONSIDERED, Economic Notes No. 59, ISSN  0267-7164, ISBN  1 85637 261 8, Libertarian Alliance.

CURTIS, W. M., The Tariff Idea,  "… examines the many persistent fallacies of trade protectionism …"

CUZAN, ALFRED G., Do we ever really get out of Anarchy? (pdf) Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1979

CWIK, PAUL, An Investigation of Inverted Yield Curves and Economic Downturns, 2004 Auburn Univ. Diss.:

CYBERNETHICS / CYBERNÉTHIQUE, Cybernethics / Cybernéthique (Blog by Faré)

D'ANGELO, ED, "Barbarians at the Gates of the Public Library". see:

DA HILLER, "Originally an underground student newspaper created by Sergio Bichao. As you can imagine, the local government school authorities went ballistic. But every time they stepped up the pressure, he stepped up the rhetorical attacks on their incompetence and corruption." - Link at  =

DANA, CHARLES, Proudhon's Bank of the People,

DARROW, CLARENCE,  Resist Not Evil C. H. Kerr 1903, 179

DARWIN, CHARLES, The Autobiography of Charles Darwin. Gutenberg Project.

DARWIN, CHARLES, Origin of Species, 6th Ed., Gutenberg Project.

DARWIN, CHARLES, The Descent of Man, Gutenberg Project.

DARWIN, CHARLES, Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Vols. I & II. [Edited by Francis Darwin]. Gutenberg Project. and

DARWIN, CHARLES, The Voyage of the Beagle, [Actual Title: A Naturalist's Voyage Round the World]. [This is based on the 11th paper edition, 1890, first edition was 1860] Gutenberg Project. (See also #944) - Several more of his works are also reproduced by Gutenberg Projects and by the Library of the Future.

DARWIN, CHARLES, Works:  D. Appleton and company, 1896.

DAUGHERTY, RAY, The Passive Capitalist. Property and its Lack of a Relationship with Force, December 13, 2004

DAVIDSON, CLARA DIXON,  Relations Between Parents and Children (1892)

DAVIDSON, JAMES DALE, Note on Anarchy, State and Utopia (pdf)  Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol. 1, No.4, 1977

DAVIES, ROY, Is government control of money compatible with freedom of the individual? A collection of links to sources of information on libertarianism and money, banking and finance…, 2pp, in PP 1745-1748: 798.

DAVIES, STEPHEN, Stephen Davies - The Private Supply of `Public Goods' in Nineteenth Century Britain (pdf) Libertarian Alliance, Historical Notes, 03, 1988

DAY, LE GRAND E., A Letter from the Future, 1975, + The Northbridge Incident, + The Theory of Multigovernment (1969-1977),   (These 3 essays were printed together, by Mojave Books in 1977, ISBN 0-878812-064-1, 49 pages, under the title: A New Dimension of Freedom). Its "Multigovernment" idea is closely related to panarchistic, polyarchic and exterritorial autonomy proposals for voluntary communities.

DAZEY, RUTH, Competition: Bane or Blessing? - She was a long-term assistant of Robert LeFevre.

DEBORD, GUY, La société du spectacle (Society of Spectacle or The Society of the Spectacle). The situationist philosophy. Intriguing.

DE BIBLIOTHECA (Classici della Letteratura Italiana)  - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

DÉJACQUE, JOSEPH,  Various Works

DEMEULENAERE, STEPHEN, The Online Database of Complementary Currency Systems Worldwide, Complementary Currency Resource Center.

DEMILLE, AGNES GEORGE,  Who Was Henry George?

DESMOULINS, CAMILLE, Oeuvres   Ébrard, 1838. Does it contain details of his speech at the Palais Royale, 12.7.89, which set off the armed French Revolution? - J.Z.

DESPOIS, EUGÉNE, Le vandalisme révolutionnaire,  F. Alcan 1885. - (Where are the non-vandalistic libertarian revolutionary programs, apart from my own, in my first peace book:  ??? - J.Z.)

DESTUTT DE TRACY, ANTOINE LOUIS CLAUDE, COMTE, Commentaire sur l'Esprit des Lois de Montesquieu, 1817, Gallica.

DESTUTT DE TRACY, ANTOINE LOUIS CLAUDE, COMTE, A Commentary and Review of Montesquieu's "Spirit of Laws", 1811, OLL, 10.6 MB.

DEUTSCHE FESTMARK BANK, Wirtschafts-Bericht 31.12.1931, 16 S., mit Beitraegen von Ulrich von Beckerath and Dr. Ramin, 360 Kbs in RTF, 52 Kbs zipped. Jzem.

DEVILIN, JOSEPH, How to Speak & Write Correctly, 1910, Edited by THEODORE WATERS, 272 Kbs, Gutenberg Project.

DICKINSON, JOHN, Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania, 1767, OLL, 272 KB.

DIDEROT, DENIS, edited by JOURDAIN, MARGARET, Diderot's Early Philosophical Works,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04. 

DIGITAL BOOK INDEX, - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

DILORENZO, THOMAS J.,  Frédéric Bastiat: Between the French and Marginal Revolutions 

DILORENZO, THOMAS J.,  The Great Centralizer, Abraham Lincoln And The War Between The States  Independent Review

DOENECKE, JUSTUS D. American Isolationism, 1939-1941  Journal of Libertarian Studies

DOENECKE, JUSTUS D.,  Edwin M. Borchard , John Bassett Moore, and Opposition to American Intervention in World War II,  Journal of Libertarian Studies

DOENECKE, JUSTUS D., Explaining the Antiwar Movement, 1939-1941: the Next Assignment  Journal of Libertarian Studies

DOENECKE, JUSTUS D., The Anti-interventionist Tradition: Leadership and Perceptions, 1981, OLL, 10.1 MB.

DOENECKE, JUSTUS D.,  The Literature of Isolationism, 1972-1983: A Bibliographic Guide  Journal of Libertarian Studies

DOERR, EDD; MENENDEZ, ALBERT J. & SWOMLEY, JOHN M., The Case against School Vouchers,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.

DOHERTY, BRAIN,  Our Forgotten Goddess  on Isabel Paterson.

DOLAN, EDWIN G., Anarchism as Political Philosophy: A Review of Robert Paul Wolff's "In Defense of Anarchism"  The Individualist, Volume 3, No. 4, April 1971

DOLGOFF, SAM, Misconceptions of Anarchism,

DOLGOFF, SAM, The Relevance of Anarchism to Modern Society, 17 pages,  46 Kbs.

DONALD, JAMES A., Natural Law and Natural Rights, 21pp, n.d., 1992 or after, in PP 1606:  396.

DONIOL, HENRI, La Fayette dans la revolution,  Armand Colin, 1904, 139 pp.

DONISTHORPE, WORDSWORTH, Individualism, A System of Politics, 1889, OLL, in Fac PDF, 21.4 MB.

DONISTHORPE, WORDSWORTH, Law in a Free State, 1895, OLL, in Fac PDF, 14,8 MB.

DORN, JAMES A., Law and Liberty: A Comparison of Hayek and Bastiat (PDF file)

DOUGLAS, FREDERICK, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Gutenberg Project. Also: Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (1845)  Runaway slave tells how he endured slavery, how he educated himself and made a new life in freedom. []

DOUGLAS, FREDERICK, My Bondage and My Freedom by Frederick Douglass, Gutenberg Project.

DOUGLAS, FREDERICK,  What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? (1852)

DOUGLAS, GEORGE H., H. L. Mencken, Critic of American Life by,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.

DOWD, KEVIN: PUBLICATIONS ON FREE BANKING AND FINANCIAL ECONOMICS. This page gives publications on banking, financial regulation and regulatory policy, and on more general financial economics. Most of them deal with free banking (or financial laissez faire) and its antithesis, central banking. - Kevin Dowd's Home Page

DRAPER, JOHN WILLIAM, History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science, Gutenberg Project.

DRISCOLL, GERALD P., Economics as a Coordination Problem: The Contributions of Friedrich A. Hayek, 1977, OLL, 496 KB.

DUBOS, RENÉ. Of Human Nature, 1968,

DUBREUIL, H., Liberation at the place of work, through subcontracting by small and autonomous groups within larger enterprises - to promote international peace - An extract from H. Dubreuil's "A CHANCE FOR EVERYBODY" - plus comment by J.Z., 46 pages, in PEACE PLANS No. 13, plan 226. The whole book was later microfiched by me, to make it more accessible, and is available from me as an email attachment.. - The only copy of an English translation of another book or long essay by Dubreuil, on federalism, probably of some anarchist or at least syndicalist interest, which I had lent to Dr. H. G. Pearce, Sydney, deceased, is still somewhere buried in the library of one of his sons, in Canberra, who has not yet got around to catalogue his library inheritance & return this manuscript to me. Books still do have their fates! - J. Z., 8.1.06. JZem

DUEHRING, EUGEN KARL, Kritische Grundlegung der Volkswirtschaftslehre A. Eichhoff 1866, 491

DUN, FRANK VAN, PROF., "I always find a visit at Professor Frank van Dun’s multilingual web site interesting and stimulating. He is a natural law philosopher, in the great tradition of Aristotle, Aquinas, Bastiat and Rothbard." - Christian Michel

DUN, FRANK VAN, PROF., Kritarchy - July 18, 1999

DUNOYER, CHARLES  De la liberté du travail Guillaumin 1845 5615, Dunoyer, Charles De la liberté du travail Guillaumin 1845

DUNOYER, CHARLES, L'industrie et la morale considérées dans leurs rapports avec la liberté. Sautelet et cie 1825, 450

DUNOYER, CHARLES, Revolution of February 24th (1849) [not yet complete]

DURAY, HERVÉ, "Le site d’Hervé Duray, La Page Libérale , a pour but de commenter l'information quotidienne sous un angle libéral." - Christian Michel, 2000.

DYKES, NICHOLAS, Do Rights Only Come Into Existence With the State? A Randian Critique of An Allegedly Randian Position, (pdf) Libertarian Alliance, Philosophical Notes, 49, 1998

DYKES, NICHOLAS, Mrs Logic and the Law: A Critique of Ayn Rand's View of Government

EBELING, RICHARD M., An Empire for America,  on Herbert Spencer.

EBELING, RICHARD M.,  Liberty Is More Important than Democracy,  Ludwig von Mises Institute, Daily Articles, April 30, 2002

EBELING, RICHARD M.,  Review of Constant’s Principles of Politics

EBELING, RICHARD M., Richard Ebeling's Austrian Economics Reading List

EBELING, RICHARD, Monetary Central Planning and the State

ECONOMIC GOVERNMENT GROUP, Anarchism and the Public Goods Issue (PDF file)  Resource listed by Molinari Institute.

ECONOMICS, See: HENDERSON, DAVID R., The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

EDKINS, JOSEOPH, Banking and Prices in China h1JKAvUPrtsC Printed at the Presbyterian Mission Press 1905 286

EDKINS, JOSEPH, Chinese Currency 2dZqclJ2MWMC Presbyterian mission press; [etc., etc.] 1901 151. (These two titles by Edkins might be of interest if written with an open mind towards monetary freedom aspects in China. - J.Z.)

EGOIST ARCHIVE, Egoist Archive  On Stirner.

EIGENTUEMLICH FREI, Marktplatz fuer Liberalismus, Anarchismus und Kapitalismus, Nr. 1 - 3, 1998, 104 S., in PP 1617: 1. --- Internet: --- Hersg.: Joern Grunert &  Andre F. Lichtschlag EIGETUEMLICH FREI, Nr. 8 - 10, 4. Qu. 1999 - 2. Qu., 2000, 116 S., in PP 1625: 1. E-mail:   EIGENTUEMLICH FREI,  Marktplatz fuer Liberalismus, Anarchismus und Kapitalismus, Vierteljaehrlich,  3 Probe - Exemplare: Nr. 5-7, 1999, 112 S.: 15

EINAUDI, LUIGI, Il mito del colossale, 1948, in Italian,

EKIRCH, ARTHUR A., Jr., The Reform Mentality, War, Peace, and the National State: From the Progressives to Vietnam  Journal of Libertarian Studies

ELALEPH (Libros en castellano) - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

ELECTRA, Die Philosophie der Extase, Ein Buch ohne jeglichen Verlags- oder Copyright-Hinweis, auch gedruckt erschieden, enthaelt ein vierseitiges Kapitel: "Stirners Egoismus".- Espero 41 a, Oct. 04, S. 34.

ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING, See: INFOSHOP.ORG, Electronic Archives on the World Wide Web, Anarchist Archives, 13 entries, Alternative Archives, 8 entries, Mainstream Electronic Text Archives, 24 entries, 2pp, in PP 1703: 176. Updated July 28, 2000.

ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING, See: KNAPP, THOMAS L., The Intriguing LeFevre, Review, 1/2 page, of:  Wendy McElroy, ed., A Way to Be Free, Volume 1, The Making of a Modern American Revolutionary, 660pp, Volume 2, The Making of a Modern American Revolution, 500pp, Pulpless.Com 1999, only $ 3.95 per volume in Adobe or HTML format or $ 37.50 or $ 34.50 respectively in print. After his death in 1986, his widow had gathered the material he had been collecting for a final book - his magnum opus. Highly recommended by Knapp, in PP 1732: 163.

ELECTRONIC TEXT CENTER (University of Virginia) - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

ELECTRONIC TEXT COLLECTIONS (Western European Literature) - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

ELECTRONIC TEXT COLLECTION (History) - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

ELECTRONIC TEXTS IN PHILOSOPHY, - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

ELIOT, CHARLES WILLIAM, Some Roads Towards Peace The Endowment 1914, 88

ELIOT, CHARLES WILLIAM, The Conflict Between Individualism and Collectivism in a Democracy. Scribner's sons 1910, 135. (These two titles by Eliot MIGHT be of some libertarian interest. - J.Z.)

ELIOT, SAMUEL, History of Liberty ... Little, Brown and company 1853

ELLIS, EDWARD S., Thomas Jefferson. Gutenberg Project.

ELLUL, JACQUES, Anarchy and Christianity,

ELY, RICHARD THEODORE,  Property and Contract in Their Relations to the Distribution of Wealth The Macmillan Company 1914

ELY, RICHARD THEODORE,  Social Aspects of Christianity T. Y. Crowell & Company 1889,132

ELY, RICHARD THEODORE,  Socialism C T. Y. Crowell & co. 1894, 449 pages

ELY, RICHARD THEODORE,  Studies in the Evolution of Industrial Society, C Macmillan co. 1906, 497 pages

ELY, RICHARD THEODORE,  The Strength and Weakness of Socialism Chautauqua Press 1899, 264 pages (It might be worthwhile to check out these titles. - J.Z.)

EMERSON, RALPH WALDO,  Self-Reliance (1841)  Google's Public Domain titles offers numerous Emerson texts:

EMERSON, RALPH WALDO,  Politics (1844) or at

EMERY, HENRY CROSBY,  Review (1894) of Gustave de Molinari's Labour-Exchanges (1893)

ENCYCLOPEDIA, See: HENDERSON, DAVID R., The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LAW AND ECONOMICS, 2000, Boudewijn Bouckaert and Gerrit De Geest eds., 

ENCYCLOPEDIA,  Joseph Lalor’s Cyclopædia of Political Science (1881)

ENGELS, FRIEDRICH, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, 1884, also in the Italian edition,  (Extract only). - Note: This is one of the passages most forgotten by the "state socialists" because it points out that the state has no role to play in a socialist society. According to Engels, the state must be put "into the museum of antiquities, by the side of the spinning wheel and the bronze axe" ; it should not become the centre point of any social organization and certainly not of a socialist society, as advocated by fake socialists. They have manufactured an imbroglio that has lasted more than 100 years. - GPdB.

ENGLISH SERVER (University of Washington) - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.


ESPERO, FORUM FUER LIBERTAERE GESELLSCHAFTS- UND WIRTSCHAFTSORDNUNG, Periodical: "espero", brochueres and books, Mackay Gesellschaft, Berlin, Hamburg:  Uwe Timm & Jochen Knoblauch  12, Jhrg., Nr. 45 Sept. 05. At least "espero" is online - but not yet the German originals of the 3 anarchist books of John Henry Mackay, although I supplied their digitized texts to this society. One can remain too much addicted to print on paper, just because it is still the most popular medium for reading matter.

EVANS, M. STANTON, The Intellectual Portrait Series: A conversation with M. Stanton Evans, 2002, OLL.

EVERS, WILLIAMSON M., Social Contract: A Critique (pdf) Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol. 1 No. 3, 1977

FABBRI, LUIGI, The Poverty of Statism: Anarchism vs. Marxism,  "Classic rebuttal of Bolshevik nonsense about anarchism."

FAGUET, ÉMILE, Benjamin Constant (1885 - in French)

FAIR TRADE REPORT - Oxfam  [May 2002]  A report on free and fair trade and the obstacles to it put in place by the so called "free world". - GPdB.

FEDERALIST PAPERS, THE, 1788, The Library of the Future, CD. Also in Gutenberg Project.

FEKETE, ANTAL E., Whither Gold, 1996, 129 Kbs Text, in my first CD.

FERGUSON, ADAM, An Essay on the History of Civil Society, 1767, OLL, but in its Fac Pdf version it comes to over 17 Mbs.! Also at: Adam Ferguson (1723-1816), A History of Civil Society (1767) The Scottish philosopher observes that key institutions of a free society developed spontaneously.  F.A. Hayek liked to quote Ferguson's line that the essential institutions of a free society were "the result of human action, but not the execution of any human design." [McMaster University]

FETTER, FRANK A., Capital, Interest, and Rent: Essays in the Theory of Distribution, 1897-1937, 960 KB.

FETTER, FRANK A., The Principles of Economics, With Applications to Practical Problems, 1905:  Also: Frank A. (Frank Albert) Fetter The Principles of Economics Century 1905, 610 pp.

FICHTE, JOHANN GOTTLIEB, Institutionalized & permanent revolution, non-violent and fully individualized - a la Fichte, an extract from his 1793 book on the French Revolution, dealing with the individual's right to secede from the State, 7 pages, in Peace Plans 12. JZem. Only this feature can make all revolutions rightful and, if it can be peacefully realized then it would obviate the need for or incentive for violent revolutions and resistance actions. - Valuable ideas never age. - I microfiched the whole book, in German: Beitrag zur Berichtigung der Urteile des Publikums ueber die Franzoesische Revolution. -  J.Z., 12.7.04. OLL offers the whole book in German.

FICHTE, JOHANN GOTTLIEB, Saemtliche Werke, vol. 6 Zur Politik und Moral, OLL, 18.9 Mb.

FICHTE, JOHANN GOTTLIEB, Zurueckforderung der Denkfreiheit von den Fuersten Europas, 1793, OLL, 1.3 MB.

FICHTE, JOHANN GOTTLIEB, Einige Vorlesungen ueber die Bestimmung des Gelehrten, 1794, OLL, 2.2 MB.

FICHTE, JOHANN GOTTLIEB, Ueber das Wesen des Gelehrten, und seine Erscheinungen im Gebiete der Freiheit, 1793, OLL, 3.9 MB.

FICHTE, JOHANN GOTTLIEB, Ueber die einzig moegliche Stoerung der akademischen Freiheit, 1794, OLL, 1.1 MB.

FIELDING, KARL T., Nonexcludability and Government Financing of Public Goods (PDF file)

FIELDING, KARL T., Stateless Society: French on Rothbard (PDF file)

FIELDING, KARL T., The Role of Personal Justice in Anarcho-Capitalism (PDF file)

FILMER, SIR ROBERT, Patriarchia, 1680, OLL, 172 KB.


FISHER, IRVING, Dollar Stabilization, 1921, OLL.

FISHER, IRVING, The Purchasing Power of Money, its Determination and Relation to Credit, Interest and Crises, 1911, OLL, 1.1 MB.

FISHER, IRVING, The Theory of Interest, as determined by Impatience to Spend Income and Opportunity to Invest it, 1930, OLL, Econlib, 1.1 Mbs.

FLETCHER, ANDREW, Selected Discourses and Speeches (1698), OLL. Dictionary of Free-Market Economics.

FOLDVARY, FRED, The Depression of 2008.  Gutenberg Press, 2007. 36 pages.  1st ed. July 3, 2nd ed. Sept. 18. <>

FOLDVARY, FRED, The Science of Economics.  2008. <>

FOLDVARY, FRED, The Ultimate Tax Reform: Public Revenue from Land Rent.  2006.  Santa Clara University: Civil Society Institute (Policy Study). <>

FOLDVARY, FRED, Das Lexicon der Freien Marktwirtschaft.  Trans. Hans Günter Holl.  Verlag Wirtschaft und Finanzen,  Düsseldorf, Germany, 2000. German edition of Dictionary of Free-Market Economics, Edward Elgar  Publishing, UK, 1998 (307 pages).

FOLDVARY, FRED, Public Goods and Private Communities, Edward Elgar Publishing, U.K., 1994.

FOLDVARY, FRED, The Soul of Liberty. Gutenberg Press, 1980. 330 pages.

FOLDVARY, FRED, The Half-Life of Policy Rationales: How Technology Affects Old Policy Issues (with Daniel Klein). Cato Institute in partnership with New York University Press, 2003.

FOLDVARY, FRED, Beyond Neoclassical Economics: Heterodox Approaches to EconomicTheory, Edward Elgar Publishing, U.K., October 1996. Edited by Fred Foldvary, with two chapters by Fred Foldvary.

FONER, ERIC, Radical Individualism in America: Revolution to Civil War, 1978, OLL, 4.5 MB.

FORDYCE, DAVID, The Elements of Moral Philosophy, 1754, OLL, 888 KB.

FOUBERT, L., Anarchy (1881)

FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION,  In its Freedom Library it offers a few important books online, in its Media Online a few audio titles. Links to other similar organizations:

FOUR LAW DRAFTS, by Ulrich von Beckerath, Prof. Heinrich Rittershausen, Dr. Walter Zander, Dr. Gustav Ramin, Dr. Meis, Dr. Unger, Dr. Munzer, 197 Kbs. zipped. On the first monetary freedom steps for Germany in the thirties. Dr. W. Zander wrote an explanation to it. They are available in German and in English on
go to:

FOX, FRANK, The Many Hatreds of Noam Chomsky, Liberty, Volume 19, Number 1, January 2005

FRANKEL, ELLEN PAUL,  J.S. Mill: the Utilitarian Influence in the Demise of Laissez-Faire,  Journal of Libertarian Studies

FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, The Autobiography of Ben [Ed.: Charles W. Elliot]. Gutenberg Project. Also: Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Autobiography (1795)  One of the most influential American books ever written, which inspired generations to take responsibility, work hard, save money and make a better life. []

FREE BANKING NOTES, EXPLANATIONS, TERMS & DEFINITIONS, compiled by John Zube, book length, but still very incomplete, towards a genuine alphabetized handbook on Free Banking:  .

FREE MARKET, List of essays,

FREE ONLINE BOOKS, - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.



FREEMAN, THE,  IDEAS ON LIBERTY, FEE: FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION, 32pp,    see:  With lists of URLs of articles online, in PP 1672: 124

FREE MARKET ALTERNATIVES TO THE STATE [September 2001]  A list of topics (e.g. education, immigration, police and protection, taxes, etc.) leading to related articles.

FREE-MARKET.NET, Spotlight on Free Banking,, 11pp, April 7, 00, in PP 1745-748:  787.

FREE-MARKET.NET, Spotlight: Free Societies in Fiction: Libertarians in Space, 8 pp guide to printed books and websites, edited by J.D. Tuccille, n.d. , in PP 1677: 29. 

FREE NATION FOUNDATION,  webmaster: Wayne Dawson,   2pp, in PP 1687/88:  310  , FNF, Introduction, Survey of its Output and some sample articles, 57pp, in PP 1687/88:  310.

FREE RADICAL, THE, Now Online, home page, 2pp  - 139, in PP 1568. Editor: Lindsay Perigo.

FREETHOUGHT, Home Page of with list of articles online, 2pp & 9 pp of "Thinking Quotes" (Thoughtful quotes might be more accurate. - J.Z.), in PP 1679:  23.


FRENCH LIBERAL SCHOOL, THE,  The French Liberal School Biographies and texts of writers of the French liberal school. GPdB.

FRIEDMAN, DAVID, Anarchy and Efficient Law

FRIEDMAN, DAVID, Do We Need a Government?

FRIEDMAN, DAVID, Does Freedom Mean Anarchy? An exchange between Charles Murray, David Friedman, David Boaz, and R.W. Bradford  Liberty, December 2004, Volume 18, Number 12

FRIEDMAN, DAVID, Law as a Private Good, A Response to Tyler Cowen on the Economics of Anarchy, 24 Kbs. HTML, in, Law as a Private Good: A Response to Tyler Cowen on the Economics of Anarchy

FRIEDMAN, DAVID, Police, Courts, and Laws - on the Market  See also under LIBERTARIAN STUFF for his papers.

FRIEDMAN, DAVID, Private Creation And Enforcement Of Law: A Historical Case

FRIEDMAN, DAVID, Some Essays, Web Pages, Contents Lists & Postings,  416pp, in PP 1711/12: 1- 416. - I have downloaded many more (but not all of his numerous pages on the Internet) but did not print out all of my downloads nor did I include all of my printouts here. Visit his sites yourself! Maybe one of these days I might also include some of the following and other of his essays on private law and private law enforcement institutions within my special sub-series ON PANARCHY.  - All his libertarian writings - and those of many other famous, or less well known libertarians, could be reproduced on a single CD-ROM - with their permissions.

FRIEDMAN, MILTON & HELLER, WALTER W., Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.

FRIEDMAN, MILTON, The Intellectual Portrait Series: A Conversation with Milton Friedman, 2003, OLL.

FUERLE, RICHARD D., Natural Rights: A New Theory On the Steppes of Central Asia,

FUTURE OF FREEDOM FOUNDATION, FFF, Articles on Monetary Freedom, list only, 5pp, in PP 1745-1748: 774. - "The  mission is to advance the libertarian philosophy by providing an uncompromising moral and economic case for individual liberty, free markets, private property and limited government." - Christian Michel, 2000. -  (The Best In Free Market and Limited Government Advocacy -- Anthony Gregory)

GABB, SEAN, Sean Gabb's personal website - - contains about a million words of writings on themes interesting to libertarians and conservatives. - Includes links to the excellent Free Life Commentary.

GAFFNEY, MASON,  Henry George 100 Years Later

GAIUS, Institutes of Romen Law, ca. 160, OLL, 2.2 MB.

GALAMBOS, ANDREW J., Andrew J Galambos and the Science of Volition: - I think that his books "banned" themselves a) through excessively high prices and b) through not being offered in alternative media. Are any of them now really online, free of special charges??? - All the websites that I have seen merely advertised his very expensive paper editions, none of which I bothered to buy, because their advertisements did not appeal to me. Did he really propose any new and valuable freedom ideas in his books? But I did like some of his slogans, which he used to distribute on little cards. - J.Z.

GALLES, GARY,  Protection is Like War

GALLES, GARY,  Henry George, 1839-1897

GALLES, GARY,  Remembering Gustave de Molinari

GALLES, GARY,  Review of Constant’s Principles of Politics (PDF file)

GALLES, GARY,  Tocqueville on Liberty in America

GALLICA (Littérature Française) - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.


GAMBONE, LARRY, Proudhon and Anarchism (1996)

GANDHI, MOHANDAS K., Scritti, 1921-1947, in Italian,

GARNER, RICHARD A., Richard A. Garner - David Kelley and the Supossed Necessity of Government, February 7, 2001

GARNER, RICHARD A., Don't Vote, Don't Pay Taxes, Don't Support Unjust Laws: The State is your Enemy, Against Politics, April, 2002

GARNER, RICHARD A., Response to the Anarchist FAQ, February 16, 2000

GARNER, RICHARD A., Richard A. Garner - If Hobbes is Right, Then he is Wrong: Why Social Order Can Arise Without a State Amongst Hobbesian People Against Politics, April, 2002

GARRETT, GARET, The Revolution Was, 1938. - J. Lanza sent me a copy, an HTML-beautify/format of that orignal scan. - I changed it to Word and Text and somewhat corrected remaining mistakes. In plain text it comes only to 98 Kbs. Worth reading on Roosevelt's New Deal & its interventionism and statism and dishonesty. - J. Lanza sent me also several other digitized books, which were not libertarian enough for me, so I deleted them from my files. - J.Z.,

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD, 1805-1879,  Address to the Colonization Society (1829)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD,  Brief Sketch of the Trial (1854)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD, Declaration of Sentiments (1833)


GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD,  Filmore and Sumner (1874)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD,  No Compromise With Slavery (1854)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD,  On African Colonization (1832)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD,  On the Death of John Brown (1859)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD,  Preface to Douglass’ Narrative (1845)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD,  Southern Hatred of the American Government (1862)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD,  Spirit of the South (1861)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD,  The Governing Passion of My Soul (1865)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD,  To the Public (1831)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD, Jr., et al,  Address to the Colored People of the U.S. (1900)

GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD, Jr.,  Women and War (1899)

GEORGE, HENRY, Progress and Poverty, 1879, OLL. Progress and Poverty (1879 - another version)

GEORGE, HENRY, Protection or Free Trade, …, 1886, OLL, 624 Kbs. - Also at Mises Institute:,  another version:  Protection or Free Trade (1886)

GEORGE, HENRY,  Social Problems (1883)

GEORGE, HENRY,  Other Works

GEYL, PIETER, The Revolt of the Netherlands (1555-1609),  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.

GIBBON, EDWARD, The History of the Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire, 1776, by Gibbon. Gutenberg Project Also at OLL. Also on the CD containing 3000 books.

GIEDION, SIEGFRIED, Man in equipoise, 1948, 

GIGOT, ALBERT,  La démocratie autoritaire aux États-Unis Calmann Lévy 1885, 364. (Could be of interest to libertarians as an early spotter of modern authoritarian trends. - J Z.)

GLADDEN, WASHINGTON, Who Wrote the Bible? Gutenberg Project. (I don't know this title but it might contain some sound criticism of this "holy" book.- J.Z.)

GLOBAL IDEAS BANK, It is not particularly libertarian or anarchistic but offered, some time ago, already 180 entries on new money systems and financial innovations. - J.Z., 24.7.07.

GLOBAL JUSTICE MOVEMENT, THE, The Global Justice Movement = - There is not only one form of justice. Let all of them who agree on one form of it realize it among themselves, at their own risk and expense. No form of justice should be imposed upon any people who just want to do their own things among themselves, at their own risk and expense. - Free exterritorial competition for all constitutions, law and justice systems. A free market and tolerance for all of them. - J.Z., 16. 8. 06.

GLOBAL WARMING? ISIL UPDATE 15 7 07: New Freedom Network News On-Line - We have now posted our new newsletter/magazine “Freedom Network News” on the ISIL site. Many back-issues are also available.  We have received a lot of feedback (mostly very positive) on Jarret Wollstein’s global warming article. - - Excellent Resource on Global Warming: One of the top free-market organizations working to get out the truth about the global warming situation has been our good friends at the Heartland Institute in Chicago.  They now have a full website dedicated to the controversy.

GLOBAL WARMING: British Channel 4 produced the excellent film The Global Warming Swindle, which you can view or download at -Freedom Network News,  May/June 07

GODKIN, E. L., The Eclipse of Liberalism (1900)

GODWIN, WILLIAM, An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice and its Influence on General Virtue and Happiness, 1793, 2 vols., OLL, 1.484 MB. Also at:

GODWIN, WILLIAM, Four Early Pamphlets, Gutenberg Project.

GODWIN, WILLIAM, Thoughts on Man, His Nature, etc, Gutenberg Project.

GOITEIN, S.D., Jews and Arabs: Their Contacts through the Ages,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04. (Of interest to panarchists, judging by at least one other book of his. - J.Z.)

GOLDMAN, EMMA, Website on E.G., includes many of her essays:

GOLDMAN, EMMA, The Emma Goldman Papers,

GOLDMAN, EMMA, Anarchism and other Essays,  Various Works

GOLDMAN, EMMA, Anarchism: What it Really Stands for, 1910, 13pp, Anarchist Archives, in PP 1717: and at:  Also at

GOLDMAN, EMMA, Living my Life,

GOLDMAN, EMMA, Minorities versus Majorities,  16 KB.
also at

GOLDMAN, EMMA, My Further Disillusionment with Russia, 1924,

GOLDMAN, EMMA, The Philosophy of Atheism, 1916,

GOLDMAN, EMMA, Woman Suffrage - All her writings are now available on microfilm! Only some contents lists etc. are online. - FALK, CANDACE to ZUBE, JOHN, 26 April 01. Short note, signed by Joanne Sterricker, The Emma Goldman Papers : Chadwyck-Healey's microfilm collection was taken over by Bell & Howell. The Emma Goldman Archive, on roll film, is now available from the latter for $ 7,000. In PP 1676: 57.

GOLDMAN, EMMA, Anarchism and Other Essays, by Emma Goldman, with: Biographic Sketch by Hippolyte Havel. Gutenberg Project.

GOLDMAN, EMMA, The Failure of Christianity, 1913, 

GOLDMAN, EMMA,  Voltairine de Cleyre

GOLD TEXTS, 50 files and folders, in my first CD, folder D FB condensed, sub-folder: Gold Text, almost 1 Mbs altogether.

GOLDHABER, MICHAEL H., The Attention Economy and the Net [February 2003]  A very unconventional essay presented to a Conference on the "Economics of Digital Information" in January 1997. - GPdB.

GOLDSTEEN, RAYMOND L. & SCHORR, JOHN K., Demanding Democracy after Three Mile Island,  Recent Book Additions, copied: 11.1.04.

GOLDWATER, BARRY, The Conscience of a Conservative:  "I believe chapters one and two of Barry Goldwater's book make a useful contribution to the different positions of libertarians and contemporary conservatives and of course the left Liberals." - The one who sent me this reference. - J.Z.

GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE, Primitive Folk-Moots: or, Open-Air Assemblies in Britain (London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, 1880), (PDF at McMaster) (We have so far "advanced" that we hardly have any such meetings any more, anywhere, except in some Swiss Cantons and in some New England town-hall meetings. The limited and regulated speakers' corners, in some countries, are a poor substitute. - Now we are "represented" by politicians and bureaucrats, who habitually infringe our basic liberties and rights and legalize these crimes. - J.Z., 10.1.06.)

GOOGLE BOOK SEARCH, List of public domain titles:  (I could not reach the site itself today. Probably being changed by Google. - How many freedom books are in that list? - J.Z., 7.12.05.) Today I tried again and found a list of over 16 000 books, many titles double. I tried reviewing or downloading some but never succeeded. I copied and including here some book titles, up to the author DUNNING, then discontinued this effort, wrongly concluding, that these numerous titles are really only second-hand book titles. But Google does offer the full texts online, also search options, for long out of copyrights texts, according to a text I made today. - Anyhow, I cannot do all these chores by myself. - J.Z., 9.1.06.

GORDON, DAVID, An Introduction to Economic Reasoning - Auburn, Alabama: The Mises Institute, 2000. An excellent introduction to economic thinking designed for the intelligent high school student, available for purchase or fully downloadable from

GORDON, DAVID, Contemporary Currents in Libertarian Political Philosophy, 1981, OLL, 4.6 MB.

GORDON, DAVID,  David Gordon reviews Gordon Graham - The Case Against the Democratic State: An Essay in Cultural Criticism  The Mises Review, Vol. 9, No. 2; Summer 2003

GORDON, DAVID,  Review of George Smith (PDF file)

GORDON, DAVID,  Rothbard: A Scholar in Defense of Freedom

GORDON, DAVID,  The Trouble With Democracy

GORDON, THOMAS, An Essay on Government, 1747, OLL, 3 MB.

GORDON, THOMAS, Cato's Letters, 4 vols. in 2 (LF ed.), 1755, OLL, 2 MB.

GORDON, THOMAS, Discourses upon Tacitus, 1737, 2 vols, OLL, 1,048 MB.

GOTTFRIED, PAUL,  Liberalism versus Democracy (pdf) Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol. 12, Num. 2, 1996

GOTTFRIED, PAUL,  Paul Gottfried - On Liberal and Democratic Nationhood (pdf) Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol. 10, Num. 1, 1991

GOTTFRIED, PAUL,  Wilsonianism: The Legacy That Won't Die  Journal of Libertarian Studies

GRABBE, J. ORLIN, In Praise of Chaos by J. Orlin, speech Presented to Eris Society, August 12, 1993, 15 Kbs. Text, folder Pan Gen New, file: J. Orlin Grabbe. Of some panarchist interest.

GRABBE, J. ORLIN, Smart Cards and Private Currencies  [1999]

GRAHAM, EDWARD M.  Fighting the Wrong Enemy: Antiglobal Activities and Multinational Enterprises by Edward M. Graham - At least the title of this books sounds very promising. - J.Z., 2.1.06.

GRAY, JOHN N., F. A. Hayek and the Rebirth of Classical Liberalism, 1982, OLL, 13.8 MB.

GRAY, JOHN N., John Stuart Mill: Traditional and Revisionist Interpretations, 1979, OLL, 4.4. MB.

GREAT BOOKS AND CLASSICS - Please, extract and include in this list all the freedom titles you can find there, which are still missing in this list! - J.Z., 5.1.06.

GREAT BOOKS ON LIBERTY, List of books on liberty available on the Net. - GPdB.

GREAVES, BETTINA BIEN, Free Market Economics: A Syllabus - Irvington, NY: FEE, 1974.

GREAVES, PERCY L., Mises Made Easier, 1974,

GRECO, THOMAS H., Jr., Texts, 120 items, including some of his book titles and emails to and from him, total 12.2 Mbs, in my first CD, folder D FB condensed, subfolder Greco Text. Already his Greco Money Ebook comes almost to 1 Mb. I leave it to him to compile a complete bibliography regarding all his books and longer essays, several dealing, excellently, with monetary freedom. On some other points we agree less. - J.Z. - See: & 

GRECO, THOMAS H., Jr., Money and Debt: A Solution to the Global Crisis. This book can be downloaded. There are three PDF files that contain the three parts respectively. Part I    Political Money and the Debt Imperative: Why the Budget Can't Be Balanced Part II    Freedom and the Monetary IdealPart III    Segregated Monetary Functions and an Objective, Global, Standard Unit of Account

GRECO, THOMAS H., Jr., Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender, available as an excerpted e-book:


GREENBERG, GARY, Gary Greenberg - Legal Systems Under Anarcho-Capitalism (pdf) Libertarian Alliance, Legal Notes, 18, 1993

GREENE, W.B., Mutual Banking, 

GREEVZ FISCHER, J., Voluntary Taxation, 1889, 1890, with a letter by Auberon Herbert, 23 pp, 138 Kbs in Word, file: GREEVZ Voluntary Taxation. JZem

GREEVZ FISCHER, J., Voluntary Taxation, 23 pp, 138 Kbs in Word, 61 Kbs. ASCI, with a letter by Auberon Herbert. The ASCI version is in my first CD, folder: D FB condensed, file: GREEVZVT.

GREGORY, ANTHONY, The Function of Government and the Criminality of the Justice System,  Strike the Root, September 14, 2004

GREGORY, ANTHONY, Corporate State Socialism Strike-The-Root, June 24, 2004

GREGORY, ANTHONY, The Conservative Welfare State Lew, March 15, 2005

GREGORY, ANTHONY, The Separation of Property and State - Strike-The-Root, January 6, 2005

GRIGG, IAN, Ian Grigg's page on free banking

GRIMKE, ARCHIBALD H., William Lloyd Garrison, Subtitle: The Abolitionist, Gutenberg Project.

GRINDER, WALTER E. & HAGEL III, JOHN, Toward a Theory of State Capitalism (PDF file)

GROSECLOSE, ELGIN, Money and Man Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1934.

GROTIUS, HUGO, The Free Sea. (Hakluyt trans.), 1609, OLL, 608 KB. Ibid, in the Latin and English version, Magoffin transl., 365 KB.

GROTIUS, HUGO, The Freedom of the Seas, English version, Magoffin transl., 1609, OLL, 188 KB. Ibid, Lation version, Magoffin ed., 168 KB.

GROTIUS ET AL, The Freedom of the Seas by Hugo Grotius, Ralph Van Deman Magoffin, James Brown Scott.

GROTIUS, HUGO, Defense of Chapter V of the Mare Liberum, 1615, OLL, 208 KB.

GROTIUS, HUGO, The Rights of War and Peace, 1665, OLL, 3 volumes, which comes as ebook in PDF to almost 12 Mbs! Ibid, 1901 ed, 1 MB.

GUERIN, DANIEL, Anarchism. From Theory to Practice,

GUIZOT, FRANÇOIS, Origins of Representative Government (1861)

GUIZOT, FRANÇOIS, The History of the Origins of Representative Government in Europe, 1861, OLL, 3.7 MB. (Probably only territorial "representation" is explored there, which is not really representative, but better, mostly, than absolute monarchism or other despotism. - J.Z.)

GUTENBERG PROJECT See also: Project Gutenberg. -- ABOUT SUBMITTING NEW EBOOKS: If you are considering adding a new eBook to the Project Gutenberg collection, Please make sure that any books you want to work on are not already in the collection. To see what is already online, refer to the listing below. Also, please be sure to check David Price's "In Progress" list at:  to ensure no one is currently working on your selection.  It would also be helpful if you obtain copyright clearance prior to submitting books. More information on this can be found at:  - DP: Welcome :This site produces ebooks for Project Gutenberg. You can help proofreading ebooks; just one page or as many as you like. Projects and forum for beginners. - 23k - Similar pages   I have partly extracted freedom titles from the Gutenberg Project and included them here. - J.Z., 25.12.05.

GUYOT, YVES,  Lettres sur la politique coloniale ... . Reinwald 1885, 432 pp.

GUYOT, YVES,  M. G. de Molinari (1912 - in French)

GUYOT, YVES,  Molinari obituary (1912)

GUYOT, YVES,  Socialistic Fallacies (1910) OLL, 604 KB

GUYOT, YVES, Tyranny of Socialism (1893) OLL, 460 KB

GUYOT, YVES, Where and Why Public Ownership has Failed, 1912, OLL, 760 KB. Where and Why Public Ownership Has Failed (1912) (Why did it take so long to recognize these books and these failures? - J.Z.)


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